Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1861 Page 3
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BOARDING AND LODGING. AT 22 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, UK 1 WEEN Flith an l Sixth av< nu"*, luixe handsomely fui tiianed Rooms, w.tii Budiootna ou second and third floors; also (lit git Rooms for gentlemen. Ail mo.lrru impioveineu s. He fercui oa excuaug. 0. A lady, having taken the first class house 114 So uuU avenue, comer of BovuntU street, lias it liaud MMuc suit mi. . ulnu two single Rooms to dispose of. Call at house ?r addle s ton 3,385 Post ifl't A pleasantly Fl'RMSIIED ROOM ON tiiikd Hour, to let, to a gentleman, with partial Board, in a ?timli family residing .it -1 Wc?t Twenty-second sticat, near Fifth arcnui'. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SIMILE (JEN tlemcti, may.obtain pleasaut with good Board, 111 a small private family, ? heie the COUlfnrUOf a home run be enjoyed. House liaa modern improvements. French ami Urriiiun spoken. Dlnuiratfl. Apply at JS8 West Twenty aei oud au est. A LADY WOULD ACCOMMODATE ONE OR TWO paiiicswllli furnished Roxiiis, with Boaid If d aired, on very moderate terms, or would let part of the house fur ilxlied or unfurnished, anltaiilc for housekeeping. Location |ood; family amall. Apply at No. IS West Tweiiiy-scveuth Hreet AT US EIGHTH STREET, HEAD OK LAFAYETTE place, Furnished Rouins to let, tn single gentlemen, or gentlemen ami their wives, with or without Board; terms moderate. References exchanged. A FRONT OR BACK ROOM TO RENT-IN A VERY small private family, to u gentleman; $2 or $2 SO per , week; or wool I n ut It to a lady with Board, (A p r week; could receive tV.ecoiuforts of a home; locution Grand strct t. Alton ss Mr*. W. W., Chatham square Post oOlee. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PRIVATE GERMAN FA mily, o cctipylng a mm clara house, ? ill let several neatly furnished Room*, suitable lor a few single gentlemen or a gentleman ami his wife, with full or partial Rounl. French and English spoken. Apply at 43 East Blo cker street, near Broadway. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO OR THREE single gen tinmen inav obtain pteaaant Rooms, with Board, In a private family of adult*, where the comforts of ? home may he enjoyed. Apply at l-'7 West Sixiceutli street, near Sixth avenue. References required. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN HAVE A FUR iiiRhed Room, with Board f<u the lady. For particulars ?pply at IK) West Tweiuy-lii'th atieet. A WELL FURNISHED ROOM AND A GOOD BREAK fa?t can be had at the Ashland House, StW Fourth a\e nue, telow Twenty-fourth street, for 43 per week. Lodging Room*, $1 SO to $4 per week. Full Board, $S. House Inst class, with all the modem Improvements, A FRONT HALL BEDROOM TO LET, WITH FULL Bourd, to a aiiigle gentle 'man at a reasonable price, ia the lirst class house No. S Weat Twenty fourth street, oppo site Fifth Avenue Hotel. A SINGLE MAN DESIRES FULL BOARD, WITH A plain, unostentatious family, located between Twenty third and Thirty-third *tre< ts anil Sixth and Eighth av. ntiea. Price not to exceed S3 per week. Address A, Herald olllce. Boarding house keepers need not answer. A PRIVATE FAMILY, H AVING A LARGE, WELL FUR. nished Room, with every convenience, would let it to ? single gentleman on moderate terms. Board If required. Apply at 47 East Twenty-third street. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM MO dated with full or partial Board, til a private family Rooms well furnished. Location d sli.ilile for bualaeas men, convenient to and weat of Broadway. Reference required. Apply at 124 Spring street. AT NO. 54 EA8T SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR UNION annate, spacious Rooms to let, wilh Board, connected or single. A LARGE ROOM TO LET? WITH BOARD, TO A GEN" lleman ami wife or two single gentlemen; terms $M per week; references exchanged. Apply at MS West Twenty fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. A FRENCH FAMILY, LIVING IN GOOD STYLE would accomuv -date a gentleman anil his wife or two ?ingle gentlemen w Ith an e> anlly furnished second story front Room and a lirst class Fren h tabic. Proper references given and required. Apply at 47 WestTwehlh street, be tween Fifth aad Sixth avenues. A PHYSICIAN CAN BE HANDSOMELY ACCOM modatnd with a front Reception Room and full Board with the family, by applying at 121 East Thirteenth street. A SECOND STORY FLOOR THROUGH, FURNISHED, or reparole, together with or without Board, In a private house with all the Improvement*. Inquire at 73 West Twenty-second street. Reference* rcqulri d. A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOM, WITH Board, at 2i)0 Fourth Street, near Washington square. Hot and cold wster, gas, Ac. Alio a Room for a single gen tleman. Price moderate. A GENTLEMAN OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN be accommodated with a very pleasant large front Room, ?n bathroom floor; also, a Parlor, and breakfast if desired, in a private family where there are no hoarders, and con venient to cars and stage*. No. 116 West Twcnty-lifth street, third door west of Seventh avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL RENT, WITH BOARD, A Room to u gentleman ami wife and a small Room to a ftntleinan. Apply at 58 West Seventeenth street. Dinner at o'clock. A SMALL FAMILY, OCCUPYING A GOOD THREE story house, pleasantly situated. In the vicinity of St. Luke's church. would let the principal part to a small family end take the rent in board. Address with real name, B. T.. Herald ollico. ' Avery fine suitof rooms to let? on parlor II cor; also, Suit 1 n second floor, and Boom anil Bedroom on third floor, with B< aid, at 118 Second avenue; will he let to single gi litlemen or gentlemen and wires. House Ilrst Class, with nil the modern Improvements. AT 12! NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF Broadway, a gentleman and wile or two single gentle men can obtain jilcasant Rooms, with Board, in a modern bouse with all the improvements. VERY FINE SUIT OF ELEGANTLY~FU HNISIIRD R joins to let, eithcrtogrtkcrw separate, with iirst class Board: house delightful!) anil conveniently lo-atcd. Apply sit Ml West Eleventh strrc, near Sixth avenue. References exchanged. A LARGE FURNISHED ROOM, WITH CLOSET, TO let, to single gent leinen, without board, for $3, or to a gentleman ntid wife for $'.) a week, 111 a small private family; house well furnished; has bath, gas, .%< . Apply at 120 Filth street, near Second avenue. Location convenient to stages ?r cars. A FEW YOUNG GENTLEMEN, OR A FAMILY, CAN J\ have good R<>oms and comfortable Board. In n Ilrst class house. Terms very moderate. Dinner at 6. 101 East Twcu ty-lirst street, Griimerey I'atk. A choice suit or three elegantly fi r nlshed Rooms on the parlor tloor; piano, bath, &c., heut rd with a fmna< e, in Bond street, near Bmadway, at u veiy low rt-nlul Also l ull furnished Houses. STEI'HEN A. PIFKi'E* I'D . N" 6 l'in- stivet. A SUIT OF ROOMS, WITH BOARD, CAN BE 0B tallied in a small family, residing at 37 West Eighteenth Stieet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Also a lEoom lor it single gentleman. House first class, and neighborhood un exceptionable, A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? WITH BOARD, TO A gentleman and his wile or single ; also Rooms fur two young ladies. Apply at 121 Chrystie St., between Broome and (irand. A A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR, ON THE flrst lloor, to let, with or without Boartl, to a lady or gentleman; also small Rooms: all Hie modern. improvements; terms vpry reasonable; the house of a widow lady, near Broadway. Apply for one week at 32 West Houston street. PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM OR TWO, IN A smsll private family, at 170 West Thirty-fourth stie.-t. House has the modern improvements. References ex changed. Terms moderate. Two gem lemcn preferred. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with good Board and pleasant Rooms by applying ut 17 Charlton street. Board - suits of front rooms on the second and third lloorscau be obtained at 51 West Twenty aecond street. Also, two large Rooms for single gentlemen. Board ? a middle aof.d lady, living quite alone, will aci o:om ida'o a lady, expecting to require nursing, kindness, a home, comfort. Address Mrs. Angcvine, station C. Post oiiice. Board? for single gentlemen or a small family, at 99 MaedougJil street, near the Park. House modern, with gas, bath, modern grates and home comforK. Terms moderate. Board.? pleasant well furnished front Rooms, with pantries, gas, hot nnd i old water, Ac., to let, with Board; location good and convenient toears and stages. Apply at 81 West Twenty-sixth street. References ex i nsigntl BOAltD.-A FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM THAN required, would dls|<ose of tine accommodations to a ?mall genteel family ; location desirable; accessible by tars ?nd stag s. Apply at 172 West Twenty-tirs; sreet. BOARD. ? GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR SIN gle gentlemen can obtain neatly tiirnlshed Rooms, with Board, lit No. 5 West Washington place. The lociitlou is veiy pleasant, being directly op| unite the Washington Parade Ground. Board.? a gentleman and wife, or two oen bin n, call have Board, with a front Room, having :nis, hath, hot and cold water. Ac., nt No. t.s Ea>,t Sixteenth' street, near Union square; terms, including lire un.l gas, $9 per week. Dinner at six o'clock. Board.? several pleasant and well fur nlshed Rooms, with Hoard, at ?3 Clinton place, m ar H th avenue. Dinner at 6 o'clock, HOARDING .?.-INGLE BOOKS FOB < ESTLEMhN, .IJ also rooms for families, with B uil d, In a n o Urn house with the coinlorls of ti home, where there are but few board ers and BO chll Ire . ; in a I loc itlon, :t7 Ea- 1 lilt: st. BOARDING.-A T INE LARGE ROOM ON BATHROOM iioor. snl. able for gentleman nnd wile, or two ?ing!e gen tlemen; hou-e litst chifs; location desirable. Terms v.ry moderate. Apply at 240 West Thlrt) s cond strict, near N nth avenue. Boarding.? A obntlbman and his win oak O' bi n a splendid Room, cheerful home and good living in a pi 1, 'ate laiuily occupying a iirst class hou-e on Murray Hill. Terms $20 per wo k. Address Bunker, bos 151 lie rsld (Mb Boarding. ?families or single persons de sirlng a comfortable hoine tot' the winter, will t nd plea sant it suns, with goo 1 Board, by calling at No. lot E ist Fourteenth street, opposite the Academy ot Mu le. l>mucr at 0 o'clock. l'ropei rcferctn e given and required. I HOARDING. ? A SINGLE GENTLEMAN OR TWO WIL > ling t sl-ep together, i an have n s nail neatly furnished Be J room, with or without Board, in a prl\ ite lain ly, where then are neither children nor boarders. Terms to suit the Mines. Apply at ltjti East Twenty-third street, between Second And 'fhiid m re ii tics. BOARDING.? GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES DESIRING to make arrangements lor the winter, will nnd pleasant K.mois ami l.rst class Board ut Nos. t in and 112 East Four teenth street, near the Academy of M s c. iiiKremts ex changes!. BOARD AND LODGING.? A HANDSOMELY FUR nlshrd Front Room and Hall Bedroom, icoond story, to el, Willi or WJtliotit Boaid. In a private lanuly. house lu* UJI ho nioder n improvements. Apply at 73 Amity Mreet. Board want.ed? for a lady, in a QUIXT pri v.ito family; references exchanged. Address s. H., He rald ofllce. ()ARD WANTED? hY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE; sd unfurnished roont (except carpet) and Hoard, in a private family. Tciuis muif Do JUvilCrttC, Address B., boj " ? v * BOARDIHO A\I> LOPOUTO. BOA 110 WASTED? IN BROOKLYN, FRO M ABOUT the middiu of !)?'?-?- ci i i ? i (a ie manent nnme), In a prnaiu I'uimly, by a young n an and wU'e who oau appreciate a Ik rue. Nfl ir Lai'uycltc avenue preferred. Refi 'renees the best; |:uy pr ' in |n . Address, "latin;: term*, which must be moderate, Fn d. C. Taylor, Brooklyn 1'osi otoa. "130AKD WANTED ? IN A WIDOW'S OR PRIVATE KA JIJ mlly, fur a gentleman and his little son tim e j ear* of I age, where he will have a gool h"Ui-' and the boat of care; piitial board for the father only. Addreaa for t vo dam, stat ing ti? : wt, VrMvIi uiu- i ??? moil irate, b >v 142 Ueiuld ulliet). Board waxtkd.? an anglibh qrntleman, ora un ite of a fit* "i flu In* It iilon, des.ies Board In * m? j respectable luini'y, in 1'etul'a lor instm.:i on In English, : Fundi latin, U eck, Ac., or the k ? ir ?. l iglies refe rence*. Audresi'tiux adft R<pw York Po*t uan e. Board wanted ? a wkll furnished room for a gentleman and lady ; Board to* lady oniy, where there an- no Dtlirr hoarder*, wuh a widow lady preferred, not itl ove Twentieth * tree I. or l?'low Eighth street, between Fourth and Ninth avenues. Terms, including gas and lire, nut lo exceed $;l or $10 per week. Adiiri ?s 11., bo* 141 Herald ollii'e, for three duV*. Board in west twenty-third street, house tirst elasa. ( Hie or two gentlemen, of eorri el h li-lls, who desire a plea lam home, can have excellent aocommodatinns In a private family, wltli lull or partial Board. Address box 1,978 Foul ollicc. Brooklyn. -rooms for families and sinoi e gentlemen nniy be had, With Board, at No. 8t> Cliutou street. Dim 'rat sis. BROOKI.YN.-BOARD WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN 111 a s rletl) prlv e I'unil y within SO inlnntea' walk of w ?ill lerrv. Dean btrc?l rivt'erieU. Pit- turn uUUic.-h Iirlng, box 2,088 New York Post ofliee. Board in Brooklyn? a gentleman and wife, or three alncle gentlemen, can be am ouiinndated with Irmit rooms and B ain in a private family, ai 32 Willouguby street, House baa all the modem improvement*. Terms moderate. Board in brooklyn-io clinton street.? a Parlor, w ith Bedroom attaehed, also Rooms for single gentlemen, all hi reduced price. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Board in rkooklyn.? a lady and gentleman. or one or t?o single gentlemen, eaii be accommodated widi Board in h miihII private family at 811 Slate street, w 1th In eight minutes' walk of the South and Wall street lurries. Dinner at 6); o'cloek. Board in Brooklyn ? a gentlem an and wife or two single gentlemen can be aeeommoduted wuh pleasant Roiinis and Board In u private family, residing at 2U7 ll> my sireet, I etw? en State and Atlantle. Hons- con tain* all the modern Improvement*. Reference* exchanged. BOARS IN BROOKLYN? WITUIN FIVE Ml N CTB8' walk of Wall street ferry. A larte and pleasant Room on the third Hour, neatly furnished, suitable for a family or single gentlemen. Ho ike contain* modern improvements. Apply ut 130 Henry mice I, between Plcrrepont and Clark. Board in BROOKLYN.? A gentlkman and wife or alngle gentlemen ran olitalu two large I rout Room* adjoining on the second lloor, with Boaid. In a small lumily at 18 Nassau street, near Filllou irrry. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? PLRARA NT ROOM 8, WITH good Bi ard, at moderate priees. eaii lie *<?< ured by insr rleil i ir single gentli men in a comfortable house, in a good h c.ition and convenient to Wall and Fulton ferrle*, by apply ing at 47 Coucnrd street. Board in brooklyn-at 2.m clinton street* betwei n Degraw and Harrison. A nleely furnished Iri.nt Koom, with gond Boaid, is offered upon moderate terms ; house tlrst class. Relereiiees exchanged. Board jn soith Brooklyn :.\y hp: obtained lora genileman and wife; also foraslngl" gentleman. rooms and good board, where the comforts of a home may be had. G?*. bath, hot anil cold water. Con e n ent to the ferric*. Y'ou will hud It at 32 llarr. sou street, tv O door* from Clinton Kireet. Board in jersey city, at si grand street? an eiegaut Floor in corner buildiug, m II furnished, with ga*. bain. Ac., to let, with Board. Fine neighborhood, plea Kant location, and convenient to Corllandt street ferry. The room* are very dedrnble. Desirable rooms, handsomely furnished to gentlemen without board, in the modern h' use 23 Ninth Street, between Filth and Sixth aveuues. Stages pasa the door. Economy in boarding. -a small family would accommodate a gentlamati and wife and two gen tlemen, friends, with furnished or unfurnished Rooms and large Pantries attaehed, In the neat modern house l.r)G Last Twenty-third street, between Second and Third avenues. Desirable and permanent parties tan secure the comfort* of home on very moderate term*. Eleventh street, no. 8, near Broadway.? Very handsomely furnished Rmms to let, with |uriiai Board. House first cla.'s, cnutaiuing all the modern convc nh urea French board? a few single gentlemen can be accommodated with well i urnished Room* and first class Board In n French family, occupying a modern House. No. a9 Wi *t Twellth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. Spanish, German and English spoken. I FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?FOR SINGLE GfcN tlemen, without Board, or the first Floor would be let unfurnished, for some light business. Apply at No. 1 Amity street, tirst marble stoop from Broadu ay. Furnished apartments.? large rooms, with elo-ets, gas, Ac , suitable tor ge ntlemen or a gentleman nnd wife, with or without Bo.ird; or aec< mnodstanis for | housekeepers. Also, on upper floor a neat Bedroom at $ti | per mouth. Apply at 47 Amity street. Furnished and unfurnished rooms to let? For gentlemen, In a private lamily. Stages pass the door. Inquire at oU Hlceeker ?m et. Furnished BOOMS to USf-VIfB OE WITHOUT Board, to a gentleman nnd lady or single gentlenn n, in a neat, quiet house, witli few inmates. Apply at 80 West Eleventh street, near Fifth avenue. pENTLEMEN DESIRING A COMFORTABLE HOME, IT with a Fr.'n? h family, c\n obtain pleasant, well-fur nished Rooms, on moderate terms. Apply at 35 West Wash ington place. References exchanged. Gentlemen and their wives, and single gi n tlemen may obtain pleasant Rooms, with good Hoard, in a quiet family, without children, where the comforts of a home inn? be enjoyed. House contains modem improve ments. Terms model a: e. Apply at 1C4 West h st. Hotel accommodations at moderai e prices, can b- had ?t No. West Thirty-first street, corner of Kroadwav. This hous" is well suited "to the comfort of good class families and single gentlemen; lowest price for single rooms, with Board, per week. Hotel board- for families and single gen tlemen, can be had for the winter at moderate prices, at the American Hotel, Jersey City. The America!) is but seven minutes froui Corllandt street, and one block from the ferry. Hotel lodgings.? clean, comfortable sin gle Rooms for $1 25 to $1 f>0 per week, or 25 cents per night, at the I T uion Hotel, ltitf Prince street, corner of Thompson. Meals at all hours. Open all ni.;ht. Mrs. bushnell? de lightfu lly located at 13 Murray Hill park, has a suit of Rooms lor a family, and single Rooms. The best of reference. MAISON MEUBLEE, 70 AND 72 WEST THIRTY eighth street.? Booms, elegantly furnished, or whole Floors, with kitchen, cellar ana yard; houses new, first class four story, high stoon. brown stone; common parlor; meals furnished; eligible Pnyslcian's.onft'e. 1 WEST TWENTY- FOURTH STREET.? A SUIT OF Xi verv desirable Rooms, suitable for a family, with full B<>.ird; also Rooms to? single gentlemen. Location opposite Fifth Avenue Hotel. Dinner at 6. *\TO. 40 BOND STREET.? TO LET, WITH OR WITH Xi out Board, a superb Parlor, with Extension; also, ele gant Ro ims, on second and third Hoots; charges moderate. PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? WITH OR X without Board, m the brown stone house 111 West Four teenth street, to a gentleman and wife, or single Gentlemen. House has every convenience. Location and mi^hboibood unexceptionable. Dinner. at 6 o'olock. "I3ARLOR AND BEDROOM ON FIB8T FLOOB, AND X large Room second story front, with Closets, well fur nished, to let. with Board, to gentlemen and their w ives or single gentlemen; house contains all modern Improvements ami desirably situated. G8 St. Mark's place, Eighth street. Terms moderate. Reference's exchanged. TO LET.? --FURXI8H ED ROOMS, WITH THE CON venienee of gas and bath room on same floor, with the privilege ofia handsomely furnished parlor and piano if re quired, In a genteel part of the eity. Apply at No. 62 West Eighteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. | TWO ROOMS TO LET-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. FOK single gentlemen, with or without Board. Apply at No. 78 Lexinj.t >n avenue. TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with a pleasant Room and Board, in a private family in Montague street, by address m A. L., Brooklyn Post oillce. Reference required. rnWENTY-SECOKD STREET. -AT 246; PLEASANT X Rooms, with good Board, in a private family, at a rea sonable juice. References exchanged. "IITANTED IMMEDIATELY? BY A GENTLEMAN AND V? his 'vife, one nicely furnished Bedro- m, in a good loca lity, cither m New V*rk or in Btooklyn, with open grate. Terms, v\ Ith fire and gas. not to ex? e< d *16 per month." Re ferenc s cx> hanged. Address 11.11., Madison square Post office, New York. "\V"ANTED? BOARD, WITH A SM \LL, NEATLY FUR tt ni.-hed itooio, by a youny; lady, in a strictly I espec ta ble private family; location i ot above llieeckcr street; mu>t not exceed vlprwcek. Best of references given and !*?? quired. Address G. R. Z., box IS j Herald office, For thn e days. IfV LAMARTINE PLACE, WEST TWENTY-NINTH X\/ street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues.? Two niec ly furnMied Rooms to let, with Board, on second floor, with hot rid cold water, at a very moderate price. Dinner at G. Location very pleasant. Oft GREENE STREET, IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF ju vj tli best hotel and pla -cs of amusement. ? Furnished Rooms to 1<- to gentlemen only. Rooms at 75 en s to $3 per week. House has, C ro"; on water, Ac., and is very quiet. OQ GREENE STREET? CHEAP ROOMS.? A COM* lo. 'a ly furnished Room, suitable for two gentlemen, with sep:.rate be s, at p r*eek. S.mjle rooms at $1 ?nl $1 2ft. The to ims are l.eaied. A so, a Front Room on second tlo <: to one er more gentlemen, at $?.5J. OQ ST. MARK'S PLACE.? A LARGE PLEASANT ROOM, *J with Board, and also -ne on the third floor u y be ob tained on application a the above number. Q~ AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET ?ONE OR ? two select families and two or three i^ n'lerr.e an be a ? ? mimed vied w ith suits cr single Rooims In one of the most delightful loeaLons. The hens* are new, and newly fur nished, situated" between Broadway and 1 if ih avenue. Taido first clus?. References ^exchanged. Qi) EAST TWELFTH STREET. A FEW DOORS WEST OV) of Broadway.? A Parlor, with Ledromn, on ? ond lloor; ?N ? ? two or three s ngh* R-onn lor a gentleman; all < le ?4 ntly furnished, together with a go unable. ?JD WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND t)0 >?At a avenues. ? One large Front Room and Bed room. to lei, unfurnished, to a gentleman and wife; hot and c Id W iier jii eacto nnd wnrmed by register; house nearly new with nil tf?* modern improvement?-. Terms modeia^e. I QWEST TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH and Sixth avenues ?A private family. occupying a first en. .s hou^e, containing all t!tp modern imj r >vements. w ill let a few handsomely furnisheu %Kooms, in suits or single, to gentlemen, with breakfast if retired. A i WEST TWELFTH STRI'.Ti J? BO VHP ? .\ VERY XX pleasant front Bedroom, on ti.e tl?ir ! story, to let, with Beard, at 44 West Twelfth street, between b if th and JtyXcienws unhanged. llO A It DI!YG AND LODOlNCi. Cft FAST TWENTY-EIQIITH STREET.? AN ENTIRE ?/<? / Floor, all couauiuukauug, wah ... eh closet i o < ; i*?j a Hue suit ot Rooms on the first Hour, to lot, with private table if desired; house lirst clans; terms moderate. H J i: V8T TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? II AX DSOMEI.Y I jt' 1 urni#hod front Ho ms, on hccond lleor, may > e l>a \v i M i Heard. A single Room also fur a g<-utUunan. Location near Fourth avenue. 7Q SI* RING STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROAD I ?' way ? To let, s.-v< r.ti I auilHomcly furnished Room*. t'? single gentlemen, at war price*. Tin; lorat'.on is nwir .vll the lirst class hotels and place* of ainUHcment, Heading roomfrxe. inquire of Anson 11oum\ OA TENTH STREET.? TO LET, TO (JENTUSMKN i \J only, without meaK a Kuin.slnd Room, on tin- second floor; the house is centrally Jo< ated and mar Filth avcuue. ReJi ;? n - a exchanged. QO GREENE STREET, AliOVE STRING? ALSTON t/O Home Elegantly furnished stills of Rooms, with gas, Croton water an 1 every convenience for hoiiHekeeping eco nomically; particularly suited lor small, respectable. laimlies. Kent Ion. KUt NINTH STREET, N E A R B RO A l> W A Y . ? t i E N T LE X" J\J men ami their wive* or simile gentlemen ran he ac commodated with pood Hoard ami pleasant Room* on mode rate terms. Dnner at C o'clo k. Ahoa large bark Parlor on tint floor to let. References exchanged. ItA MACDOUOAL STREET- RICHMOND HO USB 18 11" now opened un a private family Hotel, for the tec* p tiou of single g? ntlrinen. or small families tired of boarding. Parties drsirou*of hoiiKekeepinfi < an lind every convenience at the above establishment. 1 A TWELFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AY KM E, iTt/ ou H?Tond floor, front Room, with jjas and fuel, for $io per week, with third floor front .Mid inner Room com municating, $10 per witek, for two dingle gentlemen or a gen tiemmand wife. Family smsll. Dinner at 6 o'clock. sandy furnished Rooms, with Bedrooms attached with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, inelud in*; gas and Cro on water, to let to ret-pectable families op single gentlemen. 909 WE8T TWENTY THIRD STREET, ONE DOOR i from Seventh avenue.? A handsomely furnished Pailor and Bedroom (second story front) to let, with Boaid. House has all the modern improvements, and it (iuely located. 91 n EI'M STREET-JACK SON HOUSE.? THE MOST ?j\\J comfortably and conveniently furnished Apartments in the city, to meet the wants of small families, with every requisite furniture, clean lim-u, cooking range audi utensils, gas and Croton water. 9(11 FOURTH AVENUE.? VERY PLEASANT AND i?")X well furnished Rooms, single or in suits, to fami lies, with private table, or to single gentlemen, with partial Board ; the house has all the inod< rn improv- ments. 64 ? (?47 BROADWAY? CLINTON HOUSE (JENTl.E ') men will liin! elegantly furnished Rooms. every thing uew ?uit In eomplate order. Particular attention i a il to tfii- comfort of ull who may fav>r this bouse with ineir patronage. 7') I BROADWAY. OPPOSITE WAVERI.EY PLACE. ? I O'j Suits of Parlors, with Be.lrooms attached, to l.*t to gentlemen only, with or w ithout board, at very low rata*. Qlfi BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTIETH AND i/IU Twenty-iu-M atreet*.? ' Two furnished Homos io u t to gentlemen ; price $1 iO and per week. Impure lu the toy store, 910. HOUSES, BOOMS, etc.. TO LET. An entire second floor, also a part, ok on the second floor, all elegantlv turnUhed, to let, with Ho.,rd, at reaaonable rates, to lamlliea or tingle gentlemen. Apply at S3 Weal Twelfth meet. References given and re quired. Apartments to let-two, three, four or ?even very tine thlid tloor Rooms, itll improvements, situated at 45t Hudson street, and 47 tlreenwlch avenue; slso a Wile Store and Dwelling, lately orciipied tor botanle medl clues; very low rent. Apply at No. 8 Tenth street, between Fil th and Sixth avenues. A SPLENDID HOUSE TO LET? OH HOUSTON STREET, wi-ki ot and near Broadvtay. The llouai- ia lour stories, lirU k, 25x70 (lot 'i'ulllSI ti et, lit complete order, with gat, water, Ac. The location Is very deairal'le, and to a responsi ble puitv a long and favorable lea.-e will be given. Apply to CHAR. B. MILl.s, :t4 Cedar street. A STOKE Tt> LET-IN THE NEW Bl'lLDIKO CORNIUt of avenue B and Fifteenth sireet; size, H by 46 leet; al>o the Basement, same tlzr, lent low. luuuire or Mr. D'IDIN, 16 avenue C. Furnished floor to let-complete, with every convenience for housekeeping, xtiltabls for a small family, at (18 or 920 a month, actonllng to the rooms ivijuiied; gas. bath, 4c. ; all c mveiilences. Apply at Second avenue, Urst house below Fiftieth street, east side. House to first class three ptoky House, in Eighteenth sticet, near Union souaie; is In complete older; Immediate i>ossets|on given; Carpets and Oilrloiht lor sale. BIIADLEY A WAlt.VEK, No. 40 Union square. Lower paht of house im west thirtv -ninth street to )??, at a very low rent, until tli?t of May. A j: |ily on the premised, or to J. 8. COHEN, 305 Broadway, cor ner Dunne street. TO HOTEL KEEPERS.? SU.NNYMDE (LATE PAT ten'*) Hotel to lea *e, for a term of years, IneluditiK Fur nlttire, Klitures, 4c. This ia one of the hen houses on the North river side of theoity. Apply to STlllI.IXU A SI1A LEK, I 111 Warren street. TO LET? AT TASIC RATES, AN ELEGANT SEtOND Floor No. 201 Weal Hl'lielli street, neai Eiuhth avenue, in good order, large rooms. &<? , only $!?> rent; sliso the Seeond Floor, No. 4.'!1 Wc.-t Thirty dull street, near Nimh avvui.e, and half tlio basement, only $9 rent. Apply as abo>e tins ?lay. rpo LET-IN BROOKLYN, A FURNISHED BODU, A near the l omer oiClnton and Atlantic atrcela. The resident* desire to remain as ho inters during the winter. Address box 181 l'ost olUce, New York, with references. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR of A HOUSE, FUR nislied or unfurnished: rent moderate. For particulars call at or address for three days 418 Eighth avenue. rpo I.F.T? IN HOUSE NO. 107 WEST TWENTY -FOURTH X street, built foi the expri i s pill puses of small re*|ieita ble American families, four Rooms; have, water, h.itiiing tub and washroom, shower bath, &?-. Inquire at 107 West Twenty-fourth street. rpo LET? THE ELIGIBLE BUSINESS OR SOCIETY X Rooms, Willi a spacious entrance, southwest corner of Broadway and Twelfth street; private entrance on Twelfth street ; also a sni.iil Fiont Room. Apply to JOHN 8. KELSO, 62 William street. rpo LET. ? V GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OUCUn I NO A .1. modern built house up town, are desirous ol letting a portion of it to a respectable family. The house l as all the modern convent, nees. Rent very low. Apply al 2S0 West Twenty-eighth street, near N ntli avenue. rpo LF.T-A VERY DESIRABLE SECOND FLOOR, CON A si-ting ot two parlors, kitchen and bedro up, with gas and watej*. Rent low. Inquire ut 26GSpring street. rpo LBT? THE UPPER l'ART OF HOUSE 102 SPRIKO J. ttrret, consisting of six rooms, in good order; water, waste pipe, gas, Ac. Very convenient apartments. Apply as above. TO LET? A THREE-STORY, HIGH STOOP HOUSE, with sub-cellar ?nd modern improvements, in Cheover place. Rro'iklyn. Prlee >.'WI per morfth. in advance. 1'ive minutes' walk from South or Hamilton avi nue ferries, l'os seaalon immediately. Apply to George Slcldmorc, 11 Nassau street, New York, room No. 6. Oilice hours from 9 to II. rpo LET? FIRST FLOOR OF COTTAGE HOUSE NO. 12S X East Twenty-eighth street; ens and water. A:so live Rooms, up|>er Hour, m 106 East Twenty-eighth street, with low rent. Three Rooms al 146 Third avenue, ut $7; tine* at 8j Downing street $t to $5. J, R. WILCOX, 180 Fif tli avenue, corncr Twenty-third sue t. r LET? COUNTRY HOUSE, TWO ACRES, FRUIT and shade trees, twenty-live miles from tMs < ity. in New Jersey, one minute !r>m the depot; has eight rooms, all furnished; rent #10 per mouth. Address M. J. .M , Herald oQlce, TOLET-WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THESE* cond Floors of No. 17 Wa'is and 13 Sullivan street; the third Floorand Basement ol at; Rcnnl. k street; a Kooin and Bedroom rear 113 West Broadway. Apply in the barsment of 25 Sullivan street. rpo LET? THE ELEGANT DWELLING HOUSE NO. 4 X Depau row (Blceckcr street). replete with every conve nienee as a first class dwelling; subl" on rear French style, w ith pone coeliere; to be seen from 9 to 5 o'clock. For terms apply to C. C. PINCKNEY, 72 Wall street. rpo LET IN BROOKLYN? TWO PARLORS, BASE X ments, two Bedrooms, and se> nnd floor; rent $1 to J12S0 per month; two persons occupants. Also, a House of three rooms; rent $5 per inotitli. Apply at 377 Adelphl street, near Fulton avenue. TO LET IN WILLIAMSBURG? A PHYSICIANS OF. fiee; former occupant In the army, an excellent crpi or| tunity for one commencing practice; good location and wel established: furnished or not Terms low. Apply at 98 South Fourth Ktri'i t, near Filth. TO LET OR LEASE? HOUSE ON THE SOUTHWEST corner of University plac snd Eighth street. Apply to WILLIAM H. NEILSON, <0 Wall street, or 102 East Fif. teenth street FIRMTUBE, A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE for $i4, In nil colors, of warranted m<mti''a tun:; als'i solid chestnut Ohaiu'ier Suits, p ain and ornamental, at H. F. FAKRINGTON'S, 3u8 Cuu.,1 strict, opposite Woo*ter. Establl-hcd in l*< 1 H. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FIRST CLASS HOUSE ho'd Furuii re at p ivate sale, at .? fa riuee ?One seven o t ivi> rose wo -d Pianoforte, ro t $800, t^j- $2.71. including stool and cover: onti Drawing I: Suit, solid rosewood, c ist for $140; one do. Icr $1 .JO; Ltegercs, Centre Ta bles. Mirrors, Lnee Curtains, Car ets, rosewood Bedstead, ltureat) and Wast eland, entire ? I', for $100. snd Spring Mattresses, Blankets, China, Glass and Silver Ware, ami many articles too natnerous to mention, w ill be sold at half the cost. The furniture ali furnish d new la*: M <v, and is in ex< ellent order. Inqttlreat 70 West Ttventy-sutli street, near Sixth avenue. TT^URNITURE.? CASH PAID FOR SECOND HAND X Furniture, Mirrors and Carj e's. Countr alls attended ? to. Ad rejs Funilturo H'ore, MO Hudson s rcet. A t'wl a-sortment n: seaond hand lurnliurc on hand at the sbive I stot e, cheap, for cash. TjlURNlTURE BOUGHT? ALL KINDS OF IKM'SE- ! J hold I'urnltnrc fcoupht for cash, and a good price en en, J at ?tru.'Ti trd avenue, near Thirty-to irth street. 1*1. ase call or aiUIr- n Furniture, as above. N. it.- A g >o<I a'-ortiiieut of ; second hand Furniture for sale. ^ WIXES AXD LKliaTlOi. Howard * fuller's pure spring water, ales unit Port?r.? Tlie.e now relcbrated Ales, having a repu* | t-ttlon I ociliu rly th? ir own, can bo had In whole or half cask*, ] on application at the brewt ry, corner of Jay and Plymouth ; s'r.'ets, Brooklyn, or at tl.e <!? pot, 214 Fulton rreet, ??? ar ! \VaPhii?Cfon siroi t, Mew YorK. Delivered in the citlcw f?f i N' W Vc. k arul Hn>..klvn fr< f*. of by care' il .n 1 B"?' or draymen. T!:e (rIo ptiblio, who have not already tested the article^ a i respectfully solicited to do *o. MKNIH M'S BKANC1I ALE VAI LTS, SOUTHWEST ! corner of Hiua-iway and Twelith street. rpO FAMILIES.? T1IK FOLLOWING UNLIABLE HOODS X at low prio n, viz: ? Oshorn's ami t'hillingworth'a Wines, iiuporte?j in hnttles; ton varletios of Sherry, line Mad Mrap, C'lar t*. n^.iinpagnoH, H? < k?. Brandfes, (some vory ol?l) : 12 ng lij h and Iloli.1 'id (Jlns, Janiaioa and S?. < 'mix Hum, Swtoh and Irish W1 i K?.y, Imported four yoar??Hn<l a hall since; tino old DourUoQ VVl^s&t'y. Swtch Ale and Rnglixh Port*T, Teas, Ac. U: *1$*, 00 fU'OCl* rot ?lAJ4fc An UN FERMENTED BK! ? li w 1'ORE AND ROU'IE for Hal ? Does u v iy goi . b'liiuess; will be sold cheai ; ats > several v- ry tine in hi ? Ih - Bak?rie< for Mile, la goou , business 1 o atoms, at MITCHELL'S Busi.iesa Agency, 77 , Cedar at it e'. near Fr Kidway. Bakeries i ok sale? located in all thr h ading avenues of New York and Brooklyn ; also 100 \ acres of good la n?l for saic will trade for tt lienor store or ? ro cry. 1* ? rii< .h who have. IniHincss p!a". s to sell out would do well to apply at MITCHELL'S A ? ncy, 77 Cedar street. 1 URUG STOK : FOR KALE IN BROOKLYN? A FIRST I ? '.isaiJiug Store, established six years, and the best I location, ou the huest tlmrt ti^li i'.i ? ?? | >i the city, and doing a j line trail'* both prescription and ueneral mail. Notwitl - staudlug the tlun s, trade is j la lually itnpro\ iu>% The stoic ! has been thorough y r novated during the past year, and in now nuppliod with a choice sto? k and all t:?e nece??ury

articles for continuing a tint class trade. The proprietor, having be<o:ne by disease incapable to v ?? the business pto j ot attention, finds it necessary t?? make a change Any party having a few thousand dollars ran nnke a valuable in vestment, as the business U already r stabllshcd and no re Iialr* required. For particular* apply to C. S. MARTIN, 14 lr? ad way, New York. f|H)B8iUt- I WINE AND I AGRRBIBR SALOON, IN ' the upper nart of the city, with excellent marl le bil liard tables, splendid bar arrangements, and very extensive intercourse; price $2,500 inutst be paid In cash in full. Ap pl> in the wme vaults, IS8 Eighth avenue. IjlOlt SALE ?THE NEATLY FITTED UP EATING AND ' Oyster Saloon, 173 Spring struct, now doing a good busi ness will be sold cheap, with bar fixtures, Ac.; rent low. Ap ply of i he proprietor on the premises. 1.1UH SALE OH EXCHANGE ? A KEROSENE OIL FA C ' tory, with lour Join of ground; Machinery and Build lugs entirely new and incomplete tinier; will be sold ou reasonable terms or exchanged for real estate ornondsand mortgage!*; capacity 3,500 gallons per week. Addiess Oil Factory, box 2,777 Post office. ijtOR SALE V FANCY GOODS AND TOT 0*018, ' Lease, Stock and Fixtures, situated on Broadway, with Dwelling. Heut $Mk). Handsomely lltted up, well stocked and doing a fair business. This is a rare chance for a party with a small capital. Would exchange luraLot uptown. Apply oil the premises, 1,2411 Broadway. T3K)R SALE? A FIRST CLASS GROCERY AND LIQUOR J? Store, titled up in new, kept by the present owner for the la at live years. Theown-r wants to le?ve theetty. Alto, a Luger Bier and How ling Saloou. For (tarticulurs u - quire of A. ASID1IARDT, Si? Carmine street. I.10R SALE? ATA BARGAIN, ONE OFTIIE BEST LOP A 1 ted and most proli table drinking Sab ouaiu ins - ity, with stock and fixtures; is well fitted up and enjoys an mil 1 'inlsh ed reputation, and being in the immediate vicinity of the Hudson River Railroad depot, com mauds a large share of transient as well as permanent patronage. For particular* inquire on the premises, 10 Hudson street, corner of Keaile, at t< r It) A. M. IjlOR SALE? TUT, LEASE (AND STOCK IF DESIRED) ? of a l>ry Good? Store, in a good business location on Third avenue. Rent low. handsome atore, and can be made to do a good business w 1th a Miiall < Address O. T. P., station!), for one week. FOB SALE? THE STOCK. FIXTURES AND good WILL of a first class Bar and Drinking lloiiM'. situated in the central part of Broadway, lit si Moor, and now doing a pros perous business. Rent low. Satis' actory reasons given for selling. Addiess Business, b? x 10 ' Herald olliee, to-day. til OR SALE ? STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A DOWN TOWN ' Stove Business, doing a fair trade; low expenses; will be sold on easy tsrui*; a good chance for a legitimate busi ness. Apply at 240 Water at reel. JilOR SALE OR TO LET. ?THE LEASE AND FIXTURES 1 of a Segar store, with or w ithout stock. Apply at V25 Broadway, No agents n*ed apply. For sale-tin: GOOD WILL AND fixtures of the Plough Hotel, IS3 Liberty street, with good stabling attached. This house is convenient to the Albany, Boston and Philadelphia boats. Apply on the premises. For sale-tiie stock and fixtures of a first class Barroom. The woodw ork is already taken dowu In the most caret ul manner. Those going into th** business should call and see. them, as they will be sold at a sacrifice. The liquor is of the best quality. Inquire at 778 Third ave nue, over the dry goods atore. IjlOR SALE? AT \ BARGAIN. THE FIXTURES OF A 1 first class Tea, Coffee and Sugar Store; also a small stock of Groceries, if wanted. The fixtures are complete and al most new. Inquire at 98 Newark avenue, Jersey City. FOB sale-TDK best PAYING LAMP AND oil Store in the city. The owner is in the manufacture of the oil, and must leave the store. The purchaser can ex amine the books, stock, Ac., and satisfy himself. Will be eold very low for cash. Apply at 335 Broadway, room 43. . IjlOR SALE CHEAP? AT 108 CENTRE STREET, A J; sheet Iron Boiler, 1,200 gallons; a .Jew eller's Furnace, Draw Bench, Machine Lathe, Pulleys, Shafting, iiangcisaud Belting, Storifl, disss Case*, D >tka, Ac. For sai K-'Hir PATENT RIGHT FOR NEW York and the Eastern States, of an attachment lor burning Coal Oil In a common fluid lautn, without a chimney, now iu the market, and .' idling rapidly. For particulars apply to THOMPSON A ( <?.. 87 Park row, room S3. 1MB SALE? A PHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTYPR 1 Gallery, with u good run of customers. Sati*fact< ry rea sons will be given. For particulars inquire at 210 Bower, . I MR SALE? A VALUABLE INVENTION. NOW KIKO 1 p.itented and w hich costs but forty cents to manufacture; is selling readily for $1; want of means only is the reason for selling. Addicts W. O. E. G., Herald olliee, lor uu in t tervlew. I^OR SALE? A CORNER LIQUOR STORE, WITH FIX tores and Lease; one of the best stands m the seven teenth ward. Will be Mold cheap, us the owner hnaoihor business to attend to. Apply on the premise*, 200 avenue B, coiner of Twelfth street. /GROCERY STORE FOR RALE.? THE STORE CORNER \T of Fleet and Willougbby streets, Brooklyn, including Stork, Fixtures, Ilorse, Wagon and Lease of House. I! i-on for selling? -death of owner. Api-ly to J AMES GREENE 72 Pine street, New York, or KEI.U GALLAGHER, ou the premises, or at 108 Court street, for two days. CI REENWOOD CEMETERY.? FOR SALE, FOl R BEAU r tiful lots in a c.i-i ic, with improvements. The** lots are in a choice location, ami tare cliance to buy. Apply at S8 Pike street, tip stairs. Hotel for sale? on liberal terms, a nice small, well located and handsom ?ly furnished, no. lor a good pa\ log business, in a good neighborhood. Tnis is ag<*"d chance. J. A. BIGGS, Nassau street. Restaurant for sale cheap-having other engagements, on a inlmipnl thoroughfare, long and favorable lease, handsomely and fully fitted up and f urnish ed, doing a large paying business, and more than ordinary good chance. Or will exchange tor a farm. SOUTHWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. R EVENUE SUIT, NEVER WORN, FOR SALE ? COST price $26. Addre>?? Revenue, Herald oSice. 1 WE WELL KNOWN OYSTER AND LUNCH ItoOM, No. 7 Broad street, three door?* ft om Wall, with a fust rale Imr business, c?n he bought; a bargain IS sale is clotted this week. If Do; sold, Will hi? opciieil mi Monday next with A choice lot of liquor*, ales, Ac., A?'. Also, the beat oy*ters the market aUords. fTHE BEST PAYING BUSINESS ON BROADWAY FOR J. sale? Eligibly located, without opposition and now doing a splendid trade. A small amount in a.ish required. The pioprietors hare other business in Washington. Would suit a Ui-iman. Apply for two days at 640 lit oadway. (JOO/t WILL BUY A N OLI) ESTABLISHED TEA* tJ Coffee and Butter store; has done h casta trade ot $20' a week for the past live years; three years b ase of the whole house, store and six good r oopis, only 9400 a year; rent all taken oat in trade; will take part cash. Apply on the p: ?- rn i - ? h. "J3t Hi- '' -ker street, near Citrmi i.e. . QOO D(\[\ BUSINESS PROPERTY FOR SALE iPiJUiUUv/ kh4 exchange.? A desirable corner, well rented, situated near the Bowery, will be exchanged for some cash md tacant < ity lots. M. L. SHELDON. 79 Cedar street. , RELKilOl S NOTICES. Bedford otkeet mkthodist episcopal Church.? Rev. J. P. Ncwinun w.ll preach In this church on Thursday, at 11 o'clock A. M. rniiANKSoivrxo sermon -rev. newtox heston, X pastor, will pt ea . u in the State Street Congregational chur h, near Hoyt afreet, Brooklyn, Thursday mornin.% at 10), o'clock. Subject. "Trie Ruler Above all Rulers.'' Th< o doie Tilton, Esq., and. Rev. Mr. He?t"ii will *] e.ik nt the chil dren's gathering in fh?* evening, at 7}? o'clock. I'arculg, with their children, arc affectionately Invited to at'ctid. SPECIAL iVOTICKS. JOSEPH LEE, FORMERLY MERCHANT TATLOR, Broadway, having made arrange -iients enabling htm ?v serve his customers an heretofore, will, on and after Wednes day next, be gratified to see them at No. 7tf Cedar street. N. B ? Joseph Lee holds a power of attorney from David Smith, Esq., receiver for the late firm of Joseph Lee Ac Ren, authorizing him to collect and receipt 10 r money due to said llrin. Nov. 23, 1861. Naval.? united states sloop op war lev ant? 'JUie widows, orphans and heirs-at law of the ollleers, Seamen an 1 Marines, -erring on board the United Statessbip Levant, ran receive information ol great importance, by ad dressing S. V. Nlles (late of the (Jeneral Land oflic"),* Mili tary aud Naval Agency, Washington Ciiy, D. C. PROCLAMATION.? THE GOVERNOR OP THIS STATE, having, in accordance with a time honored custom, ap pointed Thursday, the 2-lth day of .N. vember foist., es a day of publie thanksgiving, I, Fernando Wood, Mayor of tin l y of New York, do hereby recommend all good ? itl/ens to unite on the day thus set apart in ascriptions of pral-e'to the Kotirce of all good for his manifold met t ies and bl,ksi?ifj?. Admldstthe evils wfih-h the folly and wh kcdne.-s o: man liat e prod it< ed, the tin hanging goodness ol the (Creator m.?y well awake our devout wonder. No language can adequately express the extent of His love, but your honored pastors, in structed by the sublime teaching of revelation, will best I guide your grateful devotions. I am sure that decorum and ' rational enjoyment will iitaik t hi-f icligious festival as ever ! in the city of New York, und I feel it only necessary to re ! mind those blessed with abundance to remember at this inde j incut season and period of general distress the |s?or, tli ? fatherless and the widow. Periiaps the Ruler of the uni I verse, thus entreated by the voice of mercy, mayiemov.* I from our beloved country the s< onrge of war. That he may j vouchsafe to do so is my sinccre praver. Given under my hand and s??al, at the city ol Now York, this 18th day of No renber, Uttl. FERNANDO \\ >OD, Mayor. Fimom dealing in or raurauMi K nlrosd <, on whh h more or b ss eo :p ms are our and i unpaid, should take < are that all such to l or* are attached | i*. t!>" bom s; a?, by a rule of the B-?. rd of UroM-rs any mif-s ng coupons, estimating them at par, are deducted from i the avails of the 1 o nus sold. rrilANKSClIVINO at THE FIVE POINTS MISSION, I X site of the Old Brewery, under the c re ot the'Ladies' I Home Missionary So :ety,on Thursday, November 28, 1$61.? I The time has again ? ome forourannnal festival at the Five Points. No day ki more eagerly anticipated by the children tin re th .u Tli anks^L lt g, for tlien they receive their annual I g.fta of clothing, to> s sud a substantial dinner. 1 To the friends of the minion the ladies and the mission I aries sre indebted fer the rit h luxury ol thus being able to j carry jov and g'adnes* to hundreds of hearts so often filled ; with sorrow. We <?n< e m >re ask them to share with us the pleasure of doitif good to the suffering poor. T 'provide ; nr I uatikssiving and the wan;- of the coming w liter we m > d food, e'.ot ini; and money. Will you help nsl Donatioio: ol iiia sort w 1 j 1 be thankfully ri ceived and faith fully appl ed. T ie> maybe k. nt directly to the Mission, 61 Park>treet. it (hmor* wMl sead us their addroas, their eun tribiitionri ill t e c i led for. The fe w.llceii'l t of interestlrg exercises by the j nhildri n, coii'mt niang .t 2 o l ?ekl\.M. Dinner at 4 o'clock, at d dlstr ? iti ti o: | sents immed aU 1 y a: t' r. A lit arty in vttai ion i- ? x tended t ? ?? ll io b | re .-nt. rilifE UNDEltslGNKD, OF THE LATE b 1 RM OF FIG A X i-i re, Rets h Co., requests nil ci edit as of siid firm to c. II < n him t??r th. av-, at 28 Broadway, for important business cunvcrni. g and to the unders.gned. ?l. i, >1, F^iiliJglRA. nriTRVoTxov# AC ?' - I MY OK B< IOKK BE! I NO ARITHMETIC, WBITJ in &c., !1'?2 Broailw ?y, for fifteen yearn in suecePHfu I operation. Studeuts are received day ami evening, and care iull> litted fur the counting room or active business upon t he I Dtoit favuribjs UHWii W. J. RENVILLE* A WELL EDI CATED YOUNG GERM AN LADY. foN versant v\ iih the l&ugli-li, Oermau Hint Frenih lan I gu ges, wishes a situation as gowiness or companion to a I ia< y ; s?ie can abo instruct in drawing and painting, a ltd is pei\eet in needlework and embroidery; a soiuter able homo j s pret'cired to a high salary, the be ? t testimonials given lor ehar.i cr and capability. Address box n,.VJ5 l*? .nt utn e. 4 LADY OP HIGH KE8 I'ECTA BI LIT Y AND EXPE 1 jfv r.eneeiu teaching desires 10 ina?\e one more engage ment as \ is. ting governess. of the Engiiah branches, to elu!? dre i of either sc\: ??r woul 1 nice pri\a e bisons to a lady , whose early education may h. iv o been neglected. The high est references given. Terms moderate. Address Visiting Goverues*, Herald offlM. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN. OK A GOOD BELGIAN family, wi he* loguc private legs >nsin Frcn ?! , Latin, Gie k, Ac. tiood retV rouces i au be given. Address c. I). 4'., 130 Green w ich street. Best sustained hoarding seminary in the State. $110 pe year. Brick buildings for ladles and gentlemen. Ablest teachers in all departments. Winter term, Due. 5. Address liev. Joscuh E. King. Fort Edward Institute, N. Y., on the Saratoga ami Whitehall Railroad. CONVERSATIONAL COURSE IN FRENCH. ?PROP. I). t LACKOIX, A.M., 143 Ninth street, near Broad nay. is forming day classes tor ladies and evening ehmscs lor gen tleiuen, to commence on Monday, Dee. 2. Terms $S per quarter. For references, Ac., apply from 10 to 11 A. M. or 7 to 8 P. M. \TEW YORK err* COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, is AM) 10 C?H>j?er Institute.? Bookkeeping, BusineHs Penman ship, Commercial Law, Commercial Calculation, Commercial CoriesiMuideuce, Ac., practically taught. JAMES . LUSK, Penman BRYANT, STRATTON, PACKARD k PENN/Prlnelpsle. Noi l s MARCH album.- NOLL A waters have just published, in a ueat and convenient form, a .set of four Marches f* r full brass bands. These Marches are com posed l>y some of our most talented artists and leaders, such as Louis Schrihcr. Mr. Wilner. Weigers and Jos. Noll. For N.ile at the principal music stores, or at JNO. P. WATERS, 57 Vesey street. OlANOH AT COST. -A NEW SEVEN OCTAVE $500 .L carved rosewood city made Piano, all modern improve ments, for $325. Also, one second hand Ronton seven octave rosewood Piano, m arly new, for $150. 7a0 Broadway, near Eighth street, in the upholstery store. rriiE SPANISH LANGUAGE 18 TAUGHT, AS HBRE* I tofoi e, by C. GORRIN, at Clinton Hall, Astor place, libra ly floor, room No. 7. where applicant are requested to call from Vtf to 10>? A. M. Terms to suit the times. WANTED? BY A FOREIGN YOUNG LADY, AN EN ? ? gagemenl in a family as governess of young children; she ran teach musie, drawing ltaliau and the rudiments oi French, also embroidery ami fancy work. Ref? r.;tices given and required. Address L. N., Herald olllce. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, BY A LADY teacher in one of our principal female Keminaries, one or two unfurnished Rooms, with gas; location hetweeu Eighth an. I Twenty-third streets, Broadwa> and First ave nue. Terms inn t be moderate. Reference given and re quired. Address Teacher, station 1), Bible House. itooirs GYMNASIUM AND FBNCING ACADEMY f I 93 and 06 Silt h avenue.? ."The w Imp for health on excr else depend." Morning, afternoon ami evening classes for ladies, gentlemen and children. Sword exercise any I. our, day or evening. Terms low. WM. WOOD, Proprietor. MUSICAL. AGRBAT BARGAIN.? MAGNIFIOBNT CAB* ED rosewood Piauoforte at private Male at a great sacrifice; full seven octave, elegant carved leg*, overstrung bass, richly inlaid and solid pearl keys, and a very powerful and sweet ton *, Was selected for the owner by a professor of music and fully warranted for three years. Also some vsry elegant parlor furniture. Apply Immediately, ;?t the residence oi the owner, 218 Fourteenth street, near Eighth avenue. A MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte for sale ? Richly carved lega and ease, round cor ners, full iron plate, lined with satinwood, overstrung baas, inlaid with and pearl keys, made to order for the present owner by city makers, fully guaranteed for three years; been in use but seven months; cost $500; will be sold for $250, including stool and cover. Also an elegant Drawing Roum Suit, cost foi $130. Inquire at 70 West Twenty i?i\th street, near Sixth avenue. A BARGAIN? PRI08 |1S?-A MAONIVTOBNT B08B JY wend, full seven octave, Pianoforte, manula< tured l?y t old r,Aialilii)hed city makers, in perfect order, with all modern Improvements. Also, several others to close a receivership. Apply to John McDonald, Receiver, 3T>8 Bowery. AlTl.M'lON 1 PIANOFORTE PURCI1 ASERS.-TWO rosewood, full sized Pianofortes for $00 each. Also, flirty others at leas than eost, new a ml *e"ond hand of various makers, to close a concern. The store to rent low to a good tenant. JOHN P. WAKE, 1H2 Fulton street. A lady, op SOME years experience in giving i lint. ruction on the pianoforte, will receive two mors pu pils, at $1! fOa m*?nth, with privilege of practice. Pupils al ien Jed at their own residences ut a quarter. Apply at 140 AVe-t Thirty-third street. A large stock ok new seven octave piano lot tes to be sold at 1' s* than rout, and a good warrantee given for three years. New seven octave, $150; usual price, $275, at the manufactory, 75 Last Twenty -second street, near * .exington avenue. 4 1 1I ICKERING PIANOFORTE FOR $*20, WHICH COST \J $150 but ten month* ago; is 7,1 1 octave, rone wood caw*, <?t" the grandest finish, four round corners. back Mine as the front, French grand ao?i <n, overstrung l a m, large sliding desk, iron frame oi the richest design; elegant Cover, Stool, A?\ Apply at 127 Twenty-first street, near Third avenue. IjlOR SALE^AT A BARGAIN^ A GOOD, SWEET ? toned t)lvi octave Piano, by a private family breaking up hou.s"ke<'j lng;uWa general assortment of good Household Furniture, mostly nearly new. Apply soon at 35 Clermon h venue, second brick house below Park avenue, Brooklyn. IIGHTR A BRADBURY'S NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNG J Bass Patent Insulated Full Frame Gr.<nd an I Square Pianofortes, 421 Broome street. What everybody nays must be true; everybody fays they are the best, therefore ihey must be the best. VEW MUSTC.-THOMAS BAKER'S NEW WALTZ, i> THE 1 Al RA KEENE WALTZ. For niano, price 33c. The most beautiful and popular wait/, of the season. HORACE WATERS. 481 Broadway and all muni, sellers. ORGANIST? A YOl'NO GENTLEMAN OF HOME EX perb !?"?? offers his services as organist for one year uith out charge lo a Prot-staiit church in this city or Brooklyn. Address, stating location, Organist, Herald oflice. fPHE HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MELODEONS, A and Alexandre Organs, are the finest Instruments for pariornand churclo s now iu use. A lar^e assortment can be s- en at the new warerooms, 481 Broadway, between G rand and Broome streets, whl?;h will be sold at extremely low prices. Pianos and Melodious from sundry makers, new and second hand, to let, and rent allowed if" purchaser! as per agreement. Monthly payment* received for the same. She**t Music, Music Books, and all kinds of music merchan dise, at war prices. A pianist iu attendance will try new music. <J?0 1 ?LESSONS ON THE PIANO $24, BY A GEN ?IP^X# tleman who has t;> ken the first pri/e of the Con servatoire at Paris. $24 a term. Address box 2,887 Post THE WAR. Army goods.? india rubber army blankets, HaveFocks. Coals, Caps, Ac., Ac., at wholesale and re (nil, atC. A. RUNNER'S, li John street, live doors east of Broadway. AGENCY FOR THE AD.H'STM ENT AND PAYMENT jf'V of claims sgnlnst the A* my, Navy and Revenue depart ments. JollN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Banker, 30 Nassau street, opposite the Post oflice. CONTRACTORS' BILLS FOR SUPPLIES FURNISHED J the Army and Navy Departments, pavsble In any city of tl.e Union, colli'deil RU(J taiOnd by JOHN B. Ml RKAY, Army and Navy Banker, 3D Nassau street, opposite the Post office, New York. Engineer soldiers wanted? comprising me. chaniesami intelligent laborers, tor sappers and miners of the regular army. They must be able bodied, not over 35 years of age, able to read and write, and understand the four ground rules of arithmetic. Terms of enlistment three years. Pay from $13 to $31, depending on rank attained by inei itaud 'soldierly conduct. Also, rations, fuel, quarters, clothing, medical attendance and the usual bounty. Apply , at No. 5 Howling Green, third lloor, every day, between 9 A. | M. and 12 M. I /GENERAL BARRY'S ROCKET BATTALION, \JT Chief of Artillery, U. S. A. The battalion w ill leave for the seat of war on the 30th day ol November. This battalion is organized at the request of the Contnan der-in-Chief. Major General McClellan, and Brigadier Gene, ral Barry, Chief of Artillery, L. S. A , and accepted by the I ii it? 'i states government. Cavalry and artillery companies organising, who are not (worn into the United States service, provided the recruits are suitable, will bo immediately received and mustered Into service; pay, clothing, fuel and latious provided from t He day of enlistment. o young men who have any military ambition this is a sure road to fame and distinction; for this terrible arm, the "war rocket," is the most destructive of all known weapons, either ancient or modern. Volunteers, to ensure acceptance, should apply immediately, as the ordeis for marching to the seat of warare imperative and cannot be delayed. For par ticulars apply at headquarters, 456 Broome street, New York city. T. W. LION, Commanding. /I EN E RAL MILITARY AND NATAL AGENCY? VT Washington and New York, for the prosecution ol claims against the government for pensions, bounty, secret sen i? e, k h n iea, mm k p ij an i an eai - t 1 pay. Apply to SAM I EL V. N1LES, Washington, D. C., or to CHARLES C. LEEDS, 111 Nassau street, In. Y. "PETER COOPER LIGHT INFANTRY.? THIS REGI J. ment is accept' d by Gov. Morgan. Now. ye military aspirants, who wish positions in this regiment, walk up t* the headquarters, 139 Bowery, and see Colonel Polhemus and < t your orders for recruiting. Oflice hour* from 10 till 4 BOUNTY MONEY, LAND WARRANTS and Pay can be Obtained promptly by calling < Regimental stands of colors on Hand, for Sale and to Order. SILK AND BUNTING FLAGS, *#?ll Sizes on hand for Sale. LODftE AND SOCIETY BANNERS, Ornamental Painting, lettering and Embroidering on SHk, Spear Heads, S tail's. Eagles, Mountings an 1 Trimmings, Ac. HOJER <t GRAHAM, Artists and Maruifacturera,97 Duaue street. Call and examine specimens on hand. OOMETHINO NEW. ? COT, LOUNGE, CHAIR AND lO mattress, all in ene piece; the only cot for warmth, f i rength and durability ever introduced. Size wh?Mi folded, 1 by b fnches square and two feet long. Camp Otic**, Army Trunk-, C.imp Stools, Ac. N. B.? Liberal inducements offer ed to sutlers and agents. GURLEV A BRADY, 412 Broadway. CUTLERS II I P.?1 THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING THE O above appointment is desirous of a partner with capital, f r a first < lass regiment. Address Z. A., Post olDce, corner of Fourth and Troy streets, N. Y. city. ^rrHE UNION MUST AND SHALL BE PRESERVED."? X Jacks* n Ja? kson Light Artillery. Recruits wanted, to ?? rve for three years, or during the war. Buglers, black - smith", harness makers, horses hoers. Ac., wanted, to whom the be-t pay will Ik- given. For further information apply at the headquarters, ?30 Grand street, ? o. n< r of Bowery. EDWARD MURRAY, Colonel. Ja'\ F. Farkel, Lieutenant, Acting Adjutant. 7(VI H REGIMENT.? LIEUTENANT KENNETH MA I ?* thi ^n is gMlng to port Royal in afewdivs. Any yo ng men wisbin r to join lie Seventy-ninth regiment can go al< ii ' with h n to the legiuient. He \v ill' also lake letters for friends of ihe reg ment. lie can be s en for f ur or live daj iu^ ibu thg Mciwr iiottse, Siviu IV A, M. to 4 P. >1. THP. tjiasiuon ri.KAsiur. i;m>UN? association.? P K;i?hl?n i-oiirw.? ?Tliuinilny, .V>vciul>r r lie, ut I o'clock, ? Match lor t-> 0, nill? "i'l ici C. ,l,uu'H IVm .it namm r. in. l.aily PUiinwr lo It .irnc^.i. John M.mtoii nttiue. .. y. I'uiou I'uiiy (o wa?on. I'l.iy or i>;.v S.'vk r>*v.-A MiU' li loi fc>,n<V), ut 2 o'clock, mlln hi-nta, Iic*l3lu6. to wutfoU'. ti'? llon-l iihiih l'l i ijjh. Joliu ii aamiv, >. j;. i muu l 1 USHlC! ? _ ?y or pay. flOCIliiRON. /1KO M. PATCHKN WILL STAN D KOK M \ HI'S AT I I the Djk.'ioan I'u nil, Kiii:'?lirlii8i>, until K.-bruai lSti2, ill $100 Itic M'lti.011. WJI. WAI.TKIIM : it War lmi.ti'ii Drove Vat J, N. Y Ttnk>n roritsi:, i,. I. ? tui iTi'iNi; riirnsiuY J (Thanksgiving Day), Nov. 2S, at 2 1*. M., a match tor $&H), mill' Ik ai m, best ( it khi in live. Mr. E. H. tyuick names b. g. George Cooley, under saddle; J. II. Farrant names b.m. Belio ut' Portland, In hHrness. Immediately after u match will come oil' for $400, milt* heats, tent t li ?*?'?? In live, in har ness. W. Sir on# names b. in ; W. II. Gua< kenbiisli natm s br. g. Sweetluinr. Cars will leave Pec* slip ferry, Williamsburg, every ten minutes for E i^t N \v York and tno Coiii*?\ * 811 AW a. WHITE, Proprietors. noil s ks, CARRIAGE^ Acl Alight top bugqy, one horse, hound and kl ?u; three sets of llarii-ss, one new Butiher Cart, two HI* lg h, two seemid hand Bugles, two Bu<dne.s Wagons, out' doutde OHt-d W.uon, two Grocer s Wa^xin. at 90 K ill Thlrty^eeond street, h??nvn(n Lexington mid Tl li d avenue* , 4 FINK NO TOP BUGGY, ENTIRELY NEW, WOULD iV bo exi h <ngcd lor cloths and cats -mere*. It can be seen at 450 Broadway. 4 FINE BROWN HORSE, GOOD DRIVER, s r ITA BLK J\ for a butcher or haekman; a very line Ba> Marc, heavy with foal; also, a .-pleiulu! pair of young Gray, very spirited, but gentle. All to be sold low. Apply lor two dayil at 72 CharleH street. BREWSTER A CO., OP BROOME STREET, Oiler their popnhtr styles of Road Wagons and Carriages lor bale at corner of Broom" and Molt street*, THE! K ONLY PLACE <>F BUSINESS. /"1ARRIAGB8 FOR BALR CHEAP. -ONE GOODO coud hand Co.ieh, twelve months In use by a nr.vate fa mily, to bo Hold very cheap; somo shilling top Buggy Wa gons, and Home no top Bn^y Wagon*, very light, to l?e sohl at a ureal sat-rlllre. Apply to M. Ut'ULEY, 21 East TwelftU Htreet, New York. (1O0PB ROCKAWAY POR ONE OR TWO H0RRR8, J for sale 'he.ip.--lx a lirst elana volilcl' , and but little UHCd ; shlf'lin^ front, parcelled quarters and cloth lined. Cau be seen at 111) Broadway, lirnt floor. HOKSE, COUPE AND HARNESS.? COUPE M AI'E BY Brewster, nearly new. a ? >len<!id turnout, and for sals very ehcap. an the owner l aves lor ('alifornia. Apply ab Belion'a metropolitan Hlable, corner Prince and Crosby nts. T^OR SAI.i:-\ BAY P??NY, FOUR YEARS OLD L1 sound and kind In single and double harness; a ^oo?| traveller. Sold onlv for want of use. Also, a blaek Canadian Ponv, live j ears old, heavy built, sound and us >;enfle as a lamb In single and double harness; would suit lor any busi ness. Sold on account of the owner having no use for them. Priee $150 each. Apply at 81 Myrtle avenue, corner of Law rence street, up stairs. I/inn SALS? ONLY TWO RBMAININO ORB rs A " four year old Colt, and is ing to make a very fast trareller, tne other Is a saddle Pouy, and has only been used as such. They will be sold cbean as the owner has no time to stop lnth?*city. Impure at 477 Pearl stivet, until sold. IIIOR sai.K-a HAKD80H 8 1HIFTIICO TOT WAOOIT, 1 made by one of the best city makers: also, a cheap second hand Bu^y. made strong, lmiulro ut 22 and 24 Thir teenth street, New York. IjlOR SALE-FOUR HORSES, ONE IS AN ETHAN AL. ' leu colt, four years old, pretty an a oiciure; also on# close Coaeh, one Brett, one set of Single Harness. Elthc# one of the Horses will he exehanged for a liuht w<tgon. Ap ply on Broadway, between Fifty eighth and FT v ninth sts. SALE? A VERY NICE PAIR OF BLACK M\RKS* live yeais old, I6fi hands high. To be sic n at the Ht. Nicholas stables, 67 Mercer street. IjlOR SALE? A PAIR OF BAY CARRIAGE IIORSER, l.V? hands high, sound and kind, with long black talli Address box 2,570 Pont oHIce. Horse, carriage, sleioh, harness, ac., for Sale.? The llor^e is a bay one, near sc. en years old, IMa hands high, perfeetly sound and kind; the Carriage is an open Phtetoti. mo lern style, will seat four and nearly new; the ivst hp* all in gm>d condition and are sold only because the owner is going to Europe. Inquire, in the afternoon, a( 747 Broadway, in the store. I ORSES, CARRIAGES, SLEIGHS AND HARNESS,? II Fur lulA, chrau, 125 Unlit Carnage I, nil kliiiln and siylrHj fiR sIpIkIib, AO until lliiriicH", RoImik, ltdln, Jkr., Ml Ilor-mn >n<| l'miics, at Nu. 10 Ni vlns k.rcct i.n.l 1(44 Fulton avenue, Brook lyn. MIMCKLLA!V?OlJ8. AN immense discount. White French China Dinner Plates, the doz $1 5(J White French China Hreakfast Plates, the dux I 28 White French China Ten Platen, the doz TO White French China Tea Seta, 41 pieces 5 75 Gold Band French China Tea Set>, 44 piece* 6 '[JJ Gold and Colored French China Tea 8#ta, 44 pieces 7 (M Gold Band French China Dinner Sets, 190 pices 49 00 HEY ENTY FIVE Fancy French China Dinner Sets, At $'?0 and upwards. Cut Glass Guhlets, the doz $1 68 _ pair 1 SO Colored Bohemian Glass ringer Bowls, the doz 1 80 Cut Glass Decanters, the I Silver Plated Tea Spoon.-, the doz 1 '-?8 Silver 1'lated Table Spoons, the doz 3 75 Silver Plated Table Forks, the doz 3 75 Silver Plated Tea Sets, 6 pieces, handsomely engraved. .18 ? 0 Silver Plated Cake Baskets, e:<< li 4 AO Silver Plated Casters, Gent bottles 4 Ml SILVER PLATED ICE PITCH ERH, $5 Lai i;eat size, handsomely engraved, $5 Best quality of plate, (S Great variety of patterns. $.1 $5 t j $f> $5 Ivory Handled Dinner Knives, the doz $4 50 Ivory Handled Tea Knives, 'he doz 4 00 A complete assortment of IKON STONE CHINA, Maddock'a make, at very low prices. Also the largest assortment < f GAS FIXTURES In New York, embracing every article necessary to the com plete outlit of Public Building* 8 tores. Dwellings, Ac., Ac., and all at WAR PRICES 1 W AIt PRICES 1 1 The buying public are respectfnllv requested to TEST OUR PRICES by a comparison with other houses. W.J. F. DAILKY M CO., C3I Broadway. Attention smokers. -the following smokino Tobaccos have been approved of by all who have used them as Imparting the most delicious flavor, and particularly! by the lad!**" hh these Tobaccos e; n be smokeil iu the parlofi without causing that disagreeable odor which Is so objection* able a feature in most smoking tobaccos. We would call tii4 attention of sutlers and tlie tra?'e iu general to our celebrated brand "the Color Your Meer chaura,*' wl.l his put up in ibJ Sackages, ?ach package containing four pieces. This To^ areola pressed and neeiipiea such a small space that it carl be carried by the soldier without any trouble. The uualitv ofl this brand is un<mrpatfsed;?also, the well known ,(Kllc?ily* klick,** put up in live |>ound ia kares and In cases ol 10(1 pounds And the general favorite "Our Choice;" this brand Is packed in quarter pound packs res, and libelled. OurTo bac os have been ennor-e 1 f^i?h by the army and navy as the best in u*e, while our prices arc no higher than those eharged ? for inferior brands by other manufacturers. For bill pricesy Ac., of above Tobaccos address L. APPLEBY A SONS, 139 Water street, New York, manufacturers .of the tlno cut Civ' vendlsh Tob icco, in foil, papers and canisters, and nil kinds of Snuff, dealers in Leaf Manufactured Tobatco, choice Ha vana and domestic Segars, Pipes, Ac., Ac., Ac. All orders by mail carefully put up and promptly forwarded. Beauty hatii charms.? hunt's bloom o R< s?'g ? a delicate color for the cheeks and lips; will n wash oil ; warranted not to Injure the skin. Hunt's Cou Toilet Powder Imnarts a natural whiteness to the complexion. Hunt's lm|?erial Pomade for the hair. Hunt's British Bsln removes pimples, freckles, tan, Ac. Hunt's Pearl Beautiliei for the teeth and gums. Hunt's Bridal Wreath Perfume, HUNT'S new store, No. 2 Astor place. Housekeepers, look here ?the price lis and location of the depots of the People's Provlsio: Company will appear on the eigliih page ol next Sunday Herald. See it and save money. JJASHEESH CANDyiEEsH HASHEESH C.ANDY, At the New York Electrical Institute, 3C1 Broadiroy, ms. cond floor. IMPORTANT TO INVALIDS? THE SUBSCRIBES! having been for 1 1 , , ? past thirteen yearn <? tn 1 1 1 r<y ??< 1 a* chief faborateur by the propi ietor of the moat popular Life BalJ aain ever offered to the public, having, l>y reason of a mlsun< derstat, ding, loft his employer, lie will send by mall, f.n re cruit ol $1, the receipt lor iuaklug the Balsam, which la ad Infallible remedy in all cateaof rheumatism, neuralgia, tore? n 1 ? kh of the cheat, coughs, colda, and all diseases arming fronrf exposure or Impurltiot. of the blood. The. Ingredient* can^bd purchssed ai any druggist's and coat but a lew directions for uiilng it will be ?cnt. This rem.-, preventive nf consumption. Address, encioai Sjiencer, Williamsburg. Long Island, N. Y. MABLE MANTELS? O BEAT REDUCTION IN PKICEM Those wishing to buy Mantels verv cheap should call atl A. K I,A It ICR'S marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth street, neaa Thir l aveitue, New York. Orders from the country executea with despatch. VAI'TIIA BENZOLE, SUBSTITUTE FOR TERPENTINE! i.1 !Ui rents jn-r gallon, for sale in 'pianti'y to suit, by CHESEUROUGH ? WHEATON, 120 Maiden lane. 0 PENINU WEEK. OREAT SALE OP ARTICLES OF VIRTU. MAGASIN A LA VILLI! DE PARIS. No. C29 BROADWAY (near H.cecker street). French importation, Jl'ST RECEIVED, ALL NEW AND FRESll UOODS AT RETAIL, or PARISIAN CLOCKS, BRONZE?, STATUARY, VASES AND ORNAMENTS., OOLD, STEEL AND HEAL JET JEWELRY. AH of which will be offered AT LESS THAN COST OF IMPORTATION, AS THE SAME MUST BE SOLD, An examination solicited. No. W.i BROADWAY (near Bl.'f \er r Ireet). TO CAPITALISTS.? PARTIES H'AVINO MEANS MA* Invest touidvairtage In the manufactu 1 e ot an article iii extensive and immediate demand by tke-publkc, by addres# li>g .Manufacturer. Herald oflice. . J, 10 SUFFERING HUMANITY? qUACKERY 8UPEf t,?i led and no humbug ? Restoration ia at hand; one tr i T only solicited to piove the efficiency of the system adopt, di by which thousanda havo been cured,, by timely application] ?i Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sprains, Spasms, TiodoioreuxJ Nervous Debility, Lownesa of Spirit#, Lore of Appetite ana Secret Disorders arising from excess or disappointment id marriage. A prescription will be forwarded to meet the exW genclea of the times for One Dollar only, written in th<p English language, which can be made up by any cnemlaW Fun particulars as to lymptoms muat be adareow 10 DW Enill Castor, Post oilicc, Brooklyn, New York. on pKR CENT ECONOMY.? NO MORE OL.u t L.uTHE ^3 OU Dying and Scouring of Pants, Coats, Vest^ Dre Cloaks, Mantillas, Curtains, Ac., and of all woollen. Silk* Cotton and Velvet (Jowls, by the new . -hein.' ai 1 |i P*1 tented, No. is, (?.??, at Washington, by 1 ro e*?r N, Maf7alnM or Paris. Tift" g.ods erinfidedlo the Empire lily Steam DyeJ In ; establiahmeiit are executed In th- mo?t?u^riora,yel Tl, . .. . rs ,.JP rich and > >Ud. The si-ouillig Is done wlthouH any o or. and linlshe.l the same as In Pari a O ?l?d^-rj 0,1 .it the si .net T sslble notice, hulplrc C?t? BtCMB B|?H u/nl Hvuunrs, i"W Broadway.

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