Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1861 Page 6
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MTV ATIOIVS WANTED-RKMALKB. AH WKT NI'RSK -WANTKP, IIY A YOUNU married w-mnan, ? ultuatlon a* will nurse; han jimt loat her own buht, h?? ihr ???: ii r< f"ii,nt'?i. Apply al the ofllee of J llnnrwt'Iurk, 1W Baal l<*li at. en Monday, Wediioaday and rn<l?y, from 12 oV.lo.-k M. AMTUATIOV WANrKD-BY A YOUNO 01RI., TO DO eliamberwi rl..*tiJ help U> Uk?t?re of childn n: no ol> ???cilon to do B'trWul hi u^uwork In a inmll private family, ill. oil city rffalviii i Call ai her In at employer!, 60 Kaat 25th at , hi'lwi't'n 4tli .in. I U-hokUju a\a. A^MI'ETENT GIRL, WITH OOOD REPT5REI*<"r -w.tnia a Utuatlnn 10 wflk. waab and Iroa, or to do ( MTWiwwnrk. Apply lor l??*r, or *ny other good ?.tvhu. at it*- in e (to emplu>eraj oifloe, U But 11th ik, between Sd ?mi 4th ava. Anon AMERICAN WOMAN, WHO HAS FOR ui? rl\ Im'ci, a monthly nurse, desires A situation In some family m nurse for nn to taut. The best of rcfcroixso given Apply at 176 West 18th Hi. _ Actuation wanted?by a youno girl, louriHt'u y? are old, io Uike care of children and assist with house wora; good leicrenoe from last place. Call at 7) Madison at., Greeopoint. ____ As moi -a connmrr woman wants a bitt stion as gisid cook ; understand* her bum now, and ?, a g< i<h! pantry cook; can coins v. all n commended Crow her r.ast ill. tee Can i?e seen for two da. a at 15 West 13th at., betv/eeu , 7tb and Hit. iiva., Lrst floor, front ph?uj. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A* COLORED WOMAN, A* laundress or plain cook, where ahrj can no home *1 niJ?i c.?n give Kood city reference. C*\l at 114 West JU> h mi , second floor. 4 k'OUNG QBftMAN LADY SPEAKING ENGLWH, i\ of good ?MiiM-ui on -and capable r.r tukag en I' re charge ot a bona- liobt, wishes to bud a wuitalls situation v tore ?1m1 mouI'1 lie treated aa one * ?f the lain it v; will giro lirat ??la?M p tereneea. Addregs M. box 3,947 oil'tee. A healthy AMERICAN WOMAN who iiahjukt loat her child, would li k ?? one to wet nurse al aer own bom e. Oa ? for flu ee days .? ".hi W a ta at. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO GE neral Loup work awl plain embroidering, aew n or ?an tike rare ot childreu in a private family; not Winn in this place. Call at 119 Wait 96th at., between 7th and 8th uvea., 4r*?t lloor, Dressmaking wanted? by the day ok week Address Dressmaker, Union square J'ostollice, for two Ki bsk n n fed, a n vath n bi a young wt.iuHn, a? nnrsc; ia I tilly comp?'t^nt to take the c nitre charge of an infant irorn ita birth; no objection to travel wMh a lady; good city rtlerencf. Ciall I??r two day a at 81) n'?'Kt llih Ht., between Athaii'l 6tii ava., in the rear. SHI %TION WANTED-HY A Ydl'.Mi (? IKfi, TO Do cbambei work antt waiting, or an waitr^aa, or chamber maid an I to do plain sewing; in fully capable lor either )|aa ?ver I wo \ ears' nl ere nee. ( 'an be se?n for two daysat her pn-fr nt employer's. No. 2 East 30ib at., lirst door from fib ave. TO MILLINEKS.? A YOUNG LADY OF EXPEKIENOB an?l taatewiahesa situation as milliner and tiiuuncr; would not object u> go a .-hort distance in the country. Call or addn-HS H. M.f 234 Weal Stith at. WANTED? BY A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN (A PRO tesunt), a Hituation aa waitrcaa or chambermaid and W aanist with taking care of children. .Can give llrst class ntv e BMk kOdfWJ O., careofMl Dana la, 906 91 ' -i 36th at., between 8th and 9tli ava. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE GER glti, to d > ganiMal houH? wt rk in a genteel Ame vieiin family. at 00/ Grand at. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGEDWO inan, i situati' n as nurse; is capable ?. *aUing eh r.;? ?f children: has no o jelfonat'i t/. v?- i n in this country or k> Ki ro^?; wages no ouject. C-al: a 637 Myrtle av., up stairs, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITHATION, BY A YOl'SG GIEL; IS A good washer and irouer, good plain cook, and excellent baker of bread; no objection to ?lo general housework; can get the best of reference. Call for two days at !?3 State St., between Columbia ami Furman ata., Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTB81 iNTOIRL. a situation as chambermaid or chauibcrmaid and waitrese, or would take care of children; understands her business in cither capacity; is cleanly, active, willing and obliging, and lived li\-i years in her last place; no objection the ecunt y . Call a* in? Boat 13th at , ooi ner ot :t?l ;i\ . WANTED? A Sl'M ATlos, ltv A KIDDLB AGED American woman, as ceamstress or nurse; best oi refe* venee gfveiw Call lor two da> a at .Ti East 30th at. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY \ RESPECTABLE girl; la an excellent laundrcsH and plain cook, anil is willing to make hcivelf generally useful; best of reference fn?ai ber last employer as to honesty and capability; no ob jections to go in the country. Inquire of Be*?sy Daugtoti, 10 St;it?* St WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN OIRL, A SITUATION to do general housework, or t*? do cnamberwork and waiting; ia willing and obliging. Oood references. Can be ae? n at 219 East 20th at., near 1st av. "11T ANTED? A 8HDATI0N? BY v BRAM8T YOUNQ w T woman, as nurse or would have no objection to biking an infant to nurse in the house, or will goadistunce in the ?tfuntry. Apply to Mrs. Uowrdier, 07 63d ht., near 6th av. SITUATIONS WANTED? MAIiKS, An experienced double entry bookkeeper, viihjrood^ty referraee, wanU a situation; would a< cept a moderate salary. Address L. B., Herald office An i nmakrif.D MAN WANTS A SITUATION, Afl coachman and ^room; is a steady jjood driver, and .m oxeellent uroom; can produce six years' good recommenda tion, and has the be>t of city reference from his last ??iu pk>ver; would be very willing to make himself generally mseful and obliging. Address for one week S. R., box 101 Herald oilee. BUTTER, LAUD, <10.? A YOl'NG, ACTIVE. INDCS trioua busluess man, who in thoroughly aequaiuled with tire provision trade in Germany, Holland 'ami the English mamets, wishes a situation In a re?j>e. "table house fit her in thih city or Interior market, to make himself useful. Address Provisions, box 171 Herald ofllee. (lOLORBD 00 ACHMAV.? WANTED A SITUATION as J coachman, hy a man of color; leaves his place on ac count of his employer's going to Europe; reference given by present employer. Addrens J. 8., at Mr. Low den's, and die and harneas maker, 79 Bleecker st. JEGAL? A MEMBER OK T11E ROCHESTER BAR. IN J this State, deflrea ? situation as attorney or clerk, in a law office in this city. Salary not ho much an object as a g?>od situation . Addret a H. G., box 199 H? raid oQlce. U'ANTKD-hV \ VoiM; ihs \ SITUATION AS f? clerk, bookkeeper, porter, salesman, ?tc. ; has a tho vough knowledge of the hat and cap trade. Address Omega, box 149 Herald office. WaNTED-A SITUATION ON <\ FARM, OB CLERK " i? h 1 1 > in a country store. Best of reference Riven ; wag? s ?f ih) "en sequence. Address L. M., Jit raid ofllee. Tir ANTED? A GOOD GERMAN GIRL; ONE THAT CAN TT cook, wash and iron well; she must be neat, honest mat obliging; also a Protestant cook and laundress, and a jrlri f?ir gi'neral housework; places are now ready. Apply m, -Mi i : v. ay TO $1,000.? WANTED, BY V BUSINESS MAN, <fV )\ "" ' a sit ui? linn as clerk, partner or our baser in some aafe and paying business^ Can invent the above amount. l paying business, ran invest , with partlu?lars, R. 8. Cash, tic raid offiei HELP WANTED? FEMALES. Abundance of good servants ready at the ild < stablislied^nd large t Instltt te, 138 E !. street, corner of Sixth avenue; nest, capable, "civil women ? G? -rmsu, English, Irish and Heotch; moderate wages to suit the times. Mr*. Floyd in attendance. A GOOD COOK, FIRST RATE WASHER AND IRONER, one willing to make herself generally useful, is wanted ; good city rel franco required; Protestant preferred. Apply at 332 West 23d st. between 9 and 11 o' lo K ' f 1L0AK m a k BBS WANTED? FIFTY PIBS1 CLASS \J rlouk makers. Only those accustomed to the best work n< "d apply to Lord A Taylor, Broadway and Grand St., en |0 I ml Free ofcharge ?mr. whitfield ( late clerk to Ht. Paul's Mission), supplies cooks. <:hauil>ermaids, seamstresses, ?oachr o n ami waiters lo families either in the city cr country, at I>? Christopher street, rorner of Green wich avenue, near Jefferson Market. Orders by |H?st mi teaided to. /^OOD MILLINERS WANTED ? NONE NEED APPLY \JT but tho^e who i*?rf. . tly understands their bturneas. Apply at 211 6tb are, between 14th and 15th sta. Ur ANTED? AT ORANGE, N. J., A YOUNG WOMAN, to do chainbcrwotk and waiting: she must have *."**1 recommendations. Apply at 66 East, 17th St., on Saturday, Nor. y. between the hours of !? and 12. VI? ANTED? GIRLS TO WOBB ON BUTTONS AND ? ? faiwv ornamenta; n?H4t aew ers n-oulred ; accus tomed to the work preferred. A. PURDUE, 42 Walker st. TI7 ANTED IM|IBDIATBL1 Bl ' EB 1L < A P MAKERS ? i to sew on cap fronts; n?m?* but competent men m<d;Lp {)ly. Apply this morn nx a: lit- Broadway, up ctalra, Seam ess Cj| it ? nufa i t g 1 tin ?an> . "11T ANTED? AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN GIRL, TO V? rook and do tf-'io ral imlt.M'w oik ; one who would willing to go to the Wom i ndi? >. Apply a^ No. 11 West 9th at. during the uay i Saturday). No otheraneod apoly. "11TANTED? TN LADIE8* BOARDING SCHOOL, TWO Tf iiftle giris to be brrm:'Ji' un as tra ilers. They will be carefully instt ieted in En?Jlhh, French, m i Ac., the pa rents to'imy a small salary the rtrst year. Apply personally Mi> . roitn, U*. t l'^ii st., near A'aiu; Ion square "IITANTED? THRF.E OH FOUR MJLI.INF.ltS. ^ V? None hut good need apply at 413 Canal Smith ?% Noble, formerly' Blnns. T1ip?* or list r apprcntioos taken; al?> two good trirnm rs. Apply for nix day.-. "11 r ANTED? A FEW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, TO ? f learn a iy jnjpfltalde ix-wf business, that is ???dy, winter ud snmiuer. in all elti?-a. and h ill certainly pay $10 u? $15 i week k- IiMUit. and eaa be done at home, Please ap ply in p in' in ic l*. K LOVE A SOU, inventors, 411 Broome * a-ei-t, < ?. r o! Kirn at eet a?*'<-ud sU?ry. N. B.? None out leHpi-eiAUe pers??aa u?*?1 apply. %\* ANTED ? A GIRL, 17 OR Is YEARS OF A<JE ? ? waiting and caamberwork ?- o actlai In Apply a l rJTiNv ^t lOth Pt.t l> -tweru Wan.i 'io'ew - k. 1(1 '.,lf 12 FI!lST?<'LAS"i ( I.'>AK MAKERS WANTED !?? 1 ; 1 ' ? ? . u>a?wge A. n, Mroo^way. ? a OfktSEWI.M, MA0H1BE8. WITH OPERATORS WAVT ??? ? ?' Itei A- i lortyttyii tiaiMcriiuii'l tto!) li .V mak. n u,( on LihJ'I A Wefc? <* MWuig niMhme. rnKNCII A I>\ KHTISK5IEMS. ON REMAWDE? l.'NE FT I, LB FitANl A1SK POIR prendre "mn de <)<??? ntfwU fcnv qvr ! iiirvoni.. HrfV^iiftu udd, }lt'rtiitl olQoe. J TT.N): PERSON NE F1UNCAISE S AOJIANT TRES BIEN U t?irr !?? rotx'*, <e?ire unr .IkihiI iii .uiw iiiii? i-.wihs i. n> % iihRIc AmfrtrvUni1 |>our l.nicl * unoiii. deux J< inn. rlcmiiliieUa* f"! !??' I<* lr*tir?:s nrr- <-H^ Lrc mellleurt wiiaclgneiitruui. b"Min n au No. k Aunty utivei. FIVE ARTS. A l>AR?iE NUM3ER OF Sli'ERiJ 1'lCTtKES J\ or BEACTIFtU. WOMEN. D?pl'linjt Kwne?ii! h life like Ditiare, ju^t rfifltc.! from Turin. Now Uilw ini.* :?> ?< . SOMETIliXi KI?H AND RARE. Sco'tmir.% i <? vli . i'>- 1'iiiH. n ai.iiwir FUunpi, : ? w m. MVERi;rr, Aau ?uc i. HELP WA <TED-MAI-KS. A OJSNTH CAN MARK jjT j?KK DAY-MALE OiTkE A n.ale, Un j<< ? Hl.'Pl ptetc Mllliary Mxp ami Ga/eUver or tbfl liru-"' , soiuIkmu rtiutru; hve (im>i square. Worth ? 0; prl<-.- mil .w Lloyd * $100,000 ?t*i I pl?ie topographical Map ft Virginia, five feet square. Thin in the only map lined o* General Scott; wortn $20, price $1. I lovd nofllciai a u* 6\ plute Map of Missouri; worth $3, price [M'f *r?f. * fft Railroad Map of America, 8,000,000 or wnic k i,ave already beeu sold; price 23 cents. '* iUPPJ,rid at half the retail prices, and maps warrant* a t by mail anywhere for twoceuts pottage. j . i. LI /jyd, American Map Ptihlmhcr, 164 Broadway. EVIDENCE OF THE CORRECTNESS arm LLOYD'S MAPS. DarAHTMKMT or Statf. ) - - . Wasuiwoton, D. C.. Nov. 2, 18ol. 1 J f Publisher:? P/ifc? Pleaae forward Immediately by mail, directed to the ?f#5retery of State, copies of Lloyd's Topographical Map of *ftrgtota, Lloyd's Military Man and Gazetteer of the Southern Atalee, Lloyd a Oflicial Mapoi Missouri, and Lb ?yd's Ameri can Railroad Map. Send your bill to Geo. E. Maker, Disburs ing Clerk. Alto send me. c.inuiare of all new maps yon may lH?r<\ Iti'HjH'cti uli y yours, J. C. DERBY, Librarian, State Department. I From the N<-w York Herald, Nov. 2, 1861.1 We have rec< ived line copy of Lloyd's great Military Map of the ,4Keat of War in \ Itviaia." Thin is the best and only official map in existence, taken from actual surveys by ord? r ot tlie Executive. It ih Ucuutii ully printed from Ft. el platen, and colored with great perfection o| art, and Ih the only map us? (I in the planning ? ?: our campaigns in Virginia by our Commander-in-Chief. The publisher U J.T. Lloyd, No. 104 Broadway. 4 GENTS? EITHER WALE OH V KM ALE, WILL BE I I V convinced, by sending a stamp for our circular, that our j JPriac Package CONTAINS MORIJ ARTICLES, of a tetter uualitv, and SELLS MOKE RAPIDLY tbnn any other In the market. For yonr benefit we enume rate each article in the package:? Six -he. ts commen lal note i'RlM;r? sheets Indies' note, six sheets ladies' billet paper, one accommodation penholder, two luic steel pens, one line pencil, one sheet blotting paper, one fine engraving (0x10) of General M Vidian, nix while envelopes, wKh patri otic I'nion designs in colors, six ladle ?' white envelopes in beautiful colors, six butt envelopes, SEVEN! Y -FIVE v A I, CABLE RECIPES, which alone make the package sell mildly. In addition to these articles we give with each pack i <? a SUPERB PIECE Or JEWELRY, of a rimer quality than an v thing iu the market, and WORTH !M*1 HLE THE PRICE paid for the whole, consisting of the following articles: ? Brooches, lockets, nleeve buttons, rin:;s, crosses, gents' pins. Ac. If the contents of one ofi ur pae!vjt?;*s were purchased elsewhere they would cost at leant $1. Agents can make from $5 t<? $10 a day. RICKARDS k CO., li*2 Nassau street. Agents wantkd-to sell prize stationery and Portrait Packets. Excellall ol hern; contain por traits of ten general*, Union stationery, a:.d gifts of j? welry. . We have several varieties, new and saleable. Retail for 25 I cents. Agents cannot fail to make money. Send stamp for ! efl UAHKINS, 86 Beektnan si. A SMART ACTIVE "AMERICAN BOY WANTED?IN A Hour store; one not afraid to work, correct in figures and atnhituous; must reside with his parents. Salary $2 per week. Address, with references, Flour, Herald otliee. A BARKEEPER FOR A HOTEL WANTED; ONLY TEN inllen from the citv. A smart intelligent youn ? man, with references, may apidy at the Agency, 320 av. \ GENTS.? ' TIIK STORM INDICATOR, OH 25 CENT Barometer; th?' most saleable and really meritorious curiosity out. Sample sent on receipt of 30 cents. Addict- a Hubbard Bros., N issau St., N Y. A STRONG BOY W 1NTED? TO GOON E P. RANDS and to work; one with good reference aa to honesty. Ap[?ly at 113 Hudson st., in the store. OY WANTED IN AN OFFICE: SALARY ^l PEE Apply at 101 Liberty St., third story. TARVG CLERK WANTED? A YOUNG MAN, COMPE J tent t(? take the entire charge of the prescription busi ness of a first class drugstore; one sne.iklug French and Ger man preferred. Inquire at 42 Cedar st., up stairs, between 10 and 2 o'clock. B MERCHANTS' CLERKS? NOW OlrT OF EMPLOY ment, mav hear or s.onething to their advantage In a pecuniary way by addressing 11., box 1 11 Herald ?.?fllp'. "117" ANTED? At J E NTS OF RESPECTABILITY WHO ? r can sell on commission Wines and Uquori of One quality f<>r rash; uho, a ts?v about 14 years okl, aceuntomed to attend bar. Address iVine Merchant, Herald office, fur three dav "IV" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS Yf general engraver; no objection to going in the country; i?ood city references given. Address Engraver, In rare Gil bert Hicks, 11 Madison st., New York. TITAN TED? A YOUNG MAN, TO TflAVEI, WITH A t V gentleman to Europe who is in a delicate state of health ; to a com|?etent p*irty fnir compensation will t?e given and a steady situation. Apply at 378 0th av.. between 2."M and 24th TITANTED? A HOY BETWEEN Ifi AND 20 YEARS OF it aye, who dresses neatly and who will make himself generally u-eful; must live ?*t home. Apply at I ufermented Bread ifepot. 3A6 bill av., corat i oi 22 d sU, between 7 and 11 A, M. WANTED? THREE I'OYS WHO KNOW HOW TO FEED ruling machines; also a boy to \% ork in store. Inquire at 27 Beekman , tip nt-tir?. TtTANTEn-AN HONEST I . A I > FOIL A STEADY FIT \ ? ? tion lu a commission and importing hou?e, to learn the bufdm hs, willing to make himself useful; no salary the flint aix months Address in handwriting, box 3,2(VI Pout ofllee. 117* ANTED? TT! ULE OOOD SALESWOMEN. APPLY AT n tin- ribbon and embroidery store 2218th sv.t from 8 to 10 A. M. TITAN TED? SIXTY MEN FOR A CAVALRY RECIMENT ff now in Washington. Terms liberal it* men are fur nished Immediately. Address box 2, .152 l'ost office. "IITANTBD? A BOY, IN AN OFFICE IN WALL STREET. T ? Salary f>0 per wi?ek. Address, in handwriting of applicant, S. C., box t70 Herald ofllee. TITANTED? A BOY, TO ATTEND AN OFFICE; WAGES f ? #2 i?er week. Apply this day, between 11 and I o'clock, .it 20 W - Mrta at M. THOMPSON. T|r ANTED? TWO CONDUCTORS, TWO BRAKEMEX, V T mix men for steamer?, three porter*, two boys for trades, two &lrU t.? travel, two et press driver*. man and wife ??n a farm, two clerks. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. TITANTED? A NEAT, ACTIVE, OFFICE. BBEAND ? f and circular lw?y, aged between 12 and lf>. at the New York Medical Electriei I Institute, Wood's marble buildin?, .*>61 Broadway, se?*>nd floor. Salary $1 per week. UrANTKD? AN ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER ; Ml ST be a good penman and ur and address C. W.,N?w York P< flT ANTED- \.n kCTIVE WAN ? ERMaN); MUSI UN ?? derntnnd cutting meat and working up pork. Apply at 1589th av. "II r ANTED.? A YOl'NC OK MIDDLE aged MAN. II \v. f V in# from $-0 to $30 in cash, can too - t with a p: .<1 fit u ation. * vlary $t? per we?k. Apply to-day, from 10 to ;t o'clock, at the Manhattan Ciomiu ul t'.-.s, Broadway, room No. It). RANTED? ENTERPRISING MEN, WITH fllOO OR J more, to sell the Exeelslor Family Flour on commission, New York, Brooklvn, .Jersey Cifv. *,te. W. B GILLETTE, 20i Front itrMt. ANTED? A CLERK IN A LKJUOR STOKE. API'I.Y ut tbo corner of 2J uvr. und 4-Stli ?t., between 9 ami lu w A\ , ... and take tin* exclusive wholesale agency lor alio! Lloyd's great Military Map.*, whieh sell like the wind. $ 100 is Nuftieteni capital. To a young man who will follow instr uetions $100 per week may lie made. A No, a^enU to ??> to Albany, N. V.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Connecticut, Pittsburg, Detroit, Indt inu polls, and Koehes ter, N. Y., and every other State. Call at LLOYD'S, No. li>4 Broadway. ^ " Aa ?WANTED, AN ENTERPRISING MAN, TO GO ts Calliorjiia and take the exclusive agency for nil o: Lloyd's treat Military Map*. A fortune can be made on these maps in California. < >ver 3,000,000 copies of one of my maps have been void in llvr* Stales already. Also, a man to go to Havana. J T. LLOiD, 164 Broadway. THE TRADES. A GERMAN WATCHMAKER WISHES EMPLOYMENT. j\. Address W. S., Herald otitee. 1> RICK LAYERS AND LABORERS WANTED? ON THE J) fifteen houses uow building on Seventy-eighth street, near Third avenue. Inquire at the building of Peter So mors. ClOOPERS WANTED.? TWO GOOD C#OPERS, TO J make barre.i, at tiie Pondretle Factory, Loug Neck, S.aten Island. v*????d board can be obtained in the village, cheap. Apply to Mr. Meyer, 102 Nassnti st., in the se^ar store, to-itay i>r Monday, IxMween 5and ('>>? o'clock P. M. pUOTOORAPHRR AND AMBROTYPIflT? ' WANTED, A .1 ii'imUv one. ojjeraior, to take charge ot room* elegantly fitted up; bare Wu m successful o|ieratiou lor two years. Address Geo. W. Cnattertou, Springiicld, Illinois, QHOEM 1KERS ATTEN HON - 900 SHOEMAKERS O v anted hntuediiu ly, to work on army shoes, ?t 43 Dev ?t. W Yge- $7 U) per wei k Also girls from IJ to 10 years of age wan I "d. DEWING M ACHINE.? SIT'. ATION WANTED, TO TAKE 0 ? a' e of iu a manufa<'t?ir>' any work, or would sell or repu lAt?- in a i.i' tory. I-* competent, active and cnergetie; haa mi the buslnitM eleven years, her acid in Euglaud. Address Machil box 14V Herald se, 11AILORS WAN 121) AT THE AMERICAN EXPRESS ISuitdirur, 5G 1! u.:wni street, U> make iuitiniry ov^t\<?ata. The b?>t phc**s and steady work. fix) SHOEMAKl R M MEN OM 1RMT SHOES UTD 1 0??-r<e; good wcrknten <?ly .it co xl ai?> titu>rs on tine bo<)ts, ac, Brows'. I.'jO I iiltou street. N B.-Tbe wjrk given out by the jsut orosae. 11T ANTED k FIRST CLASS JOI RNEYMAN OONFEC Vt t loner, to whom good wagea and steely employment will 1m- gives Apply to Mtruolent ?k Palmers. (30kud66 Duane st. W A K. Mirg. U" ANTHD ? AT THE LOi K KACTCiIt V. I'KKTII ANUuT. K. J , two punch .n l dir makiTs for wrnw pn'HKi*. *1*1 one sltillf'U rowkinlHt. Stmiin'r lc.tvi-K fimt of Barclay U., ?( two 1*. N. Fare lOocnW. 8. ANDREWS, WANJED-A TINSMITH; ONE ATTAINTED WITH VV intkini! hot ?lr |ii|*>? ami puttiuAnp furuHc??. A?>ply Ui W l>. i'OKV, M John sIitH \VT ANTED? A TIN 1'LATE AND KHEKT IRON WHliKKK, ?t who Im a K?ot1 jotibur. t'jk at Jqbti LmdMy'a, IZti Sth a* r.(\ <TTTEi:.s WAN TED? ON 1' ANXA ' IN > Al'I'l.V ai 38i Broadway, ni> s*a i*. ? JA M KS WILDE, JR., ,i CO. 1 (10(1 T MI.ORS WANTED- ON ARMY FROCK I.UVU ..?? .n 1 punlj me, \t i?y tui" hiylicM pn, c* and *1li ha..- woik il ' wMlc y,.;,r. ,1AM li-- VJII.DE. J K , A CO., .KM Broadw ay. I 00(1 1 AILnR,! w \NTi:r?? to make military li.'m .?Bri?l>i?a'l:.-ii.| M'r.,!..l?;,y P" lW"" 1.00(1 ; , i'i'/vV;""" ? V ".r IAT AN TK D-TW fc LVK COOPERS TO MARK IU!M ?? ahiKika and Iran Numd ho^nhwula. Apply ai Shwvix .t Held'* oo<j|jeTHg''. corner North xh an-l 2d WUlktna RALRN OP HF,\Ii KtTJJTE, AllKAi TirPL KOUK K I'OKY IIKOW N tffONK KB" >N V House, bas . nM*nt and sub-cellar, with ah the tnodei u tmprovi menta, on Brooklyn Hei ;hts, M Columbia Ktr*i<*tv o?? p.ait' Coiouadc row. with a linn view ok New York Hay, w ill . dc told very cheap and oil ewy terms. For further particu- | lars apply to or addr -aa T. Hiinpaon, 34 avenue D? Brooklyn n eighth? for ^ai-k, a finely lo oa'fl Frame II* mac, i*? perfect order, courtyard in front; g in, water, Ac. Will be aold very much |?*mh than actual com, ?n easy P'ruis. Apply to L. C. WELD, 41 Willow street, Brooklyn. / 1IIATIIAM. NKW JERSEY. --KoR S.\ LB A nw AND \J taaiy Houae, with two acres <>f Ground, near the depot. Bnade, fruit and forest t. eea. Addreas bo* 2,670 New York city Poat ofllce. Farms ok the very best character, loc\ tion and convenience u> the city. of varum* sizes and prices, and mine very cheap low priced ones for Hale or ex change lor city, Brooklyn, good personal property or a busi ness. BOUTiwnJK Jk WOOD, 82 Nassau street. "ClOB HALE- a HOUSE FOR $H.0ro>, HALF task. r it ai lilted ior immediately; it i* plendidly finish d hard wood stairs, new stylo, c< st $500, and hard wood blinds throughout, and plate glass large sheets entire f ront, 12H East Forty eighth street, atone front, three story, high stoop. Address A. Davis, 201 West Fiftieth street. "171 OR HA LK? THE HOUSE AND LOT NO \M WEST r Twenty-sixth street, K .uth hide, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, the houae is a neat three story frame; the Drat atoiy is oeeui b d ah a grocery and liquor store. Apply to 1 Mi || a,.v wai.sii , 09S s.xih avenue IjlOK S A LF ? A LOT, ON NORTH HIDE OF TENTH V atreet, Midway between Fifth ami 8l\tli uveuues, with a two story Brick lionae. L*?t 2I.UxI0i. Price very low and tcrinscasy. Apply to CHARLES E. MILLS, 34 Cedar st. I IOR HALE ? A FARM OP FORTY ACRES, SALUBRT 1 ousiy ritual' d, two milea frorn railway terminus and boat landing, Pore M ?nmouth, N J. Farm has uood house, barn, requisite oiunulMingM, good fericini' and abundance of fruit. Price $5,000, halt ? a h. Alao thirty acres of improved Land, lor building purposes, at aume place. Price $100 per acre. Fever and ague unknown. Apply to H. llERrtL.tT, 145 Broadway, room 21. won SA^K-MI ST HE SOLD? A FARM OF ABOUT NH> L a. ves Jls miles on L >ng laland; near the beach, ate im beat, H 'hool, churcli, htore ami poatoUire; ;:ood house, barn, A*:., plenty of wood, water ami fruit: healthy location. K. BLAKE, 14 0 ham b ra in t. TOO* 8 ALB BOWERY PBOPBBTY, fli BOWERY " The lot 25 fe t irnntand rear by Ml feet. Title India pu'.tble. l'ricc $iy,OK). Inqtiire at ItJO Howery. f^Oll SALE A VERY DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PRO I pcrty, on Kna> Broadway, near Ma." ? t atreet. ? A lour atory Brick liouae, 25\t>5, welfrented. Terma easy. Will be aoM ata bargain. Apply to CHARLES E. MILLS, 34 Cedar atn et. I,10R SALE OR EXCHANOE-FOR A GOOD FARM. 1 two lour atory t?rick Hotiaes, near Eighth avenu", a aub^tuitial, pa\iiiK property; alao, a line location m >r. county seat in vVia< oi ? in, on* the bordera of Luke Micliu a i The above nroperty will be traded for a I arm near this ? ity Apply i.t ZV.) Broailw iv. r?a?rn No. 9, entrance No. I Park j.iuce, ALKX R OSTllANDER, or at 2V6 West Thirteenth h reel, LyKena Valley Coal Ollice. 171011 SALE OR EXCIIANtiE? TWO HUNDRED AND * lorty -three acrea ? 1 Land, in Wright county, Iowa. Lo cation and land ummrpaased, within one mile of cuitivy seat, tor hona-? and lot in Brooklyn, grocery atoro or auy other good paying buaineaa. FERtJUSON \ SNEDEOOR, 25 Nassau atreet. SM.F OK EXi 'H ASOE? BItiHTY ACHES l'lURT ' j I1 quality Land in M ? <am<ri, about forty milea from St. I Louia, ten milea from tie- Mlasouri river and aix from ran road, for piano an?l other household furniture, or family earring*1. FI'JJUUSON .V SNEDKOOIt, 2!> Nasaau atreet. IiloR HALE OR TO LET? A FARM OF FORTY FIVE ^ a res,, in the towuriiip of North 1 lempatead, Queens county, beionghm to the ? *at h.- o( the late Chriatopher llei er. It la ph aKiintly aitiiut? d on the ahore of Hempstead harbor, ?nearly op;r Hie* Cove, tweri.y-fliv milea from New York. On the. nremi a are a dwelling, tenant ami bath houae.baniN, and other outbiuuliiiga. For terin , .V--, applv to VV. I. WEEKS, (Jlen Cove, or to M. S. 1IKISER, 17 Suite street, New ^ ork. Po^aeK on giveu Immediately. "LlAtrrORY IN BROOKLYN, WITH RTEAM POWER. 1? lor a i!e or to let, it is well adapted for any light manu factuiing buhinesa, and the whole or a part will be rented >ery r -ahonably, if applied for soon. Apply on the nremiaea. Kr> Itcrgcn atreet, Brooklyn, or to JOHN S. JENNESH, CO Wall atreet. MERCH v NDIHB WANTED- ADAPTED TO THE country trade, in exelmnge for 100 acres of ohoire Farming Land, in Central Illinois, Jersey count v. Title pi r iect. One-iiali to an equal amount of caali will be put with it. Part ? a intended will address Henry, box 175 Herald oflQ e, f ir two d is . N'OTICE? I WANT TO EXCHANGE ABOUT l,M) acres of aplendid Land in Wisconain rid some Town Lots in Horieon on the La Crease road. fn e from incHn. br..nce ; also some stock in a good Eastern company, lor d y goods, boot- ami shoes, cloLhing, crockery, hardware, and all kinds of inerchaudiS'-. Auy one disposed to aell out in any business would do well to communicate with me, a* I can offer sup'Tior inducements. Address Countiy, box 211 He rald ofllce. I "OTANTED? A COUNTRY PLAOB OP ABOUT PIYB it a res, in the vi initv of this city, or u House in Brook lyn, with a few Io'h adjoining^ for which a well rented waiv luxice proiMu ty will be given in exchauge. Apply to 11. C. ADA M ?- 7 ?' Ce^ai treet. w \\r \NTED? AN ACRE OB SO OP LAM), WITH STORE. t i Dwelling, Ac., in Hume thriving village convenient 10 the ? itv; pre i<? in t the times. Add re with lull particu jars, Brown, 42 Gouv< rtieur street, New York eity. ANTED TO EXCHANGE? A FIRST HATE 15 ROW N stone fr?nit House, desirably located, in Brooklyn, tor mtry residen ? n? nr New York, with iit'ty acres of land. Address'T., box '2,575 Post ofilce. WILL EXCHANGE? A U.OU8E AND LOT IN* TWEN ?i tv-lir^ strfe; between Third and Fourth avenyeb, Biooktin ton the route to Greenwood? fare live cuts), for a Kinall farm or place in the country. Must be $ dry, location, not more than for v miles from Ihe ? itv nor iar from a depot Would be willing to pay a small difference in ca*h, in c.?se the place should be worth it. May be able to arrange wiffi pnrtio M'lluig to reside in the home. Address S. Sutton, t?0 East Thirty-Urst street, tor full particulars. ICO ICRES OF \ FINE FARM, MILES FROM I'J^j Freehold, New Jersey, with house, i am, carriage home, good v. a?cr, eight acre a of wood, live acres of marl, will exchange for city or Brooklyn property, liquors, mer chandise, <le. 1 j t? ; > to PAvnsN, \k'i i >i vision stn et. FA KM 8, COUNTRY SEATS, HOUSES AND LOTS tor s.ileor to exchange; also Real Estate of every iptlon for sale. If you wish purchase a House, Farin or Country Seat, prices from $1,000 tu $30,000, apply to A. SE KtiEA N'T, 1MV ill street. r n c \ sn will <; :*:t a coop three story * brl k House and Lot in West Forty-eighth street, near Eleventh avenue; balance on mortgage three years. Ciood ehanee for a man to make money. Apply to PAYTEN, 200 > Divlilon mi . 500 LOTS AT NEWARK WILL RE SOLD VERY low l'<.rcash, or will be exchanged for city improved ny, mereliundiH or good Western lands. Inquire of R. ?. Pi ERt E 19 Wall i eel O C / \i \ roil ioo I v N t l.D FOR SALE very OH! VP, tp? /\!U a three ?fory brick House, on Forty-eighth street, betwei 't Sixth . ' Se ??nth avenues; $1,000 required down; also one three ? iory orick, on Kyerson street, between Wil liou;. !i!>y niol DeKalb avenues, new, with all improvements; oniy $a>0 required. Call on or address P. C. A., WiaPine street, room No 8. between 11 and S o'clock. ? furnitcke wanted, in exchange for a good BricK Store in one of the best vil lages on the North river for bubim-H*; upper p art occupied as a dwelling; located in the best thorougn fare tor trade. Ajr ply at 12 Oen ire street. ZEGLIO ?fc HASTINGS. FOR ?ALB. A BEAUTIFUL PUBLIC HOUSEFOR SALE, HI A . lai\? central thoronchfare, only one tloor frvin Br ? . 1 wav. The p' en'ti t ,^e will n< ' expire until May, 1 s#5. An nnul r' nt only $ m > ? for the whole nouse, which i>' all in 11 ie order, e^mtaining ' ? ? l i rooms, with gas throughout; also b oh, hot and col l water, Ac. For pa liculars address Semca, Broadway Post ? Hi A RAItE t'HAN<'?? BUTCHER'S SHOI* mil SALII ., owner having other business to attend to. In quire at loft West Eighteenth street, near EigLth avenue, in the liquar store. j 12! OR SALE-A BOWLING. OYSTEH AND LAGER F Beer Saloon, located in the principal part of the city; doingatir>t rite business. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Apply u? A. NELDHARDT, 86 Carmine street "L10R SALE-A DRINKING SALOON, SITUATED IN J? one of the lower wards and doing a good business. Ap ply at 21'i Duaue street. |J!OR sale-two HOISTING ENGINE8 AND BOIL I? era, ten Steam Engines and Boilers, from four to fifty horse j.-ower: live T. alio s, two Planers, oae Scroll Saw, live Steam Pumps ;uid one large Pumping Engine. For sale p by D. G. 8IMMOKS, U4 WaH street. TjlOR BALE.? THE 8100K, FIXTURE8 AND GOOD 1? will ot an old established thread, needle and laucy store, in one of the best s: r-:ets in the city. A note addressed to P. W., Herald odlce, will meet with i?rompt atUfitien. Ij!OR SALE- v NOTARY PUBU0'8 C >MMIS8ION FOR _F this city snd county. Address W., tfS Weat Tenth st, fpORBALE? A MAGNIFICENTLY FITTED UP BAR room, sitiMt'od on one of the best thoroughfares in the city ol Brooklyn, and at one of the best ferries, if not the best, it ladng a ooruer, and now commanding a first clas# tratio, and must continue to improve; will be sold cheap, in consequence of the proprietor having too muc h to attend to, and also as he has slckueas i? his family. Address H. K., box 210 Herald otlice. FOR SALE-A (i 15 EAT BARGAIN ? AN OLD P^STAB lish?nl, large jyiylng biisinoss, doiivg a cvrI t^rnt cia*s trade. Superior location, and one oi the best of chauoes; ? " ill take a satisfa -Lorv partner. SUL'tllWICK A WOOD, 92 Nassau ft. j!OR SALE? V PAIR OF BRONZE AND GILT FOUR |n .*?? ,nily wxm.mth> ; F .. origumliy ?>??? $30; wtll hr ?>i<l l?r $?'>; nlm, l>, ??uirnl. Iitill m\5 be lpoutn lixturea. AddrUH (Jtiaud^ier, nnttau D, BiUy. MM PUR BALE? PETROLEUM Oil, REFlKftRY, IN OOOI> r <niiT, ?*ntiirii out 1UU barrel, of tnl jut w?^k;t.> he S''M on l.fcvoralili' ti^rin., th? Jtroprtftnr to ({o u i . in wm. FOWLBR, 14 Wall itreel. TjlOR KALE? A BUNKING SALOOtL NEAR VULTON v fmr, will! fit t^il u]i aiid. O'JnK * t.ilr DUKl;i'*?; w^l cxlcu lil f ii ? itslm ? loon. Bltiifaolory reMooa |ivn for Ml* . IHii; out iia las'unuK ut No. 12 Falu>n ttruei. Ar/nU m*'l not apply, IIARDWAUK poll SAUC-FOR CASH OR li real c in ihit city or Kalmrli", or a nmiili ririnw lll Im' t.iki n u?ai the city. Apply ?t Mi Ul^iuh jiti'iiso. No at(i-iitK aMd ?l1ily. MACHI.VERY.-POR SALE, ST F.AM KNdlNKS A?(l? lloll'ra, itatloii.iry ?h.1 portable, from four to mty burse power; 1 1 Kiieirie. ant a large ?luaaiUT of 'I'itiik-, shu ting Pulleyn ami Bi-Iiiiik. ' 'opiier still. *n.l V ?cu> urn Pan, Steam (i nines, Woodworth .V Xnrcroa.' l'laiulng Mai'luae., Jkc. Apply to P. OASSI IJY, Nbn 4 anil fi llri lK" ?tre< t, Brooklyn dealer id all kin I. of inai hloety. ]Jll()TO(iRAl'U OAL1.EKY FORB AI.E AT II MJ-' t:<)ST, tmelv h<oat^<1 tn tli? rorner of lit un iw .y ;?nd Atnl;y ftreet, 'l "lnta cash :> . of $>? a w.-k. Kent low. (Jiea :iil> itlrn f"r slemuip ? m< n Will be .old * IM or without appat it : . J. 1'OX, tolatk oailway. rnilK HIAND NO 2X WEST WASHINHTOK MARKET 1 tr>r MW?i?ap, ou account ol UM?wa?tB>tea la Waah. BEST rilANt'F, O! . in; 1 ? kali.-, that will Iiif.ire. all .?uiulie Fori saijK. a* I nn - FOR SALE, A 8 PLEN HI D B UTTER, OHR'j^K ?y) i \ M/i and Produee Kiore, in Eig i ill avenue. Tl a (Hi 0|>* ii'Htf to Milk* money. Now chtablleli* 'I urn! doing a how "id Mult* MtniiifMK. ''neommon chanoe, thia. Apply at ttjft BrOiilwny, r??oiu 4.H, o two d y<. 1 rnii ?FOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE KOR BOND tJ)l#?>Uv/? and mortgage, a hrst elaasVe^ Store. ou the west mile ol tie town. Good location, ?? ?xl Htoclc, Ac. Rent low. Address T. C. S., Herald Qlttee, ior#tW(> day#. ThST W AflHU MY C LOTUS. (^UARTKUM tBTVU (1 KNKWAL'M OPriCl, J W VMilWi.ToW, O :t. :u, IHtil. i Proposals are tnvl t ed and will h< tec ivod by the United

Stab-s i, iiurterin.'.ster at Philadelphia, Perm/, until 12o'ciock at uoou on the Iftth day ol November next, for tarnishing CI iths f r army ? loth nig Ka>'h proposal must be accompanied by sample* of th" eh h which it is proposed to I nrnhdi. The cioili should be thn*c <|ii n t< rrto mix quarters y > r ? I h \vl h . Light or dark li. .? villi., pr?i . rred. and i?,;h ,n ?* s w ill not to i onsiden d. Bidder? r uat state the numhi'r o y.u Lli<*y will be pie. pared to li.. ?sh in each mull! h, and < ? i h? ?? v many months, ,i* the rloth'ilg depots in New Yoi k or Philadelphia, or both, and tne pi lee per yar d lor em h (jmillty and v, idth i'l.ij ? -a's and k ?mph's w^l oe;. mai \ed, a id address, ed to the lrnlted Suites Quartern'. i^b r, l'uil'u?ipnni, Penn. K 1 1 b'd mil <t be accompanied b *. a :^aa' an^ce, set tl fiu f rth thai, U' the ' outran i* aw u I ? ! o th" p irty named t i n in, lie will at ou< ?? execute tUe huuic, and K'V*1 io-.d ?in don lib' the ? mount of the contract lor the faithful perloitn unco thereof M. f MKKiS, Quartermaster General On I d ; ti't a Army. Akkw rkspkctarle young mkn will he ac eepted i ? leai u the imo ol f h?* new weapon. Early ap* p h i.ii??n ? !? ??ild be , . !?? at the headjuai bra Gen. Barry's It <*!;< f H.i t tu lion. 4.Y> I'?r .orne street. A SIC KOR WYNNE'S ARMY WRITING CASK, AS IT IS il lie only Writing Cum* tl. at i.? - in . able to the soldier. Si . I hat the ii i no* U on the lahel. Vn ? 7ft een I h. ?t IV BYRNE, Man .nulunr, No. 1 Maid, n lane, N. Y. ANY GENTLEMAN HAVING THIRTY OU FORTY ^ \ men can f-eeiir<* the po>itn?rr of Lieutenant in a Hint < ?. .. tn, in i i i. ni le,.\ t.s 4?ii Tne-i.lay for Wa ..nut n. ill i p e U arrn.'d wltii the Etvticid rnus Aiidn-ta Captain U. ii. , Herald office. i GOOD OH A NCR TO KNLL-iT.? $ft Hni'NTY KOR 71 -u h man that enb-ta to-day Hi it'urn. . and "atlous iui liished .fumediaU'lv. (inly ten men wan;. I to complete the eoni| ny. in a it r ^t cIium riUe rer ioier.-t ; and in order to mm nre :.miii i r to .mi li nn. ii w ill in paid $.*? -is o n . h noiatcred in. Apply at Url Kim utrcet, a 1'evv doura below Canal. BYKNR'S AKMY WHITING CASK IS Ti I K ONLY SRR" v.e. ahlo aruele ma .e that romi, writing deal; a d port 1 olio hi a mo. ill Npace. Iteontums 111 Mio-etu of writing p iper, U.'? I'nion envelopea, 11! *te. I pena, ixitth? oi ink, |*?te ? i). pen hoal r. s? aliug%wiftx and 1. 1 tting p per . can lie e r rieil i.i a knaps;' ? A >>r hevernark, and wi-i.:liH only lOoiin e :. 1'rlee 73 centN. Lib* rai dUroiint iuad" to h s t le ik and dealers. ./. P. ltYUNI., Maimlio Uirer, No I Maiden lane, N. Y. /CAPTAINS AND LIKUTKN ANTS AKE W \NTKl>? FOR V7 n a? i ' pled r? girnent, with m niey t ? r. .inhnrae the ex pen se ? ol r ? rn;timr n.eir rompani.-M Cash contracts are mail, lor Ho* men with, i a b. i. l [M-nod. V-all on the Colo nel, at 27 Hoiid Ktre t, from 9 to 11 an I -I to 6. / 1 AI'TAINC'Y WANTED? HY ONE WHO HAS RREN \ / si rvheand well |?osted; ia ready totai.eeoin naud in a ^ od refine nt, and anxious to he oil ; ruakea no proinlseM ot im ? ? r money; hUnda upon his own merit*. AdureaaJ. W., Herald olbce. pOHI'S O^ INSTRUCTION ?A NEW MILITARY \J eorjis, similar In plan to the New York ( Hawkins') #ou aves, is organi/ed, and in??et on Monday, Wednesdjr h arid 1'ii.i iy? v nings <d' each week, at room N ? 8. Mer e. r House, an I iisvit" f. if y nn#? men of New York to join wi ll th. ru. I*a ; lie - desirim; int ormat ion will apply at the rooms on those evening, lietwceu 71? and 8 o'clock, as tue drilla commence at ti exactly. / liaTinKH CLAIMS Ail \INST TIIK W \R AND NAVY \ J l)e|iai".ments caslied by JiLANCll A KI> .c CO. 2."> Wil liam street, basement. ONE lU'NPRED GOOD MEN WANTED IMMEDIATE ly in pi tr? a lew ?-ornpatii' a oi ;tlie Ki! y :.r>t :-e . nient, N. Y. V., Col. Edward Kei r. re, now eneamped at An napolis, Maryland. Men enlisting in the a <-v regiment will b ? iiniiormed and sent to Annapolis on Monday, the 1 1th in>t., m charge of Lieut. L. O. G>M>d?idge, Com j any II. Vo nnteers for this regiment will rcce:v $100 bounty and land v iirrant. Heud<|uarters ftft Lib. rty street, New York. TKR COOPER INFANTRY? MILITARY GENTLE incji wanting positions in this regiment, and having a., n or money, will be honorably d alt with dl capable) by calling on or* addressing Lieutenant Colonen'oinemiu, 139 Bo* cry. Office* hours f rom 10 to 4 o'olock. r REGIMENTAL STANDS OF COLORS ii On hand and to order at short notice. SILK AND BUNTING KLAGS Of all Hi/., son hand for sale. LODGE AND SOCIETY MANNERS. Ornamental Tainting and Lett. Hrm ?n Silk. Ac., Ac. 1IOJER k GRAHAM, Artists and Manufaeturers, 97 Duuno street. rnilE WAR.? A COLONEL WANTED, WITH HELD, L Line and Staff Oth ers, for an ac. epte l regiment, now rapidly tilling. Must b<? .t first elaas rider, and tho%? who have s.'en cavalry ? rvh-e iireterred. Addresa Immediately, Captatu Bnergy, bov l#?0 Herald otllce. mO ARMY AND NAVY OFFICERS? TIKKANY A CO.. 550 X and 652 Broad vn ay, have In store, and are receiving by every -banner, S v. Is, "warranted Ui cut wrought nvn, from Solin.jen, l'lisaau's. Cap Ornaments ami other Em broideries 1 1 am .'a, ia. Gobi Epaulettes nud Navy Laces, Ai'., from London. Orileia by mail promptly tilled, and goods lor w mil d to all parts of the loyal Slates. r riniE WAR.? GOOD NEWS TO DISAPPOINTED CAN J didate*. ? Those of our fallow citizen* who were not elected i?n Tuesday hu-tare informed thai a good opportunity it offered them to serve their country by joining Company H, Twelfth regiment, N. V. H. M. (not that portion that may at home, but tho-:e that art going back to the w.?r ugain.') For particulars apply to Cat) tain WILLIAM UUSON, No. W2 .< b^ry-t, or At Fabiei' Garden. where the regiment i? now in f|u"ii.era. No elArTionTeiiug rcouired; no money wanted. Conns one, come all, uuil you hliall not be disap pointed this time. mo SUTLERS.? THE MANHATTAN INK COMPANY 1 sell full sized two ounce Jet black Ink, three d zen ffl uood box or one do/cu in paper box. fur per gross; one ounce Inks, $J #5 j cr gm-M. 10 Cedar street, New York. rno SUTLERS AND SHIPPERS.? TI1E VOLUNTEER'S 1 Relief Ointment, i 1. 200 per oent to sutlers. Sold whole-ale by LAT1IHOP, LUDI.NGTON & CO., 25 Park plio-e, N. V. UNITED STATES ARM Y.? MEN WANTED, TO FILL up First Mattalion Twelfth United fctau-s Infantry; headquarters ut Port Hamilton, N. Y. Also intelligent men for non.en.nmts ion d niUeer*. Apply at 79 Chatham street, to Captain A. J. DALLAS, United Sutfh Army. TTN1TED STATES Ml 3TERINO OFFICE. -OFTICER8 U of Volunteers should have written authority from their Colonels to recruit, a*?vidf uce to tin United Staler* Muster in- Ulllceis tor traiis]K)rtation orseitlenn-nt of accounts. This w ritten anlii trity should ; Iso be endorsed by the L'uited Suites tniiisteriug and di^burtdue olllcer. No account will be p ud or transportation given, unless the above rule Is conformed to. Ur ANTED? ENt ? I NEE K SOLDIERS, "coMPUiSINd meehrtnlcs and intelligent laborers, for sappers and miners of the regular army ; the men must be able bodied, not over 35 years of age, : Me to read and write, and under stand the four ground rules of arithmetic; term of enlist ment, three years; pay, from $13 to $34, depending on rank attained by merit and ?? Idicrlv couduct; also rations, fuel, ouarte' : , clothing, medn.i alter lance, and the usual bounty. Apply daily at No. 6 iiowling lireen, third floor, between KJ A. M. and 12 M. 9. A. G1LMOKE, Captain of Engineer*, united Stated (krmjr. "1 1 AUI.E~i!OI>IK!> MEN WANTED 1 \I M E 01 ATELY? J.OO to nro *r*ii to Washington, to join ill'- Ttitrtv aixth M-jittiei'.t, fi. V. 8. V., I'ol. 0. li. iniii-K. JAMES < J RANT, Lieutenant coniuianliug, recruiting station, 201 Canal street. PE RSORAU Brooklyn.? b. k., i have received no word trorn you: much dtwt|>pnkiteil 111 not meeting with too. Come over nnd nee me. "B. I n formation waxted? respecting mk. ckokuk J tKiimdi'ld, l'rutn Newbury, Lancashire; came to America about 2S yearx ago. Any one kuowing him will oblig ? bv ?eml. n# Uiciraddi-esn to Mr. Simon HoldiUK, at I'lauiii it Mull 'ii h, Church street, New York. INKOKM VTION WANTED? OF IRWIN MOORCROtT, I who left Longford, Ireland, in 184(1, for Australia, came lo New York ih? tir.Hl (week In, stolid a nljhl at 83 West Nineteenth atreel. and went to are a friei.d in Qrenn iv lull street with Mr. Rorke, wluch la the ia^t heard of Mm. ' Auy|>> r.i>a nivin? ititolll,etice of him. it will be gratefully received and l.boially rewarded bj Lin alsicr, Bacliel Moor crolt. Call 011 or address Mi. McCanna, 'iOt Ea*t Thirteenth street. JOSEPH SIT A It ROD WOODS, AN ENGLISHMAN, Wl rired in Aineriin In 1H40 Ilia 1'rieudn In Eni^and wish to knew where lie ix, and it dnad, where any of lila family -call be- found. Address Charles Edward., eo'uuacUur, ii t'uie wlrry, New York JAKE? MEET IN WHITE STREET ON SATURDAY at h.if pul throe. JUL T 1SDA? YOtI WILL OBIJOE A FRIEND BY LET Aj tiru; him know where Charles V. B kee^q liita*-!!. Ad dri-ss M. C. IX, Station C, Fourth street. IOOTV? IMF* iKTANT LETTERS IJ)R YOC. CALL J lnn.HxUau iy. S<\m? otlilreiut a^mfint*. WIIJ,. MISS FLORENCE !.--?? -VOI R NOTE TO 133 IS received. Fleaae send your add reus, which you nog. 1> cti'd to do. Address as bifOic, and all will bo light, or thioui(h personiri. u w M.f V WOULD LIKE TO APOLOdlSE TO M. W. . 'or the jw ii)?ilnuiu*iit ?Uo oauseil him. If .i^reeslik' answer through u.-i poraooftla. 11.1 m. N 0TK E.-IF FRANCIS HrWINE, OTHERWISE MC Anp.lly, and John McAtinally, or either of them, trill writ* to Uie.r t^nUier, Francis M' Aiinally, odirruise llc N.iHv, el Dim?iiiiion, in the county at Tynme, Ireland, Inker, they will hcai from him to their advantage, he having new a com fortable home fur Ihnm, an I hna aequiird a g?al dcai of property slnr?' they eipUrated. Anyone seeliu; this ailvsr' tis"jnent and knowing their addriwi would ?>nler a favor !>f letting tk?u know, or m>y information conconiliut theiu w.ild In' thankfully re<e1??l by adilrr?aiug Fiunoia M An m.Jy, Diinganuon, county Tyrone, Ireland. RJ -Vol US OF THURSDAY RECEIYED. I SENT . the letter directed to R. J. It must Im there. Try iwtuln, ,iuid annwer aa directed. D. E. F ?JISAN? THE READING CLl'B MEETS TO-, night, at taghl o'clock, at the uaiml iilaue. Be punctu. BOB. s T11F. LADY IN BLACK, WHO CALLED ON A GEN tlemaa at his olllce in Naaiau street on Monday but, de sires an interview. Address Mrs. A., Broadway Post office. w All NOTICE.? INFORMATION WANTED, OP THO miui Morriaey, w!io lei t Albany about the l.H of Auauni lor New York, and is Hiip|K>?"d to have enluted in one <4 the eoinpaniea ffrat are lorinin# for the Irtah Brigade. A tiivor will be conferred by any one who can any information in regard to .Jiirn. Adorona Thoa. liantinga, Newsroom, 31 rttau* atreoi, Albany. \IfILL T7IE LADY WHO RODS HP FROM WALL f? Hit eet ferry to Twenty-iifth htreet, in a Madison ave nucaUtfe, favor with her acquaintance the forelin young pMUleinan who sat cloae to her, ihi Thursday evening? Ad dre at/. W Madison aquare i'oatotOee. liriLL TIIE VOUNtl LADY, DRESSED IN BLACK Vf and blue veil, * ho came into a Hixth avenue and N intli nt ? et .? re? and got out in Ninth street, corner oi Ur ?Mivvay, favor \v't:? her a '{natulan ?? thegejuleman who su ivu to the ? ? pp- niti) her? I'l 'ftM atldfi ? K. E K., Cnion fi*innre IN^t olflee. TtTiNTER ' # ARDKN.? WILL TI1B YOl'NO LADY WHO >? ? i r 1 id aj K'ovmit y vil, ? tii.ri.. out o! . I lie ti. ' >ii 'Hill, viuy eveirru to lb Wiir.sll rah,, i' ts>nal, - ? r ? i ' , ? ^ a rt?t ? I i Krc'l,*1"?* Mill' - ;dd olli.i , into v. c i li'i w hill uu in l i . 1 A c.tU Uti hao? THB TURF. /CENTRE VI LLE COt'RHE, IA)NG ISLAND-MONDAY, | " ) Nov. 11, 1*H, at 25f? ? eh ?? , match for $1,000, half for felt, miii! urnl repeal, to harness. Owiiit names gray stallion Yoiiiit' America, two ye irs old, hired by Gray Mes senger, darn by Marten*"'* Abdullah ui.iro Jenny Ltnd. J. J. Bevina name* black siail n Morgan L. M it, two years ol?l, *11 d b, E h in Alh n, d nn Gray V ,M mare T ti h Not. Good day and track. BEN INS X < ON K LIN, Proprietors. HWII8, CARHIAGK*. &C. A PINK KTYLISII PA I it OF LONG TAIl. HOAN I'mufM will ti?- *old thttup. 1 ii'juu < of A. McBKtlJii, 2iU ICuhI t-'ilVi-nth mn ct. AHOK8K ? WH.L, TKADR FOIt A OOOD PIANO. A Horn-, wiirri u ed round mid kind, M yran old ; u dr ver unit an t-xi-. It- ill *?ddl>t liorwj wfti rot 111 3 14. Ad drr**.l. K. 0., box 2 (iJM New York I'wt olliw. APAIK OK LONO TAII,, DARK BKOWN HOItSK-l, h- V' U II ud righl m-iuh nt'l, hotiud ar-l kin-l, lyliHli J driver*, hixti i n linn-th high, for mun for#l>H?..t No. 94 Thirty-second sheet. V BLACK 1IOU E, lft)$ HANDS HIGH, NINE YEARS old, ha - trolled ill 2:.At Will In- Moid very low, us t . * *j owner is obliged to sell turn. Address Rochester, Herald oilier. AVTIRY FAST HOUSE, LIGHT WAGON AND If III r ? )?iiarj Lr- bought at one-haL tS.e value ol tins 1 1 ? ?r? ?*. IM'c $65(1. Horse liV? i an U huh, very handsome ami warr.'.tiU d in everv respect. For further parti ul.irs ad. r hs Wilson, 11 ? '.raid ?>fli e. 4 Frew HOUSES WANTED TO BOARD THROUGH THE J \ winter v. r. -In p.? Any person having r peed or amy stock, ran In- aecouuuodstt o with K? en in the finest style i>y an experienced hand. Addrss Myer.-, lloruld office, or. all a*t 20 Wall street, room 20, f rom 10 o 12 M. to-duy and Monday, |)()Y'H PONY? FOURTEEN IIAND8 SEVEN YEVRR J ) old, ? oal nlsu-u. i UM tJy gentle, sound and Kind; belli v ed to he the best in t'.ie oily ? v. til be Hold v?*ry low. To bo seen at Reeve's hvabies, 14 East Ninetecuvii street, near Hroadw ay . / WUKIAGKS KoR SALE CHEAP.? THREE SECOND \ j band Bu y Wi ? city built: one chitting top u-kI on week; one shi t * i; lop, t ? ne sold cheap; one no lop, only used three i n>ntns I y a private t un ly. To be > < ?I<1 tor whatever they will bring. Ai i> ' to M. i;Ui LEY, 21 Kaat Twi If ih street poll SALE? A YALflAIILK TKUK IIKKD MESST X I" i??-r l'.iHt ironing Htnilii ?ri, 1 5 hHnd? hidi, k: n? bii:lt, . nd Witi i'auLed, fn every renoeei, to b?v a h ipermr wc .-on or wi ! I Iknx'. Al it a i-plendlil Farm florae for Mal?; price ^iO. Ai?ply at -M l/'brHtie Ktr?'?*i-. LH>R HAf J'!? A TIlOROlUill MHED ENGLISH SADDLE r Mure, \b% iutnd hi b, a 6 yearn . : I an ?? ird rtvmmetry and a<\i ?n, w.&rr-tiited h mud and free from la.ilt, ?She i tiie property of a untleinan who baa no use l ??r her. Inquire al tM lieavei ntreet. FIOR SALE? A SOKREL MARK. TFN YFARS OLD; win trot in 2 40 impure ol WM. WllEiiLAN, hast New York, fjong Island. fjlOR SALE? A GOOD HOI'ND HORSE. WILL GO IN 1 any kind ot amess, and would be iimtable lor a ?yal eian. Al-o for .-al" a good fur Kobe, I! -so Blanket, Vly Net, &e. Apply at Prinee kl , in tne nfl'i ? . FjlOR SALE? A BROWN HOUSE, laj^ II A NTl)S HIGH. eutlit years old. ??, >??d in vin ,!?' or double iesK; i. so. a light Wng?.|i and II - \ nevs, ijood ,is new. Trice $175. ('.in be seen at the livry li able, corner of Seventlf avenue and Tweuty-eiglith street. TjlOR SALE? A HAN I MOM M SOURKL HoRSE, ABOl'T H Ift'.j hands Id ? i*. s inn I and kind . pared I ? >t uininer in 2 M t-an be se.-n at. Lis. Ja- k's Kt-i'det, IJ2 Lust Fo urlecniii stu" l, opposite the \\ .i-liinuton suitue, IjlOll SALE? AN EXPRESS WAGON AND HARNESS; ' a! so, a ( 'a rt an I . ? no hoi ? top Wagott. Apply at the Troy steamboat olliee, pier l.'? North river. 1.1 ('.R SALE? A LOT OF NEW AND SECOND HAND EX " pre.-'H Warons A f ? I ? at Stndley's Kxpres: o.frre, Fourth avenue and Twenty sm ? nth .street. TjlOH SALE? TWO GOOD HEARSES, ONE GLASS WD P one eloth ; will l>e *old very ch ap. Inquneof 1 . H. SENIOR, 7.rj Carmine s:ree{. Tj^OR SALE? A NEAT FEED WAGON, SUITABLE FOR I? a grocer orth ?se th??t k? "p feed stores; hull will be taken in trade. Address Mr. Miller, bo\ 150 Herald otfue. Horse wanted.? a good family horse, foe which ft good rosewood seven oetare Piano will be given in exchange ; price must be reasonable. Address i!or.-?c, box 3ft7 Brooklyn Post oillce, for one week. rp<) BE SOLD CHEAP? FOUR YOUNG HORSES, JTST JL from the country. They are fit for butchers, bakers or expressmen. A1h>, on** 'saddle Pony, vers* gentle, and tiots and caotef> ; all of hieh will be Hold, as the owner has not time u> stop iu the city. To be seen at 477 Pearl street, until sold. TIT-ANTED- \ GOOD SECOND HAND COYEBED BUG IT gy, for which ca-.h will be p,iid: must be in good or<!er and a giw?'i k!\1<-; p? lee not t<> eveec.l $:> ). Address, stating fjiirticulars, W. F. D , b >\" 2.524 New York Post oillce. TIT ANTED? A PAIR OK GOOD, SERVICEABLE WORK YV, from live t.o vears old, s. v Jf> or l.r?l, hands high. Apply at J. T. WILSON'S, <k?rner Warren and Washington streets, on Monday, 11th inst., at It A. M. AOAA WILL BUY \ HORSE, HAENES8 VM> WA Vwv'v gou. The Horse is a :?und and gentle, and can pace in three minute*, nn 1 is a splendid saddle horse for u. iaily. The Wav;on an ! Harness has only been used two months. Will be sold >?* paratcly or together. Apply at 107 WeH Forty-sixth street. w NEW PtBLYCATIOVS. rINTKK FASHIONS NOW READY.? M \f E. DE>10 ' RESTS "(Quarterly M irror ot Fashion V with spl<?n did fa&hiou plates, valuable information. very numerous ? 11 gravings, and three full sued patterns, furnishing the Ir.rg* e>.f, host and most complete fashion maua/.lne iu tin: Wtirl Winter number -"?*? ?"-A~ ????.??-??? * old eveiywhere n premium thi the plates and patterns, lOcenta, Winter number now ready, P iblished M 473 J>i< a lu ay ?re. Yearlv$l, with a valtiaMeiireiniuo, Vo'tni it on |ir iiifum three if nta. Kindle copied i< CCP.||> without c XUBXflGIOVS notices. AT Till: LAIOHT STREET CHURCH, ST. JOHN S park, Rev. I*.'ar S. Kalloch will prea? b lomorrow morn im;a* ItM^ . >A iu the evening at nVldck. Subjects, morn ing ? "I low t'? Tell Faults. " Evening, the lir.- t of a scrip* of lectures on the battlefields of tm? Bible. Subject? % The i'ir^t Battle; or, Abraham an ? Warrior." ^ A FTEH DEATH THE JUDO MEXT."? REV. E. O, u\ liRoOKS will preach upon this subject, iu the Twen tieth srect Unh er?ali*t < iiuich, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, t??-mo: row afternoon, at3 o'clock. Sermon in the morning at 1U'.?. C1HURCH OF THE EPIPHANY, STANTON STREET / Ix'tw ? o E*?ex an 1 Norfolk streets. Service at 1?'V? A. M. 3 and 7*a 1*. M. Scats l'r. c. Tno Kev. Stephen II. 'lyn& Jr., will preach next Sundu) evening. HRISTI h N CHAPEL, SEVENTEENTH STREET { in*, r Sixth av-mue, ? Services on Lord s Dav. Nov. lu, a _ A. M. and 7>? 1*. M. Preaching by the Pasior, Urban C, Hi ewer. S dijeet ? m ruing, "The Ephesiau Church.' Evening, "The Great Conflict." U TESTS ('I! HIST, THE CAPTAIN OF OUR SALVA U lion,5' will be the hubjeri of the ninth and last dis course of the s t ies ?>,? the " Military ll'-ro a of the Bible," at the Biookl>n Tubevnaele, on Sunday ? v Tiing. Rev. Wil liam A!\ in Bartlelt, pastor, will pre. uh morning and eve nln,".' Sei vj. es will commence at half-p:u:i 10 A. M. and at hali'-p .*>1 7 !' M. Mrs. cora L. v. hatch will speak at dod worth llall, 80G Br iadway, on Sun lay, Nov. 10, at lt)>a A. M. and 7M 1'. M. Sub ject !or the eve rug? "Evidence of Design as Exemplified. in the Adaptation of all Nature to Human Requirement." Memorial cauRcn, hammond street, oor nerol Wav ?riy place ? Rev. ljenry L. Jones, .asistant minister of the Church of the Epiphany, will preaeh to-inor row (Sunday) evening?. Service* at lO&A. M., and and 7^ ??*<!<? k P. M. S' ate t . ee. PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH -DIVINE 8ER X vice will be held, ac<*jrdiuq to the rifs txf the above church, iu Trenor HalJ, 65 West Thirty-fourth street, near Broadway, on Sunday, next, Nov. 10, at lO'-i o'clock A. M. and 7)? P. M. The Rev. E. O. Flagg will preach morning ami evening. REV. KEWTON HESTON, the kbwly elected pastor of the St Ate street Connregan >nal church, near Hoyt, Brooklyn, will preach in his church to morrow, at 10}4 o'cio :k A. M and 7 ^ o'clock P. M. BV. 8. A COREY WILL PREACH IX THE MUE i ray Hill Baptist Church, Thirty-fifth sti'eet, l>otweeu Fifth ami Sixth avenues, to-morrow at 10*? A. M., and at7)? P. M. Subject iu the evening, "The Morning ot Life." QECOND UXIVERHAIJST CHURCH, HISTORICAL So M ciety Building, corner EW-vnth street ami Secotnl av.? Rev. O. T. Klaiid' j s, pastor. Subie> i, touiorrow evening ut half-past seven o'clock ? Who at} ! What Are Angela ?" MorninK service at a quarter to eleven o'clock. The public are freely invited. OT- ANN'S CIIURCII, REV. T. GALLAUDET, HECTOR. lO Services to-moirow ai? usual, \^th the voice, at half-pant ten A. M. atid hnli -post seven P. M., and in the sign language at three P. M. The rector will preach iu tke morning, and the Rev. George C. Penncll in the evening. Seam free. "milE WORLD MOVES "?A SECOND DISCOURSE X on this Hubjert to-morrow evening, at the Bleecker street Unlversallst church, by Rev. Moses Ballou. Subject in the morning? "Business and Religion." THE REV. OAWX CAMBLE WILL PRKAt'II IX THE West Forty -fourth street United Presbyterian church on S. bbath, Wth inst. (lor the lirst time ns pastor of that con - g egation). Service to commence at o dock A. M. aud S o'clock P. M. R Tin: rkv. dr. durbin will preach in the TrlnUy Hothodlnt EplflnopAi uhurck, York Htiwt, Jeri^'jr Cllr, ou Sunday morning, November IU. h: 10)^ o'clock, ana llltu>i>i> SimpHoii In the criming, at Hi o'clock, n< Uia muv place. rpOMPKIXS SQUARE METHODIST El'ISCOJ'AL X Ohurch, Ninth corner ol' avenue B. I'n uohlmj U'-ranrruw (Snndnf) by (lie pitatin, I III' Rat. Tlinniu T K.erett, nl hull leu o'clock in the forenoon. Subject ? "The Holy Eucharist,"' and nt ?'t?i o'clock Iti the evening, subject ? "Why ('lirist did not oorae down from the Ci .?w." Si hU fr<>e. The nkw BOOKS or THE soptii sevenwj 8TRBBT UiuUhii Sabli.tli School, Jnmey Oily, will !>e opriH-d next Sunday, Nov. 10, 1S61, hi 3 o'clock, with appropriate put dfi'l, oonnlailng of addrrwue by Key. W. O. van Meu*r ?ad uilii'ix iatersperned with si nf; by thu'uhUdimi. rpHE GOLDEN CHAIN J. Thin, Mr. Hradhur.v'8 m.?l popular work Iih- Sunday RrliOpI", can now be obtAiued at 421" >i reel A lull nupidy in bith mylee of Wadlut wiU lx- ready on Monday, Noveralier 11. rpiIE GOLDEN CHAIN 1 We li^.e imiw ii H .oplyaf tin. mix S.liool Anting Book, iiy Mi. B. Bradbuw 1 V I SON, HH1NNEY .k CO . 13 and I most rmpnlar Sunday .my. t.i and &l Walker (tree*. IIKSTAIHANTS. AOREAT VICTORY OBTAINED HT SEUOEANT over tin* aj>petiu?s of all vtIm to partake of his I n e Lunch, of three eetirses, at W) William street. Ale, three cents a glusis; Sns lvM<iie*, at Uu tH> tents, not to b? equalled. C1REB LUNCH! N)R RE8TA RANTS FURNISHED r on the most ri'.asonable terma, Mtihe t immodore s, No. 7 Nvw .?'reet. i*. S. ? Clubs and purtie^ ino'itiin Kish and Clam chowders, ;?? t<o;? i ;is th * original ch-.iwtlera siado the Pilgrim K rh?r- ??! New En, .ami. ysteb" ?the iw r srRw, tiii; r ni -t roasts, :be ..r ?? t l'ri and the m:ioiiVM.'h S -.Idle it" ks always "? f< 'Hid at LIWBY S, 1 V K.lton vreet. n. . r II tM :r..-e. X B.? Oystc:s - j. u?;<l w ivaciLiUg, r?uy a. hiding uuc pioevs of f hcll. 0 SHIPPIIf Gk PASKENCJEItK FOR EUROPE. By order of itan Kocreury of State, all pnioengeic leaving tlit- Unite i Suien are le iirired tu procure puaaporta before nolug un ihu ute.iun r. JOHN (1. DALE. Ajjent. M'EAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YORK AXD LIVER PuoL. J.nilliic ami euiburklnn p.inauutier* at Q me natowrn, I reland. The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia SteainHhip Com pany intend 'lop.iu-1, in j Uicir full powered Clvd. built Iron HUiaraHblpH aafollowa:? liLAB'.OW Saturday, November 9 ' I N KW YORK 8.111, No?enil>er 16 ElJlNllUKG S.ilur ay, N ivemlier S3 Aud every Saturday m noon, foin ")?r 44 North river. . h*tbh or rtauot: A W# I Steerage $30 lo London IW " to Loudon S3 tol'.iria 85 " to I'arU M n lOiulmrg.... 88 | .. to Hamburg . . . SS I'a-seiiK'-ii hIno forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotlerdaiu, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low rate*. Person* w^binn to bring out their friends can buy tickets li iv at the following rates, to New York: ? From Liverpool 01 tjueenstown, i r> t ca in, $76 and $105; steerage from Liv t-|? wl, $10; from fji.e. n*town, $3U. T. H? mer.% have superior s ccummo lations for passen p-is, una any experienced Surg una. They are built in. watertight iron sections, and have patent fire annihilntors on hoar i. For further information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM INM.VN, i., ni, 2J W.u. r aire- "t;' in Ola^gow to WM, IN MAN, No. l> H'. Duo ii ? i.-i rn ; in Qu enstown to C. A' W. 1). SEY MOI H \ Co. ; in I. i. 'on to hi S . M VCEY, ?1 King Wil liam s'r-e; in I'arU to JULES DECOUE, No. 5 Place dc la Hour? e . in Phila .-lpi.i l to Jo I L* O.DALE, 111 Walnut Hire# t; m ? )i C m [ an '* oil,, e . JOHN (J. DALE, A em, 15 Broadway, New York. jyiOU bOLTtlAMl'TUN AND HAVRE, On SATURDAY. Nov.mhImt 9, The United S ales Mail S -amer AKAOO. I). Lines C 'uiuiamier, Will sail, from pier No. 37 North river, ioot of Bench street, on S u r?iay, November 9, at no<n. Tii xm .st*-. truer, unsurpassed for saf? ty and comfort, has double engine* under dc. k, eticlo e?l by wmerti^ht eompart im-nt w i h, besides other results, tend in the event ol col liH.on ?t htr nil u_*, t<? ke p I li ? ? pumpt ireo to work, an J &<*? cur?' ihe -iiJ.-'Vo, v. svl un . p i. >rn?ers. For i'rei; lit or pa*sa e app'y to (.K(I maokek/j'b. i A?e,,t". Wo- 1 Broadway. The steamer FULTON wi.l aiul December 7. OTIC AM RR VltAUO? I'ASHlMUtT-, MY UT-CENT RFAiV ). ' lulling, ? All p rtjOUH le.ivlnj^ th?* I i lied Stales are rw? quired to have PaM-|?orts from the ruth- uie-< of tlo-irre k ?? ive '-iiuutriev. counter 1 ?. . I by tin* Secretary < f State a W.t liin:!ton. tJonpl. am c i.-sperern; <ory. UTi AM TO 1IAMBUU'}, HA l:L, LONDON AND 0 s uthMtti ton. T!?e Ilambui American Packet Company's iron sfwmship lHntl'.vl v, i; Ti iiutman, < . niin n r, carrying ? i he l.'nil' J S at k m nl. will leave fr-un pit r No. *1 North river, loot of t stiee', S ATI' RD AY. N v mber ir,. at noon, for HamVeiiv, via ontliainj ?? n. taking pa?n in:err. for Hit vr<, London, So ul a np on in i ll.-Mulmrs;, l-'irht ? bin, $liH); *mi cumn, sfO-i; tc?-rage, Tiie i*i .un ?, of tnis lirn- will eavi* every alt ??mate Satur d.o, carryiii:.* t e United Kiaf?** ma Tli ? Mieam. r SAXON I A w til h -el th? BoRUSSIA, on November 30. C. B RICHARDS .% BOAS, 1 .1 Uroail .?y. rpilE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP I! N< 1 . ? ? command' r. 'Mrrylng tiie Uni d Stati n jnnll, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot of Cham bers street., on SATURDAY. i> e. m e- ?* , at 12 o'clock M., ron % BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, tnklti" nnssencers to l.oNl?oN, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the ollowinfr rates ? ?ti<' i-rst e,. i l?ln, $100; second cabin, S<50 ; steerage, $!J5. ? ' ' ' me n pi ly to OKLRiCHS A ('()., GB Broad street. IjV)U LIVERPOOL? OLD BLACK STAR LIN 15. THB r IW k I iji COMPP.O' I K. lv .ii : .it j.|.-r U K -st liver, S ..Is Nov. 9; the NORTH AMERiCA, No . 14. For?Ms-a^or d a on Ireland, Ac., upp y to WiL..lAMS A. Gl iON, 40 Fulton street 17* OR LIVERPOOL.?' THK SPLl.NDID CLIPPER SHIF I I N V I NCI B i .E h *i is into the -ireain this day. The Sar <linia nl .filer 40 East river, on the 12'h. The Weh^ter on the l'iih. A ojilyat the ouice of THOMPSON'S Black Star line, 275 Pearl street. R LIVERPOOL. ? TAPSC( )TTS LINE.? SAILS ON r Mond.'V, Nov. 11, the lavorite packet ship UNDERWRI TER, Oapt on Rooer ts. For passage at reduced rs:.-s appl^ L^t Ht T.I V ERPOOL. ? THE FULL CLIPPER SHIP IN P VINCIBLE hauls in stream to-day, having unsurpassed aeeonunoda'h ns for all classes of passengers. For passage, at the v.-ry lowest posslnlo rstes, apply on board, or to E. COLLIN, at the ortlce, on j kr No. 5 North liver. Black bali link of packets fob UYBitPOO^? The clipper ship MAN' I AIT AN, now at anehor in tbfr stream, sails this day. The FIDELIA sills, Nov. 14. l'or p es.iiie, apply to JACOB W 1LSON, 10S South street. IjlOR CALIFORNIA VTA PANAMA. 1 A first class steamer will h ave New York on the 1st, 11th and Hist of . ach month, except when these dates fall on Sun day, when the day of departure will be on the Monday fol lowing. For frieght or passage apply at the only office, No. .r. Bo\f? lingllrcen. D.B.ALLEN. A^ent. A1 VI'kALlA ? KANGA HOO LINE. ? The. extreme nut aiujt ml i lippi r ship SN< >?Y' SQUALL, J. S. Dillingham, Jr., late ol United Statin Navy, commander; the shnrpeiit, fast est and positively lirst *hi'p lor Melbourne direct. For freight or cabin pusMi-e only, apply ?n board, pier 10 E.t?t river. or to M AJ LI. Kit, LOKD A Q?EttEAU, 103 Wall ?t. Lord A Co., consignees at M AUSTRALIA PIONEER LINE? CARRYING Till? United States mails. ? The Al extreme. clipper ship UARKY BLUFF, Redman, c.mimander, 2.(X)0 Inns capacity, 1* uow rapidly loading at pier 13 Kabt river, for Melbourne, and 1ns line accommodation* for lirst and second Cftbiu i>ai sen gers, all on deck. The accommodations fAr se^oTT tHs*"Ars are nnsuri>;isscd for comfort, light and vet'tita* lion. For freight or pu: sage apply to R. W. tjAUEliON, iHJ Beaver street. EXCURSIONS. CTHEAP EXCURSION TO CAMPS ON STATES' ISLAND. J Fare six rents by Ststen inland terry, foot of Whitehall stree t, between the battery and South ferry. Boats leave every hour lrom 6 A. M. to 7 1*. M. On fine Sundays every half hour to 7 P. M. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. Notice.? the copartnership between nm./r Stark and Martin Diab, of the firm of Stark A Paal* i? this day dissolved. The business will he eon tinned at th?? Mime place, corner of Washington and Ves.y stmHa, by M M.TIN DA AH. PARTNER WANTED-W1TII ? APITAU TO MAN UFAC I ftire an article paying extremely large profits, already introduced, of great demand, necessity and economy ; or wit merge in an organized company of capitalists. SOUTHWM 'K* A WOOD, ttl Nassau street. PARTNER WANTED? WITH $ 2,000 Of! 1 N CASH in a staple manufacturing business, with a large demand and a profit of 2'k) per cent. Address, with real name, Manu facturer, box l.>7 Herald otllee. pAKTNKR WANTED? OF EITHER SEX, BY A TAILOR, I who is a superior cutter to any man in America in cut tint: boy 's dot him.', gents and boy's shirt*, ladle-', misM s' and girl's dn sses, basques, sacks, mantillas, cloaks, Chesterfields and cardinals. Will take a partner, with some cash, in the whole or any of the above bum hes; would cut for a store at foreman. Address Paris, box 135 Herald oflloe. ANTED? A PARTNER, WITH $1,000 TO $3,000, TN the manufacture of soaps, blues, hint' -king, inks, Ac. ; twelve veaiw standing; sales for cash onlv; no risk;- an make $100, 01*) the next u u years. Call on J. T. JOHNSON, from twelve till two o'clock, or address, wlf* ftamp, Belmont W *117 ANTED? A PERSON, WITH $2,000, TO .JOIN TIIF ? f advertiser in purehttslne a reliable cash business that pays an average proht. of ovei $100 per week. The. best refe rent* given. Address, for three days, Webster, box 212 lie yld oaloe. WANTED? A PARTNER TO TAKE PART INTEREST m an uptown oyster establishment, rewntly fitted up for the purpose of serving families and parties, it being a good opportunity for a middle ag-d man who will fake the indoor business. Gall at lol West 46th St., one door from Broadway. Q1 *\l\ ?WANTED, AN ACTIVE MAN, TO TAKE full charge a 4 partner of the obi established Tea and Butter store in Bleecker street. Lease, of the whole house; four good rooms for a family, rent free. Cash re ceipts from $18 to $40 a day. Will take part cash. Apply al Bleecker street, near Carmine. 4orn TO $000.? AN ENTERPRISING MAN WANT tjAltJU cd, to take an interest in a new and staple article, just adapted to the times; a rare chance for a man with the ready cash. No agouU* need answer. Inquire for Robin, at Frcti h*s Hotel. dfcl nnn OR $2 000.? a GENTLEMAN OF GOOD tPl.vUU business qualitic/itien* ami address, qtialtiied to superintend a business, desires a position where he can safe ly and iirofitably lnvost this umeunt, Address A. B., box lt2.'tf> Post oilice. zzz: , ? be. ? HOUSES, ROOMS, &C? TVANTKD. A GENTLEMAN, WITH A SMALL FAMILY; WOULD like to take until the 1st of April or May, the furnished# House of some gentleman whose principal object, is to have his property kept in order. Unexceptionable reference and bonds given if desired. Address B. C. R., Herald office, A FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED-BY A SMALL FA miiy, without children. Location from Eighth to Twcn. ty-thlrd street* and between Fourth and Sixth avenues. Ad dreMK K. S., Herald oil! e. A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, FURNISHED OR UNFUR J\ ninhed, on or near Fifth avetiu?, wanted immediately; f<ir wiii-Ji ca<?'i will be paid. BRADLEY, WARNER Jk DAY, 40 Union square. PART OF A HOT E WANTED? BY A FAMILY OP two person* and servant, nicely furnished, suitable 'or hmieekc+ptng; location between Amity and Twenty-en nth streets. A private family having a second floor to sp*^re can hear of a g?iod tenant by addressing G. E. L , Herald oilice. lor three days. The best of referen?*es given. Rooms wanted? furnished or i*nfurnishkd, with suitable accommodations for housekeeping i or .? small family, consisting of a jvntbynan. wile and three sin. ill children. Address H., box &U Post oflice, for three days, sUtimE loftttlon and terms, which must be moderate. SMALL FURNIS ED HOUSE WANTED? I \ A ? !?; N" t#? el neighborhood, f?w a lady and two ?hildren; Mo use to be modern, nioofy furnished and in good order. Ad In si, witii full particulars, P., box 3.4t>3 New York Post office. TJJ7ANTED? PART OF A HOUSE, UNFURNISHED, ? f containing four or live rooms, by a gentleman and wile; n?nt $10 a $1-': not too far from Cooper Institute. A (dress L. G., station 1>, Bible House TITAN TED? A LARGE HOUSE, BUILT EXPRESSLY TT or suitable tor a first class boarding' school, up town or in the vicinity of New York; Washington Heights pre* ferred. Addn^w Seminary, II ? raid oilice. "dentistry. AI^. PERSONS DESIROUS Ob' aKTTCNO BIO OK . ciyed teeth end roots, positively ut pain or .an ? r. (Vili do so through the a.; ucy of the new Ch? ui utdy Purl Chloroform, a<iHiinister*d ? -y Dr. WAIT k SON. .V? .? 14 i.d street. First ? las? dental op -raMms the u rms. Reicrto Drsjd'ond, Gilchrist, Webb, Wo stcr. t>*v. D . Fer ris, Uurt.haril ih?l ot'e rs. N-?. 't iK>ii .-t., near Broadway* VfATloNAL DENT VI. GA? M-HV -SIXTH AVKNCI3, IN < . er 'fw. i. v-* ? - ft* . ? .-t, i ,'?xf ? ? to. Fivo IS' a ii. . w ;.? >.) . hr , dcn.i i'.. \?"af prices. Htlver *e?s of t;?ejh, :* ?; r il ' Ci, $10; pttelit vul i )Uif, ;;'.d u, SiO, single tfcih .>? . t- .i-, .."M, |1, iJli, N,i2auu*U

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