Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1861 Page 5
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?WUTAKY MOVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. AttirAL AND DEPARTURE OF COLONEL MORRIBON'B NORTHERN BLACK HOBS1 cavalry fbom t bp*. The Northern Black B**^ ** " eagfcaant, which haa fcean organlilng tor aMB* All OOmp 8 Iron* | *">r, arrived la oHr * -y nornlag by the Hud M riw? ****** rr?*' Mlif. The regiment, which tg a* uaooauftOV* ' wm roorulted from among ?Knu'nry of interior New York, 1 oanaelt? far a^vrio*' rmaka fbwably to all ' ^MiptoU with any regiment th*. 1 hitherto left the ? Empire State. The organisation a^bracee man/ men, young, chivalrous, intelligent and k,rdentI7 patriotic, Of Urge wealth and pom man fling oonnecv ,0Ba> who would Maroely annum to eater the regular ak1BJr> but who, from motive* of the moat commendable pah totiam, an Willing I* lead their beat energies to the n??ntry in thla the how of bar dark lmpertlment. Anv10* th* prlvatee are man y men who, In their home localities'* 111 profkaetonal paaiMona, have exerted a greater or W1* measure** influence, many of whom have held seats, j and that hooorably, la the Leglalature of thla Bute; While, la addition to thla, the entire Ilia of men, IhDy uniformed, preaenta many evldenoea of refine meat and well to do life. The medical In spection at the men, which waa aearohing and ?evere, gare ample evidence of a vlgoroui regiment phyalcally, and none bat thooe who were moat hearty and truly free from dlaeaaa were turned over aa aooepted. The regiment waa moatly recruited In the ahort apaoe of thirty daya, thla grattTytng alacrity balng to a great ex tant due to the popularity of the commander; and at one time 1,000 men had been gathered to lie atandard; but ?te oommandlng colonel only having authority to rals# two battalione, three hundred of thla number were dis tributed among other regtmenta. THB OFFICERS Are already mounted on Jet black horse*, principally of th? Black hawk and Horgaa stock, and It ma y be doubted if their studs can be excelled by any la the United States service. Governor General Morgan has received an order from Washington to procure all of the horses of these breeds' needea by the regiment, which, when nounted^wlU present a formidable and really suggestive ?UTCH or OOLONKL A. i. MORRISON, COMMANDING NOBTHKBN BLACK HOBSB CAVALBT. The life of Colonel Audrow J. Morrison, com ?Banding this noble regiment, has been an ?Vwitful one, and, as the sequel will show, he has seen much varied and severe service. Colonel Morrison was born at BleDhelm, Scoharle county, ?nd was schooled at Troy. Ue la about thirty-two years of age, of commanding and martial personal appearance, and Mly up to the requirements of his honorable and respon sible Vottitlon. Shortly Wter the breaking out ot the Mext Oan war hs joined Colouel Stephenson's well remembered California regiment; but a day or two before the intended ?ailing of tho command he was reclaimed by his father, and beoause of his nonage he was compelled to return bom*. Learning of th? detention of his regiment, he Morally left home, and making his way to this city Imme diately undertook to rejoin it, but was refused by the <X>loaeL He at once pushed on to Fhi'adelphla, and, Join .log the Taylor Guard* , drilled with them for three months ; but seeing no probability of their being soon called into -the servioe he transferred his name to the muster roll of Captain John Butler's (brother of 1'ierce Butler) dragoons, and the succeeding mouth found him on the banks i f tho "Bio Grande. Captain Butler soon died, and his company -*aw but little *ervlco. After the clcs* or tho Mexican war fnd tho declaration of peace, his tlmo was quietly, but ?Bot uuproOtubly spent, until he embarked as captain in the desperate and lll-lated enterprise of Lopoz in his unfor tunate attempt, by lauding at Cardenas, to de ?oond on Cuba. Colonel Morrison was one of tho few survivors of that demon tod expodition, so rashly undertaken and so terribly and speedily avenged. After this failuro ho made an effort to Join the Hungarian army aud assist in its struggles for ?Independence, opening for this purpose a correspondence with Colonel Page, Chairman of the Philadelphia Hun garian Rollof Committee. When Lopez undertook his second descent on the Island Of Cuba Colonel Morrison jolnod the General at New Orleans, ia company with a few trusty Hungarian frloiids. Ibis undertaking, like tho provioas one of a similar character, wasfated, and the result was the death of the gallant Crittenden, Lopoz, Pragay and others. Subse quently to this Colonel Morrison was mixed up in tho then approhouded war with .Spain, growing out of the Black 'Warrior and other like outrages, which at the time Absorbed the public mind, but to which referent? iu detail is not necessary here. A few months arter the -oettlement a f this business General William Walker made -hi* appearance in Nicaragua. An agent of Walker's being aent to New York for recruits, the adventurous Colonel ??n Ms ted under tho ill starred standard, and, being dele gated to recruit, in lilllo less than thirty -eight hours raised some six hundred men, who were sent out 011 the Kortharn Light, which was subsequently seized in this Barter, and Colonel Morrison (then Captain) was pat under $6,000 bonds. Colonel Morrison's next Bphsre of military effort was in tho lato Italian revolution Joe Independence. He here saw much honorable aud truly iMMfc service, holding a position In the cavalry, with the YBnk of Major, on General Gall's staff, who was a Hun garian chief. He returned from Italy at the breaking out of th* present war, and now appear* in the at 4he head of a splendid reglmont, In a noblo cause, fortl ?ed by Justice and truth. Colonel Morrison Is a brave BUB, calm In his judgment, firm iu his discipline and en joys the confidence of the military authorities. Ho ap gears mounted on the celebrated *tud Corporal Black THK LIEUTENANT COLONEL Of Whs regiment has not yet been choeen, though ne gotiations are in course of favorable progress in this ?onnoction. MAJOR WVBT8. Major William W. Wurts, of this regiment, 1* a young ' man who has had a largo share of military experience ns m*mbor of th* famod "City Troop" of Philadelphia. He il a graduate of tho Pennsylvania University, is quiet, ? modest and exoeedingly engaging in his manners, yet ef fective and exaoting In thealschargeofhismilitarydutles. Be is also considered in all points of view a* an hitelli ? gent, able and popular officer. He received tho appoint ment of Ald-de-Camp on tho staff of General NewU>n,or ? the Topographical Engineers, which jiosltlou be resigned . to become Major of the Northern Black Horse cavalry. FieUl and Stqff Colonel, Andrew J. Morrison; 1 Lieutenant Colonel, ; Major, William W. Wurts Adjutant, Richard Wilmott; Quartermaster, F. H. Knight; Gargeon, C. L. Hubbell, M. 1). ; First Battalion Adjutant, L. B. Gregory; Second Battalion Adjutant. S. E. Reynolds; .First Battalion Quartermaster, Houry H. Hale; Second Battalion Quartermaster, ; Assistant Surgeon, A. F. Sheldon; Chaplain, Rev. J. B. Davis; Regimental Clerk, C. H. Van Arnam; Band Loader, Win. H. Ryan, Of these officers, tho Surgeon, Dr. C. L. Hubbell, Is a Etduato of Williams College, class of '46, and of tho rkshire County Modical Institution, and for the last sevon years ha* been Attending Surgojn of tho hospital at ' Troy. Adjutant Wilmott has seen ton years of service In India, ? under tho command of Lord Gough and Viscount Har dinge. Was in the Punjaub in UNO. A. F. Sheldon, the Assistant Surgeon , b a regularly graduated physician and surgeon ot tho New York Uui ?versity, and is a capable man. Nun Commusif/ned Saff ? Quartermaster's Sergeants - James B. Shiland, William D. Burgess. Commissary Sergeants? George W. Paige, Charles B. Houghtou. Hos pital Stewards ? Justus K. Gregory, Edward Dewey. . Sergeait Majors? Samuel C. Pollock, Owon U.ill, Jr. Line Officert.? Company A ? Captain, S. W. Russell First Lleutonant, D. E. (roniu; Second Lieutenant, Wil; liam Robertson. Company B? Captain, Harvey R. Chapln; First Lieuten ant, M A. Prtiyno; Sec >ud Lieutenant, Wilbur F. ltay . mond. Compauy C? Captain, Charles D. Rousseau; First tenant, A. J. Patton; Second Lieutenant, F. II. Knight, detachod and Acting Regimental Quartermaster. Company D ? Captain, James Cromwell; First Lieuten ant, W. Sillitnan: Second Lieutenant, Russel S;ige, Jr. Company E ? l&ptain, J. W. Horr; First Lieutenant, L. . F. Dewey; Second Lloutonaut, H. l?. Chambers. Company F? Captain, W. H. Shaw; First Lieutenant, David K. Getman; Socoud Lieutenant,C. S. Mxsten. Company G ? Captain, S. E. Ellsworth, a relative of the late Colouel Ellsworth; First Lieutenant, II. I). Scripture; Second Lieutenant, I). W. Van Horn. Company H ? Captain, James C. Clark; First Lieutenant, - G. Ward , Second Lieutonaut , 1). Boebo. Previous to leaving Troy a stand of colors wa* pre sented to tho regiment, on behalf of Miss Barron and seve ral other estimable ladies of Troy, by Hon. J. A. Griswold, who mtdo a very eloquent and attractively effective spooch, to which Colonel Morrison vory handsomely re plied. Tho regiment was then oscorted to the boat by tho Twenty-fourth regiment, a skeleton body of citizen ?old lery, under command of Colonel Crandall; the Troy Citizens' Corps. Captain Lewis, and the National Guard, Captain Babcock, the lattor companies presenting a sol dierly appearance indeod. Vast crowds of citizens turned out, and tho Skiddy, with the rogimont on board? where they wore most comfortably quartered, owing to the h i mane edorts of R. P. Clupp, tin) accommodating agent of ?the steamboat company at Troy ? left the wharf ? amid tho flring of cannon, blazing bonfires, riuging of bells, and a full salute from the United State* Arsenal at Watervllet. The regiment, arriving in this city after a comfortable aud orderly passage, wero quar tered at tho Park Barracks, where breaklast aad dinner ?were served up, and left ?t four o'clock iu the steamor Joseph Belknap, from pier No.3, Battery, for Philadelphia and Washington. Col. Morrison, his staff and a few in *itod friends dined at tho Ait or House'prevlous to de tparture, at the invitation of Charles A. Stetson*, Esq. The regiment, as a whole, is a strong one, well olllcored; and when it shall have beou properly drilled, and all its effective foroo drawn out, it will provo u most valuable aid to tho service in putting down tho rebellion. ?EPARTURE OP Turi FIFTY-NINTH REGI MENT. Late yesterday evening tho Fifth-ninth regiment, New York State Voluntocr*, embarked from South ferry j Brooklyn, in the steamer Transport, for South Amboy , N. J. ,on thoir way to Washington. Tho tents were struck amid the storm, and tho won begun their active military career with no small foretaste of tho hardships of cam paigning. Eight companies, numbering over seven hun" dred men, mustered on board. The two companies of Captain Tyng and Captain Paulding will follow as soon as full and join tho rcgimeut at Washington. As tho principal officers of thii regiment liavo earned distinction, military and civic, wo append some (<ersonal Information respecting them; ? Oolonol Wm. Lina Tidball, commanding, Is a lawyer and author, and -was formerly connected, editorially, with the Cincinnati prise. In the Mexican war he nm< M ft oommiaa toned offloer, and acted moat of iha lima aa AdK teat to thn late Brigadier General Clarke and ha suooss sors. Having carried despatches from General Taylor 'a ium w uaaanu r>h><> ?4kFuiu4 im iMflhrtaU to share ft th* bombardment af vara Crus/?to ta In every sense a aoldlar, and bla military Judgment comaa from culture and eiperlanoe. I.leutonant Colonel Joachimaaen waa formerly Aaa latent Cniwd States District Attorney for thla district; although without military experience his well known energy will soon adopt hla new surroundings to the wanta of hla now Mfjor Northedge waa a member of the Seventh regi ment. He served under Walker In Central America, and waa three tlmaa promoted on the Held for gallantry. The Adjutant, N. L. Jeffries, la a lawyer from Ohio, or large legal attainments, and a moat competent person for the position he fills. The Quart or maater, Nelaon Plato, la a resident of this city, was a member o f the Seventh regiment and is well qualified for his place. Dr. Joeeph P. Oolgan. of Brooklyn, 1s Surgeon, and Dr. 8. P. Chleln. of Lowvllle, L. I., Asa latent Surgeon. Captain Thomaa has aerved in three wars?two In Europe, and one In Central America. To this regiment Ber. Joseph Soudder has been unanl moualy elected Chaplain. Some of hla friends hare testl i fled their reepeot for him by giving him the complete out fit, Including a flne military horse and all neceasary equipments. They hare slao provided him booka and othe? proper articles fbr the use of the regiment, and will no doub.t follow him to the Held with many prayers. Captald Jfoady aerved in the three months volunteers, in Western Virginia, under General MoClellaa. Captain Stiner aerved in the Hawkins Zouaves, at Fortreaa Monroe, and resigned to take a place Id thla regi ment. Captain Tyng Is a member of the Seventh regiment, served with the regiment at Washington , Ac. Be is a son of Rev. Dr.. Tyng. Captain Paulding Is a nephew of Commodore Panlriing, and a cousin of the late James K. Paulding, noveliat, Secretary of Navy, Ac. A historical name. Captains Whitney, Smith, Taft and Florentine are all men of large military experience in the inUitia aervioe of the oountry. Lieutenant Tnwnsand was formerly Councilman of* he Twentieth ward. An excellent man. The following is a corrected list of the offloers FiM-' Colonel, Wm. Linn Tidball; Lieutenant Colonel, P. J. Joaohimss; Major, William Northedge. Staff? Adjutant, N. L. Jeffries; Quartermaster, Nelson Plato; Chaplain, Rev. Dr. J. Soudder; Surgeon, Joseph P. Oolgan; Assistant Surgeon, 8. P. Uhleln. Aon- Oommittioned Staff? Sergeant Major , ? Murphy ; Commissary Sorgeant, Horace E. Taylor ; Quartermaster Sergeant, Howard V. Tompkins. Line ? Company A? Captain , Charles K. Whitney; First Lieutenant, Sherman N. Aspinwall; Second Lieutenant, ? ? Landy. Company B? Captain, Philip W. Smith; First Lieuten ant, Miio E. Gilford; Second Lieutenant, Alfred Myrick. Company C ? Captain, Max A. Thoman; First Lieuten ant, Brant; Seoond Lieutenant, ? Wolf. Company IV- Captain, Stiner ; First Lieutenant, Edward Reynolds; Second Lieutenant, Ungcr. Company E? - Captain, Jerome B. Taft; First Lieutenant, Horace Rugg; Second Lieutenant, Roosa. Company F? Captain, T.Mitchell Tyng; First Lieuten ant Purdy ; Second Lieutenant, Heitman. Company G? Captain. Gould J. Jennings ; First Lieu tenant, Ben. W. Vanaerpoel; Second Lieutenant, Seymour. Company H? Captain, Miller Moody; First Lieutenant, Wm. I.ync; Second Lieutenant, MoFadden. Company I ? Captain, James L. Paulding; First Llouten ant, M.ittlce; Second Lieutenant, James H. Birdsail. Company K ? Captain, Florontino; First Lieutenant, Daniel Townsend; Second Lieutenant, ? Peacock. Comnany I has no commissioned officers, and is officered from other 'inpanies until an election can be held. The steamer was at anchor in tho bay and had not sailed at a late hour last night. SEVENTY-EIGHTH REGIMENT-CAMERON RIFLE HIGHLANDERS. This One regiment is now under orders to Join their conn-ados at the seat of war. This affords an czoellent opportunity to young men desirous of serving their coun try to Join a good regiment. THE FOURTEENTH (BROOKLYN) REGIMENT. On Friday eveubig the Rev. J. S. Inskip, Chaplain of the Fourteenth regiment, New York State Militia, deli vered an interesting lecture on "Camp Life," at Washington Hall, Brooklyn, E. D., the proceods of which are to be applied in furnishing his regimont with blankets, mittens and other nocossary articles of comfort for the winter campaign. Mr. Inskip addressed a large audience in Plymouth church during the week, when over three hundred dollars was realized for this objoct. The Chaplain and his inestimable lady, whobas also "vo lunteered for the war," are very |>opular with the boys of the Fourteenth regiment, and their praiseworthy and self -gacrl (Icing efforts are appreciated by tho rcgimont. The Chaplain will be in attendance at lh6 Brooklyn Armory on Menday to receivo contributions of blankets and other articles from those whose generosity aad patriotism may lead them to oootribute. THE NATIONAL FIRE GUARD. This new regiment, which has lately been organized and to be composed of two members or each firo appara tus doing active duty in the States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut, give a grand Union ball at tho City Assembly Rooms this evoning. The regiment, which will be commanded by Colonel Wm. P. Valentine, has alroady secured some of tho most efficient military men from tbo above States, and is fast filling up in numbers. Delegations from the Are departments of Boston, Philadelphia, New Havrn Springfleld, Newark and Jersey City will be present, the occasion promising to be a fine aflkir. The committee, which consists of Colonel Wm. P. Valentine, Ma)or C. W. Bennott, Captain C. H. Duff and Captain John Lake, h.vrft made the most extensive arrangements. A number of our most Influential citizons have signiflod their intention to accept tho invitation extended to them. Among them Mayor Wood, Simoon Draper, Judge Barnard and others. THE MABCY RIFLES. This new and popular organization. to bo commanded by Colonel John Kavanagh, late a captain in the Thirty ?eventb New York Voluntocrs, bids fair to outstrip any of Its competitors. Alroady liavn several officers, who have boon for Borne timo recruiting for various regi ments in course of formation in this city, tendered them selves and companies to form part of the new roglmont knowing it to be under tho immediate auspices of Qon. Marry, Inspector General of tho t'nitrd States Army, ami by special permission of the War Department, hav ing full confidence in the ability and integrity of tho gen tlemen who have already attached themselves to this new regiment, which gives promise of success. Wo understand that Captain Doran, late of tho Thirty se venth New York Volunteers, is to bo Lien tenant Colonel; Captain Jas. C. Burke, late ol' the Fortieth Now York Volunteers, Is to bo Major ; Adjutant C. Murphy, late of the Thirty-seventh, is to be Adjutant of the new regi ment; that Cautalnn Thomas and Michael Murpbjr, Chas. J.Dontovy.of tho Thirty-seventh New York Volunteers; Captain Gottlieb and Lieuteuant Keyes , of the Fortieth New York Voluntoers; Lieutenant Byrnes, of the United Stales Army, and several other gentlemen of practical experience as military men. haro accepted the position of captains in the shove rogitnint, and ills expected they will at ouce proceed to (111 up their companies, aud roport oach day until further orders, lit No. 64 Chatham street. It has been suggested in high quarters the regiment shall form part of the new Irish brigade, to lie known us the Kighty -seventh, or Faugh, n Halktph; but this must b < altogether a matter for future conside ration for those most interesle I in the matter. SHARPSHOOTERS. Mr. Al'ollos Comstock, of New Canaan , Conn., baa been authorized to raise a company of sharpshooters from Connecticut, and applications for the company will be tested at Now Haven, Monday, 18th November; Madison, Tuesday .19th: Old Saybrook, Wednesday, 20th ; New London, Thursday, 21st ; North Stonington, Friday , 22d ; Norwich. Saturday, 23d ; Colchester, Monday, 25tli ; Middlctown, Tuesday , 26th ; Merlden, Wednesday, 27th ; Birmingham, Friday , 29th ; Bridgeport, Saturday , 30th. Tho shooting grouuds can bo ascertained by inquiry at the respectivo 1'ost offlccs. SIXTY-NINTH REGIMENT. At an election hold November 14, at tbo headquarters of this regiment, to Oil a vacancy in Company H, caused by the resignation of Captain Jamos Kelly, he having been appointed In the Sixteenth inl'antry, United Slates Army, First Lieutenant William Butlor, having received the entire number of votes cast, w:ts declared uuaniinouiy elected captain. Lieutenant William Butler was detailed to command Compauy G when the regiment crossed into Virginia from Georgetown College, and continued in com mand during their late campaign. Ho proved himself worthy of the confidence Colonel Corcoran reposed in him at tho battlo of Bull run, as the members of his company have testified. WHAT OUR SOLDIERS MOST NEED. The most pressing want of our soldiers just now is blankets. It is a mistake to suppose, if any do, that be cause most of the army is in Virginia they are therefore beyond tho reach of frost. Every night since last Fri day ico formed In every camp within a radius of thirty miles of Washington. Such weather would render two or threo heavy blankets indispensable to comfort in our own warm houses. How much more needed, therefore, aro tliey in the canvass tent, which constitutes the only shelter of our troops? No contributions would be so ac ceptable as blankets or heavy bed cevering of any de scription. Such contributions may be sent, either direct or through the Quartermaster General's Department, to any regiment or company in the field. But whatever is done should be done promptly. The need is as pressing now as it over will be; for, in anticipation of an early movement, nothing (except in isolated cases) has been done, !>y boarding up or banking the tents, to add to their warmth. If it shall become evident that any con siderable portion of tho army is to remain stationary for the winter, various modes will bo adopted to secure pro tection from tho cold. Wo trust, therefore, that, among the many needed articles which are being provided lor our troops, blankets may bo the most freely contributed. THE ELLSWORTH GUN. Twenty pieces of tho recently invented stylo of ordnance, tho Ellsworth gun, arrived in thhi city from MasBJchusetts yesterday en route for Washington. This gun U designed for field use, being quite lig>,t and manage, able. Its ontlro weight Is but lour huu/:rod and flrty pounds, with a width of Tour feet, oivudiug it to bo manoeuvred In narrow and confined si/jcos. It can be drawn without liorses, and rtred five tiy.osa minute. It is I ritle l and breoch touting ,w4 sonda A/ball to tho dwluuco ' gt throe uiiloa. METROPOLITAN POLITICS. TIM Maywmltjr OoaUitoLtit of Csadl* daUi ?sr Aldtmaa, G?>mUh*b, Polio# JuitlM Md l*hool Officer*. Considering the dntmi or tks day or elsotloa, tbe pest wMk baa not been ao fruitful 1b nominations aa might havs been expected. Tha great con teat for tbe Mayoralty aaama to hare abaorbed the pabllo attention to such aa extent that very little Intereat Is sbown in tha looal nominations, eapeclally for school offloera, which are nevertheless of great importance, and deserve fully aa muoh scrutiny from voters as any offloe in tha gift of tha people of this city. Since our taat review of metropolitan politics the Mayoralty conteet haa aaaumed a definite ahape, all tha parties having put forth their favorite men' malting la all six oandl dates. It was auppoaed a few weeks ago that at most only thro* candidates would be In tbe Held, but alnoe then new organizations hava sprung Into axlatencs, and three fresh candidates, la the persona of Maaara. John Kerr, Oonrad Swackbamor and Samuel I lota ling, havo appeared on tha stage to assort their claims to the olvlo chair. W# append tbe following list of oandl dates made up to tbe present date:? MATOB. _ Jfaaarf. TV mummy. IfmMican. Fernando Wood. C. Godfrey Qunther.Oee. Opdjrke. "tukk Dtmwcral. Svracuf Union. Fernando Wood. O.Oodfrer OuntherOeo. OpSyke. Dm n. Ra4pay*r,\ National Union. ? 7U??wr?.' John Kerr. C.Godfrey Oanther.Oeo. OpdySe. Liquor DmUrt JnJ. MiiMMU.' r/*m>,Uat John Kerr. Samuel Rotating. Con d Bwaobbamer. roLica juirnoa. toikd jcniciit DMraicr. Momtri. Tammany. B Lirtngaton Linn. WHUam Dodge. Geo. B. Deane. ALDXBMANIC NOMHtATIONH. Ml Ifimii t Tammany. ttoputiiitm 3. Richard Barrr. Wm. Walsh. Wm. W?Ish. 4. Jaa. MeMahon. W. H. Charlock. Charlea U. HaU. And. Sheehan. ? ? Jamea Bagley. A Jamea Duruing. Jamea B?ed. 8. Peter McKnlght-P. KoKnlght. ? Peter Mltchrll A.C. Smith. John Lewie. elL 10. ArbaKMaynard.U. A. Jeremiah. Wm. A. Smalley. Ueo.A.Jnromlah. ? ? 12. F. I. A. Boole. F. I. A. Boole. ? Bernard Kelly. ? ? 14. Richard D?ltuu. Gilbert M. Piatt. J. D. OMIwell. Richard Murphy. Henry M. Condon. ? Id. Terence Farley. Terence Parley. Chartea McCarty. ? V. McSpedon. ? Momart, John Hogan. Thoa. Fltxgerald. Alex. MoOarren. Charle* Hagan. Harria Bogert. C. Desmond. OOUNCILMANIO NOMINATIONS. ? r?UHTU MaxATtnUAL IUBTBllT. I Tammany. HtpiMtnm. George. A. Barney. Thomas Outwater. Morgan Jon?a. Joseph Hugliea. Jainea Sandford. Jamea Have*. John Houly. Adotph Borit. J. W. Hawkee. J. M. Gallagher. Win. U. Jager. Joseph D. Coeta. Michael Caaaldy. John Murphy. Ed. CohIpUo. And. Mulligan. Peter Wygrack. Fred. Repper. FIKTR SBXATOKUL MUTWCT. Samual T.Webster. Thomas O. Hall. J. H. Houghkirk. Wm. BreekeL J. J. Ilowland. II. K. BUuv. lt. L. M. Van Wart. Bryni. Arthur A. Moody. Frank O'Biien. Houghki Ed. 0. MhiIov. Anthony Miller. Mkhnefc. Cross, John Kyan. SIXTH SBNATOIUAL OEJTSUT. 8. Hazeltou. II. A. Smith. Ell Taylor. U. F. btelnbrenner. Wm. Harris. V. J. McDonogh. Ki-yi on l'erkiua. John Lyons. Thomas A. Dunn. Alex. Shaw. James (J'Neil. Joliu B. Kyer. Arthur Alinintjr. James Farley. Joseph Smith. &IVK.NTU K?XAT!IR1AL DISTRICT, Alex. II. Keaoh. Jnmes Oeduey. Wm. Orion. (I forge Koaa. Thomas Stevenson. John Bryce. John Kavanagh. Wm. Joyce. J. M. Long. O. F. Brandon. Samuel K. Kepuer. Luke Curuon. Jonathan Trotter. Chas. 0. Plnckney. John Cooper, Jr. lliwnlin l<a>H'(H'k. Thomas Ugtlvie. Mluhael Snyder. SCHOOL COMMISSIONERS. Ward. Mouari. Tammany. Republican. 2. ? Wm. Maloner, W. H. Maloney. 3. Edw'd B. Heath. Edward B, Heath. ? 4. James Kfley. Peter Meade. 6. John Wlnne. T. Ilrennau. D. A. U. llivi' Tl. John Nash. 10. Daniel Slote. ? 11. Kic'd LarremoreS. Acker. 12. - ? 13. Chas. S haffer. J. H. Trappe. 14. W. S. Wilhelm. ? T. Brcnnaa. R. L. Larremore. A. 8. II1II. 15. 16. ? IS. W. E. Curtis. 1#. ? 20. ? 21. ? at. ? J. II. WfMm. W. E. OtafS: James Moore. A. V. Stout. Ed. Robinson. 8. B. H. Vance. Hugh MTlIerrtek. Saiinicl Sinclair. Wm. K. Dodg SCHOOL INSriCTOBS. Ward. Hotari. Tammany. 3. Cieo.K. DewIand.Qeo. F. Dewlund. 4. Peter J. Tully. ? 6. Patrick Cullen. ? 9. Alex. Holly. A. J. Mathewson. 10. Z. F. Bnrin-g. ? 11. SeamauJohnson ? 13. O. A. M*ilm*>iini.Peter Reiyea. 14. Wm. Reyuolds. ? 16. m. E. Dodge. . H. Underfill]. RepulJican. Seaman Johnson. Thoi. McKenxle. 18. F. E. Mather. W. ? 21. ? SCHOOL TKUSTKBS. Ward. Matart. Tammany. 3. J. M. Mlmne. J. M. Mlmne. JohnSuhr. JohnSuhr. Denis Klaulgan. Dnnla Flanlgan. Ja?. McCluakey.JamcB McCluskey. 4. John Moore. ? Richard 0"NeH. ? 6. Robert Conway. Win. Cautwell. Terettce Foley. Walter Roehe. 9. Win. II. Qray. John M. Michol. H. J. Weat. John J. Dlmond. la Wm. McOaflll. ? Cide'nOslrander ? 11. Chas. Perley, Jr. J. Canlen. Dr. Barry. L. O'Brien. 12. - - Richard M?rtln. William Ross. W. B. Robertson. SepMiccm. Chalres Perley, Jr. Dr. R. A. Barry. M. St. John. B. C. WardelL 13. Dr. J. H. Irwin. F. Ilolsteln. Ben. HutchinsonFrancis Coan. ? 14. Wm. S. Karle. ? ? Rob.McCutherty. ? ? 18. John Foster. ? _ John O'Brien. ? ? 20. ? Thos. M. Partridge. Mat McDougalL ? John Haydecker. ? 21. Jas. J. Trenor. ? John fltepheneon> ? ? E. C. Johnson. 22. ? ? 8. N. ttimoneon. ? ? David Clark. THE NAVY. BROOKLYN NAVY YARD. Owing to tlio storm of yentorday tho Navy Yard dlti not present as busy an appearance an it geu?rally does, tho incessant rain putting a stop to nearly ail outsido work, aud the noise of the hammer was only to be heard in tho shlphouses or under somo of the largo sheds. A naval Court of Inquiry convened in tho chapel of tho yard yesterday, for the purpose of disposing of a cue of disorderly conduct that has been charged ayaiust a naval ofllccr. It will probably sit for a few days. Tho oMccrs of the court arc as follows: ? Judge Advocate ? Stewart L. Woodford. Preiident ? Commodore ffm. Uervino. And Commodore Josiah R. Sands and Commander John De Camp. Its sittings aro conducted with tho strictest privacy, and a marine guards tho door. On Friday the yard wns honored by a visit from Com. mandor Lo Perouse, of tho French frigato Boltonc, who called t" pay an official visit to Commtxturn Pattldinfr. tho commander of the Yard. It created quit" a stir, uli tho formalities of a salute, inspection, kc., haviug been gone through with. The Bienville has left tho yard for Fort Royal, and the Rhode jslmd htss taken her place. The Powhatan hos re ceived wders to i'riic ud to Philadelphia, it having been discovered at this late hour that hor new bailors are there. Upon hor arrival hero she was almost entirely dismantled, and tho new order has been the occasion of considerable trouble. She will sail for Philadelphia this morning, hav ing on board a portion of her old crew. Tho Curie. r lies in tho stream, thore being no room for hor at the docks. She hears all Hie evidence of the late contest, and on board it is still tho theme of conversation. The Parrott rilled gun on tho forecastle had about two foot of Its muzzle knocked off by a cannon ball during the ongages m nt, and was consequently rondorod useless. The (, in - low will bo repaired as soon as possible, wlien sho wil agatn leave for active duty. The ship Morning Light, having gono into commission, will proceed at once to sea. The other vessels al tho yard are being prejiarod as speedily as possible. The following are tho officers at present onboard the receiving ship North Carolina: ? Commander ? R. W. Meade. Fir/I Lieutenant ? M. B. Woolsey. Second Lieutenant ? John W. Simmons. Master s if*tt< ? Stoneliall, Mathews, McCabe, Rodger*,

Rhodes, Dentron. NAVAL APPOINTMENTS. Mr. Robert Simmes,of this city, has been appointed a Master's Mate in the United States Navy, and ordered to report to Commodoro Paulding, lie is a yotut<f man considerable experience. He has Just returned from a three years' cruise in the SabUie, on the coast oi Florida, and he has also been attached to tho steam Ornate Nia gara. PILOTS FOR THE SOUTHERN PORTS. The government has recently purchased two pilot boats for duty at the South. It is supposed that they are in tended for tho ports that may be opened by the expedi tions. Some of the- moat experienced pilots have been selected to go with them. One of tho beats purchased is the Geo. W. Blunt, pilot boat No. 11. MOKE NAVAL EXPEDITIONS. Wo understand thai Captain D. D. Porter la at tbo prt gent time engaged in inspecting a u umber of govornmcnt vessels. It is snppOMd for the pnrpoeo of fitting out a 40. ther u&val expedition to operate on the Southern ooast. He has not confined himself to Now York alone, but has gone East also, whore there are a numhor of v?#sels pro puriug. Tt Is said that the nw expedition will equal in gtze ami strength the great naval expedition of Eort Royal. MONUMENTS OP TRANSPORTS. The United Sl.itos stoam transport Jersey Blue, now lying at pior 9 North river, is loading ?yr I/iciift Point. She will carry a full cargo of provisions and a full battery. Slio will pall this evening. The steamers Thomas Swann and Vif juiia have been taken up at Fortress Monroe for the jjdr|>ose of carrying troops. Tho United States stoam tr^sport Boston, Johnson, n w lying at pier 14 North *iver, Is co iling and taking in provisions. She has accommodation Tor tUroo hundrod and fifty troopa, and will Mil far Fortress Monroe on Hoc day.gftlh. THE REBEL If ATT. to tot boitok or thji rftKALD. Pobt Jomaoif, Nov. 21, 1801. In reporting rebel privateer* you make mention of the schooner Sallle, formerly Virginia BrookUaven, built at Port Jefferaon. No ?u<?h small craft ever hailed1 from here. We only know tho schooner Virginia, 300 tons, Qaptaln 0. E. Hawkins, last from Llngan, N. S., to E. Cunard, now In New York city. By oorrecting this error la /ear valuable paper you may save falae impressions. B. SILVERMAN. Peraeaal InUUIgeae*. Hon. Joshua R. Qlddings, our Consul General to Canada, arrived at the Astor House last evonlng, and immediately left the city for Waahlngton. Tin N*w CaoroK Pira Ovaa ITioh Bridgs.? This Immense pipe, which waa commenced about eighteen months ago, haa just been completed, and will be ready to receive the watar In about two weeks. It haa been connected on both aides, the full longih being 1,450 foot. It la ?even feet alz inches wide, and rosts upon Iron pUlars, which run up between the two old pipes about eight feet It la calculated that It will carry over the bridge daily about one million gallons of water. The old pipes have been disconnected from the front of the small reservoir at ow-.h end of the bridge end con nected on the side, so that In case it will be re quired to repair the new pipes at any tiaae the water can be thrown off with the old pipes again. The President of Uin Croton Board, Mr. Thomas Stephens, on Wednesday roviowed the work and found everything in readiness to admit of tho water being let on. It la the intention to cover the pipe with stro&g rubber parkiag. Owing to the height of the new piper the bridge la to be raised some six feet ou each side, an# the pipe arched over, admitting of a pasxago way on each side. This lat ter work will not be commenced uutll the spring, al though the slono haa all beou cut said delivered at Ihe bridgo. OUR NEW MAP EDITION. Sixteen Sew War Maps? Topographical ' Sketches at the Seat* of War. We have issued another edition of the war maps whiQh kaw lately appeared' iu the Niw York Hkkald. Tliey are sixteen in number:? 1. Oca Naval and Military Operations at a Olanct:* The Const and Land Line or the Rebellious States ? The Union Blockado of the Atlaotio and Gulf Coaat ? The Robot Batteries on the Mississippi? The Fort* on the Southern Sea Line. - 2. Tun Skat or War ur (in Wsst:? Map of the Scene of Operations- in' Southeastern Mis souri, Illinois and Teunessee, with the Positions of the Rebel Troupe sud l'ortlous of the Foderai Forces, and the Defences at Cairo and Bird's Point. 3. Thii Skat or War in Ksntvckt: ? Locations of tho Robel Forces ? Strategic Importauce-of PoeltioDs Occupied by the Opjiosing Armies. 4. Tin Skat or War in Kentcckt:? Another To|iographical Sketch. 6. Map or ths Ukhxl Capital:? Topographical Sketch of the City of Richmond , Vir ginia, with tho Surrounding Encampments. 8. VsryCprkJOT Hkhkl Skmi Okmoial Pictorial Vhw or Tuk Battlk or Hull Run. T. Ths Fiopr at Santa Rosa Island: ? Map of Santa Rosa Island, Where the Report oil Fight Between tho Rebels und Wilson's Zouaves took place. 8. Map oPthkCoamt from Gkorustown, S. C. , to Savak NAH, GBORtllA; ? Showing Bull's Bay, Charleston, St. Ifolona Sound and Port Royal Kntrituco. 9. Tub Aivair atCiikamaoomio: ? Tho Advance of Colonel Hawkins ? Retreat of Colonel Brown ? Shelling of tho Rebels by the Montlcello. 10. Sbat ok War Around Paduoau and Goli tans, Kms TV cm. 11. Tiik Ssatop War in Missouri:? The Important Points of tho War, Showing tho Posi tions of the Rebols under Generals McCulloch and Price, and tho Advance of tho Union Troops under lieucmU Fremont, Hunter, Slngal, Sturgis, Ac., Ac. 12. Thk Ssat or War in Wsstsrn Virginia: ? The Localities of the Army of Occupation ? The PositionB of Geueral Roeocrans, Reynolds, Cox, Sctienck, Boulium, Ac., on the Union Sido, and those of the Rebel Genenals Lee, Floyd, Anderson , Ac. 18. Tin Iajwsr Potomac* ? Map of the Potom/tc from Washington to tho Chusa. peake, Showing the Rebel Batteries from Cockpit Point to Mathias Point. 14. Map or Bunion, S. C.:? Scone of Oporatious of the Great Kara! and Military Ex pedition. It. Tn Uppsr Potomac:? Map of the Potomac from Washington to Harper's Ferry, Showing the Scene of Operations of Generals Banks and Stone. 18. Map or New Orlsans and Surrounding Country :? The Mttuths Of tho Mississippi? The I/Jcallty of the Naval Engagement, Friday night, Ottober 11, 18*1. Single copies, in wrappers, six cents. Whole sale price the same as for the Wbkkly IIkkald. Agents will please send in their orders. From the Home Journal, Bfov, U. PARISIAN FASHIONS, Few of this promenade rs of Broadway, even If they belong to the male aex, hare failed to notice the many exquisite cloaks and mantillas ? both a* regard* fabric and styltt? which the fashionable ladles hnve appeared in aliiO" autumn, with Its rami and bracing atmosphere, arrive ). Our country oou sins, to hay nothing of inaofr of our city belles, have gazed with admiring eyes 0|><>n the fair wearer* of those stvllsh out door eosi nines, and, perhaps, a little eiivlms of them, won dered where they were obtained, and whether It vwuld be necessary to visit l'urls or London to enable them to fold about their uwu graceful forms similarly handsome artleles. jOue of the must fastidious ami tasteful ladies ? as relates to dress ? whom we know, who recently returned from Ehtrope, called our attention to the prevailing excellence ari. I appro priateness of style which marked the majority of the cloak* snd mantillas observable upon the fashionable tho roughfares, and said she had seeic nothing In the olties of the Old World which surpassed them, either for comfort, beauty or durability; and to think, she added, that we ladles can obtain such exquisKe oosl'inow at home ? lor they, doubtless, were purchased at Carey's United States cloak aud mantilla store, Iir (Tamil *tre< t, just out of Broadway ? Is really gratifying to the rational vanity of my Hex. Tiiut these garments werechletly made in Paris and London, none can doubt; und they were prubolily select etl from the best manufacturers iu those cities by one who has iiiad* tills spedulltu his study. Mr. MoKsiutie, who has charge ot tills establishment, has recently returned from Purls, and brought with him >n exquisite assortment of goods, w.ilch he selected from the best maker* of that oily. Mr. Mckenzie formerly in business in Kroattway, and lias had an experience of many years Iu ihu trade, aud, con sequently, his tame in these srtfcle* Is unfrivsllflri. Of course, our lady reader* will avail themselves oi this desirable in formation, which we chanced to learn, ,iml haw thus impart ed to them, to visit the extnith-'itineut in question, aud hutlsfy hemselves of the correctness of our friend's taste. It Is Impossible to Kstlmu.t.?! ilic Value OK IIRA-NDKbTll'S I'lLI-Sin their power to restore health, folds and coughs arc cured by them ItMu longer or shorter time, according to the fulness of the i>ur^; tiun, whieh i!e. nends partly upon the largeness i>r Kiioillne , ? i the doses. They can', lieyona'k petsdvenlnrp, Jf there he s'.ill strengih suOicioiil in inn constitution, which Is never inui e less by .lie u.- f - ol the PilU. These same remarks are e<|ua y applica ble In rheumatism, gont, throat and ltvr.raireciioiis, and, In deed, in all ease.- of disease. Tlie sick should use them, and not loss-time in the use of uncertain mcdiclnes. BRANDRETII'S PILLH Gradually but surely ttike out i com the bowels and blood all seeds and fruits of disease, by perseverance. Blessed, indeed, arc they who comprehend t Licit- wonder-working ijualities. * RKCKNT INTgltKSTIKO CCRI OS riTS. Dr. Brandretii? .sin: ? A t oy of mine- was subject to fits from his infancy: his case was couside'ed hopeless by tl"i doctor*, who th'uight he would be, subject to tbein for life. After they had given him up I was recommended to try your pills, ana, without mheh faith, did try.thcm, using them ac cording to your ] ruited directions. Four years ago I com menced giving the m^o him, and, to lr.y great joy und relief, he has ha . bui one retuin only ot lit < aj ! ction since. Icon sider hlui i> .. its perfectly curcd. Tii.ririiraorillnary lienellt they did in -n makes mo .IVayn resoniuiend theot to my friends, and I would be gbiu thalt "?very body knew their value. The case wa* the worst posailde; he would have. been helpless and almost uselessly unfit tor any klndof tm-dnes* from the ieugtii aud seventy ot ?a<i? atta :k? often lasting a whole night, aud leaving him. for two or three i^saHcr wartis entirely pri trate in m wenknesa. Evert kind of tr-atment was ulso externally up|jl!r.i that ??s pr< JeKioiially a^lvlscd. You may, therefore, j i?Ih? what goo4( reason I have lot' letting you have this statement iu k?.'iui'iwieilg nicntfor the bsneiit received, aiisl for the purp imbt letting those who may ho hesitating nosier similar eircuiur.taucc*. huvo my testimony In.contlrtr.nion ot the ivUilbilay of 'Jia other cer'iflcalee, and perfect con tide nee, like myseif, in the value ol the pills. Yours, reiuu<-t fully, JOHN WEBB, 18 BWt9Ua slieot, SOLD AT 294 CANAL BIRiaKf. No 4 UNION SyUAitE. and by Dealers. Barbour *? IRISH FLAX SEWWa Tm^SAtS, SEWING HAOHINE THREADS! HARNEHS THREADS, "KNAPSACK TH5BAD8, SUITABLE FORi ARMY WORK. BARBOl '^.4 BKOMERS, No. ft Sarclfty street. Now York. 643 Broadway.? >fende?MDhoeolat? B?a~ fcon lor CUrlstinM. ? M5 llroadway. TJ?e superior qua'ny of thta Bonbon Chocolate ??, a bevem^> and nourl<hino?t for Invalids and children In well kiww h\ It uin bo u?i< by p?jr- ? ?uu? ol itif most delicate healih. iw'*l U often recoa0tu:u<le<V by many ot our celebrated physicians. Katchclor's Hair %t- Thc r^it In the world; harmless, reliable and Instantaneous. Sold and ap plied ut BAXCUfiLUH'S. Wli^i'aetoiy, IB lyond street. BtUiurds.-UaiiMOiiri, K'jonis 119 Ful ton street mid No. Ann, cushions 'ihiosv furtlie?i, augle truest. Try th?m before buy.i?? el* jVrhcre. Crl?f?tloro'i llnlr I>ye, Wlfi* and Ton pee*, Ibe bcit In thaVorld, V/boleaalr and retail, and "?c prl'#""1! app*l"4s No. 6 A Vor House. Official Drawing* of th? Delaware State Lottery. Kxnu 0u?, 47? November tt, M81. 28, 20, 68, 10, 7, 71, 34, 48, 61, 58, 23, 3d, 67. Clau 4H? November !B, 1801. S3, 40, 36, 36, 60, 42, 34, 2, 66, 70, 28, 22, 6. a; Ofllelal Drawing! of Mmrrm jr, Kddy A Co.'? Kentucky and MUwmrl State Lotlerlrt. Kuttuokt, Elim Uusi M? November B, 1801. 84, 61, 46, 30, 73, 68, 47, 15, 22, 60, 46, 13. Kurruoar, 610? November 23, IH61. 83, 7, 31, 4l, 27, 69, 16, 62, 56, 75, 23, 2, Olromlan atot free of charge by addreaatng either to MUTtRAY, BDDT.A CO., Covington, K y., or St fcoulu, H*. Royal Havana Lottery.? Prises Oaahed and information furoltfced, by TAYLOK 4 CO., Banker* It wall (treat, X. T. PrMei CWUnd la alt Legalised Lotte* rtMattJijfortwuienjrtren by jOHKnt BATES, broker. W<x 19 WaH *treet, up irtalre, New York. Ladten? Tlun i'? Court Toilet Powder and' Bloom of BoMa liar* no equal. No. 3 Auto* place. Holloway'* Pllla? None need apprehend dyiwulery pydlirrhcea If ?!* pllla be taken twke a week. M?rrled. Daly? McTNtwcwt. ? On Thursday, November 21, at th? residence oi" the bride's father, Tompkins square by the Rev. D. tfarrell, J on* Daly to Juua. youngeat daughter of CtfUeglian McSweesy. Esq. Ix)<w? Colds* ? On Thursday, Novetr.Wer 14, by the Re*. M. L Scudder, Omnia W. I.ennc to Ottnu'Di, eldest daughter of Alansoa Golden, all otiUempstead, L. I. Died. A m HwraoHG . ?On Saturday iuorn!?g, November 23, Wasiunuyon, youngest son of tho lato Charles and Mary Ann Armstrong, aged A years, 4 moiitl'e and 19 days. The friends and relatives are resiectfully Invited to attend the fuMtul, on Monday arternofo, at three o'clock, from No. 337 Wa?t Twenty ninfh street. AuniAid* ? On Friday evening, NOV. IS, Hxlmn W., wife of S. B. AlthaMe. i The relatives and friends of the family aro Invited to attend the funeral , Atom her late residence , No . M Tenth . street, between Fifvh and Sixth avenues, on Monday, ?t li o'clock M. Btnar. ? On Thursday evening, Novembor 21, at half past stx o'clock, of consumption, W. O. Hiiihy. TIm friends of tho fafcilly are respectfully Invited to at. tendthe funeral, this (Sunday} afternoon, at two o'elcok, from his late residence, No. 44 i Sixth avenue Hajx. la Brooklyn, on Krklay, November 22, Or. timwisC. Ball. The relative* and friends of tho 4eceasod are requested to attend hta funeral, at No. 257 Fulton street, opposite Clinton street, Brooklyn, this (SumWy) afternoon, at two o'olock, without further invitation. Bi ktt. ? On Friday, November 22, Mrs. IlmJW BultTr, w native of Sootland , aged 36 y earn awl 6 months. Dearest mother, thou hast left us; Here thy loes we deeply fool; But 'tis liod that hath berert us, He can all our sorrows heal. Tho funeral will take place front tho residence of her husband, 372 Kleventh avonuo, this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock. BIhum.? On Saturday, November 23, Mint Anh, daugh ter of Cornelius and Margaret Burns, aged 3 years, 7 months and eight days. Tho reUtlvos and friends are respectfully invited to attend tho funoral, on Monday af I ermfc u, at ono o'clock, from the resident# of hor pareuls, No. 134 I.udlow streot. BLOoMrmu). ? On Friday , Novembor 22 , K turnout Ahtukh, only child of John H. and Alice Bloointleld, aged 5' months aud 10 days. Tho relative* and friends of the family aro respectfully thvited to attend the funeral, thiB (Sunday) afternoon, at ono o'clock, from, the residence of his father, India stroot, Creen point. Cami-iikli..? < On Friday, November 22, or consumption, JhwCmiwu., a native of parish Lougligclly, county Armagh, Irolaud, aged 4U years. Tiio rrietids and acquaintances of tlio family aro ro spectl'ully invited to attond the funeral, from his late rnsl donee, corusr of Seventy -sixth streot and Third avenue, this (S inday) artornoou, at hair past ono o'clock. Cakykr. ? At Hudson City, S.J., on Friday, Nov. 22, Mr. Samikl Cartbk, in tho OGth year of his ago. The friends of the family uie invited to attend the funoral, from Ills late residence, Palisade avenue, Hudson City, on Tuesday morn lug, at ton o'clock. Daly ?On Friday, Novembor 22, Mrs. ISridglt Dai.y, aged 73 years, anatlvo of Sliancloutfh, parish ol OldcM Hn, county Meath, Ireland. The friends and acquaintances of tho family are re quested to attend' the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at. two o'ctootc, front the residence of hur son-in-law, l*ut rick l.ynch, 259 West Forty -fourth street, near Ninth avrnuo. Her remains will bo intorred in Calvary CuneUIS.. ? . ,, I)ki any.? On Friday morning, November 22, Marc.akky Dklaky sister to John lielany an.l aunt to Daniel Uolany. The relatives mid friends or the family are respectfully Invited to attond Uie funeral, from hor late resideuce 220 Stanton street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. yHKXt on. Friday, November 22, Jusitfii 1'rxnch, only son: of Robert and Sarah Jane French, aged 1 year, 2 months und 18 days. Tlie relatives aud friends aro respoctfully Invltod to at tond the funeral, from the residence of his fatlior, No. 227 avenue A, thia<Suiulav) afternoon, at hair-past oneo'clock. Uamunkr ? Suddenly, on Friday, November 22, of apoplexy, AsaUarossh, in tho 40th year of his age. llio friends and rolativos or tho family are respectfully Invited la attend the funeral, Irom his lato residence, 97 Fast Thirty sixth street, on Monday ottornoon, at one o'clock', without further Invitation. , ? Oabauan On Friday, November 22, at tho rosl. donee Ol Mr. Charles Turner, M >nroe, Orange oonnty.N. Y Thomas M. Uahaoan , in the 70th year of his age. HamilW)*.? On Friday aftorn?on,at five o'clock. No vember 22, Mrs. Mary Hamilton, tha beloved wife of Thomas Hamilton, aged 49 years. . The relatives and friends or tho family are respectfully lnvil"d to attend the funeral, from her late residenco, 170 Oelancey street , this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. HornhhiB; ? On Friday, November 22, Mrs. An? Houir ln*Tho*fr'en" an" rolativos of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend tlh? rune, al, from the res i dance of her son, No. 7W Third asenuo.this (Sunday) afternoon, at ono ? Ikyinil? On Saturday, Nov. 23, Maruarkt, wlfo of Frsncls Irving. The relatives and friends are respectfully invltod to at tend tho funeral, from her lato resldonce, No. 114 Tenth uvenue on Monday afternoon, at one o'clock. KmtY ?Accidentally killed, on Saturday afternoon, November 23. by the fall of a pile of wood, Patrick Kmly of No. :S9 Lawrence stroot, Brooklyn, Vrothor of Mi'rboel and James and lather of Thomas Kolly, a native oT parish Baltlnglsss, county Wlcklow, Ireland Duo notice of tho runoral will bo given In Monday m lawn '?On Friday, November 22, ot the Ocean House, Coney Island, Sarah , wire of Henry I-angton, aged '"immoral at ono o'clock this (Sunday) afternoon. McOikyick. ? On Saturday, November 23, John J. Mi*"ormick,kou of Joseph and Hester McConnick, aged 1 year, 11 months and & days. The frlenls of the family, also of his brothor-ln law, Robert lingers, aro iespectfully invited to attend the f mural from the resilience of his parents, 197 yi Division street, on Mouday afternoon, at two o'clock. Mna:tAN.? On Saturday niornu.g, November 23, Mr. Thomas Mskiian, ??ed 72 years. Tho relatives aud friends of the family aro respectfully Invited to attend the funoral ,1'rom his lato residence , 286 Kasj Fourteenth stonet, cerner of avenue B, this (Sunday) afternoon , at twoe'?l?ck. Mi-Clink.? On Friday night, ut twlve o clock, Nov. 22. after a long suffering, which she boro with Christian f"Ui tudo, r.nzAiixTK A , daughter of Robert McCluno, aged 2J v?ars 5 iranthsarvl Utlays. She died in tho lull triumph of faith, and has- at l?st fo .nd rest lor her weary soul. The relatives aad Crivnds of tho family aro respectfully invited t.-> attond the funeral, from her hto No 1"0 I i?hth v/eime, on Monday attoruoon, at a?ir past oiks Hi* r<H*?aiud wili bo taken to (Jroor?ood for Saturday, November 23, twelve o'el' ck >f , HOBBS* A. Mcf'UAY, eldest son o' John and jotalo it. M^b'Juy , or bronchitis, aged 23 jeers and 0 '"ti'i?' frlewlS an -3 acqunintanren or the r aro re . iw' tr.iliy "SwittHt to attend the runeral, at 113 West Six "lenth [street.. ?><?. Tuesday aTternoou, at haif past one o'clock, without further iwtlcc. Rumt'oril^ora.) papers pUaao copy. Moyl m?.-? oix Thursday , November 21 . a short nn'l nainful iPuess^IlANORA. the beloved wi)i,of Ititrick Moy ^l an'iuv,- ?f the parish of Lusmag Krngs ooun'tf, Ireland j Agod SB years and 9 months. , . Ihe i-ri-udttof tho family atwi also thc-?fl? _her brothers, . na i^nnis Kllleen, aro resi octUillv invited ?o. atto'jd tiufiuBMali (Tom hor lato rescues. No. 145 F^t FoCHelh -of?et, th-s (Sunday) after jAJon, at two 0'4<.0k? He,. I'Dtiui na will be taken to Calvary, Cometery. lVlNK _4>n Thursday evening, November 21,. V At opors Uw^aTsk.0 nly S..n or J? I. and Chf stoon N. 3Bf*d y cuontli3 and 24 days Tm'Vaeral will take place fi? ? tho resld ?ce of his gvlnK'Xr Hanlord Sinitlv, 216 West Thirty Jrsd, Street, f fhi'T'Salidav) morning, at half-p^mlne o'cl- <k- lharola Uvts and friend 9 of tho family aro rospe-iUully invited ^^_On Friday evening .November Jamrj Jopbph, Infaut son of lioruard and Aon ltilcy, agod 1 yoar, 11 1"1t!,^n^ aud acquait-^ances of the famBy are re ?n?cLiullv invited to attend the funera? from the parents re^idonee, No. BO West Njusteeuth UrBOt, OjOs (Sunday) hi teruoon at two o'clock. Sirs? -in Brooklyn , on Friday , "^v. ^ of consump tnm Mrs F M. Sal*. atp*d49 yeovirand 9 'aonths. The friends and relatives aro r ?pectf>;lly Invited to at tend her funeral, from the residence of Mr. H. J. Ham l ton Ninth streot, tctwocu S?ond. e*d Third avenusfl (Urw)kiyn) , this (Sunday) afternoon, M two o'clock. SiutVAN ?On Friday, November '?1, D*NH,_onlv son of MJchaol and ElUn SUllivaa, agod I yoar, 4 monthaand ^Tluf friends of the family ve luvltod to attend th? fune , ral at his parents' residence. No. 44 Mulberry street, 1 this (Stimlaj) afternoon, at halt-past u"n?c'y1^.,.. a 1 Wai-sii - -on Friday, Novumbor 22, William walsh, native of Ireland, in the fiWth year of Ins ag?. Hw relatives aii'i friends are respectfully tayited ta kt tend/tho funeral, Ibis (Sunday) aiternocti, at h-tlC-past Oijtf: o'clock, from St. Vincent's Hospital. War*.? On Thursday. November 21,. Vues J. A. Warb, youngest fon of Edward Ware, aged 2-* years, 4 months and 19 days. His frlouds and those of the family are respectfully in vited to attend tho funeral, from Ljs lato residence, 18 Chorry street, this (Sunday) ajtornoon, at two o'clock, without further notice. His iMuams <<? til be interred in Calvary Cemetery. Wir.?oK. ? On Friday, November 22, after a lingering illness, .Ia.nb B. Wnsi ^k widow of Nathaniel WiIhou , aged 56 years, 7 month* and U days. Tito relatives and Mend* of the family are invited to attend tho funeral, tfom her lato rosideuco, No. 215 West Forty -third street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, llor remains yil! he tak^n to troy fo.- InUruieu;, Troy papers yleast copy, mioBLiiiiraovi. RUT AND NAYY CLAIMS APPRO VKD BILLS PURCHAHBD. UNADJUSTED AND SUSPENDED ACUOOHTB PROMPTLY OOLLBOTKD We hare an agent at Waahington to proaecnto auoh Indefailgably. TAILOR BROTHERS, BANKERS, M7 Broadway, corner Murray etreet, M wall atreet, corner read AD. IM1. . UNTIL AFTER THE HOLIDAYS, $160,000 momoof0"? oi MAHOOANT Manufactured durta^th??umgier at jjrtaflr* And will M aold at XT iter cent Ine than' thtr maal pricaa. (M WHOLNALE AND RETAIL, ar PE QRAtr A TAYLOR, No. It Bowery. No. 141 B?)-*wy, and Nor l?s Cbacbatu lireeti Acaed to Thk rvntK).- iRirnr whtseet Tbe aubecrlMr hae wcuird the lnrxnat ? toe It <if f|ra( quality Iiiah (old) Whlakey en at held In America, ?l*red ta the following l>ond?A warehouse. ? No. fi tftone ?tr?H, M> Smith and WO W?t ^ etreet, Imported under the t ?eWec mr. which enablea ilfae to lell jrire old IrUh Wbiakey at m mien usually paid fcr'the adulterated artlclr. Bent free* V> AV per gallon, 00 oenta per Lottkef and In caeeo, one doiot eaok FOR THA.4?1Sl|OrTINfl? WNNBR. No family abonM be wltbowt a Ixittle iff McAulKTe'rWhlakey. It l**tte Mireet lienor In Ikfrftnuntry ? "net a lieail.uihe in a hogabeait of It." (*onnoU?>iia are aletfSnrlttrd to Mat eoma> One DcoUjl) Malt, naade In :<>* lllithlaiuleipoaltlTplf aerea year, old, JO/IN" UrAULIlfrK, Importer. depot 43 Nmi?i atreftt a.Mf 131 areuua D. ADAMS' {EXPRESS COM! ARMY and rfWERNMKJfT EXPKKBS, 1 .caves offlco, H9 Broadway, dull A. alt 12'^, 4U sod 6W P. M. Thl? U the wily B? press running through to W**liliigtoa by passenger t rain*. Shipper* bavin* .any <iua?Wly of f rlasat to tend ran make a contract at ri'^ rates, otr apirtlcalloa at our om?. rwMuges for soldlers'flhvir then- Mends lakea 1 at onehnlf prltv, to all points. ftaods for Washington shipped bv tbr I2H P. M. E>?VW4S iT?ch ij?f?tluatla? next mornuig. AlBAMS' KXPRfcN# CO.; SO Beftatfffay. At mkndiim s wink and ale *MJVP$, stceDab slie-t, corner of Broadway? Tee inruprlators of ban. room*, lioti-ln and r? Akurauls can lie k (tUM with WMrioi qualities of Wines, Uraudl"*, Whiskeys, AJ.n and ... ... bphan^ mtfi which defy competition.' Parties ftiWupieWbaiooaa will have unequalled 1 lduceinems olfercdlh'Tn, (J. E. MEN lCM, Propr.stoe. Am. po* soldiers a* balth<%bh, Washington, and a9 oilier places, si iflttd be sc by HARNDEN'S Express, T4 Broadway, *? the> marge only half rate*. Their Army Eipraa* daily at 12- SO aid M P. a. At EYERDfcLL's? wedding cards.? ?inifeB o^lb. b**e4 ttiigrarcd Cardaaold only at 303 /V>?4rfwajr, our ner of Duane ntm?t. ATMH -DOUBLE 80LE WATER PROO'/WfcOTft, A* JOKES'; 10 dWrn Ann at reel. BRIDGEWATER PAINT.? TESTED EI.EV: 'fc YKAR8 watcr and lire proof, silica i?ud iron. indnstrucMMe. Da pot. No. 74 Maiden lane. W. W. BKTTS, OonorifAgeat. /"tllEAP CASH GROCERIES, V7 Wholesale und retail. CHEAPEST STORE IN THE WORLD. Twenty. Ave per cent saved. THOMAS R. AGNKW Begs leave to Inform the ureal public of New York tlsit keif now Helling oil' Ilia limneiiau stock of Teas, Coffees, Hbgai^ Spices, Forciirn Fruits, Flour, Buckwheat, Syrupa, MoWMC% Oroeerle? ami Provisions: ? 1.1)00 boxes and linlf boxes Raisin*. A00 bbla. Currant*. 20,000 gallons choice New Orlcana Molasses. SO lona lia r Buckwheat. 5,000 gallous assorted Syrupa. 200,000 Tbs. reilm-d Sonars. 1,300 bbla. choice family Flour. 1.1300 cheats and ball' cheala Green and Black Teaa UX> baga Codec. MM) boxes Cheese. 1,000 boxes old Castile Soap. And all other kinds of Groceries keyt ina flrat das* grocery " house. THOMAS It. Aa.VEW, 260 Greenwich street, occupies hla own atom, owua the property, and ha* no rant to | ay; Imports and buy a exclusively fur cash? never save ? note In liia life; auperiiiteiida Ins own bualneaa from alt teaa to eighteen hour* every day the year i o iud, consequently ba can undersell any grocer In New York. Give him a call, at 200 Greenwich street and ?l Murray street. Good**t)eIiveraA DR O'TOOI.E HAS DEVOTED THE PAST TEN YEARS to the Irentment of Consumption. Sulferera should call and obtain references of cures, which will hear liivestizslloa. Medicines mid advice scut by express. Dr. MU. O T0O1.B, No. 86 Third avenue, New Yorfc. Diamond rings for sale-very low, at o. o; ALLEN'S, No. 415 (Broadway, one door below Cur ' at real. GENTLEMEN'S NEW AND LEFT OFF CLOXIUNQ ? purchased for the Western market. Address Coaror? No. 44 Centre street. Kindling wood, oak and pine, at 20 oents for ten or more boxes. Hickory. Oak and l'ine l>y the ? load and cord. Address C. Colllus, 245 East Twculy-ihlrd < s treet. M 'GILL'S CELEBRATED ? BOSTON CHOWDER (approved by the lata . Hon. Daniel Webster) eerved free every evening, from t !? ? 12, at the aouthweit corner of Brourtway and Tweltth street. Military riding and marciiino boots. WINTER WATER PROOF BOOTS. BROOKS, the Bootmaker, Introducer of the Steel Boot, is at 434 Broadway, comer, or Howard street. ? LQRIN BROOKS X BOX. s MITH k BROTHER'S PALI! CREAM ALB, ' SUPERIOR AMBER ALB, PORTER AND NEW YORK BROWH 8T00T. The above celebrated Amerlcau Alee are brewed front tfca holceat barley and hop*, and Jilghly esteemed by Utoae..WM have uaed them. Purchuseri are requested to ciul and exa mine our superior stock, assured they will And the best purest articles. We have ut all tlmea'a large stock ready for delivery, In .whole, half and quarter easka, suitable for tha trade, hotels and family ???, which* we oiler on tbe raoet fa> vorable terms. SMITH A BROTHEB, 158 and 160 West Eighteenth street, New York. STRONG'S PATENT ARMY TRUNK ANTtfDRTAPfc* .; Bedstead combined, corner of Warren si. w Broad wait STEPHEN'S' WRITING. FLUIDS AND IN 'AS ARE TUB standard of periection In tbe . ink line Depot No. H i William street, New l'ork. QHORTHAND WRITINO?AT O'DOWP * UEl'ORTINd , O Rooms, 6.VI Broadway, Shorthand Wrl ie taught aa , usual, day and evening/ PROPOSALS? OrFICE OF THE WATER COM M 1 ?KONERS. ilTT ?Hall, Jersey (7lty, Nov. 11, 1801. Seeled propos' if wlft be received by the Water CommUiaioiiers^it Jersey C jfauiitll Monday, Dec. 16 neat, at 12 o'clock M.. for furnish and Inylug about l.OOOil'eet of 30 Inch cail i.?n water pi" aacroat the llackensHek river and on tlw bottu>a nt the sat (. Bld> dera t.i furnish plan* lor the construct i<4k and laying at tka pipe. All uecesxary informatlcui In rsgard to the -aorkca* be obtained at this oBce. R, C. Pj^OT, Supt. RAItiE.OA.JS. Hudson river kailrciad - irains fol albant, Troy, tbij-North and West, If.M'e Chambers 3feet at f ' * and 11 A. M..6J)d3J0, 5and l0;l5 ?. M. NEW YOIU4, HARLEM. AND ALBANY R/ J*R0AP ifor Albany, Tf yy, Ngrth and Wes' . Winter ari 'Aigerunit, cunfoicn' laa Mouday, 'fyr. 4, 1' ik For Albatiy? 10.30 A. M.^Expr ies Mall Train fromTweutiC sixth strcctjtepot. For ail -jos I trains s< e ? ime IHble. JiJiitN BURtVillI. j. Assistant Si1 ^(intend* A! I10(BL8. WORTH. KNvjWING-TO 7 4GtlE W! , tU? niiial 'l.-slnlMo I'.Jpma and Boarc'. ln the clt^ l.?ROAE?WAY ,',IOT^. BROADW.1 /, CORNER ViiB r^l seooinl litre? it, N?w York.? This sihsi iotis first ikujfi , lv Hptci Is 'or the rgceptlon if permanent ifXfti m'" ?lout iMtr'lers, Kaeijliea boarded at educed price ./y-r ran. mcr hirtel charges. B. U ' '.fiSjir TRVTNGHf^H/SB BROADWAY AND TWELFTH f.1)f i, wttriinn* on Twelfth street. ? ' Tuvt House hsvln'?b< -liKT, furatshed, V, no:^ open lor the aucoinmodatlo:i6rr nn4 tranaiynt cuesls, and will conducted holji w unlllea A'?erlcnn.and European plans^as Ih'SI may^jplpa* P"n tha li'.ms. A/Jno FuAJaurant lseon'??etert with IheVUig* e Its pa xneaisarwserv.dat all hour*. Meal board ?tsc&a) e, whera ciodnle?L'by t v ? week or dav. '? accom GBOl ?(*? W. VESEY. I'av prletor. JVCNICIPM AFFAIR^ /"IUUI'ru-?AXION NOT'.CE.? THE COJVM" \J Rti:rwbo( theBoe-jiof AhlcrTjeu wur iTTEE OK No. 8 CltN Itall, on Mond-jr, the 2Bth jist,, afJ ineet In rooaa to hear hoth parties In v Inilon to the Third a t O'clock P. M., tiOo R? k'?d Companie s Punctua' attemlM -"l Fourth Ave * I A. BOOLE, 1 ce U requested. ?;HAS. J, CiJPP, JOHN RUSSELL, TERENCE. FARLEY, e on Railroads. HENRY SMITH, ) SP08T 1/tft* tj" uhtdce hrwds for s.Vick and uf jLIP, HAS ALL THB ^twiae Cure '?cjL Klea ExjermlpatoV j!'!' ??ut 'r^ ^pr'fi Ereedlrg, Training Diseases. j0 cents per bottle. But Boarded, T'juued, Ac. MedlclnesJP ir aii (Hsense*' ^?W ij*lV^??sa ?een for ?% few days, at 77 Wcit r Seventh ?{Jet 8t4kl^; to b# OI'O.WfN<A-naBON 8JW OTINO AT burmhax.. daywdThu0rsd^!wthntfl4 f "" T"? .t i, .*.ock a. u - o^'^Ms,B*EuK.aPk;;^en,u,;r v WISES nJ ,D LI(iUOR8v' " HAMMER'S FRERH imjiWF {T ? AWn^w? '"??? omtrmight, at ttl/.BV s Hr.iM ^i Mi ^ A-LB TO KAMILIK8.? IMF. KcT/JLt" htt?hi u^. iM. J ? ? ? at low prices, rlz :? Oabcn' ' UOODH Import"! Inbottle*. ?euvv+ ? * khllhiigworth'* Wines, Glareta, Champagnes, Ucju "busry, line Mmlm-aa^ juh and Hoi Unit cliim. ,r- ^ Bratidiefi, (njrae very old) ; Eng. Irish Whl'key, li?poru .jf ?'?? una St. 1'iulx Ruu* Kcot'jli huiI Uourboa WUiaiuyr, Scj^ oar yearn *t\l a half atrjoe; flue olj a Ah1 andEagUsh Potter, Tru, to ? - ? H. B KIRK ftS Fulton ntreet. "'too latt ? " ~ " '? ? srr,:"*;*' j fok cuismcAtiQH. Alai>t or ' asc lngatudlf r'lRtfT RATli MUSICAL ABIUTV, II AV. would wl- h t l under the moat emiuonl maatera ta Europe, lyn. T?tip ? ,C1T more Hnixhtng pupils tu this ait) ur llrook. rate. Sjf ? P1"1" inowh; or at nor rest len .-e, terms mod* ? ' y Jrosa A. Y. M . rai l office, A ofTUATION WANTED? BV A BESPEOTABLH Vo? young lady of refinement, aa seamstress Insane sen P' ? family, or n? companion and attendant umio invalid ; n? ^ Ijection to go In tlie Chi r try or to travel; tvn :eg not no nine* an object an a comfortable home. Apply at tlie Store | nal ?t., between li and 3 o'clock.

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