Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 11, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 11, 1861 Page 3
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A UKV GOODS. T CUSHMAN * BROOKS' NEW STORE, LADIES, COMPARE THE FIOURES. Wo harp a prodigious uunntlty of the goudi enumerated leluw, slid we are determined to c ljelow, and Wi- are determined to convert tie in INTO CASH, ?eery body will be satisfied that we iire In earned After read ing l.. follow hi,, list of prke*:? A action lot Embroidered Cambric Sets. 18c. to 50r. Auction lot Embroidered Cambric Hands, 2Se. to 50c. Auction lot Embroidered Cambric foliar*, 13c. to 80c. AU' tlon lot Embroidered Cuniiiric Edgings, 16c.; cheap. I'lca^e examine our LaCE VEIL*), 20c. to $1 60. LACE GOODS in good ai vlca selling at BARGAINS. Btaek Trimming Laces, 3c. to 10-. a yard. Jsined Blonds, only 3c. a \ard; worth be. ^nation Valencleuuc.. Liio ? in in.w patterns, cheap. >1 Thread Laces; also real Valenciennes Laces. Book Muslins, 8c. to 19c.; Swiss do., 13c.; cheap lot. Cambric ?usliuxand Brilliants, 10c. to I .Sc.; very cheap. Paper Cambrics, extra line, 8c.; worth lie. Fine Colored Cambrics, fic.; worth 8c. Bleached Cottons, 8c. and tfc ; worth 10c. and lie. ?aap Skirts, 31c., 38c., 90c., 63c.; a prime article. Balmoral Bklriv, i'J 29; o.u price $3. ?ur flue Corsets, $1; well worth 10s. Linen Tablecloths, 90c. upwards. 3U,U0u Muck Towels, 13c.; cost ltfc. to Import. IHO uuzen Union towels, (1 a dozen; cost (1 44. S18 dozen Linen Nupklua. 9?., worth $1 78. 400 " Of ntb Llm u lldk'rs. lie., 15c., 18c. IX - Oents' colored fcord'd lldkfs. .tie., marked dowa from 60c. 78 " Gents' do. do. 29r., marked down from 44c. Ill " Genu' Cotton lldkfs, luc., worth 18b. 3Ut " Ladies' hemmed stitched lldkis, 18c., well wortbSlc MO " " " " 23c., well worth 3s. MM " " Linen Lawn Udfc'fs, 21c. and 31c., worth 80c. 1,000 " " Llneu lidkf*. fic., 8c., Be. 10c., cheap tocluae. ?W " " " 12Wc., cost 21c. to import. WO colored bordered Hdkfs, Ac., cost 8c.; they are a bargain. gents's Socks, Sc., 10c., 12e., 16c to 16c. Oents' Under Shirts and Drawers, 4s. up. I a dies' and Misses' U nd< r V csts and Drawers, all sizes. Ladles' and Misses' Wiuter Gloves, very cheap. Ladies' and Misses' Winter Hosiery, auction hits. Sc. a pair lor the very best Kid Gloves. Ladles' Kid Gloves, the very best quality; we warrant every fair to prove a iirat rale article; price (tic. Sa. a paper for the best Pins and Need lea 4s. far rubber round Combs, 4c. lor dressing do. ounaies, 10c. to 18c., very cheap. Sc. a gross for agate buttons. Black Velvet Buttons, 8c. to lie. a dozen, good one* ?very description of Yankee Noiions very cheap. Ladies' line Linen and Culls, 4c. Children's Corded Nets, 26c., old priue 37c, Ladles' Chen Lie Nets, 4s., worth is. Blue Gauze Veils, 6*., old price 8s. Blbbons, rich Ribbons marked down. Ribbons, rich Ribbons marked down to clear the lot Ribbon*, all our Ribbons have been marked down. Ribbons, our entire stock of Fancy Ribbons must be sold during this great ulo. Blbbons, 16c., 18c., 22c. and 28c. marked from 10c. to 19c. a yard under our usual selling prices. lAdles, these arc a very de*irat>ie lot of Rtch Ribbons; you that wish rich ribbons can get them at ?ur atore, way down under the regular selling prices. Viewers.? Fine Paris Flowers In all colors reduced in price to slear the lot. Ladies please examine. Bonnets.?Ladies and misses Straw Hals, all marked down to coat to clear the entire lot, ai 26c. to tie. Baches, 6c., 8a, 12c., 19c. and 18c., cheap. Yelvet Ribbons in black and colors; the prices are to suit the times. Please examine. ?UR NEW STORE IS 463 Sixth avenue, corner Twenty-eighth street, CUSHMAN A BROOKS. We sell all our Goods cheap. CUSHMAN A BROOKS. Our Goods are lirst class. CUSHMAN A BROOKS. We purchase auction lots every day. Ladiss can be sure of getting good bargain* at our store, Blzth avenue, corner Twenty-eighth street. CUSHMAN A BROOKS. ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF NEW GOODS, FOR GENTLEMEN. Silk and Wool Undershirts and Drawer*, CARDIGAN JACKETS, ED, CALF, CASTOR, BUCK, BEAVER AND CLOTH, Gloves sod Gauntlets; BLEGANT DRESS SHIRTS AND COLLARS, Union Riding Belts, SOABLBT CA8UMERE SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, Scarfs, Ties, BOBBS DE CHAMBKE. ROBES DE NUIT, UMBRELLAS, SUBPENDERS, ARMY AND NAVY SHIRTS, 811k, Merino, Cotton and Wool H08B AND HALF HOSB. HB LADIES Hoods, Sontags, Knit Gaiters, KNIT SKIRTS, SHETLAND FALLS, MBRINO AND SILK UNDERVEtfTS AND DRAWERS, Union Dresses, GLOVES, GAUNTLETS AND MITTENS; Polish Gaiters, OOTTON. MERINO, SILK AND WOOLEN STOCKINOS; BALMORAL HOSE FOR 8KATINO. N1 CHILDREN Knit Hoods, Cap*, CLOAKS, HATS, Mitten* and Gloves, UNDERSHIRTS, VESTS AND DRAWERS; Union Dresses, INFANTS' BOOTS, CLOTH, VELVET AND KNIT GAITER8, COMFORTERS AND MUFFLERS. A large and elegant variety of the above goods, many of them manufactured on tlie premises and not to be found elsewhere, wfll be found at low prices at UNION ADAMS', No. 637 Broadway. ^ RMOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. Will opeu at retail, on MONDAY, November 11, 600 FRENCH CASHMERE LONG SHAWLS, at Ik* following low prices:? 300 SHAWLS at ?t?, worth $38. 300 SHAWLS at $18, worth $27. 100 SHAWLS at $30, worth $30. ALSO Three hundred fancy WOOL SHAWLS, At $6, worth 910. Canal street, oorner of M*r*er. A RNOLD, CONSTABLfe k CO. WILL OFFER ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, NOVELTIES IN PARIS AND ENGLISH DRESS GOODS, Received per steamer Persia. CANAL STREET, oorner of Mercer. A RNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. HAVE NOW READY A VERY SUPERIOR STOCK OF CLOAKS, Of all kind*, at moderate prices, to which they Invite special attention. CANAL STREET, oorner of Mercer. A N ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF MISSES' AND CniL A dren's Cloaks, in nil materials, at TOR UNITED STATES CLOA a A>D MANTILLA STORE, SMaod 306 Canal street. GEO. CAREY. A LARGE VARIETY OF BLACK BEAVER CLOAKS, A from $8 to $14, at THE UNITED STATES CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORE, 30t and 306 Canal street. GEO. CARET. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PARIS MADE VELVET Clouks and S??nim, hiat ian^nd, lor sate at E UNITED STATES CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORE, SIM and 306 Canal atroet. OBO. CARET. A LARGE AND VARrED ASSORTMENT OF LYONS Velvet Cloaks atxl ul nty owu muufaotare, Will be opened-for InspertiMi cm M.m.-lui. 11th insL, at THE UNITED STATE* CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORE, 304 a.ul 306 CatuU street. GEO. CAREY. A GREAT SACRIFICE OF EMBROIDERIES FROM the recent large Auction Sales. LINEN SETS forSSeenta, worth 80 cents. EMBROIDERED COLLARS fur 80 cents, worth $1 25. An elegant assortment oi LINEN EMBROIDERED SET8, Tery fine, for $1 23 Mod $1 30, usual price $Z and $3. A good assortment of REAL LACE8 and SETS, at very law prices. A fine assortment of VELVET RIBBONS, to all oolors. BONNET RIBBON8. DRESS TRIMMINGS, FEATHERH AND FLOWERS. Closing out the aplendid qiwviUy of Kid Gloves, with em broidered back*, for 88 cents, worth $125. Also a good as Mrtment of Woollen Hoods sjid Sonvus. W. EMBEKSON. W Sixth avenue, oorner of Twenty-second street. Coed* from aectloe dally. AT MRS. GAYNOR'Sr-GREAT BARGAINS ARE NOW offered. Some of the best ska*** and quality, slightly ?oiled, for $1 and $1 28. Just received, those celebrated Mtris made CoutiUe Corsets, regular prises $3 and $6, now ttand$4. Also the Paris woven R. Werrrfy Corset, and iew styles In French Skirts. All soM at panlo prioes. 843 ?roadway, near Union square. At RONALDGON A ME A RES' CORNER of SIXTH avenue and Nineteenth street, ladies will find a choice ?pertinent of Hosiery, Undergarments, Ribbons, Sontags, ?Hdi, liirflUrs, Cl(nb Gloves, 0p*u1pk nur mnial fine assort* ???t af small wares, Ac. Goods from auction every day. 'LACK INDIA SILK CLOAKS, At (he United States Clonk and MantIHa Store, 3M and 306 Canal street. GEO. CARET. B D _DRY 000?9 ?1L0AKS BELOW RBUULAR PRICES. A full assortment of the lau-sl Paris shape*, In every varie ty of material and trimming. LORD A TAYLOR. 4t'l to 407 Broadway. 256 lo 261 (Iran ! hi reel. 47 and 4J Catharine street. 0LOAK8, CLOAKS. We oflar at retail a large mid Httrartlve stock of CLOTH AND BEAVER CLOAKS, at extremely low pi ices. The k o<mi|n ises nil the latest und moat fashionable styles, manufactured expressly fur lUe Broadway retail trade. K. S. MI 1,1,H ,t CO, 413 Brnadw iy. near Canal street. Wholesale stock as usual at 342 nail 344 Bruudn ay. CHARLOTTE (1. SMITH, Solicit* the attention of the ladles of New York to her exclusive und ataaar t style* of Paris CLOAKS, MA.NTLES, BASQUES, AC., Comprising a l ull variety 01 all the latest and moat select 110. vrlties, with a large assortment of veiy choice garments manufactured expressly (or city trade. 1,142 Broadway, one door above Twenty-sixth street. OARl'ETINOS, FLOOR OILCLOTHS, COCOA AND Canton Mattings, PrUL'ire ts. Rugs, Ac., at reduced prices, wholesale or retail. Tapestry Brussels 7Sc. per yard. Velvet $1 jieryard. Three Plv 76c. per yard. Ingrain from 30c. to 7V. per yard. For sale by A. JOURNKAY, JR., 373 Broadway. RESS goods from AUCTION. just RECEIVED, SEVERAL LAKOE INVOICES, purchased at recent auction sales, which, together with our present full and desirable stock of FASHIONABLE dress goods, will be offered at retail 26 per rent BELOW cost OF importation. Sales of the above goods, at reduced prices, will oommaoee Monday, November IL LORD A TAYLOR, 461 to 467 Broadway. 266 to 2i,l Grand street. 47 anil 4'J Catharine HirvrL ELEfiANT assortment OP PARIS FANCY SETS, Capes and Skirta. real Laces, Sew and Capes, elegant and choice styles; l'aris Corsets; Dresses made up In the latest and most fashionable styles at reasonable prices. Mine. ROPILLIER AUGIER, 334 Fourth street. French circulars?with collars, At the Dulled Slates Cloak and Mantilla Store, 3*4 and 306 Canal street. GEORGE CAREY. French sealskin cloaks-in all colors, At the United States Cloak and Mauulla Store, 904 and 306 Canal street. GEORGE CAREY; FURS?FURS?BELOW COST.?$190,000 WORTH OF Ladtes' Rich Furs, must tie sold regardless of cost, com prisliig real Hudson Bav Sallies, Mink Marten, Stone Mar ten, Fitch Marten, Ermine, Siberian Squirrel, Ac., In Circular C oaks, Carriage (Japes, Vlctorinea, Mulls, Cud's. Ac. The whole of the entire stock must be sold by the first of January, In order to effect a clearance. No reasonable offer refused, the proprie tor retiring from business. Tills advantage will not again appear before the public, therefore an early call Is respect fully requested at the old established patent fur muff empo rium. P.H.PHILIPS, 279 Grand street. New York. N. B.?A large assortment of Slegh Rubes, gents' Collars, Ac. F DERBY A COMPANY WERE AWARDED BY THE Association for the Enliihitlun of Industry of all Nations, held in New York in 1853. honorable MENTION for the best Oarnietits for the commissioned officers of the Army and Navy, which they still continue to make to order. tailors, 67 Walker street RENCII CIRCULARS, WITH CAPES, At the United States Cloak and Mantilla store, 304 and 306 Canal street. GEO. CAREY. French circulars, with hoods, At the United States Cloak and Mantilla store, 304 and 306 Canal street. GEO. CAREY. qreat Embroidery sale. r. II. macy, 904 and 806 SIXTH AVENUE, Two doors bslow Fourteenth street. Will open MONDAY, Nov. 11, FROM THE CASH auction, The cheapest line of NEEDLEWORK embroideries aver shown In the city. FINE needlework EDGINGS and insebtings, from Is. up. FINE NEEDLEWORK LINEN SETS, half the cost of Im portation. FINE needlework CAMBRIC and jaconet BANDS and FLOUNC1NUS. FRENCH and SCOTCH NEEDLEWORK CAMBBIC and SWISS SETS. EXTRA FRENCH needlework COLLARS, 2s., 3a., 4s., Ac. EXTRA FRENCH NEEDLEWORK SETS of COLLARS and CUFFS, cost of Importation $6, will be sold at 91, $2 and ,SEXTRA needlework CAMBRIC SLEEVES, 2s. EXTRA FINE SCOTCH NEEDLEWOUK COLLARS, la.. Is. 6d., 2s.. 2?. 6d., Ac. 1,000 THREAD LACE COLLARS, Is., U. 6d. and 2s. R. H. MACY. J^OOK HERE. economists, CLOTHING IS DOWN OVERCOATS for $4, worth $7 overcoats for 6, worth 9 OVERCOATS for 8, wonh 14 PANTS for 1, worth 2 PANTS for 2, worth * Barralns In everything at THE PEOPLE S clothing STORK, No. 666 Broadway, corner of Priuce street. ' F Lyons velvet sacques, At the United States Cloak mid Mantilla Store, 904 and 301i Canal street. GEO. CARET. LVON8 VELVET 8IIAWLETTES, At the United Slut." Cloak and Mantilla Store, SIM and 306 Canal street. GEO. CARET. LT0M8 VELVET MANTILLAS, At tbe United State* Cloak and Mantilla Store, 304 and 306 Caual atreet. GEO. CARET. J^INENB BELOW REGULAR PRICES. Linen Sheetings, Shirtings, D&miu-kx, Towelling*, TaVt? Cloths, Nanking, Ac., Including a tine assortment of servicea ble HOTEL AND FAMILY LINENS, at very low price*. LORD A TAYLOR, 401 to 467 Broadway. 266 to 261 Grand street. 47 and 49 Catharine atreet READER OF FASHIONS! WHO GOT THE MEDAL VHE LAST MILLINERY OPENING! HIGUIN8, OP SIXtITAVENUE. GO TO THE LEADER OP FASHIONS Stilt YOUR BONNETS. Sixth Avenue Prices $2 80, Broadway, $4. Sixth Avenue Prices S SO, Broadway, 6. Sixth Avenue Prices 6 SO, Broadway, 10. Sixth Avenue Prices 7 00, Broadway, 15. 8HOW ROOMS, No 128 Sixth avenue Between Ninth ami Tenth ftseeta. J. HIGGINS, Mteno#er. 8 top, ponder, wnit a while; I nto our window look and sec the style; X amine our BONNETS, with wonder behold T be marvellously low i-rlees at which they are an Id. H ATS worth FIVE DOLLARS we gtve for TWO WIT. A nd for those worth KEVEN DOLLARS we ask $3 OB. V ELVETS and RIBBONS, Flower*, Feathers ana all. E very variety ol MILLINKKY GOODS suitable lor F4U, N ow we are olEering for sale at tmcli prime, U nheardof liefore until the present crisis. E ach and every article at a low price we fit HIOOINS. THE MEDAL. ONE TWENTY-SIS. OALL EARLY IN THE WEEK, CALL EARLY IN THE MORNING, BEFORE THE RUSH. 128 SIXTH AVENUE, between Ninth and Tenth < J. HIGGINS, " T)AdS BROWN TRICOT CU0AKR JT At tbe United Statw* Cloak and Mantilla State, S04 and 306 Canal street. GEORGE OARBT. ARTS WATKD TRIOOT CLOAKS At the United rimu-y Cloak and Mantilla Store, 304 and 306 Oanal street. GEORGE CAREY. TJAItlS TRHKIT SILK CLOAKS, X At the United States Cloak and Mantilla Store, 304 and 306 Canal street. GEO. CAREY. ICH PAI&8IAN SHAWLS. Positively the last week. GREATEST SACRIFICE EVER KNOWN. 629 Broadway. R RH MACY 8ELLS LADIES' DOLLAR KID GLOVES, ? aM colors nnd "tees, for 6S nents (by tnitfl 69 cents), at 304 and 206 Sixth avenue, two doors hetow Fourteenth street. No eunnectiau with any other store in tbe city. gHAWLS BELOW REGULAR PRICE& BROGHE, PLAID WOOL, STELLA, MERINO, FANCY WOLLEN, und every other variety ef FALL AND WINTER 8HAWL8, 1 very large and desirable assortment at retail. LORD A TAYLOR, 461 to 467 Broadway, 266 to 261 Uriind street, 47 and 4V Catharine street. SOLOMON * HART, 369 BROADWAY, Are offering to whoiosale and retail bnyert, far auk sad short tune at extremely low price* their slock of HJuRTAIN OOODS, FVRNIfURE OOVERINQS, UPHoLSTEKY MATERIALS of eeecy d<*crl?tH>n, (JOLD AND PAINTKD WINDOW SHADES. AND FRENCH AND AMERICAN PAPER HANOIW06, DBOORATIVE AND PLAIN Their stosk of the above goods is the largest in this market, and contains a great mnnv lines bought at aactlon and from bankrunt suxik*, at priors lower than coat of Importation, which Ay are able to offer at ireat bargain*. s DRY GOODS. ^ _ Really waterproof AtJUAHCUTPMS, IN BLACK AM) BROWN, MIXED, for the n??' of officer* lu the Army and Na\y, made up to order, at VEKV MODERATE PRICES, by F. DERBY A COMPANY, 57 Walker street. ILK8 BELOW REGULAR I*RICES. A large and elegant aaaorlmeutof PARIS DRESS SILKS, Of tlio latent and most fashionable designs. LURD A TAYLOR, 461 to 467 Broadway. 366 to IJiil Grand street, 47 and 49 Catharine street SPANISH WRAPPERS, At tliu United elates Clonk and Mantilla store, 304 anil 30o Canal street. _ GEO. OAREY. s u MRRELLAS IN SILK AND ALPACA. ALSO NEW STYLES OP SCARFS, MERINO undershirts, AT VERY REDUCED PRICES. K. DEHHY A COMPANY, Tallura and Importer*, 57 Walker street. w rELVET BEAVER CLOAKS, At the Unl ed Stat en Cloak and Mantilla Store, 304 and 306 Canal atreet. GEO. CAREY. AlEU proof CLOAKS, At the Untied Slates Cloak and Mantilla Store, 304 and 30# Canal atreet. GEO. CAREY. 8ALKS OP REAL estate. Ij!arms?BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED, FOB SALE |OR 1 exchange; eity Residences tor aale, eashange or to let; *8,000 worth of Brandy, In eighths and quarter*, to exchange lor City Prujiertv; also furnlabed Ofllee and Desk Privilege to let. F. D. richARDSON A CO., 82 and 84 Naaaau aired. FOR SALE?a tlO,OOU HOUSE FOR $8,000, half cash, if applied for Immediately; It la splendidly iinlshi d, hard wood stairs, new style, cost $500, and hanl wood blinds throughout, and plate glass, targe sheet* entire tront, 128 East Forty eighth street, stone front, three story, high stoop. Address A. Davis, 201 Weal Flltieth street. POR BALE-IN NEW CANAAN, CONN., HOUSE Barn, Ac., all new, with two acres of Land; beautllul loi a> ion, plenty of fruit and other young trees. I'rlce $.1,3H0? a bargain lor cash. Representation can be seen at 2S6 Fulton street, Brooklyn, lu piano store. SALE?OR WILL EXCHANOE FOR IMPROVED For pr Poughkeepsle, three acres of land, choice fruit, a beautiful mansion, and desirably located. CLARK A GODDARl), 86 Cedar street, American Exchange Bank Building. For sale?a lot, on north side of tenth street, mid tray lietween Filth and Sixth aveuuea, with it two story Brick House. Lot 21.9x102. Prtoe very low and termseasy. Apply to CHARLES E. MILLS, 34 Cedar st. IjlOll SALE-A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT. BRICK 1 house, high celling, 16 rooms. Situated on tne ban..8 of the Hudson river. Or would exchange tor a guod paying Hotel in New Yolk eity. Address C. W., Herald office. IjlOR RALE, A VERY desirable LEASEHOLD PRO J? pertv, on East Broadway, near Market atreet.?A four story Brick House, 2SxfiA, well rented. Terms easy. Will be sold at a bargain. Apply to CHARLES E. MILLS, 34 Cedar atreet. OR SALE AND EXCHANGE?A LARGE NUMBER _ of Farms, of different siics, mtaliU-s and prices, conve nient to tint city by frequent trains; liral rate neighborhood, uear church A and schools. SOUTHWICK A WOOD. 82 Nassau street. F IriOR SALE OR TO EXCHANOE FOR CITY PROPER 1 ty, Grocery, Liquor*. Ac., a Farm of 80 acres of Oral rate land; a niric pleasure ground, graded level, with proper turns, from 50 to 10J feet wide; a delightful drive for plea, sure or exercising horses. Also the slock, crops and farming utensils. Apply at S3 Market street. JAMAICA, LONG ISLAND.?A FINE PLACE FOR sale, conaistltii: of about 4)? acres of Land, House, Out buildings, Ail. aituaied In the village ofJamulis, L. I. House is lighted with sas and In good order; ground* ure beui.ll fully laid out; only about three minutes' walk to the de] ot ot the Hunter's Point and South Ferry Kallrond: will lie sold very cheap, Apply to llENKY \V. KEDFIELD, Far mers' and Citizens' Bank, Williamsburg. Merchandise wanted-adapted to the country trade, in exchange for 100 uerea of ehoi V Farming Land, in Central Illinois, Jersey ootinly. Title per iect. One-half to an equal amount of cash will be put wl'h it. Parties Intended will address Henry, box 176 Herald ofllee, for two dnya. />Q/\ ACRES OF COOD FARMING AND IIEAVIl.Y UjZjVt limbered iand. Pa., for aale or exchange, together or in parcela, for city, Brooklyn or peraonal property, or a business, on the moat liliera! terms. SOUTHW1CK A WOOD, 82 Na?aau atreet. <JjO nnn ?WANTED. FURNITURE OR carpets, JpO.V/UvJ# in exchange for a two s'ory Brick Store, in one of the most thriving villages on the llu<l*on river, located lu the best tliorouphfarc for trade. Apply at 12 Centre street, to ZEULIO A HASTINGS. FOR^ KALE. Any party having a complete set of fix. lure* appertaining to a drat elans I'.ar. or a portion of (ante, such as Counter, Pumps, Tables, Chnlrs, Decanters, Ac., Ac to aell, can Unit a cash customer by calling on C. J. CLARKE, 367Eighth avenue, any morning belore 10o'clock, or addressing a note to same. A GOOD DINING 8ALOON FOR SALE?IN A LARGE thoroughfare, m ar railroad and steamboat, depots and ferries; entrance on two street*. Fixtures complete. Price $?J0. Apply to W. A. URE A CO., 37 Park row, room 17. OR SALE?A NOTARY PUBLIC S COMMISSION FOR this city and county. Address W., 98 West Tenth su F For sale-notice, we have several good chmi es for investments in buslne**, w anting capital from $4<K) to $15,0i?U; all legitimate and straightforward. Those wishing business are invited to call. General Agency, 63 N iiasau atreet. For sale?a corner liquor stork, witei fix lures ami Lca*e;one of the belt stands in Ihr Kcrtntwnih want. Will be sold chcsp, ss the owner hasoiher business to stu-nd to. Apply ou premise#, 200 avenue U, corner of Twellth street. For sale?a first class new milch cow' with a ( air by her aide; warranted to milk 26 quarts of milk per dav, also 14 lbs. butter p?r week. Also a (pleudld ?addle I'oiiy" Mare lor rale, sultaide for a young lad/ or gen tleman; will trot or cantor; warranted kind and sound, with out a blemish. Apply at 166 East Twenty-fifth street. For sale?a large and well located gro eery Store; must I* sold at a sacrilice on acoount of sickness ol the owner. Particulars at the coal yard, 78 Lud low street. N. B.?No agents need apply. IjlOR BALE?PAWNBROKER'S TICKET Of A GOLU ! Hunting Patent Lever Watch, pledged for $S0. Cost J17S. The ticket will be sold for $10, as tbe time it about ex plred. Address J. K., box 163 Herald otle'c, stating w heu and where an Interview can be had. For sale?the good will ok a first class corner Liquor Store, Including Stock, Fixture* and Lease. Location one of the best in this city. The above, articles will be sold cheap by applying early at 436 Eighth avenue, or vi Division street. Fob sale-the ale vault no. i cortlandt Street, Gllsey Building, under the clock store. 'l'Ua i* at little money making ?und iu tbe city. Will be sold cheap. No, agents need apply. IjlOB 8ALE-FOi;H HUNDRED FEET of WIRE ROPE; ' six*, scven-elghths ot an Inch in diameter; will be sold cheap. Apply to the Engineer of tile Hub Avenue Hotel. For sale?a valuable grocery ^tore, situ. ated on the corner of Bleecker and Commercu street*; good Stock, und Fixtures complete, with an extra goo.l Horse and Wagon. All particular!, given by applying un the pre mises from 2 to 6 o'clock P. M. No agents need apply. Factory in Brooklyn, with steam powek. for sale or to let; It in well adapted tor any light ram u facturing business, and the whole or a part will be rented \ery reasonably, it applied lorsooa. Apply on the premise#. 85 Hi rgen street, Brooklyn, or to .HJilN S. JENNEbS, IX Wall street. Hardware for sale or exchange.?1the Stock and Fixtures of a Hardware and Ship Chandlery 8tore, in an excellent location In Brooklyn, and doliiK a good cash business, lor sale or exchange lor a house and lot on Long Island or in New York. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Apply to PIERCE SKEliAN,l&ri BroadHay-N. Y., before ten A. M., or alter four P. M., or so JAMES ilo IX)WELL, No. H Union street, Somli Brooklyn. Patent for kale or exchange ok a very necessary and valuable Artii-le, simple, cluiap und 'i<oo mical, and iu great demand; needed lit every family. AO uncommouly go-si chnnoe to uuike money. SoUTHWICK A WOOD. 83 Nassau stroet. Wholesale and retail liquor store for sab?In the lower part Of the city; wr would toll Uta fixtures without the stock, or exchange for bouse pn4?r?y. For particulars address W. W., Herald oflloe. <fl?Qrvr\ ?WANTED, TO SEIA, A GOOD RETAIL SE. gar Store, in a g<A>d location. Addrutsi II Charles, llejuld olUue, for three day*. AQfrn ?FOR SALE, SUPERIOR DRTO STORE, IN JpOuU? Monroe street; Uue kxauun ami bumneas, n*re opjiorMuiity to get nine business ohuaf) Also ftiie Ix^ior Store, 120tli st. and Third ave.; elegant stand and umwmm; (100; a iKirgaiu. Apply for two days iu 331 Broadway, room 43. <E kah TO >1.000 WANTED.-FOR SALE VERY OHKAP, a three story Ufiok House, on Kort>-elgliik strwt, beUtiieii Sixth and Seventh avenues; $l,0wo required down; also one three story brick, on Rynrsmi streot, lnttw?u Wll linaghby and DKrtlh avenues, new, with ail hninovumniiis; unly\$ftilO required. Call ou or address P. C. A., 34>$Ptoe street, room No. 6. bntween 11 and 9 o'clock. rnft ?FOR SALE, OR exchange FOR BOND and moii?a?e. a first <d*?sTea Store, on the west side of,the town. Good location, good stock, Ac. Rcut low. Address T. C. 8., Herald oilice, for two days. ~ Fl'lt-NITUR-ft. " A magnificent ASSORTMENT OF household Furniture will be sold at a great sacrifice, a< private sale, consisting of rosewood Piauotoi te, rosewood Drawing lUaitn Suite, Mirrors, Paintings, Baokcaar, f miiunesrte, tw ee ri a, Chai,dc*H-rs, Huftt-t, (jurtains, Extension T.K/le^i:b?w, Ulass and Silverware, rtv.ewo<id Bureau^ Bedstead*. Wani rubes, Mattresses, Ac.,oumprismg everVtumt; n?|(daHc tor a lirst class msidence; lutve been in use but six mtMittm; will be suld for half cost, at 70 West Fwenty -sixth stivat, wear Sixth avenue, from 8 to 1 A. M. and from 4 m 10 P. tl. B8DROOM SUIT OF ENAWELLED FTRNm*?!: lor felt, in all culors, of warranted tnuo'ifasuine; al'O solid chestnut Cliamix r Suits, plain and ornanienlid, ut H. F. KAKUINOTON-S, BtiS Casal struct, opposite Wooster. Es labltshed In 14W. All kikds^ok fi-rniture, ^ookino glassbji, Bedding, Ac., sbeafier than at any other siore; warrant ed, ami delivered free. Please call at U. W. SNEDF.NH, 2ti3 Bowsry, betwem Stanton and Houston streets. You will save money. Note Uio number. Furniture, ca^wts, books, *<:, eo' iiiit for ready money, at 123 Sixth aveoue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. PLIMPTON'S TMPROVKD PARLOR BEDSTEADS AND oilier tirst cihss Furniture, s>dd wholessl.', retail ann by monthly naymeuts at 14ft Tuntu street, formeiit National Aus ??.* of Design. BOAUDIMJ AM) U)DOINC. AT 22 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN . Filth and Sixth avenues, large haiulM'OKily furnished Rooms, with Up.I rooms uii icroo 1 aud third floors; alto sin gle Kooma for geutleinen. All modern improvements. Re fe reucea exchanged. A GENTLEMAN AN!) WIFE OR TWO S1NU1 E GEN tie men may obtain pleasant HnoTnR, with good Board, in a ?mall private family, where the comiort* of a home can bee i joyed; bouMbai modern improvements. Dinnerat6 o'clock. Apiily ai ZM Wfil Twenty-secoud street. A HOME FOR THE WINTER?PLEASANT FUR VTBH ed Rooms on the. second floor may be hail, with H aiti, in n ?nu!l quiet family m ar Union aquart. Apply at lo Kant El, 1 t . nth ?tn ? ... .r Br< a Iway. AT NOS. 1,123 AND 1,125 BROADWAY?HANDSOME of Bo 'us, th i ivate 1 I I le A ao Room* forain^e gentlemen, with B ard. between Twenty til il? and Twenty-s.xth streets, m ar \r i:th Avenue Hotel. A WELL FURNISHED BACK PART.OR AND THREE Room*, with bath and was, with or without Boaid, in a ! Mtriall private family of adults onlv. Please call at36 West

Twenty-third street, near Fifth avenue.. API EASANT SLIT OF ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, neatly furnished, to let t ? gentlcnen or small families; i a'so a front room on third li jr. Apply at 20 Weat Eleventh I street, near Brondway. I A RESPECTABLE WTDOW I.ADY, WITHOUT FAMILY. | i\ will let handsome.y furnished Rooms, ou first and second \ n,>(,rn, with all modrr improvement?, (breakfast if desired,) | to gentlemen Apply at No. 27 Amity street, near I Broadway Keferenc? a exchanged. A HIGHLY RESPIOfTAHl.E FAMILY, WITHOUTCI1IL dreu, having a nice Bedroom snd Parlor, on the second I floor, with ^us, hot and cold bath ami other conveniences on I the came floor, wishes to And a highlv respectable German I gentleman to on upy them French UriBi illM9llier. Un doubted references exchanged. One who wishes family com I oris please address box 2,004 Post ofilce. Avery fine suit of rooms to let?on parlor tl<Kir; also Suit on second floor and Room and Bedroom on third floor, with Board, at 118 Second avenue; will be let to single gnticmen or gentlemen and wi\es. House first class, with all the modern improvements. AH FEW BOARDERS CAN BE ACCOMODATED WITH handsomely furnished and very desirable Rooms, In a I first claws house in an excellent neighborhood, and where rverv attention will be paid to their comfort. Apply al 120 , West Twenty-fifth street. Al LARGE AND ELEGANTLY furnished SUIT OF K(k)uis, on the tirst and second floors, at the Madison Park lfotrse, No. 2 West Twenty-fifth street, corner o! Broad way; private tallies furnished if preferred. Also a few Siugie Rooms, beat of references required. A GENTLEMAN WISHING ALL THE COMFORTS OF a home can find in a small genteel family a woll fur nished front Bedroom and Pautrv, with use of p&rlorand fire; also one Mall Room at $1 26 per week. Apply at 7V7 Sixth aveuue. AT 88 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH RTREET ? A NEATLY furnished Room, with alcove on the third story, to let to two gentlemen, or a gentleman and wife; also, one ou the fourth story, for one or two genUemeu. Reiercnce* ex changed. Dinner at 6 o'clock. AT 141 NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, ARE J\ pleasant Rooms, now vacaui, for genth-men and their wives or single gentlemen, with Board. Reference required. A LAKOK BOOM TO LET, WITH BOARD, TO A A gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Terms ?.H per week. References given and required. Apply at I4fl West Tw enty-fourth street, between Seveuth aud Eighth avenues. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING THE FIRST CLASS House 37 West Thirty-eighth street, will let. with Board, to a gentleman and. wite and one oi two gentlemen, fine large Rooms, or suits of Rooms, furnished. These are desirable accommodations. A SUIT OF PLEASANT ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, also Rooms on third and fourth floors, suitable for gen tlemen, to let, with Board, at 40 Eabt Twenty-fourth street. House first class, containing all modern improvements. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR OHB OH TWO single gentlemen, may be accommodated with pleasant Rooms, with or without Board, at 42 West Fifteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. AT 122 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WBST OF Broadway, a (.entle.nan aud wile or two single gentle men can obtalu pleasant llooma, with Board, in a modern house with all the improvements. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN MAY NOW OBTAIN A pleasant front Room at No. 36 Eaf-t Twentieth street, a few doors l roin Broadway, al $1 per week. House first class. Dinner at 6 o'clock. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE american FAMILY, occupying the first class house 24 West Twenty-first street, near Fifth avenue, has two large elegant Rooms to let, wiih Board; also hail Iionn toasingle gentlemen; soci ety unexceptionable; relcrencesexchanged. A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET?suitable torn family, with Board, in a first class house. Apply at m West Thirty-sixth street, near Filth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY. WHO HAVE MORE ROOMS. than wanted, would like to rent them, with Board; the best references required. Apply at 27 Bond street. AT M SEVENTH AVENUE, THIRD HOUSE ABOVE Fourteenth street?Large, handsomely mruished Rooms on second floor, suitable for a family; also, Roo ms lor Single gemi. men. Private table, if required. Reicrt iters ex change*!. A LADY AND gentleman CAN HAVE A NEATfcY furnished Room. wiUi pantries connecting, with i room, with Board for the ladv; house with Oitib aud gas. in a private family at 60 Klug sucet, between Vane a aud Mat dougaL A LARGE, WELL FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO let? li.?* gas, ?iate, water, large panties, Ac.; terms $3 t?er week; also one at $1 50 and one haudsomely furnished in rosewood and brocatei at $4, at 1,276 Broauway, southwest corner Thirty-fourth street. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM, ON THE seeoud floor, also a Room on third floor, to b-t, with itoard It desired, in a private family residing at No. 21 West Twenty-second street, near Fifth avenue. BOARD.-A LADY AND gentleman CAN FIND best Board, with a f ront aud an aajoiuing bedroom, in a small family at SO Waveilcy place. Every com.ort in the house. BOARD -a LADY AND gentleman CAN nE ACCOM mooated wlili a i'arior mid ii urooin, aepan.te or toge ther, Willi or without Hoard, In a Mnall private a ally; hens* ha* gas and Liath. Terms very moderate. Apply ut 3i West Washington place. BOAKD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, AND SEVERAL single gentl< men. . an very dcjiirahie 1 utnlshed Apartments, on the second and third floors, ?Itli Board, in an agreeable family. Apply *I 2u Weal Tweuty-seveuth street, a lew doors from Broadway. BOAKD?WITH ROOMS NEATLY FURNISHED, FOR gentlemen and ihetr wive#, and roonis lur single gen tlemen, in a modern bouse, wltli bath and all convenience*, In a central location, where there are but lew boardera. In quire at 37 East Eleventh str. et. BOARD-LAR0E ROOMS, SUITABLE FORTW0GEN tleinen or gentleman and wile, at 'from >7 to Ijirt per week; single Rooms for gentlemen at $36'jp"r weelc: loca tion pleasant and convenient. Apply at 434 Hudson street, corner of Morion. Board.-a family, having moke room than required, would dtajwre o! a few Apart trie nU, on second lloor, to a small Mini el family for the itnaulug winter; loca tion d> sirahle. A| ply at 172 West Tweiitj-titat street. Board.-a pahlor and bedroom, on the SE cond iloor, to let, with B ar t, Ktiiiahle lor n gentlemuu and wile; location unex -epllonable and terms moderate. Reference* exchanged. Apply at 118 West Twenty-third st. Board, and a handsome room and bItobooms huit:tolc for two or three gentlemen, or a getjtlcrtisri and wife; rvouu furnlshed or nnftirnlsbed; house modern; fami ly Kni.ill. Call tlila week nt B9 Maeilougal street. SOAUD IN CLINTON PLACE.?ROOMS, IN SUIT OR K!i4,'.e, for ntlemen and their wives and for single gen nen, at #7 Clinton place. Board wanted ?a family of three adults Wish pi rrnanent Hoard at S?6 per week, Including fire, gas, Ac. Tne ! icaUon must be genteel ind pleasant, between Eighth and Thirtieth streets. would like i whole second floor in a etri' tly private family, who wi.ih to reduce n pi nse?, or would tak? a second slorvirint room and tw o fwvi rooms In ? first class boarding house. Address L-, box 2.M/V7 Post otliue. Board wanted.?a gentleman and wife de sire Hoard, and two Raima neatly furnish d, In aprivme family, ocetipytnn a house with modern improvement.*, he reon Hank and Twenty-sixth street*, and west of Sixth n>-. - nue. Answers, to receive attention, must state location, sire uf rooms, and how furnished, nutiilxj' fei t.unUy, and pre e Kweek or month, ln<-lud ng lire and gas Any party lav aosonunodaUon* to suit will moet w ith an agrees lie rniiiple, who ran furnish, and will expect first class refe. reJK?w. Address lor two days Buutton, box No. 130 Herald uifioe. Board wanted?by a single oe.nti.hman, in a private family, w.tfit ante of elty. below Hieecknr street. A amuU fUKan with a stove is required. Address B. U., box 2,621 Postofliee. Board wanted, wrni parlor and bedroom? Por a gentleman ?Jid his wife, in a strictly private fa mily, wtwe not even one or two other bovders arc taken. I'nvau; table desirable; location between 'fcath and Thir tieth streets and l onrth and Sixth a*Mines, lteferenoes ex changed. Address bos 142 Herald silev. BOARDUtG.-AT 63 CUNTON PLACE, BETWEEN Ualv?t?jiy ptu>e and Broadway, a handsomely i tiriiishc 1 SUM <X Rooms te lei, with Board; also gesfnittesiiigte Rooms for geiuittnen. BOABOCMO.>?AN ELEGANT l'ARf?R AND BED r*oiu, wfcli every d'-awaiHe ac.aMirmo<tai1 41 lor iiuuii tlonuin itnid hia wife, to 1> ., wlU> Board; also a tsu^le Room sttltslile lor * youi.x i.?ntlrauisi, Refereoee* given and re quired. A^i,"jr at MM Svsvnd nvensc, Boarding.?gentlemen and tiunr wives or singl" gMotietuen can ne VKernni'KlaMi with geod Rooms and Hotrrd Hi misler ite tej rv*, M l(W Nintn sireet near Broadway. Dinner at six o'clock. A large back Parlor ou lirst Moor to lot Ret ereneaa exotiauged. Boarding ?siNi.LE gentlemen o? gentlemen and their wives ulil tln4 jp od B asd plonsani Rooms al liie n.o lerate (>rlee ol $.101 i<t week, at No. 26 Amity jjtaoe. Ttie house has all the modern iun>r vwnonf. BOAiRDtNG. BETWi'JtN FIFTH and .SIXTH ave nees.?A nentl>?initi and wife may o'untn detnrnlile Rood s, etcher singly or in suits, with su|iertor accotmnodn. lieii*. In a seie 11 nation, on moderate t- rms, hy ipi'iying at the lire: alaes lioom; 8'i Wast Tblrty-sevimth stre t. Board in Brooklyn.?a few select boarivehs 0.111 etitairi dmi<U? ltaians in a lirst cats prlvute house. ha? inr all the imv. rn ImnwtMM where "very at t-ntimi wtil te- paid to thetr comfort, st B. Wtlk.Uj^iby street. T'inis moderate. Board In b?<xTklyn.?'a raw gentlemen can he awooniinud.i'i d wjUi Hosrd and |<-'?sant Ru?u>h, wo reat?nal4c tw?is, at 44 Naaaau street, drst house front W><*h ingvuti street. K?u ietn?-s reqetred. Board-in "rrooklyn -one pleaka n t fkSkt ICooin, fur?iist*"1 yr imfurmnti-d: ai*^ tw i mil hi. ~u<. , In the I.?hm- Jt a couaU fatnfl..; bath ?? ti.? li?^ae. a: 77 Oiintvn street, ene doorrrom lit?4?ia?u?. T?rms m'>de rate. IJOAKD ill bUOOKLYN.-A WfcfTLK U AN t* B irm or mo single ^eutieiiirn <jat ?>- s.*-*nai')<l*>?<i ??)?',i l <e. suit Rtiojne ?>t4 H url hi a ?-x.t."l pr.e?v 'auviv, jy appliivg St 1*17 lleary street, benweca icnd AtH in^o str' e*?. 0ARD~IN ImJTH BMOKL\'N.-TWt)~I? UBAbANT Hoiimioti tlnrcLfloor miy he engaged, with B aid, la a pstvate famil" atitu Heary street, near U vrsi J.n BOAUDINO AND LOD(iI!?(J. BOARD IN HiiOOKLYN.?Til K OWNKR OK A HOVSB, which M has n oted furnished to an EuKlish famllv retalutng iin second lloor for 111* own use, desires to let tin* second floor, furnished, for th? winter. The present occu pants of tin- house are willing tn b>ard an agreeable tenant < Address J. It. II., bok 4,2di Post odlcc. Board in brouklyn.-mabried or single gentlemen ran be accommodated with Board and plea sant iiouuisat *7 Concord street, Convenient to all the fer ries mid in a very pleasant neighborhood. BOARD IN BROOKLYN, 2SI CLINTON 8TREKT- A ni< i ly furnished front Room, with good Board, ia oli'ered upou moderate terms, lluuae mat class aud convenient to ferries. References exchanged. BUOOKl.YN HEIGHTS-. V large ROOM AND HALL bedroom on aa< ond li???r to let, with Board; also a room ou iipjier Hour. A New iCn; and f uuily. House large, with bath, to. Contiguous to lemon. Termn moderate. M Wil low street. IjlLEGANTLY FURNINIIKD OR unfurnished J Rooms, with excellent Board, In u lir?t class brown stone house; location central and v. rj line: uiUhborhood unex ceptionable. French and Kinloh spoken. Referencesgiven aud required. Call ut No. 1 Livingston place, Stuyvcsant park. Furnished apartments.?a suit ok kine Uurge i'arlors on sfumJ lloor, also a single Room, to let to gentlemen, at 11 Ninth s root, south side, House contains every improvement and convenient to cars and stages. J71URNI8HED ROOMS TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT JL Bosrii. A large I rout Rooui, neatly furnished, suitable for a utlcman ami wile, or two single gentlemen; also, two hull Bedrooms, can be hurt at 312 W?sf Kourth street, near Broadway. Diuuer at 6 o'clock. I"?urnishkd rooms TO LET-TO QENTLBMEN, IN A I>1 a.-unt location, being only one squares frunt Hr ad way; boih, gas, 4c. Apply at TV Fourth avenue, above Teuth street. Ketereaoe required. Furnished rooms to lbt?to ladies or gen tlemrn; gentlemen preferred. Apply at No. 9 Amity street, lour doors from Broadway. Furnished room and bedroom to let?surr able for housekeeping, with all modern Improvements; terms only $.1 |ht week. Also, a P.irlor on second lloor, hami somely furnished, with or without Board. Apply at M Weat Twenty-lifth street. Handsomely furnished suit of rooms, with Board, for a small family, In the lirat class brown stone dwelling OU East Tweniy-linil street, opposite Gramerey Pai k. Reference required. Handsome booms to let?fubnishbd or un furmahed, for single gentlemen, or a gentleman uud wne, with or without Board, at 86 Euat Twenty-second street, near Lexlngtou avenue. Reference required. IN THE FIRST CLASS HOUSE, NO. 11? SECOND AVE nue, corner of Seventh street,a handsome Hull, and also two single Rooms to dispose of. Dinner at sli. Call at the house, or address box 3,383 Post olllce. IN A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, NO. 7 ST. MARK'S PLAIT?, furnished Rooms, lu suits or single, In single gentlemen or H party of gentlemen; occupied Jby a private family; gas, bath, lire, Ac.; the most desirable location for buaineas gen tlemen. Prices to suit the war tlinea. IADY AND OENTI.EMAN WISHING A handsome J ly furnished Room will please call at No. 03 West Twenty-fifth street. Board for the lady only. MAISON MEUBLEE, 70 AND 73 WKST THIRTY eighth street.?Rooms, elenantly furnished, or whole lloors, with kitchen, cellar and yaird. Houses uew, lirst class, four story, brown stone. Meals furnished. Whole Parlor Floor and Basement for physician's olllce. Mrs. vanness will accommodate ladies and gentlemen with handsomely furnished Rooms, either permanently or otherwise, with or without Board lor ladles only; references exchanged. Apply at No. # Amity place. NO. 69 WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET.-TO LET, TO a gentleman and wile, with Board, a beautiful suit of Booms, with waier, gas, bathroom, Ac. House new, ele gantly furnished. Location uusurpassed, In the upi>er part of ih? city. Terms moderate. TJARLORS AND SINGLE ROOMS TO LET, WITH I Board, In the brown atone house, No. Ill West Four teenth strict, to a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; house has every conven euee. Dinner at six o'clock. PLEASANT ROOMS?WITH BOARD, MAY BE OB X tallied by applying at No. 61 West Twenty-lourtli street, between Fifth and Sivth avenues. Rare chance.?two prettily fubnishbd Rooms to let. with full Board, to a gentleman and wile, ill! lmllng gas, for i'J aud per week. House lirst class. 1(12 West Twenty-sixth street, near Eighth avenue. Family small. Rooms to let.?large and desirable fur mshed or unturnlshed Rooms to let, to single gentle men or to a party, witli partlftl Board If desired, In a private family, occupying a new house in Thirty-tilth street, near Fifth avenue. Address C. F. A , box 317 Post olllce. Respectable mechanics ob others seek Ing Board at three to four dollnrs, Willi enough to eat and satisfaction guaranteed, will rail at 2S3 Elisabeth street, four iloors from BleeOicer, where nice Rooms and a really comfortable Home will be found. SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN NICE BOOMS, well lighted, well furnished, furniture new, cleun linen, with use or gas and bath, by applying at the modern built house No. 26 Domlnick street. SOUTH BROOKLYN.?IN A SMALL PBIVATB FAMI ly, where no other boarders ve taken, the entire Heroud Floor, with all the modern Improvements and home com forts, for two or four persons. References required and g I. en. Address M. A. 0., Brooklyn Post olllce. TWO LABGE PARLORS, WITH HANDSOME CHAN dellers, Pantry, with warm and cold water and water close I, all on the lirst floor, to let, unfurnished, to desirable parties, with or without partlsl Board; also, nicely furnished Rooms ou second and third lloors, lu a lirst class house m a quiet, respectable location, at 269 Oreene street, between Wa verly and Cllntou places. TWO GENTLEMEN OR A SMALL FAMILY CAN OB laln good Rooms and Board on reasonable terms by ap plying at 164 Ssckctt street, Brooklyn. Convenient to ferries and cars. TO LET-IN A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, A FUR nlshed Room or two, near Broadway, in a good loca tion, 46 East Nineteenth street. 46 48 WANTED-A OOOD HOME FOR A LITTLE BOY, BE tween three and four years old; In a widow'* family preferred, where he would have tlielwstof care. Address, stating terms, which must ault the times, C. W. V., box 209 Herald olTii e. 7 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, CORNER BROAD way.?Parlors and Bedrooms to let. 0 I UNIVEKSITY PLACE, CORNER OF NINTH ?"X sire l.?Elegan'ly; tarnished Apartments, eu suite, with full Board, or private table if preferred, to let. Also, very desirable single Rooms. House furnished with all the modern Improvement*. References required. QQ UREENE STREET.?CHEAP FURNISHED ROOMS AU from 91 to per week; the rooms are comfortably li.rnisbed ami hrated; aIro a Urge front Room on the second floor at $2 30 per week. Apply as above. aO WEST UNION SQUARE.?TWO VERY PLEASANT O and handsomely furnished sleeping Room* for gentle men, without Board, on ihe upper lloor. MWEST FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH and Slith avenues.?Pleasant Rooms, In suits or single, and excellent Board, In a liLhly respectable French family. Unquestionable reference given and required. Terms moderate. Or AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET,-ONE OR 0?_) two select famll!e< and two or three gentlemen can now he accommodated with aulis or single Rooms. The ho >e*are new and newly furnished, and moat delightfully located between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Table first class, References exchanged. A Q WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH TU and Sixth uventies.?A private family oecuiiylng a first clan hon?e, containing all modern Improvemenis, wiil let a few handsomely furnished Rooms In suits, or single, to gen tlemen with beaklastlf required. WEST TWENNTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN _ Fifth and Sixth avenues?Parlor and Bedroom on se> oud lloor, front, handsomely furnished, can be had ou reas. nalile terms. A Q CLINTON PLACE, EIOHTH STREET, WEST OF rrO Broadway ?To let, wlih Hoard, two large comfortable w. ll furnished Rooms, Willi pantries, on the second Door; also Rooms for single gentlemen on the third lloor, with bath and gas. NINTH STREET ?BOARD AND ROOMS TO LET. the enure second floor, eonalhtlng of live rooms, and KiUiroun,, water closets, .tc.; also single Rooini. Himtc inoiem. Location good. Terms reasonable. Dinner at six o'clock. References exchanged. rr EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.?ONE ENTIRE OfJ Floor, wnh line, large pantries, well furnished, to let, with Board. Also two Rooms on the flrit floor, and a single Room. House lirat class. Terms low. Relerences ex changed. QO GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING-ALSTON ?*0 House ?KUyamly furnished Hi.ita of Room*, with gas, Crornn watnr and every convenience for housekeeping eco nomically; particularly suited lor small, respectable families. Rent low. 1/1A PRINCE STREET.?WASHINGTON HOTEL, lUu near Broadway. Furnished Room* lor gentlemen and their wives, or auigie ladies and gentlemen, with or wtdiout Hoard. Term* moderate. F. SPIER. ITA MAODOl'GAL STREET.?RICHMOND HOUSE IS 11U now opened ax a private (amity Hotel, for the recep tion of *u gie geitUenten. or Small families tired of minting. 1'ai iJeaioon* of housekeeping can find every convenience at the a -ove estajjinluie'flt. 1 iX TWKLfTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENUE.? X*X> ' I'lon. Rooms on the second an1 'hird iioors; Board 'or two, Including ,:a* and tire, gkJ to $10 SO per week; or furaisbed R, um tor geuJorooii $6 pur week, including gas and uro. S~ EIOHTH STREET, HEAD OF LAFAYKTTE ') place?One of the moat desirable locations in th? ci v; conv nlefit to hoteK and restaurants; with or wlthoat Board; lerwi moderate; rtfereneesexchanged. 1 WJ PRINOE STREET.-,ST. CLAIR HOUSE.-ELE Xu') gauitl}'i xrois I'd lto'uus, with Bedrooms attached, I w irh all the conveniences for housekeeping i- mplete, ID dud > ing xas and Cr? 0,i water, to let to retpectablc families or I sliiAe genUeoen. I 17R BLEEOKW BT1KBT. SIX BLOCK* WEST OF ! L < O Bruadway.?A new house, with ail Uie modern Im j provements, pleasant iUKWWj WHh exeelleot Board, twin (3 to $5 per week; br> akfast f om 6 to 8; dinner at 12)^ and fl. I () ( KA.ST TENTH MTMBBVt TWO AND A HALF lo i hin ts fTviu Broadway.? A p.?rty ?f two vr turee senrtciiien can outsit: a lianuiome Parlar on lirat orseoand door, n?atly rnmiefted, with or without Breakfast and Tea, at moderate j* lees Also two small Rooms, with gas, bath, heat and g??l attend inee. ,)/w< iresf twenty rnun> srttiET.?a suit op ?d\Jli furnished Ron* to let, Witli Hoard, for a gen'-e 111 .n and (auiliy; als > !:<?> in to let, with Bind, for single gentlemen. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Relerences ejchangwl. 1)1 A ELM STREET-JaCK> in llOO^E.-THE MOST ?l\f *omfWtab;y and conveniently furnished Apartments in uie eity. K> meet the wauU of small families, with every revbirftr furniture, clean linen, cooking range and utantila, gas and Oroton vrater. q3 1 VARIi K sl^^TTBE'nVEEN HOUSTON AND tuZrT Ovrmlne.?Fum.aiied Rooms, singly or In suits, wiu or without Board, to let, at very moderate terms. A J?w young laltes can be accommodated. Sixth avenue cars i i ,im the door. 7J7)C \VE.-T FOCK.rKK.STH STREET.-TWO PLEA Aas'J *tit Rions to let, either separately or together. with :.r?i class Board. References given and required. Terms HO US KM. HOOM>. AC., TO LRT. A RARE OH AMOK.?TO LET, A part OK A STORE, In the brat m> ality tn Broadu iy. with a imall ben we.I ?alerted Stock of Fancy Uooda, wbtcti !?* to be bought by t..e parly who ?ould take the more. Inquire at 547 Broadway, up (tain, Drat loft. Apart op a well furnished house to let? tell minute i' walk from tin terry; modern Improve I nicuti, with all the fu'ilitiei fo< lioi aeki.pmg; location very pleuiunt. Apply al 151 York, street, Jeriey City. Uuod refe rences required. A large four STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSE T lem, on Lamurtlue i lac ?(vV mi Tuentv ninth itreet), In ffttod order; will lie rented very low to it Kood tenant J. R. EDWARDS, 277 Weal Tweiity\hlr,l aired. Avery neat, small three story high stoop brown (.tone front House U) let, on Weat Twent)-third street, near Seventh avenue, In perfect order. Thu locution ll quite central and very deilralde; will be rented lor the balance of the term, or tor a ntimberef yeuri. JAMES K. EDWARDS, 277 Weal Twenty-third street. Apart of a house to rent, on west thirty lirat street:?a Kitchen, the Parlor lloor, and Ihedioor above, with a Bedroom on top lloor. Houae furnished with Kan iixlures aud modern conveniences A very amall genteel family occupies the other portion of the home. Kent, $2.1 per month; location unexceptionable. J. R. EDWARDS, 277 Went Twenty-third itreet. A SPLENDID FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, AT A low ilcure; family foiii# South; with 30 other*, wi ll ?Unfiled andcheap. Alan, 80 unfarnlahed. The belt place in thin city to rent, or hare rented, hotiaei or itore property, ll el N. 0. BISHOP'S, 144 Broadway, itore lloor. A DWELLING AND SHOW WINDOW AT 107 BOW. ery. In whlih a dentin hai done an excellent buiiurne for the laal 14 yeari, In to let. Fint rate opportunity for a den tinl. Apply on the premliei. A CHEAP HOME.?TO LET, IN THE VILLAGE OP Aatorta, opposite Elghty-aiith street, a imall Cottage Houae, barn and one acre of (round; will be let low. By ilcaiuboat Ave llmcaa day from Fulton market, aud at all bourn hy the Third avenue cara. Apply to WM. It. S. HAR RISON, HO aud 82 Duane itreel. A HOUSTON STREET PROPERTY TO LET OB J\. leaie.?It ll an extra large four titory brick House, 25x75 (lot 2bxl0ft) feet. In complete order, newly papered aud painted; him water, gait, Ac.j the location la very deainble, being only one block welt or Broadway. Terrni very favora ble to a responsible tenant Apply to CHAS. E. MILLS, M Cedar itreet. FURNISHED HOUSE IN BROOKLYN TO LET-TO A good party, without imalfchildren, brown atone, Hire? siorlei and baaement, every rooma newly papered und paint ed, with all the modern Improvement!, nicely fiirntihed throughout, everything In perfeit order. Apply at No. S Pint place, Brooklyn. ONE OF THE KNICKERBOCKER BRICK C0TTA)lK8 to rent, on Weil Twenty-third itreet, 2K ilory, high, ?loop; very desirable for a private family; has Juat been painted, and ll In line order, rent $?00 per annum. J. R. EDWARDS, 277 Weat Twenty-third itreet. Rooms to let in south brooklyn-thb Second Floor, four roomi and front baaeinent, for $9 pur mouth, corner Smith itreet and Fourth place. STORE TO LET?STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR SALE. 431 First avenue. Inquire in the itore. SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 233 MADISON STREET te let, with all the modern impiovemeiiia, bath, Ac. Rent low. Can be aeen at ull houri of the day. mo LET-NO. 15 washington PLACE, SECOND X block from Broadway. Houae In good repair; rent low to a private family. TO LET?WITH POWER, THE FOURTH STORY OF M and 06 Duane atreet, having a good entrance in the rear from Manhattan alley, with vault* on Duane atreet; alio, lecond llory of building 2H and 30 Centre slreet, corner of Reade; alao, the whole of the third lloor and the baaement and vault on Centre itreet, well lighted for any mechanical purposes; alao, the fourth lloor or 29 llee.kman itreet, 16x96, with good light front, rear and aldei; alio, the Mith lloor of Nok. 29, 31 and 33 Ueekinan atreet. Apply to JAMES CON N Kit S SONS, 2d, 3(1 and 32 Centre atmet. TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF THE BUILDING 73$ Broadway, coniiiting of nine large roami. will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply to A. VAN SAUN, No. 22 1'lne itreet. TO LET?FURNISHED, A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE COT luge, for one or more yeara, oontaining gaa and Croton water, and delightfully located. Inquire at 67 Went Twenty 1.1 xHi itreet, Iron] 2 to So'clock P. M. fpo LET?FURNISHED, THE LOWER HALF OF X three stosy high baieinent houie, with all modern im Gravamenls, or the wiiol" Houae it preferred. Heat verr jw. Apply on the premium, IdB Eaat Twenty-Ant atreet. Also, lint1 las- high basement brown atone Houae 791 Seo ond avenue, with ail modern improvement!, una fixture!, Ac., Ac., all in lirit rate order; will let until May 1 i h ap. Apply to Mr. CORRIGON, 785 Second avenue, near forty ninth itreet. r LET-TWO STORES, TWO SMALL DWELLINGS and also Apartment*; one Store in 327 Tenth avenue, corner of Thirty J1 rut atreet, lit for any kind of buiiiiew. Ap ply on the premises,, to the owner, In the baiement. TO LET-UNUSUAL ADVANTAGES OFFERED TO RE ?pectable partl' i?The two Engliah baaeinent Ilonsea 257 and 2a9 Weal Twenty-third atreet. Apply to P. HARMO NY'S NEPHEWS k CO.. 81 Greenwich atreet, or to A. LEA MAN, 217 Weal Twenty-third itreet. TO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 14$ Eait Nim teenlh atreet, between Second and Third ave nuea; the houae la In perfect order aud a good location; rent low lo a good tenant. Apply to JOHN FOSTER, 149 Eait Eighteenth itreet, or at No. 34 Plnu atreet. Mechanics' Ex change. , TO LET-SMALL STORES ON TWELFTH STREET, near Broad way, at $200, $290 and $3u0; alio, the second floor corner of 819 Broadway, with eight front windows; all* aeveral deairable Rooma frouilug Broadway. Rent low. JOHN 8. KELSO, fl Wfmam itreet. rLET-A FRONT moH BASEMENT. WITH PARLOR and two or three Bedr?)ini, all neatly furnished; gaa and bath; will let a part of tile Rooma; terms very low. Call on PEET A KNIGHT, 830 Broadway, or at No. 65 Bait Thirty-tint itreet, near Fourth avenue. TO LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, TO A (mall family lor housekeeping, a Second Fluor, witlx tmtb, Ac. Term* reasonable. Apply at 49 28tb m., nnrlh w>ja( corner 4th av. ^ TO LET FOR BOARD?A THREE STOftY AND BAKE, mi-ni brick House, partly furnished, In Brooklyn; gas, water, hath, Ac., a tine location, lor bourd of the owner and wile A plain pleasant home deaircd. No objection to a few other boarders. Apply at 37 1'ark row, New Turk, room 21. TO LBT IN BROOKLYN, E. I>.?A NEW THREE STORY arm Basement Brick llouw, with uil modern improve ments. R ill $16 per month until May, and >26 alter. Ap ply at K7 Walker street. rLET AT FORT WASHINGTON.?A FAMILY, QOINU to Eur'|m next week, will let, at a very moderate price, a largo furnl?hcd ll"U? -, at thin depot, with the use of au extensive Stable and Ground*. Tlii' nit nation ta salubrious an 1 unsurpassed for beauty oil the Hu'lum river, ami within thirty minute*' drive of tbe Central Park. Kur de. tall* apply at once to THOMA8 J. STEWART, No. 7'J Cedar street. TO LET OR FOR SALE-AT MEl.RObE, NEXT STA ti'in above Mott Haven, a mat Cot tag., with iieverel Its ui.buul in garden and lawn. Term- Ubcrul to a careful, re liable ten.tut. Apply to E. H. BROWN, 131 Nassau, from 1 to 3 IV M. TO LET OR LEAHB-FOR THREE YEARS, A HAND. ?'tn? bmwn ittoue fruit lurnlshed House In Ifailinon avenue, op|>o*tle the park; tbe houi?e is In perfect order; ha* been lately handsomely furnished. Will only be let to ftsmall private family; will be let furnished or unfurnished, as may be desired. Apply to E. U. LUDLOW * CO., No. 3 Plus street. ~ ,,, ; TO MARKET GARDENERS.?30 TO 40 ACRES OF WELL fenced Land to let, five years' lease, 4)$ mlfes from II a r 1cm bridge, Font ham; also, several Cottages. Apply to W. W. HL'fT.S, 11 ridge water Faint depot, 74 Maiden lane, N. Y. ?qnn RENT.?A THREE STORY BKTCK HOUSE? fflOt/U 74 WestThlriy-thlrd treat, near Sixth avenue lias water and n. ven room* proper for a small family.* In iiiiire ol F. C. YZQUIKRDO, 4b Exchange place, basement, from ID A M. to 3 P. M. SPECIAL NOTICES. A FAIR-FOB THE BENEFIT OF THE ORPHANS Home and Asvlurn of tlx- Protestant Episcopal Church wilt be held at the Institution (Forty-ninth strvut, corner of Lexington avenue), on Tuesday, Wednesday aud Thuihday, the But, anb and 21st of November. AM C?7TII RECEIVED; ACACIA. ALl'M, ANOEL, . Anvil ergot. Ape equator, Acorn. Adopt, Bear barb casting Era here, Ac., Ac. P. J. M., Nov. II. CITY OF NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, Bureau of die Receiver uf Taxes, Now Court House, Park, Nov. 9, 16C1. Notice i? hereby given that one per cent wlB be added on the 1st day ol' December on all taxes remaining untmld; also that two per cant will he added on the 16th day of December. To avoid Uioonrenience and delay taxpayers are earnestly reiitieau-d not to wan until the last of this taoum. Ofllse hours from B A. M to 2 P. M~ JAMES KELLY, Raa lver of Taxes. GU ASH WILL BB PAID FOR lO.OUO OK 15,000 REAMS of Paper, good quality, size or tbe New York Hertud, at prices current. Inquire at this ulBce. MASONIC.?THE <1 HAND OFFICERS AND MEMBERS of the (irand Lodge of the ancient and honorable fra ter u it y of Free aud Aw?pted Masons of the State of New York are hereby notified to meet at the Hall, ennier of Urand aad Oniui suveu. un Tussdsy. November 12, at ten o'elouk A. M . for the purpose of attending the funeral of oar late brother tbe Wor. and Bev. Oreu Brown, Urand Pur* suivaat. By oMer. JAMES. M. AUSTIN, Orand Secretary. ASONIC.-THB " MEMHBKS OF CHANCELLOR Walworth Lodge, No. 211, F. A M., are requested to attend a a|<eciid cOsruieinlcatloTi at thair lod*e room; Hall of Or.uid and Centra street*, uu Tuesday morning next, 12th instant, at nine o'ttuak. for the parpate of attend ing the funeral of our late brotiier Oreo Brown. The mem horn ot Howard 1/Odge, No. S6, United Staves, Mo. 207, Bags mure. Ns. 171, aad ihe*r?ternuy iii general are lnvltad to unite with ns. FREDK. W. HERBIfK), Walter. M., Secretary. ^ ASOKIC.?TlIE COMPANIONS OF &>RINTH1AK Chapter No. 140, R. A. M.. are hereby notttted to altiuid a sped*! convocation, at tlie hall corner ffl Oratnl and Centra street*, for the purpose of participating In raying the last tribute of reaped u> the remains ol our Lite eotnpanlon, Rev. On* Brown, Irotn but late reablenee, 14H Elui street. All R. A. M.'s in tegular standing are lnvltad to attend. HENRY F. PHILLIPS, H. P. Jisu B. Taruaa. Secretary pro tern. VTBW *YORK_OOCWTY MEDICAL M*SBTY.-TIIB Xl autilwra ry maeting of tbe New York Cvuaty Medn al S'xaoty will I* held at the Colle?e of Phyrictans and Sur geons, uurner of Twe nty-third street and Fourth avenue, un Mouday, U>e Ulb lad , at7H velick P M. H a. BULKLKY, U. D , Pmideut HutrH Dowm. M. D., Saoratary. __ OTICB-vTi* "rBUULAK vLARTF.iU.Y MKBTINt} of the Ind-peu iaat Liquor Daalers' Club will be b?ld at Montgoinarv Hail, No. 74 I'riaea street, on Tuesday eve ning, N -*. li, at l\i a'clw k. N B -Mnm'- n sre uartlcu larly re^ua?t?*d '?*> atiesid, A. SIMM, Preauient. II. KoaHLsa. Kmaactal SecrstAry. B FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES OF BR 7 B. MOTT, late b<>ikke?tier of the Brooklyn, tnotrai and Jamaica Railroad Cowipany, en the eve ot' bis departure for Califor nia entertained bltn at the Bleoroisld a hades on Saturday evaaiutt. m> which oocaaiou they presented htm with a gold watch as a mark of thstr estaem. ?oAjy. r COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR A QENTI.EMAM and his wife, Ibroagb the winter; easy acress to the city; t?. mtderaa-. mums aud fare comfortable, Ac. AdSw W ? f2* olLee, wRh fuM de^nptlon and rsfc rr.Dv?.

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