Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. OLE NO. 9205. new York, Saturday, November 23, 186L tt FROM WASHINGTON. s of the Foreign Ministers on the 51Mell and Mason Question. Ixpeditios Down the Mississippi Murlj Ready tor Operations* Nations fbr Opening the Bmltt oon and Ohio maflroaO. Bartow of the Boldfen of (fe?: Regdar Army, 1^, 4a, Ac. 'WxumCTOB, Nov. 31, TfflE.. ffcl XUMMt AND SLIDB'-X QUESTION. QMalalioroontinuea to k? indulged In relative to mand SMCcU question. Ho far as cau 'be aeeer he Mtaittw of her BTitnnnic Miyesty's govern ls taken no action whatever upon tfce -subject, t prObfcly await Mtrttction*. Nor lias there snantafonnal conversation between lit in and the department conceit: ing it. Thoso who -are inti toquaintcd with lerd Lyons believe that in this, icjtiattors, lie taR observe^ his ueur.l discretion, tatof from preroac uro expression* of opinion, ew asserted, uftm the best authority, that among (Somatic corps ' the general admission is, thai Vilkes is perfectly justifiable by Interna law In ha^og arrested Mason and Slidell le deck of ? British vessel, and that England >e the last Tower to object to it, inasmuch as no itlon has doae more to establish the principle opon 'aptain Wilkes acted. All tho diplomats are now ccept the Italian Ministor, Chevalier Bertiuatti, In New Y?rk. Col. Rassloff, the Danish Minister, valler Btisemann , the Austrian Ministor, returned ?y AFFA1B8 ALONG THE UNION LINES, overnment telegraph announces that everything n quiet) all along ourwholo lines to-day and to svewo'clock to-night It commenced raining, with a lofasevere storm, and bad roads for the move wacous and artillery. SCCCXMFCL FORAGING EXPEDITION, ocosnoitering and foraging party under General whkh went oat from General Smith's division sgr, took possession of Flint Hill and the surround itry by throwing out the pickets in different direc prevent a surprise, while the Forage Mas tri' gather brought away seventy loads of hay, having wilh , less than ninety wagons. Tho only evidence of Mte of the enemy was oue regiment of infantry, I of cavalry and one battery, seen from a promi oslUan between Fairfax Court House and Centre i a westward direction, about olght miles beyond tent outposts. The party returned late last night, been altogether snccessful, and met wilh no ca whatcvor. Information was rcccivod that the tad constructed on artillery road from Flint liili to town. IK VIEW OF OWSRAL SMITH'S DIVI8ION. at Smith's division , Including the brigades o. b Hancock, Urooks and Brannan,and Mott'sand batteries and Friedman's cavalry, was to havo viewed tli is afternoon by (ienoral McCleilan, but lie basilica* prevented him from being present Smith hlmsiif reviewed the division^ ^ of in-revksw the regiments wercjrs- ? ^ the artillery oceaiytar inft I>oaitjon to mi's cavalry^ al](1 nrlju(,ry t>rat opened liie cl?aw^B continued by tbe entire divi?i"? for nearly . movement" as in actual batt'.o being observed, lagined the enemy to l>o in the direction of Iz-w Avres' battery, which occupied Smooth Hill, irt in tbe engagement. The exorcises w?:o liy a chargo from Friedman's cavalry, on a F column of tho enemy's inlantry. Tlie only I ? Was that to Charles Trentcr, of Company I, Molphia, who was thrown from hi* horse and STi Ijiired. Both the review and sham lialtlo wero in Lest degree .creditable to General itonitli's division, fwedthatit has rapidly progressed la AlwtpMn* licncy. I AFFAIRS "pf TIIE LOWKTt POTOMAC. |7yniid?nk ran tho blockado lust niglit, reaching ?Bead about moonriso and tho Navy Yard this IT on her way up flic repassed the rebel batteries MWor Potomac without being flred at. She met I. Halo going down, that vessel not tnHtlM Ithan Indian head on the previous night. The Sal* Ininolestcd. Tho moon had not yot risen, and the Iption is that neither versol was see*. Tho Wjan lis not struok on her passage down by either of le shots sent after her. The explosion of a ?h.-ll ll-might have been fatal, as she was ladon with Irrels of powdor and a large quantity of loaded |Ttie Yankee has been taken in hand and repairs Iced. Ltime the Wyandank ana Hale passed the block - Irtion of tho river a hoavy f"g rested *pon the (shore, and probably prevented the rebel gunners ling either of them. The Wyandank brought up ?intent of the dismantled iceboat. Ichoonor#, loaded with wood, ran the blockade Jolly on Wednesday night. ?emy is apparently at work on a new balUry at I Nose, which Is far above the others, on Mr. Ih's land. lUMECTKD NAV At. EXPKPITION DOWN TDK I wmman nmu jer received to-day from Flag Omcer Foot, who Imaml of the flotilla whkh is to operato on the Lpi, states that ho is making rapid progress, and L hav0 it in readiness to proceed on its way. IcONSTKCCTIOH OF TI1K BAI.T1MOBK AND OHIO | IU.ILUOAU. Lor Plorpont to toy had a long conference with Isldtnt, Oneral-.JIoC'lel'an and the Secretary of IrefereDoe to the restoration of the acain line at Itimoro and Otto .Kill road, whfcfelMI til HI "Jo I for ft\o months. A urges the most .effective Is to sti-ure this ob^t, which ho represents as itho peopJo of this .important sectiou of -rout. try lerstood tiat tl.e ptw^rnment will take iHKVliiW C* TUB IMCUBI OF THK IU.U I.AR a kkv |as.n Tuesdiv there i?i-> bo a review of lejrifc'.rs fcriu it tho r? i-w j;routW cast of tlio Capitol. It Irocc.ill the.* Kul.irsoB .this side of l. oavi* ry and iUantry. iitffOrtnllr ?W tfcw ' cd to aictmt tic efficiency in drill of our voljiv 'in, that of soldier*. 'lhe infantry tO'lie i'Jted by Brigad ier General G? rK0 Sykes ; the eaval I ^ ?ot. C..lowl W. a Kmory ; A'jd the a. tillcrf by f {. i. Hunt? the wl?Je oomm/.nded by Briga^jer \a4rew Porwr. THE m T. lowing military appot*tincnl? ?-'re made to-day# Smith, of Iowa, to bo ait adiittto-al Paymaster j ?'ors. , I iikC. Ozden, of K?w York, to btf SJecnn 1 l.iou tho First regiment of the T'lJlod cav il > i John M. fcli"tiol<l. or the First arUSat y of the aton Army, to bo a brlgadlT UeUcr(J.rf voluu |rhos. J. VcKean, of Iowa, now an nddiU >nal Iff, to be a Britfadi'T (jeneral of volunteers. Ifbilip BL 0*or?fl"Ct . , I'uitoa Stat.-# Anny ' a l'rigadior QMMl of volui.tcor#, wa< I W ho a Brigadier C.cncral In . tho regular DffiPAWfClll! OK COIONni. KINSTBIH. FtruKeM yesterday to-'k formal leave in this >f tl.e ofll?rs of tho re^lm- nl v ii cli ho formerly , d havii.g been np,i-?intii;l Ci 3 -1 to N.iroin , wiU leave (tr 1m ojm> by th> next stennujr. MEiOS TO n? JlKTAtNKD A8 CltlBF OF T1IB (jrAllTr.HMASTKtt'i PKPABTMBNT. 60)a g?UtlemcU Of (Ji tinOlion nre des'.o-n that J Q?eml Meigs shall take the Bold, it It known U?t the government, Appreciating his eminent qualification* to* the discharge oC the extensive and very Important labors devolved on him, la not Inclined to transfer him flrom the Quartermaster's Department to tho performance of other puttie duties. *** COKaRB88ION.lL CONTRACT INVESTIGATING COM una. Notwithstanding the energetic efforts of Hon. Charles H. Van Wydt, in raising and putting in good oondition one of the tent regiments Nvw York has contributed to the grand army of tho Potomac, the labors of the Con gressional Investigating Committee, of which fee Is Chair man, proceeded almost without Interruption. Al though the ridlculoiia custom of withholding tho report of such committees until the nest session <ef Congress has V.e4n?dhered to in this instance, tho committee bag al r<*dy done much good. It has, from time to time, through tho Chairman, made to tbe different depart ments of the government recommendations and Bug les Hons as to tbe existence and Character of tbe leaks discovered. These recommendations have been generally acted upon, and hive contributed much to economise, or at toast to ditjtenfe with wasteful and unnecessary expenditures of the public money. One of tbe abuse* corrected by this means was the extravagant prices paid for arms purchased in Europe by agents Of different Btates, who were competing with each other, and running up the price of arms, for which thft govern ment will ultimately have to pay. The committee U now insension at Harrlsburg, overhauling tlie contracts in Pennsylvania, whero a heavy businers has been done in hon>es, and ntimbors have been purchased and sent to Kentucky. It will prolxtbly maku a partial report at an early peri'wl in the coming session, and coutinuo its labors until they have been thoroughly completed. AMtTFFMKNTS AT TIIK CAPITAL. Mr*. Lincoln, surrounded by a bevy of distinguished personal; os of both sexes, and a large number of the Ci>rjm Diplomatique, aro in attendance at the theatre to. night. COMStTLAB APPOINTMENT. Judge Culver, of Brooklyn, has been appointed Consul to Para, Brazil. DEPARTURE OY GOV. ANDREW AND PARTY. Governor Andrew, of Massachusetts, Colonel Harrison Ritchie and Lieutenant Colonel Krauk K. Howe have left for New York, whore they will arrive at noon. They have been visiting the camps of Massachusetts regiments during the last ten days, and tho ladios of the party have enjoyed tho trip much. ACCIDKNT AT THE GRAND REVIEW. The report that Dr. Mulford, Surgeon of tho Thirty, third New York regiment, was accidentally killed at the review on Wednesday, Is untruo. Ho was not even hurt. The only one slightly Injured was Dr. Plckerson, Assistant Surgeon cf the same regiment. restored to am command. . Colonel Taylor, who was arrested under a misapprehen sion in connection with the running over [of a private on Wednesday, has bee?mgtou)d to bis command. THE NEW GRANADA CLAIM COMMISSION. The question having arisen as to the power or authority of the two governments, under tho convention between the United States and New C.ranada for tho adjustment of the claims of the cttlaens of the United States, to change or revoke said Commissioners' appointments, tho follow" ing letter from the Secretary of State to Mr. Uurtado upon that subject fully settles that matter. Ity this letter the government rttofnises the rlglit of Koaquera, tin M the convention, to revoko Mr. liurtado's commission ? Dc.'artmbxv or St.<ts , 1 W.Af>ni!tfiTox, Au;;u?t 20, tffll. j t?m ? Your note of tho 16th of June las? h*s ri'ccived ihe ntteiftion of the department, but :u> ?> was wriU*" on the eve of your de|>arhire from the ci:y, answer to it has, in the absence o* precise -^formation oi your address, been deferred y?ur return. You re mark, substautmllv. inaugurating the joint conup1 T"ch* ,!n<!cr 11,0 ?""v?'";tiou of ^.iiLenib -". * ' ,!i l" ,ak0 of the claims or eit'" "s *''10 ^ n''0 ' Stale? iitalnst New Granada, you eoservetl that tho credent la s of your colloaguc, Mr. Leavenworth, authorized him to act only "during tha pleasure of the President of tho United States, for the time being;" and the question occur ring lo your mind whether this qualification mi;;ht not subject ihn commis sion to the Inconveniences and delays of changes in the personnel of the Hoard, you doer. ied it jiisltoinwte ;ui explanation from Mr. Leavenworth, conveying to hint at the name time your own views, and II ally re |u<>8tingtho<<e of this department. 1 ho allegntl u of Mr. Leavenworth, that th? condition referred lo was one of m re form, was perfectly correct, the expression quoted boing inserted In every commission las ed by the Kxecntive, with ilio exception of tho: e for which tho constitution of tlio I'nit ed Stales makes distinct provisl< n. A|x\ t from this vi w it is evident, from tho text of the convention under wlilcli tho Board i? organized, that no capricious substitution of ono pen-on for enolher previously appi lilted ami engaged in the dutii s dcvo'.ved u|>oii liim could have b.ieu con teinplated. The convention s:iys that , "in the c-ise < i tho death , absence or incapacity of either Commissioner, or In the event of either Commissioner omitting or oeosing to ?< t, th" government ''so affected "shall pr< coed forth with lo Oil the vacancy thus occuntoned." it is na'. un derstood by this department tliat tho > tipulation quoted will tolerate any extrinsic interference with the Board when otc ! orgunlz d, except in the specified cus- s of "death, absence or Incupaelty," such incapacity beii g jutrinsic, and arising solely from physical or moral, and not frc ra personal or political causes . Any other inter pretation of the t>rms of the convention would only ex l?ose the c immlvslou to tlte most unfortunate Influences, and might at any moment seriously embarrass, if not ul timately defeat, th' whole purpose of Iho convention. I avail myself of this .occasion to oirer to you, sir, tlio assurances of tuy hlghsst consi 'eratlon. K. W. SKWARD, Acting Secretary. ToSenor J. M. IIcrtado, Special Conums loner of New Granada. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. BURNING OF WARSAW, MO., BY THE RE BEL!*, ETC. jKi ilMO.v Citt, Nov. 22, IFfll. Passengers by the train from tlie West report that Iho rebels burned Warsa-* night before Inst, to prevent its being used as winter quarters for our troo|ig. Tito Intel ligence readied Syracuse Just before the train arrive 1, and Tk considered reliable. A quantity of government stores wns dcFtroyod. A train of eighty wagons, with an escort of 200 men, left Sod.i ia a few days ago for I,eavenworth. A mes senger reached Hedaiia at twelve o'clock laFt night, ail nouncing that they bad been attacked near Knobui shea by 600 or 600 rebe's and tho train captored. Refugees continue to arrive .here in crowds, many in n most destitute coLlillon. ASSASSINATION <OF JUDGE RICHARDS, OF MISSOURI. St. tons. Mo.. Nov. 22, 18f.l. Judge Thomas S. Richards was phot through a window of tlie Court HoiihOiiu Memphis, Scotland county, Monday last, wh'le confined a< a prisoner in (he hands of "-Colonel Moore, if the Home Guard. Co!. >ncl Moore fcubscq.jentiy Offered a reward of fu.Ooo for llic appreh.wiou of the as sassin. THE CAMPAIGN IN NORTHWESTERN VIR GINIA. fl'n m the WU'icIing Int. Illgencer, Nov. 21.] It is inderftood H:?t the iraqps i f Oencral Reynolds' command are b dug ith ialonod for active fci\ lee in ti. r quarters of tae country. Our advices from Cheat Moun tain* re that '..'vralof tho ohl > regiments a> e orderud and.a e now en their to Kentucky. Otherr, it Is re. ported, will lake i>'> the line of m/vvh in a few c'a.vs for ? (ienor.'l Kellev's 1. idqor.Hos at Komney.and in connec tion *ith the fore ; uiimuiy ihero ooniocnce a forv.wd movf ?'.i in . in concert wiob an exacted movement of the griiiid i'i my i f ti e I'olotnae.. 'f!.e advance o rip of <.;citetal Hoynolds. now lio! lii-g the uk 'Hiits In !**??. will retain their position, and will matte tln-ius. sot.g ?,u<l ct>.ufnrtable and secure in ( heir str?L'gly intrenched hle^k,?*?. The reb Is win* kave hereuiloso threatened it k. advance lun e p. city mm U A<l dissipat- ;l away. Tlulruwn accounts. of themselves, I at wceiUKied in their captured letters, are glcKuny | enough. . Ont of one thoiwaMl .three liundiefi men in ono itwOv . not tiro? hundred were lit for ntvkK V'dnibt rt eir condition i* deplorable. Ant ithasbe -n so.xU.ct stucciJiey came 'o Wee K rn (HrgltHu. In the first j ji|;t#o they f^ud a different aute-ot tilings .from what | they *5tiecled. Thi y found a population too did not tiPcdceao them w deliverers; a pe'iplc wlm ti:u' little or g*> *yrapatby wtfn theui. hi t'K' iiojtv. |>lace twy feu rid IV rtunteitls agafo.u them. ThaMtocntH ami fjrjgtri and ctrtJtB of Cheat Mt-.ntu n were att by ony iravui tho li uf?y soi&yrs of ?t.<J fJo ith. At mi Isuiwner evi?si their cloUiUlg did not h: fta'o to | ruled Utem froui sulli Mig at n...:bt Adrtq^ to \Ltk-1 their fcod w?< hsd?ml Brtini.v. Tli'-v fef sick on it. Anil when they woro luk.n (Vjwn they had mi-er#b:e a'.tqjdaLCC. T hey/- diod i&.c sheep,"' aa their d/xter nrriles. The failure of rebell.oe In Western Virginia may h*. core iderwf complete. Vl<vd, poar tlilcf nnd traitor, liar ? 'ole:. elf with wofitof !iig *? 'inmaii l, utterly frustrated attv ' crippled. His c"ur,?ct as nl<-o that of, has been 0I1(, of canstuit h imtliatfor. Kiey have been heaten and woip? d f:oin the start. Tiie ckmpaign in Western Vi r cluia h. 4 been a miacrah a faij .rft The loaders go homo U; i'oc, el? 0 "lu upbraaungs .in I reiirdfcihes of their papers and their people. iMrmdy Wise i* f.'ek In bed ? sore at heart his braggadocio ali exposed. .Floyd's private character is U-i ly as, eriiud.aud even ati'ong his con fedei mou ci;ugh? remains tor him but an ignominious rem. Lsatof liio. INTEttSTINa FROM THE SOUTH. He Belmont Federal Prisoners in Memphis. The. Union Uprising In East Tennessee. Affairs at Richmond and on the Potomac. THE POLITICAL CilPAIC* III fOt?NU, Ac., &c? &c. We have received advices from the South to the l?th Inst., by way of Memphis, with Interesting details of tbe news to that date. Mayor F. 8. Heiskell, a prominent I'niootst of East Ten nossoo, has been attested on acbargo or inciting rebellion He has been held in (20,000 bail for his appearanceat the Confederate Court. The last rail of the Mobile and Orent Northern Railroad was laid on tho 11th. This is tlie completWh of an impor tant link of communication between the various impor tant cities of the South. The fast was observed throughout tho South. Hie Southern papers say that public offices, ha 1 1 ;;b and stores, nnd places of business were Closed as on Sundays. Tho churches were well filled, atid sermons were preached strongly appealing to tbe feelings of the audience. Tho tJovernor of Florida has issued a proclamation for bidding tbe enlistment of citizens of that State to serve in ot her portions of the confederacy. He orders that all military offic ers in commission from tho State of Florida, shall iutorfero by arresting and sending out of the State any person found recruiting or enticing the citizens of Florida to enter the s?rvlco of any other Mate. W. B. Smart, of Hinds county, proposes te tako the initiatory steps for ralfciDg another Mississippi regiment, to repair immediately to the aid of South Carolina. The Richmond Whig says Robert Johnson, of Harrison, and C. W. Russell, of Wheeling, havo been electod repre sentatives of tho Fifteenth and Sixteenth districts re spectively, by the refugees from those districts, and adds:? From the Kanawha (Fourteenth district) wo havo not only no advices, but have not beam the name of any candidate mentioned. Hon. W. R. Staples has, it is bolieved , been elected in tho Twelfth (Botetourt) dis trict, and ex-Governor Smith in the Ninth district. Tho members elected in tho other districts are: ? Joint R Chsmbllss, John Tyler, Roger A. Tryor, Thos. S. Bocock, JohnGoode, Jr., J P. Holcombe, D. C. Dejarnette, A. R. Boteler and J. B. Baldwin. thf BELMONT FEDERAL PRISONERS IN IH& MEMPHIS. rFrom the Memphis Appeal, Nor. 16.) A ??? ' ... ni?ctr nine prisoners brought to this city ^ ^ portlcn of the tro, hie-, captured by hT?tai'w 'I our I1"'*'!? at Behnout, tho uearncM of tho bnMK which had witnessed their unavailing bravery, w around them a degr,-? of inter, st which caused llio catheriBK of <*> imtnf nee crrw.i on llio k vee. The st'cds leading from tho land ing to the corner of Pce-ind and JaeV*?n streets were crowd, <1 by men, women and children , eager to gel a glance ?t "the l|, usiniw." A lew Tools and one or two mischtevois nrchlns, sheeted out a few cant phrase -, but the geuoral foeliug was, we aro hatpylo state, one of rtupeitful forbearance, an 1 many remembered that if we brm ght tliosa men prisoners to Memphis, their comrades hud brought some of our brave boy* prisoners to < ail o. It l* lint tlie fate of war: and he who would rath"rbo taken fliditinf than fly de.-crves respect or even tho toe v, lio may ' lrinee to Iihvo capturod liili). Tlie?o soldiors looked like men. It was easy to r*r celve thai mere than half of Hu m were Germans. Tiieir demeanor was quiet and gentlemanly. We trust that dnriu" their Slav here they will m -<<t with that resj-ect fid treatment which a bravo people should ever display io an tmfortuni^c foe. Their names and rtfciuietils arc ,e I>orted as follow*1 ? , , _ Sc., nth ll'Qimml ? Capt. R. < rsl.b, Pm reon A. J. Fo't Adintai-.t l\ T. llowle*. rrivsUs T. I>. Moore, Tho*. W Kii'l)b. feer.lilmiuid Hill, K. Johnnon, Wm. G. Moore, I M-'ury Ko era, Geo. 1!. Mas! filer, K. Hawk*,?. T. W:ilk-r, ? Walker, 1 . 0. Wi'sor, J. L. Morgan, James I). Malum rev J. W. I'ierscn, Thomas Denn. Wm. 8. Corey, I'. F. Yan'ant, Tti? W.Taylor, VeVlr.r, S.J. liw'. !rv . John Francis. ", I aniel McTai.-g.T-d, H. S. Wi seman, Win. Nve Win. Tannvhill, A. W. Geplurt, diaries Hrewn, Rohort" Yo-.;ng.'Wali?ce L. Gregg, Ali.oUGil. n , W. II. Robins Wm. Carroll, Wm. l'ickorel, H. T. Stein, J. H. Rome 'a. A. I- . fury, W. W. N?pp (musician), Sylvan s ii . i ,tl,c\ M. !?'. H, .rd ? 4'i. VeniV *?> I " pimeill ? Privates J. (I. Heaps,. Storlina \ancHv, Ausli i Audcrsoii, W< sloy Johnson, M ( ' iKtofio (Jhri 'lian Seller, Tims. W. Sniill., M. !,. l-'ouksley , ?"heridan Knles*, '. I- II' bbert.W. C. ,-elhcy. Itiirio liters. David Huffman, W. K. Sowoll, Win. Mpp. Jas. keagi-u. Pa vid l'unll , Wm. lliett, A. J. Wheeler, Soi. mou Ringier, wm Wooden , K. F. Henson, II. Sit k r,T. |i. Neat, Albert jjljls, George *? ???inland, J. H. Patrick, Anthony Vauiuglc; '^WrZh%"Z?i* !{,>,;>* r>t ? Privates II. It. Karker.W. I <: llmdtiliglitT. Jitm** l?w. M. N. Tutru, W. A. Coi' ?Ion I) '1'. Wliilnell. Julius Shaw ? 7. TwK<itV-?K""'1 Wind* H' .iiiirn" ? D.iliiel Ixokh ud, Mi chii l Barrett, Wm. Griiy, Ijuvren-o ?l? -kwinil, 1'. K ss J'aniel hhulvy, K. I'VlwarUs. Jucub Richard, ti?o. I.iuelt, A / Untiis Privnle^ .ToV.n Ma^kall, ri-n' Kanninp . A. H. S ition, < liarles Grocn.O. W. lilack, Wm House, G. W. VcCormick ? 7. T clt'lh /I/in" ' RrgimKttl ? PriVHle TT. Harrington 1. -t.'f Ha'hay ? ( has. I.eclatrr? 1. K M. Km i ill , Genera! Grant e Iwsller ? 1. Tiiiitl'l-tliird Iiutiima /{? uifiv.n!?l mate W. R. 1 lood? 1. T(,t 99. I Tnev are n?.w in ill" large building known t\ > M.wby s colt' n slic.l, near the corner ?f Setouu and Ji ukson BtrcclK, under (,uard. MO UK rRIHONKRS. tVrom Ihc Know 1 a Kei'lstor. Vnv. 11.] We lean iliat Captain Gillespie's cjv dry company yes iprd iy s irro iM.lcd a ho ly of I.mco lutes in l'.,w|iaw II-. l?w ^i vier county, and capture- 1 twenty live of ikem. Tiu y will probably bo brought to this el' y to Jay. THE WOUNDED REBELS OF THE BELMONT BATTLE. [From the Memphis Appeal, Nov. 10.] T1IK OVKRTON HOSPITAI,. Tl,e reiort at this h.isi ilal last night wa?, thai llio wounded men as a geae.-ai lb tog pi-gr.-in./ iavoru, hlv no deaths ?;r amputations had 1'ikiMi pi., i I1i<m ,?ii mittee. assistants and nurses had t>,;> n evlrenie v busy from the arrival of patients l%- tho ^ a/.< ;o, Bracelet and ,Dw["are able to obtain only a pirtlsl l?r=t of the new #r , I...,,,' wliich decs not inclmli- tw? ty two pntictils th it ?", for which we ,:.k a kind f. iead. 11," of lab ,r eons luent o , tho,- an iv.,h; made i, irn-v usibie to jwrleot a complete ii.-t. ihe following are tho names of ??..r w, ended who arrived on Friday ?Vr^,'.-i''-''<1V t",k -'- Knox Walker ? Company C, John II ) i'it. ''o'.npairy K, Kd. McGraw; Coin.iany A, P.ussc!:-J Owniinny H, M. John j ' i-'.'.iiip'i n v A , V. in. Wu.Ucc.N. .1. 't.awn. J.; , (,m anv H, H. V. i: mhain; lumjiuiiy G. A. J. A ceo; j I V C. M. H' **e.V. mil H- if ?|,'hn V- W.iiht? < enu-any G, J. M IV-wuey; (-..uuaiiV F.C. H. Ml I'll fatrlck Ma io, Zy Comp iuy A , ??. W. Moore; < ,mp my 1 , M. N. \\ a.;. Co!'" net 1,1. I , k"tt-C? ncany !?? Ti-i ilov'c 1'.' Hui'Uts. J hit Hho.i, I 'at Murphy; Com mi v Av II. (7'lv, -ten, S. W. Uwronce: Coin,?ny ?, Mich iei VcGrath 1'at Carr -H. James i limnas karn'e?- Company C. JMin M-M illi-n, Have In y. T. J. 1w fiw' ' .VmpoiilTC. ',-"r Ki:l' I. Henry Odium. J. W. II Ir c,'in? v K. .??<??? c.^i-wh-s ; Company G. Jolm M - (iowii 1. l-.jr ii ; Company II, Petor Vc.'iill?' h, Fra k W.Uon, John T imer; Cumpoi.y I, Tliemaj McM'thon, Jus. O'll.'iii, John lleiir.e sey. xi l: union uphi<mn;<:in eastern ten- j [From the Memphis \ppeal,N'ov 16 ] We a' airclicud loi hiDg^'iJoc- from the recent o-it'orcak in Fast T> mic'see, bu^ remind it, on ih-j contru y. at 1,-a-t in neiiit or time, as ( iwef the iumi toitunato incidents ?l the rrhlic It was evKtwnUy one act in a cureluliy ar ranged progi amine of lie enemy, all ,< whwe pans w. -e ox^cutod Funullaiutoualy, but which hw ivewtuated in a mlse-: ablo abortion. We have long been aware that there was a cec^y disaffected clem, ni in this ws-Uon of Uie state, and liavo repeatedly pret -?d upon authorities. Stat- and fc.ieral, the necessity of exer ?-il.:ur a Dropcr esiucnage w?r tiieir moveni. nis. A trai torviii combination, h.-ade- 1 by Urownlnw , Trewhitl and oLh r les er h- hts, f.nd in teaguo with lh.i Johnson nnd llavPAi'd, are known to have be n in coqptant com tnunkuiiou rnJMt the enemy, and cognizant of his project to altcMpt tho .Rivafiou of Teenessee tftrough lamber land Gap or some other inlet through that run^o o( the '"u'w'asa stroke of policy merely that Induced the ahan donment <if the Grewivllle Convention mid the o?i?*slb!e acknowledsemeiit ol <he Confederal.! government by the i -ch conspirators w!M were encouraging thin scheme. In ,nt t it wbk a Bjost dangerous pait of their conspiracy , inasmuch as it disarmod our authorities, and the adlwv ''T;,. of our cause in thatcection of all vigilance. They i hnueK t that the refractory spirit of rebellion tbat ut flrsl cliow""<f Jts head hod been partnaDtnlly queilad, and looked r,.r f,,rvher manifestation of it. This insui rectioo, however, while comparatively bann 1 eta from it< being j<rrjD?tor*; elves evidence of ? deep laid plot among a few of the most rook loss traitor* of that region to resist the sovereign voice of tbc people of the State by force of arms, no goon aa they have hope of assist aoee from tin Lincoln despotism. It is fortunate that It baa occurred at the present time, when we are fully able to put a hudlng quietus u|>on it, from which 110 appliances of future federal aid will ever he able to resuscitate. We uow have an open foe to conn uer, who is rendered Impotent by the vory disclosure of his hostility? and not less se by his isolation. THE BURNED TENNESSEE BRIDGES. [From the Memphis Apiwai, Nov. 16.] FVom a letter 111 tho Southern dated the 11th, at Riiu-golil, Georgia, we 1. urn that the two bridge* burned ou tho We?t-?rn aud Atlanta Railroad, aer< as the Chli k tmaoga, are about eight pules from Chattanooga, and about half a inilo apart. Tho Fast Tonnessoo ant Georgia Railroad crosses the stream between them, and about one hundred ami liny yards liulow the upper one. Colonel John D. Gray, who built tbom, estimate* their cost at above $18,000. Miyjor Rowland, tho superintend ent, was at tho place of tho disaster with a large forre on the 10th, anil will have good, sub.' tantial trestle bridges made, and tho trains ruuuing regularly iu about two weeks. H'i has a number of the vory best rsilroad me chanics iu the country actively engaged, together with a large force of laboreis. Arrangements are made with the l ast Tennessee and Georgia Railroad to carry the freight, mail and paw vigors b.{ tho way of Clevo, and to

Chattanooga, aud in two or threo days tbe puactiger trains will run regula: ly on the State read. [From the Knox\ ille Register, Nov. 1ft.} Wo are requested to -ay that troops, passengers and army supplies, Intended for East Tonne?** far cast as this point, will meet with no delay la cou.iequenco of the burning of the Hiwut-so bridge ou tho East Tenuessce aud Georgia Railroad. ON 'CHANGE? BUSINESS NEWS. [Krorn Iho Memphis A p) teal, Nov. 1C.] There was no 'Change held yi ste: dav , but nevertheless we have matters of interest connected with It, which we Islce the oppoi tunity of a vacant day to pulilisli. In eonsequenoe of the accident to General I'olk, by the bursting of the gun some days ago in (Vlnmbus, General 1'illow is now In command there We loarn from Captain I/idwick. of the steamboat Kentucky which reached our lauding from Columbus yesterday , wbilo in Coluin bus ho had an Interview with General Pillow, in the course of which that otOrer gave him verbal orders to bring no corn down to Memphl*. Tie said It was scarce in camp: the Cotton l'lant had been detained to go In search ol some, and not a bushel of corn would be allowed to bo taken iiwav ? nol a single bushel. It is difficult to understand how it is that out merchants, at this distauco from the spot, can get tho a' tide in abundance. If they are allowed to do so, while the army commissaries, in the neighborhood where it is grown, are uuablo to keep the army supplied which they might do to overflowing, for all account* concur in representing corn us being ex tremely plenty up tho river. The consequence was that the Kentucky was > oiium lieu to |pavo beliiud the corn she had intondod to bringdown. There is stated to be some heart burning in the sur rounding country towards Munphis on account of the high, we may permit ourselves to say , the extqrtionato prices which salt but reached. Wo beg to call attention to Iho foci that it was in New Orleans, and not in Mem phis, that the rapid ami extreme rise of salt took place. It is from New Orleans the salt comes to Memphis, and a rise there could not but elici t this market. That salt has risen h 're in a needles* degree, from siwculatlvc action and not from the legitimate operation of the lines of supply aud di'inaud, is conceded by our bust merchants, some of whom arc living every means ''to block tho gsme" of Illegitimate speculation. We loam, for instance, that tbo commission house ol golden k Co. have a shipment of Kanawha tilt ou Iho way, which both consigners and con si, "nee have determined to sell without any regard to the lull . ted rates that have prc\aiie?l. We wcio assiye 1 one weHc ago, by a party who Is en paged In coll'H'tlng statistic?, that thwe were thou from 3'.' ,000 to 36,000 sacks of rait iu tins city. Tho books of the Merchants' Exchange show that no sale? of salt liavo boon mv'e for rome days; pe ?|>le will do without the ar ticle until Iho price Iwx tiles reasonable; that is, they aro willing to pay what tho exigencies of tho times mako necessary ? no more. A tein;iomrv absence from pur i liases will send the (speculator*' horse of cards tumbling about their ears. Wo noticed an a rival of uiuety-llvo .-aeks of salt on Iho Mississippi Hiid IwiueMeo Ralln ad on Tuesday, uuri we are Informed that other small shipments are making on tho Memphis and Charleston Kail road. and tint in sonio instances those who aro sending i' say they have moro thin is required for their nei .hborbi od. 'Ih s does not nienk well for the sustaining of present prii op. Tho feeling of the pco |de, tho amount of salt on hand, tho determination of s. lid he re' ants to Invo no share in unwarrantable st* cu ?at Ions in an article of such universal necessity, the dead state of the salt market, itntl tho probable results of an oxi'luriaion of cur owe mineral rcKoutces, cannot fuil to bring halt down in the market. EX TOUT [OXERS AND THE REMEDY. (From tho Yirksburg Kun.] Wo havo bo inn h fluttoreil by tbo cnootnintns of ninny of our oldest < jtiz ?! s who liavo called upon tin, anil who have mo>t cotdially approved our leader of yestor ilnv. Wo projHWe to elate ore or two now fact? that havo recently cime to oir knowledge, and to propose what wo conceivc to be a romeily ng.ti ;s;t the I.iinoluile extortion ers of Wk-iMii g. Wn are Informed that largo quantities of flour are ptnro?l lu this city, and that the holders say they will not m il until tit \v r m pet $".*> ]>or barrel. (Vjinnunt on these fel lows' iirii.i i) 'i s 1 1 uiji- i c-: a-y. Posper; to measures re quire <les|*'i-: i ? rouiolh i .and w <? hn| e H al the Hour will lie Uken. Tin inen paid u f ur market valuation lor It ami re ceive a Mtrung hint to "leave the country for their coun try V- poor . " Oilier extortioners, \\ hnso names nre fnr nlsh"d rs, And which wo shall probably publish for the scorn and e\et ration of tho community, havo held' tho staple articles of provisions' until thoy bnvo risen s ?vi ral bundled per cant, a id i.ow lho "luiiriols'' are latteniug i, pin what they >=li from the futilities of the soldier. Th"|r mimes a'w i y e .vtprar eoas.ilcttously In the list o! do imt'lo::?, t> t tlr y "give an Inrli an 1 take an ell." One < f 111** two things' nr.. hi he done, and thai done Im mediately. Mlher the e.\t<irti< tin mi xl be put an Olid to by live enactment . or the peopl s must rise and put a"i i lid t?' 111'' " is. A promlpi lit elll/eii of Vieksbur" has suggested to <:n tl.b.1 the dealers in all Maple article* whieli have betelo lure only required a mall profit , lie compelled by legisla tive ?uuetnrii M. to . tinder oath, to nn oinc.-r ap p<>int< d by thi) government, their invoke s. with charge", anil thirty thro" and "ne-thii d ] e- cnt allowed , at which price they shall ho compelled . under an onerous p-nalty, in soli the r go- ; k . <)l court,', tlicro ar- many articles whieii w.r.ild not lie prolltitble to h II at tills rate, but we would hive the govcrnii J ailge what piofll should lie exarted, a nt II' any i I tie s ? dumesli ? enemies shall at tuuipt lo (rot more, let liini le t hmitied to heavy lice and iniprisciitn nt. Wr hi;e I ha' our citizens will tn'co a drcl'-ed and cneig l e sian.l in tii i - ma'ler. I'liey know as well a." we do wloarethc i-lus.'iiliiig parties, and wr h'i|,c, within tho next twenty four hours, to hear or a call for a meet irg of citizc.iF, exc m.-Ivc "f all provision dealors, to do vise moans t" 'iip; -e-g this i vil All |nov i? ion dea ers should l>c excluded, in M pa. Unity should bo shown, b'.l the wli I ? i. ibc should be plscod under ban i mil th.i worse iliiiti Yankee maiaudera in our midst aro cast out l'ri r i among nr. W e ardently h i| 0 to see prompt and derisive a t ion taken in tin- m.i'.ter by our Legislature, and i! Unit pon i'i io s body mov slow , Set our citlz< us redress Heir own w rulii'. Kt -rh. ml. rnj>. I'lihllc opinion is last s. tiling down throughout, the t'outh upon tho i|-n Bt'on mooted by the ,?.u? Some re medy will he devised for the evil complained of mi Justly. '1 l e Oxford (Mi- s.) Ivl'Zifpnnr s-ays ? II is highly pro bable t' Hit I.eptKlKt'TC will, In a few d*iys, pus a law t'? bios the lie ill |ef J s;>ec ,l:ito:s in silt throngho tour Hal ?. We wu lid iil.c to sc.' the Slate seal put up n tho ?: rr of every s alt speculator in ti e land, and a : .vent )>ui nt every doer lo si ll the article i.t a fair price, ilea. ers bore aro d< founding ?I2 :>0 per sack. SEVERE REBEL MILITARY DTSOIPLIXK? TWO HOLI)IEI;S SHOT. [From tbo Pcnsscola correspondence of the Mibllc Regis ter. | On F May ? an evil 'avail ti.e world ovor ? there wero two military executloro: at Warrin,;ti n or its vlcluitv. 'i'lie one, a volniit'ser, .'hot for the killing <?f an orderly eOi'g'-: nt while in the ill - hug' < f 1 is dutj" as a:i olllrer; toe oUier, a leguiur, for the slrikiiig ?( n i aptain. 11c wm h.'n I to li i' e in- ri a lis s i e celieut soldi'sr, and at the t'tr.e of ci inimttiug the olfenco w.w cra/.eil witli licpior. II" in ? h ;? I ill e like a num. At the suiue moinont Hi ro slio'.ild liu I", en oi)cino:e shot? tho mini that sold or jilt?'ii in liit wny the pojsou. Tli-' separnticn f uiu his w . et Hi ' head-.iu.irte s, i: rcprciiiulcd to have boot, of u lowst aliuviing character. LETTER PROM RICHMOND. [Coi .1 3pouden?.o of th Memphis Appeal.] ItictiHoMi, Nov. 1] , 1801. Tht il'iilf A fal. i Vi i CHfi'.rt Jldtnrn Mmkphit and i:ich v tut ? D irurtinn nj /irv't;** in Yn.n*ur' ? I trad Si I r About Atfait' ill tyu'h Oailltnc ? Vltjrju'rtuw/ll if j ,\hih)ila!.t< rr ? The Hnltle which is to Cum: Off tn the \ j',, I, ?, ? life irt.'' / ) n'h. 'I Im iti-slriiCtion of the budges on the linn of railway i between this city and Memphis will probably dill further IHTpttsx atnl delay the mail cemm nicatious ench way, already sufficiently slow und emlxirrssssed, and tho l"t teis of "ltixio"' niay, lor s-'rae time to come, loso their interest with th. ir freshness in cei, sequence, fiut I write as if tho line was uninterrupted, trusting to tho cli.ii.cesi f a comparatively speedy transmi ..mi. T.,e newr of tbo des truction ol tho bridges crentA'l a gn-iiti rexnitoment in Rlcbinund even than tho glorious tidings of the victory nt Belmont. At this moment wo are w ithout any definite Intelligence of the full extent of | tli.s disaster, whether one. two or three bi Mges have been ? h .rned in i what ami unt o! damage has bwn done to tho track: but the prcro.tce ol any body of traitors in Tennes see. sufficiently strong to work out their malice m a man ner so miM-hiovous, is a fact by no means agreeable to consider. The promptest moasurcs have bsrn taken bv the government to repair the iujury and re-establish the lino of communication, Hnd we may nope that iu two or th-eo weeks at farthest this will bo done. A full regiment, with a large body of laborers carrying all the necessarv iin;>le mrnts for the reconstruct! in, left town this morning for tho scene of tho ruin bej ond Bristol, which they will resell nt an early hour to morrow. Wo havo no lntolllgence, beyond what was known Friday, of tho operations near Beaufort, it was stated on tho street that tho government wes in receiot of very full despatches up to the hour of ml-lnight on Saturday, and this, taken in c/.-ineetlon with tho si;- 'Meant clrcumstnnco that not one of ttw hlghor officers of the administration, President nor members ot tbo Cabinet, nor Adjutant General, was vlsi ble ycst?rii.*y at church or elsewhere, l*d?verj body to suppose tlint momentous news had bMBTeMlyrt. ,^e Cabinet, I hour, wui actually In sonsion all day at the .President's house, where they dined mfuntiUt, delibe rating upon the la tot advices; hut the nature of theio has not yet transpired. I uni gratified to say to you that two of the ills unuor which this community has been suffering for months past, and of which I said something In a formor li tter ? ills overy dav increasing In magnitude ? have Jim t been taken in baud by the vis utedieafrt* of the law, and with such vigor of praci lie as to gi\ta promla?of an ultimate onre at the bauds of that Horn and ablo physician. Nothing short of tho cautery would soom adoi late to got us rid of tho shinpla.-tors and gamblers, but the cautery baa been applied. The flrand Jury of the Hustlngi Court, last week, presented, all and singular, the cor|>oralioni (in eluding tho city of Richmond) . savings banks, small gro cers, newspaper di alers and othor financial empirics who have Issued small notes, and the good eflbctof this is be ginning already to bo l'olt. Tho hanks now ri tiiso to take them on do|?>sit. The fresh issno of them Iihh ooased. Tlio quasi -respertahlo institutions which havo been en gaged In the wretched business are calling in their bills, nnd the dirty rags, heretofore sup|iosed to represent dimes and half-dimes, are now refused by all decent peo ple. Tho Hustings Court has only to act fearlessly aud efficiently with the wrong doers *0 make an end of the tnrtter anil restore us a healthy currency. Ihr long tlrlayal ba'tle on thr Potomac it belinfl tint ? to bt tmmiiurut. By the recent destructive rains tho Chesa peake nnd Ohio Canal has been washed awny, In many places beyond all hope of repair; and the very last source <f supplies, other than tho line of railway to liultlmore, hits been cut oil' from Lincoln. Hence arises tho imporious necessity to McCteHan for a batilo. Moreover, tt is whis pered out of doors that our Oetural* at (Mnrilb have Let 'i given carte llaiu he to eai ty on the campaign. So look out. CURIOUS LETTER FROM GEN. BEAIJREOARD. to tub EIUT0K8 of thm Richmond whio. Cbnihkvilli, Within Hbakinc or tub Knkhy's (H-ms, ) November 3, 1881. j (I evtikmfn ? My at ten' ton has Just been called to an Qiifortunate controversy now going on, relative to tho publication "f a synopsis of my report of tho luittleof Manassas. None can regret more than I do this, from a knowledge that, by authority, the President is the solo judge 4f when and what part of the commanding ollleer's rcpurt shall be made public. I, individually, do not ob ject to delaying itv publication , as long as the War De partment thinks propor nnd necessary for tho success of our causo. Meanwhile, I entreat my friends nut to trouble themselves about refuting tho sl.inders and calumnies aimed a^u'.ti. t me. AlcibladcH,on a curtain occasion, resort ed to an extraordinary method to occupy the minds of his traducers ? let. then, that synods answer tho samo pur pose for me in this Instance. If certain minds cannot un do-stand tho difference between patriotism, the highest civic virtue, and otllc" seekers, tho lowest civic cccnpat ion , I pity them from the bottom of my heart. Hutlico it to sny , tlmt I prefer the re:pect and esteem of my country, men to the admiration and envy of the world. I hope for the sake of our cause and conn try to bo able, with tho assistance of kind Providence, to answer my calumniators with new victories over our national enemies; but 1 have nothing to ask of the country, government or any friends, except to afford mo all tho aid they can in the great strugglo we aronow engaged upon. I am not either a candidate, nor do 1 desire to be a candidate for any civil o!T)ce in tho gift of the pcnplo or executive. The aim of my ambition ? after having cast my mite in the defence of our sacred cause, aud assisted to the best of my ability In securing our rights nnd independence ai a nation ? is to retire to pri vate lito. My means then permitting, never again to leave my home unless to fight anew the battles of my country. Respectfully, your most obedient sorvant, 0. T. BKAURKGARD. THE EXPEDITION TO EASTERN VIRGINIA. Baltimore, Nov. 22, 1801. Goneral Dix received despatches to-day advising him that, the disorganization of the rebel forces was probably complete throughout the peninsula. Tho New York Firth Zouaves, the Twenty-first Indiana and part or Niram's light artillery, moved on towards Eastvllio, tho county seat of Northampton , on tho 20th. The Fourth Wisconsin and Seventeenth Massachusetts are at Drummondgtown. Two rcb^l officers hod been arrested, and two iron can non hadboen taken. Captain Richards' cavalry had b'en despatched, boforo tho messenger left, to take possession cf six brass cannon known to bo near tho town of unly on Onancock inlet, Governor Wiso's old residence, and h id no doubt succeeded in doing so. Colonel Smith, commander of tho rebel forces, and some of his ofTlccrs, were trying to escape from tho lower extremity of Northampton, but Flcg Olllccr Go'ds borougU Iris, at General Mix's request, put tho whole slioro under surveillance, and it is bclievod that they will all be capturad if they do not surrender. In addition to tin force assigned to the gorvlco by Com modore Goldgbo rough, tho revenue stoamer Tlorcules, I.lcit. Coffin, has been placed undor General Tlx s orders by the 1 r a?ijfy Department, and Capt. I/i (iowan, with tho Reliance and tho Tiger, is also watching pjrtious of the coast on I lie bay t>i<!o. THE NAVY. THE REAL BLOCKADING FLEET. We "taled yesterday that government had purchased a nnmher of old whaling vissels, for tho purgiogo of sinking them at the entrances of some of (he principal Southern harbors, and lliat a numbor of them had already sailed with sealed orders. Three are twenty-live vessels, averaging .138 tons each, and Ihey will bo so heavily loadod with stone that, when oreesunk, It will be no ousy matter to raise them. Tliey will thus become iho re il blockading licet, (hat no storm or fog can interfere with or no si all craft pa"s by. Tli ? following are the names of the vessels purchased; ? Pal'. 1 ?(H. Xant.i. Port. 7 m. Oct. 10 ? ' bin New T.ondon 866 " Bark Tunodos " 216 " Ship I*wis " SOU ? 11. k Fortune " 2'.i2 " Ship Uobtn Hood.. ..Mystic 396 Oct. 17? "hip Vrcher New lied ford :!22 " Bark Cossack " 264 " Bark Amazon Fairhaven MS " Baik Frs. Henrietta. New Bedford* 407 Oct. 18? !' :rk Gar and " 243 Oct. 21 ? Cark Harvest Fairhaven 314 " Baik America Kugartown 8'JO ?' Ship 1 iinor Sag lltrbor VJSl " Ship Meteor Myrtle 324 Oct. 22? Ship HoboccttKim?'. . .Falrhavt n 4(10 Oct. '.'3 ? 5*hip l..C.H c.hniond. .New Bedford 311 " ShipCourier " :;81 Oct. 24 ? Sh.p M iriaTheicsa., " 1130 " Ship Kensington " .'167 " Bb 1. 1 Herald. " 274 Oct. 28 ? Hilp Potomac Nantui ket 330 " 11 rk I'otcr Demill. ..New York .'>00 " Ship Phcenix New l>ond<in 400 Nov. 1? liaik I>'?iildas New Bedford 231 " Bark S'th America.. " <<0'i 25 Vessels Tot;.l tOT.S 8.37H Average tonnage 3?S On tho day ol' sailing (the 20th inst.) the captains of the ditlercnt ve'-se's received sealed orders respecting Iho destination of tin fleot, with Injunctions not to ojioii the samo until they were out .it sea and the pilots had taken their departme. Hie follow Ing is a copy in blank of ono of theno orders : ? sreitxT ont'SRa, To Captain ? Silt ? Hie . now under your command, having I con purch isod by th ? Navy Iiepart for service on tho Southern coast of tin United States, Uio following ate your orders for yo'ir proposed voyage:? Vo l w 1 | roc "ed fro n this port of the Inst., or with the first fair wind, and whin clea- of tho land pake a dir et puM-rtttc to the pirt C , and there deli ver vo r si ip to the r r. mi ndinjj officer of the blockading fleet" olf -al l p rt, tak ng his r' ci l| t for her to ret t; n to me. Alter tlie delivery of your vessel, yourself and crow \v ill bo provided with pa- races to the port of New York by tho Navy Pupartinrnt, and on arrival there you will call on , who will furnish you lunds to return to this port. On tho voy -go down It wonld lie woll, as far as practi cable, to keep in c impany of your conr< rts, to exhibit lights by nlsht and sound horns or bells la case of fog near tin eoa.- 1. Yon will al examine dally the pi|>e in the qvarter of your ship under water, to sre tint It remain? ?.re. The only servlcc required of ynu is the safe delivery of your ves: el; and - .-ho is old and heavily laden, you will u>e s; eclal care that sho sustains no damapo from unskil ful seamanship or want < f prudence and care. On a clere approaeh to your port of destination, begin to put between decks cargo Into lower hold , ard boforo uiv Ik r rg permanently, have your second anchor and chain (if you have one) , secured on dock On leaving i your vessel, unless otherwise ordered, yon will 1 nwav pan* ; ", chro:iomet?r, charts, conipiis ????s, spygltsi | st:d any other valuable pprtablo articles not require 1 by the cunm inder of the blockading fleot thero, and return tiiern safely to tm. in case of disaster, to preclude going on, you can call at Fortress Monroe, Hampton Roads, to repair damages, ro portiug to the flair oflicer there. Wishing you u safe and speedy pass age, I am, yours ro spectrully, . Ey an examination of the list of vessels com prising tho fleot it will bo seen that most of them bail from* the New Kngland States. Id tho bottom of each \o-scl a hole is bored, into which Is fitted a piece of lead pipe, live inches in diameter, with a valve attached, so tint tho water can be let in with a velocity calculated to sink any of the shij s in tho space ol fifteen or twenty minutes. In ca>o tho valves should not work ns well as exi>?c'> d each v. s sella furnished with largo augers, so tliat thoro will bo no dlfllouUy wliatevor on the scoro of sinking. The crows ? which consist of six men to each ves el ? will be returned to this city by the men of war who as sist in tho work of sinking. It is intendi d that tho stona vessels shall l>e anchored broadside in tin chanuol and then sunk, and that tho crows shall not Icavo them until tho work has been securely performed. THE REBELS IN ENGLAND. Important Information for the Government. Vessels of War Sold to the Confederate* Under the Nose of the British Government. Immense fthipmonts of Cannon, Rifles and Ammunition, &c., &c.t &c. TO THE KI>I TO II OT TUK NKW YOItK ITERAI.D. No. 18 Sr. Jum Hthket, Loudon, Not. 9, 1841. When steamships owned by Engllshmon, loaded by Englishmen, despatched by Englishmen, manned by Eng lishmen, continue to leave English ports, under English colon, under ll\o very eyes of the American legation and tlio I nglith Foreign oltlce, full of goods contraband of war, in aid of tboso in open rebellion against tho federal government; wbon I.ord Pulmorston replies to Mr. Adams, " Ye*, wo know it ? catch them If you can;" when it bo comes geuorally known that the English army is seces sion, the English navy is secession, tlio E igiish church is secession, tho English Parliament is neoec.sii n, tho English aristocracy is secession, the Knglish mercantile marine and tho English banker arc secession, as you may any day see by reading tho secession articles in tho English secession daily, weekly and monthly press ? I say, when you boo tho eutiro dress circlo of England ii secession to the lack bono, it is time to de clare, from personal observation, that tlio English pit Is sound, and goes for tho Union to the last. The boxes breathe hostility, but the galleries uro trus to tlio Union cause. War between England and America Is altstird, simply because when iho war Cabinet declares war tho pooco people will demand peace. The people of Kn gland will not fight the people of America; but tho liaders are doing their best to egg them on to bloodshed. Tho driver of the stage couch run place all tho passengers in the river if ho chooses. But the Prcmior fears Dial ho cannot jump off in time to save hiR own neck. English politics are in a rotten state ? nobody knows anybody; Uerman politics are equally mixed, French politics aro muddy, Kussian politics aro rather luuy, while American politics aro divided into tho party of traitors and the party of patriots. There are moro of the former In Europe than tho lattor, I regret to say. Secession seems fashionable with many of our morchants and bunkers abroad. They think It for their interest to bo neutral, as they call it. I con sider neutrality the basest kind of treachery? an open enemy is preferable to a neutral friend. Tho highwayman who demands your money or year life in open road is noblor than tho seump who Ores at you from behind a troo and robs you afterward*. England's neutral position is contemptible. I have seen one, two, three vessels load under my very face with cannon, rifles, shoes uuil blankets for tl.o Southern con spirators. Tessicr took In eighteen large rifled g .ns , two ono hun dred aud twenty pound Whitworths, 7,500 Fnflold, 18,000 Belgian rifles, BO ,000 pairs of shoes and 60,000 overcoats In tho Bermuda. Tho Flngall left the Scottish shore a fortnight siuco with a duplicate cargo. The Thomas Wat son, I am glad to soe, has been sunk off Charleston. Ono or two other vessels are now duo at tho pirate rendez vous; but this letter, mado public through your columns, is to make sure und stop tho Gladiator, eighty horse pow er, 000 tcr.s; Ste ims nine and a half knots; old Lisbon screw ttcairi packet; sold by Bake, Adam b Co.; loadod by the "Private Joint Stock Company ' ' (unlimited) of English and Southern sec. ssionlsts, with too eases rifles, cannon, shoes, blankets, provisions ond a large quantity of gnnjiowder, which sho took in last iii;;ht at Erlth. She clears to-day for Teuorlffe und Nassau. I have giv d all these particulars to A. B. Marchaod, Esq., Commander United (states war steamship James Ai'ger, just arrived at Southampton via Queen, town and Falmouth, 163 men and nlno guns, who is fully alivo to capturing this English pirate ? estimated t^llue of cargo 160,000 ? having on board Iho requisites for an army of U5, 000 men. Hie chief men in the company aro repot ted to bo Sabel (| a : engor and ship broker, Liverpool), Capt. W. 1). Hughes (Southerner), Prleleard (Charleston Arm of Frarer, Newholm fc Co., Liverpool), flake, Adam h Co. (purch^ors and dospstchers of tl.o st< amor), nnd Isaac Cunipbeil and Co. (army uutlltter: , Ccrmyu street, l/milon). Tlio business is done in shares, und Is so pro fitable that if two ships are taken the Bermuda's profit will cover tho loss of tho others. Cupt. Lird will go in command, Harrop ss mato, Hughes ns supercargo; bales and ci;ses marked W. I>. H In a ti iurglc beneath. If your gunboats got this information ou the arrival of this mail , they can? in ciuso fho escapes tlie James Ail get ? catch lior ut Nassau. TJjore they will, no doubt, discharge into schooners, Dot wishing no many oggs in 01. e basket. fchc will be twouty duys in getting out ? am ple Umo to catch lior. The foregoing facts may be relied upon us far aquoss I . hie. A detective watches all their movetnonts, ami these pirate mercU mis may jiossibly find cut that they are watched and all their plans known iiy some of the loyal American* in England. England permits these chips to leave ; yet last March, yon remember, the Hritish government seized the cargoes of a: ins despatched from Italy to the Dardanelles, even be fore she knew or yet knows anything of tli ir projected destination; but when the munitions of war aro against th" government at Washington, Lord John i.ussull writes to Hay man, of Liverpool, that they must tako upon them selves all tho i iskof the hazardous eutorprtee. Free Hat; covers free goo-is; but rilles, cannon and gun powder arc not free goods wheu bound to tho American OOMt, where war is raging against the government. Fngland recognises the United States government, and is bound to give moral, if not physical, support to our le gation. Is England ambitious to bo tlic fitting out shopof all the filibustering nations of tho world? .Such conduct only prolongs tho contost, retards tho arrival of cotton? postpones a return of reciprocal commerce. Cunard refused war scppliisln hs steamers for the North; so did Inman; but horo, in o|)eu day, chips load for tho I-outh, iu sight of Downing street, in tho middle of tho Thames. If these things go on so anblushingly, how long, pray, will It be boforo England and America will add to tho horror of tho con test by a hand in-hand engagement between the mselveu? Cotton ioa!!y appears to be king. England blows hot and blows cold, always t. kiu? the weakest side, simply to bring down the strongest. I lenrn that tho seer .Zionists are negotiating for tho Punjaub and Assaye, 1 ,?00 tons each , 600 horsepower, Mai. bar teak, three deckc. s; steam clov n t6 fourteen knots; would oust to build, $1,200, 0C0: prico afki'd for, ?80,000. 'Ihey aro E^st India men-of-war, ;nd govern ment (ults b md? for $800,000 that th^y shall not go to Amc: tea. What does this meaa? Cov< rnmcnt has a!r.o lately sold, or olfaed to sell, nine condemned sl<opsof war, such a- the Carysfort, to a i aity who is raid to have told them "to tlioSoutlioi D Navy Cc;>artment. The T< mes I ? <1* < IT in abusing Lord l.yi ls Tor throwing him.?v.ll' open to such a rasping as Secretary Sewtrd gavo h.m on the interpretation of tho American constitution. Bad grammar, bad diplomacy, bad tartc, was met by sound history, stubborn fact uml patriotic logic. Ifvrrali fur the Union, tii"! ccimiitutionacd the coi.u'.ryl The cotton famine has saved tho m anufacturers from ruin apd put tho burthen upon tho rustics. The world's bonps were Steele d with Mnricfnster goods, and another year of plenty of cotton would have ruined half Lan cashire. ll jh prices of cotton on hand clears off nearly all their renewed bills. GEO. FRANCIS TRAIN. T.S.? Ship had not cleared up to two o'clock P. M. Sails Monday for TensrifTe; more will follow. I am told that $2,000,000 have been deposited for similar cargoes. MAJOR GENERAL BUTLER'S EXPEDITION. AKK1VAL OK TUB TKAN3FORT CONSTITUTION AT FOHTLAND. ftnuutut, Nov. 23, 1MT. Tho Constitution anchored off Cape Elizabeth, In this harbor, at one o'clock this morning, after a tine run from B"sti n. Sho will recelvo troops, pnbibly, this after noon, and sail Immediately. All aro well and thero have beee no accidculs t> record,

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