Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1861 Page 3
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hiiocuariocs. *Tt THB OLIMSifANDr'lW^BOV^RTP^OKNER'Of A Broome atreet?J. H. JOHNSTON k CO?Wedding ind Visiting Cards, Ac., luted styles; specimens bv mtiL Also Watchea, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware, all ot the ?est quality and at low prices. all diseases of the feet successfully J\ cured.?Corns, Bunions, Callnsotlea, Club aud Ingrovr tng Nails, Diseased aud Knurled Joints, Chilblains, Pro# ted net, Jtc., skilfully sod sticccs-fully treated by Dr. J. BRlnnB Surgeon Chiropodist, 2ISI llroadway, New York, A GENTLEM AN OF EDUCATION AND ADDRESS, AC customed to moving in good ao< lety, aud having a cash Mpltal of about MUO, Uiay hear of a vary agreeable way to make a fortune in a short time by addressing Americas, bom BIS Herald ofllce. BRUSHES OF EVERT DESCRIPTION AT THE brush factory to l'iarl street, Harpers' Pull ding. All articles at the lowest factory prices. Paint brushes or a lit jerlor quality constantly on hand. JOHN K. HOPPEL. CHARMER.?IF YOU WITH TO BE LUCKY IN LOVE, lni kv In business, lucky In l.atlle, luck/ In everything, tayonuof ihoswfiiuiO'is AhiniIocharms used by the Emperor Mapol"nn. which will let sent to you on forwarding one dol lo Dr. Garlyon, Boston, Mass. E,UTCH BULBS.?FOR SALE, A FEW CASHES, FROM P. Vau Wavaren, Jr., & Co., aud II. de Luiuje, jr., Hoi d; containing a choice selection of superior Kuots, true to ?atnes. Apply to C. C. ABEL, 15 Beaver street. S0USEKEEPER8. LOOK HERE ?THE PRICE LIST aud location of thedepota of the People's Provision ipauy will appear on thu eighth pago of uexl Sunday's Herald. See It and save money. TOHNSON'S UNION WASHING MACHINE.?TniS ' U m.ichlne has now be?B before the public over a year and turn given universal satisfaction to all who have used it. Va rious Improvements have been mud.' In it since Its Introduc tion . and wo couiideutly challenge comparison with any other ?nachine now In use. It washes every description of iabrlcs, trout a collar to a blanket, on common senile and aclentiUc Cinrlpli a, without the least Injury to clothing; no soaking or (ling required. Price $10. THE UNION CLOTHES DRYER, ? new Hivcntion. useful, chcap and portable, by which clothes. In large or email quantities, n.ay l o dried. Cau be put up wid tufcen down in one minute withouWletachlng the lines. Price $2, $3 and $1. THE UNION CLOTflES WRINGER, ? most useful inveuKon, by which not only are tlie pains and Aches of haiid.wrlu&li.g avoided, but clothe# will Inst at leant ?ne. third longer. When attached to tho Union W?' bins Ma chine. clothes may bo washed, wrung and rinsed without put Mng^tho hands in water, inhaling si earn, or spilling slops, " ' THE IRONING TABLE, ? most valuable and desirable inv' n Ion; no family or laundry should be without it. It Is portable aud very convenient. Price $4. We. invite the public to call and see the above articles, feel ?M confident tout an examination will convince ti e most ?cepUcul Oi their usefulness. J. JOHNSON A CO.. 457 Broadway, near Grand street, N. Y. MABLE MANTELS?URF. AT REDUCTION IN PRICES Those wishing lo buy Mantels verv cheap should call at KLAHKR'H marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth pre t, near Third avenue, New York, Orders from the country executed with despatch. OPENING OF THE NEW HOUSE OF EDMUND GOM MERY A CO., 940 Broadway, l>etwocn Twenty-second ?nd Twenty-third streets.?French Scourers recently arrived Cm 1'arla. cleans all kinds of silk, velvet* and lace tnautil and curtains, kid gloves, men's and children's clothe*. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Alao cleans carpet* at their patrons' homes; all done accord tag to the latest improvements and without odor. Messrs. Gommery & Co. is tho only house who do this klu l of work with success. ? ni i i. trckets OK CLOTHINO AND diamond. purch??:d. A lot of be?ver "verw*u ou l^vwi^ir ife*!4 e*ch" a"? m 1 *' " p,l'r* **3 Broome street, near Broadway. ANTED?a GOOD STEAM ENGINE wr-nr ni? WANTED-A RATTLESNAKE. THE SUBSCRIBER will ,;lvc any one slu who will gel him a live s?vi!? or Seen! Tenth street, slating price anil whereto be titanted?an oyktkr COUNTER AHOITT fit Y rtn al'^tsys, iT- *? " 10 000 ?ARROT3 FOR SALE CHEAP? iaueet. Brooklyn. rta ri"r' aml at tl,,; ^ ?' allan personal. " ? A lt^sye22'"v,V r? tu?.?! ?e,ctkd ?? swssss?' ^"^2 ? micrrAELCO.V^ELLY. Alex.-SI(;KjrES8 PREVENTED MY BEING AT tlir hotel on Monday. Verv norrv i i' , a.r t1,t ?a. you. another day loon" ai" obfige aux"'u, l? - tommy ??. p? sati-~r's reckived? anb i assure YOU ?m0i! you s ud tov could NOT ^^^??to?euj-ou ru away forwmuthing D. think th'.^wsapp0tnted in n0t "keino ^ih?yra^t?^.rur".0?7 puce'na.tww 'yllj? fit ?vff?t & s skr;^gei.^,?kc yju ver* auch-1 4kou Emma w., fot'rteenth street and madison arpnue.?Have you received mt letter ?.r the l?tl', 'r xsm you *s re1uc',cd- 1 ?* very anxious tThea you- EDWARD. E. ^axub^ft m}HP m LETTER TO 11ER ADDRESS IN dox 102 Herald office, 11 awry t\ liarry D. frhailt?6b",?dj!yaf tue n0velty concert se^am4 rim!r,yr'^d fcito a Third avenue car, corner of Pearl nnd Chatham fts. 8 TP THE TWO LADIES who TOOK A FIFl'h AVPVrr? ?"delighted. Address Walter k. Howard. Brooklyn" Post rabaa,r;;aj.? ssarsc"" ?urartjiwas^ ja"luj fatt"ful stilt- ?ow MANY MORE Linda s?mb, formerly of lexingtov avrwttu, nn.l late or Crosby strert, win oblige ,,n ">l*fri?-nrt mr fienifd oflice.'' Pr""L'Dt ,0C?tlun- A"Jr"8? Thomas h^ry^ j^OU.-STAl'ION P POST OFFICE. ~ D. VTOTICE.?THE AGENTS OK JOHN bl'RSTALL ()F ?jf'il wau'r^tren! lle fflp" lu 011 <" ' do ?kw Yohk, Nov. is, "'ck' de w0lf> ae^tof vessel. rMMY.?i WAITED ON MOMMY ONE hour AT tbo hotel, expecting to .?ce th*1 old r.irr-i.l i!, . ,, '; ' ^pointed. Have you seen him? When tan I eoo him'? ? ALBX. T"?, L'at!.y w"? oot INTO A wallkt1:eitsta7^ ?,?ni ' .vst-m'day lifteiniKin, at tw, o\ b,, k wiring a puri.lo moire antique sre^n, i.iiri.lp v, lvrt With ruses Inside, and a fur cane a ul i ir i v? .t : WHY DID NOT THE TWO LADIES COW vrsm o day, ,is pr< ;nl?'d |.,? sattirday, intl,. .j-, . v Es,rKB, another day at same" place, throuia ' tve llf. chaui^et. 11kwaud8. ?0 REWARD.?Lost, ON MoNI>\Y, n<>vk ifi'vr m ?0 a black newfonndia:. i Dog, wuh a white ?"i t' weast; ^Please return the same to lis East Broadway.?n the ?c REWARD.?LOST, A SMALL WHITE FOX Don jo quite young, from m All u Street. whoever ..m r? ?oru him will roe "we the above reward. a. mciiol. s5 rkwARD._LOST, ON THURSDAY, NOV. 15, in spt7 AtUnti-: ?t,eet, near South ferry, Brooklyn, a I'rtdpr Farurl, con mining two Memoramdum Books, anlronsile Key, witli some Papers. any imson reiurnli g the same to w'^rd. 7, ' 8 ?id ^ n"?- vorfc- w'u receiva tl?above $fv REWARD-LOST, ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON 1v?*11 u,?ft w'th-iliort, srpooth hair; ears a:,d wn' jl- *n? "'ihout ?'">'? ",ri anawer? to tlie name of ) , any person r"turni.'i? the saae io as seventh arn ssre the''ibore rew^d!?^ *** streets wlu re 011 STOLEN. FROM excelpj0r ?^k'? of ti'ie owit,r.e r<WCj'a lUc ?^T8 La',' t> s10 ki??, 7?}% bk gh-e.v FOR THE t.E w'- ?a' k i, taken rrouubo hau of'ia r?k <?.vr.rcul's (without *??' no queil/onfaskhl t,*lltceul ,treot uu raiiaoajmi, aud 11 A. M., atui J.m, 5 lo!l6 p. M * "Uctl " ^ "VfEW yoi" tt, n \ ftT.EM A vn (in , .... _ ? ~ i> For Ai1 imrrwski!'8^!;, RAILROAD. Winter arran- em nt r ,..,.,1; i,.~ ?? " , ( "'?, Per Ali.,.!.y_l ,.%'i :i.,e<p< "jmuti'r,,T jaltu tilrt't (irpof, y fwt'uty 14 ky+1 frj nt * r 7 -, ? tallin. j?1u JfVSUUILL, a.siauot si.ptricijjjje^ novns, roomb, *c.. to lot. hot and cold water throughout me uouse. wun usu 01 oaini: will be let together at it T?ry low rata. Apply ?' the AshUud House, 45 OruTB street. steamboat live tluiesa day from Fulton market, &nd stall hour* by the Third avenue ran. Apply to WM. L B. HAR RISON, 80 and 82 Duaue street. AHIOHLY RESPECTABLE private GERMAN PAMI ly, occupying a lint class house, will let two larjje si/ed Hall Bedroo it*, with Are and *a?; also a cood sued Attlo Room, suitable for two persons. French an<l English spoken. Apply at No. 48 East Bloecker street, near Broadway. * N OFFICE TO LET.?TI1E FIRST floor FRONT A room tit an English basement h> use In Thirty-ulnth street, between ion and Third avenues; rent low. Ad dress II. L. B., Herald ofllce. A FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE. 25X60 FEET, WITH a three story extension, In comnlete order, well jmlnled and papered, to let; ha* ?*>, water, Ao. It Is well adapted and desirably located for a boardina or public house, being down town and near Broadway; will bo rented low or leased on favorable terns to a good tenant. Apply U? C1IA8. E., 84 Cedar street. A SUIT OF THREE ROOMS ON SECOND FI.OOR, wlih bathroom adjoining, neatly furnished, to let toa luirty of geiitleux n or a aniairfaiully. Aisolront Room on third Iloor, with !ar.;e closets. Apply at 20 West Eleventh street, near Broadway. Avery nice three story and basement House, 165 East Thirty-ninth street, to let; rent low. | Also one. in Tulrty-slsth street; tent $AM) until tho 1st of Way next; low< r part of <k>3 Second svi-nue, ami 175 ami 183 Kant Tlilrty-third street. Apply to JOHN FETTRETCH, 415 Third avenue. A SPLENDID LARUE FLOOR TO LET?WITH MO dern Improvements, 47? Third avenue; seven large rooms, sliding doors, marblo mantels, bath, water closet, wash tubs, Ac. Kent very low. Apply Immediately to JOHN FETTRKTCH, 415 Third avenue. First class furnished house to let?no. 2d Eleventh street, between Broadway and Univeraity place. The house ean b? seen from V to IS A. M. Furnished house in yonkers -to let, very chR?p till May 1. u handsomely furnlatied House iu Yon kers, on the rl.vr's bank, ninety rods Irom the depot; sits, furnace and double window*. Apply to WILLAltD & llOW'E, 08 Broadway, New Yolk. Furnished house to rent-krom now until May 1; the rent of which will be taken In Board for three adult persons. The house I" n first class tour story brow n stone trout with ail modern improvements snd handsomely furnished; location Forty-tilth str?et, convenient to Sixth avenue ears. Address A. M., box 12ti Herald ottlre. Furnished ROOMS TO LET.?ROOMS, FURNISHED or unfurnished, to let, or half1 tho bourn*, with every convenience. Apply at 447 Bowery, corner of Third street. PEW IN ST. thomas'CHURCH TO RENT.?PEW NO 61, elj. Ilily situated in the middle aisle. Apply at 20 Old slip, up stairs. Real estate office in Brooklyn to let?with Fin n i.iri*. or a partner will lie taki n; to a party of Rood charaet' r a favi r tble. arrangement can be made. Adduces box 250 Brooklyn l'oat oliice. S1 iteady STEAM POWER TO LET. > LA hue and SMALL ROOMS, Well Lighted. No. 490 Water street. rpo LET?EITHER WITII OR WITHOUT THE FURNI A lure, lh? line House No. IV Charllou street, having all the modem conveniences and Improvements; In p-Tf^c t or der; rent will be made reasonable to a good tenant. luquue at 75 an J 77 King street. TO LET?AT 856 BROADWAY, JUST ABOVE UNION square, tlic First FIo?r above the store; a good location for business. Alma Furnished Room, In a nice location, MWKMtniiti* private family. Inqui.o la the store Stiti Broadway. TO LET-WELL FURNISHED ROOMS IN BROWN stone house, 33 Bowery, single and in a ill* to accommo date fainilti'g; also similar Rooms at 614 Broadway, Moond story. Inquire ou the premise*. Price lu accordajico with the times. aW LET?TI1E THREE STORY ANDBASEMENTBRICK . II use No. Ill) West Twenty-fourth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; hasgas fixtures, bsttis, Ac.; will be let from now until May, or for it longer term. Apply to JOHN C. U1LES, 11 South Willi..ui street. TO LET-THE LARUE THREE STORY AND FINISHED alllc brick House, No. 20 White street; li issesMoii ?lven Immediately. Apply to C. C. ROUMAUE, No. & Park place. fpO LET-IN WfLLIAMSBURO, THE FIRST CLAPS A corner Store litis Grand street, corner of Lorinier, with cellar and sub-cellar, mid fixture p. This is if a n >od opportu nity lor a baker, grocer, Ac. Inquire at SWOrM street. TO LET?THE WHOLE OR PART OF A FIRST CLASS House, live minutes walk to Roosevelt sio t terry: hot and cold waler In ban : uculs, chandeliers in p i or mi l h i); all will be rented at. $1H per month. App y at 126 Maiden lane, to W. 11. LOCKWGOU or 1>. KAK1.E. TO let?the first OUM HW STOOP dwell ing house 126 West Twelfth street; three re?m? deep, newly painted throughout, witb new mtntel an I pier mir rors, cliaiidoli-rs, oilcloths and gas lixtmcs. Apply on the pren.b's, lro'ii li to 12, or to J. GODUIMO ION, 17 Wall hi. TO LET-A HOUSE IN THE FOURTfctiNTli WARD, on : of the last c iriicrs ill the rny. Inquire at 16 Hulti tau street. Lease given If desired. TO LET?THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS. WITH C!AS and bath, at 81 West Eleventh street, near rif11j a> l'iiuc. rpo I.ET?STORE, CORNER OF UNION AND HICKS X streets Broo' lyn, now occupied :?s a grocery. Apply to J. R HM1T1I, I.') William Mi"et, Neiv York. TO LET?A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM, IN A modern house and strictly private family. Inquire at 107 Macdougal street. TO LET-THE IRON RAILINO AND BLACKSMITH Shop -14 East Eouitecuth street. Apply to M. 1*. It..AD, 2tH East fourteenth street. TO LET?rART OF HOUSE 1,223 BROADWAY, BE tween Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth streets, suitable for ? School or music toucher; lias gas and water. Also a ll' us. in Ninth ward of Brooklyn, consisting of live ruoins. Item $6 per month. Inquire at 1,221! Broadway. rpo LET-ONLY *.'.75 I'F.It YEAH?IN BIcO Hi LYN, A 1 first class three story and basement !>rli k House, con taining all the niooern improvemems ami In splendid order; local o i in South Ninth str et, first class neighborhood, wi fa in only four blo<ks of the terry. Apply to ALBEltT II. Nl COLAY X CO., .'>2 William street. rpo LET?THE SECOND FLOOR, CONSISTING OF A four rooms, and one room on the upper Hour if required, in the pleasantlj located house 772 Orecmvlch street, corn' r of Hank, rear of AMngdon hqttave; rent $15 per month. Tw. Rooms on the third tioor; rent $S per month. Applvnt Hi) Bowery, or on the premises. A small House to let, U3 Batik street; rent $4< 0 per annum. TO LEV?TWO VERY OOMFORTABLE FURNI8HED Rooms in tho attie, to gentlemen, a' the low margin 11 $:? per month, or to a quiet couple without children, uniurnisb ed, ai$J. location convenient and house respectable and quiet. Apply at Mr. MASS' (picture store), 02 Sixth avenue, New York. TO LET?THE LOWER PART OF A FIRST CLASS House In Filly-third street, between Fourth and Huh avt nucs, second house from Fourth avenue. Tho house has all the modern improvements and (he rent i< mo h rate lo a good tenant. Possession immediately. Inquire at the house or at 70 Beaver street, first iloor. T Hofw No.?^v"V Th^V EfLGLIRa BASEMFNT o-der. Ail modern iiml^rnvrose,;^ 5. .s,'e<!t> all James"! TO RENT OR LEASE?ON EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, between Fiftli avenue an t Union square, No. fllivt Sixteenth s r et, four slory brown clone House, 25x00 feet. K r rent and f i rtlii r particulars apply to E. U. LUDLOW A CO., No 3 l'lue street. BPECIAL NOTICES. A PAIR?TOR THE BENEFIT OF THE ORPHANS Home and Asylum of the Protestant Episcopal Church will be held at the Institution (Forty-ninth street, corner of Lexington avenue). ou Tuesday, Wcdnesiay aud Thursday, the ISHb, liOih and 21st of November. . Brooklyn rkatino club?the members of the Brooklyn Bkallng tClub will meet on Wednesday evening next, Nov. 20, at 7)4 o'clock, at the house of T. B. Prend'r.'.ast, 2.1 Myrtle avcuue. on business of iirip-rtSDce led with th** com "1, - et. 'vwn, It la earnestly requested that every member will b? present. OEO. B. AOtvERMAN, Secretary. CASH WILL BE PAID FOR 10 000 OR 15,000 REAMS of Pais c, g. ...d quality, s,/.e A the New York Herald, at prices current. Inquire at tliU oQk (10TTON.?THE ADVERTISER OFFERED TO. BET J #1,000 In S> ptember. iliat "middling'' cotton wou' ' lie worlh 3d cents per pound in this market before December 31. lie now n news the offer, c>;'c:i ling the price to 30 cents and the "me to February I. A-idress, with real names only, to R. L. 11 , stallion C Post oH'.c ?, lor a personal Interview. "171 BENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.?IE CON8E r qn? nre of lie- noti-aeei p anc? I y t :e '.'resident elected on the 2-.l;li October, aj: i.eral rneetin., will bo lieldonTu s day, ihe20ilt Inst., at i?j o'clock P. M.,at Mr. F. Corel's,7ft4 Broadway, to pro oed to another ele-li 'i of i President lor the J ? a s 18'. 1, loC2. E. 1'ARlfiOT, Secretary. PRftCLAMATION.- THE JOVElt: BOT THIS STATE, lia\lug. in accordance with r. lime honored custom, t?|i po:nted Thursday, tlio 2-''lt day of Noven.t er lust., as a day of public thanks^lv lng. I, Fernando Wood, Mn .or of the dty o New York, do ..?? eby icc mmrnd sll .il/.et'? to in to on the day thus ret apart In asrriptf ns of prai e to the source of all good for bis manifold merclcs and blessings. Adiuidrtlho evils which the folly ami wickedness ol man have produced, tbe on- hanging poodnes* of the Creator may well it wake our devout wonder. No language e m adequately express the extent of His 1 .ve, but your ho . r- I pe.viors, lu st meted by the subline teaching of revela' ,t, will best guide your grateful devotions. I am sure th;;t decorum and rational enjoyment will mark this roll ,1 >us festival as ever lu the city of New York, Slid I feel it only necessary to re mind those blCAsed with abunti iie a to rcineml.erat thfs incle nienl se. ison an1 p -rio-l of fieneial dlstrevsibo poor, the fathcrl .-.s and the widow. Perhaps the Ruler of the uni verse, thus entreated by tho voice of mercy, may tc.novo from our beloved country (he scourge of war. Thai he may vouchsafe to do so Is my sincere pnyer. (Jit n under my hand and ceal, at the dty ol New York, this IS h day of No vember, 1S1I. PiiRNANDU WOOD, Mayor. TEE MEMBERS OFTEMPIAR LODGE NO. iu3, F. AND A. M..ale summoned to looet *' thrtr Lo 'ge iown,comer of Twenty-tbted street md E'^hth avenue, on Thursd: >, at hilf-paet tivePo o'clock, to pay the last tribute of ?. i-pc^t \? our lute brolhoi, James L. UlIL By ordT, ? J. ANDEI5S017. M. rrilE Mr. IBKP. OF THE UNITED BBOTITK^M LOD1J! JL No. I arc loueby notlSed to m<" t at their mr .-tln* r" >m. 'ti W'-.l"la.v, 20th, at 12# o'ci Jok, to at tu ; eho funei ti of th'drUW krothsr, Andre.v Thompson, r'v ir r r of the IVealilcnt. A. biiuW'H. THE COMMITTEE ON FIRE DEPARTMENT OF THE Board of I'our.eilmen will meet ou fuuraday, Nov. 21, 1S(}1> tii rts r. N , 6, rny lis l, at l o ulock P. M. All |*wu>s Interested wHl be Ucw J at t'.. 1 tint" .10 IN liRIOE. i Comm ittee ALEX 'I. KilEi H. J r.., i (r.i i )NV KiLLLK, )Dejaitiutut. JouXfi- MtDp.f.lfiit, L'iwi'ft, gAtlM OF HTBAIj M8TATB. A 'arm FOR SALE-A FARM TO LET, THE Stock aud Ulenslla tor sale at a lair valuation. Also twelva fresh milk 0ow? Tor sale. Apply to C. FRANCES, 3# Bowery, between the hours of 10 and ? ANY OWNER OF AOOOD HOUSE IN A DESIRABLE neighborhood, between Fourteenth unci Tblrty-fourth auaeta, wishing to exchange for out! leiu expensive or for ta caut I-ots. may address for ouo week I). J. W.. box It Mtidi sonequaro Foatofflco. ANUMBKR OF FARMS AND COUNTRY SEATS FOR aale or to exchange, iu most every section ol the eoun try, of from one to 800 acres; prices from 91.J00 to $30,000; distance, three to lifty miles from this city. A. BERuEAjtf r, 18 Wall atrert. T5EAUTIPUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE IN MORRIS JJ town, N. J lor salo, ull in urst rute order and good shape; plenty of fruit, and one of the prettiest places In New Jersey; or will exchange for aeMOUkble Merchandise. SOUTllWIfK Sl WOOD. 82 Nassau street EIOlITn AVENUE AND CENTRAL PARK LOT FOR sale.?West side of Eighth avenue, 2ft feet south of Fifty alltli street. Also, will en hance smne vul'.able Lois near Central Park for mortgages or Improved property. These lots can be sold lnimet' it ly, with a builders loan. A. TRBADWELL, 103 Chambers street. Farms for balk-in new jersey: albo. in Dutchess an,1 Ultcr conim s, this is tale, of all varieties of price, qualities and site, In the l est locations; also, aeYS i?l Country Stats. Ot will exchange for other property. SOUTHWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassauj-tr_eet._ For sale-a farm, at irvinoton. three miles from Newark, N. J., of 55 acres, suitable and now prepare.! for a market garden. A Farm of 311 acres, lour miles south from Madison, N. J., suitable for grass and grazing. Will lie exchanged for city property. Apply to JOHN WHITEHEAD. Newurk, N. J. IfOR SALE-A FOUR STOIlY BROWN STONE FPONT House, contulnlng ill modern Improvements; also ?cor ner Lot, next to It, partly Improved, cheap and on accommo dating terms. In^uirt on the premises, 3t President street, Brooklyn. For sale-a nice frame house, with extra size lot, 40 liaet Thirtieth street, near Man bo M avenue; a l arralti; location as tleslrableas. au be. Lot leot by 1W). Terms to suit. Apply at 1.7 bowery. For sale-onk new, first class four story brown ston 'ttoni llonse, with ull tbi modern Itnprove men ts; price to suit the times. Situated No. 47 East Thirty seventh street, near Park ave nue, lnqutro ou the premLcs. For sale?a tiiholy productive bakm ok ivh acres, 31 intl< * up the Hudson river, with excellent build ings and fruit of nil kinds in abundnnue; price $6,600. Also one of 130acres, rood buildings, fruit, Ac.; price iii.iM. Ap ply to K. A. BbNCE, No. 1 Cliy llall place, corner Chambers street. 1|K)R SALE?TWO FIRST GLASS FOUIl STORY BROWN stone Houses, 213 Madison avtmtio und 1.1 Kait Thirty second street, with modern improvements, ail In com pi.'in order; houses cannot be surpassed. Inquire on I he pre mises. D. ROlllNS. For sale-a lot, 21.10x95 prut, on the north side ol l'enth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, together with a two story brick House, iu good repair; price low, and terms ousy. Apply to CHAS. E. MlLl.a, 31 Cedar street. Ti'OU SALE, A VERY DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PRO X1 perty, on East Broadway, near Market street.?A four story Hrkk House, 25\IV>, well reiited. Terms easy. Will be hold at a bargain. Apply to CHARLES E. MILLS, 31 Colar street. IjlOR SALE AT A BARGAIN, FOR CASH-TWO Slo es on Atlantic street, Brooklyn; two small, waU finished l{mn:es near Washington avenue. All well rented and oifered met 'ly for want ot ca?h. Part can remain on bon.l and mortgage. Apply to E. H. BABCOCK, over the Post ollioe, Brooklyn. 1/OR SALE OH EXCHANGE?A KINE COUNTRY RE : sldcnce, located In the nicest village on the Hudson river; bouse bain, outbuildings. Ac., with a nice j'lnt of ground. Will exchange for a good business or merchandise; a good grocery prefeired. Apply at 170 Chatham street. J. r. TRAVER, A net n ucer. TflOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?IIOU8EB, LOTS AND r Kami*, for nil kinds of hut haudlae, on liberal term*. Wanted, a brown atom- Umw, between Twenty-seventh and Forty-eighth slie ln, and Fifth arid Seventh avenues; Cull lm. Apply to F12RGUBON A SNEDECOP., No. 20 Natsuu street, Now York. T710R SALE OR EXCIIANUE-A HOTEL, TWO RES " (annul ta, l"t of Quso in ouik.a |?lr of Home*, Ba rouche, Harnesses, <k< .; also a sixteen carat Gold Hunting Watch, Nickel movement, warranted. F. U. RICHARDSON tli). *2 and SI Nilmhu ?treet. For balf. or exchange?farms ok different Kin s, locations, Ac,? 1 m ' grand b.'irgaiiis. Also Resi dences In this city and nine in Brooklyn, finely located, some ol them ll. litly encumbered, Merchandise, dillercul kind* of biiB.iieif, Ac F. I). iUCIlArtDSON A CO., 82 and 8J Ntrsau street. ONLY THIS FARM, OF 78 ACRES, LBFT.- BODS lately destroy* d by lire, ombuildlt. > Oral rate, flue fruit, best of ?? ?fl in Morris comity. N ?? ,1 ersey. Will sell at a Bat rllicc. Address I.aud, box 132 Hcrabl ollice, mo EXCHANOX?WESTERN LANDS FOR Brooklyn, J. J> r?ey City and N"w York pro|?rty, or would exchange house in Thirty fourth slrici |or Brooklyn or Williamsburg property, if free from encumbrance. Addrers Owner, box 1U7 11 oi aid office. rjnn acres very valuable timbered and v)UU Farming L nd for evehanr,M for city or Brooklyn properly, a Country Heat or an Improved F rm Huron mo ney adued if Ucsirt d. BOUTIIWICIC A WOOD, 8J NiiMii.ii street. C'l flC\l\ KOK A COUNTRY SEAT OF EIGHT ACRES, sPl.DVJU one mile from West field Village and depot; at miles from New York. Commutation faro ab 'it 10 ?en'.t; several trains dally, story house, barn, fruit, Ac. Plea sant location and good Hull. , H. BLAKE, 14 Chamber* street FOR UU. A LADY ENGAGED IN MAKTN.i A VERY HAND Koine AlKiian, or lady's carriage bfcmket, ol the ebon em colors, which will be three yards and a hail square when Onialied, would like to llml a purchaser for the same. Ad (In ss i). S. C, Herald "ill"-. A FIRST CLASS SECOND HAND HEATER FOR HALE low. with smoke and hot air pipe and all ihe fixture* complete. Call at ZJ9 Sixth avenue, southwett corner of Nineteenth aireet. TVKOO STORE FOR BALE.?LABOB STOCK, HAND. U mil llxtures, Innglense; a very low offer in caNh would he accepted this weeK, to enable tiie owner to make otli r eniiagemunia. Apply in vhc store corucr of Forty-s'vcntli street ,.nd Third avenue. DRVO STORE FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN?ON ONE of the principal aireet*, on a c irner, fitted up In the bent manner, doin.; soda water busim ss enough to pay the ex peuaea oi the store, with a very low lease. Will lie hold at a Sacrifice. Address W. M., ho . i'l Brooklyn Foat office. TytCi; STORE FOR SALE-A BARGAIN IF APi'LIED J / for lm mediately; rent low, Willi or without Apirtni'iiti, or mil Be.l the Stock and Fixtures. Owner has other burd neaa that require* III* attention. Apply on the prei Second avenue, third door from Forty-eighth street. use a. T710R SALE?THE DESIRABLE I'ORTER 11'i USE 1 Known a* the Clly of New York, located near ilia Liver p'ioI SteaniBlilp Line, Sold on account ef the ill health of the proprietor. Inquire at No. 2S5 Si i.Mt street, for Lliree days. For sale?an old and well established Lodging and Di li k tig Saloon, N 2S cli.iiliam street, l'.irt or wh ile Interest at a reason, blc pnee, now dmn^ a goo'l c.'ali ! .sIiicih. Sat'H'aetory rearon* g'ven foraelbrif. Apply m PETER Ul' HMNO, on the prenui:i:B, Iroui 'J A. M to It i*. 11., for one week. 1.10R SAI.E?A Pllt'l'liLLRK rvc.r.OAT: CYIINI'KR ' 18 by 18; ha* bei>n riitiniiig about eighteen uioniha; i* complete in every ie-;>eel, and ha* rwim Cor 1 uyo umkn. JOSEl'H SLOAN, 728 Beach street, FblladaljibiA. THOB BALS-THE STOCK. PIXTUBBS AND OOOD J' will of tin- Llipior Stop: 2jH West > in o,, near the Liver pool and Havr.i si nmsliip docks. Salts factor} reasons for selling. IiKpilre In ihe store. FOR SAI.E?AN OLD ESTABLISHED BOARDING | House, iont .iningevery requisite lor carrying on the h'i'ducsR. The sti re llei r er>ntalti*a l.rst class nicai market. The reason for *? lling will bo explained. Apply to Mrs. CLABKE, 3 ?l Tenth avenue, Ii^OR SALE-A MOST POPULAR and EXTEK8IVE 1 Pan r.iinaof the American War (with dloiamlc eftei ltK from I's oricln to the present time, now on exhibition and clearing over $2U0 a week. Hatisiactury reasons for sellinfa'. Apply at 71 Nassau street, room 9. 1/OR SALE?TO WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS, 1' a small Business, In a pleasantly located country town. Terras i jsy. Apply at 201 Greenwich t;e< t, New Yoik. Xj'OR SALE-THE whole or IIA I F INTKKIN A J? first class Gror eiy. To a p rson of experience it is u good chance. Address S. E. B., station D. I^OR SALE?AN INTBBBST IN A CASH BUSINESS doing well?$fsXI; a Groeery, $1 0'; a Provision Stand f20n. Set era I other ctytrres oneii, all legitimate and straight for ...rd. General Agency 6S Nassau street. rnon sale?a first class lamp and oil store, I In one of the i>rinct|ial bii'lness Blrt'Cl* In the fj|j , U(Jnr iloing litg" nnnlness. A tare opportunity for bualnets is i liered. Ajiply at S3.'i Broadway, room 43. 1J10B BALE THE LSASB. STOCK AND PIXTUBBS J. o' the. Liquor Store No. 281 Bowery, corner ol lioust. n kllGet. I.iqolre 111 ike store. T710R BALE?THE LEASE AND FIXTURES Of A FIRST J1 diss i mer Liquor Store, locatcd on Ihe best business avenu - on the west side, doing a good trade, and will be noid cheap, the wn r leaving the city. Apply to T. GAFFNEY A Oo., Ld Ci.athiun street. Ij^OR SALE?STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEABK OF A ' Fin'yGoodrt ur.dToy Store, with Dwelling; nntfiiOO; would l.aile for a lot up town; satisfactory reason given for selling. Apply on the premises, i,2U Broadway, N V, "C'OR SALE?ONE OF TIIE HF.ST DRINKIN'l FALOO.VS r down town, near one of the principal 1'crrlc*. Apply Ul T. II. VAN BRUNT, 57 Liberty atreet. IjlOlt SALE?A SKIRT FACTORY AND GOODWILL, ' e "abl s i"d four years; nsme well snd favorably knowo; lixl jrca laachlnerv coiurjl te and In first rub' order, anil stifli lit to turnout f lOo.OHiJ worth of poo ls yearl) ; lAeaiion gisjil and rent low; $.J.WW< ash will he requiied to buy the business. An active party, with sulllcleiii means, can bo placed at onie in an efoelleut position with very si.peiior prospects. Principals only treat'd with; noneoih? r* need apply. Address, with real name and meat,.!, 11. A H., box'H Post olllce. tTtOR SAI.E AT A SACRIFICE-A BUTCHER STORE, r In a good locality; heap rent, a long lease snd conve nient dwelling. Possession immediately. Inquire at 2M East Eighteenth street. OYSTER STAND FOR SALE OR TO LET-IN TIIE bar, No. 4 l',ll=ey Building, basement, Cortland! slreet.? Tho beat stand of Uie kind In New York for the above busi ness. Apply between 12 and 3o'clock, SEGA It STORE FOR 8ALB-ESXABLISHKD TEN years. Apply to CHIOHESI EH a CO., H llouery. ? TO BCTCHERS.?FOR BALE, ONE OF TIIE BEST Sf-.rkets In /Irooklya, on acconnt cf slekni s* of tba prese-it p oprletcr, " ito'lm made fl..VW per yesr lor tho 'mi I ,0 yenI I. Aptly to Van BRUNT, 47 Liberty sir. et. New York. FOR BAMB. S(JJ I r.ft WIM, BUY ONE-HALF INTEKKHT OF A tint ilaaa pmtIdh bmlueH*. BaUaiauiory reaaona ven for aclllng. Apply at or addreks fur two dayatOO roailway. fiQnn ?MV CHANO*.?I Aid OBUOKD TO ?POI/U. m il a business worth {2,1100: will taka *301); no further capital required. Aalrt.t i?li (iimltiewi. No hum bug; I wish It ?u. Apply ut 170 Ola ham atreel, J. V. TitAV BR, Auctioneer. (Sftflft ?FOR SALE, A BUSINESS T1IAT IS A B!'8t ?PVVU' nc"a, Slock ami Fixture*. Also will tell thn a Bm ilasa, No. 1. tip lop Corner Lienor St on* AUUnj.a, with real name, Owner, l>o\ Jw) lii raid oiUou. BOARDIWO AKD I.OOOINO. AT NOB. 1,123 AND l.m BIIOADWAY.?1IANDriOMK ?nils of Rooms, with private labia or Ul?l? tl'hote. Also Ronma for gentlemen, Willi Hoarl, between Twenty-tlfth unil Tw' nty-alnh draata, ntai tlm Fli'th Avenue lloel. An opportunity to learn FRKNOH THROWN In with lha price of B.Jiird. A Kromh linnllv, u ho e Srlnclpal la an accompllahi I u-it.her, o era Kootnn, with oftrd, ut ft low price, Including in.-lrucil 11 ami practice la cuuversutlon. Call ftl WM Kant Twontys't ulstvct, AVEUY KINK OPI'ORTIINTTY KOIt THOSH WHO arc In purault of ft quiet urn; uonifoi uhie home for tlm winter, ut 118 Heconil avenue, between Hevi nili ami Eighth atrecta. Very Hue Rooms to li t nun B ur l, to famllua and hiiu'Ip gentleman. Hotiic lint clasa, with .til ilia woUcru lm provvmanU. At 120 ninth strkkt, a kew hooks west op

Uroiulway, a suit o; tront Konms, with Hour>1, consist ing ul purlor, two lieitrooma and tiMliro.u.i; also single Booms. The beat of reference given ami miulred. T THE LAROE FIRST 0LAS8 DOUBLE HOUSE. NO. * 127 Bletoker street, west of anil near Broadway, la a really ' rsl class family Bonrilin,; Houae, with Rooms unttur pus si" I l.i s re and comlori, In anita or sit. It*; the ehe?pent pluoe iu the city fur the alyle and quality of w la ulleieil. A FEW PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH OOOD PLAIN Board, at the Hro.ikl; n Heights Watnr t^nr--, tsl and oi Columbia street, corner 'of Cranberry, Brooklyn, N. Y. Transient Board 91 per diy. C11AS. U Sl!l'I'Ali/>, >! I?, rropr tfor. A TO0*0 MAKIUEI) COUl'I.K, uviNci IN TKBIB iV own liouae, have a I'vaullful accomt l-'loor to let, with lioiinl. To genteel partus a pei uianont place ran lie ha.I. Cull ul 241 We?l Eighteenth Hit el, four Uuoi a cast of Nluih avenue. A A GBNTLKMAN AND LADY OU two SINOLK ORNTLE . mill ean bo n< onuim dated with elegantly filrnjahtnl ?ms, wlti Hoard, in the pnvato family at No. 12 Kiev nth r^'vi. between Unlveri ity place and Br? aJway. Dinnerat six, H? IV iriutj :t i ul red. Aoentlkman and wrrE or two sin<jle urn tlenun uiayobian ji]-u?.ujt it'oinM. ?ith ^ood Board, in a small prlva e family, \\1? re ihe eonuortH ot' h homo can b?* enjoy??<i. llo'j?e )??? >noderu impr?/vemeur#<. Dinner at fix o'duek* Ai){iiyatManWeitTwen id a At 10 NINTH STREET, \ FB?i D00B8WB8T01 Broadway, ? ^yentN'ti au aiul wil'o or tWvi ttinglu guntie men can obtain plrananL Hootns, nmiU Board, in a modern bonce with all the Improvement*. APUUUlfT BOOK, OK A SUIT Of ROOMS. AND A doirnble hin.-le Ko?>m, with lnat class B<?ind, to let; house kej-t ma? and i ifvate; ief? ihicm exchanged. Ap ply at ly UiriverHlty place, comer of Ninth btreet. ADE8IRA.BLB BOMB FOR ? fAMlLY PART? of gentlemen: also Hinule Hoorun, with full or partial H< ard. iIonne iirat rlann, deHehtfudy ami c>Jivenleutly lo cated, at 2*3) Fourth Mtract, Washington Stptare. AFLBASAIIT rURMlSHED UOi N OR TWO, IN* a small private'amlly, at 170 We-1 fhlrt/ lourth street. 11 on so h?H the modfrii improvemcuta. References ex < handed. Terms moderate. Anmall family will aocommoiutk one or two gcullcmen, or a gentleman and wire, with l urn sh ed ro'irrihtiu the second or thi: 1 floor, with lo;?rd. Hath iisd pas. Location very pleasant?13 liast Twentieth street, near Broadway. iM?iUII AN FAMILY WISHES TO I.ET THE SE |T, ,0,>u Floor, rlisfiiB two It,, mn, to gentl 111111 onlv n. V 'ir wl l'?,ll"' "ohm: n-airi. ill I (hr II.. dern 11, . movem.ills ami th?! furniture in all new; will be 1, t #cj uj.??!<> ?'r|Hh? t!v' r)'"O chll.tren or boar.! A OKNTLKMAN AND HIS WIFE OR TWO OH TURE15 ii'u ^'lithinen run Usui an rxet lU'frj choice of Kmmi* Fumbli!* ZTrCHe "T* wUho"t ?t 314 W.:bt . u ' D li tnih iii'?..'rriiC.?. Dinnrr jit0. if jk WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN j( ^ I'th and Sixth a\. ntie", lnri.;e h dsomcly 1111->1 jk>i?? I K."irn.-, VI .til Hed. o.-uih ou s i.uil ami third Ho rn; ju? n?. fewB^excKd.81""' A,,woa"ru tu*P'?v""W"'- If A (JEN 1LI.'MAN AND WIFE DESIRE TO OBTAIN \ H,"'7 front H ui.i ?t, t H.-lr. In itwdM ho,,.,, h a priv,amlly. L xU l ,n Te U l !" Fo.? enth FuUnU Md SI,Ul uvruu?"- A.! A PI.EASANT FltONT ROOM AND BEDROOM Kl!K nishud ,.r,mi, t,. i?-t, v.uii, to u gent . ? m?:i ana wile. A ko 1hii;? Hall Rooms to tingle gentlemen. TVi mi* rnodor.itr. Re i ri-n es t XI h/wged. Applyt i.i H , i.t r"> iy ? von11 !sir?ei, n ar Hioadway. * GENTEEL FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. WITH .,} In'. 11 CM.-' or two gentlemen, at 45 ijleecker meet, biilu tri Broadway. He at very low, A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS i Th ' bi ladies? ml gentium n, with ir without Board n" y'i Wl,1"w liVly- ",, r" "" !l -'no l-rlvllecM can bay-njoy-d; term* moderate, in advaii,e; House rrilcle ni J .^Sa-1'" ''VL""v,'""'n'hi location um x.eptlonable. Ap ply ato3 W.m Fifteenth sire. t, ir ur Sixth sveuue. A HALL BEDROOM TO LET-WITII BO<KD IN \ ^.l?ou and Va'rl'i;t^[.'.y *' *? A T M SEVENTH AVENUE, THIRD HOUSE ABOVE , "trc'i't?.Large, handsomely furnished Uutiuis itoor, suitable lor a lamily; also, R.i.iii foi .-..ii ? ?) cliin^T'1* Jriv?lc '*w<?. " retired.' Hot,r'nc,: ex ATfENTION is CALLED TO_ TU08B UVXK9 HI Jy. ht.K'ls and bour,ling hi.ises.?Tbrro Is an osUbll-.bmwil opened at lit) M... a jii(,ai jtireot, un; rooms bein- ui-louiln s.'ilft mi 1 I i r 11 If. lied Willi everything r ec-n.-aiy lor li/'i?c. keep ng, In order Ibal a laniiu ,f:,y b-.v. a I.X, attached lucuI,ueiv,4b)i Juw ?tf. Tbeie J? u tcUuruui A Room on the pecond or third floor, *- iMut or Iw k. Mi ill Llt.'O runrri u i ri ...? if ~ t -?- - - ...v.. I'tiiiM b. v?j ji-v wim ij'mrif, "Hilsli, -I or unlnriitshi d, t- r- h,.. en,id.. , ,in,.,h. i,.nilb {,'ini >^,'1 i*'^" ,wo'i h isui' tli ' linpioveini'iils; balls wellb-ate,I; no pains seared to m.ko ii tl pleasant home. Apply hi (H, ,c!a d-mgul street, S-. Clement's p!a, e. A N" AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WILL LET A TIIIKD -*?- , ?t"'y Iront Itomn, 1'iirnisbed, * ith or without It' aril or W'Miid acconniio late a indy Who w-iuid require, nur Inn: in. mlly small, an 1 no other I OiMei s Liken. Call al 1','J Ninth avenue, next to 1 ^vpniy-ni cond streei. A HANDStiMKI.Y FURNISHED FRONT AMD BACK Ji. rurlor, u-itli extension, iH'IiwdB-- 101 m i, with kit- li en and all conveniences for hon>ekeeplng, to let, In a iir?l ."i? t3"!1*1' - "rios III Oil. r.iie; n lereiics eichiinged. Apidy aviuv V>itvvrl?*y pui ? , iu-.ii Sixili hv< nut'. A PLEASANT "room TO LET, WITH BOARD, TO A fc?utieim.<i and wile or singl.:, ? mleni 'ii; i,i>.. room Cor IZl'J"!}..", '"""i*- fno 'etate. Apply ut 121 Christio 11 ^'?tivcen Wiooruc and Grand ij*. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE (JEN tluuu n caa oiMain (irst t lass Ji<;ard, ?%<!., nicely 1'uniinhcd )m,wnh draped alo-.c, 011 the tliird story, lroiur? m; houH. has the iontc.,i"iie. s, moderate; reu'.' iices hunted. Dinner at six. Apply at 58 West Twenty iilth A il Aiiv ot:< i rviN-t a ,i-.( liiti.e ii'')u<ii. at 1 (.i \\ est I nii'ty.foortli street, ivoold rent'tliiee p,e.i?iint Hooins to p.i, tI' d di ? , i' in" ..I t:U je ii !"imin,,.lntloii, a I'.'") ot ce.itlejiieii pr'd, who c-onlii tin, .-xe usive ,ise oi toe in ,n>e, t.ltli i,i- wi bout board. Uue*i ,.piio.ialii.: relo >?< n< f.s ^iv? n and r< ?jidn ?f. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH CLOSET, TO 1- t, to hln:;le i ><m.le,>ien, without board, or to a t' litle in.Hi and wife, wi ii li. ei 1, in a pij, .le. Uinlly. Iloii'e .veil f iinished; has bath, g:u, Ac. '1- unis mod-rate. Auoiy at IM tilth street, near Second avetiu ?. AT 4tt BLEEt'KBlt fTiiKET?A FEW DOOKS EAST OF iiion ... ay, lai.iiie s mid .-.iugie ; Ci;t,. .u, n uui be m o;u mo ,.it<Mi witii eleuaiu Rooms and liberal Board. A YOUNG WIIiOW, I iVING A I (-NI', H AS TO I.ET seoond sto.y I runt Room, to a lady erc- iitn-niau: Ho.inl 'oj'{no lady very low. Als i. Room lor ;>ntiemeu. Call at 1W VV est Houston wi-'ft, lr.:n I.' m y. A I'illV.ti-E FAMILY, IN Till: V/'T.MV ... X\. avenue and Forty-Iourth Ktreet, would l-t two or three V , y "e.-iriiLil Rooms ,0?I nti- uieii, at moderate r.tu-H First cla,is noi.bC un.l n-vghborliood. Address or caU at 17 Nas-ao street, r ?ornn No^. 2 and H. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE Oil TWO OR THREE it .. K, fcl" ' io ii may obtain pleasant Rooms, with Board, in a private fan.ily ot adults, when the c .ml'n is of al.o.u' may be .iijoyed by applji ? at 127 Sii.tee.uth Jlreet. Hf lerenct ft required. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT l'ARLOR AND Be .room on i.d 11 ior loi i, vvitn ?,anl; boose con uiinslim modern irupi'.v, i, , .injahoun r, alueij; nie,,.,,, s Apply at i'i Grovo street, between Hudson an l AT 65 EAST BROADWAY-TO I.ET, TWO SINGLE Booms for gentlemen and two large R,?imsforg nile men and thilr wlver, on ?e ond ami third Uoorn, with i un trie? and g .s nicely furnished, with inil or partial Board. Oil" or two young fade s, with good reference, wilJ be taken feims to suit the times. A FRENCH FAMILY, RESIDING IN CLINTON street, Brooklyn, d- sue one or two gentlemen to Board: tue house is very well ?urnished nnd e-jiit-uns all th- mod-rn tmproven.i uts; the family consist of two. Uereremes re 'i'lired. Address F. i\, Brooklyn Post olllee. IT 130 MADISON AVENUE.?A GENTLEMAN AND J\ wi. ? -in b'i a.-eommodiited wjih Rooms on ? . ond H-n.r with Board, in aiirstclass private house, as above: alio a reqiiii cd*"14 8eu"''"'a"- Bosl of references given an 1 AT 14ft EIGHTH STREET, HEAD OF LAFAYETTE pl.oc?Furnished Ho ti c to rent, to single gentlemen or to gentlumen aud their wives, with or without Board, lit.' fertile a exchanged. T-irma raowcrate. BOAIID-IOR GENTLEMEN AND WIVES, and Rooms for single gentlemen, in a large house, with all tin- impr vements, in a ' ent-al lo. ation, with home loaiforta Dinner at I o'clock. No. 37 Bast Eleventh street. BOARD.-A LADY HAH TAKEN THE FIRST~CLASS house No. 1 Livingston place, ou Stny v. <ant nark, where lamllies as well as ?liu|> geritlemcn may Und a pleasant home. French sad Engh h spoken. lUjiertuces given and BOARD.-PJ EASANT R iOMS ASU KOAKD, AT 114 WaVerley plate, in a pi .vale, wueru the comforts m be enjoyed. -IJOABD -TO LET, WITH BOARD, A RTCIILY FUR 1J nlshe-l Psrlor on the first floor, with B tl rooms on the se ton., uud tmrauoon, well ulst t . Srstcbtufamily: h . se in every r. speet tnstf as-, vltuat-d on Fll-hsveniie above Fourlocutii iitreel. Audrcas 8. k\ li., bvx llu llura*i T30ARD? THE ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR AN!) ONE .L? atiiB I Room, 111 u,.g. ntec l br. wn si me modern hotn.ii Ivenuk's Ne J.' jrs *'rc'-t? eu 8?-'cni i sud Eighth TJiJARO ? A OENTLFM AMA~1SD" W f FE.'aN D s RV J -"vL 1 . ? ' i:.t ;j I'1 '.(J) '.Tiiy -J-., ... ? .a| artir.on. ^??c-.'id ^nd : 1?fr<l tl?? rp, with B ard in in >Vtn *vm' "yea'M Bqamnmo AMP* lopoho; Board.?a well furnished front room, on mix>uit, and Hull Room adji<l?iii)(, to li t, with or without B iard.In a private faintly; house lias utl the modern Improvement*; hot a.-iJ cold water. Apply at No. 3 Eiuil Thlrty-aeTenth Btreet. BOARD.- GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES Oll SIN xl" K' ntlemen ran obtain Roouih, wltli or wltliout Board, at No. & Wot WaaUlugUiu place, oppoaite Ihe aquuro. Reference* required. Board.-a private Family, having more room than they require. wiild K-t uni ' lai -r Room on (no *ec> n >1 tloor, furniidird 01 unfiii nlilied, Willi or without hard. lluu*.? with .til Hie moilorn linpio-.t ui-iiitH, lu S ?x>ud aveoue, near Sluyvcaant park. BOARD IN JERSEY CITY.?pleasant ROOMS, ?innl: BfiliOOtnu mill Parlor* c unn led, lu a l?r .? .lo.iMe home, u ie# nilnuu-n' walk from tUo ferry, mho. ?i Ewex ?tri l l, near iluilsnu. Board in a private family.?.* respectable youiii: Uuly i .iu be an > mnuivlati d i li ilouid at tilW Broome it. Referenco requlr ?'!. Board or residences in cr on country.? Fn o Jin vtlotu givi 11 ti> ui,4l"!iui. r Hoard or Dwell liu-? at Hi" "Board Re^Ulry,1' CCV'i Broil, iv. Board wanted, ana Dwellings, In dcairablo localities, f . waiting applu.iitH. A 0. JONlSS .t CO. Board wanted?by v gentleman, in a pri vu'.? family, between lUeccker una BixWeiith rreelx, west OI' Sixth avenue. Ail.ll*>*, M*tii>K prloe, Board, 7ti Greenwich s?tri.ot. (A pious family preferred.) Board w.vnted-hy a LADY, IN v private fa mtly, will ro the 1 irutUiin ill children In tlio Cn I h branched and Fi -m-h w< ? .til hi- laki-n In narl piymi-nt. 11 - 11' riuii'i'H given all i required. AiI.1i.-mi M. lli-r ,1.1 ,.",i. . Board wanted-hy a hinole gentleman, in a private family of min i* .>f the Pruimtant Kpthcni il Chureh, where no other boarders arc taken; a, llooin, w ith full Rourd, In a bouse lonUtiiiin); all th-- modern Improve meuta, Ac., betwi> n Maill on Eli I Sixth iivi-tuiea an.I Twenti eth an.I Thlrty-iightli *roe;?. i;-n-i-eiicen given ami requir eil. Addrcaa, wliu li-rum (tireatid i;.ia imluucd) and oilier pill ttcnlain, AUktln, box IHi Hi rai l oil!? n. Board wantkd-in a priyate family, by a gentleman and wlto; one lar?.c room an I bedroom re quired; unfurnished preferred. AilJress l-\ box It), lli-rald otllre, staling prieo, watch must bo mod. rate, in. lu uug lire and gas. Board wanild?kwii two ADULTS and one chlM; onr l.irgo anit ttvo Milan rooinii required; niuat III! iintf t unit In ;-no ! in alion; ii-ru.M o it to e*i ie I |1() pn week; *.KJadv.iu i: Klivn li r- ipin i-.l. U.-lerenet* oxt him ;ed. Ad ilrri"* R. D. 1?., box S,thl I O t olllul. OOAI'.D WANTI-:D?BY A widow lady, in a quiet Ij family, wJii-rr ilif-rearu f h or no boanii-in. Aiiiiii r?, utatliiK Uiiii?, l-i .iliou, ., wln. li niiiHt l>e moderate, C. ii. M., JfudlDon Hi, larr Put nil. r, lit.'i It i. mil way. Board wantkd-iv a private famii.y, where no otl.ei-botrdi'in oi-i-taken, by a gi-ntleiuiui, wife a id child, li.r,;i- front Ud. iii, wi ll fill nlsh' d, lire anil cumI.i al:i->I. Panie* livini: In an Enclmli Iium'iiii-iii bouso Liii-.I nut apply. IVrum niod.'rate, R. leicnota exi.luiiiged. Addiosa b loin I, lli-rald o'lloe. 1JO.viid WANTED?for A OENTLKMAN and WIFE. I> 'I'ln y ri-'iulr.- Parlor an 1 Bedroom; Iiouhi* bandsonirly fuintalied and Ini-ati'.l bi-luw Tliii'tli-m bin-M. Aililiil?.i Willi run parllt i. iir-i, for tkn day*, 0. 0., box 119 Unrald oil ?. DOARD wanted-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, l> on the w?*t able of the city, op t ivvn, In a numI! qulel family. AdilreHH, ulallni: i ni tieulir* and termi, whloli luiut l o nioili'iati', J., box 2,liw Post ollioe. BOARDINU.-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN bu aa-oniinodated wit il K"i.d Board and a goml nl/.-d front Room, by an Aiu< iiC..u laiully. Terma uioueiate. lu quire at MS Broome nt. ?fJOARDINO.?TWO (iKNTLKMEN AND TIIEIR WIVES 1J' ?11,1 two ' Ingli- K -nil null call be tuvoiuiuodatod Willi fuil or partial lloarit, whi'i'ii the cuiiilurti of home nriy bo in joyed. Fit huh, apply In Aln?lle street, four uohm be low Leonurd itreel, Biooklyn, K. D, BOARDINtl.-V VERY PLEASANT PAHr.OR AND In- inn in on tii - oerond Uour, may be obtained at IDS Wi lt Fourteenth tureel. T). linu?e and l?-allty la om: of th" most U' lrable In tbo elty, lu ? very Uihtclaaa, ri.inl lulngjdi-jjan?, comfort ?nd i very com-mm'tn e. 1 IJvMKWNil- AT :ui FOURTH AVE.NTE. C<lll\EH OK It Iwtntwftflh street.?A Very linn milt ol Rooms in I i Williigoo. | boar..1, acpii truck or together. I'll wit.- table ii re! asss^ssaS* "ng e "au,,men- ?< ? ?*? TJOARDfNO.?fOUB SINGLE ORXTLEMEN (IK TWO -IJ K uil. in. ii and a un.l his can have n'T* (Fren h stvlo), Iii a I'll at*German family, r si.lin? at :i| West Niirh ',tr.. t be two, II KUlb and Huttli avenues. Rett rein-.?ex" ,ang?a. liOARDINCl.?GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR & ??? *^? BOARDIN'G-IN A MODERN BUILT MOUSE IN A reals. fable hi l^hborlmod; u good taf la an.l mee Kit m. can he obtsliied, at a veny low rate, at Siij Worn 1' iiriy-lili.ii MI-ck wlirreTnii ?ill find eveiything ??r. I e ??!,, 1,1 ' d v..Mil . I N i t) ' , lldreu b' ,:-Ti> i iir. in a NUVATR FAULT, a f.J . '? ' ?r ii goiMlematt an I wi.e or slmde iien tlemrn, in a i rst class lion-c ami no ghborhoo I. m ,io Grovo Hin-ci, between Hleccki r and U.nuord stre. ul. B???wa r1 ,NKW HOUSE, JUST OPENED, U3 J^aat Nilit.? street, towtwew n Hr?'iidwa,y and Fourth avium**; *ooonct story front Parlor and Hcdro-ini- MUo third f?r lic"ll""'eu' wllL >>" "doarding.?TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES . _ii'Lra u ""r,r ? ??"tlimen, run obtain Board in a innate family, where tney can b ive ull the coinloi in ol a home bv applying at !>9 Wfst Forty-fourth street. ' Brooklyn board.?a private fauTlyT jv<TToi . La-.v>eric.> street live minutes' wall; from ferries. will ii-t a nine 1 urloi nnil Hdroout, lor tw o persons, w til ifood Hoard, lor (ID per wee);. First claw loc ution. R.|ereri"? exrhantt c<l. B ijoako in Brooklyn!?a lady anookntleman^ ~H?',',r ""V,"r U" r,1""!" nimi, ran he ,,e ip|iiino,|ate.| WIOT B iiiI'.I In .1 Miiull lii lv.iie family j:t .S3 S ,i-e mri et \wtli l"e 8uU't""a W"?l "reelferriet. -|>OARD IN BROOKLYN.?A OENTLEMAN AND HIS .ii *! '' gcnlleiiicn. can l<e aicominodaleij r, V' .;a."wr,r"nt,^" "!,tl "'",J Bon it I In a private r-imlly nt 3.' WIl.ojiu'hliT ulrwl; liouse loo all tint ino.l.'rn mi pro. eiiKiitHi n atiun p|c.i>.aut and conv inenl lo tho inrs I' I iiih moderate, |)<1AR!) IN BROOKLYN -A liKXTLEMA.N AMI) WIKL .1 "il l!" 'B'" Kcniletneii, i all be i.( ( Online,dated witli pl'-imanl Koorna and Bn.iril. in a ;enU.'i l prltraln fniully. liv ngfttlW Hurj irett, bo I ten BUte and Allantii TJOMU) IN l'ltOOKI.Y.W A OKNTI.KMAN AND V. IKE JJ nriju miijle c.ui li? m-.omi.oil u,-,| will! Iileasant R mijuh, turaisiifil tir uni ut li.nhcd, at 60 S t - stif ? ? five mluuu ., w .Ik I' ferric*. Tl? ? boitbc h ? in, ;< n .in! prove men is. l)'nnerat six. Tenimvery rean/ii'UIe. UOAM> IN BROOKLYN.?TO LBT. TOGETHER OR H''|.arate, two linn homely furnubiril llo r,.:i, In anew liouHo con Liming all luoiei 11 luiprovciuouta, Tcnim moile rule, I5?i Htreet. TJOARO IN 1IKOOICLYN.?TWO GENTLEMEN OR A IJ K'ntlBiiinn and Iih wi!? ean lie accoMniioduied with iio.uil in a ctririly prkbtf family, wbvro no other bo..idem will lie t,k"n L .cation very d.-lrabh-, ??.| tonn ni. nl to ine farrten. Addro i 1 ox 1/1^4 p. .t offloe, BOAKI) IN BROOKLYN.?A YOI'MI (IKNTLK?^AN r " " '""I u I'le.iNilit 11 mm an I g , I II , .M, In ,i lie. sirable part ol In- cityol Brooklyn tonveni. nt to the Wall "llcc' ^ddrt'an, wlih full paiUculara, ii., II raid Board in Brooklyn, mi clinton street hi? tw. en I." .raw uinl HrnriKon.-A nt- .-ly mrnishnd ivooin, suit ib.e lui* a g"titli>man and wll.* or two Hin I ? ij'-n " 1 V.lili g.?"l K, ani, upon nio.ler.uc terms. Iloiniu i r ,t ilasK. Belei rncoa ex. hailed. Board wanted in Brooklyn?for a oenti e m:i!i mid wlif, iween l-ult r? nvl A'laiith: i, rar ! and He tr ".rn < .. iw>.-?nd Moor .le lire I. in ,i hoiiHe wall m'.'iiM n Improvement*. All:ri V', HUiling tcmis, A. R. Xt| "I)OARD IN SOUTH BROOKLYN MAY RE obtained Jf lor a IP n tie ma 11 and wif ?, w?. i ? the eom.orl. .1 a h mic ay lie had; hot and cold wati rnud hath In the hou . ation efliivetiient to the Wall utr. fit and South I. men l'li-a-e apply at 52 Harrison airee-, second door from i.h.nton! IJROOKI.YN II El':in .-.?A VERY I'/.KASaNT .?RO.NT J i Room iiiid lie Iroom, on neeond lloor, to ;e toft" title man and ?lfi ; alxo, Room* lor kiukI- e n-ii, at No S l opiur street, wlt'iin tiire. mlnuWa' aik of Fulton fern and ei?ht of Wall ?tre*:t. 1>OARIJ OS BKOOK'LYX IIEIOIITH.?A FLEAHAHT > lurnihhed ltont H<ioiiit ou tie; ?ecoini floor to It t to a ?n?l? (teiiili-iv ii; also a liMktant hin.' Room, at " """" botwetn Fuiton au : Wall street ferrlea. TJOARO ON BROOKLYN IIEIOUTS.?A LABOE I'LK V J> ?-ant Room lor a r'ntlmieu and vrl'.e aiuule imiit].. men; alM>a Room on up|i?r I'-or; location hut.v.-en Wall and ^y al'li'w!n"w .'trceuaU' 'tl<1' refcre,lc"' ewb^ Board on iirooklvn iieiohts.?'handsomely1 furnish a 1 txrlor n n] n?Jn.o i to let to t ? *n I Wir Ol r1 iii'Ic Keiillemcti, itia <1.?: r.ible l.^aion. convent# nt -i l l'*' require*!. Appiy at ?(? Henr. 77TAMILV BOARD.-A LADY AN I) UK N'TLEH \\ 1 ,w??1 I1 nwly furnished PurU r an.l Hrdrooin. with a g?0d t.; >Ie, In a Rented pi iv.iie raini'y, for which ;i f.ifr ?i o will be paid. Lo utlon t.i las lii.lwe. ii Fourth -ind Sixth av,. tines, and not above Tivonty-el.-htli sir ei. Ref. r. oees. <. changed. I'leaae a Mr.. ? s box 4.137 I'obl oJi'-c, intintidtatciy, staling price mid accommodations. Ii^CRVTSHED ROOMS AT 763 BROADWAY. BETWEEN Eighth and Ninth Wmlt-i uln of Bojiim und ?ida Koomf. <>n second floor to let to gentlem -n, jurat. !y or o g-tnerj house ban all the Improietneiita, and la a pleasant location. CT URN I IIED LOOMS TO LET?VYITil OR without L Board, at West Sixteuutli street. Terms very nic Ju FDRNIS11ED BOOMS TO LET-WITHOUT BOARD, TO stnitle gentlemen, in a pleasart lo atioti, conirciileiit to Fifth Avenue Hotel; singly or in suit*, t th priv.l . ? !n par lor; ;;as and fire: nt prices t<i suit the tunes. Apply at (A West Twenty-third street. Furnished second floor, separate or to ge'her, Vvith or Without Board, In a. i rivate house with all the liiiprovemrn ?. I;op,u0 at 73 Wi?t T.veuti seaoud street. Hofer- ncen required. pURMSHED R00MS-T'ARLORS o\ FIRST FLOOR y without Hoard or prlrato labia only; also upper R,?, for genuemeu, without Board, io let on moderate tcru.s, at 3.1 Fourth street, n-or Latayetle pl...?. ^ Ij^DBNISlIED ROOMJ foil gentlemen?BATII AND > gas, for >1 >5, $1 and >- #0. atM ( gentlemen or A gentleman a.vo nis wife WiTbout ,MrdhU lm? roi'en'':ut?i ??? R'""US would be rented ]-P?! ,VL1- fAMW SITtlATSn KOOMH j t to !?? ?Knm.kde,! ?,j u lurnf^j t ' f,,? - u v ? ? e. or ,-ci.t ? :n t, ' t'.elr ?1 t,, .. I 'er W-tU ? il I m'-l refill, 4'"reCt' *v,tittt; ?e. TT A I'SOMf.' V FURNISHED It'VoM.' -WITH A11 au*"'v,,awaw? iu'ia "W BOARDING AMP LOPOUVQ. 0 40HOND HTKEKT.-TO LKT, WITH OR WITHOUT! b<.trd, una aupei b Parlor, with rxteuaiun; alao, element ? Boom* on aecond and third floorx, otfernd at reduced pi-lrea. Neati.y furnished apartments, front and hack, unliable lor nentleineii or gentleman and wife. Would give good family board ; pilvate table; or to paitlea keeping hoiiae, una of kitchen; una, halli, Ac. Also, a Ited room ou upper No. 47 Amity ntieui, near Broadway. "VTEATI.Y FURNISHED APARTMENTS IN A HMAL& d.1 family, a .liable for hIii^Im gentlemen, or a married <014ill-, wiln pr rilego of kitcaen. Aho a nnnir little front Buom, will) stuvo, bourn has k.a\ hatli, .If. Ih aid tf require ed. ftt I hlril avenue, between Tenth and Eleiviicu atreeta. ONE OK TWO UENTT.EMEN CAN BE ACOOMMO. dated with".I Room* and H aril, at No. I H West Twenty-.uurth atreet; .crm* ?ery moderate, bath, gaa, Ao. 1)A RT/IRR, AND SEVERAL PLEASANT ROOMS, EM?, gantly furnished, or unl required, to hit, la the h use H(i Kant Twenty-third slreet, between Second anil Tilled avenue*. Hllllird table put up If required. Bent very moderate to reapuualble purtiea. T>ABTIB8 wisiuni 1 A COHTOBTABLB HOMB ALb A ?Inter raaj apply for Koonnt t '?1 Bond afreet. Pl R ,F.ASA NT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, AT 22 WAVtfU* ie> plae?? TJOOM WANTKD-WITII BOARD, IN A PRIVATE 11 iamily, where Nero arc no bear ler^ by a gentle man, wife and child. Terms not to exceed $8 or per week. Ad dn M. G., ho* 1,779 Poetoflni OOMH AND BOARD?LARGE ANO SMALL KOOMS mb ?- on second story: aUo Paten' on flrt?'. lloor, in a lirsi eUse hotts<*. Family small mi l select. Inquire at I22 Madtaoa Kwnne. OT, JOIIN'H PA UK.?TO LET, WITH BOA I?**. TO A O gentleman ami wile, or'two or three* him - -nt nen, a liirge Front Ro<>m, on the ground floor, < ? ? wiih luth. hot and iold water, gag, Ac. Terms uioth rule. Inquire at 2 \ La??ht street. To LKT?WITH BOARD, ONE PLEAHANT FRONT Room, on the tlr^t ti? or. and one Room on the seewiul lloor; hot and cold w. tor, ga.?, um?o!' bath, Ac., at NluiU avenue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-urn suets. TO LET?WITH HOARD. THREE ?UV?H, CONNECT In#, 1 a-.nig m ly furnished, '.wih ail t eonv ortg ??['a home, n i de*1ral>> 1 ? ition, unliable ?? >i a nun ,?u<l u if?*. a njna 1 f.unH*. or o ? tao or th?ea >..u.n? ^ntleinrn. Apply at \V? et Klit?e nth Jif-et, briwoen aud faixtU avi;/?urs, Ut'*t of rtsl'vruiwa glvau and reqnired. mo LET WtTO BOARD, \ r 00 c i PON PLACB J (Ki hlh street), a IVw d??oih .?f | f i a.i'iine, a v* iy <*.< irable ftH niiitird R *om "ii tli<' necvMid lioor, fr -nt, w itra J pantrleH atuiel ? d, with hot and cold water; a ho, twa ?in?ile liootiiH fur gentli men. rno LET?A FUivNrsiTED PARLOR \N!> ni'.DUOOH. I. suitable Portw<? n h rl-* !f?ntleuten; Dry D ? k the dx-r every live inin%i In^u're. atvvj Oolnnibia ^tre.ot. ?\TKKY PLEASANT FUONT AND HACK ROOMS TO V i.-t, to iii- man and vvi .? or*ii> I , n }".u? n, -.vifh or withm t Ho.rd. Dlnnerat. o'clock. Term*.lAOderati*. fall at 111 Went fourteenth ?tr? t. \\r ANTED?TWf) L'NKl'RNISflED ROOMS FOB A ' ? Udy and j:?tiilfMn:ii\ (Board tor lady only), in a house wt'h modem improvtunenU, where there are no hoarders. AU?lre?hO. S., ntatl >n A. WANTED?IN JERSEY CITY, BO\l<D, IN A PRIVATE lamily, /or two pergonx, two ci?il rt>n on** i n I three y. ars old and k rvant ^ii I; urlee t?# - nit tie ilme*; three roomn required. Aduim.-t K. b'., box HO ilera.d Offleu, MUittng price and location. ^11 WANTED?BOARD UP TOWN. IV A PRIVATE \*A HIV ATE PA illt fuly, with .vitn iiro antl ily, for a i;eutiernan and wife, perm lari^e pleart-nt It- o.n or '{ "n ail H 'dronm, gag. Addn gs Hunt r, Herald Mil e, giauug ? ring. 1WAYERLEY PLACE, COUNiai 01*' BROADWAY.? Furnivi'd Rooms to let. to la m.Vg or ..niule f.:eut)emen9 with or without hoai 1 (private tabic ii' warned), in thin very desirably loca ted laiildin^. d^O ?BOARDING, ATM L'RAND g^REET. A (.'EN and hhs wile, and three or tour joungmen. r ill have ftood Bo nd and comt'ortabie R ioina, v ith jraB and bathrooiui aigo a few young ladles. Call an 1 bee for your* 7WE >T TWENTY FIFTH STftKEf, CORNER OF Bro el way.?Parlors and Bedrooma w*? let. Urn 81SSET -NO m WEST ELEVENTH..?TWO PartM'H fro t, Bedrooms adjolnlni? it required, or a nice Suit of Rooms, with niode.rn nnprovents, ui<; ly car* peted a ul furnis ;ed, t.) let, reasonable; fine 1*j a ioll. Dill" at 0. References exehse^ed. 1 r WKST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET, NEAR {*) 1 i i oal way.?A few married or reutlcm n ? uu <???t;1111 pit ;o-ant I umihhril or unfurnished Room*, with Board, fiom $3 to ?4; w itBoart, Irom $1 to $3 per w?" k. The comforts of a quiet, na 1 home can lc realized. I lilt; location. Referent t ? *x changed. Oft WASHINGTON PLACE* NEAR BROADWAY.?A smj * J suit of v ty desirable Rooms, with ami ie clocct room. Suitable in| u family, With lull Bit'III, to let. alrtO, a Single Room. Private laid" if desired. Apply as ahuvo. nn str:.i:t. in the netohbokh >ooof J thu bo.Ht h?'U . iitui pUo't u ol am tin'larttihi ed Rooms to let to g-i.t ?'??men only. XLx.m* Mt 75 c ?> s to $5 per week. Uoui?e has s, Croion waUtr, ?xc., and is very quiet. OA ST. MARK S PLACE-SI'ITS OR SINtiLE ROOMS ?) I mav he had, with lull or partial H-arl. Ilnw first class, m??f limited number of boarders taken. Location un? h h |?; #s< d. C >n\tmient to cars and Hubert, liefeiences given and requite I OK BAST TWELFTH STREET.-?I*AI)IES ANI> (JEN Ot/ tlem n desiring Board for the winter, will hnd gootf Rooms and aocommodailims at tlm above Oenirahle house ami location, being a lew doors west of Broadway. fteicrencetf exchanged. OK CLINTON PLACE (EKllITf-f stri eh, west op Or/ Broadway.?Otto or two gentlemen <;.<n obtain front K'.orns with all the modern im prove menu. with or without Hoard, in a private family. Terms mm onaMe. { 1 TENTH 8TRBBT, BKTIVKK.V RrTH AWO sr.VTH xl avenues.?A gentleman an i w1f? can obtain very plea* *.irit Room*, with Board. A few tingle uentieru.n ran also be pleasantly accommodated. House contain* nil the modern improvements. Dinner at mix o'clock. WKST TWELFTH STRKET, BETWEEN FIKTH and Sixtha v?m ues?a pr.vate farm ,, o ? '*i<>i?? a Oral hmr*c, containing fill (ho modern im| r vements. will let 43 class _ a few handsomely furutnhed Ko ms, in auita or single, to gentlemen, with breakfast if required. A A we^t twelfth street.?boa i d ? a vert I t pieiifiant Fr -ot Room in the third ato-y to let, with Board, at 41 West Twelfth "trert, between Filth and Sixth avenues. References exchanged. A Q ('LINTON PLACE (EIGHTH STREET), WEST OW HO Broadway.?To let, witn Board, two Urge, well fur nished It una, wah psotrie*, on the ?e<ond floor. Alao, a hmall Room on the third tloor, with bath and hah. rr^KAST TWENTY EIGHTH STltEKT ? A VERY KINK *)>) ,i of H i row, v.itJi a great de?H <*f rl<mft room, to let, with Board. House fi.ut class. Terms moderate. Hefe rciiet'K ex? hanged. 7 i EAST TWENTV-TH1UD STREET.?H A NDSOMEI-Y I 41 i . on second and third floors, ha<1, with B urd. Location near Fourth avenu*. ^ ^ 7 i-:\ r Km1 if r i: k, s r t i s r n i-: k r. near broao, I O wa>Hoard.?lto-ntM Midi ,t'ie tor lem' or single gejitlemen to let, with Board, on moderate terms. Dinner at C)g. References exchanged. QQ GREENE .STREET, ABOVE HPRINO?ALSTOBf ?/?* Hoi -c.?Ele. AiiiU furnisi ' I Holts of Ro(ooa, wiih^as, (,'i o?mo water an 1 ev. j > cony onefice l>>r housekeeping eco no i.ically; particularly suited foi hinall. respectable families^ Bent low* Q 7 CLINTON PLACE.?ROOMS IN SI'ITS AND SIN ff I &le, for g othrmen ar.d their wives and aiu^to gsntlor titan; uh<> I If'. lia**irt.< tit, for an oflleo. i >) 7 e ;)itii stiij JiY'iw? /doors i- kom niuVviJ l?)| w.iy.?Furnished or unfuruiancd Rooms, with Boar i, can now be pro-tired at tie above named location; i oie rune* n iven and required; none but first class I our tiers wiil 1)C a ? .nmodated. 1 ) j WAV KRLI'Y" pfTACK ?A PEW 81MULB OBMC X 12'Jr. tl' inen C.U1 ?-?e accommodated uood Board and pleav.'int Rooms; con venient to cars ami stages. Dinner at tf ck. Refer*.nees required and given. r 'i'.v E i.y i i ( ST RE ET. NEA R SECOND AVENUE^ fj Rooms on serond and third boors: front small i conii"< tiM?. s.iuile i ntlemen and gentleman and lie can Ijnd desirable a otntnoilai on?. Board m? derate. I ~ I* FrTncjB S'rREET?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELB J ?/" ) j .m'iy furnis'.ed Rooma, with Bedrooms attached, With all tiie tmvenieneea for li iiisekeeptng complete, includ in". ^as and Cro on water, to let to respectable families of tingle gentlemen. OH?t WEST TWENTY TI!IRD~STHKET.?FI RNTKHBO Ko ins to let, with Board, 1> r a gentleman and family; also tor single gen Jcuien. Dlnucrat tio lock. Re* fkrentes exchanged* n-| A EUI STlVEKT?.rAf'KSwTuorSE -TUB MOifV jIU "rnlor .i It md oon??nl ntljr furnln Apartment# lu 'iii! Ky fi'li'- : tli of im.ilt ' unll''- w.:'i rf j ftirii 'iiri', dean linen, c>>*?kin4 rAiij;6 unU ut%iukil& gu.- ana GVotou watw. tiy fOUl.TlilritllBT.?I llAtB ^ AND ."jo t very <li airal l Cmim, wltfc ciowl* r.iiil bmlroom at ta >. i, !?? let, f.i?: ?'.her ?r Hv^irMclfi t'urnUurv aow. Kefe nnec* WKhauged. 1 1? -* g?J^TbhOADWAY?CMBTOS noi'KE.-uEMTLB O 1.^ Iiifiiwlll II i -l-rf ntly fuin! ? ? t Hi ms, fiery (liUgn??r .nH In mnaltk oMnr. 1'ani u;i";itl in t'ald to * t, nifort ut .11 who may faror this house Willi the Li {kii uoa?a. OOTIMIl BOARD. (%?> PER WEEK.?BOABO ON THE BOBTB StUE OF l, .3 I- 1,8-"> mill * from lh? city, itml ;ccewtbl? by mil .ml bm'. I'll, e hea'thy ami cotivvuicnt > ' burche.l h ilng flutilug. Allies* Bcouomy, box 'J)J Herald oill c. 11 LE(iAL NOTICES. XJOTICK.?TO SAMl'KL NELSON, OK BELLEVILLE, .li New J isev, North America, Joiner; H i ,!i Hay, of the pia?e, huj-Uuidn an, itnd Susanna, his wife, formerly S< *an: t Nelson, spinster; Thomas M'A'ijihtry, of the place.! inner,and ElUaheth litnnah, his"' -rm? 1 i li ra' ctn Hannah Nelson, spinster; Jane laaVlla Nelson, Sa rah N t-on and Eleanor Neb on, all of the m ne place, hi n tters.? ihe above parties, in liH9. recelvt d thro wn Mr. Bu chanan, British Consul at N\ w York, a sh ?r of the estate of Matthew Nelson, lormerly of Liverpool, tfimtleman,uecesned. In eon u ^ij, nee of tiie recent deatn of wiu ^v and relict tiie p. ; er v comj rt?. d in h r msrri ig" -?tt:-rnent will he come devisable amon^ct her itusband s legate s. So h of the h ? ve i) .tics is are living arl reqttes<ed t?? lorwar?l to mo lmuie Jia-. 'ly their respective a lur- s-s, w! h t?:i no. ^ssarr in'orrnation as to such of the above a 5!\ 11 have U f- ssue. LOBIUND WAIty, Of Pr--fc.ii, Lanraihtre, BngVnsd wlulWr i? u* ?arvlring exuentor of'hcw l?on, ill', aaed. 1'BK.icur, Oct. ii, 1661. pnoposAts. /"VFfToE OF THE WATER I'OMMMOTOJfBRS.^cfr* O ilail #"r'ey olty, Nu?. 11, lewi. S. ..Ir. I'royolJkU s ;l iT ... *. 1 1,1 1 "o \\ ' r 0*?M ?ilf-of Jersey CI7 an..I ?i ? n.^ iit'n.vt at colockM., for f.irnt.hlc,; .iai "f ? 1 ?7~, (WO feet Oi fii Inch i-.t fro# water pipe MroM BH^Hi^friTor?!"l"a th? bott.m of thj- suae. Bid ?" . : , ....i.h zkl. .for tlijfi"urtructi 11 anrt layingnf tt>? ^""o: V' ^n'!>rn iM nlnr. - ,ul to th? *??*<?? ?i; obWu.d at tu'u.:.?oe.__ ?. f. B ?.<OT,S..i t. ami K v, ,.,"r,.T\wi for Fnrsn bbbr-sfeot/icatiokb I r ' ln? M?? DeiJHnrai nl of 1'nbll r t. . ..nd r . r-, ?.- 1 wlili Pre- 1 Itf-r, for mii> year, ?or an,"i I. t'onth, j j lt,7 MM, -)?y ?. t>bu? MJIWJ ,b. .... ^ *?, ,,,n t? . Conitnl- l'n"W? i, JJ., wilt WAl ?Ui f.ea.^cuk

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