Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1861 Page 2
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THE SLIDELL AND MASON AFFAIR. The Law of Nation* on tl\e Snbjecti LETTER OK BON. W. B. LAWKKNCK. TIk following uotu from the Hon. Willium Hooch L?w renoe, the accomplished editor of "Whoa ton's Taw of Na tions," has been handed us for publication by ilia portion to whom it wan addressed. Considering the source from which it cmanatod, it wlil be road with interest at the present tirna: ? OtDRR Point, Nov. 18, 1S01. Mv Dsar Sir ? When 1 saw you yesterday I supposed that Messrs. Slidell and Mason 1m l been tnken from a Bri tish steamer In llriliHh waters, thai is to nay, within a murine loague of tiio shore of a Hritisli island, in such cuso tliolr seizure would have boen as objeetionable os if made on the laud , and a gross violation of neutral righu. . . Even at sob, no nation , whether in peace or w&r, has a right to execute its munioi|>al laws on board of the slujis of another country , and, consequently, no arrest could there be made ot tho Confederate commissioners for high treason. An attompt by England to search our ships, in order to Impress hor seamen, was the principal cause of the war of 1812. Hut though, as wo contend, there can be no visitation or search in peace, during a war the right exists, limited, where the flag covers tho goods , to casos of contraband, including tho carrying or despatches and the transporta tion of troops, and other ai ts aiding the oneiuy. The carrying of enemy's despatches, except perhaps inci dentally, as iti postal stoamers, or from Ministers actually accredited in a neutral country is even a ground for con fiscating the vessel itself. Though the United Slates have not In all respects avowedly conceded belligerent rights to the Confederate States, yet tho blockade, so far at least as regards foreignors, can be maintained only by the fact of the existence of a civil war. The British atid French proc amaliona of noutrality fully recognise such war. Our cruisers, therefore, possess, on the high 8 as, the le gitimate right to search neutral merchant vessels for con traband, \c,, and even to capture them for a vio'ut iou of neutrality. Nor does tho character assumed by Messrs. Slidell and Mason affect tho case. Even were the Confe derate Stales reoi.g umed by the l'owera to whom these Minister* were sent, tho United States would have a perfect right to obstruct their paasage. In the opinion of Lord Stowell, though the point was not necessary to the decision of the oaae before him, there is no difference in principle In carry ingofflcers of the enemy , whether they bo in iho civil or military service. Moreover, if to carry u veteran general would subject a neutral to confiscation, tho inju ry, which might accri.e to the cause of the United Stales by the arrival in Europe of these Commissioners, would authorize in their case the most extreme measures con sistent with the rules of international law. There Is only one view which, supposing that the sol sure was made beyoud the marine league, would seem to Justify a complaint from England. I know not how the facts are. Not only must the search not be made in neutral waters, but a belligerent has no right, even as against another belligerent, to make the neutral waters, by watch ing the enemy therein, subservient to the purpose of war. I write this note to avoid any misconception of my re marks lust evening, as woll as lo allay auy apprehensions of difficulty with England growing out of the course pur sued by Commodore Wilkes. Yours, truly, Hon. W. P. SHivnXLD, M. C. W. B. LAWRENCE. LETTEK OF OKOKOE Kt'MNKH. Boston, Nov. 18, 1801. Mr Dear Sir ? I hasten to reply to your letter drawing iny attention to the arrest by Commodore Wilkes, on board the British steamer Trent, of Messrs. Mason and Slidell, who were proceeding to Europe with tho title of ambassadors of the rebel States, and asking my opinion of the legality of that act and its probable consequences . The act of Commodore Wilkos was iu strict accordance with the prlnelp'es of international law recognized in England, and iu strict conformity with Knglisli practice. For tho last statement 1 shall, further on, point out to you an analogous case, and, for the first, refer you to various decisions of Sir William Scott, and to all the ele mentary writers on the law of nations. Carrying ambas sadors , do ^patches or military persons for one belligerent, exposes the neutral vessel performing this service lo the ?am* penalties as when carrying articles contraband of war. The persons seized on board tho Trent were simply ?'contrabands." The right in time or war of every ua tional belligerent ship lo search for contraband all ves sels except armed national ships of another power, his never been denied by any authority ou either side of the Atlantic. Those who have energetically protested against the use of this |>ower in time of peace have admitted the full existentfb of the right in time of war. The question to be solved is, it seems to me, simply this: "Are the robela belligerents 't Are we at wary" And therefore entitled, under the law of nations, to avail oursolvoe of the belligerent right of search. Hi is question, so far as England is concerned, is an swered by the Queen's proclamation, which, issued after tall debate in Parliament, recognises this rebellion us a war, and recognises both In those who ar* engaged in fo menting and in repressing it, the charactor and rights of belligerents. This proclamation, though received with a certain petulance in some quartern, was in strict accord ance with Ibe principles which Hautefeuille and all the best authorities on international law propound for the J conduct of neutrals ; and in strict accordance also with our practice as that I* developed by Chief Justice Mar shall iu the case of the Santissima Trinidad. (7 Whca ton, 283.) The proclamation of Queen Victoria warns all her loyal subjects against " conveying officers, soldiers, despatches, arms, 4c. , 4c., for the use or service of either of the con tending parlies,"? declares that1' they will do so at their peril and of their own wrong " ? and threatens them with penal consequences under municipal law and the law of nations. According to the law of nation* the Trent win doubly ltablu to capturo: ? 1. For carrying uuamiM' despatches. a. Fur tlie net of tbe purser in refusing to exhibit tb? ship's papers to tbe boarding officer. And she was again, by English practice, liable to cao ture for carrying a hostile ambassador. In illnstraMoa of this last proposition, let me draw your attention to a case which presents many joints of analogy with that uhder consideration, and which is in Usolf In teresting. During tbe war of the Revolution, Henry Laurens, former President of Cons rest, was sent as Minister to Holland, with instruction* to secure the recognition of our independence, to concludo a treaty, and to negotiate a loan in that country. He remained a long time at Charles ton , seeking means to reach his destination, and Anally, in February, 17*0, went on bonrd the Adrians, a fast sail ing brigantine, the master of which engage ! , in spite of the British fleet, to carry him to Martinique. It was not until August that he toolc passage for Holland in a Dutch packet, the Mercury. In a letter to Congress, written on board the British frigate Vestal, .September, 1780, and which may be found in .Spark's Diplomatic Cor respondence of the Revolution, Vol. 2, p. 461. laurens anuouncos the capture of the packet when three days out ? tho seizure of his papers ? hiB arrival on board the Vestal at St. Johns, Newfoundland ? and the order of the Admiral commanding to send him. his Secretary, aud the captain of tho packet as prisoners to England. Holland was then a neutral power. Arrived in England, the question arose in the British ministry whether Laurens should be treated as a prisoner of war or a traitor, aud tho result whs that he was com mitted to the Tower, on the charge of high treason, under a warrant signed by the three Secretaries of State, Lords Btormont, Hillsborough and O. Germaiue. This ' as;; shows the practice of England in regard to belligerent ambassadors and the neutral packets v. bid) carry them. After the surrender of Yorktown, Laurens was put on the footing of apnsonor of war aud exchanged for Lieu tenant Geueral I*>rd Cornwallis. Although the practice of tho English Prize Courts would have fully justitlod Com. Wilkes In capturing, and our own Prixe Courts in condemning the Trent, yet it is to be hoped the forbearance of that gallant ofllccr will be ap proved by our govei nmetit, in c nsideration of the many innocent passengers on board tbe steamer, who could not, without groat inconvenience, have been turned from their dest iiiation. Such forbearance merits the gratol'ul ac knowloilgement of tbe British government. I have said that by tho law of nations ths Trent was liable to capture for two causes. The second of those natn 'd is admitted by all the authorities; the most accu rate and thorough of modern writers on international law, Hautcfeuille, admits the tlrst a9 ground of capture with certain limitations. In his great work, "Des Droits et des Devoirs des \outres," t. II, p. 402, he says: ? "Two publi cists whom I have quoted, Wbeaton and Ortolan, adopting tho opinion of the English judges, look upon th< transport of despatches by a nejtral as an act quite as grave as the transjiort of troops, aud us leading to the coniiscatlon of the neutrul vessel. 1 cannot except this opinion In its full extent." The exception which he makes is in favor of a mail |?acket, charged with a regular postal service between neniral ports. thut the mail packet shall be exempt from seizure if It carry ambassadors or contra band of war , for one of the belligerents ? nor does lie deny its Jentire subjection to the right of search ? but lie considers that being by the nature of its service oblige ! to take all letters offered, tho packet ling not comtnittod an act of war, drawlugafter it confiscation, If, In ill ' vast number of letters it carries, there should be some war despatches. And he adds, If the principle ot the English Admiralty Courts should be admitted, "the most |K>wer ful belligt'-reDt would soon have the monopoly of the mari time corrps|?judeiice of the whole world." Hauicfeuille is a safe authority for us to follow. His reasoning here is cogent and! sugKestive; and it furnishes another ground of justification of Com. Wilkes, for allow ing the Trent to pass on her way. ?Yon ai?k how the act of Com. Wilkes will be viewed in Kn^iaud. Englishmen will, 1 believe, remember that one oi the > arliest d< eds of this rebellion was u brutal insult to th'-ir llag'in the rebel port of Savannah. They will re member that an English shipmaster, Capt. Yaughan. of Ijmriou, was seized on board his ship by the "Regulators." "Rattle nakes,'' or someotherof the constituted authj rltiesof that town, charged with having given a dinner to the c; lored stevedore I hen at work for him , torn from the mile of his wife, cruelly maltreated, tbon tarred and fsatbered , while hi- proclained himself a Itritiih subject, aud pointed in vain to the meteor Hag of England waving over his h-ad. Englishmen will remember that Jenkins, when undi r torture by the Spaniards, "commended his soul to his >.od and his cause to bis country," and that a bloody war with Spam followed. They may regret that, unliko Jenkins. Capt. Vauihan lias not yet found a country to avenge turn. They may regret this delay . They may regret that their govern, tnont has not asked permission to pass th<- blockade with n fleet of iron clad gunboats, to try conclusions with Fort 1'i.laskl and bombard Savannah. Tbev can ouly had v t:i joy ths arrest of the ambassadors of thofo who at lb- very outsat of this war, outraged at the same mo inent every seutiinent of humanity atd ths honor of ihe llrltisli flag. Tho uuexpiated crime at Savannah, ar.d ih'! forbearance t>f Coin. Wilkes in not enforcing English precedents ngainst the Trent, may well be taken n? representative < irapl<-s of th? vkpraoler i?id ijoqdu-j ol the two 1 bel I ,erenn" Believe mo. deJr sir, faithfully yours, GEORGE SI MXER. JACKSON LIGHT ARTILLERY. A regiment is now organizing with the above designs 'ion,of which a portion is to be drilled as a rocket bat L>-ry. The Colonel is Edw?rd Murray. It is now en near E.vst X?w York. IMPORTANTJ^SmPOWNERS. Alleged Obstruction of Navigation lath* Km! River? Injunction Granted. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURT. Nov. 21. ? United States n. Utnry JtMgfflet.?HmMOM, C. J. ? Tlia bill In died by the government in this ease, to restrain the defendant from obstructing the froe naviga tion of the East river, and thereby seriously iuterfuring with ingress and egress to and from their Navy Yard at Brooklyn. The government purchased the site of the yard on the &tst river, and obtained from the State a cession of tho Jurisdiction some sixty years ago, and have since expended upon it millions of dollars, suid to amount to live millions, in erections and improvements in titling it for the uses and purposes lor winch the purchase wus made. The defendant is the owner of a lot of land lying adjacent and west of tho yard, fronting also upon the river, and has procured from the Commissioners of the Land Office of the State a deed of tho land In front, covered with water, extonding Into the rivor botwoen six and seven hundred foct. The boundary line of tho parties is not at a right angle with the thread of the river, but strikes the shore in an oblique directiou. Tho general coui so of tho rivor at this place is nearly oast aud west, and the course of tho boundary lino, and which is extended into the river, is north forty two degrees and thirty minutes east , the effect of which is to carry tho line thus extended Into the water across a part of the water frontago of the Navy Yard ? which, as claimed, when the docks are erected, as contemplated by tho defendant, will interfore with the freo ingress und egress of vessels, aud otherwise seriously impair the use of the yard, aud will also have the effect to alter the channel of the river, and of the waters of the Wallabout Bay, by the deposits of silt and sand, and rendor access to tho yard difficult und h'tzaiNious. The grant to the defendant by the Commissioners was made under an act of tho State, passed April 10, 1850, which authori/od them to grant land under waters of navigable rivers and lakos as they may deem necessary to promote the commerce of the State, or projier for the beneficial enjoyment of tho same by the adjacent owner ; 11 but no such grant/shall be made to any person other than tho proprietor of the adjacent lands ; and any such grant that shall be made to auy other person shall be void." In our judgment the true construction of this statute is, that tho grant of tho water lots, authorized to be made to the adjaceut proprietor of the land, must be confined to a line .-darting at the intersection with the shore, and ex tending at a right ungle with the thread of the stream, or at a right angle into the lake, without any regard to tlio courso or direction of tho line upon thu land. It is appareut that this is the only construction upon which the intent aud purpose of the statute can bo carried into effect. The case in hand illustrates the practical difficulty attending auy other construction. Ihe government, as well as the defendant, is an adjai'ent propi i 'tor within the meaning of thu sta tulo, and is entitled to the grant of water lots in front, or, at least, no other party is entitled to it aocording to Its express terras. Aud yet, the grant to tho defendant, If allowed, has already appropriated a considerable portion of this very water frontage. We shall, therefore, restrain tho defendant from erecting his dock upon any portion of tho water lots granted lying east of a Hue drawn from the intersection of his eastern line with the shore, in con formity with the interpretation given to the statute, as above explaiuod. And even with this modification we shall not at present interfere with tho preliminary Injunction, inasmuch as wo are not sufficiently advisod from the proofs in the case that, with the line drawn in conformity with the true moaning of the statute as above given, and the ducks to be erected confined to the remaining portion of the grant , the eltect would not he to seriously interfere with the fair and full enjoymeut of tho rights und privi leges belonging to tho government as proprietors of the Nav.v Yard. The lurge amount of money expended in its erections and improvements, as well as its great public importance and use, and the danger of imperilling them, lead to caution and hesitation upon a question involving all these considerations. A mistake might result in a pub lic calamity. Boforo, thoreforo, we shall interfere with tho preliminary inunction heretofore granted, the case must go before a Master, pro hoc vice, which we shut! ap point, to inquire into tho effect of the dock to bo erected, even with our modifications stated, upon the free ingress and cgio.-a of vessels to and from the Navy Yard. Board of Kducatlon. THE PROPRIETY OF INTRODUCING MILITARY TRAININO IN 01' R COMMON SCHOOLS ? SOMETHING TO INTEREST LOCAL TRUSTEES, ETC. This Board met on Wednesday afternoon. Several peti tions and communications were offered, and referred to tho proper committees. The Committee on Appeals reported in favor of rein stating Miss Mary A. Mcllugh ? who was dismissed by the local trustees of the Stxtn district on the 24th of June last ? iu her former position as first assistant teacher of Primary school No. 23. This report was the occasion of a long and stormy debate as to the propriety er legality of the Board of Kducat ion acting in the matter at all ? whether the local School Trustees wero not vested with full powor to oither employ or dismiss teachors. It was finally decided ? it having been ascertained that the lady in question did not receive any copy of tho charges for which she was dismissed, before or after her dismissal ? that tho Board had full power in the matter, and the fol lowing resolution was adopted: ? Resolved, That Miss Mary A. McHugh, late first assist ant teacher in the primary department of Ward School No. 23, in the Sixth ward, and who was dismissed from said position by the trustees of said ward, on the 21th day of June last, be, and she is hereby, restored to said position, with pay, from the said 24th day of June, as if no dismissal had taken place. Professor Gibbs, who is at present a member of the Sanitary Commission at Washington, by appointment of the President, got a unanimous leave of absance from his duties at the Wee Academy. Several communications, two of which wore from Governors Sprague and Buckingham, urging the necessi ty of introducing physical training aud military drill into our common school?, wore received aud discussed. Ttioy were ultimately referred to a special committee, to be acted upon at the next meeting of the Board. Fire* In New York. tlRK IN CHAKLTON STREET. Bet'.vo>'U one aud two o'clock on Thursday morning a Arc was discovered in the bedstead manufaclury of Wil liam Elliott, in tho buildiug in the rear of No. 89 Charlton street. The ilremn were quickly at the premises and ex tinguished the lire bol'ore it extended to tlie adjoining property. The log* on the stock will be about $600 ; no insurance. The building Is owned by John Russell. It is damaged about $360; said to be insured. The tire, it is supposed, was tho work of an incendiary. KIKE IS URKEXE STREET. As the firemen wore returning from ilio above lire, at about twoo'clock, an alarm or (lrc was giveu from No. 129 Greene street, a frame dwelling, occupied by colored families. The tlames cx ten tied to the roof, which was de stroyed, together with the contents of the attic, before the tire whs extinguished. The tire \vt causod by the explosion of a fluid lump in the hands of Kliza Rrown. She lost all hor household effects, valued at about $50; uo insurance. The damage to tho pro perty of other tenants will amount to aboil $100. uo in surance. The building ia damaged about $200; uo in surance. FIRi: III SUVKOI.K STRUCT. Between lour and five o'clock on Thursday morning a tire broko out on the second floor ol building No. 173 Suffolk street, in the turner shop of Charles Rrodbach. The flames spread to the upper iloors and n of, and also to the fourth floor and roof of No. 171. The buildings are owned by Heyerle, (Iray Marshall. They are dam aged to the extent of about $",000; insured for $4,000 in the Rutgers, 1'acitlc aud Broadway Insurance Companies. The following is a list of (lie occupants and their losses: ? First floor, sawmill of Roichardt k Co.; damage by water alHiut $:;00; no insurance. Second floor, front room, A. Hulberstadt, turner; loss, $4oO. uo insurance. Part of the front room, Mr. Weri, machinist; loss, $200; no insurance. Rear room (where the fire commence I), Charles Brodbach, turner; loss. $2^>0; uo Insurance. Third floor, front mom, John (.ies golraann, tobacconist; loss, $100; no Insurance. Rack room, C. Kieselliach, turner; loss, $200; no ins nance. Fourth floor, unoccuplod. Building 171 ? Basement, J. Becherer, turner; loss, $50; insured in the St. Mark's In surance Company. Kirri floor, lager bier saloon, I'aul Kratt ; loss. $50. insured for $;i00 in the New Amsterdam Insurance Company. Second tloor, tithing rod manufac tory o( Eherhardt ? Seliwarzwaeld'r; loss, $^00, insured for$Soo in the lynox Insurance Company. Third floor, Isaac Straus, manufacturer of leather military accoutre ments; loss, $100; no insurance. Fourth floor, J. Gleids, musical instrument manufacturer; loss, $500; no insur ance. Tlie fire, it is supposed, was caused by combustion under the circular saw. I'nlted Btnte* Jlamlial'i Ofllce. THE rKISONEll'8 BY THE t'NiTKl) STATES Sllll* RHODE ISLAND. Nov. 21. ? The following is a list of the prisoners taken from (lie schoonurs Kzelda and Edward Rarnard, and sent to this port by the t'niled States ship Rhode Island:? AV iltlam Anderson Hicks, lateof the I'nited States Navy, resigned in March last ; una. a midshipman In the gradu ating class and commanded ih? Kzelda ; was a midship man in the Sumter when she rau tho blockade. James A. Watson, late a British army oflicer; Is a resi dent of Montreal, and claims to bo tho owner of the schooner Edward Barnard und a portion of her cargo; never has been to e.t; knows nothing of a vessel or of navigation, and claims to bo the commander. James A. Wright hails from Toronto, but is evidently from the North or Wcstei n States; says he was mate of the Edward Rarnard, but from appearances was in all probability hor commander. Charles A. Scott, ono of the crew < f the Kzelda, hails from Il?, s ton. William Johnson, one of the Ezelda's crew, hails from Greenwich, England. J. C. Buddendorfl'and William Thomas were discharged on parole, and wero accordingly sent on shore by the com mander of the steamer Sjuth Carolina. ARRIVAL OP THE HAItK Al'dUSTA. The slave bark ^tigusta, which arrived at tins port this morning, was surrendered to the custody of the United States Marshal. She was seized off Montauk by the Coast Inspector (Mr. King) of Greeuport. When taken she had niue men on board, one of whom, Mr. Grant, was acting as captain. The Inspector had no authority to detain the men, and they were released. The cargo of the Augusta was precisely the same as when she was condemned bore gome weeks ago. Thb Growixu Wnaar Crop ix Ohio, ? From Ml parts Of Ohio we learn that the growing wheat crop never looked butter at this season of the >o*r than now. ghou.u the winter prove favorable, the prospect fi r an abundant harvest is undoubtedly Haltering. The fall was remarkably favorable fur its growth, mil all was sown in proper season is now si firmly r-oied an I th<? ground so completely covered with the plant a.-; to enable it to resist the winter frosts without much tl.iinagi. ? WStcling 1'ras ? FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tucrhdat, Nov. 21 ? 6 P. M. The money market is very duU. Paper In ex tremely scarce; first clasa names pasaiea ya per ceut, and six is the general rate for call loans. The banks have large amounts to lend at seven, but And few borrowers. Foreign exchange is a shade firmer. The bant ers are asking 108% for their bills and refusing 108%. We hear of BalcB of mercantile bills at iu . The market is in that uncertain condition which may precede a sharp decline or an advance. This has been a field day for tho bears. Pursu ing their success of yesterday with boldness and skill, they offered stocks down this morning on se ? ers' options, until they succeeded in causing a de cline of 1% a 1 % per cent on the general Bpccu - tive list. It was noticeable that they were unw i ling to sell stocks in large lota for cash. They wore willing to contract for almost any amount for future delivery; but thoy did not aeem to have much of "the property" itself to dispose of. To what extent the manoeuvre may have frightened timid holders into selling it is difficult o say. The commission brokers generally report that their customers have not parted with t eir stocks; and with the single exception of the prospect of a diplomatic imbroglio with England, they seem to consider the data for a prognostic as to the market as being calculated rather to encourage buying than selling. The railroad earnings show a largo increase over last year; the money market is easy and bids fair to contiue bo; the financial and miliury position of the government justifies the belief that the rebellion will shortly be crushed out. To these elements may now be added the fact that there is a very large bear interost indeed, which has been much needed by the market for Bume time past. It is pret ty well known that tho outstanding bear contracts at the present time oould not be covered without causing an advance in prices. Pacific Mail and Panama? both representing properties which would be exposed to ruin in the event of war with England? wore greatly depressed to-day. Pacific Bold at 90? a decline of ten per cent in about a week At the first board Erio fell one per cent; Erie preferred, %; Central, %; Hudson, ^ Michi gan Central, 1; Rock Island, 1%; Toledo, %; Illi nois Central, %; guaranteed, %; and so on through out the railway list. Bank stocks were better: Park advanced 2 per cent; American Exchange was firm at the recent advance. The fnct that the profit on the government loan alone will give the banks a yearly dividend on their entire oapital seems to be attracting attention to bank stocks, which are nearly 20 per cent below their usual price. Governments and State stocks were ne glected, without change in price. At the second board stocks generally rallied % a % per cent, and the market showed more strength. At the close stocks were firm, the following being the last quotations:? United States 6's, registered, 1881 92% a 93; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 98% a %; do. 5's, 1874, 83% a 84%; Indiana 5's, 75 a 79; Virginia 6's, 47% a 49; Tennessee 6's, 42% a 43%; Missouri 6's, 43% a %; Pacific Mail, 91 a %; New York Central, 79% a Erie, 31% a %; do. preferred, 56% a 57; Hudson River, 37% a %; Harlem, 12% a %; do. preferred, 31 a %; Read ing 34% a %; Michigan Central, 49% a 50; Michi gan Southern and Northern Indiana, 17% a 18; do. guaranteed, 36% a 37; Panama, 115 a 116; Illi nois Central, 61% a %; Galena and Chicago, 71 a Cleveland and Toledo, 34% a 35; Chicago and Rock Island, 54% a %; Chicago, Burlington and Qulncy, 62 a %. After the board stocks were all better, the Western shares having risen % a % ^Government stocks have not shared the declino of the past day or two on the Stock Exchange. A real danger would apparently have affected them at leaBtas much as other stocks. That United States sixes have not fallen perceptibly since the announcement of the capture of Mason and Slidell is a matter of general congratulation. Whatever becomes of fancy stocks like Pacific Mail and Rock Island the price of government securities should be maintained; for, during the present crisis, that price is the measure of public confidence in the government of the country, and the gauge of the public credit. When the rebellion first broke out, the Board of Brokers, with a patriotism which did them credit, did not suffer United States stocks to be sold short. Within the past month or two this rule has been relaxed, and time sales of govern ments are frequently efl'ected by the operators whose fortunes would now be made by the ruin of the country. This is not right. Every offer to sell United States sixes short is ft stab at the pub lic credit, and a tender of substantial aid and com fort to the rebels. The Galena and Chicago Railroad has declared a dividend of five per cent, payable on 1st of January, out of the earnings of the past year. Tho receipts are increasing at the rate of about $7,.')00 per week. The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were *'.21,522,100 85, and the balaucca $1,221,180 03. The Sub-Treasurer has called upon the banks for another instalment of ten per cent upon the second $50,000 ,000 loan, payable to-morrow. This will make sixty per cent of the loan paid up. The business of the ofiicc to-day was as follows:? Total receipts. . . . ? For cnstomH... ? Treasury notes .$l,<m,079 19 122.000 00 1*1,721 30 I 1'aymeDts* including re leomed 6 pr. c. notes. 1,811,742 73 Balance 7.443,7?1 15 A convention of the banks of Wisconsin was hold at Milwaukee last week, at which about lifty of the country banks of the State were represented. The following preamble and resolutions were adopted Whereas, a fow of the bankers of this State have failed to provide for the voluntary redumption or their notes, in accordance with the resolutions of the Bunkers' Asso ciation in September last, and have given no indications of their intention to comply with the amended hanking law, which takes effect on the 1st of December pros. Resolved, lhat the hankers' committee shall proceed to wind up rtich hunks as fail to make agreements for re demption, according to law, on tho 1st ot December next, ho as to rotire their circulation at par; aud that the cost of making up any deficiency of expenae that may so arise bo paid out of funds now in the hands of said com mittee, an '. o it of funds to be provide I by an assessment on tho other current banks, and that au assessment of one per cent on tho capital of said hanks be now required to be paid into tho hands of said committee, lor the pur pt^iiC'ore'sal'V vi /- ? Resolved, That the notes of all banks now current be received and paid out as currency, on an equal footing up to the 1st of December next, and that after that date tho notes of banks so failing to redeem w ill he returned to the barker*' committee, to be retired as above provided; oxcept the notes of Hank of Porlage, Dodge Cotmty liank aud Waupun ttauk. Resolved , That if in the opinion of the bankers' com mittoe it shall become necessary to make a temporary re duction in tho volume of the currency, thoy are Hereby Ul.thoi i/vd to make a requisition on tbebanka of the State to retire such a per ceutage of their currency as may be requisite, and so furnish exchange for the present fevorish demand. The Portland Duck Company received orders October 21 for 50,000 yards, which they were una ble to supply, as tho capacity of their mills i* taxed to their fullest cxteut, turning out about 3,??00 yards daily, to till previous State contracts for furnishing duck for tents and wagon covers for the army. The Lewiston Falls Manufacturing Company are running at full speed on a government contract of blue cassimores and flannel. The contract includes all the goods that the mills can manufacture up to the 1st of January. There are seventy mills in N'ew England now engaged in manufacturing cloth for the govern ment, and the value of the goods is $20,000,000. The Newburyport HeroUl says that the Ocean Mill will start up on a short time one week from to-day. They have recently added to their raw material by the purchase of a part of the (Jlobe's cotton. The Globe is not likely to run this winter. The Lowell Citizen says that it has been decidcd to start up the entire works of the Mcrrimac Cor poration an soon aa the necessary repairs of ma chinery, now under way, can be completed. One or two mills will probably start up next week, and others in the course of two or three weeks. This corporation, when ftilly under way, employs about 1,700 females, and between 700 and 800 males. Stock K: $1000 US 6's,'71,cou. 85% ?201)0 do 85 % 1000 Ohio 6'a, '70. . . 08)2 1000 III Canal r?i< bg. BOX 1000 111 cou bd?,'77. 82% 2000 Mich 6'8, '79.. 82 1000 Mlohittfin ?>'*. . . 82% 1000 4i Carolina 6's.. 80 1^000 Missouri O's... 43 % 500 California 7 '8. . 81 X 2000C,B&QRR8pcbS 93% 1000 Clev& Tol ?l b?. 77% 6000 LE&W lm bds. 73 40 ahs Mechanlcs'Bk 92 13 Am Ex Hank. ... 85 10 shoo k Leath Bk. 87 10 Imp k Trad lUulc. 91 5 1'nrk Hank 07 455 N Y Contral KR. . 70% 100 do ;.s6 70tf 147 do 79* 50 do tw 79>i 12 do 70% 25 I'acllle M ill 88 Vm 92 106 do 91 ? 50 do b30 91% 50 do b30 01 X 35 do OIK 150 do 830 91 325 do 91 800 Erie RR s40 32 % 100 do 32% 100 do b30 32 % 450 do 32 % 150 do blO 32% 100 do bSO 32% 150 Erie RR prof'd... 57 X 150 do 57 X 60 do 58 60 do t.40 57% 160 Hudson River KR 38 % 60 do h80 38% 100 do b60 38% 400 Harlem RR 12 100 do b80 12% BKGOND 93000 US6'b, '81, rag 93 2000 U36's '81, cou 93 X 12000 Tonn 6 s, '90. . 43 15000 Missouri 6's. .. 43 % 6000 do b60 43 H 60<I0 Mich 8 lm bds 81|? 3000 Ter Hfc Alt lm 74 SOOOCto&Tol sfbds 77% 88 slii Mercb Ex Bk. 79 6 Hiuik of Com ... 83 185 1'aciflc MSSCo.. 90 25 do 00 X 35pm p A Trad Rank 90 18 Del & Hud Can Co 84 60 N Y Cen RR . . *80 78% 400 do 70 100 do 79 ^ 50O Erie RK.; 31% 200 do 830 31% 260 Hudson Ri v RK . . 37 % ichanitt Thursday, Nov. Jl, 1861. 100 ahs liar lum KK. U7 Ilk 100 Uorl?m RK prof. . 31% 25 do 32 10 do 81% 60 Mich Central RR. 61 X 100 do blO 61 250 do 61 60 do 50% 60 Chi,Bur &Q KKblO 02* 250 do 61% 20 do 62 % 300 Mich 8 & N I RR. 18 250 do 18 * 260 Mich So 4N I? s. 37^ 50 do k60 37 % 60 do b30 37 % 350 do 87%

200 111 Ceu RK scrip. . 61 % 800 do 61 % 100 do s60 61 100 do b30 61% 100 do 830 61% 200 do blO 61% 60 Clevo,Tul&('lu KK 08 226 Galena h Chic RR 72 K 10 do 72% 306 Cleve&Toledo RR. 35% 100 do slO 35% 260 do 830 35% 200 do 860 35% 1000 do 35% 300 do b60 35% 200 do k.'JO 36% 150 Chi k Rock I KK. 65% 150 do b30 66% 100 do 830 65% 100 do 830 56 300 do 55% 10 do 66 100 do b30 56 *4' 360 do 55% 150 do 1)30 55% 25 Mil & r du Ch RR 20% 26 do 20 BOARD, 100 8hH Hud Rlv RR.. 37% 20 Harlora RK 12% 100 Reading KR 34% 200 111 Chi RK scrip. 61 lOOClev k Hit KR... 12% 810 Mich Con IlK.. .. 49% 100 do 49 % 160 Mich S&NI gotk 36% 100 do 36% 10 I'anaina RR 116 60 Ual k Chi KK.816 70% 660 do 71 300 Clev & Tol RR. . . 34% *00 do 34 % 300 Chi k 1( Isl RR. . . 64% 100 do 1)30 64% 50 do *30 54% 50 do 64% 300 do 54% 50 Chi, Bu k Qui RR 62 CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Thursday, Noy. 21?6 P. M. Anita ? Sales of 40 a 50 bbls. ware mado at $5 50 for both sorts. Brkadstuffs. ? Flour ? Tho market was less active and buoyuut, and common and medium grades were 6c. perbbl. lower, wliilo the highor brands of extra were unchanged. The sales footed up about 16,000 bbls. , closing within the following range of prices: ? Superfine State $6 42 a 6 60 Extra to fancy State 6 60 a 6 86 Suporflno Western 6 42 a 5 50 Common to choice oxtra Westorn 6 86 a 6 76 Canadian 6 66 a 6 76 Southern mixed to good superfine 6 75 a 6 26 Extra do 6 30 a 7 28 Good to choice family do 7 25 a 8 00 Kye Hour 3 00 * 4 40 Corn moal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2 85 a 3 80 ? Canadian flour was heavy and lower grades easier, with sales of 1,000 bbls., closing at tho above pricos. Southern flour was heavy, while the sales embraced about 700 bbls., closing within the above range of quota tions. Rye flour was firm at our figures, with sales of 260 bbls. Corn moal was inactive and limited sales made of New Jersey and Brandy wine at our quotations. Wheat was hoavy and lower, and closed at a decline of lc. a 3c. per bushel. The market was active at the concession. The sales embracod about 260,000 btwhels, part to arrive, at $1 26 a $1 27 for Canada club, $1 40 a SI 47 for white Michigan, $1 37 a $1 46 for white Ohio and Indi ana, the latter figure for choice; $1 36 a $1 38 for amber Michigan, $1 80 a $1 90 for red West em, $1 30 a $1 36 for fair to choice red Western, tbe latter figure Tor ohoice quality: $1 27 a $1 28 for amber Iowa and Wisconsin, $1 23 a $1 24 for Milwaukee club, $1 23 a $1 25 for Racine spring and $1 21 a SI 24 for Chicago spriug. Corn wad active, while prices closed with firmness at yesterday's prices. The sales embraced about 226,000 bushels, a part to arrive, at 64c. (or in ferior, 66c. Tor the Eastward and at 66)<c. a 66c. for good Western mixed for export. Barley was steady, with sales of about 6,000 a 6,000 bushuls. Rye was firm. Comm. ? The market was quiet, and no sales of moment wero made, while holders wero firm. Cotton. ? The market was quite Arm, and in good de mand, with SAlee of 1,200 bales closing firm on the basis of 24 >jc. a 24>?c. for middling uplands. Kmsiuuth wero steady , at the recent advance for Eng lish, with a fair amount offering. To Liverpool 45,000 bushels wheat were engaged at 9d. a 9>?d. in bulk and in ship's bags ; 36,000 bushels com at 8\d. in bulk, and in bags at wf; 4,000 a 5,000 bbls. flour at 2s. 6d., 110 tons fustic at 20s., 100 lihds. tallow at 25s., and per steamor, 800 boxes bacon at 70SJ 300 bbls. pork at 10s tid., feOO i>acUagea butte,- al 80s., 1,000 boxes cheese at 80*. To London 36,000 bushels wheat wore engaged at 9%d. a lOd. , in bulk and bags, 2,000 bbls. Hour at 2s. iW. a 3s. , chiefly at the latter figure. To Glasgow 3C0 bbls. fiour were luken at 3s., and 6.000 bushels wheat, in ship's bags, at 10>?d., and 100 tierces lard at 32*. 6d. Wheat to Havre was -at 19c., and 10c. for flour. A British vessel with wheat was taken to a port in tho British channel at 12J. in bulk. Hay whs in good request, with sales of shipping lots at 70c. a 80c., anu for city uso at 75c. a 85c., according to quality. Hop.*.? Tho market, for new was firmer, especially for choice qualities, with some sales at 14c. a 22c., the latter figuro for cholco. Yearlings wore at 0c. a 12c., and other growths dull. The exports for the week have been as follows; ? To London, 309 bales; to Livorpool, 21 do; to Havre, 53 do. Total fur week, 383 do. Previously re ported, 15,890 do. Total since Jan. 1 , 10,273 do. Mot a?kb. ? A salo of 90 hhds. Cuba muscovado was made at '25c. Navai. Stores. ? Pal < s of 2,000 bbls. common rosin wero made at $6 25 per 310 lbs, which was uu advance, and 150 bbls. spirits turpentine were sold at $1 40. Oija ? Linseed was flrin, and city was selling in lots at 76c. Iho following weekly revlow of tho New Bed ford market is from tho Whaleman's Shipping List: There has been a good demand tor sperm the past week, and tho sales embrace 1,441 bbls. in parcels, 1,317 bbls. for manufacturing and SO do for export, all at f 1 20, imd 44 bbls. ?' blow standard" at $1 16 por gallon. Whale is also in good request, and the transactions have been with the trade and include sulos of 2,022 bbls. , as follows: ? 1,122 bbls., cargo of tljQ Uiack Eagle, at 4tJc.; 300 bbls. at 45c. per gallon and 1.200 bbls. at prices net transpired. 47 conts have boon offered for the Ansel Gihbs' cargo of Polar oil, but tbe ov, ners hold at 48c. per gallon. Provisions. ? Pork ? Iho market was more active, while tho sulos amounted to about 1,200 bbls. at $12 25 u $13 for mess, $14 a $14 50 for [ rime mess, and JS 00 a $!> for prime. Incli:dcd in tho sales wore 600 bbls. prime mess for future delivery at $14 50. Beef Was quiet, with sale- of ;i00 a 400 bbls. at $11 23 a $12 for repacked mess, and $13 a $13 50 for extra. Bacon was steady, with sales of 300 boxes at 6)<c. a "\e. lard was tlrru and in good demand, with sales of 1,600 bbls. and tierces at K '^c. a !?>jc., including 500 bbls., for Drcombcr and January de livery, at 9, '50. for cholco ?ity rendered. Cut meats were quint. Butter was in ;>ood request, with sales of g.od to choice State dairies at 17c. a 20c., and Ohio at 12c. a 14c. State cheese was at tic. a 7J?c. , and Ohio at 0,'3e. a ti,',c. Rick. ? Tho market was quiet, with a sale of 30 casks at 6}^c. a 7c. Stt<m? A sale pf 00 bags of pepper wore made at 11 i4c. , cash. Si;uaiis wore steady, with sales of 300 a 400 hhds. Cuba at prices ranging from T^e a ?'4c. icr reflnitig to prime grocery grades. Choice Cuba and Porto Rico goods were at 8Kc. a 9)^c. WmsxET. ? Sales of 500 bbls. were made at 20,'^c. a gOfrc. SHIPPING NEWS. Movementt ofOeean Steamers. PROM EtTHOrB. JVnmeit. Lmrri Datt. For New York Southampton Octu 30... New York United Kingdom ? Glasgow . .. ...Not 9... New York Fulton Southampton Nov 12. . . New York Etna Liverpool Nov 13. . New York ALMANAC row NKW VOHK? Tilts OAT. scn ri'v.8 8 5J 1 moon rises eve 9 09 BUN SETS 4 381 BIOS WATER n)om ll|2tS Port of New Tork, November 41, 1861. C LEARKD SteamsMpChampion, Wilnun, Aspinwall? D fl Allen. Ship Lookout, Sherwood, San Francis o? Sutton A Co. Ship A Stetson, Stetson, Liverpool? Nesmith A Sons. ship Margaret Evans, Warner, London? U E Jlorcan A Wiley. ttlifp Arcole, Crafts, Falmouth? Punch, Melncte A Wendt. Ship Anomla (Br), MeAllisler, Glasgow? Bdmiston Bros. Ship Charm, Jordan, Montevideo? Hrett, Son A Co. Bars Eleanor (Br), Kotheroe, Gloucester? Thos ltichard ?on A Co. Bark Nelson (Br), Cuthbert, Fleetwood? Punch, Meincke A Wendt. Bark Areihusa, Hooper, Elizabethport? Tappan A Star buck. Brig. I Moody (Br), Vickery, E.eler? Boyd A Hlneken. Brtg S B Johnson (Br), Shaw. Porto Rloo? Bojrd A Ulucken. Brig John Pierce, Hammond Newoort ? Master. Sehr Arctic (Br), P.u>lewald, Nansm? Jon Eneas. Schr On?ul?l (Br), Dolby. St Pierre, Mlq? U K Dewolf. Rehr Clifton, Norrl*, Halifax? J P Whitney A Co. Schr Funny, Malonev, St Andrews? J Prye A Co. Sehr Ocean Wave (Br), Plewolllng, St John, NB? P I Ne vlua k Son. S.'hr Alliance, Ireland, Baltimore? M Bedell. SnbrW Cape*, Van Name, Baltimore? Master. Schr Electa, Scott. Philadelphia ? Master. ehr I Rich, Crowell, rfcUadelfrhla? J Hand. hr M Vanderveer, Ireland, Philadelphia? M T.ftunyon A Co, Schr John Jones, Corson, Philadelphia. Bchr 1* 8 Hooper, Co wd rick, Toms Rlvei^-Masler. Schr Osauua, Johnson, Kllzaliethpoul? M??tor. Schr H K Dunton, Sherman, Portsmouth? U L Hatch. Sclir Emblem, Maker, Harwich? Mauler. Bchr Marietta, Oorham, Harwich? Master. Bchr fl Hudson, Lincoln. Boston? Master. Kchr Charm, Crowell, Boston? A Howes. Sulir Genoa, Bobbins, Boston ? Overton A Chase. Bchr Flora. Hall, Barnstable? Master. SchrG O Worthlev. Baker, Yarmouth? Master. Sohr Astoila, Wooster. Dauvers|>ort ? J W McKee. Scbr Angler,, Wareham? Master. Schr W D Mani(liam. Thrasher, Taunton? Master. Bchr Dart, Phillips, Taunton? Master. Rchr Christopher Columbus, lta' on, Providence? Master. Schr Surah Jane Gardiner, Newport? Master. Kchr Sterling, Hill, M?w Haven? Master. Kchr Corlnne M, Jones, Hartford ? Master. Kchr Parmer, Palmer, Norwalk? Brlggs A Co. Sloop Wurren, Stokes, New Haven? SO Btannard. Steamer Fanny Uarvln, Spencer. Philadelphia. ARRIVED. U B steam gunboat Curlew, Lieut Com Watmaugh, Hilton Head, SC. Nov 18, 8 AM. Was lowed to this port by steam ship Baltic, the machinery being disabled. When coinlugout effort Royal harbor saw a Br frigate bound in. J rrene h steam frigate Hcllone, Commander Le Peruse, Ha lifax, 4 days. Is tons burthen, 4S0 horse power, mounts 38 guns, aud nas a crew of 260 men. II B M steam gunboat Kacer, Commander Lyons. Cape Fear, Nov II. lOtn Inst, off Beaufort, spoke U 8 bark Bra ztiiera, cruising: 12th, lat M 40, Ion 74, spoke H B M steam frigate Immorlallte, hence for Port Koyal, SC. US revenue steamer Tiger, Capt J C Lowber, Qreenport, 1>1 (where she had gone lor the slaver Augusta). Steamship Raltle ( U S transport), Comatock, Hilton Head, fit?, Nov 18, with V 8 gunboat Curlew In tow- Had heavy weather on the passage. Steamship City of Manchester (Br), Ilalscrow, Liverpool, Nov 6, via Oueenstown 7th, 7:30 PM. with mdse and 147 pas sengers. to John () Dale. Passed Id the Channel ships Reso lute and Callsta llawes, bound In; 7th inst, off Waturford, ship Ttmour, of Boston, bound In; lfith, lat 4807, Ion 4# 47, saw au Iceberg 200 feet high: 18th, lat 43 16, Ion M 48. passed an abandoned brig of about2?0 or 300 tons burthen, with bul warks, bowsprit, stein and Btern gone; iWUi, 11PM, passed steamship Persia, hence for Liverpool. Steumsnin Asia (Br). Lott, Liverpool, Nov 9, Queenstown loth, wltb mdse and passengers, to B Cunard. 9th Inst, passed ship North American, towing out; 14th, ships Austra lia. and St Helena, bound E. Ship Irene (Nor), Buckhoiz, Gloucester, 31 daya, In ballast, to Punch, Meincke A Wendt. *d Inst, lat 49 20, Ion 39 48, sjjoke Br bark Alfratus, 31 days frotr kntwerp for New Ship Lucie (Pr), Leprovost, Havre, 80 days, with mdse, to order. Had heavy weather, and during the passage was struck by lightning, which shivered the main and miten top gallantmusts. Ship Oder (Ham), Wlnzen, Hamburg, 46 days, with mdse and 180 pasKcngsrs. to KunhardtA Qt\ Had two deaths on board. Had heavy SW to NW gales most of the pasaage ; 19th Inst, lat 39 09, Ion 68, saw an abandoned fore and aft s :br of al>out 130 tons, apparently In good order, all sails furled ex oept jib and mainsail, painted entirely black, black mast heads, supposwl to be loaded. Ship Eliza F Mason, Lues, New Bedford, 3 days. In ballast, to master; to load for Man Francisco. Bark Freden (Prua), Tornberry, Liverpool, 37 days, la bal last, to Thomas Richardson A Co, 13th inst, lat 41 48, Ion 81 4ft, spoke Br bark Goldon Eagle, from Europe for New York; lnth, lat 59 37, Ion 66 09, |>asssd ship Agnes, hence for Liver pool. Hark Ann Adamson (Br, of Sunaerlaud). Hutter, London, 36 days. In ballast, to Muuienger A Pltzlplo. Had heavy weather from Ion 58. Bark Gullelma (of Pictou, NB). Merrian, Halifax, 10 days. In bnl last, to master. Bark Augusta (slaver), Grant, Oreenport, LI, In tow of stesmtug Achilles. Brig Lilly Pale (Br), Pitts, Horton, NS, 4 days, with pota toes, to J F Whitney A Co. Schr Aladdin (Br), Hart, Cornwallls, 7 days, with potatoes, lo Hyde A Duryee. Schr Mall, Kelley, Philadelphia for Providence. Scbr David Faust, Jackson, Ellzabethport, and sailed for Port Royal, SC. Bchr Genoa, Bobbins, Ellzabethport, and sailed for Boston. Schr Lockport, Harper, Ellzabethport. and sailed for Boston. Bchr Maine, Browu, Ellzabethport. and sailed fbr Boston. Brhr (iolden Eagle, Vllaey. Ellzabethport. and sailed for New Bedford. Schr James *A Lucy, Chase, Ellzabethport, aud sailed for New Bedford. Schr R Borden, Arnold, Ellzabethport, and sailed for Fall River. Schr Clinton, Borden, Ellzabethport, and sailed for Fall River. Bchr Quaker City, Benjamin, Ellzabethport, and sailed for Norwalk. Bchr M H Lovell, Kimball, Ellzabethport, and sailed for Norwich. 8chr o C Aoken, Peck, Ellzabethport, and sailed for Stam ford. , Schr Mariotta, Haud, Rockland, 4 days. Bchr R Baker, Kelley, Dennis, 3 days. Schr Cornelia, Mackey, Fall River. Schr Ann Elizabeth. Smith, East Greenwich. Schr Bay State, Andrews, Norwalk. 8'-hr Laura Frances, If iggins. Rondout for Boston. Sloop SuOOIk. SimonsonVBlizabethport. Sloop Thos Hull, Hull, Providence. Sloop J J Blauvelt, Morrell, Ellzabethport, and sailed for Darien. Steamer J R Thompson, Chance, Baltimore. Steamer Laurel, Christopher, Baltimore. Steamer Ironsides, Vanderveer, Philadelphia. Steamer Black Diamond, Allen. Philadelphia. Steamer Karitan. Blover, Philadelphia. 8tesmer Oneida. Trout. Philadelphia. Steamer A H Bowman, Clark. New Bedford. Steamer Pelican. Jones, Providence. Steamer Oapray, Kenney, Providence. BELOW. Ship Ann Heation. Bliip G B Lamar. Ship Reciprocity. Ship Harvest Queen. Bark Queen of the Fleet. Bark Coral Isle. Bark Landwursten. Bark Martha's Vineyard.? By pilot boat Geo Steers, No 8. Ship James Foster, Jr. Abeef, from Liverpool. Ship Wm Chamberlain, Jennings, from Havre. Ship Lucv Harriet. Bark Hannibal, from Rio Janeiro. 8AILED. Steamship Champion, Aspia wall. 20th? Ships City of Boston, and Jennie Beals, Liverpool) London, London; C C Duncan, Bristol; China (Brem), Bre men; barks Norwegian, London; Indus (Br), Cork; brig* Clarence, do; Orange (Br), Queenstown; Suwannee, Cadia; Hannah (Br), Dcmarara; Madeira, Sagua; schr W S Tlsdale, Buenos Ayree. Wind during the day NNE to 8; at sunset V, light. MUcellaneoua. Bare Augusta, Capt Omni, about which to much has bee ?aid of late aa being Id preparation to engage in the (lare trade, bai been towed to thia port by steaming Achillea. She was seised on Tuesday by Mr E D 8klnner, Surveyor of the Customs at Greenport, LI, when SW of Montauk. She la at the Atlantic dock, Brooklyn. Scbr William Artiicr, *>hlch was wired and condemned for attempting to violate the Iaws relating to the blockade, wss sold at auction at Portland on the 19th Inst. to Capt R Dyer, for $1J00. ConstawtYxofl*, Oct SO? The Oallego (Amer), Washburn, frotn Taganrog for the United Kingdom (grain), has ar rived here. She had been on her beam enda for some time; has been surveyed, and will have to be hove down for repairs. SoxnKRi.AND, Nov 7? The American ship Borodino, Flower, from London, which was in collision with the Sunbeam, had her mem split and larboard bow stove, with jlbboom gone; the captain and four of the crew of the Sunbeam are drown ed, and not six as reported yesterday. Bark Wm Lee, of Newport, the isst of the whaling vessels owned there, has been sold for the use of the U S govern meut, ori private terms. She has been towed round to New Bedford. Launched? A new steamship called the Saxon, was launch ed 20th Inst from the yard of VV J Lynn, Philadelphia. She Is 12U0 tons burthen, and belongs to the Philadelphia and Bos ton Steamship Company. She will take her place in the line in about two weeks. The brig recently launched at Harpswell has been named the llat lie E Wheeler. Notice to Mariner*. WEST COAT Of IIIKI.AND? PO.HMSH BAH BUOV, EVTRA.VC E TO WKSTPORT. Ballast OrricH, Dublin, Oct 21, 1861. Notice Is hereby given th it the port of Dublin Corporation have caused a Conical Buoy, colored Red, with the words '?Dorinlsh Bur" en It, to be placid to mark the N edge of the Donnish Bar, at the entrance 10 Westport. The Iluoy Is placed In .1 fathoms at low water springtides, Willi the following marks and compass bearings as givcu by their Mm lue Ins|ieetor:? Topnf Inlshg'irt Lighthouse, on with a gap on the highest part of Inlshgort Island, E by N. Coast Huard Flagstaff on lulsh Lyre, SE by EJ^E. North Shore of Crovintsh, just open of the SW Cliff of IniBli Lyre with the highest partol Carrowchally, showing between SE. Variation of the compass, 28 de? W. By order. WILLIAM LEES, Secretary. Whalemen. Sfd from New Bedford $0ih inat, ahip (late bark) Aurora (of Westport), Church, Pacific Ocean Sid from Sag Harbor ISth inst, bark Union, Ludlow, South Atlantic and lntliau O cans. A letter from Capt Blake, of bark Active, NB, reports her at Payta Sept 30, w ith 100 bbls sp oil all told. A lcttter from Capt Norton, of bark Morning. Star, NB, re ports her at Payta Oct 2, with 500 lihls sp oil on board, all well. Bound on a, and would be at Talcahuano in March. A letter from Capt N|, -hols, of ship Alfred Gibbs. NB. re ports hi r at Payta Sept 30, with 880 liblssp oil? to sail that day on a cruise", all well. A left T from Capt Glfford, of sliln Ocean, NB, at Pavta Sept 16, n ith 1 100 bhls sp oil, all well ? bound on a cruise Oil' Shore. Spoke, no date, uaik Cape Horn Pigeon. Akin, Dart mouth, 47u sp, A letter from Capt Wilson, of bark Atkins Adams, of FH. reports her at Payta Sept 8, oil as before reported ? hud not seen whales but once In 8 month*. Heard from about July 23, bark Stella, Ilussey, NB, 1 small whale; Aug 16, lat 1 43 N, Inn 83 10, Merlin, Deblols, do. S.'iO sp. Payta, Oct 2? Anchored Sept 18, barks Active, Blake, NB, llosp; Ospray, Stanton, do, 1000 do; off and on, Matilda Sears, Howlaiid, Dartmouth, 280 do; 21st, anchored, chip Adeline Glbbs, Nichols, do, 850 do? had shipped Mr Brigg*. late 2d mate of the Atkins Adams, as 2d mate; 23th, off and on, biirks S A Parker, Sw.iln, NB, no report ; 26h, anchored, Morning Star, Nichols, do do? (was spoken Aug 14, in lat 1 43 N, Ion 2* \V, w Ith I2IH) bbls up oil i; 27th, i>ff and on (for let ters), Bhip Ocean, Gifford, do, 1180 sp oil); 28th, bark Ana conda, Pann, do, oil as last reported; 29th. anchored, ship Mary A Susan, Ilowland, do, -T70 sp; Peruvian ship Mem phis, from Or.'L'on, with lumber for Callao; oft ami on, itark llecla. Luce, NB, 70sp last crnlse ? hal shipped William J Brown, of Nantucket, as ltd mote. SpoKen? Aug 7, no lat, bark Clarice, Brown, NB, no oil since le.ivlng Telcahuano. Aug 23, lai 1 N, Inn ? , ship Gen Scotl, Eldridge, FH, boil ing blacklist!, as suppo.vd. Abt Aug 21, no lat. Ac, bark Biila na. Dornmn, NB, no oil since leaving Tnh alii auo. Attg 29, lat 1 4'? N, Ion 85, ship Golconrta, Oreen, NB. boiling a SO bid sp w h, having the Bcnj (ummliigs' iron In her. Aug 30, lat 1 43 N, Ion 83 2U W, bai k Namilus, Swln, of NB, 600 sp. Sepl 24, lat 9 N, Ion 21 W, ship Hector, Chase, of and Irom New Bedford for Pacific Ocean. Spoken, Ac. Ship Panama, Hanson, hence for Havre. Nov 4, lat 48 38, ' SMti Atlantic ( A'??r). steering W, Nov 2. lat 49 N, Ion 10 W. Alex McNeil, Seiners, from London for Philadelphia, Nov 10, about lat 43 10, Ion 88 02. Bark Martha's Vineyard, from Glasgow lor NYork, No* 10, lat 4S 10, Ion 58 02. Foreign Porta. Bristol, Nc^7? Arr Keaoiute, Prince, NYork. Cork, Nov rt ? AiT Percy, Don kin, NYork. Sid 6th, Elpls, William, NYork. Cadiz, Oct 30? Arr Triton, Coombs, NYork. Dkal, Nov 7? Arr Silas Grcenman, Webber. St John, NB (and aid for London). Dublin, Nov 8? ArrPrlscllla, Portland. Dkharara, Oct 21? Sid bark it B Walker, Pressey, Boston via Turks Islands; 23d, brig Umpire, Ulbbs St Thomas. Frcamt, Nov 4? Arr Transit, Davis. NYork. Oi-ouokstkr, Nov 7? Arr Missouri, C ilhoun, Eastport. Orkknock, Nov 6? Arr Vortea, Hlbbarl, Eaitport; E A Clark, Burton, Calloa. Gknoa, Nov 4? Arr LM Merritt, Berry, Antwerp; Sara toga, Matthias, Liverpool. Havrk, Nov 0? .Vi r Zurich, Oldaker, and J P Wheeler, GadiL NYork. Old 6lh, Andover, Keeney, u< Slltatrta, Mar r Liverpool, Nov 7? Arr Etna (s), Kennedy, NYork; Ne? tun, liable, Baltimore; 8ih, Linda, Turner, ParaJba. Ark wrlght, Davis, Kastport; Elvira Oweru Alexander, Pugwaah. sfl 7th, Harvest Uueeti, Young, a*? Vork?h^e,t alrl'anks. I NYork; Albion, Williams , Samuel Dunning, Skolfleld, and , . "ke, SweeUer, PhlladeL Atmosphere, Lunt, do; rk. phla; wth, North America, <JoUlet, . ->hoe, Bsreiay, Port. Old 7tU, Meteor, Lainbtou. 5*?rk5 IV*, *"'? rorv land ; Mary E Campbell, Mump, Rangoon >v. \uMln Oar. Hot out 7th, Oc?an Monarch, Pa?0i aud Ell?*?. ? rick, NYork. _ ? Lomook, No* 7? Arr W A Banks, Bar<H>tt, and 0-^' ? Harding, Quebec; Rose, Stephens, Boston; 8Vb, irleiulp- ? 'WfiS?, ""n Francisco. Cld 7th, Juliet Trttudy, Gould, NYork. J naPLsa, Oet SO ? Arr 1'enobacot, Edgerley, Bango*. * "ov 1 ? I'"' lute St II atf 1 1 ' k Roads, bark Moune quash, reaoock. from London for NYork. Htdkst, NSW, no data? Arr Competitor, Leokle, NYork. lett BalMm'o 19? Arr prev schr A M Burtlutt, Bart ?.i ^ Arr Surinam, Anderson, NYork. 8ld 6th, Heroine, Cuthliertson, NYork. Yawotrn, N8, NoviJ? Arr bark Eliza Young, Durkee, New j?milf"2v''.Zth /?j?!!rk)L sw 7ll>. "rig fdmiaton Bro^ PhiUipa, NYork. Cld 5th, achr Frances Jane, Ball), NYork. . , fP?? Bmamhif Asia-T?k L*tkst.| Arr from N\ork, Antar -tk, at Flushing; Orphan at Dan kirk, 8th, Bedford, and Criterion. at Havre. American Porta, BOSTON. Nov iio? Ai r xlupi Idaho, Lnppert, Orecnock; Orione (Br), Buntque, Halifax; bark St Marys, Pendleton, Fleetwood; brlcs Globe (Br), Austin, Jersey, Eng; U K lias, klna, Lennon, M.itanzas; sehrs Mary Ella, Tali<ey, and J B Myera, Cobb, Philadelphia: Pavilion, Langley Ellzal>ethport; Howard, Baker, NYork. Cld barks Harvest Moon, Lampher, Trieste; Saranar, Stafford, Surinam; M B Stetson, Jordan, Havana: Oak, Ryder, Philadelphia; brig Ororlmbo, Tracy, do; schrsWm Bement, Parker, Wilmington, Del; M Munkiti, Beers, NYork. Nothing went to tea, wind NtoNE. Ship Australia and bark Costarulll remain In the Roads, where they anchored yesterday. BALTIMORE, Nov 19? Arr ship E Wilder Farley, Nichols, Bath; achra J B A F L, Parker, and Time, llaines, NYork. Cld steamship Baltimore, Denkin, Havana (and sld); se'tra A Tlrrell, Hlgglus, Boston; R L Tay, Sheppard, NYork; Ex ertion, Forbell. do via Annapolis, BANGOR, Nov li? Arr brig Lyra, Oray, Port Ewen. Cld 19th. schr D H Bowdoln, Slot^on, NYork. BATH, Nov 1W ? Cld brig E P dwelt, Dunham, Matanzaa. BRISTOL, Nov 19 ? Sid sohra Henry W Morse, Uarduer, Cuba; O olden Rod, Bishop, NYork. DIUHTON, Nov IK? Arr schrs (lharles L Loverlng, Jones. Elizabeth port; C R Vlekery, Babbitt, Philadelphia; 19th, S L Crocker, Presbrey, and R S Dean, Cook, do, all for Taunton. EDOARTOWN.Nov li ? Arr achr New Zealand, Korhttm. Philadelphia, for Boston. 14th? Arr whr Dr igon, Sadler, NYork for Calais; Saxon, do for Hallo well; Forest, Wilson, do for Rockland. 18th? Arr brig Henry Leeds, Smith, Philadelphia for Ban gor; schrsA Parker, Fitigerald. Camden for NYork; J M Lane, Poole, Turks Islands for Boston: Uoldftn Rod, Bishop. Bristol to load for Ph adelphla. Sid 19th, senrs A Parker, NYork. 20;li? In port the above. GLOUCESTER, Nov 15? Arrsehrs H Cnrlls, Haskell, Lin gun, OB. for NYork; J P Bent, Reynolds. Mlllbridxe for New York; 19th, Mary E .Manumit, walen, NYork. HARTFORD, Nov 18? Arrsehrs Katm'e Hazard, Vibberts; Yankee Bov, Itlslev. and Hannah Warwick, Shropshire, Elizabeth port Sid 19th, schrs Robert Smith, Russell, NYork; sloop Deep River, Hoyt, do. Wth? Arr SchrS Casper Heft, Shoe, Philadelphia; Cynthia Jane, Bennett, Ronilo<it;JL Harued, Homes, Ell/abe'h Grt. Sid 2.1th, schrs Caroline Hall, Lawson, and Fred Ty ?, Tlrrell, NYork. NEW BEDFORD, Nov 18? Arr schr Island Belle. Butler, Jersey City. Cld 19th, ship Eliza F Mason, Luc, NYork, to load for San Franetsco. Sid 19th, brig Alevander Millikeo, Fish, NYork and Philadelphia; schr 0 St John, Doyle, Eliza bethport. 19th? Arr schr D M French, Stiles, Philadelphia. Sid 20th, ship Eliza F Mason. NEWPORT, Nov 15-Arr schrs Minnehaha, Young, Phil , delphla; Green County Tanner, Hyde, Rondout for Provi dence. Sid schrs J B Allen. Allen, Philadelphia; M C Dor fee, Crowell, Fall River for NYork ; Roanoke, PauIL Taunt' n for NYork; Sarah A Falconer, Terrell, Pawtucket for dos Maria Louisa, Cummlng*, Fall River for do; Roeolus. Rus sell, Taunton for do; Henry Laurens, Johnson, Maehlas for NYork; and others. 19th? Arr schr Fakir, Heath, Elizsbethport for Fall River. KUl this AM, aohrs Lamartlne, Ourney, Wareham for NYork; Masg'e Bell, Gllkey, Pawtucket for do; George 0 Worihlcy, Baker. Yarmouth for do; Sarah, Bon.xon, N Bedford for Plil ladelphla; and others. NEW HAVEN, Nov 19? Arr sehrs Native, DeHan. Eliza bethport; T Benedict, Goldsmith, Philadelphia; Blossom, Douglas, NYork. ?Hh? Arr sehrs John Buckalon, Bennett, and Sarah Selsey, Klook, Trent id; M Wedmore, Morely, Fire Island; Old Zcok, Abbott. New Brunswick ; Deborah, Ludlam, do. Cld schrs Cornelia, Trenton ; C Hadilen, do; Judge Rttnyon, Philadel phia; I Merritt, Ell/abethport; Judge Hopkinson, do; sloopa John Adams, Elizabethport; Genius, do; Greyhound, Jersey City. OLD POINT, Va, Nov 16? In port brig J R Rhoades, Ami do n, from NYork. PORT ROYAL, 8C, Nov 16? In port ships Great Republic, Llmeburner; Ocean Express, Hale; Zen as Coffin, Riddel), and Golden Eagle, ; one bark, two brigs, a large number ot coal schrs, and six traders. PHILADELPHIA. Nov 20? Arr schr Henry May, Hoover, NYork. Cld Br bark Joseph Fish, Barnard, Cardeuas ; brig Wenonah, Bowden, Rio Janeiro; sehrs Theresa C, Smith, Havana; C Stetson, Robinson, Nai-sau; R G Porter, SmltB, Danversport; 8 A Taylor.Dukes, Providence; E Rlkey.'Tice, Norwich; Wm Collyer, Rayncr; L L Sharp, McElwell; D Hale, Conklin; 8 A Bolce, Holoe, and P Boloe, Bolce, Boston; S B Ashmeud, Young, Williamsburg. PORTLAND, Nov 13? Arr Br ship Iona, Stewart, Glasgow. Cld brig Condor, Ailen, Calbarlen, Cuba; achr Delinoat, Ginn, Matajiras. 16th? Cld brig Charles Wesley, Ford, Cardenas. PROVIDBNCK, Nov 19? Arr steamer Petrel. Younf, NYork; schrs Israel H Day, Chase, Baltimore via Fall river; S E Jones, Jones; Sarah L Simmons, Gandy: G W Cum mings, Whelden; Sarah Lovlna, Cranmer; Emellne Haight, Beebe; and Richard Hill, Smith, Philadelphia; Crisis, Reaner, Philadelphia for Pawtuoket; OTW Simmons, God frey, PhlladelphlaOUncas, Coit, and Joseph E Potls, Uolley, Elizabethport; Alraira T, Brlggs, Rondout, Urbana, Wlleox, Port Ewen; Green County Tanner, Hyde, Roqdout;_Giou cealer, MeOoveran, Cornwall, NY; sloops Mary Dallas, Racket!, Elizabethport; Translation, Hawkins, PortBwen; Oregon, Rhodes, NYork via Bristol. Below, sohr Isabella Thompson, Cor.son, from Philadelphia. Bid schrs Ann Eliza beth, Johnson, Elizabethport; Eva, Northup, do; JabM L White, Harvey, for Rondout. PAWTUCKET, Nov 18? Arr sloop Ornament, Carter, EU tabethport. Sid schr Maggie Bell. Ollkey, NYork. 19th? Sid schrs D B Steelman, Scull, Philadelphia: sloop Ornament, Carter, NYork. ROCKLAND, Nov 15? Sid sehrs Louisa Dyer, Jameson, NYork; 16th, Helen Msr, NYork; 17th, Amanda, Torrey, and John Adams, Hatoh, do. 8AN FRANCISCO, Nov li? Arr ships Zephyr, King, New York; Shooting Star, Drink water, Acapulo. SOMERSET, Nov 16? Arr schrs Lady Adams, Had win, Piermont, jfY; lgjhj Argus Crowley, NYork. LOAN OFFICES. A T NO. 9 CHAMBERS 8TRBKT-M0NEY TO LOAN TO il any amount on Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry, As., br the well known and old establlahed 1UAAC, Broker and Commission Merchant, No. 9 Chambers street. N. B.? No business transacted on Saturdar. At hi grand street, three doors west or Broadway? Money advanced on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Goods and personal property of every description, or bought and sold, by JOSEI'U A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. AT J. H. BARRINGBR'b, 212 BROADWAY, ROOM IS.? This old established office advances the highest sums, or buys tor oaih, Merchandise, Diamonds, sst or unset: Pearls, Watches, Plate, Optical Instruments, Ac. 212 Broad way, room IS, up stairs. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET-MONEY LIBERALLY advanced to any amount on diamonds, watches, jewel ry. pianos, segars, dry goods, Ac. N. B.? Pawnbrokers' tickets bought. H. NEWTON, 77 Bleecker street, up stalra. AT 66 NAS6AU STREET.? A. HONIGMAN. DIAMOND broker, makes liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., or buys them at full value, at his private ofllce, 66 Nassau street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business confiden tial. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, Watties, Plate and Jewelry, or bought for cash at the highest price. Persons having old Gold or Silver to sell can not do better than call on LOUIS ANRICH, 723 Broadway, Money lent-to any amount, ox gold and silver Watches. Diamonds, Jewelry, Ac. For sale, un 'cincd gold and sliver Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Ac., suitable tor holiday present". Also, lot of HI I k Velvets. A. ADOLPHl'S, Licensed Pawnbroker, 42g ^'yaji^reet, cor^'^|- ol Chamber. ?\fONEY liberally advanced, in sumS TO 1*1 suit, on Watches, Diamonds and other personal prop#?* ty, or bought for cash and the highest price paid. Business strictly confidential. L. JACOBS, 43 Cedar street, Branch 407 Broadway. ion nnn T0 advance, by henry hyman, 4do <PiiUiUuU Broadway, room No. 3, on Watches, Dia monds und merchandise of every description, from $10and upwards. Merchants In want of money will do wall to call. Business strictly confidential. BILLIARDS. A LARGE STOCK OF NEW AND 8EC0ND HAND Billiard Tables, with 1 In lan's Combination Cushions, for sale at prices to suit the times. PHELAN A COLLENDER, t?3 to 69 Crosby street, N. Y. BILLIARDS.? THE MOST MAGNIFICENTLY FITTED up Billiard Parlors in New York will be found at the Ashland House, No. 4ft Grove street, one door from Bleecker. Also handsomely Furnished Rooms to let to clubs and con., mittees. Call and see. DORSEY. Billiards.? four first class second hand marble bed llllliard Tables, all complete, for sale at naif price, to close the busincsa. Inquire to-day or to-morrow at No. S34 Broadway, Smidth's bookstore. IjlOR SALE? A SPLENDID STOCK OF NEW AND SE" 1 cond hand Tables, cheap for cash. Tul les to let and Bagatelle Tables lor sale by W. H. GRIFFITH, 146 Fulton street. SOME PEOPLE SAY THERE IS A GREAT DEAL OF nonsense in my advertisements. I admit it. There i? no one who talks much but does say some nonsense, and 1 am not an exception to the general rule. Billiards 15 ccnta per game. 139 Fulton street. N. B.? Sharp's tables. SPENCER. restaurants. And bring me a aND uaLK. OYSTERS.? THE BEST STEWS, THE FINEST ROASTS the largest Fries, and the mammoth Saddle Rocks can alw.ty- be tomid at LIHBY'S, 130 FiKtou street, near the Herald (ofllce. N. H.? Oysters owned without cracking, (hereby avoiding the pieces of shell. MATRIMONIAL. _ A YOUNG GENTLEMAN WANTS T() FORM THE AC qualnaiicc of a respec ablo young lady, with a view to matrimony. No property Is requested, but an am aide cha racter ami a good appearance. Address Arthur Alfred 'tone. Post oflicc. New Vork. A GENTLEMAN. UNDER THIRTY, DESIRES THE acquaint line, with a view to matrimony, of a prepos sessing young lady or widow. Address, in confidence, Ed ward Flat haw ay. Herald otllce. A GENTLEMAN OF MEANS DESIRES THE At - qoaintance of a yonng lady, not more than tweutv-'iv. years of age, for a matrimonial companion. She mn>: be or good personal appearance and address. A line to G II. H, i are box lfiti Herald office, will receive prompt attention. Matrimonial? a gentleman engaged in lucrative business and possessed of ample means to uiake home comfortable, Is desirous ol m ikiw"* the aciuaiul* auce of a lady not over thirty years of age, V.ih a view |? matrimony, of fair persouai appearance, refinement and some knowledge of music desired. Th? advertisers obdect beluga wife, wUl treat communications with confidence. Address box 4,<W6 Post otDee. Matrimony made kasy-with instructions for courting tu order to win the at) octlons or the oppo site sex; 162 paces, illustrated ; price IJceuts. Al?i>. Physio, logical view of Marriage; 224 pai;es, 8.? illustrations, price <*> cents. Sent post paid rn reeeipt of the above. C. C. HAMMOND A CO., ISO Nassau street. WANTED. ? A YOUNG I.ADY, WITH THE VIEW TO matrimony, small and pretty, with yiffi, lent pecuniary means lor hofself. As an equivalent I wtfl gire gooil style a kind heart And constant devotion, with sufficient pecuniary means I vf myself. Address George %trti?m, box 1J0 Herald. MHt

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