Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1861 Page 7
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MLII AT AlCTIOI. A LBBBT M.QBIFFIN A CO., A UCMOM EER8.? 8UPR I J% rior Household Furniture at public auction, sale com I Mooing at t o'clock this afternoon, a> 70 West Twentv-siith I treat, Bear Sixth avenue. A ram opportunity for house I kaepers and dealers. Sale peremptory, conalMiugof Parlor I Bulls, rosewood Pianoforte, Mirror*, Lace Curtain*, Brussels I Carpets, Bugs, Clocks, Etcgeies. Bookcane, Vun, l'a!iu,ii,s, Ufagravlngs, Centra Table*, Ci andellera, II .island, Stair rosewood and mahogany Bureaus, Bedsteads, Sofas, Chan a, Tables, 12 pair* line Wool Blankets, 21 pairs PHML^'ts, Counterpane* U ex. Uenl Hair Mattresses, I Feather Beds, McUraw's So; a Bens, Waabstandu, Ingram Carpets, Sideboard. BiMW"n Ta'li-, AMMMinL Clin ia ayd Glass Ware, ivory handled Km tea and Fork*. Silver Ware, Table Linen, Couches. Easy Chairs, Ac.; also, Base m. nt ari l Kitchen Furniture. Bale coiniueuctug at two o'clock this afternoon. A N EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOB HOTEL, ?A, boarding aud hen RoTli. aucti. u er. will sell this afternoon, at . precisely, all the clugaut Household Furniture of .. inkier s flrat claw* private boarding boUie, at tk? Earn l'?vci.iy seventh street, nwtf Fourth avenue, con*i6tin:: of Brus**.'*. Taj entry and Ingrain OlU-lothe, Cltamlelfci*, 8w.ii Carets, 90 single and double Hair Kattretaea, l'a! '?asaes., 20 uairs Blanlteu, 8be??ta, Pillow Cukcm, Bolnters, 1'illow. . (lias*. China and Silverware, Table Cutlery, solid black waluut Kxiension Table, Book oaae, Buffet. 4c. Ono Elegant Rosewood <Wen Octave Pianoforte, _ Stool and Cover. fwo eolid rosewood Tat lot .Suit*, covered in crimson and vnaroou French satin b: oc...? ' , roeewood Cen re and Pier Tfcblea, Eteger**, Turkish Chain and Lounges, covered In green repa, to match ; liac Curtains, Mirrors Vases, Paint ings, rosewood and mah'.|:an\ lledste ids, B resits, Wash, aland*, Sofa Beds. Boekci* Ta ies. Chairs, Clocks, Corner and Bookstands, Parlor and Kuclieu Stores. A so, all kkuls ?of Kitohen Furniture, Ac. Sale positive. Terms cash, in <iankabie moaey. ALBERT MORTIMER, t.lllK.IM A CO.. AUCTION. A eers.? Magnlli >ni llmmimid Furniture, Fainting*, Statuary. Brons.n, Die dM. an l I r nch China Ornaments, rosewood Pianoforte, A*., >' tm> lie auction. Sale to jwnunence on thla (Satin ?> nv ruing, at II o'clock, at tka private re?id. n ? I j \\ i>i .m to. nth s<r-et, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, IV rs? Kwivoo I anil black -walnut Suits, B t tei-es, 11 ?? *??, Chat deli, ra, Cen tra Tables, Carpe ?. L CoiUIn*. Shades. 1'ier And Mantel Mirrors, Kmh n lV>le, Sideboard, China, <lla(f and Silver W rt- T.i ' r-, On. ohes, Lounges, ?Cloeks, Ifalatand, Wa.drol* , Ii?d- ???:?. Wnshstands. Drei* teg Bureaus, liar Mi<Uu ? ! .l.ur Be.. a. Blankets, ?Counterpnnes, Sheet*. u 1 r Carpet, Mrtirav*'* Sofa Bedstead*. KOikcr*. Chair*, h i'oile.t Ta il??, Oval Mirrors, Whatnots, C?m . T ! "t A t*, Shaving Stand*, King's Patent Reclmln , Chair air 0*ri*us, elegant 7 oct-n o rosewood Fia. oiortc, t .< ?> nnnf nt offered at auction -this seat on; B.iseinent . n Ku i. lure. Saic |?r ?rmptory. The honne to 1* ' 5 ?* - iou jiveii Immediately. Inquire of the Auction vr, ASSIONEBS' 8AI E ci! I . SD. M Al'B CLOTHING, Ac.? A. M. CRISTA : ' ? 23 B- ?ary. will ?ell, on Mon <uy,, i , ?. ? large htockof ?easonable t'ii.thlriy. eo |-i p;!ui. F et shiniand Beaver Frock Sack Bu^in .? o . . r ( o . is, 1 O '-kni, Cloth, Caasiinere and Satinet 1' K..< St. u, V Iret, Cloth Vosls;also, Clothx, C.i* l:n ? l. ^ . -'lugs, velvets, Linings, At. By uni i m .M I MAS \ n ... Also, i n tnvolrc of Shoe*, coin,. 1m. . . t i U i j.iS of (laitcrs, Bill eJ, Ac., Ac. A UCTION NOTICE. * Jn L BOBUR' (IWl'OCK Will sell on TUESDAY. *N J J at If) 'i'?*lock, Ai ; 1,1 lie rty street, tiAROE AND ATTAl I ,'IR ;.,K OF FINE OEUMAN AND J- . - FANCY ARTICLE i .? .11 ISA. A flne assortment of New i ? u m I' wholesale and retail dealer. O. M.n d-y. B BOWNE A NICHOI.t>. Ai IIONl.'. US, WILL SELL, I this day (Satuidayi, N . 1 'V, ic!c, at salesroom, 3ft Nassau street, a latge - i ' II ^hold Furnit'ire ??uioved forconvenienci of, ,e t. ..eilr-g ol Be iiling. Car seta, Curtains, MirroiK r - . ? I'u i i unit re. Piano, iortc; imscwimkI, m.iho.>-. k ,i tClian' er Fur niture; oak Dining Kooin * , . ail I lilts* Ware, Oil cloths, SUlr Carpels, Ch.n ;i . a* Fixture*, Kuchen Furniture, Ac. BH. SEIXAS WILL SELL AT AUCTION. ON MON ? day. November 25. at 10 ?? - ? d tl, eniirc stu k of Dry ?nd Fancy Goods contain. .1 I Oi No. 41 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, consoling lit part ? t >t. .* Latins, D I tines, Merl ttoaa. Shawl*, Laces, ICiuli. idei -a, Trimmings, Mi.ullti, A/ombs, Brushes, Unuor I -aril, t* anil a variety of other foods generally foum in a Hr lass* or?: l*o, the Store Fixtures, consisting oi' S o\v Ca-e i. Counti ra and Shelving. TkU tale ia well worth toe a t ntl .n of the trade. BANIELA. MATH1W A ITIONEER. HOUSEHOLD F 1.M ; I I: !' HO..EWOOD PIANOS, ? ? A I' T.v . AC. DAMEL A. MATH .\*.->vv,l li.aihs store, 79 Nsi'au ?trcet, near Ful to ., h d.. i . a u diylatlOWo" lo<-k, n largo assortment of new and second linni II ? s. u Id Furniiure and Carp. ts. vix. two l'a .or ? It-, ic ? ril bta^a walnut and enamalled Chamiier S .It . Soiaa. . hil:*, Rn.-ki r*, Ward Tubes, Etegerea, Serrrtai . B n a-^?. li > t 'nhlo:i Tal.l.ts, Buf vets, Brussels, three ply, Initi a i r.d atalr Carpels, Ac. ALS >. One rowowood seven orutv. p auoforte. One upright Pianoforte. Two top Biljgie-t. BUTCII BULBOUS ROOTS AT AUCTION? THIS DAY. At 111 Btoamvu\, al llit^ o slwk tr, i lai'ly, Including liyscintl s. T .ips, (Jladlolu*, Crocus, Ac. N. B. ? Fresh Imported, and warranted true to names. Butch m*Lnou8 kocts at alction^-ioooohya cinths, 111, UK) 'full; s 1 nyv. C.mcii,. #,0:0Narcl ies, i.11 *M and Oladlal--, mw ot>e, and lo.- aiie by T. MURRAY, at M Pearl street, m ar Cedar. Edward schenck, auctioneer. CONTINUATION SALU Of KINK OIL PAINTINGS. By EDWARD SCIIENCK.-Th a day. ad lust.. at II '?'dock, at his salesroom*, 154 and 157 Broadway, an eleuant collection of choice Oil Paintings, by celebrated artists. Among them wiU be found the following originals ? KANNEMANS, JvSEt'ERDONCI, DIDDAliRT, bchaep, _J*l'ELEN, SCHAUMBERO, And many other One Picture* by well known artists. Host of the above hare Just arrived from Europe, and tor the certiflcatea of the artists, _ And will be -old peremptorily. Thejrare now ou exhibition, ~ With Catalogues. E?* U'DLOW, JR., AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL _J*Js day, at 13 o'clock, at Ills salesrooms, No. 63 Ltnerty ?treet, betwean Broadway and Nastau street, a large number new and second hand Vehicles, ri i Coupe Rockaways aU eeat Roc ka way Carriage, light To? Buggies, no top Wagons BroUs, Barouches, four seat Wagons, *?.; Doctors' lour wnMl roaetona. FCOLTON, AUCTIONEER. -LARGE SALE OP NEW ? and Second Hand Furniture, C irt ,,n-i, Carpeta, Mir rors, Billiard Table, Office Furniture, >>?., Ac. This day (Sa turday), "orember M, at ll'X o'clock, at 113 Fulton street, Nassau, a large assonm' nt of good Parlor, Doing ?com. Bedroom and Basement Goods, consisting of rose wood, mahogany and oak Firnltme, such n- Ward rotes. Bu reaus. Secretaries, So:as, Tete-a-Tetes, Voltaire Cha rs, Sofa Bedsteads, French Be '.leads, marble top Furniture, Office PMks, Kitchen Furniture. Ac. Also several large French Plate Mirrors, 13 Brocsde Curtains and Cornices; Brussels, three-ply and Ingrain Carpets; Oilcloths. Alao one very flne rosewood Billiard Ta> I. , with marble bed. Also 20 or 30 dozen curled maple Chairs, Ac., Ac. Sale positive. "JOHN H. . BCRLET, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS W day, at 2 o'clock, at 441 Cauei street, a fine assortment of mahogany and other Bureaus; Extension, Centre aud other Tables, Sofas, Sofa Beds, looking Glasses, mahogany Hock ing and other Chairs; mahogany, bla -k walmu and other Bedsteads, Card Tables, Bookstands, four fine Heaters, Cook Jt;)ves ; one roan liorse, 6 years old, flue driver; one Box Wagon, two acuta; Harness, Whip, Blanket, two English double barrel guns, large quantity new aud second hand Oil cloth; Brussels, Three-ply, Ingrain and other Carpets: Cut lery, Kitchen and Glassware, Hiir and other Mattresses, Feather Beds and everything for housekeeping. To be sold without reserve. T MORI ARTY, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS DAY, fj ? at 10W o'clock, nt 173 Chatham square, Sofas, Lounges, Chairs, Tabls, Bureaus, O.I Paintings, 10.) Blankets, Sheets, Window Curtains, Table Cloths, Woollen Hoods, Furs, Ladies' Gaiters and Shoes, Cssslmeres, and various other poods. JF. DVNOAN, AUCTIONEER.? J. F. DUNCAN A ? CO., Ill Nas-att s teel, n nr A n, will sell, ou Mondav ?t 11 o'clock, ,1,100 Stovis, Heater and Ranges, th ' stock Of two larRc ?tovo d'N Coincono and all who wain a llrst clats s'ove < In ap. flEORGE COOK, AUCTIONEER.? ASSIGNEE'S SALE VT of elegant Household Furniture, this day, at eleven o'clock, at the store 141 Broadway, consisting of Parlor, Li brary, Dining Room and Chamber Suits, in rosewood, satin* wood, black walnut, oak and n abogany, of various and ele gant patterns; l'arlor Secretaries, Etegeres, Canterburies, work Tables. Centre and Fancy Tables, elegant rosewood Wardrobes, Dressing Tables, Arinour-a-GIa' e, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Workstands, Ac.: Hulie;s, Extension Dinlug Ta bles, Hall Stands, Chairs, Lotin es, Easy Chairs, Vases, Tea Sets, Ac., making a very large and well selected stock of llrst class good", to which the attention of buyers Is requested. Catalogues at sale, and sale positive. TTENRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER ?HENRY II. n LEEDS A CO. will sell at auction, on Saturday, November 23, at 12% o'clock, Immciilat, ly after the- salu of Paintings, at the salesroom. 23 Nassau street, (rented Household Furniture, Brussels and Ingralu Carpets, Velvet do., rosowood Suits, oak Extension Dining Table, manouuiy Sofas, covered In hair cloth ; gi;t frame Pier Mirrors, |i!ated enamelled Suits, mahogany marble top Withstands, ma hogany oval Centre Table, conrertable Into a Writing Table; rosewood Bedstead, mahogany carved Table, mahogany Chairs, covered In hair oloth; do. Rockers, gill frame oval Mirror, rosewood Easy Clialr, covered In reps, Ac.; together with other articles requisite lor furn siting a lirst das;, house. Also several line pieces ef Furniture, ma le l>y Marcolle. Ala > a^nshogany Billiard Tattle. Henry n. leedh, auctioneer.? henry h. LEEDS A CO. will sell at auction, on Saturday. Novum bcr23. lit 11 o'clock, In the salesroom - No, 23 Nassau street, vali:n' le and private gallery of O.I Paintings, all richly fram ed, and belonging to a gentleman leaving for Europe, all of which are to be sold without reserve; in the colieruon will be found the works ef Court, Van Iloselgb, Deleporte, Tau neur, L. Noelle, Seharp, Plotlanl, ilanseman, Wilier, II, Stewell, Dlevleux, W. M. Brown, Bi aulieu, D. Korn^. Eyrri ?nd others of equal celebrity. They are now on exhibition. SENRY OREEN, AUCTIONEER#-TH 18 DAY, AT 1< ft o'clock, at the store 194 William strict, a larqc a senn it of Dry and Fancy Goods, Clothing, Jewelry, Ac. Also ? lot of (-'r iceriea. Aa Mortgage sale.? marble manufactory, Steam Engine, Maehlm rv. Aa. CHAMBERS A FAIRCHILD, AUCTIONEERS, Salesroom 11.1 Nassau streot. Will Mil, Saturday, November 23, at If o'clock, at Hon. 1,206, l,20<, 1,210 Broadway, the Stock and Machinery of an extensive Marble Manufac tory, com prill ag a I nn Steam Engine aud Boiler, 8t??m Pump, with snaftl'g. l'ulleys, iUogetsaod Belting: a large etock of I m lifted Marble Mantels, unvvr eight Marble in blacks and slabs, a variety of Busts In marble and planter, Em ?os tic Tiles, Ac. Alao, liorse. Wagons, Cart, Harness, OllV"i Furniture. 20 tons Coal, Ac. Catalogues will be ready on th wiorningof the sale. HUGH KELLY, Attorney for MorlgHgee. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL, THIS ? dsv ( at io)i o ilotic, at salesroom, ? Nas-au ?treet, Household Furnltnre, i onsi-tlng or solid rose?-ood and black wiilnul Parlor Suits, co.ered iu uri>c .tel. plush, lena ?nd ha r cloth; Bookcaees, maro'o top Centre Tables, Brussels and Iogiain Carpets, eiteu'lon dining Tables dining tTh. lis, <5i-ockety. Glassware, Mirrors, drestiug Bureaus, W.ish atands. Bedsteads, Hair Mat tie; s.'s. Feather Bees, \\ nrd rob< a, moi.? Beds. Loong- a, Otllce Furn.t ire, SAC. The wii' lti to be perempiorily ? ld. _ MORTGAGE SALE OF POWER LOOMS, IRON SAKE, .*e._ Tills dny (Saturday), November 2.1, 1861, at A. M.. at No.- 210, 218 and 2W West Twenty-firal a;root,'cone'st ing of Power and other Looms. Also Machinery and Fix tures. Also one l uge Iron life, Ac., Ac. JOHN H. WILSON, Attorney for Mortgagee. SHILtP U. W1LICINS, AUCTIONEER.? PHIL IP R WI LKINS will sell at auction on Tuesday, November as, 1, at HlJa o'clO' kj lit the store No. S2 .John street, the -'""k of the Union Pnroelain Compsny, consisting In part of plain and decorated Door Knobs, E -.;'i.i boons H -ll Pulls, Drawt r Mid BhutMt Knobs, Plumbers' Basin i, Di?lics, Co lee and Tea Cups and Saucers, Spittootls. Tumblers, Mi lis, Wheel Cast is, ,te. Also a lot of llgLead. CaUudfiptea three da' s previous to sale. Sale without reserve. SAJUBB AT AUCTION. S* J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.? -Til >8 DAY. AT ? lOJ; o'clock, at the Auctiuu Rooms, No. 1 N . th William street, Household Furniture, con of nia logauy So:as, Loun^ee, tnahnK?ny Ro kers, Hirtor I'halra, Egyptian mar ble lop Pier Tallies,' Kxiuuaiuii Dining Tables, Cottage Sulla, French Be 1st' ads, ll>u. Matties*, Beds aud B-a ding, Paintings, auperlor Ent l-.h Velvet Brass In and lu ?rain Carpels, Looking U lam, h urea s, Waslis.KmU, Kitchen urnltnre, Meat Sifen, Wooden Vs ur\ Stores, A- . Also, at Countable'* aale, 4i Pilot Clo.h Overcoat*, 12 pair Puma > Charles K. Watts, < unstable. Also a^ Assignee's sale, l.OUH ake Pauu, Bakers' TooU, Ac. Also ou? Sorrel llorse, 15 hand* hi Mjiiwi ujd; double and bluclc llaruuss; also 28 doiten Axe liamilcs, liuu Safe, oue barrel Oil, Ac., Ac. SUK RIFF'S SALE OF STATION EltY. ? CHAMBERS * FAIRCHILD, uu-tloueers, will sell, OQ Saturday, 23d Inst , at 10 o'clock, at No. 7 Nassau atwet, the contents of a Stationery Store, couslsllufj ol Blank Books, Law Furma, OtU ftu, Copying Pruaiei and u huge quantity of Paper and oilier Uoods generally kept In such at or*. ? JOilS KELLY, Sheriff. SA J. BOO ART. ACCTI0NBBR8.? ON SATURDAY, ? November is, at 12 o'cluck. at UAiki .street, basement. Mort^^e ?alt? One Engine Lathe, 14 t bed, 2.; inch swine. Sale positive. Tartu* cash; to be paid for immediately after the sale. MICHAEL McCANN, Attorney fo^mortgagee. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL 6EIA, THIS day. at 10}, o'clock, at 451 Canal street, extra sale of UoueboKl Furniture, Carpets, Bfn, B "'dine, l'nrlor Suits, Dining Itoow and Kitchen Furuiture, Stoves, Wardrobes, Silver, China, Glass, Ac. Also Wines, Liquors, together with a large lot of other goods. Sale peremptory for rash. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SEIX, THIS ' day, at two o'clock, at 4M Canal street, a large lot of Clothing, Coats, Pants and Vests; also Cloaks, Mantillas, Dry Ooods, Trimmings, Plated Ware, Jewelry, gold Watchea, Diamonds, larne Trays, Casters, China Ware, Wines, begars, Cutlery, Fancy Ooods, Ac. 8AI<K. A BREAD DISTRICT FOB SALE.? UNFERMENTKD bread distri'i embraced between Broadway, Bowt r j. Canal and Houston streets. The store l> stunt* and good will of the same will bo sold at a bargain to a cash customer. Apply at 211 Grand street. Drug store for* sale? handsomely fitted up, well stoeked and doing a fair buslne-sj a good chance for a country physician to establish a city practice. Appljr for oue week to C. F. DUHYEE, l'J2 Broadway, room Fob sale-a propeller tugboat-, cylinder IS by IK; has been running a boat eighteen months; is complete In every respect. and has room tor lar^e tanks. JOSEPH SLOAN, TO, Beach stceet, Philadelphia. For bale? the lease and fixtures of a Liquor Stole,- 78 Centra street. The Lease ?f two years, with privilege of three more, at the ve.,iiy rent of tbOJ a yor.r, brings in $1,000 a year. Will be snid at private sale If application is made on the premises, 78 Centre mr -et, or i2tj Hudson street, or UJ Ceutre street. If not sold at pri vate sale botween this and Tuesday, 27th Inst., will be eold at auctlou on that day. For sale-a wholesale and retail liquor store, u lirst rate stand. Will be sold low, its tin- owner wishes to retire from the business. Api.Iy to C. MAGI IltK, 82 Cherry street. For sale-a most popular and extensive Panorama of the American War (With dloramlr ? fleets), trom Us origin to the present lime, now on exhibition ana clearing over $JU0 a week. Satisfactory reasous lor selllug. Apply at 71 Numiii street, room 9. For hale? a good respectable business, al. r ady established, aud a chance that is seldom met with. A sutUeieiil reason given for selling. Address B. B., box 149 Herald oQice. For sale-a corner family grocery, $1,20). A Tea and Coifee Store, $1,700. A l'rovi Hon Stand, f- 0. An interest In a pi olitalile cash business, offering we'l, $ I UJ. Several other inrcstmants open. GENERAL AGENCY, 63 Nassau s.reet. FOR ffALE CHEAP POR CASH? A FIRST CLASS Pamil) Grocery Store: goo. i assorted Stock. Home, Wagt n and Hariif??, low rent, handsome More, iioina a gut id bttfei new, excellent location. ISAAC A. UUItiS, Sanaa u st. For kale? or will exchange for other pro, iierty? A large alock ?f manufactured Mill^and Castings together with two valuable latent Riglilb I'. r ra.tniiiaciiit-iug tht? lame. ISAAC A. BIUl*S, TO Nassau street. lilOR SALE? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OF X1 the old eidubllshcd Grocery, comer of Fourth Mid Greene streets; rent low to a good buainean man; none others need apnly ; restrictions in lease; no liquors retailed; amount of stock about $t,00J. Apply^lo E. * A. WAYTE, aw Fourth ?iru*i. For sale? an old and well established corner Liquor Store, in a good butioess'locatlon, on West street doing a good oosh trade; sold on account of i In ill health of the owner. Al'P1* t" T. OAFFNEY A CO., Auc tioneera, 70 Chatham street. For sale? c^iieap, the lease, stock and fix lores of it tip top 'timer Liquor Store situated ill a first rate locality in the Ninth ward. Apply immediatelv at II. F. BISt'liOFF A CO. 'S, Ml Sixth avenue, corner of 'fhirly - second street. For sale-one op the best corner liquor Store.* in the Eijhth ward. Satisla-tory reasons Siring for leaving. Apply to Mr. A. ROBERTSON, liq ior dealer, corner ol' Wooster aud Bleecker streets. No uijenis need appy. Greenwood cemetery.-for sale, four beautiful Lot*, In a circle, Improved, in the old g ound. This is a choice spot and rare chance. Apply at No. dd Pike street, up stairs. Hardware stock for sai.e-for real estate orcash; aUoEl?hth and Fourth av inue Sioiea aud Dueiilngs to int. Apply at ?)3 Eighth avenue. IN CONSEQUENCE OF DEATH, A HAT STORE AND shop, with stock and fixtures, for sale. Inquire in the ktore, ?7 West Houston street, between 10 and S o'clock. -RESTAURANT FOR SALE EX K change, for a nice Farm In l:and LTmes^^.W"'"'^"'1. ?nd rio,lg " ? money making ^YhWICK A WOOU, M scassan street. STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER FOR SALE? OP FORTY horse power and nearly new ; it was built by Hiirden, of Brooklyn. Will be sold cheap If applied for soon at 85 Ber gen street, Brooklyn. $225 WEST WASHINGTON MARKET.? TIIK FIRST RATE Double Stand, Nos. 2SI anil 202 Fulton pliT, W fat Washington Market, for aale. Inquire aa above of the owner. T. K. MEEHAN. WILL BUY AN OLD ESTABLISHED TEA, Coffee and Butter store; has done a cash tradn of $a? a week for the pint arc years; three yearn leaue of the whole house. More aud alx kihhI raoitu, only $10(1 a years rant all taken out In trade; will take pa: t rash. Apply ou the premises, 231 Bteecker atreet, near Carmine. iSOftn WIT.T, PURCHASE A ONE-HALF INTERKST ?POvM/ 111 a atore, where a sure living la guaranteed, to gether with a his prospect Sor a fortune. Apply at iha butler, cheern, egi; and laid store, 47 Hucdougal atreet. <!i/l nnn ?ESTABLISHED B' sines.-! for sale, or Partner at i-.O*'. It is safe and regular, anil ran lie enlarged; now yields over $3,0110 yearly. Ill henl'h the of change. Full particular* at lh? Institute odlee, corner Sixth avenue and Elovt nth street. inn nnn obnuinb names i-or sale-at ?i lUU.vUl/ per l,OJ0. aiitiablft for clrvilira, will lie written for above price. Extend all over the loval Stales. Addrcrs box ro^t oflic , o. call at M. L. Byrn'a, M Njs B.1U at reel. RAILROADS. Hudson river kailroad -trains for albanv, Troy, the North aud West, leave Chamber* street at 7 anil II A. M., and S:30, 5 and 10:14 I'. .M. NEW VOfeK, HARLEM AND ALBANY R VILROAD. For Albany, Troy, North .md West Winter Arrangement, conimeming Monday, Nov. 4, 1 fii. For Albany? 10.30 A. M., Express Mall Train, from Twenty - aixth street depot. For all loeal ira'ns s o Time Table. JOHN BURCIIILL, Assistant Superintendent. ~ ~ HEUtaOlS SOTICKS. AT Tin: LAIU1IT STREET CHURCH, ST. JOHN'S Park? Rev. F. Herniation will preach to-morrow m rn Ing at IDJii Rev. Isaac S. Ka'lnch in the evening at T,i o'clo 'k. Subject for evening, "The Accursed City, or Joshua as a Warrior."' Ascension church mission, corner of ninth avenue and Forty ?> icond atreet. K< v. 13. F. Reming ton will preach at 10 ',i o'clock on Sunday morning. THANKSGIVING SERMON.? REV. E. li; BROOKS ./V. will pn-acli on what we have to lie thai. klul for. at the Twentieth street Univcrsulist church, between Sixth and Seven: h avenues, lo morrow afternoon, it 3 o'clock. Sermon a'. 10Jj, on the oil'cn ling Eye and Hand ; Math, v., 29, 30. CIHinsT ANl> CIVILIZATION.? THE FOURTH LEC J tine of l'ic course on Hiimin Progres#, at the Bln-c?er s'reet Uiiiven-nUsl church, will be given tiwni rrow evening by Rev. Mosco Ballon. Rev. O. T. Flinders | tea li.-a In ihe m n ng. C CHRISTIAN CHAPEL, SEVENTEENTH STREET' ) n?.ir Slxt ,n e:u e.? )? ervlees on Lord's dav, November 2 1, at. 10)i O'cio k A. M. and 7 X 1'. M. Preaching by the (Motor, Urban V. Brewer. Subject, niornli'a;? "Tlie promise t'j tiii Ephcsians." Eveuln,;? "What is your ex cuse!" <'T\OES 1 UK CHURCH PAYf" WILL HE THE S B \J Ject ol ihe llrst ditoouneof the series on "Religlo is E onim ? s. n1 th : Brooklyn Tabertia'l1, on &u .day evo.i luc. lie". William Al In Bartlett, pastor, will pre< ch at 10' ? o'clo.k A. M. di?17X 1'. M. Memorial church, hammond street, corner or Waverley place. The Rev. 1>:-. IIuLai't, un assistant, mtnl-t i of Trinity church, will preach to-n.or.ow (Sun iay) evening. Services at 10J< K. M.,3>i and 7>4 o'clock P.M. Seatalme. Protestant episcopal church.-divinb ser. vice will b' hgW according to th" rites of the a!*,ve eliur b Hi Trenor Hall, dl West Thirty-fourth street, near Broadway, on Sunday next. Nov. J? S. mice* at VI} i o'clock A. M. and 7>J o'clo -k P. M. The Rev. E. O. Fligg will preach morning andevmile.g. Se.'.ta free. REV. NEWTON HESTON, PASTOR OP THE STATE street Cointreau*. mil caurch, near lloyt a rc ?, Br>xik lya, w.U prejich in his church (o-ioiirrow, at loK o'clock A. Si. aud at 7X " 'clock P. M. WiUlxMin a series of Kabbah evening sermons on the "Pecrlcn* M s^ton of Jesus Christ.'1 M. B ? Lcciur' and prayer meeting every Tucad.iy eveuln i-. TiiankSjiving Day there will be preaching by the Pastor at o'clock A. M., a id a children a gatbei log in the ciening. REV. S. a. CORKY WILL PREACH IN THE MURRAY Hill BaptIM Churoh, Thirty-ui. h street, between Filth and Sixth avenu-a, to-morrew, at iu>^ o'clock A. M. ami at 1 P. M. lathe evening the second ictnre lo y.ning men will be dellveie 1. Subject? The Young Drunkard." ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL I'Hl'RCn, WILLIAMSBURG.? The opening fervtees of S'. Paul's church, corner of Penn sireei and Marcy avenue, will take plaee (D. V.) on November 21, the twenty-sixth Sunday after Trinity. Tiio Right Rev. Hor tlo Potter, I). I)., will preach in the niorn Irg. lie He*. Dr. Onion, ol St. J' hn'a church, nrookl; n, in the .iftein?in,au I the Rev. Dr. Morgmol'St. Thorn ia' ehurcl', N. V., in the evening. Divine servic atlC). o'clo. k, A. M.,3if P. M. tnd 7 }i P. M. . REV. W. A. W. MA . BIN, Rcctor. ST. ANN'S CHURCH, EIGHTEENTH STREET, NEAR Filth av :nue.? Services to-morrow, aa iiuual, with the vol " ft !"% A. M. and 7X M., anu in the sign language 1 1 3 1'. .n . icev. Thomas Unliaudct, rcciur, will preach in tho mornira and Rev. II. 0. Lwer in tlie < ventng. Mats free. UT. BARTHOI OMEW'S CHURCH (REV. DR. COOKE'S). J5 PiwNo. 54 lor sate; I rice #11)0. AppiyatM W ilium street, rootn 18. PKTOOOPg. AT 0. * J. MOWBRAY'S^ Consignments of V BLVBT AND 8XI.K RttBKS WORTH FROM ISO TO $'W, ON SALE AT HAl>* PRICE. CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS. Or THE NEWEST PATTERNS, Hanging from (ft up to 9.10. O. A J. MOWBRAY, 9C9 Grand street, o^racr Forsyth. ANNOUNCEMENT TO TUB PUBLIC. OPENING DAY, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER M. MAGASIN ? A LA VILLE PE PARIS. N... en BROADWAY (near Bleeoker street). French Importation, JUST RRCEIVKD, l ALL NEW AND FRESH GOODS AT RETAIL,] ? OF PARISIAN CLOCKS. BRONZES, STATIONERY, VASES, AND ORNAMENTS. also, GOLD. STEEL AND REAL JET JEWELRY, All of wbiih will bo offen d AT LESS THAN COST OF IMPORTATION. AS THE SAME MUST BB SOLD. Ad examination sollciied. No. Itf9 BROADWAY (near, Blee,*rr ntreelK A BOLD STROKE -NO. 879 BROADWAY, CORNER J\ of \S"hiU' stri ct, au Importer's at c< ot Superior quality Men * Furnishing Goods selling ? itr at retail. at price# never before beard of. Immense line# of Neck Tiea, 10c. to 60e.| Sean's, 2Sc. and up; lbs vei y best loin-ply Linen Collars, 10<\ each; Gloves, ull kinds, awlullv cheap; llo* ery, Under shirts, Drawer*. Suspenders, ladies' and genu' Linen Cam bric HandkeroMets, all to be sold at what thev will bring. A treat chance for dealera. Open until 8 o'clock P. M. AT MRS. GAYNOR'S. ? GREAT BARGAINS IN COR suls and Skirts, best aliapea and quality, slightly soiled, fir $1 and $1 23. Just received iliuae celebrated Paris mado Cell ille Corsets; te tulur price $5 and tt? now $3 snd 94. A1x> the Parts woven Wei rely Corset. New styles lu French Skin. new pattern Halmoru.s, ail sold at panto prices. 843 Broadway, near Union square. Bargains this day.-velvet bonnets in every color, Silk BSuncts, chlldrea's HiKs, Felt Turbans, Velvet Turbans, Kibbonn at 50c. a yard, worth (is. Trade sup plied. L. 1! INNS' Millinery, 881 Broadway, upstair*, oppoaite Metropolitan Hotel. CLOAKS, CLOAKS. CLOAKS. FRENCH BRAVER CLOAKS, HEAVY ESOt'IMAUX BEAVER CLOAKS. CASTOR BEAVER CLOAKS AND WRAPPERS. ELEGANT LYONS VELVET CLOAKS, LIONSKIN CLOAKS, WATER PROOF OLOAKS, At retail at very low prices. E. S. MILLS ft CO.. 41S Broadway, near Canal street. TjI DERBY * COMPANY WERE AWARDED BY TIIF. r . Association for the Exhibition of Iudustry of all Nations, held In New York In lfU3. HONORABLE MENTION for the best Garments for ihe com missioned offleer* of the Army and Nsvy, which they a: ill continue to m.ikc to order. TAILORS, 87 Walker street. RH. MACY SELLS LADIES DOLLAR KID OLOVES, i. In ull colors and si/.es, for ti.1 cents (by mall fltfceulsj. Nos. 204 I' nd 996 Sixth avenu . two doors below Fouilemtli street, and 110 connection wlih any other store lu the city. SOLOMON A HART, 3.? BROADWAY, Are offering to wholesale and retail buyers, for cash end short time at cxi rciuely low prices their stock of CURTAIN GOODS FURNITURE COVERINGS, UPHOLSTERY MATERIALS of erery description, gold and painted window shades, AND FRENCH AND AMERICAN PAI'ER HANGINGS, DECORATIVE AND PLAIN. Their stork of the adore goods is the largest iu this market, and contains u great man) lines bought at miction and from bankrupt stocks, nt prices lower than cost of importation, which they are able to offer at great bargains. (QUAKER KNIT UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. SHAKER FLANNEL l NDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. SCARLET FLANNEL UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. MERINO, SILK AND ('ANTON FLANNEL UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. KID, CALF, CLOTH AND LINED GLOVES. NEW 8TYi.ES SCARFS AND TIBS. SHIRTS AND COLLARS TO ORDER AND READY HADE. At the Shirt and CullarDci ot, Nos. 87 and 89 William Hreet, one door north of Maiden Lune. THEODORE C. GRANNIS, Agent. IHE GREAT CLOSING SALE T1 of the stock of EDWARD LAMBERT A CO., No. 447 Biotdwar. FRESH REDUCTIONS Are constantly beiu? made in prices to insure the sale of the entire stock prior to the 1st of December. SPECIAL ATTENTION Is invited to the stock of EMBROIDERIES, SHAWLS AND Cl.OAKS, SILKS AND OTHER DRESS GOODS, In wlilch will be found some very choice styles, *1 exceedingly low price*. ALSO FOR SALE CHEAP A large lot of Slpre Fixtures, consisting of Counters, Shelving, Herring's Safe, Ac. ' MILUKERV, AC. IF YOU WISH TO HAVE YOUR CHILDREN WELL fitted with Hats, yon should lake them to BANTA'S, cor ner of Canal and Minister streets, where will be found a large and varied assortment of Beaver, Kelt, Velvet and Cloth Caps, Hats and Turbans, for children of all ages. LADIES' FELT BONNETS ?LADIES, CALL AND EX amine the new style of ilia"k Heaver and Black and Pearl Felt Bonnota, to bo fount! at BANTA'S, corncrof Canal and Wooster streets. Prices to suit the times. - I|OTKIi|)| DE L'UKION, NO. 30 O'REILLY STREET, HAVANA, (olil number lltl), Situated in the centre ot the city, the Dominica and Plaza tie Armas. This old and well known Hotel la one of the mom popular and most p uronized bystrangeis coming to Havana, fnim its proximity to the places of business and amnaement. Tlie table la furnished In the beat stylo, smllcient to satisfy the moat fhstl lloua tnst<\ IRVING HOUSE? WtOADW AY ANT) TWELFTH STREET, entrance on Twrlithstreet. ? 1'bls House h iving been re. furnished. Is now open for tli" accommodation ni families ai.d transient guest*, and will be conducted Loth upon the '.merlrain ami European plana, a* b$st nmy please its pa tr his. A fine Restaurant is* onnected wi'h the House, where meals arc served at :> 11 hour*. Meal boardera can be accom modated by tho wet k or 'tuy. GEORGE W. VESEY, 1'roprietor. Ml'MClPAI. AFF AlllS. / CORPORATION NOTICE.? THB COMMITTEE ON Kaliioads of the Board of Ali'ermen wilt meet In room N". 8 t'ity Hall, on Monday. the 2.">th Inut,, at 3 o'clock P. v., to b' ur both parties In lrln i n to the Third and Fourth Ave nue Ratlrt a 1 Companies. Punctual attendant; U requested. F. I. A. BOOLE. I CHAS. J. OHfPP, I JOHN Rl'S.SHLI., > Committee On Railroads. TERENCE FARLEY, | HENRY SMITH, J MVSIOAIj. A GREAT* BARGAIN.? MAGNIFICENT CARVED rosewood Piana:oi te at private sal" ?i a great sseritlre; t oll ?evcn octave, clejjunt carv ed legs, overstrung ha**, richly in'ald and solid pearl key?, and a very i <v. "rful and sweet tcne. Wan selected for 1 he owner by a ? ile?,.?rof music arid fully warranted fr.r Hire e Alio >m very elogat t parlor furniture. A 1 ply Immediately, : ? th. i 'eoce ?i u?e owner, -H Fourtcut.ih strMt, w ar Kutbib at ? em . A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for sale,? Richly carved leja and cas-, pound corner*, full iron i>i*(c, lined wliti satinwood, overall niig bass, Inlaid with ami pearl keys: made to oider lor i rewnt owner by city makers; ful.'y guarante. I lor tiir< e y?ais; been In me but seven months; ? <>.i $M*I, will I " sold lor $??!"><>, in cluding Stool and Cover. Also elecsnt Drawing It. <>m S > ? I ' ; cost (.inn, for $lft). lnijuiie at 70 W' ot Twenty-sixth street, near sixth avenue. P1RTII, POND k CO.? 3*7 BROADWAY, NEW YORK* have rne hundred new Pianofortes to let, at low prices, and villi allow the rent if purchased. Sheet Music, Musical Works, Guitar", Violins. Brass instruments and all kinds of Euslcal Goods at low prices. 1 FOREIGN MtJSIC? OF EVERY DESCRIPTION AND ' for all inrtrument*. Overa million of w orks retails! [ for Jo. ? page? far lieiow nut. Musloean never bo bought so ?then.) again. Music sent for inf ection. I.etters must con tain four cents worth of si amp* for answer. ? P. A. WUKDERMANN, 618 Broadway. IIGHTE A BRADBURY'S NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNG J Has* Patent Insulated Full Frame Oraud and Square Pianoforte*; 421 Broome sh eet. What everybody says must be true;cvervN)dy says they are the best, therefore they must be the best. I a prima donna soprano eliza valentjni J PAKAVALI I taaehes Sinking and Piano, at her private I resident*, 087 Broadway, third floor, over the store of Mr. h Hathaway, where she con be seen, every day, from 11 till 4 o'clock. MCSlt'.? INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO BY A pleasing t?i< thod, at %1 per mouth, w 1th privilege of dally practic!. Pupils attended at heir residences at $12 | er quar ter. 'Apply st 247 Seventeenth street, near Ninth avenue. PIANOFORTE FOB SALE.? A SUPERIOR SEVEN Of lave rosewood Piano, bv one of the best New York ma kers. cost $3U0 but nine months ?gt', will be dUposed of for $125 if removed immediately ; full Iron frame, French action, carved legs, lyre and desk, overstrung bast. Apply at 127 Twenty-flint street, near Third avenue. The greatest barcjUn ever offered.? a four round r rnercd rosewood rr'i oetave Pianoforte, for 8M0: used hut a short time, made by Hallett H Davis, Bosti n; rl< h to; e, double twinklings, sliding desk, back finished same as th- front? cost Must lie cold this day. Apply st67<8 Sixth avenue, t.cur Thir.j -ninth street. UITANTED? A FIRST CLASS PLAIN ROSEWOOD II Piano, 7 Octaves. Addre s S. B , box 8,619 Post oflli e, ;:iviu^ nil particulars, ns to age, Ui aad loivcst cash i rlc ; also where it can i.e seen. QO/I ?LESSORS ON T11K PIANO $i?, BV A til N <Pv?< tlemon who eft t.ken the lirst prlre of he Con servatoire at Farts. a term. Addrtss box 1'ost olllce. ?amm^o?L ?****?? A PINK COUNTRY SEAT AND FARNpOlT 100 A0R88, for sale? situated nnr (few Brunswick, N. J., bawtl. rullylooated, with all the requisite outbuildings. Mum 01 the purchase minify can remain on bond and mortgage at ?Ik w-r cent, and [iart payment would lie taken in uiliei pioperty. . L, ''"aired. the Stock, Implements, Horses, C irla;aa and t urnlturc will be sold low. Address R. P., box 410 Pi?l offloe New Voracity, or call on SKYMOUB A WHITON, 133 Broadway. A NUMBER or FARMS AND COUNTRY BEATS FOB XI. Mir or to exchange, In most every section ui tin- ooin ti? .of from onr to SOOacrcs; priors from $i,2lX) to $30,000; dlstauce, three to llfty roller from this city, A. SERGEANT, 15 Wall strrrt. A BEAUTIFUL FOUB STORY HROWN STONB FRONT Ho :se, basement end sub -cellar, with all llir modern Improvements, ou Brooklyn Height*, 38 Columbia street, op

posite Colonadc row. with' a lit view of New Y.>rk Bay, will be rold very cheap and on ran)- trrma. For further particu lar* apply to or T. Simpson, ,14 avenue D. ClAsll Wil l, BE PAID FOR THREE OR FOUR LOTS. ) below I23'li slncl, at a price lint exceeding $400 each. Address J. O. W., Malum O, stating location ami where an Interview can be bad. IilOR BALK-TO FRUIT QROWERS.-SEE ADVEB tlaement of Vlneland. For sai.e-a brown stone house, in pacific atrrrt, Brooklyn. Bow, Lots, Fartll a, and Country Residences fur sale and exchange. A Collage and burden veiy cheap for eaah. A Gisieerv Siore ? anted. KHKQUSON A SMBDECOR, 2ft Nassau atrrrt, N. Y. FOR 8AIiB.-CKNT.lAL PARK PROPERTY, SOUTH east corner tit Broadway and Fifty ninth street, liV f et, fronting the Park, fourteen lots In all; the most available property on thu Park. Apply to JOHN S. KliLHO, <U Wil liam street. Fob bale? a lot, 21 10 by ss fkbt, on the north able of Tenth atrrrt, betwren Kith and Slxih ava il nra, together Willi a two story brick limine, In good repair. Price low and terma easy. Apply to C11AS. B. MILLS, 34 Cedar street. For sale? to persons out of health ? for delightful climate, are advertlsemri t of Vlneland Fainia For sale? a vebt desrablb leasehold pbo ! erty, on E ist way, near Market it reel; a four story brick House, 2j by 65, well rented. Ternm easy. Will be hoI.I at a bargain. Apply to C1IAS. E. MILLS, 34 Cedar street. 110R8AIE OR EXCHANGE? FARMS OF DIFFERENT 1 fci/.ea, locations, Ac ---Home grand bargalua, Alao Rest dances in this > lty and nine in Brooklyn, Uncle loeated, aome ot them lightly eucumbered; Merchandise, different klnda of business. Ac. " F. U. RICH \RDSON A CO., M and SI N?s?ttu street. I ,1011 SAI.E-OR EXCHANGE I'OR A RESIDENCE IN 1 thi? elly or Bmoklvn, a beautiful country residence, lorty-'lve miuntrR 1 roin tlio city. on the line o: tin* New York and N -w Haven It ulroad ; nearly ana re o! ground; House nrw. contains elm-en rooms; ha* a 11 rut rato Hum; Fruit Trees n \artoua kinds; La.vlon Blackbei rle* and Currant bushes i ? i api"> loos, Strawbi ri lea, Ac. None need add' ess ex'-rpt ihey name locnlwu and price. Address Tserts, Herald oilloe. IilOR SALE A BARGAIN? THE TWO STORY AND AT tic House, 250 Went Thlriv-alxth Kireet, wlih rear build ing atla bed: Lot 25 by 100 feel. Will be Mild for ri.tXW, as ti. e owner la In want of uioney. For further partli ulara In <|iiire at 322 Canal aire l, op atuliv. FOR SALE? A NICE FRAME HOUSE, WITH EXTRA al/e lot, 40 Eaat Thirtieth alreet, near Madi'mi avenue; a bargain; location as dealrnblr aa ran be, l.ul ??>}? Irrt by 100. ferina to cult. A|iply at 127 Uowrry. TjlOR SALB-TO PERSONS OUT OF HEALTH. -FOR I1 lea itlful ellinate, i>cr a I . ertlaetnent of Vincland F-iriPii, For sai.e-at panic PRICES (only ttpco DOWN), a $1U,000 llouse inr $8,000, known M UB Baal Forty eighth ktreet, near Third avenue; walnut Mtklia throughout; newest K'yle; maho^uuy blinds, large K'aaa In the entire Iron'. Be- the Iioum' this day and address A. Duvla, 201 Went Fiftieth atrect. Immediately. 1,1011 SALE ? A FARM OF FORTY-FIVE ACRES. IN F the town of North Hempstead, Queens enmity, l-rlong Ing to the eHiatrof the late Christopher Hnlaer. Itlsplea Santly slauitcd on the shore of Hriniiktead harbor, nearly op|H>a'tr tllen Cove, twenty-ai* miles from N-w York. Ou the pr niisfssre a dwelling, tenant and bath bouse, liarna, nu.l other oulbnlldings. For terma. Ae , am lv lo W. M. WEEKS, Olrn Cove, orto M. S. IIKISER, 17 Blate atreet, New York. Posaesaioii gl> en Immediately. I?O l RXClIANtiE? A VERY DESIR VBLB TOUR BTO , ry Hon- e In Fourteenth street, anil a three story brown stone front In Twenty -aerenlh street, with high atoop and all the modern improvements. Will bo ext hauced for vacaut city Iota. Apply toOEO. B. HARTS!)N, steam brev.Or, 111 East Forty-second an-eet, near Third avenue. Fob sale? ro English farm run and fruit growers. ? Soil resembles a gi ol pari of England. See advertisement of Vinelaud. IitOU SALE OR TO BENT? A Til KEE STORY AND hua-menl brown atone House, luy!, ?toup, on the south side of Thirty-fourth street, No. 300, next to the corner of Tenth avenue, finished In the very brr.t muinii r. Also two Lola In the rear, fr<>utiug on Tenth avenue, twenty feet each br K0 fret. Aliu> for sale a three story nigh atoop, Itrlek House, on the south side of Thirl y-elnl. ill street. No. 142, batween Seventh and K'gbtli nvenuea. Will bo sold at a great sacrifice. Apply to JAMES McI.AUC.HLIN, No. 027 Sixth avenue, corner of Thirty * T ntli street. B'OR SALE OR TO LEASE? THE LARGE TIIRKB story hiii-k divellint: House and Lot of luud No. 17 State street, in the city of New York, between Bridge sir et and Bowling Green, opposite the Battery. The house la 2d feet by <10 feel, and llir lot t* 12SJ'eet dorp, exti n Una to the lane In the r- r, opcnitix on Bridge street. For furtlier Informa tion auplv to the proprietors on the premises, or to C. J. A E. DEW ITT, 88 Nassau sireet, N. Y. FOR BALE -A GOOD CHANGE FOR A PERSON with* smalt and Toy Store, stock ?ltd fixtures, with dwelling. Rent $300. Would irmle lora lot up tow ri. Apply on the premises, 1,240 Broadway. For s.u.e-to people with small incomes ? for cottage homes and siiKill farms, see advertisement of Vlnelantl. For sai.f. or exchange-that fixe business Prop Ttr No. 58 Water street, live story store snd lot. About $10,060 In good teal or perM.iuiI property Is wanted for the abov e. Apply lo the owner, at if Water street, from S to 4 any daw For sale or to let-a house and about iialp an acre of Ground, in Frnl: , Flowers and Lawn, (? rapes, Ac., at Melrose station, near Harlem. Apply lo E. II. BltoWN, I'-l Nassau street, from I to 3 P. M. JrMI'ORTANT TO PARTIES INTERESTED IN CAI.I [ lorn Is. --For sale, at a great sacrifice, a Lot. of (iround routing on three streets. In Ia: * Angnlea City, California, in all 0d4>i teet fri.ut, together with ft Stores thereun:aerectcd. The b"st of title will l?e fat nlefaed on spplb .ition lo Captain P. BEAUDKY, at the St. Nicholas Hotel N. Y_ or at Messrs. E. II. LUDLOW A CO. '8, No. 3 Pino street, and M. II. BRIDGE, II Pine street, N. Y. N ewark lots, very desirably located, to exchange for a small Pnrtn, Country Be?l.l?ncr, or City or Brooklyn Properly; will be made clear; II desired somr money will be uuY In. SOUTH W 1CK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. ylNEI.VND FARMS.? FOR SALE, THE BEST OF Istnil, al the new and thriving a tlement nf Vlneland, only HO miles from Philadelphia by rallr >a I, direct lo New Yor'<. Soil if. a fine e'ay l-iini, rleli and prmlii' tive for wheat, graan and fruits. Dixlded into farms of 20acreaand up ward", at the low p.'b-e of from $15 to f 2d per aire. Onc fourlli cash, balance in four years; al?o L itsof two and a half to Ave a res, at from $.S0 to $200 ea. h. Fine crops can be seen growing. To pei-Mons of tonal' capital or out i.f busj. ness this Is a good npp irlunllv to establish a country home and t?;- ee: t . I n of a livelihood. This Is the rifchi remedy for hard times. Patnos ae. 1 reports call be had by applying to JOHN M. MOORE, 111 Pearl st"ect New York. Letters answered. Al.-o, l port of Solon Robiuson, of the New York Tribune, can he ci'.dasricd. For sale-to people with hmau incomes.? l ot cottage liouien aud ? nail farms, we u'lveueuient ot Vine land. VALUABLE COUXTRY SEAT AND FARM FOE biiIp ? Willi coD) modioli 8 and extensive buildings, or chards aud l'rults 01 all kiuds. graiiery, greenhouse, cliler mill, vinegar loft, Ac. It In situated within one hour of the illy, and communicate* by railroad and 'trambont. For h i ili h Tn in ess and beauty 01 location it la unsurpa.iKud. TIio furniture, inaood order, and the fine atork of the farm, < .in 111- had ftlao; would i'l> h'inge In part for good prod tin 1 . o city pmpertv ; price $.iO.(XW. Addreaa Proprietor, box -.137 IVs' office, ft. Y. TITAN'TED-BY THE ADVEUTI3BR. C. VAN WINKLE. TT cheap for cash, about -<*) ? ri < of i(ood land, well watered, willi some w /Od and llllablc ground. DcfCCt to Wrard House, room 1 13. PROPOSALS. ~~ OFFICE OF THE WATER COMMISSIONERS.? <OTY Hall, Jersey City, Nov. 1), 1861. Sealed proposala will be racelveil by the Wat r Commissioners of Jersey City until Monday, Dee. 16 next, at I'.i o'elo- k M., for furnishing and laying about 1,000 fort oi' 36 inch east iron water plp.i across thi- llai-ki ii.' i<k river and on Hie bottom of ih>- same. Bid dei-s to furnish plan* for tbo con. -it ruction and laying of the pipe. AH necessary Information in regard to the work ran be obtained at tliia office. J!. C. B ACOT, Supt. and Eng. CIjOTIIINO. A cheat battle fought at beauiout? the victory la gained, ladles an t gentlemen.. It lias been victorious. ; mi bcukg pronounccd l-y a great many Ibat B. MiNTZ, 137 Sixth avenue, lias been paying 60 percent more than r.ny J .-.Prlu thin city for ''am oir Clothing, Carpets, Furniture ?nd Jewelry, a nil still means to< ontinue: so, If you w|ll favor him with n note or a rail be will not humbug the community by offering $40 for (ilk dresses, 920 for ooaia and $7 for pant*, a s U done by others, but ag-i ca to nay the full value for each and evtry artiele. Don't forget the number, T THE OLD STAND. L 134 SEVENTH AVENUE. EZEKIEL3 guarantee* In puy th e following prices for ladles and gentle men'a i*ant off Wi aiing Appai ' From $H 1" $40 for Hill Dre.ta from fS to $20 for Con la, from SI M ttf$7 for Pants. Also, Carp" 5, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac. A note by pent punctually attended to by E.. I.a;l!rs attended to by Sirs. E. 131 Seventh avenue No connection with any other bouse. A T THE NI-.W STAND, SS THIRD AVENUE, LADIES Jt\. and Kcira - an secui- ti e full value for tbelr cant off Ctothlnfi, by 'will. n? on or addressing E. Jacobs, 2t>S Third avenue, between T?. iin-tlilpi and T?enty-fouth streets. Lad ps att-ndert by MIm P. Jac ibs. Attention ladik-i and gentlemen.? wanted a lot of uaat off Clothing, Furniture, Carpets and Jewel ry. I will pay the highest price tn the city, by calling on or add iff sing M. ABRAHAMS, :?)J Seventh avenue, between Twenty-fltth and Twcn'yujluft streets. Ladies attended to by Mrs. A. AOREAT DEMAND FOR CLOfHING.-LADIES AND gentlemen having any east i IT Clothing, Furniture and Carpets, will receive the highest prloe by calling on or ad dressing n. Ml. h, H02 Seventh avenue, between Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth aireeta. Ladles attended by Mrs. Mlsh. \ DEMAND.? $12,000 WORTH OP CAST OFF CLOTH jCJL ing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry wanted, for whlrh the utmost value ran be obtained by railing on or addressing E., 79 Sixth avenue, near Wavi rley plate. Ladb s attended by Mrs. E. I'lease remeuilicr, 7'J Svkth avenue. AOTIEAT BATTLE FOUOHT? THE VICTORY IS Kalned. ? Ladles and gentlemen, It has been victorious In tiemg pronounced by n gient many that F. HARRIS, of 198 Seventh avenue, has been p:ivtn.; 2ft per rent more thau any dealer In t lie <tv l\?r olt Clouting, Carpets, Fuinl turo and Jewelry, and still mean to continue fo II you will favor him wit Ii a tiute, or eaii. lie a^tc -s 'n jmy the fn'.lowim price.';:? For Silk Dresses, from &?> t ? $80; for Coats, from to $W; for Pants, ftom $2 to $u. Viu t fmv 1 160 Seventh av n :e, near TwenUMirst street, L idUs attended Ly Mi j. Harris. AMUSEMENTS. T AURA KEENE'S TIIEATKB. Li THIS EVENING, _ AND _ EVERY NIGHT DURING THE WEEE, WIU be presented an ENTIRELY NEW VERSION ENTIRELY NKff VERSION ENTIRELY NEW VERSION or TBI % \ ? 8?N8- % SEVEN SON8. $ SEVEN <f> ggVEU SONS Jf SONS. \ ///, ?VB l\\\ / '""V- ' ? i' ****** \ % ^ '* | %9 * Already played SEVENTY NI0HT8, And witnessed by more tnan > ONE HUNDRED AND NINE THOUSAND PEOPLE. 1UU celebrate! and huhly popular VK\V UNION BURLESQUE, _lllv AD.' mo TO THE PRESENT TIMES, WIU be nr..., ute I with all ita NEW BUNGS, NEW DANCES An ,, MEW UNION TABLEAUX. Comprising the ? P1R1T OF JACKSON AT TUB TOMB OK WASHINGTON. THE STAR OK THE UNION, NORTH AND SOUTH, THE BANNER IN TIIE SKY, RATTLE OP HUNKER HILL. AN EPISODE OK VALLEY KOROE. THE DEATH OK THE REHEL SPY. NAILING Ul* THE KLAG, AN EPISODE OK THE HEHELLION IN VIROINIA. THE STRUGGLE BETWEEN NORTH AND SOUTH. APOTHEOSIS Washington' and union. AUo the two ares I Scenes, THE PEEKLESS POOL OP WATEB LILIES, AMD ASCENT OP THE OUABDIAN SPIRITS OF THE LAKE. THE GBEAT WATTEAU SCENE or ARCADIAN NYMPHS Becllnln* anion' their Oiicka by the MOUNTAIN TORRENT OK REAL WATER. New mualc by THOMAS BAKER. AUo Overture, "Colleen Itawn" (on Irish alra); Ope ratio Selection, "Norma," and Hie popular LAURA KKENE WALTZ Door* open hi 6t?; commencing nt 7J< o'clock. Drey a circle seata nmv be aecured ten days in advance. Bowery theatre. S. P. STU'KNEV lassee and Manager STICK NEV S GREAT NATIONAL UltCUS. ORAND KEIE DE JOl'lt FOR JUVENILES. SATURDAY AI'TERNOON. Commencing at o'clock. SATURDAY EVENING. eninmenciiiE ul 7 Si o'clock. IIR1LI I ANT CAVAl.CAUE, FOUR (JUAKTEItS OK TIIE GLOBE. HE Kit CLINK ON HIS COItDK ELASTIOUE DASHING HORSEMANSHIP P?Y TIIE TROUPE. BRIGAND OK THE ALPS. On Monday next will be produced a new pantomime, founded upon the popular nursery Im end oi LITl'LE BO PEEP, OR THE OLD WOMAN THAT LIVED IN HER SHOE. Also, 111 si appearauce of tin- MATTY BROTHERS. DO NOT FORGET THAT MORDECAI LYONS TAKE8 the chair at the of Common*, 2ft West lloosto i street, to-night, supported by Me-sic. Walls, Dolierly, Ro ert Smith, and a galaxy of latent never lielor.- presented t> I he public at any Free and Easy In tie- ? Itv. ROJ?T SMITH^rroprle or. NOTICE.-THE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY NO. tides the public, and the theatrical profession particularly, that he has recently purchased from Mr. Charles WMtu the copyright titles of the lollowiui; Ethiopian Fames, Burlesques, Ac., coin-isting of Mazeppa, Unite,! St .t 'S Mall, Coopers, Ri val Lover", Old Dml's Caldn, Sliam Doctor, Jolly Millers, Vlllkeim and Dinah, yn.u k. D ?-lor, Mystic Spell, Black Statue, Uncle Jell', Mischievous Nigger, Bla'-k Shoemaker, Magic Penny, The Wreck, Portrait Painlcr, Hop of Fashion, Thieves at trie Mill nnd the Comedy of Errors. XII ixraoni lnl'ringiug upon the aainc will lie dealt with In conformity Willi tno copyright law. KKEDEItIC A BRADY, Proprietor of the copyrights, 21 Ann street, New York. AAA AMERICAN CONCERT HALL, TTT 444 Hi Broadway. The Oreale;;t Resort fur Paftime In tlin World. The Greatest Res irt for l'attlma iu the Wot id, ORAND COMBINATION OK TALENT. Oil AND COMBINATION OK T A MINT. CROWDED HOUSES CROWDED HOUSES attest the superiority and furnish truthful evhkutu tlml this establishment In p?r excellence. distancing all the places of amusement in tho country In lit ? production of NOVELTIES. TRIPLE COMBINATION. TRIFLE COMBINATION. Bongs, Dance*. Htirlrsours. Metro Knrn n, llailets, tc. RETURN Ol" OLD FAVORITES, CHARLEY WHITE, CHARLEY WHITE, I1ILI.Y OUINN, BIMiY OUINN. W. WEST, W. WEST, M. TURNER. - M. TURNER, U. O'NEIL, C. O'NEIL. HARRY LESLIE, HARRY LESLIE, The world-renowned Negro Comedians. F ATT IE STEWARD, FATTIE steward. The le>t Cumin Singer iu ihe country, J. WARREN, J. WAKREN, The (rest Ethiopian Comedian and Ban joist. MISS KATE LESLIE, MlSg KATE Iifc.SMK, The ucntnpllslied Vocalist, THE DELEV ANTIC BROTHERS. THE DELEYANTIC BROTHERS. J. DELEVANTIO, E. WINNIE AND T. FEl'PER, J. DELK.VANTIC, E. WINNIE ANI) T. PEPPER, In their wonderful gvmnnstie performance. THE (iREAT BALLET TROUPE, THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, under the direction of Pntil Brilliant. ADMISSION. Parquet aiernts Oallery II) cents CHARLEY WHITE, Acting Manager. OW OPEN, THE SECOND ANNUAL EXHIBITION or THM ARTISTS' FUND SOCIETY, AT THK OALLERY OF THE STUDIO BRILDINO, No. 1} Tenth (trect, near Fifth avenue, Single admission, 25 ? ents; season tickets, flu cent*. (CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, J The lea tliii place ot' uiuMmri't |p N ? York. THIS NIUIIT, SATUKD vY. REPRODUCTION REPRODUCTION of A. M. Ilernanttat'g Grand Pantomime of t'.m MAGIC LAUREL, MAOIO LAUREL. MAOIC LAUREL, MAGIC LAI!R?L, MAGIC LAURKL, MAOIC LAUREL, MAOIC LAUREL, MAOIC LAURLL, with all the gorgeous dr?sses and scenery. THE CANTERBURY MINSTRELS, TIIE CANTERBURY MINSTRELS, with the finest quartette In the business, ?iil lntrodu"e new Sonus, Chorue<:s, Ac. LAST NIOIIT, LAST NIGHT, OK THE CELEBRATED SIEGRIST BROTHERS, SIKGRIST BROTHERS, SIEGRIST BROTHERS, AND THF.IR TRAINED DOGS, AND THEIR TRAINED DOGS. FOX A CURRAN, Proprietors. ROOKLYH MELODEON, CORNER OF COURT AND Reiaueti streets, opposite the City If u 1 Branch of the New Yr.rl Melodeon, Broadway, WILL OPEN FIRST CLASS CONCERT SALOON K B with a THURSDAY EVENING, November 2tJ, THANKSGIVING NIGHT, COMPANY OF THE BEST ARTISTES 0T>erTun.t"rit'ol''U^:-?'".,'?^1'''(! WBM?U l? lea, w. D'V) Broadway Meiodeon, New ? ? RATIONAL MUSl?,;J?'AT'j{;;M TIIEATRE. "Kir8,MnioNIFicENT AND COMIC ? NTOM^ ^ VOL AU VENT. V( >L AU VEST. VOL AU VENT^ j.yx. M. HERNANDEZ, IN WHICH CHARACTER r0q|TlVELY PLAYS UPON KiiSffi KSBfe BS? saiass assa BROOKLYN.-THE ALLEGH ASIANS AND SWISS BELL RINGERS, At the Polytechnic Institute, I.lvliojst.u street, EVERY EVENING NEXT WEEK. THANKSGIVING DAY A GRAND MATINEE. Hitch cocks * NATIONAL CONCERT HALL, 172 New Canal street, one Mock from tho Bowery. A CARD. In answer to many Inquiries, the proprietor Inform* the Sublle that he I* in no way connected w lib the Chatham heat re. The National Concert II ill la the oldest established fn the city, and noted for Its versatility of talent and the respectability ol the audiences. THE BEST COMPANY IN THE CITY. HISS AMELIA BUT*. EH, MISS AMELIA BUTLER, Thi greet V oralis l. MISS KATE WARD. MISS KATE WARD, MISS FRANK CR1STJE, MISS PRANK CRISTIE, MISS FANNY MILLER, MISS FANNY MILLER, MISS NICIIOLLS, MISS NICHOCLS, MR. JOHNNY NEIL, T. GOLDEN, T. GOLDEN. MR. GEORGE WAMBOLT in his wonderful ante of contortion, ixjlng pronounced by everybody the wen ler of the world. JAMES FRASER ami CHARLES BRAIIAM. This power! ul and attractive company appears every even ing in a variety of a -ts, NEGRO MINSTRELSY ANDlBURLESQUB. COMIC AND SENTIMENTAL SINGING; also, the laughable far e entitled F. 0. SAM, OR THE NIGGER IN THE BAO. The elegant bullet LA BAYADERE. Four hau re1 entei talnmcnt for 10 cents. HITCHCOCK 8 NATIONAL CONCERT HALL. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OF NEW YORK.? TWEN tieth season, 18#1-'C2. The publlo rehearsal (number f ur) will take place at Irving Hull, on Saturday, Ner. 23, at 3X o'clock P. Jr. Extra tickets SOeenta each. By order. J. O. BEISHEIM, Seereta: y. 8PORTIHQ. DOG WANTED? A SUPERIOR RATTER, APPLY AT No. 52 WrII street, between 3 >4 and 4 o'clock. TtTA N T I 1 >- A PAt R OF ~GOO D~IIUNTI NG DOGS. ? V > ither Setters or Poln'.crs; must be thoroughly broken. Address, wit!> full nwtieulnra, e'ating whera thev c?'j be seen, M. M., box ill Uottdd uiflie. AltirBKMKRTH. njtrjLLLACKU " " ' ' W CONTINUED BURSTS ENTHUSIASTIC . APPLAUSE AND LAUGHTER. VAnT SUCCESS. EVERY NIGHT .. . UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, the new and origin ,1 . COMEDY, In three acu, with eutlrely now aud magnificent acenerr, new instate, costuinea mill iipi. lutnii nt?, culled the MAUIC MVKKIAOE. MAQIC MARRIAGE. r.u i. ? **?!? MARRIAGE. The Ohersler Monte Oe.llul Mr. x,eater Wallack Count *al- t'? (lis friend, and coualn lo the Mar chlnnoMft di VoltHrrA) Mr. Itcvnoltf* fllfftor Mull n ill (Chief of the Secret Polio? of lie iioh Mr c. Fluhar Fog.alo (a Spy, 111 the aervlco of the lUrchUmeim). Mr K.ofd {ftmonte I Kr,""d" ,he Cherallw. { "J; Seivantu, Creditors, aueals. The Marohloneaa de Volterta Mr*. Hoer Zillah. the 8 >rc r *s Miss P. Movant Ladies Mii*ae* Glinbcr, Scliliium, On on and La Pi tu*C The action take* place In Genoa and vicinity, ltWti. Svaonals of the events and Of tho ucw Scenery, painted ex pree*ly by Mr. Ishei wood ' ACT 1 HALL OP RECEPTION IN THE TOWN MANSION 0? THE MARCHIONESS DE VOLTERRA. The |?llee *p? The fortune teller of Iho Marchlone>s? The gl|ixy and (he diamond*? The Marchioness comment** the faTry tale. ACT * TERRACE GARDEN AND ENTRANCE TO THE CHA TEAU DE VOLTERRA, WITH VIEW OP THE MOUN TAINS AND THE SEA. _ The wedding morning? The charms of wedlock? The Bo heaiian? The trial and Its effect*. TIIE CHARGE OP MURDER. ACT S. THE BED SALOON IN THE CHATEAU, OVERLOOK INCl THE GARDENS. The prisoner and the guard? Their eUtlr ? A compact? Self s.terlUce and its reward? The Marchioness finishes lbs fa r . tale. locouclade with the one act Puree, by John Poole, called the SCAPE 00 AT. Old Eustace Mr. Oeorge Holland Charles Eustace Mr. Fiord I cnattus Polyglot Mr. BlaW llnbln Ml. Young Mantcr Frederick Muster Reeren Harriet Miss Viola Crocker Molly Majgi Mrs. John Sefto* - Ni?nc?.? Doors <ipen at T ; to begin stthalf-past. w INTER OARDEN. SIXTH NIGHT SIXTH NIUHT those delightful delineator* of IRISH AND YANKEE LIPB, MR. MR. AND MRS. MRS. B BARNEY WILLIAMS, BARNKY WILLIAMS, BARNEY WILLIAMS. Who will present THIS EVENING (SATURDAY) a charm Inu entertaliunent, embracing throe pieces:? I. The beautiful legendary drama THE FAIRY CIRCLB for the last lime; 2. The new buri'*qur PRINCE DOLORO SO, With now scenery, Irausi'oi inntloiia and machinery, cha racteristic eoa imo ?, innsle anil ejlccta: !t. An.t alai>, for the last Umc, THE IRISH TIOER. Mrs. William* as Molhoe sii<l I'rluce Uoloroso, Mr. WUllamt as Cou O'Carrolau ana Paddy Ryan. New bowery theatre. Sole Propilctor* Men-: *. Q. I,. Pox k J. W. Llugavf BATIIKDAY, NOV. *t, 1081, Chas. Gayler's great National Dr.ima of BULL RUN; On, Tint Sacsiku or Paiuiax Court not/an. After which the celebrated FEMALE .MINSTREL SCENE And Military Drill of thu lemile McClollan ZouareSk Concluding wilu the National I'.nimiot' NICK or THE WOODB. ARN I'M S AMERICAN MUSEUM. SAT I RDA V, NOVEMBER 23, 1SCL GRAND FAMILY HOLIDAY for ladles, children and families, Unit they mar SEE THE LIVING \v HALL from the roast ot Labrador, IS f .1 lung, which PROFESSOR AGASalZ says Is "the specie* known to iiaitirMl.siK as THE liELN'UGA, OK WHITE W1IALE," one af the must Interesting objccUevcrlntrodueed to th?p?^ tic uoilco ; also THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, from the river Nile, in Egypt; the 2tM EUUCATED WHITE RATS. and nil the other wonders of this Immense establishing^ beside wltiiK?Hlng the PERPOIt M ANCE OP THAT SPLENDID DRAMA. THE ANiiEL OP MIDNIGHT, which Is prodined in fie APTERNOON AT S O'CLOCK, EVENING AT 7X O'CLOCK. It will be worth the prl e of adnilaaioti to s<-e the SMILING PACES OP THE HAPPY CHILDREN and listen lo their merry laugh as they enjoy Gib sights am, ainnaciiicnls of this favorite f.iuiily resort. A'tmlsslon to all, 2A coma; children under ten, Ifloenf. sill RY ANTS' MINSTItELS, J) Meehnntcs' Hall, 472 llrnsdwsy, above Grand llmi n Monday, Nov. 13, and every night durlua the week, SOIREE D ETHIOPE, InlerHjiersed with joke* and comicalities by the favorHS Dronuoa, DAN BRYANT AND EPH HORN. 8. C. Campbell In hi* pleading ballads and Tyrolean ?? bliugs. THE RAW RECRUITS. I'ae gwine down to Washington To tight for Ahrahnm'a daughter. TIN PAN ONION, DAT'S WHATS DE MATTES. Lord Lovel, Plaetatlon Peatlvat Scene*, Carte de Visits^ Doors open at li>#; curtain rWns at 7)4- Tickets S3 csnts. UOULEY'S MINSTRELS (LATE OP MIBLO'S ?Ae loon), Sniyrcsant Hall. <5.'.9 Broadway, oiipoalte Bond strsst. TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS OP THE GREAT STARS, Chut lev Pj?, W. Gl'iUln. Dsvs Reed, Ac., In tlu-lr new act*? Tho Wsli Street Brokers, The Three Palnea, Sally Coma Up, l'a'helie Mellads, Violin Extravaganza. Ac. Monday, Nor. 2.1, lira) ni p arunro of the celebrated Stills. p!au comedian, W. Arling'ou. Door* open si i>% \ to emimience at 7X< Tickets 19 cents. BROADWAY MUSIC HALL. 4.H3 AND i*i BROADWAY. AND 4X6 BROADWAY. BRILLIANT AND VARIED ATTRACTIONS. BRILLIANT AND VARIED ATTRACTIONS. NEW STARS. IMMENSE SUCCESS. IMMENSE SUCCBSB. IMMENSE SUCCESS. IMMENSE SUCCESS. CROWDED MOUSES. CROWDED HOUSES. Positively Iho last niglil of tlie Original Comic FanlOolM THE APE OK ItOKNEO, THE APE OP BORNEO. With all Its hrantluil Ea-l India act uery, dres.ies, As. BILLY BIRCH, BEN. COTTON, J. A. HERMANN. M. AYNSLY SCOTT, J. PIERCE. D. PRICE. M. CHABIJMk the world renowned Negro Comedians, In new Acts, Songs^ Dance*, Burlea<tuv?, do. Pirst apiiearance of the accomplished vocalist, CLARA HARRINGTON. CLA it A HARRINGTON. THE QUEEN OP SONG. THE QUEEN OP BONO. TONY PASTOR, TON Y PASTOR, the best comic singer in tlio Gouiur; . The beat BALLET TROUPE lit the cliy, under the direction of I'sul Brilliant, THE GREAT CARLO TROUPE THE GREAT CARLO TROUPE In their wonderful gymnastic feat*. MISS ERNESTINE DE FABER. MISS LIZZIE SC1IULTZ. MISS LIZZIE SCUULTB, M ILK. KAHUNA, the a.-' umpllshed danaeuee*. GRAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE ORAND MAT I NEB GRAND MATINEE ORAND MAT1NBH GRAND MATINEE ORAND MATINEE iIiIh (Satin-day) afternoon, at o'clock precisely, for the a* coiuino ialiou of LADIES AND CHILDREN. anMi.*MiriA'. ? racquet. 25a.: Gallery, l.V. ; Orchestra Chairs, 88* ROBERT W. BUTLER, Sole Lessee and Manager. Mon*. La Tmoii.nk, Stage Mn'mg' r. THEA'l RICAL.? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, KOR TinB city, an Ohl .Man, Lon Comedian and four Utility Men. Apply to Chas. S. Bernard A Co., 440 Broadway, from W to B o'clock. * PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OP NEW YORK? 30TH hc.iaon, lWI-'fi2.? The nubile rehearsal (number four) will take place nl Irving llall on Saturday, Nov. X.\, at 3 )? o'clock 1". M. Extra ticket* SO emit* e?eh. By order, J. G. BEIS1IE1M, Secretary. UNCEASING WONDERS. At I he Parisian Cabinet of Wonders and Anntomy, MS Broadway, next door to Ball, Bluclt A Co., New Yurie Juat added to this large, auperb aiul world fumed collection, m ix if ect frenk of nature, a monster child with two heads, four leiis And three arms. In conjunction with this interesting alfclit theie arc wonder* of an unsurpassable and III rilling nature. At one glnnee Is seen 1,7(W paru nf the human bodr. Tli" Institution hat been pronounced by the, many thousanla who crowd to It dully to linve a truly moral tenilenv. Lectures >laily on interesting, scientitio and piuholojilcal aubjecls. Open fur gentlemen only from 10 A. M. till 10 1. V. Aaml>slon 'J5 cents. Last night ok the alleohaniaiw w AND SWISS HELL RI NORSK. SATURDAY EVENING. Nov. H, at HOPE CHAPEL. BENEFIT OF MIri.S 0. HIKPEBT. Ob which occasion _ MB. FREDERICK BUCKLEY lias klmlly volunteered (His first appearance since hla return from Europe.) Swiss bell rinoers? the last week, POSITIVELY. THE ALLEOHANIAN8, TS AND SWISS BEMTklNdEM. At Hope Cliapul, 720 Broadway. eveir evening this we?t MATINEE HATURDAY AFTERNOON. November tX Saturday evening, Nor, ri, Miss HIFFERT8 BENEFIT MISS EVA BRENT, TUB TALENTED AMERICA* recalls!, having closed her kiag and unprecedented pnpalar engagement at the Meiodeon, In New York, Is now ready to negotiate for an engagement In any respectable the* re or lirst claw concert ssdoon in the United State*. A niily persnna'ly ur address <:? orge Lea, Mefodeou, No. S3B Broadway, N. Y. A LADY OF DISTINGUISHED ABILITIES PROPOSE* to tilve Read int* froiu tin) poet* anil dramatic authont bi'oni school*, private families, societies, At. For card* *I?S particulars iiiMi eat Lady Teazle, Herald office. CHURCH'S NIAGARA? TUE LAST EXHIBITION. M9 Broadway, Meat door below Tiffany k Co.'*. NOVELTY CONCERT HALL, ? ?? Broad way. ?* Sum,*, Glee*, Burleaquea, Dances, Ballet* and Negro mo oentriclties, by one of toe be?l com pan lea In the city. Admission 19 cent*. Including refiethmenia. GO AND SEE V. ARLtNGTOH IN IIIS OREAT CHALLENOB ESSENCE OF OLD VIKO^T. WIT1I liOOLBY'8 MINSTRELS, BROADWAY, Monday evening Xov. 25, and nigot. "llTANTKD? FOR A CONCERT 8ALOOJ. ,^VBJOUHO W la.Dea as waiter*, to whom eeod wagea ena <S> goyn> entwfll be gtrin. A*Ur*?l immediately u., box it? eiT,id offloo. Ttri\TTin? rflH A RESPECTABLE CONCERT 8A? )\'ASlSrA?"'"ic *?*'? La?y?r gentleman. inquire at 24 l*t et., N* Yl _ _ ________ ? ? TtriKTPn_PI FTEEX YOUNG LADIES, TO WAIT ON W tL')fe?^APply. between 10 aud U1M., ?UUc Fluke, ton Convert UaU, ?S ?w?dw?y,

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