Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1861 Page 3
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,A?;?l.OF! RE All K (STATE. a r?' ,m *?r f?t, -*lt.inarv, Vl. ,? ? " V, . I r' f' l"1*'"' f": aeoM.tiy "N ir<>'|. , iiy taw h , ,i * u '" ? '''JT l.watlnn iK'.ubiuili), f'Ui.. e, \\ tini'," 'T," '""" '? 1 ? r Ire on t .< t>onejr Island l<uml. B? A goua -i V . . ?), St ;?.] J,.. , , . . li ' " 1' li'li-ij 111 ll"? from Vewabodt lurid n;: price jli.OOO: no iuetimbraneej eowa, hor#??, ,*<?., A"'. Wo. id divide tbe Mm* or ? il i ?? if for city or Netvaik i ri[>erty. Other Fa-ruts, Milk u.t Cuuntra si?i?, ?i 111) Pill. a. ior jale ..r I rutin. iv II. MKLll'K. 407 Rroa Iway. ?<???? /" fiiajw : fUi ic/ <? of i i'tfi >? i y ? tu m>i F 801 TUWI0K A WOOD. 82 Naaiau street. r>0R BALE- AT war PRICES, A DKSIRABLE KEW . at no* iroatlKiUM!. No. l!W Forty eighth street, uoar T in avenue; |j ? ihi>- f.'l ./is) oaali; it i/i ri.:iiljr worth iliHlO; walnut antra, in \% .tylai la . glasa, nod umuogany (>? I iii.k In entire front, hee It Immediately. MLE? OK WOt1 1 J) BE EXCH ANGED FOR A raroi wuhitt WW mill's of the city, or fur vacant L. t?, i 4irec "I'V Basement tn k. Uiium*. Ni\ -61 V? > at Tbtrty Brst itn r |. 4iKO, t he Houses nll'l J* 't? S". 327 Tenth are ?ue, Ac. A; p.y ui ; i?; It-n.b avenue, to the owurr, Farm for h vi? cheap? near a principal ' KJ n New Jersey, and freouent tram* to the city, on a IB* "?';r iU'rluiiltl/ig the bay; in good hutiduga, feme and niHivatii'ii nuil iaiij o! >x< i-K'ut quality; ? rm? cbancu to jet tt good V; in. SOl'TIIWICK i WOOD, 82 Nnawmstri^et. Farms. CUISTRY SKATS, and PINE RBKDSXCES, ronvenleit to the city, uuil railroad faciillia of tint best 1U.irn. li r mm tpH.i'le*, and . f va com alxe* aa>l prlcet. For ?kieand lo cici nuwliv Hi'ooklyn prupMty, mi 'l UW tok A WUOD. ti N.i -jiiiu street. IfOR HAl.E-A DAIHV Oil ORAIN KAUM, (JONTAJN inj; U.'^ acre#, m-gc -t' ee hou?e. ontbull.lmi;M; well wh KmmI; twraty mlMr.m Nw Yi.rfc a id lb roe fr- ar a deij.a, on ht'ErinR ilroaliu iUli ? ild i ti?up. AiMiv.ia U. 8., bo* 192 UeialJ uiluv. TilOR KALE FOR fASIl? TWO HOL'BES JN BROOK V lyn, bpautli'illy l? atc.l, w*'l rented, vnlnedat $5,001); eK 'h n or'i;ii. eiI for four >earH to run. Clrcuina'aneea bavu liaunMieJ u itl'in v. dus tliat cnninl a hh1? al aty *..<??! lice. K. D. RICH ARUSON A CO., H2and W Nanaaii ft. F<iR sai.e-;t. WOCLD EXi HANOE FOR other ini|ieriy, the snlenillit?ru|i?ny nearly 100 feet on W*?h liint" i a ,i; :re mid aUeit45f?. t on Waver ey |ib'.e?. Ther.' ?u: now mo In n es an 1 ai.dl. lent around lor ihrre more. Inumie <if JosEi'll E I?A.VO, N". U Cliambera alreei. H H ?No HgenU lie# d apply. F'0!l BA'.K? TllREK FARMS, IN ULSTER COPNTV, New V?rk| wtib dw Mni, liarua, ? utlinuaen, .te. A tm"!l lm?r ive i Fi.rm, t i mlTn :'n>in ibl* city, in New Jer li i or Ihland, will b<: uiket tu tineliiiuue. KKKCIt .-ON A S.VKDEiJOR, V> Nasti-iii Btreet, N. T. IjHIR SALE? OR EXCHANOB VOR UNTNCUMBERFD T real osuie, an ententive Puuu>?'tt|iblc E^iablishincir on Bi<o.idwuy; ooiniiinilioua room*, valia.ble aiK-elmena and In ftninienti., eo?ily inrnl'.n-eand liiu.n*, with an esfeelient and r?i i ly in rc asiu, cash buaiuecs, ai.d only nominal eip. -n-en; lultaoie for any .< ntl'!man rei)iunng a pernmnrnt raah in Mute. Price joo. Addrei-a, with fill dea. riplive partial liii*. Retlienreut, HeraM ofljcit. nol sE FOR 8 vLE OR EXOHANOE-A GOOD FOUR . t>ry brink Home, on Broanw.i\. VilHaniaimrK. with lanre "wrv, marnle man ela, Jte. I?i t '?do i'or a good eor ?er L ipinr or Grocery Store, Fancy Uoo ?, But< h?r, Ch?e?e ar tlardwar- Slore. I Hill give a go' d luce. Ii in a good Cham e to K> t a b"Une and loi orever. A| ply at houae, of ad Aran* No. #j Dlmalin atreet. Now York. THE TWO FINK THREE STORY BRICK HOUSES wKb all uiodern ImproTeuienta, No. Si LufayeifJ avmie and No. 90 Elliott place. B ooklyn, will be roa attUoMer Bi.aiaa Kxchaiij.rt, Dec. uiber 5, at WoVlock. Salt! po?l live an<l Ici iuh '-a?y. COLK A CHILTON, Anetlooaera. S'O EXCHANtiE? $1.4il0 TO tl ?(10 HEAL ESTATE. FOB Keroarne Oil or S. gara, or colli. Addreta K. Aytea, era lil office. No a^ent* need upply. Three brick dweluxos, rented to good truant*, nitrkaiml lor ali"iil one-ball. iocall"ii in ll-ook tyn, to a le for .ou'l vacant loin in Brooklyn. Address the ?wner, W. M. Little, Br'iokl>u 1' jatotUce. Wanted to purchase, cheap, or in ex. chain"" for hardware, from two to tour Lots of Qronud (with a modeiaic f Izetl Hoiikh preferred), In a reod loeaili n, in the eustei i. part of Bro ken or above Fortieth t'rccl, New York. Add 'ens, rat tig location, prlco and terms, W. F. B., to* Ii? Herald ollioo. FOR SALE. ABt'TCHERS SHW FOR SALE? SITUATED ON ONE of t ie best avenues lu the city, snd lu a first cliim MU;hhoi'uoo.l. and doing n profitable bu.-lnese. Ri h?'m for itl'iU ' i ut will be made known by applying Lu L. 11. MACE, 111 unci 113 East Houston A barker shop fob rale-cheap, splendidly fctird up; In a#)-t ia-s hot-iou Broadway. It hi.-, a t jo<1 of custom. Cku-h of selling the nwner hat other business. 943 Broud\v..y, St. Germain Hotel. Any party haying two on thres iron i.amp p ?? -, or Lamp P-Ms with gUss Ijuuipsor Globes at tache , snl'Sle to hund n front of a saloon oil the sidewalk, for sal,-, can i in d a ea*h c ostomer by sailing on or addressing a lino to C. J. C.,S57 Eighth avenue. ArOOD VP TOWN DRt'G STORE FOR SALE? OX 8 ,-und avenue; Fixtures, Stock, Ac, ftll complete; wU be so ii or #10 ). i'ar.les wishing to engage In thin Imsln- -.s will ilml tliis worthy of then attention. Apply to UltE A HOYT. 37 Park row. A FINE STOCK OF TOYS AND C ANDIES, INCLI DINU flur.resot store, hotisehol I urnltnre, *e., wl'l he sold for- f _\V). Very low rent and uesli a ne location. Any puny bav.i.g that ? mount ? til Jo well to maminc tie Inducements oilen-t!. to r BH ?* HOYT, 87 l'ark Row. A SKIRT FACTORY AND GOOD WILL FOR SALE, and f' r the following re? on* Is valuable:?' T!i ! flit'iies an I "i two io r are complete ami In first rat- nrner, and In a> ount s u III' lent to maou.a tare about $100, 00U wur:h of iklris yearly. 1'be business well established. and name well ? n ?. tavo'n1>ly known, and with arooil list o! customers Any per?on woh the a d of these now r charge, C n 'earn all (ho details of the hi-slncss in a w 'kg time, Cxpl al required n t a ye. An active iiarty, with ?nne means and credit, can be | )<i< < d at < n e In a uon.l positi- n and without risk. Ad. 4re '. with iim reuud mean- at command, B. A H., box 3,361 N. Y. Pout ofllce. F Dri:o store for sale ?a rust rate stand for h German apothecary; choice stock and good I ,-se; the owner being ? pii Hela i . -annul attend to It. Pi lee f'lH), easn. Persons wlrhotit the cash need not spply at the store. Fourth av- n e, j.e.,r Kx-i Fifty-third street, between the boars ol' 7 and 9 o'clocM'. M. T\RI.-0 '--TORE FOR SALE? LONG ESTABLISHED: J ? go el loi ai iy, well stocked, nnd itui <( a tair bu-iness. f .o.l location for a p'.ysl- 'an or ; on ncommen- ii.g business, Ap 'ly ul 2i.# oeventli arenue, OR SALE? THE \P, A GOOD FIKE PROOF SAKE. A) ply at 115 Maiden lane. For bale? an office bvstness, with a small s i h ; ? -ta Msh-1 eight ears; receipts $2:1 to $:)! p.-r week; espouse , #1 per .!?v. Alio, a valuable Patent anil all L'apers with 111 ? p ?e? of the ood*. F. D RICHARDSON, 83 and M Nissan stiect. FOR 8 ALB? A DREG STORE, WKI.I, LOCATED ON A leaning ilioro -tliuie, do n. a lelr business. A cond rhani-e lor a phyalc uii, or would be suitable for a German, Audress Drills, Madison square Posto.lice. IpOR SALE-A NEATLY FITTED LOOKUP BCTTEB att'l Po.iltry S ,ind, with lee Imj.-g i.n 1 fixtures com pl te, situated in otie of the best market-. For particulars apply to Air. J. D. Bf.OOM FI ELD, i tand 41, Cllntoa market IflOB SAI.E? A TOY AND CONFECTIONERY STtlRE, ' we i I' emcd an i doiii ? a go ?i bttsl iexs; Iten p rent ; w ili be sold by lnvintory. A g -o.l place and opportunity to get business. Uuticr. l Agency, Jio. CS Nassau street. For kale partner wanted.? a skwtng M; cinue I 'i/mriony, desln us of enU-ndfng till 1r n -sines', Will receive h Purio. r, wl.h it itn $(i,C0) ,o sflrt.u&j. Recent Improvi incuts lor vv ulen til.S patent Was o! ia in- 1 prove It to be superior to all others, and ns an Investment It will be shown tc lie moat prontahle, an full nnd sails ?"tory parllcu lars will I e furn shed and explanations tln u by odd es Ing S'-u-in;. Ma nine Company, Joui ni,! of 1 'oir morcc I Tor PALE?TH L RI t; HTFOin^Tiw YORK AND THE Eastern States of a valuable Patent. Aipl.'to THOMP SON A <,'0., S7 l'ark row, rooui 22. Also patent* aud rights Wanted. TT>0R HALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTI'RES OF AOIIO JC eery m.d Liquor cmre, in ihe i nirni ( art of t.'.o i i : > . For part cul rr. Inquire ai 201 Wushin^ioa street. For sale? a small gro< euy and liquob Store, doing a first rate business and well situated. Call at 1'I5 Cherry street. IpoR S.< t.E? ONE OK THE BEST O.BOCBBY BTAMD8 ' !n Br- ?.it iy n. Choice and well selected stoik. Cusn tiade. T.-rms to a real ptirehaser t,ia -e satisfactory. In quire of ,1, CUAKJVliS, 217 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, be tween 11 and 4 o'clo k. FOR SAI.E-CIIEAP for cash, POSSESSION GIVF.N on the Ut ofib montb, th-' Sto"k nn 1 Fixtures of the old est bli. bed Statiouory ami Periodical Store, 1&5 Third %r#nuo. ?OB SALll.? ' TUT! BEST LOCATED TEA, COFFEE aud Grocery Store in t ie ilty. Must l e sold. as ii;e owner Is 1-av n;; the c.iy. The business is ? ?qd pays a large pivHt, tHS'.LZ^rw"t> r,mo"'ne'' 2 ?> xi? ? ? <?a f:i tisfy themselves. IMPORTANT TO GOI.D HEATERS.? PARCHMENTS far s.tle ut THOM \S WIUl.KY'S, lClM.ittstre.-t A! -o, F. Pnekcrldgi-v Moulds at the |ov-,-at nnt set price, 'orrmli oulv. Aiao, tJold Liaf, Huriauted to bnrn^h, cheap 'or casli. THOMAS WIGLEY. Restaurant for sale-very cheap, in con s q't nee of other en i."ments, l<and?n;nely litteii and fully furnished, on a principal tbon.ti hl'are, doing a lnt-pi) bu.-ni'-'; a good chatr e to rnako money; or will ex. haugtf forai'.tnn orrenlde: i-v hi il'TilWICK A WOOD, S3 Nassau street. STEAM ENGINE AN!) BOILER-VEHY CHEAP FOR cash, three horse, in lirst rate con I I on, Apply lit Juiin K. Baluvvlti'* Job Prlntiti,- e. III Fuiton ?tre.-t, rfo HE SOLD" CHEAP? EITHElt THE WHOLE ~OR 1 pi-t oi . -'" K <iii-l iinurw ot L-l-t'i r S:i-re an i Oysicr Saloon, situated at Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Apply ou the pr mlses. rpo glue, comb and curled hair m a nit v: 1 turirn.? Fnt -ale a lit of Hm ?? .itid Tads. In >?- oil order, Suiiaide for iilue, oorub c.n.> euried bail Tiiakln .. Impiir* at the liide !iiiti.?n of t'.e Ph.Li.;c Inla Hide and Tallow Asso ciation, WiMow street, above Eleventh. <fc 7 Pi jfiai "an iTco N f kctioneby bo. as east ?P I Tw i-lftk street, lioar Bro.'.dw, y, for sale t*i--tay, to. Jift; fl tur- s alone c< s i ver SlUO: i?oo:i stoek: b- t stand in tho city; owner in other business. Apply oaly to-day troia 1 to 3 P.M. <?>"i o/y -stock and of the lining ?PAOV/ rooms. No. Clj Btoa.vsey, corner of T.veitih street. Bat, with n -i-r and porter pumps, OVrtei stand, boic*. tn'iVs,*. cha'vs, <ro keiy, kuive., torks, urus, Ac. Relit only suln-n dollars per month. (tar.n CAS1L? FOR SALE, THE STOCIt, FlXTl'BES and Good Will oi the Voy, Stationeiy snd PeiiO. dwal Store i..i Sixth avenue, one co.,i a ove Fiftci ntli sit' c.t. Location ntisurp isscd. Rent moder.ite. Apply nil the pre nirses, in the et cuing, after six o'clock. No'u;er.u mtl apply. WIJVES A\l> LHlOltS, C1H0ICK WINES AND LIQCOI.8, HV THE BOTTJ E I Bill - emijohn, f fan !y - , n .. on... cd Mi Hi Inimc. iv i.e and ule vault- or 01 - BUT A PAllSlTNS, com-rol Brosi-iy anffLiberty str*?s ..i.i?r t e \ ? o ?auk. ~ MUStCAl.. ? W ?.;v, i;nt : r rv 7> r ?. R' ? viki'i ?At.' ?. ? Mr M. . . .J 1' ?> *>tm - r ? : m tier in. ( . . ? r r< n r ' ??% i I' '? i ? I i h. t >.ii? a, i..?ae 1.1 I "i ?; : i . ? >m w-urrt by el'y irxkem, lulv tfm rant cd i t"T iireej im been in ti: o uutai'vca uioutl.s. ooatS ?''0, 1 will tx> o ! tc- fJ ??, It 1 u'ln, S'md and Oovi r; aNo *? j i ant au?urlin?m u l)r>twiiig liooni Ktirmtuii', 1'aiwln .*, i Mir urn Vnw . Br "/ *, 1 1 '? '*a limn bait the nHgta I eoit. j Injure m 70 W mi Twiiul.y.>iuth Mi;*', h> ai tilxili av uuo. t ?4lfiAiv? *115 nn r:\vo(?r> ftll seven oo. A lav 11.11 I nearly I.I'W, ciaC J&V'. h. at du ul ? k-rs ill i? rf. ( i iwJcr, witli *11 m' ?mii Iiiii riMunonla. N. 11 ?No mui'tinii It o 1 1 ih" above i to vo 'hade Apply a! 368 Rower*. JOHN" McJ ONALl), Receiver. 4 KAVfl.V DMIWKOA FIHftT Cf.A?S HI ANOKOUTR, J\ ? hlcb nt Ui. re luonlli* ats.i#4.'<l, ? lit ha ?M ii now lor HW). nr. I r.'ii'r.l for !;** year*, II i a 1 ? (ill curved ease mill IfgH, with solid pi' U'l Ury*. i !' "mi fr.iini\ mv..i'?i. u.ijj bars, nnd a very <-u.>et xnd powerful tone. A family dea.i. tan It MI liable plana * il ?: I H iitti-g .in by applying ai No. 116 Kast Thirty -fir- < atreet near Tli lr. ? a'-enne. Depot ok the au:x \svur. orca v, Koi Churcl es I'll*!" ? . School* and Drawing Rooms, 'Ji'i Uroadway. SOi.E MEDAL OF HO.VOit Hi the Universal E*hlbltlon of 1-465. Till* in*enl8r?nl Instrument (uMrated In the IT tilted States May 3, 1X5W), Willi h Ihe brilliant perfonnunra f.l THAl.BI.KO, VIl.ANOVA and MLLE. WRLLIA have rendenda* popular .n Ann- ilea aninRiirci ??. iMnbeen adopted by the l;r atest artlftts and coinponei* ox both con'l neuta. IMiTTHI'lIALII, T,!-'ZT. KOS :JNT, M RYKKHRFR, An Ac. I lie Alexandre Oraan I* rciebrated for the Kolldily kii.l cUion ul' ii? id. . lini.f- in, ui ne|) n.s r<>r the fulmeso and power of its tone, and ilnn-markable quality of keeping ix ricctly in time in nil i l riiate-. *?*' ife.'1'1 ot' *'<*>. >160. $186, imiaw, A deaortptiv# circular amit to any .ddre>a on application to 15. FABRlii ; UETTliS, Jr.,:winr'i*.lwa?, Importer of Buwoa An^ordeona. Vhwin*, Violin gtrniga, Jt? T IOI1TK A BR\OBI'RY'H NEW 8CALH OVliRSTRONO I J Vakl rai?r.t InHiilaicil Kull I'mmn (linud an. I S<| lore Pianoforte*, 4tl llruome atrret. Whikt everybody my* mitt lie iru i.;e?erynnjjr uj > Jiey are Uic be#l, therefore tliey imu>i i.? Hie uwrt. ML. .1. DESCOMBE'S 1'fANO WARfcROOMS, No. 149 ? Ninth Ktiwt, iietwei n Hroadway and Fourth avenne, A beanfji ul a??ortiiieiit ul Wryel Krcnch upright I'lanoa lor aale or lo let. VTEW MUSIC ? THOM JS ?\KEH'S NEW WALTZ, i> TUB LAI KA K.K1..SE WALTZ. uiano, prit ?C Sir. The moat Senutlfiil ana popular wh1iz of the seaiou. HORACE WATMi.- HM III aai\ tij and Ml muair Millm. TUB HORACE WATBB8 PIANOS AND MBLODBOK8, an ; Alexandre Orrai n. are i!ie flnent iuatrtimein* ior purlor* and cliuivni a now in us.'. A lar>:c irtinent can at 'lie new wareiootnu. 4?>1 Broadwaa-, between Orand an.l llrooiue atrceta, wi.l.'li wilt be noUl at ev.n-mel) low prices. 1'latioa ami Meiodlotia froth ?undrr mak< ra, new and aerondband,to let, and rein allow- d it purohuited a? peragreeuient Monthly paynienis rerelvod fi>r ihe xanie. plieei Muatc, Mualc Books, ami all kind* of mualo meirhan dim*, at war pricef. A pianUt iu atiendunce will try new IXSTItt'CTIOW. AN BlfOUSH LADY, ACCUSTOMS? TO TUTTOON, v . uld lir hap y to :akf r|j?i ge ,>f a famlli griug iO Cali fornia, a id would undertake to lnstri"t :Um in tinting, French and the usual branches ot polite leu. ale education. Aildiess A. M., Miuliaon aquare 1'oMt office. AT $2 ?>- WRITING, TWENTY LE3-ON'S; POOKKKEP IDS, double ? ntry, $10, iinllnlied lea on a Wilting end A ijithi' .i-ili*. $10 ) >t ij lartcr of 74 le-sona > ach. tia boaery And 2SS Fulon atrect, B>">>kl>n. "Aa a *p>ndld penman and skilful leather Col. l'aino I. as uo auperlor." ? Newport Kent. . Academy ok bookkeeping, arithmetic, wri tins, Me. 9K2 Rroa war. For fifteen years <n auoceaxinl operation. Students ana wttdved da} au<l rvciiiuiz, And tin - roughly and earetully lined for ilie counting room or active busineaa, upon the moat favorable tern.s W J. RENVILLE. Best sustained boardino seminary in thb ritaie. 91 10 per year. Brick buildings for ladiea and g?ntl"nien. Ablest n-aohers in all departments. Winter term, Deo, 5. Address Rr.r. Joseph K. King, Fort Edward Inatltute, N. Y., en the Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad. FRENCH ANDOGBRMAN LANGUAGES.? PROFESSOR K. TELLERISG. ?W Broadway ! e lal.i sbft.1 11 1888 >, will Tt-J apvllostlona for private inatruetlon In the alwv.e*nl other language*, and make traiis.a.lona. L siona en v. lie mm au uotnTelie. Bnaalgue l'Angliua aiu e'trangera. IriBENCQ OB GERMAN LANG PAGE, BY AS EXPB 1 t'.i n< ed Purls'., m lea?'lier, either at hlo own residence or thoar: of lila pupil*. M>eri:U an hour or twelve eliecks for $S. Address J. Barrier, 30 East liountoii street. "11T.A KTK D? F O R A SCHOOL IS THE <HUWtRY. AN ff Italian teneber, able to teach the VI olfn a; o Huch a K?:*od will lii d a j*nod find perm at; rut situation, Address >x 4,200 New York Poai office. fi5 a*ciaju~ Attenti on- hol n > a y ph esents^to the old Gouiitr/.-? Money Drafts, for any amount, payable at sight fhro ifchout Eu land, ir. land, franc, Ormany, Ae., fcwld by (J. bCHMIDT Ja CO., Bankers, So. I Chamb ra street, Now York. N'OTlcr. IS HEREBY GIVEN TO TIIK HOLDERS OP the Kiver Li n? Houds, Income Bondn, Dividend Boudu and biliM payable <?i the t'tevcland and I'utKburg i tail road ComiNiuy, wuo wt?h to Avail themselves of the term* pro pj*ea by the ? m. tiy, \!?.at the bv?uks w ill remain op *:n for th- pnrpos'o: (raking exchanppa until I^^mb- r *il, ltdl. Th?* new nmri,,u , j bou 'sof the i-onipany will S" d<-Hver?'d iu exclmnue for tin? above mentioned sefiiritiep at nny time l>e I'oi* thtj tpeciiiod, l?y li. KUigsley, ;it-j VVi. iam atu? t, N'*w York, and at the olflee of ih ? co mjiii.v, m ?:!fteJand, Ohio. N. M? 0l'LLt)UuH, J .? "? id nt. NKW YORK AND NFW II A YEN RAILROAD COM* pany, rurner <?t Fourth nvonue and Twenty-!*' v?uth Htre?,?.? ' Tirumr. r soiree, Nov. 5tl, 18??l. ? The Interest due on tb?* bom'aof ibis e?-nij;any, ll?*e. 1, 1S?JI. will be paid on pre sentation of the coupons at t.i.a o; or ax the hank of the Keptiblie, W. BIIMENT, Ti . a?urer. N AVY AGENCY. CONTRA ? 'TORS* AND OTHER CLAIMS, Approved ly ilu Niivy S t>nf In N-n V ,rk, PURCHASED KY TAYLOR RRt/T.lHl-, HANKERS. 247 HH' )AD'V AY. eorner of Murray atreet. QBDNANCE OFFICE. BILLS APEROVED BY MAJUIt HAGNER ORDNANCE STORES, PAYABLE IN WASHINGTON, PCKCHASKIJ BY TWUtR HROTIIBRS, BANKERS, 247 BHO.vDft'AY, f.irmi ol Muriviy strict. WAB CLAIMS. APPROVED BILLS. PAYABLE BY ANY OF THE CUi KJINMKNT OI'Fh'BRS IN BEW YO/tK an AT WASHINGTON, PURCHASED BY TAYLOR BROTHERS, BANKERS, 217 BROADWAY, corner of Murray atreet. A?) AAA WANTED ON BOND AND MoltTiJVOE? 3pO?UUU ou it1"! .?1 te ' eatati1 at EhhC N 'W Voik. Aiidiia-i li. .1; il.. h j.\ i',071 Now York I'ost ottivo. fHUIAROS. * LARGE BTOCK OF NEW AND SECOND HAND JX 1? lit aid TaK ?, with Phtian'a ? o'nb.iiaii .a CuwlitbDa, for ?:>!<? n* prli-es to suit i etliiKs. PHELAN A < 'in.t.i' ^ m: It, 6,1 to <S3Crob!)jr stroet, N. 7. A FINE ABSOBTMEN'T OF BILLIARD TABLLsTs odtuvd, "n verv J i ixrn I t-rma, by \TM, J. MIAHP, Cnl*V."d with lii, n^'vly InV' i:-' (l I'/iiout ( ona. adinitled ly thobeal jiu'.goalo Ijb i.n- '.t lal, '.d by uny now In use. C< 11 tu ti.? ;.ianu'uctory, 143 Kill on 8uvt't; nlii a fewaccoad hi' n't Tabka. TpOB S,\r,E-A SPIjENDID .STOCK OF NEW AND SE f c?nd liar. 1 Table?, < ht .:|> for e.tsTi. Tables m l"t and ltagu' 'lie j'ablf-i lor !il ?. Order* by mail atteiid<'J I') by Mr. \V>1. H. UHIFFIIU, piwitlcal Billiard Ta 'lc maker, lii> FuitoR itreet. WATCHES ASU .IEWELRY. * LADY, IN LMBaSUJA'-SED CIRCl'MSTANCES, j\ Would liUc t j diepoae oi a iutudiiouia C l?i ii > ? rs ^ Watch, (5harleft Frt dilittoi, Irak r. Aildieni an, I ! , V . . . aquart l'oht oil:"-. QACBIFICB OF DIAJKOND JBWELRY.?A FEW IM O t.Mi 'atitaiid dc'ir ani. It acin b^ im,', at a bargi4n if apri/ied for jtoon. < >11" fioiita, only from 'J till 10 A. M. aad 2 i'Ji 3 i". M. it W. PLUMB, D:amvud Broker, 313 Bruti ASTB OJvOGY. AEONA FIDE ASTROLOGIST.? MADAME WILSON ti l! tin- objnel ofynurvlalt, fives maijio clmrnu njul gootl luck for lile, free ol chare-' ; tet'n o'l eventa nl I . i as!, preai'i i and futur.'j iiuihiiiiuil'ina on h' uneas, aiehu<as, jnarrla<e. cour'siilp, traviiliijf-, <?'. She the uiv .t u',ju derful aatrologist of the B^'e. Oivp]tg|ift < -.11 : ymi ? ill no* ra;;rel It, 1,^0 Aili n stre"!, .iix tloni ? f?. n StaiiUM; nam on th? door. ChvM for ladl; a and getttltmrn 50 ocnta. Be W'aieof linpo i* n. \ STONISHIN&._MADAWE M0BR0W, SEKENTII "^nier.lmiagi;; of I'yr ,'a'"i " now and you ,vi' i luairy,'l y .'i ulili lu vir* thouchta, or no pay; lucky .liaima I-.. , ... 4 .. not to b?' ii.mi l; h-r in??!r. image la now In lu l operation. Ir, I Ludlow str"> s. below ilous' -u. Pile 38 ceutr. Oi'ii.le erirTi you .vi'l i.ian-v,'l y 'i wlull ly know, oven your " ? '? -'.v iharaia ri i ; lux njuil U und; npr magic im .? ? lb* Ludipw ur-H'.t, men U'.'l d Madame ray, 250 seventh avenue, near twen- i tj'-utvi'Mh mi-e l, is.iriJ! I er. :.i! iviio vis t h< r. Tiio i k, ti tblei; and tnlu-liy abotild teat i.?r pow.-rf. S."!' '.ltyour very ihoucltla, lucky u.iuiber., l .ssi'3. L idler., 2o cenia; j;eu tlcmcn, uu cen'.i*. AIRS. Mil 'OK IS Til K tlNLV ill' E CLAIRVOYANT IN ifi i.inai:iy; .It'iimaoi' una..: ???! oinll-bii'-e l.i 'arge ad verdiii'tnent"! ahould fr.!l at line. AU events of life, lurty Iiumb' lv. : ] ii. ar rau.srd. Wail i t ">'*J C.itiftl ?( ,' e'. VT B.? WHO 11 v. NOT HEARD OF THB CELE81XA ? led Mute. PRLWSTEl;, who has b> ^n conaiilte ibr tbouaiuids In this and other iltl. a wi;h > u ire xitis .ictiont Sin- ,'eela co (1 1-nt that she has m ? ::a '. Sit t.-ua t!i iii. tnc oi iiiiuic .. i.''.' or lim'.'i d. and t of ii r vla ter. If yon wi-li truth -iv ? her a tall, at lag; Thirteenth street, b 'i?' ' ii I ir -t and 6*w?ii<l aven ,ea. THE GREATEST WONDER IN THE WOULD IS THE young aiid .leconipll-li ? I Madame B VliON, i rorr Purl , whocinbo ..lasuU 'J iIim .tilct<?i confidence, on .ill allansoi life; reaiores dnniKen and unfalthfu) hisl.aola; h.'.aaa 'eret .0 make ynu beloved liv your heart * Ideal, au i bri. gitojethei- iho?e longaepirate.d. Ladle* 85 u?nla. r.e.l di n ie 90 Third avenue, above Twelfth c.rcet. rrssT medii'm.-mrs. alexia, while in the X ttae.C' smie, deacrtb> a anil nb. ?fi r uUejac*. Mn, A. U ??ry aneciaffiil hi ? flee, (ftp a cure v hi a tie u curable. Aft !>?;. I ?<??>; i lalrvoyant n'ue ha.-, no tntu.1 for cor vet', ut so. ueaeflptluB. AA^llO WOt'LD NOT GO WHERE FORTUNE IST-QO \\ yn, ace * WELLING 1'tiN, the i rem En^daii l'i o pheltea, the beat of all, an J ea'.uot lie eteeilt-d. Cau bec<>n aulfd, pi'raonally or by letter, oil n". i!!.:'ra of lile, ooncern iiig law siiita, joumeya, a'.ment lrl< nd?, lev,-, coitrtf hip, mar* ri.ige, health, wnlib.and who can r ilaim druaen and uu fjiiliful bu-baud Miss W. is the only person In thiee ty who ha? tae ^"iiuluc itmiaii a id Arabian lallstnan >r . e, w od Im '< and all bualiiea* t, and are gun im fir ii:e. Dei.iy no: l toinult tbla naturally g; ttcd aud beautiful v unj: la-ly. Lurky B":nhcrs .,1 en. lil;-l.'* t peeU.bli e ty ?? e i.i"' Can 1 seen at her re let. a, lot Slx'.h avenue, op i ? ? ? El li . ?H 1 11 K BOWERY, NEAR BROOME STli EET.?M VDA'IK 100 W IDG " I ?<>??? t ' ' * uisll a v ;!? 'h1 ? n* ? 1 ? ? ' i l? ? n-'O l>, sie, fiii ? ri ? i a.edi. i: a let aii a.aeurr i, ; lucsy n: ^*ra property ?t or atoli- n. As wr> uoomno. \ IMt'It I ' ? I'll 11 At li' r ..n-'Fits HO VRD I a j ? n it ? i it* to t ie\v 1 1 t-iu..n vi x it ? to 1. urn i'it I.-,) t?v <>? i lite ,i:d Icklius, Apply hi W East I'ne.ty eei-onii street. t T NO. !l-i \M> 11.-. llUO \liWAY HANDSOME Jx Suits of Rooms, with | i ir? ? laele or table d'hoie .rr.? litem-. for gt i th Iloattl Vtwittn " ' ? ri y : - . II* and Twenty-sixth suects, rear the Fifth Avt'iiui llnifi. A PLEASANT HI IT OK RO'iMS, IN A BROWN S f< IN E HoUm*, No. ll West . inth slii- t, iclttcen KiitU nud Sixth avenues, with U ui J Kant ly sunt 1 Asmai.l pa utLY would let, together oh separate, u unit of wrl| rnrni'iij Ko< nts, on Hie tii*t ur second tloor, with parti;.! Braid II' desired. A, ply al SI We i RW'vrnth s rert, nt twi en Fifth ami Sutb avenues. i HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR, ON i Mound ttuor.w lull with r i . a it ? - m i'ui a an i;li' gentleman 1'iie hmse Is modern ; Irulon cligmh", a (|u."thoini? realized, Rrfrren.e- i'vIik Appl;. at -J Grove street, ijt'lwccn Hudson and II e li'T. A PLEASANT FltONT ROOM AND BEDROOM TO lei, with Hoard, to a gentiemau uud wise. A ?o, ball Romus, suitable |..r Mil le gentli-im n. T? mi* moderate. R - ferencea exchanged. Apply si 121 Vet Forty second street. Afrkni ii family will a fiust klooh, law, well furnished Iront Parlor ami ihlrtl unity R on, with nr*t class Board. Apply at 10 West Thirteenth eteoi t, near Filth avenue. 1M moderate. A lew day boirilem ? anted. A PLEASANTLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-TO A laly, w .h or without Hoard, Apply at ;{? Orei-nest. AT MS EIlillTH STHF.ET, 11E \D OF LAFAYETTE plai i ? Vurinthed Kooiiih to rent to single gentlemen or gentlemen and tlieli wires, wltli or without Hoard. Price to suit the times; good location, near the hole la. Kei'trvucee exchanged. A FEW SINCLE GENTLEMEN, DESIR1NU TO ROOM together separately, i *u have pleas nt Rooms, with full or partial Bmi I, In a private family. Arply at No. 057 Broome (treat. A SUIT OF ROOMS, WITn HOARD, CAN BE OB lamed In a email lainlly, residing it ST Wont Eighteenth stieet, Iwiwern Filth and Si'xth no niii'i. Alxo a Room lor a Kliiglf gciuleuau. House tirs 1 1 la?.% ,.ud ik i^hborh od uu exceptionable. AT 73 TENTH STREET, ONE DOOR FROM FIFTH avenue, hands unely furnished Parlor* with Bed rooms siu hed, siii|i!a or en suite, wiil be lctnltn lizard. Private tahle if desire, I In rc<pt c able parties, at very rua aonalde rates, for this winter. A FEW YOUNG GENTLEMEN, OR A FAMILY, CAN have kooiI Room* and < omlort,ible Ihuii d. In a lo-st class house. Terms very moderate. Dinner at t. 1IM East Xweu ty.nrst stit L'i, Urameriy 1'aik. A FRONT HAI L BEDROOM Tt? LET? WITll FULL li 'it id, to a slnul-; iiin'iuan, at a re-iaoiiiiMe prlre. in I hf llrst ? \ shims' No. 6 West Tweuty-lourth struel, ointo ?lie li-tleL AOBKTBSL Ai'AiU MKNT to LET-Fi RXIBHB0 OR UBfnrnlitlied, to a sir.nll family or to nme Ketitlemen, iu a te Ism I , at Blct-fker streot, Last in Uio idway. Rt med very riRMp. ACOMFOHTABI.Y FURNISHED PARI.OR AND BED room iq lei, with ati ndunue, to a gentleman and wife, to hoard thfiitMlvrs, Also Rooms !or nt nileiuen. Apply at a? L'.u i Twiniy aevvuth street, bi-iweon Fourth and M idiaou avi'uut's. * 8MAI.L PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN A DELIGHT. A fill location, wish to take a lew li:st class hoarder*, to form a social, pleasant tamlly i livlr. Apply al WiEaat Ttvtnty ni>t (treat, wiMtrqf park. AGENTIXVAN AND LADY, ALSO A YOUNG LADY, ran otitaiu Hoard wlih a widow lady, wht to there sie no hoardri*. tias. hath and all Itnpfurcuient-1. Apply at od Wnt Twenty-til th street. A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY, LIVINO AT NO. 1)8 Fil th avenue, w ould s<vnitinn>dale with tine Rooms and foo l 11 ard, two or three gentlemen only, who ran t urul"!i t;ood leference. Dliinet at six o'eluek. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN OBTAIN A HAND roinelv fui nl h d ltooin. with full Board for lady, u lih private table if desired; |iartial Board for gentlenisu , lioose jie.isautly situated up town. A'idre?s C. B., box 20S Herald tdttoe. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. HAVING MORE ROOM than they remilre, would leieire a small family Into their house, wliieli is new and lis' flats in eve: J respect, .-.lid contain* every reoiilsl.e to a r to <eubl? home. Ttie if una for Board will he In aeeordancn v.ttn the times. F<tr all n cci-miiy Information <ail t.u us, u( tiO East Thirty-fourth street, a few dorrs east n f L ilt:g "ii ?vrn' .?. Rcferenee* of the highest respectability. A FEW PLEASANT ll.lOWS TO RENT? WITH FULL . or partial board. to single ?.< <>t gi-ntlruien and their wivdk, la iho fii'Mt .?!??< hoiim U \V< >i Ninth aueot, wear Fiith avenue. Apply us .itiovc. \ VERY FINE SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED i\ Room* In li t. rlth.fti -i! corn jurat* with first Board; house ?Wi !itlu',.v and unr. nlem.; located. at lift' We?t Eleveutii air. e., i. ?r S.xiu a.i::i',e. Itaferencs excha???d. A BEDROOM SUIT OF HNAUELLED FfRXIT! RK for $.1, til u k m, of n'jr.u: i .J inami.a iiiro; h '.m-i tolld cliin.ioit Chu;nl>. r Suit*, pai.i bit n : . utal, at 1J. V. I'AKKINOTON'S, 3o8 Canal street, oivoalte Woo>ler. Established ill Isitt. AN ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, ALSO A l'AKI/OR Off the aecuiul iioor, all fin, a hirul lied, to tat, with Bo: rd, at reas'mble rales, to la>> ll:r? <r "ingle gen'let-.ien. Apply at SS West I'milt than cel. llfie.-eut s tjivcn and re quired. 4 CCOMMODA'I'lONri OF A SUPERIOR ? J\. A very rirltij ftirnli-hed suit ol A|<artmi-iit>i u> Irt, with orwl'h'uil full ?r partial Board, to ot,? or two gentlemen. Family iirlyati'. Apply al o7 East Fifteenth street, Union 1? ?*. ? A YOUNG A M ERICA V WIDOW, LIVING ALONE, would J in |i|. isiir.t, nicely tifrnlslird front Room, with out hoard, ?r With Bieakfait if n-'|Uirr.l. House u.-itt and Muf., 1" .v >ii ,'ou\ I'litt nt -iud respcclablc. i'ali at U t'oiix morel- street, no-.r Bleecker. A BEAUTIFUL SUIT OF' ROOMS TO l.ET. WITH Board, mi si cond lloor, iu n modern b -ilt l.ouw, ow u-d liy ihr laity, who arc young; n.wty I tirnirbed. A porini in-ntpl.icc iua> In- obtained at a uiod.ruie price. Cali a. -11 W. -t Klgbienth f- '.ivet, A N ELDERLY COUPLE, OWNING A WELL Ft'R /l nlshed house, foeautifi.lty i""?: 1 in South Brookl>n, would like t" meet :tb sou e lady nt refhieuien1. a fiod bouM'ki-eper, why na procure a fen gcnti-inen li.'jt lei n fur breakiast und u* (dinner Ml Sundays.) A i,i home U nfTi-ivdand ? unliable hubud. ration. Aidi>*< Uauie, box 17/ Herald oflice. A FAMTLY, HAVING MORIS ROOM Tit A N THEY J'K ?e;re, w'l .-'t t!i ? Third Kleorol'tlie luod.'ru builf t^rr? stoiyln.ii 162 Thirty -fi*htji si ct. llellt very l<jn. Ua? nti>l 'Uuinu >'iti r. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO OR THREE sincio c nt! ?mfti, r..n be vciy i-omlortably . dutcd wall k largf! I'ni ril -l.i'J ho.i h, or Parlor and Hi i ? i, t"i;i'ti)pr Willi li ird, In a private faintly, .it No. 37 West Tinm-i-i; 'nth Stn-I I. A LARGE FUONT ROOM, WITH CL08BT. TIOT AND Jx njlil wutiT, bat uroom and B 'Sid, 1' ir a > 1 ,Muan nnd wU\ or two " tiili i.n'ii, i ir $8 - wei in r u?? bi i,\Y!i Etono ho'iM*, hdvitis: a 'I t?? n n 'eru Improvcmcut?, nt iiG Lunt Tiiirtj litihalreet, near Tiiinl svi'inw. A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCTI'YINO A PLEASANTLY l-? i. ted hoi-.isr hi ii i st Tot : -fourth street, c . id aea>m* niMn"' ?? i a .i illy or tvv o inU-m -n am tliMr .v lv?s with plcs arut R ??ii-i-, with ituai i, on v.v.-. tuilde Ur:?s. No othvr boardi <. Adilri s* A. II. X., H< M odice, Mr two davs. A LADY, MM NCI ENTIRELY AT, WE, WISHES TO li-t a kecond Boor fititit Uortu and He ir "m, or a Uiird Stnrj It'. oin, to a *r>ntlt man ui. J lidy or* single ln'ly, wl'.', or Wi'l\oi:t 1! m"'. Location near Matl.H m sijuar-, cast k .'.o. A ulri* s H IIithM iflk.*. A T 65 EAST BHOADW AY? ONE 01IT.VO VERY 1'T E 1 iv fatii R oms for ffcnillli'S, nicely ftirnlshptl, and one or two sitw> Booms lor yumg men, with ull the comlu1* ol hotn'k. Term* very moiif rrt le. Ifotti* lu> all lbCBio>ictn itnprotrcmeaU. Befcrencoa rt inired. AYOUNO WIDOW LADY, RECENTLY FROM CANA di>, would Id u fnrniili?d Room, for n lody and (jentl,-. tt,an; Board lor the lady ouljr. Apply at 101 West Hous'.oti't, roots No. r<. l VERY NEAT AND PLEASANT PARLOR AND BED to im conitectlnc, with flrf and ffaa. fi r fB SOa wetlct ; r vvib meals If d slrable; al ?# n ?itt;;le ROiiiu, itu dre ajiu, for $1, suitable for j> i-^ ini. Loeitl' ti W F-'UVlU Twenty lift'o itreet, and uenr Faiii Avem e Ht'U'l. Auemleman AND IH3 WIFJ OR TWO SINGLE cftillc.ticn ran hurn a chol of Ro nis on -evornl tloor, with genlcol i. mo eomfoi is, a: a rery Ion j ri- c, at No. Ut WacMloy plscc. near Sixth avi-n'ie. A LADY J\. tnti have a Hire it- 1 no, wilh Bo.ii.l i tvi ' ? it Bo-inlai $?": to v be.irrlort and nil mint-. A;>iily at L'li O.-ee:.- mir<, bv Fourth streets A PRIVATE FAMILY. DBSlROtJS OF J.N. '-LEASING itscln-le f(r the wiut r, will lei th - < nilre ?r? pnr o:i of th"! S.iotiil F.oor, luruislied, With lioard. Dimur ki fi o'.''" k, Ai.'-iy at W Eart Twen'y-ii*tt atrci, Gratnt fart. k FrilNISJIFD PARLOR AND IIEDROOM. SUITABLE 21 lor tli' S" who >-.l.v'.i kei-p-hni'? ? on e ?? /ijlhl'i-I H a'c, < ?"' lie had on ii'.i]'li atli'ti at No. 5? Ku'CI w ntv-s ?. nil 8. re. i. Stages aud w '?. toavsulcet. A K? m f ?; a sli ^'o RiMtianian. 4 LADY LTVINr? ALONE Wl-Til-N THK SOCIETY j\. ot two yolirg ladleaof educi < n unit rcilucm. ? Ad niV'*.'. lor ihivo day* A. A. A., M id. ton J'oit o'1 c ?. A BOOM AND BEDROOM, OR FRONT PARLOR, WITH full nr partial Hoard; a ? ingle Itoomlor n gcutl. toen. C.'il a' tun Fourth fctrrcl, r. ;nr oixtli a - 1 tuto. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD ACCflMMODATE A /V ii'Ti emati ami win-, or stifle (enO.m.n. tvilh nioe K n o- and a flrsl i ':i'i Table; use ot plan . UI r.ier at 6 o'. oik. Referoncon excbruigcn. Apply .i\ : j 1)1 < tucr it. OABD,? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR TWO SIN ^le gentlemen, < :"i hare Board, with ;i ??natl front ro 'mi havlnp gas, both# M atid c?4<i water, A ., nt43E.i',t S x-eenlb St; s t, near Uulon ?|uaie. Terms, In lu?l i tire and ^.ia, $'J !-er week. BfiARD.? ONE OR TWO SINULE OENTIJiMEN CAN 1" a<-i.'<<m i.' ilnti: 1 with ^im i Hoar J .-n ' < r it "iat '5 R oms for the winter. Apply at )30 Hen.-- stiect. Board.? a private family hamxo a vfty tun Unom and evt' uslou Bedroom,'.l fori.ulii !, pienly of pantrie? aiid elorets, would like lo Icttl m t i;cntirn nn and wifa or to Iwo single jentli t: . n ( lie lali r S referred). Mo se liaa g'.a, bath, Ac. AV.i t>'- sim'i II 11 ;nimj for ritip!- (rrtlem?n. The talde (? In t!i? frencfc !r. vpply at ijj Ea?l Tb.rty-;ir?t street, k'.v .. .kx*s ch ehs nrsd. BOARD-WITH PLEVSANT ROOMS, IN A IIOTME Ii-. inn all tire moitern fmpr.r?menn~ ad 1N.-VRI '? WON (if doiiredl in several iisemt and ?te? rabit lir.mrt-.i 1 c f -i y, i:n.n-nbo ttxipetent pro c*.*or."' qtf-s ii thebonsc); I". allty goo I ; terms very modei ate. I racard, Uli lug lull particulars, address A, box I6l Herald jfflce. BOARD.-A SINGLE OENTt EMAN WISHES TO PF.Q <;iwe pnrtlsl Board In a ?tri:tlr rr,' :.;c "lruly. Will pay lib jut $5 per wi-ek. Plea-eadnri'*-,, with nai-- ' -tiny n !tn bet in n llv an I ? 11 oil erj * :!iu'.-re, V, Hera; i ail .e. Eel' i -.: . s r x' hanged. po.*n0.~ft OFNTLEMAN AND WIFE tlR T'VO ' N I ) V ' 1 ? 11 nil I. ? a .1.1 .M, l-i ?< I-'I o fro. ; 1' .!? 1 - . -, on the tblrd ilo lis W at ? ? t i i, i n 'l. A! o on? Roetn for r single ^en'I"tran. T' Cht uu .c;ai". D .i.aio p '!ffreat!e-- g. an an- rttju;. :.

BOAUIHNU A\l? I1UM.*IN<3. T>OABD.? GENTLEMEN a\I> THEIR WIVE ". Oil I .1 ^ It* ? t nn'i, cut) nhu. hi ni*ii'!y i irii f ii ii Uooii.*, j Wl h B a , at No IVm uMlgtOH I'lAA', lltt i- :? loo * ' VI'I'V , in UH illl'. I } ol JM?(|1 llic W.lS.'jll, 01 l'?I ... J . Oi'OUB.I. i>o ro i . 1 r. WITI1 BOARD. TOOKTHEB OR I II ? I'.' e r, ci ? . > -'I; ? ] aV ** .Ml i' in i> I i Im.Ii ,i,<j Apply at 48 Gliiitwi place, { UI .H tU? UlMVOI II Ili'Uat*. I BOARD THE rUlBD FLOOR OF .V FIRST CLAM ! h n * , ii .il<id In rT th av 'ii , "I' ??ulbsuiri, can I'D hud, with llomMlny. Add. .lam ?. II' riui o in c. | nOAKD ?To LET, WIT!' POlRD, AT 137 eBCOND awim*, between Eighth hiii Vnih xiieeti, one t>ty I..nre, w d funi'iVd Room xultnM'' !"?>:? a ? ml. u'.ii' ?!>.! Mi wife i>i' tuo ?cul!. men. l.u niioii very de?lrul>le. Rcf;tvuce? ?vcbtinjjed. "ROARD? A MIDDLE UiED LVDY, LIVING Ql'ITB .11 i.'. ii . i) 1,1 ... ni ilii. ? ul.t|y.\[i' clriir ti> rc.piira tilli B n?{, kmdue-v, i are * >1 "the i ' ! >'1.' 1> II. Addfc** Mci*. B. V. Ans v ui', care of l>r. Th ? i , N i. lit a. . 'iii?. BOARDERS DIRECTED ?FREE IiIIU-.tmo.S8 TO DE ?4miili' boarding k mi Hi ? fit ? or i luulry. llo'tfi?" hid'erx vlllh.g in nee've r??- ,;Me 'h.tI m''i fcc ? p.-" tlcularaoi va. an. leu and at: ciiiiuoiiiiilouN nl (he Ren airy, U& Broadway, for $1 ufi m tub ^r ii fcr 'hrec mmil ?. a. o. JONBs .* en. BOARDING SINGLE ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN, lion room* for laui'llci wim H >a ?l, ill u . o mi h mse Willi the i iini'urin oi a nouie, where tin re are bin !? w hoard er* and no children; In ac.'ittrai lnoatlon, 37 K i?t lltu st. BOARDING. -IN a VHHY PLEASANT AND ELIGIBLY I iravd hntiv, kept hy h New Eimland lady, may be li iiiiil a nViaH iltn d muri1 imt R >.nu, (or h uln fc peraou. A >l'ly a *?<> Weal'E.ghtiseiiOi street, m ar Fifth avi nut'. BOARDING - ECONOMY AND RKSI'BCTABILITY. 191 Twutj ion" ! sireei uc 'b 'ant "in i f El ih avei."e. A i iho, well furnished lt.i m. whb Board fur it ci'l'le, ??) per neck; tiugio $3 tu $4. but niw b>.ni.ur? taken. ___ BO*RDIXt:~10J WIST FOURTEKKTU KTiiEET ? IVrx-'ii* wi-lilm; ttii iinni' iliili his ii>i tli'' winter will ftnil lif! it" inn, li?nd:'i.i,f y lumiKbed. nail ' lib eve y comfort iti'l coiireulenoe. l'be houae aua loti?lit) Ui?lel?b? ttWtt) i ? ? , ? l. Board wanted? in a genteel private ka iiillv, or with u widow Imlv, living ul'ine. ? < >vr l'.l?;luh mrt cl, liy ? I,ii1? who*" husbainl i? nlment mo t of Hie time. None but irciitei-l niirtleis iitril answer or aiMrvwi M. 0., aon a'tuai'R Pont otlli-e. Boai'd wantki?.-asinoi,k?enti km destri s auoitil'or a furnished Uihiiii, ?llh H. ai il, In it prlv?t- family ul adult*, ai mo.lcnte tennn. Kvpll.-lt In or luatiiiu hi to ac nminiHl.itiouN, terina, Ac. AUuraM W. A. II. , box ihI Herald utiioo. Board wanted? hy a widow i.ady and child, between Konr'eenlh ami Tiven l.'ib ?:r<- 's, Elshtll avenue, north ?ide, for wh.' b $3 j^ei1 ncek will bo (ulil, Aildi-eits K, I'iri Ninth avenue. Board wanted? FOR v of.nti.eman. wife and two ehfidien, the tihlest Mx yeaia old. Will i ay lllty .I.. Uri |>ei tti i th kddri a J II. , box un Herald < lb Board is Brooklyn -a oentleman \ndwife, or two ?ln?b' itentlemen, eau be an nimii'lated nlih |.|ea?aiit R.iiiiiih ,.n 1 iioartl, in a |i> nte<'I {irlvate iuinlly reil 1 liiK *t 207 Henry *nr?t. between Hinie .mrt Atlantic Fire. 'in; houte centaina all the iiijUciu ituiuovcnieuta. Heluieuwa exeunged. Board in brooki.yn.-a family from coy. neetli'Ui, hat inn a tine li niae an I more room than they require, would take . i tfrntletnan and Wile or three y<mui{ grntleMen on rontotiable teruia. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Lm'a lion convenient to Wall ?ireet or Fulton ferry. Ayph at 137 Joralemoii street, near Court. Board in Brooklyn. -two gentlemen can obtain pH t B " n nl In Brooklyn, with a private family from the country; lufatlon pleasittit, and eimvcnlent to the femes; term* in di-rate; refereiuex given and r?ui4red. A'tilrea." R. D N llrrald ofllce. Board in Brooklyn. -a large HANDSOMELY furnlalted Rnoin, on wi oiid tloor, (uiUiiie iur a gentle man and wlte or fiui;ii' geutlenien ; nl?o a kinall Konin within Ave mlniite.i of il.e Atlantic and Wall mrecl ferries. 1U0 Pa flUe atreet. ReferrBCM eiohan^tfl. Board in brooeltv? jh cunton sxreet, be tween llarriaon and Degraw. A nloely fuini.'>brd Iront Room, with i:iKid Board, Ih olTered upon moderate tcruia. Huunr llrnl elan*. Kefer<-n?a? exchanged. Board in Brooklyn fob pinole gentlemen I'iiU or'lk'-llouid in a cnnill private laiutly, ? here there a^e few IcarderF. Will ari.i?n>iiiod:vto with line fur niiUed bedromu and a nice furninhfld parlor, wub mte of the plati", on njoderale term*, in a veiy comfortable bnua Ap ply at SOU Homy kttcel, near the South ferry. Dinner at 6 o'clo ???. Board in Brooklyn.? a lady and gentleman, ur one or two aiiijln (nnlleinen, eAn H" i<fl"omuiodatoa with Boaid in a r'tiali prlvtue family -it h? Buue atrei t, with in eight mi tiule*' walk of lite Hoiiu and Wall attc t ferrieH. Dim?i rat ti>, o'clock. Board in Brooklyn, no. is climton *theei\? A furnUhcd Parlor, ui'.li Bedriwm atta. bed, ? 1! he r< iitrd for S 12 per wei-k. tiro, lor aiugle gentle incit, ii ' f.( 50 per week. Dinuer at # o'clock. IJOAii!) IN BBOOKLYN.? A LARGE, HANDSOMELY Jl : nmli*h"il lliM'tu, uni'oiid ll?.ir; bonne Ins nil the modern Improvement*, witluii live minuter' walk "f t;ir irriiet; a' so. ooii plnttle Room ; tertna v. ry reiiionalile, at 2;iS lleiiiy a n-et, 1'iiurili dooi fnun Auiliy atrcet; referrtn'e given. YJOAItD IN BROOKLYN.? TWO HANDSOMELY l'lTlt li i !" .i nits of room*, on aevond floor, with large c.onota :i ? nl other ronveiili'iicea. \Uo, nn? '>r two >ru^le ay be had. with Board, In a inodrrn lumse, pleasant y loi aleu, mi lotCI'iiton h'.ieet, corner ol Hint . BOARD IS BROOKLYN, WITIJIN FIVE MINT IKS' w.J* of fb? Wall #tn*fL f' riy. ? A and p iMi-.trt Koom, <<n tfte third floor, nicely iurri.?hed, w.'h ]l<*drtso:it a' ta' Ii'mI, Kit liable tur a tamllv or single j^oniJtftnen. at 130 Henry stre-t, between W^rropout ?nd C'inrk *tre? i-. BOARD OX BROOKLYN UEKiHT ' ? BOARD AND K <kiUM can be obta i a i l?y . | I ? . i at 7*? M. n t.?jpi* plaee. corner of H? nry sirrf t,oiui:i?M .(* n Henry r.twi; onr ot thi* tin eat l?v aiioim Hi Brooklyn; tl?i # ? minute*' walk from Wall street ferry. Best (if references yiv? n and re quired. '|>KOOKLYX UKUiMt* HANDSOME Ft UMHHKT) .! j lloom '<n f.tMt !>?/( r, at 1."* Wnion* k'rert, u, irt, with Board, ?o two j;e.ntlemen or i;tjeman n ,#| wjfr; Uou* <?' wl Inn ihtce t>iiiiuu*Kf walk ? f FuUju ft try, ly Jorat. d, and terms mod* rate. Brooklyn.? to ucr with board or a private, tub lea fine jsu?t?>i Komim, on w ond fi'aro- uiiutn'Huui ?y t nmNhed house, wit b nil th<* modn u 5m[ r?/**eniT?*<. T <* fum.iy js small au<i without chtldruo, Ajply hi Kj6 Congress Mreit. I^'ON'IMY IS ROAKWXM.? A OENTIKMAN AND li wife, ot fln.le ^?*ortCfnen can nbfnin 'nrniwbed )! *?. it'o Irn^e }?vilne* iJ'fa ited, iri tli ? m*at itt' dcrn lifivt^e l.ri6 East Twenty third stiei-t. b.*tw< Second and Third nwnuea; a j,ooi{ opportunity to a < lire a * omfot t:ibiO home for the winter. T??rm* from to $12 j>er week for two j* r*on?, aefordivig to ? * <?ui. ECONOMY AND IJOM j'OllT.? Kt KXISHED KOOMaS, $l J to $t jirr w??k ; day Board, $.1: .">> d tjib'e. IJ m> ' r :l rl..**, with nil modern convcni^n' Awhiand Jlonse, 3U9 Ku'.: Mi u venue, above Twi nty-tio: .1 k'.TVt t. U?l.F.aANTLY FUKXIKIIEO RIIIIS1, WITH Al l. MO Jy dorn imp ovemcata, 10 let, witU or without l , aki'aat. In gcntlcuu 11 only, at Irving pUce, ouu bio< k t ?*t <it L'ui mu tquaw*. ?fjl BENCH nOAUJ?? A Kl'W (H-ATI.KMMN CAN UK AO .1? commoilftti'ii witU Wi ll -n uli- nr ic liinW Kinl Boar.l, in the b 'ft !??, In ri I'r n It rainl'v, oo cuji l>i>[ ;t lirm ela i? bo ioi', SJ Vfiiml ?ir ? n i ?? en t'mli una blxth urcnuiB. SfniuUh, Gorinan Aiid ??jf)Nii ?li'.kfU. IpintNIfllED UOOMS TO I.ET? PIjBASANTI.Y SITU. ' m> <J, fu .i miiail iiriviiti Catuliy wlicie t'.n'ri* air nn . 'ill. dim or In uriltre. Tirim mmlfiatfl. A' p'y ?l No, 47 West T .litwn ii strfiji, between Kii'tli mid awiiiic.*. i|HJRMISlIEX) &OOM8. WITHOUT BOARD.? A SMALL 1 prl'.avn family vl 1 1<>i throe fllw Kiiom* to n iiR e c<>n tlemcn, la a convenient an 1 riml'lunalilo loci.'itv, with i;m 9 ii'l bat'j. Ktf?reuc-;j ren'.ir -il. Aiidicus A. M., Herald o01ff. Fl'RNIfiHED ROOMS Ti> I.ET.-TWO LAliGK, WELL Cm ninlied Rooiih to lei, without Board, to ?**nllcujcn nn j T l inn low. 80 Bond street. GEtntVEXAV A SI) W.'KK, OR BINOLB OENTJ.E linn, can tin. I |il?n?ai)l iiooum, with orwltbw Um ml, in U.e fiH"ly loiatud lionso No, 111 Wo?i KoiirtP'nJli ftn*rt. Hinnemtv o'clock. Hoiue lim every convtukiKi;. Term* moderate. MAISO S MEUBI.FR, 70 AVn 7J WEST THIRTV cf^htli aliwt.? R elegantly furnlnheii, or whole 1 lonii), with kitulirn, reilar and ym-d; )iuiin.>h new, ;ir?t ilBs:.. four it'iry, lilgii atoop, til nwn' rinnmon parlor; ni^.ila fitruia!n'd; i-il^ible rnyalctan'K i.ilive. NO. I DE 'Al' PLACE.? BOARD l-'Ott A OENTLF.MAN liinl ? i <?, fi' fire a. id gas $1 per tveek. AUo Koran s for s.nplf #<-n'lenii-!i at #4. mo LET? TO A OENTLF.MAN, A FURNISHED ROOM L l.i a private! fainl!;', 4C Eait Ninrtei'iith utrcet, near Broadway, in a good loi'atloii. Alxo, firat lloor ati<i\utlm store 3fid Brnailway, in a yoixt location for buaineaa purpnaea. r|10 LET? FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT L partial Board, In a pri'iito family. Uefei4Soea ex chan^ed. t ^liat IIP Wert Tnlrtecatkotreel. TO LET? WITH BOARD, AT "Ro C l.INTON PLAOB, Eighth alrcet, a lundsoiwly turidxlicil front room on 1!h- sc. olid t'oor, with ail the nind :rn iaipvoveiMB-u. Aleo, on- on tlio fourth Hour. rPO LKT? WITH BO \ltO. AT 172 BLEECKER STREET. A ahandt omcly furnlabv<l Rooin and Bedi oow^on aeeond iloor, Ruitalilo lor a latyand geutlrmnn. Al?o Routna tor at'r; c pcnttenien or gentiemfn rooming tocnthcr. A tirft rate taMe, Ac., at from 13 50 to ti per week. House contain! ii'.! modern iro; l ovenirnm. rro LET. WITH r.OAKD, AT 118 SECOND AVENUE, A J. very line ban!: l'ail ;r, with intension ; one very t ieaaant I'. iom on iliir'S Hour and one on lourtli r .? r. TI'vy will bo let to Kindle i;e!it.uin n wlio will room together or to a gentle and wife; honao flint olaaa. TO LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, THE aeonnd Floor, with or without Tumi rea a inaliie. Apply at No. 1 Amity hit cut, lirsl marble atoop from Broadway. TO LET? TO A KINOT.E OENTLEMAN, OF O'-'fET hiiblta, in a amali, i>rir*to family, a welllur. tii- ': o lil'ting 1: v'om, with unal! I" droum adjolnfnf, on Hie t??oni! rtoor. Apply n' 41 Last 'i'hiitecnth at reel, uortheaat c i. or of Unlvcff.lty p'aeff. rrwo siNii IjK at ntlemen can re accommo. J. on" or two elegantly ftnnl*ll?d Komnn, with Hoard, In Ibe private bourn- No. 12 Kl?v 'nth b, lw.' n Unlvrrriiy place auil Bioailwny. Dinner at *lx. Kcferenie i quired. rinvo OENTI^MEN AND A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE I a ;t b" a-cottimotiafel willi good Po.iril anil pl'a^ tit 3 in i 'inlet private lamfly, with alt the comfort* of a ? at HI Vt'l Twon'y-Hr. i utr'-ct, io; th "Mr, west of Ninth avenue, T lie bonne i< brown xioiie, Him clnts, ami b'M i.i fully illumed. Terms muxl^iaie. Kd'erencs ex, t hanged. TXTA WTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITH >1 out Board, ? I uriiixbiul I'artor and Bedroom, with *??, pre nnil r, on t!io rtrnt ttr tr of an K?>:li?ii l'??wf? t 1 R-nt mo temla, and location iin^xf* ptlonable. I'rl vi- ? fauiily prel' rted. Addie**, alatirg local i?n and lent, >!. IS , Herald office. ?\t/"ANTBD? BY A OEKTI.EMAN AND Wll'i", A H'R * \ ' ? '"'-l l'? n Tit ll'io ,i .;i I ? 1 ; . 'f la'. .1 ' r' ? ,t? n ri ? ? 'i" Mc piivnfe (* ? < ;y, i?t-t,v 1 ' -i l-V>. li id . Twuni telli tjievU and ttt-t of bi-eond uicnue. Ail IrrM . r t t"- i> ? , r ? ' ,* l'"<.i on ar - rmj, ^ lilvU ;:h o nioje* ? t iV. X., ? D, N. v. ?OABDfffJ IffD LODQIWO, TlfANTED MY t 01 NTLRW X, \ SU I tOOH W it ! Mil or par iul Bo .rd, iu a ? tj ' . l.v |*? are r. m y u the Ill- bboi uoo ' O l riioll hUU-.l't. AdtUf rS, W life iUil pai'lku itti-j It. i< , It, raid ,,:ii e. i IY'antkd by a oentleman, in a private fa it Uii.y nvlfrw there are no o'iter bourd?- rs |?r%' : ?*? re 1 j h om orj .b|e K. i a, w th -a-aod re et nines and Sun y< and breakfast. l*r ee not to e\eet? I our w Roareuc s exaaam^od. Au-uym* H. t,\?. win, U r ud oUlce, Ur VNTJ |> ? l?v A FA M fliY, A S IT OK If \ND.SOMELY : I inched Itonrns. ui t i i |? ir , < n .? uU't or parlor ! floor*, in a lanise iu .i ? o -if mi. b \ e? e the. ? uro 1.0 . otber 01 or children. Ad ire** V A ft. fur one w< ek, Hnildoi . "I>OA!*D WANTED? BY A SINGLE GENTLE M A V, IN J J i* } mate lamil.y ; i wall lurn:t?Ucd eMeiudou Koom or ; libra f.. Koom, in > i I ] j ; , 1 1 1 1 1 { ? i Mi.rni hon e, with tire, ga* ' unci good table. Ad? >v*s |? Hl ?m, r. 8 WEST ELEVENTH STREET. N MAR BROADWAY ? | llaudsomeiy 1 V t; .'?? K loii lo lei, Aitn lln ak. ;? t anil ! Tea; bouse Urfct A dt and comfortable borne is i oilered. | ^1 l \ PER WEEK FOR A LARUE PITH NISI? Mil FRONT %P-l * * llo -in, wild full iM'.ml, t i .i Ji'u .i i, .t . . u i <*, iu cniding extraa. AIm? one 1< r $?>. itn a R- ??,, for i vMtleman House urst clasa, No. 16- West Twenty mxvU street, near EigbtU hu'Uiic, OA WEST ELE\ KN'lil HTUEET, NEAR HUOVDWAY? m*./ A lew pleasuni ilootoH lor ^eniloncn, w ; u full or par tial Board. off And ar wm thirtieth street onb or tJlJ two Ml et f.uuill' s a..d two or ilit*-e t,? n emeu can be ?nomuoia oil tviib ants or > Rooms ,n too- of tiie most d distill ui lo? ai on-. TJih ho s a n* in w, . nd innviy n - iiinhed, Kl;n i a U. tw?en Bro ?i.vay und Fi.lli avenue. Tub lo firsi claHy. Hefen-n M'b ex- handed. A A UNION P(iUARE.-A HiriT OF FUONT IIOOMR ON I t niKi Door t > Ui, with B<iard and other ae. omuioU.. iiona for lauohes. ftO WKBT 81 XTKENTU STRMET.-A HANDSOME SUIT tJ*J of itoauo? lu iv.i, wliH B.?r, on'e t? jni', 1 a ntlen'.an and uiko Roo >h i\?r ihiitle aentiomon. l.>in Urn* at 0 K feren ?-? ro?4ulred. 5 -: EAST TWENTY.E10UT1I 8TKFET.? AN ENTIRE F!oi r( <.il eonunnnl unit):, ivltli laui-o clo^-i ro -m ; uiwi a flue unit o K< ono* on ih?? flr^i iloor, t" li??x t wuu i?riv;iu? table 1/ desired; nonse tiiNt < lah?; lermv iaa?lt ia?e. rxl* fABi BBVBNTEJSNrU STREET, THIRD DOO& ? JLl from Union ?ouare.? Handsomely tnrnl h ?: Uo ninto let, ultb 15o. r?A ; b ?e i? !ir?*t i hm .ijai haa ?li the mo-'e rn improvements. Terma m d u'.ae. Dinner at sjx. Iveiej' encetf exebau^ed, /?] lUDWO* avkm i:, NEAR TWEMTY.H1VBMTH ll-L atre< t ? Thr? r r<? ma i ti lb rd Itoor u> le , f?K b? r?r Re|?ur:iie, with Board, < n reawnabio t >:viuh. D uller at ? lx. itnerenctt r*Himr- d. 7 | BA8T T\TE NTY-THXUD BTREET.? HANDSOMELY 4 JL fnrnlf e Kooiiin. on skmhi'IhihI third l.ooi i, may bo had vviib Bom .. l. ' ailon m ar Fourth avenue. ()?> QRRKNB Sl'REET, ABOVE 8P RING? ALSTON t/O Houmv? lulc; ntul\ t'ni nlnhed ra.B* of Ho iuh, vvl'lif;ai, t'roion wmer an i ev. ry c??nv nieace 1'i-r hou^W.M-plug eeo. nornKally; pariiculuriy suited lor ?uia!l, rehpicta^ie iaiudn:n. Rent low. 07 8T- MARK S PLACE.? -BOARD CAN llR HAD FOR ? ' ft ^3 t ? $t p? r wie1,, .-u .bie lor Jl'amiliea or hii\&w ijcu tiv inen. Modern improvt menta. XACDOUOAL STREET. -RICHMOND HOI BE TB XXU now op?" e i dH a j rivate mnniy Hotel, lor the r?*?- p t on of HiD>!h' g* iita'mei), or small UuU'Ich tin o o hoarding. Parties denlrouhol ho.iM'Weeping an iiod every cou veulence ai the above i-Mtabnsbm<*iU. m{ WE8T TWBKTY?THIRD STRBKT? TWO BOOMS* ) omiiiv tia^, ou the tbint Iloor, h iua >le :ov ?* otu man nnd hi* wife, or two tdm 1 - tfeatlemen, ? .ay (jo ol-UJne 1 w ith Board. AUo, one small room. Referem e? e\? b.v a d. "I |0 EAST NINTH STREET.? A LADY, I! VINO X jL O le.vt-e I the uoove lar..e, aoiwe , vsool i ??mnu)d?.ie a fan 1 y with B?<a tl ; also two Single Uooiuk, Tor gentle no-;;, with ijra eM. with or without llour . I'' rM?ns .*oin. to Philn delpb a an < buiin Boaru ou the northwest corner Thirteenth and Ar h mreeti. 1 rvi* PRIKCB 8TBEBT.? 8T CLAIR H0U8R.?BLB gantly t iirnm'?ed Rooms, with UedroianH aiinebed w ith ail the conveniences for housekeeping ?? .mpleie, ite-ud in,; aas and Cro on water, to let lo res ectable families or Kindle geutleuieu. QAA TBIRTY-SBCOKD STREET, BBTWBBX EIGHTH and Nln'h uvennes? Ro? ins 10 let, m-vJy I n n;>lied, wiih Boaid, in n very d? ? i ruble h ? ???? ami loea lo t; house lun ihe modern ?Auv> niennes. T hum will tie very mo U rale. Call at the house or address J. L. F., box 'AWj Post oUlee. <)/ 11 WK.ST FOURTEENTH STREET.? ON H LAR<?, w. lli'urnis ted Parlor, with Be room mtactuM; h'k i two fr? nt llall Ro?i'?iH JorKlMgle gf nliemen. Reier'-nees gtv en and lequired. D nin-r ai 6. Break fMSi from 7 loS. 4 >1 f\ KI M KTRHICT? JAC.KKDN tlOl'SK -TllF. MOriP JL 1 V/ e.nutor.ab?y und eonveni n?1y furnlsbed Apartmenis Jnio' eity to meet the wauls of wmali turn. (ten. with every re?iui?dte* turnJture, eiean linen, cooking ruuge and atenuilij? &a*> and Ci oton water. no BROADWAY. CORKER OF WASHINGTON O pluef. ? FurniKbed K uh to let, single < r .i< suns ? low rents. A's.?, otlr * % Siudiog Ac. T. ? Uo ? e ha- all ?be modern eouvenien-es, and the i n-atain is unsurpahhed. Two lar^e Rooms lor a phymeian s ollice. LOST A IV D FOUND. I^o N'MiN tuk mn ult., a younu newfofnd lat.d Do*. It the i.wurr doe* not . ) ply in Href! n;os from dHiH. the do*? will b?> tro >\ 'o pay *? n i> In -j e r- at tin* Iron wo. i:s, footo. WesiThirte? nth s,ieet, No*. th tisei-. K30UND- ON THURSDAY LAST, A LADY '8 BREAST L Fin, v. ) iel) 'he owner <\m hii*--' by calUj.'tfHt IJl Oa ??? ntrft?t, pioviug prop rty mid pa> m,, tue expense oi this ad vertisement. I^OUND JVA FOURTH AVENUE STAOfi, OH MOV da> rfff'Tnoon, h a ntler * Shnv. I. Yneowiertan have the mime by appi;. in# at 3itf lit * 10 ST? ON' W) DNESDAY, NOV. 27, TWO R iXK HOOKS J -in the M*\nh.ttu* 8.. villus Jiunk, N >a. IT,,", (i U ?7,fi J. Th-* limler will be l.b :i lev/artieu on lcav .ug them with Mis. Adams, 194 Alhn ? : r* ?? t. 1 OST ? A WHITE POINTER, WITH FROWN EARKi MJ nrnali brown sin'rk" nit ? Um': tail. The ow ner wnl ? .. it rea*on.M?- reward for bringing back the dog to it* Id's Hotel, 31 limverv. I OST? A Bf.A<*K AND T\N KFNO OT1AKLE8 FUF; i had ? j wie-n lost a blu and rru collar. Aiuw is 1 * the n<meo litany. The tinr "r wnl be suitably rewarded by returning the i>.u ne to Ob We*i T ne/iy- o_?m . . treet. Tcj^T ? IN BROOKLYN, IS liOINO FROM NO. 31 J t'loTVi r p a ?! fo I e;jn?AV s.ivet and lnron,;h J) , ?..w to | Mi i f-; a' n>: iii > to ; i- . . A, and Is .ngli Sackett to t'??lu?i.* bia street, a l>hthe-tsd Km, ; oiuinondK ? ti n nsu r, eight m rut' r and one In 'Tnir ?: el in Hi Ivw. L t the under return it to 31 Oheewr p'.ac? and .?<* rew.?r?bd toerei'or. 10 ST?OX FRIDAY AFTERNOON', NOVEMBER 19, A J Kiu-t)l in ? tited Br a?tpi i il u, e??nt. min# >; Jd r ? gs, aruik.l*. br?-o 1 ??, neck anu iad.- k j: o-.r : C t r. <y l.i ^oin,; 1 'roin tii?*. "?? ff > *? t?)(*oi\rt ntreet. t'r n ; r*>d ? In .? 'itiiikvi bo k**i . a e to SontU t? ? >, en 1 ?<n the iir . n r- ?> in the A'! *mi : m: r???:t cat* t<# O irt s! ? A ? H.? I f? - I whv.Iv io ?? imii to lotiinleron hm rmnr?tn>g the atjove to | Nu. 3 A*t -r lion:-' , llar< lay w. ] 081? ON WE.hNKSDAY NIO!if, IN BROADWAY. J n?;;< r Oa..:.. ^ . ?? . a d'.? ?? ! bull', lorv . F. < k ih.iuU, hiv ??. pI/iV, with J :.-f? i' ff n .m.iiik *< 'tii' Bar... mi tern, t*;?r ! *% fore ?:/ .ji<1 a pan- <i i ; ? r-f | net n ??;.? l- hi,, with v ry } , <? R. /. . vN ho .????? tvih { i)i uu the wiine to 74 Fine H?r wil- r?- -i:ive i ? rev. aid, and no q,.:e?tion(Sta k? ?1 n ^ar-'lug the n onty. I OST.? $10 RKU VK I.'. - LOST, LAST KVFNTN'J, OX JJ FnUotj 4t*eet or iSfi'ttiLvA., n Zl.ok -on atniiu; two Nol? -i yj)r.\ b Mi ry 1). J'h??lpw ?nd L'. <?'. on? payaule. in t\*< nty uay . theollo i ?n ton; n>o;jJh.s, ho b <l?i??d November, l^?jl, pa r.' le to B. F. h.iwycr, or, at ToinpivitiV County BanU, each I'o $1 <); and te.hrr noteh and pat>or<? oi' it raluo r*tej ' to tin- mvin r, iih payment h -r h ?-n ' *topj>ed. Also, tome W c icrn b Jl? on i t 5 l:?:n turn;. Th ? tij.drr vs 111 r? ' ho th?i ; ?v rewn d ;i?d tna.n <?f f'ie otv u'-r ' by leaving the sanu at room 3? No. ly Wall sire* l. Mew Yuik, lieo. 2, 1H61* Missing who lkft 27um'? on tiu; ol' October, ts requested to renin), or to fend fr? for mation to relatives or l'riend?, who feel very km uoub tj ren der comfort r.nd a^sUttnec. REWAKJ)^ Reward of $25.? lost, on the mi.oond of i?k cumber, I80I, in the Coy Jl.ili. a ? ofd Wat h ? huln. 'i'heaho.e r^aard will be nat . to the fii.der on de!'ve, inj< the name at the idllee of Frcnen s Hotel, oj.poaite the Vmk% v, itli out any qu? klIoiik be in ?; ?uued? QL) REWARD? FOB A WHITE POODLE DOG; AN ewer to th? name of Dalsie. If found, return to liJ3 Oreene alrfl^t. ??> REWARD- L04T, ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER I. a Mijail Black and Tan Slu? ; an?wcr? to th * n?io^ of "Fannv.'' If the person who found her will bring her to N". 10' BiM? flouM*, he will receive three d.-llara reward and no nuea-lons naked. <DQ REWARD.? LOST OS SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Vf J> .Nov. 30, a .Scotch terrier si ul. The above reward WiZ< be paid for her return to 27 Kan Twentieth nucet. ~ REWARD.? LOST, ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30, Jp?) uvounp;r- oteh T r.*ier Do?; ann vi r? 10 the iiame >1' Heo.ty; rthorte.oR and tall; had on a blue ? ollar bouud with biack. Return bfm to Woodlawn, Hi Sixth avenue. Q>r REWARD WILL BE PAID AT HOTEL OCHS, tjt) fy) Franklin s(r? et, to. tiio return of Fap?- s and B >oks ontalncd In a coat taken from there. No qui atioua wid be asked. Q~ REWARD.? LOST, ON MONDAY MORNING, DE tjpcJ cember 2, hii l.n^ilsh Coach Dos^; blaek and white ?pota, short cars, the left ear biack, white tad; had on when lofit a chain collar. The above reward wiii be {mid on return ing him to t ie bar of the Washington Hotel, Ufa Fourth avenue, N. Y. (St? i O REWARD -LOST, A LARUE BLACK NEW QlU foundiand and St. Bernard D??i?; wLlv* mk#1 on the breast; wart on the nose; st ral|(ht hair nod lar^e head. By returumf the same t<? the Fark iiouae, No. 9 Chatham street, the above reward will be paid. fcon REWARD.? STOLEN, FROM THE H A T.I. OK A fflZU lio'lSff In Thlrty-tecotKl mrect, on Suoduy e?. ulUjj, iw.> lioiii l"'. br-.'ifileil 1'rock t'ontn. ')l -aiK" "i. e. "?? bis' k h. 4 lh<">tlinr lirown. 8<-< onrl h*i?( do?|. i? or ..I!.- r? will be the a wr? reward (n<j linked) liy lc*v ng the m at 273 W?st street. SPOUTING. I 7<0R PALE-TWO Fl.VB BRED. WELL BROKEN BLACfc ' antrr Do**, two >ear?old. For , , Immira o. LOIJIH SCHWARTZ, corner of Broiid-. ..y and Bruom? ?tree*. S. Y. J For sale- a small full blooded black and uii l\rrler Pup, two month* old; will w-ljjli wlicn nron a a'-ont live poumls; In very ?mart and nice. AudreM C. O. Norton, Herald ollli'p. For sale? two heaithful greyhounds, male and female, tha ftri^a' in the eliy ; llie nrata In wiilia and I b! u k marked; Uiu fcnial' it a fawn color and whin-, icuu j t.fnlljr marten. NEWFOUNDLAND PUTS FOB 8ALE? THREE VERY liari'.sinie, |.ure bret-d, warranted. Api'iyutlSJ Mx:h | aw ntio, corner ol Thirteenth Ktreet. V'JT FOR SAr.K-VOr. LESS THAN H'.LV its I I viiii.', A cn ill ol aboiu lentonH, ncwriy I ? !.1.:,UU , lnunl.,1 ' in; ! -tp. Will ;ri.|..?oi- p .-.v. e'f . 1 ..p., W. KVLP to..t ? f IJlib ? n- t, ljurlou. or ' it COA&LIA, !?!. ;u sire.", uear XUii'd avenue, IIOI'SFS, ROOMS AO.. TO LET. v PRIVATE FAMILY, OCOWFYINO A FI KKT :\ U ?in-'. \v Mill .'Ml- i r , i ill I w ?? II ll it 11 "Hil* nil til** Hi'- M It'.' r. . '1 ' 0 111 : / ' * .1 MW.-.i Til r J-.M4- ill i?: bi'tw li l?? >? il v ay ami bluta avei.i.a. \ OBNTf F.L Fl'RNirBBD HOfSl TO LET? IK A iV ri .. ? ... i Hi k> it, rt"|U " r I' ???*? tar .men ill)-- rat*, al opine 'mi nil'"' J!'"'1* * l,"uw lu* "" U'? VI M , ?' V 'i'-,! ''.".jMU'lv, fr ...? H In it A M. a?4 >|> km or (b? M. \.KVY, 4d AV?i Wnntilnulon place, lbr ? ltO< f Wi-Hl III tttUll aVettOe. A KTOBK TO LET-IN BltOUnVAY, WlTII A KfNB J\.,.' -.??? nlnduw. I'ln. iiin- I locution In Hrw. way. Joifl ( Jirup Hi a (food tenant. Ii ??'i'i> %i?Ni Hrna iway. I IIANMOMB'.Y FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? J\. tt LU 1. 1 III'' It I* [I 'S.<.'K.s| III. Item Itfiy ton | *"i| .f illil bl<- Pliv fain ly, UIIM.yl, or I i.... r. A] .ply",, i'VuTTI rn I ? K.ial Tu.rti* m i ? if , l> t-.v u ( itv y pi m a I'ifth nve lie, fr in It) tu .t n'clo k, or I,. hAMI li,S, act, i'J .Na suu alroel, up auui .., or ml, ran* box IJW nit "Hi' ANIOELT KI'KMSHED PARLOR FLOOR, tiihkb room* cf< ep, wltii Bit fluent and irnj thin* na a?ary <i houcoK. <- 1 - 1 1 1 t<? An oxtx i.i'iit .i('i) rauiliy lur iIium Hi.' i ol' i . ar In ?. AN" It'i'im nnd Ha Inium, wltn or with, uu. It.* ill. Apply hi !'ti W.k! Twnity-flltii mrret. 4 KM A I I. PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVTNfl MORE ROOK /* llu.ii thry rt*i|i.ire. \v< i.d let tli? aei jnil lloor, ennui In li K four room", lurti ? .?.t or uqIiii nlaln d, ta it itiiiitll family, ? I ovi yi .. *. f r-.pila t? Cor llollfc lincpitii!, if reqtlirt-d. The li iii?n 1? .liri- ? .ry brick, li ku atoop, iu .Join fniprov? n. i ins, , ? mini limn. rrotm w.i.or .a tli- dour, (hvutilad y ill ? ov.iiT mi l In in- : -a ? ordm-. Lo mIidii, 1V7 wcat Tlnni-Ruin > Li t, ii 'iir 1C !? li n? iiiie. Boardikg ii irsa. lease avd n rniti re khr n..!t ? I in ol III mils di ?lr? ?? al ualmiia, in i ntrai lo nil i.i . )> oivii, alr.Mily n* r .. mil ? uoij li u d r<. ?it<t In it Ulna u i i l | pi . l*y . n I aocuoimiitiuio W prr ?<iii-i" Mi' Apply tmin^il 'toh by if tfi. A'lMr ?n A. M. i',, I'okIo r, si t . n .i, amo p. with tutioe and ad uii'?ii, ti h h *.ti l tVia-IVf iuiiiitiil.u f a i?iiin>n, T.1URSISTIK1J IJOI7SE i>V MiHIsON S^PAHE TO 1? li lit nil Im nl y I fa . ??/ i .l !iaii''? ?tnnly fur* uMu'd. Applj in 15. li. I.IJDIaiW .v 0i> , No. P 110 itrtial, pUKNISHEll HOl'SE TO LET. -THE THREE STOUT F ami lm "ii.t 11 iirntti: ulutui fnaiit lltiUM*. 4H K atTuanty Iilii'h ati'Dft, .tt'.oMi .Ma.i|?on and Knjriii uv. intfa, foni pl? toly ftiruUlif ?. Api'l on ihn pr?mli>?a, or to II, U. K.CE, rli W a oil!"' Mii|x-i'ioi tin iri, City II ?). i/i'jjwiHiircn Fi.oon to lf,t? compi.kte with I ?? ory I'oiiVfiilcii' ? .or liouhi-ki*' plu^j haii>U' mr'ly uv ninl'i'l ; ail'.i 1 fora -rn;ill fuii;l\ ; icnt ilto, f .til a nl'Ut iv af'Kii'i Imj lo t 10 t r ? jitlrt- ; ; .in, Iml.i, t ' Apply la fctt.'i'oinl avciiue, M 1 hoitai' In low Iflfuli tli Ktifi't, >1 In. OI'SE TO LET? THE DKSIKAKLK TllitER KTtXtY fJi I)tV"liiri'4 lln ?<*, i'l 11 uph ill nl. . to. wi.i Ik* !"l cooil uu .111. A | to Jul I :> Of, 2il T'lioiup II SrKAM POWKK AND KOOM3 TO LET ? INQUIRE OS the piemifti-s, ouranr Fiit^ iliird i.trir? t an ri nt nvi-m ??. 11 SJilWAKK. 0 R\V I SO M A < ? II f N US TO ' .ET?W UV.Kl KUA Uir.SO.VS, O ai a ii 011 ii. A I.*;* ?1 s ui ?? un tin oticci ord.T. A?- ly jit :w U'urivn t. ruui, .New York, uuii 3- 3 Huekott l -t, 0 o k! v .1. QALOON AND APAUTMKNTS TO LKT.?77 (iREKN. O \Ni< l? av?'?u<\ Tii#? s luuti c ri oe rn > i ;h ???. ?>r dwi Uiug. H?Ul $18 jm'i Kv Kookio uy wwf ami i Ah through ><.t. Kful 4 15 jn r .. o k. r|5o LKT-KiruNlHlIKD OR ITNF t'UNlSH ED, T1IK 1 fo.?r h-tmy iious? N?>. y l,\fa filo p'.i*. - a t?siiU>a Immediately. Apply to JAX1 ^ (-KC 1KHH ANK, to Broad v\ ay. ai<) LKT-TO A 8INULF. (?KN ri.lCMAN. OR TO TWO X M-'iitlt'Uu n iil<!iid>, tli** ami i>a< k ParUu . fle^tiuly r?i. w tit ur wubout l?r#' kl *?t. Terinn M'^Hunable. Apply 21.% SI tl? avi-n'ie, j??- r fr'oorle*?utl? direct. rpo LKT -HOUSES NO. 6 ST. MARK'S I'LAOE AND 49 i Fi.uikiitis- ?'t i> uauu th?*y w'.'l l>o rented t w A 1 1 > y iti .1 AM E.S I'lil iKsh ANK, &5 Hi'caitv^;<y. ^TO LET-WELL FUHN18HED R <OMR IN BROWN 1. Ht-yiw hom . X\ Kou'ciy. an n n ;itn i > aucortiauK tittle famlltCK; alao Hiiwi! r Ro mat at 014 llr.? <1 < a; , mc mk! ?t ry. In?iulre en the j remi?eK. Urice In ac. or-Jarice ??ilU ti.? nmeH. To LKr-A nrR.vrgrrRD paTwI.or, suitable for ft | JfNj-a-t";r foi u genti' in n vlnJUn^ iu? .ly ooo* >. *?!!> ; fire, v at?r, ra+, . . Lo ;i Ion C"ntr..|, no ? eup.irU on mi?- ? nor. it 1 t $!> jrr weeit. In a?lvnii'e. Ad .re?? Ttfii-j Jt#*r c, oare ? f Fonda, aialiou O l*? s mllee. with every convenieu- c l.?r houae k? ?4pin^. Reir $5 |-#?r wetit, iu advance. No Taniliy tin tbo Huiiif 1: or. App y at 62 Sixth avenue. OHlee k l. tyo Li-:r? in a fiiibt clash uoubk, hhooklyn. J two an ? B *?em nt an 1 all of tac n**t Fl 01% tour r.x'niK, c dell-ra In | ??r and hall, toot and c?4d vvtt'?ir and v ry eh? 1 r. ) Ifamllt ti {dac*, u#ar Bedford ht"* nue. vp)? y n t a ?n in a nr at L8 M.?id<-u iaue, ol \V. U. LtM*kv%\a>d 01 Uai ie" L. rie. fJlO LKT? <>N 81 XT V- FIRST STUEI'T, N AR FIRST J. it veil' te, a iuo ? toy i'ra.oe iiou*. , u?uw?iiU iv?? rooms. R? nt $1 ? ji er i:."ti 't I o f ?? io|t Imnip.ilat 'lv. Apply lo J. W. t uLUNH, J,HU Hi on ,tv.,y, u ?r T?vcu?y V-v? . h ?t. rno LFT? IT UN IS1 1 Kl). A F01R 8T0KY HOP SB, J wiUi impiovem# 11 a1 rent per vreeK For j^a? tictilaia ?f. I.'. Ht VV?' Ft fvsiMit 1 ,>ii tii r' ? \ after II o rItK.'k A. M. rpoLKr? 4 rnr#'A'.K uu in: iiors (?;, with allt uk J .iiodern lm. ?ov n ? i uni; le co ? r; tirelve rooiftf T?d *5'io-ee;lar; t ixiy ? r t fr ill ^ iv* oilniues f 1 it ?v*w Yoru. ? in It .0. ?iu^?d tenant, or ?rtll tell. f*r $ |,f? hi. ii t ?* ? o ?" t'.jo pur? ha m it \ r?.n 1 ??main foi a teroi ui \cnrn. J. euv t en t ank in >ir*?- , i;? ar Dnkialb en in-, U.wokhn loqnfteol t /. I . liLLAKNKY. rrt> 1 .KT-TI1K Kf.KOANT HU^TNRSH OR SOCIETY I Ron.. ??, ????. u <1 U o , ,Mintlt%vc t '.'Hi nei* ?t" \J> a ? .v.iy and Twc.flh >ri-eat; al-.o .'cri a ;e Rotmia r? nt ok liJr .'i ..vay, #?n traiicj f.paflo'.iH, reut !? v, . JOHN S. KELSO, tf3 Wl'.Httm Mreet. -EK, IMM.-fii S, AC., YvAKTJ'U. A '2 r II ; ST KATE ANVIL AN!) HEf ,LOWtf WANTED, a* nv?? ? ? mi ll't'? hm?i. uUu a. j m-uiit and *?muii b i <?. A j?i*ly **t Siivi'iith av;>ntio. 4 SM - i.i, loom WANT ! -HV A LA>V; WIT If A y\ '> prolan .1; w. <ttt urn si .< cf the it) , not ttCo* ? Tl-.ti-i t:. Hn?fi iiiiM not ii w Twenty .'-ml i nfntt. At> * ? t hl>4 ?i v S. M.. ftaiiou i?, Ki^hlh avenue I'um uflicfl. !??? m1 r :??r n " givon. j:i.'RNZ UKl) ROOMS WA.V7 P-BV A LAPV, V? S1 >< v,M i., u }?o I'bt- wiih nil ac iiiu.i' rti im;.j m^ntf* ? . t 1 1 n 4 * ? t lo i? J i ? ? i :m i i.irt I'lVM- m, ?t ? (itt J>. PART OF A FtJRNI WV U linr:'K WANTED.? A PAM ? i ii ' thrift ml* ;t* -nr*? t t !?*? I*. i .??ih of a * oil It "i <\ \r Hi one > t * ? ? it ?li ? e t.y fui-ntiberl. Nna: t' !/. I in [..Id ti answer* .Li".* n. It (...! timila.s urn j. ]. e ?, mi. I ii rn * .l;-d, w.-ncli m -i be im. ?J. rate. Address Ad? i. Ii' r-M uflt QTKA'I ENGINE tYANTED ij s rond Ii . ii , whi un lx i.ri ' h uox I' .m OA' Tt.P.F. WA TED-'OB \ IU-TA1L DRPO 6T01M5 IM ? t.s 1).. bn\ If.! I lli iMld . I|t.-i-. 0 I'tf (TOORAI'HIo ??? 'S ? AN . KT>, TO HTKR, ON nil ? r ?, it I*i ?!! , 5 .ii. Oiili' ry, itwily ili' il in Irm iir t!.i nti 'el. Aiidrea.-* Mr> Gt? M?t:iitf 1 i ? , astkd? :o cLosr, out a nr i. G ? v Any one lutvlu>, a ?to r? i I i i !i ' .'.Monu r \ i II. Hi/Wit ll.<>, 1 1 I 'ilt<l c ;.| .1 |||i! I r 1 ? Mil til S\' w w in thf ? ?irtit It til n'.:. lo.-j v Oitv Post o?ii \irAKTEI>? NO W, OR THE FIH.H OF M \V, A LA RUB if i. vi** r 'l.r ? lltit h> . I'lO 1 1 Fill I. ? mh to Tv%' nfy- nirth h* i < ' ??, a, .i' tiii a', w* t. ? Sixth as ? .ntovuiiUeil n P :u?r.>!:v w ulM jiriMW th?? icnt t.'- n in h< a <1, Hun I - ? nr ?i. ' of i'r.n^in^ L>vo lani.Uit.-i to buuVt. AUa.c?? It 1,. l) t tl TI ''"ANTED TO IT Mil A>'E-A I fJvTAf, STOCK: OP ?V ilmiwar' a ?*' Uoha Furnifehln^ i. m-j . ;n ibocit/. L'fj'.tl U lll'ist III! , no . Kor U ?!??>. i I* )lo K <K*U .? t IfMVttlnn i a?fi will bu paid. A<idr- -e, for two day*, J. A. M., )???> 2,0.2 |'<Wt OiiiCP. "IIT ANTED TO LEASE? %'EAR TUT? CITY BXhlt, T T r.iuoklyn, a p..?. ui tir umi, about lOil/W i*'''', nuliuHe for a th -vtre. Ad'h'- n, witu i i;,l panlo .lar?, Tbom^s H. .Jac.**ou, urolil'vci, 2~'.i iiioail^vnj. ANTED? Fi nNTTlIiK TO KENT, i RDM SOW UNTIL |?rr-t. oi Ma.v ; pi.v uhnIj ?,? i,i:p a ;nm 1/ *?? jujiin nt. Ail i \ ?? imincvllu'iiiy, l 65 aio/jJ WAN \\TAttTKU TO RKNT? WITH PKIV'tLKOE OPJUJY. >T in*, ? l:nre -tv?ry I I.. il.< mrnvn lunq prefeireu;, m?n tii.'-x ? jiiioa.iyJ nKiglibur>i'? rn-ar Klitlt HVfiiuo or Brinunvey, 'ict v- u 'i' niu sum 1 u I'l.iy-linii j|<. Ail. ii" si J* i;* H.| bui 145 11 luld oi!. *i*f M.itl.i { j* utlou null enu*. . ..." PROTOSALH. CiiALEI) PROPOSAI S WIM. Ill: f(E<T'.U I i AT TllfS 0 ii '..i f! iimll 12 u'clORK .U , mi tin. i.'l.i I iy ii. I) .vmtj r, 1 01, fur "i'li|il,. lug tin; Hu ms al tlx- Iu.Jmh:ii< 'J' ;i iIh, i i/., or s'leh in .y be ri n' liu.p'f .? New Y"rk pHv. A.hhuy, jj ici. v.iif, I. .ii... . civ vi > Vn ... y. i (ir: a:i<l, (!? ?! ll vuco k, Ij Uny. .VmIuui*, Ly ii?, O wo o, Plui'sii.irp, I t il mi. Ili? ? ii" tiT, t- k ;ltf? Hurl) r Syi a uk:, Truy, Kn n (.'im.iUI i, Klin.ra, wjtli mti.'i.a i.i ?; i iraw lanoiutj irmi and alter tii -0:li d.iy of Vt- < u vr, Tlio iiitloiiH to t'oi h -t ui .tn> (olluv.'liig ari' li-H, to wit:? Tlin' - ourthsof a i i.nnd of pmk nr bmi ii. or on. and on* foi.r'.h |)uiinJ ol' Iro.-h nr n..ii be:.; ' v< ?uty-tw o tfiini?? -if bread or Hour, from: pntitid of ti irJ tiriMil, or ntr u.i ( uni" f'nirili pound ol torn m <?!; and at the r.ilo, lo e.ery ous l.uDilrvd riitlnns, or i- 1 . ? i t ij'tarta of 1wan? >r p. ;? mid I I'll! or bo.inuy; .-ii 'if Rrocn c 'ifBii, ur >?1 hi pi.un'lii of r.nint-il i ii iirnimri Coll. c, or oin- a'i.' a lia'f p .unifai flea; HfU'i'ii |iouiidHo('i>ugiir; four c;nii"^ of vim .; om? I'.i' iid o' ?|ithi r. n !et< <r ou?* (in i o'i*-ionrlh jj ii J of ad i. aiithi : uindlox, or oneiind o-.t'-ioilf p -.i.J of iii! .i >w cundl. k| fool p itiiiil? of s .ap and two quartH of Halt. lu addition t? uie fon^o ii*. iwi.epir we?k, ? ne g illou of moliifgi s p.'T on*1 hnn irnil i?:i ma. and tiiH"e per week au l?niie nl l otiUocf, at iIih rate of one po uil p. r man. H ht:n b. un?, pi a?, rle?, boinlny o: i?wii ?' .'.iiiiiot be it sij. d in Ihc |jro|) ?rt .in 4>. i*n nbo'ivi*. un eicnya.eut in valus hinii', Ii** is. led ill hOiou otii-'i' proper Ii oa. Dt'kio'ated potato. ?, or de?ie. ?l o uiix.-d vegetables, al the rat-- p r una lorn .red r itiom of one nundred ?ud ufiy o.intej of ill- foria. r, or or " lnili irff I ounces of the latter, inivy b? ?'r.'*ti|iit<!d ior i e?n?, pe ?*, rice, homin/ or fronn po atoos, win n liK-se a ti. h-s i-. iniot be insueJ ; r 'h -y rnuy 1)4 ism.e.f at. b? fon'Ktlng ravo iwi < |>er week, in ilen of o ..r.aor p ?*?, oi in ii' u o, rice or hominy, upon tiie requisition of Um oaiurr cotuinan.nng the d.-, .i t. Kr so b et ma) tie lafued a? often ns th-i roinm md'ng nffi. ctri> f the depot irwy rei|Uiie it, when pia -tiu-ililo, in place of a It meat. Every article siicclficd tta forming part of the ration to b? o. Hi.- be'-t nualtiy. T?" go ld ?u i reliable sureties re^ulrnd, in the mm of Bra thoou'id dollars encn, it t New York. Ai'iauy and Eimna. and two In tin" auui of t?vo tho'iaand do each, at u.l the other di pot?, to InBiire tlie faithful ful of contract. Sun-tie names, Willi p. see of res.dcUcc, tuu.t bo mentioned in pro poaa 1 The undersigned, to whom proposals must be address d, reserves the rtciit of rejecting all bids deemed on e .soniibf#. GEO. tV. WALL At li, Captain First infantry Umtrd S j . < irmr, AMUtantOo'nmUJu.' ..ntenep, Orrtca o?Tn* Ahiistaxt Co?Jtis-iuv SunsiatiM.: , ALuafT, N. Y., Nov. 30, la6l. ; \17 ASIirStiTOX KK '.TI.V'l CM B OF BROC I W pxvoaaia will b- i? . ived until O - 7, ' of a'-ll n : refreahmenls. an i .ha ?*?' *"k! I ?nf. roit! o. tlilH . nit, duHne the - e?. SJ ' ViS&X K. ca ^ I twi t a'.rect. New i'oiu.

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