Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1861 Page 2
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srrrATioKs wanted-femalks, * Sm.vno.N WANTED? BY A RUSPKl.'TABI.E JV T ? i, <>iy "f ri"ini moiit,uK inimstroKS In a ? >rr. >? i;cii. t*ol, \ in . - 1- in^unioo and attendant loan Invalid; no objection I' K" .:i I hi' c iiintry or to travel; wrai;i<? not mi much an "bjeft a? a I'omlo. t'.M? W?mr, Apply at th? itoie :i!j Cm nai^t., l>p:?- en la and 3 uYloclc. AroMI-'.'TKST ?UKU, WITH tiOOD HB^'ERKNCB, ? 11 t ? h olMiiition to took, wash Jind Iron, or to I " u>' ?? rut riniiv n 1 1 1 k . You can pot h< r, ui any other ttrnt Wan* Br yant voti v.-ani, (t '<? >il uuv ' h rvi1, ill the l'i i.'Rie Servant*' 1 mtltiuc, 1 o ll.i hi lltli at., nrtwff n ;til an J itli av?. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN <ilRL, WHO I'NPKlt Htan !s lnaKuiK ladles' rmiJ ohihlron'i tirtf^a-'a, wan'* a v it nation at a 'ntnat ex* and Ud>'? maul. Apply at HI Hea ter (tract, near Canal. ASH Vllo.N WANTJil>- I1V > V. -I KSIAhf WO. . man; tc n nleo * an t lmker; ?? o 1 wnnlirr and n ?no!\ u .1 tvnoe. Cat bo *ivn for two dayaatJi.S 8fh hi., neat 0 h aw ' * *|TB81 k* > 8EAM3TR ?88 - ;i VI * IOM W 1KT jfV c?1 ? m?.mIv ivapo- 1 ibif, woman; mi ? ;! .tmi Ui j-> Jjv'ii < ni so d<) ?'ini v i lery and all kinds til" 1 1 .1 liit tw ii . . erui \ 1 1 . i ii, at or addreaB29tf Kan* Utli &c. , thud iloor, front A SITUATION WAKTBO? ftV ^ HIGHLY KR8PKCT .ii ftMc yoi m i' 4 f'. ?'?. , : .L ibera a. .'ii 1 waiting and ink > cnic o: ? ii'n ivn ; ? ' i *">?'<:. -4 J.>?.?>r-.vork jri a u will pr: - ? : . n ,.i'! fveil'-it' v\ jhhv: atul irotur; la willing ?" 'ul no objeci'?u 10 jjj?' a sUori a)hLan<:*> In the co'jtilr . Hat t' rt tVr< !:et* I r- ui b -i* Lsst phee. Can l e ween J r i nvo d r\v ia) gtb uv,, bcivvs*n SftHh mid SOth ata.# room N-?. t>. AFIKvT fLASS lOOK WISHES Til OHTATN A 81 i in ,i private lamily ; h);?- Uiorou^hl^ undt'rHtanda l?cr buMut'^- in ail it?? I rau.'lu'n; will iis^fat a Utile with watdi* <:ig and Ironl:;^ ina anmll tamhy; hattp.ooa refrrenoc. Call at (H Went 2lth 6f., b^t\v<4en 6th and 7tli art. ARKSPEOTABLE WOMiVN WANTS A SITUATION as lir*t rare iu???k and txrellent J alter of hn a i and bia f'Uit ; is ; .:o - 1 wtttdwv taut ir uer; has o ohj?'^ tioa to <io Ilia work of t aaall t'amlijr; haa the b?'?t dlty iefar? uce from her iaatp am; w iu.1 ro h ?hort disUn ? m th<? country. Call for t .vo d ;/? at 2t < \C ilbcrry ??., mom No. 5. AH PE TABU TOUNO WOXASK wi IBB8 A Hituut. i\ as waitrea^ or chnuabrrmaid and umiij-i with t!ii? wa>hhu; b us thp bent city re! er- nce. t'an hi mm for two dayfe ;a m r 4>r?^ jit employer *, No. 42 Wettl .I'M at. AKITt ATION WANTKD? BY A COMPETENT WO man, as took in a |>ri?*a!" laroil> ; lU?.ruu^tiIy undur stand* co >kiun and baktng; tan do op cen'lemfn'a linen; re :? nc from her l.ial plu^e. Aj>jd> for two days at 40 i'r?- t Hrt?oklyn% n<iar Van lirunt at. A8 LAl'MmE.^.-A MOST COM FETE XT AND HE* iV o .i-. w muan, und^ratun.liAg French taring, crimp* in# ami -???? .y l> anch ??f her biudne**, wisheaa ^t ualion. Aj - ii. y 'to CliA !<i?LS BUoKHaM, at his disk, m Kmi.Ioymcut 1 1* -41 1 1 .iit >t'j iir >-iJiv;?y, i r?*iJ l ?> iuiii nend thf aV? ve C. }J. AS COOTC.-TWU MOST COMi'ETKKT AND HUMECT" ubl - *.t?riseii. understanding tii ir buaint&a ttu r mtfhly, i '.iv : i !')?? ! 1) ? o??kery, wiah aituatioiia Apply U? C II A HI I.K *> BOOKii AM, at bis .ie?W, iu Kluploj m nt iu?i uu?, ot rj Uio^avsi.y. i call i< < o um? nd tin: above. C. H. AnESl'ECTA3LK YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU alii-.; ? -.k, wa ''icr and lron> r or to do genet ,tl !??> ??*?* w k; n?. o">? ctlonB t?? g ? In the country. Heal of city rtfe r?*n"> s R vm" Can be h? en for two ilaya a? Sii Hovrery. AtlOOD CUOK AND HAKE II (PASTRY AM) Al.L branches) d siivs a .-ttualiou; uiiursuuds her busln- .-s in all r *;>??>:?; w lulil do some wi-shing or tli? entire kite.: i*? w .k o. a sui.tll family. Can be teen for two daj sat OS AUen st. Arorw woman w mm employment by tub week ' r mouth ad s -all. stress; 1 i competent to cut a. ol i;l chiliir n'K i lulht-K i. ml make shirts In the ni atott style; K>uU r, fcn nri ... {' ill at 2-lJ East 9t'u at., between 1st uv, anil av. A, fur two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE _rt young woman at ko d plain cook, washer mi l inner, tir bouse ?orker in a mall family. Call at 13W East .villi st., fur l*u ilu.i s. AMERICAN, ENGLISH. IRISH, SCOTCH, GERMAN and ??. . :>>r?-.l aarautts, with good city references, can now lie had, friM o charge, at No. 7 1 1th st., near Broadway. Several pirla am now wanted for excellent nitration*. ARESI'Ei TABLE YOI/NU MARRIED LADY, CLEAN anil healthy, wiihagood hri asl of milk, wishes asltua* tlon as wctjiurse, her babv having die I four days ago. No one need iipmy without uood oily reference, which will be returned. Call at &S Mutt at. Arkspuotablb GIRL WANTS a situation as cook. wnsinr unit ironer, In a private family ; no objm> tloa to d'i imux.-u ork, or t" K'i a abort distance In ilu"-mintrr. Has good city r?ferencea from her last pin -o. Understands her buainc-a* thoroughly. Call for two days at 190 Slit at., tiiird I'uor, back room. Ayorxo woman wants a situation as good plain cook and to waah anil iron, nr is capnblc of doing laundry businesa. Can '><? se.-n fur two days at No. 1 Union co irt. 1'nli.T' it> pl i :u, b<\?ccii IUh anil 12th stroeta. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION VS seamstress and nurse; no objection to assist In honse work; no objection to city or country. A[ jily for tivo dsriat 138 Bust 22d it SITU A I ION WANTED? As'T.ADY'8 M A I D, OR would til.e are of crowing children; und?rsU'.idi|halr drei-su.j; and ihessma .log; would do l izht chain net work; beat city refer-n e. Call for two days at 133 East 2Uth st. A" IUvSPECTABMTyoUNO WOMAN WANTS ABITCA tii.u aa chain < ermaid and waitress; good city reference. Call at 81) 6th av., fourth floor, backroom, for two daya. A? MOi?U YOl-NU WOMAN WANTS A SITU A tlnii as cook; has good city reference. Call at No. 2 1'inc hi., Brooklyn, for two daya. A COLORED GIRL. FROM THE COUNTRY, WISHES a situation In a private gentleman 'a family; lias no ob ject!, ins to tio plain aewinc and act aa child's nurse: good ref.-rei c . Can I e seen for Uree days at Peter Wilson's, the carpel shaker, in KM at. lieiwein 6tli auJ 7th avs., tour doors from 7th av. A RESPECTABLE OERMAN GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA" Hon III II small pnvate family; understands cooking, washing and ironing; city lefereuco. Apply at 205 Mutt at. , In the shoe st >re. 8 COOK -A SITUATION WANTED. BY A RESPECT able woman, ns cook, or as cook, wiisber and Ironer, In a lirivite family; is a rood baker ; good reference. Call at 4H)Ath av.. be ween 27th and 28t!i sts., first floor, back room SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, its nurse ? rid chamtjermsld or waitress; can furnish the best of refer-nce. Apply nt her present employer's. No. 137 9th St., a lew doors west of Broadway. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS GOOD plain cook and excellent washer and ironer; would do housework In u small private family; is willing and obliging; no objectio i to go In the country; three years' city reference. OaH for two da) a at 65 Mardoiigal st., ut her last employer's. A RESPECT VBLK YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITITA A turn to do general housework; is a good plain i*ook ; is an exoelicnt wc slier and ironer; hus tli" best of city refe rence. Can be icen for two days at 140 3d av., near 15th St., tl.,ni floor. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKEIt" WISHES EMPLOY incatby the day. Bi ?t city reference. Call at 158 Sprinij aticet for one week. AS t'OOK.? WANTED, A SITUATION AS GOOD PLAIN cook and lirsi riue washer ami ironer. Has the best of city reference. Is a first class waiter, willing to aasist In washing and Ironing or chamber work. Call at or address 135 West 13lh st., Ix tweun 7th and 8th avs. 4 S COOK* ? A SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECT JL\ able l'io estant woman, a lirst class cook in a private lum'.ly ; has goo I n fereuce Can be ?.tcn for two days ut 113 fc.anton st., I rs lloor, back ro im. A RESPECTABLE UlttL WISHES A SITUA'I ION"t7i o )k, iv,.s!i and iron, or to do chambertvork end linn v ashing, i - i City reference if reiiuired. Call at 172 Madl mu st., tli id i nor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the housework of a small private f iiiiily ; ha tv> i v rs ami a half good city reference from hi r last pi t e. Ca I . t 171 H'cit 19 li Hi., benv. cn 7l!i and Sin avs. AOOOK'8 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RB8PBCTA' ble woman, who Is a ?>"id cook an I llrst rate baker; tin dersUn<!s pa-tty ."ltd ile--ertsn' .,,1 kittda; can gh e good re* ferenis.; Im-. m objection to as ;';st In the washing. Call for two day it l33Aiuity st., near Clh av., in the rear. A SITU \TlON WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do lutuberwork and waiting and isslstlu t!;e washing ,oi would ;?o as child's nurso and do plain sew ing; utidi rstanda cmh .id* i y ; would do housework in a email family; lie-; of clly referciioe. Call lor nvo days at 170 34t!i at., n if 8lh av , In t hit rear. / JOOK.? A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS \J cook nl go >d 'washer and Ironer; <,tu i,lii' good city refi r-nii s. Can t r icen at 1W Wc.-i 2iii! st., between tfth an I 7th lives., '? r t vu 'ays. (noo*.? WANTED, A SITUATION AS PLAIN COOK, J washer and Ironer, by one win can bring the best of city reiei elite, 1.0 objection 1 a short ulstan^s in the tou n try . ApjilyfA. twoilajraatSlt EastSlst st. COOK.? A SITUATION WANTED, KY A first CL\ss pro .'Sed Herman co ik; only In a nrsi class private houae; aiie u nl -rsinnds h"r busltii , p,? f?ciiv, American, as well as English ti d French io ''-.Ing. Call at N ?. 7 2d av., Hour. 0U8IKHEPER OIt FAMILY SE AM .STRESS? SIT I.'. a b n wan o I. b,.- a 1 ?dy, who has me. w liii tor r ? ?? r.-" ... - tun ?; i, a superior housekci per In ever;. <leiiartiii-nt ?,f domestic ill tic , having ten years' experience; a lirst clajMtbrcaJ, c.iAf uml ossiry baker; pan ularly neat and a live, and very systematic ; tin lers'ands all klnitsol mai '%i t lng. As seainsti-uos, con cut and tit boy's clothes, Inlsses' dresses, shu t roakltii mid all kinds of plum sewing and em broid 'i v Aiidr. llouaekei pi i , Nr. 25 Essl 23th at., or call hi No. :t Gates' nve., near Fulton hn,, lli. oklyu, SITUATION' WANTED-BV A MIDDLE AGED MAN, co up '"iii lor any ordinary bnsin ss; is a ti, ir penman, ipiieka U," ies and willing to devote his whole limn to the interest of 1> s ei.ip'oyors, Adili B., box 1^5 Herald ofllee. TO FANCY GOODS DEALER.'.? A YOUNG LADY OP respectab lity la desirous to procure a sit "ntion in a Hrondw.iy i u y ^ooils store, to ant as saicawoman and make "parti les? . ucii sa ladles' lo ud dresses, under sleeves, ,tc., tor the cs aUnlimi nt. AJdics Miss C. C., slalion D, Bible House. H "II * ANTED? A SITUATION FOR A GOOD PROTESTANT J! a " ' 'l"(' '' ^h -rge of ciilldren Sue understands plnln ijenltig and eiutiroldeia handaoinely. Inquire :it7H West Mr'simor ? " ' "r Broadway, rooms 14 and 15, of srtes u< wvrt ,st,j w nuiw llrst floor ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT ORR inn n you-.g worn ,ii chamiH-nnai i md ? le an I vianmresa; perrectlv understands her business" class 1-e. -reuse, fail at 334 3d av., ucai 2.,th ti s J *f DftCK room, , " WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KBSl'Er TABti i'ro cM*nt young girl, an hn mid i oanib.'mi*id or would lafcf cHi.; ol ? ml utii. ? ? ,i <i(V i( , mv*..,' Can Im? s; ?*ii tor two ?i;? h at 118 Wf-i ;v?,] ?t*t um lloor Wf ANTED ? A WAT.OX BY AN VMKRICAN PHO* ff t?'?t ii. I % i)t to i a ho ug >M. d ??r to tiltn care ??l children in. I ??-w. I nfx?< j t r nn' r i -. rmreM aiveit. CanUct?eu for \wo id \v? HiimU iS'<uih Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A TOUIfO >Yo 1 ;n. a RITUaTIoN 7h <di.iiiiiH'rioai l -mi I wai r? *.??; ? *ii <1 > phi n m mii .. ti n??k" !'?*!)( m? v uv nl; ('?? n t ui; r. r rem *\t\\ for iwu . t 10/ ,, v, , Ja ih ? ??oj ??. WANTED- A SITUATION A.S WET NI K K. HY a iii- it i< ? I U 'indU. (iool ilfy i tu twj i' "pier at. srrrATioiva wantkd? 'll'ANH!.' i v A l'l{()Ti:M <NT t.'MCL, A SITUATION T f ut* rhftmhrrittitl I Hint waller or a a nui m* and brunt - M ret*; would do homework for a Minnll tumily. llaagood city referenora. H'oulil go ut (tin ouuuliy, Can l>e accu for two dayaal MO Court ft., lliojklyn. TIT ANTE D? A SITUATION, BY A HESl'ECT MU.K TT woluau, aa chambermaid, ill It hotel or Imkii'.Iiii ? Inline, or (c) do liouaework for a private family. Has?no.| reference from liei Jam plaoe. Call at 121 K.UI ?JII| at., third flour, buck room. WANTE U-JiY A KKM'EOTABLK GIBL, A HlTUA; lion us ( Attil nuUic >*, or to do nvwrnl homework, in a Hin.ill faintly. Can bo ?-ceii for two day* at Iter ittttt place, 7'J Hick* ?t., Brooklyn, ,U '*un u?dol!mtt^w?(J,f1''?1 SWT WOMAN, A 8ITUA tip alalia Work (n a nice rani! I v "'Sr '"'nlly, "I Mould do '"'r h"" Cailfor ?v " ,v|' reiice* '"?|? mui,ua ms ,z,ltor lno'^y* *1 xu ww mi, H'AKTEn- BY A RE.^I'ECTA UI.K PROTESTANT 11 young waouui, * ailuatlon aa plain oook, WMther and I rone r, or 10 do general hotuwwnrk In a amall private family. Good cliy rufereucea. Call at 217 7th ave., between 2tth and tf&th Mt*., second floor, front loom. \\f ANTED? A RESPECTABLE U1UL, TO OOOK, WASH IT and iron; to one uiidHraiiiudtng Iter bualneaa Mid hav Illicit) leferuiHe- may call at 3t)7 Statu atre.-t. near Court; wagi s par moult). Also, n 1 eapuutatle Kil l to do cliumU-i . work (tad make herself useful; wuges i.'l per month; city reference required. \\T ANTED? BV A RES) E'JTABLK AMERICAN LADY' TT a Mtiiatim a? lmuaekeeprr in a respectable uuiet lam lljr In the city. bUe iiaa a little i*rl ?ubt years Ola. Salary uu object. With the child or without. Apply ?t4J43dav.. 4th floor. \\ ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A GIRL, TO DO CHAM* TT tk-rwork; will assist. in waahiug anil ironing; Itaa 110 objection to do gcueritj housework. Uood I lly reference can be given. Call for two daya at U9 St., Iietweeu Prince an.l Oold aw., Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Wo man, iu a rnap cutbie private family, to do plain cook ing. w aaluug and ironing, or to do ehamocrwork und aanlat wafi the washing and ironing; the heat city refereuce. Call at 1. J Ea..t 17th at., one doo. from lata v., for two days. WET NURSE.? WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A RE, ap- table married woman, who has just lo?t her baby who wan one month old. Can lie urn for two ilaya at 1/3 Eaat ? Hli at. None but Aral claxi Inmilics need apply. H'ANIIiD-A SITUATION, BY A KESl'Kt'TAHI.K TT young woman, ua conk. wa?tn r and Ironor, or to do g.'n i rul houaowork. No objection to the country. Apply at I.T.' Weat 15th at., between 6th nud 7th a* a., for two daya. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A UOOD I'LAIN COOK, wiiher and Ironer; would do yneral homework, tioo.l cttjr reference oiui bo glveu. Catl lor two daya at M M >1 tie ii v., Ij,.'t? ecu Canton und Raymond ?>u., in the bakcr't, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, an ehamherimtii an 1 aeainatreaa ; would aailat with the waahlnu and ironing; IH willing and old .gag. ('all lor tw . dayxitt 112 West Itttli at., front baaeinent. UT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS TT v .-litres* or to do chainberwork and waiting; la willing and obliging, and tf kind dl?P '?lti in. No objentlon to the country. Ooo<l city reference. Call at li.'t Weat ltitli at., in toe rear, aet und llojr, b?tw jcu 7th and (jtli avea. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE j i uiig woman, W do gli'ial housework In a small private family. 8.,e is a rod. I plain sewer; con work em broidery. References given. Cull at 97 Butler su, coinor of 1 1 iyt St., Brooklyn. /"ANTED? A SITUATION AS A GOOD COOK, IS A d baker, unriertlainlNall kinds of desaerU; la willing and obliging; would b - willing to a-sisi ill ihe washing. No ob jection to the country. Good reference. Callut 224 VV esi 18th at., in the rear, second floor, between 7th and Sth aves. w tliCi'l' WAiHTKO-MAlgl. Agents wantei>-to sell our union station. cry and I'rlf Packets. Beat raattutaclimti, contain more and belter good* than any other, containing, besides Union .stationery, I 'or liall a of MuCli llan and Major Gonerals of the United S ales Army ana a piece of Jewelry. Al-o, Pa. trioiic Packet* without Ijewelry, n superior packet Or the so'dler*. Retail price ?5 -"ill . Arch is wanted everywhere, 8 inl stamp lo.- circular, or eall on HA8K1NB i 'OO., 30 tleeku an street. AGENTS WANTED-TO SELL YALE'S FLAO OP OUB Union and Military Gift and Stationery Package*. Agent*' who are now selling Imitations, put up by other par ties, are respectfully requested to send us their address and we will forward them a (ample with circular which will at once satisfy them that they ej.n make more money and give belter satisfaction by selling our packages t tin ti any other* In market. Address J. W. Yale. Proprietor, Metropolitan Gill Book Store, Syracuse, N. Y. Agents wanted-in the country, to sell our Bijou Packages, containing funny sketches, some secrets worth knowing, a comic ballad and a "slip up" en graving. They sell like hot cakes. For l ull particulars ad areas, with stsmp, FRANK GOODERSON .* CO., I'd Ann st reel. N. B.? City agents not v\ anted. Send 12 cental itu sample. Agents wanted? to sell something en Urely new and original? none others like tbcni? the Union Price Stationery and Receipt Package. We invite oompariaoti and defy competition. We do nt seal our park ages, becau se we are not atrahl to show ibeir contents. We five a list of our arileles, whl.1i our imitators dare not do. lach package contains u lieautiful and correct engraving or GENERAL GEORGE B. McCLELLAN, 0x10; 75 Valuable Receipts. 6 White Flag Envelopes, In colors. 6 Ladles' White Flag Envelopes, in < 6 Bull Envelope*. i colors. ipes. 6 Sheets Commercial Note Paper. 6 Sheets Fine Ladies' Note Paper. 6 Sheets Ladies' Billet Paper. 1 Accommodation Penholder. 2 Fine Steel l'ens. 1 Fine Pencil. i .Sheet Blotting Paper. 1 Olft of Valuable Jewelry. Retail price for the whole, twenty-five cents. Agents wanted in every city, town and villuge. ('nil on or address, enclosing stamp, RICKARDS A CO., 102 Nassau street. ATTENTION.-HOO AGENTS WANTED TO HELL THE large 25x32 beautiful national enuravlng, the Generals ot the Union, being true photographs of 14 eminent Generals. A splendid chance to realize handsome profits. Price very low. Apply to P. HATELLIEK, Lllhogiaplier and Publish er, 875 Pearl street. A PILOT WANTED-ON A STEAM TUG; MUST POS seas a thorough practical knowledge of the towing bust, nens, from ling experience lu n ine other will anuver. Addre s Palmer, box 160 Hern Id office, stating experience and references. A COLORED WAITER WANTED-ONE THAT CAN bring unexceptionable re .-omnMndations for capability and honesty. Apply at 1915th av., corner of 25tli si., from 9 to 12 o'clock. Man and wife wanted-thb man must be a nood carver, accustomed to checking and rully competent to take charge of a lunch counter; the wife to take charge of the kitchen and fnlly competent to cook for a llrst class res taurant. Address, with reference and wagesjoxpected, Wil liams, box 110 H"raUl office. "IITANTED? A BOY, NOT OVER lfi YEARS OLD, FOR Tv an office; one who resides with his parents, who uun write a good timid and come well recommended. None others need apply. Call on Monday, November 25, between 9 and 10 A. M and 3 all J 4 P. M., ut No. 7 Chambers s'tvet. A. A. PHILLIPS. TITAN'TED-A YOUNG MAN, TO ASSIST IN TIIE BAR ?T md to make himself useful, at Stewart's Hotel, Cy press Hills road, two and a half miles from Williambuig ferry. To come well recommended. ANTED-A YOUNG MAN, BETWEEN 17 AND IS years of age, to attend In a liquor atore; must be well commended; no objection to one recently from the old untr)'. Ini|ulm ai No. fitt ith av. f ANTED? A SMART BOY, WHO I' N DEllsTA XDS opening oysters, ut 131 Pearl St., near Wall, basement AY W UrAN TED? THREE BOYS TO RUN GORDON AND Degenor presses; also a boy to feed a cylinder press, at 65 Fnl ton st., up atairs. \\,r ANTED? A S.M Vl'.T YOU NO MAN. WHO IS At'TS 1 1 tomeil to pm-klng lamps and glassware: lie must come well recommended and understand Ids business; nunc other need apply. Inquire it 03 John st,, this day." j WANTEU-FOR A GENTLEM AN'S PLACE IN TIIE country, a mm an I wife, without encumbrance; the man must be a careiol hand over horses and willing to ba generally useful; th'- wuman a good pi.' in cook and baker, alio a good hand over milk and butter. Apply at './Ji Otli av. WANTED? V CLERK, IN A RETAIL JEWKtRT TT store; one who is competent In every rosp-ct; best of references required. Call between 2 tuid 4 o'clock i*. M. ut 1W Bowery. TYT ANTED? .SIX MEN FOR STEAMERS, TWO ENTRY vV clerk-, two conductors, two bntkeuvn, three porters, t.vo express drivers, tivo boys for trades, four girls to travel, clerk lor a shipping office, one stewardess. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. "IITANTED? A YOUNG MAN, AS CASHIER IN A RES ?? liurant; also an assistant bookkeeper and collector. \oply at No. 13 Wall si.. Merchants' Clerks' Registry < >'!! ?. Situations procured for respectable parti"*. licabli-hed In 1 y.'*? Reiereuce to llrst class houses. W ANTED- '.'UU A I'vl'NTRY RESIDENCE, A MAN who perfectly understand* the making of gas. Ad dress, wlih full p. rtlciuars, R. C. B., box 110 Herald office. XXT ANTE I>? \ SM A KT BoY To OPEN OYSTERS AND TV Wail on in i an supper rooms. Inquire at tneGarl baldi House, 3,ij i)ih a\ . YV ANTED? SEVERAL AGENTS OF RESPKi .TABI LI V? tv, Weil acquainted In New York, to sell, on ? otnmls si on, wines, liquors and segars of tine quality, for ? ash. Ad dress, giving sotue particulars, Wltte Merchant, Herald oll.c. Q (\(\(\ AGENTS-MALE ANO FEMALE, TO SELL O.UuU Lloyd's JllAJ.IXJO Topo^rnui.i<-al Mapot Virginal. Price only 25 cents; six copies for $1. Will guarantee any kind ol an agent $1 per dsy selling those maps alone. J. T. i.LOYD, 104 Broadway. SIT CATIONS WAJITED-MALES. A YOUNG MAN. WHO HAS SERVED TIIHEE TEARS tu a book Mndery, wishes a sliuatioB as paper ruler, t an be seen t 3!W 2d av. or 256 av. B. 4 SCOTCHMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH J\. man; is a single man, of good character and abilities; can give the lje.ii oi city references ir.iu partl-s In lhl? ciiy and in Europe Address l> T.. nt A. Reed's seed store, 807 Broadway, lietwecn the huiirs of 8 nu l 12 M., for iwo day*. 1 YOUNG GENTLEMAN, OF GOOD FAMILY AND ^ V cln atiou, prepossessing iu tnairi r slid appeiirain who Is in -tell tte health, wisnes to 'ravel, either as agent l?r s ine house or as companion and ? r- tary, ivph some gen tlenisn travelling in tills country or E<rope. | n? t est ol ru tei' nee given. Addreas B. L. < *., box 19ft 11 rild office. /"lOACII MAN.? WANTED, A SITUATION AS COACH \J man by a slni;lr. man. Can b" .v n at the stables ol his pr.-s, nt employ ?*r, nori liwest , ..rncr ol 23d st. and 1. xlni;ton ?v., or a i.oic adilr"-sed lo Coachman as above or at K. Camp b?l.'? s idditr, 50 4th av., tvill ' e promptly attended to. Can Riv the i. -?t o. re; r. u ??. Present i-nipl. yer .? i<ig lo Btl rope. "ANT, li BY A vt)' NO Man, WHO CAN I E ? KLI. ns lOe'hnisii and gr< VV Addrf $:")() -"-T OKHi"E._X u ILL GIVE THE A HOVE in ? inuii's ' oou'i,"-"' W I't ix-nre me a per iGW Crr jinlnlwi n i f rK * ?1"4' ? *.il.?ry ?'t , * { ov nuDunt in pt'^oriton. I livi-'ij L. N' HKU? WASTKD-rRJJALM. A LL PAMIMKH AND> servants will KIND J\ (hit birgiut old n?|?lill'died Institute on the corner of SUth avenue and Eleventh street, lor Ooi iii'in, English, Irish and American women. Mr*. Floyd In attendance Wood plut hm <tl .v,iy.> ready k YOl'NO LADY OF LIVELY DISPOSITION, LIVINil V in goo I style, mid entirely alone, wuli n an companion l id) or education, engaging manners and propos-a -.sing oneurnnre, from IK In Xi veins of age: blonde preferred. u -t IJO V.,-1 Tnl.l? <1.1 ? 1 . AOIRL WANTED? TO HANDLE Af" >LD PAPER Apply toT. It. Win laiie, 112 Maiden near Front ?t (100K AND CHAMUERMAID WA -AMERICAN' J German or Scotch preferred. N those well qnn 1i led and willing to work In a la: y need apply fttS-4 Willow ilmoklyn. DRESSMAKERS WANTED? APPLY AT MR8, BDQBJU tot ' , 28 Uleocker St., all thla week. DANTALlOON 1IAND8 WANTED? To MAKE MILITA X ry (in mi, Infantry. Apply to Rcinhelmur Bros , IW and 211! Broadway, |)I, AIM SEWERS WANTED? ON MILITARY WORK. I (ioud hands wanted, uk blisters, llnUhers and liutloii hoi" maker*. A!*o. a good strong boy, who cun produce go id reirreueei. Apply at 188 Bowery. QOntMOS servants, WITHOUT OHIARQE-IN n eluding several nations, wltli good city rel'erenoe, may be bad m Clinton llall; Astor plaee and Utli St., near Bruno way. Th ? German und French language* spoken. Aludyl.i attendance. WANTEP-A ORKMAN COOK, WHO DOES WASH log and Ironing. Apply at 320 West 2dd at. uetwsen 11 and 3 o'clock. WANTED-SEVERAL LADIES FOR OOLD F.MltHOI TT iln lnx, in a comfortable department, under Ihe lnspec Hon of an e?pen<>iK<-d lady. Aiji'y to J. Siadermaun A Co., 640 1 earl at. WANTRD-A WET NURSE, WITH A FRESH BREAST of in :1k. to go a short distance 111 the country; none but n young and health* woman, we!! recommended, who Is will ing to devote har whole time and attention to the care of tin Infant, tie d apply. Call to-day at 120 White it., between ID and 12 o'eloek. WET NURSE. ? A WOMAN WANTKD, TO TAKE A Tf clilld to wet nurse. Apply immediately ut 8iH Hester ?t? ue ir Centre St., to Mrs. Young. WANTED.? GOOD EXPERIENCED CI.OAK MAKERS wanted immediately. Apply to Chan. 11. OrlCin .1 Co., 312 Broadway, up stain. WANTED? IN A PRIVATR FAMILY, A OtiOD COOK (a Protestant). Apply on Monday, Nov. 25, between three and four o'clock, at the office of Ward, Campbell i Co., 09 l'.ne st. TITANTBD? TWO OIRL8, WITH OOOD REFERENCE IT one toiook, wash u il l Iron, theotliaraa chain oennald and waitress. Apply, alier nine o'clock, at IS East 11th st., between :V1 ut 4th ave*. YK7" ANTED? A GIRL, FOB HOUSEWORK; MUST HE A II tirgt class wh she r and Ironer, a good plain cook iMtd wilting 1 1 make her jell generally useful. City rufereiicH re quired. Iu'[u!r<i for two days in 65th St., one door West of Broadway. WANTED? CLOAK MAKERS. TO GOOD HANDS co.'ntaut employment given. Apply to A. M. A. U. Davie-, 3u8 llroailway, up stairs. yy ANTED? TWO OR THREE , GIRLS, TO BASTE bet . side WANTRD-A WOMAN, TO DO tJENEKAL HOUSE work for a small family ; she mud be a goal washer and Ironer, and one who is accustomed to such a place, with Rood city r. I rence. Apply lor two days at 28 Wuyerley piai e, after 8 o'clock. WANTED? I1Y AN AMERICAN LADY, A FRENCH maid lo go to Washington for the winter. Must speak French and Engllah, mid be of an amiable disposition. A genteel, companionable person required. Wages >10. Must tie ready to leave on Wednesday evening. Pull, belwci n 11 nn<! 9 o elouk, on Tuesdity, at Hotel Havana, loom 18 WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework for a small family. Hood recommendations required. Apply at No. 3 Hamilton pLice, 51 --it at., near 8lb av. WANTED? IMMEDIATELY, TWO OOOD DRESS inakera. None need apply but competent hands, ut 61 Bleecker st. WANTED -A GOOD COOK AND LAUNDRESS; ALSO a chambermaid, waitress and acatrstresi; must tho roiiijbly understand ihelr business, unit briiifj In 8 of clly re ferences from last situation. Apply at 31 Clinton place, 8th Ft., i rom 9 to 12 o'clock. WANTED-A SMART, TIDY, HONEST^IRL, TO DO general housework; she must he utile to wash and Irou well, ami know how to read uiiil write a little. Wages $tl. CiSI at 337 lib av., after 1 o'clock I1. M. thlH day. ANTED? TWO WOMEN (COLORED), ONE AS seamstress, the other as laundress. Reference* re quired. Apply at 12i fltli av., between 9 and U o'clock. WJ THE TRADES. A JEWELLER, WHO HAS ARRIVED FROM pa am, wishes a situation; he (s well acquainted with the value of line stones. <Jood city refer-ncc can be given. Ad dress J. K , box 1V4 Herald ofllce. SEVERAL GOOD CUTTERS WANTED? TO CUT FLAN Del shirts, at 72 Duaue st. TO DENTISTS ? WANTED, BY THE WEEK, A FIRST rate mechanical dentist, well acquainted with cold sti.l vulcanite work. Apply to W. C. llorne, i!43 lit li av., near 21st st. 1 TO BOOTMAKERS.? FOUR MEN WANTED ON GOOD bottoms. Apply at 68 Oak St., second Hour, up stairs. TO LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTERS.?' WANTED, A FIRST rate transf erer, accustomed to general commercial work, to t;o West. Address Willy Wallach, 131 Wlllsin st. TIN ROOFERS.? TIN HOOFERS WANTED IMME diately. Apply to E. B., M 3d av., corner llth st. TO PRINTERS.? A FIRST RATE JOB COMPOSITOR wanted at 82 Duaue street. None but an experienced hand need apply. WANTED-CLOTH CUTTERS. APPLY THIS DAY AT 138 Chambers at. WANTED-TWO GOOD HARNESS STITCHERS, A boy who can stitch buckles In, and a respectable buy who lives with his parents, to learn a good business. Ad. dress T , Herald ofllce. WANTED-A JOURNEYMAN HAT FINISHER, WHO tliorotitflil) undcrstm Is the making and liuM.Inu ol' the Gossamer Hat, Address Uco. R. Monroe, box 3,333 Post o.. iloe. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS CARVER; ONE WHO has worked in u dining salooD down town; none iic-d apply but those who understand the buslucss thoroughly. Apply at II.' John St. CUTTERS WANTED? THE BEST PRICES PAID, by Jus. Wilde, Jr., A Co,, 388 Broadway. KHKXH ADVKHTISKMEXTS. UN JEUNE llO.MME FRANCAIS, PAKLANT LAN glais, ajant deja servl commc valet de i humble on (waller), ileslieralt trouver une place conime t"l dam one faniMe fran?.?lso on atncrical be Les melliciires recotninati datlons seront fourntes. Aucune obj. -lions d'aller o l.i cam psgne. S'sdresser pur ecrlt unx lull In les A. It., liernUl ofllco, FINANCIAL. C1L.UMS ON EVERY DEPARTMENT OF THE GOV J uiumcnt pi ouipily udj listed by our au'eut lu Washing ton, and 'ashed In New York. JOHN II. MURRAY, \rniy and Navy Banker, 39 Nassau airecl, opposite the Post i III ? i VTOT1CE.-A GENTLEMAN, OF THE HIGHEST RE XI spe. lability end business tpiulili.'atlon*. being about en teringinto a very lucrative, established bit -It sh, ? s!i"s to borff.w for the term of two years tho sum of i fi"on thou sand dollars, at seven per cent pi r annum, for which he will give his note, and In addition a mortenare on Ills st" k, amounting to between <35,000 Mid $40,011). All oomniiinlca lions addressed to It. C., lierald ofllce, will be attended to Im mediately. (CONTRACTORS WITH THE UNITED STATES OOV J eminent can arrange with the undorslsncd tor an ad vance in t ush, payable In any part of t lie United States or Europe, tin- 'ontracu aid contractors Icing muM.ic'.ury. JOHN B. MURRAY, Aiinyand Niivv Banker, No. 39Nissau Street, oppoite the Post olll< e, New York. OFFli K OF THE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM puny. New York, Nov. it, IS'il ?The Board or Directors have tins lay declared a dividend of (5) live percent out of the surplus profits of the company, payable to stockholders at this "ill " "ti Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1 -ol, at 10 A. M. By order of the Bo>rd, s. 1, MERCHANT, Secretary. Cl'l K(\{\ WANTED-ON BOND AND MORTG \GE> ?pAI.UV W upon Improved re .| estate |u the city Ol New Y Ad.ile.-s A 1 Uj?| B., 11. l .. ! pttl ... LOAN OFFICES! \t 111 i.llVNl) BTREBT, THREE DOORS WEST OF j.V Broudway ? Money advanced on WaPhcs, Diamonds, Jewelry. Plate, Dry Goods and personal property of ' very description, w bought and .old, by JOSEPH A. lACKSON, auctioneer and broker. ATI II. BARRTNOER'S, 212 BROADWAY, ROOM J\. 13.? This old established oUiee itdv.lrices the highest minis, or linys (or c??h. M. r bn.idl-e. 1 ?> nin c i ! .?, set or unset; IVsrls, Watches, Piute, Optical ltislruments, Ac. 212 Broad way, room 13, up stairs. AT A. P. THOMPSON S, 10J NASSAU STREET, COR

ncr ol Ann, room No. 2, s. cond floor. ? Advances on Watches, Diamonds, Silverware, Ae., or buvs out. AMOS R. I THOMPSON. Auctioneer, attends s.tles m all parts oi thediy I ?r Brooklyn. I1BKUAL ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, A Watches, Plate and Jewelry, or bought, for cash at the highest prlee. Persons having old Gold oi Silver to sell can r.u* do better than Call on LOUIS ANRIi'll, 723 Broadway, I V.fONKY LENT-TO ANY AMO! NT, ON GOLD AND I sliver Watt liea, Diamonds Jewelrv. Ai Fur sale un. ? redeemed Hold andlilver Wstc.'i.s, .IceelVy, Sllvarware, A I suitable lor holiday presents. Also,; t Si * Velvet* A AhOLPHi S, Lie nti il ..waVr-dcer, 1 i oi m i ot Ciiamber. Money liberally advanced, in sums to suit, on Wuteli.'s, Dhm"nd? snd other pot' -I proiier ty, or boo#ht fori isii and tli ? highest paid. Kuslne s strictly cOOtl'cntlal. L. JACOBS, 1 1 I streei, Brnn li <i)7 Bi adway. oon fw\n to advance, by henry hyman, JtiU.UUll B ? i'l? ... . 1 . III N...3, oil W I h lit - ntondsaud "i- ii'hantl ee Of evei1* description, I'rom $10 and upwards. Merehrtiits in want ot money will do well tocall. 31 1 LIT A 111'. rno MILITARY COMPANIES,? TO LEI' THE FtSB I w l: fi:r iW.c I .... I). ; . "il and '.15 S .ill nvctiue, p; 1 ...lithsire ?. on -eenn I Com. with an. e gam tilted up and rnrnls'.eil Me -tin.: Ro mi auached. Ii i\ 1 n ?? I > 'tecs, tl' Slis, st .i M, chnnd i? r dolhe* preaaa-e! sp I 1-k" i .i s" Rem I" I,, .v 'i L : I \ I'.V H :. i ^ \\ avcrlev pUw. A DRY GOODS. RNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. ARE NOW OFFERING AT RETAIL A large lot of FRENCH OASHmUuK LONO SHAWLS, At tbu following price*, vU:? 300 SHAWLS AT iTs WOKTU ?J0. 209 '? ~$Tn ?' $r. 100 " ~$iu ? $30. AUK), 300 WOOL 8 1 LA w7, (Tat $8, WORTH $10. 300 " " $7, ? III. 200 " ? $M, " $12. ? Canal, corner Mercer. AT HALF THEIR VALUE! PURCHASED OK A FIRM RETIRING FROM THE BUSINESS, A CitOlUB LOT OF LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S GARMENTS, C insisting of Mis<es' Muslin Drawers Tucked. Do. do. Embroidered. La< lies' do. l'l itn and Embroidered. Girl*' Muslin Chemises and Nightgowns. .Skirt", Wutatx, Wrappers, Gaps, Ae? A'-. The above will t>o specially exhibited in our Ladle*' and ? Children'* Furnishing Depariwent on MONDAY, NOVEM Ub.ll 35, AT FIFTY CENTS ON THE DOLLAR. LORD A TAYLOR, 481 TO 407 BROADWAY. Announcement. TO THE PUBLIC. OPENING DAY, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 36. MAGASIN A LA VILI.F. r>E l'ARIS, No. 029 BROADWAY (near Bleccker street) French Importation, JUST RECEIVED, ALL NEW AND FRBSH GOODS AT RETAIL, or PARISIAN CLOCKS. BRONZES, STATUARY, VASES. AND ORNAMENTS. ' A 1.80, GOLD, STEEL AND RKAL JET JEWELRY, All of wiil< ii will be'offcri d AT Lii.-S THAN COST OF IMPORTATION, AM THE SAME MUST BE SOLD. An exam n ition solicited. No. KM 11ROADWAT (near Bleenkcr street). ^RNOLD, CON.STABLK Ik CO. ' HAVE NOW READY A VERY SUPERIOR STOCK Of all kinds, at moderate prices, to which they Invite special attention. Canal street, corner of Mercer. O. h J. MOWBRAY'S, Consignments of VELVET AND SILK ROBES WORTH FROM ?3) TO $100, ON SALE AT HALF PRICK. CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS. OF THE NEWEST PATTERNS, Ranging from $u up to *.'-40 O. A I MOWBRAY, 2 9 Grand street, c irner Forsyth. A TREMENDOUS SACRIFICE. i(X> PIECES BLACK FRENCH MKRINOES? A vuiy handsome quality at 4s. per yard. A splendid quality utSii.' per yard. Superb quality at 6s. per yard. SupQrline quality at fin. per yard. N. B.? Ladies, caM early. Tl*ese goods are offered at prices which must Insure a quirk sale. W. JACKSON, Importer of Mourning Goods, 831 Broadway, between Spring and I'riui e streets. AT MRS. OAYNOR'S.? OREAT BARGAINS IN COR sets and Skirts, best shapos and quality, slightly so. led, fi r $1 arxl $i 25 .Ins' rmwived those celebrated Paris made t.i ti-ille Corsets; ie;ular price $.1 and $6? now $5 and $4. A'.mj the Furls woven W efely ( Dis t. New styles in Krennh Sklr a . new pattern Balmorals, all sold at panic prices. 843 Broadway, near Union square. At emferson-s, cornf.r of twenty-second street and Sixth avenue? From auction, French needle, work Bands and Sets for less than halt it cost to import them. Also, X.lncn Collars and Cud's for l?ti cent* a set, and all kinds of Lace Goods and Embroideries. Clearingnnt, Kid Uiores, with stitebed backs, for SO cents. Very line Cluth Gloves, kid made, 5(lceutsj worth 75 cents. S'intags for 50 ccnts; worth $1. A LARGE AMD VARIED ASSORTMENT OF LYONS VELVET CLOAKS and SACQUES, of my own tnanu f.icture, w:ll lie opened lor ln*;>f clioii on MONDAY, 35tli in Btnnt, at THE UNITED STATES CLOAK AND MANTILLA. STORE, No*. 304 ami 30t> Canal street. W. B. MACKENZIE, Sup't. _ OEORQE CAREY. AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OP MIS8E8' AND CHILDREN'S CLOAKS, in all material*, ut THE UNITED STATES CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORK, No*. 301 and :it)6 Canal sh eet. W. B. Mackenzie, Superintendent. GEO. CAREY. A LARGE VARIETY OK BLACK BEAVER CLOAKS, from >8 to $14,at * THE UNITED STATICS CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORE, Nos. .KM and 3U6 Canal atreet. W. B. Mackenzie, Su|it. GEO. CARET. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PARIS MADE VELVET Cloaks and Saeques, just landed, for rale at the United States Cloak and Mantilla more, SOt and 900 Canal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Superintendent. GEO. CAREY. BLACK INDIA SILK CLOAKS? At the Untied State* Cioak and Mantilla Store, Nok. 304 and 300 Canal Street. W. B. Mackenzie, Supt. GEO. CAREY. /CONTINUATION V/ of our great SALE. LADIES, OUR fiOODS ARE CHOICE AND VERY CHEAP. AT CU8HMAN A BROOKS' NEW STORE. LADIES' BALMORAL SKIRTS, extra wide, In fine color*. LADIES' HOOP SKIRTS, 31c., fee. to 75e. LAD! KS' CLASP CORSETS. $1 ; a superior article. LADIES' UNDER VESTS and DRAWERS, 50c. upward*. EM BR' D COLLARS, 12c., 18 >., 2.V., Sic. to*l: clioap lot. CAMBRIC EDGINGS and INSERTIONS, in every variety. INFANTS' EMB'D. WAISTS, 5U-. to lie. ; auction lot. BLACK LACE VEILS, 18e , 55c., 3Tc? 00c. to $3. BLACK WEB LACES and EDGINGS, in every variety. PARIS KID GLOVES, in every size and color, 63c. (Wo warrant ever.' pair of the best kid). LADIES', CHILDREN'S end GENTS' fleecy lined and C.'uth GLOVES, in fcf at variety; they were bought at auction, ?nd are very cheap. LADIES, GENTS' and MISSES' Under Vests and Drawers. RIBBONS.? All our fancy Rilj'ions marked down. RIBBONS.? We have n line stock of plain colors. RIBBONS.? Black and white Ribbons, all widths. It 1 11 Hi INS.? Tall' ta ami Ribbons, nil width*. R! BBONS.? All til" lflgh colors ill VELVET RIBBONS. RIBBONS.? Black Velvet Ribbons, in every width. FLOWERS. OUR FLOWER STOCK is large, and having reduced the prices, l u%*can yet .unit! good oaijalui in line style* this KlTcilES, Lining, Silks, Ac., nl dosing price*. LACE SETS, C \MBK1C SETS, COLLARS. Ac., very cheap. DIMITY BANDS, t) cents, 9 cents, 12 cents; auction lot. cents. Very .'V.'-'t1' nVeRles ' "l.'T'A n 8 : 8 ' fc.N UDKl H, ju?e the ch<Mix*gt you ever taw. Kill k3:3x M ! IF? GLOVES for ladles ?Sd ihtldrenf sold by ' A'N A BKOOKS' GLOVES for gentlemen, gold by CUSHMAN A BKOOKs! CU8HMAN \BBKOOk? 11 'n Un,>n Bosom*. Drawer* :.t 1(3 S, \: i? /CLOAKS, (J LO.YKS CLO VKR castorSIU^LoTks," beaver CL0/K^ PROMENADE CLOAKS. 941 * ^M>AK8, MISSES' CLOAKS, LADIES' CLOAKS, a, ??>iS I'ffil CL0AK8' * "c&A^'at'aI.L Kiel's' '"l excelsior <'Loak'h6use,TON 3 . 274 Bowery, near Houston *!reef. 0LOAK8, CLOAKS, CLOAKS. ~ HEAVY E80CIMAUX BBAVER^&f &*** rL0AK9' CASTOR BEAVER CLOAKS AND WR\PPFr* LIONSKIN CLOAKS^ LYONS VELVET CLOAKS,' At retail at very low price*. WATER PR00F CLOAKS, aim E- 8 MILLS * CO., _ 41.1 Broadway, near Canal iireet. E VENING DRESSES. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. ARE NOW OKFllEING THEIR' ENTIRE STOCK OK THE ABOVE GOODS at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. Canal street, comer of Mercer. 1 ELEGANT DRAB WOOLLEN VELVET CLOAKS, J At the United State* Cloak and Mantilla Store, 901 ami J0C Canal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Sup't. GEO CAREY. J "French sealskin cloaks? in all colors^ 1 At the United sia'es Cloak and Mantilla Store, Nos. :n and 306 Canal *treet. W. B MACKENZIE. Supt. GEO. CAREY. iSrKNCH CItlOUirAltS,~WITH IIOODR," ~ J? Ac the UnlK d State* Cloak mid Mantilla Sto No*. SIM and 300 Canal at reef. W. B Mar.kemle, Huvorin'endent. tlKO. UAREY, 1 FRENCH CIRCULARS, WITH CAPES, ' At 'h? United Stat' * CI ak and Mantilla Store, 1N.1- 301 and .300 Canal sireet, W B. M*eRetizt?, Siipsrlnt-ndeni GEO. CAREY. 1/ RE NCll ( I H ' ' t ' L .'. Its, u ! ril COL!. A; 'S, AT THE L\ l' tS;esi I" kanil M Itillosioi , .KW and 306 Ca W. u MackcuJi^Jtupcriniendent u BO, CAREY. DRY GOODS. JJtASHIONABLE FURNISHING GOOD* ELEOANT DRESS SKIBlii Made to urilcr at required. THREE 1'LY LINEN HOLLARS, Now styles now roady. SHAKER FLAN^ilKL SHIRTS, . Warranted not to sUrluk. DRAWERS AND UNDERSHIRTS 811k, wool aud merino, GAUNTLETS AND GLOVES, For army uae. ROBES DE CIUMBRB, new patterns and styles, CARDIGAN JACKETS^ ?elf and fancy color*, UNION BIDING BELTS, for equestrians, GYMNASTIC GOODS, approved styles. GAITERS, clolbd an velvet. CHITTED WOOL GAITERS, For Ladle* and Misses. UOODS AND SONTAUS, Fashionable Colore BINOWOOD GLOVES, While ?ml Oolorel. NEGLIGE SHIRTS, For Armjr Use. SUSPENDERS, BU AWLS, Ac., Ac., Ac. A large and elegant variety of the above Roods, nvinyof them manufactured on the premise*. and not to be had ilse where, tuny lie found, at popular price*. at UNION ADAMS', No. 637 Uro.ut.vay. QO TO THE LEADER OF FASHIONS FOR YOUR BONNETS. Sixth avenue prices $2 80; Broadway, $5 Sixth avonue prices 3 80; Broadway, ti btx'.l uvonun |n I wa 5 80; Broadway, II) Six'h avenue p ? Ves 7 01); Broadway, 13 Sixth avenue : r;. a iU Oil; Broadway, 'M I.? it rtyl the ery resounds; E? i ry patriot b li'na hounds; A ? ud to Union ladles now D? o we make our loyal bow. K? very ntyie of Bolt net* see, K-kh and cheap, as all agree. 0? nly think whut Velvets, Laces, F? lower* aud Ribbons, flit our cases. F? Irat, we'd have the ladies know A? II ?ur goods we're selling low, 8? tilting Hell th<* present I, me*. H? IGGINS saven th> ladie*' dimes. I? f you bny u hat on Broadway O? ut ten dollars you will pay. N? <i?', we sell the amne for Are; K? o we make our business thrive. FELT TURBANS at 63c , Broadway prloe, $1 00 FELT BONNETS at 75r.. Bron lw?y prloe, 1 50 BEST BEAVERS at (I 25, Broadway price, 175 BONNET FRAMES, IV-. each, or ?1 75 |wr dozen. VELVETS, RIBBONS, FLOWERS AND FEATHERS in proportion. CALL EARLY IN THE WEEK. CALL EARLY IN THE MORNING, BEFORE THE RUSH AT No. 126 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. JAMES HIGGINS, Manager. N. B.? The proprietor begs Ihe indulgence of those ladles who were unavoidably disappointed in getUng their Bonnet* on Saturday evenlug as agreed on. Owiug to the great riiah towards th? end of the week, It wa* ImpoSNlhlc to get all the orders accomplished. We would suggest to ladie* about fa voring us with orders to bring them in early In the week. QREAT SACRIFICE IN EMBROIDERIES. COLLARS, SETS, HANDKERCHIEFS And FASHIONABLE EMBROIDERIES in great variety Retailed AT HALF THEIR VALUE. LORD A TAYLOR, 401 to 467 Broadway, 2X> to 261 Grand street, 47 aud 49 Catharine street. T ACE CURTAINS. J ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. Arc now ofl'erlog to WHOLESALE ANtTTiETAIL BUYERS, A Urge unci elegant stock of LACE CURTAIN8, All of which are worked upon tiia BEST ENGLISH NETTING, And rarylng in price* from $1 SO to $00 per pair. Alio, DRAPEKY MUSLINS Attn YE8TIBULE LACES, In new and choice design*. CANAL STREET, corner of Mercsrstreet. Lyons velvet mantillas? At (he United States (Jin.: It ami Mantilla Store, Nos. 1104 and 306 Canal street. W. D. Mackenzie, Supt. GEO. CAREY. Lyons velvet siiawlettes? At the United States Clonk and Mantilla Store, Nos 306 and aotiCttual street. W. B. Mackenzie, ^Sopt., GEO. CAREY. Lyons velvet sacques, At the United Slates cloak and Mantilla Store, No*. 304 and 306 Canal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Supt. OE?. CAREY. M ERINOS. A LAROE LOT at CV? 75e. and $1. Will be opened Monday, November 25. These Goods arc much under price. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., Canal, corner Mercer, MYER PIIINEAS, NO 48 JOHN [STREET, OFFERS to the public Ills well known steel and gold patent pens, poncils, and a variety <>f oilier articles avipertainln? to writing materials, at low prices ii' purchased hy the quanti ty before January next. t "DARIS EMBROIDERIES, LACES, CORSETS AND J. Silks, elegant and choice designs; dresses made up In the latest Parts style* at Msdamo KOULLIER AUGlER'S, 324 Fourth street, near Broadway. PARIS TRICOT Si Lit CLOAKS? At the United States Cloak and Mantilla Store Not. :)01 and 306 Canal street. W. 1). MACKENZIE. S n't. i.'-:OE(!H CAREY. PARIS BROWN TRICOT CLOAKS At the United Suites Cloak and Mantilla Store, Nos. 304 and 308 ('sua. street. W. B. MACKENZIE, Sup't. GEOKCE CAREY. PARIS WAVED TRICOT CLOAKS? AT THE UNITED States Cloak and Mantilla s ore, .V4 and 306 Canal street. VV. B. Mackenzie, Superintendent. GEO. CAREY. RU. MACY w IS NOW OPENING PROM CASH AUCTIONS. ? jX1*" Full assortment HAT RIBBOXS.'tl VERY LOW PRICES. Also. BQMiiEI- YBLfalH. nllshPdes, BONNET SILKS, VELVET IUMBuNS, TRIMMING RIBBONS, Ac. FRENCH NEEDLEWORK COLLARS, from CASH AUCTIONS, CLOSING VERY LOW. Also. NEEDLEWORK TRIMMINGS, BANDS, FLOUNC INCS. INFANTS' WAISTS AND DRESSES, EMBROI DERED CHEMISES, NIUIIT DRESSES, CORSETS. I. ACE DRAPERY CURTAINS, FROM CASH AUCTIONS. Also, DRAPERY, MUSLINS, CURTAIN LACES, and a complete stock of WHITE GOODS, LADIES' and GENTS' CLOTH GLOVES and MERINO HOSIERY, From CASH AUCTIONS, closing very low. Also, full assortment or FLEECE LINED GLOVES and HOSIERY MERINO UNDER WEAR, to. FRENCH FLOWERS. Full stock HEAD DRESSES, RUCIIES, CHILDREN'S HATS, Ac., closing very low to uiakc room tor stock for the HOLIDAYS. R. H. MACY, 204 and 306 Slilli avenue, Second door below Fourteenth street. T> H. MACY SELLS LADIES' DOLLAR KID GLOVES, Xt). In all colors and, for (53 cents (by mail 09 cents*. Nus. 204 and 206 Slzth avenue, two doors below F.iur'ecuth street, and no connection with any other store In the city. Rich brown woollen velvet cloaks, At the United State's cloak and Mantilla Store, 304 and 306 street. W. B. Mackenzie, Supt. GEO. CAREY. SPANISH W RAPPERS ? At the United Slates Cloak and Mantilla Stor#, Nos. 3t >4 and 306 Canal street. W. B Mackenzie, Supt. GEO. CAREY. ^ILKS, CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. An immense and fashionable assorAent RETAILED AT REDUCED PRICES. LORD A TAYLOR, \ 4 'H to 467 Broadway, 296 to 261 (I rand street, 47 and 49 Catharine street. tery handsome black woollen velvet Clonks? At the United States t'loak and M uitllla Store, 804 and 306 Canal stt eet. W. B. Mackenzie, Sup't. GEO. CAREY. \ rELVET BE ER CLOAKS, \ At the Un ed StatesCloak and Mantilla S ore, Nos. 3.M und 806 Canal strept. W. Ii. MACKENZIE, S ;pt, ULU CARfclf. DRY GOODS. rjlAKLETANS FOR EVENING DUEKSE8? 1,000 pieces, neat and elegant dostguB, With Trlmwn to rastch, lordTt/otlor, 461 to 467 Uroadwny, Wilt open, at retail, on Monday, Nov. 15, the abort deslrtbla goods, at /li'ty porccut BELOW COST OF IMPOHTATIOM. Also at stores 266 to 201 Grand street, _ 47 ami w Catharine street. XkT ATERPROOF CLOAKS, ~ IT At the United Status Clo.ik anil Hun tills Kloro, W. B. MACKENZIE, Bupi. 301 ""J "? 'geo* CAREY. MILUHBaT, M. WINTER SEAKON. MESUAMES VIRKOl.ET. No, 5 Clinton plane New York Have the bonorof ItnorinlnR their friends and natrnna Mial they have just receive I u v> r.v line assortment of 1'reaa p. dot, of all shadei, for ball dresaas; the latest Pashlona S'lk and Linen flood* of the tin est, and Corsets niada especially and exclusively f. >r their house, urn likewise ba found here. Meadumns VI HI1' OUST receive by each European steamer the luteal Fashions. MALUM OF RRAIi KSTATK, ANKAT COTTAGE. SIXTEEN HOO.M S, OAS AnITwa! tcr, line Irult, shade, shrubbery, Ac., forty minute* from city, commutation n -e tenia, for sale or exchange in pari forhala, capa, ? raw good* and lors. HKVMOi: It A VVHliON, ltt Broadway. A CORNER HOUSE ON THIRD AVENUE FOB SALE at a great sa'Tltiee. 25 ?>y 00 feet, four (lories and base ment, with modem improvctn?nta on each floor. Apply at once, aa the house will lie cold. Apply to JOHN PETER ETCH. 415 Third avenue. A FOUR STORY BRICK HOUftE, 25 BY fil FEET, with a three story extension, in complete order, welt painted and papered, to lei ; has gas. water, 4c. It ia well adapted and desli ably located for a boarding or public houae, being down town and near Htva Iway. Will be rentnd low or leaned on favorable terms to a good tenant. Apply ti CHAB. E. MILLS, 54 Cedar street. ' For rale? at panic prices (only$s,?x>down). a >10,000 House for $*.000, knowu aa I2H East Forty eu;hlh street, near Third avenue; walnut stairs throughout; newest style; mahogany blinds, large Rhus In the entire front. See the houae I his day aud address A. Davis, 101 West Fiftieth street, immediately. 1710 R SALE LOW? A NEW TWO STORY HOUSE. BARM ' Ac., one acre of land, it * .".riety of young fruit; very da sirahle location, near chur. lies, schools, Ac.; three-quarters of a mile from depot, til teen from cliv, SEYMOUR A WlllTON, IS Broadway. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A VARIETY OF nOUSKH, Lots and Farms, in Ne y York, Brooklyn, MOW Jersey and in Western States, oil 1: >r >1 term*. FERGUSON A HN'EHEc ,'Olt , 25 Naaaao street. T71ARM9 AND COUNTRY RESIDENCES FOR BALE IN r " New Jersey? Of various slues. qualities and pitses, in the liest part of the State, and ut prl. ei to anlt all; or will ex change a portion for city ..r B lOklyn property. ROUTIIWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. J^OR EXCHANGE? A VERY DESIRABLE FOUR 8TO ry House in Fourteenth street, and a throe s'ory brown stone front In Twenty-sev nth street, with high s'.oop ant all the modern improvement*. Wtll he exchanged for vaoant city lots. Apply to (j lit). It. llAKTSON, stnatu brewer, lit East Forty -second street, near Third avenue. For sale, exchange and to let.? parks' eity and country Residences. Also, all kinds of mer chandise exchanges usually executed at the old Properly B whence. f, I). RICHARDSON A CO., 02 and 81 Nassau stroet. IWSTRUCTI OW. AT PAINE'S BObKKEEPING ANlT WRmNoTuSTXTU tlona, 62 Bowery, N. V. a ud 283 Fulton *traei, Brooklyn.? Student* ir >m city or oountry, receive three month*. 78 I as 8o in each. in pcninauiihlp and arithmetic lurflO; double entry bookke -plus, (10 (lessons unlimited) ; ladles' writing, $2 - Ai lesson*. "Aside from the usefulness and beauty or Lhe art, there 1h no way in wbMi our young gentlemen and ladle* cm better or more agreeably upend upon Ion or time, than in attending the school or Mr. PAINE. In addition to so large * number of ladi and lasses present, tt in gratifying also to witness a large number of our country friends, who speak not only favorable of their choice of a teacher, but of the fame and popularity *f Mr. Paine, which has penetrated into our country towns," ? Providence Transcript. GOOD SUSINESS" HANDWRITING GUARANTEED t" young men in tea lesson*, of one hour each. Book keeping reduced to $15, for a thorough course of instruction. Private lessons given. OLIVER B. qOLDBMmr, No. 8 Fourth avenue. Best sustained boardino seminary in tub State. $110perjrear. Brick buildings for ladies and gentlemen. Ablest teaejiera in all department*. Winter term, Dec. Ik Address Kev. Joseph li. King, Fort Edward Institute, N. f, on the Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad. CON V E RSATI ONAL COl RSES IN FRENCH-PROF. D. LAGROIX, A. M.. 14il N'nth *tri'6t, near Broadway, i* forming day rlssacs for ladies and evening classes for gen tlemen. to be c< mmenced on Monday, Dejember 2. Terms, $8 |>er quarter. For, i4c., apply from 10 to 11 A. M. or 7 to 8 P. M. French and okrman languages? profes sor E. TELLERINO, 819 Broadway, (established 18B) will receive applications for private instruction In ths above and other laneiiages.and ipake tranalationa. Lessons en ville and au domicile. En <eigne l'Auglai* aux etangers. MARSH'S WORKS ON BOOKKEEPINO, Complete and beautiful ediiiou*. Printed in colors, Kor tale at MARSH'S COUNTING ROOMS FOR PRACTICE IN BOOK KEEPING AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, Irving Buildings, 006 Broadway. Circular* with term* on application. TirOOD'8 OYMNASIUM AND FENCING ACADEMY TT 93 and 91 Sixth avenue.? "The wise for health on excr otoe depend." Morning, afternoon and evening classes for ladies, gentlemen and children. Sword exercise any ltour, day or evening. Term* low. \YM. WOOD, Rroprlotor. ~ MUSICAL. ~ A GREAT BARGAIN.? MAGNIFICENT CARVED rosewood Pianoforte at private sale at a great gacritice; full seven octave, elegant carved leg*, overstrung ba*.<, richly Inlaid and solid pearl key*, and a very powerful and sweet tone. Was selected for the owner by a professor of music and fully warranted for threo year*. Also *ome very elegant parlor furniture. Apply Immediately, at the residence of ths owner, 218 Fourteenth street, near Eighth avenue. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for sale. ? Klr'hly carved legs and case, round corners full iron plate, lined with satinwood, overstrung bass, inlaid with and pearl keys; niadn to order for present owner by city makers: fully guaranteed for three yeajs; been in use but seven months; cost $300, will be sold for $250, in cluding Stool and Cover. Also elegant Drawing Room Suit; cost $300, for $130. Inquire at 70 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth aven us. A LADY OF FIRST RATE MUSICAL ABILITY, HAV ing studied under the most eminent master* in Europe, would wish a few more finishing pupiU in this rity or Brook lyn. Term* $5 per month ; oral Iter residence, term* mode rate, Address A. Y. Z., Herald olllce. A GREAT BARGAIN FOR CASH.-RE AUTIFUL NEW full seven octave rosewood Pianolorte*, with all the latest Improvements, will 1 e sold for te*s than cost at No, 84 East Twenty-eighth street, near Lexington avenue. , J. D. BOE1HRKER. A BARGAIN FOR CAKH? $!H0.? ROSEWOOD SEVEN octave Pianoforte, a* good a* new, led city manufac ture. Also, several others, very low for cash, to disc a re c. lveraliip, by order of the Supreme Conn. Apply to JOHN MeDONALb, Receiver, .W Bowery. Attention, Pianoforte purchasers;? fifty Pianofortes to be saeriliced, to close a concern? to 7 octave, rosewood, round corners, H'nn Irani-', overs* rung bass, new and second hand, of different inanula-tArers, at half the original prlc.\ Apidy to JOHN P. WAKE A CO., 18-i Fulton street, opposite St. Paul * Church Yard. A LADY, TEACHER OF PIANO AND VOCAL MUSIC, wishes a Room, with Board, with ono or two pupils ill part payment, l'uplls ins'rueted ai their own icddence; also schools attended to, elih r in Jersey City. Brooklyn <r this city; best of reference. Address ri uio, Herald olllce. Firth, pond a CO.? m7 bkoadway, new York, have one hundred new Pianoforte* to let, at low prices, and win allow the rent If purchased. Sheet Music, Musical Works, Guitar*, Violins, Bras* instruments and all kinds of Eusi al Good* at low price*. 1POR SALE-AT A BARGAIN, A GOOD, SWEET ' toned til,' octave Piano, by a private family breaking up liousi keeping; also a general assortment of good Household Furniture, mostly nearly new. Apply sooti at 38 Clement avenue, second brick house below Park avenue, Brooklyn. Foreign music-of every description and for all Instruments. Over a million of works retailed for 2c. a page ? far below cost. Music can never lie bought so cheap again. Musie sent for lnsj>eetion. Letter* must con tain four cents worth of stamp* for answer. P. A. WUNDKRMANN, 818 Broadway, Guitar and singing-napoleon w. gould. Guitarist from the principal concerts, Ac., enable* his pupil*, In a few lessons, to accompany ?ong? and play ef fectively. Address 8S Fourth avenue, near Tenth street. Ju*t arranged, "The Southern Retreat and Dirge." La prima donna soprano KLIZA VALENTIN! PA1!A\ Al.l.l teaches singing and Piano, at her privnln residence. tiK? Broadway, third lloor, over the store of Mr. Hathaway, where she pan be seen, every day, from 11 till i o'clock. Lightf. .v bradbury's new scale overstruno Base Patent Insulated Full Frame Uraitd and Sipiaro Plauolortc =. 4-1 Broome street. What everybody *%y* must be true;cveryrtody says they are the be?t, therefore ihey must be the best. MR. Gl'HTAVUS GEARY'S LAST EVENING VOCAL class for gentlemen will shortly com nen w operation*. Thc?e intending lo join it will please enter their names without delay. No. 58 East Twelfth street, near Broadway MR. GUSTAVUS GEARY'S TERMS FOR TEACHINO singing and the pianoforte can be aserrtnlned at his resi dence. No. !A East Twelfth *tree(, near Broadway. Mr. Geary and Mi s* Mlua Oeary accept concert engagement*. MU8IC TAUGHT IN A FEW LESSONS ON TUB Piano, Singing, Guitar, Ao ordcon and violin. Terms at the Ai-cademy $? for twelve lessons. Twenty-five Piano forte* for Bale or lo let very cheap, by Prof. DCMSDAY, auo Grand street. XTBW MUSIC.? THOMAS BAKER'S NEW WALTZ, J> THE LAURA KEESl^WALTZ. For piano, price M. The mMt beautiful ami popular waltz of (he *c?son. HORACE WATERS. 4>1 Broadway and all nmsir sellers. New music? the song of the contrabands.? "O Let My People Go." As *ung by them at Fortress Monroe. Word* and Music t. rough the Rev. L. C. Lock wood, chaplain. Arranged lor piano by Thomua Baker. Price 25 cents. Mailed free. Thi? ?ong Will bo popular. It will be issued on the 27th instant, by HORACK .Caters, 4*1 Broadway. IJIANOFORTE FOB SALE-PRICE $125, COST $*!? but nine months ago; seri n octave, elegant rosewood cb ?, iron frame, French nctiSn, carved leg*, lyre and dsk, Cue Cover, Stool, Ac. Apply at l-'7 Twenty-first street, near l' I avenue. "\\r ANTED? A GOOD VIOI.IN r LAYER, TO PLAV *? baliioo'n music i alixi a piano aid cornet .or clarionet player. Apply til 87 Mercer aireet, from 10 to * o'clock.

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