Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1861 Page 5
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THE ELECTION TO-DAY. LUt of Candidates for Ol Bee. We republish tliis morniug a list of tbo candidate* for Mayor, Police Justice, Aldermen and C'ouncilmen, to be voted for at the election to-day. The contest for the minor offices Is so completely overshadowed by the race for the Mayoralty and the fat Alderinsnic position.**, that a repetition of the very full list of the candidates for school office*, which we published in Sunday's issue, la deemed unnecessary. Those who desire to scrutinize the names of the hundreds of candi 'ates for school offices oan do so by looking over Sunday's paper:? MAYOK. Mncnrt. Tnmtnnny. Rrpuhtitto n. Fernando Wood. C.Oo f ey flunther.Gen. Oiulyke. Gernmn /?* iiiomat. Si / r (friuviH /.nti/uf. Fernando Wood, C.i < lieyliunilnr.Geo. Opdyke. TiixpttyrrtiS Nnhiuntl Uvitrt> (Irrwnt J'' Clvh. Geo. Opay ke. O.Oodtn y Uuuther. C.GodfreyUuuthtr. POLI<!B Jt'HTlCK. Mozart. Tamu way. /fqmWinn. R.LIvlnifston I.inn. William Dodi:*. John.'. Shaw. Sun- ???? Union. J'nrp/r* laulrhitr. I it'1' ptnil*nt. Wm. Dodge. Martin Water*. David Uicinkothcm. iHiI'Vmilriit. James M. Murray. ? ? AWKUMAN1C NOMINATIONS. Wiurit. Mnmit. V Ibmoumy. Kntu'Uran. 2. Kicbunt R-irry. t'm. Walfcb, Wm. A J** McMalmn. W. II. Charlock. It. Hall. And. Kh' el an. ? ? Jumps Hoiley. - _ A Jame- Dunilng. Jsroe* Reed. Grn. W. AnderfOn. 8. Peter McKuiuhLP. M'Keh'ht. John I*?vi?. ? Peter Mitchell. ? 10. fleo.A Jer.'mlah.Oeo, A. Jeremiah. Wm. A Htnalley. Ari *K Mnvnard. ? 12. P. I. A Boole. V. I. A. Boole. Bernard Kelly. Bernard K< lly. ? ? 14. Kiel). Murpby. (iilbevl M. Plait. J. D. Ottivv, II. 16. Tsrence Parley. Terence Parley. ? Charles Mct'nrtby, ? Ttto*. MeSpt-aon. ? Taxpapert', Uni-n. Pmy'r1*. 3. ? RlchsrO Harry. Richard Birrr. 4. ? Wm. II. Charlock. Wm. II. Charlock. 6. G. W. And< rson.Jnhn Van Tine. John Vim I no. ? ? John H. Collin*. 8. ? Peter Mlleliell. Christian Cramer. Id. ? Win. A. Hmalley. ? 12. ? - V. I. A. Boole. 14. John A. Week*. Gilbert M. Piatt. Samuel I). It'i^les. ? ? Edward it- Corlies. If. ? Geo. M. llrrpel. I' has. McCarthy. COI'NXILMANIC NOMINATIONS. I-OI KTH SltHATOKIAt. MSTlUtT M'izmrt. Timutetny. AqttiMierirt. John Ho miii. fleniye. A. Barney. Tboma Outvoter. Tbos. Kiugerald. Mo *an Join-*. Adolph Borst, Al'-v. Moll irren. Joseph II n. ' ei. J. W. Ilawkei. Charles Ilttgan. Jtanies Sandford. J. M. lialirtilier. Barrai Bogert. Jutin s Uaye*. Wm. II. lager. C. De?mond. John Henly. Jos. pb D Costa. VJKTH HIAYOklAL HOTR1CT. Michael Cassldy. S umiel T.WebMer, Thomas O. HalL John H'uiphy. J. II. Iloofhfclrk. Wm. Brocket, 4 Ed. CoM'llo. Efl. Mnlioy. 8. Ila/? lion. And. Mmlljnn. Mit">n.. Miller. II. A. Si-.ltli. l'rter Wygrsek. Ml lneiC. Cross, En Tayb r. i-'red. R-pp t. John U P. Suilnbrenner. _ Sixth okn atoki al onTKi'T. Richard OB .left. Alev. I, Slaw. A. II. Keeeh. H. K. Hla?iv>-li. Jail e - O'Ne.J. James liedney. Ij. M Va Wait. Johu ii. Ryer. Wm Ot n. lihaK. L. Purine. Arthur Ahmuty. (J.'o. Kos?. Artlnir Ahuiotjr, Jaiues Ku i ley. Tnos. Stevenson. J. J. Ilowland. Jo- epti Kuuth. ? ri]fiVXxT I e?M*T"KUL DlWkirr. Wm. Harris. john Mrvee. Jon itlian Trotter. V. J. M U nio .h. J ilin K ivanagti. Chan. C. Pin.-knejr. Ki yron Perkins. Wat. Joyce. John Coop t, Jr. Join Lyons. J M. l<ong. Ilainllii Ha >ei?'k. TnOMalA. Dunn. O. P. Hrandon. Tliomas O^llvte. Hanuiel K. Kepner. LokeCurnen. Michael Bnjiier. rot IOH S-ENA'OKIAL DL<IBItr'. ? Tii.ryini/rm' . Cfi-m. V'.ttAf' *. Alexand. r Burst. John Hocau. W. U. tii hemk. ? Joseph 1). Costa. J. P. Uucftus. ? Morgan .lorn s. Joa. W. Hawka. ? Cleot'tT A. Bii' ney, Jos. D. Co?ta. ? Jo? I b Hi'Wk*. ? ? Cornelius D smond. ? FtfTII > KNAIOKi I. OIHTRMT. P. Welrst. Henry A Smith. J. H >ochkirk. M O, CtroKS, Mieiiie I CiVMtldy. Fri'd. K 'J per. Henry A. Smith. Hir.ion Haxelton. M. C. Oroiw. Thou. O. Hull. Prco. U. ppi r. Antin ny Miller. An ihonv Miller. (I. P H etn rentier. Edward Cost eilo. Michael U. Pepper. Michael C. (iross. Samuel T. Webster. Sl.Vilt >-?<AT(>RIAl. IHSTKlT. H. h. flalomer. Prank W. Ballaid. Tho i. Stevenson. J. T. ,i o. nson. Thus. 8 creiiaon. On r;-' Ross. 5. T. Uu-sell. llitrv'yli.Cleveland.Atirabam I.ent. iiva. <4ri?wold. John C. Ham. Jehu it. Ryer. Abraham Lent. Al"i. L Shaw, iln^s. ? Ueo. L. Caunon. W.l.ium Orion. nVK.Vtll r.VAT?BtAI.;n. ? K. I. Mi'l>oiioU|(li. Jonathan Trotter. -> I.ukfCunna. Jidin Ci?it er, Jr. ? Joiin K.i\ aiiHgh. Tim*. Ouilvie. ? J. dm Brim. Cinis C. rlnekney. ? Jacob iamr. Mlehael Snyder. ? Alex. Brandon. llamiiu BaUcuck. TO THE la.nOH OP TUK MKUALD. Tho frlcmts of Mr. C. Godfrey Guntlier, it is reported, have circ luted postora throegh the city announcing my withdrawal, iu his ravor, from tho contest for tho Mayor, alty. I I) ft leave to say thut ihis is untrue, am! that I am a candi me nil the closing ol' thu poll* on election day. Will you brJttnd enough to exposo this f.aud aud im;K.isi tion, urei oblige y urg, rosiHjc.Culiyf N?w York, l ee. 2, 1861. GEORGE Ol'DYKE. CROSS KKAUD AKI> PORftRRT. TO TUN KM l OR OK TUK llKK.M.O. Having loarnnd that a handbill lias been printed pur porting te cmanato from the United States Marshal (who is absent f i mil Iho clty^ and myself, in snp|K>rt of the pl-c'.lon of Mr. Uunthur, I warn our friends that the snmo is a forgery. K. DKLAI'UOJ.) SMITH. Monmav E\?kixo, Doc. 2, 1801. Brutal Prize Fight. CONTEST BKTWhhN A NKW YOKK AND A PHILADELPHIA KKl'ISKU ? TWKNTY-N1NB KOI N 1)8 KOi (iHT. [Krom the Brooklyn K-igle, Dcc. 2.] A most brutal prize tight. ti-<k plar.i at duy'ireak this morning, a sh->rt disinnca b ick of Olivary' Ofiwtery. The priti<;i|?!.- ? Mike Dorcy and l-.d. HoUowuy? have been In liMiniu.s for Mm past twowoikf), and ware in pretty go> d run ll'lnn for the* light. The match was matin up nt a well known sporting tonus.) tip town in New York, and the priuci .ais, seconds and ho it seven'y live or a hundred si>ectators crossed the Fulton, Scnt'i and flrand stroet ferries about tlir e o'clock (his morning, and proceeded quietly to tho ground ?okictod. 'ih p eiiminuiics. such as tho fixing of tlio ring, the choosing ol bottle holders, timeko<-per, &c. , weie soon settled, sad the parties, both conlldent of victory, were tro glit in the ring. Tlicy were light weights, and about nineteen or two. .ty years old. noiloway, on coming into the ring, walked up to bis opponent and offer to bet him Ave dollars that he wo Id win the Qght. l>nrcy re plied that he bud no money. They then shook hautU anil the tight commenced. The betting ut llivt was even, but after a few rounds had lie n fought, the odds wore in favor of Dorcy, ;ipon ?whom tho blows appeared to have little cr no eliect. From tlin first to the twoifth ro-.tid b >th fought very gliy, doing more ^?r lug than lighting. Holloway by th s time i eg an to show the oRiret of Horcy's "mnwlies,'' as he hud recelvou a bad cut upon the mouth and another tipo:i tlio n>*o, from which tbe blood trickled down upon bis breast. Thirt' -nth round. ? Koth came to the scratch upon tho rail of time, and after sparring a mlnuti closed, wl on, after p- mmelllng each other about the head, Moll way drr<|i|?ed upon his knee to wive himself from 'rthoi p,.n The fri-nds of Ilollowny here cried "foul, ifor.l, ' claiming that Dorcy hud struck him while ho was on hfs knee. F.iuncnth round Ifolloway eame up briskly , and fol lowing i lorcy over to his corner, struck out twice with bis Jai't, which took effect o.. tho neck of Dorcey. They then ?Clos"! ami both fell l< goth r. Ffanlh ruvrvl. ? The seconds of both parties In this ?reimii urged tlieni on, ami they soon closed, when lorcy, being tho strongest, threw lloliowuy and fell upon him. 1 rom this to the nineteenth round Ilollowny was pretty badly punished, roeelvingsome severe cuts i*|>on hif riglit cheek. Dorcy, however, b ./an to grow weak. and camo up ?? !i ikey anil somewhat frightened. .\in-t "'ft rnuml.- Holloway *pi>earod to gain confidence, notwithstanding he was bleeding u cely, and his faco w as sw lleii badly. Ho camo up to his o;<ponoi>t, and ft ter goring in a good one tliev closed, pummelled each i ther about tiie body, and Holloway got down to save himself. Trrntirth round In this roend It wvs give and t iko; Torcy down and Hollow-ay's friends jubilant. Hl'.wnty-jfinf roumt.? L'oih came up tog th r, eyeing each olier closely. Pony made a d<vpc: ft"; hinge at Hollo way. hut tnis!ed his mark sud received a very heavy blow on hia smeller. Ho rallied agiki, and closing threw 'Holloway. 'Punti'i woti'l round. ? After ;r,,anirga short tinio they ? c'encho I, and both went down together. Vic. nty lhinl round. ? Holloway came up and gave Dorcy an u;iper cut that rather stagg.*rul him. att- m >ted ? to got away, but Dorcy followed him up and got in another light one on the nose. T'.nf'i fourth round. ? In this round there was very h.i: d 11,'htltig. They want at the work in good earnest, i giving and taking heavy blows both u |* >n tlio face and bo-lv. D irry received a severe uudorcut on the chin . i>. n 1 Holi way got a very bad cut upon the mouth, which made liis lips look vry m ral. ((Jreat cheering on both aide-.) They Dually clinched and Holloway war thrown. Tiventy-Jiftk rotmri.? Hotli ap|*arcd to be growing we .k, and ,t w.'s thought the H:rht would terminate in a few round:!, us it did, in favor of Dorcy. 'I he ia>t four rounds were very severe. l)t Don y did uot appear t ? show tho effect of his punishmrut. ill ared tobe very hule blood iu him, v Uito Holloway bled free'.y from evo.y . little tap. twetd.. ?ninth round, which was tlio lan, Holloway appeared, although q ite weak, to havo bad the advantage, yet hie, thinking he had fought long e ouglt, th cw up the spouge. H > low.iy was very angry at this, saying he was not whipped, and it waa wrong for Ih m to th ow up tho sponge. They also hastily oniered th ir coac.he? and retuiued to the city. The jxjllco got wind of me light, and starwrt lu pursuit abwnt half an hour after tin* party. They, how ever, got on the wrung read and went to Flushing. Wreck of tlic Srlmcnrr I?. Cniidlent and un I'nkiiuwn Dark. JlfKowsM, t'. K., Dec. 2. 1801. Tbe government ecluKjuer T.. lAttdicne was wrtcUed ?near Cauban Island, ou the north shore, in a snow storm, yesterday. All on board ? thirty ?even iu number ? were saved In boat?. They rcpart t (to weather very severe, with plenty of snow. A large bark i." wrecked ten m;!es below the sc'.nouer. Her name is uot known. Counterfeit "Tins" an (h? Wntcrbnry Hnitk, of Coiinei lM ut. PoRTeAXIi, ,?e.. Dec. 2, INfll. (?ur city is fl mlod with ten count'TK it notes on the Wsterlmry Hunk , of font' ?client, ^'hey aro executed e^ual to the ori^iual. SWi^liii-t; ut JUeutriali Ml H I ., Dec. i, lSiJt. There was a In nvy fall of huow bore last ovciioi ;. T> day t lie sit i^lll.'ig i? g od. OUR PRISONERS IN THE SOUTH. Letter from Lieutenant DtmyMfi ??ootid Regiment, N, Y. 8. M., Now In Confine ment In Charleston Jall?J The Retail story Measures, ami How Colonel Cor coran Received the Mews of Ills Con demnation? The SUdell and Mason and Port Royal Affairs, die., die. The following lutterfrora Uouti-jaiit DempsT, or tho Second regiment, N. Y. 8. If., was received by Mr. Wil liam S-rley , of this city: ? ClIABUtXTOX J Ml, S. C. , Nov. 24, 1801. Mv Dsar Fbiknii ? Huro wo uru, back in jail again, after bi-ln^oii exhibition for four months, to thow the strength :m<l powor of the rebel rag under which we (1 ha.! n;m?Kt | said live, but that would be a eulogy) stay, in order to revive the drooping spirits of ttx admirers. As you are aware, wo were horo before; but it is 8 mo thing new for men to bo imprisoned twice for the same offence. However, they ??y wo arc now poruuuiuntly lo cate J for the winter. We are surrounded by all the Tile features peculiar to prison life. There are under the same roof with us per sons guilty of the most revolting uriiues that over dis graced huiuau nature? murderers, thieves, mail ixbbo.a, even the abandoned wretches of easy virtue; and so powerful la the secession fooling In this Stronghold of re bellion that these vile criminals aff ct to your correspondent and his follow prisoners of war. You know that I was always of the opinion that the South contained the better portion of our people: but I ?ow see under what a delusion 1 labored. When I think of our condition, and the many petty tyi'aunies wo have b en subject od to, 1 wonder how they reconjile it with their boupted chivalry. 1 wish I had paper to give you a full sceount of ail that h is occurred to us siuco the bat tie of Manassas , but this is the last shoe t in my posses sion. j You nn doubt received the letter I rent you from the tobacco factory ut Richmond, and 1 hope that this? which 1 head by ?n underground roulo ? will also roach you. The Inactivity of a life of this s.-rt, to a man brought up t? active business, Is sufficient punishment, to my no thing of the many Indignities which are hcape-1 u;*?ii us. We have hist two men by ilMth srnc.i wo lint Richmond. Ill y belonged to tho Michigan 1'irst lug m nt. Now that Ihti winter U u|M?n us, h<>w our |>oor foil' w J will gel along j 1 don't know?Mine of lb m w ithout a shoe to w oar , and many without a second shirt. Their su:terlugs you can betier imagine than 1 ta u d.wcribe. yut thoy seldom grumble, -xc pt wheu th?y huar of pea* e miic tings b ing h 'Id iu the North, or when they think of tho.- e who woro g i Hunt n'.UIIera iu |>eace but are civilians iu war. W?? t ait i?, tin " New Vork lues ," consic tiug .if Oil. Corcoran Lieut. Cwnoily. SU'> ninth, Ca4it. Kurnuli , sSc.venty ninth; Cn pt . Downey, K'Sveuth . Cupt. Critf.n. Eighth, and your humble set vant ? wjuI I lutve b en hi tijo Man* pr-' ukauient had it not been for tho kindness ol Uijih< >}> Lynch, <4 Chariton, who visited Col. Corcoran, and,seo ir.j. tm wlthot t ? bod to sloop ou, sent us cols, mattesses, pliows.kc., and, without bum/ solicited, lout Col. Oor cuan some tuoiiay, which he, with his usual benevolence, distributed unit iu us. Tho IMshop told the Colonel 'o draw on hitu tor whatever m ney he wanted. Hut vfe w.^re not allowed Ih * to bo happy very l"itg. On tho liKh inat. th.i officer who has charge of us Informo ! Co: >? Del Oorcoran that tu ?xAeeiiQ?we of the oonviciton of Smith, th ? privateer's man, iu Philadelphia, (j em ral Hip ley had ordered tno Colonel to be placed iu one of the f 'on n mils, .here to be k 'pt iu cloao OOOfim m nt, with the Jiositlve assurance thai if Hin.tll was ovocutu ?! he would be exec i? I 'i'o this C< liuel Cu corun replied, "\l ell, sir, I am ready; when 1 engaged In this w.m- 1 made up my mind tosacrilico my life, u ncce.fcary , iu dotonce of tlutt i.?)t under w!iich 1 have lived and gai'icd an honor able position.'' 'Iho condem"ed cell* In this jail or ; in the tower, eevfn colls on a l.o >r; his coll is on the third Uo?.r, west Side, No. la. Thcie are ao m*?ns of heating the cnl 8 in the toWer , tya stove, bi'uated in the cuuar, the pipe of which ami Of thCvttgh to the root. This stove is .leually heated with eoar, but 1 am to d there is none to be had at presont ; and ua A fipid, damp air arises here at this season of tho y ar, tho I'w'ut:! suf fers severely, yet he docs not complain. I know h ? is Tit good spirits: lor, as I was talking wlih him tnrough the iron bars this tieirning, Lo ,okod about his i|U<irteia, say ing it was coll. but it c uid not intimidate him; yet'l his constitution will not stand it i' ng. If our go vernment hangs .-mith, th) Colonel will certainly bo hanged, and although 1 mil in favor of a vig '-ous pr tsec'j lion i f the war, I cannot see uuy goou tint would result from hanging the privntoers' men. Ouethin^ls carUin: for every pirate mir govemmcnt hsrgs, tho rebels will hang an officer and a valuable citr?>u. B-t if, on tho other Imtici, the CV.onal is !c:t in hin pi unont <juart-r3 un til he falls a prey to disease, and death relieves him iroin his s.'flermgK, his country will have lost a true patm I an i a gsllunt soldier. Eve.'y cbanncl of commnnicaticn being cut off, news pa;n rs include , wo imagined Komethln'4 esti aordluary hidoccurru , which wa> a;{re abls c.intirmed by un lcr grouud intelligence, which .nfo.-mod us of the capture of M-is'.n .in ! SI1-; II, and the 'I .no h victory at Port Royal. It is said that "Itoyal run" was second only to liull run. We have also heard that the notorious Wi^fall l ?s l^.-n taken, lhis grutitlud the prisoners, as h' called on them m Kichu.ond, a. id Bald they would bu hanged, and other wise cuwardly brow lie it them. Hoping soi'U to soe all my friends In Now York, f re main, yours truly, JUllM W. l'K'OKi', I.iouteeant Co. 0. .-'oeond regiment, N. T. 8. M. THE UNION PRISONERS AT RICHMOND. Ikmox, Ike. 2, 18U1. The followinc i" nn extract from a letter from Captain Bowman, of the Fifteenth MtuMMchussotts regimen* , under date of Richmond, Nov embor 27 : ? W? aro all. :'0\ eu of us, confluod in one cell, sis" eleven by scvont* eu iVet. <>ur mess Is made up of Out-. Coegs we!l and Wood, of New Yerk . Colonel Lei nnd M-jor Itovcre, of th" Mas aehnssetts Twentieth: Captain Kelfer, of I'hilackJ: hia; and Captain itoc*w<<xt and myself of the Kit'te^nth Massai huselts re^inie-it. We wore transferred fr >m tho tab.'.cc > warclwuae, whe.'C we lia.l been eon line .1 cluoe the bat tie at Locslvarg , a fortnight agt . Standing as we d<.-~for the privateers iu New York ? we aro treated the same km persons e.ha.-ged with the criino. What will bo tho result of ail this 1 do not know. I trust that all will be wc I. If wo are marked to die, we are enough for oi:r country to lose ; and If to live, tho fc.vcr the men tho greater share of honor. FORT LAFAYETTH Orders for tli? Kchiuc of Senator Citvin and Others from Fort Lafayette. CMTKD STATK? UAKB1I Kh' i OFF1CK. PRC. C. ? Tho Marshal received instructions to the effect that the Hon. William M. Cwin, Calhoun Benham and J. L. Brei t,Ksqe.,of Cajhomla, arrested <-n hoard the mail steamer coming from San Francisco to I'nnama by Gene ral Sumner, wc re to he released upon their ]<u ole, to report themsolves to the Stuto Department at Washing ton for explanation, and remain thereafter on parole, subject to the direction of the Secretary of state. It is understood that the prisoners clnim that before embarking thoy had assurances, by federal authority, that th v need not appreher.-l au arrest. Mr. William 1'. Converse has also been re'eased from 1'orl Lafaye-ta ujk n his taking tho oath of all- gtanco to the government i f thel'nitnd 8tut:s, stipulating that lio will neither erter any of the Staus in insurrection against the authority of th United States go vera - ni ut nor hold n;,y cerresiwndciu e whatever with giersnns residing In these Siutis, without permission from tho Secretary of Slate; an-1 also that ho will not do anything hostile to the ) nit' 1 States during the present insu rection. Hnrshal liurrsy was a, so in structed by the iHjpaf'mo'.t tc cause a polico examination to be made of Mr. Converse's bnggairo. It order tii '.t no corres|t>nrif nee or oilier improper papeiii should bs con >ejed outride Die fort. Ptr*<>nnl Intcllljtcncci Iietst. Frcilork'k A. Sawyer, of tlio Forty seventh regi ment Now York Velniitoers, baa recently been offered, and rtccliuod, the position of master s inato in tho navy of tlio t uited Slit ci. Liaot. Sawyer's regiment on board the Fnltcd s<la truuei'ort Roanoke, one of th-j vest's composing the fleet that bomb rdod Port Royal, and did b'ood *er\ >ce In tbo well nigh disastrous t,-n(e that ;mm"!i.itp!y prcc- ie ! tlio arrival of tho naval f rco nt thi- pr in i f tho recent brilliant victory, and in which, It will l?e remembered, the Roanoke was obliged to throw ovrboard jjiuoooo worth of awn*, ?u. mini tiori, cloth ini;. camp eif ipnge and medical stores intended for the use of the osficdlthrti. (a t. Wi'kc* and wljv arrived a! ti.o St. Nicholas Hotel eailyy sterday morning, whc:e they will remain for a lew days. Major General Ft << moot received a f"'W visiters yester day morning. About noon tho General, nccompaitiul by Mix. Fremont, lot i the Aetor 11 nice to atteu<i to *>ine pri vate huslni No visitors arc received by .Major General 1 iv moot m the ewniufr. P. Calms, A. Morrell and the Misse* K. A. an-! P. Small of Uuliiiiiore; George Ji.oi|u.?-, Carctim If. Fl'.dd and Tlif>s F. Ty van, or Boston; J. 8. Colgate and wife, A.iS.V ay and .-<4iii.iel Lawsuit, of New Yoik, a.o stopping at tho Uruiu? rry Park Hotel. Senator W ide, of Ohio; lion. A. B. Alley, of Vnssa cb'. sett*; Colonel Bart. ott, Captain Milutosli. Dr. .1. E. tiemiilt and M. 1). liordln, of the Ci.aod states Army; Colonel A. CumminsB.of New York; \V. 1J. Reynolds, of the l!hi>lu Ifdaud artillery; G. Mr. Weaver, of Moniieal; J. Ituliioman, of Philadelphia; .1. Brown, of Baltimore, and ,-j. P. Uptf-n,of lt.'.Uoii, are stA|>pl'>? at tho Astor II use. f". kiln Lodinnton, of the rnito.i State* Army; Lieu tenant t^, of tho United Bf..t>", Navy, J. II. Bh.; in, of Lynn, Map; .; H. (}. Vlckery,o;' Baltimore; it. Woonbury, oi Toledo; W. 11. Farnun Hnd party, of Chi cago; 1). s. Moi'go, of Maryland; A. '1'. Addo, ley, of Nas sau; .1. L. I'll Hoi-ti of California; 1>. Rid irda.ot lu liana; O. 8. Rice and wife, of Albany, S. Adams, of i!omon: K. t'. tail .on, of Sp ugflcld.ami \V. 11, I/ird, of \ ui mou , are stopping at the St. Nich"tas IJotel. The Sprlngflrld (Mr??.) Mimic-ipa] Klcc t luiu SruiNonntr. Mas?., Bee. 2, 13ftl. C. B mis was re-c.' c'.uJ'M iy 'i- ut ihi c.ty io dav by T8 tnao, It; . o; t of a vole ef a.iflO Tbel-arl if Ad,- men were v t> ?l for by all ivirt c , an 1 p> w-ro i.Iir.t ' ??nil." ly >'l ? 'v?i a -i'( . Ii * o.ii : , ti si.i s as iicai . i ne result cau be known, thirteen ro puiiiicau . to live dem a .at*. INTERESTING FROM NOJtt?7 CAROLINA. OUIl HATTERAS LVJ.RT CORRESPONDED CB. Hattou* Isn ?r, Nov. 23, *"*81 ? Sc'titm of the rroriiiorxal Ooi^rn ?ir-n< ? Oniinanttt I'atud In/ the Uoily ? MarUe .\ath Taylor EMM Uortrnor ? I'ro ctamatum to ('it 1'evpl J North Carolina, itc. At you are alrea !y aware, the provisional State govern ment for tlio .^talo of Ncith Carolina, which lias been in contemplation for nmo man Ms [lust , wan forma'ly called together for buxiucbS on the 18th of November Inst., when there was a full representation l?y delegates an J proxies. A number or very iiu;>ortiUit ordluauo k were unanimously ni! opted l>y tho Convention ; nmong others, one which get forth "ibittho ordinance of the Conven tion which a.??cmblo(! at Ril?i^h on the :20th of May last, proclaiming the secession of this Commonwealth from the fedoral Union, suoh secession being legally lni|>o?til bio, in of no force or effect , aud said ordinance, together with a'.l otlior ordinances and ai ts of said Convention, or of the General Assembly, made and done In pursuance of the treasonable p;:rposoK of tlin conspirators against the Union, is hereby Uoclared null and void." The Convention wait adjourned, subject to be reas sembled on the call of the ('resident. Tho following are the proclamations of the new Gover nor to the people of North Car dim: ? PROCLAMATION BY TiTK OOVEIUiOB. To tuk Paoru or Noktii i' ? i 'ii Monday, the lsth of November, 1861, a pro. visional or torn; orary government for this ?>m munwealth wan institute! at IlaitTas, Hyde couuty, by a convention of the people, iu which mora Una half the equities of th> Stale were repre so'ited by delegates and icitliori/od proxies, Old I nances were adopted by the C invention declaring vacant nil State oiilees the incumbents whereof have dlsquailt'ed themselves to hold them by violating their official oaths t" support the constitution of the'tfnlted Stites, which North Carolina lius solemnly accepted as the supreme law of the land ; pronouncing void and of no elfec: tlie ordinance of secession fr<m the lodoral T'nion, pawned by the convention assembled at Raleigh. May 20, 1H61: cou tinirlug iu mil force the const itulioirond laws of the State, as c lit lined in the revised code* of lHfifi-R, tngoiliT with all subsequent acts not inconsistent with our para nv i let al'egiance to the ( in ted States; appoiuting a pro ? iitanal Governor, and enipoweri' g liim to It. I such officii! vacancies and to (Jo such nets ah in his Judgment might bo required for tho safety and good order of the Slate. We have attempted no revolutionary innovations: we have made no clumge in the organic. law, or sought in overthrow or distm b any of the institutions of tho State, in repudla'log and rex if 1 1 tig the wanton usurp.) ? lion which has flagrantly defied the w ill and now cr *!ios tho liborties of tlie people of this Comto n wealth, we act in the pursuance of a altered c'uty to N irth Carolina, .md to that gn at republic. <>?r common country , which invested them with tho hi|'h dignity of Ami - tcnu edl/.itichip. We follil, moreover, an Imperative obligation to tiod. to civilisation , to freedom and t'i humanity. We obey 'hit ca-dinal maxim of sound {ivernmeiit which affirms (hat ihe^popular welfare Is lA < ighcstlaw. The good and loyal liien of North Carolina h ive been for months past without any domestic govern ment which they wem bound to respect, and tho ap parent consent of a large majority of tho citizens to the armed power of the revolutionists and traitors, who have nnwarrantedly arrogated the governing authority of tho Sta e, has he. n not a volm tary and < h erful ac.)ul i eonce, but a compelled and protesting submission to n militury despotism. The lives of citizens nnd their rl,:Uts of property and pcrsi a have lind no protection amidst tho anarchy , niisrulo and disorder which have prevailed throughout the Commonwealth. It h id,thore foi e, become necessary lor the most ordinary interests of society, as well us in viu.iicatiou of our loj alty tu tho national authority, that orr municli>at government , sup pressed and ovorltome as it was by rock lean and i.resp-n Bible uativpera, rhoald be nnrlved an t maintained under th j.orot -ctlou of the banner of the Union Tiie tempo rary stale government which v\ e have accordingly set on foot has the approval in advance of thousands of god nnd failhfi 1 North' arolluian* , Sfl.1 gj^aj'ti liimnl the prompt and cordial Allusion of all TfyliT "' of iboStnts. Of tho desperate end HI starred fortunes <f th? rebe'Ilon, and of I f ultimate and thorough sutpr i rational mrrn cau cr.tertairi a donb'. It baa the rocogiiitlon of no tuition under heaven, iv 1 the w ',!? rymunthies are unanimous in lis condemns' ion; it is evei y ? vf??a.o ^warded as u"t only a r volt against a mo t h e.t 11 cent and pStaroal g venitnont, b?rt as assailing al>-o law, order, progress at'd all ine gieat interests of mankind thron. hout the globe. It i* a: aggressive warupoti o rni lar liberty in the United Slat a, and its claims ran rover be conceded short of an absolute surrender of the rights of man and a craven recantation of the holy crced of ire d"-m. 1 therefore ra',1 upon all tho good people of this Com mouwtalth to return to their allegi.mcu to the (,'nitod >'iate:', arid to rniiy around th>" stand i d of Sti to loyalty, which wo I.ava r-i-orecled and placi d side by side w dh tl c glorious flag of tlio repub ie. I nl.uro > u i s Norlh Carolif.ia.iS, mindful ef tin infplrinp tradition of jour history, and kcetiug in view jo r true interests and welfare as a people, to riro and assort your independence of the wicked tjrauts wl.o are seeking to enttliive you. Kemctnber th" men of Mecfcienliu'-g .ii' ! th ? martyr- of Alannnoe ? d- a ' . but of undying memory ? and endeavor to rejK'a. their vaior and tin jv patU MAKllLE NASH TAYLOR, rrovisio?iHl Governor of North Carolina. ILatikkas, Nov. 'JO, 1881. VBOCLAMATtOM BY TBR OOVKP.SOR. SrATK ok North Ca'-oi isa, fit* r. lTir*n.MeTr. To tu* l i.oriK ?r Kobim t'Aaan.^i: ? Whereas en or'linanco of (h i Cbnventlon of North Carolina, pamMI ?n M<'ndsy, th<? l^th .Vovetnber. l??!, dlre.'is the proyUiaual Oovernor of I his Cunmiouwulllt in the fol o? ini wit: ? "Wberon<i it is dr;jiM blo that this State shall be represented in tlie fed"ral O n gross, and malutaUi her duo weight in the councils of ttio t'nion, therefore the provisional Governor be dlroi t" l hereby to order special elections in accordance with chapter six. y nine of tho Revised Code, as soon as possi ble and oxpedierit, in any dist let or dlctriets dow unre presented;" and wheroa- the R wis. d Code i f thli Stiile, chapter sixty-nine, and sec n fifth, provides i s fol lows, to wil : ? "if at any tins ', after the expiration of any Congresa, and before another election, or if at. any time after any i le tlon , there shall In- a vacancy iu the repr.*antatlon In Congress, tha Governor shall issue a writ of election, and by proclamation shall rcquit the voters to moot iu their ro. pective counties, nt such time as may n? appointed th nun, and at. the placea esiab llahed by law, tlwn and thme U? v . to for a repie.-entative in Cong loss to ? I the vac nicy, and the el ? tion shall be conduc ed in like manner as n fcular elections." And it appearing that the Second < 'mk ressional district is unro prt'sented, Now, therefore , I. il.irhla Na li Taylor, Governor of the State of North far. Inn, do h -r?by not it y and require the good oi. d loyal l p ? of the Sec nl Congressional dis- ! trict of thisStau, iua!ilied to veto for members of the Ho, ue of Commons of the (leneral Assombly,t > attend at the several voting places tii the said district, on Thurs day, tl o 28th day o Not cmbor, l v)i, and c st their b.d lots for a represent at ivo of the state in (' n.-res.". In wituess who cof, J lmve hercunt.i t oi my hand nnd ca itod .!?? at oal of th ? State to be allixed, at Hat terns, this, the eighteenth day of November, iu ihe year of our Ijord eighteen hundred and sixty-one, m l of tho independeuc? of the United Stains the eighty-si: th. >1 UtHl.K NASH TA V I.OR. By I he Gov rnor ? Ai onzo J. Spiw, Private cc. eiu ry. I IlArmtAS, Nov. 18, 1861. City Intelligence* Fatai. Vnuru: Ohu.wty. ? An nnkrown man, obou1 forty-five yearis of -'go, nun knocked down by u hor.'v and rart pt th ? corner of I'arfc r w ?ri<l Ami street , yoaterday, and w.i.- nlmnst iuflautiy kii - 'l. TJio holy ? ?> taken i? the New York Hogpttal tor Um purpose of ideatiilcatioe. From some pawn tickets found In the po.-s ?>" de ceased, liis nvnt is soppo^ed to bn Cole or Cohen. Hie driver the curt , Jvter IJurnx, was arr??toJ by au offlc.-r of the Broadway squad and committed to the Tombu tor examination. Fikk is Water STnrrr? A Womax Badi.t IftiNsn.? About three o'clock, on Monday morDing a lire occurred in the premises of Ellon t'ragin, ou the second floor of No. 349 Water ftrect. The (Ire was ftoon extinguished. It ap pears tliat M s. Cragin had two lod^-ors, nr.rricd Mi.y Quinn ?nd Miza BJeucb, who were intoxicate .'d and care lessly set Are to a *1 raw bod. Kliza !;!each also wet Are to her cloth t?, asd wiu dangerously bcrned before the l!amea wore extinguished. ^he was conveyed to the Now York Hospital by ih- police of tl.o l'our ill precinct. The other two parties were committed by the magistrate as vagrants. Arrivals and Departure*. I, AHKIVATiS. Sr. Thomas, W. I. ? Biuk T i ?*?:>, W. N. ftmrgen, Joseph llclm, Mr*. K. T.lnd. Mis. Sarah Jmne Mr. Chamberlain, W . A. Uashei.e. J. II. Kin j ? " 1 ?on, ->lis? D.,ut? . Batch"1or'* Hair Bye? The Beat In the world; bannies*. ridlabla and instantaneous. Holland ap plied at BATCIIELOK'U Win Factory, IB Hon 1 street. f.adit'i Beautified PUalon & Son'* "Snow White Oriental Cream'' Impart* a beaotifol p"?i l or ri'HB to Die ??nmplexion upon Hie Itrst nnplf hS.iii. S ill! hy alldruggi?tsln the C uited Slate*, Europe uoil Bcuib America. Tvuaaea.? "Harah ?Si Co^a lSacllenl Cure Tru??es, also Miiit.ti,. Hh ai'drr Ttrnee and A'' lotninal Sup porter eoinbineu? ;i Mipe, mr ai title, No. 2 \ e?ey mi'cet, Aj tor House, opposite th-: rhnreh. Teetli Extrurtcd Wltlmnt Pain b) a !V? w nrorvsa.? Beautiful teeth, $1 ' ct: ant on silver, $8. Warranted by J. JAY VILLLU.S, l!w ?.rand street. Barry's Trlcopheront la the Beat and cheapest article tor dressing, beautifying, culling, cleaning, preserving and maturing the hair. Ladle*, try It. Sold by lltttBM Mra S. A Allen'* "World'a Hair Ileator er" and "World ? Han Brewing.' far excel nil other prrpa rations for r> itorin* hair, strengthening wh-n weak, pic v-mlng falling or turning gray, mid when gray re?t?ring Ha natural color without l!ie use of a dye. The rich, iilosey '.p penranee Impar'ert is truljr wonderful. \\l I not a.di or stain Die lined linen. The ia< t that the.v ncv< r tail linn a?tonbilie I thousands. No lady's i.,p.- 1 l< e mij-let<- v.iihoul the Iter Dremdng. It in particularly ad i for 'dllldren. Depot I'JS Greenwich iitr eef, an 1 for aa!e !>> all iii ug;;ist/?. HoHov ay'fPUia?Thc Onaltal Purlflcra of the Blood and correctiv i of the Liver and Stoinaea ever known. Beautiful C?mplexIoi?.? Try l^alrd'a Bloom of Youth: l>e i-unvln :ed it- value foi tneavrving. lieautifylnK tlio complexiou and .skin. AU drugji* a and i '-'j Broad way. Hill, Inhnltuhle Cutter of Hair and Whiri.era, No. I Barclay atrcct. Ili.u Dye, u ' <eiit?, blai it or brown. I IjWilles? Try laird's Blnt-iit of Yottlh. 1 Bo eonvlDced Of It volne for j re*ei Ting and beautifying the coei'd" I . a-id skin. I'o a'-";. :i ? .!? and at 1 j i ?nuJv?,,y MAILS FOR EUROPE. The New York Herald? Edition for Europe. The Ouiiard null sUmawUip Asia.Capt. I/>?, will leave thin port to-morrow for Liverpool. Tho European mails will clone ia Ibis city at clglit o'clock to morrow morumg. TUoKi'RfWAN Kditjon ok nif. Hkiumi will t>o published at HifVOD o'clock iu tlio morning. Single cuptod, in wrap pers, ?ix eon id. Tho contents of tho Epbopkak F.nmos or tiik Hwuu> will combine tho nowa received by mall aud telegraph at the uttlco during tho previous week and up to the hour of publication. Sam)?on I/>w, Hon k Oo. , No. 47 I.mlgatA Hill, l?ndon, England, will recelro udvurtiHOineui* and bulMurlptioua for tho Ukkaui. THE EXPEDITION TO MEXICO. Our Ilistnry of the Hnropran Alliance Against the Mexican IUpublle-?!IUp of tlio GulfSlope. The comploto ItlHtory of tho European alliance against

Mexico, aud the details of tho military aud naval e\podi t(0B which Uas Just left Ktiglund, Franco and Spain for Havana, together with tho excellent map of tho Gulf State' of Mexico, will be published In tho Family Hkrah> of to-morrow (Wednesday). Single copies, ta wrappers, four cent*. Ofttrlitl Dimvlng* of (he Di'lnwnn State Uotteriiii. Extra Clam, #1? December >, 1801. C2, 14, 19, 49, 4.t, l(i, 16, 11, 71, 69, 42, 1?, 64. <.'1.14,1 December 3. I(MI. 13, 77, 6, 17, f?'?. 3S. 73, l!>, 55, 08, 75 , 40, 70. JOHN WA W Al.KKK, I Oomml??lun<ir?. Official Druwiugi of Alm-rny, Rddjr d> Co.'* K'inim" yonil Mtonourl Bute I.?ttrrt<-?. HK**e?kY Kxtma Ci.Akc ictt -li i?uii Br 2, IBM. 72, 48, M, U, v, 10, 75 67, 51, '48, 07, 30. KkMTVCKrOi.ASriai? l)?c>'tul>?r 2, 1H61. 43, 37, ti, 89, 38, 4?, 77, IS, 03, 72, 1, 9, 3. Circular* will free of chnrje t>v Hddr*aalna eithor to Ml' It HAY, KLl>V & TO., Covington, Ky, or Si. Lnulu, Mo. Pri'tn Cailttil In Nil (.r^nlltMl Lnltrriti, and lafurmutlon preo, h* JOSEPH HATES, broker, No. la Wall otr*et, npninlrn, N. I. ltoynl Ilavnnu LiiMci'j'.? Prliti fnshnl and Insinuation loruliheil byTAYl.oit A CO., Bank' r*, IG Wall utivi t. A Jluliiioral Uo?t for f.udtca, of Superior qiutllt*, for J": SO, ,i OANTKKLL'S, fill! BroudWay, below Twelfth Ktrort. A P-irr Tobacco.? ?Yellow linnU Tobne? to ? Oootiwla'* 1'iiis Velio vv llui.U Tobacco, in e lromall lm puritlc*, for mle by nil tobnoco ?ml nejiar d**lr-ia, ami at ? hoWiaJeby K. UOODWIN & HUOTllKK. 2>J Water mreet. Kiioiliiiis; TIi(iir4 kImmi( Generally.? The mic- cssft.l l.iuUntf ortr<vt|M at I'ort Bo>nU ami o vnuk tl. of Fori? W? kerhii 1 beonrugard, lis ? K ? t kt-ii tevor in to tlie li' iir'.K ol r> l> 'In; uiiil the expected advance of our trenl artny - I the Po'.onite unilcr tlir mildnn.'P of the brave SicC'llelaJt, n III noon kn'iek tlui 1 from under liifi Ixqpia C s. A. Meanwhile KNOX, the batter, No. 212 Hi oadtvajr, continues i > &..ock ilown htiiicMl lushlonntile HATH hi muli l iw prli e< that ai! other lujlie trade lire cOui|itfllel to kuo k lui'ler. Crlslmloro's llnlr Dye, WIr? nnd Ton jv-en, ihe bt ht tn tlx* world, wheb sn'e .mil retail, uiol the ilye privately applied, No. 0A?toi House. ? IffftYriett* ? ? 1 -?<? Rea ? Wnso>.? < -in )lr(tH yn, en Tlmrsdiy, November 23. hi tUo rc:<i<iuiicsof the bride's mother. by the r.ov. .I' hn A. Fa '.dork, Mr. Jon* Kka to Mi?h Mav.y a. Wm h* n. Now Hruoawlck (''. A.) pnpars pleaeo copy. Died. , ? Arpt = In Br ">k'vn, on Monday morn Inc. D< rembor y F. K: mawm W. A<-vm in tho 73d yesr or W W. 1!.?- frioa.isare inspect Mlly liivitort in i f ill ?.n Wedue-dav sfternoon, at two o clo. k , from tno rfni.l ol her daughter, Mrs. Maria B. Munroe, ? tulte.n avenue. ffiTKS-Wr 2. at the residence ofl.u moil:".", N?. 273 M.ilburry stieot, Jamxs Bkw, afced 3'' ^Tho trends and acquaintance*. and tWo of h>? bro Tirti! ukti 61 years, A month* and " "J>8 Thp'r. !* Ivob ? '? "lends or th? fainly are raywifMh aUend i ho funeral tbi. rr.,csday> a Hern* ? n... .Vnck fr. ui Ms late residence, No. 334 W< at ?.'r, ktroei. Ilitf remain* will be ink. u toGreeuwood '''Brtl-MrxVvt'^n of II nry and Msrsaret Dut*. I>i a.'i >i s i'i tbou b d< And thv !"fS we de?"T?ly f"el; llut 'tis laud Uiat lias boreit uf? Ho can all our so. rovrs heat. The ri'lat Ives .lid friends or the family wilt plea?e toM nu' /Ttift'dav) w on, At twelve o i ?<>? k. In kasi |*?rt f Thi.r. day f Novcin! cr '2&, of inihmiaation <>ri,;o !?"**? ? ( uarjk.- K, <">?> romain h e c IN of the lite Cltnrle? 0. Brims. aged 8 year*, 10 n.uuilis and ? days. "K rom.Un? wore intoned iu (.recn W^M-.i?A.-On Monday, December 2, of ol l e?e, Am'n nd? of tho family are rogportfnlly h,v ll tn atVn4tb'' funeral , from the residence of her in\ ?io.i i?" >aiifi>Hi..i 'No u>r, lAnt Twenty ninth ?n a between I'lr-t an.lS- <<md aveunn.on Wednesday Xr^n!?oS.Uvio.k. Tho remain* will be- taken to C/I r? : 'i'i ,S? Oil ^ I ti * ' 1 : : 0 n . b . r 1 , .Inmen f l' K'iili L, n native of Worcestershire, Kng'.und , in tho 61th year o. b Th friend* and acpuiintaiccs -f the fumi> nro invited t.. t, m! IV funeral , from St. Thomas' chape , corner or riin. ??? and Thomson str. et, thia (Tuesday) aftornoon, at ?'o -Ir1 --OriM 'n'Jym'ri "nplt'o. ?mhor I at half-t'M' flvo J'eli'Ck irwMi A.-.S Co. ?XB,?dang)it?r of .lohu \V. and v O nreVi aged 11 years, 2 month , .?? 1 27 day*. inTlwa'to' aucnd 'the fSo?a"! rnunthc 'rwTde^o of her sim, ha It, daughter of Willi; m ao?l Mary Jane Cuccmg '"^'.'"rr^Mlf and relatfv'eH are rispectfnHy Invited to M twl the funeral, at the reoideneo ot her parents, No. .OJ r'^swAT.-Onsll^'uy,CV I, PAiitXR Conway, a SSSsm <0D vv i^.-OnPumr.v , Do.-eu.b r 7, Kowaup youn^st ^n , (Mi.m J- and [.nclnd.-i Pavlson, a.sjed !' month/". ri r wnv- '? 1 ?'! friend:- "f tf. ? family "? r^H" ""'V invHed to attend the fircr.i!. frum No. 74 We a !?. rtj - i vent i street, en Wedno day ihreoo el... k. ? ! r, , N -<.nSiiT.dHV, IVe mber 1 , .Ton* C. fcmniws, ?r i -i ? iUw i " Hi .'si ei n , "in the 2Hih year of l.te age. Th. ' me at will lake pi.,.,- this , T. '?y , afternw.n, at onT^'elock, from 45 Monroe s root. Tl..< rriends are ,e. StKr!;K^ m MonVay?l'e"'u?ber 2. Caww Fl?, ?!*'??> ter or I.01.U and Catherine Kink, a^ed 4 years , 8 moutlu WUTlii reUt'.ves nnd fronds of the family we n spectr.illy ?uv -d to attend Hi" funeral, on W?dncs lay Hftermion at onVo oUick. from tho residence ol her p.irentf, No. AJ8 W(f,[ momlnpr , Twember 2. Tt tirriio./iyvw \V., t n'y child or Bartholomew Gray, In tho fith vo ir or hiM-ne' r.,' -It Ices and rriendt.oi t!,e family nro re.mK-etfully Inciled to attend tho funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from No. 77 Cro.-ne stre t. 0 Wo-V.-On Sunday December 1 , M,< n iBI. Gi.iwk>*, a r iliv or ilallvraggct . county of Ki kennv, Ireland. The frl.u.ds "?u I aequalnUnces are most lespcctfuBy in vited I" at! and Hi" funeral, lh ? f rws'iny . I ,:ifJerT1"<'n' [ twoo'cl ck, from his late rosiilenee, 122 hast Sixteenth ,l??-R\rT.? Suddenly, on Sunday morning. December 1 InMKi'H Gl'RMfi'. aced 72 yctti H. . The friends of the family are invited to attend the riin-r*l,on Wednesday morning, at ten o clock, from h s i ,i? mWnco No. SO Centre street, Nownrk, N. J. in-. remai,;-; w Id bo taken to Greenwood Cemetery for inter ln HctrtKUi. Stiddcr !>? , 'in ^tind-r. morning, December 1, o[ r y?ipale?, Auvkd It. Mrnitf-n, ag''d 43 >'0irs. The relatives and friends <.f th-' taimly a! c respectfully Invito Uo attend the funeral , tljU. nt t\?.' o'clock. from bu late residence, 117 S.itth bigt.tu ?XvS^?&y,i'cc^2l^?,'r?# tb0 , ii, k. vsfiiv acod 11 years and 1 month. "tKSK the" family ar- respeCfnlly invited to attend tho funeral, at her l it.- residence, US West Thlrtv -sixth street, corner of Seventh ascnuc, this Fn-i-tim V. Mil l m , nged 27 years. TCnitro of f' nfrfij tfi to-u'wrow h pap^rn. ir,v _ At Kllzabelh City, N'. J., on Sunday evening, I co mber 1 , Mart, wife of Joseph Morgan, The relatives and friendw are Invited to aaond the funeial, from her late residence. 42 .forsey street , K.tiza : Sunday" December 1, 1 A"t? J- wife of C*pt. Samuel (l. Miligan, lulled Stare, | H,'s churcH a. ' Kl./ab-iH N* J. tUlH | ntleiid withoiit further noMco. Tlw train le:ivos foot of ' Monday, December o j wiij ahp, on v n ? i) or Asn nnd Itori ? K. Montgoniciy, n; Will b/: Wk"n UI '.Vestmor-lmd, Oneida county, for ^ O Kni iv.? On Snv day , Hecei-iber 1 , after a short ill yruM, only ohild Ot SJiomas Melville anil the Into Elizabeth V Prentiss, a*(0 ? years, 6 months and 3 days. The fi lends ?f lli. i luinkly JK? rotr.iectfully Invltod lo attend i ho fnnrral , thin (Tuf^lt'f) ?fteruoQn, at ono o'clock, r om the r unVhw of M s. & R- Ity lor, Moutagua Streel , aoriior or Clinton sireot, Brooklyn. Baltimore and Ronton {litporM i ? U*o ko copy. ^ghkn *h ? ]u Brooklyn on Sunday, r?Ofmb?r 1, Jmw J m k.-os 8 tm- ck , son of rapt. John and Caroline Scbinu-k, In the 6th year of his a^s. Tli" remain* will ho l iken from No. 101 Kront street to Glen <"ovo. I.. Interment. 8i\*w!on. ? On unti >y, Hoeemlior I, after n slioi t Illness, Mat; kw Si' a native uf the county Ireland, in tli" fl'lth year of hi? iieo. ?n>u f lends sod rwluliV' s of tlio family are respectfully Inviteit t' iitten I the fui o al, Una ( Tuusday) nflo; ; oon, at half [>ait one o'cl* his lain, No. *S0 Mulberry st'vet. Suoat. ? Of illplherla, nt the residence of W. T Sherer, Aurora, Illinois, on I'hurgiay, November 2S, .f. \Vnnn,tn fiuit Kim 01 John W. and Huldali T. Slholl, tigv<l 1 j our ami 0 days. Stamon ? Ou Saturday, Novembi r 110, alter a short Illness, Jbnkik. wife of imv.d Stanlou, and daughter of the Into Ihirloi 1'earr-all, In the 33d year of her ago. Tlw relatives and friends of tho family and the mem bc-sof radllc liwl^e No. 288, are respectfully Invited to attend tlio fnnurai, wilhoul further invitation, f-< m her late residence, v!41 Hen y stre I, near Montgomery , th u (Tuesday) afternoon, al oneo'elock. Her romalna will be taken tn Union ( oinolery or Into, ineut. Smith Suddenly , on Ttinrwli y , November '2H . A i vina, wife of James K. Ptnlth. and daughter of Panicl and Wahii'a Palmer, ay".1 22 years, H month* und 0 days. lMturest daughter , thou imsl left us, And thy loss we deeply f??d; But 'tis Mod that ho* be of i in, He can all our sorrows heal. Tho relatives ami frlomU of tho lanilly are respectfully my itod lo attorn) the funeral, from the residence of her parents, corner of Korty sixth street and Ninth avenue, thhl (Tuesday) morning, at tono'cloi k without furlhnrm yitntion. Tlio remains will bo taken to Greenwood for Interment. Sahkn. ? On Sunday, December 1, after a Inn* illness, MM .\n .o.'MrriK #?od .12 .ve iiv and 7 days. Tli.i trinnds and relatives of l he family are respectfully Invited t" attend the lunoral,fiom her late residence, 47 Greenwich avcn'io, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at one O'clock, without further Invitation. Tat i h.? On Monday, I ooemhorS, Ckukiik F.. TaIiob, son of the 'ate U?oi K'' VV. Taylor. Tho funeral w ill lake place from the residence of his brother in law, Jamea U. Spencer, H6 Hester street, on Thursday afiuruoon, at one o e.U'uk Wkli.^tsai> ? Al Cranbrtiok, In the county of Kent, Kujc laud, where hu Iwl guuu for thu b.-uofit of his lii.alth, Mi . Ainisn T. WiaunAn, of Hrooklyn, lu tuc 3 nth year of his age. JUISCEUANE4UM. Ali< articles kor houmeks at Baltimore, Waahtngton, an'l nil other placpa, hhonht Ik* hmu bv HARNi>KN'S KxjnrHH, 71 Broathvny, hh th?*y char ft* ?*nly halt' rates. Their Army Kx|?f -h daily at 12 .'to ami I 46 l\ M. A~ LL RAIL FAST PRETOTfT 1TNR QOVER.n MENT DESPATCH,*1 \?a I, a rlaburg, without changing cars o To Waahin ; breaking bilk. A special mn.wnger mmu through with each train. Freight receiver* onh nt the ?lop??t of tho Central Railroad or New J*- v, pier No. 'J N irth rtv ?r. Ku ft M'Bv'l M, OiNTHACTS Al'l'LY TO New York oil.t'f. No. 4'* Hroaiiway. Wanhtngton nUire, No. &4H IVtm.^y ivanl . avenue. A. 1>. UOi'?,Of the Hope K vprcaa Co., 8up. AT $4 50.? DOUBLE SOLE WATER PROOIf BOOTS. . f "u- Uulerent twiiuls, at ?f ON !??**', 10 and U Ami aircct. jl l? A8TBCUL NOTICE v. M. BVKRDllL'fl SONS, Card Engravers au.t i'rititer*, 101 Fulton atrert, New York, would re*peetfu 1* inform their frit* ml* ami vtih:o:u**rs that they have no r'.MVMtion with >inv other More in the city. All letters should be u?i'l < rased toWAl. EvKUJDELL'S SON.S, l(M Fulton atn ot, New Yon:. T) UNIONS, CORNS, 1NVEKTKD NAILS, KNLAltOKD .10 Joints, anil nil disea- of the l?Vet ctuvu without pam or ( ?eon v eil i?-f ie<' to be patient, by lii\ ZA< 'HAIJI b\ 8 irgeou Ch ropoill.-t, 7W) -Uroudway. lWem lophy>Kiana and sur geons of this city. T>RIDOEWATBR PATNT.- TESTED ELEVEN YEARS; Ji w?WM tthdfirp pruol, a mol 1: rn, Inue truetlble. J?e pot 74 Maiden lane. W. W. BKTTS, General ,Vg? nt. B A.LL01 >a KFPFFFPKFFFFF K i- K FF K K I'' I'K F P F ff fp KF FF FF F KFFF kfff FF F VI KF FKKK" FFFF YYYY YYYT VYYY YYYY YY YY YY YY YY -VY V YY YY YY YY YY YYYY YY YYYYYY HSS3K Ks.s ass S.-'S 838 BSs BBS 833 ssh 883 i.SS gSS 833 hsh sss 83338 BALLOT'S 1MTE.VT IMPROVED FUKKCII YOKE 8HIBT3, I'ttlcnlril Nov [? nit i>r 1, 1S5Q. A NEW STYt.K OF HO liCT W AlC ANTKIt T<? FIT, M.wle ti> men .lire. *1 $'S *13, $Jt, Au . |>nr ilozru. No nriti-r lakcn fur Irnit tli.ili half n Hhlrln. VYhulciuili: Irado 8Ui>i>lit'd on thi* iwihI lnrm?. B. VI. LOU BROTHERS, No. MKOIrondwiiy, New York. / WART REUSE ELIXIR. IN FLM'ONS. JOHN DUN \J CAN A SONS. I'niou square, Fourteenth siren. HARDIES TACl !fK? WATSON M EDITION. TflE school of the Milriicr and company complete, BOSS A TOtSEV mi I I) K XT K It A Co . AfMit-. Prt.v -nt . M. FORBES A < Publishers, lOi Nhs -oil street. ?pmrrCoKAl'Uic AUii:.MS-A vi:k\ nfat om' for Jl twenty -lour portraits. $1. Over one hui.d.vd ny,? u nu.nufi* lured by A. DOWLlMI, 65 and c7 Nassau struct. Thf trade supplied. LliNmit free. gMlTH JL BROTHER'S PALE CREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AM IlKR ALE, PORTER AND NEwToRK BROWN STOUT. The above celebrated American Alca are brc wed fmrn the choicest barley mult hi)'! ho ps, >:??! highly ?? bv thov who have uw.d them, Pntv.iaKers are rerpicKteu to call uud examine our superior sto< k, sssmvd thev nftitind the beut and purest arti< !?*?. We June ?<t all thmVa intuit atari t ready for nelirery, in whole, half and quarter casks, suitable lor t l*c trade, hotels uud family use, whlr^i ivc oiler on the favorable tern s. SMITH A BROTHER, Biewer*?, 158 and 160 Wcu Eighteenth htreei, New ?<?r'c. QTBraiKS' WRIT1KO rtOIDB AND IKK* AKBBK' O dorsed by Fro!. Mu.?i;iutt, Depot No. 70 William biic*. l N-v, Y.#rk. QTROKO'B PATBKT iftXY TRUNK \ \ i> PORTABLE O lioustead combined, comer of Warren n. and Broad v. iy. TfHIOJf BTATfOHHRT, -DE8CETPTIT* CIRCULAR, J free to all using or mdlinjr patriotic writlris paper, en velop*'*, Ac. The l?est Prize Stationery and Portrait Fuck ages for a??**nts and dealers. JiASKJNS A CO., HCBcekmnn street, New York. TOO LATE FOR CL1SMIFU ATM)\. OHERIFF'S SALE -BOOKS, STATION K BY, U. O HEN RY II. 11EKT8, Jr., Auctioneer, v. Ill m: I . ?i Tueg. day, JPe ? m'?er i, ia 11 o eloek, fit the wile ???'? om No. 5J? Pine hi feet. ; large stock *?f Stationery, Blank Books. Print ed Books; White, yellow and blue F.nvch ;.e fancy Enve lope* u. id Note Pap *r, Fein, Ink, To* B'??#ks, G une-. Ac., Ac. By order. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. 9TH WARD? A MEETING OF TlfT NfNTII WARD IX detenttein I'V aoctu'j" t Nob \* hh bed at V .-en. h. ill a, 41 Carmine street, on Monday eve; n , !?? nib r I>ftl. C, Godfrey Gum her re< el ed the end rseinent ..a inud'datc for Mayor, and William Dodge tor P'.'fe Jo sfee, ffraedlaj to ihe r port of the < -ontnilttee, i\ Kodeflelu, Metier*. Dut/, Geitz, Reiiishageu and Seiner; . H. MEISTEKLIN, Pn . 1 lent. H UAvr.ryYh k% Secretary. "1 7TH WARD ?TO THE VOTERS OF TICK TK NTff AL .1.1 d?'? inanli: riet: / have a?tfhodred #h<? It m - rut If Mo/art Ward Committee to withdraw m v j.ame h . a c ndi date for Aldarinan, and desire my frlendt* to e.a^o their vo:eH tor GeorjiG A. Jeremiah, lor Alderman of the T'*nth Abler manic disrriet ? Awra K. Mw.sotn DK. HENRY SlIEP PaRD, Chairman of Mozart W;??d f'otntninee. J. T. Swkkc, Secretary. SHIPPING NEWS. AI.MANAC rOK .HKW T0HK? THIS DAY. t us- risk.* 7 07 I moon .hk s ...ere 0 ID sun SETS 4 31 \ UIOH WATKR eve 9 41 Port of New York, Dec ember 1901. CI.KARFJ). Steamship North Star. Jones. A> pin wall? D B Allen. Ship Belle Wt?od, llnsh, Liverpool ?W\illl:?niH A C .ion. Ship Theobald, Theobald, llavn* ? Fnuch, Meineke .V Wendt Mark Mary Baker (Br), Churchill, Cork for orderi? Boyd <t &iii<ken. Bark Henry Trowbridge, Duntze, Barbados? Ilenry Trow* bridKe'ft Son!*. Bark Return f Br;, Crofby, Phlbidelnhl i -B .yd A Hlti^ken. Brl : O sprey (Br), Cole, St John, Nit? P I Nevlns A Son. Bri^ Elizabeth, Grec nlsw, Bo?t<?i,? J Frye A- Co. Sehr A T ItowUnd, Rowland, Baltimore ? Merrill A Abbott. Fchr A Vnnc!eai? Lemon, Baltimore? \in a ter. Sehr J I> Ward, Ward, Deal's Island ? M ister. SrhrS Minye, "Weave r, Snow Hill? A C Ha\eo?. Sehr K C RtiRNell, (-rop??er. Snow Hill? A C Harens. Sehr Elizabeth A nn . Sno.v Hill ? Master. Sehr tiev Burton, Wlnsmore, Fhlladelphia ? Master. Sehr A Field, I'hillipK, Philadelphia? Master. Pciw J B Bleecker. Edwardp, Phlladt Iphia? J W McICce. Sehr Norma. Ganimn. Briijantinc Be n 1: ? Master. Sehr Amanda. Terry, Ellaworth?W S Brown. Sehr Johnson, -, E!l*wo?ih ? W S Brown. Sehr J W Austin, Davb, Boston? Master, SelirH I?aurens, Johnson, Boston?- Master. Sehr H*Mle, Eldrld^e, D 'iinis? Master. Sehr 0C Sadler. Slpple, Mil'ord ? .^fa^tor. 8* hr Little Charlie, Pe t'?n. New Haven? H S Raekeit, Sehr Arti t. Honprt. Norwich ?Master, Sloop Harvest, Corwin, Pro%- Idenee? L Kenny. fc?l?'Op <?ecjrife, Hrt htrnsn, Pmvblenee? L K'-nny. Steamer Alida, Robinson. Philadelphia. Steamer barah, Jones. Philadelphia. ARRIVED. Bark Sarah L Bryant (of Boston), Lane, Dublin, Nov I, In l?sl!*<t, t<? er. Bai k Fulke (olden), Cassebom, Bremen, 37 days, in ballavt, to Hennlnys A GosllnR. Bark flva, Durie, Mwraeaibo, Nor 5, with coffee Ac, to Ma.'t land, l'helps Co. Had heavy weather. Bark Bondar Opnich (Ann), Snbarlch, Havana, 16 days, Willi larpentlne Ac, to HoTinl?o<? A Co. Bark E A Chase, MUliken, .Salt Cay, 7 7. 17 days, ndtli sa't, In master. Sailed In < -onipat y with sehr Lizzie bturges, for New York. ( Arrived 1st.) Brig Gan^e , Dcarbot ti. "ontevidi.o, Sept 2\ In balta: t, to Tiask A D at bom, Oct .11. l?t 17 ."U N, h o 4<'J7. spoke sehr Louisa II .lohnaon, 20 days lienee for IN rnsttibuj o. Brig E Drummond, Conway, Astdnw.iU, lb.) dn?s, with cn. eoa Ac, to J F Joy. 1st iiist, otf Cape .May, saw a Urge steatn filiates; eiingS. Brt^Jo.:ah Jex (of Machine), Muns> n. Black River, Ja, Nov 10, with logwood, t< Thompson A Hunter. Bf'g Santiago ( Brem >, Ebenbi'ock. Port au PlaK, 28 dnys, with to1 ?acre *et to C F A H G Schmidt A (vo. Has h ?d Lea 1 wind ! roe.i lat 20. Bri M T I'.-l -<v? orth (Br, of Wli dnor), Lawrence. Ina^ua, ll r! iy?. with sail, I - I> It Denolf. I'. iV M.ti- ?Mr* t. Durkce, Ea t Cuic.os, TI, witl4 salt, to Din W 1 1 ' ? i . ' ? A Co, > 'i .? .? \\ -ehnn-.e ( >r >Y-?. ffsrrn), Terrr. Be VI. ' I II , 1 I IS ?, frith ? I . ' 0 >'? Itl P it ? ? Had . \V g.? -cs Uie i nilr* p u ? Brhr Hoiml (Rr, of Ri-rmiirt*), Rtcharilaon, StThoina* Not t, vto Turk? Inland* l.sdaja, with ?.alt, to Middl ion 4 lli'i, , . vl "V galea Uib entire paaaatfe. Thi? moi ntnft while hi anchor In the I.ower Bay, >u run Into by the plloi boat Mote* II (Irltm.ll, No I, currying away tho jlbl'Oi.m, Nut II, the Hr brig Henrietta panned through Turk* Mawti lmnii.1 Kjp ' Ut iw!t. Inn 73 i-aa*, .1 bri* Tlw* "?'"l, ',',"!! , :.2' h' Ut :n 20 l?n 73 XV a|>oke achr Alethe*. fr?in Philadelphia ?i>r Aapiowall Hchr rHiice? L..v?ll f?j?r to, 21 daya, with ????r, tnSW I I.ewla. Nov lb, lat Jl lb. Ion W), n|mkn Ur hii* Veaia, ol I'ia- i lou at earing s. k I K*'hi T on S iyerc, Dorhm, Havana. 12 d,,, ?r,t.h aoi;ar, toO i J W heelwrl. ht. * Sclir Ha .lu r ( Ur, of Dighy, KB), Rinlth, Sail C?t, TI. IT dava, will) anil, to Smith, Jon** .1 Co. ?? rt In- Kli/? A Catharine ( Bi I. Itiillaril, lltrbi.r Inland, Ml I dnvx. with frt.H \r, <u Jaa Dou^tti. I S-.-lir Kruici.-a tfurilU, CUtun1,, OH, wllh o<mI, ulf Siiiii.l. \ Hrhr 1! C Brook* (Hr), White, fjoudonderry, Ka, 10 (t?y<v N with p'tatnea, lo ,r P Whitney A Co. < Si-hi I.oiiim I lo < Uri. 'la.i lor, Dourheater, NB, U dajra, wttfc ? atone, to 1' I Nt-vji ? k Son. Schr Ail. Ion (Hr. ol' Nunfaii, NP, formerly the l.wv RW?* rli it. of Kiiltiniore), Acili.g Xlu iter Q N Iloud, US^,Charlo?V ton Hal, 4 rtitva J H In Ann l li.a, Rvernhtua, R-ilttmore, i dava. < Sell r 1. 1* I' tiro, l^vnolda, Philadelphia, 2 daya. "* Sclir Mat> II Hank*. Kail . a. I'lillaili-lpbut, 2 ilava. t Si hr s M Khaidhk, Whilden, I'.-iiljtdolplila lor I'ortlmA \ Hrhr J II A hi In, ihivla, Philadelphia lor Hoatoai } Hrhr I' Ifi-lin -t-. Mart-. Morr1" K'vrr. Hrhr J llils.t. Hat'-h, Kluiihrth|>ort for noaton. ? Rcl r R r st--' kton, Roaaell, Providence. t Krhr J W I awrruci, Lkwtvnr?, Middletuwa. V Sch Sulllf! Smith, Ohitrtre, Albany. r Ri'lir Monti o <?. Smith, Knudottl for Iloaton. Sclir John A litma, Avert!!, Uon h ot for Boston. Hleamrr Aitleiiti. MeCabe, BMlimore. . s ? nmrr ' ' n. Admit*. IIhIIih re. 8ii-ant?i Harah. Jonra. Phlladi-lnliia. Hlriiuirr iSotiiliy, Shitvv, I'ltlltt leljihia. Slrumrr Anthiaclte, Joiiph. KhlUdelphl*. BKLOW, B.-irk Clara, from Havana. Si-hrMnry llrVn, from Bermuda ? Both by pilot boat Wm J Konixr. Shi|i KiioIb (Br), Willlainaou, from Calcutta, June 17. A Wo, one ?hlp, iinknoivn. A Uiri;v hhlp-rl -ai d war atciimrr, npiiarentlv Br, ran into tli* bower Bay la?l evomnR and aitchiu'od. 8AUJSD. 1-it? Shlti Crlurabla, (dvcriiool' 'mrkiiVnlunlwr (Br), Cork; Ti-rcfu, si Tliouma; I'ro . u ig Muriaretlia, Rotteidiuai Br arhra II l'utnam. Biirltadoa; Bcl;iiav, Uuailaloui?. Wind bi aunael NW. Amerlrnn Nhlpmaitrrn' Anwrlatlon, Nos W AND '*0 MlKCBANTa' KXCHAMOB. W>* rIto t?low a hit of approved oulotna who have r?celT?4 ccriOratf ? from thU aa?oclallon Oaptaito. Wiloato U Kurb?-r, ahlp Or*al We?t?'n: Frw den k Ollv ei-, ihlv H It-hard M rir; 1 licoi lillni Ha ? it, ?liif* Harrl-i; Win Mart.n, l il< o! whr J VVilaon (1MA1; ?I 'll I'o1 trr, Into of m hi- lli-ury T Wo ti . Illicit Moi . , on, >l? a Star oi tlii- Wo l; Jtobm-I (liven, shlpO 8 IVnni'll; Mate N 3 fih n, rk (iii'i'V. o l; Ca|ilaln . a "I It (Turweu, lat.- of khlp C.olilen W I; Win (J tl'e i, al lp.T Hak'-r. Kran. la ,f Chaw, ulnp Itoiij A'aina. Ciinrl ? E. tlotUn. nlil , ? Mil mi Stnw irt ; lie n j J II Tra. K. ?li p Win K Hiorer: Albert I' Kit'l'-r, Uirk Ti-ren-' ; (Ji'or. e Wiilli-, ulilji Citiiili'-i 'niiil. Jolm I' Wl klii?>n? IrluWiipi ; It-. I .' it II M"?re, a'tlp A-Ii lii'l-; Wl limn H JohM'ii, ?hip Aniln w J:u -l>a hi; Win It livn?, i lir K It i-Ci-ti iii-tt (i'A A) l'r. ?/ nl i> I'ero , hltlp H .I'lmJJC Wi lil.rr, lat ? "f n'hr Maila (K.?A); I'.'ler C >1 klwr, lale at a lirjnoll' ;.i-v i K.t A) . Jnvolt (I I'leree, ahltt Ci'l.-atinl Km pin-; Hii-'.IIII.I W' Km ill, ship Hur of lint \\ i hi ; Tvlcr Itr a oik. I;t('- o1* ahlp John (I C"-('T; Ainoa C l*nn< I (e of rhr \\ I;, h t; i t ii. Ill haul I ? i. c, uhlji Uevi itii'-- S nr.. 1 I, Hi^? C'-r, ahlp llim Web-t r; ll.inlel Tripp, nMp lIi(jhUnil Ugnt. DI I ??- f 1 1 K ? '* (> u .?? Ship Amiioiir ? There la a nh!f> ashore on (Wgn Tn'et, alnml 10 mile* W i?l 'Fir* inland. H'te la about 12'>0 b us burthen, and all three of li?*r mauls are gone. i H r1'<A Rl.smm.l ? T3i?? Y?*aee| reported ashore on Ttrlgan* Hi, i Hc.uli }>rovi h to be the hhip Ina RukhbU (<?f l'oeton), William , how Lot. ?lon and Ileal Ort *.J5 for New York, in ballast The wreck li tg achr Norma, (Jari'laon, aaiicd venter no i lor he** lai.'v. Hr Ship Ani ii.nt Mmiinir which cleared from M ojtrea* C)rt 14 for Liverpool, and foundered on the ni<ht f thetslUk Oft' Fn\ l< iv ?? \ bad ??n board the follow I ng > a rgo: ? 2., 471 b?. *h wheat, I&&) bM.? 1J"UJ\ IHK> board* aid 2?>doa.? ? uiiuodal *4"?,Q0>. ItK Pk o S.u.smh? St John*. NK, Nov 10 ? ' The Br hr!g Sal n nli. i . < i.\ y.t w V k aboui Oct 22, wontaahoreatt'a'>e h,*enr4 .'I m.le* from f 1 1 f m port, early ? n the momMi of tfiu iTi'i mat, and became it total Ion*, noeartfo bein# "jived. Three per*? ns wrv drowned. She drifted on In a < ??. lfis after a ho. v * bh >w. when an unuhtiallv heaw a- a ea?iM<-d the above retort," The if ua* built at .Va t'and, NS 1 7*4 t ohm, rated A 2, and owned be *1 I'ri we ; nd others, Mnlt'aud. ? (Hy Idler to KilwuodWihu t' r, t'> i, s? c'y hoard of ITnderwr ten*.) Prnn Tfnhk>j?vk, from Halifax for Doaton. on the 17th ttlh ill a ? ale ort Mount Desert, was Mrm k by a heavy h- a which carried a- ay jibboun and fore topmast, tor* u?Pa?nd d!1 Other uamrtR", She put back to Uafclport lor tepaira, and will sad f< r Bt?st??u 1n a lew day*. CoM-tstow? Afl Kehra Myrtle and Adelaide we e lo'ng into New port Inne. 1 arbor ? n the 29th tilt, the latter < aim in col li- Ion willi achr Arthur h Simp on, at anchor. (Jetting* leaf of her without tan a e t ? cither, she in turn wan run afoul of by s;-l?r Myrtle, 1o-t martin, ale and received slight d a mage to oth< r hc&o^our. The M was not damaged. Ri.k MaiVJ- ret Scott, Kel'cd at New Bedford nun slftser. hn* ' ecu odd b? ordi" of the Ooui t. She has b en p irclmsee I \ the r S government, and will be added to the ctonc block ading licet. ? T1 e bu'l and spar* of the wrecked icbr Rainbow were aoM at Hnrwlebpoit 2.1th nit for $Wt, to ki *4 PhfUipa ?% On. One- four h o' ship Good Return, <<f NB, now at ?<*f? (lue| reportoil with 123 > wh, 3 y? nr.* nut), wan mi! atau< tion at N. \v Hedtovd UMh nit. to .10 Ulai-* -ell, of Fall lt.vor, for $2 (?7&. AI-o, 1 -liS.ia ji>. bark I'er , ot Nil, now ataca (la t re* ivrrt/-d u f?) i>\>, l}? y< arJ? out), to William Philllprf, of Neir it dtord, for $6 >. AVhalemen. Arr at Now B l.ord Iv.v 2*.*, nurK George, PI1*m. Paeffti f) '-an Kor/iton v? A u ' 4, v ith 40 M>)rt* Ap(0 *) bbl* tak? n ot* the j. >-?{??. i. e) nu'U.00 d . wholl. Sent h..m?'. on the voyage Ml bhla an. IV.0 do Wii ??i; and >'IKN) lb# bone, lteuorta ?p,.K?- Ju!j li lat 26 H H, Ion 17? IV W, -hip 11 Imd i, potter, NB, haj taken iiO'bmi? nin e leaving Bav of 1 Uii'M ? >tr?i< k v, ? l.?r^? wi-ah ?'.but lost them t y ' now j artlns; 19th, lat 25 iU d, l<?:i 179 25 VV . hhip M? Wol! ivtui (!? Illn, do, ? 0 1.!?1h mn-f l?* ?v nf I!?yo! lulanda. Heard from July 21, bark IV <v rl? v, V nal, Nit, 1.10 bi 1m ? ne ? leaving Mongiimt; Elizabetii Hvlf , Oha?M?, do, bbl-? elnce leaving H >y t?f Inland*. Th- U tuyc left Van<iti (.round July it for !.'? ratonea. nmi ?ld Hi- nee Aug 4 tot h m ; ) pnrangr nf Hi dava tot'po I' in; had ni f pi? a ai.t 'voatt cr > tt' the t'apo, with U/nt oa.rer.y w n-'s and ? almn. from the ftaj-e t ? the 11 i? wi*?41 d y% With itf.'i' t.^E w'fid-; I" ih< 3S, iw?IW48 W, '? alrtiwi am! to !. 2, mrtk'io* H ) bbU; fr >in i*w Ltne lo lit SO, .on K6 40 W, ha.t no tra;'e.< but I'ght northerly winds; 'roin >ov *J v. a-# in 'at 2- 3'J N, and I n (I ti it', ? p t ? %'? -v 2*J 1 1 in; 21 30 N, l'ii 71 \V, Jai atr n-' N VV ^aba, all that time nnd> r re i ?!????. Tlie Cleor^e in coining Into the ii?> at noo i in the in-, got ahbore on Wilkes Ledge, hut p.?t oil With tt?e ass! Ml* afire III f lie tug which n ft * M-nt t?? hi V a* i.nwo< . . A l?*tter i r ?m on iwmtd s; iji Mrcr, Allen, NB. rej oris ber biiund In'oFa.. alO t 7, with I7ft i?l 1-* > p o'.l all told. itc-|K*rt0 apo ? ? ? I o ! o ? i v >..rk Miiiinok' t 'fuJ?*?r, NH, l4 t *\\ o i lx?ar?i. Cap. floudatid. of l ark M d ?h, Ml, ro|a??U )i rnl the Cape \ oi ?i,. IkUio.h 0. t 1, having taken 40 alnce ' a in, Ka;, ai? l'.M b;d- all told. Cup* .fcrnegan. of ?*tifp Cjeorge a Sute u, NB, reports her al J'h v a Oct 24, having shi, ped l:U) sj> by t>a; k Laiayclle. of iind for Mt. t'.ipt < ; r nnell, ot haik R A Tivker, NH. reports her at Fay. al O { 21, lot i iii'.' olf p.- I 40 Ap <-> b.irn. Lu 'aft , It*-? 1$) up mR told, al'. well; bound S aatue day. Spain ti, t^r* jtiig Mount Vernon, Hall, from Klo ,Ta*:eiro for Baltimore, Cct 7. lot 10 6t? Ion ."4 :'A). S'" r .lulla Mamc, Prenton. f days from Ronton for Kings ton .la, Nov irt, l it Ht\ Ion Hchr Kc ipse, id r >rtlaii<l, rt days from Boston for Kmg? tou, Ja, Nov 19, lat J, ion t?'j. Foreign Port if ? Fa J Anno, Nov 11 ? No A Tt? veiwl in port. Grand Tt'ittt, TI, No \'o Am ve **?! in jv?rf. Har toH 1 si a>p, Nov 2i ? No Am v?-?>ol in iort. ] NAor.%, Nov i7? No Aii. v?n? 1 in port. Jaojki., Nov h ? innort lir brig* Jern.?d Packet . diwr. Ea? terpr*'\ hit Mi; nr],r Ih-nry Pmvmoii, ?!?^. &MOct31, Br Ruhr Tr ;ro, Aqniti to lo< 1 tor N Yot !?. M ON'i p.vt dko, .2 (bark date) ?In port ship* Ro?kawayt Perkins, irom Cauii't; Ki.ij-m or, H!.:ncl?ard, trom Liverpool for Eladlcr, il**#: <i,iv Morton, isjrdth, from NVork for Sua Franclfco, nil"; John P' ny. n. Carver, irom Hrhlol. dlag, nnc; Victoria liv ??, i ?-bl* d br; tmrUa l-phrai-.n \\ IL an. a. Perry, from Liv. rjoof, for Putogotiin few flays; St Jo Jut, Skulfteld, from rorL aim for R.ndiea, dl-ijal; Uebe c?, Mi. h? ner, t'rem llm nu^ Ayres, uim; Dunlin, lluniey, fr ?n? M a* ' M is, dfsi<; Fannie, f fc?i : i? -\ Vom Liver; ool, do; t .'on rant. Oil. < r, fr oin Iv^.'a :d, <] <; MUtoi). JSi : fi-in <1 > do; 8 Tarbox, T't< box, from l*h p!* !:? : lie kh Waverley, Small, from Bordeaux. Lavaca, i\ rker, fr< >121 NVork, <!<> ; achr II (V Su fth, Rovd, from do, do. M MiAfAino, Nov ? N" > Am v*p<ad in port. Mi vAG 0? t 27? In p??ii 8. ipO-ran Hang r, Arciill, for Fxiino dh, jum coiou. ' T' ? d l:u Sr N->v 9? Arr brJ^Tvv* Boy*, OonklJn, NYork; Bf ecbr Iirir.rti, P,A' bcri" do. Salt Cav, TI, Nov 14? No Am vewel In por*. Amerifmt Ports. BOSTON. Nov "O? Arr ship A- r n, I) ?'ano. Rath ; Urk I ni >11, Ti ij'f). Gibra'tar; wHirs M. -o- K'own, j; i.-.ibet ] or|; BaJt!mor?, J>:y, Port linen; AS JieD*, Jl>ir*vood. w? d Flo rin* , .iinii'sun, Hon out; Com K#nif ny, Hi- w i. r, NYorfc. rid vfbrs Ivmtnu (' LaMiam, Borrow*, and Mary B Dye-, 1 ur v rc. iPi' * lildr'd, Md: Oas S i'ut inir*. N tylnr, and a n AIIho. K'-i- hnm, JMiilnd<'lphia; I' -lly i rif<?r iown^?Mid: KO Smith, And? -rson, and .i Ca i\vallK<'ti?r. rd-tyton, do; WiuUi Si)iihll. Rhiirp. %forr?itown, N-f. Hid, wiod NE to NW, baiii (j< n Warvt'u. Dcm* 1 ? Arr I arX WnMtcrn S<*n, Taylor, Smyrna; bri^ M.irli, WriKbt, Mira^oano; h':Ihm KU'anor ? Hr), I'ovvcr, Hav. 11. a ia Mar; John M Adam. Pearson, I'lnladeitdiia. S ^nal for m britr. f>Jd, wind U'?>;W and HSE, Fr raii>*;'ort ?mj) Orame; Kli'p Geiuoo; brl^ Rioomer; and from below, alilp Kins liffhor. 2i' ? Arr (by t<*l) lTS sforcMblp Fortre^M M<?nto?; brl h Albert Adan;!*, A -pin'A aM; llov. r, Ha *ana ; ttcur Kate Sa infill, Jai-uud. BANGUK, Nov 2^ ? Arr brltf Tfenry T/'odn, S*mMi, Pfiiiat d. Ij.i.ia ; f.'.iiH iiluitn; Orrlu t I, Smith; >fr? len, H'lortnnn ; Medford, Gulilfer; Triton, Frocman; >1 rup den M?U, Alexander, and K-^'arn H i , Tnrner, New i r?; JhMh, If ieanor, Parker, tin. ('id 28tli, sahra Abb y ? WilfarJ, <'?oiley, \V<*k' Jnd ?.?.<; M ?>'> >V>a;t, B rb on; W'asi Wind. Oilman, Tortngi*; 29th, brig Aliston, Smith, NVork; f m hr 8- a Han :t*r, Am m, SaK Knrbor. I{ KLF AST, Nov Zl?a'<l *'hv Vithariiw llrtkl. P'.-ndle'oo, N V??j k. HATH, N'?v29? Old brig Tornado, Tlhbettn, M.i}anra.. KA8TPO1CT. Nov 21 ? (/Id <ri?<o'... Gray, Lau.i..<o, J3d, thin VhxV n. J'?n"s ( r an Si (;nn: I lverpool. KI)?3AIiTOWN. N 27? Air t W :i t< T? nl, Kl'Wi. beiip n ;. lictnrned, M*l*r ('lain No?*ton. Sfd '^tli, 'rl.r^Carl Joiui, Torr-'V. PoUbimi; i C Her/'. .Srofford ; M?lbour;:e? Hunt; A S Ia-IN, *1 rvoo !; \* Vran<( llv I ?: Wa'obmani, 'I | ; Fl<?rt!iee, Jan ?? <>n; Com Kca:n. Hr v fr and I D, R!ai?d?H, Ronton; Pai-uli. U eten, K n.'r Vc.?t Gbam, Turr. H<wkpoit; Ooi'vo, Jlolvi- ok*, Jiatii; CUixeu, l>riiikw^. tor, Revcriv. In 1 ri 2? h schr Clara N rlon, f?n- B ton. HC)LM?S IW!?r'.% N?-v 21?? Arr hchr Kate .4>ar^' nf, ^t OTTT, Jarifi/ 1 for- po foil. NEW R \Ai 'lii?. N . V,~XrT ? brsS H Adam^, llia^k lev. N.ei! eket '? > Ra!ifm'?r?'. NI.W lira VI OUT, iN v J9? Arr s*hr Charmer, CUoenr, NVorV. NKW HAVEN, Pe ? 1? Arr nchrn Elirn I>o;-i^H. Si.o\r, N'Vo>? ; CTa>ior21, Nivoti, tio; 'iboa Jeffer.-on, K< atiey. do for y.i ill' : WJ\aon, Yunnps do ,0. R. ?b>n; nitntu Vi enna, I lav 1m, Kiizabetnport. Cia k- hra T Tt?iijedi' T. Pb'dadel l.ia; l-*dy I^ike, NV<?rk; Four H?Mx?-r?. n l l> M M'-^ero'e, ft/n '? tiij.ortr; KhopCha* I.>n< ?.. Hrr?oHvn. PH ILAJiKliPHIA, Nov 9)? Arr bark? Tboa lvilham (Br), Demi-*, Uubl n; Xlplilas ? B ), M< r? i?, Liverpool; O Ky* d r. Ronton: brl; h Ida, IVlelford, Porto i'a -? ilo; Alex M i.Li ken, I' -it, NVork; nehru It < ?rd Hill, Hmlth. Pi v i..e;i *?; R'ltb Hal ev, P**nnyf S?-.r H \r\>r>r\ fpri*e), !?n< ?na, t -aptni-ed U?'h InBt, 1 If Savannah, by ih?> .?;o :? f wa? . w'lite trying to r- ti ? bloeHad**; O \VilHa t?. Oo!dir.^, Norwich ; K?J, Kothel, and H?-len Mar, Tub! J, NVur*; Wm P \vll';lam?. Hose, Newport; Dati- Morris. H ?o/f . N W Ifondon; 8piay, Price, Ronton, CldRchrs R Gib. Man, Smitb. Jamaica,; J (? Sillh', Swain. Port Royal; Spray. k'vl>*<\ < o; <t J M? i?'i r, RohiiiM>n, do; ,1 S Soajka," jnmaii, N 'i'ork; L \ U Sti. tli, Sn.t b. (I ?;iHeb n Mir, T- \.t \ N-w IU - u; * W 11 llMin?,(ioldHii?. No?-wkh; II Will. tu Ph? sons 0 Mjrr.%, Nonvivh; W 11 M:.K lib h, K.>*/o;ii B J S ol , Rath. 1 el, Prov d? n? e; Kmma Ami'lia, Har?:in?. R-i.^on ; K nnjre ? i Plait, Wall, PortRiivmth; Harnet NVad, 11 tigi;ton, Castln. ; 1 tnn.ia i- t.r?m h, K-mUiI. Doivlient r, %r.,AU?u *? . I'on.i. \ \n \.tv ?>??-- r : a '? < '? ?' a. M. chell, Matac* ? IMKil. VM?, NiivJiK- \u a ft..; t va? t, 1 u'\\ ? r "?? ur?t M?vr;.; . iw . ; '? II* ?? 1: - ? I' ?; '' A May. i'-M I v., i " Kir "? irr ,, K?v. ?;?? Urtde, Chfc* . ? i. r. ,.1.\ U V..IB H.l

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