Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 19, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 19, 1861 Page 1
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. ? ?^ ;!'/., r -j.' 1 ' '' * ' "' 'I tMll , ...r.,^ . ? ., -iJ..'J 1 ,j.H, ., i, K, ,.1,..., y rw-Tiy,iu< mn"i''i<J. f j i'." in"? '- "' , ' ,'. 1 1 ~: - ^ IT, NOVEMBER M, 1861.?TRIPLE 'SHEET. ' - PBIOB TWO CENTS. ? ' f? ? :*'?:* | -:V} * ' ' < '' ? v :''? ?*?? ? ?* ttwiv* v . i IMPORTANT OPERATIONS IN MISSOURI, Official Accounts of Hie Battle .m>.!? 6f BClmont ?*** j wTiife mUv ,?M ACKI > SOOB1 JI81/Y? JMUOJO HQ/VrSTTiTA ? ? < ? SpeaialAfioounte from Our Own 'r.x>.oi > fJ'O.n ti? > Correspondents. - ? A * .! ':*?!?: .'ma ?. / ;?:? /O.Ti /:<_? v.^V;' ?/ Ant < ii ><? .*???? : *il R?DCI Account from One at, """m-jiwA >.>l>!,."i > T't <1 ?'.:. ???,?? -? Jejlv/ !, J! -f Jxaojo xrukou Fuisi^ }Tbompst?,j..T?koy ?lj: ? ??Hon, Away. ?) jiiov v ' WilMf;?* ike Artoy from lire Soutji ?? -ij > f -' 1 , wl, ,-wesUm Part of the State, ,, *$.a<A ??vrr _^ Thi Battle of mimoiit. Hit I Yd II I .? Y ' <1 I '"OUTS CAIRO CORRESPONDENCE. /; . *d> lo ?>?>To JOT!' 'C*mo, HI., ?V?y. 12,1891, QmaMAGromft Vvtnn/ orer the Rtbeh?l'lan of the L'9U>, QjOIIWi Mifflfii/Spfk and l^oVWflAl Prisoners Returned HWRl ? TTag (if Truce?IMfb Tub-n Pririmers by the Vnion Troops Returned under a White Fldg? OeHerol Mc. demand's General Order',14c. On Wednesday evepy-H the fc'eveiub Jown regimeut, un dor Colonel Ian man; Twenty 'seventh Illinois regiment' Colonel Btirfrrf',;1,w?ity,oiHih, Colonel l-'oukt; Thirtieth, Colonel Logan; Twenty-second>Cotoriel Dougherty; Taylor's battery of six piece* and Iwo companies of caval ry, making in *?l a foree1 of tw<S thousand eight hundred aBdeBfty in<H>, weufc on . bpnmlf the Rtoasn. era Memphis, Aleck Scolt, Chancellor, Montgomery and Key Stone, and escorted Iky llto gttib"at.<j Tylor and J,ox ingfn^^xjjiHft1 <Jvw? the" river to an jtRclu ragca^out ei#|t it>He* below Cairo, wliore-llxty laid to nearly , V)i?M>| tli^wJ]o!o fofco pi o'.-'eded to ta. (wiwU W<-' four miles abovo Be.'mont, where they disembarked nn i took up tbo line of marih for the batlta&ufel,.the jnuiDoats proceeding down the ri^er htifl lAtfhfrii-^thp rcliolh.itter los at Columbr.s, to distract 'Mtnturn flom tlie llali 1 movement. Colonel tyiford^i,".! ttf!) ^ViTuii,i4dJ^)j,bt-,^o.!c'l by acircuitoiMHfduteiarouiul thi r<*ir?f tho?''??rbi:l camp, and camo upon the enemy fy^i/ij.tbo South, while ('olotic1 Fonko and Colonel Latnan aprimttchoil from the woet, anil Colonel ttoughertV'iuc'l WlWl J^fc'art firaJJ the ousotfrom *he north. Tho enemy was ilMtwn up in line of battle in liia camp and in ^t-fprpfl^< i"*A b#ir?<i *4> !<l< and at nine o'clock tho figbttog Mnjmpnced,^ Cqlonpis I-iman and Dougherty leading upon oho .tide, anil driving the rebels Into the timber' ftMWd,:wW??'?ffttlWd's'! I.ogan'8 and Fouke'K cointnaua*wtrea<liranctor. ;l*mtkng themselves (jir ^i(;y netitfifed to (heir i|a^ip, h; flieor Ojat.. p?nitrini?fciij bt for two hours, wlwn tliev broko and fiei to'flib rt'vcr^^nnji, bqa scattered ip evo'ry An elcvoa o'clock thp was J'ojrJox')?. Ivitsery had poesmktn of tbewiioke or tho guns upon tho Tietd; the fine Springfield gq.?ketp o^tho en*tt\y loy str^yn^i ploatcuoci profusion over tbo ground; atvdvoue lio^'d "'wen' in" to breaking their own old ETi^Jl. h arras over atones and stumps, and supplying themselves from thoso thrown awayW^lftifr 'vm^tfl^uid f6<>!Tbty, > "?4ii*tb?*lart<eKtttg'?'<>rihe rebels ai>d h9j?ted the Star, and gJwk?tt?'V?i?6fli,grobt'??l;iKwWl aipo clieen^^'htjth mmst have yenetratoi! the heart o(f sfit'cj Bion. and in theiV' ttTee or 'success sot at)or,l Uu> work of securing the trophtefl< of ; Hielr Mfc/ jorv^^ ,^<id 1 }beK 'Was 'made. '<htf oftiieV'ayVf'or'iti tlieir reckless joy tho troopfcboeome unmanagabk'.' 1Thi)y^ Eiiattfrtsil btt|* thij fi' out of ll?sioawl,o? call Of thoir^ifBoirs. cohKf;,' raved oil' into d>e<?<>oCa 'la ibe rour.-in pnrftnit f Others were busy m ' the I'ebH 'ft-nls ovwRonilfig'Ttlio baggage oTHto febel owners, little drruruji^ , Ciweritt^ force from fy'V^WrWtl^1'*<!,ng ' ier nni" nding Ixjty^w jMukp a|?dv, ilifir their pAMW'hnmfl. But such was the ra?e, and "b ?K?n?'th^tr ?wero avWMWfT ' - ? regiipetfM wcdmpfeWnu "flUtP<aini>/HiH>i| wns/p ?! iimu in or4o??HK?lv<ia tu v>?' tl?u ttamp, in. oytkr to triWT. onr nl[;Uilv Ll.ev of an exasperated and deadly,l?o. ? 'i ? .i.o ?.?f? i But even tl^en tbey formci-aa*cst they could, tbo bulJ lots finm the rebel rilled aYII'TW'llJPIrcirn the rebel bat terieaat Oolumbtta.foiUuLAiOSSi llwiw;.nd get about cutting thW wT'-Tfi tjieniAt:'. 'lucui>y inch they" f.'tight their way threattttabtlitTiirwiks.. now advancing with an impetuous chaj t: . ik.w ?t->nuin? 'still ami receiv ing the re!>cll'ire; Atrtodistract toe here. General Cr: til. -\uug(ug bis sword above his head, was shoutinsWiOTvlf-aa t$?u? Iliivk< s-t or tin fire; there McClcrnnpd whs Pi'Miug his boys au example of heroism by phmK??g'?eM!totf>' ftrtH-W**!- "bel rank? ;<;id making himself a .road' fJr,.,lik>wl. There wore Dougherty nnd FoB& .'A"! au<.l Iajui.ui and Rtiford, dojMAOORfitfMPt. ailWAlME, ami every where wer our boyg beiawiioriug their fo ?? with ; true "St;<;ker" farocltv. It wx?W4ontly tight, l hat march with all oiif^gwuiiff}, tyyo .of. t?;lliery, ( and a large B-.rpfiyat most apfaudid ^[.rinafi.-ui m i about four biiD(l*etiffh<'i1<lr?oa*?d?Mo?iivi ?m ? !>. arms I odin/initim. TheKiiid>^Ur*T^xvsgu^u sc'twir.e ; BlstiuK tbc ombarlnwKMr.:' *f?ii*!nto the r ?!*) ' ranks iike !,r' t?llery,ut ftwdiiasitie, wvidiutJi^t'.-ea and | osTii.i'iif cannons and.^oiMMMistyr: t?W?t (fee diiMtfittuMK&iinltitue BtvK'j'iiig down wbule platoon.* of .m; ait try ttt a charge, and throwing tlMlKMCItVK 'c mi'ision wiku coafowmtetO^Ae-it ww, *o won lie *r*v; Hyi^tttesne | cenMHaiUl'lk(Vu 'fe<?fbr d tn&t ? rigmrt tw- "hrnlVvtir iw>;*/ reftftHJd wtWn'thi* kittle vf -flur' bsbrufti.; !;,iU'/nJle<? i.r *M&WWWf ; Bttfwd moitrh {be Kes >>t aminflrial; m ii WiUeJ of some three (tkudrtid kji f>tiretit.r. wau&lod and mining. IsbaUvihjt the to:.t!lolie4d ntid sh^iMlfc A flUigt-nirij 4!?it ? ybtr and yo*r r?Mci4s mi?y lh? More '?iVfiljr.eeiriiifehiM^a'tlle detail'. ' iVfiWfjroH u#-Vl?3f a dfejrram wf'tW 1 ?'ittTetlV*ir'af, . muut, toguther with General Grant'sofficii; m*/, t it' the ' It-willWM>pn>rli..( iiir> rtovohfrrtt.wfHl^Uttf in4A-?mr?fu hflafr, ooncciveti and e.Tocut> |oj ttic;>^c of ?ding Odlotiol Crosby ih hW kxpodubift1 tc'cuiV Cfc rav^oawP #e!U Thompson, and wan not known even in/ <JaWo, a?htmd?i?4i'ter^,'ttptll'after we lnlit- Mf o,-i ftn> ttlv inrfthbt.1 r ?' ? Now that Ute dust and smoke or the batilo bog,it*'to ci<N?ta"wav, -.y? leant- the details.'which giro ,<w a'rictul^i' oWr warriors Raine-!. ai!d as hortorittilf ??>* ?vofcjAng eonty <je?i!c, noiwilU'tr.iidic^ VhpS Bilhj j pfc-s ant Itfc.Kpr^hfro a&oUlloo cWjotrir* a\o vivUi'o;?' in beraloin? i( as" a most atstiHi o is ^bTojU VV '- acoeu>' phehedaU that we attenipto't. atitl, oocrdins tn Teltel auWM<4? gatne-i avic-iarr of vioirH 'an army be twiM ouf I'dr'ee tMi<;hl wefl I?b prw?l. Vol (v'.tV m \\)$ mliifi or the gix hpura of hard tlgjriiiig'w^s a slfcya.. bT^wM1 O'^r fit:'' (tiraed ftvm ft^.oua-*?il(iiia,,-b-.; .nut oncc uid fiahic set/e u|<on our saw auddtic.viierieistxHi tropaj-n< t a<r>an?aud was civeu wbtcb was col obeyad anqwectifrif, wlieu ttt?iWas wodl vveYctirtil'l'it ??'W'WlW Ntt- ' ?? l^at aiaht.o b(??f, with t fcu* Of tnice, came up iroui. C<'loo>b?s With tirti. sick ami wonnded of aiir forcen, ami to d^^ttte Alack tdrtt foek ort -^uard Genorat Grnnt and "ttjgfsffccT ft)l or <he pri?Uer? (ono hundred and rour ia nuffl^A}-f fAjjwr^d by, n?, ah(J, under a wiiito tl:ig, pro ccoduUa?wti ta t^ Mito six mikna of C'ommbus, whore we we;a<met'e.r the rciiol stoaimr J?nnoe, wWb Generals I'oW/CHttMlla**/ Mst>>wn and oflieer* o? Imafd. AffBf 1 the usual civtlltics of tho oflicers tlie rebel" prlgbiVeft w-oiatr?i|St'errad fn?m -oarrf to tlh> ribet JieaMiW, 4ib4t/ we partedlfc'rtnfiany; wlWi- a prwuiaf from (Jewerai ?olk^ <bat,|o-av)rrow be" setai up Utose oC purs m in blMbwHiMtqQ,' I Too cngino b.dl i.? rimriftg. nod I will close by appending Ce^|^, "a guaqraI order to bia mea (iKNKKAL OKDEK NO. 15. tit.',', .? ? USAt^tCARTCM,Gakv Cairo, Nov. 8. iWl. 1Viypuoi'*l e^muiapdijig tho Kirst brigade oUilinois Voiart'jwuiJi^s pleasure tu meeting U>-<lay thota who aonMVrtfd honor u|>ou hi* command hv thnir paHitritry an.r*a?,nt'(iu??flue?mi ^stN'day. Kew of" you had .before I seen, a battle Yott woro but Intpcrrccdy distflplined, and -mtppleil with .inlartor arm?. Yet you marched tipon a concAiW fetwmH-, ?P*hti?rtor ntsmfcets. ou (round of tbe<if own oU?*>iDf, Yaii, dre^tham steadily before you fir two mile^ of' ?ontipooii Gfaitup, and forced tbrtn to seek stirltor 1n 1 their InttnendhrfiMitg at Uelmonl. b< neath the heavy bat. IcrtM stOolumbug. You drove them from their ixwitinn and doHlr>iye;l Uieir cami>?bringing with you, wv te tiriu^, ttfQ imhdreil prisoners, two field piocosaud a' large amuuul of oUier property. fteinforcedfrem Columbue, ihey formed ia large Mm I'era tn your rear, to cut you off, while the hfcayy tfune were playing1-upon your rnuKs Fighting the^an^sjfeunp <|VW.: , yua drbvc them .1 n6.-i.inl iiio-*. A <?|" (tin1 comm-nd *opnru*j<14rom 1 lia rd?t) made a i aiicup^ttrtand well ariiciod movement bf anolHof 'route, ? ami r<turned to tho river After 1 day liny-otic*. 1 (fltf tT ?v yoo marched, n"i (rv 'ftfcMr i.\ xny K* |WUl- 1 *'v, engaged, yoti a.?iuh'>^i t'1"1 r<v r??? Mr i.aiujis. <i' ? ,i | On J'fjqiifffiJrug your ranka tte4a\) t)tn <*f&iWvan('i'.ig 0#>< i ?l ii ? Hi:* ki m urn ikt (toft-nee of funny iff M Kxlluut an u - Ik- vrottm* uf mexoraVe-? ar t.iid ' idinyii iljeif, ^ypn on the ..iMUllotieid., oik-nig b ind, j1rW'r, K'Vjr,^ tljdh> lust .u.d jjlorkiuii ijkui*utb itu, tail'e ?#>i:?lry. Oth^r* bn*r heuorablo wounds, nnd j8u^)or itAuiij than ilitoo whojlioll, yot/ It- in R<vped, to re-' I"'!!.!'.'>!>' 'r duties aa& Win new hunura. '* ' ,." .Wwlmnirrnnjj; iw d?a<!?.iri<1 ottf-rlW syttipailly Vv tils)> ?'{!}x 'Wt' i',e Ueveral nunuiandiug graiel'iilVy avkno.v leT\l'ti lit-; gratitude, and <>/lcrs the thu&s.of a'grnteful c<-uinty ,S|auj tn tlai oHkera aud suMii<rs>'"T' IIHnmi'i 1 under bis eommuurt for thoir gallantry arid gojd c 'UtluiiU. WheiVatfain 11)1,111 hope? 'to ftalf foli jpiiwnpt and buftor prepared (W battle aprt for vidtyry,, ilty order or .!()irN A. JIi.Ci.KKNAWi, PngadierGuiwral (Touitteudiligs ?11. Buavkan, Assistant Ailintant tleneral. ,>?1.1/A v - i 'l'/-/ !''>K V-'N Y< OrtlCIAL REPORTS,, , T ( ;,V/ 011 j ypx. ur p. GPyA^n:^ qFFicuJ. wpir?. 1 llm^i autkji* PiWRirTgoenntjtKTMuteii'Ki, K I I ? - I '- fMfJHO, N?y. HJM. J" P Wlf.UKS, Assrstaiit AdjOtant CMierdT. ? WiAfllBg f ?on, O. C. ? , Knu-<)n tb? otroiilntr f-T the Oih J loll'(Km pjaocJ M*h 8,#60 meu, all nrinoil, lb muki' a revoaaoi.?aat)pc (Mliynrde The ub^?ct of tbc ?xjimtil'iwi Kt> i lf>: n Yi viiOl tho ouoiay from scqdiiiM Out nuuloiwotni* to W1cp'? triny in Missouri, and also from cutting off r>v*> jtmnli c"1umriM (hat I bad bc^n dircptc^l 1.9 v'il.frfl)11, jtltH [?t(??i.'and C?i?e (Sirai dtau in. purfciilt of ^rji. 'nicrt^ | 1 Kaoycjb^ that <.'Mlianbr.? ,w*g (iL/o??ly na'riifioni J,.! ;?m:oiI Sonera! Smith, conxnandiug at I'adiAjik, Wk'., tu. jin.ikc ilcmousti'uLioiia in the saouo dircr.Uuua. -11a di.1 so, lb#oij?Jeri??ia.w?U;tprie to-.^yMW/.iHrekm?ovhnr wi'Miti (dlioctiiou of ColmubiiK, not to approach- nvnrar. Inuwcvi-r J (Uon twelve or ltfi*en miles. I also Rtmt n mall foreo oti 1 ttto Konliwky rlde^ith orders f)ot to ?m>fiincl>. tt^^rer ?' itliaTi KJIIoH'V tftiffi>, snnVc twelve mite* frojti?ojumbn*. '1 j flic >.\|icillii^n ,uuilrr roy imwodiatg cuinu?ud was . iKfQii|K:d ab nit iijiuo mi!c? below here, on tho Kuuuaifcy j !?<iv, (mil rafiiaiucil until .moruiug. All tbiW wn-fA ? to i.kiiruittbe enemy, and load-htm to flunk ho-tvaftto Vm- at ' t.i< keil 111 hi<? strongly fortified position. At daylight w<r 1 l>ft!CO?iM,ai?*u? the. Vivcr to a pomL inat put of, raua'Af. ilu*?ebeffunf, and <tobai'Lcd outhc Ui>iouri nbore. >ro^ ' b-ro tliftr^upf uciu uuH'iihcd by attack for about 0D'< , mile towards I'e'mout. iinil then drawn up in lii.e,oni: battallen Urtt itf?'l'led <<)!*t a? a re*?i nt?nr tlWv Brads-1' porlr. Two "??? mfrom each regiment, Ave sVe*toJs1 in nnjnl'er. -'.wit out as skirtatuherB io"aFi ertaln j the posit lot iiiv. It was IV: HiiiK'ufs before (bey met him, and a,! general ou;;^. d. 'Jtui halaitoa of my force, with the exi'i-, 11 ?-f ibo reseBvo was thi-n thrown for ward, all as ?kiru)idft?-rn) and the enemy driven, f?K t by fovt', aua.fnni tree in tree ..back to thelriiicampmat ? y the nver s bank, a tlwtaiiee of over two nflles. Hen Ihey hatl ftrniclhenert thoir pogjtlort by f.-ttiug tft" Iitn bet fir soyci-al liundied yards around their camp, and i making a sort of abatiis. Vor puiu cbarKed tbrotiv'h this, driving tho ow? )tri(j liver banks and Into ilieir transpurts In ^ultk tim?, ' |1 iiviitii.' ur in poMeuion of everything not exceedingly j portable. 1 llrlmotit 1s oti low ground, ?dU every feet <,[ it cim 1 lr(VnucJ l y tboznr.e wn tho oj.jioflUnijliori^uiid.of eo^rs.-i can'.d ilot liorief.i for a pi!j;;!c liuur after tho enemy boenme ] n\\;in?' s>f thp, withdrawal of tbeir troops. Having 1.0 wap n-i witli roe 1 could not move any of the raptured prejiorty, c.m eqnhitly paw onlers I'm- -its deMVnet :on. T^eti; tuns Matkcts, &<?.., wer? sa on lire. u4 ?? r?v-, tir*''l;t?lcini their artillery with i:i>, two piece's bclni, drai+ u by hand, and ouo by an ineflleiejit ti.i/n, were spiftcil and left in tho woods, bringing two to tb.s place. ,IV'r?e getting fairly under way, the enemy tomlo bis appearance avain and at tempted losurroud ns. Our troops were not ip the lea-t djEeouraiacdvbut ehajged the riiOtny urrd again ifefeated him. ' Our loss was* he.n.l.ed and' fifty woifn;ieiI?inauy of them but slightly?and abow an ei|iinl number missing. Nearly all the mitSirg were frftcd the Beventh Iowa regiment, who behaved w it b great Kalian try, and suffered more severely than any o: her , tro'rps. I have if it yet been'uble to get in the report* .from sub commandurK, but will forward them a* boon uh Iecoivixi ? , 07 V I I ? ' M' u\U tlie (riM>|*?behavod with great gallwitry, rauob ofl , which is t" be attributed to the coolnor-n and I'Wseneo of [niUul of the Officers, particularly tl:e colonel*. ' 1 . 1 (.'Ciieral MiCtertiaiid yras in the midst 0( danger I'thrbii^Uout the enagetueut, and dmp'.ayed both coplneM / RUdjiKlgmeiit. His horse was three times shot, liy l!"r?c-\n*.-rJir:o phot under wfc. - / v. v, - < > ? 1 ?>/ ?i',< my stall?tiepiams Rawlins, lA.rone ?md Hillye#,' aJuf'velnnteer ?M*. Captains Hutch and Hrabarri?-I atn mrrh indebted for the asMHtance thev gave. Cotoncl'. AVeiWter, Admgniler Etiglnter, also atc?mpan:cd inff, and [tisplayccl.hiKhlj'fP^lei'ljkcqtiaUUes., , ,, Qoloi:el l;onfhmy, Tirerfty'-^eeotrd rtlfnnlK Volunteers, wa -thn c t lines .woui^di-rf and takeu pri?oncr, i1 , i i llio, tave;uli. Jpwa reglnteut lost .their Ltcutenaotv Colonel ([killed): Colonel and Major sevorWy woirhdnd. Tl? rcpvrt? tofcoforwarded will-detail more fatty the fir jtieulars'oroiiT loss, ftirgern Brl^tOn w.i.s 'Ob the fleb( jdurlnB1 the >'T:t :re enga^emeiil, and displayed' grca't alit ' aujl .ellfviepoy hi prov>ding,lor the waund^t; agij organ?lng the medical corps.. . ? O ia<\ gonbnata-.Tyler, and Uxiiigton, Capi.ifns Wallte and Rtembell, ITnit.-l j<tatqB Nav#, eoimiKwifl'n^,>%n' vaye<\ tho eypt-dilipu. ntnl rendered jn^><>'iCc^ut,.iier#4 ,vfe?.0emstr>r upon1 <ArTaji^fr^'5^Tcn^j^btl,^il pneiny's batierbij n?i4100Meted)oip t iracajwr s t'firotigh p-it. Kor,pai(iculais^ee avcompanying rejx^t cf Cnotaie KValke. i aw.tir. very respe -'.fully, youii ebertiaft. ttfl vant,.V ,? ? .'b'fcilfcwF I 'i'-i ? .-? iirferamer' CoiHvnl.Obro'inSddlB^.,,'^ fcENEBAL, Mct'LEKNANirS OFFICIAL RE ?qrawn V v n:,?iSBSK') J firfca$fk: 1 ??>, .CycwmMiintf J)wtr?ftr : iiitibiuMKHUeciiiJtiiMr.ijn:?? ? .-. >? r. | St*?I lnvottu! taiior to report the Jjfcri taken', by tl^c fttAn# ?!!<?* w/c?nmaiit(|ih the *$>(? my,???-,brtpwl*, iI.Twt-Iij> -?'VCUfli /tuinnuf.: i! oTbii ti t!i I'e'.'lmont,Oil. Philip II. I'ouUo; the IWrft*' l. .'iiOli 72 uic: !:jt jV>rce v/>t: edi.'od, hy ycc.r o?ter <rt" tii<"<lth ? aftr ifcmpfcuynf A<Hm? ('Ojit'.'y cavnl Hn, under l.iontotiunt J. Ii. Caffin^'nWl Captfiih :'%}$& !tol"r -r ^? #7 m ' t-'tii!. f<jrjw>. *:ctf<r. my ctniuuABfl vfaa. (Kli/fwiJi ^jj'a av?all URnvi- v'cfcnjkftf*. v > . Wt'Wyj.sWVfwiJ "l> ?1'P- tSMtHQT MV'U.f tt'Kli tin ll, . :i-th a. .1 Thirty Urst regiment?, on tt?> i-veAlnprti (i It TTr-trm.! -".-tr tittro u% five ovkek, aad uwW , X flrrli #VfM" WAiMity} V,W<X few ijr> iiSjul iM {lie Kjeni^kf r)iuri\ iltim foKoij ! bjrra ?^4i'Ap??>tfStj.iv. U.usl.v iusUitclf. ?l Ay jm:. ? iv&t it i-*a nl .-',4; if jn,4 iy! . Ui? .jj:<iU.'Clii.n M lia Xxutvaitl ?V<iie.UuiloUow.i5tI t> 'lie x.m J )omo<iuhI rutl 'k-v**pffarkw m i.'.n /| 4iiW'in?>r. ni\ eriitl by ita< *vi.fxttts (Tyteraiwl t*:<J\ inatUh^aHiHOiWiWWl by Uie i-'UiJludet' of vie Uitef /ci-le,} j llrWMnl <?.??.? 11 the_ rittjf tn thi d'f^iii.'.'-i! 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I inpturcd twenty l<mr.v>riBpnerB, amt>ng whomV|> Brevei I urtR^iitr ('nigral iWgtiei ty, Colotiel of the SiivGdthll | liiivus I'uniiiuBC, A-.ii'K ha t bue.i ebot- iu the early . I .pari ? nf ,*tI49 ,jU??-Tabpi}t |hu time of. tUe <4 ino waiMjubuttiiiy py the enemy. Colonel Dougherty . ban fsinVo Ir.i'i Ids li'g anip.ttatod twice, tho first operation 1 betiiK UD?ktlfutiyperftirmtW. ' ' ' I (^d?iu{iuKbiel,ori'iclR!tVa rogiiaeiM.waa carried off tlie field wounded.t ? ' >.? ? ;'?<? ?*-??> * >'J i Uenewl an wimo httlc dUtmctton, 1 kvaeootaauuKicr <ifa bHftodo on the uoid, and it i? aiud > lhet loroti\atln^cB te ?e Iwat a ealov.t efeae<l our rupimcnls, wlia tuan li<i in. rtjr ihlfl pcraoaAi Oieuri, pre vented a nol.lK'r <>t hiw rudiment ( fwn sho?it;iiK "file. )iouor, ' tbncif'h exdeoaof courleuj vha b lug u"diitin gtiithril visiter.!' .? ,* ?? ti -U Isi.u il It ir<a remorkaUc tlilog tliat oat ?f the ?Uteen liofrea 1 tviugd/'i.d on the llMd after tho battJo wan over, nine Were white. All the white norsca on tlw Uekl, W1U1 the I ieAsoptieti of flentfal Pillow's ?nd Col. lOKwooii1*, w^'K killed. Kvery own on l-ienoaal l'Uluw'a ?tafT fciet hia I |v>rt-e, and a nmnl i-r uf them lunl t\?<> hi rf?t vh<.t. udder iliom. ?c.>. 1'iUovr, a eon of (?iier?IKillow, Iml hw bona : Unit m? IBM lluui M>vct). Mutes,Jtat) wits nltf: tvai d.M IHtti. | belf.injuretl Uy the falling ol' tfte Hto?inff -wbOe cottian a tj>x-]<ouud u'lii otrof.ouu of- the boat.v. Jlr. II, f-Wnudlvck, ( f;eu. I'UIiav .. cvd*?Hy,'liirt twoi botaee lahot ua>larItiai. ? 1 l';i|ititii> Jackg<n, fi)' the irtilu?ry, ndting arid t? UeuerolI'j, , ?a?bli?)t tln-.mjih the iliiuh.u.ii the 8; uie Injured. Capt. J. tl. Mm *?li and Opt. II. WYl'lttmaw, of^oatar vdle, of \Vright'b regiment)Wore belli wt*ui led.? ! t (ienernl'McCI inaridV bocne was *Uot under htm in tka bngngcmest , though it-'is UXiugttt he wax uii'nj.retf. ? > l.enoinlK Mulli'riimnl. (Hunt urtd Vouko wefo iu <i>)oa!i matid ?< U'"<u*t?y, ?H() w thought-alt eatafKnl uamjMwfc. Majur HcC.eitr. ?l Ih. i+jwnth fc>w* raiment,,I*?|*l? v >ocr. Ho'is partly shot" iit tho liP.i4/llir?t Indies <**b? i ikull beim: .kuovfewayt willv l.rnUi |>rott'itdm?. ?' r i Breyia Hriftndkr t;?ttb?p*l t-onke *1? hern yteterday, i lutor a t'.ui < I (WMytoJkt'ta,'ih4 I't. MwiL iwrfflttitill W I ?rjr thcimasu.!. ?' . .? ?. v> c i j .- t>i Colonel I?j?i':io'R Arkwir.!* rsglrn'mt !o*4 ttiOtwokHM, ' I oity ihr?tu \\ ?andc(\ ai?t i wwily-tfwoc'HiwMiif. i.iv, n i An r>? b"T?4c ci'iiHiua i? mat*', im f nn?^tWa.'' v.ththntttst hsary fl4?rtfe tliilt our nt'i'fn'ii^pciiv j lie enemy, whieli^iH' an ituMMit-'of tin- ' attic, fUotflU i i Kitgocnreriiicttii. Wheu iImj t wt. enivimn* Ckm?vOu??tt> I uoo. <;ptotici Wa k<*Vr?MatontiYa* laiimiOtaitstyMtirtiHwa >1 i n. Um .SrtriUW ftmt ' Mamstl V< Im.Wv n: (*t>tM(k H I lukcx' ecmjiaoy, taO(1<iuM Wft.kA?H tw*rtinn??, 8 i row tuff .the Ql (?n:fcn mO ;i d' iiirtul > Vi the Ktws ahd o trt/Kt that flwratMnter the pu#my, kvcwwi hm mit-neton n enfitvru>g Um cularm '?> living in '(lx> Tlw <liHTfiymuiJiiiiKlecHi* vsitttd of -V'tuUfr'n Vp-Hirtr-i/t iCAfc-1'1 l 141 Stfckon' po?lt?eh^fa?:ni|r (br sf ftii) -f< AivU '*<** J i uiul, Af tlui ht?. rolutnu* rant* witnffi * rc<r yxntoV1"1 (yoliuu Vi?uwr and ft .**??,p. rtsiv. t.* th?r ifaflM1* !' I,ynd> l*tlh: siiMoa ruMi A*Jtiir'<?..rfF,,i,M Vi'llniM**11 i.iyilriOt Br?t i>te'M)ilill(o.hp<'!Wtiof'the ?rikv !* nr?H<,>ftndC > ? *-r'io?r ilio;!??:'b ,*??<*><? it <mt hto hfiihmttpif. 1 . ttiUti* in rheftflMmli! lynoh ???? ^eUi>!t#i;^i<t'iifW ? i r Vt>:VnMr.<a;ll. ' ifri Wiltrnl Hrv dft&itfK ag-l ?lift nam.?MI/y Miitiwe^co^ '?? wb*' rts?i< 1 'Hiohf e?li*v>#-i'W ht:r^rt-?rv>t.| ^ o * IhciMffofiH1* kf(>B?WPfli o li.Mit, W- Urle4h ?l <\sV? tHlM, Tlfl' nV(.*<f ^J-T.l H.ltrif HSBOlit. IWt|;*i|??n "hf 1 #ODhifo(l, & pirt)>*nlh iV'Hunnit-. UHiiJitAUtftt *:??>.?i| ? * * ifi:*~mb t 'UiiTir.-.Wkii''a</? iCr'n-fl A PtMiiMrtH< rtiJ-*n v It >"!>? fit tW'irfltih * Mi * IW . ttOKV ??<?? '-? it;o-a?>\vnbi.:v?i**. ? t.? aM> r-taalf..; ??.?-. b- ? r1 >..?('? 1/' 'T %:'i" f.?o ' an \JivUw.'(!4ii? ii:'i!irerf-jj, i. e? * <InktAn?"i ?ra?. >SSi?. H ?jcr tft< o.blX';;?rv. <<l *>''> *' filter khkhft j 'ai?oUbc Mbt* lix.itwii I i<? ? >i.. 1-4? :-t?n J! '*?? i-\Tii, fenrft tv,T ait ? W :''K*ay"iwAi?ai?i *' fur?ol?*4fc* tvfti v if-^v in?w4jirt'tifr,-l c?t Vi?llt?)li f ?ul, Hi \* <s?alYi iftf'rf ttU'Mnm^ k k< I n :a'i..<?-14It.? 11i?r?? - (n^rc')taiiN^%tifl^? ? a Ivr wvtiitej thru-, jvs*/. n -*?' Afn<%*:itnj 1 <itwkfe>*> tftc imitUv 'ill yiro ?> e t ? rt r ?irt<>twf-x.r IS'T ly ?-!> nijr tl? t- |t.:?l I'twi l i l??'k:iul'W'c:?trJ U .fc trtWicWMJiiiit ulKiU.* UH'-titlKOmt; ? trKx^-M U>v<H-XO> I> )rt tiiKfctiit * <?? sir i'nto MfilMt '? >? .v Oc >-V? 11. '-'Hrfy Mfti * ckj; fttiAfA-ti bi<j 'h is-4il6tooMof >woywiM ItH'.miviif V.itSti . ?*/ cQ it- th?nii? ia.if. mrvH B<niU>bii>i t'Hf r&>* i tial u/ .^i.t tutu \vitw-v Iww tto-orai<i;tinM? iicf?twui'e;' Ijf tmc ?1+v, Afrl(;' ilijSj'K fitl Ui'/JM-ttl Jtntiitli'i ttivr ;tct A ??? J-eDt imun tii'Ur.hsHfg M ?*r<#|*t'ri (vl itdlW^'TJ [ :flu4 jlbwt-n* >f?ti ;4i(ro/<l"U }??*-'*,64: . lHU'TrmHl.i*" ita.i? I*-*- dto ? I Ji .<? J ,v'. .urn:f 0 ?r>o?:Ii Uitff cO^ fijipt>r*4'.'?tbvnuMrIV. * t "A i ?. ? , , ? . tifhiTft- *?? rkk'tj&py ?? '? '??' m 1" ? ? -. ..??>??? > 'hw:}* ji,.i'lvniid-fpp.. I ?.'I*!*-' til 1 '' ;.:f' w Kim TliiMniiiJi ?|onm*H't>.'r.; 2# '? r.^ c? ?({<.: tafOuq 1 tfSk'cn'li Teiiui!?>*' W j? ' ? -4t '' < '*? 'if ?'?'* " I ? 1 1 A?- ?;'JLI Jf 1 ?J P*-> Idt?!? tew m 'Ot'iA'Ml ' '?* . ??? ' ' <'-vi3(^'fl ?tU Ui:^Pc^^ Hrljoidrp.... .(? >'1?! > ?5 1 Tt u'triittUAikikiiMif.Col. f "l',J i '1 e <? a? .1 ? ,, Xi.c.. A?.. )?r ? ' '4Ql? ?'? 1 ' .W* J t~ ? v .' i i i~ ?- '?? ? _j. -l <- '.tfLUN ? ;/?? tnfoorti-y- 'rtr . *'n^"? ? ? ^ riV'iilM'pl' Wu^or rmMffl ->:r Tlir. < [tr-7 rJ f|. tM'ira "biit irpcrf tUe ytf mliu <1 k><h( Iwuti Ujtifc. OVW ? ? i ?T:?"''1- ? / . . . ? ? Uil : ?. WEPURS^OF iEfF.THOMPSm : ' 6iin QAirfo I I X $ i i '? s'oV. ii. ???. ' i A* Mtli /.tr'&frcJffhe, jt$l nW^k t/i; BUprnfylfalkt AV|4 AwftrXAl Affrei. ' >' H>? of the March from Cnmmtrc<<-7V Rtl.l4 7fwW'J Vl^fM WW' ', .!??/.?.? f .vvtcli^??A at) ay Ivr '.?trio .(?J ti.^ *????*!?<*, w.tCat. iiwooi^Mi eb? I'mflpatr ?4 te??l?ln teZ-flie' fdjrSik'b. b'-f u/ t/y^'iiKliro vk tj.'o rc>^.tvto^'r^:,ft iitOWt'oi .T-U tt> M.vwxt' i KA?14?ky,? lir*?Wr (kite <ke 'j'et'tct' <n?y rciwlIJy imiiitiilip ,<j", gi'.int lOO^VlniUtiT jV^Lsta'.tf lliik^rr.Amis yimt tl?). V'ei tr'U^VO * HK^JL<Oo* . It illteig, Bf.: Mid ! Kjfllt,': -Ihl rc^dT'jWtC* ?f wip \o>?' rv:j> Meorla'iuid tknj li.b- r?Bii) ?t<K?ltnoMt ctall'Rtied.nat ]>?t idiU> tbTwMhow^iW ilM hufidxetT iriiji; 'unt rtjat .,rt;C))or^l AefL ?t looted <?f tUo tei?wut) St?t?Uuard, who Mil re ed to rcr?)+r?to irbrn'tfte^r <t(?ni?ter ?nd (Jcftat at En 'Iwicktown. 'jvfeCb of the moyitocut, aa dcyiaod <.en<x?l? GranV autt WvCltitiaBd-, was ttila ^fbe ex f,b>" jfe litloa un(*r Coian?t R. 3, O^l^eBy, which started from th > lolnt (m Hio Oth frS't., ittstihcJ toaiFvaoco upon ?VU^miiria'B poaitkm m, a.uultancouaiy with /cttterg under CeVuol How. from Cafe t?lrarde*ii, atJd Ot!cticlC^rlln,fr0tft IronHn. It wa* csiieclej that Tbomp dob would remain at BloomQelil and give us battle, but ,'tbit bt? twotbou>eml wonM bo rek:frreed by forces from IMrnont and Colutnht:?, then Generals Grant and Met ier nnol were to attack Belmont, faring Gmerals !-mlth| ,f l.ewi WaUr.ce and Patoe, from Patfutah, to attack Oilum b?w froni Iho landilde, ifii^ted by the gunboat jl/>xinj. too and Tylor Tito feint upin was only intended io draw away the troops from so mi to leave

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