Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1861 Page 3
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POLITICAL. At a meeting or the people's union con veulton for lh? Third Police Judicial district, Klgblh had Ninth wards, keld at Asbland House, Grove struct, on Friday evening, November ill, Dr. Puce, of the Ninth ward, (In the abaence of W trt. Tucker, !?).,) In the ebslr, H. B Purdy aud Ilenry David, Secretaries, the following ieiter of decilualton front Ueo. B. D>'an, Esq., having been read antl accepted, on motion, James M. Murray. Etq., was ununt motmlv noinlnaled for the position of Maturate for the Third Judicial district. E. V. FU1CE, Chairman. U bmi David. I 9?cr*Ur)e' No 3-1 Wall stkikt, Hit Tout, Not. 29, IM1. iWM. Tdossk, E??., Ohairtnan, Ac.: ? Dkah Sim? I have received notice of my nomination by the People's Union organization, of the Eighth and Ninth ward*, for Police JuaiTce lor the Third Judicial diatnct, for whloh mark of con'idence 1 feel truly grateful. Upon reflec tion and a review of the canvass for that and other ottlces to be filled at the approaching election, I ain induced to believe that my running for the office to which your convention to kindly nominated me, may, In view of the numeroua candi dates now lielore the people of the Third Judicial diitrlct, re sult to the election of ?oinc one of tliein who. In my judg ment, would reflect but lilUe satlslaction to law and order citlien*. Feeling thus and believing thai the support of the People's Union Organisation might be so given as to aid In the election ?f some one of Ibe candidates by n bom the duties of the of ?oe might and would be discharged creditably for all con cerned, I would in" -i respectfully decline the uottilnstlon so kludly extendi d lo me. With assurance of my high respect for yourself ; a I the gentlemen composing the convention, I remain your tellow clttieu, OEO. B. DEAN. At a meting or the twentieth ward young Men's Union Association, held at the bouar of Jos'pb tCreaglc, In Broadway, near Fortieth street, ou the evening W the 28th lust., the following ticket was unanimously ladopted ro* warn*, FERNANDO WOOD. F?> COONOILMKK, JOHN BRICE, ALEX. BRANDON, Luke ournen, jai-or n. long, SAMUEL K. M. REPNER, MICHAEL SNYDER. W. COUPE, 1' resident, Feahcis Walls, Secretary. ATA MEETING OP THE FIRST WARD BATTKItY JV. Demo i. ltc t'iub, h< Id nt the hotis ? of M. O'Kee e No. i Greenw ich atied, ou Saturday evening, November SJ, tbe Hon. Kern nd ? Wood was unanimous!*' nominated an their Candidate foe Mayor. THUS. COADY, Chairman. Tims. Douglas, Secretary. AT A M KETINO OP THE YOUNO MEN'S UNION DEM oi rat.c Ou i of tbe E gbth Aldernianlc district, b> Id ai 677 Grand sti eel, on Fri-.aj < vening, Nor. 29, the following tesol'jtloiis were unanttnmoly adopted ? * Whereat, W" ? eem It essential to the interests of the tan payer* and re idem* ol this district to elect an honest and capable n-an o tne important l oeition ol Alderman, and one Who wi I fa thful v represent us in the City Counc 1; and Whereas, W.- find I; I'eter Mcitnight a geutleiiian of on 4ouot i iiucgrity and ability, we cheer luliy eudor?e him as ?or candidate for Alderman of this district at the coming ?Barter election. All o: her cards published claiming to be tbe proceeding* of Ale club we denounce < ? fraudulent. JAMES (XAltlt AGHER, President P. 8CANLAN, Vi<e President. F. Carsaohi*, Treuwirer. Qbohuk liOTLit, Secretary. A test question fob the catholics of hew J\. York at the coming election for Mayor of Mew York? wkmlwr they will cam their votes iu favor of C. Godfrey Gumher, the man who when last In the Board of Ten Gov ernor* of the Almshouse, caat his vote and succeeded In de festlne a resolution then brought up, for the purpose of building an altar for the Catholic priest to ofllci ite at on Sun daes oil Kiackwell's Inland, or Fernando Wood, who wal prosecuted by the then Corporation Counsel forgiving his of ?slal signature and sale to the beneticeut bequests ol a few lou of land, attached to the Catholic Orphan Asylum, made fey the Board of Aldermen? The ballot box la the only place where Catholic c, in legally and conscientiously retaliate upon the avowed enemies ol tbelr countrv and creed. From a na Banal and conservative democrat Think well on this. >_ M. J, B. AT A LARGE MEETING OP THE GERMAN CITIZENS of the Eighth and Ninth wards, held at s>biel'a Had, 58 Mcdougal st reel, on Friday evening, Nov 29, lijfii, for the parposi' of endoriting a candidate fur the office of Police J us U i (now vacant) of the Third Judicial district, the following resolutions were pesemel an I unanimously adopted:? Resol' ed. That we. the German ciiUens ol the Eighth and Ninth ward*, find among the numerous candidates lor the ?bore n m d otl:ca Mr. Martin Waters Cthe people's candi date) aa the most competent person in the political Held, not only from Ins unexceptional character and anility but ulso from hla long resident of now over twenty-lire yearn among wa, and far 10 be pr f erred abore all others, Ac , therefore Kc solved. That We consider and hereby endorse hitn aa em phatically the people's candidate, and tbat we hereby pledge ?urselves to make every upright and honorable exertion to insure his election. MICHAEL KAUFFMAN, Pres. Auucst Mxininckr, Secretary. A MEW ERA IS APPROACHING. lV Ail hail the bright morn, When all Columbia'a fair daughters WW be by union adorned. THE PEOPLE'S SYRACUSE UNION REGULAR NOMI NATION FOR MAVOR, C. GODFREY GUNTHEB. ANDR1.W LEWIS, President. Krt. K. M BRADFOBJ), I ltOB'T N. COKBETf, ^.?SJK'i6ecretaric, Wili-vam H. Travxrs, Treasurer. Vice Presidents. ATA REGULAR MEETING OF THE INDEPENDENT A Democratic Club, held at 147 fc-uSt Eleventh street, W m. H. Small' y was fully endoised by the members ot this ?tub for Alderman of tbe Tenth Aliiernninlc district. Signed. JAMES H. K 1)1. IN. President. DAVID WOODS, Vice President. Jabis Mu*pht, Secretary. 8. McOuw Nocttit, 6. A. ATA M BETING OF THE PEOPLE'S UNION (SY It A cuse) Convention of the Seventh ward, the folluw. InR school ticket for school oUlcers was unanimously adopted:? For School Commissioner, DANIEL COCER. For School 1 uspector, SAMUEL G. LAN ti WORTH. Pai* A^hnnl TpiiiIam JRICIIAHD I'OILLtlN, School Trustees, } EDWARD M 8KIDMORB. JOHN G. UEELY, Chairman. Edward Aokeoa, Secretary. AT A MEETING OF THE UNION DEMOCRATIC CLUb' of the Eighth Alde.rm.tnic District, held at F. McKen aa's, 78 Uoerck street, on Monday evening, November 25, 1861, the following candidates were unanimoualy endorsed ? For Mayor, Hon. Fernando Wood; lor Alderman, Peter Mit chell; lor Oonneilaten, Jt/hn McConnell, John H. Hooghkirk, John Ryan. Edward C. Maloy, Antir vv Mu ligtn, and Ed ward C >.-t. llo; tur School Officers, John H. Trapp and Lewis O'Brien. JOHN WALSH. President, JOHN SHELLY. Vice President. J%ukx MrOoiF*, Rieor^lnc Secretary. Thomas Hkaud . C rreponJIng Secretary. Fki.sK McKehna, Treasurer. AT a MEETING OF THE FOURTEENTH WARD ME chanlcg' Association, held at their Rooms, 371 Broome street, corner ot Mott, the following nominations were en dorsed: ? Fer Mavor, Hon. Fernando Wood: lor Alderman, James Darning: for Conncilnien, Cornelius Desmond, Thos. Fitzgerald, John Ifogan, Charles E. Hagan, Harris Bonart, Alexander II. McQarran. School Officers:? For Commission er, Wm WUhilin; for Trustees, Wm. J. Kane, Patrick Ouinn; lor Inspector, William Itevnolds. MaTHBW BEATY, Chairman. Thomas Mohan, Secretary. AT a MEETING OF THE SEVENTEENTH WARD Union Democratic Club, held at 138 First avenue, on Saturday evening, November 3#, 1861. the following gentle men were uilHi>>m<iusly endorsed ? For Mayor, Hon. Fer nando Wood; fer Alderman. George A. Jeremiah: lor Ontin clmen, John Ryan, Andrew Mulligan, Samuel T. Webster, Edward Coatcllo, John M '-Online, I and Joseph Lvons. Ul? HARD O. SHEA. President KDW. J. STAl'LLTON, Vice President Wm. Scu.ivan, Secretary. ATA I.A!!QE AND ENTHUSIASTIC MEETING OF J\. the People's U in >n Club of the Founb Aldennanic d i tru-t, held at I human He-tny's, corner of M irkot aim Cherry slr?et*. on Saturday evening, Nov. .Hi, W. W. Ladd, I'ri-i 4ent, in ti c el alr, the Nominating Committee retained the t llowing nam* d gentl-ii. u as their candidates for ensuing ?1c lion, ? hi h was unanimously endowed by the club ? For Alceruiun, Cnas, II. II ?? U ; for Coiinrllmen. tohn Ho enn, John Healy, Joteph Costc-. John McConnell, J unes Hayes. W. W. LAUD, President T. O'SrturAH, Sec'jr. Thus. Heart, Treasurer, AT A MEETING OF THE FIRST WARD UNION Club, held at the Bremen House, No. 42 West street. It ?*M resolved that the Cltih endorse the regular Union nomi nations for city officers, and will yield their entire support and inlluerce to secure the election of Mr. CEORGE OP PYaK for Mayor, and Mr. Jakes Woods for School Commis sioner. Upon motion, the elub then adjourned to meet at the same place ou Monday evening, December 2, at 7>? o'clock. JOHN MURPHY. President Cornelius Doxavom, Secretary. A CARD FROM FRANK DUFFY. -SOME SHODDY politicians, wishing to see nobody running but them selves, fearing a man that speaks the truth, huve reporied that I will not ran for Councilman, that I ain only joking, and so forth; but if my friends and the public does right to themselves thoy will let them see that I am, for with pencil ?ud pn te (hey can elect me on their own tickets If they can't tind "ne of tin e. I re-ipcctfully ask all good, generous, decent tuslne?s and working men that love honesty, perseverance an t industry, lo vote tor me. I respectfully auk all active and honorary Bremen to give Die a lilt No dead beads wanted to asstl*. FRANK DUFFY, No. 3 Canal street Out this out and put it on the bulletin. (1HAKLES MCCARTHY, THE PEOPLE S CHOICE FOR J Alderman of the Second Al'lerinautc district of the Fourth and Sixth wards, ha* received the f.dlow it:: nomina tions ? Democratic Union iiom nation of the Fourth and b xth wards, Patriotic Union League, Taxpayer a and Cooper Institute. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR NOMINA Hon. ? For Aldermftnof ilie sixth Aldertnatile district ? ? imprising parts of the Tenth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Seventeenth wards ? JAMES lltED. JAMES OARTY, ol the Fonrlrenlh ward, Ctiairmun of the No uinalim: C invention, Clbvknt Fosutck, of the Seventeenth waul. Secretary. Elastic rings, for fastening ballots took ther, can l e had ol C. A. Bl'N.NEK {sole msliufiteiurer un<er the Goodvem- patents!, at 11 John street, ne ir Broad way, and of C. W. BKOWER, corner of Nineteenth street and Fourth avenue. Fourth ward.? at a meeting or the focktic Ward Democratic Association held Nov. 2:/, 1861, at War ren Hall, corner of Henry and Ollv r streets, the following resolutions were presented and enthusiastically and unani mously adopted: ? Resolved, That we hail with exultation the nnmlnnllon of 0. Godfrey Ounther for Mayor of New York, believing him to be a man of probity, ability and honor. K tc-med for the {NiSsession of ihosa qualities throughout his business Conner tions, and respected socially aa a kind and genial gentleman, he will bring with him to the chief executive ollice of the city u talent and energy that will be devoted exclusively to the public good, and will serve aa a foil to the schemes of robbery at. J fraud through which the cltv treasury ba^ so long been plundeied and tbe rights of tbe citizens so persist ently a:>i:ecd. Resolved, Th.n the coming contest has narrowed Itself down to a ijuesiion of publir virtue or public dishonor. That N''\V York n ?s now to say '.vhelher she prefer for Iter chief executive officer C. Godfrey Cumber, a man Upon whose character there is no breath of suspicion, and .if whose ?' .1 Itjr there is no question, or Fornanuo Wood, who never did a disinterested act or p- rforrued an honest one, nod whose whole life prcsentsan unbroken ?. oty of deceit, in., affiliation with rocuery. Resolved, That this association p'.edtie Its unanimous ar.d heart y support to th" election of C. tindfr y i.uunn r, liellcv Jn< that in III* elevation to the M yo a'.ty, N?w York will 1 a; ? in able and |i?n> St avecittiv. , ? id nn ? who will redeem th? city frnm th" dlsfr. ce n hi. h tneofticlal a tsof lei tiando tVood have so lohg heaped upon i\ P. It. O'REILLY, M. D., Chairman. 0 M. DorcniRTT. Secieiaiy. TTUtR POLICE JKSTICK, I' Third J mil ial Die'r'et, Eighth and Ninth Ward* ROBERT L L.NN. POfJTT I T,. ^j_LRMAN l.NiU.N i*bAu ? E S ...naiIoN. ?ok mro*, OBORolToi'DYML HI'QO WKSSENDONCK, Ck QEORQE MASCHur, Uwreury. MECHANICS' AMD WORKING MEN '8 ASSOCIATION, No 1.? A! a l*rf? and enthosiaatlc uieetinx i it the "I'''?'* A--lh'iuiioii, held at 56 OitbAnl street, Ifoveiabei ?:>, 1&.1, John B. Ewlnx in the chair, il was . Retoived, Thai James Itei-d is the most honest, m.* orlby ?nil laitlifu! frn nd of the workinguieu ol the in- Abler manic, ami ib?t, in bla election, the bo. -a ...ding lliuuaanda ol thin great omiiienlal and manulatiui nig me troiolia will (ecu re a faithful and true repiBM ve, and, beli>'\ln? hi, n to be such, We uiiaulinnu?ly nominate liuu as our candidate for Alderman in the SUth district, and ear nestly solicit nil mechanics and workingmeu to co-operate wlUt u? id securing bit elei tli -a. JOHN B. EWINO, President. Roikkt II. Smrti, Secretary. Mozart hall school ticket? fifth ward. Commissioner. THOMAS FRANCIS WEAVES. Trustees, CHARLES A. ORAY, CORNELIUS QUINN. Inspector, HENRY HOPKINSON. ROBERT ROUER8, Cbnlrma?. A. A. Jonm. Secretary. MB. ANDREW LEWIS ? MY DEAR SIR -IN A CARD emanatim; from the People-* Syracuse Union Com mittee, over which you preside, 1 am reported aa bavins act ed aa Vice l'len.dcnt of u Contention which accepted the declination of .Mr. Swa< khaiuer and nominated Mr. Uuuther for .Mayor. It Ik due to you and your asaocuies, aa well aa t" myself, to Inform you that I have determined, to eupport Fernando Wood, and aa the sense of your Convention h.ia b?i n e\pre*?.ed for Mr. Guuthr, 1 must close my relatione witli thi People's Syracuse Union Committee during the present campaign. lbavelbe gratification of knowing that In the ln-t election we sUtOeedea, by co-operat on with olber orgaul/atinn*. in electing many reliable lU-in.crois to o.iice, and in d t ating the abolition schemes of other pret. ndea U u ion Committees. Anil 1 mncerely regret your body can not now pur rtve, aa 1 think I da, that the only way to de feat the candidate ol the Tribune, Post and other lnceudfnry organs, I* for all iojal men to unite upou the only dem< lu ti.e contest, who nas tiny reliable strength with the ma-o-es ?t the people. In isivinn >'nur mip|Hiri to Mr. Uunther, you are Indirectly advuiclnK the Interests of the nominee of the shoddy Marstiull committee, against wlm?e abolition ecln me* you have been lighting aim e the great Unlou meet lug at the Cooper lUMiltite. rrom which they withdrew with their partisan co-o|>erators. Tbe very meaning of that move on Ibt-ir part was to rid themselves of the national ele ment which participated In ihat Union meeting, and to form withm their own circle, under the false name of Union, an organization which would present to the people of New York the name of Oeorge 0| dy*e for Mayor. There are no per eoual reasons why 1 should support Mr. Wood? socially my relations are as pleasant with Mr. auuther? but I am actu ated by a conviction, that Mr. Wood is the only candidate who cull defeat tbe abolition cabal, uow conspiring to capture this city, and degrade It with their shoddy operations and aectlonal government. With sentiments of respect, I atn yours, truly. K. B. BRADFORD. NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 29, IP#1. At a meeting of the Thirteenth Ward Union Club, held at James Callahan's bouse, 01 Willctt street, tbe following candidates were endorsed :? FOR MAYOR, 0. GODFREY UUNTHER. r<)K AI.DKKMAM, PETER MITCHELL. fOB CO CKC11.1I UN or Tit K FlrTIl MKNATOBlAb DISTRICT, JOHN MoCONNELL. ANTHONY MILLER, JOHN HOtaiiKIRK, JOHN RVAN, FREDERICK REPPER, EDWARD C. MALLOY. FOR SCHOOL l.YSrBCTOK, PETER RE LYE A FOR SCHOOL TR01TKI. FREDERICK HOLSTEI*. On motion that the meeting now adjourn. Carried, Jour Siccmok. Sec. THEODORE Ll'YSTER, Pres. National onion and people'8 isyracuse> Union Nomination!. ? for Councilmcn ? (Seventh Sena lor al District, I-'th, 19th, JOih, 21st, 22d Wards)? Jaioo H. Long. Samuel O. Bingham. John Brlce, Ateiander Brandon. Charles C, Plnckney, William Joyce. J. L. Noyes. Chair man; Warren Brady, Secretary National Union Nominating Convention. Henry Snyder, Chairman; Thomas J. Hail, Secretary People's (Syracuse) Nominating Convention. National union nomination for mayor, C. GODFREY GUNTHER. Headquarter* Central Committee National Union Club, corner of Broadway and Eighth street. Knouts open day and evening. JNO. C. II AM. Chairman, Central Committee and Mayoralty Nominating Convention. STEPHEN' ROBERTS, Treasurer. Jo?rn Forms, O. Sloan Holdkn, Secretaries. Notice.? at a meeting of the mackerelville D moor.ittc Club, held at Thomas McCurmlck's, HI E.iat Eleventh street, the following candidates were en dorsed .? For Mayor. FERNANDO WOOD. For Alderman, GEOIK.E A. JEREMIAH For Conncllmeti? 1'airiek Byrnes, John Uyan, Edward C. Maloy, J. II. Hoogbklrk, Edimrd Costeilo, Anthony Miller. For < ominifstoner of Schools? Thomas MeCoruiIck For In ?p ctor? Nlcbol .? Segar. For Trustees ? Michael J. McCar thy, Patrick McGrane. PATRICK BYRNES, President. John Roddy, Secretary. PEOPLE'S CONVENTION NOMINATION. For Alderm m, Twelfth district, BERNARD KELLY. TAXPAYERsFnOMINATION. For Ai'1'Tmau, Twelfth district, BERNARD KELLY. PEOPLE'S UNION NOMINATION. For A Idcrman, Twelfth district. BERNARD KELLY. MOZART HALL NOMINATION. For Alderman, Twelub district, BERNARD KELLY. INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION. For Alderman. Twelfth district, BERNARD KELLY. GERMAN UNION LEAGUE NOMINATION. For Aid-rnian. Twelfth district. BERNARD KELLY. KEPDBLICAN NOM INATION. For Alderman, Twelfth district, BERNARD KELLY. POLITICAL -THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT. -THE UN dominoed respectlully informs the citizens of the Eighth and Nlntli wards that lie is the People' s Candidate fur ibe olllce of Police J uslico ol' the above district. MARTIN WATERS. "PEOPLE'S UNION (SYRACUSE) NOMINATIONS." JL Fur Mayor, C. GODFREY GUNTHER. Dr. JAMES M. AUSTIN, President W*. E. Frost, j Secret*. David Clark, I Vice Taos. J. Hall, ) rles. Jas. L. Millkr, i Presidents. John lIoorKH, Treasurer. >EOPLE'S UNION NOMINATION. Police J ustl' H, Third Judicial District. JAMES M MURK \Y. >EOPLES UNION NOMINATION. Police Justice. Third Judicial District, JAMES M. MURRAY. PEOPLES UNION NOMINATION. Police Justice, Third Judicial District, JAMES M MURRAY. PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATION, TWENTY ilrst ward.? At a large and enthusiastic meeting of this association, held on Satunlay evening, Nov. SO, Hon. Fernan do Wood was uuaniinouhly endorsed for Mayor. ForCoan ciimen. Seventh dwti let ? John Lyons, Luke Curnen, Jacob M. Long, Wui. Joyce, John linvie, John J. 1'erlUns. J ANIIv.s O'KRIEN, President. W*. 0. moalNK, Vice President Jams* Ga hxox. Secretary. P. King, Treasurer. PEOPLE'S (STRACU8E) UNION NOMINATIONS. Fur Council men. Sixth fc>u?Lorml r Jet, Ninth, Fifff nth. Sliiecnth and Eighieestb wards, FRANK W. BALLARD, HAKVEY T. CLEVELAND, GEORGE L CANNON, ALEXANDER L. SHAW, THOMAS STEVENSON, JOHN if. II A V I LAND. pEOPLE't UNION NOMINATION. roil MAYOR, GEORGE Oi'DYKE. WM. TUCKER, Cbslrman. ROBERT BEATTY, Secretary. POLITICAL BANNERS, FLAGS AND TRANSPAREN cies of every description un hand and to order. HOJEK k URA11AM, Arlislaand Manulacturers, 97 Duanc street. PEOPLE'S UNION AND TAXPAYERS' NOMINA* J. lions.? Anti-corruption. For CoiiiiciKim rt, Sixth ills* ti let , Ninth. Sixteenth. Eighteenth and Fli te, -nth wards ? Harvey T. Cleveland, Thomas Stevenson, Abraham Leal, John jiariilius. Alei. II. Kcecb and Win. II (iedney. A. J. II. DUUANNE, President People's Union Association. Rosfrt Edwards, < Lommu Dkaulk. I hrcr(-u"es' REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. for MArpit, H n. HUELAT, 1 E. E. ELLERY, i GEORGE OPDYKE. D. R. JAQUES, Chairman. Rally, rally, rally, -seventh ward young incu s li.'iniK ratie Clito, to the s import ot ti. i.od r v Gunther lor Mayor. For Alderman, Eigntli 'Hatrfc t. l'e.e'r McKnlght. The Club will meet al the old heudi|Uuriers < n Monday evening at a o'clock. Bv order, J.'F. CARLTON. President Regular mozart hall nominations for Ceu tciltuen. rOI.'ITH SENATORIAL district. John Itngm? First ward. Tin mas I- . >.g< isld? Foiuth ward. Alexan Vi fl Mc(?,irren ? Fifth ward. Charles li II man? Sixth ward. Ilairls It /^ert? Eighth ward. Cornelius Desmond? Fourteenth ward. WM. J. COEY, Chairman. Da smi. Bnoriwr. 1 Isaac Mi auvklt, i REPUBLICAN AND PEOPLE'S UNION NOMINA, tin ris tor the Set enth Senatorial district (12th, I9th, ^(llh 21>t and 23d wards);? Fon CofM'it >i?,v. JON M il \N T rut) ITER, HAMLIN BABCOCK, JOHN COOPER. .Ik , CHARLES t\ PINCKNEY, MICHAEL SNYDER. THOMAS OOILVIB. Regular dkmoc.loic. Jvoj leV Union (Syracuse), Independent I lemoerntlr, Rent a. id TiNpiyi is". Germ.m U nloti L? <, 'T.ixiinyi rs' As?> itlou, I And other nominations rwelllh, N r. jteentb, Twcnllcl'.t, Twnly Crst and Twenty , s cuud wards, I ; 'or Council man, i ALEXANDER BRANDON. POLITICAL.. SEVENTEENTH WARD REPniU.lCAN NOMINATIONS. SCHOOL TICKET. KorC mmiaaloner, BEN 11 Y A. BURR. For I ll ? pert or HEN HY STEPHENSON. For Tm?l. >??, HARVEY It. WIIOD8. GEOKUK J*. STl'TZMAN. SIXTH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT GKOliOK W ASllH-RSON lathe Republican and Union i andldato. T IAXPAYBRS* NOMINATION. roR mayor, qboroeTTpdykb. JOHN LIVINGSTON, Chairman. OEORQE GRI8WQLD, ) WM. B. WEDQEWOOD, ; Secretarlea. WM. D WADDlNiiTON, J rpo THE VOTERS OK THE SIXTH ALDERMANIC DIS A trict. ? A report being circulated that 1 am about 10 withdraw Id favor of anutlicr candidate. I pronounce t'i? aneerllou a bane. n alicloua taWclioid. Nominated by the regular Republican C mention, I ?hall continue to be (he <'kM.lld.ite tor Alderman o( the republican party until anndown of the day of flection, and aa Mich aolicit tha voice o my fellow cltllctu. Th'-re la uo other republican Candi da ta in the Field. notwithstanding anv a-iertaona which may be made to the contrary. A republican vote nlven to any other candidate but myself will t? thrown *wm . OEORUK W. ANDERSON. THE PEOPLE'S POLITICAL 'ALLIANCE, PLEDGED to aland by the Uumn, and to aupport Ita constitutional refireaeutativea Id auatalnlnn the Hag of oar oountryl For Mayor, OBORUE OPDYKB. ANSON WILLIS, Chairmaa. Bi?c*L Wat*, Secretary. YOUNG MEN'S CLUB OF THE TWBLPTH ALDKR manic District.? At a inc.- tins of the above named Club, held ?t .lo-eph Kuill-icr'n. 1. 4 Seventh mrti v. on Friday even Ing. November M, tue following candidates were unanlmoua ly adopted For Miyor. C. GODFREY ul'NTHER. For Alderman. HON. BERNARD KELLY. For Councilman of the Filth Senator a' Dlatrict. FREDERICK REPPEK, MICHAEL C. DROSS, JOHN RYAN, ANTHONY MILLER, Eo WARD COSTELLO. PETER WBIKICH. For .School Comml'alouer, JAMES L. MILLER. For School Trustees, GEORGE P. STUTZMANN, JOHN L. CARBERY. For School Inspector, NICHOLAS SF.OER JOHN SCHREIBER, President Frrdk. Klatil, Secretary. Jo?. A. Laobt. Jr . Treaaoier. 1ST WARD WOOD ASSOCIATION.-THB MEMBERS OF the above association are particularly reo nested to attend a meeting to be held on thin (Sunday) ? vcnltig, Deoember 1, at the houte of William Troy, lot) Cedar street. Punctual at tendance is particularly requested, an business of Importance will be traiiSAviod. WM. TROY, Chairman. Dk.sxis SrLLir aiv, I o~._i.-i-. Epwabd Stkdma*. I secretaries. 4TH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT. ? REGULAR MOZART democratic repm-li. -an nomination for Alderman, J AS. BAGLEY. At an adjourned meeting of the Mozart Hall Ruaulur Aldermanic Convention of the Fourth dIMrict, held at Humboldt Hall, 57 and 5!) Forsyth atreei, on Wedneaday evening, Nov. 20, Alderman JameaHaglev having received a majority of all the votes caat, ou motion the nomination waa made unanimous. HUGH DOWNEY, Sixth ward, Chairman. Thomas Lynett, Tenth ward. Secretary. 4TH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT. Citizens ot this dlatrict ba?ing aeen a call in the Herald of the.'Oih mat., which concerns me, I beg to atate that the statements are untrue, mid aa I wish no controversy with any |>eri>on who Is a .-aiidldate for your support at the com liu election, 1 trust that jour verdict on ne*t Tuesday will lie in favor of one who liaa lei t the field twice liefore to those who are now endeavoring to detent me and elect a black re publican. I am the regular M'-rart Hall candidate, and aa audi 1 am asking for your kind support, for I am in the field, Slid will be until sundown ou Tueaday _Jle?pectlully youra, JAMES McMAHON. 4TH ALDERMANIC DISTRIt 'T-RECl I.AR MOZART Hall uominatiou lor Alderman. Capt. Jumes Mi -Malum. PATIUCK tjCINN, Chairman. George Logaw, I John Roekner, j Secretarlea. We, tire undersigned, membera of the Seventh Ward Mo. tart Hall General Committee, eudorae Captain Jamea McMa hou aa the regular candidate. DANIEL HUG II ES, PATRICK McNAMARA, JOHN RU.S.SEU-. GEORGE O'UONNER, MICHAEL HwWARD, MICHAEL MOONEY, JAMES ENNIS, JOHN OALVIN, Members of the Seventh Ward General Committee 5th ward national union party NOMINA I IONS. our coUNrn.urN, GEO. A. BARNEY, MORGAN JONES, JOSEPH I) COSTA, JOSEPH W. II VWKES, WAl. U. SC1IENCK, JOHN I'. Ht'GOINS. rOH WHfKIl roHWISSIOflRH, WM. H. JOHNSTON. WM. MYERS, WM. BURROWS. iwaPKcroii BENRY HOPKINSON. JOHN HEWITT, Prealdent G*o. W. Heath. GRO. W. HlATH, j ?ecr#t iriea Geo. W. P. Stackfooi.e, ( 81 re 6 Til COUNCILM ANIC DISTRICT? NINTH, teentli, Smtceutli unit Eighteenth wards. For Councilman, cor,. JOHN B. RYER. 6TH SENATORIAL DISTRICT. Ninth, Fifteenth, Slxtee itii and Eighteenth Ward*. REGULAR democratic republican NOMINA TIONS. For i loiincltmen, Alexander l. shaw, JAM I ; S O N MI-L, Jon n b. ryjsii, AR'I'HI'R AIIMPTY, JAMES FARELY, JoSlil 11 SMYIH. JOHN RICHARDSON, Chairman. William C. O'Biiik, Secietary. 6 TH district. JOHN H. COLLINS Is the Democratic candidate (or Alderman. 'TH DISTRICT. ? KOR ALDERMAN, ) JOHN II COLLINS. School Officer* of tin' Fourteenth Ward. For Commissioner? FRANCIS REILLY. Tor Triwi ?? I*. yUIN. JAMES H. KENNEY. For Inspector? JOSEPH SHANNON. 6TH ALDERMANIC DISTRICT. REUlLAlt NATIONAL UNION, CERtoAN LEAGUE ANtf> I'KOl'LES UNION NOMINATION. For AHerinan. JOHN VAN TINE. v.ttnn.i nni? 5 BltOOKES, Chairman. National Union j? h BEETS, Sec re tart. ? , iJollNt. BoECKEL, Chairman. German League | K ,. HARTM AN, Secretary. iGEORtjI* S. MILLER, Chairman. Peoples Union (THOMAS H. HUNT, Secretary. 7TH WARD.-THB DEMOCRACY OF THE "OLD Seve nth" united Tamm.ny and Mozart nominations for school officers : ? School Commissioner, BERNARD SMYTH. s hool Ins'x-r'or, SAM r Ei, .1. LONOWOUTa S hool ''t'H, JAMES M' ORE, JAMliS COLLINS. Momrt. T?mm?nf. WILLIAM O. OLVANY, MICHAEL O'LEART, Chairmaa. Chairman. Richard O'Grauy, Sec'y. Francis Ksarns. Sec'y. 7TH COUNCILMANIC DISTRICT.? UNION DEMO cratlc Republican and Morart regular nomination tor Councilman, Samuel K. M. Kepner, of 12th, l'Jth, 20th, 21?i and ZM ward*. 7TH WARD.-HAVINO OBSERVED AN ADVERTISE ment m the columns of your paper purporting to ems nate : rum mn, I now iterlare myself in favor or the people's choice lor Alderman, l'eter Mitchell, and I will use all n'on orable nv'aiiti in in ?? power to secure his sows* at the snsu suing election. JOHN CALVIN, President of the Yooog Men'a Democratic Union Associa tion of the Eighth Aidwiuanic district. 8TH WARD NATIONAL PWTON NOMINATIONS ? For Cooiicllmen? MoiRim June*, (Icorye A. Barney, Jo seph D. CiM'. Joseph 1'awks, Harris P.ogcrt. FiIicm Justi n ? J.,|Mi J. Sitaw. School Comirlsslooefw- WattOr W. Adams. Inspector? Jo. hi Diuw. Trustees ? Mstkim. ' ark. Jn?epli W. K"llo?e. A. ULAI' Vp.LT. Chairman E?ecut ive Committee. J. C. W. Ackkh, S rr Dry. Chakls* II. J'KAiii.i , Treasurer. 8TH AND NINTH WARDS-THIRD JUDICIAL DIS irlct ? TU?- IVo i '< Union Syracuse regular nomination for llie otlke of !'? lice Jtis'ice:? MR. WILLIAM DODdi:. O. II. BARTON, Chairman, A. TaLLMAX, Secretary. 8 Til ALDERMANIC 1) I STRICT.? R KOI' I,A R TA M M A NY Hall, I'axpaycr*'. Union, Ii. cpendem Democratic, IVo jile's and Marshall Un oil uomti.uiiou for Alderman of the E. chill Aldeiuianlc distinct ? PETER MITCHELL. Taniiininy llaii Committee, ALFRED >V. P.vLMER, Chairman. Euas T. Tatloti, m-. retsrv. Taxpayer*' Committee, WM. JKSSUP, Chairman. Joim ElLIHGTOH, Se re-an. Union C'imtllittMa AN DltliW LEWIS, Uhainnan. IIksiit J. Ki*o. Pecieturj. InJi'lieii i'-ni De.rtuemlif Committee, S. Stkrn, .-??r<!nry, HERMANN, Chairman, I'copii-s Nominati ?<; t ROfW McOlIIKE, Chairman. Ahdhkw Cukistiax. S ?'?ri't?r> . Marsh >11 Union Cortltniitee, CIIAKLJ > U. DODUE, Chairman. Tijiotht WitKK.LKB, m cr> t..ry. Any o'li'-" person profe? ;itig to hare the Tammany Hall nominauon Mir Alderman is irregular. 8 Til ALDERM \NIO DISTHICT.? TAMMANT UNION Deniocraiii' nominstloiw, and Mozart icgular Democra tic Kepuhlitao no.niiiuilon? ? J'or Alilermsn, PKTER Mc.wNioHT. TAM WAItT CONTKNTION. KOJ1AI1T C0KTrnT!0!?. Wm. Pit/patrr k, Chairman. John J. ISialr, Edward It. Fot, i s,,.?i.ri,.? Wm>- W. Ja. kson, i Seere E.lasW. Taylor, I Secretancs. Henry I.. Wright, ( tar:eB. 8TII AND NINTn WARDS-THIRD JUDICIAL DIS trli t.? Tlir Union and tlie Constitution.? Democratic 14? puMicau lei.ul r nominal on. For Police Justice? WILLIAM DODOE. JOHN McNICOL, Chairman. Wiiuam Clkart, I VI.AC WiLUAtss, '{^"Wies. 8TU ward. MOZART AND TAMMANY. FOR SCHOOL OOMMISSKINKR, EDWIN WAINRIOHT. 8TH WARD SCHOOL NOMINATIONS? BY THE~CITI t> of, ? Ithout regard t" p irtv ? Fur Commissioner, WALTER W. ADAMS. For I nspector, JOHN Dl Xo.V. VorTm.teaa !J ,rti' p" w KELLOOO, ror iriisU es, f jjaTTH I AS CLARK. WILLIAM TUCKER, Chairman. Joseru (lofcn Secretary, POLITICAL*

8TII ward REtft'LAR NOV IN rnONS OF THE GERMAN IN DEPENDENT I NT ON OLl B. 'II K MsYOII, C. OOOKuBV (J NT1IER. to* councitHf n. MORGAN JONES, UEOKGR A BARNEY, JOHN IIEaLY, JOSEPH HUGHES. james uayeh. cii wiles e. haua.v. ?o* roi.irc jt.-Tu'K. WILLIAM l> 1 >' . E. ioh sctioot. cohjii .si.imjr, WALTER W. ADAMS. FOH IIOUL IV I H'TO?, JOHN DIXON. n i it thomkks. MATTHIAS CLAKK nod JOS'.TH D MARTIN. WILLETT, President. f. Hihpklaiio, Secrelary. 9th ward Nalh' Union and Peooles (Syracuse) Union NOMINATIONS FOR SritfioL OFFICE KB. SCHOOL CllNIIIV^KINKH. JACOB C BOtiKRT. SCHOOL INSrM'TOK. AM1KKW MATIIEWSON. SCllOOt, TRUsTKCS. JAMES w. ROOTU, HENRY J. WEST. VTH WARD DEMOCRATIC UNION NOMINATIONS. 7 y or School Cumin is-, toner, ALBERT (1. 1SOOKRT. Fur Inn pernor, ANDREW MATHEW&O*. Fur Truste. ?, joiix McNiroL. HENRY J. WEST. 10 TH ALDERMAN' 10 DISTRICT. Regular Union and Krpitil.can nomination. rOH ALUBIIUAN, WILLIAM A. bM ALLEY. J. B. RYERSON. CtfMdfiu, j ,?.l n,a_, n . m CH'M. H, UttAV ES. Secy. i 17th w*rd RrP Awoeiatlon. CHARLES (!. W.VTERBI HY, Oh m., i ... ? FREDERICK C. WAGNER, Secy., 5 Unlon Convention. BENJAMIN F. MEKRITT, Vb'mVj ? B. WEBB, Si-c'jr., ) L nlon Association. WILLIAM 1 ATH WARD YoUNO MEN'S I NION CLUB. -AT THE lO regular meeting of ihe above tamed club. held on Fri day evening, November!.), at Humboldt Hall, Ihe lollowitig gentlemen were unanimously endorsed ?For Mayor, Fer nando Wood; Tor Alderman. Charles H. llnll; for Council men, Frederick A Repper, Tbumua (J. Hull. Authonv J. Miller, Jobn MeConnell, Jackson Burnstead, Hitnon tiarel ton; for School Commissioner, Joseph W. Lester; for School lnpecior, Z Fraud* B.iruea; for School Trustees, Wm. Mc Caflill, Charles E. Kujjlr WM. O TWAY, 1' resident K. 11. HAWTHORN. Vice President ^lurjiu"; I Hacretor<'-? 1 ATH ALDEKMANIC DISTRICT. 11 / FOR ALDERMAN. GEORGE A. JKHEMIAH. Mozart Hall. Tammany Hall, M101IAEL KANE. Cb'ii. ISAAC H. BROWN, Ch'k. John Himrikgtok, Sec y. John J. DmoMi, Sec y. 13 QTH WARD.? TAMMANY AND PEOPLE'S NOMINA tlon. For School Commissioner, JOHN II. TRAPP, Lawyer, 107 Attorney street. 1QTH WARD-FIFTH COUNCILMAN DISTRICT ? AO Gentlemen? Man;, of mv friuuds, apparently Impressed with the belie! thai ray withdrawal as a candidate foi Coun cilman was caused by sour diafcalisfattion ?n tny part, I would respectfully suite that there never has been any cause for such Imprewioa toenlst; that my w ithdrawal was solely occasioned by pressing hu?in>-?s eu^aKementa, and I ex pressly desire that all my friends will vote for and earnestly support toy friend John McConnell, whom the convention aiabseqiiently selected as the candidate for said position, on Ihe receipt of my declination. JOHN MURPHY. l4Tora^ciuhV?UNU UES a INDEPENDENT DEMO 4le?."?ntllSU^be?^ ^V,5 "l*""'*" uuanimoualy endorsed following candidate* were For M ivnr, HON.FBUNaNdo WOOD . ACui*"/ .Sl,,h District, a a .. ? JAMES Dt'HNING Adjourned 10 Mouday evening. at 7 o'clock WILLIAM HEANEY Jon* Kaixr, J?. , secretary" KELUf- Vice President. 15 TH WARD. REGULAR DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION. UNION. MOZART AND TAMMANY. For S(b? ol Commiftsioutrr, benjamin w. blanchakd. l>OU(JLA8 TAYLOR, Chairnmu o{ Tummauv <'oovent!oii. JOHN F. UAW, Ctmtrnian of Mozart Courenilon. ?J? AND TWENTIETH WARDS,-? A MASH MEETINO J.') or th?>(ri?*iuU of FernRiido Wood for Mayor, will bo belU ai Mtllima?'* Hall, corner ? Twvnly #?xth Mtre??t anil 8^ri?nih arcnu^, on Monday ?*v? i ng, l)<*c. '2, at 7% o'clock. Tl;? Hon. tVrn&'ido Wood and other di->tiii|(uiftht>d apcatei* will addr^HH the mealing JOHN KOtJKKH. i'r?'si<?'nt. Sixteenth ward. .IOIIK PHELAN, Vive. Prenident, do. JOHN J. TERHEMm Vice President, Twentieth ward. Jab. Hci(.r, 8e< retary, .SixieetitU ward, J as Wai.l, AdMisUBi Secretary, Twentieth ward. 16 TH WARD SCHOOL NOMINATIONS. Union of Mc.'m ri and TammHrif. For S bbol Coniinlxsioni'i , WILLIAM JAY UASKETT. For IiiKjHiClor, JA<X)B S. MOORE, For Trustee, for full term, SAMUEL OMOODD and JOHN JACKrtliN O. P. SMITH. Chairman. FERNANDO WOOD Wk. F. R*wsh?w, See. HENRY MALLEN, Pres. 16 ?TH WARD DEMOCRATIC PRODUCERS ASSOCIA llon will meet on Monday. Dec. 2, at 8 o'clock 1". M , at P. Hant s, 132 Ti nlli avenue, for the puruoae oi arranging for ' - - day nekt. (P. A.) M D. BUCKLIN, President the coining election on Tuesday m' X t_ E. W. Si'Aut.niN<;, Secretary ir'TH WARD.? AT A LARGE AND ENTHUSIASTIC XU uieetlng of tho Hixteenth Ward National Democratic CluD, held in their rooms, 310 West (Seventeenth street, Friday evening. Wtli Novemlier, the lollowing candidate* were unanimously endorsed ? For Mayor, The Hon. FERNANDO WOOD. Commissioner Common Schoo'a, WILLIAM J. UASKETT. Trustees, SAMUEL OSGOOD, JOHN JACKSON. Inspector, JACOB S. MOORE. Councilman. ARTHUR AIIMUTT, CoiiKtalile, THOMAS LYNCH. In olTerlns the above candidates for the S'iffras"? of the eitUenaof ilUswurd the member, of the Club take gn at credit unto themselves lor putting forward gentlemen of the highest social s.undard ami tried uhilitv. We call on all to. d and loyal e.itl7.ens, irrespective of party, to earnestly co operi t" with us, and hesrtlty xui port honest men lor ollice ? nienwliom wc know and can trtisi. L -t tis then zealously unite and devote o:tr whole enercie; and Influence to gulu such an overwhelming triumph In tli" Sixteenth ward, ak slistl make it memorable hereafter and strike terror Into ihe hearts of our enemies. THUS. J. KAK'LE, President. P. Camdbll, Set retary. UTH WAKD.-REliUr.AR DEMOCRATIC WORKING men'* Ticket. Twelfth Aldernianic and Fifth Council manic District*. At * tegular meeting of the Independent Democratic Union Club, ui thr Seventeenth ward, lieid n( No. MS Ka*t Fourteenth Blreel, when U|?>n motion It wa* duly moved and teonnded that the followin; carefully and well selected candidate*, with reference to personal qualifications, and with a view to their recommendation 10 ihe democratic voteta of the ward, ?iirill receive our unanimous (upport at the en*nlngChnrler rlo t"m ? For Mayor? Hon. FEKNAND* WOOD. For Alderman ? FRANCIS I. A. BUOLE. FnrConncilmen-JOHN H. HOOGhMRK, SAMUEL T. WHBSTER. EDWAKO C. MALLOY, rRKDElUOK REF 1'KK. JOHN KYAN, ANDREW MULLIGAN Kor School Commissioner? (AMES I,. MILLER. For School Inspector ? Sli'lll) LAS S K G A li. For Scheol Tru.teea? MICHAEL J. MCCARTHY, JOHN L CAHBEKKY. Resolved, That In endorsing the nomination of FRANCIS I. A. BOOLE, lor Alderman, wefeel convinced (bat be t* justly eniti eJ to your support, lie havtug received Wie unanfmoue nomination ol the democratic party, nor can you as consMl ent democrats vote against him, for lie has forever silaieed the many unjuat accusations urged against him; and aa the friend ol the workiocmau he ha* ever proved kimsell at all time* ready and capable to aintaln and aid you, therefore be ha* every ju?t claim u|ion your aufl?raK?a Resolved, That la the many nomination* forCntmcllmen and School Officer*, we have (elec ted those, and ihoae only, whole nbility ami capacity respectfully n-c?mmend them to your consideration. And furiher, that nr re?uectt'ully solicit the oooperauon of the rotaiaof the ward, feeling confident. If successful, that it will *e>llre to na those equitable right* *o unscrupulously wrun*. from us, and which have hcen ao long and totally disregarded. PATRICK 1IAQAN. Chairman. Francis B. Donaldson, Secretary. "1 7TII WARD REGULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN X I Union nomination*. ? For School G<immi?>-l<>tirr, Jimi H L. >1 il'T. For School Trus'eea, Michael J. McCarthy, John L. Carl Try. Fur School Inspector, Nicholaa Segar. nlll WARD PEOPLE'S SYRACUSE UNION KOMt nation*.? For Mayor, C. Godfrey Guntber. Kor Al derman, Tenth Aldermunlc district, George A. Jeremiah. For < ' ninrdoo n. Thomas <>. Hall, Samuel Wel'Mer, Michael C. (Jroaa, William Horekel, Jn. kaon Bum?tesd, John H. Hooghklrk. l or nchool Commissioner, James I. Miller. For School Trustees, Mm had,). M Carthy, John L. L'artirey. For School lnapcctor, Nicholaa begar. -17TH WARD NATIONAL UNION NOMINATIONS - JL J For Mayor, C. Godfrey Ounther. For Alderman, Tenth Altleriniuil 'liMrf' t, Oeorge A. Jeremiah. ForCotin llmen, Simuel We' ?ter. Thomas Hall, Michael I!. UniH, Jacknon Rumateaii, William B <cke|, John II. Itapghkirk. For School ('oiiimisalonor.JameB ?.. Miller. ForSthonl Inst eclor, Ni hoUn S-'gar. For School Trustees, Michael J. M "Carthy, John L. t arbrey. 18 TH WARD Ualon, Taxpayer*' and Republican nomination roR ALt.r.RMAN, JOHN D O'l'l 1\\ ELL. EIGHTEENTH WARD. TO THE VOTERS OK THE FOl'RTEKNTII ALDER MAMC DISTRICT. We, the undersigned, residents In the Fourteenth AMcr r> .nic district, I edevmg ft to he our imperative duly to en i t alt tue Inliuencr m ?tir power to insure the return or aucii men li> Ihe I'nmm .11 Coumdl ns nrc known to n* lor their re *)iet lability and n o ily do cordially endor?e ihe ivmiiia tion ol' John I). Ownvetl lor AhleiniRn, niol elieerlolly te enmmend bim 10 t .e coliaideiatlon of the taABoiera and otliera, who are derlrom of eo oiierniint' >vnh in 111 our en tiea'.cir* iti atuln the object ubo'.e nientlouetl; and fi oin t ur personal knowl-tlre of h)? chara. ter we leid justified in rep. re?.'intnR that he is in every w.iyqaalited to represent the connHi.eiicv In which he rca.dea. DavIiI Dudley Field, Jo*. D?l"vnnie, E. Delaveld Smith, Blllctt C. Cewdln. Henrv J Scudder, Timothy O. Chiiiclilll, EdWiird P Cowlee, Coinelu.i 11. Agnew, Johns. Cocks, S. J. Ma.y, Francis M. Babeock, Geo. F. Woodward, M.D., D?> id 8. Dod?j M.V., Samuel R Mahbatt, Samuel 11. 8t. John, Wm, W. Northrop, James M. Cross, Job L. Black, Philip Fr .nkenkclmer, B. O. Almend, Paul Aunend, Leonard i^iiea, Jacob I,. Sena*, John Blac ken. James II. Adaina, Rohert Parkiiill, 8. Davidson, Peter McKadden, T. H. Fletcher, M. Davidson, Amu* L. Chamberlain, Geo. II. Meitall, and 300 other*. votracAi*. I O I " W,\Kl> UNION REPUBLICAN AND TAJCPAY JlO era uuminatiori. ForS.-hool Commissioner, Lemuel Bangs. For h hwil 1 n*pe< tor, G'eorgc II. Metcolfe. Jfcr fcfcaot tnwuw. } "| QTH WA1UJ. -AT A LARUE AND ENTHUSIASTIC in meeting oi the iriemlaof Ri< hard Murphy, K*<|., for the purpose ol lormuijr an assi* iaiioji? ? Win. II. Adams, Esq., l<r*?Mln 7. F < I Bradbury, F W Htrdsal), U.jae A M-rmi, Ksqs . Vice Chairmen, Jas. (J. Finn and Capi. Harris Wines, Ke< n turn ? a committee was appointed to draft reso utioiiM. Tii" following were, orie red and unanimously adapted;? Wlii'ioiis, The groat and Important interests of the ci'l/ens of the Eighteenth ward require a caj able and houe-t r< pre tentative In the B mrd of Aldermen "f thin city, who would *et his face against corrupt jol?a and contracts ? i the corrnp lioiiists, w ho hatiK around the City Hall for the prrpose of fleecing the public treasury, an tliat th?U'ommon Council ha>? be omen bye word throughout the latuf* therefore. It- solved* That, uniting together, Irrespective ot party pro divines, ready to sacripee them for the public good. a** a duty incumbent on us as residents of this ward, to pla?'c the right man in the right place; I hereto* e, we earnestly Invite the cm. oj.ei a; Ion ot our fellow clti/i us in our elloi ts to W < t Richard Murphy aa Alderman, and thereby evince a due re, an} for the interests of this w aid, and elevation of the civic charac ter of the city legislation. WM. H. ADAMS, Chairman. Ed. J. Br a mm ry, ) V. \V Bittn^Ai.L, [ Vice Chairmen. Isaac A. Mohan, ) Jis. Finn, > 0 C u'T. Makrih Winks, \ 8?l,relaria?. TQTH WARD WORKINC, MEN'S INDEPENDENT J U Club.? At a meeting ot the above Club, lull at Ht? E o?t Twcr.t, -fourth struct, on Friday evening, Nov. 21), the follow ing i ??solution was adorned Resolved, That we, ti?e members of thia Club, do pledge ournidvoa n> advocste and support ihc election of Mr. Henry H. Condon for Alderman of the Fourteenth Aldermaitlc dis trict, and show him that th? true democracy o( the Eleventh district of the Eighteenth ward will not be behind lit rolls ug up a majority tor him in the forth oniing election. I he following cuulldaies were also endorsed. --For Mayor, Fernando Wood. For Councilman, Richard O'Brien. For School Trustee, lames Riley. N. HAUUllTON. Chairman. T. Brady, Secretary. 1QTII WARD.? GEORGE M. HARPEL, THE PEOPLE*8 X</ Union candidate tor aidermnn, will not be withdraw n under any circumstances. All people in favor of honest men will vote f<?r him, as he Is the only candidate of the requisite character in nomltituiou. Tickets can be procured at the Hall, in Fifty-first street, between Second and Third avenues, on Monday evening, and at tho polls on the day of the elec tion. J. A. SHARP, President, W. RoynraiL, I S^Urie* ^ 1 QTH WARD UNION CLUB ? AT A REGULAR MEET. 1 ? ' ing, held st US East Forty. iir?t street, on Thursday evening. Nov. 28, the following candidates were unanimous ly andtjud for the coming election;? For Mayor? Fernando Wood. For Aluerman? Thomaa McSpedon. For Councilmen, Seventh Councllmanic Plstrtct ? John Lyons, John h'avenah, Alexander Brandon, William Joyce, For School Conuaiiftioncr? Patrick Ford, William IfarK Kyrau Perkins. Kortfchool Inspector? John Jacob Russe. For School Trustees ? Charles H. Lyons, John Hogan. Great credit is due the different committees for the. dill geuce and zeal they used in selecting men from among the many candidate* now before the people who are, without ex ception, the undoubted choice of all the members. JAMES MURPHY, President. TiNOTfir MuarHT, Secretary. Messrs. Timothy Murphy, James P. Larklns and Patrick Da ey were appointed a committee io transact all business belonging to the club for the ensuing year. The meetlug then adjourned till Monday evening next. 19 TH WARD.-KOR SCHOOL TRUSTEES, JOHN HOUAN PHTER OUDENRATH. To Parents anil Ciurallan* ? Having received ami accepted th? nomlnntlon Tor Bohool Trumee* of thl? wirit, we hereby iiti-rige mirae\ves (ir elected Jo that re.|MMi?ible [vo.iilon), to discharge the duties thereof with fidelity, and la such a manner ?? vlli be entirely sail*, factory to our cuuitltucnu. JOHN HOUAN. PETER GtiDKNRATH. 1 QTH WARD DEMOCRATIC WORKINBMKN'S ASSO" A?7 elation.? At a meeiiim oi this Assorlallnn, held ?t Only A Brothers', corner of fiftieth street and Third avenue, on Saturday evening, Nov. SO, for the purpose of msklnc en dorsements, the following gentlemen were usauiiuutialy endorsed;? For hool Conitnlsctoner, KJCIURD S ORAY. K..i Sellout In*pei-i?e JOHN JACOB Rl'SSR. Fur Truktees, CHARI.ES H I.YONS, JOHN HOUAN. Pit'K H. Kkihnkt, .Se' 'y. TAT'K DALY, rres't. JosKrii Harrison, Ti-e.u, ADAM RAY. Vice 1'rea't. "J QTH WARD DEMOCRATIC WORKINGMEN'8 A6KO lw elation,? At a meeting of this Association, on Krhtair evening, November at, held *1 Daly Bro., rorner of Fiftieth at reel and Third avenue, Tor the purpose of making endorse ments. tlie following gentlemen wero unanlmoiis'y endorsed for Counrllmen of the Seventh Senatorial District, com prising the Twelfth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twentv-flrat and Twenty-acconi ?ftrd?: ? lobii Kavanngh, John Lynn*. John Brio-. i,uk" Cnrtien, William .lovce and Alexander Brandon. J. H. Kk?h*ict, Hec PATRICK DALY, President. Joikfu IIahkison, Trea. ADAM KAY. Vice President. "1 QTH WARD.- AT A LAROE AND ENTHUSIASTIC XfJ meeting of the Nineteenth ward Wnrkingmea's Union l)''in(vm t ic A**oelaiion, hrld at dames 8exton'?, corner of Sixtieth streei mi. I Second avenue, on Saturday evening, No vember HI*. the following nomination* were unanimously en dorsed Kor Mayor, FERNANDO WO' u>. Kor Counnlincn, Seventh Set;aUrrlal district, Twelfth, Nineteen' h. Twentieth, Twenty-lint and Twenty second wauls, John Knvanagb. Ja cob M. Long, John llrlce, I.ilke Cm nen William Joyce, Al' l wider Brandon. Kor School Officers? P?:rt<k Ford for Com missloner; tor Inspector, John Jacob Kusse; for Trustees, John Hogan, Chas. II. Lyons KKXNCI8 S. DONEUAN, Chairman. J amis Skiton. Treasurer. John D. t/RtituiN'*, Secretary. Michael MfMAnoi*. Vice President. Titos. Sui.t ivan, Second Vice President. JonM DoNKCAX, Recoidlni; Secretary. Oj tTII WARD SCHOOL OFFICERS. dtj\J Regula; republican and Union nominations. For School Commissioner, JOHN tjUACKENHUHH. For School ln-|iecior, JOHN McKECHNIE. For School Trualeea, OA It KIEL V AN COTT, Dr. MORTIMER U. PORTER. ROBERT TAYLOR, Chairman 8 hool (Convent ion. CUMMINUU II. TUCKER, President Twentieth Ward Republican Atwocl?<Joo. Datid McAuam. 8e< reurv. OATH WARD I M?: II'KNIIEN r DEMOCRATIC UNION Club do hereby notify the public thai they have not satntlined any pa; ty or committee to ei dorse the name of James Moore as Commissioner of I'ubli" Schools of the Tweotletii ward. JOHN !n. CALKINS, President. BAbton, Secretary. O/iTII WARD -A REGULAR MEF.TI NO OF THE ?\1 Franklin Democratic Club will be held at Celgan s In Thirty-second street, I etwen Sixth and Seventh avenue*, lbi? nllt mono at 4 o'clock. Punctual attendance I* reonested. liy old-rot PATRICK W. BLACK, Pre*. Mini's. Hsiamwsy, Sec. T. MULLItiAN, Jk., Vice Pre*. P. Coylk, Treaa. OATH WARD INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC UNION Club.? We, tie* undersigned, do endor?f the following named- candidates ? For Sc.ho >1 Commissioner, James Moore; for 8chtx>l Inspector, Thomas McKltucy; lor School Trus tees, Thomas M. Partridge; Joku HoUdcrbaur. School Committee? Andrew t awy. James MeOardle, Patrick Comae. John M. Culkisi, President ; B. Hurley, Secretary ; James Clark, Treasnicr. | 8T WARD 21s RBr.I'LAR DEMOCRATIC INDEPENDENT ASSOt I ATI ON NATIONAL UNION NOMINATIONS <V1 ST WARD -A LARGE AND ENTIIl'SIASTIC MEET ?\- Ingot the Twemy-tlrst War.l Young Men's Democratic Ciub. heid over Cochrane'* distillery. Tlnrly-lhird aireet. between First and Seennd avenues, Nor. 29. when able speeches were delivered In favor of Hon. Fernando Wuo<l fur Mavor. The next, meeting will be held Monday, Decem ber 2. at 7 P. M., ut same place, when punctual attendance of ail the member* Is requeued, as business of great moment la to be transacted. Per order JMHN SMITH, President. H. P. COCHKANX, Secretary. Da. Michael Flykh Treasurer. C)"| ST WARD? WORKWOMEN'S UNION DEMOCRA djL lie Club ?At a regular meeting of the above named club, held at their headquarters, 619 Se< ond avenue, on Fn dav night, it was unanimously resolved that the nomination of W. 8. Yard, for Scheol Juspector. he endorsed. Oa mo tion, It was resolved that the Club adjourn, to meet again on Monday evening, Dec 2, at 7X o'clock, for the. further endorsement of candidate*, CI! AS. RISDO.V, Pres. Jno. Callahan, S' l 'y. Tnos. Case r, Trea*. C()D WARD NATIONAL UNION AND PEOPLE'S (Syracuse) Union Nummatioi>s -- I(eiu!i|iiarn rs at Phillips' II ill, No. (Ho Seventh avenue. For Mayor? C. <Jnd frey Oil nlber. For Cotmcilmen? (Seventh Senatorial Dib it! O? Jacob M. Long. Ssmurl D. Bingham, John Brice, Alexander Brandon, Charles C. Pmckney, William Joy e. For Setiiail Commissioner? Dr, Natlianicl C iluxted. For S' hool Trustees? Charles E Simms, David Clark. For School Inspector? John W. Huckborn. E. MaeiarUn, President National Union. Henry bnyder, President People's (Syra cuse) Union. <>QD WARD DEMOCRATIC EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIA ZjJLi tlon.? Ata meetliH; of the abeve association, held at the l ouse of James Giant, Esq., corner of Fifty-fourth Mrcet and Eighth avenue, on Tue-day evening, November JO, on motion, Huoli Maatermn, Kaq., was elected chairinau, and TTi'is. O. Callaghan, E? |., vice dial rm'an : Mewirs. Martin Fallen and James Cuslilng, secretaries, and Jaines Grant, Esq., treasurer: alter which, on motion, It was proposed that a school II k?l should be made, which was unanimously carried. The following gentlemen W'-re then duly nominated to represent the true interest* of everyjciil/en, taxpayer aud conservative Mend o! the cuinmon si iii?l* ol the ward ? For School Comini^Hlonsr, DANIEL SHANNON. Kor School I nsi ecior, PETER McCULLOl'GH. Fot School Tr is'? es, PATRICK ANTIIONT an. I JOHN S. MASTERSON. HUGH MASTERSON. CI a man. TIIOS. O. CALLAGII AN. Vice Chairman. Marti.* Fallhv, < B,? . J as. Ci'SiiiRO. I BCLretariea. HOTELS. +&? KT_BKSr'1^ DE L'UNION, NO. 30 O'REILLY STttKET, I! WAKA, (out numlitr ilo), Situated in Ibecentru of thn city, m*ar '.Ue and ri?7u (W. Annas. TIiIh "Id and well known Uo'.c.l ? :n? of the mwt popular anU moMt p.iironi*?il by Hiruit^etn <oinii.g 'o Havurin, irom its ni'OKitnuv to the placs of tauiinrfy anil umuwin^sit. The tiil)lc in iurir.HhiMj in the bt si ?t> .e, .miJteient 10 ?.uisfy tUe n -i^t fa?UJio,M t.ihti;. PRESCOTTS HOTEL, NO. 80 EAST TTOUSTOIK ?trert. ??!??? Kh?ok frui? Hcondtriy, for pentUm^n and tafUcH on th" European pUn, h.i% ex<*ctl*?ut accommo luttont. Ttw roomi bavi* giiM Rt?d h fri-w togucstH , also tb?? hnlis tiron^ii the Iioum? are nicely Warmed, lioom lot person $1 6 ? per \rmk: two persona necu]iyin^ti room, |2&), u: dhoun. it. 'V. PUESCOrr, 7."? ('hftinuoifi dealer in Win' s, Oli v?* OH Hiiii t 'KDtou Ginger. S1VORI HOTEL A.N'D RESTAUR ANTt Corner ??f BROADWAY AND NINTH STREET, Elogant Suiti ot Apartinf nia for k liUcmen aud fumlltf a at low piteea. HOVSTCS, HOOKS, AC.. TO LET. * FIRST CLA88 HO* sic PARTIALLY KI l'MHIIKD J\ hear the H * i lU A vhu , 1|' t?-l, in rent, u mi tii?s ivat Ukuo n? h.,?ril by ibe mtmrnu .K-cup.ui,,. Ul.eml ?.thhji? nietifi will !?' iiu?u? with a competent i?r?>n. Apnly at 82 fciuit Fourteenth ?treet on Mommy, or ?tldrcit li. H B ?aiuu place, lor two il> j? ' ' " I^URNISIIRn HOI SK TO I KT Till: 1MI KM : H TORT I' mill im i'iiu DC bi'owii Miiiiit mini ll"ii?e, K.,?t Twenty 11 1 it li .trcet, betweon Ma<n?on ami fourth av.tine*, com pletely l'unil?h?(l. Apply on the pi e mines, oi- to II. II RICE, Clerk ? oil! '? Siijir-f ior Court, City Hull. T AVUS ROOM TO LET-IN PLATTE 8 I1AU-, 1,170 I J Kio.i hv.iy. bntwceo Tiilrty-t? 'oii'i ??ml T.ilrtytbtrd ?ireei?. SttUuMe i or drlllrootii, clnir li or inanm*" luring piir|?ih??. Rent low to u goo, I tcniitr. A| ply iik |>?'r bill, STEAM POWER AN I> ROOMS T;> LET.-IN()l IKK ON loc ore u> )*.??, conior Filly -third alrc-l uni h'hxt avenue. II 8>:inVAi;2. rro LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, THE 1. ?lory llo. im- Nu f> I-af.'i eito FuMMeloD Immediately. Apply lo JAMli.s CHUIKailANK, U> Broad way, rPO LF.T? THE ELEGANT DWELLING HOUSE MO. * 1 Di'iwu row i Blrf . k.'i ?? reel), r<-| Icie wlib every eoiiye liii'iiei' iin iv liriil elan itwellin j; mabl ? on rear French Hi yte, with porte ciaduie; lobe seen from tt to 6 o'clock. For term* apply to C. r. PINCKNEY, 72 Wall street. TO LET TO \ 81 NO LB GBNTLBlfAH, OK TO TWO gentlemen friends, the I'rtmi an I back Parlor*. elegantly furnished, with or without bre.tkfast. Term* leasonable. Apply at 215 .Sixth avenue, near fourteenth street. TO LET? HOUSES NO. fl ST. MARK'S PLACE AND 49 Franklin iirn'i. To i<ood tenant* they will be rented ow. Apply to JAMES i Ul IKSHaNK, 56 uruadway. To LET-SEVERAL HOUoES. FROM FOURTEENTH TO Fortieth sti??i*, and from Sixth avenue to North river; also, xonn- p?od p.ra ol houses: a No, Houses and Stores on Eiuhth avenue, to>,et! er with a splendid Store and Ba<mnt ou ter the liroa lvva Hotel J.aW. DENH AM, Eighth ?ve nue, corner of Sixteenth street, from morumu to 9 P. Al. mo LET-WELL FURNISHED RwOVS IN BROWN A stone hous*. R3 Bowery, single and ?n suita to accoiumo ! date families. aUo Mmllr Uo ma at G14 liroad*vay, second I it ry. Inquire on the \ u-moe?. l'nce in aocorUauQO with the times. mo l.hT- A1 r ROCSB, 77 QREBMtlOH AVENUE, X ttr?t t'nor suitable lor hevcral sorin at (malneM*; rent |lo p> r mum h ; live rooms up s:;;U*s, $15 \ er inontii. mo LET?IN SIXTH AVBMUK, HEW TORE, A stoke. 1 wuh aparitio'nlM lor a laniily, vvi h the privilege of the whole IIoom* ai May. Location nrai rate ;to<l rent at war yriifc App)> ftilpi) Bridge Byookljm. TO LET-TWO HANDSOME FRONT ROOMS ON THE iM CinitRtory m hount* 13 Clinton place. The house It hi St A}ijuy on the premises. rpo LEASE? A LAKCK NEW SToUK. 7 45 SIXTH L avenue, between Koriy- tilled and Fortv-lonrtli fstreeu, in a good nei hborhood; would make an e\? ellt*nt aland for a butcher, baker, tea atore or dry good*. Kent moderate. In? quire on the premiKes. WANTED TO LEASE?A CORNER PROPERTY FOR Improvement, or would buy. Location w?-at of Broad nay, foutk of Thirtieth street. Addresa M. K.f Herald of tice, statiug location. HOI' S EH, ROOMS, WANTED. B ARISE WANTED? FROM 90 TO 100 FEET LONG, TO hire for live montha trotn December I. Alao, 10 rent, the Moll; head foot of Jay street. Inquire of JOHN W UAKDNEK, schoon? r Economy, foot of Harrison street. North river. I.1URNI8HED HOUSE WANTED.- A SMALL FAMILY 1 w >nIi to tore a well hiruished dwe.lliug of medium size to the first of May. Those willing to let such property at a low rent will nnd a desirable tenant by addressing box 2,138 Post otllce. STEAM ENGINE WANTED? 2ft OR 30 HORSE POWER, s eond hand, which (an bo Hold cheap lor cash. Ad dress box 7 S3 Post olltce. QTERLING SILVER.? WANTED, SOME HANDSOME 0 and ornamental p'eees of Table Silver, in * ood order, 01 l English preferred, and no teasel-, spoon* or forks wanted. Addteas. describing the articles, A. C. E. station G 1'Ohi oihee. ?\ITANTED? THREE OR FOUR ROOMS, IN A RE ? r spectabie location, between Franklin and Houaton streets, west aide of ' Hroadtvav; rent not to e.xeceti $12 per month; pay, It required. In advance. Address A. W. tt., He raid olhce. lor one week. WANTI D-A HOUSE UNFURNISHED, EITHER IN New Vora or Hiooklyn: also, one tumished; also, part of a house tor a small family, furnished or unfurnished! also, the First Floor and Kn h? n ol an Engd- h basement house. Apply to W. P. SaCKETT, lft Wall street (up stairs). SPECIAL NOT1CKS. New york Li^rou dealers' isociety.-tue regular monthly meeting o i i* Sm'jri y will be held on Tuesday evening, Dec. 3, at the Metropolitan Rooms, ICO Ilea* ter street, at 7>? o'clock. By order. P. W. ENGS, President J ohm Rooicits, Recording Secretary. New york city and bounty liquor dealers Protective Society.? Til regular monthly meeting of the above sociely wi'4 he held ai their rooms, corner of Bleecker and Greene streets, on Monday, December 2, at 8 o'clock P. M. Membt'ii, ami those wi-binn to tolo, arc re q* tested te attend. WAl/i Ei ROCHE, President. ParitK AIc^uaoc, Recording Seen tary. NEW YORK ACADEMY OK MEDICINE. -THE MEM bera of the New York Academy ot Medicine ere re quested to meet Sunday, i>- cem"er I. 1*461, at \% o'clock P.M., at the small chapel of the Umverait >\ to jolu the lunerui procession of their lale associate, Dr. Richard b.>tam. 8 8.' Hr itB UUi M. ?J j> OOPVKBNEUtt M. SMITH. M. p. {Aw?g? ?<* rpilK MEMBERS OK THE NEW TORE JOURNETMElf A Baker's Society, are requested to meet to.dny, at their rooms, I7y Wooster direct, at I?? o clock, to attend the funeral of William Ciark. PATRICK MORRIS, Vice Pres t. John Kim y, Bccrr tary. UNITED STATICS STE VMER RHODE ISLAND, NO vemoer "JJ, JtfoJ. ? bailor of Gerald ? I notice in your paper of the2!hh, an Inquiry by.the seamen who have nerv ed in the late rebellion, how and by whom l lie bounty at id extra pay due and to be. ome due them can ><e obtained. For the b' uclit of iho*e intt rested l will say that CALVIN C. KURT, Attorney at Law, is a competent prison to alien/! to such matters, an t that he haa the m eessary blank forms and applications, and Is thoroughly posted in all such mau-i.v Those to whom bounty and prize. motley are due, or who have claim* of any kin I against the government would do well to call on hint at once. II. maybe found at 132 Broadway, room No. 8. Hopin;: i have been of service to my fellow couritrymen, I am, reaper tfuliy, D. D. CLA UK, Lute of c w ?* Pa? master's Department. WASHINGTON SKATING CLUB OK BROOKLYN ? Proposals will tut r<<elved until Dec. 7, for the privi lege of selling Liquor*. He* reshmenf*, Ac., and H e sale and hiring of Skates on the Pond of thin Club durii gthe enduing season The proposal* to include the erection oi proper ami commodious buildings lor the purpose. Ad ires* O. K. Oat mau. Despatch ollice, II Frankfort street. New York. MIMCELUNEOLS. % N IMMENSE DISCOUNT. iv White French China Dinner Plates, the doz $1 BO White French China Hieakfant Plates, I he do/ 1 25 White French China Tea lMwes, the do 7, 90 Whit* French China Tea S ? *, 41 pieces 3 76 Gold Band French China Tea .Set>, 44 pieces 0 00 (?old and Colored French China Tea Sets. 44 piece* 7 00 Go.d baud French China Dinner Sets, 190 piece* 49 00 SEVENTY-FIVE Fancy Fren It China Dinner Sett, At $30 and upward*. Cut Glaus Goblet*, the do/ fl M Cut Glass Decanter*. thepuir I AO Colored'sBohemian Glass Finger Bowl*, the do/. 1 80 Silver Plated T? ? Sp *nn, the doz I 25 Silver Plated Table Spoon.*, ihe eloz 3 75 Silver Plated Table l orks, the dos 3 7jJ Silver Plated Tea Sets, fi pic e*, handsomely engraved. .18 UO Stiver Plated Cake Basket*, eiub 4 60 htlver Plated Capers, 6 cut bottle* 4 60 BILVER PLATED ICE PITCHERS, $5 Largest size, handsomely engraved, $6* Best quality of plate, $5 Great variety of pattern*. $0 $5 $* $S ?* t? ? Ivory Dandled Dinner Knives, tke doz $4 60 Ivory Hub died Tea Knives, the <lo/ 4 00 A complete assortment of IRON STONE CHINA, Maddock'* make, at very low prices. A1*o the largest assortment of GAS FIXTURES in New York, embracing every article ncce*aary to the com plete outOt of Public Building*, Store*. Dwelling*, Ac., Ac., and all at , WAR PRICES 1 WAR PR1CE811 The btiylnc public a re reKpectfullv requested to TEST OUR PRICES by a comparison with other houses J W. J. F. DAILEY A CO., 6:tl Broadway. Attention smokers.? the folj/iwing smoking Tob.icco* have been approved oJ l?y aii who have ? sed them a* imparting tho mosl deli lous llavor, ami particularly by the ladie* D* th< H" Tob.ucosc. n !??? ^mo .ed in toe parlor withoir ratiatng that di*.ij?reealde odor which .s so obje. tiou able a feature in mon smoking tobaeios We would enJi the attention ot sutlers and the ir?'"e in iener.0 to our celebrated brand the ( oh>r Your >le? r chaum," wi.l h tsj.ut up in lb. package*, each pacwa e eon'ainoiv foi.r ptec s. Tits To bacco IS p e ? ii and ? <? *o? n * i??.eh' ^ small sp .ee tllftt H can b?- carried by th" soldier without any trouble. The ounlitv of this brand is eu*u* ?? m-eii ; a.*o, n.e v* ti known ''Kliekily. kJick/' put e.p in l.v- p ?ond | a and in case*. of 100 pound* And the ne, ..l fnorftr ? ;" th s i-raud Is packed n quarter pomui pacKa e*. and l*b"|i. <|. Our To bar s have heen e ?> .or e J ? o h by ?J?e army and navy hh the best in u?e, while our price* are no hi Jier than those < ha r?c<i lor inf 1 lor brand* ? \ o?bei iea u'a. tiirer- For b J 11 price*. ?Ve , of above Tob.ccos a Idr ** L. APPLEBY A SONS, 133 Watci street. New \or*, manufacturer* ot ti e One cutCa vcndixli Tob.-cco. in loll, pap r-; *mt canisters, and all Kind* ot Sn?.fT, de.ilM ? In t?eat >.a-.ui*< tur- d To uuc.ehoi e lla vaua and (,om --ti ? Segir 1 s, Pipes, Ae., ?Ve., Ac. Aliordersby mail carefully put up ami promptly lorua ded. A T CONNER'S, BOWERY, NEXT TO FIFTH j\ street, ?? th?* ph.- e to buy your Boots and Shoes. ftl t) for Cent's C'i! l? able Sole Water Boot*. i m.i ior C 01 s t*a I -tout S n<le Sole Boot*. $;5 J5 for CeuCs <'.?! J) > tide Sole peg/ed Hon!*, 7.? 1 ? ruenCii , | .s ,^.e sio> ;s . .- -d Boots f .i 00 for Gent * <?raiu Lon?r Legged VVa'er Bootr. 9 ; ihi for Cent's Cab D< uoie Sole stitched BatmornTs $1 .V? /or GeiiC- Tap {)et,ged B ?lTOoial.?. U :hj or ??e./ ? Leather atlteiie, | Co a -j,r* C altera. $ > !M) lor Cent s Oiif ?lil. bed Con^r s* Gaiter n. Also, a ki eat var e y oI Lidies , Mi*ke? , Boy?\ Youths and Chiht ten's \Ve*r, at very low prices. N. B.? Lonj|Leggi*d Double Soled Boo:* for Firemen. M AI. '.LAUDS <;eleiiuated U.NIU.N taiOCOLATE. Union t'hoco!?'e for ih?( Army; put uji in imallcxkea **cb ?uH'clanl lor on? rattun. VTHOI.ESALV~ND RETAIL til'i iiiKi .?1 Itroud*by. A'".) M AILI.A1'.I)> V'tiiiuly rhucnU'.v, irciiuSSr. to |1 p^r P"in .1 ; w*rrani"il pnrn anil e<)ual to any imported, mid tutting 'inly listl Hie pricr. 1?B1/.ES CASHED IN ALL LEGALIZED LOTTERIES. I un.i information Jiven, bv KHaNK hi.Vt;, uiokur, Mii:mlw?y, N. Y. rPODD A RAVFEP.TY, MAM KACTfKKlIS OP 8TA I tl..'i; rv un.i I*. E114I11 ? ????> H" ?h? Ha* It'-ntp anil 1 lope \i;? lu.i?*rv; Milhvi n it \V??: .u 1 1 i.i I general Mae It, era merchaliM. Depol an ? More No. H Dcv kuaot, Ntw York. Works al I'uter^jn, S J.

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