Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1861 Page 7
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BHippin o. PASHKMIERS FOR EUROPE By order of the Secretary of Slate, all pasaengera leaving the United Slate* are re quired to pro tire pasaporta before goin g ou board the steamer JOHN n. DALE. Avent. STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVER X>andlng and embarking passeng.'rs at Queenstown, Ireland, "he Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Slealiksblli Com pany intend despatching their full powered Clvde built Iron ?leamshius as follows:? . ? ETNA Saturday, November 30 <"1TY OK M A.Ni iikui'ER Saturday, Decemla r 7 CIIY OK BALTIMORE Satin ay, U>- ember U And every sauirday. at noon, finin i ler U N a th rtrer. Bans or ra**Ai;>:: first Cabin $76 I Steerage " to London HO " to London M " to Paris 85 ! " to Paris 38 " to llamburf.. . . 85 I " to Hamburg . . . 35 Passengers ?lao forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Autwctp, At'., at ecpialljr low rates. Person* wishing to bilng out their friends can buy tickets here at the following rates, t<j New York Front Liver|>ool ?or QueenatoMii, tlr?t cabin, $76. $85 and #1J5; steerage lroin Xiverpocd, $40; from QlieenstoH n, $30. These steamers have superior nccumnio latlons for pa sa? li fers, and carry cxi?rienced Surgeons. They are built In water-tight Irou sections, and have pat' ni lue anulliilalurs on board. _ For further Information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAN, agent, 12 Water street; In Ulasguw lo WM. INMAN, Wo. 5 St. Enoch suuare ; In Qiieenstown to 13. A W. I). SEY MOUR A CO.; InLondon to KIVKS A MACEY, 61 Kins Wil liam atreet; iu I'arls to JULES DECOl'K, No. 5 l'lace de la Bourse; lu l'liila lelphla to JOHN U. DALE, 111 Walnu utreet; or al the Company's ofllrcs. _ . JOHN 0. DALE, Agent, 15 Broadway, New York. tfTHE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL A Steamship*. PAsaroRis.? All |>ersons leaving the United States will re <1 Ire to I ave p. ss orta from the authorltlea of iheir respec. ?4i e 00 i Ulrica, countersigned by tlie Secretary of Stale at Washington. rno* jfKW to*k to LtrxsrooL. Chief cabin passage . . . . $130 *8 rood cabin pa -sage 75 moa rostom no LivMtrooL. Chief cabin passage $110 ?Second cabin |m?s ig" 60 , The ahipa limn New York call at Cork Harbor. The ships ir.iin Boston call al Halifax un I Cork Harbor. TEKSIA, Capt. Judkina. AFRICA, Capt. Shannon. AH ABIA, Capt. J. Sione. CANADA, Capt. J. Lelich. A^IAOapt. K. U. Lott. AMERICA, Capt. Hockley. AUSTRALASIAN, NIACARA, C.ipt. Moodie. Capt. Cook. KUROl'A, Cspt. Anderson. SCOTIA (now bulldli g). Then vessels carry a clear light at mast head; green on ?tamnard Ihiw; red on port bow. NIAOARA, Moodie, leaves Boston Wednesday, Nov. 27 ASIA. Lou, ?? New York, " Dec. 4 -CANADA, Mnlr, " Boston, " Dec. 11 jAKRlCA, Sh. union " New York, 11 Dec. 18 XUROPA, Anderson, " Boston, " Dec. 25 Berths not situ red until paid for. An eipcrieiii'ed Surgeon ou board. The owner* o the e ships will not l>e accountable for O.ild, Silver, Bullion, Specl?, Jewelry, Precious St .uea or Metals, unless bill* of lading are sgticd therelor and the value there -? Of i lien in exp cared. Kor freight or oasi-age. apply to K. CUNARD, No i Bon ilng Qr*en. I^OR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAYKE-ON SATURDAY Deccnibi i 7. The United States Mail sieuiner I I'Lr IN, ,1 A. Wottor, Commander, w II sail I'rom pier No. S7 Noi th river, foot of Beach street, on Saturday, December 7, at noon. This steamer, unsurpassed for safety and comfort, has ? double engines under deck, enclosed by water tight compart ments, which, besides ohir rei-u Is, tend, lu the event of col lision or stranding, to keep the pumps free to work, and se cure the safety of vessel an I passengers. For freight or passage apply to KAMl'EL M. Fox. T nr<?a ? OEO. MACKENZIE, j A^enU* 7 Broadway. The steamer AltAliO will sail Janu iry 4. STEAM TO HAMBURO, HAVRE, LONDON AND Souihampton. The Hamburg American Packet Company's Iron steamship RAXONIA, II. Ehlc rs, commander, carrying the United Elates mall, will leave from pier No. 21 North river, foot of fulNMi stiee'. SATURDAY. Novembers), at noon, for Hamburg, via Southampton, taking passengers for Ha vre, London. Soiitliampton an I Hamburg. first cabin, $100; second cabin. $00; steerage, $35. The steamers of this linn will leave every alternate Satur ? day, carrying the United States mall. The steamer MAVARIAwill aitece-d th" RAXONIA, on December 14. C. B. RICHARDS A BOAS, 151 Broadway. Direct steamship line between new yofk and An w. rp, via Southampton. The new a, id -pi -mild Al st amor CONCR S*. Cad. I u ilng, ",8 0 tons, 80 1 hors ? power, will sail New York ou WEDNESDAY, Dee. 18, for Antwerp, via Souihampton. Price of passage for Havre, Antwerp, Southampton or London First cabin $60 or $100 Steerage $35 Children between one and ten year* of age half price. For freight and lirst cabin passage applv to the consignees, BRUUUIERE A TIIEUAUp. M Cedar street. For steerage jias.-iage apply to llF.M'.Y M. WEED, 187 West street, corner of Resale. THE NORTH HERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP HANSA. II.. I Von Sini. n commander, carrying the Unl"d Slates mull, will sail from pier 90 North river, foot of Cham bers street, on SATURDAY. D< eenil ?r 2', at 12 o'clock M., roB BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, lakingpassenxers to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, . Bt the following rates:? For the lirsi cabin, $100; second cabin, $60; steerage, $31. For freight or passage apply to t)EijRICH3 k CO., 68 Broad atreet. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, OLAStlOW AND LIVER POOL ? The Mon real SteamsMp ('omn ny's first clam, full powered. Clyde huili -teamer NORWEGIAN. Captain Me.Maateis, currying the ami t i Ited .-tat' a malls, will sal: i rum Portland next Saturday, Novem'wr 30. Rues ol passage tiom New York. ? First class, aeeorllm; to accom modation, $;0and $85; .leeraae, found with eood provision*. Certilieates Issued for biltiging out pas*. triers from all the principal towns in Great Britain and Ireland, at very low rutei. For passage applv at 23 Broadway, New Vork. SArtKL A SEAKLE, Oeneral Agents. FOR LIVERPOOL? THE PACKET SHIP EXCELSIOR at pier .'VI East river, will sail on Wednesday , 27th, the J. THOMPSON December 4. ForjiassaKe or dralts on Bank of Ireland, apply at the offlce of THOMPSON'S Black Star line, 276 ran street. IjlOR LI\ ERPOOL? BLACK BALL LINE OF PACK eta.? The clipper ship COLUMBIA sails Nov. 28. Kor passage applv i n board, loot of Beekman street, East river or to JACOII WILSON, 103 South street. JpOR LIVERPOOL ? OLD BLACK' STAR LINE? THE ? faroritr pneket ship BELLE WOOl), lying at pier 27 ast river, Kills Nov. 2?. The J. II. RYKRSON axil* Dec. 7. For passage or drafts ou Ireland, Ac., apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, O Fulton street. FOR LIVERPOOL. ? THE CLIPPER SHIP AURORA, Capi. Childs, will poalllvely s.iil on Wednesday, De cembers. Fo. passage, having splendid neeommoilatlons, apply on board, pier Id East river, or to JOSEPH MURl'IIY, 61 South atn el, near Wall. FOR LONDON. ? THE CLIPPER SHIP CARAVAN, Capt. Sands, will sail this day, at two o'clock. Has > room for a l< w more passengers, who will be taken at low rates. Kor i a-?nge apply io JOSEPH MURPHY, til South Btreeet, near Wall, or on board the ship, pier 14 East river. XLINK, KOR LONDON.? S ULS SATURDAY, NOVEM lier 30, t e picket ship lIBMlsl'lIKItK, lying at pier 16, Kait liver. For fass ige in *e mid cabin, at low rates, or Praf sou any uartol Enmaiidor 1 1 ??IjjimI, p j j?ly to TAP^COTT A CO., *?> south street. KEMITTANOE TO IRELAND, AC ? TArSCOTT * CO. continue to draw drafts an they have done for the past twenty-five your*. Thos?* wishing to remit money to tri'dr f rends can be Mu|>plie<l with dratt* for any amount, payable on demand, fa any part of Great Britain or Ireland, l y ap plying at their old established place oi business, 8<j South atreci, New Vork. Australia pioneer link, carrying tiif. United States Mails. ? The A I extreme clipper ship HARRY BLI'FK, ?,??0 ton ? ea parity, Redman commander, Is now raptoly loading for Melbourne, at pier 13. East rivi-r, and will b" d spatehod positively on December 7. Has un surpassed n? co nmodntioi-gfor lirst and s c ?nd en bin passen gers. For Iri i^ht or passage apply to it. W. CAMERON, 90 A USTRAI.IAN SHIPPERS' LINK.? THE SUPERIOR ? A1 cijuer ship LOUISA HATCH is now receiving cargo at pier 12 East river. She insures :it s rletlv lowest rales, is. i la-t sailer, and will have qu lek despa'.rh for Mel bourne dirci I. Kor ir dght or Kas-mge, having tin ? aeoommo jlatlons, a I ply to FIBBER, RICARDS A CO., 34 WaU street, Tontin ? l.u .ding, SS^ihe^r^/o^&re will be on the. Monday^ lUKor n-iecht or passage ?PP'y at l,p. b'.^ALLEN. Agent, ling Orcen. HOUSES, ROOMS, &C? WASTED. A FACTORY, WiTII CHIMNEY AND SMALL STEAM En^iii ..tiled to hire; one tl.iUeanbe adapted to ilia m nufact..ieo> gliss chimneys for lamps desired. Addrcis li. J. K., box 1 11 Herald olllce. BARUK VWNIED? FROM 9) TO 130 FEET LONG, TO hlr ? for ve in .nllis fr> in D> eenib 'r I Als i, io nut, t " Bi lyiie.d foot of .Jay street. Iiupiir of JOHN W. UUtD.M.K s.liooiitr Ecuuomv, loot ol Harrison a. reel, North li i I FACTORY WANTED? A SHORT DISTANCE FROM New York, near a i allroad depot or sti landing. The luilldlng must be large, abolli OH bv 100 feet, three orfour atorles higli, ivlih pleuty of water. ana water power if possi ble. Adarts* B. H. B., Herald ollli e, for one week. IjlURNISlIT'D ROOM WANTED? WITH FIRE, OAS, 1 hoi and old water, without Board, on Hiooklyn Height*, convenient Io Fit" ton ferry. Reference ui i n ai I required. AUdresi, Mating price, Ac., box S,tCi5 New Vork Post olllce. Knickerbocker ice stock wanted? in ex change for a house and lot, 74>l WaOnnuioii street, or House for -ae. Inquire of or address J. H. Berdan, 10 thrlstopBer suect. QAFB WANTED? OF MEDIUM SIZE, IN GOOD ORDER, ijo Addie--k, stating tUe, maker and price, hot I,:JJ3 i'osi ?o.liee. ?WTANTED? MILITARY INSTRUCTION f OR TWO T T youtigmen. Address, with full psrilcuUrs, F. W. M., lleralil oflii e. WANTED TO PURCHASE? A FINE FUR COAT. ANY Ih'i s ni ht\inu one to dispose of at less L bit II cost tor ?cash addn ss Casli, !>o* 167 Herald olllce. WANTED? A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE, la a pi suit and respectable l e il;'). ooilanimn me ?modern improvements and in ko>s1 repstr. Kent to bear wording io i e times; payment prompt, k' lease address M. M'., Ink lij H 'laid olllce. WAN TED? PART OF A 1101 SS, OP. A SMALL HOUSE, ?T neai.* furnished, fora fann v .'f three grown persons, sine an una d. location l etweiu Twcn I dli and ThlrtH lli ?:reci* an I K. ttrlh and Eighth avenues. Terms must be ruo ?tie rate, A'.dr -s V., box ^.l.U Post office. RBSTAtRAXTD. . _ . (MM. AND Sl'.E THE OiSIOINAL JOB AT N<?. 2?? J Bowery, wher ' you can ?et tite iincst glass of Hum * Musty AW*, iI.twii from the wood. Free lunch from 11 to I find t r<?m 8 t > J 2 1*. M. OYSTER.^.?' THE BEST STEWS, THE FINEST ROASTS the. largest FrU s. an I ' h * mwniuoih Saddle Rocks can always bn sound at l.IMUV'S. 1U) Fulton strr?t. near tho Heraid ? {Tlx . N. B.? ? Oysters op. ncsl without Tracking, tuereby a-. t>ohu^ the pieces of aliel . 'YrorNin,.i;.v ? ;kt me to-mo^t at mkndi*m s, Jl cornvi IwvUvli ^Viw-wl a -d tfiVMUay. a?ter Walla- k's i? 8AI.ES AT auotior. AUCTION NOTICE , ELKUANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, M111411I11. put Work* or Ai l, ... .. ?'eh C*r|>eu. ?p|p?diii Parlor hull*. with tbf cnlirt- el^am ouOMnt of ill ? li.>u?.? 153 Wert Twcn ly-iir.l hire i, The 1 r wrlv of Churle." I,. Tillun, E?q, POSITIVE PEREMITOltY BAI'B OF KLEQANT K1UKT Ol-ANi IN BN1TURK. I This (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock urfi Ueljr, thi 1 beautiful Parlor, Chamber, Dining Room and Library b up : uiture, in the dwelling house, 152 West Twentyiirst street, J b? tw?*en Seventh and Eighth avenues, all of which is new, I having hee n recently made, and comprises everything I ail apted to a fashionable, elegantly furnished residence, the whole to lx> peremptorily sold fop cash, eonsistina of English Velvt t mo 1 liipi'Htry Carpets, elegunt rosewood Parlor Furni ture. rn suite, comprising tlipt e full Suits, rk'hlv carved, nil of which are covered in rich silk br<?catel and of thft Deal des *i*i j lion ; roM U '.od Centre and Pier Table*, Turkish Chairs, in blue and gold Katiti and moquet: Damask and Lace Cur uins, Mantel and Pier Mirrors, tiold and Landscape Shu to- , tw>? rosewood Etegeres, style Louis XIV. ;rich Severe* and Dresden Mantel \ .lu-n, Art.stic Bronzes, Parlor Orna men i A?\ ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE. MUMO CABINET, STOOL AND COVEU COST $0> marble top Bureaus, richly carved Bedsteads, iifleen Hair Matresses, Tete-a-Tetes, Chamber Suits in ronewood, Bronze Clock, marble lop Washstanda, Lounges, French and Spring seat Chairs, R<*eker?, Divans, Ottomans, Oval Mirrors, su? jierb Beds and Bedding, oak Extension Table, two Rota Bed stead-, rich French and Bohemian China, li- h Tea 'Sets, Sil vers are, Spoons, Forks, Castors, Ice Pitchers, Urn, Tea Ser vice, ruby and crystal Cut Glass of every description, oak marble top Buffet, oak Chairs, superb Desk, Oilcloth, rich Chandeliers, marble Kail Stands, Ac. Catalogues at house. Sale positive, rain or shine. N. B ? Parties from a diatatu q areassured that every article in the house will be sold strictly without reserve, and there will be positively no postponement. Purchaseis? an havetheir goods carted, i?acked or shipis'd by reliable parties, who will be in attendance for that purpose." R. W. WESTCOTT, Auctioneer. AM. B. CHAPMAN A CO., Al?CTIONEEKS.-\UC. ? lion sal* of superior first claas Household Furniture, the property of a family declining housekeeping. Pa n i"g*, P a ofo: te. Drawing Room suits, superb Mantle Ornanim *, Pier and Mantle Mirrors, bronze and ormolu Cha? d-lirrs, b ocade and lace Curtains, rosewood and mah>>gany Bedroom Furniture, oak Dining Hoom Furniture, K lver, China aud G a>sw*re, Ac. MOSES B. CHAPMAN A CO., Auctioneers, will sell at public auc tion this day < Wednchday), at 10^ o'clock, at the private residence No. 4HWest Sixte nth stree , b 'tween Fifth and Sixth aven ie?t, the largest and richest as s ?rtment of Household Furniture ottered at auc'ion this sea so?), all mad*' to order fo.1 tin- present owner, and will be j?e. I rempiorihr sold to the highest bidder. Drawing Rooms? \ el. J vet medali >n Carpets, two rosewood suits, covered wi h silk broeatel ; do. Etegeres, Encoignures, Secretaire and Bookca- e, C -une Tables, Card and Clie.-is Tables, autiQue Hec ption j C airs, Lounges, Arm Chairs, embroidered iaeu Curtains, I ormolu Clock, superb Bionzas, marble Statuary, magnificent j r <*.e wood Pianoforte, St . ol and Cover, four round corners, llu shod alt round, mad** bv Broadway makers, cost $500; Ltd)1* Work Table, Oil Paintings by eminent artists, two match Paintings, by Cole; Holy Family, by Legrand; Winter Scene on the Neva, by K?'tchell; also, a number of suj>erb Frueh Line Engravings, Dresden ami Sevres China Vases, Ha stand, Oilcloth. Sta r Carpets, rose1 wood Dressing B r aus. Ward obe , Ta ?:? d< -Nuit, Cheval G'a-s, Auiobe . - Gl-o e, Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds, B ankets, Countet'i a i.s, Comodes, Sofa-, (/hairs, Corner Stands, Brus* sel and Ingrain C rp ts. Oval Mirrors. Dining Rooms ? Oak Sideboard, Ilart a Patent E t n i n Table, Couches Arm Cl.airs, "e^ 'nt S-'M cnsal and iu ?y Glassware, viz ? De ca iter.-, two dozen Co d?** , do. e .?? ui'e^, Chamnagni's, Wines, Tumbl ers, Fru t, C 1 ry and Pr? servj Stand ; Sets Fing r Bowls, ruby ami j. i. marble Punch Bowls; do. Liquor Sets, ricliiy *lec I Tea Sets, forty-four pieces: pold band china Dion- r Sets, two hundred aau si vty pieces; solid silver Dinn rand Tea Sets, Silverware, Caster^, t'ak*- B tskets. Napkin Rin^a, Bjuams, Forks, ivory handled Ta' 1^ Cutlery. A *. Also, general assortment Base ment and Kitchen Furntture. Auction notice? h. f, franklin a co., auc TiONEKItS ? POSITIVE AND UNRESERVED SALE OF ELLGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. THIS DAY (Wcdnerday), at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, preiiaely, .*? II the sunerb'and costly Furniture. Paintings, Statuary and Works of Art, rosewood Drawing Room Suits, eleuant seven octave Pianoioite, Mirrors, Velvet Carpets, Ac., contained in the residence No. 2-0 West FourUk?>nth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenu* s. The auctioneer calls the spec ial attention of the puMic to this sale, as being the la g>*st a d r chest sssorim"nt of Household Furniture of fer. d at auction this season. The Furniture was all made lor the present owner, anil is in complete order. The whole will be peremptorily and absolutely sold without reserve. DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE consists of carved rosewood Etegeres, marble tops and plate doors and back; lady's Work Table, inlaid with mother of pearl; rosewood Centre Table, statuary marble top; full suits of Drawing 11 o n Furniture? elegant Tete a*tete Solas, two Arm, two Reception and eight oval back Chairs, carved rosewood frarm s and covered in three color ed satin brocade of the most expensive dcacrlnttou; two Console Tables, inlaid with buhl and tortoise shell; Brocade snd Lace Curtains, French plate Her and Mantel Mirrors, with rich gilt frames; superb Sevres and Dresden ('bins Vftfiei, richly decorated; Parian marble Statuettes of the Sou sons, Artistic Bronzes, representing Night ami Morning, Pan. dora, Painting, Poetry, Music, Crusaders, Ac.; antique Lava Vases from Herculaneunt and Pompeii; ebony Card Table, Velvet Carpets. Rugs, Turki-h Easy Chairs, nronze Clock, runs one month; Oil Paintings, by Kousseau, lnmau, liuu tlngton. Cole, L*%rand and other eminent artists. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, carved le^s and ? as *, four round corners, finished ail rmind, iulaid with pearl; Music Rack, rosewood Stool, covered in brocade; embroidered Cloth Cover, Books and Music; Hall r?sewood Hatstnnd. Oilcloth, Stair Car|?et, Ac. Chambers, se ond story ? Richly carved rosewood Bedsteads, style Louis XIV., Bureaus aud Commodes to match: Wardrobes, Dress ing and Toilet Tables, Shaving Stands, Bookstand, Couch, Arm Chairs, Curtaina, Shades, Cornices, Hair Mattresses, Beds and Bedding, decorated China Toilet Sets, Minora, Dining Room Furniture of every kind, Tea Sets, Silver Ware, Ivory Table Cutlery, Dining Table, Ac. No postpone ment. ASSIGNEE'S SALE -HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FUR niture AT PUBLIC AUCTION. POSITIVE PEREMPTORY SALE OP EI. Eli ANT FIRST CLASS FURNITURE. Tills day ( Wed nesduv ) , at 2 o'clock precisely, I he beautiful Parlor, Dining Room, Chamber ami Library Furniture, In the dwelling house, No. 66 East Twenty-seventh street, near Fourih avenue, all of which is new, having been recently made, and comprise* everything adapted to a fashionable and elegantly furnished residence ? the whole to be parempto rily sold for cash, consisting of E i mli?li Velvet and Taiiesirv Carpets, elegant rosewuiai Parlor Furniture, en suite, corn p is ng three full Sulla, richly carved, all of which are covered in rlc'i silk brocatcl, and ot the beat description ; rosewood C 'utre and,, Pier Table*, Turkish Chiiirs in blue and gold satin and moquet; Velvet Turkish Lounges, rich Mantel and Pier Mirrors, Daiuask aud Lace Curtains, Gold and Landscape Shades. ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, MUSIC CABINET, STOOL AND COVER, c ost $460. Marble top Bureaus, richly carved Bedsteads, twenty lnr^e H.iir Mattresses, Teie-a-Tetes, Chamber Suits, in rosewood : bronze Clocks, marble Waalistands, Lounges, French ami Spring Seat Chairs, Rockers, Oval Mirrors, superb Beds nrvt Bedding, o ik Extension Table, two line mahogany Sofa Bed steals, rich French and Boliemlan China, rich Tea Sets, Sil ver Ware, Spoons, Forks, Casters, Ice Pitchers, ruby and crystal Cut Glass of every description, marble top Buffet, oak Chairs, Oilcloth, rich Chandeliers, marble Hall Stand, one of WMder's iron Safes. Catalogues at bouse. Sale posi tive, rain or shine. N. B.? Parties from a distance are assured that every article in the house will lie sold strictly without reserve, and there will positively be no postponement. Purchase rs can have their goods curled, packed or shipped by reliable persons, who will be in atteudanoe for that pur[>ose. A UCTION. A M. C. EDEY, AUCTIONEER, By M. C. EDEY, Wednesday, Nov. 27. at 12 o'clock, will tell at his salesroom, 66 Cedar street, opposite the Post ofllce On" pair handsome bay Mares, I.V., bauds high, six and seven years old, sound and kind in single and double har ness. Also, One light top Buggy, built bv Godwin. One single Harness, cost $80. Also, Fast brown Horse, called Brawn Jack, trotted in 2:31, 15 hands high, 8 years old. One trotting Wagon, built by Watson (Philadelphia), one single Harness. ALSO, One fine saddle Horse, white, 8 years old, hands high, sound and kind. ALSO, Four lea'her trimmed Buggies, one slide seal, one turn over seat Rockaway, one no top, cut under, turn over seat; one two St at Dcmociat Wagon. The above will be sold with out reserve, to the highest bidder. A UCTION NOTICE.? $20,000 WORTH OF FIRST CLASS jY GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES AND VALUABLE MOVEMENTS, being I lie stock of an importer. A. M. CHISTALAR, Auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will sell on Friday, 29th ins!., al lOtjo'clo k, without reserve, a large line of 18 carat Hunting Doubta Time Compensation Balance Independent second Levers and Chronometers. Ladles' Enameled and Diamond Watches, English full jeweled Pa tent and M p!ntc Levers, NhUel, 18 carat Hunting straight lino, and detached Levers and Cylinders, Silver Hunting, Patent Levi rs, Anchors, Lep'nes aiid Verse Watches Silver Phieqnn ami silver gill Hunting and open lace, Anchors and Lc pi nes Also, u valuable line of tine Diamond Jewelry, consiMing of s nele Uoue lio.>pand Clustre Diamond ami I'e irl Broaches, Rings, Earrings and Studa, IV3 dozen silver extension and gold Pencil Cnsc* and Pens, 1.70 line English an 1 other movements by celebrated makers, together with a variety of other goods In the line. Catalogues at tlie sale, T ms c:ish. The trade are respectfully invfied to the above ?, as the lots will be put up to suil dealers only. V UCTION NOTICE ?M. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, JV will sell this day, Wednesday, at 10'^ o'clock, at tales ro<.m&1 Nassau >.t.cet, Household Furniture, consisting of 10 . w.sid Parlor Suits coveted in broca'.ei and plush, ma hog,. ny ditto covered in hair cloth, viz: ? Tete-a tetes. Arm ? nit Parlor Chair*, marble top Centre Tables, Brtis*e!s and In mill Carpets, Bookcasex, Extension Dining Tables, Buf fet , Hilling Chairs, Dress; n* Bureaus, Washstands, Bed s', .ids, Hair Mnttresies, Lounges, Wardrobes, Toilet Sets 4 S. P.K'HARDS, AUCTIONEER.? PEREMPTORY i\. side of Boots ii nd Shoes.? RICHARDS A WHITING Will sell, on We lne-il iv, November 27. at I0>$ o'clock, at the *:..te, 44 Courtlamll street, a large and varied assortment of Boots and Shoes, in good order. Catalogues on morning of A UCTION SALE-TH ANKSOIVIHO PRESENTS.? THIS I JY day at 10 ii o'clock, by ISAAC D. AARON, a- 63 Nassau i street, asplcndid asaortmeul of fine Gold ami Silver Watches, Jewelry, Meerschaum Pipes, Ac., by catalogue, without re serve, for cash. 1 A UCTION SALE OK A PAIR OF MAGIC LANTERNS, JY lenses 4H inches, with gas apparatus complete, on Fri i day, eveulng, Nou mber 29, by BANGS, MEltWIN A CO., Mi ' and S'.H Broadway. Browne a nichols, auctioneers, will sell ibis day, November#, at one o'clock, in front of sales i room JJ Nassau street, a pair o:' long tail gray Horses, splen didly matched, six years old les' sprimr, very stylish and good in nil harness; both Horses have been used under the saddle, and are warranted sound, kind and gentle in all re spects. Also, a l ay Pony Horse, 13){ hands high, seven yea:* old; ton: d, slnil and gentle; Is \e:y prompt, anv ladv or child call delve htm; good In saddle. Also, city built top Wigon and Har ness, all In gnod order, to lie sold without reserve. Al-Oa wood hand iwo seated Wagon, close Coach, city built; ness, Ac. Ac. Daniel a. mathews, auctioneer, will sell tbis day, at 10){ o'clock, at his salesroom, 79Na??ai street, between Fulten and John streets, a general sssori ment of new and second hand Household Furniture, viz:? Rosewoo I Parlor Suits, in brocatei anil reps. Centre Tabiej, ei-gant French plate Mirrors, mahogany Sofas, Rockers, Chairs, Brussels and Ingrain Carpels, Dressing Bureaus, French Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds, Bolsters, Pile ', 111 kets, Washstands, Wardrobes, Com modes, Card IVlcs, Mullets, Extension Tables, Dining chairs, llatrucks, Bookrsses, elegant Mantel Yates and Oinamenlt, Lounges, I 8o;a Beds, China Glassware, Ac. Also, lor account oi' whom j it may concern, two superior rosewood Plnneforti e. Dutch bulbous roots at auction? this day, Al 114 Broadway, at ltlJi o'clock, viz, Doubie and Soigl" Hyacinths, Crown Imperials, GiadeoHts, Ae. Warranted fresh imported and true to names. Dutch hyacinths, io,ooo tulips, 6,OJO Narcissus. I'M)") t', O i ilolus, \ A open ami for ?&. All true I- name, hem : <n tcr. 1*. Jul B&A1 1 199 4 Ofti 1 ?tf eet. RAL.KM AT AUCTION. J1DWABD 8CHBNCK, AUCTIONEER. !i ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF SUPERB HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, By EDWARD SCI1KNCK, ihi* ay, 27?h instant. at eleven o'clock, at his salesroom, 15fi and 157 Wromdway, the stock of one of the huest cabinet makers in the city, consist lug in j art ol elegant solid carved uiui plain rosewood Suits, in latin md brocatel plus] and rep* ; el< n rosi w >od Anioire a Glace, tna*niliceut rosewood round cornered Li ed* steads and Bureaus, do. in bla??k walnut, finished in oU| rt a 'wood and walnut Secretary. Library Bookcue, elegant rosewood and walnut Etegc'res, carved walnut and oak Bullets, oak and walnut Library and Dining Room Chair*, aud other elegant Furniture. The above is allot' the very best manufacture, and Will be positively mid by order of assignee. 1'Ue particular attention of those in want of ele gant furniture is respectfully requested t?? this Hale. J. B. FREEMAN, Assign*'. Edward schenck, auctioneer PARLOR PLATE SAKE. By EDWARD SCHENCK, this dav,27th rust.. at 12 o'clock, at his salesrooms, 155 and 157 Broadway, ail elegant parlor silver and jewelry Safe, made by Davidson, of Albany, finished as a outlet, with marble top. To be sold without re IP COLTON, AUCTIONEER.? RECEIVER'S SALE OF ? Household Furniture, Curtains, Carpets, Mirrors, Bil liard Table, Ir,?n Sal. *, A?\, Ac. This day ( Wi duesday ), Nov. 27, at 10){ ?>'? |o-k, :* t l!;t Fulton atreet, near Nassau, a very large assortment of mahogany and rosewood Furniture, fifteen or twenty Car|ats Uxteosm Ta hies. Wardrobes, Piano*, Tele-a-lrie, S.Mas and Sola Bedsteads, Fo ither Bed*, Hiiir Mattresses. French, Gothic and other Bedsteads, marble t l) Furniture, Bookca?t a, OIU e Desks. Stoves, Sewing Ma c i ies, brocade Curtains, Kit hen Furniture, Ac., Ac. Al-*o, one very superior Billisr I Table, with marble bed, cues, Ac. Also, several French plate Mir rors. Also thirty do /.en curled miple Chairs. Also large lot ot Furniture, partially damaged by lire. Sale will be pc reuiptor) . w ithoul regai d to weather. 1711 RS AT AUCTION.? DANIEL A. MAT11EW8, AUG* : lioneer, will sell this day. at ll){ o'clock, at his sales, room, 79 Nassau street, air invoice ot superior Mink, Marten aud other Capes, Half Capet, Mulls, CulTn, Ac., all in true or* der. They are now on exhibition. FURNITURE SALB-TO CLOSE THE CONCERN. AT ii o'clo k, sonslsting of the balance of stock remaining at 22 Catharine street; also two large pine Tables, three smaller ones, one Iron Safe. Stove and Pi}>e, gluts Doors, Counters, tods, Mirrors, Lamps, Wsshstands, Cur|<eis, G.?s Fixtures, Sewing Machine, Press, Ac, Mm?t be sold to close the concern. B. LEVY, Auctioneer. JOHN LLOYD, AUCTIONEER.? ASSIGNEE'S SAI.B OF Boots and Shoes.-? The undersigned, soignee of Ebenc zer Hart, will sell at publ.c auction, on Friday, November 29, at 627 Broadway, at 10>* o'clock A. M., the entire stock of the wholesale and retail boot aud shoe establishment formerly of E Hart, consisting of Talent aud Calf Boots, Shoes and Ual ters; also a large stock of ladies', misses' and children's Balmorals, (Jailers and Slipr>ers, Ac. The coods arc all hrst class and made for city trade The trade is respes tfully in vited to attend, as every article must be sold to close the as signment. The sale positive. Catalogues ready the morning oi sale. Sold by order of the assignee. DANIEL THOMPSON, Assignee of Ebeuezer Hart. The goods can be s *en until day or sale. JOSEPH HBO EM AN. TUIS DAY < WEDNESDAY), NOV. 27, At two o'clock P. M., nt No. 60 Clermont avenue, between Park and Myrtle, Brooklyn, Mahogany Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads, Mattresses Bu reaus, Crockery, Brusselj>,and Ingrain Carpets, Stoves, Ac. GEORGE COOK, auctioneer. No. 141 Broadway. This day, at 11 o'clock, Assignee's Sale of Furniture. The whole com prising the most recherrhe assortment of first class Broadway Cabinet Furniture ever before offered at nnUPBf oonststlngln psrt of richly carved Parlor Bulls, m rosewood and brooatel; rosewood. mahogany and walnut rto? in haircloth; Parlor, Marble Top Centre, Side and Pier Tables, of solid wood, richly carved and highly finish ed; rosewood French Mirror Iront Etegeres. Bedroom Fur niture ? Elaborately carved round and plain corner Bed s ends, in solid rosewood; Bureaus, Armoire-a-Gla?'e, Wash stands, Eneoi^nures, Chairs in every variety. Lounges, Couches, Divans. Also a line of splendid Wardrobes, Ac. Library Furniture, in every style; solid carved Bookcases, Secretari s, Escretoires, B??ok Shelves, Chairs, Ac., in all kinds of wood. Dining Room Furniture, in oak, rosewood, walnut, Ac.? Extension Tables, eight, ten, twelve and four teen feet; oak and walnut Buffets, Sideboards, Chairs to match; la>unges, in reps, brocatel, Ac., style Louis XIV., Ac.; Revolving, Reclining and Rocking Chairs. Also an as sortment of Brussels, Tapestry, Velvet, Wilton and Ingrain Car|>eting. The whole comprising au assortment ot first class st< ck well worthy the attention of purchasers. To be sold without reserve. Terms cash. HENKY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. Mortgnijo sail' ol' :i valuable private Library and collec tion ol tine i'ulnlliiKx. bv order of I). HEIiftlEN, Jr.. Mortgagee. IIEKBY H. LEEDS ,t t'O., will sell at auction, on Frldny, Nov. 29, at ll))f o'clock, In the gallery over lUe salesroom, 23 Nassau street, A very valuable private Library, eonsiatlng of n hunt J ,000 volume* of standard, illustrated and miscellaneous book sand Works of reference. Among them are many rare French and Oermun publication*. In the collection will be lound Reea A Chamber*' Cyclopedia, Johnson'* English Poet*, Baoon's Work*, Audubon's Birds and Quadrupeds, Waverley Novel*, Adams, Hogarth's WorkH (orlcinal old edition, with auopreaa ed plates), Moore's and Bvron'a Wurka, Cicero's Li.c and Letters, Natural History of New York, 12 volume*, and many other* In variotia department* of literature. it ao, The valuable collection of OIL PAINTINGS, Which will be sold at precisely! o'clo k P. M., in which will be foimil many cabinet gem* by our ftrat American and fo reign arti>ls, represented by George Hall, D. Johnson. Drown A. Wiist, Blauvelt, Bellows, Oeitel, Sontae, Verbockhoven, Schalkeii, Mayer, Mulier, Holer, Lannler, Pyne, Puttier, and others. Also, several tine original old Picture*. They will lie ready for exhibition as above on and after Wednesday, 27th, until day of sain, with catalogue, aud will be jjodi lively aold a* above. Hy ord-r of D. BEHH1EN, Jr., Mortgagee. Henry okeen, auctioneer-will sell this day, at 1(1 o'clock, at the miction atore, l'.H William atreet, uroeerle*. Wines, Lii|UOra, Smoked and Pirkled Her rln^a. Ae. Alio (Jlotliing, Overcoat*, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. H1 ENRY B. HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER. L ASSIGNEE'S SALE. This day, at 10 o'clock, at C> Nassau street, up stairs, WATCHES. JEWELRY , DIAMONDS, AC., Fixture*, Iron Safe, Ac. Terms of ?a'e ? C??h, lu current fund*. Catalogue* on morning of aalc. JMORIARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, AT ITS ? Chatham square, this day, at 10>? o'clock, Sofa*, L<>uiii{< s, Chairs, Table*, Bureaus, 00 pair Blanket*, Sheets, Oil Painting*, Feather Beds, Secretary, a variety of Dry and Fancy Good*. Sale peremptory. No reserve. PAWNBROKER S SALE.? W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL this day, at 481 Bowery, up stair*, by order ol W. Simp son A Co.. a large quantity of Gowns, Shawls, Remnants, Ac. Sale to commence at 10% o'clock. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-W. C. HIGOINS WILL SELL this day (Wednesday), at o'clock, at No, 'A? Second avenue, near Thirty-second Street, Dresses, Shawls, Coita, Pants, Quilts, Blankots, Pillows. Dress Patterns. Ac., Ac. By order of W. 0. H., Licensed Pawnbroker. Sheriffs sale? stationery, ac. CHAMBERS A KAIKC11II.I), AUCTIONEERS, SALESROOM 113 NASSAU STRliET, will sell on Wednesday, November 27, at 10 o'clock, si No. 7 Niimuii street, the stock of a retail Stationer, conipi lsini; ? choice aaaortment of Aeoount ltooks, Paper, Envelopes. InVx, Copy Books, Blank Books, Gold ami Steel Pens, Pencils, Presses, Cutlery, Legal and Mercantile Blank* in great va riety, full stock ol Fancy Goods and small wares, De'ks Chairs, Ac., Ac. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. SA J. BOGART, Al ("MONGERS, WILL SELL, ON ? Friday, Nov. 29, nt W!? o'clock, at the southwest corner of Seventh avenue and TMi ty-soventh street, by virtue of a chattel mortgage . the St. -ok and Fixtures of a Grocery and Liquor Store, livrse, Wagon ami Harness. Lease of the piemises, Ac. CHARLES F. WATTS, Attorney for Mortgagee. SHERIFF S SALE.-FVNCY GOODS, *r . Ac. CHAMBERS A FAIRCHILD. AUCTIONEERS. SALESROOM 113 NASSAU STREET, will sell this day, November 27, at 11 o'clock, at 708 Third avenue, the slock of a Thread and Needle Store, comprising an assortment of Trimmings, Notions, and small wares or every variety. JOHN KELLY, Shei iU', SHERIFF'S SALE. PATENT LEATHER. SF.WING MACHINE, AC. CHAMBERS A FAIRCHILD, Auctioneer)), Will sell this day, .November 27, at 12 o'clock, at their salesroom, 113 Nas sau Street, a quantity of Cap Fronts, heavy Patent Leather, one Singer's Sewing Machine, Ac., .to. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. SA J. BOGART, AUCTIONEERS? THIS DAY, NOV. . 27, at 12 o'clock M., at No. 341 Water street. By virtue of a chattel morUaxe and several executions, the entire Stock and Fixtures of a grocery and liquor store: al*o the Lcaae of the premises. CHARLES F. WATTS, Constable aud Attorney for Mortgagee. SA .7. BOGART, AUCTIONEERS, WILL SE>LL, ON ? Wednesday, 27th Inst., at 10 o'clock, at Vorhls' coach factory, o rner Fifty-eighth street and Broadway, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, one six seat Park Phaeton, nearly new, in perfect order; one shifting Quarter Coach, with curtain, frames front and back, nearly new, in pcriea order; also, one Caleche Shutter Coach. A J. BOGART, AUCTIONEERS.? WEDNESDAY' Nov. 27, at 11 o'clock, at 441 Broadway, Constable'* sale, large lot of Embroidery, consisting of ladies' Collars, Sleeves, Cuffs, Chemisettes, Ac.. Ac. CHARLES F WATTS, Constable. M. HOLLINGSIIEAD. AUCTIONEER. a ' SPECIAL AUCTION NOTICE. In consequence of Thursday, the 28th Inst., '? BEING HOLIDAY, U We shall hold our next regular i- WEEKLY AUCTION SALE 3 OK C. BOOTS AND SHOES ? OK FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29, * At 10 y, o'clock. P Buyers are respectfully informed that Ihis sole will b? 8 made up EXCLUSIVELY OF FRESH, FIRST CLASS, SEASON. M ABLE GOODS, >. including n lai r* and attractive assortment of ? MEN S, BOYS' AND YOUTH'S BOOTS, J adapt' d to the l est retail trade. ?S ALEXIS BRAGG A W VRREN. U No. 30 Warden stri et. s. w 1TM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL THIS * day, at 8 o'clock, nt Nt?. i'A Canal atreet, all the genu** I Furniture, Ae.. of A Urge hg if; Parlor Suits, in bah oth: Centre, Dining aud Tea Tables, I'iano, Pier and -M uitel Glasses, Curtains, S.air Hods, fine Tapestry, Three-ply and other Carpets, Hall and Basement Oilcloths, French and Cot taj;c Bedsteads, Hair and other Mattrf*s.-<es, larje Feather !<eds, Sheets, Spreads, Table and Bed Linen, marble U?p I?i fssin* and other Bureaus, Wash stands, Toilet, China, Glass. Wilver and other Wures, Stoves, Heaters, Dining Room and Ktcbcn Furniture, Ac. QQ Ann -MOHTJ Ki'.K SALE? .AN EXTRAORDI ?3p0."JUv/* n? ry o arc- lor housekeepers and dealers in fine Furniture. \V> h tM*a Nov. 27. a*. 2 o>l >c!\ 'n the n f ternoon precisely, all the ??<,* ! . Furn t ire, 1'aintin r wood Drawing Koorn Su'ts, e.egnnt 7 octave Piano: one, Mir rors, Velvet Carpets, Ac , in the resilience So. SWS I'ourl street, nmr Ki&n'h avi-ir.iM, ft.nststing o' very ele snt 1'ier and Marti-l >lirrors, L-e1 and Hro*r??ie Cnrtaihs. ri r c;ii v? d ronewO'Ml Ete^'Crrs. niili i, 1 r.?r fronts; thr?*e -?>(??! w?? >d Parlor S uts, in satin; r - ewocd Centra Tabic: ?, /'iuno o Stool and ('over; Oil rn.a'iri Toikuh K*tsy 1" rU** cant Ci.iiM Vns -n and o?h- r M tn"?l Orn itn ?n:.-, ?> ik lhm.ij Table, Obslrs, China Tea 1 1 er Sets, i i latm* i s mi tin? nt of fine Silver Wa <*, !v. j , I'ut. . v. to h, with an extensive v .riety o;' < . tn . r {?urnin > . i ?? r - -

wo? d in! mahouany ; lieiis ,.u<l i, .l<! . j re II ii Vac tres... s, Velvet, Brunei* and li ;n> -*i i'?ir? -?>, ?' Sir. r rs. m:ihognnv Chairs 8o'a?, I, vh, Ito ku*, Q*Ul0lUs, Ac. b^ei?jsi^v?j, pwAler* Auvud, , ABIU8R9IKNT8. Laura keener theatre. this e\ i;nino THANKSGIVING* AFTERNOON arm k. EVERY EVENING BAKING THE WEEK WU1 be prosemcd the NEW VERSION or tuk ^ \ \ ^SEVEN SONS." ' SEVEN SONS. H Thia ffi < GREAT UNION BURLESQUE -1 :? li t* been pl*y(vl W A seveniy-tukEe NIGHTS '* at ?V A"'> wlln'??i*d by more than _ O ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN O ?A THOUSAND PEOPLE. ? SEVEN SONS. SEVEN SONS." \ & % J* \ jf And will be pro?pui?4 4u jl4 NEW SONUS, ORE AT UNION^MEdPe?088, Comprising the'^W "WO?"tABLBAUX. SPIRIT OK JACKSON _ at rim To MB OK WASHINGTON. TIIK STAR OK THE UNION, north and south, THE BANNER IN THE SKY, BATTLE OK BUNKER 111 1. 1.. AN EPISODE OK VALLEY KORGE. THE DEATH OK TIIK REBEL SKY. NAILING UI' THE PLAO, -.A? i.,K THE REBELLION IN VIROINIA. THE STRUGGLE BETWEEN NORTH AND SOUTH. AI'OTHEOSIS or .V . WASHINGTON AND UNION. A1?0 the two great Scene*, THE PEERLESS POOL OF WATER LILIES, ASCENT OP THE GUARDI AN SPIRITS OP THE LAKE. _ AND THE GREAT WATTEAU SCENE or ARCADIAN NYMPHS amoiiK their flocks by tlift MOUNTAIN TORHKNT OF 11KAL WATER. New music by ' THOMAS BAKER. AI?o grand Operatic Selection, "Tnivluta," and the popular I.AURA KEENE WALTZ. Door* open iit 6^; commencing at 7^? o'clock. Dress circle seats may bo secured ten days in advance. NOTICE. A GRAND MATINEE or TIIK ?,w , SEVEN SONS will be given THANKSGIVING AFTERNOON, Thursday, Nov. 28, W6I. Open at one; commence at two. Children twenty-five eeuts, Academy of music, December !), ism. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. Z A. 11 1'ILL AEROSTATION. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. ZAM PILLAEKOSTATION. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. ZAM PILL AEROSTATION. ZAM I'l LLAKROSTATION. ZAMP1LL AEROSTATION. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. Z A M PI LLAKRl (STATION. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. ZAM I'l LLAKROSTATION. Z A M I'l LLAKRl ISTATION. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. ZAM I'l LLAKROSTATION. ZAM I'l LLAKROSTATION. ZAMI'I LLAKRl (STATU >N. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. ZAM I'l LLA KR( (STATION. ZAM I'l LLAKROSTATION. ZAM 1'ILLAEROSTATION. ZAM 1*1 LLAEHI ISTATION. ZAM I'l LL AEROSTATION. Dnwmber 9, IK61, ACADEMY OF MUSIC. CANTERBURY MUSIC IIALL. Canterbury Musi' Hall, WW Brr>?dvvaT. The public are respectfully Informed that In consequence of A. M. Hernando* havinc recovered from the effects of the severe accident which occurred lo him aotne night* ano, he will be enabled to perform hi* celebrated character of Amu nlo, In the magntUccnt pantomime of the MAGIC LAUREL, which will be reproduced thia evening with all the new scenery, dresses and grand effects, as at its flrat rcpresenta tlon. TO-NIGHT, Reproduction ol the MAGIC LAUREL, MAOIO LAUREL, MAGIC LAUREL, MAOIO LAUIIEL, MAOIC LAUREL, MAGIC LAUKEL, MAOIO LAUREL, MAOIC LAUKEL, With lla original powerful cast. Third night of HONS. DU VERNEY, MOMS. DUVERNEY. MONS. duverney, the celebrated Contortionist, who challenge* the world lo pro duce hia c<iual. MISS ADELAIDE PRIDE, late principal Dauseuse m the Broadway theatre. MLLE. MARIETTA RAVEL, late first Dauseuse of the Ravel troupe. SIG. AUEOCO, MOMS, and MME. MOXTANARI, J. H. BUDWORTI1, W. S. BUDWORTII, BYRON CHRISTY, ASI1TON and ROGERS, SILAS BALDWIN, R. M. CARROLl. and WM. ROSS. Ballet Dancers, Ac. TIIE CANTERBURY MINSTRELS TllE CANTERBURY MINSTRELS Everv nigbt. FOX 1 CURRAN, Propria' ora. National music hall, Late Chatham Theatre. First nicht of the beautiful Pantomine of VOL AU VENT. VOL AU VENT. VOL AU VENT. VOL AU VENT. Principal character by the celebrated Pantomlmst A. M. HERNANDEZ. Every one ahouM aee THE MASQUERADE BALL. THE MASQUERADE BALL. Principal character) SIONOR ABECCO ? BOB IURT, SIONOR ABECCO g. BOB HART, the beat Dancers In the city. AUUUSTA WALBY, MLLE. WIIELPLEY, AND MISS JOHNSON. Third night of the <elci>rated contortionist, MONS. DUVERNEY. Second week of tlie ureal GYMNASTIC TROUPE, ASHTON, ROGERS, STARK, MADIOAN, and others. NOTICE.? THANKSGIVING NIGHT, A. M. HERNANDEZ will execute the wonderful lent of pinning a human body to a board with large dagger*. FOX A CURRAN, Proprietors. Dahlia FBES CONCERT iiai.l, 6:>i Broadway, where a host of talent will appear every night in their songs, dances, glees, Ac. ADMISSION FREE. A. W. l'.OOME. Proprietor. Wanted? two ladies, dancer.4 an. I singers. Also ten waiter girls. Apply between 11 and 4 o'clock. WANTED? A MAN TO ACT AS TREASURER TO A first class Ethiopian Compar y, to travel through the Eastern States ami Canada*. On- having $76 t'i tin) in ca ih | .to dei?nitas a curity for faithfulness, can meet with a :ood alluatlon. Address :o-day Minstrel Company, Herald offl e. RAILROADS. Hudson river railroad ? trains for albany, Troy, the North and West, leave Chamber* street at 7 and 11 A. M., and 3:30, 5 and 10:15 V. M. N EW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albany, Troy, North and West. Winter arrangement, commencing Monday, Nov. 4, 1801. For Albany? 10.30 A. M., Exprcs* Mall Train, from Twenty sixth street depot. For all local tra'ns s e Time Table. JOHN BURCH1LL, Assistant Superintendent. MEDICAL. AN IMPORTANT WORK.? A GUIDE FOR THE MAE rled, or those contemplating It. The afflicted, debilitated or diseased should not mnrry or adapt any treatment till limy have Informed themselves of the truth, only tound in Dr. LAKMONT S Paris, London uud New York Medical Adviser ami Matriage Guide <30th edition). Mailed for $1 by RICH ARDSON, No. 1 Vcsey street, and ROSS A TOUSEY, 1^1 Nassau street. The Doclor cures all such affection*, ivnt or ot Ion,; standing, expeditiously and nriv.H' , as .'< r ysa.s past, at 047 Broadway, up stairs, from li A. -M ? to ti P. M. FI EC'TIONS CAUSED BY MERCURY AND CERTAIN diseases are speedily cured by Dr. WARD, 12 Laight t, where the doclor is in constant a tendance. A D A PERFECT CURE IS GUARANTEED. -A RADICAL cure is always c|fci:ted by Dr. WARD, 12 l.a^ht street, who curea besides 1 i half the usual time uud at lial: the charges. DIl. HUNTER 1IAS FOR THIRTY YEARS CONFINED Lis audition to dtseas' H of a on tain 'lass, In win 'h he has treated no less than 50,000 cases, without an Instance of failure. Hla great remedy, Dr. H'tntt-'s Re.i Drop, cure* certain diseases when regular treatment and all other reme dies fall; cures without dieting or realrlction in the habits of the patient; cures without the disgusting and sickening ef fects of all other remedies; cures in new cases in leas than six hours. It roots out the poisonous taint the blood is sure to absorb tinlaas the remedy is used. It is $1 a vial, and can not lie obtained genuine anywhere than nt the old oilice, No. 3 Division street. Book for nothing thai treats of the etTects ol early abuse. R. RALPH'S OFFICES, 139 CROSBY STREET, COR ncr of Houston. Hours, II lo 2 and 0 till P. M. Dr. ward IS TREATING ALL DISEASES or FE males with extraordinary success. Something for every lady ? his great Benefactor. Office 12 Lalgfct street. DR. COOPER, NO. 14 DUANE STREET, MAY BE CON suited on all diseases of a c.'itain nature. Twenty eight years exclusively Jrv led to these complaints enable him to warrant a core in alt tases The victims of misptaced confidence tn medical pretentb rs can call, with a certaiuly of bein^ radically cured, or no pay. Dr. r. cobbett, member or the new york cm versity (Medical College) and College ol Surgeons, L"ii dou, may be consulted w nli the most hoi, n^ble conlid -ncr i u fp.-i 1*1 diseases, at his office, 10 Centre street, near Chatn N-rs. N. B. ? Sec Dr. C.'a diplomas iu hi- Office. Private en trant at No. 6 City Hall place. Dll. cox treats female DISEASES SOIENTIFI cally.? Hi* Great Rem> dy (Ja|.au secret) Is sure and harmless. OlUce 16V iluwer} . Health restort-d-time and m< nf.y saved by consulting Dr. I'oWJiRS. with Dr. Ward, 12 I a.glit nenl <"iies ar.- warranted wit hunt MR. COLCHESTER. I'HECRE \T 'JEST MEDICAL AND B tsluvsa _Medltiin, can i e uh-altcd on all aifairs o ii.e, ; trc i. ucai I?*l4}etio placc. Horn* 1 DRCFESSOIt RESTEl.Ii. 1 g(:>!AMP STREET CAN [ I - ns ilti I. u u, a : . I. it. ?; 1 1 'p'.E KLF.VIWI'll !.-? I IS : )T 'too ?,.\n J Be id the I "It t . - ? ,t d ? , "i! . ? it ft 1 1 I'llC* 2."i .Puts. I liv* . BMtR W, 1 i l... r I foi l ,U ft >IU >? u?l. Nij v Vyr". -'til Irtc ? ??? i I w .1 , ri), AMDSBUBHTI. WALLACE'S liut'-.inceK? Braadwny ait 1 in Thirteenth street, Notice ?Doors open n > 7. I tumeric* at halt-past aevi.ii. Perloruiaitc* a to i 'include before eleven o'clock. GREAT SEN8ATION GREAT sensation. O'tKAT SI'NSVI'lON. CON TIN I'ED ni'IJsTS or ENTHUSIASTIC APPLAUSE AND LACJGIITER. VAST SUCCESS. THE SPLENDID l'ABLEAUX being repeated by general demand, an I a unanimous cal at the lull of tin* curtain. Ik NEW COMEDY N KW IMSIKIlY NEW COMEDY Of til A MAGIC MAKRIAOE MAGIC MARRIAGE MAGIC MUtHUUR WILL UE HEI'i.AIEI) TO NIGHT AND EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK, with Its mnguiflccnt new ? wry, new music, new coatumcs and appointment". The action takes nlace in Genoa and vicinity, 1810. New aceuery, palnled eipr.asly l>y Mr. laherwnod. HALL OK RECEPTION IN THE TOWN MANSION OF THE MARCHIONESS l)K VOLTE ItltA. ACT 2. TERRACE GARDEN AN1? ENTRANCE TO TIIE CHA TK A U DE VOLTE RK A, WITH VIEW OK THE MOUN TAINS AND THE SEA THE CHARGE OK MURDER. ACT THE RED SALOON IN TIIE CHATEAU, OVERLOOK ING TIIE GARDENS. To conclude with the one act Kan e, by John Poole, called the SCAPE GOAT. The following array of talent will apiiear:? Mil LESTER WALLACE, MRS m>EY. MR CIIAS. KISIIER, MISS F. MOR \NT, MR. HI. ARE, M IMS VIOLA CROCKER, MR. REYNOLDS, M RS. JOHN SEKTON, MR FLOYD, MR. PARSLOB, Mlt. YOUNU, MR. PARKS, MR. G. HOLLAND. Bo* book ten days In advance. Bowery theatre. 8TICKNNYS GREAT NATIONAL CIRC! 9 Last Ni^ht of IIEHR CLINK'S Encag-mint. WEDNESDAY? Yflern. on and Evenlnif. NoVcmU r 27. A Spli'tidul Progrnmnteof Horsemanship and Gymnastic Keats. ALL THE GREAT ARTISTS ON BOTH OCCASIONS. The Performances will commence with the National Entree OK "SONS OK KREEDOM, OR THE KLAG OK LIBERTY." The whole lo conclude with the humorous mirnery tale of LITTI.E BO-PEEP; Or, the Old Woman dial Lived In a Shoe. Great preparatlona lor THANKSGIVING DAY. The "B I'LL RUNNERS; Or. Black Cavalry"? an eiyies trian burlesque, with many other uoreltlea will be siren. Three Entertainment* To morrow? Morning, It) o'clock. Afternoon, 2J-J o'clock. Evening, 7Ja o'clock. B ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. TIIE WHALE "STILL LIVE 81" TIIE WHALE "STILL LIVES!" TIIE WHALE "STILL LIVES!" THE WHALE 'STILL LIVES!" TIIE WHALE "STILL LIVES!'1 THE WHALE "STILL LIVES!" AND CONTINUES TO KPOl'T, CONTINUES TO SI'OUT. TO SPOUT, In his lari;# tank, lo the gratification of visiters and the DELIGHT OK CHILDREN, thousands of whom see him dally, TO-DAY (WEDNESDAY). NOV. J7, being the usual FAMILY HOLIDAY. with two aiiperb Dramatic Performances. IN THE AFTERNOON, at ,1 o'clock, EVENING, at 7 >4, and especially a' that elegant Domestic Drama. HARVEST HOME, Is lo be produced at each, there wttt lie crowda of LADIES. CHILDREN AND FAMILIES to wltnesa It, lo ace the Whale swimming In hla artificial ocean. THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, the very sntlpode of the Whale, a representative of the torrid reglona of the Old World, aa the Whale la of the I'roteii re glona of Ihe New, two of the moat Interesting animals ever exhibited In America. Al*o, mav be seen SIC, NOR PII4TRO D'OLIVERA'S 2lli) EDUCATED WHITE RATS, 2t*) EDUCATED WHITE RATS, which perform a number of moat amuxini; tricks, unusually INTERESTING TO CHILDREN! 8 LARGE SPECKLED IlllOOK TROUT, the fineat ever seen together, purchased, at great expense, of Mr. J. H. B.itty, of Springfield, Mass., alter he had kept them seven years in a priv ate spring. MAMMOTH HEAR SAMSON. LIVING ELEPHANT TURTLE, LIVING MONSTER SNAKES, LIVING HAPPY FAMILY', GRAND ACM'AItIA, Ac. GREAT PREPARATIONS nre being made for THANKSGIVING DAY, Thursday next, (lie 28i|i Inst,, when the richest holiday attractions ever offered even at the Museum will be presented, Including. among a great variety ol other interesting featuies, SPLENDID DRAMATIC PER. FORMA NCES nearly every hour during the day and evening. Admission to all, 2Scen!a; Children under 10, 15 cent*. Brooklyn melodeon concert hall, corner of Court and Reinaen streets, onpoalte the City Hull, Will uiwu ?ii THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2*. (TI1ANKKGI VINU NIGHT), FIRST CLASS CONCERT IIALL, for * regular ?ea*on. Willi NEW SCENERY, DECORATIONS AND STAGE EFFECTS, With one of the mo?t>p?w<rftil ami uttmrilve companies EVER SEEN IN BROOKLYN, Among whom will be found tin- nanus of J. H. OODEN, The grout >'?t Irish Comedian In the world. EVA BRENT AND FANNY FORREST, The aweetem and Imst Voeallal* In America. MISS KATE PENNOYER, Next to Galleltl, the most artlRtle Dimwuse of the present dav. MR. J AXES DUNN, The universally acknowledged Tenor of the day. MR. R. W. SMITH, Coml<- Singer and Taraliourtnlst. MISS JULIETTE, MISS LOUISA EVANS, JAS. LA MONT, Corals Vocalist. Frlmo Baaso. JOE CHILDS, I and Campbell'; NEO DAVIS, 8EAGR1ST AND SON. And a hosl of others, numbering in the aggregate OVER FIFTY PERFORMERS. In addition to which arrangements hare been made with ANNETTA oallbtti, without eiception the most charming Dan tense ever seen in this country; and RAM SIIARFLEY'8 MINSTRELS, of whose first appearance due notice will be given. From the fact of tho present lesaee being also the pro. prietorof the BROADWAY MELODEON, NEW YORK, the largett and lines! place of amusement In tin: world, and having under engagement to him OVER ONE HUNDRED ARTISTS. all of whom will be presented in rapid succession, it will be a sufficient guarantee to the Brooklyn public that the attrac tion offered to them will WARRANT AND ENSURE SUCCESS. The prlcej of admiSHl'in will be ? Entrance, 13 oenta. Orchestra Chairs, 25 cents. Seat* In Private Boxes, fit) cents. The doors will open at hall-past alx, and the entertainments commence at a quarter belore eight, precisely. Henry L-e? Sole Leasee and Proprietor fleorge Iiee< Acting Manager Robert JotiiH Stage Manager For full particulars see programmes of the day. BKOOKLYN.-THB ALLEUITANIANS AND SWISS BELL iUSOERS, At the Polytechnic Institute, 1. 1 vi n ust . m street, EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK. THAN K>t i I VI N'l I DAV A GRAND MMIN'KE. OVELTY CONCEI T HALL, Clti BROADWAY. 616 Sony's, Glees, Burlcaiiucn, Dances, Ballets and Negro Ec centrlcitlea, by one of the best companies In the city. Adml?>lm 1U cents, Including Refreshments DKVKK.NA .* KEKNTZ. Messrs. watts, dohertt, bllis, koenio and Tlialbergat the House ol Commons, Free mid Easy, 25 West Houston street, tills evening. Everything new and racy. N. II ? Bob Smith at home. ITHVENTYFIVE YOUNG LADIES WANTED? TO AT J. tend tables at the BROOKLYN MELODEON corner of Court and Remwn slre"ts, or at i he MKLODEON, 5S9 Broadway, New York. ? Apply at either establishment. N B ? Young ladies can suit themselves and work at elUicr establishment they pre N UNCEASING WONDERS. At tho Parisian Cabinet of Wonders and Anntemy, 663 Broadway, next door to Ball, Black A Co., New York. Just added to this large, snp?nb and world lamed collection, a perfect freak of nature, a monster child v. ith two heads, four lejs and three srms. In conjunction with thin interesting sight there are wonders of an unsurpassable and thrilling nature. A? one glance is *e?n 1,70!) parts of the human body. The institution has been pronounced by the many thousands who crowd to it daily to have a truly moral tendency. Lectures daily on interesting, scientific and pathological subjects. Open for gentlemen only Irom 10 A. M. till l'J r. M. Admission 25 cents. MISS CARLOTTA PATTI. The undersigned beg* leave to inform musical associa tkrasand managers generally thai be has under hiadlrec tion Miss Carlotia i'atti an 1 an entire Concert Company, and is now prepared to make arrangements for Mis*, rain with or without the company. All applications must he addressed to 116 West Eleventh s-r eet. .max 8 rRAKOSCH. RBCITAT10N8 OF KNTIRB PLAYS PROM MBXOBT.? MH, TASISTRO will aive his second i entertainment of the seaaon at Dodworth II -til, H road way t near Twelfth street, on We. tnesday evening, November 27, on which occasion he will recite the tragedy of Iluailei. To commence at eight o'clock. milK CONTINENTAL OLD FOLKS WILL SING, ON X Wednesday evening, Nov. 27, 1*61, at the Thirty-a venth street Methodist Episcopal charon, Thirtv-sevcnth street, be tween Second and Third avenues, New York ; Friday even* in#, Nov. 29, at tho Brooklyn Tabernacle, Brooklyn. Doors ojKjn at 7 o'clock. 0 PEN DAY AND EVENING. THE .SECOND ANNUAL EXHIBITION or THE ARTISTS' FUND SOCIETY, GALLERY OF THE STl'DIO BRILDINO, No. 15 Tenth street, near Fifth aveiiue. Single admission 25>onts; season ticket*, 50 cenW. GE",U^H Ticket* W>rr<C usual- Corae early. ____ 1JEEL AND OBTTJ>0^ave Lf>(. reEL. 1 OK\AHASKSalVINO DAY. Bryants' Minstrela Uraad Matinee at t ?0/'? ORIENTAL FREE CONCERT HALL.6M HltOAD U^v) v.;,y. ? Tie chcapcsiplacc ot H'i:iiviiient in the votiu is ihe ORIENTAL KREK PRE K FREE CONCERT 8ALOOV, n ?.\l (iotii to Laura K> cm \s i he. ,re. Tho Luty Ai t'.uuu., wolve in iii;tni*er, a.e y i?-U li.'.ndsoine and at t : "'/Ive, The rr.fre >;jmv:.uaiv ot ti.<' b -t, and I' rank Hums 1? fliv\.ys ,t borne; give hi;n a rail. N. 15.? 'I" O' i n'al has f\(\ ? <i niV - Mi m w.i'i . ;.y "Mi<t est..ij i.sUun nt. A (Sr. n f Freo J . ? 'A*;. V I i :? i: , ?omt: -.1 2 o'clo k. ft I K .T> !?'.)!: MR s mm;k s ORATION ?AX I'E OB 1 ,.ed at Bltl'N'i AN- T S, t -'i> {' . .? lw.?\, au.i l.:u f>|?, es I . th ? i':l .nt. ti f- . wit, and F.v-,. \> v. and at me I (' i >: L -dii s v. 1.1 a 1 : "i! at the ?b>or on Third avi nr.c, : n -ir . 'ventlj sti ? e an t < 1 1 le with HiaU in ihe j front part ol t .?? Hai .if th'ir tickets dre purchased It ad* I Y?iiu;v? iio iauivii will ft iui?tt^d\^ \ho plulioiiU, aiwivskmkktn. YY INTER GARDEN. "MgftaV"Utt*' too" d"?Kl?ntil delineators of ary dr&niu of urm u>< pi?QG4? :1m b-auuful legt'iid the aueceasful bin 1.* 'JALLUW SVRj and the merry flucc*!!? lAl.K, JOKE, On Thursday (Tbunk^vlnif uight^iiiaw in r;;:;;;:!:.,"1 w"ii* Mr New bowbry theatre. Mole Proprietors. . Messrs. g. L y?t alu, , .? . WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER *7 &1 " An entire new I 'r mm, .-m itu .l ' TUE SWORD OF HONOR Or, A FATHER'S LEO AC Y. Aflor which, the celebrated FEMALE MINSTREL SCENE An. I Military Prill of the FEMALE McCLHLLAN ZOUAVE*. Concluding with the new Domestic Drama of M A K V PRICE ; Or, TUB ADVK NITRES OK A SERVANT GIRL. FRIDA Y? THANKSG I VINO OA Y, FOUR GLORIOUS PERFORMANCES, t Afternoon and Evening, f Ai the ? ACADEMY OF Ml'SIC J i A nd the 1 NRW BOWERY THEATRE. Academy of music. Lessees Messra (J. L. Fox and J. W. Llngard. (ill AND J I HI I . RE. The cltiiena of New York and vh inlty are reapectfully in ruriurd that we have secured ?li?* above eatabllahmenl fur llM purpose of presenting A 11R AND FESTIVAL ON TIIF. AFTEKNtHJN AND EVENINQ OF THANKSGIVING DAY, THURSDAY, NOV. 2H. A DOUBLE COMPANY of distinguished artistes mil appear, together with the fanp. ite American actor, MR. K. EDDY, and the American comedian and pantomimlat, MR. O, L. VOX. The following enteiiainnienla will be presented:? Afternoon at two o'clock. FADDY TIIF. PIPEK. SOHOOLM ASTBB. CHILDREN IN THE WOOD. HAPPY MAN. Evening at seven o'clock, I'lZARRO. SPECTRE BRIDEGROOM FOUR LOVERS. Admtsaioti lifly anil twenty-live cents. Chlldrcu half price. HOOLEVS MINSTRELS, (LATE OF MHl.O'S SA LOON.) STUYVESANT HALL, 1159 Broadway, opnonito Bond street. WEDNESDAY, Nov. 27, BENEFIT OF GEO. GRAY, ths popular Balladlst. Qrent bill to-night. The great intra, Fox, Arlington, Grlflln anil Reed, in the new and laughable acta, DEAF IN A HORN. BARBARY ALLEN, THE FINAN CIERS. DISSERTATION ON THE TIMES, THE DESERT ERS, ABRAHAM'S DAUGHTER, CHALLENGE ESSENCE OF OLD V1R01NNY, WELL FIGHT FOR UNCLE SAM, Ac., Ac., Ac Doom open at 6)?, to commence at 7\. Ticket* 25 conta. G1 AIETIES CONCERT ROOM, 610 BROADWAY, ABOVE X liouatou street, UP STAIRS., UP STAIRS.I UP STAIRS. , UP STAIRS. I I UP STAIRS. UP STAIRS, i UP STAIRS. * UP STAIRS. UP STAIRS UP STAIRS.. Thia popular place of amuHciumit haa no ennnertloa with the lager oler saloon dowu stairs or any other place In the city, but la entirely Independent and distinct from all Our numerous patrons are notllled that renewed eiertiona will be made to provide for their entertainment and amiiteineot. Extensive additions have been made to the eorpa of PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, ' PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, who will continue to deliver their orders with the same (race nnd effect which has made the GAIETIES CONCERT ROOM the model of would be imitators. YOUTH AND BBAUTYt RULE THE WORLD, and it i* nn<y the acknowledgment of a well known fact It say that the YOUTH AND BEAUTY of the TALENTED DANSEUSE Ann FEMALE VOCALISTS, together with the PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, have made, and now sn.taln the repulation of thtt GAIETIES. 616 H ROADWAY. REMEMUER, UP STAIRS. Admission ISceaU AAA AMERICAN CONCERT HALL, Mi 444 Bmutwif The Greatest Resort for Pastime in Ihe World. The Greatest Resort for Pastime In the Worid. (IRANI) COMBINATION OK TALENT. OR AND COMBINATION OK TALENT. CROWDED HOUSES CROWDED HOUSES attest the superiority ami furnish truthful evidence thalthlf establishment I* par excellence, distancing all lliu place ? of amusement In the country In the production of NOVELTIES. TRIPLE COMBINATION. TRIPLE COMBINATION. Hones, Dunces, Burlesques. Negri Farces, Ballets, Ac RETURN Or OLD FAVORITES, 1 CHARLEY WHITE, CHARLEY WHITE, HILLY OUINN, BILLY UUINN, W. WEST, W. WEST, M. TURNER. M. TURNER, 1IARRY LESLIE, HARRY LESLIE. W. THOMAS, W. THOMAS The world renowned Negro Comedians., FATTIE steward, fattie steward, The beat Comic Singer n the country. J. WARREN, J. WARREN, Tbe great Ethiopian Comedian and Banjoiat. MISS KATE LESLIE. MIS8 KATE LESLIE, The accomplished Vocalist Firs! a ix-arunee of THE CELEBRATED ORRIN FAMILY THE CELEBRATED ORRIN FAMILY THE CELEBRATED ORRIN FAMILY In their classical Gymnastic Groupings, THE BUST BALLET TROUPE THE BEST BALLET TROUPE In the City, composed of llrst class dancers, under the direction of Paul BrllllaaC AMMNK. Parquet JOcents Gullet? lQceota CHARLEY WHITE, Acting Manager. GEORGE EDESON. Stase Muiufer. CAMPBELL GALE, Treasurer Broadway music hall, , 4ft.! and 4:- 3 48.tand4.t1; 483 and 4ftft BROADWAY. 48S and 483* TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS. TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS. Great Union of Artists. Great Union of Artiata. THE BEST ARTISTS THE BEST ARTISTS the world ever produced in a variety of Aote, 8ongs, Dsncea, Burlei><t i el, I'aic'W, Ballets, Pantomime!, Gymnasia, to., LOOK AT the array of Talent eve: y evening tlila week ? BlI.f.Y BIRCH, BILLY BIRCn, BEN COTTON, BEN. COTTON, .1. A. HERRMANN, J. A. HERRMANN, A. AYNSLY SCOTT, M. AYNSLY SCOTT, ,1. PIERCE. .1. PIERCE. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIOAN, A. J. LEAVITT, A. J. LEAVITT, GEORGE GERMAIN, GEORGE GERMAIN. Which will compose THE 1', ROADWAY MINSTRELS, THE BROADWAY MINSTRELS, In new Songs, Gle-n Choruses, Ac. . CLARA HARRINGTON,* CLARA HARRINGTON, CLARA HARRINGTON, The accomplished Vocalist, Justly styled the "Queen of Song." TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, The beat Comic Singer in Ainer:cn. THE GEEAT CARLO TROUPE, TIIK GREAT CARLO TROUPE, THE GREAT CARLO TROUPE, Acknowledged t > lie the smartest troupe In the world. MISS LIZZIE SCHULTZE, MISS LIZZIE SCHULTZE, Miss Ernestine Ue Fuller, Miss Ernestine De Faber, Mias Ernestine De Faber, Mis.-. EraeMlne De Fabe*, MLLE. KATRINA, MLLE. KATRINA, The accomplished dan senses. THE GREAT ISAU.ET TROUPE, THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, under the direction ol Mi. ns. Paul Brillaut. ROBERT W. BUTLER, Sole I.esM-e and Manager. MON'S. LA TIIORNE, Stage Manager. NOTICE ?GRAND MATINEE. On Thanksgiving afternoon, at o'clock, for the accomo dation of LADIES AND CHILDREN, on which occasion a great bill will laj olfeied. Mrs. mozart'S THIRD ANNUAL CONCERT IK sin or CHRIST'S CHURCH INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL, AT IRVING HALL, Wednesday evening, November 27, at 8 o'clock. MRS. MOZART, S. iprauo. MR GEO. SIMPSON, Tenor MR. J, R. THOMAS. Baritone. MR. CARL WE LS. Pianist. MR. FRANK GUILDER, I'lanlat. MR. EDW. MO..LEMIAUER, Vlollntrt. MASTER BERNARUO, Violinist, (Pupil ol Mr. Mollenhauer, IOy<a: a? f n?e-his first appear n nit*. ) MK. WM. DUESSLER, Director. Tickets, 60 cunts ea?h, can obtains! at the principal musi* more* and at the door. 0 LVMPlC MUSIC STREET; ph)Udelphl*. 0 ^MPIC MUSIC HALL, ktrKet. Between hco?d ,.,,d Tidn,^ .c^s.^hlUdelphU, From 7 till 12 o'cli ck. /?xLYMVIC MUSK- "ac'b STREET. nibld.,iphi% From t tiki u c OUR FLEET AT SKA.? "OUR FLEET AT SEA, OR Sumter Our Own Again," a -tram i In three acts and maa tableaux. Sure card. For copies nddress Conner * Poole, Theatrical, Concert and Literary A .e:.t?, 4H2 Broadway. 11 HE ATRIC ALs--?CON N ER A POOLE'S THEAT RICAla, Concert nor; sgi rnry Agency 432 Broadway, room No. 7 ? K i-i Class Lending bidT, do. Singing Chambermaid, Low Comedian, 01 1 Man, Walking I.ndy, Old Lady, Utility Ladr \n'l. us above, from lt? ti l 2 o'clock, loilKOBOB KUNKLB, Manager, < r CONNER .t POOLE, Agents. ?IHANS^GIVING DA Y. Orand Matinee nt& Byjvtta' Minstrels. Ui U >> NIAGARA 'HIK LAS r EXHIBITION. Vj MS Broadway, Next door low Tiffany* Co 1 ) A II LOR SKATINi, -AT Dl a lj ,K ? ' jji ?rr 17 evening. I Fitth arcane, n"f I ' ' ! y ,1 Haines) takea Wi 1 tic di\ vveiiiotf. Nov. 27. ibe Pro* , : rrnmnnm ou. d tv vietiintf, N v, 17. the I role J , f ,rmHUC9 n nelit, *'.u n us wlllrx.t <u .it ,.voljlv.uvc teul?v tka'.cs, Aduii&aioU, <jU thai H '.-'"hi

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