Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1861 Page 7
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?HirriBa. ^OTK'K TO PASSINiifcRB KOK EUROPE. J.1 By order of the Secretary of State, ail puasengers |esr tngtbe United State* are required to provide themselves with passports Iwluia iliey wUl be allowed on tiuurd the ?learner. Pu<?ii|in wtl' not bs subjected to ?ny trouble or <lel*y In procuring them, If they call I or Instructions at the ronipa.ty's ?dices, No. 1ft Broadway, New Yo It. JOHN 0 DALE Asenu Steam weekly between New York and L|ver|ol. Uuillng and euiburklug passeuuers at yneenstow n ilrel.ndl. Tue Xjrert>"Ol, New York mid Philadelphia Nt"iiiti<difii t'oin- any intend despatching their lull powered Clyde btiili Iruu straiu ahips as follows CITY OK MANCHESTER Saturday, P-c 7 CITY OP BALTIMORE Sauirl .?, Dec. 14 XAN<1AK<<0 -a r ?uy. Uec J1 ?aud ervry Saturday, at uood, from pier 41 No, i.i i iver. HATH* <il PSMtAUS. Fir* Cabin $75 Steei a^e. $*? Ho. do. to London 8U Do to Loni'on !H1 Do. do. to Pur.t 85 Do. to Par ? Sri Do. do. to Hamburg, . . hS l>o. l? il.unb ig 35 Passenger* also forwarded to Hsvre, Bremen, Rotterdam, .Antweij/ Ac., ai equally low ra'es. Persons ? Kb n.: to l>: inu out tli-lr friends nan lot.v tickets her* at the following ruei, to New Yoik Fiom L ver|*> .1 ?r Queenntown, nr at enliin. $75, ftSaml $1U5; stear. ge Irom Liverpool. $40; from tjueenstow n. *30. Those Steamers have superior S'i-limmoda''ons for pussen* gern, and carry experienced siliceous. Thev a.v built id *aer tight iron section.*, and hnvc pateut lire aunihilalois en board. For further Information apply In I.lrerponl to WILLIAM INMAN, Acjent 22 Water street ; ln<ilu?nw to ALEX. MAL COLM, ft St. Enoch aiinare; In 0 jeenstown to (' ,t \v. D. SEYMOUR & CO.; In L ndontoRIWS A MACEY, rtl Km* William street; in Parts to JCt FS DEC01K, 5 Place <la la Bourse; in Philadelphia to JOHN U. DALE, 11) Walnut street nr st the Ci mpany's OiUce*. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, No. 15 Broadway. New York. THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP U<N*A II. J Von S. . comnntnder. carrying the L'n' d States mail, will sail from pisr 30 North river, foot of Cham bers atrcet. on BaTURDAY. Deceml er 2t, at 12 o'clock IC, roa BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passengers to LONDON, H AVUE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the follirwin* rates - ? For the first tabid, $1U0; serond cabin, $tiO. steerage, $U, For freight or passage apply to OELRICHS A CO., IB Broad street. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE? ON SATURDAY December 7. The United States M ill steamer KUL'ON. J A Wottom, Commander, will sail front pier No. S7 No i th river, fool of IS ach street, on Saturday, December 7, at noon This sieamer, unaurpas-ed for safety iind comfort, has double engines tinder de k. eilrlnsod by water tl.tii >n*rt tnents, which, b 'siiles other re u ts, tend, in tl.e e?ent of c >1 lision or stranding, to keep the pumps free to work, aud se cure the safety of vessel an I passe ugera For freight or passage spplv t. ? SAUCEI. M. FoX, (A..,,t. rum-H? . OF-O. MACKENZIE. < A*enUl "Broadway. The steamer AKAtH) will sin. Jaauury 4. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY. GLASOOW AN[> LIVER pool.? The Montreal Si?Mi?ts;,)p Company's !ir-t r?ia?n, full powered, Clyde built ^earner BOHMMIAN, Capta t* Borland, carrying the Cana?ti n nnd I nl ?l >!.(?> j Uh. will fr om Portland next Satur lay. Pe.cein>? r8. Ra <*h of passage trom New York ? Kirat c:?si, acronlm . tone om modation, $.S0and $U6; stee a :o. foun ? withfco ?l rnvuinns. Certificates issueit for I rl ulng out paascn it* from ult the prin ipal town* In Brilnln and Ir>'Jnn>l. a' v.-ry low rales. Fur passage an pi v ?? 2i Br-wiwm , New Y k SAfiKL ,t .vKAKLti. <;??: ec. Kent*. Mail steamship asi.v. for ummHvlHS ASIA, E. G. Lull, commander, will sal from i lit* at re in on We .ineiday next, 4th iu t. A siaain io.u wi. lj b-tween the Cnmpany'a wliart', at Jersey City, unit t! e h roil. B lo ? A. M , io convey pas-engers P Tl i ha gga , e on <>* a. Pas aenccrs must have pi-s ortt ready lor riamiualioit. Tho AFRICA ? 111 sail 13th :n-t. E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowline O . en. "V LINE. ? FOR LONDON.? SAILS ON MOMMY, KE'\ A 2, ?>? ship hemisphere, lying M pier IC Eaat river. For passage In second calitu. a iow rates. nr il v,? un mi jartof England or Ireland, apply to TAPSCDT J' Jt Ct>., 36 South si reel. Tpor. Liverpool ? oi.d black star i.ine.-thk JC panketuhip BELLE WOOD, kins ai pier 27 I- a-t river, hauls Into the stream mi M- nday a'ternoon. ? e< in en Ttiesdsv morning. The l'HOK.NTON .-alls I? b.-r II. For Mil ig" nr dral t? on Irelaud, Ac., apply to W ii, JAMS A VUYul, 40 Fulton street. TCTOR LIVERPOOL ? TAPSOOTT'S LINE ? TH K PA'I.'F.T JP ahip MANCHESTER, lung at par 2. Fas ."1 cr, ,.s Ifc-ocmber 3; and the BEN.) AM IN ADAMS. Ijli ui p-ei to Xaat river, sails Deceuil?T 7. For rw>-*iuff, a o* lies, M.piy ?n hoard or to TAPSt'oiT A CO., 86 South street. FOB LIVERPOOL. ? ("HEAP PASSAGE.? THE L1I per ship AURORA, Oaptfiln Cltllds, has' oj a av more pasae rigors, and will -ail on Decenmer a F- r u.u a. >r eaasa, e apply nnlv on h. ard ship, at pier 14 Kan v- r. > r o JOSEPH MURPHY. ?-l South street. First ships for liverpool and London ? Fare to Liverpool In aee<:i>a > ??. m. ano . titnl rli.? S p AMERICAN t'NION. for Llv. r O I. .alia l)e. . ? Ship CONSTANTIKE, for Liverpool, 'H- I e ? s- i , \M1M CAN CnNllRESS, lor London, ??! a Dee 4. Inia i.y a T?ler 20 Ea*t river. For' a(<ply to TlleS C KOt.llE. HI South atreet. KEMITTANCE TO IRELAND, A? -TA!'.sr<>?" .? CO oonlltiue to draw <lrufl? in they have .lone >i the paat twenty.Uve years. Those niahtng to re:- it i i ? -u -,r friend* can be supplied with ilrultt- for any ?m.nin- pa- .t li on demand, In any part of Ureat Britniu or I. -y p flying at their old eaihbl.abed p!?c- vl busioo Jio Suutb ?treet, New York. FOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A Aral clans steamer will leave New York on the 1st, 11th ?nd 21 nt of each month, except when these lUlei tali on S in day. when the day of departure will be on the M. -mlay fol lowing. Forfrieghtor paasase apply at the only ofTI- - .Vo ?> Bow ling Oreen. D. B. ALLEN ju;enu A U8TUAUA PIONEER LINE-C AKltVl.Nii THE United Slates malls. ? The Al extreme clip! ?: IIAl.itY BLUFF, i* now rapidly loading for Melbourne, at ; ; r 13 Ka rivrr. Ilsa unsnrpas eil nccoiuinodution r tirs' a--d * -nd Cabin passenger*, (-'or freight or passage apj ly to I . tV. CAMKRUN, 1?0 Beaver street. POIl SALE. BRUG STORE FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN -A FIRST class Drug Store, eniaUl-hed six veins, audi. . - 1 location, on the tlnest tbor?n lifjrela ih-- city, and , t tine trade both prescription :md genaral -ail. Notwith ?tandliii! the times, trade Is grad a.ily Impr.- inr. i . t r ha* been thormighij r -novate i .lurim; i -i> > . i- m.| (? now supplied wltli a choice -t . k ami u .1 la ? ,-irv fcrtielcs for continuing a i.i>t cla- h irn.le, T: - pr. cra-ior. having tmcome-by iMse.ase llicapahu- o !?iv? tlie a-sni.-s, p. .? per attention, -finds it necessary to inak.* a eh ? ge M:y party having a few thousand dollars inn in . v? al-' - in vestment, as the business I. alreudv ? stsbl - lied and i Eilrs required. For particulars ap .lv to C. S IIALT.'N. it rondway. New York. FOR SALE- AT A BARGAIN. ONEOKTHH IIL.T LOi l ted and most prohuible dr-nkii^, Salnonsii. >t. . . . ? t ? n ?tock attd llxtureai ia well lilted up and -n p.-. - an ?? 1 : ? i cd reputation, and being in the inpnediat. viejnl'v ? ! tiie Hudson River Rullroad depot, comma mis a >r; h. r ? ?t transient a* well as pe- mau-n' putr -lap- Fo: ? >r > s inquire on the premlae*. Itf Hudson street, cm: ueroi lteide, *fter 10 A. M. FOR SALE? TIIE LEAKE, STOCK AND FIXTURES of a tip top corner Liq-i. r Si in . n.> ..f t> ?? ? i . a. tlona of the Ninth ward, nn r.-a!"'ii:. " te m> Ai'-I . i; - a ?? dlately lo II. F. BISCHOFF A CO.. 331 SUth ?vm. , r i . r of TliIrty-?ecoiid street. r R sale and partner wamtf.d- k bbi - i Machine Com|?ny, <ie?i.-i uaol ??vnding ?' - ir i in.,- ., will receive, a Partner, with from % i.lAW o Jli'.-.i)) i:. ? t Improrcineuta for which thi* )Mtent waa >' ia o 1 1 .-no - be superior lo all okiert, nn.l as an InvrMirn m ii ? : n ?bon n to be mnsi prolitable, as full utid , a :t. turv pan'cii. iarn will he famished an.l explanations clven by i-i'lu ;- .g ? >wing Mai-hine Company, Journal : t'.iinin -r>-. aire For sale -a man dfa ? "i. i'.in.) cx.i : i.r MILL business, eighn-en ? i sr* e t, .i. tMt, with s' k of M 1 fiteam Rnglnea and Boilers. La li'- Vi e m , ? numerous to mention; excellent >1 i> itiun ; low rent? ? r year for annp and dwelling; in; ulloi.s given to . u. i - m tavbutiuess; possession at onc< . will e sai l ; a- 1 .. -ai half Its viilue, as the owner Is ; >1:114 i" i- K'"e mr the Cfiouiry io att.-nd to other business, A -;-l- at Slit Seier.tH sventie FOR SALE-ONE OF THE JlliPT LOCATED DttlSK ; ing Houses In Broadway, on tiret floor, well ? III ', low rem, and doing a first clus- b isiness. f .-m ,. ... d. Agents need not apply. Addu-sa A. H. Ii . boi 100 lli.raltl oflice. SCHOOL FOR BALB.? THE CNDXR8IONKD, BI 1! sbont leaving for Eu.'o;i" . 1- il - roa -it a-l-ii,-,' li ? v cauthliKlied Day an-l B.inran,.- -i .ol, ta-.-etbev w in ? : - I, is Il'iioehold ami School F-.r liure, Ba .k?. Maps,, li> iu naslnni and Pianos, situate 1 and *t,.*cbed 10 the B - ? Je-hu C;:n Congregation, 168 Uieeni- nr -e . A Lt)i;'vK STEAM ENGINE ANI> BOILER 'THREE Ht .RSEi K'lK sale at 11 liargiiin, now rnimli", . "d iu cx -ell t . condition. Apply to JOHN K. BALDWIN, 114 r'nltoii street tHUZd CASH.? FOR SALE, THE STOCK, FIXTiJKKS ?pO?Jv and Good Will 01 the Toy, Stationery and IV i? atcal Store 231 Sixth avenue, oie- Oie.r abovi Ktrte.-nlh *? r et. Location unaui-passe.i. Ren' moderate. Apply -n the pre mltfls, in the eveninc, alter six o'clock. No a :euts need RESTAUR ANTS. Alabama ib still secesij.-if the inhabit II Ills would on y come 10 SEltliEANT'S. 60 William itrect, and partake 01 htsaitp -rb <Y--e lunch of three course* and Imbibe lit* asc -Ueui ale, tliey would soon beeome true and devoted adherents of the Union. ENGLISH MUTTON AND SCOTCH GROUSE FOR DIS uer to-morrow. For al , English Hams, Bacon, ?Cheese, Scotch, tc VV 1. Dunlap'a Aw- on draught. T. RICHARDSON, Agent, 60 Mai en lane. WATCHES AiVD JKWELRY. SACBIFICE OF DIAMOND JEWELRY ? A FEW 1M porHint and de-lrahlc a; iejeaoxn be in. at a bargain f applied Tor soon, Ollice i-.ay ti-. m 9 ttU 10 A M and 3 till 3V. M. B. W. PLUMB, Dtaiunua Broker, J12 Bioa.t way. MEDICAL. AN IMPORTANT WOBK.-A GLIDE FOR THE MAR rlcd, or thov contcmpia 'tig It. The afflicted, del Uuaied ?r diseased should not marry or adopt sny tieatmer: till they have mforneil theiu^elves ol the truth, only lound in Dr. LAK.MO.NT S Pari*. London and New York A ivlser Hid Mni nage liiiMe trsitb edition). Malleil I'ot $> oy HICII ARDSON, No. 1 Vesey slre.-l, and ROSS A THUftEY. lil Nassau street. The Doctor cures all s-i Ji affei::,ons. recent or 01 long standing, exi>editiou?ly and orlvately, as lot yeara past, at 04 r Broadway, up stairs, Irom V A. M. too P. M. A pi: i? Err CURB is guabanteed-a '1AB14AL Cairo is always eaeote-l in D tVAilli, 12 L :t ;ht struct. Cui r beaidea iu ha f the ra 1 1 time. Dr. ward is treating all disease male* milb uiip?r ii I -access S in . very tedx? his Great Bcnc:aet?~ Ollice 12 Lai- -it t DR. Coopek, NO, 14 . ANS 8TRBR1 MAI ON suited on all disease- a oerta 11 lis light yei.r* exaiusl-.-ely devoted to 1 ea- . - -t. . :u-' him to warrant a cure in all cases Tiicvlin-., , oonfltieuce ut uaedlcal pretentl- r< can all wiih ? ? - taimy of tx Ingradlciilly cured, or no pay. Dr.. COX TREATS Ft-. I ALE 'Ls ' - T1FI call}-. ? His Great Kern dt (.lata: s. re t , - and hat mless. Office 169 Bowery, PRDKESSOH RS8T8LL, MB < 'HA M SI OA v be eonsnltcd, as usual, or oy let: 1 ti- i?>x 4..M ..-?ston olflee, No. H liarr.ton aveuue. nniK ELEVENTH HOUR -IT IS .NaT I LATE. A Ilea 1 the baautifully ill r 1 . a'- . ik -ii , ir 1 J'vlce 2S ct'Jttl. ^o|ll hv 111. It A K I'a, W 154. . - u Jo ir a-ors from Macdoigai, Nu? *01 a u. r.-? vuij. there. ?ALK? at AUCTIOlf. M. B. CHAPMAN * CO., AUCTIONEERS. U? MAQNIKfEN'T HOUSEHOLD KURNITOBB AND WORKS OK ART AC.. AT PUBLIC ALC'l'iO N, ON MONDAY, DEC. E The |ir"p.- * At the elegant nMndeiiv#* ruoiiiv Atvi *"r i .V ?*.- ^ The itrop'-rtv of ft geuttoinftB luivihg ' Ji tie elesetU mutant* of 8AMUBL CLARK. Esq., NO 48 wiWsiiTBKNTli 8TKKET," b?tw^n PVih Mid Si- ih ?v?. 8?lr noinmrn. in* ?t 11 o'clock, SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD HANOI-OKIE, KOSEWoOD AND BLACK WALNUT 81IT8, BRONZE AND ORMOLU ? HANDE! 1KRS, VELVET MEDALLION CARPETS, SEVI'.ES AND DRESDEN CHINA ORNAMENTS, PIER \M> MANTEL MIRR0R8, HKOCADE AND LACE CURTAINS. AKT I -? 10 J<RONZB STATUARY, OIL PAINTINGS BV EMINENT ARTISTS, OAK Bllt-'KET. EXTENSION TABLE, BOOKCASE, ETEOI RI'.S, t E.sTKL TABLE, CHINA. (il.i.SS AND SILVER WARE, 8HEt "TKI.D TAHLE C'TI.KRY, TABLE LINES, ROSEWl 'OD CHAMBER FURNITURE, Loui? XIV. itylf, ikcim.m. cai:riaue?, hakni-;>s. ,?c Tin- ?uctl"ii?"fr ? oulil c ill |*nicul?r utteullun of Ills frtencU an i the public to this sale, the catalogue comprising (he la :Mt audric best assortm nt ol Household Furniture, Ac., offered lit auction this wmwiu The furniture was all made to '?rder seven month* ago, and to of the bent deaoitytion. s-aie peremptory, with<>ui regard to the weather. Drawing Ko?>ms ? Superb me la lion velwt Carets, Mosaic Ru^p. two full Milts solid Rosewood, covered with blue and *;o!d and green and nold iro aiel ol the richest description, viz:?' Tete u-tet Siifax, Arm Chairs, oval back Chair*. KeivpUon Chain ma ?? I j Wirt, rosewood Secretaire aud Bookcase, Eteueres, statuaiy marble lops, minor doors aud ba< k, Lady's Work Table, Mantel Mirrors, W\ 72; <lo. Tiers, 110x3#*; embroidered La -e Curtains, rosewood C> litre and Console Ta le?, Encoug n i ; r sC tbfnets. twomauh Pain tings, Scenes 111 Switter -laud, by Cole; the Assumption of the Virgin, a correct copy from the or filial painting iu the Louvre t ?allery, Paris; Dutch Inte rior, by ket< hell; S< ene in Amft'erdam, original, signed by the artist: Fruit Piece, Winter Scene and French Line En graving*, "b'gmt Mantel Set, artistic Brontes reures ntiug the Crusade' s Joan of Are, Charles II, Franklin, Night aud Morn n.' Ormolu CI ck, runs one month; Parian Mari>le s atuary. Flo.v r tioy uud <J;ri, The Mat1< nua Family Group, 8 vr*-* and Dr-aden I'hina, Ornaments, Bronze and Ormolu Chandeliers. Camlet ibras MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, Fo-ir round corners, rt hly carved legs Hiid ease, made to oruer by Broadway mekeyn, cost $r-00; rosewood Canterbury, K'ool and Velvet Cover; Music Books. ?fcc. ; black walnut HaUi.iud, Ch ilrs to maUh ; Oilcloth, velvet Stair Carpet, ail ver plated Rods, rosewood Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads, Washstauds, Commodes, Ward rob ?, Shaving Stands, Toilet T.i lies, Armoire-a lilac , pure Hair lUttfetWML French Wool B aukeK Linen Sheet*, Counterp ines, Bru*selsaud Ingrain C rpeis, Oval Mir ora, OoUl B?nd SI aoes, cuiua Toilet Seta, F.o katande, Kim: Patent Reclining Chairs, Lounges, M?Oraw 8 >ta Beds;?ads, R ckera. Cha s. Dining Room? Solid carved oak S de board, Extension Table, full French China Dinner and T Stts, Crystal and Engraved I i lass Decant e is, Gob let*, ? h mpagi.e Wtnea. Caratl'es, Fruit Stands. Parian Mar ble Punch -owl, Silver PI it? d Ware, Cas ers, Ice Pitcher, Din neraud T?*? Service, Salvers, >'ankln Htngn. Spoons, Forks, <' 'flVe Urn, Sneti eld Table Cutlery. Arm Chairs, solid Silver ware. Also, all the Furniture of tno servants* ananmenu; also, Basement and Kitchen Furniture; al-*o, at the Stables, one pa\' ol" Coach Horses, one Coach, one Huugy, Harness, R B ank?*ts, Ac. A competent person wiU be on hand to pw| mi, or hp g s>ds, if desi ( d. N. B.? Stramj^rs wishing to .i? a the ?ale can take tin FlfUi and Sl.\th avenue .t.a^es at the Astor llouae, St. Nicholas aud Metropolitan Hotels, leaving at Sixteenth street, which will bnug them within a few uoors ot the house. Auction notice. ?extensive sale ok valu ub ?? Household Furniture? H? avy French Plate Pier and Mantel Mirror*, oust I, OA Patirititfs, bplen ltd rosewood IrManoforte, solid ro?ew<>od t'arlor Knits, Ac., Ac.-? Whereas, E. A Lusaile, now at Matanzas. Cuba, baa instructed ine to display *?i; at puMf ?? auction, his entire elegant Household Furniture, futitaiui'd in th? r.-sidtn e 220 Went Fourteenth street, I shall proceed to ? >11 the sa<ue, at public vendue, on MoinWiy, December!!, at IU}? o*cloe.k, at the above residence, the whole be mil of the West manufacture and but it short time in us*-, consisting oi? Parlors contain superior Velvet Car pets, thre magnificent solid rosewocd Suits, covered in ma roon, criinHon and gold satin of the most expensive descrlp* lion; Gothic and Turkish Easy Ch;iJrs, in moquet and satin iiroc*?de j ladies' solid rosewood Reception and Arm Chairs covered in crimson and maroon satin; three solid rosewood Centre Tables, with rich statuary marble tops; expensively caived rosewood Pier, Sola and Side Tables, with marble tops* three cotoly rosea ood Etegen*, with marble tops, p a n if is* doors, Ac., imported expre ? y for the owner; ladies' r *? wood Work Tables, bron/e and ormolu Clocks, elepant China Vases, with the most chaste snd expensive lnvNeapes. painted to order in France; magnificent French plate Pi r Glass, with rich and heavy gold Irani*; Mantel Mirrors to match; heavv embroidered Lace Window Curtains and Cornices; Large and ex tensive varety of Oil Paintings, by nstive artists, ii h as Landscapes, Winter 8< enes, Marine Views, Scriptural Paces, .vc. ; superior rosewood Pianoforte, city made, full seven octave, solid pearJ keys, el*?*ot rase. inlaid pi te and richly set with pearl, being a /alual 1 ? ana costly instt u merit; rosewood Piano Stool, iu satin, with an t b'gunt eostl> embroidered Cover. Dining Room?Rich vel vet tapestry Carpet, in goon order; solid oak Extension Table, all |* ii h <1 in the best ner, ?narMc topi amy Ta 1 v. Mirtoi s. solid rosewood Suit in moquet. ?-even pie *es, t<v #M:,cr with :i II the cut (Siass^are, Wincsj Ciiam pnjin ??, Tinttbrs, Ooblcts and J >? ? inters 10 m-tii; rich ci na Tea Sets, costl) Silverware. T? a an<l Diner Service, Sa vors, Cake Baskets, Casters, CofTe*- and Tea Cms, gpoooa, Fork*, Lluuor .Mand. superior Table Cutlery, A-. Cham bers? C tstiv rosewood and vnahoguuy Bedst? ads, Stat .ary, marbji t p Bureaus, Wa-b-is.oi* and Com mod's to match; over twutv pure Hair Ma.ttesse*, from 40 t?? U> lbs., made to order a'ia in excellent condition: inkiraiu Carpets. Bed room Mirror*., Clocks, Toilet Sets, Oilcloths, ^:.or Carpets and Bo Is, uiahoyny Cusliioti.'d Chairs, Rockers, Sot as, Ac., L'tcniC"** Couch Beds, Hall Stands, Tea and Pinm:* Tables. T ?? sale of tb anove furniture will positively lake place w t . ui regard lo weather. A responsible p- rsoii will If m attendance to pack an I ship the articbs going out of the nt\ , in a reasonable charge. Deposits satisfactory to the auc tioneer will be required from ail purchasers. P. W. DELAREE. 112 Broadway. N. II ? The above house is now lo let, with immediate pos session. A Ut'TION SALE OF HANDSOME A liOJ SEHOLD FURNITURE, Magnificent Furniture and Valuable Works of Art o:" a five story residence. Having cost over $12,000. The whole to be soid strictly and peremptorily without re serve. To morrow (Mondav) afternoon, at 2 o'clock pre? isely, the b? nuiii ul Pari >r, c hamber. Dining Room and Lbrary Fur hit 'ire, in the dweling house, 152 West Twenty-flrst street, between Seventh ami Eighth avenues, all of which is new, having been recently made, and <iomprises everything ad i p ted to a fashionable, elegantly furnished residence, the whole to be peremptorily sold for cash, consisting of English Velv# t and Tapestry Carpels, elegant rosewood Parlor Furni ture, en suite, comprising three lull Suits, richly carved, all of which are Covered in rich silk brocatel and of the best des ription; rosewood Centre and Pier Tables, Turkish Chairs, in hln?? and gold satin said moquet; Damask and Lace Cor ains. .Mant" land Pier Mirrors, (ioid and Landscape Si a<:?* . wo row 'wood Etsg^rcs, style Louis XIV. ;rich Severes and Di- sue n Mam I Va*es, Arfstic Bronzes. Ac. E LEO A NT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE. MI'KIC CABINET, STOOL AND COVER COST *450 msrcle top Bureaus, richly carved Bedsteads, hfteen If %ir Maircsses, Tete-a-Tetes, ('hamber Suits in rosewood, Bronze Clock, marble t?.p Wnshsiands, Lounges, French and Spring will Chairs, Workers, Divans, Ottomans. Oval Mirrors, su- i l>erb Beds and Bedding, oak Extension Table, two Sofa Bed S.eads, rich French and Bohemian Churn, il h T? a Sets, Sil verware, Spoons. Forks, Castors, Ice Pitchers, Urn, Tea Ser vice, rubv and crystal Cut Glass of every description, oak marble top BufTet, oak Chairs, superb Desk, Oilcloth, rich Chandeliers, marble Hall Stands, ate. Catalogues at house. Sale positive, rain or thine. N. B ? Parties from u distance are assured that every article in the ho -ne will be sold strictly without r? s *rve, end there w ill be p'.sitive'y no postponement. Purchaseracan have their roods carted, packed orshijqvd by reliable parties, who will I e in attendance for that pnrpftse." RUSSELL W. WE8TCOTT, Auctioneer. \ COTTON SALE OF READY MADE CLOTHING.? /V A. M. CKISTaLAR, Auetloneer, 2.'i Bowery, will sell on Monday, Di c. 2, a'. 10^ o'clock, a large assortment of t I tli, C*ssimere, Pilot, Peteiaiiam and Beaver Frock, *ackf Business and Over Coats; Dot ?kin, Clo. h, Cassimere aad Satinet Pan s; Silk, S;itin, Velvet, Cloth snd Plush l .-sts, Als?? Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Linings, Trim munu, a large lot of Boots, Shoes, Qa iters, Ac. \ C. TUTTLE, AUCTIONEER. 114 BROADWAY. DUTCH BifLBOLS ROOTS-LAST SALE AT AUC lock, including HYA , JROCUS, CROWN IM PEiHALS, NAltCiSSES, aC? WARRANTED FRESH IM 1 < >KTr.D. N B?Now Is the season f<?i planting. F^DvVARD SCHENCK. AUt TIONEER. i CONTlNCATltlN SALE OF FINE OIL PAINTINGS. Ms EDWARD SCHENCK.? Monday, 2d inst.,at 11 o'clock, at his salesroom*!, I&5 arid 157 Broadway, an ?-iegant ? oilec. tion of choice Oil Paintings, by celebrated artibts. Among t'uem will be found the following ori^iuals: ? k EKKOKK, KANNFMANS, v A N > Y FEB DON CK, D 1 1 >DA tUT, 8METZ, SCHAEP, v'isii MCELEN, 8CIIAUMBKKO, And many other fine Pictures by well known artists. M'istof the above have just arrived from Europe, aud bear the certificates o a' ;ists, And will be sold peremptorily. They are now on exhibition, With Catalogues. rtEORUE COOK, AUCTIONEER.? ASSIGNEE'S SALE v.T a large and eb-gant stock of first nass Caoinct Fur niture. to. uioirow , at eleven o'clock, at the store 141 Broad way. For particulars see Monday s Herald. MORTGAGE SALE. PRINTING PRESSES. CHAMBERS A FA1RC11ILD. Auctioneers Salesroom 113 Nassau street, Will sell on Monday, December 2, at 10 o'clock, at No. 16 Spruce street. TWO DRUM CYLINDER PRINTING PRESSES, with all the Shafting, Helling, Pullies, Hangers and other ap purtenances thereto belonging. These Presses are now running and may be seen at any time prior to the sale. GEO. H. KENTON, Assiguee. SHERIFF'S SALE. -JEWELRY, WATCHES, AC. CHAMBERS A FAIRCHILD. Auctioneera. Salesroom, I13Nat*a-! street. Will sell at their salesroom on Monday, December 2, at 11 o do k, a stock ?>f elegant Jewelry, c onsisting of Fine gold (sixteen carat) Brooches. Fine, gold " Ear Drops Fine sold " Brooches an l Props, in seta. Also c ?'d Hunting Watches, Gold and Enamelled do., 811 ver Dei a. he u Levers, Ac., Ac. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff A l BOtJART, AUCTIONEERS.? MONDAY. DE cem >er '2, it II o'clock, at the northeast corner of Third in n':d Foriy- lxth itreet, the Stock and Fixtures of a Grocery Store ? Barrels Flour, Soap, Candles, Spices, Teaa, Counters, Shelving, Scales, Weights, Cart and Harness, Ac. S. TOAKFNEY * CO., AUCTIONEERS, 170 CHATHAM . ttreel, will ?ell on Monday, Dei-. 1. at 10 o'clock, Ihe Stork nod Klxtnrrsof the large grocery ,101* 19H Seventh avenue. Burr la of Sugar, Klour, Ti ?a, Ph klea. Soap, Stnrcb, pure Hraudics.nd OIdn of the beat quality, <*c., Couotera, Ac. TOAKFNEV A CO.. AUCTIONEERS? OFKITB 170 . Chatham tlreet? will leli on MonJ?f, Dee. 2, at one o'clock., the Slock nnd Future* o( the grocer* and liquor ?tore liil WVft Twentieth a'.reut : Counlera, Be^r rum pa, Tea Caunihtera, Soap, Starch, and a general aaaurtment. ? good Hurac and Wa^on. TITM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON ?f Mordajr, at two o'clock, at 4">4 Cau?l atreet, ih? entire ... .. ,r. ,nrc Carpet*, B?:di, H dOiog, Parlor Stiiia, .t?i* iiuil ? ? ?: Linen, .Stufc, nnd Piano, all a On? r'>l:-c: 1 f- ? ' u.Jle, and othera. A HILLIARDS. l,AK-i! : A OF NEW AND SECOND HAND . _ T vlth Phrlan'a Combination Cushions, !?>- *? h t "1 ?? fj atilt the tlmea. 1'HEl.AK A t'<>i.LENDER, 03 lo 69 Crosby alreet, N. Y. BILLIARHS.-A. BASSKORD, WITH OTIS FIELDS, p.'i j ftring Tallica f ir the ueit World'a >alr, London, n> <tn r irtio annliiB tlwn any (?ih?in,now exhliiltlnn hi I in 1 >1 t 11 -tieei. through to No. 8 Ana, lrpurchaaed more of the ' u <1 are mnklng. LltcwiM Wnahlngton'a Tubla j-e ! ?t I.:-- |i..i. t< 1 r?lti- the Revolution, with twelve othera ,</r plij"1*. Try them buying. rnop : A! ' "A SPLENDID STOCK OK NEW AND SE ' J.' i .lid .. ? 1. il'li *. for east). Table* to lei and ? r fi 1 ? ? . Ordi'rs br niall atlendrd to by ,1:. \V i. il (.iHU- HTU, privtiual BllLUru Taule maker, Uli j tiUwu ?lre?U THB TCRF. /^.eo. m. patcukjTwill stand for marks at " J the Pyketn.ii Firm, Kinirabrl.lKe, until Kebruary, l?t2, al fluu lb.- M'WUII. VV.M WALTKKM IRE. Washington Drove Yard, N. T. HOHHE8, CAKK1AUKS, d>?. ABBAtiTIKIL LIOUT BOCKAWAY, EI.EGANTLY trimmed, made in tl>?> b??t manner, will be -o data ImivhIti; alao, a lii-lit second bund Cutler. Apply at M. 0. KDEY'fl, 06 Cedai street. ADESIRABI.E HORSE FOR THE ROAD OR TRACK? Youiii;, sod ml, kmu and last. The ino.1 pri'liiiauo. un trained Home In the Stale. Is offered for .ale or In cvciianxe for laud .unable fur glazing. Addteaa Farmer, Herald oflice. BREWSTKK A CO . OK BROOM K ST11KKT. Oiler I lieir popular ?l> le?oi ii.iatl a;wi>ud Carriagea lor aalu *l corner of Bnmme ami Mo:t atreen T11E1R ON LV l*i.A< E OK BUSINESS. H TfOR SALE? TWO OVEN CARRIAGES; ALSO. A KOR r rei Ho: if, iti?"l >or family u.e. Will lie .old cheep, a? th<- owuer luia iiu i unlier use Tor them. Can be wenal llioa lSotrl?' .table, llSCIiuion place. TOOE BALE? A NEW GROCERY WAGON, WITH TOP. f and a new D uiOle Scaled Carriage, with leather tup, and aecnnd hand Ht.gKics, f. r * tie cheap. Apply ut M WMl Twenty-ninth utreei, l.. twecn Siilh unu Sm i nth avenues. IjlOR SALE? HORSE. STANHOPE AND HAH NESS, 1 eatahliahmeut cuniplet*. Ti be .old a* the owner la annut leaving the city. Stanhoi* auil liariK'^a in perlect order; have linen uned lull on. month. Home i Kiting CDlldera' Mo. It), very lifc-h bred, p> r cctly ? uiid uml free from bleiiiiah. geutie In ever) manner, 1 i hand* 1 Inch htttli, ti eurn old u??t HiiriiiK, bright luty, lotigiait, w.,1 trot 10 mile. an hour In above rig. Inquire at new brick Ma le, McDouital alley, en trance between Clinton and Waveriey plain, 8 to 11 o'clock A. M. Fine double harness for sale? made by TralUor; m ar!y uew .cont (130. If not did before, will be Bold at auctioi , on Tueaduy, ut 12 o'clock, at Tatternall Stable., corner of Sixth aveuue and Thirty-ninth atieal, where they can be ?een. For sale-three large four horse omni bua (tore and ait) Sieiglia, with boba, built by John 8'epheniton, and In good omer, having been u?ed butaiew day.; will be aolil for half of tir.t coat. Im,ulin of AN DREWS a Mcdonald, a w?at Forty-thud ureal. ORSE, COUI'E AND HARNESS -COUPE MADE BY H^HBrevvMer; nearly new. A flue turn out, and for Kale, to, ether or neparaie, very cheap loi neli, u. ihe o? ner leave* for California toon. Apply at Be :i iwi' M< tmpuUlun Stable, corner of Erinoe and t:ro?. y aueci*. Horses on livery.? gentlemen can find apletidiil ucriiiniuodittiona nt the Excel. lor Sable., cor ner ol Eighth avenue and Thirtieth aireet. Stables over ground, airy, and well ventilated. Tcriu* low. Call aud bee them. Horses at greatly reduced PBiOsa? i ofker for N ile a pair ol ouy llorsea, hand* hi jh . dlrnct irom the country, at (L'ltl. worth $.ViO ; another pair of bay a, can trot a mile in IV lu together, nU year* old, nniraliied, fur worth $U00 in ^o ?d times; another pair for $125, worth single Ho r?es iiom $100 to $>200. worth her to. on* from 0 to $400. 1 can txmku it iorlhe iuttsreat vi Ki.ntli witthm^ to pun haM) bouuU, reliable Uur^ h to call aud m:6 me. at 1U5 auu 1U7 Kaal Twfiity-l'ourih J. O TAYLOR, Ag?mt_ HOH8B8.-NKW YORK TATTEKSALLS. 81XTII AVE uuo, corner of Thirty -ninth street. ? Tuesday. December 3, at 11 o'clock, catalogue" aule o( llorMett; also Vvagone and liarncHH, oi' an descriptions, llorsen inn nded tor this Hale must be entered on or before Saturday, 9 o'clock. WM. M. LANULKY, Proprietor. ri^iiCCK WA<iON WANTKD.-WANTKD Ti) PLUl^lASE. X lor cash, a aecond imnd one hor*<- Truck Wa f?o?, in &<>oU repair. JAMES TALCUTT, tliHanluy ttlicet. Wanted?two tjooi) cart horbeb fob heavy work. 1'artieH wnhing to sell cheap lur caah will j h'aftocall with horuef at 414 tv'ater strei t. WANTED? IN EXCHAKOS KOIt DOMB8T C 8BOAB8 a leatner toi? buggy and huiU< HH. iiotti oearty new and latihionable. W ill puy some money. A.idress ?v change, Herald of lice. PHttSONAla. About the end ok is ? a vkrv young girl, named Mary Koone, waa en?i lojwo ut Mr. Stannary's house, <jr?M ir,vj' h :rjt, mj-m* ?h*' Battery, and h? r pari nU 'Ived In Wlilei. d;i ???t, N"o. HH i: in niiiJ alive, un.j r a<iM thin, ah" ib ated v > call, when convenient, at 146 Pearl sirfsci, b 'ixind J.<?or. AMARRiBD LaDY WHO EXPECTS To HE OOH fin<*d uuiufdir '?!>, utioi'i her infant from its bU'Jl to some iChjfK ?: a >i?- AddAVhU C. !>., llciad D1 * S -I WO LI) LIKE TO KNOW HOW ALEX ider wan tin iai tun ? >OU saw hun. 13*1. IK EMMA Or IKVlNti Pl.u K, WILL AHPRESS A line to J. A , H k.h' \ i'urf' sfi. will U?ar from an oUl frn*nd, w . I. U'txioi.ft to *??<! her. ll shu noes t>o, answer through the ^Per^onal." IF TICK YOUNG 1JU>Y MAT ALIGHTED FROM A T' a*d avfiui' . <r, in r.nnj y wl .t an eld? rVy lemale, lastlr?irt> nrt^ti, at tbi* *' i >> . >n /u;teen4h street, about haifpuM il , aim ? nun ?i a Ioum- i.< ar Sixth avenue, will com - mun.< ate <vith Ant nio, tfnhn square Pont office, she will hear ot a I'm; ad. Is mn a OKXTUSXAD O WEALTH who would adopt and llberaU> e incaie an onl; am, twelve yeara of aj^e, who has a natural ta*te tor the fine arta and would fully appreciate hi benWactor'M noble ^etierosfty ? The amiable disposition and *,ood morals of tlx' t?oy will give ample asturanceb ot cast and future reap* c lability. Adure*a Widow and Son, bt..t on V. JW.? KE< FIYKD YoL'U X<>TK. PLEASE CALL AT ? my retddenco, N<>. 6 Thompson street. M US. LEWIS. JAMES? TI1EHE IS A LETTER OP MICH IMPORT ance for you in Madison s^uate Punt oihce irotn ______ H ATT IB. Mary collixs, who lived at the centre vllle Ci'urn^ Hotel, on Lou*; inland (with Mrs. ?"Vina), tins Mummer, will h*ar ot sonteuiing of great im|H?rtance and advantage, by beuiiti^ her a.idf an 10 Delia, Hera id ofliue. Melinda-why did yol not keep your en ^a^'etnent, made last Mon ay i?> :ht? Was it Ct tkrWu came hum* too eart>T M.tdain D. that lx very unkind. IIA. Monk? i will drive ry your place ok jjcsi nea? some ptaftsfcttt mornmg neit wee*, at the usual time. I want you to Like a ride, ah I Lave aonieti. in.' v* ry important to explain. PRE AST. HEKLBARROW-TIIIS (SUNDAY) EVENING, AT haii-pabt hi*, rain or *hine. W FINANCIAL. Attention? holiday phi: > nts to tub old l.'u-uir;/. ? Mauey Dr? i s, lur u y amount, j.?_, a: ?uhl iltru ^uutit En. fund, Ireland, Franc*, OerM.injr, .t ., mt.i by . SCHMIDT & CO., Ikukni, No. 1 Ciiamb r? nr??t, New \ . rk. JMV AUENCY. CON UTKACTOR'8 AND OTHER CLAIMS, approved t>y the Navy Ap'H '? Nt;w York, PURCHASED I1Y TAYLOR BROTHERS, BANKERS, K B&OADwAY, COf Mr of Murray MfMI. VfEW YORK AND ERIE SECOND MORTuAGE X^l B?n !>?.? Holdereui th. a? hom)? not yet I'tieutlc i ;or twenty y .1 , ?iv reqoi'*ti .: 'o prewiit tbeironn in Without) e 1.1 y a ui ? oflitx' ol the oompftuN. at the toot o ooaneau'ret, for t-X'tnslou. Thuw ??nr.vil.l g to extent] vi n cil.e par andlnti-reh ;ar iiietr boiuia, lr??in pjtrite^ wht> Ait: to extend th'-lu, on pn-Hen.nm tlietn "t unl nF.ii e . .n TtieMtiy am! Tbur.* ?y of eneh weefc from 10 to 12 o'clo' i, until tb? Ut day of December. Mw Yon, Nov. H, 1H51. NOT1CK Is liKKEBY tilVEN' TO l HE HOI.DERS OK ttie l.:ne ltonils, Income B":itU, D - rid ltotida and bili? pu\.m.i of tbe Cleveland end Pittubnrj Kallr ad Oonipatij, wiio to avail tbenikelvea of i e terina pr i porea by the euro: ny.tliutihe books wilt remain <ipen fur thepurpoaio *kin," ex^hangea u.jtil Decern herSi, Jxil. The new morlgii.,'. kwi Ih Of i ..o cotopany will be <! rllvorial in exchange lor tTi? above nteuUoii4'd n any time be fore the day apecif ed, by 11. C. Kin^vlty, ai 2 Wl .i. m ? reel, Nj-w V'urk, uuj a i tins olli' e ot th" comp nj. a'. Cte\el..nd, Ohio. J. N. McCULi-OUuH, l*r fid ut. qkdnancs omcB. BILLS APPROVED BY MAJ' R WAGNER lor (jRDNANCE STORES, PAYABLE IN WASHINGTON, PURCHASED TAYLOR BROTHERS, HANKERS, 21 r BSOAIlWAf , uoRMf of Murny street. THE FOLLOWING COUPONS, dob DBOSMBBK 1 will be paid by DUNCAN, SHERMAN Jt CU. Belvidcre, Delaware, Railroad. Albany City. Bullalo Cltjr. "Y^rAR CLAIMS ~ APPROVED BILLS. PAYABLE BY ANY OK THE GOVERNMENT OKKICEU8 t.N NEW \l>RK OR AT WASHINGTON, PURCHASED BY TAYLOR BROTHERS, BANKERS, 247 BROADWAY, corner of Murra, utreet. <67 ^ nnn To LOAN ON BOND AND KORTOAOB ?P I tl.Ot/O on prod" nve Real Eltate In tlim citv,? Ample aeeurltv and a g d bondKm in reoulred. Apt ly to JOHN K. CONREY, In tue o'llee of tbc Peop.o ? Ftrelnau raoce Company, No. t>6 Walt atreet. LOAM OFFICES. AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET-MONEY TO LOAN TO any amount on Diamonds, Walcheit, Jewelry, A <?., by Ibe well known and old eatabltahed ISAAC, Broker and CommnMon Merchnnt. No 9 Chambers street. N. B.? No buaineas transacted on Saturdav. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET-MONEY LIBERALLY advanced to any amount on diamonds, watches, jew. I. K. planoa, segars, dry goods, 4c. N. B.? Pawnbrokera' :keta bought. 11. NEWTON, 77 Bleeckrr street, up ataira. L JACOBS. 43 CEDAR STREET.? ADVANCES MADE . on Watchcs, Diamonds, Silver Plate, and Per sonal Property, Inxtims to suit, or bought for cash, ,ir,d a llheral price paid. Business strictly .onlldeDtial. Brancli office Ml Broadway. IBERAL A D V AjTcRjT MADE ~ ON DIAM ON t . Wat' hes, Plate and .iWlv'lry, or bought for t asli a A bigbekt price. Persons harms old G<>ld oi Silver to s.-ll <?. ? not do better than call on LOUIS ANRICII. 723 Broadway, _ _ _ THE BALL SEASON. Thistle b\ll-lnder the patronage Or TBB New York t'aledonlan Clur>. The managers ol tl).> This. ? Benevolent As^-. elation, instituted 1931. in orpoiut- d 1841, respectfully announce that tlielr liisl and ooly Mall j or thi* season will take pluce en Thursday evening, December 12, 1S61, AT THE CITY ASSEMBLY ROOMS The Managers (ever ihankfullor past favors) beg to assure their friends and fellow countrymen that the funds of the Ansielatlon bavu been coninlei ably reduced the past ;,c?r. having!> given to all who applied, without regard to country or creed. To enable ihem still to tontlnne to "re lieve the distressed" they again urgently solicit the wonted share of public patronago to the Tinstte Ball, and tor I tie ac commodation ot their patrons thev have rvustn ru<ape,i THE ENTIRE < 1TY A6HEM11LY ROOMS, whii l^or elegance and Comfort c'aunot If ?ur p.ifse' , ihegrest B i 1 Hooin b' Intr tho large.t and most handsomely ruled up m litis country or Europe. Robertson's Celebrated Band lias been ergag. Tickets $1, to .Klinlt a gentleman an I ladles. Tobehadat Adsm Btodart's music store, Wm. Hall \ Son, Fifth. Pond k Co., Broadway, or of either of trto inanagf i v D'. ,1. NORVAL, Presides', Httdaon street. Jpiiw B. Kak, V?.e Preiident, Jersey CMv, N'. J. Alkxanpk.k <!*??, Treas iter, corner Amity and Mercer flf. Jams Ntcuvtao.-, Secrvtaiy, SOU Oaual siiveu AMH?EMK.\TS. WINTER OARDKN " On Monday and every evening during the week, will be iTrix'iiK'it mi ori, inal burt'a.iue, <?cy of the hour, by Henry Murford, E*,j., i dl or, null' lad .. . , 8EC18.I, which will be presented wlih uew scenery and ooetumee, and tbounda In SU.NUH, DANCES, mo ... DASHES XT THE TIMES 11 will be preceded by the charm Ir.-di Drum* of PIIEL1M U in NNELL, ok ; TH* LEPHACBAUN. And followed by

LATEST FROM NEW YORE, In Which piece* tli??e delightful delineators of Irish and Yankee life, MR. AND VRH. BARNEY WILLIAMS, MB. AM) MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, will appear, In* tut lliu [Mr.i week of an engagement un cquall. d in brll ancy and success, crowd* bclug nlghily tut ned from tlie door*. MELuDEoN, \"<l HROAPWAY, CHINESE BUILDINGS. Cheapest piac. ?f n'nii-enu ui in the WORLD. Pioneer Con e i Hull of A merwk PRESS ronei ^ I10 ?*ery "be, Inc.udtlig th? PUBLIC. AND EVEN THE WOl'LD BE MH.ODEiN RIVALS, THAT OS!) B.oadnay Has the largeat hi . I l.cst ? om any In New York. It would be fullj to dotll.t the t i.ent a'ld client <> f this ei* CO '.-lor company, when -noli aulas* a* he following are en gaged, who, with n full Ba'tetT tie o' forty beai hki l yoi no ladies, and Minatrrl Banda, Aetorm, VocalMa, ,vc., uumberlng Id all over ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. The artlita to whose p?rlorinxiicri> I . management would especially reter comprlae the l> Rowing distinguished lumen - ANWETTA OALLETTI, The moat celebrated, graceful an t ai tl-tic Danseuse In the WORLD. Educated In Parla, In the mom prominent TERPSICHORE AN ACADEMY. and having natural proclivities tor the i rolcaslon. aha wa? educated for the >11 ahe has attained and accorded to her by the public, not only In America, but In Europe, as ran TERPSICHdKKAN OI'ERN. MR. .1 H. OGDKN, the renowned representative of Paddy. Hia Illustrations of Hibernian character, scenes, sou^Jt, Ac., are unparalleled by ftny "iriah Ambassador1' on the Aim rlean stage. The repeated encores he receive* nightly endorses hia leputa tlon, aaida froui the encouiluma o. the press, as the greateat living IRISn COMETH tN. SAM SHARP!, EY, whose study of the Sou he.n nark y, obtained by yeara of experience, iravel and c'ose personal o'-crvatUin, enable* h:in lo represent the chuiaclcr be assumes, iu strict con formity with facia. MIPS FANNY FORP.FST. TH K GREAT AMKK1CAN 01 KEN OF SONG. A able from the great beauty of thlsil siliigitlsb.'d roeallst, and her |f sonal appearance* on the S'a ? , making Iter an oli j.ct ? if admiration with her audi lies, and which alone would ki cure her succe-s, kI >?- pos en-can ? o'ee OF MAt.lCAL POWER AND EFFECT, cultivated and linptoved under the Instruct!. n of the beat masters of the ace. Ilerammi llahm nn ??ml ar her aa the AMERICAN QUEEN OF SONG. .MIsS K A I K PENOYER, The young, benuilful iind tieconii I .h"ii Dnnaeuse. Who lies D<>t heard of the la einatlng Kale. whose talent, grace mid beauiy have Induced rival management* to at tempt to secure her aertrloear MISS ADELE CAI.LA, formerly l'rlmo t eeelehrau-d and renowned RAVEL TROOI'E The profeaaliinal ilia lplme t ? ? li? h alie haa been aubjected would make her a htar, abide f'nm all the r nuli-lte qualitlca tioue wlih which nature ha* bh aaeil her. In rule aa QUEEN OF DANSEUSE9. MK JAMES DUNN, well known ae helug a prominent Actor and dlatlngulahed Voia.tal. Ilia execution of nil tl.e new and t'ceniiful aonga or Die day electrlliea hi* audteii. ea and aurrounda them with pleaniug uieinorira ot the past JO CHILDS, ITj^te ol Hoolftv a .vllnatreja,) the rhamplnn Clog IDati' er. Tl.e ilmple announcement of this unlat a name la auflicient. No ooinmenta are neceaaarv, for who haa not aceu hia execution of that much abuaed "in alltutiuu," the CLOG DANCE f JAMES LAMONT. FRANK PELL and R. W. SMITH. DAD SAIIISSSEE, with other Ethiopian a arajeon* vi g of a number of CONfi.AHANDS, representing a MINSTREL AND NEGRO PKRFORMANCK unparalleled In the hia or) > amuaemeuta. Miha JOSEPHINE BERNARIi, Mis* ltOSA SEAGR1ST aud the united RAI.I.ET TROUPE of R0NZAN1 and BEN YATES combined, numlierlng FORTY BEAUTIFUL TOl'NO LADIES, instruct <1 and disciplined by two of the BEST TKKl'blCUultEAN 1'llOFEhSORS Id the U lilted Slatca. BEN YAJTES will app 'ar In blacelehr.ied tnd r nowncd DOUBLE DANCE. Mr. C. .MCMILLAN. Irish Comcdl in and Comic Vocalist, will appear every night 10 IRISH V. IDE AWAKE KONGS. DAD SARltlSSKE, having recov. r d from his lilne*,, w.U appear In hi" Eecen. Ui. J,);, tie i. 8ongs?u.i Oau.ea. The Ml ?ea Vooh", Joaea, 11 gard, S u ms, Raker, Lrora Seaviiiu, Parker. Lockwo >il, Liaaell. II. yt, Ran-.a .1 . v a, Htrvem, Weed, I/Otham, Eleinl, Lyon. Hali, Malloi.r. li ma, Norton, kjiiin.urd. Gt m?. Piatano and olheii, compiioea company ot individual Maianuuil^rin,; over ON K HUNDRED PERFORMERS. The magnitude ol the company and the r< nown and brll llaiic) ol the *I.I? eng i((ed, together w.ih the high rale of salary lor which NOTED PERFORMERS can lie engaged, haa surprised the d.lleieot managera In this city, and can only be accounted tor by explaining the capa city of ihe MELODEON, and the popularity ot the urtists, uner falling to draw crowd e hoi. a ? NolwithMaoding other proprletora and manager! griiiubl, at the high we pay tor recognised talent. We are aalisheii and the Public are satiaOed. " So mole It be." Admission only IS i-enia. Wednesday next, Dec. 4, BENEi-il OF K CHAMBERLAIN, Better known as /.KhE. on which occaa.ou the gieatestbill Of .lie si as ui will he oiler d. BKOADWAV MUSIC' IIAl.l,. ? ? m<? iauw at, ? ? oo and ao UI'oa.iW AY, _ and qti ^ - BKOADuAV, ^ ? One door lieluw ilroome street. Thl? well known tliea .<?. n ? one ot ihe largest and mult rt.-t) ctuUle pliii i ?. of un> ??.?infill in tin- (; < v , HEYMNII i OMPAltlsoS, III' I <1 .11 < OM i A l.'iSOV, BEYOND COMPETITION REYo.\l> COMPETITION. < .,,11'I.K iK I N KRV PaRiU I ..At;, .Kit. I\ I. . ERY I' .Ki'lCUUAii That no olHi r rnu i -mi i lit n u .? ?cn-i, d*i. miipwtr w-lli. Tli. ?? no other e?t ; i li i ..iifui ui ill. wuli! d^te .m ?? e wlt.i. ?IH ALKY K; \ \LK> 1- h . O r mono is niiMiistonfil that *e are always u most In the i ?: ui n..velil'vi. Frotn our itiim. use laeilitioi nrt'l thorough know) go of Coil. ? rUniilg w ?iu fimnlfil to jail On n nr. al.-r union, l of Hill '? 'en. and m it !? .? i ijfiiM-, lima s .y oilier m n.iger in l"e*'" the best bill of the season >iONDAY liw.MMi, 1/ fiiilier 2 . mi night of the CJr iio . Romantic, I,' ># mlaiy, Couiic aud Spei i aVIimiimi:. PAN iOMIME, 1'A.MOMlMi',, 1' \MliMl.MI., ?ii. i. rii Ni) ok the lake of nun, 'J J I . . Mi .Ml OK IHi.'. LAKE OK K.i..;, ?Ii.l. KILN i> OF TnE LAJiK OK Mi;.'., THE 11 I.MJ OK THE Lh?E IiK KlKE, THE Kll'MJ OK llli. LAKE OK KIK... produce.! nr. .h i u>. iiimii ?? -dlr ? on ii MO.\OR CARLO. WITH NEW AMI MAO ???1'ICENT .-i;i,.vE.;Y, COoTLY AM> i.0iu;..0l .i i.oSTt ,UEs. NEW AMI OKI Ui. SAL .Hi Ii,, Si l,k.\Dl> TAiILEACJi. .IKAI Vi li L DANCIMi, NOVEL AND ASTONISHING I',. aN:,1:s Yl.lCK.-i AN I) Tit A.tSFOKMAYl >.V-i. MAGIC DISAPPE ARANC EH, DE.Vua Co.WBAl'S, ,iC. Till" I'Miiionnii.f .? .mum i" cr. ib ti.e U11EA1EST S A I ION LEKAiE-l' SENSvTM.N GltkAlbol' bE.N^ATlON O..K.V I I.M' si. WON ui .ui y <? ":icle oi' u.u k ml EVER 1'K'. Lil'Ci'.D IN NEW YORK, EVER I'ltOi /. i 1 u Is NjmV Yultk, Tin I rill ij 'ill cllliraClul b l.v THE UENOivNED CARLO TROLVE, THE RLNOUNED CA ItLO 'I :Oi i',-? TUE Ki MIW.vED CAitl.o 'I IvOI ; K The i -trlfl.i.*t'*.l oy.iu.a**! .1. I'n,, ,u\ -i'-ii i EaUA 1 1 A 11 . 1 .ETON, CI.AKA 11 iRKl.SUioN, Tim *t: "inj'i B.'i- ii ' jiutme. TONY I'ATO U, 'IO.S1 l'As'IO.4, The In-Ht ('oinii- I., ii.'* coontry. HIE BKOADW ?> ' -MIN.-iTREL -, THE UR iAoV.'AY .?!'i.El.rt, Compos.*. i i.r ttif i-llt * oi I he l-.tiiioi/iaii Ki'olewilon. BILLY HlltCll. Bli.l.Y BIKcll, J?EN Cijl'ION, HEN CtyTTON. JOHN Ml L.EIC.AN. JOHN Ml' 1,1,1 (J AN, J. PIERRE, ,1. 1'lEiil A. .1. LEaVITT, A. J J.EAVITT, OEO. GEKMAINF., i;Eo. . ermaist?, ?M AYftSLY M OTT, M. AVNSL* SCOTT, In ni'W Act*. Hoiuh .mil Dam i ?. Tliu henuttiiil Iti.i.' t 'I'.i rliort iiirnt, fnutlcd I ETK KAIUhlENNK. 1ETK I'ARi.-lENNE, In which tin* following iiil>i^ will npi ,, in Mls-i ERNESTINE DE FAIKKR. MLLE. KATARIN a. U/.MR SCHULTZE, And toe COKI'H I) K BA1.LET THE fours DK BALLET will upi.i^r. BEN COTTON willdf- .int.ui tin- v.rtn ?? ur ABRAHAM'S DA I'UHTER. NEW ETIliOI'IAN rtl l:i.t-.f-oi;F.. BY M I LL 10 AN, LEAVITT AND iTERCE, The wholi- tu com lnde with tut- (ir.iui), Konnnti. , ttpfotariilur Faiiloiiiiuic, oi igiiiiilly pro<l.iu.'il i.y Signor Fein, ?ui|. tied THE FIEND OF THE LAKE OF FIRE. Fauitui Mill-. Katnrlnm MfphimlophllfStli" Slgnor Felix Carlo Mar nils <ie Vtll- Fram a B.-n. Cotton Count ile Caaenova ( ;? U. K.^a Srrviuir .Mr. Win. Carlo Co Ultras Ronnlle ? Lizz.o SchnlUe Fairy D?,fr Dixip Mlsa Erm ?tlne de Failier A i ii'aiit R?t Oro. Carlo A UiaiilCat Kr?d Carls Dwarf Slave* 1 1. * F. Carlo Female alares uniU i tli" invallr p iwer o( Mejibla'.nphik *, lir Tim I OEl'S DE BALLET. SYNOI'SIS OK Si V AND INCIDENTS. Rckkk 1? ChamlH'r in the l'alare of .'u uron? Love and Jealon.-y? IJiist/.?ily Fiirnlt'in ? The Flc''tin? Cli ;lr? Ap p?ai aore of M'-phlitophlleK, Storm, Thundur and Ll^hift'n; ? ll^mhtt between FaUNlna and ue Cas* norn? The Di^inoU dia appfari? Myaiciloii* Appi aranci- oJ tin- A' ?> (inter. Sci.nk 2? Exterior i.f I'rlwn? Thu ^ood to liU ov. n? T lie sljjn ? The liotnpihCt? En. *1*' of Fau-t'is. St'KiiK 3? Interior of Prlaon? The Wroti M -n? Enwel come Bed Fellows ? ThcQiaui Km and <iiani i a' ? M s . r iu? dfap^earince of the l?ed dotbe*. Sckmi 4? Rocky l'M> and Dciuuiik' llitun ? Lie Di'^io ? Tue Capture? The Talinnuiti THE SiAR OF MORNINO Appe irnnce of FaiiyDi'.w Drop, who r ? ?ii'? the >ni!m. Fa?<!e la Ulorla Mi? Krneitlne de 1'aiber Cavern of demon*, el?e* and *pri'.e?. 8c- 1*'' 0? Bau<iueliu^ Hall in the I'alace o. Mei-- n. Deiuoiiiac Danee Si* o n' Ke I* Carlo BACH A NALI AN CROUPS AN1) TABLEAUX, Bj th Coi'i'S >1e Magl.' I'hauje. T'ie wlnde < -ne dl??olve? and rhangtJto THE LAKE OF FIRE. Thrilling and splendid '1'alileu, FANDEHONiCM. A boat of novelties in pieparatton 'or the holiday* ROB.'. KT VV. III! 1'LEll, aole Le-niw a nd M, MONS. LA TECUM:, Stag.- Manager. 8KG iHS AMD TOBACCO. S SOARS VERY CHEA1'.? THE ASSIGNEE, AT NO. )? Broadway, i? elon nj out tb" slork. borne < mdee Iran.u ol Ilavuua, dt'ineKtlt' ami (ierman Soi4?rs null uujUd. F r chaser* are luvtt>;u to examine suick aud (iricct. AMUSKMKNTS. TITALLACK-R. TT biuiince*-Bn>ft(twij awl tn Thlrtwolli itwit nm ?VERrLOWING AUDIENCES to the HEW COMEDY ?till oonllnne. IT WILL BE REPEATED EVERT NT (HIT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. MK. WALLAOK ban now great pleasure tu lutruti iiciitu to the public TH* AUTHOR, CHARLES GAYLOR, ESQ. MONDAY* and each erening dortnr 1 i ? cek, tiie , M AGIO MAKRUGE MAGIO MAIIKI Ai.K MAUIC MAKHlAC? WILL UK REPEATED TO-NIOIIT AND EVKHV KVKNINO THIS WEEK, with 1U magnificent now *cctiery, new mumc, new coaiumee ami appointment*. The anion take* nlace in Genoa anil vicinity, 1GW. Nov I oencry, painted exprt k-.Iv by Mr. la.icrerood. ACT 1 HALL OF RECEPTION IN T1IE TOWN M \N8ION 0* Til K MARCHIONESS HE VOLvEKRA. act 2 TERRACE UARDKN AND ENTRANCE TO THE CHA TEAU HE VOI.IERHA, WITH VIEW OK THE MOUN TAINS AND T1!E SKA THE CHARGE OK MURDER. ACT 3. THE RED SALOON IN Til E CHATEAU, OVERLOOK ING THE GAKDENS. Tocoucliide with the one uri Varce, called the SCAPE GOAT. The following array of lulciit will appear: ? MR lkster Wallace, mks hoey. Mil. I HAS. KJSIlEli. MISS K. MORAVT, Mil Bl.AKK. MISS VIOLA C III U'RER, MR. REYNOLDS, MKS. JOHN s E !? TON, MK. Kl.OVD, MR. PA KSLOK, MK. YOUNO, MR. PARKS, MR. Q. HOLLAND. Box book open ten day* In advance. J^ARNUM'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM ANOTHER NEW DRAMA, Pounded on the ?reat popular alory puliliahcd In Ihe New York Sunday Time)*, and DRAMATIZE! VPRE3SLY FOR THE MUSEUM. L. AIKEN, Eao., entitled Til/ KARL'S DA ('OUTER, Will be proaented to He latr n*of ib>- Museum EVERY EVENINO AND WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTERNOONS MONDAY and TUESDAY, PHURSDAY mid Fit I DAT AKiEliNOONS, the great :ind much admlrrd Drama euiilid HARVEST HOME will he pro lured. The lollowiug unparalleled Noveltlei are on exhibition at ail hours;? THE GREAT LIVING WHALE, THE GREAT I IVIN ? WIIALE, THE Gill! vT LIVING WHALE, from the coast ok Labrador. The grenlc*l e ino-lty ever in New York, may lie seen awlra. ing about lila ? <auk with all lis native grave aud grandeur. THE LI VI M ' i HIPPOPOTAMUS, THE LIVING HIPPO OTaMLS, from the Rlvrr Nile, ill E :? (?!, com n r ? EAT HIS HA II KM, OK Tl KNII'S DAILY, and n|Mtni> bia mouth like a greul cav rn; ? bile Slgnur D'Oll vera ? 2IVEDU0ATED WHITE RATS perform a varie y o. mnu*u trick*, a d the M LIVING MONSTKil SNAKF.8 continue swallowing pigeons ;>n?i milium bv the dox?n. THE MAMMOTH UitlZZLV HE \ 11 ,->AM?ON conilnu h to crotvl hi< cornp Imenix t val er. Tboniie large SPECKLED I. LOOK TltoUT, AQUARIA, II.U'rY I'AMil.V . SEAL. WAX KIG * HI S. ve , *c , elwivs pie at' I >? | cop e. an 10 elhei const tute a bill of ai'mciion unequalled in tbi world, for the am all auto of a.lmu-?lou to toe MiiMiini. A iioinhlou lo all, 25 cent* ; children under 10, 1J rents. ITALIAN OPE KA. CARD TO THE PUBLIC. The public are re?peetfully iniormrd that the aubaorlher I). ib nun in retaining In ibe thecounlri, I'orlhe present aea -on so that lial an Opera ,H?\ lie clieni, the caMiraled arti.U MISS LSAliELI.A HtNKLEY, SIGNORI BilIONO LI, VANOU8I andSUSINI. II ? him efl'. cied alao an engage ment with MISS CLARA LOUISA KELLOOG, wbow r. cent an'v.?M i on her reappearance Ihla semen lia* been highly diKllngtrshed. mpiny will lie under ihe mu-iml di rection ol ibe eminent conductor I'Alli. ANSCHUTZ. and will vlsil ibe principal Nortb-TJi eilleauml inaugurate the Ne .c Opera House, at Bulfulo, on the 8th of December, with Italian < Ipera Ministers, director* and societies desiring to aeenre Ibe service* of my company, either for Italian Onera or cnnaeils and oratorios, will pleaaeuddrcu J. Umu, 11 Weat Eigbtouiith ?ireet. IEIIES AT YONKERS.? DOLL1E DUTTON, "THE J Little Fairy," Id); year? old, 29 liicbea blyh and weiahing only US | ?>n ndtT, a'S ? ed ??> Mlsa Wllhcliiilua Kappev aud Mr. Geoi'ije Monk, will give l?ree< at Yonker* on Moo day aud Tuea<lay, Deceinliri 2 aud :i,at3atul o'clock. rnouit \umk or each i.kvii. I? Remark* l>v Mr. Norton. 2? A Song by little DoQle. 3 ? Dollle cutii|>an'u In elxe with a ml** of her own ane. 4 ? A S?>ng by Withdmlnv IS ? A Pulka hy little Dcllie. 0 ? IXilIlw repr- *enl* a Wax Doll. 7 ? Pa* Seul by Willielmlna m liollte >lngHaSong while ?tHti.liiig on the extended baud of Mi. Norton. 9? D"lllci? earrlod to every part of the houae in , i < ? r little Flower Bn*kei, !d ? A Violin Solo bv Mr. Monk, with the Vfnbn n even dillereiit poMliium. 11? Dollle la comp .red In *lze with a lad of her own aire. 12? Dollle re nreeent * the (iod ic** of Liberty, alundtug on the band of Sir. Norton 13? Do lie walk* among the audience, panning i lot-e to em h peTf-on. 14 ? lllsliland Fling bv Willielmina. 16? Dollle. repreaeutlng an obi laily, will King I'm Hixiy-two. Adiiiiuion, 2&ccnl?. Children. lAeenla. ALBERT NORTON, Manager. E. M. Emms, Agent. National music hall. (I.ate Chatham Theatre. ) KIHST APPEARANCE OK THE RENOWNED hli.AS BALDWIN, SILAS BALDWIN, SILAS BALDWIN, bil.AS BALDWIN, Si I AS BALDWIN, THE UREAT INDIAN UTCu,.k.K. A M. HERNANDEZ, A. M. HKRNaNDE/, III )il? "iij.t iiiii ii I'ln' iit leal and r A N TOM [MIC I'E It KOH M A Nt Kg. PANTOMIMIC PERFOBMANt ES. BOB HART, J!OB HART, BOB HAKT, BOB llAKT, The celebrat?d Ethiopian ne/m delineator. SHiNnK ABECCO. SIO.VOR ABECCO. The unrivalled tenor singers, DICK WATKINS. DICK W ATKINS, PRANK SPEAKS, MLLE. WHELl' LEY MLLE, JOHNSON, MI.LE, WOLBY, And the greatest tin danrer in the world, DICK MARKS, EVERY NIGHT. POX >t CURRAN, Priipnetors. "f ,, -fVALLED ATTRA' TION.St.VT MADAME MASON'S J ' a . .. Room, iil-j Sixth avenue, ab Thlriy-sixtli ? Hidi tli" ix'Ht talent in the city, open every night. Ad : * ma Id'. There will be .1 Hall given on erery Monday !?! Krld v evening. Admission te the Bull 25c., commencing 10 n'elixk.. VTOVEI. ri K.S I N0\ ELTIES I j> M < ,l; K \ i.KaNT, 70S BROADWAY, llnve j ?' r . v d, per Fulton, r <11 M LACK COLLARS, POINT LACE SETS, Entile)) .i' r -ty.i ?. N. P, ? inc.* are olfcrlng a large lot of Point Collars at half ill Ir value. X ' >J*'ELTY CONCERT HALL, i\ ..P. RKOAHrt'AY. 618 J. O NEIL and a largi , .imp any ol ilnearttsts In a brilliant dneridM enteitalnnn >n ry night. A CO; PA I TNEi: v\ a > i i ? > - . ? it CaSII, TO TAKB _ . ?mite c?n. r ?1* a mam 'facto ring biialuena. The hi I I- - ah int. b t? eued hi oifa?. and butter l>> everybody; ?. t h?? den. ami cam. it b ? k i>pii?rti except by very'exten *.\e arr.iiigemeitts. It p.i>i 4'<0 p? r ceiu profit, anil only it <? ?? ? e ae* n to be jipjr< ci&ted. If. B.? -We have bemot i"r tie cxcltr *ive bonnes*, but we prefer to v.- on- -ball' to a p' alit ad man, who will properly attend to it Aj?piy atS4 Br??u?Uvny. T. I>. CASK & CO. \ NY WELL DISPOSED MAN HAVING $000 CASH AT i\ j,- hi f'.iate roinma il. n i . :?pable <>t attending to money in it' r.-, < n 'if tiy interfere! hi a |W?a*aHt travelling bu-iU'th. wb itab l>? rl-MiffJ m;veral fortunes the last li.toen a A^p y at di2 Broadway, room 4, General Agency. I >AKTNEK.? I WANT A MAX TO KI RNISH $50, ON j .Muii?la> orT f to build a mac. n" worth 4 ' jiuf/rri) man i,"J. wooi i reference giveu; will give him a (1,1: . t<?">linif with me if all U right, A>!dreHs O. K., box KM Herald i > flic**. pAKTNEH WANTKD-VVITI1 FROM $.'i,OOOTO $5,000. IN J a pr j ' . "i?;?e with the army ai Beaufort, win. h I ! i . i . i . m i a ie,,nu? 'ration. Must be a maa of enur^y and i ? i m \ eian? ? . Ai.di - : s? Sutler, box 2.U16 Tost oilice. A 'I-IIE Ki;:M OK SCilMl'LTZ A CO., 23 WEST STRKET, IS ] tliif il diM.ulv. il by connent, and Mr. Louis i i -yer' Uir i nn.i i<- ti e bii*ine ? alone. The atlaiia of the I. ile brin will nc li<|Uidaleil oy Mr. Ble.tert. JOHN SCHMULTZ, K KW 1 <-?*. Nor. 21. Ml LOUIS BLEYERT. \l' iNTED? A PARTNER, WITH $1,000 IN CASH, IN A Yt pi .in.* ;!iid/ino^f resin "-.ble ranli budnciM. To a r ill'.1 ma linn i -At most in uruMe up'Kirtunliy to Kf t Into mi ' ?t iblnl e.l litittinemi. And. ei.ii, With real natue and ad oie.H, J. K O., U t 105 Herald oUie. FURMXtaE. A BEDROOM SUIT OK ENAMELLED FURNITURE I'.ir J.4, lu all ealora, of warraated mannla lure; al?> solid c'ie?; i t Chiimi < r Suits, p am and ornami'iitiil, at H. I . KAKKIN'i'.Tori'h, S-4J Canal atreet, opposite Wuoi.ter. Ei.iabll?)t(iJ in 1 ?m. A LARtiE ASSORTMENT OK KIRST CLASS HOUSE bi?iu Kurnnuiii at private ?alc at a ?a rince:? s ven o. tave roai'tv.. ,a Pianoforte, enst *500, for $2B0, including ?lo. l and 1 1 ver . one Orawiii),' ltiaitn Suit, inild, ? oat $300, f.'r #14'.'; i n - hi, lm $100. Etegi-'rea, Centre Table*, Murora, l^aceCurtatos, Carpeta. BrdaP'ad, Bm-nu end WaaliNUnu, entire suit., lor $100'. balr ana spring M?u truaaea, Hlankeia, China, (llaaa au I Silverware, ai.d u.any artn li'k to uuineioua too ni"iiUou. will ll* * 'Id at hall < I'M, furnuore all furnlnbe , rirvr Uat Mm/ and in etcel lent order. Inquire at 70 West Twi ;'.ty s.?ih atreet, near M.tii aveuu \ o.joD CHANCE -WANTED, a si IT OF PARLOR Furniture. An , < l.avin.: the i-irue ?ua who would bo in^t't.e .-l?.' tie Ir pay in tloaid In a new and uio i ,/iill h .use, may ad: '.'I *? L. 8. II , Herald office. ?RNITVRE.-IA8II PAID FOB SECOND HAND I'ltrnli'.re, Mlri. ai-t Carpet*. I'outitrj i alia ?tti'iid. d Adinai K ru.tare More. :?& !l u.? n ? ree'. A goi/d i a-.' i tineni "I ?' ? i uid i.and I uruuuix i,u band ai the ab jve tor#, ijwif, fofctit. /, its IV! RE, < ? ETS, BOOKS. Ac.. BOUOHT KOR J railv iii/.'ie, at 123 Slitb ufaut, belvtei n Ninth and , .'nth streets. ? I MU.'.K BOUOliT? ALL KINDS OF HOUSE, I ii<>ld K irmtuie bought for tvsaii, iud a good pru- -? ulren ai 47#.T!ilrd avenui , iiearTnlriy-lo inbutpv t. Pli-..a? ' all or ailrtn M. Purnitine naamive. N. b ? A ?ood a?? .itu.em of aet'ond bt.nd Kurniture for sale. PfllMPTOS S IKPBOVBO PARLOR BEDSTEADS AND lirsiclaaa Kutniio e oi.i wholesale and retail, and D? nionutly payni^Dis, al 1 15 Tenth fctrer:, tnno< rly National A -a lerny ot Deai^n. HAILROAD8, Hudson river i;ah.road -trains for albant, Troy, tue North and W. .".t, leave Cuaubers street al 7 and 11 A- M , and 3.?" 5auu '0;15 P. M, ?XTKW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. II For Albany, Troy, Nortb and West. Wmter arran,'em"n;, comotem lng Moniiay, No*. 4, 196L For Albany? HI SUA. M., Expreu M..U fralu, from Twertj sixth street depit. Vox mil local u'vns w e Time Table. JOHN BURCUlLJi, AssigUnt 8*p?rl?Un4?BW ..... _ AMU8K9IKWT8. Laura kernes thkatre MONDAY EVENING, AliO - EVERY NIGHT TJia WEEK Will 01) the MEW VERSION or th J* *+ J? V SEVEN SONS. M'.VKN SONS. ? W ThK g -1 GREAT ONION BI'RI.ESQUB " M llim Wn Dlayod W '* SEVEN IV-NINK Nil hits, * _ Anil wiln''?*'cl h? mure thnn _ S ONB HUNDRED AND TWENTY-NINM O ? THOUSAND PEOPLE. a SEVEN SONS,' \ y X r aSONGS, W^W DA NC** GREAT UNION M 111)1. KY Ann Vkw union tableaux, SPIRIT OK JACKSON AT run tom ii ok Washington. the star or tiie union; NORTH AND SOUTH. the uaknkr in the skt, battle ok bunker hill. AN Kl'ISODB OK VALLEY FOROR. THE HEATH OK THE RF.HKL SPY. NAILING UK THK FLAG. AN EPISODE uF IE REBELLION IN VIRGINIA. THE STRUGGLE BETWEEN' NORTH AND HON*. APOTH EOSIS WASHINGTON' AND UNION. Alio 1 h?* two irteat St'enes, the peerless Fool or water lilies. Ann ASCENT OF THE GilARDIAN SPIRITS OF TUB LAJOL AND THE GREAT W A1TBAU ?('ENB or ARCADIAN NYMI'nS Rei'llni tn' aninm: l > I ?? I r tlm-lta by the MOUNTAIN TORRENT OF REAL. W*TER. New muitc by THOMAS BAKER. Overture, "I'nel ?n<l IV, mmt. Operatic Selection, "Robert .? Dtalile," and the popular 1 LAURA KEENE WALTZ. Doors open at hall-past mi ; commence at halfpaat ( o'clock. Dresa circle aeats may be ?/?cured ten day* to advance. New bowbbt theatre. Hole I'roi n "r?. . Mc-?r?. G. I. Koi ? J. W. MONDAY. DECEMBER 2, M?l. EtiK.iKi'iupiita t<>r tli nu 'ii> only, at MR. E. RUDY Who will appear In Mi" Brand nanit, al Drama of THE WIZARD OK THE WAVE. After which the oomlc Farc? uf SKETCHES IN INDIA and the laughable Km roe of TUB ARTFUL DODGER. Bowery theatre. STICKNEY'S great national circvs. Monday evening, Decembers, first night of re-eUKageiiiaat at EATON STONE, The Wild Pralrln Horseman uf the far Wert. Last night but two of IIERR CLINE. Flrat renreaentatlon ot a New and Splendid Tan HoM Entree, THE CHINESE CAVALCADE. Reiietltlon of the Mix-It Hemic Equestrian Burlesque 0# TIIE BULL RUNNERS. Together with the nmnstnK Nuraer' L>-gcnd of LITTLE BO-PEEP: On. Tilt Oi.u Woman That Livko is a Sho?. HERR CLINE. S 11EN RKiT uml Laat Appearuoo* ?? WEDNESDAY. _ BRYANTS' MINSTRELS. Mechanics' Hull, 47'-' Broadway, above Grand street. MONDAY, 1 h e. 2, and evi-rv night during the weak, THE BLACKSMITH'S JUBILEE. Woman's Rich tit. Clog Reel, African Poltuk. S. C, CAMPBELL, the ill tlngiilnhed baritone, Leslie, Fowler, Gould ami Hilton in new Hung", churuaea,Sfc WHO'S NEXT MAYOR? Eph. Horn. E, H. Klonme, Den Bryant. SCENES AT IM1ALON S Eph. Horn ami Dan Bryant Chaw Ro??l Href? l'lintatlon Festival Scene. Doors open at OK I curtain rises at 7K o'clock. Ticket! tt cents. HOOLEY'S MINSTRELS (I,ATE OF NIBLOS SA, Iooii), Stuyv caant Hall, 659 Broadway, opposite Bond ac A.NOTIiElt LNEOUALLED I'ROGllAMME. THE iiREAT STaRS OK THE PROFESSION, FOX, ARLINGTON, GRIKFIN AND REED. Grlfllu. Mi'lville, Gray and l'alne. the popular vocal qua^ tette; McNally, Hooley, Aahe and Smltte, the talented laatna T11E "nEW' ACTS? RIGGINO A I'URCHASE-UNION AJS DRESS-RAKBARY ALLEN-SALLY COME UP? THREE FAIRIES? THE DILAPIDATED MUSICIANS? CHALLENGE? ESSENCE OF OLD VIROINNY. Monday evanlng, Dei-. 9. tlrai appearance "f Rollln H aw ard th?- dnublii voiced alnger; the greaU'at living pnena (kind* and li'inale lmprr-on vior, and Mr. J. 0. Ileevea, the retf beat ten n' vo aliat in the tmnatrel |irofeaalon. Door-o|ieu aiO X; to cominruce at Tickets 2S cents. w ILLIAMSBURti -TWO NIGHTS ONLY. THE ALLEGHANIANS. VOCALISTS AND SWISS HELL RINGERS, AT WASHINGTON HALL, MONDAY AND TUESDAY EVENINGS, Doc Jandj. BANJO. VIOLIN, BANJO-TAUGHT BY JAMES BUCK l.E\ , In tin- b<*t and i|ufckckt manui-r. Pupils laiigfc' the noiea in one U-aauti, niter which an to rl^ht tunei ran b* learned each It'saon, Patent B.mjoa un hand fur aale cheap Apply at 36 While street, near Broadway. AAA AMERICAN CONCERT II A LI* liir. 444 44* BROA DWA*. C HA RLE Y WHITE. CHARLEY WHITE, The great originator of merriment. ,4 A A AMERICAN CONCERT HAUL TXii GEORGE WARREN. GEORGE WARKEN, The great and unequalled Banjul* I. 4:4:4 ALBICAN CONCERT HALL, W. Qli'INX, W. (JUINN. The greatest Burlesque Orator of the day. UNCEASING WoTlDERS. At the Pari*iiin Cabinet of Wonder* and Anatomy, MS Broadway, next door to Itail, Blin k A Co., New York. Just adde.. to Litis iargr, aupc-rb and world lamed collection, a Ktrfect freak of nature, a m?n*t?r child with two head*, four ?,* unit three irmi. In conjunction with tbia Interesting sight there are wonder* of an miHurpasaable and thrilling nature. At one glance 1* seen I.TOu part* of the human body. The in Hti iiition haa been pronounced by the many thousand* who crowd to it daily to hare a truly moral tendency. Lectures ilaly on Interesting, aclentlllc and pathological subjects. Op'-n for gentlemen only I ron 10 A- M. till 10 P. M. A iillllnHHEI Willi OI'EN DAY AND EVENING ?THE SECOND ANNUAL exhibition ol the ARTiSTS' FUND SOCIETY, at iM gallcrle* of the Studio Bull' lug, No. lfi Tenth street, n> at Fiilh avenue. Admission, 25 cent*. Season ticket*, 40 crnta. AAA AMERICAN CONCERT HALL, 'x'l'x 444 444 HROADWAT. THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, under the direction of Mon.v Paul BnllluDt. AAA AMERICAN CONCERT HALL, *?*?4: 444 444 BROADWAY. CHARLEY WHITE, CHARLEY WHITE, the great originator of merriment. AMERICAN CONCERT HALL, ? 444 444 BROADWAY. THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CITY. THE BEST EN'I'BttTAlNME.vr IN THE CITY. THE BEST ENTERTAIN ME. NT IN TiiE CITY. 444' OLYMPIC MUSIC HALL, LYMP1G MUSIC II ALL, OLYMPIC MUSIC HALL, RACE STREET, RACE STREET, RACE STREET, BETWEEN SECOND AND THIRD STREETS, BETWHBN SECOND AND THIRD STREETS, BETWEEN SECOND AN 0 THIRD STREETS, OPEN EVERY EVENING FROM 7 TILL 12 O'CLOCK. FROM 7 TILL 12 O'CLOCK. FROM 7 TILL 12 O'CLOCK. ( CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, i85 BROADWAY. J The new feature at the Canterbury lor the forthcoming week will be the CLIFFORD SISTERS, Celebrated Solo and Duet Singer*. RENEWED SUCCESS RENEWED SUCCESS or tint MAGIC LAUREL, MAGIC LAUREL, MAOIC LAUREL, MAOIC LAUREL, MAGIC LAUREL, MAGIC LAUREL, WITH A. M. HERNANDEZ A M. HERNANDEZ In hi* great character of ANTONIO. Third week of the celebrated BYRON CHRISTY BYRON CHRISTY In bis original Stump Speeches. MONS. AND MLLE. MONTANARI, The well known operatic Duet Singers. SIG. ABECC O, SIG. ABECCO, Tue beat Tenor In America. R. M. CARROLL, The nnrlrallei! .Ii; Dancer. MLLE RAVEi.L and MLLE. A. PBICI The beautiful hi amah and Fancy Dancers. W N. SMITH. Champion Boue Player and Nejero Delineator. Monday, fibst night Of the accomplished and faaciiiatiug SOLO AND DUET SINGERS, CLIFFORD SISTERS CLIFFORD bjSYB** CLIFFORD SISTICR8 LIFFORD MSTt.l-.4 CLIFFORD ULSTERS, LtFFORD S s.E.S, CLIFFORD SISTERS. JFFORU SlaTKRi, In a A Aa ? tflnn. >UX M CURRAN, Proprietors. MIt. J. O'NEIL IN HIS NEW STUMP SPEECH, HIT . nil otr the c urrent topic* ol the d.iy, ?t the NOVELTY CONCERT HALL, 618 BROADWAY. 614 JOHNNY O'NEIL In his history of the ORIGIN OF THE REBELLION, every night at the NOVELTY CONCERT HALL, 616 BROADWAY. 616. CAITIAN WILLIAMS' SOUTH SEA WHALING VOT age.? Upper .Saloon ol Hope Hbapcl engiRei f ' '* winter. Kvei7 evening (Sat a excepted), at 7\ o'doc*. Wednesday and Saturuav .. ? ai .1 o clock. Admlaaion 24 cents. Cliil. (CHURCH'S NIAGARA,- 1 H LAST EXHIBITION. J MM U; . way, Neit door belo.v Tiffany * Co.'s. Palace oarden music hall. iv The above premises to let. Inquire at the proprietor ? eitire, on Fourteenth street. THE BEAUTIFUL AND ALMOND EYlfD M \GUI ?. TRESVAN, the only rival of Mr* John Wo 'd in ><??* j, gia e aud versatility, In her In ixlcntln* dano s. < nuvuliioua, eccentricities and a Itclous *'?i''4S2Sr,Ti "venitig at NOVELTY CONCERT HALL, 618 BROADWAY, bltt. JOHN O'NEIL, THE ECCENTRIC NEGRO DEL1SEA tor with a beet ol other sis ra, appears oi^bily at lbs NOVELTY CcN .'ERr HALL, 0M BROADWAY. tU.

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