Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Kasım 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Kasım 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 9197. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, T~ \ NOVEMBER 15, 1801. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE VICTORY AT PORT ROYAL ! ARRIVAL OF THE U. S. STEAMSHIP COATZACOALCOS. Additional Interesting Particulars and Correspondence* Some of the Rebels' Letters Found at Beaufort. CURIOUS REVELATIONS. Bebel Accounts of the Naval En gagement at Beaufort. Immense Supply of Cotton Stored in tlie Captured District, &e., kti| 4?. The United Stales trnnsi>ort steamer Coatzacolcog, D. S. Babcck, Commander, fifty ci^ht hours from Port Royal, 8. G>, arrived ut this port about iwclvo o'clock last night. In the vicinity of Fort Walker matters rcmuinod quiet Tbo stores and ordnance were botpg rapidly landed, and many of the transports would bo ready to leave in a few days. Wo:lnes'lfiy at flvo o'clock, ofEFrying Pan Shoals, spoke United States gunboat Montteello. An hour after s;ioko gunboat Connecticut, bound Poutb. OUR SrECIAl EXPEDITIONARY DESPATCHES. OUR BIENVILLE DESPATCHES. Units') States V??ki. of War Btvrviux, 1 Hilton Head, Thursday, Nov. 7, lboi. ) ? CWlllC ACCOUNT OF THE ENGAGEMENT AT PORT KOYAL WAV*. 'At about eleven o'clock this morning commenced an "engagement with the enomy In peculiarly well construct. ?d intrenched positions on St. Philip and Hilton Head Islands, South Carolina coast, (eutronce to Savannah ?!cven miles from here,) und defended by upwards of twenty-nine hundrod troops, artillerists included. The bat tle lasted for about four hours. Besides tents, some small arms, ic., we took the whole of their guns, unspiked, Ave of which arc superior rillo car.non, three mortars, which, after wo had dismounted, they buried. The re mainder, fifty in all, on both islands, are of Immense call bre, ncno being so low as a thirty-six pounder. Wo cap tured no more than sevon or eight prisoners, who, for rea cons best known to themselves, did not olfect their escape ?with the rest, as they might readily have done. Our lies jn killed and wounded on board tho fleet probably amounts to about twenty or thirty in oil, whilst that of tho enemy canuot be properly arrived at, but is supposed to bo not far ffbm two hundred and fifty. In order to scrccn the havoc made In their ranks, they adopted the modern expedient of bringing as many of their dead from 'off the field as their ambulance wagons could contain. Not more than sixty were found around their lntrenchments, all of whom received their dread summons from time to eternity by their heads being completely shot away. 1 have,ere now, sliaredth? dangers of more than one hotly contested battle field;but on no previous occasion have 1 had greater reason thank the Almighty for brinftus roe IhriHif.h so miwy bail breadth eewipcs as I this day exporiewxjd during tho four hours which we remained undi r woll directed flre or the ?&eroy'4 guns, which a?sur.?lly, on eertaH OC^ild only b? likened toaAowcr of h?u. Tho <lcatli.dealing missiles came eo thick and fast that to the eacrod;loss of our cu"ise can we ul<we attril ute tltt tniru-u loitsness of our tvt having to nr.ort tlio gaiuiat, of a too dearJv bought victory. Too muol. praise cauuotpossibly bo ?given to our noVSe Commander find his brave Vrst I.ieuteu ant. Their unfinchlug bravWy nerved ev?t?' heart. O r ?Oipta in was second In comw ind, and so fanvely did ho oopiit himself of th- responsibilities ineM*,u to his peti tion that hi received for b.mself and bixrruw the al approbation ot the Commodore. He came among us seve ril times, and, after hiving with unerring aim brought our g riMiit tob ar on the enetny.flret. them oil v, i. h his own hand. The brllllaiu y of this vioiory r. Ilects t o creatcst possible amount of credit on all concerned la t, and t'.io result of which, in a strategic sense,could not bo cosilv exaggerated. Ptrango to relate that on boar ' ot us v.o had only two killed, viz: I'atriclc M.-'i-.^en ^ I Alex ander Chambers. and four o!h rs wouudo . riio Bien vi.Ie is a e-ioil i'e d damaged; and nr. t!:e li mor ot b -a-it g thcgloriouKiitelligence to the Empire City will be con Mod to h. r. si: ? i< likely t-b ? an object;* mueh interest when she shall have reached there. Three shots went rluht tlirougii h-r, one m > e took the afu r side "d cut a spanker, an-llier went thr-a gli her bulwarks . -e '" tho deck and b itinded Into tie- sh?, wild-1 i th -rs carrie away various pieces of rising gear, the galley smoko ?tiiek .*?? Th. - combat, will ever live in ?.??* ????? aory of all who wlt::e-s.-i'. it. A more bcac.tii ill pie; re tliantl.o acciierv presented to our vlow an arte t s eye co I a ?circ;-iv wish to loi k upon. About nine o'clock A. M.. with tile except li n of now and then an odd signal tro.u the lie t all w l-su'tiiintrlv tmslied in luv.tha s- iv;hTh-. I<ooku:s up into tl,< clear, blue sky, with tin- .-".n as hot om in .lavs uln.ut New Y irk, and rell.i ttng Its loye.l ?Uhou all nwietal an well as in tli > witeis beneath, a person e mid not avoid exclt itninp, "W hat a! it.v ti.atanv tlilntf should FO - on occur th ? tranqui lity ot ?? i h Mf'- " Glanclnf tho eye to either right or 1 ft.wec uld cas ly discorn our eueniy k movements -a b .th isiati-.a, niai.i'ig all i.e.-es-ary j-ri pa;?.lioti- to b ow the Yarncee shin- out Ol water, in which o[?ranoil, as tin pri.- n er-' wo tot k infertned us, '.tiey expr< s.-' d tliein-- uvea mott sanguine . f succets. Looking ore. this broad shoe' of i. <? like surface, on which scarce.}- a ripp.o disturbs 'he qutet of the water?yet, withal, th" air. in t toad oi feel ng heavy, is rails'!' ?uvi<? rati air?tho islands look beautifully pie:- ics tce. the tented . on l> ;t.i wltli tl' r tall trees, auiefgst which ea:i lie easily Utetii g i-hed the dio rh P <? '???? ' r 'he "? ' tr'-.,ch Jn r faraway out in the dislawe. Tli" ileet an i troop suit* in Uij Inlet, numbering i.i ail a- ut 100 v? ;s -.s, pr< s -ui I a striding eni'riist to tho rata! scene;y ou ??'re. \.e were uo(. h .wf i-er. left lone to enjoy these p.-a.-eful pic tures, r.T iu a minute or two re (ten minutes t ? el-v ti A M.) a signal from the llagship summoned ns t > pa t:ei nate iu u:i?!her scene whieli-.- n ?>-<? awh llv irrai? . ? Our Cumuli d ne (IVipont), wltfi 'i liuoshlp.the ..aoash, was tho llrft to lead the ussiult, then l?..owed th ? Blen vil c capt. SO<. nd tr eommoiid. Amongst th war vessels er.gagi '? 'I'e tbe : lO.lowillg, vl*: I blgsbip Wuba.-h, IViLM'e .<?.-( a hannr.,< 1< i - of war l.i 'iivil e ie d Va-i 'alia ?u:.boa's Melt lean, I'.w nee..-en- l leo.i.a. Seneca, Ivrobitia.A.igesta. I'"-- alwntas and I eiigiiin (tUo latter look no pai t ia th- a.-tfc.n): n.g nunboats K. H. Forbes, Curlew aval Isaa. -nnUoiwrtanihe s. who- '?'am-' I li.ive nr>t, rhcHctll lojfiao i ii! i < :un action in tho manner prevyrdy arrn.'-i by tao . CoiimiCdarc Now eanie the w :g..t vv...e.i n? t in..ny Jive t ' see a li.- t me. lhe t.ala-U .a- tn d ;Jbor first, giv- Tho IL'ht l,?s conjm-nee I; < no ?<'cnn*i nuTi* and %vo tr>o are ??. nsMg< U, fl lit is alr.KV H'Tiil. H >r6 arc vr*> up to th.-very con* i-? ,cf. their ,b.ut r? . r'liol, dieli. (in ,;a-l M..-k ? are ju-.v . 1 thateaii be elt'.ie- r ;en .? ?* .'-.rd. We lie, 'eos.-i, the v 'iui|in4 r come up ant ..';ac:< i: s a er-sion, ,Ln,l tin : l mid ?'..':lln to renew Ul "l?;.e.-ment. It, v/a ' i: n urn.r tin'we kept tofor th ;.r.r iwmts, ,a-.'lea h Urns we *wre1 tbe ceatw of th ar i.afer. - o -? lau {eo-ild behead r-mark.i:/ wr<it a p> ? itav *wlik ithi v -itie i-elaili?'.WJ for th - IVti>vll'o. lie th's as it . .... y ou.-allv* 'hat we were ? ?unlet and re Ve.v.'l' .ieeftl ,r ~ e thati atiyothi:. l.i;. ('?.?? ? Iu til* , u-ivf K*'in4 die** wo la) to for l.', \a"d., r . ...v fimve.t.'S and til ', t<>". i'i the very le. MM their L). , . ?|e ' in.e .. r -nan- tor >"? V -.:11 the i:?-1 val t,',./. ^ d heiAC-.i. the 1 .-??...? Ilia IK'1 par 'd until vvi In. I tline to . k|?, i Welizlim SSirilwI . ?wci '.-ar Jo i. vo: tieii-ifi; <-'i" hr-'. and il-li. ?? K't it! I e.i .i^i i U < lid tl o \t v. os fr.#v their lint'/i -?eiiv.-l-.;- ?? i-" ? f'? ttorltfW are! going tbi ?te sh ?nl a*.. KamMM . mid r. ' ?" 1 ? ?' ' iriii.e th. -*.f I'..-, would hVJ/? th i.i iTrem U--j? ?'ht. Tlnsw w be"1 ?' stand e|l?-rl. After.v- |?i?-l delivering a I a. 5,cya-ki?l no tuo e^hut wtr-ned p; ?et,l.ia| .> ?.ii-"h tl.ev c eild uotliavc. -ne win* Wide the IIn. <?!? ur cut's. '>h- Wisbsfh .i?nna rotin U I ' renew the attack, but ? t j{uu or two found mc> tlSSriKSw n.... **???>? t with office > and men ua lcr a tl,.?? et trin e, Kl 1 ? -W m/? as tbev anlicltuted. Hud /uy o;;? tnere> to n ? ? tlm n. Now for the great moMieb' of iv'it"iiiorw on ,J 1,1 l( the Tho glorious, tho stalud-n- ' h; i.n<*.a<|t -rt. jinil ik'rtenT'Prnble II ig of fre 'HiO'i inntrwi ? !'-' J - "* iu.1 Stripes,"nowgrie-efully unfurl*heir oroin. in-"-* U> the ^lreejie, from what wuh hut a iu > nl l'" Btrong&iiVl of the enemy,and which i. an li en-or tv? liCDce v Ut bo ooctipied by Ui.000 I u ? a t? j>, ?. und. r command <4 tl-nernl Sherman. TJa? hearts that but ail > in.-taiit betvrii were nerved :?> st- 1 u< >v prey fir torsive rrfii to the wretches who have biought - h d.. .at :-ti vi'the.r noble e<?ntry. Th- lr< n hand wlia h u-i- teady , to plunge with l\if most deally effjet nt<? the lucast ot' i the owny now clast# that ot some lioll fre-n:l, ..j as' Uiey stand theeu motionless as slat i-s?r- r their hearts arc loo full t> s:?--ii^-sazi'ig at iho flag risiug cere- I icoDiously en iboro, with er?s which uot long ngojljot. j THE NAVAL ACTION AT POKT ROYAL. Sketch of the Men-of-War in Action with Fort Walker?The Fleet of Transports Off Port- Royal Entrance. r 1 \ j/)V ll-A-J./: ! ? (?< \ii ? j \'M, , i \ * tr via JU -.ft Mi1 ... h V 335^\ ll ft ?' lISKfi1 i M t ' -C&-?'/{ f . ?i 4 a I I j Ilk 91 >' /ffss_-*L>rf A ?A A V' v ** ? ) ** t.? ;'?,t .HILTO? , 'CURLEW i f) PENGUIN < MOHICAN. agk seminole cj,rebel a &? , 0/ CAMP 0 FO RI,._WA L jK E ~/j c?M pawnee ~fem9II\IA CcJU*i /mwwji bebeljbattebj0\ susquehanna . gt,l SiM/LES FROM " CO$g| r "Z~ jj? SOT if / FORT ~ =po/hmq POINT BBAUBBG WABASH pqcahqntas LP-SMITH a. b. FORBES "2i Mercury ? fiO^V P?RT9^ t^6* hi. atayelower m 0ahawba VK scott waters?sou co atza COAL 00$ ATLANTIC jt.i mb jbh auk orieaitalfN,LAa?LPH1A ROANOKE ^ OCiVW QUEEN. , MARIO*/ ajt/rir j / <3tS empire CITY . , baltic aii vanderb/LT y*. 4lL /^R i.k park&sburo cjm&i.SR?AT REPUBUC tocter P,,Nt M 4>k d. webster a$?l matanzas ben deford e.i.h.nci. glanci b as of light dng 111 the sumo iliie.tloa, but whl !i are now m <ust with t?i?rs of joy, u Jjhi ton <? mid not I u'.p exclaiming "What r miy that ii ???' i ur brother co mtry men, iiiw^galient turn too, as they ih'.s day proved the n to hc^liui we tliuftielt necess.tat )d to defeat; but on tin ,r own heads, not ours, rest the consequences of their rush and ill JiiC'oJ acts.'' Yes, If it was but the Hag i f that pirafieal old arch If* j ?:?. rite England we bad humbled, bow aflerent ut such a moment woohi have b>u tbe senna* loo la every bread. The ofticers'of the Bienville not hitherto ontimuratei areas follows:?Acting Musters, Smith, Churchill and Loring: Masters' MaUs, Sheffield, I'randt and Kelly; Pur ser, Mr. Ooouwin: (Viplain's Secretary, Mr. lludd: Chi'f Eugmeor, TT. F. Wright ;T r<t Assistant Engineer, Henry Ifili; S-'eewnd Assistants, James Fountain, Win. Vunden beit. aid Jeremiah I ey;-<iunner, J<sepli smith. Whereull are brave it i? a come what delicate matter to select from among them ethers who are eminently *0: vet I WJOld rep;>ei'tfully ntf>mit the serv i''C3 n udet cii on the occasion by M.-s'srs. Shetlield, lir.mdt and ljulng net u be overlooked. Mr. Sbeflioltl, although, com pnrathely speaking, a young man, displayed that euergy, courage, perseveraucc aud ski i in the e ndi et.ii/ el' h s division which one wo tid not rail to admire in a more seasoned ve.eran: and so aiso ft r the : rvii es of Messs. Brandt and I.- ring-?each, in his own proper | smitten, riis clmcged his <i i>y in a m inner whieb, if persevered m and opportunity t-ervi::, will one dajr ennob.e him in the siglu-of his admiring countrymt n. OUR SUSQUEHANNA CORRESPONDENCE. I'smn Stat*i Ftramkr <r--?r!:itAvvA. | OFF Ult.To.v liKAP, i'OKT Rovai. HaRHoR, V Nov. y, lMji-) THE 0RHF.R OF BATTI.K. CH the morning of the 7th, at nino o'cIock A.M., in (jb^dienoe to a g ne nil ? i ;n:il from the flag-hip Wabafh, wo got undr way k -oping our positii-u within one cable'# j length of the flagship. The on'erei battle was as follows, I viz:?Flagship in the lead, then Sus(uehanna, Mohican, | Seminole, Pawtu e, S ne. a, Ottawa, Vrudil!' and Pembina. I The stoarn u s Bienville, Aug sta, Curlew, I'onguin and Fottes were to act as flankers. THK ACTION. At a quarter-past Bin* O'clock we wore in range of both batteries; at half-post nine the action became generul; at twenty minutes W> ten signal from flagship to engage at Short tango; at twenty minutes past ten, having d 'livered ! a heavy (Ire on the Tort on Bay Point, receiving theirs in J return, we passed up and v.orc around under tii tt m of | tl f flagship, at:J Mood dr.wa c oso to the Hilton H e.l b if I lory, throwing a shower 01' botnbsbuils into it, and I od a heavy fire in return. At a <j tarter-past eleven w ire j areiind in the wake of the iligslilp, receiving a rahing lire from the enemy, b ,t which wo tld net birvo been the case if the oth^r sliipn ha I ob v-r 1 orders and maintained their position in tb line. The flagship then stood for the battery on I ay I'olut, w itll I this rthip in position and th j Bienville,mu -h toh t credit' ! sheihavi: g tale. :i the i>osit ion close under our stern which | the Moli.oaa had deserted wilhout leave or authority. and j miich.t i the annoyance of Flag Officer Dupont, and there : by l.hfOWing th ? vessels in her rear out oi th ur p .sitioa. i Th" tUc .ihip rep uuodly made a general signal to (V se mid I prefenvo th..'line prescribed by tbe ordor of hi.,:. At J twetoC.M. I'-vsed lluy Point lattery, having haaitner< d j tb-'Wi well and Scceivlng a lite ? mpliuieiit in : - turn; i agHin rounded to m u-ake of flagship, ihe Bienville ke -p l..g?lo*'"to i.;-- air'. ? ?iddowiiR?r t!ieHU(on It^au bat* te y?'jiil ed Kort Waiter. At firty minutes pa?tt?velve I |'a-t< J>s r-e under tltogutis of Fort Walker a second time; ! alit.' ?e <hi;.-- throwing r-h '11 into it at a prodigieu* i.uw ? , ever; t. in tlio fort, tefti ing n;? tliiti< t. ?roinj; life and illsm tiSlfl.: |:uns. This tin.etil-.1 ii I ; from sheicje IB>' was OOtretui m*"-I with as much :-ofritas I ihe M. .We then wore lound in the wake of the ila/- I i ship.a.iK .'.".ii un l. - the gtunOi' t^e batt* 'on j IUi\ I' i:1 \vm pa d oar respe rlt t 'th mon?- ? 'n r.-.v i,i;h , lev r?f.ii;?'d but with V - r .rduility than tbe ii t. AtoueJ'. M. lotnaied t > ino?- pr<K?r iKMHon and lay t ?, to give Jr.ti. fvr a l>o?t i'ro n tile i:igslii,i to visit iti-'Mo hican,.'?u 'iole and Pawnee, v. i.U orders to la. ? i -ir ? prnp> r |kjkii mi m tl"' h aid keep H, .luring wli' h time the v -? :.?> ? as,and <?? ? or tivoof th ? p'jrch.v I ones, UKk 4 ji?fti<Ion close toFm t Wa'.ker, and dons i{i?h1 b t\ i " -Vi.c ? .g tj ? |.inner I u I tbo l'eml< ua ii<.|;e giod e\e i.-.h n t!i it.? ? lug ei'ven in ' cuti. J?unn tin1 <??>: ly p<n '.f ii." in.. :ou tile |>ur, liBF ? I gtnibo i t'ca , guln w : strnei* in her i nler, dii'ibliM hot r thereat ^ of the day. lSfce wnn taken In toji by the Augusta, and f. ocenj-uoi .iily w>yld give tV eue^jyij oh. of her priMtesce. i j'.t ten iiiiliutes jj.u twoo;t! ck we we;eciot-'e under 1 he ! .guns of F rt Wai'ner. ret ipmuF./T -hie m tam. It now nppcnr*t. llmt tlie ?iRetry tad abandoned th? i wrrks. Tii gnus at soveraU>f tlw gunboats were ele v^ii-vi enough t >g;w th-ni a jnrt.% ?a!uto, and for a rojl and n half up ??.? road w.'d Ii *h?y wore retreat- . ing,*,'hey we.e pur..v..' by botAbsheiis Oflicers who were at will run. t.iiat hare I eon out on the ? ' ro.i.l (Cake ' I y the in rlvur fit sty ii ght, ! my th?e evident of a autre li iy/. v lliglr w)te never 1 !?1' road i? stv'tvu thick ?verjrtlilng IhatOOtildd'" !i< r ?? f J>j ?fi?!di.:r. end tilts' I Nil run j ?\.m ,n >! a <w lai'timce. M on additional evidence of I the ;aK.'l tin 1 nn '? ? by then. J i\ II mention tlwtf .. ivato ! I i !i'*cis w, re Wf.'t in tents udci;ap? Iniha g: . at ubun- | .dance,?v*e.'tojf.?t! wa'.eh" ?, :i:nLrAj P'-S, Jovo ttn^ousl- ! 1? tt".-;<*? fadtrU'ds. J IK SfK MOTS .c TISE ENEMY. nnO leM r, w"itt. i dw tb. Oth to.i frie:u,' in Charl s<?f^ ' giving ,i detailed are >unt, f tbo various ktn^s o| troops him Fort \V i"i er, !1^ r s up th# ' P? >' 1 ?' tliv"-" thousand ? ntd nine ftkTi; but th" force tn the day of tilt, fight was j much larger, ?w we co iia seb 1 hem lauding hpqw for ; I i 1*0 l.u irs before lb'1 light began; so, I think it safe to say ill it tbreo thou sail I live li indied troops wore present in and arouud Fort Walter. Six puns nro dismounted in the latter fort; but all over the ramparts, and in an 1 around the entire place are unmisiakcahle signs of ths terrible clfect of Lincoln's boml'fhi-Sla; blood, lirainF and pieces of this human body bear evideocis ol thebhoty ch iracter of the tight. In "tie place lay a bead. in another an arm, in another n pioro of a man's nock, w itn one whisker attached. All d y yesterday w?nd "d prisoners wore betm? brought in ihesurrounding w< " is, who wore unable to folio* their mnaway compauinin. O ir poople have buried a number ot dea l ho lies that wore j found in tbefort, but I did no' learn how many. ?>?*r I F TUB KVI-MV'H I I I K. I The t'?~p of this sh p's crew was two killed and throe | wounded. Jt Is Ood's in"rty (!? it ten times that number were net destroy? 1, tor the shot front iho fort-flew I about the ship* like liait. This -hip was tUuck twenty nii.e times. Elcveu struck tii' lmJI. and eighteen cut auay I riggin,:, s a h, bulwarks, tii'. Only one shot came in I through the shlp? sldo and dropped on the berth dock. Now a wrd about port lb yn! Hlrtxir. It has better ! water privik-gie thvi any port sOtfth of New York. Tiie ! tii-at ftastern csn come in here with tnegreatest ease. Twenty-six feet of water was th ' least diptb we fosnS | wtn n cminc in. It i. one of the lines I natural harbors i in the world. It is mutccountab'e wliy Charleston : should have beam selected instead ol ill ii.u e A ship \ drawing over sixteen feet of water cannoteutorc barl -ion, exe? pt in tl:e smoothe- t '? Ind of went her, and at high I iri?>, hi t this placecan be < nt"red hy the largest ' lips i:: the world,a id in any kind of weather. If this plac was in the handsel an enterprising people, Charleston and Savan nah both would be ruined as cotton shipping port". >'a v tuinaii labors tinder the same difficulty, as regards d 'ptb of water, thai Charleston dues. Th' ro are now about forty-Ave fliips and -leatne-s anchored in her . and there is plenty of room for twenty-live tibi-sn many. H e e is i?ood watiT e tnnr location from this place to Charie t c, Savannah, Il.'aitfbrt, sort several other places. Tilt: r;i;KAT It I I m tC. The Creat Republic ?? i-h .re i c'o-e to this Mn. rfis j ctriv>|.' tiff h#r liorsen, ivsoscveptl other army t ? r:s 1 i discharging their various eirgo s. T.o m do ol di i j e!i..rglt.- ier s< s is, by pSBcirg a broad b lly '..tnd a nd i them, by which they ore boiie.1 upout tf t'.ehold and I lowered in the water, and AlfowG 1 to swim ashore. It i.1 | veryr.m sing ti s ?<? them caper and pranccibont n< soon as they st ? i'so tiie b ac'i; 111 y are just like a bird ii.r i:ig I emsa;1? I confinement. I will now c'o* ? this, cs the letter i '.>ag is to bo putin baard the Bienviih , for Himplou i J a >a' i ? I think. ! lihtOGNJTlO.N OF TBI 8I-HVICKH OF TUB Sl'SqiH 11 ANN A. Sub oined I f irnisb you with a copy of a private '< t!cr j from >".:???1 CI r In.; .an' toGipt. Larrtnor, of the v.. joe I li.mua, and aUIcIi accompanied Ihe general criiet No. 2, | nhiih (. i' re >d to the wliolo licet o:i I'l id.'iy, tlio U li of N ivemh r?tho ('ay after 111 ? <: gag. tnent" 'ihe j letter of Iho Commodore is mostconiplimuntary to the c.4j>taui, OtliOtfrS and crew of th ? y -<oi:? WAaASrt. i) H;i"on Hsad,) Port ItoVAL, 8. C., Nov. I), 1861. J My Tkar T.arcnkk?1 enelosu a g> neial ortl r t>> lie read to the ollliors and men r.f tho hiiMpiehunna; and I take this occ a-i n to ,-ny that; onrOObl ship. throu/liOOt ii e who:.' of th' , was preeiifly whore I wanted her, and doing precisely what I wan tod her to a,and 11 .it yoir close .- pjiort of this ship was a very gallant filing. Triily, your friend, S. F. lHJlONT. L'apt. J. I,. Laitif?68, Otunmandicg sn.'iiuehanr.a. OUR WIN FIELD SC OTT DESPATCH. 1 amkc Wini ;Kt.n s orr, 1 Fnr Royai., No*- . 6, liiei. f T ' TI iwf. 'II S- in Ite (kUc?!>' hf;ir<g a locale?77tc {?'nltll i s cl the l'ump9?7rht li Ttil'TiAtri trine Krrri .mo/oft'. (' .\ // Vi- - tibia?Incrtned I'rrll? Pa It wi'ft the Hi MJh?in ii-xl at Port A# j .S'q, . / ' , dx. Tie 'iotnne c don Friday west of Cape Fear, blow in; h ird: .it tliret? o'clock P. M., the ship labor:' g hard, saw ?? smboat (. vernor, with (lug oC distrr>ai at tnast l..nd. i . I :.ot go to i it as st HUM; had 10 keep tbo \ !?; ? < 1. ad to th" ?*.. At live oolo'l', tho galei'111 1 incrO'Siug, and tlm skip laboring very hsrd. I'p ? to i en j, '< th ? h i v"" ii!.;..; I,i,;her than the ' ve I; eveiy t< i that r-trta k her seemed ti twi-ll 1 her lik ? i piece of whalab' .e. 'Ihunder and lirUtDing .mi! ,'.i h da i; up ' > Hire* (kick, (upuin v a ? u ?lock all tin tii'.iO,; orde rs to the nr ti at th ? ih '. U or.u o't '? H Sat I dav mom,: ; live feet of Water in tho inii?l. T!"- >. r s' pro\ i-ioi?? ::i tlio i fter boi 1 an i * unp | e 1 n . :??!.? : ill ? tboO ill ' ne !:' <. He lb' t> COtnm- li. 'd to i i.i "W ovf.-i i.rd all tlieir ."iicb md cargo, to lighten th -! p. hi w !.? ? h work sail rv ioldiew, at.?ev ry per .?'ontii i could -land H'lit the.rntd. The ship's pumps

Ken-ftoppwl la; th ? floating nJAlsli. At half pa?' four A. M made slgiu Is of distress. At half idx A. SI. ? Hi ? ivillo snd told fli'-m we weroiwiking, attd them t' stand by us in ciiso wo v. i ut /lown. ,u ii.iU pa<? eleven I. M. made fast ta her by a bowser, and lowered A b. at w. Ill boat ? crew, throe disabled o^en and one lt-.'y, and got them on board all turn- i Tlie boat llkt .i get stove alongside the Bieju> , ville. alio lhtai sqrjt us another baat, on ) board of fomo of our crew went, Inclnd- ' ing tho Chief Kn.-iirtvi*, SA'in?the first man oil hoard 1 t<> d'sc.t bis post, Wlicfr ? :<anipi was fullowcl by many of the civw. 'jhea the Bi 'uvillo's boat hIso goi stovo, after landing thrm on she then parted tlio hawser uud came < . i.gside of t:.- i^,."h a phinge. On ac- j '^.etint of the heavy sea fIio could not, stay there, when j son." twenty men lumped on board. !)o?'h the ships we o ^iiyllv.y Uwiiiig d by coming together. .About ImOi-jhwi , three I'. XI. ; )io came alongside again undstrak and toik oil lour mini, one of thoin the carp nter. :'.io then lowered another bust, with a crow, and camo alongside ami ma le three trljm, carrying ten or twelve IH?t: (.us each time from the Winlield Scott. The leak was then gaining on us?s x feet of water in the hold on ac c 1 ;:it <>f tin' soldier* stopping baloiag to g< t ou boird tlio llnnville?it being j>r- vionsly reported t<? Cspiain Kdie that the forward hoi 1 wag full of water. Then the First Assisiaut Knginoer came on deck, and repntel water in the engino room to each an amount that the flroj would nM bwin half ail hoiir longer. The Captain, see r./ Hi t it wan getting late, and Inlit'i! Lliut li" coi.M not get lit'.* sol 'kers oil before night, then s ut tins Purs. r, Mr. Patterson, on hoard the ilicuviile, t o. k tlio Cairfnin to come along-io again: but after waiting 1110 titno (< r the to come alongside ho m ? up lis mind to try and get into sfeMOih water, whi h !io wasi.dviscri to 'to hy all the ofllc ts ortb> l'*lfti"lli l'< nn svlvaria regiment, who were on board, they prom sing him to keep the sbip afloat by ba'eing for at lo;u<l oiglit hours. Ito then steamed away from Hi 1 J"i<' ?? at about pis miles nn hour. About tmo o'clock Si uday morning, 3d, got Into smooth wat'r tin' wind lowered bydayhgli. At t ight A. li.,all tl.o water oit of tlx) ship, steam pumps at worki At eleven A.M. mado the lanu ofri'ort i'oyal and cu.-t author 111 tho bay, all bands in (!(xid spirit*. hroughi 111 tho whole >f the trying afTa rCap'iin F<lfte ] malnteiuud his jost with unflinchingcoinage, ? tul to hirn in ng-eat is i:? is due the safety of both ship .-.rid pus Bangers. Wo cannot omit num.* nin: tbe coolness and 1 promptness v\,ih which Mr. Top.tin, tho chief mi ce.-, j maintained Ms )x sitl< n. in which hi was bravely p 'oud 1 d by othors of t! e ofUcc s and crew. Hut for tli ? oowar dice of tbo Chief Kngbicer, Sabln, much <f this f? a.~l nl tccne could have I icon in a met re av< rted. T'10 c iwardiy ras<at Is now in Irons, awaitin : III- trial for his life. Among thep-issmgcre was Mr. s ilivan. one < f tho oiK'ratO s ?if llrad) s WasMngt* n ; lUery. detached fmm that gtlle ytoncc tniviny tho brigade of General Vi-de, to give tho pi.bile a phdog:aphie history of tho groat exjieriiM' n. of tho foregoing !o;t r g vi 3 one. of tlio little Incidents. OCR HILTON irEAD COKRE8PONDEX< E. Hilton Hkao.S. C.,Nov, 10,1801. Otcvfationof lliltvn blaml and of the Vacated Ihlei lUil t,:i i. -?l!is]K :L:i n rf Ike Trcopt?tst;ccttfful Lamting of th iO:jimn<U?Vti'!,u?iarm <f the Mf.n?Ktpairirrj I'd ma**a' /?' t Willarr?Or. liui't, of S ulk CctoolificL, A ti t?7 the H I* I 1M< 'i?Uil'.on / I-'th!?It.i Extent awi 1' 1' ' U' li'>h r l.t.ndto be /hindered /Iitpreffti (XtHe to Attnk?Cetelralkin of the Victury, <t c., ctc. The victory gained by the naval forco on the 7th has li. on I dlowed by the Fuccc-sful lamUog of tho 16,'xiO t: oops of tho expoditi itttry corps. 2.000 of Ci'cSera V?'t .gut's brigado latMled immediately aft. i *h ? < v.icua* tIon of Kort WiJkor, and 1 ,'>00 m-iro men of tho sumo tiri.'-Ml ? and Ccueri.l SteviES' command landed tbc day illowii.g. General Wriglit's command has charge of Fort W ilker?.1 drtachmei.t of tlieTlord KtiodcIsland regioM nt manning the heavy guns. General Stevens' brigade is encamped on tho blulf, ore mile SO11I1 of Fort Wa'kar. Three regiments of General Vtele's brigade?\iz: 'fh.i Third New Hampshire, Eighth Maine and Forty sixth New York?landed yesterday afternoon, oud i:atli lialely proceeded to a camping grot.nd 1 two miles west of Fort Walk- r, in advanco of the other brlg.iui?. The Forty-seventh and F> rty i iglilh New Votk regiments are bow disembarking In suifboats. Wo have rcnn >.1 to congratnlatc onrse'veson th? fact that in Uni'ii g our trc' ps notcnc casualty occ rred. Our s -f i'i r- aro in high spirits, n:ul an.\iocs 10 meel th ? chivalry 1 f S >utb Carolina In the Held. Hie United Kates engineers with this command ara n w icpairltg damages to Fort TTalkor, and vrili hare It in perfect ojiier io a few days. Yesterday while work 1 i?n we.t at labor in excavating iu (:ic of theC4;Mnnier>? c 1 tli ? \.'uk, they discovert <1 a dead humu:i b dy, v. Inch ttb- qn< .t!j prove . to bo that of I)r. K'.waid S. Iliiint,0( 1! Ninth South Carolina regiment. He wi 'infill uni f" with M? s'irgleal iBStn ments by hi;-? Ide. It wmSd i.ppear tiiflt ho to? ;? st? I in one of the subterranean 1 d lei i s or poesapo ways unilor tho fort !? inling to a place of 1 n.s or oijiii-; ? 1 tho lort. I! rc,i > ?! ibt.ho felt liiinsulf ? ure: but one of our shells?which f 'II like h.ul ' n tho day of the In inhardmei t,?io I tli ??i lly whcie tho dicfeW w.iii, killing hint and buryi: j hli . "at t.;e sane time. Hilton Island,on which 0'ir trocrs nrc, is eleven nilcs 1, : - u;.t seven mil-a wide. It is fain us for * th < f long staple, or sea is! md cotion. It if said 0 . ihocouttaliaiitis, who are c-. !y seeking refi .... w'iih n.", thMt this year's crop has only been partially gr.tbe d; that what bac is in the barns on tbo planuv-i itous. We slrnll probably send tho fchiji Great Republic h me with a cargo. (;) Conernl Sherman )i;is decided to fortify this place on the land idc.sothnt it will be Impregnable. .\ lin>- of IntreLchmeuts will ho thrown acr> s tho i-Un i, with bastiei s at proper supporting distances, ?> as to mukea crops lire from each. To arm this wc have Upwards of one huudri 'l nieces of hea; y artillery, all of them oi ?(?-? most approved patterns, and some <*f them rilled. Tho work will be coaim meed at once. I.istnight, by |i rmission of CommodorePup<nt,tho dicers and men of the deot celebrated their victory hy a jrT.ind pyrotechnic display, 'llu; hoavens were llluml. i. i?i d wIth r ek is. and iii the rigging of tbo, hli s w ro w#S*ncy tirew rl.s, made lor the on* i-.n. Iho bi.nds of th# naval vessel- played our national antUiins, and the . Jliih' passed on' with great eclnt. ^m/Kwp w r>!n sxnmrr.oftKtr ai mv. The following circular was addressed to tl.n land forces of tho' pxp^itiun by Gcu. SUerman, it wtu rcutf to iliu men 011 paralc on board the tcvcral vtMacw, by whom il was well received ? rmoilJkR. llKAIXJI'ARTntS F. C., Vmikh States Frioait Wapacii, ) Off roKT Rotai., Nov. 4. 1801. Ji Tho General commanding has the unparalleled gratifica tion to congratulate the olVa itk ami men of his command upon their safe arrival at tt>.s | oinl, after a most |>o: Ions an 1 tempestuous passwe from llaiii|ilon Hoals. t-'ouio vos-els, probably, have been bul n lBbollcvi tho hand ol' I'rov! 1' tice sue I the lives of all. l or this l"t us lie th'Hikl'.l to tlio Killer of our destinies, in whom we tin si ev r tr.isi lor protei-tion. SoldierB!?Let ti n dang ih you have encountered and tlio anxrl'is you have experienced be ut incinttve to a great exertion on y> ur p u t in tl.e holy hik in u Inch jo i are cDgapod. Tlio eyeB of your contrary a^e upon you. the expect:- yo i to conqui r. receive not her i'\p.TUi tioiiB. Ho '-rm| mid i i terininod. Act only at the com mand of your ' lifers, at I It ? prompt to do go, lio not led away by u viua and ?? oti'.nueo- s enthusiasm, nor ro strained l y a want of willingne- anil alacrity. Let your olt.cT^ judge when you are to art; to do otherwise would lea l to contusion und d.sgrnc'. tviti.i of you have not. had proper opporlunitieH for in struct en; li t coolness, firmness and tho culd steel tako tl.e [ I.ico <>; lie lor mBtri otion. Fellers!?Vou ere contending against an enemy ?? ho doproc.utes yiur n anli 1 I, who demon that piovi-css is equal to his. I'oll ? t.>i-i snlitn nt, or you will ills grace yo.,rae!vo:i avt your n.'. ivitv. Itv order of Hri;:-idier?-ncfiil T. W. -IIIKMVN. Lor IB H. l'i lor/s, Act tug Assistant Adjutant timoral. lit T N IfLAMI, NuV. 10, 1301. rtEsoniimofi or fort wai.kku. Fort Walker is an i i oguiar basticned and curtalnod work, constructed on u bluff eight feet above h gli wator mark, and in a tu.sitiin commanding important )sunt? and channels in l'<>rt Royal harbor ui.d tlio cntrnuco to Reaufort, South Carolina. When captured by tlio I'liicn troo(B it mounted fl&ceu guns of tho most ap/mved fabric and superior rangos, viz:?Two ton inch shell genu, manufactured in l'itlt at the Tredegar Works, It; hmond, Va.; one thirty-two pounder, rittivl cannon, on which there was tho following in^cript hi?"Pros'i)t?l to Rrigudert-oncral Ikaurogard, by his friends in flag ia d, in haste, ten eight-Inch columbiails, manufactured by .1. A. Algor A; Co., In 1801,and three twenty-four fho latter were mounted in tho redan. oa tho laud side cavoru.g the entrance to the tort. Tlio other thi.totf.'i guns w re all mounttrd in IttrLeUe ami oil carriages of the latent patterns. In tho at'aek by our fortes three of the p us wore 'ilsmounted. Ilia fort had three magazines, and when tho enemy retreated they k-lt behind tbein a1>oui ton bus of lixod ummuuition, ki re ipiaatiti s of powdsr at;J i'nplsineiits for working the guns. The fort wli-n captur*! was gar ri i ned by 1 ,;w0 ;-oi;ih Carohin troops, under the com mand of liripaii: r t.ener.ti IW iyton.'i (!o.?t :i,S. C. The ntis id the lort were under tho command of Maw Wagner, of the Cerium Ai tt.lery of Ch irli-stou. The fort was ei, smet i! by Cipl t.ii lilcliard K. !<? ?, l ite of the l.'ni'ed St 11 -i Aimy. II was bint by negro labor, and it tiMiU ibrcc uiontbs to construct it. 11 wius cur ro?ii e l b> a ditch llftee i feet wide by tea do( p .uid picketo;! thtoughout. In tho dltchee on th wa si .e and at tho ii iats of the basM< im wero stockades (tor sbelturing sharp shivtere. CURIOUS MLMKNTOES OP TFIK FXl'FniTION Wo p ibhsh below a few very interest lug and c'.i.iracto.' tic d< camonts found lit Koi t Walker, Hilton Island, after ilsabaa londonment by the rebels and its occup?!iott by the nat sonal troops. The first we present is a letter evidently written by a n'!<how of I)r. Uui-t,of tJroenviiie, South Carolina, t!ic f r tntr a rebel cOlcor then stationed at Hot Sp: ,n,: . Vtr l inki, to his undo, who w as found dead in Fort Walker, IlilK n I-land, and who, from our reports, it appears, wiig kille 1 by tho bursting of ono i f the shells from tho fleet. This letter is extremely interesting fr< m the graphic de scription itgivcsof the condition of the rebel army in Western Vuginia tn o tober lost, and the |arttenfaur refe reivit makes to the action at Cheat Mount , n. at winch te l.. i ..I Hi.-woian.x s'. ab.y outst Htegkxl t' o ; ? I tJoneral Floyd. The letter fun:,"'i. s a ton .Me pi ! re of tho suf fering" of the rebels in Western Virginia:? so.tK rAiiriCAi Aits ok Tnn affair at chbat irofN TAtN?OKNKltAL 1.EE 0' TMA.N'IXVKEI) BY BOSK t HAKH IlIFFK't I.TII'S Or A itKBKt. t! \RCIt--MARCII 1?;c. COl'NTKUMAIK'IIINO AM) 8TAKVAT10K?WANT OF rt.l'CK AMONG THK VJB01MAN3?UAUD l'.*!* V.IT1I THE KK31ILS?THE SOI.L1KU3 DVI.Vti 1.IKK Sltr.Kr?fl.KXTV OK WOKK, 1,ITTI.K IX) EAT, AND TO WKAB?AN At'l'EAL l'OB MEDICAl. AID, >rrc., KTC. My Dear Unctx?Flnco tho receipt of your last favor we have been in such cfmfuBion, uncertainty and incos sant occupation, so far asl am conccrnod, that I have iH>t given ynir letter that attention which it deservtul, and ?i fact, the only thing in it that I now remember is tlio la :ti mi "to write at once." Yo'i Uiivc read, perhaps, in the papers the attempt Cereral 1*0 made to capture tho ft I n forc?s ab"ut ( he I Mountain, nrd how he bad to fall back. Wofl, o ir brigade played an Important port in that little jiflTalr, mid had I time to give you tho particulars of Uiut utiprodta b!e attcmrt, 1 could fill numerous panes, but my timo does not admit. It was a beautiful programme Leo and I-ovoi: got up and sot tn motion. To (ieneral Ar.derson and bt i^aile was (tsigned the meat laboiicus and th most Impractlc ililo part. Ho h u*rto 1 off with seven t'ay.i rati"??, with th> oh./eot of reaching In tw > days a polo ju the turnpike lew nig from tut Mountain fortlB ;ations to HulllnavlUe aud Beverly, some threo miles in ibe rear of tl-.e first. In order to do thin wo liad to stoe ? >ur course between tho two fortifications of tho enemy itittin<r our wiiy through thickets, and cliuldrg up nnd dipping down mountain tides; It wast uo t.ueoaunon iiiug for a mulo to tilde twenty foot down a dope, knd I could pco strong men sink exhaust id trying to get up the mountain Side. Tho locond night out wo slept on a mountain that in soil and growth was moro liko a forest' Here wo tried to sleep, but tlr' rain poured so, and tho torrents r?n down tlio mountain such a lk> d of water, that we would have bent drowned had we laid on the ground. At In;-1, on tho third day, wo reached our position, having i> mo so quickly that iho cb my were completely lurprisod. Our bi siness was to prevent relnforcemeutn [toing from one |>oiiit to another, wbllo tho attack was to be made at three other points. Soon alter r< aching tho road wo had a heavy skirmish with the pickets and scouts, in wliieh wc lout two killed, two missing and se venteen wounded, gome mortally. Alt r thin the enemy retired. We anxiously waited to hear tho reixirt of can non from the geueral attack, w hich was to bo mado that morning. Instead thereof a messenger came from Gen. Ijo ordering Anderson to fall back at onre. I.ite in tlio afternoon we farted hack, the most woe-be; one and dis appointed set you ever saw. We bad to carry our wound ed down ;i ftroi'iplt M.jti mountain in blanket*, and got thorn inio a cabin and here lour of us stayed until nine o'clock the n>'Xt morning, while the brigade went on. Wo after ward* loarned tint the Yankees, 2,01.0 strung, enme to the house fifteen minute < idler we lett; go o n pri B;iects came nigh being nipped In the bud. Well, at lli i end of hi veu days' marching, counterinarchiug aud starvation, we got back to Valley Mountain, the wholo uH'alr haviug proved a failure?in the opinion of our brigade chiefly from tho old fogy ism and want of pluck among tho V irginians. Never were men mora sick of Vir glula and Virginians than we are. Shortly al ter this it was found that liosccruns was pressing Hovd from the hiuiawa, so our broken down and demoralized army drawn bin k from Valley Moentain end si nt down to Floyd's assistance. Tho sit k aud disabled, which con stitute two thirds of tho wholo, were lirM moved back thirty lUil''S, over a perlectly impassable road?road, at least. which two mules could only go four miles a day with two slek men in tho wagon. 1 was sent from iherx with 160 of our siik to the Springs or Hath Alum, but when I arrived there I found both places crowiled, au<l l ad to go uve miles further to tho Hot. Here I have been for a week. I was the ti: st to got here. and i on.-ienuentIv had to open the plat e for a hospital. Since then tho sick of four other reuiments havo cine hero and crowded tb? place to its utmost capacity, making in all 4:>0. I havo tli.'entire control hero, und atn worked day and night, therebeiuR no othor pbj'sicion here. Part of tlio sirk of Colonel Lee's North Carolina regiment aro under my charge, and suck a spectacle as they present would make your heart sick. Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major and both floctors are sick, 1 learn, and the men aro dying like sheep. Out of one thou sand two hundred, rack and tile, there are now only ;it>0 ill for duty. Th-ir condition is deplorable. Our regi ment has been more fortunate than any, lia\ lag had only llvo deaths since our arrival in Western Virginia. My regiment is now come seventy miles from bore, and I understand is about to engage Rosecrans. I ou^ht to b? there, but all the doctors aro sick i>r playing po.-uum, 1 don't know which. I am getting worn out. 1 would give a great deal for a littk' rrst. The fact is. 1 am barefooted and w ilhiMit any winter cl<>*h?*:. Home kind lady in Nash ville sent mo a few pairs of socks, Without which I would now besockless. I iiavo written several times to Nash ville, but can get no unewcr. I have got uouioncy, not having got any from the government since v.o were in service, aud even if 1 had there Is no place to buy clothes* up here. This is a beautiful location, and the proprietor is kind and liberal?a character not oftru found in these parts. 1 hear t of l'r. Beguln of your city beiug ii|> in our army, but I think h!> was takes siejt shortly after his arrival, and hask<ft. If there are any kindly disposed doctors among yoo who may wall to t<-st tfuir faith In secession, let thom come hero; we e*n givo them plenty of work, very littlo t> eat ami less to wear. I should like to hear of and fr m my friends in Sooth Carolina, but 1 don't know how to toll you to direct. Botter scud to Nosh ville to It. Bailey, or R. B. Hnowdrn feCo.'s care, and thuy will forward. My love to Edward and all tho family, and beliovc mc, your* afTectlountelv, J'. 11. BOIST. The following was added -J explanatory to tho fore going:? O Tf>n*n HI. Dear Eowariv?T wroto you Monday, and now s- nd you tho letter of Bobby I si>oko about. He has had a liatd time of it, and our affairs look blue in that part of ? Virginia. 1 havo in Curr's hands, to bo finished by Satur day, a full suit of Bttrgeon's uniform,<f excellont stout gray cloth, which, with a pair of thick' bocs or boots, No. 7. and poriiars some ot ci tcras, I hop ? to tend by ?* j press next Monday, to tho care of Samuel Coodc. (No signature.) Tho superscription of tho lett?r w:is as follows?? ? I>r^ i Edward S. H ft. Afsi.-tmtSurgeon Ninth South Carolina I regiment, core of Col. Hay war i, lliltou Head, S. C." | The next letter which hag roached us is as follows;? Savannah, Oct. 13,1-(J1. I Hy I f iit I,it?TVm't Imagine that f a:u aiming to till up all tho cmimlssions in your battalion. I don't dontt yoti i have twenty worthy applicants for nuch. 'i he oc>'afiii'iiiil j ntdition of one won't add touch to your perplexity. Mrs. t h' % sit gests that I submit tho claim of our friend! I Oscar l.ielfr. Ho is, I belieVe, a meritorious andaeom I pet'lit man, whose very thorough priu:tical t>t miliar it y j v. Ith clu mlcal seieuc j and manipulation. wo:.Id mi ko him ' a valuable aonn it'on '<> an artillery service so deficient. I in sen-nee a? ours. Ho is now a private hi Hampton's I l egion. I heartily wish you had a plnee to give him, i which, however. I have not the least doc.M you have not. I 1 think 1 shall get d iwn to R uddock 1 <>int aiiout Frl j day. on a pre'iminary outl ook. Ihopclrliail see yo i ! cither then or next week. In tho m< a >tlme, with bo. t wi.'his. 1 am, yours truly, LANODON CHEVE8. The following letter Is very characteristic of Southern style ? h ;n speaking or writing of tho Yankee". The fact referred t >, of the Southern soidior cutting off hisUiumb so a. to be dhabh*! from fighting against the Union and J Its defenders, speaks volumes for tho loyalty of tho ^ Southern people, if allowed freedom of action:? Hilton Heap, 8. C., Nov. n, IP,81. Pear Frjbnt*?T scat myself this ovcnlnr to a Mr ess yon n few liri'O, to Inform ym that wo :?r?' nil well at pro! cat, and I truly hope that these lin< f may hud yoj ,-JI en. jovitig the t-an?f blessing, 1 liavo nothing of importance to ."ay at pi <"tit. We land' <1 here safe on Thursday. Wo were oti tho water twenty-four hours Tli ? alarm was given to i s this morning th it theri wen- fifty thou sand t'i:?li !:il* left tin Yankee nation a few days ag i to attack this point. The report v.a shocking tosome, so iiuii Mr. V.'. 11. Ham took a hatchet and out. off btn thumb, to U'?'P from serving. The Colonel liaR court, nuirtu ed htm, the trial lum ???>? cotne off yet. 1 expeet. that H will go pretty hard with him. Miss Senior, yoi must excuse me (or tliis tluv. CHARLES C. V. i.STHROOK. Miss Senior Rspkoca Rrr:>. Tlic subjoined note was found in tho doctor's quarter? nt Fort Walker?(f?r. Iiul?t. killed In thoattackj;? limit Drovn?lam miry to tinnb'e you. but am stif* ft-ringfroro vi deni puns in tlfe I wi rpart < f my st< mech, and would bo glad If yo:i c-juM relieve me of tho nncom fortable paroxysms. If you direct oil or any other ?'mo tive power," do sparo me a "thunder jug." ll ,w ore youy Yours in pain, P. SIMONS. CORRESPONDENCE FROM THE BLOCKADING SQUADRON. ErSQrKfU.NNA, orr Chari.k-tos, Not. 3, l^fil Error* <f Contraband*?The K''grots Stnl infr< m the < 'oi-n' try to Attistinthe Dtftrwe "f Charleston?Artillery J'rar." tier at tire FrrU? of the Protty, ?*'(A Dupatchei to the!?T!u Shins Anxiotu to Eight Ayaind their Mtuler??9'Ai Oah- iff Chorlrrton, rfc.. rfc. This morning at daylight a small beat alongside c<*itaiuin; three young contrabands, who had made their escape irom Sullivan's Island dr.ring the night. They state that lurg<j numbi rs of negroes have been brought m from the surrounding c mnti y to as?ist In defending tho place against tho great expedition, which they bar Is Intended for Charlistcn, and that it is expocted to arrivo within the next three days, which amounts for tho target practice that has been g"in<5 on tho last lew days at Sumter, Moultrlo and eom small sandbng batteries in their itnmediato vici nity. iMt night,about one o'clock, a large llro birko 0 t In Charleston, and btrnH with great fury for three hours; but I run Igu nt of the cause tf its origin, or the amount of danm ?? lU/nu. It lighted up tho wholecily and ha; b- r in On A!?. ;? nine o'clock this iBBrning tho French war st ?nrr Prony at rived, with h-sp:.' I. ? f ?' tho Frem.h 1 >'i,-i.l at tlii- "plaet the also h .?! on b .-.rd aa English Consul nod his wifo for Savannah. I'crmi sion was groiiie-i th m to send a b'tit iu to deliver tho despatch a mid land the Con- I an I hi- wifo who will proceed to their dost install by iulind steam communication. Tiii*1 contrabands that came to t.s this morning say tliut the nt*!'" will n? t light against thj North, hut will ui';< the first chare ? to Join our troofs. This morn 11 v It commenced from the south east, which c itnpclU d us blockades to put to sea. Wa reiuruod next morning and anchored off Charleston bar. '1 ,< Crouch captain and his boat having be. 11 detained in Cliarlc-tonfor despatches till th ? gale cumr' on, was un able to get out with jafety afier it coascd bl( wing, on aeco'.tit of the heavy sea on th" bar; so he was com pelled to charter tlic Snvaftunh packet Carolina to brin* frmo it to his ship. she displayed tho French flag at, the tnain and a itliile (la; at tho fore. litis morning about daylight tl.e \ iton, ono of the o.t l*iliUn!i sqnndrcn that lolt l!anipt<-n Hoads on tho JOth tilt., amsltftrod0:1 our [Oft quart<T. The captain citno on tKiardand sJnti ?! that the eqnadrou had h ol a tough tinio of It !*r tho gale, ai.d t . it lie f-jurcd th: t some of tho st^umors lit d gono down. He h 1<I to get a drag out in or der to keep his vessel in t m mogeohie comlrtli n. About tun o'clock tiioOoa'zaooalcos came a'otig with tho Ninth Maine regiment on board. A boat from tins ship boardod her and learned that sho hud a severe time of t, iu thecal"; both of her hog frames are broken, and he, [CONTINUED ON LICUTU PAUE.J

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