Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 14, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 14, 1861 Page 7
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OUR GREAT ARMADA. (CONTINUED KBOM FIFTH FAGtl geuUe breet* from the Went, we looked for the slgflal r?n the Wabash, the ling ship, for getting under weigh The day passed with the usual stir and bustle In the har bor, some of the transport* having ileum up ready for instant movement; but uo Signal rewarded the anxious gaxo of tho watcher* for the blue Jack, and night came, Ending ua mi ill at auclior In the broad Hampton Roods. At about durtc a boat came long aide of the Atlantici which had been designated as the headquarters uf the commander of thr laud forces, and an olT.cor from the Wabash conveyed orders lhat tho tlcot should Mil at day light on the following morning, the signal being a gun from tho dag ship. TOE START. During the eight tho fleet got up steam, and prepared 'or sailing? ITecmely at Ave o'clock this morning, Tuesday, before the mm had sent its first ray al?ve the eastern horizon* the signal gun was tired from tho Wa kuh, and before it's last echoes bad died away iu the dis tone*, the frigate moved off slowly and majestically. and turned her bead toward* the Capes of Virginia. Imme diately thereafter the other vesselstalslng their anchor*, got under way, one after another following the Wal>ash towards the aoa. At teu o'clock the Atlantic moved from bsr anchorage, having waited until all the transports were under way before Joining the column herself. 1 wo or three gunboats that were to bring up the rear, now followed us. The scene was one of imposing ma*nii'.CMic?, long to be recollected. Tho day was fair, a gentle wester ly breere sfitircely rippled th? broad, calm waters th?' flashed in tbej&orning sunlight, and reflected like a tulr ror the format* tho huge ships that gilded ovef Its sur ffceo. Towards the Capes, the broad mouth of the Chesa. ' p*ake was thronged with tha outward bound lleet, from the monster frigate, steamer, or the Great Republic clip, per, to the littlS Breooklyn ferry b<iat, or tho ttny tug thai secni'-d soarccly,able to bravo with succss ilio stormy ocean, all flying the Stars and ijtrtp->?, mid ?11 p?yt''g out in regular order to their des tination The Illinois had run over towards the Kip. Rapa, as we got under way, to take in tow the (Jolden I Eagle, which seemed to be in distress, as her flag was ' flying at half mast, Union down, the hail got aground ? -but was soon hauled off by tho Illinois, aided tyr the Fan ay Cfcdwal, laden, and the Octorara. The Illinois then took ? her In tow' and started for the Capes, drawing her as vastly aa a boy would his alol. REBELS ON THB WATCH. Our departure waa eagerly observer by a crowd of offi cer* and soldiers from the rami arU of tho fort, and from the docks by the idlers. Thu rebels also watehod our movement* from the opposite beach, where a company of cavalry trolled up and down in great excitement. They were doubtless a gooil deal relioved to Und that Norfolk was not the point of our attack, although thoy were left iu a painTul stale of Ignorance us to its desti nation. At ten minutes past eleven o'clock A. M. wo passed Wlllougbby Light IWwt, anil at half-past one o'clock Cape Charles' Light , and found ourselves at sea Just before wo reached the Ca;>o tho little steamer l'ost Boy ran down to us, and Captain Talliuad^ and others bad# us''God spood" on our expedition. On passing the Capo we saw before us the groat lie^l, ntruding South, ?tn.i as our position was at the hood of Ibu middle division of transports wo run uhead rnpidly and finally took our allotted position two cables' length astern of the Wabaah. Ac ordiug to the orders of nailing the vessels took their rospectivo position*?tho clipper ship Ocean lixpress In tow of th" Raltic, the Golden Knglo In tow of the Illinois, the Greal Republic in tow of tho Vanderbllt, and the Zenas C 'flln in tow of tho Ocean Qneen. Tlio Interval hotweon the columns was to bo four cables' leugth; that between the line ub.eust and in lino ahead one and a half cables' length. Thu order or sail, f ing waa observed as far as possible by tho vessels com. posing tho fleet until evening, when tho wind getting 1 Into the southwest, blew doai ahead, aud caused tho 5 alow sailers, particularly tho new gunboats, auxl tho ferryboat and small tugs, to fall to tho roar, and thoy are now rapidly dropping astern. At tfbont two o'clock we pasr>od the hulk of tlio Brandy, wine frlgato, in tow of the McClellan and a tugboat, ? stoorrag towards the Capes. They had undoubtedly boon I blown South by th* Northwester, and were aboyt to en ? tor the harbor, where th* Brandy wine will be used as a atoreship, for which purpose sho Is well adapted. hothino intkkestixq yet?no sea sickness. , Nothing has oocurrod of interest tine our doparturo, stnd aa I close this day's day 'a journal we are running at alow spoed, against headwind and an Increasing sea, aoutheaat. Very Utile sea sickness has manifested itself among tb? Third New Hampshire regiment, on board the Atlantic. Nearly all the squadron is In Bight al ton ?'olock, their lights gleaming cheerfully in long lines astern. 4 SFKULATIONB OH THB DESTINATION OP THE FLEET. Conjecture Is rife to-night, ss we slowly move along, as to the probable destination of the expedition. No one aoama to know positively, though every one has his fa Torlt* Ihtory to advanc*, backed by arguments of great'| cogency. But, in spit* of theso arguments, aided by knowing winks and profound movements of the head, well calculated to five an air of knowledge to the orator, wo are obliged to fall back on the simple fact that none <ontaide the clrclo of commanding officers know exactly 'where we aro lo land. The simple fact that the seoret is ao well kept, gives a guarantee of tho ultimate success of tho movement. Of course we would all be greatly pleased and p*rb*|? satisftod, if our innocent curiosity might be gratified by a revelation from headquarters, in which the i joint of attack should be clearly marked out. and the details exposed in full. But for reasons of thoso la com mand these fetf"facts are withheld, and we are left in lg rorance of everything but tho ewidont fact that we are going somewhere. For ouo I am glad that It Is possible to keep one secret, and in It I see promises of success. Everything but I this has been published In full by the Timet and Tribune, and It Is not owing to sny inclination of theirs that tho destination itself has not been revealed. Their course is Justly charactertecd by all as a palpable breach ol' confl. denoe, which should bo reprobated by every right tbluk lng man. It must reooil upon their own heads. WnWHDAT, Oct. 30, M61, rnn second day. Tha wind changed to tbo southwest during lut night, and wa found tbo Oeet much scattered thia morning. There was also quite a aca kicked up by the strong breeze, ?nd tha ships rolled and pitched considerably. TIJK Mnr OUNUOATS. ' The gunboats (I refer to the new mice) rolled terribly t, and made scarcely any headway at all against the wind and sea. They seemed to have engine* of littlo or n0 ( power, as at sea they lay behind terribly, and greatly i delay us in conscqucnce. They may do for smooth water ? and fair weather, but wheu they get to sea thoy certainly | fall to show uny good sailing qualities. tue rLBrr move slowly. Tho Waiuuh also lagged behind, and ns wn aro ordered to keep astcra of her we are obliged jo run as slowly as we can. and even at that rate it is * necessary for us to make frequent stoppages until the t Luge frigate draws ahead again. Must of the ferry boats and tugs run In close to the shoro during the night, and are not to bo soen to-day.'*" It is reported that one of them was soon to put back towards Fortress Monroe. Tho { VaMlerbilt towing the Great Republic, and tho Illinois ? with the Coldon Kagle In tow, are ahead of us. Many of tho ' transports are In a short distance of us, but a majority of the vessels of the Meet arc Well down asteru, and not a ' few clear out of sight. It Is quite evident from the slow pace we are progressing, that it will requiro a week or , more to reach Charleston or Savannah, if either of those points aro aimed at. TDB OBSERVATIONS TAKEN. The result of tho Captain's observations at noon to-day was, that we were iu latitute 35.29 , longitude 75.03 Dlstance from Fortress Monroe ono hundred and eighteen oilies; about forty miles from the camp. Turing the afternoon wo were ordered by tho Commodore to run back and bring up the stragglers. The fleet was a good deal scattered by tho blow of the afternoon, and a largo number of them were out of flight. SOUTHERN MAI'S. Maps of the Southern States havo been iu aotlvo de mand to-day, by anxious individuals, who are desirous of settling the vexed question of " Where aro we bound?'' That question has not been satisfactorily set tled as yet. Some seem to think that we going to Hattei as Inlet, to cross the Sound, and strike the main <:anal of North Cnrolina. Others hold that Beaufort i| North Carolina, is to ho our destination; ami others still think that Charleston is tho exact spot, and speak of thu necessity of avenging the Insult first ottered to our conn ? ti y's flag while flying ovorS miter's walls. Savannah is not want in i; its advocates; but tho placa li no' a yet been thought of out or a small circle which believes II w ?olf to be, and probably Is posted. Though little has been said, it looks as though the State of South Carolina would find our Hag floating over its traitorous soil before anothor week olapsea. MFSIC BATH CHARMS. We hftvi hid some exoellent miuic to-day, trom tb# Concord Cornet Hand, attached to the Third New Hamp shire regiment. They are performing a good aeleolion of mimic in a very creditable manner, and maternally aid In relieving tho ennui of aaa life. 81 A SIOKNWW. There has been considerable sea sickness among the men to-day, in conaoquonce of tho roughness of the weather, but the cabin tabloa arc pretty well jvatronlrod ?h yet. There scents to be a perceptible diminution of the appetite all around. This will come about all right ia due time again. third nxr. Thiksimt, Oct. 1,1801. THH WIND MOM This morning we found the weather more propitious. The win hud changed to tbo northwest, uud the sea had gone down until it was nearly smooth. TWO VB8NKLS ASUOKK. At twolvo o'clock we were again in request by Flag Officer I)u Pont, to serve an a truant officer, to run back and pick up stragglers. Wo again turned our bow to the north, and ran twenty miles, when wo spoke the Coat, zacnalcos, the Captain of which luftirmcd Captain Kid. ri lge that the Baltic and Illinois turf been ashore on tho Hatteras shoals; that the former ship had boen extricatod from her perilous position without damage, but that the niiaols bad lost one of her smoke stack*, but bad got off without further damage. The steamer Baltic hn? on board forty pieces of ordnance, forty frames for buildings, three hundred wheelbarrows, shovels, picks, Ac., and an abundance of heavy canvass. We then bore to the north again, and soou passed the Baltic, with the Occau Express in low,apparently iu yood condition. A MTKAMKIt AMONO TUB UUI'.AKRKS. A while after tins we saw and bore down to the Illi nois, with Qm Golden luiifle in low, going along at a alow pace. We spoke her and the Captain Informed us that he was all right, exceptiug the t< ?s of the smoke stacki and that would soon bo remedied. He also reported that he had seen a steamer among tbo breakers ubout three o'clock this morning, and that h? could not afford any assistance t> her, iu onsequence of thArealtm bo Ing between her and him. lie could not t^H her name. The Illinois was obliged to cost off her tow before she got off, but recovered it again. We offered the Illinois a hawser to tow b?r, but tho captain declined tho offer, saying that he could soon get along well enough, as be was gottlng steam on auolher boiler. As we could bo of no service to her, we again ran towards the fleet. TORTOISES. Porpoises made their appearance >n large number? n?ar us, and tumbled and gambolled in and out of tho water in a most sportive manner, causing a great deal of amuse ment to the soldiers aboard, who were all alive on tho subject. On our course to the fleet we offered tow to the R. B. For be*, which had in tow a gmboat, but it was coolly declined. PLEASANT WEATHER. This hay been one of tho most pleasant days we have yet spent at sea. Tho evening is pleasant and the deck is crowded with officers and men, listening to tho music of tho band. Our position to day at noon was lat. 34 32, !on. 76 48 Dibtam e run, ninety miles. FOURTH DAT, Fktoat, Nov. 1,1861. 8T0RMY and PICK STOMACHS. This hoe been the .stormiest ami must gloomy day we have spent. Thero is a heavy wind blowing and tho sou is rising rapidly as I write, with every indication of a fierce gale to-night. The ship pitches and rolls consider" ably, and every one aboard begins to feci and look do cidedly blue. SEVERAL VESSELS MIMING. We overtook tho fleet at three o'clock this morning At nino o'clock thirty-nine sail of all descriptions were in sight. Whero the remained are we know not. SMALLPOX. A caso of smallpox has been reported aboard the Van derbilt, creating some alarm on that ship. As they have i Ave doctors aboard it ought to bo well attended to. OFF CHARLESTON'? At twelvo o'clock it is said we are about off Charleston, S. C., and still hooding south- I It would appear from this that we are not bound (*>r that hotbed of nullification and rebellion. All the hoys seem anxious to pay a visit to that plaoo and wipe ont the recollection of a great Insult and injury porpe- 1 'rated upon our flag. Just now their reelings of revenge will not be gratified, but, in time, Charleston will have cause to rue the day sho opened tho great rebellion. THE GALE BEGINS. Tills afternoon we were again sent, back to collect the missing members of the fleet. The wind had got in the southeast, and bad freshened to a gale. The sea began to ran high, and everything indicated such a storm ax would be likely to disperse tbc fleot, if it spared some of thern DANQEKOUS POSITION OF THB ISAAC SMITH. At sunset We descried the gunbeat Isaac Smith. She was rolling heavily and pitching frightfully, at tho mercy of tlie elements. Her engine was disabled, and her steering apparatus seemed to be usoless, as she seemed to lay powerless upon th? heaving waters. Her Jack was at half-aaast, Union down. On approaching her as closely as we dared, we discovered that one of her heavy port guns bad broken away and had gone through her sida Her situation was evidently ef the greatest peril. We essayed several times to get a line to her by which we might attach a hawser, in order to tow her, if poseiblo, through the night. Our effort* to reach her fated, and we concluded that all we could do was to lay by her during the night, and if an opportunity offered,, to aid her Iu any way to our power. At seven o'clock, the Florida, gunboat, which had been sent bock to take her In tow, came down to her, and also failed In evory effort to give her aid. She also laid to by her. At ten o!clock, m I dope this days journal, wo are leaving the disabled gunboat, as the sea had become to high and dangerous for us to continue Idly drift ing by her side. In self-preservation we were compelled to get under way, and lay to head on to the sea. The galo is raging terribly from the southeast, and the sea grows heavier and stilt hcavior as the night approaches. We fear that tlie Isaac Smith must go down In the storm, and expect to see her no more. The other steamboats and Htnall vessels must also be in groat danger; but we trust that a wise Providence may protect them from tho fury of tho sea und wind. Wo saw the Coatzacoalcos running for it towards Fry ing Pan Shoals, where she will doubtless make a harbor. Sho may not succeed, however, as everything is against her. She Hi not considered a good boat for heavy weather, and she needs all her strength to livo out tho perils of the night. Our position at noon to-day was? latitude 32 56; longitude 77 67. Distance run 144 miles FIFTH DAY. Sjitcbday, Nov. 2,1801. THE 8TOKV. Last night was so crowded with misery and terror thai I refer to it with almost a feeling of horror at the bare recollection of its long hours, teeming with discomfort and terrible scenes, which I trust ever again to be Btrangor to.* The gale increased in violence until midnight, and the sea ran in short waves, fearfully high. We rolled and pitched in a manner that would try the firmest nerves, and which did try those of every passenger upou the ship. The steamer behaved admirably, but seemed too deeply laden to ride the seas as well as she might; but she managed to Ii7e through it-, and that was quite satis factory to us. The ship groaned and croakod so fearfully that few or nono could sleep, and most of the passengers spent a sleepless night in the saloon, or on deek, holding onto I he seats, as the ship rolffh down, down on one side, and then pHching down the mountain seas, as though she wero going to the very bottom of tho ocean itself: then she would roll to the other side, sending bag gage. chairs, dishes, Ac., over the floor at railroad speed, and with a clatter as though everything was one mass of ruins. One sea struck tho stern, smashed in the port lights, and flooded the cabin with water. A frightenod waiter rushed on deck wildly, and said that the ports were all smashed In, thereby creating a new fear. The ports were quickly stopped up by beds and mattresses by Purser Fordham, assisted by others, and that point was not again visited by a wicked sea during the night. The rain fell In torrents at frequent in tervals during the night, causing the se.k to run loss h%h. Thus passed the night. THE OAI.K SUBSIDES. Tho morning broke with the gale somewhat abated, and 'he sea somewhat lower. The soa during tho night Was magnificent, though terrible. It rolled majestically along w ith a roar, its crest gleaming in ghastly spli ndor in the darkness and sparkling with a beautiful pho<pbrescont light whenever the rain drops fell uj?>n it. The white gleam of the wave crests and spray could be seen on every side, flashing like snow drifts in tho thick atmos. phere, frequently appearing like a vessel's light afar off. This magnlflcont scene hardly compensated us for tho fearful ordeal we passed through, and for one I am quite tatisllod with our view. WilKHE AKK THB VBSSKLS? We saw three or four vessels in the morning, amonj which were tho Wabash, the Great Republic, alone, and the Mayflower steamboat with a signal of distress fly lug. T1IH MAVH.OlVKit IN TKOt'BI.K. IIow she survived the night Is a mystery. Built f<w a river boat, alio lived through a storm that tested tho bout sea qualities of first class ocean steamers. Klio got through it with ono paddlo-box crushed in,but otherwise In good ordi'r. We dropped a lino astern, employirg the same device of a floating barrel to keep the lino tin, and after two or three unsuccessful attempt* the line was caught, a hawser attached to it, and it was drawn aboard our ship. Wo still have her In tow, and it is generally observed that she behave.1) beautifully in the heavy sea, riding them like a dnck and taking but little water for" ward. The suporlor seamabship of Captain Phillips ww the only thing, however, that savod the little frail steamboat. His coolue** under trying clrcuniHtan ocs muy be slightly appreciatod when I mention a little incident that occurred as we came alongside of him in tho morning, both vessels tossing about In a chiyrless manner. Tho Captain standing on the hurricane deck near the pilot house, observed to Captain Kldridge in tho most imperturbable manner?"Captaiui we had a little rough weather last nightquietly remov. ing his.tcgar aa ho spoko, and manifesting no surprise or c-mcern In regard to tho weather. Captain Kldridge was taken all aback, as they say, by this cheerful remark, but replied quietly?' ? Yes, we found that out on our ship last night." Then he offered a tow, which was of course ac cepted. All hands on board the Mayflower appeared to be in a most cheerful frame of mind when we got them in tow, and quite glad to have It so. There is no bi^n of tho disabled gunboat Isaac Smith, aud probably wo shall not see her again. Ihiring tho day xoveral other alii]* ap peared In sight, but none that we could m iku out. Tho sea went down rapidly in the afternoon, tho wind getting into the northwest. TIIK n.KKT SCATTKKKD. Tlie grand Uecl is badly scattered, but as they all have i xealed orders, to b<'<i|HMi?>d when necessary, appointing tho rendezvous off l'ort Royal, 8. C., we shall doubtless tlud most of thm there when wo reach that point our. selves. SIXTH DAT. 8r?r>AT, Nov. 3, 1861. THK KLKKT 8T1LL BOATTKHKB. But a suiall portion of the lleot were In sight from tho deck of the Atlantic this morning. Tho remainder of the vessels must beat or near the rendezvous off Port Royal, S. 0. All that we can nee to-day are tho Wabash, Puw nee, Daylight, Ben. lie lord, Philadelphia, I.ocuai l'ouiti and tho steamboat Mayflower, in tow of our ship?a bag. garly show, to bo sure, but tho best that we can do to day. FAIR WKATHKR AGAIN. The wind abated in s'.reugUi during the night, and the sea subsided to a very respectable and cuin'ortahlo con dition. Nothing occurred during the day worthy of no" tice. Wo rolled and pitched less aud less as tho day pursed, anil by night tho sea was quito smooth, and the motion of the ship regular and oasy. HAUUAT1I ABOARD. Our chaplain, who had been ngood deal under thc weather, was not yet well enough to officiate in divino sorvicus, xo we were deprived of them, und were content to confine ourselves to tlie singing of religious hymns, which were well executed by an Improvised choir. Tho dsy passed dull enough, but we all looked forward with an iutcnao -longing, fur the morrow. That wiil uy enough of excitement and affairs of interest to satisf y us. THE HOIK OF THE MOKKOW. We hope to land to-morrow, or, at all events, to open the ball ou tlie Southern coast With these hopes and pros pects, wo can endure a deal of tedium aud ennui. The weather grows more aud more auspicious. If the fleet rendezvous in time, to morrow's sun will not doclmo without shining upon tho smoke of battle. Tho Mayflower broke her hawser during tho day and created for a tlmo some llttlo excitement, which died j away as soon as she was again in tow behind us, which ! wa? not many momenta you may be assured. The night was lovely, with a smooth sea. Our courso was south west, direct fur Port Royal. We took soundings and found bottom at seventeen fathoms, showing that we were drawing well in shore. At noon our position was, latitude 33.21, longitude 70.27; dietrnce run sixty-seven miles. We kept well to the rear of the Wabash, and wero detained thereby. SEVENTH DAT. At Asciioraub o?* Pout Royal, 8. C., \ Momdav, Nor. 4,1801. / AT T IIS IB DESTINATION. At an early hour this morning we Mood In for th? shore, the Wabash taking the lead. We flrst made Tybee Light, bearing due west, and Immediately thereafter the low shores on either side of the entrance to Port Royal and Beaufort loomed dimly through the voluptuous haze of an Indian summer morning, the trees which aklrt them swimming in the blue ether like an object viewed through a camera. As we could see but two or three voeseU near the rendezvous we did not go far In, bat anchored about ten miles off the shore, and awaited the assembling of the squadron. THE BQT7ADRON CONCENTRATING. First oam? in sight the Coatzcoalcoe, loaded with troops, aed one heavy burden was lifted from oar minds. If she had weathered the storm we had passed through, wa could look for nearly all the others. At hrtakfact time twelve sail were in sight, and by noon one after another had approached on the horizon and Joined the fleet, antil over forty had arrived. Strange to say the ganboaf Isaac f-mlth, which wo had all given up a? lost, appeared among the comers, and at earned gaily by, with her desig nating signals bravely flying. Of her heavy armament but one remained. The balance had been thrown over, board to save the ship, but she had safely weathered the gale, and now joined the squadron as little <Uuaged> with the above exoeptlon,.as any. Her advent waa re. ceived with expressions of wonder and delight. Sbo was like one deemed lost forever, whioh had turned up je?t in time. We were all thankful for M. When the fleet bad all get In, save those which had been seen bearing to wards our rendezvous, though at a distance, we learned tint the Governor had been lost, and with her twenty or thirty men belonging to the marine corps. The remain der were saved by the Isaac Smith and tbo frigate S?. bine. We can got no particulars to day. ARRIVAL OF THE BIENVILLE AND SUSQUEHANNA. During the morning the Susquehanna joined the fleet, and subsequently the Bienville and one or two other gun boats belonging to the South Atlantic squadron joined the fleet, and added a deal to tho strength of its oflonsivo po sition. FINDINQ THE CHANNEL. Durlng.tho morning the Vixen, Mayflower, with buoys, &c., and two or three gun., its, with men-of-war boats in tow, started to buoy out the channel. They spent the forenoon in that occupation, and succeeded in Anting a channel deep enough for all but the rtoepeet draught? frigates and transport.1!?but that channel has not br rt found up to this hour, ss far as I can learn. THE TRANSPORTS AND GUNBOATS CROSSING TnE BAR. The fleet of transports and gunboats crossed tho bar at two o'clock, and anchored Id a safe position, securo from any gain that might blow up In any direction. TUB WINFIELD SCOTT BADLY INJURED. The Wlufleld Scott came in with masts cut away, her bulwarks badly stove in, and everything of a bulky or heavy natnre thrown overboard to save the ship. Sho presents a melancholy appearanco upon the water. She is said to he in a sinking condition. LOSS OF THE PEERLESS. Tho steamer Peerless, which long- piled on lake Ontario, between Lewiston and Toronto Canada, was lost in tho gale. All on board were saved by the Mohican, gunboat. The Peorlets was run into and rece4ved damages in bor how and Stern, which caused her to make water very rapidly, putting out her ilres and Anally causing her to founder. The captain wns the Inst to leave. lie launched tho lifeboat himself, and, placing his trunk in it, suceeded in reaching in safety the Mohican with all bis personal effects, much to his own satisfaction and to tho amusement as well honor of the Mohican's officers. All tho crew were saved. DANGER OF THE ROANOKE. The Roanoke, Captain Conch, experienced a dangerous time, too. It was not until after all the deck lea l, con. fisting of clothing, provisions, arms, &c., was thrown overboard, and after two or three hours of terrihio bat tling with the elements, in wnich the life and death of the ship huur; trembling in tho balance, Captain Conch, tho engineer, who was llfty consecutive hours on duty, the steward, all the officers of tho ship, as wull ah tho oillccrs of thn Forty seventh New York regiment, did tholr whole duly throughout tho terril'le ordeal. It wns a narrow escape. SIFP08ID LOSS OF TI1E BKLVIDEKK. Tho Pelvldero, transport, a river steamer built up to an ocean boat,undoubtedly went down with all on board' All tho horses belonging to tlio Third New Hampshire regiment, the teamsters and hostlers of the same, wore on board this ill fated vessel, and doubtless wont down with her. THE FIIIST FIHIS. This afternoon (ho guaboat* winch bad run up tho bay near to Hilton Island an,l l'hilii|* bland?wliioh rvm to control th? chann*l?w?r? fired into by three rebel steam erg aud a battery on shore. Tlio lire wus answered by tho gunbnats, and tlx* cannonading continued quite sharp, ly for an hour or more. As we arc lay ing homo eight or t?n ntiies from the aeons of aft ion, it is difficult to got at the rusult. Probably no groat damage was done on either ?l ie, though I h-ar this eveuiug that oue of the rebe'

steamer* was disabled by a shot from one of the gun boats, and wan towed o;f by tlio other two. Tit is may be 80, as they hauled oIT in a great hurry. The routost i hows th it the enemy aro not taken by surprise, an t they lutve defences of a |>r?tty strong kind to pro* tect thlx im|>ortaut harbor. We havo curtainly borne hoavy work b *lore us If we are to gain a foothold on South Carolina soil. Thore will be a recounoissanoe to mort'ow morn ing > which i shall arcompany, towards Hilton Island, and wn ho|x? to learn mora of the defences and what wo aro to do. All tho light* of the fleet on tho outside of the bar are out to-night, and evorytlriiig remains quiet. Wo shall go over with the ht avy frigates aud transports at hi?h tide, uinuo'clock to-morrow morning. The weather la llae as could bo desired, the wind gentle and the sea smooth. To morrow will doubtlesa witness, if all goes right, a contest of a flor<v aud san guiuary chiracter. TllK KK1UTU -DAT. Tout Royal,S C.,Sundar, Nov. 5, 18(11. TUK RfcX'OXNOIKRANOl. A very satisfactory aud Mu-o-.-r ful rccounot.HS.inre was made thlb morning by Cencr.ils Sborman, Wright and Stevens, uudCaptain Uillmnrc, Lieutenant O'ltourke, of the Kuginoers, 1 irst Lioutonant J. 11. Wilson, of the Top ographioal Kugiueers, and othur officers, on the trgb< ?at Merniry. Tho Hkkalp'* specials also I accompanied tho party, and gained a good view of the enemy's works. Taking an early breakfast on board the Atlantio, Ihe party went on board the Wabash in a small boat, whore wo remained until sunriie, and then, Ceueral Sherman Joining the party we gut on the Mercury, aud steamed over the bar and up the bay. m* RKBKI. FLKKT SAUCV. While on our way up, Hhe rebel steamers Ijniy I'a vis, flying tho blue poanant of Commodoro Tatnall, th- Hun tress, an old New York tugboat, and the Screamer, another tug, ran well down to our gunboats aud opeue 1 lire upon them. The Ottawa, Pembina, f'enei s, Pawnee and Isaac Smith Immediately got under way and stood up for them, the rebels retreating rapidly, bot Continuing to (lrc as rapidly as possible. Their shois fell fur short* as did our first shots. The gen boats Htood well up, when a battery on Bay Point, Phillips Island, opened upouthnm briskly, using somo rifled cannon aud thirty two pound, ers. The Pnwnee ran in range, and performed 9 me fine shell practice. Several shells fell Into and about the bat" tery aud exploded, but with what result of course cannot be stated?doubtless they did'good service. The gun boats also , o<igag''d the (lattery and Tatnall's flotilla, laying well out of range beyond the battory, but tired without doing a grout deal of execution, al thovgh many of their shells fell near tho battory. The rebel steamers firod from time to time, but their shots tell far short and plunged harmlessly into the wutor with a splash. After a while, the contest going en, (ho rebel battery uii Hilton's Head opened fire with rifled and shell guns. Their practice was qulto good, many shots parting owe and beyond the gunboat*, und one shell exploding near the stem of the Pawnee, but doing no damage. Tho Mercury stood up aud got under line, but as the onrmy was paj ing their regards to tho gun boats we escaped any damage, though le\ era) shots fell within a hundred yards of us, show ing that we wero quite In range. The Ottawa stood over to Hilton'.-? l'oint battory, aud sent two or tlireo shells Into th<-enrami) j mont about it, and got a shot through her rattling* for her audacity. THE BATTERIES. We made out thi battery quite distinctly. It is a re gular field work, sodded and two or throo months eld. It mounts thirteen guns, somo of them rifled and proba bly some heavy columbiads, although they did not use them, probably holding thom back in reservo for the grand conflict. The work is quite boarv,aud will bo bard to take. The work on {'hllllp's Island is largor Ihaa the first, ahd mount* fifteen guns of th<; ?Mae character *fi tltose on Hilton'! Head, nuwt of them look towards the channel, but several are so placed as to command tho shore when a landing can be effected. There is another battery at Phillips' Island' below Bay Point battery. There are a.; yet no gun* mounted, although the earthwork is completed. They ar* doubt lens laboring night and day to perfect it aud put it in the best possible condition. There seems to bo a second battery of elevon guns above JHKco Head, but it did not open Ore at all, and w* bardly know what it really I*. THK RETURN TO TBI FLEET? After concluding the tocmboImmm w? started back to the fleet. Wo found tb? Wabash, Sosqoehana, Atlantic and the other dsop itoamera bud crossed the bar. and were safely anchored ia the bay. On boarding tiie Wabash we heard the busy note of preparation for tbe coming fray. The huge frigate bnd s?ri:>i>ed to tho ?uff, like a prize lighter, and was gomg within livo h'ju. dred yards of tho battery, to sitonco K er be souk. He m>< in tog a short time aboard, we returned to the Atlantic, leaving the General in conversation with Commudorc Dupnnt tn regard to the new deveiopeinent of sffitrs. j learn that it was conclude to silence, If possLhto the Hilton Head battery by the fleck, thon land tbe troops on the island. Onoe a foothold gainedi It Is quite certain that we coakl mistake our posiUoa. THE FLEET INKER WAT. At about four o'clock, the flag ship signalled the fleet to gn under way. In a fow momcots tihe was steaming easily up tha bay, leading the fleet in the following orderWabash, Sasquebanna, Mohican, Semtaole, Pawneo and the gunboats Attawa, Pumbina, Scnoca, and Una. diJIs. TH? REBEL BATTERY 0PEK3. They moved slowly up, and when at long mope tho Hilton Iliad battery flrcd two shot at the Wabash, which when she found she was getting in range turned, and came to anchor, as tho hoar wa? two lato to begin a con tent which could not he brought to a termination before darkness obscured or wholly prevented the aim of the gunners. Tho fleet followed tho exnmplc of tho flagship, and came to auchor just out of range of tho cnuroio'i bat teries on Hay Point and Hilton H<*ad. THE REBEL FLEET TAKE TO THEIR BF.ELB. Two or three rebol gunbijats which composed Uic fleet of Commodore T.itnal!, whose l>road blue pennant wiis fly. Ing at tbe fore of the steamboat lAdy Davis as proudly and defiantly as though lie had a hundrod line-oi'-battle bhipc [CONTINUED O.N TENTH PAG E.J Official Drnwlngn of Murray, Kddy A Co.'s Kentucky and Missouri SUit? Lotteries. Kkstuckv, Eitra Ci.ass Ml?November 13,1961. 66, 45, 8, 34. 66, 68. 41, 40, 11, 2!>, 4!), 4, 2. Kkmtccst, ClamK>2?November 13. 1SSI. 22, 44, 15, H, 56, 58, 3, 18. 6, 25, 42, 53, 24. Circulars seut free of charge by addressing eiilier to MURRAY. EDDY, A t o., Covington, ky.,or8t. Louis, Mo. Official Drawings of the Delaware State Lotteries. Kxtra Class 29?November 13, 1801. 57, 62, 51, 33, 75. 46, 31, 48, 41, 54, 5, 67, 21. Ci.ass 30?November 13, 1861. 63, 54, 70, 64, 46, 46, 68, 36, 27, 60, 5, 15, 4, 72, 71. JOHN Vy'waLKER, I Commissioners. Rnysl Havana Iiottery.-PrlxciTashrd snd Information furnlalied by TA1 LOR A CO., Bankers, 16 Wall street. Prizes Cashed In all Legalized Lotteries, sail Information ? i, by JOSEPH DATES, llroker, IJ W , 1 struct, up stairs, Kew York. At Half Price, COATS, OVERCOATS, PANTS. AND VESTS, THE EXCELLENT STOCK OF TWO EXTENSIVE WHOLESALE CLOTH I NO HOUSES, BKHKEN DOWN BY THK WAR, 18 NOW HEINO SOLD TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT BELOW ORIGINAL COST OF MANUFACTURE, 66 ) AT EVANS' and . 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W wife of Je.em.ah J Hi rke,aged 28 years- reauo^ted to attend tho i eSssrr r Cain, ? 8 ' ,if ..,0 flim?ly, ami ihoso ^l^ th^^m bJ remove,, to ttlvary Cemetery f0Th?fn>ndsof the family arc respectr.' 'nvilod ? ?Wn'! w,thwl'unhe^^?N r ^ -Aukot.t., U telriend. and ue,?aiutance. are r X InvM* ? attend ilu funeral, on Frrlay ???rno.> ? ^ from her late residence, 120 < heiry *tr c. ^?Sssss'a?1 Peter and N>i>hia ' . . . family are rospcctfuily -?SS?ia?i ?r\l? W? <?* ??? l??Vfyr,y *r*r*' Only t*? actions of the ]u?t Smoll awowtand bloniwm in the dust. d^-Twtln^layl^ ? Ci+akk. lcamvCiikk nvire of Jool Clark. "^rl^^rtodJaroW Tuesday, Novomh,r l? at iiiiCtl. First street, Wiijja* Com, a native of Edin I bunt, Bv?Uan.l, **f'"'^^oV^ho lUmiiy are regretfully 1 ? ^%rt\uro:The C^orl. rrom^ &? r?idU,101 K^cSSTSi eldest daughter of Klkanah and i ?rrf^r"Cto? o'tlandt strcM, at twelve o'clock, via M?n.Uy,November 11.Mkt.ail IMian. in the ?Whyew ?iIm ?*?? ,,M to ^J5aW^Klb" (Thursday) alter u^n at tT> o'clock, from hi. late reaidono), 125th "> *? L- ^ Ew **?wo(ira"4 aUB't'tu,i (Th?Mda>) afte'riKvon, at hnlf paat ouo o cloclt. Kingston papers November 13, at <* J^W KxHtrw" The frionJ* of the family are invited to Somber 12, Ha,?,?, a-^4 si reet. ? morning, at two o'clock, Novem day) aft?rn<?on at twoac ,^ of ?rfipf,y on t),e out further invitation. 13- FKmI,*,u,I, J?Vl?ndVlfytbrr^nilf^'^"'rwS.S invited to ^Araafsis? asa ? Hea.le street. November 12, TIki^aRd Kauk, aged 61 years, anatlv#of tho parish of Ualliwcullln, ^hiVieSds^fhTtamilr ?ro respectfully invited to at riiy rranoB /Thur?day) after noon, at ouo ntwfrlnN^UC4^^.^Two^tyy4h,h.trM..., ?Si-in Wilton, Com.., on Monday, November 11, HA^m liuw*. only dauRhter or and Harriet O. Ke.-i. ?. aged 2 vcars, 1 month and 8 days. 12, .louN Mill ion, the Thoma. and Ann Million, a^od 2# y-rs, 3 mouth. ^TheVnVnds and acquaintance, of the family are rejpect No!^2M^^t "IhirllentV^trwT, thl.f('^uraday) afternoon' "r^^mT^ay,November 12, Mabt, widow of ther in-law, UanK Fheisn? , ,^jnK,athalf i^stnine t^"d No. 319 West Sixteenth ?.' 1 ! ?i jMael.h sehurch, where a solomn re<iulem maw wilr h? celebrated, and from thence to Calvary On Wednesday, November 13, Orro WnX.M son'o'f Hmricli and Elizabeth S^ngatacken, aKud , frl-nd. are requested to attend the | ,ner/"v ,.tl i?i.. rMldcDee No. 2 Hector street, on FrIday afternoon, at two o c:',, k. ' The remains will ho in t,rred '?y^'f^^^'^v.Mlnesday.Noveinber 13, 1 E^r^ d"!ighK j"me"T.?d Uvinla S. Tapseou, | aKed 10 ninths and five-??y, ,ho fane thi. (Thurs ni??A~nat|Kn.'^-T,esday. Norember 12 ,4 ?.?. 'us n; oplevy, lliv..>tK Vkki-ua*^, ag.4 ? year., 10 '"?n^nol.'lL1", nnd friends of the family are invited to -iml ihe funeral, thia (Thur day) alterno.m, at ouo rk iron, h - la.e r. id. nee, No. 631. i-juoer street w In .Jer-' y City.mi Wodn-sday eveiMng, No vember 13. at ei?Ul 0 clock, SaMLKL Wmcoit, iu the 60th yCSoti'co of'funeral will be given in to morrow's papors. Wnn*.-On Wertnemlay .October SO, on board lh? Ttaiu* ti>r ?uh l/>um iuua , otr chinoot^guc Is and, af ??v?re lima*, brought on by eipwtir* ia n, ii.,1 ^>K9 ? 8 Wlnto. \i tii k Maiitor, United HtojM Navy a,,0<l 3a yturn, lata In ooSmimd ot iU Stala" ?U'rn'y trhonni r .Inbn Wax cY. ?Th"T"a,HVVTUU W i Nwmnbar IS. of dropar on tha hralD. ^tium .%*, yotiuKcat da?Klit?r of Potor H ftn~u * ' h't5???rry, aged 1 y,?r u : 2 months Th? fri.ind- of the family ?-? roapoclfully Invilod tu al tnnd t ho funeral, on Friday afternoon, at lut.'f.put on* " clock, from No. 1&f) Aitmlle Km t, btween sm ti Ht'iot and U'l.shwick uvunuo, Brooklyn, t 0.,without further invitation. HisoBtiUyiovs. Jk LWOCK'H I'OROUS PLARTHUR Import nit In aufferer. from aplnal affection, whe'her arta> log Iro ii in Id-nt" orionatttot i ? nakua a. A KK.VUKKAHI.K INKTANCR OV BKNEKTT, After ? lienvT limb r wagon had miiI ? var tV' li ? * HIMO, SVAHHTBSAW CO., Ml. '' , * i t I 1?, 1 if#. Mawr*. Tho?. ;.i.i,ro"? .? Co Knc aed I ?rnd w >? a or der Cor youranwlleni Pntoua Plimtera. I iiry h* e d nam* ? uri-nt deal #f tood. Two yt ara ngo, mi tha Itttb o' Murch. I waa run over hy a lumber wogo", whl h Injured my hack ?e ere y, mid broke oil' ona of the aj tnooa prooeeM* (the lowMtjnito'i n ' aek b<>. a) and ruplorad the P a nenta Im-iwmi u fo >rof the othe-a, Ah mp of nl out an laa ?da Imlf w h all the asternal evidence or the III u y. but t ? pi n una lar greater than d>in.f ?>erv ri*y w/n d b\ I ap plied to lh? lie-J uinairmn. ,>r New York, Wliouafii and Michigan, who failed to reUave m-, though, in u .tine tm ih.-m, I iiin?i aay ?iina ol ili>*lr preaerlptlotia I did ihM fol low. I up nil h'pea o' pe-mj>n*i>t reliel 'inra pain, when I hapiiei.ed to read yonr advertisement, will h ( b<? ki'imi liefure, b>it liAd 1'iihl no attention to it, hut uowr am rluded tn ai-ud fur a dollar'* worts, and at 1-aat m ke a of ibern, Tbla waaai'venil moii ha ago, 'flu* t.r*< ii.astef did me ,;ood. 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Principal depolt MOwm street, IRISH STOUT, ENGLISH PORTER, AC., JOHN DUN CAN A HONS, t'nlon Square atul fourteenth ?r< et L08T-TN STEPPING INTOAFOURTH AVENUE CAB, on Tuesday night, below Union square, u r. II of Manu script, of no Vulue tu any one hut the owner. The tinder will Blease leave It at the Herald ofllce, to Ihe address of W. K. L., >x 190. OLASSKS FOR SALK.-B00 BARRKL8 CHOICES* tnv Orleans MoJanses: my own Importation. THOMAS R AONRW, 260 (in-eowtch and at Murray street M jyj-rsERT. My doors are shrunk, the rude wlnda puff In chilling wintry drolu or late; The builders draft was quite enough, And yet I'm shivering at the grate. The misery of shi utiken door* and windows la effectually stooped t>v applying the Excelsior Weather atrip?cheap, too mimical arid durable. J W BROWNE, Ag?nt, K; Broadway, New tort PATTENS approved MILITARY WORKS, published In the English and Herman language*. I'rloe Twenty five cento each. CAVALRY DRILL, containing the Schools of the Trooper, Platoon and Squadron. MD pigea and 1)3 engravings. ARTILLERY DRILL, containing tlm Manual of the Fleet- and Light Battery Manoeuvre*. 100 pages and T2 engravings. INFANTRY TACTICS, ran* I, Containing the School of the Soliller, Manual of Anna, for bolh Musket and Rifle, School of the Company, Instruction for Skirmishers, Bayonet Drill and the Small Sword Ka erciMi 160 pages and 1*3 engravings. INFANTRY TACTICS, PART II.| Containing instruction in the School of the Battalion. ltill jiages and 4A ?nrtravlrigs. Purls 1 and 2 Infantry Tactics, tan be had bound In 0M volume. Price fifty cents. ARMY MANUAL, Containing Instruction for officers In the preparation of ROLLS, RETURNS AND REPORTS, and rnper< pertaining to the Subsistence and (juartermaa tar's Departments. I'rlee t2. This work contains many forms In constant use, that ar* not Introduced in the published Army Regult'lons. It also cmlalna Inst ructions how and when the several duties are to be performed, none of which are contained In any othef work. II also recommends Itaelfto the soliller on account of Its condensed form and portability. It is bound in flexible morocco, ami can lie carried without inconvenience about th* person, and will b? sent free by rnall on receipt of the price, two dollar*, by the publisher, U.MTILD STAIKS MtTSTKRIKO Orric*, ) 79 WlllTK STnr.KT, > Nltw Yokk, Nov. 11, 1061. J I hsvifexsmined Pat en's "Manual for Officers," and re cowuicud It to the use of ' dicers of volunteers. D. U. BACKBIT, Inspector Unuernl S. Army. J. W. FORTUNE, 19 t'lritlnun street. New York. Wholesale dealers, the trade and sutlers, supplied hy A. WILLIAMS ,t CO , newsdealere, Washington street, Hoali n, Mass. T. R.CAI.LE.NDEK, Philadelphia,Pa. MOSES E. WILSON, 251 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, I>. O. J. R. WALSH. Chicago, III. ORAY * CRAWFORD, S\ Loula. Mo. PORTABLE SUTLER'S SHOPS. COSTINO FROM ?SQ upwards. Apj 'y to A. DERROM, steam carpentry, l'attei sou, N. J. sTRONli'S PATENT ARMY TRUNK AND PORTABL* 5 Bedstead combined, corner of Warren st. and Br oadway. TO CONSUMPTIVES.?THE ADVERTISER, HAVINO been restored to health In a few week* t>y a very simple remedy, after having suffered several years with a sever* lunu affection and that dreail disease, consumption. ta anxious to make known to his fellow sufferers the meanaof cure. To all who desire It he will send a copy of the pre scription used (free of charge), with directions for preparing an t using the same, which they will And a sure cure for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Ac. The only object of the advertiser ill sending the prescription la to bnmllt tha afflicted, and he hopes every sufferer may try his remedy, aa It will cost them nothing, and may prove a bleasiug. 1'artlea wishing the pr< iptlon will pleaac address Rev, Edward A Wilson, Willm urg. Kings Couuty. New York. rrilK CON rilONS AND EXPERIENCK OK AN IJfl X salld? 1 ii lished for the l>..neilt nnd nsa warning to young men who suiter from Nervous Debility, Prematura Decay, Ac., supplying the nirana f Self l ure.' By one who cnreil himself after being but to gre it expense through me. dli al initiOHltloti and quackery. Single co| les may be had of the author, NATHANIEL MAYFAIR, Esq., R f>rd, Kings county, N. Y., by enclosing a post p.inl addressed en. velop?. INTER BOOTS. WATER PROOF BOOTH. A fine assortment at LCI KIN RROOKS A SONS. 4:il Broadway, corner ol Howard street. w 38 CLINTON PLACE. a 1 EAFNBSS AND IMl'AIltBD fUGHT CURED BY T1IF. vBTHERIAL INHALATOR. Observe'?Dr VON MOSCHZWKER, O ultst snd Anrlsl, has rem-ired his office to .18 tU.nton plsea, betwocn OmIvmw &iiy itlncc Broadway.

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