Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1861 Page 6
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srrr vrio.vs wa\ted-pe^ Aubs. A COMPETENT nTr.l j, WITH GOOD/refBRENOE' wants a situation 10 cook. wash and >on, or to do i" tie r?l housework. ?111 can get her, or nnyothrr tlrst ela>s ser vant von wanl, free of auy charge, at flit1 Private Seivuiita' Ins liule, Iti k'luK lltti ?ti belwe ^ h 3,1 and 4th art. A LADY ?5 DESIROUS OF FINDING A GOOD PLACE fur he.- waltfra*, one who pert'ectly understands her tius'hfiK The boat te 1 mo.ilils of character and capubill t ? a given. Call al30 E utlSoth at., between <th and Madi?on ?venues. As nurse.? wanted, a situation, by a young woman, as nurse: la fully cowpeleut to lake the eh. Tft of mi Infant fr m Ita birth. Call on Mrs. Met ronaaai, 224 SsUtvan In the rear. A LADY WITH AFRESH BREAST OF MILK WOULD take a baby to nurse. Inquire at the vomer of I'uilerlilli ?we. and Bergen St., Ilro >>klt 11. Good ref> ren< . k can *1*. n. A RESPECTABLE OIHL WISHES A SITUATION AS n.irsc and ?. amstrces; ran take care of a baby from Ita birth ; baa no objection to do hou>te<vork for a email private family; will be found obliging and kind lo children. Call at ?70 (ireenwleh at., front basement, for two daya. A SITUATION WASTED? 1Y ^ ' RESPECT ABLE .A. young woman, an nurse and seamstress and to asM-t In light eliambi rwurk ; has the best of r If jr reference; no objee 1 10 11 to Ibe country. (i?u be keen for two day* al 73 West IBth at, sli doorn west ul 81 h av. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A A baby to wet nurse at her v\ra residence, with a fresh breast or nilk. Apply at IT'J Elizabeth at.. In the rear. Home for a widow lady-ab matron in an institution, foicwoinan in an establishment, houne kee|>er, companion. or uurse, where li?r abilities will bo re c? red and .. ppreclated. Call on or address Mrs. Alexander, &j6 Broadway, private entrance. SITUATION WANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED MAN, competent for any ordinary business; is a fair penman, quii k at flgurea attd Willing to devote his whole time to the interest of his employers. Address B., box rii Herald office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A sitilut'nn as chambermaid and waitress; has the best ?f eity reference. Call at 121 West 26tli at., between 7th and 8tb avs. ~X\T ANTED ? A 8ITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID A*N'D 11 waiter, or as children's nurse, or to do general house work, by a French girl, who can speak French, English and German. lias good recommendations. Apply al No. 41) Bruis 11 St., Brooklyn. "TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ? T young woman, as chambermaid and waitress; good re ference. t all at 957 Broome *1. WANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG wldo.v, a situation to attend a bakery or confectionery atore; haa been accustomed to tooth. Address M. 8., Herald cltuc. 1VANTED? BY A NEW ENGLAND LADY, A SITUA lV tion as housekeeper; will tnke the cm ire charge of ;he d> m -tie affairs. Address A. E. W., station A. WANTED? BY A YOl'NO AMERICAN WIDOW, A situation as wet nuts'1: has a Irenh breast of milk, or would take a child home to nurse. Call at 349 Bleeckcr St., between 10 and 2 o'clock, for two day*. WANTED-HY TWO RESPECTABLE YOCNG WO nu n. situations; one i.s laundress and chambermaid, lie other as waitress. Best of reference given. Apply for two days at 117 East 34th su WANTED-BY A HERMAN GIRL, A SITUATION TO cook, wa4b and Irou. Best of city reference. Call at 233 Bleeckcr il, in the basement, for twq daye. WANTED-A l'ROTESTANT GIRL AB COOK; ONE that understands the business and can bring good city reference. Apply at 350 Weal 23d street, near Sth a*., from 10 to 12 o'clock. ss&pesMss WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WO man, a actuation to do the upper work of a family, or toe care 01 children or to tew. luuulre for two daye at 21 Sast Uth au HELP WASTED- FEMALES. GOOD FUR SEWER AMU LINER WANTED. AP . ply to John J. Benson, 310 Canal at. (iook wanted.? a gibl to do the cooking. J washing and ironing of a private family. None need ap ply unlet* they und mtand rooking in all lta branches. Ap ply at 22 Clinton pisee, nrar Greena street, Good milliners wanted.? inquire at 218 6th av. LAUNDRY.-A FEW OIRL8 WANTED, WHO UNDER bland the buainess thoroughly; to such as suit alfttdy em pluyment will be given. Nuue need apply but good hands. Inquire fur a few days at 87 Murray St., corner of Greenwich, up s ulrs. ONE OR TWO FIRST RATE MILLINERS WANTED? At North's, 190 Fullun St., Brooklyn. PANTALOON HANDS WANTED. -APrLY TO MRS. Uumiaclcr, Spencer sL, three doors from Park av., Eust Brooklyn. SMAIL GIRL WANTED-TO MIND CHILDREN AND make herself g nerally uaeful: wsges S3 per Ap ply after 9 o'clock ut tbe Bowery Iloici. 305 liowery. WETNCKSE WANTED? A RESPECTABLE, HEALTHY woman, French or German preferred. Ai p.y at ouce at II West 21st^L WANTED? SEVERAL FIRST CLASS MILLINERS. Apply at 51 Thirteenth htreet, between Broadway And University place. "Ilf ANTED? IMMEDIATELY, SEVERAL OPERATORS f " on Singer's sewiiic ma bines: those accustomed lo W..d hy the gunge preferred. None but good operators will ?uli. Apply at Arnold, Consahl" Co.'* work room, corner ?1 Howard and Mercer street*. Entrance on Howard. TlfANTED? AGERM AN PROTESTANT WOMAN, WHO f T can K|ieak Eugli> h and do plain sewing, lo live with an American lady, to ta .<? char?'" of a child one year old. Ad dress hox 3,015 Post olllce, giving residence Md referent* s. WANTED-A WET Nl'RSR? CITY REFERENCE RE qiilred. Apply at N<>. 3 Strong place, Bouih Brooklyn. WA NTED? IMMEDIATELY, A GOOD GERMAN COOK, to auiKt in Washing ai d Ironing. Only those with gnnd reierenees need apply at 54 West 90th St., from 10 to 2 o'clock to-day. WANTED-TWO FIRST CLASS DRY GOODS SALES men. Also two smart Pare I Roys, nt 250 Bowerv. CARTA N. l'LL'N KEn" A McCULLOUGH. WANTED? A SMART, HONEST PROTESTANT GIBI* for general hous' work. Must know how to wash and Iron well, and read and write n little. Wages $5. Call ai S17 4th av., after 1 o'clock P. M. this day. Waitress wanted-a neat girl, who is accustomed to u furnace, ant has city reference for Boiiesly and good tempei ; a Praiestant pi cleared. Apply at 45 West 23d St., belweeti itii and oth ays. WANTED? IN A SMAl-L AMERICAN FAMILY. TO DO general housework, tin homii.1 and wlllliic girl; Ameri can pre. crr< d; most l? able to do plain cooking aim wash and Iron well. None hut I'rotestants need apply at 151 Con cord at., Brooklyn, alter 9 A. M. this day. "1ITA.STED? FIFTY RASTERS AND TEN OPERATORS. It Apply In tbe tlothiug Flore, llrat lloor, bo Lispcuard ?treet. "WTANTED? A GIRL TO X>i> GENERAL HOUSEWORK., ?? a good washer and lrouer una who un.icrst.inds i la.u ?ooklug. A tidy, smart girl m..y iind a good place oy apply, Ing to P. A. Lancashire, As.oila. Take steamboat Matuno Fulton slip. Fare 10c. WANTED? A GERMAN COOK, WHO DOES WASH ing and ironing. Apply ulSit) West 23.1 at. between 12 Md 2 o'clock. TIT ANTED? AN EXPERIENCED OPERATOR, HAVING f T Singer s sewing machine; *l*o, one g 'O'l balster, and Bnishers, lo work on military do; hen. Appiy lo Mrs. Crane, 3MJ West 19th St., lor thiee days, fling the hell. TANTED? A GIRL TO DO THE GENERAL? HOUSE ' work of a small family. Apply thin Uay at 28 King st. GOOD GIRLS WANTED-FOR BASTINO AND making button holes, at 37 / Bruudway, up stairs. ~ SITl'ATIOVS WANTED? MALES. A SALESMAN OFTEN YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN DRY goods, siIks, Ac., wishes a situation in any capac.y wuere be can l,e tiM-ful; employment more an object thou aa.aiy. Bod o. references gneiu Andreas Salesman, Here, J Qffloe. (1UBA AND BUSINESS MEN.-A YOUNG MAN, A.C J .^custom <1 to business, Intends spending ihc winter n Cuba; would oe glad o tiaii-a t any Uuslii ai entrusted to hliu. Impure nf Fri email, Ityer A Co., 13 Maiden lane. TO FARMEBS ? ANY FARMER IN WANT OF A GOOD, honest boy, 18 years old, who has served two years on a farm, knot* a how to milk, Ac., will ph ase address J S., bog 10 Poi> oiuce, a a.lng where an Inter, left- can be had. "11^ ANTED? A SITUATION AS FARMER, BY ONE ?T who uUo"rwt.'nds well the brnedlngol cattle in all us branches; no objections to go in the country. Address R. T., V i. 2 Front st, near Broadway. ?WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, A yy sitoHtlon, im private servant to a gentleman or i unii Xf going to Bump- or mi y foreign count y; U not aVaid of gprork am1 sttidi '? to please, *.v .?s no oiiject; can gl.-e lour yean- reicrenea frcm bia Met p'a C. A tioic addieiso j to C. Jtohar s lor two daj^s. at tuuou O, will icceive prompt at temlou. WANTED?FOB A GENTLEMAN'S PLACE IN THE country, n mar and wife* wliiiout encumbrance; the man must b' u e ?n i il hand over boracs Mid willing to be g' lie rally nselul; toe w..mau a tood plain cook and baker, also a good hand over milk and butler. Apply at 378 6(1. av. tbb ruApam. Brooklyn.? wanted immediately, a first tins* I ho o:,r.iph r, al?> a ,a y ,,0 uuderstnntU p. iat iag nd mounting ) hoioj,?) hs. Addi . ss A. B , Brooklyn J*net oflle. , sUung v. here uu luterview can be had. COOPERS WANl'ED? AT 1V> EAST ELEVENTH street. S xleen C'ni'ei- to make e: Heroes. Ris oenta mote than the highest price p? .d. Call for a taw days. PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT) R WANTED-TO Work ON lUbuuia. Apl-l.. at the Kuu'a 1 Gallery, 4,7 Bioa-ivtay. rno CttOPEBS.? WANTED, THREE OR ForR 0?,()D Il hand* to makt snail wark. None km good hand* neod "itily t'< J. C. Chapman, 21 Nor.h lut*L, WiUlamsbuig. "11/ANl ED? PONNET WIRE FRAME MAKERS. TR;M v? ?n?-i*. Mlillnera waaf d alio to act as sal ? nen. T-lmtm^rs wauled at L. BINK'R Millinery, 661 Broadway, up ?talrs, op|) e,i;a , Ue Metropolitan Hotel. 1 OH TAILORS WANTED? TO BA-TE I lilt HA JLU'J cLiuc. j oU .vages given. A) 'ply at J77 Beoadnaji ?p stair* ?""C XKCTUItifiS. ~ MaaCANl ILE LJBRARY A bSOOI ATION. 1>E i oBDOVA H NEW HUM0..1 IS LECTI7RB, "AN OMNIHUH RIDE UP BROAD .V AY," AtCLutou Ha i. on f ii ally a en lag, November 2 j at 8 o'< n/tit. Tickt. s o ? nts. T? b? k'.d at tb? Library, down town il, e, Firth, PODd A Co. a, aud At H>$ door ou the freumg v( tot lecturt. UK LP WASITID-MAliHS. Agents can makh *s "f.h o^v? male ok i'e jimld.ii lllng.Lio;d ? gmat ?tcnl",i ?(.B M Hilar) Map and OK/tiltMr o Hit* lifuwn s-utuern riUites; ti\e feet suitare; wiNlktlOi pure only 80 or. 11 j. Lloyd's $100, OK) steel p'nte Topogi jpbi Muu of Virgin; ?: live feet square. Tli u> the ouly map used by General Scott; worth $20, price $1. Lloydis official steel platie Ma.p of Missouri; worth #:i, prion 24 oent s. Lloyd's $j Ralioad Map.of America, 3,000,000 loples of will, h have idv beau sold ; prion 24 (vnla. Agents supplied at half i. uill price*, and map* warrant ed. Muni s nt b\ mad auywhere for two cents postage. J. T. LLOYD, American Map Publisher, 1641 Broadway and Louiavilie, ky. LLOYD'S MAPd ARE IN FRENCH, SPANISH. OEB MAN AND ITALIAll. EVIDENCE OF THE CORRECTNESS or LLOYD'S MAPS. DKPARTMKKT 0* ST4TB, ) . m . _ . . Wamiiwww, D. a, Nov. 2, 1861. J J. T. Lt.otii, Publisher ? Sir? Pie. i se forward Immediately by mall, directed to the Secrciary of Stale, copies of Lloyd's Topographical Map of V irglnla, Lloyd'" Military Map and Gazetteer or the Southern States, Lloyd's Official Map of Missouri, and Lloyd's Ameri can Railroad Map. Send your bill to Ueo. E. Baker, Disburs ing Clerk. Also send me circulars of all new mapa you may issue. Respectfully yours, J. C. DERBY, Librarian State Department. [Prom the New York Herald, Not. 2, 1861. ] We have received a One sopy of Lloyd's great Military Map of the "Seat of War in Virginia." This Is the best and only official map in existence, taken from actual surveys by order of the Executive. It Is beautifully printed from steel plates, and colored with great perfection or art, and is the only map used In the planning of our campaigns In Virginia b y our Commander in-ChitC The publisher is J. T. Lloyd, No. 1(M Broadway. BcrriLO, N. Y., No*. 8, 1861. J. T. Llotd, Esq:? Sin? I am well pleased with your map of Virginia. It is altogether the bent I have seen. I enclose $1 for three copies Llo. d's great steel plate Military Mup of the S mthern States. Re s pact tufty yours, MILLARD FILLMORE. Agents wanted-to sell something en ttr< ly new and original? none others like them? tlio Union I'rire Stationery and Receipt Package. W- incite comparison aud defy competition. We do n> t seal our pack as because we are not afraid to show their contents. We give a list of our articles, which our Imitators dare not do. Each packa contains a beautiful and correct engraving of GENERAL GEORGE B. MoCLELLAN, ti?10; 75 Valuable Receipts. 6 White Kiua Envelopes, in colors. 6 I.ndlt s' White Plug Envelopes, iu color*, f BulT Envelope*. 6 Sheets < loiunicrcial Note Paper. 6 Sheets Fine Ladles' Note Paper 6 Sheets Ladles' Billet l'aper. 1 Accommodiition Penholder. 2 Fine Steel Pens. 1 Fine Pencil. 1 Sheet Blotting Paper. 1 Gift of Valuable Jewelry. R' tnil price for the whole, twenty-five cent*. Agents wanted In every city, town and village. Call on or address, enclosing stamp, 'RICKARDS * CO., 102 Nassau street. Agents wanted? to sell our union prize Stationeiy Packet, containing, besides Envelopes and Paper, ten Pol trait* of Generals and a tine piece of Jewelry ; also tl.e Patriotic Packet', without Jewelry, a superior paci age for the soldier. We warrant onr goods equal to any manufactured, and advise ill wlui wish to engage in the sale of stu h article* to send for our circular: $8 to 910 per day easily ma le. UASivlNS & CO., .16Beekman street. Agents w"antkd-to sell an article of me rlt, needed in every house. Pel sons of enorgy can m ike from (3 to $8 per day. Samples sent by mail, l o?t Said, on receipt of 12 cents. Address or apply to Thompson ; Co., 87 Park row, room 22. Agents wantf.d-to sell yales flag of our Union and Military tint and Stationery Packages. Agents who arc now selling imitations, put up by other par ties, are respectfully requested to send us their address and v.-e will forward them a sample with circular which will at once satisfy them that they can make mure money and give better saiialaetlon by selling our parkages than any others In market. Address J. W. Vale, Proprietor, Metropolitan Gift Book Store, Syrtc ise, N. Y. A CENTS ! AGENTS J AGENTS I WANTED IN EVERY Stale of the Union 1 to sell (Dodin's) Patent lleiu Folder and Tuck Gauge, adapted for machine or hand sewing; Talfe tas. Imperial Court Plaster, Fluid Gas Generators, Self Rcgu. lating Gas Burner*. (Dodin's) Improved Liquid, for delecting counterfeit. bank bills, Ac. Call on or address Joseph Dodin, 22 Duane street, near Chatham, N. Y. Agents wanted-in the country, to sell our Bijou Packages, containing funny sketches, some secrets worth knowing, a oomic ballad and a "slap up" en graving. They sell like hot cakes. For full particulars ad dress, with stamp, FRANK OOODERSON A CO., 26 Ann street. N. B. ? City agents not wanted. Send 12 cents lor sample. Attention.? mo agents wanted to sell the larg" 28x32 beautiful national cneravlng, the Generals ot the Union, being true photographs of 15 eminent Ueuerals. A splendid chance to realize handsome profits. Price very low. Apply to F. RATELLIEK, Lithographer and Publish er, 378 rearl street. A WAITER MAN WANTED? (COLORED PRE ferred), fora private fumily, in Ravenswood, L. I. One with references msy apply at the Agency, 320 4th av. A PILOT WANTED? ON A STEVMTUG; MUST POS scss a thorough practical knowledge of the business from long experience iu it; noue other will answer. Address Palmer, box 160 Herald oilier, staling experience and refe rences. ABOOKKEEl*R, SALESMAN, AI1ENT AND CAN vasser wanted at the New York Electrical In-tltute, to (lo Indoor and trading business. Salary moderate. Apply alter 10 o'clock at the New York Electrical lnstiture, No. &ul Broadway (second ilo.>r). A WAITER AND OYSTKKMAN WANTED? AT NO. 7 Broad street. None but those fully competent need *ppiy T)OY WANTED IN A DRUG OFFICE.? AN ACTIVE, J ) Intelligent lad, somewhat acquainted with the business sn I residing with his parents, in Broukhn preferred. Call at y.l John at., on Wm. H. Krinsley. HALI. BOY WANTED ? A NEAT, ACTIVE, INTELU gent boy, with good recommendations, wanted inime di.,i. l) in the Hotel St. Germain, corner of Fifth ov. and 2 id St. w J ANTED ? A BOY WHO UNDERSTANDS WORKING on a Rtlggles piess; good wages. Apply at<!W9th ave. WANTED? AN ENTRY CLERK. WITH SOME EXi'E rience In bo 'k keeping. Address, with references, itat jng salary expected, box 2.298 Post office. TTT ANTED? Fi >11 PHIL\DELI'HIA, A HOOD STENCIL ? T cutter. Apply to Mr Lehman, ii)8 Clirvstio at.,, room No. 4, from 8 to 10 A. M., and from 8 tq 7 P. M. WANTED? TWKNTY EXPERIENCED BPTCHER? f f for dies sing hogs. To so >er, industrious men hlgh wa^es and steady eintlovmcnt will lie given. None other* need apr ly. Call at 300 West 38th street, New York. SPRING A JAMISON. \lrANTED-A VALET TO GO TO AUSTRALIA WITH ' VY a men hant, two entry clerks, clerk lor a shipping of fie, w ices $10 per week; two conductors, three porters, two br.ikemi n, one stewardess, lour gilts to travel to Europe and California. >ix men for ateainers, two boys to learn trades, clerk for a grocery store. Call at No. 7 Chatham square. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN HAVING A GOOD KNOWL V ? of bonkkeptng, and apeaking French and Kngliah. Address by leiter, In French, ottjoe o'.' the Mt&a.iger Franco America! n, 40 Howard at. TIT ANTED- IN A FIRST ChAi'S PHY GOODS JOJf } I hiug h .use. two Western .^st.-m-n. Address box 2,112 rost office.. giving references And stating salary. \ \ ' A N 1 K l? ? A V KW (iKNTMiMKN OF GOOD All \? d re ss , who arc well acquainted with merchant*, traders aud other* In this city, to solicit, subscription:* I'or a great pu i die object, and for which service a liberal coinpen&iilun will b > pa <1 A-ldrch s li. 11. I . lleral t ? U\*MKI>-a BOY ABOUT 14 TEAKS OLD, TO At. tend a paper btrind In a hotel; uie who tan come we I1 recommended preferred. Inquire corner of 9th at. aud ti:h a v., at 9 o'cJo k on Saturday morning. ANTED? AN ACTIVE YOUNG WAN TO ASSIST IN an auction dry good s store ,* must he able to wii ami have some exuerience. Apply this day before 2 o'clock at 154 Grand St., YVilliaiuhburg, L. I. fl.1 AO ?WANTED, A SMART VOUNG MAN. TO OPEN tpjAMr* an ofllce in Cincinnati, and take Uie exclusive Wholesale aucncy for all ol Lloyd's jtreai Miiltaiy Mans, which sell hk - the wind. $100 is Milhclei.t capital. To a young man who will follow Instruct ions $lu0 per week may oe made. AW-o, agents to g ? to Albany, N V. : Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Connecticut, Canada, D?*tro.t, Indianapolis, and Rochester, N Y., and every other Siaic. Call at LLOYD'S, No. 11 Broadway, {fAA ?WANTED, AN ENTEKPIII^INii MAN, TOGO ?P?JvM/? to California and take the inclusive ;:iiet?ey fop ail of Lloyd's gn at Military Map*. A fortune can be madnon th- ?e map* in California. Over 3,000,000 copies of one of my maps have been sold in the Ktatos already. Also, a man tO?<* to Havana, booth America, Mexico, Germany mid Italy France audEtigUnd are taken, and agent sco'nifn; money. J. T. LLOYD, lot Broad u ;>y. W WATCHES AND JEWELRY, A MAGNIFICENT DIAMOND CROSS (Vl.VA E.V iV Iki k*' brilliant*. of Uic In hi waiei), n] . ? n 1. ilinni n Hr ?h and Earrtnu*, for *a!? at a gr,:al - 1.. -. j a. It. W. 1'IA'MH, D umond Biokt'r, 61* BroadHii* . j] 0 IIU Id and 1 lil.Hnnly. Diamond JIVILKT for SALS at a sacrifice? A frw dralrable ?itWr? can b? had upon i:..r y applica tion lu B. W. 1*1.1 .MB, diamond broker, 612 Broadwur. Ollio hour* only liura i) illl 111 A. M. und 2 till 3 1*. M. Money tu lusu. COPABTHKMHIP NOTICES. AOOOD. RELIABLE PAUTNKU WTNTED-TO ITR . ;iri?' the onc-lwif Interest III a Urat i lax* K in i> (lime rt sum-, now doing ? line ci*h buBinesii. Full par a-.. lain tin l>' had bv on or addrc?>>hig Q. E.JUNES. l'Jl Pearl ?l reel, New York. A MAN WANTED? TO ASSIST AS EQUAL PARTNER ir. a rtry pleasant businoM, a monopoly, pa>lng $!0-0 perm<>ii:l> the year lOiin I. Too ben ?f rcfrreiic? eli n . n i hot 1,1.. in capital required. An extraordinary opptr un ty thia. api>H eai ly nt 632 Broadway, up ? lairs, room No. 4. PRINTER.? WANTED, A GOOD COMPOSITOR, ONE wjo iih* a ported knowledge of the French linin g' and qualified t'l ?k? churje oi u French printing office. Ad dn i* box 3, 7c 17 Pom affito. <>prn-ANT LADY OR UENTJJIMaN WITH itlls 3p>JU. ainoiint may ham full oniflt .mdln.ti Uon In a ii^ ". d'li^hlftil bUklnc *?, paying from $J,U? to $i.(.KW per y< N. Y. Electrical Inatuutc, Wood'n njarblf Irn idin^', W' ..r rndway. $?000 T0 * RARE CHANCE FOR AM-AOTIVE a"" man t?> a?>M??w au ic i*?t In a bii*u.e? atlordloij an , lU-tr and pernianrut piolu, without r.idt. J'ayn 200 1- r rut. In juiK uf BROW N *.tX)., 74 Rlevckar all > ei, noai BtHMMlway. CI ( W W\ "wTwV'llW.? WANTED, AN ACTIVE. "WR J J1,WJU rln^ yuung man, ?a partu*!' in an e-'abtlnhed boHiiinwi; awK'lauuiiH and 'oniiTtlota re flmt r!i?<. Tlxt pr.ta, nl pr"pr,?lur canitol d??i)lc tii? lltw r"U tirpd. For p? - Huuiaraad .khw . ?U t^n F. D. KiCJCVRDHO.V m CO., bi and S4 Namtaii aUvet. Ql'l (WIO _A O'JOD CHANCE ?"<>* INVE8TM NT aB, i'*rtnet, in -initfucturiiig an article us |re??t ijiti <b>*te vuiut and univerKail dc,.. ui, patented ut d y 1th out cuuipii ltioL. Full i-a.t'c at 64 Mi adwae 10 'in Nf. H. CASK A CO. Join ? j.?iv ui 1 Vrlc'lv < >- Dr. ??>.. a.l \> n , u the 1? January n?*r. T a v. rll r? ,? iia ? a ||1? in ^"1 Joiibing I ? II ' . a*< . can nirni 'i > .. * trad* of t v*'.UU0. i>ayl ? ohi o 0 12 p r fonrci mc noj . 15 > cri f a a nowUilo- < to oownwe K. -IJ h ???ntnen, ill ?, . I, pic ..lid ad! I r n;r I , . e > <? k t H'l.wmneu by ajdre** . Hi' n? Ki m, i ox lt>i r. MI SCTCIAANEOim. AN IMMENSE DrSCOUNT. WblH French Cham Dinner Plates, tlia do* $1 50 White French China iliva'.f ist fin 0 , thu Uoz 1 25 Wulto I'Tenh China Tea Plate*, tbe doz 90 W Ite frYen<h C liin.t Tea ?>'? ?, 41 pi?c ? 3 75 Q il<l Baud Kronen China Tr? Sets, 44 p'ecex 6 (XJ Gold and Colored French Cnlna Tea Hi ta, 44 pieces 7 01) Gold Band Prcndt Cblnn Dinner Sets, pjo pleies 49 00 SEVEN rY-KIVE Fancy l-'rciii h Clilua Dinner Sett) At S50 and upward*. Cut 01a?s Goblet*. the doz $1 85 Col Glass Decanters, tlia pair 1 50 Colored Bohemian Glass ringer Bow!*, the doz 1 80 Silver Plau d T? a Spoons, Ilia doz X 25 Silver Plated Table Spoons, the doz S 75 Hllver Plated Table Fork*, the doz S 7ft 8 Iver Plated Tea SetH, 6 pieces, handsomely engraved.. 1H 10 Sliver Plated Cike Baskets, eacli 4 SO Silver Plated Cast-rs, < cut boltles 4 50 SILVER PLATED ICE PITCHERS, $5 Largest nl/.e, handsomely engraved, $3 Belt quality ot? plate, $5 tlroat variety of patterns. 15 ?5 $a #5 $5 $0 Ivory Handled Dinner Knlve*, the doi $4 50 Ivory Handled Tea Knives, tho doz 4 00 A complete assortment of I HON STONE CHINA, ,v , . Maddock's make, at very low prices. Also the largest assortment of GAB FIXTURES in New York, embracing every article necessary to tbe com plete outllt of Public Buildings, Stores. , ? . v Dwellings, Ac., Ac. and all at WAR PRICES! _ . , w? WAR PRICES! I The buying public aro respectfully requested to TEST OUR PRICES by a comparison With other bouses. W. J. F. DAII.EY A CO., 631 Broadway. ALL DISEASES OP THE feet successfully cured.? Corns, Bunions, Callosotlea, Club and Ingrow ing Nails, Diseased and Eularged Joints, Chilblains, Frosted Feet, Ac., skilfully and surer awfully treated liy Dr. J. BKl<i<>8. BurgeoA Chiropodist, 212 Broadway, New York. BEAL'TY HATH CHARMS.-HUNT'S BLOOM OF Roses ? A delicate color for tbe cheeks and lips; will not washoR ; warranted not to injure tbe skin. Hunt's Court Toilet Powder imparls a natural whiteness to the complexion. Hunt's Imperial Pomade for the hair, llunt'a British Balm removes pimples, freckles, tun, Ac. Hunt's Pearl Beautlller for the teeth and gums. ' Hunt's Bridal Wieatb Perfume, at HUNT'S new store, No. 2 Asuir place. GREAT SACRIFICE OF PARLOR, COOKING, OFFICE ami store Stoves. All parlies purchasing run save t'r >ni $3 to $20, by buying from J. K.DUNCAN & CO,, great stove autlo.i store, 111 Nassau street, neur Ann. HOUSEKEEPERS. I.OOK HERE -THE PRICE LIST and location of the depots of the People's Provision Company will appear on the eighth page of next Sunday's lleiald. See it and save money. H HOMER, MACHINIST, PRESS AND PRESS TOOL . maker, dealer in new and seeoud hand Tools and Ma chltiery has on hand Drop, Screw and Lever Presses, Lathes, Vises. Anvil", Jeweler's and Tinsmith's Tools, at Sit. 54 Euat Broadway, near Chatham square. I UNO INFIRMARY, 609 BROADWAY. -DR. GRAVES J may be eon- ulied for diseases of the head, throat and lungs, also i eafness and biinduess. The most hopeless casca cured. Oiltce hours lr .hi 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. NAPTHA BENZOLE, SUBSTITUTE FOR TURPENTINE, 3o cents per ga'lon, lor sale In quantity to luit, by CHB8BBROPOH ? WHEATON, 130 Maiden lair ' MABI.E MANTELS? GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES Those wishing to boy Mantels very cheap should call at A. KLAREK'S inarhle yard, 113 East Eiphtoenth stie-t, near Third avenue, New Yoilr. Orders from tbe country executed with despatch. M. W. KINO.? INVALID CHAIRS TO MEET EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE. 70 EAST BROADWAY. MANY YEARS IN BROADWAY. PARIS.? NOTABLE TRADESMEN. Maisos Dilislc, patented by the Empress and the Suecn* of England and Holland. 'No. (Boulevard des Capu nes, facing rue de la Pali. Silks. India and French; Cash mere Shawls, Lace, Lingarln, Mantels, Fancy Goods, Wed ding Suits, Court and Ball Dressct. Diikssmakik? Maison Pauvct, No. 4 rue Monars. Thf. Hkapprkssks amd Mii.linlht of MUr. Boiler, 45 rue Neuve St. Augustine, represent so truly the type of distinction that several foreign courts, by whom she lias been ap pointed the patentee, iu the most flattering terms have adopt ed them. Lack Violard? Every requisite for Wedding Suits, Pro menade and evening dresses, Ac.. No. 4 rue de Cbolseul. J WKi.t.kK to H. M.? Kram: it, 31 rue Neuve St. Augustine. Mojorolaink? (Bronze China and. Ancient Furniture). The wan-rooms are removed tn 19 me de llelder. Chronometers and Clocks? I.e Hoy and Fils, makers to tbe navy. Palais Royal, 13 and 15 Galerle Mompeiisler. KkvrhsCuima? China, Crystals, Dinner Services, Doullgny, Palais Royal, Galerle Monlpensler, 21 ?nd 32. Goldsmith ssn Wiese, 48 rue de l'Arbrcaee, near tbe Louvre. Prices in known figure*. PRESTIDIGITATION. ? '1'IIE EXCELSIOR WEATHER Strip makes cold rooms warm and comfortable. Tbe Excelsior Window Moulding keeps out cold, snow and dust. Depot 637 Broadway. "IJAWNBROKF.RS' TICKETS OP CLOTHING AND DIA J. monds purchased A lot of line Beaver Overcoats for Hale lit *5, ?i) pairs Cmlttera Piuit i :\t ?i uj' >nir, and Bual neis < 'oats ai $3, at 448 Broome street, near Broadway. Ql'LIMIl'H AND VAPOR BATHS -TIM OLAT'S Ol.D O established hath*, introduced In 182? by L. J. Tltnnlat, from 1'ariN. at No. 1 Carroll p'aee, Bleecker street, corner of Laurens, New Ymk. liiven dally by A. L. T1MOI AT A CO. QYDNEY, At STlUI.I V.-T11F. UKDKR8IONBD, AS London agent, 1" authorized to receive advertisements and Bitbsi ripiiiui* for the ' Sydney Morning Herald," issued daily, and the "Sydney Mail," published every Saturday. Yore. THE ''-HORRORS," THlV "BLUES." MEI.ANt 'HOLY from loan of filings in battle or other cause, Nei vous ness, Weakn'-s* and Ennui, are instantly merited into the "World of Beautiful Drains'' hy Dr. Scott's Hasheesh t'andy. Price 2S ccnt-v Large boxes $1. Address New York Ele tra ill Institute, 501 Broadway, N. Y. TO WATCH IMPORTERS.? A WATC HMAK^TTp LONa experience, occupying* llrat class store, ilnely located on Broadway, is desirous of meeting! party who would furnish Gold and silver Wat' hes on commission or otherwise; refe rence! unexceptionable. Address (J. T., llernld ofllce. Tank wanted-in good order, stonoly hooped, and of slity or aeventy barrel a capacity. Ad dress George B. Haitaon, brewer," 111 East Forty aecoud street. MILITARY. ~~ | STAND op colors for the WARREN RIFLES ia now on exhibition at the Asior House (Nitlooii). Call and see llicm. AC HERMAN A MILI.EK, 101 Naasau street, next to the Herald ofllce. PERSONAL. 1 HDRBW J. LAStORBAUX, LATH A PASSENGER J\ per bark Mary and Louisa, la requested to call on ur Bend his address to ft. P. Russel, 271 Broadway. Frank a. cannot meet the lady in second svenue on Sunday morning. W 11 she be so kind as to address him another note appointing some other day? Harry? a friend of hans saw iiim in broad' w.iy yesterday A. M., Priday, and onee In the attmmer io a Ninth' avenue ear. 1 will be In New York Mondiiy. fi P. M. Shall expect a note from you to J. C., at the Broadway Post nfll'-e. J. C., Newark. JJAPHEESH CANDY 1 I ! Till: FRIENDS OR IIEIRS" OP PATHICK crNKTL, L who in April, INoti, lived at No. 131 Chrystle street, lit the eltvd New Vrk, and who died from wounds received on I In'' Isthmus of Panama, in the riot of that year, or of George C I'ii i l, who ?i also wounded, and who on returning to Ni \v York eiljr also died, will apply imuietliately to James C. V<ii rhee*, in ihe oliloe of Hi-ehe, Dean A Donohtie, No. 76 Willi hi reel, New York, tlisy will bear of aometliing to ihcir advantage. INFORMATION WANTED? OP JOHN CRAWFORD. I Vnv t. ue knov iu any tlilnR about lilrn, and will addeess J. ,\ P., 'IW Market slivet, N. Y., will ronfer a gi -ut fivnron his \\ lit: and three children. It is supiioscd he is in the city. U ston si mi l'h;l.i*le]|ih papers please copy. T F THE L M)Y WHO STOOD TALKIN I WI TH A I cut;, man ti Saturday evening, in Sixth avenue, near I C irmlie -ireet, will add .ess* a note to the gentleman who I i . .ed by tin in and touched the ftcutletuan she was talking i with, siui will confer a great favor, l'lease address M T., i I.i i ,id\\ ay Pom ulU' c, stating where an interview rau lie had. ?JOHN T. AND MIKE M? I WILL MEET YOU AT THE ?J Ivy Green Freo and Easy this evening. D C. TI-.K KY ? WILL BE THERE, SI RE, TO MORROW, ? 1 a i i so will you, if you dou'fmect somebody you like bill" r. No other r< a-.on n 1. 1 detain j on. Your note Is safe. ?J 7 ;t I '..-IF THE LADY WHO WENT RY THIS C.VMF. J j in Mrs. Wlllai Is. Phil idejphia, a year ago I art March, w 1 11 it station F Post o lice, corner of Third avenue and Tl itletli stie t, she will ihere ilnd a letter addressed us at o . which will Inform her of s luicthtng to .her pecuniary interest. . E. L. F. " ;S. ERNEST SCHOENING? THERE IS A LETT lilt lor you at Abram Bell's sons. QTEAMER WYOMING.? IF THE L^DY WHO RODE O a* lilt a Bowling Green with a gentleman, and mlsto ,ic lilrn for Mrs. Stevens' friend, will sdure..a a few lines to M. ti.-:* on Post olllee. Mating where an interview cau bo had, slit ?.? ; n- a .i teed hi him. 0 - I ADMIRE YO'-R PRUDENCE, BI T REORBf O. y< ? have lost conlidenre. Let u* at least lie friends. You in iy sot it* time ond rst.ind what now appear, mysterious I do iiotagree with you in all. Why not coniide In met BYUOV. TN BUILDERS? IF THE ONE WHOSE ACQUATN tan. e I ma le thr eyeais or m ire ago in Urooni- e t j would like to see 'ne, he will a (dress J uda, Herald oSce, .r ! answer throu,li hj "Personals." ri^UE LADY THAT TOOK BY MISTAKE A LAUilE 1 Buiidl ox cootainlnc two Bonnets, from the 5 P. M oat fioin Maten Is;ati ' to New Yo.k, will ple.ise send to the in tli-raig.ieil'* olTiO' , No. 0 Bonding Ureen, kialing where ,t i v lie lotlnd. The bonnets cau be l.lentited as well as the lady that look the box. To save fuilhcr trouble please comuiy with tlieanore. O. DICKINSON, Couimissionur for Protection of Emlgrauu to Calil'oi nla, IHiE ELEVENTH Htii'R-lT IS NOT TOO LATE ? Read t iat 111. United medical wuik, "II . nan Vr 1 i i be .. d of in. BARtlOW, ItH Bleeeker sir et, lot i .. orf i torn Mac loogal, N. Y. S nt iree every\?Jwre on receipt of 25 cents wortU of postage ? tamps. C ?nsiSiahons ur uankl. WILL THE LADY, OP TWKNTY.THIRDSTItP.ETW 10 %aved her han tkeiMiiti on Monday la t.ou Fo.nih aw . it.*, io a, address Jr\, U?* Htf Herasd ottice, i ajipoinlltig auln;ervi! wt \rnvrER garden, Thursday b>'Enino.-the *1 ye ngla i who sat on the !elt side W the dr?s. rlr-ir, foj uurai ied tho aii?ntlouo( a (, ml m m n i > .i,, ). r . II itl- ? s a note to Charlie Ki ig, stt.Uoii A e-.i i sUitlaf wborc an Interview uiay be had, andi ? IiIi.IIim ADM I It K R. ?, irn,:. m/nnie. op Brooklyn, please i ali "at V the Bin.ikly Post ofllo>. lor a letler directed to Miss ah i'Ik iii|>?.n, end obilgi tl.e y ntlnuun who ?a?- liei s' t ?it a car Kj i lien ferry B> /oklyn, about hall j^st two ick on Friday ' .'ter::Q'. -W * "T? - MvNU Alirjilfcs;) TO fi/E ?? .inr. Idle t?r*? i now We stei. PINE STREET I

M , AWD W>OOIBO, . A '? WO d RuSr Tiun.-K-ia H'^'rVt I p^r'^y"' Cr4uto"/' M^O jkjy ? jf)<J jf a. HHEP\Rn M d J> B- wass. rLH^-0^ Hoard. Ifotivt* fiisf ,.? t . "<w>uw. urjih full A At 2-1 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN 11. Ill in ! Slxili uv< Dues, IiU'li: handsomely furnished Rooms, with Bediooms ou second and third floors; also sin gle Rooms lor ijenliemeu. All modern improvements. Re ferences eicliatigi d. ATTFNTION IS CAJ.LED TO THOSE LIVING IK hotels and boarding houses.? There is an establishment opened at 11U Macdougal street, the rooms being laid out in nulls and furnished with everything necestary Tor house keeping, ill order Hint a family may have a complete home, ami live at an inconceivably low rate. There is a restaurant aiiiti lied. ? AT 4'J BLEECHBR STREET? A FEW DOORS EAST Off Mi oau v. ay, lamilics iud single gentlemen can be act om modated with elegant Rooms ami liberal Board. A LADY H AVING TAKEN THE FIRST CLASS HOUSE No. 114 Sei oiid avenue, corner of Sevi n 'i street, ha* u bai.dsnuic Soil and also two single K> UU1S to uisp se or. Call at house or ad^reaa bo* 3,.J83 1'ost olhee. A SUIT OF NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LBT on the ilrsi or second floor, with or without pai ttal board, Hi gentleman. The bouse contains the modern im provements. Terms moderate. A) ply at 91 West Eluveuth strict, between Fifth and Sixth avi um's. A SUIT OF ROOMS ON THE THIRD FLOOR TO LET, tog* tlier or separately, to gentlemen only, in a private French family. Locat'nu most desirable. Apply at 25fi Fourth Itreet, Wi suit.. o i square. A LARGE ROOM, WELL FURNISHED, TO LET, IN A prorate French family, to single gentlemen. raitlul board givi ii II' required. Terms reasonable. Apply at 2-i Fourth sir nt, Washington square. APIEASANT WELL FURNISHED PARLOR, WIHI closets, gn* and Croton, f> lei, with Board, upon mode rate terms, to geutlam. n or a married couple, in the urst class modern house, Ml rt'e t Fifteenth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO TWO GENTLE mi u u pleusant Room or Rooms, wlih Board. Dinner at (i o'clock. House In a good locution. 68 West Seventeenth street. A VERY FINE SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED J.V Rooms to let, cither together or separate, with lirst < lass Board: house deltghtiully aud conveniently located. A| ply al lfiti West Eleventh stri el, in ar Sixth avenue. References exchanged. A SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WJTH Board, suitable for a gentleman and wile ortwo or three sln,:le gejitleuicn, al 71 West Fourteenth street, lust brown stone bouse west of Sixth avenue. A LADY IS DESIROUS OF MEETING WITH A PARTY J\. wanting Rooms lor the winter, iu one oi thi* tlrst i?H.a tions in the city, that would be willing to ndvauce the sum ol JliiU; references exchanged. Address A. Y. X.. llciald uince. A SMALL l'KIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN TWENTIETH street, will rent a front Room, with full ljuaiil, to a E-nili'timn and wife. Best of reference required. Addic-s u 1,307 Post otlice. A FRONT HALL BEDROOM TO TeT-WITII FULL Board, to a single gentleman, at a reasonable price, in 1 1? f.rst class house No. 6 West Twenty-fourth a tree1, oppo site Filih Avenue Hotel. A FRENCH FAMILY, LIVING IN GOOD STYLE AND occupying a lust class house, would uccominodaic a few single gentlemen with Board and wed furnished Rooms. Sj'a. i h, German and English spoken. Apply at i.8 West Tweln.i street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN HAVE A WELL furnished front Room, with Board for lady <yily, in a small, quiet family ; no other hoarders ; house lias gas, hatb, 4k.; located wost ol Broadway, below Amity street. Those only wllliug to pity a suitable price for comfortable accommo dations need address Home, Broadway Post ofllce, for three days. ADEI.IQHTFUL SUIT OF ROOMS? PARLOR FRONT, high nails and mirrors, iu brown sume house 1.130 Broadway, by Madison square. Fifth avenue, and just above the Fit h Avenue Hotel, Willi Board. Family small , terms moderate, and permanency desired. A RICHLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WHICH MAY he nrranged asl'arlorand Bedroom, will be letwiih first class Board, to a gentleman and his wife or to two gen tlemen i location, Madison avenue, near the square. Unex ceptionable references required. Address 0. L. M., Herald oilier. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR AND Bedroom on second lloor to lei, with Board; house con tains the modern Improvements; a home realized; references exchanged. Apply at 23 Grove street, between Hudson and Bleecker. A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH CLOSET, TO LET, TO single gentlemen, or a gentleman and wife, with ur with out Board, In a private laml.y, w ithout children. House well furnished; has bath, gas, Ac. Terms moderate. Apply at 13) FU tlx street, near Bet oml avenue. \ SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. J\. whose house is larger than their needs require, desire to lake a gentleman and his wile, or two single geutlem n to board with them. The locatiou is central, ana very conve nient to all of the railroad and stage routes. House is 134 East Fourteenth strc< I. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN, DESIRING TO ROOM together or separately, can have pleasant Booms, with full or partial Board, in u private family. Apply al No. 067 Urooinu street. A RICHLY FURNISHED APARTMENT TO LET-TO A it b jle gentleman; breakfast If <lesired. Apply ui 37 East Fifteenth street, first house east of Union square. BO ABO.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR ONE O't two single gentlemen, can he accommodated with )?!?':, ?ant. Rooms in a j nvste American family. Location very desirable. Apply v SI Lexington avente. B CARD.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OK TWO (JEN llcmen can have Board, ?l.h a pleasant lrout Rouiu, having gas, hnlh, hot and cold water, .Ac. Dinner at six o'clock. Te rns jj per week, Including tlr<s stid gas. Apply at 4^; s1 sixteenth street, near Union square. BO.UJD.-A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, FOR A KIN .1 .eutlenian or lacy, in Twenty-third street, near Nin'h ''.me. Terms, $J t er week. Apply in the ?t)re, 13i N ntli a enue. Board -$m wanted, for which board, wash lng and the entire eare taken of a little child from now till May, by a married lady, without ehlldri n. Unexceptional ble refi reUces given. Address D. J. G., s'utlon F, Third ave. Board.? a suit of pleasant furnished rooms, on second story, may i ? had, together or separate, with Board-ai No, 81 Clinton plai e, two doors east of Filth ave n lie, R derenei srequir t. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. AND SEVERAL single gentlemen, cim obtain very desirslie turufsln d ApartinenlH on the Si0oud|?ud third Hours, with Board, In an agreeable l'aiuliv. Apply al 30 West Twentyaventh street, a few doors from Bi ondw ay. Board in a private family for two gentle men.? A large buek I'm lor on the first Ih or, nlci*l> fur n.slied; house with all the modern improvements. Inquire at 81) Amity street. Board for children in the country -four or live children i an have a good home In n small private family in Greenwich, Conn., near a school. Terms reason able. Apply at 11S W hlus street, New York. Board at 34 sr. mark s place.? large and small Booms, en suite or single, to let in gentlemen and their wives, or alimlc gentlemen, with full or pat tial Board; location vi ry pleasant an 1 convenient lo ears and stages; house first dm*, Refer, nets exchanged. Board wanted? permanently, by a widow isdy, three > hildren mid nurse girl. Price not to ex ceed twelve dolla * per week in advance4, in a plain, re spectable private iaiiuly prelerteil. Address II., Herald of. lice, with particulars. Board wanted-for a gentleman, wife and child, In a private family; two unfurnished Booms, with wafer, (ire and cas, in a modern bouse, between Twelfth and Thirty-fourth streets; cast sale of the city preferred. Ad di ss E. W., Herald oilier, stating location and terms, which must lie moderate. -tTovRD WANTED? WfTH FURNISHED ROOM AND JJ Are, by a young ludy, in a private family where there are 110 ot lo r boarders. L igation below Tenth street and cast of Broadway. A idless L. E? Broadway Post offlce. Board wanted? for a gentleman and wife, private family, or Meals served In lln Room preferred; terms $S per week, Including gas. Address II. W. 11., Broad way I'oslolltce, suiting particulars. Board-wanted? for a lady and bentleman. ? iu a quiet family: beard for the lady only; location be tween Tenth and Tlilrty-lourlh streets, from Third to Seventh avenues. Address I,. I* L., Madison square Post o.lue, 'j4i Broadway, Terms not to exceed $8 per week. Board wanted in a quart family- by a gen l!< man and lady, full Board for the lady. Address L. L., Ilerald ollice, for ttirce d.iya. Boarding? a parlor and bedroom, on the second lloor. ins; be obtained at lllft West Fourteenth *tr et; the holts.* and lii'ullty one or the best 111 the city, and combining every letiince. comfort ami convenience. Boarding.? w anted, by a young widow lady. a furnished Room, with Board, in a quiet unobtrusive lam ly where there aie no other boarders. Brooklyn pre ferred. Address ,1. B., Herald office. Board for instruction? in Brooklyn, a lady wl hes Hoard in n private family where lemons on the p>am>;, ric would bo received as an equivalent; references of t leblgbest respectability. Address Si. D., 176 Adams street, lirooklyn. , BOARD OB RESIDENCES IN city or country.? Free dlr-1 t.ons hiv n to applicants or Bmnl or Dwell, tins at tlie "Board Registry," SiS Broadway. Board wanted, and 1) .veilings, in desuubl' inutilities, for wailing applicants. A. C. JONES A CO. Brooklyn boabij.? superior accommodations fie. i gentleman and wife or gentlemen, on very r ?? v>nal)!e terms; a select number omy are taken. Locjitc.n wilhin l i re minutes' walk of Sou ih ar Wall street ferry, lnqul.e at 96 G trdrn street, Brooklyn. TJOARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN? WEST OF FOMO* i street, In lb vidtiity of Wall street ferry, or in N-w Yor) , between Nluih an'. Tenth streets, In a pvivaie lamily, ic. b v; a Kooui nicely furnished, ou tile second llihii. Board li d t J exceed $30 a month. Including fir* and (a*. Ri fereticm exchanged. AHdreSi De Cater, Hera j .nice. Board wanted in b^ouklyn-by a young | gentleman, not ovei ten tnlniiles' walk Irom the South ferry: a pritalc fa'nlly : re; erred. Terms must be moderate. A dress J., Brooklyn Post oflkc. Board in i>booei.yn,-wbu. furnished rooms for g?nt emai'i and wife or two gentlemen, with hoavi4 it 7,1 Si/ fa ? re-t. Very convenient to Wall strut or . .uth 'etry. .vll conveniences In tha bouse snd terms ma dwt. Board n i r.>oklyn.-front room, with bed unite a' uolir \ with Board, ean ba secured by a gentle, tran ar 1 n ,0 or tw tl nllemen, oo very moderate terms; inuse oonvenK'nt to Wall and Fulum ferri' s and pleasamly )gr.a4i '. Aj 'l> al 47 Concord street. Pc.w boarders oiuy IMMIj. n.lilD IN IsROOKLYN.? TWO HANDSOMELY Fiiit ni> ' , Stills of Koo ns on second lloo ; also one oritio t e^le i\- itns "? !'<? ,*'ith Hoaad, in a modern Louse m sUabiy ivutiaU, at JUW CUuiou street, corner oj Utale. BOA II DING AND LODGING. BOAKD IN BROOKLYN.? SING I. E GENTLEMEN OB gcutlcmen Mil their wive* can obtain Board and pleasant Boom* at 23 Concord street ; the house has all the moueru Improvement*; gentlemen at the Navy Yard will llnd thlt a conveulf at ami desirable location. Retereiice* exchanged. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? l'LEASANT BOOMS AND Board in ii private family, w lit' re the comfort* of a home can be enjoy, il. Apply ut 26 Lalayette avenue. Board in Brooklyn, i? clinton street? a trout' with b-droom attached; also room* lor ?Ingle gentlemen; all of which will be routed ul a low price; the dinner hour in changed to 6 o'alot k. Board wanted in brooklyn-por a gentle man. wife ami elilld, fourteen month* old; will I nrnlah If desired. Price not to esoettd 940 per month. Refer -nee* given. Address M. L. T., box 4,703 Pott oilier, New Yolk, stating t rmn and all jiartleularg. Brooklyn heights.- f ir sale, very low, a finely located three ?tory brown Hone basement and nub cellar Hnuae, 28x60. situated on Columbia street, overlooking the harbor oi New York. For particular* addre** C., box 71 Brooklyn Postofllce. Board on Brooklyn iieiohts may be obtain ed, by applying at 37 Cranberry *treet, ni nr 0 ilumbla a reel, II' ?Use ha* all the mouern improvements; location very plea a i ? convenient to Wall or rulton feiry. Boom* neatly furnished, Ac. ESIR \ ItliB BOOMS, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED _ to g . men without buaid, in the modern It use 23 Ni it i street between Filth and Sixth avenue*. Stage* pas* D M TjlURNfSH KD IIOl'SE TO RENT? PROM NOW UNTIL r May 1; the rent ot which wiy be taken in Board for three ad tilt pet nous. Thu house Is a 11 rat clan* four story brown stone front with all modern improvement* and handaoinely furnished; location Forty-liftli gin et, convenient to Sixth avenue car . at. A. M., box 120 Herald Ollice. FURNISHED ROOM, WITHOUT BOARD, AND WITH accommodation* for Hre, to let, by a private faintly to a slrglo gent!. man; terms (.'> per month. Apply at 2S1 lienry slieeL N. B.? One block lroui E si Broadway stages. I BURNISHED ROOM1) AT 7fl'l II It O AD WAY, BETWEEN Eighth mill Ninth *lree;? ? Suit* of Boom* and side Booms, on second tioor, to let to K'litlemen, separately or to R 'tlicr; house has ail the modern improvement*, and in a pleasant lo utloli, TjlURNISHED PARI Oil TO LET, FOR GENTLEMAN 1 and wife, wit' r ? ;il out Bo.i d. Also, tuo gentlemen bo .rdrr* wanti i', t lt<2 Urooinc street, near Broadway. j WOULD LIKE TO FIND A LADY OR GENTLEMAN L ol some n> ? its ho wo tld Join me in keeping a Boarding house in Hie .1 , o. Washington. I can till it immediately with llrsi eliiia bjatders. For particular* address John, box 21. 1 lleral.l otlico, IN BOND STREET.? TWO OR THREE HANDSOMELY furnished Room*, on lirst itoor, with every convenience, jra?, fire, hot and eold water, near Broadway; convenient for a family of three of four persons; will be let i heap until 1st of Ma). All ;ies? I.. C.iiicioii, station D, Aslor place, N. Y. MRS. BUSI1 NELL? DELIQHTFULLY LOCATED AT 13 Murray Kil. park, hasasuitof Booing tor a lamily, and single 1 he best of reference. A1SON MEI'BLKE, 70 AND 72 WEST THIBTY eightli strict. ? Room*, el canity furuished, or whole Floors, hi h kit. hen, cellar and yar.l; houses new, lint class, four story, h'gb s'oop, brown stone; common parlor; in. tils furnished; eii.ible Physician's ollice. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN A TIIllfD Hour, with three communicating Bo ons, with pantries, hot and cold water, grates, bath, if., all neatly furnished, in a private family. Location a few door* from Fifth Auntie II 'tel. Breaklast and Tea If desired. Addles* Moore, Madi son square Post ollice. TO LET ? WITH BOVRD, AN ENTIRE FIRST FLOOR, just v.icaut; most splendidly furuished, in.a private bouse, in view of Union square, Relerence required. Ad dress box 1.214 N. Y. Post office. TO I.ET? TO A GENTLI M \N AND LADY, A LARGE neatly furnished front R>om,onseiond floor, with bath a id watefcloset at'aehed, with Hoard for the and partial Board lor the g.'iitleman if required; or will let ibe Ruom without board. Ca.l at 70 West Houston atrect. TO LET-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM and Hall Bedroom, with or without Boaid, In a small family; gentlemen preferred. Apply at 73 Amity street. rro LET? WITH GOOD BOARD. FRONT AND BACK X Parlor, on lirst floor, lo a gentleman and wife, at $60 per mouth ; bouse has ail improvements, small American fami ly, no children, in a good neighborhood, convenient to cars and stages to any part of the city. Call at 280 West Twenty-second street. Likewise third Boor to let, reasona ble, with Hoard, to gentleman and wife. Three pine rooms to let? together or ke parate, on second lloor, with Board, in a private family; room* hemcd; every convenience for home comfort*, at 73 Powers street, near Pacific street, Brooklyn. WANTED-tN A QUIET, PBrVATE FAMILY, TWO Rooms on s .me tioor as bath room, with Board, by a gentleman and wll'i , i n moderate terms, not much exceed ing $12. m lil h will '?>; paid weekly, in advance, if desired. To receive attention, answers should slate price and other particulars. Address P. P. IV, Herald office. <!?'> ()X -CHEAPEST BOARD IN NEW YORK. juOt Nice R<ioins, with good Board, t2 25 to $3 per week bud upwards, ladies and families suited less thsn any oilier house. Nice par'om, with piano*. 48 Ltspeuard street, near Broadway and Canal glrcet. Watchman In at tendance. Lodgings cheap. 8TH STREET.? NO. 8S CLINTON PLACE, NEAR UNI versiiy place; Parlor nnd Bedroom to let, suitable for two feirlctii' n w ishtng pleasant and comfortable rooms, at the iw price of $0 per week; also one Parlor and Bedroom, very line, st $?( per week. 9DEI.ANCEY STREET, FIVE DOORS FROM BOW cry.? A Suit of furnished Booms, consisting of Pat lor hii.I two Bedroom* adjoiniuf, with or without Board, or par tial Board, i In- and lire. Apply to C. Redticld, No. 9 De Ian. cy street. Mwest ninth street, near sixth avenue.? Two h.ndnome Parlor* to let, furnished or unfurnish ed, wiili or without Board; also alee single Rooms. English beaeinunt house, witii ail modern lmprovt mvnts. Oil EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, TWO DOORS FROM ?i\) li; i li avenue. ? Comfortably furnished Rooms 10 ltt, wuU or without Bu ill, iu a first class house, containing all modern i mprovemeiils. OC GREENE STREET, IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF dU\f the l>e?t hrd-l* and places of amusement.? Furnished Rooms to let to gentlemen only. Rooms at id cents to $3 per week. House lias gas, Croton water, Ac., and U very quiet. K BAST TWELFTH STREET.? LADIES AND OEN ) tlemrn desiring Board for the winter, will Und good i;o mis 11 ml accommodations at Ihe above desirable house and location, being a tew door* west of Broadway. Huferences. exchanged. 3 ?>,- AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET.? ONE OR ? J?) two select families and two or three gentlemen can in v lie i coiumodat?d with salts or single Rooms, in one of the ni( st delightful locution?; the houses are new and newly furnished, kliumert between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Table lirst class, References exchanged. OQ WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND ? 10 Sixth avenues.? One Urge Room, newly furnished, to let. w nh Hoard, io it gentleman and wife, or tw o single gen tlemen; a'.so one HaUBedr?iom, to a single gentleman; one large front i'o tn and Bedroom, on the second floor, unfur nished, event l arpi t*; rooms warmed by register: hotand cold water . bnthruoui on same floor. Parlies having lurnl torc will find it to their advantage to tall as the terms will be moderate. A A UNION SQUARE.? A SUIT OK FRONT ROOMS, Tfx on first Hi or, 10 let, with Board. Also, a few single ro.ons for graitam M, r/> EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, SECOND DOOR ? 11) ! torn Union sipiare. ? Two handsome front Kooms on I lie third Moor lo lei, with Board; house first class, location unsiirp?s?"d. References exchanged. Terms moderate. rr/T EAST TWENTY-EIOIITH STREET.? A SUIT OF Ul / very fine large Rooms, wllh a great deal of closet room, to li t, with I! ard. 'Private table if deslied. House HrxtiUss. Terms moderate. References exi hanged. Qt) URKKNE STREET, ABOVE SPRING? ALSTON ?7 O ll. u-r.? El' j.antly furnished suits of Rooms, with ran, Croloi w neran I every convenience for housekeeping ceo itoml ally; particularly suited for small, respectable families. Rent low. Q7 ST. MARK'S PLACE.? BOARD AT $3 AND $1 PER O I week, for mnttemra anil w ives or single gentlemen. House vi n ta us all the mo.leni Improvements. II n B'.l'.ECKKR STREET. WEST OF AND NEAR J.JL'/ Br. ail Why.?' Pleasantly Furnished Rooms to let, with or without III ard, single or In suits; meals served in rornriK If desired. Tianslent boarders nccommod ited. Location pies? at and ei mral. 11 Q WAVERLEY PLACE.? HANDSOMELY FURN 11?" lslied Ki onis on si conU and third Honrs, with Board. Dinner at (!. Every conrenleme attach ed to Ihe house for III ? accommodation of first eluss t.nerders for the winter. I] I TWENTV SIXTH STREET BETWEEN SEVENTH .1 I and Eighth avenues.? A large Back Room anqBod loom, on Ihitd llo r. to let, Willi Board, to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, on the most reasonable terms. House .iisul the uiw'urn Improvement* Dinner at six. lCfl PRIUOTJ STREET -ST. CLAIR HOUSE.? KIE I>)l) .. iitly furnislied Honim, with Bedrooms attached Willi a 1 the ' invenlenees for housekeeping com) lete, inelud inir . .is a i.i Cto'o . witter, to let to respectable families or stu,;le !il!el< en. Ifmi.VST FOURTEENTH STREET? FURNISHED AvMr lie r.a wiU be let in suits or separately, with full or l?r (a! fc. ir I. 9 ] <\ ELM "STREET? JACKSON HOUSE.? THE BOM Zi 1 1 ' n .'or a iiy nnd conveniently furnished Apartments In .: my. to mc it Ihe wants of small lain lies, with every reqti sl e furniture, clean linen, cooking range and utensils, gn an . Glfiit 'I wilier, WO | KRtUDWAY. OPPOSITE WAVERLEY PLACE.? I O' t suit of Parlors, with Bodrooms attach .ul, to let to gentl. men only, with or without board, at very low rate?. CoiSTRmOARD. Clul NlRY BOARD.? WANTED, IN ORANGE, N. Je J B ard for a lamiiy of tour grown pe sons, where ther wiii few or no other boarders. Beat references given and required. Asblress M., box 6^) N. Y. l'ost nuico. O'J PIvlv WEEK -BOARD ON THE NORTH ST?E OF V?J J. i'S 1 land, 33 from the city, aud acces-i ik by i.,ilsot boat. Pi n o healthy ami convenient lo e'.uirehes; hontlay and balling. Adliess Economy, box 2U0 Herald ofliee. p NEWSPAPERS. RWON7.R8 AT CHARLESTONI A FULL AND COMPLETE LIST orrnv; UNION SOLDI ER8 NOW CONFINED THERE, will bi fon id In l ie NEW YORK ATLAS TO-MORROW (SUNDAY). No list of these prisoners has before been Riven. Also the Qret mim or, in 1UE ATLAS OF SUNDAY, or THE VAC "HFICKNT NEW STORY, BT MA GARbT BLOUNT, "THE M.LLER'S DAUGHTER, OR SET IN GOLD." Ano.ner f^U ^ Behind a Sewfnf Machine," "All. ?> vn..ea are Deceitful," I.I, Is la the Kalr," A>"D T^ *TY I r liiR CHARMING SKETCHES, II TIIK 24JUW *Q&* ATLAB OF SUNDAY. ? iwwf ay enow. AUOUO BUSINESS HANDWRITING GUARANTEED 10 young men in i n suns, of otic hour each. Book, keeping reduceu to ? 1 ihuroueb course of Ins; ruction. Private lessons 4|v. n OLIVER B. Ui'LDaMim, No, 6 Kourlh avenue. A LADIES' BOARDING SCHOOL? W ANTED IMME diately, a liitio y rl in be brought nuns* fanher; she will 1).: carefully Instructed in Eugliao Pi , nch, mnaic, Ac ; a 11 aum the Ill'SI Vi lli*. Ann r Ukll'I'U wui iHj carciuuy insinuated lit Kngllaii. Ki . null, iiu'l ?, .tc ; h ? mull aum the lirai year. A|>p y |? rxonally to kit. SMITH, 2S7 Went Twelfth air. et, near Ablngdou square. Ab teacher.? a young man who is fully compel rut to teach Cr o% and l<uiiu and all the Engiiatx briiuchcs, would devote i t' xv hour* ev-ry day to the iu* atruction of pu|ilU at ilielr r a denoi a. Good city reference. Addieaa Joseph < 'are;, GuUtual Theological Seminary, Weal 20ih at. Best sustained bo seminary in thh State. $1 10 per year. Brick bulldlugs for l.idlea and gentlemen. Able*: teachers iu all l< nartiiieuts. Winter term, Dee. Si Addica* H<:v Joseph !?:. Kliu, Port Edward IniUtute, N. T., ou the Surutoi'i' and W ultohall KaJ'road. CONV'Ei:-. \ 1 1 ? AT, COURSE IN KRENCH.? PROF. D. LAi.Kol j. A , lit N nth ktreei, ear Broadway, la forming a ...iy ? uir ladle uud an evening clans lor gen tlemen. Ti rma. j.8 pel (| a ter 1'or references, Ac., apply from 10 to 11 A. M. ui 7 to o 1*. .M. ELOCUTION.? M it. WALCOT BEOS TO REPLY TO num. reus Innulrert,, fter S .;.rday, til.- ?ld in?t., he will be prep r iu to re'clvc e ? iv more pupil* lo Instruct In Rea' in,- and Sp akin, for (he Si g , the Pulpit, and the Bar. Km- term*, ;i,>| ly .i i.,n \\ ,,y r e\ place, New York. Home school for nt rs and hirls, stamkord, Conn. ? ltoai > - l\ ...on. $12 |M-r i|U*rier. Winter term commences l?~ K ..ii" lara address Miaa 8. E. Roaboroiiftil, i'rln ii ' mnE HOI'.ACE A \ PJ \ N OS AND MELODEONSL a on I Alcxaudri 1 e l.neM Inatrunienta for piirioraaii'1 ciiur a i. ? in -.hp \ l ,r e a-aortment can b* wen at ih> new war*! . a/, between Grand and Broome m recta, \? le> ? M aoM at extremely low price*. Pianos and .Vc odi n fundrv makers, new anil second hand, to li t, and rn lllow d if purchased as per Hureem-nt. Monthly i>s"me> i lived for the same. Sheet Mini'. Music HojUn. ud u '? <>f music merchan dise, at w?" ) 'ic s. A p .list i'i cnJance will try dew music. INSTRUCTION IN FJtB N'CII. ? A TERNOON AND evening cIi.hrck are now fm iina, a' ii will be opened on Monday. Decembers, at Prolets '''OIL UL.RGILRS, No. 172 Bleecker str"?t. MARSH'S WORKS ON UOOKKEEPINO, Complete uud .in ill ul editions, Prlnte ' >n colors, MARSH'S COUNTING ROOMS FOR PRA'TICE IN BOOK KEEPING AND ill'SlMESS VFPAIRS, Irvine I tiidinga, 596 Broadway. Circulars wlt'i ? mt on a| , He iiton. NEW ML'Nl1 ?THOMAS '1A KEIl'8 S'EW WALTZ, 1 HE I.AI HA KEENE WAI.TZ. ?'oe IJi* , ,, prle The moat beautil it an 1 1'- |" ' HORACE WAT1-.I S. 4S1 Bro.i TO ANY WISHING I V ST'lUOTION IN ENGLISH, CLAS aica, 1< . or Fren (tp' 1 en), b an experi enced eriiilnut .i Yale Oo'.l uddl'.m '? \lnh Dai ion, No. 0 Can oil |ilai", Hlcecker street, or. alls t u ou or6 o'cl'K.k P. M. WANTED? AH A V ASSISTANT IN A FAMILY BOARD in?i and day school, a young lady who has had some experlm e hi teai, |iriclp.i:l 'o take ?? charge ef ih? lirluiary clasKes. To one coinp. tent to teach the Km-liala brunc it's, drawlnit i,n i r uuicb, a con.foru >!e and pleas nt home lor the wii.tor will bn gtreii, an'* a ini?ierate co.i.Leu sillon .! if assl^iance |k rt-q lii i in a'll the above bralickc*. S^iUiactory f > luea required. Address 0. M? R., box 1,888 Past ofllce, N. Y. WANTED? BY A WELL EDUCATED YOl NO GERMAK lady, a sltuHtion os ovei ness, companion to a lady, or housekeeper; ran uive the te. liinoiilala of compe tency and ei-iability ; salary not i-o mucb an object as *? comfortable home. A liii" s- box 3,5.5 Post oOlce, New York city. WANTED-TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE IN THE. country, a lady not e?? >n tt.iity years of ace, to Instruct a boy of aer u; ? .u-i ' . unpetenl to assist lo. liousekrepingaud nor'!. rk \ 1<: "F ox S,5d5 Post olllce. New York city. OOD'S GYM NASI i AN t'KN INO ACADEMY 93 and 95biiih a - > ? io beaiik on aaar cine depend." Mi.rmn ? leu,.. . . ? nlng clasa. s lor ladles, aentlemen hu.i . Mien. ? >i .\e -isn at? hour, day or evening. Teruu 1 a . WM. WuuD, Proprietor. w COAL. WYOMING VALLEY COAL, ?4 5^-, FOR THIS WEEK. This lathe In si slow an i raiye Coal now in use. For sale ouly by LOYD k CO., 'S?l Eiphili avenue, corner of Twenty-seventh street. ASTROLOGY. ABQNA FIDIi ABTROLOGIST. THAT EVERY ONB can depend on. Is Mad. me V- ILSOJs, who tells the ob ject of your visit as soou as j on enter her room. Madame Wilson is the grea . st a-tniloylst that ever was known. She will invoke the powers 01 h -r wonderful science, and tell ail the events of your whole life, Her piedlctions arc so true thut they Surprise wpij one tm consults her. Some ladies, may get a little timid, though they r.. .-d not fear, for she practices nothing nut what u reasonable to phllosephera, AU should consult this must wonder! ul and mysterious lady. Her advice has nevei b -.-u known to tall, sua twenty thou sand dollars reward f.0 any onu who can equal herin the above science. Madame W.isoii is in possession of the eele? brated magic charms, wuloii are ever certain in their effect. Ti uly may she !e called a wonderful woman. 189 Allea itreet, between Hi>iiKt..ii an I Stanton, over the bakery. Fee for ladies and gentlemen. W cents. ASTONISHING.?: MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH daughiei, has a ( >t'l of foresight; tolls how soon and olten you will niHrry, .m l a 1 y.m wl li to ?.iiow, even your very thoughts, or no pay: lucky ciurms free: her equal la not to be round ; hcrn.age image Is now in full operation. 1S4 Ludlow street, l>?iow Hous'.i-u Price 26 cents. Gentle men not admitted. Astrology.? profes or wilson, the cele brated Astim ..or, i..ay tic const. t. the past, present and future cventsoi lite, at 8ft Bldrl .y'-.tieet, one .tour above Oraml. Pee SO cents. Time of birth te.ulreu. Attendance from IDA. M. to 8 P. M. Astrology.? madame meyer, late of no 25c Eighth avenue, ban irturiieu from ihe country and Mun up her residence at M9 Seventh avenue, second iloor. She continues to tell past, present and future event*. Madame MEYER converses in English, French and German, dnd gives warrantee for her art. ' CLAIRVOYANCE.? MRS. SEYMOURS MEDICAL Rooms are located at lul Wen Fii te nt . street, corner of Sixth avenue (entrance on Fi leenth sir^ut). ConsulUtlone 011 sickness, business, absent frl-nds, Ac., Ac., and satisfac tion gun ran teed as usual or no puy. CORA A. SEAMAN, INDEPENDENT CLAIRVOYANT. Medical and business consultations day and evening. The science ah' unfolds being so satisfactory to all it is un necessary lo give Illustrations of the astounding results, but continues at 239 Division street. /^pOD NEWS.? MRS. IT ROEDER, FORMERLY RE \J siil In:; for many years hi Wooster street, near Amity and Christopher, ha* arrived, and can be consulted at her residence, 4ft Suil.van street, ou all affairs through life, with and in regard lo health, wealth and marriage, love affairs, journeys, lawsuits, difl.C'tlllei In buslneas, absent friends and death, and gives met immners. ;N\ ted M me. ! ,!'EARD OF THE CBr FnrU thousands 'n ,1,1s .. > V \.i Uo ??eeu consult., u .She /eels tir.itMf ui . " wtth entire satl??ifn ^ nxine I?r f,4i-r,. ,?T, '' no eaiiii bi ls ?cU,,lrf youms'hu hT"' , i an. I thatof her vls'li'? ' r? Oetweeii hjy-, u , Read tiiis.-a rn solugist and astrologist that l.rals . $f. 000 reward for any one who can equal .M wr.l.i . vU'l'ON, who is acknowledged to be the only lat'.y , . ay who truthfully gives information concerning loses. lawsqits, journeys, absent friends, love, courtship, inarrlag >. health, weslth, and who will reclaim drunken and uufalthful husbands. Miss W. i* the only per son in this city who has tli<* genuine Roman and Arabian talismans for love, good luck and all business affairs, and are guarantees for life. ltelay not to consult this naairally gllted and beautiful young Isdy. Lucky numbers given. Highly resectable city retcicnccs can be seen at her resi dence, 101 Sixth avenue. The greatest wonder in the world is tub young and accomplished Madame BYRON, irom Paris, whoc.inbe consulted with the strictest confidence on all affairs of life; restores diunken and unfaithful husbands; has a s -crct to make you beloved by your heart's ideal, and brings together those long separated. Ladles 25 cents. Resi dence 90 Third avenue, above Twelfth street. Trance medium.? mrs. alexis. of ire varick stieet. wlille In the Iraneo flat", describes and pres. rilieg iordU > e<. Mrs. A. Is vcr.- successful In accomplishing a cure ? ! en the patii n- s curable. As a burin ss clairvoyant she cauuot be excelled. MEDICAL. Afflicted bertored? ignorance exposed? Fallacies unmasked.? Dr. L AKMONT S Paris, London and N?w York Medical Adviser an.l Marriage Guide in forms the debilitated end diseased, including those who are Ignorant of the cause of tic Ir til hrallh, and who have been, disappointed in thrlr physieisns, of Ihe most certain and convenient modf of cure. Mailed for SI by RICHARDSON. No. 1 Vesey street; DEXTER .t ?'(>., 11.1 Nass..u street; and DEW1TT, IS Frankfort ?ti-co' ; ov the author, 6*7 Broadway, up stairs. A PERFECT CURE 1? GUARANTEED.? A RADICAL cure la always t ;Veel"d bv Di WAltD, 12 Lalglit street. Cures besides )u ball' Ue usnal lime and at half the charges. Affections oawkd by >itB ruRY and certain dl>i a . s, are nia c. iv c? cej by l>r WAllD, 13 LAlGUT street. The dot-tor i* i" ? suntntitindence. Dr. ward v hi riNG all diseases of fe mules wit in a It: mccess. Snuieihiog for every lady? lilsgr??ti . ;?>.tor. ? it bit 12 Luight street. DR. RALPH'S OFFlt l h Hi# CROSBY STREET, COR uer of llou :0n. If ..irN 1 U, 2 and 6 till 9 P. M. Dr. huntej; has For. -t iitrty years confined lilsatiena in t > d'sej^ -s oi ? certain ulaos, in which he has truated no l.-*s th-n H),000 ca"? ., nlthnut an Instance of fail. ire. His greni . reineuy, B- Hun < t'? Red Drnp, cures certiiln diseases when r^tnlar t "aiment ?nd all other reme dies fall; euros with in: injr r tyelrt>'Uun in the hsblta of the |Atlciit; cure* withur.t the it'svllblWlg an4 sickening ef fects of all oilier r 'odlis' rum lu new cases In lc?* than six hours. It roofs out lh' pels nous taint the blood is sure to absorb umesi, the "emi-dy Is uAed. It ia SI a vial, and can not l?e ob'sined geiiujio a. , when i on at the old udlce, No. 9 Division arect. Bock f". uotbius lhst treats of the effect* of early abuse. DR. COOPEP, NO. It Dl VNh irrilSET, MAY BE CON eulled on i ll dlkeases of a ccrt. ii nature. Twenty. eUht years ? *r.'t?lrr1j d" led > Ikese cothplalnts enable bint to warrant a "tire m ill ? w rne victims of mispiaeed cfuitl.ii nee n ? ? 1 evt . preti ml. ?? c?u ^?11, with acertalrfly of being radically urci, or no pa... DR. R. COBBBTT. MF^II'ciiv OF TDK NEW YORK University Me ileal l.-'ollftc and Collegt ...Surgeons, Loni'ou. r..ti be r.nisulteu w.tU ,'io tuou lionuralue conil ilen je mi ?].eei-U ui* as. n, at I in oOloe, StICenCTe street, near CI amber . N H.?i-f-e 1 >t. i\ s diplomas, in his ollice. PH vate enlruiice a' No. Cvny Ha., p.aoe, Health restoheii -time and nonet saved iy. i nlting L' POW 15 RH, wttb Dr. Ward, 1| I.aii;ht -et. Bp ei > a i d ;s.t?.u? .it cure# mi warranted without hludr nee to btisiuss. MRS. E. MONROE, ELECTRICIAN.? LADIES CAN WB tain gut I ' i.,iM ? mi Medical Attcudaui i.t Jti Waus i.reet. ti< t doft ..niflrick. I>ROFESSOR RESTEJb, )CJ t'71 AM1IERS STIVEET.C'AN A- 'ill', "'fc'li . ' ? "! ?,l' l)J ku?r w boi 2,-Hijl, il'nstvj Office, fto. Q liau it'jn ue.

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