Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1861 Page 5
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NEWS FROM GEN. WOOL'S DIVISION. l'OKTBESS MOKHOB, Nov. 16, 1S01. A flag of truce want to Norfolk to day, but brings no newspa)>erB nor Intelligence of miy kind. Tho gunboats Cambridge, Mount Vernon and Lockwood have gono up to Newport News 10-night. Tlio rebels luve assembled in considerable force at Great Bethel. An attack ujon Newport News is by no tneuns improbable. The gunboat Young Rover has boon sent to tho York river. Tho Cambridge, just from the Rappahannock, brings no news. Tlio recent fire at Norfolk con -1.mod a large quantity of valuable stores, including marly their entire supply or OIL TheS. R. S|>au!ding leaves for Hatteras Inlet to-night, having In tow two schooners, loaded with frame bouses for the troops and at ires. Tin. Rclvidaro will also l>avo for Port Royal to uiyht. OUR FORTRESS MONKOE CORRESPONDENCE. j Foiitrkss Mhnro: , Nov. 15,1861. J'ags <f True* not yet Sln}i*.d iy the Uriels,?/mjwrfan^ Request of General H'ool Re^atling Southern Cjrrr jtnn- | ci. iicc? liectmnuutanee by Oar Vrovpi?A Hall 11 Id xrilhin Half u Vile of the Hn -my's Piclcttxby Some of Our Offi' cert?Oitcharge of One Huntlred L'nion /'risonerx by llit Keith, and Tluir Arriv it at t'u tbr!, itc., <?c., cCc. At headquarters I am iu oi me I that the order in rcla. tion 10 no moro llaga of true from Secossia too ir side bad not been confirmed by the rebels up to tho time of my writing tills. General Wool, however, treats the subject with IndlQorence, and soems to care but very little about their orders, one way or another. The Major General also reqacsih me to state that all those sending letters South must limit their correspondence to one page, and If des tined beyond Virginia, ton cents postage must also bo en. cUs.-d; for loiters going to Richmond only, five cents is leuOiclent. Tho reason for limiting corre*)>oudonco to one pa je is obvious. Every letter going South must ncccssa' j-jly undergo an examination at this department, and be caarked "ex'd," before tho samo can ho forwarded? tho business of tlio General's stall' being so multifarious^ tmd if w me letters covering Tour and live pages appear In tho mail, it is a great Job to gel through half a dozen euch epistles in so many hours. Our trimps are apparently on tho eve of a battle. Re" counoissauces from various points have been mado,and are still making, and if this does not look like an "im pending crisis" in tho affairs or this department, thon I am mistaken. A plox-lug circumstance occurred hero *ast evening, which somewhat broke tho monotony of camp life. A number of officers having their ladies with them at this post, it was thought proper to arrange a *itlle festival for their mutual benefit. Accordingly tho efficient 1'rovest Marshal of the department, P. A. Davis, and the Provost Marshal of Camp Hamilton. Captain 11. M. Burleigh, arranged a ball, to come off on tbel4th Inst., at the Chesapeake Female Seminary. Tho band of the Twentieth regiment was engaged,and tho sacred precincts formerly devoted to the study of the fair daughters of the F. F. V.'s were appropriated by Northern Boldiers and their wives to spend a social evening, aud trip the light fantastic too to the sweet strains of a first class New York band. The number of ladies was unfortunately Smiled to only ten, while tho gentlemen outnumbered them more than double. This disparity, however, only (ended to make these fair creatures tho more appreciated. Darning was commenced at an early hour, and kept up until hall-past eieven, when the company yraa Invited to partako of supper. 1 labored uudur tho impressiou that the supper would consist of a variety of dishes, improvised out of salt junk; but 1 was never more mistuken in my life than on this thought. The ?up|<er consisted of roast fowls, fresh meats and bam, oysters, fruit cakes, ico croam, almonds and raisins, aud last, though not the least, a bountiful supply of sparkling Uei'jsick. After due justice had been done tho elegant re|ui8t, numerous toasts were offered and respondcu to. Among others, "The Union?one and indivisible;" tho health of Major General John h. Wool, the ladies, mino hosts, Captains Davis and Burleigh, anil othorB too nume rous to mention. Speeches woi e made by Colonol John R. Itenrtix, of the Tenth Now York Volunteers; Colonel D. W. Wa:drop, Union Coast Guard; Major VVogesack, of General Wool's staff; M.tjor J. W. Marshal, Tenth regi ment; Professor Rufus R. Ilrown, Brigado .surgeon of General J. K. F. Mansfield's staff; Dr. Bradley, of tho UaKHOchoHetu battalion, at Newport News; Mr. Voorhees <of the firm of Voorhees U IJeli), sutler of this place; Harbor Mi-dor James Millward, Jr., and others. Among ?he guests were Captain Wlnchestor, of the Tenth regi ment, aud lady; Dr. Frank W. Doolittle, of the Tenth, aud yuartermaster Aaron !*e?ley, of the samo regiment; Major Gustar B. Hellcday, of tne Union Coast Guard, Governor of tho Rip ltaps, but la'ely dubbed Fort Cal houn; Captain Wm. Fay, of General Wool's staff, and Several other officers of the Mas-a b-isetts Volunteers. Tho toast In honor of Massachusetts was handsomely re B|Kiutled to by Captain l'orter, Wa*on Muster of this post, a descendant of tiic old Bay State. After supper dancing was again commenced, rvnd contin ued until a late, or rai her un early lnur in tho morning. Al together the festival was a veiy tliio occasion, and to JBeas great credit upon lis o. initiators?Captains Davis and Burleigh. Ilero, within half a mile of tho enemy's pickets, a annrry time is had, as If in mockery to their treachery. Their own homes and their "sac n.i soil" are taken posses sion of by what they call "Northern mudsills;" but these rverv mudsills know how to enjoy themselves, and evon Vrhtle tre idlng the moasure of the mazy dance are ready and pre] a ed ti> meet the relielli >.is horde at thoir own homestead. A short timo u -or the sohoebad concluded the rebel pickets umuseu theiiiseivo. by liriJig afewshots across Hampton creek, without, however, doing any carnage. A flag i f truce wont from lioro to Norfolk, tint has ro turned as 1 close this letter, having on bojrJ one hundred Tclensod Union prisoners, who woie immediately transferred to tlie Baltimore bout, and will V) .1 transported to their respoctlvj destinations. Those persons who liavo arrived on the Hag of truce were almost beside themselves with pleasure at ;!;i* idea of being ;ig.iiti in a country where a man coull u :t :i!id t.'.ii,!; with utt b Mug thrown into prison. All >>i ih tu agi\e in Asserting I hut after their hail biieu or<i ie ! iiy the rebel authorities they had no faith in tho proui , nd not until they had boon to ill ? i'hi-.-i i ? our votie! '.hat went to meet the r?;i o; ? ;<f : in: ? only foun'. security in being sheltered !>y ttie .-wan gled Banner. It was an afttectln;; >ie:o i . - ? hie <>;' ? these hardy men shed tears ol j< y < . I e.. a,al? ?Voa men. Some of these people are g n: in tt.i-hiugton; othors go fast as far as Maine, in on! ,-1 > get.- .niethiug to do. As a general thing the o ?. ?; clouting allowed passenger ; who leave Socyssiii i- vo y lic;;t -i!, ;i.; is a'so their stock of funds. No coin |-< al'l .we I to be taken from there, and all the money tie .- p. r.-. :is liavo about them it In Virginia or District ?t ;..i i ? bi;i.. From some intelligent gentlemen >?ii.;i:g 1'iemr -bo! dom on this Hag of truco, I learned a l. >v par :.-;ii.i;s of the statu of atlairs there. As a in i: i >r ?- -r a r.-ign ?f terror pervades the entire'doma.iis m' the so-called confederacy. Mob law is raiiipan. . :ul ( er.ibo.iy is bound to bow to the dictation oi sn.;u men .i.*> i:o;er A. Pryor, Colonel Mllligati and other Ui eukciioflieeis in com mand. l-'or instance, Roger A. I'ryor, (olonei ol' tho Tldrd regiment V irginia Volunteers, gave an ord r to all of his capiains to send their men to vote on the day of election. This order was obeyed, and 1'ryor, finding the men had done as ho directed, placo.1 tho captains under arrest ?for obeying ins orders, he being curstantly drunk and oblivion-!' to everything else but his potations of whiskey. Tho great and boasted eugi :o of destruction, the so much talked of Merrimac, is at last ready, and will pro bably pay us a visit one of these lino ovenlngs; but a me chanic who worked upon tbe vessel asserts that she will never float throe miles outside of Norfolk. Tlie vessel lias been razeed almost to tho water's edge, and, being lienvily plated with iron, will not bo able to keep her equilibrium. The Na. y Yard at Norfolk is emptied of all tl?o guns that wore formerly stored there. But the clearing out of tho cannon is like all tho acts of tho rebels, merely brag gadocio, inasmuch as tho ordnance has been removed to jgull the people into the belicr that somethiug is done. Numerous cannon from this place have been rolled along toe highways and placed alongside of railroad tracks, dis ?enounted. A few have been sent South, and others made use of in the intreuchments at Cranny Island, Tanners' creek and Sewall's Point. In the Deportment of Norfolk, commanded by <icn. Benjamin linger, comprising all that portion of the country within forty miles or Norfolk, tho military force Is 1ft,000, hardsr fed and poorer clothed troops than any in the service. My informant (a very intel ligent gentleman) states that it is a great wonder to him and thousands of Union men in Virginia that our forces have not yet made an attempt to take Norfolk. Ho states that a landing of the men might be effected on Tig's Point; and, having taken that, It is an easy matter to march through the country and take Norfolk. Hundreds of Union men have boon and aro still awaiting tho roar of cannon proclaiming the advance of the Union troops; and not alone they, but numbers of soldiers pressed into tlu Omfc lerato Stales service would turn their bayonets U[*m ? the rcbeli. The price of provisions is very high. Coffee is sold for fifty cents per pound, butttcr from iifty cents to sixty cents per i>oiind, bacon rates at twenty-eight cents, pork (?ixteeii cents, beef eighteen cents, and all other articles of living iti proportion. The only money in circulation is paper currency?shloplastors ranging in value from livo cents to one dollar. Mechanics' wages are at the furthest $1 6 i a day, and on such an iutomo a man is oftentimes compelled "to support a family. It is supposed that tho lowering ol the pay of labor is t-ololy to compel mechanics to enlist in the rebel service. Pro1ial)le Murder In the Eighth Ward. About twelve o'clock last night a serious Btabbblng affray occurred in the lager l>ier saloon of Fred. Morris Powell, in tho basement No. 0-t (Jreenc street, which ro eulted in I'owell being fatal'y stabbed in the left side by a dirk In the hands of a man named Joseph Bassmore. It seems that about eleven o'clock Powell and a man patned John Frank Kagan, the former connected with the Twentieth regiment, Fire Zouaves, entered tho saloon and called for drinks. After somo little time Powell and Frank got Into a quarrel about one of tho girls employed in the saloon, and finally came to blows. Hnssmore, who was standing by, tlnding his friend was getting tlie vorst of the fight, drew a large dirk knife and stabbed Powell in the lelt side, inflicting a serious and in all Kbability a fatal wound. Tho wounded man fell to tbe r, and 'Bassmoro ran out into the street and threw away the knife. Officer Stillwell, being near at hand, im ine iitue.y arretted Hassmorn aud conveyed him to th > Eighth wa d station hoose, where he was commilt d by Captain Helloes. Oiflcor Regan also tame up and r?-n dercd eflld nt sorvico to officer Stillwell, anil a'sosuc Wedtd la iadlBg Uw knife which Baswnors thr w into the si rent. Powsll wsa oonvyed In the New York H s pital, under directions of Sergeant Wi ami, wh-ire ih> physician in attendance, upon examination, thought the wound would prove fatal, IMPORTANT FROM GEN. QIX'S DIVISION TROOP3 MOVING FROM BALTIMORE INTO VIRGINIA?IMPORTANT PROCLAMATION OP GENERAL D1X, ETC. Bai.tisorr. Nov. 17,1^81. About four thousand troops, including Nims' Boston battery, will march from Snow Hill, Maryland, intoAc comac and Northampton counties, Virginia, to-day. Accomac Is proparod to array itaolf for tho Union, but Northampton shows tight. The follow ing proclamation from Ccneral Dix 1ms boon scut in advance of tlio expedition :? To the Picons or Accomai axii Northampton Cocktiks, Va. : Tho military farces of tho United Ktaios are about to enter your count led us a part of tho Union. They will go anions you aB friends and with tho earnest hope that they may not by your own aets ha forced to become your They will in v ado n > rights of person or property. On tho contrary your laws, your institutions {and your usages wiil bo scrupulously respected. There need be uo fear that the qutOtm'o of any llicsido will bo disturbed, unless tho disturbance is caused by yourselves. Special directions luivo been given not to Interfere witii the condition of any persons held to domestic service, and In order that there may bo no ground for mistake or pretext for misrepresent:.t on, ommanders of regimonts and corps have been instructed not to permit any such persons to oomo within their lines. The command of tho expedition is entrusted to Briga dlor General Henry H. Lock wood, of Delaware?a State identical to some of the distinctive features of its so cial organization with your own. Portions of his force como from counties in Maryland, bordering on one of yours. From him and from them you may bo assured of the sympathy of near n ighbors, as well as friands, if you do not repel it by hostile resistance or attack. Their mission is to assort tho authority of tho United States, to [roopou your intorcours-e with the loyal States, and esjiecially with Maryland which has Just proclaimed her devotion to ttvo Union by the most triumphant voto in her political anna's: to restoro to commerce its accustomed guides, by re oh. tablishiug lights os your coast; to afford you a free ex port for tho products of your labor and u free ingress for tho necessaries and comforts of lifts which you require in exchange; and, in a word, to put on end to the embarrass, rnonts and restrictions brought upon you by a causeless and unjustifiable rebellion. If the calamities of intestine war, which are desolating other districts of Virginia, and havo already crimsoned her fields with fraternal blood, full upon you, it will not be the fault or the government. It asks only that its authority may bo recog nized. It sends amoug you a force too strong to bu suc cessfully opposed?a forco which cannot bo resisted in any other spirit than that of wantonness and malignity. If thoro are any among you who, rejecting all overtures of friendship, thus provoko retaliation and drawdown upon then'sclves tho consequences which tho government Is most anxious to avoid, to their account must be laid the blood which may be shed, and tho desolation which may bo brought upon peaceful homos. On all who aro thus reckless of tho obligations of humanity and duty" and on all who aro found in arms, tho severest punish ment warranted by the laws of war will bo visited. To those who remain in the quiet pursuit of their do mestic occupation, tho public authorities assure all thoy can givo peace, froodom from annoyanco, protection from roreign and Internal enemies, a guarantee of all cnnstltu 'ionnl and legal rights and the blessings of a just and pa rental government. JOHN A. DIX, Major General Commanding. The French Corvette Prony. THE DEPARTURE OK THE CREW FROM THE CCNARD DOCK TO THE FRENCH WAR STEAMER CATINAT, LYING IN THE NORTH RIVER. Saturday morning witnessed the departure of the offi cers, marines and editors of tho French war corvctte Prony, which wat wrecked on tho North Carolina coast, near Beaufort, from tha Canard dock, where they had been hospitably entertained for two day*. In Saturday's issuo wo published full particu lars respecting tho disaster and wrock of the Prony. The French Consul of this city lost no time In seeing that the shipwrecked mariners woro well uttendud to; and, under tho disastrouscircumstance*! which have boen already detaiiod, found a warm friend in Mr. Edward Cunard, who, wbon tho relation of tho wreck of the Prony and tho safo arrival of her men, were made known to him, at onco directed that tho niesmooma or barracks should be at their service. The Frenchmen oagcrly embraced tho advantages offered, and continued there until tho French war corvetto Catlnat was specially soul to this port to take them on hoard. The Catinat is similar in build to tin paddlewheel war steamer that accompanied Prince Nupolonn to this country in his late tour, and the men feel perfectly at home for tho present) while resting in her until further orde s, which are ex pected from tho French admiral at Halifax. On loaving the Cunard dock, at nine o'clock on Saturday morning, Chief Officer Crace, of the Persia, directed that all hands on board should pay the French mrti a parting salute. This ord -r was immediately c m pile 1 with, and as tho Napoleonic fellows went to the t'Htinut, in tho rive,', they were clieerod by the officers and crew. Th - French wrecked mariners woro t ot tho men to roc< lve such an ovation wt'hout special recogni i n. When on board tho ferry boat which conveyed them to tho Catinat, and leaving tho Cunard dock, they returned the compliment. Tlie Forgeries on the Shoe and Leather Bank. A day or two ago we alluded to an attempt mado to flood the city of U-iltlmore with spurious one hundred dollar notes on the Shoe and Leather Bank of this city. It now turns out that a similar attempt had been made in this and other cities on tho samo day, and that it la thought over ten thousand dollars of this counterfeit money have already been parsed. Partleslwhohave been swindled in Buffalo and Utica have mai'o known their Joss t<> the police of our city, and olfons arc being mado by the detectives to obtain a ciua to tho whereabouts i f ilus guns "f counterfeiters. In this city tho note was detected by Mr. tieorgo Peyton, banker and exchange broker, 470 Broadway. A man callel at. Ills office and presented one of the notes for exchange for Fiuatl bills, and upon examination by Mr. Peyton, he at once detected that it was a counterfeit. He was about to hold the party, when he ran out of the olflco and made good his if'-ipo. Tli ? I'd was immediately mado known to detectives Elder and McCnrd, who at once procured a conveyance and visited the several banking housos and placed them on their guard. So well executed were the bills, that at most every bank the tellers stated that they would undoubtedly have taken the bill to be genuine, and even at tho Fhoe and Ixsather Hank. Tho following is a description of the bill held by Mr. Peyton:? I Vignette, STATE OK NEW YORK. ion* { Female. SHOE AND LEATHER HANK. 1UU? * C J. Fltzman. I > One hundred. Vignette. j i Man on horseback ? i On demand will pay, Ac. husoolng wild bull". 5 { Vignette. > J HUNDRED. Coat of < ("1 A/i W. A. Kissnm, Oa?h. A. V. Stont, Trent, arms i i 1''I ' Secured by pfeilg ( of ptibliustocks, of the State. $ Tho bills are certainly the best executed counterfeit that has over b en put in circulation, and are in every re spect a/ac timilicof the genuine, with the exception of the man on horseback about lassoing wild bulls;, his right hand on the genuine touches the letter K. while on tho counterfeit it does not. This, together with tho signature of tho Register of the State is printed where It should have been written, are the only two failures. However, it would tako the most expert judges to have made the dis covery. Xo arrests havo been effected as yet, with the exception of one Robert Walsh, in Baltimore; but an tho above otllcors have received information of parlies who havo boen duped, they are in hopes of soon making an ar rest. Arrivals and Departures. arrivals. LtTFBroot.?Stennnhlp Niagara at l!o?ton?MIts Creigbton, rtnpt SmuIh and lady. Miss Hopes, Miss Ounlap, Mits Kemp ton, Mi? Bca-nhatno and two children, Miss H.-Rurhsoiii. M -s Webb, Miss I- W Webb, CaptVesrcr, Mr Esilane. LA Kills S it. rgert, ThosW Turlay, Mr Phillips Mr ErwonA, Mr Carter. Jan' Kenipton, MrOrcightf.n, Mr Derby. Oapt Nichols and lady, Mr* MeLary and bov, Dr Oresner, OaptLsey, Mr Rand, Miss Dalev, Mr Rutherford and lady. Robert Ktuaer fm-1. Sergeant Mat-shall, Jno Loosey and lady, Dr Dyer, Dr Hinkel, C .Mills,.! II Valfttt. Chas lineman, Mr Ualnily, J S Divlght, Mi'Sewall, Isidnr Wormser, O II Pandorf, Edward M III hards, A Fellows and lady, Mr Fowler and lady, (?' Hustwlek. Miss Mary Ledwith, Mrs Blshoprlik, Mls? Hannah K igcll. T Ij Arnbro-e. Mr Kothllabergcr, I) Borron, R M Per hlil, Mr Dengam, Rev Dr Connelly, Miss Purdey, llcnj Kwecin, I'eter Paint, James Ritchie?Total, 06. DEPARTURES. IdVKnroot.?Stramsh n City of New York?Lueien Zslln, Arthur Bowi-n, Win Vogel, L E Haliian, Jr, Miss Ann Mllders, Josh Smith, MIsnV Cnldweli, live children and two nurses; N Bootb, J B Musgrave, Win Simon, Mrs A 0 Randolph, Oeo (J Cohh, Wni Williams, Miss M Carrlck, Ann A?hold, Oeorge Ueorge and wile, Edward Brown, A L Wes tern-It, Henry Whitney, F L Dundax and fsmily, Nulllo Blanchard, Oeo Stoi kford. C Lawreme, Hy Mortlmore, A Van Pulniel, M Falls*' and wife, C tJuyon, Jas Patterson, wife and family; F N H.> nnan, Thos 'L Clarlt, John E noey, F Thomas. Thos Drew, N Young, John D L Mon taigne, Chas Bert hoi, Hold Donald. II Randolph, John Mc Wregnr, Christiana MeBarn gall, Miss E S Durum, Mb* Bessie Doolan, C W Wuodwifrd, Mr Aubrey, Mi Taylor, Mr Scott?and passengers iu the steerage. FOUR DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the City of Man chester Off Cape Race. Tlic Intervention in Mexican Affairs. Signing of the Convention Between France England and Spain. Comments of the London Pres3 upon Secretary Seward and Lord Lyons. THE AMERICAN LOAN IN LONDON. COTTOX DULL?WHEAT ADVAmi?, Jtc., &c., &c. Cavk IUc* Station, Nov. 17,1861. The steamship City of Manchester, from Liverpool fitli last, via Quccnstawn 7th, parsed tho point at halfpas^ live o'clock yesterday (Saturday) evening. She boarded by Ibo news yacht of tho Associated l'rtss, and tho news despatch obtaitied. Sho bad stormy and north erly winds. Mm has u lull cargo and 14(1 steerage and 21 cabin passtn gers. Tho steamship .North America, from Quebec, arrived a* Liverpool on the 5ih, aud iho Etna, from Now York, on the Oth lust. Tho convention between Franco, England and Spain for ?t?t > rvention in Mexico, wis signed In London on the 31st of October. Active preparations woro milking, and a 'otter had been received saying that three decked mon of war will be sent to Mexico. Ihvre was a surmise of ul terior demonstrations. Tho I/melon Timet editorially condemns Secretary Seward's despatch to Lord I.yocs, aud maintains tho right of foreign governments- lo call attention to a con. stitutionul provUion. It 1J.-0 ridicules Mr. Seward's manifesto to tho (iovoruors of tho States, relative to lorti. flcations, &c. In aii"thor column the London Tina ox;>osos Ixirj Lyon's bad grammar. It says the English sido was argued exceedingly ill, and the American side with much ability but tho oniy result is, to entirely convince it that lti their own showing the acts of tho American government lmvc been illegal us regards American citizens, and violations of the rights of nations as regards foreigners. The London Herald says t h it Lord Lyons has oxposod F-ng and to rebuff without a right to p sent it, and com posed her to listen to a proclamation, tvhlcb means a dlfletonco to Englund. The Herald then attacks Earl Rusael for innierteuenco in lecturing on tho American constitution, and quietly < nd'irlng robcrry and outrage, and says he will tlud he has drifted on to war. The Umdon /'ort says that .Scretary Seward lias wan tonly nddifl (mother to tho n.uuy differences, which ho wishes to perpetuate between tho two countries. The 1/iodon Daily Xewt thinks tho course pursued by the government premature, indiscreet nnd inconsiderate. It re|>ortud that tho American bankets weio hold, lug out liberal commissions to English financiers to place a portion of tho federal loan In Uindon. Financial wri ters in the I/mdon journals point out tho danger of touch ing it. and think tho chances of success very remote. Tho remains of Torrenco Hollow McManus, brought from America, were honored with a public funeral. Tho other continental news is generally unimportant. Hie demonstration by tho French troops had attracted considerable attention. Switzerland had protested and demand od ovacuution, and Frnncc had Reposed h nego tiation. A belief had gained grond that a large loan was urgently required by tho Erench government. It was reported that some nogro children had been pub licly sold as slaves in tho French establishments at Cu. hoow. Tho Bourse was quiet and firm. Rentes Mf. .18;. The affairs of Hungary and Poland were unchanged. Count Lambert, Governor of Poland, had beuu replace*' by General Ludais, on account of ill health. A treaty hud been concluded between Prussia aud China. Commercial Intelligence. LONDON MONEY MARKBT?NOV. C. Consols closed at 93 a 93 lor money. AMKBJI'AJt MOCKS. The latest sal?s up the evening <?( tbo 6th worn :?llli Central Railroad, shares, 39 a 38J{ die.; Erie, ahares, 36 ii 26 tf. MVKUPOOI, COTTON KAKKET. Tho sales of cotton on Monday and Tuesday worn 7.COO ba'es. The market is easier and dull, with a downward tendency, but quotations remain unchanged. Tho sales to speculators and exporters wore restrict* i to 11,000 bales, and the market clc-sod on Tuesday at a nominal [ declino. TKATlE REPORT. Tlie advices from Main-host' r aro unfavorable, the ma: Icet fur goods and yarns having a downward tendency, aud quotations are nominal. LIVERPOOL lJUEADL'TFFFR MARKET. The miuU<t is generally qui; t and steady, except for wheat, which lias an up.card tendency. Richardson, Ppcuco & Co., Wi keileld, Nufh &G>.,and other's retiort? ('?our quiet and st arty at UOs. n 32s. 6d. Wheat ilrmer and advancod 21. on interior c| aliti s. Quotations are? Bed Western, lis. lOd. a 12s. 6d.; red I'outhorn, lis. Td. a 12s. Or.; white Western. 12s. S?tl. a 13 s.; white Southern, ! 13s. a 13?. 4d, Corn easier: mixed, 3Cs. fld.; yellow, 33s. | Bd.; white, 35s. a 37.". LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET?NOV. G. Th" proviion market is general;y dull. J1 '?srs. Big I land, A thy a k O. ant Richardson, Spene.o &Co. quote:? Bo? I dull. Pork dull and wnward. Bacon steady, at 34s.a 36?. Lard quiet. Tallow steady hut quiet. LI VF.UPOOI. PRODUCE MAUKET?NOV. C. Pugar quiet and steady. Rice inactive. Colli e buoyant. Ashes tlrm, at 36s. fur p its and pea ls. I.insced oil ar tlvo, at 35s. aSOs. 01. Resin quiet: common, 13s. Od. a 14.". Spirits turpentine has au advancing tendency: q oted at 03s. LONDON MARKENS. Wheat has an upward tendency, and ha.? advanced Is. per quarter. Sugar buoyant. Coili.o upward. Tea buoyant. Tallow Arm ut 51s. Gd. a 52s. THE LATEST MARKETS. Ltvr.aHi oL, Nov. 7,1801. Potto v.?Tl>e sales yesterday aud to-day reach 35,000 bales. The market Is firmer with an upward tendency, aud a trilling advance in all qualities. Tho sales to speculators aud exporters reached 17,000 bales. Mid d'.ing Orleans is quoted at 12^d. BtiiADmrrrs.?'I be market is quiot and steady. Corn very dull, and declined 6d. a Is. per quarter; mixed 32s. 6d. l'Hovisrojcs.?The provision marke,t is dull. Promjck.?R1 x-in advancing: common 14s. 3d. a 14s. 6d. Spirits turpentine firmer: quoted at 70s. London, Sept. 20.?t'cusols closed at 93*? a 93l< for money. Tlie Bank of England has reduced its rate o! dis count to 3 per cent. American SHcritrnES?The la'est sales wore:?Erie, 25Va a 26>a'; Illinois Central Railroad shares, 39^ a 38j5 discount; New York Central, 60. Shipping Intelligence. Arrived from N York Nov J, J W Miner, eml fJolden Era, Londonderry; [/mis Napoleon, Cuxl aren; Berlin, anil lv.?'y Kluvd, Antwerp; Caroline Magnus, flosport: Mongolia, Volga, 8outliern Chief, Susan Olinlcka, Frank Pierce, Eagle, Wisconsin, and City or New York; 3d,Abl>y Brown. Huuhon, Athena, and 8 N goule, Havre; L Penroy, and EW I'lke, Bordeaux; 4th, Therese, Deal; Cultivator, Liverpool; Otli, J W Elliott, Liverpool; Contest, Qneeiib'.own. Arrived from New York, Gadsden, at Gloucester: Lindn, at Oiicenst ?? ?; Ernllv, at Leghorn: Arllzun, and Dazarr, at Havre; Qulncy, at Dunkirk; Cornelius Grinnell, at Dial; K.len, Ausiin, and Resolute, ut Liverpool. Arrived from Philadelphia 5th, C W Paultnpy, Queens town. Sailed for New York 2d, 8 L Bryant, from Hulilln: 3d, Quickstep, Plymouth Rock, and Holyhead, Deal; 4th, Jane Duggetts, Clyde. Mimoranaum?Bemden, from Calcutta for Bombay, was totally lc, it on the ^and Head. i'lantei, New York lor Havre, put into Falmouth 4th, leaky. markets. Buffalo, Nov. 16?P. M. Flour steady. Wheit quiet: sales 40.000 bushels at 00c.; Chicago sprhig, 02c.; Milwaukee Club, $1 04>? a $106. Corn a shade easier: sales 64.000 bushels, at 41c. a 42c. Oats steady: sales 28,000 bushels ut 2Hc. Freights steady. Imports?13.000 hot-, floor, 294,000 bushels wheat, 130/100 bushels corn and 16,000 bushels oats. Wo have no returns of oxpor is. Oswrco, Nov. 16,1861. Flour steady. Wheat dull: saies 25,000 bii.-hels No. 2 Chlcngo sprlni! at $1. Corn dull: sales 6,fiflO bushels uhio at 60c..and 6,600 bushels Indiana at 49c. Farley un changed: sales 7,000 bushels Bay Quinto at 56c. Ryo in good demand, salts 20,000 bushels Canada at 68c.', mid 4,500 bushels do. at 68>?c. Peas quiet. Canal freights on grain are unsettled; on flour 61c., wheat 18c. a life, a 20c. to New York. Like imports?200 bbis. flour, 78.000 bushels wheat, 60,000 bushels corn, 90,000 bushels barley. 85,000 busltels rye, 5,000 bushels peas. Canal exports? 2^,000 hbls. flour. 131,000 bushels wheat, 16,000 bushels corn, 8,400 bushels barley, 5,400 bushels rye. Cmutoo, Nov. 16,1861. Flour a shade lower. Wheat?The market otiened dull nnd lower, but closed Arm at 70c. a 71c. for No. l,and 64>jc. a 65c. for No. 2, in store. Corn <^e. lower, at 22 V. 11 22'?c. for mixed, in store. Oats quiet. Re ceipts?6,6(iO bills, llo ir, 03,000 bushels wheat, 69,000 bushels corn. Shipments?5.400 bhls. flour, 104,000 bushels wheat, 160.000 bushels corn. Freights firm and lc. hiilier?17c. on wheat to Buffalo. Exchange plenty ou New Y?rk at U twr cent premium. THE SLAVE TRADE. UultcU State* Circuit t our to. Before Hon. Jui g Nelson, Chluf Justice. MOTION VOH A NKW TRIAL IN TltlC CASK OF CAPTAIN UliUPON. Nov. 16?Tl1.1 I'm rd Sir let vt. rdun.?A motion for a new trial was made by Judge Dean this morning on the following points ? I. On a motion in arrest i f judgment. any defect which W"ii'd have Wii fatal on demurrer is equally wma such motion. (Wharf. A. C. l..,k 3,013; I'eop.o v. Taylor, a leuio, us.) I. A question, which, nnaninlm to quash, would ho overruleJ, on a motion in arrest way bo hold fetal. (Cur tis' C. ('? R , 267. and case*. thorn cited.) II. The Uulted Si it s c >u. ts, in criminal oases, Uavo no conuniu law jurisdiction. 'lhey in .st, therefore, depend upou the statutes, and oiinuotgo b.-yonu tneni. (2 Jlc Loin, 431.)> HI. Wnere gnmo counts or tlio Indictment an- bad, and others s?l. < n motion In arrest, tlio practice In orliulnul (?m il has be n in prsomo that th:' verdict was on the go.i.l counts. This,alter lull iwguimmt, has b ^on deter mine! "tli rivl n, and iVcidcd th t on a genera, verdict ' f K tlty, whore the o wi re wma cieiuis i;oud mid others l a l,nu .judgment coal i !m pioumnced. (Hex v. O'Con noil, U Clarke & Kin., 165; U Jurist.301.) 1. Where homo counts are li.i l uiul others good, tho Judge Instructs the jury that they iua> convict on either count, I cither c unit is lu 1, and there is a general ver dict, withoutspecifying tho o mnt, tho judgment will be arrested, because the Court cannot say that if tin? ba I or d ie-live counts hail lie n withdrawn Uio jury ou the olio's w ul 1 have con vie to I. 2. The C nirt charged tho j irv that they might convict on ihe tlrat or tliir. emails. Iho dUlleulty of a couvic tii u on tho lirst count in. that the vessel w is not proved . t" luivo bo n "owned whelv or in part, or navigated for or in behalf of a citizen of the United S.utes." :i. The title wa tratn-turrcd by the sale proved by Post, arid having ben duiio ,n II iv.wa, th-re was no presump 11'>ti i f Am rl 'au ownership: and in this respect Uio

tti.trgo <f the Court was erronoo'c. (8 lick., 88; lti Mi ss.,336; 16Pick., 401, 7 .John., 308.) IV. Ki-ery count m th.s Iwilitm :u is fat illy defective ai.d no judgment can be pn. ie ;mood on a general icrdiot ol' g iIlly. 1. Tho fourth and tilth counts omit the essential requi site i'l "force;" In oilier words, there is no clitrgo that I he i If'tice was committed "forcibly," which is an essen tial requisite of the mfence ol "piracy." ?J. Tuo tlrat,Bo?ond and third counts omit to state or aver that the negroes, ut tlin I imo of the alleged contliie ment or detetiti .u. were not slaves by uuy laws ol' luiy Stale or Territory of the United States. ?. Under this, if the prisoner had proved that the negroes had been slaws and manumitted and sent to Monrovia or Liberia, and then seiz d by him by forcc, ho would hov? been free from any violation of the chirgo contained in the indictim ut. ?. Tho District Attorney liaa admitted this by the in dictiuents he lias hiui.ii If d awn, lie has put the fact of tin ,-iatool slavery in tho present tense. c. The tatiite rotpilres that the intent should be pro sent, ni?d the h I'jei-t of th i intent should at that time 1?' a tivo in in. This is not charged,and it is a mate rial and nee s-ary avei m nt. V. la order to a convicts n, the offence mutt bo brought within all tho tualorliil words of the statute, and iiotliing 1 can be tuk n by th' mlendiaent. (3 McCord, 442; 3 I'aine, 641; 'J Mct'ord, 377.) VI. Tho charge of ilio Court in reforeueo to tho laws ef citi/.ei ship was erroiiontis, and may havo prejudiced tlio eiise of tlio prisoner. (2 Kent's Com., 1; 1 Sand. 111. 11., 683; 10Mat. at 1... (301; 2 Am. I.. Reg.,193.) 1. If the act of lb6S could make a man a citizen against Iris will, yot them was no proof as. to tho citizenship of tho lather. Tlio Naturalization Act of Ajwll 14,1842 (1 Stat, at I,., 160, aec. 4), does not apply, iw thoro was no evidence tlmt Hi" | arents of the prisuuer wore born prior to ua imssnge. (2 Kent's Com., 63.) It is impossible that the act ci uld force citlronshitnipon a man without an acceptance on his own part, and llevo by render liiin amenable to the legislation m tho United States for his net- on b a d of a fori igu vessel be yond the territorial limltj of the United Stales. The slave trade nut Ueiue, per ?<?, pirucy or criminal by tho law of nations, the legislation of Congress cinnot re n il it only witttkath tarritory of Uw (Jnltcd State , except when thescl r Is mi American citizen, or is on board nn Amerirati ? hln. (The Anteloiie, 10 Whoaton, 00; Le I/mis, i Dodsoa, 21(i; Whart. Cr. I*, 826.) Thn Court charged thu jury tliat if the prisoner was born in a foreign country, of parents who wore American citizens, then being temporarily absent from the I'nited Slates, he was au American citizen. This was erroneous. Hy the common law of Grout Britain u p rson not born within tho territorial possession of tho erowuwasnota subject, even though his parents were subjects and wore only temporality absent. Tho children of ambassadors, and, perhaps, some olhor oiliria s born while the parents were abroad in ill" actual public s.irvi e of tho Crown, were exceptions to this rule. (. ee an article by Mr. In 2d Am. Law, Reg. lliil. 163,Feb., 1864; 20 l!arb.,400; 1 Sandf. Ch. Ii. 4H4.) VII. IfthoKrlo w is a foreign vessel, even admitting the citizenship of Co: don, this Court has not the Jurisdic tion to try him for an act committed on the river Congo, iu thu Portuguese dominions, and not c.n tide waters. (Ijiw of IK20; Story on the Con., 1169, 1164 ; 2 Sumner, 482; Const. U. B., art. 1, see. 8; tho Antelope, 10 Whoa top.) VIII. The act of O ngrefs declaring the offence with which tho prisoner is charged?piracy?contemplated as a no. c'Tsnry ingredient the us ? of physical force or its equiva lent by the l arty who Js made s .b ect to Its |>en.iltios. The chttigo of tho court is in this respect erroneous. (Kep. ol Coin., 86 Reps., 1820; the prior legislation ofCon gross on the slave tra<U . 4 Comal. 140; 16 John 11., 368, 380; Sedgwick St*t. 1^8, J>". The arising ou this trial being, dome of thorn, niw, not seltl. il by authority, and one at least of them having been ruled otlerwlse by Judge Story, this court, if it docs not arrest tlio judgment or grant a uew trial, will, ill u capital case, in faixnem vittr, givu a certi orate which will enable the prisoner's case to be tukeu to the Supreme Court of the United States. The United States District Attorney, Mr. K. Oolafleld, Smith opposed the motion and presented tliu following points ? I. Iii respect to tho third point made by tho rtofenco. tho settled prlnripl* Is. tlmt n general verdict, whorit gome counts of the Indictmont ate goo 1, and others bad, will b li: K! to have boc:i renderedundor the good counts. Thoauth rlties are colloctod under gee. 3,047, page 020, 2 Wharton's American C imtnalUtw. II. Tho Indictment, which was drawn before my nc c salon to olllco, wil! be found, on examination, not to contain a singl cn:mt fatally <l?':eetive. 'I hi u^h one may b ? Inartificial, Mb la i aod. < As tha M count ? mlts itt wo:'?l " forcibly," an I it* equivalent, jiorhajiB we must except thai coi'rit fn in the ah vu statement, j II!. ' is brought by all the count* (if wo ex cept the fifth, which is tho lust) within nil the matorlil words of the statute. In tiie fourth co.;nt the words "with force and arms" supply Iho omission o tho word__ ?'forcibly " Kfpiivn'ent words answer lor the very words' of a Biatute. (1 Wh ir. Am. Crim. I<avv. fee. r>70, p. 1(16.) IV. The charge of tho t'ourt i:i relation to tho law of cir.7.ennliip was strictly correct. ltcsides, if not so, it is lnalorl..! only in ense the burthen of proof v.;/; not npon tho pri i tier to show affirmatively that h- na i born abroad. II ? was bound to prove that h" was born abroad, a-, tho evldoui > erlabll-hcd, prima facie, that ho waa born in Portland, Heine. V. The venuo is laid in tho^o terms:?In the river Con:'' , on the coast of Africa. out of the jurisdiction of any pa-ticular Statrof tho Initod States of America, on waic:.-: within tli'1 admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of tii "-aid United States, and within tho Jurisdiction of this COM: I, 1. Tho placo is not material, so that It bo within the jurisdiction of the Co,i t, and tho prisoner Is not mislod. (See. I Arch. Crim. 1'r. and PI., p. 390; 1 Whar. Am. Crim. Law, Pec. G01), 2. Tho wh i'.e description of the place must be taken together. The words " on the oast of Africa" must be construed with the words " in the Congo river," and also with the words within (ho admiralty and marltimo jurisdiction of th i United Stan s." The of " forci bly coiiileing and detaining." on the 8th day of August, ISflO (being tho dnv laid in tho indictment,and proved also to he tho dny of the capture), is shown by Lieutenant Todd to have been committed not on tho coast of Africa, neur the Congo river, but on the ocean. This is not a material variance from tho place alleged in the ludictment. Then, lake the evidence of all tho witnesses together, wo pTOVtthat the negroes were " forcibly confined Hn de tained,'' not only at Shark's Point, but all a'.ong the river, to tho mouth,and at tho month, and outside of it in the open sea. Wo thus tlx a place which at once satlslles every clause of tho indictment laying tho venue, and a place unquestionably within the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction of the United States. For the crime was committed at every point, both of time and place at whirh tho vessel was from the hour when, at Shark's Point, tho negroes were taken on board, until on the open sea, ne:ir the mouth of tho Congo river, tho capture took (Constitution, art. 3,see.2.) VI. As to (ho moaning of the word "forcibly," it would be a monstrous perversion to sny that a man who commits a crime against the person by a moral sway over his victim, is not guilty bocauso ho has proved physical force unnecessary to the completo jierpclration of the outrage. Congress int"ndod to extirpate the vll laliy, w hatever art Hire or skill might bo perfected in its practice. (Sec. 2. Story on the Cons. boc. 1,330.) VII. A new trial should bo denied, and Judgment be pronounced. Tlie Court reserved their decision. City Intelligence. Fmr. tv Wir.tKrr Stkebt.?Shortly before three o'clock yesterday afternoon a lire broke out in the cellar of the bulging No. 123 Willett street, owned by Jacob Weaver, and occupied by him on tho first floor and cellar as a meat market. The lire originated in a smoko hous'1 iu the cellar, and was caused by a piece of meat dropping into tli - lire. The damage io the building will amount to about $20. Insured for $2,000 iu tho Eagle Insurance Company. Court Calendar??Tills Day. Ft rRKMC Cot HT Circi IT?i'art 1?No cases added to tho calendar of Thursday. St:r*Ht. R Cot P.T.?Part 1?Voa. 2357, 2525.1611, 2135, 253C?. 2547 . 2553, 2555 , 2509 , 2501, 250J. 2505, 711,2505, 17-17, 803.1383, 437, 2507, 1653. Part 2? Xos. 215H, 2"'l>0,1744, 2250, 614, 2421,1890, 1680, 113-J. 2W0, 2048, 2?18. IVikko.v 1'i*as? Part 1?No*. 721. 1600. 1628, 1629, 1630, 1631. 1632. 1633, 1634. 1630, 609,1173,1319, 8W>, 1503. Porta?Case on Friday's calendar goeB over till Tuesday. Ai Co.'* Radical Core Trusses, also Military Shoulder Itrnco and Sup. porter combined?a suijerior article. No. 2Veaeynt., Amor ilouftc, opposito the church. lieuut<fill Complexion.?f.atrd's Mqnid Pi iirl iuvH achieved a celebrity :v? Imvinu no equal lor tho comph \Um uod skin. All ilniRvists and 43s) Hroadway. Dyspepsia.?Dyspepsia Cared toy Dr. Tobias' Pulmonic Life Syrup, M cent*. Soiit by all drugumU. Crlstadoro's Hair Dye, Wi|;i and Ton* pees, the t?'?t In the world, who|i"?aie .rid retail, and the dye urivateiy applied. Mo. 6 Astor House. oun NEW MAP EDITION. Sixteen New War llapn?Topographical SkelchcD of the Scat* of War. We issi'j? to-day an edition of tlio war mops ?which linve lately appeared in the Nkw Youk Hkkald, They are nixteou in number:? 1. Oi'R Naval and Mii.itaby Ockratioss at a Clani-*:? Tho Coast an J Land Lino of tho Robollioua States?Tho Union Bli/CkaJo ut' tlio Atlantic mi.I (Julf Coast?Tho Rebel lotteries on tlio Mississippi?The Forts ou tho Southern Sea Lino. 2. Tiik Sbat ok War in tuk Wkmt:? Map of tho Scero of Operations ia Southeastern Slw fourl, Illinois and Tennessee, with tho l'oslti us of tho Relnd Troops and Perilous of tho Federal VorcoB,and tho l>*fonces at Cairo and Bird's I'oiut. 3. Tint Skat ok War in Kknticky:? Locutions of tho Rebol Korood?strategic Importance of Positions Occupied by the Opposing Armies. 4. Tint Skat ok War in Kuntuck*:? Another Topographical Sketch. * 0. Map ok tuk Rbiuu. Capital:? Topographical Sketch or tlio City of StichmonJ, Vir ginia, with tho SurrouniliiiK Encampments. C. Vsry Ctiuioua ltimm. SK*i-OmciAL Pil-igriai, View uo TjIK BaTTIK OK rtui.l, Itl'N. 7. Tiik Fiuur at Santa Rosa Isi.awi>:? Map of Santa Kosa Island, Where tlio Roportod Fight Between tlio Itoliels and Wilson's Zouavea took place. 8. Mai- ok tiik Coahi irum Ciwjiu;trows, S. C., to Savan nah. Ck )HOU;? Showing Hull's I5.iv. Charleston, St. Helena Sound and Fort Koyal Entrance. 9. Tub Akkair at Cuicajucomic:? Tho Advance of Colonel Hawkins?Retreat ofCbloncl Drown?Shelling of tho Rebels by the Monticello. 10. SsatokWar Akoinu Padixah and Colcuiius, Ken tucky. 11. Tiik Skat ok War in Mmsoitw:? The Important Points of tho War, Show ing tho Posi tions of the ltobcls under Generals MoCulloch and Price, and tho Advance of tho Union Troops undor Generals Fremont, Hunter, Slegal, Sturgis, &c., &c. 12. Thk Skat ok War in Wk-tsrn Virginia:? Thtf I localities of tho Artny of Occupation?Tlie Position,, nf General lUisccrans, Reynolds, Cox, Sclimick, lien ham, &c., on tho Union Side, and those of the Rebel Conorala Leo, Floyd, Anderson, &c. 13. Tuk Lowkr I'onttiAc:? Map of tho Potomac from Washington to tho Chcsa. peake, Showing the Rebel Batteries trom Cockpit Point to Matkias Point. 14. Mai- ok Ukai font, 8. C.;? Sceueof O.ierations of the Croat Naval and Military Ex ited It km. 15. Tub CtTKR INjiojiac:? Map of the Potomac from Washington to Harper's Ferry, Showing tho Sceno of Operations of Uenorals Hanks anil Stone. 1G. Map ok Nkw Oki.ka.vs ani> Si'rrocndino Country:? Tho Moutlis of tho Mississippi?Tlio Locality of tho Naval Engagement, Friday night, October 11, 1861. Single copies, in wrappers, six cents. Whole sale price the sumo as for the Wkekly Hkjiald. .Agents will please Bend ia their orders imme diately. Official Drswingn of Mnrray, Eddy Co.'h Kentucky an 1 Mim-ouiI Staie Lotteries. Kin tuck r, Extra Cla.jh ?97?Nuveinber )C, 1861. 9, 29, AO, 30, 20, 75, 2.. 22, :il, II. 64. Kkntcckt, Class fiO."? November lfi, IBM. 42, 3, ?:t, 75, 77, 4:', 4'), 73, l!<, (il, 47, i9. Circulars iieul free oi charge by addressing either to MURRAY, EDDY A CO., Covlns'- n, Ky., or St. Louis . Mo. Official Drawings of (lie Delaware State Lotteries. Extra Clash JI.V-Novrinl?r 10,188t. 50, 17, 0, 60, 21!, 57, 14, 4H, 1(?, 31, 74, 20, 52. Class Xti?Novcinber 10.1S61. 76,6,32,19,53,39,10, 67, 52, 62, 20,7?, 20,4,00.68. JOHM wtwiUII, I Commissioners. A Pure Tobarto.?Yfllow Bank Tohac co ?Goodwin's Pure Yellmv Hunk Tnliaern, fres f roin all Im purities, for sale by all tobacco and w^ar dealers, and at Wholesale by E. OOODWIN .t HUOTIIKR. ?? Watei atieeU Empire Hewing Machines. Prlees reduced. Terms ueeommodating. S1U Broadway. Ratihelor'a Hair I>yc?The Rett in the world; hannleiw. reliable nn.l lii?tantsni'oii!>. Hold aud ap plied at BATCHELOR'S Win Factory, l(i Bond street. Truiitid, Abdominal Supporters, .Shoul der Brace*, Eia?tlu Stocklogs. Saspcnaory Hundsces. bra. OLOVER ,t THORNB, No. 4 Ann sireoi, under llnm'iin'a, Dr, Vjiham'i Elccttiai A. A Ckrtain Cuhe r< R Pi/Jta. This Infallible Hpscllle Is wurraiiled to imiiw Ihtely rfmovn thin dlstre.Hlng and harrnsn!nc t-i'inji aint. S 'ni to any part of the United .states by inelosinn $1 to F. c. wells 4 Co.. 115 Franklin street, Haw York. Diseases of the fiung-i and Throat Sue eAssfully treated by E. W. VUNDEltivMlTll, .M. I). Otilco 1M Bowery. Di?r<l. Akix.? On Saturday, November IB, Dr. Thkodork Akih, aged 87 yearn. The relatives and friends nro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, nl two o'clock, from his Into resldonct, No. 4J3 Hudson struct, without furl her notice. A-.TVW.?On Saturday, November 16, f.izzm. infant daughter of Thomas B. and Elizabeth Afcton, aguil 1" mouths. Hi?si>.?"n Friday, November 15, William E. L'.irj, In the (V4th ye;ir of bin ai;e. The friends of the faintly are Invited to attend the funeral, from iii.-s late residence, No. "t> East Nineteenth street, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, without lurllier notice. I.'rownk.?Suddenly, on Saturday morning, November 10, Floyii M. 1'row.vk. The funeral will take place from ihe resldenco of F. W. I'.rower, Ninetieth street, between Third and Fourth avo uucs, ou T.icsday morning, 'it eleven o'clock. Burns.?on Sunday, Novontb^r 17, Elizabeth Burns, aged 76 years. The friends of the family are invited to attend the fimeral. th s (Vonday) ul'teriioon. at two o'clock, from the residenco of tier son, Jabez Hunts, Skillmau strict, near Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Collins.?On Sunday, November 17, Mart Coluns, ia the 60tli year of iter age. Tlit! relatives and friends of th" family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from St. Mary's Catholic Church, If b ken, litis (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, witbo it further no:ice. Coxvsn.?!ti Urnoklyu, K. I)., on Saturday, November 16, of consumption, Many Rkbk'.ca Fo.sda, wife of John It. Conner, aged 2<J years! The friends of the family and the members of Charter Oak 1/idgo No. 249, F. A. M. am respectfully invited to attend tin funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at hall'-past one o'clock,from 22 Graud street, Brooklyn, K. It. Dunn.?On Saturday, November 16, of consumption, Maiioarkt Drxx, the beloved wifo of Joseph Dunn, of Tullamoore. Kings county, Ireland, aged 58 years. May her soul rest In peace. The friends and acquaintances nro respectfully Invited to Attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 255 East Fourteenth street, without further notice. Dublin papers please copy. I;e YViit.?On Saturday, November 16. after a long and paluful sitknuss, Mr. IUckakd Dt Wrrr, in the "3d year of his age. Tbo friends of the futnily are invited to attend his fune ral this (Monday) afternoon, tt half past three o'clock, from his late residence. No. 50 North Moore street. Eamks.?In Brooklyn, E. I)., on Sunday, November 17, at a quarter before two o'clock A. M., Mary Kamk-, ro'.ict of Thomas Fames, Sr., in the "1st year of her age. Her relatives and friends are rospectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at oueo'clock, rom the residence of her son, Thomas tomes,No. 3S2 Gi and street. Gwrn.v.?(in Sunday morning, November 17, Ca nolix* L., daughter of I.ydla and the Uile George Griffin. Esq. Notice of funeral in Tuesday's papers. Garrison?on Saturday morning, November 16, at four o'clock, ConxKLtfs K. Garrison, Jr., sou of Cornelius K. and Mury N. Garrison, in the 19th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon. ?t two o'clock, from the residence of his parents, 355 F'ilth avenue, without further notice. Gir.tiKKstKr.vK.?Suddenly, on Friday, November 15, Emily Gildkkslkkvc. Her relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, fr m her late residence 100 East Tenth street, this (M inday) morning, at 11 o'clock. Hayokn.?On Sunday, November 1", Roskana Haywcx, aged 61 years. The friends of the family are rosportfully invited to at tend th" fuitoral, from the residence of her daughter. Mrs. Kelly, No. 17 East Eleventh street, on Tuesday uiternoon, at two o'clock. Johnkion.?On Sunday, November 17, Mart, the be loved daughter of Matthew and Mary Ann Johnston, aged 7 years, 3 months and 0 days. The funeral will take place from tbo residence of her parents, No. OOminerco street, on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock. The friends and acquaintances, also the members of Templar Lodge No. 203, F. and A. M., are respcctfullv tnvited to mend. l'hllttdelpbla Ifldc r please copy. Ijtx.vow.?On Sunday sight, November 17, at her resi dence. No. 222 First aveuie, after a brief illness, Mar uarkt l,gNMow, in the 68th year of lier age. Particulars of funeral in to morrow's jiaper. Ianrt. On Sunday, November 17. T.mmas Eoward, eldest son of Thomas and Margaret Lynctt, aged 7 years, 11 months and 0 days. Tbo friends of th umlly are invited to attend tbo fu neral, this (Monday) afternoon, at lialf-past two o'clock, from the residence of his parents, No. 41 Ei>scx street. MiX'Anr..?Ou Sunday, November 17, MaroarbtMcCam, aged 49 years, wife of John McCabe, or the parish or Drumkerin, county Termauagh, Ireland. Her friends an I acquaintances are invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 186 Fast Thirty.llrst street, on lueaday afternoon, at two o'cluck. Her re mains will be interred in Calvary Cemetery. Me*?*.?On Saturday, November 10, after a lout tad. sev re lllnws, whtr?i she i or* with Christian fortitude, Anni Us'Riilv, ?Ki'ii 64 ythe beloved wi ? of Mi, ha. 1 Murphy and mother of Myl. s, John, I Wick, Thomas, Fd ward and Micbnel I. Murphy, formerly of the parish of Ballon, county Curlow, Ire a'ni Th# r ifi'ids af the above named family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her son Jf.iles, 101 Cut Twenty llllh street. New York i ,ty, this (Monday) afternoon, at ha i' i asteneo c.ock. Hor re nia.ns will l?e taken to Calvary Cemetery. Troy (V. V.) papers ide.iso copy. McElvkry.?l)n Sunday, November 17, at the resirf nee of her parents, on Bergeu Stieet, near Poarsal bireot, Kaiaii Mi Ki.vkry. Rerfrlonils and tlioso of the family are Invited to at tend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock. Met>'!!?*!?*.?On Sunday, November 17. Pump IfMJnf wiss, son of John and Ma; y Auu Mefiintiiss, agod 8 yeaiw, 10 months and IS days. Thet'rieudsot' the family afo respectfully invited to at h-nd tlio funeral, thin (Motility) aiU'rnoon,at two o cluck, from No. 39 Slate strsot, IVioulilyn. Ml'VLi.KR.?On Sunday, November 17, after a long 111 Bess.CoBT Mi'XMjnt, In the 43th year if his axo. ihe friends and acquaintances of tlio tanitly, alio th? members of Company A of lh" tier roan Hussars, are ru ?poutt'ully invito 1 to atten I the funeral, on T msday after noon, at on* o'clock, t'mnv- his 'ate residence, ooruer of Soc.und avenue aud Forty -ixth street. HI* reratlas Will be taken to Lutheran Cemetery for iiitermout. O'Ueirnb. ?On Sunday,November 17,Patrick O'llamx*, of consumption, aged 2> j jjiir, a native of UoUUl, county Leitrlm, Ireland. The friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at otu o'clock, from bis Into residence, n<M entre street. Park ?On Sunday, Novcmhi r 17, of dlscaso of tho heart, Hobatio 11. I'ark, lifted 34 years, 6 ILuiUbt und & days. Tho friends of the fareily., tho members of tho Metro politan police and the mamhers of the K. I., snow Social Union, are rcHpeclluliy invited to attend tho funeral^, frotu ills lato resid'uee, 3U;> t Iwrry st e t, ou Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock, without further iuv itati' n. l'KitKtrr.?At Philadelphia, on Saturday, November 16, at the t||0 of 00 years, lirs. Lot ias Ciiaru/tik, widow of Augustus i'orret. llcr relations and friends aro respeetCully Invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at half past two o'clock, from tho residence of her uwi in-law, Mr. A, Boursaud, 130 H mseu Street, Brooklyn. Saturday, November Lti, Gborom Coi.iit, sou of .lolm W. und Josephine It. Phelps,, aged 11 months and 14 days. The relatives and friends of the family aro respectfully invited to attend Um funeral, this (ilouday) afternoon, at, three o'clock,fro.a tho residence of his granJl'atlwr, P. W. Teller, I*.Vij. , I5J l a t Tilli ty-llfth <tri ot. J he remains, will bo interred in the M irbie t oaietuay, Second avenue. Rkkd On Sunday, November 17, of consumption, .Mrs Makiiakkt Hkkii, a native of Clontarf Shades, Ireland* aged 00 years. Seaman.?Ob Friday, Novcnilor 15. Cuaiii w II. S?A? man, Ilurljrate pilot. The relatives and friends aro respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, from lit* lite resilience. No. i!t Kutgurs Streot, this ^Monday) afturuo>n, at ouu o ulock, with out lurthor notice. Smith.?<>n Saturday,November 10, Maky Ann, wifo oC ?lames Smith and daughter ot' tho lato John and PatnoUL Tlce. The frleri'n of the family nro ros|>ectfully invited to at tend thefiuieral, this (Monthly) niKin, at twelve o'cKvctr^ from hor late resilience, 419 Filth avenue, near Fortieth street. Trimim.?On Saturday,November 16, Catiiaiiins Ai?!?. daughter of the late James Trimble, aged 21 years and lit days. Tho relatives nnd friends of tho family, also those of hor brother-in-law, Joseph llellows, aro ros|*>ctfully in vited to atii ud tho funeral, from liur lato residence. No. 90 Norfolk street, this (Monday) afternoon, at ou? o clock. Van l'tti.T.?On Friday, November 15, suddenly, at her residence, Port Itiohmoi u, Staten Island, Ki.banor, relict of Captaiti Jacoh Van Pelt, ill the COt'i yc ir of her u.;o. The ra'atlvcs and friends of tho lamiiy aro respoctfully Invited to attend the funeral, at the Ivitch lliformod chart It, Port Richmond, on M nday afterroon, November 18, at one o'clock. Boats leave Pier IK, North river, foot of Corllaudt sheet, at 10){ o clock, and foot or , Whitehall street at 11 ^ o'clock. W'u.n.?on Saturday, November 10, of croup, Awnib, daughter of James and Catherine Wild, aged 1 year, 1 month aud 12 days. Tlie fi ionds of tho family aro rospectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, this (Monday) nv?ruing,at ten o'eli>clt, from the residence of her parents, No. 93 Prince street, Brooklyn. Witxts.?On Sunday morning, Novembor 17, WjluamC. Wlt-lt -, in the 30tli year of Ins ag '. Tlie friends and relatives ol the family and of hia brother, George W. Willis, aud tho momhors of the Twen ty-ninth precinct police, aro re'pecttully invited to at tend tbe funeral, n*otn tho resldonce of his uncle, Jamwi (?ninths, No. lfil Clinton streot, on Tuesday ufiorwon, at one o'clock. MnCEUA WifltJUSU ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY'S ARMY AND GOVERNMENT EXPRESS, leaves oHice, 69 Hronlway, daily, at 4\1 and 6)f P. If, Tlits I* the only Express running through to Washington by p.uiscngcr truins. Shippers liavi:!y ?ny quantity ot frleghl to Mnd call maim a contract at reduced rales, on application at our oHlce. Packages for cold* r?s from their friends taken ut one-half price, to nil potut* Goods or Washington shipped l>y the I "fa 1'. M E 'lu ess reach destination next morning. ADAMS' EXPRESS CO., 69 Broadway, A BOMATIC SCHNAPPS LANDING -i.OiX) CASES Of j\ Wolfe's m.'ehimcd Schledum Aru null. $ hnapp* l.ind !? ; from the ship Prince Albert, from 11 mburg, put up with Jt-ii^lNh lltid RiHlllisU label.", for ealtt. iu bond or duly paid. UDOLPHO WOLFE, 22 Beaver ?lru*t /1LAIRVOYANCE FOB MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS \/ onlv?Mrs. W. R IIAYDKN, Physician and Medical Clairvoyant, 66 West Fourteenth street, suutbwcnt corner 01 Sixth avenue. Examinations one dollar. Iit VANS' U EXTENSIVE CLOTHINO WAREHOUSE, 6ti ) and > Fulton street, 63 t The immense stock of two of the largest w'-iolesale boose* in the illy, BROKRN DOWN BY Tllli WAB, is now being sold ur this t siabllshinent twentj- ive pur cent below l ost ot maHttlticture. Super black Cloth Frock Coat", lined with satin $1!) 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To be seen at No. J32 Broad The oosfkssions and expf.riexce of as is valid?Publmhfd for th'- b? n<'M aod h** wiiniinK to voun^ men who ?nflV?r from Serroi* PrcnuUurt I?o< ay, Ac , ?n|>i?1ying thf t?f J*?lf-Cure. By <?"?' wha raroa hlmsrlf after T>clrvj put to^rout exp?*n*e through me clirnl impOMitton nnd quackery S nr:l?', co| ioM tn.iy had of th? u\tthor, NATIIANIEL MAYKAIR, ? KifiK? couuty, N, Y., by cucUniin^ h i>oi?t paid uddn?MKeU en velope. 38 CLINTON PLACE. DEAFNESS AND IMPAIRED SIGHT CURED BY THE JSTIIEBIAL INIIALATOR. Otiaervel?Dr. VON MOSCHZ1SKER, Oculist and Aurist, has removed his oflice to W Clinton pUoe, between UaWfB attf olaceaud Hre.

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