Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1861 Page 3
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POitTTrn,. _TAN AUJUl'HMiU OK TAB PEOPLE'S JY Syracuse Union Convention of the Fifth Conneilmaulc district, held at O'Sh lughueisey Hall, corner of Broome and Pi tt *treeta, on Saturday evening, November 29, the fol lowini oitned gAntltmeo were nominated Uanaiiei T. Web ster. John H. Ilooghkirk. Fred'k RePDpr. John MCnnncl, Auliouy Millar, John Ryan. ANURKvV LEWIS, Chu. __Chakuc* B*am, Sc:'y. A SPECIAL MEET1NO OK THE UNION INDEPENDENT Association of the Twentieth ward will meet this even ln?, at 18b Euthth avenue. By order of Chairman of Tin*, tee*. K. K. HAMILTON. A SPECIAL MEETINQ|OF THE UNION INDBI'RND ent Association will meet thin evening at iitt E.,hth avenue. By order of Ohauman of Trustee*. E. R. HAMILTON. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR NOMINA Hon.? For Aldermsnof tlia Sixth Aldertnanle district? comprising part* of lhn Tenth, Tbirieeulb, Fourteenth, a.iU Seventeenth ward* ? JAMKS KKKD. JAMES CARTY, of the Fourteenth ward, Chairman of the Nominating Convention, CumiKT Fosdycs, of tbe Seventeenth ward, Secretary. SRAND MASS MEETINO ~~~ OF THE GERMAN DEMOCRACY, ratify the nomination of Hon. FERNANDO WOOD Mm Mayor of the city or New York, To be lieltl at the VOLKS' GARTEN 49 BOWERY. 4S On WEDNESDAY, NOV. 37, at 8 O'CLOCK. IN THE EVENING. Good Breaker* are Invited to address the meeting. The Hou. Fernando Wood will positively be present to ad drena hi* Uerinan lellow citlsem. By ordea of the German Democratic General Committee, Of this city. Tia commits ov uumium Capt. K. Simon, Daniel Catolr, Otto Mehlor, A. Knoblocb, Uutlavu* Newman, Wliliam See barb, Capt John Laurlta. INDEPENDENT REGULATORS. -AN ADJOURNED meeting of the Regulator* will be held at Brook*' Hotel, eorner of Sixth avenue and Forty-Urrt street, on Wednesday night. 27th, at 8 o'clock, and every evening thereat ter until the election, to adopt inch measure* a* may be deemed re quisite to place the tilunipliunt re-election or the Hou. Fei> aando Wood to the Mayoralty beyond doubt, and alio to de cide upon the candidate* tor Councilmen to be supported at Ike ensuing election. By or.ler. ? CHARLES A. WHEELER, Chairman. Barnjct Bkckkr, Secretary. INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC GENERAL COMMIT" tee.? The Nominating Convention of tbe above Com* inutee meet* thia evening, at Military Hall, 103 Bowery' Pnnotual attendance is requested. G. N. HERRMAN, Chairman. Mru Mitmta, Secretary. Mayoralty nomination. NATIONAL UNION CLUBS. For Mayor, C. GODFREY GUNTHER. JOHN C. HAM, Chnirman Central Committee and Mayoralty Nominating Convention. JOSCFII Foasis, j S?,Ivtikrie. * O. Si-oam Holokh, I Betr' tftrle* Stsi'mkn Ro*bmt*. Treasurer. ?? ?? be tran " ^*0^^ ^DR*ir c,jiJlt,^ecret?ryKDWARD CARR, Chairman. Tour,!!.,, November U, 1861. JA*** LTNCRNl' Nc rOTICE.? THE RATIFICATION COMMITTEE OF THE National Democratic t ty Convention are hereby uolltlid to moat at Mozart Hall on Monday, November 2S, at 7X P. M. Per order. tiENJAMIN RAY, Chairman. Thbodorx B. VoOBHIBs, Secretary. NOTICE?THE SEVENTH WARD SCHOOL CONVEN tion will meet at the house of Patrick Boyle, No. 8 Mon roe street, to nominate School Othcers, on Monday evening, November 36, 1881, at 7>? o'clock. By order of the Commit tee. N0MINEE8, CONSULT YOUR INTEREST AND SAVE 25 t>er cent by getting y on >' Printing done at the New Establishment, Conuer's Building, corner of Rcade and Centre street*, near the City Hall. All kluds of political printing at war prices. T. R. DAWLEY, Proprietor, "PEOPLE'S UNION (SYRACUSE) NOMINATIONS." X For Mayor. C. GODFREY GUNTHER. Dr. JAMKS M. AUSTIN, President. W*. B. Frost, iSecreia- David Clark, > Vice Taos. J .'Hall, J rle*. Ja*. L. Millkr, J Presidents. John HoorBR, Treasurer. POLITICAL BANNERS, FLAGS AND TRANSPAREN cie* of even description on hand and to order. HOJEH k GRAHAM, Artist* and Manufacturers, 97 Duane itreet. Regular mozast hall nominations for Oouncitanen. rOHRTH SENATORIAL DISTRICT. John Hcaun? First ward. Thomas Fttigorald? Knurth ward. Alexander H. MeUarren? Fifth ward. Charles E. Hagait? SixLli w.<rd. Harris Bog. rt? Eighth wan!. Cornelius Desmond? Foui tee nth ward. WM. J. COEY, Chairman. DAKIXL BKOPBT. I Iiuac Blauvklt, ! Secretaries. Rally, democrats, rally. GRAND MASS RATIFICATION MEETTNQ. The democratic electors of the oity of New York, friendly to regular nominations and the usages of the party, and all others in favor of an HONEST ADMINISTRATION of our municipal government, ar.- requested to meet at TAMMANY HALL, on TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 28, AT HALT-PAST SKVKN O'CLOCK, for the purpose of ratifying and responding to the nomina tion of C. GODFREY GUNTHER, the candidate of the democratic party FOR MAYOR ?f the city of New York. HONEST MEN FOR RESPONSIBLE POSITIONS. The following distinguished speakers have been iovited, and will address the meeting:? James T. Brady, John E. Develin, Nelson J. Waterourf, Hiram Walbridge, John Kelley, James B. Nicholson, John McKeon, John Clancy, Michael Connolly, George H. Purser, Theodore E. Tomlinson, Daniel W. Clark, Thomas C. Fields, Henry W. Johnson. ELIJAH F. PURDY,' Chairman Democratic Republican General Committee. iSe retaries. Aaron B. Rollins, \ THE PEOPLE ARE INVITED TO ATTEND A GRAND RATIFICATION MEETING, Which will be held on Monday evening, Nov. 25, 1861, at 7)4 o'clock, at the EMPIRE ROOMS, Twelfth street, near avenne C, To ratify the nomination of FRANCIS I. A. BOOLE for Al derman of the Twelfth Aldermunlc district. Hon. LUKE P. COZANS, PATRICK DA I LEY, Eiq., A. B. D0NALD80N, Esq., * Hon. It. B. BRADFORD And others will address the meeting. COMMITTOR Of ABRANUBMBKT9. Samuel W. Smller, John Han on, Win. Fleming, Wm. Dumpbreys, H'-nry McNally, John Oieason, Patrick Hogan, Michael Russell, J as. McOrath, Peter Magulre, Adam Miller, John Selaney, Philip W. Ekardt, Owen Genghan, Richard Burns, Francis McGrelle, Henry Smith. SAM'L W. BMILER, Chairman Com. or Arrange'tr. Rich'd II. Bishop, Sec'y Com. of Arrangements. HE PEOPLE'S SYRACUSE UNION. NOMINATION rOK MAYOR. CONK AD SWACKHAMER. ANDREW LEWIS, Chairman. a DR. R. B. BKADFOBD, j y:.. Chairman * ROBT. H. CORBET, j vice I. nail men. Asa B. Gardinbh, ? William Bkdki.i., j Secretaries. THE WORKWOMEN'S INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC Club of the Eighteenth election district, of t!ic Eleventh ward, will hold their weekly meeting at Patrick Dufl'ey's, No. 20."> avenue C, 6a Tuesday evening. November 2i>, at 7 o'c.ock. All members are requested to attend. By order of PATRICK KEARNEY, President. Patrick Dtrmnr, Treasurer. Micbakl Fahkt, Secretary. HE PEOPLE'S UNION" ASSOCIATION OK THE Third Police Judicial district, Eighth and Ninth wards, will m.'Ct on Tuesday evening, the 27th lust , at the old watchhouse, corm-r of Christopher nnd Hudson streets, nt 7U o'clock, to ratify the nomination of Mr. William J. BrUli'v for Police Justice. All persons favurnble to the elec tion of the right man lor the right place aro desired to at tend. JAMES WEBB,* Chair mull. Cbarlh Lamb, J Heeeetar'as Wm. J. Van Abspalb, 1 Sfcr.iar.e3. THE 19TH WARD MECHANICS UNION CLUB ? A large and enthusiastic meeting was held at tin lr h'-ad qnartcrs, at I'atrii k Bolianin No. 172 East Twenty. cctond B.reet, on Saturday evenin:, Koveml er 23, lSlil, 'nnd ad Jouri ?: i to meet on Monda cvulm', November 2.1, nt 8 o'clock, when h 'Standing Committees will rnpurtou the dif ferent caudlduuu which Ihey will endorse. WILLIAM 8. NORMAN, President. Rohf.rt Kk*nkdy, Secretary. THE TENTH WARD YOUNG MEN'S UNION CLUB will meet to-morrow (Monday) evening, Nov. 2i, at 8 o'clock, at Humboldt Hall, 67 Forsyth street, for tlic purpose of making nominations. Members will be prompt in attend ance; also on Friday evening, Nov. 29, at same place. By order. WM. G. TWAY, President. Wm. F. Plcmb, Secretary. mAMMANY HALL FOURTEENTH WARD SCHOOL A Convention.? At an adjourned meeting of the School Convention of the Fourteenth ward, held on Saturday eve ?king, November 23, nt No. 228 Grand slm t, the following nominations w?re made:? roR COMMISSIONS, WILLIAM S. WILIIELM. roil TRrSTSES, WILI.IAM J KANE, PATRICK yl'INN. rOK INSPECTOR, WILLIAM REYNtVLDS. JOHN FOUARTY, Chairman. Wm. McKbone, Secretary. _____ 1ST WARD INDEPENDENT GERMAN DEMOCRATIC Club, The members of the above club.are hereby notl> lied to assemble at the meeting next mondry, tbe 26th last., at 8 o'clock P. M., at 71) Greenwich street, by Louis Mnnz. an business of Importance will be brought before ilie meeting. JOHN NICHOLAUa MULLER, President. Hbtibt Matfr, Secretary. D JUDICIAL- DISTRICT, EIGT1TH AND NINTH wards.? At a meeting of the. citizens and taxpayers, without rixard to party, belli at Wooster street Hall, ou the evening nf the 23d November, IS61, John E. Mtiler, Es-|? was called to the chair, and Henry Tltse'ton was appointed s rru tary, when, Ott motion, Mr tl nry Davids offered Iho follow ing preamble nnd resolution* ? Wloueiis, the time has arrived when the people should. S3 a matter of right, spe.iktlieir sentiments ia relation to men for important public position, which right is, by the action of conventions, ahnost entirely abnegated, by the exclusion of those who are entitled to public consideration: therefore, be It Resolved, That we submit to the electors of the Third Ju dicial district, for the otTce. or Pollen Justice, Mr. James M. Murray, who, from longevparten e Is in every respect qua lined to discharge tin" duties of the position, uud to whom we plsd" ? our hearty -ep?vr.. Resolved, That a , , (Wee be appointed for the Eighth ?nd Ninth wards, to car. >? u^tlie object nf tne foregoing rc BOlntiOD. J01?d e. AlILLfclt, ChftlrmaB. ilwBT EUmto*, Secretary. - j 3 POLITICAL,. 18T WARl>? ON DECK I ~ > A meeting of the First Waitl Young Men's Democratic Association will be held ou Tueauay evening, November M, 1801, at 101 Bioud street, at 7,1. u'< Iocs. . JOHN ItRADLBY, President. J. U, COLLINS, Vice President. Jogitm Halloeaic, Secretary. 4TH ALDERMAN 10 DISTRICT-REGULAR MC8ART nHall nomination for ajta? ^Jama^cM. y&TUKffi }*????*??? , ? a ?w ?? W e, the uuiierafe'iitd* meniben of the floronth v\ard Mo tart Hall General Committee, cmlorae Captain Jamea McMa hon mm ih?* regular candidate, DANIEL IIl'tillEd, PATRICK McNAMARA, JOHN RUSH ELL. GEORl.E O'CONNER, Ml< HAUL HOWARD, MICHAEL MOONEV, JAMES ENNIS. JOHN SALVIN. t> of tlio Hi- von lb Ward General Commutes 6T11* ALDER-MANIC DISTRICT.-T1IE NATIONAL DE mocrats of the Sixth Aidermanio district are requested to meet In might at II iocruluii Hull, 42 l'rliice street, on Monday evening, Nov. 20, to ratify the nominution of the fol low tug ticket :? For Alderman of the Sixth Aldermanlo district, JOHN H. COLXJNS. Eor School Commissioner ol the Fourteenth Ward, FRANCIS O'ltlilLLEY. For Trusted? PATRICK QUINN, JAMES H. KENNY. Kor Inspector? JOSEPH SHANNON. By order of PATRICK LYNCH, President. JAMES MAG IJ 1KB, Vice President. John IUgckbtt, 6eui;tar>. ftTH DISTRICT. O JOHN H. COLLINS ia the Democratic canuidate fur Alderman. 8TII WARD, At a meeting of the citizens of the Eighth ward, held at Prince Street Hall, ou Saturday evening. November 83, for the purnoaa of forming a school ticket, Irrespective of party, present the following names to be supported at the ensuing election For Commissioner, WALTER W. ADAM& For Insiwtor. JOHN DIXON. For Trustees, MATTHIAS CLARK, JOSEPH W. KELLOGG. W?. TUCKER, Chairman. Joeirn Cores, Secretary. 8th ALDERMANIC DISTRICT.-TAMMANY union Democratic nominations, and Moiurt regular Democra tic Republican nominations ? For Alderman, PETER McKNIGHT. TAMMANY OONVKNTION. MOIAHT C0NVKNT10N. Win. FltrpaUick, Chairman. John J. Blair, Chairnuin. Wm. R. Tavlor. > ?? . . Win. W. Jackaon, J Hecro Edward L. Foi, 1 Hwr??r,0?- Henry L. Wright, J tarlen. 1ATH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT. 1U KOR A1 .DERMAN. GEOKUE A. JEREMIAH. Mozart Hall. Tainnnny Hall. Michael kane, ch'n. Isaac h. brown, ch'n. Jobs Hahbinoidn, Sec'y. John J. Dtmond, Sec'y. UTH WARD UNION DEMOCRATIC CLUB.-AT A MEET. Ing ol the above named club, which was held Nov. 23, kt 185 Stanton street, the following candidates were unani mously endorsed :? For May or, Fernando Wood; lor candi date or the Eighth Aldermanle district. Peter McKnight; for Councilman or the Fifth Senatorial district, Fred. Repper. The ciuli adjourned lo meet at the above place, on Tuesday, 2oth mil,, lo endorse other oandldales. Job. Oiokon. Heerctary. WM. CLEEMAN, President L. PiNDsitorr, Treasurer. UTn WARD.? A MEETING OF THE ELEVENTH Ward Democ.atlc Union Association will be held at Union Hall, eorner of Fourth and avenue C, on Mon day evening, Nov. 2ft, 1K61, at o'clock, to march to the ra tilination nine Hug of Francis I A. Boole ns candidate for Alderman of the Twolftli Alderinanic district. Airmembers and those friendly to his election are respectfully invited to attend. By order or THOMAS L FITZSIMM0N8, PreB'dent. JOHN Cni'BCH, I o?..?, F. SMITH, j Secretaries. "I QTH WARD. -THE UNION, THE CONSTITUTION lu and the laws. For School Commissioner? JOHN H. 'i'RAPP, Lawyer, No. 107 Attorney street. MTH WAPD young" MEN'S INDEPENDENT DEMO* cratic Club. ? This Club will meet on Monday evening1 November 28, at 8 o'clock, at the Hibernian Hall, 42 Prince street, to endorse their candidates for Mayor, Aldermen, Ac. By order. WM. HE ANY, Acting President. Peter Corcoran, Vice President. John, Secretary. nTII WARD YOUNG MEN'S UNION DEMOCRATIC Club.? The members are requested lo meet at Smith's Hall, corner of First avenue and Eleventh stieet, ou Mon day, November 25, at P. M. By order of P. Mkara, Secretary. E. REILLY, Chairman. John Dunn, Treasurer. 17*H WARD INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC UNION L I Club.? An adjourned meetlngof the above c!uli will he held at Michael McMahou's, 104 E.iM Eleventh street, on Monday, November 2ft, at 8 o'clock, P. M. All member* arc requested to attend, as business of Import nice will !>e tran sacted. By order of BERNARD P. WOODS, President. Stkfrkn Fitnn, Secretary. Patrick Roonkv, Treasurer. 1 >7 Til WARD. ? THE MOZART WAKD COMMITTEE J. I ? ill meet on Tuesday eve ning, November 2G, ai half, past seven o'clock, st Forsn's, corni r of a v< nun A Mint Eighth street. By order JAMES DALY, Chairman. V>. T. Rkilly, Secretary. 1 oru TV AHO UNION'" CLUB.? -THE MEMBERS OF JLO Mir above clul) arc h rebv notified I i attend a meeting to be held si the Union, 125 East Twenty-second street, on M nday evening, November 25, at 8 o'clock. Punctual attendance Is required from Mil the mini hers. By orfierof TIMOTHY CONNOLLV, President. Francis Rrmiw. Secretary. TQT1I WARDEN E\V_Yf) It K., NOVEMBER : 23, 1 HOI. ?TO ,L<J the Electors of the. Sixteenth Aldcrinanlc dim , Set: ? Having been informed Hint a report has been circulated that 1 had withdrawn my name its a candidate for Alderman of the Sixteenth Aldt rmanle district, I take this well od of m 1 mining you H ai sue'i r> poll ban been circulated by my oppo nents, and that I have no Intention of withdrawing from the canvass under any ciivumstuncs*. GEO. M. HARPKL. OATH WARIt.-A MASS MEETING WILL HE IIEI.U 4j\j at Mtllciran's Hall, corner of Seventh avenue and Twenty-sixth strei-t, on Mod lay evening the 25: li Inst., to ratify the nomination of O. Godfrey Omitherfor Mayor, lion. Michael Conn >lly, Hou. Jo in It. Atitbou, lion. Hir.uu W'.il ridge, Hon John McKeon, Hon. Robert C. Hutehinga uud other distinguished ?|<e ikers will address the meeting. OATH WABD.? THE COMMITTEES DE LEO A TlTTb Y aU the Twentieth Ward Independent Democratic Union 'Club, will meet at the house of Andrew Casey, No. 270 We?t Twenty-eighth sheet, this (Monday) ?v? nlng, November 20, at eight O'clock, for the pur]H>se of endorsing such candi la' ? ? as they deem pro.icr out of both Mozart and THn many noiul natlons. Byoidertff JOHN M. CCLKIN, Piesldent. Baktholokkw HtnuKT, m.tcU: ry. Janks Ci.arkk, Treasurer. OATH WARD^VORlflNiiMEN'H UNION DEMOCRATIC Club.? The member* of this club have metut i!i< ir headqnnrter*, Pstrl k Fleming's, 477 Seventh a'intte, and endorsed Fei naud ? Wood lor .Mayor of the city of New lork, and have adjourned to meet <n Thursday, the 2Sth of N o vember, at 7'-C o'clock 1*. M. Bv order. TERENCE SMITH, Chairman. Jam f.s O'Brien, Secretary. CliOTIllIVO. At the old stand. 134 SEVENTH AVENUE. ? EZEKIEI.S guarantees In nay th e following prices for ladies' and gentle, men's east oil W-. arlng Apparel:? From $b to $40 lor .Silk Dress from 50 to $20 for Coats, trom $1 5D to (7 for Pants. Also, Carpet:-, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac. A note by post punctually attended lo by K.. Indies attended to by Mrs. E. 134 Seventh avenue No connection with any other house. Attention, ladies and oentlemen.-i have a great dimand for cast off Clothing, Furniture, Car pets, Ac. I will pay the be/t price by calling on or address* ing M. ABRAHAMS, 23! W-veuth avenue, between Twcnty llfih and Twenty-sixth streets. Ladles attended to by Mrs. A. AOHEAT DBMAIfD FOR CLOTHING ?LADIES AND gent'emon havingany cast otf Olnthlng, Furniture, C.ii pets and Jewelry, will receive the highest price by calling on or addressing A. HARRIS, 58S Third avenue. Ladles at tended by Mrs. Harris. AN EXCELLENT CHANCE FOR LADIES AND (iEN tlemen to dispose ol thelrcast olf Clothing, Tnrniture, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. I have Juat received $8,000 from 0. Buxbaum A Co., Clnrinnat', to purchase the at <>ve articles, for which I piiv thu following prices: ? From $12 to $35 for Silk Dresses; Coats, from $I0to$-'o; Pants, from $2 I > $6. Please call on or address A. Hncas, 21s Seventh avenue, be tween Twenty-fourth and Twenty -lit th streets. Ladies at tended toby Mrs. D. BETTER CHANCE THAN EVER FOB LADIES AND gentlemen lo obtain the highest price for their Cast off Clothing. I guarantee to pay ti e follow ing prices:? For Silk Dresses, from $10 to $4'l; Ironi $0,1" $i0 lor Coatr, Irom #2 to $7 for Pants. Also Carpets, 'Furniture and Jewelry. Please < all on or address J. ANHALT, 1..2 Seventh avnue, between Twentieth and Twenty-flr?t streets. Ladies attend ed by Mrs. Anlinlt. RARE CHANCE^? "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I wont a large lot of Cast Off Clothing, Carpets an I Furnl niiurc for the W( stern market. I pr milse to pay lis- bitjh -*t price for them, l y calling on or addre:- Ing .M. ELLIS, 03 S. venth avenue, between sixteenth aud Seventeenth streets. La lies attended by Mrs. Ellis. At the California* and "western" AGENCY Store ihe highest price can be obtained lur cust off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, A Fit Silk Drei ses, frt m $8 to $36; for Coai?, trom $2 t > $111; for Pants, from SI fx) to SO. A note aiiilf s.- II. liarrl?, 303 Bowery, opposite (Jrivt Jones sire I. will be put. Mtlally attended to. Ladle! att ended by Mrs. Harris. a g I, k a t demanij for (U.othing -ladTi: S and J\. gentli i' e :t havln : any < - st off (.loth ng, Furnlturf and Carpew, will receive tin highest prices by ealliug on or ad dressinL' <: MISII, 302 S'".eul!i avenue, hrnveen Twenty ninth and Thirtieth streets. Lr.dies attended to by Mrs. Mish. A; A A GREAT BATTLE FOUGHT? THE VICTORY IS pained.? Ladies and gentlemen, It bua been victorious In belt g pronounced by a prea'. many that F. HARRIS, of IOC Seventh avenue, h s been paylr. ; ii ])er .-enl more than any di aler in the c.iy lor east off Clothing, Carpets, Furnl ture and Jewelry, and still mrans t j continue so if yon u i 1 lavor him with a note, or rail. He agrees to pay the following pliers ? For Silk Dresses, from $*< to $30; lor Coats, from to $2H, lor l'aiits, iroai $2 to $ti. Do not forget, 100 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-first s'reet. I,sdles attended by Mrs. Ilarns. N. B ? Beware of the false pr.lcnders offering you 6) per cent more. Try and give them the goods, they will wunl money In the bargain. Thoy will die away boon, and will b? gone everlastingly. Trow"" m e~ a~ g i estionT? IS IT POSSIBLE THAT second hand earments eau fetch su^-n trciiietiuous pri es? When n w Clothing Is said at the promt tiiuea at a great sacnliice. ii no lium'aui:, it wo iU well i ay our clothing merchanls to turn ti.elr new stocks In for second hand, and receive the prlcea oiioroil ny some ol the second hand dealer". Quest lor. ? Will they pay as ollercd, or can they pay It? Is tills really apiitilu? But, iu.lles and gen tlemen, you can v.ell avoid being puzzled or humb'.nrged, ly ealiing on or addressing E. II , 70 Sixth avenu ?, near Wavcrlcy place, where von may be sure to receive the utmost value for your rant o:r Cloth ng, Cr.i|)ets, Furnltun and Jewelry. Ladi'.'t attended by .Mrs. E. II. Please remember, and try 79 Sixth avenue. ? "* GOOD OPl'oirn yu Y TO OBTAIN TUB HIOH&8T ^\. prices lor silk and woollen Dresses, Coats, Pants, and not to be httmbugfcd by advertisements of exaggerated prices, SO as :o fall. Andreas by post, Li v. nslyn, 2o3 Seventh avenue. Ladles attended by Mrs. L. AOBEAirBATTLE FOCG11T AT PORT ROYAL ' THE vlcmrv Ispiitn I.? Ln'IPs and gen:leaien, It hi s ' ,,,.n Vie griu iH In l>ei:ig protiounei d li> many that B. M1NTZ, 137 Slltli avenue, litis been paying 'ilty | er cent mors than any olber dealer in Hio city tor C.^t OH rioihlng, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, and sdll mean* to continue to do ?o if you will lavorhlin with a note opcali. 1 1 ? ? will n it hum bug the community by offering $41 for silk dresses, $2ii for coats and $7 for pants, ss la done by others but agrees to pay the full value for each ankle in cash. 1'leaso don't forget ihe number? 137 Bmh sveouo, o?fti 'lvuih sire?t, Lsdics si wnWdBlMri. VmU. _ miscellam; :i ??. Ah qualified physician can have an intu )? unction to a good practice in t ho city. Musi b? uble to take part of a bouse an<l purclume $200 woilli of Jt'uruliuie. Addle** H. D., box 182 Hi raid offices BEAUTY nATII CHARMS.? HUNT'S BLOOM OP Ho*'*? A delicate color for the i her kH and Hi"; will not wash n(T; warranted nut to injure the skin, Hunt's Court Toilet i'owder imparts a natural whitciicsa 10 the complexion. Hunt's Imperial Pomade for the hafc\ limit's Mi lush Balm remove* pimples, freckles, tan, Ac. Hunt's i'eui 1 UoaultUer for the teeth and gums, lluni's Bridal Wieath Perfume, ut HUNT'S new store, No. 2 Astor rlaee. H0USEKEEP1 IIS, LOOK HERB.-TIIB l'RICB LIST uud locution of the depot* of the l'e. pie's Provision Company will appear on (lie eighth page of next Sunday's Herald. See it and suve money. VTAPTHA BENZOLE, SUBSTITUTE FOR TURPENTINE, J.1 .10 cents per gallon, for kali- in quantity to suit, by CHESBBROUGH A W H EATON, 120 Maiden lane. Mable MANTELS-ORE VT REDUCTION IN PRICES Those wishing to buy Maut Is very cheap should call at A. Kl.ABER'S marble yard, 113 litis' Eighteenth street, near Third avauue. New Yolk. Orders from thf country exec a tod with despatch. TO SUFFERING HUMANITY. ? (JITACKKRY SUPER; seded and no humbug ?ilcsioruiion is ut hand ; one trial only solicited to prove the efficiency of the system adopted, by which thousands h ive been cured, by timely application, of Rheumatism, Lumbago, Spruins, Spasms Tiudoloreux, Nervous Debility, Lowness of Spirits, ls>* uf Appetite and ?Secret Disorders arising from uxces? or disappointment iu marriage. A prescription will bo forwarded to meet the exl ? mules of the times for Outs Dollar only, written in the Incliih language, which can lie made up by any chemist Full particulars us to symptoms must lie addressed to Dr. Einli Castor, Post oHIce, Brooklyn, New York. THANKSGIVING POULTRY-LIVE OR DRESSED, from 8 to 10 cents per pound; premium Bee:, corn fed. Pork, fresh aud salt, from 6 to 9 cents; Mutton fiom 6 to 7 cents, at the Chelsea Market, 110 Ninth avenue, next to the northeast corner of Eighteenth street. PERSONAL. CHILD TO GIVE Ol'T TO WET NURSB. . 31 Leonard strei t CLARA WILL KIND A LETTER IN THE UNION square Post office. Saturday nt 4.'*, or Monday same hour. 1. CLARA.? WILL KIND A LETTER IN UNION SQUARE l'ost office. Monday, quai u r past four, or Tuesday's same hour. CC. C ? BUSINESS REM AINS AS IT WAS, BUT THIS . week will loinplcie the whole matter and certny to that effect. B(> B. E K MMA A. R.? MEET S!E ON MONDAY AT TFN A. M. Yours, CHARLES. INFORMATION WANTED? OP JOSEPH BURKE, SAID to reside in New Jersey, u I who ha* a brother In FoU som, California, on important business, at 174 Fulton street. New York, at J. Lithauer A Co. 's. New Jersey pap r< pi -use copy. ATTE-M0NDAY EVENING 7 O'CLOCK. SAME place. IONG ISLAND.? E. J. B-BAD NEWS. COMPLETE J failure. Come, hurry up. Ready to leave by the first steamer. New york?i am anxiols to see you on tubs duy at P. M. If agree.., tile . Pieuso comniuuicate youracceptance. Youi'd ailectiunatc!y. NE BOOT? ALL RIGHT AGAIN. YOU CAN SEE the old rascal at the saloon oil Wednesday; if s ormy, Friday. Let me know if you cannot be there and when you will be. Three o'clock precisely. 4h, 4'J. ROCHELLE? COME WEDNESDAY; IF IT RAINS, then Friday, R-imembcr the altered time and be euro and come. 0 A FOR SALE. R ARE CHANCE.? CONFECTIONERY AND RAKER* foi sale, with Block, Good Will. Fiittiire* and every thing complete for a first elai.s lmsiiies stand; now doing one of the best business iu Washington. Price $2,500. For par ticular* address Joseph Hhuitleid, No. S8t> Sixth street, between t; ..nd II, Washington, D. C. Drug store for sale? handsomely fitted up, well slacked and doing a fair busings a good chance for a country physician to establish a city praclii-e. for one week to C. 1\ DURYEE, 192 Broadway, room M.r Drug store for pale? long established, well stocked, neatly iitted up, mid doing a fair business. Apply at 200 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-fourth street. For sale.? fancy goods and gents' furnish ingStorefor ale. In one of the beat thoroughfares in this city. Will be told cheap. No ngcnls need aj ply. Ad dress D. N., box 10 Herald oftloe. FOR SALE? tiif, lease and fixtures of a Liquor Store, 78 Centre Street. The Lease of two J ears, with privilege of t!i-ee more, nt the yen riy rent of 600 a J??r, bungs in $l.0U0a yotr. Will be sold at privati sale il application is made on tne preniKes, 78 Centre street, or 228 Hudson street, or<4) Centre street. It not sold nt pri vate sale between till* and Tuesday, 27tb Inst., v ill be told at auction on that day. FORSALE-\ SPLBNDID STOCK OP NEW >,NDSE cond hand Tables, lor S7.'>.$10J. $100, if 175, $200 slid $?50, with Grlfflth'e Patent Ce-hlons. Tables to let and Ba;:aU lie Tublcs for Bale by W. H. GRIFFITH, 140 Fuitoti St. For pale- a lot, 21.10 by 95 feet, on the north fdde of IVntU *tr?;.'t, between Fifth and Six'h n o nues, together with a two story brick House, iu ?mhI reimir. l'rlee low and terms eii*y. Aj-ply. 10 OHA8.E. MILLS, S4 Cedar street. I.10R SALE? THE WHOLE OR TAUT OF THE 1 most vali a'<v i?nl money moklni Invention or the as*w for general house use; every family need* it, and will have it. This :h a chance either to r? -ell 01 manufacture. SOUTH \ V 1 1 K .v WOOD, M Nkskuii RireH. I SOB BALE- AN INTEREST IN A MANl KA< TIMtING 1 l< ? iinefs, $1,000; also one, in a e;tsh bus $KM); a fir*t eiaa* Grocery, $1,300. A nnmb* r of other iuvc&tm<,nt -) ofleiiiic weii. Ueneral A.,e .it y, 63 $a?r an street. BJOR SALE? A WINE AND LAG E It BIER SALOON, IN the upper pnrt of the city, with excellent ninrM'* bil liard table*, splendid bar arranweui'iits, and very extensive intercourse; price $2, 300 must do pal tl in cash in full. Ap ply in the wine vaults. 43$ Eighth avenue. P5KK ZSMMSffittw if* ?? m the best stands in t'?o Twentlrfh iUu|" mie of 9j DiY.BiQo street. Jfi'^nth avenue, or to PAYTi IPOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH? A FIRST CLASS 1 Family Grocery Si ue; ; od ii^.nu d Stock, Horse, Wajj?n and Harucsa, Jow rent, hmtlMj.ue store, doing a good busi ness, excellent Ideation. ISAAC j*. Biiit S, 73 Nr'^iu st. BH>R BAI/E?A FLUID AND KEROSENE ROUTE, Horse, Wagon and fcleigh, all complete, eleven yea; a csuiblisl" d? a iaie clianc* lor an energetic joung man. Apply to JAMES HILL, 300 Seven. h street. I10RSAI& OR TO tBl\? THE LEASE AND FIXTURES oi a Se^ar stoie, Witt? or without stock. Apply at l.'5 Broadway. N ?? agents n?e 1 apply. I.10R SALE? AT A BARGAIN. FOR CA* TL A HAND* 1 some two sev'ed Rorkaway Wapon; hIko a nice, square box panel op m bus'ne>-s Wagon, six lee* Ion/. Both have pole an t shafts. Inquire at 14* avenue A, near Tenth street. Ill OR SALE? A CORNER LIQUOR STOKE, Dol K\l A ; good husitt sj; .villi e sold lor one hall its value. In quire at 104 West Broadway. IilOR KALE AND BXCHANG&.? A NUMBER OF STOCKS ' of merchandise an I Hotels, S. loons and m locks of manu factured Goods, with Patent Rights; also Farm?, Houses and Lota, Stores, business of \anous kinds, in i act, almost any thin* that may be wan tine. _ } A. BIGG8, 73 Nassau street. For salt7, -a good temperance o&ouuuv store. For parliciilitra apply a: 51!) Second avenue, between Tliirty-aecond and Tinny-third atreeta. No agent* nued apply InOB SALE? THE GOOD WILL AND PUfTUKErf OF 1 ili? l'lou;h ll.?tcl, 133 Liberty street, with atn'jiing attached) which will accominoda" '? thirteen ImrH ??, and con ventiiul tj> Ibo Albany, Boston and Philadelphia boa . Ap ply on the pi-emlae*. IIOHSALE.? TO WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS.? For wis. a amuli Basinet:*, la a pleasantly > i . . . toil country town. Apply at 264 Greenwich sir ct N. w York . IjlOR S A r,E? A MILK DEPOT: THE ONT.Y ONE IN ! the neighborhood. Very low rent, with good accommo dations for a family. The owner will ae.ll low, an be must leave the city. Inquire of O. MAC! I' I RE, 82 Cbury rent. GROCERY FOR SALE.? ONE OF TiiE MOST DKSIBA ble eauibllabuienis in the city of Brooklyn. The atock ia choice and well ai-lcctnd, and an ilta'ilihbed ca?b trade. Term* to a i''.al,purcha?er made mtlsfutory. IoouniMir J. t'HAltLES, 217 At!an:ic atrect. Brooklyn, Wrofii !1 an 1 4 o'clock. /GROCERY STORE FOR ALE? NICELY FITTED l i> VT mil in a Rood neiKhborhood; mu t be sold ilila week. This l? a KOJd chance fur a lnan >rUlii n. lo yi into l>usiii<>- ; will be Bold low to a caah cu..t imcr. Apply at No. I..J a venth nvonui". IN COMSEtJI'ENCE OF DEATH, A HAT STORE AND I simp, aurek and batnrea, for aule. Inoiiirj in the 1 atare, 6) VVeat llouaton Stl'eet, I'i'twc II 10 ai< i 3(> cl><? k. PATENTS? THE ADVBRTISEK HAS XWO VALl'A blc invcpttoiia, both appl. i'lc to tb? navy. 11 . .11 K.-tt half of PltllT, vwy low. t i a teipnii'.'.ble Itfrson t\ bo will at- I ! ti ii i to their i!,t' oducttuii and aale of r<gli ? A Idi s . ' x 87, Brooklyn, N. Y. Restaurant for sai.e Cheap? hands imelt i and fully litteii up an<! lurniihcd, on a p ir.. : no roughiare and au|>erior h c;itlon ; lotii; fea^'*, nil ." on : ih'. I very I* ntchancc* to cut in the btiainnaa and inak ? nnun y: I SOI .THWiCIC* WOOD, 82 N.i,k.,U CTEAM ENGINE AND BOILER (THREE HOKt<E tJ power) for aale. In excellent condition, now mulling. Apply to JOHX I'. BALDWIN, 162 1'eari ?imi. m~~ ? : ; i; TO TAILORS, ARMY CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS.? For xaic, live brat ' I visa bbnitlc ijewin^Ma hiue>. cut l ily new ; will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at No. 2} Murray a tree t, up ataira. <S?00."C WILL BUY AV O! D ESTABLISHED TEA, Coilce :inU Build at<rc;iins .Unit; a i .

or $200 a week for the p.iatllv y.-ars; tbr ? <? year* lu ? of the whole houae, atoro and alx coo l rooma. on' ? $100 i y ?r; rent fcll taken out In tradts; will t.ikc pa t c ??h. Appiy on the pre [lii sea, 231 BlNckir unet, near Oar nil ne. *linn WILL BUY A BUSINESS WORTH 12,10), ?pOV'V cl. aring I rum $3,000 to $4,ik'.) p i' y ar, n vam be a! .wn. No further uapital renulred. 111*. !.>?' en ? ? ver offered. Apply for three daya to J. P. 'JKAYEti, ITOi'liat .iiii streert, aec^nd door. O^nn ?FOR sale, A POITER IIOUSR AND BR 3. tpuUU. tannoit, adj<'inlug one ot th pr.:. i;aip t?ea of amuaementln thlacl'y. Alao, wanted, a good bnnii.' .< vacant Lota; al?o. a partner wanted in lb? real c.< uto iiii-i ncsa. t'. E. COltDXS, 170 t-h>. tliuin atre<*t. I Cl 7,-,n -I"" >AI.E ONE OF TIIE FINEST and I ?PX. I u". beat locale. 1 Tea ;<torca In th-Mity; ti k . ,id nxturea all In j >otl or i-r: a rar c'.iaic o lor a jiarty ". lio r, !-ii toemhmce ;hc opiHirmalty ; pnrtc!>a;i. F D. Rl?-|(Ai:D.-i?N* .? ro ...i-' .-I N* Q | nnn -established iu'siness k??u sm,h, VT.UvW. or J'artne." at $ ! if*). It i- -iif ? -ml ? :i!n . and can bo enlarged; now yieida over $.'I,iM'I yearly, iii health the principal caoac ,i! chance. F II p*rticulara hi. the i iiuuuiv vmce, com tt avcuut aua cuih atrcek ^ iior^ysr, rsoons. a-c\. to A WEST !'L'iOlt (Ri.NT 19 I'EP. MOSTI') TO LET? -L *- In ? private house, 5/6 E m IV- nib street, i ??;.r the boiiiuo. Very central on<| reapcetuble, Apply at BUKGES', 4 NUMBER OP SPLENDID FURNISHED HOUSES -?\ l*o Willi stables, Willi iwentv others. Also uny unfurnished, all at very 1< w prjj-en. Tin- bent plnre In thin city Jo not or huw i onto, I, housee or store properly In ut M. 0. BIBHOPP, ui Broadway, tore floor. ASTORIA -TO LET, IN THE VILLAGE OF ASTORIA, a small ( uUsgt, with Ua in, unci ail awe ol itouiuI well Bi n .I'll, mill plenty ol Thirty imuutes by steamboat I,!'"" rulton M irkot nil |>, and by Tlilnl a enue earn and Eighty- sixth strut firry. Will tie let very low. and put In complete repair for a careful tenant. " ^ L. S. HARBISON, bO ami 82 Duunc street. A BEAUTIFUL PARLOR ri.OOR, WIT HBASEMENT, Kitchen and m ire rooms, if required; has all the im provements. and in a quiet end respect tble neighborhood. Apply at 89 Un t Twonty-sivtb sireet, between Sixth und Se venth avenues. Cam and Itagvioonviiiiiettt. Brooklyn.? to let, tub handsome threr ?lory brown none Hume, 870 Henry atrial, wHh bub, 2>ld K" allow. Inquire of H. M. 8II.Vh.KMAN, 168 Broadway. (lOK.NER STORE? SUITABLE FOR A GROCERY J si, in", to let; runt low till tholatof M?v. Also a nice Apartment .consisting of four room*; rent Inquire of Mrs RABTON, 848 Hudson atrcet. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? t'NTIL 1ST OP MAY. plainly but comfortably furulelied, In Thirty-fourth (tree!, between Seventh an ElghtB aven ties; rent' $?!> i er mouth. Apply ai 34 Beaver street. HOUSE TO T.RT ? A FIRST CLASS '1'HRKE STORY House, in E:ghl< e.ith street, m-ur Union suuure: Is In complete order; Immediate possession Riven; Carpets and Oilcloths fur sate. Apply to RRADLEY A WAI<NEI<<1N0. 40 Union square, near Siitecnth street. TO LET? AT WASHINGTON, I>. C., THE UPFRR I'OR tloo of a four awry building on Peniiayiyaiilaavcuue; best locution in the city. Apply To WM. TUCKER. S1'5 Penn sylvania avenue, Washington, D. 0. TO LET? FURNISHED HOUSE. THE NEAT THREE storv brick CottaM 61 West Twenty-sixth street. G aid neighborhood, convenient to cars, In perleet order, und well furnished fur housekeeping. Kent $UU per month. In ruire on the premise* after 10 A. M. rpo LET-AN OLD AND WELL ES1AHLI8HED DRY X Goods Store, 405 Eighth avenue, llurd door from the corner of Thirty-fourth slice t. Plxturee lor sale mul jaiavcs si-.u given immediately. Apply at 214 Franklin street, or 396 Eighth avenue. TO LET? THE THIRD STOliV OF NO. 1S9 SULLIVAN street, near Prlm-e i-tiecl, consisting of six Rooms, ault aiile lor a ?i-i t el family. Kent low. Inquire 011 preiiiiacaor oi R. RUSSELL, |127 W est Twenty-fifth street. To LET-A VERY FINE I.AGEIt BEER SAI.O'iV. ON Second avenue, four rooms. In excellent good ortler; rent about hall price, only $9 per month. Apply to JOHN FET TKETCH, 416 1 lilrti avenue, for three <lays. TO LET? T1IE UPPER I'AKT OF HOUSE NO. 192 Spring street, oonsitt ug ? f ?ix Rooms, in good order and vi r. convenient, water, wasle|iipe, gaB, Ac. Apply as above ( riH) LET.? A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET X a beautiful front Parlor, on ihe n io ui Hour, handsomely furnished; alsnaRoom, on the third Hour, lo a gentleman ami wife, for housekeeping; bathroom, water closet, pan* tries, ga>-, A*', U 'lghborhood unexceptionable Apple UL East Bio.ulw-iy. TO LET? A SPACIOUS COUNTRY COTTAGE, NEAR the riorth river, to oue who would economise her meani. Rent low; would lie taken In board; a pleasant home for the. owner the object; partly furnished. Addresa Widower, Herald office. mo RENT? FURNISHED, A LARGE CORNER HOUSE, X 17 rooms, with front basement office, handsomely lilted up for u physician; separate or together; will be rented for board I ni- house. Some gentlemen would like to remain, paying S12S per month. Rent $1,'J00, with undoubted se curity. Location lew doors west of tlrace church. Apply to OA.N AVANS, druggist-, 718 Broadway, or E. KCHENCK, auctioneer, 165 Broadway. THE WAtli Army goods -iniha kubhekakmy blankets^ llavelocks, Coi-ts, Caps, Ac., Ac., at wholesale ami re tail, at 0. A. BUNNER'S, 11 Joliu street, Ave doors east of Broadwav. AYOUNCi MAN OF 20 YEARS OP AGE, STANDS SIX feet in his hoots, intelllgi ntund has served one term of seiviee, would like to get a sergeant's oflice In some company that is 11c -epted for the w ar. Kelerencu if required. Addresa Q. 7j. X , HoralLofllee. A GOOD t'OT. A GOOD LOUNGE AND A GOOD Chair, all In one piece, size when folded 4 by 6 indie aqua re and two feet long. Camp cheat, army trunks, camp Stool?, Ac, 01 RLE Y A BRADY. 4IZ Broadway. Band wanted-for a begiment now at the deal ol war (ol lti pieces). Leaders of bands wlHliliig a p -rmanent job will aditri as Hand, bu\ 1 10 Herald olle-e giving lutrtleulare, pay per uionih, Ma. The band will be paid without inuftirring in the service. Bills against the united states mustering olUcii In this < f v, approved by the miisterliig officer, ea-hed by JOHN H. Mt ItHAY, Army und Navy Banker, JSI Nasaau street, opposite th',- 1'oat othc*. /lONTRAt TORS' BILLS FOR SUPPLIES FURNISHED \j the Amy aad Nav) DepartmcnU.pi able la any city at t!.e Union, collect d and cashed by JOHN B. Ml RRAY, Army and Nnvv Banker, 39 Nassau street, oppoMte tlic 1'oat olliee. New York. C1AVALRY.? TUB LAST CHANCE ? OW1CKRB CON J trolling unattached cotuuunjef, or pans, can be atsuie 1 their poult ions in an ar epted cavnlry rc u\m< nt immediately. Yranaijortai on. quarter#, A\, iculy. A| j>sv to or address u'ena .t W. W. Henneit. 100 i' ' mi I way, up ?tain?. pAVAl at? PROPOSITI ? N> Hi:t FIYKD FOR MKN \J to j< in a cavalry r imcnt now at the seat of war, at, the Pat K. llo* ei, corner o: Ho kman and Nafw.iu atreetfl. from II A. M. until 1 1*. M. Unaccepted companies, or portionH of companies, can he placed uj>ou ft;l. pay, Ac., at oucc. In qui ? forT. W MBIUHAH. ]^LAQN \M) itANNERS ? If. BOB8B COWTTNURS TO / paint fiagl and banners at his monu, 140 Ea?l Thirtieth street, Portraits, coatK of arm*, gold ornamental work. Al -o panoramic and UoQoratLvu painuntf* e^ocuted iu the highest style of art / 1 CKKRAL BARRY'S ROCKET BATTALION, "_J Chief of Artillery, U is. A. The battalion will leave for the beat of v\ar on the 30th day of Noremb -r. Tills butt ?iion I? oiyanlied nt the recpirBt of the Oonmen dei-inOhicf, Major Oen ral M Clellan, and Hrlgadhn* (Gene ral Harry, C|hicf of' Artillery, U. 8. A., and accepted by the United St?t' s government. Cavalry and artillery companies organizing, who are not Kworn into the t'n;ted St '? ? eervlce, provf -led the remit* are anitabie, wil. b!' mini d lately received and mnatcred into k m i'-e; pay, ehdning, fuel and rations provjded from the day of en I lament. 'Joying men who have j? ny military Ambition this ii a sure road to fame and distinction; for this terrible arm, the . ? ?? ket," the n ?st l? ? nt Ive of t I n??i n ipons, eitlu i ancient or inodet'n. Volunteers, to ensure aucep Vance, should apply iinrnedhitely, as t!. ? oiders for marc.hinj? o the s.u;t of u am re imperative an 1 ann-?t he delay I. For rar ti i la im apply at headquarters, 4.V? ilr?>mc btreet, New \ irk city. T. W. LION, Commanding. "Yf OITNTED MEN.? MEN, WITH OR WITHOUT OF lfA I leers, who have not been ace i led, or whose re; iments h.i\ e 1 ec.n Ui^lr.mieil, can be I'lace l upon full pay, rations, <|e., at once. Cavalry regiment sbeady at the. seat of wur. Propositions received at YZ2 B oomc, street, basement. VfOnCB.? (JUARTERB 1 OR A RK( < 1 MENT? A M I'LK ii j rounds. Motel, containing sixty Re.oms, largo Dr\l Room, warm and commodious bo*r I Bai ra< ks, ('ook. IIouhc, tiuard House, Hospital, pure water, an i easy of access to N *w York. Fur further pai;i'*ulars apply to 8. S. WYCKOFF tV t.'O., 104 Nassau street, N. Y. KEGIMENTAL STANDS OF COLORS on Hand, tor Sale and to Order. SILK AND nCM INO FLAOR, all Sizes on hand for Sab*. LODGE AND Stu II. TV PANNER8, Ornamental Paioting, Let;, ring and Embroidering on Silk, Spc.i r Heads, Stalls, Ka.rNv, Mnuutfnsrh .n I Trimmings, tVc. HOJEll A. GRAHAM, Artists ami Manufacturers, Duaue street, ('all and examine sp c.mens < n hand. QUTLEK.? WANTED, A PARTNER TO ADVANCE O e.Hpital to f.t out sutler's storeg in a regiment now ready ?rriTE r.vroji MfsT ast) rhatj. be preserved."? X Jacks. m. Jackson Li^ht Artillery. Recruits wanted, to n r.e for t'.ree ycais, or U'orin^ the. war. Bufl? rs, bliek sniitln, harne.vH makers, hoiseshoers, Ac., wauu d, to whom tl.e befei j ay will be p.ftu. For f iither information apply at the headquarters, 2^0 Grand .-tree*, corn ro; Bowery. EUWARO Ml RRAY, Colonel. Jas. F. Farrkl, Lieutenant, Acting Adjutant. HOtSES, BOOjK, ? &CM WAHTED. IjiACToRY wanted- a htiort distance from r New York, near a railroad d p' t or iteam boat hui dine. The building must be large, al? .i;< /TO - 100 feet, three <?r four stories hlph, with plenty ot wa cr, ar: J water power ii possi ble. Address li. K. B., Herald olere, tor one wt'ek. *\I r A N TED? A MEDIUM 8IZEU HOUSE, IN A GOOD it l-ji'ii'iiy, not a? ov ? U'.<-' o : ipiire, on a Fulton or \\ all at reft sa;e route. Itent $6M. Addrebs II. B., box 2,577 r. 'Sw Oill"e. W ANTED.? BY A (iKNTLEM AN AND SISTER, A it very *ma"l Ho fe. i.; aver. * nail rent, cr the upper part ol a house. Km, libur! 'iu' in .-t be uno'ije. tic- n l l?i??. Adlresr L M. N., Ileratd olllce, seating rent, locution and number oi rooms. I1TANTED TO RBN V IN H<j ilOKEN? A MEDI'JM .SIZED u H' nitainin^ all r?; ??i? <11 lnpr .veto -nis, reiit not ex, cdin. pei annum. Address, with iuli particulars, (j., i >x !,(?% N. Y. Post ? ifilce. U,f ANTED? iN BROOKLYN, A TiOlSE. FURNLSHED , pariinlly^ >, su1tHblr> lor a ctads boarding house, within ten minuteH' walk of the icrries. Address box 196 II .'laid ofllce. HOTELS. DE L'UNION, no. soo'REir.i.y street, Havana, (olJ iinmbir 110), Pltuatcfl in the ccntic. i! tu? rliy, near the Dominica and t'U/a.U' Ann*#. T! 1? "M am! well known llni<-l on? r.f tlm most popular aikI in> st ji:ilroni/fJ l)> strnn^cm earning lo Havana, tr.,in its tir.i ? tin! nt li i.ilnc-s and ?minemi'nt. The tnbl. ik f iirntKhi'd .n ibe b>ni nj e, suillcicnt to satlnfy tli'e i:io?t favti Hons t isto. IRVING HI i SEr^ROADWAV ANDTWI LFTI1 RTREET, J. (<ntninM> on Twoittb ?treft.? Thl? Honpc having Ivcn re Inrmshed. I? now opi n foi- the iioco'iimoduu n oi fimlli. i ntid irnn.fcnt gii' .t?, ind will b? condnrted both up. in the An -rican ?nd plan*, i i I. st m:iy u.. iw: its pa ir. n?. A fin? 1! s'uii nn?i? -o* n"f t>'d -.V'th ibe House, wb( re me s nr.- s?rved at ?:i Mtal boardere can be sevout nioJaWd by the week or <1 iv. uEur.OE \V. VKSEY, rrojyietor. MIISICIPAL AFFAIB8. / tOHPOKATION NOTICK.? ' I'lIB COM^lTl'iiR ON \J It rlrorvl- of Urn Hon rd oT .Al".'?rniPn wi l n eet in room No. 8 tJI'y Hall, on Monti j , the h , n?t,, at 3 " I loch 1*. M., M hear both parile.i In reln'1 n l< iho Third ui. . I Kni.ri.i Ave nue Batlr- ad i o.npnnies. l'im inu] attendance U rc'iucucd. >' 1 A. BOOLU. 1 CHA.s. J. <;hiit, JiiIiM IU'.-sK !,(. [?ComiTiiltoe od Ballroadf. TERHNi'K PAHLET U?M(Y HMll'H, J co audi no \*d r.nnuiiva. it ?! vrrsr rnvmnmrrn sti:kbt, bbtwbkn JY 1 ii ill aui Sixth a/tiiueo, large buutibOttii'ly i?ih j? J Rooms, with Bedrooms on second mid third floors; also sln 'jie itoouui tin gent emeu. All luuilvru iinpioveuiouls. Ue orencos exchanged. AT 49 BLEI.CKBR STREET? A FEW DOORS EAST OP Broadway, families and single genllMnoii van lie accom modated with elegant Rooms and liberal Board. A PLEASANT WELL FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH jv closets, if ia pud Croton, in let, with Board, upon mode rale tonus, lu guuili no n hi- a man led iouplc, iu tlie Ural -laaa modern, hmi-p, 341 West Pifiei nth street. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN, DES1 RING TO ROOM together or sepal ately, cum have pleasant llooo.s, wnii full or partial Board, In a private family. Apply at No. 567 Broome street. Attention is called to those living in hotels anil bo mliuK houaea. ? There ia an oatabliKhmeut opened at 1 10 Miu douptl atreet, the rooms bcin ' laid out in ? ?,~ and lurni-lM't! with everythln ? nec-sanry for ho m T THE LARGE FIRST ( LASH DOUBLE HOU8R. NO JY 127 lllcfckcr street. west of and near* Broad way, is a really llrat elass family boarding Ilouat-, with Rooms unaur pasacd }u size and ootnfort. in nulla or aiugle; the cheapest liitw iu the city fur the itylo and quality ol wb?l U oitt ri4. A lady, HAYING taken THE ri R8 r class HO USB JV. 114 Soeond avenue, corner ol Seventh street, has a band some suit and also two sliittlo Rooms to dispose of. Call at house or addraas box 3,:iNJ Post ofllee. AT 40 UNION SOI' ARE, EAST SIDE-FURNISHED OR unfurnished Rooms, in suits or aingly, Including ttre, Saa and servant's attendunve, upon very moderate terms, teals supplied it" desired. No public parlor. ElUliril STREET, 11EAD OF LAFAYETTE jy. plaee, rurniahed Rooms to let, to single gentlemen, or {?"ntleiiu n and their wives, with or without Board; terms mod rate. References en hauK< d. AVKKY FINE SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET-ON PARLOR floor ; si ho, S ill ? n second Moor, and Kooin and Ifedroem on third lh or. with B, aid, at 118 Second avenue; will be lei to single gentlemen or gentlemen ami wives. II.x.mi llrat claim, wlUi all the in idem Improvements, A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT FARM HI \NI) lledroom on second Uoor to let, willi Heard ; house con tains the modern Improvements; a home call'/' d; references hm lian ;i'd. Apply at 23 Grove sired, between Hudson uud Uleecfcer. AT |M NINTH STREET, A FEW DOOM WEST OF Broadway.? A liar null ol' J ivnt lliHimi, with Board, con sisting of parlor, two bedroom* a id l uihr oin. Also, single Rooms. Meat of references ijlvi n atrl required. Apartments.? am elegantsuitof four rooms on the first lloor, ivi<h bathroom, to let, with private Utile only, at (ii Fifth uveriic ; also, a Room for a sinyle gt n* tlenan. ABM AM, I'RIV \ T F FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE A few msrricd or "Ingle goullcuicn, desiring a unlet home for the winirr; bouse Ural i la-", and eontalna all the modern "t ucea exchAtigod. Apply at 18 Ham \b.MAI,L PRIVATE FAMILY IN SOUTH BKOOKLYN" will let, wltli Hoard, the second lloor, unfurnished, to a HemI.Mii?i> and wife: ?l-o third lloor trout Itooui, (witlia ainall Ito m if furnliihad, at a moderate price. Apply at ZU liar i iann atreoi, between Clinton and Court. A PRIVATE l'AMII.V, llAVINH THE FIRST CLASS bouae No. :17 Writ Tidrty eighili atreet, dea'rea to let to Keutlemau and w il'e, and two < r three gentlemen, furnished Rooina, tugether Willi Board. Apply hm above. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, Oil ONE OR TWO SINt gle gentlemen, may be accommodated with, Roonm, with or without Boaid, at 42 Fifteenth atreet between Filth aud Sl?th avuuuca. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR ONE OR TWO BIN gle gentlemen can obtain a large front Room and Bed-' loom on the second Hour, by applying at 150 Eaat Eighteenth ?treet. Family private. Avery pleasant, neatly furnished he cond story Irout Room, wiLIi alcove and auiall rooui ad joining, or tiie entire Sccund Floor, If desired, may be oh um-d. with Board, In a respectable private family, at 30!) Weat Tweiuy-lii si street. A VERY FINE SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED J Y Rooms to let, eithcrtogetl.e:' or separate, with l!rst claaa Board: house drliybtlnlly and < onveiiiently iis ated. Apply ut 10U Weat Eleventh atu et, near Sixth avenue. Refercucea exchanged. AFRENCn FAMILY LIVINO TN OOOD STYLE, WOULD aei'onimodale a few gentlemen win Board iind well I in mabed Itoomn. Apjily at Sj Weat Twelfth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth areunea. Spanish, German and English apoken. A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM to let? to a I'ontleniau and hia wiln for housekeeping', also, a whole Floor, suitable for gentlemen; ulao, tingle R hiiiih for gentlemen, lu a pi Hale houne, with all the mo dem improvements. Applyat No. Vti Prince street. A GENTLEMAN AND III8 WIFB OR TWO GENTLE men e:iu be aeeommodaled with Board lit 1SU Weat Tweiitj-tifth Street, vi ry cheap, lu n nuiet, i'capeclablc lauiily. Tbe location la pleaaai and eouvmlent. AT 122 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOOR8 WEST OF Broadway, a gentleman and ?tlfe or two single gentle men can obtain pleasant Uoome, wilh Board, lu a modern house with nil the Improvements, A HEW S'NCiLK GENTLEMEN OR A SMAl.r, FAMILY nun obta'u .?<"> I Board unci linn nccomriiiMtaUous, at Nn. !W Mnc imiKBl xtreet, near ilio l'ark ; family ainail, noun - mo dern ud horn* comforts en joyed. Al'HIVATE FAMILY WISH TO LKT A F1TUNIBIIE0 Roam, Hfdi.i iin and l'antry, or iwu furntahed H.,ms mill B-druom, In u k' ntleman ainl wife. T rim mu'l<*ruii*. Ilmihe has nil modern Improveui' nlH. Will Rive privilege lo ?ta'lon&ry Inbn in kitchen. Ai>;>ly at 191 West Twenty M'M uih ktrceu AT 4C Bl.EEt'KER STREET? YOUNG GENTLEMEN run In* aRComtiKNfftted with nlcu R'ninaaml tirnt rate tabic <ni vury nasoaablu teri.tx. Breaticni, luucli and din ner at f> o'cln It. AIko a large Room l?r three: or Tour willing lo room tui ether. A FRENCH FAMILY WILL I,ET I.\R<JE FURNISHED UiinritH, with gua arid clutuita, aiiilahli lor a g nileniAii and wife or a v^rly of gentlemen, with Drat claaa Boh id. at moderate price*. Apjny at No. 1U Thirteenth fctruel, uur Fiftli aven:ie. A PLEASANTLY FURNISHED ROOM ON T1HRD . tlnor, to lei, Ion genii man, with partial Board, in it h i;. II fainiiv resi ling at 21 Went Twenty Micond street, I Iftli avenue. BOARD? 144 MULBERRY 8TRBET, NEAR GRAND A eoinmodaiion* '"r f' ver,;! voting men n t from %i fiO 10 $ . p:*r week. AImi, nice .r>nt Parlor on lirsttioor, for nitiu and * He. or two men, at $7 j?cr week. Board.? a family, having more room than required, would dispose of an entire Floor, or part, to u siaall, g< nteel Umlly ; location desirable accessible by cars and ' "? Applj 172 W ci. Twenty first street. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BE AO commodate! with a front Parlor and Bedroom on the third floor a i7H West Fourteenth sreet ; one Koom f< r tv.-o (tingle gentlemen. R?1 re noes given and ruiulred. Term: ni 'd'-iuie; dinner at six. Boapd.? j:hfitt/:d rooms, large and small, flouting gtajd sueeta, new, commodious Parlor, Dining Room an I I'aiiur; room for piano and teacher, ftt 191 Orand fit reet. near Broadway. N. B, ? Will the. polish gentleman, wins stopped al 115 North Main street, Pruv idcuee, call/ Board can be obtained in a prinate family lor a gentleman and his wife ? r two single gentlsm 11. Th ft nomsnre pleasant and welWuruHhed. Also the us- <-f a tin ; libr. ry. Dinner at G o 'clock. Apply at No. 117 East Elgt t?- nth street. Boarding ? a parlor and bedroom, on the Heron d floor, may ho obtained at 105 West fourteenth street; the house and locality one of the be t in the city, and combining nv? ry elegance, comfort and convenience. Boarding.? an entire suit of handsomely fnrtiism-d Room*. 011 the sei ond lloor of a Just (Inns house aud private family, to let, with Board. Terms mode* rate. Tiie noose is pleasantly inc ited in West Fourteenth street. Andres* F. H., box l,*o'J Post oflice. Boarding.? single rooms for gentlemen, also rooms for familie-. with Board, In ano lern house with the coin * r.s of a home, where there are but lew board era and no children ; la a central location, 37 Bast 11th st. Boarding can be obtained at m west thir ty. fil th street, at a lower rate than iu any other house of the same e!nsa in this elty ; a qood tablo and e very comfort of a modern buiiding, free ol charge. No objection to chil dren . Boakd jn west twenty third street, house ? ?k el;- ?*. One or two gentlemen, of corrcct h iblts, who doj-ir?? a pleasant home, can have excellent df.ommo ia'h.ns in .t private family, with full or partial Board. Address bo* l/.?7* !'??. 1 ohiee. ___ Boakd wanted-in Brooklyn, by a gentle inun wife and child, three years old. Any private f ami ly d*"1r!ng t ) r ,inee expenses In the additiou of boarders of rcfii.e 1 funnn is and habitr, will And thjHagood opportunitv. A?lv? r,:s r would prefer two small r?w m^. Terms. In view of s'nall !?.- >? ? if?'t ived, must be moderate? say * 7 or per wvek, in? uviiiiif u<i?. I nexteptiynable references given. Address Ow ' ?i. H r.?:di,moe. [>OARD wanted? for a GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND I > cl;il I in a piiv^te family wher?s tin re aie uo boarder*. Terms net t# ex. ? r. 1 $$ or tO per wee:;. Address, stating par ! -n ar<, bo. ! Po-t ofilc?\ llOATID WANT7:D-1N BROOKLYN. A YOTTNG MAN, ,1> \vi^h? s 13' aid in a pjiyate family, near the Navy Yard, where th?T ? a? e nft other ooardev-; terms moderate; bit: ik f,i*ii,tCA. M. Aidless foi ilirc. days Fr.tnklln, Brooklyn Post otJiee. T>0AttD WANTED? BY TWO ADULTS AND CIIII.D. (me large room, liaiidsomOy T'lrn-nlied, v.-Ith sofa bed stead, communicating With one or two small rooms, buca tiou must b Uesirabl ?, atiC m>t above Twentieth street; quiet familv. Dinner at one. Terms not to exceed $10 per week, monthly in advaue?, if desire I. B? s? of reference ^iveti and required. Address i'. M. II., station D. Board wanted? by a lady; a nicely flr nished Room, in a private family, or wticrc there are few boarder*; loeatlon no', above' i'iiieenth street, uor ls*low Four.h ^tre? 1 ; good nifcr n< c g'ven and required. Address B. C. A , b< x 1,709 P ? Board in Brooklyn ? a gentleman and wife or two single gentleman can be accomm<*dut? ?l with ph a*. i?t Roe n^ i.nd Hoard in a private family, rrFidln^at 'JV7 II enrv street, letweeu Sta n and Atlantic. Hous - ion tains all fee modern improvemt nfs. references excb&nged. Board in brooklyn-a gentleman and wife, or three single ixetif)eri|gn, can he accommodated with fr*?nt rooms and B< aru iu a privai * family, at M Willougnby street. II > .so has all the modem Improvements. Terms moderate. * B- oa RD INB ROOKLY N.? TWO L \RGH ROOMS, WE LI, furnis'it'tt, on sc -ond and thirl flo rs, stiiUblefor a gentle mai> and v\ iie or tw j gentlenun each. Convenient to terr!c?. L ( i n and home oe#1t*aUe. Terms reasonable. Dfs.ner ?t rt o'< oek. b7 btnto stioel. Also a lew table Uoard ljs.'.cs jinm xiai' ti. n.Uiil) IN BRMOKI.VN.-HI.EABANT ROOMS AND 1 - 1 ,N VN -A I'.'.NDSOMK .V K.-.A.r,]- I J> * 1 l,""n "" I'oor, ., ;or ., , i mieoi t, .. ,? nt:. mi ii, >?>.., ?UI. || ' '? '*t.f.'>*'i nti I I III. H of I!:.. A: ?. Mii t*i -errv K-f ~ " "v,> "??? Appiy M I'M 1 aviiv tli?(i. J.?rtrcnoc? etching, I IU>AHI>l\0 A\L? Kt<>l)Ul\r!. OitooKI.YN HKU.ilTji ? A LARUE ..IZ- U M \ J ? ?ui'c:ui t.i.or to rent, nitli Board; ul o i v g.l single gentlahian; house plca??tly sltuamo i.i. , 4. i?n. tlguoui toferrlea; u New England family with iuw iK.ardi u; tor ma moderate. Apply at St Willow street. BKOOKLY~N HEU1I1TS.? A (1KNTLKMA N AMI Wll B, nnd single gentlemen, can obt iln ple.isunt Room*, with Board, lit 13 Poplar street, near Pulton Kerry. DESIRABLE ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FURSI 4IIED Ui gentlemen without board, In lite uio'.u.i : iro J N'nth street, between Filth mid Sixth uvanuea. Su^ea pai-a tin* <T or. DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH GOOD BOARD \ND AI.L the eomf >rt* "f a home, nwy lie hid In ;i pr'.v r .n.lly, residing within three minutes' walk ul' tit. Julm 1..11 k. Din Dur ?t (j o'clock. Term* moderate. Apply at ai>< lien wick meet E CONCHY IN BOARDING.? A SMALL FAMILY would accommodate a gentleman ami *. il'> :md two gen tlemen, friend*, with furnished or unfurnished ll< nmn and lurs'c 1'antrle* attarhed, in the ut'ai model u house 1M R,s| Twenty-third street, between Seeond and I'll Ifu avenues. Desirable and permanent parties can secure the comfort* ol home on ver. moderate uumn. FURNISHED ROOMS. -NICE comfortable rooms an I Bedrooms fur small, rasperta'.de faiiulli a. or *1tu'l'i gentlemen, from $1 to per wort ; they ore p.irtlculnily adapted for iwiranim dealriug to live cheap and quiet. Apply at 136 KlUtibuth aired, near Broome. Fl UNISRED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET-IN A private family, In a good location, and charge very rea ronable. If required, breaklast would be given. Apply al 61 Weft forty-ninth mreet. Handsome back parlor to let? i'n furnish' ed, with Board; a tine front Room on Ihlrd story; al?0 a Reception Koom on Aral lloor, furnished, to a ger.ilemsn and wife or (logic gentleman. No. 84 East Twenty second street, near Lexington avenue. Reference required. Hotel accommodations, at modf.ratk pricks. mn b had ill N ?. 49 Went Thirty-tn st street, eori.ei of llioadwity. This liousu la well suited to the comrort of gooil class lamlllea and diigle t;enlli'meu{ lowest price foraingla rooms, with Board, $!> per week. TUjRS. HUSHNELL? DELIOHTFULLY LOCATED Al lit 111 Murray Hill park, haaaaultof Hooma lor a fiimily, and snide. UiHiins. '1 lie best ol relerctice. MA1SON MEUULF.E, 70 AND Tl W KST THIRTY eighth street.? Room*, elegantly furnished, or wholn Floors, wllh kitchen, cellar and yard; houses new. lira* class. four story, high stoop, brown stone; common parlor; uieuls furnished ; eligible I'hyslclan's olDoe. NO. 1 If KST TWENTY- FOURTH STREET.- A suit oh very desirable Rooina. suitable for a family, with full Board; also Rooms for single gentlemen. location opposite Fifth Avenue Hotel. Dinner at 6. ONE OR TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET to respectable single gentlemen, in a modern house, conveniently located In every respect; breakfast will hoglvca if desired; family la very small and American. Address Truth, box 121 Herald olllce. PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS To UST? WITH 4)H without Hoard, In the brown stone homo 111 West Four teenth stri ct, lo a gentleman ami wife, or single leulleim n. House bus every convenience. Locution and n< l;hborliood unexceptionable. Dinner at fl o'clock. Take notice.? \ family can obtain a i retty t ur lit lied large Iron Hooni, with full Hon. il .it * i and |l.4l per week. Also a gentleman lor S4. Including extras. 1 <Si Weal T?enty-?ixth sire t, near Eighth avenue. TO LET? WITH BOARD, AN ENTIRE FlllST FLOOR, Just vacant; most splendidly furnished, in a nrlvaM house, In view of Union square. Rererence reoulreu. Ad dress box 1,214 N. Y. Post olllce. rpo LET? WITH GOOD BOARD. FRONT AND BACK A l'arlor, on lirst lloor, to a gentleman and wife, at 900 per month; house lias all Improvements, atnull Ami rleiin fami ly, no children, In a r,?od neighborhood, convenient to cars and stages to any part of thecitv. Call at &Ui West Twenty-second mreet. Likewise third lloor to lei, icasoiia ble, with Board, to gentleman and wife. r) LET-A NICELY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR, with Board, suitable for a i;entlcinan .iii.l lady or sihi;!n gentlemen. Apply at M Weat Eleventh street, between Flu* and Sixth avenues. WANTED-BOARD, WITH FURNISHED ROOM and Ore, by a young lady, In a |irivn'e lainllr, wheie there are no other boardera. Location below Tenth slrti , ami east of Broadway. Addreaa E. L , Broadway Poal BM' <I?9 or ?CHEAPEST BOARD IN NEW YORK. ii'I. Nice Room*, with good Ifoard, It lo $1 p: r week and upward*. Ladles and families suited leaa than any other Inuiae. Nlee parlors, with piano*. 4S Mspeiianl street, near Brondwaynnd Canal atreet. Watchman in at tendance. Lodgings cheap. nTH STREET? 1M WEST ELEVENTH STREET. -.A beautiful suit of Rooina, front and i^aek nicely carpet ed and furnished, with all tli? miidern iinji.-M -ruents; hue location. To let reasonable; dinner at fir. Referen-ea ex. changed. QC AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET-ONE OR Oc/ two *elert families and two or threo centleinen can now be sacomiuodated with suits or single i:?.nii n one of Hie moat delightful locations; the booses are in ? and newly furnished, situated between Broadway and Fifth avem.e. | /Table llrst class. References exchanged. 4 O WEST TWELFTH HTKKT?T, BETWEEN FIFTH T"0 ami Sixth avenues ?A private family, occupying a liiht class house, containing all the modern imj r ?vcm',ntf\ will 1?l a few hamUonw-ly luruinhwl Kooms, in buus or singl'1, to gentlemen, with breakfast If required. A A UNION SQUARE -A SUIT OF FROKi ROOM8 ON XT hrst lloor, overlooking the park, to let, with Hoard. Also a *lm 1<; ttoom for a gontl?'inan. 7*3 WEST TWENTY THIRD 8TRDV.-TO UT, \ I u number of rwy deiirable Rooidh. cousf mjtoi i ron R ???ra on second !!oor, two itooms on third lloor, and tf\?i Rooms 011 fourth lloor, for gentlemen. QO GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRI N f I? AL8TOM t/U House.? Elegantly furnished suits of Rooms, with ga-, Croton water an ! every convenience for housekeeping eco nomically; particularly suited lor small. respectable :uuolit>. Kent low. Q?{ MACDOtrOAL STREET.? A PLEASANT SUIT Of* t/yj Kooms, with Hoard, on ?eeond floor, front, unfurnish ed; the house Is new, and will furnish to suit desirable np plicAats. Alao one hall Room at $6 per month to u gn, - tin man. 1 A f! TWELFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENUI', 1 JLtl on second floor, front Room, with ??m and fuel, I ? '*" $10 per week, wltn third floor front ;?nd inner Room com municating, <>10 per week, for two single gctithim n or a t'? in n mm \\ 1 e. Family small. IHrnwritlO'elook, I ft ft PRINCE STREET -ST CLWR HOUSE ?RLE l.*JU aantly furnished Rooms, with Hedrooms attached with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, mcltid in? gas and Cro on water, to let to respectable families . r tingle gentlemen. "1M I EAST TENTH STREET. TWO AND A IIAI.!' J. blocks from Hroadway. ? A party of two or thr o gentlemen can obtain a handsome Parlor, on l!r.-?tor Rucond flour, n? ally furnished, wiihor v. it hout Break fast an 1 Ti n, at moderate prices. Also, two stmill Rooms, with gas, bath, hi a; an 1 ; <? ?d attendance. 91 H 1:1 Nl STREET? .1ACKSON HOUSE. -THE M'v !' ?j\\j eonn'ortabiy and eonvmiently furnished Apartmeun in the city, to meet the wauis of small fam lb . , with cv. ry requisite furnituto, clean lln< n, cooking ran^e and uLci&silH. gas and Croton water. i\A r? W BROADWAY-CLINTON TIOUST'.-fiENT l.E UTTtJ men will And elegantly fumbihe l Uooim.. every thing new and In comulete or ler. Pattl' uiar ntt" tlon pud to the comlort of all who may favor this hou:>e with their patronage. BROADWAY-PLANTER'S HOTEL. -UERSONS looMnu forperjnancnt or transient 15 ?ard will find elegantly furnished Rooms for familb s or single pintlem n, wltn a good table and at very moderate priced lor the wiuter. House llrat class; location unsurpassed. Dinner at nix. 7<) I BROADWAY. OPPOSITE WAVERLEY PLACE ? I O 1~ Suits of Parlors, with Bedroom atincli I, t? let to gentlemen only, with or without board, .*t very low ratos. FURMTPRE. A MAGNIFICENT AISORTMBXT OF HOUSffHOLD Furniture will be sold at a great sacrifice, at private sale, consisting of Rosewood Pianoforte, Rom1 wood Draw in;; Room Suit-. Mirrors, Paintings, Bookcase, Ornanunts, EteRsrcs, Chandeliers, Jiu .i?*t . * * . . alns, Extension Tub!.-, China, Glass. Silverware, Rosewood Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Mattresses, &c., comprising everything reqnisite lor a first class residence; has been in use but oi?ht mouths; will be sold for half cost, at No. 70 West Twenty-sixth street, mar Sixth avenim, from 8 to i aud from 4 to 10 P. M. 648 AHEIiKUOJI suit ok enamelled firnitirk f<>rS^4, lii all color*, of warranted muniita turo; also ?ull'l chcK'iuit *l':nm1>cr H'lltn, p ain u n<l ornamental, ai H. K. JM KHIVii TON'S, 3f8 Canal utreet, opposite Wooster. Emalll? he 1 In 1.S4.H. Al.l. KINDS OF rURNITL'RE, LOOKING GLASSES Beddi i(t, Ac , below auction prices. W nrratileri ulnl do llicreii freo. Plen.te call iilG. W. fc'fc'RDEVS. ?-,8'{ Bowiry b-i'vcrn 8'anton au<l Honaton utrceu. Vou will nave muuty Note the numl er. jjM-KNirniK. cvRHivrs. books. in>r?5_nr ko>: Ijll'RNlTUKB BOUGHT? ALL KINDS OF IIOVSE b"lu Furn tme bou^lii for uu'li, ajiil * good julco ghi-n, ai 479.Thlrd (venue, DearThlrif-luiirth Ktri i t. I'lcn* mil or atSUii ss Furniture, as above. N. it. ? A roo'J aa.S'.rtmcut nl" *e.ond hn n?i Furniture for tile. LU'lIXIIl'llE WANTED.? -TF L to jMii. liaso a qnitntliy of I uir ', CarpctR, Ac., for wnb li ho i jU KMTI'HE WANTED.? THE SI'HSCR ' I'EK WISHES at uk oitdhiUia lloj I'hobJ fiirui* , T.. . . . 1 will If ? ? fxlr rinh valmiilon. Any iK-r>on Ut siriiim of brcakinu up bousokerjiiny, can mU ill. h Cash, Herald olllee. UMFTON s IMPROVED I'ARLi^R BED81KADS. AND _ i ll., r fiini r In.* furniture, mil ?)i uid rei nl. A 1* o by uiouihhr fcayni' n:?, at 116 TvulU *ue? t, . riocily Nu Amdrtujr of D Hlgn. P "llrAX'l BD ? FrRNITl'RE, roR UNIN'TMBEltHIl f T real I'nuiti' in tlii' Mali ol New Vorlc ami taali- All ill' CM \\. O., bo\ 1,5 "!? I'nut offlW. " ; LlECTl'REH. MLRCANTILE LIBRARY ASSOC IATION. DE CORDOVA'S NEW HUMOROUS LECTURE. "AN uMNiliUri ItlDfc Uf UKOADV.AY," At Clinton tin 11, Ort TuefiVtv evimfiHr, Novemi i;l 20, aiSo'uVak. Ticket* "0 o?nt!>. To be had at the L'brory, down tow i <>tlice. !?' i itb , Poi.d A Co.'m, and at the cluof ou i tic eveniuu of the iwliirc. II DEWTISfRT."1"' ' ] Artificial ieeth.-drs". ditkin amd rols fEAU continue t" ei tract tee.tli in t?o tecuudx, without tbe '1 ;'i test pain. Teefn inserted ? ov.'r *'iiinr?. Nft e?tr? etmrgi i or teuiperai v sei?. or "jtuacuni' ? here : tllleial tc'Ux an h,i rWd. Dr?. 1JVRKIN Jt ROt'SsEAC, N". X* Canal street, one doi r from Litureua. Artificial bows filuno tor decayed teeth in?>- rted whilst soft an i without pain Aching And mere abt Lsc.?n pr sn vfd ai J restored lo the ill* i.vr.'T, il VMBS : 1 Eli SON, V. !? Bo njiJWBroart wny, srci" sijc, in c > . ir ;il-o?ii t?ui'eir.cci.tii kuclL N. II.-* B ai " >r tr s"i> KmUit ? n-. S I nAVE'UAO FOt'R TKnTH EXTRACTED WITH in lecllrff ? ,v ? -ir whatevrr, by Dr. J. Jay Vilten i'. , ? . i i .i . rful.v reeoninieml bini io tboM ?Itiu iii bin? i.i . CIEOfiiK 'i. BLISS, cei ut i vi Viith uvenue aud thirty- -bib j\ s i

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