Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1861 Page 6
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^Krrrvriows w antkd? fkmai-es. A LAST WISHES TO PBOOtJKB A ?]< >< to sitca tuui lor urr Ucrnuiu rook, who bij-aka Kugliah and la >itj ro.l?blr. Adilrxaa J. B., station D. Atoun o i.ady. PRKPOSSESRINO, INTELLIGENT an. I u lined, one wlio liua experienced Trv r?'B in l^r lutkC, im dratroua of obtaining a sltiiatli n nu boii'-pkneprr n Ihf lumily <il a slnglr gantlrman or widower of mean*. In lb" atti-r Insutneu children no objection. Addresa Holeu, a.atlon K. A WIDOW LADY, HA. VINO ONE SON. WOULD LIKE thi- situation ot h nikek ?p?T In a i-utleuiau a family. a iid r? in Mr*. M. J. Q. T., ao 6th at. A LADY, INTKI.l.IGBNT, PI.FASINO IS MAKNER, anilagund, quirk writer, deairea a situation In an olliC?, ?r to write: no otijeo.luDa io pleuijr of work. Addivaa II. r., ?tHon <?, HroudMajr. HOrSEKEKI'KRS* SITUATION WANTED-BY A widow, without Ini'iirnlirinne; widower iireierred; irefri-enre ({Iven. Call at U1 Fullou at., Brooklyn, third Hi 1 rant room. XVANTKD-A SITUATION FOR A NEAT TIDY GIRL, ?T u nur?J or rlianibrrfciald ; lia* lired with tint adver U?er for three yearn : Is alleclionate lo children, and aiicx oail. ir. laundtcaii. Addrt h* T., box Piihi CHlire. TI r ANTED? liV A LADY, A SITUATION AS HOl'SE f ? ke> per lor a gentl^iuan; la competent to take entire ?hart;e of domentlc imsin *s; refarauiea exchanged. Address L. A., ?tallou A, Spring atreet. I WANTED-A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, ' br a first rate girl; the b??t reference from her em- 1 ?iiiyera for the laxt live yearn call bo obtained by calling at V7 t> r . Moore at., up sta rs, fio.i. 10 luXt. ,V NT1.D ? A WMLL EDUCATED AND RESPECT . ' able laily to lake charge of tbe houaebold of a family ki tt" < on n tr y and also Instill t a little boy. She timet be no las- 1 ban .10 years id age, and be willing Vj make herself use ful. / ddre-? bill 5,W4 Poat olllce. "lirANCED-RY A TOOttS OKBMAN WOMAN, A 8ITU TT ation as seameireaa in ? | ruute family; la a good |laln ?ewer, and iond ol children; lngh wanes not so much an on. Jei i as a good Lome; Aral class reference. Call at 77 Gold St., ?n MoiiilAy. ww XJLT ANTE D? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TIIE f f washing of a tew g -ntiemcn or families; one who un de r*L"n?i* the business; can get the city reurence. Call at 79 We-t Jtiih si., between otii and 7th avs?, secoud iloor, back loom. KITI ATlOKS WAllTKO-JULEi. A YOUNG van. WHO WILL HAYS ABOUT $8#K) TO m\ t'M! in thi *priH would like a situation Where he sould be making; a i.ving and a prospect ior future partner ship in the concern. Address B. at Statlou A, Spring JUratt, mo LEV D ? A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS, TO A PARTY A furnivhin.: the advertiser a situation for the winter, ft low salar\. Selling tickets for a resectable exhibition !?? f*?rr? d. Beit city reference. Address for one wee* B unt, Bera'd of ? e "11/ ANTED- A SITUATION A8 SALESMAN IN A# f V w. olcsale boot and shoe house, by a person perfectly acquainted in all the Western Hiales; would not oojcct to travel. Address B., Herald office. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO CAN BE WELL recommended, a situation as loac.hmau and grooin. Address l\ F., box 52 Park place, W ANTED?BY A <;ENTLK\IAN, TWENTY-EIGHT Yf y- ars 01 age, a sitnat on in a wholesale dry <oods or clo.hit'i; house, to become thoroughly ac(|uainted with the pity tra te. Have been in m-uca utile trade in the country; have Siate luMiuaintances; would make myselt of interest to any employer; can give undoubted reference a** to character aud integi it v. Address Daniel S. Worthington, Herald oilice, far one week. TIT ANTED? A 8ITlT ATION, BY A YOUNG MAN WHO f f has hud 10 years* experience in the manufactured woo. fen ami cotton trade; has managed an extensive who.csale snd r? *aii business in England; good references. Address O. C. W., Postoflue, New York. 1 1 m LP W A ir T B 1)-FE M A LES? (tOOKa-WANTBD, A FIRST class COOS, IN BYBBY J bran- no other ne^d apply. Call, between the hours ?f 10 aud 12, at 20 W est 23d st. C^OOD RKWERS, TO MAKE FLANNEL SHIRTS, I cither b hand or ma hlne, are wanted at No. 72 Duane ?tree t, a lew doors east of Broddway. A deposit of $2 is re quired f.?r f a h dozen shirts. TADIES WANTED? TO CANVASS FOR THE ILLUS J trated iliKtory of the 1'reseut War. Pay I r?m uve to bfteen dollars per week. Call at the American Publishing Agem y, No. 14 Chambers street, up stairs. SAXjESWOMAV WANTED? FOR TUX WORSTED I)i: jartracut: to a c unpetent hand sitiuiiion permanent. Also i andM to k nil crotchet and work in the store. At ply at BOaud&SJ Broadway. WANTED IMMEDIATELY -- 10*1 (.'IKI.-, TO LINK Kill ca|>*-H, victorines, mufl's arid culls. Work will be given either hi the store or outside. First rate pri. es given, and itaid when the work is returned. Apply to Mark J. King, 73 Brondway. TIT ANTED? A FRENCH WOM AN. AS SEAMSTRESS m ni'd io a sist in chamberwork aud to dn ss two chil dren: one preferred who has b^en but a sb rt time in the ? tuniry. A ply a; 2(?2 4ih av., from 10 A. M. to 1 1*. M. J ANTED? FIRST BATE OPERATORS ON WHEELER r \ \M sou's machine; I. gtustpii es pa. d and constant einj loymeut. No. 17 Grove si, C(\ GOOD BASTI* RS AND TEN GOOD OPERATORS UU Wuniedtowork on n i itary ? oats. ti >od prices, and steady woru all winter. Apply at <*i Llspenard sU H RliP WAHTSD-BIAIiES. Agents w anted? to sell our pries station erv and Portrait PacKa ies. Retail for 25 cent.-; worth 7*? oil's. We have sevi ral varieties, new and ?alt a^?le. They contain portrait ' of M Cle.'aii an I all !h?' general as well as gilis or jewelrv. For lull pariicul-irs send for circu lar. HASklXS ?k CO., 80 Beek man street. M PLOY M E N T.-3JI I E FRANKLIN SEWING MACHINE 'i Cotnpat y waiiijocal and travelling a.nnsata v.rv Iib?' ral -a'an or comtniasi ?n. For circulars, te> ms and specimen machine address Harris Brothers, Boston, Mass. TXT ANTED? A DR1 O CLERK. ONE WHO IS COMPE f V t?, nt to \ke the entire charge of u retail drug si ore and ca-i come well r o:uni"Pded ?? to a iljty and ? eaneter, m v apply to E. C. B riueulen, druggist and apothecary, i?i Washington street, llobokcii. AfA WILL PURCHASE OUTFIT AND INSTRUCTION $'Jv in a new, Usugh tulousine s, travelling or perma i.eot ; .e;.r; < -i in anv lau y or ? ??i ; l"?nan in ? tew hours; e. pense one e t per day; pays $1, 000 to $3 00> yearly. New a or*, i ... 1 nsi tute, ool Broauway, sec nd iloor. THE TRADES. BLACKSMrTH8 WANTED? TO IRON GROCERY AND expi'f- s wagons A1-. > two yoang men, woo I workers. They will l.av? a good jo > and steady work. Address R. White, ox lo(? lir.M.d ollee. any time this w- ek. statii g jnnr name aud luiinoer, or where you can be seen, wages and what you can do. CEGAR MAKERS WANTED. -RETURNING JOBS, FOR O ? lesr s. ed. sevrn uollars a thousand for 11 aking. None but good hands need app.y, at No. ii Houston street, rear rpo HARNESS MAKERS.? WANTED, A STEADY 1 young mica. Uflni 1 1- i ar tl Know i?-" ..<? <>r the biumcs*. To oiii- who may inn :air wage* will be given. Apply at the ?tore, 41 j ftii i, v., lor two day' . WANTED-A GOOD MAKER; USE COM PETKNT TO hake bread, taike and pie* of the he* n i. ulliy . None oilier need apply. To BUcli it hoc, wlfh good reieren' eg, good wage* w ill he given and co'.mUinl work. Addrem* Levi Gor don, Newburg, Orange. county, N. Y. WA N TE D? C LOTH 1 N 0 CUTTERS, EXPERIENCED lio n, wlib reference. Apply to Archibald \oui:g A Co., 7.1 Worth *t., up Ktalr*. WANTED-A JOURNEYMAN CONFBCTIONER, PRIN ci pally on put work. Apply at $1 DtrUoa it V4.' aNJED? TWELVE UOOD SEGAR MAKERS, AT 443 T T Mj rile aveuue, Brooklyn. LOST AXU KOim ONE OF THE WILLI AMSBUBG FERRY _ old Walcb and Chain. The owner can have lb- >am- y p oviugir ip.-rty uiiu pacing charges, by calling on Mr. Wen nortb, 27 Ann (treet. I""j'Ol'NO-ON THE SOT II ULT., A YOUNG NEWFOUND ' laud Dot It the owner doe* not apply In three da)** from date, the doc will tx- sold to pay eip nws. Inquire at the Irnu Work*, foot of Wc*t Thirteenth cutet, North rl\ er. IOST? AT T1IE COOPER INSTITUTE, ON FRIDAY J evening, a ?mail Wallet, miualnlng about twenty lire dollar*, a ccrtitled check tor $474 39, payment of which hus been ropr??-d, and sundry memorandums. Whoever will r< - turn the same to t ie owner, iti 'S2 West Nineu^euiii street, si. h1'. b" Miua')ly rewarded. F Tost? on ti e>day last, icth ult., in going J from Lull .? Ta\lor'?, cornerof Broadway and Grand ktrei i. tb rough Broadway u> Ea*t Sixteenth utreet, a ladv* bin k thread La> e Veil. The tinner will h" .suitably rewarded by leaving it al No. flo* Ea*t Sixteenth *trcet. IOSI ? A N t, tV FOUN DLA NU~ DOU. MIDDLE SIZE, J thick hlu k wavy hair, a niuail white - 1 n k . 11 the hr. aat, ? ai ely visible. A reward will be puid for returning him to J *."?'N*ek. P *>?! Teuth atreet, or the Couiuy Clerk a oUlce, No 1U City Hall. T OBT? ON THE EVENING OF THE 27TH, A ,lj Chain Bracelet, In gonial ruin 7!> Morton atreet, through Bedford to Carmine atreet. The li rider will be tuitubly re warded by leaving I' ai 7 J Morton atreet. LOST? AT CLAREMONT, ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER ZS, par; of a lady ? t?old Cualn and (.'hale aine, wllh m o ke\ * attached. Th? linder will l? aultably rewarded by leav tag it with Mr. II A bpauldlng, at Bail, I. .an A Co.'*, Mi and 667 Broadway Tost? on Wednesday afternoon, in broad J w . or in a V.'*,l atrvct *ta.e. a allver Portejnonnaie, w.tbt e n .me ot Ro <ait* entraved on tin; i?*. k. Whoever wll leturn 1: to Mr?. 1. W. Rooarta, 48 Eaat Thirteenth .tr 'ti, v. Ill be lil> rew*ided. LO T $10 REWARIv-aBOUT POUR WEEK8 AGO, A I* ? a b en apatite. Dug: had on, when lost, a red, w Hue a-.d blue collar; ?n**era to tbe name of l'uncb. R-tnrn hiiu to J4 Liu atl?H. T. TILYOU Lost? in east new york, on Wednesday, , November 27. a licht ??rown Cow, with one short horn The flnd'-r w .ll be iuluhl v teward.xl 0/ delivering her ?i D Giauder a bakery, Eau New York. L. I. ^ SPORTING. IjH>R SALS? TWO FINE BRED. WELL BROKEN BLACK 1 aetier D"g*. two \Mir? Old. For pani. tila-t, a. , moulre ol LOUIS SCHWARTZ, corner of Broadway and Bi'e>iue atreel, N. Y. TO SPORTSMEN. ? IMPORTED FULL BI-OODKD RU8 mho Deer llound, 9 month* old, for aa>e rh-up m 12 J' me nrce t. WANTED TO PURCIIASE-A GOOD KBWFOI Nil VT i.,n i Situ; Brltub ; muai r>e voung and pure, pru ri a M'labb'i a <a*rl cuatoincr. Addrc*a CapL Roger*, llen.d MILITARY. rro CAPTA'NS OF INDEPENDENT COMPANIES -a 1 r re chancw t" get Unilorm* al n hjir^Hln. Fllty Gray J.< - M-v. i,th re linent pattern ; III tv* of 1'auta. > . t th reg.n cut p. em, lii'ty Sky B ye Overcon -, regulution i e weie ma.;e inthe bi* manner I rac mpnuy wh ? laile ; to c m; !*- ?? their oican /a Ion. a 'd will be aoid .*t i i iea* han to. r-t of manufacture by applying lo 11. U B VU.E i , No. d Park piace, New York. A HDSIOAIi. "flRKAT BARii \IN.? MAONIKICKNT CARVKD Piano.iitie 41 irUate anil at i great xacrluro; Full aeven o< tave, ele. Milt earved kg*, overall-twin U ??, richly to mM and ?uU>l |>earl key*, and a very powerful and sweet ten . M um .elected lo. the owner by a prole*aor of niUMio ami lulh warranted lor three ye.ira. Alao Home very elegant parlnr fnriniiire. A|i(i>y immediately, at the residence oi lbs owner. '-'18 Kourlt'entfi .street, m ar Euhili avenue. A LADY of FIRST KATE MI'filOAL AIIILITY HAV lug Kindled under tlie mont eminent maaiera in Enrobe wuulil wl h a ew mora Mulshing pupils In till* elty or Brook lyn. Ternm $.'i per month; or Ml her real.leuie, terms mode rale. Adilrena A Y. Z., UeruM oillee. PERSON IN WANT OF M<>iNEY WILL HELL A XI. aplem'hl aeven netave (pearl Inlaid) Plait", 8tool and Cover, lor SIM; coal, one vear ?gu, $3.'itl. Cull at 64,') Broad ?ai, room No. 1, on Monday and Thitr day, before 2 o'clock, and during the day on Wedne.-day aad Saturday. AMAONIFIOENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD I'lanoiorle lor sale, at a aaertliee? EleRantly carved lei'H and i . ae, round corner*, full lion plate, overstrung baas, Inlaid with pearl, lined throughout with aatlnwood, made to order for present owners by ciiv mil fcar*. fully guaranteed f r three yearo, ha* heeu In use but aeven month*, coitt $. IK), will lie *oid lor $2:>0, Including Stool and Cover; aim an eie gant assortment of Drawing Kooin Furniture, Palntlm;*, Mlrrora, VaMa, Brnntea, at leu* than luuf the original coal. Imiuire at 70 Weal Twenty slitb street, unar Sixth avenue. A FAMILY, DECI.INlNti llol'SKKEUFINO, WILL SELL ai a ea rllice, a mtj erb J.MVI seven otave rosewood draw ing room Piano elegantly hnialied, with round corner*, mag nl cent carved leg* all round, rich scolloped key*. massive carved and ?er|>entlne work*, made by ih? tnoat celebrated city maker* tinea inonlh* ago; baa unexpired warrantee for two year*; containing all the modern Improvement*, vlat:? .Full iron pi, ite overstrung bass.ipatent daiuparii, rich p mer ,fnl tone, whlcn can be teated ; price $2SU. Apply for three days at the in Irk dwelling, 676 Sixth uvenne, near Cryalal Palace park. N. B.? Ha* box for shipping. A FIRST CLASS OERMAN MU8IC TEACHER WISIIES to obtain a nice Itnom and Breakfast, in exchange for mule lessons. Beat reference* given. Addreaa S. A., box liH.lleruld ollioe. Br OETTINO CHOLLET'S TRICOLOR, YOU CAN jPlay twenty-six gamut*. seventy-eight uccoiiipanimentn, on me piano, without the trouble of learning minie, prl e 25 ceal*; the Lan e s le.irned in eight lesson*; also, plava I e piano for dancing; from eiglit to twelae O'clix k.. $3; new l^u drllle, D.tpnier a uaves, bv Cholh t; pianos tuned, SO uents to SI. Olliie moved lo MM h'lral avi'ouc. D EPOT OF THE ALEXANDRE ORGAN, SVi Broadway. SOLE MEDAL OF IIO.NOU at the Universal Exhibition of 1V<6. Thla ma :nlftcent instrument i palented In the UnltedStale* May .1. IHi'J), which the brilliant performance of TIIALBERO, VILANOVA and MI. I.E. WELI.IS have rendered as popular in Ameilca Europe. haa b?#n adopted by the greatest artist* and composers of both conti OOTTSCI I ALK. LISZT. ROSSINI, METERBEER, Ac., Ac. The Alexandra Organ I* eelehraled for the *o!ldily and pre clu'oii ol its mechanism, a* well as for i he 1'ullne** and power oi ita tone, and the remarkable quality of keeping pcrleclly in tune In all climates. Pric sntihe depot, *45, *30, $100, $1C0, $IM, $235, $281), $3tX>. $310. $400. A descriptive circular sent to any address on application to E. FAHBEOIL'ETi'ES Jr., 2IKI Broadway, Importer of Busson AccordeouH. Violins, Violin Strings, Ac MURICAL.-A BAliUAIN. TWO FULL CITY BUILD lug Lo!*, In Williamsburg, to exchange lor two cheap Planoa. Apply to of addresa Williams, No. 193 Went Prince sti ? el. New York. N EW MUSK? -THOMAS BAKER'S NEW WAI/TZ, THE LAURA KERNE WALTZ. For niano, price 35c. The moat beautiful ami popular waltz of the Hen.Mon. HORACE WATERS 481 Broadway and all muafo MUftVS. IB880N8 OM THE H ANO? AND DEAWINQ LKS J ?ons, ffiven by Mr?*. 1'i ofVsaor Eut:?'ne A. Wiener. T?rina to milt the timcn. Apply at 103 East Thirty-third at reef-, be tween Third and Lvxington avenuen, aecond floor. TWO YOUNO LADIES, WITH I'fUST CLASS VOI(?E8 (aopruuii and contralto), are UeairoUM of takinj: aitnatlona in a church, bclni: good readera, and quite competent. Full narticojara to b;! liaii of their nienrnt Instructor, Mr. D. Miranda, tenor voccllat, 21 St. Marks plaoe, betwcc.i U and 10 .V. M .. and 1 and 2 1'. M. THE HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MELODEONS, an I Alexandre Organs, are the finest instruments lor parlora aud churches now in use. A lar^e ahaortment can l*e s? en at the new wareroomr , 481 Broadway, between Grand and Broome streets, which will be gold .it extremely low prices, l'winos and Mciodiona from sundry makers, new and second hand, to let, and rent allowed If purchased as per agreement. Monthly paytnenta received for the same. Sheet Music, Music Books, and all kinds of music merchan dise, at war pricos. A pianist in attendance will try new music. IHSTRVCTXOV. A YOUNG LADY OF EDUCATION AND REFINEMENT, boarding iu New York, a stranger in tne city, having much leisure time, would like a situation aa visiting gover ness; would teach the English branches, music, embroidery, and other temale accomplishment*, or would keep house for a gentleman who In a children. Address Ella El 11m, station 1), Bible House, New York, lor three days. VI.ADY AND (iENTLE.MAN. BROTHER AND SISTER, oil. r to give Wsons in I* reu? h, at their residence, or that or tin p.ipiis, at 25 i.-nts per hour. Best references given. Adiirehh Uerard, box 12^1 Herald oillee. 4 (jOOD I'USINESS handwriting guaranteed J\ to youn;; men in ten lesions of one hour ea? h. B?Mik. k- cping reduced to $l!>, fur a thoiough course ot lust ruction. Private lessonw riven. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH, If 0.0 Fourth avenue. A PARISIAN LADY OK REFINED EDUCATION DR s res to give Item h (,'onversatlonal Lessons to ladies or gentlemen. Address Parisian, htailon l>, Bible House. AFR] NCH LADY, ALREADY ENG v<.I-:i? IN 8CHOOL8 anil private families in New York, would like to em poy two leisure hours in toie'tlng private lessons or B. hoola, e.ther In Brooklyn, S'aten I iitn?l ??r New York : best refe rences can be j;iven. Terms moderate. Address Miss L., .Ma dison square Post oflice. BOOKKEEPING, AC., REDUCED FROM $2.". TO flft.? Apply belore Wednesday for $10 f 'afs. Mr. DOLBEAR. 6()'J BroauWiiv, has four vacant sea; ?. w!si? !i may be secured by new pupifs at only $10 for a full coit a.? in llookkeepin;; and Penman'- hip. BOARDINV. MT II" ?L. ? SE uECT FAMILY BOARDING School at EasL ltl lomiiold, New .'???*>?;>', ?-f only six bcholara; limited number. Boys receive a thorough business cd : ..iion, with a goo 1 home. Two vacancies remain. Price f It 0 per i nnurn, or $40 p?*r term. First class city references given. Scholars pay from the time of entering. Vd dress Oscar, Ivi^t Bloom ti?'l'l, New Jersey. VTEW YORK CITY COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, 18 AND I.) (Jwoper Ins::tute. ? Bookktei Ing, Business J'eninan sliip, (-onimert ial Law, Commercial Calculation, Commercial Coive?;;>ondence, a practically taught. JAMES V\'. LU8K, Penman. i K i 1ST, STRATrON, PACKARD .t- PENN, Prtndpftls. THE SPANISH LANGUAGE 18 TAUGHT, as HERE tofoie, i>y (iOUHIN, at Clint ?n Hall, Asior place, libra ry floor, room No. 7, where applicants are n 'quested to eal f ruin to lU3*a A- M. Terms to suit the times. TIT ANTED? Ql A PRIVATE FAMILY. A LADY TO If teach French in exchange for Board; it agreeable to both parties would ltk*- to make a pern mnent arrangement in tin- <prim; as regular g.ivernes?. A French or German lady, understanding tnnsi , preferred. Tin- best of reference givi n and icqulred. Addr ia Mrs. 11. D. W., Union square Past oillee. TIT ANTED? TO PLACE A YOrNO LADY. AGED 17 v? in a school where H*rvlceg in teaching would be const, de.rcd equivalent lor boar.1 and tuition in tne higher branch, es of education. Address A. Sedgwick, 100 Middaxh street, Brooklyn. WOOD'S GYMNASIUM AND FENCING ACADEMY fV 93 and % Sixth avenue. ? "The wis.* lor beahh on ex??r else depend." .\flrning, afternoon and evening classes for ladies, gentlemen and children. Sword ? ?xeeciae any hour, day or evening. Terms low. WM. WOOD, Proprietor. DKNTI8TRT. ABEAUTIFfL AND SUBSTANTIAL SET OF TEETH, on pure silver, only $8; on fine gold and platina, $25; warranted equal to any work In New York. Single teeth, 91; teeth filled nnd extracted without the les^t pain. Superior bone tilling only 00c. Ofticc 138 Sixth avenue, between Truth and Eleventh streets. No retnoial. DR. LUTHER, Dentist. CARD? K. L. BRIG HAM, DENTIST, FORMERLY AS Bnciatfd with Dr. Hoot, 13 Bond street, ha.* temoved to 31 East Twelfth street, between Broadway and University ptaf*. Fit ik avenue aud Broads ay sta^ee pass within a few doors. VTATIONAL DENTAL GALLERY, SIXTH AVENUE. 1.^1 corner Twent) -second street? Largest, most replete manufacturer* beautllul patent Gumotype Teeth. Dentist, ry guaranteed first class. Extraordinary prices:? *lilv?: -et?, $.H; Rubber, $10; Gold, $21); Vulcanite, $2.1. Extracting with, out pain. JDR. M ANSON, Dentist. ASTROLOGY ? A BONA FIDE ASTRO LOG I ST.? MADAME WILSON tells the object of your visit, gives magic charms nnd good luck for life, free ol char e; tells a1! events of lif*-, past, present an I future; consultations on business, sickness, marriage, courtahip, travelling, Ac. She is toe most won derful ustrologist of the age. Give her a call; you will not regret it. l*j Aden street, six doors iiotit Stanton; nainr on the do >r. Charge for ladlts and gentlemen 50 cents. Be ware ol impoiouon. pLAlRVOYANCE? MRS. SEYMOUR- S MEDICAL \J Kotims are 1'MMted at lol We?t Fifte nt ? stre t. corn* r of Sixth avenue (entrance on Fttteeuth stre# t). Constitutions on sxkness, business, absent fri.nds, Ac., Ac., and satisfac tion gttarant* ed ?>* usual or no pay MRS. K. MONROE, ELECTRICIAN. ? LADIES CAN OB tain good Board and Medical Atu-n luu- ?? at Waits stnet, next door to Vanck. SPIRITUALISM. ? MRS. D r,. TAYLOR. 144 WEST SIX O tee nth street (new number 227), be?*.-en Seventh and Eighth avenues, i.< nio.-?t happy to in.orm public nnd e>pe. cu:ly physicians, that the services ot a reliable to edical clair voyant and test medium can l>e obtain* d at the a>*>ve num ber, from 9 A M. to 6 1*. M., Sundays excepted. 11HE GREATEST WONDER IS THE WOULD IS THE youn?? and .i c<?oi)NiMn<M Madame BYRON, irom P .lis, who can t*e eon -a. ted w;t!? the strictest con.tdenoe on ail affairs of life: restores drunken and unfaithful husbands, i has a secret to Make you be, oved bv your heart's ideal, ;ind brings Ww*ther tho*e long s^a rated. Ladies U5 cents. R evi dence U0 Tbiixl aven ae, aoove T welfth street. i r SULLIVAN STREET.? JRS. HOEDER GIVES ) true and wonder. m ? mtatn r? on ai. allalif* t ir?Uiki? life, end gives lucky numbers for the lotteries. Shei* the only true seer and pal n t in lliisci y. Remember her real deucf, 46 Sul Iran street, near Broome. | 4 ~ SULLIVAN STREET, NE . R BROOME.? MRS. I r *y ROEDER. wh*? i* a wowli^ik'tyl tn Im? the only iedy in this city who truth .'. ??v-b in ormati >n coo* e.rning losses, lawsuits. Joorne\?, al?s?n, f Men is. lave, eotirsfiip, j mtrnage, health, we.?;th. an 1 e no \?iu reclaim d onket* *nd u'i'aiihiul husbands, 1? the oniy i^i on .n this iity who has i the genuine Roman and Arabian fa isman* tor love, go -d luck and all business atlturs, aad are *ruarsn ees for ?ife EXPRESSES. ; 4 T BL'RN'HAM 8 FL UMTI RK EXPRESS AND PACK 1 1\ lii? < ?ikMlxuincnt. 1 l.i \F?.i Eleventh mreei, b<*tw*.n ! Ft th and Sixth avenues ? IJo'isehelct Furniture boxed aud shipped t" all farts of the world. Covered wagons lor re h l ?? e .?<? ntry. F?u nUure stored riHRI8TXA8 PKESENT THE KOXUI BZPRB88, V J | at oni/ed by the most iuflue-.tlal foreign houwi of this t ity, im.I ? ellver in an> own in Great Britain all parkagea co ;ainn % Christmas Presents, in time for the Holidays, if t.ion, ht to ttie ofitce by Friday, Deet-mber 6. Delivery in Fr-in.e, tiermtny aid Switzerland before 1st January. l'a< kage & shipped to Havana by every steamer. L. W. MOAKIS, H iiroad street. DRY GOODS. ARMATRONO Jt Rl'TTERr-Y, Mu SIX I'll AVENUE, HKI-OW ELEVENTH STREET, WIL.I, OPI-'KR ON MO.NOAY DBCKMBER 2, ADDITIONAL. MAROAINB In Frrni-h and Scotch Hands. In F'omelri*., ln?fnlns?iiinl Edgings. In Euibr<dderi>d Collars and Si-ia. In Llnm and Cambric Uaukercltleft (embroidered, plain, hemstitched, .to. In Rliicli, (li lpiirt*, H'renrh, Thread and Puaher Flnumdni*. Ill Reil and Imitation Valincti'iinpa K l;:lni:s uD'l IiixurLiDgl. In Rutland Irnikulna Thread Edc>n::a and Inn-mugs. In Uni|iiirt <!, 1 and un, Just half thf r value. In 1'oint Lace (Jullar*, %'i mid tin mat ball their value, RIBBONS. Having ptirflia?ed largely in ;bu lule rash auction sales, we will offer n splendid asMirim-ru at greatly reduced prices. Our wholesale l Uaiomera would do well to call early Tbey will aave fully 26 per cent on down kitvn prices, CRAI'EH. OrotU's celebrated black English Crapes selling very low. French Crupea. cood ipuilltv, $2 per piece. HOHIKRY AND olovks. Full line* lad lea' and misaea' Ulorea and Under Oarmenta. Full lines genta' and hoys' Hose, Glove* and Under Oarinenta. SMALL WARES Our Small Ware Depurunent U complete. All thing* elan comprised In our stock, and not here enumerated, will be sold equally low, to m?ke room for OUR HOLIDAY PURCHASES. AKMSTItONd * Bi TTF.RLY, No. 140 Sixth aveuue, below Eleventh street. J^T WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. $100,000 WORTH or CARPETINOS, CARPETINGS, FLOOR OILCLOTHS, DBUGUETS, AC., FRENCH PAPER I1ANUINOS, WINDOW SHADES, OILT CORNICES. RL'OS, MATS, AC., BOUOHT AT BANKRUPT SALE, WILL BE SOLD AT "oKKAT REDUCTION FROM TSl'AL PRICE EnrtUh Velvet Carpet*. $1 per yard; English Brussels Car pet*. MS <- . ? ? ? r ; :me Tiiree-ply, 75 cents per yard; flue nil w.? i. .?> c - ? v* >Aid fi'toU Carpet, 2.'> cents perjar.l, a.t>?i ? i. r !? >, ; - ?. . v i ? . otb remnants, from one to twenty ja .s ::v ? ?' r > aril ; also line French tiold and V*lv> I P*4*r '. a. ?? jO cents per y..rd; tine French Satin Fl| r.U 5 lW 1 line i l'i!d XVinilow Shades, SI l?r i?l:. at i'v VI > , ill Houston streot, above Sprang. ^ UN OLD. COM STABLE A CO. Are now otlei ing at retail, a large lot of FRENCH CASHMERE LONG SHAWM* At lha following low pricca:? 300 SHAWLS at $15 woHk $30 200 SHAWLS at f 18 worth *27 100 SHAWLS at |20 worth $30 ALSO, 800 WOOL 8HAWL8 at PS worth >10 SK) WOOL SHAWLS at $7 worth fll 200 WOOL SHAWLS at $8 worth >12 Canal street, corner of Mercer. AT MRS. O.VYXOR'S. ? GREAT BARGAINS IN COR. acta and Skirts, heat aliapes and quality, slightly soiled, it r $1 and SI 25. Juat received those celebrated Paris made Couiille Cornet*; regular price $5 and $6? now $3 and $4. Also the Paris woven Wcrrely Cornet. New styles in French Skirts. new pattern Balmorals, ali .sold at pMiic prices. 843 Broadway, near Union square. AT KM RE II SON S, CONNER OF TWENTY SECOND street and SUtli avenue, from auction, Hair Net*, all si Us. iOCO for IS rents, worth JO ? ent*. 4 CHX), soil .-ilk, for 25c . worth fiOo. 3,000, thread, i?;r 25c., worth 5 *?. 2, 000 embroidered and bead Coiffures, 50 cents, Broadway price $1 75. Vene net, for $1 25, wholesale price $2. AnsiomsB^fl sale-pky oooofl stock job bale. The Stock and Fixtures, with Lease of Store 543 Eighth avenue. The location in a rm st den! table one; the store is '21 by <15 feet, and has a first cIhsh front; is well fitted ti p. The stock is small, and will be sold cheap. The buKiness has been established for twelve years. For particulars apply on the premises. AT 87ft BROADWAY. GREAT CLEARING OUT BALK OF FASHIONABLE CLOAKS AT HALF PRICE. As the store must be closed in ten days, ladies should avail themselves of the rare opportunity, and select lroni the varied stock of new and elegant, garmeuta now reduced to one half the original cost of importation. AT DE PERCEVAL'S, 657 HKoaiiWAY, ALL KINDS of Children'.* Cloaks, DrcM> ??, Blankets, SacrjueH, Che mises, Infant*' Wuists, Aprons, Bibs, Bakets, Infants1 Caps, Zouave and Garibuldi Costumes, Ac., ready made and made to order. Ladies' Embroidered Chemises and Night Gown Yokes; also Ladles' ready made Chemises, Night downs. N jfht Cu; s Jlreakfast Caps, Zouave Chemisettes, Fluted Handkerchiefs, ike. \ LABOB AN D VARIED tRSORTXBNT OF LYOX8 Jx. VELVET CLOAKS and SACQl'ES, of mv own manu facture, Will bo opened tor ins,?. ctlon ou MONDAY, 2^th in statu, at THE UNITED STATED CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORE, No*. 304 and 306 Canal streot. W. B. MACKENZIE, HupfU OEOROB OARBY. An elegant assortment or misses* and CHILDREN'S CLOAKS. in h!1 material? at THE UNITED STATES ? LOAlv AND MANTILLA STORE, Nos. 3^)4 and IMXi ('anal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Superintendent. GEO. CAREY. J ^ MALLET, 13 Clinton flace, II.ii received per steamer Fultou An In rob e of COIFFURES, FLOWERS, KEVTIIERS, Mourning ami n>w styles of Riding Vests, Gimps ami Bullous, with Jet ttiilutire LiicMi Garibaldi Custuuics, for ladles una children, Aud other novelties. AliAllGE VARIKTY OF H LAC It BEAVER CLOAKS, irooi *8t. ?14, at THE I NITKl) STAVES CLCIAK AND MANTILLA STORE, Nob. :KH mid 30G Cantl street. W. B. Mackenxle, Supt. OEO. CAREY. ?aLsatid Sacques, jus' landed, for >ale at the United State* Cloak and Mantilla store, SOI ami 306 Canal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Superintendent. UEO. CAREY. jgUCK SILK CLOAK VELVETS AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES! We will offer this week the BALANCE OF THIS SEASON'S IMPORTATION BLACK SILK VELVETS, AT PRICES FULL TWENTY PER CENT BELOW T1IE VALUE. To facilitate the sale and selection we will exhibit them at ? counter on the firat floor, ajwri from the Velvet Department. FLOWER MANUFACTURERS, MILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS will riNn A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT or COLORED" VELVETS, Adapted to thrtr requirements, at THE LOWEST TRADE PRICES. arnoldTconstable A CO., Canal street, corner of Mercer. gLACK INDIA SILK CLOAKS At the United States Cioak and Mantilla Store, Noe. 304 and 3*6 Canal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Supt. GHO. CAREY. Ball drssses. a. T. STEWART A CO. will offer, on Mnrtolftv, December 2, ? large assortment of BROCHE and EMBROIDERED TULLE. TAKLATAW, MUSLIN and LACE APPLIQUE DRESSES. N. B.? A special counter will be set aside in the "ROTUN DA" for the above. BAKGAINS IN KICH LACES, EMBROIDERIES, AC., prior to taking our halt yearly inventory. Also, just received, per steamer Ci v of Maaehester, SOU dozen 2 INCH HEMMED LADIES LINEN CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. A. T. STEWART A CO. Black thread lace veils (entirely new goods); l.MH) pices Valenciennes Laces, just opened; Point and Point Applique Laces, Collars, Sets aud llaudker eh lets, Coiffures. Barton, Capes, Ac., Ac. B Williams A 00. (late Peter Roberts), <29 Bma Iway. CLOAKS, CLOAKS. . A splendid assortment of all fne desirable styles and ma terial* at uiy usual uimlei ale prices. .1 J BENSON, 310 Canal street, ex.vtVy opposite Mercer. CIARI'ETINCS, FLOOR OILCLOTHS. RUGS, MATS. AC., 1 ai reduced prices, tor sale in quantities to suit mirch&s em. Tapestry Brussels C.iij>etinc, ?.'??. p< r yard; Ta|ieairy lngrftin 1'arp'etir.g, 75c. p< ryard: a I v. .<) In,: *in Cari.ftinz, M<< jicryat t. A. JOl RNEA\ , Jr. , 373 Broadway. e10B88TS OK A CELEBRATED J PARIS MAKE,

Warranuxl to hi th" form. Mnie. KoULl.IER AUGIF.R, 321 Fourth stre< ?>. in at Broadway. QlIARLOrrR G. SMITH lalt. the attention of the ladles of New York to her r?, ln?i'. e a . I , !???; .n! -t , 1. v of Paris CliOAKS, MANTLKS. BASQUES, AC , comprising a full vat let. of all the late? ari l most s?>(-t no i veitie*, wiili a Urge assortment ot ?ery chuue garments C, tr.ani ac' e<l exDtf s:v for city trade. W?l Broadway, one door ai*.ve Twenty-sixth street. 1ARPITS, CARPETS. I Greut bargain* for thirty d*v? only. I A large r?m k of Carp-is, consist u^ of Tapcsirv, Three nty i and lngralus, Oil lotus, HOC* an . Mats, are mm offered at a very sreataacri ti e. E M. GREENE A CO. uate W AT ; Lewis). 12 Fourth avenue. 1 | ^JLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS. ' PARI? AND NEW YORK WINTER FASHIONS. ! FRENCH BEAVER CLOTH CLOAKS HEAVY ESQIUMAUX BEAVER CLOAKS, CASTOR BEAVER CLOAKS, ^ PROMENADE CLOAKS, U0* CLOAKS, MISSES' CLOAKS, LADIES CLOAKS, CLOAKS OLOa'ks|Vxo^K8 CLOAKS, At $9, at ffi, at ?7, at |.\ at $9, at *10, ?t $u. CLOAKS AT ALL PRI( ES, At W. K PEYTON'S ?*ELSI8R CLOAK HOUSE, M Bowery, near Houston street DRY OOOIM. J^RESS OOODH FROM AUCTION? SEVERAL LARliE INVOICES 0? Very choice and FASHIONABLE KRESS GOODS, Purchased at auction, will he offered AT RETAIL, MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, At 25 per cent below the coat of Importation. LORD A TAYLOR, Ml to 467 BROADWAY. tWto^fil (JHAND STREET. 47 ami 4!) OA 1 11 AHINK STREET. JjU-EGANT RICH LACES, CAPES. SETS, FLOUNCES, Barbes, Veils and Coll! men In Chanlllly, Applique, Polnt-a-l' Aiguille and Ale neon, suitable for Holiday Presents, at reasonable prices. Rich fanny Purls made Sen In Lace. Linen, MiikIIii and Ja'onet, Roiepilon, Dinner, Streei anilEvenlni Dresses, Mmr. ROl'lXlKR AUGIER, 324 Fourth street, near Broadway. II LEO ANT DRAB WOOLLEN VELVET CLOAKS, J At the United Slates C.oak and .Vanillin Store, 304 anil .KM Canal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Sup'i. GEO. CAREY. I EMBROIDERIES EXTRAORDINARY, U roll HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Another lot of consigned good* removed to oar premises. The ?'ho e are to be sold at once, REGA KDLESS OK COST. 1,000 Misses' French E.ub. oiUered bets, 76 cents; regular prl. es $175. v ft <i la<l Jaconet Collar", $0e., SOe., 60c., 70r. and $1. aril I.' l"S' French Embroidered Set ., $1; regular prices $3 ami $2 ?>. 40.) French Embroidered Seta, trimmed with Valenciennes U''e, >1: regular price I, 000 Embroider d Handkerchiefs, $1 to (5; much below regular prices. Ladies liuve now a rare chance to make presents of articles bom uselul and ornamental. E. WILLIAMS .1 CO.. laie Peter Roberts, 429 Broadway. pABHMRABU FURNISH INQ GOODS. ELEGANT DRESS SHIKLS, Made to order as required. THREE PLY LINEN COLLARS, Xew styles now ready. SHAKER FLANNEL SHIRTS, Warranted not to shrink. ? DRAWERS AND UNDKRSHTRT8, Bilk, wool and merino. GAUNTLETS AND GLOVE*, For army use. ROBES DB CHAMBRE. new patterns and styles, CARDIGAN JACKETS self and fancy colors, UNION RIDING BELTS, for equestrians, GYMNASTIC GOODS; approved styles. GAITERS, cloth sad velvet KNITTED WOOL GAITERS, For Ladles and Misses. HOODS AND SONTAGS, Fashionable Colors. BINGWOOD GLOVES, White and Colored. NEGLIGE SHIRTS, For Army Us* SUSPENDERS, SHAWLS, AO., As., Ac. A large snd elegant variety of the above Roods, many of them manufactured i n the premises, and 1101 to be had else where, uuy Uc found, at popular price-, at UNION ADAMS', No. 637 Broadway. FRENCH SEALSKIN CLOAKS? IN ALL COLORS, At the United S:ale? CV'ak and Mantilla Store, No*. 3 4 and 300 Caual street. W. B MACKENZIE, .Siipt. GEO. CAREY. French circulars, with hoods. At the United Slutcs Clonk and MaiitM* Store, Nik. SIM and 306 Canal street. W. B. Mackenrle, Superintendent. GEO. OAREY. French circulars, with capes, Al the United Stales Cloak and Mantilla Store, Nos 3<H and 300 Canal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Superintendent. GEO. CAREY. F BENCH CIRCULARS, WITH COLLARS, AT TnE United Slates Cloak, uud Mantilla Store, 304 anil 306 Ca nal street. W. B. Mackenzie. Superintendent. GEO. CAREY. FUR8, FURS, FURS. MINK. MINK, MINK Furs are scarce nn<l getting high. My stock of Mink and Royal Ermine is choice, and Selling at reasonable prices. J. J. BENSON, 310 Canal street, exactly opposite Mi ner. Furs, furs, furs-bblow cosT.-tuapoo worth o! !..d ies' rl' h Furs must be sold, regardless of cost, compri i >e real lludmti Buy Sables, Mink Marten, Sic ne Marten. Kitch Marten, Ermine, 81b rrlun Squirrel, Ac., Ac., In Circular Clonks, Carriage Capes, Vlctorlnes, Muds, Cuffs. Ac. The whole of the entire sto. k must be (Old by the tlrat of January, In order to effect a clearance. No reasonable offer reinsert, the pro] rletor retiring from business. This advan tage will not u ui 11 appear before the public. therefore an early ca 1 is respectfully requested at the old established Patent Fur Muff Emporium. I?. II. PHILLIPS. 279 tirand street. New York. IilURS, FIRS, FURS. 1 THE EMPIRE CITY FUR COMPANY, Wholesale and retail. Established 1949, 22s Bowery, 22ti Grand street, 231 Eighth avenue, offn to their friends and the public a^e and splendid as sort m en t of LADIES', MISSES and CHILDREN'S FANCY FL'RS, all of our own manutacture, consisting of Hudson Bay Sable, Mink. Fitch and Stone Mar'en, Slber an S.)iilrr?l, Ae., tn Talmas, Capes, Cloaks, Vlctorlne*, Muff* and Culls; also a choice selection of Sleigh Bobcs, gen'lemen's Fur Caps, Collai" and Gloves, all at prices to suit the times, at HARRIS A RI'SSAt K'S, 231 Eighth avenue, 22t> Grand street, ifcSi Bowery. N. B.? FL'RS repaired, neat and cheap, at the very shortest notice, 171 DE PERCEVAL, M7 BROADWAY ? INITIALS AND ' . Coats of Arms embroidered on handkerchiefs, table linen and bed clothes. Cotton and silk embroideries made lo order. Stamping tor embroideries executed In the most per fect manner. Transferring, laces men. led and done up like new. Bal.leg' cap# cleaned and made over. QENrS FURNISHING GOODS. A LARGE AND ELEGANT STOCK or SILK, MERINO AND LAMB'S WOOL CNDEESHIRVS AVD DRAWERS. SHAKER AND SCARLET FLANNEL SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. CANTON FLANNEL. SCARLET CASHMERE. SILK, MERINO, COTTON AND LAMB'S WOOL HALF HOSE. ARMY AND NAVY FLANNEL SHIRTS. CARDIGAN JACKETS. A FULL ASSORTMENT OF WINTER GLOVES, GAUNTLETS, MITTS, Ac. SCARFS, TIES, STOCKS AND MUFFLERS. HEMSTITCHED AND COLORED BORDERED LINEN CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEFS. ROBES I)E CHAMBRE. FINE WHITE SHIRTS AND COLLARS i MADE TO ORDER. My goods are all new, stock lirst class, and prices lo suit the times. C. TAYLOR, 713 Besadway. First corner below New York Hotel. (1REAT SALE OF MOURNING GOODS, ON ACCOUNT JT of removal, at tho New York Mmu n|? Store, No. 477 Broadway. M. A A. MYERS A CO. Great bargains in cloaks i FRENCH BEAVER CLOAKS, HEAVY ESQUIMAUX HEAVER CLOAKS. MOSCOW BEAVER CLOAKS AMI WRAPPERS, ELEGANT LYONS VELVET CLOAKS (With real ?uiimre Iji e Cuoea). LIONSKIN PLUSH CLOAKS, Ac., Ac. All new styles, at retail, nt rehired prices. E S. MILLS A CO., ? No. 41.1 Brwtdivay, near Canal street ADIBR? I F VOl WOULD NOT MISS THE OPPOR tuni'v to i ni' i.use Furs at a gicat bargain, cull at the Noi'iti-m and Western Fur Tia;jper, dep.)!, No. ? nry. balesi-ooin* up ftulrs. Large additions will he made TO OUR CLOAK DEPARTMENT, IN VELVET. SILK. HEAVF.R CI.OTH AND OTHER DESIRABLE MATERIALS, OF Tllr. I'llOH EM l'ARIS STYLES, AT VERY LOW PRICES, ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 2. A. T. SIKVVART A CO. L Lyons velvet mantillas? At the United Mates Clonk anil Mantilla Store, Nos. and 3U6 Caualstrsei W B. Mackenzie, SupL GEO. CARET. Lyons velvet ihawuitm At the United Stales Cloak and Mantilla Store, Nos. S>4 and 3UG Canal street. W. B. Ma> kenil", fiupt. GEO. CAREY. Lyons velvet sacques. At the United States Cloak nnd Mantilla Store, N?s. 304 m l 306 Canal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Supt. GEO. CAREY. N EW YORK MOURNING STORE, 477 BROADWAY.? The Dress and Millinery departments will bec?rrl?d ob M usual. Suits complete in ei^t hours ^notice A, MYfcRfl * CO. _ DRY GOODS. J^ADIES' HOSIERY, GLOVES, FURNISHING GOODS, ?Ilk, Merino and Cashmere Undervestt and Drawers. Merino, Cotton and Silk Hum, Oloiei, Gauntlets, Mittens and Wool Arn.Iftta Bontaga, Hoo<la, Skating Caps, Ac., FOR MISSES AND BOVS. ONDERSllIRIB AND DRAWERS, HOSE AND HALF HOSE, dijOVES, GAUNTLET-CMnTENB AND LEOOINS, Hand Knll Hoods, Oapa and Cloaks, BOYS' WHITE SI11KTS, COLLARS, SUSPENDERS, TIESAND COMFORTERS. If y stock is unsurpassed In the above goods and wall worth the examination of ihoae in ???arch of new goods at the LOWEST MARKET RATES. C. TAYLOR, 71S HrimdWBT, Flrat corner below the New York Hotel. J^AMB'8 WOOL DOUBLE BREASTED UNDERSHIRTS. SILK UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. KERINO UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. SHAKER KNIT, SHAKER FLANNEL, Scarlet Shaker FLANNEL UNDERSHIRTS, AND DRAWERS. ENGLISH AND SHAKER HOSIERY. PARISIAN NOVELTIES IN SCARFS AND TIES. SHIRTS AND COLLARS AT POPlL\R PRICKS. At the Shirt and Collar depot, No*. 87 and 83 William street, one door north of Maiden i?ne. THEODORE 0. ORANNIS, Airent. Notice. CLOBINO OUT AN IMPORTER S STOCK. BI.ACK FRENCH MERISOES. A TERRIBLE SA< RIF1CK. Seventy-live per cent below i a J' ' i rices. Splendid goods at 6s. and lis. per yard C ill and see them at W, JACKSON'S Mourning Store, No. 531 Broadway, between Sprnit ant Prince streets. 0 NOVELTIES IN TIES, SCARFS, MUFFLERS, Ac., comprising the following styles ? "JEl'NE AMKRIOI'E." "J1JUNE FRANCE," "MIGNON ETTE." ? WINDSOR," aud "POLONAISE," AO. Just recti ved per ateainer NIAGARA. A. T. STEWART A CO. NE MONTH LONGER. $100,000 WORTH OF DRY GOODS, Whioh muat be sold without regard to the cos^ before the end of thia year. FRESH REDUCTIONS Are constantly beinc made in prices To Insure the aale of the entire Slock within this time. SPECIAL ATTENTION IS INVITED To the Stock of EMBROIDERIES, SHAWLB and CLOAKS, BILKS AND OTHER DRESS GOODS. ALSO A large lot of EVENINO DRESSES, Wb len will be aold for just one half the coat of Importation. ALSO, For aale cheap, A LARGE LOT OF STORE FIXTURES* Consisting of COUNTERS, SHELVING, HERRING S SAFE, DESKS, Ae. NOTE. The above large amount of G<s>ds atltl remaining on hand, U hat been found neceasary to keep the atore open for one month Ioniser, through Decemoer, at the end of which it wili poaitivelv be closed. EDWARD LAMBERT A CO., In liquidation. 447 Broadway. pOPULAR STOCKS. FRENCH MERINOS, PLAIN AND PRINTED, A DESIRABLE ASSORTMENT, AT 40 AND 60 CENTS PER YARD. EMBROIDERED REPS, AND CASHMERE PLAIDS, ONLY IS. 6D. PER YARD. A T. STEWART A CO. PARIS RROW.V TRICOT CLOAKS? At the United Suites Cloak ami Mantilla Store, N<>*. Kit and 306 (,'auai street. W. B. MACKENZIE, Sup't. GEORGE CAREY. PARIS WAVED TRICOT CLOAKS-AT THE UNITED States Cloak and Mautillu a. ore, 304 and 300 Canal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Superintendent. GEO. CAREY. PARIS TRICOT Si LK CLOAKS? At the United Stales ('loan and Mantilla Store No* .H04 and J0t> Canal street. W. B. MACKENZIE, Sup't. 1 lil.ORGE CAREY pRINTED FOULARD DE LAINES AND REPS, At 75ceats per yard Reduced from One. Dollar At SO cents per yard Reduced from 75 cents OTHER QUALITIES EQUALLY LOW. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., Canal street, corner of Mercer. pOPULAR STOCKS OF FANCY DRESS SILKS, AT 6- (??>, A N I t Si 1' E R Y A RD, LARGELY REPLENISH I). A. T STEWART A CO. pLUSH BACK PIQUES. A LARGE VARIETY OF PATTERNS, AT POPULAR PRICES. JUST RECEIVED PtK STEAMER ASIA. A. t. STEWART A CO. RH. MACY IS NOW OPENING FROM CASH AUCTIONS, Full assortment II VT RIBBONS, at VERY LOW PRICES. Also, BONNET VELVETS, nil shades, RON.NET SILKS, VELVET RIBBONS, TRIMMING RIBBONS, Ac. FRENCH NEEDLEWORK t 01. LARS, from CASH AUCTIONS. CLOSING VERY LOW. Also, NEEDLEWORK TRIMMINGS, HA VMS, FLOUNC INGS, INFANTS* WAISTS AND DRESSES, EMBROI DERED CHEMISES. NIGHT DRESSES. CORSETS. LACK DRAPERY CURTAINS, FROM CASH AUCTIONS. Also, DRAPERY, MUSLINS, CUR I AIN LACES, anil a ooaiplete stock of WHITE GOODS, LADIES' and OENTS' CLOTH GLOVES and MERINO HOSIERY, From CASH AUCTIONS, ctnslnevery low. Also, a full assortment of FLEECE LINED GLOVES and HOSIERY MERINO UNDER WEAR, Ac. FRENCH FI-OWERS. Full stock HEAD DRESSES. RUCHES, CHILDREN'S HATS, Ac., closing very low to mske room for stock for the HOLIDAYS. R. H. MACY, 304 and 20H Sixth avenue, Second door below Fourteenth street. 2?EAL LACES I AT A REDUCTION or 2t PER CENT FROM REGULAR PRICES. rULL ASSeRTOKNT IN SETS, COLLARS, BARBES, VEILS, AND ST THK YARD. ARNOLD. CONSTABLE A CO., Canal street, corner of Mercer. Rich brown woollen velvet cloaks, At the United States Cloak ?nd Muntllla store, :tm and 3U6 Canal street. W. B. Mackenzie, Sup'U GEO. CARET. gPANISH WRAPPER: At the United Slate* Clonk and M intiHa Store, No?. ;?-l and :kk? Canal street. W. B. Maekeniie, Supt. OEO. CAREY. gPECIAL NOTICE.? LADIES' DEPARTMENT. OREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES' AND CHILDREN S GARMENTS, PURCHASED OF A FIRM retiring from the business S ties will continue thil week at FIFTY PER CKN r JELOW COST, The article* consisting of MISSES' MUSLIN DRAWERS, TUCKED; MISSES MUSLIN DRAWERS, EMBROIDERED; LADIES' MUSLIN DRAWERS, plain and embroidered; GIRLS' MUSLIN CHEMISES and NIGHT GOWNS, SKIRTS, WAISTS, WRaFFeRS, CAPS, AC., AC., will be specially exhibited lit the LADIES' and CHIL DREN'S DEPARTMENT. LORD A TAYLOR, 4X1 to M7 Hit ad tray. t^TIAWLS, CLOAKINGS, CLOTnB, CASSIMERES, Ac., From recent cash auction sales, very cheap. Also, the NEWEST STYLES OF LADIES' CLOAKS, and other WINTER GARMENTS i ft the prevailing Hrylt a, uau be obtained at below the ruling market prioe. at ^ ^ ^ C. G. HOOK, Proprietor. SOLOMON A HAKT, 31D BROADWAY, Are offering to wnolruile and rejall hnyera, for ca^h -nd r. tun.- at extremely If nr prices their stock of ri ktain goods ki RNiTi itK cov erings, OI'HOLSTBKV MATKRIAI.S ,.f ,n srvde-crlptinn, goi.d and painted window shadks. AND FRENCH AND \MKKUAN PAPER HANGINGS, DcCORATI V fc AND PLAIN Their slock tif the s-i>od? I- me largeM In this market, ?nil contains a gr. at m?nv lines boilithl at auction and irom bankrupt stocks, at prl<v? lower than coal of importation, which tier are able la offer at sraat DRY GOODS. _ rEKY II WDSOMK BLACK WOOLLEN VKLVE? 1.I0..W? Ai tli>* L idled a late* Cloak ?nd Mantilla titur*, ?KM m l 300 t,aual ilrcflL If. B. Mackenzie, sup i. GEO. CAREY. Velvet hkaver cloaks. At the UufiedsiateaCioak and Mantilla Store, No*. 304 and 306 Canal >lrtrt. w. b. Mackenzie. gipt, oeo. caret. TyATEKPttOOK CLOAKS. " Al :b? United States Clonk i : and Mantilla Store, _ ? _ Noa. JIM and i.00 Canal ?tr?et. W. B. MACKENZIE, 8upu OEO. CAREY. - YAHDB OK WOOL DRES8 QOODS 5.000 Worth Twcnty-Hee lOMtt, Alto, a" of the J>? ^oNABtE'KABMCfl for ladle*' dw-e?. 110 SIXTO A?0* T MILMSKRV, iC. Bargains.? velvet bonnets, black velvet Uoumi* al b.irg:im* thl* week. L. B1NN8* millinery, largext and iiiraiHol In the world, <W1 Broadway. Ml, oppo. ?lie Metropolitan Hotel, up >.uiira Mourning Bonucla and Uhlluren'a 11. u?, wawieuile ami retail. UB LJSADfc.K Of FASHIONS HAH ON EXHIBIT ION, AND CAN BE SEEN ALL TIIIH WEEK, TUB BONNET FOB MRS. PRESIDENT LINCOLN. In compliance with the requc*t of many, we ahall exhibit it for one week previous to Minding It to Washington, in order U> give tlio l.tdlen of Kew York an opportunity of ?? n ? the pit-Uiem Bounet ever gotten up m this or any one r country. Tli KiUnhi of whf.'h the Airing are made baa been manu fmure.i uii l Imported eipret-ly, and we roiiUdeiiily suy its equal an a piece of art lia* never ueen brought to llilacoult n nt. It>anbe?ecn In our ihnurrooma until Friday next, nok Lau-r, Uhoo Suturoay morning we I or ward It in Washington. J. HIOU1NS, Manager, 126 Sixth atenue, 'between Niulh and Tenth atreeta. ECONOMY IS THE ORDER OK THE DAT. QO TO THE LEADER OF FASHI0N8 FOR YOUB BONNETS. Sixth avenue price* 92 SO; Broadway %f> S, t th avenue p< l*es 3 5#; Broadway, 6 Slvib avenue price* 5 80; Broadway, 10 Sixth arenue price* 7 00; Broadway, 16 Sulh avenue price* 10 00; Broadway, A> BO.vNKT RIUHONS, 23, 38 and 80 cent* per yard, worth 90 aud 75 oeata, and $1. M erll deserve* Its reward, we say, E nvv u- not, nor look with dismay; D own wlthjenlo *.. , ?lv? juxili e it* away, A nil I run your tin-am tear away L oug cherished love lor dear Broadway FROM WEDNESDAY'# AUCTION. FELT TPRBANS at <3c Broadway prlee, $1 00 f E LT Bu.v x 1-,1'S al 75c Broadway price, 1 SO BEST UEaVERS at $1 35 Broadway price, 1 75 BoNNEI' KAaMi.S, 15c. each, or SI 75 per dozen. VELVETS, RIBBONS, FLOWERS AND FEATHERS in proportion. J. Hltii.I.Nd, 126 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth atreet*. the: war. ATTENTION, McCLELLAN RIFLES.? ALL MEMBEK& ol Company H ( formerly C and Uj, Ninetieth regiment, are ordered to report a Camp Morgan Uy Mouday evening, Dec. 2, otberwi* ? th y will l>e pro'Ct ded against to the utmost extent of the law* regar lini; de.e' ters. WM. (j'^TACKA BERRY, Captain. A FEW ABLE BODIED RECRUITS ARE WANTED TO llil up a re. I ueiit now a! the seat of war, and for Which? a liberal aum will be paid. Any one who may have, or get n m -, will linl it tor their lutercat to address Inquirer, box. 2.1?7 P'.*t, N. Y. A BAND, OR MUSICIANS COMPOSING THE PRINCI |'?1 |i .rt ol a Band, lrum leu to twenty-four piece*, re quired to ji in the Tliirtr-*i?:h r. glment New Vork Suite Vo lunteer) ,on tbe most favonihl- term*. Inquire at 44) and 442 Cai ul street, at Mr. Jaeknon'a. I ENGINEER SOLDIERS WANTED? COMPRISING ME J and luielli "nt la lorera, tor aappers and mineic. oi tbe r> pillar army. They (oust l>e able boated, not over IS years ol nee, able to read and write, and understand the four ground ru es of anltimetic. Terms o! enlisiment three years. I'aj In m {.13 to $.il, depi udlnj on rank attained bjr inniitatx.1 ? il.lierly conduct. A1.--0, railons, fuel, quarter^, clothui , lueil cnl i:ttciiila .ce and the usual bounty. Apply at No. 5 Bowimg Green, third lloor, every day, between 9 A. M. and U M. IRISH BRIGADE.? TITE FOURTH AND FIFTH REGI nienta, now ut Fort Schuyler, will leave on Monday, De cember ? A i persona n isnln^ io i.ce their friends can do tr. bv the iilCNi.KAL, AKTHl'R, which haves Peck alip at 11 o'clock thUi Sunday; ni r lug, landln;; at Tenth street, each way. BENJAMIN HaNSIIE. j c u, JOHN WUKLaN, j captain*. JAMES 8. SMITH, JI; , DEPOT FOR AI,L KINDS OF Mliiury GimmIn 23 Ch.iinb ib suvpi, Sew York. SworttK, Sallies, E auiets?*?. Army Army and Navy Caps, em^roirler* d .u.?l tn Mnllic Stioulder Sirap?, in., Ac. Military horse equipments.? for sale, a i\jii i pi i j aeloi' ilorhf K'luipuients for lield. utalf or g' 'liner; are almost new. Can be acen at Mr. bClIE.NCK S. 135 and 157 Broadway. \fOTICE.-ALL MEMBERS OP COMPANY F, TWELFTH re^luient N. V. 8. M., are re<|ue^U'd lo report ihemaelven at their qu.trt i> (Paia e Garden on Monday, Doe. 2. AP. that have *ign>'d (he roll reuiMitun}; away after this date will be m ated aa detertera. By order. JAMES CROMIE, "PENSIONS, B?)l NTY MONET, LAND WARRANTS X und r??y can be obtained promi>t!v bv railing on GEO. WOODMAN, Pk?e btrtet. REGIMENTAL STANDS OF COLORS on Hand, for Sale and to Order. SILK AND HINTING FLAGS, all Si/es on hand tor Bale. LODGE vND SOCIETY BANNERS, Ornamenfel i'ai ??!:? g. Lr*tiei uig and Embroidei ing on Silk, Spear Heads, Suws. Ea^n^. Mountings and Trimmings, Ae. IIOJER A GRAH AM, Ar ists nnd Manutacturers,97 Duane street. Cull an-i examui*' miens on hand. QOMETHING NEW.? COT, LOUNGE, CHAIR ANI> lO mattitsss, nil 'n one piece; the only cot for warmth, strencih and urabillty ever introduced. Sl7e when folded, 4 by t> inches square and two feet long. Camp Chests, Army Trunks, Camp Stools, Ac. N. 15. ? Liberal Inducements ot tered to sutler's and agents. OURLBY A BRADY, 412 Broadway. SOLINGEN BLADES. FOR REGULATION LINE OFFI cers' s\ o <^s, liuudK>*nely etched with coat of arms of? United S ato*, wairan<ed iron proof, Ac., for t*ale by the im porter, LOUIS WiNDMlTLLEK, 163 Pearl street, near Wall, up sialrM. SUTLER'S 8TOUE8.? PRESERVED MEATS, KKIIT8, VEGETABLES, GAME. OYSTERS, FISH. bALCEs, PICKLES, JAM.-'. I KLI.1I-> ami 1'KESERVbS, SOLID! K I EI) anil CONDENSED MILK, PHEPAKED OOKKkE, COCOA, BRANDY FRl'll'S, Ac. Warranted to keep m mot dimnir. For sale low by A. KEMP * DAY, 1JS Wall street, H. Y. SiTTr.ER.smr to a regiment. full or nearly lull, wanted, by a party o. suJ1l4ent means. Address,, with prke, real utile and regiment, B. M., box 1,148 Post ollioe. TO OFFICERS.? WANTED, BY A STEADY YOUNO man, who wai at the Crimea during the war, r. situation as aen ant or rook to an olQoer or mesa of o Hirer* In the army or narv. Good recommendations. Address Wil liam Roberts, box 213 HeraW ofljoc. CIjOTHINO. Attention.? ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to t'etth'! lull value lor vour coat <>0' Clothing, Car la* is, Furniture and Jowein th? best you can <io is to cad or send ? i"te 1 1 F. HAHRiS, IWi Seventh avenue; (here you may he convinced \ oil wlil lie iieak wltn Miiistiiciory. For silk Dr"baea irom $Htn$3U, Tor Coats lr m Sd lo $311, for i'ant? from $6 io $8. I'louae do not f' r? t the nimil>er? 163 Seventh avenue, uear Twenty-lint street. Ladies atlenned by Mrs. Harris. AT THE OLD STAND, 134 SEVENTH AVENUE, EZE j\ K1 Ml.S guarauiecs u> |>iy the Colli wins prices for ladles' and gentlemen s cast ofl We.irini; Apjiarel. ? r'lvmSSm $25 for Silk. Dresses, irora t* $iZO lor coats, lrom $1 50 to $?>> forPunt.s; also carpets. Furniture^ Jewelry, Ac. A note bjr Lmt punctually attended to by E., 134 &ev?tnth avenue, idles aueuded t?? by Mr*. E. A GREAT BATTLE FOUGHT AT PORT ROYAL.? THR Victory Ugtlned. La il"* mid gentlem n, it ban been vicorioiirt in being pronounced by many tlia; B. MINTZ, 137 Sixth avenue, has I men imving.a higher price ttian any other dealer in the city tor can: * oil' Clothing, Carpets, Fwinitum and Jewelry, and still menus to uontinac ho if you will favor him with a note or call, lit- will not humbuu tiie community by ottering $10 lor silk Ureses, $20 for coats and $7 for rants, :ih fs done by other*, but agrees to pay the full value for eaeh article in ta>h. Ladies attended by Mrs. MINTZ, 137 yix'h avenue, near Tenth turret. AUllEAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING. ? LAD1E8 AND g utinnen having any uua off Clothing, Furniture and Carp ts, will re< etve the hizheat prions by calling on w ad drewlm; C. M181I, &U Seventh a ream*, between Twenty ninth and Thirtieth atrceu. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Mish. An excellent chance for ladieh and gen. Omen to dispose of their caet off Clothing, Furnitare, Carpet's Jewelrv. Ac. I have ju?t received $9,000 from G UuNbaum A Co.,*Cincinnatl, to purchase the at?ove artlrle*. for 1 r.av U?e foilov i- * prices:? From $i2 to $35 for S?Ik Ureses; Coats, 2 nun $10 to $11); Pant*, from $2 tw $6. Pl<*ase call on ?: address A. l?? ?*s. 211 Seventh avenue, be tween Twenty-fourth and Twenty -Itfth streets. Ladles at tended toby Mrs. i>. Abetter ciian? h than ever for ladies ani> gentlemen io obtain thw highest pri.-e for their Cast Off Clothing. 1 guarantee to |.ay the loliowing prices ?For Silk. Drews, frou. $10 t?? $??; from $:??.. $1*0 ior C.ata, lrom $2 u> $7 fur l'auts. Cari^U, Fun.fture and Jewelry. Fleasi* ? all on or ndd#as J. AN'llALT, 152 Seventh avenue, b<Mween t'w.-ntieih and Twei. y.|ir?t streets. Ladiei atten4 ed by Mrs. An halt. AOBBif DEMAND FOR < I. OTHINO.? LADIES ani> ge u tie men hnvin. a . im i off Clothing, Furniture, C??r p?i.- a. id Jewelrj, wUI t? 'e,rc th<? highest prire by railing oo or n<kl refine A. HA UK IS, Third avenue. Ladles at ten?!e<l by Mrs. llarr.*. PUOPOSALS. OFFICE OF THE WATER COMMISSIONERS'? CITT li.iii, J i*M?y City, Nov, It. IHtil. Scaled propunMln wilt tw* re f.V"d by the V. u;??r Co;mnU.H.onetM of Jersey City until Monday, Dec. l(i ne a. at 1'J ?> l?? k M., for i'nriiiKhlng and laying about 1 .U>.*0 o 'M l:?cii ra.?t iron wntei piiN* across th !ia Kerns < K r \ er uud on t li ?? bottom of .h-1 iimf, Bid d"i8 u> ? mirth ptan?> :o? tue c.?n*truclfon and laying ot the pipe. Ali nec rt-ury i?i. urui?M;.;? In regard t<? the work cas* ba o^kaiueU at this oflla:. K. C. BACOT. 8 apt. and Sac