Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 17, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 17, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW Y O R K A ! J JLk. WHOLE NO. 9199. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 18(11. PRICE THREE CENT.-?. dim rami iws. Arrest cf Messrs. Slidell and Mason, the Rebel Commis sioners to Europe. Seizure of Their Persons and Papers oil Board a British Mail Steamer. Arrival of the Prisoners at fortress Konroe on Board the Frigate San Jacinto. Effect of tiie News In New York and Washington. Intense Excitement Throughout the City. 8PBC1AL SESSION OF THE CABINET HELD, Ac., &g., &c. FoirniKfa Mokros, Nov. 18,1881. The Cut tod States stenm frigate 8?n Jacinto, Captain WUkaa, arrived tu the roadstead at halt'past twelve P. having on board the rebel Commissioners Slidell and Mwon. Ttcy were taken from tho English mail simmer ou (be ?th Instant off Bermuda. Lieutenant Fairfax and thirty live armed men went |K>m tho San Jacinto, with flva officers, wbo boarded the ?teamer and picked out the Commissioners. Messrs. Stidell and Maun made feeble resistance, but ware induced to leave with I.ieutcnant Fairfax. The captain of the steamer raved and swore, and called tteUnited Slatos offlccrs "priratical Yankee#" and other abusive names. Ono of the secretaries of tho rebel Commisastoners named Kuktia, also showed resisianee, but h.mselt' and ?olleagtw accompanied tUeir employers to eonfinemnet. Mr. Slidell hat his wifo and four children on board, Who were allowed to proceed to Europe. Commodore Wilkes came ashore and had a lengthy ?onveniuion with General Wool. Ha expressed tho opinion thai lie had done right, and ?aid that, right or wrong, tliev. men bad to be secured and If ho had dono wrong ho could no more than bo ?Mhtered for it. When it became known that tinte two worthies were to HMapton Roads the excitement wos intense. Some reported that quarters would he provided them ?n tho Rip Ra;'?;; but cither the frigate will proceed to HiwKork, or sooie other vessel will be bent there with the primers on board, and deliver them at Fort Mhyctta. FoitTnn,ss Monro*, Nov. IS, 1861. Ihtrailed States frigate San Jacinto, Captain Wilkes WH l&to the Ron'ls to-day with Sllicll and Mason at prisoners on board. They had esbarked on board an English mail st amcr. Hearing of the fact, Captain Wilkes determined to lake them, and, owning up with the steamer in the Bermuda ehsr-nel, he sent aboard and demanded the surrender or the arch rebels. The reply wan that there waa uoi fore.; enough to take them. Capt. Wilkes thereupon gent ati additional force, and at the same timo put the San Jacinto into a convenient position. Messrs. Mason and SI Mel! were then surrendered. The English steamer took them on board knowing who feeyworo, their destination and business. Captain Wilkes is understood to have acted on hi? own tcapoaMbfllty. Messrs. Slidoll and Mason asked permission of General Wool to sond letio: s to their friends, which was granted. The letters were open, of course. The Pan Jacinto will leave for No* York direct thia ?VMtag. Fortrim Movrok. Nov. 15,1 Via BaLTimoKB, Nov . 10,1861. j The United States steam r Sun Jacinto hug just arrived (torn the coast of Africa, via the West Indies, whore el?e has been cruising for some . it weeks. Old I'o'.nt was electrified by the tidings the San Jacinto had on hoard Messrs. Slide!! and Ma-ou, who were going abroad as Ministers of the Southern confederacy to JTrancc and England, but who were taken from an Eng. lis:. steamer in the channel of the Bahamas. The San Jacinto will soon proceed to Now York with her distinguished visiters. Capt.iin Wi'kos reported the news at headquarters h person, aud will fi rward his despatches to Washington to-night. Tho Dsnii! of the British vessel from wiirh Messrs. Mason and Slidcll were taken not yet Lecn ascer" tainc'd. All the documents .md papers of Messrs. Slide!! anil Mason were soiled. Their families were allowed to pro. The captain of tho British vessel delivered tip Messrs' Stldoil and Mason under a protest. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. Wa*:h:;otoj?, Nov. 16, lHlil. Captain Taylor has arrived as bearer of despatches (Tom Captain Wilkes, of the !?jn Jacinto, which vessel ar rived at Fortress Monroe at hiit'-pagt one o'clock j e^ter* day afternoon, with Mason and Slidell, and the r i-ecreta Tics, Eustis and MeFarland. Tho San Jacinto overhauled the British pa ket Trent, About twonty-four hours out from Hav ana, bound to st. Thomas. The ladles and other gentlemen accompanying the prisoners wero allowed to proceed to England. The Trent belongs to a private company, ait! pli.-o bo Iwoen Vera Cruz, Havana and S:. Thomas. She had no pennant flying when boarded. She is u merchant vessel, tarrying the British malls, which are usually, as in this MM, in charge of some retired British officer an t mail ?gent. No resistance was made by the prisoners, nor ?ny protest olfered by the officers of the Trent,but tho wrest produced great eoustenmlii n among the families and attendants of the prisoners. The trunks belonging to the part to- arm.-tod wire also taken, and ore on board the Shu Jacinto . which imt into fortress Monroe to coal, and now <?? r< to \. w Yoik. Tho arrest was made by Lieutenant Fail fax, whn wail nformed by Masou and Slide!! that they would u l bo taken except by force, lie an-irered. ''Then 1 rltall t.iko you by force." On tho arrival of Captain Taylor at the depot ;n this City, at one o'clock to-day, he was mot 1>,< Mr. Cor< traa, the banker, father-in law of Mr. Etisli", wtime wife was mo of tho party allowed to proceed to England. He ex presseil great anxiety to learn tho names of Dm# parties surested and those allowed to proceed. Your correspondent was rey>ie?t*d by Captain Taylor to communicate to Mr. Corcoran the fan that Ins daugh ter, Mrs. Eustis, had been allowed U> pursue her voyage to England, but that Mr. Eustis was to arrest. Mr. Cor ?oran was exceedingly anxious to learn whether *li? parties were seized on hoard a rebel or a British vessel. Captain Taylor was not, as stated in ? previous despatch, in command of th? San Jacinto, hut waa a pass ngnr on board from the station on th* coast Of Africa, and was requested by taptmu Willteg to bear tho despatches to the government from Fortross Monroe. He proceeded immeo lately from the dejtot to the Navy Department, and reported to Secretary Welles, by whom he was accompanied to the President's, to lay before him and the Cabinet the official report of Captain Wilkes in regard to this important tftfsuw. A special meeting of the Cabinet had aheady beon ?altod, in anticipation of the arrival of Capt. Taylor, which i?sm pre anoouocod by telegraph. ? The intelligence of ti? capture of Messrs. Slid, 11 and o has dlflfased the greatest possiblo joy among all j c!a.- ^e?, including, of course, go.vori.ment ofl'.o.ale, fr< m Uc President down to tbo humhlnnt messenger. The brilliant exploit at Tort Royal wan certainly not mire, if quit* as electric iu It* offail upon the public m ud ua the tui< mg of these generally regarded unprinci pled and damp-rout; rebel einihsariett. WA>?wiitos, Nov. 10,1661. Captain Taylor report* that when the Ban Jacinto ?topped atClcnfuegtM the escape of Slulell and Mmou wu? ascertainec*. I Tim ceding thunre to Havana, it was under" stood they had taken passage o.i the 7th luat. ou the Hiiii.sli mail steamship Trent, plylog between VeraTru*, by way of Havana, ami St. Thnma* and MbuptOB, Whilo Iho Sen Jauuto wax in tlie narrowest nail of tlie Hi hum.! chaiitii-l, ahuut twenty -[our tuilea to the w.-mw vd she mot the packet, and, as usual iu such caies, lirwl a shot across In r bows and brought liei' to. Twobtuis wore wnt to lier, under the command of I.ieutmaut Fairfax, who. Imanling the packet, arretted Met>rs. Ma ww and WideU, who were personally known to him. They at first ohjoctod to being removed without t!io employment of force for tliat purposo. However, they were soon after removed without further trouble, aud conveyed to tho.Sna Jacinto. Th-ir respectivesei retai ies, Busti* and McKarland, were also broiif ht onboard, and ?ro now on their way fo New York. The packet had no other rave her own flag. The remainder of the jiaKvnRsrs, Including tbe ladles connected with the t-'idoll arid Maaon party, wero not molo?t?d, and were therefore left fiee to pursue thojr journey. Tlx* official despatches ao voluminous, and include ?e\eral accounts of the capture, together with the pro. te?t of Mason and SllJell against being taken from a Bi itish ship. It is said thit tho State D#?rtment received several dav? ago Information from the Urrfted FtaVee Consul at Havana thnt Mio-on and Slidell end their secretaries wero tliore, and that he w as watching an opjmrtunity and de viling means to lime them arrested. The San Jacinto was returning from tho African rial ion, and had been ordered to cruise for the privateer Pnniter. Happening to be iu lb neighborhood of Havana at the nick or time, our Consul conveyed to her commander the information cf the sailing of the rebel ernifu aries on the liritlfih steamer Trent, but issued no orders for tlielr arrest. Captain Wilkes, upon his own ret-ponmbility, overhauled tlieui within twenty-four hours' fail from port, and arretted them. When Mr. Kussell, ihu IxinUon Tivut correspondent, h< ard of the arrest of Mai. u and Slidelt, u? retnarkud, " ! would like to have aeeit po>>r Slide) I's face when It' wa* arrested; surely lie must KxAted very funny." Mr. Russell said nothing :.l>out iho overhauling of tlie Trent. Xo epoc'ui instructions had brcn given to ('h> alu Wtlfcea in reference lo the arrest of Mason and Hide l aod their t ecretarieg on beard of any foreign ve<e e'; hut I general orders for tl:?:r arrej.t, emauuling from Iho Navy Department, had been i; sue1 to the officersof our navaj | vessels. There order* were bared upon tho information Iho rebel commiss&t ies had Sillied in tho Theodora j They c JUteiupialed tho arrest upon that vessel; but as their orders were to arrest the portion, and informal i".u h'iil brrn conveyed to Captain Wilkes (hat they bid sailed from Havana, he only did h.i duly a, a loyal American officer in bringing llictn hacfc to lb ? xnulry ih.y were endeavoring to betray, lli* as gumption of responsibility in the premises will be applauded by the whole people of the lovnl State". 'Shore is authority for sarin* that it e a matter of vety Utile moment at whether th" pn*.vnger steamer upon which they were found wasan.American or a forei.-n vc.iei. They wrre fugitlvit from justice, 'iliey w r0 endeavoring to mi-ape from Ihe country In violation of the proclamation of our government forbidding any one?citizen or foreigner?to leave the conn try without the permission of tho btat# Depart ment. Tht-te ih no question aa to tbo manner of the arrest before either tho government or tho country. If there are any circumstances attending it requiring governmental action, thnt can be had hcroaftcr. Tlie great fact of importance now is, the custody of the partial. The country w ill be rcjoice 1 that their escap# ha? been prevented, and that ibey are now prisoner*. No action lias yet been taken by l/>rd l.yon* on the subject or the arrest of Mason and glidcll on board of a Or.tlgh vessel. He bss no official informali<n to act upon yet. H Is stntod that the Spanish Minister was q .ltu indignant when he heard of the the arrest of tho art h traitors, and is reported lo have expressed the hope that the vessel from which tUey were ! taken was a Spanish ship, in which evert Spain would immediately declare war against tho United Slates. Th.- President is quite e'ated over the capture of Slidell and Mason and their secretaries, as arc tbu members of the Cabinet. The proposition now i?, If England demands satisfac Hon, todigavow the act, assert that Captain Wilkes made Jhearroft upon his own responsibility, apologize if neces sary, and in a few months promote Captain Wilkes to be aii Admire), which olllc.? Congress ? ill cheerfully create. Tins programme may ho varied slightly by discussing Ihe matter for a your or two, and then i-ttie it. The prisoners of State brought lij the Pan Jiu Into are to be immediately furnished w ill) quarters at Fort War ren. Hop ton harbor. Mr. Mason's return to Moston ?s a Stale prisoner will r-vive recollections of his declaration when last in that city, thnt he did tnt expect to return thither until he eliot.ld como iu an official capacity as the representative of a Southern confederacy. He is a fit representative of thi! beleaguered ribcl States, and will meet :uj appro priate reception. EFFECT OF THE NEWS IN THE CrrY. 1 EXC1TF.MF.NT A MONT} TIIE I'KOl'l.K?WHAT TltK KNO l.l!-n KESfOKNIS TUIMC?THE VOX POPl'Ll ENOOR3E8 CAPTAIN WIMtK* AM? IS IN V 4 YOU OF HOLDIXU THE CUNSl'IKATOKH, KIT., ETC. Thure is a good old saying to the effect that "evils never ccttio singly,'" and this has been amply verified J within 'he last few days bv the aerie" of heavy reverses I which have ovet taken tie eonfedeiflcy of Jeff. Davis. | Tho l'ort Royal aflalr, brilliant and deelsive as it wjw, thrilled the Fyal bear^of tne Not I li with joy and hope; but yesterday morning a pi?oe of inteiiigence w?s re c . ? d which completely elect rilled our people, and cast all the other n. hleveimiits of tin; national government int > ihe shade. Allusion b made, of course, to the of Met S. Slidell atid Matou, th> two t'eb. ! emissaries, who Wore considered to have made g '1 fedr escape to Etrope in epito of tho vigilance of blockading squadron. Hut it seems a smart Yankee I captain was iu the riyht placc just at tho right tinio, and naH>ed 'lie unlucky conspiruons just as they thought all dan.,or had boen surmounted. It v. iiiid bo impossible to describe the excitement ci. a1' d in the city by the news. The report was look'd ' '-in v i.) iuorednllty at t.rst. for tho public mind hag b :'si i of.iii distracted by unreliable news of late thai eve, y , in .r U regarded wiiji suspicion now. nutil all doubt ; reun rod by the most certain intelligetico. So it w.m y..?terduy. Early iu the day Ihe pooph) down town r.a : ihe bulletins i>oi>tid in front of the newapapor , in flaming characters, " The Arrest of th'* Arcli 11 a ' s Wlidoll and Mason.*'and shook their hea ls d'jbsw.-'y, r- .'..ding the news as being too gooti to be true. Kiii a? despatch after despatel, arrived, confirming (lie intelligence, the people begun to believe, an i t'10 merit e\ j>iy wns everywhere esluhited. Ilie niiWj. j"i< vent more particularly tn their feelings, tlm cipUiro brio" r'w; irdcd as the b^n thing that has occur, ed sir.?(.? th: cnnrnoncemen: of the rebellion, and how t ;? grave tho Intornational aspects of the nDair may b ?. iti.j ;iiita ariain that the popular voice fully cndoiavs the action of Captain Wilkes. The news completely -hut out o\ .'iy other subject of convoisatwu. Ihe raorclmnu on 'Chan; * d -c i-iod it from a spocnlative point of i viow. 'Ilia numerous British residents in our midst cvincjd an unusually agitated frame of minj. coiisi'leringtho h us mesa iu tho light of a very higbhand ed and outrageous proceeding, which would be given i prompt u'liutim by her Majesty'* government. It was i tho opinion of this that nothing kliorl of the s irren dor or the rebel omissaries to British protection, the I casl.i ring of Captain Wilkes and an ample apology from | the President, world ^ntisfy Ihe mtyefiy of British honor. \u a I iso 11 rop >rt was circulated during the yt'tei noon tn the ofl'ec.t that tho English merchants hereabouts had been so grievlously exercised by the news that lliey hnd suspended all buaintss and were about to draw up a ro~ nionstr.ince to the Uuitod Slates governnient agaiusi the supposed vioMion of iulernaiicnal law in hoarding a Urtt.sU etcamcr. It ie needless to state that tho rumor w.w a compleio hoax. No such thing oo curred, ami nothing of the kiuJ, go far iw could bo learned, contemplated. On the con trary, British mer wont ou much a* usual, pur. euing tlicir daily .uoji.s, without troubling their heads imnaces- . tout what <loea not concern tlwm. Thu folks at ,,.u British Consulate, it may be added, evinced little feeling, and wore very diplomatic uud guarded In giving expression to wiy opinion on the sub J 'ct. Ti?i neoompl.licxt nn I pollto Vice Consul could not' ho said, say how the llrlteh government would act, insa much as he did not presunio to know how her Majesty h Ministry would tee fit to view the affiir The Uultod Stati* t;u\ ornmrnt being at pre.!-viii ihe tie facto govern ment here, ho thought it likMy that England would bo dlsp s-vi tomako all rcaaoii&blc 4'. >1 cessions. Among the poopJe the probability of a rupture with John Hull was fro.'ly 'hk ' over, and it must be stated cuiiidly that the prospect was not at all disliked. ' I/'t 11= have a war with Kuglatid," 'f necessary. ThereV enough blood yet left in tho old N'orlh to give M-. Bull another lenson in capcriug llk>? that be received m 1770 and in 1812." This was the sub stance of the remark* one heard among all clatter, and whenever a man quietly Intimated that the govern ment was wrong, ought to give up the robels and apolo gise to England, tweaty voice* immediately d row re ! Ms utterance. Uur li mh citizens exhibited the moat marked evidences of excitement and pleasure. "I.ot the rehola hung Col. Corcoran now if they dare, and let England lielp the South if she dare," were not unfrequently beard um"Dg this patriotic class of our people. There cau bo little doubt that, in the event of a war with England, thou, sand* of sturdy Irishmen would enrol themselves ail over the Ftate* for the defence ot the country against British hnration, and there is just as litflo doubt that tho v?x pcjmli is in favor of holding fast to Mrs-r?. SHJell and Maa-'n, no matter what remonstrances England may make, or what she may threaten, iu cate due rajiaratiou is not givrn. THE RIGHTS OF ,BELLIGERENTS TOWARDS NEUTRALS. The seimro of Messrs. Mason slid Slidell on board ? | u*uiral vessel cannot fail to elicit o good deal of oontro. i versy nt homo and abroad, and may, perhaps, a'arm many of our fellow citizens unpcqunintcd with tho spirit aud letter or the rights or natious in thin reipect. their appith ufionh, however, w/'I vanish with a better know jedgc of the cfcsrs bearing on the rights of neutrftls, Md of the opiuioius of writ urn on international law. And,** among tkM* writer* n'>uo hare greater authority and morn influenco than the Kremh, we will submit to our renders some of their view* uton ?uch case* a? the pri'f cut <?uo. Ah a gpnoial maxim ainong nations, Vatal, aud Murtoui arter him, acknowledge that a neutral who lends ms j aistauce to a belligerent. i any shape or form whatever Is liable to l>e treated as an enemy; that a Power at war j has the right to hinder its opponent from being morally or physically reinforced, und that that necessity may a i- j thorlze that Power to prevent ai:y support to be directly ur Iudiicctly lent to the pari} at war with it. When a nation has iuainte<l neutral l'owits with its intentions concerning the enemy with whom II ha* to ural, that nation lies u right, even on a free sea, to bring a neutral vessel to, and to iuv^t upm a proof of its neutrality, as in the case or Mes ra. Ma. on and Slido'.l, and if it cannot prove this. If it prove! that it has \io lated it, tho vessel can be arrested, kept in custody and even confiscated. Now if from genera! considerations ?ef??i to par lieu lar cases, wo will find that nearly all treaties agree on this point, that rri'-u are clashed among (he most dsuger ,mg contraband objects prohibited in time of war by belligerents. lly contraband of war is generally under stood all the objects which a nation can avail itself of against its enemy,audi as equipments, guns, powder, provisions, 4iC. Pome monurcbs, auch as I.ouis the XIV., havo uvea Rooe the length, in tli" interpretation of the word contraband, of seizing walclles and cutlery which were conveyed by the English to the Dutch. But if that word Is liable to receive different interpretations, this is not the ease with men. Here is what JVHatiterouills says "n this subject:? The fact of tramjurrling me" /or Ihr atwunt <f aMlipe rent c. ntti'utet, in '?V ssft'Wtft'iirt, ? more xriiiui no! of the duties of weirfrote than a rase >f contraLaiul. " * ytulraU hai"; Uulirs U> fu{Hl totcanfs naivms at tear, and ilth' ? aptoin of a ship choom to carry men intkemvicr o f one of th'Miiyfi vt* h- njosti liim-e'f to all lit' untie quenccs. i Ortolan, a writer on internatioual law ami a great vi. thority among the French, goes even further than I> Ha ; Veuille. llo thinks that, even in the cas>' when map tain is ignorant of the quality of one of his passengers, ho must surrender him upon summons or one of the belli*.-- j rents to dojio. This, we believe, i also the opinion of j Wbcaton and of Ward. I Besides these authorities, nnd many others that wo do not quote here, facts have sanctioned that right in ;:n unmistakable manner. Take, for Instance, the treaties passed between the nations < f the Old and New continents for th ' last century, and they all consecrate the principle that, though free vessels make free goods, when a man convicted of being in the service of one of llibUg'. rents is found on one of these vessels, that man <aube arretted aud carried away by the party hostile t . it. We find this clause stipulated in the treaty of Ut echt, passed iu April, 1713, between France aud England; in lhe treaty of 1778 between the United Stat's and Kran.-c; iu the treaty of 1785 between the United Stnt.-s and the j King of Prussia. Many other treaties, too long to enu meratclicrc, contain the same provision and cwecnitu the same principle. There is, then, no doubt about the case of Messrs. Mason aud glidell; it is settled by the maxims of irit- ri? < lional law, and the facts we have just quoted. The cap tain on board of whose vessel these triitors wore capture I not only knew their quality a:id their mission, hut, according to o ir information, they had been disclosed to Uini by the Eng lish Consul at Havana in presence of many por.-ons. IP-acted, then, as a purtneijof tlK? cwispiraioi's. ?u n? j that case lie alone Is i espoualfcUi for the action o. ('?pv ? n J Wilkes. This will iikily be the Interpretation whioli 'lie , English government, ftftor a mature examination of the care, will place upon this neeo -ary proceeding. ' IMPORTANT FROM WESTERN VIRGINIA. I Tlie Rebels Driven from llifir Position and Retreating-Sharp but Unintf?M- I fill Puvsutt of Them, ?&c.. 4c. ClK'litJUTI, Nov. 11, 1H#J. j Advices from General ltosecrans' headquarters state j | 1 hat on tlw 10th General Cox's brigade crossed tho K ? | i.awlia and New rivers, and drove tho rob-ls back thiw I mile- from a'.l their positions. General Schnncfc's column intended to attack them in the rear, but was prevented I creasing the river from high water. (ieneral Henltam's brigade moved up and bewail l .feel tli'ir front, when a sharp skirmish took place, lasting i irom t > ir o'clock 1'. M. until dark, when ti?n?ral Hen j ham'* f ? ? . 'V n their arms waiting for morning. The j r,.|, -is be'.-Hf i ; ?!' rent, an<l were w?il on their way j t j ilai".. i ? ? ;h n.oremeut was disoovo'-ed. Cune lif" ,.i.? n !' ::H'ieJ them twenty five miles [ aiuWst i dr .-: . i;m; .. in, but, Feeing littlo chance of over- 1 taking them, Mtrned back. ' lu the ,-l;iinn-h with the rear guard Colon.'; I.nuian. of , th<* rebel cavalry, and a lew others, were ki'.lo I. The loss on oar aide was "two. Point PttusAur, Va., Nov. 18: lsrtl. I a sad accident occurred at Cnmp I'iett, tw.dve miles I above Charleston, this morning. Capttlu Hell, or I Company K, Forty fourth Ohio regiuietit, end eleven of i i-iieu while crossing the Kanawha in a skiff, rati under ih'e stealn. r Commodore Perry. The captain aud seven of his men were drowned and the remainder save 1. THK FIN'GAL'S CARGO OF ARMS FOR THE REBEJLS. Boston, Nov. 18,1461. Cap'., Hunter, of the steamer Delta,from Bermuda, at HiiUfai, roi^irts that when he left Bermuda the stesiner Fingal and the rebel steawr N.u-;hv .Jle were in port. Tho Kin/.il had transferred ber c argo of ann? to lh. Nadiv llle, whila tho Nashville wo ild run the blo.-Vade with the arms. SPECIAL SESSION OF THE M.VRV'LANI) Lfi (jlSLATtJRE CALLED. BAI.T1MOIIK, NOV. id, lHgl. flovetnor Hicks hn-i i.-suod a prodatnution calling ft spo cial session cf the Maryland Legislature, at Annapolis, ?n the 27th inst. '1 h ? object is to r'- stablisb Maryland in 1 lii-r eld i?a?ition as tho heart i f the In ion, aud to undo tho traitorous l-'gislation oi the Kort Warren itcmbein. NEWS FROM WASHINGTON, WASHINGTON, NOV. IB, ISfll. IMPORTANT ORVKlt 1UOM THE WAR IIV.IARVMKNT TUe following order ha*just boou issued:? tlKNV.H VI. OK'UCttS?MO, 09. illCAtlljr AK1KIIH Of Til* Akvy, \ AdjitamCkvi rai.'u Of no:, y<tv. 14,1801. ( Complaint lias been made to tho President of tho United Statoh that to lain porgous wilhni tlin Statu ot Virgin in, iu places occupied by Hi forces of the United HUitus, claim

in bo inhabitants of rh il oftitvg?Slutu, comity and mnt'.i uipat?by allege! authority from tho Commonwealth of Virginia, in disregard and violation of tho declaration of lite j,onn!o of Virginia, ronri ?"iit pit in Convention .it the pity ot \VTi?elltip, on Thursday, June 13, mfil, and of (bo ordinances of sui.t Convention, and of ih?ai ts of tin* (Sonoral Assem bly, helu by autlnirity of 8aul Convention. It is there foi e ordered, by direction of tho President, tluit if nny porson .kill hereafter attempt within tho Sta'e of Vir OMia, under tlio alleged mitbority of paid Common wen:th, tooxerrj.x* any official powers of a civil nature, ; vi ithiu tin* I inn id of -my of iho commands of the oocupy Ins forces of the l iiitod :;tat- a, unlets in pursuance of th' declaration and ordinances of the Convention at-som liled at Wheeling on t'.e ll'tb day of June, 1WI1, and the act;, of the A m-mbly. held by mitbority of said Convention, sinh attempt pball bo treated an ?n act of hostility againal tho i'nitcd States, and such i>er?oni shall be taken into military custody. Comn.iindlng offi cer* are directed lu vnforce Ibis ord'T within their re spective commotio*. fly command of, General McCUCl.I.AN. L. TBi'Mas, Adjutant General. TUK Ui'MlMKU OK TltK LOYALISTS IN EAST TESNKRSSK AM) NORTH CAROLINA. 'Iho reports of the riniuf of tho Uulon men of Ran1 ?Tennessee and the adjacent mountain district! of North Carolina, aro fully crcliled by gentlemen familiar with ibe coo*"ion of affair* iu that scctlon. The movement was not by tny nwans unpremeditated. It has boon known ?n tei tain quarters for several weeks that ktoIous I'nion nieu were actively cnga^d iu that region, organizing aecret associations of I'nion men expressly for the pur pose that ha* transpired. AVFA1H8 ON THE I.OWKH POTOMAC. Tho Coiur de Mon went down to ttio llotil'a hut night, and returned ut ton o'clock this morning. !-'ho reports affairs u?chiii'i;i'i1 down tlio river. A coasting tsloop rau the blockade yesterday, and, al though forty rounds were fired at her from the rebel bat teries, not a shut sirm-k her. Tbe Harriet l.tine starte.l down this morning to join tbe flotilla. ACCOUNT OK THE REHEI. AT IT. MPT Ttl OAPTfRK TUK BCIIOOKKR MARYLAND. The 11*1! alu's correspondent w th Cen. Bookor s coliimu, neur Bodd's Ferry, gives the following interest lot; account of tho ati. mpt to eupiurc the sthioner Mary land ou Iho 14th ilist.:? About nine o clock this morning three rifled guns, two ten pounders and one six pouuder, opened from Cockpit Point on ;i tchooncr laden with wood, lying within six hundred \ arils from tho Maryland shore,at Stump Nock, opponit? Cockpit Point. They Bred at her about an hour. One shot struck her near tho wsist, making a hole some four inol?e- in diameter. Tho guus wero removed to tho blutt on the rght of Cockpit Point, where they opi nod ou hor again. At noon a boat, containing about a dozen men. w?* Keen puttintr out from iho point und j mak itig itj the direction of tho schooner. Tli? captain and hi? boy then left m a snmll boat *u4<?me to tho Maryland shore, tho crew having previously ytinc sway. Under cover of the guns the bout boaieed the M-hoencr ?:id get flro to her. Tho ? PiiIivtA w the first Massachusetts regiment having given ! informal iou about the boat, foil uel Wells, by order of j General Hooker, do? patched twenty sharpshooters, under I Lieutenant lloberts, to Slump Week, and they fired upon tho boat. Captain Adans and Cuvcry, of Company F, with twenty mo.e men, hastened to tho Neck, and they also opened Ore. Two of the rebel* were observed to throw up their firm* and fall bucliw.-ird* in the boat. The presumption i:: that tboy were wounded. Other aquadri went round to llio Neck. Thirl v flvo men, under Cuptaln Wild, in the face of heavy shooting from iho guns of the Virginia bide, repaired iu a b at to the schooner and extinguished |ho names before much d.imsgo was done. I'nrt of the niainwiil was burned. Ibey (dipped theeabloand brought thesch-ouer up the Matawoniau creek, out ol range of tho rebel guns. Two or our ten peuud I'arrot funs were j brought to the bluff on Stump Neck, utul they fired ejght j slMdrt across. 'Ihe tirst shell fell on tho beach at Cockpit Point. Another burst clone to one or the icM g:WS) driving men and hon-es from tho spot in great confusion. The lire wa:j returned, but no person was injured on our side. tin ibursday night tho sloop H. f*ay, laden witb Sut lers supplies foe the Second Kire Zouaves, went into Ma^aworoan creek. A s<piad of men wa> on shore ready to protect her, b t the rebels oi l tot molest her. Seven sailing craft pwd up <he river. Somi! wen, near the Virginia (bore, and the rebel pickets at Shipping l'oint fired about lift.r chots at theiu. Twcuty-slx worn fired at one without ' fleet. Four \es~ol pas it down thoPotoraue, besides the gunboat liet/el, tilt A Nil RKMKW OF I'U'I'V TIlOt'flAND. A much larger revifjpr than was ever bold on this con liaent has been ordered to take place at Ball'* Pro* < Koadsou Wednesday next. P is .-alenlated that at least tlity thousand men will pant and lie rev! wed by (Jen McClellOli. HKl'OltTKD CAPTURE OK A SC.MHI-.ll OK TIIK Tlltttn TIKTU XKW YOUK JtKtitMKNf. A report has reached the city to ni hi that ? porllon or thu New York Thirtieth regiment v.eut out on a foraging party this afternoon. and that about two hundred or them were surprised by a superior rorce of rebels etui taken prisoners. Tle re i. no i ffl. ial Information on tho subject, and the report wax not Indictod at Oeneral Me's heiidqunrters ut a late hour to-nl^bt. Ht:t,'O\'N0IS?!A>*UR FKO>l (I K.N KB A 1. .SMITH'A DIVt-JON. I A rei onnoi ^enccfe'io '*rn-r ?l .-'inith's divir-ion, in the J directii II or i.oeabuig. took place to day, without en cootitet ing any rebel purl ft*. OEM-HAl. M'i;LKl,T,ANrf) OPINION 01- THE THOOPH _ < (?MI'OflS? CKVKRAf, FORT?K'<S DIVj-IV.N, I'lu' i?iiow nig or iter has Jim i>eeti i-.-ued:? oknksat. ottnnii .so. 44. IhtUKjr IRTKRS Akmy Of rut Pu.omar, 1 Wasuikows, Nov. 16,1W1. / Hie Concini e untnanding the army I'csir s toexnrecx to the t ? .ops l?is appreciation of tha high soldierly lituili tt"s ci-p avi I by the uivi ion ciunniutriod bv Hri^adier General ) . .1. Porte; during the re\ j,-4v and evolutions of the Oth intt. The apptatance of Ihe troops would have do;;e i redi't to v?terati.t, aud the regulars must look wll to their l.inreiii d (;<uieri:| l'ort- r .s division conduct them ' se'\es on the field i-f battle as well as on review 'ihe cral ''oirituandiu- th '.tiks Caneral Porter and the o!Ucer.?aiid men of his comnund, lor their e*cc|| tit iniiitai.v apj^'.irane ? o:i the or' >,? ion alluded to. f--e!s eoutld-'iit that pu ii Kildicrs cm be implicitly relied upon when brought b?torc the euuuiy, aud he regards the di vi?K?i?sa model for tlie aruti. others cx ei it if they cau. By comtnaie! of Major General Mi(.'I,1-3J.aN. .S. \h tttjiit". A. ..wtant Adjuta'it (.eneral. KK8T0KATUIS OF CAPTAIN CHAPJN TO THE AP.MV. ( ai'-t'i ;n Cliapiu, w ho V.' a j fc'H ne nionths n^o stricken from tho army rolls, under tbo misapprehension of his disloyalty, while on duty in New Mexico,bos proved the injUiition oi the charges, and was to-day restored to his t.uik of Assistant Adjutant General of the depariment of of New Jtttico. DKATI!? "F TOI.DIF.R8 IN TIIK CiMPP AND IIOSPITAbS. Tlii t-dlowing deaths of soldiers yesterday are ro- ? l?or!od:? I'.,trick Fltttdgsn, Twentieth New Voik Stuto llilitia. ! l'eter Martin, Company It, Thirty sixth New York ! Volunteers. | Klisha Jou.-s, Com piny If, Pii^t Long Maud Volunteers. ' Mosej ( aH, l-if.-t Mielii^an t'avalry. l4. C. liearborn, Company K, Second, nnd Sam I. Il.wth, Comj?ny n, Kiith New Hampshire regiments. Bush, Company 1?, Kortletb, and Joseph G. Stotie, ! Conii ^uy A, l orty fil th I'ennsyIvauia regiments CAMP OF INSI'RUtTtON AT I'tKltO'lI.t.E. The Klevcutb and 1'ourteenih regiments at L'tiii.jd Stales Infantry are to be hutted dtinug the wm'iir at Pcrryvllle, Murytaud. Sixteen hundred troop, will th s b.-1! a. t ro 1 and form a e^m;> of Instruct! m. ?\g;? inu. dre l are tiieie already. KFFKCT OF THK ARRKSf OK UH. OtVi.V. 'ihe nous of tbo holding of s^tor (iwln ss a prUotter of war lu New 'Vork was received here to-day, and ha greyly increased our cause for rejoicing m the foiloral capital. ritOCKF.DINQS OF THE ARMV KETIBINO BOARD. The Poin d to dny retired Major tiorden, of Maine and l.ieutcniint Millins, of New York. These are thola,t and only ,ases befois the Beard. They navo, therefore, ap piled to tho Adjutant General f r iui adjourt rnout <1 Pie Board for tho present, there boltig r.o tuoro cv< ? beard. There aro, however, some' dicers In Oil .for p la and Now Mexico, who, an soon as t!i -y arrive hero, wil| bo actod upon l>y tho Guard, 1 t.t who arc not expcctc I for sonio time. APPOINTMENT BY T/IK I'.. .-'1T*FNT. Pr. J. H. Thompson, of No. fill Wust Twenty-third street, Now York, having |ii?- ed a ? . c pT d examluati- n before the Army Kodloat lJoard at V. u. tin gton, has been appointed Hrigado Surgeon, to rank n? such from No vember 2. NEWS FROM GEN. BANKS' COLUMN. IUr.vemtown, Nov. 14,1801. MajorW.C. II. Sherman, Paymaster <'f tho United Siat< a Army, visited tho Forty-sixth Pennsylvania rogimcnt on Tuesday last, and disbursed two mouths' wages t<> tlwt regiment. Ho bod previously visited and |>a'.d otf tlio Thirty-second New York nt thu Chulu IJrldgo. Maryland was paid olT a few days ago, mid the amount transmitted home by the ofPcors and men is worthy of mention. Nine companies plated $7,1100 in the hinds of thuir chaplain for tlio bnnetlt of their families, aud Company V, from Fllieott'a MHU, sent home |l,8ti7 in addition. Thome.', i n-tho election,have taken hold of their duties vnii renewed ardor, feeling that they were greatly Instrumental in achieving a groat, although bloodless, victory f?r the Union. The Korty-slath Pennsylvania, Colonel Knip>, regaled themselves yesterday on a noble specimen of Potomac turtle, eapturod by their pickets?a monster of hi??poeles# weighing forty pounds. lie had often been scan on tlio Virginia shore by tho inhabitants for years past, but be ing too sharp to bo caught In rebel wiles, ho boldly push ed a rcc/nuioissance into our Hues to meet au honorable death. Tho man alleged to have been inurdorod at Pooles v.ile by Sylvester Holland was named Thomas O'Connor, cn Irishman. The wifoot Holland testified that ho was shot by lior husband in self-defence, with a fowling pl. ee loaded with buckshot, twelve of which aro sui t to li.ivc rute. ed the body of the deceased. Holland and an other man carried the body across tho road and throw it over tho fence into a oornlletd, where it was found. The accomplice was arrested the morning subsequent to tlio murder, on the road to Kdwarda' Kerry, an-l Holland was taken by a detachment of the Putnam Ranger*, noar the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain,Tuesday night. Hollaud has been txul to the county Jail at Rockville. A^htou Garrett, a farmer of Montgomery county, who won arrested on the day of tho Statu election at Itorkviiio for < hallengitig the roto of a soldier and subsequent bois terous eonduet, has been discharged from tho custody of tho Provost Marshal. /.iouti-nantCupeland, Aetrng Assistant Adjutant General, Ujs returned from a vi>it to Massachusetts, and resumed h?; duties at headquarter#. Win. 8. King, medical dlrortor of this division, reports thit the general hoaUh of his chargo Ins sensibly im proved within tlio .'aft nook. The measles, the only pre valent diseaso, is fust disappearing, and no new cases of tho typhoid fever are l>?!ng reported. Owing to the Informality of omitting tohave the charges and spcclfloal Ions In the cases for trial presented to the Major General of ilia Army for his approval, the Central Court Martial adjourned to-day at an aarly hour. The documents tu quustlon have been sent to Ceneral Merid ian, and will probably bo returned to-morrow for the consideration of tho Court. Col. L dlle, of the Tweiily-ntnlh New York regiment, who is an ?? 'luplishcd engineer, has been deluded with his regltoi i : to construct bridges over Muddy l> unuh and W'attB' run, to facilitate tbo transportation of army sup plies from Washington. Major Atterliury, of the New York Ninth regiment daily otllclates as President of the Court Martial. Ills recent illness was not of a serious or dangerous charac ter. OUR DARNESTOWN CORRESPONDENCE. r>Ak!*rsT'?w*, Md., Nov. M.19G1. Jfewifrom the Rebel Army?A Mit'ittifi'i IteQiment in Ri inU?Yi,ty .Strike Their Tents' Shirt fur //?;?<??C'thl Weather /fining a ftnii JSjfict on I ht HtM &Adirry~An Jmi'b.nt in Cttmp Life?7V Third Kh'x'r filaniStrs and Th rit A~ hi Battery, tic. A report is iu circulation hero to day to the oflV.';l i It il one ol' the Mississippi rebel regiments have strock their tenls, taken off their camp equipige, find lotlred to their State in dhgust. I could net traicthe Origin >S Uwru mor, but from tho amount Of cwImim s warded to i: hri/o come to tho conclusion that tho military autliorit oc ir? in possession of positive inrormai.ou on I lie subject. "l; ? importance OT such a movemoot a* the departure of* rebel regiment from tho Hold, in 0Isgiist, cannot fail to in iteviaily allei:t tho entire rob:lllon. Ii i\. el iha ? ders from tho <;ulf States, who iiniccuEtoi:i"d to v.: ? i cold weather or any other iV'ieriptlon of l.a ii v. ill liuve u bard time ii if ib-y have Hit htirtl'.hoo I to a!turn,it t;oiii| e'with tho hare.;.' to the North m industry and toll tit en^li'Mit a vrii'ter palgti. There ii.-e tire two ij:i< t ?'???? which rwjon ieer.8 inffeiunuM'nomtli to an- v.?: . .".oil v.hicb him [it illy tritiil hero. Tboso am:?"TVhcre are the rebels going to winter':" ?? How v.i l Uie reb'Is t..ud the wiMtoi ' An incident of some interest came to my knoirledg ? day. It shown that there are some rebel spirit.-' of tho worst kind still rn Maryland. Thev aro vo /l v.iuiv. ever,ag th" re< mtStnte election almndantiy eRiabn.-li s. Private .lohnston, of Corni?an} F, of Die .uo ,oud X<r.v York <avalry, Colonel Van Al;n, was riding near j?d\v ar.'n' Forty yesterday, a litt'e alter dark, wht-n lui wan fired at from brushwood by a couecaa d loo. The bullet passed throu/ h the soldieiright hi'. ;w:t tinx him hurt tt< -omlxit. i Me w i md was ?'.??< s >1 by jir. Drown,oV New York, who wanpre ml at the timo K lb (?netsrrcooe. Thin <:irc;:iustatice proves thai t'uire ar Hill some desperate rcbe.s iti Miiryir.nd. in tb>; camps around here there is nb olutely nothing of an ttmigtial character trnnspb ii.;;. 'Hie re. nt term ol flu ? has bud a elTec; e.o the h '.'titti and <:<>mfo i of the troops. Their drill and d! .tdpilue improves every day. The Third Kliodo /gland butt tv, whi*'t h is 1). ii in Wnnhinglon lately t' ' .\< h?nj.''' j'a gr.ii-; lor b ti ?: { oi cm. returned to day with its ;? w g in.-, \.hiili are of I ho most improved deR.'.i i'itii !i. ?tc luttery tookod we'l as it wound its way along the r<> 11 to it : 'amp. OPERATIONS OP Till; REBEL PORCES. W-f.SIllMlTOJt, Nov. 10, 1S6J. A letter frnm the Upper 1'otoloac, dated to day, bijs that an Intelligent lady, wile of n refugee now in our em ploy, has reached Iiaruestewtt from Mnrthit-burg. Phe l 'l t tho latter place list M^t.d-iy, trd rei*?rl>Ja? Tho rebel- arc still Cm wdiu troops into Winche.'-tcr lo ??|i|xite the proxies.! of Oaucral Kelly's command,who they itnacino i; tnitcli nearer Winchester than ho re l?rt(*d at ln*t accounts. Tho dofntooi of that place are being strengthened and advatned, arid every prcparuti< u Is being made lor a dosjic.-ate re Ustuuo*. All the militia of Berkeley and Jef ferson ivMiiitlfS have boen sent thithor. with such anus a ruuld be gathorod. Alsmt three hundred i.f Colonel Turner Ashby'i- cavalry aio stationed at Mnrt!n,-biiri!, ami pick<ted j< Oi<! various points on tho i'otomac river down to HarjX'i's Kerry. Those treated ilr- few refiiain ltij. t'ui 'ii ponph with coi.sldeiation, but a company of mo nu l g'li rrlllasj^ixty In tu mber, spre.:id terror and ?<lrma> um ug all c. ii-.'P. <lespotling aJiko fnenda and foes. She cau give no reliable Intelligence from tiny other <1 mrt'r ol PeeeMla, except contlrmiug a previous rcjmrt tliai (ionnral Johto ton's forces were oongregntod at Centre viile, lva\ log but foiv mm at M inattas. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Ut porUd Demrnt of I'nlon Troopa Into Canltrn Virglniit, &c, KoMRKM Monk ?k, Nov. 15,1861. Retwo. n 4,000 and 6,0(,0 I'uion troojjs hive suddenly appeared In A000mac county, i.astorn fcbori' of Virginia, where there are 1,800 rebels in arjits. CommodoreCloldsboro i^h dcipiu he 1 a g inl.oat to that regies to day. A regiment ofcavah y i>" expc<. let h re iu t r w days. A flag of truce to day In ought about on? hundred su|v porters of tho Union, Including about twenty-Qvp women. Th -y relate a sad t ile of s itT-rlngnnd oppre sion. A number of persons have recently boon thrown Into prison for nut supp>rting the rebellion, including Mr. Ten don, a milli ter ITie Merrimac i.- still In tho duck, an I it the opinion of intelligent tnun tiiat she will never fl< v. tfho ii iieiug encased witb three luyors of inch boiler iron. A resident ot Norfolk thiuks there nr.) nearly twonty thjusan 1 rebel trooj?s in and near that c ty. THE WRECKED TRANSPORT UNION. The baggage, wngotis and how s ol the Connecticut Seventh regiment, Coloiiol Terty, were ou the steamer t'niun when wreckod, together with seven of the team sters, as follows, who are now in tho hands of the rebels:?John Fisher,of New Britain; I'aniel Wllmot, of New Haven, t.'harlos Fltzsimmona, of New York: Him Davis, of Meridon; Horace Rogers, ?r Norwich; lloory Ftratton,of Bridgeport,and"Gilbert II. I!rewer, of Avo'i 1 he other three teamsters were on the Illinois, aud are all safe. NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. stampede of tStc Rebels in Savannah. The Union Mm or Tennessee Report ed in Possession of ftristol. The Question ol liaising the Blaek Flag in South Carolina, Jfcc., Ac., Ac. Baltimore. Nov. 1A,1?6V We have Petersburg, Va., papers of the 14th in?t. They appear to bo very much in the (lark as regards the operations of the licet. l.TMfUBIIIW/NOV. 13,1801. II Is reported, bet uot ccuflruiod, that the Union men of Tennessee havo taken poHSesetoa of Bristol. Tbo panic at Savannah, In oomtequeuce of the victory of the fleet, was so that oven men were running away. .Small ware merchants, who were packing up their goods to leave, lunl boon notified by the authorities that they would not be permitted to carry off their good*. The Savminah Kepttblican is indignant at this cowardly .It--011ion in time of danger, and urges Genoral Litwton to issue an order preventing any able bodied man under sixty years of ago from leaving. The Norfolk Day Book of yesterday contains the fol lowing Maooh, Ga., Nov. 14,1801. The Planters' Convention have adopted a resolution en> doising the defensive measures of the government, an4 recommending a discriminating duty of twenty p?r cent on the productions of the I'nited states. It was also resolved that if the wtur shuuld continue and the present crop remain undisposed of, ilia planters should not plant noxt spring beyond the wants of home consump tion. KaVAWAH, Nov. 14,1801. The federal fleet is reported to have jmesed Fernandlna yesterday, bound south Oreat activity prevails la ?tietigthening tho dofeucoa of the city, and a general feel ing of security prevails. Tho earno paper says that the steamer Fingal lias ar rived at Savannah, with a cargo of war munitions. &c. Tim Richmond Dispatch says:? Wo havo inlbrmaticn Hint tho authorities of South Carolina have communion tod with llio government upon tho subject of hoisting tho black flag, to which alhittoa Ins been mm'' slnco tho attack upon the coast of tiiat FtatO. It is believed that General Leo has re ccived ovdor- from the War Department urging that "those rapte: ?! must be regarded a* prisoners of war," ll is Raid that lii will be disregarded by t.ho an'tvirttiee or South Cuinliua; that the same couisewill be purnued which Governor Wise adopted at tho time of the John Brown raid, and that when Snath Carolina is done tlioinvaders the Confederate government can have them. IMPORTANT FROM THE SOlTIIIiR.N COAST. The Kavnl K?|itiiUlon Moving South waul?l>|?er?tl<m? of General HUtrwiin'i Army nt Port Uoyal? Koiitbiws Mobrob, Nov. 1A, 1 KOI The fli'ut is underttood to have gone to Pensncoiu News of anntlier exploit may be ciptcted noon. A despatch from Savannah, dated the lltli, states thai the lloet bait passed ic nandina, standing southward. A despatch from Charleston to the Kichm> n*t Eit<juirert th* 14th, state* tint t>neral Hhornun hail taken posaoa si?>n of l'incknoy Islands, seised nil the ubie bodied ne^re mm and sent tbem to the licet. No fittoiii11 has been made to laud i u the ina.uhind. Private advices represent that the capture of Poii Royai has producod tho greatest rxcitcmeni throughout I ha South, and (Specially along ilio seaboard, from the cit ies nud v I liases of whit l> Hie people arc fleoltig iu tho' CiYite?l precipitation. T1 c vie. >ry at rort Royal g. o itly depres-iod the rebels ftr.d enwmaijod the Cuius men, of wh >m th re aro larjre nttin'i -in. Ihi' licividere, bavin ' been repaired. w V1 leave Tor Port Royai oar!y to-t>. : row, with malls and 1 "put' !'.< n, Flftein tlnijSa : I men are now til Annr.olis, r a y to embaric. Tli ir destination Is unkn iwn but th c-i^retit rumor i? tint they will r ?inform <? > i ?'H sho- m n while another il< stitttliou i. n< i. nn i It th 'in liv o.lic s SECRETARY WEl.LES' LB ITER TO COMMO DORE DUFONT. Nav* ?!:.? W ??!!,% .*?, Nov. 10,1861 ! ? H is w itli no ordinal j i )i.oii< ? that I tender to you and ? command tin l.i-. 1 >1' ennpi atulattons and i!. nks rf the Kovcrntr.'-ti.t o?-1 ? intryfor tho bril liant tin c es.-i achievednt 1*< i II ; ul Iu tin! war now regie. . n1.-; : iivi govern-neni in this, Uie mott cause! ?? and iiiuiv.ral r liel'.ion ihat ever a'!)i< teil :i i ?)'?.'r*. high hop s Inve b-en indulged in the navy, an i great <: >n6deno r ?;>. ? j io ?'? p(Tm is. Tho results of the sk ill and bravery of yourself ann others hive equalled ml s.o'pi lour hi^vvst cv>octa Hons. To yua nnd your a*: ? .air , under the providence of God, wo are Im!?M i l< / tl, is great BChlevoment by the Un-gi^t ,;u. i:,d,o:i iiver tilt id i) ,t tnidirtliit :lay whii'li you go Kaiiaully Vitnlioulod, nnd which y , , will i?o,ir onward to couliattod t-m ? ? <<n tho oi' yon; di'f; at< ln's antioiiuctiiK Ihe vio tory at Port Roy i!, tJis Depurtui nt is i,> I th - eaclosod puaoralorder, whi. h, with thfc (otter, y "i vill ..aiwo to hr- rei I to \ wir ivmmmd. lam, sir,) r ob diont aer rant, '?>.?" i\ \Yr t.!J-'S H?gO:'ji-nr S*m *i. I . UceiivT comiii'tn Huts 'ioutU tic Blockft'lio;;!*p: droit, Pert Itoj'al,,-?. N?W& FROM MISSOURI. MOVfCJfR.VTS or t.KNKRAL I'RK I) AM) BEN. MtCULLOCIi. Pt. }/, ?!?>, Si v. 16, 1861. The armies of General Price and 1! m. ' . h have retreated into Arkai saa. It is under, luod ilwy have gone to Kort Smith, where aupplic.i liavo been oollocuxl a id wint< r <piarv rs built. Kefvro - i\ ? < Mis ;.?url tUoy fired ail !ho haj ttH' kt<. turu crlhs, ,'?e., in tin ir vicuaty i 'o prevent oar force* from ohtaitiing io,a,;o in caso we pnraued then, Previous repols r.g.irditig tho Irnriln.nryoi' a battle on tho 2d instant. ori^nat'd in a larto torn iug patty of rebels mi WHaoo'a (.'reck hc-ng mi ak-'ii for tlic a.lvatioe guard of the *wmy. CAPTUBE OP FIFTY WAV,OSS ASD FIVE HUNDllKi) OXEN BY THE REBWLS. Kansas ' ,iy, Nov. 10,1S61. A wagon master arrived hero gi, > - Ml iru 11?>u of tho capture by the relx-lp, at three o'thi k this roornimf, a mile and a half from Pleasant Hill,< ovn y, M.bsOttri, of fifty wagons an?l ti\ e butnlred oxen, which were on their way to S-dulm. Wlien tho wirou ir.cs'er ?? ??aped .'j? yokes of the SMb were being bum l, anil pv ;>.irntiuii3 were also beiie; made to burn tho w . Tuo t ^mstera were all taken prisoners O)ioncl Jenuison * i ! n a -< b mini >!' ' for Pleasant ran. The crest <.t. the n*w ntilitary 'ric' of Knurrs with Jfajor C<>< ml li 'r.tei in eomtn V- v .:t?' at K'ti? faction Hnd cniidi ue* jo the citizen- ., u ? General Ijio< - i. tiimund was exp rt I nt l i.n .-'cotton the evening of the i 4 tit iuf t. A doubtful r> |s ri fays tiutt there is a ft ee of a thou sand rebels at Bower r Milis flfty r., ; , from FortPcott REBEL LOS-F- IX THE BELMONT 1 IOI1T. HBcaOO, Nov. Irt, i?81 A apeokil desputeb to tlie ?foui'wl'if th,aeity ?yt that It hw been ascertained t1 i? iho i>. oi r>i rebels at tlie battle of Utituont was 2*51 kll'iHi, 4-7 wounded and iniraing. REPUDIATION BY (JEN. HUNTER 01 THE TREATY BETWEEN I'RICE AND FRE5I0XT. St. l/>t h, Sfov. id, Ibdl. General Hunter ba.s sent a letter to t/eth rai Pi. by a flag of truce, repudiating the treaty between <;? uerals Fremont and Price, entered into Noviltlber I, and ad dressed a kttcr to Adjutant t.'erierai Tin mas setting lorlU hit reasons therefor.

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