Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 14, 1861 Page 3
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OUR GREAT ARMADA. Its Great and Glorious Triumph. Complete Success of the Union Forces. The Official Reports of Commodore Du pont and General Sherman. V uvriru-^xx-nxi ' 1 1 Capture of Forts Walker and Beauregard. Precipitate and Undignified Vlight of tlie Chivalry. Their Property of all Sorts and Kinds Abandoned. tat Om White Mai Found la Beta* (tort, and Ue Vepr Drank. Consternation Among tbe Inhabitants of tbe Surrounding Country. She "Fifth Avenue" of South Carolina in a Fright. The Plantations Deserted Ex cept by tbe Negroes. Capture of a Large Supply of Arms, Ammunition and Stores. THE GALE. Tbo Steamers Governor, Osceola, Peerless and Union Lost. lie Rebel Loss Supposed to be Over Oae Hundred Killed and About Two llaadred Wounded. Ulten Low One Officer and Eight Hen Silled and Twenty Wosnded. Maps and Plans of the Seene of Operations. Splendid Conduct of Our Sailors and Soldiers in the Storm and Under Fire. NATIONAL SALUTE, " fcCtf kti At Onited States war steamer Bienville, Captain Steed j MB, which formed part of thereat expedition against \ tho Southerfi coast, arrived at Uu? port hist evening,?t ?even eitlock, bringing full account* of the triumph of ' tin national arms at Port Royal and Beaufort. The Bienville touched at Old Point oh Tuosday after neon, where she landed her cap tain, who procoeled direct to Washington, as bearer of despatches, taking with him, ?a trophies, two brags cannon, secession Hags and rebel documents. She also landed at Old Point 8. S. Bradford, ?C the Coast Survey,bearer of desp itches, and Lieutenant ft. H. Wyman, of the Pawnee, who comes home on lick leave. The Bienville left Port Royal on Sunday morning. Sho reports the gale encountered by the fleet to bavo been very severe. The Union and Osceola went ashore and wore loot, as previously reported. Tho Governor fovin 4ered at sea, but the Isaac T. Smith sacceeded in saviug all her crew with the exception of seven marines. The fleet arrived at Port Royal on Monday, tbe.4th Inst. 6n Tuesday the smallo* gunboats rounded into tho channel Oder a Are from tho forts, which did no damage. On Wednesday tho weather prevented active operation*, hut M Thursday morning, 7th inst., the men-of-war and the gtuiboats advanced-to the attack. The action commenced at ten o'clock A. M. on Thnrs. 4*7, and was hotly carried on on both sides, and lasted ?bout four hours, at the end of which time the rebels were compelled, by the shower of shells, to abandon their works and b"at a hasty retreat, Tho rebel force, as ascertained from their papers, was three to four thousand men, under the command of Beniral Drayton, of South Carolina. Fort Rnaar^gard wag commanded by Colonel R. M. l)un?vant, formerly captain In the United States Army. Two forts wero captured?Fort Walker, on Hilton Head, ?minting twenty-three guns, and Fort Beauregard, on Bay Point, mounting nineteen guns. Tho guns wore of feoavy calibre. The forts were both new, ami splendid earthworks, of great strength, constructed in the holiest atyie of military science, and pronounced by our en gineers as impregnable against any assault by land forces. Thoy aro situated on opposite sides of the harbor, the distance between them being about two and a half miles In the direction of northwest and southeast. The Onal retreat of the rebels was a perfect rout. They left everything, arms and equipments of all kinds, even to the officers* swords and commissions. All the letter8 ttd papers, tooth public and private, order books an J documents of all kinds were left in their Aigiit, and ful' into our hands, affording our officers much valuable in formation. Among the papers was a despatch from JcfT. Davis to tfie commander of tho post, informing him or the ?ailing of the fleet, and that he knew their destination to be I'ort Royal. Aftor the capture of the forts the whole army?about It,COS men?were safoly landed and established on shore. 1 Tho fort* were but little injured, but the rebels could not stand the explosion of our big shell!!. Our victory is complete, the rebels leaving everything | but their lives, which they saved by running. Tho whole surrounding country was seized with a per fact panic. Tho day after the tight tho Seneca and two otbor gun* Iwois. unds." Um jonuuaniJ of J lcytcpacJ Att::n?D, fifC- i ' B0/DGC ..jFOCOTALICO COOSAWHATCHIE 6HELDON CHURCH. | bridge ?CHURCH* 0^ GRAHAM VILLE LUHAW CHURCH^ HALL WHITEHALL rSARNHr^ COMDAHEE FERRY laurc bay ?GUERARD EAU vohnscn fORTI ?athaw PMe ? PARRY/. SW*PORT ROYAL CREFk \fort .BEAUREGARD >EDINGS BUTCHERS _ I S LA N D 7^ wHirer CffOS.t0 HILTON HEAD ISLAND FORT WALKERi gUMT-ti^^ HILTON! LIGHT- SHIP OUR BRILLIANT NAVAL VICTORY. Sketch of Beaufort, Port Royal and Forts Beauregard and Walker Scene of the Operations of Our Great Expedition ceoded up to Beaufort and found but our whito lu.m iu the town, and he was drunk. All the plantations up the river seemed to bo deserted) except by the neg.-oes, who were peon in great numbers, and who, ai the boats passed, come down to the shorn with bundles in their bands, up if expecting to bo token off. Our officer* seized all the letters in the Vo*t Cilice at Beaufort. The boats from the Wabash were the llrst to land after the light, and Captain John llogers was the first man on shore. The boats returned loaded with valuable trophies of a'J kinds?one of our officers finding an elegant cavalry sword with a solid silver scabbard. Swords, pistols, kc., were scattered about iu every di rection and la any quantity. But four prisoners were found?two of them wounded. All hands connected with the fleet are represented as acting in the m'?t gallant, manner. Our news collector sends us the following report from the Bienville:? The United States gunboat Bienville, Commatder Charles Sletlman.and A. r. ti. Kenliain. K::ecutire Officer, arrived a* this port at hnlf-past six^o clock last evening from the naval expedition, and lost Trom For tie- s Mon roe, after a j*ss i go of twenty-four hours, ai d mc'iomd off the BaUory. she brirgs the follow tig inteiiigci ce-? Tim frnat Southern expedition arrivedoflfl'ort royal, South t a ollna, on tho evening of 8c*)dny, November 2, the balance of tho fleet arrived the next morning, with the exceptl >.'i of a few vosseih which came iu subsequent ly. Ou Monda) morning tho Vixen and Mercury were sent in to take gourdirgs wM e several of the new gunboats f. I iwel in closa proximity, at abont five o'clock P. M. the battery on bay point, known as lort li'-aurcgard, opening Die ttfon the gunboats. Five rebel steamers. tmder the com n mud of Admiral Josiah T?trial, formerly of tho ^niti d states Navy, also engaged, on our ships; a few roimcs we: e fl ed, and darknese coming on the skirmish closed, for this day. In tire meantime th*rtrn:.8poi tg came mpl e of the harbor and anchored unper the protec tion of th ? gunboats. The Wabash,Sc.squehunnah and tho he iv> 1 "ansporlBremain ugoutsh'e. On T e: J.iy r;i rvni^ the whole fleet wont Inside, un I *even gi nboutg,wlik li bud on bo trd ticne. a s sherman, Bright aid elevens, weut up to make a ttio ougb reconuolsttnce oud to draw the enemy's lire, wiih the view, of ascertaining the \ futiou of his bat teries, sud the number and caiibre of his guns. Th" ?ne rny In Ike batterl?s,asslsto I by the rebel navy, opened (ire at fl' o minutes before seven o'clock, and our ,-liips return d the tire with great promptitude and effect. The reconuuls-nice was successful, and at abort nine o'clock our gunboats withdrew In the afternoon the war vopi, * got under weigh witb the Intention of att eking th ? bat teries, but th ? Wabash grounded t n Ki-hlng Kip .>boe!s nnd it being luf?? iu the nay ti e lit hi was j ostponod for tl.o next day. Wednesday was stormy, with a strong Lr?v*c, .*4 u vu, -ct Si .lasu m -Oci.; tc * -t... > in action. and consequent!? there wero no movement* i:i the On Thurs ay m.'.rnirg. at nine o'clock, the il <v got .aider weigh and at tc u o'clock tbe rebels opened firo on thorn, At a few minutes past ten o'clock tlieWabo<h fired a broadside at Fort walker. on Hilton Dead, an<i at. the fame lime one at Tort Bra rfgmi, < n lin v Point. The reb"l navy aiyo engaged, but kt-|it well out of our range. Tho Wabash,ftuHnneluinna anil Tlienvilio, kept in lit c and ramo down to IJiiion Head, each throwiue in ten : rennd shot's into Kort Walker, while tbe gunboatn took up a petition where tin y ooulo woik un the rebel naval ve? selr, atiU enfilade the battery. Tho firm# on both t idea inn-Tnr.t. and a' about noon, the tiirrn ships spoken of came (town anil delivered their broadside, t.1:,? gi nboats keeping their position*, while the (lagship and the fcus quebana, with the Bienville went within nix hundred yards, and mado a meat t. rrible ctorm with fivesT.tid sheila, Several of the ?n< Mpe guns were srtcnced. Tula work was kept up for four hours, over two th uisiuid rounds hav >ng been fl'Od by the lleet. The rebe's fought with desperation, and hit tearly every ship in tho mat. At precisely three o'clock tCommander .lohu Rorfgars went on shore and found the fort vae&ted,and then hoist ed the Star* and Stripes. Quite a camber of kiilcd and wounded were ft)una, and it is estimated that the enemy lost, ever one hundred killed, and about tho same number severely wounded. JI?y I'olut battery was evacuated at about the same time, but was not taken pOMafsaion of until Friday moaning ot aunrise. Tiio rebeia tii d in the greatest confusion, leaving every thing in their tents, not even taking their valuable pa per?, watches, sword*, clothes, kc. lows la eight killed, six severely wounded and S"ventucu sli.lity woum:id. Thursday evening the troops landed and took prssonsiou. The troops wore landing when the Dieoviiie 1 ft. AM well on board of the shi, s. None oi the sliipe are so badly damaged as to icake it necessary for them to return heme. The steamer JlcClcllan, Captain Oray, arrived at Port Royal on Ssturdey morning. Tho Validate is on her way t<> New Tork. The tsienvllle brings home three wounded tour troui the squadron, the will return to Port Keyal in about three dayj, and will i. fc- mails for tho army and navy. The killed and wounded on board tho Bienville ar>.' Alexander Chambers, dead; P. MuUnigaa, dead; W t?t' Christ. I'eter Murphy and Alexander Tivey. slightly Wornded Thc following ir tbe list of officers of the Bieiivlllo :? Cv mm ant!' t?t ha s. !?'( e<.' man. LieuimaiU?A.K. K. l;enham. Acting Mailert?t'i a-,k Smith, W. H. Churchill..0. C. loving. Auvstanl Sutg'on?3. S. Coatcs. rayiiuulcr-?w. \Y. (ioottwiti. First Axn'ftnvt Engineer?W. Fu right. S o ml AsiU!aiU Jmyineei?II. Hill. Third AuiMalU Enyineen?W. YandeBburg, J. itay, J. Fountain. Cym'n'i Cirri-?T M. Bu<M. Artin./ MoMm' Matn?W. W. Brandt, 0. V. Kelly K. Sheffield. ' " Gunner-?Joseph Smith. Wednesday, the C'h, wjs too windy for cperatl , but on Thursday, tho 7th, at half;ast tuuo in the n< in;-, ?.l i.iuvvi UI two glauU e? lui m<u Tin: Wi.lii'li 'of the nieiivnie Hanking fht m?v m? i t, which was iu a cirrie, flrs?t deilveriag (lie brood." Ides into Fort Beauregard on th" northwest, and, as tl.e lie t came round, raking I'njrt Walker nn 'the southwest. Kvery < 1:0

entered tho fljiht shurln;: tlie deterinitiation of Hog Oflleer Dupont, that tho forts should ho silenced, th p^h it co&l the entire fleet. The fl"ct stood within between 800 ami 1 ,U0f> feet of the lorts, used live-second fuses, and poured shells into the t fot tt at the rate of two thousand an hour. Not a single shell pent by the rebel* burnt ill a ship. Moth forts responded vigorously. The Paw roe and I Hob lean having, for the time bctnf. got aground, were | considerably damaged. The I" mtardment and the re I uistancoof the forts were up between four and Ave i hours, when the rel>ftl flat; "u I'orl Walker cume down. Immediately u detachment of satiors and nwrli's pre. pared to land. On entering the fori it was found entirely i ('eaerU'd. The fight had been sudden and precipitate. ! Kvery description of property was left behind, including I imi>ortant papers, records, letters, and books disclosing ; much highly valuable Information. It was evident that 1 women and even 1 blldren had just left, as tho clothing of tioth was found. TV Sinra and 8trIpes wcro hoi-ted, and th" fort gar risoned. On Friday morning Fort Beauregard was taken j-.n- e*?|on of. The forces of General Sherman having landed ,j>oth forts wore turned < ver to the navy, to which the capture of the coast projierly belongs. The Wabash was struck several times, as was oust of the fleet, but every ship rvtu In a lighting condition when tho rebels tcolt to their heels. Tho surgeon of Fort Walker was killed. At rharlctton tho next day thirteen minute gtiw were fired, indicative of the burial of a brigadier gene;a'. 'ihcre were light butteries on each side of the haib .r below the furls to }>re\ci.t the landing of troops, which were also taken,and Cupt. bio. irnan lus twocf ti e g tnsi bCfWea several Bags, as trophies for Washington. Fo won ihe confidence of the rebels in their fortifica tions that ;n their ilight they left cartloads of private Ft ire*, l inors, Ikio bedding and oilier arurjen, Indica tive, of an Intended long stay, all of which fell into o :r Lands. Th? construction of the forts was commenced in April last, and th. y we-o buiii at great 1 xi? nse. There wore h>:i few prisoner.s Uk< n, so rapid was the flight. One or tl-.esu ?ute> that the rel* I.* s pj>?>m d tha1 tie fort<< would sii.k the ?iu|M pe. t.ijnly who-i thynt Itur>v? w fUtm UJJ LU?| W Uvu ?bv IltKl iud porfyrfiwii Ibf circuit three limes, and was about to go ronr d a fonrtli, and ti'it a ship rh wed :-itms of sinking., u ptnic nr> so, ] lie rel?e.K retired an ess : kull creek lo a vl!.a>;o twenty five Jiii!r? in tho interior, whore it i.- supp sod (hoy intend to make a stand. Tho day after the victory three, und ir Gvpt. Animcn, v.isitod Itoanfort. The vd'ago was entiiely deserted, hut a Mingle whito ir n:i bout; found in it, and lie w as drunk. The nog rocs h.vl already begun t/< pillule and deslroy. Oi| tain Arunieu t"ok from the |wl od'.oo Its contents. Tho whito population generally Hud to Cliariuaitou by small steamers by the intide route. Tim in g oes camo into <>en?ral i-herinuu's camp in largo number*, giving luf'Tniatinn. and it i> supposed that by tin? timo ho has ee\ ?'!?. huudied, pejliays lliupsauds, of laborers. The fall of the :'o. ts creati it the wildest excitement and consternation throughout the surrounding oeur-try. In iuvunnr.h there was a pann;, and it is belicTOd that its rapt ure would bo an en8j matter. It is understo. d that (Jon ml SI,, rman Wl!i impi ove the defences of his position bofore making any forward movement. In tho forts wan a large supply of ammunition aud (lores of the \riy best defcriptlcn. The works wore of a very Cuinpleto character, and it was not dreamed that th"y could be i/iken. In the harbor, iargo enough for the navks of th world, from twenty lite to twenty (even feet ol water if foul d. Commodore Itnpont will immediately survey it, place buoy> and erect lights, and the position will be made a pjnnanout base ol < pera lions. All rotsirtu that tienera! rhorman bad advanced, seiiod the railroad or made a demonstration ;<g linst Charleston aro erroneous. lie only occupies tho for is. None of our V< Mo:s were surk. The I'awnec lest six killed and two wounded. Thte vessel s u He red more injury any ol the flee', but ua.i not disabled. Round shot went throrgh tlio wardroom, an.! damaged the Second I.iaut. naut's room. The Wabash bad l o.- mainmast badly wounced, as th i sat'ors My, with round .-hot. Tho Pocahontas liad ono man Injured. Tho Susijue liannn had thi'cc m. n woutdod. Th.! chief engineer of tho M<h.c.m was killed and an assistant engineer was badly wonndod, uamu u. t learned. V hen o ir troops took possession of tho fori; ili. y to md the liag fly tug at ill,- Tort on Hilton Ilea 1. Tho rebel* ha I mined the woiks an I tixo.1 tho lia yards of tho flig so that whou tho iiag should be drawn down by our troop the mine we i'.d bo sprrni;; hut in this tliry were <'ix Appointed, The halyard* sprung a mine In the bnuse used by (he officers, l)u iliij vrry little ilumuge and hurt 110 one. Tb? magarines did not explode. In addition to what ha* already been mentioned as being (band in tbe forle,? large quantity of powder **? found, together ?rlth a large arnotnt of Kngl1?h ammuni tion and projec t Ilea RECEPTION OF THE NEWS IN WASHINTON. A NATIONAL SALUTE TO HK FIRED FROtf EACH OF TIIK WAVY YARDS?LETTER PROM FLAG OFFICER DUPONT?OFFICIAL DESPATCH TO TIIK NAVY DEPARTMENT. Washisou si, Nov. la, 1861. Captain Sii'oilmun arrived here nt n<>'n to day, brrng ing official despatches from the great uavul ?>* llo hi also the bearer of two reb*l Confederate flu*;*, one l'aimetto Hag, and the American flag, first hoisted In ?South Carolina over Fort Wulker. Captain SUiedman re port* that tho captured forte are magntilcent, with covered ways, and bombproof. All that our troops bad to du was to occupy tbom. They oau be UeJti agaiust any opposing force. Among tho moit efficient vessel* wore found to be the new guuboali, and of which tbe Navy Department had twenty three constructed expressly for such purposes and their succcss, both in tho gale and under Are, wu perfect. Commander Drayton, who commanded the Pocahontas, la the brother of General Drayton, who commanded the rebel forts. Captain Eteedman, who brings tbe despatches, ts the son of a former Ma^or of Charleston. Tho following Is an extract from a private letter from one of the officers engaged In the bombardment:?"I aa sure our success will rejoice your hearts. It hue been complete, and terror runs over the whole country. Tho negroes are wild and plundering tfcelr masters' bouses. | Tue whites have been driving tbe negroes away by force j and shooting tbom down, but they still coin* to tho gun boats. The moment Gen. DrayUm to?k to hi* horse to tho panto of the 7th, his two hundred servants went dlreotly to the Wabash. This la worthy of not toe as put. ting down the'' nonsense that the flares wore ready to fight for their master*. Th?y surioiindedCapt. Asmwos In crowds at Oeauft rt, one of them calling out in the Jey of his heart, 'I didn't think yon oould>do it, massa.' " GENERAL SHERMAN'S OFFICIAL REPORT. Hquvqiv anas lCifKiiirMM r-oaw. 1 Pout HotilS. C., Nov. a, ?M1. / Aiui tint (iinrmi tTr it?> Siatu Akmt , Washington, D. C.: Si*? I have the honor l? report tlv\t lb* force under my command embarKed at Annapolis, Maryland, un the 21?? of October and arrived at Hampton itoads, Virginia, on the22d? m cons^pirm o of the delay In the arrival of eome of our transports. ami the unfavorably Mate of the weather, the fleet was unablo to sot out for the Southern coast until the 29th, when, tinder th? envoy of u naval squad* ron in command of Commodore Pupont, and after the most mature consideration of the object or the expedition by that flag oft.rnr and myself, It wu .-wroed to Aral reiliic" uny works liiat might b a found at I'ort Royal, ffcuth fViiiinn, nnd thua ujieti tho finest liar bur on Ilia coaM that etis-s south of ll.ift tis. It ivh.m calculated to reach I'ort Koyal in llvo clays at most, but*ill cons* H'toncoof a Iverso winds and a perilous storm on the ilay and jit<ht of the 1st of November, the fleet did not arrive at I'ort Hoynl bar until the 4th, and then but in part, for !t had been a'most intlrely dispersed by the and the vfocIs have boen sti aggling in up W line dale. ttlu trans >ort steamer* Union, Belvtdere, Oscoola and Peerless ltnvs not arrived. Two of them are known to j bo lost, and it i? probable all aro. It if grutirylrg, however, to say tluit none of tho troop transports r nnertrd with the land forces were lout, | thoa<rh the Wlull'.'l't Scott bad to sacrifice her whole car. go, ki<1 the lV-an-k." a |iortion of her cargo, to save tlm ' Ivr# of ib re;; in n's on hard. Tt.o former w ill at'aiu ! h' enable to pi.t tosea. Tho verse!? connected with tlio naval port Inn of the ticrt have also fullered much, and ft- m ' ha\e h< i n 1.-st. After a car- I'ui cf Tort Itoval bay, It wus iv ( ertuiiii il tli -t the rrheW hart tfcr e flold worts of remark able f'.riuglli, stronj'y garrUonc I, and covers! by n ll'?i of tirco g ;ul? at?, endrr Captain Taii.a'l, late of tin I'tilt *?t fltat"i vR"v, Infill s strnji" an. I forcrg, wlilrh tli? rebels were concentration from C&arle- tun and s'tlvaur.r.h Ib 'tnmpsol' tbe rebels wer a afterward? ?? corWneil to h tve bee i comniwlt d by (.'."".cr-l Hravtun. Oac uf lit ) form, u:i! probably the .c'?nri?iat, u na situate I on !!;lt 'n'? Head, and ttic o'ber t'.v ) ua Phillips' Is uads. It vv..S dermeil pro|icr to fl:Ht r?-<:i.<:e the fort oil Hilton H- i' .t'i r ; to do tli ftijiVnt- i or 1 * Ire ii-lirht Iihvc t ? e.. from the I-nlt--rlri" < :t l ay I'uint .Utbe K.:m: tlrii ? o;ir o?i i j I fi uC <??>? it.- n of t: o jan I fo i.M |ti i!iis ?tla< k I id to be ? a nfli !??, in ?-?itwo ? of t'l ? I w l-r :: ? ti e voj. ; i.f a e , t.-.- pertlon if Our meat: of ill etch :rktnCnS, trpi-tli r -,v t . iji" fm t i It it till! only i? .lit wil re it; ;r 1.1,1V.- 1 udod w-.k I'<i!u 11.e t" ? it r:ii'e*< (nt -nliij; i.d the inter vetting thoi!) frnn I if u. cb",liifc? < ...? .{ oij. i 1?r.-j alt :: til r?w.(! eat artUaii'-ef -i -r ! tleliar. atl< n Willi '?i: In.i ? Tiiic Il w -:j n, r e. that tlie ji'.e e i ho M be riilnei il lr, >1.>* t i?\ oi(" u.inr Jn ? o:r i im t e of ?l,e rliitt?>rv?t ?? ?>."??:???. . r the lleel, n;i I U) delay !;> Ilio of \ ? !s llj! i' rt n.'w. pen.-'.ib'o fur 11.e attack, It 1.;; 1 ti 1, n't^jieiJ uLtil tlij 7tli n t. i was a in< io i-pn t ?:f.r ? I' tin- r, .n bat, un l ,i i,"t uiy pn vime to , -n !ui' ..nyr -|o, t of H.i ai ti i . I de?tn It ?i iinik r.itive d i!;, ti-^ay.dit i..?> ui iiai-iiir i. g ol o .r ll ' i*:Kt tiiat fl l;.e ;? be.*..1 1 tiirir i'or n.i !ai; c b.ii.e ie ill - .i i-i.;t ijnin ol' ,,vity and pto i H.'i.Ati.i'? *1.ill H ut mi'ht linvi. I-!i. .1' J the u^;il t t ? yfllio I'll till, til -11 |'\ ? aC a I uCt o; : .tin*. I t .it k tliat t J. much |-ra . 0 oatrtii t It - ?*- -In:. <! i l i;' 'I, r,. Uel \ ili e;.l;:b I ? . by tVi j'ay oHi-'iT*' f tjs nai a! a o.a ?od the !?..:? Mi It . Willi I 1> ihi ?. I dceui tbo pro, n.aiae . tiut-.eiy < n ?, i. i.d il to have boeu n.-i'ii -o i.e. Vi l y a. p. i : iti .A; t *r t!ie v,i ri,a wv.'.i rc.lue ??! 1 took pi s-e:>i m cf l..t-t:i ivi.ii til-.' fta'P ?>?. 'ilio l.cmlifu.lj f'-'trtfrfeteil v\ I. t>ti i. ? t ? I.'. !i. i was faverl} eripplvl. and many ofliiOK ' II'.: .oolite-'. >l'iutibicr In 1 evidently been ma e ilie. r, ina.iy bode k hivlii:, im :a b .rl.-d in tbo r rt, atal ("mo tMonty or thirty w> ru fnio-l some Iwil .? < i-t: :il. The i?'a:id for m.ny mien ui..* looiel f. rew d v.'.tli a. my ncco t i::tt ut? n I t.uvw- ef ibo rib r, v.bicli iiiey threw .uvay in th ir lianiy r< :ri a;. We bave c? me lulo pi g. e.-sti ti * t aboul ;orty pnaa a of or iUui.c. lie ft of ? ha h is of th U -uvi.vt reilibrc a-id < f tlii- tn ?: ai i'n.'Via! mo and a lar^c j. aatity of utn in iiiiion nuil c imp eij Mju.jje. it if my duly to report tbo valuable Bjrvices of Mr. J'auleoe.iif.-'^tn t in the coast survey, tif. iatlLg with hia iiccuratc tui'S tx;ensivo knuwledjf i of thin co.iniry. Hia servicii are Invaluable to the army at woll ns to tbo rai y,n:iJ 1 ta :an'y recommend timt importtDi notic? bo taken of tins v- iy ab.e and ecivtiliAti olliier by tbij Var Depart went. lain, very respectfully, Vo'ir obedient servant, T. \Y. SiitJlMAV, Brigadier (ieneial C'oniinatnling. tiEN. SllBHMAN'S PUUCLAMAl ION TO TUB PKOL'l.E OK tiOUTU CAliOIJNA. After laudit.'g uud taUii g potre~Hiun of the lorta, tieo Miemian l??o< ?' the foltovvuig proclamation:? To int! fBonji or S'lirH In olicdlei ct to tbo orders oi tbo President of those Uniied Kt. tes of America, I have la;e:e i ou your xborcs with a s-ira.l fore'.' of national tio<,p?. Tb? dictatea of a duty which, under tbo constitution, I owe to a great sovereign Mate, atel U? a proud uud honpitable people, nrtiorij.' whom 1 hace passed some of tbe pleasanto t days of my llfo, prompt mo to proc aim tha? we have come among jrcu with no feel rfs of personal aunnosity; no de iro to ltarin your citizens, destroy your property, or Intel lere with any of yo'ir lawful laws, rlnhls, or ejcial and local I instltutlonH, beyond wlint the cat.sea lierclu bneUy ai | Uided to may render unavoidable. Citokms ok Hoctu*:- The civ Hired world standa ? iiipa;!cdat the course you sre pursuing?appalled at tbo crime you are committing against your owu mother, tbe '?esf, the mrst enlightened and heretofore the m at prosperous of natmns. You are In a state of active ? ebe'.li' n against llie laws of your country. You have lawlessly reined upiu the forts, arsenals und other prvj'erty be! inking to our coinuiuu couLlry. and witbu? your bordo.?, with this properly, j?*! are in aim." and waging a ruthless war against y >ur constitutional go veruniout, atld thus threatening the existence of a go. veruni tit W iicli you are bouud by tho ternis of the ?olcmn com. iie' to under and faithfully s .pport. In doing I; s v u ,?r not only undermiu.tigand preparing i|?> way .. oil illv ifii?i i??! >our ? >1 and social i e^twkte. but yuu ax4 uu<aUiuing Um civ:Uacd wotl4

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