Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1861, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1861 Page 11
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8AtEJ> Q> wr Ui B8TAT1. ^ A BEAUTIFUL FOUR SToRY BROWN BTOfCH MONT Houae. raiment and . ,b-cell ir, with .ill the modern tirprovementa, on Brooklyn UeUli s, 68 Columbia aireet, op pukiiti Co! row, with a hue view ol New York buy, will be ?old very cheap oa ruy term*. For further particulars apply In or .tddresa T Simpson, St avenue D. A farm wanted-tuirty to hixty acres op good Land, within one b<nir of 'be cl,y> '? 14 healthy locally. a 'drew Mr*. Uutton, ii> Bond street, with fuU de scription. Would like to exchaui:* city property. A HO USB IN MADISON STREET, THIS CITY, FULL lot, two atoriea, Uawment uud tile, with all ill - mo dern Improvements, f" r aa|f or exchange; will teke part trade ol anv kind of merehan lite or real estate. Aj>ply to i'EKUUSON A SNED1COK, 25 Naaaau street. B1 .LUTIFUL RESIDENCE IN MORRISTOWN-ONE of the 11 neat In New Jnrai y ; one acre of Land, hand somely laid out and arranged, all In In at rat* ehape, aula and order; line view and abundance ofl'ruit; lor (ale or ex change for a*. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, 82 Naaaau atreet Exchange.? an excellent paying tenement property, all lull, ami Is genei ally no; upper purl of N.'W York ; Income about $j,3d0 aauuAlly: manuage light. Ex change iur well located Miencumhorrri Brooklyn Lots. I'rln clplea only. Addrcsa Builder, box MO ilerald olllce. F Fmi,,e Uoiue^N? gT AN? WELL BUILT u t ? ftp hoiltl' in h he i i * . fop unv Ollft ?"W?ry. oo; ner of Grand Bt?eL *au*liou- Apply at Ul For sale-or would be exchanged for a Farm, within 100 mllra of the iitv, or for vacant Lota, a threa story Hisement brill House, No. 281 Weat Thirty firat su-ert. Also, the Hotiaea and L is No. .127 Teuth ave nue, Ac. A| ply at 327 Tenth avenue, to the owuer. I TOR SALE? A FARM OF 45 ACRES; BUILDINGS new, w lih otcepiton of the boiiae, and thatgood; iart n'Ortga ,<?, or koine cash and exchange. Location New Prondunee, N J. K. D. KU'HAKOSON ,v CO., 82 and 84 Naaaau atreet. FOR SALE? OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR A STOCK OF meroiiaiutiae. 4J0 acres or valuaole Timber Land, well located n Pennsylvania, free and clear or all In -umloan e. Good II 1a. ISAAC A. BIGGS, 73 Naaaau atreet. "I?Olt SALE? THE FINE TWP? STORY AND ATTIC A' ijou. <nd Lot No 273 Easi Hroariuay; blvh beaeuu nt %ai sub-ca'.'.tr, with a rear exteaeion con.ainlng lour rooma. The luiiif u.i" all the modern improvement*, range, hot a d roll water, bathroom, water closets, ia?, Ac., Ac. ; In iir&t rate ordefi Will he ao!d cheap. Impure on the premlara. I^OR SALE- CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST. 80 acres onlr $90, ldO u res $.5, 80 hit 'a $60. 420 acr. a $300, all good farming Land, easy tilled, and anine finely timbered, mua:e oul) 22 nnlea from Newion, N. J. TliU Laud muat be sold by 1st January. Any pereon wanting a farm will cmie and nee the I aid, it' I not found a* lepre aented I wl'l ; i y all expen-ea. T.tle prr.e. t and clear ol In cumbrance. Take cars ,0"t ol' Cliamoera an eel and to lo Port Jervis aiiiii' n. Then g* t a horae and buggy and con e to lilugmau'a Viu.ue 16 mile* > utb of Foi l Jt rvU. In quire lor H. WF.S1 BROOK, tba owner, any time uexl week. For kale cheap, and terms easy, a farm of 100 ..ere*, 65 cleared, cu 20 t'.ua of hay, $2,500. Also $30 acre*. new houan, 16 clearcd and into grain, $l,?00. Also 25, 5<t, 100 '?r more ttcrea lor $1 to $4 per aere; all In PUe county, Penukyiranta, and good au.ooth land and good aoll. R. BLAKE, 14 Chambera atreet. TjTOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE ? ONE OF THE BEST J1 and moat elegantly . nlahed Uou-ea in thla city. No. 12H Eaat Korty-cigr.t treat, near Third avenue; atone from, hUh ateop, lar^e giasa am mahogany blind* in entiy, front, Ac., new and complete; price $8,000, $3,000 caah; coat near $10,000. FOR SALE OR EXCHANOE? A QOOD -FARM OF 76 awa, 120 milea from Ne.v York, on the Erie Railroad, with atock, ciooa and impl.-menta, free o(' incumbrance. A Lao, lor anle ai naif Ita value, a Di ug Store, 32<J Sore uth ave nue. J MAltTiNE, 76 Naaaau bti eel, or 2(J3 West Twenty eighth atreet. FOR SALE OR EXCHANOE? FOR BROOKLYN OB city lota, I'rre and clear, a g.M>.l improved Farm on Long Ialand, and a lirat class Tenant llouae in thia city ; will traac liberally, the tarrn Is clear. ISAAC A. BIGGS, 73 Nassau street. For bale or to let? to market oardknehs ? ? tint itila Farm for trucking and market i ariirniog, la Jersey ; huving warm ?*rly land; lias superior advantages for making and getting muni res, and la close to daily iltam communication with New York. at 24 Anu sircet, fourth lloor. Real estate wanted? house and lot, 2s by 100 feet, tno or three story. In til upper part of the city; must be 1 j w f or cash. AUUreaa, with lull pnr:iculars, Cash, box 121 Herald oilice. TO RENT PAVERS? A NEW TWO STORY HOUSE and mil lot can be bought for $ I ,iM>, witsout interest; payments an f ollow*? $ 6U Utah, and $10 per month for seven Sara , d.-ed given on receipt m purchase money. Apply at e oilice of 1). E. DANIELS, corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, Brooklyn. TO EXCHANGE ? A POUR STORY AND BASEMENT brown atone ill >iae, on RamS'-n street, Brooklyn, neai ly new, with aM mr vements. Mo-t less than one half will be ?zchjanged foi va- ant lot or improved properly In Brooklyn. Address W. M. L. box SIS Brooklyn Post ottice. mo EXCH..NGE.? THREE STORY AND BASEMENT JL brick Dwelling, ou Lafayette, Brooklyn. Mo-t less than half will be exchanged lor vacant Lots. Address W. M. L., box 313 Brooklyn Poat ottice. WANTED TO EXCHANGE ? FOR A FARM OK TEN or twenty acres, with good buildings and fruit, within twenty-live miles of New York, worth from (3.000 to $">,000, ? stock of Carriages. Address H. P., Brooklyn Post ottice. <KzLnn nftft _A VERy 0LD gentleman, dn ?PTtVv'.V/U\/. der very p-cullar ci'cutnstances, will Mil an Estate bearing $28,000 per annum Interest., and winch can be made worth threo million*, for $100,000 cash. Address J. Arlington Bonnet, City Post oilice. __ FOR SALE. A SKIRT FACTORY AND OOOD WILL FOR P < LB, and for the following reasons In valuable:? The futures and machim-ry are complete and in first rate order, and In ?mount sulllcient to manufacture about $100,000 worth of skirts yearly. The business well established, and name w II and favorably known, and with a good l;*t of customers Any person, with ths aid of those nowln charge, can is.irn all the details of the business In a week's time. Capital required not large. An active party, with some means and credit, can be placed at once In n good position and without risk. Ad dress, with name and means at command, B. A U., box 3,384 jg. Y. Post offlce. A FIRST CLASS BAKERY FOR SALE? LOCATED ON one of the best comers of a leading avenue for b. ill ness In the city. This will be found a rare cbanoe for any one tn get a successful business. For particulars apply at MITCHELL'S Agency, 77 Ceuar street. A FIRST CLASS LIQUOR STORE FOR 8ALE? OR will take in a good man as partner. The proprietor has other business to aiiend to. The store is located on a pood cdrner near Broadway. This will he ouiidagix.d chanm for some one. For particulars apply at MI 10 11 ELL'S Agency, Ho. 77 Cedar street. A OOOD DRUG STORE FOR SALE? ON SECOND avenue; Slock, Fixtures, Ac., atl complete; a competent man will find this a desirable opportunity; price (100. App y to URE A HOYT, 37 Park row. DRUO STORE FOR SALE ? $CtO CA*H WILL BUY IT; the w ?id work alone cost $',?J0; iar?c and complete stock; mini he sold at once, fall to-day or Monday, corner of Third avenue and Forty-seventh street. FOR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A FIKST class retail grocery store; Is now doing a lirst ra'.e busi ness, and offered for sale on account of the Illness of the proprietor. For lurther particulars inquire at No. 484 Sixth avenue. FOR BALK? ONE OF the best liquor stokes in the Fourth ward; any man of cap al wlU lind this a good chance; no agents need apply. Aduress J. F., Herald ottice. F OR SALE? A FINE LIJNCH RO< M. INQUIRE AT ptamUes No. 4 Hanover street from It to 11 o'clock A M For sale-the lease, stoca. and fixtures of the liquor store, corner of West and Hammond streets, for a low price. Apply immedia'?lv at. H. J. B1SCHOFF A CO.'S, 631 Sixth avenue, corner T.nrty second street. For sale-in the best makket in Brooklyn. a Butter aud Cheese Stand, doing a cash business. In j quire at ttl Murray street, N. Y. TJIOR SALE? A GOOD SYRUP AND BITTERS ROUTE, if with Horse, Wagon and llarneas. Address A. B., Herald ofllce, for two days. For lale? the lease, stock and fixtures of a lirst class Restaurant and Oyster fcaloou, 363 Hudson street, corner of King. Apply for one ? eek. F' OR SALE? THE OLD AND WELL KNOWN AMBRO type aud Photograph Gallery, In one of the best locati ons tin the city, i.ow doing a good cash business. Apply at 226 , Bleecker street, 'l?0R SALE-THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD JP Will of the Toy, Stationery anl Periodical Store 231 Sixth avenue one door above Fifteenth street. Location un surpassed. Rent moderate. Apply on the premises. In the evening, after six o'clock. No sigents need apply. ilOR SALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED GROCERY AND Provision Store, on one of the best corners in the city. _stab!ished fifteen years and dotng a heavy cash city and country trade. Reasons for selling the owner has othe.r busi ness and cannot attend to both. Apply at 438 Green wU h Street, corner of Vestry. I ftpOR ! ' iT foi I ? t flOR SALE-CHEAP, A GOOD FIRE PROOF SAFE. Apply at 145 Maiden lane. itOR SALE? OR WILL TAKE A PARTNER WITH from $74 to $12&? a neat, to.-<y little Business, well es ~ dway. A CO., 82 and 84 Nassau street. ,bllshed, up town, on Broadway F. D. RICHARDSON OR SALE-A HOTEL DOING A LARGE BUSINESS for the times; a Tea and Cotfee Store, $1,600; Patent _t, with ail the documents ana b, 000 pieces of the goods; tn Ofllce Business, $330. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 83 and 84 Nassau street i if At sa.esrooms of PEED A COLE, 343 Fulton street, ' Brooklyn, on Saturday, Drc. 7, at 12 M., In fine order; can ,urn out WO barrels of oil per week. Apply to W. W. FOW jLiEK, 14 Wall street. ATENT FOR SALE? OP A NECESSARY ARTICLE in every family, cheaply got up, simple and very eco nomical, yielding extremely larte profits; a good chance to makemonoy; or will exchange a poiuo.i for any good pro perty. SOU'lHWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. Restaurant" for" sale or exch a nge? ko r a farm or residence; oil a principal thoroughfare, hand somely tttted up and fully furnished, rioing a large lirst class business; favorable lease, and best of chances to get in the ,iusinees. Terms very liberal. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. qteam trip hammers.-w aits patent 8 klTv e O Steam Trip Hammers lor sale, or i ights to counties In the -?alance of the State rot already disposed of These hammers ,re adapted to heavy or light lorge work in railroad or other nachtne shops, and for the manufacture of bloom Iron or teel. One tan be seen at work in the new smith shop In ihe Brooklyn Navy Yard. For particulars apply to THOS. V BROWN, No. 17 South stre. t. N. B. ? Would negotiate for good etty or near by property, 1th any party w Ishlng the entire right to balance ol Stale. ?*Lh E(> AR STORE FijK SALE?WITH ok WITHOUT s.o. t Ajpiy on ihe preut s. t , ."sJOS tliaud sire, u fpO PR'NTERS ? FOR SALE CHEAP" One" RUGviuES II Bllihes.i Press a Oordon Altica or Press, a Hoe s Job ler, lot Urp*i Chases ^ Au. Also, a Princeton Power Prssi, |or $100. Appo e.. 27 r ulttoi sir"' t, tTT/w\ wfurw v a compact, .\n k litti.k org plvU cory an . Ltq'f i v . i on ih east side the city ; |...k worth u.ora than the i >ur? , comlorUkble dwelling ?tU h ;u . r?nr only ?U. Inquire of D 6urk<-, ssioi1..ds' -, ?> Aiowery. SHIPPIRO. rjvi" Bfirt.'--' amekican royal mail ,"-tror? (faring the l'nl(e>l States wtll re ? Ire < , I ?. u'as ort? *" authorities ..f their ft ieo lu'J, ?>? ??? ?? ??? ?? Waail 111* toil. WO* ??w TORS TO tlTBBTOOL. Chief sahln passage. ScOOUd CUt/lli paSMaiie ' (Hon ?0?Tm V "vmrouL. f'hle! cabin passage *15 Second Caulll |M?ktifA Till- Khipn I coin New York ciril ?l Cor* - ,, . nnrbo_ The ?'i pa rum BonUm call at - PERSIA, CHpt. Judkma. At HfUA, ?'?<>. ? AHAHIA, Cnpt. J. Si. me. CANADA, ?.apt. A' I A. Oapt f:. O Lott. A uEKIt A f&pl. a. AUSTRALASIAN, VI Atl AHA, flapt. Mooi<la. Capt. Conk. EI.'ROPA, C??l. AudcraoU. SCOTIA ( now hiuldit |). Tliena vessels carry uolear light At must hr-vi ; green on *ta 'il i>. ? ? r"d un port bo> . NIAGARA, Moodle, leaves Huston Wednesday, Nor. 27 ASIA, Lou, " N .. York, " Dec. 4 CANADA, Mulr, " Motion, " ? Dec. II A?'Ku;.v, Shannon " Now Vork, " Dec. IB EURO PA, Aniierbon, '? Boa ton, " Dec. 25 Berths not secured until paid lor. , An experienced Surgeon ou board. The owners o these ? ip. vvill 1 ot be accountable for Onld, Sliver, Bullion, Sp <.l \ .'i weliy, Precious Muies or M- tals, unless bi!l? of lading ?r. a i:eu ih "-eiurBji 1 the t ?lue there of thereto exp ?aMrd. Forfrelh or ? ifage, apply to E. COmIII. No. 4 Bownug Ureea. Notice to pasri n .ers kob eukope. By order ol r e Seminary 01 State, all passengers lea*, big the United Staler are required to provide thomUliv? w t!i passports be I ore tl-ey will bo allowed ou board the steamer. Passengers will not be subjected to any trouble or delay In proenrltiK tliein, II they call lor Ins' rumens at the Company's oihees, No. IS Broadway, New Yo k. JOHN O. DALB, Agent Steam weekly between New York and Liverpo it, landing and eiiilwrkiiit; jiasM ii. era at Uieenatown (Ireland). The LlTertK Ol, Now York nnd Philadelphia Sti'ainahl|> Company Intend deal at liluu their I ull powered Clyde built iron sieain sh'pa aa follow a: ? CITY OK MAsCHKRTER Saturday, Dee. 7 CITY OK It iLTl.MORK Saturday, Dec. 14 KAN'OAROO Saturday, Dec. ill and every Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 North river. HAT** or riUMl. First Cabin $71> j steerage $30 Do. do. 10 London ?<" Do. to I<ondou It3 Do. do. to P.irs 8.- Do. to Para 3H D<>. do. tn 1 1 an. burs. . . n*> ' Do. to ILimbng 39 Passengers abo forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwi rp. Ac., .11 equal:* low rn'es. Parsons ? 1-lnD to bring out fietr friends can buy tleketa here at the f'lllowliig rates, to New Yoik? From L verimol o. Queenslown, lirat cabin $76, $85 and $106, steerage iroin Liverpool, $4n; trom Vine' stow 11, $:W The^e Steamers have auv rior accnmmndatlona for passen ger", anrt e-irrv experienced Stirgeuiia. They are bul.t In ?aeri|ght Iron aeetionr, and have patent Ore anullulatora on board. For further Irf irtvaLlon atip'y in Liverpool to WIIjI.IAM INM AN, A 'en', 2- Water a:rt et; intilaa ow* to ALEX. MAL COLM, 5 8l Enoch suiare; In Oiieoo?to\vn to C. ,t W. D. SKYMOUB A CO.; In L ndon to EI VI- S A MACEY, 01 K Hg W l lam Street: In Par 1 a to Jill ES DEOOI E, 8 Plane de la Bourae; In Philadelphia to JOHN O. DALB, 111 Walnut street or nt the 0' 111 1 anv's Ollices. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, No, 15 Broadway, New York. STBAM TO GLARt SOW, LIVERPOOL, BELFAST, LON dund rrv anu I)u In, lor $.10.? Tun AI to?erfitlC> >1e bull' aieaniKlnp UNITED KIN DOM, Cau a n C a , will * ill from pier 2jt N - h 1 -ver. loot of Warren >-tri<"t on T -a tlay, Decemb' r 10, at U nriou. 4 til ateaiusbip tliti d in the 1110 it .ipproved sty ie to insure the comfort and aafete o aa ?i ngera Katea ol' paassg ? C ibln, $M); Intern. eduite, $15; ?t ' rage, $10, In- luiUng an ab'in> an' m uilv 01 co ' ed pro vision'. Apply to VlUNCIS MACUONALD A CO., Hi. 6 Bowling v.reen. rpHE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP HANSA. I H. J. Yon biiuteu, o toman ter, carrying the Untied Statea mall, w 111 sail from pier 30 North river, foot of Cham bers street, nn SATURDAY, December 21. at 12 o'clock M., K.K BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passen er> to LtiNhoN, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at th f liuwlng rat s ? K r the tirsi cabin, $100; S' eond cabin, $60; steerage, $S5. For freight or pua?a up lv to O .. RH US A CO , 68 Broad street. STEAM TO I1AMBUKU, HAVRE, LONDON AND Southampton. The Hamburg Amer can Packet Conipanj '( iron steamship KAVARIA, E. Meier, commander, carrying the I' tilted Stntei: mall, will lea V e from pier No 21 North river, loot of Fulton sueet. SATURDAY. Dewmber 14. at noon, for Hamburg, \ la Sontiuuupton, taking paaaengori for Havre, London, Soutiianipton and llaiobnri.'. l'irat cabin, $100; second cabin. $60; steerage, $35. The steamers of this line wi'l l> ave every alternate Satur day, carrying the Unite t St iles ma I. The ateamer TEtTONIA will succeed the BAVARIA on December 28. C. B. RICHARDS A POA8, 151 Bro.niway. FOR LIVERPOOL.? CHEAP PASS AOE.-THK CLIP per ship AURORA. O.iptain Ohilds, has room lor a tew more [Htksen^eia, and aa l? >h a day at 2 o'eluck. For rates of passage wpplv onlv on hoard ship, at pier 14 East r.Ti r, or to JOSEPH MURPHY, 61 South street. F... R LIVERPOOL ? OLD BLACK STAR LINE? THE packet s dp TIIDltN . ? N, U nu nt pier 27, East river, *? la December 12. Tkie ADELAIDE sails December 20 JV.r i>a><Mige or drafts nn Ireland, Ac., apply to WILLIAMS A >1 IOW, 40 Ful 01 ? r-et. For livebpool-tapscott s line ? sail^ this d ly the ship MANCHESTER, at pier 23 Eu-t river: an i the s 11 UBN.IAMI.V ADAMS, t pier 3d E at r.ver, sails De ember 0. Fi r pa >a^ ?, at low r Ilea, apply to TAPSOOTT A CO., S 6 South sir eU A t'STBALIA 1'OINEBR I.XNE, CARRYING THE UM ted States mail. ? The A 1, extreme c.lpp<-r HAUKY BLUFF Is how ra'idK lording for Meihoui in-, hi pier 13 Ea-l river, and wiil sad poaltiveiy on l?tl< o ' December. Ha* room for a few first . las? cal> n pas-.-'iii.'r:s. Kor Height or p..ssa,.e apply to K. W. CAMERON, 9.) Beaver street. IjlOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. ' A hr.-i i law sieamer Will leave Now York on the 1st, 11th and 21st of eiu b month, exc?\pl when these dates tall on Son day, ? liau the da) ol departure will lie on Iho Monday lol loping. For ft sight or passage apply al the only office. No. ft Bow ling Green. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. FOR HAVANA The United Stat"* mull steamship Columbia. Richard Ad uns, United S ales Navy. Commander, Will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Tuesday, December 17, at 12 o'clock M., precisely. I'aaseiigei s are requested to procure their psssports before a ?curing passage. For freight or passage Apply to SPOFFORD, TILBSTON A CO., 1' Broadway. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC.. TO I*ET. Broadway lofts to let-corner of c\nal aireet, lU by 77 feet each. Apply to P. DICKIE, 413 Broadway. Brooklyn.? to let, tub handsome thkee story brown stone Hoove 370 II nry street, with gas fix tures biitb and other modern improvements. Heat low. Inquire ol II. M. SiLVKKMAM, 15rt Broadway. Dry ooods stoke io let.? an old establish ed dry goods ?iore in itie village of Asiorm, L. I? i.oin^ an exaiii ni oiismrs*; the oc and i.xiores would be sold ri a valuatl >n and a lease of the premises given foratemi ol tj any r to.aib.e n.iriy. To!'' is a rsre ihancetor any entei |ier*on to make money. T e proprietors renre from ? ism. s- on account oi ill health. At - ply lo Mrs. R. yl" INN, Astoria, L. 1. FURNiSHEl) HOUSE TO LT5T? IN WEST TWENTY second street, l> tw, n Eighth nd N in ti ., venues, with all the imiderii Impr.. -nieiils. The present oceup nt desires Boa d for hiinsi It wile au I three . Irldnti (yo ngesi seven yoars old) with .he tenant. Address Manhattan, Hera.d otliee. House to let? the desirable three story brick Dwelling House, 220 Tbo:np?>n street let lo.v lo a good tenant. Apply to JOHN (JULY lilt, 2.,i Thomp son street. PEW IN ST. THOMAS' CHURCH TO RENT? PEW NO. 61, eligibly situated in the middle Ulale. Appiy at 20 Old alip, up stairs. STEAM POWER AND ROOMS TO LET? INJURE ON the premises, corner FUty-iiiird street an . First avenue. H.SJllWAKZ. TO LBT? THE THFtEE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK House lill W -.1 Twenty -fourth street, between Sixtli and Seventh avenue?. Has gas fixtures, bath<-. Ac. Will be let from now natll May, or for a linger term. Apply to JOHN C. GILES, 11 South W. 111am street. TO LBT? A LA It IE AND COMMODIOUS FACTORY, In Brooklyn, with steam engine and holer, a tsp'ed for almost any kind oi mantifactur n,{ business; will > ? let low to a good tenant. Inquire at 210 Livingston street, Brooklyn, before 10 A. M. or after 3 1". M. I^O LET? GENTEEL APARTMENTS AT 125 AND 104 Earn Twenty -e gnth street, three and live Rooms, with gas; low rent. Also three Rnonis at lOBU East Twenty- lghih street, at |7; throe do. at 308 and 14d Tinrd avenue. Others desirable. J. R. WILCOX, 166 Filth avenue, corner of Twen ty-third street. rpo LET? A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT A.VD LUNCH 1 Ro litis, In the lest part of the city, do* n town, with all toe furniture and everything necessary for opening. further particulars inquire at or sduresv lid ^eceod avenue, New YorK. rm LBT? TI1REF. FLOORS OF A HOUSE IN SEVEN X tletb street, b. tween T .ird and Fourth avenues, to gether or separate; Creton wster and gas In the hous . It com mands a tin' view ol the city, t i'ark and surround. ng country. Annly to JulifN CALLUOHAN, Seventi-second s reel and Ti. Ira avenue. A so a hands me Re-lienc on Tt.ird av-tiuc and S ieuty-tejoud stieet, to let, wiih 8 or 10 Lota. Apply as above. qiO LET? UNFURNISHED, TO A QENTEEL FAMILY. X on tne mo- 1 moderate tc. mi, ihe best pari of an elegant House, with all desirable conveniences, kit hen, tiBth room, gas, Ac. Applj a'. No. 25s? West Twenty-third street. beiW' en Seventh an.1 Eighth avenues. The best referen. es required. mo LET? TWt) STORY AND BASEMENT COTTAGE; X gasandwa:er( $.'50 or l-?s; 2d Hour and basement same; uppe " p.irt ol Cottage; several others, and Apartments, Ac. A iin. lai ge Store lor any kind ol business. Alan auetion s les promptly aiteuded and full returns Immediately ai tcr each sale, by J. E. HATCH, Regular Auctioneer, 376 Ninth ave nue. rpo LET? 98 PER MONTH, IN FORTY EIGHTH STREET J. between Sixth and 8- ventii av-n ie?. rooms and cellar, in a good clean brick house, also for sale cheap, a g. .oil husln. ss Horse and Wagon. Apply at Ml West Forty eighth street. rpo LET OR LEASE ? THE PREMISES 2U7 MEBCE't. J. Street, with a four story building in th" rear; frow building with gas; suitable lor a hoarding houce; ran to suit the times. Apply at 97 WestTwenty-seventh street. <6/1 O TO *1W-T0 LEASE FOR ONE TO TEN > Kaks viPXVy several Houses, court ynrd and verandah fronts1 also Lots ou Fi. tv-'. ist, Filiy-srcond and Fifty-third atre- ts, snil T nib and K eventh aienuea; luO L.nts alr.-ady built on le.ised for Bve to ten years: rent $v to S<U rr amum. In quire of Genci ? I ,-<T!<i?fc.K ..r his ag"nt, llfty-thlrtl siren, near Eleventh ar. n.te. Eighth aud Ninth avenue cars pasa cvsry tareo ntlu'itei . OASCi; io At A DEMI i .S. ~~ AiMiHWORTIl'U DANClXi AtUI/KM KS, " . Km. Fiiih avenue, oor. 'fitemy-sixih m.. New York. Jio. 137 Montague stret t, Brooklyn. CLASSES ? Tuesdaysand Fr.uayS in Brooklyn. CLA SES? Wednesdays and Snurd?)? u.:'> w York. tTirruiarsfor te-ms, Ac., n.av l>e had at <-.'.t>er aoademy. rj \LLRT MASTER.? UC MAR'S DAKCIMO AMI ^KAT* J> lot Academy, 2?7 Bo?ery.?l>a.ising te*o*s, $1 and M p? Iiionth <? ?n ntcUt l'riv?te lassotlii, 80 oec'A ?"r<r stage tiuyess, *j*ery Biiyurn6, >Jper monih aai^mays, aoirer, BOASDIBO AWD LODGING. A~ OENTLEMAfT and 2'ike ?r tw? ?INOLB I' I! If* Uemrn may obtain plmauM ???"">% wl h good Hoard, In k ?mull brittle runn y, whirr the com ?ru of ? honm c in I b?* i-qjo. ; house bu? modern Improvement.. Diuuoralo. Apply ?t 238 Wi*?t Tw?nt.. -??*ind liitrU AVEKY FINBSUITOr HANDSOMELY Kl'RNlSllED Komns, ou Mcoud floor, eonslmiDy 01 uve. also a I'nilor ?nd Hudi'uoui, iiu nr?i *pil third tloori, c*n In* oiiin nou ov fij nulle* or tfrntlamea, with Buftrd r. '"*1* \ .1 ??' h L-K?;:;;?Mi.rpwO, Ay,ty M No. ft B^voo.. ???. street, three door* wfNiui Broadway. Referei * A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH adjoining, on the second floor. In a flfsi class lK,u,4?, 050 a uentlcnvan, with or without paitia. B ?ard. Apply * >.or? Greene street, between Waverley and Clinton place*, a a. diHian. e 1 com the Brev o.irt l!(ia?e and New York Hotel. A SUIT OK FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? TOOK > ? thei or separate, on the first or sacond floor, to ceatto* bmb, with partlftl Board U d sal red. The bouMeontA stha modem improvements. Term* moderate. AppyatiU West I Eleventh s root, betwMB Fifth and Slxtbavan ? At a west fourteenth street, betwken Fifth an I Sixth avenm 8, aige handsomely fur nsbed Room*, with Bedrooms on second and th.rd tie. r . mIho sni ffle Rooms lor ^entlemeu. All uiouern inipro\ omenta. Re ferent* ? excha nged. A SUIT Of ROOMS, CONSISTING OP A PARLOR and two Bedrooms, 00 the third Uoor, also a large h md sotne Parlor on ttm <<f*c ??? Uoor, to let, with Board; the room* ;irt> handsomely i nnUhed, and the ho . to has modern improvements. No. loa E.ui Fourteenth street, near Unkm square. AT 229 WEST FOURTEENTH 8TREBT? GENTLEMEN ami the r vivvL ?t single gentlemen, can be a'CO iiiuu* dstfd with pleasant Rooms, wilh Hoard, on n.olerate term*. Reference* rue hanged. Dinner at $ o'clook. A FEW PLEASANT ROOMS. WITH BOARD, SUIT ah e for Mingle gentlemen. The house contains all the modem improvements. References exchanged. No. 22 West F01 ru-enih street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. American house.? board and lodging ? samu KL K. KEMi*. Proprietor. Nassau, N. IV, Bahamas. This hotel is pleasantly situated In a central part of the town, ll>? lofty 'lah'on.v commanding a tine view ot the harbor ami vicinity, ami is well worthy Uo patronage of invalids makiug Nassau a winter retreat. AT I4A EIGHTH STREET, HEAD OF LAFAYETTE phu-e? Furnished Rooms to rent to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives, with or without Board. Price to suit the times; good location, near the botels. References exchanged. A HANDSOME SUIT AND TWO SINGLE ROOMS TO disposed', iu the tirst cla*s bouse Mo. 114 Sec.nd ave nue, corner of Seventh street. Dinner ut ti. Call at the house or address box 3,383, Post oilice. A PLEASANT, WELL FURNISHED SITTING ROOM, with a small Bedroom adjoining, on the second lioor, to let to a hingie gen tlemau of quiet habits, in a smull^ri vate family, woe will also turnish breakmst (? n v) it' de* sl ed. Apply at 41 Eaat Thirteenth street, northeast corner of U 11 iversiiy place. AT THE LARGE FIRST CLASS DOUBLE HOUSE. NO. 127 Bleecker street, we?t ot and ne.ii* Broadway, in a r ally iir*tcia** lamiiy B 1 ruins House, with Rooms unsur pusse.l in si/e ami coiiit u 111 suits or singi*-; tiie che.?pcst plaee In the city fur the ie and quality oi what ih oiiered. AGKUMaN family of the BIOHB8T RBflPEOTA bilry can accommodate a few sinule ^entletiieu, or ?? n tlemen and their wives, with elo^ant Rooms and ins elaif Bvt.ird (French style), at 20 West Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth aveuues. Hefcrences exchanged. French aud English Hpo .en. A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY, LIVING AT NO. lift 1 Filth avenue, v. ould ao?'4mimodate *\ 1th tine Rooms and I goo. I B aid, two or three geutl men ouly, uho can furnish ; good 1 el. rem e. Dinner at six o'clock. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD ACCOMMO date a inidule aged gentleman wilh Furnished Uooui, lireaktast and Tea; pleasant location, iu Morton street, a tew uuors cast oi liudtou. Roierences exchanged. Address b. B. W., Herald otuee. Apartments wanted-for a gentleman, wife, tour e.oidi en, iniant aod nuive; parlor i 1 oiuing t i b -r Unio.* or Madisoo soiiHie prei r ed. A fair price will be 1 ai 1 1 or comfort, good hoard ad attention. Address, stating I ru: p.?r week and other pariieulurs, Wei ome Change, He rald office. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT i) WE8T SIX. teentn street, between Fifth and fclxtu aveuues, would let two Rooms, with or wituoul Board. Keierences ex changed. A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT 79 MACDOUGAL STREET il. (St. Clement's place), near Bleecker street, wi?l let a g od sized Room, 011 second iloor, to one or two gentlemen, with partial Board; ga a, bath, ?vc. References ex< hanged. AFULNCH FAMILY WILL LET A PARLOR AND BED room, second story, an I large third story Room, with iirst chiss ooard. Apply at 10 Went 13th st., near Filth. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL ACCOMMODATE ONE or two single gentlemen wlih Hoard and pn-.sant Rooms; ho.ise ill u good loc?l.un and witn modern improve ments; <1 am r at 6 Apply ?t M West Seventeenth street. A FURNISHED ROOM. IN A MODERN HOUSE, FOR oue or iwu gentlemen, with i>r without Hi.-aklusl and Dinner. Terms liiooeraic. ChU ml MX) fourth street, near Sum avenue. A FRENCH FAMILY, RESIDING IN BROOKLYN, convenient to ibe ferries, d. Hires one or two lenticnieu to Board. Tin* bouse is well furnished, au.l ron'atns all the 111LK143111 lmpruveme its. Tnefeinil- consists of three, ltclo rences required. Address II. O., Brooklyn 1'osl olliee. A FEW LADILS AND GENTLEMi.N DE.SIRING p t asant, well Inrnta .ed R o us, guod Boar.i, lull or parlisl, 111 it lirst class boil e, al price , to suit Uie times, will ilo well to apply at S3 Went FU'leeuth street. BOAKD.? A LADY AND GENTLEMAN MAY FIND good accommodations and good B.aro, with a front and ad joining B droom ; hi t and cold water, both, Ac. ; In a small family, 3d Waverley place, near Broadway. Board ?a gentleman and lady can fivduood Board and s|*.:.ous Hoomi, at (H p *r week, In a >|iilet pi it ale family; healthy and central location near railroad, Brooklyn; or. In addition. a daughter :or $11 prwwk; good references required. Aditt . ** A. S. B., Herald olliee. Board.-the entire second floor, consist mg oi fou. w, 11 f rmsoeo Ro ,ms, to lei, with Ho.r.l, in house No. 6 East Thirty first street. Terms to suit the t mes. Board.-a private family desire* to admit a few gentlemen as hmr .cru, m order to rrdmaek u> ui <?s, oil.; a cood table and a pleasant home. Apply at IBS W> St Twenty-eighth street. Board.- gentlemen and their wives or bin gle gentlemen, can o lam neatly furnished R mi -, w.'.b Board, at No. 5 West Washington Mare. The I. ration is very pleasant, being directly opposite the Washington Pa rade Ground. Board 'N a private family for two gentle iii n. ? The Iro.n Kooiu on third :.oor; is sunny ; has . as, grate and closot; terms moderate. Apply at OA Last Tweil tb street, n**ar B. midway. Board wanted in a good private family, or a wi 11 ordered private boarding boiiMS op town, by a lady, iwo childrei; and malil. Adurtssa X. It. IC, Ilorald of fice, slating street and number ol residence. Board wanted? for a young lady, where tin re are no other boarders; loo illon near Union mjuuic dsnel. Addr ss Barrier, Union Mpiarc 1 o.?t olliee, dial ing terms, io 'a Ion, .nr. Board wanti d? by a gentleman and wife, In a sioull private latnuy, or wuere tm*re but lew liuarders, s la, ,e 1'ionl Vooui on second floor, pari lallv fur nisiied, with p n.les a a hen. House in si h ie nil the modern Improvements. Auiircss, slating le n s, Ac., which Dill si U"t excel 1 $M per m. nib, J. V M., Herald olUce. Board wanted? in Brooklyn, for a gentle in* n, wile and Hi Ir lb Hoi W. nurse, In a g uteel | r v ite laiiilly, two oods./Ctl Rooms, comfortably furmslied lo' b ? U rnoni and a ting i'oom required, lor whl to at the raj* of ?,'(? per year will be paid. Locution convenient to ft rr.\ pre ferred. Best of reference given and required. Addie^sC. M., Herald oincc. Board in Brooklyn.? a family or a party of X' ntiemen can oe a eo.mnistated with ileli.htiul Rooms and Bi aid in a small private family, by applying al MU !>? graw si reel, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn? -one large front Room ou second floor : also one on tlii"<i floor, for iwo (centli men, convenient to ttallst'ec.. and South f rrlcs. wl h ?II the comforts ol aw lalde home, al 87 State street. D.n ner at six o clock. Terms reasonable. Brooklyn heights.? pleasant rooms, with Boarl.i tM Willows. re t, si e em ail e. nn Cr.m lerrv s r et. one oioek mm Columbia sir ei. Tnree nvntnes' wa>k fr m Kullou or Wu.l street feiry. Modern improvements In tue bouse. 1J1URNI8HED ROOMS ? NICE COMFORTABLE ROOMS ' and Be.. loom* 'or small respe. u.b.e families or alngle gentle men, In m ?l lo $2 i?r week, at 1S5 Elizabeth sire, near 1'uey are pai tleularly adapte i for persons de siring to live cheap and ipiiel. FLHMSHED ROOM 3 AT 7i? BROADWAY. BETWEEN Eli:htli and Ninth streets ? Suits ol Kooins and side Rooms, on second floor, to let to gentlemen, separately o? to V i her; house has all the modern improvemciils, und in a pleasant location. C GENTLEMEN CAN B? ACCOMMODATED WITH FUR X nisiied Rooms and VMth parl ai Board u required, tn a iileusanl location, beinu only one square from Broadway; o*ih, gas, Ac. No. 7U fourth avenue. Reiercaces exchanged. MAISON MEUHLT'E, 70 AND 7J WI ST THIRTY I eighth street. ? Ro ms, elegantly fiirnUhed. or wiiolo Moors, with kitchen, cellar and >ard; bous s new, tirst t lass, four slory, high s oop, brown stone; lomiuon panor; meals furnished; eligible Pu) moiaii's olliee. Napier house, corner of fourteenth street and Fourth avenue, Is now op n and nady lore ,?e cuesta on very fsTorabie terms. Ta le d hole, private ta til* s; also a restaurant attached to Hie bouse. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN DESIRA Me II. I'll ished Rooms, Board, n a l.rst cla?s nous* for $1 and S5 per week, at 14S West Tw enly-fourth sireeu PERMANENT BOARD WANTED? FOR A OENTLE inati. hie wife and two clilluicn, aged four Mid eight years. Board will lie paid promptly every w ck. Terms must be moderate. Re.ereti. es of the high- fll ehaiiK ter it ven and inquired. Address, atatlug terms ..uu iotal.on, B. G., box 197 HeraldolliCfl. CJTl* >' VESA NT PARK ?A PRIVATE FAMILY 'OFTII HI B kJ hiivine a MB', clnss uoitse, 17'i Ei st Kr. Itc.iili *,i ce , n-a ;, opi.nilie lituvesant park, will tase one or two sentient, n lit lu ll 1 amily to B jard. w ith Ike comforts ol a home seldom i.T*?ed^ r. ol ET? TO GENTLEMEN, WITH FULL OR PARTIAL i Bi r l. ? suit of fine large Ro.nns, also a single Room, aruh twth, K*e, Ac., at 14 Ninth street, buin en FiJth ami P'.jth . ei ue?, runventtsnt to cars and stages. fr- FT - A FURNISHED ROOM, ON THIRD FLOOR. J i a remit m n, in a private family, at No. 4u hast N.i-'- ?) s reel, t ear Broadway. Al-o, the first n-.orover the i ji. ,\'j. s*^ B.o a Iway; gooii location for bnslness. nno c.r T- \vTthT q(iard, in a fir. t culhs housk. A 17-.! Uleeeker Street, handsrfmeiy Furnished RoUSS, a Be 'room adjoining, on sexond floor, with grates, gas, bath, I A isrm* reaenainie; also, for single gentlemen rnomlivg

*? . J-, 1 1 rom t. au to ib a week, wlik all Uie privileges at the HoVee. rpWO Nr.W ANlt HANDSOMELY FCRNISUKD R ?>ws, I in s.-.s.nd, wi-o very ?loe j sillies and d lose < *o 1 willl Board, together o- wrj'nts, would preisr > 'ei th tu as parlor and hediymi, to -a ^-u'lemanfcnd wiieor two s nuie jsrieatn; ho".?e ta'de'j . family MMll MM prtrate. Call at .>41 West Eighteenth s'ref i. Wanted?a wrnkTwrta fiTll board, FnqaTis lo gll pot wees, for a ,sdy, w nose -s .o la u ?o take the nela. Atii-rtiaa home pr?:f?rred Ref r?w?w glvau inHutteii, Aiiureaa no* PogioAo*. H, V. BOARDING and looqiko. W^NTKD-IIOARD kor a gentleman wii e and tiirea child."11 ? 0 illdren fyt>iu f '?* !U yeirii old; anawera mini atule full parlcul tra, fO hi*, light ?>?<l 'ire. with price. Hrii ik yn preVm-d Bnat of rtfer-uMk ankcd and givcu. Ad lre-? h . Oat I and r. box I2T II n lloe. WA.V'KO? KOK a' WINTER KKaIDKNCR, A WELL lighted and hrated Room, wit:< Ho ird at leaat on -Min. d * a, In a privnte family. not far irom Union minute, 1 v a f..!*'.. Addreaa, with term* and particulnra t?>x ll>2 Uerald otlloe. WANTED? BV rilUKE VOCNO MEN. A PaRLOB and lliret' He Ir ui?, In a private lumlly, with 1 vaK fani and tea; loca'h'ii we*t I'rtmi Ami y to Twent ?*ih creel; a lOmtoruble home l? required. Al-o, it a.ngle Bed r.'i'in, with ure.iktaat ninl tea, 111 Intlin^ (ire and ga*. Kclc i*nee* exclmuged. Aldreea D. S. T., Herald otlioe. ^ V ANTED? IN BROOKLYN OUTSKIRTS OR K. D., ^ Boa d and plenum Room, t or au tutalld widow lady, i.< a ? lrt .P"**'" liouae (M-tlow'a faintly preferrAu * rtc ? $* ' WBli AUdrvsa. lor throe day? Luue, box 154 Herald alll*. liH-atioii, beln,?a (aW 4?'on? *#?t w Broadway. Koloreucea exuhanttt d. 7?) TENTH STARJET, 0^?'E DOo.H ?OM KIFT1I AVE I line ? Hait ian, ?tMy*ht-d PlOril( with Bedrooma atLaelird, m hg.H or rii mile, w. 'J be ie. tmw^ Hoard Private table ir deal red to rc.i pre table .owrtlet, at #ur/ ruaaouable rate* for th!a winter. * G'J ORKKNK STREE'I, ABOVff STRTJttJ? ALfll? N ? > limine ?Elegantly lurritahed aulte ?f Roiuaa, with (M, CroUMvwater an-l every convenience |.<r hHiUhplM^iiiiK eeo non i' ully ; particularly bulled 101 aiuail. reapvcutbls iamtlie*. KoilllOA. OH* ST. M ARK'S PLACE. ? BOARD CAN BUT ITA1> FOB O I $-3 t<> per Meek, suitable lor families or Mingle get* tleuien. Modern improvement*. 110 MACDOtTCWkL 8TREET.? RICHMOND HOCSE 18 Jl L\J now opeuc' I ;iv a private family Hotel, lor the rec< p t on <?? Mingle gentlem-en. or smut! families tired oi boarding, l'urticn <i' -HirouM ol h mnekeeping can find every convenience a the above establishment. 1 OJ. KfNTH' STREET.?' TO LET? A NUMBER OF J ~j X very nice uewiy furnl-h'd Rooms and Bedroom*, v *r> reasonable, only a lew doom w,fst o i Dio&lway: every thing now and nive-, house first style. 1 rw{ i'KINCE NTH MKT ?-ST. CLAIR HOUSE.? ELK Jt'U cantly l tiruiH .^d Hoouis, with liedrooniM attached with all tue eonven|?uce? for housekeeping complete, includ itig gus and Oro;oti wsht, to let to re>?poctablu l.imiiies or sinxle gentleuien. ELM STKEET? JACE30N HOUSE.? THE MOST coitiior<aoiy (,nd conv-m. titly furnished Apartmeuts In the city lo meet tht- wants of hum t tumilies, with every requisite furniture, churn linen, cooking range aud utensils. g;u?and Croton vv*t#r. im 1 uiiuui. AT 370 BROADWAY, CORNER OK WHITE STREET h I'loc ka .e.i importer's > k of LADIES AND GENTS' LINEN CAMBRIC IIANDKER t I11EKS AM) MEN S Fl'ltN IS1IING GOODS is now olTeied to Hit- p hllc ai retail ut pr I ns never before h>'ai ?! of la thl* line, .in. I II I* hope I nov< r v. Ill he aeain. (SO.iMi worth of Linen Handkerchiefs, embracing every ?arieiy of plain, In ui atltcbod and embroidered, lor men, ? omen mill < I.IMr n, ft mi 3c. to 9.1 each. Elegant embroldt red Uandkerchiufa, at prloea which will a stoiuah all. NECK TIBS. Aniitimen?r *tock, from lie. tuoOc. raeh ; nothing over 80a. Genla' Scarfs, in new and elegant des gn*. from lie to $1 ? Ji:?t one-third the usual prices, Glovea, all klndi-, from 12c. to KOc. l ine Beaver G.maii m UK., mine as are sold reiju lurlj at $1. GENTS' I.rNEN COLLARS. #,0 H) dozen of the h- st t hree and four-p'y. Latest styles at f 1 2J per dozen, or llle. each ? warrant 1 to he the *atnr n? ure Bold everywhere at $- a $.1 1 1 < sl?-ry , Shlrta, Under ?.hiru uiid Drawers, T aw ilttig Shit Is, a I at prices that will convince bnyi rl lhal we are In earnent. Open evening*. BUNTING FOR 8ALB? AT NAYUIK A CO. *8, 99nnil Ml John street. pAHPETINGS, FLOOR OILCLOTHS, DRUGGETS, AC. vV ut I ?w | r ce?. for r?ah. Engl ah Ta|-estty Bat-Re! ,( 75,-. per yard En ! 1 h \. Ivet, (I per yard. 1n| oatry Ingrain, 7 ft- pet yard. Ail ? ool Ingrain, SOc. iter y. rii. For sale In quantities to ault purchaser* hy A. JOURNEAY, Jr., 373 Broadway. (^REAT BARGAINS IN CLOAKS! X FRENCH BEAVER CLOAKS, HEAVY ESQUIMAUX BEAVER CLOAKS. MOSCOW BEAVER CLOAKS AN1) VV BAITERS, ELEGANT LYON'S VELVET CLOAKS (Willi Gumui e La' e Capea), LIONSKIN PLUhll CLOAKS, Ac., Ac. ?11 new ttylcF, at retail, ?t reduced prloea, E. S. MILLS A CO.. No. 413 Broad. vay, near Canal street. LOVES.? A FRESI! IMPORTATION OK MEN'S PEG VT knit German wool en*. lor sale by W. U. A L. C. THORNE, 'M Church meet, New York. -jr IS'iEY-SciiEAp j KSkj EMBROIDERY STORE. Look out for tbeQBBA i , ft?rlNG SALE o{j m0NDaY. B.bbona, UKbAT BARGA1N^8EE aT K1NZET,Si 821 and BS Eighth avenue. o NB MONTU LONGER. HOD, 1)00 WORTH OK DRY GOODS, Which wuat bo aold without regard to the coat, before the end of Cits year. FBESII ItEDUCTIONS Are constantly brim; made In prlCM To lnaure the *ale of the entire Slock within thia time. SPECIAL ATTENTION 13 INVITED To the Stock of EMBBOIDERIBS, SHAWLS and CLOAKS, BILKS AND OTHBR DBB3S GOODS. ALSO A large lot of EVENING LaiMES, Which will be aold for juat 00c naif tueooatof importation. ALSO, For Hale cheap, LARGE LOT OK STORE FIXTURES, Consist rig of COUNTERS, SHELVING, llt.KRINO'B SAFE, DESKS, Ac. NOTE. The ahove large amount 01 Good* k< III remaining on hand, ItliasWn found necee?ary to .;tvp the store open for one mnnih Ion t, through Uecmner, at the end of which it will poaltlvelv he chtaed. EDWARl) LAMBERT A CO., In liquidation, 417 Broadway. QUAKER KNIT UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS SHAKER FLANNEL UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. SCARLET FLANNEL UNDER 1IIRTS AND DRAWERS. MERINO, S1I.K AND CAN. ON FLANNEL UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERo, KID, CALK, CLOThTnD LINED OLOVBS. NEW S1KLES SCARKU AND TIES. SHIRTS AND COLLARS TO ORDER AND READY MADE. At the Shirt and Collar Depot, Noe. K7anil 89 William atreet, one door north of Maiden Lane. THEoD?7rE C. ORANNIS, Agent. 1IIILUKEHY, <k.C. BARG UNS.? VELVET BONNETS? BLACK VELVET Bonte tsiit bargain* thin week. Velvet Turoaiis, Recep tion a <1 Evening Mom. eta. Mournlr < Bonnet*, Bridal Bon n is. L. BINN'S M II tory. Lur.-m. cheapen nuil inoit la?iiiQitaule milliner in the world, Ml Broadway, up ataim. olotbho. AN EXCELLENT CHANCE FOR LADIES AND GEN teuien 10 1.1. pose 01 ihelrcnat off t'loihln;. Furniture, C i|h i , Jewelry, .ve. I have juat re< elved (.S.UUU from G. Buxbaom 4 Co., Cincinnati, to p. ir. nitae the a..ove article*, for which I pn\ the lo lotving pi ic s ? From $12 10 $:f5 for SilK Drttseea; Coat*, from (10 to $<M; Paula, from 92 to SC. I'leaau call on or ail0re?s A. Ducas, 2M ri veuili avi tine, he tween Twenty-fourth and Twenty-tilth atreria. Ladles at MnUed tohy .VlrH D. AT THE OI.D STAND. 134 SEVENTH AVENUE, E7.E KIE1.S {'u>ra< te, ?i.,pay the loll w ngprliea forladlea* and jjentlrlueu a unl oil Wearing Appai 1 I Kn.m t>> t--' lor h Ik Dreaaea, Irom (ft to I 111 or Coata, irom $1 SO *.n (s for Pan:*; al o Carpet.-, Knrt.ituie. , Jen elry. Ac. A note by iioat punctually attended to Ly E , l;i4 Seventh aic-uue. La.llea at en. ted to hy Mr*. E. A GREAT DEMAND FuH CLOTHING ?LADIES AND ha rg any earn ott Clotumg, Kurnittire, C pel*, .ic., will rec |\e the hlgheit prie. h, i.y c?lline on or inidr * ? ii? t^. MSII, 'Mfi Seventh avenue, iK twe. n Twenty n.nth and Thlrtn bhinrtn. L.diea uttended by Mra MUh. A DEMAND. -?1J,?I0 WORTH OK CAST OFF CLOTH in j. Carpet*. Kum lure and Jew-liy want - , lor which the moat value. e?n be ootatned hyial.l.g on ora4d;e?-ing E. II., 72 Sltih avenue, near Waverl- j piii< ?. Lai lie.-, uttend eu bj Mr* E 11. Pieaae reinfmt;er otid trj 7u Sixth *? te AT THE NEW STAND, 298 THIRD AVF.NtJK, LADIES ano ten ? ?an ateure H e lull value lor their c?*t otr C oining h.. C' on or ad !re?*iug t;. Ja>'oh?, 2!WTi lrd av nu- , between Tw nt. -tl.trd and Twenty-fouth atteel.. c* attended hy Ml?a K. Juooba. At 481 11. A 1.1. STREET, A LAROB QUANTITY OK t.'ust t'l CI ithit.g WHnied, to llli up > d -r* from the W ?t. First riiie prt e* will be given ami ea-ih paid In cur r nt tnon -y. Ap l> to J. MOKONEy, 481 fearl aireet, next I) A k o Ctllllm street. ABBTTKIt CHANCE THAN K\EK Foil LAOIF.SAND genUeiiien to obtain the blgl.m price f. their Com ( -tr Clothing. I guarantee to pay the loleiv Inp ins ? ForSlUe Drea>-er, fiot., $Ii.< to (40; from (Mi> (20 lor C' a'*, iroti %t t<i (7 for I'anta. AI?> Cariiet>?, Furniture and Jeweljy. Pleaee all on "r uddri'** J. ANJIALT, 162 Seventh avenue, b"tween i wentieth and Twer.flr-urot atreet*. l^idiea atUu4 ed by Mr*. AtiUalL WATCHES AND JEWELRY, Diamond .iewelhy.? a variety of miscella ?eou* uiticle* for sale, at u aacnnoe. Apply onlv from i 9 till 10 A. M. and 2 till 3 P.M. Diamond* bouttUl. Money advanced. B. W. PLt> MB, Diamond Broker, fiU Kroauway, ! oppoaite St. Nlcholaa Hotel. '( YT OLID AY PRESENTS ! rl WATCHES JEWELRY, DIAMONDS, AC., I T (tREAT HAROAINS. C HaRTV. INN u^-tfi; in rtn* t'.i* publlo that hit | ha* open he ?* 17H B?>w ry, op-""? ie Delanere ' * r* ? will a a*.* and ctum* k 1 . . gold <f?welry, I Waich !??*, .-.o. Kveiy artnie a"jid will be 541 r? 1 i)f.?i nt. U HALS* AT AVCTIOBT. Auction NOTICE.? M. DOUtlHTY. auctionkke, will *fll lliiH d.y (Saturday >, at 10J< o'el.aik. -vt "ale.. r|?iru. >8 Nasa u atri-n, n lar.;e annoriuieiit ol U iw iiold rrultura, Carpels. Mirrors, rosewood khiI mahi Par lor bulla, < la orooual an I haircloth, rU ? Tcto-* !? 'tea, I'ailor and Aim Cnnlrii, warble lop Ceuiro 'I Allen, Mirron. BookcMf*. Extension Dln ng Talilea. Bmleta, Dining Chairs, Drnsalng Bureaus, W <? ? h - l ji n i! b, Uedateada, lliiir Mnttreaaea, KrH'?H*r Beds, I.n<>ugn*, Sofa Beds, InRiata Carpel*, 01 o oths, Wardrobe*. blanket*, Ac., Ibe whole forming an a<sor(ineui well woilhy the attention of houae koeper* ami (be trade. ASSIGNEES' SAl.K OK AMERICAN. KNIILISH AND (Senium Hardware. ? The larijn and well aaanrtt'd alock of II netware, liflnii^iitfc to the t atati' of Me*nrs. Ellis' H'oa. A Co., is o(T n-d by (lie AsaiKiieea in Iota to mill. I'uroliaauri for cash will find It lor their Interest to call and ri.tunua goods and prices, as It imui be closed. The atnvk I# 10 l*r. feci order, and can be aoeu ?t M struct, w. u. uuauleV, I A"1*ue,i' New rm-k, December 4, 1801. * ttnONBRf SAl.K? 8. HERMAN, AUCTIONEER, iV will sell, on Monday, Deo. 9. at 10V? o'clock, at I 90 \V4l llam street, a large quantity of Glass, C .inn ana Druggists' Ware of every description; also the ba'ance ot a WhoU Main (Jro erj Establishment, of every dcsoripUou. lly order of W. WyMaN, Adduce. Assignee's balk.? fancy goods stock for ?ale.? The Stock and FUtur>aot store 2of> Greenwich atreet; the btoek is Mnall, in good order, and will be sold cheap. For part iculara apply on the premises, or at No. WO Chamber* stieet. 4 UCTION NOTICE.? A 8PLKND1D GILT FRAME it Mirror, French plate, with c egant ^ilt base, will ie sold for $89, rout $229. Can >?* .< ei at Sfl Willow street, Brooklyn, live minutes' waik front V\ t-n ferry. Auction notk k --ezra \ \ w jr., auction eer, will sell this day, at 12 >? n?oc , at the salesroom No-. 62 Liberty street, between Broaauay and Nassau streets, new citj initio Brett*, Koekeways, Top Busies, ulide ?<*mt Ton Binaries for two or lour port ns. Also secondhand Cotvpe Roefcaway, Doctor's A' ha- ton and two Top Buggies. BKOWNE A Nichols, HHmoyUM. WILL SELL at auet on this day (Saturday). at i-ne o'clock, n frontof salesroom 3A Nassau street, a black Horse, hi x teen hunt I a high, ekht years old, aound, kind aiol acntle, very atji?ah. AUo a sliiltuig top Huguy^ nearj^v m* ,v*t her with harness. a very fln^ Jagger Wagon, *h i? top two tumble n< a*, ftockaways, one Doctor'^ VV'ago ?, t* < d hand bog^y llunieits, Kobe*, lilaokcta, Ac , Jkc., s?f to b>J s?ild without re nerve. Daniel a. mathrw?, a <ttionekr, will sell thiM day, at i0.^ o'clock, a. iti.s a Jewroom, 79 NanHau street, between Fulton and John nretus. a larre assortment of Household Furniture (removad lorcunvc i 'lce of sale), eousiattng of rosewood Parlor Suits, In crimson brocatal: IStegeres, Centre and Card Tardea, mahogany 8)'as ana ( hairs, Tier Mirrors, Evtensiou Tables, carved oak lluflet?, Enamelled Chamber Suits; rosewood, walnut and mahogany Pressing Rurcaoa, French Bedstead^, llair Mattressrn, Feather Beds, Bolsters, Pillows, Blur kets, Wardrobes, Wash at amis, What-Nota, Secretary Bookenscv, Lounge^, B'.fa Beds, Rockers, ItrusHclsand I n (*arpetM, Oas FUturca, Shades, China, Glassware, Ac. Catalogues now ready. DAOUERKKOTYTE MATERTAI.8, A1TARATU8. AC, AT AUCTION ?DANIEL a. MATHEWS, Auctioneer, will s>*il this day, at 10>; ./clock, at hU salesroom, 7l? Nah au street, near Fulton aticet, one superior Camera, made by C. C. Harrison ; also Chemicals, Pltttes, Cases and a variety of other articles appert a 'ning to the business. 1,1 D WARD 8C11ENC1C, AfH'TIONEKR. !i ASSIONKK'S K VLI' ()? RfTPERB HOI'hEHOLD FUKNITUR*. By EDWARD 8<'liENi K, this day, Dec. 7, a. 11 o'clock. at his >a srooms, N h, 195 and 157 Broadway, the stock oi one of the first cabinet makers In this city, consisting, in part, of elegaut solid, carved and plain rosewood Parlor Suits, elegant black waluut Library and Dining lli>om Suits, in reps; ma^nitlcnt toaewood, round corner Bedati ada and Bureaus; do. In black walnut, finished in oil; rosewood and walnut Secretary and Library Hookcas*^, e cgaut rosew ood Eteseres, carved walnu i Bu Itets and Extenal tt Tables, wal nut Hall Racks, and Ciislrs, and other ?? egant, Furniture. The above furniture Is all of the very best ? anufaeture and will be positively sold by order of the assignee. The particular attention ot tlioac In want of elegant furniture is respectfully requested to this sale. J. B. FRKEMAN, Assignee. Ell LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER. . CHOICE OLD WINES, AT AUCTION, by order of the administratrix of D. Lynch Lawrence, deceased. E. II. LUDLOW .V CO. will sell at auction on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 1'1 at 12)? o'clock, at the Mulesrooni, No. 'S Tine street, near Broadway, the entire stock of Wines and Liquors of the. late D. Lynch Lawrence, among which will be found Montero 1817, London Particular 1840, Constitution. Reserve, Victoria, Nondescript, Barclay Lynch, and other Madeiras: Amontillado, Lsssclla, Brurnley Irt09, Pale, Brow n and Gold Sherry ; Claret; 8 interne; old Londou dock Port; old Cognac, Otard and other Brandies; old Jatnalea Rum: old Mon??nga hela, Irish and Scotch Whiskeys; Bntam, Arrac A Co. These W.ncs are al! of the private stock of the late D L. Lawrence, and none others will be otfcied. Catalogues at the oilier, No. S Pine atr< et. Foolton. auctioneer -hotel kurnitukk, ? lJUItard Tables, Beds, Mattresses, Carpets, Oilcloths, Mirrors, Hedrooui Suits, Jk<*. T. GOLToN will Mill this day, Saturday, Pec. 7, at 10,^ o'clock, at No. 113 Fulton si reel, the* rutin* Furniture or a large Hotel, removed for convenien - e of Hal , il will com prise in part 50 Beadsteuds of various patter n? 600 Chairs, I'M) Matiresae*, Feather 1V.*<1?, Carpets, O Helot 1^. MOO yard* Matting, 10 Oottasie Hulls in oak auM enuiM'ht i, French plate and olheir pier and mantel Mirrors, tuaibe top Dress ing Bureau?, rone wood and mahogany Beadsteuds, On ie, 8Me and Card Table* in quantities Solas, Lounges. China, Glassware, Kite hen Furniture, out rosewood aaarbla bra Blllard Tabu?, together with leu thousand other i tic lea too numerous to mention. Sain will be without re nerve. 1,1 (-OLTON, AUCTIOVKKK -HOTEL 1TKNITIRE : ? of every kind and description, this day (Satur day), December 7, at half-past ten o'clock, at No. 113 Fulton street, near Nassau, ten thousand loads, or less, of Hotel Furniture, in great variety, eompri lag, in part, 80 Bedstead*. 6*10 Chairs, 100 Mattresses, Feather Beds, Car pet*, Oilcloth, 1 ,000 yards Mating, together with ever* ar ticle necessary for a large hotel. Also one marble bed Bil liard Table, complete. George cook, auctioneer. ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BRUSSELS CARPETS. FANCY GOODS, AC., This flay, at 11 o'clock, a1, salesroom. 111 Broadway, being one of the largest and best siocks offered thin season, em bracing Parlor, C'huinber, Library, Reception and Dining Kooin Furniture, en suite. and in separate parcels; elegant Kteireres, Secretary and Library Bookcases, Canterburies, Wora Tables, Armoire-a-Glaee, Wardrobes, ilutfats, Extension mug Tables, Centre and Lung Taoles, Lounges, Chairs, Hatstanus, Ac. Hale po-iilve for cash. George r. rolomon, jr.. auctioneer? a SOLOMON will sell ou Monday, 9th Inst., at lu>, o'clock! st 73 Third avenue, elegant Furniture, consisting of Ward robes, Sot as, Chairs, Extension and other Tables, Bedsteads, Beds, Bedding, Ac. ; iaige J/"okin ?< Glass* s, Lamps, Carpets, Oi leloths, Paintings, Pianoforte, Ac. Tim a.t.? will take place at the above number for the convenience, of sale. nKNKY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER.? SALESROOM 37 Nassau street, opposite the pt L oriice.? MINER A BOM LK v i LLE wills il ai auction an Saturday, Dooember6, a> 10>{ o'clock, at their salesroom, 37 Nassau street a general assortment ot Household Furniture, consisting of Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, mahogany and black walnut Solas and Chairs, mahogany and black walnut llatra I - , carved ma hogany W. T, Buffet, mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wadistands an I Chairs; Hair Mattress, Feather Beds. Bolster and Pillows, Blankets, Conn*erpanes, Dining ana Toilet Crockery, Kit -hen Ware, Ac. Also alarms invoice of line French plate Mantel and Pier Mirrors, Ac., Ac. HENBT H. LEEDS, AUCTION BBB ? HB MIV H. LEEDS A Co. will sell at an tion, >n Saturday, De cemher7, at 10W - 'clock, at the salsroom No. 23 Na <*au street, Ilouseholfi I niturc, consisting oi Brussels an I In gra n Carpets, ro> ?'* <od and mahogany Bedsteads, mahogany marble top Bureaus and dressing do., n ahogan> marble ton Washatauila. gilt frame Pier Mirrors, Mantel and Oval ?lo., oak Extension Dining Table, llalr and Spr:ng Mattresses, rosewood Breakfast Tables, mahog.ny Hat Stands, Ofllee Desks and Tables, Lounges, V.tses, Ac.; also a rosewood a ven octave l lano, made by James Thompson; severaLline 1 ? tiles, together-with a mahogany Billiard Table, with Balls, Cues, Counters, Ac. Henry h. leedh, auctioneer.-henry ii. LEEDS A Co. will s? 11 at auction, on Saturday, I)e. ce in be i ,,at 12 o'clock, In front of store 23 Nassau street, valuable pair of Hor-es, 15V? bands high, warranted sound, kind and gentle In all harness; also a fin - Photon Carriage, shifting top, with extra enclosing top. built by Wood A Tom* lison, to order; also a set of double silver plated Harness, for do., made to order, by Wood A Tomllnfion ; the w hole forming a most desirable establishment, and will be sold altogether. Henry green, auctioneer, will sell this day, at lOjkJ o'clock, at the a or 1M William street, Gro ceries, Wines, Lljuors and S gars; also, at 11 o'clock, Dry and Fancy Goods, Woollen Goods, Toys, Clothing, Jewel ry, Ac. IRON SAFES ? S. A J. BOGART WILL SELL, THIS day, at 11 o'clack, at the auction rooms No. 1 North Wil liam street, corner Frankfort, one superior Fire Proof Safe? Davison, of Albany, patent ? cost $130: two small sl/.e do.; two si?ts Double liarncsa, one Single do. ; also, consiable'a sale. 46 boxes Segars. P. COLLINS, Con -table. J P. DUNCAN. AUCTIONEER, NO. Ill NASSAU ? street ? Great excitement about Stoves.? J. F. DUN CAN A CO. will sell, on Saturday, Dec. 7, at 10 o'clock, the balance of a large stock of Stoves, of diiferent patterns ? all of which must be sold to make room .'or furniture, and for sales oi which due notice will be given. JOHN LLOYD, AUCTIONEER.? JOHN LLOYD WILL sell, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, at 10)? o . lurk, at 194 Br'wdwav, the entire stock of a wholesale tur ner, e- insisting of first cuisa Sable, Mink, Otter, Stone Manen, Ermine, Ac., Ac.; also a large lot of Wolf, Bear and Buffalo Robes. The goods will be put uu in lots to suit the city re tail trade. Sale positive, rain or shine. JOHN II BURLEY, AUCTIONEER,? ' WILT. SELL THIS day, at 2 o'clock, at *44 Canal street, a Hue assortment of Bureaus, mahogany R-c ing and other Chairs, Sofas, Sofa Beds, Pier. Mantel and other Glasses, Centre, Extension ami other Tables, Tete-a-Tetes, Hat Racks, Wa*hstands, Hed Lounges, Wardrobes. Cooking St ves, {(eaters, Gas Chan deiiers, Brussels, Three-ply and other Carpets. Olleiotha, Hair and other Mattresses, Feather Beds, Bedding, Comfort er , Blankets, Glass, Earthen and Kitchen Ware. To be sold without reserve. MC. EDEY, AUCTIONEER. KY M. C. EDEY. This ds v (Saturdav), at 12 o'clock, in front of the salesroom, No. 0*i Cedar street, opposite the Post office, one pair of Bay M u *?, fifteen and throe -quarters hands high, sia aud s? v#?n years old, warranted sound and kind in all harness, and sold only for want of use. ALSO one set of Silver Mounted Double Harness, made by Gibson at a cost of $100. Also oue Top Buggy, built by Godwin. AT. SO, Or.e Black Canadian Pony, thirteen and a half hands, six and a ha f . ears old, warranted sound and kind in every respect; is a splendid saddle pony either for lady or gentleman. Ai-so, A number of Top and no top Buggies, Slide Seats Coupe Rockawaya, Jaeger Wagons, Ac. Also ono second hand Top Buggy. ALSO, In order of A.nlgnee, Four leather trimmed n<tw Top Bugglcn. E. B. IjOOMIB, Aaalgnee. St J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEERS. ? THIS DAY, AT 1()? . o'clock, at the auction romii N'o. 1 North William atri et, Wouiwhold Pnrtiiturov mahogany .-otaa, Parlor and Rimklng Chair*. mahogany Wardrobe, gurean*. TaMea, Waahatanda, Bediieadc, Feather Bod. and BetUllnit. Kitchen Kuroltur-, i Broaaela and ln>; Car^eta, Cuu-Toye, Iron Safea, tlai . | nr., Ac.; two ca^ka Vinegar, three Iron Bale*, three MM Haruesa, M boiea Srgar., Ac. SHERIFF'S SALE-DININO SALOON -CII/MBEB8 A I FAIKCHU.1), aiu'tt'inetre, will aril ihl? day (Satur'aj), at II o'clock A. M., ?i No. IMWeit .ireet, >h? contente of a Uiutng Salbau, conaUtUji ..f ih<- m.ial v ? ??' . joas KEtiLT, wwriy. SHERIFI'S -iALF,-- STATIONERY, 4C? CHaKBERS * FJjKrHlU) n,. i ftcrs, ? r room US N^-^au ilr> et, wi" wll thia d.ij (?- 7, at lOo'i 1-ck, it >o Natanu f- ? . t .e S'. ck.fcf Mta toa ry. .* tl rein edntameil, com p: Klal, l^att r, Cap anflTNote Paper*; iUkNNint Booka of a . aiu .*, CMy 1'r-n.t*, Booki, Envelope., Inka, L*Kal ai>.< M*P><\uf? Blank > and a large rariety of Miarellaoeoti* UMdi. CaU?loguo?t??U*atUi??a,e,whi-hwill be pcaiure. I ' ft&uu*, biwiur. lUIJbSa AT AVCTIO!?. PAWNBROKERS- tickets WANTBD? THB IllQHf 8* price |?i.l fur |-?w nbmkers ll.aets on Hr.m nd?, Watchea, Jewelry, Uuua, 1'laluU, Dry Goods, Ao., at 77 Blcecker street, up stairs. SHERIFF'S haLI-:. EW l'.LLER s safe, JEWEL LER'B 8II..W Caw. CM AMnKBb .V FAIRCHI1.D an, thmee/1^ wills II at their saiesioom So. Ill Nioocm nivrt, on Tuesday, December 10, at 11 uVlo? k? one huge alie. Jeweller's Su n. elcRainIy 11. led up; lour splendid Counter H ov "????., pi Led dul Mill ailver plated frames. two s| I. mint K tie Show Cases. a mi. bccuuui of a former purcha-er one ? nil. S .t* ii f nn ; * make. JOHN KELLY, Sherrtlf. ClIKHIKI-'B 8ALB.? SATINETS ? Cll A M HE Its .* FAIR. i1 ? "'ll.D, auctioneers, Halosrnnm, No. I IS Nn-rin sueei, w I'thsdav, Deoemner 7, at 10 o'clock, at their sales room? (or lUoraabouls) pieces Snllim.a. of a?M.rted *radea Md color*. an ucw goods and la BeLlY, ShVtt.*' FINANCIAL. CONTRACTORS' BILLS J A^ain*:. the War and Navy departments purchased kf JOHN M MURRAY, Army and Navy Hankers, 89 Naasau street, oppositd the Pout Oflloe. NEW YORK AND NKW HAVEN RAILROAD COM pany, corner of K,,*irth avenue anil Twenlyaevealfc sired.? Tri aJllrtT'l ollli a, Nov. 90. '8 '1. ? The lit ureal due ?? the b oi ls o.' ill la company, Dm.'. I, litil, will lie iiald on pr? aeniutivu of the counous at tlila o.''ice or at the Hauk of UM Republlo. W. jBEMENT. Treasure* AVY AOENOY. N __ CONTRACTORS' AND OTHER CLAIMS, Approved by the N.ivt A rm mi New York. PURCHASED HY TAYLOR BROTHERS. BANKERS. ill HKUADW AY. corner of Murray street, ARNiMi emni ~" BILLS AlTJtOVED BY MAJOR HAONEBS lor ORDNANCF. STORES, (*aY ABLE IN WA3HIN0T0B. FUROIIASED BY ' TAYLOR WHOTIIERS, BANK!**-!. 247 BROADWAY, comer of Mm r.iy airrai. KBUMTTANCE TO IRELAND, AO. ? TAl'SCOTI" A OO continue to draw tirulia ua 'Ai*-y have done tot la? past twenty live yenrs. Those w-Uhing t? remit money t?> ibr-it fr enimisii be supplied with droits fer any amount, i.i.'ebla on ucmanj. In any purt of Great Br'.ta In land, I f as*. ply iliK nt tlielr old established place (X bu.lno.a, Ho bo*M ?ireci. New York. riMIK CLEVELAND AND PITTSBUITO RAILROAD X i I'inp.iny lire prepared to pay Ihn In mum now iiur ?? all their in Tillage bon is. The > p nsma. '?? presented at the ollicc of lie compHiiy, In Cli'v>l <u.i, or at 25 YVilllaa ?tri'i i, Nun York, lo H. 0. KINOSLEY. ?\1TANTED TO EXCHANOB? ON PAIR TKRMM, CIIOICB Tr and well located Lamta ill Iowa, Mn or Illi oi^ for niercliuiidlai' ; a stork of atatlo i.'.r* prr.urr iL One ol theai- lota la well locali d, w nun ihlriy mlUi of Ok^ caao. A rare cluuce la oUVi od n> aii- oulatorc or to tin ? wo# wiah to ainlKritn. No a^(<ct need apply. A.lJrens N. Y. 8 , Herald olllce. w Al'fBOVED MILLS. PAYABLE BY ANY OK TUB GOVERNMENT OKKlCBitS IN NEW YORK Olt AT WAHUI.VOTO*. PURCHASED BY TAYLOR BROTH EltH, BANKERS, 217 BROADWAY, corner ol Murray aircet fltQH loan, ON BONO AMD MOSTQAM 5>OH.UHU rea' ent ile in h > i ty or llrooklvn, In auaa ol ?10M, $1. 0', t'O tS.OOi, B I >0 1. J.i, Odd, $i',0?aud $7,1 0.i. AIho too, 0(H) lo Inveal .11 u. chasing Mortgages. Appt f lo A. HERO EAST. 1J Wull airocl. Alt CLAIMS. LOAM OFFICES. AT 6ti NASSAU STREET. ? A. HOMUMAN. DIAMOND broker, inukea liberal advaureson Diamonds, Wa cnea, Jewelry, Ac., it buy* tliem at lull va ue, *1 nla private o.J'-a; 60 Natiaau btreet, r jnm No. 2, up autre. Buslucas ouuudaa> ~ _Jk AT Ul ORAND STREET, T/IRKE DOORS WBST OF Broadway? M uey u.lvanoed on Waicln a, D, an. on la, Jowelry, Phile Dry (loo Is and pernoQiil uitiperty 01 ? irrf deeci, o. Icicthl uud aold, U> JuSfiPU A. JAl KSuN, auciloueoi and broker. A T J. II. BARRINOER'S, 212 BROADWAY, ROOM 13. ? Thia old establlahed olliue adTaucns the hi - heal sums, or huyn lor caah, Merchaudlae, Dlamonda, set or uu?eM Peaila, Waichce, Plale, Optical Instruments, Ac. 212 Broad way, room 13, up stairs. AT 77 RLEECKER STREET-MONEY LIBERALLY advanced to any amount on diamonds, walcui ?, jewel* ry, pianos, segars, dry good a, Ac. N. B. ? Pawnbroker# Uckela bought. 11. NEWTON, 77 Bleecker street, up stalm L JACOBS, 43 CEDAR STUKET -ADVANCES MADI ? in Minis to suit, on Watchca, Diamonds, Silver Plata and oilier p rsonal property, or bought for cash, aud v llb<* ral price paid. Business strictly coni.dontlal. B.auub oOoa 407 11 roadway. 11BERAL ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMOND^ J Watches, Plate and Jewelry, or bought for calb a' iba highest price. Persons haviiiK old Gold 01 Silver to sr !1 caa not do better than call on LOU la ANK1CII, 723 llroadwmyi Money LOT on ALL kinds op pkksonal pro perty 10 any amount on Ou'.U and Silver Watches, Dla niomla, Jewelry, Ac. Uooda kept one venr. Kor sale, a largw lot ol unredeemed Watches mid Gold Chains, Silverware *c. A. ADOLP11 US, licensed pawnbroker, UV l'earl alrsa^ ?orncr of Chamber*. HOTELS. ^ BT BBSTA^ DE L'UNION, NO. SO O'REILLY STREET, HAVANA, (old uutnber J 10), Situated la the centre of the city, near the Dominica aa4 Plaza d? Annan. Tli la old and woll known Hotel (a one of the moat popular, and inoat patronized by strangers coming to Havana, Irom Ua uroximity lo the placea of bnSlness auu aniuseiueut. The table la furnished in the beat style, suiiluieul to satisfy tha moat fastidious taate. L IVEKI'OOL, ENGLAND. TO CAPITALISTS AM) HOTEL PROPR1BTOB8. To be let, for u term of yearn, the Newly erected licensed Hotel, called TIIK WASHINGTON. The above la a mattullb ?m pde of building, being the larg est and most elaborately Sitinhed hotel ever yet lniftt In Kri^ land, coverinij ail ares of l,2u0square yarda, and eonlHinina 200 tioble and spacious rooms, v. nil every convenience ulid r<<i> i isil . ? ih'ii modem art ami experience rati furnish. Ills situated upon a rominandlri;-and beautiful alto, in the vnry heart of Liverpool, In me immediate vicinity of the Railway Station, St. George's Hall, the Assl/.e Courts, Free Public Li brary, and within a very eu?y distance of the New Onat Landliu, Biaue or the rher Mersey. All communications to be addressed to WILLIAM BAB P, Khi|., Liverpool, England. WAR PRICES.? SMITHSONIAN liOUSB, BROADWAY, corner of Houston street.? Hotel accoiumodalioiia ua lb' Burapun plan. Prices greatly rftdueed for desirable stn. El' atrl family Rooms; steam heated, and lu Hral rate order throughout. Mas to order. Joints, 10 and 15 cents; Chop Steaks, Ac., 15 aud 20 cents; Poultry and Lame, 25 and 31 cents; utlicr Hung* In proportion, fail and aee. S. E. MEAD, Proprietor. POLITICAL, At a meeting ok the twenty-first wako Yo'inis M n'a Democratic Club, held ov?r Coch -ant 's Distillery, East T .ilriy-ihird street, between Flrsta Su< oud avenue, -I, ibe following resolution was carried u a luioos. 1> 1, notwithstanding the defeat of Hon. Fernanda Wood lor Mayor, w? pledge ourselves to uphold the Moxa.t d mocratic organl/.at on, believing the principlea embodied therein to bo correct, and wi h our pres. nt able una w. rttiy Mayor aa standard bearer, oar principlea mist prevail. T..0 mi e.nig adjourned with three cnesrs for Mayor Wood. Tbo nevi meeting will be held the drat Tnurad iy in January, ItMB Per order. H. P. COCHRANE, Chairman. Dr. M. Fi.thk, Treaiurer. Political banners, plaos and transparb* clea of every description on band aud to order. HOJER A GRAHAM, Artists and MauuiactursflL 1?7 Duanc street. MEDICAL. An important work.? a uuide por thb i i !?d, cr those contemplating It. Tiie afflicted, deollit*te4 or dlsetsd > In uld not marry or adopt any treatment till the* have informed themselves of the truth, only found In Da LA K.MONT S Paris, London and New York Medical Ad viae* and Mmrlage Guide (IXfth edition). Mailed for SI by RICBe AltDSON, No. 1 Veary atreet, and BOSS A TO USE Y, Ul Nassau atreet. The Doctor curea all aucb affections, recent or oi long ii landing, expeditiously and privately, aa for yean past, at 647 Broadway, up stairs, troin 0 A. M. to 6 P. M. A PERFECT CURE IS GUARANTEED.? A RADICAL eure is always i tfecte.d by Dr. WARD, 12 Lalkhl slreat, who cures, besides, lu half the time and chargga. Affections caused by mbrcuby and certain dtaeaae* are specuily cured by Dr. WABD, IS Laighi street. CHARLES JOHNBION, M. D., OBSTETRIC PHYSI cian and burgeon, treats all diseases oi women and children; special Irregularl lea and all obstructions re mov ed and *jieedy relief gnai auteed in every case. Can be con sulted at his private rooms. 4H East T*el th street, live door* westol Broadway. At home from 10 A. M. to 8 P. M. DK. WARD is TREATING ALL DISEASES OP FB. males with unparalleled succch*. Something for erexy lady? Ids Great Bcnelactor. Oilice, 12 Latent atreet. ___ DR. R. COBBBTT. MEMBER OF THE NEW YORK University and ileulral College, and College or Suf Muni, London, can l? consulted with the moat hon' ra la oonildence on speoial dia? ases, at his office. 20 Centre it-reet^ near Chambei a. N. B.? See Dr. C. a diploma in bis affiu* 1'rivaie enirauce at No. 6 City Hall place. Dll RALPH'S OFFICES, 130 CROSBY STREET, COB ncrol Houston. Hours, 11 to 2 and 6 till 9 P. M. DR. COOPER, NO. M DUANE STREET, MAY BB COM. Sillied on all dl-eahea of a eerta.n nature. Twentyw rtobl years eieluaively devoted to these complaints enablM him to warraut a cure lu all eaten. The victims of mlspiaceA Confidence m medical pretendera can call, with a awrtaimy <M being radically cured, or no pay. Health restored. -time and moi+ey bavvjb by cousuliins Dr 1'onars, with' Dr. Ward, 12 Lui^hB aireet. Speedy and permatrml cures are warranted. EW MEDICAL BOOK -J>R. BOSTWICK'S WORif C>l? the Sexual System, Narvous Debility, Youthful India* cretlor, with hints lie I ore ?nd after marriage, Ac, isbelor* us, and we do not healtaia to say. It will be hailed by the pro*, fvssh n, as welt as br fie public, as the most truthful an4 ascl ul work of the kiad ever publih'jad. Quackery Is her# exposed and the truth told. It shovUd be In evtry fatu and In the hands of every youug nan and woman in tit* land. From the Snalon Me leal and Surgical JoornaL M illed by Rlchardtou, No. 1 VsMy street ; OoUrrev 'a 831 Bro.o'.way, sndky Dr. B., at. uis oOice, oa East Tw Ifila street? drlre ?1- . where he will. continue the practice of ui?> diclne and eurgery. PERSONAL.? DR. PQELPS, BLE0TR0 -HOsUol path, haa removed W 124 Nlath street, jolt west ot Broadway, wh. r-i ha will tonttnu* tncure female and chronlj I eoiap!a, r.ta gi n<- rally without Injurious niedlclnea. Special) ' ktt ir.I.i. pa d to lie medical uses of electricity, witnoiia | ihocss T> at oxa nftnitlous aud CoasulUtlons ita> or e*eiii"?^. PROireSsOR RESTBUn^HAMBERSSYUKET. CA* hr insulted, u usual, or by tetter to box ^ ???? ?? office No. 8 Harrison avenue. T? HE'SLEYENnt" HOtTB'-IT IS NOI WO ' ''tS, Read the beautlf lly t' Price cents. So u "> I four flojri from M. '. * fftsre. N

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