Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1861 Page 5
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THE CAPTURE OF THE SLAVER AUGUSTA. Tit ? ' \i1c Augusts, seized i" Orecuport In Juno last, and condemned in October as a slaver, tiaa boon giving tho officials yet more trouble. Under th? system permitting bonding for appeal hor owners paid four thousand three hundred dollars into Court upon an appeal to a holier court , and thus ouce more obtained control of her. Mar 8b*l Murray not designing, however, that a few thousand dollars should buy a permit from the government for a vessel to go aa a slaver, requested Collector liarnoy to no tify him before giving her a clearance. At this time tho Augusta lay at the Atlantic docks, Brooklyn, quietly tak ing in stores, and the necessary outfit for aBlavor. Every thing being ready, in somo manner unknown at present, she obtained a permit to go to Oreenport, Long Island, without Marshal Murray's knowledge. Upon this, on the afternoon of Sunday, the 17th, she hauled off from the Atlantic docks, passed down through the Sound, through Plum Out, into Gardiner's Hay, anchoring under Oardi tier's l'oint about throo o'clock on Tuesday morning. Marshal Murry, learning that the Augusta had left, des patched I'eputy Smith to Greenport In pursuit. Marshal Smith reached Groenport on Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock. Appleton Oaksmith, the owner of tho AuguBta, was on the same train, and asked Mr. Smith what his business was; if ho was going to give him more trouble about his Teasel. On Tuesday night stores and small b >ats were romoved from Greenport to tho Augusta. On Wed nesday morning Oaksmith went aboard and told his men that tho Marshal was alter the Augusta, and that tboy must put to sea. Up to tli is time her seizure would have bocn easy ; but all this time the Marshal was idle. On 'Wodursday morning ho took a sail boat and went down the harbor Just In time to see his bird flying before n free wind to sea. Oaksmith, on his return, reported that his men had run away with his vessel. Marshal Smith relurnod to Now York on Thursday morning, Oaksmith taking tho same train. On Friday morning Surveyor Skinner, of Greenport, believing the Augusta to bo still in the neighborhood of Montauk, telegraphed to New York, and in a few mluutos received a despatch from Surveyor Andrews to soize the Augusta immediately, and after wards theYollowing from Collector liarnoy: ? E. K. D. Skwnkr, Surveyor, Greenport: ? Seize tho Augusta at all hazards. HIRAM BARNEY. The task had now by no means beconio un easy one. Owiioc to tho numerous employes ami friends of Oaktmiith In Greenport, Survoyor Skinner, with William Z. Kin g. Inspector of Customs., procee led to Oriont, live miles distant, obtained a coasting schooner, put a swivel and a posse of armed men on board, and went In search ?of the Augusta from that place. Tho schooner Bulrush, the one obtained, loft Orlorit at 12 o'clock noon of Friday just two hours after the reception of Surveyor Andrews' "message. The following aro the names of those on board the Bulrush: ? From ? E. E. D. Skinnor. Surveyor; Win. Z. King, Inspector of Customs: Hon jam in It. Kk inner. Firm Orient? Da iel Kartlett,* Henry C. Bradford, ?John Col ton ,? Itoniel B. Dickinson, Deter A. Halerman, Robert H. Thompson , Wm. (J. Wilcox, Isaac N. Winters J. Hon io Youngs, Napoleon B. Youngs, Elijah Rlxford,* Vector Vroman, Jas. S. Dewey. ? Crete qf llulruih. ? Smith 'Dewey, Captain; Henry B. Case,* Mute; Robert Van Geld on,* Steward; James A Pickett, Harvey Boebo.* Total, 21. Tho Bulrush made Hon tank I'olnt at four o'clock, and stood off an 1 on whilo a boat wont ashore. The lighthouse keeper re|x>rted that lie had seen a ship Wednesday evening (undoubtedly the Augusta) steering south under fore and main topsails, foresails and jib. The keeper Had watc hed her until dark with his glass, thinking it suspicious that a ship should fc'0 t' sea uuder such a sail. As this report agreed with the r u mots in Greenport, that l he Augusta had goi e to soa, tho prospects of catching her wore at this time any thing but brilliant. From Montauk the Bulrush passed lip t;n lur the shore to Quoguo, making the Quogiin light, at seven o'clock thirty minutes Friday evening. At fifteen minutes past eight o'clock stood about and put to tho ex-it ward, anchoring at eleven o'clock two miles from Alonuuk in Ave fathoms water, the light boarmg ton th northeast. The wind was blowing hoavy, so that the small anchor woidd not hold the schooner, and she dragged off Into eight fathoms water, when the largo an -chor was let go aud she immediately brought up Tho AuguBta was tlrst discovered from the Bulrush at half |ia-t nine o'clock, on Saturday morning, bearing west by south, stooring north-northeast, and sailing under close reefed lore topsail, double reefed main topsail, fore topmast staysail and main s|>oncer. In taking the Bui Tush to pursue the August i the design was to use strata gom , keeping the most of the men below, atul giving her ?the appearance of a coaster on h'-r usual business, so as to catch the Augusta at anclior or tuke her by surprise. At tho time of the first discovery of the Augusta the wind ?w as blowing a gale from tho northwest and tho sea run ning high, so that tho elements combined to favor this design, making it ap. ear that the Bulrush had anchored to make a harbor, owing to the gale. Tho Augusta passed tho Bulrush at link past tea, a mi'e and a half off shore, standing in by Montiuk until eleven o'clock, when eho wore ship and stood to ttie westward. At twelve, noon, the Augusta, having niie I foresail, passed three miles to le-ward, steering west-southwest. This was the same course which tho ship had taken on Wednesday evening, as reported by the light bouse keeper, and until Saturday morning sou had not boon back or be would have noticed her. It was, therefore, highly probable that the Augusta had again ?(Acapcd tho clutches of the law. To havo started in pitr ? lit wo ild have boon useless, as tho Augusta is tho ?fastest t ailer, and, oven if the Bulrush could have over taken her, it would have l>een lrn|>ossiblo to havo Imardod ?her, owing to the wind and soa. Nothing was left, there fore, but to remain i"iot and watch. It was to the great ?delight of those on board tho Bulrush, therefore, that at thirty minutes paat twelve tho Augusta was di -covered ito lie again wearing ship nnd m iking towards th m. To ctheir still greater delight, at fifteen minutes past two, *8ho aaeho ed lia.f a mtle to the leeward. From this time until early Monday morning, s >rm: thirty-six hours, the tress Is lay in nearly the satno relative position, the sea anil wind preventing b -a ding, although In the anxiety lest the ship might esc ape it was sovoi al times discussed and i?iti -l preparations made. At fifteen minutes [last five o'clock on Saturday afternoon pilot boat No. s passe t botwoen the ship and schooner. At eight o'clock on Sun day mo -ning a small schooner was undo out threo miles to th.), under the shore, near a clump of houses. At nine o'clock a schooner passe J M ntauk, undor close reeled foresail and Jib, southeast. At twenty mlnutos past eleven o'clock commenced wqjghing anchor, in king the Bulrush drag purposely neai ly at) east oi tho Aiiifusta, when, deciding it impossible to "board, sho was brought op. At fifteen minutes past twelve a whaleboat was token from the deck ?if the Augusta an I placed on its davits. At two o'clock what appeared to bo a ship's burgee was soon on Stral ton's, a house on the Men tank sh >re. Whether it related In any way to the ship cannot certainly be snil, but < n boarding ihe Aug isla a signal was cut from iter bow rig ging, and one oc'Tior crew H:iid they made out two nu n, ?one on e-toh side of the chimney, aud that they designed going ashore us s< on as it became calm to see what it meant. It is not probable that Mr. Stratum had anything directly to do with it: but as his house is a resort for boarders gunning on Montauk, it may have been arranged thro gh thorn on some pretence or another. It was, per haps, dc ne warn tho Augusta against tho schooner or give information of the Fire bland affair. At throoo'clock pilot boat No. 1, ru m New London, spoke tho Augusta .and pished between the shi.i and schooner. At hall- past three a large steamer passed to oast ward. At a little after midnight of Sunday , it having grown calmer and the sen .gone down, tho Bulrush commenced getting under way in order lo lioa d th" Augusta." Al half-past one sh:> was ?under full headway, and at two o'clock the Augusta was in the hands of the Surveyor. Those mat ked with a star In the I st of nimes of those on bard the Bulrush re roainel in rhnrgo of the schooner, the others boarding the Augusta. The Bulrush in boarding rounded to under tho stern of tho Augusta and came tip on the .?larboard side. As tl:e schooner rounded to .S irveyor Skinner 1 ailed "ship ahoy!-' No answer came to tho first hail. It was repuat-d, "ship ahoy!" when the reply came, '-ship ahov!" Surveyor Skinnor then said, "Wo are cming ab a d, and I give you warning that we are well armed, and il any one makes any resist ance be will bo shot down." To this came, '-What's that you savt" when it was repented. The second time gome one replied, "0, 1 gu sb you'll go clear." Surveyor Skinner replied, "We d- n't want to go clear: we are ?coming aboard.'' At this instant the anchor brought the Bulrush up, nnd her stern commenced swinging towards tho bow of the Augusts. On Inspector King asking tlieni 1 1 make a line rast, the reply was, "Goto holl, nnd make it tast yourself." J1 st after this the boarding commenced, Vroman beiug the first man aboard, Sur veyor Skinner tho second. No resistance was made, but someth ng said bout the right to come aboard. The ob ect was told, when Cnptal't Grant, of the Augusta, Bud s metblng about the authority, when Surveyor Skinner replied. "You know 1 am Surveyor of the pori of Greer, p >rt . which Is a ;thority enough." From that time tlio vissol was entirely under control of the officers. Sho was immediately got under weigh fnr Greenport. Nine men wore found on board , threo having left while vudor Gardiner's Point, among whom was N. N. Wells, who acted as pilot to that point. The names of thosi found on board sre ns foil ws:-rJamM Grant, cantaiu; Dennis Conner, Wats n Overton, John Overton, Henry Paun 'ers, l-'rnnk Ho'ton, J. F. Ryon. Wm. N. Douglas and Wm. N. Murphy. Tho names of all but the last three are certainly correct. ns they aro well known in Greenport. The ?otho s may not be so, but are tho ones given. Some of ?tho -co probably only Intended to go to Greenport or stay on b a.'d until anothor crew took charge. For instance, Sa indors Is the stevedore who took charge of tho lading in Brooklyn, and some think Grant and Conner did not intoud to go further thnn Greenport. There Is no doubt that tho men seized at I'atchogue with Appleton Onk s nith, while wailing to go aboard some vessel, were Ihe c ?< w intended tor the Augusta. At half-past one o'clock, while en her way to Green|iort, th" Augusta got aground o f Long Beach. At half-(ia?t six Deputy Marshal Smith caioo aboard with a libel, whilo sh- was aground. The Augusta war. got off nt nine o'clock the same ni -ht, nnd at eluvon was a ichorod off Greenport wharf. She was hauled lu to tho wlinrf nt 12 o'clock, noon, of Tuesday when the Surveyor sc aled her halchos. On Wednesday morning, about ten o'clock, two tugs, tho Achilles and Tiger, arrived within abOc:t fifteen minutesor o.icli other one from Marsha! Murray nnd tho other from the Custom House? to low her to Brooklyn. Surveyor Skianor tho gh -etuln ng possession of her. nnd, with Inspector King, remaining aboard, nt the advice or tho revon io mine i the Achilles, as the abler tug of tho >two, to take her in tow. The s.-nlence or Gor Ion, the arrest of Booth nod Oak ft smith, a id the sjexure of the Augusta, form a series of |>lowe at tho accursed slave tralllc in New York which it b to be hoped wWl quickly terminate it. I MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Hoard of Ahterin eit. HALF k MILLION POLI.AHS APPROPRIATED FOB THK FAMlLlKri OF VOLUNTKKW. This Board mot lost evening, Alderman Cornell In the Chair. ru? auwtkinjll affbokutiox tok tuk kamiluo or volck tkkhx. Tho ordinance appropriating an additional Hum of $600,000 for tlie roller of tho families of volunteers cum in': up? Alderman n:ur>v asked to amend, by inserting "that l>r. Griscom and Mr. A. A. Penman should not havo any thing to do with tho distribution of the fuud." Alderman Krkkknt raised tin objection to tho amend ment, which he deemed a piece of special legislation, un worthy the dignity of tho Common Council. Aldorman Dayton defendod tho characters of Dr. Oris com and Mr. Penman. Alderman Bhahy charged Dr. Griscom and Mr. Den man with neglect of duly, and stated that they had be haved with mhumunlty to poor women and children. Tito amendment was carried, and then? Ali)erm?n Kromkwt moved to take the ordlnanco up by sections, which was adopted. A discussion then ensued in which Mr. Davto* defend ed Dr. Grlscom,and assorteiUhat tho appointment* made by the Comptroller wort- strictly good .and for the benefit of the city. Hut tho Comptroller did not desiro to nave anything to do with the'appoiutnuntH nor care whether the whole power bo given to tho City Chamberlain. Alderman Uk.xkt opposed tho Idea of the Comptroller having so much authority. He hud nothing to do with tho Comptroller except to receive his pay from him, and he thought the City Chamberlain ought to be associated with the Comptroller In the appointment of the ofllccrs and the distribution of the funds. The motion to associate tho City Chamberlain with tho Comptroller was carried. In the other sectioi s amendments were made to the effect that the w Ives of volunteer* should receive a sum not to exceed $'_' |>er week, the eldest child $1 and the other children fifty cent* nor week, provided that uo fa mily roceive more than $0 i week. Tho ordinance as amended was adopted. A communication was received from tho Stroet Com miss inner asking for an additional appropriation of $20,000 for tho repairs of roads and avenues, and was laid over under the rule. A resolution was adopted asking the Corporation Coon sel for his opini ill us to whethor one person can hold a city or charter ofllce while occupy ing an elective county ofPce. Tho report of the Commit toe on National Affairs on tho allotment system, apiKiinting A. V. Stout us the Commis sioner of the allotment fund, was adopted. After some routine business was iii.-posed of, the Board was adjou-nod for want of n quorum. Relief for the Families of the New York City Volunteers. DO A Hit OK COUNCILMKK. PASSAGK OF AX OkniNANCK APPROPRIATING AN' iTTIKH HAIR MII.MOX OK It >I.LARS FOR TIIB FAMILIES OK VOLt'.NTXKII 801 DIKRP. At the meeting of the Board of Councilmcn last evening, Mr. Okton proposed an ordlr.auco making an additional appropriation of $250,000 for tho r?llef of tho families of the volunteors who left this city for the seat of war. Thu subject was discussed at length by Messrs. Or ton, Pinrkney, Barney and others. Mr. Ortox observed that this measure affected tlio interests of tho great republic, and if our soldiers came out of the present contest (which hoflrmly believed they would) with triumph, tho trade of the city of New York would receive an impetus which would sweep to the winds tlio paltry millions that the Common ConncIl expend in tho support of tho families of the volunteers. Mr. I'ixuknky, while In favor of the adoption of the ordinance, reminded tho Board that these large appropri ations would he inserted in the tax lovv noxt year, which would make the taxes enormous Ho thought tlu< Inde pendence of those who received support frr m the city was sacrificed, and said that tho soldiers, who wero spending their money for trifles, ought to give more sup port to their families at homo than many ol tlieni now d?. Mr. Bak.vev promised to amend the ordinance by ap propriating five hundred thousand dollars, nml in the course of an aide speech, expressed the opinion that one of the first acts which Congress will pass, will be to reim burse the city of New York, the sum or $SOO,000, which was handed over to thj Union Defence Committee for the pur [wise of equipping regiments to defend the capital. The amendment in favor of the sum of $600,000 wns adopted, wherouiton the various sections were taken up and d-.s -.timed. The ordinance, as amended and adopted, is a-i fo l'ovs : ? Whereas, tho fund knoivn as the "Volunteer Family Aid Kund," crcatod h> ordinance of tho Common Coun cil, adopted July seventeenth, eighteen lmudrod and sixty -one, for the purpose of making provision for the support of the families of our citizens who have volun teered for thu defence of the national government, is ex hausted; and, whereas, H is the imperative duty or the authorities o! tbis city to tuako provision for tho main tenance of those depending iqioii tho labor of the volun teois from this city, now absent in defence of the Union, more especially as, by the provisions of section one or the ordinance approved April twenty-third, eightien hundred ami sixty-one, tho city impliedly takes it upon itself to so provide for the families of volunteers, and great numbers havo euliste 1 in consequeneo, llrmly be lieving that, in their ab?o:ice, ample provision would lie made by those in authority for tho "loved ones at huno;" be it therefore Resolved, That the following ordinance be, and hereby i.s adopted:? AS CRmNANCK MAKING AN APPROPRIATION IB AI!> OK TU* KAH1 1,1 KH OV VOIXNTWCKS tM* THIS CITY, f-BRWXU 1.1 TUB IXB FKX< K OK TIIK NATIONAL UNION. The May r, Alderman and Commonalty of the City of New York, in Common Council convened, do ordaiu as follows: ? Section I. The sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the purpose of aiding to support the families of the soldiei s from l his city, who are now serving or may hereafter volunteer or be ordered to servo In tho army of the t'nited States, in defending the integi ity or tl.o national Un;o:i. See. 2. The Comptroller is hereby authorized to borrow, from time to time, on tho credit of tho Corporation", such sum and sums as may hi required to meet the payments autboi izoil li> tile preceding soction. and to issue bonds of the Corporation thereror, which shall b? designated and known as the "Volunteer Family Aid Bonds, Number Pwo," an l bear interest at u rate not exceeding icvon per cent per annum. Sec. 3. The said bonds (-hall no signed by tho Comptrol ler, countoreigned by tho Mayor, and scaled with tlie common seal ?f the Corporation, altestod by tho Clerk of the Common Council, Mid tho principal therof Fhull be re deemable within ono year from the dates thereof. Sec. 4. For the payment of said bonds, and the interest to accrue tip n the s:iine, Hi" faith of the Corporation of the city of Now York, and ul.-o all sums which may hero alter bo received from the State lit Sew York, or the United States, for the purpose of reimbursing the ex panses incurred in pursuance of this ordinance, are. hereby solemnly pledged, and tho Comptroller is hereby authorized and required to redeem and cancel tho said bonds from time to time, at or befoi e the maturity of the same, Sec 5. Thi Comptroller shall act as tho treasurer of the fund, and the money herein appropriated shall bo do posited in the City Treasury. The Treasurer shall ap point one assistant in eaeh Senatorial district of the city, who shall disburse the lands to those entitled to roller in i he wards, and only to tho rosldents ol tho wards, in tho ro.-peetive Senatorial districts, who shall receive, as com pensation for their services, not more than one hundred dollars per month, to be paid by the Comptroller out of the fund hereby appropriated. b'ec. 6 The Assistant Treasurer shall pay only such orders as have th" signatures of a majority of tho mem bers of tk.- Ward Committt es in their respective districts, consisting of the Aldurmcu and Councilman of each ward , and citizens formerly appointed by the Union Ilefenco Committee; which committee shall be tho same as those n iw existing in the several wards. And any vacancies that may occur in the said Ward Committees shall be Qllod by the remaining nunbors thereof. Sec. 7. The maximum weekly allowance shall bo two dollars for each head of a family , fifty cents for the oldest child, and twenty-flvo cents each for every additional child , said amount to be paid weekly ? providing not more than three dollars per week is paid to any one family. See. 8. All applicants for relief must now reside in and have been residents of the city prior to May tirst, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one. Relief shall only be afforded to the families of such soldiers as aro, at tho date ol the application lor aid, mustered into the service of the government, and actually doing duty in camp or garrison under company and regimental off'-cers duly ctu missioned by the State or national government. Sec. 9. All applicants to the Ward Committees shall produce a cortilliate from the colonel of the regiment, or the captain or the company to which the soldier belongs, that the relative is a member of tho regiment, and tho allidavit of the applicant may be taken by the Ward Com mitter. the memVrs of which aro hereby authorized to administer the n pessary oath for that purpose. And it is further stipulated ami understood, that no payments shall be made to the families of commissioned officers. Sec. 10. The only parties entitlod to participate In the distribution of the fund hereby created are the wives, children and aged and widowed mothers of the soldier in whose behair tho application la made, and on whom tliey must have depended for support. In ewe the soldier has no wire living, his oldest child shall be considered tho head or the family. Sec. 11. The Comptroller is hereby authorized and di rected to employ as many visiters, not exceeding one for each ward , as may be necessary to visit ail applicants for reller at their respective residences, whose duty it shall be to personally investigate lie merits of each appdea tion, and no ordor for relief shall be paid by either of the* Treasurers until the visiter for the district in which tho applicant resides has certified the samo to be correct. The compensation of the visiters shall not exceod ono dollar anu fifty cents per day oach. Sec. 12. Each Ward Committee shall be allowed a sum sufficient to cover tho nocessary expenses incurred by them for rent, fuel, gas nnd stationery, not exceeding twenty-live dollars per mimth. Sec. 13. Each Assistant Treasurer shall ronder, on tho first day of each month, a detailed statement of the amount disbursed during the preceding month, to the Comptroller, who shall transmit the snma to the Common Council. \ Sec. H. In case the Assistant Treasurer shall discover that the holder of any ticket or order for roliel is not entitled to tho allowance therein nanu-d, he shall refuse further paymoBt thereon, and immediately notify tho Ward Committee by which it was issued, of the fact . and tho reasons for his action. If no payments have boon madoon the ticket, hcahall return the samo to the com mittee. CJTY POLITICS. The Mayoralty Contest? Meeting of the Mosart .Mall Convention? Nomination of Fernando" Wood? Address to the peo ple of New Yor^T* Ac., dee. Tbo Mayoralty Convention of tl>e national democracy net last evening at Mozart fla'1. where an luimonae crowd of people Interested iu the proceedings were in at tendance. Isaac 0. Dolaplalne, Esq., was called fo preside, and de livered a very short aud appropriate speotU on taking Uio chair. Peter H. Jackson, E^q.,of tho Twontj*'Ar3t ward, official ed as secretary. After the calling of ths roll and the transaction of othor preliminary business, Sir. George C. Geuet took th>? Woor and proposod tho namo of Fernando Wood for Mayor, prefacing tho nomluatiou by a speech highly eulogistic of Mr. Wood, who, ho said, had proved himself iu every way qnaUQed by honesty, ability and enorgy of character to oc cupy the chair or tbo chief magistracy of this great metropolis. He therefore moved the nomination of Mr. Wood by acclamation. | An amendment was offered and adopted that the roll of dolegates bo called, and each person namo tho candidate of his preference. Tht> Secretary thereupon read the list of delegates, every one of whom named Mr. Fernando Wood as his choice The nomination wm then made unanimous amid tho Wildest enthusiasm, the delegates rising in their scats to cheer, and waving their hats and handkerchiefs in tokon of approbation. Mr. Genet moved the appointment of a committee of three to prepare an address from the Convention to the people of yew York. The Chair appointed Messrs. G. 0. Genet, James Crossman and Uunj. Hay as tho committee. Committees were also appointed to arrange for a grand ratification meeting and to notify Mr. Wood of his nomi nation. Tho committee on address reported the following:? ADDBKM OF THK NATIONAL PKMOCKATIO MAYORALTY CONVENTION TO T1IB PBOri.R OF NKW YOKK. Fbixow CrrizKXH ? This Convention, coinn red of dele gates flrom each of the two hundred and twenty eloction districts of this city, present with pride and confldonoe the name of Fernando Wood as our candidate for Mayor. Ho is not a now man to you. Of large public oxpcncuce ? of concodod ability ? of well tried fidelity to tho interests of al! classes, irrespective of birth, station, religion or (?otitic* ? ho stands before you as a roan of whom you may well Ik> |>r?ud. This is no t imc to makoexper Iments in the office of Mayor, Tho country is in a divided and disturbed condition. De magogues and fanatics at (he South and at tho North have precipitated up<<n us civil war, and brought this groat and glorious nation to the rerge of dissolution and ruin. Tills is tho hoart of the Amorican Union: what at' forts the extremities afTV'ets tho centre, and thus to an extent beyond our present appreciation may our metropn lis bo agitated by the present national convulsion. Growing out of this condition of affliirs unex pected events may transpire here. Financially, socially anil politically wo liavo everything at stake. Here at least, wo must preserve public order ? protect piivato property ? administer justice and maintain the dignity, the ma estv and the Supremacy of tho laws and tie: eon stitution. And to do so successfully, wo must have at the head of the Corporation a man of nerve, talent, cool ness and experience, like Mayer Wood, and give to him tho necessary legal power to sustain himself It is true under the existing city charter the Mayor is powerless for good. One man may as well bo Mayor nx another. He h i? no control over the public ex|iendi ture, nor the administration of juslice, nor the executive departments, ne is without tho necessary authority to diroct these branches of the public service. Hut this defect in our system will , doubtless, be remedied. The friends of pond ijovernment see now thai tho evils mid or which we labor are in consequence of tho want of stilll cient authority in tho municipal head, and not In the omissions of that officer. It is tho decentralization of our municipal system, coating so many independent heads, that has produced the present enormous ex penditurcs and lax government. To remedy this there nvist ba a concentration of isiwer in the Mayor, who could then with Justice be held responsible. Responsibility and power w..u!d then accompany each other. It is unfair to hold that officer accountable for tho conduct of the Common Council, the Rxecntive Pejwirtments or the Police, when ho has no au thority over either. Give to such a man as Mayor Wood the neeesrary authority , and tho city of Now York will Soon become tho first city in the world, so far us good and clu ap government is concerned. That theso evils will be soon remedied there can be no doubt. All parties and all men seesand acknowledge tho mistake which has deprived the Mayor of power. With a conviction, therefore, that the necessary change In tho charter will he nutd" by the coming legislature, wo de sire the re-election of Mr. Wood. He has had no opitortu nity to display li s masterly executive qualities, Letua re-elect him ami restore to tho office tho dignity and au thority which of right belongs to It, and wo pie !??> our selves that at tho corclusio^of his term no man will dare to ruis-> his voice in this community against liim. It is scarcoly nocossary to remind you that theabus" which is now boing heaped ujiou tho defenceless head of our present Mayor is from tho same "old coon." He shriws himself Just before the olectlon. every two yoais. It c nues mainly from mon who cry "Step thief," to divert attention from their own misdeeds in-thc past and designs u|H>n tho municipal trea sury iu tho future. Tho honest masses of this city do re quire reform; but it is in tho city charter, In tho Common Council, and in most of the oxecutivo departments. Over these (whore the evil really lies) tho Mayor, under exist ing laws, has no control. j But tf there bo wrong* in the Mayoralty chairTainmany ? Hall in not the pine to look Tor reform. No true reform emanates from that quarter. Indeed, from that hotbed of corruption have sprung most of the evils under which the pooplo of Now York labor. Even the present rity charter was passed through Its influonco, to take from Mayor Wood the power to do pood and to retain it* own hold upon the money power of the Corporation. For vo*rB it has font into the piililto employment its agents rind plunderers, and derived in sole pecuniary supjiort from thoir deprcdati- ns upon the public treasury. I?t the demoernoy recall the names of the defaulters?of the Albury lobby schemers ? of the Aldormanlc rings? of the Forty Thieves' t'ommon Council ? nnd of the notorious bullies and law breakers who have disgraced this oity for for years, and their political hoadquartors will be found in Tammany Hall. That concern is yet ruled by men wh >, though of minor impomnoOt are yot of the same siatnn. Reform from such a quarter cannot bo est pocted. However fair, by common repute, may be the reputation of any man presented by them as a candidate, itiscortain thai tho unscrupulous clique who govern there will hold him under thoir baneful spell, if elec-tod. They will not trust an independent man, who d<vres to do right, and this in tho reason they Idite our prencat Mayor. He despises and defies tliem. Ami it is a like contempt for the Tammany cabal that haw caused tho- outside re spectitblo organizations to repudiate any alliance with it. "Its touch is death, and its pnwrieesure destruction." As for Mozart, wo stand f irth alone and independent. Young, vigorous and confident, wo seek alliance with none. We rely upon the Justice of our cause, tho com manding strength of our i?)ld and able loader, and th ? patriotism and intelligence of the )>onp)... Under this banner we go forth to victory, I'nllko Tammany H.ill we have asked alliance with no othor party. Wo are able to fight this contest relying solely upon our own re. sources. Wo shall make no alliances. Representing the great body of the honest masses and the lion hearted democracy of the city, we present our candidate to the people, feeling and bolieviug that a glorious result awaits us. God defend the right. By orrtor of the committee, Hon. I. C. IlELAl'LAlNE, Chairman. J W Itorcx, 1 ?a<.rotarU>?? W. II. Jackson , /M(-r0IarlCS' Tho addresss was adopted unanimously, and ordored to J bo printed. The Convention then adjourned. German Nomination for the Mayoralty. The German Union league ? a now political organiza tion?held a Convention, composed of delegates, last night, to decide upon a candidate for Mayor Pr. Wil holm presidod, and aftor much debate Hon. George Op dyke was unanimously nominated. Sixth Aldermanlc District. The Mozart delegates of tho abovo district mot again last evening at tho Tenth Ward Hotel, and aftor several ballots, in which James Durning and James Gallagher each received seven votes, thoy adjourned over to this evening without boing able to agree. City Intelligence. Gkkkral Frkmont.? At a preliminary meeting of a num ber of Germans ? admirers of General Fromont? In this city, a committee was appolntod, composed of Messrs Kaufman, Aufermann, Kapp, Dr. Ihilon, Wlllmann, Kopp, P.oedcl, Friedeborn, Go tz, Adelberg and Kueppler,for the purpose of preparing for an ovation to Gen. Fremont upon his arrival in the city to-day (Friday). They will meet the General at the Astor House. They Intend to arrange for a torchlight procession and a demonstration ol tho Germans in honor of General Fromont. Thk MvunBK or Hoffmann. ? Collections are being mado for the relief of tho widow of Samuol Hoffmann, who was murdered by Dr. T/iewenborg, tho deceased having left a family In very destitute circumstances. Contributions in aid of the family are received at the offices of the German daily moriing and ovenin^apcrs. Passports Rsqiirkd fob California ? Sailing or nt* Stkamek Champion. ? A now arrangement In connection with the passport system wont into operation yesterday. Superintendent Kennedy was present at pier No. 3 North river with a lsrge force of police, to soe that no passen gers departed on board the California steamer Champion without proper passjiorts. Tho arrangement cuused con siderable surprise and inconvenience, as many were not aware that such a rule, would bo put in force. The object is understood to be tho prevontion of communication with Europe via Aspinwall. Evacuation Day. GENERAL OKDKKS? NO. 16. H EADQCARTRRa TWKNTY flCCHWl ItCGIKKKT, N. Y. S. M., 1 Nsw York, Nov. 18, 1861. J In obedienco to orders from Bri^ado Headquarters tho regiment will para-.o on Monday, the 26th Inst., in full unitorm (with overcoats) and under arms. Tho regimen tal i;ie will he? formed on the north side of T'nion square, right on IJroadway, at nico o'clock A. M. The Hold and stall' will report to tho Colonel, and linn-commissioned stulf, hand uud drum corps to tho A-iJuUnt.on the ground, st a quarter before nine. Commandants will report with tlKir companies at the samo hour. Hi- order of JAMES MONUOE, Colonel. J. IIkxi>kr.son Grant, Adjutant Tfj-v. navy. Tho sloop of-war Housatonlc , that wo? Iu . lllDCi) ton on Wednesday, promises to bo a swift an . j vossol, overy care having been taken both In U"r in* and outward construct ion. .wha will bo ringed with inssts and yards, as liar pi tnolpnl reliance will bo on thorn, h">f |

steam power botug <uy auxiliary, to bo used in oaso of emergency. H- r armament will consist of two elovon tmh guns, mounted on nlrcuiar railways, ona tw mty-four pound rilled nun. and six lung thirty two's, as broadside ^\in*. Hor ilini"iis ions are ;ih follows ? length between perpendiculars I' vt, but over all sho measures 2Sf> foot . brea Ith, MS feet ; depth, lfl foot 10 inches. She ii caulked Inside and out, and in overy way in a splendid vet so I. MOVEMENTS OF ^TRANSPORTS. Tho Unit "I States steam transport New York, sailed on Wednesday ov ning lor I/jcust l*oint, with a full cago of provi'to"'', gun c irriagef , &c. The I'mtod Slates steam transport lie's, sparks, llinuhed loading with provisions aud ammunili.'u, at pier No. 0 North rlvor, uad sailud last evening for ii<ociist I'omt. Tho Unltod Stale* steam transport Delaware, Connor, sailed last evening for fortress Monroe, where sho will recolvo hor orders. Sho has acc mm <luti ns for 360 troops. TBI LOBS Of THE PEERLESS. A CARD UK THANKS TO TI1K OFIUCKttS AND MBit OF THE M011U AN. We, the unrlorsignotl, captain , officers anil crew, Into of the steamer Peerless, corridor It our duty thus publicly to return our rIdc-to and heartfelt thanks tn Captaiu Godon, Lieutenant Miller, and tho officers and crow of the Unitod States simp of- war Mohican. " for having, under the providence of a merciful God, rescin d uh from a watery grave." That they may, after riding safely through all the gales if tins life, reach that " .sniig harbor" where the (.real Com modore of nil will reward the good deeds done ID this life , will ever be th" prayer of Captain II. J. lilofhou, \V. F. Newo?mbo, ,lno May , Sam. Wise, John A. Hunt, James Mathies"t>, .1 White and nineteen others. Nitw York, Nov UO.lStll. MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. TUB FOURTH NEW HAMPSHIRE REGTMENT. Colonel Juliau Allen, purser of the United States trans port Baltic, which arrived at this port yesterday from l'ort l'oyal, brought with him i large amount of nvney, transmitted liy soldiers of the Fourth New Ilumpsluru regiment for their families. In tho direction of one of the parcels an omission has bcon m ide, which renders him unable to find th? porson t<i whom 1! is addressed. Tho direction on the parcel referred to is a.; follows: ? "To Mrs. Sarah N'udd . care Havid Cutter, Ks<i '' Colonel Alien l.s to bo found at the Astor Houso, or on hoard tho Baltic. SIXTY-NINTH REGIMENT, NEW YORK 8TATE MILITIA. An election was held at the headquarters of this regi ment recently to till the vacancy occasioned by the resig nation of ('apt. Jas. Kelly, ho having received an appoint ment in the Sixteenth infantry. United States Army , and detailed to th" First, regiment Irish Brigade. There was a Ml attendance of old associate*. Captain Clark pre sided. First Lieutenant William Butler received the entire number of votes cast. I.ioutenaut Butler was do tailed to command Company G, by Colonel Corcoran, when Carptatn I>uffy resigned at Georgetown, and con tinned in command during the stay of the Sixty -ninth In Virginia, and tool; part in the battlo of Bull run. Ho is ouo of tho oldest hne officers in the regiment. THE TAMMANY REGIMENT. Dr. Osborne, Surgonrv of tho Tammany regiment, ar rived in the city yestorday with nearly $12,000 for the families of the soldiers of that regiment. The money is deposited in the Flxpcnny Savings Rmk, of which ElCah F. I'urily is I'i idei?t, located in Eighth st reel, near Fourth avenue, where, u(>on presentation of the renuiuite orders, it will ho paid out m the ullottod atnouuts. OUR NEW MAP EDITION. Sixteen New War Mupi- Topographical Sketches of tin Scats of War. Wc have issued another edition of the war maps which have lately appeared in the New York Hkkai.d. They aro sixteen in number:? 1. oi k Naval and JIiutaiix Operations at a Glanck: ? Tlio Count mid l.aud Line of the Rebellious States ? TUo Union Blockailo of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast ? Tltc Rebel Batteries on tlio Mtoisslppi ? TUo Forts on tUe Southern Sea I.ine. 2. Thk Skat or Wah in tiik Wct; ? M:ip of tho Scene of Operations In Southeastern Mis souri, Illinois ami Teuneasoo, with the Positions of the Rcbol Troo|is and Portion* of tho Federal Forces, and the Iipfenco-i at Cairo and Bird's l'oint. 3. Tim Srat or War in Kknttcky:? Locations of tho Rebel Forcos? Stratoglc Importance of Positions Occupied by. ti e Opixtsing Armies. 4. Tiik S*at ok Wak in KaNTOacr: ? Another Topographical Sketch. 5. Map or the Ileum. Capital: ? T.>|>ograpbical Sketch af tho City of Richmond , Vir ginia, with the Surrounding Encampments. 8. VfcRY Cl'RIOl'S Kkiikl Semi-Okkioial Pk.tobial Vibw or Thk Hattls or Bull Kin. 7. T*l Fioin at Santa Rosa Island:? Map of Santa liosa Island, Whore tho Reported Fight Between the Rebels aad Wilson's Zouaves took place. 8. Map or tub Coast, i hum Gkokuktown, 8. C. , to Savan nah, Gk )?au; ? Showing Hull's Ray. Charleston, St. Holona Sound and Port Itoyal Katrance. a. Tiik Ai-faik AT Chi< oiacomic: ? Tlio Advance of Colonel Hawkins ? Retreat of Colonel Brown ? Shelling of the Rebels by the Montlcello. 10. Sbat or War Ajmcnd Paducau and Colimiids, Kits ITCHY. 11. Tiik Skat or Wa? rv Miasocui: ? Tho Important Points of the War, Showing the Posi tions of the Refects under Generals McCulloch and I'rlce, and the Advance of the Union Troops under Gouerab Fremont, Hunter, Siegat , Sturgis, kr,. , tic. 12. Tiik Skat oy War in W k.-ttkrn Vikuinia: ? TUe 1/KttlkUes of the Army of Occupation ? The- Position,, of General Rusecrans, Reynolds, Cox, ScUenck, Bonhatn, kc. , oo tUo Union Side , and those of tho RtUel Generals Lee, Kloytl, Andorson, kc. 13. TotIjowkr Potomac: ? Map of the Potomac from Washington to tho Chosa. jviako, Showing the Rebol Battorics trutn Cockpit Point to Math ins Point. X4. Map of B*avfort, S. C. : ? Scone of Operations of tho Groat Naval and Military Ex j podition. | 15. Tim I'ppkr Potomac:? Map of tbo Potomacfrom W.nhington to Harper's Ferry, Showing the Scone of Oporations of Gcnorals Banks and Stone. 10. Map or Nkw Orleans and Si kroi xdino Cocntry: ? Tho Mouths of tho Mississippi ? The i/ocality of tho Naval Engagement, Friday night, October 11, 1881. Single copies, in wrappers, six cents. Whole Bale prioe the same as for the Wekkly IIkkald. Agents will please Bend in their orders. Court Calendar? This Day. Si'prkms Coirt ? Cwxrr. ? Part 1 ? Short caufes? Nos. 2404, 40r.8, 4070, 4581 , 4040, 4004, 4833, 4933, 4072, 4077, 6061, 5080, 5080, 5105, 5107, 6274. 6288, 5310, 2588, 3111, 3737 , 3830 , 4023 , 4038 . 4506 , 4834 , 4601 , 4700 , 47116 . 4948 4969, 6007 , 6397 , 6419 , 6420 , 6448 , 6463, 6608, 6538, 6539)?. 5545 , 5585 , 5570 , 6578, 6592, 6594. 6697. 6602, 5808, 5816, 6822. 5023, 5825, 602 9, 5831, 6052, 5868, 5802, .5666,5669, 6874, 5675, 6677, 66S8, 5687, 669K, 5708, 6710, 5711,5716,5720,6721,4015,4077,4786,4783, 4873, 6077, 5367,5382,6431. Smaioa Co: rt. ? Part 1 ? Vos. 2125, 2639, 254T, 2553, 2655.2559,2561,2563.2565,2503,711, 1747, 1283,1668, 1927, 1989, 2405, 1177, 1613};, 7, 26d7. Part 2? No*. 2316, lS'J0,25i0. 2624, 1580, 2708,2712.2714, 2716,2720, 2722, 2724, 2732, 2738, 2740, 2742, 2744, 2762. Common Plxas. ? Part 1? Nos. 3935 , 3904 , 3'J47, 3741, 3046, 3143, 3168. .1169, .'(474,4022. Part 2? Nos. 3217, 3409, 3492, 3499,3881, 3893, 3975. 3993, 4003, 4014. Look at the Official IHup of the South.? D"n'i be deceived by bogus news.? Union's Head, six mile* from the main land ; Beaufort, sixteen inlles north of Hilton's Head; Coosahv.itchie and the rfavinnah Kailroad, sixteen miles north of Beaufort. Also there are two railroads I rum Savannah toCh'irleston. See Lloyd's greo! steel plate Military Map of the Southern Slates, showlm; tuo thousnnd tulles of eoast survvs; price only SOcents; three copies for $1. This map is use<i by the government. J. B LLOYD, 164 Broadway, The Living Whale at Barnnm'i At tracts thousands of onr bVst cltizstis, who aro also interested In the living Hippopotamus, educated White Rats, and Dra matic performances. A Pure Tobacco.? Yellow Bank Tol>ac co.? Goodw in's Pure Yellow Bank Tobacco, free from all Im purities, for sale by all h. mccu and segar dealers, andat wholesale by E. GOODWIN k BROTHER. M Water aireet. Crist adoro's Uatr Dye, Wig* and Ton pees, the best in the World, wholesale and retail, and the dye privately applied. No. 6 .tutor House. Ratchclor'a Hair Dye? The Best In tho world; hat ml S, reliable and Instantaneous. Hold and ap plied at BATCIIELOR'S Wig Factory, 16 Ho nil aireet. Every Lady Should Vw Laird'i Bloom of Youth, or Llcptl l Pearl, lor preserving and beautifying the complexion and skin. All druggists and 439 Broadway. Ladles, the llcat Place In New York to buy Balmorals, Button Halters an I Boys' Patent I-eu'her BuoU, is at Ml LI, Kit A CO. '8, 387 Canal street. Trusses.? Marsh ?.fc Co.'s Radical Cnre I Trusses, also Military Shoulder llrsce and Ali.loiitinal Sup pot u-r combined? a superior article. No. 'I Vesey St., Astor ) liouse, opposite the church. llolloway's Pills WIH Keep You In | health under all changes of climate and exposure to cold. OWrlal I)rn\vlnff? of the D? luunre State LoiUJl'lt'tt, T.xtha C i.m 43? November II. IM01. 74, 54, 12, 73. 72, 5, f?7, lit, 20. 17, 44, 29, 27.* 44? NovoiiiIm r 21, 1W'_. 84, 5, So, ?ii), 4o, *z, au, 00, 13, 45, JUIIN W^'waLKER, } Olflclitl Diluviums ?f Murray, Eddy & "?<>. '? Kentucky and Missouri State Lotteries Kkhtwky. Kxtha Hi-ass. 605? November!!, 1H61. g", ?, tm, 4a. is, in, 72, 64, ii, 2, 35, ?4. KkntUckT, Nov.Miili.-r 21, i.w j ,!t' ,i,)- 2fl. 23, 2?, 72, C.I . 8, C7, 22. DiwiiLiriiVnJ' fl'oc of charge '?* add resume .'lOier to Circular* Ih Ml 'BRAY, EDDY * CO.. Covington, Ky., or 8t. Louis Mo. Tli (i Only Citizen Remaining lnll. au fort when our trootw towk i? . V1!",10" ,?,f V "? dlil not wear one of Knox ? htitx, for It lie had he would never have got a "hi Irk ?V! .'"i . "i Duch a "tight" place Gems-men ?h" I'ny their hati of KNOX. No. 212 Broadway, liefer net O^ht? never prove IMrt torn to their eountlT, but arc Hi\Vuys fou 11 among the most worthy cltUcns mid truest patriots Empire Kewliiif Placlilrte#. l'riuea reduced. Terms accommodating. 510 vlroad way. Nubotx for Slavery and Poor M?'i '"r Freedom. Photographed by Almighty I'H/rr A Co., u Park Uallery, 204 liroadMay. Dyspepsia ? Dyspepsln ( iircd liy Dr. Tobias' l'ulmouic Lite Syrup, Audits. Hold lly all dritggisia. Hill's Hair Dye, r>0 rents, Black or brown, best In use. Depot No. 1 Barclay stref"., and sold by nil druggista. Married. IlRowm.Ni; ? ^cott. ? On Wednesday evening, No .*cmbpr 20, at tho residence of the bride's I'uthor, by the Rev. J. H. lord, I). I)., William Brow.*i vn to An?in,oniy liuartgh tor of John I>. Scott, Ksq. . all oi thin city. nitimix? Li'i>i.(w. ? On Wodnenday evening, Novenl?wr 20, at tho residence of thebrido'H lather, at Peapack.N. J. . by the Key. II. I'. Thompson, Exoni M Rbuki.i., of llniiiville, N. J., to Ancikiink Litiilow. of the above placfv ri.ACK ? SIkkriit ? On Wednesday, November 20, by the R' V. Pr. Burchard, Mr. Ckokuk M. 1!laik to Mum Mary A. Mrhhitt, all of this rlty. CAKiirrKOS ? Topnxn. ? On Thursday, November 21 . by thi' Rev. l>r . Thompson, Harmah (Jahiikt.-o.v to lliss JIarv J. Topping, both of this city. Died. AAnnK.? ? Drowned, near Fort Clark, Haltcriis rnlet, on Friday night , November 1 , Jouv Hkiimond Aitkn, son of James W. ttid the Info Margaret I, Anion, in the 24th your of Ilia age. The deceased belonged to Colonol "llnwkina' regiment ?f volunt? o's, on<l I' 'Hi Ills life while in tho discharge of his dut y lo the VnilO'1 States govern ment. . , Bran'OAI'iiit. ? At Melrose, on Thursday, November 21, ca^i kh bwM(nr. TtnWMdlOf the taSfin invited to attend the fn neral, from liis late residence, on Saturday morning, at nine o'clock. IIKF.HK.? In Brooklyn, on Tuesday .November 10. Inauki i a Kkkhk, wifo of AloD'/.o II. Beebe . and oldest daugh ii r of Kranlftiu Groenleaf, aged 25 years, 5 moullis aud 9 (UiVS. Tho relatives , friends and Sandy Hook pilots, are re spectrally Invited to attend the funeral, from her lute rest deuce, No. 97 Kyorsnn street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notice. Cham i'ion. ? At Westerly, R. I., after a short Illness, on Suturday, November iti , MaKY W. Champion, wife of John C. Champion. ? , Cos':*.? On Wodnosd ay evening, Novomher '.'0, at a quarter past soven o'clock, Wit i.iam T., only child of J. B. and Charlotte Con tre, aged 2 months. The friends of the family aro invited to attend the nine, rnl, this (Friday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from No. 6 Allen street. ? I 'unto*.? On Thursday morning, November 21 . A Custom, eldest son of the late He Witt (Union. li s funeral will take place on Saturday afternoon, at three o'clock, from the Church of the Transforation, Fast Twenty ninth street. Tho relatives and fronds ot the family aro respectfully invited to attend without further invitation. ... Ci;kk. On Thursday , November 21 , Mrs. LrCtMPAKKKn, aged H2 years, widow of Seth Gecr. Tllofrl lids and relatives of the family are respectfully invited tu attend tho funeral, from the ho so of her son, Dr. gull (leer, at No. 125 ftist Forty- (lft h street, on Sat urday afterm on, at two o'clock. Go mirk ii.? On Wednesday, NovohibM- 20. Mrs Han nah (JooiiRiOM, In th? (2d year of her age. The funeral wid take p ace on Saturday morning, :jt ten o'clock , from her late residence, corner of Myrtle avenue and Skillman street, Hrook'yn. Alliauv and Hudson papors please copy. Gkrritskn.? In Brooklyn, on Wednesday niornlrc. No vember 20, Jank. Van Brvnt, wife of Stvmuel J. (ierritsen, of Gravesoud, L. I. ., _ ? The relatives anil friends of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of Ii.t | sou in law, A. I>. Polhenius, No. 123 Bean street , Bttiok lyn, this (Friday) nftiirn'ioa, at two o'clock. ' Hjskmann ? On Thursday morning, November 21. Hkrmann, of iuflumination of the bowels, aged 43 years. The relatives and friends oi the family, also tho mem bers of the German llrotherlv Society, anil the United German Brothers' Association, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his Into residence, No. 103 West Forty ninth street , on Saturday afternoon, at half-past twelve o'clock, without further notice. Ills rctnaiua will be Interred In Lutheran Cemetery. Ht'XnlfQ. ? On Thursday morning, November 21. or scarlet rever, Minni* I.konora, only c hild of Wm. W. and lAura K. Hunting, aged 3 years and 4 months. The funeral will take place at 236 Fast thirtieth, alreot, on Saturday morning, at eleven o'c'oek. Kikby On Thursday, November 21, .Iawks Kmnv.a native of Okstlu Hyons, county Cork, Ireland, aged 23 years, H months and 10 days. His friends, and Miose of his uncles. Michael , John and Patrick Cotter, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at half past ono o'clock, from St. Vincent's Hospital, Kleventh stroet, near Seventh avenue. Kimzm? On Thursday, November 21. mmiKnicK KCNT7.K. aged 66 yoars . 6 months and 21 days. The friends of tho family are invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 27 Fifth str-et, on Saturday afternoon . at two o'clock. Ills remains will bo taken t?i Calvary Cemetery. I AWI.KR.? On Wednesday morning. November 20, or consunipl Ion , 1'atpp K I, aw ^ a native of Quotum county , parish of Bahatie, aged 22 *. -- and H months The fri. Mids and re Uives of the family aro respectfully invited t., attend He funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from tho residence of his mothor, 109 ave nue 11. ... , ., MHYnk.? On Thursday evening, November 21 Fi? BKveK, youngest daughUT of l liar les \\ and Sarah C. Mct'une, aged 2 years and 9 months. The relatives and friends of tli" famHy are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents, No. 97 F-ast Twenty nintl. street, on Sunday af ternoon, at one o'clock, without further invitation. Oakiky ? On Wednesday, November 20, Henry Wiwn* Oaki ky , aged 10 years, 1 niotil*i slid H days; and on Thursday , November 21 , Joi-m Mis 1'orrs Oakijty, aged U years and 24 days, sons of J din I>. and Maria Oakley. Tho friends and relatives of the family ore requested tu attend the funeral, from the residence of their parents, Newtown, I,. I., this (Friday) afternoon, at thr. o o'clock Ri?'kwki.i.. ? "ii Thursday, November 21, of consump tion, Ciiaki-Ri Fpwaru, son of Hie late .lames Rockwell. Tt.ft relatives and friends nre respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from hts late residence, S4 East Fiftieth street, on Suiniay afternoon, at one o'clock. Ki, iiari>son ? In Brooklyn, on Thursday morning, No vemlier 21, Mary Van Hri nt, wife of tho laloJohn li. Rich ardson, in tho 46tli year of her age. The relatives anil friends of the family arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 17 High street, Brooklyn, this (Friday) afternoon, at hair past tlireo o'clock. Shkripai*.? On Thursday, November 21, F.ukn, daugh ter of Andrew and Rose Sheridan, lately deceased, aged 6 years, 0 months and 1 day. The relatives and friend* of the family, also those or hor uncles, l'utrick Fumigan and Owou Keegen, are re siioetfully invited to attend the fune-al, from her late ri'sidence, No. 263 Monroe street , this (Friday) afternoon, nt.STKLN-wlv.? Thursday morning, November 21, Anna, youngest daughter of Henry Steinway, aged 19 years', 3 montliB and 16 days. The relatives and friends of the family nre respectfully reiiuostcd to attend tho funeral, at the residence of her rather, comer of I/ixington aveuue aud Filty-thirdstreet, this I Friday) afternoon . ? sm,th ?On Wednesday afternoon, November 20. after a short illness.. lonw J. sMrr.i, in th? 3nh year of fiis age 1 lie rolatlvns and friends of the family, and those of John M Smith's sons, aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence , 135 West Forty -sixth street, near Seventh avenue, on Satu rdoy afternoon, at two o'cl< ck. without further notice. I hiladelphia papers please copy. Sikvknh On Tuesday , November 19,Ai.lkita \auax, widow of Thomas .1. Stevens, in the 63d year of her age The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 27 Wost Twenty -eighth street, this (Friday) afternoon, "WYium'? ' Gn Tuesday evening, November 19, .!?anmk Mkhikr. youngest daughter of Henry Sii.vdam, of New " Hor' 'mends, and those of tho family, are invited to at tend the funeral, from the Church or the Ascension, cor ner of Tenth otroet and Fifth avenue, tills (Hiday) morn ing, at ten o'clock, without further invitation. Wn LMorr.? On Thursday morning, November 21, Sami'H. n. Wiumott, a native of Fnglnnd, aged 67 yoars. The relatives and rriends are respectfully Invited to at lend the funeral, this (Friday) one o clock, from his late resldouce, Tenth street, near Grand, Bro< k ly w LD_On Wednesday, November 20, Tiiouvs Walk, a native of county Weatmeath Ireland, aged 46 years _ Tlio frioncls rcljitiveH of the family nre roH,?cctful y hi vi ted to attcn d the funeral, this (Friday I afte.noon a' two . 'clock, from his late residence , No. 74 I'Jist Ineuiy f?Wn ua^-AI Oreenpolnt , I,. I. . on Thursday , Noyem ber 21 ? of dropsy, Mary Ann Williams, wife of William fames Williams, In her 76th year. The friends of tho ramily aro respectfully ^ tend tho Mneral , from the residence of Sainuol I). F*bert, N street Greenpoint, on Sunday afternoon. YorNc'-In Brooklyn, on Wednesday morning, Novem ber ??'. Anna R. , wife of Jam .s N Young, ag?d 62 years, 5 The IrelatHre^ and'fr ion > of the family are respectfully invtel to attend the mneral, from her late residence, No 77 Adelphi street, Brooklyn, this ff riday) artemoon, at two o'clock, rurther invitation. ?ll>CKIili,V!?KI)l'.S. ' k UCt ARTlCLtl TOR SOI.DIKRH AT HALTIMORR, J\ Wasl.lnj^en, aft l all other p. aces, tituuld lie sent by II ARNHEN'o Kx] m-s*,74 Broadway, a* tliey charge on'.y h?lf rale*. T^elr Am y Exiseta dally at U:30 and 4.45 P. M. ; a t Evr:itDKLi,'s? weddinq cards.-these cele , J\ t>r.!ted eu^i-jved uaru* auid only at 302 Broad way, cor I ner of Diiane street. miscki,?; \xKors. ^RMY AND NAVY CLAIM*. APPRO VKD BILLS l'l'Rntl ARED UNA DJUBTEn AND SUSI'RNDED accoiivts PROMPTLY COLLECTED We have an agent at Waahlngton (o pr.mernte acch biumiea Inderatigiihlv. TAYLOR BROTHERS, iiANKKRS 347 Broadwav.eiiroer Murray atreet, 76 vVa '1 atreet, oorner Pearl. ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY'S AKMY AND UOY ERN MKNT KXi'RF.HS, I.eavea office, 69 Broadway, daily, at Utj, 41, and Rjf P. M. 'I'll iK la the mi ly Kxiik ? running through tn Waalitn^n by waaenger trnlna, Khip|icr" hnvliiK any quantity or I 1'iechl tn ?end can make a contract nt reduced rate*, on application lit iwr 'illler, I'arkapea lor so'iliera from the rfriemla lakcn at inv-halt prim, tn all jmliil*. OoiiiU tor Waahiujdon Mliippct l?r tho I2J^ P, M E\r>rew? ronoti il .iiiii.ukin next mui^ilng. ADAMS' EXI'KEMS CO., IW Broadway. T ?l BO ? DOUBLE HOLE WATER PROOF BOOTS, AT JON ES\ tv *ud I- Ann ?troet. A \ LL BUYERS WHO PERCENT THIS ADVERTISE xV. ment ?t H7U Broadway, c.orjwv of White itrMt, within three iUvc, will be n disconnt of five p <r cent on sR purchases of $1 and ovrr. An tfiportvr'* *t<vrk of tn<n'# Knrnvihiim <ioods selling vut at rctitd at price* n'ver before heard of !n thin line, OV/es, Neck Vie* tin r! Bear/"#, Under clothing, Hosiery, Linen Handkercbe*f*. s 'CisAer*, Ac. The very beat four pi y Lfncn'Coiiars at ftfwnt* each. Ev?*rv thing In marked In plain figures. The g'ft4s are to lk? sold nt What I hey will brtnr. B ALLOCS (Vl'FFFFFPrFFF YYYY YTYY ?8CISS FFKJWEFirFFFK YYYY \*VY Y SSS pk ff yy rv sss s&s kp rf yy y">* bus l-h'F YY yy SSS FPfT VYY SStt FFFF YY ^Q8 fp > yy ass FP YY SSB ff yy ass ham PPPP YYYYYY HSS XS9 FKFF YYYYYY 88383 BALltolPH PATENT IMWOVED FRENCH YOKE 4tlLRTS, Paten ten November I, IWiJ. A NEW STYLE OF SflfKT, WABKA1' H? TO PIT, Made to meitnie. at #15, >\H, >'J4, Ac., Sc., fiif <fozeu. Mi order tnken for lens tliim linlf a dozen vifrt*. Wholeaale tnxle supplied on till' uatial terim BALLOU I. tOTHERB, Sfo 409 Broad wmr'Hew York. ftOMMENCBMBNT Ot VOW MM XXIV. HARPER'S NEW tfn.frilLV MAOATft'B. No. CXXAlX'? CONTENTS? DEO. IM?. THE COAST ItANUEIU) ?>K CALIFORNIA -IV.-THK (} IfrXZI.Y, ? By J. K<?h? Biott-ne-.? IlIiiKtrnt una. 'A drizzly In dump ? Cunlom llnu-U' ?t Hi' HI Harlmr ? "There'* iiuiiiy ? Slip"1? Tom Fry'a ? Tm- (K'tieral I) I ?? 1 1 1?? i?? "O way finn herel'? Tho Jildp attoniptH lb Cllnili n Tre ? -t,^iipi?li? Tnliy rnn? Ui khvi> the Vlneitar? ' "Hold I Ennii/iifl" ? Phil Wilkjifr ill-lien thp Judge? Mrnnelio biii'kmK ? l>iil*'*l!ty ad Jn?U>d? Cho?-der ready ? '?iiiii Prt* e.-C'ir'-d. M AK1NO MONKY.? II.? TlIB UN1TKD STATE O'MINT, PIIILAHELPIIIA. ? Illii?lratr(1piC^.llnlted Stutis Mint, l'liiliiilelplila ? Iniioii ? Court Vrvr<t? Rolltiiu Mill ? l>?ilwin(i: Hi- rich ? Eccentric W Ikm-I-? C'ntijiin Pri -m a ? Ad iuailxit Kontn ? Milium Maclitnc ? Trnimrer Lathe? Dies ? t lining Room ? Colnin/jPreas ? Dcllvcrlnit Obtn I'HE OK AVANllO KI V Kit. ?Iflimtratlon?. ? A Well . -fivk ? I'd ShiHiting 4 1 n il ii d ? Croating n Burning Savanna? A tlyht Royal Finn' ? Furloua Charite "I a Vaterramllla* ? Purautt of iin Elephant ? Cliane of the Wild l'"ii.r ?Dlnappulnteil Li> av? HimiIi Urapple ? itli a Lion ? The WTille Mau a Show. A W I FE S STORY. MOUNT VICTORY. OKLKY FARM.? By Anthony Trolt5ip?.? Illualrated h> J. K. Millaia.j? Chapter X XI X? Brenklnc Covert. Chapter XXX,? Another l-all. Chapter XX^I ? Pootatepa In Cii* Corridor. Chapter XXXII.? What MHdgat BoUter had Mil V . f llii?tratl"na. ? A Fall ? In the Corridor. THE REIUN OF 81 LTAN ABDUL iHEDJID. ST' LI, UNKNOWN. Mlt. AND MRS MEYER. A PSALM OK THE UNION. THE ADVENTURES OF PHILIP. B^W. M. Thackeray. Chapter XXIII? In which we Mill liovi-r aliout the Elvniati Pleld*. Chapter XXIV ? Nee ditlera Amorea apcrne, Puer, neniie tu chorcaa. llliiau-atlon*. ? Iu Arcadia? Diana ? Prince Klyooota. COLONEL BAKER. III. I F. YARN STOCKINHS. MONTHLY RECORD OF CURRENT EVENTS. EDITOR'S TABLE. EDITOR'S EASY CHAIR. EDITOR'S FOREION BUREAU. EDITOR'S DRAWER.? (W >h Ten Illuatrationa.) FASHIONS FOR DECEMBER. II.LI'8 rBATIONS. ? Dinner Coatiinie? Cloak The Twentv-fiiiirth roliime of HARPER B NEW MONTH LY MAUAZINB commencea h Ith the present Niimlier. The Publiahera prn|ioae no change In the ai-ope nrxl aplrlt of the Mititazine The.r aim *? lll t till lie to furntoh it MiacelUny wliii li ahull lie acceplalde to the great man* of cultivated American re?der?. The following partial fcummary of the Contenia of the Ihki Volume will Indicate the general nature of the Mihlecta to lie Introduccij, and the variety of literary and ai tiatlc t ilent tu be ctnplnM il in their truutinent: ? HISTORY AND BIOORAMIY. By John S. C. Abbott, Uohi'it K. < 'olotnaii, J. T. lliMuflev, Ben do n J. LosHlng. TUAVKL AND AOTKNTI KE. By ,T. Una* Browne, T. Klehtij-tlH, Janira (}. Wll??on, I). II. Strother. N ATI' UAL HISTORY. By T. H. Thorpe, Charlotte Tay lor. SKKTOIirs OF CHARACTER AND INCIDENT. By Win. A. Baker, Mannt^'ll B. Fh-lct, Jane O. Fuller, Ilonry NVlll, Bn\ard Taylor, II. Wrbb. NOVF.LH. By W. M. Tliaek?ray. Anthony Trollope. 8TOKIKS AND TALES. By T. H. Arthur, Jane O. Austin. Mary E. Bradley, Caroline (, Mary A. Dctilaon. Fit* linen Ltiillow, LouIhc ('handler Moulton, Kate J. Nm*ly, Ilarri' t K. J'rrscott, ltote Terry, Katherlue ?S. Wlfltamn. I'OEMH. By George Aroohl, i 'harlotto Bifinte. Kit z Jamoe O'Brien, Thnnma Dunn Eng'i-^h, Laura E. l'ohlinan, N. O. Slo'pher?f, Alexander Smith EMS A YH, REVIEWS AND CRITICISMS. By Cbarlee Anfhon. Charles T. C* -ru<lon. Geo. Win. <'nrtln, IlenrX Olio?, A. II. Uueriiney. Donald G. MlU'hell, c'harles NordUoff, Samuel Oagood, S. 1. Prime. George Ripley, ANECDOTE AN1) FACETIiB. By more than a hundred contrlluitorM, from every part of the country. THE ILLUSTRATIONS, executed by the b?at emrravere, under the imtned ate nupervlshm ol Henry Hears, aie train* ly from oriel n?l druwlnga by the follow In/: artist* .?Bcll''tr# ?;arroll, Chaoln, Co*, floater. Hennew>ev, Losninit, Mac* iloiioiign, M?'i4??nan, Mtllals, Newmau, Fui-kohs, lYrklue, K "hards, Smtllle, HtephenK, St rot her. The circle of contributors to the Mn/ ar.ine bssbecnen largi'd from number to number, and the uutonal of valuahU? matter at the diKponal of the publishers has never been ho great a* at present. Those authors tuid artist* whow works have been so favorably received will still furnish contribu tions; and arrangements have been made with others, for whtiw productions a like cordial ivecome tn confidently antic! I'flted. Neither labor nor exj?ense will be spared to render the ensuing volume worthy of the favor which the Magazine has received for nearly twelve years. The publishers of 11AHVKWH MAGAZINE, aware of Its permanent value, have elect rot vped every pate. They can, therefore, supply any number from the beginning upon the following lerms ? Any number will be sent by mall, post paid, for twenty-five cents. Any volume, comprising Mi numbers, neatly bound in cloth, will be sent by mMI to any part of the United Stxtfs within H.bOl) miles of New York, post paid, for two dollars per volume. Complete s?ms will be s nt by cxprcgn, the freight at the charge of the purchaser, at a dlhcouni of twen ty-live percent from the ab ?ve rate. Twcntv-three volumes, bound uniformly, extending from June, 18$0, to Novcu*bcrv 1W?1, are n <\v ready. TERMS. One Copy for one year $3 IK) Two copies for iidi> year. ft <W Time or more roples lor our year (< /flu t <M And in eitra ropy, gratl*, for every club of eight sub rubers. Harper's Magafltif and 1 fu i-per'H Weekly, together, one yevir, $(. The deioa?d nous of the United Suites will be reiclved for kubacrlptlona. Oor dlKtant i i lends nre requested to re iii tt tliein In preference to lunik in ten. IIAIIPKR A BROTHERS, Publishers. C10RNS BCNIO.Vg, INVERTED KAILS, ENLAHOBD / Joints, nod fill diseases or the Feet cured without pain or irironvenieiM'e to (Jim ftttlrnt, by I)i'. ZAi'HAltlU, Surge on Chiropodist, 70(1 Broadway. Refers to pbyaiciaus and sur geons of thii <lty. J yt A K.N ESS IN ITS WORST STAGES CURED. lllNDItEDS HAVE BEE RESTORE D TO HEAKINO BV OR. VON MOSCimsKER'S NEW SYSTEM. Ofllce i'8 Clinton place, Eighth street, near Hrnadwny. / 1 ENTEEMEN'S VEST CHAINS? OXB, TWO ANI?. VT three dollar* each, at O. 0. ALLEN'S, 415 Broadway, oik' door below Canal street. M'OILL'S celebrated BOSTON CHOWDER (approved by tliolat? Hon. Daniel We bster) nerved free every evening, from ft ti?. 12, at the southwest corner of Broadway and Tweil th street. OLD BOOKS AND ENURAVIMUS BOUGHT, SOLD OR exiliauued In any quantity. Morgan's Masonry forsuW?, .iOIIN I'YNE, 10U HsImmmi street. STRONC.'S PATENT ARMY TRUNK AND I'ORTAJILK Bedstead combined, corner of Warren st. and Broadway. S1IGXS, SIHNK, SICiNS. 5 Sign, ?tore and office painting of every description. Estimate* furnished. (lood work at low p lines HOJBK A (iUAHAM, Painters, 97 Duane slioeU QTEPMENS' WRITINti FLUIDS AND INKS ABE DHB O standard of perl eeilon la the Ink line. Depot No. 7U William street, New York. Scotch malt whiskev-in wood and olasr JO/IN DUNCAN A SONS, Union square and Kourteenth street. TOO LATB FOR CLASSIFICATION. AN ADJOURNED MEET1NO OF TBI PKOI'LK'ft Union Club of the. Fourth Aldeimanlo district will b* held at Humboldt Hall, tn Forsyth street, near Hester, thla (Friday) evening, at 8 o'clock. All friends of the club ar respectfully Invited to attend. Bjorder of . ' WILLIAM W. LADD, President. John Duahk, Secretary pro tern. AT A MEETING OF THE UNION COMMITTEE, KEPKE senting the Eighth Aldernianic dl-drlet, held at Llnd helm's Hotel, No. 4lf> Orand street, on Thursday evening, November 21, Ex-Alderman Charles J, Dodge, of the Eleventh ward, presiding, on motion of Mr. Timothy S. Wheeler, Jr. ot the Thirteenth ward, Peter MUuhell, Esq., wan declared the nominee ol the aommlttee for th?' ofllee of Ald'-rman, of the Eighth AMermanle district, by a two third vote of tbo delegates to the said convention. By order. CHARLES J. DOOGB, Pres. Tihotht 8. Whkblsb, Jr., Sec'y. SPECIAL NOTICE? ALL PERSON8 HAVING CLAIMS. against the Sickle* Brigade, are requested tn meet at the Astor House, on Monday, November 2&, atS P. M., with stata inent of claims. Tammany hall eighth and ninth waws Judiciary Convention. ? At an adjourned meeting j< the delegates of the Third Judicial District Democratic Republi can convention, held last evening at the "Adriatic,'' *n the corner or Bui row and Hudson streeta, at 8 o'clock, when, on motion, Mr. William Dodge was unailiiioiisly nominated .is their candidate for Police Justice, to till the vacancy occa wonecl bj the death of the late Hon. J. Khermnn Ury? m?;i. JOHN McNICOl* i'liAU'UiAU. Isaac Williams, Secretary. T1IKATKKWL.-WANTFO I M M KDI.VTK.f4Y, FORTIUS city, an 01<1 Man, Low Comedian and four Uglily Men. Apply to Chi ?. 8. Bernard A Co., 4 80 Broadway, ffoiu 10 to 1 o'clock. 1QTH WARD.? AT A LAKUK AND KNTHUSI A8TJO ??7 meeting of the People's I'nlon A*?o iatlon, > #i i LKndmun's, corner of Third avenue and Sixty-ninth nti eel, on Monday evening, Nov. 21, Mr. T. Sh? rldan was ca\lcd to* the chair, and Mr. Kfch^rd S. Gra. appointed Secretary. The Executive Committee reported likfavor of emlorHitu; Vhomaa McSpedon a# the candidate for Alderman, which mianw m?#ualy carried. Alter a?vcial ttpirited a !drc*sc<i the meet. I11K adjoi.iied t?? meet on Wednesday evening next, at ti*a BAtno tTiue ami place. T. Riciiaku U Quat, Socreiary.

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