Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1861 Page 6
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VITI ATIONS WUTED-FBHAtBI). A COMPETENT GI11L, WITH JOOD REFEItKNCE, ^ .. wants n si nation la rook, wash nut irort, or to >1" " ral housework. You cau net ber, or auy other liist class rant you want, lr.'i' of any i harge, at the Private Servants' Institute, 16 East llib St., between 3d and Uh avs. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION H4 wet mintc in a re?pectable family . Call for two day* ?t isa (Mir st. A YOL'NU WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COM l>el< ut HcutmHir* **: can do nil kin?l? ot } ?? ?? "y H<" w,,j(5? suiting anil fitting ladW ami rhildrnr* <ln*N ? neatly, "would be willing to make herself inet'ul; would w??i k ??v ' iit? week; a permanent Mtuation preferred. K? t Can ba seen tor two day* at 67 4l?t *?-. between Otto uuU lih avi,, front room, _______ - A SITUATION WANTED ?BY A YOUN G WOMAN, wbo I* very competent to take charge of a voting Infant, ?he 1m kin. I ami trustworthy In "II respects, and a uwit plain aewcr No oblectlon to go a short distance In the couuiry. Bwstof city reference. Cull at <15 6th a. ., between 26th and Mtb sts. COLORED GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CI1AM bermsld or waiter, or to do general housework for a ?mail family. ? Uty rrferouce will be given. Apply at No. 6 CI1111011 eonrt, Hth St., between 6th ami 7tb nva. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A SMALL iVIRIOiH >;lrl, to lake rare of a b?by or asalst In light housework. Can he seen fur two days at -OS East 13th St., between 1st ?n<I 2d ars, A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA Hon as ehamberinatd and waitress, and willing to lake ear' of children and do plain sewing. Rest oily rofe renee. Call at 331 East lllth St., third floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY WISHES A 8ITUA tion n* laundress; best city reference from her lust em ploy r Call for two days If not engaged at 724 3d av., eorner of 10th St., third floor, haek room. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A ehild to nurse at her own house. Call ut 3<iO 7th M., In the milk depot. A RESECTABLE I'RoTESTANT OIHL WISHES A situation in a private family; is a good plain rook and aii-ellt ut w aaher and lroner, RefereMe to her late employer, DO West i&th ?(.,? here she can be seen. AN AMERICAN girl wishes a situation as nurse, Inquire f..r E. Deycn, C7 Lanr. 11s st. A Protestant woman wants a situation a8 nor si anil plain sewer; Is capable of taking cure of au In ant irm Us b rth; most unexci ptionahle r.ty reference. Inquii e in Clasi-on av., stoond dour north of ruiuaui av., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT AND eiperli need good plain cook and baker; Is a moat ex eel eat laundress; can give the heat of city reference for cha iaoi and capability ; w ages uot so much au object iu a com fort* Me home, (.'an lie .-.'en until suited at 119 24ll> s:., be tweru 6th and 7tb a VS., tirst floor, ADOUIRgl) GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A I'RI vai# Itimlly nsiook; also as chambermaid. Ui.odcjty referenre Can be seen at 183 Wnostcr St., Ill the rear. ARMF8C 'TABI.E tilRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ehunil erinaid au'l waitress and to assist In the w.i-h Ing and ironing Best city reference, Call at IMEast 14th at., near 1st av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS chambermaid and waitress In a private family , best of al;y reference from her last plaie, where she has lived two jeaia, and Is not atrald of work. Cull until suited at 121 West 26th St., between 7th and 8th ava. Actuation wanted-by a colored woman, as lirst class cook, In a private family. Apply at i>4 West Sid st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do general honsewoik, or ebamberwork ami plain sew ing; best city raierenc. Call at 122 West 20th si., ior tw o days. ? A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do chamber 'Work and waiting and take care of children; would do general housework In a small private family; is au excellent washer and kroner; willing and obliging. Best city reference fixnn her last place. Can Oe seen for two daya, it not engaged, at 525 2d av., between Bid aud 38d sts. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as rook, washi r and lroner, or would do general housework I11 a small family: no objection to the country. Bast I itv relerence. Call lor two days at 126 81b St., between ?tn and tith avs. A RESPECTABLE woman wants A SITUATION an good cook; understands taking; In a llrst rate Washer and Ironer; lit willing to go any where to a steady place re I rrrnce if reon (red l.'n n be wen for two ?laya at 212 Mulberry at., near t'litice, tirst tloor, back r< 0111. A YOUNG GIIIL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO fc neral housework; Ik a good wash' r and Ironer. Good city reference fmm her last cmplovcr. fan be wen lor two 4mr< at A3 Douglas* St., between lloyt and Smith, third Hour, bark room, South Brooklyn. A GIRL WANTS a SITUATION TO DO GENERAL housework or i hainbcrwork ; bus no objection to go a short distance In the country; has lived three yearn in her 14al situation. Call at 201 \V *?i 2ith a!., between 8,b and 'Jib WW. AS COOK.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN wants a situation an emik; understands tier bnslnci-s perfectly: m an excellent baker: has the bent of city refe rence. Can be si en at lot Went 2titb at., third t'.oor, I rout room, between Clh ami 7'b uvea. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, M do ehamberwork anil wailing or gem ral hou?ewoik in a ? i lannly ; city lelV-i.-nce. t'all at i<C lAJtli ?t., near titU av. A 8 NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS? SITUATION WASTED, by a highly respe lilile and <:x|>eitcmed Herman WO'nau ; la a Ural rale dressmaker. lleHl eliy ref. renin lor the last seven years. Call at or addresa 368 Washington St., Second door, front room. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO cook, wash and Iron, or to do gem ral Iioii.-cu oik in a ?qiall family; no object on lo to a short distance In the coun try; city reference. C .li at I2U We?t I'D h M. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO US gage wiih a family ?v seamstress, for the winter montl *. Understands dressmaking, <? titling and fining for ebildi en, ?hit t making. Hue tamily sewing; or would go by the week; l>os no objection to attend to a grown child il reii'n red; lias city reference. Call for two ilnys at 208 0th av., corner ot liih at., in Da? la1 iliy foods stoie. AYOUNti PROTECTANT Olltl, WISHES A BXTUA tion as cook; la an excellent baker of bread and biscuit t;nd a good w ttiin r and Iroiier; gooil city reference li.unhei ait place. Call at 1A6 itli av., between 21st and 22d sis AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS -A KKSPIii TA ble young w (man wishes a Hltuatlon as cliuiuberinald and waitress In a private fumllj ; has the best of city refe rence from her last place, where she lived three \cais! Call ?eeg jtjj two viityj.''' 5? West 13th at. "a Situation w^nted-ay a protectant yoi no JX woman, &( tliarnborinaiil ana feaniBln ss, or seamstress and child's nurse ; city reference. A Pi Iv lor two days at <21 West 16th St , betwi ^ti 'Jib and 10th uf < SITUATION' T!" AN TED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, To d6 general hoiuework, in a tradesman's laimly; un r4s choking, washing and ironing; is a good haker <.t Mill n? at K? wer ; refereucen;iv?.ii. Apply al 228 West Ht., by t ween 8th and 9ib avs. in thr rear. A SITUATION WANTED? AS COOK, BY A PRO. teslant young woman; no objection to do housew? rfe; w hu excellent wntlier and ironer? <>? agouti baker of tvrad or tdsenit; wag? s not ro much an object as a coinfoi tubb* home. f)e?t tity icicrcncf. Call at l?<i Went 5Sd at., bctw* * n 7th ami 8th aVW. AS COOK ? A SITUATION WANTED, HY A HE speciable woman, as cook, or as cuok, washer and Iron* ?r; is a goad broad and biscuit baker. Uo >d rcton nco. Call for two da*-^ at 4tX) tith av., between 27th and 28th sts. A RESPECTABLE OIHL WANTS A SITUATION TO do general housework; is a good |?1 ain cook, ?oo?| wash er and ironer; can come well rccommonded; is w illing to do ?nythio| required. Call at HO John.wu si., near Gold, Brooklyn. A GOOD COOK AND BAKEK OF PASTRY IN ALL its braochea deatrea a situation; understand* lo r b<in ness tn all rcBpccts; would do some washing or the entire kitoiien worK o in .?<niall laniily; itasrnoMex<< llrnt reteren? -e. Call for two days at 139 JKa>?t 2l.?t)i st , m ar 2d av., top t!oor. AS LAUNDRESS? WANTED, RY A MOST COMPE tent youriK woman, a situation as laundress, or will take a situation as a competint chumbcrmnid and l;n< vasiicr; does French llutiug. ? T!io be>t ol city reterence given. Can bt* sei-n lor two da\ h at 3 ^6 3d av,, fecoud JJoor, back room. A SITUATION WAN i ED? BY A RESPECTABLE girl, nfico 'k, washer and iioiier; ttu objection to hoo.-c- j w rk. Bfst of city reference. Call lor two days at 2.1 State Soutli Brooklyn. * I A LADY WISHES TO RECOMMEND A (iOOD GIRL for g neral hoiist work, or as i-hamhennaid and wait ress; Is w tiling and obliging, honest an?i oi K(>?d distamitiou. Call at 00 West 20th st., v. here siie is at pres? nt employi d. * \ sTtoaTION WANTED? BY \ MARRIED WOMAN J\ as wet nurse at her own hous . City letercn.e. Call 238 Henry st. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A FIRST RATE COOK; J\. understands pastiy and desserts <?t ;?ll kinds: m> o4? !??<? tldn to assist with the washing and irornn , if teqitfrfd. R?-si elty reference. Call for two days at 205 Greene j>t . between Amity and BJeeeker. m'*\ "TSTkR Iti) wVl M A N. WITH A FKICMI ISItliAS-T nl mill;, w mm a baby to wet inirjf . Api lv at 'M Millt tmi fct., ic.,r. ABBSPBCTABLB GERMAN GIRI. WISHES A SITU alien in fOine j'rivale family to c . k, w .i?Ij and iron ; the b at o' city rxfercn c given. Call al 10D Eaist ti:h at., near 1st a i line. \ COLORED WOMAN WHO IS t Al'AHLK OK DOINii J\ family or fne washing, I" d'i>.iou? of rmplosment. e.lber I y the dav 01 to t ike w?rk at liouie. Call al i'Al Clin ton rourt, Hth at., No. 2, first floor, In the icar. ABITVATHiN* WANTED? BY A RESI'Kl.'TABLE y< '.ng \?oiu.,n; la a Ural i la*-# cook ill all IU brancliea. aU" tin cxrel.cnt baker of i'reiul an 1 i a^'ry ; can tnnke .>11 kind? <-f t i ii>.. it |lek a nt riei?*?-rtK', Is 1 apanle of tt.klm; ] |*r ' li*ri(e ol a km 1|MI. Kent illy icti ience. t .ill l e Men at 7'' Kaiir wt., i n" door fr m \ iit'l1 k. tor tw< da)>. ARE8PECTABX.B GIRL WANTS A slTt ATION TO . do rhanberwork and wnitl .j; or p-neia! housework : wouM make bet sell nw-tul; b.t-i*.i..d t.tvie! . euce from her lut plaee. t'all lora tew dayt i? 57 At'lantl ?!., Urooklyn. AB1TUATIO* WANTED, U\ a ItESfECTABI E yohng woman, ?* cook, 1* an eM-eli. ,.t ?u*ber and Ironer- Han no itijeetlon lo do general h .i.ew. ^k in a ?mall family. e ty reference. Can b? m?h tor nvo day at 'j2 west li-th at. A GERMAN COOK AND ALSO A CHAMBERMAID and waiitt wuh a iittuatlon together, In a genii imhii s fami^r. l)?th iinderat?n<l their buKiiie>ipt>rfeetl) ..ixiw .^li. Ing and ironlnj. B tharel'r ti>tanu. v.uh good etty ietei ? mce. Can be aeen al !tiJ Elltatieib atrcet, t?o e.oora tiuni Houiton, for two d?y?. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITl'A tl in to do the cbambeiwork and waiung, or to do ihq ri neral hotiiework of a piivate f ^iiil'iy. Lai m id lor two ua?a at ill Weal 26th ?l., corner of Jt i a . Tiicb?>tof city reference. AN INTELLIGENT COLORED OIHL WISHES A alluatlon as chlld'a nurse, aeaiii?tn a? or wailing maid, to travel wrlth a laily. Inquire at 46 Chariton at., for three 4ay?. "X KESPEeTAltLE YlJLNi; WOMAN WISHES A jfl mtoiaiion aa nurse an>t Meajnatieas; neat and lt>:y in her haiilts an I very fond of ? l.thfren. Best city refereno Can ii? w en tur lis o dajs ai It? VS e?l 13ib tl., "V f aim, fvoa. NOTATIONS WA NTK1J-FKM ALE*?. ? SITUATION WANTED? -BY A RBSPBCTABLB PRO. _/\ irMa ( married ? uiium, <>? wet nurse. G oil refer nor, cry nr cmuitiy. fi ll inr two day*, from It) illl 2, at 201 1st ai . betwaea I.-Cii and IHth is. t BITI'ATION WANTKD-BY AN EXPERIENCED jY I c h ; uudcri.iauds Iter business In nil Its branch' a; undei t. aritU a I kinds of desserts Hntl soups; eipcrien ed baker; no objections t" n private boarding house. G I city reference. lull at 110 luth St., between tiih and 7th avs., Ir at basement A SITUATION WANTED? ST A respectable J\ young woman, t" <'<> chamherwot'k or general In nso work. fan lie wen at her last place, 48 Bleecker at. A SITUATION VVAMt'O-HY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO coek, wash aiul iron and ilo general housework; has four y ran1 ciiy referem e from Iter lait plate. Apply Tor two days at 3ti l'Hi liic bt., Broaklj ii. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A FBENCH GIRL, AS imrse uiul to do cliamberwork and waiting, or assist in general housework. Speaks English and German. Hood reference from last plain'. Applv at M Willow at., cornet' of Cranberry, Brooklyn, from 111 o'clock till 4. ARESPKCTA IW.K G111L WANTS A SITUATION TO DO C'liainberwork or waiting, or housework fora private family . fail at No. 7 Selienicrborn tt., in basement, Brooklyn, A COMPETENT seamstress and dressmaker (wants a situation; can cut and lit, and do all kind-, of I! lie ?? u-iiig; U willing to do light ehamberwork, aud make h raelf other* Isn useful; can give Lite beat city reference; bat no objection to le.ire the city ; wages $8 per month. Ad dress :,t. W., Union square Post, for tliia week. (tonK.-A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS J cok j i# a good washer and irouer. Good city reference. Call lor two days at No. 109 West 24th SL, between ikh awl 7tii avea. I EMPLOYMENT WANTED-BY A WOMAN THAT IS J capable of making and repairing all kinds oi bsbing net." and cattnets. Iui|ilire at til James m., top floor. SITUATION WAXTKD? BT A BBSPECTABLB, TRUST wot tby girl, to t ike , are of children and do plain sewing; wool 1 make her,* I' generally useful. Good references front her last place. Can be seen at V'J Leiiugtoti avenue, between 27lb and 2Htli sis. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO k3 general housework wr ehamborwork ; has good city relc re noes. ( all at 2"6 West Houston st. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RBSPBCTABLB TOUNO s ' woman, as seamstress and dressmaker in a private family. Address or call on S. 0., No, u Harrlaoa at,, N. Y. SITUATION WANTED? BY A PBOTESTANT WOMAN, l > to cook, wash an. I Iron, or to do general housework in a private family; would iln plain cooking in a private boarding house ; Is a good bread l nk"r. Good city leicrctne. Can be seen till suited at JtfH Madison St., N. Y. QITI'AT/ON wanted? by A COLORED COACHMAN; U best of city reference given from his nrcseut employer. Address Ci ncinnati, at Mr. Lowden's, No. /# Bleccker street, which will be immediately attended to. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O girl, as chambermaid or waitress, ur would do general housework In a small family; has good reference from her last place. Can be seen at 77 West fcth st. rilWo GIRLS WISH SITUATIONS, ONE AS COOK. THE A otberas chambermaid or nurie and seauistm*. Cau be. seen all Uie week at their employer's, Clinton av? second bouse from Green av., east side, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WIDOW woman, a situation as nurse and gcamstreiia; cun take the entire charge of a baby from its birth; is willing and obliging; can do all kinda ol family sewing; no objection to wait on an invalid laily or to travel. Good references. Call or address, for three days, &!S:d tv,, between S2d and 3&I sir. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS SALESWOMAN IN A i loak or mantilla store, by a young lady of good ligore and address, who considers herself lully competent. Salary not ao much an object as honorable employment. Address ?Miss W? Herald oUlee. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG PltOTES tant girl, as lady's maid; is an excellent hairdresser snd seamstress: can cut and lit ladies' dro-ies; lias no ob jection to travel. The most uuipialitied testimonials given as lo character and capability. Apply at the ollice oi Dr. Burns, No. 'J Hudson place (34th st.;, between tttli and h avenues. TIT AN TED? BY A HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN, A TT situation as wet nurse ; lost her llrst child only a week ago. Call at or a Idrrss No. tt Vandewater St., for two days. \\TANTED-A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TT by a II i si i a'.e girl; the best reference from her em uloyeis for the last live years can be obtained by ealliug at 0 I North Moore st., apttairt, from 10 lo 12. WANlED-lIY AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUATION to cook, wash and iron, or to do the general house work of a small family ; Is w tiling and obliging and L.i- good city references. Call at No. CO Willcit st. TIT A NTED? A SITUATION, BY A HF.SPKCTABLE TT widow, as housekeeper; is capable ol doing any kind of work; wages no ouject to a comfortable home; no n ? e. ? lions to the country. Call at or addri ss lor ivvo uays ti'i2'tith av., muir40th st., third lloor, lan k room. MJ ANTED? BY A RBSPECTABLB TOUNO ENGLISH girl, a situation us chambermaid ami seamstress, or nurse and seams. ress. Uettcliy reference. Appiy lor two days al 142 Last 21sl St., second lloor, Iront room. "117" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESl'EOTA BJ<E GIKL, Tf to do general housework; is a good washer and iroucr and has no objections to go a short way in the country. Oood oity relerenee cm be given. Apply at thecotiage house be side the public scliool in De^raw ml, South Broowlvn. Wanted? by a youno woman, a situation as cook or laundress; is willing to make herscli j-cn rui ly u>etol; no objection to go in t!*^ country; best oily reie ( all at 0/ Wroad st., Jersey City. TITAN TED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO (JIRL, TO TT do chamberwork or 10 take caro ot children; has no olijectlon to go a short distance in the country ; b^st of i ? f < - renees ran f>e giveu. Call lor this we< k at No. lli < 'otigreiss -t., first homo lrom Columbia, South Brooklyn. TIT ANTED? BY A YOl HO COLORED OIRL, \ 8ITI ?f ation in a private family, as nui>e or cbaml'eroai.d ; she i* willing to make hersell generally useful, and ran fur nish the best ol rclcrences. Apply for two daj a at JJenry st., Brooklyn, WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN* a iituation as fir.- 1 class waitress; best cityreieivme from her last place, when* si c has lived three > ears. t all tor two days at *;/0t>lh uv. between Itiih and I9th ?w.. In the hoop skirt store. VlfANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PUO u tesiant woman, as cook ami to assist in the wairmtg ami ironing of a .small private /amlly; tho verv o; <iy reference can he given. Apply for two days at lfi8 West 36th st., near 8th aT. IITANTED-BY A KESPKUTABLE OIKL, A MTUA ? ? tion to do general housework; no objection to co up stu'rs >york. Call at Front St., Brooklyn, tio.j I r>: lo re boo given. \1T ANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE f f American woman, as g? oil plain rook ; Ih h good baker and excellent washer and ironer; can give good city refe rence, and Ih willin;; to make herself generally us-iul. ('..11 at H28 West 16th st., lirst tloor, front room. Can be seen lor two days. VITAS TED? A SITUATION, AS NURSE, BY AN KNO TT lish Protectant woman, thoroughly experienced in lift; management ot childr* n ; can give the highest testvnonin. . a s to character and capability from her *a-t employ* r, \ le-re she hits been several year*. Call at 4vS()3.t av., near 36th St., or address Nurse, Union f-quare Post ofli< e. \\f A N TE D? B Y TWO NORTH OF IRELAND (1IKLS, 1 T situations; one a? cook, washer and ironer, or as laun dress and chambermaid, or to do housework ; the other is a good shirt and button hole maker and cutter and litter of children's dresses; can do ail kinds ol family sewing; would do chamberwork. housework or work in a sto.e by the week. Call at 35 King st., lov.r Maodougal, rear house. "fir ANTED? BY \ RB8PECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN* T Fa situation to do general housework, in a private family; Is a good plain cook, washer and ironer; can make good bread and biscuit; has good city reference from her Inst place; no objection to go a short distance in tho country. Can ue seen for two days at !& King st. TVWNTED? A SITUATION, BY A RKSPE? 'TABLE OER. TT man girl, wlm understands cooking, v\ ashing and iron ing. Call at 405 8th a v. VITANTED? V SITUATION AS COOK, OR TO DO Tf general housework in a small family, by an American woman. Call for three days at 741 Cth av. II' ANTED- r.Y A RESPECT A BLE PROTESTANT WO tt man, a pkua! ion as good cook, washer and Ironer; un derstands her business, can do all kinds of bakltm; has good city reference*. Can be seen for two days at 113J, 7th av., near 18th st., second Door, front room. fir ANTED? BY A WOMAN, \ SITUATION As COOK t? and toa-sif t In the washing and ironing of a respeeta b'e familv; has no objection to do the whole of the washing of a small family; a good cook and bread and biscuit baker. Can be ???? n *nul engaged st 217 East 23d st., litst t ? ?r, front room. W \\r ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN OIRL, IN Tf a leKpei-table American lamr.y ; cltjr reference given. Apply al 1U0 Greenwich st. ? 1NT1 D? BY A NEW ENGLAND WIDOW LADY, A ' .iit> ation as nnr^e t" an invalid lady or gcntl'-man, or as or. k? eta rit- a g- ntlcman's family. Call for one wvc'i 'N ?m 7}u l}i 1 r ? iV \*i ir* V"^1'' ? \ITANTED? BY A FTP ST CLASS COOK, A SITUATION u in a piivate family; she understands her bus^j'si tho:ott; hi\, and has the brslof ? it> relerence; ha- i.o ot-je,* t i? to ass'l>t in the washing if required. Call at 31 East i2;h st. in the frout basement, between 6th and 6th av*. \\'ANTI D-BY A WOSUN WHOSE CHILD DIKB AT II t?m) m i' i-t'l, a fill Id to wot n'u>e. ut in r d'.v 11 ti' i .. Cjll at Mm. Donnt'Uy'rt, M W .i.h u:i s'.n-tt. \\T ANTED? BY A YOl'NO WOMAN, A SITtJATlON AS M chsmbcrniBiit and l i m . Uildi u . i h ? l? ? . .t il. v rfl'i-rrn r givcii. Cuil lur two ilavn at at lii M i nt jrtli ??., iieiir 7tli nv. ?\\'.\NTKD- B* A YOl-NC WOMAN, A 8 IT I ATION AS ?t COOk; no AUwUm to with tlm Wuhtng ??><! ii >> injt. tlir t.'-st ol tity reference given. Call for two tf.ij* at X2't Itith ?t. TSTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 1 1 \ (Him; woman, a* it p. o>l conk; would in w.m ,in^ mill ir":,fr.^ . un'(eri.tan!l? imikii.,' butirr; tin- fo.uitn |.' fr rri il ; pood reference ran be given. Call at 51 Marion ?t., in the rear. ?\V ANTED? BY ? YOUNO OIRL, A SITI ATION TO \ I i!" ^eiifral housetvoik; i/iy reference*. Call at 127 East 41 -t ntrret. \\ 'ANTED? BY A YOl'NO 'WOMAN, A KITl'ATION TO' TT rfu r!.an:b< rnork and waitiiii;, or pa n >.eivtiis: ftvu \rars' reference from her last place. Call at 11 Wctt 2dth at., thin! 8 ior, front. \ I ' ANTE D? A SITUATION ^ HEAMSTKESS BY A steady I'l ' testunt woman ; no objection to ihe care o! i hiidten .the best of city reference. Call at or Address a note to 72 ( at mine st WANTED-BY A RERPEOTABLE YOUNO WOVAN*. A * ? b'.t'iatlon to tl?> general housework, In the city or coun t;> not parth ular t-> the aize of the family- Moderate vN;?^e? tiood city rcien uce from last place. Call at 43 Pet ty st ^'IIN'O WANTED TO TAKE HOME, BY A HE ?pectalle woman. c?llat2M Went 23U st. w _ WANUD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ff American woman, in a ^enth man's family, to do the cooking and hhs mi in lite WH^hin^ and ironin.' ; ? * of apreef ble temj /? r; has ui ehy re.eren< e from her last place. (Jail l?i at *vV *1 . Uiwccn <>;U auu Vli* n% s. H1TV ATION H W ANTE D-FE MALE S, "\Vf ANTED ? HY A vol N G GERMAN GIRL, A filTUA TT I ion to do ehaniberu ork or lake care of children ; best of city reference given. Call at 22 Chryitle st., third Hour, front. WANTED-A SITUATION AS GOOD COOIC; IS A good linker; understands all kinds of deserts; is wil ling and ol?rii; n- ; would be b illing to assist in the washing. No objection to the country. Good reference. Apply at 89 tith a\ e. WANTED k SITUATION. BY a YOUNG WOMAN Aft n waitn ? s. ??r to do chnmberwork and waiting; is bil ling and obliging, and of kind disposition. No objection to the country, Good city reference. Apply at Kl) Oth ave. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework; uudei>tan Is plain <'<>okln#, wufthi n g and ironing, no objection to a short distance in the eount.y; ban good city reference. Can bo ?M?en for two davs At 140 3d are., near 15th ht, WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN PROTEST ant girl, a situation to cook, wash and iron; nest of city re 1 1 iv m e from last place. Cull at 223 West 16th Bt., top i'.oor, I -nek i <? mi. Wanted bi a protectant girl, a situation to do the cooking, washing and Ironing of a Hinall pri family; no objection to tbe country. Apply at 10 Ham mond st. XKT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, TT a situation to do geueialhousmvork; isagood jliin cot k, washer and ironer: bent of city reference given. Call at 844 Greenwich street for two days. "IITANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO ?T man, as first rale cook, In a pilvate familv: best ' by reference from her la*t place. Call at 126 East likn st., near 1st av. WANTED? 1JY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU A tiou ait cook, washer and ironer. Good relerciite l r- iu her last plate. Apply at <151 Oih a v. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY MOTHER ASP daughter; one as rook ; the daughter as chambermaid and waiters*. Wa^es not so much an object km a permanent home for the winter. Be. t city reft rem c. 0 ill lor three days at I'Jl West 17th st., betw en *th and 8th av*. WAN TED- A SITUATION AH COOK, BY A PRO V? testant woman; understand* her business in all its branches; noobjc ti. n to go a short distance in thecountr> ; can give undoubted city n IV re nee. Call at 4H) 3d av., near 36th at., or address S. A., Union square Post olllce. ?\1TANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT situation as chainbcr.naid and waitress, or cu . 't? general hot.sework. Out of situation in consequence of the family she lived with going to Europe. Can be seen f??r two days at ill 26th st., < ohm r oi 7th av. ?\1TANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, VY as plain took; ts a giant washer ? mi ironer. (an k ?? :i fi?r one w eek at her last place, 40 Union square, east bide. Iff ANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG TT woman, Aiuei i an, a situation to do yt neruJ hous work in a su. ail private family. Can be seen at 124 East 20th st , near 3d av , third iluor, back ru. in. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, to t ook, wash and iron or to do general Home work in a small Jami y; can procure good city reference. Apply at 32 Greenwich av. WANTED? A SITUAT16n AS WET NURSE BY A respectable woman, who lias the best of city rcle rencts ( an be Men for two days il 1 20 w ? ut SOth at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A WELL RRCOM mended servant, a 'Chambermaid. nuisc or waitress; is a good plain sewer; a good home moi\* tlesirablc than high wages. Call at 481 2d av., between 31st 32d sts. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A GOOD PLAIN COOK, TT washer ami ironer. Call lor two day* at ber present employer's, 3b0 4ih st. TITANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS TT chambermaid and Hue washer; understands French liuting; is considered a beautiful ironer; best of reference. Can be seen until suited at llKloth av., near 2Jth st. NTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS cook, washer and ironer, in a small famiy; no objec tion to the country ; best oi reference from her last place. Call at 79 West 28. h st. ty ANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH SERt TT vant, as good took, washer ami ironer; has exoelh n, city refer* li e. Can be set n unlil suited at 22b Sullivan st. near Amity st. WANTED? A GERMAN GIItL, TO DO GENERAL housework, impiue at the store. i30 6th av., corner of 10th st. "VI r ANTED? A CHILD, BY A RESPECTABLE MAR. TT t ied woni.m, to wet nurse at her own house (has lost her ow n baby, six u eeks old), 22tl st., bt twecn 3d and Lex ington av s. "11/" ANTED? BY A SCOTCH WOMAN, A SITUATION TT as lust class cook, in a private lamilv or boarding house, or as pastry cook in a hotel; good city reference. Call ut iU>2 Oiii av.r bciwe* n 2ist and *2 i sts. IIKL.P W.\ XTED-FEMALKS. AMERICAN, ENGLISH. IH1S11, SCOTCH, GlCU MAN J\ and colored savant*, with good oily reference*, can now lie had, fn e of charge, at No. 7 Htli st. , near li roadway. Several ^irl* are now wanted lor excellent ?diua.'ion.s VNl'MBER OF FIRST TLASS SERVANTS WANTED? Willi best city risl'iMvnwN, to cook, wash ami Iron; i? l.<?? ftr*t class \va;ie in. clmmiei maid k and *eatm tr< ss? h in flr>t claw familli's, city and country, a? good wnj^'N. lmptire at t !>?? L;ir^? institmc, l&s Eieventh nii-eet^ corner of Sixth avenue. i LADY BOOK KBBPER, WHO WRITES RAPIDLY J\ Jiff! well, to dir ct < i;vufar>>, ke?-p t o kn and tic o<hrr 1 |itii \v ik . at the. New Vork El ctiual InHiiUite, Wood's M.trl'.'f Hui.tlf.ti:*, * ? < ? n f!i? r. Salary \icw? most be vrr> in idoiaie, Api 1. lifter 10 o'clock A. M. 4 t;OOI> (TOOK, TIIHEE C1I VM HEIiMAIDH, TWO J \_ .*?, W i t d til lH day l.l lirM i.' I a r M ! ?Itoilli'K ; Jilsolhjvc ^IrlK lo.'lio>.!M work. Well n o mniomied j;irl*can In* suited at short notice at the II ret clasn Agency, 320 4lh av., near ?>tli st. /1CO.C WA vrKD.? A FIRST RATE COOK WHO Vv/ ilwroughly undcr^tanda cooking, an I willing to a. si*t in the washing of a private f'amiJy. Kef* -retire* required, l'laln n ok* i.i-eU not apply. Ap| ly" at 27 West 22d ht., froln 9 ? \. M, / u: iMBBRM AID WANTED.? A CHAMBERMAID WHO \J is a ^ood pi i In sou in sure ps in a .-nvall family. Onewho rati hrititf t;* o f eity refer -nee from la j- t j-'a c Apply at 2ii 2d av., corner of l.itli St., between 10 and 12 oYlork, C^IOOD OPERATORS ON W I1EEI ICR .t WILSON'S MA r chines wanted? -To work on Manuel coats, ^0 baisterM on the Mime and on oven-outs, and a lew ?ood *tnvera lo learn. Call i ?*i'lv at S5 Vari? k st. )AD!BS W IX rBD- LADIE 8 OP BUSINESS T M T IHD J energy, woo are dod'-iniM of on;.a0'?ntf in a lucrative business, and at the same i. me securing a pri inanent avoca tion, are invited to call at the American )* .bl:shlng A^en- y, H Clminbers st. "OANTALOON HANDS WANTED? TO MAKE MI LIT A J. ry pants, infantry, Apply to Bcinlo imcr Bros., 1U9 and 201 iir uiway. TIT ANTED? A GOOD NURSE, TO 00 TO LIVERPOOL* ? ? to take, care of a child 2}< yeai s old ; none need apply who are liable to sea sickness; uTir wages and passage across the ocean will be j;iv? n; best id references required; s 'rvicta not required after nMening Liverpool. AppJ* at iM# 2d av. 11/ ANTED? A OIRL TO DO TIIE GENERAL IIOCSE V\ \ve? >v ?l a mu .11 tamilv. None need apply unless they have the very he-t written tecoiiiiiiciitiation from their last place. Call at 1W) W cut 2Dllt st, ' IN TED- TWENTY-FIVE YOUNG LAD1B8, TO work upon a clean and easy business. Apply at 320 Lexington av., between 40th and 4lst sts. for this day only. Those fix ing in the upper part of the city preferred. TIT ANTED? A NEAT, INDUSTRIOUS GIRL, TO DO IT j;?'iieral housework; a good wa-her and ironer, and must be willing to make herself generally usetnl. Apply at 2'.d Henry st.. New York, after 9 in the morniwr. 11/ ANTED? A WOMAN, WHO IS A FIRST KATE V? washer and Ironer; she must he a io?d plain c??ok. One who is wijiin and obliging and can come well recom mended may apply i?t 2 Ji West ltfih st. WANTED? A COMPETENT MAN, AS DBLITBB8R OR V? country a^cuc. Apply to Johnson, Fry A Co., 27 Beck, man st . W VV'ANTKD? A l'UOTESTAST SERVANT GIKI,, TO Gi I IT in ilio cmtnlry to <ln Kunci-ul hmiMtwc.rk: hlio luu-tl'cn gno'l w?slipr h ml tniiifr, ni?iit nnl tidy, an J give l?'?l of rel'c route. Cull to-day nt 4.V> Went SSlh *t. ANTED? A GOOD IRISH GIRL, as WASHER AND ip m-r. A i >} ?]y ui Jewel's Hotel, No. 47 Harvl*y nrvct. ANTKD? t!OOP SEAMSTRESSES, TO WORK (JV ilti-.-! inking, at ltil Wi st 12lh St., lirst door t iom 6th Noli'- but to'jit w#? ifi'tl apply. ANTED? A GIRL TO DO GENERAL llorsEWORK In a sioall fnmily. Mn.^t wfll rooomiio'iolt <1. Apply attho ouki'ry. No. li av., bctwt i n 25tli nn>126tii Ms. IT" ANTED? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS NUR8B AND sircsf In a srimll tniiil > ; iiinut bring gm I cltjr r. be v. illiiiK to iniik.- It rsi-lt g.'ucrally u>eful. Call -t 221 H., bi'tvvi't'ii (iili ..ii ! 7ih avs. \\T ANTED? A VOI NtJ WOMAN, TO ATTEND A CHILD, YV do in" t'llfwoi k r, niliisstsi tn the cbambi rwork of a n null tav:ih'. Appsy be 1 Wet li 19 a ui 12 o'clo.k at No. Itfl "!" ro? j' lb - - - ?" ? ?" ?' TVASTED-A riBST CLASS MILLINER? ONE WHO Vf Ftatids making and tntumlng*. conntant empb y lurnt tbc var ronnd to UIO' that 111 1)1 ' l>onrd< d til t ii.f f.iinlly, II :i?(roeaMe. ln>nilr<' at 'JSC Sixth avenue, comer of Eighteenth hireot. atantbo- a Wit mubsb, to take carb of a VV chill at t^r own l;oine. None loeil ?| ply bntarc ?l?-eti?bl ? ruairlcit wo man. Apply at Uti Wch -\)1 ll St., up Halt s, i ? -k room. \VfcY Nl'liKK WANTED IMMEDIATELY. At'l'LY AT If Ni> ,'i Si! oiik i la ? .1' I ner of llarrood it . South lirook l\n. Chtbt lonr titoti haobl. W'ANTKII-AN INTELLIGENT I'ElftON, WHO It \ onld be., qtili k lo I the neo J'i . ri u mode nt manoiu' mving bfiop nktrtp, Halntorals, V . A Fri n h w oio.iu pr- S I rr?! . i>ne who ih aeciiM oiiod to * 1'idy the efleet of c 1 ? ' - t,ant drap' rv. > all at Mclvennee ? lV..e o of Eaalilon.VUO t .b ave. W AN I ED - six GOOD FRAME MAKJiKS AND FOCR \ I good i.i(lliner?, at .rn2 Sib av., bet went USth and 89th nts THE TR&pES. mo rH OT OG RAP HERS. ?A SITUATION WANTED. IN A a lit I el g.i?ery, by an e\;. i >-i -d si lenilUe uad practli al man ; under>tandH woikiag en plain or albainlzril paper, and every branch of the ait. Addr M lor on-.1 week T tf ., 80 Allen utreet, near Grand. \v AS "I ED-F<? ?? R It RICK LA VERS AND TWO LABOR TT ers App y at 106 Vcsey ht. after nine o cloi'k. HIKMII ADVEUTlsEMENTS ON DEMANDE? VNE BONNE D'ENKANTS FRAN c il< ?, et bleti reeominaiidei', lintm diateiueiil. S ad i es ter an N .7 E.nt Wine rue. J I M : ARTS. RT GALLERY PHOTOORA PHS. 411 Broadway, two door* I low CmmI street. OPEN ihaNksgimnu day Portrait* In Oil ? formerly $60, reduced lo $.H0. Portraltx in India Ink? formerly f.'H n duced lo $20. Cabinet Photogi pb?? formerly 910, rtdutkMH Parlor Plii'to?i,aph<?$l. Artibrii'ypfs. .HI rents Carte* de tw- tn oll> i.ritf ? . er dn/en Old D>.guvntvOi<v* cojjitd,^d aud tuiutcd. A I!KM? WANTfiXMHIALBI. 4 GENTS CAN MARK $5 I KK DAY? M ALB OR FE A male, selling Lloyd s grca' met*} plate Military Mop and Gazetteer ot the fifteen Southern States; it. e font suuare; worth $10, price only 50 cent*. Lloyd'* $ 100,000 steel plate Topograph!* al Map of Virginia; five leet square. This t* the only map used oy General Scott; worth $20, price $1. Lloyd's olflclal steel plate Map of Missouri; worth $3, price 25 cent*. Lloyd's $5 Railroad Map of Amcraa, 3,000,000

topics of whi h have nlrendy been sold; price 23 cent*. Agents supplied at half the retail prices, and maps warrant i d. Man Rent bv mail auvwhere I ??r two cent* postage. J. T. LLO YD, American Map Publisher, lGi Broadway and I.< w-ville, Ky. LLOYD'S MAPS AUK IN FRENCH, SPANISH. GER MAN AND ITALIA1T. EVIDENCE OF TIIE CORRECTNESS or LLOYD'S M APS. Dkpa rtm f.ftt or State, ) Washington, l>. C., Nov. 'J , 1861. f J. T. Lloyd, Publi*her;? Sir? Please forward immediately by mall, directed to the Secretary of State, coptea of Lloyd's Tojiographical Map of Virginia, Lloyd'* Mllitaiy Map and Gazetteer of the Southern St in en, Lloyd'* Ollicial Map of Missouri, aud Lloyd'* Ameri can Railroad Map. Send your hill to Geo. E. Raker, Disburs ing Clerk Also Rend me circular* of all new maps you may issue. Respectfully your*, J. O. DERBY, Librarian Stale Department. (From the New York Herald, Nov. 2, 1861.] We have received a fine copy ?.f Lloyd's great Military Map of the "Seat of War in Virginia." Thin ia the beat and only official map in existence, taken from actual RurveyR by order of the Executive. Hi* he. tutu ally printed from RteefplateR, and colored with perfetnon or art, and Is the only map used in the planning of our '-.unpawn* in Virginia b y our Commander in-Chief. The publisher i* J. T. Lloyd, No. 164 li load way. Burrai.o, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1801. J. T. Lloyd, Esq:? Sir? I am well pleased with your map of Virginia. It is altogetlu r the best 1 have se< u, I encJose $1 for thr^c copies Lloyd * great steel plate Military Map ol the Southern State*. Respect 11 !> your*, Ml LLAKD FILLMORE. AGENTS WANTED? TO SELL SOMETHING EN tirely new and original? none other* like them? the Union Prize Stationery and Receipt Package. We invite iompurison and defy compeiiit m. We do not seal our pack age*, because we are not afraid to show their content*. We give a list of our artldes, which our imitator* dare not do. Each package contain* a beautiful ami correct engraving of GENERAL GEORGE B. McCLELLAN, 0x10; 75 Valuable Receipts. 6 White Flag Envelope*, In colors. C Lad i< m' Willie Flag Envelopes, in color*. 6 Huff Envelope*. 6 Sheet* Commercial Nolo Paper. 6 Sheets Fine Ladies' Note Paper. 6 Sheets Ladle*' liillet Paper. 1 Ac.-'ommodatJ n Penholder. 2 Fine Steel Pens. 1 Fine Pen. 11. I Sheet blotting Paper. 1 Gift of Valuable Jewelry. Retail price for the whole, twenty-five cents. Agents wanted I/* every city, town and village. Call ou or address, enclosing stamp, RICKARDS A CO., 102 Nassau street. A GENTS, AG F. NTS, AGENTS, AGENTS WANTED? TO A sell Dodiu * patent Hem Foioer and Tuck Gauge, adapted for machine or hand *cwio/r, and other articles of ready sale. Call on or address Joseph Dodin, 22 Duanc st., near Chatham, N. Y. 4 GENTS WANTED? TO SELLA NEWLY PATENTED /V article. Persons ol energy with a cash capital of $*> to $25, ran make from $5 to $25 per dav. Apply to A. Wood worth, in the reading room, Howard Hotel. Broadway, from 9 o'clock A. M. to 5 P. M. Agents wanted? in the country, to sell our Bijou Packages* containing funny sketches. Home secrets worth knowing, a comic ballad and a "slap up" en graving. They sell like hot likes. For full particular* ad dress, with stamp, Frank Gooderson X Co., 20 Ann street. N B. ? City agents not wanted. Send 12 ecnts for sample. AN HoNEST AND UNLIABLE MAN WANTED? TO attend the door, receive the money and *hare equally in a very interesting travelling exhibition, paying $&*) a week. Only $200 required lor halt interest. Proiita divided daily. Apply at 5.i2 Hioaduay, third floor, room No. 4. i GENTS WANTED? TO SELL A NEWLY PATENTED J\ article, of great utility, needed in evvry house. From $3 to $5 per day can be maite. Samples sent by mail, poat ?ald, on receipt of twelve cents. Apply to or addrc*s, hom|.Ron A Co., 37 Park row, room 22. BOY WANTED? OF SUPERIOR EDUCATION AND good character, by a wool broker, 188 Fulton at. CLERK WANTED, IN A* COAL OPFICE? M U8T BE tamilur with the business and understand b? ok keeping I y iloiilde entry. None other* need apply. Musteoine well recommended for lione*ty and sobriety. Address, stating salary, Berry, Herald office. /lOAt 'IIMAN, AO.? WANTED, TWO MEN, ONE A SIN gle man, a* coftehman and to make hi in sell uacful; the other, a married man. to lake can; of stock, milk cows and do ih?' work of a *mall piacc. Apply at the Servants' Insti tuti , 1 19 Grand *t. RESPECTABLE AGENTS, TO SELL ON COMMISSION ar liberal ran *. Apply, between 10 and 4 o'clock, at the Empre Viue^av Works, No 18 Sutlolk *t., near Grand. QALE8MAN WANTED? IN A FURNITURE STORE. TO O one whomn gl?e satisfactory reference, and ia able to loan his employer Irom $6>,0 to $MtR), will be paid a 1 bciul salary. Address M. B., licr, 1 1 office. QEVKRAI, ClftCClJUt AND ERRAND BOYS WANT" O ??<!, at the New York Electrical Institute, Wood's Marble Kuildiu^, .'Mil iiroaiiway, secon l ll.or. Salary low. Must be quick, faithful ami honest. A ; ? j ? I > alter 10 o'clock. rro 1*11 OTIH i R AIM l K RS,? \Y ANTED, AN ASSISTANT, JL w ho is witlm : to make him eit generally useful in a pliot irapliM' j-'iillrry. (Jn? wl.o lias nail suiiih nraeMce in working allmtneii t>?per \ r? feiveti. Apply ul 374 llowery. \lf ANTED? A BOOKKEEPER, IN A FIRST CLAHS H j *L.)1 j;i u ' <y ; muMvi'ii s .?ni' ? kmm ,v?l ,? at the bus ? tvk.u required. A'hlrcrs A. (!. L , Herald ollice. WANTKD-.V TI MEK F.EI'ER FOR A MARBLE YARD, If sv.-.^es ${0 jhn wot k ; two girls to trawl \\ It ti a latnily lo t'.ilil'ui nia, two rinks lot grocery utores, nix men for Bit'it 1 1 * * ih, tl?i'n* |oi tr: b two press drivers, one stcwunles.-, one entry clerk. Apply at N<?. 7 s p. arc. VyANTl'D-AN iiXl'ISKIEXCED BOOKKEEPER. WHO H has spare tiiuo to t-ke charge of a *? t of b >oks nt a Miiall compensation. Address, with handwriting, box 4,046 F???t olliee. WE WANT lt?0 RESPECTABLE MEN?TO WHOM I V & o?l employment iinl llbernl pay will 1>?? yiveri. VAN OUDEN SIMONS, 4 ? t Uroadway. \\rANTED? A YOl'NO LAP, WHO UNDERSTANDS ? T the mu kery bttsiiiess; wain's $1 per week. Apply be tween U and it) at 114 Bowery, ih% r Graud. \\T ANTED? IMMEDIATELY, THREE EXPERIENCED W men weavers, tor woollen goods. Apply, by mail, to 11. K. Terry, sup< rintendeut, 1 lynioiitb, Conn. \VrANTKD ? A BAR BOY WHO HAS PRACTICE IN TT attending bar. Apply at the International Shades, South *t? corner nt 4th, Williamsburg, L. I., be-woen the ho.u s of 11 and 1 o'clock. To come well recommended. TXT ANTED? AT THE EXCHANGE HOTEL, HI 6 GREEN TT wjch &t., a juung man as waiter; out* whe understand* carving, TVrANTRD? A Yol'NQ MAN TO ATTEND BAR AND yy make himself generally useful, with good reference. Apply at Mr. Hughes' , 10 Grand *t., W illiamsburgh. \|T ANTED? A YOUNG MAN TO MAKE HIMSELF TT generally useful about a house, a short distance In the rnunlry. Apply at room y, No, Exchange pLce, beti reen 2 and 4 I\ M. \IT ANTED?A PURSER'S CLERK; ALSO, TWO TT stipe rearms and a bookkeeper. Apply at the Mer chant's Clerks' Registry office. 13 Wail st. Situations pro cured for icsprctabie parties. Reference to first clans houses. Applicants by mail must enclore stun) b. Es'ablUh' d 1866. W ANTED-A MAN TO ATTEND HORSES AND TO TT make iilmvlf useful at Stewart1# Hotel, Cypress Hill* r??ad, '2}? mil- -s from Williamsburg ferry; t > oome well recoui mend' d. Apply b< tween 2 and 5 o'clock P. M. TIT ANTED? A SMART, INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAN, TT as harkcepi r in a Honor store; must make himself gene la'.ly useful and not afraid of work. Apply at the coruer of South 7th si. and Dunham place. Williamsburg, near Peek slip ferry. Gil HO ?WANTED, A SMART YOUNG MAN, TO OPEN <P1UU? ?n office in Ciueinnitf, and take the exclusive wholesale agency for all of Llovd's great Military Maps, wnicb sell tike the wind. $l<Ki is suliicient capital. To r voting man w ho will follow insti tu tions $100 per week may be made. Also, agents to |:o to Xtbiiny, N . \ . ; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Connecticut, Canada, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Rochester, N. Y., and every other State. Call at LLOYD'S, KH Broadway. -WANTED. AN ENTERPRISING MAN, TO GO tiPt)Uu? to California and tak ? the exclusive agency for ml of Lloyd's great Military Map*. A fortune can be made on these maps in California. Over JVJW; 00<) copies or one of my maps have been sold in the Stairs already. Also a mun to go to Havana, South America, Mexico, Germany and Italy. 1 ranee and England are taken, an 1 agents coining moncv. J. T. LLOYD, 10-1 Broadway. MATRI9IONUL. AN OFFICER STATIONED AT FORTRESS MONROE, Vn.. desire* to form the acquaintance of some young I lady, through the meditvm of the pen, w ith a view to relieve somewhat the monotony of camp life. AddreFft, in strict con liduice, Capt. C. 1L, U. S, A.f Fort ref 8 Monroe, Va. A GENTLEMAN, AGED THIRTY-FIVE, WISHES TO reat rj? a lady possessing s >eial position, wraith and I loveable qualities. C irrespondetice with Rnsselat, Station A I Post ?uece, w|)l demonstrate his sincerity, high social position [ am! reftMvorthiness. j Avorso IjA.DV, PLAcSd IV A rO^TTTON WhiJh iiliimst preclude* tlie I'oifibility of nny urqiialntnuce with ih" opp-'sitr ?i'\, (leflre.1 to correspond with aueotle* mm oi ID' *n?, .mil nut nrfrSOymiH of age, with itw to inAtiliuoti)'. The l.-dy tw *soss?* iiui-lllgence, youth ana bisiuty. In tincci'it; onlya tdrcss linth, etatkin D, Bible ATRINONY ? HTSIOLOaiOALLt DI scrsSEO.? Tli S' ii :i bi>ok nil yunng men "li' iild h"vc; 224 kal kntl ISO IlliiBtriitUins". Price SO i-nnt*. Sent poxtpMlMt the .fi-elptol the above. V. V. HAMMOND A CO., l.wNav wiii itniMi mjfB LaDIKS WHO RKPLIEP TO DOW KAfiHAMAg J. A.|o ft matrlmonul adverttacmcnt on laal Sunday arn hereby liilnniH'il ul inv rrcrint o! then' rhantiiiiK lei terK, !Ui(J lire bcggi <1, thereforo, to rnvnr him with Wieir pho togrnrhn, auitlng ?!/.'? of lornii, r*"?n3, A< in order tliat I) n Ba i.arlai Cal l Ajo n.a . Mlect tha ono who will, by her ? harm* and qiinlltip*. become the fortimnte huldi r of i Bai't U.II1. The lvmalntlerot the photograph* will be rotuiu j < d. l'lcttue addrca* ?a before. SPURTING. T/UiANrlN BI'TI.KK, NO. 3 FSCK8u? II AS A U. TIT B C choice breeds for meek and (tale. ButlM'a lnl'u!:ll.lo Ma??e Cure and Klen Kxtermlnator, W ?cnt? per bottle, lint I t 's |'r eding. Training, Dlj< i?e*, *< ., of |)??s, $1. d,x? Bo.mled, Trained. Jlc. Medicine* for all dl?e.i*c?. If?m SALE- A SMALL AND WELL MARKED BLACK ' and tan Terrier Dog, tlircn montliii old; also a little Klut, same age, very small and haiulioine, suiuhle fi r a lady?* pet; both breo from ? five pound dog. Can be ?ren at 188 lioj t fitrett, Brooklyn. I^OH 8ALK? FIVE VERY HANDSOME, PURE 11RED ' Newfoundland Pnpt, Apply at 1S9 HlitU avenue, cer ii?r of Thirteenth mreei. -tarANTED-A PAIR OF OOOD HUNTING DOOS, VV^.e tli. r Setter* or Pointer*; mint be thoro ighly broken. Adnrei?M, with full t articular*, nating where lli'ey gan be seen, M. M., DM 1/7 IJeraid otlue. YA(51IT FOR SALE LOW? OR WOULD KXCHANOB tor Jewel* or Jewelry. A cahln Yacht, of about ten I .na burthen, newly ri. fit" (1 tlii* fall; f.irnlture e implete. In nnlfo "I S S CONRLIN. 127th ftreei. n>-ar Tiilrd avtiiuc, ur ui W. &Y1.E, loot ul MMi |truc( U*ilcto in or. SITUATIONS WAMKD-MALRS. \ YOUMQ UEMTLBMAN, 18 YKAUri OK A OK, M.v.v J\ lor 01 ilic KlltflUll and Krrn ii ImiKiia^nn, undrraUlidiiiK Koinu (in mail and S| aiiibli, di niri:. a nitnaluui n? nscnlury and c >rii|juaii>n to unue ?ml< man IravelliuK in Euro|M>; ihu hi^hi xt i efurencua 1 ununited. Addiea* 1'lilhboi ll, mutiun D, Jli w York. A FRENCHMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKK euro of ? ?r drive horse*; has great knowledge of horses; ! speaks both French aud Knglbh. Inquire at No. 4 Hector st., | iu i In* French boarding hou*>e. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO PROCURE FOR HIS man a situaii <n as coot hmau or porter; is an e.v ? Hunt driver, sober and trust worthy. Apply to hi* employer, at 60 I Pine i?t. A GENTLEMAN WUillES TO PROCURE A BITUA lien for. and recommends a young man, an butlt r, w h<> has always lived with the most, respectable families; ho thoroughly understands his business, and ?'?n nroduee satis factory testimonials; any letter addressed M. M.f Herald of fice, will be respectfully attended to. I WILL (JIVE TEN PEll CENT OF ONE YEAR8 8A lary to any one who will procure me a p rmanent ? i: na tion in the New York Poet ollVe; can furnish the bent of iete rences as to requisite qualification*. Addict lor ouu week V., station F, N. Y. Post oOU e. IIQUOR DEALERS, ATTENTION!? WANTED, BY A J young man, a sanation as barkeeper; has had long ex perience in the business in superintending some of the prin cipal stores of thin city ; c n produce unquestionable tesiimn. niuirt of his capability an i general character. Address for two days S. L., Herald otllee. SITUATION WANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED MAN, competent for any ordinary business; is a fair penman, quick at figures and willing to d '\ oie his whole time to the Inter* st of his employers. Address B.,{box 1^3 Herald office \\7 ANTED? A SITUATION AS WAITER; A YOUNG Y? colored man, who lus been living with the name family for six year*, and only leaves on account of their breaking up housekeeping. Good references gkeu. Apply at Oii Broad 1 sf., lirsfc floor. WANTED? AT *07 BROADWAY, LADIES AND GEN tlemen to canvass the best Ladies' Fashion Hook e\er imported from Paris. * W ANTED? A SITUATION, A8 PORTER, OR ANY OUT door work, by a sober, Meady young man; is well uf. quuinteii witli the e,ty. Call on oraduie^s lor three days J. II. Flynn, 138 East 2<Jth st. WANTED? BY A YOU SO MAN, WHO CAN BS WELL, a situation as coachman and troom. Address P. F., box 52 Park place. WANTED? A SITUATION AS IOKBSPSR, HY A young man, or in any business where he would be useful and willing to his employer's interest. Apply at or ad dress t?04 Broadway, basement. WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED HARDENER, A situation as foreman or h? ad gardener; has tilled seve I ral places in the above rapacity, and is well acquainted n irh every branch of his profession. Address A. Mlelle/, Flu di ing, Long Island, S. V djOOWILLHE HI VIC N TO ANY I'KRSON WHO WILL And h ?Utiatlnii f< r a young man, 19v<Mr?ot' and will rucomui'iidcd, In a until luss uicriautUt) liouK.'. A ki ll i ckh G. CM box 100 Herald o'Jice. DRY GOODS. J^T HALF THEIR VALUE I PURCHASED OF A FIRM RETIRING FROM THE BUSINESS, A CHOICE LOT OF LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S GARMENTS, Consisting of Mis<*??t' Muslin Drawers Tucked. Do. do. Embroidered. I.a lies' do. Plain and Embroidered. Girl*' Muslin Chemises and Nightgowns. I Skirts. Waists. Wrapper*, t aps, .t<\, Ac. i The above will be specially exhibited in our Ladies' and I Children's Furnishing Department on MONDAY, NOVEM BER 25, AT FIFTY CENTO ON THE DOLLAR. LOUD A TAYLOR, 461 TO 467 BROADWAY. AT MHS. OAYNOR'S. ? G liEAT BARGAINS IN COR *els and Skirts, Ih'.aI simp e* and quulllv, slightly soiled, f< r?l and *1 25. Just re vrd tho*e celebrated Pari* made 0..ulile Corsets; ie;ul?r price $5 and SO ? now $3 and $4. Also t'ie Paris woven Worn ly Corset. New styles in French Skii s new pattern Balmorals, all Hold at panic prices. H43 Broadway, near Union square. AT RONALDSON A M HARKS, CORNER OF SIXTH avenue and Nineteenth Hireet, can be. found an elegant assortment of Undershirts mid Drawer*, Hosiery, (.'loves Hoods, Soilings. Milliters, Kibbonii, Embroideries, email waree, Ac. ll. it Kid Gloves S3 cent*. BLACK THREAD LACE VEILS, FROM $2W AND UP wauls. Black Guipure, Thread and Freneh l?cos, Point, Va encienncs and T : I read Laces, all width?., C'liileur J, Bai lees, Capes and llandkorchlcts, ?All villi rely new, nnd at reduced price*. E. WILLIAMS j i CO. (late Peter Roberts), 4 -'J Broadway. EMBROIDERIES AND LACES. $liJO,COJ WORTH 01' RICH LACES PARIS AND SCOTCH EMBROIDERIES, To be clear, d u!l Immediately, REGARDLESS OF COST. K. WILLIAM!) A GO. (a'el'itrr Roberts), 429 Broadway. 1^! CS, V I'RS. Fl'RS. 1 TlIK EMPIRE CITY FUR COMPANY, Wholesale and retail, Established 1349, 2i^ B wery, 226 Grand s' teet, m Klgblb avonii'1, offer to tlielr Inends and Hie public a large and Hilendl I as sortment of LADIES', MISSES' and CHILDREN'S FANCY Ft US, all of our own manolaeture, consisting of Hudson Bay Sable, Mink, Fitch and Stone Marten, Siberian Scjuirtel, Ac., in Talmas, C ,ip?s, Olo iks. Vletorlnes, Mull* and Cull's; also a ''hoice le lection ol" Sleigh Robes, gen'l -men's Fur Caps, Collars and Ulovcs, all n I pil-es lo soil I lie limes, at HARRIS A RUSSACK'S, 231 Eighth avenue. 22b U mil I street, 228 Bowery. N. B.? IT RS repaired, ileal and cl'.eaji, at the very shortest notice. II DERBY A COMPANY WERE AWARDED BY THE 1 . Association lor the Exhibition of Industry of nil Nations, held Hi New York In 1.103. HONORABLE MENTION for llie best Garments lor the commissioned officer* of Iho Army and Navy, which the* still continue to make to order. TAILORS, 67 Walker street. ^EEAT SACRIFICE IN EMBROIDERIES. COLLARS, SETS, HANDKERCHIEFS And FASHIONABLE EMBROIDERIES in great variety Retailed ! AT HALF THEIR VALUE. LORD A TAYLOR, , 461 lo 407 Broadway, 2.V5 lo 2i>l Grand street, 47 and 49 Catharine si roei. ?TOTICE. CLOSING OUT AN IMPORTER'S STOCK. BLACK FRENCH MERINOES. A THRRIBLE SACRIFICE. Seventy-five per cent below usual laieos. Splendid goods at 5s. and (is. per yard. Cillnud wo them , W, JACKSON'S Mourning Store, No. S5I Broadway, between Spring and Prince streets N RII. MACY . IS NOW OPENING FROM CASH AUCTIONS, Full assortment HAT RIBBONS, M VERY LOW PRICF.S. Also. BONNET VELVETS, all shade*, BONNET SILKS, VELVET RIBBONS, TRIMMING RIBBONS, Ac. FRENCH NEEDLEWORK COLLARS, from CASH AUCTIONS, CLOSING VERY LOW. Also, NEEDLEWORK TRIMMINGS, BANDS, FLOUNC. IN'.S. INFANTS' WAISTS AND DRESSES, EMBROI DERED CHEMISES, NIGHT DRESSES, CORSETS. LACE DRAPERY CURTAINS, FROM CASH AUCTIONS. Also, DRAPERV, MUSLINS, CURTAIN LACES, and a complete stock of WHITE GOODS, LADIES' nnd GENTS' CLOTH GLOVES and MERINO Hosiery, From CASH AUCTIONS, closing very low. Also, a full assortment of FI, PIECE LINED GLOVES and Hosiery merino under weak. Ac. FRENCH FLOWERS. Full slock HEAD DRESSES, RUCHES, CHILDREN'S HATS, 4'-., closing very low to make room lor stork for the HOLIDAYS. It. II. MACY, 204 and 2(M Sixth avenue, Second door below Fourteenth street. RII MACY SELLS LADIES' DOLLAR KID GLOVES, . in all color* and sizes, for 83 cent* (by mail o!) cents i. No*. 204 and 206 Sixth nventi?, two doors lielow Fourte ;nth street, and no connection withany other store in th'ccitv. s ILKS, CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. An immense and fashionable asset linent RETAILED AT REDUCED PRICES. LORD A TAYLOR, 4t!I to 4R7 Broadway, 255 lo 201 Grand street. 47 anil 49 Catharine street. T ARLETANS FOR EVENING DRESSES. 1,000 pieces, neat nnd elegant design*, With Trimmings lo match. LORD A TAYLOR, 461 to 467 Broadway, Will open, at retail, on Monday, Nov 25, the above desirable goods, at fifty percent BELOW COST OF IMPORTATION. Also at stores 253 to 2til Grand street, 47 and 49 Catharine street. MIM^IYKllY, ?WC. At isaack'8. .Tiwt received, from auction, Mantilla nnd Bonnet Vel vets, B'aek Silks. Black Ben er Cloths, and all kinds 'of Mil lim ry aud Dress Goods. N.B.? Kid Glove*. r-iUiblly (.potted, only 2fci,n pair, G. W. ISAtWKS. 71 Franklin stteet^hreo doors west oTOnadwny. AKGAINS IN VELVCT BONNETS, NF,W STVLRS. Iiia<*k Velvet Bonnet*. Cbflcirtn'A Hats, \ rivet Bonnets B of every color, very stylish; Evening and Reception Bon. ni'ls. L. HINN'S' Miiinery, largest aud cheapest in the world, 881 Broadway, up si lira. ME. C. GILBERT WISHES TO INFORM THE LADIES ol Ibis t lty lint slie h.ts a large assortment ol Paris \ ei I Paris pal terns. C GILBERT, 60 Bleeeker ?Ireet. M N'OVELTIES FOR I ADIES.-SI'ECIALITY OF RICH sets ol French Trlniuiln-s ior Cloaks. Sao net, Basques, street and indoor dresses. X. DAilFOlS, &i Bleeeker strict, near Broadway. __ PROPOSALS. OFFICE OF THE WATEl; COMMISSIONERS --CI TV Hall, Jersey City, Nov. 11, 1861 . Sealed proposals will be received by the Water Commissioners of Jersey City until Monday. Dec. 16 next, at 12 o'clock M., for furnishing and laytiia aliout 1 ,0<>0 feet of 36 Inch can iron water pipe across the llaekenssck river and on llie bottom of thesnne. Bid ders to furnish plans l..r the ? ?? nsll notion and 1 1 % i i . K I '.?>?. pipe, All necessary information In rr\:nrd to the work can be tilii*Ui?d?iU)l??4Uce. W, V. BACVT.Bu pV. tug. SAI.K* OK REAL ESTATE, ANY PKIt. WiKHINO TO OBTAIN A HOUSE AND l.oti i" ? ? location, worth fl.iOO, i>y iiuylnu itf moulhly, without iuwroM, or rent, may e?ll at j.,. t'. DAY'S olllee, corner ol Fifth avenue aud Tblrltenlb Hired, Souili Brooklyn. AlIOl'RR AND I.OT FOR SALE? LOW, ON TENTH mreri, betwi en Fifth mid Kixih avenue* Tim lot u 21 fe-'t 10 Inched ii> iij feut-XHuuiaA two Mtory un.l attle, brick, I. good order. Tfi luat easy. Apply to CliAS E. M1LLH, Cedar at rent. BEAUTIFUL rorXTKY RESIDENCE IN MORB18 lown, N. J., lor .-ali;; nil in iu>t mil: Mlyle ami 01 ilur, ground* ImndHomc'.y laid out; plen'y of i r.tlt, ?ud oiiO> ol the pivitlevt place* In .New Jer*ey; <<r vs i II be exchange! ou liberal term* Tor de.irable mer<himdl?c. SOUTH vi'lt'K ik WOOD, K2 N??x?ii atreet. 17*OE 8ALB? TO PtSOPlM WITH small incomes ? 1? For collage home* and small farm*, nee adveriiwiuuut. of Vlnelitid. TTtOR 8U.E-A VERY NICE FRAME IlOl*8E, AT A J? bargain, lot i>)jvluO, at No. 40 E..xi Thirtieth hi ic.-f, near Madi?on avenue: mtiimlon ISrot clau; will In- Hold for ?bout Ihe lalimtloii <>i the lot; sixty i?-r cent can remain on. bond und luortgiuo. Apply at 127 Row cry. In OB BALE- TO PEBSOM OUT OK IIEALTH.-POB ' kMutlfUl climate, n? ilnrltiemrat of VUielu4 Farm*. I*0R 8 ALB? A V1-: Y DBSBASLB LBABEIK LD VR0 1 lieity, on Ei?t llr.M.'.\v.iv, near Market mrcct; a four rtory lirl "k Il..nw, Z> by Iw, well rented. Terms e??y. Will be sold ut a bargain. Apply to CI1AS. E. MILLS, 34 l>ed?r' ktreet. IOR SALE? TO FRUIT OROWERS.-SEE ADYER tlwini'iit of Vinoland. F ''RICES, A Iiot 'SB WORTH A $ 10,00.1 for $S,0? 0, new an J in good order, known as No. UM Last *orty-"lghth street, mar Third avenue; walnut stairs, new st>le, und large glas*, mahogany blinds, entire front. .See, it this day, and address A. Uuv.u, 201 West *iliieth street. IjiOH SALK- TO PEOPLE WITH SMALL INCOMES. - J ur < ottage hoiucs and Small farms, see uvlvcrtuemenl ol v inciand. f F10R SALK OR EXrHANGE-THE FIVE STORY store and lot .*W \\ atcr street; a ilrst ran- business loca tion. About $10,(0) In good real or per.^o .j.I property it* wanted for tin* a'. ove. Apply to the owner at ;>S Water stireei, from 3 to 4 o'clock, any day. jlOR SALE-IN PIKK COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, A Farm of HH) acr?'?? 65 improved; 20 toa* ? f Hay ; good buildings; $2 Also, 230 acres, 15 olenred und Into grain; new borne; $1,000; and unimproved land from to $4 per art-1;, ?. I !,iu?l. K. HLAKK, U i'l:aui hub sir?*et. For sale ? at a great baruaix ? must be sold? a farm ?>f 85 arrcs, 3S inilon on Li>n^' I.slnnd. near the beut-h. ?trauiboa.t Intidioir, Post i iltcn, school, more, Ac.; 30 acres heavy timber,*' tillable; ftjood house, burn, well, fruit Ho. R. BLAKE, 14 Chambers street. IpOM 8ALB OB KXCH AHQE-A LOT on the north ' side u! Thirty-iif<h *<iret, 10.J feet we>t from Tuird avenue, in this city, lor property in Brooklyn, \\ . D., or lor a mortgage; Home ca?b will !??* paid cm exchang*.' il iiMpured. Address box 1,710 Post ??fllce, New York. TjlOR SALE? TO ENGLISH FARMERS AND FRUIT JO growers. ? Soil resembles a gt oi part of England. See adveriisement ol Vineluud. For sale or exchange? for merchandise or a farm, two Lots in Forty-lifth street; nlso, a House in Stanton st reel for t? ret- n |m iut pi opi rty. Apply in the scgar store, north west ? orner ol Ohambt rs street an 1 New Bow??ry, Hardware stock t > exchange at cost price, for real estate. Apply ut No. 143 Eighth avenue* Eighth avenue D.vellings and Stores to let. Apply as abovo House for bale.? tiib frame dwelling House on ti?n Ontral Park, at Eighty-sixth s reel, neai* Flitb avenue, ill be sold ut public autiou, on the premises, on Saturday, Novein her SO, ltfOl, at 11 o'clock, unless prevl-' ously disposed of at private *al?\ For terms, At -..apply at the Property Clerk's oiltce, on Fifth avenue, opposite Sixty* fifth street. DIOR SALE? TO PERSONS OUT OF HEALTH. ?FOR P delightful climate, s e advertisement of Vineluud Fannn Real estate.? death is the cause of ward olleiingfliis Hotel on Coney Island Road for sale, a bar* gain. The ears put-s the door, and it is one of the bestloca*1 lions outside the diy line. For terms apply on UM premise? TTINELAND FARMS.? FOR SALE, THE BEST O^ V Land, at the new ami thriving settlement o? Vine land* only 30 miles from Phil adelphia by railroad, direct to New York. Soil is a tine e ay lo.tiu, rich and pnaluctive for wheat; gras^ and fruits. D.vided Into farms of 20 a? res and up wards, Ht the low piiee of from $15 to $20 ^ r arre. One fouwh rash, balance in lour years; also Lots of two and a half to five acres, at from $8o to $200 each. Fine crops can be seen growing. To persons of small capital or out of busi ness this is u good opportunity to establish a couotry home and be certain of a litelihood. This Is th?' right itimedy for hard t imes. Pap i s and reports can be had by applying to JOHN M. MOOnE, 191 Pearl street. New York. Letters answered. Also, r -port of Solon Robtnsoo, of the New York Tri iiitne. osii be obtaine<f. .. ?firANTED? A SMALL PLACE IN THE COUNTRY. ? ? three to twenty Acres, with House, barn and fruit trees, within two or three miles of a railr<>a I, .????? one and a halt" hour's ride of New York. Any person having such a place, and willing lo exchange it for sotno money and valu.?blo unincnmboied estern lands, can make i g?M?o twircain. Tha property consists of fin.' prairie lands, which were located bjr an experienced person ut an early day, which ga\ e the am? vantage of making the best locations. The prop ?rty will b? exchanged at a sacrifice, as I wish for a plac ? near the city oC New York. The property consists ol 80 acres in Ta ua county 9 low, rr'.c" $5 peracre; 2ti0 acres in Benton county Indiana, six miles from railroad, price $8 per a< r ?; 1C0 a? r s in Jasper county, Indiana, se ven miles from railroad and four mihe from the rotuaty seat, price $10 per acre. Alst> one city lot in Detroit, price $70J. Address for one week J. B. B., box 21?. Herald ofllce. giving location, price and general partfculars. w ANTED? TO PURCHASE A LOT BETWEEN FIRSB and Fourth tiK'-s below Twentieth street; or a ll' ii-i' and Lot, yheap, for cash. Apply to J. II., No. enih stt cot, sS.iu price, locution, Ac. T*rANTE0, TO PURCHASE, CHEAP FOR CASH? A' VY House anil L"t in tlx' suburb* of Brookh n t \V illiams? burg preferred), containing about ten rooms. Address C. P. K., box 2.619 Post office, fur t?o day a. TIT ANTED? A SHALL COUNTRY SEAT, IN THE VI TT cinlty of New York, for which will lie cxi'lianged a re liable inauufacturiug business with stuck .Hid evirvtblna lieccfUary to continue the business. Address Parker, Herala otllce. WANTED? A IJOOD FARM OK SIXTY ACRES. WITHIN three hours' ride of New York; soil won: bo good and location healthy: cash will be paid for tlic an i ue. Apply to, or addrcaa Willi lull particuluiB, J. Edward in land, 03 Nas ?au street, K PER LOT REDUCTION.-? FIFTY BUILDING tJ Lot* for sale fur $ltHl jier lot on a stage route, l)f miles from Hobokea iin.l troin Forty-second street lerry. Terms 2"> per cent, aud the residue in tivc years. Apply to J, POI'E, Uobokcn. $17 ^ DENTISTRY, Artificial hone killing for decayed teeth-^ Inserted whilst soft and without pain. A hlng teeth and mere shells can. lie prfs rved and restored to beauty b* the discoverer, JAMES PIEKSON, M. D. It is NW Broad way, west side, one dour above Seventeenth street. N. B.? Ben arc of trashy imitations. Facts? a gentleman at 123 west twbnty second slree', tills teeth with gold, In I lie I est puss rblo manner, free oi charge. Old plates remodelled, $<') ; a good lit guaranteed. Ottice hours from 1 t? 8P. M. VfATIONAL DENTAL GALLERY, SIXTH avenue. Xl comer Twenty.sccond street? Largest, most repleto manufacturers beautiful patent Gumotype Teeth. Dentist, rv guaranteed first i lsss. Extraordinary prices:? Silver sets, $'ti; Rubber, $10; Gold, $20; Vulcanite, $20. Extracting wilh out pain. DR. MANSON, Dentist. FINANCIAL. NOTICE.-A GENTLEMAN OF THE HIGHEST RE specutblliiy and business (juallllcauotis being about en tering Into a very luertillvc, longestalilfthed business, wishes 1 > borrow fur the term o! two years the sum of ten thousand dollars, at seven percent peratinura, tor which he will giva his mite, and in addition a security on his sio :k amounting to between $35,000 and $10, lO). All eomniunicatlons adi dressed to H. e;irc of Charles Payen A Co., 41 and 13 War ren street, will bo attended to immediately. (1LAIMS ON EVERY DEPARTMENT OK THE GOV J eminent promptly adjusted by our agent in Washing ton, and cashed in Sew' York JOHN B. MURRAY, Artny and Navy Banker, !1U Nassau street, opposite the Post oflk-e. /CONTRACTORS WITH THE UNITED STATUS OOV \J eminent can arrange with the undersigned for an ad vance in cash, puya'ieln any part of ibe Untied States or Europe, the contracts aid contractors letng satisfactory. " IN B. MURRAY. Ai invalid Nav EM, opposite the P. st otllce, New "VTEW YORK AND ERIE SECOND MORTGAGE Bonds.? Holders of these bonds nut ye; ex. ended lor twenty years arc requested to present their bomls w ithout de lay at the office of the company, at the foot o! lluane street, for extension. Those timwllling to extent! will receive par and interest for their bonds, from parties who are willing to extend them, on presenting them at saidullicc on Tuesday nnd Thursday of each Week, from 10 to 12 o'cl.Kk, until the 1st day of December. Nt:w Yokk, Nov. 8, 1861. TO BUSINESS MEN.? ANY MAX WHO HAS $500 or. $tit.Hi that he t\ ultl l?e sat 1- lied to employ for siv month* at a | rolit of 15 per cent, and tie secured in the furniture and fixtures of .i popular dining room, can address \V. M. P., He rald oilice, for further particulars. LOW OVVICIIS. IT 111 GRAND STREET, T1IREK DOORS WBHT OP JY BroaAway- II nay advanced on Waters, DiHwndii Jew-try, Plate, Dry G-' and personal property of every description, or bought and sold, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. AT 77 BLKECKEK STREET-MONEY LIBERALLY advamcd to any amount on diamonds, watches, jewel rv, pianos, achat's, .'irv roods, Ac. -V Ii. ? Pawnbrokers* tickets bought. II. NEWTON, 77 Bieeeker street, up stairs. AT J. H BARBINOER'S. 212 BROADWAY, ROOM 13.? This old established ollice advances ihe hlchr-i stuns, or bu) s ttir cash, Mer< handisc, Diamonds, set or unset; Peat lis. Watches, Plate, Optical iiidtruiiicut*, Ac. 212 B.oa-K way, room 13, up stulra. AT NO. 9 CHAM HERS STREET-MONEY TO LOAN To any amount oti Diamonds, Watches, Jew? irv, ,tc., by the well known and oi l established ISAAC, Broker and Commission Men hunt. No. 0 Chambers street. N. B.? No buftint ss Iran acted on Salnrdav. AT 00 N ASSAU SNlEI-. r -A. lit iNItiM AN. DI AMOND broker, ndvan -es on Dia-iuniils, Watchey, Jeweirv, A'-., ?.r buys them at full va'iie^at hi- private othce. Ci Nassau street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business conllden tial. I JACOBS. 43 CEDAR STREET.? ADVANCES MADE J. on Watches, Diamonds, Silver Plate, and other Per sonal Properly, in sums lo suit, or bought for cash, and a IH'ci el price paal. Business strictly contidcutial. Bran, u otlii e 407 Broadway. IIHERAL ADVANCES MADE O.V DIAMONDS, J Watches, Plate and Jewelry, or bought for cash at the L.gliest prlre. Persons having old G<>id or Silver lo sell can not do better than call ou LOUIS ANRICII, 723 Broadway, MOXBY LENT? TO ANY AMOCKT, OH GOLD AND silver Wao In s. Diamonds, Jewelry, A. . Fur sale, un redeenit d gold and stiver Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Ac., suitable !t>r holiday presents. A>o, lot oi Sok Veivela. A ADOEVHl S, Licensed Pawnbroker, 42<.? Pearl street, i oi ner oi Chamber. eon nnn To advance, by henry hyman, <*> liroadiviiy. rt'titii Nt>. .'I, on Watches, Ills liioniK iii.l mer-lirt-. l^e ol v rv description, I fctim $10 and til - M< 1 tints want or money wlU do well loutii. i?u?iuvs? slrictijr t.uuuUeiiliaL

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