Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1861 Page 7
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IALER AT AUCTION. A M. B. CHAPMAN A CO . AUCTIONEERS. Jx? A rare opportunity for housekeeper* and dealer*. Assignee's sale ? Sift, (MX) worth of ELEGANT FIRST CLASS HOI BEHOLD FURNITCKE, w To be Peremptorily sold hi public auolljin, iS"^* >r *nv Wednesday, November ??. m. "?MILt LEAVING THE CITY. Sj PR01 ERTY u7 A *? >?'WO.*l Diawiu ; Rooui Rosewood seveu octave Pianoforte, r Furniture Suits, ruaewiKul and mahogany ^ AT" (.1 a 1? 1 1 u rt > <*k Dining Boon. KuruW; , I Anting*, Statuary, Broniea, Chandeliers, HORSES, OABBlA^Ki, *OBES, At' , U the private residence of ?r. ? J"P ^f ^ui No. 50 Weal Sixteenth street, between Fifth *j. J Sixth' veuues. sale commences at 11 o Clock. Superb SulU, carved to ld rosewood, covered with silk hro ?t?l, consisting of Tete-a-tete Sofas, oval back Chairs Arm Chairs, Reception Chairs, Ottomans, lady's Work Table, :hess aud Card Tables, Velvet Medallion Carpets, Rugs, levres and Dr. sden China Ornaments, Marquetre and Hoia I'Rose Cabinets, pearl lidaid Stereoscope, siiieib Mandalin, nlald with tortoise shell; antique and Gothic Reception hairs, Secretary and Bookcase, Etegeres. bronze Clock, runs ine month; Pier aud Mautel Mirrors, embroidered Lace Cur alns, Mantel Ornaments, Cutre Tables, Kind's patent lecllnlug Chairs, Oil Paintings, by eiuiueut artists; bronite md marble Statuary. Magniiloent Seven Octave Rosewood Pianoforte; Cauterburv, Stool and Cover, 1 ?lack walnut Ilatsiand, oak Hulfet, Extension Table, china dinner aud Tea Sets, crystal Glassware, l'l hly engraved la lie Cutlery, solid Silver Ware, rosewoood and mshogauy Bu ?aus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Toilet Table*. Commodes, Creasing Tables, hair and spring Mattresses, Counterpanes, llanketa, Sheets, Towels, McGraw's patent Sofa Bedsteads, lookstanda, Toilet Tables, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oil loth and Sluir Carpets. AI?o, a large aaaortment of Base lent and Kitchen Furniture N. B.? Every lot will be positively sold to the highest bid er. No postponement on any account. A oompeteut person rlU be lu attendance t > curt. box aud ship the goods. AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOR HOUSE \ kceiMtrs, hotel keepers aud the trade assignee s sale of MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. flth a Beautiful and Valuable Collection of M.irble, Risque and Bronze Works of Art; Splendid Pianoforte, Rich Mirrors, French Etegeres, SiverWare, French and Bohemlau China, Ac. Poaltlve pernmptorv sale of ELEGANT PlKST CLASS FURNITURE. This day (Friday), at 2 o'clock precisely, he beaulLul Puiior Cii.,mbcr. Dining Kooni and Library urnlture in the dwelling house 1&2 We?t Twenty-tirst street, Btween Seventh and Eidhih avenues, all of which Is new, xvlug been recently made, aud compi Ises everything adam 1 to a fashionable and elegantly furnished residence; the hole to be peremptorily sold for" cash ; consisting of English elvet and Tapestry Carols, elegant rosewood Parlor Furnl tre en suite, comprising three l ull suits, richly carved, all of hich are covered in rich "Ilk brocalel of the best d .scrip ?n; rosewood Centre and Pier Tables, Turkish Chairs, in ue and gold satin aud moquet; Damask and Lace Curtains, ilvet and Turkish Lounges. Mantel and Pier Mirrors, gold id landscape Shades, two rosewood Etegeres, style Louis IY. :rieh Sevres and Dresden Mantel Vases, bisquo figures, fistic Bronzes. Parlor Ornaments, Ae. ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, Music Cabinet, Stool and Cover; cost $?0; arble top Bureaus, richly carved Bedsteads, twenty large air Mattresses, Tete-a-tete*, Chamber Suits in rosewood, ronze Clocks, marble top Washstand, Lounges, French and ring seat Chairs, Rockers, Divans, Ottomans, Oval Mirrors, perb Beds and Bedding, oak Extension Talde, two tine >ra Bedsteads, rich French and Bohemian China, rich Tea its, 8llverware, Spoons, Forks, Casters, Ice Pitchers, Urns, la Service, ruby and crystal Cut Glass of every description, .k marble top Buflet. oak Chairs, superb oak Desk, Oil >th, rich Chandeliers, marble Hall Stand. Catalogues lit luse. Sale positive, rain or shine. N. B.? Parties from a distance are assured that every arti l In the house will be s dd strictly without reserve, aud ?re will be positively no postponement. Purchasers can ,Te their goods carted. packed or shipped by reliable par s, who will bo In attendanoe for that purpose. BUSSELL W. WESTCOTT, Auctioneer. UCTION NOTICE.? D. D. CAULK INS, AUCTION _ EEK. ? POSITIt E AND UN RESERVED SALE OK LEG A NT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. I THIS DAY (Friday), Nov. 22, at 10X o'clock hclsely, all the superb and (Ostly Furniture, Paintings, Bktuary ami Works of Art. rosewood Drawing Room Suits, Mailt seven octave Pianoforte, Mirrors, Velvet Carpets, Ac., htalned in the residence No. 218 West Fourteenth street, ?ween Eighth and Ninth avenues. The sue 1 nicer calls i special attention of the public to this sale, as being the ?geat and richest assortment of Household Fttruituie of ad at auctiou this season. The Furniture was all made the present owner, and is In complete order The whole 'be* iremptorlly and absolutely sold without reserve. DH \WING ROOM FURNITURE list* of carved rosewood Etegeres, marble tops and inch plate doors and back; lady's Work Table, Inlaid with Bther of pearl; roi#wnod Centre Table, statuary marble ?; full suits of Drawing Room Furniture ? elegsnt Tcte ite Sofas, two Arm, two Reception and eight oval back Kirs, carved rosewood frames, and covered In three co ?d sstln brocade of the most expensive description ; two ""sole Tables, inlaid with buhl and tortoise shell ; Brocade Lace Curtains, French plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, i rich gilt frames; superb Sevres and Dresden China ?s, richly decorated ; Parian marble Statuettes of tbe Sea i, Artistic Bronzes, representing Night and M< ruing, Pan i. Painting, Poetry, Music, Crusaders, Ac ; antique Lava M, from Herculaneum and Pompeii; ebony Card Table, '?t Carp 'is. Rugs, Turkish Easy Chairs, bronze Clonk, lone month; Oil Paintings, by Rousseau, Ininan, Ilun ?ton, Cole, Legrand and o'her eminent artl ts ?MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVB PIANOFORTE, Bed legs and case, four round corners, finished all round, ?id with pearl ; Music Rack, rosewood Stool, covered In ?sde ; embroidered Cloth Cover, Books and Music, Hall ?wood Hatatand, Oilcloth, Stair Carpet, Ac. Chambers, ?nd story? Richly carved rosewood Bedsteads, style Louis ?. ; Bureaus and Commodes to match ; Wardrobes, Dress and Toilet Tables, Shaving Stands, Bookstand, Couch, i Chairs, Curtains, Shades, Cornices, Hair Mattresses, ? and Bedding, decorated China Toilet Bets, Mirrors, ng Room Furniture of every kind, Tea Sets, Silver Ware, jr Table Cutlery, Dining Table, Ac. No poatpouement. ICTION NOTICE. LARGE AND IMPORTANT RALES THIS DAT AND TO MORROW. FRIDAY, Not. ?. and SATURDAY, Nor. ?. beg to rail the attention of buvers to these attractive FRIDAY'S CATALOG UK U now ready, and will be to contain LY LARUE ASSORTMENTS OP STAPLE AND FANCY r SEASONABLE DHY GOODS. SATURDAY'S catalogue contain iORTMENTS OF SEASONABLE DRY OOODS, BOOTH AND SHOES. 200 CASES BOOTS AND SHOES, iding prime assortments of new and seasonable Heavy >* reoeived direct from Eastern manufacture*. MEN'S AND BOYS HATS. >lces of men't and boy*' Sort Hata, Including the moit ibis styles and qualities, aulted to present aalea. Alao )ea of general Merchants*. W. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneer*. No*. 9 and 11 Park place and 8 Mui r.ty street. ICTION NOTICE.? MORTGAGE SALE OF ELEOANT 1 HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE . rare opportunity for housekeepers and the trade. " J" ell this sole _ ling house 86 East Twenty-seventh street, near Fourth ?OTH, auctioneer, will so,, ?? ua/, m u ely, ail the splendid Household Furniture oi day, at 10^ o'clock f the large le, consisting of English Velvet and Tapestry Carpet*, it rosewood Parlor Furniture, en *utte, comprising full suits, richly carved and covered In tbo richest bro se-iriet reps and haircloth. and all of the beat ilescrlp |rosewood Centre and l'ler Tables, Turkish Chairs and es, covered in green figured r^ps and crimson damask. tch; Damask and Lace Curtains, two eli'gant rosewood res, style of Loul* XVI. ; gold and landscape Shades, Be v res and Dresd.'ti Mantel Vases, Blsqus Figures, tes and Parlor Ornaments. ?E ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, CANTERBURY STOOL AND COVER; e top Bureaus, rich round corner Bedsteads, Wash . Coinn. odes, single and double Hair Mattresses, Ho!, rlll 'W*, Blankets, Sofas, Chairs, Rockers, Lounges, Is, Mirrors, Solu Beds, Vases. Corner and Book Stand*, black walnut Extrusion Table, Dining Chairs, maiioga V>kcaso, Glass, China and Silver Ware : Table Cutlery, Carpets, Oilcloth, Parlor and Kitchen Stoves, Ac, Sale By order of L. BRADY, Attorney for Mortgagee. B. CHAPMAN A CO., AUCTIONEERS -EXEC utors sale of superior Household Furniture at public In.? Sale commencing at 2 o'clock, thin afternoon, at No. lest Twenty-sixth *1 reel, near Sixth avenue. Sale pe. lory. Consisting of Parlor Suit*, rosewood Pianoforte, '. La-e Curtains, Brussels Carpets, Hugs, Cloc k*, c?, Bookcase, Vases, Paintings, Engravings, Centre , Chandeliers, Hats'and, Stair Carpets, ro*ewool and uny Bureaus, Bedsteads, Solas, Rockers, Chairs, k twelve pairs fine wool Blanttts, twenty four pair* 1 Sheets, Counterpanes, sixteen excellent Hair Mat .Feather Heels, McGraw's Sofabeds, Wasbstands, In Cari>ets, Sideboard, Extension Table, Arm Chairs, land Glassware, ivory handled Knives and Forks, Sll fare, Table Linen, Couches, Easy Chairs, Ac. Also pent and Kitchen Furniture. Sale commencing at two i this afternoon JAMES KELLY, ROBERT MORRIS, i "ecutors. EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOR HOUSE [eapei^nd dealer*.? All the elegant Household Furni if a first class private boarding house w ill be sold at au< tlon, this afternoon, at 2 o'clock, to the highest bld ithout reserve, at the large dwelling house, J6 East y-seventh street, east of Fourth avenue, consisting of lid rosewood Parlor Suit, covered lti crimson and tna rocatel; one blaek walnut do., covered in reus; rose Centre and Pier Tables, Etegercs, Mirrors, Curtains, I, Vases, Bronze Clock, Paintings, Parlor Ornaments, ?gant seven octave Pianoforte, Stool and Cover; rose ind mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash ?.lands, Sofns, rs. Tables, t'halr*, Lounges, Clocks, Curtains, Brussels igrain Carpets, single and double Ilalr Mattresses, Bed* eddlng, Blanket*. Ac. ; solid black walnut Extension Buffet, Bookcase, Ulass, China and Silverware; Table y, Ac. Sale positive riON NOTICE. LOCKWOOD BROS. A UNDERIIILL. AUCTIONEERS, ay and 33 Warren streets, beg to call the attention of ? to their sale of this day, comprising:? Ik Grosde Rhine, plain and fancy Silks, Merinos, all Tlalds, Linens, Embroideries, Hosiery, Germaiitown goods, l-h;i Is and Drawer*, Jackets, Blankets, Shawls, JGIoves, Buck Gauntlet* for army use. Cloths, Cassi |, Seal Skins. Cloaking*. Vestlngs. Ac. I, ISO cases Felt Goods. In Vernons, Glengarys, Vlcto Turbans, Bonnets, Boulevards and Caps, all new and I hie shu pes, J to commence at 10 o'clock. Catalogues ready curly. ICTION NOTICE. ROBERT HAYDOCK ?11 on TUESDAY. November 26. at 10 o'clock, At his Salesroom. 101 Liberty street, E AND ATTACTI VE TRADE SALE OF FINE GERMAN AND FRENCH TOYS, FANCY ARTICLES AM) CHINA. assortment of New Goods. In lots to suit wholesale and retail dealers. Catalogues on Monday. rriON NOTICE. " R. T HAZELL, Auctioneer. ilTTEMORE A HAZELL will sell at auct'on this day y),at 10W o'clock, at their store, 168 Broadway, FANCY GOODS Al?) TOYS. .rge and varied assortment of French and German Goods and Toys, comprising an unequalled variety of ds Incidental to the trade, and well worthy the at ten ' buyers. KION NOTICE.? THE MORTOAGE SALE THAT s to have taken place yesterday, at two o'clock, at h avenue, will take place this day at I0W o'clock, at ne place ; it consists of rosewood and mahogany Book Bureaus, Washstands, Tables, Chairs, Lounges, Stoves, so one Extension Table, oak, nineteen feet long; one elve feet; also one Light Wagon and one line mahof leboard, one do. black walnm Etegere. THOS. M. CONN AUG IP'KN, Auctioneer. TION NOTICE -FIRST CLASS FURNITURE AT rlvate sale, this week, at 137 Eighth street, two doors r Broadway, three rosewood Parlor Suits, rosew ood ahogany Bedroom Suits, Rockers, Looking Glasses, any and maple Chairs, Tables, Csrpets. TION NOTICE.? BURNHAM'S FURNITURE EX ressand Packing Establishment, 113 West Eleventh between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Household Furni iied and shipped to sll parts of the world. Covered ? for removing furniture to and from the country, lire stored. TION SALE-OIL PAINTINOS.-TI1I8 DAY. AT Wo'olock, by ISAAC D. AARON. 63 Nassau street. . i Collection of ralntlngs, HlstorlcaijScrlpturol and My order of J. L. BANCROFT, Assignee. SALES AT AUCTION* A AUCTIONEER.? BT BANUS, MBS* it1! W,N ? < O., Trviiiif BuildiiiKH. AP4 and 096 Hritadwav, r??rriimf'ry and Fancy Articles. Friday evening, November ?, at o^j o clock, imported Perfumery and Fancy Articles ? a large variety of choice T .il. i ami Fancy Articlui. Ac., tw be iojd, without reserve, in lots to suit purchasers. AC.TUTTLB, AUCTIONEBR. 114 BROADWAY. ? Out* h Bulbous Roots ?Tii 1h day, at 10% oiclock, including Double aud Single Hyacinths, Ohullolu.*-, Tulips, Ac. Sale peremptory to close consignment*, in lod to suit. Browne a niohola. AtfftTTOKBjBBa, will sell, on Sa tut day, Nov. 23, at 10k o'oloca. at a??le^room No. 35 Nassau street, a large assy rUtwnt of Household r urnUure ru mored for convenience or sale, of Bedding, Car* ix t? Curtains, Mirrors, rosewood Ffc%*'or. Furniture, Piano. .. Hi wood, mahogany and blnrk wa*.?*'1 Cl?H:.;U*r Jntf. nitoi!.*??iu ** Dining Kuoin do.; China sn l Glass ft*. l>il <?!..!!?? Wtr Chandeliers and Gas Fixtures, Kitchen cloths, Stair l-.. Furniture, Ac. . L _____ _ i ( IONSTABLE'8 H A L J"- 9 P. wSJ,VCr An-? ,PI AIN 9<>01?'?' U Clothing, a lew Clonk *? }ar<l? Trimming*, Ac , tl U dav, ?t one o'clock, at 454 *n? *??"??: also, scveu c; *ks tev, Brandy, oi"' W'lies, J5i bara, Ac. By OL'Slll Nt), Co.'atable. Dutch bilboub roots at ai jtTWON? this da?', at 114 Broadway, at 10K o'ciook pi'*<4?ely. Including Hyacinths, Tulip*, Gladiolus, iW*.' Ac. N. B ? Fresh Imiorted, and v an anted true to ii.TJV*. Daniel a mathews. auctioneer. HOUSEHOLD FUP.NITUKE. ROSEWOOD PIANOS, CARPETS, BUGGY, AC. DANIEL A. MATHEWS will *.11 nt hi* salesroom*, 7# Nassau MnM, this day, Frld?y, at 10}i o rlwk, a larg ? assort ment of 11 MiKi-hnld Furniture, Carpets, Ac., rl?: ? Parlor Suits, In brocalel, reps mid halrcl ith; black walnut mul ena melled Chamber Suit*, Ceotrs Table*. Card Table*. Secretaiy au<l Library B'lOk'-ase^, Etegcre*, Bullets. Wardrobe*, Dress ing Bureau*. Waahstamls, S ifaa, Sofa Bed.', Lounges, Chair*, Rook era, rosewood, Ua k wnlnni and mahogany Bedstead*; Il.iir Mattresses, Feather Beds, Blanket*. Tatile Linen, China, Glassware, i'la'e 1 Ware, Cutlery, Brussels, Three-ply, In grain and Stair Curpeu, Rugs, Shaving Stand*, Uat Itacks, Sewing Machine*, Ac. AL80, At twniru o'clock. One superior neren ociave ri>*?wood Pianoforte. One upright rosewood Pianoforte. One necond hand Top Buggy. Edward sciienck. auctioneer SECOND 1IAND FURNITURE. MORTGAGE SALE. By EDWARD SCIIK.N'CK. thl* .lav, Not. 22, at his sale rooms, 1.18 and 167 Broadway, at 10* o'clock A. M. ' a large assortment of Household Furniture, Carpets, Ac. (removed for convenience of sale), consisting In part of rosewood Par lor Suit*, rosewood walnut and mahogany Centre Tallies, Etegerea, French plate Pier and Mantel Mirror*, Velvet, Bruascia, Three-ply and Ingrain Cariiets; rosewood and ma hogaii} Secretary aud Library Bookcases, oiled walnut uud enamelled Bedroom Suit*, Dressng Bureaus. French Bed stead*, Wardrolies, WaslistAtid*, Commodes, Shaving Stand*, Hair Matire?*e?, Feather Bed*, Bolsters, I'iilows, Palliasses, Toilet Sets, Gas Chandeliers, Lounges, Sofn Bed, oak and walnut Extension Tables, mahogany Solas, Chairs, Kockers. Bullets, Dining Chair*, nold band Window Shades, Floor Cloth. Mantel Vase*, wslnut II itracks, Hall Chairs, China, Glassware, Ac. Most of the above has been in use only since May last, and 1* almo*t new. To he positively *old to satisfy a mortgage. O. T. MOKltlS, Mortgagee. Edward scnF.NOK, auctioneer. CONTINUATION SALE OF FINE OIL PAINTINOS. By EDWAKD SCIIENCK.? On Saturday, 23d lust., at II o'clock, at his salesroom*, 155 and 157 Broadway, an elegant collection ol c hoice Oil Paintings, by celebrated artists. Among them will be found the following originals ? KOEKKOEK. KANNEMANS, vanseferdonck, diddaert, SMETZ, SCHAEP, VEKMllELEN, SCII AUM BERO, And mauy other flue Picture* by well known arii*is. Most of the above have just arrived from Europe, and bear the certificates of the arttita, And will be sold peremptorily. They are now on exhibition, With Catalogues. Furs. furs. furs. JOHN LLOYD, AUCTIONEER. JOHN LLOYD will sell, on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 21 and 22. at 10}> o'clock, at 191 Broadway, the entire stock of a wholesale Hurler, consisting of Mink Sets, White Ermine Stone Marten, French Sable; also a large lot of Nutria aud Beaver Collars, together with a large lot of Sleigh Robes, such a* White Bear, Buffaloes, Ac., Ac. Sale positive, rain or sliine. The sale will be continued from day to day until the entire stock is disposed of. George cook, auctioneer.? assignee's salk of elegant Household Furniture, this day, at eleven o'clock, at the store 141 Broadway, cousistingof Parlor, Li brary, Dining Room and Chamber Suits, in rosewood, satin wood, black waluut, oak and mahogany, of various aud ele gant patterns: Parlor Secretaries, Etegerea, Canterburies, Work Tables, Centre uud Fancy Tables, elegant rosewisul Wardrobes, Dressing Tables, Armour-a-Glace, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Workstands, Ac. ; Bullets, Extension Dining Ta bles, Hall Stands, Chairs, Loun :?*, Easy Chairs, Vase*, Tea Set*, Ac., making a very large and well selected stock of llrst class gooiln, to which the attention of buyers 1* requested. Catalogue* at aale, and sale positive. Henry h. Leeds, auctioneer-henry n. LEEDS A CO. will soil at auction, on Saturday, Not. Xt, at 10^ o'clock, at the salesroom, 23 Nassau street, genteel Household Furniture, Brussels snd Ingrain Carpets, Velvet do., rosewood Suits, oak Extension Dining Table, mahogany Sofas, covered in hair cloth ; gilt frame Pier Mirror*, plated enamelled Suit*, mahogany marble top Waahatandx. ma hogany oval Centre Table, coiiTertablc Into a Writing Table; rosewood Bedstead, mahogany carved Table, mahogany Chairs, covered In hair cloth; do. Rockers, gilt frame oval Mirror, rosewood Easy Chair, covered In rep*, Ac. ; together with other articlea requisite for furn ahing a tint class house. Also several fine pieces of Furniture, made by Marco'.te. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.-iienry h. LEEDS A CO. will sell at auction, on Satunlav, Novem ber 23, at II o'clock. In the salesroom* No. 23Na**au street, valuable and private gallery ol Oil Paintings, all richly fram ed, and belonging to a gentleman leaving for Europe, all of which are to be Hold without re*erve; in the collodion will be found the works of Court, Van lloselijh, Delaportc, Tau neur, L. Noells, Seharp, Florlanl, lisoaeman, Miller, H. Newell, Dlevleux, W. M. Brown. Beaulleu, D. Konlg, Eyers aud others of equal celebrity. Tney are now on exhibition. JB. HATCH, AUCTIONEER SALE THIS DAY, ? November Sz, at I o'clock P.M., complete; outfit for eontractor. Horses, Harness, Carta, Chains, Ko[.cs, Tools, Ac., for blacksmith ; one derrick, complete, best in use; at Nos. 278 and 280 West Forty-tilth sireet, near Ninth- avenue. A rare opportunity for those iu want as above. Sale positive, to close business. Auctioneer's ofllee 375 Ninth avenue. JOSEPH HEGEMAN ? SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23. AT 11 o'clock A. M., at No. 548 Myrtle avenue, c mier of Ry erson street, Brooklyn, the entire Stock and Fixtures of a first class Grocery Store Also Horse, Wsgon, Harness, Ac. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL, THIS ? day at 2 o'clock 1' M at No. 253 East Tenth alreet, near First avenue, handsome Household Furniture, comprising a magnificent rosewood, four round corner*, 7 V octave Pianoforte, with Drigg's patent attachinen ; solid rosewood Parlor Suit, covered in crimson and maroon bro catel; rosew(sid marble top Etegere, minor doors and back; French plate Pier and Mantel Glasses, Bru-scls uud Ingrain Carpels, oak pillar Extension Dining Table, Dinner and Tea Sets, Cutlery, Silver Plated Ware, inaple Sideboard, with " wood and to match; walnut marble t in Chnmber Suits, to match; oik do.; Feather Bed*, Blanlccla, Bolsters and Pillows; Hair Matras ses. Patent Secretary Bedstead, llalr Carpeting, II it Stand, Oilcloths, Ac. . M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS ? day (Friday), at 10% o', at salesroom S5 Nassau street, a general assortment of new und second hand rose wood and mahogany I'arlor, Chamber and L>iutnu Room Fur nlt'ir , viz ?Solid rosewood l'arlor Suits, covered In linx a tcl; mahogany do., in hair cloth; Tete-a-Tctes, Ann and i'ar lor Clislrs, Book Cases, marble lop Centre Table*, Mirrors, Ex tension Dining Tallica, Dining Chairs, Dressing Bureaus, Wai-hslands, Bedsteads, llalr Mattresses, Feather Beds, Jiiankats, Ac., the whole to Lie peramptnrli.v sold. Mortgage sale.? marble manufactory, Steam Engine, Machinery, Ac CHAMBERS A kaikchild, AUCTIONEERS, Salesroom I l.i N issan street. Will sell, Saturday, November 23, at 11 o'clock, at Nos. 1,20-i, l,i!0<, 1,21b Broadway, the Stock mid Machinery of an extensive Marble Manufac tory, comprising a line Steam Engine and Holler, Steam Bump, witli Shaitii g. Pulleys, Rangers an I Belling; u large stock of I'll: I -hff( M trlile Mantels, unwrought Marble In blocks and slabs, a variety of Buhis In marble and planter, Eni aiiv tic Tiles Ac. Also, Horse, Wagons, Cart, Harness, Olllce Furniture, 20 ions Coal, Ac. HUOII KELLY, Attorney for Mortgagee. PHTI.I1* 11. WlLKINS, AUCTIONEER.? PHILIP R. Wl I.KI NS w ill sell at auction, on Tuesday, November 26, 1861, at 1(H? o'clock, at the store No. 82 John street, the stock of the Union Porcelain Company, consisting in part of plain and decorated Door Knobs, Escutcheons, Bell Pulls. Drawer and Shutter Kn 'lis, Plumbem' Basins, Dishes, Coll'ce arid Tea Cups and Saucers. Spittoons. Tumblers, Mugs, Wheel Casters, Ac. Also a lot of Pig Lead. Catalogues three days previous to sale. J-al': without reserve, PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? BELL A INGRAIIAM, WILL sell this day (Friday), 500 lots of Men's, Boy's and Child ren's Clothing; Bools, Shoes, Ac. By order of KRIDEN BEKO, 29U East Broadwny. RT. 1IAZELL. "AUCTIONEER " . WHITTEMORE A HA/.EI.L will sell at auction, THIS DA Y, KKIDAY, At lOJJjj'clock, i t their salesroom 158 Broadway, 1IARDW U(E, CUTLERY, AC., Con p tsing a iar^e and varied assortment of heavy and shell goods of all descriptions, and worthy the attention of buyers. ALSO, FANCY GOODS AND TOYS. Invoices French and Herman Faucy Ooods and Toys In great variety. 8 A. J. BOOART. AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL, ? this day, at 10 o'clock, on the premises, Nos. M0 and .152 Water street, on account of a former purchaser, about 4,000 lbs. of bsr and other Iron. Sale positive. <j * X BOG ART. AUCTIONEERS. -THIS DAY, AT 11 Q. o'clock, at 341 Wat. r s'reet, by virtue of a chattel mort gage and several executions, the Stock and Fixtures of a Grocery and Lluuor More, lease of premises, Ac., Ac. C1IAS. F. WATTS, Constable and Atfy for Mortgagee. SA J. BOGART. AUCTIONEERS.? ON SATURDAY, . November 2S, at 12 o'clock, at 4'J Ann street, basement. Mortgage sale? One Engine Lailie, 1 1 feet bed, 2ft Inch niving. Sale positive. Terms rash ; to be paid for Immediately niter the sale. MICHAEL .McCANN, Attorney for mortice. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS? ON SATURDAY, . November 23. si I0>i o'clie k, at the suction rooms No. 1 North William street? Household Furniture, 8ofas, Tables, Chairs, superior Brussels and Ingrain Carpels, Bedstead*, Beds and Bedding, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Also, Constable's tale ? 12 Overcoa's, 12 pairs Pants, Sewing Ma chines, Ac. Also, Assignee's sale? 1,000 Bake Pans, Bakers' Tools, Ac. Also a sorrel Horse, 15 hands high, 9 years old, double and single Harness, Ac. Sheriffs sale of stationery. -chambers a FAIRCIIILD, anctloneers, ?di ^ in ssi' lay, 24th Inst., at 10 o'clock, at No. 7 Nassau me*. s? ?is..--|s or a Stationery Store, consisting it Blank Poors, r Forms Gold Pens, Copying Presses and a arge t??s'.*.? Paper and other Goods generally kept In such t'.o.ti. )OHN KELLT, Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE OF DRV GOODS AND JEWELRY. - CHAMBERS A FAIRCIIILD. auctioneers, will sell, this dsy (Frldsy), Nov 22, at 11 o'clock, at their salesroom, 113 Nsssati street, a quantity of Dreat Ooods, Damasks. Buck and Lined Gloves and Mittens, together with a parcel of Trimming, Yaukee Notlous, Finger Rings, Binds, Ac., Ac. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE CALFSKINS. -CHAMBERS A FAIR. CHILD, auctioneers, will sell this day, November 22, at 11 o'clock, at their salesroom 113 Nssssu street, about 200 Unfinished Calfskins. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. WE WOULD CALL ATTENTION TO THE SALE OP valuable Lola on Madison and. Fourth avenues, 106th street, snd Stable on Twenty-ninth street, to b* sold at auc tion this dsy, by E. H. LUDLOW * CO., at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Eichanjm, New York. Mapa of the above at the auctioneer*' offlce, No. 3 FiM at. ?ALM AT AVCKOJf, \\TM. WITTS KB, Ab'OMONESH, WILL SELL THTS TT dajr n 2 o'clock. ?t*S?p?n?l street, tho Furniture. Ao hIiT "KSriPW c"n,"lVn': ?' Sulla ham-loth, FieV ?ml Man, el Mirrors, Cell Ire and other Tables, Eteiicroa .'IrirE Velvet Tipeslry .three 1 !>? Ingrain and other li i1 \i lol"'hft i"?h<igany, French and ixiltai'e Bedaioads; * l"?:hir ""Mm !, mar1'!* Ion dressing S T'l""11" '"v:" T 0 '"?? HU??I, tin, WooS t..?.' 1 r5:! Dining Room and Kitchen Kami iaa? for caah. Also one Piano, roaewuod TVTILLIAM witters, auctioneer, canal street. ff will k?ii \ y u .--ion, ihiM ?lay. nil assortment of Re w and Second hand Clothing, Coats, Veala and 1'auU. By order of Attorney. DRY ooobiT " ATM US. GAYNOR'S. ? OtthA? BARGAINS IN COR T l>e?t ?l?ai>' --h and <iii;ilu/, slightly mo le I, ?' *" "? *1:<l $1 dull re?"i*iv d I hone ? elebratod I*arU made O u ille Comvinj lfijiUi' pi'ae and $6? now $3 and $4. A'mi the Pari* wov n Wenvfy Cor aet. Now Atylcn in >ren<-h Mtira ntw in Bal mora la, all aoid at paufo t'i'ioea. 843 Br 'Hit way, 1 1 ar Union Hanaro. "OARGA1NS THIS DAY.? velvet Sonnets in ! $ , *T?Ty ?lU'r' children's Hals, Felt TarbAUa, I a.' U? i a' 30r u yard, worth (la. Trade sup plied. L. B1NNS' Millinery, Ml Broitdwa.v, upstairs, I _ opposite Metropoll ta n Hots). ) QLOAK8. CLOAKS. CLOAKS. PARIS AN*) KEW YORK WINTER FASHIONS. FRENCH BRAVER CLOTH CLOAKS, HKAVV ESQUIMAUX BEAVKR CLOAKS, 8UPEREINE FRENot^T'lF^L^VK^01" ?L?AM' LioN8Ki5^AANKTs,VELVET FA(:eu oloth cloakh' TRAVELLING CLOAKS. WATEK PR??F ?LOAK* LADIES' CLOAKS. PROMENADE CLOAKS, MISSES' CLOAKS, ? CHILDREN 8 CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS' CLOAKS, At $5, at $0, at $7, at 8$, CLOAKS AT ALL PRICES, A' ,9' *' *l?' *l At W. K. PEYTON'S Excelsior Cloak House. 27* Bowery, near Houston street. C1LOAKS, CLOAK8, CLOAKS. ?> ? FRENCH BEAVER CLOAKS, HEAVY ESQUIMAUX BEAVER CLOAKS. CASTOR REAVER CLOAKS AND WRAPPERS. ELEGANT LYONS VELVET CLOAKS, LIONSKIN CLOAKS, WATER PROOF CLOAKS, At retail at very low prices. E. S. MILLS A CO., 413 Broadway, near Canal turret. CONTINUATION OF OUR ORE AT SALE OF NEEDLEWORKED GOODS. H. H. MACY, NOW OPENING (in addition), FROM THE CASH AUCTIONS, LADIES' HEM-STITCHED LINEN CAMBRIC HAND KERCHIEFS, fori*., Is. 3d.,l?. 6d.,2s , 2*. 6d.,3s., 3s. tfd. and 4s. FINE FRENCH NHEDLE WORKED HANDKER CHIEFS, auitablo for HOLIDAY PRESENTS, from 6a. up. wards. FINE FRENCH NEEDLEWORKED BANDS, (double) from 2*. 6d. to S3. FINE FRENCH EDGINGS and INSERTINGS, from Is. upwards. NEEDLEWORKED INFANTS' WAISTS, 8s? 4s.,6?.,6s., 8s.. $2 and $3 FINE LINEN SBT8, for 5s.. 6?.. 7a., 8a. and 10e. SPLENDID NEEDLEWORKED FRENCH SETS, in boxes, suitable for HOLIDAY PRESENTS, ?1, coat to im port $5. FRENCH COLLARS, STYLISH SH APES, closing at la. 6d. EXTRA FRENCH NEEDLEWORKED* COLLARS, clos ing ot 2s. (id. SCOTCH NEEDLEWORK COLLARS, la., Is. 6d? 3?., 2s. Cd., Sa.,3s. 6d. and 4s. 1,1*10 SCOTCH NEEDLEWORK SET8, COLLARS and SLEEVES, closinguut at Is. fid. a sei. CHILDREN'S EMBROIDERED MERINO CLOAKS, very fine, closing at $3, f4, *5, $6 and $8. R. II. MACY, 204 and a Hi Sixth avenue. ?tARPETINGS, CARPETINGS, FLOOR OILCLOTHS, DRUGGET, AC., BOUGHT AT A~ BANKRU PT SALE. English Velvet Carpet, finer yard ; English Brussols Car pet, 8ft cents per yard; line Three-ply, 75 oents per yard; tine all wool Carpets, 60 emits per yard; good Carpets, 25 cents per yard, 6,000 yarda very thh'k Oilcloth RemnnnU, from one to twenty yards, at COATES', 314 Hudaon street, above Spring. F DERBY A COMPANY WERE AWARDED BY THE . Association for the ExhiMtlou of Industry of all Nations, held in New York In 1853. HONORABLE MENTION for the best Garments for the commissioned officers of the Army and Navy, which they still continue to make to order. TAILORS, 67 Walker street. FOR SALE? onb hundred AND FIVE YARDS OF Carpeting (English Brussels), J. Cro.-aley A Son's make. Will be sold ( heap. Has been down mlv one month. In quire at 306 East Broadway. Gloves and hosiery very cheap. loves and hosiery very cheap. gloves and hosiery very cheap. Gloves and Hosiery very cheap, in all kinds. Ladles' and Oents' Under Vests and Drawers, which are of very desirable styles. Parta Kid Gloves, S3 cents, very best. Fine Corsets fl a pair. Hoop Skirts 31 cents to 76 eenta. Fins and Needles 3 oents a paper, the best. CURHMAN A BROOKS, 463 Sixth avenue, corner of Twenty-eighth stieet. LADIES' AND GENTS FANCY FURS. We shall offer, until after the holidays, at our BRANCH STORE. 664 Broadway, next to Tiffany's, A complete assortment of Ladies' and Gents' Fancy Furt, made np In the best manner and at the lowest prices. Great bargains In real Russia and Hudson Bay Sable, Mink, Ermine, Ao., Ac. RANDALL A FABBRI, 53 Broadway. WINTER SEA80N. MESDAMES VIRFOLET, No. 5 Clinton place New York, Have the honor of Informing their friends and patrons that they have just received a very lino assortment of Press Point, of all shades, lor ball dresses; the latest Fashions, Silk and Linen Goods of the finest, and Corsets made especially and exclusively for their house, can likewise be found here Mesdames VIRFOLET rccelve by each European steamer the latest Fashions. 359 G. L. A J. B. KELTY, IMPORTERS UK BUFF, WIIITK AND OREBN HOI, LANDS, ENGLISH AND GERMAN DAJIASKS, BEl'S, LASTINGS, BROCATELB, CORNICES, BANDS, TASSELS, AMD MANUFACTURERS OF WINDOW SHADES, Wholesale ami Retail. BROADWAY, NEW YORK. MILLINERY, &C. FURSI FURS! I FURS 1 1 1 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE EMPIRE CITY FIJR COMPANY, EtTABLIMHKD IK49. 288 BOWERY. 32C GRAND ST 231 EIGHTH AV, Oiler to their frtcnda and the public a large and splendid us. aortinent of LADIES', MISSES AND CHILDREN'S FANCY FURS, all of our own mannfai't nro, conalstln g of Hudson Bay S-il>Ie, Mink. Fitch und Stone Marten, Siberian Squirrel, Ac., In Talmas, Capes, Cloaks, Vl-torlnes, Muffs and Cuffs; also a choice select on of S "inh Rohes. Gentlemen's FiirCui*, Collars and Gloves, all at urices to suit the 'lines ?t. flAIlKIS A RL'SSACK'S 228 Bo very, 3?t! Grand street, 211 Eighth avenue. N. B.? Furs repaired, neat and cheap, at the very shortest notice. FURS? FURS.? LADIES, IF YOU WANT YOUR FURS altered or repaired carefmly and promptly, by practical furrier*, lake them to the manufactory 387 Eighth avenue, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh streets. K-riii'Ul ber, ii| stairs. A nice assortment of Ladl -s' and Children*! fancy Furs, cheap. Please to give ua a rail. FINIGAN. HOTELS. IRVING HOUSE? BROADWAY AND TWELFTH STREET, entrance oil Twelfth street. ? This House having been re furnished, 1^ now open lor the accommodation ol families and transient guests, and will be conducted both np'in the American and European plana, us best may please lta pa trons. A fine Restaurant la connected with the House, when! meals are served at all hours. Mi ul boarders can be act oni modated by the week or duv. GEORGE W. VESEY, Proprietor. ~ MI SK ,]? A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for sale, ricliiy carved leus and case, round corners, full Iron plate, lined with satlnwood, overstrung bass, Inlaid with and pearl kevs; made to order for the pre sent owner by eltj makers; fully guaranteed for three years; been In use but seven months. Oort $5411. will be sold lor $260. including Stool and ('ever. AH" an elegant Drawing Room Suit; cost >300, for $190. Inquire at 70 West Twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue. A GREAT BARGAIN FOR CASH.-$130 ROSEWOOD | full seven octave Pianoforte. bestCIty manufacturers. Also several magnificent Pianofortes, for nearly half price, to close a receivership, by order ol the Supr ine Court. Ap ply at 3Ti8 Bowery. JOHN MCDONALD, Receiver. I Depot of the albxaxdbb org an~ For Churches, Chape's, School* aud Drawing Rooms, 203 Broadway. SOLE MEDAL OF HONOR at the Universal Exhibition of 1H55. This magnificent instrument (patented In the United States May 3, 18IW), which the brilliant performance of THALBERG, VILANOVA and MLLE. W ELLIS ! have rendered as popular in America asin Euro|>e, has been , adopt' d by tUr greatest artists and coni|iosers of both conti nents. GOTTSCHALK, LISZT. ROSSINI. MEYERBEER, Ac., Ac. The Alexandre Orgnn Is celebrated for the solidity and pre cision of its mechanism, as well as for the fullnessand power of its tone, and the remarkable quality of keeping perfectly in tone In all climates. Prices at (he depot, $45, $00, $100, $160, $183, $236, $200, $300, $340, $400. A descriptive circular sent to any address on appli' atlon to E. FABREOUEITkS, Jr., 203 Broadway, Importer of Busson Accordeons. Violins, Violin Strings, Ac FTlKTll. P0NdX?-O._M7 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, ' have one hundred new Pianofortes to let, at low prices, and will allow the rent If purchased. Sheet Music, Musical Works, Guitars, Violins. Brass instruments and all kind* ol' Euslcml Goods at low prices 110REIGN M08IC?0F- EVERY DESCRIPTION AND 1 for all instruments. Over a million of works retail* d I for 8c. a page? far below cost. Muaic can never he bnu^t so cheap again Music sent for inspection. Letters must con tain four cents worth of stamps for answer. P. A. WUNDERMANN, 618 Broadway. K}HTE Jk BRADBURY'S NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNG Bass Patent Insulated full Frame Grand and Square Pianofortes, 421 Broome street. What everybody says must be true; everybody says they are the best, therefore they must be the bett. A PRIMA DONNA SOPRANO ELIZA VALENTIN I J PARAVALLI teaches Singing and Piano, at her private residence, 687 Broadway, third floor, over the store of Mr. Hathaway, where she ran be seen, every day, from II till 4 o'clock. ANTED? A FIRST CLASS PLAIN ROSEWOOD Piano, 7 octaves. Address 8. B., box 3,519 Post otli< e, giving all particulars, as to age, maker and lowest bash price ; also where It can be aeen. <??? PER QUARTER FOR LESSONS ON THE PIANO ?U and In French. For references and address, call at Mr. T. H. Chambers' plaaufort$ warvoQuoa, Bible House, Utor place, BIIIPFIwa. Ilr order of iHff ,Jf?i?'ary of State, all pi~,n,kfKI leaving the Uuited Hiatus are 10 procure passport* before hwiic on board the HU:a nn r

jolt* fl, iMl.w. A ???ill. STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW VOKK AM) LTV lilt roou, I.?"Jlnw a iiU embarking i,.i senger* at Queenstown. Iroi.nul. The Liverpool, New Yoil and i'hlladelphia Steamship Cimi pauy Intend uospalt-Aliig their full powered Clyde built Iruit Steamships ssfollowa:? cit v Ki n- i'liKKTvi* Salur.'ay. November 21 v r * a MAwtllBhlhU Saturday, NovemU?r Mi ? a i ' ? ' I Huturtliiy, l> rinln-f 7 And every Saturday, hi noon, from 1 |4.r U North rivrr. ,UTfJJ. or ^sjuuk: ? $7i I 8'eerage $:t0 J tv Luudou 80 " ? to London . . . S i IP Ei". BJ . " lo I'ari* :ts " to HnmiHiTg,. $8 | " to Hamburg :tt Passengers ,>l?o lorwarded 10 Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low rates. Persons w ishlitg to bring out ihelr friend! can buy tickets here ?t the following rates, to New York ? ? From Liver|awl or Queonstown, llrst cahlu, J7.V $sa and JliW; steerage from Liverpool, $10; from Qnccusiown, $30 These steamers have auperlor accommodations for passen gem, and cany experienced Surg oils. Tbey are liuilt in v nj j-tl^lit Irou sections, and have patent lire aitiilhllalura For further infoimfilloft apply in Liverpool toWILMAM IHM AN, agent, 32 Water street ; in tllasgow to WM. 1NM \N, No ft St. Enoch aipiare; in Oil' etuitown to C. i W. 1>. SKY MOURACO.; In Lou, ton t.. Kll KS ,t MAt'EY, 61 KingWil llam street; in Paris lo Jl't.lIS DKCOl'E, No. 5 1'loce de la Bourse; in Phlln lelphl* to JOHN <J. DAl.E, 111 Walnu street; or at tliu Company's office*. , JOHN U DALE, Agent, 15 Broadway, New York. THE BRITISH ANH NORTH AMERICAN IIOYAL Mall Steamships. rttOH NKW TOKK TO LITSRFOOI.. , Chief cabin passage Second cabin puwwge KKoU lOKTOK 10 I.1VKKPOOL. Chief cabin passage Seoond cabin passage W The ships from New York call at Cork harlair. The sbiii* from Boston call at llalltai and Cork harbor. PERSIA, Capt. Judklns. ARABIA, Capt. J. Stone. ASIA. Capt. E. ?i. Lott. AUSTRALASIAN, Capt C ANA DA, Capt. J Leiteh. AMERICA, Capt. Hockley. NIAtlAKA, Capt. Moodle. El'ltOPA, Capt. Audeison. SCOTIA, i.O'l building. Oo"k, AFRICA, Cap'. Shannon. vessels carry a clear white light at masthead, grecu on starboard bow, red on port how. AFRICA, Shannon, haves N?w York Wednesday, Nov 6. KUHOPA, Anderson, leaves Boston Wednesday. Nov 13. PERSIA, Judkin*, leaves New York Wednesday, Nov. 21*. NIAtlAKA. Moodle, leaves Bosioii Weclne<day, Nov. 27. ASIA, Lott, leaves New Yoik Wednesday, Dec. 4. lie tnx not secured until paid tor. An eiperlenced aiugvou on bi aid The owners of theM> .hips will not lie accountable for gold, silver, bullion, siiccle, jewelry, precious stones or metals, unless bills of lading ale signed there. or an I the value there of therein expressed. For freight . r pH sac apply to E. CUNARD, .No. 4 Bowiing Oreen. FOR SOt'TII VMPTMN \ Ml HAVItE-<)N SATURDAY December 7. The United States Msil stevmcr HL'MN, .1 A Wotton. t'ommander, w 11 sail I rom plei No. 37 No. lb river, foot of B< ach street, on Suiiirtlay, December 7, at noon. This stesmer, unsu rpassed for safety and comfort, has double engines under deck, enclosed by water tight compart ments, which, besides o li r re-n ts, ten. I, in the event of col lision or stranding, to keep the pumpi free to work, and se cure the aafety uf vessel an I pu'sergeiti Foi' freight or passage apply to ?BorMACKEN?rE. I A'rni*' 7 The steamer ARAUf) will sail January 4. STEAM TO LOWDONDEItKV aLASOOW AND LIVER pool? The Montreal Sleaniship rompany's lirst clnss, full ixjweifld, Clvde hnilt steamer NO\ A sCoTl.VN, t'aptatn Alton, carrying Che Cana llsn and United Slates malls, will sail from On- be ? next Saturday, November 23. Rates of pas sage from Now York First das*, according to accommoda tion, $711 ami $86; steerage, found with good provisions, $30, ('?rtMcates issued for bringing out passengers t rum all the prlneipsl towns In (Jreat Britain and Ireland, at very low rates. For passage apply at 23 Bm-idway. New York. SArRL A SBA RLE, (Jeueral Agents. STKAM TO IIAMBURU, IIAVItE, LONDON AND Southampton. The Hamburg American Packet Company's iron steam-hip SAXONIA, H. lihler*, eonimamler, carrying the United S'ates mail, will leave from pier No. 21 North river, foot of Fulton street. SATURDAY, November. 1), nt noosi, for Hamburg, via Southampton, taking passengers for Ha vre, London, Souihanip on slid Hamburg. First cabin, $100; sucond cabin, $611; steerage. $35. The steanint a of this line will leave every alternate Satur day, carrying the United State* mail. The steamer BAVARIA will Succeed the SAXONIA, on December 14. C. B RICHARDS* BOAS, I'd Broadway. THE NORTH OERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP 11 ANSA. H. .1 Von Ssnten. commander, carrying the Unit d States mall, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot of Cham bers gtreet. on SATURDAY. Decern! er 2 1, at 12 o'clock M., roR BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passengers to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN. ?t the following rates: ? For the first cabin, $100; second cabin, $60; steerage, $S5i For freight or P-^EtffoHS * C0? M Broad sl^eU FOR LIVERPOOL-OLD BLACK STAR LINE.? THE favorite packet ship DAVID UOADLEY, lying at Die r 27 East river, sails Nov. 23. The BELLE WOOD sails Nov 28. For lisssage or ilnifts on Ireland, Ac., apply to WILLIAMS A OOlOXj 40 Fulton street. FOR LIVERPOOL.? THE PACKET SHIP EXCELSIOR, at pier 36 East river, will aall on Wednesday, the 27' h For passage or drafts on the Bank of Ireland apply at tlio oOlce of Thompson's Black Star line, $76 Pearl street. F OR LONDON.? THE CLIPPER SHIP CARAVAN, Captain Sands, will sail on Saturday, November 23. Has splendid accommodations for all classes of passengers, who will be taken at low rntet. Apply only on board ship, at pier 14 K*<l river, or to JOSEPH MURPHY, 61 South Australia. ? kanoaroo line for mel bourue.? Clipper ship SNOW SQUALL sails Novem ber 23; can take a few tirst cabin passengers. Clipper ship SIMODA sails about Jan. 6; can accommodate first and seoond csbln passengers. Apply to MAIILEK, LOUD A aUEREAU, 108 Wall street. LORD A CO., Consignees. Ittbt driits for sale. Australian shippers' linb.-the superior A1 clipper ship LOUISA HATCH is now receiving eargo at pier 12 East river. Sho insures at s rictly lowest rates, Is a fast sailer, and will have quick d'-upao h for Mel bourne direct. For freight or nassuge, having line accommo dations, apply to FISHER, RICAKDS A CO., 84 Wall si reel, Tontln- Builtiiug, FOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANABI A. A first class 8t?*aiuer will leave New York on thfi 1st, 11th and 21st of each month, cteept when these dates lull on Sun day. when the day of departure will be on the Monday fol lowing. For Trieght or passage arply at the only office. No. 5Bow ling Green. L>. B. ALLEN. Assent. FOR HAVANA. The United States Mall Steamship COLI'MHl A, Richard Adams, United Slate* Navy, Commander, will leave pier No. 4, North river, on Tuesday, November 'id, at 12 o'clock noon precisely. Passengers are requested to procure passjxjrts before secur ing pits lige. For Frelaht or Passage, Apply to SPOFKORD, TILEbl'OK .. O., 29 Broadway. II OR HAVANA, VIA NASSAU. N. P.? THE BRITISH ami North American Hoyul Mail Steamship KAUNAK, Captain I.e Me^turier, will -ail f??r the above porta from the company's wharf, Jersey City, on Monday, November 11. * Tuesday. January 7, 18tf2. Tuesday, December 10. Tuesday, February 4, 1862. Passage money to Nassau $t."? Passage money to Havana 00 All persons Jo iving the United States will require to have passport* from * !??? authorities of their respective countries, countersigned by the Secretary of State at Washington. For freight or passage apply to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Howling Green. VTOTICE.? THE STEAMSHIP CITY OF MANCHESTER, i_N from Liverpool, will commence dischsiging, under ge neral order, on Monday, Nov. 2i?, ISdl, 7 o'clock A. M. JOIKN. G. DALE, Agent. IK,K SALK-THK SHIP WILLIAM TELL. 1,200 TONS 1 burthen, as f>he now lies in Bushwick creek, Green point; will be sold chcap. D. O. SIMMONS 114 Wall street. A THB W.\ si. GOOD COT, A GOOD LOUNGE AND A GOOD Chair, all in one piece, si/e when folded 4 by 0 square and two feet long. Camp chest, army trunks, cainp stools, Ac. GURLEY ?fc BRADY, 412 Broadway. /^AVALitY.-SE? O.N!) LIEUTENANCY NOW OFFERED \J to a joung man competent to lake command, for a con sideration. to go to 'he seat of war in thirty day.-*. Address Cavalry, Herald oflice. / iontk \< TOM* KILLS POR supplies FURNISHED \J the Army and Navy Departments, pavablo it) any city of the Union, collected and cashed by jOflN B. M ? UK AY, Army and Navv Banker, 39 Nassau street, opposite the Post oflice, New York. FOR BEAUFORT, SOUTH CAROLINA-SEVENTY- I ninth regiment Highlanders, N. Y. S. M. ? Kir-t class young men wanted immediately to join this noble body of our citizen soldiery, no-.v occupying a fine fort near Beaufort, S. C. Recruits sent d illy. Apply at once to (.'apt. II. A. EL LIS Recruiting OUi cr 7Wth Higlanders, Mercer House. C1BKBBAL BARRY'S ROCKET B atta Eft >.v, J Chief of Artillery, U. S. A. The battalion will leave for the scat of war on the 30th day of November. Thi* battalion is organized at the request of the Conmnn der-in Chief, Major General M< Clellan, and Brigadier Gene ral Barry, Chief of Artillery, U. 8. A , and accepted by the United States government. Cavalry and artilleiy eonxpanies organizing, who are not sworn into the United States service, provided the recruits are suitable, will be immediately received and mustered into service; pay, clothing, fuel and rations provided from the day of enlistment. To young men who have any military ambition this Is a sure roacl to fame and distinction ; for this terrible arm, the "war rocket," is the most destructive of all known wen pons, either sncient or modern. Volunteers, to ensure accep'ance, should apply immediately, as the orders for marching to the seat of w ar are imperative and cannot be delayed. For par ticulars apply at headquarters, 455 Broome street. New York city. T. W. LION, Commanding. NEW RECRUITING OFFICE, 248 FULTON AVENUE, Buoolyn, N. Y ? One hundred men wanted, for the Continental Guard (48th regiment N. Y. S. Volunteers), Col. James H.Perry, now at Port Royal, South Carolina. Re cruits will be sworn Into service, uuitormed and sent to quarters immediately on enlisting. NAT!! . D. FISHER, Recruiting ofllcer for the regiment. Regimental stands of colors On hand and to order, at short notice. SILK AND BUNTING FLAGS, A 11 sizes, on hand for sale. LODGE AND SOCIETY BANNERS. Ornamental Painting and Embroidering on Silk, *c., Ac. IIOJER 1 GRAHAM, Artists and Manufacturers, 97 Duane street. SOLDIERS HONORABLY DISCI! ARG ED POR DISA bility Incurred in service, and tho representatives oi de ceased sol dior* will call on JOHN B. MURRAY, Arn\y ind Nury Rftnkvr, 39 utrert, opposite the Post offlo*. TO L' N ASSIGNED MILITARY COM PAN IR* -ovy, full company, 101 men rank and file, can b? <?c,i>ired In a regiment now In Hooker'* division, army of '4m Potomfcc. Strong Inducements to officers and men or a company di'.l rout of entering at once Into scttre service, An be alvcn i>T nddresitug tiol .1.461 l'ost oMce, New York^ -| t|| ABLE BODIED MEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY lOU toprocced to Waahlagtpn yT join the Ttilrtv-ftith regiment, N. Y. 8. V Col C. H. >Qne?. JAMBS ORAMT, Lieutenant commanding, Vecrui'/Gg nation, Wl Canal street I JiMTJ 8RMTK !* TB . | AURA KKENE H TWB^RK I xj T1US EVENINO, rrv * ,?v .ni?hT dukiko tiie week. | WMbe^^" Y VERSION | K.vnkrr,* v vtltsloN ENTIRELY Nn., ".'ION or tun * \ , % ?EVV-^ J? *">"*? \ SEVEN SONS. & SEVEN t<> kEVEM ^0NS P *? * ">**? ? * % A> X * $?'# hkvem I A | 4 / ** ?>X ***** \ 8 -S*<* & I- <0* ***4o ?*N*" 8 % 4??> $ I ?o* V ? ce Y Already played . . . SIXTY NINE NIGIITS, Ami witucHncd by more Mihii ONE HUNDRED AMI SEVEN THOUSAND PEOPLE, inia colobratn I and popular NEW UNION HI' HI.KSQliE, ADAPTED TO THE PRESENT TIMES, W (11 l>o i> '"?cnl"(l with nil ill NEW SONGS, NEW DANCES Alftf NEW UNION TABLEAUX. Comprising tlic SPIRIT OF JACKSON AT TIIK tomb ok Washington. Tin: sta it ok tiik union, NORTH AND SOUTH, tiii: banner in tiik sky, BATTLE OK Bl'NKIilt HILL. 4N EPISODE OK VALLEY KulliiE, THE DEATH OK THE REBEL SPY. NAILING UP THE FLAG, AN EPISODE OP TIIK REBELLION IN VIRGINIA. THE STRUGGLE BETWEEN NORTH AND SOUTH. APOTHEOSIS or WASHINGTON AND UNION. Also ili<? two ereiit Scenes, THE PEERLESS POOL OF WATER LILIES, tun ASCENT OF THE GUARDIAN SPIRITS OP THE LAKE. AND THE GREAT WATTEAU SCENE ARCADIAN NYMPHS Rorllning among their flock* by the MOUNTAIN TORRENT OP REAL WATER. Now music by THOMAS BAKER. AUo Overture, "Colleen (on Irinh airs); Operatic Selection, "Norma," anil the i "polar LAURA KEENE WALTZ Doom open at 6>f; commencing at 75i o'clock. Dress clrcla' ?Pal* may be secured ten day* in advance. BOWKBY THEATRE. STICKN UY'S GREAT NATIONAL CIRCUS. SECOND NIGHT OF llEltlt CLINE. On Friday evening, November 22, will bo repeated the grand historical l agi-ant of the FOUR yUAUTKRS OK THE GLOBE, With new and brilliant apiiolntiiii -nt*. ? ?stunio*, Ac. THE CELEBRATED HERlt CLINE, In hi* Inimitable pertoru a nee* on the corde elastlque. Be*ld?a all tne other attraction* of t h la great trouoe. Tho manager has great pleasure In announcing tlic engage inent of tliu distinguished (ierioAnaorohat*, THE BROTHERS MATTY, Who will exhibit their original and exiraordluary foal* on Monday evening MSt Afternoon pcrinrniance* "ii Wednesday and Saturday. Philharmonic society of new york-2oth ???naon, lH61-'fl2? The public rehearsal (number four) will take place at Irving Hull on Saturday, Nov. 23, at 3 >? o'clock P. M Extra tickets 50 cent* each. By order, J. G. BKISHKIM, Sacrelary. \*(.riCE.-THE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY NO i\ tliicathe public- and the theatrical profession particularly, lliat lie ha* recently purchased from Mr. Charles White the copyright titles or I he following Ethiopian Faroe*, Burlesques, Ac., consisting of Ma/.eppa, United States Mail, Coopers, Ri val Lovers, Old Dad'* Cabin, Sham Doctor, Jolly Miller*, \illkeu* and Dlnnh. ~ Statue. Uncle Jell', Magic Penny, The Wrec . . Thieve* at I tie Mill and the Comedy of Error*. All pcraons infringing up ut tho same will be dealt with in conformity with the copy light law. FREDERIC A. BRADY, Proprietor of Ihe copyrights, 21 Ann ?treet, New York. CANTERBURY MUSIC IIAI.L, 885 BROADWAY. THUNDERS OF APPLAUSE. * UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM. IMMENSE SUCCESS OF TIIK HIEOHIST BROTHERS. SIEGRIST BROTHERS. SIEUK1ST BROTHERS. SIEGRIST BROTHERS. SIEGRIST BROTHERS. THE PETITE WONDER, AND Tint TRAINED DOGS. TRAINED DOGS. TRAINED DOOS. TRAINED DOGS. A. M. HERNANDEZ. A. M. HERNANDEZ, In his trulv wonderful performance*, every night. "MME. AND MONS. MONTANARI. In thotr celebrated Operatic Duet*. SILAS BALDWIN, SILAS BALDWIN, 8II.AS BALDWIN, SILAS BALDWIN, the great Indian Juggler, Iilssuperlor never known. SlfiNoR ABECCO, 8IGNOB ABECCO, 8IQNOR ABECCO, the gteat Tenor J. H. BUDWORTU, t. II. BUDWORTII, Ihe celebrated Ethiopian delineator. BYRON CHRISTY, In hi < great and original Stump Siieethes. ADELAIDE PRICK, ADELAIDE TRICE, latellrnt Oanner at tho Broadway theatie. ? MLLE. MARIETTA RAVEL, late principal Dancer of the Ravels, and 40 other performers. FOX A CURRAN, Proprietor*. ia. i s t auiri, nnam tioi ior, jouy miner*, ih. Quack Doctor, Mystic Sycll, Black Ml viiievo't* NiKger, HI*' k Shoemaker, pVreck, Portrait Painter, Hop of Fanhlon, A 1 A AMERICAN CONCERT IIALL, ^4:^: 444 444 Broadway. The Greatest Resort for Pastime In thn World. Tho Greatest Resort for Pastime in the Wond. GRAND COMBINATION OF TALENT. GRIND COMBINATION OK TALENT. CROWDED HOUSES CROWDED HOUSES attest the superiority and furnish truthful evidence this establishment Is ptr pxcpUkuci*, distancing all tho places of uinnscmeut in the country In th ?> production of NOVELTIES. TRIPLE COMBINATION. TRIPLE COMBINATION. Songs, Danee*. Burlesques. Nearo Far r> s, Ballets, Ac. RETURN Or <)LI> FAVORITES, CHARLEY WHITE, CHARLEY WHITE, BILLY UUINN, BILLY OU1NN, W. WEST, W. WEST, M. TURNER, M. TURN l-.B, 0. O'NEIL. C. O'NEIL. I LARKY LESLIE. HARRY LESLIE, The world-renowned Negro Comedians. FATTIE steward, FATTIE STEWARD, The I est Comic Mincer n tho country. J. WARREN, J. WARRIiN, The great Ethiopian Ciimeiiiin and Ban joist. MISS KATE LESLIE, MI:-'s KATE LESLIE, Tiie ompllshed Vocalist. THE DELEVANTIC BROTHERS. THE DELEVANTIC BROTHERS. Ji DELEVANTIC, E. WINNIE AND T. PEPPER, J. DELEVANTIC, Ji. WINNIE AND T. PEPPER, in their wonderful gymnastic performance. THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, under the direction of Paul Brilliant. AUMI8SIOK. Parquet 30 cents Gallery 10 cents CHARLEY WHITE, Actum Manager. ATIONAL MUSIC HALL, Lule Chatham Theatre. The largest company In the world. The mom tulruted artists to the profession. FOX ,1 CURKAN, Proprietor*. N OW OPEN, T1IE SECOND ANNUAL EXHIBITION or THK ARTISTS' FUND SOCIETY, AT Tit It GALLERY OF THE STUDIO BRILDINO, N t. IS Tenth street, near Fifth avenue. Single admission, 25 < ents; season tickets, ISO cents. Novelty concert h all, (ilO Broadway. CIC Son;,*, Olees, Burlesques, Diin*?, Ballets n ii<1 Negro Ec cenirl iltlen, by one of tne best , ornp mica lu the city. Admission 10 cents, Including relreshmcuts. I<OST AND FOUND. Doc, LOST? A LEMON and WHPFB POWTBR; large lull eyes, answers to the namo of Dulce. Who ever will r -tnrri him to Old Harry Riifscll, 74 Fulton street, Brooklyn, will receive $2 reward. IjloUND? A HI NTING DOG. IN THE VICINITVOF ' Bergen New Jersey, November 13, 1*61. The d>g can be g'.t si N. Muller'a [iluee, 361 Greenwich street, New York city, for three days. Foi nd-on Monday the isth Tnsj\ In a Broiidvvayand Wall street ferry stage, a bracelet. The owner can have th" same by culling at 79 Beekman | ?trott, ' i j i Main, and paying charge*. (TV > I N D- I N A FO 1 K 1 1 : K NTH STREET OMNIBUS. A ' Portemnnnale, coutulnlng money and other articles. Can l>? had by proving property. Apply to Hemluway, Nor. wood A Co., H Exchange place. TjlOUND.-A GOLD BRACELET INQUIRE AI WM. X1 Moier'a, 41 M.iiden lane. TOST? ON TUESDAY, I9TH INST., IN~ BROADWAY J or Barclay slreot, a gold link Bracelet The fiuder will receive )J reward by leaving at 142 Pearl street tirst (lour. IO.iT -ON rVESDAY. N' V EMBER 10, IN A FULTON J ferry stage, a small dark mink collar. The floder will will be rewarded by leaving it at 70 Broadway. 10ST. ? I F Ti IT; LADY WHO WANTED TO GET $20 J In sllvor for bills, oq Sunday, the 10th of November, in a grocery on Snamd avenue, will call, sho will tarnr some thing to her advantage. Losr-NovTTiT a la dy s gold- hunting case Watch, No. lft,3.'<3, tor which a literal reward will be paid by returning the same. M. D. LAWRENCE. IW Sooth street. Ni-TK.S LOST Hi! STOLEN.? ALL l'li ICON'S ARE uautlourd ng ilnst negotiating the following Notes, whleh hav? been lost or stolen, viz ? Two notes of Mason Brothers, m*. No. 1,711, due 0 (Months from Octol ?r 18, 1861, for SA417 53; and one, No. 1,712, due 6Bk>nlh*, from November 5. 1801, for $704 8U; al?o C. A. Alvord's Note, No. 189, due 8 noil lbs from Octib-r 16, 1861, for $689 21 ; said notes belng^ payable tcand endorsed by the subscriber ? Nkw Yo?i, Nov tl, m,l. I*. J. Ill NT!NOTONa Watch"' cask ,-i.ost. on-wbdskhiiay uvks/M, f f In Fulun or Chsthaui street, one u.ttnlshed A'alch Casa. The tiadrr will he suitably rewarded by brlug ^ng n to H. E. Droi.SU Fulton street. RAILROADS. Hudson river railroad -trains f,>r albany, Troy, the Nortb and West, leave Cham jers street at 7 sml 11 A. M., ami 3 30, 5 and 10 15 P. M. New tore, harlem and alb*.ny railroad. For Albany, Troy, North Hnd West. Winter arrangement, commencing -Monday, Nov. 4, 1861. For Albany? 10 30 A. M., Eiprc^ilnii Train, from Twenty Sixth street depot. For sll l<?al trans swTlmo Table [ JOHlf BCRUlliXi,. AagUtaut SufwrlaUndtat, w AM? SKMKIMTS. ALLACK s. ~~s~. CONTINUED BURSTS ENTHUSIASTIC APPLAUSE AND LAUaiirun vast uuccess lacquter. EVERY Milli r j TNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ilie new and orl^iu il ' In three art*, with entirely hr?iv And nmffiiin mm pew mi.Mc, ?0*<?W-^.yp| MAOIC >f AltKI Ai'lft: MAi.IC MARRIAGE. The Chevalier Monlei'oillnl Mr Le*ler WulUcI Colin t Palette (Irs friend, hii I cousin to the Mar chlone** do Vollerra) Mr. Reynold! Slgnor Malfndi (CUInl of the Secret Poliee ol Ge nan) Mr. C. Plthei !?' m-iilo (a Spy, In tin- aerrlce of the M ircbiontiM). . Mr. Kloyi BaUu'iiiii t Fl',,|,,,K of ,h? Chevalier j JJJ; 8?ivnnU, Creditor*, Gue*te, The M archloneas dn Yolterra Mm Hoey (iiliah, the S re r a* Miix F, Mo?n' (Her sooon l :i|'peurai ce at this theatre.) La "l'" Misai ?< (llinlH-r, Sciil.nim, Oreen and La Korcai Ti. * action lake. pl.uo In Genoa and vl. lnlty, llllU. S . i. oi tin- ovcnu ami of tliu new icencry, palnUM e* presily '*> Mr. laliei wood, will ronaist of ACT 1. m If ALL 01* RECEPTION IN TUB TOWN MANSIoUoi TI 'E MARCHIONESS IIR YOLTERRA. The police ? The lorlune ti ller of the MaroblonM*? Tlie glpay and 'lie diamond*? The Marchlone** commenrer the fairy tale. ACT i TERRACE 0ARD?Vf AN1? ENTRANCE TO THE OHA THAU 1>E VOLT! 'flKA, WITH VIEW Ok" THE MOUN TAINS AND THE The wedding mornliii, wThn rharma of wedlock-Tlio llo hcuilau? The irliil and It. 'J'"?!'* THE CHA ^(i,K (,p MURDER. THE RED SALOON IN 'I IH' CHATEAU, OVERLOOK I Nil THE HARDENS. The prisoner and the gu.v Vl ? Their ellilr? A compact? Self aacrihca and It* reward ? '4 bo Marchioue** flnUlie* thi fa r. tain. lo e include with (second lime liere) the one act Farce, 6) John Poole, called Iho RCAI'E (IOaT ? ? Old Eualace v Mr. Oeorge Holland (ill* aecond appear* *>ce.) Cbarle* Eustace Mr. Floyd Ljiiallua Polyglot .Mr. Bl i*? Robin .....Mr. lfoun| Master Frederick ? ? Maater Rcve* Harriet I'"* Viola Crocket Moily Motigs . . . .7.'. .7.7.' .7 .7 .7.7.'. Wr"- J,,lin SoftoB (Her an Olid appeimtne ?. ) Notice.? Dooih open a: 7 ; lo ee^ln at hall- *>n*t. w INTER OAItDEN. FIFTH NIGHT FIFTH NIOIIT boie delightful dellnentor* of mr IRISH AND YANKEE LIFE, Miti AND >mn. BARNEY WILLIAMS, HARNEY WILLIAMS, UAIINKY WILLIAMS, Who have jimt returned from Boston al ter having achieved a triumph of more than usual brilliancy, HUNDREDS IIA.VINO IIEEN Tl> RNED NIOHTLY FROM THE DOORS, And a dramatic furore arouaed .beyond what Roaton ha* aeen for year*. Thna, laden with Fmnor*, thi y return ta play their annual cugaiwmout In the Winter Harden, In thla city, In which their charming uud oiniit*ltc performance! and ailmlrable social virtues have built tor them a home 01 enduring regard, and their pleaaant presence baa ever made a summer, even In parioda Of the deepest gloom. During tble engagement they will ureaaut to their patroni and friend! several new piecee, In which they hare never yet appeared, and In which tliey hope to eatuhlith new clalma U the lunir and new place* in the memory of the public. Thut Wednesday evenin g they olTer THREE PIECES. 1. TI10 beautiful legendary drama untltlea TlfE KAIKY CIRCLE. Mr. Barney William* aa Con O'CarolIao Mra. Harney William* .a* Molahw 2. The new burleaque of the MAOIC JOKE, OK. TR* PRINCE DOLOROSA, which will be produced wui NEW SCENERY, TRANSFORMATIONS AND MACHINERY. CHARACTERISTIC COSTUMES. MUSIC AND EFFECTS. PRINCE DOLOKOSO, Reigning Prince or the Doleful leiea, aftcrwai ls (by kind permi*?lnn of the audience) Feltm 1st, King of the Realm of Smile*. Mr*. BARNEY WILLIAMS, in thi* city with unbounded I recently In the city of Boa to* mark* of approbation. KBTCHUM, " Kr. DAYIDOB. BENMilMITA, aOood Kalry, who make* everylxjdy hanpy a* all good paoplo ought, LEONORA BROWnB. The wliole to conclunc with the roaring farce of the IRISH TIOER. Pady Ryan, the Irl*h Tiger Mr. Barney William* MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS Every night during the week I11 magniflceul entertainment*. New bowery theatre. Sole proprietors Me*sr*. G. L. Fox and J. W. Llngard FRIDAY, NOV. ? 1881. Laat night of the vrcat local drama of FA 'T WOMKN OF THE MODERN DAY; And tbc Scotllah drama of WALLACE. Tub Hkbo or Scotland. niri Originally performed by her in manifeatation* of delight, and recr with the name dlatinguUhed mark* BARNUM'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM. Tim following brilliant attraction* are on ?zhlblUoo at all hour*:? i A LIVING WHALE, A LININO WHALB, A LININO WHALB, A LIVING WHALB. A LIVINO WHALK, A LIVINO WnALB, From the coaat of Labrador, fifteen faat long, of wbM PROFESSOR AGASSI? PROFESSOR AOAHHIZ PROFESSOR AOA8SU PROFESSOR AGASSIS ?ays: ? "It la neither the right whale nor the sperm-whale nor the porpoise. but the up "cln* known to naturalists aa tlx BELUNOA or WHITE WHALE." LIVINO H I PI'OPOTAMUS, LININO HIPPOPOTAMUS. LIVINO HIPPOPOTAMUS. LIVINO HlP.POPOT'A-MUi, 200 EDUCATED WHITE RATS, Which are made to perform a variety of tricks. AUo the MAMMOTII BEAK SAMSOft, LIVfNO BLB PHANT TURTLE, LIVINO MONSTER SNAKES, LIVING HAPPY FAMILY, GRAND AQUARIA, Ac. The new an>l brilliant drama, THE ANOKL OF MIDNIGHT, So universally admired, will bo produced THIS AFTERNOON AND EVENINO, At 3 and 7X o'clock. Admiaalon to all, 25 oenta; children imder ten, IS cento. BRYANTS' MINSTRELS, Mechanic!' Hall, 472 Broadway, above Orand street.? Monday, Nov. 18, and every night during tlio week, SOIREE D'ETHIOPE, Interspersed with jokea and comicalities by the favorite Dromtoa, DAN BRYANT AND EI>n HORN. S. 0. ('ami. bell 1,1 pleasing ballads and Tyrolean wai? blings. THE RAW RECRUITS. I'ne gwlne down to Washington To light lot- Abraham's daughter. TIN-PAN ONION, DATS WHAT'S DE MATTER, Lord Lovel, Plantation Scenes, Carte de Visito. Doors open at t}( ; curtain rises at 7^. Ticket* 35 cant*. OOLEY'S MINSTRELS (LATE Of NIBLO'S HA, loon), Stuyvesant Hall. 659 Broadway, opposite Bond street. TRIUMPHANT SI CCES8 OF THE GREAT STARS, Charley Fox, 11. W. Griffin. Dive Kecd, Ac., In their new acts?The Wall Street Brokers, Toe Three Fairies, Sally Come Up, PaLhetic Ballads, Violin Extravaganza, Ac. Monday, Nov. 2f>, Ills' npp"aram e of the celebrated Ktlli> plau c median, W. Arlington. Uiors open at 6)?; to commeno* at 7\. Tickets 25 cent*. UNCEASING WONDERS. Ai the I'arlslun Cabinet of Wonders and Anutomy, .VU Broadway, neat door to Ball, Black A Co., New York. Just added to tills large, superb arid world famed collection, a is:rfect freak of nature, a inon.tnV child with two haads, four less and three arms. In conjunction with this Interesting sight there are wonder* of an unsurpassable and thrilling nature. At one glance is seen 1,70) parts of the human body. The institution lias Ixjen pronounced by the many thousand* whocrowil to it daily to have a truly moral tendency. Lectures dally on interesting, scientific and pathological Subject*. Of? n forsenllcmcn only from 10 A. M_ till 10 I'. M. Admission 25 cants. II BROADWAY music hail, 4SS and 48ft BROADWAY. 4S.')and4S5 BRILLIANT AN1) VARIED ATTRACTIO V NOVEL AND 8TKIKINO SCENIC EFFECTS. GRAND SPECTACULAR PANTOMIMK8 GORGEOUS TABLEAU S. CHARMING BALLETS. EXQUISITE Ml. 'Sit' BEAUTIFUL DANCING. LAUGHABLE BURLESQUES, Ac. Positively the last nlglit but one of the beautiful Hcenlo. Comic and Spectacular Pantomime of THE APE Of BORNEO, THE APE OF BORNEO, THE APE OF BORNEO, with its beautiful Enst Ind'ao scenery, Irjsses and mode (it living; also the cflecllvn s wne portraying LIFE BENEATH TIIK WAVES, LIFE BENEATH THE WAVES, The scaly monsters of the deep sporting in their native ele. moot, TIIK CARLO TROUPE, Till.* CARLO TROUPE. TF.E CARLO TROUPiS, THE CARLO TROUPE. In their wonderful Gymnastic Feats, Groupings Ac. THE BROADWAY ViNSTREL-S TIIE BROADWAY MINSTRELS, I* new Songs, Glees. Cborussesand Repartees BILLY BIRCH. ,T. A HERMAN, BEN Oi'TTON, AINSLEY SCOTT, .X PRICE MOSS. CII ARI.XML Theheautiful bailee. *Iivertlss.-ni?nt arrang-J by Paul lirtl lant expressly for this establishment, ciitiiliil R' hE ET PtPILLON, RUSE ET PdtPILLON, In which Alas ERNESTINE DE FAIBER Mile. KATIRINA. LI ZME SCIIL'ATZB, an l the CORPS >E BALLED COR /8 DE B.VU?ET will appear. TONY PASTOP, TONY PASTOR, TONY I -iSTOR, the jesler, | o t, clown, c-icalc singer, whilom ^r.'vber, stump orator, Joloti save' and general eonvcr* itUuiallst on the topics of the day. GRAND M'JflNEE GRAND MATINEE GRAND MATIN ER GRAND MATINEE on SATURDAY AFTERN'OI <tf. at 2)< o'clock, for X,a lies and Children. The aocuBiyllshed Vocal :st, Ml t CLARA HARRINGTON, is engaii iiis and ? ill appear oil Saturday evening. In reWriul md will speedily he pp-duce* the Magic Pan tomlii'i! i THE FIEND OF THE BURNING LAKE, calling Into *w]'iKl'lon ihe vast r*aourchesol this establishment and Vrvicts of the whole company. mate and female. ROBERT W. BU I I ER, Hole Lessee. MONS. LA THORNE, Stage Mauager. Vast night of the alleghanians ?j AND SWISS BELL RINGERS. SATURDAY EVENING, Nov, 23, at HOPE CHAPEL. BENEFIT OF MISS C. HIFF1RT. On which occasion MR. FREDERICK BUCKLEY Has kin lly volunteered. (His flrst appearance *lnce his return irom Europe.) S\\ i.~S BELLRINGERS -THE I VST WEEK, POSITIVELY THE ALLEGHANIANS, VOCALISTS AND SWISS BELLRINGERS. At Hope I hat al, 720 Broadway, every evening this week. MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON, November 23. Saturday evening, Not. ?, Miss IHFFKRTS BENEFIT flMIE CONTINENTAL OLD FOLKS WILL SINO AT I. Union Hall. Grcenpoint, Thursday evening. November 31, 1S6I , Methodist Episcopal Church, Jamaica, Friday *ri n lug, Nor. 32. 1*1. Concert oommences at 8. Tickets aSc, CONCERT, THEATRICAL AND LITERARY AGENCY, No. 1S2 Broadway, rcom No. 7.? Wanted, for Boston. Baltimore, Chlcaao, Albany, Philadelphia, and this clly, full companies. Aiu-Iy ss shove from ten till four o'clock. Also a (atari boy for copy 1st, CONNER 4 PyuLE, Areata.

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