Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1861 Page 6
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SITUATION 8 VVANTKU? PKMALEBk SITUATION WANTKP-BY A YOUNO OIRL, AH A chuinbermsld or waitres*, or to Jo m ral Jiousework ill ? print if family. luu lie t^co by calling ?t hrr lubt em ployer'*, 46 East lHlh St. An amkhkan widow, over mm>i>le age, would IIS?e to get ? home for her ?>-rvl ei for tie winter, la a good seamstress, and is faithful ami trust) ; Ik willing to ?lo llubt work. Address Mr*. 1,. la.e. Spring million A. An amehican i.ady wishes a SITUATION as hnusekeepet In n respectable private family. Address /. J., D d sUtlofl 4 tli <lt. AN AMERICAN (lint tv I KlIl'S A SITUATION" AS chambermaid and w.ltress, or ;-.s ebamU rmald and to do sewing. Apply ut 3M> Otu av., iu the landy story, for tWTj day*. A RESPECT 'IJi.E VOl'KO WOMAN WANTS A SITU A Hon in lift'iibcrjiKii : . n l wailn i* In a private family; ?he can nlve ibe bent c 1,^ ri tcienrefivw hurlast place, where ?In ha* lived 111 ri a vei.Vs. Can be eo. n at her employer's II ut II suited. M Weit'SSth St., between Ctli and 7lli av?. ? OOMPBTENT GIRL, WITH aooD UFBIX08, u\ wants a slttiullou to cook, wash and Iron, or to do gene ral housework. Vou csn g. I her, or any other i->t clam ser vant you want .free of ni.\ cliai'|;i\ at the PiA\..te Servants' Insiltute, Jti Eant llih ?t., between 3d ***<1 4th av*. Asm ATION WAVTEn-BY A YOrNll WOMAN, AS cltambernmld and waitie??, or to do general bonne work. rity reference. No obit ciIoum ro ihe country. Apply for tm days ai 12u2imIi ml, Iwftww Mb ind 7 tli avs. AS HOUSEKEEPER OR COMPANION ?A YOUNG lady of ..location, poave sing Home musical ability, Wishes to oUnln a re spec 'table pr.siti n of household trust und responsibility, for wlileh, hy vai lous uiIsccIUucouk capa bilitioa. she ilecui* herself litleo. Addreial'or one week N. ??> r . ' .... J. ' "4 I'.wl oltb-e, Nl w Y.1 ? ARKSI'Kl'TA'.ILIi GIRL, WlfoCAN COME WELL rt, led from her liut employer, wishes a klto.i tlon as- children's nurse .?? housemaid. ' Call at 63 Douglass ?tract, second t'.ojir, Mr. iklyn. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE. TWkV, smart young girl, to do ehatuberwork a id, V?tfiig; would have no objection to do h omework; Ih < -./a\ib T do ing I' 1th; has the Do^ of city rel'i renee. Call at UaWiwiiiiith ?t, till - > O I ' . . A UlTUATIt.!! '.VANTl'.II IlYAYUI Nii W'MAN, TO _aY cook, wash and Iron; has four ye,.r*' .itv reference from her last pi - e. Call ai 27l> IU li -t , bi nv? ..?? iwt ave. and ave. A, for two duvs. Asituapon wanted? hy a k^specta young of relin. mi nt, as scninstroHK in a some gen teel family, ?>r at companion and aui ndauJ . .an Invalid; no object.on t. iu the to travel; - . ate* not *>< much anobjeet in a comfortable home. Apply at the aioic XW Ca nal at., between 12 and 3 o'clock. A LAP/ IS DESIROUS OK KINDI.NO A GOOD PLACE ftiraer wailrcb., one who perfectly lin i. rsliinds her business. The bent te-iinuml.ilM ..I* ebar.ictei and cap-. bill t ' ? given. Call at 30 E ?sl 3t>ui al., between 4ili and M.idinou UK'UM'H. A RESPECTABLE OIRL, CAPABLE OP WASHING and Ironing, wishes to ongu^o a family'* waniiln.: or a faw gentlemen'* waHhtiig. l!e?t of reference. Call at 1-6 Uudron at. A SITUATION WANTED? ItY A RESPECTABLE J\ yo, ii ? ^irl, i> h nurse and si imatr. ss; can d > all kinds of plain Hewing and embroidering; good cuy relcrciue. Call for one duv at 12 Liberty St., Bn oklyn. AF.UTMV'l 1,, C.M'ABLK (. I Rli W1RHE8 A STEADY ? 1 ...11 !i .,s ncamslress ui nursery gOYCI n.-fS, or lo wait on a la iy ; Is willing to make herself -eicia'.ly useful, Ad dre s for one week M. M., station D, Bible House. AYOUNO ill It L WANTS A SITUATION AS CIIAM bermald or c.aik; good city reference, call at Is Tomp kins place, Brooklyn. AS COOK.? BY A RESPECTABLE WOM AN, A SITUA tiou to cook, wasii ai.d lion; lia-i tie best ol oily refer ence; will do general housework. Can be seen for tivu days at H2 3d av., first iloor. A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN I It1 ITKSTA NT OIRL wishes a Hiiuation as cl uml cnniild and waitress, or to taue > are of children and do plain sewing, or the Housework ol a Miiitill fiimiiy ; I* neat and oOliglnj:; t ie best of city reference. Call at 5lfJ 2.1 av,, liom 10 to j 0 'cluck. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as eook Jiul to ass st In the v. ashing and ironing; no objertb'ii t > jro a short dif.t^uce in the country; h. is l ie very best ol city reference. Inq.iire fortwoduysat 67 W. stadth st A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, us pla n eook, wash- r and bent ?? - IN r.h'i.'ii. A.., ays at 8U W?.-i 21st si. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A UKSI'ECTAIII H Wo man, 10 tin general hmi ew > : k , ha> Uu u 'i jeiHiou lo go I short distam * in the country. Has good c ity reierence. Call at 42 West 13th st., betweei.'sth ami Oth aves A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AH waitress and chambermaid and to assist in wa>h;iv ami lromng, or as child's nurse. aiid m tains i\sh. Ap| ly at tite house oi a J. Hamilton, New Brighton, 10 whom she rulers, or at his . nice, 63 Exchange place. RESPECTABLE YOI NO GIRL WISHES v SITU A. tion to do general housework, or as chambermaid and >ash ami iron, lias excellent retercme as to capability and character. Can be seen at 170 East 20th st., between l*t and 2d a v.;. A A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, Jl'PT DISEN gag"d, wants a situation to do general homework; is a good in cook and good washer ami ironei ; no objection t' ? go a short distance in the country. Best ot city reference. Can bo been lor two days at 14b 3d av., near l&th St., second floor. A COMPETENT PERSON WANTS A SITUATION AS nurse and sea unstress; can cutand lit children'.* cloth i understands all Kinds of sowing orlight chamberwork. Can be en until Monday at her present employers, JI7 West 19th st , who can gi\e her several years reference. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MARRIED WOM AN W1T1I a Iresh bronst <f milk, w! o has lost her own baby, wishes a situation j.s wet nur.-e in a respectable family. Apply at 439 Greenwich st., front room, sacond floor. ARESPECTAHl.E (3IHL W I SUES To OBTAIN A S1TU ation as competent look; understands meat*, poultry, game, fish, soups, jellies, ate.; is willing to assist with ii^u i part uf washing; best of reference. Call for two days at 3i7 W -i 19th it, i B 10 i p 12. A RESPECTABLE TOUXO gehman GIB 1. WISHES a situation to cook, wash and iron in a private family. Good <ity reference given. Apply at 2U6 ilou St., near Spring, in the shoemaker's shop. f^lOOK ? A SITUATION WANTED. BY A FIRST CLASS \J professed German co<k; only in a first clu as private house ; sin1 understands the busiuo^s perfectly, American, as well as English or French oooku g. Call at No. 7 2d av. Home for a widow lady? as matron in an institution, forewoman in an establishment, house keeper, companion or nurse, where her abilitie s will be re quired and appreciated. Call on or address Mrs. Ah xtnia (fef Broadway, private entrance. QITUATIONS WANTED? BY two RESPECTABLE 10 yo;;nj women; one as lirst rate cook and to as ist in the washing and ironing if required; is an excellent b iker- the other chambermaid and to assist in the washing and iron ing, or waning and < I a nberwork; have no objection to the country; they have the best of city reference. Can be seen at 111 West 20th ?:., top lloor. SITUATION WANTED? BY A CAPABLE PROTESTANT C? woman, as cook; has no objection to assist m tiio wash ing '?!??? ironing. Can be seen for two days at 114th St., near 11 ratio St.. SITUATION WAVTEDr-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL* a* cook; understands cooking in all its branches, and is a lirst rate wash r and ironer and good bread and biscuit maker; understands all soups, desserts, Ac Ben ot refer ence giv?-n. Inquire at 6'i South 2d St., Brooklyn, J?. D. \\; ItKTED? A 8 ITU ATI < ) N, BY A RESPECTABLE f\ young woman, to do chamberwork and wailing, c chamberwork a tie . has no object! >u to go a sluirt distam ?? In the , ?uunti' y ; he best of city reference. Call for two days at 1H0 East 25th st, between 2d and 3d avs. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A HE f T spe- ??table voting married woman, who has lo>t her baby three weeks old. Cull at Mrs. Sharp's fan?.y store, 335 9th av., lor three days. TXT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO V V i an. a sit nation as good cook, washer and >r<anfr. or would do the house-work of a small private family. Good rlty reference. Inquire at 83 West 25th st., in the res,-, lor two days. "1 4 r ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN. Ti win ? is capable of faking an infant from its birth, a babe to dry nur?e, or a cJnM to board, where it will receive the (omtorts of a home. Call at or address 178 West 331 street. "IITANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO ? f do n? ral housework ; understands plain cooking.and is a good wa?her and ironer; no objection to go a short dis tance in the country. Good reference. Can be s"cn for two days at 292 1st av., uear 17th St., bird floor, front roam. \y ANTED? BY A ItB^l'ECT V..LE WOMAN, WARttKiO IT and ironing at her own ho jse, or to go out; under stands doing up gentlemen's sht.s and collars iutheliist style; the . ?t ot city t? icrence. Call on Eliza O. .liouti\ J^i \V est 25 1 h st., between 8th and Pth avs. \ 1TED \ 8ITD w [QK, pi iYOVKOQIBLHSiPD if general housework;, understata < cooking, wnshirj.! and ironing. Can be seen for. me day at her last place, tfdJUar ri*vK Mt South Brooklyn. GochI rete ences. UN BD BY 'v1. ACTIVE I TOG OltAM a situation as first cLa>fu?laundressr r would take a lest ciass chambermaid's pla^^e, and fine waaMng, or has no ob . ? ? ? ? I - so I ? p la has food city ref< t'au be sec ) i< r two days ui No. 13 Uuiot court, University i ?!.iec>bety> -en ilih and Uth 14/ \NiU -HV A YOU N < I \ 'O M A N, A SITUATIOK At \? cook. \y :? er an d i r? n ??? f <. r ^ > do gene a 1 housework or ii-i iaundres^ .;.??? objection t<? go . Vj the ooua ry. Call at 132 Wr-^l 1?? h st., ) et'.v*( en ?">t li urMl ; vs., iirstl ?or, back room. lVr ANTED -i v \ RE PB rABUI GEBft \N GIRL. A >* ? w ii. 'H k > do ^vitieial hot^s Y ork ami assist in the nr; the be*\ of city r?-ieie;iee giv??n. Ca H+% t 26 Division s. i id ll< >r, % uf room. U ' ? i ' ATION, 1Y A I H7NG ^ ?man. as t* - r< -s ; go out by the day, week . r month; | v ling to i -^ist in doing chamberwork and is a . - >r on ler \ Wilson's sewing c aciiines. J ? ' ' '? i ?? a\ , Wus-ef II 22 d Mn?l 23d \V "'-1; ilY a k ' KHPEC TAULK QVCI'i a fc lTPA. ? ?' ' ? ? ' ? -<? ?' ,111'lH'M.. itf.'si oilv rel,-enoe- I ? -1 ..J ??. ?. .)! O' isa Uriity ?,'lyi:, lh? ? \\ v" :> r 1 '' Vl ' 'N ? A f . ; ? MiLK ? o. , W't ll'Il ' ? vrhn 1i;im 1 - > - 1 J i u I. i t>Vr; JiO *t ?? f J" 1 -".'iv Ion' < if fit y rp: . I'lnc I Vll Hi i'.1 I x? ,C;I' '! ?? ?tnjattiM- tu;<<;<L I U'.'M J Ii-; V A YOl'NU WOMAN, A KITfA*/OK FN f ?? . :ail n;: . as chatnlx i maid and w; ?r to do * j'? I,- ? * 1 . ? . i > e v? i -r k ; I m livid tjbr"'- years Ui lierlaM pla?'e. ! ? i n ? ? s en lor two i>s at 9. A West 2ith Ft oe; , .en 4th 'tl VN'I i:n? HV A TOl*K?? WOVXV, A >V . .lion as * ; 'rn.M.d nnd waitr< ?? s; !.?> the bent 1 # v , i y I - !? r > ja e. Cull at 121 Wert 2wh st., between 7t?' au?i t '? ttVS. \ \ r /? N fV D? A HlTCATIOir AS MK#T CI.ASS COOK, \\ ^t'e-pe' tuble young woman; perfe'-tjy ui.dersiati :? >1' /in^llsfi e king in all its bm- S; ? . so ij s, j ps. \j . ,? ?, snd e? n f< ? ! jonej a s; In >i - i > terence can . .v en a ",1 a;.' , nc: l7f. llrAXTED A frjl I'ATTON BY A KV.> TECTAI'.J.^ (il Kf.. i \ . (? , ?( ..i. .il is/, use >?: in i rn. H i'am ly . a a ?od 1 .m co . d 1 ? n- ??? . -.e -i ..... ??. . . ?? i i . , , Mru f \ ?yfc ? ' lU):} - ' " w' j rear SITUATIONS WASTKD-FEMALKS. ANTED-HY AN A.MBKICAN 01 HI* A SITUATION to do chamberwork, und iviinhliig und Iro.lng. (Jail for two day ? at i -"- Fruut uv., BrooJu/fl, K, D. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK. BY A RESPECT utile yuunK woman, who underalanu* her bualueu and ran utv.- god i ll) reference. Apply at 311 Hick* at., Brook lyn, rytwo dim. WANTED? BY A VERY nEHPECTAHI.E YOUNO willow, a hitu . tiou <?j uttend a bakery or confi ctiotn ry itoro; ha* tieen uceii?lQmed to botb. Addrc* M, 8., Herald > Ifl <*.' ' , ".T" ' -i- ? "UTANTED-BY a YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS j " cliumberiniil 1 und IuuiiiIivkh, or to do plain ? >i^.<1ii^ i wtahlng and Ironing; bi nt of city reference given. t,t seen Tor two days, I ?0B>> till 1 F. M., at 'LA tiuilugt<'jj ?< _ WANTED? BY A YOUNO GERMAN GIRL, a SITU atlon m experienced nurse or tip stair* D .,i. Call for two toy at 2/8 Broome Hrwl He*t of city r |Ur8nc<> given, WANTED-BY A YOUNO UICIIM'.'n <IIKI? A KITl'A tlon to take care ol children up i do jihiin newing. Ad dreM for two day*, Nu. 8 Newark '.vc., Jer*ey Ulty. WANTED- A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work or ihanibcrr.ork nit. I take cure of children: is wlUliig and obliging. ?"uu lor two days at 1<J8 Cth ave., be twoen 2tfth and 3uth Vih. WANTED? 91 A RESPECTABLE COLORED WO inun wu'.iilnK and ironing; done in the ncate.-t man ner i n ivBfO'mble terui*. Call at !H5 Weal jtfth at., near tflh nvc. WA{J fED? BY A RE8PECTADLE PERSON, A C1III.D ' ' from three to hii year* olj to loard. Apply at 121 Went iitli St., near 7th av. SITUATIONS WA1ITKD-5IAI.KS. A YOUNO MAN, 17 YEARS OK At IK, WHO HAS bee n fmr year* in the dry pioilH bu*lne*a, wfthe* a vittmii in ; good reference given. Addieus Mutthuw ilorrl Mm, utailou E Pout <w>'e. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN, WHO lias jurt eomu I roll! England, a aHualion aa utewi.rd or to travel: hud great experience, and can Hhow drat rate teitlmonlalH us inability flow the highevt lanillic* In Kng land. Addii si Voya.;eur, Poat oillce. 1VTANTKO.? A YOUNO MAN WITII SEVIIN MONTHS' vV experience hi hey a Rltuation In a photograph nnd ambruiypo gulleiy. Wane- not mo mm h of an object an em ployment. Addri nh It. V. Brl^^a, Greenjiotut. WANTED? SITUATIONS. BY A MAN AND HIS WIFE} tli* * uian an u practical farmer; understand* the care o1 e i tile and |?'.ltry; has a good knowledge of gar letting, green hollar, I&r. The w oman an a :;ood cook und houiiokecpcr to a ?Ingle gentleman; inn cood dairy woman; ail nation of truat and i i u:idcnce required. Undoubted personal un.l written r, ferenoe* given. Adilrc**A. 11. bo* 211 Herald oilier. WANTED? BY A MARRIED MAN, WHO IS FULLY e |.u!ileoI taking m.irxe of a gentle. nan'a place; iiu dcraluml* gardening nnd the care i f boiHes In all their branches; good hand at ear; enter's tool*; the bent of relo rime from hi* laat employer. Address box 131 Herald of tii e for two days. HELP WANTED- i*IALKS. Agents can mark $5 prb day? male or fe", Ki'iling Iilvnd 8 uruat .st? i'l piulo Miiilarv Map mi l O t/eUeor ol tlif i.fti'. u Southern St.u?-s; li> e f ?*<?t ; worth $10, priii* only .rx) wntn. Lloyil>? $100,0^0 kioc! pliitu Topogmphicnl Map of Virginia; five left B(juurc. Tliis is ihii only inup uhajiI by Genorai SeoU; worth $20, mite $1. L1o)c!,h oillciul Ki.rfT nlati* Map of MigHouri; worth $?{, pri? 2.> c? nt*. I ilt ?y I k HaUroud Map of Ann rica, 3,(HM,01H> ? opn*H of whi it luive alrejuly b?eu Mold; prie?* 2.) euniH. Agt-nts supplied at half the ivail prii*en, and map* warrant ed. M. ni H.-nt >?v mail a vu n tor two ei'iits pu?i . ??. J. T. LLOYD, American Map Publisher, 161 1? road way and 1. uiifViUe, Ky. LLOYD S MAI'S AiiE IN FHRNOII. SPANISH, GER MAN AND ITALIAN. EVIDENC E OK THE CORRECTNESS or LLOYD'S MAPS. Dh'artmknt or Statf, j Washington, 1>. C., i>ov. 2, ltftil. $ J. T. Lloyd, Publish' !' ? 8jr? Please forward immediately by mail, directed to the $<>< rcinry of Htate, eopi< s of Lloyd's Topographical Map "f Virginia,' Lloyd'' Military Map and Gazetteer of the Southern 8 ta try, Llovirs 1 >lUcial Map of Missouri, and Lloyd's Ameri can Railroad Map. Send your bill to Goo. IS. Baker, Disburs ing Cioi a. Also send rue circulars of all now maps you may issue. Respectfully yours, J. if. DERBY, Librarian 8*ate Department. (From the New York Herald, Nov. 2, 1891.1 We have received a fine copy of Lloyd s (great Military Map of the "Scat ?if War in Virginia." This is the best and only olVn ial map in existence, tak n from actual surveys by order of the Executive. It is beautifully printed from steel plates, and colored with great j -rlc lion ol art, and is the only map used in the plinnng of ourcatnmL'ns in Virginia b y our Commander-in-Chief. The publisher is J. T. Lloyd, No. 101 Bioadway. Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1801. J. T. Lloyd, Esq:? Hut ? I am w? ll pleaded with your map of Virginia. It is altogether the best I have seen. 1 enclose $1 for three copies Lloyd's gieat fct -el plate Military Mapol the Southern States. R< : eetlu ; o trs, MILLARD PILLMORB AOBHTB WANTED? TO 8BLL SOMETHING EN til ?? I y new and original? none others ?iko them? 'he Union Prize Stationery and Keeeijrt Package. W ' invite comparison and defy rompeiitl ?n. We do in t seal our paek agt j , became we are not afraid to show their content.-. We give a list of our ari les, which our imitators dare not do. Each parka.v contains a b? dutiful and correct eiicraving of GENERAL GEORGE B. Mc< l.KLLAN, 0x10; 75 Valuable Receipts. C Wh'.te Flag Envelopes, in colors. (j Ladir s Whi'e. Flag Envelopes, in colors, f> Bull' Knvvi . p< y. C Sheets Commercial Note Paper. 6 Sheets Fine Latites' Note faper. C Sheets Ladieh' Billet Paper. 1 Accommodate n Penholder. 2 Fine Steel Pens. 1 Fine Pew il. 1 Sheet Blotting Paper. 1 Gift of Valuable Jewelry. Retail price for tne whole, twenty-five cents. Agents wanted In every city, town and village. Call on or address, enclosing stamp, RICKARDS it CO., 1U2 Nassau street. 4 GENTS W 'ANTED? TO SELL OUR UNION PRIZE JY Siationety Packet, containing, besides Envelopes and Paper, ten Portraits of Generals nnd a tine piece of Jewelry; also the Patriotic Packet*, without Jewelry, a superior pack age for the soldier. We warrant our goods equal to any manufactured, and advise all who wish to engage in the sale of such articles to send for our circular; $5 to $10 per day easily ma :e. 11ASKINS <t CO., 110 Beekman street. * a GENTS WANTED? TO SELL A NEWLY PATENTED J\. article. Persons of energy, with a cash capital of $:? to $25. can make iroin $5 to $25 per dn*\ Apply to A Wood woitli, in the reading room of the Howard Hotel, 17tf Broad i] , from 9 \. M t ? 6 P. M. a SOBER steady MAN WANTED? TO DO A LITTLE J\. writing ,n an ofTue; he mu?t have $3,000 to loan on first bond and mortgage, and be w illing to iceclve a fair salary. Apply at && Broadway, up -tairf, loom Q] NEBAL AGBNCT. V COACHMAN WANTED? FOB BRIDGEPORT. \ competent, well ret (inn: ended man. Also a man to t ike rare of l.orses, Ac., on a farn . Apply at the liiht class Agency, 320 4ih av., near 25th st. Drug clerk wanted? at 679 eighth av. a German, speaking English well, and accustomed to the city retail and preseriptit-n business, preferred. Dm Q CI ERE WANTKQ.? A YOUNG MAN, 1 NMAR ried, not over twenty-live years of age, ol active bnid ijcks habits, ihornighly acquainted with the i;ty retail busl, and not afraid to work. Apply to Alex. Ilud. nit, c orner of Court and Warren sts., Brooklyn. " AT) WANTED? IN V LARGE HARDWARE STORE; J mimt be of good addifwi ami cmni> well ri rnmiiiciiitcil. Api'ly l>yu'iti- t.f Aii-xuiclcr il< Imar, 706 ll.onlw;i\. Salary l ist si x months at the rate of $7.r> pc r annum. QALBSXAN (WANTED? IN A RETAIL DRT GOODS kJ store, on.? who has had e:;p< riein e in th?* business and cans reg ol city reference. Apply at 166 Grai I si ,W11? liamsburg, L. I. WILLIAM G BANDY. rCIBAVBLLING salesman WANTED-TO SELL SB 1 gars 011 commission. Parlies tr.: veiling for other busi i ks which would n t conflict could make satisfactory ar rangements. Apply at 17 Broadway, up stairs. fTTANTED? A YOUNG MAN as OUT DOOB SALES* ? ? man for manufactured linen goods; ;yi cnergctie man, one who has perseverance. None other need apjd} at 35/ Ca nal st., up stairs, from 8 to JO o'clock. WANTED? IN A FIRST CLASH DRY GOOD* JOB. ? V Mng house, two Western salesmen. Address box 2,112 Post office, giving refer? i - "s a ol stating salary. ATTENTION.? 100 \?,i TS WANTED TO SELL THE large 26x32 bean: .ul nitional enrravlng, the Ccn; rals ol the Union, bein.: 1 1 . : e ni -? -j.'-ipbsof Jit eminent Generals. A splendid chance ro l- abze I. ? ctsome profits. Price very low. Apply to F. I'.ATELLIEi:, I- 1 'logiiapher and Publish, er, 876 Pi rl street. U ANTED IMMEDIATELY? AN HONEST iND BELI* able man as agent, tt) attend tlie door and receive the money of a very interesting tra\ piling exhibition. Only $.yj required to pay expenses, for which one half profits will be given. $200 can be xuade per week. Call vt ifti Broadway, room No. i. WANTED? AN ACTIVE 1NTEI L1GEN ' MAN TO A< I !T as outdoor clerk and collector, at a mgderate salary; must give good references, and be perfectly fs miliar with t fie city. M. GAl'NTT, 40 Walker st., lop lloor. IXTANtED I PIBST CLASS DBUO CLEB^; ONE WHO Mi understands small jobbing, and is well acquaint* d with the preparing of medicines and the retail trade/ logo up the required. Address if. to. \\ r ANTED? A CLERK IN A BROKE US OFJ I'E; ALSO lit an assistant b<iokk?*e|>e* Apply Jit the Merehiints' Clerks Registr\ or.l e, i.'t Wallst. Situations j>;\"rei lor respectable parties in mereanille b isiuesn. EstaU:i^ht d li'?0. Oflice boy w?iii u d. tktans bd=a rfioRoi gh br d pr \< Fical u Sier, ft one capable til' taking charge tit a small must give unexc<. pti<?.iabb' releivuecs ;>s to capacity and inie ^'rity. AdJresn A. Staitli, N ?. 7 Be*, .nan stn et, r-kui 17. lirANTEP-AT W. k' ROADWAY, A WAITER WHO U*T r} lA'.'vMhb v YOUIW man WHO UNDERSTAND f# printing >n album*- j>m er, at B*i;.ezky':< Phot 0?aphic i it icnii, io rner of New (,'L.iiiIhtk and^ 'atliam sts. I C I ( Ul -WAITED, A AM A RT YOIN J MAN, TO OPEN $J vV'. an dice in Umcinnati, aiKl take the exel-i \'|jo.e' at" avouev for all Jiloyd's j.r^xt Military > ijs, I wkieh ^iil like i), ' wind. QflUO is sulliei^/jt capital, 'i t a | yoaug man who w follo\v Instructions $19> per week is, ay i>eit/atle. A' o, nwvif* to g" *?'> Alt nnv, $. V.; Miiwauk* . Wla?wi*sin: .< Jornec : "i, Canada, Detroit, In^lanapoli-, ak.c Roeh?^ter, X Y., uv ? v otl,*t Htate. Cal' ?it LLOYD , No. JOf L'i eaUanv. ^ :'J.\ \ ON OVJSRCO MM / ND B! SI hf^cort- . I -t ; j: Ices givt s at Oak Mai', 8*, 86 and . ton at 500 c. riUi ?A*r UK!T?>NS|l?,E fi.HSON fJAVING J. i M ?U. Iin:n i.'D id .ii: Ir* en. )>!??> i i n llio ? ? V' i "ly, "in sci uiv n |? 1 1 in jit i t.iu . will, / >.?I*ry ' f!.'|H-wi' k. I>y Hppl.vli .? ;5.(5 BroHiiwHy, loom r,?/w> as lirrKiu-HiMv,; \As. i- no IJiHM), |iil>lll"inl'i .'in l '#ky the ? xfo.lvi h . my (or ?:i of i.l" ; gr ??< Military M?j s. A ( rtuiter^A I* ir.n >vJii II: Uki; ill I'shfiL'HlB. Ovit 3,0IKI.I1W <.f I n >? IMIII1 I II , I ?!>;,? i? t'H! jiUI<'- nil >.l? , a m. ii toiij i, II.. i >? mil ^i/iiTliM, >1. . (li rinnuy urn! i- ?Iy l'?:iiii ?: ,ii. 1". I ui ! l. i ? * K "> :'H" ? ' >? ' !'? lull." inn"" v. J, T. JiLOY 0, l?i4 Hrofelway. SAiuom Mir.v.X'.K iii iiot'B for' kevi'uht - tiii: . -ti; l * ? 1 I. ?.%!'? * : iuo'^i ji.j iii.n in a I,, i ti Jn'nut ,?^a; M1;'' K"jrj,,jri HKLP WAJVTKMKHAUeH ALL FAMILIES AND^O^FfiEUvX^, the largest old established if?*l.r. WILL FIND Sixth avenue and Eleventh str. et, ou ,t^w,??.r,,f iIk and American women, Mrs. FT ^?CeTman,Kn4llsh,ii?*n places ul Aii} s ready. ?iju In attendance. Uoou A Yo? w^aledffM11 ' aMT> INDUSTRIOUS HOUSEKBEI' burg. Addre*- " ? B- nllruiun and his son, iu W illlan?8 .1*. D , Herald ullii'.e. _? MAKERS WANTED ? STEADY WORK TO (KlOD fluiiU h. Apply to James A. lK-am & Sou, 775 Broadway. C Mrs oreknh aoency foremfloyment, south i ait o i hut of 14th Ht. nml 3.1 av., ha* now on haul tu? hot numii him arid huliem whjjcm for rollnble help. W mu d, flr?l clan* walir ????. Entrance In Ulli m., southeast oorner. WANTED-A YOUNU OIKt Ki'U QBKEKAL HOUSE work; must l>i:agood wanlior and lion. r. Apply at I.:( East Mill St., tUlWHK 2d and 3d a vs. WANTKU-A PROTESTANT UIRU K<llt (iENERAL w rk iu ii kiualltl inriUy. A good place f r a good i'l?l. Rel'eri-nct n required. Apply at 147 Wu*t 4^1 Ht. \V ASTED-A OIRt KOR HOUSEWORK; OOOD COOK' V, and lii Bt ralo wan icr and Ir tier; < Ily i efcrunce; wa^es $5. Apply for two nays at 73 Hast Villi ?t. WANTED? A OIBIi TO HANDLE AND EOI.I) FjiPEBl one iiiciirttonicd to the Uunlucos pr.dorrcd. Apply at I I. Mul len IlUt WANTED? I MMKDt ATEtY, SEVER it OPERATORS on Stumor's Hewing machines; 'Jno?u accustomed io bind by th tjito?>t prt'U-rred. None ftul c?.? | operators will suit. Apply at Arnold, Constable work room, eorner ol Howard aiut Mvruur htreels. IfntrMire on Howard. WANTED? A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS Inlly competent, und good rocumuiendatiotis. A 1'rotentnHi woui.iu preferred. Apply at No. 1 East 41st St., oonser of Mb ave. "VLT" ANTED? AG HUM AN PROTESTANT WOMAN, WHO ? V can speak English and do ptaiii sewing, to live with an American lady, to lake charge oi a child one vear old. Ad dress bo* 3,015 Post oillce, giving residence ami reieren< ?< s W'ANTKD- IN A PiUVATK i UflLY, TWO GIRLSs V I on?- an co k. the other ..s waiter: none n ? d apply who do not understand their business ami can bring city relcr guce. Apply, after 10 i>'cljck, i.t 56 7th ave. Wan i I'D- A YOUNG LADY TO i'LAY THB PIANO To one ul good address good wa^es and steady employ ment will be given, ('all this day, between the hours of 12 and 5, at 112 Grand St., up stairs. T1TANTED \ OOOD SALESWOMAN FOR MILLINERY VY business; also two good milliners. Apply at 466 8tU a vi nue. flT ANTED? A SMART, AOTTFB AND INTELLIGENT ? f vmi life' girl, from 14 to l<i years of ag??, as nure to two little wills. Apply at Clinton Hons ?, 645 Broadway, room 15. "1 IT ANTED? AN EXPERIENCED MILLINER; ONE it who understands trimming; to one wi o suits constant employment will be given. C ?ll at 2606th ave., corner 18th st. T\7 ANTED? FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS AND TAI V? lores-es, to make c hildren's clothing. Aiudy at Lord ? V Taylor's, corner Uroadwiiy aud Grand st. Entrance on Grand si. \r.\MI 1? IN' V SVAIL I'KIVATE AMKKh'MS' V? family, a German gir), as chambermaid and waitre ss; must be it good sew- r and bring good recommendation^ from her last place. Apply between li) and 12 o'clock at 339 West 36th f;t. \y ANTED- i JMKIH \TMLV, MX XILLINKKS, ALSO VV a iniiliner to go to Bridgeport, Conn, inquire at 21 f m ltton it, ?\TOUNO LADY WANTKD? TO ATTEND A FANCY L store: one \n ho can sew ? n a Wheelers Wilson preferred. Apply at av., before 10 A. M. inn (i00D GIRLS WANTED? FOR BASTING AND J-V/vJ niiiking hutton holes, at.i77 Broadway, up stairs. THK TEAOB9. A YOUNG LADY CAM FIND KM 1'I.OYMKNT AT TUB JV phot- urapMe business; one w ho has worked ut it pre !?* r *<J A pply to A. A. Turner, 15 Mercer at. rno COOPERS.? WANTED, THREE OU FOUR GOOD J. ban is to make small work. None but Rood hands nerd apply to J. C. Chapman, 21 North 1st at., William- burg. 1 rwt TAILORS \\ v NY F.I)? TO BABTE FOR ItA Jul/ chine. Good wage* given. Apply at '677 Broadway up stairs. mscBUiAarjsoi;!. A CARD.? MRS. EVELINE MORRI8 SOLICITS THE il patronage ot her ft lends and the public us letter writer, eopyls: ami amanuens a at her private room*, MS Broadway, up stairs. N. li.?Ijcgal documents copied. UEAUT? HATH (MARKS.?] HUNT'S BLOOM OP K-'.s.'k ? A delicate color for the. checks and lips ; w ill not wash oil ; warranted not to injure the skin. Hunt's Court Tot l?:t Pow der irnnarts a natural whiteness ?o the complexion. Hunt's Imperial Pomade for the hair. Hunt's Hritish Balm removes pimples, freckle*, tan, &c. Hunt's Pearl Bcuutiller tor the teeth and gums. Hunt a Bri.lnl V\ rcatu Perfume, at HUNT'S new store, No. 2 Astor place. BRUSHES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION AT THE brioh l.ielory 320 Pearl street, Harpers1 Building. All articles at the lowest factory pi ice.;. Paint bru.-hea of n sti pe riur quality constantly oni hand. JOHN K. HOPPEL. /"I ASH. ?ANY OKK HAVING A SECOND HAND \J h roll Saw, Turning Lathe and some Sha'tin ', ? in tind a customer by addressing M. C. M., 37 Park row, room It). fMGHT CARD DK VI81TBS FOR ONB DOLLAR AT W lihNIKZKY \ CO.'S Photographic Room, No. 2 New Chambers street, c truer ol ( hat ham. HOUSEKEEPERS. LOOK HERE ? THE PRICE LIST and lo ? ition of the depots of the Temple's Provision Company will appear on the eighth page ot next Sunday's Hci al l. See it and save money. 1MPOR1 AKT TO IKVAL1D8 ?THE SUBSCRIBER having been for (he past thirteen years employed as chief 1 ibor-.teur by the propricPir of Jho most pepuh r tif'e Halaam ever oll'cred to ili?? public, having, by rcaso.i ??1 a misunder standing, lei t bU employer, he wil vend by m.iil, on receipt of $1, the receipt for making the I'alsarn. wh'ch is an infal lible remedy in alt east s of rheumatism, neuralgia, soreness of the chest, coughs, coldn, and all diseases srmfng from ex posure or impurities of the blood. The ingredients can be purchased at any druggists and cost but a few cents. Full directions for using t will be sent. This remedy is -a sure preventive of consumption. Aldress, inclosing "$>1, J. F. Spencer, Williamsburg, Long Island, N. V. \f ABLE M A NTELS? G EE AT REDUCTION IN PRICES iYl Tiios ? wishing 1 1? buy Mantels very cheap should call at. A. KLAliKR'S marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth attest, near Third avenue, New- York. Orders the country executed with despatch. M\V. KING.? INVALID CH AIRS ? TO M I: KT KVEKV CIRC CM STANCE. 7? EAST BROADWAY. MANY YEARS IN BROADWAY. "VTAPTII A BENZOLE, SUBSTITUTE FOR TURPENTINE, jLi 30 cents per gallon, for sale in quantity to-taut, bv CHESKBUOUtUI * Wit ISA TON, 120 Maiden lane. OPENING OF TIIE NEW HOUSE OF EDMUND OOM >!KRY it CO., 046 Broadway, between Twenty-second and Twenty-third streets. ? French Scourers recently arrive 1 from Paris, cleans ;ill kinds of ;ilk, velvets and lace mantil la awl curtains, kid gloves, /nen's and children's clothes. important Notice. A1h? cleans carpets at their patrons' houst-s; all done accord ing to the latest, improvements and without odor. Messrs. , Gommory it Co. is the only 'house w ho do this kind of work with suciv-ss. rpANK WAN'ir.P -IN GOOD ORDER, 8T02VQLT X hooped, and of sixty or seventy barrels capacity. Ad dress George B. Hariri, brewer, ill East Forty-second st reet. rno SU FERING HUMANITY.? QUACKERY SUPER J aeded and no humbug. ? Restoration is at hand; one trail only solicited to prove the eih< iruy of the system adopted, 1 by which thousands have been cured, by timely application, of lth' iiinatism, Lumbago, Sprains, Spasms,' Ticdolorcux, Nervous: Debility, l.owncss of Spirits, Lo.^s of Appetite ami Secret Disorder.-, at Using from excess or ossappoin: ment in marriage A prescription will be. forwarded to meet the exi gencies of the times for One Dollar only, written in the English language, whi h can be made up by any chemist. Full p trt '"Ulars as to symptoms must be addivssod to Dr. Emil Cus;or, Post ofllce, Brooklyn, New York. rro AJtTI TS -WANTED, TO HIRE A IfBW GOOD X Landscapes for copying, fo whi h a fair price will be j paid. Address, stating particulars, P. K., station D, Bible H< use. mO CHEESEMONGERS \M> BITTER DEALERS J Lilly At. Brow r arc in immediate want of an cxperi- I enced hand as sulesman in the above branch. Apply ut DO j Cedar st. \\f ANTED? A CHEAP SECOND HAND COPPER ? ? Plato Press. Call at or address, stating lowest cash prist, ?L D Davis, 28 7 Fulton street, Bro< k . n. Q ?A MOD PAYING BUSINESS FOR CITY OR '? coiaiury, re-jnirev less than S.r? etpital, can be seen red by sending 30 cents m stumps to JOSEPHS A CO, Brooklyn, Long Island. in nrm CHURLS CARROTS FOR pale CHEAP J u.uUl' ntptai'ftS North river, and ut #.he foot of Allan tie street, Brooklyn. 1AA AAA GENUINE NAMES, AT TBS RATE OF JUU.UUV Si per thousand, for addressing circulars to all parts of the United States. Address box4.G&) Post ofllcc, or call at 64 Nasu.u street room No. II. M L. P.YRN. GOPARTNER8IIIP NOTICSI# A RARE CH 4.N E? AN iC RE FABLE ASSOCIATB . wanted, as equal partner, with $fiU) cm pitsil, in a very ploa^uit and excce.d'ngly lucrative indoor money making bu n nes-., readily oomJ?rehcnded, and paying from $10,lk? to $.'2.t)o0 annually. J'lie bi st of rcit-r. nee . ivm an I n quired, fikjuireat the ofDej of the Ge.ueial Agency, 63? Broadway, r. a tn 4, up stairs. APARTNKK WAMTBD? IN a* ESTaI LISHi D BI ;.ie4s done for cash, and without risk; one w ith wiil secuie a satisfactory income. Full particn'ars a 4?t? Br ad wry. C. B. HOWES A CO. [ I >\RT.N"KR WANTED.? A GENTLEMAN TO .IOIN A I I J prat? ical mining engineer and ther.ust in the businens of ?eparati^ * gold from qur^rtv. from a ne v mine and location, I v Jth $2,0*?) to fS,U00, or a portion of h?;ao in irlwenty horse ' | c* . i lie and boiler. Address*^. C., Nmv York Postbfijce. ? A(}en - V PARTSEH WANTED, I> A I.KJIIT t NO ' 1 ipitlu. r'l'upm table tHi,- iiiot.!, which r,qulri*s thn nt:.;?i- I [ Ik.ii ot two in'frt Slfd IXTSIIIIH. Aim. parti. ? with $2W?, $5 # ! ii'i'l $.\'W. In .??.???I l< :,itl!' lunacy iiHtkiiu bunlncMi. A?.- 1 1 .1 v t".'. cl.IKi A t o., 3i'J Canal sm.'i t. W.\ WILL PURCHASE A W.TlHINCi PARTNER'S I ^?y"7U ' Hi h ivlmiv ; Mir.- lit. mk Is, with 4 j 4i]j/?rh>r |K'<": c i fv ' a fortiinr lulu u'h' Imiv 'i. Apply ?t o.'.i' at tl.' tin i Li:r. cheeHO, egg AUd.lae il store, 47 MAcdoiigal *u wt. OrjlO ' Miv.A WA.NTEO. J?i . 'i.I.N /HEAD <P./?/0. v rt ? r, ? !" ?. pra - . .1 k.i <t, m I'lK'uttm u h i.d^"9? - baKia,' ? ."iiiii^ hnirni in uiwit th?* nc.-.t 1 <> atjonrt 111 thi* <4:y: a 1:1 >? .;J .mil *.*< .-s. A'Mi"- 1 K Icfe'r, b?* '11 i II. 1 .U 1 ''i.e. <2 "i OHO ~K oood Cf iance por im vestment iJO.UI'U. ii? pur. i' j m'ii .'lu: n; ;m ; r , rlr uf p,\it iiitrini-l. Milni- .mi ini?. 1 ,;i 1 r.iiiij.ii, |iatviiii:ii a?.l ! ? it!i. ml cowpelltluu. F.i.'lp rt.f.1 :s :ii M Hi i.j '*j.y, ? m I .\.i. 8. CAKE A CO. I COAI* IV VOM I NO VALLEY COAL, *1 I, p0.t Till.'. WtU.K. ?? TbHtoihi* a. 1.1 r.i- ' al now 111 wm% b\>r ??lie only i y I.OV0 i CO,, l.'i ?: I ? avemw, w.-r ?t l went) -scvcij t P street. POMTFCAI. AT A MKKTING OK THE W0K1NUMHN S UNION AS80 chttion, held on Monday evening, November 1H, lHfl1 ( No. glOHiilll.-an *lreat, at which the Ninth, Fifteen'' ft*" tcinlh ana Eighteenth wards were represented, h- ArZ' S***' gaiOH from i-.u h, the* unanimously nominate ' a .*?' man of the Hlith Senatorial d'ntriot, rtnaimmeixl bun to the miffiiiges of nil u'V,/ ?r Th. Ki..' Senatorial dlnlrlct In maktnij Ui hi Ptimlp^iuL ?',* <.'r New York .ho., Id. I y their votl on the 3 ; ? how, by putting I o lest, loyal men In JJactt. that tha? are d t'riiilned to take earn of afl'a'r* ^ lime oonvlnco traitor. that the .till In f.w,? of the "Union and the Oon.H' "7$ the law*." And wn wotiH ? '.A- w.'io <fr th? u|v,l. Q >itiitrii>ln1 ,i< ???-!- * ^ ^WTnftUd JO ft'l CltlZI OH Of tI16 M>0 Ued iniSritv ? .? ?*?? Hughe* ?a a man of un r'i|v Oive hone * nn<,rt,lhr'''< loyalty to t<ie Union, dome rally. Ulve lioni ^ (h, ?ref,^(,nctt t() ,,.lrty corruption. . WILLIAM McKULT*. Provident. AWDRRW *8trAcjnura#a?, Secretory. At a me^tikq op the national democratic of the Sixth Al<ft?*rina!ii? <llMtri**t, comprising parts oi Fourteenth, Teutli, Seventeenth and Thirteenth wartis,^ al m Bowery, to receive the report of the Noml natir^ Committee ijppointed at a former meetm#, the rcpnr *he aci-rptanre of the nomination by .Mr. John 11. COiiin Vna received with demonstrations of np .lause. The lo. lowing tickt t w as unanimously nominated:? For Alderman of the Si*th district, JOHN H. COLLINS

For School C)!li( en# of the Fourteenth ward: For Oti'omissloner, FRANCIS O R1ELEY. Trustees, PATRICK QUIN AND J.\ME8 IT. KENNY. Inspector, JOSE I 11 SHANNON. Constables. JOHN GRAY AM) JOUN HRADY. By order. PATRICK LYNCH, PrevMenl. JAM' S MAUU1RK. Vice President. John H AGOEBTT, -o i etary. ATA MEETING OK GERMAN CITIZENS HELD, /V pursuant to a pul llnhed call, at the home ??i M it Hranot, Seventh hvi'iiih*, near Thirty -lour th Hire t, on Thin* day evening. November zl, Jan. Hcvens w ? t ailed 10 the t hair ami Thou. Crook was appointed S? . tury. Colon- 1 lvo.-eluy having (staled the ??bj?-ct of the meeting to l>e the nomination of a Union candidate for Mayor in place ot iho prevent Incumbent, proposed the name of Conrad Hwaclc. namer, which was unanimously adopted. A committee of two from each ward wan appointed to make arran.emonts for a ton .-a meeting, and a committee <?f live to inform the candidate of his nomination, alter which the meeting ad journed with three c!.? r.? for the Union, three for Frebident Lincoln, and tlir* e more for Swackhamer. Thos. Crook, Sec nary. J. BEVINS, Chairman. AT A MEETING OF THE PEOPLE'S SYRACUSE Union Convention of the Eighth Alder. name district, lit Id on Thui s la^" rv.'iilnj;, Nov. 2i, at Mozart Garden, pur suant to a call ot the Qeu< ral ('ommittec, .Mr Peter M.t holl was unanimously nominated a candidal" for Alderman c th<* Eighth diatrict. ANPHEW LBW1S, Chairman. T/iom ah Mapdc.n, Secretary. /CONSOLIDATED GERMAN UNI( N LEAGUE. \ ' Nominating Conv>'ii:l m for the Sixth Aldermanlc Dis triet. ? At a mectingol iii" delegated, held on Wotlnesday, the 20th inst., at Strai ss' Hotel, 15 Delancey stie t, John C. Bx ckcl iu the chair, F. H. Hn iniaun, S-u r -Uiry, joiin van tine, esv? received the unanimous nomination for Alderman of the Sixth dlntrlet. JOHN C. BOECKEL, Chairman. F. K. Haktmann, Secretary. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR NOMINA tion. ? F r Aldenn. n d ih? . ?i x 1 1 Aldennanic tirart t ? cnipriHin., parta of the T i.t: , I hirtceuth. Kouticcnih a id Seventeenth wards? JAMES Hi. El). JAMES CARTY, oi tlie Fourteenth ward, Chairman of the No ninatin,: C nv- ution, Clkmk.nt Fospyok, of the Seventeenth ward, S t re.ury. TjlOR MAYOR? C. GODFREY GUNTI1ER. .L All mernhcra ot th M > >ralty Nominating Convention of the National Union ''It 1 i;e requested to meet on Friday evening, 22(1 ln*t., at 8 oVh c c, at 11: own s H t -1, cornel of Bro-olway and Eighth >-tre. t, t?> ret elvo tir; aecepurce of our nominee ami transact important bustm fs. }!> order t>' JOHN 0. HAM, Chairman. 0. Sloan IIold; -s, Secretary. TF THE FRIENDS OR HEIRS OF PATRICK O'NEIIj, 1 who in April, 1851, live I at No. i.'il Chrywik* trce.t, in the city ol New York, and who tiied from v. o im|s received on the I.-thuiu*ol Pi>nama, in the i lot of that year, or of (i *>rg? C. Field, who ^a- also wotiuded, and who tin returning to .New York city alao uied, will apply immediately to James f. Voorhi i k, in the o'.lice of Hi td>e, D'.-an A. Dottohue. No. 70 Wall a'reet, New York, they will hear of homcthing to their advaiitige. Mayo rai .t y n o m i n at j o s NATIONAL UNION CLUBS. Foi Mav.jr, C. GODFREY Ul XTIIER. JOHN C. II AM, Cl:air!u..n C? :urul Commitleo and M tyoiuity Nominating Convention. .losKrn Fosbkm, i ,,, . ? O. SLOiM lloLDKN, ( s tr' Stkpuek Ro.JK. rs, Tre iaurer. VfEW YORK, NOV. 21, 1801. ? IN ACCORDANCE WITH i.A a r -H .iu'ion p isae I in the Central Committee of the Syra cuse lVoplc's Uni ?n C utvention, the I) ie. ute.s rep, t ^eiitlng tl e Sixth and Fourth wards m< t in convet ta.n at No. 7 Mul ! et r\ -ti. t and unanimouslx s ?!. < ted WM. as 1 i. caiiuidate f u Alderman o! the Second A1 lei manic oist i.-t. D OAKLY, President. Sam'lC., Secretii v. l^KOI'LKM SYRACUSE UNION.? FOURTH KENA 1 tonal District. At a rnoetiu 4 o the Deleeat.'g in purau - Uiici* to tin* call of th" General Commltu -oof the !*??? <p>'s tfyra list* Union to w?> ninate Councilman !??r th ?? !'omth Suctorial dlMriet, held at 534 lireuu.vay, Wi' J I . Tr ?.(?!*. of the Ki !i!'i wan!, w .h called to the Chair; David J. Oak lev and I ; frl? k C.illubam wri appointed ?V\r? t- riej. The following named gentlemen were nominal d lor Co j uctlm.n ? viz.: John fit itn, Fi'st ward: John Ilealy, Fourih ward; George A. barm y. Mfih ward; Morgan L. Jul) s Sixth waul; Jamea Sauford, Le.ghth ward; J.mea llava. Four; *enth \\a vl WILLIAM II. TRAVEKS, Chairman. D.wm J. Oaki.i.t, 1 i I'A.liU K (.'ALLAH \M, S 1 S 'I I . tM!l"S. PURSUANT TO A CALL OK Till*: YOUNG MEN S X Uulon Denio.-ratic Club of the Seventeenth wanl, the ; '( nit ol' lh<; different or?ai>i/.aVi< n* nv( at the h i: e ??t" P. KlmmLan, First avenue, on Tu? s lay evening, Novem ber 1*A Mr. Thorna* MeGl:>ucy called ttie "me -tin 4 to cutler and Thomas McCormlck aete'i as Secretary. It was movc.l and e?i rie i that a committee of five he appointed trom ci;eh ore tm/ati n to make nominations for <an-!tdates, to be re ported at the ensuing ? h rter election. The m etl nK ad journed ?o meet at the above named house on Saturday evening next, at half-past seven o'clock. It is earnestly re quoded that a deletnton from all the clut>s ol the Ki . th Sena torial dtstr.ct will cuiae forward and unite iu making the ^nominations* '< PEOPLE'S l: N ION (SYRACUSE) NOM I N VI'IONS," X K( v Mavor, C. GODFREY ('iUNTIIEK. Dr. JAMES M. AUSTIN, President. Wm. E. Fr?8t, < See ret a- David Clank, i Vice T11 os. J. 11 all, S ries. Jap. L. Millkr, ) TrotddentB. John Hooj i-.k, Treasurer. I POLITICAL BANNERS, FLAGS AND TRANSPAKEN eles ol' every description 011 hand and to order. llOJEit & GRAHAM, ArtistF ami Mauutacturers, 07 Dunne street. Regular mozaot iiall nomxhatzoks foh Council id en. rOL'RTH SENATORIAL DISTRICT. John I! g m? Fiibi w \rd. Thoma* fit/herald? Fourth ward. Alexander 11. MeGarren ? Fifth ward. Charley E. lla^an ? Sixth ward. Harris Bogert? -El ;hth ward. Cornelius Desmond? Fourteenth ward. WM. J. COEY, Chairman. Damkl Bi?ornv, ( u rctarir? Isaac Buomt, 1 1 t*nog* rpo THB BDITOR OF THB HBRAUDj? D E A K 8 1 R -I X haw my name signed in yesterday's Herald as Tax payer ol the Twelith Aldermanie distrlf t. in support of Bur* nsrd Kelly as Alderntan of the said district. I would state to my friends that my was UFed without my knowledge or consent, and that' I will support the people's choice for Aid -rman ? F. I A Mode. JAMKS ?!. McGUIRE. 22.4 Seventh street. milE NATION A I NUO CONVENTION OF THE J Sixth Aldermat : '.istriet, met ai Brooke.-;' Assembly Rooms. No. iJJl . Br? mc str? i, ?n M mdnv evening, Novem ber 18, a? half-paM .-even o c!o< k, when Mr. John Van Tine received the unanlmony nomination ior Aldeiman. L. I)E (5. ltKOOKES, Chairman. O. B. Bktts, Se. 1 eta ry milE PEOPLE'S UNION 8YIIACITSE CONVENTION, J. Dr. Austin, Preald ut. for the Sixth Aldarmanie Dis trict, iicdd at Brooke Assembly Rooms 3';t Broeme ? ?re- t, on Tuesday evenin /, November 11), at 7H o'clock, John Van Tine was unanimously u ?minati d :or A Idem hii of said di? trfet. (iEOKGE 8. MILLER, Chairman. Thomas II 1 1 u?rt, Secretary. milE PBOPWS SYRACUSE UNION NOVTNATINO I Convention lor tlie Seventh Councllmanie ;Ii- tri? t. will I m. ct at the National Hotel. Third avenue, b' twecui Thirty ' foiiithand Tbii'ty-lilth street, 011 Friday evening, the 22d j lust., at half-past seven o'e.loek ASA it; RD G VRDNER, Secretary. 1 rr 1 : B TENTH ALDEBMANIO DI8TRIOT.? REPORTS 1 having lw?en circulated for the purpose, w* de \'ivm^ my I friends. I hereby noiby them that as 1 accepted the nomina tion for Alderman in Rood faith, I intend to be a candidate fo; thatollicc tuitil the election is close !. PATRICK FLA N NIG AN. 1ST WARD OH DECK. -AT A M EETI NO OP TITK 8TAB J. Club, leld ?t 1D8 Cetlar street, on Thursday evening. No veniber 121 . 1SG1, the following otllcers were dulv eieeted for the ensuing year: ? rre?<id?;nt, JEREMIA IvENNtFICK ; Sec. retary, HENRY CONKHN. N. B. ? The members are re spectfully tuvlted to attend. 4th fc&DBRMAlUC DISTRICT.? i:E<;ri.AR nut : llall nomination for Alderman, Cuptuiu James McMa hcn. PATRICK QU INN, Chairman. Wo. lh<- itiKloryknfyl, mombpm of Ihp Seventh Wiml Mo zart Hull Oneml Cniiunrtl?e, cihIoimc Cnptaln Jun-.c M< Ma I1011 aH th- rfgular onixit/nte, 1?VMKI, III'.illKS, PATRICK McNAMAUA, ?IOIIN IU SSKU,. liKtR'lK OTONMiR, MICHAEL HOWARD, M4CHAKL MOONEV. ?I AMES EN MS. JOHN OALVIN. MciiiIkmh ol the S( vemh Wanl Gc'ti<-rnl Oommlttoe 1 ?T1I SENATORIAL DISTRICT, U mil. 1Mb, 16th and I?th Ward., A" adlonrtii'd nicotine (if thoSlith S.Mintortnl 1 of tho ro .pl . St ra 'iiar Union Convootton wtH ho hi 11 at IT id ? I ti .. i t? rn. Mil Broadway, n i Krid:iv evening, Nov. \U, I vil, ,.t I nll i)?.t 7 o'rln k, to nominate a Councilman fn- Uie i oiiuiib <? lection. By order. C. W. VEREERV, Esq., Chilrmrn, E'jjhlceaih ward. II. Smith, fiecrotarr, Sinteen'h ward. -Til WARD.?' "No POLITICS IN OUR SCHOOLS."? I All pi?r?on? Interested In the iniMporiiy of our achool?, wltlvmt rmpect to patty, nro oam<( ly rrqtn s:e,l toniti nd a inootiiif; for the jiiirpi ?o of nomitiatin ? whin 1 odleei , on Krl itnv evening, Xi 22, ISO!, at the hual H:'Oad > .'.j Hmtsic, ut 7J4 n'dock. 7TH WARD YOI'XO MEN'S UNION DEMOCRATIC I'lu1'. ? The member* are ro<iue*;. ii lo attend h me ? II n tr, to bo lie:d at S7 II nuilton street, on Krid iv event, ig. Novem ?Vt B. ut TX P. M. JOHN COLLINS, 1'iv. Qt, .Ioiim M^ikvv, ><0Q<otiiry, 8J1I ALDERMANIC DISTRICT.? TAMMANY UNION Demnerat.'e i.otnlnntlon., and Mo/art irgulur D.u.o. i.. Uc K?j>iihlii^iii jii'ii.i'iiitljns ? I'nr Alderman, I'KTEU Mi:hNItilIT. (i?v>KT coxrusrws. mo/.art cosvi-'ntiow. Wm. Fllrfalrlok, Cli drmiin. .Iohu.1, H.u r, Cliuirmiin. Win. R. T?vter, |u? | , Win. W. .1 1 ?!.? ?< r.? Edw*n( L.V"?, ) Henry L. Wright, i , , ? QTI1 WARD.? AT \ I BTIXa Of THE KIOHTH LND 0 Ninth tmrila "I:id I <?!.<!. nt I j |..|i t ih." h i 1 i\t Ihl? 1 nlnn, IMS V ir'ek street, n ThiirwUy evn..n :, 2, -t In i.,nt, U wm unanlniri ? 1-lv resolved that we mjj | ut ? i. 'inlu.iti.iii or Dai ;d nil iti'Nitlii ni |- J||MI.1? of (Jie. 'J'li r.l .I'M: : . i y d'.?i I' I, UoIiir Weil C8II ;.i .It! ,t from lil* ii ,-li . ?i?m- ie| au t b|. rliijji worth, that lie l? cin.nently ipi.dl ? d mr tin* imaition. I V. JJOLW LLL, VresiJi iH ! J. W. BitAPropn, .Secretary. P014TICAX.. OTH AI.DKltM ANIC DISTRICT.? WE, TIIE UNDER 1 nTlI ALUEKM ANIC DISTRICT. 1U KIKTEENTH AND 8EVEMTBBNTB WARD8. Tf.ii Motart HhII Nomlnntlng Convention of lb la district tntt lit Burkea' l'utnain Hall, ourner of Third avenue and Twelfth atrerl. on Tueaday evening, l#th Inn., and orgnnUod by appointing Michael Kaue Chairman, and John H&rrTug. tou secreury. ... . . On motion, a ballot waa had, which resulted aa follow.:? Tliuiuus Kuno S volaa. O. A. Jeremiuh 7 votea. Ou motion of John K<-nny, the nomination of UEUKUE A. JEREMIAll waa made unanimous. MICHAEL KANE, Chairman. John Habhinutom, Secretary. 12 Peter W. Maguire, from the Eleventh Warn 10 the Twe A llermanic Convention, which met at Martin Major's, 2ft) Third street, and unanimom ly nominated Fraud* I. A. Buolo as their candidate tor the Twelfth Alderuiauic district, was the only legitimate Mozart Hall delegation. PETER W. MAtiUIRE, j Inspectors PISTE ft TRACY. > of HENRY L W Hi (JUT, ) E' action. We, the undersigned, delegates from the Seventeenth ward to tin* above named Convention, re-ognise Frauds f. A. Boole an the onlv regular nominee of Mo/art flail for Alder man ot tbe Twelfth district, and hereby declare that the u??e ot our names by the "bogus" Convention of which Cwariei T. LttvLueAS waa chairman, and who nominated Bernard Kelly, waa wholly unauthorized, and done without our privity or oouaent. II. A. PECHER, JACOB BITTEL. I OTH WARD FERNANDO WOOD'S ASSOCIATION.? I ? i At a largo and enthusiastic meeting of the citizen# of the Twelfth ward, irrespective of party, field at the house of P. McCusker ?fc Co., corner Third avenue ami 123d stieet, on Tuesday eveningi 19th Inst., on motion* Wn. H. Watsrson wm? ' ailed to the chair, and it waa, on motion, resolved, That we form ourselves into an association, to he known aa the Wood Association, of the Twelfth ward, and that we use all honor.. bit* means to eleet Fernando wood to the position of Mayor, at the ensuing election. It was, on motion, aiso resolved, That the association adjourn, to meet at the same pi <e ?, on Friday evening, 22d Inst., at 7>a o'clock 1*. M. All residents of the Twelfth ward favorable to honest legislation are invited to attend. WM. 11. W AXE R SON, Chairman. w*i. h. Oju bit, Bei n buy. "1 will! AXDEKMANIC DI8TBH T. .1 At a meeting ?>f the Union Democratic Electors of this district. held Monday, November 1 J, at 1U3 avenue B, corner of Twelith street, it was pftposed and seconded that Captain Win, Butler b*. elected Pr sident. Carried unanimously. It was moved and s -condedthnt Jaines Riely and Mr. John 0 Hare b< chosen as V lea Presidents, Carried, Moved and seconded ihat Mr, Isaac II. Jones be elected Trea ? . and Andrew Cumming Secretary. Carried. Moved and sc omlcd that this association meet on Friday, November 22, at the above place, at 8 O'clock I*. M. Cairicd. C iptaln wilu a II hitler, Preahh nt. Amunv OoiniNs, Be retary. 1 OTH ALDERM 1NIC DI8TRJ( T. 1 mj Into- ay'hll'iald I have seen an advertisement stat ing that ?? M- /art flail Nominating Committee, of which a certain M< Guire was Chairman, met at my house, No. 220 Third street, and nominated Francis 'I. A. Boole as candidate for Alderman, which is a falsehood. The fid t is that the regular Mo/ a t Hall Nominating Con vention, Charles Levin* ss. Chairman, met last night at my place, as i he caU was made, nnd unanimously nominated, as th Mr candidate for Alderman, Hern.ird Kelly. Nov. a, 1861 MARTIN MAOER, No. gQ Third treei Til WARD.? TAMMAMY 11ALL.? THE UNION AND the Constitution. Foj- School Commissioner, JOHN H. TRAPP, Lawyer, 107 Attorney street. MTU ALDKRMANIO DISTRICT.? AT A LARGE AND " enthusiastic mccilu;: of tin independent Demo-ianc i |on A s i ti< n ol the E! ht ut i ward d at W. W. Conner' -, t>3 East Fourteenth .-t c -t, in pursuance of a ( all of the Ciunmttiee appointed for that purpose, irrespective of party, on the evening of the 20th instant, Colonel I). J. Mor gan was called to the chair, Messrs. Richard S hell, ll' iiry Rosi nbl< tt and . J no. 11. Mahony were le. ted Vice Presl louts, nnd M? s-r-. Eilitigham Town^end, Willi itn W. Crapo ami J no. Mcl.eai n, were appoint d Sicretaiies. Alter some pre. limi:iar> debate, it was lesolved, that a committee of oue I rem each election district of the ward should retire for the purj os ? of seleciin&a suitable candidate for Alderman of said district. On the re a vemMlng of the committee, they reported through th 'ir chaum*n that they had agreed to recommend the name ot Edward L. CorHes.'Ks<|. (he having received a majorMj* ? -f the voter, a gentleman who has r. s ded lor many years in the ward and who is intimately connected with us weliare, >:ml wiir, we t eel assured, will prove liimsel: fully capable, l?y his firm i> r- vetane ? and uprightness, of justly re|>reseuting the interests ol his cotistitm ncy. On motion, it was unanimously agreed to endorse the re conimei' i tu n of the Committi and thai wo also soli ii the c i-opei .tiono! ? .1 sound and thinking voters of the district i f? r the - an \Uiut ? I eM. On mot-ioii, i w.'.s resolved that a Committee of Three be appointed by the Chair to inform Mr. Codies of his nomina tion. Ii w..s c Is.) regolvcil, that the Secretaries have the proceed ings published in the ?!nily papers, with the list of nam s at la< l.e.l ot tiioM* who had lecomincnded the candidate to the voters of the district. Oji luoiion, adjourned to meet on Tuesday evening of next week. !?. J M OR'. JAN, Ciiairinan. RICHARD SCHELL, t H KN ivS Ri ?SL.nBLaTT, S Vice Presidents. JN'J. H. MAUOaNY, ) E - FINGI1AV ToWNSKND, i Willia.'i W. t'UAi'O, J Secretaries. J.NU. MlhEliiN, ) List of names will be published tomorrow. 13 n'TII WAKD. A itic i n >f ihe Seventeenth Ward Union Democratic Club, held at J. '?? I. OghliuV. 144 First arenue, oa Wednes day euning, Nov 'mb r 20, lail, the lol o.iiuy nominations wurj unanimously endorsed:? rUR AT.tlttBMAN Trf.NTII OI.STMCT. GEORGE A. JEREMIAH. rou <hu'K' i! ?':.n iirrii count tummc district. JOHN KVaN, St*v i ll e -tit li waid. MICHAEL G. I I Rusi>, .v'v. uteoiith ward S \MI l;i. T Vi EH>'l'Mi, Tenth ward. ANTHONY MILLEi:. t'l.i .-lecni U ward. JOHN 11. HOOGHKIRK. Eleventh ward. EDWARD C MAl.UY. Eleventh ward. ELISHA MNGSLAND, I'resddenv. THOMAS CONNOR, Vice President. J a mks Fnx. Esq.,' Sceniiary. 1 QTII WAKD .-YOUNG MBN FOR ACTION. ? YOUNG AO ui*ii i i luvor of Hou. C. G. Guutliir for Mayor will iiiui t?l the Union Hotel, 107 East Tweiityfi'urih street, on Saturday evening next, at H o'clock. Eminent speakers. By old r THOMAS M ANsON, Chairuiau pro tern. Ciias. W. Stokks, 11. D. Matukw.-., S crctarles. 1 QTII WARD ON DECK.? A MEETINO OF THE JLO United Independent Democratic Club will beheld at John Gaiinnu's, 204 avenue A, on Friday evening, at 1% o'clock. All member* are requested to attend as business oi importance Will be transact* (1. By order of PHILIP Mt'DER.VOTT, President. A. Witso*, Secretary. OATH WARD ON DECK.? A MEETING OF INFLU tU U eilizi ii h of this war I was beld at the residence of James C .uiieil/, 394 Seventh avenue, who resolved to form organizations and use everjr legitimate means within tbeir re ich to secure the. election of Fernando Wood as our next Mayor, a t ;ouriie.l subject to Hit' call of the chair. N. O. Di.nxxli B ey. J. CKOWELL GORE, Pres't. Nnw York, Ncv. 21, 1-Kil. m ST W ARD.? WORKINGM EN'S UNION DEMOCRATIC ijl (!lut?. ? At a ivmit:ir meeting ut the above named per m i!.i ntclub, h.-i t }it40S; ron?l avenue, it wan resolved to u.eet attain on Friday evening, 22U iuxtant, at eight o'clock, at W.l S icond nvetm. , b? tw? en Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth sti i-? is, :ih Imsli.e -*h of iinnortance will ho acted upon. All the memhera are request* d to be in attendance. CHARLES KISDEN, President. John Cam, aii ax. Seeretiuy. Thomas 1'askv, Treasurer. H WINKS AND LUiVUIlS. AMMER'S FRESH HKEWBD CHAMPAGNE ale oil ilr night. at B1 X U Y'S Hotel, 834 Broadway. HOUSES, ROOMS, &C., WAXTEp. t MIDDLE AGED LADY AND HER SON, A YOUNG j\. ni.iii. would like to lake charge of a house while the i ii in i i v aio abroad; references Iroin city or country as to c aretiiin. ss and perfect reliability. Address C. Brownell, 2d7 West 41th ?t. Apartments wan i eo ? front AND back base me.i . from aii l l ack Room on tlrsi lloor ami on" or two 11 '.'.loom* in alt c Location, t'atharin" to H ntston, cist ! 1 1* . Of ? : .nal lo Houston, w est side. Rent about i-J.V ulii i will b'* piliu punctually. Address J. S. W., box 21o Herald e?ee. ijiaotory waxthd? a SHORT DISTANCE from I New York, near a railroad d 'pot or stcaiiil oat landing. Tile bull !i.i i most lie largo, aboui 60 by 100 feet, three or four ht ii leu high. \\ iili plenty I.: iva er. and water p ?ver if ixissi bio. Address B IS. B., Herald oilicc, for one week. TnURNlSIIED ROOMS WANTED? RY A GENTLEMAN JP Mini wife. Two or i hree plainly furnished Rooms above Thirty-four Hi nn?l; the hot of refer -nee given. Price liinsl be no derate. Address F., box 114 Herald office. T,^oi it ?>:i rive, rooms, not iiigiiei: tiian si;. J cond lloor, wanted? For a Binall family, between Fourth snd ThlrtieOi strei ts and Second and Sixth avenues. Ad drcss, nlaling t. mm, C. C. C., Herald ofliee. \\*"ANTEI?-A LOFT OB I.ol lH, LARGE AND VERY 1! well llgh'ed, Hiipplicd Willi wa ? r, with or without slcum power, in mi i avly .icce.-slble situailon, in New Yurk orneigh Ixirlnu eiil. s, for a business termed hazardous by insurance ooinpani' s. Address, statin:; location, numin-r of windows and now placed, terms and all particulars, E. B., box liW He rald office, for three days. MTANTBD? FOE A TBBM OF YEARS, AT REASON TT able rent, a medium si/etl Dwelling House, siluiiUal on a oorner, wttn nil the modern Improvements. Location Ixitween Bieecker and Fourteenth streets, Third and Sixth tii'iiiion. Addiess G. .1. C., ollice of New York and Erie Rail load, 111 Ilr "iidway. UrANTED? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS, or part of a House, either furnished or unlurnished, noar Sixth avenue, for a gentleman and lady, in a good, unlet n> iglihoriiood. with all the modern Improvements. I'erins moiierale. Address G. L. W., at G' dfrey's, Union square Post i (lice. ANTED? ?T A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FURNI8H' TT eU Room (without Boa id), In a private house, with gas, lip , Ac.; must be in a quiet situation, within three mi nuies' waik of the Filth Avenue Hotel. Address, stating terms. Ac., A. W. C., box 2,011 Post olUcc. B< ar<ilng house kee|iei s need not reply. \lf ANTED? A SMALL HOUSE OR PART OF A >? house, by a family with no c hildren. Rent must be low. Address Hurnilton, 1 1 iMUild ofliee. \\* ANTED ? HA I F Til.'; STORE, OR A PARTNERSHIP IT in n well estabpihi 1 Thread and Ni'edle Store, for tho sale of lirst class Perfumer?, Ac.; location Sixth or Eighth aienne, not *1 ove Tweniy-eigluh Mreet, or Canal street, be tivi c a Broad nay uml Huusou sticet. Audrcus A. G. C box U1> Herald odlee. A i'ANTI-:;>? IN BROOKLYN, PART OF A FURNISHED IT lb .use, suitable for housekeeping for a small lamlly, will le t lev e.ri lie private and not lut rlered with. Locn ti' oi mint i.e good; rent modera'e; paid monthly inadvance. A hiri rs L G. L, Brooklyn, staling terms, number of rooms, how l urnished, Ac. DKXTISTRT. ARTIFICIAL TEF.rit.-DR8. DURKIN AND ROUS -.'V ska; . 'Inue to extract tei til lu two seeonds, without the sl.g'.: t [lain. Te- th Inserted over stumps. Noexlra o.aifi , r |. cj.-raty s. or extracting where artificial teeth I i." " i' I I -is. DURKIN A ROUSSEAU, No. 375 Canal . street, one door from Laurens. ; 4 RTlFIi-I \L IiONE KILLING FOR DECAYED TEETH. I /V In-ei <-it M iiiie s..ii Mud without t ho least pain. Aching | le. lit or mi i e sheli-i . an le rved and restori'd by tho i vei. r, J. I I*. \ RSON, M. IV. rooms K50 Broadway, west I * ' e, one do i . vi Seventeenth Street. N. B.? of ll;ij ni. st rabie imitations ot cheap operators. 1/ VCi ? V GENTLEMAN AT 123 WEST TWENTY-. I nd sir* ft 'i. eili with gold in too lea p< I ?- ible in inner, i re o. eluirge. The ?tlebmted Improved Atmos pheric 1' t.-s , ii.| Teeth nls. i Inserled at the sa.ue place. The best we have ?ver seen, pdu* hours fivui 1 to 9 o'clock P. U. THl TURF. Q_EO. M.PATCHENJTILLHTAND FOR MAKES A* the Dyke man Farm, Kt 1862, al flOU the KWD, _ _ Washington Drove ihington Drove Yard, N. Y. UNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING. ? ON FBUUVr Nov. 2?, at 2 o'clock, a match for $300, mile heaU> boat three In tive, In harness. E. B. Quick names b. g. Geo. Coo* lay; J. H. Furrant names b. m. Belle of Portland; a good day and track. BHAW k WHITE, Proprietors HORSES, CARRIAGES, 4C^ . A NUMBER OF NEW AND SECOND HAND EXPRESS for aale. Apply at 13 Downing street. J. H. PALMER. A NUMBER or NEW AND SECOND HAND VE hides, such as Ro kaways, Coupe Rockawaya, top Rug> gir?. rnauons, Barouchea, Ac., will be hoIU very low upon application tu EZKAJAJULO\V, Jr., 62 Liberty street. A GOOD WORK HORSE FOR SALE FOR $20.? WORKS J V lu a truck und Is in good order; coat $40; sold for want ot use. ( an b<* seen at 076 Sixth avenue, from V A. M. till 1 P. M. this day ( Friday). No deviation from the above price. A HANDSOME NEW SIX SEAT ROCKAWAY CAR" rlage; cost $480; will be sold tor $275. AddIv to LUDLOW, Jit, No. 62 Liberty street. ' EZRA An eleoant NEW SINGLE BRETT? COST $S7Bt Will lie Buhl very low. Apply to EZRA LUDLOW, JR., 62 Liberty street, belwten Broadway and Nusauu street, where it tan I e S"en. Coach for sale cheap. 87 HENRY STREET. BROOKLYN. WAIT POWELL. Coach wanted.? a good second handclobk Coach wanted, in exchange for a v ry handsome, long tall, white horse, or a six seated r ckaway. Address B. B., box lid Herald oillce. For sale? a black horse, top wa?on, ha,r ness, Blanket, Ac. : toe horse t an trot lu three minute*, is a line driver, sound, kiudand i>-mle, and will Maud ln*the street without tying. Apply at Ferris' stable, 20 Amity street. Price for all $230. For sale-a thoroughbred English park llack, the property of a geutleman: is 7 years old,. 15>f bands high; color dark bay, with black lets; lierlect with regard to symmetry and action, and guaranteed free from fault or rice. Address P. A. 11., box 1,8? 9 Post olDi e. JjlOR BALE? BOY'S PONY, COAL BLACK, 14 HANDS 1 high, warranted to ho so in.l, genie and safe. WcH broken to the saddle. single and double harness. Believed to be the beat in every reapcct lu the city, inquire ullMWcst Twenty. eiglith aireet. FOR 8AI.E ? A FINE BLACK MARE, 15 HANDS HIOH, 7yp.ii'.* old, sound and Wind, trots lu three minutes. Also a Light Wagon and Harness In .ood order. The whole 1m olfered for $200. Any person iu w.iut i' such an establish, meut will please address II. A., hox I *16 i'ost olilce. friOR SALE? A HANDSOME BAY MARE, NAPOLEON ' stock, l.'i1 1 hainis high, 5 ye. ii ? o ;,l ; a line roadster and good under the saddle; was raised by her present owner and is wurrautod sound, kind and g< Will be Mild cheap, for want of use. Call at MEACHA.M S, SO Cortlundt street. For sai.e? an extra stylish span of car rtttge Horses; they are bay. with long tails, unit well matched, and have been used by their present owner for two years with entire satisfaction. Al.-o. if required, with the horses, u Coupe, B ininche, Buggy, Harness, Ac. Apply at the lirst private sutble In tho alley ol No. 2 West Twenty seventh street. UOR SALE? A GOOD WORK HOKSE, HARNESS AND A1 Wagon, Hi ther or s ipar.itely, the wiier having no use for tliein. Apply in the rest.' um in, fo t ol South Seventh street, Williamsburg. WILLIAM MEE, Proprietor. FOlt SALE-A SKELETON fOP WAGON, IN GOOD order; also a set of double Humes*. Will be told cheap. Apply to C. WILLS, veterinary s irgeon, No. 88 East Nine teem u street. I^OR SALE ?A BEAUTIFUL HAY MARE, 15 HANDS high, l> years old, warranted sound; kind In all harness; any trial klven; will stand lu tlicstr<et without tying. Ap ply at <9 Cherry attest. P. WATfiRSON. For sale? a' bay horse, ir> hands man, sound uml kind, free and stylish driver and an excellent conjio horse; also, a square b'lX top W.tgwii and a Gig; all cheap lor eash. Inquire at 21ii}? Mercer street. IjioR SALE? A HANDSOME SHIFTING TOP WAGON, cost $230; bus been used hut once or twice; will be sold, with a set tit Harness for $150; also a iri <od strong Buggy, for $50. Inquire at 22 and 2t w? si Uth -t. IjlOR SALE? A BI.ACK HORSE, ABOUT 1ft HANDS high; suiitid an I kind, .<nl m good trotter In single or double ii.irncss. Will be sold cheap. Apply at 81 Mulberry street. IriOR SALE? A LARGE GRAY HOUSE, PRICE $25, twelve years old; sold for vwiut ol use. Suitable for any kind ol heavy w ork. To be seen at 382 Hudson street. IjlOR SALE" CHEAP? ONE NEW HEAVY EXPRESS Wagon; one m w Concord top Buggy; one heavy second hand express and two light e\pr. ss Via utis. also, one light no top Buggy. KETTHREH A KEABLES, Carriage makers, bO Thompson street. Horse AND light wagon and harness", nearly new; price $125. Ais >, a business Wagon; price $ti0. Also, four nice wide stalls together. Apply at 74 Charles st. Horses wanted.? a paik ok work horses, ism to 10 li. 'tills high, weighing about 1 ,200 pounds earn; must be sou iul unci kind; no o Miction to any color. Address, stating lowest cash price and where to be seen, B. G., box S77 Post office. VERMONT HORSES FOR SALE.? A BEAUTIFUL spill of bl ii k liluck Hawk Mures, I re and six years old, 15>i him .a high, full sifters, s.iunil and kind, good road sters, and lor style and anion cannot be surpassed. Also seTeral Hue simile llorscs. May be seen at Washington llall Stables 1.961 and 1,953 Third avenue, llarlein. Wanted? a pair ok hordes for private use. Any person huving a r< ally flue pair, well nu t -lied, from 18>i to lii hands huh. stylish and good road horses, that can irot In about 3>? together, tan meet with a cash cus tomer. Mtut be perfectly sound. Address Hors- s, Herald office, giving description, and stating lowest cash price. FINANCIAL. -auLiuAi r-jiiisjijura iu i tit u loj Money Draft*, for any amount, payable at : En' land. Ireland, France, Germany, Ac., HM1DT i CO., Bankers, No. 1 Chambers ATTENTION -HOLIDAY PRESENTS TO THE OLD Countr.%? Mo sight throughout 1 siild by ti. SCHMIDT , street, New York. Brooklyn, n. y. and harlem, n. y. gas stock wauled. JOHN B. MURRAY, 3'J Nassau street. C1ENERAL MILITARY AND NAVAL AOENCY.? r Washington ai.d New York. For the prosecution of claims aguinst the government lor |H>ns:ons, bonniy lands, arrears of pay, (secret service, A apply to SAMUEL v. NILES, Washington, D. C\, or CilARLliS C. LEEDS, 111 Nassau street, N. Y. NEW YORK AND BRIE SECOND MORTGAGE Bonds.? Holders of these bonds not yet extended for twenty years are requested to present their bonds without de lay at Hi" office of the company, at the foot ol Duane (treat, for exlenslon. Those umwilling io extend will receive par anil interest for their bonds, Irom parties who are willing to extend them, on presenting them at said office on Tuesday and Thursday ol each week, from 10 to 12 o'clock, until the 1st da) of December. New Yokk, Nov. 8, 1861. OFFICE OF THE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM pany, New York, Nov. 9. 1H<>. ? The Board of Directors have this ilay declared a dividend of (5) five per cihu out of the surplus profits of the company, payable to slock holders at this oflioe on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1861, at 10 A. M. By order ol the Board. S. L. MERCHANT, Secretary. WANTED? XI) BORROW" ON HOUSEHOLD FURNI ture and Lim n, Ac., worth $800, until afier New Ycar's> $15il, tor which a liberal sum will be paid. Address EL Lew enthnl, Station D Post office, Bible House. C*4i 7\7\ A WANTED? BY THE SUTLER OF A REGI ip^.UUU ment. Apply to A. P. MAUGE, No. 7 Cham bers street, N. Y. <E?Off nnn RAILROAD BONDS for SALE.? THESE ?atJ.VUU Bonds are on twenty different K.iiiroad Companies, and will be sold ver. cheap for cash. Address lor one week London Banker, Herald office. Cl'-iK nnn TO LOAN ON~ BONDAND MORTGAGE, iPOu.Ut I \J on productive real esiate In this city, In sums of from $2,1*10 to $15,1100. Apply to JOHN F. CON KHV, in the oflioe of the People's Firo insurance Companv, (16 Wail strot t. SPECIAL. NOTICES. AFAIR-FOIt THE BENEFIT OF THE ORPIUNS Home and Asylum of the Protestant Episcopal Churcl; will be held at the Institution (Forty-ninth street, corner of Lexington avenue), on Tuesday, Wednesday aud Thursday., the 19th, 20th and 21st of November. (1ASII WILL BE PAID FOR 10,000 OR 15,000 REAMS J of Pap r, Rood quality, size oi' the New York Herald, al prices current, inquire at tills cilice. FRENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. ? IN CONSK qu nee of the non-acceptance by the President elected on the 29: h October, a general meeting will be held on Tusa day, the 2tiih Ins!., at 7X o'clock P. 11., al Mr. F. Curet's, 764 Broadway, io proceed to another e let tion of a President foi the years 1861, 1862. E. PARISOT, Secretary. PROCL VMATION.-TnE GOVERNOR OF THIS STATE having, ill accordance with a time honored custom, ap' pointed Thursday, the Jsth day of November Inst., as a day of public thanksgiving, I, Fernando Wood, Mayor of the city of New York. d? hereby recommend all good citizens to units on the day thus tct apart In ascriptions of praise to tha source of all pood for his manifold mercies anil blessing* Admidsi the evils which the folly and wickedness of man have produced, the unchanging goodness of the Creator maj well awake our devout wonder. No language can adequately express the extent of His love, but your honored pastors. Id structed by the sublime teaching of revelation, will best guide your grateful devotions. Iain sure that decorum and rational enjoyment will murk this religious festival as eve? iu the city of New York, and I leel it only necessary to r? mind those blessed with abundance to remember at this Incle ment season an I period of general distress the poor, th? fatherless and the widow. Perhaps ibe Ruler of the uni verse, thus entrea'.ed by the voice of mercy, may remov< from our beloved country the scourge of war. Tnat he may vouchaifc to do so is my sincere prayer. Given under my hand and seal, al the city of New York, this 18th day of No vcmber, 1861. FERNANDO WOOD, Mayor. REWARDS. (I IK REWARD,? LOST, ON THURSDAY, NOV. 15. IN ?O Atlantic street, near South ferry, Brooklyn, a Pnpei Parcel, containing two Memorandum Hooks, an Iron Safe Key, with some Pa|>er?. Any person reldrnlng the same ta F. Gerety, No. 8 Old slip, New York, will receive the above reward. (J>/r REWARD. ? LOST, ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER Spt) 20, about 5 o'clock, a scotch Terrier Dog; ears and tall cut; had on when last seen a red collar. Apply at the Wood awn, 221 Sixth avenue. (Jjff REWARD -LOST, A BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND JpO Dog, answering to the name of Jack: Ovo dollars rc word will be paid by bringing Ue dog to 561 Broadway, In thr basement. ?LOST, ON SATURDAY LAST, A SMALL BROWN JpO. or lan colored dog, with short, smooth hair; ears aud t ill uncut; il any person lias fo mil or purchased such a (log by returning il lo 39 Seventh avenue, will receive the ubov? reward anil the thanks of the owner. (ft/T REWARD-LOSS, A SMALL BLACK SIIORl <5>C# haired dog; long tail; brass collar ou neck. It the tinder will leave him at 27 Ba;. ard street he will rcoelv* the above reward and no questions asked. 4?rn REWARD? STOLEN FROM 112 WEST WARREN ?PUU street, Brooklyn, between live and six o'clock on Tuesday evening, one large single stone diamond Ring, out cluster Ring, eight diamonds; one small solid gold Horse one double gold I.vokct, with two likenesses Inside, and I small Chain, with gold Cross nnd Key attachud, ana thret i hlldri-'i'.- ii'V'! Armlets. The above reward will be paid t? a'i,v mi l.mi .g llie above articles, and no question, n k' I, I ? < i nun inicatlog through Post or o'herwlie, will N CoKN'LLL. 112 West Wuircu street, Brooklyn,

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