Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1861 Page 2
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HKTEEESTING FROM EUROPE. What Our Correspondents in Paris and Berlin Say, &c., &C., &0 Onr Pari* Corwipaniltiwc. Pars, Nor. 8, 1861. .Tht MrpaiilioH Against Mexico and the Land and Naval C<mtu></ ?t' "f 'I Thref J'otocrt ? Nitpoleon to Send a Large and Select liody of Men? A Cabinet Meeting in lond'? "H the Blockade Quation ? Political Ifeceuitim of the Urn furor of France atnl Bit Next Move in War? Jlfaton a'ul SUdell fU/iecied?Artisa,. ami Agricultural Di3tre.1t in the Km j, ire, etc. The convention between England, 1 ranee and Spain, as to a joint action on Mexioo, has beou signed, and wo are told that Eng'.au I will send one thousand troops, Praia tw outy-ftve hundred, ami , Spain five lltotuand. Making a Wroo of eight thousand in all. , I have a g.>od reason to believe that Franco will send a much I irger numbor of troops than the above named, and you will Judge the same when I 8 la to that the French squadron will be composed of one vessel of the line, f> large frigates (steamers), a oorvctte, an aviso armed, flv gunboats and five transports. Any one with any idea of the movement of trooi* will at onoe understand that the fleet is intended for more than double the number of troops named. I am assured that not less (ban six thousand picked troops will be sent by this government, including artillory and cavalry. England will likewise, It la asserted here, send a much larger number than ts announced, so that the triple allied force will number at least from fifteen to twenty thou- j sand troops, while the fleet will be a moat efficient and formidable one. All this is too powerful to be intended for Mexico alone, and I fear that tlie allies have some idea of whipping you over Mexico's shoulder, in ease a shadow of an excuse can be made out. A few days ?inc<* n stormy Cabinet meeting took place la London. To lireuk or not to break the blockade was the subject mooted, an ! It has leaked out that a groat many of the members of the Cabiuot wero in favor or a break. Prudence, however, still ruled this impulse, and we arc assured that it wus concluded to wait. You have h.ird linos before you, and must prepare for the worst , or the worst will overtake you when you cnunot resist. The condition of affairs in France is deplorabls. No business, no confidence, no money, and the government about to demand a loan of six hundred millions ? some say a milliard. To turn their attention from Rome, the Emperor S>'a|K?" loon h i* succeeded in convincing the Ita'i ins that Venice la their next move. He has urged upon them the getting their forces Into readiness for spring campaigning, and has, we are told, encouraged Kopsuth to preach up an attack upon Venetia as preliminary to the liberation of Hungary. All this is the result of the (tomplegne inter view, and Austria will pay the piper. That France will profit by nil this no one doubts, uad England shows her dread of the future by a steady and snormous armament or ail her Eurojicnn strongholds. Gibraltar, Malta, Corfu, Ac., &<?.. are all being put into a stale of defensive strength that goes tu prove that English statesmen see war looming near. Russia is in a state of troublo she will find It hard to nettle profitably. Her untortunate course towards Poland has bu.- itatod her annoyances nud vexati' ns, while a spirit of revolution is rife throughout tlio whole empire. Hbemay,aivl doubtless whl, be drawn into the vortex ahould war break out. tio\t itprlng. of course all tbe*e considerations are not calculated to encourage commercial relation", and the Bourse b-re is Indeed n dull place. France is now having a row with Switzerland. She will end it all. most likely, by snapping up a portion or the poor Utile republic. Other Powers are so oci upled now with their own troublo* that the tr!ck would escape interference likely to make it unsuccessful. In th meanwhile the swiss Minister has waited upon M. do Thouvenel and formally demanisd the evacuation of the Valley of Pappen, the small bit of territory in question. The tfw ins wi-!i to api>eal to a diplomatic doi- ion. France, no doubt, thinks possession nine points of the law, and Will fomalii in the valley. 1 forgot to mention above an impoiiiint fact, which ail the L ' don journals mention Mr. Poward'g correspondence w ith Lord Lyons. It is, or course, nselcs* to odd that the i/Kidon journals, with one or two oiceptions, are most insulting in their ccmnwnts. ?The announcement that "rebel ministers'' aro en ro?V for Pari' and iAudon, having broken the blockade, lias created some excitement I ere. Th:- news of the sinking or the Vincenn nt Now Orleans, and the continued sue cesses ot the rebels, sc.rh as the stoppage of the naviga tion of the Potomac, tell greatly against the cause or the North, and lli'jro are not wanting people here to assert that the South must auecet). 1 see that correspondents assure you that "Louis Napo leon is n itli you." Whore they get thot idea I cannot imagine ; and when they add that he is watching England to prevent her doing you any wrong, they simply prove that tbey do not know what they are writing about, as it is now well known that France has boen for tonio time past urging ,>cn England a course that would at once give tb? t+mthorners courage to continue their iniquitous struggle. The longer tho war continues the Ies3 will be the sympathy here for ti;o North, as those nearly con cern <1 -a) that tho North should give up a useless com bat that m ist cud ur.tnc< egsrully, and that ia th<5 cause of ruin and star', at ion to hundreds of thousands both in this count -y and England. Tho I,yoos and St. Ktionnc silk looms have got no work to do. and the authorities are devising plans to procure some employn ent for the workpeople thus thrown upon their own resources. . The small farmers that abound throughout France are all likewise suffering; their small patches or land gave no returns this year.nnd groat must be the miserv among these classes. The prospect for the winter is indeed dull, and (wople in Kuropo now begin to understand the enor mus, the paramount Influence of tho United States upon the world at large. ? Paris, Nov. 8,1881. 7V .feiTOrif /.yoru Correspondence and Iti Important' ? France Watching for an Englith War Agi ins' the I'nited ?S la'a ? l'alm>rst"n Held in Check by Napoleon'* Jrinc. 0tn' at Home ? The Diffi-u'tit* of France? SpVndul fkitiritirt at Oompiegne?The Swist Quertiqn ? Patiper tin <ftnl Death of the Man who Saved Que' n Victoria 'i Life, cfc. , <fc. Tho Seward and Russell corr<si>ondence ? for Lord f,yon? V< entirely lout sl((ht of In Uis principal ? Is in every one's mouth. Mr. Seward reaps all the honors of it. Poor I?rd Lyons' clumsy letter is spoken or with pitiable en tempt, while Mr. Award's mast'-riy res(>ontf<5 meets with almost unanimous commendation. Thoro is evidently an tde.i ? a hope ,?I may say ? that very serious complications are ahout to ensue between the President's government and Britain. Tlie Conrtituiionnel of thi- morning says .loliu Bull has his hands now so full of Brother Jonathan that for the nonce he lias dropped his impertinence with France; and in the Swiss business of th" WiViedes Dappen the Units is candid enough to tell the Swii-s not to be bo fond of perpetually crying "wolf." I believe I speak tho sfmplo truth only when 1 gay that, next to a war with Fn^lnud herself, there Is nothing that w nild so much delight the Fronrh nation as to see hostili ties break out between the United Plates and Great Britain, nnd many are disjwsed to think* that now that King Cotton is no longer master of the situation, Eng land will bo less slow than heretofore to pick at the gauntlet so haughtily flung in her face. This is an opi nion, a- regards the present subject of discussion, which 1 for one do not share; all who have paid attention to the career of Lord John Russell during the past thirty years rniiat have observed that, with a great display of auda city , t?o statesman Is more easily driven from his peti tion. I lis course as a foreign minister is altogether an untried one. But in all hU civil administration it has been one long success ion of Wg words and little deeds. No friend or partisan ever felt the same confidence in him that lin y did in Peel. This last statesman, if lv<. were Blow to speak or act, was remarkably Arm when lie did so. Every one knew when he brought forward a measure or uttered a determination, be would bold to evet y detail or resign his place. Not so with Lord John, each of whose great measures and grand talks, from bis first i e form bill to bis last, has been so frittered away or pooh poohed by his opponents that it ks not easy to discern always what the original material was composed of. And 1 have not the smallest doubt that Mr. Seward's manly reply to the Impertinent epistle the Foreign Secretary bns remitted through Lord Lyons will be accept ed by tha noble lord in a very amiable spirit. Had Mr. Seward fllnclied In ever so small a degree iwforo th< se cross Impertinences, Karl Hos.sell's MMttt wo .Id soon nave swlled on to greatest arro gance: now the President's government is master of (he ait'.aiion, and it will he Mr. Seward's own fault if lie does not keep it. England, bo aspired. Is in no mood for going to war with America, aha knows too we'l that despite commer cial treaties, Mexican co-opemtloti and lier industrial ex hibition for next year, France holds a pistol to her bosom. Evory ship that parted for America, every gnu that crossed the Atlantic, every soldier and sailor ibal quitted her shores, would be so nut li taken, from that strength which she knows she needs for a roe nearer home. A war with Ame lea. in conjmirtinn with Amerk-a'a rebel slave Stales, would disgust the verv b an of England and there is no ministry? or possible miniatrv?s iflicient ly Strom; to bit ously contemplate It. IM Mr. Seward therefore, bravely s;xak out and snap his lingers at ?'cocky little Johnny." France knows as will a-, li e federal Stales of America that Great Britain is only biding hor time to raisr a of triumph tho moment uriy revn.-' occurs. It is this conviction which t&akis tin ljig!;sh alliance at all times so unpopular. At th? present tirns tJicrc is tl -ubt that France lru great difficulties to oontend with. Tho harvost bM b.-en slug ilmrly defli ienl. A cry of distress is beginning to make itaolf heard. The government wes with inquietude Hit) daily additions made to tho working classcs of the capital, at a moment wh n the want of capital preveuta ii entering upon fresh enterprises. TUo whole tra'te of America Ii':s ceosod. Parte bad no such c isromer* as tho wealthy cltizons of tho United States. Kntor what wa; a lin you would , the moat gorgeous or the most tasteful Object was ordered for America. Articles of virlu, re gird lex* of cost, wore bespoken by American agents, and the richest rilks, shiwls and lace of Chamllly had a simi lar embargo upon dx>nt. Vou may see tho immediate ef reot already in the streets. Apartments a e rapidly fall ing in price. American citizens are all lied , and there is u 'ow wail of discontent distinctly audible in lh? suburbs. ? Well, all this might happen to England to morrow ? nay, f:ven now thero are reports of another (amino in If land, lint what tho French feol so bitterly is this, that across the Channel there is an ovil spirit mocking tb m in t'toir hour of trial. It was but t mo days ago that an elaborate article appeared in the Times, and was translated into every French newspaper,- in which their coming mi fori in os were d (''Hinted, bo to spoak, and tho end of their existing glories broadly predlctod. Tho Emperor, down to the humblest peasant. knows that nothing but succosf ? unbounded success ? is sufficient to preserve an amicable understanding with his neighbor; and this knowledge it Is which he shares in common with the government of tho United States, which, Iiko himsolf, is perfectly conscious that the very first serious disaster it may sustain against its rebel States would bo the signal for a rupture with England. There has been a series of splendid festivities at Com piegne, wbero the Prince d'Oporto and the Duko do Bega, lil- brother . have been visiting. A magnificent hunt took p'are on Tuesday , when, together with the Kmpcror and Empress, and the l'rince Imjierial and the Princusa Anna Moral, the two Portuguese princes, with about fifty other persons, wero habited after the fashion of Ixiuls Quinze. A most exciting chose or two hours rowarded tho field, and the stag was run into in Bplendid style at Sainte Per rlne; aftor which there was a dinner of eighty 0 >vers. A grand ball was fixed for the following ovening, when all these festivities were suddenly interrupted by the receipt of a telegraph ic despatch from Portugal to the young princes, announcing the serious ilinosw and subsequent death of their younger broi tier , a pr inco or ihe age of fifteen. The princes* immcdintcly asked permission to retire to their own rooms, and the guests who kept arriving for the grand hall woro informed that the evening must be past ed after a quieter fashion, as music would, under the circumstances. be inadmissable. The guests consoled themselves by making a vory hearty supper. The MomiUitr has formally contradicted all rumors of misunderstanding with Switzerland. Tho Swiss are afraid that if the French possessed the valloy of Happen ? a m>:ict> not exceeding some 1 ,500 acres ? it would bo another advaucod pott leading to Genova; but it is really absurd to suppose that Franoe, with or without this plot of land, would be kopt back from Geneva, if she were so minded. In the meantime sho has a right to the ground, as was admitte 1 in 1815, and it is positively i:ec ss iry for strate gic purposes, as slio cannot oommunicito with her own forts without crossing it. 'Whether the valley bo French or Swi-s, or remains neutra1, the danger to Geneva, if danger there be, will be still tho same. The history of .lohn Tumor, the man who was left to die in the workhonso, after having stopped tho horses of tho Queen of llUlaud's carriage when tin y woro beyond the control of the coachman, and thereby enabled her Majesty to descend in safety from the carringo, has made a deep impression on French society, circum stances of this nature aro so very dilfurontly treatod here. Let but a poor man pick up the Empe ror's walking siicl;, or the most trifling acci dent bring him before tho imperial notice, he is treatod as kings should treat thu meanest of their subjects ; but in England il is over the cold shade of aristocracy which freezes the life blood of every kindly sentiment, and the same want of consideration which has distinguished tho British Court or its embassy in the present Instance dis pliys itself in the haughty rarriago of British travellers, a'ui makes the name of England detested throughout tho Continent. Tho Emperor, it is said, is to leave Compiegno much earlier than was at first intended The troubled slate of jiolitical ad.iirs, the discontent arising from the rise in the price of bread, the necessity of repeatedly conferring with the Minister of the United Htutos, and the constant supor vjf.O!' which the new Anglo-French treaty demands, will oblige him to lake up his quarters at the Tuilcrles. The reconstruction goiug on at the southern extremity obliges his Majesty to take temporary apartments in tho centre of the palace. The health of the Fin pre.- s Is excellent; but the Duchess de Montijo, her Majesty's mother, is understood to be in a very precarious slate, and the I)uc d'Albe, her son in law , was summoned by express to attend her bedside ouly a few days ago. The Puke do Momenta has retnrnod from Berlin, where bis reception was so Haltering. Our Berlin Correspondence. Bkhux, Not. 8, 1881. Hamburg Ships Chartered by the Untied Stales Government ? The King's Illness- ? 7 he Croien l'rinccts ? .thinning Ar counts from Hnuia ? A Coolness between Friend! ? The , Medium ? 9a te of Parlies? Trea' y with China ? Japat i? ? K mbatsi? Trade Report, <#c. , tfc. From Hamburg ws hear that trade still continues to languish under the propsoro occasioned by the Amcricah troubles, the melancholy assurances of which had been r;Ulier Intensified than alleviated by the progress of eveuts at the Beat of war. Many ships have been lying idlo the whole summer .but lately a considerable number of steamers And sailing versels liad ban chartered by the Vnltcd States government , through their sgbnts In Eng land, to be used as transports for their troops. This had in some measure improved the position of the Hamburg shipowners, on which the rise of freights on exports from England to the North of Europe, amounting to twetity-flvo per cent on cottonwool and machinery, and full one hundred per cent on cotton twist, had even pro duced a beceficial effect. The King is ill. and his journey to Breslau, which bad been fixed for the 1st instant, lias been postfionod in con sequence until next week, supposing he should have quite recovered by that time. Ho caught a severe cold at the Duke of Magenta's ball, which took place in a temporary saloon run up for tho occasion, and not built of very solid materials, exposing the convive) to suddoa changes of temperature and especially to thorough draughts, which, in this climate and at this season of tha year, are not to be braved with impunity; but, con' siderlng the excitement and fatigue his Majesty has gouo through with for the last three or lour weeks, It is no wonder that be should have broken down at lofct, and require some rest to recruit bis strength and pre pare for now labors, or, rather, for new festivities. His si'.ito have s uttered not less than their royal master. Seve ral of the old generals and Court functionaries aro laid up r. ;th goutor rheumatism, and the Fathers of the City are In danger of losing their chief Burgomaster, Kranswick, who took to hia bed a dny or two after the grand reception, and snot expected to survive. The Crown l'rinaess, too, is indisposed, but her sickness is rather of a pleasing than of uu alarming character, arising, as it doe?, from her flud U>S herself again in that situation iu which ladies wish to bo " who love their lords." The Prussian government aro just now in a state of considerable uneasiness, occasioned by the accounts from Russia, where a catastrophe appenrsto be impending that must read d isastrously upon Poland ami tho whole east of Europe. King William mid his ad\ isers are by no means satisfied with tho policy of the fzar. They attri bute the disturbances in his dominions to his excessive mildness and indulgence, and are of opinion that tho only way to restore tranquility, and to jirtfi cnt a bloody out break, is to resort to the same system of stern repression that was pursued by his father. They have employed all the influence they possess at tho Court of sit. Peters burg to advocate strong measures, and the pro clamation of martial law in the kingdom of Poland is paid to bo partly owing to the urgent advice and remonstrances of Prussia: but the Russian authorities seem to lwvo taken l'ri/ht at their own boldness, and the apiMilntment of Wiolnpolski to the governorship ot" Poland , which was announce! yesterday In a telegraphic despatch from Warsaw, wouM show that they are determined to try once more whether concessions to the national spirit ol' the Poles may not succeed In allaying the ferment which the utmost severity has been unnb'e to suppress. So much is certain, that quite a coolness h.-.s arisen be tween tho King rind b.s nephew, and it Is remarked that U is the semi-official Preuttitche Zei'xny tlm' always pub lishes the, most alarming intelligence from Russia and Po land, in which everything is painted in the darkest colors and the gloomlcist anticipations indulged in ? evi dently with an intention of working open the fears" of. tho Czar, and inducing him to mo dify his policy in the sense recommended bv Prussia. In tho meantime i he garrisons on the fron tiers of Poland have received frefth reinforcements, and strict orders have been given to the Prussian authorities in those parts not to suiter any demonstrations of the na tional party, but to put tbnm down immediately ct el c nUt. In this they are supported by public opinion in Germany, which is decidedly adverse to the Poles, w bile in Ki'ssta the contrary is behoved to be the case. The approaching elections areanother source of dtequie tude to the Prussian government. An usual, there are three parties iu the Held? tbe reactionists, who are for going back to the Middle Ape*, the moderate (very mode rate) liberals, who are for standing still, and the demo crats, whoso programme includes' universal suf frage, vote by ballot, libeity of tho subject, in dopendetx-e ?>r tho courts or law. and many other things whielitbey are perfectly Justified In claim ing, saying thc.v are all gua-anteed by the con stitution of '4*. but which tliey will find it exceedingly dlfllcult to obtain, i>ot forgetting the unity of Gormtiny under tho hfg*mcrue of Prussia and the creation of a Gorman licet. Each of these parties Is subdivided into small factious, representing every possible shade of politico] opinion. Now, the question is, which of them ?re the ministry to dcclare for and exert ihcir influence In returning Us candidates f Tho reactionary- fotidencicsof the King, which every one suape< ted. but no ono liked to acknowledge, have been sufficiently disclosed by his coro nation speralie and Prussian Officials nre so accustomed to yield implicit obedience to the commands of their sovereign tha1 , notwithstanding the antecedents of the present minuter*, th- y would perhaps not l>e?ltato to cany out his views in "the forthcoming elections; but they aro well aware that (hey will never be able to conciliate the feudal party, c.\ en by espousing Its interests, and and that llie first net < f a reactionary majority In the Se cond chamber would be to vote them out ofoiBce. Th' ir own character ami leelings would induce them to loan upon tb? moderate liber ils. who are quite satisfied with tholr do-nothing policy, and who. though they may talk verj big uow and then, Invarialfly end by siding with the government; but this j arty, though comprising many upright, w ortny, well meaning persons, has so little hold upon tho country that ministers ran hardly Ivv to derive much advsntnga from their support. Ad for tho democrats, it was oil very well ws It ugns they eotr utcd 10 dr< ;? their ovru candidates and yoto for Uij modcadoe*; but thta era of good feeUn? Is pMt, no*cr to return, and Uw/ are not oaljr going to run their own men, b i Lav a evw substituted iho m<*t thuroi gb pacod radi cals, such as Dr. Jacoby, or Konlgfbprg. and MfTemmo, who wm biuilalied from Prussia 011 account of the part lie pluyoil in ItUS. In tlila dllttmaia ministers wl i probably fa'l l<ack upon tbelr approved policy of luuollen , aud n?t luterfe.o in the electlouo, either on one si e or the olbor; but at tbe subordinate fuuuOotiarjes of government uro mostly anpointed by the Mautculloi Cabinet, they urn sure t> agitato In favor of the reaction, and wo may therefore ex | wet the next Chamber to contain a large Infitftioti of feudal and democratic elements, while th? rank# of tho jutUmilifv, who formed the majority in the late Legislature, are likely to be greatly diminished. I mi alihca receivod by way of KuBSia announce the onncliiRlon of a treaty of commerce with China, on the 2d of So pt ember, by tho Prussian Plenipotentiary, Count ICclenbu g, and by which, with the exception of a resi dent ambassador at l'elcin, Pruf>in will I >o placed on the footing of tho most favored nations. T iy also notify the arrival of a Japanese embaeay, who wid visit Rorlin en route for Paris and I/>nlon, aud whose apparution will be quite n novelty in tliin capital. ~ yiHAMCIAb. CLAIMS ON EVERY DEPARTMENT OF THE UOV element prompily adjusted by our agent in Washing ton. and cashed in New York. JOHN B. MURRAY, Army aud Navy Banker, 30 Nassau street, op; osllo tin- Poat ofllce. NEW YORK AND ERIE SECOND MORTGAGE Bon da. ? Holder* of thi'fte bonds not vet extended for twenty years are requested to present tbelr bonds without de lay at the ofllce of tlie company, at the foot of Duano at reel, for extension. Those uiu willing to extend will receive par audtntrreat for their laiuda, troin parflra who arc willing to extend them, on presenting them at said oflioo on Tuewlay and Thurmday of each week, from 10 to 12 o'clock, until the 1st day of December. Naw Yoaa, Nov. H, 1HW. OFFICE OP THE PACIFIC MAIf. STEAMSHIP COM pany, New York, Nov. 9. IfWl.?The Hoard of Directors have this day declared a dividend of (5) lire percent out of the surplus profits of tbe company , payable to stockholders at this ofllce on Wednesday, Nor. 13, IStil, at 10 A. M. By order of tbe Board. 8. L. MKRt'.ll ANT, Secretary. TITANTED? *15,000 ON BOND AN II MORTGAGE, AT TT MX percent, on Improved eliy propei y; worth nearly three times the amouu't. Address 0. P., box 2,08* Poal ofllce WANTED-BY THE SUTLER OP A REGl ment. Apply to A. 1*. MAL'UK, No. 7 Cham bers street, N. Y. nnn T0 WAN? ON RF1AI. ESTATE IN BROOK. tpu.UUU lyn, In one - ? ?- *? WOOD, 06 Wall street. $2,000 or two sums. Apply to W. H 49^1 nnn railroad bonds korsale.-thesk VifUtWU Bond* are on twenty <iUfcre?t KaiJi >ad Companies, and will be sold ror> chcap for cash. Adores* lor one weok London Banker, Herald office. <S??> rt nnn T0 **>** on BOND AND MORTGAGE, *J puWtuUV on productive real estate In thin city, In mints of from $1!, 1)0(1 to gift, out). 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Inquire at this utile TT' BENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. ?IN CON8E J? que nee of the non-aceeptance by the President einetud oa the 20th October, a general meeting will be held on Tues day, the 36th l?M? at 7 X o'clock P. M.. at Mr. P. Curet'f, 764 Broadway, to prov ed to another ele.-tion of a President lot' the yi ara ltu;l, 1302. K. PARI SOT, Secretary. GEOROE WASHINGTON LODGE, NO. 285, F. A. M. The members of this lodge are hereby summoned to at tend a special communication of thialodgii. to he held at their rooms, Masonic Templn, on Snndav, the 24ih Inst , at I o'clock, lor the purpose of paying the last tribute or reipect to our late bro.her Charles Mercor. Br c.r.ler, M. SALINGER, M. Wttxiaii W. Warnkr, Secretary. HOLI.AND LODGE, NO. 8, F. AND A. M.? THE MEM bers ol Holland Lodge are requested lo meet st their lodge room on Saturday afternoon, November 23, at 2 o'clock, to attend the funeral of their late brother and fellow mem ber, Charles A. Clinton, Ett'i-, which will take place at 8 P. M., at the Church of the Transfiguration, Tweuly-niuth street, near Fifth avenue. By order of J. N. BALESTIER, W. M. Attest? A. W. Kino, Secretary. Naval.? united states sloop op war levant? The widows, orphans and helra-at-law of the ofllcers, Seameu and Marines, serving on board the United Slates ship Levant, can receive information oi grea' importance, by ad dressing 8. Y. Nl es (late of tlie Land olllee). Mili tary and Naval Agency, Washington Ctly, D. C. PROCLAMATION.? THE GOVERNOR OP THIS STATE, having, in accordance with a lime honored custom, ap pointed Thursday, the 2^th day of November Inst., as a day of public thanksgiving, I, Fernando Wood, Mayor of the city of New York, do hereby recommend all good citizens to unite on tbe day Inns set apart in ascriptions of praise to the source of all good for hia manifold mercies and blessings. Admldst the evils which the folly and wickedness or man have produced, Ihe unchanging goodness of the Creator may well awake our devout wonder. No language can adequately express the extent of Ills love, but your honored pastors. In structed by the sublime teaching of revolution, wilt best guide yonr grateful devotions. I am sure that decorum end rational enjoyment will mark this religious festival us ever in the city of New York, and I feel it only necessary to re mind those bleased with abundance lo rcmembrrat llii* incle ment season snd period of general distress the poor, the fatherless and the widow. Perhaps Ihe Ruler of the uni verse, thus entreated by tho voice of mercy, may remove from our beloved country the Scourge of war* That he may vouchsafe to do roiamy sincere prayer. Given under my hand and seal, at the city ot New Vorfe, thla 18th dav of No vember, 1861. FERNANDO WOOD, Mayor. PrOP. ADI.F.R, OP THIS CITY, WILL DKLIYBR A course of weekly evening lectures on the "History of Roman Literature." Parlies desirous of subscribing for the course will please enter their uames for tickets, eltiier at Messrs. Applcton's. <t<3 Broadway; a' Mr.K,'hriitian'?, 763 Broadway, or at the Hlatori ul Society Library. REMOVAL. X CONTIN F.NTAL IN'Sl'R ANl'E COM PAN T HAVE REMOVED TO~THRIB NEW BUILDING, NO. 102 BROADWAY. II. XX. LAMPORT, Secretary. SPECIAL NOTICE.? A I.L PERSONS HAVING CLAIMS against the Sickle-* Brlgadft, are i f ((UPMccl to inert at the Astor House, on Monday, .N'tii ember JO, at 3 I*. M., with atate. in ' tit ofclai uii. MATRmONIAL. A GENTLEMAN, OF" THE HIGHEST Hfc PPECTABHI. tv anil standing, of a loving and devoled disposition, ?i<c<i 21, nan's ft dear little n lie. N>n? other but America n need reply. Address, in sincerity, P. W. J., Iioi llW.Ucrsld offlee. A GENTLEMAN OF MEANS WISHER TO FORM THE acquaintance or a young lady, a(.ed about 20, with a ?Jew to matrimony ; her beauty and virtue* must male up for a lack of men 'j ; weight about 13A. All communications will be BtrietJy" ntial. Address for one week. aiming where an Interview can bo held, Buckingham, Herald office. AYOt.NO LADY. 25 YEARS OF AQB, DESIRES TO make the atiqnaintancc ?f n gentleman about U with a view to matrimony. Address, In confidence l'ur one week, Nellie Wan en, Brooklyn Post oillue. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, 24 YEARS OF AGE, J.N po-Besilou of a handsome fortune and of good personal apnea ranee, would like to form (lie acquaintance of ayouflg lady, not over 20 j ears <,f age, with a view u> matrimony. She mull be of line pc rsoiial appearanne and of good addresa. Money no object. All ecmn?unle.>U<?ni addressed to L. J. M. H'lVall, boi IlOHeiaid oiOoe, w ill be treated wltli ttricl con fidence. AN AMERICAN WIDOW, AOED TWENTY-SEVEN, a stranger in tbla cHy, with oae child, wishes to form- ihe acquaintance of some yiiet, elderly gentleman; he wu.-tbe generous hearted an J pious. No fcreon without ser*ms in tentiom need answer. Addreti C. 1J. II., atafiou D, for two days. A LADY OF RESPECTABILITY, 27 YEARS OF AGE, posne.ved of ft liberal education, quiet and ladylike habile, can give full satisfaction as to reference, rather food looking, lively and animated disposition, is desirous to form the acquaintance of a middle aged busti ces genileiiwin, with a view to matrimony. As the party la serious, o? must be maintained. Trlilcrs need pot ananer. Addrcssfor one week. Mutual, 128 H"rold oOlce. I WANT A WIFE, AND ONE WHO IS WEALTHY, maiden indy or w idov.-, not particular about age, as ior.g as th" heart is m the ligh: place; ant a young man, "very way qnalltlcd to make a home agreeable; hold a reryres possible position in a iirst rate house ; salary S2,00Q, but whlon is not enough to support a lady in New York aa she should be. Coin leal as my sitvriisemeBt may appear, It Is sincere, and 1 am a regular Jack Bhtnt and say eaaetty what I mean. All coromnnicatl.iua sStll be treated most houerably. Addrcus 0. A- N. L, (,'niou a ?uare Post olDcc. .r-.irri. STEAMBOATS. FOR PERTH AM 110V.? STEAMER GEORGE LAW leaves pier loot of Barclay street everyday, Sundays eicepted, at 2:80 P. M. for PerUl Am.ioy, makins the Inter mediate landings is-cturnlng leaves Pertq Amlioy at 7 A. M. "VfORNIXO UN B I OR PEKKSKI LL. ?THE AURORA IvA leav s J.ij- stieet pier dally, Sundays Included, at 8 A. M-, lauding at West Tenth and Thirtieth streets, Yonkers, llsatliigs, Dobb's' ferry, Tarrytown. Sing Sing, Haver, straw, (Jr.i??y Point and VerplancK S. tJTKAMER LONO ISLAND LEAVES JAMES St, IP O tv ly day, Sundays excepted, at 2 t5 P. M. for North Port, making tlic intermediate landings; returning leaves North Port at !i 30 A. M. Faro from Glen Cove ft) omits, from t-'and i'ointnnd Great Neck 1 lien's. Freight from Glen V a% Saudi Point and Ureal Ncck at half ino ujtia! rat> s. HOC9KH, ROONM, &C.. TO LBT. ALE \JAULT8.? TO LET, or A pIkTNBR TAKE* the orst basement corner and beat vaults to draw front Ibi-wood, Ac., d?WB lu .vii, Rent $1 * duy. Aildreis Alo Vault, Heesld office. ' A SECOND STORY FLOOR, THROUGH, TO BENT? for'ns *?ed, with or n itliout Bourd, In a private bouM, with all ill Improvements. Inntiiie at No. 73 Want Twcuty *? court ?' reet. Kofoi ctiuu < required. A FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE, 25 BY 80 FLETl with n ihrM MQfy extension, in complete order, wel psillted ai"l paltered, to 1st; haijuiii, w.itoi, Ac. Ill* well adapted and desirably located for a board! q or public house, being dim n town and near Broadway. Will be rented low or leased on fiivorilde tcrina to a good tenaut. Apply to CIIAS. E. MILLS, ttt Cedar street. 1JKOOKLYN.? TO T JBT, Tt'E H\M)SOME THREE > atory oro.Vu stone Mouse, uTul Hi n y street, with bath, Sim n mires, hot n l col I water. It, nt loir. Inquire of H. I. SILVEKMAH, 15fl Broadway. FOUNDRYMEN AND MACHINISTS. TO LET OR LEASE, A substantial five story Brick Buiiuiug, tlUSOfeet, Nos. 553 ami 5 52 Water street. The above premises have been used for tin- manufacture of Agricultiiisl Tmpbinenls, and hare all the apiiuHeiian n for a llrat class Machine Shop, viz : ? Engines Lathes, Hawing, Planing, Boring anil Morticing Machine*, die., Ac., all iu run nlnit order. Also, attached to the mmc and extending through to Cherry street, a Foundry, SOsHOfeet, with Cupola, Flasks aiul an ex tensive assortment of Patterns. For farther perl loulsrs apply to A. DURYEE, No. 549 Water street, or to I. W. DURYEE, No. 258 Cherry atreet. Room and bedroom to let-in house no. 48 Hudson street; they have Juat been put In perfect or der, puinted and papered; wa'er on the same floor; rent $7 per mouth. Apply to WILLIAM LOVELL, 46 Hudson st. STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET. LARUE AND SMALT, ROOMS, Well Lighted. No. 499 Water atreet. STORK IN WAREEN STREET TO LET? LOWER rART

of No. 18 Warren street; possession given 1st of Decem ber next. Apply to A. CLEVELAND, 93 Cedar atreet, or to JOHN LLOYD A SON'S, 16 Nassau atreet. TO LET? AT WASHINGTON, D. CM THE UPPER POR tion of a four atory building on #eniisvlvania avenue; beat location in the city. Apply to WM. TUCKER, 323 Penn sylvania avenue, Washington, D. C. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN. E. D., A (JENTEEL THREE story and basement brick II<>uae, entirely new, with all modern improvements; rent $15 per month until May and $25 after. Apply at ttf Walker atreet, New York. TO RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE IN A CENTRAL part of ti e city aud wlihin one block of Bro.ulway, on reasonable term* to a good tenant. For particulars ?pply to O. I,. PRIDE. No. 7 Broad street. fpo LET-TUB THIRD STORY OK NO. UO SULLIVAN X street, near Prince street, consisting of six Roon.a. suit able for a gei t-cl family. ltcut low. Inquire on premlscsor of K. RI .-iSELL,{l27 West Twenty-fifth street. fPO RENT-SUITABLE FOR A PHYSICIAN. DENTIST X or private family? a suit of handsomely furnished Par lors on tlrat floor, with front Basement, If desired. In a large corner house near and west of Grace church. Adore. n Luke, station D Post office. TO LET? THE ELIGIBLE SHOW BOOMS, SECOND floor, southwest corner of Broadway and Twelfth street; also sevi ral desirable front Rooms flouting Broadway, for bufducrs, societies, Ac. Rent low. ? JOHN 8. KELSO, 62 Wiltjam meet. TO LET-A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE* with moil rn improvement", In Cheever place, Brooklyn, itvo minutes' walk lroui South or Hamlin u avenue f> ry. Apply to GEO. SKIDMOUE, IS Nassau stieet, Ne.v York, room No. 5. Otlice hours, 9 to 11. TO I.ET? THE FIRST STORY AND BACK BASEMENT of the new house 171 Jay atreet, Bruokljn; also tin third Story; tinlshcd in first class style; water and separate gas meter to each lioor, and within live minutes' walk of all ( lie ferries. Inquire at 173 Jay street. WILLIAM KPKOTT. TO LET? A LARGE THREE AND A HALF STORY corner House, furnished complete, with cooking men alls, ctwfcery and linen, Ac.; contains seventeen rooms; no ohje tiou to a genteel boarding house, as some cxriipi'.i* w.sli to remain, amountiug-to $125 per month; rent fl.'.'Ol) p- r year, with secut lty ; oue hick west of Broudw iy, ne,?i Tenth street. Inquire of Dr. CANAVAN, Druggist, 720 Bioa lway. fno LET-.V FRONT ROOM AND 1RONT BEDROOM 1 on second floor, at 125 Amity street. Apply at 218 Wash ington street. TO LBT.? FIRST FLOOR OF COTTAGE MOUSE 123 X East Twenty eighth sir*,, t, thrie Ro-ims. gas and wat.-r; active Rooms ou upper floor ol UMi Ess 1 wsaty-elghth street; both low rent; three Rootn?, 140 Third avenue, $'> 50. J. R. WILCOX, 185 Futh uvvuur, ce?uer of Twenty-third street. TO LET-AT 121 NINTH STREET, A NLmrer OF elegant Rooms, furnished or unfurnished; also ? nice ofllee for a dentist or other medical purposes only: four tli^n westoi Broadway; very chcap. THE WAR, Army coons - iniha rubber army bl\nkets, Havelocks, Coats, ttaps, Ac., Ac., at wholesale ami re. tail, at C. A. RUNNER'S, 11 John street, live doors east ol Broadway. Band wantbb-for a regiment now at the seat oi war (of lt> pieces). Leaders of hands wishing a permanent job will addi . si Band, bo\ 1 X) Herald ofllee, glr-iig particulars, pay per month, Ac. The band will be paid without mustering in the service. /CONTRACTORS' BILLS FOR SUPPLIES FURNISHED V.' Hie Army and Navy Depirtments, pavublc In any city of the Union, eolleet,-d and cached by JOHN B. MURRAY, Armv and Navy Hanker, 39 Nassau street, opposite the Post ofllee, New York. G1ENEKAL BARRY'S ROCKET BATTALION, r Chief of Artillery, U. 8. A. The battalion mil leave l'ut the seat of war ou thc.Wth day ol November. This bnftiliou Is orgaul/ed at Ihe request or l!ie ("onnisn der-ln Chicf, Major General MoClellan, and Brigadier Gene ral Barry, Chief of#Artlllery, U. 8. A., and accepted by the United States government. Cavalry and arllllery eonipanles organizing,- who are not sworu into tli?- United States service, providrd the recruits are suitable, will be Immediately received und mustered luto service; pay, cl"lblng, fuel aud rations provided l'rom t ho day of enllstmenf. To young men who have any military ambition this Is a sure road to fame aud distinction; for this terrible ami, the "?ar rocket," is Ihe most destructive of ull known weapons, either ancient nr modern. Volunteers, to ensure arecjranre, should apply liiiim dlateiv, ?? the order* for marching to the seat of warai-e Imperative aud cannnt be delayed. For par ticulars apply at headquarters, 455 Broome street. Ken York city. T. W. LION, Commanding. VTOTIOE.-yUAltTERS FOR A REGIMENT? AMPLE il grounds. Hotel, containing sixty Rooms, large Drill Room, warm and commodious board Barra' ks, Cook House, Guard House, Ilhspltal, pure water, and easy of access u> New York, For further particulars apply to S. S. WYCKOFF A CO., 104 Nassau street, N. Y. $100 Regimental stands of colors On hand ami to order, hi short notice. 811. K AMD BUNTING IX AGS, AlUlzcs, on hand for mile. LODGE AND SOCIETY BANNERS. Ornamental Painting and Embroidering on Slln. A Ae, IIOJER a OUAHAM, Artist" and Manufacturer!'. 97 Dttane street. TV-All NOTICE? R. R. WOTMOUGH, 88 CEDAR STIiEET, Tt opposite the Post Olllcp. would desire all ihtmhik in the army ornsvy who desire good health, to buy a lio; le ol Dr. Elijah Hell'* EHUr. It has been used in the (Brit ish army ana navy for two hundred year*. Ill* n rotative ami pre ventive of all disease* tfcai anldirrt are liable (?>. K. B. WITMOUGll, 63 Oedar street. The only Agent in the United Stutss. XTf ANTED? TWENTY ABLE BODIED. INTELLIGENT f T m?n for the cat airy serriee. Titey will at once he mut tered tutu amice, put into comfortable quarters, receiving pay from day of enlisting, and will lie sent l<r tlie seat of war without delay. Any |.rt.-on who can procure the alii num ber of men for tlie above service ? III be well p;tid f ir his trouble. Address 0., Herald utlcc, "tating ? bureau inter view ran be had. WILT. BE PAID FOR TWENTY MEN FOR AN infantry regiment. Addre-H raptain, Herald oilier. T rn A,!LE BODIED MEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY? JLtJU to proceed to Washington, to (oin the Tnlrty-Mxth regiment, N. Y. S. V., Col. H. Inti"?. JAMES GK.VNT, Lleiitemintcominaudiiig, l'e. ruiting Million, 201 Canal street HOI SKS. ROOMS, ?C., WASTED. 1 FACTORY WANTED? A SHORT DISTANCE FROM 1 New \ovk, near a railroad depot orsf-ut >h'?t landing The liulldtug must he large, about 80 bv Its) feet, ihreo . r four stories hl^li, with i h my of water, and \frater power if )ius.>i ble. Adores* I). B. B., llerald office, for one v. ecl>. I BURNISHED APARTMENTS WANTED? CONSISTING 1 of n front Room, with one or two Bedrooms adjoining, on the sceoiid or third I'eor; every facility reipired for bo'itsekeepinf for a gentleman, wife And infant chili*; loca tion below Fourteenth street. Address Eph, Herald Mii. e, for three days. House wanted.-wanted, a norsE situated in a good location west of the Thirrt avenue, from n w unul the iit-*? of May, in exchange for a bay Sfh.rc, a fast trotter. Anyone having the atlovc cat; address Eicnange, Herald office, WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, THE First or Sctcnd Floor ol' a house in Jersey Cily, cottve. nlnent to the ferry. The tonics mnr.t be suitable for house* keeping, water and s tik on same (loot : the location deaira'de. Term* not to enceeil $10 per month. A private family deslr ons of letting a part of tlieir house to a -mail family, with no children, may addtess ('. F. 8., Jersey City Post offifte. WANTED-PARF OF A HOUSE, UNFURNISHED (NOT lews than six rooms;, * ith a porty who would be ftntis. lied with pay in sdn. n> c ; rent must not exceed $23 a montb ; location between Bleecki r and Twetily-neeond streets and Thitd atid Seventh arei.'tea. Addrea* for Iwo <i?y?N?nt cod, Hers.'d office. TI7ANTED-A DOUBLE DOOR BOILER IRON SAFE. ?? for silver. Any person harlna one l?r sal" may addresa bus J9 3 Post oflfce, giving description and prh'e. Wanted-part or a furnished house, suita bla for a amsil family (adul's), In a convent* nt locality for can 'Third avrttie preferred) or omnihu??-s, with.ou \ entcticfs for housekeeping. Address box J3 Herald office. Best of inferences given. WANTED-FURNI8HED APARTMENTS, WITH PAR tlai Board for a gentleman and full Board for lady and child lire years old, within one hour's ride of City 'Hall. Terms and location must be suited, including flte and gas. Addresa this day J. O. B., Herald ofBoe. ___________ """ ADODWORTH'S DANCING ACADEMIES, ? No. 2tM Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-?lxth at., New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. CLASSLS? Tuesdays and Fridays inBrooklyn. CLASSES? Wednesdays and'Saturdays in New York. Circular* for terms, Ac., may, be lisd at either acadoniy. IjlERREHO'S DANCING ACADEMY, .? WEST FOUR' 1 teenth stp el.? Ctos^es Wednesday* and Saturdays and Mondavi snd Thursdays. Prlvste clashes and schools at tended. Circulars, for terms, Ac., may bo had at the Aca demy. STAGE DANCING.? BALLET DANCING TAUGHT BY MONS. RONZANI, formerly of the Ronjanl Ballet Troup". Mons. Rnnzanl de. rotes the whole of hi- lime to the advancement of his pupils, and iuirli.R great fscllltlis for InlroducitiK them on the sts :e. and also practising w ith tho best dancers of the day, hi ran c nfldcntiy rvconunfnd all those wishing to learn a perfi-et guar, utfcot success Apply to, or adrtrrss GEORGE LEA, Melodeon, 589 Rrondway. N, B.? Stajjo pt act ice every morn iug froui il '.Ji.ii 1^ o v o;t Teraia-.cry uiudwate. _ _ VOT.VtlCM.. AX A StapVUAU ivj-EKi.* Mar.riNO UKtilB Mm"* Dn iMicr.iilf liulua Otnb of the Seventeenth W??d, held on Tuesday evening, November 19, at Jasjier M. Whitly's, corner Oj avenue A and M :ib street, u motion wn* mi (In and unanimously (tarried. endorsing the nomination of the Hou. Fernando Wood for Mayor, whereupon the following gentle men were appointed a committee to wall up n Mr. Wood and Hiqu him thereof? Messrs. John T. Na^lo, A.J. Fleming and J. Carey. A motion wan made and carried, en do- kIiiv tho nomination of George A. Jeremiah for Aldei man of tlui Tenth Aldciiiiunlc disti l, t. A motion wan made unit carried, that this Club will hold a rati Ileal Ion meeting at Groacli A It i: vi h Tlroll Hotel, HI avenue A, on Monday even Int-, at 7^ o'clock. Eminem sneakers will address the meet ing. JOHN T. NAGLK, President. A. J. FLEMING, Vlou l'rueideut. V. J. 0*0 am. A? AH, ( s' uetarlea, ATA MPETINO OF THE PEOPLE'S UNION CON v> nl Ion lor tiie Knurl li Ootlucllniaiilo (Seventh Senato rial) dtti lit, In 11 at Hat-pel llall, Nineteenth ward, un Wed nesday even lit;, hi).. 20, 1861, th'' following named gentle muu u ore uu.iuuuouxly linmti.atod to repreeultl them in the Council Bo.ird:? Chm-lea C. Plnckney, Jonathan T. Trotter, Hamlin Habcu.k, Thoinas Ogllvle. Michael Snyder, John Cooper, Jr. E. 8. LOCKWUUD, Chairman. li 11 Uiiai km., 8' crctnry. _ AT A REGULAR MEETING OK T1IE WOllKINUMBN'8 Union D moeratie Club, held at Military Hall, 4G5 Eighth avenue, It wan unanimously adapted that we give our full support to Hon. Fernando wood for Mayor. ALEX. MoMULLEN, Chairman. John Ham.igak, Secretary. At a meeting of the mozart hall school Convention or tlie Sixth ward, held at the Sixth W.ird lintel, on Friday evealng, November 22, the following gentle men were nominated for School otlloera:? For Commission er? John Wlune. for Inspector? Patrick Culliu. For Trus tees ? Terence Foley, K il erl Conway. JEREMIAH MaHONEY, Chairman. Patrick Walsh, Secretary. At a meeting op the tammany hall dele. gates of the Eighth Alder manic District, held on Friday evening. 22d lnal., at Sperber's Fo. i iuii Ward llolel, on mo tion Peter Mltehell wea uuaiilnioualy declared their candi date for Alderman. ALFRED W. I'ALMEK, Chairman. W T.vtlor, Secretary. A MEETING OP THE SEVENTEENTH WAKD BUTCH Jy e-s A-auclatlon will 'je held nt F. ('. Rleth, Ti Third street, thin (Saturday) evrnlng, at 7j? o'clock, as busincsa of impor tance calls this meeting. JOHN HARRINGTON, Chairman. Ricii.vun Davis, Treasurer. . Jou.i Coluks, Secretary. AT A REGULAR CONVENTION OF THE NATIONAL Union Parly of the Eighth and Ninth wards, held on l'riduy evening, at it- nil's R toins, 27 S Bleeekerstieet, Junes M. M arry waa iiominated for the olUca of Police Just ice. A. SI'RINGSTEEN, Presldeut. J. M. Tiio*pki.vs, Secretary, AT A REGULAR MEETING OF THE DELEGATES OP the People'* Syracuse Union Convention, ot the Twelfth Altlermanlu diil'ld, held on Friday evening, Nov. 13, 1961, on In lllon, Mr. J. II. Ludluin wa< called to tho Chajr and Mr. J. it. l'urdy was appointed Secretary, when, on motiou, Mr. Francis I. A. Boole v ai unanimously nominated as their can didate for Alderman, M't"r uppolnling a committee to In form Mr. Boole of his nomination, the Convention ad journed. J. U. Ll'DLUM, Chairman. J, H. Putnr, Secretary. " /CONSOLIDATED GERMAN UNION LEAGUE. N"imn itlng Coiiveii'l >n for the Sixth AMerinanlc Din ti l -t.? At a meeting of the delegates, held on Wednesday, i he 2IKI'. Inst. , at Strauss' llotyl, 15Delancey stie t, JohuC. Boackel In tlir ch ilr, F. R. Hartmnnn, S'vn'tary, JOHN V AN TINE, ESy., received the unauluiot s noii.lnntlon for Alderman of the Sixth dut i let. JOHN C. BOECKEL, Chairman. F. R. IT ARTMAHM, Seeretnrv. / 1 ARD.? IT HAVING BEEN RBPORTEU THROUGH the Sixteenth Aldentianlc disirlc* thut I was almut with liavvlng my name ns a candidate In th: coming election, I lake th s method of Informing my friends and the public tli. 'I such asterlinu Is totally atid mslhiiously false in every pjrticular. and that I now autitiince my si It' as the regular repubilcati nomlip e for Alderman ofthe Sixteenth district, and most respectfully solicit the support and voies of Ih'ete real ding in said district, assuring thein, that I will remain in the Held at a candidate till the close of the polls election day. The public's most olicdleut servant, CHARLES Mccarty, Fifty-seventh street an<l Third ar. < Democratic republican rkgcLar nomina tion. ? For Aldermsti if the Sixtii Aldermanb; district? c 'iu| rising parts of the T"utu, l'hlrteeulh, Fourteenth, and Seventeenth wards ? .1AMKS HEED. JAMES CARTY, ol the Fourteenth ward. Chairman ol the No ninating C mventlon, Ci.K.yaxT Fosdvck, of the Seveutoeuth ward. Secretary. /tRAND RATIFICATION MEETING.? THE MOZART \X Hall Committee, appointed on Thursaay evening, to make arranpe nents for a grau 1 Mayoralty Ratlneatlon Meet ing, will meet to-day at Mozart Hall, at 3% o'clock preciacly. Pori' tusl and full uttemlaiiee is partieu a iy requested. MAYORALTY NOMINATION. NATIONAL UNION CLUBS. For Mayor, C. GODFREY Gl. NTH Ell. m JOHN C. HAM, Chairman Central Commltte* and Mayoralty Nominating Convention. JoiKra Foam. ? s, ,rr, 0. Ploa* lioi.nKN, j lanes. Str.vua.N Koi.?.:trs, Treasurer. TkfOJU-RT HALL. ? THE SCHOOL t:t?N VENTION FOR lTl the Fourtc'-uth Ward uiel at M. B. Lvneh's, corutr ol' urootiis ii tid M irlon S'rceta, on the 22-1 of November Instant, pursuant to o.,, call, ami nominated the followliif!:? Kor H/l'''"1 William s. Wlthelni; for Trustees, W llli.'tm .1. hAiie and .MrCaffftrty; tor Inspector, W'il Ham Reynolds lOHN HOAKE, Chairman. HbihtMaobon, Heoretary. ? Mozart hai.l.-third ward gcuUn Hon.? '1 lie Third ward School Convention '?? . ' .in Greenwich stre-t, on Friday even ug. On motion a! .7?: Knrrln, Mr. Ray was appointed Chairman and T. Edw.-ru Cody Secretary. A Comuilltee of Conferenoe ?an apimlnted to confer with the Tammany Convention, with a view of tinning on a school ticket which will command the respect aud support of the entire clti/.en* of the ward. The Confe rence Committee reported the following gentlemen as school oAcern, vvhi h was unanimously adopted:? For Commis sioner, Edward B. Heath ; for Inspector, George F. Dewland; Kor Trustees (full term >, John Sitlir and John M. Mlmne; to till vacancies, Denis Flanlgan and James MctUuskay. BENJAMIN RAY, Chairman. T. EnirAni) Copt, Secretary. NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 22, 1161. Dr. IflOHAKLSr, Esq., President ot the German League:? Dk in Sir? I hereby tender my renlgnatlob ol' the nomina tion lor Councilman, tendered mo by your honorable body. Having never sought for it, 1 reapecUoSy icquest the accept ance of this ? Respeelfullr vour.'. kr. HERMAN W. RF.I'PER. "iJEOI'LE'S UNION (8YRACU8E) NOMINATIONS." X For Mayor, C. GODFREY (JUNTHER. Dr. JAMES M. Al .^TIN, President. VT*. E. Paaar (Seerela- David Clark, > Vice Tiios. J. IIai.i., ) liei. Jas. L. Mii.lkk, ) Presidents. John Hooff.e, Treasurer. POLITICAL BANNERS, FIjAGB AND TRANSPAREN cie* of every description on band and to order. HOJER A GRAHAM. Artists and Manufacturers, 97 Ihiane alreet. PEOPLE'S SYRACUSE UNION CONVENTION OF THE Fifth Oouncilmanlo district.? An adjourned meelluaof this Convention vv IH l?c held this (Saturday) nveuiug, No vember 23, at 8 O'clock, at thf? hall corner of Broome mi l Pitt stroets. ANDREW IiEWIS, Chairman. Af'A K. Oaudekir, Secret a ry. REOULAP. MOZART II ALL NOMINATIONS FOR . Councilmen. rorRTit sfnatorial district. John H- khii? Firs! ward. Thomas Fitzgerald? 'Fourth ward. A'c^andi i ll. McGaneu? Fifth ward. Charles U. Ilagan? Flxth ward. Haul- Bogeri? Eighth ward. Corneltu- Desuc nd? Fourteenth ward. WM. J. COBY, Chairman. Damfi. BroPHT, I SfreHrtf Hi o VI 1,1, i e I ' Republican and people s nomination-sixth . Senatorial Dls'ri t. Ninth, fifteenth, Sixteenth and Elghieenlhiwards.? For, Alexander II. Keccb. ?miIE UNION MUST AND SHALL BE PRESERVED."? X Jaeksr.n. .Tack Hill Light Art tilery. ReeniTla wanted, |o serve for three year", 01 duriug lUe war. Buglers, black smliiis. harness maketv, lior- >mer?, Jk<\. w.. tired, to ? l om the hen j'sy will be Riven, i'ot fns ther information apply at the head 1 uai ters, ?t?Ur.i:.-i o. ner of Bowery. EDWARD MURRAY, Colore). J v?. F. Fahrki., Lieutenant, Acting Adjutant, THE NAljpNAT, UNION CONVENTION OF THE Sixth A Herman l>' district, nut at Braokes' Assembly. Rooms, No. lltil Rtuoine Mrect, on Monday evening, Itivem. Iwr IP, at lialf-pa^t sev en o'clock, when Mr. John Van Tine received ;'ie unanimous nomination for Aldeiman. L. t>E <j. BROOKES, Chairman. 0. B. Bkths Seaetarj'. 110 THE ELECTORS OF THE EIGHTH ALHEHMANIC Dlslrti t ? Gentlemen ? Having withdrawn my name as a candidate lor Al.iennan of (he E'ghth Aidermaaie rilstri"t and acceded the lioiuluatioii for CouiM-ilman of the Fifth Se ?Mt jrial diktrict, in placi . 1 John Murphy, E?q., declined, I respect "a llv soilel: suptiort ?r.d sulrrag <?*. Nov. 22, I06I. JOHN Mt-CONNELL. riiHR people's trmo.v straci'se contention, L Dr. Austin. President, for the slmli Alclarmunk' Dia tiiot, held al Brooke*' Af?"B?bly Ro?in*. .VH Broome street, nn T'i*aday evening, Sm-embr l!i, a I 7l? o'clock, John Tun Tine ? a* nuaiiimoui-Iy nominated lor Alderman of nld tlf*. Irict GEORUE S. MILLER, Chalnnan. X?o has II. Ur.vT, Seerefin-y. THE PEOPLE'S HYRACUdB INION. For Mayor, CONRAD 8WAOKHAMER. ANDREW LEWIS, Cb*lr?aa. R. H. BRADFORD, J Vice ROBT. If. CORBET, ) CTiolrm??. l TUB INDBPBNDENT VNION DEMOCRATIC CI.rB, OP the Eighteenth election diwrlet of the Eleventh ward, will meet :it Mr. IWrff'i, 324 Iiasl Thirteenth t rocf, on riatniday, Movunlier 23, Iwl. By order of FRANCIS KEIKNAN, President. Jobs Bhaj>t, Peer efary. ST WARD INDEPENDENT GERMAN DEMOCRATIC _ Club. 1'ho rarmbcr*?t the above clttb are h^ivfhy noti fied to a-arioble a! I He n??ettng next monday. the iwh tnw., at Ho'oloek 1'. W., at 70 Greenwich afreet, by Louis Mini/, an butlncjf of tail' 'in, r will be hrv'trhi iiefore the meeting. JOHN NICHOLAS'S MI LLER, PrealdenL Hnsr Hatkh, Secretary. 1ST WARD WASHINGTON UNION OLCR -A MBET Ingoi thli Club is 11 1 lie h?dd at Jas. McOiiIre**, 21 Albany ?tree!, on Saturday evening, November 23, at 7}i o'clock. All members ai? requeued to attend, aa business of much 1m. por lance will be traoaar.ed. By order of DANIEL KENNEDY, Chairman. J NO. Willi ays, Seerr-tary. 4TH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT.? REGfLAR MOZART Hall nomination for Alderman, explain Jarnea McMa hon. PATRICK yClNN, Clialrroan. IlKOBf.F LtMMN, ) a... Join* Rornntn. f We, the underlined, member* of the Seventh Warn Mo~ zan Hall General Committee, endorse Captain Jamea McMa houaa the regular candidate, ? ?.???? DAN IK 1. 1 1 UG H E8, PATRICKMcNAMABA, JOHN RUBSBI.L. GEOROE 0"CON NBR, MICHAEL HtOVARD, MICHAEL MOONBT. jamks ennis. john gal^ in. Member* of the Seventh Ward General Owamttt eg A TIC WARD -AT A .MEETING OF .Till? FOURTH 4- wnrd Moiart Hall delegates lo the School Convention, held at S75 Pearl atreel, Nov. 22, 1S61, the following go. John am? uu.i v a0lrLDIN0| chairman. Patrick Xobokkt, Sccreiiw jr. POUTICAX.. rRONTIER 7r ?S[J*7? ?gl W< slfT Juan street, on Haturda* Ing, November IS, M 8 o'clock. Fuaolutl atUmUanc? quested. Br order. JOHN BULLIVAN, ProafcH Kicuaho I'moa, Secretary. ??, > ? ? i QTII ALDERMANIC DISTRICT.? TAMMANY l< ? <s;sft3ia"L,,4,,?? h I ' KTKlt^Mc HT. TAMHAKT CONvkntiok. MOXAin On mm, Win. "Fit/pa trick, Chairman. John J. liUtlr, Chairim win. B, 'Or, j Win. W. Jarkson J k Edward L.Fui, I aecrularlM- ln-nry L. Wright,' 53 8Tn AND NINTH WARDS. -THIRD JUD1CI? ti I rt. ? ' Tlie Out hi and t' >m*' fitlm. Denim-ratli can regular nomination. For I'o i Jimlloe, William I _ ? JONN AKNICOL, Chair William Olkabt, I n.rrrr?,i.. IHAAO VlUliW, ) QTH DISTRICT INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC _ <? At tho mectln?oB No/ri2, hold at SS5 Houstoif corner ui Kldgc, I cier Mitchell was unanimously lor J. KKADS, President' ? _ JOHN BECKER, Vice Pimj A IlscHt, Secretary. 8TH ALDEICMANK! DISTBICT.-AT A I.ARdlW entUialastfc meeting, held at the Mozart (tented Inmbia btreet, on (tie evening of the list da* of Nov 1831, the meeting was called to order to ratify the non j of Peter Mitchell, Esq., lor Alderman of the Eight)? manic district. On motion of Mr. Rons MoO litre, siah R. Dmiu was unanimously elected as Chalrm Mr. John Klgerson was duly elected Secretary. The belUK called to order, Mr. Saylea proceeded. In an <' speech, to stale the object of the meeting, and offered lowing resolutions which wit* unanimously adopted Whereas, a destructive and wide spread rebellio throughout the Southern States of thll republic, thr< j the downfall anil touil annihilation of this LOvernmer' whereas, this unhappy state of our oouutry has been p by the intrigue uud unprincipled ambition of IH-i r political demagogues: and, whereas, extravagance i ruptlon stalk abroad, in open of law, in t by reasou of which the man of wealth in stvlnt l-d o honest weans, burthened with Immense taxation, poor man ie made still poorer, and ground down wl mous reuts; and. whi-rcas, our district Iihh been foi time controlled by a band of men plotting for their ttrandi/.ement, and who have overridden the will of pie, proclaiming to uh that they a *c our maaiers, the i Resolved, That thtu terribl drstrueilvn content country, this fraud and corruption in our midst, and rami leal proclimutiun of otiice holding and oillce set littclaiis, calls upon all true add patriotic men to t party platforms and past party diff*renses, and to the support of honest, Intelligent, conservative Unio loan fur ofllee. Resolved, That in Peter Mitchell. Esq., ourcand Ailemian, who lias been nominated ana endorsed thiui fifteen hundred electors of this district, we i ?nan lu rr hw Integrity, candor and uprightness w< confidence, and whose industry uud abil'tv and exte qualulanee with the business Intel-rate "of thisco commend him lo the support of every friend of flood ment; that as a friend ot the workincman, a frieir poor man as WfHI as the rich, and as a friend of (an cal administration of the government of tliU city, w moml lilm to the support or Ills fellow cltl w r |>le !ge ourselves to use every honorab e effort I his triumphant el < uon. Whereupon the Hon. .lame* H. Lynch, J. O'Oonr Mi . Buekwelicrani! K iss M. tiuue, Kaqrs, delivered speeches in favor oi the elecliou of Peter Mitchell, Alderman of the Eieh'h A tdernianlc dlstriut; after 1 meiding adjourned, and , oriucJ into a proces marched around the dlsuiit, meeting with an cn reception. JOSS All ft. DUNN, Chi Johk StUKHSOM, Secretary. 9TH WARD, MOZART I tlons. ? For School Commissioner? A I oert O For Trustees? William II. Gray, Henry J. Weal. Ki lor ? Andrew Holley. For Constable ? Paschal P. P n. K. BLAUVELT.Cli Wk. H. Douoak, Secretary. 1 ATH ALDEl'.MANIO DISTRICT. XU FIFTEENTH AND SEVENTEENTH The Mozart Hall Nominating Convention of tb met at Burkes' Putnam Ilail, corner of Third av Twelfth street, on Tuesday evening, 19th iusi., and byappoln ting Mlchacl Kane Chairman, and John tou Secretary. On mollon, a ballot was had, which resulted as to Thomas Kane O. A. Jeremiah ' On motion of John Kenny, the nomination of ' (SEOKUB A. JEREMIAH j| was made uaaniinoua. MICHAEL KANE, Chj Johx Ha?kikgto!?, Secretary. ^ nTH WARD UNION DEMOCRATIC CI.UB.-i inti of this club will be held on Saturday, N, 185 .-'tsnton street. All mi:m->cn> and voters are re I attend, as busluess of lmportmue will be truntN order of WM. CLEEMAN, Pi, JosKra (iinnoN, Secretary. ' I i ti H ALDERMANIC DISTRICT.? WE, Til . l Li signed, delegate M|from the SeVRnlcenlH prising a part of the Twelfth AldcrmanlcdlstrUt, hi our namca attached lo au udrcrtLsnmcnt In the He. 20th lust., also lojtosters announcing Bernard Kf in:> received the Mozart Hall nomination for At the Twelfth district, do hereby declare that the ilnu.- without our consent or knowledge, a id wi iihatically pro em against the same, and reoogn !. A. Boole as the inly regular Mo/ait nominee, will support at the coming charter t lection. JAMES SlfLIJVA LAWRENCE J M JACOB BITTEL, II. A. PECHER. 1 QTH ALDERMANIC DI8TBI0T. XJj TO TI1K KDITDIt O* THE HERALD. Di'Ait Sir? In yesterday'a Issue of your paper name slgnei to an article urging the support q Kelly as Alderman of tlio Twelfth Alderiuanic dial ?<? of my name wan without my sanction, as U isj Vftl' to devote my induencc in aiding the- election q * -?r# candidate, FrsmN I. A. J9oo^. _ j 12 t)TH Ar.DEiaiT^T: tHOMAS WEST. 100 1 j.M In to-day's Herald PISTRICT. Ing that a Mossrt Uall No?urtf..?^u an advert!* certain Mrfluire was Chairman, iiiei"n,n'"?e> < Third street, and nominated Francis I. A."1X. for Alderman, which is a falsehood. * * The fact Is that the regular Mo?.art Hall Nomi vcntlon, Ohitrles Levincas, Cliair.-nau, met last i place, as (tie eaU was made, and unanimously no their candidate for Alderman Bernard Kelly. Nov. S, 1801. MARTIN MAQEK, No. ?> Th 1 QTH WARD MOZART REOITLAR NOMIN lO For School Comml-iioUT ? Chsa O. Sk Trustci s of Co nmoii 8<:h ?l' ? Jamas H. Irwii nuti hltnoD. For Inspector of Common S-h m;. Mathusiaa. JOHN GRAHAM, ) Wm. Fakel, Secretary. 1 KTH WARD-OEOROE OPDYKE CLUB,? > It) loving citizens of this Ward, and all in honest administration of our city government, are in favor of promoting the election of 1 Opdykn to the mayoralty, are rea'iested to mcei day, evening, at 7>? o'clock, st 018 Broadway. 1 ??TH WARD NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC Ct IU meeting of the democrat* of the Sixteen! Thursday evening, Nov. 21, held at 310 West street, the following preamble and resolution^ ? ml <-arried, and the object of our meeting to j inln'stration ofour local affair* la the hand! otj ??ni>etent men. and to oppose the corrupt sch? hoii'-nt poill iciaus who have obtained political jxr fraud, and tor no purpose than to enrich them most unjust anil corrupt notions to our great de. expeiiM. The meeting was called to order and Mr. Tbpn pointed Preside ut, and John Kogers, Secretary. Resolved, That we, tlio undersigned, da unite to tine our most faithful efforts st the coming elc port good anil honest men to the different Ioc<i . place our puM c affairs in the hands of men kr. the highest and purest clt&nutir, and who will it sire the cconomleul administration of our city - and overthrow tbo schemes oi political de' efv ' contributes) largely to bring so many disaster tunfcs in our .mink (pal affair*. Resolved, That in the present distracted state ? trv, in which political and party Issues haV; bee; al'uin a danp'i-oua aspect, we r cognlso In tliv part v tliat which is based upon the constitution J ? ?public, and In the glorious democratic p?ry?; find means to hold the Union of the Slate* i s til oi our peace and hitppinexs, and In It no section! to be found, so wisely exempted ky the ooBStituiI Resolved, That we earnestly recommend to oil great necessity of Joining together In one unite.* serf our noblo principles: and that ilie rights oi will always he vindicated, and that the equal) tl r.ens is a sacred and Inalienable light, not to 1| with by any faction, and that we ahull oppose united energies any measure which may be ng*i ciples we assert. THOMAS J. EARLE, John Roi.ik.*, Secretary. The meeting. i omposed of slxiy respectable m ait journed to meet on Monday evi ning, Nov. 20, at No. UIO West Seventeenth aireet, to ratli resolution* and tranaset business of luipoiiane* the organization. TftTH WARD GEORGE OPDYRE CLUB % I U at 249 Eighth avenue, on Saturday evenii: ft o'clock. Elector* of the w.ird, irrespscti who ilenire a arable and hones? city E* who believe that Mr. Opdykc isthe unlycindi tlv proper nunllflcat ions, an? at the amo tine stlccen, are Invited to attend and ;;lve their mm in aid of kls election. D. 11. JAQl'ES Richaiid Wtkroop, Secretary. 17 Til WARD UNION OI.UB.-AT A L ! I euih irlaatk: meeting of the Seventeenth Club. Held at Ui'lr room*, No. 327 Bowery, on ? In*!, Ntferobrr SB. the Oi >mmitt*e on Coufcrcig i he name of Mr. W illlsin A. Umallfy, ns a *ul.a'p for Alderman oi" the Tenth district. An ami 1 offered, substliuiingtho name of Mr. fleorge which, on s call of the yea* and nnys-, was lost ' 86 to 20. Whereupon the nomination of Mvl tfmalley WEI unanimously made. BENJAMIN MEKIiITT, B. Wkm, Secretary. 17 THWARD IHDEPBIWENT DEMOCRAj Club.? A meeting of the above Club will Bei nard P Wood's, S> 7 East Eleventh gti-eri, on | 23d lugt., at 7li o'clock P. M. All memoir* i to attend, n* Eusii^s of lmBortanoc i* to b By order of BERNARD P. WOODS Anmim Plijw, Secretary. Patrick Koohkv Treasurer. 1 QTII WARD? TOUNO MEN POR ACTIf lO men in faror of Hn, C. O. Ounlh r foi mnetat the 1,'nlon Uofej. 107 East Twenty.foitr Saturday evening. a* H o'clock. Eimi.unt sr| orde* 'iilOS. MAN 90S, fhalrn.J Cnas. W. Stoics, t a rle* H. D. Matbkw*. T OTII WARD.? THE PEMCM'RATrO RT| A?/ Ward Cemmlttee will me, t at Farci llf atrert, thi* tSaturday) evenir.c. Nov. 2S. lStii.. . ' STEPHEN M DREW, F??w:is Stacon, Secretary. OATH WARD,? AT A MEBTINO OP THE ?i\J dent Democratic I'nlori CIul<, held at lh? change, corner of Thirtieth street and Tcml Thursday evening, Nov. 21, the following gen elected delegaies to ironter with nny or all of th eratlc orifanfza'ions in the eniloi sing snd suppil men out of the m.iny candMates uc.v berorf Claiming tiielr suffrages:? Mayoralty deicfutej lo?l?y, B. Hurley, Joni: M. (,'ulkln, James Hot Cl.irke, H*"ri. Pcnder^esl. Oouncllinanlc delejl len, M. O'Hara, Win. Dilev, John Wlespiel Otvtni Gillc rte. School i'el sates? A. Ca?ey| James MeArdle, Daniel McEIhnnny. B. Hcai kv, Secretary. JOHN M. CVLKIS; Jauiu Clark, Treasurer. DENTISTRY* ARTIKK1IAL TEETK -DRS. DtJRKIN I SEAL' continue to cilract teeth In t? o sc tho slightest pain. Te. tli inserted over stun chnrge rer temporary s-:s. or eitraeiin? where art* Inserted, u ro. Dl'RKIN A IiOl: 9S1; AU, street, "no dost frtut Lauixus. 4

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