Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 26, 1861 Page 2
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aiTTTATIOiVB WAITlSD-KBMAI-M.^ A COMPETENT GIRL, WITH GOOD REKERENCB, w it 11 tH a al. nation 10 rook, wash and Iron, or to do gene 1*1 hour-work. You can get li*r, or any other tlrat ?">?"* ?*'; vant you want, frse of an* i h irge, at the I'rlvate oervaaw Institute, 14 Eiui 11th St., betwreeu 8d anil ith ays. t ArERSON WHOSE HUSBAND Xfl NOW IN THE army at Port Royal, di aires tt situation In a good Pro te.tant family; in willing to make herself generally uvful In chain be rwbrk, Bf win* or nursing, for a small oorapcnsa tloii ami good home. Beat reference given. Addreaa Home, ?Ulion D. A 8 WET NURSE-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PRO teaUmt woman, with a fienh brcantof milk, wanlaa situation n h wet nurse. Beat <ity reference If required. Can be K'cn l ? >r two days at 86 Luliiht sL, between Wuibln^ton and Went. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS good plain cook; la willing to assist In the washing. Call at Id Weal lSib at., Urst lloor, back room. A RESPECTABLE PERSON WANTS A SITUATION AS arHiimtn-xa and to take rarr of children; understand* all kinds ui tamlly >>ewlnt(: bus lived several years In her la*t place; lia? excellent city reference. Apply at 217 Weat 26th at, for two days. WTATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLB your gtrl, aa chambermaid jtnd waitress, or u-. nurse mud aeaiuairctiH, elthi'i In 'ouiiiry or city: bent country and city reference* given. Call :il 28:. West 33d at, between Vtlt and 10th ava., second lloor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE youiii; Rii I for general house* ork or as chambermaid In ? small I a mil . , ha? ih<* bent reference fr n her last place. C^l for two days at 262 Atlantic sU, top I r, bank room. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A T OU.VO GIRL. AS chamber tii a hi uml w nitre** In n pi ate iainil) ; will as sist with the washing und ironing; would go as chamber* snaid and nurse: in willing, obll^in^ and not afraid to work, Oood it ferine? from her la&t place. Call at or address lor two da > * 95 West 33d sU, between Ctb and 7th avs., tup lioor, front room. A DRESSMAKER WISHES TO <H> OUT BY TUB DAY , to cut aud tit; understand! nil kinds of line rowing. Can |>e seen at 2*22 7th av., between 24th and 25th sts. A LADY 18 DESIROUS OP PROCURING SITUATIONS for three young women, who are living with her, and -whom who is foreed to pari with in consequence of breaking tip housekeeping; each of these girls have lived a considera ble time with tho family, and understand their business thoroughly ; one as cook ; one as waitress, and the other as chambermaid and lauudress. Can be bee u Ull suited at 46 Kasl 29th si. AYOUNU OIHL, AN AMERICAN, WANTS A SITU A lion as onr.-r, is a good scarn>>ir-?aand wUling to make herself useful. ttcfttrunces can be given. Call at 47b 3d av., top floor. Ares* i stable tot1 no woman wishes to do all kinds of plain sewing, by day or week. Call at 185 W rat 25th si., between 8th and 9th avs., in the rear. Amiddij: aged English woman, a pro testaut, wants a situation; is sin excellent nurse, faith fui and kind to children ; very attentive in caae oi sickness; has had the entire chur^i* of infanta f<?r many yearn; can cut and make their clothing. Recommended l>y the Lr*t fumthru in tho c I'.y. Call at ijU 3d ave. TITANTKU? A SITUATION, BY A VOUNG WOMAN, n to uii'k. ash and In n. Has u ytiurtt' cityivf'e renoe. fall t < r two days at 110 West 3DU *t.,top floor. AFKENlU WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION .AN child'* mirse; understands cuttingan.l fitting children's clothi-K. A| iily fur two days ut HO Clintons!., between Broome anil ti'rand bis. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WI8HKS A Bm'ATTON a. wet nurae In a lesjiuctablc lainily. Call for two days at 1716 Oeilar at. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A PROTESTANT CURL, as i ha. x rmald and a< ntnstrraa or nurse; good ri fe r<'iie Can be seen for two daj ? at 24rt\l . ?t 17th at. room. A SITUATION WANTED? 15 V A YOLNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid & n ? ! neamfctresfi, or nurae and ftenmairr-s* or to do tine washing; city reference. Can be seen lor two <layaat 192 4th et.t uc.uGth av., third floor, trout room. A PROTESTANT ENGLISH GIRL WANTS A SITUA tlon ax plain cook, washer and tr< iter ir i private family, tiood city reference. Can be aeon for iwo * ?ya at 211 AiIhu tic at., fcouth brook I % n, lroul ro< m, lirat floor. A SITUATION WANTKD? AS CHILDREN'S NURSE by a young unman; in vrry agreeable and kind to chil dren; would take charge of one or two children; will be Kails, fled with a moderate ttalary in a comfortable home. Can b< ?een for two da; a ut 2i Cbeevel' i??.ice, fl here ahe h.ta lived lor all yenra. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RKSP?t TABLE girl, to do general housework ; ban good city reference. Can be a* en for two days at 143 II ammo nd St., trontbaae meat. A SITUATION WANTKfc? BV A RESPECTABLE young iMJiuati, to do light htnwwork in a amall pri ?ale lamilT; is a tt rat rate wwhrr and ironcr; can do good plain cooking, mwI ca n ttin k? excellent bread. Wages Jeaa an ohje. t than a comfortable home. The be*t of city reie relioe given. <'uii be wscn lor two days at 369 6th av., be tween 22d and 23d a la. Ring the front doorbell. A SITUATION 18 WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant woman, n* goon cook, washer and Ironer; uuderataiiila ntl kinna ol ^ ups and paatry. Th? bent of re ferences liviu her li*t phu*. Would go <* abort distance 1 n the country, t an be seen for two day* at Hi'J ?M si., be Iw.en 7th and bth av?,t second floor, ba - k room. AfOOM WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COM- ' pete lit seamstress; can do nil kinds of tauiily sewing luiiiuK and fittim; ladies' and children's dresses neatly; .tvo'tld be willing to make herself tint-fill; would work by the w<en, a permanent situation prelerred. Best of refere?i'-e. Van l?- aeeji for two days at 57 41st mi., between Gthand7ih Kvti. , front rix in. A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG WOMAN WISHEB A SITU ailou hi* cook. vva?h?r and ironer, or to d.> (general house work; lifiB no objections 10 go In ibo country. Best of city ItAnM Can be wen lor two days .it 111 Went 3Nl M A RESPECTABLE OSSHAX 6IH> WAJitB A SIT I' A tumto taki' laii-K ol children aiul do plalu sew ing, in ? amall Uermaii family . Call at 47 Itiug M. A VOl Mi WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO !H> chamtwnrork and to a.<l.i in washing uud iinntng. -r to do geiiem! b"u i-wiirk, In u small family. tiood if ferem >? from her pren at employer. Api'ly at N". hast ;wui ?t., near 4th nr. A YOUNG UKHMAN tilHL IS DESIROUS OF OB" uuning a sllaiulon in aoniit fiimlly, I'lthcrat'-haiiiU r" in ild or to do prni'inl honm-work. Call at 151 Kll/nbeth ?t,? bci mil floor, front room. \ SITUATION WANTED? BV A BKSHECTABLK OIIUa jt\ as cookj la# llr^t i?te w ? in r and lmn?r; or would do uenrral houacwork in a small pvivaK' i .mliy. tioodcil; M' from her labi plac. Call at 136 West 4U I at., near Jth ave. ? Asm ATKIS WANTED? BY A COMPETENT ASH reepi latin- wonnili. t.i do OO'ikillfc'; tiiorongh.i titnfer atanila her Inwitu'MM in all tin Utaitcht^, und i? a >;? >? >t"l u. ? her and ironer. Call a 772 C;U &Y., between iith t?tid4tith aia., lor two days. ABBJ9PECTABLE TtOVVQ WOMAN WANTS A HITIJ. nt.on an cook; hM no nbjoetion to .laniM with tin 'v; -)i jng und 1 r< ' ii I ii je-t l- ? ?y untli-muiid* her bHslnesn; the li. ?l of city n il ri'iiu'. Can bp w-n lor two <uyt at KM I* est 10th hi. . i ootul Itoor, back nmuu. Asiti-ation wanted -by a woman, as aotm oook; haa no objection to avist In tin v,.i-i,inr and Jt'iulnj.; b ,? ?r?.H| <<:y rel'ereute from her last pla.i>. CnUnt 114 7in aw., aeeond lloor, RQtttrtmm. AYOI.'Nti (.IEL WISHES A SITUATION TO (ill CH VM Sii rnnrk and vultlng or totnlcfcni I ehllilrrn; haa jood i ity refaronte. Call at 17o Z6ui at., between bth and yth avH. Abesssotabu youno OIKL WISHES A SITUA Uou to do general liotiMework in u amall family; i? a good cook and tlrat rate waaherandlrnnor; beat o! l elerance iriiin her U?; piacC. Call lor two days ul I'.y I'aduc at. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A COMPETENT l'EB . aou, 13 cuok, wash and Iron, or to do general liuusew.i k In a amall family; is willing and oidl^in ?; baa good city ref. erence. <'an be a. en loi two di 4UEaat ^Jd St., between 4th and Madison ava. A SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNO LADY OF refinement, an seamstritas In (mne grnteel funuly or UK companion and attendant to an Invalid ; no oliji <t ohii'il., lu the tMMintnr or to travel; waKea notsomueh an ohje< i js ? cumfortalde home. Apply at the store 360 I unal si., netw.-en k'i and 3 o'elocl.. AYOUNU OIBL WANTS A SITUATION^ AS CH.\nT bornuld and waiter or aa seatii-lres* in ? [mvate /ainllv. Boat city refi ri n e. Call nt I j632d St., near 2d nv. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION r.of .t ri t?. co?- . and e? elieut baker of bread a r.d hi*. iuit; is a p*od tvaaurr anJ lrciior; no objei lion to gn in tne twnujr. t'kli lor tviodaya at 3fiS Ovb ^v., atoond uoor, kaek r.iom. AKOVNO C.IRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM Iwri/.al* nit" v stlires*. or as nerse; is willing to make liers.1 ' toneully uji. lUi. <.au te >.-eu at nor Ut t place, 70 btate at., jB.oi klyn. Arekpectabek furu. wrsniis a situation to do Lotiaework In a ?mnl. , rlvate family. Call for two '?*)? at her ptosi.ui employer's, 308 West 'M st., between 'Jth tstel 10th a s. A SITUATION W ANTED-BY a YOUNO GIRL, TO DO Keneml bouaework In a prlrau- fajniiy; ouo who Is not hi raid i ol w "rk; no objection to a fihort distance In the coun try. Call at 237 liSUi at., near Vth av. , second lioor. , A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SiTL'A rl'mu*"'u>L ?rra 'lo s*"11'1"*1 housRMork In a small pri *ave fatniW. Beat of city releivueo. Apply at 101 East akth at., aecond floor, front mom. k *"lu A SITUATION WA?TED-BY~a" VOL' NO WOM^N who Is very oo:np.-tent to take chore, of a yonnr 1m?7.i ' ?lie Is kind and trustworthy In all resoceta anda ni . , nf .ewer No objection to abort In the'^u^ Wt*t?ttC y "**" M 415 6111 hetwoeu ini A LADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS hgusr koepor .xr nuraer/ governess, with a family y,,lu? the West Indies or booth America. Address Uovtirneii Madinon aijuarc Boat office. vtrni.", A SITUATION jWANTED-BY AN ORPHAN OIHlI a?ed 16, to do plain sewing and Hghtchsmberwork; no! so much an object aa a good home. Uood silv raferan?> Call for two days at ISO East 3d at. 3 cc' ARE8PTCTABLB YOTTNQ WOMAN WANTS A SITTJ. atiou a. nurae: would take the entire cLar^e ot lw0 or three growing rMldren; is % good reader at- i writer and .?could lie will ,.g to i-^nch them until ten years oid; or would aaslst with children and do chambernork or waiting; la kiud t'ld obliging. Best of reference as to rliaract r, rapaiii itv A , (win bii obtained. Call at or address M. H. N., 0'i West attention"11 pUc*' Wp flwr' w-el irtlU iuuueUiate BITPATIoya WAItTKBuPBMAtBg. A SITUATION V ANTED? B Y A RESPECTABLE GIRL, na plain cook ; u ! to assist In tbe washing and IcorIux I" ? private family, or to do general housework for * ?mall femily. Good city reference from her last plaoe. Call at 2J3 1st av., curner of 17th at., top floor, front room. ARESPECTABLK WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION; 18 an eiperlenced onok; understands making bread and confectionery: is a good washer and ironer. Una good cliy reference*. Call for two day* at Hi Henry it., between Pa cific and Atlantic sta., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A l?58PEOTABL,B QlfiL, to do general housework in a private family; Is a goud plain cook and an excellent washer and Ironer. 1'hn bent of city references can be given from her last place. Call at N' 9 6th sU, near the Bowery, for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA tlon; Is a good cook, was! randtrouer; understands making bread, hl-mult*. picsand .?cs; hits no objection to do general housework In a small family. Ha* good city refe rences from her last place. Call for two dafl at 13S, corner of A'lautlo and Henry at*., room No. 8. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO chamherwom and assist Io the washing and ironing, or would do general housework in a small private family; liest city reference. Call at ISO West 20th St., ossement. HOUSEKEKPER.-W ANTED, BY A WIDOW LADY, mi American, u situation a* housekeeper In a gentle, man a family; -vould be willing to do the work of a small family. Address Anna V. C\, ilerald olOce. SITUATION WANTED? BY A REBPEC1 woman, to do plain ?ewlng and ukc caro of children ; is willing and obliging, Can be seen lor two day* at 83 West 19th st., between tith and 7th aves. SITUATION WANTED.? BY A YOl'NG GIRL, A3 chambermaid and seamstress or to cook; good city relo renco can be given. Inquire at 176 Elm St., first floor. SITUATION WANTED? IIY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do general housework In a small family; beat of City referouoc from her last place. Call ut 11 'J Allautlu st', Brook 'y. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, ns t han bcrmald anal waitress, or to take charge of chlldien ami do nil kinds or sewing for them; fan give iho best of city reference. Call for two days at 161! Wavcrley plaoe, ie?r, from io till 2 o'clock. TXTANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO TT tesuiut woman, aa cook and to In the washing and Ironing of a small private family; the very beat of oLy rerereuee i an begiven. Apply for t?o days at 218 West.'ISth St., near 8th av. "11TANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO TT mnu, aa first class cook: perfectly understands her busmen. in all Its blanches. Best cliv reference from the best families, some for seven yeara. Call lor tw o days at 85 East Kih st., third floor, front room. WANTED-BY A GOOD 8EHVANT, A SITUATION AS cook, washer aud Ironer In t >me respectable family. Apply at 901 Mulberry at., between Houston ami Bleecker. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA" *1 tion as first clasa cook ; understands pastries. soups' poultry, gune, boning, larding, baking, Ac. city reie rru. n from her last place. Call at 211 East 20tb St. for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A STRONG YOUNG girl, only a few month* from the old country, who la willing to do any kind of housework In usui&lll.tmily ; would l>e willing logo for small wages. Can be tee n for lauds)* at 17tf Vunck St., brat tloor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WIDOW woman, a attention as nurse and seamstri ss; ran take tin* entire charge of a baby from lis birth; la w illing ami obliging; can do all kinds of family Sewing; no objection to wan on an invalid lady or to travel. Good roference*. Call or address, fo- three (fay*. K5 : d iv., bet wet u 32d and Sid st*. WASHING WANTED-BY AN EXCELLENT I.AUN dress, by the dozen; or would do family w ishing by the montb. Can give the best of reference as to honesty and capability. Call at, or addrcsa, 87 East 32d St., la-si lloor, hack room. ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, AT HER ft own realdence, families washing; liming and nneries can be done In the m-atcst style. Terms moderate. Beat city reference. Call al -17 7th av., betm en 21th and 2dtti sta. third llotr, back room. TITAN TED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS If plain cook and to wiusn and Iron and make herselt gene, rally useful; beat of city reference, fall lor two dajhatSOO 2d av., near 23d si. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid or to do U4I1I house work. Call at No. 7 bchet'iuciiioru St., Bruokiyu, this day WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as pialn cook, waaher and ironer; no< uou to general housework in a small fit.n il> ; .city refori in from he* ustt' " " ' " and Urcenwlcl WANTED? A SITUATION, AS SALESWOMAN IN A Oil: k or maiitiila store, by a young lady ot ^ood figure and nil.i.i >, who consider* hersell lUlly. competent. Salary not so mil' h nn object aa honors ble employment. Addrchs Mis* \V., llcrald olllce. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG PltoTEs tant girl, a* lady's maiu; is an excellent Hairdresser and seamstress; can cul aud lit ladies' dresses; has no ob jection io travel. The most unqualified testimonials given ??. to chsracter and cauabiiUy. Apply in tli omce or lir. Burns, No. 9 Hudsou place (!Mth at. /, ootween 9th and lutli avenue*. Air AN TOD- A. SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, V? as chambermaid aud wan i eat*; lately lauded and wages no object. < an be seen lot Iwu daya al 227 av. A, firm tloor, front room. Y\' ANTOD-HY A ImflOttlUI <1IRL, A SITU A TV lion to do general housework; has the bewi ot ivie n iic.i from h? r last place, where -die liv^.l t?o years; no ob jection* to go Ui the country. Call at 1+1 West iiiti st. IITANTKD-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A EE V v rje-ctable man led woman. Cun be seen nntll jiiiitc.l al 1U2 1'rlmie at., between the hours of III and I o'clock. WANTP.D? A SITUATION, IfY A KESPECf AT>LK young tflrt, ?n a muall prl\ule lamtl), ;w? good pluin cook ; ?>? a moM excellent \\ utthtv and Ir oner. Oau be & u at 4M0 Atlantic it Brookl) n. TirANTKD? A RK8PKCTABLK GIRL, WHO UMIKK ff stands washing, ironing unci cooking. Inquire at 403 Mil* ;<V . WAN TK L> ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT if woman, a situation mm wet imrae. i an he Hiti'ii i..r two days at lll West 18th at., between tith mid 7th ava. WANTED- BT A BXBPBOTaBLE PBOISSTANT young woman, an American, a situation to do eham barwork arui assist in washing ami ironing; city reference, at 124 Ka-tt iOth at., third floor, link. room. VITA N TED? A SITUATION FOB \ YOUNG GH'I. PROM f ? the country, 10 ,"in c*rt an ! do light cbamb?rvN oi k. rail for two days at t'l 5lh ave., when- -Ai information will be given. M I \ SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO ? T e-o., \\ a?h and iron, or an Kumd ?'>*.-?>, eood ci'y tcl'e. renee jjlven. K .ill for t\\ daya ai M Charles &t. \\7 ANTED? BY A YOIN'G WOW A.N, A Si' I VIOV AS ?? nurse ?>r e.hatnl>Tm .i l, or to attend aster*. t ali .a &JI Broadway, under tie Mel ropolitan hotel, ; r tw?? d<> AI "ANTED- A SI IT ATI ON, BY A.N EFFlCIhKT GlKl.' V? to do <_> net'si hotisewoik in u small l a lull \ ; ha* ;iy. -I eight years in lier last \ luce. Can be . ? ui lor two <l-y - at 77 W est 27th street, second fl-wr, front room. \\r ANTED? A SUM ATJON, BY A RESPECTA BLK \\ O ? t mail, .??? good '-ook, washer and ironc r; n?? obj. eiioiiK to j;o n sbor; distance in ibe ? oniitry; best ol ei?,\ aim ? - inc.; r< - t ereliee? . Call at 1 OS East l$t b at., between .id am! K?. ave;-., for two ib. yn, third lloor, front room \\r ANTED? BY A KKHPKCTA BEE YOUNG WOMAN. A T? Himif II. I. i* bl-t eiav took: no j- cimn to a ? Witi, tin w-'.-hing and iroliiug. Bed tit,\ rei ?.,emv, Ca.? be seen at 173 W< t a;., ht'iv. en 7th aiiu .^!n \\r ANTED? ltY A RKSl'KCTABLF WOMAN. TIJK If wasldrig ?a a few gem iernen <>v a v,j?eetable l'.iniiiy ; divg no other work but lor ladl' .4 and .,v,M!le;f em, wi.i take ti'e greatest earn o? tli? cloth and will ete^:?ue l?? ^ive 'Treat >MtiaVacilon. Best eit> reJerenee. Call at any time e 111 \S e.siJOth st. , beta* ? n 7th and 8tb a vs., loj? Hour, '< k room. \\ "A N VKD? BY A YOUNG WOM \N, V SITUATION 'lO ?? eoi?k, waab nn>\ iron, < r do -ericriil hou, t.wui K, i. > < >!?. jeetleu to^o HI the e4.untry. Good city ivferenee fioni last pi.iee. Can for two days at 'Ti Hicks St., Brookhn. 'IV ?A SITUATION AS COOK IN A HKS. KCTA T? teuiii/; in alro Uliliiig to do washing ?nd ?r-?Uiti^, i! pjillraii . i Protc-tant; best, of rel? renc'-s^iven , no n >#j e. to f?o to lac country. Address Ann Day, 00:> 2d av., ootwe en 31 s< iiit'l 3-d sts. Vy ANTED? BY A BESPECTABLK WOMAN, SOMK If w awbwjy end ironing; wou?d en; r lake k b?.,i;e ?. vo out to worL. Can give ^ood city ret# lvnoe. Can oc teen i . two day a a; ? ?d St., third lloor. \\r \NTF.D~BY A UESPKt I A B1?K ^ Ol'Nt h PK US< ? \ . Tf ft liituation an tuvaiid nurse; i>. ihonmgtily e.onjH- v v to tak?* the .?? ove Mtuatinn; or would do eb -nuber -v. i k u: j asfc-ht In waMiinu and ironing, i an be seen i'e r two days. r. no' t.Mnl i'um r lh/yu Building, r of Yo .. -ud Jlud-on ?n.?., Jol'nej C it y . \ir AN TU.D- A STTUATIOiN', BY A KKHPKGTA til J) ft Rtrl, i ? Uitinb# i ical t a- u to i'o line .i -?nu; oi . s . berto old a nd w,iiue,.t, or ] 4 ? 1 i s-v\in:. Best ti l. , rn? e. C an be fe'-n tor u\ o ' ,.t li." W. ,i 2l;h m. WANTED A MT AT I ON AS C?.?? >1\ AND T<1 ! >T id t .1 on, by ? ? -e ii who und . Aj'l l: a !ier la -''in e.^p .., .. ,1b. lie.. ; -? , ?r-.,Mv _i;. : UrANTBlV BY \ KPSP^i.'TtAi,!-: PltoTKST \NT V.'O- ' mil ii. c ??"?lai ?n n, \**?i nutHi . lb-- .? ? - u y i j r.tu -h lvc?. Call al l.> Vhiiukiii <<t., N. \ li> in 10 to J, inr j two d y ? ?\ITAXTED? BV A KKM'J-.i "I.VMI.K Vol M; WOMAN, A ? T munition m tlo g tn ml !>? .ii ? ? ivi.i k, j,. ??ny urcm.n trj Tiot I'Hrili'u'ar i" lh? i .-/ft of th." Uimilf - MoUmur i> -v <.u?>U city rc.erfmc lrum i..?i j.un . Call at 411 IVnll ?t. T1TANTED-A SITI'ATION. BY A SEMPECTA HT.K PRO 11 tCbUint woman, atcuuk in a viiuUlprlvuur family: on*' who unileritandl hi-r musiih-hs and Is a cuod bak'-r; v. onld !?? willing lo ? )U) tho washing if rrquired. i;oo'l citv i e lcr?noe. Call at .Nu. b Jum.-s st., tvar liousc. WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE GIRL, WITH GOOD city rcfernitrn. ? kUuatiitu to tlo^vnenu housevn r*j n [ a good ji.ala cook, .. ttrst mie waaher aud lroncr, aua cua 1 givo vti'.tactiou (j.iu.'iiilly. t'.Ul for two day a ul CM hi av., near X.ili st., Aral Hour, I font room. I Vi 'A VfED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE t t wouiu.1, a, chiiinlxTmaiil and to bkk st In the waohln^ i and ironiiig, or to du boun?work f?r a kiiih.i lamily; liaa point refer.nce I rom ber laat plate. Call at 121 Ua*i 2Utii ?., third | lloor, Iwi k room. X\T ANTE1>? BY A BESl'BCTABLE YOt'NO WOMAN! It a situation to do gtjncral boum'^ork; can do plain cook. Itig, and if a go .d waatier and lroncr; can gtregno^rcfa reuoa. f.m be aceu at 2i i>c?bros?v at., one ii?.,r trunk Greenwich. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'Nli GIRl]?\ altuai.nn a? cham'n-imfcld >nd walti"?a, or to ?a?h andiron, take care of children and do *ew"ltu:; hna tbrc? ye.iri' refti.iM.'C troin litr lait plate. Apply at 129 Court rl., Brooklyn. WANTP.D? A SITUATION, BY A TOVKO W OMAN. 'i'O cook, wa- :i kii.i iron; Rood reference. Call lor two n at 111 Earn 21 ji ai? lirat Uooi , front room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A HITITA | t.lou a. rook, washer and In ner; Ua g<*id b*k r; or to ito general I o im won. in a ? mall private family; aeveu year,' t. a j Uc acCft i?f tnw 9(W 8'A *? HELP WASTED-MALES. AGFNT8 WASTED? TO BELL BOWRTIIINO EH Urely new and orl,di ol? none other* Uke them? the Union Prise Stationery and Receipt Package. Wo Invite comparison and defy competition. We do not*"-!! our pack ages, because we are not afraid to ihovr their content*, Wa give a lint of our article*, which our Im'tatora dare not do. Each package contain* a beautiful an t eorrcut engraving of GENERAL GEORGE B. MoCLELLAN, 61W, 75 Valuable Receipts. t White Flay Envelopes, la oolor*. 6 Ladle*' While Flag Envelope*, 1 ___ .-.inortorfc 6 Buff Envelope*. 6 Sheets Commercial Note Taper. 6 Sheets Fine Ladles' Note Paper, 0 Sheet* Ladlea' Billet Pai>er. 1 Accommodation Penholder, 2 Fine Steel Pens. 1 Fine Pencil, 1 Sheet Blotting Paper. 1 Giltot' Valuable Jewelry. Retail price for Ibe whole, twntf-Sre rent*. Agents wanted Ui every city, town and Tillage. Call on or addrcm, enclosing stamp, RICKAK1J3 & Co., KM Nassau street. Agents wanted-to sell our union station ery and Priza Packet*. Kent manufactured, contain more and bettor good* than any other, containing, b?Hde? Union Stationery, Portrait* of McCIellanand Major Gcueral* of the United States Army and B piece m Jewelry. Also, I a trlotlc Packets without jewelry, a superior packet for the soldiers. Iletall price 2o cents. Agents wanted everywhere. B?nd stamp loc circular, or call on iiASKINH 4 CO., M Deckinau atreet. Agents wanted? to sell vale s flag op our Union and Military (Hit and Stationery Package*. Agent* wlio are now selling imitations, put up by other par ties, lire respectfully requested to send ns their address and we will forward tnein a sample witli circular which will at once satisfy theai that they can make more mouej ami give better salislactlon by selling our packages than any other* I a market. Address J. W. Yrue, Proprietor, Metropolitan Gilt Book Store, Syracuse, N. V. Boy wanted? in a furniture store in brook iyn; oMe who oanwriten go.jd hand and route well r?? commended may apply at 74 and 76 Myrtle avo., corner of L iwrence st., Brooklyn. COMMEUOIAL TRAVELLER wanted? acquainted with the perfumery, Ink and fancy goods business. Ap ply to Win. F. White A Co., 127 Grand St. (1LERK WANTED, IN A COAL OFFICE? MUST HE J I umlliur ? Ith the business and understand bookkeeping by doubln entry. None others need apnly. M ust come well recommended for honesty and sobriety. Address, stating ?alary, Berry, Herald otllce. Drug clerk wanteq-a touno man of kxpe rience, capacity and business habit*; one willing to make close applii ntiou for reasonable falary Address box 1 7M l'ost otttce, stating a;e, experience, habits, laut placc. salary and reference. Magnificent business for city and country Canvassers? $s to $10 iter day made l>y smart men. Apply to or address Caldwell A Co., ST l'srk row , room 2L ON SALARY OK COMMISSION.? SEVERAL SAMPLE clerks, cunvameraaud agents wanted In introducing a new, splendid article, in mparelleled demand. Apply at the New York Eleotrical Institute, Wood's Marble Buildings, 6SI Broadway, aeoond Door. SITUATION WANTBD ? BY A MIDDLE AGED MAN, O competent for any ordinary lousiness; Is a fair penman, quick at figures and willing to devote bl* .vhole time lo the interest of his employers. Audreu B.,[l>ox 123 IluraM office S1ALESMEN, TRAVELLING IN ANY BUSINESS TH AT 5 would not contiint with Sugars, could make an arrange ment ? llli asegar house to si; II sugars on commission. No. 17 Broadway. WANTED? AN ACTIVE SINGLE MAN, WHO THO roughly ?Bdendand* the rare of horses, cov s, < arrlitgefl and gardening; good home, moderalo wages, mid plcniv of work ; at Orsug-, N. J. Apply to J. W. Judd, 39 William St., third Boor. ' VI,' ANTED ? TO EMPLOY PERMANENTLY, A SKILFUL tl writer of shorthand. Addrcas War, Herald office, with name and addles*, tor two i^,ys. TV" ANTKll? A YOUNG MAN AK AN INDOOR SALES tT man In a paper store; must lie smart, ucuvc mid wil. ling to wi rk; one wlio has been in the business prclerred Apply to F. R. Walker, 22 Spring at. WANTED-A CLERK IN AN INSURANCE OFFICE; abo a clerk in a hardware store snd a collector. Apply At the Merchants' Clerk*' Registry office, 13 Wuli st. Situa tions uriwured for respectable parties. Established IBS#. Ap plicunts by mat! musi enclose stamps. WANTED-A CLERK, IN A RETAIL JEWELRY store; one who is competent In every reaped ; t est of references required. Call between 2 and <1 o'clock 1'. M. at ljti bowery. \y ANTED- A PERSON TO ACT AS MANAGER FOB " ?the tuisl'.i'sa of Hollo?a\ s liicdicinen; n.un I*' English or Scotch; applicant* must be prepared to give ihe security of two responsible b.indniu n in the sum ol jj&.illM each; wages moderate; a married man preferred. Addivso, with releiviic- a and ago, add also With sketch of all the situations or btisini saes in wlileh the applicant has been en Caged lor ihe last live years, Uux 4,5% i'osl olllee. ANTKD? A BOOKKEEPER, IN A FIRST CLASS retail grocery; one with some knowledge ol the busi ness required. Address A. O. L., Herald oihee. "IITANTED? 2 CONDUCTORS, 2 III! A K KM EN, 6 MEN v? lor .ileainers, 2 clrrks, 1 Bbipping clerk, I tlmckee|M>r for a marble yaru, o poriers, 2 men to drive, 2 girls to go to California, 1 stewardess. Apply at No. 7 <'!mtb.uii f.quarc. TIT ANTED? AN ASSISTANT IN A DRV GOODS AUG" ft lion store; s person ol some rxjirrience prefenvd; ?a* lary $t> to $io. \pply at lMGranu st? WlUiainaliucg. J ANTED IMMEDIATELY ?TWO JOURNEYMEN FU fl ic rs. Apply to J. C. Mayer Jt Bon, 23 -Maiden laue. w TV MTU ATI OK $ WANTKU.NALKS. 4 YdVSU UUNTLRMAN, op FAMILY AND J V ocl u? atinn, pi in Mm i?*?iinfer and Hpp.'araHitrt*, who is in drlieatn h?alth, tvUhe* lo tmvvl, mllirr an <t?<*nt lot O'Uic house or am companion and nerrftfary, Willi home gen* Urn tan travelling in Him country or Europe. The b??i ol' re lerence gu tin. Addrt?a.s H. L. (?., box ilia llrrald olhce. A S COACHMAN. -WANTED, BY A S INTELLIGENT* J.Y. honest and aaber eoton-d m:m, a Mtuallon us eottehuiMij ,t , wniild hIs<) tl wm k if required; IV m of relereuet/N | from lata employ era. Inquire ol J. K, Hoy I, 38A and 3*0 Broadway. A SALB8MA" (>r TIM YEARS* KXPKRIKNOB IN" *?\. i>ry GotHlu, il.ts, /ic., wishes employm m in an> capa city whi rc inM.i.j make' ui?ol ul, emp.'oynu'iit mat* an than s.ilarv; bet?t city reference. Awdrcna Salesman, box li'2 Un a id oilav. 4 CPMPKThNT KOOKKKCHEK WISHES A S!Tt A* J\. 'titer im accountant or aale-mian. Addre** I>. 1-* K., I i?- raid oiliee. ll'ANTED-A SITUATION AS \\ UTEl!; A YOlNi. * T col. :,rd man, w no Iia* i>- -n living a iln in" Mini" lamny l?>i -ix seaiv, and will) lea\ . s >n an'om.t o; i.iadr m-caivin,; '0 luui*- ii oO.f IV I ermin es ^iv.-n. Apply at OA B;oa<? aiu, u iv ? li?H?r. \X r ANTED -HY A YOt NO M AN A aITUATION AS u clerk or a. -?.taunt n >oWk- ep-r in any sort oi nn^inc. ? ? nit w nl" lit : 'ii ? and Etifcliab. A?:dr? &-Tj. I , li., 1m\ 3,116 ls?-\v N ork i'o-i cnh.*:-. \iT ANYE1) ? A MTlXllDN IN V UETA1L DKI ti ? f si. i, ?. by h competent y- mart. Ji? hi in re. civil- >? given. Call ? n or a ?!?.!?? - ^ Cif K, If u.fson * r? ' 1 1 r A N T K D *5 V A >i A N \N(? WfFC, WiTiUK 1' ii.N > T niianr.iTii'c, a siiuaiion In *.'??<?? tin* ?;i" .in as hi.- f .i nl h.u si-inn r and th m :**.?. th . . t.'r.ti to^i iu,, slioi i disi tncr ni the . o C , lw*\ I'J, ll-r . d "Un ?V - ;ai.-?ii in ANTKD? l!V V I'tKM' ? I . \SS SALESMAN, n in ? recall ill v mkuI.h s <?.. . u ?i\.- i rof* bltny, I, .vr. Addl - J I. K . box i'J ll. rald ollU tlhZlsl* \\ AWK<<I<AN, KM.! ,1.-11. IJ'JSIl, scorcil, Ui',K>lAN ? i ! 1 1 i r.?joi I-. I - iv .-ill.-., w j I J* -j "-/ti tii \ 4i* If n*n ?<? > . an now i '?? li 'id, I j n?* o. Ii -irti?*, 1 N" i liin'si., n" !. lir i:lwav. Sew., a! iii. an* n ?\v w.tni\*d mm i'Vi ruoMi ' .aiions. 4 LI. K4MILTES AND (UM'D SKKVANTS WILL HIND J.Y tin: ?*:d est ? ?{ i.-.*ied .? on ? (;:? ? orn?:r t?i SixiH uvt nin* . .id ?i ? % oil-. . o- 'ici jtian, Kngh.sii, Jri.sii and Ann'?nau wornon. .Mrn. K!oyd in aUcuuauee. irood tvr\0y. IJANTALOON HANDS WANTED To MAKE M I LIT A I. rv jniu^uy. l?? Bvrahcirucr 1^ i.d itrotdway. CF.U\ ANTS IN BltOOKLyN U VNTJM; SITL'ATION.n h.iui.ul a]?idy fmini - mdy to MANNIM. X CO., IdTil-"" l.\r> i ?- . -a .'I'M *' th' y t an bf aiun I w ithout any d".a> ; many ?*\n liftit plio t' ? in lir-l i ? l.t'uilich ? vri v day ai ;;t>od wam-.H. (iirl* in- not rrf|Uir?'d lo hit in ihl* o'Jice. \\*AN 1 I L> ? -N 1 A'EKAL LADIES FOR (SOLD EMUROl ' T ill !1 <Ji'\k.frtl ii'iitcr llu> iii:-|?vr li"ii o* ii r jlii a i'd ;i.d>. Aj>|?Jy *oJ. S aderujanu A i-'o., Mo I'rm I .t. WANTED AITlthNTlCES, To MAKE INDIES' t Ai'S. ? ? ? all lur t'l^lit at No. 8 White sf, Ur \ N I ED? A C.OOD N 1 KSE TO (iO TO MVEIITOOL, t 7 to l.?k ? ?* iV" a 5 j . * s .lit , none j? y wlm Ai' "? a si> K v > ami |i?H^.a??c <n ro^j th ?<?. ? . in w;ll I" f'lvvn i i?.- . r- . oi.rtM; s t vicns not r? quiri ? .tier r".?< oiitg po il. ,Vf l.^.) ?\ ?v Y^Er Nl'llSL \\ ANTED 1MMLD1 ATELV. AIM l.V AT .'{ Sii oiK \ a ? r.i< r l ; [a, , -o i >t., ^ uih ill* W .?? ? ' ' ? ? ??, ??)? nitiurrruHli! I ml .... m -.t'i# . :jfl imiiic 1 J h ' ?>'. i i hi. I ' AS I'KD-A l'U'.:i:ar.V\t SF.UV.vST GTilll To ISO ! * ' ??> ?" ??<?? > *' / . S (\ IT. :.?? frif.w. A I I.W To ? ol, ?H SKEKI. 1'r.ATJ T? a\-i So hi bii( . 1 im In i . dlalfllv nl ( ..I in A|'|)l> 11'Ali A vol M) Oil UIIHU.!; AI'KO FUMtl.K \j UMifKilu Kivih h wrll, in iAi1 iiif ol ahllarpn tna Iii.ikr li'ib'ii ?fii- 1.1 li J use: ul. \M'ly i 1W6 iiii> nve., comer Of J'Jl'l HI. AAAA N'fEU? A lil'.KMAN OIK I.. TO l>o IlolSKWoUK VY ?nd w-i.t on u ?? uM?. A|>pi> ?i 113 Went iihii n. \l"ANTEO-A PROTESTANT OIUL AS COOK; 0KB wlm uiuli rMunrtH tin- liuKiiiM?~ :i h . i i?m bring gut ni e/lv ri'li n-nic. Apfly ul J5ti Wejji 23U i?l., hi t r '.K h av. , I'rijai 10 to 12 o'rluck. IITAKTEO? A Him.. TO DO (IENEKAL llODSEWOHK; M a (jixj I pluln cu.'k iiml n lint r?.<* n-Hslier ?u?i liuucr. Appiy ui l'JS All 'li nl. ('Ity releronen ii'ijulrcd. -llTASTKIi? I. VDIE3 OK UENTLEMKK TO LEABN A ti very pruni?ole liumm ih?i 19 i-uilraly nrw, for ?0oni li>u p.irkirs ?ti' I Ml K.un. It is dually giimutrr and wlnt, r, anil will pay from $12 to $15 a w?ck In any city; Un^hl perfectly in nl* iluy*. Apply in person to Or. 11, Love A Hon, ill Brixiuie ?t., Corner nl Elm, ?e<5ond story. WASTED? AN-* INTELUGENT TERBOK, WHO w ould be ijulck 10 I -urn the new French mode of manufai'tuiing linop skirw, Balmoral!, Ac. A French wrman prrt'erreil; one w ho In Mx-mtuuiad lo atudy the tlfect of ele jji.ui drapery. CalMkt McKcuaee'c I'alace at Fashion, MO WANTID? A WOMAN TO ATTEND A CHILD AND DO up ?t?lr* woi k ; miiat be neat, honegt and well re< om m'-nileil. Apply on < li: ton are., w ont aide, third door Irom A . antic ave., lire lyn, lor twertaya. ' " ?IA'AKTED-A COMPETENT COOK, WHO WILL AT ' tPn,l I'rtnrlpal p.rt of u,t. wa?bln? and Iron I its for * Irani! fannh City relereneea required for mgre than ??? month*. Apply bet?-?a ;he fijuwoC w and u, kl Mo. ? (*%&? i| ^ Hh * ? . . ? J " x ^ FINANCIAL. Attentcon.-itoliday presents to the old Country.? Money Drill*, for an* amount, payable at, siuht throughout Eimfaud. Ireland, France, Germany, A\, ?old by o. SCHMIDT i CO., Banker*. No. 1 Chamber* street, Notr York. Back taxps in westo&ester.? tiib cnder signed will ba at 270 Canal (trust, on the 27th Inst., from lu A. M. to 4 P. M., to attend to the payment of back taxes on ' property uow advertised for Halo by the County Treasurer, All dJU and receipt* that have Leen ordered are ready. JOHN STEVENS. CLAIMS ON EVERT DEPARTMENT OK Til E OOV ernmi'iit promptly adjusted by our agent In Washing ton, and cashed in Now York. JOHN B. MIRK AY, Army and Navy Bunker, 3D Nassau atre?t, opposite the Pom oflloe. rtONTRACTORS WITH THE UNITED STATES OOV V J ernmeut van a* range with the undersigned lor au ad vance In cash, payable In any |<art of the United State* or Europe, the contracts a id cuiitractor* talug aatlsfactory,

JOHN II. MUKKAY, Ai my and Navy Banker, No. SSNwaau street, opposite ibo J'oat office, New York. NOTICE.-A GENTLEMAN, OK THE HIGHEST RE >)>? ? lability und bu*iues* qualification*!, being about en tering Into a very lucrative, long edabllshcd business, wi(!>e* to borrow for the term of two yearn the sum of II fteen thou ?and dollars, at seven percent per annum, for wbtch be will give his nolo, and lu addition a mortgage on bin stock, amounting to between t.'tvuw und $iO,<XjO. All communica tions add i cased to 11. C., Herald office, will be atteuded to lui meiil.itely. "VTKW YORK AND ERIK SECOND MORTOAOE i\ Bonds.? Holders of thi s.: bonds not yet eneuded tor twenty yearn are requested to present their bonds wilbontde lay at the office of the company, at the foot of Duane street, for extension. Those timwllling to extend will receive par and Interest for their bonds, lrom parties who arc willing to ? extend them, on presenting them at said office on Tuesday and Thursday of each week, from 11) to 12 o'clock, until the 1st day of December. Nkw Yob*, Nov. 8, 1861. (2,-r rw\n bond and mortgage.? for saiti, a goisi lirst bond and mortgage, secured on va cant lots in Brisiklyn, to exchange for some cash and other property, or sold at & liberal discount. M. L. SHE I.DON. 79 Cedar street, nnn-*5'000' *7,000, #1,000 and other sums ipO.UUu til loan on bond and mortgage on produc tive Estate; also Improved Iteal Estate to exchange lor unimproved, by A. M. lYON, 23 Wall street. d?QC fwm TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, u)Ow."l/V? on productive Ileal Estate in this city, in sums ol from J'AOOO to ?15,tKW. Apply to JOHN K. CON KEY In the office ol' the People's Fire lnsufauce Company, No. 60 Wall street. SPECIAL NOTICES. FRENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.? IN CON3E quenceof the iiou-acccptance by the President elected on the 2i)th October, a general meeting will bo held on Tues day. Hie 2fith lust., at 7>? o'clock P. M., at Mr. P. Corel's, 7M Broadway, to pro-ced to another election of a Pregident lor the years ItKil, 1S62. E. PARI SOT, Secretary. JOSEPH LEE, FORMERLY MERCHANT TAILOR, Broadway, hiving made arrangements enabling him to serve bis customers as heretofore, will, on andalier Wednes day next, be gratified to see them at No. 71 Lcdar s'.rcet. N. B. ? Joseph Lee holds a power of attorney from David Smith, Esq., receiver for the late firm of Joseph Lee A Kea, authorizing him to colic aid receipt for money due to said firm. Nov. 23, 1861. NAVAU-UNITED STATES SLOOP OF WAR LEVANT? The widows, orphans alio heirs-at-law of the officers, Seamen and Marines serving on board the United States (hip Levant, can receive information of great Importance, by ad dressing S. V. Mies (late of the General Land office), Mili tary and Naval Agency, Washington City, D. C. IJROC LAMATION.? THE OOVEltNOR OF THIS STATE. having, in accordance with a time honored custom, ap pointed Thursday, the 'itith day of November inst., as a day ot public thanksgiving, I, Fernando Wood, Mayor of the city ol New York, do hen by recommend all good citizens to unite on the day thus net apart in ascriptions of praise to the source ol' all good for his miiullolu mercies and blessings. Admldst the evils which the folly and wickedness of man huve produced, the tin -lumping goodness ot' the Creator may well awake our devout wonder. No language can adequately express the extent of His love, hut your honored pastors, in ttl acted by the sublime teaching of revelation, will best guide yonrgratefu! devotions. lam sure that decorum and rational enjoyment will mark this religious festival as ever In the city ol .New York, and I l'eel it only ueccsaatT to i1 mllid those blessed it h abundance to remcmberat tills Inele. men I season and period of general distress the |Hior, the father)"** mid the widow. Perhaps the Ruler of the tiul verse, thus entreated by the voioi of mercy, may remove from our beloved country the s, onrge of w ar! That he may to do so Is my sincere prayer. Given under my hand and seal, at the city ot New York, ibis I8th day of No veuil'n. IHIil. FERNANDO WOOD, Mayor. Sons o* temper ynce -an adjourned ses slon of the (iraiid Division id' Eastern New York, S. of T., w ill he I eld tins (Tuesday > evening, N<?y. 20, commencing at 7 *-3 O'clock, In the Hall of Nassau Division, No. 14, Court street, Brooklyn. J- presents! Ivc* arc requested to be punc tual in their atU adailce. ' JOHN DAVIF.S, Grstld Scribe. rnilE MEMBERS OK THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OF L Col. Coll tak? this means of expressing their sincere thanks to Mr. Abncr S. Brady, the proprietor of the Seventh Ucrjtinenl Gymnasium, for his kindness in allowing them the us-* of his rooms for a class meeting, on Itmnday, the 2oth Inst. By order of the Sophomore Class of Col. Coll. HE MEMBERS OF EXCELSIOR LtlDOE. NO. Iflfl F. and M., are hereby (ummojied to meet at their Boom, corner of ilran.l and Cen it streets, this day (Tuesday ), No v ember 'if,, ISiil, to pay the u?t tribute of regard to their late brother, Edward Ilnggrrty. llrethtvn of olht r Lodge* are afTcctlnmiti lv invited to join with UJ. By order Ol JAS. W. FORTUHE, Master. J (>Nt 4ii 1* auk o , Secretary. T DAKC1NG ACADEMIES ADOUWOKiH'tj DANCING AC ADF.MlF.ft, ? No. 2'H Ftith ttv cor. Twenty -sixth at., New York. No. 137 Montague street. Brooklyn. CLASSES?' Tuesdays ami Fridays in Brooklyn. OLASSKM? Wednesday* and Saturdays In New York. Circulars tot te mis, Ac", may l*e had at either academy Brookes danci no acai>kmy, wo. 361 brooms STREET. SEW OL ASS FOR Tl'ESDAY. Alt the fashionable dnnvs in on?? course of lessons. LA DIK;-. meet Tuesday* ami Fridays, 3 to (> P. M. OENTLJ-MKN. T >i^<lay* .Hid Friday*, 7}a ?? N'Ja P CH i LLUEN, W( in' Kiiays and Saturdays, 3 to 6 P. M. .Ladies peitnarv elapses itvdrncted bv Mrs llrookeK. SOIREE' EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. EtALLET MASTER. ? DiNMAR'S DANCING AND ? Skat itu? A- iulrrr.y, i!t)7 Uowvrj, Dancing lessona, $1 and per month, every night. Private lessons, 5t'? cents. For su^e dances, -very morning, $3 per inouth. Fridays, Kolriv. MK SAl'V \ t ; !** A l"S DANCING ACADEMY lfl NOW open tor pumis ai hor.ticw rooms, t'O.) Broadway. All ..i U . lb,1. i i < i n ' i . ? k t.i ;M. in L\v?-h'.? lessons. Ladies' rs'-.v. ry afternoon Sr. ? . . i idli). Evening clashes for .? thou l rom 7 1 * ? Id. Reunbn to-night. M A rLOTJU!VG. T r Hi. old ST A nd 1 VI KVENTH AVEMTE. EZF.KTEI.S /'.u.i ?<!>'.? ' ?> v-'h . a . * prices for ladies' and gem i - men's .as ' I \Vi 1 1 lit^ Ap; ltd - 2 'torn &S t ? $4d for S.i; |)ivs?'-. from $5 to $3(1 J'"/- Coata. trom SI to $7 forj'ants. .?;? t i'a / (< ? -, Furniture, Jewelry, &c. A lion-Hi jm'-.i pum toally a leaded io by i... L..;i.? .i . n-ndei; i?? t?y !uis. E. - 134 Seventh avenue N,? eor.n *et ion willi any or her house. ITTE.VMON. LWMES AND GENTLEMEN.? I HAVE J V ,??,:? it ?!? i ? i . i 1 1 i lot ? i?st oj)* C) tiling, Furniture, < 'ar I " ? i ? , iV ' I ? ill.',- ' oe^t price by calling ou or Hddress* mi' x! AP.R VJ \ ? Seventh avenue, betw en Twenty l Mil in I Twenty- v;h m-vc? . I attended to by Mrs. A. A (3HKA 1 DEMAND FOR 'LOTHLYO ? LADIES AND X\ 'A' '? at 1 1 ! ? 1 1 inf. ,:i ? a ay cast, otl Clothing, Furniture. Gar * m 4.1 Je\\.?:r\, w i ? t v ? the iii^hest j ri? e >y v illlutf oil or }?d !??.'. ssin.. A. HARRIS, Xa jrd a\euue. Ladies at t ended by M is. Hat i -. t HE ITER CH \N? E Til AN EVER FOR 1. \ DIES AND ^erttlct avi tain the bn;he>t |iru*e lor their Thki Off C iiihi,;.',. i f*a nr.*: tee u, j ? ? s the foliowitiM \ ra i n: ? For Silk Dresses, fiirin $i:> co ^4- )\ from $a to $^0 lor Coals, (roin $2 to ;f,7 {.a* i'. t;i?s. Am? Ciirpct;., Furniture and Jewelry. Please < a! I on or ttdiJross ,j. A Nil ALT, 152 Sev. oth aven- e, between i'weniieth :<nd fwentv-lirst alreets. Ladies attend ed by Mr*. Anhali. A BARE CHANCE.? LAPIBfl \M> QB^TLBMKN, I J\ war? ? larxelotoi t'.f t oil' 'i 'lathing, Carpeia and Fttrni r.iitire ior ?!.. \V. -st? -rii m . ? kt-t. I jmrntlse to pn v th' highest pt tee lor them, bv enh.n^ on or ad it - ; lltg M. KLI.IS, 1?3 .s -v enth .lVi'iate, i.ei vm,-]j Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets. Ladies attended by Mrs, Kilis. \ T Till: CALH ORNTAV and WESTERN AOENCY J A. Store the highest price can be obtained for cast o1f (-iothin^. Carpet.1', Jewelry, A-'. JVa* Silk Dre**e?, from t" $36; lor Coats, irt.m $2 to $IS; t'or p^nls, from SI SO lo /. note addp ased ll. lla.ris, 353 R owery. opposite (ireat Jones w ill be ptint inally attended to. JUadtcs attended >y Mrs. Itarr s. 4 0RBA1 DEMAND FDIC CUlTOXNG DIRt VND *V ueiitlenien hav.jjx' any ? nst oil t Joihimr, ' rnltttre and \ .11 1 ? . wiii "i\ e tl.e lu^he;->t } rices by caiilti^ on or ad C. MfSH, " Seventh avenue, between Twenty ninth and 'l ii i . ill h' reels. L'idio aUendrd to by Airs. Mish. ALLOW ME v ^TK.'TION ? IS IP POS -lllLE Til AT _?\ stmnti hNJtd &4 .?otents eati fetch stieh fr.'ioencotiH pri es? Wh. t? tv w > sold at the present limes ... ! a -i'-ea', / .'tin . i. no 'o;m-:ui*, it would well pay our ? ; . merchant* to turn (Sirir ;.??? Mock Inform ?tid batni. hm;| re-.* i-f. t: t : ? *????? ."*? I b\ ?oUte tli- ct?nd hand < \V. | they p:t\ as ot'ereu. . r enn they j..iv i" ? If* . i s r 'il a ;"?/zle U.o", tnujes en. : ?;/ n il-?nuni. v ? h ! v ? i I iv ai pa//lc?l ,?r toltotei^ed, \ < j'i )? '>>? "i* .?d>iie> an.' E. It i'S Si Mb. : vena . iival W a ? \ ?,?:,? ' ,v ? ? 4 ? : o :.-ciV. th. ? ulrte f I- your . a t i ! .. t?,- i .,r ?- l arnitur- u.d .leu ?- ?' i >? i s f,'j 1! Piea-e remember, atld tr> ?r*.? ."dx' -i ?\ er.o* t OOOIMMTOkf Nl > T'? OBTAIN THE 4lHilli:ST J\ J a s||\ :;ni*?..d il-t sx< , Ctuti. pH ts, not to ?>.? t ttn?'.?o ...? '?> ... Ivmj-i i -enn n.-. o," rvac^era ed prices, : . to la .'. \ Mt" -s by post, |? %? 'psiyn, 2tsH Seventh a eliu - L.olo's Mite/nlc- -d nj ' L. 4 t an: new sia% i>, lvh r unit avkm k, ladies A and y en a ean * ir tie mil \alti? l*?r their <a?i,iir i aniline, bv c .. !.ik< j 4?r Jid it ssui|i E. Ja-tib.s 21K4 Valrtl avi-ntie. i-e'weji j* ..*????! third and Tw niy.fotu.i street-. Lad esutt^ 'i ie,i l.y Miss K. tacoba. \ OH KIT BATTLE POLOUT AT POKT ROYAL. THE victory i? gained.*- Ladh s and n?-ntlem4*n, ii has be.-rv victorious iu beimj juonounci d bv many that Jt. MLN TZ, 137 Siyth avenue, ha : Inseu payiu^'tiit^ per ??!>? u.oie tii.m any other dealer in the city for Cast Oil Clothing, Cai*p t -, Furniture and Jewelry, uud h 111 no at.s to continue to do o if you wfll favor lilin with a note 4?r call. Ite will not hum bug the i ? mmunlty by oli 'ring $4" for ailk Ureases, %'M ior coats and $7 foe pants, as m done by others, bttt agrees ti? pay the full value for aeii artiote in cash. Pleas'* don't forfeit the number? 137 Sixth avenue, near Tenth atrceL Ladle.-, at tended by Mrs. Mints. u Skat battle fouqht-thb victory~75 fffttned.- Ladies and gentlemen, it hua l>efwi vietorioua In being pronounced by a great many that F. HARRIS, of 106 Seventh avenue, has b*en paying 25 per oent more lUan any dealer in the etty r9rcaat ofT Chitainf, Oar;>eif, Furni ture and Jewelry, and still means to trntlnue so if yon will favor blin with a note, or call. He agp-es to pay the foUowlns urlcea:? For Silk Dreasr*. from $8 to $3?>; tor Coiita. from Ski to $30; for Paats, from $2 to $6. Do not forget, 106 Seventa avenue, near Twenly-ttrat afreet. Ladtea aifended by Mra, llama. N. B.? Ijeware of the falae pr^ tender a offering you ftd per cent more TVy Mid give them the good?, thay will want money in the Imrgain. N EXCE LLENT OUA NOK FOR LADir ^ AND OEN tlenien to dispose of their caal off Clothing, Furniture, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. I have juat received $8,000 fn m O. Bexbanm A Co., Cincinnati, to purrhaae the above aru< lea, ? for which 1 pay the following prices ?From $lfi to $35 for Bilk Drmefli Coata, from $10 to $20; Pants, from $2 to $6. I Pleaae call on or address A. Dueas, 219 Seventh avenue, be [ ,ut<* uaiM*w DRY POOPS. AT HALF THEIR VALUE I PURCHASED Or A FIRM BRTCKM FROM THE BUSINESS, A CHOICE LOT OF LADIES' Al.D CHILDREN'S GARMENTS, Consisting of Mlisei' Mualia Drawers Tucked. ltd. do. Embroidered. Ladies* do. Plain and Embroidered, Girls' Muslin demises aud Nigbtguwus. BUrli. VtWi. Vrwiitn, Clin, ic., The above will be specially exhibited iu our Ladies' and Children's I'uruishina Departinen'. on MONDAY, NO\LM BEK 2b, AT FIFTY CENt7~ON THE DOLLAR. LORD ATAYLOB, 48! TO 467 BROADWAY. A tremendous sacrifice. lUOPIBOES BLACK FRENCH MF.RINOES A very handsome quality at 4*. pur yard. A spl.>udid quality at On. per yard. Superb quality at On. per yard. Superfine quality at Us. per yard. N. B. ? Ladies, rail curly. These goods are offered at price* which taunt insure ii quick sale. W. JACKSON, Tniporlcrof Mourning Goods, 641 Broadway, botw oeu Spring and Prince streets. AT MRS. GAYNOR'8.? GREAT BARGAINS IN COR ai.ta and Skirts, beat shapes and quality, nightly Roiled, for $1 and SI 2S. Just received those celebrated i'arls made Ouutllle Cornets; regular price $5 and #i. ? now $.'! and >4. Also the Paris woven Werrely Corset. New styles in French ?Skins, new pattern Balmoral e, all sold at panto prices. 643 Broadway, near Union square. C1LOAK8, CLOAKS, CLOAKS. ) PARIS AND NEW YORK WINTER FASHIONS. FRENCH BEAVER CLOTH CLOAKS, heavy esqiumaux BEAVEK cloaks, CASTOR BEAVER CLOAKS, , LION SKIN CLOAKS, PROMENADE CLOAKS. LADIES' CLOAKS, MINES' CLOAKS, CHILDREN'S CLOAKS, CLOAKS. CLOAKS, CLOAKS, At $5, ?i #?, at *7, at >.i, ?l $i>, ill $11), ut $12. CLOAKS AT ALL PJllCES. At vV. K. PEYTON'S EXCELSIOR CLOAK HOUSE, 274 Bo v> cry, near Munition street. (1LOAK8, CLOAKS, CLOAKS. J FRENCH BEAVER CLOAKS, HEAYY ESQUIMAUX BEAVER CLOAKS. CASTOR BEAVER OLOAKS AND WRAPPERS. ELEGANT LYONS VELVET CLOAKS, LTONSKIN CLOAKS, WATER PUOOF CLOAKS, At retail at very low price*. E. 8. MILLS A CO., 41" Broadway, near Ouuat street. If! DERBY A COMPANY WERE AWARDED BY TITF. 1 . Association lor the Exhibition of luilttstry of all Nations, beld tit New York In ISM. HONORABLE MENTION for the best Qarmeti:s for the commissioned officers of the Army and Navy, which they stilt continue to make to order. TAlLOitS, 157 Walker street. Q.REAT SACRIFICE EMBROIDERIES. COLLARS, SETS, HANDKERCHIEFS And FASHIONABLE EMBROIDERIES in gt I variety Beta* led AT HALF THEIR VALUE. LORD A TAYLOR, * 4GI to4?T Broadway, 25J to 261 Grand street, 47 ami 4'J Cathari' c street. LADIES' AND GENTS' FA NCY FURS. Wc shall offer, until after the holidays, at our BRANCH STORK, 554 Broadway, next to Tiffany's, A complete assortment ot Ladies' and Genu' Fancy Furl, made up in tin brut mariner arid at the lowest prices. Qrci.t bargains in teal Russia aud Hudson Buy Sable, Mink, Ermine, Ac., Ac. RANDALL A FABBRI, 63 Broadway. RH MACY SELLS LADIES' DOLLAR KID GLOVES, ? ill ull colors and slzcn, for fi5 cents (by mall '*> rents!. No*. 204 and 206 Sixth avenu-. two doors below 1 irteenLU street, and ho connection v 1th any other store iu the city. OOLOMON A HART, O IVia BROADWAY, Are offeriDK to wholesale and retail buyers, for cusli una short tune :it eltretnely low prices their slock of CURTAIN GOODS, FURNITURE COVERINGS, UFHOLRTKRY MATERIALS of overv description, GOLD AND l'AINTED WINDOW SHADES. AND FRENCH AND AMERICAN PAPER HANGINGS, DECORATIVE AND PLAIN. Their stock of the above goods i? the largest in this market, ami contains a great many lines bough f nt miction a n't from bankrupt stocks, at prices lower than cost of importation, which they are able tu offer at great bargain*. yiLKS, CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. An immense ;md fashionable assortment 1ETULBD AT REDUCED PRICES. ? LORD A TAYLOR. 4f>l to 417 Broadway, 2f>6 to 261 Grand street. 47 and 49 Catharine street. T ARLKTANR FOR EVENING DRESSES. 1,000 pleat's neat unci elegant designs. With Trimming;# to match. LORD A TATLOR. 461 to 467 Broadway, Will open, at retail, on Monday, Nor. 25, the above derivable good#, ut tifty per cent liELOW COST OK IMPORTATION. AUo at h lores 255 to 2G1 Grand street, 47 and 1? Catharine street. M1T.UNERV, ilC. A T TftAAOK'H. J\ .Inst rm-eived, from auction, Mantilla and Bonnet Vel vets Black Silks Blaek. Beavur Cloths, and all kinds of Mil linery ?u?l Dretw Goods. N.B. ? Kid Gloves. witch My njmtted, only '25c. >i puir, (i. W. ISAAi'KS 71 Franklin street, three doors went of Broadway. MV8IGAL. A great bargain.- hagkiftoent carted rosewood Pianoforte at private sale at a great sacrifice; tut] seven o- tave, clfu&nt ean ',d le/;?, ovcrvtrun ; bass. richly iniaid and w<-?)M pearl keys, and a wry powerful and sweet tun . \Y :i Kcleeied for the ownei b> a prole; For of nimde and lolly warranted lor three years. AKso.voue- very elegant parlor fu nut ore. Apply immediately, u! iiu* j ?? nee of the owner, 21H Fourteeutn street, near l'iighth avcime. A LADY (>r FIRST KATK Mi.SfCATi ANILITY'. I1AV U\ i ii >4 studied under the m< *t eminent niaste:a n; Knrope, would w i h a few more finishing pupil.- in tills eity or Krook 1 v i ? . Terms $j> per month ; or at ' r residence, terms mode rate. Address A~ Y. Z., Herald olUe.e. A MARGATE FOR CASH? $IW.? ROSEWOOD SEVEN J Y. oeiav e Pianoforte, ns good as new, le-l eity mannfae lurt;. Also, several others, very low for ea?h, to clu&e a r?? e i wi sh)}*, by order of the Supreme Oottrc. Apply to JOHN m D tNALD, Be ? irer, 3M Bowery. ATTK NT 1 ON , VI ANOFt liTK PIT1H II A SE RS! ? Fl FTY Pianofortes 'o be sacrificed, 10 close h concrn ? to 7 ocia\ it, rosewood, round corner*. Iron frame, overarm ;; bass, new nod second hand, of different mannfitct Srrr*. at Io.4f the i ;inalpric.\ Aptdy to JOHN P. W AWS * CO., lfti Fuhon bireei, oppot ile ?st. Paul s Church Yard. T\EPoT OF Til K ALEXANDRE ORGAN, J[ / For tlhurchcK, Ohape s. Schools and Drawing Rooms, 203 Broadway. SOLE MEDAL OF HONOR at the Universal Exhibition of 185K. This magnificent instrument (patented In the United States JMay fl, 1850), which the brilliant performance of Til ALBEKG, N [I. \NOVA and M fjLE. WELLIS have rendered as popular in America as In Europe, has been adopted by the greatest arrifets and composers of both contl OoTTSCHALK, U.SZT. ROSSINI, MEYERBEER, Ac., Ac. The Alexandre or^an is celebrated for the solidity and pre cision of ivs mechanism, oi \? ell as for the fulhtesi and power of its tone, and the remarkable quality of keeping perfectly in t'i ,r in all climates. Pries at tin* depot, ?15, $50, $100, $100. $185, $235, $260, $300. $?WO, $#?:>. A de.jei ipttvc circular sent to anv address on application to K. K A KRR< ; 1 J ETTER, Jr., Broadway, Importer of Bus-on Ae^ordeons. Violins, Violin String*, Ac fjlOR BALE*- AT A BARGAIN, A GOOD, SWEET !.' toned 0 ^ octave Piano, by a private family breaking tip hons-clceepinif; also a general assortment of ^ood Household Furniture, mostly nearly new. Apply soon at 36 Clement avenue, second brick house below Park avenue, Brooklyn. 1TGHTK A BRADBt RV'S NEW PGAI.F. OVKRSTRtTNG i Ba h Patent ImuJ/ted Full Frame (}n?td and Sqi are Pianofortes 421 Brootoo Ftre*i. What everybody says mint be ti t\f* ; every body itiys tiicy are the Lfva, therefore they must be f h" he t, Mi:. R.GONZ ? GZ BAR 11 >K8 I OOAI 1ST ORG UftS & Ac , aud AT-. \i,t J'. cn.l. -Tei mv *> i 'ea ??hlng si i 't ng cultivation oi' tl veil# and i .ianofurtt ma.v he as ei t.-iuoci at t h? ? r fc ?ddettec, I? 7 i.uf i'wcitiy-Mr: t nee',. Scu: ?u?- und >d ' ?- Mr. O. ' ? ?p?u for er.uorio an^l f om.vM gage M avcti NJ .loilVSON GRAVER Jf \< IwKSl'JiKD ???" the ptauu. An ita? Madl?oa ?Mir TII(i\fAS K.VKI'lt'S SVM \\ Vl.i'Z, Tin: i *.! tt \ KKWKK \y\l.TA. I' u'- | mho, |>r!rv Th'1 ru st l i .ttilir ' ,tn,! {'??[?tUnr waltz of ( it c .*?#?? son. HURArK WATERS. 131 firoHdway antl all music ncllfrs. "1)1 ANO WANTKl) -i [l l'Y D iI.i.ARS IX MONKY AND J iiwty i>criM ot x.O'l )..m1, in KqO'jiIo ommty, Wnmnnhi, wHl V avf :i Air ; vc! m vcii ouiave l'iano. AtUlrcaK W. W. 11., l>o* I. I ller.iM oiritf. rpiiK lion v:k \YATr:i:s i'ianh ? nd mf.U)DKons, X un l A!'>\.?ndrr Ur^nnp, arc .. si iiiKiriimt'iiiii for parlors ami rliuruht'H now in nw. /, ji assortment can ' , ?r<>n at l!io new wnrnr oins. 1S1 Bit .flvaj, brtsvrcn Grand un.l Hiooinc strrei*, ivhirh will ) ? ?ol;t at extremely low prices. Piano.* aori M?l*diona from nundrv maker., 11"W and accond hand, to let, ami roni. allow d if purciioMd u, poragKOtncni. Monthly pavment. revived for iho samr. Sheet Mu?!r, Muh'c Book,,, and all kind, of mmic merchan dise, at war puns. A pianlit in nttcmlance will try new m lulc. l.RCTlllKS. MEBCANT11.E LIP It A RY ASSOCIATION. DM t'ORnOVA'S NEW lIUMOHOUri l.KCTDBB. ??AN OMNIBUS KJ UK UP BKOAUivAY," At Clinton llall, on Tnenjay eveniog, I*jvenitier 20, at 8oVU><k. T.cket* SO renti. To b? hid nt the Library, down town Firth. Po*4 A Co. 'h, and at the iloor on tlieeveniug of tiir lecture. BXPUK98KS. ilTBOPE, 1IAYANA INOy ThaMorrlaExpre.., S8 Bi?.ad sti-ot, torw rd > JgXHRES8 FOB ErBOPB, HAYANA AND THE WEST [And receive, freight and parcel* by every dtecaer. Olllcea Kaiid ay/entii in every larirr rllv abroad. I 9 ji.W. MvHKUvCnsiom Uoujh Broker nn^NoUry. THB TDHF. CtENTftEVlU.fc COUBSB, LONOIHLAND-ItROTTINO i Xui Rilay, November 26, ?t 2 o'clock, match for $600 ? ?iUe, half Corf, it; uuio ncutw, beat three la live. Joaepb M' Kee nsmuliro. Cooley, to saddle; J. H. K.rren name* Belle Portlaud, iu Uarne<*. Oood day and track UKV'l.NH A CON KLIN, Proprietor*. G'BO. M PATCHEN WILL stand for marks at r the Dy Iceman farm, Kinkebrldge, until February. 1M2, at $100 the reason. \VM. WALTKBM1HH, Washlncton Drove Yard, ft. T. UNION COl'RSE, L. I.? TROTT7NU.? TIIUH8DAT (Tbanksplvlng Kay), Not. ii, ut 'i 1*. M., a match for $600, mile bests, beat tlireo In live. Mr. E. H Quick nammi b. L. Ocurtjo ('ix)luj, uuder saddle; J. 11. ? runt names b.iu. Belle of Portland, in harness. Immediately after a mnu-B will oomfc off for $100, milo beat*, beat three iu Ave iu liar in*. W. Htr'uic h i mn? b. in. ; W. II. Quackcnbush names br. h. tiwceibrlsr. f'ara will leave Feck alip ferry. Williamsburg, every ten minutes for Eii-t New York nnd tin Courae. K1IAW * WU1TE, Proprietor*. . Wf F HOHI4U8, CARRIAGES A ROAN MAKE. M>i 11AND8 UIOU.81X YEARS OU>' warranted to trot in lUree winutea, sound and kind Willi Ho. ui Wntmi by Watson and Harness by Duum omb nearly new; price $225. Alan a l>air of well watched Punlea nine auil teu year. old, line driven, 14 >? banda blub, trot ta gi'llu r in three uiiuutea aud a half; pilee $J00. AUoona la>|e W >rk U'lrae, young, aound and kind; price $60. Ala* oaaTup Wagon, leather alilftiiig top, pcrfaot order, price $70, Apply at 9) EuMi 'l'hiNy>aec<mU atreet. BREWSTER k CO., OK BROOME HTllKBT, Oll't r their popular atyleaoi Road WagnUHand CurriagW for aalc at corner of ttrooine auil Molt street*. TliBlit ONLY Pl.At'K OK BUSINESS. OR 8ALK-A BAY PONY. FOUR YEARS OLD round and kind In ainxlo aud double harriea*; ir ood traveller. Sold only for waul of HHe. A lao, it block Canadian Ponv, five yearn old, beavv built, aound aud as rfentte aa a lamo In single aud double harneaa; would Mill for any liuat ncaa. Sold on account of the own< r bavl.ig no use for them. Price $160 each. Apply at 81 Myrtle avenue, corner of X?aW-? rent e atreet, ut> uuiira. For sale or exchanok? for a low priced work Horse, one of the In. '?t ami beat bred Canadian Mutlloim In this country, 16 banda high, hi* years old, war ranted in rverv relied Ui l>c a superior wagon or aaddtC llorae. Apply at '26 Canal street. IfOR SW.E-A > EltY H ANDSOME SPAN OF WELL mulched hay Ci.rriatje Horses. For particulars apply at room No. In of \'o. 29 Nh.jmu mreet, or at the lirat private ftlable iu alley No. 2 Wei-t Twcniy-sevemb atreet Horse, carriage, sletoh, harness, ac., fob Sale.? The 11<hm* is a bay one, neur wven years old. I.'i}j haiuio high, perfectly aound aud kind; the Carriage Isaa njM'n PliH'tou. modern style, will scat four und nearly new; the rest arc all in good condition lud aro Hold only beoaiuM the owner la gnlnu to Europe. Imiuire, In the atMruoon, at 747 Broadway, In the store. Horse wanted.? any person having a bat llot f-e for aitlo tnav hi ur of a cash customer liy addrcaa inff Randolph, bo* 1,927 Tost ufflitv The liorse must be sound, kind and free from tricks. Price not to exceed $40. HOKSKS. -NKW YORK TATTI.15KAI.LS, SIXTH AVT# nuc, corn< r of Thirty-niuib sucet, Tuesday, Nov. 26) at 11 o'clork, auction sale ol twelve Horses, by catalogue, new and second haiffl Wauons aud Harness, Blankets. Roben, &a; "" ifinti and liuht harncsa. M. LANliLKY, l'roiirietor. WANTED? THREE Al 8ADPLE HORSES, QUIOK uud strong. Address, with {Kirtlculajs, Urrrue, lla ralil ofllce. WANTED? A GOOD SECOND II VND BI'GOY. WITH top; must be of a good maker. Address this day Miller, box 120 licrnlit ollke, with price aud where 1 1 lie sees. A HAIiKH OF REiVL ESTATE. CORNER HOUSE ON THIRD AVENUE FOd SALK at a irreat SAcrlllce, 23 by Ml feet, four stories and base ment, with oe in improvoiiiriita on each floor. Apply at on?, as the h .ie will be aold. Apply to JOHN Fii'TBB ETdll, 415 Third avenue. - A NEAT, LARGE TWO STORY HOUSE? MA IIBIJ5 mantles, Ac., emliracing nearly three acres of land, l'ruii and ahaile treea, one mile from iluf'l, lifteen milea from City llali; Westchester coaotf . For sale al a bargain. bfiVMOUR A WHITON, VSl Broadway. A SPLENDID FOUR STORY BRICK HWUSK OH Houston street, we?t of and near Broadway; ihe lions? la 2Sx7A (lot 36x105) feet, in complete order, newly papered and iwinted; lias water, gnu, Ac. ; the bsation is very desira ble, and ii ? ill b^ let or leased on very favo' able terms to a rcapnnalbln ti'iuuit. Apply to I'll AS. E. jIIIJjS, 34 Cedar street. Farm for kale cheap? near a principal ciiv in Now Jersey, and frequent trains f i m this city, a a line rivnr, and overlooking the bay; good building, fence aud cultivation, aud laud of excellent quality. A rare obaao* to gU a jrooU farm. 8 ) ITHWICK A WOOD, 82 Kftrsau street. 1101k ?ALK? TWO FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWH stone llonseH, 213 Madison avenue and 13 East Thirty - second street, iv ith modern improvements, all in complete order; houses cannot be surpassed. Inquire on the pre mise*. - D. ROBINB. 1/.OB SALE-THE DESIRABLE PROPERTY NO. ?< : Bowery. Inquire at 1W? Bowery. IlOH SALE? A VERY NICK FHA ME HOU8K, AT ? lot 2T?)a\iU0, ut No. 40 Kuiii Thirtieth Htrcc4? aear Madison avenue: situation first clasa; will bo sold for about the valuation of the lot; siitv j>er r*ntoaa remaiik ot bond aud tnortgaKe. Apply at 127 Bowery. For sale? a superior parm, at nuNTinTOTOic* lionK Island, cuntainiug 130 aerus. SO in a high state o t cuUivaUon, balance fine young wood, oak, hickory, rhestuui, locust; jxire well cfans by house; stock, h h.y, t^raia, trull, and furiu uifiibils, such hh mowi&K and thrcshiiNC machines. All complete, wilt t>e sold low forcash, or will take lots at Qrcefe point iu part imymeut. FEKCiUSUN A b^iSDKCOn, 98 Nassau street, New York. JjlOR KAI.F? AT PANIC PRICES, A HOUSE WORT* J1 $lti, tin 5 for $A,0l)0, new and in good order, known as N*. )2H Em t Foftr-elght^ street, near Tbird hvhup; waiuot stairs, new atylf, and lai^e mnhonuny hltuds, entiro front f?*e it this U ?y, and addrcs? A. Dnvis, Wl Weal fiftieth MrMi House for sale. -the frame dwelling Houston the Central Park, at Eighty-sixth strevt, near Filth avenue, will W? hoki at pnblio autiou, on the premise*, on Saturday, Novemher 30, 1801, at U o'clock, unless jirevi ously disposed ol at private sale. For terms, Ac., apply at the Property Clerk's ofllce, on Fil th avenue, opposite Sixty 11 Hh Mtieel. rilO EXCHANGE FOR REAL ESTATE IN OR NEAR X tkf cMy, or a stock of roodt, t?vo Patents. The arliolao are celebntted as l? in us--, used by every family th? y, orld om. Sales increasing 'argely every year, yet not a dol lar ha^ ever beun sjwnt in advertising; but little or no money or attention necesaary to carry it cm; can be connected wnk any other business; will refer to first claw partic* to many ol ihe l??st hous? s In New York; pro tits lame; no risk; areata need not answer; rood reason for belling. Address boa 3,050 i*ost ollice, N, Y. TIT ANTED? TO PURCHASE, A OOOD ITOrSE, 0P Vt town. pie. tsant locality and not under twent v-thre? feet front, the value above incumbrance to be jni|d In good Western lands or ten per cent mortgages, <?r |ierli?ip? a little money. AddrcsH, giving all particulars, l>ox 2, <>32 Pout oilice. \lfANTED? TO PURCHASE FOR ('ASA, A SMALL V } house, with from 7 to lit acres of I.Jl 1, williiii a j,)n>rt distance of Pateivon, Now ,lcwj',' Tin: ikui.-i ami fcucva nutKt he in good order, and thr place well fruited. Address, Willi full imrticulnrs, stutliu; price, which mum Ik; 1 ?*. Farmer, Herald oilier. ?txrAMTBD^CTTT OR BROOKLYN real B8TATS tf clear or ll.tittly iiiortjiaaod, in exchange for good mar rhandUe. Location, condition, price, amount of mortp ige. and all particulars, must bo stated. Addresa immediately* Exchange, box I - 1 Herald otlice. WANTED? .\ FAR*. WITHIN 8BVENTV FIVE MIIJ5S of the city, about JIM acres, water I font or water pros p' *ei preferred; S'lil niUbt lie ;; mil, I'i In- from to $12,OJ0. Aildre-s, for two da) n, tllpn, Herald ollice. COPABTH KH?HIP VOTHIOS. A PARTNER.? A HOOD CHANCE OFFERS TO EW" gage and enter at once in an esiaMUhed and highly pre lilable business, Involving no risk, trilling expense, and ou* ca?h capital required. Apply al UP Bttnidwir. . C. K. HOWES & CO. PARTNER W ANTED. ? AN ACTIVE, ENEKCETTO man, will) Home meana, in u loug i Mitlliaht rt paying iusiuiu-s. with unexceptionable parti"* of iiusiie-s-iuliaracter ana reputation: a money making conci'm. SOliTHW ICK X WOOD, ?! Na* uu street riHIE FIRM OK E. RREDT A CO. IS THIS DAV VIK J. solved by mutual con ent, nnd Mr. Kins' ltrcrtt will con tmnc tbo Importing and Uninnilnslun business oi the old lirni und' rthe name oi I'.rnst Hi-edi. The affairs ??" the late ljrai will be liquidated bv Mr. Ernst Biedt. ERNST IIREDT. Ni wYouk, Nov. IB, l?l. FREDERICK BREDT. Mr. Frederick Rrcdt has thin da; coinrni-nceii buairicsii M Impirler and Commission Merchant, under the name at Frederick Rredt, at An. 1 J Vcaey ?tree;. Xtw Vor.K, Nov. 2.1, Irffil. FREDERICK RREDT. TIT ANTED $.V? TO J L, 000? IN' A VERY PROFITABLE TT manufacturing hu?iiios.s. A good ittv <-st ti tt n? bonus required. Srvpml otli'T places ?g ; u to parti.* wtak* ing lo enter biislneg-i that i>, le .dimiiie, and will bear clow em nfnatiou. General Agency, ftl Nassau street, WANTED- A PARTNER, WITH A CAPITAL OF $104** ft .n i ho v heat "oi.tim' imnii ?; re ?? mill, very co? p'.< w, foe.r run ? :<iu< , w ? ?? pow-.i, and situated uu tb? Hi. (Tain, Nov. \ rtt U"V Erin Raliaoad. lu Lli iusslon county. AiMrwH.V'.^uecn. lox 172 He-raid oi.'ioe. j>onn ? v.' an n .!>, * brspkctable party with ?i M I, Iliet-'xn,; (I MJI .U, III I.I' r an ? jnal In erem in a rafe m.u ninnKallW or ^oourliy will ? n ;oribe m-'i.ey a ri.i' ralaiy p.. lit. Apply at .U1 Bru.idnay, ronin 4% <?? I f\(\ - ^ OKNTI...MAN WITH $.>'*> TO $??> WANT Jp-fUvF. cd a> *u a?-l": at in an I'Cinl-'. <'d paying biislucs.s. for which a partnership or a ial s-i aiy, with Weurity tor the rn. e-v, ivlll bo gircn. A ..(resa, i or three il*>!-, f'. ?.. W>i in Hi raid ollko. Of I n/in CASH AND ACTIVE PftirT.NER WANTED? tfll.UUU in a Ktthi, ti> nteul and m rv prodtabie >ilUc? bn. Rineu, fuih eatabliaucd, i arried on ? uOout riak. Will lie aa aoi'lated with an lmncepti uinblc and reapi nslblc party. Ap ply at 8? Fine itret room No. H,. Or KArt -WANTED, A PARTNER, WITH ?1.SOO Jp I >"vv ? caan. In a Staple cash Imslneaa, with a large demand, and profit of 9*) per cent, and carried on at a light expense. Address, with rcai name, Parmer, box 181 Herald <UO nnft ? A PARTNER WANTED, WITH THIH Ib^.V HI", auin. In the autlershlp ot a legiiuent. Apply to A. T, M AL'US, No. 7 Chambers street, N. Y. $3,000." tnrlai; an article of great Intrinsic valnt ludlspenaable nnd in ntiivi-rsal demand, highly rer immcndol bv ecrtlhcalea from the most popular, resi?ciohle and i?< llucmial sources, and patented. Apply at Hi Broadivar. P.O. CASE i CO. DENTISTBT. ARTIFICIAL BONE FILLING FOR DECAYED TEETH? Inserted whilst w>fi ami ? nho'it pmn. AcIiIuk teeth aod mere nhellh ean tie pre. rved and respired to beauty by the discoverer, JAMES I'lEKSON, M. D. Rooms S60 Mi !??* way, wesi side, one ihi ir above Sc. enleenih street. N. B.-? Henarnof trishy ImUatlon.-i. AS I HAVE HAD FOUR TEETH EXTRACTED WITH out reeling ativ pain whatever, ny Dr ,t. .lay Vllien of IfiB liraml sueet, I cheerfully reeomniend luiu to tkuiM "vriBB from aching teeth. UEORtiE N. BLISH, curacr ui fiUU &??aue auvi Tltirtj-sUVb street. giuJl

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