Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1861 Page 3
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IMPORTANT FROM VENEZUELA. Shipment of Houth American Cotton? Return of the Traitor IHonagas? 'Great KiciUiiitntln Cinaea*? The Vcuuutlua Ctovernmeut on Southern Privateer*, &c. By the at rival of tho American bark Thomas Dallct, which came .nin this i>ort with a full cargo of cot ton from Venezuela, wo tin1 in |wissc*siou of lute advices from Ui guayrn. General Monaco* hail lauded in tin1 eastern pro vinces. proclaiming war agaiurt I'aez, '? the tyrant," who has ovur^lod legality u Ins beloved country. General Kali ?on, independent comliattnt, wan at Hai<(tiiKimetO. ? tferaca* was Ui a slate at \ ery great excitement. The brig Ida sailed with the Thomas LMtllel with another cargo of cottou. FRIVATKKKS IN \ K.VK/I Bl.AN I OH'18- HOW THJtY SllALI. UB TREATED. Hut Oraml for Vtoetiji !a at this i?'rt, Simon Camacho, Rw,. , has ciiininuiiH aiml to iik the following (translated) tnsi i in turns of his government tu regard to the treatment of privateer? ? Rui'i si-ic or Venkzikla, "I r>Kr*KTMKvr or Kohkk.n Aki aiks, J f.'AKAI'AS. July IWil. ) Infnrm the Secretary of statu fur the Departments of War and Nav v, that through liim uotice may be jjivcn to the commanders of station* (marine) and port captain, ??follows ? The executive power ha* liw? mforined that tho Sum tar, a privateer of the Confederate States of America, which have (separated from and taken up arms against the Union, arrived, a short time since, at PuertoCabello, with the schooner Abby Bradford, of Boston, as a good prize, and endeavored to sell the vessel as well as her carp o. la view of this occurrence' it becomes nen ssary to fix tike rules which shall bo observed by Venezuela in such cases The government , desiring to preserve entiro neu trality m the contest which unfortunately exists between the States of the North and those oi the N>utkof the A me ricau Union, and to couform with the stipulations of the treaty of friendship, commerce and nav .^auon celebrat M) between Venezuela and the United States on tho '27th day of August, lhW). approved with constitutional for mality on the part of both government*, and which alone tacks the exchange ?f ihe instruments of ratification, has resolved to issue the following instructions to (he com manders of stations and |*>rt captains. that they may hereafter be guided by them m their conduct ? 1. They shall not permit the arming, equipment or shipment of crews for privateers iu the ports of the re public. 9- Neither shall they iwrmit vessels-iif war or priva toern to enter with prizes which they may liavu taken. 3. They shall grant no assistance to privateers, except only when by reason of damage orshortuck* of provisions they are compelled to seek refuse in tho ports of the re public. But in the tirst ease they shall not allow their May tB port for a lunger |ieriod than is absolutely indis pensable Cor repairinn the damage ; and in the second they ahall not be allowed to remain in port for more than twenty-lour hours, nor to purchase a larger quantity of provision* than is uecessary for the voyage to the near ?si port of the country from which they rucoivad thuir commissions and in no ca*e shall they lie allowed to soli prizes in the ports of Venezuela under any pretext, either wholly or in part. 4. If vesseis-of-war enter any port without prizes, or privateers in the cm uinstanccs described, they shall not M ollowod to make sail until any other vessels which have previously weighed anchor shall have disappeared from lb* horizon. 1 have the honor to communicate tbe foregoing, that you may circulate the same amoug tbe commanders of ?tat to n? and port captains. With high consideration, I am, k 0. MORALES UAKOANO. Is a copy (signed NADAL. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wkukesiuy, Nov. 27?6 P. M. The money market evinces great ease. Firs^ clam names can be passed at 5 a .'>% per cent. On call the general rate iH nix. but we hear of loans below that figure. The heavy disbursements of the government have increased the stock of money uceking employment in Wall street. Nothing was done in exchange to-day. The brokers and bankers seem greatly excited at the charged of treason brought against them. They probably think it hard to lose their money and their fair fame all at once. It is a well known fact that the bulk of the foreigners who do business in cot Ion and exchange in the city are hostile to the gov ernment, and sympathize with the rebels to a greater or less degree. If the public statement of (his fact annoys these parties, they have only them selves to blame. No one would have inquired about their opinions had they not been offensively proclaimed. Stocks improved to-day all round. The commis sion brokers report an increase of orders, and the lobbsrs seem generally inclined to operate on the boll Bide. There has been some talk in banking circles of having the associated hanks represented to the Board for the protection of United States se curities. It has become a common thing of late, whenever any unpleasant news creates a feeling of ?neasincss, for the hears to borrow or otherwise ?btain possession of some United States sixes, and lo throw them on the market in such a manner as to produce an effect and cause a panic. It is ar gued that it would be for the interest of the banks and the government to have some one in the Board who, on occasions like this, could protect the pub tic credit by purchasing at once, and to any amount, government securities offered for sale be low the market price. Both the government of England and that of France are represented on their respective stock exchanges, and in times of great public anxiety the government brokers arc naually instructed so to operate as to prevent panics. It is a sad disgrace that a necessity should exist here for such precautions; but the events of the past few weeks have proved that there are men in our Stock Exchange who would not scruple to ruin the country for the sake of a small profit, and it is for the banks to consider whether it would not be wise to guard against the ?chemes of these unpatriotic jobbers. The most marked improvement to-day was in Erie and Erie preferred, Toledo, fialona, Missouris and Rock Island, all of which were in demand at?n advance of about one per cent over yesterday's price. The following closing quotations will show the amount of the improvement:? United States 6's. registered, 1881, 93 a %; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 93% a %; do. ?'b, 1874 , 82:'-4 a 83; Virginia 6"s, 47 a %; Tennes see 6's, 41% a 42; Missouri 6's, 41 a %; Pacific Mail, 86 % a ? ; New York Central, 7 n% a %; Erie, 30% a %; do. preferred, 53% a %; Hudson River, 37% a %; Harlem. 11^ a 12; do. pre ferred, 29% a 31%; Reading, 34% a %; Michigan Central, 40% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 18 a % ; do. guaranteed, 37% a %; Panama, 112 a 114; Illinois Central j 6?% a J?; Galena and Chicago, 70;l4 a %; Cleve land and Toledo, 33% a 34; Chicago and Rock Island, 63% a 54; Chicago, Burlington and Quin cy, 59 a 61; Delaware, Lackawana' and Western, 86 a 70; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 19y a 20: Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 87 a 88. .After the Board the market was very strong, and a further advance took place. For Erie 31% was bid, for Erie preferred 54, for (Jalcna 71%, tor Toledo 34%, and for Hock Island 5*%. The market at the close of business was very strong. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? Itotal receipts $687,348 06 ? For customs.. 98,ooo 00 ?Treasury notes 301310 74 Payments, including reileemwl 6 per ct. notes 1,405, <14 7 87 Balance 9.36&;?60 78 The exchanges at the Bartt Clearing Honse this morning were $17,678,691 60, and the balances $1,401,178 08. The New York Central Railroad Company gives notice that the transfer books will be closed for the annual election, December 4, and reopen on Thursday, December 12. The Second Avenue Railroad Company coupons due December 1, will be paid on and after Monday next, at the office of Messrs. William & John O'Brien, No. 29 Wall street. Stock Kxrhange. ??? . o, Wkdnksdjy. Nov. 27, 1861. 130000 US 6 *, 81, coo 03 60 shs Erie RR 30 J. T '\y 90 '? " Erie RR .S3 HI Canal reKb? H0 ]0 (lo 4U? 60 Hudson River RH 36* iS - gs ? 2 2000 Virginia ?V: 4,- 2 ?? -jL " S000 N^YCen* V*.\ ^ jg s?? |J 1000 Hitd Klv 3m hi 75 1W Harlem RR" ?2 2S^nRRb;b 8?? ^2 p'refd % 1000 Gal h Cbl lstra ?8 x f? Mkh'oSftr^KR1 'afv 2000 Chi k Rock I bs i.3 200 ' .m 60shs I'hcpQix Bk. . . #0 fio ,i? *?* 10 National Bank... 87* JSO jo 10 Bk of Commerce 82 &o <lo""."hio ?0 Pacific Mail SS Co 87 100 MirbKANl r g t>'(0 17 ?> do blO 160 ^ Mb30 37 <J? *30 8fl 24 Panama RR 60 d0 *30 Sfl* 60 111 Cen RR strip., 70 do 86 ^ l3Cleve.Col 4Cm RR ?? * 4li6 do 86J* J do. ? v.; " - * N Y Central RR.. 78'4' 60 Go) b On RR *10 .0 100 do t>4 7* * 300 ? W. 1*0 70 SMI do 7H 100 do 70'., ?_() o ,t(, '.b30 78 100 Clcvo & T?! HK. . 33 H 260 do. *10 78 1360 ???; 83 '? 100 lo ?5 78 <|o ^ ? 4"0 Erie RR 30 '-4 80 " ji du.. MO 30'4 76 Chi & Itk Is Hit.. 52 ;,0 do ?30 30 360 do. WH ^0 ;t0 10 Little Miaou RR. 77 BKCOND BOAHB. *".000 ' S 5 s, 71 ,cou 82 'n 160 ihsNYCenRU . b30 78 ?jnoo II S 6's, '83.. . ^7'j 50 <k> 78 '4 6000 V 8 8's, 81,reg 'J3 200 do s30 7S 1DOO I' S u s, '81,eou 93\ 60 do *15 78' 15000 Missouri 6 s,... 41 500 do l>30 78*. Iiooo do... 160 Krio RR 30X 1000 Ohio c *, 80. .. 91 100 Krie RR pref. .slO 53 2000 Kentucky fl *. . 75 50 llud Riv RR. . *30 37', 8000 Krio RR 6m bs, 70 50 do 37'4' 3000 N lu 1st mtge.. 83 400 do 37 2000 Tor H k All 2tn 31 t;00 Heading RK 34 2000 Chi US W 1 m 38 50 Midi tin RR 48\ 2000 do 37 50 do 49 15 sh* Varb-Hank. . . 96), 100 do h30 49 50 MeclianiOs Hank. Wo 50 Mich S & N la RR 18 26 Bk of Coinau reo. 81 '4 50 M S Jt N I ?uar k. 37 '? 50 Pacific Mail SS Co 86'., 200 Uftl fc Chi RR.slO 70i, 50 do 86% lOOCIev fc Tul RR.. 33', 60 N Y Con RR 78.', 1?0 OtlfcRk 1 RR.s30 58 100 do 78 100 do 53 100 do I '30 78!, 10 Mil U P du Ol RR 1??? CITY COMMERCIAL. REPORT. WmsEsnAT, Nov. 27 ? 8 P. M. Awns'. ? The market was unchanged and sales limited, at $5 50 for t>olh sorts. BHKA[*m rrs? Klour? Tho market opened with steadi ness, but closed dull, with the turn of price* in favor of purchasers for most description*. The sales embraced aliout 16,000 bbU., closing within the follow lug range of price* ? Superfine State ffl 30 * 5 40 Kxira to fancy Stato 5 52 \ a 5 85 Su|ierflne Western 6 30 a 5 40 Common to choice extra Wsstern 5 60 a 6 95 < *:iii.ii1 tan 8 67), a 6 75 Southern mixed to good superfine 5 60 a 8 15 Kxtrado 8 20 a 7 00 (iood to choice futnily do 7 00 a 8 00 Rye Hour 3 25 a 4 60 torn meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2 85 a 3 30 ? Canadian flour was dull, and prices inclined towards lower rates; the sales embraced about 700 a 800 bbls., closing within the range of the above figures. Southern fiour wis in fair demand, but prices were heavy and rather lower, the sales embraced about 1,600 bbls., i loMiig within the range of the about figures. Rye Hour was tinner, while sales embraced about 300 bbls. at llie above prices. Corn meal was hi good demand and prices were tlrmar : t lie sales footed up iibout 1 ,200 bbls. , at our figure*. Wheat was heavy and from lc. to 2e. per bushel lower, while sales were active at the concession; the de mand was chiefly for ex|>ort, and Ihe sales embraced 210,000 bushels, to arrive, at $1 44 a $1 45 for white Michigan, fl 28 for Canadian club. (1 37 a $1 44 for while Ohio and Indiana. $1 38 a (1 40 for amber Michi gan, fl 33 a $1 37 for red Western, $1 31 a fl 36 for red State, (1 27 a <1 30 fbl amber Ion a and Green Bay. fl 26 J, a $1 20 for Milwaukee club. *1 26 a *1 27 for Northwest ern club and Raciue spring, $1 22 a $1 20 for good to prime Chicago spring. Corn opened heavy at yesterday '* prices, but after the receipt of the Canada's news rates fell off about lc. |ier bushel: the sales embraced about 190,000 bushels at 03c. a MJ-^c. . closing at 63c. a 63'^c. Tor shipping lots ol Western mixed, and 06c. for red yei low, and at 68c. for Jersey do. Rye was firm at 87c. a 88c. Itarley was unchanged. Oats were active and heavy: sales were made at 47c. u 48c. for Western and State. Comes. The market was firm, while sales were limit ed. Some holders have withdrawn from the market The transactions were of a retail character. The -lock of ltio m this market was estimated at aliout 60.000 a 64.000 bags, anil some 30, ((HI bags were said- to boon their wav to tlie Vnlted States. CirniiN? The market was again firmer ami in good re quest. The *>:ilos embraced about 2,200 bales, almost the whole having been purchased by spinners We quote middling uplands at 26c. FRidiiirm ? Ruli-s were rather firmer, with more ofier itig. To Liverpool 21,000 bushels of corn were engaged at 8'Jd.. and 6, 000 do. wheat, in ships' bags, at 9d. , and with some Hour at 2s. 3d., 200 bbls. pork ai 2s 3d., and 1 ,000 boxes cheese at 34s. To london 1,600 bbls. flour at 2R 9d. a 2s. 10 'ad., 200 tierces beef at 6s. 6d.: wheal mis at 9d., in bulk and in ship*' bngs. To (ilasgow 600 bbls. Hour were engaged at il-\ 10%d. A vessel was taken up to load with tobacco to France at 40s. Fimi l>ry cod conliuued dull, and quotations were no miual. Mackerel were unchanged, with a steady demand from the trade: sales of No. 1 were making at f9 50; No. 2 at $7 37), a $7 60, and No. 3 at $6, which were .scarce. Pickled and scaled herring were quiet and nominal. Fm-rr. The chief transaction this week w as a sale of a cargo of new Malaga raisins by auction, which brought lair prices. The sales this week have embraced 1.300 a 1 .400 boxes uew layer raisins at $3 45 a $3 60. 200 halve* do., at $1 80: 200 quarters, at fl; 800 a 900 boxes old layer* were sold at f2 87 1* a f2 95: 400 a 500 boxes new bunch at *2 62 >, a f 2 60: 1,200 boxes old bunch at $2 52 >i a f2 80, and 650 do. half do. at fl 25; 150 do. quar ter do. at 02 V- , with free talc* of new lay ers and bunch , to arrive, at p. t. (Ji nny {"loth was firm, with sales at 11c. cash to ll>ic. 6 months. . Hav was steady, with sales for shipment at 70c. and for city use at 80c. a 86c. ? I Niuiio.? -Slocks were small and extreme prices de manded. Iron. Scotch pig was firmly held, while sale* were light. Sales of good to prime brands were quoted at f22 a f22 50. and some Glengarnock, to arrive, at f21 cash. 1 .nui? l'ig was per lb. higher, with sales of Span ish and Galena at 6J?c. t , , I imk Koekland was in moderate demand: other kinds sold at 60c. for common and at fl for lump, three months '"nayat Storks. ? Sales of 300 bbls. common rosin were made at f5 44, and 800 do. do. at f5 47. Some holders demanded f6 60. Spirits were quiet and nominal at ^Ous.? I.inseed whs firm, with sales for the week of eomo 1 ,500 gallons at 76c.. Prices ranged from 75c to 76c., in casks and barrel*. Tli ? following account of the weekly movements in the New Bedford market is from the Whaleman* Shi wring Lit! of the 26 th inst.? We notice a better feeling in the market for sp.'rm,with an upward tendency. The transactions since our last include sales of 180 barrels, in two parcels, at a price not made public, but at an advance on $1 20, and 800 bbls. at fl 25 per gallon. Whale continues in good demand, and holders arc tlrm. The sales for the week foot up 2.370 bbls., in parcel*. We quote: ? 350 bbls. at 47c. 1 .400 bbl*. at 46c. , 560 bbls. interior at 44c., 70 do. dark at 4ftc. per gajjon. The market closes with further inquiry. Whalebone? So transactions. Provisions.? Pork? The market was unchanged, while sales wore active, and were re|?>rtod to the extent of 4,500 bbls.. at tl2 afl3 50 for old and new mess. fl4 a $15 for prime mess and Western priino mess, of which 1 600 bbls. were bought on private term*, and prime sold at $8 50 a $0. Heef was steady and morn active, with sale* of 600 a 600 bbls. at $11 60 a $12 for repacked Western mess, and $13 50 for extra. Beef hams were steady with sales of luo bbls. choice Western at f 15 60. Cut meats were dull and heavy, and prices wore nominal. Bacon was quite active and the market firm. The sales embraced about 1,600 boxes at 6\c. a 7?^c. for city. Dressed hogs were in fair requost at;4/iic. a 4J?e. I-ard was firm with sales of 1,600 bids, and tierces, part for future elivery, at 8&e. a 1111,1 !,'?c " f"r Boo(l to prime. In store. Butter was at 18c. a 20r. for good to prime Stiite. Ohio was quiet at 12c. a 14c. Cheese was un changed. p.lrK._?nlosof 800 bags Kast India were made at p. t., and 300 do. at 5*?c. SriiAKM were active and firm, J, v. to >4'c. blither on the week * sales. The transaction* were 4,000 hhd*. , chiefly refining goods, at 7},e. i 7>4'c., with some grocery grades at 7%C. a 8>ic. Porto Ru ns were at !lc. a 9',c. The sales also embraced 1,600 boxes and 3,600 bags I'crnambucos "sEKtis.? Unseed was held firmly at f I 20 in Boston small sales of clover were making at 7j,r. a 8c. Other descriptions were unchanged. Whiskey ? The market was dull and lower, and closed at 20c. a 20 '4c. . with sales of 450 bbl*. WINES AND i.itiroKs. Howard * fi ller'.-" pure spring water, ales and Porter. ? These now celebrated Ales. having a repu tation | .ecu Marly their own, can be hurt in whole or hull casks, on application at the brewery, corner of J*y and Plymouth streets, Brooklyn, or at tbedepnt, 244 Fulton ?' reel, near Washington stit-rl, Sew York. Delivered in the cltiesof New York and Brooklyn free < if expense by careful anil sober draymen. The lalc-ingi public, n hulinvr not already tented the articles, are respectfully solicited to do no. HAMMER'S FRESH BREWED CHA MPAGNK ALE on draught, at BIXBY'S Hotel, 834 Broadway, MENDUM'S BRANCH ALE VAULTS, SOUTHWEST corner of Broadway and Twelfth street. Artificial bone filling for decayed teeth? Inserted whilst soft and without pain. Achim; teeth and mere shells can be preserved and restored in lieanty by the discoverer, JAMBS 1'IERSON, .M. D Room* 8W Broad way, wi st side, one door, above Seventeenth street. N. B ? Beware of trashy Imitations. A BEAUTIFUL AND SUBSTANTIAL SET OF TEETH, on pure silver, only $S; nn line mid and platlna. $25; warranted equal to any work in New \ nrk. Single leeth, $1. Teeth tilled and extracted without the least pain. Superior bone idling only SO cents. Ollice 138 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. No removal. _ _ _ Hudson river railroad -trains for albany, Ttoy, the North and West, leave Chambers street at 7 and 11 A. M , and 3 30, i> ami 10 1ft I'. M NEW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albany, Troy, North and West. Winter arrangement, commencing Monday, Nov, 4, 18<S1. For Albany ? III 3U A. M., Express Mail Train, from Twenty - A FINE ASSORTMENT OF BILLIARD TABLES IS oil e red by W, J. SHARP, with his newly invented Pa tent Cushions, at prices to suit the times, call at the manu factory, 148 Fulluu street Also a few second hand Tables. A LARGE STOCK OF NEW AND SECOND HAND Billiard Tables, with Phelan's Combination Cushions, Billiards ?for sale, a splendid stock of new and second hand Tables, for $7.\ $100, $ I 50, f'.,n0 and 42.V. Bagatelle Tables tor sale cheap by WILLIAM II. URIFFITH, 140 Fulton street. Dr. LUTHER, Dentist. RAILROADS. BILLIARDS. POWTir*Ti. AT A MEETING OF Til K HH KTKENTH WARD MR cliauics' As* iciai ion, In lit at their moms, S7i Broome street, corner of Matt, the lollowtug resolution* were unani mously adopted:? Whereas, tlm Workingmen of the Fourteenth ward wish ing lo unite in political npininii*, have fgnmil th?nMhelliilo ability il'or the advancement of their mutual rights), to be known in (hi- Fourteenth Ward Mechanics' Association; Ulerciore, b? It Kt-?<>lveil, That we, the Indejicndent voter* of the Four teenth wurit, will unite in nun body and line our power and Intluence to support tin' in t latlou ol well tried and bonest men lor ibo various olllces i iiiii our district. Resolved, Thut the foundation of this Association having been Inn I in? and w ill ?bi>w its prosperity, expansion and prf-eiiiiiu hi ciautule in the wind? -built upon entire fn-edoio in matter* ol religious i onccrninent, with no reaped to per son in regard to rank or place of birth, but merely wishing an auMieiui urn Cor our mutual Interest. Resolved, That \\e i-laiut fellowship w ith and desire the m-> gelation of all the voter* In the Fourteenth ward, to illllic with us in oui efforts to pill In oiOco good and honest men ol our own changing, >\ ho will study the interest of the workuigmuii. regardless of all iwrly platforms. Resolved, Thai we respectfully 'ail on all the citl/cnaof the Fourteenth want on tin* day of election to come one and all m the poll*, ami l>y your united vntea prove to the hiukeu up platforms of all parlies that the w orklniinien wtll DO loiifcci be ili'luited by their false promises and Haltering talk, bui lor thnir own protection will put in olllce men who are every way worthy of theii aopport. Alter Mime other remark* relating to business, the meeting adjourned ?o meet at the aanio place ou Saturday evening, November St), at 7 X 'o'clock . MATTHEW HKATY, i MIi'llAKI. DUFFY, J Cnmmitlreon Resolutiona. GEO. CHINES. > GEO. OEUENHAM, Chairman. Tuos. Mohan, Secretary. _____ \T THE RATIFICATION MEETING OF THE DEMO cratic Union Club, In Id at the Tlvnll Hotel, Ml avenuo A, on Monday evening, Nov. 26, the lion. Fernando Wood wax endorsed aa candidate for Mayor; and, amid the most unbounded enthusiasm, the nomination of Oeorge A. Jen - iniuli uiii ramie. I an caiilidale for Ablcriuan of the Tenth district. The meeting was addressed by the Pmldtnl of the t'lub, Messrs. Francia Kenuev, Patrick B) rues. tieorgej. Campbell and others. after which tlu- meeting adjourned, with three cheers for their candidate*. JOHN T. KAULE, President j: r^ujom.., i 8*;r*t*rte,__ MEETINti OF THE EH.HTEENTl! WARD IMGN ,/\ Independent t'lub will I* held at Jninea R?Hly'?, corner of Twenty -second atreel and Second avenuo, on Thnraday, Nov. 28, at 8 o'clock. All ineml>eia are requested to attend. By order. KI?W ARD WELLING, Preiddenl. 'Hi.hfihd Rkii.i.t, Secretary. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REOULAR NOMINA lion.? For Aldeimanof (lie Sixth Al.Ieriaanic district? comprising part* of the Tenth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, And Seventeenth wards? JAMES REED. JAMES OARTY, of the Fourteenth ward, Clialrman of the Nominating Convention, Ol KM INT FosDTl'R, of ihe Scveiiteentb ward, Secretary. Democratic wobkingmen of the eigh tcemh ward, raJly !? A public meeting will be held at D. Aheru'a, 2til EaalTourtecuth atreel, on Friday, the 20lb Inst., at 7J? o'clock. Dy order of THOMAS CONDOM, Chairman. Wili.iam McDeDB, Secretary. 1 ELASTIC K!N<;S, FOR FASTENING BALLOTS TOUE J Iher, can he had of C. A. Bl:NNER (sole manufacturer under the tiiMidveur imtenim, at II John street, near Broad way, anil oft'. W. BROW BR, corner of Nineteenth at reel and Fourth aveuue. QERMAN DnON LEAGl'E NOMINATION. rOK MAYOR, GEORGE OI'DYKE. Mechanics and workinomenh association, No. I.? The member* of the above are particularly re quelled to be present at the regular meeting, to be held Thursday eveuing, November !i8, at t.'o\ eiuiiit Hall, AC Or chard street. R. II. SMITH, Secretary. J B. Ewinc, Frestdent. M A8S MEUT1NG AT IRVING nALI., Corner of nftecnth *ireet and Irving place, To endorse C. GODFREY (ll'NTHER, THK CITIZEN'S UNION CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR, SATURDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER SO, 1M1. Meeting of the independent democrats op the Seventeenth ward iinaniiooiiKly nominated Hon. Henry Franklin lor School Commissioner. LUKE USHER, Chairman. Kfvjaxii Girqtni., Seerctary. National union nomination for mayor, C. tiODFREY GI NTHER. Hendqiuirter* Central Coniiniltee National Union Club, corner of Broailway and Eighth Ktreel. Room* *i*-n dnyaiul evening. JNO. C. II AM. Chairman, Central Coinasitleo and Muvoralty Noniiualing Convention. STEPHEN ROBERTS, Treaaurer. JosKra Fokbs's, O. Sloah Holdem, Sncreuriea. VtATIONAL DEMOCBACY-MOIAUT. IN UNION AND VICTORY. GRAND ratification MKKTINO roB FERNANDO WOOD The democracy of New York arc tnviled to attend a Grand Ratification Meeting, to be held at Cooper Institute, on Friday evening, Nov. 29, at o'clock. The following gen tlemen will lie present and addresa the meeting :? Hon. Fkrnando Wood. Hon. Jams* Wadswobth. Max (iorrc. lion. 1. C. DKurumt. Hun. HorackF. Clark. Johm K. Hacrhtt. And others. ISAAC C. DELAPLANE, Chairman. Wm. C. Boccr. i Pktrr H. Jackson, 1 "?cre,?r>?? Notice.? the eighth wabd Manhattan club will meet this (Thursday) evening, the 28th lr-sl TV o'ciis k. at 213 Spring street. Members are requested to ?e puiiciual, as the Cluli will proceed to select candidates to be aupported by them at the eusulng cleeiioii. By order of M. B COX, President. Borrrt E. W ii. son, Secretary. Nominees.? oet voi'R printing done at the Now Establish ineut. We print Election Tickets, Pasters, Posters, Ac., at war prices. Open lo-dav. the 28th innt. T ?. DAWLEY, Cor. Reade and Centre sts., Connor's Building, near Oily Hall. PEOPLE'S UNION NOMINATIONS. TWENTIETH WARD. roil MAYOR, GEORGE OPDYKE. FOR SI'IIOOI. COMMISSION fc'R, HAMOKL SINCLAIR. FOR SCHOOI. TRUSTKKS, MAT1IEW McDOI'OAL, JAMES L. 1IAST1E. roR SCIIOOI. I.NSPKCTOR, WILLIAM ROSS. C. W. GARDNER. President People's t'liion Association. Thomas Crowtbsr, Secretary. ERASTl'S STERLING, Chairman, I NominatliiK A. SIDNEY DOANK, Secretary, 1 Cnnvention. POLITICAL.? THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT.? THE UN- ! (it'THigned mtpmitully in for inn thr <-ilU<>n?of the and Ninth wards that Ii#* in the Pimple's Candidate for the oflice uf Police J ustice of the above district. MARTIN WATERS "-PEOPLE'S UNION (SYRACUSE) NOMINATIONS." X For Mayor. C. GODFREY GUNTHER Dr. JAMES M AUSTIN, President. W*. E. Fhoht, i Seereta- Davio i'ukh, i Vice Thos. J. Hall, I rles. Jas. L. Mii.lkh. t Presidents. John iloorcn, Treasurer. People s Syracuse union nomination.? for Police Justice Thiril Judicial district, Eighth and NinlU wards, WILLIAM DODOE. O. F. BURTON, Chair'n. Ah*. Tallhan, Secretary. PEOPLE'S UNION NOMINATION ?FOR COUNCIL man ? Syracuse and National Union of the Twelfth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twenty-Unit and Twenty-second wards, S. D. HI Mill AM. POLITICAL BANNERS, FLAGS AND TRANSPAREN cica of every description on hand and n> order. HOJER * GRAHAM, Artists and Manufacturers, 97 Duane street. >EOPLE'S UNION NOMINATION. FOR UATOR, georoe opdyke. R1 EOULAR REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS. ?)TH WAKU. For Mayor, GEORGE OPDYKE. For Councilman. ALFRED R BOOTH. For School Commissioner, SAMUEL SINCLAIR. For School Trustees, MATHEW MiDOITGAL, JAMES L. I1AST1K. For School InsiiecUir, WILLIAM ROSS. CHARLES NETTLETON, J Chairman Eiecutive Committee. REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. rOR MAYOR, GEORGE OPDYKE. REPUBLICAN AND PEOPLE'S UNION NOMINATIONS fur Hi'' Seventh Senatorial district (I2tb, IVtli, 20th, 2ist and 22d wards). ron oncKcn.vm JONATHAN T. TROTTER. JOHN COOPER, Jr. THOMAS OGILVIE. CHARLES c. PINCKNEY. MICHAEL SNYDER. HAMLIN BABCOCK. R EPUBLICAN AND PEOPLE'S NOMINATION. For Councilman, Si\rh Senatorial district, Ninth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Eighteenth ward*, ALEXANDER II. KEECH. Thf. fifteenth ward workingme.vs c ratio Cluli will hold a meeting at H.u riugton *, 3CM Molt street, on Thursday ofwtling, Nov. W, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of endorsing proper peraona an their candidates at the coming city election. P. McDONALD, Chairman. Henky Hyr.nks, Secretary. rpiIE YOUNG MEN'S KELLY CLUB I or THM TWELFTH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT. The voters anil nfl cltir.en* of the Twcllth Aldermanie Dis trict are miueau-d U) meet at Joseph Runner's, IM Seventh street, on Friday cvi^ing, the 29th Inst., at 7K o'clock, as busim xi of im'i ortance is to lie transacted. By order of JOHN ^'HHElliEH, Pres. pro tern. Frederick K t.ATSI., Sec. Joseph A Lauby, Jr.. E. Lambrecht, Joseph Ruttlger, Frank Keekciaen, Jr., Joseph P. Struck, E. H. Daw/er, John A, Fallen, A. F. Bautniin, M. Briedenliacb, Almost Vleaer, Frank Wether, Lehs Hapf, George Haublnger, G. M. Liebold, John Relmer, Albert White, Frederick Foil, Wm. Zwiir.e, August Moncb, 1'. Dankle'nann. John Wither, H. Frm kiug, Christiau I 'hi, C. Rapp. Jacob Meyer, John Satile, John Vetter, Henry Muiider, John Erich, Jolin Pclre, Frank Plster, Philip Hauer, Peter Lut*, Jlbm. Probst, John Bridenhaeh, Conrad Pad, A. I jingncck'tr, George llcultfelder, August Miiitc, Win. Rett iseier, Anthony Engcihardt, Adam Fol*. Joseph Cook, Jacob Zncer, anil others. WMilHOAt. T1IK UNDERSIGNED, BELIEVING THAI THE ICLKO Hon ?f tilWROrf OHDYKi: to thfl office ot Mnyor oT the city >il Now Yin k, would bo the menu* of ItMUgui'ilUuii ft reform in jhp aRy fnvtrnmrni, would respectfully solkfl (lur f?ltofcl(?iii, without dismiciimi nf iwu ty, to u?"? wide In Mukh Mil nil); at the Mcrcluuit*' Exchange, on Friday afternoon, Ni*cuib<ir 2V. at three o'clock, to rnlifjr In* nomi nation in iiuli. Kite lot U,,u oiiii c, and to dtviet lUCaun to ?C- ure hn rlt'tiion. S. B. CHITTENDEN A CO. 9UINNKLL, mTnTURN * CO. ? ORTON, IIRINNELI. A CO. E. MORGAN A SONS. JNO. M I'M ROE A CO, WETMORE A CO. HUNT, TILLING HAST A CO. RPAITT.DING, VAIL, nUNT A CO. SIIVTHSi 8PRAGUH A COOPER. head, gordoiTa 00. GILLAN BROTHERS. WU. BRAND & CO. JJKNRV W. U MA1J A CO. OLAFLIN, MELLKN A CO, ELLIOT C. COW DIN A CO. WILLIAM B. SCOTT A CO. IIAZLElll'KdT A SMITH. BAILEY A SOUTHARD. WEAVER A RICHARDSON. III: NT, VOSE A CO.

LOW, II AH It I M A N A CO. KERSLER A CO. WILLIAM REI.loMAN 4 CO BABOOCK BROS. A OOlf MORRIS KETCH DM. PKTBR COOPER. ROYAL PHELPS ft B. CHITTENDEN. CHARLES li. MAKKHALU J. A STEVENS ~ JAMES GALLATIN. JOHN J. 4'ISCO B1RAM RETCHUM. JAMBS STOKES 4IEOROE W. BLUNT. T U. CHURCHILL. GEO HUE D. MORGAN. CYRUS W. FIELD. JOHN F. TROW. WILLIAM TAYLOR. THOMAS B. KTILI.MAW. FRED. KNAPP. SHEPHERD KNAI'P. PARKE UOODW I N. 8. W. ROOSEVELT. THEODORE ROOSEVELT. ISAAC SHERMAN. DAVID WET MORE. MOORE A BROTHERS. COOPER BROTHERS. PETER DURYKlT A CO. MOTTS, HYDE A VAN DUZEB. R H. STROl'SE A BROTHERS. HENRY A LY M A N. ? IIOYT, S PR AGUES A CO. GOODRICH A WALKER. ?. B. CROMWELL A CO. TURN BALL, SLADE A CO. STIKGI8, SHAW A CO. JAMES DUNCAN A CO. LOCKWOOD BROS. A UNDERHILfe FIELD, MORRIS A CO. JOHN SLADE A CO. HOVT^BROS. R. A D. LAMB OOWTRV, FRENEAU A CO. HANFORD A "BROW NINO. CHAPMAN, LYON A MOVES. CHRIST, JAY A CO. FANKHAWE, Ml I, LIKEN * T0WN8BND. BOR8DORK A WINTER. SrilNABBL BROS. J. C. HOWE A CO. WM. WATSON | N. SULLIVAN. C. E. BRA Nil ALU R. H. LATHROP C. H. LUDINOTON. WM. W. STONE. C. F. DAMBMAN. WM. E. CHURCHILU jno. d scorr. A. W. CANKIELD. (I. W. B RAM 1IALL. JAMES WILDE. AUG. F. DON. DAVID DUDLEY FIELD. VI I. ALLEN BUTLEK. GEO. W. PARSONS, JNO. KEYSKR. KOMEHT KAilE. S. TOL'SBY fHAS. H. DARLING. JNO. A. LIVINGSTON. CHAR. T. FOSTER. SAM. H SEAMAN. S A. PATERS ON. D M. BABCOCK. C. A. LOCK WOOD. BRUMLEY A KELLOGG. NOEL A IIFLBKHMAN CONK LIN. PENT A DEMFOUGH. KITCHEN, M0NTROS8 A W1LC01. BLACK A Gt'ILD. STEWART A Co. DEXTER. LAMBERT A CO. W. WALI.I8 .V. SONS. BRA Mil ALL, DK AN A CO. JENKINS A III NTIMJTON. ARCULARIUS, BONNETT A CO. CREIGIITON A EDWARDS. GEO C PARKER A BROS. KOoTE A LIN US LEY. HASTINGS A CO. PARMELEE. HEECHER A CO. ?. R. KOHBINS A CO. LIVEKMORE. CLEWS A MASO.' HENRY I'AUKT a CO. R. STOUT, SON A CO. BENJ>. P. JONES A CO. GILLESPIE A STUDWELL. II. A. SVUKsREHG. JNO. TAYLOR A SONS. 8. T B LATCH FORD. E B. VAIL. J. T BEcKWITII. ERNEST KICIITKR. C. BUCKINGHAM. 8. P. DEDINO. C. W. KARUO. D. A, BALDWIN. WM. GLAhKE. WM. L. TYSON BENJ. F. HOMAINE. H. II. WIBENT. ALEX. WILDER. E. B YOUNG. \ S T WILLI A MR. I'HAK. H. PAYSON. OR1FFITII A CO 8UEBMAN, TALLMAN A CO. W Ah REN A CO. WHITE, SHEFFIELD A CO. DUDLEY A STAFFORD. HAKMKH, IIAYS A CO. UO It 1 1 AM A CO JOSEPH RUDD A CO. W 1 1. LAUD, FELT A CO. FELLOWS A CO. AL'IHORF, BERUMANN A CO. A 8. FLEET A CO. JNO. /. WESIERVELT. PETERS, SMYTH A CO. JESSI P A CIIILDS W H. DUDLEY A CO. PEN FOLD SC II CY LEU. CAMPBELL THAYER. W aDLEV A WELLS. KNrM III, NACHOU A KIIUNE. llALI.tiARI.NEK A II ERSFELD. strasbinger a ni UN. Baldwin a Johnston. WVMAN a GODDAKD. ?iEt). II. STi ART CO. FRED HOTTER FIELD A CO. BENi.DICT HALL A CO. D. II. ARNOLD A CO JONES A II ANABEKOH. COOPER HKOs, BROWN A DOCKSTAKDER. J. sTlNER A t o. ROMERT KLIXMoN A CO. 81 MMI8 BROS. ,v IIUHON. IIAI.STKD a sTlLES Bai.OW IN STL'DW ELL. II. C. A M. III'LliUT O. J. MIX A CO W HEELER A HI NT H. II. STEHE * CO.' WM. SNIDKER a CO. WEtNN WEAVER. "HfUHAItD. HA>KILL ,v CO Sl?T!,VV '"i(JMAS A DAVIS. I1AKUI Jt CU. J!!;"! t;NT. hawker a co. ul; u * s<'IIKtn lIILTZ. f n tuv '.S' TLEIV A CO. L\, . ; Y' w E.virr A HOFFMAN. '"'OIIIEKS. M. K Ell H * CO. RICHMOND x DEIIOISE. J;*- OO^LOET .V BRO. ft . * ln KEMAN .AV"H 'v WVl KAMAN. JAMES II -tAOHETT A?d uturt than l.ttou utbera. POLITIC* I'. fjnAJtrAYJSKS' NnMINATJON. rou AVOK, OKORGE OPDYKE. milK OLD SKVKNTII WARD Itf NOW AND FORK VIS ft X for !1ih Union. r~A meeting otilietti/ons of tin* Seventh wurd will ln-hcltia (iruhani'K, 24.s llenrv street, corner of .Montgomery, i n Thursday evening, at V'4 oVloek, for UiG pnrpoxe o! endorsing a Kuitahle < ?mditlate to rcju^iwut th? * aid iit (he iMixt Council manic Hoard. Hv order of JOHN J. KIKiLLY, Chairman. TnoM^M w. Wood, Hiu'ieiary, riWMMANY HALL DUMOi 'RATIO REPUBLICAN OR I i.eral Committee. A spe meeting of this committee will be held at Tammany II. til, this ( Thursday) evening, at 7 KoVlork. Eve ry member I* expected to he present. 10 1.1 J All K. riRDV, Chairman. Jon.v 11 4HPY, jo , ? . A. B j Secrctarlei. WORK I MIMEN'H ASSOCIATION OK TUB SEVEN iK'hiti Ward.? -At .i ni.Tiim: of (lip above, h'-wi at Em pire Hull. I'm a, lay evening, Soycti.lier aJ, 1-161. tli.< Vol kiwini; i andldatcHwereeudkirHcd ; For Mayor, it. Godfrey Ouii I hi' i ; fur t '? iiin i I in. n ill ilu1 I'M 111 Councilmaulc dl*ti h t, J Ml. McOouhcII, I'eter Wcini'k, Anthony Miller and S. K. Woti Hti-r '1'he ni'.'cttng adjourned to meet again at the cull of tbe rhmr. 1IKNRY GOFF, (jhairman. Tiioh, McDkmuott, Secretary. 1ST WARD STAR CI.liB ON DECK? A MEETING OF thii ('lull will lie held .it Ittf Cedar Mtroet, thin (Thursday) evening, at 7 o'clock, l'or the purpose of emloriiliig the nomi nation of one of the dltfci-ent uuidtdatna for Mayor. Strict attendance la requested. Ily onler. JEREMIAH KENNEFICK, I'realdent. llKKHT CONKUH, Secretary. 4T1I A1.DERMANIC DISTRICT? REGULAR MOtART ilenioi ratic republican nomination for Alderman, J AS. HAGLKY At an adjourned meeting of the Mo/art Hall Regular Aldei'inauic Couieutlou of the Fourth district, belli at Hall, ft 7 anil AO Forsyth atreot, mi Wednesday evening, Nov. 20, Alderman J, lines Maglev having received a majotlTy of all tbe vutea . .mt, on moiinii the nomination wan made unanimous. UUGI1 DOWNEY, Sixth wnril, Wialrman. Tuoaia I.vkitt, Tenth ward, Secretary. ?CTII WARD YOUNG MEN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION tJ Aaacn (alien. ? A meeting of the atmve named aaloel atinn wilt be held at the Fifth Ward Hotel, on Friday even iimc, November 29, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of a thorough organisation of the ward. JOHN MOORE, President pro tem. Bohnht Coll, Secretary pro trm. 6TII WARD-AT a LARGE AND ENTHUSIASTIC iiieeiinK of the Jarkron Club, held at 471 Greenwich atreeLcornemf Watts, un WedneaiUy evening, November 27, l!*6l, Wm ShleldN In the ehair, it wan unanimously resolved thai we lully endorse (he nomination of the Hon. Fkrninoo Wonp for Mayor, and pledge ouraelvea lo use every honora ble means In oar power to forward his election an Mayor of (liiauty. WM. SHIELDS, Chairman. Wh Loiian Secretary. e>TH WARD? TAMMANY AND REPUBLICAN KOMI I nation for Behool oHicera. For SehiMil Commlnalmier, TIMOTHY H KEN NAN. For Helmut Inatiei t >r, Kl-LDKHRAND VON til. A UN. For S< liool Troale-a, W I I.I.I AM CANTWEI.I., WALTER ROCHE. OWEN KINNEY. Chairman of Tammany Convention. D. H. DWIRE,* Chairman of the Republican Convention. j nn-rtUiririi Of Tammany Convention. M J. Rtan, Secretary of Republlean Convention. r?TII DISTRICT. J JOHN H. COLLINS i*ihf DfmiH ram <aii<ll<lalA for AWl'Tinan. JTH ALDER MANIC DIRTRHT. D KBOULAK NATIONAL IN ION, CEKMAN LEAGUE ANU PEOPLES UNION NOMINATION. Kor AM^rmuti. JOHN VAN TINE. National Union ) '? "? BROOKES, Chairman. National Union > (J ? UUETO, Hwramrv. Ornitftn league J JOHN C. HoKl'KKL, Chairman. Wrm?n Liujik , f, K HARTUAN. Sr. ri tury. Pnonlv'a Union ) OEOItliE S. MILLER, Clinlriiinn. fnopl. * Union /THOMAS II. HUNT, Herniary. e?TlI DISTRICT -FOR ALDERMAN, ) JOHN H. rw I .LIN'S. School Onkers of the Fourteenth Ward. For Commissioner ? MtANdS KEILLY. For Trustees? P. yt'lN. JAMKS II KENNEY. Ker inspector?. JOSEPH SHANNON. >TII WAKIi MOZART IfALL SCHOOL CONVENTION - At an adjourned meeting ol* the Mozart Hull Sehool Con vention. held at Patrh k Geraghty'a, 404 Pearl street, tin- fol lowing gentlemen were unanimously nominated ? ForReho d Commissioner, John Ward Aisocctor, Patrick Cullen; Trus tees, Robert Conway, Michael Do. inc. John Tucrkr, Secretary. TllOrt. QU1N, Chairman. 7TII WAUD FOR FLU NAN DO WOOD.? AT A MEETING of the Young Hen's Independent Democratic Club, held at their hcad<tumtvrs, ib Kii-i Broadway, on Tuesday even inn, Nmruilier 2m. it wan, ?.ii motion, unanimously carried, (hat we endorse wriwudo W?hmI as our cnudidate fur Mayor. JOHN ti. HARRIS. Present. TEREN<E T. TRACEY, Vice President. Jamks Hill. Secretary. P. Cahkv, Tr-'Huiucr. 8TH WARD l'NION DEMOCRATIC NOMINATIONS lor School ofliccra ? For Commissioner, EDWIN WAINWR1GHT. For Trustee* WM. OLEAREY. JAMES A. < 'AROL1 N. For Inspector, JAMES F. GALLAGHER. J AS. ARMSTRONG, Chairman. i %gnvA..A Okor uv Thompson, Seretary. ] -Mozau nan. JAMES tiALI AGI1ER, Ciihirmaii. # ? ,, ? K. W. Ma* w amino, tfeeretary. t Tarn many Hall. 8~T\i AND I2TII ALD&RMAN1C DISTRICTS- INDEPEN dent Democratic Club.? At a regular meeting, held ou Nov. 2I>, IMl, at 3246 Houston street, corner of Ridge, tin* fol lowing nominations were endorsed by n large and ??nth unlaM fc U?- assembly from the above districts; ? For Mayor, Ki-riuindo ?Wood For Alderman, Eighth illnirict, Pelur Mitchell; for * Alderman, Twelfth district, Bernard Kelly. Fifth Senatorial dmtn? I ? For Coiinclluien--Frcdcrie* Renpcr, J. Ir Hough klrk, Peter Wetrseli, Mi.liael C. Or***, K. Cornell**. Edward C. Meloy El?*v?*nth aard: ? Km School Commissioner, S. S. Acker; for Hchool Inspector, Edward Mlrhlir)';, for Trustoeii, Henrv C. t'aolkm and <.'harleH I'cr c;. f Jr. A HaCHT, Si-e'y. J. KRAI'S, Pren. 8TH ALPEIiMANIC BISTRft T -TAMMANY I NION DemfM raih- nominations, and Mo/an regular Dcuio i a lie Republh^iii noininatlvni:? For Alderman, PETER MoKMtjllT. TAMMANY CONVENTION. MOZAKT CO^rVKNTIOIV. pWm. FitTpntrirk, Chairman. John J. Hlalr, t'haliman. Edv. urd B. Fox, ? = Wm. >Y. JackMon, t Seen Ellas W. Taylor, \ 1 1 * Henry L. Wright, S tarici. 9TH WARD INDEPENDENT CLT B-THE AROVE named rlub will holtl u mi eiillK *>n Friday evcniliu, at 8 o'ehw-k, Novemhet *J9v;tr S. RosenthaTN, 4 1 CnYininc 8tr? et. lHTli ALDEHMANIC DISTRICT. 11/ FOR ALDERMAN. fSEtJRtiE A. JEREMIAH. M? /jiri Hull Tantmnnv Hull. MiCIIAEL KANE, tni'ii. ISAAC 11. II Ro>\ N, Ch'u. John Harrim;to\, Ser'y. John , I. Dtmond, S?*r'y. UTI1 WARD l'NION ASSOCIATION, COMPRISING the Eighth and Twelfth Aldi-rmanic Diktriets. ? \t a regular ineetlfi^ ol tlmaiiovc named Colon AsH(x:iation, held at tuc house ot Ahiaham Kapp, No. l.*V0 Attorney stive?, the iollowin^ pe title iuc n were unanimously en dorNed to hll the several public positions. ? For Mayor. C OODFREY Ul NTIIER. For Aldermen. peter Mcknight and harney kelly For Coumllmen of the Fifth Senatorial District : ? Fred. Rcpfter, John II. Iloojthkirk aid Anthony Miller. At our next regular meeilutf. Friday. Nov. /'J, the imhiiiee of the olfi rers lor I. he Charter election will bo endorsed. Wc Invite all Union loving cltucns to join uv. S. BLCM, President. WM KAYTON, Vice President. G. ftEHt RN, AKHKK I' OKMK, ) ' UTH WARD MEfHANIt'S' INDEPENDENT DEMO cratic t;iub.? At a regular meetinuol the ahnve club, held on Tuesday evening, Nov. 20, at MerhanieM' Hall, No. Itl? A ttoiney street, the following cumlidates were unanimoiialy endorsed. For Mayor. HON FERNANDO WOOD. KIO MTII A I UKIOI A NIC DISTHICT. A Idc rmii n? PETE R McK M t ? II T. Couio ilinen In the Filth District. MICIIAEL C. t ? JtOHS , FREDERICK REPPER. ANTHONY MILLER, DAN IKE W ERS'ILR, JOHN II HOOGHKIItK. EDWARD C. MALOY. School Commissioner? S A M T EL S. ACKER. School Trn sices ? IIARYEY C. CALKIN, LEWIS O'BRIEN. Ht'hoot 1 nsjiector? EDW A RD M ICII LING. F. SPATTZ, President. A. Hofmam. s#5erctary. ?JTH WARD -TAMMANY AND PEOPLE'S NOMINA Hon. For School Comrnifttioner. JOHN 11. TRAPP, Lawyer, 107 Attorney street. , Societal lew. 13 IOTII WARD WORKING MEN'S l'NION DEMOCRATIC? O CbH) ? A meeting of the above Club will lw held at Michael Clarke's, 37 Goerck street, on Friday, Nov. 29, at 7'a o'clock P. M. M. J. McDERMOTT, President. R. FAGAN, Vice. President. P. Rkim.y, 'Secretaries S. lloi.LANDER, ^ Wari ** J. Clank, Treasurer. MTII WARD l'NION DEMOCRATIC AND WORKING men's Club will meet at No. U Spring street, on Satur day ex eiung, Nov. :#J, at 7 ^ o'cl?K,k. Memls-rs are rcuueatcd to attend, a* business of import ami' will bi> transact* ?1. WILLIAM MULLIN, President. J. Mitciim., Secretsrv. "I/'TH WARD. X\) At a meeting of the citizens of thi*wnrd, held at Mi James Healey's, Seventh aveuue and Twenty-flrth street, on Monday evening. November 25, it was unanimously rc solved to organize a elub under the name ol the Sixteenth Ward Young Men's Fernando Wood Association. On mo, ion. Mr. Jno. Phclan waa elected President, and Jas. llcaley Vice President, and Mohms, J?ia. McDoualdand C/Iiils. Moore w*eretaries. On motion, it was resolved that the object of this Club Is to procure bv all honorable means the re-e lection of the Hon, Fernando Wood to the oflice of Mayor, which he now so honorably and ably fills. On motion, it was resolved that we now adjourn until Friday evening, the 2Uth inst., at* o'clock, at the same pluce, when all citizens friendly to tn?? ob ject arc invited to attend. JOHN PIIELAN, President. JAMEs 11EALEY, Vice PresidenL JosRpn McDonald, i , Chariks Moork, S , fiecretarie 1 7TH WARD MOZART WARD COMMITTEE.? AT A XI meeting of the Seventeenth Ward Mozart Ward Com mittee, held at McGwire's, corner of Seventh street and First avenue, on Tuesday evening, November 20, in the absence of Mr. Daly, Mr. P J. Cozans was called to the chair On motion of Mr. Thomas Kane, the committee endorsed the nomination of Hon. Fernando Wood, lor Mayor, and George A. Jeremiah as the regular Mozart candidate for Al derman of the Tenth district. Alter the transaction of gene i ul business. th? committee adjourned to meet at Karl's. No. 42 avenue A, this (Thursday) evening, at haif past seven o'clock. P. J. COZANS, Chairman pro tem M. T. Connom.v, Secretary. We the ntiderMgued. delegates of the Tenth Aldermanic Convention, met on Tuesday evening, Nov. 19, at Putnam Hal., cornt t of Twelfth stm t and Third avenue, puisuant to a i all ol the M? /art Hall Cen ral Coruinittee. We, (he undersigned tlelegates, ecrtily that George A. Je* ren lab was duly nominate! as the regular Mozart candidate lor Alderman. Michael K.oie, Bernard Kcnney, Richard Davis, John Harrington, Jatw s i o r, Patrick ('ah ill, Wm. hiouris, ? I* atrh k Donovan Tl.o nas Kerrigan. Manns McNulty, J oho P. Claw. Endoracment Committee. . POUTICIX. T l/'TII WAitD.-AT A I.AHUK MEKTINU <600 DEMO L" ' ??i?l*iuwn?hhii|) .ii7? Tenth avt-uv.,., on Tui-adut *,.v M, II **a nilaiuntt>UK|) agreed to ?>ip\ or; K- roaJIdo Wood: or Mavor, m?l nut- all honoi ahli- ni'?n* io inline hi* ! ion J. MoCooi., Heenvnry. JOHN KOORKS, President. 1 T II WARD VOl Nd MEN'S I \io\ DEMOCRATIC .1 I t'lii' .? Tills riuli will nmrt on Thuntday .-van ok. iCn? vemher ut 8 o'clock, ut tfinith'n 11*11, iiirnrr 01 Klrnv ave nue ftiiii Eleventh street, to nelect and endorse landnUtca to auppurt uu llm 3d iluv of Lki<f ml nr. By oriier of EDWARD RIELY, Preildeat Patrick Mkaka, Secretary. rOTH \V.\ lil> NINETEENTH WARD. ;/ kaklev vfjiN Tin: de<k. At a meeting of tin* Democratic Workiiignu-n'a A?aociailon of the Nineteenth ward, halii at Unlay'* democratic head qimrtciy, corner of Fiftieth utrcet ami Third avenue, on Tuindiij ovenini:, November 2<^ lb#l, for tint puipoaauf en. doi Hinu a candidate for Alderman, Mr. Tkkhsck Fiaurr re i civ l tin- majority of vote". We therefore indorse him aa tin- candidate of tiir Association. LiuM'tim c Daly, John II. I.yncli, John Mrt'oy, Jr., ! Thomas ? : 1 1 y , Bernard CoVle, STKPIIEN L. McCOY, Chairman Committee. I*. H. Kkik.skv tfci-ret.iry Anaoclutlnn. PATRICK DaLY, Chairman Association. C)"1HT WARD.? AT A LA ROE ANl? ENTII I'HIASTIO _j J meeting of tii" Tv. cuty-Arm ward Young M.-u'a Demo cratic Ciuli, ln-ld ou r Coehrann'* distillery, Kaat Thirty third street, Iwtwcen First and Second hvcui es, Nov. 20. If. i". Oochraue proposed thnl tint cluh support Hon, Fernando W- od for Mayor, and the regular Moiart ticket, which waa tarried ity uccUinatloit unit tBree cheers lor Mat, or Woad. Tin- meeting adjourned to mi-el ut thi- same place, on Friday ?? vi-ntnn, Nov. JO, ut 7 o'clock, w han a piini'tnal atiendl.uco of the nirmbera ami uli others tavorahln to the re-election of Mayor Wood la solicited, as eminent <pcakcr? will addrena the meeting. By order. JOHN NM1YII, President. 11. I' Cochrane, Secretary. MIMCKtiLANTEOUB. ~ ATTENTION HMOKKUg.? THE FOLLOW INK HMOKINO Tobaccos Uai \ t- been approved of by all who have used them a* imparting the most delicious I In v or, and particularly by Oh* Indies as these Tobaccos can be smoked hi the parlor without causing that disagreeable odor which in *o objection* able a feature in most Muokinjj tubdOMM. We would mil the attention of sutler* ami the trade in general to our celebrated brand "the Color Your Meerschaum,*' wlii h is put up ?n lb, e'kairos each package coutaiulnu four piceev. This To co in prejtafd and ?c?- -upies Much a *mali i>puce that It can bf carried by the soldier u ithout any trouble. The iiualUy of tbia brand is uiiHurpas^ed ; also, the well known 'MOh'kiiy kln-k," put up in live pound packages and in canes of lOU pounds. And the general fHVonte "Our Choice this hrsnd Is packt-d In quarter pootid packages, and labelled. Our To !>ae.c?>N have been endorsed ? oih by the army and navy aa the be*? in u??e, while our pricen are no higher than those chanted for inferior brauds by other manufacturer*!, p or bill price*. Ac. . of Tobaccos address J>. AI'l'LEHY A SONH, 13$ Water str**e|. New York, manufacturers of the due cut Ca* vendihh Tobacco, in foil, papcra and canister*, atul all kinds of Hnuff, dealers in Leaf Manufactured Tobaeco, choice Ha vana and domestic Segai *. I'lpo, Ac., A?\, Ac. All orders by mail carefully put up and promptly forwarded. A T CONNER'S, 377 BOWERY. NEXT TO FIFTH J V mint, I ?? llie iilmr. to !??>> your Boot* uu<[ Shut s. (M for <j?ul'? Call 1) Sulf Writer Hoot*. S iS 2% lor dent's Calf stout Blugle Sole Boots. A 25 for (SenPs Call Double Soli* p lloots. *2 7ft for Gent's Calf Single Soli' j^cged Hoots. $3 00 lor Uent's tirain Long Legged Water Hoots. S3 flo for Cent** rait D ttble Sole stitched Balmorals. $1 50 lor Gent's Tap Solo, pegged Balmoral*. $2 ftti tor Cent Patent Leather stitched Congress Gaiters. $2 t> ?for (tout's Calf stitched Congress Gaiters, Also a great variety of Ladtes*, Misses1, Boys', Youtha* amt children's Wear, at wry low price* . N. B. ? Long Legged Double Soled B<h?is for Firemen. Anew thing.- mrs. emklink morris, solicit** the continuation of the | atrotiage of her frfeuds and the public, a* letter writer, copy! -t and amanuensis, at her l?ri \ Mf rooms, tiiift Broadvtuy, up stairs. S. II.? Legal docu ments copied. RIKIIKK OK BVBRY DESCRIPTION' AT THE brush factory 329 Pearl street, Harpers' Building. Ail articles at the lowest factory prices. Paint brushes or a su perior quality constantly on hand. JOHN K. IIOPPEL. HOCSEKEEPERS. LOOK 1IEBE ? THE PRICE LIST ami location or the depots of the People's Provision Company will appear on the eighth page of nest Sunday S Herald. Sen it and save money. B M AILLARD'8 CEI.KH RATED UNION CHOCOLATE. M Union Ch?M*olate for the Army; put up in small cakes, eaeh Bulla lent for one ration. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 61!) and G21 BROADWAY. Also MAI LLARIVS Family Chocolate, troin 2.V. to $1 per pound. Warranted pure and equal to any imported and costing only halt tie* price. MII.K MANTELS-CHEAT REDUCTION IN PRICES Those wishing to Imy Mantels very cheap should call at A. KLABEIVS marble yartV, 113 East Eighteenth street, near Tlilril avetiue. New York. Orders from the country executed with despatch. To SUFFERING 11 CM AN ITY.?Ql ACKEltY SI* PER seded and no humbug. ? Restoration is at hand; one trial only solicited to prove the efficiency Of the system adopted, by which thousands have beenoureti, l>y timely ion, of Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sprains, Spasms, Tlcdolorcux. Nervous Debility, Lowuess of Spirits, Lots of Appetite and Secret Disorders arising from excess or disappointment in insrriMge. A prescription will be forwarded to meet the exi gences ? ?f the limes lor One Dollar only, written iu iho English language, whih can He mad*1 up by any chemist. Full part iculsrs as to symptoms must l?e addressed to Dr. En/il Castor, Post oflice, Brooklyn, New York. rilODli .V KAKKI ItTV, M AM I AH'! HKKS OF STA JL tionary and r^rtable Engines and Boilers: itUo Flax Hemp ami Roiie Machinery; Millwright Work an I Cusiiiiga and general Machinery tnerehants. Depot mi. I store No. 13 Dey street, New York. Works at Pate.rsou, N. .J. Q(| PER CENT ECONOMY.? NO MORE OLD CLOTilES nlj living and Seoui i tig of Pants, Coaut, Wmn, Cloak*, M ant illss, Ou ru* ins, ?*<-,, and of all \\ oolleii, Silk, Cotton sod Velvet Goods, l?v the new chemical nroress, pa tented, No. llMt.'.'i. at Washington, by Professor N Msryalm* 4?l Paris. The goods cotilided to the En I pirn i !ty Steam Dye ing establishment are executed In the most Mtpcrior si^rle. The ?-olot> are reh and solid. Tito semiring is ?loue without any o .or. ami tim hed the same as iu Paris. <o.o?i* deliver* el the slnrrteM possible notice. Empire City S earn Dyers and Scour r*, 7<W Broadway. ? in l\(\l\ ??'?wels carrots for sale cueap? I " U* * * * ;i t pier North i iver. tmn at the loot of Atlan ta street, Brooklyn. CliOTHINU. A GREAT BA1TLE FOI'GIIT AT FORT ROYAL.?' THE u"\ Vntory Is gained. Ludies and geiil lelifll, It ban he?Mi vir urioii* in he, ng pronounced by msii) thai B. MINT/. IS7 Sixth avenue, has he. n pav .iu a higher J" i? <: than any oilier d'-ah r In the ? ,ty lor ?a.M 'oil Clothing, C.0 |mi-t Furniture and Jew? lry. and -till uo aiM to < ontinue so f y.?u will favor him wiih a mm or cull, l.le w ill not htiinhuu me ' onimumiy by offering ^10 I'm* sill; di? sve> , $20 for coais and $7 l*or | -ants, as U .!i lie l:y olh'Ts. 1 ?:t agrees to pu\ i he J nil \ able, for ? a? h artiele in ca-n. Ludies attended h\ Mr AIIN'PZ, l."?7 >ixt li avenue, r.ear Tenllt st reel. N. B. ? Beware oi tb?*. false preiendeis. ott'erin:! von i/V p-r c nt more, fry mil give them the ;;oo?.s; tin y will wai.t ne?ocy III th burg'^n. , i GREAT BATTLE bUH'GHT? THE VICTORY TK JV ta ned.? Ladies and yeutleineit. it he.S been VII turioiis in IN iug prouoillieeU l*y a gie.u loans 1h?t i . II ARItIS, of lfiC Seventh avenue; 'has been paying ib is?r cent mote than an> dealer iu tin c ty lor . a'st oil' toothing. Caijiets, Kurni tur?' an?l . Jewelry, and -till mi aim to continue -?o If you will favor him w itli a noie, ? r ? ail. lie lurrec* to pa;, tlic following pi in s. ? For Silk l)rvnm Horn to lor t'oats, from to $2(1: for Pants, from $2 to $o. Do not lorgct, Iftti S* ventb avenue, near Twciit>?lirst -ireet. f.adies attended by Mrs. Harris. N. B. ? Beware oi the false prep uileis oif? r,ng you 5 1 per eent mot e Try and give them the goods, they will want money In the baiyaln. AT THE OLD STAND. IM SEVENTH AYENCK L/.EklELS guai an tees to nay th e following prices fot ladies* and gentle* men'' east oil Wearing Appai ei: ? From to $l?i for Silk Dressc* , from $5 to $2<? for Costs. from $1 ftO to $7 for Pants. Also, Carpet.-, Furniture, Jewelry, .*c\ A note by post pun* tuallv attended to by E.. Ladles .itteiifled to by Mrs. E. J54 Seventh avenue No connection with an a other house AT THE CALIFORNIAN AND WESTERN AGENCY Store the hlghcsi price can lie olitained for vast off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, A *. For Silk Dresses, front $8 to for (*oals. from $2 to JplH; for l'ants, front $1 M to $f> A note addressed II. Harris, Bowery, oppofdia Gri^at Jones street, will be punctually attended to. Ladies attcudcd by Mrs. Harris. Allow me a cjcestion.? is it possible that se co ml hand uarmciit* can fetch such tremendous prices? When m w Clothing Is sold at the present times at a great sacrlliee, if no humhu.;, it would well pay our clothing merchants to turn their u*'W stocks I ti for second hand, and receive the prices ollercd by some of the second bund iles lers. (Question ? Will they pay a s ottered, or can they pay it? Is mis really a puxzleV But, ladies aud gear tlemen, you can well avoid being puzzled or humbugged, by calling on or adilressin^ E. 11., 79 Sixth <tveuu*, near Wave i ley place, where you may be sure to receive the utmost value for your oa*t oil Clothing, Carpet a. Furniture and Jewelry. Ladies attended by Mrs. E. H. Please remember, and try 79 Sixth avenue. A N EXCELLENT CHANCE FOR LADIES and GEN -iV. tleinen to dispose of their cast off Clothing, Furniture, Carets, Jewelry, Ac. I have just revived $8,0UU from (h Buxbaiviu A Co., Cincinnati, to purchase the above articles, for which I pay the tollow lug priei-s: ? From $12 to $36 for Silk Dicsscs; Coats, from $10 to $'Jo; Pants, fmni $2 to $6. Please call on or address A. Dueas, 211 S< veiitU avenuef l>e? tween Twenty. fourth and Twenty -tilth streets. Ladies at tended to by Mrs. D. Attention, ladies and gentlemen -i have h great demand for cast ofT Clothing, Furniture, Car iM-t*. Ac I will pay the Iventprh e by calling ou or address* lug M ABRAHAMS, 2S.H Si'venih avenue, between Twenty Hi th aud Twenty-sixth streets. Ladies attended to by Mrs. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING ? LADIES AND gentlemen harine any cast off Clothing, Furniture, Car pets and Jewelry, will receive the highest price by calling on or addressing A HARRIS, 6H8 Third avenue. Ladl** at tended by Mrs. llan *. AT THE NEW STAND, 2H3 THIRD AVENUE, LADIES and gents ean seeure the full value for their e*m olT Clothing, by calliug on or addressing E. Jacobs, 303 Third avenue, between Twenty third and Twenty, fouth si reels. Ladies attended by Miss F Jacobs. Abetter chance than ever for uamesaso gentlemen to obtain the h%hcst price for their Cast On Clothing. I guarantee tr? pay tfTt- following prices ? F -rSMk Dmmti, rVoin $ln t'< $41; rr.'.n. $jt.. $30 r..r :ii?, rrum?2 lo $7 for I'anlK. AIm> CsrpnU, FurmMire ti u ij J '?* .in nr N<l.ln-K J AVI [ALT, 152 fVvrnth l>ci??'ciiTwi'iitirihainlTweiu?.lir?l?u<'Ot?. l*lJ"? "d by Mr?. Auhalt. A RARE flIANTE._I,\rUBS VXP flK.VTLK.MEN. t ^ ? wunt ? lur.T Iik nfi'.L-i on i'loiUin?, ' *n*- ? "I"' Kur/il. nlttir# fin- ihi- WrslPi ii ram *? ?!. I pronuii- in |>n) th<- hinhi ft price Inr llirm. I>.v r.illiu^ ou or mldrv??iMK M. JO Si-r.mli nri niir, bclwi-i'ii MIxK-ooih and Seveiilvrnth ?Ire.t?, Laillri atlrndml by Mr*. Ellin. A U RE AT 0EM.INU KOK I'LOTIIINO? LAUIKJf ASD (jpnilfiiipn haviiis anr ra?l oft Cluihlnif, Ciirnhlir. niiil C?r|i?ia, will rntiif lli?' Ulchcut |irlc?? by iiklllm; on ur ud< ?In ? inir C. M 1811, (Jrx-nlh arwitif. b.-nvr.-n Twenty, inn tli and Th:it:i*tii ItrcoU. Udiv* allcuJed to by Mr. Ml,k. V?iOf>r> OI'PORTI'NITV TO OBTAIN THE HHITTEAT I i'itc? l .-Ilk. ami ? i ill* ii tiri-Mpa, Coal*, I'anU, ?ud not to lie humbiiuicfcl l>y adv. rtiifinfiit* or rxn^^rrv'ril l'ric?, ?.i *? to r*ll. Aildu-"* by jxwt Levi ualyn, JU3 ?vtDue. Ladira ailcnd.d by Mr*, h. J '

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