Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1861 Page 5
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METROPOLITAN POUTIC8. The Hsjrerftltf Cinrteit? 8Ilm Meetings? The Union Sentiment? The Abolition Attitude of tlie Opdyke Party? His Str?nj?l? Fading Away Undo the Union Keeling? Gun t her and the Tammany Organization? Tbe German Element New Mode of Uniting Fund*? Tlie Con fidence Circular and Receipt?' The Al derraanic Contect? Cheating Around the Board, Ac., Ac. 0 lily two moro U ay* intervene between this and th* day of election, which la to decide the fete of the nunao roL.s candidates bow bofore the people Tor charter offices, and although the canvass bar rapidly changed it' posi tion during th# lost throe or four days, more so than at any other time during the campaign, yet ?e apprehend that nothing wHI transpire to change the Issue from ita prcscul position before the morning of election, although tha politicians aro counting largely upon makaig lurcada In (ho rank.': of the opposing factions by skill und mausge rnont but in this tbey will tlud themselves mistaken. The public have by this time fully made up their mind who they will vote for, especially for Mayor, ami wh.t little can be said or done by the politician* w ill have but little effect upon the result, unless it is tho cheating and maklrg v oters believe that their ballots are for one man, when, iu fact, they are for some other. *" The genoral reader might be led to believe, from the Hong lists of advertUouients that havedaily appeared In the Hrkals under the head of "Political," thai all New York wee aixtido down and under a great commotion in regard to the contest; but as far as our experience goes we have not found lhat to be the case the public meetings that hava been held either by the Mozart, Tammany, rcpubtl can or the no parly organizations have been slim affairs and do not. by a long way , approach the political mass mooting- lhat were formerly bcld m lb* city,oither at general Slate atid national or trayorally elections. This will unquestionably have Its effect upon the number of voters lhat will turn out on cl'.'ctivn dajr Should Tues day be a pleasant day ? one lhat will need no overshoes to keep ihe feet dry? there will be from Ove to eight -thousand more votes than at the November election Hut we do not anticipate that tho vole, under ?ny contingency will exceed Klxty-flve thousand, and ?when it comes to bo couutod, unless wn nro very tnueh mistaken In the signs of tlie times, It will be found tbal the vote for the three candidates will vary but little They mil run nearer together than any of the political ?writers or speakem havo been willing to give the figures. It Is neurer a neck and neck race than any former con test. The I'n ion sentiment will be a formidable featuro In the vote, and on this point Opdyke has been rapidly lotting ground ever since he paraded himself as one of the vice presidents at the anti-administration and abolition gathering at which Senator Sumner was the orator, and a number of the shining lights of the Garrison school occu pied the platform and helped to give tone to the meeting, Tha change that has been working since then id not amoug fee wiry politicians who have been the followers of Opdyke and th* Greeley factions, but among the mer. chants and business men, who make no parade of their political opinion*, but walk up to the polls and quietly deposit their ballots. Among thin class there ha* been a great change in feeling, and we hav?, while conversing with thoso who, only a week aago, announced themselves as being for Opdyke, received the Impression that they -(eared that tbe result of ibis election would b* a severe blow- to the Union cause in th* event *f the success of Opdyke. The abolition t*ne of the orgsos supporting him, and ilinr attempt to urge ihe emancipation cry upon the administration, wouid only increase the secession fev*r in tlie South, and givo to the leaders i;l the Southern confederacy a new handle to pr* claim throughout the length and breadth of rebel *lom tlmt tlie l7nlon army was marching southward to carry oft their slaves and liuvuj-tate tbe .south, such Is the feeling that has taken possession of* large number of our conservative men, who at one time contemplated voting for Opdyke, and will reduce bis vote by thousands. Whatever may be the statements of the abolition orators and their organs, the public, in this city are not ready to <ive their endorsement to auv abolition crusado; they are for the Union as it was, and its restoration at as early a day a* )s>ssible; and Oodvko will find that on election day, with his abolition associations, the fact that in all the State and county convention \ organizations of the Legis lature, and on every occiision whero a stand has been made, that he always U found hand in glove with Greeley. and for the s'tmexchi ires as the axtremest of the republican party, will bnug like a mill none about hi* neck and prove Hi* load that wi'l pull him down. Where this vote will go that has been leaving Opdyke ?r course we have tie way of Judging, but presume that it nil! be divided between t lto other candidates ? doubt ?ess the majority for Wood. Godfrey (Junther his tin questionably gained rapidly during the past week; but oue great fault with tho Tammany organization, from ?which he recoUnathe bulk of bis support, their organiza tion in the Htrt^jdouiocrauc wards? such as the Fourth, b'll'tb, Eighth and Fourteenth wards ? is not worth a picayune; tbe men who run the machine in those wards are a loadstone to tbe party , disgust tho better class of democrats, who will vol* for Wood rather than see Tam many carry tbe wards under the rule of such men ; and here is one element of strength that Wood's opponents do not (iv* Wood the credit for. He kimws how to take advan tage of ail such weaknesses, and will be sure to make it ?teti on election day. The flerrnan element appear lob* considerably mixed ' sip. Th'' German Democratic Club, of which George Ras ter , the late candidate of Mozart Hall for Supervisor, is chairman, has cut loose from Mozart and come out. for Guntber. The German Union taague, or as t lie conserva tive Germans call them, th* Fremont red republican 4Hrmaus, have endorsed Opdyke. Other club* of Ger snans have come out for Wood, and thus th* light rages nomowhat interesting to watch, from the fact lhat the different armies sre so equally divided in numbers, at ?oast apparently. In ail political contests we have the devolopemenl of curiosities unique, and oftentimes rich and racy, aad this campaign is not without its fair share in this line. Among those that hare come to light during the Mayoralty contest is the confidence dodge of tho tax payers' party and tbelr peculiar m de for raising funds to feelp the election of Opdyke. It seems that an organiza tion was lurmed, th* list of taxiwyers of tbe city obtain ed, and a large number from each ward selected as dele gates to the organization, printed on a large sheet of pa per and promulgated as tho bona tide members of tho tax payers' organization. An ?i.eutiv<4ur finance committee formed, whereupon Its chairman commenced sending the long listof names, printed en their circular, to eacti person named on it, with a letter a king forjcontributions, and a blauk receipt to be returned with the funds for ro' ceipt. The two following paragraphs are tbe last two of the lette-. which we give to our readers as a sample of doing business and the last dodge to raise money: That we may insure success at the '?omlng election, the amount hi funds required l.y thin organization, to defray the expense or hiring men and providin g boxes tor the two hun dred and twenty polling distr.ets, for advertising, printing ?ud distributing tickets, for postage, addressing and dehver ing envelopes, Ac., will necessarily he large. The more fuuds tlw committees have at ttieir disposal for these purposes, ihe more thoroughly, effectually ana success ully wul tlie objects of our orgsru/atten be carried out. As a delegate to Ike Taxpayers and Citizens' Union, you Ave therefore called upon to contribute, for the purpose* thn* briefly Staled, sueh sum ss you may think proper. It Is hoped that, considering the importance of tbe Issues at stake and the miiKultude of the tafk Involved in the struRjIe at hand ??aeh de irfnie will deem it not only his duly, but bin interest! to be liberal In his subscription. As n > time is to br lost, you will plea?e fin ward your contributions to ihe chairman 01 the Finance Committee, or transmit your check in the inclosed envelope, on receiving which due acknowledgment will he made. Accompanying this letter tu a blank receipt, in the fol ding words. ? New You*. , IS8I. Keo-ivod from Mr. the ?um of dollars, for bis miI> aeripilou for tlie "Taxpayers' and Cituen*' Wilon," to nlil in defraying ll>e expeune* of tho organization, ami securing tho election of the candidate* nominut ? i thereby. , Chairman nuance Committee, Taxpnjeta' and CUbruua' Union. rie??e return this blank receipt with your remittance, lor aiguaturc. Such is on* of tha confl ietiee modes that are , being muds use of to elect Mr. Opdykc Ma;, or of tbiri ' city. Not a word ts Mid in their letter who are their can didute" , leaving those whom they address to fluri out that pari tlie best way that Uity can. I'.eaHy , it not ting arrangement worthy of [lata ?iu g attention? The aldermanic contest li becoming decidedly in | teresting, and titer* U ono encouraging feature in this part of the campaign. There i? every indication thit Hooie. Barry, aud aeveral other of th* Japanese au<t Harkiey contract philosophers will be defeated. At the last charter election the opponent* of the aldermanic King ?ee.iired tbe election of four or five good tneu, who have t-t' od faithful to their duties ? such men as C'hipp, J'onnent, Dayton, and one or two more? and if this ?lection livings about tbe defeat ot Ave or six more of tbo .fapancfo philosopher*, and tbe election of good men in their picceg, there will be * chance for a better order I - of things, at tbe City Hall, and a reform Mcurrd that will <# a hundred times as much ?<>"<1 10 tbo true interests of tbe city as the election of reform Muyora, aa it wilt strike ?t the ovil In it* den. The hardest contest Is In the Twelfth Alderm?n:e dis ? trict. between Boole, of Japanese lame, and ex Senator Bernard Kelly. Tbe farmer is t;omiiialed by Tammany and soveral oiuhs. The latter is tbe tegular Mozart can didate, endoired by t hi taxpayers cf tho ward and the republican*. Hi* chances for success are therefore food , an J tiring f'oole sttch a chat" a- he never before had. * Our Impressions are that Boo'u'g ^rrjoge.ncnt with the Croton He jrd to reccivo curtain |?r ceuuge on all the Kujs pwemeni laid down in tbe city will close about the lit of January next, by virtue of ibis election, and tbai i taddltion to our taxes st >p,?ert. In nearly all the aider man diitrlcts, however, there are some tall lor cheating on. Ar rangement tiro being mad? by Tannnany Aldermen to run Mozart lorcn with Wood for Mayor, iunl by Mo/art Aldermen to run Tammany forces wilt (lumber lor i Mayor. Probably tbore aH not. over two or three Jw ?? nets where there is an exception to this rule. There ault m. there is goitg to be a repetition of th: cheating vraclised at the lalo election, in a girai meaeuio compli cating the contest and add! jg doubt to tho result, ns It waa in that election. Ubi> *?? th- game i? blocked tbe big gent cheater will come out ahead. It may, however, prove. that cheating is a game that cntinot he succcss- I iully repeatod. Arrangements have been made in many of the aldermanic districts to such an extent that let either Wood or Gunther he defeated, there wlHcom*up* he.vl from their respective parlies that their atdermanic candidate* cheated and told then to rice(ve their own election. Such is the beautiful and hi'Qaat appearance of politics and politicians in the Em pire City, and as such wo lea?c thus to their cheating pmw THE CANDIDATES. The following ia a list of the candidates for Mayor, Po lieu Justice, Aidermun, Couucilucn and School officers nominated by the various parlies up to the time of our goiuR to press : ? MAYOR. Tmnmani/. Rfplihh' an. C Godfrey Gunther.Geo. Opdyke. Suraeum Union. German f.e< wue. C.Godfrey Quntlier.Oeo. Opdyke. An l it inn I Union German Item. flub. C.Godfny Gutither. <'.<,'odtre)Uuritbcr. M imnrl. Fernando Wood. German I)mnc\ a( Fernando Wood. Taxpnytri.' Coo. Opdyke. folic* ji sticb. Howl. Tammant/. ReptdHran. R.Liviugston Linn. William Dodge. Joi n J. Shaw. independent. Citivns. James M. Murray. Win. J Rrislrr ? Syrnrute Union. I o/i'n'n 1 'nnJulutf IndepwndetJ. Wm. Dodge. Mai liu Waters. David Htuubolh<)in. ALDKKMA Nil' NOMINATIONS. Wani. TFotari. Thntmnny, 2. Richard Barry . Wm Walsh. 4. Jus McMahon. W. II. Charlock. Ami Sheehan. ? James Bagley. ? C James Doming Jamrs Rood. (?. Peter McKulght. P M Knifbt. ? Peter MitcbelL 10. Geo A Jeremiah. Geo. A. Jeremiah. ArbaK Marnard. ? 12. F. I. A. Boole. F. I. A. Boole. Bernard Kelly. ? 14. Rich. Murpby. GBbei t M. Piatt, 15. Terence Farley. Terence Farley ? Thou. MeSpedou. TaziHiveri'. Union. 2. ? Richard Barry ?. ? Wm II. Charlock. 6. O. W. Anderson. John Van Tint. Peter Mitchell. Wui. A. Kmalley. H. John A. Weeks. Gilbert M. Piatt. 10. ? Geo. M. Hrrpel. Jiepiihtiran. Wm. Walsh. Charles H. llall. Geo. W. Andeison. Johu Lewis. Wm. A. Stnalley. Bernard Kelly. J. D. Ottiweii. Charles McCarthy. Pmpl*'*. Richard Barry. Wm. H. Charlock. John Van Tine. John H. Collin*. Christian Cramer. F. 1. A. Boole. Samuel B. Rugglee. Edward L. Corlies. Cnas. McCarthy. Ifosart, John Hopan. The*. Fitzgerald. Alei. Meflarren. Charles Hagan. Harris Bogert. C. Desmond. COtXNCILMANIC NOMINATIONS. FOURTH KK> ATORJAI. lUSTRlCT. Tnmuiany. Republican George. A. Barney. Tliomas Outwater. Michael Cassidy. Moigan Jones. Joseph Hughes. James Sainlford James Hayes. John lienly. n?1H SENATORIAL WSTRIi T. Adolph Borst. J. W. Hawkee. J. M. Gallagher. Win. H. Jagcr. Joseph D, Costa. Ed. OosteHo. And. Mulligan. P.-ter Wvgrack. Fied. Repper. Samuel T. Webster. Thomas G. Hull. J. H. llonghklrk. Win. Breckel Richard O'Brien. 11. K. Biauvelt. L M. Van Wart. Cliaa. L. Ferine. Arthur Ahmuty. J. J. Uowland. Ed. C. Mall Anthony Miller. MichaelC. Cross, John Ryau. 81X1 H HgNATORUI, DISTRICT. N. Ilazelton. H. A. Smith. Eli Taylor. G. F. Steinbrenner. Wm. Harris. F. J MoDonoqh. Kcyroa l'erkins. John Lyons. Tliomas A. Dunn. Alex, I. Shaw. James O'Neil. ?loli n B. Ryer. Arthur Ahmuty, James Farley. Joseph Smith. BgVXNTIt PKNATORlAl. DISTRICT H. Keech. James Geitney. Win Orton. Geo. Rom. Tha.?. Stei etisou. John Rryee. John Kavatisgb. Win. Joyce. J. M. Long. O. F. Brandon. Samuel R. Kepuer. Luke Curnen. Jonathan Trotter. Chas. C. Pinck ney. John Cooper, Jr. Ha inllii Babcoek. Thomas Ogllvte. Micbuel Snyder. FOURTH MSMATOBIAL DIlftRICT. Taxpayer*'. Alexander Burst. P. Weirst. M . C. Gross. Henry A. Smith Thou. G. Hall. Anthony Miller, Uninn. ?. John Hogan W. G. Schenck. Joseph D. Costa. J. P. Muggins. Morgan Jonea. Jos. W. Hawks. George A. Barney. Jos. D. Costa. Joseph Hawks. ? Cornelius Desmond. ? rrrn senatorial dibtkict Henry A. Smith. J. Uooghkirk. Michael Cassidy. Kred. Repper. Simon Hazelion. M. C. Cross. Fred. Repper. Anthony Miller. F. Steinhrenncr. Edwaril Costello. Michael G. Pepper. Michael C. Gross. Samuel T. Webster. B. L. 8alomer. J. T. Johnnou. S. T. Riinseli. Geo. Grinwojd. Abraham Lent. SIXTH HBNATORIAf. DISTRICT. Frank W. Ballard. Thos. Stevenson. Tbon. SieTen?'in. George Jlos*. Harv'yD.CIereland. Abraham Lent. John C. Ham. John B. Ryer. Alex. L. Shaw. (Jeorge lings*. Geo. L. Cannon. William Orton, arsrnil SKN ATORIAI. DtSlWCI F. I. McDonougb. Jonathan Trotter, LtikeCcmen. John Kavanagh. John Brice. Jacob l. inr Alei. Brandon. John Cooper, Jr. TNn. Ogilvie.. Cliai C. Finckney. Mirhael Snyder. Jlamliu Babuock. SCHOOL COMMISSIONERS. Wnrtf. Mom H. Tammany. 1. William Ji-nnet. William Jennet. ? 3. Wm.U.Maloney. Wm. H. Maloaey. S, Edw'd B. Heath. Edw'd B. Heath. 4. James Riley. Peter Meade. Republican. Jamew Woods. Wm. H. Maloney. James lloruu. Peiep Meade. Henry U. Least a. J. M. Tuthlll. ? Thoa. F. Wearer. ? ? 6 John W nine. Timothy Breunsn. Timothy Brennso. Jolin Ward 7. William Gayte. Wllllaia Gayte, 6. Wm. Meseureau. ? 9. Albert*; . Bogert. John lfiish. 10. Daniel Stole. I 'ft e Siote. 11. Ric'd Lairamore.S. Acker. 12. ? Charles Boioe. IS. Chasi Srbaffer. J. K. Ti-jpp. 14. W. 8. Wilhclm. W. S. Wilbelm W*^'m "XtZw'ZV' jj?*eph U ???? 10. _ J?^DC*?er !!? ,2 Wu>- E. Curtli AJ" I'Htr. Uv"rf A. Burr tf,' ? '^Ciirili. ~ J??ea Moore. 21. A. V. Stout A. V. Stout. 22. Dr. M.C. II listed. Dr. N. 0. llusled. Hugh Merrick. Sam'l Sinclair. John Gua< ki-nlmsb. Wm. E. Dodge. David Wetmore. A. O. Underbill. Ward. 1. Taipayrrt' Union Profit' t. Wm. Jennett. ? James M. Tutbill. ? Danie, Coger. Edwin Wainwrlght. Walter W. Adams. Jacob C. Bogert. Joseph W. Lester. 8. R. Acker. CharleN Boice. Chas. G. Shaver. Francis A. Rellly. James L. Miller. IS. W. H. Tracey. 14. ? 17. - IB. Wm. E. Curtis. Wm. E. Curtis. ? Lemuel Bang 1?. - - 39. ? 22. ? Dsniel Slote. S. S. Acker. John H. Trapp. Fraucii A. ReiUv. Henry A. Burr. ' Wm. E. Curtis. I'?t rick Ford. Samuel Sinclair. Jno, W. Remington. Daniel Shannon. Dr. Nut. C. llTisted. SCHOOL INSPECTORS. Tionmany. Rtpnlhcan. . Charles Moore. Thos. Salmon Jas. Raymond. Junius E. Kingsley, ? Geo.F. Dewlaud.O. F. Dewlnud. Jas. H. Ward. ? ? Chas. Myerf. Peter J. Tully. Mat Mo-Cowan. _ David D. Acker. David D. Ackcr. ? H"y Hopldnson. ? ? Patrick Cnllen. Hildeli. Von Olsbn. H. VonGlshn ? Pat'k Cullen. Pal'k CiiUeu. 8. J. Longworth.S. J. Lougworth. Henry M. Jones. Thos.U.Ackland. ? Ward. Mosnrf. 1. Charles Moore. 2 9. Alex. Holly. A. J. Mathewson. 10. '/?. F. Barnes. Stephen I.asc, Jr. 11. Seaman Johnson ? 12. ? J. U. Ocni. ? B. Moore. IS. O. A. Nathtislns. l'etcr K'jlyea. 14. Wm. Reynolds. Wm. Reynolds. 15. ? ? Ifi. Jacob H. Moore. Jacobs. Moore. Thus. R. ArkUuid. ?lohti Dixitn. K. Meriklce. Stephen Lane, Jr. S. Johnson. A Armstrong. M. li. Randall. O. A. N'athi'.sins. Al-x. W*ls-. S. Weir Roosevelt, lteid Martin. i!2. Ernest Starck. It arii. Tuxpayert . Thos. McKen/.ie. W. S. Yaru. Ernest Starck. Union. Wm. Ross John McKechnie. Walter B. Roberts. David D. Acker. David D. Acker. D. ? Pat. Gallagher. ? Walter W. Aiamf. 9. ? Geo. F. Merklee. M. ? Stephen Lane, Jr. 11. ? Edward Mlchling. 1J. ? Andrew rmstronjr ? Benjamia Moore. IS O.A. Nathusins. Oscar A. Nc.'husius. ? Jones, ?lobn Diinn. Martin Heirirk. Edward Michling. Wm. Reynolds. Joseph Sbannon. Jiicholas Si-gar. ?'rcd. K. Mather. Henry J. Scudder. George M"f< alfe. Join, Jacob Ruaar. W in. Ross. W. S Yard. Fet?i McCullouih. Word ) Jfrtt .'rt. SCHOOL TRC8TEF.S UlfV. Mieh isul ivan. M. Sulinan Mh h ISi.ueorge.M. St. George. 'I hi s. Cleary. iho>. t.'lean. .lohn J. Murphy. J. J. Murphy. 2. EiiasDirlaa. IjCO. E.tnr,'?toB.G*i. E. C'arieton. 3. J. to Miinne. J. M. Attaint'. John riiihr. John Denis F.'nna^sn. Denis l"i? i igiin Jas. Mcc,lu-key James Mel nis^ey 4. John Moor '. Jairei White. Richard ?? Nell. Chat, keiiv 6 A. W. L gga. >' Jt lil. on. ? Chas. A <>ray. ? Con. Vuian. * ? C. Ro ieri Conway. Wr.i Cauiwell. Terence Fi ley. Waltei Roche. . 'aioes < i,l ins. James Hun t. R'jiubli -an. ?I. I'arey. J. titiiimmbns. . James <",,il,ii*. Janios M or -. . John T. riy. J. M. More, i u?. .lo'in V N.chol, John J. D.mond. 9. Win. H. Gray II. J. Wen. 10. Win. Mi;Ca!li). Wm. M < alftl Oide'sOviranderG 0?t scd* 11. Chas. Perley, Jr. J. Cau en Ur. It. A. Uurry, L. O Br.en 12. ? Jolin Moot*. ? I*. Mctiaon. 13. Dr. J. 11. IrwlD. F. Holstelii. Ben. II utchiAsoB frauds Coan. 14. Wm. J. Kar.e. Wm J. Kan* It. M.-tistferty. i'atn- k (Juinn, 15. ~ 16 r a'nu' 1 Osgood. Saowiei Osgood. Jvh .lsrk-on John Jaektqit. 17. Pur. >. M Giaw.Mir.h'l McCarthy .lotn l'yns * " 18. Jo Jji.u O'Brien M. ? J. M Carbrey. Jo!in I Oaier. ?lames Riley. Th s M. Partridge. John Haydeeker. Johu Rolaberger. 21. Jas. J. Traynor. Jan,es J. Trayn C. Hitgtis J. L. Noyes. I 22. .lohn Miai.r on John llastersoa Wm. boetaoh. Wm. b<eh?' b. E. Dorian. Uenry Roderman. Wm. C.tntwsir. W.. t?r Roche. K. t onion. Ed. M. Sm 'more, oor.n To;'ie>. ?I M. Stortmut. M. Clark. J. W'. KelioZg. J. W. Bo<m1T E. Dcui.iaoo. Win. McCsQil, Chas E. Kn-ler. Charles Perliv. Jr. Dr. R A. Barry. M. St. John. r. G. Warded, .ii.ines GriflJu. Wm. Mai tin, J H. Ir\?n. H Hu'cbTrj'.nn. Cbaa. WhitU'tk. John'Hur"!. Hear* I'xnton. W u-,. Mat. MeDo'igttl. Janes L. Haatie. Gabriel Van Cott. John W. Oliver. Johu Steubenaoa. Bd. 0. John son. P N. Sl rors >n. D. viu Clark. If, trd, Tiixpi/eri'. 1. ? 8. ? Wm. CI r*rf. ? Jan A. Caiolin. 9. ? Jane* W. Booth. ? JE.l>-ry Denutaon. 10 ? ci>a?. K. Kuclor. ? Vol McCain). 11. - II C. Calk d ? Chat IVr'av. Jr. 12 ? Joj?n K. iJcbbt-j ? Wm .Varitn 13. .Tamrn H Irwin. i n II Irwlu. Ben HutchluKon R u llmchiimnti, li. ? W in. Joitcph Katie. ? hirlek Otnnn. 17. ? M:< VI J. McCarthy ? ,1 L C'arhrey. 18. W n>. II. Nrllnon. J <>l B A. >o?ler. J**. W l uaorlnl. lo .u *1 lMen. ? Kcymour A. Bunrc. 1#. ? fit. ? ? 21. Ja* J. Tra' tior. JumeeJ Trsynor. K. C. Jotuiaou. Win. C lll^ini. 22. ? Ct as. E. Muiins. ? l'arhl Clark. F?op'''?. Michel Sullivan. Mirh'l 8 1. Uenrg*. Thoi. t'lrnry Ji'bn J. Murphy. Andrew W. IfiKBt. K-mirUR. Tlllou. Kiln M M. Skidruore. 11 'hard 1'oillon. Mni!n?? Clark. Ju*. W. Kellogg. Wm n. John U Olt'i. llaiT y C. Calkin. Lewi* O'Brien. F. Qiiinn. James H. Kc n nry Wm. II. Uoltaon Jus. \V. Underbill. Ch??. Iaouj. J ii li'1. k .lohnson. Mat McDougal Jumna L. Ha?u?. Jiiiiu-.J Tuyiur. Wm. 0. IllKXiii" I'M rick Aulliony. John 8. Maatrnuu. Mayor Wood and the Volunteers. The following despatch was received yesterday l>y his Honor tho Mayor:?. Vmi.4iiai.rHiA , Not. OU, 1861. Hon. Firnism. Wood, Mayor, New York: ? Jam en Scully, Sixty third regiment, Nsw York Voluu teers, died here this uiorning. What disposition ghnll be made of liu ooiiyT K. WARD, M. 1). To which tho following answer was returned: ? E. Wash, M. D. , Ml South Second alt net: ? Please send ou the rouiuiuj properly coffined to thia city, directed to the City Hall, ."nd 1 will isee that the ex penses are paid. KKRNANHO WOOD, Mayor. Movements of Major General Fremont. Major General Fremont having luttmated hia desire to receive bis friends yesterday, between the hours of ten and three o'clock , a larce number availed themselves of the opportunity to pay their respects to the Oenersl and his amiable aud accomplished wife. Tho lovee was livid in the General's parlor, No. 157. lu tho Asior House, Captains Tracy and Howard und Lieutenants Hallowed and Kaytnoud were on duty, and introduced each visiter to the General, by whom they were cordially re ceived. Mrs. Fremont su<t her d^ightc, Mis< Lilly Fro. mont, were present, and did the lionoriTon this ocaslon with all thoir accustomed grace and amiability. Many of the visiters were already personally Umiliar to them, and were greeted with much warmth nnd friendliness. The General spoke to each one in * \ cry low tone of \ oice , and is evidently much worn with care aud fatigue since the last time hu was in this city on his arrival from Europe,, *3d previous to taking command of the 1?< psittuont of the West. Among those who called on the General yesterday were Hon. Day Otis Kelloxg, United State* Consul to Glasgow unfler ('resident Fillmore's admiuij.trat.on, and who had met Mr*. Fretnout in I'erig nevers! years since; Senator Sherman, Senator Man ierre. W K. Boies. J. P.Dnvies.C. W. Adams. J. S Kitterband, K. Langdoo, Dr. Adelberg, lsaao Sherman, P. I.assar, S. L. Mscotuber, Coles Morris and Kev. Henry Ward Beechoi and h.s son, Lieut. Beech, ei . The reverend geutlomau was most cordially received, and spent about fifteen minutes In conversation with General and Mrs. Fremont . A delcgat iou of Germans , and ooo from the Republican Kocky l&mntsin fllse Club, w ait - ed on Guneral Fremont during the day. Jo-day (Sunday) tho General will atteud divine service at Jlv^iuovtJj church. At hu If past ten o'clock la.-t uijfhta commiilot of our Gorman fellow citizens, consisting of fourteen persons and accompanied by about a <l>'cn of the Arion Singing Club, proceeded to the Asior House for the purpose Of serenading Major General Fremont and his lady, lu ac cordance with the express wit- lies of the Major General the proceediL^s were characterized by as timsh privacy as possible. The committee and the singers, having taken up their positions in tho passages very close to the private apartments of Major General Fremont , the serenade was commenced by tho sinking of "Grusst Dich Viel Tausend Mann," or, in English, 'There Greets Th.e Many a Thousand Mep.'? The sereoadnrs were then conducted to tho room of Major General Fre mont, who received them in the most gracious manner. Dr. Adclberg introduced Mr. Frederick Kapp to the Major General. Mr. Kapp mado a cooci je ?-peecb, in which he assured Mi^jor General Fremont, of tho sympathi c *ud support of the German people in this his hour* of trouble. Mrs. Feemont was seated in the room during the recep tion and conversed affably with the visiters. Sumo other pieces having been sung Major General Fremont shook hauds with his German friends and the serenade closed. Address of General Lane, of Kansas, at Boston. nofriox, Nov. 30, 1881. General James H. Lane, of Kansas, delivered an ad dress this foreuoon in Trcmont Temple on the war. He took strong oat l-sla very grounds, saving that his la'er experience had completely dissipated his old reverence for the Institution of slavery. He briefly sketched the troubles iu Kansas, in which he was an actor, and described the uattse and OPMftion ce ment of the reliellion, asserting that Ceneral Hallwk's army .vas flghtiug to crush treason, hut at the 'same time to preserve slavery. The audience w?* large, and the reception of the speaker very enthusiastic. MAILS FOR THE PACIFIC. The Pacific Kill lion or the New York Herald, The mail steamship North .Star, Captain Joney. w ill leave this port to -morrow, at noon, for Aspic wall. The mails for the Pacific will ciose at half p?ft ten o'clock to-morrow moruin).'. The New York Weekw J1kk.*m>? P* iOc Edition containing the latest intelligence from all parts of the world, \\ .th it large quantity of !oi .,l and mi.-ccli.iu' ous mutter, will be pulilished at nine o'clock in the morning. PiwjIi copies, in wrappers, ready for jiniliny, - is cnti? Agents will please send iu their orders as early as pos sible. Official Drawing* of Murray, Kddy & Co.'x Kentucky and Miwn.iri State Lotteries KksTt cKT, K*ri; ? Or.iss $41? November ."W. i?fil. 2:', 30, 2, 6U. w. 09, IT, 61. 41. Kf.Nn.csv. Class 622? November 21). 1*11 5. 64, 4i. 21, 17, 'IV, 4"), 7. C, 6!?. J. 62. T.i. 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On Wednesday cvoning, November 27, at eleven o'clock, after a short but severe llluesa, Kmma Jos* phise, youngest daughter of Ootids S. and Mary Ann D '"ghtv, aged 6 year* and 6 days. The trlunds of the family are respectfully invited to at tend tho funeral, from the residence of her parents, J"iirltoavonue, In Iwclii Mighty third and Klghty-fourih slrei ts.Yorkville, this ( i alt, moon, at one o'clock. Kacax. ? On Saturday, November ".0 . Matuisw Lada.i, a native of ITrliugford, county Kilkenny, Ireland, aged 44 years. The relatives and friends of the family are reepectfully invited to attend the lul.eral, from los late residence, No. 4 stone >'tr?ot,un Mondav aftomoon,at twoo'clock. Vhkmiu ? (>u Friday, November 2W, Milium Foskch, aged 80 years, f> uioniha and 7 da> m. His relut ives and friends, also those of his son Charles, an,l hissous-in !aw,.lohu Um^lu'iim aud Holier l Leonard, aro requested to attend the funeral, on Monday afternoon, at one u clock, from his lalu residence, No. 97 Sullivan street . Kt.wusro. ? On Saturday, November "0. after a ?ho-t illness, (iEoatiK W ajsulnotu* , yonnguvt son of Augustus and Mary Feugaelo, ugtwl 1 yeat and 6 day. . The friends and relatives ar? respectfully invited to at tend tba funeral, from ?y.) Greenwich street, ttna (Sunday) afternoon, .it one o'clock . Fkcrih. ? Ou Friday. November 29, after a short itl ue-s, Knr.Nr/.Kn ti. 1 ki'.ui i, iu the 62d year of his ago. Die funeral M ill take place from bin late residence, Ten. treville, N. J., this (Sunday) morning, at ten o'clock. Carriige" will ba in attendance at the t'ourtlandt street ferry, in Jersey City, at uino A M., to uouvey friends to tbe house. Kali.-.? Ou Thursday evenog. November 28, Maiiv Hi s.\. only child of HeWitt C. and Oeorgiaua F. Falls, m tbe llli year of her The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invileil to attend the funeral, Una (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from No. 7 West Twenty -foul th street, with out further invitation. tiouiiNu ? Near Fort Clark. Ibtierax Inlat. on Friday, November I, Thomas M. Uoldino, of Englewood, N. .I.,"iu the 241b year of bis age. He was a member of Colonel Hawkins' New York Vol unteer t'egiuent, ami was drowned while currying des palrlirj fror> I\>rt Clark to Fort Hatlnras. The body was fofind ou Saturday, November 10, and hurried with mili tary faooara. Reaver liam (Wis.*! paper? please copy. Gai UAQiirs ? on Friday morning, November 29, at tha resiilcnrb of his brother in law,tieorge Peterson, altar a low? illot -,i LMiiy Uai i AiiiiKB, BfM 26 year*. Iln friend* and acquaintances, also those of his sister Rose and Mrs. Oeorge l'aierson , aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from 407 Fourth aveuue, corner of Twenty ninth street, this (Sunday) afternoou. at two o'clock, lhs remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for interiuunt. lit cuss. ? lu Williamsburg, on Friday morning, No vember 29 Klkmbk, wife of v. J. Hughe', aged 46 y ran?. The friends und noquaiulances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, ut two o'clock, from her lata res i duaca , No. 8 Crand alroet, Williamsburg. IIkxi kk.k. ? In Bordentown, N. ,!. , on Thursday , Novoni ber 28 , tiKOKOR Hkxcuks, aon in-law of the late Samuel liee.Ki, I0d<i. , aged :i."? years, 10 months and 21 da va. The relatives and friend.- of tho iiitnily ar. respectfully invited to nltend the funeral, this day (Sunday), tit. twelve M., front th" residence of Ins brother, corner of Fif'y-flrsl street and Lexington avenue. Hinwoov. ? !n this city, November 2S, of scarlet fever, TuoMrYiYsEi.iZABKrH, u jed t> years, 10 months and 2 days. Also, the s.nno day, Chablcm Rickako, aged 4 yeira, S motiihs and l'"> days, tho beloved children of Iklward and Catherine Henwood. , Fare tlisa well, swoet buds of beauty ; JMi'le at'"e|s fere thee - ^ _____ Fot thou wort too pure and lovely "-V In ?i world like thi* to dwell. " ^ ILc relatives and ftieudsof the fnmily. Metropolitan I I/)di;e, No. !t:l, I. o. of tt. F., and Friendly Brothers of H'rin, aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at I o'clock, from St. Thoma. ' cinpel, corner of l'riiico and lliomjiaon streets, without further not ice. New l.ondon papers please copy. Hoii y. ? On Saturday . November HO, st noon. W'VfTO.n S. Holi.y, son of Pay Id N. and Mary A. Holly, aged j months and l.'idajf. His remains will be t.iken t'i Scratilenburg, N. J. , for interment, on Monday morning. Kiss am. ? Ou Thursday morning, November 28, of pneu monia, tti< itAKo S. K>s?am , M I). , aged 5y years. His friends and acipiaintances are invited to attend the funeral , at tho Dutch Reformed chureli, corner Lafayette place and Fourth street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. ? On Thursday. November 28, of disease of (he longs . Caih; him:, beloved wile of William 11. liose, aged 33 year- and 10 motitliv. The friend.- of the family, and also those of her brother in-law Peter M>uc?han. are respectfully invited t? attend tho funeral. from No. 7 i'riuca street, this (Sunday) a'.ur tivon , at oun ofcl?n k. RohaKT. ? On tl;e nit'ht of Friday .October 29, of dropsy, Mis? 1'mh.v XV. ItouRKT, aged 40 ycaiv The friends ol the deceisod, and ol Mr. nriri Mrs. I". T. aro resp. cffuliy requested to attend the fum-ial, without furtbor invitation, from 14 West Thirt'cuith street, between 1'iftli and Sixth avenges, on Monday morning, nt ten o'clock. Sta.\iov ? On Saturday, November "0, after n short illue. -, Jk..m?. wife of David Si niton, and daughter of the lnle Iiu. Uml'car.-all, iu the 2od year of her a^e. Hie relatives and friends of tho family aro respectfully invited to attend iho funeral, without further invitation, froiit her late residence, 241 Henry street , near Mont gomery , on Tuesday afternoon, atone o'clock. Iler ic mains will be taken to I'nion Cemetery for interment. SotTliACK. ?Of) Saturday . November .'.'0, Makv .1 SotrtH ai K. wile of Captain F. I.. Southack, aged 32 vaais and 12 days. I The relatives and friends of the family are respei tfully invited lo attend the fiumral, frcm Iter late residence. No. kU2 llridge street. Tlrookl;. n , on Monday afternoon, at Italf-post onwo'clcck. Her leinsuis will be taken to Ever greens Cemetery. Boston and ltosbury papers copy. Shaw.? tjn Saturday , Noveinbet 30, i.i i/.a Suaw, wife of Joseph Shaw , a^ed DC years. ITte relatives Hjr! fricoda of tlio f ?uiily are respectfully Invited to fiitend the funeral, on Monday morninr. at eigbt o'clock, lioni h-.'r late residence, No. Vb Charles street, without further invitation. SMtPfCt.v* ? On Friday. November 29, of onsumpt on, Et.fAjroR Amanua, wife of Dillon If. Simpkius, aged 21 yeai'H, 4 iiionlli- and 18 days. The relative* and friends of the family, alao th' S? of her br?.|her,.laine? M. Williams, are respectfully in vited to attend the funeral. this (Sunday > afternoon, at one o'clock , from the residence of her mother, No. 063 Water street. Cleveland paperR ptcaso copy. S<*a.v\'kil. ? On Thursday, November 28, Mt' tHEtSf Ai nvli , aK?d 64 years, a nam e o.' lliverstuwn, county t.'ork , Ireland. [ T!io friends and relative of the family are respectfully j ir,\ iied to attend the funeral, from hir late residence, 1 10 j (iocrck street, this (Sunday) aft rnoon, ut two o'clock. The rnniiiH will be taken I 'Caivu y Cemetery for iu . terment. Cork papei h please copy. j Tsr.K'Klt*. ? (Mt Saturday, November .10. Mr Wiu.iam K. Tmr. t.iik, iu tho ,'i.jili year of hi.- age. The relative* and friends of (he family are invited to attend the funerid, on Monday afternoon, 'at one o'clock, without further notice, from his late i r> , deuce, corner of B'ishwiok aveuue and Johnson street , I r<>uitiyti . fl. it. Vs r.iicfTj ?(In Saturday morning, N'ovcoibir .',0. Na thamki. (i. Vr.naorvr. only son of William and Franc s 11. Yerboc!!, aged 4 months and 17 days. Jk? relaiit' ' and friends of the i. iruily are reaped fully invited to ailend the funeral, thi.s (Hurdaj > ath-rncon . at one o'clock, frcm the residence of hj? jwents, 677 Water tirect. Wim iam?. ? On Friday, Novemb r 29, after n severe ill. n"?.s, .Ion* WiLttA*-, a native of the parish of He. y-rl mar tin, county Londonderry, Ireland, aged 71 years aad II months. 1 he relat ,v?* and friends of the family , and those of bt sons, IM.vai datui John 0. . are respoctfiilly invited to at tend the frinTRl. from his lite residence, No, 86 West Seventeenth street, (his, (duud.iy , afternoon, at half-past one o' dork precisely. I The Oalveston .News and Burlington (Vt.) pajiera pleaaa copy. V> ir.r.riav ? On Friday. November 2*J, aft >r a lingering illness of four years of rhcumatiatn, Maitv A.n.v, k ife of Joseph William-. Her friends and acquaintance" aro invited to attend tho funeral, from her late rusido*ce.207 Thirty-fourth street, between Firs' and Secernf avenues, this (Sunday) a:t<r rioon , at one o'clock WotiiK*. ? In Brooklyn, on Vriday evening. November 29. altera long illne?-\ l.vtw Woeirie aped r,j years. His friends and relatives, tho member, cf fjcrman Oak Lodge, No. 82. 1. (i.(i. V., jlso those of (ierman Union Lodge. No. 64, F. A. M . are mv ited to attend tliu funeral, | from bis Jatn lenrfejHc, corner of tValwi rth and Myrtle avenues, this (Sunday) a'.ternoon, at. half-past one o'clock. WisTjsc'fA't.? On Saturday, November no, Makt (its sis Wi%T,*ciiiAM, the youii v-t da.jr Jjttr (I Robert I*, and Frances Wintinglmio. aged u yeats and 2 months. The i ri?nds and relatives arc respecUully invited to aiterul the t'uLera',on Monday afternoon, m two o'clock, at the corter or South Sixth street and Third, Wilhams burK. lriJUTW- On Saturday. November SO, the youngest, daughter of James If. and Maria Welister, ?i.ed 2 years, 4 mouths and 10 'lavs. Ib? relatives and friends of the family are respectfully I fn vited to attend the funeral, from her jiaraot's rcsi I, 71 Second street, this (Sunday) afteruooo, a( two i o'clock. NMCBIiliASIEOtM. ? 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SMI III \ BROTHER, Brewe? ^ ! .08 and 160 We*o E^hteetith street, New Y<^rk. ONtrs P ATI NT ARMY TltCNK AND PORTABLE Br -dsiead combined, eorner of Warren at. and Broadway. TTNION STATIONERY.? DESCUlPriVE CIRCULAR, U free to ail usinif or selling patriotic writing paper, en velopes. A?. The heat Prize Stationery and Portrait Pack ages for agent* t . ad dealers. 11 ASK INS ?t CO., Beekman street, New York. OTP. r> Bi POLITICAL. Address or tiii NATIONAL PSION ORGANIZATION. t to tiieii: KKi.Lov," v;;;*kn*. without uhC>\rd TO 1'Utl Y, IN kHjATIoN to tn h MAYUKAUY. Yon will ri iiiember iU?t wUlithe de^lnjclloft rf iSf \Vhi?f party, and ,hp ilWriii'inbeimi nl ol' tlio ilOtUOCtUlic l?iriy, Ij... jfin lh? f, ,uIj!?? wl.lcb tlir<-?leu llio <l9*flfaU yl tlio rc V'jliilf" , , "You know tliat if ?i\li.r tlie whig, d^moeratii1, nmational llnlim p.irlii>? liii'l imi iwii.lon o( tlie Kdverumcui we would now bo a liuppf ntl l nnll?4 people. Thn e'.ccifun ut \\ Uoilt'rey limith"r will b? llio flr-l ?icp towuidn the tMiUiraln^i of iliis )iir?t Dniixxal purty lliHt n: tlocu ill., ri',1 -enliim iils ol' tin- iin.pie ni' ihi; wliiilo-country, wbn aro now mUr-'presf ntfd liy uiplil'litii ?u ( t.f Jioilticteni. i: . 1 JT - One of the npprj|t? <>an<i!ikte?, (i> ni?iy>i e, itm'l l>.?i rf re^'Cffeiitingand npfciWdiUK the tadiey ol t lie President ia relat^n ^0. war, ? r iv{ 'V.nn the sentiments of 'lie Pnf ou citizens ol *?cw iork, allows iiis name to be used aa tl,e first Vice President, ?mid the eheers of (lie meoiltn;, with tht? Rev. I>r. Cheev^P und Henry C. Bowen, of tho inde pendent, ut the. abolitio:' Wmj;net meeting, held n.? recently a* the evening of the 27th where il.e pa trie Mo policy of the government for the last half century wai held ?i|> to the seoi n and eoutempt of the Atnericau people. Mr. OjMiyke in tlie nominee oi a mere poji'jeal party which refiiKed to unite u\ on a eo'iitnon Union cattdidate, ana whoso orrsn* deehiro that " now la the time to elect a pure republi can Mayor." C. (Godfrey Ountber has the nomination of the democratic party, the National Uiiion, People's /SyraettAe) Pnioti, <?er man Clubs, ludependeui national democrats, all <?t' which are national organi/ntiens, devoted to the support ot' th#^ President in hi^ wise policy in relalion to the war, and have no frymj athy with abolitionlam. M . . ijonUter was born i?ndr< aeed Mtii'in^yoti. Ilia char actc; will compare favorably with that of either of theoth**r catidtdates; there ia no stain upon it. lie has held hl^b olh cial p'islim^s without reproach, which I'o.ti a liters nil the re formi that integrity und Udciity to publio trusts can a :com Pellow citi/*n> -Can you hesitate lor a moment to c.'?st your vote for ' . Godfrey Gunther? lfi* i ,'M.i Jsi ertaln,'a.s the roeout r!e< f{on demonstrate!!. Th<' atral^ht republican eandhSit'e forjudge of the Marino Court ? ?{, A. ^datn*? -having received 11,237 vol< , th<. Mo. zart candidate.? A. K. May naid? hnviio; received I4AW* Olvn, a;. 1 streicht Tamf.iany 'andi ate ? K. ii. lb-are ? having n - eeiv/ J l^O.W votev; tlie latter vote was below rfie average of Tammany. Mr \ PniiJy ha\ ing .eceived i!0,817 v?d( m for Su pervisor:" Mr. Waterliury having received ~0,7S4 votes lor Dhtrh t Alto. m y. Tho success of Fernardo Wood would be a mere personal victory to a rnat? wlmse sentiments are believed to lie hosttlo to the government, the elevation ot George Opdvkea ptrblio esland'y, the eltvtlon of C. Godfrey Gunther a na'.lonsl triumph. BENEDICT LEWI 3, Ji:.,) M. 1IAOER, I). HENRY KOOP, JOHN C. HAM, CEOKGE P. NEYINS. JOHN HOWELL, K. BROWN, .'AMES M AUSTIN, | HENRY SNVDER, \ .iohn noorfiT I THOMAS J. HALL, ) New Your, Nov. 2*J, U561. T A MEETING Ol- GULICK HOSi; i OM PA NY XI. held lit the carriage. house on Thursday evening, Nov A .. her 28, l^'d, the fohowii z resolntion** weie unanhnoualy adopted, that C. GODFREY GUNTHER, the democratic nominee tor Mayor, heing au ex-member of thix company, ' tho following committee was appoint* u to tender him our support in the coming election ? G. W. CURTIS, Chairman. Jons P if *em, Becretst y. W. H. Mathews, J. E. "Meeker, John T. A. Coifs*, Peter Ward, Cornelius Lawrence, Robert Mallday, ./. Ward, l\ Curtis. .J. L. RobertM, I'. Britteil, S. Pons, W. 11. Wood, t,'. S. .Shaw, !?. Crofortt, \V. H. Spear, Charle* Van Sickle, Daniel Laue, G"o. Vincent, F. Bogardua, C. Uhl, A. K. Forsbay, J. Bogart, T. S. Weeks, G. S. Nlasten, Jacob Weeks, .Ino. Mf?g, W. H. Hutfbe.s lidoard IJelaniy, Jus. If. CreKgier, Petur Miller, A. Van Wort, Win. Henry Wat?on. Il^nry G. Warl k< r, Kiict.i/a Iiotchkisn, Jain< a B. Hunt, W. H. Carman, J. Groom, J. T. White, S. Iliekerson. Georgo Ooppel?, P. O Rol in m, H. i> Lynch, it. Lane, W. dooper, Wm. M. Willis, AT A REGULAR MEKflNG bV THK YuLNC MEN'S /i. Independent Club < f the Eighth word, held at head ijoartcis, d'<5 Canal fctfeci, en Friday evening November 2;?, IStil, M v. Thomas Leonard in tho Chnlr, tho following pre amble an-J - hittofis were presented and adopted:? Whereas, ill the prehent distracted .-dale of tho country, it beermes every good citizen and lover of his country, with out regard to rariy, to ele-f men to ofllce fhst at" good elii /era, true Union men, aud capable of holding suck position.'; therefore, I '? if Resolved, '/ bat in George Opdyke we find a man with the above q jiUiti cations, and we do* heartily endorse him, and will Ho si' m o ur power to secure his eicciioti. lleHolved, Th it in John J. Shaw, the candidate for Poll*:? .Ttihtieo, we find one who is well qualified and capable tolill sueh office, ml we do besriily endorse him, au l pledge our selves to his "faction. Resolved, That in Thotnai Outwater, A lolphus Borst, ,T. \V. Ha*.vke?f T. M. Gallagher, Wm. li. Sa g?..*r and Jo?. 1>. e&rd'di! *3 f^v Cnur^'-r.icr, and In Wal'-r W. Adams, for $r.J eol f 'ommlssloiicr. John J>ixou. for School luspeetor. MnttsUs Clsrk and Jos. W. Kellogg, for Trustees, we Und men qualified and capable to fill such offices, and we heartily endorse and will do ail in our power to secure their election to such oillci THOMAS LKONARD, President. JAMLS CONSTANHNE, Vice President. Jamks Tavi.ok. hecrwtary. XTaTIONaL UNION CLUB IN or thi: 'i wentikth ward. RKf.ULAR NOMI.NATION. Fnr School Commissioner, JOHN QUACRKNBUHH. Inspector, JOHN MnKRCHKTK For Trustees, GABRIKL VAN COTT. Or MORTIMER G. PORTER. JOHN R. VOORHIK, President. G. Gakmkok. Secretary. pECmS i Mu\ (iYRACUBE) REGULAR NOMlirX X tlou. TWENTIETH WARD. F- r Hebool Cotnmiaaioner JOHN VUACKKNBUSIt Insoecfoi, JOHN McKKClINlK. For Tmitees, GABRIEL VAN COT7 DR. MOUTIMER G POR'lV.# NAPOLEON IS. MOUSTl'on -Stdent L. Bcckkii, Seer tary. | TO TUB MEMBERS OK THE KIKE DEPARTMENT - The 'indermgncd tollcit vour a'lpport for O. i>OI>KKEV til'NTIIER'X claim* n ti.r. .Vayirn.'ty, us a Fireman ami an Evmpt Fireman? omi wbo lia* lor many yoam taken an in'.erem In auil Itch deroi?il to the w< ium- ami pi. ?peiity of lltfi llerartmt'til; freely demting hi* time and meant, to i * < li?ri:l"?, ml .' .-ircnt and jooil nan,*. lie became it mem t.n if Ka^ln Hone Company, No. I, In .Inly, 1312, and in iliii company ?erved bin full term ot aeven yearn. S ib.iNi "?? nily was attached to Clullck Hose C nnpatiy No. II, resigni!*); in 18*0. Durini 'hl? !<??i tf period lie performed eflv eut duly, anil win ?? practical pai timpani of *11 thr )?rrl>, toll* n. I pri vation* which aio iu?eparable from the career of a Now York fireman. Ilia ahlllH'i mini experience eminently <)usllf? him to ad ? mmlater our municipal mutter* in an h< nc*t, capable and en?isetln manner. And the pre nil runva.-s t!i" Un>roui;b knowledge of our nietropolltnn concerns clairri"d for bitn by bin aupportcra is umieraally admitted, even by hia political opponents. A Knickerbocker, and to the manor bcru. to hi* watchful keeplnp the interest* of Nav. York can never aufler. .M my jeara ufaotivo public life have aflurded every oppjrt?uit.y for our citl/eus to know mid place their estimate iipoti the man, <vb->*<. acta stamp him an the upright leader, the u,. ?lomititblc worker, the firm, uutllnching advocate of right: in abort, as the dtiw.'n npon whose name a position can add uolneti-. Maknhl'n the standard hearer of tin Empire Htv. Fireuieu, remember that "honest Cliria. GmitUvr" Is the only candidate lb the race who haaerrr hem with von, of you. and In your ranka. Man the brakes, then, and git a htm a lift fortli> sake of hla worth and old associations? John Olllelan, Jainea f . Miller, Robt MiHIInnl*. Ueo. H. E. Lynch, Clurk William*, Henry J. Welch, Thov' Riley, Joseph We*tray, John It. Miller, .Jno. C. titles. L U O. Hro >ke?, Matthew T. BrauncM, Ann tew ,f Qarvey, Wi'.liain Weasels, E. Mart Irner, J. V y.fb'r. Charles McDougalt, Jan. K. \V< n nan, 8. h. Dtiryee, Cha*. Bofcc, William Hackett, ?Joaeph Ebllnp, A. J. Delation- , Andrew Zurnct r, llenry Snyder, Charles I' lose, ?W. H Rtilteell Howard E. ('oatos. William i lay tee, O. 8. Jitbliaid, John Neahil, ?tail over 600 otbera. POLITIC /U,. _ REPUBLICANS, Th? TP ROW TOPR VOTFST I*?' ri cltJ New Tort, Iwg m r V,V..iV Vi Ti l'?a,'L kl,wf''w "f ?<>un??l to tlirlr |ioli7 lh" olactlon. Wi? rl!Uwkm IS Ifcw M ? nupporiril tin- linn O.or*. Opdyke i? the f?l lof 859. \i/? ?ll<t !x, ror the nwn that we were ?atuilt-d th?t ihj o.?.t. ?t w?? i,?twc a Mr, Opdrke Md rnudo VTood. rwiuU il.inon.l rat?il our mil %take. Notwithstanding the fn>r use of money, and thf iikmI rt, trnnlui-J exertion h, our cunUtdute c?ui.; out third tn the Tke *tl*n approach I Tiff Presidential election rendered H Im portant f hat we Hhoiili! maintain a compart front. No auch necessity .vxfata now The Mayoralty would be of no wrvic* to our political orsanii* lion li would be eharged that tbw Custom Hot \se ana federal office holder# had produced the re suit, and th?* Idea would be tut fatal a* was a like imputation 11 poll thf wh'g? of 184!. Mr. Opdyke has b, en tno promi nent in the dli&rencea which have divided our parly to i?c ? aiiong candidal* or a nuimsfii! ? ?IEcer. Ah republicans, we have no political objecta which ran b? promoted tn thin election. Our only interest In if, hn i fti lens, la to secure an honest municipal government. Thou sands who with uh wore induced to believe, two years ago, Mr. Opdyke was etronijer than the Tamaiany candidate, will now remember their error. The question. How Khali we rote to defeat Wood!" Is answered ??y the reault la laofc What, then, aha J I we do? The antJ Word democrat* bare nominated a merchant of high character, born in thie <ity, c f k hiM'i Kuu-iii'rbockcr family, with mixler*'* partisan views, who will make a vigilant and incorruptible Mayor. A few republican votes will elect C. (JODFREr OUNTIIER over Fernando Wood. When cock la I he* choice, shall we throw tho?e votes away t Republican*, let your votes go where they will prove effective. An honest Mayor will cor rect abuses, and pave the way to a republlcaa city govera dvdi at no distaut .lay. Ai all eveuts, we caa have an fcaa* est one now, if we will. Joseph lloxle, No. 6 Wall afreet. David riarke, 77th street and Broadway, K. W. Dodge, No. 5 Beekuian street. George l'uekhain, 1(5*) West -1st street. John Moran, New Bowery. Mnthew Alius, West 180th street, Harlem. Samuel Alms, West l'ifith street. Stephen Doremus, 190th street and 8th at entte. John Owens, 969 Second avenue. ?I . J. Turner. First avenue and llhth afreet. 11. S. Mai lor, Jr., Eighty -fourth streoiand Third aveoofc W . Wtiiupahl, 24 Thames ntreet. Fatriek Jobtiaon. UK Cedar street. Duuicl Brocati, 102 Oedaratreei. G-Mirge W. A. I'ahuer, No. 7 Triuity pUie. K. Mar??hard, S3H Pearl street. Ih nis Deary. 89 Washington street. Peter Duffy, 424 Greenwich street. Illicit M? Mahon. \H UoercL street. Andrew rarey, <lreenwleh street. Kdttiuud Stepheusori. 77 I'Jiist &>tli street. Andrew Thompson, 128th street, near Third avenna, Isaac Anderson. Jr.. Ii2d street, near Third aveniMk Daniel Sims, 118 Ea ^t .Vth atreet. Toe II Wise, corner 49th str<?et and Piralavenuo. t?. W. Wlllett. 167 West 37th street. John Miller, 10ft Kast -7th atreet. Philip Dweua. IUH) St-comi avenue. K. H. Yoiutf c, 4.r# Maiden 2 me. refer Habrie, 3S6 Third avenue. J.anes Saxon, Carmansville. A. tlardner. 31st street, nearHeeood avenue. li. U. Kerr, III KaKl4>Hli street. Wui. H. Vatidtarwerkf*n, 8.1th street and Hixth araMMk <ie..i !*e Kldredpo. 51th street and First aveaue. D. W. Stevens, C trmansville. Jaiue* Vnrian, Garmaiiaville. WDIiatn Jones, *26 Thames street. (???orKe U'?sh. 24 Tlmmes street. Wiliism Johnson, IS Thames atreet. John 1*. ttcluiaaler. Third avenue. K/.ra Arment, Hat leiu. t). O. Searfl', Harlem. M. I>evy, fl09 Fourth street, K. H. Van Dal^em, 7625th atreot. Ihlseng Van Dalsein, Jr., 7>r>2Aih street. ileorae 1$7 ftiat stri'et street. Abiahatn Beck. 2H7 Mat afreet. Chas. Mlhot, 120 Wuat Kiev euth street. John McKewan, Jr., 2S1 West Tw enty flrat sfreet D. P. MeKewau, ft9 West Tenth street. John MeKewau, 59 West T nth street. Charles tJ. Thurnpoer, I'OI Kasi Twenty ninth atre?t? J. II. Baldwin, 5WV Broome street. H. i\ Uu ft:, 1 1?7 ICant Nineteenth alreet. if S. Levy, 4(1 West Tw< tity-eli;hlh street Henry l.e\y, 7 Ashland place. r. 18 J<" K. Walter. 18 John A. K. Meyer, 199 Bruadway. y^rwu'T' ^ Mm ra.y sUf^'t. # au? !!er^ioauu, ".iiuen i^ue! (I. Gnnther, ItW William street. William A. F. Wlerss. 49 Exchange plare. <\ II. Bergman. 171 Kaat Nineteenth street. It. M. lledden, Eiphty third street and First avenuf. llenry S Wilson, I'M West Thirty -fourth street. K O. <' ane. Sf5 Fourth avenue. John <las?', 17'.* F.ast Twenty-seventh atieeU Henry Hslpau^h, U3 Ea*l ^?i\l) stnet. Daiiitl Bia<ly,3i2 3tl avenue. Kiat27ih airoet. ri.Iry* ?W7nofiu*, in M avenue. Owen t. Miller, UC5 4 ill iTfliT?. /? David Pert in. IVt>5 4th avenuoT"* / , ? John lloutofi. 237 Bowery. Tlonnna il. Fisher 237 Bowery. .V V. Parkhur*^ 257 Bowery. IS H Waiter, TW Bow ery. Michael Llim -*, 164 Nas^iu street. fi M. fiaurence, 164 Nassau stre?t. I'hariea Fravln*, 164 Nassau alret ?. J. J. Blake, c orner of Bowery and Grand street. XJKW YORK, NOV. 30.? THIS IS TO CBRTfPT THAt L\ John Horan was nominated by the people for Counol* man of the Eighteenth ward and Siith Goonalltnaalc d|s trh t. Am all my friends know I am a atauneh deno'CTat fov the last 14 years. I am determined to stand or fall on that principle until sundown on Tuesday night. J. 1IORAN. 9 TIT WARD NATIONAL PKMOi'BATIO CJ.rB.? AT A large and efithnslasti<% meeting of this elub, held at their headquarters, No. <V? Eighth avenue, 257 members answering to their names on the roll, it was unanimously reaolved thai said elub endorse FKBNANDO WOOD a . Ihelr rnndidute for Mayo* ?t the ehtctlou to lie held on Tuesday, .'id instant, and the meeting adjourned until Monday evening Dee. 2, at 7 0 eiiH.-k, wiieu the club would proceed to endorse other csndt* dotes. K. McEhKOY, Chairman. I jiwaho Gakwkt, Sei refary. 1 liTH WABD.?AT AN A D.IOl liN KI> MKKT1NG OF LD the Sixteenth ward V'ouiu Men a Fernando Wood Asro* t-iafiou, held at Mr. James Healey's. corner of Seventh av?*nue and Tweniy-Ofth street, on Friday evening, Nov. 29, pursuant to rjtll, it was resolved that the members of tiiia ii?so? latlon form In peocesalon ami mareli to the mcetlog held a t'ooper Institute, tor the ratification of Hon. Fer* nandoWood lor Mayor. On return to headquarters kouub Jour httndred and lllty memlcis present, it whs resolved to adjourn until Monday evening. Dee, 2, to attend a mas* meeting to be held at Millainsirs Hall, corner of Twejity>eisUi street and Seventh avenue. JOHN l'HKLAN, Pres't, JAMES ItlvALY, Vice Prea't. TltWAKD. ACAKD. aLUEBMASW TO THE VOTERS otMgTRlcT. R Ma,n*r(l b?? A r.pnr. U tn '.U ' ?-.^y Wjthdr*wHi i i^rtutricf' We, the undersigned. AD(^ will -?'-V^^UEr^P: M. D . ' j. J. FOUAM.l ? Bwra? joiin kobam, ) Tlio ?b0T? .Utemonl U true. A K. VAYNARD. nTII WARD INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC UNION ? ? As. a ni'' cling l-' 'he above club, held at Michael McMalion'x, No. I'M East Eleventh tdreet, a:l the merabun preaout, the following candidates were unauiuioualj ea dorac4 for the coming election ? U)K M1TOU. FERNANDO WOOD. rou AI.DKUMAM, GF.OHOK A. JJ5UEMIAH. 10B CODSCILNgK, .'OH N r.YAV, JOHN MaCONNF.LL. MICHAEr, C. CBOflS. DaNIKI, T WKCSTER, KDWAKD ( OSTKI.LO, FF.EDRUICK REPPEB. rot SCHOOL rOMmttMONIltC, T1IOWAS Mrt'OHVlt'K. rOK TRItSTICFS. MICHAEL 8. MCCARTHY, PATRICK McORANE. r?'k iksmictoii. Nit HdI.AS SKUER. BERNARD P. Vf OODH, President. Strphkm Fi.txw, 8arri'tary. I'atui.'K Koonkt, Ti ? iiaurnr. 1QTII WABp UNITED I N DB IT.NDENT DEMOCRATIC) JLO Club.? At a meeting of tin: above named i 'lob, held at 'J)\ avenue A. on Friday evening, No*. IK), It wan unanimous ly adopted that we support at the coining elcctloo the follow* U1K candidate*:? For Mayor, C. GODFREY OUNTHER. For Alderman, lien i y II. Condun. For Counclliuco, Joseph Sinyib, Jamr.A Finely, Richard O'Brien. .School Trustee*, John O'Brien, James Riley. Adjourned to meet it the above named place oo Monday evening. Dec. 2. at K o'clock. Bv order of COKNICMUM J. FITZOER.VLB, President. Avntt rvr Wn.non, Secretary. -IQ-ril WARD.? A I/ARfiB AND KNTHUSTAHTfO MAMM X'J meeting Was held nt l.aiidiniin'?, enmer of Sixty-ninth street and Third avenue, on Saturday evening, November 30. 1861 , <o ratify the nomination of Thomas Mc.Spedon for AI derman. The gentlemen whose cann ate slgurd to iht* were elected ofllcers of t!ic meeting, which was addressed bjr Richavd <? .Downing. John Hi seller, Thou. J. M t'ablll, and others. I /'iter" #n e n a i from the Hon. It. I!. ' 'onbnlly and others. Tbe ;?)? <? t iotr broif up at a late hour with vnctferoua eheern lor tbe enn<1l<iat>'. President? Tin.*. K. Downing. Vle? Pro lrtents ? Flint district, John Mills, James Reed, Jamee Murphy, . I. I^eary: jwl, 0"i>T,<' Dooglas, <'has. Murray. John II. Mever*. James Kelly; Tnlrd, Jamea Saiton, Uryan McCahlll. Nicholas Batcuiiin, David lie Forrest; Foirib. (i'.o. Weir, Jo?. Whea'ley, tio'lelo SehtaW, I'nlr l< k Daly; lit. MeOlnnta, Joint I?. Brown, Joan R. Dingeldeln, Hsddcn I'. Hmltb; Sis It, TI:. Ktm:. I'urlek Kelly, John U. Kilter, J. Kounners; FevMh, T. x. J. Marshal', Jr., Krunne tjciger, J.?eph t'oinefi, W ? Barry; Eighth, lie hard C. Downing, Henry Piper, (leo. Oregory, Anthony Malhews. Secr? t*i i? s ? First district. Michael Currau, John Dom-her; Se ond, f'r. TM'll.ta.l, Harm y ; Third, Thomas J. McCalilll, J. Muhlford: Fottrth, Win. Rich, Patrick Farre.i, Fifth, Robert Henry, Ifenry Boucher; Sixth, Terrenif bi.eri dau, Ftanria Clark; Seventh, Tbonjaa Shelly, Urrf. Connor; Eighth, Daniel tJi ilillh, Wm. B. Reynolds. OODWATtn YOl'Nt; MEN'S BLOl)MJNOI?ALB VtilOM ?imt A??ocUt,on Nominatlone. ? Hchntji . tf :. r?? School Cotnml??loner, Nathaniel C. Hu*t?d: School I:is|iectur, Jubn Wallace; Kcbool TVuateea, I'bir'e* K. Slmr-i' . !>?? id Clarke. u.ani.' ilUtrl.-t ? ilharlca f r( ,,i ?,. ? 4) (ID W.VKD.-CARU -WE, THE UNUI.KSHJNED. eantlon the 'teovle of 'he Ward a?ilns> a circular d!? iributed ou Saturday, calliiii! a meetiur a; Rupper' a Hall, in luty -third stieet, torn evening, to elert a Uniou Deutorratla Si boul Ticket, lloncet lot n will reaort only to honrat mcana to carry a ptilut, bttt jietittcal Irtrlcue.ta will resort to the meanest KtraiaKcnt to a-vowpliah a diabouest p irpoje. The circular we reier to la boc'i", the a goat'iree attached thereto beln," without the knowledge or eonaent of <h" tna jority of the partlea We therefore mutloe the puhlieagalnal the trap S"t by choM wily lutereated partle* to lead the |ieu pie <if the ward a.'.ray. The oulyetbooi ik-ket whn h *? re cognise and which we w ill ('.inport (being purely democratic) is tb<? one nominated by the Dctno.-ratic K.liJca lonai Aaaoi tion, headed "Daniel Shati.c.i lor School Conjiulab:ooer." Thotnaa Cuthltig, Ja :iea tiran:, John Bill. Job 'i .MrCorm.ick, Tbotiiaa KiUsiiimns, Jame? Ketnpl", Tie. mas O'Callachen. authew Farley, Michael Caaey, Wi'liant S. Ma. Samara, T,'.ornI1, "T*", John Kliunuoti, "oran. I'eter Crowe Charles t aiupbcll, Thomas Donahue, 5" Vbu?' John A. McSorley, J'lhnGartand. Michael lleUoj, 1 rauc.a Early lohn Doyle. fhomas MoAorley, And many utbei u. ' TOO LATi: >*OH CLAMS1FICATION. ? lABOAlN.? TWO tVLL ClTT BCII.DINO EOT8 iv J\ vvilli.i'tishuifl, 1 ?> elchnn^c tor two eheap I'iai'.os Ap p;y to or adwtf a WUllaats, No li'3 Want Prtnce ?'.red. K?tr

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