Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1861 Page 3
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SALES OF HEAL ESTATE. OWNER OK A tiOOD UOl'SE IN A DESIRABLE neighborhood, between Fourteenth ami Thlrty-fourth Streets, wishing to ex. haugo for uU let* "pensive or for ?? cant Lois, may addrt do fui' out) ?eck 1). J. w., boi 15 MaJi* ?on square P. Uoffl ? HOME FOR SA.LE.-A SNI'O AND WELL BUILT _ House wilh oue aoro of :*u.i, will bo sold at a low jiro: one hour*' rldo from the thy. Apply at the drug re corner of Bowery and Fourth at reel. A A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, IN PERFECT order, for sale? Situated n'jar the Twenty. seventh street depot ; will be told at a b.. rgsin. ANo a small fur nished Uou-e *aiu> <1. Apply to STEPHEN A. PIERCE A CO., No. 6 Pine street. Brooklyn heiuhts.-kor sale, a beautiful ly located frame House, two story and attic, In perfect ordor. Lot 23.0x100; bouse 22.9*45. Will be sold very low and on easy terms. An-ly to L. 0. WELD, 11 Willow street, Brooklyn. UILDERS AND DEALERS.? A NEW FIVE STORY Build i i itr (store and floors for families) In SUth ave F B' ^ Boe, near Forty-fourth street, rents for t'-KW. and twenty* eight finely located L t<, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, will be sold very obcap or exchanged for Pr<Jpe_rtjr (If dfffiable) In or near the cliy. Apply forthwith to J. W. BARTLETT, 473 Broadway. TCIOHTII AVEMIE AND < ENTRAL PARK LOT FOR Pj sale? West s de of KigUth avenue, 25 feet south of Fifty elxtb Htro.t. AU . will <? whan t(e some valuable Lots uear Central Park for mortgages or Improved property. Theso let* can be sold iuiiuediati ly, nub a builder ? loan. A. rREADWBLL, 103 Chambers street. fARM FOR P.\XK? CJIEAP, NEAR A PRINCIPAL city in Netv Jersey, and onvenlcnt to the city bv rail road, on a line rin rand overlooking tho bay; good building's ?Miees, and the land of excellent mulKy and in good condi tion. SO I' TilWICK A WOOD. 82 Nassau street. For sale-* fabm, at irvinoton, three miles from N w?ik. N. T,, of M acres, suitable and now prepared for a uia-ket garden. A Farm of 341 acres, lour miles south from Madison, N. J., suitable fur grass and ?raxing. Will Im> exchanged for ? Ity property, Apply to JOHN WHITEIIKAII. New* k, .N.J. OR SALE- A VI. E vmvE HOUSE, WITH EXTRA sije lot, 40 Eaei. Tliir kill street, near Madison avenue; ? bargain; location oh J< >ira'ile aa . an be. Lot 23>? feet by MM. Terms to wilt. Apply at 117 Bow-ry. For sale- a fa km of forty-five acres, in the town of North M 'mi'Mead, Oucens county, belong ing to the estate of be int. Christopher llelser. it Is plea santly lituated in tbo shore of llruin't ad harbor, nearly opposite tilen Cove, tw. t.'y Mx miles from New York. Otf Hie premises are a dwelling, tenant and bath house, barns, and other outbuilding, i'or terms, Ac., apply to W M. WEEKS, Gleu Co\ e, or to M. S. HEIsER, 17 State stroi t, Mew York. Pospfslon jj.ven Immediately. 1$OR SALE-AT PAMC l'KU ES (ONLY $2,OCODOWN), J? a $10,tXW lion ,? for $8,000, knvvn u? 128 East Forty eighth Mreet, near Third avontte; walnut stairs throughout; newest wyle: uialn^'auy blinds, large glass in tbe cniiio front. See the hou^a tht-i day and* A. Davis, 201 West Fiftieth street, immediately. filOR SALE-OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR OTHER property? A Jarje su>"k of Manufactured Mills and Cast gB, together with two valuable Patent Uhthts for manufac turing the sarnH. ISAAC A. U1UCS, 78 Nassau street. E)R SALE-A LOT, 21.10X^5 FEET, ON THE XOBTH side of T-'nth s'lee1, bct'.vt n F.ith ami Sixth avenues, ther with a two ftory hri k House, in good repair; price low, and terms easy. Anplj to C. HAS. E. MILLS, 34 Cedar street. POR SALE? THE COTTAGE UOUSE, 27 EAST THIRTY eightli ?trer t, n^ftr Madison avenue. One of the best lo tions in the citv. The house is in perfect order, and ran be len from 8 to U in tho morning ana 2 to 6 in the afternoon ; irins easy. Apply on the premises. EOR SALE? 2.1. 68, 1041 Olt MORE ACRES OF GOOD Land, near Mllf ord, Pa., at from SI to $4 per acre, one f eash, balance m tw i years, at six per cent. Also a farm sf 290 acres, IS cleared and in grain, frame house. Price pi, 000. R. BLAKE, 14 Chambers street. IOR SALE. A VERY DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PRO perty, on East Broadway, near Market street.? A four lloiy BrJck House, well n uted. 'Iferms easy. Will be joU^at a bargain. Apply to CiiAULES E. MILLS, 34 Cedar E, F 1J10B SALE OR EXCHANOE-FARMS OF DIFFERENT r dzt>a, locations, Ac.? some grand bargain*. Alio Rcsi Itncn in this city mid bine in Brooklyn, finely located, fome of tbem lightly encumbered; Merchandise, different kinds of businem, Ac. F. D. RICHARDSC/N A CO., 82 and M Nmu street. FOB SALE OR TO LEASE? THE LARGE THREE ?lory brick dwelling House nnd Lot of land No. 17 Stats Itreet, in the city of New York, between Bridge (treat nnd Bawling Green, o|.p< >itn the Battery. The house ia 38 feet |y <0 feet, and the lot is IJt met deep, extending to the lane B the rear, opening on Brilits street. For further Informa tion apply to the propiie.tors on the premises, or to C. J. A E. PEWITT, 88 Nassau street, N. y. pROCERT, LIQUOR OR FANCY 8TORB.-I WANT TO UT get a Gio*eri , L1<111<<1' or Fancy Store, in exchange for ? nice Lot up town, neai Thlid aveuue. I have three Lou. I will trade one or tw o and jive Mine cash for a business for | young man; or I will trade a good House In Brooklyn for a tood corner Liquor Store hi New York. Apply at 95 Division Itreet, ID the liquor store. Souse and m>t fo.i sale in bbooklyn A commodious two uory Philadelphia brick front brown stone bas ment House, within twelve minutes' walk of South, Wall street iiti.1 Fall on ferries; only two and 1 half Tears old, an>l finished by the owner, who resides in trace low, and terms to suit purchasers. Address N. 0. , Herald olllce. VTEWARK LOTS-NEAR TIIE BUSINESS PARTS, TO i.* exchange for a moderate price House and Lot, a Coun try Seat or good Farm. Some money would be added if re quired. SOlTliWD K A WOOD, KJ Nassau street. VALUABLE COUNTRY SEAT AND FARM FOR sale? Wilh commodious nnd extensive buildings, or chards and fruits of all kinds. Krapery, greenhouse, cider Mill, vinegar loft, Ae. It is situated within one hour of the dty. and communicate* by isilroad and steamboat. For healthfulness and beam/ of location It Is unsurpassed. The tarnltnre, In good ordc; and the tine sto?k of the fnrin, can be had also; would exchange 111 part for good productive city ,g>pcr,f ;^prlcc $50,000. Address Proprietor, box 2,137 l*i?'< WANTED? BROOKLYN PROPERTY, EITHER IM proved or un<mpro\ d, in exchange for improved and raluable New York property. Address box 3,12a New York Post olllce. D PEKSOSAL. IDO? AL? I HAVE RECEIVED YOUR KIND LET ter. If Dido should not eome home to-day, you ?nust come to sec ti e yourself to-night, without fail, and ?bilge your friend, llojie that Dido will come. DIDO. FOR ADOPTION.? A RESPECTABLE MARRIED wo man wishes a Inly 10 adopt her Infant, a line healthy thild, ulnc weeks old. Apply to Mrs. S. 1'., No. SO Oliver itreet. L , MEET ME AT THE NOVELTY CONCERT Hall. (>1G Bioadway, and 1 will show her to you. H. M. F "SARAH," WHO VISITED THE FAMILY OF C< Cal ler, N?. J-0 Pcgmw street. Brooklyn, In lf4J, will ad Irtss Mrs. J. W. Jep.ion, Albany, New York, she will hear of iomething to her advantage. She bad some friends who were a! that time In charge of the Female Department North irn Hospilal, New *01 k, whom she Tlslted sIbo. i'NFORMATION WANTED? OF ROBERT AND ANN L Stuart, of Ballymoney, county Antrim, Ireland, by their rother, Alexander Smart. 24 York street, Jersey City. IF THE YOUNO LADY FROM BROOKLYN, WHO HAD a book in her hfmd, will moke an appointment with the Entlenian who s wsicd her out of the Amity and Fulton for stage at the ferry, on Monday, at 6<4 P. M., she w ill be formed relative to inquiries by addressing Friendship, Herald olllce. IF THE LADY WHO WAS AT LAURA KEENE'S theatre on Tuesday evening, in comrany with a lady and gentleman, and wore a black velvet bonnet, with red trlm Olngs at the top, nnd a black velvet coat with small fur col lar, and afterwards went to Halliard's and there saw the writer of this in company with ladles, would like to make hU icqunlntance, she can do so by addressing Navy, box 3,179 Post olllce. J ABIE IS FAITH FUL STILL. HOW MANY MOKE sunsets? JOHN HENRY.? 15, 10, 62, 73, 78. 78, ALL WRONO. Have moved to Greenwich street. 8. R. O. Sassafras home again.-meet me to-night at prayer. PETER SNYDER. The lady ok good size and noble appear ance, who opt Iced a gentleman last evening at'JJi o'clock, ?tannine on tho sidewalk by l.aura Keenc's, as she passed town Bruadwav, will please write him where an Interview aan be had on Friday or Thursday this week, to John 0., box 210 Herald titllce. Also, the lady who answered M 1 trlmonial Card, liy letter, signed Minnie F. Gray, to Broad way Post oHice, one c r tw o months ago, w 111 please stale in Friday's Personal where an interview can be had or she be written to. THE PERSON THAT PROMISED ON SATURDAY TO meet the party on Tuesday at two o'clock, was disap point- d, hut will meet them oil Saturday, at the a im" place, U three o'clock. GREENW OOD. THE TWO I.ADIE8, WHO, ONE EVENING 1 A-T SUM mer, about si". en o clock, parsed down Fourth R ivet Jlrom Broadway, r to|ri"i| a few minu'es corner ot Blefker Itreet and SixtTi av fiitie, over the tailor's, spoke to n young Eun coming out. then parsed up Sixth 1. venue end stopped Waveriey pluon, will please send address to Did'.', Herald ?Ulce. The gentleman who rode up in the stage with the lady we irlnga dress, Irlnimcd with v< 1 let, and who a**i? ed lur in uU^luing, li sgieeablc, would Ike to make In r . < A line addie^-ed to Frank Anderson, New Vnr Post ofllee, will be strictly coutideullal. 11TANXED-T0 TAUE A LITTLE GIRl< FROM ITS IT, to Board, !<y mi American widow; It will hs' e ihebestof cant and a good home. Address S.J. H., Herald ?llie<<. WILL THE QEVTl.EMAJf AND LADIES WHO SAW a middle a.' I woman much Injured by an Ettrhth ve ?ue car i a ih?* 31-t August, 1839, at the corn roi College riaceaie! Robinson street, confer the favor or leaving^ their Iddres? with It. S. Bojai t, 339 Hudson street, or B. F. Ilowe, ISO Broadway, this week ! WILL THE COWARD WHO PENT ME AN ANONY mous letter p'ea?<> send hl< address (if not ashamed of ?isnnme)toP. 15. Lyncii, . I r. , Herald ofllce! No money to ?e made. Write more distinct. WILL TIIH YOUNG I.ADY WHO PROMISED TO meet a l'rlend at South ferry on Wednesday, Oct. 30, it half-pasl dl o'clock, please communicate. Address H. L , Herald olllce. WILL THE "GENTLEMAN" WHO OBTAINED A ?Coil's Revolver in Dey street (to shoot m la), oblige the twner by retui nin?; It and avoid exposure and other unplca janteonsequeii' csj Ii not he will bo met at the ferry. lyiLLlAMSBURG KERRY.? WILL THE YOUNG *T lady who 1 ai led with a gentleman on Monday after ?oon, about hall pnst four o'clock, pleast Roger," Herald olllce, where ai lad, or answer through 1U0 "Personal?" Monday 1 stiarcss a note to Interview can be M MiriHMONIAL. ATRIMONY MADE EASY? WITH INSTRUCTIONS ?or courting in ordor to win the ntrettions of the oppo ilte h i; 16* pjij/LH, illuftrated. 8rnt post paid on receipt of ?eents. eT f. HAMMOND A cd, 135 Na?sau street, M ATRIMONIAL? A WIDOW LADY. THIRTY YI'ARS . ol upe is desirous f ro> mlng the acquaintance of a cen ?_oanwl t h av I - w to mtitrlmony. All communications will le treated with conSOenct, Ad ircrs Mrs. ?. Fiod, Uuion ^uaro Pest ofllce. ' ?oo?, B A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PBITATB GERMAN FAML lv, occupying a ill sl i luss Mouse, will let two largo slfced Hall Bedrooms, with lira and gas; also a Rood ntzed Attic Room, suitable for twu i?;r?oii?. French ami English spoken. Ai>[ily at N.i. 48 East Bleecker street, near Broail way. Avery nice three story and basement Houae, 105 ?iut Tlilrly-uluth htreet, to let; rent low. Alio one In Thirty-si x th street; lout $300 until the 1st of May next; lower part of 0 >3 Second nvi nue. ami 175 and 1N3 East Thirty-third street. Apply to JOHN FBTTRKTCH, 415 Tlilrd aveuue. A SPLENDID LARGE FLOOR TO LET? WITTI MO dern Improvements, 47'J Tiiird avenue; seven large rooms, sliding doors, marble mantels, bath, water closet, wash tuba, Ac. Rent very low. Apply Immediately to JOHN FETTRKTCII, <15 Third avenue. _____ A FARM TO LET ? OK 44 ACRES, IN NEW JERSEY. The stock and utensils for sale at a fair valuation; also twelve fresh milch cows; or a partner would be taken in the fanning and milk business. Apply at 39 Bowerjr. BROOKLYN.-TO LET, THE HANDSOME THREE story brown stone House. 370 Bun street, with bull, fixtures, hot and told water. Rout low. ln iuiro of 11. M. SILVERMAN, 163 Broadway. BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE ON THE BANKS OF THE Hudson, twelve miles from thr- city, to rent, all furnish ed, with Outbuilding, Ac., for only $360. till May 1. AUo, a nicely furnished House ?n Brookly n Heights wanted. Ap ply at 335 Broadway, room 43. I FACTORY TO LEASE?WITH OOOD WATER POWER, ' Store and twenty tenant Homes, all in good order and condition, within twenty miles of the city by railroad, and frequent trains. SOUTHWICK k WOOD, K Nassau^ street^ Furnished house to let to a small private family only, 70 East Twenty second street; twelve rooms, with the improvements, In perfect order. To see the house, apply at bo E*?t Tweuty-secona sin el, ltuui 1 to 3 Furnished house in Brooklyn to let? well furnished, with new Pianoforte, In a unlet and re. stwetablo street, eight minutes' walk from ferrli s; if agieeu ble tho owner aud wife will board with the family; best reference necessary. 178 Adams street, m ar Coucord. Ijll'RNISlIED HOCSE IN YONKERS.-TO LET. VERY * cheap till May 1, a handsomely furnished House in Yon kers, on the river's bank, ninety rods from the detiot ; wim, furnace and double windows. Apply to WILLARD & HOWE, 98 Broadway, New York. I BURNISHED ROOM AND TWO BEDBOOMS TO LET ' suitable for housekeeping; terms only $1 50 per week; a good opportunity lor those tired of boarding. Also, Km, in and liedi uom, for ?1 a week. Apply at V4t West Twenty-fifth street. Furnished rooms to let-suitable for a small family. Call at 158 East Tenth street. C1ROCERY STOKE, BACK ROOM, BASEMENT AND T Cellar to let, an 1 Fixtures for sale cheap; rent Si) |ier month ; good for any business. Inquire in the store, 87 Uold street, oorner of Water, Brooklyn. ONLY S30 PER MONTH FOR A NEW THREE STORY House, lu Eight) second street, Yorkvihe, close by Third avenue (furnished throughout), until May 1. IIis water and gas, with nice lixttires in every room; heater in dining room, warmlrg threo floors. Address T. O. W., box 2,030 Post olhoe, lor two days. PART OF A GENTEEL HOUSE TO LET? CONSISTING of five Rooms on one fl 'or, with dining room, kitchen and cellar below; wpterau'l <u? throughout; separate metre. Will be rented until May 1 lor $30, aud per annum after that time. Inquire at No. 3 Hoyt street, Brooklyn, or No. 31 Fulton street, Now York, for oue week. PEW IN ST. THOMAS' CHUBCH TO RENT.-PEW NO 61, eligibly situated in the middle aisle. Apply at 20 Old slip, up stairs. STEADY STEAM TOWER TO LET. LARGE AND SMALL ROOMS, Well Lighted. No. 499 Water street. TO LET-AT 888 BROADWAY, JUST ABOVE UNION square, the First Floor above the store; a good location for business. Also a FurnlHbed Room, In a nice locution, ?tar Broadway. in ? private family. Inquire in (be (tore W>6 Broadway. TO LET? WE IX FURNISHED ROOMS IN BROWN stone house, 33 Bowery, single and ill suits to accommo date families; also similar Kooidh at tilt Broadway, second ?lory. Inquire on the premises. Price iu accordance with the limes. TO LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG, THE FIRST CLASS crner Store IKW Grsnd street, corner of I.orimer, with cellar and sub-cellar, and fixtures. This is is a good opportu nity for a baker, grocer, Ac. Inquire at 368 Grand street. TO LET-A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM, IN A modern bouse and strictly private family. Inquire at 107 Macdongal street. TO LET? fllE IRON RAILING AND BLACKSMITH Shop 114 East Fourteenth street. Apply to M. P. READ, " 2ol East Fourteenth eet. TO LET? THE LOWER PART OF A FIRST CLASS House in Fifty-third street, between Fourth and l'ifth avenues, second house from Fourth avenue. The house has all the modern Improvements and (he rent Is moderate io a good tenant. Po3ses*ion immediately. Inquire at tbc bouse or at 76 Beaver street, I. rat lioor. TO LET? TEST CHEAP, THE THREE STORY HOUSE Np. U Lalght street, corner of St. John's lane, and i r mt; ing Canal street, well adapted for light business purpis*. Apply to R. L. 8UYDAM, 108 Wavcrley p'aco, near Sixth aveuue. rpo LET? A NICE, COMFORTABLE TWO STtiRY A brick House, '."J East Thirty-first street, between Lexing ton and Third avenues: has all the modern Improvements, gas, bath. Ac., and will bo let furnished f or >t> ??, or oufur nlslied for $478 per year. Inquire in the grocery, 423 Fourth avenue, corner of Thirtieth street. mo LET ? WITHOUT BOARD, FOR SO PER WEEK X a large front Room, furnished, at No. G East Broad way. TO LET-RENT FREE? A FURNISHED HOUSE, UN lil April 1, on the bunks of the Harlem river, live minutes from Melrose station; access all times of day and night. Tic family must be small ; no children. For rent they are ex pected to take excellent en re of the premises. Address, with reference, D., box 3,937 Post office. TO LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, THE Floor above the parlor of an English basement home, to a gentleman and wife; beat of reference required. Apply at 12ti West Forty-second street. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR OF A COTTAGE House, containing four rooms, to a small family, Kent $7 80. Apply on the premises, First avenue, between Forty, tilth and Forty-sixth streets. TO LET-AT A LOW RATE, FROM NOW UNTIL MAY, 1 a part of a very conveuivnt modern House, No. M East Twenty-eighth street. Inquire from II to 4 1'. M. on Vio premises. TO LET-AT WASHINGTON. D. C., THE UPPER POR tlon of a four Story building on Pennsylvania aveuue; best location in tins ( lty. Apply to WM. TUCKER, 325 l'enn sylvanla avenue, Washington, D. 0. TO LET -TO THOSE Tin ED OF EOARDIN'O.? A FUR n a'ied front and back Room and two Bedroom.", with every convenience for housekeeping, will be let low to a small family. Call at 273 West Houston street, corner of Hudson street, TO LET? EITHER A LARGE OR A MEDIUM SIZED ucrtly furnished Parlor, with privilege of klchon. Also a Room on lirst floor, ?suitable for an offioe. family small Terms moderate. Call i)t 183 West Tw^nty-iirst street. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, TnE UPPER PART of the two stwry iluusc t*V? Greenwich street, between Christopher and Barrow; rent $12; good neighborhood, plea sant location; premises in excellent order. Inquire on the premises or at .'531 Canal street. WARREN STREET STORE TO LET.? LOWER PART IT ot Store No. 18 Warren street. Possession Riven 1st Decern b< r nr> t. Apply to A. CLEVELAND, b3 Cedar Eticet, or JOHN LI.OYD A SONS, 16 Nassau street. SPECIAL YOT1CK8. A FAIR? FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE ORPHANS Home aud Asylum of the Protestant Episcopal Church will be held at the luHtiitillon (Forty-ninth street, corner of Lexington avenue), on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the 19th, JutU and 21st of November. ("1ASH WILL BE PAID FOR 10,000 OR 15,000 REAMS J of Paper, good quality, size of the New York Herald, at prieescurreut. Inquire at U,U office. 1 J* BENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.? IN CONSE " qnence of the non-nee, -ptanee by tlie President elected on tlie 29th October, a act eiat meeting will be held on Tun tiny, the L'jth Ins' at 7'i o'clock P. M.,ut Mr. F. Curet's, 764 Broadway, to pro eed to another election of a President for the years' 18S), 1802. E. PARISOT, Secretary. I WILIi GIVE fioo TO THE MAN AVIIO DARE PRO nottnee the sentanceof death e-slnst (Colonel Corcoran Or to the private Iwlonglng to the United States Army, or to his family, who will shoot the man t\ Uo hangs him. TIIOS. McADAMS, 344 West Forty-third street. PROCL\MATI0K.? THE OOVERNOR OF THIS ST VTE, having, in accordance with a time honored custom, ap polnted Thursday, the 23th day of November Inst., as a day of p iblie thanksgiving, I. Fernando Wood. Mayor of the city of New York, do hereby reoommend ullg. oU citizens to unite on the rtny thus set apart In ascriptions of praise to the source of all go,, >1 for his m.nilfolu mercies and Messing*. AdmMstthe evils which the folly and wickedness of mm have prodc.cod, the unchanging goodness of the Creatol?niay well awake our devout wonder. No language, can adequately express tbo extent 01 His love, but your houer-'d pastors, in striieted by lite s'lhltu e teaching of revolution, will best guide your grateful devotions. Iam sure that decortim and rational enjoyment will mark this relljious festival ns ever In the city of New Yoik, und l lcol it only necessary to re mind those blessed w ub abundance to reniemberat this Incle ment season and period ot' general distress the poor, the lath, rlc.-s and the widow. Perhaps the Ruler of the uni verse, thus entreated by the voice of mercy, may remove from our beloved country the scourge of war. That he may vouchsafe to do sols my sincere praver. Given under tny hand and senl, at the city oi New York, this ISth day of No vember, 1831. FERNANDO WOOD, Mayor. CONTINENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR NEW BUILDING, NO 102 BROADWAY. H. H. LAMPORT, Secretary. THE MEMBERS OF TEMPLAR LODGE NO. SMI, F. AND A. M.,arc summoned to meet at their Lodge room, corner of Twenty-third street aud Eighth avenue, on Thursday, at half-past twelve o'clock, to pay the last tribute of respect to our late brother, James L. Hill. By Ordor, J. ANDERSON, M. 15101? nvPAKTMEN'T OF THE irUcrested *'ll bo hca.d atOj? f$'ifcEu ... ) Committee ? ALBX. H. KKECH. on Flro tit. > J ANTHONY lliLLhli, ) Do; aniucut. Joan B, MvDoasiii, Cicik. FOR SAMS. A LADY ENGAGED IN ma king a very HAND soiuc Achau, or lady's carnage blanket, of the choicest eolurn, win 5 will bo three yards aud a half ?| wlum finished, would like to Ond a purchaser for IbewtM. Ad dress D. 8. C., Herald office. A PARISIAN LADY WISHES TO TEAOH FBEHCII auil Muil, tn New Yur i ir vii :uity, lu school* or pri vate families; ur will give thr 1 est uf references. Address for tii ru? ilit) ? Paris, lleiald office. AN ESTABLISHED CP TOWN BUSINESS, NOW PAY ln){ lar^e profits, can be bought fur $30>; nxtures alone worth $2U0. It otfers inducements '.hat are desirable In these times. For satlsfa t. ry particulars aud the rouiona for telling apply to W. A. URK k CO., 37 i'ai k row. _____ A FIRST CLA88 B VKEItY FOR SALT!? NOW DOING a ?ood bimlneM; h c ted on the be?t oorcer of a leading avenue lor business In the city; will be Mid at a fair price; alsi, a meat, poultry nu t butter Store for sale; docs a good business. Apply at MITCHELL'S Bitumens Agency. No. 77 Cedar street, near Broadway. A NICE, GRNTEEL, RESPECTABLE AND PROFIT able limine s for sain at n (treat sacrifice; not more than $lUOivplml required to carry Hon successfully. Owe-half Inte rest will he sold lor port cash and part (line. Impure at Md Broadway. Reason tor selling, have an appointment In the army. A RARE CHANCE.? TO HAIR DRESSERS OR BAR hers ?For sale, very cheap, nil old Sluud of eighteen years; satisfactory catiae for selling given; also a handsome counter sunk Slab, three basins complete. Apply to Q. CAT LING, 111 Atlantic street, South Brooklyn. DRUG STORE FOR SALE IN BllOOICLYN? ON ONE of the principal streets, on a corner, fitted up In the best manner, dolus soda water business enough to pay the es pouses of the store, with a very low lease. \\ ill tie sold at a sacrifice. Address W. M., bo* til Hi noltlyn FoatQllluc. IilOB 8AIE-A PROPELLER TOO BOAT; CYLINDER 18 bj 18; has been running about eighteen months; Is Comploto In every respect, and has room fur Ism tanks. JOSEl'u SLOAN, 728 Beach sir, ct, Philadelphia. FOR BALE? TIIE LEASE AND FIXTURES OF A FIRST class corner Liquor Store, loeated on ihe best business avenue on the west slue, doing a good trade, ,'nd will be sold cheap, the uwn< r leaving the ilty. Apply to T. UAFKNEY A Co., 170 Chatham street. IpOR SALE-STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OF A Fancy Goods and Toy store, w ith Dwelling; rent (SCO; would trade for a lot up town; satisfactory reason glyuu for selling. Apply ou the premises, 1 2 t'J Broadway. N. FOR SALE? A SKIRT FACTORY AND GOOD WILL, ?itabliabed four years ; name ?ell and favorably km wu; fixtures and machinery complete and in lirst rate order, aud sufficient lu turnout $ltJU,00u worth of goods yearly; location {;ood and rent low , $.t,ix)0 cash will be required to buy ilm lusiness. Au acti\e iwrtv, with sufficient means, can be placed at on e in an excellent position with very superior prospects. Principals only treated wiih; u. n ? others noed apply. ldure -, ?uh real tiainu aud means, 11. A II.. box 3,3*4 Post office. For sale-one of the best corner liquor Stores iu the Eighth <\s.d. Satisfactory roaauna i;acu for leaving. Apply to Mr. A. KOBB KT^OK, liquor dealer, corner of Woo iter and Bleecker street". No ageuta need apply. For sale-a feed store and fixtures, with liter ?, Wagon, Sleigh and Harntss; an old established stand in a good lueation. The proptlete; has other business aud will sell at a great bargain. Inquire si I6ti Fourth atrec'. For salb-tiie propeller union length, 8i feet; breadth, 10 feet; cylinder, 24 by Mi inohet. Iuqulr0 at 185 West Seventeenth street. For sale-a most popular and extensive Panorama ol' the Amortcau War (with dloramle effects), lrom its origin to the present time, now un exhibition aud clearing over $2Utl a week. Satisfactory reasons for selling. Apply at 71 Nassau street, room 9. IilOR SALE? AN OYSTER AND DRINKING SALOON, near Fulton market; now doing a fair business. Satis factory reasons given for celling on application to U. K 1 R BY, lot South street. FOR SALE? TIIE WELL KNOWN RESTAURANT AND Dining Saloon situated at Jersey City ferry. Will be sold at a bargain. For terms apply ou the premises, foot of Con jSndt street. Inside the gates. POR SALE? A COPPER STEAM TABLE, COPPER Stesm B iller, and copper Stands for tea and codec; all in good ordi r. To any one commencing the hotel or reslau rant business these arc very desirable. Apply to 8. J. S. VOSE A CO., o7i> Bowery, corncr of Fifth street. For sale-petroleum oil refinery, in fine order, cup ible of turning out 100 tarn Is of oil pur week. Apply WW. W. FOWLElt, 14 Wall WuU street. For sale? the exclusive proprietorship, with g?<>d stock on band, ol Knowlca' Insect Dfktru} er, and Dr. Wllll&ms' Pain Extractor. A groat bargain. A|i|)ly at No. 71 N?mu street, room No. y. FOR 8 ALE? the lease and fixtures of a Liquor Store, 78 Centre strict. Tlic Lease of two icnrs, with privilege of three more, nt the ye.uly rent of 9C00 a year, bring* la $1,000 a year. Will be sold ut private mi lr il Application is made on the premises, 78 Centre street, or 223 Hudson street, or 00 Centre street. If not fold at pri vate Hale between this and Tueaduy, 27th Inst., will be sokl ?t auction on that day. FOR SALE? the stock, fixtures and lease op the old establish, 'I Urocery, corner of Fourth nnd tirecne ft eels; rent low to i< good business innn; none othvis need apply; restrictions lo lease; no lienors retailed: amount or stock about (2,000. Apply to E. A A. WAYTE. 3W Fourth street For rale-one of the best oyster houses In the city, with seven private supper rooms, doing a good business; sold ut a bargain; reason foraci ingrxplaiut d; rail slid examine. To be seen trom 7 U> 12 o'clock P. M., corner of Canal and Woostar streets. For sale? one of the finest and best Incited Tea Store* in thiscity; stock, Fixtures, alt in bno order. Price $1,7; 0. Part or all cash, or u good lirsi or second mortgage. FJ>. RICHARDSON A CO., Noa. S2and84 Nassau street. IjiOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE? A BUTCHER STORE, 1 In a good locality; cheap rent, a Join; lease and coiive. nient dwelling. Possession Immediately. Inquire at 2j0 Bast Eighteenth street. For sale cheap for cash? a first class fa mi y Or w ry Store; good assorted Stock, Horse, Wajnn and Harness: low rent, Handsome slurp; doing a good bu siness; excellent locution. ISAAC A. BTriG.S. 7'i Nasrau slsili Fit II SALE OR EXCHANGE? A HOTEL, TWO RK8 I an ran IS, lot nf (luano In bulk, a )?lr ol Horses, II. i. ronche, Harnesses, A<\ ; also a sixteen carat Gold Hunting Watch, Niekt 1 movement, war anted. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO.. 82 and 84 Nnsanu (ireet. C GROCERY-ONE OF THE BEST IN THE CITY, FOR I" sale cheap, in consequence of other engacetaents; low rent; choicely selected st ck: superior corner, nicely lined up and doing a lari-e cash business. SoUTHWlCK A WOOD, P2 Nassau street. Hotel for sai.e.-a nice, medium sized, well furnished, goo 1 payii.g House, .it a very low rent. Will sell at a bargain, and take ]url piy In other property il de sired. A good uiancc Is ofti-red. ISAAC A. BIOC13, 73 Nassau street. IJOST OFFICE BOX FOR SALE.? APPLY AT 130 NAS sau street. T>ESTAUFANT FOR SALE < HEAP? OR WILL EX 1 t clrnngc for u nice le.fidenoe or good farm; situation lu a principal nud great tboroughfato, in handsome shape and K iod order, long and favorable lease and dolnt; a laive busi ness. SOUTIIWICK A WOOD. 82 Nassau street. Restaurant and lunch for sale? the best location In the lower partof Broadway; now dolt,;, a lir.^t class business. Sold on account of the proprietor hav ing another bnsluei sto attend to. Agents need not answer. Address Restaurant, Post office. STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER FOR SAI.E-OF FORTY horse power and nearly new; It was built by Burden, of Brooklyn. Will lie sold cheap If applied for soon ut W iler ?en street, Brooklyn. at T ? STOVE BUSINESS TOR SALE? IN AN EXCELLENT location, doing a lair trade, and low expends. N >t much nu n y Is wanted If good security Is given. The owner will stay with the pony buying till he learns ilie business. A good chance for a sale business. Address A. B., Herald office. mo WATCH MAKERS AND JEWELLERS.? FOR JL sale, a small Business, In a pleasantly located country town. Terms easy. Apply at 264 Orecnwl eh street, New York. Also a very superior Office Desk, to be sold cheap. TO PRINTERS.? FRINTINO OFFICE FOR SALE, AT a great sacrifice. Tho oiUco consists in part of one Cylinder Pres < ( I olio post size), nne Buggies Card Press, one medium Hand Press, Paper Cutter, Lead Cutter and Mitrelng Mat '^inc, about two hundred louts of Book and Job Type (including 400 pounds Brevier), Leads, Brass Rule, 4c. All ol the above material Is in good order. The office us it stands ran be bought low, and on very reasonable terms, ri small amount of cash being requir.'.l down. To a young man of a small capital this is an excellent opportunity. Parties desirous oi purchasing will please addiess box 1U6 Herald office. WEST WASHINGTON MAltKKT.? ' THE FIRST RATE Tt Double Stand, Nor. 261 and 252 Knit m pier, West Washington Market, for sale. Inquire as above "t ilie owner. T. F. MEEHAK. ?FRUIT AND CONFECTIONERY STORE, R2 ?p i "'/? East Twelfth street, lor Ihe above a nount;worth $300; the owner is now In other business. Apply this day only between 3 and 5 P. M. C -JIA -FOB SALE. ONE HALF INTEREST IN THE manufacturing of a ample article of unlimited demand. To a umn with :t small additional capital this is a great Inducement, as will b: shown on an Interview. Ai 'SS P. D. O., Herald offi;e. Q A AAA -AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS FOR ip'T.UUU. sale. Or a partner taken, it every way satis factonr, for $2,000. Tiic business Is thorough, safe, and ran bn enlarged; now vlelds ovor $S;000 yearly. Illheatth the cause "f change. Full particulars ut the InatUuto office, cor nuo, of Sixth avenue and Eleventh sheet. DENTISTRY^ Artificial bone filling for decayed teeth. Interted white soft and without the least pain. Aching teeth or mer? shells can be preserved and restored by the discoverer, J. PEARSON, M. I)., rooms M9 Broadway, west side, ono door above Seventeenth street. N. B.? Beware of the miserable imitations of cheap operators. As commendation to all <?_ ; 5 S jJgFteK : 15? "l'M ""'l GALLERY, SIXTH AVENUE ?VfATlONAL DE. (iii, sirici-I'.tj.J rt.-??\?iry ; J>| cornel * ; ;:?? vnintv? i t o>nnotvi>? V enty ? "J fVi5. i ^ Rti *r, *Wi COAln CtOAL, COAL. COAL ? St W, $1 (>.), $4 60. ? I AM NOW ) selling the brst article rl lted Ash. !'< . cli Orchard Stov" andKs'g('< 1 lor $1 t'Jtpor ton. s reened and delivered to any part of the elty; 2.000 pounds, wnrrant' d. EUGENE UNDBRHILL, foot of Morton st.. North river. WYOMING VALLEY COAL, $4 50, FOR THIS WEEK. This Is the best stove and rangd Coal now in use. For sale only by LOYD A CO., 322 Jii^hlU uvcuue, gorncr of Twenty seventh nu\x(. boahdino and lodging. At hob. 1.12S ANn 1,125 BROADWAY.? HANDSOME soils of Rooms, with pi ivatc table or table d'hote. Also Booms for geutlenu'u, with Hon d.bctw i n Tw 1. ly-lif tli aud Twouty sixth atreeti, ucar tli? Fifth Aventt Hotel. AN OPPORTUNITY TO 1,1'tKN riiKVIl TMROWN In with the pi l<-e of Board. A Fren li family, who; a

principal la mi accomplished to*, her, oilers Ko.n n, with 11 >nrd, at a low price, including infraction unil practice 111 coo \ citation. Cull at Ifci East Twenty-si eolid sttoot. Avuty ran qppobtuitity fob tqoss who are In pursuit of a quint uii-l comfortable home for the winter, at 118 Second avenue, between Seventh and Eighth street*. Very tine It mil to 1. 1 with B .an!, to families nud ?mule Kentleiuca. House first class, with all 1I10 modern im provements. AT TUB LABOR FIRST CLASS DOUBLE HOUSE. NO. ?^ .1 Bieeclmr street. went of ami near Br' advyay, in a really flrsit cla..* family Boarding House, with Booms unsur passed In aite and comfort, in suits or single , tbo cheapest place In tlm city for 'he siyle and quality of what la offered. A FEW PLEASANT ROOM H, WITH GOOD PLAIN Board, at the Brooklyn Height* Water Cur.', 03 and 03 Columbia street. oorner of Cranberry, Brooklyn, N. Y. Transient Board $1 per day. CHAR " RHF.PARD.M D., Proprietor. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY OR TWO SINGLE GENTLE m> n can bo a-'ciinimc dated with elegantly furnished Rooms, with Board, in the private family at No. 12 Eleventh street. between UniverMty place and Broadway. Dinner at alx, Kcfereuce te pilred. A PLEASANT ROOM, OR A SC1T OF ROOMS, AND A dc-irnble single Room, with llr?t class Board, to let; house kept nice and m irate; rcforeuoea exchanged. Ap ply at Itt University place, corncr of Ninth street, A DESIRABLE HOME FOR A FAMILY OR PABTY of gentlemen : also single Rooms, with full or partial Br.ard. llonse Hist elms, delightfully un l conveniently lo cated, at '."3' Fourth street, Washington square. AN AMERICAN FAMILY WISHES TO LET THE BE oond Floor, comprising two Ro ims, to gentlemen only, with or without Board; the houre contains nil the 11 odorn im provi luentsaiid the furniture Ih nil new; w 111 he let sejiarate. ly or together; the family Is Very -mall; no children or board ere in the house. Apply <01 the 1 remises, 107 Went Forty sin'li street. References exchanged. AUE.NTI.EM V.N AND HIS WIFE OH TWO OR THREE single gentlemen can tlnd an excellent choice >?; Rooms, with every convenience, with or without Board, at 312 Went Fourth tit., near Broadway. Terma moilerate. Dinner alt*. AT VI WEST FOURTEENTH 8TREET, BETWEEN Filth and Sixth avenues, tar e handt om. ly furnished Boom*, With Bedrooms on tocoud ..nd third doors; also sin gle Boom* for gentlemen. All modern improvements. Re tercnces exchanged. A PLEASANT FRONT BOOM AND BEDROOM, FUR nlsueil or unfurnished, to let, with Board, to a geutlo man and wile. Also laige llall itjoius to single gentlemen. Terms modi rate. Refer, tiers exchanged. Apply at 121 Weal Forty's condslicci, u. 1 Broadway. A IIAI.L BBDROOM TO LET? WITH BOARD, IN A private family. Apply at 10 Domuuck street, between llndaim aud Vari 'K streets. ATTENTION IS CALLED TO THOSE LIVING IN hotel- and boarding houses.? There is au establishment opened at IP) Micdougnf street. the rooms being laid not in soils and luinlsh.'d wltb everything ncoesaaiy for liouw kceplug, tn ordi r tliat a tamily inny bave a complete home, and live at au toe imxlvably low rale. There is a restaurant attached A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINOLE ORN tlcincucHn o. lam lirsl class Board, Ac , nicely furnished Room, with draped alcove, on the third story, trout rm> in; house has the cuDvenieuc.'*; terms moderate; wlereneea exchanged. Diuucr at alx. Apply al 4S West i'weutj -liftb strft. A LADY OOCUPYINO A 8KUO Ll fTLli HOUSE, AT 1 1. 1 We it Thirty-fourth street, would rent three pleasant Rooms to parties desiring eom tollable nxoiuui' illations; a pari) of gentlemen preferred, who could have exclusive use of the house, with or without Board. Unexceptionable refe rences given aud required. AT <9 BLEECKEK STREET-A FEW DOORS EAST OF Broadway, latnillos and single gentlemen can beuccom inodaLed with elegant Rooms and 111. rial Board. AYOl'NG WIDOW, LIVINO ALUNE, HAS TO LET aecond story front Room, to a lady or gentleman , Board for tin; lady very low. Also, Rooms lor gentlemen. (Jail ut 101 West Houston street, from 12 to II. AOMNTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO OR THREE ?Ingle gentlemen may obtain pleasant Rooms, wltb liosrd, In a private lannly of adulia, where the coiulorta uf a home may be enjoy cd by applying al 127 Sixteenth atiuct. References requited. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR AND Bedroom on second (lour to let, with Hi ard ; house ran Ukini the mouci u improvements; ti tiuiiK' realised; Rhrewti exchanged. Apply at 23 Grove street, bclweeu Hudson uud Bleecker. At i? i'iohth street, head ok lafayette place? I'urnlahed Kooins to rent, to single gentlemen, or to gentian -n and IbWr wives, with or without Board. Re ferences eiotm uged. Trims model ate. A LARGE ROOM TO LET, WITH BOARD, TO A GEN Uetnati mi l w ilV or two aln.le gentlemen , ti nul $.S per week; referenims exchanged. Apply at 145 West Twenty fourth street, beuvoen Seventh mid Eighth avenues. A HANDSOMELY KI'RNISIIED SECOND FLOOR TO let, toa gentleman and wire or u party of gentlemen, with M M claw iJiard, In a small lamily, where I In1 comforts of ft buiae may be enjoyed. Terma, $20 per week. Dinner in si'.. Would let ltooiiia separately. References exchanged. ?v; at 100 West Twenty-second street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED. room on the second atory In a private bona* to let, with fall or partial Board. Terma moderate. Aiply at 01 West Twenty-sixth *lieet, I' iwecn Broadway au<l Sixth avenue. A FEW GENTLEMEN OR A FAMILY CAN HAVE -on i >: and Board In a lust class house where the table la good and ci mfort ible. Dinner at six. Terms very inode ratu. 1(4 E??t Twenlyiiiiat street, Gin mercy I'aik A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING ONE spare Room, wou.d lei it to one or two aiuglu gei.'le men, iu'ji ;iro at 114 East Eighteenth strict, mar irv iii|f l'"o". AT 203 TENTH STREET, NEAR SKi'OND AVENIB, to let, B wrd, \ery desirable Rooms, on the * ? . mi lloor, to a;- ii ' It-iii- u and their wives, or ?iuyl> gentl uicu, with partial Board. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE MAY BE PLEASANTLY accoutim dated with Bomd uud U nuns (Parlor and Bed room, With 0re. gas, elMet*. hot und oold water, Ac.) in the modi i n k "ne I > out home iii a private family, no; higher up th>>n Twenty rilrd street: dinner at six; term* moderate. Addre-s M , bo* 11.1 Herald olllce. A LADY HAVING TAKEN TUB FIRST CLASH HOUSE No. Ill Second avenue, corner o! Seventh street, has ? lmndstmie Sun m dalsojas' -ingle Rooms to dlsposj of. C.ill at house or addri ?s box 3,.'i->3 Posl oSlce. A LADY, HAVING A VERY FINE HOUSE IN ST'.IIT of tlraee cliurb, would he pleased to give | !e? ant Rooms, with Bo ird, i ti nolle or single; prices front >d to ?iu per week. Address Board, box 140 Herald oltlce. \ YOUNG AMERICAN WIDOW, LIVING ALONE. 2m. jnouidlet u pitvsanl Furnished Id om to a geutli man mid lady, without Board, or with Board lor the lady ; bouse nent uii'l ',u. el ; loeatlou convenient and respectable* Call at 15 Coii.mei ca siieet, nenr Illeeck.t r. AT 122 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF Broadway** gentleman ftnd wile or two single gentle* men can obtain pl-asant Rooma, with Bourd, In a modern house with all the improvement.*. A DELIGHTFUL SUIT OF ROOMS-PARLOR FRONT. jLjl l.i . Ii walls and mirror*, in brown atone bouse 1,11m Broadway, by Mad is* n square, Filth avenue, and just above tlje Fif'U .V'e'i'R' Hotel, with B"nC<l. Ftmtiy small; terms numerate, ami perm&uubC? aeslred. STYLISH SUIT OF ROOMS FOR A PARTY OR FA* tully, In a inost desirable locality In the vicinity ol' Stuy" Vixiint square. House newly fiiriil.liel. de" tiled. Also a pleasant Room tor a single gentleman. Ad dress S. 8., station D, New York. A 81 IT OF ROOMS ON THE THIRD FLOOR TO LET, together or separately, to gentlemen only, in a private French family, toealion moat desirable. Apply ut *S8 Fourtii street; W; aningloo square. A LARGE ROOM, WELL FURNISHED, TO LET, IN A private French family, to single gentlemen. l'ait'al board given if required. Terms reusonaule. Apply ui --4 Fourth sir^ei, Washington square. A PRIVATE FAMILY, PLEASANTLY AND CONVE uk'utly located in South Brooklyn, will let, with Board, one floor, to two or three gentlemen who urewilUn:; to p:iy reasonably lor every comfort loun l In a aocUL cultivated hoinc ciicle; uo other boarders. Address box 3,729 Post oUlec, New Yoik. AVERY FINE SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED Rooms to let, on parlor Uoor, id? suits on record and third lloors, with first clam Board: house delightfully and conveniently located. Apply ut 100 Weat Elcveuthotreef, near With avenue. A PLEASANT ROOM, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISH ed, u iih or without partial Hoard, iu ii small and strictly private fainily.wlll be let to one or two single gentlemen. Ap ply al 26 Baal Twentieth street, u?ar Broadway. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A FEW nleely famished Rooms to mnrrled or single gentlemen desiring tho comforts of a quiet home for tlic winter. Housu contains ail the modern Improvements. Rcleivnc.s ex changed. Apply at 18 Hammond s'.rcet. A SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITH Hoard, suitable lur ft genlleman and wifo or two or three single gentlemin, al 71 West Fourteenth sireet, lirat brown house v at of Sixth avenue. ALADV DESIRES TO LET A FEW HANDSOMELY furnished Rooma to ladles and geniMmeu, w'Jtlt or w lth out full or partial Boarit (foil Board for ladles); all home privileges accorded ; h' use replete with modem taprove Stents. Inquire at 03 Wc'al Fifteenth street. A RICHLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WHICH MAY be arranged aa Parlor and Bedroom, will be let with lirBt das." Board, ro a gentleman i.ud his wife or to two gen tlemen; location, Madison avenue, near the square. Unex C' plionable rctenuccs required. Addreas C. L. M., He. aM o.'lirc. A LAI'Y HAVING MOltE BOOM THAN SHU KB quires would l"t a suit of el ;; uitly furnished Rooms to a gi nil' man and lady; B' aid for the lady, partial lorgen tlem'iu. Ail the modem iuiprovemei.t'. Li e..; on uiiHiir pus?ed. Tei-ma moderate. Apply al od East Twinty-uitb street, near I>exlii,". -i avenue. AT THE FIRST CLASS PRIVATE HOUSE, NEWLY iV fitted, 123 West Houston meet, near Thompson, newly 1 iirnlslied indgtna Rooms for {Miitlemen ; would bo willing to lurnlkh meals II r< quired. Terms very r asonable. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PRIVATE GERMAN UA JV mily, occupying a lirsl class bous", will let two buae sized Hafl Bedrooms, w ith Are ntid rail aiso n good sl/e l Attic Room, suitable for two per>ons, wiih or without Board. French aud English spoken. Apply at 4^ East Bluecker strait, near Broadway. A LADY, AN EX1 EUIENCED TEAt'HEK OF TI1B -tl. English hranches, the piano, guitar an 1 si'.s.ha wl- lies Board, with a comfortable R >-.m;, Urepiac* or stove Intilspenfahle; she will give 1 i pupils tho use of the aliov.! lnsu umen'Ji end teuch ihcin .. lompcmiatioa. Address A li. i'.. hiix 14.1 Herald oiBte. \ PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A FURNISHED J\ 11 om, front, on second floor, ' i:h Hot and cold w tertn the ro in, to a gem I man ahdwK* !i Bead, ;.t ?li per week, lire all I gas included. D i. r -i n'do k. thi.iat No. lOLumai'tine place, West Twinty-u nth street, between Elglitu and Mmh avenues. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE RE<<: IRE A FURNISH jfi ed Parlor and liedroom, with t'.oseu, B ird, 1. .' an. I gas, in a private family, where there aie no other boai rs. Meals served In room, ..nil prl ? per week not t'J ox<: cd $1:'. Aduress Advertiser, Hvnid BOARDING AND LODGlNGt API.EASVNT FURNISHED ROOM IN A NEAT A>D quiet house, for t'l it week, including gas and iirlvllcuo of kitchen if desired. The room contains grate ami is miit a do for oim' or (wo persons. Alto a H ill Bedroom for $1 80. Lorat ion 337 fourth a\ cnue, near Twenty-til th ?lici t. Kcfr tnuranu convenient. Board? a lady has taken the first class hous# No. 1 Llv insiti n plaoe, on 8tnyvcaant park, wliui e families as well ax single gentlemen may Had a pleasant boms. trench and EugUsh spoken. Kefcri need given anil required. Board, -to let, with board, a richly fur nifhca 1 * r lor on the iir*t lloor. whit B 'ilroomsoa th<* f oond nod third flow*, well calculated for a Urst class family; house la every relied tirstolam, situated on Fifth avenue, alii ve Fourteenth ttreet. Address S. 1'. U , box llti Ilurald olllee. BOARD.-TIIE ENTIRE s'E<"0ND FLOOR AND ONE auiall Ronni, In the j;onteel brown Mona mi dern ii-hiko 120 West Fourteenth street, between Seventh and Eklitb avenues. Near care. BOARD.-OI-NTI.EMEN AND TIIFIR WIVES Olt SIX pie ;?utlrmeu ran oi uin Room*, w ift .r without lion vil, at No. S West Washington place, opposite the square. References required. Board.- a gentleman and wife or two sin. gle gentleman can liu twnnaoilaiiid w itli a Parlor an I Bedroom, on the second (loor, at 178 Wimt F mrteeutli street. It' foresees giveu and required. Turtus moderate. Diuucr al six. B0.VRD.-A I'lUVATE GERMAN FAMILY DESIRES TO let, to one or two single gentlemen, a handsomely fur. nlnhed Ruoui, with Bedroom ud joining, containing 1ml mid cold water, with or without i Hoard, ll iut.n haii all the muderii tmproveinents. References embanked. Call at 110 West Thirteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*. Board.? a gentleman of quiet, regular l.sbils v, mta a -mull Room with a prate? Ore on Sunday and partial Board; references en hanced. State price ami addrees John W. 11 own, box 150 Herald tiiw, BO.VRD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO HEN. th men can have Hoard, with a small front Room, hav ing ens, bath, hot and cold water, Ac., at No. 4H East f-lx teentli street, near Union square. Tonus, including tiro and gas, til per week. Board.?' to let, a pleasant front room on second floor; house brown alone, new, with every con venience; family private. situation delightful, rieoond ave nue, a few doors from Fiftieth sir et. T ruts for two per week. Addrcs M. B., Union square I'. - dll e. Board.? rooms, with oi: without board, fur nished or unfurnished, fer gentleman and wife or siujtle gentlemen; also, a it". im suitable for one or two ladle*, ln quire at 80 West Washington plaoe, west of Sixth avenue. Board.? single and double rooms, front and rear, well furnished, w ithout Board, ill j;o"d order, at froui 81 to $1 2.1 i tveek; locatimi central and convenient for winter, at 132 tiraud street, nexrly opposite the Odd Fellow's Hall. Board.? a lady would like to let some well furnished Run ana with B iard, to a gentleman and wite or alio. 1 iccnt lcmnn; also a lew single Rooms; terms mode rate, ut |8ti Wen Twcnty-flrst street. BOA I'D -A GENTLEMAN and wife or one or two single gentlemen, ran lie accommodated with plea aanl Rixmia In a | r.vuto American family. Location very desiral le. Apply ai[33 Lexington avenue. Board at si stuyvesant street, near the Bible House.? A gemlemau and hn* wife nr tingle gen tlemen can be aeeommedated at moderate prices; convenient to cars and stage*; dinner at 0 o'clock. Board wanted? by a gentleman and wife, between Houston and Tenth streets, w ithin two block* ol Broadway. Room must lie convenient, with pantrv, .Ve. ; prlc" f 12 per week. None but a respeeiable American fa mily, where there are but few boarders, need address F. R., Broadway l'ost ofllce. Board wanted-by a lady, in a private fa tnily, where the Inst ruction of children in the En.'ltiih branches and French would he taken In luirt payment. Re* ftreaoeagtrsa and required. Addreaa M. o., Herald oflice. Board wanted? in a private family, for a gentleman, wife anil child? a boy about 12 years of age. One large room and one small one adjoining, lire and gas Included, otvtlie east side of the city, between Fourteenth and Thirty-lirst streets. Tei ms not to exceed $&0 tier mouth. K> ierenoes exchanged. Address 0. L., Herald olllee. Ji ?ure ?)in^enf?r|j^0ENTLEMAN having furni lure A i'5r<' firl,''''?'Ifand w^r^X^^h0IU, *?uW "*? 'o ture Address Furniture , box l?U&0'ffl^,f lher'? ^ Board wanted.-a respectable youno lady, wishes a furnished Room and Bedroom, with Board, lire and gas, In a small genteel family, where she can enjoy the comforts of a home. Location between Fourteenth and Twenty-fifth streets, and Second and Sixth avenues. Address A. D., Madison square Post office, stating location and terms, which muel be moderate. Boarding.? a desirable and neatly fur. uMied Suit of Roonm, on second flrx^r. lo let. with Board ; a!nr> a Front Room on third floor. Apply at 20 West Eleventh street, n .?? Broadway. Dinner ut six. BOARDTNtJ.? AT 25 WEHT EIGHTEENTH STREET, ?i?iir Filth ivriiuc, may l>? found a small front room ou *\ third floor, which tin* hut y keeping the house would like to lot to a lady or gcutlcuutu. Boarding.? a gentleman and his wife can bo ue^ommodated with ooo<l Board and a good sized front Room, by an Ann'riettn family. Terms moderate. In quire at 5IH Broome F.I. Boarding ?four single crntlkmkn or two gentlemen mid n g<:*i!eman and his wife rin have elegant Rooms, wifl: first elans Board (French style), in a priva ?? German fami'y, resiling at 20 West Ninth Rlret t, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenues. References exchanged. Boarding -in a modern bi ilt irorsE, in a respectable neighborhood; ? cood table and nice Rooms enn tie obtained, at a very low ran-, at 353 West Tiiirtv-flftb street, where v< ?i will find everything auiveable and eom iortable. Bath and WMshtubs free. Ni? objection to children I)\i OOKLYN.? SO CLINTON STREET.? DESIRABLE I rooms, on the sc< ond floor, may be bail, With Board. Dinner ai six. Brooklyn.? Till? choice of two pleasanv furnished Roon with H aid, to a gentleman and wife. In a sinr.ll family, where there aro i?o other boarders. State street, i ear Nevin*. Address R. P. K., Brooklyn Tost oliice. Brooklyn boahd.-si terior accommodations tor a } "ntlemun and wife or single gent!< men, on very reasonable terms; a sele I number only are taken. Lo< itlon within thn-e minutes' walk of Hout? or Wall street ferry. Iimolre at 86 Portion street, Brooklyn. "HOARD IN BROOKLYN ? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE J J or two fiogi ? gentlemen, can be aerommodated with {?learnt Roori.s . Mid Bo.ird. fn a genteel private fnmilr, by applying at 2U7 Henry j-tivet, between State and Atlantic sts. Board in brooiclyn.-a lady and gentleman. i rone or two single gentlemen, c.m be accommodated with Hoard in a small private family at 8.1 State street, with in eight minutes' walk of the Soutn and Wall street ferries. Dinner at (l,1^ o'clock. 1JOAKD IN BROOKLYN.? MARRIED OR SINGLE GEN J.J tlemcn can be aecoiumoda'ed with Board and pleasant Rooms, at 47 Concord street. Convenient to all tl.e ferries, and in a very piea*ant neighbc-i hood. Board in Brooklyn.? two gentlemen or a gentleman and his wile can oe accommodated with Board' in a strictly private family, where v.o other boarders will betaken. Location very desirable, and convenient to the terries. Address A., box 1/JH4 Post ofllce. Board in Brooklyn.? a young gentleman desires to find a pleasant Room and go .1 tto ,r.i, in a de sirable part of the city of Brooklyn convenient to the Wall s'reet terry. Address, with full particulars. E., Herald office. Board in Brooklyn-one pleasant front Room, furnished or nufurnished ; also two hall Rooms, in f li** house of a Mnall family; bath ?n the house. Apply at 77 Clinton street, one door from Livingston. Terms mode rate. Board in Brooklyn.? single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives can obtain Board and plea sant Boo ins by applying At AS Concord street. The location is desirable, being near Fulton fern*. Gentlemen at the Navy Yard will find this a convenient location. References ex changed. Board in Brooklyn.- well furnished rooms for a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, with Board, at 73 slate sir' et. Very convenient to\Vallstr<et or South ferry. All conveniences in the house and terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn.? desirable furnished Rooms, communicating, on first and third Hours, in a first elnss bo'ise. suitable lor a gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen, convenient to South orWallstr- et ferry. Diuner at C o'clock. Appiy at 137 Amity street. Brooklyn heights.? a very pleasant front Room and Bedroom, on second iloor, to le' to a gentle, man and wife? also, Rooms for single gent'em -n, at No. 5 Poplar street, within three minutes' walk of Fulton ferry aud eignt of Wall street. Board on Brooklyn heights.? handsomely lernished i'arloraud Bedroom to let to a geutieni in and wife or single "en'lernen, in a desirable 1 (.ration, convenient to the feri i< s. R*>*? -nee required., Apply at ii/2 ilenry st. Family bom-d.-a lady and gentleman want a neu ly furnished Parlor and Bedroom, with a good table, in a genteel private family, for which a fair price will be paid. Lo atlon to l?e between Fourth and Sixth ave nues, and not above Twonty-etehth street. KeCereucesex changed. Please address box l,l;i7 Post olUce, immediately, statins price uud accommodations. ?CIIPTH AVENUE BOARD.? TO LET, THREE PARLORS, J? on first Iloor, with fire, or six Bedi "ins on second iio ?r, all handsomely f mulshed; will be let a ?ksi ablo faniliy, wish private table, lor parliculais apply tj HOMER MORGAN, No. 3 street. f BURNISHED BOOMS TO LET? WITHOUT BOARD, TO single ^eirlemcn. In a pleasant lo.a:i ni, ? onvenient to Fifth Avenue Hotel; sin/rlv or in suits, wnb priv.l ?;?e in par lor; gas and lire; Rt pr. s to suit the times. Apply at til WeSt Twenty third street. IjirRNISIIKD ROOMS^IO LET-IN A SMALL l'RIVATE . family, with or without Board, convenient to all parts of tli1 city. Apply at 339 Fourth avenue. No other boarders. JIURNIfiHKD ROOMS TO LET? TWO OR THREE USM, tlrinen t* t>i room t' gether, will lind a i trgn front room, with pantry attached ami e??ry convenience form*. A' ply ai -J Latburlne street, Ik: ween Mud lien and Uemy *ti for three dkjs. Torms vi sry inoderme. HOTEM.ODf.INOS .-roMFOKTABLE SIHOLE ROOMS I mm $1 25 to gl SO ? week, or 'JO ceuta a nl^ht, at tlie I n' n Hoi' I, lift Hi iiici! Hticct, o irner of Thompson. M< uU lit nil houi'i. Open nil nlglit. Awommodntiuns for over ISO pernona. IA01E3 CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH ROOMS, J wltli or wHliout Board. A) plj at-S .iij Uioadwity. M1W. BL'SIINEUt? DEUGIITKULLY LOCATED AT ID Miirrny Hill park, has ? mlt of Rooms for * family, and alngle Room*. Tu? beatof r.-ieieme. MRS. WEST, 119 NINTH STREET, CAN ACCOMMO uate u fi:\v wn::lc gcnilemoii with wry pleaMnt Rooms mid full or partial Board. Dinner at >lx o'tloi k. Refer* nccs exchanged. \| AISON .MEUBLEE, 70 AND 72 WEST THIRTY i'l <'lnl"h *>r?ct.? Ro"m?, elegnntly I nrni'i.ed, or who." I ui:h k'teh^n, cellar ami yara; lion.'S new, tirst i lour story, high sloop, brown stone; common parlor. nwiU furnished ; eligible l'hyictnn'* VTO 5 E.VSl TIIIRTY1 I RftT STREET.? TO LET, WITH ^ > Boar- 1, just vacated, a suit of Rooms on the t iir I Iloor f ' nit. In uii I'lejnnt brown stone house, with or ulihnut :>: vatp tnl.l ?, to a r lmlly or :? nt|?mru; also two ?ingi? R'.mui . I Rt ference requited. Dluuct at * u. BOARDING ASTD LflDOISO. Pl.K,W\Nl' FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOAHD, suitable fur a gentleman and wtfe, or two slniilo f* n ' lc ? in n. luxation very de.ilr.hlc, Terms reK'ominle. T o bouse h i* all the modern li i.irov inrniii, Koleieucea ox? changed Apply at idt) Wi I ;>t .1.1 ; twit. Twn OBMTUUm WI !t \ rVSMtlBBD room-< wlt'i or without Hoard, below Caual street. Addrese, with f?H particulars, U. It , Herald THREE HALL BEDROOMS TO LET? WITH FIRST class Hoard, on ui" lerate terms, nt No. 4 Willow street, Brooklyn, tbive minute*' w.tlk from Fulton ferry. rno i .e r? to a gentu.mvn and lady, a i,abgb X neatly furnished front on so on-l lie 'or, with ikllr Hud wali'ivloMi'i attached, with ilourd lor the lady and itrNat Hud 1 1 if tli'-' nib-man If i ? 'julred; or willlol the Roota w Uhout board, fa 1 at 70 We Iloii-.ton s'r TO LET? WITH HOARD, AT 89 CIINTON PI,ACT? (EUI::li strori ), a few doors u e?t of Fifth a\ cnut, a varji doclrable furnished Room on the gerund floor, front, wltE large pantries attached, with hot aud cold water; also, iwo kinyl)' li in for gentlemen. rpo LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, WITH OR I without Board, one or morn of the j I, u~??ii t?'t?t Rooms In tlii' cliy, to gentlemen only Inquire ai fit! West Fourteenth ?tri'i t, *outlnvesl < urner of Sixth avenue. mo LET? WITH OR WITHOUT BO.UiD? TWO SOITS A ol Furnished It uis in ilia neat collate No. 57 East Twenty seventh itrwt, rno LET FOR BOARD? A MODERN FOUR STOItY .1. Homo, purllj rumi, hod; will be rented t > n i n|>orlabl? and res) on i'do i -arty, i ud i<ut received In H ir.l lortbrea adulu, I i'iuoii Twenty-second street, near Lexington ave nue. Addr 1 Or. Giles, Station D, Ull-le House "\T8RY PLEASANT FRONT AND BACK ROOMS TO V lot, to |i"nU?lnail untl wile or slnglo gonilenii u, with oi* without Ilo rd. Dinner .it d o'clock. Term* model tile. Call li t 111 \N i.-t I nil ecnili street. WAR IflD'ES.? A PRETTY FURNISHED FRONT >T Room, large, to let, with full Boar', f ir 510 per week; aiso on" adJoiu(ug for SO. and mm for ?1, l or a > eni]eui'iu. House ilvat class. No li t Went Twenty-sixth street. TtT ANTED? uy A GENTLEMAN, A GOOD SIZED f 1 IIiHim, anally furnished : lire, hreskl'ntu aud ten; located between Broadway and Nialli uven e, and Ainttv and Twen tieth street*. w lib a respectable family, having but few oihtr boarders. Addrss* box A, 188 Post, with o rum. WANTED? BY A WIDOWER AND 1IIS LI'ITLE HOY, Tf agi'd cevi-n, Board with aon.e renin < uM - widow or Kiiiull family. Ills nioaua arc very limited, ami li ? wishes a d out, eon, fortablo home, Addn ?? K. II. E , box lllfi He rald ifllce. 3r EAST TWELFTH STREET.? XjADIES AND (JEN '} tle'iirn ileal line Hoard for the winter, will ilnd uood Ho 'lo.-i ami aiibommod:. lions at Hi.' ahovo desirable home ami loiMiioii, Imluga fow doors west of Broadway HeferenrcK, e\< lumped. O-rUNTON PLACE (EIGHTH STREET), WEST OF Oil Broadway.? One ur two gi-otleim n can obtain front Room* wiili all the modern Improvements, w.tli or without Board, In a private l.imlly. Terms reai-onaMo. 3C AND S7 WERT THIRTIETH STREET ? ONE OR ?> two aelect families and two or three gentlemen i :in now Ih< 'ccommodated with suits or single Rooms, In one uf the n<os, dellghtfal locations; the homes are U' w aud newly furnished, situated between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Table (list clui S. Kefrruuccs exchanged. ^?1 EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET, NEAR MADISON Tl avenue. ? l'arlors aud Bedrooms, elegantly furnished, to let, with Board, to families nr slii 'lo gentlemen of bluh re. speeiabillt*, by a small, select family. Also Library Room, for l'hysldans. A Q WEST TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH *?0 and Sixth avi iiues ?A private family, oeeupylng a first class house, coiiUituiiig all the modern lm; r ivemeuts. will let a few handsomely furnished Rooms, lu suits nr single, to gentlemen, wllh breakfast If required. A Q OLINTON PLACE (EIOIITII STREET), WEST OF xO Broadway.? To lot. with Board, two largo, well fur nished Rooms, with |>aiiti'ie<, on the sccknm] iloor. Also,* small Room on the third Iloor. with bath and gas. ! SC EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET? A VKRY FINE ?JU suit of Rooms, Willi a great deal of closol i <>om, to let, with Board. House first class. Termi moderate. Refe rences exchanged. Q1 CLINTON PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE. ? ONE OX or two gentlemen can obtain a pleasant Room, with or Without first class Beard. Reference* given uud rei|iilred. QQ GREENE 8TREET, ABOVE SPRING? ALSTON tJ O Hoiisn.? Elegantly furiilslied si. Its of Rooms, withgaa, Crolon water and every convenience for bousekeeplng eco nomically; particularly suited for small, reapectable families. Rent low. Q7 FT. MARK'S PLACE -BOARD AT ?S AND $1 PER ?7 I week, for gentlemcg and wives or ,-lnglo gcuilemcn. H use contains all the modern Improvement*. 1 Oft NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? OENTI.E X*/'J men and their wives or single gentlemen can be ac commodated with co d Board and pleasant Rooms on mode laieternis. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Abo a large back Parlor on first floor to let. References exchanged. 130 THOMPSON STREET. ABOVE PRINCE.? TO let, furnished Room*, wilh everything suitable for housekeeping. in a private house, and the usual renta to r, apectable per* ins only. 1 I A WAVERtEY PLACE.? A FEW BINIH.E OEN .1 I ? t tlcmen can be accommodated w tli good Board and pleasant Rooms; convenient to cars and stage*. Dinner at 6 ' ?!< >uk. Reference* required atnt given. 1 ED PRINCE STREET.? 8T. CLAIR HOIgE.-BLE J?J') gantly 1'urnMhed Poems, with Bedroi ms attached, with all the convenience* for housekeeping complete, includ inu" ga* and Crn'.oa water, to let to respectable families or hlnulu gentlemen. 17/' BLEECICER STREET. SIX BLOCKS WEST OP I ( U Broaduar. ? A new h'> ise, with all t'f modern in> "tncnio ? pleasant Room*. with excellent Board, Horn $3 to ft per week. Breakfast 8 to 8. Dinner at I'M and & 9/]0 WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET, NEAR SEV tU ?) -J enth %v"nc.? The second story fruit suit of R iouih to let. wltli Board; they are liandfoniely furnish d; tlm In, use ha* ail I lu; mod' rn improvement-, and tbo location Is unexceptionable. OAS WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET.? FTRNISHED Lj " ""J Rooms to let, with Buai d. lor a gon'ieiuan and family ; iiNo for single gentlemen. Dinner in to M, lie ferei f"? exchanged. Of A ELM STREET-JACKSON llOLHE.-Tllli MOST jUL'J comfortably and conveniently furnished Apartment* In tl.c city, to meet tin: wants of an, nil fani Iks, with every requisite furniture, clean linen, cooking ratine and utensils. ga? and Crotou water. 70,4 BROADWAY. OPPOSITE WA VERLEY PLACE.? I JT Suit" nt Parlors, with Bedrooms attached, to let to gentlemen only, with or without boaid, at very low rate*. /'A Q BROADWAY- PUNTERS' HOTEL-PERSONS ') j O wishing permanent or transient Board, will lltnl el' (j.nitly i urniahed K< oms fi r ! ami lien or single gentlemen, as abore. limine t!i-?t i lass, good table, ar.d price* very rea sonable lirilie wiiiicr. Dinner at tf. A1 HOTELS. I, WON HOTEL AND HOARDING IIOI BE, M5 HUD j ?. -on street, corner of Cbnrlt'S.? Room* In suits or sin gle, wi:h or without Unard. Single persons from Si to $8 59 per week; married, from $7 f<u to $11. Rooms only, from $1 to to M per week. Use of bath", gas. Ac. T. LAMBERT, Prprlctcr. ET DE L'UNION, HO. 30 O'REILLY STREET, HAVANA, (old number ill)), Situated In the centre of tli" elty, t ear the Dominica and Pla/.a de Armas. This old and well known Hotel U one of the most popular and must patron l/.ed by stranger* coming to Havana, from lis proximity to the places of business and amu ?jement. The table is iiirulslied III the best atyle, sutlicient to satisfy Ilia most fasti Jious tast ?. PROPOSALS. ?VrOTICE TO W RECEEE8.? PROPOSALS WIEL BE IX re, clved for rui-ing a sunken e, al barge, containing about 130 tons of coal, Ijlug In about twenty-m o feet of wa ter, at low tide, at foot <>f North Scci.n 1 1 treet, Brooklyn, E. D. Address James C. Harriott, No. 70 Wall street. OFFICE OP THE WATER COMMISSIONERS.? CITY Hall, Jersey City, Nor. II, 1801. Sealed proposals will be received by the Water Commissioner* of Jersey City until Monday, Dec. 10 next, at 13 o'clock M.. lor furnishing and laying about 1,000 IV to! "A inch east iron water pipe across the llaekensack river and on the bottom of the same. Bid ders to furnish ptaus for the construction and laying of the pipe. All necessary inlormatlon In regard to the work can be obtained at Mils office. R. C. BAC'UT, Supt. and Eng. PPOPOSALS FOR #280,000 OF THE CROTON WATER Stock of the City of New York. ? (etiled proissils will be received at the Comptroller's office until Friday, I)o:>m her 20, lSGl. at 2 O'i 1 ?k I' M., when the ratin- will be pub licly opened, for toe who!o or any par > f t!n sum ol two hundred and Qfty thousand dooms ($ZS0,(t<J0) *f the Croton water flock of tfie city i f New Yo k, atit' rl/' d by eliiyiter ; 7 1 of the laws ot IWiO, and - amruded tiy cli.tpt r 161 of thn laws of 1861, and liyanord nance o r the Common Council, i.pproved liy the Mayor October 4, lSfil, for increasing Uu* supply of Croton water, A i The said sto-k w ill bear Interest al toe rate of six per cent per annum, parable qi a.'ter-y, arly. and tli" principal will bo redeemable on'tho Dt day ol Novmnliei, Ksj. The proposal* will ?tat" the amount of steek desired and the prfee perooohundf, I dollars thereof; and the persona whose proposals are accepted will be req iir"l to de|Kislt With the Coamberlaln of thn city, within >lx dnys after tun opening or the bids, the sum awarded to t, em res|wctive!y. On presenting to Ae Comptroller the riveipu oi the Cham terialu for *ucl? depoelbf, i he parties will be entitled to re ? eive ceriiiicatos foreqiia' ninount* Of the i ur value of tha ?lo> k, beating linen stfi oin the date oi pa.vmeiifte. (Each proposi.lon s'eadd be si iled andeud' i ' u "Proposals lorOroton water s.ockot tha city of Mow York," ainl thn nclosed In a second envelope, addressed to the Conip. l' V ' gM Is reserved to reject any or all of the bid -. If con st lead u .'cessary to prol* i i p.oniote the intereata oi tuo cltv. IIOBT. T. HAWS, (' inptro'ler. t v of Kow York, Dcpnrtmeat ot t'luanoe. CuaioUoller'* Oflb ? , Nov. 19, 1 -01. FIOPOSALS FOR FRESH BEEF.? PPECIfJCATtONS f ? s ?.pplying tha Department of Put :i- < n tlua and it -et Inn ? i h Fresh Beef, for oac year, commencing on tho ?I January, 18(3, .nay iMobtno:, ,i, and ill Inloruiailon luriiished, on appllcnlioll lo th" Coinuuisloie at their offlicNo. I Bonil street. Fropo i Is received mini - o'ch>ciC 1*. M.,I) eenibcr2, next. M. DRAPER, President. SPORTISW. I^OH 8ALE-A LITTER OF Pt*P5?; THE I>< iO IS TnB " n-plicw ol tho Lion of the Arctic, nnd the slut is a full bred Newio tudUnd. To be sold at 117 East Fyrty-finrt street, betweeu Third and I^xlngton avenues. JOHN SOBECK. 339 BOWFRY. OFFERS FOR SALE all kinds of talking nnd sin^lu ? Blifls, fatiev 'ndcom nion Pigeons, choice puttein t'.' s, bnest bred Uogqand tame Monkeys; also Medicine fordog*! advice trails. VTEWFOLNDLAND DO, S.-SI.V PURE BREED NEW i-v fonndlaml Pups for ule, warranted thoroughbred si* weeks old. Appljr at 189 SUth avenue, corner of Thirteenth street. kestauramtsT ' OYSTER"!? THE BE;' ' STEWS, THE FINEST ROASTO the largest Fries, and the mammoth Saddle R ? ks can alw ys be loiind at LIMBY'S. 130 Knltou street, near tho Hers d o.n - . N. P.? Oysters opeued without crackian, thereby aioiding me piece* of ibcll. ar

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