Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1861 Page 3
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POMTtrAL. A T A 11 Alvu E Mil L SI AST1C MEETING OK TUB ./*. Ninth Ward National Democratic Club, held at Mr. James uoey's, turner of Thirteenth street and ilghth avenue, on Saturday evening, the 28 I Inst., there was a iflorotiuh or gauuatiou formed, and the following gentlemen elected ai permanent officers. . f the club:? MR. FRANK MdJLROY, President. MR. ROBERT M.CORMIt'K. VIco President. MR. EDWAltD II. ( J * FNEr, Secretary. MR. BERNARD WARD, Assistant Secretary. MR. WILLIAM McKKN.VA, Treasurer. The roll havLng been eatled by the SerreUiry, there wr.s found to be SCJ3 members present, and the business of the *i>tiP b-. n'i transacted tor the eveuing, the meeting was ad id tintll Wednesday evening. lie 27tli Inst., at 8 o'elo It, ... ? (Jiiuye. rUANK.KtMl.UUY, President. A_ Wll.l. AX McKENNA, Treasurer. BdwamB "? G*rsity, Secretary. BnawjUrtl^T*1*"' Av?letant Seerelarv. M E ETI N trlMj 1 1 K UNION DEMOCRATIC CLUB of the Eighth XtKrmauie district will be held at F. MrKenna's, 78 Goerck su ed, on Monday evening, Nov. 26, MSI, at 7J4 o'clock. By order, _ JOHN WALSH, President. JiUKs McGuirh, Recording Secretary. Thomas Blai.os, Corresponding Secretary. A MEETING OF TUB SEVENTU WARD 8TAR Club will be bold at No. 4S Earn Broadway, on Monday evening, Nov. 26, at 8 o'clock. A punctual attendance la re ?uesttu. By order. CHARLES JORDAN, President, FRANCIS J. HAWKES, Vice President. Patrick Tien*, 8jcretary. ymiw Kslly, Treasurer. A CARD,? PRANK BUFFY WILL HAVE HIS POSTER8 A at MS Broadway, where be i> engaged aa oflicer every evening I rum 8 until 1 or 2 o'clock, striving to make a living; ?ltd his friends can see hlra and And out what to do. Fersererauce, houeaty and iuduatnr will command success. KKANK Pt'WV. Seventh ward. At a larce and bnthusiasic meeting of lie People's Union Club of the Fourth Aldermanlc dis trict. held at HunilKildt Hall, Forsyth street, on Friday ?vesica, Nor. 21, Win. W. Ladd, Esq., President, In tbo ehalr, attar the election and admission of sixty-three mem bers. and the uaual business of the evening was transuded, ?e e)ub adjourned to meet on Tuesday evening next, at the mm* place, to endorso candidates for our support at the coning election. WM. W. LADD, President. UK*. O'Scluvaw, Secretary. jonii Ppawk, Treasurer. ft ALL OF THE UNION WORKWOMEN'S CLUB, TO \J meet at tho corner of Christopher and Hudson streets, $m Tneaday evening, Nov M. By order of the chair. H. B. Ppapm, Secretary. WM. GIBSON, Prealdent. TVBMOCRATIC REPUBUCAN RBGULAR NOMINA \J Hon.? For Aldermsnof the Sixth Aldermanlc district? ?Juprislng parts of ihe Tenth. Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Seventeenth wards ? JAMES REED. JAMES CARTY, of the Fourteenth ward, Chairman of tbe Nominating Convention, Ciuxn Fosdtcx, of the Seventeenth ward, Secretary. ?IRRT WARD WASHINGTON UNION CLUB. At a large ami enthusiastic meeting of the elactora of Firnt Ward, organised and known an the Kirst Ward WlMfclngton Union Club, held at the house of James MeOulrc, Ml Albany street, on Saturday evening, the 2Sd inat., the following preamble and resolutions were with entire unanl Whereas, The portion of our city comprised within the Vint, Second and Third wardK, appears to be entirely Ignored fey the various political organizations, with one single ex ?MlttuB, In making their nominations for representatives In the ciljr government; and whereas, the Mogart Halt Demo cratic Republican organization, duly appreciating the Impor tance of securing to ttie vast and important Interests centred la the lower part of the city, comprising in all probability MR than one-third of ita entire taxable property, and re cognizing the fundamental principle of democratic faith, thai there should t>e representation where there is taxation, ftave nominated for re-election as the representative of this sti strict la tin Board of Oounrllmen the present incumbent, 4efeu Hogan? gentleman poosesslng in an eminent degree *11 the attributes necessary to lit him fur a faithful and intel ligent discharge of the Important trusts confided to his keep, hag as such representative? a gentleman of integrity, enlarged ?views of public policy and a liberal and enlightened legisla tor? a striking Instance of the latter quality being made (aauifeslat the meeting of the Board of Counoiliucii on the Cist Inst., when it was proposed to reduce the allowance Made from the Family Volunteer Aid Fund to the miserable pittance of 25 cents per head for the children of the absent aoldier, Mr. llngan, in his place in the board, arose, and in dignantly denounced the attempt as being unworthy the great city of New York, alleging "that twenty-five eenta per ?week would not procure milk enough to prevent a child from Marving;'' and, whereas, this association, having closely . turutlnTzcd the public acts of John Hogan in the Board of Connciimen during the past two years, and failed to liud the , test one to reprehend, but, on the contrary, many to com taend, and desirous of our unqualified approbation, be it ' therefore Resolved, That in the nomination of John Ilogau as repre sentative of the people of the lower portion of the city, we Mcognise a proper appreciation of his past public services, which have been peculiarly able, honest, energetic and patri otic; and wc take pleasure In pledging to him the hearty and JtUMiimujus support of this association, ami at the same -time bespeak for him, from all classes of the citizens of the Fourth Senatorial district, In recognition of his past ser vices, and as an earned of hiB future usefulness, a similar hearty and undivided support. The meeting then adjourned, to meet on Wednesday even (lag, Nov. 17, at 7 >? o'clock, at 21 Albany street. DANIEL KENNEDY, Chairman. IP OR MAYOR, Jf C. GODFREY OUNTTIFR. At a meeting of the Uerman Democratic Central Club, held la Bowery Garden, US Bowery, on Friday. November 22, nil the wards being represented, the riomlnat'on of C. Godfrey ?natter for Mayor was unanimously endorsed. GEORGE KUSTER, President Otto jACERRSPORrr, Secretary. (ft RAND MASS MEETING IT OP THE GERMAN DEMOCRACY, to ratify the nomination of Hon. FERNANDO WOOD As Mayor or the city or New York, To be held at the VOLES' GARTEN 45 BOWERY . 45 On WEDNESDAY, NOV. 27. at 8 O'CLOCK IN THE EVENING. Oood sneakers are invited to address the meeting. The Hon. Fernando Wood win positively be present to ad ?tcaa hla German fellow citizen*. By order of the Oermaa Democratic General Committee, M this city. TUB OOMMIZK or A*RA*GB>UEltT8. Capt. E. Simon, Daniel Catolr, Otto Mehler, A. Knohloch, Onatavus Newman, William Seebach, Cspt. John Laurits. 'IRISH CITIZENS OP NEW YORK 1 ON THE MAYORALTY ELECTION. Irish citizens and fellow countrymen, the time la ap proaching when your voice will be required, and do not Jnsgracc yourselves by casting your votes for anv other than Fernando Wood. He has stood by you in all your trials and sillllculties, and has never been known to forsake you in {our day of trouble. Listen not to the unfounded calumnies. Aspersions and detractions will be placed upon him for no other purpose than to withhold your suffrage from him, knowing well that if the honest and trustworthy (thousands mt Irishmen rally to tbe standard of democracy on the more l.ig of election, with full determination of voting for the I tight man and the right cause, they will give It to Fernando wood. Hearken not, I appeal to you, In the name of your kelovcd country, to any prejudice against him. He is, above all other candidates now before you, the man fit to be your chief magistrate and ruler. Look to the history of his food and benevolent acts during his ollice of Mayor, and lies ?e not contributed largely to our charitable institutions, and Sa the moment of Ireland's distress and has he not lent his aid and e> tendril the had of charity to our Hiffcrlng koumry? It would, then, be uaeleia for uie to enumerate the good he has done, and whv will we, as freemen, in this our adopted country, forsake him, our benefactor, in this his hour of trial, when we should repay him with gratitude by living him our humble voices? and do not listen to charges Seade against him of doing good during his time of office. Hard for him to do good when limited by the Legislature, for tkc sole purpose of preventing his sets of liberality to fo tolgners. For this and similar reasons, will you hear the cry of slander against him? lie has always been the warm friend of the poor laborer and mechanic, wbose Interests he ?as always deeply at heart. Remember, my countrymen. What caused many of us to leave our native country ; it waa cruel tyranny and extermination which left us in this free and happy country, now torn by factions and political Issues, but will again be united and glorious; and If we bad each liberal and charitable rulers in our native country wc Would be there yet, happy and prosperous in Ireland, first Sower of the earth and gem of the sea. Now, like men dis tinguished by truth, honor and equity, never forget that Which characterizes every Irish voter. Truth and honesty Will be victorious. Stand ny him In this election and another dtay will dawn upon us with a future blessing, and as sure as (he sun shines in the firmament of heaven so sure will Per ban do Wood. So much from an Irishman. JOHN ROGEBS, House Agent. Office 75 Tenth avenue. VtayokaTtv r?L I V NOMINATION. NATIONAL US ION CLUBS. For Mayor, O. GODFREY HUNT HER. JOHN C. HAM, Chairman Central Committee and Mayoralty Nominating Convention. Joiarn Ponans, i ~ O. Si.oaw H olden, ( secretaries. Uttfhj x Robkris, Treasurer. V| 6ZART~HAI.L SCHOOL CONVENTION JxL of the Eighteenth ward numed the following candidate* ?or school officers:? Mr. WILLIAM E. CURTIS, ) In,n..|n? Mr. FEDRICO E. MATHER, 1 InflP?C'or?. Mr. JOHN FOSTER. Mr. JOHN OBRINE, ) flus,cfs W. D. PARSONS, Chairman. Isaac A. Moit-Ajt, Secretary. OTICE.-THE JAMES KELLY CLUB-A REGULAR meeting of the Kelly Democratic Union Club will be Jiddat the headquarters. 209 avenue B, corner of Thirteenth street, on Monday, the 25th Inst., at 7 o'clock P. M. AH mem ?art and those wishing to loin, are requested to bo in attend ance. WILLIAM F. FITSPATRICK, Chairman. Fxtbr Cotue, Secretary pro tem. NEW YORK, NOV. 22, 1061. ? AT A MEETING OF THE New Bowery Club, held at 10 James street, on Friday ?*ening, it was uuauimouslv resolved that we support the nomination of William Walsh for Alderman of the Second district, being well satisfied that lie la eminently qualified for the position. PATRICK LENON, Chairman. Join Tristram, Secretary, ?W YORK, VOV. 23, 1 861. -TO THE "ELECTORS OF the Tenth Aldernsasic district.? The use of our names Man advertisement In the New York Tribune of the 21st iatt., endorsing the nomination of George A. Jeremiah, the Tammany candidate for Alderman, is entirely unauthorized liy us and against our wishes or consent, wo were not pre atai at the meeting refeired to. Thomas B. Sililman, W. E. Brockwar, E. S. Marshal), A. T. Albro, A. Pulhamus, 8. Rocco, H. g. Jtaight. NOHCE.-A MEETING OF THE SEVENTEENTH Ward Workingmen's Democratic Union Club, will be held on Monday evening, Noveml>er 2.1, at 8 o'clock, at Tim Dwyer's, 194 Eon' Eleventh street, as business of importance Is to be tcansacted. By order of EDWARD CARR, Chairman. Ajpkkw Clark, -Secretary. ^ TLB'S UNION (SYRAOd'SE) NOMINATIONS." For Mayor. C. GOD.FREY GUNTHER. Dr. JAMKH M. AiJSTIN, President. W?. E. Frost, ) Secreia- David.Clark, j Vice Taos. J. Hall, f ilea. J as. L. Mjllkr, I Presidents. Joiut Houpkr, Treasurer. "POLITICAL BANNERS. FLAfW AND TRANSPAREN JL - cies of every description on h.tnd and U order. 1IOJEK A G It All AM, ArtlilU and Manufacturers, 97 Duane svaet. "pEo: PEOPLE'S UNION NOMINATION. For Trustor of Common Schools, S'tventh Wird, EDWARD M. 8K1DMOKE. BEOl'LAR MOZART HALL NOMINATIONS FOR Councllmen. . . .. roCRTH SENATORIAL DISTRICT. John Hogan? First ward. Thomas Fitzgerald? Fourth ward. Alexander 1L McOarren? Filth ward, Charles E. Hagan? Sixth ward. Harris Bogert? Eighth ward. CoraeliusDesinond? Fourteenth ward. _ ? WM, J, COEY, Chairman. Danikl Bnontv, ) H??,. ' Isaac Blauvw,t. i fcecrclftrics. POLITICAL. Rally, democrat^ ratt.v URAN1) MASS RATIFICATION MEETIRO. . The democratic elector* of the elty of N?"v York, trlenoiy to regular nomination* uud the um<c> of tho party, anil all others in favor <tf in HONEST ADMINISTRATION of our municipal government, are requested to meet at TAMMANY HALm TUESDAY EVE NINO, NOVEMBER 2#, .at HiLr-risi skvka o'clock. for Ihe pui pose of ratifying and responding to the nomta* ' ' O. GODFREY Gl.NTHEB, the candidate oi the dm?o?lMAYO& of the city of New York. HONEST MEN FOR RESPONSIBLE POSITIONS. The following diNtingtiiih"! speakers have been invited, and wiU address tb? meeting;? James T. Brady. John E. Develin, N?1hoii J. Walerbury, Hiram Walbrldee, John Kelley, Jantea B. Nieholson, John McKeon, John Clancy, Michael Connolly, Ueorje H. Purser, Theodore K. Tomllnson, Daniel VV. Clark, Thomas C. Fields, Henrv W John ton. ELIJAH if. PL'RDY, Chairman Democratic Republican Ocneral Committee. J OB IV U4RDY, ? I - Aim B. Rollins, j OIXTH SENATORIAL DISTRICT. O Tammany and Mozart Union Nomination, FOR COUNCILMAN. ARTHUR AIIRNCTY. THE PEOPLE ARE INVITED TO ATTEND A GRAND RATIFICATION MEETING, Which will be held on Monday evening, Nov. 39, 1801, at 7X o'clock , at the EMPIRE ROOMS, Twelfth street, near avenue 0, To ratify the nomination of FRANCIS I. A. BOOLE for Al derman of the Twelfth Alderuanlc district. HobTLUKE F. COZANS, PATRICK DAILBY, E?q., A. B. DONALDBON, Bsq_, , Hon. K. B. BRADFORD And others will address tha meeting. coHHiTraa or Aaaajtasinpi'ra. Samuel W. Sraller, John Hanon, Wm. Flaming, Wm. Humphrey*. Henry McNall& John Gieason, Patrick Hogan, Michael Russell, J??. MeQrath, Pater Maguire, Adam Milter, John Delaney, PhUip W. Ekardt, Owen Geoghan, Richard Burns, Francis MeGrelle, Hen*? Smith. KAM'L W. SMILE R, Chairman Com. of Arrange'!*. Ricu'n H. Bisuor, Sec'y Com. of Arrangements. rTHE EDITOR OT THE IIERALD:? SEE I NO MY name attached to a call of the \oters of the Twelfth and Nineteenth wards for a ratification meeting on Tuesday next, In favor of C. Godfrey Gunther for Mayor, I would state that the use of my name was unauthorised, and done without my knowledge or consent, a? I am in favor of, aud Intend to nupjwri the Hon. Fernando Wood for Mayor, at the coming election: knowing him to be the moat capable man for the position. JOSEPH CORNELL, YorkvlUe. Nxw You, Nov. 83, 1861. THE PEOPLE'S SYRACUSE UNION. HOMHAIIOK rOlt MAYOR. OONRAD SWACKIIAMER. ANDREW LEWIS, Chairman. ROB? H." CORBET, BD' j Vic* ch?lr,nen M&3&SS1 J*? taries. The national union school convention op llie Eleventh ward, met on Monday, the 18ih lust, and nominated the following ticket for school oOloers:? For School Commissioner. SAMUEL S. ACKER. Pur Inspector, BDWARD MICH LINO. Tor Tt ustees, nERVKY O. CALKIN. LEWIS O'BRIEN. C. 8CHOONMAKBR, Chairman. W. W. Lros, Secretary. THE SYRACUSE UNION NOMINATING CONVENTION met at the National Hotel, 4V0 Third avenue, November 22, 1801, aud nominated unanimously the following ticket for Councilman in the Seventh Senatorial district : ? Jacob If. Long, of the Twelfth ward; William Joire, of the Twenty second ward ; John Brief and Kerran Perkins, of the Twen tieth want; Alexander Brandon, of the Twenty-Aril v. .ird, aud John Cavanagh, of the Nineteenth wu?ri. .MERCELLUS ELLS, Chairman. R. B. BRinroitn, Secretary. H. T. Decker, A Mstant Secretary. The tenth ward young mkn's union club will meet to-morrow (Monday) evening, Nov. 2.">, nf8 o'clock, at Humboldt Hall, 67 Forsyth street, for the purpose of making nominations. Members will be prompt In attend ance; also on Friday evening, Nov. 2tf, at samo plat e. By order. W M. 0. TWA Y, President. Wn.J1. Plumb, Secretary. The independent union democratic club, of the Sixth ward, will meet at 70 Bayard street, on Monday evening, November 26, at 8 o'clock. AH member* are requested to attend, us business otauuch importance will be transacted. By order of JOHN KENEDAY, President. End. Hartnett, Secretary. 1ST WARD ON DECK.? A MEETINO OF THE STAR Club will be held on Monday evening, November 36, 1*61, at 108 Cedar street, at 8 o'clock precisely. Business of im portance. will be transacted. By order of JEREMIAH KENKIFICK, President. IlKNRT COKKI.IN, Secretary. 2D WARD REPUBLICAN SCHOOL CONVENTION held at the headquarters, 293 Pearl street.? The. follow ing gentlemen were nominated, irrespective of party:? Mr. J AUKS IIoban, School -Commissioner; for Inspectors, James H. Ward, Charles Mtfr.i ; for Trustees, G., Henry ROMKMAJC. ARTHUR HERMANCE, Chairman. M. C. Fordbav, Secretary. y?TII ALDERMANIC DISTRICT.? REGULAR MOZART TX Hail nomination for Alderman, Captain James McMa bon. PATRICK UUINN, Chairman. Gkorok Looan, ) cUl__,?1.1. _ * John Roeiiner. ) ??CTe"""'? We, the undersigned, members of tho Seventh Ward Mo tart Hall General Committee, endorse Captain James McMa hon as the regular candidate, DANIEL HUGHES, PATRICK MeNAMARA, JOHN RUSSELL. GEORGE O'CONNER, MICHAEL HOWARD, MICHAEL MOONEY. JAMBS ENNI8. JOHN OALVIN. Members of the Seventh Ward General Commit tee 4TH WARD-YOUNG AMERICA CLUB.? ALL MEM bers are notified to attend. Also, our Italisn friends, next Tuesday, Nov. 28, at 8 o'clock. Business of Importance will be transacted. By order. JOSEPH CERAGIOLI, President. A. Memo, Secretary. yfTHWARD.? A MEE1ING OP THE SCHOOL CON T vention appointed from Tammany Hall, held at S3 New Bowery, on Saturday evening, November 23, 1861, the follow ing ticket was nominated: ? Y?r School Commissioner, l'cler Meade; ior Inspector, Mathcw; for Trustees, James White, Charles Kelly. THOMAS COMON, Chairman. Richard McNab, Secretary. TH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT > REGULAR NATIONAL UNION, GERMAN LEAGUE AND PEOPLE'S UNION NOMINATION. For Alderman, JOHN VAN TINE. v.iinn.i rrninn ? G- BROOKES, Chairman. National Union j 0 B BEETg secretarr. J JOHN C. HOECKEL, Chairman. German League j ,, K haRTMAN. Secretary. . . ? < GEdKGK 8. MILLER. Chairman. Peoples Union JTHOMA8 H. HUNT, Secretary. e?TH SENATORIAL DISTRICT. ) Ninth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Eighteenth wards. Regular Democratic Taxpayers and Union Candidate For Councilman, RICHARD O'BRIEN. 7TH SENATORIAL DISTRICT OF THE CITY OF NEW York.? The undersigned, using the privilege of the press, addresses his fellow citizens as follows:? It having been an nounced to me by your Nominating Counciimumc Committee that I have received the nomination as Councilman of the Seventh Council manic district of this city, it would lie (idle for me to say that I do not feel proud of four confidence; and It would not be straight forward towards you should I with hold the expression of my grateful thanks and make a pro mise that my former course of life will Justify you in be lieving me, and by my acts hereafter will redeem, which is that no effort of bodv or mind, on rny part, shall be withheld or delayed faithfully to serve yon, and allow me to leave the position as blameless as 1 now desire te enter upon lis canvass. I have no personal ends to gain or political friends to reward, and I believe, so far as my memory serves me, no political foes to punish. The. line of duty, officially, to be as sumed by me if elected, will be to aerve the interests of my Councllmanlc district and its people, and they will not ll ml me tardy in doing it. In the present unfortunately distracted condition of our country. It fall* to the lot of every well In tentioned citizen to lend his utmost exertions to avert the Impending dangers for the snke of our whole country; and consoling will be the after thoughts of him who can, 'in the face of his constituents, lay his hand upon his heart and say, I have done my share, towards it. In the struggle should the aid of any citizen be refused for the support of this government? for. without agreement we arc lawless among ourselves and an object of ridicule if not contempt to other governments? let that support be given. We never sank so low before, tfnd with wise counsels from jnst men and conciliatory offerings, which will do discredit, to none, we will emerge from the dark cloud which hangs over as nationally, and arrive at a day of better feeling, better un derstanding and with a salutary lessou as in whom we shall put, or allow to be put, at the head of national affairs here after. None of you will differ with me, I hope, in these senti ments. Let us then by proper representations strive to have them carried out, and we shall once more see a united people, faithful and trusting to each other, obedient to that which alone controls them? the constitution and laws of the United States of America. Gentlemen, with these sentiments, I accept the nomination as Counci)m.<u of the Seventh Counciltnanic district of this city, tendered to me by your nominating committee, with thanks for the confidence reposed In me, and I assure you it will not be betraved. ami the national or city character nowise suffer for being, even in the smallest degree, entrusted to your obedient servant, JOHN LYONS. New York, Nov- 22. idol. 7TH SENATORIAL DISTRICT.? LABORERS' POLITI" cat Union. At a large and enthusiastic meeting of the above Union, held at their rooms on Friday night, the 22d inst., the follow ing preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted:? Whereas, Both the democratic and republican parties huvc ignored the rights of I he laboring classes, and Whereas, The members of this Union are determined to use all the Influence In Ihelr power to defi at any candidate whom they may think will act Inimical to their Interests; Therefore, Resolved. Thnt seven members of this Union wait on the different candidates nominated for mayor, aider men and councllmen or this district, and know their senti ments with regard lo the laboring classcs. Resolved, That the following gentlemen act as this com mittee :? Patrick Mallou, Cornelius Ryan, Stephen Dlmond, Timothy Shea, Andrew Hassett, Daniel Regan. James Kneffe, ? PATRICK MALLON, President. Patrick Hocak, Secretary. Andrew Hassett, Treasurer. H HI COUNCILMANIC DISTRICT-UNION DEMO I cralic republlran and Mozart regular nominations for Councilman, SAMUEL K. M. KEPNER, of Twelfth Nine^ toenth, Twentieth, Twenty-first and Twenty-second wards. 8TH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT.? TAMMANY UNION Democratic i.omlnations, and Mozart regular Democra tic Republican nomluatioos:? For Alderman, peter Mcknight. TAVMAirr contention. mozaht contention. Wm. FUzpatrlck, Chairman. John J. Blair, Chairman. Wm. R. Tavlor, > gecrefarics Win. W. Jackson, > Secrc Edward L.Vox, I *cclmrles' Henry L. Wright, j tarles. 8TII AND NINTH WARDS.-TIIIRD JUDICIAL DI8 Irict. The Union ami the Constitution. Democratic Re publican regular nomination. For Police Justice, William Dodge JOHN McNICOL, Cii^irmaa, Wll.UA* ClEAI!T, j a,?,.-.,. IiAA.c WiuJAJia, i secretaries. POLITICAL. 8 Til ALDERMANIC DI8TOICT? l?OR AT.DER.MAN, John Lewla, of the firm of Lewi* A Woodruff. "lA'fH WARD. At lQcttUngs of the Tenth ward Tammany tinil Mozart Hall Houriol Conventions, held Thursday andFrtday even ing*, the following Reboot ti ket was unanimously r.omi Baled;? * For School Commix loucr. DANIEL SLOTE. For School Inspector, z. francs barnes. For School Tiuaiee*, WILLIAM McOAFFlL GIDEON OSTRANDBR. ALLAN MeKEAClINIE, Chairman Tammany Convention* fORNELIl'8 CORSON, t'huirmaii Mo/art Convention. Alokzo sioti, Secretary Tammany Convention. Thos. Lyn ktt, Secretary Xourt Convention. "I ATH ALDER.MANir DISTRICT? THE CONVENTION XU oi iho l'i ojile a (Marshall) Union Party met on S.itutduy evening, Novi inber23, and unanimously nominated Wuliaia A. Smalley fur Alderman. CHARLES 0. WATERBURY, Chairman. ygMgWOK C. W agnkh, Secretary. "I ATI! ALDERMANIC DIbTKICT-FIFTBENTn AND -I U Seventeenth wardr.? The Moxart Hall Aldermauic No minatlng Convention of this dim riot met at Thomas Foran'n, corner of Elgin b street and avenue A, on Tucfttiar evening, 19th Inat. The Convention wax orvaiiiaeil by appointing The*. Foran, Chairman and Wat. T. Re illy, Secretary. On motion a hnllot wan had, which resulted in Uie uuaul mom nomination of ARBA K. MAYNARD for Alderman of the Tenth Alderinanio diaulct. THOMAS FORAN, Chairman. W*. T. Heili.y, Secretary. 1 ASH ADDERM ANIC DISTRICT. 11/ UNION AND REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. For Alderman, WILLIAM A. SMALLEY, Nominated ucajiimously by both Union and Republican as sociations. J. 1). RYtJUlON. I'reaident Republics n association. BENJ. F. MKRKITT, Chairman Seventeenth Ward Union Club. 1 ATH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT. 1U FOB A1J>KRMAN. OEOROE A. JEREMIAII. Mozart Hall. Tammany Hail. MICHAEL KANE, Ch'n. ISAAC 11. BROWN, Ch'n. John Hannuioroa, Sca'y. Joan J.Dyhond, Soc'y. nTH WARD UNION ASSOCIATION. ? AT A REGULAR meeting of the above association, hel<l at the house of Mr. Hour lie, 403 Houston street, corner of Sheriff, on Friday evening, November 22, the following gentlemen were unani mously endorsed by the association aa their candidates:? For Mayor? Fernando Wood. For Alderman, Eighth dis trict? Peter Mitchell. For Oouncllmen, Fifth Senatorial dis trict ? Slraot Haielton and Frederick Repper. For School Trustees? Anthony Miller aud Lawrence Delaney. The asso ciation stands adjourned until Tuesday evening. M. Rom ney. President. John 11. Dale, 8e< retary. TH WARD. -AT A MEETING OF THE UNITED DE' mocratio Club of the Eleventh ward, held at Adam Cron' 11 hardt's, 1SU avenue C, on Saiurilay evening, November 2 3, 1841, at JH o'clock, Jatnee B. Fin ley in the chair, on motion, Francta I. A. Boole received the unanimous cudoraemenl of UTH WARD.? A MEETING OF THE ELEVENTH WARD Democratic Club, will take place en Monday evening, Not. 15. 1861, ut the house of Charles Rouer No, 84 Avenue 0, corner of Sixth street. HENRY BIIAW, President. J. W. Mkgiveban, Secretary. "I QTH ALDEKMAMC DISTRICT.? AT A MEETING X/?j held on Friday evening, Nov. 22, at the house of Mr. James Bowes, Mr. Jas. Bowes fn the chair, of the Young Men's Independent Democratic Association, the following resolntlons were unanimously adopted:? Ui solved, That we, the members of the above association, endorse, work for and support Mr. Bernard Kelly for Alder man ol the Twelfth Aldermanic district; also that we meet twice each week until the ensuing election. The ipcmbers of this Club arc requested to meet next Wednesday evening, nt o'clock, at the headquarters of the association? the bouse ot James Bones, 458 East Houston street .TAMES BOWES, Chairman. 1'HILIP M<LOl(jlILlN, i p . . GEORGE W. YOUNG, j ' lce ireiWen? Rodt. Hagak, Secrelary pro lem. "I OTH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT. 1? TO TH K KLIITolt OT THI' IIFCALD. DkauSik? In yesterday's issuo of your paper I saw my name signed to an article urging the support of Ikrnant Kelly a? Alderman of the Twelfth Aldermanic dlstrli t. Such use ol ray name was without my Hanctlou, as it is my inten tion to devote my influence in aiding the election of the only taxpayers' candidiitc, Francis I. A. Boole. THOMAS WEST, 100 avenue D. 1 QTI1 WARD. -THE UNION, THE CONSTITUTION lO aud .he laws. For School Commissioner? JOHN II. TKAPP, Lawyer, No. 107 Attorney street. MTH WARD INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC CLUB Fourth AMermanic district.? All the members are re quested to meet on Monday exciting, the 26th lust., at ? Ight o'clock, at the People's Hall, 218 Hester street, to select can didates they will support on the 3d day of Decent l>cr. By Older of JAMES GILMARTIN, President. Michael Kai tkkt, Secretary. MTH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT ? EIGHTEENTH ward.? At a meeting of. tiic People's Syracuse Union Alderawnlc Convention, held at 211 Third avenue, on Satur day evening, Nov. 23, Mr. Gilbert M. I'latt received the ona nlmou* nomination of t he Convention for Alderman of said district. THOMAS REYNOLDS, Chairman. Grottos R. Davis, Secretary. 1 n TH WARD.? AT A MEETING OF THE YOCNG X? J Men's Democratic Club, held at No. IKS Laurens street, on Saturday evening, Nov. 28. 1861, H * as unanimously re ?olved that we support the lion. Fernando Wood as our can didate for Mayor. WM. STEPHENSON, President. JOHN S. O'CONNOR, Vice President. Johx P. Gaw, i Jouw Merrict, 1 8ecrell>' " *? 1 7TH WARD ON DECK.? AT A REGULAR MEETING XI of the Worklngmen's Democratic Union Club of the Fourteenth Election district of the Seventeenth ward, held at John Fay's,No. 2 66 East Fourteenth street, on Fridry evening, Novembers], on motion, the following candidates were unnuimonsly endorsed by the Club:? Fernando Wood for Mayor, Bernard Kelly for Alderman of the Twelfth A 1 ileriuanic district. For Councilmen of the Fifth district John Ryan, Andrew Mulligan, Edward Coslello, Ed ward C. Maloy, Michael C. Gross, Fredk. Repper. On no tion, the Club adjourned to meet irn Monday evening, at 7J? o'clock, at the same number. By order of PATRICK CUNNINGHAM. President. Patrice M'Goruu, Secretary. Jas. Rii.kt, Treasury. "I 7TH WARD ON DECK ? AT A MEETING OF THE A I Seventeenth Ward Democratic Club, held at 155 avenue A, on Friday evening, Nov. 23, for the purpose of endorsing school ofllccrs, it was resolved that the nomination of Miclwel .1. McCarthy, for School Trustee, be Unanimously endorsed, he being a native of and rt s'dent of the ward for the past 30 years, and having never held any political office whatever. After some further business the meeting adjourned, to meet again at the call of the cl airman. JOHN W. MoGUTRE, Chairman. George A. Ward, Secretary. UTH WARD.? AT A MEETING OF THE MOZART School Convention, held at Mr. Thnmas E. Forau's, 117 avenue A, the following named gentlemen were unanimously nominated lor School officers: ? For Commissioner, Thomas McCormick. For Inspe'tor, George W. Neander. For Trustees ? Patrick McGrane, John Pyne. ANDREW MULLIGAN, Chairman. Milks T. CokxOllt, Secretary. 201 nTH WARD YOUNO MEN'S UNION DEMOCRATIC Club.? The members are requested to meet at Smith's Hall, corner of First avenue and Eleventh street, un Mon day, November 25, nt P. M. By order of P. Mkaka, Secretary. E. REILLT, Chairman. John Dunn, Treasurer. "I QTH WARD.? MALICIOUS AND IN.JURIOIW RE X?/ |iorts having been'circulated, to the effect that I would

withdraw as a candidate before Ihe election, I lake litis method of informing mv friends that I am In the tield, and will so r ?main until the polls clotc. and pledge myself to use all honorable means to secure my election. THOMAS McSPEDON. I QTH WARD.? AT A REGULAR MEETING OF THE X?7 Nineteenth Ward Workinginen's U nion Democratic Asso ciation, held at the house of James Sexton, corner of Sixtieth street and Second avenue, on Saturday evening, Novem ber 23, 1801, Terence Farley wns unanimously endorsed as the candidate of this npsociation for Alderman, for Ihe Sixteenth district. FRANCIS S. DONEUAN, Chairman. James Skxtow, Tic asurer. John D. Crimmins, Secretary. 1 QTH WARD-NEW YORK, NOVEMBER ?, 1801.? TO it7 the Electors of the Sixteenth Aldermanic district: ? Having been Informed that a report lias been circulated that I had withdrawn my name as a candidate for Alderman of the Sixteenth Aldermanic district, I take this met! o,l of in forming you tliat such report has been circulated bv my oppo nents, and that I have no intention of withdrawing from the canvass under any circumstance*. GEO. M. HARI'EL. OATH WARD FERNANDO WOOD" YOUNG MEN'S Democratlo Association will meet at the house of Jno. D. O' Riley, corner of Thirty- fourth street and Eighth ave nue, on Monday evening, Nov. 2.r>, at 7W o'clock. By order of JOHN O. CARROLL, President. JOHN D. O'RILET, Vice President. Jamfs Wall, Secretary. ,Ion?( Tarbkll, Treasurer. |TH WARD. ? A MASS MEETING wiL17"Sis HELD at MIllemsn'B Ilall, corner of Seventh avenue and Twenty-sixth street, on Monday evening the 25th inst,, to ratify the nomination of C. Godfrey Guntber for Mayor. Hon. Ml'.hacl Connolly, Hon. Jbltn H. Anthen, Hon. Hiram Wal l'iiige, Hon. John McKeon, Hon. Robert C. Hutching* and other distinguished s|teakers will address the meeting. Ol ST WARD YOUNG MLNS~DEMOUHATIC CLUB~^ At s meeting of the above club, held over Cochrane's distillery. East Thirty-third street, between First and Second avenues, John Smith wai chosen president, H. P. Cochrane, secretary, and John Cunningham, corresponding secretary. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 26, at the same place. By order of JOHN SMITH, President. H. P. CocnRANF, Secretary. John Conn ingiiam, Corresponding Secretary. Ol ST WARD "PEOPLE S~ DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIA Zil tion.? A meeting of this organization will be held at their rooms, 522 Second avenue, on Monday evening, Nov. 25. at 7 P.M. Punctual attendance of all mctnbera is desired, as there is business of Importance to be transacted. Eminent speakers will be lu attendance to address the meeting. Hy order of JAMES O'BRIEN, Chairman. OQD WARD. AdLt United Tammany and Mozart nominations for School Officers:? For Commissioner, DR. NATHANIEL C. llt'STED * For Trustees, JOHN MASTERSON. WILLIAM SEERACII. For Inspector, ERNEST STARCK. MICHAEL CONNOLLY, Chairman. ) Tammany JUDGE McCAHTY, Secretary. (Convention. DANIEL WittEr, Chairman, i Mozart EDWARD TIMPSON, Secretary. (Convention. QQD WARD INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC CLUB.? LjL> The members of the above club held a large and en thusiastic meeting at the house of James Slierridiin, on Sev enth avenue, between Fit ty-sixth and Fifty-seventh streets, on Saturday evening, Nov. 23. when a resolution was passed to hold a meeting on Wednesdav, Nov. 27, as business of Importance Is to be transacted. By order. THOMAS McCORMICK, President. Tkrknce I.nosFr, Secretary. James Sherridan, Treasurer. B?ARD. I?land,*"a|^2 per week"? 0**ERED ? housed, rooms, &c.. to let. A " ?"rlv?.??hBou(!5ESS ??ONT?) TO LET *q u a re. Vt*i v iwmii ?? .1 ? i' 1 reuth street, near tho 3(7, near by. 1 uuU *??l*ct?ble. Apply at BUIUES', K"toryS)r?',r^^^^ Til KICK i(hm tixtiiifs, hot ,m,1 ''?'"rv "(reel, with tmili, W. KI1.VER.MAN, |M BtoU^ W> lu,?u,M! ot ?? Ctkady steam power to ift ? LA,t^ , SMALL rH06M?. ? ^ Water street. T( Uoifln* * :)r h? ''y 'bufn f,' D- ?\\ TI1R I'ou be?i l.ieation 111 (hi- rliv AnnlvL'iBu ,^','wi?JXiu"a Weuit'.'i ?ylvauia uv ???* vrZSiaj&X 0WM- TrekBH :o Pe,lu: T?., U K^'k fi story and finished ImuimllaUly. Apply ^ HOCMaue,' Kpirt T? t. ue'ftJtllf Apart m??ta. HwS? M' 1 1 1 ? BO R 1 1 OOD, A "?'?i-, &??, I'ath ?ii,| Uri n fl'iM-lH, Croloti OoiI(^^?WMtLTwenlVl4E.k*AT TURBB ueigbbuiliiuxl. commlem 10 cai-m in r *tre?'t. Good furnished for housekeeping Rnnt iwif 1 orti?r? ftiMl wll ou_l hejiremiHr* after lu a. ii. m P^month. Inquire T0,.S-\t0i? El2hV*?eLnlKTO?81tEU ?** corner of Thiriy-foitilh street ivt?,, ' ? front the ar "la""y- a^'-v ^iaaa?^H5gagBStf! T<)JLkV.7a .ki,i'.msiied uorsE x.\ a centrat SrSiiS:? ffuKK ^K?T CLA?8 ra^owTcoX's vt^z^tiorttioot- A,>,,'3r the war. ~ ~ AKllLtK{;" AKMY BLANKETS; fi'^iVt! U"re?a? A w* fcerviw, would likii 10 art a ilr^l ? ? Jerrrd uoe term of tsw A?* AND NAVY AGENCY.? CLAIMS For ht peunet* incurred by o flic c in in i?o7^ffu,? i *OK KX a*.* SSHESSri5 giving particulars, puy 22?mottth & without muwerlng irftne ?er*ice.' ? wl" ^ I*la "DILLS AGAINST THE UNITED STATFR ?mmnin cushed by* JOHN B M^RkX? aI hy ,he1"':1?l*-'l?K ?'ll<er. (^l*J?A( T0K:S' BILLS FOR SL'PPLTES PLHYfKHFn Arnwn'nd'N"'*"lid jj'' jj'" J^JIk\y' uflicc. New York. n"ker' '* ?V"H"au *trce'. 0Pl'0?,ie ihc Poat wV BgKNfe#,' 1? |jL^%S.djfe*' ?L^LAdS AMI BANNERS. ? H. MM (OVl'lM I s To su-mi P? ?t bis rooms, 146 EaM ThVtJil, deco,a"c7>a.m'V?' Zd In "life /"GENERAL BARRY'S ROCKET U ATTA I JON tluv of en?miuien't *Ud ",,ion" pr"vldc.l from the *1" ? ?*Z ?}%? B/? the '? "'?? ?io?t dentnirtlv* [,f ?|| k?"w!f LION, Commanding. W?hlinV"ona' ?iioet. New York. "" *" LbtDH, 111 Nft?*aii \TOTI < - E.? y 17 ARTBRS KOR A RKOIMENT? AUPI K ??apSS SV5M? *ro.. ",rljr "? Ks- wvckupf T) EG I MENTAL STANDS OK COLORS ' SILK AND Bt "T?NhfFL8JoV',<1 '? ?rJer" LODGE1 AND SOCIETY llANNERS Cl'TLER.? WANTED, A PAHTVKR to 1m'i> "rpilE CNION MI ST AND SHALL HE PRESERVED '? the head | unit*- j*, ZS6 Grand street, comer oi Boweryil*1 ^ 3 An. r. Fakbkl, I^.ieu.mfruK^y' ^0n,A TRTH BEOIMENT, CAMERON IIJOIILAND RIPI ES rlrSa f? n"w near|y full, niKl only wi,h to wore the V r' \ Ices ot one or two eon.panlen. Younrf me,, Utki, in. i? ve, ? cu'iT}(ol?Vh'Sp^ibl?><!"rf" ca" U|,',|y ?"????? a- c. ^H^ it^^n. yUerle,m"eler J' Bnlllip. >'?? 1 ABLE BODIED MEN WANTED IMMEDIATFT V Ueut -iia nt eomnian.tliig, rem, Ring station. xS cLll turri HOI SES, ROOMS, &C., WANTED. ANV PERSON IIAVINO A HALF LOT 1\ crfkn woud to illnpof,? of on n-auinatile tei-my. will u'rr-r uresa Greenwood, box 179 Herald office, 1 IjUCTORY WANTED-A (SHORT DISTANCE FHOM " Ki'\v York, near a railroad depot or steamboat landing. The building must l>o largo, about 50 by 100 fwl, three or (our stories high, with Plenty of water, and water power if j osti bio. Address B. B. B., Herald oluce, for one week. Greenwood cemetery. -any person having whole or part of a Lot In a g""d location ill OrceuW"od, and wishing to illspost" of l! at a fibera! discount, ran h?ur of a cash customer by addrestiiig, with i artitfulars, D. H., He rald office. House wanted.-w anted, a house situated in a good locution west of the Third avenue, from now until tho first of May, in exchange for a bay Man', a fast i roller. Anyone having the above can address Exchange. Herald office. SECOND HAND SHOW WINDOW AND COUNTER wanted, at HlekcoZ* a Stencil establishment, 280 I'earl street. WANTED TO HIRE OR BUY- A SMALL COTTAGE T? House, ItW about a quarter of an acre of Groim'!, on the line of the Third or SeconJ avenue Railroud, or w ithin one hour'* ride of New York. Address, Mating terms, place and price, Jatnes Brten, Herald ofltee, or Htatiou A Post oBlce, Spring street. WANTED-A MEDIUM SIZED HOUSE, IN A GOOD locality, not abort Union square, on a Fttllsti or Wall street stage route. Rent $500. Address H. B., box 2,(177 Post office. WANTED TO BUY-ONE OF WHEELER k WILSON S Sewing Machines. Any person having one to dispose of cbcap lor cash, can find a purchaser by a "(dressing S. W. Wentworth, 27 Ann street. ^ MATHIMO.'VIAli. * A YOUNG GENTLEMAN WISHES TO FORM THE Ac quaintance of a young lady, Willi a view to matrimony; good look" arc essential: wealth no object. Address Harry, station C fust office, Ji. V. A GENTLEMAN IN EASY CIRCUMSTANCES AND possessed of personal attractions, is desirous of form ing the aequalniance of a young liulv with a view to matri mony. She iniwl be full of espnt, possess a good flgui-e, If not a handsome fine, ami refined manners. Address Frau clscn. Herald office. A YOUNG MAN, ABOCf TWENTY-FOUR YEARS of age, elegant in appearance and pleasing address, wishes to lortn the acquaintance of a charming young lady, from sixteen to twenty-two ye.irsof age; skin like alabaster, teeth us pearls, hair black us the raven, eyes large mid lus trous, or the same dark hue, w hose mngle glance at onrc thrills and electrifies the soul. Such a one will meet an ar dent lover, and, In all probability, an aflteciloriate husband. Address, confidentially, H. M. C., box 175 Herald office. MAIT.IMONlAL.-A WIDOW LADY," AGED 20, IS DE slrlous or forming the acquaintance of a gentleman not less than 40, with a view to matrimony; he must have su in dent nerve and means to guide a life-boat ' that tloats on a sea of trouble." Address Mrs. WelUngtou, Station D Post office. M~ " ATRIMONY MADE EASY? WITH INSTRUCTIONS for courting in order to will the affections of the oppo site sex; 16^ pages, Illustrated ; price 25 cents. Also, Physio logical View ol Marriage; 224 pates, 130 illustrations; prioe 60 cents. Sent postpaid on receipt of the above. 0. C. HAMMOND k CO., ISO Nassau street. \TtTtII A VIEW TOMATRIMONY? A GENTLEMAN VT ol respectability rtcummends hlmseli and fortune to any good rr ugly looking lady, of good breed, highly respect able, with means, and fit to become willingly a mother and keep tip the namo of an ancient family, ennobled by ances tral renown. Ladles of a certain rank and age need not ap r>lv, as heirship Is the object of the fair sex's worshipper. Favor your candidate with grateful smiles, and pangs of plea sure await your steps. Such ladies as this advertisement may Induce to reply may address, w ith confidence, Dcu Zil cbtrlM Cwn./j'J, matiou D I'ust wfficc, New York. BOARDING AND LODGING. A FEW PLEASANI* BOOMS, WITH PLAIN A Board, at ttau 1'. ooklyn Height! Water Cure, #3 and 68 Columbia street, corner of Cranberry, 111 ooklyn, N. Y. TrMUtontB "^hM ctEPABP, M. D., Proprietor. A DESIRABLE HOME FOB A FAMILY OB PARTY of gentlemen; also single Room!, with full or partial Bosrd. House tint class, delightfully und couvtinioiiliy lo cated, at SO Fourth street, Washington square. At II WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN Filth uml Sixth avenues, large haudsouidy furulsbed K.n.'iii, Willi Bedrooms on second iiikI tlilr.1 fln,.rv also sin gle Bourns lor gentlemen. All modern improvements. Re ferent i'h one banned. AT 49 IM.l'll KEIt STRFET? A FEW DOORS EAST OF Broath' ay, families und single gentlemen can be accom modated with elegant Rooms and liberal Board. A PLEASANT WBLL FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH a V t'lube'.H, and Crolon, to let, with Board, upon mode rate term*, to (;e>itl<;i?fa> or a married couple, in the lirst class modern houae, 311 Wr.-t lUteuth Mrtit, A FEW SINGLE < IENTLEMEN, DEKIRINij to BOOM together or separately, can linvti pleasant Rooms, with full or partial Hoard, In a private family. Apply al No. 667 Bioouie street. A WIDOW LADY, WITHOUT FAMILY, WILL LET, to dingle gentlemen only, a handsomely furnished Room on recond tloor: nil modern Improvements ; break Issl It do tired; bathroom adjoining; terms moderate; references ex cliauged. Apply at 27 Amity street. A STRICTLY PR1V.MR FAMILY, RESIDING IN Clinton street, Brook!) n, desires one or two gentlemen to Board. The hnnfe I* very well furnished, and contains all the modern linprovenv n s. The family consists of throe. Krteii-n. I B reipiiri'd. Addling O. P., box 138 Herald Office. Avery handsomely furnished room on the Hist tloor to let, without board, to a gentleman. House very desirable and neutrally locaiadj between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Terms i casnnablq. References exchanged. Ad dress 3. C.. box 3,0G.'i Fost otneo. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WISHES A SUIT OF ELE ganllv furnished Kim mil, with breakfast only, on aei'ond or third floor, Willi bathroom conneetlng, In a strictly private family, where there arc no boarders or children, and where he can enjoy the comforts of a home. Will pay fit to $20 per week for suitable aeeiimnodatlon a. Hoarding house kavjier* and Inquisitive persona need not auawer. Ad dress f or Uvo dayi, Totvusend, Jr., Madlaon square Poet oilke. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OB TWO OR THRBB aingle gentlemen can obtain first class Board and nicely ftiruisued Rooms In a private family, where home comforts may be enjoyed, by applying at US Ninth street, between University place and Broadway; house first claas; referenda exchanged. Attention is called to those living in hotels and boarding houses.? There Is an eslaotUhmeul opened at 110 Mnedoiignr street, the rooms lie lug laid out lu suits and furnished with everything necessary for house keeping, In order that a family may have a complete home, and live at an inconceivably low rate. There Is a restaurant attached. AT THE LARUE FIRST CLASS DOUBLE HOUSE. NO 11/ Bleeeker street, west of and near Broadway, Is a really first class family hoarding House, with Rooms unsur passed in also and comfort, !n suits or single; the cheapest plaoe In the city for the atyle and quullty of ahat is o tiered. A LADY, HAVING TAKEN THE FIRST CLASS HOUSE 114 Second avenue, corner of Si-venth street, has a hand some suit and also two slugle Rooms to dispose of. Call at house or address box 3.383 Post ofllec. A PLEASANT HOME FOR ONE OR TWO GENTLE" men, in the Seventh wsrd; Room Urge and well fur' nish'd, with or without Board; house with every improve" metit; a private family. Apply at 34 Pike street. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated w ith Board, al 110 West Forty-third street, near Ei-litli avenue. \ GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen can have a choice of very desirable front or back Rooms, with large pantries, Ac., at 121 Waverley place. Also tn o single Rooms, with all the coiuioi is of a home, at a Very low price. References exchanged. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PAUL >R AND BED muni, on the d slorv, In a private house, tu let, with lull or partial Board; terms moderate. Apply al SI West Twenty-sixth stiecl, between Broadway anil Sixth avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GKN tleuien call mid a lari;e, pleio.anl front Rihiiii, lull width ol the house, on second floor, with satisfactory llonrd, Ht W ? st Th 1 1 1; -III si street, at from $i m $ti per week. Location desirable. A LADY. \V lit 'SIC HUSBAND HAS GON E TOTI1E WAR, having taken a nice House, In a tine lo ation, would like to make arrangements Willi some |ia riles who would advauc ? her $10 1, and take board and S| aulsii and French lesson* In exeliun llius eua'dlng her to meet her ? ?p nsee. Address Mr*. Clarinda, Union square l'osl olllee, ferotie week, A SMALL PRIV ATE FAMILY CAN LET THREE OR four well furnished Rooms, fur housekeeping or gen tlemen. llalh, gas and all modern improvements. Apply al No. 9 Anil i y place, between lilceckerauU Amity slfcels. t OENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN HAVE A SUIT OF Jx. Rooms on the sivuud lioor. or a single Room, all well furnished, In a house occupied by one person and her lady friend*, no other boarders. Location near Madison avenue and Twenty-sixth street. Address Home, box 301 Herald office. AGlENTLKMAN AND WIFE WANT BOARD, EITHER lu Ni-w York or Brooklyn, for use of furniture; best of reli r nee given and requiroJ. AUdie.-s Furniture, box 1U1 Herald oQice. ] A FEW VERY NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS lo let to gentlemen and their wives or single genll<-mt u, with or without first class Board, at a very low figure. Every necessary convenience. House Unit class. Call at 101) West Twenty second si., near Klxlh avenue. AT 40 UNION Syt tRE, E AST SIDE-FURNISHED OR iinfuniislied Ko ims, in suits or singly, Including tire, i as and servant's attendance, upon very moderate terms. Meals supplied if desired. No pUDllc parlor. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN A 111 st class house lu Eleventh street, betwren Fifth and Sixth avenues, will let an elegantly furnished front Parlor and Bedroom jor Bedroom only) oil Ihc Keeunit floor, fruit, w lih every modern Improvement, to ono oi two , ingle gen tlemen, villi full or partial Board. Tho hlglies. reference required. For particulars address If., Imx 1,21.1 I'ost oilier. A FRENCH TEACHER WOULD LIKE TO flKT A FUR nlshed room, snd vv mid Rive French lessons In return. This in a good uhiince for any on" desiring lo acquire ihe knowledge of that language. A Spanish family w ill l.e pre. leri' d. (i iod rcfcreun s will Le given. Address A, French IVaeher, stall in I>. AT KB EIGHTH STREET. HEAD OK LAFAYETTE place, Furnished Rooms to lot, to single gi-mieHieii, or gentlemen anil their uIvon, with orwi'hottt Boird; tTins im d rite. Kefi renees exchanged. * vkry MinRorMoMfOUBI PAftt.oi; V floor; u1m>, Mult mi 1 . u | i,. mi , mi I i.iiuin aiiu D.due ill on third ll? o.\ with Hi ft"d, at 11M Second svenne; wil' br i?-l to single E' n.lcmen or gentlemen noil ni.cs. House hist cldii, wltn nil tin* ir.m'pvu improvement'. Apartments to let-two, tiikkk, four ok seven very tine third tioor K iotas, ail improvements, situated at 181 II inlson Mreot, and 47 tlreenwli h avenue ; ulao a litre Store uud Distilling, lately iieciipied for laitahlc medi cines; very low rent. Apply at So. 8 Tenth street, betw< en Fifth anil Sixth avenues. A WJDM I. AMY, WITHOUT FAMILY, W >1 F.I) TAKE 1\. a gi Ottoman and his wife to li'inrd, oi'innji) n ; ladies. Apply at So. S P. IMt KHM, BOARD-A OKNILEMAS AND WIFE, AND SEVERAL ?.ingle gentlemen, i'nn ohtniii very J' slral |e lurnislnd A part men tii on tiie ?*nnd'a!id third floors, with Hoard, In an ftxri'cahlo family. Apply at 2B Wmt fwentjs ventli street, a lew doom from Hroidway. BOAItD.-HEFlTTED ROOMS, LARUE AND SMALL, limiting good streets, new, cuutmodioiH Parlor, Dining Koom and Piu lor ; i oorn Tor piano and le.i 'lie. , at l'Jl (irand street. t ear Broadway. N. M.? Will the Polish Gentleman, who stopped at llj North Main street, Providence, call? 1JOAKD ? TO LET, IN THE FIRST CI. ASS ENGLISH .1) basement holme 121 East Thirteenth street, H nleely 1 in - nlslicd front Parlor and Kedrooin, up stairs, with l ull or par tini Board; suitable for a doctor's efllce, or two ."inch* gctitle men. Terms moderate. K.nnily small. Dinner at tlx o'clock. Kefrrcneeii given and required. Board.? a third story front room and bed room to let, with Hoard; also, a Room for a single gentle man. Apply at 124 West Fourteenth street. Board at*jbti:yte8 int STREET, CdNTINtJAflOS of A^ tor plane.? A front and hack Parlor, ithfnrniabcd, to let, with Bourd; also a gentleman anil wife, or two single gentletneu enn bo accommodated where the i onil- rts of home ran lie found, convenient to cars and stage". Second of the new English basement houses east of Third avenue. SOARDING-? A FARI.OR and bedroom, ontue second floor, may be obtaliii'd at ll)f> Weat > i>t i rii'. ti < h ;ot ; the house ami locality one or the best In the city, and combining every i Icgancc, comfort and convenience. BOARDINO.? AN ENTIRE Hl'IT OF HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms, oil these ond lloorof atirst elasa house nnd private family, to tot, whli Board. Terms mode rate. The house is pleasantly located In West Fourteenth ?treet. Address F. II., box 1,1W9 Post olllec. BOARDINO.? AT 33 CLINTON PLACE, BETWEEN University place and U-omiway, a handsomely I urnlshed suit of Rooms to let, with Board; also desirable single Rooms fur gentlemen. BOARDINO CAN BE OBTAINED AT 983 WE8T THIK ty-tifth street, at a lower rate than in any oilier house of the same class In this elty; a good, table and every comfort of a modern building, Iree of ( barge. So objec tion to chil dren. Board for instruction-is Brooklyn, a lady wielies Board in u private family where lessons on tbe pianoforte would be received a? an equivalent; references Of the highest respectability. Address M. D., 17(1 Adams street. Brooklyn. Board wasted ? four adults, a gentleman, wife and two sons, wish Board, with Comfortable iu< oiu modatl.ns for the winter, ill a private tamily. Address H. A. H., Herald ollleo, staling location, aeiommndaitons and terms, whieh must not exceed $ltx) per mouth. Board wasted is south bkooklyn-by a gentleman, tvlfe, child and servant; second floor, front room, ball )iedr> oui adjoining, unfurnished ; also Bedroom for servant required; private family preferred. Address R. Potneroy, Post office, N. Y. JJOARD IN BROOKLYN ?A LA Iiv , BOARD IN BROOKLYN-ONE PLEASANT front Koom, furnished or unfurnished ; aKu two ball Rooms, In the house of a small family; bath In the house. Apply at 77 C'llnlon sti-eet, ?no door from Livingston. Terms mode rate. Board in Brooklyn? a ok.ntlkman andwife or two single gentlemen can be accommodated with ph asanl Rooms and Hoard in a private family, residing at 2U7 Henry street, Iclwcen State and Atlantic. Hons-- con tains all the modern improvements. References exchanged. OARD IN BROOK IAN?A OENTLEMAJf ASD wTfe" or three lingle gentlemen, can Ih> wx-ominodated with I Milt rooms and Board in a private family, at 32 Wiliougliby street. House lias all tbe modern improvemeuti. Terms moderate. Board in brook lyn.-two la roe roomb, well furnished, on second and third Uoora. suitable for a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen each. Convenient to terries. Licition and home desirable. Terms reasonable Dinner at ti o'clock. 87 St?i? street. Also ft few table board ers ttv{ua>nkv4?tc<l HO Alt Dl NO AND I.ODOINO. Boahd IN lJKOOKI.YN -im.kasant ki. i.nibiied ami nniuruiahea Rooms, wllli good wIivIcboiui- liu.ird and ml home comforts, for ntniilins or tingle gentlemen m, 106 Pineapple street. Terms moderate. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? SIKOI.E GENTI.KMKN OR gentlemen an<l their ? im'h can oluuln Itonnl :i nil pi.-. , v mt Koomii at 23 ('uncord str?<t ; tlie hoiw ] , . ^ .til dm inoili-rn improvi'inents: gontirnieli nt tbe Navy Vm.l will i ml I Ms h, convenient unci desirable location. Rereronc h cxciuingcil. Board in Brooklyn.? pi.uapant booms and Hoard in a private I ?ri?ilv, where the comfort* of a homo ran lie enjoyed. Apply al . 2? Laiayctte avenue. BROOKLYN HKIOHTS ? A GENTLRJUM AND wikk, and rlnglo gcntl< men, can obtain pleasant Rooms, with Buunl, at lit 1'opiar aired, near Fulton Kerry. DE.-lliAHI.E BOOMS, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED to gentlemen without board, in tiie modern In use a Ninth street, In-tween Fifth an. I Sixth avenues Stages puss the door. DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH GOOD BOARD AND ALL the comfort* of a home, may l><> h:nl in a private family, rehiring w ithin three minuteH' walk of St. John's park. Din. ner at d o'clock. Term moderate. Apply at lion wick stiecL FURNISHED BEDHOOM, WITH URATE, AC.. WANT, ed, by a single genti' mm. Rent noyu excced 91 60 per week. Address II., box 222 Herald office. Fl'RNISllEO ROOMS AT 768 BROADWAY, BETWRE. Eig; 1 inhth and Ninth street,.? Suits of Rooms and sli Rooms, on second floor, to let to gentlemen, sejwralely or t< g<-ther; hon?? has all the modern Improveraonta, and In pleasant location. FURNISHED OR UNFINISHED BOOMS, WITI1 Hoard, at 170 West Fortieth street, second door from Kluhth avenue; two n|c? Rooms, with Bedrooms connected. Hot and cold water. gas, Ac. Also a Boom for a single gen tleman. 1'iiee moderate. French board, 87 bleeckeb street.-william MKYKKH baa now rm-nislwd Rooms for gentlemen, with Board. Cooking altogether French. Break last al eight. Dinner at half-past rive u'clock. Hotel accommodations, at modrratr imiicbs, ran b' had at No. 49 West Ttllrty-Ofst street, corner of Broadway. This lioustt is well suited to the comfort of good class I amines and slogte gentlemen; lowest prloe for single rooms, with Board, ttt per week. IN BOND STREET.? TW O OR THREE HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms, on first floor, with every convenience, gas, fire, hot and cold water, near Broadway; convenient ro* a family of three of four persons; will tie lot eliraii until 1st of May. Address E. Cameron, station D, Astor place, N. Y. NO. ua WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? VERY DB limbic Rooms, with Board, suitable for gentlemen and their wives anil single gentlemen. References exchanged. VTO. 1 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.? A SUIT OF XI very desirable Rooms, suitable for a family, with full Board ; also Rooms for single gentlemen. Location opposite Fifth Avenue Hotel. Dluuer at 8. Near broadway and union square ? kur. utahed Rooms to let. with or without Hoird, In ? French private family. First rite opportunity fur those wishing in practice tnc French language. Apply al 61 East Twelfth street. ONE OR TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET to respectable single geutlcmuu, in a modern house, conveniently located In every respect; breakfast will hrglWrn If desired; family Is very small and American. Address Truth, box 1Z1 Herald office. "PARTIAL BOARD.-A SI VOLE OENTI.KMAN Is DE X simus of mocuring Partial Hoard In a strl.tly private family; furnbuied Room, breakfast and tea desired, with full Board on Sundays; will pay abnut $7 per week. References ex chanced. Address, stating number in family and all particu lar*, Y., Herald office. TO LET? WITH BOARD. AN ENTIRE FIRST FLOOR. Jual vacant: most splendidly furnished, in n private houFe, In view of Union square. Reference required. Ad dress Dux 1,214 N. Y. Fust office. TO LET? WITH GOOD BOARD, FRONT AND BACK Tailor, on first floor, to a gentlemsn and wife, at WO per month ; house hub all Improvements, small Anierit nn fami ly, no children, in a good neighborhood, convenient to cam and Mages to any part of the city. Oaii at West TwcMv-second street. Likewise third flour to let, iea?on* blr, with Board, to gentleman and wife. TO I.ET-A NICELY FURNISHED BACK PARTOOK, with lit aid, suitable for a gentleman and lady or ainale gcutlinen. Apply at y5 West Efe\ enth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. TO LET? WITH HOARD, TWO LARGE FRONT ROOM#, c i ineoting, fiirtil^Md or unfurnished. Have ati modern improvement*. Terms very reasonable. Call at 37 Bank street, near Fourth. TO LET? TWO ROOMS, FURNISHED OR NOT, SUIT able lor gentlemen'* lodgings, in a small private tamily. Apply at 100 West Thirty-third street. Abol!t!onl*t* need not ?ggfr TO IiET? WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, THE SECOND floor Of 1751 Bleeeker street, near Sixth avenue; Faflor. Sitting Room and two Bedrooma, with gas. grates, hot ana cold water, bathroom, 4fce. A comfortable home and good table, at a very moderate price. Also, a Hall Bedroom, fur nished, for a single gen lie m in. Quiet, religious people pre* (teffd. TWO YOUNG MEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH Board at IR6 Mulberry street, near Broome. Three fine rooms to let? 1 together or se parate, on s - 'ond tloor, with Board, lu a private family: rooms heated; every convenle nee for home comforts, at 7a Powers street, near Pacific street, Brooklyn. d?0 OR ?CHEAPEST BOARD IN NEW TORE. Niec Rooms, with r.*?d Board, $2 75 to pp? week and upwards. La die? u:id families suited less than any other house. Nice pai o. ??, with pianos. 48 Ltapemiril street, near Broadway and Canal street. Watchman In at tendances. Lodgings cheap. "I J WB8T NINTH STREET, NEAR RIXTTI AVENUE.? itt Two handsome ParlOra to let, l"unii.?h *d or unf ui nlsh ed, with or without llonrd; also nice sfbgfe Robn'S. Engli- li basement house, w ith ail modern Itnj rovi ments. o I NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND H1JCTII avenues. A genMernnn and wife And two single gen* tlemen ran find oleaajint Rooms ami fir t rlass J to id wi'h a \e w Etulaud wl<Tow la-ly. UnexreptfunaWr r#*fen*nees. Or; EART TWELFTH STREET ?LADIES AND tJEN OtJ tl?in? n desiring Board lor the win; < r, will Und gooil Rooms and accommodation* at the above de.d:*ald? boo e and l(N*ation, lying a few doors west of Broadway. Ki-rcru/u"'* eX'lianeed. o - AND X7 WEST THIRTIETH STRKE' Oi) iwo ? !<?< 1 1 imi i.:a and two or g< T ? Mfflf (IK f.irttf li. "1 ul.l.- I.T 41 EAC.f TWENTY-THIRD sm Ki\ Mi Ait .Y.UMHON to 1* t, 1: It Hoard. . i far "I'P''iiliy, by a small, I <>r l')i\ Meian*. A O WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN HI'TH TO ami Siilh aven.ics? A K v.ite faimlv. oeettiylng * lirwt rlif? liou ??, uontulnlng ull Hi'' modern 1 uj r * ? tui'iit*,- ? ill let a lew handsomely fnrnlshed Room*, In sul'* or > nglc, Wi gentlemen, with ureuLlint It required. 41 W EST TWELFTH STREET. -BOARD- A VERY T*T p'.-asant front lledt* m, on tho thir l atorv, lo let, wllli Hoard, at 44 West T.vdrtu street, bt t. vein Fiitli and rttith uvenuea Referoneescvchsniisd. I ?? HAMMOND STREET. ? A SECOND FLOOR FHONT r'J ltooui, and B*iirooni if d *xlrfd, to lei, with Board. Terms mo terate. Re :< fences e vhitifcud. 7 >) WEST TWENT Y-Tl 1 1 RD STREET ?TO LET, A I O ii' mb:-r or v ty ,-.>l Room*, eoo*l?tlng of front Room on second t oo ?, two Kooms'ott third IU>or, uud two Room* on fourth lloor, for gentlemen. Q-J CLINTON PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE? ONE 'J JL < r two (.-I'litlcmrii can obtain n pleasant Room, it itli ot without llrst class Hoa-d. Reference* given and reoulrcd. no GREENE STREET. A1IOVE HIT.INr; -ALSTON ?'0 Hoiim!.? Elcfantly furnished suits of Rooriyt, u ith i as, f'ro:oii tvatei-nnd every convenience lor houniforijiic rt?. noiuiniily; particularly lulled lot- small, respectable families. Rent Ion . Tin BI.EEI'KER 8TEEBT, W EOT OF AND NEAR 1.L" Broadway.? Pleawntly Furnished Room* to let, with or without Hoard, xiiiglc or in milt*; meali served in room* if desired. Transient boarder* accommodated. Location pleasant and central. 1 PRINCE STREET? ST. CLAIR HOE SB.? ELK ?'/iJ gantly furnl* .ed Room*, with Bedrooms attached with all tne conveniences for housekeeping complete, itit'lud lit.1 JJils and Cro'On water, to lei to rtfeix-c table families or single gentlemen. < 1 Q I EAST TENTH STREET, TWO AND A HALF J -?/*X block* from Broadway.? A parry of two or three gentlemen can obtain a handsome Parlor, on first or second floor, u ally furnished, with or without Bretkfiist anITea, at moderate prieef. Als>, two nmull Rooms, with gun, bath, b< a: and rood attendance. OI A ELM STREET-JACKSON HOUSE? THE MOST LV/ cotu'ortaMy and conveniently furnished Apartments In the city to meet the want* of small fnmillct, with every requisite furniture, clean linen, cooking range and utensils, gas ami Croton water. 9f)/| EAST TENTH STREET.? FOL'B FURNISHED AUX Rooms tO'let to two gentlemen and their wive*, or four Mtigle gentlemen, on the first floor, consisting of it Front and Back It mm und two Bedrooms, with Board, lor$15 per week. Tho Front Kooni and Bedroom for $8 per week, and the. Back Room und Bedroom lor $7, gn$, hath. Ac., included. Alo Rooms to let, fuiuwlied or unfurnished, with or without Board, on most rcavinable termi. * /} A Q BROADWAY-PLANTER'S IIOTEL.? l'ERSOjTl Otto looking for permanent or transient Board will Und elegantly furnished Rooms for families of single gentlemen, with a good table and at very moderate price* for the winter. House nrst class; location unsurpassed. Dlnneratrtx. rrlQ BROADWAY, CORNER OP WASHTNtiTON I it) place.? Furnished Rooms to let, In suit* or single, from $2 00 to 9U |*-r week. Oas and water In the Iiouho. The location is ccutral, and one uf the most pleasant in the eity. LEC'TIRES. JEFFERSON AT MONTICELLO.? REV. DR. PIEIU SON will give two Lecture* on "Jefferson at Muutic llo," In Irving Hall, on Monday evefiftlM of Novetnlicr 25 and December 2. Synopsisof tirst Lecture? Death vi JeQ?et*on. "Still survive*" In lh?? memory of his "Business Manager. " Montlcello? Estate, Ground*, Harden, Fruit, Flower*. Manu fnetortes. Flouring Mill, Nailery, Cotton Factory, Ac. Blooded Slock? Horses, Sheen, 4c. Importations of Stock. Mr. Jef ferson at the White House? Visiters, Cook, Steward? Domes tic Arrangements ? Journey Home. Visiters at Munticcllo? Mndlson, Monroe ? The Tlir e Ex-Pre*iilent* Together. "UatigH" or other Visiters. His Library? Its Sale to Con greK*, ami r" moval to Washington? The Future of Monti cello. Tiekcts 23 cents. Tickets admittinj? a gentleman and two ladles to both Lectures, $1. For sale at the bookstoiee on Broadway and at the door. Opvu at 7; commence at 7% o'clock. THE HON. HENRY WINTER DAVI8 Will deliver nn Addles* on "The Southern Insurrection and the Constitutional Poweft of tho Republic for it* Suppression," . At the BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC, On TUESDAY EVENING, NOV. ?. Ticket* SO ceuts; gallery 25cenis. Fur sale at bibell s, u Wall -trect; also InTtroollyn at the Academy, Mercantile Li brary, Ae. Open at 7 ; coinmencc at li o'clock. This evening (Svnday), at 7 y, o'clock, dr. R. T. Hallo k will lecture at Lanianlne Hall, 1 urrweui/-nluUt sir;vl iu>J Lig''!11 avenue.

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