Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YO WHOLE NO. 9217. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, Mi 191 DECEMBER 5, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. DISMEMBERMENT OF REBEL VIRGINIA. The Old Dominion to be Cut Tip and Par titioned Among loyal States. Virginia to Suffer the Same Destiny as Poland. Description of the Regions Proposed to bo Divided Up, titty ktl] 'kfl In tli# re[iorl of tlio Secretary of YTar, tho following Striking, novel nn 1 hi ,hly important proposition is made . ? Tli, geographical i*>sition of tho metropolis "f the ?atton, miioeU by tho rebels, and required to l>e dc feU'i <i by thiiisitiids of our troop*, induces mo to stifrceKt liir consilerut ion li ? propriety a"d expediency of a re<i?m ?tructiori i f t!i" l>. .mlanes of th i States of De'nwii e, Vuiyl.nul and Vig uia. Wis lorn ..'.id truo sbttetmi in- hip would dictate tli :t il-o seat of tlio national governino: t, for all time to com1, should bo placed beyond reasonable rtttns?r of aehture by enemi' s within, a* well an from cap ture by foes from willi it. l'y agreement betweon tlio KtatiR named, such as was < (Tecled. for similar purpo: ei, by Miclili ' i and Ohio, ami by Mia-soiirl aid Iowa, fieir boundaries could bo so uli inp' d us to render the ciplul jnoi'o tonioto than at pres-ut from tho lulli e:ic > of fitUe governments whi h liavo arrayed tin nisei ves In rebo .i:>n aga ns? the federal authority. To thi* end, the lim I* of Virginia might bo no alt- rod as to make her "boun Utrle* eons i. t of tlio ili-ie ltidgo on the oast and Penwiy vnnltl > u tlio north, leaving thoso on the south ?ml west aa at present. L'y this arrangement two coun ties of Ma yiuud ( vllcgluuiv und Wiw-I i.i^ion ) would bo tranafcrred to tho jurisdiction of Virgil in. All that [>or tion of Virginia which lies between t!m Hlue Hid go and Chcsj'p ako liny co' Id then b added to Maryland, while that [ ortmn nl'tho peninsula between tho wat rs of the Ckcsapoako and tho Atlantic, now Joint yho'd by Mary land and Vi. luia, could be Incorporated into the Stall of Delnwa o. A :oiercneo to the map will fhow tint these are great tmti ra1 bonndat ies, whi li, fur all time toe mo, would xe v" to m-irk tho dints of these States. To maice the protection of thecatdlal c> 'npi.-te in conaidorat ion of tho largo accession of territory which Maryland would rec Ivc iit'dor tlio ar. ung< mont pro,i"*ed, it wot, id bo nt> ceaeary that that Statu should c n-nut so to modify bor constitution ns to limit tho biiBlii of her representation to her while yopuluii' u. A reference to a m: p of the United States will show that this pro) ositiou amounts to neither moro nor Ic.hs than the wiping out of the rebel Statu of Virginia, and tho parcol'ii'g out of Its territory ainoi.g tho loyal Stales of Kanawha (Western Virginia) ,*fary' i.;d and Delaware. Tl:e map of tho region in question , \v ic'i we publish to day, will enable 0'ir readers to seo t hi i at a glatino. Tho Blue R.dge Is to bo tho eastern boundary of the State. It is now the oi. turn boui.dury of Km uu ha, ami the two Mary land counties of Allegheny and Washington, now I lying between Pennsylvania und Virginia, nr.) to b3 added to the new State, ro as to mn tho territory straight to tho i'eunrylvauia 1 no. B it, us a lari;e recompense to inrji-ivi^-" '.i territory f that Siitfe is to have its territory e.uenuou westward uiro~,',1J-t Eat'ern Virginia till it meets tlio BH.e ltidge, wbieh Is proposed as its western boundary. Ibis will enlarge Maryland Into a great and populous State, which will include Norfolk, Fredericksburg, Petersburg' Richmond and all tho tobsc.-n growing and slave raising legion. Delaware is niso to rotna in for n sharo cf tlia rebel PUt#, and is to have the two peninsular counties of Accootho (formerly Wind's :?bire) and Kortliamj'ton, now tatwsfe.isiim of our troops and manifesting loyalty to tho federal.-vnv e ,-u men t. 0 ^o i?i tii n of Virginia thus propo?od to bo coded to Hhrylnnd Is knowi in tho lo'.M g"f>graphlcnl dH t'rjctioi s tie tho State as tho Tidc-wa'. r dtsti let and tho Piedmont district. Tho former contains thirty seven counlios , bor dering on the Atlantic and Chesapeake I'ay, and the lat ter thirty two counties. Ihe tide-water lands are ropte ?anted by that voncr.ble rebel, ]'<!ruond Itufl'ni, in an address which he delivered some years ago, to havo lnc: ca-ed In valve ?17. 000,000 In twelve years. It Is by far the we ilth.ost portion < f tha State, pi odixing the great bulk of the tobacco crop, which U Virginia "a principal staple. The chief manufactures of the SI. tie are ?omprlsed w ill. in this region. !*e counlios of Accotnac and North imp'THi form the ?outbern jsortion of the peninsula lying between Chesap. ake Bay and the Atlantic, of wWch the nort'iorn ?oenties constitute tlio Htalo r.f Delaware. Tluy belong geographically to that Statu, and for that rer.son, if there Hrero no other, tli>y thonld bo nnnesod to it. They con tain, togetfcor, n?''?e 16,000 InUabilants, and are priu ?l)|aliy valuable lor their fisheries. On tho other hi. '.id, Alleghany and V'aihiDgton count ios, which aro nandwlched la bctweon tho nrrth?rn boundary of Virginia arid thi southern boundary of renn ?ylv belong ;'eogru!'ht-ally tu Virginia. The former n i>rea of tOO . | are miles. lis extreme length is ?Ixtj -3vo roilrs, it'? bre? ith varying from sevn to thir ty ?five miles. It Is principally a (anted to grazing and dairy farm"; b'lt it b?s mlne-a! wealth !u th j coIj. 'kratcd Cumberland coal mines. Its ion is about 25.000, including suir. i 000 slaves. V/ is'iiavrton ts a great wheat gro.vlng county, having an area of about 480 ?quaro miles. Its annual product of wheat averages ?bout a million be-hols. Its principal minerals are iron and lim -stone. T.iero are sov.r tl colfjn factories locato I ?n Its streams. Its population is s<5rie 34,000,01" which over 2,000 are filavos. Mr. Cameron, ta presenting this proposition \ fCo;;g~or.ri ?imply put* it ui-ou tho ground of imd expe diency. IIo sofcgcstil tint th's reconstruction of Stat linen whl wfth?*raw from the fe.Vr*.l ca: itnl the in: uence of State governments, which have arrnyod them.ia'.vea i.i rebellion again t the fniorai autV .-iiy. And li adds, as au addlti0nW'TM30n>ttiat thu llarr: proposed fjroi gn '"-t uaiioi a bountfarlos, which, far i'l time t'> come, would serve to nr. A- the limit ; of the* Slates. Thereat motive which has I tba rcc'.rum^a iatlrn, end whih wi'i eotamend :i ? the warm appr f..l of the wink, con- t; y , i ?ot evo.. hliil d nt. It is ke;< sedulously art of rl; lit. TTl\y, wo cannot nay. The Secrotery eIi > i have ttreng hened tho row ns assigned with t iia one which ho has not assigned,! but which is Baverthclcas tho all poworl'l one ? naiuvj-, that a diainembonu' :it of tlio robot State ot Virginia, and a p,v tltionfrj ?f biT territory am; nr Plates that brv<> remain ed loyal iivti g'>veraiv.eut, it 'he mont effective, ? .to priateaud ?u,",.ioi.iUle pun lata out lliu; can L>o inflicted npon hir. EVUblesa to her !'? loral dut ies, Tfg i l ess of the memorise; . f her gre it dmi , (also to her ? wu and to thf nat j\,;:i:i t. ?t*?. s'io ca: t !; c-r lot in with >te. v, |:?r, rerk'.e s, fanatical visional ics if the cotton -Stat is, and madt her Sue battle grounc between civile -Minn unrt ttasbariem. ii- <.tsg dene so, sii , <ie serves nunoct of com miseratiiu. H.o sternest pum.A -r?oiit that can-Wo toflit fed on her SB itr too mild fo* iier crime*# Bui yet ilia1 one whl<i i ; 6i r ? : d i- the report of tho fieeretaryof War U ,io*t JL o? > of all othaau that will m ist bumble fbepr>4.??r hereuKS, and that will sta&d lo al*. s ure agefi a b< acn lights to w am oti* r States off tho rock-< ca which eh* tpiit. There ar^ coii.slitttlmal diffle; Itic* in the way .of .'is" ?aemberUig and park'tlonlng SU'os. Tho aotmuct bo acceded ta iy ihoStatea conoe -nod as welt ts by tie ^ <ede ?rat Congress. Bui Senretiry Cameron, r.- o,trIz n.r 4 "lis, cull tn'i how it c? i bo none without violating tho n \?titution. Ifo add ires presents in the .cases of Kit higan and Ohio, Miasauri and 1 >* v, wbore Slata boun gtfi wen chaaig ad by mutual agnu m int ; and l..~ r ig g? t ' 1 hat tho cmjo can t,? done And so < an. 11m i ew Stato cfJUanawha will rea<U'y give ii.s ? c- t, r??h "g, as it will, tho counties )f Maryland nut W? lit igton, and ha% ing it* State ex.itfncy locugin, ..1 and est ibibhed by tu< fanerai goverome'it. It may c/an assumo the npptUaUuu/yf the parent Hu ??, so t: r.t i orxo hot orrt w ind \i? i'irgiiji? , tho mgthef oT plates ?sen fcj'l of Pre.,iUml:, may tt.t bo dWea from the Bdtional y.?c "'oheen. It is-noi'.ti) bePLippoaet! tt>ot oitlrtr Maryland or ware will Mterpoee objections to tfie proix, -iiirr? tho toimer rccet-.V"", ro.ha large % ce i a of rich md , opu> lous te-rlt or/ ft and little Delaware rged Into sometLiug hlto a r -'pectable eir.?. Jbe oniy-mdl liou precrtdent v?!h':h Mr. Cameron rcckd ta have ira; ose ! upon J2a.yli.nd if.-, that in encJian^o l'nr tWs b oo gk < ?hoi.M ccupent to mOt'ify her Mnstttution so urt to lia?;t the basia of her royj es4it''.tioa to t-r hitj jwj :il ition. In other words, ?!j8 innst forego her to (i her slave pupulatton rated on l three flftUs . is ? SllglU MBMiiion to ask? 4 /emu-cm:- a ri-iclf, iu fac THE PROPOSED BOUNDARIES OF VIRGINIA, MARYLAND AIID DELAWARE REFERENCES BOUNDARIES HAIL-ROADS READINGS ? ;-l 'OL.UIV1BUS ccttveEURC y^r *% n*j .// /t l&RPERSFERR >/Au, "7 / M\ , / MWOREFtELD M kM WA MARIETTA) *\ CHILLI COTHE PARKERS BURG fcEVERY. TTJ FATziZ MOUNTAIN^ bwer mREDERICKSRUH6 STAUNTON, ? V I CCEANA zl iMNfHBURG ETERSftURU' \C,WrjpNk'Y <NOR'FQLK OA NVIU.F.'^ mENSB.ORQ HULSBOhO J RALEIGH^ V SALISBURY \N/\T?RS-SQN /V.y. Western Virginia liHd all but wrung from Eastern Vir ginia, aud the dispute about w li.cU was .me of the gn .it causes of contention between tho two sections of the State. The wonderful cliango of eontunont that bus taken place in Maryland since ApnJ I ant, and bor present atti tuiie of loyalty, furnish proof tint she can safely be calculated on to do her sharo in this matter. The mes sage which tho Cowrnor of Maryland sent yestortlay to tho Legislature is instructive on llio scoroof her position. The (jovcrnor takes tho ground ho! Uy and squarely that the rebellion must bo put down, no n alter at what cost, and that tho Stato must hear her full share of the bur den of doing so. Ho urges iho immediate raising mid equipping of tho ftate qm tat f volunteers for the war, and tho payment of her portion of the national tax. In other words. Maryland place* Uert'elf. so fur aa the position of hor Governor can do so, on as high a standpoint of loyal ty as any froo Stato of the North. Of course tho proposition of tho Secretary of War ass noes no practical proportions unless Congrees shall tnko it up and act upon It. If Congress do so, tho propo sition may undergo many Important changes and modi fications. it will give ripe, if taken up at all, to very grave and important discussion?. Wo have no doubt that tho prop-sltftffi, In its general feature*, eommmu'e Itself to tho sanction and approval of the community at laige, as tho an 1 fittes t me.isuro of retributive jus tice tint can bo intli." .i on a relvllkwm co-nmnnlty. In that view thcro will be few loyal men that wiil regret its consummation. NEWS FRC^l FORTRESS MONROE. F iniiKHs Mo.miok, !)?>:. 3, 1 Via Raltix ikb, T)pc. 4, lfeOl. / A flag or trace, in charge of Provost Marshal Devi*, went fr< m hero this morning to convcy Mr. Pangborn, Consul for Saxony at Now Oriems, to Norfolk. By that mans wo learn thai t3io rc'tol v,cr-nl engaged m the action -ms yesterday tho steamer Patrick Henry. Tho rebels claim that no damage was di no to th "in. To-day about half an inch of snow full uud a atruiig northeast wind prevailed, bul Iho slurra abated no >n. Everything is new quiet,. 'llie 8. U. .< ling leaves llv'? evening for llsttcraa. Htnvemcntj -of Cai?<aii> Wilier*. C*nt ' u W!!!.- , of?!i loll a:;J .'i : >n f'.ini ?, ii'.i present at tl<o mooting oi tho Now York l. stor* ' il Society <n. Tuctoxy cvenir.g, and his appearam o or?.r od an Immense b asation. An id fli ? 1; artiest cnthusltHra he was eieot cd 4?i' honorary mow t r of tho society ">y acclauiuli in. In r:.piv toProftidont Uradish's spe nil of welcome, Capt. Wi'lf.r ??ti'.d ihi.t ho Umnked t ito society for Ui evidence it had givon hvn of i*jf e. tfceni ait'l ooaMence, bit must confess tint, he t-.outd h o nothir.R in vvtiit ho had di.oo wrrtt-y of tiie bright pig" in hi itnry ? hich tho President ii ; v . d v.:?j reserved for him. Ho UJ done only his di.ty , which- 1; was his plea, uro as woil us his pri'lo to per '.'orat. Inc r. .1 > je , ho p:clr ?; ! his. inst olforta iu tho fiiti ?, a j in ;th?! pa?t,-to his country. Captain Wilkes' brio ' s-mafkh wrc'fro^ neatly interrupted by appluusc. TULIC HJX'ErxlON TO CAPTAUt WII.KE8 TV : a'latit commander of the h'?n Jacinto, whose prcrr,! iii'tiorio ar rest:?).? tho r??l"?l ccnlsf.iriis^lideli audKacra, on board ti a Briti.V.i mail steamer Tr> tit, ci i; ifce. ^..icU tt.f- iror W ctcitement ar.d e thusiasm i:i the ! ynl ttfu'os, ie to reepiv! the Ibank.s of tho Mayor and ( utnuviu "Council of tUin it y to-. VI j Joint Special Owntn ?????: (>"' ?>ii-tod to nsfUo .ti ,< m<Y/iS for that | Fwrt <Uo ;ity IliiUtt noon ywuerdsy. Alderman P-y ton , -di. airman of tlio <o omittee, paid b hid received a comroua i a. on from Cnj?tain Wi.kcs, suiting that 1.0 would bo (ateanad tc receive* deputation of the oommitt-a ai o..o o'cWti' , to Rii.!. the accessary arrr.i.g-.yiontsfor a p .hile r caj-fc. );i. A di ; utaU.'n, t >ti'ist.lng of Ai ienuiu i)aytou,Fioe??nt and Ailcnrani! Coui.cdmen Slo ?/?cnsonai d Ckvoland, w-jtcd ui: Capt. AVikef at tho l>rcv;i*wt Ho ro ? t tho hour *3>,jJoji?U'/, when a lianc'BOniely.eiHTOffied o ipy o! tho rotr jinucuttry rcsoLotii'Ug in I ,to ill caituro 'X' Slides and Mason, passed by tbe Coruncn Oi'.ncil, w;>8 preN-ntoU io (a;?taiu Wilk-:s by Aldonttan ray/ (vi. Aldermaa D.iykm then skited liiat, ifogrueaidc t? tain Writes, liie May?r would bo pleased to temhr hitn tLa lio8piUlitie*of thu city at g. foiuinl reception ia tho Guyernor's Room at tli* City H?J1 hi eleven o'clock ?. i- (The- sday) morniug. In i low of k'^e reception, Hie Alv't'i maa cou flood his remarks to saj iug tbutintliis niMicr tlioCcnitiKin wero I t fosiowinc out the ?paau?J:o>ii? .. r;'i esti< n of tlt? fwclir^ef the fmople of Ntiv York. Cepiwfl Wilkes, on receiving the renolutionr. Hit liked tho deputation for the honor t-honn l^.n hy the P'd;.).' of tbe cilyof New York, b it haid ho woul* defers further ackwwlcdi^tnent until tho otTicltl rccepiw ut tiip City Ball. After pptc.dicg a abort tlnt te coararaktlon ] wittr ti;?gal aiit CHfjti'id. the conii. ift<a 'i,en withdrew. After tho ofilcial cereirtoclt" or the : coi tion at the city j; Ui trc ovi r to-day ? apu.rf il'iike* wid ne p:.>..tcd to re >j,ve ? m.-ii nf I'.e tiii/vJ >.t Sc\ Y?rk aa ifeoy wlali to (?r -, h'U). THE PROPOSED EXTEKTION CP TEE BISIKCT 0? COLUMBIA. movements of JTojor General Fi'croo it. TIio c' rc. menof New York and its vb'iol'.y are o n. doling with Major General Fremont Bines hi* dep n from tin command or the Western Department. K..v. j Jfonry Ward Rcc< her rave Iho Initiative on Katurdu; 3n 1 . slnco which tlmo the locretso in the numb r of vb ? ; I of a ' '.crical cburnctor haebcen very large. Yest* nn y morning the private reception parlor of the AxtorHo o H: almost fill '1 by about . 'fifty clonyien, win, v.e.n ponied by their wives, h?.J called to pay their rvspectt ' > the deposed Major Gsnoral, On being apprised ?f tit. i.- I visit, Major General Fremont, accompanied "by Mrs, I Fremont, left his apartments to receive Iks gi'o-ts. A 1 were cordially received and a considerable t ?.? i Fpott j n fi ent'ly and social conversation. Among thorn pr< ?? nt we rot iced Rev. Dr. Oliver, Lewis Tappan.ll'V. Mr. Van Wyck and Be v. Mr. Crocker, chaplain cf lb* Ira V. irris Guard Cavalry. In the evening Major General I'jomont received a vMt from Ocvtrtior Andrew, of Mr- .? ii Mctts, sc^ompaniod by E. Ho wo, Ksq. , the nai ly and eCloient Quartgrmasier oi that ?tMe, rc-.idv.-M l | ir this eitv. Ma.or General Fremont w.vt last evening a cuestftta I pavate entertainment frh?er in his honor by Henry 'Air d 1 !!?? eher, at 1j n residence >ln Brooklyn, at <el.!eli n jre pi??.erit a largo n.raber of distinguish dcitlzees. ! MEETING OF THE MARYLAND LEGISLATURE. rATBlVTIC MJCStiME OP <Q0VKKN'01t II1GKS. ( IW.ITlMOl:E, tVc. 4, 11Q1. The i iryland Lrgstbttro orfpulzed to-day by ;k t ,.f Mr. Berry Spe tk'T of the Mouse, .aud Mr. GoiiUiorousJi t- 'resident of tin" Sen ile. The Gowraor'a Message -hub tnripmittcd. It is inii- i iy toys", uad patriotic. Re taye is has convene' tho i I.e*;'slalurn ti spe sial s< sstoo in ordor Hint they ouy at ! iff i nrlurur. cl< ?ail y the express wit! of the peatfe. by j talciijt FUi h ?t. ps as will s .'em aaost.ciFKJive to vlndkJKe the liov* r and loyalty of tho Sta!?e, by .undoing, as far- u p. foible, Jijul rc*e lying the evils** tho Initiation of ill. ir predecessors. Hi urges measures for the payment of tlv> !? trie's pertl>n ??' the rational tax for the expense ,f thenar. J>o gays J&e rebellion m??t bo ps,.t down, : o mutter at what cost. V ur State must. bear her Stare ( aud ho hopes it will he done wjth no ulggard hand, Ho urges a loan fur tho purposo; aUrf.tbat it is duo to the prjd ' of the Stats thit l?r mediate provision be made fo,' i ait int. %vA equipping Maryland's q:0,'a of volunteers for tf.s w.V. lio aho recummends leglsl4.'ion for th s mm / i-un.ViiiAnt of persons In Maryland who thill l e i . . li. ted of alo'nig ? ubettii g in any i?t..jfcior Ctore wlw . ? 4 arms ;\a:nst tho government. II?': -JIESTINS PROCEEDS CF COflJi 30 | Expulsion of the Traitor Brook* i i :iC> go from the Senat o. prcptfl^fl Abolition of Slavery to !l?e .iict of I'oIttmMa* &i'?? kttf fef> TIimTWKVESTir C<?V; U : > *. pr.sHiON. ttnaUi Wi'jinwrrosr, r -. -1 . 188& txrvrfiwg or n:? r ? ;< ui m mo*. Mr. ivuci ?*, (?>[>.) of U:ub.itri'.ro '.uoud ft > '.! toe Mr. Br?cktnn>?e". Mr. V '? {Oj;p ) of ily., lo'it gr?ii& f '? "< Ar , Mr. I -re,, umdjibad already 1 t v ed, h.' c? t a<-t bo I ?xpoUcl. Mi I'Rciatnu., (rep,) of IlL, insist 1 ti t )r" : o ?' i j expelled, and offe-red* substitute for Mr. Cliacd :'b r< :o ' llltton, M follow. ? Wlir,r<.i8, John C. Brerkinrid,;?, ? r ?ni" rofAij'i j br?? 'ifd th<: eot'tijlci ot )M CO; r.t*; ' lu

j ertnr ? _ ivist tbo govormu Hit lu l..s- w< 1:1 r tu jort; th' Tc'ori; Kesoived, Tbat tbo traitor Bmk1tirid,.e bt exj 1. Mr. Cham' aea~|ited lbs substitute, rind !!?? t . <>'u tf'JD, as (but Ainaurifld, wan i.u*r.Un>tujiy adc^u -yoas . Kti. rnys tl'M, U folkHt *: ? Ti'AS? Mi . Anthony. E: nwii!?g, Carlile, Cluin.'Vri Clnrk, Gollamcr, Cowan, Dixon, Dm, Mule, Kmc ndrn, Foot* 'r (ir ? ?. i tali., fliirltin, H*rri<, !:< wp. Ki t.. . ; V .1 ? ? ! 1 , I> il. ? ui ? a . U1 .. ::i VrDui V . , ;? ^ ?? i.i'i, I' m-ruy .~>.i.>rma:) StiiiniB . . n. .11 1 n I'. .Xii'iinvi.i, * ir 1 ir, . . iJ , \Vad?, U >1., Wi.iiiOi and Wi ?"ii. cut Nor M' -*r? r.Kvait; Jt i .1 t 1 Pi", . nn.. '? i ns >u of Mo., 1'. ,f. Pels, i'u .veil, It. 1, . 1. Lu ..'' end WiUcy. 1: in i tamjiNO commi 1: : >. 'Hi- ttnndiag committer were iu;isow\c?>1. Hi y <1 -o tbo k?Ai tbe last eessii u, cxee;Hing tb-fe. /'?'e. 'v.n kdaiiws? Mr. Karris ;s : iacecf lfr. Brock i'. : ?lory Affair* ? %fr. N'i < mtth tnpIacnofMr T'ikor, i n i'uUie Laiute~\lfo C.irliio lu ;:Ijcu of .Mr. tli.'g b?m. t?i /? ?iinJfffttrs ? nfr. iTIark in ji? if Mr. Fo"'. Cn ' ? 1, ? Mr. Wbloy 'c v ??' ??-. "? ??. ?/,< I . , -M HI::, iv I.. N?oy .U.I (..u'll o la |>!JCO Of Mi . .-v. r -111(1 Mr. Brcutcb,! Ti i.i. nni :? t " .11 ?'n ? " .,1 Bill''' wiU cowH?t of Mc ?. JS Wt -.rj, TV : ? y Bud P^nlKbUi y. THE MA'.BU IJtPBISl > KD IN WA llBI-tOS. Mr. Wit. on, (rap.) of M ise. , called attcnt 1 n to n 'lit of colored porwT.ft cor.fino'l In prion in Washington, front ilii.'i -? by p<igotui catling tUcmt vs Juiitio soliUulvnu i'iio 1 eport had b? ? ii iiia by d itec.tiv n Al ca to the l'r.i viift Murrhal. Mr. Wilson Introduce! a rissol it ion fur their reh ane. M Hair, (rep.) of V. If., ad\ocnt?d tho |w n-n 1 f the r s.i 1 tl n. II* remarked that wo urn now * .? ,wrt Hit 1I1 ? vi-i of tho rein-!-- for tlicm during liiwtr. it tlujnul t !ii? 0 1 mi ni'y tho i! iRt corrupt, fr?m th* m 11 ? me t'i"-rt (iuwn, of nt.y other in tit" contry. ih 'mi 011 ?'!> e in this est;.- wm moot ? 1 nor tu 1 y H It i<i <,<?? a (aii to go Into tie magl'trnum' c" rtata 1 !'? dis trict. In ntti< r A.10 a rolh'ii riifl of In ' wit" an stod ;? I wily for eteatlng a rui remit ? (la u:ht'-r) ? at t!i Ittft-t'T" 1 >f what >-\ iiin'ii* wax acrary man. I!, it'. 1 thai it w the doty of ('< ii to tu loi !c iutu the ?? mini ? tratlou c 1 rtW* In th> di ti jet, Mr. M> IVxvmu., (oprfc) of fal.,?aid o-io roport of ?!?? toelivo Al1' 11 < ;t 1 n . ? ? tnitn 1 r:rso:i lie did 'r 1 knmv.aa l with them thio h 1 u thing l i 1' 1. Hitw th'rcf>re of theeji.nn 11 thai the matter . ' to bs referred t" tin p ''?)? r f'-iuui tl'"-- :'or (.vinti li t. >.r. W it1 >: r. 1 nrl. ?? tl.r.t ho had vHted the.** poor p- -f?> f i . .!??!!, (tad w;tn ?? tho thitsg* of ?rf 'th- *.??' ? . ' K"tt, (to ! th* C: ? i im:! .11 iu which t '.nutitn.: W I 'M' ' "!? H '? ' r ? a th' VI ws > X;,rr I hy ... tin ? to :h? a''inln??t.'flti>'t> <'f jut-Hco in 1, ' H" ? i w? ii?K th t l;W 1 l'HJoti should be te.reii t < t;>c ,Ti. ;i-!nry Ton ? 1 : tt ? 0. M ' 0 <1.11. ?>.-? ? In ! flint i nrtfuit of ijc'ioxrcii tl" a<lm.nUirutl ti or j, stio in this PI t 1st thov fhoiiM .1 1.: , r ) til , a. .1 .! tin- b.'.-t n u r. rtn. BM-Kvir-W, (rep.) >1 M?., rwwk-4 totho.5-ii.ioM th . <Ut: ii.g u hoiiier ? Pt-i n, \ hen it v.- f ' 1 ? Vc app: o iriatlur.s lor 1 1 pr|? ? i- i' ' 0 iiccc. . i f?.r withho'ding th ? in" 1 s 1' ? < t'f p ? ] ? 1 fast I ho , ro.; itlon ; f iho . wa ? wtif "rg'd. Ait w ?he Jn-iii 1 t v jr em in thin 1 miricl, ho l ..d I' r )?< .n I on ih ? '? :--r- 1 ??? it.; h .t n x h ? --n ? 1 0,1 t. nily fur 11 t i .!?>? ? and th .tforo tmstol 'bMlh? : ? t vk nl hij r l'y ntui properly ? t with. V .'h i. a 1 to i'l'j.iiive ulivt Ihero wa- !??:< : let 'inn ? ti-.t, q |.>tt,a:.d it wns U'.titnatc'y e< nnt'Ciod w th *h ? 1' ... h '' r ,,t try IB now ignite:. 11 ? ?... ? till ? I A- ' I I ?;?! mi ? as iu c fat Is. The ? :>-.??? v.- 9 . ? lit .. >? tint ed. Atit'eig the . k 4* V.M V '. JiJtrtt, fr-p.) of Mat;!., i.i . n apt- ( hi. i it. ol lii.A .. V-t; . rr 1 0 wli'ii . ,|.-i I th'J COMtniU <1.1 Wsu: I tolu.d 1 "()' : ?: |tr. '2 .) ?' > ? TT., It W - re ; t .? lit !. ? ? III i .ill* 1 1 ' ..,t t I . f 'I .? e ? ' - -It' itol' C ' ? * ' : 1 I": . ' tr. v j: i ft ? With it ? t th ti ci !??<< the : ? .ml'ii. ??? 1 ; ?io n a : . . ti.. ... ? ' ? ! 'in ? ? t ' . '? '? 1 ? h ! i.i, . 1 ; ? 1. tit! ti tio.> ? : IhJ 1 ? > i- '' < w ho On : : . V. ?> 't .. 'w i 1. ii i'i ? ? ir. .-.I ' ? < ? !' ' ? f < '? i o -ti " t.. U !r h : : ? ? ? t, . f... .. ? ? ' 'i n't ? 'or la < ot " ' wi' i i) ? C'?, ri. ; ,v ' ????? ? Cummin i i. ti> - i i ; r.i~ c ? . n c ?rnailr-'<*.- Im ' r tli ! ' ? ' '7 ' ' ?'??! ? I. ? ' i i 5? 1> -!'i i ?'ifi a t'i f'.o ... a' l,v!Jr., or rV. ? -. I'SI S : I'.'.K Br. ' "I)V I.|-N,.XR I 111 ,K. M.\ Wi'v.i.v: n% (rip.) "in.. In' odu:o1 ft Mil t.> i. I-: lli! ' n! . mi Iho v . i-1 ri'.i. ? .'? .. ?? .: ,gth'::! !. W -I'M'." ..' Ill ? <! ?'. .1 ? t!'\v ? r-t lv ? ... r.r ?? c ... f >? .; o. i--W it '. I.!!!' ?*t <*??? ?*, ?? i ( "'<? '.. ' ; ????. I |> I . . i- '. ! I' , : -,.i I ' . ? . C ; . ;h ? m ; ? y ? , c i.r i li ' }? tv>r :lv- j <?, ; <| <*?> ? . .i ii.o v \ f r ? ' w.y i e ?!" ' ' ; ?> *? !????'. l i '' 1'. ii .', p l-.iV;' " :? ' !? ? -fi JifrcJ f :v,:.ui tetl to t*.o I'fljcem.u a commfr* Mfrd tr? li n- J ii r. ?' ? s , .; ,-rm ?( lii . - ? .! . ? 1. ? I w ,.1) f.l'.c !!, !. -? i ,1 , w lit nil .:ucVi\ ' . - ' . V ) . (.j . .? i . i . ..ti: y . ,ih i l> i -,i 1 ? ? Ih ;!i ? ?! e '? ?' ? t!i ?? i '.o *ii.l if i. , t I ! . li;.: t: V n'l v . ' f I . ' ! ; ?: r I i ? <i i . t, of ;? li >. ' ; r r . t i:-f? ry I t b . ! f. Tv" i .h X'y. ' .' -y. 'I ? ::-xi ? ' i : tiw 'Jvvw.ty-Iiist.iin I ? ? r.u untH a'.i st .th ro.-rnnwti uow i? *? > and ti it ;r.ay ho.'oa'ier ivu..' Iiii j a r .c, i, ? ! ), ' 1 iu li\'' . . i ri' ; .. r it a'., .c . ! ? ? io( ; eafl ( "V*rJ' BPW ill till# I ?'????'i- 0 r tUl* f'liitii' ' ? ? ' OL JU: ,0| 1 lil Ul?J .-.ii. i ri ; with II. HI* til Jkiilur i ol civ.. ? ,l? t. ?? . "rvi : ..r ih" I I. Id". :? Iti till; , . ; : cri'.x d in the tl?!r ! fiooti n of tUb act fc- tl?o rrgim:-nt< o! hifalltiy. ? i i-;. m 4?T!i:ti a" iufti tf.'-r r< . mems or art II t-ry r.u'.v iu i' s rvi noi' the li .s ? tsui .m i-; u inb -ud i:i the eamo s r with 11 ? 'i v? i "r.r- ?a' - ? i iir :i!!? y i ? v ihc ;.,??? of th I nil ? ?s.lnt'i' ..laniicr pr ? i .1 i .>? tli.? third eth a of tbu ?ct :or ilw loalii.'iiits of nf . i y. . .. uO* 5?' li . tio . flwJl h - .? or 1 ? nmilo s tii?y 1 iv o hji .. inu .? . cxctiit tL?t no ngird (liiu:! he had t . fi w that us va n jr i" b? fl i- ?: It 'n tli oidor n w repi ncut, cr that the iiu.'f to bn ppj r.i- ted bolon 'h to an ? A or r-w r gimcnt Bk' tk>n 6~Urtt thocomiivs i> i sg.V n '<> tu ? Cow r.. o:i of -liitCK in ' h v.; i-nt- e ? ' < .- . '-aii V ? .?i !<h i ti e Buino ns if c'v,!n hy Ihu I'r.'si !eat or thj Vnil d S!,-m t itif i .T.ars h >K!l ; Ihi n? shiul {u\e rai.k ... i i' to Iho det ? i i' s 'i h Sic ?tnr T ? Tim l nil TMMd *4 iiernaiicr occ;;riri(5 in itai.i volnntcor rnpirinstA ahall be tillnd by the Pr^i-hlent a iii.g to ex nt.Ki law* and roiCUlatioaa Tor th g jvoui meet i '? th? army of tha Unite I >, I itc hit'T ',*8? Tha !l acts, law*, reguiatfoni, articles of s?r or i.arts thereof, i-c inyiHtonl with ? i;o provUiuak of this ?<.i. be ami tb '?m?. ? h?. chy rep ealed. PR I. r:i !"? trn rior Mr "i 'irii .. ; i.)?f Det,oJ red ajcint vcsoiuilop v liich t r.' olio" t ? VihetuM, tho .ooplo cr the BtatesofV: (iir.n, North Carolina, Bnnth Carolina, O-mv-iMv Florid* Alnbima Mm B.-fi pi. L ?ui i ina, 'h'NR*. Ark'tiHAt mkI T tmiwm ar* tn r.'Vitta a nut tlio c u ? i, ( , ..| in crrimmt i f tlio United F ?" 1 havo am m it tn co e r um tho fodwat Union t" (brtn an (n-'o- eiidrnt r ivortwietit, under ibo n 'ine of iliu unf derat'1 sitc of 'nnHoa." n*?<i Vi'li < :i - , 1 1 ?' C' > i-fi." tl:. I l Uir, awrovlbif th ? s.Mi'Im ntinf i'io I rrsidi iil in iii mnoa'.in ra#e,i at ? Union moat bo nr wr. (*l and tin r. ? *1 .nd H n.-i.ra hie mean- 1111ml hn mi'loycd; and b'li<viiii t .it Kind and I'r to i i?l fcohny bi'twc ti III pr< pie < f u!l the Stat in ln >11 to tin- nini1 tonance <>r a lit >i>v a'nl p a sir- o a li ou, nri>l I't' t g w I >>; to n (i ill" "l an. h IVidl j: on li >p ii .1 1 >>> iti i.i, mi I i i .it! may bo iM'orod to a ilia tr > '? tic ry , i : <1 thn Unl >n ail I c >ns itutl'-u b<> pr ? ? v<*?t and in 'in- 1' > I a .1 fviMt (! "li" no op -mi >n of *>?<? |m *>o f ??"> a oi -jl S i . 'h iti (.ho .'i >? iii.i Ifhni 'tit o i) b I .J t? it i~> irabli'to oacb and nil ? dureaolvo . A follows ? - !v.-"'viM , That M'll.'fd Filtmo: e, Fra k'in f'i?i 11 1'inny, Kd w.t'd I've ??f ? . (Jo >i'Ko M. |);i In.", Pli ma? tl, . mi, llo mo itu. imy , Uovui dy Join * "ii, I tin J. O t t'Mi.l. n, (!do; k ? l . ''iikIi mil KIi'Ii.t'iI W. l'hom:ivon bo, and tlifty are h<-rol>y aopoii tod O mmiM-'l 'fern on tlio art of O.ii'i'.'H to a i> r Willi n like n nib r of Cuiu iii i h oiioip, i<> boap o tvd iiy tlio Ht 1 1 >*B nfon'sakl , tor |io pre " v ti. >n of ill" Uul -ti and tlio inalnti'tiaoco of tlio.. it : ion, Miit Mi > t t'ev report tho u? It of mild c i I'en no" to Con for <ip;irova! or rnentim'. Iti'S.'lvoil, That ii hi i imp ? Intnient of Coin ilFnlonera, a" lie Iiy inviUal h s.ii ! > ta os. ii. <1 . i |io*t tlio in ) .'tlnil ? r tliu ,|omt I'onm : *1 n for tin' |i i :? mi in i.fut'cnun as :>.?>? ?: a d a. :t i'.v h'. i liti n h if ? ?...<?? and lio ? iip ml' d; u "I nil II n ..i bo ici. ivod nil,. kshi'iI i-.oinn: s-i. li Miall bo> > to a. re \ or i n nnn o. an by i liotn , Mal i n i inn n hvlllie rojijctcd uiilior l?j Coug.oM or tui IU? iiioi'ws.,in -i at' .'. Tii it- u i> ni was 1 a il on tlio tabln. Ill AUMV O HI . W..-.T JINII 1-TliriVR SI.AVW On motion of Mr. S. mn H,(r?p.) of Mas*., it waa re ?nlvod that tho Secret ryofwurbe rtvjnmiti'd to f iremlt to tli At ate e pl ;N i f <uiy ^ n 'ra1 o dora Io lb" nilfila.y tU'i u tin lit of Mb - hi. 1 1 i k to fu t: ?? sla cd is.: lllli AN:*/. ITIl'N I K TIIK HI I'l.f > K I O, liT. M ?. Hai.k, (rep.) of N. H, subm ttiid tlio f.illowb?, whit li I. a <?v or ? Ho ilvod, 'Hi it tlio Committco on Jn-llohiy be Inntrnct* od to In j i o into tlio ex|K>.iioiu;> an I i r ip ioty of aboll^n It 'o tlio p'THTit Sup itno lot'rt oi the If n it ilSutti'R Hi d ostabulii. k itisti'ii'l tluruof iini iher S ipn-nie Court .a l> -.'.ii , i tli > prnvtsiona of tb c imtllut on, whlcli, in tlio ' ni. ii of Cotigrn.s, will meet tlio rcquirctaoi.u of tb.i i; i.?tiiuilon. UAII. H KAMf!: a ton TIIK PAfinr. Am >iif tlio lulls lutio liiocd were tlio foil iwinfc'? I'y -!r , (opp,) ol C'ul. ? A bill to Mali. isb a lino < f <i ?? 1 i mail t>ln;ia lint w.i'n s.m Krancivco a >1 Sli iirIi io, t ti' li . i; it iliu sandwii li islamla and J ipan. ai d a bill ;o untu'i i/o and lu '.illinio miaii k upirati h? in tbo states of ' a a ii a and urn,- u , iu tbo territory ut tlio Uuilud 'tin! . iiato ailjouriiod. House of Ki JM-im u? <?( 1 vrs. W v <ui.\acoM, Deo. 4, 1S61. CONM-'i ATOM AM? OOUWISSATIO.I OK SI AVBS, Mr. Gui u t (rep.) of Ohio, t;nvu notion of his Intention to i 1 1 i o . bl I to cmillsciito all property Ixiiougmi? t0 p.. . ? < m rebellion against tho governm ntof the Uultnd v. iiiflu ling pernors n-c >gnizod un "uvea, who ahal lu i! b !" fieu men; to provide for their employment ?Tii ' :? n prcs'uut war, tlieir lubHoquont apprenticeship ' ? loyl m . ? ra, and their JJual colonisation, TUB Ho K , had KILL. Mr. f,. gu v, (rop.) or 1 1., from tlio Cummittuo ou Agrt> cult if, vo oil d the Ilumoeioid bill. After i ' incidental debit 'j the Hum stead bill waa ro to tho Co in mi tee on I'ublic I .amis. IHM1NU KXTItA CONM OF TUB Pl:K IDKMT'U MK-MAG* AND Tl? iiKHOinm. Tb# usual ?xtra number of copies of the I'resldcnt's Mo: .! ,o iiluI accompanying documents wore ordered to bo printed. THE COjrr:! \<T IXVK-TKIATl.Va ClIMMirrEK. Mr. V?n Wvi'K, (rep.) of N. Y. , from tho select cun mittce appointed to inquire In to the government contructai roported a resolution thai thu committee have leave to Kit d. in .; tho h Hc.uud ul i.h; II . ib , and Lu.o leave to repot! from t mo to time. Adopted. KJLONKXAlleJI OK Al y.X v.NlllllA Ol?V NTT, TA., TO Tirl (HBTKHI o% IUH'MHIA. Mr. I'rrow, r'-nl nl of Va., Introduced a bill for tho rei teration of Alexundi ia to the I Httrict of Columbia. 111K ..V'K'l >TI is 1)1 E. IUHBAN I'.VflilW IN' Km^AN AmiW (in motion ?f Mr. Vam aniuc.iiam, (opp.) of Ohio, a reso int oi w ? a liipt 'd i*<|ueHling lb ' 1'ivsidciit to comma I nicuto to the Hoi no, if nut luc inpntlblu with public lute I i ? .it* , i i pie* oi any commnnu atloiis uddrumed to the K* . qui ive *>y the governments of 1 nglanii, r"pain and France in reR'T'l to the anncu inter vcntim proposed by lh> m m ,l.i . ,.ii' ? of Me i xi, and any oUiei information ho may luive loouiimuni ate. ti it k ,i kmi'in aw I'rnrmn iuiri. Mr. lli lYMiia, I rop.) of Ohio, Introduced u joint reeolu i .no .interning thj reb.llion, tho cousino. ation wlurcof whs i oivd. Also tho following: ? W Jier. ii haviug been rerrerontoil thut ilieru aro con il ? d in li:e government jail forty-live person who ai a ii t f/nrtrcd ivilb cilme, but urn rep. epeut' d aa being *, the Commit tco for the 1 istilct of Columbia bo in iriu i. <1 t ii Inq .ire mt'i thu truth <>? faid reiiort, and by whnt autlmi uy they are ci nftnetf, wl-0 nro tho reputed owner -.tiud what legislation, if any, ie nec'*?ary to re iii-vo iliein fnn imi'i iwiinieiit , and to prevent |ierpon? f. i r, belli/ . imi nrly impriionod hereafter, and to r?(Kir( by bill or i-tliorvrlne. Ado >fed. ? r i'av -ir I'mon minmiM rfti^' jiiti* ov waii. y-. ? yy i.ii.tis, i rep.) of 'i. J., Mtri'diicn I a re?ihiti- n, wliieh wins u lopt id, main. etmg tho Commllii-e on MilU tiiy Alfuio-'lo I'-iport what change, if any, M wcw.iry i . i: ? mode of payment of noldl.'is who aro held an prisoner* of war. KV IIA" K 'IP PHI8HNBIW If WAR. ' f. ('ox, fop i.) of oi lo.Jatrod1 wd the folli.wlng, which v, rel'erretl to tli > < iMHiuitioe "n tho Juaii l iry. n ', lie ex eh u , ef prisoui a la lli" pti'ses! war ? ? up be-n prer Ik.<) indi-ect y, ?i ! ?? *u< li ex> 1, .po ? ..ilid not only In rensj the enlistment au>l vigor ? army, but r bcervo ties h gbest iiit nesiB of li ie;uiHy, BU'l an k eb cye/iMunt doea not. involve thu , , i ion of t'ie ri liel.-i a- i guveitunntit. therofeN i; l , e i, Tliat tho Pros' i ent of tba United Sudd bo r? 'iicr-tod to Inaugurate nnd eyfiematlze ini :.suron f jr tho Ie .ell lice I Pris III' S in the |l 0.50. it w ir. V. I'K A in I'll 8 Tor "? K WAR ? V:* t'KlITBNni-l I)Bri_A 11 A Tl >S. Mr. H"! >ux, ("pp.) 01 lud., oflferct the foll twiriR pro ?t !?? anil r nntl muvi ti the prcvi us 'ineptioa , , t: .. , ?> i-.mi ? \\ u< :ih, tli k limine, on tho 22>1 day of July Iwr , hy 1,. ii i ato g voto, > '? ! to i Um toiiowtag rt i ?. ?:? v. , it 'I In t lio Ho o by tho Hon. Johu J. Ortt Uflj.lcr, < C K > ? i" ? '< -rt, In ?! " T f ? f Ri-r"<"rnt?tlvrni>f ? C'o i^rPiM , II; il'ti. .1 .it i. n lvuiiit <Jr,i!nr iblx civil vnr i . , v ; c !. ii lii' i. . in the i n M o Hi" y ml .. ?;.!! r, r> .??? I . !???? ? ? .<?abmUiraon ifciiUoiiuI ?o lii . r , : tr . o , I : ,n 'hi :iatl nl . ii ??'?!. in.-,-.. ?? n ; 11 . V" II ? It ' I I II' tl W'i.OliI , hi 'r i ii wit h nr.t ???.>(????! 'Ipon our p.t rt In any a i i.f ? ? p e . 'o- , i or r ???.;, i> ir|*^n?f voiKiiir-atur nub ? ?????: ?? ' ?? .??? | <>.?!?: tnrtxviitK r i '??rf.'ilrift .-II t ?: "? s of Stntm, but ii 1 ? ? i ? ? ? - ?' n ..?? ' t ' !ir "I ' i,J' , "I ? 1' ? in.! i .e ? i. !*? ? Hi-'., in, d ? >ioa an tbeno ? tn, i ?? ! ll:r "llr i '. tu i*a?e. i-. . r t'i.' tlini, no nvoti Imp courred i ? :i c ? !i ; vjr iiie'it , tlicr in o Ti i. 'e> iiIidvo esjrt'-'.-f d aro rtn hy it:'. - if. 0?c. , (rir-J <? i tii'"ijifi' 'ho resolution ought vi I 'eh-. I , ;i!|rd that tlie Sfiiit'eman from Indiana . ?<;! .! i lOVi . is' ? 1 1 ? . Ii , so that it . ti.) M' Ciin, ili'si1*'- g n <! v>! n-ofthe ; i], ; ?,;?<! the p ovms qi 3tion wo:. Id I o voted M . r '. e -p mo' . ii t'i -t t!i" ro? tatirn be laid on the i; ? ;< ' IT c <1 to by tie tollc wit g v te: ? Vi ?lli I?. Al 'J i .. V C- . A o il. A h'' ' , r.n >r of ,? 'hkur I' ? trr. I'.i-a-u i't ? of Htalrnf I'a., , .' "n, B : 0 I'll, lit'* mm, < l.i-lo, Cnifi x, K. ,, j. .. r, i . j)av ?"??? a tt?, O .? ' lUcrton, K*t v Kiim. Ven'ton. K monil' ii. Ifnme>v% u wh. Our '. ;! . *? i ill. ..-'l J> ?". Ketiay, I.i- . '-?> . ,'?! ! 1 ' n. ??. . ' V. ' ? ? 1 . , |. . .J- ? ?: v.. ? P - roy, t'o ?. r, r ?? It h-,t- r N If ??> " ""i ' B,;r. ii"fM.r K'"o Ri?'il<;.Ji?. ?' villi . Trim. T m I i ' Mo n, V- ... W'Htl, W W tit .a rf M . WnUnii of VI., vv??hi ttrue, Wlietiw, HUlsi Ini., w *? * A ! ti, Ancona. r.a'l ? f ?> an . TV fd I, ,,'f v.: I ? 0, ??., I . V . ? ...,!> "II, Dim: ; ')>. n, 5. . P j ' 'r i. I *? Sr. i.i-.n r, Ot H?f: tt, ? .'.' I , -isuii ' nap, I for o , Kt-t ?? i of III.. I. w, - i,., rv i . , M Kti i, Ai . mil, Mm:, ?, v , ' ? , . . :<? n ?.i, :? ? ?, u c?a, ?> ? ? ???,.??? l'ort.f, r. at"'* . Sb-liidd, Sliellalar ? r, , . ' ' ; . * "I .?i. .T., S:.- ? ton, '. !>? t ' 71 ? : M i , l'i " ? r ?, v. t-<. 1 , , i.. i Wiiitei/1 ohi' , Wick. II m>, ,VkuU 'Vii ,Si: I?1 16. ri 11 - U,,;,1/| >v CF NMHOK1. T '""?d,,o(T,rp?l ?reioiiitfc'Ti isa'ractint '' v- I1 ) " ? to itiiiiiio l;ilo ttk pr.ic [. ? i:.'r '? #?? ton-., i.i.. -"rit.g tho rl' 'its and ?*l '? '? -y u; frow -isliip on an* P-itii'S * ?: s t i ii it and cnlfc. : ailiic."it |I. t of r: t, or on tl?., -I0u ot iclan 1. s?ulh Of tlie I' :t? > utu, for tho luhit i ?>. ' i?t' Afi ii an d?HC?nt who nuty ctKioae to um. g .ii .? t'si-ri ii (n m thr I iiitclSlat - !or the ;"rmati in (if ii i ',u'i Ocnt cnlonioB, to bo protected from iiirck'u mo!' g Ution. ,\dn|it' d. T1IK 8I.UK8T QCS.-rr*. 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