Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1861 Page 2
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ARRIVAL OF THE XARNAX. INTERESTING FROM HAVANA AND NASSAU The English and Spanish Version of the Arrest of Slidell and Mason. TIIE EXPEDITION TO MEXICO, &(?! lie* The British mail stnamor Kurnak, Captain Le Messurier , arrived at ibis |<ort ui an early hour yesterday morning. Sha brings advices from Havana to the 23d and from Nassau to the 26th ult. Tha health of both places was (ood, but trado was very dull. The following is the freight on board: ? Leaf tobacco, 1,669 bales; gout skins, 172 packages; sugar, 411 boxes; sogers, ubout a million and a quarter. Havana Market? Sugars dull. No. 12, l\r. a8*?r. Stock about 30,000 boxes. Freight to the UtiitdH States ? Nothing doing. Molasses? No stock; no transactions; nominal price, 8^r. Exchange ? London, 16 a 15)?;dull New York, 6 a 6J? premium. Our Havana Corr?ipondM?r Havana, Nov. 22, 1881. j The SefMurt of Mmrt. Manon and Slidell ? Review of the Troop* Jar Mexico? liumnrt in Connection uiiM Ike Kxjt. dition? Spanish Aid Tendered to Yueaian ? Important from Venezuela, if True- Weather? AmmemenU, <fc.,?fc The Karuak salts to-morrow ; but In consequence of tbe uncertainty of the hour of sailing, aud the probability that aho may leave quite early, I have Judged II uiore prudent to write to-day. Tim new* by the English steamer, which arrived here this morning from St. Thomaa. lias thrown the who! city Into a state of great oxcitement. Hy this time, of couruo, tbe news of the capture of M< ssrs. Slldoll uod Mason, with tlieir secretarios. Isold, but we have bearil nothing of it till this morning. The British Consul was kind enough to road me the official despatch bo roceived in relation to the affair from the oflicor In charge of the mails on board the Trent. Tbnt gentleman's version of tbe affair Is, briefly, that tho steamer Trent left Havana on the 7th iustBiit. On tho following day a steamer was observed nearlug thorn , which presently fired a round shot across the bows of tho Trent, whereupon the latter hoisted her flag and continued on hor way; shortly afterwards a shell oxplodod at about half a cable's length from her, upon which she hove to. The stranger showed no flag until about tho time the shell was Bred, aud It was then discovered that she was an American. Presently au armed party or ma Tines, under eunmand of a lieutonant, came alongside the Trent, and the officer, on boarding her, demanded a list of her passengers, which the captain refused. The formor then stated that he had positive knowledge tha1 Messrs. Mason aud Slidell, with their secretaries, Messrs Eustis and McFarlaud, were on board; that he had orderg : to arrest tliem, and. If necessary , use forco. Tho party Immediately surrendered themselves, under protest, the captain joining in tbe protest. Tho federal officer wanted to take the captain of the Trent, but for somo reason or other rofralued. and both steamers went their respective ways. The whole affair occupied but a Tew mu ii ites, aud occurred at about three o'clock in the after, noon. .Southerners, Southern sympathizers and Engli hmen aro apparently rejoiced at tho event , tho former because it may bring about an Immediate war with Oreat Bri tain. which will rcliove tho blockade of Southern porn, and the latter because thoy hope ? the Yankees will bo made to pay for their Insolonce." The evening bulletin of the Diariode la Marina of to day publishes a different account, which I enclose. It states that tbe families of tbe prisoners were also taken on board the San Jacinto, while the des|?tch to tho Uri tish Consul Eays they proceeded to England In the steamer I * I lata, In which also went a British officer, with de tpatchos to his government detailing this curious affair. The Mexican expedition hasnot yet suited, but I am satisfied they are only awaiting the arrival of the frigates Concnpclon and Lualtad, which wore to have leli St. Thomas on the 20th, and therefore ought to l.e here within a day or two. If Miraiuou weie on board, as soms have suspected, we should have learned it by the English steamer. On last Tuesday the troops intended for the expedition, together with some ten thousand more of the garrison here, were reviewed by the Captain General on the Pasoo de Isabel II. About sixteen thou sand men of all arms were on the ground, and mado a very Oae display. The troeps for Mexico wore their light blue cotton uniforms, with straw hats, and all were in full marching order, with knapsacks, blankets, Ac., strapped around them. The other troops were In full gala dross? snow while linen coats ano punts, black cross belts, and a small, light, serviceable shako, which I be lleve is peculiar to the Spanish army. It was certait ly a splendid body of men, better In appcarance ami discipline than anything I expected to find. The only thing I no ticed which I did not like was the conditlou of the arms, which were not as bright and ueui looking us they might have besn. The men inarch yery rapidly, and cany their msskets in a manner different from what we are ac customed to see in the United States, and I helieve m jre comfortably. While speaking of these matters I may as well mention a rumor which prevailed here some days ?go In certain circles, which war that If tho United States were to gain some vety decided advantage over the South, a victory which would prvmlse success to the Northern arms, the Mexican expedition would bo aban doned by Spain. No more Idle rumor could exist. We have had news of the arrival at Sisal ot a Spanish vessel of- war, tendering Spanish aid to tho government of Yucatan, In men and money, to j.utdown the Indians^ I rather incline to the belief that the men and money will be sent probably ta the shape of a detachment from Vera Crux. 1 have tbe authority of the Mario de la Marina Mr saying that the same offer was made by Spain to Yuca tan soma sixteen or eighteea ysars ago. But thon aud now are different time*, and people might think such an offer now as rather suspicious |*rhape. On tho other hand, I hsve been told that the md'gnatlon and alarm of the South American people Increase every day . anil that General l'aex has Issued a proclamation inv iting Vene zuelans to assist Mexico by every postible means to re sist the Spaniards. This may possibly be true, but I do not choose to vouch for it without seeing the docu- | ments. The weather now Is dellghtnil. and the health of Ila | ?ana perfectly good. The Opera at the Viliamteva is a failure; but when Muzlo k Co. get into WJiking order I shall have the pleasure of knowing no such word. I found Chiarlnl'8 circus quite an elegant one, very well patronized, and deservedly so. Every one, from tho highest to the lowest, goes there, and so do 1. p. s. l Lad almost forgotten to inoiition tbet the steamer Santiago de Cuba is oi.tsirte the harbor, watch tng, It is said, three or four sus|>ected vessels now at anchor here. These vessels carry the English Hug. and have olearod for Northern ports; but tbe supposition is that thoy are destined for some ot tb.? h.or.kaded ports uf the South. Newspaper Acrounti. (Translated from tbe Liiario de la Ma i .u, Nov. 22. lor tbe i New York Hxk.ujj.] A respectable and reliable gentlema . has communicat ed to us tbe following information, tho impoitaiice of whloli we leave to the appieciation ot our road-rs. In the British steamer Trent, which left tins port on the 8th Inst., Messrs. Mason and Slidell, Commissioners of the Southern confederacy, took passage. with many other passengers. Sevoral (lays after Uwr dtipai lure slu- was over taken Ijv in Anglo American ship-of war whic.. w? suppose to have been the San Jacinto. ai d wt. ah ft ed iwnba..sat her. The Trent Blopped on this unlrieudly demonstra tion, wlieron two boats left tbo Aineric u steamer, with armed men, muskets ?nd bayonots.aii .having boaided til' Trent, they took tl e twoi Vmrai-*i< uers, V. ssrs. all de'.l and Mason, by force, despite of ih eiie geoe protests of the captain. W? will not at present -ay another word on tins subject, which is certainly destined to creat. great noise in Europe and America. We are convinced ol its correctflfwi, but will nyvortno less await Us confirmation and Sim e writing tbe above we are able to iay be ore our readers a semi official necount of tho aflitir ou t? ard the steamer Trent, wliich is as follows: ? On the 8th ino o'clock in the alternoon, five mi es to the north of C.iyoCoco, the American corvette .San Jacinto, of eightcc, i?'ins, esfleo tbu British steamer Trent, which she stop)*! by tlr ng '.wo guns, one without a ball and afterwards one with ball the Trent stopped her engines and was I ardeu by two b aia,f-oin whuh an officer cam ? "n to the steam r to claim wme citizcns Of the Untied States who were |?sn tigers The captain of the Trent resis'eu ihe demand. The officer threatened fire Tbe agent cf <V admiralty and the cap'am prot sled against this oui :e. Th '(T).-*-r sunt for two more artnr l boats . d ?? d the T eta. in h nj.litsrv way. -epealinghis eitisud fi ui. v d?iivry. The captain au i. hoagoniie ur the rotct, ml the varttes demautod volnntarl v pri-sei tli mselve-. Thev v.ere M?' ;<*r* Sll'lc 1 ?!!?' ?!? , Ih ti .i ta i is* and families who, at ha is th>vo . v wre tiiken on board the San J.iclrU 1 r> uti i no ' b at The San Jacinto then p ocit". 1 'ia. i,. i Svi taren. and tbe Trent continueii ? i to ? ill m i, whore tho protest was d t ? tin ? ' .? r fo-m, and an officor left in ? e- .... .a accoutft of tbis ou'rago oi i:> t . to tb? (o>?r?meut of her Biitunn: M i I the slave tbade. Captain Gordon, of tH? gl?te Ship Mt nK nt ed to be Hung on tbe 01 February, VN1TKD 1TATE8 CIRCUIT OOUBT. Before Hon. Judge Shtpman. Not. 30 ?The United Stat et w. Nathanirl Gordon --?'* Wai a motion In arreiil of Judgment end for a new trie . OPINION OF TBI OOUW. At the .Ittlng of the Court morning Judge (associated with Judge Nelson) proceeded to deli? th following opinion and sentence in the caw of Captain Gordon, convicted of --ing on board the .i.ver tMe. We have carefully considered the point. .ubmlttod to us on the motions for arrest of Judgment and for a now trial aud the argument, of counsel thereon. In disusing ? these motions we do not deem it important to d^u? any exception. taken to the form of the indict ment, oxcopt .uch a. apply to the flr.t and third count., inasmuch as it wa? upon these two count, that we put the com to Ute Jury. If cither one of these count. Is good, ,t 1. sufficient to support the verdict. The only objcc ion taken to the form of the flr.t and third count, is that they do not aver, in the precise words of the statute, the con dltluna of the negroes us "not held to service by the law. or either of the States or Territories of the United States' at the time of tho commissiou of the offence ? the language of the indictmont boing "not having been held to ser vice he" It is argued that If tho defendant had been atds'uforove that they had been once hold to service at fiune time prior to tho commission of the ?^"c0^UM**"1r(i ment would have been negatived and be would wi-Tb lnk%nl y?p 'roves thit th'flanguage of t^nd^gm^t ^rvfe ^tborVat tb. t^.^ .o'conflned an*d detained statute is '^'a'tVer."' To^b^ thero "was no such proot that the vessel upon whioh tho offence \vhjj bu'uTJ* mid *7 citizens of the United State.. This llxeu the**'-""! ? haracter.and ownership would bo pre sumed to continue until tbey wore shown to have been el, aimed. To show Eucb * change (he biirdeii of jproof wa. on t'je defendant, Tho evidence offered only tend ed to show that a salo was mado of the ve??el at !KVana? maU "lit urgT'ify the "d'eZd^t's counsel that i n as m uch "IS the" .n.o claimed to huv" been proved was made In a foreign country , tho ?aw will presume, until tho coni-ary 1. shown, th*1 ' * ?'de to foreiJneis. We think there is no foundation in law 01 reason ui>oii which such a presumption can rest. 1 sunrort of that part of the indictment which chnrges lia the rtercn'ant was an American citizen at the of committing the ulfence , th ^kUe'r' Maine many^oare, ?f^" their marriage, and betore the ^blrth of 'ed*1 from '"the* teTt^nony8?? th^ some w Urfessi if ' that his father was a sea captain, and that sometimes hi. wife tho defendant's mother, accompanied him ... hl? foreign voyages. The defendant's counsel claimed that it aptioared from this evidence that he "might'' have been born abroad, and that if he was he was not a citlion of tho United Stales, and therefore nut amenable to those criminal laws of the UniU'd Statos u hleli are limited In terms to it. citizen.. The Court in structed tho jury , however, that even If the defendant was born during ono of those voyage* which the rather made as a sea captain, wlthoutary intontion ot removing " but merely touching at foreign countries, he would stiil be retarded In law a. an American citizen. fendan J* counsel excepted to this part of the charge, on tho * round that It did not lay down tho correct rule of law autdlciible to children of American parents born in fore ign countr ies . Without here discussing the general nrlnclDles or law applicable to that subject, It 1. a sullicient answer to tho exce"tion taken in this case that the charge on this point, taken m connection with the tacts in cvldeucn to which it was to bo explicit, clearly referred to a possible birth of the defendant 1 n board his father's American vessel, while the latter WM in a foreign country , in tho course or the vovmk. Wewe clearly or opinion that there ? no error in this part or tho charge. Ihe only rema nlng i.b.uction that we deem it necessary to no"c? '? <t thp Frio wag a foreign vcshuI, even admitting t be cltlrlnshfp or (Tonlon, this8 court has not tho fur .dic tion to try bim Tor an act committed oa tho river Congo, iu the Portuguese dominions, aud not on tide water. ?' There are two answers to thia objection First, there i. no pnor that tho Krte was a foreign vessel, but the proof ,. clear and uncontradicted that she Ml an Ameri can vessel owned bv American citizens. Second, th" al legation in tho indictment that tho ofl?nco wasMmmlttod ? 'in the river Congo, on thecoast or Arrica, on water, within the admiralty marino Jurisdiction of , we ihluk fully .ustii'ued by the proof. The proof is that the negi ? cs were taken on beard in the Congo river , some uiKtim e from its mouth, but where It i. several mile, broad and roally an arm or the sea. The proof is clear and uncontradicted that the offence or cuntluuig and de tiilninethe negroe. on board was continuou. and . min ified until her capture in the Atlantic Ocean, seve ral miles rrom land. O f course It was committed in the lerv mouth or the river, where IU broad expanse is lost in tho Atlantic, and where the Jurisdiction of every nation over IU clt liens or It. .hip. clearl* extend.. The other exception, to the., two counts and to the chargo, are overruled. Upon all tb-se point, we aro clearly of opinion that there is no error In the Indictment, and that none Inter vrned on ihe trial, and that the jurisdiction of the court is beyond dispute. We therefore are constrained to deny tho application for a certillcate of division which is **ke4 f,r by the defendant to enable hlm to carry the case to the Supreme Court, it Is hardly necesaary tor me to add that these views are the result of consideration, awl ar fully concurred in by Mr. Justice Nelson. Mr. E. II. Smith, the Dtatrict Attorney, then that the Court proceed to pass the judgment of the law UIFx Jwi ge'tSan* objected to the passing of sentence at ?>iqi I' mrt h* a sinale Judge. He had no objection to the fuel but raised the questiou in order that he might have ume to applSS to the Executive. Since the trial he had not se n a .Ingle person connected with the ?a.e, nor had he had an opportunity to consult with any ot the wors who wt on the trial. Ho understood eleven of them had been in favor of rocommendlng the prisoner to m r 'y but Z twelfth man had objected, on the ground tliat such recommendation could rorm 10 P?[tol ! the ver ?t Mp however, since understood that all the jurors would unite in such recommendation. Under ^ those eircuinatances, and In view of the re?|>on.lbllilles In which he was placed a. counsel for the prisoner , he asked that the pai-sing of Judgment might be .uspendci ? Judge Shipman remarked that one Judgo the court and that, thererore, butone ?u needed to piwa sentence This had been agreed upon after consulUtion ttleen hlmseir and Judge Neieon In view or these ractsand circumstances in the c:ise he deemed it bc.t to paMjudiiinxul at the present time. I THi: S*TTli>(-m. simnAi* J It appears from the evidence in this case that m the summer <>f 1800 you sailed in lha ship Erie, ' 1 1 i.m Havana, in tbe island of Cuba, bound to the coast of Africa. You wag master of tbe vessel and bad on board a competent crow. and a largo amount of provisions of a kind and quantity appropriate for rood for a largo Lum ber of |w hour , uiid sucb an is usually carried out in vos 8' 'Is which are intended for the slavo trade. The ship also bad on board a large number of water mslcs, as well us a quantity of liquor, which l itter was to be left in Af rica, probnbiy exchanged for the freight whicli you un dertook to bring bark to Cuba. In command of this ship, thus manned and provided, you proceeded to tbe Congo river, on the West Const of Africa, and there after land inc your cargo, and subsequently reshlpplng all or nearly allb it the liquor, and tiding your wator casks with fresh wator, you dropped your vessel down the river to a point a few link's from it* mouth, and in a tew hours, on tho afternoon of the Tth of August, you to"k on hoard 897 of tho inhabitants of that oountry, thrust them, i.ensely parked aud crowded, between tho decks of the ship, and immediately sat sail for Cuba. On the morning of the 8th, in tbe Atlantic Ocean, about fifty miles from the coast, you was captured by the United States war vessel Mohican. your ship taken to Monrovia, whcre'alt tbe unfortunate victims of your crime then living were put on shore, and you were brought in your ship to this port. 1'pon these facts you have bean accused, brought to trial boforo a Jury of your countrymen, and found guilty of a crime for which tbe laws of your country ad judge you a pirate, and inflict upon you the punishment of death !n the verdict of tbe Jury It Is my duty to say that tho Court fully concurred. The evidence of your guilt wa? go full aud complete as to exclude from the mini's of your triers all doubt. You are soon to be con ? fronted with the terrible com-equences of your crime, and it is proper that I should call to your mind tbe duty of preparing for that event which will soon terminate your mortal existence, and usher you into the presence of the ?Supreme Judge. Let me implore yeu to seek the spii itual guidance of the ministers of rc!lgion,and lot your repent ance l>e as thorough and humldu as your crime was great. IXi not attempt to hide ilK enormity from yoursolf; think of the cruelly and wickedness of soiling nearly a thou sand fellow baings, who never did you harm, and thrust ing them between the decks or a email ship, beneath a burning tropical sun. to die of disease or suBoration or he transported to di.-tant lands, and consigned, ther .ud their posterity, to a fate far more cruel than <:eath. Think of the sugaring of tbe unhappy beings whom you crowded on the Erie, of thoir helpless agony and terror as jyou took them tron. their native land , aud especially th'.ak of those who perished untiT the weight of their miseries on the iiassagv the plsco cf your capture to Monrovia. Remember that you pho-? ed mercy to none ? carrying off as you did not only those ot your own sex, but women ana helcless children. Iio not (latter yourself that boraure they belonged to a differ ent race from yourself that your guilt is therefore les sened. Rather fear that it is increased, tn the Just and generous heart the humble and the week inspire compns Bion and call for pity ai.d forbearance, and as you are soon to pass into the presence of that Und of the black man as well as the white man, who Is no respccter of i*rsoD8, do not indulge for a moment the thougl'* that ha bears with indifference the cry of the humble t of bn chi dreti. I)o rot imi.giue ?h:it , because others shared in the guilt of this enterprise yours is thereby diminished, , but remember the a tutu I ?dmonit.on of" your Bibie, | "though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not gnu pun i I hed " Turn your taougbtH toward Hhu who alone I irdon, who is rut deal to the supplications of those v.tio | s> ek His mercy. It ri main only to n> n the s n j tim e which tho law ailixcs to yoor crime, whiRh Is, tt i you be taken ha k to t!?e City Prison, from whence yc. i were brought, xnd rem in thin ? until lYIday , th_' seventh I lay of Ki b ary text, and thon and tl: 're, tn ? luce i i'i c ? on, b t we n tho It' is f twelve o'ci . at n al. !h ' e i . o K in tho a.' er lOOB, <?? that ?' 1) , v t> 1)0 . i iij the i eck until |'?u aru drao.and -jiuv ;l |,.>r ! ? i inn cf lr on you .to ' TUB DEATH WARRANT. The Ptntrict Attorney tbeo hauuod I he death warrant U> tbe Judge, who signed it and delivered it to tbe Mar shal. It Lh as follows: ? Tho following ia the death warrant:? The President of the tutted States or America to the Marshal of the United Slates for the Southern District of New York:? Whereas, at tbe Circuit Court Of the United States for the Second Circuit, held in and for tbe Ho ithern District of New York, at the city of New York , on the thi d Mon day of October, In the year of our l/ird, one thousand eight hundred and sixty one, and continued by adjourn ment* to the eighth day or November, iu the year or our I?rd. one thouaund eight hundred unil sixty "tie, Na thaniel Gordon was, on the day liu.t aforesaid, iu duerorm or law, convited or forcibly couflnlng ana dutaini: g, on tbe eighth day of August, in the year or our Lord one thousand eight huudred and sixty, on waters within tlie admiralty and maritime jurisdiction or the Unliud States, within the jurisdiction of tbe laid court, and nut of the limit" - r any State or district, 011 board a certain ship called . Erie, owned wholly or iu ( art or navigated for or in behalf or a citizen or cltixens of the United Stat"x, certain negroes not held to service by the laws or either or the State* or Territories of the United States, with Intent to m dee such negroes slavos. tbe said Nathaniel Gordon being, at the time of the commission or the sxld crime, a citizen or the United Mat os , and the said Southern district or New York, being the district where tho said Nathaniel Gordon was uppri hcuded, and la to which ho waa Qrut brought; And wheroas, at tbe said Circuit Court, h"H it* aforesaid, at the time aforesaid, the said Natha niel (fordon was a'^udged a pirate; and wheroa?, on the thlrtioth day of November, in the year of our Ix>rd one thousand eight hundrod and sixty -one, at the said Circuit Court of thu United States, held aa aforesaid, judgm -nt was given iu the Haul court, that the sal<l Nathaniel Gor don, being convicted as aforesaid, sutler death; And whereas, on tho said last m -ntionod day, in and by the suid court, the said Nathaniel Gordon w sentenced to be taken back to the City Prison of the city of New York, whence uu that day ho was brought to (ho said court, and remain there until Friday, tho Heventli day of Febru ary next, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, and then and there, the place of execution, between tho hours of twelve o'clock, at noon, and three o'clock in the afternoon ?n that day , ho be hanged by th? neck until ho be doad. Now, therefore, you, the said Marshal, are required, and by these presents strictly commanded, to cause ex ecution, according to law, to bo done upon the said Na thaniel Gordon, convicted as aforesaid, by banging him by the neck until he be dead; aud the said Court hath apiHiinted and doth hereby appoiut Friday , the seventh day or February, in tho year or our lx>rd, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, between the hours afore said , as tbe day and time whenever thu said sentence shall bo executed. in witness whereof, we, Samuel Nelson, Associate Jua tico of the Supremo Court of tho United States, and Wil liam l>. Shl| man. District Judge of the United States, holding the sala Circuit Court, and presiding Judges thereof, havo hereunto subscribed our names and atllxed our seals the thirtieth day of November, in the year or our Ljrd,ouo thousand eight hundred and sixty -one. Attest:? E. 1>ELA FIELD SMITH, [l. s.l United States District Attorney. [l. h.J And thus ends the celebrated slaver Krie cose. Affairs In Westchester County, IV. Y. Katonau, Not. 29, 1881. The Bedford Farmers' Club meet this afternoon , assisted by Professor Mapes and others from a distance, to discuss the expediency of devoting their dairies to l Ueese making, on account of the high charge on milk sent by the Harlem Bali road. Mr. Kendall, formerly of Alabama, who hasreceuMy treated of the perennial Peruvian cotton true, as adapted to Northern cultivation, is to lecture here. The proceeds of the lecture will be divided among the aid associations of the town, which have organized reading circles and even ing entertainments for the benefit of the soldiers. Mr. Jay has to-day forwarded two boxes of clothing from the Katonah Association to Mr. Olmstead, of the Na tional Sanitary Commission at Washington, and one box ?f books and magazines to the hospital at Fortress Mon roe, the Surgeon having intimated that reading matter 'or the convalescents would be most acceptable. SHIP PING N E WS. Movements of Ocean Steamers. FROM KLKOl-K. Jfamm. Im vet Dal*. for Congress Havre Nov 14.. .New York flltv of Baltimore.. . I. ivcri>ool Nov 20. ..New York Bsiarta Southampton Nov 20. .New York Africa. Liverpool Nov 2S... NewYork St Andrew Glasgow Nov 23. ..New York Kangaroo Liverpool Nov 27... New York Horunbia Southampton Nov 27. ..New York C ty of New York.. .Liverpool Deo 4.. .New York FOR SUBOl'E. Asia NewYork nee 4. ..Liverpool Oily of Manchester. New York Deo 7. . . Liverpool North American.. Portland Deo 7... Liverpool United Kingdom New York Dec 10 Glasgow Canada Boston Dee 11. .. Liverpool City of llalltmore. . .New York Deo 14. .. Liverpool Bt Andrew New York Dee M Glasgow FOR CALIFORNIA. North Star NewYork Dee l...Aspinwall Northern Light NewYork Dec 11. ..Asplnwall Champion NewYork Dec 21. ..Asplnwall KINGSTON, J A., HAVANA, MATAKZA8 AND NASSAU, N. F. Clkator? From New York for Kingston, J a, on Hie 20th day of each month. The Cleator leaves for New York on the 4>th of each month, and wlil be due here about the 15th. Columbia and Marion? No stated days are vet Died for the departure of the Columbia and Marion for "Havana, but they will sail about every ten days, touching at Key Wast out ward and homeward. Karnak? From New York for Havana via Nassau, NP, on the arrival of every alternate Custard steamer at New YorlL Matanzas? From New York for Matansnson thsSth dav of each month. From Mataniason the 22d, due at New York on the 28th. SPECIAL NOTICE. Jit ftlttrt and patha get intended for tht Rsv Ttn HliAU thovld U?ulttl ALMANAC FOR NSW TORI? THIS DAT. sttN bisks 7 05 | moon ss's eve SON srrs 4 3t I Hiua watkr eve 7 40 Port of New York, November 30, 1801. CLEARED. Steamship Chesapeake, Crowell, Portland? H B Cromwell A Co. Ship Senator, Walsh, Liverpool? Treat A Dearborn. Ship J H Ryenrnn, Latham, l.ond >n ? J A N Smith A Co. Ship Havana, Warren. Havri ? W Wliltlock.Jr. Ship Ifllfus f hoate. Rich, Havre ? Hallett A Carman. Ship Lvdla, Nichols, lilbraltar for orders? H Benner. Bark H Cann (Br), Chlpman, Gloucester? Edmlston Bros. Bark Nord America (Brem), Frledrlchs, Bremen ? H Koop. Bark Teresa, Foster, St Thomas, Ac? Maitland. Phelps A Co. Brig Jordan (Br), Robaon, Londonderry ? Craig A NlcoL Brig village Belle. Reed, Sinai? B F Small. Brig Wappoo, Wilkinson, Havana? J E Ward A Co. Schr J Lawrenoe, Botafonl, Port Louts? Wakeman, Dlmon A Co. Schr Lady Mulgrave (Br), Hartlgan, Port au Prlnoe? A Bruit hers A Co. Schr H Putnam (Br), Robblns, Barbados ? D Starr. Schr Youth, Wyman, Cardenas ? T Middleton. Schr C M Neurits, Hawk lis. Locust Point. Schr Barbara. Deeker, Baltimore? Master. Bchr BenJ Butler, Crosby, Baltimore ? L Kenny. Schr Haiall. Bryant, Baltimore ? Van Brunt A Slaght. Schr Yankee Doodle. Vaacleaf, Baltimore ? F J Cantell. Sehr Manchester, Ward, Baltimore? 0 H Plerson A Co. Sclir J M Taylor, Lynch, Snow hill ? A C Howes. Schr E A Conkllng, Soper, Newcastle, Del? Master. Schr N R HaKan, Coombs, Philadelphia ? J W McKee. Sehr D S Mershon, Allen, Pbtlehilphia? Master. Sehr S T Garrison, Grace, Philadelphia? Master. Schr 8 J Hoyl Cranmer, Pblis "elphla? Master. Bchr Willow, Parker, Calais? J Boynton A Son. Schr.loha Adams, Hatch, Portland? O L Hatch A Cm Schr Wnlentt, Parker. Boston?.! Dayton A Co. Schr S K Hart, Kent, B'lSton? J IV McKee. Sehr Hannah 1>, Nlekervon, Boston? J W McKee. Schr M Cobb, Averill, East Cambridge? W S Brown. Schr J W Llndaey, Lewis, Newport? Master. Schr D T Wllletta, , New Haven? Master. Schr Excelsior, Newman, Norwalk? M Briggs AOo. Schr J L Hsrned. Holmes, l>erby? J W McKee. Sloop Utlca, Drake, New London ? Master. Sloop Charles, Palmer. New London? H 8 Rackett. Sloop Mary Adelaide, Conover, Manahawkin? T G Benton A Son. Steamer Beverly. Pierce. Philadelphia. Steamer Bristol. Char e?, PUlla delp hta. Steamer Kennebec, Hri-hf^.iti n. Philadelphia. ARRIY HD. Steamship harnak (Br), Le Mesurler. Havana Nov 23, and Nassau. NP. 26th, vnm mdse and passengers, to E Cunard. Steamship Ocean Queen (U S transport), Seabury. Port Royal, Nov 27. 1 30 PM, to C Vsnderbilt. Has five hospital nurses on board. Ship D L Chosle (of Boston), Currier, 'Dublin, OctS, In ballast, to D L Ulioati- W us up to Georges Banks Nov S;ex Crlenced heavy NW gsle* mo?t of the time since. Nov 17, 1 3> 44, Ion 67 Ai, ?I'oke brig Wui Larrabee, from Portland for Havana, 4 dave out. Bark Lyngoer (Nor), ncrnlrlrh.eo, Bristol, 40 days, In bal last, to order. Nov 22. 'at 40 .'3. ton H 68, saw a fore and nft schooner, psinted black, with all spara and rigging standing; had mainsail set, which v. is blown into nbbons; saw no one on board. Bark Nuggett (Br, of St John, OB), Brownwell, Yabacoa, PR. Nov 8, with sugar, Ac, to Thus James. Nov 8, saw a schooner ashore on the vest end of Porto Rico; bad all her spars and rigging standing, con Id not ascertain what she was. Bark Siren Queen for Falrhavsn), Austin, New Bedford, 3 dajMh in ballast, to R W Cameron. Wlllioed for Sydney, Brig Locomotive (Br, of Bristol), Jones. Bio Janeiro, Sept 14, with coffee, to Aymar A Co. Had s >roe heavy weather on the passage. Brig Fsvurlta ( Dutch), Hueck. Curaeoa, Nov II. with salt, Ac, to Jos Foulke's Sons. Had strong N and NW galea south of Ilutterar, Brig Rlisa Ann McAdsm (Br, of St Andrews, NB), Adams, H imai oa, 36 d.iys, whli *ugar, to Brett Sim A Co. Eipe rlenced heavy NW gales the entire passage. Brig Canton (Br or DlgVy, Nt>), Sulla, Yubaeoe, PR, Nov 3, with sugar, to P I Nevlus A Son. Nov 19, hit 3Z\ 33, Ion 72 0*. spoke Br schr Alice A, from St John, NB, for Havana. Has experienced strong NSW gale* the entire iwissage Brig fvro . Br, of Winder, NS), Holmes, San Juan, Cuba, 19 days, with sugar, to master. Schr A F I jntie'l, Psrcvsl, Malaga, 85 da vs. with fruit, to Gomez, Walils A Co E?perieneed very h<?vy westerly ?ales In the Gulf Oct IS, 1st 34 41, P>n .12 IS, spoke bark ianlel Webster, of and lor Boston from Malaga. Schr Zebra (oi Lab ive, N6), Cashno, Savanna la Mar, Nov j. with logwood, to Truster. Schr Garland (of fcs Machine). Norton. Savanna la Mar, No\ 8, with logwomi * id pimento, to F T;iihot. Schr Justice, Sheldon, Elliabetbport, andsaded for Peace dale !?ch r Telegraph, Nlckerson, BliMlM'tbport, snd sailed for Boston .Schr Magg'o Br I, Oi"iey, miu'<elhport, and sailed for BosttMl, Schr Constitution, dtrout. EMzabethport, and Sailed u r Boston. S hr Evelyn, 'levost, Eli?abethpo,,t and sailed ?" for.t So r H 51 luhnmn. Wells, Eurabet. port, and Mil , d Sehr rr'-, ?e Coombs,*;ibetvij ort for Bo Se:ir Msr Mi.nk.n, *, l!< -ton. 3 ea: a. j K'UrPhl > ruler A., i . i .ng, t OMHI, Boston 1 t f'hi i i his ? rltSMerC )e. Kelly PlWldenr. fur Phflt ? I tii, Klira 'l i|" ' i, . l Steamer Commerce (U 8 transport), Hunter, Locust Point, In liallast. W'?wr Ketinehee. Hoio-hfalstln. Philadelphia. Steamer Sarah, Jonea. Philadelphia. M< amer i 'eiicau., Pioviuence. Bohr A W Mcl,ellan, arrived .".Hii rmm Mataniaa, la ood signed to 11 J A C A Dew oil, not iiMyorift 4k Co. BELOW. Ship Canvaas Back, 131 days from Canton.? By pilot boat Jas M Waterbury. Ship Alleghanean, SO dam from Olbraltar. Hlilp Dolphin (Prim), irorn Sllgo. Brig Samuel Kimball, from Gibraltar. Brig Geori'iana. Hrlg Iua, from Kingston, Ja.? By pilot boat Mary A Cath erine. Hark Indian Belle, from Sagua.? By pilot boat Mary Tay lor. No ft. Bmk Iris (Br), from Dublin. Hrlg GorglUt (Br), lieu wall from Antwerp OctM. Wind at sunset VW. Misrrllaiieous. Bhif AAiiohs? There Is a large ship ashore on Brlgantin, Beach. No further particulars. The wrecking schr King gold, Capt Merrltt. left at midnight last night, with a gang men, steam pumps, Ac, to her assistance. The steamship Etna, Captain Kennedy, sailed yesterday at noon forQueesstown and Liverpool. The steamship Saxonia, Capt Elilers, sailed yesterday for Southampton and Bremen. Bit Smr John Pink, from Montresl for Liverpool, isashore about 1% miles below Father Point. She lies Dead on, and the sea breaking over bur, She went on during a gale from the East, with snow. The following Is her cargo:? 120 bbla Uour, 10u0 W I staves, 600 pipes do, l.'i.OOU bushels corn. Fatal, Oct 24? The ship Esther O Barney (of New York), Barney, from Newport, E, wlib coal, for Boston, has put In

here leaking badly, having experienced a heavy gale on the 14th Inst, and was compelled to (01'jw overboard part of cargo. Halifax, Nor M? The sehr Spry, from Malaga for Montreal. Willi a cargo of fruit, has arrived here. Had experienced ve.rv heavy weather, and was m colllsh n a lew days before arrival with another vessel. Is much strained, ami leaking badly ; cargo Is badly damaged. As soon as the vesasl Is re paired she will proceed to Portland and land cargo. Livxiu-ool, Nov 1ft? The wreck of the ship llenry Clay, pre" vlously reported, was sold on the 12th Inst lor ?1(51, and va" rious stores producing ?100 more. About 2UU bale - cotton has burn sutd at anchor, producing upwards ot ?3000. The re mainder of the cargo is badly damaged, and will be sold. Foreign Ports. Cukacoa, Nov 11? In port bark Eagle, Baker, for NYork S days; brig Belle, Miller, from do, dug; schr Epbralm A Anna. I'or do 4 days. CABnsNAS, Nov IS ? Arr hark David Nickels. Blake, Port land; brig Ella Heed, Davis, Havana; 19th, bark St Jago, Berry, do. 8U1 16th, brig Model, Dow, Portland ; sclir Geo Harris, Stevens, NYork; 19th, brig 11 H McGilvery, Huston; achrs Eureka (Br), Park, Portland. Havana, Nov 10? Arr hrlg O t! (Mary, Phllbrook, Portland; 19th. HchiH S S lliird'ug (Br), Morris, Malamoras for NYork, put In for supplies (and proceeded 22d, reported Johnson master); 20th, W II Northrop (Br), Sllllman, Wilmington, NC; 2Ht, 'irics E T Newton, Gardner, Newport; Union state. Pox well Baltimore; sobrs Young America, Collins, and A B Terry. Kidridge, NYork; T Nlckerson, Henderson, and .lames Jono?, Haileton, do; Ureenlanil. Heather, Philadelphia; 22d, barlu D do (Brern). Chesmann, NYork; Bay State, Rey nolds, Boston: brig Wabash, Biglev. Newport; schrs Luisita, Underbill, NYork; Fanny, Vance, Philadelphia. Rid 16th. Boiidar Opnlch (Aust), Ilesrieh, New York; Rosa (lip), Koig, and Templeton, Barnard, do; P K HazeUine, Wil liams (or Coombs), and John Bali h, Whaley. Boston; M irtha Washington, Anderson, and Tempest, MtCoib, Portland; llurriet, Tlteomb, and Marrla, HiUTimsn. do; 17tb, R 11 Knight. Luacomb, NYork; 19th, John Sayers (Br). Davidson, do; 20th, Luz Marina (Mei), Cusrrero, do; 21 ?t, Juana y Te resa (Sp), Artaga, nnd J Tl:us (Br), Mills, do; Gilbert Heut (Br), Howard, and Hftedesdale (Br), BigRis.iIo; 22d, Henry Darling, B. als, do; Isaac Toucey (Br). Hanson. toatanioras. Cld 2.d, bark Kanawha, Swinerton, NYork; schr Aid, Good ing. do. Matanxas, Nov IS? SM brigs Manzanllln, Bsrtlett, Port land; Kenshaw, Pierce, Cardenas; s-hr Eclipse, Cook, Sa vannah ; 19th, hark B Colcord, Oolcnrd, Boston. Nassau, Nr. Nov 7? Arr achrs H P Willlnk, OIU, Savannah; Baltimore, Deunls, Wilmington; General Ripley, Phillips, Charleston; nth, aloop Mary Baker, Butler, Savannah; IS.h, si'lirs Giur'liali' , Betteliue, .Jacksonville (and old 20th for St John, Ns); 18th, Emma Tuttle, Wedmore, NYork (and cld same dnv for Malanzas); I9ih, I.erl Howe, Kellar, NYork (and <ld 2.1d to return > ; 221, Geo II Eneas, Hlggs, do (and cld 23d for Harbor Is and) Cld 15th, s hrs J J Plnlayson. Flemmlng, NYork: 16th, Al bion, Stevenson, do; Arrow, Dennis, BaTtlmon-; IS' h. ship Rowan Tree (Br), Worwell (from Havana, having repaired), NYork. Savanna la Mak? Nov 8 ? In port sehr Treasury, for Phila delphia 6 days. Sid 3d, Br schr Eleanor, Boston. Trinidad, Nov 13? Arr schr Medad Piatt, Ward, NYork Tin St Jago. Yasacoa, Nov C ? No Am vessel In port. American Porta. BOSTON, Nor 29, AM ? Arr bark Nonantum (new, of Boat ton, SKI tons), Edwards,>unk : schrs Eastern Llgu ( Br), McOulloch, Paramaribo; R O Whelden, Cobb; Lady Kllen, Corson ; P Bolce, Bo|e?; j Cndwallader, Clayton; L Stnrlevant, Corson; Ben i F ReeTeo, Berry ; Ella, Perkins; U C Morse, Arils; George Edward, Weeks; L Ma it. llah y; U R Mahoney, Foster: A Oordery, Babcuck; S A Bolce. Bolce: Henrietta, Jones; M M Freemau llowes; Ellen, H.illett; W P Phillips, Houck, and O L Green, Cobb, Philadelphia; Mag nolia, N ckerson, Wilmington. Del; K II lliimley, Nlckerson; Lookout, Harper; Atlantic, Wins, and R M Price, Kelley, Elizabeth port ; Village Gem. Planner, Rondout; Arlosto Gil son, Port Ewen; Ellen Perkins, Klurldge, Thos H Thomp son, Baker, and llendrik Hudson. Lincoln. NYork; steamer Kensington. Baker, Philadelphia. Below brig Chatham, from west Indies. Cld ship Gemoo, Fr etnan, Liverpool; Br brig Afton. Teel, Port au Prince ; schr Chris'oriher l.oeser, l aws; N B T Thompsun, Conover, as I J Berley, Brower, Philadelphia. Sid shins Brewster, and Kinglisher. BALTIMORE, Nov 2#, AM? Arr brig Marshall Dutch, Bur gess, Belfast, Me; schrs Sarah M Shermsu. Sherman; J A Parsons, Shaw, and Alliance. Ireland NYork. PALL RIVER, Nov 2A? Arr schrs Thomas Wlnans, Davis, New York; sloop Fred Brown, Csrr. do. Sid achrs Myrtle, Jones, and Adelaide, Coleman, NYork. HARTFORD, Nov 17? Arr schrs Charles Cooper, Cooper, and James Parker, Sr, Gildersleeve, Elirabethport. Sid 2tlih , s-brs Annie J Russell, Hodges; J 8 Cunts, Clark; Joseph Rocers, Worringum, snd Almon Bacon, Haker, NYork; Con nertlcut, Clock, Philadelphia.; 29th, Dore.tta Kahn, Miner; Harriet A Susan. Tlce, and Sarah Fisher. Edwards, NYork. NEW HAVEN, Nov 29? Arr schrs James Magee, Lynch, Trenton ; Judge Runyon, Hubbard; J M Warrsn, Chapman; Danl P Hickman, , and Enterprise. Martin, ; sloop Eliza Jane, . Cld schra John Tllton, Elizabeth, J Hoff man, and I Merrltt, Ellzabrthtnirt; Ann Amelia. Stephen Waterman, H M Wright, and Little Dragon, Trenton: Martha D Iteed, NYork; E 8 Downing, do; Sarah J Hoyt, Philadel phia; N Tv!er, NBrunswh-k. PHILADELPHIA, Nov 20? Arr ships Oliver Moses, Otis, Liverpool; Holyhead, Cole, NYork; Br bark Jane Anderson, White, Dublin; brig Trenlzond, Pearson. Londonderry; schrs t C Henry, Love, Je sey City; Fly, Cheesemau. New burg. Cld schrs Eveline, Yorke, St Jagn de Cuba: J W Fish, Shaw, and J W Drlseo, DrLv o, Boston; M H Banks, Banks, NYork: Sallle T Cbarlre, Chartre, Lynn. PORTLAND, Nov 2d? Arr sehr Teaser, Clifford, Bangor for NYork. Cld brig ChasteUln, Handy, Malanzas. PAWTUCKET, Nov ft? Arr schr Elizabeth, Brown, Phtla <MphLfte TAUNTON, Nor 27-Arr schra Whistler, Presbrev, NYork; J C Chew, Bughee, Elizshethport; James Nellson, Burt, Havre de Grace; Dart, Phillips, Ellzabethport. 8AL.ES op rsal estate. COUNTRY RESIDENCE PORTALS-TWELVE LOTS and House, tor $2,500, on Harlem railroad and Dear upper Morrlsania depot. AN", one Acre, finely frtiited, and House, In Morrlsania, for $2,300. G. W. DITCHETT, brown (tone building, corner of Chatham and Cnamber* street, second floor. For sale or to let? Saratoga brewery, sitc ateil at Saratoga Springs, New York, together with all the usual tools and Implements necessary for carrrlngon the breweiy business, including beer casks of all sizes. CapaclU of br?werv 40 bbls. per day. Terms made easy. Address A. S. Maxwbll, Saratoga Springs, New York. For sale? at beboen point, n. j.. a two story doubls House, 32x42 leet; lot 10Ui2.)0 f.-et; nice carriage house, plenty of fruit, splendid water view; 35 mi nutes from the city. Cheap, one-third cask. Address Owner, station C, New Tork city. FOB 8ALE IN BROOKLYN? A NICE BRICK COT tage, together with six to eight Lota of Ground attached, tastefully laid oat In a garden plot and well Oiled with shrub bery *nd fruit trees, located aud within 200 feet of Fulton areaue ; or will be exehsn wd for first rials property In New York city or on Brooklyn Heights. Apply to G. H. CRANS, 88 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. OHlce htuirs from 8 to 10 A. M. or from & to J P. M. Ofltee op?n from 8 A. M . to 7 P. M. Farm wanted-of about 30 to eo acres, with in an hour from the city; it must be in a good, healthy neighborhood; would prefer a water view; land must be hilly or undulating, with or without buildings (iond paying city property and part cash will he given. Persons having farms for sale will please give a full description of the place, Improvements and quality of the land, price, Ac. Address Mrs. Ilutton, 30 Bond street. For sale? a baroain? the two story ant> attic House No. 299 West Thirty-sixth street; Iot25vh0; rear building attached; price $3,1*0 For further particulars Inquire at 322 Canal street, up stairs. FOR SALE? THE HOUSE AND LOT NO. 138 MADISON street; in a pleasant and healthy location; husall the modern Improvements. Also for sale, the House and Lot No. 13 Poplar street. Brooklyn He ghts, three minutes' walk of Fulton ferry, with gas, hot and cold water; they will be sold cheap I or cash or part taken In trade. For particulars inquire 01 FERGUSON A SNEDECOR, 25 Nassau at., N. Y. For sale? at war PRICES, a DESIRABLE new stone liont house. No. 128 East Forty eighth street, near Third avenue; price $8,000? $3,500 cash; It Is richly worth $10,000; walnut stairs, new style; la; uo jlass, and mahogany bliiuls in entire front, tiee It Immediately. Large two story first class house, marblf. mantels, Ac., embracing nearly three acres of Land, fruit and abadr, convenient to depot, and m ie"n miles from City Hall? Westchester county. For sale at a bargain. SEYMOUR A W HI TON, 132 Broadway. MoRRISANIA, MELROSE, MOUNT VERNON AND Westchester Lands and Farms of all klml* for sale. Deeds, Mortgages, Taxes and all business connected n th Westchester Real Estate attended to G. W. DITCHETT, corner of Chambers and Chatham streets, brown Sione build ing, second lloor. NO. 55 EAST BKOADWAY.? FOR SALE. HOUSE AND Li) ? i t 26?75 i eet; : rice moderate and terms eaay. Ap ply to J. I*. CoOPEK, 1H3 Chatham street. T~BK TWO FINE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSES, With nil modern imprim ments, No. 35 Lafayette avnue, and No. 90 Elliott pia-'e. Brooklyn, will be sold at the Mer chants' Exchange, Thursday, December 5 a' 12 o'clock. Sale positive and terms easy. Cul.E A CHILTON. Auctioneers. 41 AilA ? ?**? MM por sale ? a party, owning about twenty Houses and thi ee hundre.l Lots, in New Yori and Brooklyn, well rented and hi incumbered, will sell them on a credit of ten years, upon payment of t?u per cent, or security for the Interest M. L. SHELDON, 7!) Oadar street. DAJriVH ACADEMIES. At trknors private dancing acadbmibs, U West Thirty-fourth street, N. Y. , and 90 South Rb;t th St., Brooklyn. E D., pupils can commrnce nt any time. Foi mer pupils will bear in mind that on Mondnv evening, Dec. 2, tl. r ivi:i boa soirei .it 90 South Eighth s'.ioet. IJROOKE'S DANCING ACADEMY, 361 BROOME ST. ' * I the 'sshi 'nahle dan. es in one course oi .essons. J, A HIES meet To ?-dav? and Fridays, 3 to 4 P. M. EN fLIi MEN. Tuesdays and HYidays, 7X to low p s|. t^.Ii LUKKN, Wednesday* and Saturdays, 3 io# P M.;es prtn nrv cinsse- Instructed hv Mrs. Brookes. SOIKEK KVKRV WEDNESDAY EVENING. TJETTS A BROWN'S DANCING AND WALTZING ACA I I > I.'iny, <? .111 Rooms, 76 Varirk stitet, cortifr o! Canal ; n ? tuition, Tuesdays and Fndcvs. Caa?es for ladies' ! - ssi ?? mnsters, 'rom 3 until 6 oVIoek P. M Also a lai ? s' ev ning cliise, froin 7 until S. 'iefitlemen from 8 unti ' Hall room pra fr in 9 to II P. M. PALLET MASTER? DUMAR8 DANCING AND SEAT' i> |ng Academy, 2t>< Bowery,? Dsn Ing lesson*. $1 and $2 ?, month, ever; i l lit Prlvtte lcssouk.OOeeuis. >'orsta go ... en, i i ? r j mi i in. i,:, f t p r month. Saturdays, Soire> TTILLO ROVE'S OANC1NO ACADEMY 20# K'GHTI? 1 ive-ue, n IV. '} Cr?l rtren - on Mond i ,s , V i.' i Jiiiu iv Iiio^. AH til- v. ue ... .? .1 i upi? a > s . ? s u .;ht. Pui. > su ' .jtmii , t .1 i ' > t.iue A .iiy as shire. BOARPIWQ ahd LODGING. A private FA M I LY W "a" handsomely ?/V furntahed front Room on third story to t gentleman of quiet habits, with Breakfast if dealred. Apply at 00 West Twentieth street, between Filth and tiixtb avenues. A nicely furnished room oh second floor buth room adjoining, also single Kooma io rent ai low prima, to gentlemen, witnout board. The house ha* all the modern improvement* ? 61 Fourth avenue, near Niuth sreet A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? WITH BOARD. OR Kootn and B'droom, with oouv<,nimic#*'i(n- uousekeep ln^; terms moderate; all modern improvemenia. Inquire at fco. 3\<udlow place, West Houston utreet. Al'LKASANT HAriv PARLOR (WITH BEDROOM) and a front Pailor on Lhe second floor to let, with Board, on reasonable terms. The rooms are handsomely furuiMhed, and the location central and pleasant. Pleasant hall Rooms for gcnti? inuu. Apply at 108 East Fourteenth street, near Union square. A FEW YOUNO MEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with Board in a plain farnilv, where they can enjoy * he comforts o t a home. Apply at 195 Went Twentieth street. A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, AND HIS LITTLE DAU42II ter, wishes Board in a private family, or where there are few other boarderti, between Fourth and Fourteenth streets, butii aud Fourth avenues. Address Boarder, sta tion D. A PARISIAN FRENCH TEACHER OFFERS BOARD In hi. private house to a lew gentlemen wishing lo learn French by practice aud leaaoua. Apply at Vd butt Twenty-second .treet. AT NO. 1,12s AND 1,125 BROADW AY ? H ANDKOME Suit, ol' Rooms, with private lable or table d'hote; also Room. lor gentlemen, with Board, between Twenty-tilth ami Twenty-sixth atreets, near the Fifth Avenue Hotel A GENTLEMAN AND LADY OR TWO LADIES CAN have a furnished front Room and I', ntry In a private family, with a widow lady, with Board, at M Thompson street, corner of Amity, and bath In the house. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, HANDSOMELY FUR nl.ihed, with full or partial Board, to let In a private limine with all the modern Improvement.. Term, moderate. Apply at 61 We?t Twenty-sixth .tree I. A FRONT HALL BEDKOOM TO LKT, WITH FULL Board, to aaingle Kentle, null, at a reasonable price, iu the tirat class hou.e No. 5 Weal Twenty-fourth street, opposite the Filth Avenue Hotel. A PLEASANT Sl'IT OF ROOMS, IN A BROWN STONE Hou.e, No. 14 West Islnlh mretiL, betweeu Filth and Stith avenuea, with Board Family small. AT 64 SEVENTH AVENUE, THIRD HOUSE ABOVE Fourteenth street, a large, handsomely furnished Par lor and Bedroom on necond Door, with Board, to let, lo a amall family. Reference* exchanged. ATTENTION IS CALLED TO THOSE LIVING IN hotel, and boarding bullae..? There I. au establishment opened at 110 Macdougal street, the room, being laid out In Suit, aud turm.hed with everything nece?.ary lor house keeping, In onler Unit a family may have a complete home, and i*ve m au iuconoeivaUy low rate. There 1. a re.taurant attached. AT 447 FIrTH AVENUE, ENTRANCE ON FORTY SEC ond *tr"ei ? One large aud two .mall Rooiu., attached, to let, with lull Hoard. Reference, required. AT 64 WEST THIRTY SIXTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH Avenue.? Hanosomcly furnished Uooma to let, with Board, mutable lor a family. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A ROOM TO A 8IN gle gentleman, with Hoard. Dinner at. ix o'clock. Ap ply at &S VY est Set enleenih street. A YOUNO MAN WISHES PARTIAL BOARD IN A genteel private lainily where there are but few board era. Term, must be moderate, aud include lira aud gaa. Ad dress R, U.. Herald oihce. Apartments to let? with board, for sinole gentlemen or famine.. In a private French lainily, with baili, ga., Ar. Brcakfa.t from ei|;ht to ten; dinner at .ix o'clock. Term, moderate. French and Engl:?!i .poken. Apply at 23 West Tenth street, between Fifth aud Sixth ave ALADY WOULD LIKE TO LET A SUIT OF ROOMS, well iurni^h id, to a lady aud gentleman; Board lor the lauy. partial for gentleman ; all the modi rn improvemenia; fannl) .mall and private; location un.u rpaased. Apply at OH Ea.l Twenty fi. lb utreet, near Lexington avenue. A LADY, WHOSE HUSBAND IS SURGEON IS THE army, an : having no family but one daughter, desire, to let a spacious Parlor on the drst I'.oor. and one or two amaller SoMM, Willi or without B >rd, aa required, at rea sonable rate.. Apply at ltftl Thirty-ei tbth alreet. A CHOICE or Handsomely FURNISHED BOOMS on ihu 1r?t, second and third floor., wRu all modern in proveuieiiti, lo slnjlo it'iulemen only. Breakfast if re quired. .No Hoarder, or children. Terms very low. Apply ai XT AniiynrwL A LADY WANTS BO AHD WITH A LONE I.AIiY J.X. whei " .he can leel at home ; term., including lire and ;n, $? |jer week. Add re for two da}. L.L.Milton, He rald olllre. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD AOCOMMO d.Le a middle aged gentleman with Furm.hed Room, Breakfast, and Tea; location, In i. jrtou street, a few door, i ot H udsou. Kcierence. exchanged. Address S. B. VV.. Iler.4doU.ce. A MAN AND WIFE ANI> A FEW SINOLE GENTLE men can be accommodated with Board in a .mall pri vate family where they can enjoy the comforts of a home. Apply at 172 Weal Tenth .treat. A GENTLEMAN AND HI8 WIFE OR TWO OR THREE single gentlemen can hnd an excellent choice of Rooms, With every convenience, with or without Board, at 312 West Fourth street, near Broadway. Terwa moderate. Dlnuer al 6 o'clock. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOARD, two choice lar^e Room., new ij and neatly furnished, hot mi eold water, gas, Ac., at 191 We.t ?Twenty-eighth street; tlr.t cla*s neighborhood and desirable location. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO RENT-TO A gentleman, at $2 per week, tire evening* and on Sun day if required, or would rent It to a lady at $5 p-r week, with Board; house quiet, no children or boarders; location Orand street Address Mrs. W. W., Chatham square Post office. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM than they require, would let the .econd floor, contain ing four rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to a small latnlly, with everything requisite for housekeeping, If required. The house Is three story brick, high stoop, modern Improve menis, gas chandeliers, Groton water on the tioor, occupied b* the owner and In Aral rate order. Location, 197 West Tnirly-sixth street, near Eighth avenue. Apartments to let-vbby suitable for per Hons whese avocation, require quietness for repose. All improvements. Three, four or seven room, on second and third floors. Strictly private. No. 469 Hudson street; also 47 Greenw lch avenue. Apply at No. 8'Tenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea. Kent from $9 to 916 per mouth. BOARD -HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND Bedroom to let te a gentleman and wife or two or three single gentlemen, in the nrst claa. bouse No. 40 West Ninth ?treet, nesr Fifth avenue. 0ARD? AT 47 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, BETWEEN Fifth avenue and University place, lor tno gentleman. Board -a gentleman and ? his wife, also several .Ingle gentlemen, can be accommodated with line Rooms and Board at 408 Fourth street (No. 2 Albion place). House contains the modern improvements. Dinner PA1- - * BOARD.-THE THIRD FLOOR OF A FIRST CLASS house, located In avenue, above Seventeenth street, can be had, with Boarding. Address James, Herald ollloe. B Board at s stuyvesant street, continuation of Aator place.? A front and back Parlor, unlurruahed, to let, with Board; also a genileman and wife, or two dingle g ntlemcn can be a ccommodated where the comforta of a home ran !>e fouad; convenient to cars and atagea. B?^->Aou,?i^11>^,lVai^Dr' UVINO QtJWR n?r?In kin, mean, care an 1 iiome^ttenuSCUj|5 i'0 re?li'r" n ot *'? ^-rsrs 8^r;".i; Boarding.? a private family, occupying a lirat class bouae on Murray Hill, would receive intu their circle a gentleman and hla wiie. Tei mi (20 per week. Ad dross B. J. W., box 1M Herald office. Boarding ? gbntlemen or families desiring to make arrangements for the winter, will Uud pleasant Rooms and llrst class Board at Noa. 110 and lli East Four teenth street, near the Academy of M uaic. Keferencea ex changed. :?,< ___ Boarding? families or single gentlemen may mid suitable accommodations, with Board, ou rea aonable terms, at 18 North Moore atreet. Boarding. -two or three sinole gentlemen can obtain pleasant Rooms and good Board at 26 Amity place, at the moderate price ?f $3 40 per week. Call and aee. Board wanted.? a gentleman and wife, breaking up housekeeping, desire Board In Brooklyn or New York. Having some furniture they would l.kc to pay part cash and pari in use of the furniture. Addreaa Mer chant, box 142 Herald office. Board second door prom fifth avenue? a widow lady, whose lainlly la private, will let, ? 1 h board, a Urge Room, with pantry, suitable lor one or two single men, who would room together. Location, No. S Eaat Thir tieth atreet. BROOKLYN-BOARD.-A PARTY ?F GENTLEMEN or a gentleman and lady can be accommodated with handaome Rooms on second floor and good Board, by a fa mily of ladles, living at 101 Lawrence street, live minutes' walk from the ferries. References exchanged. Terma low Brooklyn. -to lf.t. with board or a private, table a tine auit ot R<>< hi*, on second door of a bandaoim |y turnished house, with nil the modern lmnrovement?. The family la small and without children. Apply at M Cjngresa atreet. Board on Brooklyn heights -board and pleasant Koonn- ??an be ubtan.e 1 by applying at 75 Mon tague I'lace, corner ol Henry afreet, entrance in llenry atreet; one oi the tlncat locations In Brooklyn; three minutes' walk fr.'tn Wall atreet ferry. Beat of references given and re quired. Board in Brooklyn.? a family from con necticut, having a tine noitae and more room than they require, would take a gentleman and wile or three yo<mg gentlemen on reasonable terms. Dinner at 8 o'clock. Loca tion convenient to Wall atreet or Fulton ferry. Apply at 137 Juralemon atreet, uear Court. Economy and comfort.? furnished rooms, (I to $4: Room and Break tan, $2 .Al to $:i; full Board, $4 to $fi. house rtrst class. Ashland House. Soil Fourth ave nue, above Tm nty-third street. Furnished rooms -suit ok parlors on first floor, with private Table, or without board, also upper Kooma for gent. omen, without board, to lei on moderate terma, at 371 Pomth atreet, near Lafayette place. Furnished rooms at 7rs broadway, between I Eighth and Ninth slivets ? Butts of Kooma and aide | Rooms, on aeiond floor, to let to gentlemen, separately or to- ; g ther; house haa all the modern improvements, andiaa pleaaant Ic ation. j I BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-WiTH HOT AND COLD 1 water and gas, with or witbo it Board, at 29 Clinton plane, Eighth street, west of Broadway. Gentlemen can obtain good rooms, with ? ??an linen, at moderate rates, in the modi rn built V 'i!?>- jfi Domlniek street. /GENTLEMEN BOARDING UP TOWN AND PAV'IN J ! '.1 bl.b |TI "K or [ O v a omr- . .>tip, \n :| t; r 0 V.' te dvor < sst of Bro'o.e ir , s rood tsl i? pi** i tin- j,?s, li?.ths and everj thin. Uk i.ear lik - iioit. - n? i ?..?<? :?.<<??. rc??on?We. Rcicroneetrci'iir BO A R PIU Q AJIP LUpciIIO. Home comforts for one or two gentlemen near Union square. ? A icely furniahed Parlor, gai crate, secretary bed, good Board, email family, reiuwnabl le rniH for winter. Inquire at 62 East Fourteenth atreet, fo two dajra. Hotel accommodations, at moderate prices can be hud at No. 41) Weal Thlrty-tirst street, corn it i. Broadway. This hnuH 1* well suited to the connort of goo clans families and single gentlemen; lowest price for sing] rooms, with Board, (6 par week. IN A DESIRABLE LOCATION. BETWEEN CNIVBI sity plac e and Broadway? A plea?aut fnnt Parlor an Bedroom, on B'oond lloor, to let, with Board;alaoa tbli (lory Kooin and Bedroom. Apply ut S3 Clinton place. VCA1SON MEUBLKE, 70 AND 7J WEST THIRT lvl eighth street.? Booms, elegantly furnished, or who floors, with kltcheu, cellar aim yard; hous s new, lir clasa, four story, high sloop, brown' atone; common parlo meals furnished . eligible rnyatolaa'a oillce. VTO. 6 BOND STREET.? FURNISHED ROOMS TO Ln XI without board, to gentlemen only. I PARTIES IN SEARCH OP RICHLY PUBNISH1 A par: me:. is, en suite, with or without Board, may ni? with accommodation In a private tumily, In a very ellglt location, by addressing B., boi 2,916 Post office. Rooms furnished or unfurnished, to lei In a modern house; full or partial Board; a single Ro< niui Parlor; a part or half of a modern houae. Please c a .SOU Fourth street, near Slith av-nun. TO LET-TO A GfNTLEMAN, A FURNISHED ROO In a private faBnly. 44? Eaat Nineteenth atreet, ne Broadway, in u good location. Also, first lloor above t store 866 Broadway, In a good location for buainesa purpoai TO LET WITH BOARD.-A LARUE PARLOR AND j extension Room, aultnble for a gentleman and wl price CIS a week. Hall Bedroomn %-k and $&. Dinner ? o'clock. References exchanged. 169 Baal Pourteenih sin rLET? A SMALL NICELY FURNISHED FRol Room, with gaa, at No. 326 Sixth avenue, uear TweuUl street. 1 TO LET-TO QENTLEMEN ONLY, TWO OR THrJ liandaomely lurninhed Rooms, with or without Brel fast, In a very smell private family. Tcims Tory low. ? ply at 67 West Twenty-filth atreet. 1 TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, NEAR THE CITY HA furnished Rooms, singly or In suits, at very low ri for the winter, to reapectable partiea. Apply at 290 Brl atreet, Brooklyn. TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, SUITS OP PUBNISH Rooms, or aingie, ua desired. To a gentleman t ully c petent to teach the French languag? and luualc the i would be low and part taken In tuition. Apply at 290 Brt street, Brooklyn. IIO LET, WITH BOARD. AT 118 SECOND AVENUM very line oack Parlor, with extension; one very pleas Room on third floor and one on .'oitnli lloor. They will let to single gentlemen who will room together or to a gen man and w ite; houae first cluaa. I TO LET? A SINGLE FURNISHED ROOM, IP quirAd nltli Breakfast and Ten, In a private lamlly. quire at 125 Macdougal street, corner of Aunt jr. WANTED-BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FURN1 ed Room, with Bedroom sttacln d, In a private fan or where lew boarders are kept; locality between Bond Tweutieth atre"U, Sixth and accond avenues. Address, lng tertna. to include lire and gas, and breakfast only, H. box 2,398 Poet oillce. WANTED? BOARD, BY TWO YOL'NO MEN (AMI cana); location heme n Fourth and Twenty, atreela; in a French family preleri ed. Terms must no ceed $:i or $3 40 per week each. Addresa lor two days , Randolph, Jr., Herald oillce. ^ WANTED? BY A GERMAN GENTLEMAN, A I nlahed Room, with closet, tire and ?as, and pa Board, In an American private family, at moderate te Address Arm In, Heri.ll office. <J>0 OC -CHEAPEST BOABD IN NEW Ycfl ?P ? t & O. Nice Rooma with f 'od Hoard $2 25 to ? week and upwards, Ladies and rT, mill a aulted lens ? any other houae. Nice parlors, with pianon, 18 LiipcB street, near Broadway and Canal atreet. Watchman A lodgings cheap. ? T A LAMARTIN'E PLACE WEST TWENTY NlB i U street, near Eighth avenue? /Two furnn?hed RoonH so ond floor, with water in the rooms, to lei, with BoardH gentleman and wife or '?ingle gentlemen, at very niodfl terms. Dinner at 6 o'clock. ? n ASHLAND PLACE, PERRY STREET.? FURNISH Rooms to let, with Roarii, lor gentlemen and tlieli or single gentlemen, for the winter, In a first claaa bouaeH all the modern impruvemeuta. UTH 8TBEET, NO. 1S3.-TW0 BEAUTIFUL PARLfl front and hack, with Sleeping Kooins atla-'hed, tfl furnished. Rooms contain large closets, hot aud cold vB gr.vtes heated by furnace. Location desirable. Dlnnefl References exchanged. ? QC EAST TWELFTH 8TREET.? LADIE8 AND ? Or) tlein' n desiring Board for the winter, will find H Rooinsand accommodations at the above desirable housH locution, being a lew doors west of Broadwajr. RdierM exchanged. H Of* EAST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN BR| OU way and University place.? To let, In a In fit claas the two hrout Koumi on the second Door, with other Tor sing.r- gentlemen, with excellent Board. Family i Terms moderate. A' I EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, NEAR TT A Avenue Hotel.? Board and elegantly furnished 1 m?* be had, by immedlme application, by parties of r< | ability; enure second lloor, consisting of two large pantries, closets, bath room, Ac. rc WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN Uu ami Sixth av nues ? A neat, deslrauie suit of parlor lloor. with large closets, 10 let. with Board at | table; also other Rooms, suitable for gentlemen or a I mm and Ills wife; reference given ana required; houal class; all the improvements. no WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.? ELEGANTLY I DO nlshed Rooms to let to single gentlemen or genu aud their wives, with full or partial Board; house! ?tuna, high stoop, replete with modern Improvements ferenues exchanged. nr AND 77 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, _ I 'J the Academy or Music, between Third aud Foura nues,? These two bouses are just newly famished thfl out for Bi ardeia. Parties desiring Board are reqnel call. The Douses are Urst claa* in every r.^pect, the modern improvements, aud une vt Ue most u cations In the city. 79 SPRING STREET, THREE DOORS FROM Bfl _ _ way. ? lb let, wvr rai l Aua^mr lj iuruisbtoB to Miugle gentlem* n, at * nr prions. The location is ml the limt claM hotels aud places of amusement. Bf room free. Inquire of Anson House. 124 Q O GREENE STREET. ABOVE HP RING? A J t/O House.? Elegantly l urnlaiied soils of Rooms, wn Croton water an i ev- ry couvnieuce lor hoii-ek -eplu nomlcally ; particularly suited lor bmall, respectable lal Rent low. ? NINTH STREET, FOUR DOORS WEsI jlm jl. Broadway, two el-g.-inlly Furnished Paroii minora, and suits of smaller Booms; also a suit of Old Physicians. English bM Ml houstf; rooms ailf Modern improvements. Furnished. 1 "1 OH CHRYSTIE STRKET, TWO DOOR8 J^jrJ Broome, furmaicd Rooms to let, with or \ Board. 1 A A WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET.? A HANI* A TTE large Parlor aud Bedroom on the HrstllooB with Boar.;, to a gentleman and -vtfe. nr slmle gentleifl the most reasoi.aule lerm. Aiso, a pi-a?aut Back Rof Bedroom on the third Uoor. wtih pantries. Dinner hi| 1 WWCE STKEET -ST. CLAIR HOUSE. 1WU gantly nirnis ed iloonm. with Bedrooms at with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete,! i and Croion water, to let to rerpertable faui| I tig gas a?>d Croioi single gentlemen. Olfi ELM STREET-JACKSON norSE.? THE I ttlU i-nm.oMi y and conveniently forms: cd ApM lu the city, to met i ;lic wains of sniitll s, will requisite furniture, clean linen, cooking rangti and i gas aud Croton water. 70 A BROADWAY. OPPOSITE WAVER'.EY PLB I Suits of Parlors, with Beurooms attached, t gentlemen only, with or without board, at very low n REWARDS. fljO REWARD ? LOST, ON TUESDAY, THE <J)s^ linen c .uilirl^ p.ifif t Handkerchief, heuid auu thiee letters elaborately embroidered, on one) The above reward will bo paid by returning It tol Twenty-third atreet. <r>o i:ewai:d.-lost, on Saturday, no v. I ?vO Scotch Terrier, short ears and 111; had 01 w| blue leather collar, bound with ola k. I WOODLAWN, 221 Sixth aj (JjS REWARD -LOST. ON THURSDAY EVENI.vl Jftth int., In the Old Bowery Theatre, a bliuT Oi' mat. Wnonver will return the same to Owr|_ corner of Willett aud Rmnt;i?n streets, will reel above reward aud the thinks of the owner. (J>0~ REWARD.? LOST, AT WOODS RATlFld iPiJV meeting at Cooper Instlniie. on FrUsy eu tun.iionnaie containing a Cheek fur $1S0, sume bills I ey. T.e above reward will be puid for the relnri key aud check or J15 for the key. No questions ask' piy at U East Broadway, to Kit narJ Walters. <l>0 FL REWARD? LOST. BETWEEN THE B/l ?P^?Jaici the corner otC.rUan. it atn el, on Kridayl aitiu Purse, containing on" huudred and sixty-live oP ?old. The above reward will be paid on rcttirninJ featarn liotel, street. H. W REWARD-WILL BE OIVEN FOR THE . <J5^t) 'f a Hi: nu ng Case Gold iVmcb, im.cp. ndri. ha;iu. No. mane by Lewis Woolf, Liverpool November^, at about nine o'clock A. Al.? 10 Jmoh rien. No. lid Bioome street, corner Bowery, Me. hs1 Traders' Bank Building. 1H ATRIMOIVI AXm A GENTLEMAN, AGED 2S, NOT INFERIOR ' general can of mankind, di ing a good uusli having a Hmited female anqiiainlauw, is desli'Jiis ponding with a young lady or wiaow, from 18 lo 2 age possessing su avervf degree of beauty, Intclll iudustry, with a view 10 matrimony. Those w answer Id sincerity, will plesse give d- scription "f upp. araoc, Ac., and will tind a couhdemtal 1 orri am', If satisfactory, a husband, by addressing Cap1' Station ?, Bliile House, New York. A YOUNG OENTLEMAN, OF FAIR INCO liandsouie person, desires to form the auqua a you.M lady, id not over ?erent?en years of nf view 10 matrimony A pleasant face and small iin pensable. Any young lady with the above qualities of a romantic turn ol mind, wi.l please ? Herald oihce. ALVDT iA WIDOW), AGED 28. W 8 iE-< tne m qu iluUtnce of a g nneman of ik< ai. , r' ti >u and p puts ismg appear.tu>-e, with a v>? mony Adur ts .?i?. k. B. .dm, Union (p'.are P< MATRIMONY MADE EASY-WITI! INSTRl for enurttng in onler io?inthe nfteetio?!io. Site si" ; 162 p.igrs, Illustrated. Sent post r'l'd on 2j.;.'ii a. C. C. HAMMOND A CO., l?i Nass.i HUM A.\D LI^IfOM. rro FAMILIES.? THE FOLLOWING RKLIABL X at low pri? es. viz ? Osborn sati'l UhilHtigirort 1 :iport? d in bottles; 'en varleti#*Mof Shrrrl-.f, fine ftn, I'nsrnp wj? ? m, M-?rkK, Brandies (S 'ih** K :li"h 1 ft II i'ndOius, Jamana and Ht. Ci :< jrUb Wiiiskei imp u four yean L Bouit)jn VvhiSkev, Scotch AJe ail i or er, Teas, Jte. U. ii. W I Ulti|

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