Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1861 Page 2
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VERY UTE FROM Tfy/ S0'"fH ' - - BURNING OF COTTON IN SOUTH CARuu'^1 Alarm or the Rebels at the Missis sippi Expedition. INTERESTING FROM CHARLESTON* Affairs at Manassas and Pensacola. SILT EXCITEMENT AT TRE 801 TB, iiCi) k(? We fcive to day additional news from the South, con tained In tho fo'l >wing papers, which we h.ive rocei veil ? Togethor with extracts from Smthorn p?i>ers of recent dates. THE MATE AND STEWARD OF THE GUANA. ?TATKMKNT OK TIIK MASTER? lll'RNINO OF RKHKL rOKTS ON OTTAR AND PUOKN1X ISLANDS ? CH AKI. 1-3 TON TO BK Bl'KNKl*? Wit AT Tlltt COAST FLANTEM INTEND DOING, ETC., KTC. The following statement of the matooftho brig (iranad* which wu.s captured by the pr.vatwr Sal le, October 13 ? In MM. 31 2, long. 73 41, will be read w ith Interest, The mate, Mr. RuruB Butlerfleld, and steward arrived in this city yo.stor.lay from Charleston, where they were heid a* prisoners:? We were taken by the privateer Sullio on the ll>' h of October, in lat. 31 2, Ion. 73 41. Tho steward and my-ol were retained on board tho Granatin. A prize crew of ?Ix was put on board, nn I wo were taken ihrorgh St. H l"uu S.'imdj thi ty-tlvi.' tnllos south or Charleston , and anchored off a small mud fort on Phoenix Iilaad. The brig wan discharged h 're, and subsequently towed up to Charleston, through a creek known as tho in and route. Iu order to have tiie brig proj>orly worked, 1 was re Jra.?ed from durance vilo until we arrived at Charleston, which wo reached iu edVty. Tho brig g cargo also arrived saf<*ly. When the brig'H cargo was takon o il, the drew seven fool ton, leaving her bare, ly light cn.iugh to lloat through the shallow channel o' tl>e inland route. After arriving at Charleston, m.vsel1 and the steward were aent to prison, and used the sano a* common criminals. We remained there for ten when wo w. re released and s-nt home Scot When we were at I'huinix Island I could di*inoUy hear the bombardment at I'ort Uoyal and seo the stm^y, The soldiers here are very much dissatisfied; uun? ( Norfolk l*Hy Hook . Richmond I 'mutch Norfolk Pay Ilobk.. Nov. 30. Nov. 29. Nov. '-'s. DA RELEASED, them wished to be at home. On November 12 the ?oldlors at tht> fv Island, a* well as lliyse un I'h'enix ' 'rt 011 Ottar ?II their <r?{5i, guns, ammuatiK' m'and, remuye i jieJm r l'Uuter, anl blew Ac., ou boSTd ?hat they would be taken If ?* up thoir forts, kuowing It is the intentlou of ?' Jtey remained. when tbo Yankees V pi "iters all along tlia const ) can , th*n li irn tK live, to remove all the stock tb*y When tLe ' i rest, with tbelr bouses. Charli>ilor flows of th-i taking of Port Royal reached j the greatest excitement prevailed. Peoplocould ,1 running tu every direction to obtain the news. A ?.?ai many even wont down in the cars, not believing or net wiBhing to lxnicve the bulletins, to too for them, ?elves, others out of curiosity ; but certain Ills, th* news spread general consternation among the people, who wer? for miking immediate track* into the country. A tnoetmg was hold in Charleston whl'e I was there ag to the propriety of surrendering or burning Charleston. Tho Mayor was in favor of a surrender, and so wer* the people generally, sooner than have their property so recklessly destroyed, but the Governor Mid it must be burned. | Theexpe ted approach of the Yankees on Charleston | Ska created considerable work for the ."-'Idlers, In fortify- ' Ing the rear of the city. Wheu I lefi about threo n ,Ies ot Intrenchments had already been completed. The soldier* are but poorly clad, their unifot m? being manufactured or homespun cloth. Their food ia plenti ful, such aa It is. When 1 left Charleston tbe following prize crew pri. loners remained ia the Charleston Jail: ? Captain Nicbubt, mate aud crcw of br!g B. S. Eaton, wi.cli ?aa destroyed at soa by the privateer Sallie, bound to Tortugna. t'uptain Merri ll, of steamer Osceola, lost o.T George town ia the ?al? with tijo fleet. Second mate and crow of the brig Ksluore, taken by the Sal! \e, who are to be relented this week and s*?at I borne. THE SOUTH CAROLINA PLANTERS BURNING THEIR COTTON' AND RICE. [From tbo Norfolk liny ifcwic, Nov. JO.] Chahissto*, Nov. 29, ISfti. Tho patriotic planters on tbo seaboard aro hourly a>> plying torches lo their crops of ooiton and rice. Snino of thom hav* authorized the authorities to destroy their crops to prevent thu ravages of tho eneniy. Many of the plantations on North Kdisti and the neighborhood else, where on tho roast of South Carolina arc one sheet of (lame and smoke. REBEL OFFICIAL REPORT OP THE CAM PAWN IN MISSOURI. |from tho Richmond Dispatch, Nov. 20. j Richmond, Nov. 25, 1881. Co Colonel J. R. I'mas, Assistant Adjutant Genera!, Mie Bourf State Guard:? Ci>i.onkl ? My absence from Missouri ou bu?in?3g con nected with our SUto interest prevented my receiving until l" 'lav your r?i>oi t of the 28th Hit. Purijc my su perintendence, uinler (Jot. Jackaon * authority, <.f the a Pairs of our S'llferinc State ki Its louthera nun ter nothmtt hasoccuired to give ni* *uch natuiact'on as ihe per. fil of your ac otirt of General Thoopf rn'M short b it brilliant cainpnigu in the Ozark Mountain*. To have ven tured t advance more tha'i one hundred miles from the main l>o y of our force*, pa>i> I 'tween the Etroit|(iy gur risonod tortri'sseH of the enemy &t Ironton and v ipe Girardeau, distant only a tew hour*' travel ? the former bv radro.nt and th ? latter by tho Miss!* i'-l'i l iver? from Hi. l/iui'.aml b iru an important railroad b.idg* within fifty mi!"* of that city, an arm i?rf tvith Un coil) troops, would have bei'n r a.- linen in a leader Aor-' siu' teams and vi.lant man General Thompson, ?? with Miliii'Ti) l?s* haviiy and daring than the "Fwump t'ox i:rk-:i'ia" of S'.> ihwtfft Missouri. The ft^ht at Krc [crick li ,v i iintilcs the ImkIi reputation of that gallant tttlcer n>.d lis--* mninarui. U iii: <|t ploring th ? low uf the bravo officers at' I men who fell m that c imp ii/ti I r^n aolemyatdf with ih ? reiloflon that as l?m: can tra found who, ba.f .'la 1 and poorly avino.i, fully encounter, an at t red<ricktowu, an auuy tnhio'i oveu the accounts of tho ene ny a !mit to have been tour time* a* largo ?* our* engaged iu that battle, the expel Kion of the I'irt) from out ouiiro Stale is merely a ?pie- liou offimo, and of our moaue fully to arm and enuip our loyal citi/on*. I remain, Uvionel, verv respectfully, THOMAS REYNOMK, JJeutonant Governor of Missouri. Here follows the report of Col. Purvis, of two column* leugth, and teeming with braggadocio. THREATENED ATTACK ON OOLUMBUB TUK RBHEL8 ALARMED. [From the Norfolk Day Hook, Xor. 30. J Mxunni, Soy. 29, 1M1. Oen. Pillow ha* information from a reliable source thai th* enemy will attack Columbus in twenty day* with a fore* of 76, 'KW to lOtvHXi men. A lurga amount of amimi iiit iiu and cannon, f om St. Ijanl*, has |been sent to Cano The fH'tny has thlrt; eight mo-tar boat* and eight gunloatH. ine eciny's plin is toiurround Columbus, unit uta- ve th?m into submission. tien. Pil loNvj<nys w* ahonld make *very eifurt to meet the enemy rong force r.ght away. 'there is no time to , with n * be lo*t THE OPENING OF ^COTTON TORTS BY TIIE fProm the Now i 'rl?*u? i'icaytiM, Not. n.j . KhJT hpoc.d! tel?(i aphic despatches this evooing furnish lm with another Hlurtrution Of the Hbaurd fatuity, nr the gross hypocrisy, or the government at W asb.ngton wt 1 the conduct of this wir. We can h*rdiy imagine the pes ?IbllRy "f h* b ling anything elae thjtn th? most arrant and criminal hypocrisy, on lh? part of Win. II. Seward, to pretend that th?r?< Is any such tliK'ga* a shred of'Tnwn. ism" elisli VT la all thraa Onfederate Stat*#, and yet we tlia* 1j'-? <>DU?? to raiM? a merchant fleet in New Ki:gL<nd to accompany big ittvaiiug r th? pur jjoae ol obtaining cotton in our porta, in exchange for sup piles for the rellel of the frit mis of the "Union" here We cuu liardly conceirc that there Is any member of tfii Oablnet of Abraham Lincoln who seriously enteitatu* tbebei'cf Ihit thi-rolsany port ton of the population of tb?s :? who ortnpjr such a p<)*ilton wbo are in need ol any a ib elicf. or who weuld accept It on any term*. It i? but a llimsy cover for th nefarious desiuns ol <b> ? aolent inva !er of our soil, n shallow pretext wilh to excuse him* "f to the credulous foo'a of tue North u i tbehas'y j"d|iuii worl t lor (be buccaneering r-nU b h making upon out coasts. Protection and relief to the Unionists of the South msaii, simply. the burning of our *ra oris, the ol uor cities, the stealing of our sn.l the *t./,<iri' '>f ? ur ootlon Vi'lf and reveng*- are the tw'n wUcb actuatt Ihe invaders, Tb ;? ?t?rvo 'or wlut w mi v I bcfor^i hev??!?i 'l1","1, what we will ultorly dostroy rritvil nr 'i?r ve " ' ">< y coma, unde ? hyi-o I fl ro 1 r ' ""?f1 ? ,r",n rn-y uTvol ti." I>0. '?*ii ri? ii?A , i?-h ',<r6 'or ' tl0c HMrit'U . ^ , r 'i#, if ho hi]' hut rot urn to . n ^ thrown off foref or . TkJ uiii - lutttr* j,v vu,u r? before they have i>,? nTOl "> >'?? w"r* of -"H>rtmg th?m. * a , ' > "w. k,?. ? ini.uH II <t t<. Jl* ' '1 or I'rotee,^. v ? -j e on., road that among ? "'"iintl i f the urm ida ,v' ?? hundred ami i tidily Tin> despotic and t*.. 1 ? ' King pretended , ;w a cover aiid * cloak t<> bin -mblt,'1- .." ] dwl^n i, f making Klizahetb'a realm an appnn.ig* <.f hn crown, to have g cat concern for lite roulu of the peupte w coiiitiy h ? ?;iu invading. IV I Kngland would hive n?'illier iho po r iral nor the proi.cti n of licr Iii'in volcnt ii' Ifhbor.and she ma !<? Iter denial of both flufPc ontly pint i to IiIm completions on bulore he hail pro ceeded far ou Ira philanthropic mis.slou. 'Iho parallel la sigiufi iint lluticr that evory ounce of cotton now cxlxtinv on the anil of thede Stutcs be burned t<> aslicfe, and tb it not aootlior bu produced while this war ahall laM , tbnii ih ii even that much of it bo allowed to la I into the hands or the mercenary aud marauding foe. Ami as to the protection ami relief so hypocrically prof fered to a cla^a of people who live but In tlio imagination of those who asNMinr to beliove in their calatrnce, th y who oBar it will And but blender opportunity for its dig play. MOVEMENTS AT MA1TAS3A8. [From Uio Norfolk Day l*o k, N <>v. an.] iti u?<'Ni>, Nov. zT , 1861. Reason exists to anticipate un early engaotmert at Manassas. I erhaps a battlo may occur simultunoou.-ly thee or at Cent eville. TtuTO If a Uu* e fort# of federals oppo ite Evansport, with <i oi tin prepared for the own ityanee of troops ac Octo juaii crook, evidencing land ami naval at. ark a Kvatisjairt. I: in ri<i>orted that a large force of fwhralu are advanc inn h'ovv 1 y , ami that the i .glit wuigof their army h d r at-hod r uii fux and aovam etl w. thiu si* mile* of Contra ville. 'lli y ori i y and i ti ' tich at u> ery half t<i/l?. The war flat; it waving everywhere. Presi ttni fcav i to day f 'it ft message to the executive session of Congress, conoo: ning th>< sece.,s| .n of Misaonrl, accompanied i>y ; n ab.o lo ter from Governor Jarkaon also, the art of the diS ' ution if tho um u with tl.o United States, an! an act ratlfyiuv tie- n?t tulio i of the provisional governni'-nt botwocn the coram ih s. oners of Missouri a.Tl tlms^ of the fl> nfederfcto States. Congress unanimously ratified the convem on entered nto between H M. T. ll .utsr and the comu ? iioners run Missouri. A LI. QUIET AT PEN8ACOI.A. [From thu Nor, oik tto? JJo^'k , Noj . 2ILI """" Rirn*okf>, Nov. 27, 1161. A mOAsage from fleucral Bra^g, last ulght, o:iys."all arc qui. t ?' Tho en?my's vessel* aru safely at a di?ta..ce. Mo Ih ready for any attack. M^Jor.K. A. Hanks has beon ordered to receive Maj T Julius Hesser at Mobile He leaves to morrow. TIIE REBEL CONURKSS? GENERAL H. A. JA( KSON. [From the Mari'olk l ay nook, Nov. r.0 ] K tmo.xn, Nov. 29, IR#1 Congress proceedings tire unimportant . a;i far n? known. Rrlg.'iiiior General ih n: v A. Jac! son, from liroenbt icr, Is hero, 'M rnutt to (Jooifila to take oouiwaud as Major Gone rat of tho Ceorx:u t TELEGRAPH BETWEEN FORTS MOULTRIE AND blJMJEB. fVVom thu Norfolk Uay l*>.>k,Nov. 30.) Lc CiuRiiwton. Nov. 2!t, ISM. tbj submarine telegraph cab's, which '?m be u in b^arne of~c- nstructlon during the w. eks by " Seville, was successfully laid v ^toniay bctj,e?' ? Moultrie Mid *mwr, by S*viJJ? ^ ; HobbS. Win B the b?r /lfffi of th(, ,.ai)> W(u c,im!)iy n(| ^ salute was sun ^..sneousiy tired ia honor of ihq ?v>m from the f^i-ii'/the order having been tramuultl u from Viiffk IP'' Communication between the forts ' wuspoi.oct, ano uiuJi $2 Jbe satisfaction of the skillful operators concerned. ' Z THE MANUFACTURE OP HALT. fKruin thu Norfolk ftay Hook, Nov. .10.] An rp;K?rtmiUy Is now presented to individuals or com pan i s, whereby they may not only malce money, but gheiuiisxpr ssion of patriotism which will bu t< o pla n t > be misapprehended. We refer to the manufacture of sal , a* il n well know tins article may bo manufacture ! a! al .ng our coast, In great plenty and at but littto e\' j pun-ic. ThS only process necessary being the b'>i:ir:g of t'ie water and bleaching the ?alt, and tho only outlay that attending the purchase of pans and the price paid fi?r labor. Hitherto the great ditlle.ulty in the way of thu manfat tuia of Halt has be< n tho ack of the pans necessary to the 'boiling ot the wator. This difficulty . we are glat t? state, rias been remove I bv tho proprietors of the Atlantic Iron Works of this,?b?, if wo are rightly Informed, ate prepared to tili orders for these puns. When we nay Hint money may bo mode by any enterprising individual, or individual*, who may engage in this business, wo moan precisely what we gay, and wo mean further that it may bo made without any exorbitant charge upon the article, silt is a nncet-sary, not u luxury of lite. Sugar, cuffee, anil very many other arllrios, miy he dispensed with, and man w ill be none tho worse off tor tho deprivation; but with .ialt it i? different. Man's health? aye, his very I life? -depcndatl]*>n ths presence of this article in the food which lie consumes; henee, it is not a rpie-tiou w ;th him whether lie will nst aalt or not, but a shoer necessity ? an imperative nature that compels him to its use. Its iif?, then, Id universal ? the rich, the poor, the high, the loV. the great and the small, all require salt, and must have it. Consequently it is an arti,.le for whr li there is always a laic, ntnl w lucli must be had at ail hu/ju'tlt. lie, U.rn, who undertakes to supply thin demand, does it with the perfect leu wledge beiVweliand that he will sell all of the article that he can possibly make. There Is not the least leason fcr liitn to apprcln nd that he can make so much salt that he will never And a market for it; on tho nttfra y, be sbmld and will have reason to congratu late himself If, after his best efforts, he rdiaU he able to m >et the demands upon him. Kor this reason he can maim j fact', ire tho article and 9(dl it at a reasoi.ahle price and make money. Hi- outlay has been (mall? go small, ini'eed, ae to b i liquidated by the sums realized fr? tn the rale of the sack.) with whtsh he introduces himself in the market, tils expenses are exceedingly "gilt, hU i lock is always ra'oab's. and therefore he can afford to sell at a price at which all run purchase, an I aacnBtlUtO in the end n handsome suin as tlwi result of his fcbor. But not only will he make money , but ho will display ? patriot Ism which none ran misinterpret, f T<? is not only the patriot who go?? to the tented field an l nicrt t the enemy in sanguinary strife. Every in llvidiutl who lends his aid t-- tho nstablishtiKiit iui 1 maintenance of lil.-* govern ment, whether it l?e by military achtevemet.ts in the flf'.it. or In ib'> thousand and on" wajs which preS'L.1 theniseiveB In tho jiath of the civilian, iK a pat rut. He who places tho mentis of trns teuane.e within the reach of liis people, and he who at tho point of th? bayonet protect tho moans: thus afforded are alike patriots though tbm l?bi r in different fields. Now let n? sen if we cannot, with Mrs view of tho subject^ prove tho man who underlain t til} maj'ifocturg of salt at this important crisis a pm, lot, oraihiting hlg, patriotism in tho very act of the undertaking- V, V are a pecpto battling for our rights? for tha protection of our homos and Qrcstdes from a ruthles* foe who Eeekstode eacrato them, and for the nialntenanoe by force of a: ma of thu independejico we havo proclaimed no have sent our armies to the fl.-ld. We have supidied llrm with aims und munitions of war, and In every vcnre they are a formidable b-xiy. But as Strang and formidable as they are, it is iwible to reduce them to tb - helplessness of children, hiul that by the simple pi- ceas of withhold ing ffrilt from thom. Its ab ?ti< e from their food will occasion' d.sease and eventually deaHi, and il.o very object, for which tliny were organi 'ed w i 1 be de feated, not by ihe process of opp< inj hosts, but by Unpronw we bw> just given. Tin . a scarcity of salt we need n?t endeavor lo l,;t( ? , ial y ao par nt Is the fact that if It is n?t tiis en ? d anione us our people? our army? must s.iffe,- f?- . v -v, . . it the Individual who tupnli'ja thjv , ,? ? ,tv t- ? t'.e armies of tills country io'Ve V a,-. /ij.TaTfy mi l '--j succewfntly as the glittering h"?tj .iln s "n(-oj. hai borders for her defence? What, cad \ t! . r ? ti >-i3 nc v-m pl if h should he withhold that which . ? ? . > u t . 1 t'? their bealtU and life? Their proud batiDoi s e; d fi~ n trait in the dust, and that which Is now difllcui? t- c rlOei .could theu become easy. If it should lio reinicti, to wnat we I are u ritun, that no such danger ss wo a| |o ehet,d will ev. r iv.ine to [ioj-s. ami thai wo are giving too much im portance to a small consnieratl 'n, w? bave only to snv In who thus thinks cannot be acquainted w ith the faeis which have Iscgosted tbii artii lo. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Mondit, Dcc. 2? 6 T. M. The bank statement ninJe up this day comp&res an follows with that of lust Monday:? ?'??? (ndin-j. Loom. Ciriut?nf>n. DrnoHL' Nov. 23.... fl5S, 400,37(5 41.t50-j,?rt3 Vw;i5? 854 Nov. 30.... 102 TUO..'1O2 41,60T,6ft? 8.M7.170 130,004^548 Increase. 2,?45,19t ItecreMS. ? 101,505 68,71? It thns appears that the whole effect of the last government negotiation was not reflected in the statement of November 23, the discount having only been entered on the bank books on the 26th or 27th. Our bank discounts havo now reached 1162,790,302, the highest point over reported, though only about $32,000,000 above the average which was reached in tho spring of 186ft, when business was prosperous. The discount and de posit lino will now begin to run down as the go vernment uses it? money and the people relieve the banks of the 7-30 Treasury notes; it will continue to decline until another government negotiation is effected. The specie column ihows no materia' change, and haa shown none for six weeks. Mosey is easy at 6 per cent. Wo hear of no loans below 6, though a few very choice mercan tile names can be passed at 5 y% a 5. There must be an unusual amount of idle capital afloat here at the present time. Exchange opens dull; banketiTask 10ft% ? 100, but there ore no buyers even at the lower rate. The recent spasm in the market appears to have taken away its vitality for the present. Btocks were dull '.o-day, operators being pene rally desirous of awaiting the President's Message. At the mornh.g board the beats took advantage Of the dulness to hamm< r the ma.Uet, and a decline of 1 per c<nt in Ot ntiai, l/% in Biie, l1* in Hudson, 1^ in, 1% in Kjck Ifland and I in IV i; <j Mall was the re>ult. The now govcriuu.eut etxc ? rig'sfered, void, ox-interest, nt ^ml to the coupon stock lsscarctnil A1/,. Mi,. u:i? dropped of!' to 4n>;, other tu ito ?tock< being dull. Between the boards a furtfjej frnotfonal de- i i mnim *K?5 ??? I he second LouiJ ooiiit of the shorts proceeded to cover, and h rally cusued, tht market closing dull "l ' Steady at the following quotations: ? United h^atos roistered. lfcni, 8f>% a 00; do. ti's, rou I'oii, 1RRI, ao.'fi'u, n ?"%; Indiana 5's, ? a 79; Virginia C'a, 4U a 4*; Tenet s- ' see ti's, 4\% a 42; North Carolina <i's, (iO n (51; Mi-t fouri G's, 40% a 40'^; Pacific Mail, a sr.; New York Central, 77 % a 77%: Erie, 110 yt a 30%; do. preferred, f?lp4 a f<2; Hudson IUvcr, 3i> n 3t>! j; Harlem, 11% a 12; do. preferred, 2-% a 30; Head ing, 33% a 34; jfichigan Central, 47?4 a 4v'i; Michigan Southern aril Northern Indiana, Hi* a 17; do, guaranteed, 36% a 30^; Panama', lid a 110; Illinois Central, CO a <;()%; Galena and Chic a go, 69% a 70; Cleveland and Toledo, 31f.4 a 32; Chicago and Bock Island, f>l%,a 51%; Chlearo, Burlington and Quincy, 57J^ a 67"i; D?l.nva.i, Laokawana and Western, ? a 70; Tllinois Central l?on<l?*, 7's, 87% a 88; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 85 a b(i; Pennsylvania Goal, 78 a >-0. The vexed question of commissions of the Bri I;ers' Board was settled to-day by the adoption of a resolution fixing the commission to be paid by bankers, brokers and stockjobbers at \{ of one per cent; all other parties paying %. We congratulate the Board on the return to common sense princi. pies evidenced in the above resolution. Of course, b>r the purposes of each broker, all his clients w i 1 j be classed as stockjobber,?, and charged }'* instead of %, and thus matters will be placed on the oi? footing, to which the public is accustomed. A d ?<. tinotion is drawn, in the resolution as passed, be tween stockjobbers in the city and itoelijobbc rs oxit of tho city, the latter being debarred from the privilege of the H per cent rulo. This arbitrary distinction will, of course, lie done away w'' ^ shortly. There is no good reason why a job1 !lt Albany should pay more for petting Id* ' lrttg;ncsg dona than a jobber at New York. J* tho inte rest of the brokers that their clitD* confined exclusively to this cUr tlu Uoll! j rtttIier encourage than discourage 'v0unt b,wlneMl. With this moiUticatiou, the n?>r m] will duubtlt -h.s satisfy e> i,i ?o j. t . >0 ^ however, be accontiwnicd uiJi a strong p t0 the honor of the member* 0r +i-i ? ??? ? it. This is tllC ,joar(l l" Vi0,atc bu^io**' proper opportunity to observe that a has habitually been doue, not by new or /oung or poor members, but by old, established and wealthy houses, for one-sixteenth of one per cent. Every one'iu the street can point out opera tors or bankers who never pay over one-sixteenth, and yet whose business has been gladly done by members ? ho should have set a better ex duple of fidelity to their order and of generosity toward their poorer brethren. It is quito impossible to get at delinquents of this character by legal or in quisitorial processes. But a feeling of honor ought to be cultivated among the members of the Stock Exchange which should render such delinquent's ' objects of general scorn and contumely, as men who make light of their old solemn obligations, unfl are without scruple in their greed of gain. Tho Sub-Treasurer lias calied upon the banks for another ten per cent of the second fifty million loan. The bdsiness of his office was as follows to day:? Total receipts ,|l,i9S 261 20 ? For customs eft ,oou oo ?Treasury notes 01,420 SI t'ayments, incla linj redeemed fl p. ct. ttot*-g. 3,580,1)80 65 Raiance 4,C.)5,i;KS CO Mr. John W. Garrett has been fe-elected Presi dent and J. I. Atkinson Treasurer of the Raltimoro and Ohio Railroad Company. The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company has declared a semi-annual dividend of three and a half per cent, payable on the 20th instant. The December coupons on the Milwaukee City Readjustment bonds will be paid by W. Schall A, Co., 58 Exchange place. Tho New York aud New ITaven Company's in terost coupons, due December 1, will be paid at the Bank of tho Republic, or at the Treasurer's Office, in Fonrth avenue. Slock Kxchange. Monpat, Dec. 2, 1881. awOCOUSA'a. '31.C0U. 03'J 100 she Hudson R RR. 37)^ ?000 rS8'a,'8l,r a i. 89*i 25 do 36?* 1000 Kentucky 8's.. 74% 1?K? do 36 K 1000 N' Carolina'?**. 00 200 do M6 36 yt 3010 Missouri 6's . . . 40 \ .10 Harlem RR pref. . . 30 6000 do 40 X 100 Mich Cell KB 48% 6000 do 40% 150 do. 48% "000 NY i antral 6's. 01 % 100 Mich So SrN Iguas 36% 3000 lludRiv3m 7# 50 ran;ma RR...S16 111 lOOOMiCerfSpclmsfcb 01 300 111 Can RR scrip... eoy 1000 ( 1iU&QRR8 p c b 03% MO do 810 00% 1000 N.lornayOnlm. 104 1?>0 do ?30 60% 60 sdw Canton ( 'o. .. 10 ?00 do Rift 00 lfllViflo Mail Sri Oo. 86% ?00 Clave & l'llts RR. 15 122 do 86 200 rto 14% (>0 do blO 80 SO 80 % 78^ 78% 20 Clove ,Col & Cin RR 08% 7 do 08 % 7 do 98 % fro Gal & ( hie KK. .. 70% 60 do 70 V 77 7* 60 Clave k Tol RR. . . 33 V,' 77 \ do... 33% 77,*a 10 do7^1*f? 33% do 33 St' 2i'H) do 3 V/, CO do". s30 31 60 do 82% 270 do 31, '4' 100 Chi&Rk I RR. ,.?30 62^' 2r-0 do bOO 31% 50 do b30 62% lUt KriaRR pref ... 53% 360 do 52% % do MO 58 % 60 do blO 62% 150 Hudson Rlv i!R. . 37% 100 Chl,ftti? k Q RR.. 58 60 do b30 37 >| 22 New Jersey RR 113 SROONfo BOARD. $1000 l' 8 0'?, "81 r.oa 93}j ; 150 shs Mich Cent RR 48 20 do 50 do 50 X Y On RR. liVi do 100 do <K* t >T? rrr,-. 20 do 200 do ..... 77 % 200 150 Erie R? 'i "On 4000 U S D'e, '71 cou 82% 1000 Mich 8'S, '78... 80 10000 Missouri fl's... 40 MK>0 do UIO 40 % 6000 dn,..,..bl0 40 if 6 >00 EricRR3mbs'83 So 5060 HudRRRlstmb 104 -yo shs I'ar, M S8 Co.. 85 % 20 Panama RR 110 60 IUCon RK*crip?30 60 60 do 60 60 Gal A Chic RR... 68 % 50 do stw 69% IoO d" 70 150 do 69 % 50 do *10 69% lfj&KfleRR sCO 30% TOO Clev fcTol RR... 32% SO't X Y Cent RB. . *. . 77',' 75 do 32 % 100 do. t3 77% vm do !>60 32'k 3o0 do ?30 77# 200 do 32 150 Erie RR prof fcj 50 Hi to JsRlslRR.bl6 61%' ^ do 61^ 30 Mllitl'rairduCRR. 19 4? 61 % 100 Hud Rlv RR 36 200 uo y8% l>0 CUlc,Iiur&QRRa30 57 % 60 do 67% \cw York C My Not. 30, 18M. Hunht. Ij on) Specie. Circulnf'n. Prpo'iti. America 17,010,247 4.016,488 118,247 8,464.377 Amrr. Kxobau^t 9,871,454 3, .155.507 194,241 Atlantic 900,132 111,591 96,072 Broadway 4,413.390 8,103,60# 360,989 null a Head 600,250 40,852 139,908 Butchers' & Pa'. 2,217,420 341,428 295,189 Chatham 1,021, HI 116,779 94,9611 Chemical 1,873,599 3,876,001 389,933 4,173,213 Citl^no' 962,445 167,065 147,284 808,315 Citf 3,031.307 1,032,497 ? 3,697,771 Commerce 18,115 866 4,029,061 1,976 12,670,049 Commonwealth.. 1,769,009 241.263 280,870 1,433,493 8.874,746 693,628 6.764.460 436,172 1 .868.461 724,438 Continental 4,183,8*12 Corn Exchange. . 3,869,774 ftry Dock 444,223 Kawt River 485,278 Eulton 1.770,468 Greenwich 600,638 Grocers' 760,473 Hnnovor 2,213,964 Imp. fc Trade r8 . 8,362,201 Irving 1,119,364 I/iather Maauf. . 2,055,770 627,485 181,528 3,632,103 374,289 194,198 1,840,461 57,228 145.808 213,724 40.974 98,664 307.324 692.214 205.000 1,883,663 103,113 123.106 392.413 109,278 62,821 682.913 169,218 83, OU) 1.323.671 457,200 190,490 2,487.401 176,687 127,129 909,698 429,313 219 641 1,4:;2,302 Manhattan 6,767,478 1,884,895 242,088 6,21 7, aw Marina 921,573 1 70.9S1 184,286 844,786 Mark.'t 3,802,938 286,336 198 041 Meolianicn' .... 6.027,673 798,486 227.706 1,646,163 3,900,383 1, 112,998 1,063,625 2,^63,156 MeciianiCR' .... 0.027,673 79?,4:?6 227,706 Mechanica'.^W. 1,868 9S4 311,498 167 ^3 Mch. Hli'g Aaa'n. 1,328.849 229,829 82 478 Mercantile 3, 07s, 283 828,648 13,763 Merchants' 6,4o9,:t76 1,930,084 173,409 6,239.477 Meri-hant* Kxch. 2.0*4 249 267.963 118,941 1,087,825 M?rcb.fcMaul'r'g. 1,110,473 167,405 112, 338 Met opolitan. . . . 9.076.747 2,905,431 336,657 Natwau. 2,315,582 4:*7.266 147 811 National 2,S4I,876 657,376 114.919 New York 6,h?9,,W1 1,293,362 348,141 N. York Counly. 831.2S9 79,369 60.061 New York K*cb. 367?.'543 North Ameriia . 2.435,988 North River ... 923,733 ( . . . 3 4.13,768 (tfiental 6't2,'(43 Pacific 1.198,765 __ Park 8,022,588 3,167 685 281,653 6,201*270 p,.,iples 931711 124 122 91,898 703,0*7 II, en* 4.671992 75(A8l 122,730 3.651.367 22,871 834,074 120.372 324,812 123,628 89.094 97 353 75,088 97.1H0 95,:tl7 838,243 8,06(-'i51 1,807,845 3,038,378 4,589,732 370,830 818,593 1,702.121 676,718 1,705,063 699.8S9 ?28,187 144.943 1,038.M7 Republic 4,485.654 1,018 215 170.006 Sevcuth Ward . .1,422,063 3J4 373 170,314 Shoa ti Loatber. 3,551.807 249,528 2I5,!'.17 f?tato 4,974,786 1,259,."61 li7 6^6 St. XlchoIaB .... 1,736,009 It 019 88,329 Tra mih ti'g . . . 2,166,096 324, f t 360,539 In ion 8,777,841 67-, 833 1 .S .507 3,698.223 1,110.160 1,"S2,124 4,0.36 782 1.181,751 1 .325,803 2.UW 891 t'lrt *162,790 ,802 41 ^07 ,5583,537,170 1 1,5,804 ,648 CITY < OJII W tltciA I. KEPOHT. Uomhat. live. 2 ? 0 p. M ' Mill ilU , South nimlx??1 to ;-om| ? |>e lino. ! xl u do (Jwnl t ' choice family tin H\ a fa ir Mitpcriu ?

I xl a li .iuc> Mtparltl o Western. .. .>? Coium ? lu i Ikiicu extra ^ Wlwii, , ' <1111 Un ,f& n ? ft 40 6 60 u 6 5 0 6 25 ? 6 40 5 6 r. a 6 75 f. 55 u If 75 6 #10 a fl 15 ? 85 ? 7 01/ 7 oo a 8 00 8 10 a 4 60 I i?rn in. ill, jcrfcy and Brandy wine 2 l>o a 8 90 ? '' iiuU:?ii iio r was in g demand, ami price* w- re (I in, Willi w'M ?! bblti. ill 'lie above r'lUK* "f i "'o' 9 irti ern flour wa- dull, while pr.iwwore un n ? fc" I. 'Ilia hulca umluaood about "oo bt>.B., v 'Hi n ihe rai.p ol iuir nuoUtiims. Rjro (lour WW ?<?;< j ?iir iljriirc*, with fal t (it iib-i I :nA> bblt. Corn meal wn'ni ilrd in irnl at q ,ot.i? l<> ?, will) sales 0!' 176 hbla. V ? h at wn . active ut or about ibn iiuoluunnK Of 8ei>i*-tay. 'lie ii oijilft we, e 1? KB.Iiivilig riuched a'xiut 4M ,000 b .sleds. 1 In* sn'o*. fur the ay, hern ami to a-rivi, riM l oil aim t 800,000 bushels, at $1 43 a $1 46 to white Michigan, (1 29 a $1 30 lor Cuiulda club, ft 36 Jk it fl 40 lor whiie Oliio and Indiana, $1 37 a $1 3H lur with f Vicing hi, $1 32 ? $1 3# for re 1 W - rn, $i:i2u$138fo i.i . $1 an a $1 30 lur amber Iowa anil W ii- cousin , *1 20 ^ h $ I 28 K lur Milwaukoo, $1 <{0 a $1 27 (" N ii lliw c?i club, (1 24 a $1 26 fur Kaciue ro'g, and fl 21 a (1 26 I'or l<hlciiKff*Bpi illg. Com waa tliino' n i.i active: tlm recqiuls wen? unite lirf", win to tli'' h l/a en.ti acod 250,000 b die* ul t>3 ? a (.4 ',( -. lor ,-lu|i ',ug Cargo* .1 "t Western tuix il.ajul a: dlic. In Western yel.ow. Kye a id barley were linn *t .Saiur iia,, 'k iiuntatiiitis'. O Uk'wo o In lair demand, with sale* oi Wi r: ii in : St ito ul 40''. a 47o. Cones. ? Hit market wait flrtnand active, uttil eloped at mi alvauee ut 1 0c. m ijc. ih'. lb. The sail'* looted up about 14,000 ban Bin, oi sing ai l#c.?X7o., 150 <l<> Ltttfcayi-a, in | . t , 200 iio. Maracalbu ul lHc a lsj^i'., luoil 100 d". St. 'Vinilngo at 17?-., and 600 raata IXiyloa ai Th < ? ink (if i ollee Docini b r 2, IBM, wax . Kio 64.806 bnga; J i a , 1 ,Soo Iuur l.'.OO mats; Ceyton, 24# lt?B? aa>i -1 . 1 S2 III Its; Mar. n ubotl^,2S4 lJ?it'iayra, 333ba?(H; t. Iwniu^". 2,2T4 il('y?V; -Ui?. a, 2 *M).\ Btuubaj , 275. i Total 72, "47 bags arv ?,382 mats. (' t' i. ? l'lio in,, ((,.( vvkh ij.;aiii llrmer ami htgltor. Tlio *!fg About 1,600 baled, cblefly to upiutieni, ciiwiLgfe Ibo oT 2Hu. fur uiidiiiitiK u| lauds. V opfi.o I dull ami ui iclivo; but a report beiu^ o| rf^iat rt that underwriters bad roduced tlmir ''?"i "vrff war poli'-y I'rom live to two per c?nt, cauaud a b (..t^ooliug to pi'ovnil. 'I" LiveitKiol 60.0C0 a 60,<i"0 li^h. ls ? heat were onstftgod, in b ilk and bugs, at Wd., with h me loads of com it dd. a 8>?d., in bulk and bags f our was !? k' n at 2f?. 3d. a 2" . 6 ai'd 2,0t:0 li"> oa ch- fO at COs. 'Jo l.oli " U 1.000 pai-kauW of chocso and Imtlor wero takmi at Sfis. Somo 18,000 bti.-ti.-ls wlp-at we o reported at 6)^d., ia blilps' bagu, .rini) bids flour at 2s 9d., with smiio iota re iK.rtod at 3?. , anil 200 tlercM lieof at (is fi I. To (iliWK?\y 2 ii' o b . -Ik* s wluat wo o ongaaod at 9d.,17,o00 prnmdi b tier at 37s. (id., and 600 bbls. flour al 3*. 3d. To K.ivre fnii derate i ifcineir- uU or wheat were ruadu at 18c. an I of Hour at 7o.-. Two ve?f-oU wfi o cngaga-i for Cork .an I nrdern at abo'.t 12d. for wheat, iu ship's hag?.. Hay wi'8 m -ady at 70o. t'or shipment, ar^l ai giv * 8r>r. for cit.?- ??? " ? a ,, - -?* "no Bjili s embr.iocl 120 hhda.. including r? ' Ru*U#h ^ud"l33c'' JSfcttJTWMS & ??? "? 2 - $6 ?.?*. Tin* market was heavy and rather jsr ^rfs&scss ?.'?? wj- "is ? ? ' t j r.A .i tu for uriino , uud At '?? a tvi it !?; ;rr s* & ?>? ???. *ith ?*ies i ? a. $11 15 11 wUhW8,^.s"'f 000 t;v^nr5-?- was w; .?* ?U. -Ohtans BuUer tnd ,? .p w.-r* easier , with sales a^4*c. ? *rK anrt beef in K^r'N^v Virk and Brooklyn, December 1. 1S01 , was as uunexod:? .... /?/.I 'veie JWoI. ^ fo. ^ Quahtm. ?''?? >ew. gfl4 6 ^ ;'s 460 11,^ l-.02? W?J 1'41o 8 4il 6*2 , 1? 111." 4?f S66 S87 as l,12-> ivimeuwu ... 27 15 ? 'Inn* ,.,,3 78 3,611 6.RHU 6,650 Prime 3,6.0 ? ? B;l7 7 i:umps . Si' ,g5 j 074 2,070 M Rcfsemess 1 _ 'ft2fl 527 t?4 ttcfuse primo wo g 3 j ?22 803 Otherwise 2.1o sml0 884 0,164 1.493 UuiiiMpoctod * . ? _ . , 2?, 102 4,374 03,470 32,022 11,220 IUS2 ""I 578 2,440 1,741 2,590 R.p. lhu**odo... b|? I? 120 120 61 Kailrotui loaf ?-? 8S0 400 350 Refu?eme?s _ _ _ ?3 ll.rujsc? prime 32i jioo 900 1,474 Other r luie "5 J J >m _ m IVs. prime mess... ? , 8y;, 6:, <5 11 70 Caintrymess...... u 614 0x0 1,002 Couutry prune.. ?? 2 200 2,*i0 ? 6,(551 'bbla. 54 llisM 12.9*5 8.558 35,724 o muj in 782 22,172 9.001 63,573 ^llftema^el' was quiet. The Block December 1 was as follows:? I860. 1?61 , ? 6,627 2.158 Carolina., tierces _ 14,355 of 'ifiW ' i>.ga or pepper were made on private terms flrm with 8alc? of about 200 usr?tr-.c"S"TM11,.j?. tu. wok m? ber 1 , waa ae follows.? lgfl0 ... 45.25? Cuba, Wins 1,820 Porto Rie" 520 if,, w Orleans. 431 IX^liah Islands . w. . 48,027 t Total 27 500 Bores 99, 542 Bass * 6,324 Uelado firm with limited sales. &?Sg&S&* *?** ? spftn,sb lobacw WM as annoxed: Havana. Sapta. Yara. ?tor,K, November 1, balos... .2.430 60 250 Received *>AW ? 4 799 60 260 Total J'wo ? i Sales to Noromber JO SS^i^srwr ** 2 "$ Received nlac? l^'"* . ? . ? ^ . . 2*2 939 ? Tot^l?. ? ? ftcr> 22 1 3.103 Deliver?! f ace.. 3,OSO ^ ?.Q fiOQ 5 20,492 isf jartttKa&J^sa ? TwtaJ, C42? D??vered in ^November, 394. Sivf ou bawr' Rad^i" hiH ffiftweil , rnskes the fol , win reiiiHrkB* Importation* of Spanish teaf aro chiefly coX*mh" limit' d qunnutiesof Havana tobacco, prices c?'!, ,h ruiB Vor\ fl-m as liigb prices are exacted in the orincipal markets of tuba, which are promptly mot hi a vorv Stron" donv.nd tor Spain, France and Germany. Havana fliers now bring 3.?c. a 46c. . according to quality ; anil us ttc manufacturing oi segars has partially Je^^> the total absence of Cuba and Oibara is much to be rc ffrot ted as hauilsrme pricesco'iid be made for theieeorta. A small parcel of Vara has jusi arrived and been sampled, ??? not vet landed? llie quality is rather meilitim, but, owinK W tbo .atotlng scarcity, will briu. a higl. price Fxnort demand for Kentuokyf ell oil in the early part of the month nait , and tl>6 market appeared to settle down mom 1 , t (n#d priCeg to supply the hoiue re quiremenw >y 1 pUrc)ia?i of some moment 5 CrgrS* & f^elgn ?ocoimt, and as ww'.l 1 Tnwwfaeturei v came at the same lime fre. lv w to the needed supplies ere tho desira hlo sunTs were tinallv ab-orbed, holders of too solectlr.ns rhtmiMd the hiehett 'prices of the season. For lugs and Clo the demand I. light iTctd tollHc. a 12 Sc. for modhim, 18.-. a 16c. for good ^ysj.'ar^r ""'made ^l?Ma?on ?wun?y , Northern Kentucky and ?"? i?TtL auwt?W wnn?e but a very slight part of fheWMWr^pr^we, and unless the districts of (-reen ^ Cumberland and Tennessee can bo freed from mill river, Cunio r?i ?UDP|r jn the face of ? reduced t?ry'KXut*tion aftlr soppiy^^ ^ ^ |eg| crop, cannot I jn lho absence of lower grades, but been d< no for 0 1 , better sorts has some oontinne .ufflci-nUy si ong to -bsoib Ibe small stocks of o d crop before ho i5 r, . tr.r u m*k?t In mannflactu ed tobacco the ?^to?tavTbS. riry l??hl; Virginia seeks are ~ '?firm. but a good deal of Western 11 on tho mar k!t flndlM OOtauch tavor at th. hl,h prices asked. \V nisa I v ?The market was flrm and active, and sal** of 1 2iM) a 1,300 bbls. were reported at 20c a 20>iC., cbie'lfy at the latter tlgure. I)K VI'INTR Y . ARTIFICIAL TEETH, KVKRY STYLE, ONLY 75 cnliyo t'l 80 p.H? h Beftutllul tooth colntvd f namcl, ti|. Verior to lon\ for-!lMn>., without pain, SOcvnt". [itrvtmt mt? ljr||?rl' ?rnvd without pain. Tuutba hi- in ?untly rellereil. D - LL'TIIEK. dentin, removed toltMEMt Twentjr-aecurid itrMU iafoAR S AMI TOBACCO. OEOARS VERY CHEAP.? THK A3SKIN f'.K, AT SO 17 V7 Him: J)', tanlTrrir.g grwtl Indt.' emu nl*. Sorir fcnrid Ir&nd* oi Havana. rt inipntio and Ucrtnati M-nxra atiU Hu>i*r* ? iild do ? "II to eidinliift ?li > k *n<! |ii 8TB AM BOATl. ? IX ABOARD l'r?t FORT St'lII VT.KK. ? THK. MIC' M A boat MINERAL ARTHUR will !???'? P kt'lp I- ? -y IT ..?* vl lli.c.o t, A ?! I- ???h i* i ? V ,i. , Iv I- .? I .11 fill" '. l.i i ' " '? a. n ?} i".' or 'jt >:l of " ?t. II. i' * N S 1 1 h ?' tf'.t.n. 41 A1 iouTiCiXn TH AMVKMA.NIC i>lS?JUCT.-A WEAK INVENTION ? u? rtta/n.v. ? \tn{ pu.i) uiorninK'* Herald cou^ai.^d an u Iv.-rt j?ui porting to oceanao* from me, baying >f ha withdrawn frum the eont?*Kt ic*r A (t**ri ? n of thi* riia tru t. I |,ni| o?irvr ih?* a.nn* a malic !?>??* in 'I, and fur- \ ther eclare th. | I wt'l ??d*r no <lr?ui. s u *m withdraw from tii" cont* *t until tu?dwwtt thin eventu: , when Ifo' l no than otiii.lcHt that u t^anul vl lwy will frown the Of inyr ' .1 yi|g HJHiLMI . T v LAKdt VN D E fNTfft . If/UtTtCf Ml ETf? r OK TUB 1/ eti'lMo? Itic'rur l M ut'tihy. (>>r ll r ;>'irjM>?e m loriuingau aa.??> la loit-~*Vb'iii. t., A dam*. JK?%, j diflln;!, K. 0. H loihur, , F, V\ iMtae A. Mor i. Esqa., Vi'-o I'loiiriie .. .rumen (i. i lull aiwl Wim a, fierie tar M-? . iiinij * ??.*?* an ? lu'ftj ?ijrt i lr ???< ? a,u'. The following w oliitr* ?<? and iittJiiiiiiu-tHuv adept*' 4-:? V* ?. The m?mI imjmi lu:!'. ui'trr- >4 <? he elttiena of Ii i1. ghte<-ufii w ill n o {uttfia .Miil l. uie^t n ; rf sennit'* ?? in Lin* liouidGl All rmen ot 4U1h o?i> , who w<mtrt art lint face Hj-'ttln-t l?? v>n , ni't juttlcu a-:i uf the nil ifnntati, who lmtvf around thu r: y Hall for tA?; p if??.o ot lli'rr, n ho publJ n u r>y, ,, ?}. i. lij ? * 't.ii'ncm i'oiilM , h;? i1 ? me ye ord throughout the ? ? efoiv K -'v . 'lli ii, nitOi" thei . irr- ptwiit e of jjnrty ????> clivitier, ready to anorfciutt them for tin r>obl<c p>o<J, i& t. Jtry in tiJJitvn on ii. <?h .. I !i ? k w ,( lo pi u ? t.'iH rijj-hi ? in ii m t ii** i |> .(?!?? therefore, \v? j fu-neittly invltmhe ? opprali'^n of our fellow eiti/iniH. in our ftrt.'r.s tonlect WluU- i 1. <1 ?ln friy an Al . nisift'i. utid tin cebysermce a iltte 'eisarci' , for the lm? r? HU of thl? v>Anl, and ? levalUni o: the uivlo i*iav- I n' ler ??. t ?" city l k mI iII r? WILLIAM H. ADAMF, Chaimnti. En. J 1U-4?>hi/hv > I- . W. I? ho,- a .1., > Ukt* Chairmen Ihaac A MokaN, ) \s?^ \T A MrEKflSaiTCLLDAT Nf>.80f? KAST BROADWAY* /V on .Swurday t-s t-nlo:; <?I" the m<?r kvers of the true Tarn" m uv ll?Jl dem -rrfltH U the ?M uml lahWtiil Seventh *uid, I io> the. i-urji- o' HelmiuR h. wulUible r*-pro? 'Ut alive i\Mr the ! E y tih ^jueriianlc (Uatvirt, the (ollaw.'jg wo ro (ui/tMirtiHi.^ly t<j Wher?*H, A'-rUix tnr?JlHlrHof aur eity a d natV?a haa art^n, it ( he-??t.?re i#?hoo?fK ev. ry hk>*1 nti/ n hat'.^g Hie wplfaie of ov<r city at Uta'-^ and for fce ptirp of ftniioc 1<^ th** too?3 'ovrfrniJi u: c*f tne we h^rlilv ( oiunn ml Mr. i'U1 TEH IilcKJilttHT d?a suitable ea filiate for Alden^.aii, lie being ihe ov.Vy true democrat In U.? tteld for the aW.D poai tion, HinreLWe b<- '6 Thai lu Mr. MoKutatit we roco,Tniae a man wh(i?i! devu ton *o prmcipfo aO'. V.vh t b\tslm>s hAhlti^ und hic ? moral ; tart?finc nn I bncorr ip Ibility of cUaaaotuc, emi to'irily q?uil(he^ hun forthfe po^iou. He^olviMl, That we, the laxjw /?? r* and worUii ginen of tie o'ul Ta^uniany llall partjk \^i? lVv? nth watd.pledRr oar fi4lv?*s u> use nnr utmost /emltsvorw on t? ? clay of ?!:?'. tic?u to itei.ure hia elec ion, cla))9iUK that Mr. W Knitfht la thf.? only bona tide d- mocrstiu the f\? i?t. WTflLLl AM MA(!iEY, Chairmau. Thomas Covkltn, Seere aiy. (J^ouoe J. Brown, Treaanrer. / Anew era is Aviri#t>At'fiiNG. " A I ha I iW- b-fii. I in* ? i , When alt VoPamhta'* fa r daughter* Wlil be hr mil, m ad n ued. THE I'EOITE'H S VBACU^K^VxiO^ KECTOIjAR KOMI FOR C. OdUr-RKV pn WI I I r'' i i-nt. i:u> I lu ( vice 1'rtBiilfuti. A<* B. G*ri.k^ ? / N" ?'UK?b??. ' Wud.Ua Hk''rai ' j Stior^larlrs. WhUam V ^ iM4vKRlf| Trraum < r. CI (;0 JFIUJY OUNTUEK KEPrDIATED. ?'?iau4ut to a r?,.' ' H" Ii. B ii itord, Vice Ctiair iu4ii nr Hib Svi .pijau .. "tiiin :iu ontbuMnmie nn e:in/t pt ii ? ' n..n ' 'm>? ? ' ,*-- .lOlc-h ? an h.-l<! i;i Ml liiMOiInliJ'T "ti Mia "* ../on, thi'2il inst., iitul, imon motinn, tlm fuliow ug ><-?ohuton wa? oft'ered by liUiiU E. Hoplcliia nnd unamiaoiU' 1) Wberuu*, wo hut-* <il/>.>rvM thnt a minority of thli Con vrnt:on have, witlioul authority, r?tli;ed ilio nomlnatioa oi C. (iodfrey Oiiutber; th^reforv, Ke^olvpfl, That wi> do hrrrby dlaapnrove of nn I reptnllatc such n.ttiiinutl(ii), believing that tl)i' /Inn. Ki'rn..m.o Wood Is the true and only di>iiiocr?Jc nomtn e lor the >t:i> ornliv, und we hereby pledge to him our und.vlded aupport U|H'i eloctlun M>HT B. BKADVORD, JOlJV M ATTIIF.WS, LtjlIlS K. IIOI'ICINH, JA<'OH sllU'SKY, JOHN WAI.hH, tiKCMKlK II. liAr, l*ATitI</K OW'KJfS, JOSM'II HAltT, J>AV1U OAKI.EY, .Ii 'UN U. HKI'.I.EY, WM. BAPTIST. THOMAS KUUDY, WM. C.RAIIAX, A. V IIARKIROvV, WM. DI KE, Ill.MtV 11. Mj.I JAILLB, JOHN 1ITLL,, 1"'. HMD. <1. SPEKRl'OINT, WM. H. KKYNOt nS, I'HAS. O WATKKBUKY, ANDREW S it 11 AX, TIKI.VIA.^ II. KEltlUS, I'EiEU MlTt'HLEL, W M. PALMER, And fifty-Hewn otlu-rm. Democratic republican regular nomtna tica.?P?r Alilcrnuisnf tba sixt'i Alderiuantc district? comprising part* of ilu IVnth 'rhtr.eentli, Foiuteemh, aud Seventeenth ? JAMEH RI'.U). JAMES CARTY, ii the Fourteenth wan!, C'lriinii.ii! ofthe No itmitiuu Convention, Clkkekt FosnTca, of the Seventeenth ward, Sesrotury. GERMAN UNION LEAGUE NOMINATION. J tO H MAYOR, GEORGE Of DYKE. Ituan WESSEN DONCK, Chairman. GEORGE MASCHOT, Secretary. L OOK OUT IRISH MEN? ONE AM? ALU? VOTE FOR M.ivir, C. Godtrey GnnUjrr. K"iJ Colonel Thomas Fran'-!* Meagher'a opinion of Fernnndo Wood, delivered at the Aeailotuy of Music, October 1^61:? "Where Is the inarrowlesaaiiint, the llljr-litrrod knnve, (he peddler in diluted Scripture, in Georgia lotteries, in Hi l?*r munu: Jnlia, a?id all the givceia ati'l ruUenneaaof a political career which covets no d m however huiuii'uUc. hut halts lit tin swindle, howevet t'oii oraliipenj "i>? whore is tin- poor driveller, where tin- pei rogue, who, in such a crisU is the pi esent, will disturb the public cur with fan imponuittiea for peace!" In the whole range of language, nothing can espreas more forcibly the supreme conti nipt of me orator for the canting hypocrite, Fernando Wood, now Mayor ot New York. M. M. National union nomination- f<>k mayor, C. GODFREY at'NTHKR. Headquarters Central < 'omtr.itwu National I'nlon Club, corner of Broadway and ?l;;bth s reel. lt >oms open day and evening. JNO. C. HAM, Chairman, Central Committee an I Mayoenltj Nnminatlni, Convention. STEPHEN ROBERTS, leeaaurer. Josirn Fo8?K?, O. Si.oaM Hoi, pun, Meurctaries. People s union (syracuse) reoulab nomina twu. TWENTIETH WARD. For Hoitoni Cunniiiittioner, JOHN Ol'ACKEN BlhU. Ioapector. JOHN MclCECHNIE. for Trustees, OABR'F.L VAN CttTT, DR. MORTIMER G. PORTER. NAPOLEON B. MOUNIfOKT, PfMldent. Ii, BkCKRR, Secretary. PE OPfcE'S CONVENTION NOMINATION. For AMermm, Twelfth d. strict, BERN A kit KELLY. TAXPAYERS' NOMINATION. lor Aldet luau, Twelfth (IntriOt, BERNARD KELLY. PEOPLE S UNION NOMINATION. For A Merman, Twlfth district. ^BJiaiiAia> MOZART HALL NOMINATION. For Atdei mall, Twctuh dUirtot, BERNARD KELLY. INDi^E N DE NT "Sk^fOCR ATlc NOMINATION. For Alderman. Twelfth district, BERNARD KELLY. GERMAN UNION HiAGUK NOMINATION. Fur A d iman, Tv ? t'h district. BERNARD KELLY. "? . RBPUBLIcA* iJi'illi'ATION. For Alderman. 'I v. "Utji district, BERNARD KELLY. J>EOPLT. S UNION NOMINATION. r on mayor, GEORGE OPDYKE. ;? gm II JVf Tl-CKER, Chairman, ROBJBRl' BKA'l 1'*, .WefWj. _ ?_ - - POUTilUL BANNER?, FLAG* Ai[D TRANSPAREN ciea or every dei ription on hand aiu? "l vrder. HOJER <t GRAHAM, Ai urn* ai.U Msm! i4?UJrer8, '.'i Dunne strtet. ROORBACKS EXPOSED. I am authorised in 0. GODFREY GUNTIIER to say that the . OPDYKE ROORBACKS charging him with membership of a see-aston cl ih, pailjcl pation in secession movements and aitemnta to lucite a ?c ceuiou riot, and the WOOD ROOK HACKS ehnrginghim with attouipi* 1 o proaciibe mr n on n-fonnt of their reiigioua faith, are, euh ami all, totally and absolutely fall*. ELIJAH F. PI'RDY, _ _ Chainuan Gcueral Cuminittee. New Tom, Dec. 9, 1861. j^EPUBLIcTNNOMINVilON. rOB MtTOB, GEORGE OPDYKE. H H HUELAT ) D' R JAQUBS? Chftirm*B E. E. ELLE^,' | Secretaries. {PUBLICAN AND PEOPLE S~ I V JON NOMINA. Lions for the Seventh Senatorial district (lath. i?th. Arth 21st and 3Bd warita) ' For Cot'toii.wR*. JONATHAN T. TK^rfTER, R Hamlin rabcoc.. JOHN COOPER, .lit., CHARLES C. PINCKNEY, M/OiIAEL SNYDER, THOMAS 00ILVIE. 1>E0ULAR DEMOCRATIC, ?????? ?*v People's L'alon (flyraciite). Miil^prndont Dcinocrattc. K#*nt and Tiixpaynm1. Gerninn Union Lfi*gur, And othar aeIondwardin"e"nth' Twenty.flrgt and Tw?nly ForConnet'man. ALEXANDER BRANDON. yAXPATERS' NOMINATION. *0* H4TOK, oeorqk or py Kg. ORISWOLdI1"!" LJVI"OSTON. Chairman. ? ft SMSSgfe rro THE LABORINO CLASSES OP THE HRST WARD, 1 and ibe public in gennai.? Wc, tlMftBdemneO. do con. trndlu th? ?tntcm- nt or Mr. Thomaa Define, of 107 Green wich air**t, ptiMl?hi d In h handbill and put In circulation vr?i?rrtaT, the 2d Inawnt, aRa ??! Mr. Fei nando Wood, about ibe rough irrwtinent ha had iecelred at hl? office, and the re fuaatot worl|jAjjgs RVAN, 7> Orecnwleh ?trret. 1)A'. II' UUWWWnWi MOnMnwi h otreet. HE i'El>ri,K'S POLITICAL ALLIANCE, PLEDOED t, i <i*n by the Union, and to npp .rt ll? conmltutlonal rtpreauuiattvea in auaiaimo,; the Hag ol oji cu tntryl For Mnyor, OSOHCS OPDVKE, A WILLIS, C'liaK man. B?W1 vi. Wsilt, St! 'r. tary. POLITICAL. . . ^ y "ur* JA.MKkS JIA.j LiS V, Atd'Tinftn Fourth district. ?<??? DISTRICT- NINTH. H> ' Sutoeuth ui, , Ki?h , . ntb w.rda. For CttUih < OU JOHN M. KYEU. Gm DISTRICT. ? . ? JOHN II. COLUN8 in i lie Deni. crauoiancWitu. for Alderman. GTII AI.DKRMANIO DISTINCT. i.U 'l LAK N Wii'NAl. L.MliN, (JCRMAN I.KAOUK AND i'liOl'I.KS I NI. >1 NdMlKAIluK ' rur Altem mi. JOUN VAN I INK. Union j };? Oertnan I*W,e | WlUi^r $$$!& i#"1"' I'nunltt* L'nlnn JURUKi.h >. M I !XI: R. i 'hnirniao. roopurttnton JmuMAS H. HUNT, Secretary. 7TH b'SKATORMI. DISTRICT i Uib, I'Jib, '.nil, iflst ..II I W.I tVurdj, M>JI COOWCIL.M .!>. ALEXANDER ItKANOOV. Comiiutn 8? vhmtm Dimui<;i - Mr. Al under ItrandoB, the pi ? . *nt repic-eiitutlve in i|jf M .i.idot l'?uuc., Iota t.eeii rrno'iiinatiMl for that pMmlOn, wl?h the men favoraidft proxpjetM ol hUiVM. In a lilH.oii to tin' 1 cjvitt-ir detn i- ratio nomination, Mr. Hrnniloti li is been endorse il. iw h--. et ?l other org?iii*i-t;i>i s, mill tM? Insure* lit* ?u<i<e?i/ev no a doubt. Ii Hilj.-tr.Mr Ilr.milon 10 t> u ?* Hint, kliiuc iila urn advent In the i*dBce In- now hoHlR. hr Iiiih 1 1 1 . 1 .? I fat hJ'nl y at iOU I'll \,o tie lir ? (1 nt l i . ? i-'rvt, Mini Inn io -t t rii K l,,i , .? r ;m 10 ?r. bo proud cf the Id ;hiy cre lliuhlr nMin>?- l)i w.'11-h lie liaa reprvwu I'd tbvm. lie 1111; o n v i xi-r'cU his tnllui'iK C tu se cure 111 ?!>|'r pr, allow from the city f.>r tin reliel of t li - i. ml li?t* 01 till luaiv follow* wild aio liKlit'Ofl ih - battlen of their l oiialrjr.btn I'.o ha ? peronnally aupurtUi ?- ed 11* distribution a the 1. pper Arsenal; and wheu tho fund wu? ethane. d, Mr. llr. union ( u ne?|j -xerierf hlmM'f by ? olle -ilnu t ? v?'a contribution* to tCC< r<m? Die tvani.w hundred* ?b. Hnevr uo other source to An i. a-.Hlstanee from Mr. R1.1 4? a emphatically m>wm| 011 'lie Union qm t'on, l.i 11 w'l-te n wai, iv nd cm la aricui every one can piace unlimited . n la <-1 .ii ik 'en <a. it* iieaerve* t" be rtvkttod. ? Sunduy Jlouiir*, Dee. 1. ^ Vj_ __ 7TH \V \R|t. -AT TUB SOLNtfTATKMf f IK m anyrk i i-p i-iiiblr icn > iit<"'' tla* So en ii ward I renwued to Vlow wyr nuine %u t-e uned na n id-l tcT Sc.1' ?u Commiv aioiiar (,. itiat aard; b t a^ tb- -111 iMmcli 1 * eloiifon I tl'ul th il p t'tifi h v b coin.- hi m *o l u|< 1 I'D % lio 1 oi'itf m ll'al lh ij m s 1 11 tsno m w ' Wo 1 h in ike ag'.o l * uo?il oOl ?'? 1' bin mih.r " iti b.- u unnm i?>litl e.ant" S i(h a * ? e of th.?s? ia quite its a.. 1 111 tn ui ?. T e |iu' le s (1 ?? th' ? i n. s <<f o 1)111 t ' ? ? ?houlil, like the great ilvr* tbat Ir lg.ite and fertt UetUi a 1!, lie le t fr e ,;u t 11 "i m t d, an ? no ,.u?J uj J (xiUil.-ial Hi Ineen .n ei..w ) on er to ? n ir e th "If i.tti'ot (mo'. A? I nl th> II o be the ma', I thor.n.r- decuno I olnK a eon I late, ?nd would auggeal t'wt t r ? 'id -or un oti'ne of s " b vital imixirtanii to th- |iu lean- prf-a* good n prelliiiiiiarjr evaiulii itlon of ib rqu.. 1 0* I ?" su ? '<? ie made, .rc their nam mo subnn :e.i to the* Unjaoe of Ui*' jwopi . TiiO MAS M(. uiiiioH. 8' TH AND aSINTH WARDP. Kcijular iK'nKjci jitr ,irul lTnion NomluaUon# TliJrU J D? -iriei. rou I'oiiUK J08in:t:. RUiiKUT L. LINN s Til AND 9T11 WAltDii.-TlUtf?) .lUDItJIAL DISTRICT. U''liUluV ? -I'U^Tran nomination. * jl* .uHcSj'tail'"'. WILLIAM DtlH.iB . JOHN .MiNil OJ., Cbunn-.M. WltMASf C-L??Ktr, J aanehiT.ei Isaac Wiu.u as, tM r?_ 9rii WAttn. 1>KMUCKAT10 UNION NOMINATIONS. F ir School Ooinmlaiiioner. Al.KKICT it ilDtiKUf. K r Inipeclo', >NDltK W MAI H liWSON, Kor Tni?.?<w, JOHN McNtCOfj, HUNKYJ W K8T. 10 ?TH ALDKKMANU' DISTRICT. KOR Af.DKKMA.V, (JEURtiK A. JtlO.MIAH. Ilozart 11*11. Tjt. ntanv H?'l. M1CHAF.I. KANE. Ch'n. ISAAC II. BROWN, Ch'n. Joun Hakbisuio.n, Sec'y. John ,/. DraoNti, .v c'y. 1 ATH Al.DKKMAN'IC DISTRICT. -AT A JOINT MEET JU mg of the In ends of tiKoiX1* A- .lerem.ati and i* . net Flannaitan, held at No. 13i? First avenu. , on Frhlav , No* em ber W, a communi-ation w??? ri'Civ d front Vr. p aim. ga? wltliilratrli.g his name at a <a ididale, in order to prevent tli! electlonofa republicm. Ou motion ol Mr. Ri'iliy, Mr. Jeremiah ?us unanlmnoaly nominated us the candidate tor Alderman iu the Tenth Altlermamc dia'r'oi. THOMAS KENNEDY, Chairman. Thomas McGibnkt, Secretary. TQTH WARD.? FIFTH COUNCILMAN DISTRICT.? J.O Genilen e t? Many ol my friends, apparently itupr. - witli the bellut that my withdrawal aa a candidate lorC nm cllmun was caused by aotne itiakaiisfa t n on m\ part. I would ri'Kjx ct fully stn'to that there never Hat been any cms* for such Impression to axial; tlmt my withdrawal was sol-,* occasioned by pressing business en..iigem< nta, and I nt pr< asly d- sire that ait my triemla will vu. e for and earn *^:ly aoppi-i t my friend John McCuiim'U, w hom lh? cnnvcntloa subsequently (elected at the candidate for said position, oa the receipt ? toy decimation^ JOHN MUUl'iiV. 15 CTH V ARD. REGULAR DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION. UMuN, MOZaLT AND T.'.MdANY, For S' h'O. Coinniliaionet . BENJAMIN VV. BLANCH A RD. DOUULA.S iAYLOR, Chairman of Tammany > '.invention. JOHN I*. UAW, Chairman of Mozart Convention. 16 TH WARD KoHOOI. NOMINATIONS. Unlou ol Mozart and l'.nn many. For 8 hool Commission i. WILLIAM JAY UASKETT. For Iiisi?ciur, JACOB S. MOOKK, For Ti os;#-. i or full term, SAMUEL OSGOOD ai.d JOHN JACKSON. O. I'. SMITH. Chairman. 1QT1I WARD UNION ItETl'BLICAN AN 1) IAX-1'V. AO era nomination. For BcUool Cummlsf loner, Iieinuel Bans*. For8eltool Iliajiector, C.eorg" II. Metcalfe. For School Trn^j^-o.jrA.^. 1 QTH WARD.? A CARD. AO 0 Madisox Sqvavb, Deo. 2, ISd Richard Mcimiv. E?n Snt-Ibave g-eat ple?fcia |p Vpnignhu, aa candid; for Alderman ?,Vi ^ S.KSJsffl Veaimhw aa cajidh ot t jc I ''lybe^^i district in y .ur favor, Tjjjjjuen'*^. yyuc >.,-ha!f in to-mnrron e shall throw mj ifijli Uon. Ol 61 WARD. Z1 REGULAR DEMOCRATIC JNDEi'EN DENT ASSOCIATION NATIONAL UNION NOMINATIONS. FOR SUU</'?l. COM.MI.SSIOSKB, ANDREW V. STOUT, j 1101 iinaiions. ? ii'jti'ifinai icra, no '?r Mayor ? C. Godfrey Gunther: li Be;, a ri-il district) -fj.tcob M. L< John K: Ice, Alex, Brandon, C.'lia oAd WARD NATIONAL UNION AND PEOPLE' 8 ?t?l racusei Union noMln.uions.? Iloadijttariers, No Seventh avenue. ?Per " ~ ? CobRctltnen (Seventh D. BiugitaiM, Jc IMnckncy, Win. J yic, for School Commissioner? Dr. N ? C. Busted; for tjchoel Truat'ea? Cliua. E Siruma, D LUrk; forScliocd Inspector? John W. Dockburn, !?'. M AC-t1 4 ft f, \N, Prvaident Nanotinl Union. J|BSKi SNVDKR, I'ro't People's (Syracuse) Pnk' "'^11 "* 'Vnftsi'fi'iiit' " I AIjA ROE ASSORTMENT OF FIRST Cl.nO HO) hold Furniture at private Kile, at a atscriiici.-^ octave rosewoe I Piuitoftirfe, cost $<KAl, lor $2^', Jncl i Stool mi'l Cover; Ilintii:; Room 6.1I1, solid r^ . u ?'<l. for $140; ou<> for $itX); )'.ie.t;ei'ca, Centro Ttl.dc., 1 fn,^ I aee Cu. rair.ji t'uiivw, rosewood iicJi cad, 15 ?mi on ' 1 i c an It : r $100: Hliraml ,spt /ti? tifi '??, itTitnkev-, Glass and Stiver W.ire, ??d 1 ?2 titles too mime a)ciui"ii. Alii ij>; uni t at liul' KUmltnie nil ftiri.Uhed l&V Mav. and in exc;, cut . Inquire nt VP Woat "f ?re,niy.?;?th ?' re t, nearS >tb avom HOUsHllOLD FURN'ITUUE AT f'RIV W rl for ca-l,.-l: ,, tov Pi.,nofort5i V.-"' ?*"1 V."" l??*Ohl lor 01'.' rosewood parlor mil', ^ 1 ^ ? tmTot m' $7.1; alao. all kind a ..f f'arlor,' Sl'at Fnrnfuue. Apply *.l E.T.tXw?nl?'*\ Ct * ?' Lexington ana Finn ill menuen. ^ FOR SALE? LARGE LOT OF HOC'seiioFjD tore, nearly new, i'inioia, Ac. ; aiao Vv anl T' or ojtch.inco forasood Llqti.ii' Sioae ,.r Grot'*"?' l*?"a giv -il. Addreja F n niture, box 1 00 Herald olilcv' JUTvNITL'IiE.-7'ASrr FAID-^ FOR 8ECONO J ' Fnrtiitnre, Mirr irs and C?rp"t?. Country talis att' tx?. Adlreaa Furnituio Siore, DtO Hudson siree'. A asaorlmeni of aecond baud furniture ou hand at the atcre, cheap, l or cash. HO Ij > I'* HOI *D F C K \ ITU R iT* WASTED?I WIM p u-eliaje $1,200 or 11,400 worth ol Household F'trn fo which I will pay cash. If not too expensive in qi A. y family wiNhnv t.* biv ak nc houaefceepin^ may f line or call ou Mr. Mathi wi. 1 h3 F udon atreet , hOAIf OFFICES. AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS 8TKEFT- MONEV TO LOA unv amount on Diamotida, Watchea, Jewelry, ,1 the well known and obi eataol.ahcd ISAACS, Broke Coinmtwion Merchant, No 9 Ch.un'jcra aircct N. I bualneaa transacted on, T 77 BLBECKE8 STREET-MOKET LIBER advanced to auy amount 011 dlumonda, watcbea, Sr. pianos, aegars, dry jcoodK, Ae. jf. B.? Pawobt cketa bought. H. NEKTON, 77 Blceckei atreet, up 5 T66 NASSAU STREET, ? A. HO.NIOMAN, DIA! broker, makea libera) advances on Diamonds, Wi Jewolry, 4c., or bnya them at full va ne, at his private 06 Nassau street room No. i, up atatrs. Business coi tlsil. ATM SEVENTH AVT.Nl'E, THIRD HOUSE A Fourteenth street. ?A large, handsomely fin front Room on second fioor'to I t, with Board, to a la g?nflem?n or JiTQ alngle g>nllemen. References ff! A T 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DOORS WE j\. Broadway? Money advanced on Wuichea, Dia Jetreky, Flute, Dry Ooo'l* and persontl properly oj deaoriptioB, 01' bought and sold, by JOSErll A. J At auslioueer and broker. Liberal advances made on dim Watchea, Plate anil Jewo'.ry, or bought for iW hllbeswprlce. Pe raona haTlnij old ClcM or 8llr<r to ? not do belter than call on LUUItf ANKR'H, 723 Bro ?Oft nnn T0 advance, by henry htm, <P*Jv?vv/U Broadway, room No. 3, on Walcbi moijdt and ui<>rchaiid:fe of c?rry de?crlp*!o'i, froti ! upward*. M?rrhant* jn want of money will do well , Builneta atrlctl; coDlidrntial. KXPH^SSKS. * BI'K.N'HAM'S FIBNITIRE EXPRE8S A<1) J\ ? i i.K ent.iblislinient, 1115 Wi at Eleventh atreit, b Fifth anu SU'.h ?venue*. Houwhold furniture 6<n" a ippeit to n. I |ikrt.i of the world. Covered wfoui* m?u >g fnrnlturf oi t.iroille*. Fumltnnitorri. ' jMHRtSTM.AS PUESKNTA? THE""' MOBRI8 KxJ \' ) at i < 'ii i d b> the n.o.t InOuciitlal foreign lm-et city, will tell> i In i\ny own lu ( B. Italn II p enntAlmmChi atmai I'r I'^ntu, In lini?f<r th" Inlli ( I :<>.?' bt to i.'.e mil,, .r Kri ! iy Dpi: mher 6. Dell Fran Germany and Switzerland bd'ort It Jt ] I'h U . ??U.p|. . Hat "in I.J ? ??. ry n'p.imer. i. moiuuh, M btti ?

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