Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1861, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1861 Page 8
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. 1 The st?*>et continnes dull. The report of the He. retary of the Treasury, and the probable effect iu England of the news of the capture of Mason and flidefl, arc the chief topics of conversation. Money i* very abundant. We presume it can be borrowed on call at 5 per cent, though most of the brokers leave their loans at G. Very few houses are willing to give more than 3 per cent for money ?m deposit. Paper is extremely scarce, and rates declining. Kxohangc is stiff but dull. The leading bankers ark 109 for sterling and 6.15 for francs; but we hear ? f no business abovo 108% and A. 17% a 18%, i>nd very few buyers are willing to give even these rates. The uncertainty which overhangs our rela tions with England may contribute to impart (steadiness to the exchange market at the present lime. Our importations certainly justify no ad vance. For the week the entries of dry goods are ?nly $195,022, against $1,202,031 same week last year, and $1,068,473 some week in 1859. The stock market continues very quiet. Opera tors seem all to have made up their minds to v alt rill news is received from England before making pim liases. In some quarters a disposition is e\ inced to operate on the probable effects of the report of the Secretary of the Treasury; but, nothing of any couscquencc will probably be done until that document is laid before the public on Monday next. At the tint board this morning most of the speculative stocks were steady, (iovernment sixes, however, declined Pacijle Mail y%, Hudson Illinois Central Galena Toledo ?*', and Hock Island Neither the divi dend of 3 per cent jnst declared by the Rock Island Ceinpauy nor the assessment of $5 just levied by the Illinois Central produced any effect on their re spective stocks. Jn the afternoon the market was \<ry dull, and closed inactive, the following being the last quotations:? United States 6's, registered, 1881, 89? H a 00; do. 6'h. coupon. 1881 9 >y, a 03; do.S's, 1874, 82^ a 83; Indiana 5 s, 75 a 7!); Virginia ti's, 48 a 48%; Tennessee ti's, 41.?4 # I'J'i: North Carolina 6-s, 5b% a CO; Missouri 6'sf 40 u 40'^; Pacific, Mail, a 85; New York C. ntral T,yt a 77s J; Eric, 31 a 31}.; do. preferred, 62 a 62; Hudson River, 3<i:,4 a 37; Harlem. ll34 a 12; do. preferred, 29% a 29 V- Reading, 33% a 34; Michigan Central, 48'4 a 48l4; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 17% a 17%; do. guaran teed, 30% a 30%; Panama, 111 a 112; Illinois Central, 00% a 0<i%; Haleo* and Chicago, 70 a 70%; Cleveland and Toledo, 32% a 32%; Chicago and Rock Island, 52% a 62%; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 57 a 58; Delaware, l.ackawana and Western, 05 a 72; Milwaukee and l'rairie du Chien, 1*% a 111; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 87% a H8; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 81% a 82; Penn sylvania Coal, 78 a 78%. All kinds of rnmor? are nfloat with regard to the t- nor Of the report of the Secretary of the Treasu ry: all concur in one point, viz: that it will recom mend. in some shape or other, a large expansion of the currency. It is hardly worth while to discuss the various projects which are understood to have been laid before Mr. Chase, as we shall have the report itself in a day or two. It is but right to mention, however, that some of the bank managers are seriously considering the policy of a general bank suspension in the event of a large issue ol paper money under the authority of Congress. If the government is poing to issue $200,000,01)0 or $300,000,000 of paper money, and make it a legal tender, our banks will have to suspend for their own protection. They arc in an excellent situa tion to do so. There is not less than $50,000,000 of coin iu New York city alone, and $100,000,00(1 more in the whole countrj than there was a year ago. The foreign exchanges are still in our favor, so thai coin cannot flow abroad. Tn view of the un i , r tain ties of the future, as well in reference to the rebellion as to oor foreign relations, a general bank eusponsion might prove a measure of natural Ue J'encc and conservatism. We learn that a determined effort is going to be made at this session of Congress for the repeal ?>f 'ho Reciprocity treaty with Canada. Repre sentatives of border constituencies have alway bcen opposed to it, as, in their view, it gave to Canada benefits which were by no means requited by the province. A generous regard for a neigh boring and allied people has hitherto induced the bulk of the members of Congress to oppose the steps taken for its repeal, and the project has been deferred from session to session. This winter, it teems, the opponents of the treaty count upon buc cess. They ha\e taken the pains to collect complete files of the Toronto Ltwler and Quebec t \ronir.le? the government organs? which certain ly brentbe a spirit of unreasoning and implacable hostility to the United States government, and cf extraordinary and unaccountable sympathy for the rebels; and they reckon that, with this ad ventitious aid, they will be enabled to induce a majority of the members of Congress to repeal the treaty. The Canadian govern ment will be at liberty to enact a reciprocity treaty with the Southern confederacy if it succeeds in establish ing its independence. This will doubtless comolc the people of Canada for the advantages whieh their present government *eems so solicitous to throw away. Another pro ject, which has hardly assumed a definite shape as yet. looks to the establishment of a new commer cial system, which will effectually prevent the ex portation of United States produce by way of Canada. If, as the Canadian government seems to assume, it is the duty of tJreat Britain to make war upon this country, it is highly nccessary to prevent our people getting into the habit of using the (5 rand Trunk Railway or the Canadian canals a- a means of communication with the seaboard. We notice that the Chamber of Commerce in thin city, in its very sensible memorial to the gov ernment praying that the Assay Office be author* j7.ed to coin money, estimates the gold yield of t alifornia at $70,000,000 annually for the past five year-'. 1856-1660 inclusive. We should like to know ?what authority the Chamber has for this statement. We do not believe that the annual yield of Califor nia for the years mentioned waa over $'">,000,000, if it wag so inucli. If the Chamber wants its stntc Kscnts to carry weight, it should avoid blunders to easily detected as this. The Sub-Treasurer received to-day from tho banks the ninth instalment of the second fifty million loan- $3,500,000. About a million was paid iu Treasury notes, and tho balance iu gold and de mand notes. The following was the business of the office to-duy: ? Kec-ipts $4,00*3.473 02 (?"or i ll. toms 100,(100 OO ? Treasury notes 3,&O7,rj0A 25 r?yuu-m."( including redeemed 6 p. c. notes. 1,1*4.04- 80 Balance 8,093.737 10 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $10,390,216 37, and the balances ?1 ,242,513 C7. The Illinois Central Railroad Company has issued the following notice: ? Ala meeting Of the Hoard ? ! Direetoi * of tlie lninmg ('? nil ul Company, held at their <i(1m'o Hi New York tins .lay , it una Ko^'olved, Thai an ks-oe luwni of five dollais per t-jiitre '.pon the scrip shmw of the eaplul Uo-'k 01 tho company \:e. and the game is hen by . callc.i , payable on the JOth <:?v ? ?I January , 1*02, m>d that ill" tame ho jmyabW- on the stock registered in the city of Sew York at ibc office of 1 lie e'liupanjr in that city and on tho xt'.ck registered iu l,ond<? at the o1IW;u of Messrs Robert licnnon \ Co., |,,n. 1.4. and that' parties desiring to pay their asse sment in l.en .en may pay the s.mi? at * raw . f noiia eni t Ave dollars |*ir share to the c mi^any In the ?->;>? i/f Now York. ! t, -olved, That U.rt transfer Wfcs be cleped on tho / ! i n . n of the 16th January next, and reopened en the J h ujy <if the same month ; and that no ti an?fer he per il . d i.i or after that day of tliai c? upon which '.h'- fore. , as-i.' mieiit shah not have been p" I. i he eighty dollar certificate* are to bo returned ? n payment of the above. Ti e iiii t'.tors of the Chicago and Bock -IT'! .Friday, Dec. 0?6 P. M. Nfc-w York, l>ec. 6. IROI THOMAS E. WAjUtttt Treasurer Railroad, lit connection with tl.c'r (fcclaraflori of their dividend of three per cent yesterday, made tlie following stntement: ? Cush in baud of treasurer $322 ,3b# '<0 Deducted three por cent dividend 185, o4? M Total 50 rayments for next six months, ending June 30, 1802 ? I>ue .Inn. 10. 1(162. interest on In nils. . .f43,:'>98 Due heb. 1 , 02, rent I'eoriaVal. Branch 02 .'?00-J_i 1,896 00 Surplus $4ft,80? ft 0 The Cincinnati Gazette of Wednesday thus notices money and exchange matters in that city:? The money market continues to work easy. There has been increased employment for currency, consentient u | ioi i por k operations, and a large amomt. ia<, f??r tho time, beou withdrawn from Third street, but the surplus from late accumulations, and the dally receipt', furnish u supply fully equal to th? demand. Tb?re is some increase In the oiiei iiig,; ul l?pei, but Iihj l.uiH are prepared to I<?n a great dcnl more money than is callud for. Theie baft been for nomo time pant . and iliere is now, a demund fur good paper in excess of tbe supply The standard, however, by which borrowers are measured, is fully sus tained, the amount of idle capital and tbe desire naturally existing in flnd profitable employment for It failing to lead lenders into invei-iments that <lo not come up to tho standard. Exchange lias increased m supply , the latter coming mainly from the pork traue. There lias not beeu a corrn*|*irding improvement in tbe demand, and Kastern balances are consequently in the rising scale, lauding to a dull and heavy market; but thus fur rates laivo been sua. tallied at j,.ir buying and '4 proiniuiu selling. A Chicago banker bus Ihwi m this market for several days buying New Y?ik exchange, and an intelligent dealer in that city wriUis (but tho Northwest will hav e to rely to a large ex tent upon the market for supplies during the winter. Some of our bankers are of tho opinion, nevertheless, that a decline of t., tg likely to occur. The Milwaukee Sentinrl of Tuesday says: ? Tito ninn'y market dM not present any particularly new features yesterday. Kxchango was a shade easier, and gold declined '4 per cent ? the brokers selling the latter freely at 1% per cent premium. The banks all exchange to customers at 1 percent. The llank Oouip t roller s otileial notltlcatiou of the appointment of redeem ing agents, in conipliince with tho uow banking law. has not yet beeu received by the bankers of this city ; but s?>me of them, nevertheless, yesterday announced their readiness to redeem the issues of such banks as had made them their agents in coiu at \ of 1 per c?ni. or m exchange on New Yoilc at 1 per eeut discount, lbero ?ere but f.'w applications for redemption, an I these only of Insignificant amount. Currency is comparatively f' arce, and will prolwblv continue so for some time, as it will evidently be the policy of the banks tiereatter to avoid any extension of circulation beyond the actual wants of business. The fhieago Tribune of the same day re marks: ? Tin* money market is working smoothly, ami very lutlo variation Is uotlceuble from day to itay. All legit nn:ite business paper in n attily taken by the bank*, ami hence fen itreet operations are made. Monuy Is lull as plenty a h it ought lobe, iir<l "?ncral!y l>uslue<s of all kinds Is prosperous. Thechau, from the few weeks Itumed lately succeeding tho death of "stump tail, M when we had no money, uud what our business public now oxj e: i i 10 ? . is truly wonderful, and tliat it could liave occurred in si short a time, It' possible, still more wonderful. Exchange Is working closer, thoiiKh some of tho larger banks ft ill report that limy aru making wore than they noil, 'lho Indiana hi an< In sand the ltaiik ol Montreal have sold to day to customers at . St urges ft Pons, J. Y. Bcamnion atul tho brokers cliaig ? \ , and a few ohargc ) 't on email bills. Uio range in th ? buying peine is >j a ,'4. It is eon iidcntly expected that the pork trade will relieve the market in a week or two. Still exchange, even at is a very different thing frem what it >s at 10 percent premium. Gold is not wanted to any considerable ex tent. The heavy banks charge 'k premium; the brokers ^ nl per cent for small lots. The buying price is almost '? premium. Annexed arc the details of the earnings of the Galena and Chicago Railroad for the fourth week in November: ? 1860. 1861. Freight $18,763 17 ??,8W08 In... 14,102 8S Passengers (1.679 02 8.81U04 Inc. 2,240 02 Mails, ftc 2.066 64 1,100 00 Dec. 1,886 64 Total $24jOP8 83 39,788 09 Inc. 14.780 2 i Whole month of November, 1M1. .. $172,485 05 Whole month of November, imjO 142,657 81 Increase $29,827 24 Tlic earnings of tlie Cleveland jtnd Toledo Rail road for the last eight days in November were:? 1K60. 1861. Pm-engers $13. M4 oo u.",63 oo Freight 18 006 oo 18,703 00 Total $26,150 00 30.456 oo Total mouth this year $89,307 00 Totnl mouth last year . . . 88,674 00 Gain $5,823 00 Gain on lust eight days 4.806 00 The earnings of the Michigan Central Railroad for November were : ? 1861 1242,089 J 3 1800 106.182 27 IncrrnsP $45,900 *6 Judgment wan rendered in the Montreal Supe rior Court last week by Judge Monk, in the suit of Mor rison against the Grand Trunk Railway. The appointment of a receiver, to work the railway ami receive its revenue", wns refused, the Hon. Judge holding that the law of Lower Canada does not sanction t he sequestration of the property of a cor poration incorporated by act of Parliament. Stock Exchange. V'KfPAY Pec. 6. 1861. 100 she NY C RR.H16 77 I0O do 77 400 do p\C 77 300 do. si 5 77 100 do b60 7732 ? luO do 1)60 77 io do. .. 50 Erie RR . ...slO 31 230 Hudson Klvor RR 36!, 180 Harlem RR 12 * 100 Mich t en RR. . . . 47 200 47 50 do 48 200 MldiSoW !ud itil 17 60 VW h SnftX lnd g s 36 'i 26 1 .mama RR Ill 50 111 Cen RK sci ip. . 60', v & Pitts RR. . 16'., 260 do 17 loCleve.l 'ol ft I'lnHR 100 200 Galena ft Chic RR 70 50 do hlO 70 100 do ylO 70 800 'lev & Toledo Rll 32 ^ 100 do b60 32', 150 Chic .V Rk 1 d RR 62 S 50 do b30 !i2)? nOARP. 60 she Mich Ceil PR. 48'? 100 do 48 >4 50 Mi ? ft Nl g'tstk M'i 60 Panama RR Ill 100 111 t en RR scp.slO 00", 100 do slO 60 >4' 200 f'lev tt Pitts RR. . 17 200 do 16V 100 do 16 \ 100 Gsl ft Chi RR.slO 70 1 HO 'lev ft To! RK.... 82 10 Chi ft Rk 1 RR.. 62%' 50 do slO 52, 1 a 10 Mil ftfrduth nRR lu' rrr commekcui. report. Fkway, Dec. 6?6 P. M. Amir-. ? The Market unchanged, while small sales of |iots were made at $0 50, and of pearls at f.'> 66 l!ui a i '.-n i)i. ? flour ? The market was less buoyant and active, while prices for most descriptions were unchanged. There was a disposition ,on the part of operators to wait for later foreign news. The .-.ales embraced about 1S.0O0 obis. , closing within the fulUwing range of prices: ? Superfine State ..$6 38 a 6 50 Kxtra to fancy State 6 60 a 6 75 RQwrlna Western ft 85 a 6 M Common to choi e extra Western 5 65 a 6 75 Canadian. 6 66 a 6 75 Souther n mixed to good snperfiue 6 75 a 6 10 l-'itrado 6 26 a 7 26 Gc.od t" choice family do 7 25 a 8 00 Kyc iw .... 816 a 4 60 Corn meal , Jersey and Prandywine 3 00 a 8 26 ? Canadian flour was steady and prices unchanged, while the sales embraced about 1 ,200 bbls. Southern Hour was infirtr demnnd.w ill stiles of ] 900 bbls. at tho above llgurt'H, Ryo flom' was In good demand, with a fair amount of sales at our quotations. Corn meal was moro active and prices steady at our liguroe, with sales ol soo bhls. Wheat wa- less active and hi :oy ant, while prices were without chiuige of importance. The sales em braced about 225,000 ha-hote, junt tor future delnerv, at $1 14 a $1 47 for while Michigan(.$l 37 h il 43 r?.r white Ohio and Indlabu, $1 87 A $1 88 f> r amber Mi Ligan $1 88 a $1 86 tor tod Western, $1 2$ n 20 I lor Canadian club, $1 81 a .*1 34 for red .State. $1 *6 a f 1 29 for Northern club. $1 30 a $1 31 lor anilicr West ern. $1 26 n $1 20 for Milwaukee club, $1 24 a $1 27 for Ruciue spring, and #1 20 u fl 26 for Chicigo spimg. Corn w?s htavy, and cloned rather easier, with sales 01 133,000 b i.'hels at 63c. 11 flr.'.c. lor shipment Iuuil , and 6:te. a 64c. for VYe?;crn mixed lor ex|?jrt , 06?. ?ur Western yellow. Parley was quiet at 70it*a 78c. for Kute ?nid Canada West. Rvci was Ann, with sales of 11.000 bushels at ti4c. tor Western, and 86c. u 8T0. for state. Oats were heavy and lower, with free -ales of Western .md Canada at 46c. . and at 45c. a 45 for state. Cmrrr..? -The market was firm. Many holders were not in the market, iiroressing to await the rejjort of the secreta' \ of the Trejisnry regarding the necessity of a further iiiO'eaw iu il.c rates of duty. ConoN ? Tlie market active and llriter, and again e!f>ro.l et an adv. iie.e of 1 cent | >er lb. 'I he sales 0111 braced about 4,090 , about 1,200 a 7,40? of which xuire taken by splnneis, and the retrain ler on s[iecula t ion. closing on the basis of 31c. f.c uiubiltg rplat ds. Fskioiit- ? Tliere whs more ol - riu^, wbii* weie iW't and favored shippeis. 'fe |,.. ,?p.'*il ab/ ' 40 000 a 'o (i00 bsshels of corn w? re c'tia, (sl ,.t T*Jd. a 8d.. in ii 'lk mil th I'M l ag' lb 000 bu.-le ,m v. In )? t 1't nd., I 1 .000 tWf. flow nt 2s j 1 .800 boxes coeese .11 (Wg by $lf)0ii0 1 S? >.'81,rng 89'B 3000 US6 s. 81,tOU. 93 1000 do (12% 3000 1'S 8's,'74 con. 82,', 2000 hi 6 p C I bds. . 70 16000 Tenn BV, uo... <11 ?. . ?ooo Missouri 6 s... f) 2000 California 7 s.. 82 1000 .Michigan 6'a. . . hi 3000 Urooklyn c w 1 . 96 ^ 2000 do." 97 looo MiChpclmafcb. 91 's Uf do KM 3<M8I do 91 'i *?000 C H\gHH8',? bd <? 4 1O000 C ft N W 1st m 38 J, 1000 I. K &W 2dmbs 45 3( 00 ClevftTol stbdB 76 V 2000 Cal ft CU1 Istm 98 lOshs ShonftLBk. 87 10 P ft 11 CCo extiiv s2 40 P' nil Coal Co. . . . 78 50 Pac M Sg Co ?4 'i 50 do S4>^ 10 do 85 150 ik) *15 25 do.......s3 85 8KCOND i.V)00 t. S 6's,'81,cou. 93 600t) Tonne's, '90.... 41V 2000 California 7 s... 81% 1000 Virginia C's. .. . 48 8000 N York li K. '73. 105 3000 .\ Y Cen RK 7'b. 101 10 sbs Metro Bank. . !?) 250.N VCenRK 77?,' 225 l ac Mail PS Co.. 84 60 do "30 S4^ IfiaaieRR ."1 60 Hud River RR . . 36 50 Mich Cen RR. ... -ts 100 'C *30 48 rtnstrfr, "and 100 b"ei?s K^on at 27s. 8d. , 4'0<? kegs hutt^ nt Hi*. , by steamer, 2 \f*) tinies bacon at HO*. , fir kins butter at tK)s%, iiU,i loo bbls. apples at 7#- 1? linden 2,600 ?Jlt. (four at 2s. 7tfd., and 250 bfxos cheeto at iog. To Glasgow 5,000 bushels wheat * 9H<> i ^ ships' bugs, iinil 5uO bbls. flour at 2s. 7 iW?'. To Au'.^er,, JO ,000 bushel* rye wfcie engaged atlod. , in buJJi, and 20,000 do. . In ship* bags, at lid. A ship lieliCO tor (ialvray eugaged a full cargo of wheat at Hd., in bulk, and a British brln to a direct port lu Ireland with 14,000 bushels corn at lo^e,, in bulk. JUy was Arm, with sales for shipment at 70c., and for City use at 80c. lIuiKx.? A moderate demand h?s prevailed throughout the wofk . at a slight decline 1n prices, Importers beliig more willing to oflbr tlmir stocks. Receipts are lllljii, unri stock ou hand onty 2D0,000. Ti>? sales liavo t?,oii ? 1,600 dry Buenes Ayres, ill lbs., 22c., Q months; 2.600 Jry Rio Grande, 20,'j lbs. , 21Jic., 0 nx<nth*; 8,000 drj California, 23 lbs. , 22o. , 8 months: I ,lu0 dry Maraoaibo, 24 ll>-. . 18e. , o months; 2,000 n>no i abello, 22 lbs. ,18c., ti months; 3,000 dry salted Peruambuoo, to arrive, P. N. K. ; 4,200 city (daughter, 60 ,i 70 lbs. , 6}^c. a (U4'c. , cash; 2,000 country slaughter, 60 u 70 lbs., p. t. ; 200 Westorn slaughter, 78 lbs. , p. t. JjUinBR. ? For hemloek fole the ninrket 1ms heen quiet during the week. A low Eastern buyom visitod the Swamp, but their views being no low few sales were eltWted. The receipts from tho tanneries contlnuo large, but mutt soon fall olT, owing to tlio close of navigation. Shipments to Europe continue to be made to a consider able oxtunt Moi aro.? A ?mall sale of22hh<ls. Cuba was mado at 20c. ? NAVAi.&mtiFs.? Spirits wore unchanged; sales of 2,000 bbls. common rosin were made at $5 37 a $5 62*i , per 310 pounds. Provisions.?! Pork?-' The market exhibited no change of momeut in prices. The sales footed tip above 700 a 800 bbls. at $13 60 a $13 76 for Western mess, and $14 a $14 25 lorciiy prime mees; prime at $8 62^a$u. Beef was lirm and active. The sales embraced about 450 bb s. ui $12 for plain Chicago, and $14 a $14 50 for city prime nv >s. lloef hams were steady ,vr it h snles of 150 bbls at $1 6 a $15 25. Cut meats wore steady, but quiet. .Sales of 60 packages were made at 5c. for shoulders, and Cc. a 7c. fomewhaui.-'. dressed hogs .were selling at 4,\c. a 4;\,c. Ilacon was in good demmd, with sni.-H of 300 boxes at 8c. for city short ribbed , und at 7c. for Cumberland cut ? all Ibis month. I-ard was firm and in good demand , with sales of hoo packages ut ?c. a 0 >;c. , on tho spot; Oc.. delivera ble by January 16, and 8}^., by tho last of the month. Butter aud cheese were in good demand, and prices un eliutigcd. Ben i>. ? Sales of 10.000 mats of cassia were made at 2se.: 1.000 cases do. at 28c., now held at 29c. a 30c., and 2,300 bags of pepper wore sold on private terms. .-uuahs. ? Ihc market continued ilrni, with modi rate sale*, which embi aee l about 3b0 lihus. port Porto Rico at H*i,e., and t'elias at 7c. lor inferior reiining grades to 7 f?o. a 8c. for fni" no., and gXOOerS' grades do. at 8c. a 8\e. T. 'Bacco. ? Stocks are getting higher aud prices are very 11 rut . The sales averaged 367 hi wis. Kentucky at 10 V- a U<-. ; 78 bales Havana at p. t. ; 52 cade* seed leal' at sc. a 16c. WiiOhlY wan flrrn, with sales of #00 bbls. at 20c. a 20 (???., chiefly at the inside figure. Wool. ? Tho ma kot is about the samo as last week; if any change it n rather in favor of tin buyer. Foreign wools are lets Inquired for than they wire; domestic demand about the same; pulled stock light, but equal 10 tin wants of b.,yers; lino tierces aro a littto more in re quest, but pikes favor the consumer a triilc. We notice sales of about 80 bales Kast IiiuIh. 57 bales coarse It ssi i and 160 bales Mi.yrna on terms ma lueullouod; 75.000 lb(. fleece a 4ti''. to 48c., 30,000 lbs. pulled at 46c. and 300 California; private. SHIPPING NEWS. AMI AN AO rOK MtW YOKK? Till* DAT. gru max# 1 i* I moon ije.H 10 f>7 Sl'H JET? .... 4 33 | HIGH WATKll. ... . UlOi'll 12 03 Port of New Vorfc, Deceii?l??r 0, 1801. 1 1. FARED. Steamship City of Mufhufr (Br), lla'.erow Llverpool J 'si', i 11 T nde penderee, Thrane, Fhanghnc? F Hathaway. Ship tame Cf .'k. Jay ne, Haug Kong? JC -j. welt A to. Shin Celrsl'ti' Empire, l'lorc , UveriiooJ ? Jsnuw A Buvgrss. Ship Htar "t the Went, Morrlaou, Llvet'pool-S Thornr*. " ? ^ .sVi'ip Vim.Mir, .Johnson. Liverpool? Lawvcne?, Giles A to. RhtB <Wi,1s, spttrr, Liverpool? R Irvln A ( .... Slilp 8amlui?ay, hinnckin, London? Sturaea, Mearnian A ? '&&&? A llnrk rhaii?*a Keau, Hw an, l'urt Koyal ? M? ( ready. Molt A ( iii ig J Kiitatott < Br), Clark, Plymouth fox- ordcra?D II Do " Brif Atlantic. Blivak, Barbados? H Tit)wbrlO?Bj? Bohh. Scl.r Eli/n A ' 'nth.' rule ( Biv, Billiard, Nansuu, N I ?J Dojg ^Hcl.r Equator. Albunr. Harbor l?lattd--I Eneni. Sclir Ruruv. M . rrls, W ..III IIV 1> R Dew oil. Si In ' >d?-. *-x ? Br), Bradley, H .11:' >x? D It I) -wolf. Hel.r Ann I). Newton, BaliUitoi .j-Motl Bedi-IL SehrJ R Franklin, Townsend, bnowhlll? Maater. S. iir W I) I'lut. Wya.l, Suowhiil? Master. Sclir Gertrude, Flie-h,' oke? Mu*tcr, S( ur M.-dad l'l,i:t, llltr/ard, Wilmington? 11 M Harding. Sclir Kmel m- Hi kev, Tice. Philadelphia? J W McKee . Sclir at. SiminotiB, Gail by. Philadelphia ? A t Havre* Si lir A Simpson, . rblludulphla? Master. Sciir Transport. Tilden, Philadelphia? Mast. r. Kmc Mlnena. JelTVrson, Philadelphia? Master. Srlir Vcta, Ti itilm, t ape May? Waster. Sdu K vi lino, Gui.tly , tniio May? Master. Si lu S. Taylor, Drake. Ei-'K Harbor? M isttr. s.-nr \ V T.ylnr. Duke, Etc Harbor? Mafter. Sclir s T tiller. Darbranuh. ti.nider? Vaster. Sclir S|?- le. Ptntard, Maurh-e Klver? Mn'ter. Si Ik r N f'liiior.l, hlriti', Klttery ? (t I. llateh. Scl.i 11ihIm.ii. Stocking. New flavi n? H S Ra.-K. tt. Rchr Tablilm A Hannah. Nowell, Sorwalk? A C Havene. Srlir lj.ii.-a, W. okn, Hrl.tKepovl-J W Jl.-Ker. Sloop tiertr.-ile, Kri eniai., sno? bill? Mn-ter Sloop illooniiiiK Vonvli, IliU, Snowbllt ? A t Haver.". Sloou Ellen, Spilnasiiivtl, N.-? Huvbii? Miutlor. Steamri-Wtn Woodward, Omnllff. llaltiniure. jfu-amer Allda, Hotjlnson. I'liilttilelphlu. arrived. Rtrai.ixl ip Bavaria (Hau.i, Meier, Hambuig. Nov 17. via KouthaintiionVltl.. with nul>e and pa??engei^. to Kunl.anlt A to. Had continual NW gales tbo entire pasting.'. Arrived "'t'sMea'tn !r..o?nort V.uolerlillL, Ij-fevre, Fort Hojfal. St, l)c. a. * Itb ntalNRld rflhfctiigern, totol D 1) Tompkim. b ? ^ Siran.~liipthi'?apeake, trow ell. Portland, with ind?e nnd pa^arnger*. lo H B t'roinwrll A Co. Mill. t;u> Munii^rlng, Uollarn. Lt\?ip?10l, Nov 8, with eoal. to K I. I'mvIoi-. llas.'W Ht*navi< |w?w>raer*. No. 10. lot 4J i'i loll lit, ex.'iiuuged' with ?hip ft lid Hanger, bound Kl lfltb, Ut i!>, Ion 36 20, paaawd ahlp Emily Ai.gtmti., bound EShip Yorkshire, Falrbaiilw, Liverpool, Nov 7, with itidM a?'l 'IS pa^fngfr*, to C li Marnhalt Sl Co. Nov 28,^ hit 41 14, It.n 41 a stoiiTiu'r, bark riKRCU. Ht?.?rljitf show jna i ii?* rt lH'i !!;??< oi !???arpfl to h??v? lo$t her bulwarks; hau a spread iMcb on tiej M?-t n ; had while w hoelbo,,... Sl.lo Alnicti, WllUaiua, Wverpool, -Nov 7, with liulsc, to Ws".ip' llai-reit Queen. Voiing. IJverjiOol, Nov 9, with mdse ami '.'7 pasHt'tinrra, to . 11 -M .l rv I wi 1 1 A to. SUtilVi-.ti rn Empire fol Boston), Nebat.ghlin, Liverpool, 27 days, with t-alt, to maater. Ship Washington, White, Liverpool, 26 days, wlthiinlxe, to WKhlp t'-a'tilllan .of Newhtirvportl, Pi-ortor, London, 'm dav?, it. hallaat, touiaster. Siii ? Toronto (Br, ? <t <J!i?sgow\ lorrau '?*. (ilaHgow. .^1 d?\ * wnli mill, to Edinlbtoti IVros. Nov 4, lat S024. Ion 12 04, saw bark Eli/a, of S John, NH, bound E: Htb. Iar4i> 21, Mi 1701 "iw sliiptaviw right, of Searsport. b ,.tnd I'. lOtb, lat i 2t)J.o', loll 1J 18. si w O .rk Homely, of .ler*?v. bound K BhijiSt llileiui Hr.ol Belfast), tutti r, Beilast, 27 .lays, ! '"silhl ltL'-i'iZi'^Br.' of Dnblln), Mumhy, P iblln,S2 davs. in liallaM, l?i tiriiiiiell. Mliitnrn .? to. 1st Inst, lat 40 32, Ion I 04 40, spoke bark Rurronda, from l.lmerlek for New V. rk. I flhlp Al'.ee toimi-e iof thoniaston), Simps, n, Havre, 4.1 I '^blpAmJJaii' (of^Bos'o^'Krlly, Havre. X days, in lHillast, t to t 'fin Wer A Warren. Nov 27, lat 42 20, Ion 50 30, paiiied ship : Koa in ke, holier for llaviv. j Ship rtodlan iBi ), llill, t alaU, 1 ranee, C2 day% In ballast, I "shii* 'ls-abella (Br, of Vrlnee Edward Island), McDonald, Prince Kdward lsliiud. i) days, in ballast, to muster. Hark .Heroine (of Boston), Ryder, Hong Kong, Jalv fi, Anuiei Aug lit, teas, A<\ to master. Ha\ e been !o day s I'roni latin, lot. &4. with heavy wester It files, broke mnlu vard, split nd lostsalls, Ac. ?tet27, lat 1 26 N, loo ft. W . hd .kit l ark Sumter, of iind from Boston tor 1 alparmso; Nov lb, passed a herm hrlw steering 1J, ? show ing n w bite ilaj. with i a blae I'voas; 30-h, latS7 16. loll bS 16, spoke bark . iraM lie, | f rom Bermuda for New York.23d.iVs out ; Dee 3, lat ,li !??, I ion 6921. spoke brig Is,. a M liens.. u, bene, tor 1 ata. N v ft, 1 lleniy \\ llili.nis, . oi u . d seaman, or Bermuda, died. Bark Enchant rcM (lir>, rittemdich, London, 54 ?lay^, ?n ^"iark '? arl'o (Aust), aeli, London, 42iljys,in ballast, to "li'aVk tin inner tBr. o' London t, Achlltr-e, Puiiderland, f days, with roal, to H A F \V Meyer, lias exp. riotieed very heavy weather; hiol decks swept, bulwarks stove, . Ac. Bark Cambrian (Br, of Scarboro), Wilson, Cork, XJ days, '"llaJlP' R' '?!*.?* . Br,' of Sunderland), Strong, Loudon. b rry, CO itava in ballast, to W Sltterdale. k?i' 1' (Br, r>f Rund"rland). lleadle.y, lTainburi:. 49 duvs! in i'allsst. to \V Sitter, ale. Uee 2 lat !? I?>, Km fl ?tl f. !l I, with Br l ark tollnda, hence for Cork. In a alnklim coil litlo.i' took off captain and cn-w. tSee Mliei-llan-.tiK. ; Nov lti, lat 37 30, Ion tsJ, pass. .1 bark ClaM C Bell, hence tor 1 Ha^'k Nineveh (of ThomastonV Ronev, Havre. 53 .lay.', l i ballas., to Snow A Bnt-^ers. 1 . mst, 1st tO 4S, l^n t.7, ?aw a ! lTi-g.- Atiterieau palmed |H.rt ship, ate. i :ng W, with losaot ' " ! Hark 'Henry1 l>"'r 1 1 ' 'k (ofBucktport), Heal*, lluvat.a. Nov ' 24, in imHnBt, to rnnvicr. Sailed in compauj N\uh buiK-Joiiu "VVH^rkr^rvr<^w's?Key West, 32 days, in lwlliiH, loonier. Sark Volunteer (ef Boaton), (lor!, mo, Nov 21, iiml Ley West 24th, in ballait, to niaaier. ^"fk Osi'ir, (ilbb?, Mufapolaeit, J dajs, u> ballast. Will '' BHg'r i Br, of Short ham), Horner, Liverpool, 70 Tatnple.i, lUdays, with nnUe. '"lhvP. -.'oushlre (Br), Master- St Thomas. 22 day-, with r,lBtlgi'"?"tnpil?,r' .-'Br' "?'?fHi'j-hn. SB), Newall, Clenfuefw, 1 2<i days, with s.itar, to Fowler A J ova. , I Hrlg Common*'. ? .!'h (Br), i harltoii, Halifa\, N.-, 1- Invs, j " iVr 'm'. lesto.a, V'f kc tt, EliinbotUport, nn I failed for Bos j 1 s'-lii E ..lord Webb, Frertnan, Olasgow, O t 10, wi h ln.lsc, 1 to Tlioiaiis . Nov 20, on Ut.jJgcs ,, passe, I the I wreik ol a l-ri?. wlUi tmirtt'ls aot.c, bulwaj-ka atuv.s nnd toptmi'tb xbw ii" jwfsrttl W Diianl. Dcc 3, In I 39, loo 7 > in kp , . ?lilp i'hsi, of Bath, from Ij-tihotn fur New York, 'il .s lino l-.eaV westerly gales; lost ah entire salt of B"sci;rt S llaidlt-.g (Br, of Farrslioro, NSi, Morris Mata moras, :?) .l-.v.s, ,-.iiti hides, wool, A.-, to ?tib!MiiittcA to fk-br Kaabe'e, Aekley, Neuvitas, 12 , lays, with augur. Ac. to ,1 M tebiill .s A to Has rxp.Tivnoed heavy we un. r the en tire Lassai;,' bus been C days N of Haiti rua. Sdiir W II tlare (Br), Bethel, llurbor Islund. 0 ii....s with fruit, to J Douglas. . ? Seiir liolpii.u (Br. ol Arkha'.t, Delora, l'eine ? Edv.-mJ l?t*ml II, Willi pi.ialoes and nots, ... master. Rehr Rambler (Br), , lUitlai, NS, 12 day, with tisli, to "'Sob /sidoula (Br), IHrmi, Pnrrsboro, NS, 12 In pota- ! '^chr E M llabcock, Robinson, Eliiabelliport, and sailed for | Ws*iVr 'i< Sawyor, Gamago, Elizabelhport, and nailed for j B?'tir E J Mnnscll, Kelly, Ellznbe'hport, and failed for ^fte-'ir N'i w- M.-xlco, Btirnett, E'izabelliport, aud sailed for ^ Seii" Ahni.a T, Briggs, Elixabcthport, nnd ??lled for Pro ''se'ta's A I > Ins, Burgesj, Barnegat. Ri-hr s.-l. le, .1' yiiolaa, Joneaboro. s br F Newt, it, Rodman, Bangor. s. Ur P t Raiide.s, Thompson, Bunion f ,r Flill.t e plim. S l.r Charles. ' '. l-man, Taunton. t'cl'i Dart, J'Lil'.p", Taunton. flcbr IPTlllltfrr PnHtfir; H?:hr J mm V JD urfev, J)?r' *^ayp hchr Am*rlcu, Re.v> River. ? r****, r ha idem*. |t:r^^".}^8tn^r^VUn siwl^Httii'l' l|l'ii^n'n l"lr Boston. **, I -all, Bull, ElUabethport, ami sailed for Brldge Daniels, Elirabethport, and sailed forProrl Jane Grant, Grant, Albany. ? .'Uuitr Win Woodward. Cundlff, Baltimore. fbeamer Stevens, Ha. nor, Baltimore. Steamer J R Thumps* 11, Chance, Baltimore. hit suier Schriver. Adams. Itulilnime. Btesiimr Vulcan. Morrbon. Philadelphia* K'eamer Saitih, June*, Philadelphia. Steamer Oapray, Keuncv, Providence. BKTjOW. Ship Sum Diinnlug, Kkoltleld, from Liverpool (by neam tun L Boardinan). Sl.ip Ocean tf.ud, .lack, from Liverpool. Ship Michigan, llavlcn, from Liverpool Oct 21, to Coualnery

A i o. K.nk Patillne (Br), from Sunderland. Brie Empire, Stevens, from Havre Oct 10. SAILED. Steamship Bultl". ftlli? nlit)iK Dublin, Ban Ki.-uiciaco; J II ityerson, London; New Hampshire, and I'arn Klunh, Liverpool; bark* Charles Edwin, Havana; Revolution, Gibraltar; Scotia (Br.), Quecus owu; whr J Walker, l'orto Rico. Wind at sunset E, very light. MlMtllaueouii As the Freud) frigate Poinone was being towed down the North river yenterday afternoon by tlie gunboat Catlnet, she >11014 In collision with tbn Hritiah bark Htaluiwen, lying In the river, outward bound, currying away tli? balk's bow aiirii and all her Head gear. She also catne |n oollfaloii with trie Mexican steamer LosMarlnos. lying further down, ami carried away her foieinast ami uiuliitopinui<t, andall her headgear. The Pouioua had her Hying jib booin carried ?way. Siiif Tmoit, below Huston till Inst, put. Into tlloueester S!h She belonged to the "rat hole fleet," but waa compelled to make a harbor on account of a leak and lossof nulla. ( It waa belore iueorrcetly reported thuT was from Waterford.) Bkitish Bahu Coi.i.nda, fcalU'd hence Nov 28, for Queens town, grain lu,..l"d, having a crew of 17 handa and the Cap tain* wife. Had moderate b ceres until morning of the 30th, wbi.-h coranieuci.'d with torrents oi ralu und threatening weather; by noon the wind had changed from south to NW and blowing a gate. l)ui lug the tale the carg.i had settled a great deal. At I I'. M. the Starboard aide of the deck was under water, and the weight ol tlie water on the lee covering board w in such us to carry away the bulwarks and ?lde porta, start the stauncbeons, mid raised the covering hoard. The cabin, which was a poop one, was full ol water up to the second tier of henna, as was the lopgallaiit fore castle. At 4 P. M.. wore ship to the ?ottth, ihe sea then breaking clear over the vessel amidships, tils time there were (hree feet of w.itei 1 hold, ail hands at the pumps. At 6 I'M the vessel was In .rippled a state that a hark near by was hailed to lay by The crew lit this time being alarmed, desired to leave ' ..I The hark uroveU to im? the Ohryseis, of Bunder !and, Cap' uT-Uv. I- r N*..rk, '^"^ng' "e"ha^d midnight .he , i t-i>t wstfss; ' r ' "i ' i h "1 his' Umewss'hhVwimt ? gale ; "fmfn.lS feet7 i n ,,S by tile vt'ssel, left h. r at 1:30 PM of the 2d Inst, wdth r, ^\hfm wolaki -I wai. rinlhe cabiu ami toi*a!laui IVife astle. c.ipt Uuie an, wife and crew arrived at ibis i?T. yesterday Dce?-The brig Stella, at this nort, feSlu wtth lh?- 'imi. Alien, from bhbdda for W V. i k, on the. J?th O'hl M w? built at'vare>?uth.rMe' ????' ^ ,BUMl A'A M,i ?W"?<1 "-V " Bucktnan, of Varmoutb.) s. on Mksman'a R?u>?. from St Jago for Boston, i? at an ,' . ,,, ?-,.u.,ee| with tows Stove, Ac, having been n o D tart wi?h ship ^aratbot), n on, Live, pool (which arrived at New Vork 1st Inst). c?n BaEttzK -A xitrvev was held on the scbroca B-,'e/c be'tore n porlcd at Nowjion leaking badly, and It was decided t tin t tlio vessel might proceed by ' w hich ?iin 'lone, and ^he sld uliernoou of 4lh for Boston. \i.iitiv from 8a o for New Haven, before reported ashore ii: Kd/artown, has been got of, and Is full or water. ytsrwvRP Nov IS? The American bal k Mary R Riitdjlu-, tor tienoa, which was ashore at Ramuiaker Nov 14, liAH iTfn got o!V siinl tnkt'ii into !? Iiishliifr !???.? ? V?ul. v, wrlUi >? from NY\y a-<ile, Me, that Ship William Singer has uot been placed under the fcng lish i'u?, as rarefied, t A-NC?ltP-Ari uV. libh nil. a brig "f 312 b?H, hot jet named, o^uetl byCapt A Howell (who vrtll coiurwaud her) U'halnutn. ?... v v,.? Bedford 4th lust, bark Lafayette, fibnrman, fr^ i a al* months cruise In the Atlantic tic. an.laat from PnvslOctW ?lth l-*)h'.ls?p oil. Reports, left at Kayalbark II :pe Lewis. Boston, oil as hel. re reporied? ? was re '\. i Uj, me'Ve''' vug 2.s"' In"' ha ^KM, Ion ??, lasting four dava, I i I -t. I .1 bow ho lt off the cranes, had davits broke, gimg u/cnVawav aevnuleen d'ay* ^p/cke^.p 'he w hale, fnm, will I| iv? 'I tluko chaiua; ihf vn U:i1?* was worih?eaa, ha\ - n,K blHMt..i,in x\\? limn. Heard from, b.*t of S.ot, nchr Pal '"^revn-Vr'dV and on 7tb. l ark Mellln, Peblols, Kit 10th harkH <lolrt>nda, Ow i?, do, 430npon boani, M Tn? .1 'klrtw \lu io hd; utl?, All bored. Norman, Kay, k i i Wy') av iiie:thiir? : Samuel ?t Tbomiui, Hoih\ Matt, tt,A lei ter from Ca'pt 'liebl olV orVai'k MevlUi. NB, reports her at ravtjt Nov 8 with btilH 8p oil all iol*i. lioitO' i o?i a cruise to ths < irt Sli'T ' (iiKoio' Re, or's. spoke O. I 7. bark stiella Hiissey N B, 200 sp since last report, all well. Hi ard ot last of ^)ct, liS"kOhlo, Bake, do, 120 sp ainco leaving '""/'St'.'Ir h Cnut Swain, of l?rk Nautilus. NB. reports her a' Pay 'ii Nov I, w l 1 h WO bbls .spoil all told-all weU. *>n ife t"cr Tnm'/c'i pt' J e riiega n, of shlti George A, NB. her Hf l-'iiViil 0?'t 21. having s iippe.l oil as betore le noru d. Had n*Vn whale? ibre.- Iiinw* and KHIed Jnur? three Luiatl and one large *v hair?but lu?t tUu oaae ol the huge on . by Ihc breaking oi blubber hooka. Fnreflffii Ports. Antwerp, Nov 18? Sld Jeverlund* N York. \ ? ii. t vi* \iiv r Kred Shcrer, Hh?T^r, t?laagow. AsVtswaiV, Nov 1!>? Arr ? lir Sumiii, Meli. llar, l'rovldenco ' "its k t^s V/'nov S? Arr .1 B Lichfield. Crockett, Cardiff; nth. Muakil, gum. Taylor. N. wca?tle: Artele, Snow. Shields. k-i.i K.n* Frank lTaviite, Kaudall, t aidlu. . Butt*, Oct Ift? Arr?'as:>'r, tiuthrio, Moro de Sao 1 aolo (and sld Kith lor Liverpool). Slrt Oct IS. bark Klf . Plnckney. Rio .Tanclro. Bukmis vvks-s. Septs# ? Sld Norttiwood, llillert, taluiouth , 2,sth. chevalier, Johnson. K?et Indies. CAHi'trr. Nov 17? Arr Clara L I'reble. Maxwell. Bllstol. Kl,| 14th tillmor Meivilth, Doanc. ?lnranham; li.ih, Josle Nl. bo a.', Nicholas. I'lv.ia \ ec bia ; Ihtli. Onward, (,ooDlh?, Work : Itoyal Hnde <s), do. .. , . 01. t Atitz Nov .13? Arr KS M.ans, Means. Wo Janeiro. PM IStl, churlottc A Morrison, Mtirrieon, IJuewos Ayrea; Mary l.ucr. its. llowers, Montevideo. . >Li. Nov20-ArrSylpl,lde. L.-mb n for N\ork (and pro Md 17th. !?? H'1 ' ,'eo.'' \m- lury, i .ardill. DraklN. Nov 19? Arr Ouldimr Htsr. Karntord, NV Ktstaolii'Mc. Nov l<r? 'ill', Triiinbil'l, Iron* Antwerp foi Nf/l*ovth, Nov 17- Arr Msrv. Wilson, Rio .lanelro. Pld l.'itl! tv M i Iroton, lli^i IS, Nantes; 1 hinu-r, IMly, llavie. r ?. irN,?'K Nov 17? Arr Sunbeam. Dow. (Jm Lee. ^hl 15, Ve't UK Ainerha, Carlisle. Uunwdln N'Z; l(Jth, Diana; Pack '""il'i'ow'," Nov 1?? Annie Krmball, Stlnaon, Huolva ; Oracle. Ih-ummonil, Oban. . (IHWAV. Nov 18 ? Old George Ouvkce, Crosby, N%. Ct orffsu'.ii, Nov 1>? Vrr Ibta, Miller, t alals. s ,,.14? Vrr llM-vest One. n. BaV-heldev, Bristol. Sld 16th', Julius Cammcrt, Buck nan., Metnel; White sea, KllA??*.,lNovW-Arr Planter, l>ally, NYo-k, Congress (?), A 11 (vat-no! Nov lfi? \rr Scotland, Dillingham, Callao. HoivitEAO, Nov lti ? Sill J' S'.uic, Kletelier (Iroin Liver I>flLi v'l tfeom.',' N*'\ 'JO? Arr Queen ?f ibel'les, Stanbcrg, Mln *' EnLoii'tward 19ih, Africa fs\ Shannon ; J li Ell Ott. Tuck er- Neptune, I'eabodv. and Manulton (,rav, Yottiiif.N Vu-k, ioNt'ov Nov 16? Old Southampton, Pratt. NVork (and ms??d Poi tsinoulh l'.tiii ; Sr.* annah, Stlnaon, Neweaatle aud X 'lIivKuroot , N8, Nov b? An bark N I) Ctaac. Pay, Slaorn; schrOrevliotind, tlnmage, N Vork via ltagijed Islands. M \HKKiLLKs, Nov I::? Sld LaCicueiia (not as bolore) Adle, lioston- lOtli, Minnie Miller, Wiiiur, Mtbsina; 17ih, Washint; trta Butcher, Collins, Allcaiit; H M I> .'mill, Tlcndllckson, La "'v. .VTKVtnuo, Oct 6? Arr I' Pendleton, Thompson. New eaatle, R: , Itachel, Kelb y, Cadiz; ?.h,Krle, Prehle, t.las eow; Will, Ann A Susau, Pierson,' Cardiff. Id Stfi, buipc ror. nluii. hard, Maulmuln. . Mai. A(.? Nov ??? Art l.otlle, Taylor, Oi'naltiir. Matamo'has. Nov IS ? In port schr Alexander M, Moore, f '"Nx^rt As'n.K ,N NBW, ' nm . t it? Mary Bradford, Tliompaou, London via. MelboiniMv , Nkwi'ORT, Nov 17-RUlKlUe, Delilr. Nl orV. NjfirfiTAH, Nov 2:1?1 !? i * .t hark Miu') Uycr, * ? * *-'?5 ? b-'iR^ Mllwaaklc, R >wu, r.n NY. rk 4 day ; M iclilas, Marston, for rrJj .*??. Nov 1? Sld i lul Unity tar, Bearse, Rnnland. Pnt:1A*m i t', Oct iii? Sld Ellza_M'Ltaii. Joan, Delaware Bi^vvtoini, Nov IP? Ait Mcl .ka. Stevens, London for ^ plrwBOiirr, Nov 17? Arr B- ?habile. M ICenzle. NYork. Pavta N v 7? lu port bark llitfli Birekhcad, Bennett, fr,,.o Vnliv.raia.*, dlw, to sa.l for ??im>a<iuil In a few days. Putoi', Ncv 1^-W. W.r Everglade, l.vk?tt, NYork, Will, bria Victoria 1'rtnla. Leteilr, do. oiTsr.v.T.ia s. Nov 111, Indiana, Liverpool. AiMs.uT*. Nov 17? Mhl Radiant, Taylor, Swansea. KiO JaXBIko, Ocl 21? Arr brig Melma. Smith, Tonlun; 231, ,1,..,,, t'rrrv boat Seg.iudo, Italney, NYork; hriu J. din Free liinn Cronell. do; 21th. bai k Agnes, Thompson, Montevideo; brlH New York C "?!? r, NYork. Hid, OetSO. hsrk Ama/'-n. Kb wm NYork; ad, ship Lorenzo, Meaiman, India; hark ( Brl, ls?lue. Cni'.ed Sia'es; bt1*s Ueorgta. Conaut, s lUoraas' 23d, Mary Stewart, Ue unison, Marseilles; Minim (jchlli. r, doii nau ton, Bio Grande. Cld, 24th, achr Vapor, ''lTport^^i'.'Miil's Wild Pigeon. Mayhew, for NYork. in illiiht; .7n;t llovey. It.'.lm n ; Greenwood. Na?on. md ? "'."i ??" "u, ?aeon, auu ildcnl'io's Stvll, .H'k: J W I InrV, KopperhOldt; Baden, Isillpl ?il, ami i.lolie. Baker, tine; tiaras Nightingale, Kd w.nds, Joi NYork, In ballast; Star of Pet..*, fcendnck; Pa rnmn. Smith, and Vivid LiKh', Blanehard, for St Thomas, do; C 1! Trill t. Scull, lor l'klkulelphla; Elf, Plnckney, rrotn Ba hla, ww; GuUlnme (B' lg). | lubably fur Baltimore; Abliiali, McKarl.ifid ; K Crenshs re. MYitrion: A K Grant, Swain ; Wll helmine; Lawrence nnd Zlnnsrelli, Bunker, wtg; brl^s ltnndv vin*. Dearborn, and Mi ngu i'ai k, t.ill, t'oi NYork, in ballast; 1Mb.: ill. fluninr, forKt Tliomas, do; Prt tlls?lmo, Jntncs, di-g; Vlrg nts, 11 ir. lay, wtg, aud o.hers. Sim : es, N'.v 19 ? An Paragon, Itobiusou, Hamburg. Si; s Dflit . N p. .Nov 18 ? 81(1 Canada, Wynmn, Genoa. T rxKt., Nov 10? Put In, Edward Everett, Lambert, from Baltimore, with loss of anchors, i hsln?, ae. Tamcico. Nov 23 ? In port sclirSalllu Hay, from New York, air 11th. YotGUAt. Nov 16 An Joi p. (li.uubil, tiagO, Philadel phia. A merle* ii Porta. BOSTON, f> '< 6 Arr si lira K If Sumner, Taylor, Turk* Islsii ls a i iloiicesic I'J A Uauini'iuM, Peine, an. I S B Wheel er McLnio lilin, Philadelphia. Bduw? Baik P It ilarnl line, utid .lobn Wlnthvp, from llavi.n i. S. ;uj1 for a ship (oi a' out yk', paiuied black,) ami a brig. Cld, oark Ly sarider, (Lover, Clenl'ucKOs; sclns (Br) !? s >? ii Light. Day, Surinam; John It Mvers. Cobb, in. r ; ,l Baueocli, Hand : Excelsior, Riley; Eva Ban, Barrett; J P Cage, Endl . . lit. Slid R U Whcldi n, Neal, Plilladelj his. Also eld, ship Kadiiuil. Matthews, Han Prai).4?cu; brin Nanlasket, Dunbar, S; Thoina ; s. hrafl ( ' Merrls, Ari;s, Philadelphia ; Tyiih .on, O; u 1 1 . Eli'iibethporl, Sid, wind S W to W, brig VviUiam Nl kels. ? BALTIMORE. De" I? Air t' S sleamshlp .Ia? A .brer, Mnr elisnd, Soiitlnmplon via Kayal. Came w this p jrt to relit. CM brigs Village B' lle (Br) Douglas, P'rnarnbuoo and a mnr km; Muscovado (Br) Builer, D''ii)erttr*; ?chr .Olivia Bui lun, William*. N?w York. , BANGOR, Deo 4-Arr m hr 0 C Farnswortb, Wrntworib, Ellt?b<#porl CM 4th, brig N Blower*. Slower*; Fort Royal. BATH, bee 3-S!d whr Cherub, Ballev NY rk. BRISTOL, r>cc 5 ? ^'t?l Hohr Orator, Hibba, fort Ewen. DANVERS, Nov 30? Arr xchrn Astoria, Wooaur, NYork; D*i 3. B <i Porter, Smith, Philadelphia. EAST (iUBBNW ICH, Dot 5? An achr Fiances Aon, ( ong dun, NYork. _ EAST MAt'HIAB, Deo 4? In [lorl brig Orowford, Small, for AxpiuwHll. wiili lumber. ? ? _ . EDOARTOllFN, Dec 2? Arr whr Magnet, Santoro, Rondout for Bunion. , _ , In port 31, 9 P M, the arrival* of 2d and 3d. FALL KIYKtt, li.c &? An ?cll 0 8 \S aUpn. Uallook, Ell tabethport. Hid in lir T W Thoruc, D.t\ ll, NYork. HARTFORD, Dee 4-Arr achn A O I Huiae, Eliza bet h port; Adelaide, Lawrence, do: Chant'* S li.tzanl, , ISil laril, do. Hid *chrs Mai la Ijoulna, Miner, WYork; Surah Jane, Kdwarda, do; ('harb'H Coopfi', C o.ier, do ; Jonathan Cone, Milalfev, do. HOLMEH HOLE, Dcc3- Arr brig A1 br<" e Light. Bryant. Mulunaa* for Boston; aehr E Cowell, "Currlluik" Aux Cno l or do. MOUNT DESERT, Dm 3? Arr ihtp Charles A Jane, Hub kell, London land alilfor Bunion J. NEW HAVEN, Dec 6-Arr bit* Nmivli,, Wright, Porto Biro, vIh New London; acbra R Woiteu, Dibble, rrovldene?, for NYork; R A Elliot, Degrnat, do do; lfuniitili E liia'ic, Trjan, Haybrook, dodo: Jo? E J'otia, Holley, Bllrabttbport; Free Wind, Junes, Mlddletown, bound to NYork; Thon Wi nans, Davit, New Bedford, do do; C CAtnmblli, Baron, Pro vidence, do do; Jaue F Durfee, D.ivU, Kail lliver, ilo do; Frederick >1*11, Ruuvll, Portland, Ct, do do: Jonn W rl?ht, Clark, Providence, dodo; Judge Uo|ikltiaon. Marveil, EiUu bethpnrt; Emellne, Johniion, Elizabeth port ; D. T. Willet, do; Jas Huckelcw, New Brunswick; Ann and Rebeoua, Euiiidge, Ell/.sbeihport; sloops Willard, Wilmin, Warren, R I, bound to N York; Mary Alivater, Damon, B.*?cx, do do. NEWPORT, Deo 4? Arr ?ehr* John tP Coillns, Banaett, Philadelphia lor NBedtord; Lainariine, tiurnoy, Warehum for NYork: Emma 0 Latham, Buriows, Beaton for Balti more; 0 L Hulw, ll'liar, and Kaiah A Falconer, Tlrrill, Pljovldence for Elizabethjport; Bnunei, Tbomaa, do ror Port land; Meteor, Parker, N Bedford for NYork; Mary R Dyer, Fdrvire, Boston for Deal * lalaml, Md, with loaaof jlbooom, An, having been in collision on the 4th inst on Nantucket Bhnala with achr Telegraph (where from, Ac, not alated), whii'h vet,sul had bulwark* store. rigging damaged, Ac. Sid brlu Dtiiiiont Locke. PHILADELPHIA. Deed? Arr bark Margaret, QiiIkk. Per nalubuco; achr* Daniel Townsend, Townwud, St Thomas; Treamirer, Fiaher. Navanuah I.a Mnr. (id. Klcanier Faunv Oarner, Kpeneer, N York; aliip Bra/.U, Blair, Liverpool; bark Tllonma Dallett, Dill, Ijujolm; brigs An^lo Saxon, Shenk, Mar? lU?a; A U C:iit< II, Wataou, CaneuaB; Mary E Tiiomp aon, Henderson, Kingt-ton. Ja; Plon. cr (Brh Byron, B i faat, lru; Trindelen, Kuier, Falmouth, Ja; Emma, Bi k r, Bnaton; aelirn iKitoa, Clark, Bodon; Fantu/.il, Wooaler, Ea*t|iort: Only Dauiinter, Falkenburg, Key Wuit; D H Eer iihon, Allen. Boston; Wm L Duyton, Hand, NYork; D E Pot ter, Beel?, Provldeni e. PROVIDENCE, Dee 5? Arr aleamer Petrel, Young, NYork; Miiir Martha Jane, Mott, Rondout; aloop Harvest, Corwln, NYork. Hid srhru Erie, Coomba, lslenlairo Me, or NYork; tVarren U Nelson, Smith, Ei;a Harbor: lleury B ilihaon, Crticker, NYork; alo >pa E Huraguo, Ulliba, and Joel Hull, Wll.oi, do. PORTLAND, Dee 4 ? Arr ?iirs Muriel, HaU:hlnson, Pliila del) hla: Juli.i Newell, Trott, Hallo well for Baltimore. Cid itea inert t'ukin, M"is>- Aunai olia, Md; tlhe^aucake. Crow ell. NYork. l'AWTt'CKET, Dec 6? Sid sloop Mary D.tllan, Raokett, N York. SAN FRANCISCO, Deu 4? Arr ship Hornet, Mitchell, NYork. Sid 4tb. ship B"slon Liicht, Crowell. NYork. In jxirt Nov 0, Hlil j >e Euterpe. Arey, lor NYork; Cutwater, Potter, for Boaton; Oracle, W ood, for 1 he coont of Mexico, to load dyewoodt for Eugland; Cwiinaton, Math -r, for Sban^hae; Lueretla, Harding, lor Hoiik Kong, Radu^a, Bur dill, for Honolulu: Commonwealth, Uro/ier : Nonpareil, Ortea; Siiruh t'aane, Bvaim: tlyolone, Ingeiaoll; Neptune's Cur, Snrague, unit Hool >o, Allen, uuc. \S ARKEN, Dee 4? Sid sehr Ijirkln, Franklin, Deinarara. Ai r Mh, briK Coiniova. Jonea, Pli ila<l??lphta, via Warren. WINTERPURT, Nov 29 ? Arr a lir 8>iinuittim, Dow, New York ; D*'' 4, achr II U Colaon, Colion, NYork. 9tIt.IT ABLY. AUNE OFI U'ER'8 UNITED STATES REGULATION U nlform, Including overcoat ami cap, very little worn, aaa be hud cAcap by calling at tild Broadway, tiinioii 11 <uao, room lit. I^OR SALE CHEAP? A LINE OFFICER'S COAT, 1 Straps, S ish and Belt ; all new. Call at or addn-sn 7'M Eigb'li avenue. M 1LITARY BRAIDS. MILITARY BRAIDS. All the regulation wl alis, BEST QUALITY AND COLORS, Manufactured l>v and in siuck at O. L. A J. B. KELTV'S, 359 Broadway, Ntsw York. r ATN >NAL 01ARD UNIFORM, WITH A SET OK ?nut, near VTATIONALOUARD UNIFORM, WITH A RK1 Accoutrements complete; also, it n extra Overcoa )y new. OEORUE JOECKEL, ?Chathi ? ^ thB War. AVALRY etcOXb LIEUTENANT WANTED.? AN VlLcer g ai least fortv men will be assured the al)<ne pofcltlin. Thn regiment will positively go. A* any paity with tint men c m no satisfied, state istrueular*, where and "wlirn, to nave time. Address Immediately Lieutenant X., Herald oftiee. rpo M lutAUYcI FFl <' ER S~-( ) i- II rE KS~ ATT A r 1 1 E L>TO X the U lilted iStat** Volunteer*. deHirons of btvonlng if o roughly con versant with Military Tut: ties and ihe Muoi.etry, Ritie and Sword Kxpr'-lwi, haw an excellent opportunity of ho dolii^a.H two gentlemen (late olliccrs in the Briuali Army, Hist elawi umskutiy inatru?fcor*, thoroughly qualilied, and w ha saw inrvii't: bout in tne Crimea and India), are prepared t ? tfive iii>tructioi-.M in p.hate to ftuch part Us. For terms an I particulars addrcs* i\ J. l>eC.t 7*> Frauklin street. FOR SALF3, Milk depot fok sale? selli \ci one hundred auai is a oay ; .1 k m a stand top bntiev, ettia, Ac. Win l>e sold fheap. Satisfactory reasons given for belling out. Apply at 70 James mreet. XjOTli K.-TllE OKIIATKST B \R<2<U~N KVKK OF -ll feivd to th#* publie. Oyster Salmon, with all tin; tixtures appertaining to the ^mir, tor sale; po?M:seiori Immediately \ uoiiir a first <la?#n 4t>4 <'anal street, one door from 1 luu>- on. ' HOUSES, R003tV. &C.1 TO LI2T. rro LET? THE ri'PER PART OF THE TWO STOUY A house, No. 65:1 Uroea^vlch i?ire?t, between Barrow and OhrMopher Mivets; hit* km and water; mm,<1 neighborhood. Will bi! rented to a aiimli family at fltl j>er month.' Premises are in good tinier. Apply at 6j'J iJreenwieli *ireet. rro LET ? FIRST Kl.ooit \ N I > IUSEM EXT OF Tlol SE 1 2 -2 Fourth avenue, near Xw? niy-^eeond aafut, Apniy to J. HOPKINS. * HISCEUiNEOVS. TIIE BEST CLOTHES WttLNUEK? <\AN BE I'SED ON any wash tub; fx self-adjusting; will wring I'rom a lace collar to a blanket, i -uu be seen in operation and for sale at 113 Fulton street. Price $-1. rpJJK OLD ESTABLISHED CAT H< >1 Tc Pi BUSHING X house oi Edward Dtinigan Ac Brother (James B. Kir k?*r), fttf9 Broadway, up *tairs, have tin4 largest, most varied and beautiful asBortm< nt <d ('iiiholJc Prater Books, Bibles, T>> lament* and De\?.i|onal W?rks in S??w York, and Sold attb? lowest possible prices. EDWARD DI.'MfJ AN A BROTHER, (JAMES W. KIRKRR.) u'M Broadway, up stairs. LEUAL NOTICES. IN THE SUl'REME t'Ol RT OK NEW ZEALAND, MIL ?lie diHtrirt.? l.atnl x*. Umitcr.? 1'urfuum in an >mlci ... the Stiprnniu t'ourt tnacio In the abuve umw. wherfiti the tl lintttf suff on liehalf of Itcr-clf und all other* ilk nexlot' io of Rubort Fj f<>. who slmll coio." in and cnntrlbnto to iho c\|ii'ti-i'? oi tli.' salil litlt, tlj o.'il of kin of R.iOm't, t'yfi-, Uit . ol Kai Koran, In th<> |u' >\ tniw oi' dti t a?ivl. uUoilid on or about the 8th <lay oi M;ty, 1S.?4, are personally, or by thair KoUcltora or Iisont*! to romp und psta!..i?li th?'t.- rialniK as KtH ll next of Kin, at tin- < liantbi'vi* of Koberl It ..Igor Hti:tnc, the Registrar of thr !^i:pf"me t'ourt at Wi lling. t*iit, or in default thereof, ihev w ill be p ?. cmptutily excluded froiu thr henelit of uteh of. fee. Tltelflth day ol' , Inly, 18fi3, at eleven oVloeliin the forenoon, at the Mra ChatobetH, is appointed for hearing and ad ju Heating on the naiil tialir.s, ltOB>:KT R. STKANO. Kegistiar. Dated at Wellington Oils 19' b day of July, Itftil. MPOHTINU. A CHANCE TO BVY TWO VERY FINE BLACK AND . Ian Pups cheap. Apply before 3 o'eloek at No. 3 L'idlow place. Went Hnuiton slreet. \rACHT_FoR SALE- FOR LESS THAV HALF ITS 1 value. A cabin boat of about ten touK, newly ringed this fall, and furnished . omplete. Will trad" for jewelsor jew elry. Innulre of W. KYLE, loot of 121th s'teet, Harlem; or of S. CO.NKL1N. 127th street, near Third avenue. WINE8 A II LKtPORS. 1/OK THE HOLIDAYS. i? FINE WINES, BRANDIES, Ac. Expressly for Table us. , At (ill. BERT A PARSONS' Great Ale and Wine Yattlis, corner of Broailway and Liberty street, nndei the Atlantic Bank. Goods delivered in Mew York and Brooklyn Iree of churge. HESTAl I1ASTS. TjlREE LUN< HES FOR RESTAURANTS FURNISHED J? on the tnnn reusonablu terms, at the Commodore's, No. " Now street. N. B.? Clubs and parties t an obtain Fish anil Clam Oliowilers. a* good as lite original chowders made by the lMgt iin Fathers of Netv England. OYSTERS,? RECEn"ED at" LIBBY'8. 199 TULTtlN street, a fine lot of Roi kaways. Hbrewsburys ami Blue Points, which arc buing fattened lor my cuatomeis. The hnest icaats, stew* and frle> In town. N. B. ? Oysters opened without cracking. PoHK WES ? THREE COURSE LUNl if i HE FINEST A.o in tlio world, or any other nrin, ran found with in ItM miles of Ol) Wlllium street, wiiero I he SERtiEANT en lists. KAILKOAD8. Hudson river railroad.? trains for albany. Tn.y, the North and Weal, leave Chambers street at 7 and 11 1. M., ami 3;30, 6 au.l )0;UF. JI. I vtew york, Harlem and albany railroad. I 11 For Allsniy, Triqr, North ?n1 W e^t. I Winter arrangement. > otuuieucing Monday, Nov. 4, ISjI. For Albany? 10.80 A. M., Enprfss Mull Trslu, Trom Twenty sixth street depot. j For all local trains see Time Table. JolIN Bl'RCUlLL. Sitiwrinleudcnt. DENTISTRY. ITIFICIAI. TEETH (IN ATX STYLES*, 7.1-. to $2 (10.? l>lt: M TlIfilt. Sr.. DENTIN T \1.M v'l : A RS 1, REMOVHD T<> livi K AST TH ENTY-sKCONI) STBEF.T. "\'t lib .west twentVSecond" HTRtET-TEETH j\ filled with i'o;d. In the best p, s?l bio manlier, free of enarg". The eclebmted improv-.i Atiaospltarlc Sen- of Teeth, $10. Testh extraeie I without j ain. t all froui 1 to t! F. M. EXPRESSES. A Bt RNUAM S FURNITURE EXPRESS AND l'ACK J V , leg KMabllshtnent, 113 West Eleienili street, between Koihand Sixih aventief. Howelioll furoluire boxed and shipped to all j aris oi the world. Covered wagons for : o moving lurultureol families. Furniture stored. BIM.IAKDS. J.AliOE STOCK i)F NEW \NI? SECOND HAND Billiard Tables, with pic. Un a CombiQatiou Cuahions, A loi sain at prices io suit the limes. PUELAN X COLl.iiN L)ER, S3 to 69 Crc iby street, N. Y. MEDICAL. I \R. A K. rox TREATS FEMALE DISEASES SCIE.N. 'rml'es^^^ l&rBow^'ly ^ U PERSONAL. 4 NUEVINK.? I WILL START MONDAY UuKMNU If ^ V possible. KITTY. 4 REWARD WILL BE PAID to any PERSON WHO j\. will give any information uf Frsnni M. Clark <ir Pat rick M.tlulre; when list heard from was in Poll Uibson, Ontario oounty, nnir Bochostei , N. Y., by C. Hand, Cold Spring, Putnam county, N. Y. AXY ONE UAVlNlJ A HEALTHY FEMALE CHILD, one or lw? years old 10 give away can hear of an oppor tunity by applying at Mi s. Maxwell's, private lying la hospi tal, Uroene St., near Canal sf . 1). G.-LETTER RECEIVED. YES. ON TUESDAY next. Eighteenth il?? >4 half past sereu. Dear cady b.-it is a lono, lono timi: since we met. I have pent one letter to yottr mother's and re ceived 110 answer. Cum? lu-day to my office; to-uiorrov J leave for Boston. I should like you to S|H'tid your birthday abroad. Cady, come to ine, all is forgotten. <\ P. T.1 111). RED AND BLUE.? YOUR8 RECEIVED, BUT Ir . too lau> to bo of scrvlee. Meet me this day, IWouibej 7, at Mime time and place specified, or address inn as hefort ' If. II. C. LI W.-Y01R NOTES HAVE BEEN RECEIVED B. HENBY C. HUNTER LEFT HIS HOME IN BROOKLYN on Monday last; is 13 yes rs oil, dark hair and ryes, was dressed >11 dark Jacket and pants, gray mixed overcoat; when l*oi seen was followin.: the Ek'tity-seventh regiment from Brooklyn to New York, lie is re t nested to return home and relieve 0,,. anilely of his parents. Any information con cerning liiio w ill i.e thankfully re elvedby his brother, Wiu. A. Hunter, I04 pearl ->ieet, Now York. Harrie-thk prodigal, will return, and oil, wiini delight U will be i? upon the smiles and sympathies of true and devoted friends which arc t m po??l of inaney. *???* IWAH 80RRT1 MISSED YOU YESTERDAY. WILL do as you wish in all respect*. Your confidSJQCO wlli uot be bcirayed. Can't I see y..u before you go? C. TF ANY ONE WISHES TO AnoPT A CHILD, Of 1. highly respectable birth, they cuu hear of a good onpoi tu nity bv addressing W. B. Chester, station D, Post office. New York. INFORMATION WANTED? OF THE WHEREABOUTS of the followtug person*, vli: ? John Alexander, formerly of Boston, .Must., and p. seaman on brunt the V. S. Miip Oon ntitutlon. Also, of fleorae W. W. Ale ander, who, u hen last heard from, was In California. Any ote giving Information as to their present or late residence or em^loyinant, ? iU con f< r a great favor on an aged mother. Address Cat berlnc Bel/. E 'kley, Lii/ernc couu.y, l'i nil. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JAMES CASEY, OK Cromniou, parish of Klliargm, county of Kery; been in this country nine years; any lti!o> nia'i n of him will lie thankfully received Dy his sister Cath rine, at No. II Carroll s)., South Brooklyn. Last heatd from was In Wis onsiu. Western papers please copy. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JOHN SIIENLY. WHO is miss jig since the 3d inst. ; was last seen at corner of Chill Itou and Varick streets; ai'ed ".I years; height, 5 feot 9 Incites: brown lutir; hail on a l?h? seek coat, green jacket, blue oveialls, white shirt, r> d ninlei oiirt, strong boots, and is of a fair complexion. An* fifortnation will be thank* fully rocol\ed by bis bruluer I'au irk, at ltid East 'I'birty-lirak street. INFORMATION WANTED? ' IK .1 (1 UN VAN V ACTION, who has lately removed tr. m Franklin eonlHv to tint city. Any Information given v 1,1 1 ? thankfully ic ived by his friend. Address Flt/geralil, Yot kvilte Poal oliii c PEBaONAS? tr THE YOl-N.i L\DY IN \ BLACK I silk dress, black bonnet ami mod inive I cloak, wiih hood, w ho, In company with another laity, nHs'd up Fourlerntb street 011 Thursday afternoon, al-o. it 4 o olo< k, Is willing lo form the acquaintance of the ^entlnn an she saw leaning against a tree nt the corner of 1 uiwr~it\ place, and whom, when alone, she met an hour riii, rw. 1 is rn fVont of the St. Nicholas Hotel, she can address Mempbia, Broadway Post Olliee. stating when and where an Interview may bo had, or to ? hat address a letter may be sent, w th a view to a better acquaintance, t 'omuiuiiicat.o: s cordially welcomed anil held sin re.lly cotiliilential. ' MEMPHIS. TODAY, DECEMBER 7, AT USUAL HOUR, R. osevelf, N. Y., tide. B- punctual. V M. N , llav'a. \1 r ? YOt'It REQUEST MIA LL HE KI'.PT INVIOLATE; TI . jour letter heals all vmids: nol to heat frbm you would be second death ; do n it dou . t m for one inmp nt:*H are w eji. W. M. YV'LL THE LADY WHO, WHILE WALKING WITH A TT gentleman on B.oa lwayou T ? ? sdav evening, rieog 11I/. -d another twice bci.vnen II n, n . nd Sprl;.g streeta. Incase send her address to Frank Travert, New York Post olliee, or state tlirougli "Personals win r? an lit t< rvl 'iv may be, had? I R VNK TK W EUS. 202 ?BY 3 O'CLOCK SHALL COMB. f Q1 -A B. C.? ME I IT THE 1 .LLEST OF THE X*rl? young ladlea on the corner of Twenty-ninth street and Third avenue, on 8undn\ morning, between the hours nf HI and twelve o'clock, without fall. ADELINE. T-OST A\D KOIVD. TjWrND? ON BROADWAY, DECEMBER 3. A f i; j r. M., r a small bale. 'Ilf. owner . h'tve It l>v iirovlug iiriiixTty mid paying expen- ? ?n call tin on Francis O Brieu, Pub ill' Porter, comer ul it: u! ,i> ant I'ark 1'laoe. CH)0*D-ON THE 30TII I I.T., A NEWFOUNDLAND' L Dog, medium *i2e; hud on 'viieu found u brow dlar. Il the owner does not apply in three da.? from this date he will he sold to pay expense*. Apply ut .">11 Second i.. cuue. IOST-DECEMBER 3. BANK BOOii NO. 18J,7H<; HOW J cry Having* Bank. The finder will please rcti rn It to J. I'. Si lienrk, 116'ihiiil hi reel. Lost? on wednesdw evening. in fourteenth street, between ventl* .mil 1C nu avenues, .. ti ml Bracelet. The Under will lie DiUtihiy rewarded by returning it ti ItKi Wi m Fourteenth street, ? :? io iluuuan ay, Ncrwoou. i Go,, 6H Exchange place. IOST? BL! E AND BROWN SILK I'l'RSE, TRIMMED J Willi ilitpj. conuiiiiliigA Iftiiil ^ 'i I ? ..ud money. Any person returning the cy. gTas- and , nr.- i welennui toilier Money. M. C. COBB -!'? Madison aremn). LOST, DECEMBER 3.? A CHECK OF $18, DRAWN TO th?> order of flinUhuri ,t I! ury, by iiiyton \ tiildtrt a sellable reward will be pild. inquire '< f P.illip It. Henry, He. 17 Warren street. 1 OPT? ON THURSDAY EVKNING, 6T11 IN ST., IN A J Fourth avenue singe, oj iuTweit -third stree.i, belw eeu Thinl and Fourth avenues, i Sibem , si|ulrrel I'c'.erine. The Under will be snitably rewarded by r 'turning it to E H. RobbitUS '1 ur"' Duanti street. LOST ? A BLACK DOO, WITH LONG BLACK II AIR, while breiiHi, . tile strnLbt ear. ..ud a long tail. Ilin Under will bo ill.. -rally rewarded by bringing him to J'JC Grind itreet. Lost ? on tih rsday aiternoon, in the i-ono I-land Bfiilvna.l ears, or _? ill? ' i*V,'U til1' curs to Tl u ?i ?? r's Point fcrrv. i Mink Fur Tip net, Thft iimter WiUli: eul!/My iv.wurded ami rec eive llio Uliitilsn of tho owner in leaving the S ' . ? at 70 Madison street. Nttw lurk. IOST -A HOLD BELT PIN l'R( 'H < BLV ON CENTRAD J Park. Tlie Under will be lilierally rewarded b\ lining it in No. I'll East Thirteenth street. RUVVAKOS. $r HEW Alt]). ?LOST, ON WEDNESDAY, THE 4TU t.) Inst., near ibe. coitier <f Sl\ iv-nue and Thirty eighth stu a white and 'die k >? tier Dog; answers to Ihn name ef Dash. Tii" above e .van! will lie paid to any )** S.JI1 return! ig hlia to id Wast Thirty tlgkth street. AC Iiv.wakd.-I.msT, UN U K Dav, iu.v. % AT, ?JtJ < 'lift, n, Sta*n Islan !, a ? iri i Ii c acii Terr.e-, an swei ing lo llm name of 'Dlxl' The ,-aid dog la of isiiulv color, st.d about eight ih ii'haold. The above rrnani wifl be paid t ' any one who will return him to Sunny Side lint tagc. tMlfton, State n l~iuinl, or it) A. Blglaud, N.'. I M'.ore ?street. New York. No queHibuis .i?ked. (Pr. KEWAHD.? LOST, OS St'NDAY, DEP. I, A SM A Lb ?J )'J bla<-k and lau Terrier Sl .t, with a red collar; *lie was Hick with thn mange; "lie aumcrs to the name of Fanny. Any person who will retuin trr lo 10 B.jir House, Fourth avenue, will receive the above rewaol. (J[?1 A REWARD.? LOST? A SMALL BLACK AND TAN ?ip J. VJ Terrier Sort, on I' e May evening, on the mrncr "t Twetity-tlilrd street and Fo.i tn avenue. She has iieeii rup tured, and le gray around too mouth. Ten dollars w ill ]?? paid on her return toJno. Ilieketi, J'J East 39t.i> st. $1(1 REWARD.? LOST, A LADY S GOLD W ATI IT, ?jp.LU last evening, betweeu tnc hours of 4 and 6 o'clock 1". M.. going from Eighth av enue, Tw enty-, r.t street, to B oad way, down to Eighteenth street. Ity returning it to N'?. 132 Weat Twenty-hiet sireet,or at Hit.- Fulton, will re ceive tie above reward. &1J10 KLWARD.-TUE ABOV K REWARD WILL B8 paid for the recovery o!' the liody of WlllUin W. Stevrns. lost from on boaixt of tlieship Owego, on tin- ai'h day of \nvembi~r, at 9 o'clock A. M., o I the (Kilnt of s a . ; dy Hook. He \vs* about live i-ul ?ix lie hes in hcli;bi;haa brown liiilr, whUkcrs and iimusIh' he. and bad on heaiy red flaunt 1 -liiit. checked pants and heavy sea bootn. For further imrtteulars liiipiire at the oiikcof Mesars. Sturgia Jk clr. r tnau, no Wall street. New York. STEAMBOATS. IjVoK IT.RT1I AM BOV? .S'l'EAM lilt UEOKCiE LAW r l> avi"i pier foot oi Bar iaw hi reel every day. Sun Inye eieeji .<?!, ai 2::I0P. M. for Pertii Amouy, making i hi: iniei nn.Uiatf ianding"; returning leaves Perth Am buy 7 M r M PERTH AMBOY.-STKAMER CEOPCE law " leaves vde beiween B. ri lay an Konlm-on streeta. ever) day. S'lnday* e.vecpied, nt 2.30 ?. >l. for P"r; h \iu boy. making li e laiermcdliite lauoinga; returning leaves Perth Amb iy si 7 A. M. OP.XINO LIVE TO PEEK SKILL.? THE IPROKA ?Hves .lay street uler dully iinclu.llng Kuuda.?> lor i -okokill. at 8 A M.. la tiding at \V-s Tenili anil li.irti. til sir- -v \'?>nk.T-*, Halting., Do1 b> Ferry, Tanyi 'Tvn, s :ik S!ng, llnver-linw , Oi-^ay Point auil Vcrpl. ink's feint. 0 TEA ME It LONO ISLAND LEAVES JAMES ?I.IP |T5 I l' tj day, Sutidaya except' d. at 2:46 P. .M. Im Nortb Pert, TiiaViuf tl.e InU riiu dial landings; return, :.g Irjttes .North P rt at .'i SO A.M. K,.r (rtun Ob n Cove SI . ci.ta, from Sands Pt.dninait Great Neck 10 iitut^. Freight fii>n* GlenC i' , Samla Point and Great Neck at half the u? ml price. SKUAKS AMD TOBACCO. CE> WIS, VERV rilEAP.-THE ASSIGNEE, AT 17 B; adwnv. ia oiTcruig meat 1.,'lueeuieiii.s in Havfir.a. li^iTieittc t n irenman Segars. Cash puis'hasers woull i.? ill i ? \ i tine ? i siitol . M 4TKIMO.VIAL. * YOt'NU GENTLEMAN OF PREPOSSESSING AP lie. r nice nntl comjil rable meana, wlalies in f. ,rni the actnalriun 'c of S"ine hands.. me young btdy 'vltb^i view ti? niatrlinenv. Must not l>e over twenty. three yonr* of age; oil" whli b' iek eyes preferred. Address .1. Leuvitt, iirtvd way Post oince, N. K 4 GENTLEMAN OK EDI CATION AND GOOD aD A die-?, and ever* lutli a man, an in ibis i j-t but who i" nearly a bankrupt, from crediting the So itb, pre vious to the presi-nl war, it ib siroiil of niakluK the uripniint a uce of a lad) of tr.eans, w nh ;i view to mutrlmony a tit! a it ?? abllsbuieiit ol big Intaliieas to us original p'isiti' n. I 'otiimnnieatieti addressed to Merchant, Stall, n D. "ill ti. ,te.| with the utuniat e uinleiico and sincerity by ?? adveilisir. ? P: It S < I M S Tl" )NTEM FiTTt 1 N G MARKI \GE WILL I . i .dve a treaiUe 'timn the economy and pleasures nf ? r rtel lit" by addressing .tie! uncWng red stamp to t lie Kwittl, ?t*iln D, Post olUce. _ _ _ 1 *N GOVEN DE 25A.V yi Thltti v AS VRSL S t ! V. jcto ? s il.1 euc in:? vr a Seti.ii ita Ainerloaiia uut -it .4 hab'ar el Caslellaun, .pi'ere ->bi ser tt'JIll'a y e'eiei tie 1 s- 1 .vt. e.nii'-star a ? t.r *i:i. '.o con tcidu conUui r \h ertu del Molina, o>' 'an i i " est- peviodlco.

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