Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 14, 1861, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 14, 1861 Page 9
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WE UP WASTED?FKMAtBS. AMERICAN, ENGLISH, HUSH, SOOTOH, GERMAN and colored servant*, Willi good city reference*. ?ow be hail, tree of charge, ?t No. 7 Eleventh ?trect, near Broadway. boveral girU are uow wauled for eicolli-nt ?tuuulon*. ABUNDANCE OF GOOD HKUVANTH READY AT TUB old eaiabllahed uml balneal institute, 138 Eleventh Street, -earner of Sixth ?venue: out, c*|>abl?, civil women?Ger man, Bngllah, Irlah ami Scotch. Mo lerate wage* to null the time*. Mi's, Floyd lit utirutiiniw. ,/^lLOAK MAkBRS WANTED-AT JOHN J. BENSON S, \J MO Onnal *t. ? CLOAK MAKERS WANTED.?100 FIRST CLASS CLOAK maker* wanted. Apply to (,'eurg- Brodfe, 3(4 Canal *r (lOOK WANTED?EXPKRIEV ID AND CLEANLY, J In aairivaie lauil.y ol ihrecje u*. Wages $? Apply from 8 to 8 thin morning, at No. Is but 30th at, near Madi aon a*. Ti'REB OK CHAR'IE?FAMILIES SUPPLIED IN CITY ?JL ?*!<! country twin c<M>k?,ch;-.nil>r> unU lauii(ir*M6*; -Alio with colored help, b* Mr. WHITFIELD, late clerk to St. i*aut'a Mission, at No. 1 ^ Cniiamphei *t., corner Greenwich ? av., Dear Joffonun JUrkel. Servant* in want of situation* ' <3*P *"*'*? ,/MRLS WANTBD-FOR CLOAK MAKING, AT LORD A " Taylor'*, 47 and 49 Chatham at. KTUB8B AND SEAMSTRESS WANTED?SHE MI ST BE A* genteel looking, wall recommended,a id willing' to xbiy ? ?thotneon 8uoI?)k Wages $<1 Apply ai l<iil We*t 2ftth r. XTUB8K WANTED-TO TAKE (THAKtiK OK TWO li children; nimt ba a *ood ueaniat re**, ol kind and oblig In* disposition. None but ucompetent peraoo need upi ly at ?44 BaalSAth at., between 9 and II o'clock, at the basement door. JjAFBRATOB WANTED.?A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR \J wanted on Wheeler ,t WMcon'a aewlug machine; tboae who ara aocualotued to *tltvlilng on cloU preferred. Apply fl No. 7 Ludlow place, Houston at., between Sullivan and PUodoM*' ?*?? (pLAIN SEWERS WANTED-TO LEARN TUB LACE 37 trade. Apply at 340 4lh corner of Uroudway. ?fTWBNTY CLOAK HANDS WANTED?NONK HUT iJl thoae aceuatomed to sewing on cloak* need apply. GEO. J4- HBABN, 43} H road way 'YtTlLLIAMSBURG.?7 WO OOOD OPERATORS ON vY Wheeler A Wllaoua aewlug machine* wanted. Inquire ?t M South 3d at. "tXTAllTBD?A FRENCH LADY'S MAID; ONE WHO Tl understand* ilLtuig, nnd h good a a nairena, willing to to Cuba. Call between 4 and 10 P. Jt., with rot> ronce. Clarendon Hotel. ?? Wia. ANTED?FINISHERS, BAISTERS AND WTToN bole makers, on vitals. Noue but good hand* need ap Alao two operator* on Singer'* No. 3. Apply at Rua 80 Bldge at., atvond Uoor. E ANTED?A COMPETENT PROTESTANT NURSE and chambermaid, to take charge of a child a little Ma year old. Family couaiata of two peraoua. The la st eference will be required. Call ou Friday or Saturday at \ Wat 14th at. WAKTED?A FIRST CLASS MILLINER, AT 95 EAST ltUi at., near 3d a*. AMTBD?SIX SEAMSTRESSES IMMEDIATELY, TO work ou military Jackets, a; 207 Went H.tietli atreet WlTAWTBD.?OPERATORS, WITH THEIR OWN MA TT chines, ou coatn; alao a reliable and capable man to ?fake charge of the work. Apply at Bp xdw.i r ? ?? "117*ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED WAITER CIRL, IN "1! a private family, bhu must btlng tiie beat city recom ^Bendatloua. Apply after 9 o'clock at 201 Greene at. WANTED-A OOOD COOK TO GO A SHORT DIS* tance In the country. Apply at 43 Barclay at., from 9 <o lOo'clock, on Friday morning, with reference*. TOANTED?A PROTESTANT OIRL TO DO GENERAL *T bounework; niuat be a good co-'k, wa?her and iioner, ?nd come well recommeinled. Apply at 103 We?t 13tb at. niTANTBD-A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF IJUlLDliEN "?_and a**l*t In hou*. work. Apply, after 10 A-lock A. M., ?mt 137 Bant 30th st. "^XrANTED?A FULLY COMPLTENT OPERATOR ON TT Bftrtholl'* Alao good cloak maker*. Apply ?to Charlotte 0. Smith, I,t42 Umaduay, corner of 2t>th tl. w ?tone rr.( Mrat floor, front room. AMTBD?A OOOD OPERATOR ON SINGER'S 8EW lngmachine; one who uuder*L:inda ?orkingou intnU, other need apply. Call at l-H Atlantic at., Brooklyn, WANTED-A GOOD, SMARJG1RUTO DO GENERAL housework In a an.all lamlly ou St ?ien lalaud, where ??he Will have a gjodhome^ muat be u good n-aaherand iroucr, ?and oome well recommended. Ap, ly at 63 John st. "W ANTED?A GIRL. WHO IS A OOOD PLAIN COOK and hr*t rate washer and Iron. r. The beat of city refe s required. Apply between V and 12 o'clock at 7H2dave., the basement. \KTANTED?A LAUNDRESS IN A PRIVATE FAMILY" ' YT must be willing to asalat with other work In the house Apply, wUth rwfbrences, thla morn lug, between 9 aud 12 ?VaCafc, at MT West 88th st. TOTANTED-AN operator on a groyer a baker Tr sewing machine, at 361 Broadway. KXTANTED?A GERMAN GIRL; MUST BE A COMPE v? tent cook, and be willing to a*al*t In washing aud iron <ng. Apply at 39 Bond st. WANTED?A 8IHL AS PLAIN COOK >iND GOOD Waaher and IruDer. Apply lor two days in Pacltiv *4., A houae weal *< Clove road, Brooklyn. *lirANTED?THBBB SALESWOMEN FOR EMBROIDER' * J" lea four for millinery aud two to make up lac* goods' Jfone but those acquainted need apply, this day, at 223 8th "WANTED?IN A PBIVATB AMERICAN FAMILY, BY VT a German glrl, who can apeak a Utile EtiglUli, a *Vua ?flon a* chambermaid and (eamatress, or waltren* and obam tcnpald. Call at 388 Peart *t. "?rANTED?A MKL, AS LAUNDRESS. NONB BUT if? those accustomed to washing need apply. MusAbea ?Brat rate Iroucr. Apply at 80 White st., east of and near ?Broadway. WIT-ANTED?A COMPETENT SALESWOMAN, IN A MIL VT llnery store; reference* required. Apply at 999 Broad way, aear 30th-*t< HELP WASTED-MALKH. TT^ AND WIPB WANTED-TO TAKE CABB OF A JO. country residence, feed the stock. Ac.; ba must have 91,900 to loan on the beat security: salary 8.100 per annum And board. Full particulars at 982 Broadway, np atalrs, General Agency. A TOUNO MAN, WHO WRITES WELL, IS QUICK J\. anil correct al figure*, and lia* some knowledge of Bookkeeping, may And employment at 113 Maldea lane, cor '>*rof Pearl s t reefc iTVBUO CLERK WANTED?AT 426 EAST HOUSTON U street. rfAFFICE ERRAND BOY WANTED?WELL R>M>iM V mended, honest, willing and acqnalnte<l with the city. JTatr wages paid; ofilee reapectaol*; duties light. Address box 3,832 Poet office, slating age, particular* and refenuicr. WANTED-AN APOTHECARY; ONE ACCUSTOMED to the prescription buslH' a>. Also, one for generel ?mork. Mu<t have Ike best reference* aa to churx tei an l jsapsbillty. Apply te Carle A Strong, 133 Water aU, corner of :ilildflt la-ic. WANTED?FOR A WHALINO VOYAGE OK ONE year, four, stout, young men, Apply this day at W ?West st., oirner of Rentoi, ANTED?SIX MEN FOR MTYMERS, TWO CON ? Tl due-tor*, three porter*, tw n.;." tor trades clerk for .? fuachlne shop, two brakemen, 1.. to travel, two c!?rt? or grocery stores, one barkeeper. Apply at No. 7 Chatham ^aqaare. f|XTANTED?A FIRST CLASS .SALESMAN, AND NO T? other, in a Broadway hat ami fur siore. One thoroughly (acquainted with the trade, and wi ling to devote hi* time anil, Italentc to biteln-**, plcaxe addreat bo- 190 il r.tld o'licc ?tatlngsalarj expected, Ac. HtlTANTED?A 8TRONO, ACTIVE BOY OR YOU NO TT man, u> drive a truck lor a Hour aad feet! stvrvand mike (himself generally useful. On-.- aequa'ntcd with the busings referred; ir.ust bring good rvfereii'-e*. Apply nt 24 l'cd ANTEL)?THRIVE FIRST CLASS SALESMEN; ONE for dressitoodnand two for the eloik an I ?htwl i!e itmeut. Call at Carum, Plunkett .i M .-Culli'uglrs, >??. 240 wery. t?r ANTED.?A YOU NO OR MIDDLE AGED >! \N, HAY 'TT ing I rom $26 to $40 in cash. ran meet with ngood ?tatl>>n; H ilary $t> a week; unite l>\>t an American need apply, I"-* 'v, at the Mat "laLUS Chemical Co., i33 Btvad'.vay, rooiii *o.l0. _ ,r ANTRO?TIIIS DAY. 6 TO 12 ORES* HAM)-: ro* a short voyage la a good ship. All <'lotliiny furnished. / at No. 166 Mfc ; > lane, cm door from Sojib St., .p r?, Iti shipping oi -n. W ^yourn wantkd.?a s>r \?rr, industrious youth, 1 JL not afraid of hard work, with a thorough kiiowl.-.J he retail clothing Vrjlmas, may address, with icfercnct ?. M. V., Bowery < ( ? ?.ii pC< i.ip.riy, 1WBowery. 3 A DAY.?AOENT8 WANTED, TO CANVASS l UK city and count} I'm- a .-.ileable ucw bonk, about uurl. n i of female society living :n New York. Comi'ii-slonsover I half. Apply to M. 41) WaHer at., top Moor. |?-| A A PER MONTH -AGENTS FOSOTVELY MAKE pXUU it s-iling Dodin * Patent Hem folder and Tucking ange, adapted for machine or iiaml sewing, ami nth-r ar. del of ready sale. Call on nr adJre>s Joseph Dndln. 23 >uane at., near CbaLkau , N. Y. Ml A A -WANTED, A SMAKT YOI'NO MAN, TO OPEN -flpiUl/. an I like Ui iiiiilalo, N. Y., ami take the e?ch sue Wholesale agency fur all of Lloyd's j;at Military Mans, 'Which sell like the wind. Sim) is siifflelent capital. To? a Voting man who will follow insirit'-tious $10M per week may 'Be made. Also, agents to go to Albany, S. Y.: Milwauke e Wisconsin, Connecticut. Canada, Detroit, I mil.i mi p.,.'is and Rochester, N. Y., and every other State. Call at LLOYD S, >(o. 164 Broadway. )?Pno -WANTED, AN ENTERPRISING MAN, TO 00 ?')UU. to California and take the exclusive agency for Jul of Lloyd's greet Military Maps. A fortune can Ire made on ttliesc maps in California. Ov r 3,1)1/0,UU) copies of one of my naps have been sold lr. the States Also, a man logo ?o Havana. J. T. LLOYD, 164 Broadway. THE WAR. ' t AVALUY.?YAGAN r, FIRST and SECOND LIEI'TEN O aneles of cava*,..; to he disposed of. for a lit w regiment uthorlzcd by tbe \S.. Department. poatils rceltcd by ddreasing Cavalry, Herald ullice. TACKSON LIGHT ARTILLERY?HEADQUARTERS J 236 O and etrret corner oi the Bowery. Best pay and ?e?t arm of lie service. Or m and men want" ,1 to till company C, 'Japtiii Utbson, ui said reeime t At ply as kbore. captain GIBSON. RESTAIUANTS. TREAT FOR THE FANCY.?THEY SAY, AND everybody believes It, that III) on tan beat the llllirli at fc> William street; but a n .v ity to be seen is the man who Tas found dr ink in Beaulort. VYSTFRS.?Tilr. BEST KTF.W3. THE finest ROASTS, ' the largest l'ri >. ?n<i t'ne tmimme'.h K.nldle K )t"ks _i nlw'vs lie found at LIHUY'S, I.W Fulton street, n>-ar he Heru.d olllee. N.B.?Oysters >peued without cracking, ' ereby avoiding lino piec s of sbclL 8 ALBS AT AT'CTIO*. Am. i? oh \pman a ro.. auctionbkrs . ? rare opiiortumt)' (or hom ck?ei era ut.d dealers. MAtlM. 'lOKMT HOUSEHOLD FUBM1TUBE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Tho i roperly of a family declining housekeeping, on this day, Thursday. Nov. 14, at il>>4 o'clock, ?t the residence of Lemuel librk, K*i . No M ** ??' Sixteenth street, betwren Kwih and Sixth sveoue*. The catalogue cK?iiipii*e* the largost and rlehesi assortment of Household Furniture offered at mtinai this seusuu Sale |>erempu>ry. Erny article positively wild to (tie highest rudder. SUPERB SEVEN AND A HALF OCTAVE BOSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. ROSEWOOD PARLOR 8UIT, VELVET CARPETS. BRONEK CHANDELIERS. EMBROIDERED CURTAINS, EXTENSION TABLE, BUFFhT, CHINA, tiLASS, MLVFRWAR14, ROSEWOOD AND MAIIOCANY BEDROOM FURNITURE, Parlors?Kosewood Sulla,' overed m lit> ?!ik. bna-aiel, ?!?:? Arm Chaira, Reception Chairs, Ti t a-ieie, S.ifaa, oval lurk Arm Chair.,, rwewo.Hi Etegeres, aiaiuarv marble tops, lined with satinwood; Secretaire ami Bis'ktcase, p ite glas* doors; Outre Tables, to match the Suits, Lady ? vVork Table, In laid with pearl; antique and gothlc Reception Chairs, co vered with India satin . King's Patent Reclining Chaira, co Tared with velvet; Elo-iignt? i:i a Curia1'*, Oil Paintings, Uy eminent artiata; two superb Marine Views, by Ketcbei; Holy Family, cop, of the celebrated iialuiwig in the Louvre Clal lery, Paris; Winter Sirne, Fruit Piece, French Line En grmvlnga, embroidered Iait Curtains, Bionr.e Clock, marble Kttliurr, Chlu.i Vases, Ornaments, .tr. 7>, OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, CANTERBURY STOOL AND COVER: Walnut Hataiand, Chaira, Oilcloth, Velvet Stair Carpel, 811 ?er 1"? ed Rods. D'uliig Room?Hertz Extension TsMe, oak Buffet, Ann Chaira, Coil. h. t hlni Dinner set III) pteoea; aolld 8llrorwiire, 8ii"U5cld Table Cutlery, ailver plated Caster, Spooni", Forks, Napkin Rings, Cone* Urn, Silvers, Table Linen Bedroom*? Rosewood Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads. style of Loula XIV.; Commodes, Wathsland*, T?He? T?Mes, Amnur-atllare, 14 fine Hair Mattresses, Plgot's patent Spring Mattresses. It pair Woollen Htaukala, 24 Sheets, 30 Pillow Caaea, Counterpanes, McOraw'a Sofa, Bedstead, Chaira, Rockers, Corner Sianda. Also'ull the Fur niture of the servants' apartment*. 8 raucer? wishing to at tend thlaaale fiow the Astor Home, 8t. N o mia* or Metro politan Hotels, take the Fifth avenue ata^es or Sixth avenue cara or ata^je.a, and atop at Siileenth atreat, near tha kouae. AD. CAULKIN8, AUCTIONEER. MORTOAUE HALE. Rich and coaily llouaehold Furnltnra, Stogant rosewood Pianoforte, Rosewood Parlor SitlU In broi atei, Valuable PalntlnKa, Ai ilatle Bromtea, Marble Oronpa, Ac. I This day iTmrailay), Nov. 14. at the eb tfnnt private ri al- | dance 218 West Fourteenth street, near Eli hth aveuue, Commencing at 10)^ o'olo k. The aale comprises the entire eontents of the house. The elegant pnrlor furnltnre waa made to order, and la in solid roaewiHid. The whole will tie sold to the hlghi at bidder for rush, offering extra Itidmi ments to purehaiera, a* the entire I furniture of the house la m arly new, and muat be sold to cioae the mortKnge. Elegant roaewooil wvn octave Pianoforte, with all modem Improvement*, oversti'".K h. ??, v" rl keys, Ac.; Cost Rich rosewood Stool, covered In aatln, and embrolded Cover; three elcganifuit Suitv of rosewood Parlor Furniture. In rli'h bn? ade and aat.u ; i ">? wimm! Eiegerea. splendid ana cosily Parian Ornaments, l , 'il \ aai s, A, ; alao, a macn t c nt collection ?>( rare Paintincs, roaewond Turkish Easy Chairs, in tine reps; rosewood Centre and Hide marble top Tables, richly carved. Chamber Suits, In roaewood and mahogany; Bureaus, carved Bedstead*. Washsia , i.. Sola Beds, in nue hain loth; ten pure Hair Mattresses, Hom lurty tollfty pounds, made to order ami til excellent condition. Dining Kihiui Furniture, consisting of fine oak Eitenslon Table, Silverware, rich China, Ivory and S.Uer t'ntlery. Forks, S)0 >ns, Ac., with heavy cut and rnfrared Glassware of erery description. Sale positive. By virtue of chattel mortgage. ASStONEK S 8AI E.?HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FbR NITURK AT PUkLUfcAUCTION. POSITIVE PEHKMITORV SALK OF EI4J0ANT FIRST CLASS FURNITURE. This day, (Thursday), November 14, at II o'clo k precisely, the beautiful Parlor, Dining Room, Chamber and Library Furnlmre In the dwelling house tjd Kast Twenty-sevenin street, l? ween Lexington and Fourth avenues, all of which la new, having been recently made, and comprises everything adapted to a rashlonable and elegantly Yornlshcd residence; the whole to be peremptorily sold tor < ash. consisting of English Velvet and Tapestry rarpets: elegant rosewood Par lor Suits, comprising three full stilts, richly carved, all which are covered in rich ailk bro atol snd green reps, sod of the heat description; ro-ewood Centre and Pier Tables. Turkish Chaira, covered in gieen silk brocaiel; rich Landscape Shades, rosewood Etcgetv, style of Lu ii? XVI.; rldi Sevres and Dr>('trii Mtniel Vases, Bisijtie FIkuis'. Artistic Brontes, Parlor Ornaments, two elegant 7 octave Pianofortes, Music Cabinet, 8i?hiI and Cover, elegant rosewood Bedroom Suits, comprising Bedstead, Bureaus, Washsiand, CommiKles and Centre Tab es, Spring and llalr Mattresses, Bolsters, Pillows, mahogunv Solas, Lounges, Chairs, Rockers, Bedsteads, Bu reaus, Tables, Mirrors, Clocks, Biaiikets, olack aaluut Ex teuslon Table, in tbogany Bookcase, solid black walnut Buf fet, Bookcase, Chairs and Tables, <j:.o.s, China and Silver ware. Table Cutlery, llnll Stand ami Chairs, Chandelier, Ac. Cnialogues at house. Sale positive, rnin or shine. Purchasers cnti nave their :oods carted, packed or siilpped by reliable persons, who wi I be in attendance for that purpose. A2SW2SFK TS2& * ?>.. AucT,oN. O'flock. Ht the urluntn rr.fin?"No' 71'' w" 'Si" d*?. ?' 2 street ?e?r Sut.i avenue & JdbTnr ?' W,,''?Tw'M"/-?'?tU ?ton, Esq. S.ile, peremptory t? fh. k ,f,M."rl"n Llvlag nig 011 Parlor Sum coverotPwith case, Centre Tables, to '? . ..r un. r^1 SL*'errM Carpets, Mirrors, Vs^ Rnmil011i ?h:ul"?rc?ocks, ?legaot solid Rnaewood r, B1, 1 "'l1'?*'. Slatuary, hury, Hatstand, Oil,.lot;. St 1"Vruiii n^?V'"PV,C'lnl*r B'.dllriKU, Washatand- 11 , , u m !? ?' Bureaus, Blankets, Cnunu-riiAii.' i,*""'""fN feather Beds. Bedstead* Eu,Mlll|, ,? 1 McHraw snd TV* Hets, j,?,.v hsi) j^, fc. C,:'"v *>lnner Forks and Ckstofa; ,v 1 'ueu rV! '"ft* SKSr ' te Sn/ri KHOES, Prunell, Velvet, Rid* I^,h-r K-w ?to?mkk.s us?j ture boxed and shipped to all uSl^ Ar n~H'"l,,?1hol<1 Furm. wagon, for. fur.? ^ w ur f Covered tnrniture stored. ure 10 ?'><? fiointhe country. lor flu U, ra? J"J ? I,n P?r? "f rnwwood |>?r Et'gereV; fZ^Cp," "/i n'?W??7 Centre Table! Brusseii, Three-ply and lariiun *,rr"?, Velvet, hogany Secretary ind Lbr^Il.s},,!,?' "n,i m*. enamelled Bedroom Suit* foesib,. n ?"ed "'alnut anil ?lead.. Wardrobe* Waahlu t.7-1 Bu7?u*. French Bed. Hnlr ?WaUreai^i^JviUher Be< .!R'''IIIM'd^sllsviii)| Standi ^gvgarja'iBjBfe,>i^t. Vay hir'and t JJumo/l SjKjST! ">>lyfe ly a tiortffBuiv a' ??? l>o>rttMud to mhUh AI?o about % do/on P^m-'v Pen* w F*nc* *?P". and3&> WnkKbtar M"K2ig -'aTy^is;^" II018EJIOLP er< and the trade, This afUrrufin^fni' h""?' keep, dwelling lio>me >fo. J? Eivet Twenty aevl-ni'h i "lr larc'' Fourth avenue, i-oimimini of iCK street, east ot Steal and Cover; our, rosewood 1'irfo. s?,i. Ve |,f,"""'?"le, i aor md maroon bro?ttl* two do biei^ ?"vrrnf In , ,l.n I jgr< ??? rep* and and ?ni>i k * w*lnutT coreritd in ; Tables, Eiegp,,.a, Bookntn 11*? tLL' Centre Shadea, Olbek*, rosewood ana ?"?kcate, Curtains, 1 Bureau,, WasbsUndJ* Sofia "h-iil'*''"J*""* ?<"lsie?ds, Blwnke.H, Il?|, Mnttn^.. B^ldlnir M. ? Tnl.l.V unrl ingrain Carpets TiMlvlnil,!. !1, Br is?e'S Chlua 2?d Silvw Waie ? Tttbte^uii.^ S! ?l?a?, tts&ttssg- 5-'""v awsa aJ: Hocking and oiber t hai). PI.? uS' U'tl li,u k"' ">"ha;:arn Wai-dre* ?s, Bo "il?.e, ,,^.1, r' "?'?> other Bedaionds; two go d Walshes ? 'loll or walniit and other I ihree plv and other Carpets- ti ru th. Brus.-els, | ".resses, Feather Beds "fJokVn./if? . "ir i"ul "1"-1 M"t Bedding. Chandeliers! ouj k^nlu.u\.,'\"'J''n.' 'h thiiteeu nevond band t.'jin.'u H^, I Kiu-beiiwai"; .il?,j Attorney. v,aip,.ia. By urdej-of Juiues Whiting, PAWNBROKERS SALE?W N LEWIS"\tnT~Jv77 '0O'el'sTk. By order of J. B. A ,;. Slmpifon. com,n<!11? at S, VJiSW^'KTOBi -**" rday, xov tVUiam ?tr. t:i, ilou>euolu ru lilt 1 . 1 '""" *n 1 ""'til .f-.irtr.wM , 1 |{,.<fV.,'h 1,1 a general a very tine Sorrel Mtirt s vim ,1 . a1bi stjilUidriver, Jkc. ' ' about 10 bands bl^h, BtVMMDAlsJ i A I'IANoK.IHTU sul'sti iber mniV;<;> ????:? 'or -be I ? V"* " -'uiHm.wV;4^?'.ffMl:y !'lr^d^ f' " ?^V'^ . _ M. i.i | fNO ttOH. I A ^ ^ v \ r.'iT i? a i, society w hi, 1 * I verley plaee, be.wVe'nf 7/eiw-k.''' W* KNI<i,'T ; A A',b???^*Bn F0fofl^iNiM,l'SI'' 0K eVMy deschictTov Asii cheap again, jiualc s-r.t for ii -re,": j i'!I V ' ' "??''? 0 taJu 4 lcjjin iu niwuM |ur1 "*"?? Le'l,-'s taust con* A. WlXUl/ltMANV. CIS Broadway. I SrSTHUCTIO^ A K1?J?,"t lnsmutel-.M!i5Ki.!.*f; 'x!.UjK"f- ,1h Aiftt LI SK, teacher of renV,ii?.h.., i?7?!"'ht JA*1E? W. v A NT, ?: RA >?,i, v, -t[ .oi'i V'KN, s: ;"r.,;;:;-i.;''d gffli 5 .vnd BR?A> I'. S1KATTUN, I'acKaKO* I'KN.N. 'i'l'ncip'l^ ^ KKK.VCU ADVERTISEIIEvrs. ~~ H" JJKMANDE-UNK CL'ISINIERE l iiiM' HOARDING A1YD M)DQI!VG. An am kmc an widow lady, without family, would Hour I a geut'emisn ?n ;i Kentlcman am! wife; ! home comfort* uisuroo. Address liomd, station U. fourth ! si reel. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, LI VINO IN A DE Mchtful neighborhood, Would like to lake ti few tlrst eUaft Bosrdeni, to lonu a pleasant lamth circle for the winter. Apply at yt> Ksst Tweuty-Urst street, G.ameriy l'ayfc. AT 18 WEST TWENTY FIFTH STREET?A 11AND sornely tin nlshed third story front room, with alcove ami |>autry. Tern.-* reason.tb'e Convenient lo cai? and stages. Dmm-ratslx, Refer* d ~es exuiuugcHl, A GENTLEMAN AND WIFK, OP TWO SINGLE GEN tlvmcn, ran obtain Board In a private family. Ooud board and a pleasant home, at 171 Fourth ma-t'i, near Sixth avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFK OH TWO OH THREE ja. stable gentlemen may obtain pleasant Ktionia. with Ho rd, in a private family ot adults, wbm the coinforta t4 a home may be enjoyed by apply iug at U7 Slxteouth street. Reierences required. AT 126 NINTU STREET. A FKW DOORS WKST ?*F Brosdway.?A Suit of front H'?oins, with Board, con sisting of 1'srfor, two Bedrooms and )?ath room. Aise single Kown.ii. Boat of rcfureoc?M.given and required. A FRENCH FAMILY WILL LET A PARLOR AND Bedroom, communicating, second story, with brat chus ltttard, at a very ui?Hierate price. Apply at 10 Weal Thir u enth street, near Fifth avenue. Aphivatk family. having ONE <fR TWO FUR. tuahed l&tajms, would let them to a gentleman and wife. The house haa all the modern improvements and all the cook tug utcuslls necessary for housekeeping. Would give the privilege of front bane meet for ookinj and dining. Ap ply at 19ft west Tweuty-seventh atreet. Board-fob 10 or d horses, in the country; terms ft I per week. Apply to M. BRETT, 25 Bowery, tor one weak. Board.?several pleasant and well fur nished Rooms, with Board, at 83 Canton place, m ar Fifth avcuue. Dinner at six o'clock. BOARD-from seven TO EIOHT DOLLARS PER week, fer two persons, in a handsome new uruwn atone house; rooms on second floor; hot arid cokl water, gaa and bath. Location pleasant and convenient. Private table if desired. Addreas Comfort, Union square Post onice. Board.?one or two single gentlemen, or a gentleman and wife, wishing a comfortable home, can hare a handsomely furnished front Room, ou second lloor, with good Board, at a moderate price, in a brat eia*s house, by catling at 119^ Ea?l Thirteenth street. Board and room?or fine suit of rooms on second floor; new furniture; freestone house; every u oic?n convenience, with a retired widow lady; choice of rooms; perfect neatness(guaranteed. 6lJ West rortytlfth street, ttiree doors from Sixth avenue. Board wanted-by a gentleman and wife and a child three years old, in a reapei table family, lo cated lel>w Sixteenth street, and near Broadway, or con venient to Jersey City terry; prioe not to exceed lorty dol lars per mouth. Address v. u.t box 150 Herald otlioe, for two daya. * Board wanted-by a young lady, in a pri vate family or where there are but few other b? a der* taken. Teriua not to exceed $3 50 per week. AUdreaa K. U.f lleiald oilice. Board wanted?a lady wuhies an unfur uished Room, with Board when disengaged from her hoataesaof nur&ing. Address, stating terms and location, Mrs. W., 510 Broadvtay, basement. Board wanted-by a young man, west of liroadway atid l>elow Fourteenth street; private family preferred. Andreas, suting terms, conveniences, Ac., K. G. II., boa 175 Herald otlice. Board wanted-by an eminent musical pro lessor, in a nrst class bouse with but few hoarders, and where lessons wilt be tukcu in part payment; location from Ninth to Eighteenth street* and bet Ween Fourth and Sixth avcuues; highest relereuce given. Address M. M, cars ol Chickoring <t Sons, 6m Broadway. Furnished rooms in a plain private fami lv oi a widowd.idy, with everything furnished lor house keeping, and cooking store, where the comforts of a home cun be enjoyed; would board one child. Terms reasonable. References exchanged. Inquire at 109 East Thirty-second street, corner oi Third avenue. IjlURNISHED apartments.?LARGE FRONT ROOM, with closets, gas, stove, Ac.;*hao a Silting Room an i Bedroom adjoining; rooms are suitable for gentlemen, with or without partial Boird, or facilities would be given to par ties keeping house. 47 Amity street, near Broadway. Hotel lodging* ?clean single ROOMS, PROM $1 50, $1 2r? utoi $1 per week, or 25 cents a niijht, at tne Manhattan House, i;entre street, one block froni City Hail Park. Strangers will mid tins a couilortable, to ?top at. Hotel lodgings ?com portable single rooms from $1 2*? to $1 50 a week, or 25 cents a nigut, at the t u <?n Hotel, ltiti Prince street, c<rner ot TliompMm. Meals at all hours. Open all night. Accommodations lor over 150 persons. MRS. E. MONROE, ELECTRICIAN.?ladies CAN OB tain good Boar'. Ainl Medical Attendance at Zti Watts street, next door to Varick. vro. 7 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, CORNER OF 1.1 Broadwiy (Msdisou square), l'uruished Parlors and Hedrooms to let. Rooms to let-with or without board, in a private house, with all tin; improvements. Inquire at 73 West T wenty-second street. Reicrences required. rpwo SUITS OF LARGE, ELEGANTLY FURNISHED X Rooms, fronting on Broadway, iii the vicinity of fifth Avenue Hotel, to let, with or without full or partial Hoard, or piivute table. Also Rooms for g<utlemen, on uncom monly moderate terms, at 910 Broadway. 1 n BOND STREET?FINE furnished ROOMS. EN 1?J suite and single, on second and ihlid lloors, with Board. Terms moderate. Very oeutral Uxation for winter. O.I UNIVERSITY PLACE, CORNER OF NINTH T mreet.?A suit of very d 'sliatle Rooms, suitable for a lannly, with full Board, to let; also several single Rooms. A limited uumWr of Kentlemen can be accommodated with meala Relerencea exchanged. Dinner at b o'clock. or AND 57 WEST THIRTIETH STREET.?ONE OR Q*J two select families and two or three gen He men, can now bo accommodated v. Ith suits or single Rooms In one of tne most delightful 1.Gallons. The houses are new aud newly furnished, sKuated between Broadway and Filth avenue. Table brsi dan; refer, noe*aachanged. r/* BAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, TWO DOORS UU from I'nlon square.?A Suit of front Rooms. handsnrn. - 1/ r?ir?ii?ib'?<l, to l?*t, wRh Board. The house has all the modern tmprovemeats. Ketereuces exchanged. Dinner at nix o'clock. On() THIKTY-SKCOND STREET, BETWEEN ElOHTH ?\jyj ami N1 ith avenue*.?Koomx, nieeiy f urnlshed, t^? with Boa ill, iii ik brown stone ironi house, with mo.Wn <-or>> veiiiences a lid in a very deklraldr 1'muuuo. Ca.i at the bou-e, or address J. L. P., box 2,fi09 Pout offloe. SALKH OF RKArL KHTATK. I JOB HALE?A GOOD FARM OF 70 ACRES, CHEAP, 30 miles on Look island; 62 acres tillable; goad fruit, watw, 4lz. ; out* nnd h half story house, liirjre barn, &?:. Good loca tion for a store or a mechanic. IVrmt easy. It. BLAKE, 11 Chamber street. IjlOH HALE?A SMALL STOCK OK CLOTHS, CA8SJ. mers, Vesting*, Velveteens, A<\ (about fur whh h we would like a good farm really worth about the nam** umouut, free from incumbrance, either wi.h or without block. F. D. RICHARDSON .I CO., Nos. *1 an*l M Nassau street. lilOR SALE OK EXCHANGE-TWO BROWN STONH I1 front Houses and two v?:?r i I o*s, in Forty.nrrh strerf, for uu.-rciia?^i*e or a farm; aU > * Hon*.; in St'*oiou street, for Brookjvn properly. Apply t> JL H. DO.VNKLLON, northw*"tmirner of New Bowery and Chauib*.? street. L^OR SALE OH EXCHANQE-$4,0G0 WORTH OK F marble .a the rough, auitable for building purposes; a'.so by same owner i'i.UUO woith of fishing m**? reuit^ pounds, pockets, draga, boats, k* 'tie*. belonging lo a fhst class fishery. F. D. RICH \ RD? ON /* HI, SJ an.I 'I Na.. . sfroet. IOTS IN THE CITY OP NEWARK AND ROME MONEY J are offered for a ib slrablo residence ?!i this city or lirooklv*), or a*o <d productive f rm In New Jeiv y or near the ?ity. hOLJTllWH K jt WOOD, ONE OF THE BEST CIIANCES TO OET IN AN OLD establlsheu staple bu*tu?; 'ion - entirely lor ? ast, is ottered on llbe.til term*. Wiil exchange ior h good lurta or moierate oountrv seat. SOIJ'HWICK A WOOD, >2 Nassau sine1. FOR HAMS, AN t:LD ESTAIJLI.MIED FIRfcT 01 \ BAKERY FOB . rti'.ti?Now Ooing a good busin*^; !?/ . t. ? I on a ?-?? 1 business avenue; will s-ll it at. a IVit pi Tnis is a rare chan*-* to eel a ;;ood business. For uuiticohus apply at MITCHELL'S Biu-iness Agency, No. 7/ Cedar street, near Brta l\v4y. IfOll SALE?THE NEATEST JJ'JTIJi HAJrKOOM IN th - city, thrc? d ?ors front Mron tw.i;, with da-eliius ac taclu il, live rooms: a ?ood location, ? ?oy m. table tor .i f?dy. Inquire at THAYEHS' ale vaults and oyster hou-e, 4&J JSi osiivvay. I?OH SALE.?A 8FLKND!D NEW MILCH COW, WITH JL a C til by her nnle; warrau d to mi k i \s ent> -.-ix quar h Hoik p-.TtJi\y: al.-o o in ike fourteen pounds butter pc;i .\e k. Apply at J'5o Ea'it Twent^-hfih street. T^OR SALE?TIIIS LIQUOR PTOBE, IN'CLTDLN'1 STOCK I1 and Fixture*, earner of Thtrty.ninth street and Third av^-nae. Inuuir.'ln the store at *he < ore r oi t'm ty-utiilti sir et and seventh avenue, of Plliljlt' URAY, for two days. OHADES AND OYSTER SALOON, NEAR BBOADWAV, O ?:?d t auperlor location, handsniiirly tut? d uj> and fur ni^li'-d, lon^ ami iavoiabie lease, and *ioin >.% busmw* for sale, at a at b. ixain, In consequence o. ill h?.?<l?h ? i 'he the owner. SOl/Tif WICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. HOI SICS, ROOMS, M.. TO LET. t 1KIVATE FAMILY WILL LEV TWO WKLL i ! K J\ nished Apariments. Krontrooins, facilities for house keeping, bath, jjas, Ac. Good location, live minutes' walk lrnm the ferry. 151 York Street, Jersey City. Uood reic renees required. STORE TO LET-CORNER OP AVENUE IJ AND Fifteenth street. Size feet; alto the Basu ieai, sjtme si/e. Rent low? per m?>utb. Inquire ot Mi. Dodin. & ) Avenue (!. rno LET?THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC FRAME JL House, wiih two Lots of ground, shunted on Fir.-u ave nue, betwoen Fifty-el ;hth and Fifty-ninth streets. Hoii*e contains nine room??. To a good tenaiu rent low until l?i oi May. Apply to I'W East Thu ty*second street. rro LET?THE WHOLE OR PART 04-' A THREE STORY JL snd basement H?? ;?e, furnished or tinfuntis^ed. Wi;l be let low to the 1st of May. Apply at 1J7 West Houston girt-off near MscJou^ai. HORSES, CABIlUGE^ &r. A NICK BOCICAWaV, NKAIiLY NEW, TO SX for a w horse; or would fa :e .? h? r - lui hi# k- p through the winter; or would ire a man and r t? c*rt ( tail. Apptynt n 1 Barijw s c~ n o.h v, lootol il ht. LXCIUSIO^S. / HIE A I' EXCl'RSION* TO C VMBaON STATES' ISLAND. V y Fare six eenLi by Staten Island U rry, foot ?>? Wldieball sfreef, i.etwem the Fattery aril South ferrv. RoaU It ave every hoi i from 6 AM. to 7 P. M. On Unt Sundavn tv&iw half hour to 7 P. M. _ TOO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION. AMA.V WITH SOVIK 0ATIUL, OF SIKADV HAULM anil fair ImisId ??*-?? ?}wl ?<???. wnnti to got in:* * ?me pro. tiuible and respectable nuaui mm h * money niveau to be secoic.t, Adores* bo* gu Herald offli*. Ami! li i: J> HOUIX fAXTID-rOR A GOOD teit.ij? ?, wliu vx ill pay a montt* if the u-mae i* wo^th U. Most be oem rally located, below Twentieth stro?t. Apply at 343 fourth avenue. A CLAIRVOYANT WHO HAS NO EQUAL?LADIES who a re sick, in trouble or unfortunate, cuti conauti her with the stricte-t confidence. She warrant* to cute the most aggravated case* of rheuma-'lain m a tew day*. wiah t < obtain correct information 01 all eveuts, call aud see Mrs. MILTON, N<?. IK4 VVavorh v pi ire, corner West Tenth street, fio n \i <> < lo. k A. M until8 P. M A perfect 01tHB is guaranteed.?a radical Clin- III alwax s ?Uecta<t In Dr. WARD. No. 12'Laight street. Cures, btwudes, in hall' the oaual uuio and at li.v!<' the charges, Affections c\usi:;> it v mek: t'nv and n-inwiN diseases are Hpotvllly cured by I>r. WARD. 12 Lai^ht street. The Doctor is in constant attendance. Ayovno man. about TWENTY-KOTR years op aije, elegant i.n appearance aud pleasing ad re?s, wishes to lorin the at\iuaintan< e oi a chaining youo*; l?d.v, from id to 22 years of; skin like alabaster, teeth as pearls, hair biauk aa th?x raven, eyea lartfe and luMiuus, ol the same dark hue, whoMi tusjrl' glaie'e a^t onoe thrills and elechti;es the sonl. Such an n x will meet an ardent lover, aud. in all pro bability, an site, donate husband. Addre&s, coutUloutiully, H. M. O. , bo* 174 Herald ollice. T^H. WARD 18 TRKATINO ALL DISEASES OK FE J / male* with extraordinary success. Somethlu* for every body?his Great Henelactur. Office 12 Laight street. FURNITURE.?THE ADVERTISER WOULD LIKE TO buy a general assortmen of Household furniture. A party haviiii; the same, satiable for nan- or a whole house, cheap for cash, will please address tl. Woodbury, s'ation A, Fust office, Sp mx street. New York. Health restored.?time and musky saved b) confuting Dr. l'OVVEUH, with Dr. Ward, 12 La4*ht street. Speedy and permanent cures Without bin (ranee to business. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES ?DISEASES incident I to feitt'ties scientifically treated by Dtt. thiers, No. 62 Sixth aveitile. New York.

IOST?IN FIRST AVENUE, NEAR TIHRW STREET. ion Wedneadey evening, Nov. l.'t, a yellow Kersey HI mkel, marked Lady Jsne. The tinder will receive $10 by It u> 40 Kit at aventra, H. EISNER. 108t LAST k\i:mnw ABOUT r? O'CLftCK, HE J tween 4 > South street and from then e to the impress oilite, and fr? m tUenee by ti e K hth axetitie cars to Twi ty-fUth slui " , an or linary si/ed leather Walteu conUlni ii,' notes aud ( I.o km, ah to the order of Oeo. (J. Miteluxll, and other valuable pap* r*. all of i? ? use to an) other |>- rst Also in bills on tb? New York Kxchftnge Bank, aud one bad $.'? bill. A liberal reward will be paid lor th? same by returning It to the a*il>?r.;rlber, at his olflce. 40 Bouth street. UKO. U. Ml'ftiliKLU 108T?ON TFKSDAY EVENING, I2TH INST., A LADY S J Chased Gold Bracelet, uith For Dear Aniii- II ar en ur?vrd A reward <>( $.'? will Ik* giv*m Uy leaving it at llKi W I Six. ?! 1 h li.'.-l, ,Nr,> York. MiDAXB SA- VA .\i s DANCING ACAUSNY is oj*?n every afternoon from a to 5 o'clo k, and erery evening from / to 10, at her new and elegant Rooms, Broadway, comer of Houston street, second lloor, Gsuer-il pra<-ti< e tont^it. MADAMS MILTON, THE UNEQUALLED CLAfR voyatit, can In* consulted on ail affairs 01 die, buMiotss or ntMic.u. Sue in the only lady who cau teuton- drunk tt or unfaithful husb.ind-, and rliu: n^eth'T tlcse long sepa tat* '. Victim* of misplaced coubdmice m clairvoyant pr? ti'ii.itTH v\o\?Ul do well Im nail and 1 -1 her skill N. 11?All aft or strictly ronibleiitJal. Ollice 4 > Went ftotb street, or 1*4 Wav-riey puce, corner of W?it l nih street. NB.-WIIO HAS not HtAiD <>F TBIQELEBKA ? ted Mm-. PREWsTKK, uli.i has 6. cm con suited by thousands in this and other cities with entire sans action? Sho train confident tJiat she lias no equal. Nhe iel a ttie uaine of future wile or huHbaud. an 1 of Uor vla.ter. If you 'vi li truth give her a call, at IrtS Thirteenth street, be ow Second avenue. Ladies fto cent.--; gentloin- n Si. PAKT OF A HOUSE WANTE-D IN BROOKLYN.?A respectable AmericAit Inmily, .onsislitig ol two thrown oerson* ai d two children, would list* 10 lure |>art ol a small nous ? or a few rooms uu the second lloor. Tin* locution must be with!*) lwenty minutes ol the Ftiton <n Haunt.on feme#?I'll tec nth, Sixteenth or Seventeenth street*?near Third avenue. Uowanus, preferred. Il-iit moderate. Andres* for two day* T. I'., bo* 12U Herald ollice. PARTNER WANTED-A MAN FAMILIAR WITH THE restaurant business, w.inted in an established eating and barroom; one who can indiienec .Mist ?in, and give unc\ cepdorahje refermices as to honesty, sobriety, Ac., may Ad dress bo* 2,051 Post ollbe. No agen'* treated "with. pARTNKIC WANTED?TO MANUFACTURE AN ARTI J. cle, largely introduced, of great dein md, ne?*e*slt) and economy. A moie than ordinary good chance to make mo ney last, safely and verv a in ly. SOUTH tViCk tt Wilt)I), H2 Nassau afreet. STOLEN?A CHECK DRAWN MY J AH. R RADFORD on the Irving Hank, in favor of l>. 1>. (.Vane, it.r $lfr>, dat< d Nov. Li, IHtll, $0 462. All i>er*onx are hereby ran. tloned agalust negotiating the xame, naym *nt having oe-n stopped. J>. D. CRANE, 4A Jay street. "1ITANTKO?THREK OR FOUR KOO.MS IN A HOlwE n with ??n.! other lauilly, below Kourih street, f??r a famllv ol three per*in*. Apply to Charier II. Field, 2X1 Br??,idway, third lb*>r, oruddre*? Herald ofUee immediately. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFK, THRKR or four Iti.oms, Turmhhed with every convenience for housekeeping, wlthtn : *n minutes' walk from Canal street dock., Htaiir.g terms, James Bunks, station A, Spring street fi>sCoiilce. XATANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY, PART OK A FUR ? ? nisued House, with ooiiveHiancea lor housukecplag. Location must be gmul and terms moderate. Or wouM board with 1 private family where they could have the com forts of a h?js??*\ Address, with particulars, 11. W. Mou; gom^ry, 247 West Twenty-s-em:d street. ANTE!) TO RENT?A FACTORY. IN OR NEAR THE rity of N?nv York. Addr. KS bo* 214 JIcrsM oHiro. 29 REWARD-LOST, ON WEDNESDAY, NOV. M, eltb? ron Bro.nlwr.y, Houston or OaiisI street, a u> ' t'nn/M ur.d two srn.ill g ilrt K:ng;<, family keep aki s. T tinder will receive the anove remaru' by leaving them in the gr ?eery store, southeast corner of Houston and Thompson streets. W CA -WANTED, AN ACTIVE MAN, TO TAKE FULL charge of a lea and collt>e rore, an partner; 3 years' lease of store; Apurimeut** for a fumil) ; . atr'.j ura.i?: of $15 to $40 a day. Apply on the premise*, 234 Blcecker St., near Caroline. fQAA TO IN0.-WAKTED, A PER80H WITH THE OuV above amemt, to join the Advertiser to pi to the est Indies for the eomtna wiiitey, t<? engage in if^bt and profitable business. This will be a rare oppnriunity 7?or sny p*'rf??fl t.? ph?<i th? winter in a mild and heal-.hy c'im ?ie. l??. exce|H4anabie reforenc? s given uimI require.F< r iiivther parii?*ulais enll on, or address for one week, D. >V. 12., X0 tifTenwich str?*?t, N. Y. AOAA ?A SMART YO UNO MAN WITH THIS iDOUU. amount, ^vanted to fake charge of, with an . r4uat ? a .re in un ejoAbltshed good paying punllsning bustness. Address Publisher, box 1UV H'rraid oftlce. POI,TT?r4I. AT A M'KKTlN'? or Till!. MA' iti.MM,villi; demo rratio Club ol tne Seventeen:;) ward, field at 147 K**t Eleventh strei?, on Tr.e. lay evening, Novrmiber 12, l.Sol, tor the purp*?se o> ti??/ >t;u ?r*. the nrrnorrHti.i war hor <?f the Ma?;kerelvilie demoern.y, Mr. Pat i k It.mis, was uusui rn>>h*ty elected 1 a??lrm.'T), Joh.i R'/??d/, Se ctary; Thomas t!os|fTreasurer, and ili.u.nis t^une.uv.ion Sergeant at Arm.s. S rong Unmo iuimetits wore ad'?pf''d by the clab. 'Htr Pres;dent declare V l^at the MnAakoH or the democracy sosll not endors" any bn. ??roori l:nioii candidates ut the coming charter ?1 "Hon. Hoping .?y s ? ??f re? '.Ting to the once quit't nnd pea-1 able uelt? !? ?r!'?".d, weil kr own in the Seventeenth ward, the liajp. 1 ?. d inoep? ty they have-enjoycf herejo.ore. And I. ? ? ) ? r e;/./Invited all good democrats to e-.^rol their nam- s v. *1 lb. On tin Hon the meetingadjour.a 1 ouet ta t- nAmed 1 ?itc tUi.; (ThurMay) evening, At 7,'i oW-k. A MEETING OF TUii SEVr%j]i ?7 A K D t T Ml C L17 B iV will be held ?i No. 55 Ea.-t i?i > idw.ty, ou Tnursday ov.:? ning, Nov. J4, at % o chick. Hy order. OiiAJtL^s JORDAN. President. Patrick Ti.;?k, S" relarv. 4 MEETIX; Or TiJK IS l>l.rKSVKS V I SmSClA3. j\ of 'he Fourth and Sixth wards, will n? held at tne rooms of Mr. Walsh, 4J <; m.'- s.r.-ei, tiiJ? ( i'ii<tr-<il*y) cveiiing, N'-> vetol cr II- Mrttn!/ers .1 ? r-.j, e-.t 1 t, be in aiie.rl ;in r.y as tiusliiess ot ifi -e w I nt* t.ran*ikcfed. Hy order ol IiLNUV UATEMaN, Preaisiciit. Wtr r t.i't WAT.*n. Tr-ii ^'r-r, AMEiuTiNG OF T/iE MOZART \ Ol NO MEN' S I NION fTlubof the ^eveii'centh ward *.vJ:I ?<? held mi I'riday | evening, Nov. 15. iS?>I, at Altcnki ch's Hotel, No. f#av- > A, I corner of First stu-et. Ail racm-jf rs t ?-a c ;.tly r-sji c rfd to attend, as btiHincf H of importance u |!l be tras wu tec. By j order. JOllN KUAjN, Pr-'Hltiint. Jon.s McCarrKT, Si retarv. I rpAMMANY MAI.L-FOL'RTII SENAT? ?KI \L ill^TUI' T. 1 X At a nieetiiig ol (li delc^An s e?c< f d m piusoante to th? tall of the C on m it tee . ,f Tarn?;; my Hall, t> ! no I;.ate Cotineflmen :?>r tn- ho irth So oilot iai district, held I at ? c Ivy Gr? eti, 7-Eon .i.r , J .ha Ciau*^, ol the Si> t 1 >\ ? . was called t > the '-i-alr, Wlfliiru <\> pt -.vel! and Vatri k K- ?n were appointed mm ren.r ch The following nam >1 ? ui 'ti were *. unina'cd * >r Co>inciIui"ii, viz:?John U - b L .ur;li ward; tie A. Hume;, Fifth ward; Mori ? \ ?/" ?. Sixth ward; Jose, pti Hugiu ?<, Seventh ward; J a oca .wai jrd, Eighth ward, and .lam. Ilavs, F ?urte?M.Lti ward. JO!>N OLANCY, Ohairmsn. V 11. L. I AM Ca::TWP.LL / -1 j Patrick K' k.wah, j^*c* Carles. rpHK MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL UNION CLUB JL ul' the SDic-iith a ."i*d ai"-rc?ju?'Sted to meet >1; ihi Utah 11 "use, corner of Eighth avenue and Tweuty-fourtb s'reot, till- evening, .vjv. 11, ui 7>e > : k, .? or t).e clcz-tu i; dele gat s ? JOHN C. HAM, Vice President. Jo?Kpn l one*:*, Secrehir/. 4 Til ALDERMANIC DJST/iH'T?AN ADJOPRNED meeting of toe P?*.ip;e ^ tniou ?:?ub of tie K.? .t? Al Ue; man; , (iistrlct will be held .'*t JloUuic Hall, 61 iuuHt h:uad. way, this (Thursday) even rig, I4ih Inst., at 8 o'clock. Punc tual a Ueudance is r? on k??'< . By order. ROBERT WITITE'!KaD, Pre i'-n*. D W. ORPrtEou'Vic.: Pr nident. Edward D. 8hkkua.n, ? PffTtCR MCLDOOIf, j SeCTLfRIl S. John 1'iUAKK, Treasurer. "I ATI! WARD MECHAND'S* AND WORKINGMEN S 11/ 1 ssociAtlon.?A regular n e.-nini-: f 'uea -ove will be held ?4l?',n?cnant Ha l, 5d Or-: urd s r ?? '' .u.^Uy even ing, ()??:. II. J. H EWING, Preudent. It. II. Skith, Secretary. JOT! WARD UNION CLLii.-'iJE MEMBERS OF IO the aboveolnb arc parilcularl.- rt ? "?? t <1 to the m?et ir? ; fob", held at the V J011 Ho i^e, Twi ntv se ond street on Th rsd.ty ev-mn *, N .\e.ii'1 >r 14. at 7^ o'clock Ry orde* ot TJ do IV HO ?NOLLV, i*ccsidcnt. FhAKCIt R: YNOI.DS. Secretary. ftPORTING, oek and s*ue. lint el's In! il l M.:tige Cure and Flea Exterminator, M cents ji* b??t:J.*. ' P.uiler'H ? 15re. ilitik'. Training. i> mh, <?l lings," $1. > D ?.;? boarded, trained, Ac. Meua . s h.r all di^cses. ok sale-a DornL^ n.\f- uif'i o't*N, kng lieh n a le. To be seen a' tne L:.j i*ess, 101 Nassau a.t.:et F I on sale ciik.u'?on;-: oi' r>\\: hm;? r it v.ian I t.r. ) .1 1111 l:. ill th ? u.ty. t'ui Im ? ??:. ,.j ?t 01 W(M 1 IM "J nui ?ti 11, i? >m on K> U\c u'Wk I'. A Ql'ARKINiJ ?DON r KuitUiiT Ol i> tovi;i; .; OuMfU lO m Hilary H ii?-:it. . K^rtuun^ tl.iil, '?1 V. !i'? Hlrv I, ti< ..r Hiai .wij, thin vrcnlu^, Nuvt-mbur )! Htunmence. ut tt j-rc<*i?oiy. autt9bub*t3. |> ARNl'M'ft ambkloan MUSEUM. (ikkat ohanok ??k ATTRACTIONS. labl l>a?et ani> cublmi bxhliutiom Of three of tbr greatest novlllfii in America, the WHAT fs 111 <rk MAN mkniijs*, ali1ino kaauly, aid SK A uon, The three mor.t extr??rdiuary cn? ..aiiici over found on in? Glo^e?Curl.'?lti*# which the public have n-ver tired of eee ing. and which art* mo miring**, amoving mid interesting that they never will lire of ihctn, jot khey uiuit leave here to give place to other novolttea. They will all i o<. lively LEAVE THE musp.tTM ON TUESDAY. NOV. 19, ntld whi*vet nil* aeelnu them indole that time W ill'be FOREVER TOO LATE. Till then they will in? on exhibition .it a.i hours, dijr aud eveuiug, aa * ill ml no that marveioua an, THE LI VINO hippopotamus, OK, RIVER llORSR. from the River Nile, in kvypi, an Minimal celebrated In an cient end modern, marred ?? ii.lpro' tie history. THE t.kkaf BEHEMOTH OF tlik sciupturbs. whoae gigmm.o ai/e and here lean strength is floured l?y Job. chap, xl., In these words:?"he ester rnetu irou mm ntruw ami brass aa rotten wood',' and who alto *aya? "won TlIK earth THERE is NOT III a LIKE." It la worth four tune* the price of adml?>d >n to tho Mu seum u? see this wonderful animal alone* yet he ia seen wth all the above for the trifling aum of 25 cent*; and abo the MAMMOTH BEAR 8amson. LIVING ELEPHANT TUR TLE, LIVING MONaikh SNAKES. LIVING HAPPY FAM4LY, GRAND aquaria, abounding with living Flah of the moat rare and intereaiiog species, add a million other curiosities iroiu every onartttr of the globe, bcalde that new and universal v admired drama, TI1K ANGEL ok MIDNIGHT, which ha? beeti played the le*t din** week* to crowded and delighted houaea, and will be repeated tii1h am'hiinoon and EVENING, At 5 Mini 7>t oylo' k. Admission to all, cenu. Children under tea, 15 cente. 8pkciai4 notic km. A -FOR THR bbkbfit ur TUB ORPHANS home ami Aavlum of the Proteatant Episcopal Church will be held at the luatltutiou (Forty-ninth attveC, corner or Lexington avenue), on T*. "day, wetliuaday and Thuiaday, the huh. 2tkh andsbt of November. Any Job printbr willing to print a manu. m rlpt of one bundled written foolscap j>agea, aad take p .ytnent weekly or monthly, ou good sei urlty, can address ?. A., Herald office. eu?* eat Glint CITY OK NEW YORK. DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE. Bureau of the Receiver of Tax.-a, Now Court House, i\.rk, Nov. 9, istfl. notice la hereby given that one per cent will be added on the tat day of December on all laxvs remaining Unpaid; atso that two |m*r cent will be added on the l&tli day of December. To avoid mam venture and delay tax pay in a are earnestly estcd not to wall until the laat of this month. e hours from 8 A. m to 2 P. M* jameb KBLLT, reetlveyof Tail. /1AS1I WILL BE *" a11 > kt?h 10.000 OR lflim HKAM.S \J of paiv?r, g.mi<i quality, aize of the New York Herald, at pricoa eurrclt. luquue at thla uillce tlonsionebs VVANTK!) FOR ei uitebn oa8bb OF J 1 mi 1 go?auudry u a kh- shipped t or i?r? at Kaxt' rn, from Liver|mm>l, ouioiwr u, ISnl, b> C. e. dixaon, wr r. and .i. lliuidcrhott, of London; tranhhippod per City of New York ortota r 1 j, 18'/1. t'.)ji>l^ned t<? order. tin* eona gotneut will ue ?1 -llpified upon proper evidence and ncknowl.-.tunifnt irom conaigmeo. ilohl.vnl> A am'IMV all, m South aireet. N'otick.?a gttnkkal MEETING of THE CAULK era of New York and vicinity will be hold at 17-t Madiaon aireet, on Thursday evening, November 14, at omock, on buainc^a of importance to the trade. PRRSON A i?. W, F WAS t.ikkk AT THR app01ktsd tim k. s. mill linda leiter at atatl.^n A. 11-Till k DAY, TIMB AMI'E. A. A. 1) f OLLIE -THERE IS A LETTER IN the buoa1) way Poet otiice, from ai. i^ANNY, bk AT THE DEPOT. thlt1wday, (THIS day), twelve o'clock train?sure. BOBBY. IK MR. SMITH, FROM CORNING, WHO CALLED AT i;is Ninth avenue, <>n Tuea-iay. Nov. i'j, and Inquired tor mia. \V., from the weat Indica. v\iii call at lli Seventh avenuo any day after Friday, he will a?*e the fain ly. ip mi8s JULIBT WILL CALL AT THE broapwat i Po-1 ortl#v?, ahe will r< cejve -i leiii-r irom an tdd iriend. pleuae ttiiawer before Saturday. addrcgn S. P. |k THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OK the PARTIES 1 who accomfumied the two la>Ilea to the t 'rntury liouae* abort time agn, they would l?e pleaded to aee them Friday i.voniny, 11 convenient, at their nuriucncc. nevertheless. Ira r 8. will bb at maillaro slrltis (thurh day j utter noon, at 5 o'eiork, he will meet tho iriend whom h tailed 10 meet at church laat Sunday. I AURA.?YOU MUST COMK AND SEE M k. i can J not re tch you by rote, you know, a*ad 1 tnu>t cominutil eate with you at on< e something of importance which w ill inllueuce our future acquaintance. arthur. V"OTICE,-ik kkanois fkwlne, othkuwise mct xi aunaliy, and John mcanually, or either of thi*m, wll wrlt?r to their lather, Kranoia M?'y, otherwiae MoNally of dnngannoti, in the county ?>t Tyrone, Ireland, baker, tin y will hear irom lilm t?? their advantage, he having now a corn fortahle home for them, and h.*a acquired a goou deal of pro perty aiuce tlymr emigrated. Any one a< elng thla advertise ment and knowing their address would confer a favi r hy letting them know, or any information e?<m-ernlug them would be thankfully received by Mddr?'**lng kimucim McAn nally, Dungannon, county Tyrone, Ireland. Ml.-I BTOPPRD to msb Vni wkunksday ? night, a? cording t<? your requeat, but yon failed to meet me. s?*n 1 me vord through the Post ofllce, atatlng when and where I ran ?; y??u. Don't leave me thni. W ARREN. M AGO IB.?SAMB TIMB TO-niout THURSDAY k in Fourteenth street, between Third and Fourth avenuea, near Fourth avenue. P. W. S ckcond AVENUE AND SIXTH STREET?friday omornlt .* Nov. 8, ii o'clock.?am anrry toaay rircumstancea over write.'1 l bid no control prevented me from comply ing with your requeat. Please give me your addremand o0m?*. direct ai wroit. t 11 w p., edition i>. irbif.?THB FRISCS OF THB MBBMKK DKSIRS8 me to ^ay that your note ia received, lie w:ll dine, ai before, at th'.' Arnher Palace, to-night at ueven preciaelv, and will expect you in tourt coatume. SEA. Yo it -MY FEELINGS ARB STILL THB SAME. ? Addroaa agoea nix.m, Br a (way Poat ofllce. \\T ii. jonbb, OF juniper btrekt, BROS AMB if ? rlean frreml to inoieate through 1 puiaoual" aooif meat.a of ooinmuni<'atl?)n. SHIPPING. Ftor liver poo l?t a psoott si line-sails thts day, at VI o'clock, the favorite paeket alilp UNDER WRITE' k. Capl. kcterte. For paaaage, at reduced ralea, apply on im?ard, pl?? 44 Eaei river, 01 totapscott a CO., 80 south ftt.eet. ; Ijlor LONDON.?the SPLENDID SHIP LONDON, AT pier l^kaa?. river, nall^ November 19. Pa?eengera taken at rr?-a?ly reduced ratna. forpaa?age app'.y to THOMAS c. ROCHE, 8ft South atreot. 911sc k lila !VEOU?. 4 T the OLD STAND, 150 BOWERY, CORNER OF J\ Rroonie atreot.?.1. h. jounhton a CO.?wedoiug and Viaiung Cards, Ac., latest atvlen; a)h>rlntens by ma 1. Also Wat? hea, Jewelry. Silver and plated Ware, all of the beat quality an? at !..w price*. ANY PERSON HAVING FERRETS FOR SALE, OR Monguose, can hear of a cm.m1i customer by eallnig at Kant hrotiklyti Shades, Myrtle avenue, between Walworth and Spencer at recta. Brt . 01 EVERY description AT the b. < #0'???> ' earl street, llatpeis' Building. All arlicw" ... r t' ? \?? ' orypilc v. paintbrush' ' of asu p. riot .,.-o % - ? n hand. JOHN k. HOPPEL. 01';*' k :r? ! i;.- m'?k HERE.?THE PRICE LIFT an*'!?; ? . ' it epoim of the People's Prvrinlon npit'.v ^i'i nt ,?nci>.: 'he eighth page or next sundays H fir rim . npi) ii I - *>.?1 offer five DlFl'BKKST ly X ?? 1 1 ? * of which ar * patented, but .'ill "f real Utility A.4 t'*i ?S. ?t . Herald "filer, for tme week only. M\RBL e MANTELS?GREAT reduction iv prie . -.?Those 1 vliing to nuy v'autela very cheap ahoulu uil a: A. klaber'h m.irbl.? varil, u.'l e. at eighteenth street, n? ? r Third avenue. New York. Ordeia irom tue?minti> execitr i with i>s; at/b, Naptl'A --bensomi?suiisti11 ie for turpkn tine, 2* "?tit . per }.ai.oti. fot -ale. in qoaiititir* to, by i'h eseb itt). gil \ WHEAT ON, i'dmauicn laiuj. N'O'i dX'THE : ubsciabbr h.u ING BOUGHT the latest of the late Ml*. C. A. Kimball in th' st-a-k of doots slid f- ? iiea, V's becninaii street, un>i a.hsed to th - sto -k largely, ik now prepare.1 to -uow ih". ;m. ?t extensive assort nonttnthe elty, and will ?ell ut war pre ??h. i'leaaotoex amine ^eiore p nvhaaing n. p. KlMB i.i#, 78 beeknutn street. 1 >ASSPORTS PROCl RED FOR o.nk DOLLAR, LY L. A. ROBERTS, Notary PuVd!-. h>8 bnmdwny, New Yurie. I> ead thk*-WE CHALLENGE COMPARISON.? \f Union Prr/e Stationery a id i'ortiail i'acueta contain moie . nd better nrtieb-a than ary We put value in the good", not in !? imln*j adverti- tnents. All w? n<k la, give us *4 trial. agenta wanied cvtrywhei e. P. HAS KINS to CO. M Reekrn ? sin.i.1, uaw DUoT? ANY gl'amity OF s<kw dlsv FOR 0 ' lie, t ftl (jreen lane, brooklyn, between York and Front utr ? ts, at lo enta per barrel, d? m ered in bu^n. HUGH fitzpatrick. vvantkd TO HIRE?THREE OR FOUR SINGER ? J seeing ma? hlnea, ?/i ol r s a t'i?- ? ime : : in iple. C ?ll ??', ?r addr-fa, "j4 Walke. t., in the marble front building, tini*i jolt. n. 11.?a mi.all fciri for housewoik wanted aia<?. wan'ED?a SECOND IIAND ROLLING MILL; ALSO f ? a eon.j h ?nd Op'rating Ch ur. A'biresa i>eniial, l ox ne*.. (4) <nu.j Post oth? e, describing .>i/u ol noli, pri e. a'-. \)lr ANTKD?a SECOND II AND transport ABLE f v Steam koilei, either upright or otherwise, iiotu lour ti> six b'tiopou r. Address C. C., Herald odice. tit ANTED- TO BUY, A RETAIL DRUG <TO".E, OR fv fi?turea for one. Addreja Sigma, with putn tilara, bo* No. j-a Herald ofllce, for one wee*. \\fAnted?a SECOND HAND MANGLE, IN tiOOD 11 order. Anyone having au<h may address a note or apply in peraon t" M. Monr??e, 38u Filth avenne. N. Y. ill l\lil\ BUSHELS CARROTS FOR IALB CHI KV 1 * i ?"/" / ?t pl*r 32 North river, and at the foot oi Atlan tic *irevt, Brooklyn. bilillakp^ Bilu ARD8 - 'mi 8 \ ur, 'two \n 1 ibl1 3; m nie by <# conner Col lander, in the brat orjer. Ap ply at 7&! Broadway, up matrs. Bn li irm-- m \ B MARBLE BBD BILLIARD pa* i'm-, on-? cairom Table, m.-i<; vucw, nnilli ? u o<n Fui ttittii ? con^plete, for aa.r at .'1 ?.re >t k ci tit? , lu^. - the l-i sju s*; will lie hold in lota to fuit liurchaaera. Apply at bM Bioaoway for two daya, from 1u o cloeic A. M. to 4 i'. M. pill--LAN S PATENT IMPROVE D BILLIARD TABLES' .1 an . Comb, i ;tiou cn ??s?t! ? best and only re.mblo on- ^ in ? !???*. p; i ? to .-**ji? ? ,te tin ea i'lll.i. v.n .* CoLLB.M/fci;. b.; 10 oi# ijtoa. y st-?;et, N. Y. ovknuers BILLIARD SALOON, 13J FULTON o r ?'1, t.?h'? . r.m. 1.of tie . atitatiun.4 efnev. York, : ao i 'a a* itu - t' o the pi.nil.'as ny pl.e e o amuae m nt in t?e i /. Fifteen oenta for a gamo on sbr n .1 anl'?n did tables uot Free Luxt-.h from 11 to 1. epknc?H> w ABirSKWRIVTS. aliack'h, vi l.tV.'"'.'.'.'V Broadway and Thirteenth street in iLI w EKK fiirru wek? FIFTH W|?"? or TH? KINO OK TIIK MOUNTAINS. KINO or THK MOUNTAINS. KINO OP TIIK MOUNTAINS. KINO OK TUB MOUNTAINS. KINO OK TIIK MOUNTAINS. WITH ITS BEAUmUL SCENERY. CIIARMINO MUSIC, ' PIOTt KJESULK TAIIl.KAI'X, CHARACTERISTIC DANCINQ AND ADMIRABLE ACTINO. Nottbb.?The aorticnee Increasing nightly to wttneea Iks <?(?1. liritUsl drama, Mr. Wall'ick In induced In auti.mnc* IU continuous performance EVERY EVENING until furtfce notice. Pricks.?Boie* and Patquri, SO cent*; Private Boiee, fit Orchestra null*, $1; Family Circle, V A'llU. OiHin upon at 7%; to begin at 8. New bowkry TIIKATR8. Bole Proprietor* Foi Jk Llnjwl, Till ItSDAY, NOV. It. FOR TWO NIOIITS ONLY, By particular roquest, HULL RUN; oh, Tim SAOKINO Or FAIRFAX COURT HOUSB. JRNNY UNO, Anil the drat act of __ ROBERT MACAIRB. Bowery tiiratkk. S. P. STICK N?Y Uwe and Ml STICKNEY'S GREAT NATIONAL CIRCUS. TIIUNHOAY BVKNINO. November 11, hjr general reqi wlil be repented the grand Oriental Entree, called TUB CHILDREN OK THK DESERT; Or, THK ARAB'S CAMP, With magnificat Horses, Trappings, Costume*, Music, Ac. ALOKZO HU BBELL, In new EsMblti. n- of Strength and Bndu PULLING AGAINST A TKAM OK HORSES, FEATS WI I'll llANNON HALLS. Ac. SIOMOR 8EKASTI AN IN 1118 URAT BRIGAND SO! AKTKRNOON PERFORMANCES on Wednesday# and Sa turday*. CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, 6S? BROADWAY. ) POS1T1VELY LAST TWO NIQHT.S POSITIVELY LAST TWO NIOIITS POSITIVELY LAST TWO NIGHTS or tuk MAOIC LAURBU MAGIC LAUREL. MAOIC LAUREU POSITIVELY LAST THREE NIOIITS I'UtHTlVELY LAST THREE NIGHTS or DORA DAWKOM, DORA DAW RON, DORA DA WROX. the eelebntled double voiced tinker. SATURDAY AFTERIfOON, O It A N D MATINEE, GRA.ND MATIN KB, ORAND MATIN BR, grand matinee, and last opportunity or seeing the giaua I'anlaiutnie ul TIIK MAOIC LAURKI. SATURDAY NltiUl' will be proauced liret time a m?W Burlcsuuii, eiiutli'd NKW YEARS CALLS, Willi u representation ut Skatn.;. at Central Park. SVri:ili>AY NKIIIT K.I at i.pp-uiuHceor l!Wt"N CHRISTY ami WaDIH.ETOV. Ko.v A CU ItltAN, 1'ruprleior. Broadway music hall. BROADWAY MUSIC HALL, 4SS and 4? BROADWAY, ??? and t? 4^) aud 4?6 BROADWAY, 4&1 and AOS Olii' dour l? low Broome street UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTION. UNPRECEDENTED ATI UACTIoN, NKW STARS. BIE BEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CITY. > Rc-eugagcuieut ol TONY PASTOR, ToNY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, T.iNY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, TOti Y PASTOR, tony pastor, tony pastor, TuSY 1'ANTOR, TONY lASfOU, The beat Coiulc Singer and Clown in America. BILLY BIRCH ANU BEN. OOT1UJN, ltll.LY BIRCH AND BEN. COTTON, BILLY BIRCH AND BEN. COTTON, BILLY BIRCH AND BEN. COTTON, The beat Necru Comedtui a tin* world ever produced. J. A. HERRMANN, J. A. I1KRRM ANN, J. A. HERRMANN, J. A HfcRRM ANN, M. AYNSLY RCOIT. M. AYNSLY SCOTT. M. AYNSLY SCO'lT, M. AYNSLY BCOTli The uio*t iiwonipltaheil Slngi'ra of llie d:iy. THE ORE AT t:AltLO FAMILY, T1IB ORKAT CARLO FAMILY, TIIE GREAT t'ARLO FAMILY, THE URUAT t'ARLO FAMILY, la tholr woinli riul Ov lull iall K' at*. MISS ERNEST INK DK FABER. MISS ERNKSTINB DK FAllElt. MISS ERNtSlJNE DE FABKR. SCHULTZ SISTERS. HOIIULT1 SISTER?, cCULLIZ SISTERS. SCUUL1Z SISTKRA. MLI.E. KATRINA, MLLE. KATRINA, The aucoinpllalied Daiiacuw. . THE ORKAT JIALLET TKOl'PB, I' ud-1' the UlrocSou of M?m. PAUL BR ILL ANT. ROBERT W. BUTLER, Manager aud Proprietor. Mou*. -LA THOKNK, Suige Ma,l.ig< r. Nortcn? (IRANI) MATINEE On Saturd.iy alternuou, at half-peat 2 precisely, for IM accomnioiiaiion of ladles aud children. A I 1-AMKllIl'AN I'ONt'BltT HALL 4? 414 BROADWAlk The Greatest Entertainment In the World. TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS. TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS. Dl*l?ncia? all the places of ai nivmnnt In the country )? Ik* production of uoveltlea. RETURN OK THE OLD FAVORITE8. TRIFLE COMBINATION. Songs, Dances, Acts, Burlesques, Ncgrii Fare* The favorite Ktlilnplan Loioedlan^ CHARLEY WII1TB, lijLLY OUINN. cir IARI.EY GARDNER, W WEST. M. TuhNER, BRMAB* C. O. NEIL, w. uroi iu new acta, dances, and bu rleri'ies. FAT HE STEWART, FAfTIB STEWART, The renowned comic singer, Him KATE LESLIE, Mis* KATK LESLIE, The a-con p l*h<>d vocalist. TllK BEST BALLET TROUPE, BALLET TROPIN Composed of tlrst class dancers. First appearance of THK OKLEYANTH: WnOTHKRS, TIIK OK LEV ANTIC M ROT HERS, In their wooilerfiii gyninantic le,?t*. ADMISSION. Par*iiiet,2l>cenia; Gallery, lOcents. ' 1KORGK II. KDEpON, Stags XaU|V, CAMPBELL OALB, Treasurer. S. B.?Great n iveltles in a< live preparation. National music hall. Lap- Chatham Theatre. GRAND OPENING MIGHT, ORAND OPENING NIGHT. SATURDAY NEXT, NOV l?, SATURDAY NKXT. NOV 18, With one of lh'-inu't powerful Company's ever put ttpM * stage, inoWrtiiiij THE BEST ARTISTS In the proi'esslo/i. F?K A CURRAN, Proprletom BYKICY SI.NOtY EVENING A ORAND SACKED CONCERT will lie given by FIRST KATK VOCALISTS, >K?I.-rED BY TWENTY-FOUR FNS'l UMENTAL PB?> FCRMBRS. v -* k?AH professional* engaged aa above are rc^ueatt# t(. a i lid a rehearsal tliia ilay at 11 o'clock. Will RE WERE YOU, GENERAL PATTBRSOKt licLL RlN, AT NEW BOWERY THEATRB; FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY. milE CONTINENTAL Ol D I'OLKS-AIX ATTIRED IB A ciiatnnie* of oil-; iiundreil year* ago, will sing at No. 0U0 Seventh avenue, on Tlfurwiuy evening, Nov. II. Concert commences at 8 o'clock. Ticket* 2A cents. Children 16 uecAsW 1 klSBROW'S 1J SKATING GYMNASIUM, Pit Hi avenue, corner ol Thlrty ninlh street. Op en D.ivaii'l Evi tiht/ Pur liuuructi.ui and exerel-j- ikatlng. Mr. J. Haines wi I exhibit bis uni i.aUeil p ii'orinance el skake* every cu nlni!. AdiiUHNiuii In the evening HI cents. c 1RYSTAL PALM E .ONOERT HALL, BOWERY, FOILTHU NIGHT ONLY. 1SS EMI MISS EMILY l.EM AIRE, MISS EMILY LEMAIltB, IN TWO FAVORITE DAN (Ed. IN TWO FA VoltlTK DANCES. Tills Is jnisiilveiy her Iu at appearance prior to her ileperturv for Biirope, Pi i'^e of admisaloi) Is ?i* and twi ve ccnls. w B JLL1 A M MASON AND THBODOKL THOMAS, Fiot Clafodeal So ree in Brooklyn, At }'olyi<>vhnk' Institute, On Tburhday, November 1 J, J?t 8 !c P. M, i EX R1 N BULL RCN! FOR I Wo NIGHTS FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLV. ONLY. CjTRUKOSOorTH ONH AND MAOIC LANTERNS FORL ptihlk* rxhibitbma?Throwing brlliaatly illuminated p4e* lure* I'lOQi lilteen to lliiriyhet |U*re, painting* ofnil lh? evenU, 11 and ebaraeturst rendered important by the pro* N*nl tkliitharvi rebellion. A full |irice.1 and Uhiat rated eaUU login; ol Hit*t vmmvm n?nl iree on application, toy JAMES W. Ql'KEN Jt CO..W4 Chestnut street, rbiladelpki* CiENTLEMUN COS'S R* TED WITH THE FOLWKVU I -inJ < .onion Testimonial a?e reip.ceted to attend an Import* a-ii meeting, to be held tbt# (TiimwJav) evening at MiUuury 11 UK Gentlemen wUhmg l>arta will pleav* attend. lIrAN rKD?A FIRST CLASS JJASSO, FOR CONCERTS ? T in tbiHcity iui<! v: ? inity. for funkierparticularsiuqufcr oi' lloraee Water*, 461 iSioadway. rplIEATRlOAL. ?LADY'M WARDROBE FOR SALE, X also 1'lay lfc?<hS, rt bl Spring street, corner of Broad* way, ro mi hj. t all f^r two day, between the houia of & and 4 l\ M WANTED?A SENTIMENTAL SINGER. COMIO Singer, four Ne r > Fertoriuern aud si* Lady Dancers Apply t>?iwecu 10 an t ttthiMdiy at UliCilCOCK'S Nation?! C?m?-?*rt Ila'.l, I?3 new tt.mal street. \U ANTED?l'EUFORVtfR* OK ACKNOWLEDGE? ?? ability?lour 1 uly D?ievrs, two ludv Voci!l*ts, Negje Deiim-at-;.*. Jli; D.inci h f ; i i Vo-'allst*. twenty young an t b uti'li ji Walter Girls. Apply t' REKNT35 \ 1U KNwi Oriental, t?-6 Broadway, nexi ?;oor to i*j- ira K ? s theatra. \\rA!.TLD >> AT THE HAULS, w C&0 Broadway One f'rut rife banjo plarer, one ?te<fro M'ne<Lau, ouo ?<*>? lady v.) iilist, iw<. lady Oai.e. i*. i . highest trice will lie paid to good performer*. "\ATANTfciD? FIRST CL\SS LADY VOCALISTS ANO VV b-iiijo pavci i a I.ho laiv (f.mrvrs, !"r a now concert lull, (hi Kroauiv.iy.' lUriy U. y wail. m. Au, pi/ tx;lv?' ca Hit; !.i,tirs ui 10 uud 1 to w tuiley una Uwne.

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