Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1861, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1861 Page 9
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SITUATIONS WASTED? FEMAT.ES. ARFSPEt TABLE HERM AN CADT WISHES A SITUA lion to go to California with a revpecUble My or family. Olalj n bU Korajih it., lu tli? bnwment, from U to 5P. M AS NURSR? WANTED. A SI N' ATK>N\ IT A TOWO woman, as nurse; I* fully roinpeteut to take the eutlro charge oian Infant from its birth; *ood city reference. Call for thii'i- days ut 89 Wed 11th it., near 5tU av., second story, liuut room. A COMPETENT GIRL, WITH GOOD REFERENCE, ?>nM a situation to onok wall and Iron, or to do gene ral housework T .11 1 11 u get bur, or any oilier tiral class ser vant you want, free of any charge. hI the Private Servants' Institute, 16 Jiuit llih at., between 3d and 4th av?. A YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WET mirse; freili breast of milk; willing nod obliging: tit y ref trailer. ( a I at -i2 W t . 8:|| St. , near 9th ave. A GERMAN f.ADY. OK HKi'l EDUCATION, WISHES to iilita n a sitiuition lu a p hate family aa seamstress an- 1 ovt i-.vr o -0111 culldren, Ac, ; euu teach the piano. l?Ht re of Mr. Ph. frank, 20.') Division ut. AN AM Eli JC AN WIDOW LADY, TWENTY SIX years of age, in di-nlr- iih of u>>lni ni rijt a permanent home with a Aral cl.-iss confactlunery or restnarant, where ah* would make heraelf gt n'-rally useful in the atore. Can give sails tantory reference aa 10 her Integrity of character and eapa oility I ill busiuesa. salary 110 object. Address Coufectiuner, Herald office. AKESl'KCTAULB GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tioi\ ; Ik a flr?t class seamstress; understands cutting un I ntl ui. doing up lace*, and la willing to make blMl gene ally useful. Apply at Iter present employer'*, 27 Lauiart.oe tilare, mih ?t., between 8th and 9th av?. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A situation lo do chnmhi rwork and waiting or to assist In klie washing and Ironing; has no Objection* to go in the coun try ; good city references given. Call at i01>. West 27Ui it., for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GERMAN GIRL WANTS A iliuation to do neneral hous.'v* ork in a small family. ?Call at I'JU East Broadway. AS HOUSEKEEPER OR COMPANION -A LADY OK education and relinement wishes ur procure a rsspect posit oil of household trust aud responsibilities, for whlob ? deems hersflf fully capable. Address E. K G., Ileral.l ollke. A R HOrsBKEEPER -wanted, bt a respect. jl\ able middle ap d American lady, ? sittutton lo keep house; widower's or unmarried gentleman's house preferred. Address K. A. 0., Morrisania Post olllce, N. Y. A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG OIRL, SEVENTEEN years old, wishes a nutation to do light chamber work ?uid wailing, or take care of children and sew ; is willing lo make herself useful; best of city reference. Apply ut 232 7th ?ve., bet ween 26th and 26th a s. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tion to rook, wash and iron; understands her business; mo olijerti' ns to co to the country; best of city refuieuce. Call at 514 West 161I1 St., near 9th ave. HKL.P WANTKD-PHHAtES. A LI. FAMILIES AND <100D SERVANTS WILL KIND A. tliP la rgest old established 1 n -tit m i- un ihr corner of Ninth a i quite and El' v nth street. lor German, English, Irish ? nit American women. Mrs. Floyd III otteudance. Good places alw ays ready. GOLD EMBROIDERERS-WANTED, FOUR COMPE Irnt aud expei .eu.wd persons, Freuch or Uernian pre ferred; most be able lo fi am" an.l linlsh ; 110 others need ap ply ; wages $8 to $10 per week. Inquire at 121 West Wth it. Ladies wanted? to canvass for the illvs. hated work* Of <hn American Publishing Agencv. N?. 11 Chamber* street. Li cral salary. Call between 10 A. M. and IP. M. WANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS COOK, wnsher and Ironcr. No one need apply unless w -11 re commended and thoroughly competent. Call at G3 Re in sen AU, Brooklyn. WANTED.? A TIDY YOUNG WOMAN, WHO IJNDER i-tamls cooking, washim. and ironing. and la willing to do the general housework, will tind a desirable plane in a German family. Inqu r .? atSj Welt 27th St., ueariiih ar. WANTED-AS NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS, AND TO do light ehamberwoi k, an active, intelligent woman; an American preferred. Apply at upper corner of list at. and 5th ave. WANTED ? THE YOUNG OIKL WITH THE IiOKQ scarf, who came for a aituatiou at US West Houston St., <??>11 call a^iiln. WANTED-A GOOD CHAMBERMAID IN A PRIVATE ft family. Apply with referenv* to Mrs. Prlhon, Clin ton ??n? lifth door north from the cornet of Myrtle ave.. Brook lyn. WANTED? IMMEDIATELY, A YOUNG LADY TO AT* tend bar. Mum be of steadv and industrious linblts and cheerful disposition. Apply at '16 Hudson at., corner of Iteadc, after 10 o'clock A. M. WANTED-A GIRL, TO DO CHAMBERWORK AND take care of children. Good reference* required. Ap ply al .'177 Carlton ar., Brooklyn. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE PERSON, EITHER English or American, to take care 01' grown children and serve. Apply before 12 o'clock at 38 West 21th st. TIT' ANTED? A FEW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, TO Tf learu a very prolitabte new business, thai can be done ?t home, and is steady wiutcr and summer in all cities, and Will pay 910 to SIS per weak, al least. Apply lu person to Dr. R. Love A Bon, 111 Broome St., corner or Elm, second floor. WANTED? FOR A COMMAND OF SOME HUNDRED military pictures, two ladles to learn the coloring of photographs. To good hands constant employment Irom $S to $12 per week. Apply to the artist. Mis. L? Frank, 118 For myth St., near Broome at., from 11 to 1 o'clock. WANTED? A WOMAN, AS COOK; ALSO A GIRL, TO wash dishes and assist in cooking. Cook must under stand the work In every particular. None but those well re commended need apply at Almy Hotel, No. 18 West street, from 9 to 10 In the morning. ^ SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES. A YOl'SG CHINAMAN, SPEAKING HIS OWN AS well as the English language, desires a situation in n tea or other store, where his services maybe required for a wall salary. AtV one wishing the service! of such a person will please addrass box IAS Herald office. MAN AND WIFE WANT SITUATIONS? THE MAN as bartender, his wile as cook and housekeeper;* the man has a good knowledge of liquors and wines; from Eos land; has been ten years in this country. Address G. K. B. C., Herald office, for three days. No objection to go to any part of the United States. SITUATION WANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED MAN as out door clerk, or any other capacity where activity ?nil responsibility is required ; most satisfacttiry references ?will be given by addressing Salesman. Herald office. r HOTEL AND RESTAURANT KEEPERS. ? WANTED, by a respectable middle aged man, a sltuatiou u bar keeper. He eau speak the French, English and German lan guages thoroughly well. The best of references given. Ad dress F, W. A., Herald oflice. WANTED-A POSITION AS SALESMAN, IN A FIRST el*** dry goods Jobbing house, by a young man, who baa (old in fain last $lf>0,00O per annum ; rcfereuces given. Address Ma., box 130 Herald oflice. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A MARRIED MAN, AGED thirty years; is Active, honest and temperate, and not afraid of work ; i.i a fair penman ; understands bookkeeping, md will work nt anything or for any salary, rather than re main Idle. Address II. C.( Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS PORTER OR EN try clerk, by a married man; understands book Keeping 'tid the French and German languages; is a good penman and correct at figures. Can give the best of rete irencesTi'Om his last place. Address A. B., box 141 Herald ? office. d? C)pT WILL BE GIVEN TO ANY PARTY WHO WILL Tjp^r) .curt: lor advertiser a sit nation In a wholesale or retail clothing storo, or in any other respectable hr.slne-a Unexop ior.ablo rclercnces given. Address Merchant, station .D Post office. THE TRADES. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.? WANTED? AN EXPERT enoed printer, and a person to clean glass for negatives. Apply at A. Morand A Oo. 4, 297 Fulton street, Brooklyn, UTANTED? A COMPETENT C\RD ENGRAVER. Tt) IT go to a neighboring city; unexceptionable reference as to ability and character required. Address box IOC Herald ?flic,-. WANTED? TWENTY- FIVE GOOD SEGAR MAKERS and live boys to strip tobacco. Apply nt 7ti Barclny a'., this afternoon (Saturday) or Monday morning. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTF.O. Drug store wanted-in this city or ui.ook Ivn, doing an average business of (H or S10 a day. Ad dress flash, stntlon: P, Gland street, for three dn a. Drug store wanted? one well locate n, in the eiiy oi New York, above Canal -trecl. and tlioi' ly esiabbshed, for not less than five years, with a go >d l"ase and low rent. Business (pnroly prescriptive anil drugs; inns' exceed $10 per day. A cash customer 1 tin le: foini I ' y ad, dressing Dr. Monell, cornir of Flr.-t avenue and lj uston ?treet. I BURNISHED HOUSE WANTED.? A FIRST CLASS tenant desires a completely Furnished House, betwein Fourteenth and Thli ty-liuli streets and Fourth ami s.xth ? avenues, until May 1. Address Cash, b". 1,211 Ne? Y< Post odi. e. House wanted.? any person having a first class House for sale st a great Ijargain, at twelve t twenty thousand dollars, between Sixth and Madison avt mu-s and Twch'.y-slxth Forty-sc oud street*. (Eii'tlt* basfMcnt pretcrred), may find a purchaser by addressing L., ?mx S.S.'ifl Post oflice. SMALL FURNISHED 1I0I*SE WANTED, TII.L MAY, either in Nuw York or vicinity? rent not to exceed $25 per month. Any pulton having a bouse he wishes Liken ? care of for the winter, may find a desirable tenant by ad dressing G., b >\ 3,1136 Port office. r LAW YEBS.-W ANTED, OFFICE AND LIBRARY privlleg"s by a lawyer of fifteen years' statxUBt, where reciprocal advantage* can lie enjoyed, and one who h?a con siderable business. Address D, S., box 1&0 Heral-i office. WANTED-IN BROOKLYN, A PHYSICIAN'S OFI'IOE, In a prominent locality. A room lately oecnpled by it physician preferred. Adiiress bet M York Post office.! XJLT ANTED? PART OF A HOUSE, FURNISHED FOR f? housekeeping, with a'l the modern Improvements, In a .food location; rent not to exceed $40 per mont'i. Address, lor two days, D. W. Lester, Spiing street Post 0 lice. "MTANTED? TO LEASE, A CORNER PROPERTY, FOR " Improvement, or would buy. Location nest of Broad w?y, south of Tnirtlcth Hrtet. ' Addrcn M. R-, Ilernld of lice, staling location. "WT ANTED ? A HOUSE, OF MEDIUM SIZE, WITH v" modern improvements, in an unexceptionable ne;^h bornood. Upon moderate terms a desirable t'tnanl em 11 secured Addi ess for t? 0 days, w lib full particulars W. D-, box 213 Herald ofllt e. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN. WIFE AND SEK vant, the Second Floor and Kiteaon of apiivate bout-e with the modern Improvements, occupied by one ta-nllv enly -?nd in a good location, east of Kixlh avenue and between Tsuth and Thirtieth streets. Address K., box 8,573 I'ost office. LECTUREgi REV WM. H. MILBURN WILL DELIVER HIS IN strnctiveand entertalninH lecture, 011 "Am 011 Hurr,"at the Alan on M. E. church, Son ik street, near tlrand, Thursday erening. Dec. 12, at 8 o'clock. Doors t pr n at 7. Tickets 2(i cents, may be obtaiu-d of Horace Waters, 1?1 > adway, Uvwc A Urery, 79 iivn Q'7, ?ud al iU? Uvor, HHP WAWTED-HA1K8. A GENTS OAK MAKE $8 PER DAT-MALE OR KB u\ null-, acllln2 Lloyd's great steel plate Military Map and Ua/etteer ol the fifteen Southern States: live fuel suuare ; worth $10, price only SO cents. Lloyd's $100,000 ?toe! piste Topographies! Map of Virginia; Are ftrt square. Thta Is the only map used by Uen. McClellan : worth $2(1. price SB cents, Lloyd's otllcuU steal plate Map of Missouri; worth $.H. price Z4 cents. Lloyd's $8 Railroad Map of America, 3,t<O?<,0<K> topies of which have Hlready been Hold; prlcc 25 cents. Agents supplied at half the retail prices, and maps warrant ed. Main sent bv mall anywhere tor two rents postage. J. T. LLOYD. American Map l'ubllsher, 164 Broadway and Louisville, h.y. LLOYD'S MAPS ARE IN FRENCH, SPANISH, OEU MAN AND ITALIAN*. BVIDENCE Or THE CORRECTNESS or LLOYD'S MAPS. Dkiastmsnt or Statu i . . * ? u Wamumwoh, D. 0? No*, a, 1861. \ J. T. Llotd, Publisher ? Bta? Please forward immediately by mail, directed to the State, copies of Lluyrt , Topographical Map of J irgluls, Lloyd's Military Map and Gazetteer or the Southern States, Lloyd ? Oillcial Map or Missouri, and Lloyd's Amerl i?n Railroad Map. Send your bill to Geo. B. Bailor, Disbur*. lit! I lei k. Also send uiu slroulars of all new maps yuu may issue. Respectfully yours, J. C. DERBY, Librarian State Department. rKrom the New York Herald, No*. S, 1881.1 Wo uavc received a fine copy of Lloyd's great Military Msp or,' he, "Scat of War ui \ irgiiua." This is the best and only oOlfUl map in existence, taken from actual surveys by order of the Executive. It Is beautifully priuted from steel plates, and colored with great perfection or art, and is the only msp used in the planning of our campaigns In Virginia b y our Coruruantier-ln-CblsfT The publisher is J. T. Lloyd, No. 164 Broadway. _ _ _>, N. T., No*. 8, 1861. J. T. Llotd, Esq:? Sia? I am well pleased with your map pf Virginia. Ilia altogether the beat I have seen. I enclose $1 for three copies Lloyd's great steel pUte Military Map of the Southern Slates. Kespecil ally yours, MILLARD FILLMORE. Agents wanted-to hell" something en urely new and original? none others lUe them? the Union Prize StaUouery and Receipt Package. We Invite comparison and defy competition, we do not seal our p.o-k ages, because we are not afraid to show their contents. Wo give a list of our articles, which our imitators dare not do. Each package contains a beautiful and correct engraving of GENERAL GEORGE B. MoCLELLAN, tfilO, 78 Valuable Receipts. 6 White Flag Envelope a, In eolora. 6 Ladle*' While Flag Envelope*, la color* 6 Bull' Envelope*. ? Sheets Commercial Note Paper. ? Shew* Flue Ladles' Note Paper. ? Sheets Ladles' Billet Paper 1 Ancommodutlnu Penholder. 2 Flue Steel Pen*. 1 Fine Pencil. 1 Sheet Blotting Paper. I (lift of Valuable Jewelry. Retail price for the whole, twenty-bee cents. Agents wu n led In every city, town ami village. Call oti or address, ?nclosuifE stamp, kickakds a CO., MJt Nassau street, Agents wantkd-to sell our prize station ery and Portrait Packages. Retail foi 26c., worth 75c. We- have several new and saleable kinds, containing por traits ot McClellan and nil the Major (ienera's as well aa gitis of Jewelry. For l ull particulars a-ntl for circulars. itASKlNS & CO., IV) H< "krnan M . New V>ik. Attention ? ioo agents wanted, to sell The large, 26xH3. beautful uatioual engraving, TIIE GENERALS OP THE UNION. being true photographs oi fifteen eminent generals. A splen did ?nance to realise a handsome, prollt. Price very low. Apply to F. RATKLL1EK, Lithographer and Publisher, 370 Peart aired. Agents wantfd-to pell tale-s flag of our union nnd Military Gift arid Stationery Puckagcs. Agents win' are now selling imitations, put tip by other par ties, are reapectrully requested to send us their address and we will forward them a sample with circular which will at once satisfy them that they can make more money and give better satisfaction by selling our packages than any others in market. Address J. W.Yale, Proprietor, Metropolitan (jilt Bookstore, Syracuse, N. Y. Active agents wanted? to sell downers lU-mmar and Shield, lndispeaaable 10 every lady, as It saves one-half the Uhor of hand new ins by pro'ertlng the linger I rum tbe needle ami making a neat hem while the ope rator is sewing. Sample sent on receipt of Ihe price, 25 cen ? t. Enterprising agents can realise $150 p >r month. Sales are rapid, profits largo, and lias no competition Descriptive cir culnrt furnished en uiplicatloti. A. II. Y ? ' SroauwajT. nf A CROTBR V. ?A YOUNG MAN, FROM 18 to 20 veafl of age, baring some knowledge of the business, and "with references, may apply at the Agency, 320 4ih av., near 25th at. A SSISTANT BOOKKEEPER AND SALESMAN WANT J\ ed, in a cap manufactory; a young man with unexcep tionable reference, wh > understands his buainrsa, must be a bard worker, early riser, and willing to work the first vear for moderate wages. Address Caps, box 150 Herald ofilec, with reference. A TEMPERATE STEADY MAN, ttAVTKQ $150, wanted, lo make himself generally useful with a travel fng concent well known for drawing crowded houses; re ceipts nightly $40 to $700. Apply at 156 Prince stieet, St Clair llou.-e, room 11. Agents call and see mt articles, agents examine my article*, agents try my artic le*, and find they sell mure rapidly than anything else. From $11, $j, ?1'J to $20 agents make daily. OUice 532 Broadway, room No. 4. Boy wantkd-one who besides with his parents, from 12 to 16 years of iige. Must he smart, well recommended and write n good hand. Apply to Johnson, Fry A Co., 27 Beekman street. Boy wanted? one who lives with nis pa rents, to do errands auil assist in an oXee. Wages fiora $1 to $1 8) per week. Call at 129 Broadway, room 29, after 9 o'eloe.k. Salesman wantkd-a good general sales man. at the New York Mourning store, 477 Broadway. ?M. * A. MYERS A c6. CALKSMEN WANTED? FOR DRESS GOODS AND O Cloaks; only those thoroughly acquainted with these departments w ill apply, and to such favorable positions will be given. Apply to W. K. Peyton, 274 Bowery. -TVrANTED-300 HANDS FOR INFANTRY FROCK Vf coats. Apply at T. Young A Co.'a, 141 Fulton st. and 20 Ann St. Good prices paid. WANTED? A MAN TO ATTEND SHED, THAT UNDER stands tho Mire of horses: also, a young man for Ihe Bar. Apply at Stewart's Hotel, Cypress Hills Road, 2)j miles from \\ illlauisburg ferry; must come well recommended. WANTED? IN AN OFFICE, TWO SMART AND RE spectable boys, who s re rapid penmen, quick at figures, well recommendod, and willing to make themselves general ly useful: salary S3 and $4 per week. Address (post paid) Penman, station C, U. S. mail. "\VTANTED? A BOY, IN A SIGN PAINTERS SHOP; Tt one w ho has some knowledge of the business. Call at 7l*Walker St., between 9 and 10 A. M. WANTED? AN ACTIVE RUSINESS MAN, EXOLISH or Sent 'h, 5(1 lo SS years o" age, who has had experi cnco'in own a.-eoum, to aet a* manager for Hollowsy's medlelne business. Two responsible sureties required in $5,000 eaeli, and ; eleren'*s must be of the very Iwsl; wage* moderate. Addr< ss, with sketch of all situations ?nd busi nessengared in fer the last five vesrs; none need apply who eauuot come up lo these requirements, liox 4,509 General Post office. WANTED? SEVERAL STEAM FITTERS, FIRST CLASS workmen; tioue others need apply. Also one first class brass flnither. Apply to Goo. H. Page, 131 and 133 Merc er ab WANTED? A YOUNG MAN AS VALET, TO CO WITH a merchant to France; 2 conductors, 2 clerks, 3 porters, 2 bgakemi n 4 girls to travel lo California and Europe, 1 mewardess, ti men l'or steamers. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. WANTED-A GOOD PENMAN, WITH $.10 TO $75, AS partner in a writing acuadetny, a short distance from the city. Scholars engaged. References given and required. For particulars inquire at 204 Second avenue. ANTED-A RETAIL DRY GOODS SALESMAN. AP ply to Reynolds A Smith. 37 Murray st. N. Y. $-A WILL PURCHASE OUTFIT AND INSTRUCTION ?)U in a new, dclighti'cd bnatoesi. 1-aj ned by a iacly or w $100 gentleman In a few hours. Pays $.,0W1 to $3,ftK) trendy. Ex e cent ('.ally. New York Elei'trieal Iu ?ond Hon:-. -WANTED, A SMART YOI Nii MAN, TO OPEN > anolllcein Cincinnati, and take the exclusive vholesale seeny for sll of Lloyd'* great Military Maps, wnich sell like Ihe wftid. flmi :s sufficient capital. To a young man whc. will follow instructions $100 per wnA may be made. Also, agents to gO*ln Albany, N . Y. ; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Connecticut, Canida, Detroit, Indianapolis, ana Rochester, N. Y., and every other State. Csll at LLOYD'S, 104 Broadway. Gj.rrAft -WANTED. AN ENTERPRISING MAN, TO GO to California and take the exclusive agency ret ail of Lloyd's great Mllitsey Maps. A fortune ran be main on the-e maps in California. Over 3,003,000 copies of one of my maps have been sold In the Suites already. Also a man to go to Havana, South America, Mexico, Gemtanyand lulv, France and England arc taken, and azetv.s mining money. ' J. T. LLOYD, lcil Broadway. WANTED, AX ACTIVE MAN, WITH THE above amount, for whic h liie best of security will be given and cmpl"ymei.t l'or i lie winter. W'w . $1.? per week. Apply to Cole. 298 Greenwich street. Fill . M il ADVERTISE >1E.\TS. ON DEMANDE-PoUR BONNE, USE PROTEST.'. NTE, Fianiaise c>u Swisse. S'aUiCicer Yen lificci etSainedi, enire 10 he iireede matin rt 2 heurrs d'aprridudf, a'j 116 Eas' 21st st. $000 SPECIAL NOTICES. JEWS' HOSPITAL IN NEW YORK, NOV, 2.*, 1-01 ? An ile lion will be held in the Hospital, on the eth day of December next, for three directors as el c to setve f c ,r lour year* from tbe Itith .lay oi January ne?t, in place of Mifire. N. K. Rosenfeiil, 11 Aronaon and Ansel Leo, nil of whose teru< of office will expire on that day. The po;l will be opened at 11 o ? loe's A. M. and close at 12 o'clock M. SAMtJEL A. LEWIS, Honorary Secretary^ JOURNEYMEN HORSESHOERS P. V. B. SOCIETY ? The membfrsof the nno\e sneietr an" requeued Wat te nil an adjourned meeting, at Mr. Mcfrloughlu's. Union Hall. First avenue, on Saturday evening, December 7, at 7 o'clo<kjirec:lsel.i. TIMOTHY COLMAN, Pr 'S. Jotm Tar r, ts-r'y. NEW Yt/RK TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION NO. 6.? THE annual eleeUon of oflicera of ihe above Cn Inn for the ensuing year will be held at 7? o'clock this (Saturday) even ing, Deremb'- 7. 18fll. JO! IN L. BROWN, President. ? D. W. Fi vk.i, Recording Secretary. TAKB NOTICE.? ALI. PERSONS ARE HEREBY CAC tioned not to negotiate a Note made by A. Rerap to order of A. I, n<!y, f' r $l7 >46-!#t', dated November 30 ; lafil, for three moo'l", payable s? Leather Manufacturer'a Har.<, a. payment ha u stopped. TO CONTRACTORS.? PROPOSALS WANTED FOR furnishing and lleliveriug about 'j, 000 ions of Tiap rock, in a cr.b to be In. ill r.l the Long Dock, Jersey City. T!i - mimb' r of i ubic feet to be allowed as a ton (2,240 lt?. ) to be dc irrtniued by weighing ancl nieas'.mni the first load. For furilier Inforinaticiii epp'.y st the Entineer's ofllee, Long Doc k fury building, Jersey City, where ollerawill be re ceived till Decern!. cr 10. Long Dock, Dec. 8, l"1'!. UrASHINGTON SKATING CLUB. f T There will be a m? etlng of the Executive Committee of this Club on S it'irdsy evening, December 7, at7>< o'clock, at Gllmour's Hfte!, corner of Seventh street and Fifth ave. tine Persons wishing to become members can make their application, with their reterencrs, ss the badges will be ready for distribution. By order of 0. F. OAlii^N, Pr??Wi?U W, B. CNHlCi Secrttttrjr. HVSIOAti, Aladt or nw rate MusicAxrABiuTT^ii^ Ing atudlcd under the most eminent masters in Europe, would wlan ? few more flushing pupil* In this dlj or Brook T?jr,,n* W per month; or at her residence, term* mode me. Addreaa A. V. I., Herald office. A LADY, LONG ACCUSTOMED TO SINOINQ, DESIRES an engagement as Soprano m achuioh. Address M, b., elation O. AMAGNIPICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for lale at a sarrlUoe , clrgaut'y cArved )c,;s and case, round corn era, full Iron plate, overstrung bass, inlaid with pearl, lined with sailnwood; made to order re present owner by city maker*; fully guaranteed for three years, 11 an been us, d but seveu mouths. Cual $ot>>, ? ill be *"ld for $2fc), Including Stool and Cover Also an elegant assortment of Drawn, 4 Room Furniture, Filming*,, Vuses, Brou/es, less than half the original ro*t. Inquire ut 7U Weal Tweuty-slxth street, near Sixth avenue. A BARGAIN-PRICE $110? HANDSOME ROSEWOOD seven octave Pluuofuile, go il as new, and modi rn Im provements, splendid tone, Ac., French wand action, bent city makers. Also two 7'1 octaves, concert grands, at half price. Apply al 3S8 Bowery. JOHN McDONALD, Reeelvi r. ("1REAT WANT OP IMMEDIATE CASH ALONE IN ? X duces me to offer al private sab' <uu of the moat spbiu fdld Pianos ever msdo In New York: carving alone coat |?W, and Is a perfect parl. i gem; co>l $#d<V If I ran raise $250 it shall go. Call earl.v at 4d High street, Rr >nklyn. 1GHTE A BltADBUK Y'ti NEW~SCALF. OlEltSTRUNG Rasa Patent Insulated FullFmuie Grand and Square Pianofortes, 421 Broome airrel. What everybody aaya must lie iruejeverybody aaya they are the best, therefore tliey must he the oast. MI.. J. DESCOMBE'S PIANO WAREROOM8, No. 1*9 ? ninth street, between Broadway and Fowitb avenue. A beautiful aasorlinent ol' Flcyei French upright Piauoa lor Musical -wanted, a chorus tenor, with a good strong vol.-.' for a Catholic church. Uood readers only need apply at US West Twenty -eighth jtrecl, Utwucn 2 and ( thta afternoon. PIANOS, MELODEONS, WATCHES DIAMONDS. Jewelry. Paintin^a. Cutlery, Books, Paper, a French Oigan, a small Stcan Duuluc, Ac , Ac., tor sale cheap. Cash advances on pianos, wutcue.-, dlainondr, li.ruiluic and mer chandise generally. 1. F. JONKt, No 62 Ami street, seeond lloor. PIANOFORTE. -ANY ONE II A TING A GOOD PIANO, forte, w ho would receive ltk? .teres ol laud in Tela* in part pay mini, may Und a customer by ad t retains A. lleu tleraon, I. >4 Varlck street. S10NOR LL'iGI DAMA. HAVING RETURNED TO town, ?M resume his SIo(.Iik I.' - 01, ,-t 11* tal. Call at or nddrci* 47 W> st Twenty-sixth slim,:, b.tueeii Broadway and Sixth atcnue. slgnor Litlgi Dam.i refers, with perruw alon, to Mr. L. B. Woodruff, No. 10 West Twenty ninth street, New York. THE HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MELODEONS, an I Alexandre Organs, am the finest instruments lor parlors and chui. lies now In use. A l.irjje assortment cat, lie seen al the new warcroonta. 481 Broadway, between Crand and Broome streeis, which will bn sold at extremely low prices Pianos ami Melodlons I com sundrv linkers, new and second hand, to let, and rem allow.-d If purchaseil as per agreemeut. Mouihly paymeni ' NpMved (or the same. Sheet Music, Muaiu Hooks, ami ill klniis of music merchan dise, al w ar price!.. A pianist 111 attendance will try new mnsic. TTPRIOIir PIANOS.? M AltTINS A OUVRIBR. MANU fftttuivrs of Cpiitthl and Square Pianos, No. 31 East Honstou street, n< ar Broadway, fiui class Upright and Squaie Pianos for sale aud to hire. WANTED? A SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, IN EX change for a va- ant L' t. Oaii ou or direct to Obi leu A Lynch, 231 Canal street, near Cent rr. "IV-ANTED-A BAND OF SIX MUSICIANS, FOR " three days In the week, alterudoQ aud cveuing pei formanrn. Address, Wilh terms for each day. X. Y. Z . Herald office. ?LESSONS ON THE PIANO $24, BY A OEN a. who haat.iUeu the lit >t prue of ihn Con servatoire at Paris. $24 a term. Address box 2,387 Post office. i^tbvotion. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, FROM PARIS, OF GREAT experience In teaching, wishes to mike an engagement irl'h some college or school, .is visiting teacher for the French, German or Latiu language. Adureaa Lalontulne, lierai'J office. A T SI".? BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, ARITHMETIC. J\. Mr. PAINE S experiment 01 'giving three months, 78 lessoni each, in Penmanship and Arithmetic, or Bookkeep ing, lessons unlimited, for $IH, nnd hi^- admirable plan or al lowing each siudent separato Instrm t;ou, Induces hundreds to attend at 62 Bowery, New York, 'and 2;-<3 Fnlton street, Brooklyn. A YOUNG LADY, WHO HAS HAD EXPERIENCE IN teaching, desires a rc-enga^cmmt in alschool or family; she is an excellent malheinn' fan, and isTull, nur.llhed 10 instruct In the linRlish hrsnchi s, and also In Fr< neb, Sjiunhh aud drawing. Terms moleiate. Be^t of refMnnces igivt a and required. Address.l. H. R., Herald ollice. A CADEMIESOF PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKEEPING, No. 3;? Broadway, M.iil.u s Rullding, and No. 0 Fourth avenue. A eood handv.'ritln/ taught in ten private lessoni. Double entry Ixiokkeeping. Terii' reduced this m nth 10 $16. Thorough course of private Instruction given. OLIVER 11. COLDSMITH. A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS STt'WEUTHE FRENCH language Several yean, wishes to take i wo lcsso it* a week. or rather to convt r?e t\vl< e a Week Willi a t,o?d teacher. Addrcs* wrf 4,192 Post ofl]e?, N. V. Bebt sustained boarding seminary in tub ' State. $110 per year. Brick building* for 1 .t ? I i < - x and gentlemen. 1 Ablest teachers in all department*. Winter irrin, 1>hc. 3. J Address Rev. Joseph K. Kill Fori Ed W.,r41n3tltule, N. Y, on the Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad. Female teacher wantbd? to take charge of a small select school In the vicinity of New York; muat be fully oualibed to iea< ii music and French, in addi tion to the English branches. Address bos 9jl Pun oDice, with references. French and german taught by ax expeiii enoed teacher, after a new and practical method, whl-h will enable intelligent pupil., tospak, wr ite ami read either language in three months. Tuition In classes au.l private li'Naiiua. Apply io Profi s>or LEKKANOE, 118 ForsyUi street, near Broome. Young men prepared for college. INSTRUCTION -TWO FRENCH TEACHERS, BROTHER and "later, wish to give lessons, either at the residence of the puplla or at their own, for twenty-Ore cents an hour. Addieis lierard, box 123 Herald oilier. VTEW YORK CITY COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, 18 AND 19 Cooper Imdltute.? Bookkeeping, Busiuesa Penman ship, Commercial Oalenlationi. Commercial Law. Pomm?r rial Correspondence, ie., praetically latight. J. W. Luslt and H. C. Speneer, penmen. BRYANT. STRATTON, PACKARD A PENN, Principals. SINGING AND THE PIANO.? MRS. PAIOE S RAPID and pleaalmi method. No olher can compare with It. A progressive pleasure from the very first lesson. Parents and unnnliar* astonished, Litlle folks delighted. Satisfac tion to all. 13 Bond street. The president and ncoent's college Wo take plcaaure to b-arn that the President has airaln signified his hich apprei latum of Nugent'* College, Brook ly n. by recently appointing C. H. Gieenleaf and VV. VV. Ilealon, students of the college as engineers in the United States Navy, attd George B. Sbiell a" Mas'or's Mate in the United Stati ? Navv. It is nn Incont-' vertible faetthat a greater number of the graduates and students of Nugent** College have been assigned high positions in our nrisiv and navy than of any oilier private college. in the country. ' Prin cipal, E. NUGENT, member of the Society of Art -, Manufac tures and Commerce, London, and of the American Qcotia phleal and Statis' ial So' i ? ty, New York, Ac., Ac. The College is onen bolll day and evening;. Students may cuter at any time. Nugent'* Commercial College? nbovo Mechanics' Bank and oppo-ite C ty ITall Brooklyn, Ik turning out, wllh many accomilshed penmen, accouuthnt* and bookkeepers, a number of the bes: h inds at, mcehantrai drawing we ever knew.? Brooklyn Bagle. tTNl VERSITY LAW SCHOOL.? THE SECOND TERM J of this department of the University will commence on Monday. 1'accmber J1. Students who have studied law for one year or more can graduate in May. if they attend this department for the ne\t two terms, ana arc qualified to prac tice. The instructMn l? thorough and practical. For further particular* apply at the La v Library of the University, at two o'clock P. M. HEIiIGIOUS NOTICES. Church of tiie puritans.? by special hk quest, Rev. Dr. Chcever will rep -at the discourse "The Destruction ui E-VPt by :he Ob..iinu*\* of Pharoah'' to-mor row evening, at 7)i focjt, C1F.HAZI, OR speculators in the national le ' T prosy. Bev. Wi:l!am Alvln Baiileit will preach from I the above text on Sunday eveatng, ut the Brooklyn Taber- I uncle. Services at It,1! A. M. and atT^g P. M. INDICATIONS OF HIE FUTURE.? THE LAST BIS c ursc of the series i.r. "Human Progress,'' will be gin n in the Bleeeknr street l'nlve-<.il!?t chnr-h, tomorrow even In?, by ltev. Motes Ballon, Services nlso st 10*^ A. M. Memorial church, hammond street, corner ol Waveriey place.? Tl,- Rev. Tboinss i'. Ouion, Kector of St. John's church, Bri wiil wtaeb to-iporrow (Sun day i even'iig. Services at IOk A. V!., baif-pusi three and half-past ?even o'cloek 1". M. Ments free 1 MR". CORA I- V. li \TCII WILL SPEAK ^T Dodworth'k ilaii. SOtJ ii t-oad WAV, on Sunday. Dec, x al loii A. M. and 7>j| I' M. Subji-ct fei the evening? "The Holy I Alliance ofuls.'tud the United State*,'* IJROTESTAN'r EPISCOPAL CnurcH?DIVIXB SERe i vices -will be held according to the rllei of the nb..\ e fthurrh In Tnnor Hall, CSWe^t Thirly-fonrlh strert, near | Br. adway. on Sunday uevt, December S. MorniiiR Msrvl"** ' al ll^i o' iloek, and evrnliig u 7)4 o'clock. The iiev. E. O. Fiast; ^ ill preach morning and evening. Segi<< free. Rev. wm. h. milburn will deuverhibureat L ?lure on "Aaroh Burr.' :it the Alans'-n M. E. elinreb, Norfolk street, near Grand, Thursday evening. Dec. M. -18 t o'clock floors open at 7. Tickets, eenta, may 1? obtained at20u M'llbcrry ?ireet, of H race Waters, 4Hl Broadway; Howe i Kerry. 76 Bowery, and ai Iho door. REV. NEWTON II ESTON. PASTOR OF THE STATE Mieei Cnngrrgaiiooal CTiurch (near Hoytit.), Brooklyn, win preach in hie choreh t'ctnorrow, at !()>< o'clock \.M , ar. l at 7X o'clmk P. M. Will deliver the ?e otol *i rte* of mnua on ihe "Peerless MiaMon of .Testis Christ. ' Sunday ?ch" >1 al 9 and 2 o'clock. Lecluro by the pastor evety Tues day i-vi-nli.g. Childieu'* meeting every Ihuraday e.\euiiii;. iVeV. s. a. COREY WILL l'REACll IN THE MURRAY JlV BapUat church, Thirty-tifth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue, to-inorrow, at Iuh A. M., and st 7X M. In Hie i \ enlng the third lecture to young will be delivered. ! Subject? "The Young Patriot." J CT." AUS S 'cfiXwCH? REV. THOMAS GALLAUDET, i O Rector.? Si rvices u>-morrow as usual, with the ?oiee at lo' j A. M. awl 7>g P.M., and In the sign language at 3 P. M. Rev. F. C. Eivcr will preach morning and uvcuinf. 8*? * free. HE REV. J A RED W. SC UDDER IS EXPECTED 16 preach in the Reformed Dutch church, Twentv-'irst street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*, on Sabbath uioru li.g. at I0)i o'clock, and In the afternoon, at 3 o'rlock. V)IJ i'MVKRSALIST CHURCiI, ELEVEN l il 81 REET Jit and Second avenue? Rev. G. T. Flanders, Pastor. Services at 1(H? A. M. and 7J< P. M. Second discourse on the I "i'roblem of Evil." Public cordially Invited. ASTROLOGY. NB.-WHO HAS NOT HBARD OF THECELEBRA ? ted Mme. PREWSTER, who haa been eonaultea br thousand* in this and other cities wllh entire aatisiactionf She feels confident that she has no ? quai. She tells the liBine of fuwirc wile or liuabaud, and th il oi her vlaiter. If you wish truth give !c r a call, st l^b i.ut ?U'Ctl, u ttvwu 4 ?4ii aevjuu av^uii*, , ^ TVHW^ GE(?hel IWkJm?nE ? W1H; 8TAN0 KOK it AKljri AT ^ ?? A:zLoir^ Kl^br'^Li,,EnBMXBKtr,'*r'' _. Wuhingtou Drove T?rd, W. T. HOR8B8, carriages, &c. A TMiw W K"K 1<E? KO YBAR8 U' ' r*?"',b" I?'iulrVa* tSTsw* BUSINESS WAGONS, OP EVERY STYLE, CON stautly on hand.? Evory article got here warranted to be as represented. One Wagon, with platform springs and pole, suitable for any business. Alan, two Cerpenter'a Wagons, but little used; will be sold alien p. STEWART 8 Wagon Factory, Fifty-third street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. CARRIAGES FOR RALE CHEAP-ONE GOOD second hand Coaeti, only twelve months In use by a private family; one Coupe, for one or two hornet, Only twelve months in nap; o nr. Wagon, only three month* in nee. To be sold for whatever the* w ill bringi as the owner Is going to Euro|>e. Apply at Bi Ad ley's stable, 32 West Sixteenth street.

Fok hale? a handsome double sleigh, IN perfect order and but little used. Alio, Kobe Hit' re<tulr ed. Apply at 41 Plait ?t. FOB AAlK-l LONG TAIL MOWN HOI8B, NINE years old, 15%, hands high, sound and kiud; will be sold cheap, as the owner lias no 0h? for him. Cau be seen at the Metropolitan stables, corner of Prince and Crosby a Ire its, till Monday next, if not s?.ld. IjlijR SALE- A BAY HQB&B. MH HANDS HIGH, ?. ? teel and kind in double and single hftrilllf. tit for a car* rlage or cart. To be Keen at No. 2 James (dip until sold. FOK SALE? A FIRST CUSS CLOSE QUARTER ? Coach, built by Wood Brothers; but littlo used. Also, one squat n Wagon, two open Barouches, and a tlx aeut Rockaway; all lu good oTV -r: and two new Phaetons, suita ble for doctor* u.-e. All - til l>? sold vary low. N. B? Re pairing of all kiudto done ?u the oeat possible manner, and at puces to suit the timet. F. YOUNGS. No. 7 East Twentieth street. FOR SALE? A SOBXBXi ROMB and LIGHT FURNl tui>e Cart And Harness; the horse makes a good wagon hor*e. Will sell ih*m separate. Cheap for rasli. Call and aee, at 470 Giaad street, New York. For sale ciiKAl'-t>ME second hand two-seat Roekaway. one do. light top, one do no top Wagou (Stivoi s and Smith makers). one new top one Jsggci Wagon. ou? 8ulkeytone Welch, one Sot Light Harness, one good llorse, pn?H? $J0 Apply at 27 Wooater street. House wanted-from five to eight years old, from la tu lt> hands high; perfectly sound and kiud; dappled gray or bla :k preferred Apply at 123 Ninth street, from 8 to IU A. M., or from 3 to 6 P. M. TO BE BOLD? A JIAND80 ME TOP WAOO.V, SUIT able for a doctor; has been very little used: cost 9240* w ill bo sold fc i $IS0. Also n light two hortu Sleigh for $25. Apply jtt Va Rami's livery stables, 271 Canal street, near Broadway. WINTID. rwo SECOND HAND BBAVT EXPRESS Wagons, ttuliabh for two horses, for which a reason* able price will be \ aid. Addie * G. XI. B., box 1,444 Post nil le. 'ANTED? A GOOD SECOND HAND .SLEIGH. AD* drees II., I oi 2,120 Pout office. >V TITAN TED- A SECOND HANI) TOP BUGGY, NEARLY IT aa good as new ; shifting top preferred; must be well made, and very cheap. Address box S, 668 Post oillcc, stating price, maker, description, where to be seen, Ac. SALB9 AT \UCTIO\. Albert m. onirriN \ co., ai otion bers. A rare oppori unity for housekeepers and dealers. Assignee's Sale -fcia.tXKl worth of elegant first class household furniture To bo peremptorily wold at public auction, On this day (SATURDAY), Dec. 7, THE PROPERTY OF A FAMILY LEAVING THE CITY Rosewood seven octavo Pianoforte, rosewood Drawing Room Butts, rosewood r?i i mahogany Chamber Furniture, Oak Dining Room Furniture, Paintings, Statuar), Uron/i s, Chandeliers, Miirors, Velvet Medallion Carpets, HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNhSS ROBEH, AC., \t the private i^sideneo 48 We?C sixteenth street, between Finn and Sinth avenues. RALE COMMENCES AT 11 O CLOCK. Superb Suits carv d solid rosi wood, covered with silk bro catel, consisting of l'< l1 ; Veto Sofas, Oval bu> k Chairs. Arm olid Reception Oh Airs, Ottomans, Lady's Work Table, Chess and Card 'fables, Velvet Medallion Carpets, Rugs, Sevres and Dresden China Ornaments, Mannielerle ana Bol* do rose Cabinets, Pearl inlaid Stereoscope, su|>erh Mandolin, inln hi with Tortoise Shell; Antique and Gothic Ri cepUou Chain, Secretaire, Booke.t-o, Ft- geres, Bron/e ('lot-ic, runs one month; Pier and .Maab l Mirrors, iunbroidt rcd Lace Cur tains, Mantel Ornam -nts, C.-ntre Tables. King's Patent Re clining Chairs, Oil Tainting*, by eminent artists; Bronze and Marble Statuary, MAGNIFICENT 7 O- TaVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, CANTERBURY, STOOL AND COVER, Bls^k walnut Wash-tan 1, ouk Buffet, Kxteuslon Table, China dinner and t?-a SetA,Cr>stsl Glas-ware, richly engraved; Table Cutlery, solid Silverwai ??, rosewood and mahogany Bureaus, Jiedstea.ds, Wardio! es, Toilet Tables, Commodes, Dressing Tables, Uairand Spring Mattreshes, Counterpanes, Blankets, Sheets, Towels, MtGraw's Patent Sola Beds, Bookstand. Toilet Tables, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth and Stair Carpet-. Also, laige assortment of Basement and Kitchen Furniture. N. B.? Every lot will be positively sold to the highest bid der. No postponement on any account. A competent per son will be in attendance to cart., box and ship the goods. Auction notice -mortgage sale of elegant Household Furniture.? E. ROTH, Auctioneer, will sell, this aftern- on, at 1!$ o'clock precisely, the beautiful Furni ture in the tot r . tory dwelling house 08 E Tw entj set ? >i h street, near Fotirlh avenue, consisting of v?ry handsome and almost new Brussels, Tapestry and Ingrain Carpets, rose, wood seven octave Pianolorte. cost $373; Pa: lor Suits, co. vered in brocatol, plush atul haiiclo'b; n arble top Centre and Side Tables, French Pin Mirrors, rosewood Etegcre, Curtains, Vases, Paintings, rosewood end niah gauv I Jed steads. Bureaus, W.isl^tands, Cornerand Book Stsnds, Sofa Beds, Tables, Rockers, spring seat < 'hairs. Mattresses, Bol sters, Pillows, Extension Table, China, (ila-s and Silverware, Table Cutlery, Oilcloth, Stair Carpets, Ac. Sale positive, rain oi shine. House to let; rent very low. By order of AARON HIRST! FELD, Attorney for mortgagee. A LA ROE ASSORTMENT OF FIRST CLASS HOUSE hold Furniture at, private snle, nt a s.'icrMee.? -Seven oi iavc rosewood I'ianofwrte, cost $.Wu, for$26?, including Stool and (-over; Drawing Room Suit, solid rosewood, cost $300 for ouu for #100 ; Etc^eres, Centre Tables, Mirrors, Lutn Curtains. Carpet#. i ?*Mvood Bedstead, Bureau and Washstund, entire suit tv $lni: flair and Hpi'li^g Matties* es, Blanker, China, Glfl?sni i Silver wai and many artlcl-s too numerous to men' ion. will be sold at, half eo?t, Furni ture all tarnished new Ubt May, and in excellent order. In quire at 70 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue. I HOWARD PETTINOEB, AUCTIONEER, 109 FBARL V street, will t. ll on Tuesday, Dec. 10, a* 1(% o'clock, at the billiard saloon, 410 Orand street, the stock, of fine Liquors, Segsrs, Blll.ard Tables, Bar and Os* Futures, Ac. Particulars on Monday. HEN BY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM. No. 37 Nassau ?<reet, opposite the Post office. ? MINER \ SOMERVILLE will still at their salesroom. No. ;17 Nassau street, Monday, Dee. 9, nt 11 o'clock, the entire bulat.e of stock of an importing and jobbing lienor house, consisting of tine Brandies, Jamaica and Santa Cruz Rum, Hcoteh, Irish and Bourbon Whiskeys. London and Holland Uins. l'ort aud Madeira Win' s, London lJrowu Stout, Keoieh and Bdinb J'g Ales, Five- h Cordial^ Sardines, I' reserved Fruits ami Jellies, Olive Oil, Citron, Raisins, Figs, An. Also, a large quantity of rcry line Brandies, Wines, Ac. in bottles from the shelve ?, together with a line sto<'k of llaviua snd Plan tation Sega rs. The above will all he in our store and sold from t'ue original packages, without reserve, to close the. con cern. JMOR V1KTY, Al'CTIONEER?WILL SELL TIllS ? day, at 173 Chatham square, at 10', o'clock, Kota?, I Lounges, Chairs. Tables, Bureaus, Mirrors, an assortment Oil Painting", Blankets, Feather Beds; al.v* a variety of | Fancy and Dry Good . Sale positive. SHERIFF'S SALE OF READY MADE CLOTHING, AC.? A. M, ( li 1ST ALAR, Auctioneer, No. M Bovvcrv, will sell ! on Monday, December U, at I0.l? o'clock, t large assortment of Cu ^im- re. Cloth and Satinet Frock. Sack and ilurdne** Corns: Pilot, Felt and Bcuver Ovei coa1* ; bilk, Vcl\et, Satin and Oassimere Vests: a large variety of Cas^iuieif, D <, Ciorh and Satinet rants, together with a lot o! Youths' Cloth i njr Ac . Ae. By order o? JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. STEAM ENGINE AT AI'CTION? TO PAY STORAGE and ft r a "Count of whom if may eo;v in, S;c..m Engine Mini Boiler, t 'K-'ther with 8nw Beneiie*. ? ?,e Horse and Wagon, let t at 3ti5 Greenwich street, where the same w ill Oe s-dd at auction on Monday, Daeember 9. at 12 n'clo? k. WEL LINGTON V. CARTER, Auctioneer, sto.c No. 5- Corttandt street, near Greenwich. BOAMBc! a\o hh)gi\<;. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY WOl'LD LIKE To engage Hoard in a private faintly. Terms niuv bo mo derate, Ail ess E. C , box ISO Herald office. A gentleman. with hts wire and t#o rmi, d ren, d^sirss one large Room, with Boaru (dinner at 1 o'clock), between First and Fifth avenues am. Foui hand Fonr'eenth str? eM. Address ft. H , station D, Bible Hon-c, stating terms an I ail particulars. \ LADY LIVING .\VoNK IN GOOD KTVI.E, NEAR jX Fifth Avenue Hotel, desires a htudsoiie, intelligent and agree.-.ble x o'ing >?"'}' *?or a ? unpfinion; no board will be ? asked. Ad Ires* Mrs. R. A., MndUon square Po?t office. AKEATLY ITiJNlSHED FRONT J O ." AND 1IALL Bc!ro? n toi?rit, with vv without M ird, in a pi v;r?* family; If' M-iM-ali the modem impiovcments. Apply at ! 7?J Amit> . i t. 4 HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PRIVATE GERMAN A fn mPy, ?< ?i ' iti ? a first eta^s house, will let a suit of t.ei'ly turni-hd R< oms, tocher or sepsmte, with full or partial Board o?- private table. French aud English spok?o. Apply at No. 45 Iv ? Bl* e. ker street, near Bo>auM ay, BOARDING ? A FINE ROOM TO LET TO A GENTLE nan and lady, with or wi'hout Roan} or ?*??? ndy onlv. Inquij-e nt No. ff Amity pla<*v, of Mr*. VANNKSS. Refe i-epees if required. ?vrow VACANT.? A PllT OF HANDSOMELY FCR. nisi ed R<M.tns ait fronting ?n Fifth a- ? nue, consisting of Parlor, DJn njr Room And three Bedrooms, with bath, Ac. : ?ls-? llooms l <r sinj?]e gentlemen, wi*h Board, in ti e Hotel St. Oern. dn, corner of Fifth avenue and Twenty-rc eond street. Private TftMe ff desired. rpo LET? A HANDSOMELY VUBVUHBD FRONT I A Room, on the second floor, with atijoiuiiif: Bedroom, w ith 1 r r wiih' "t partial B"ar<i, In a small private, laiuily. Refer ences exc hanged. C ill .vt 110 West Thirteenth sin eV fro 1 KT?Vt/K Nihil ED, A LARi.E FKONf uOOM, A with Board for the lady, i,r Room and Bejtoom, with coTivt nc.ue t<?r housekeeping. Inquire at No. 3 Ludlow |?laee, AYeit Houston street; stages pass the door. 0 it AND V ^WES'P THIRTIETH 8TREET? ONE OE fJfJ two self , t famlllea and two'or three gemlemen can be , aet.ommoJttted with suits or single Rooms in one of the most ; <le!1ghtful loeatfons. The hous s are new, and newly fur nished, situated between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Table llr#tcla*s. References exchanged. ihn s*?p- Street -pleasant booms and ! 1U? (j O'l Binrd. Plra.atil R- am* anil nifalR ? an bi.1 had ai the WnsbingUin H"t? 1, 10(1 PrftNw sipci, m-nr Brr*ilw?f. Tho wilt 'w let ungtjr or In anltB, Willi or without Hoard, to fi.nilUr-a or to aitigla Uidlea orgciitlcuif!ii. <>n tho mom teatouablr t.'rm*. f. HJ'IKK. 1 lTi HLEfeCKkK .STREET, WKHIwip ~AND~NKA7<. 1 1 O Bromilway.? Ple?s?ntljrfiirtil?hed Ito'imn to lot, with or without Bonn); 'ingle or in milta; int*ai? i*rvcd in rt.onj* it Lf.irfd, Tran Inut boarders ai'commoduted. Location (ikaaaal and cenln.1. I.OA.N OF KICKS. A \ Q BROOME STREET? A FEW DOORS FTtOM TtO Bi'iadway. Pawnbroker's T!ck?:n ptirchaa'-d, of Clothing, DUtnondSi Cloths, Pasalin' rp?, Vesting*, S'.lls., 4c., or will i.iin hase any article In iheniiay,, line, anM nigral urlces Ikj paid. The lollowing arlii les ?)'j on baud for ?ule ? 200 pair Panis, (1 25: Catstmera UK-. ; Overcoats from H5 50 to 4 firicty of \ ests . h?kL., O, 'CoBiolsiiou MtKUanl. AMrSKMKNTS. Laura keene-iT theatre. BPKU'AIi NOTICE. tu? LAST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS LAST MlillTS LAST NIGIIT.S i.ast nights last niurts The r?iu nuKumerit desires to imprtkS upon tlid public ml lid the importance of the fart that thu Cki.kbk.itki> eitkava y AMA THE SEVEN SONS, which hit* tilrcadv achieved a triumph of NEARLY ONE HUNDRED NIGHTS, must POSITIVELY j!E WITHDRAWN at a very early date on account of several KORIHCOMINO NOVELTIES. TO-NIGHT the SEVEN SONS. SEVEN SONS. SEVEN SONS. <n at W This ? m GREAT UNION BURLESQUE m >jt Has been nlaved EIGHTY I- OUR NllllITS. Ami wltin?-.*d l>y more loan g ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT ? X THOUS VND PEOPLE. V, a> ? ' SEVEN SONS. SEVEN SONS. SEVEN SONS with all the SPLENDID UNION TAIILEAI'X, Comprisinc the SPIRIT OF JACKSON AT THE TOMB OK WASHINGTON, TIIK STAR OK THE UNION, NORTH ASK SOUTH. THE B \ N N Kit IN THE HJCV. BATTLE OK HUNKKIt llll.lj an r.pisooK vv valley kokgb, TliE DEATH OK THE REBEL Sl'Y, NAILING IT THE FLAG, THE STR|T?l(i|.E ItKTWP.ES NORTH AND SOUTH, AP01IIEOS1S OK WASHINGTON AND UNION. Al?i< U'c Iwn *n-*t Scenes. THE l'EEKLEss POOL OF WATER LILtES, AND ASCENT OF Till GUARDIAN SPIRITS OF THE LAKE. AMI) THE GREAT WATTE A I' SCENE or ARCADIAN NYMPHi Recliiiltur among Ikrir llo'-k* by the MOUNTAIN TORRENT OF ItBAL WATBlt. In rehearsal mid will be epeedlly produucd, *ftsr mAny wi-ckN preparation, a new drama, entitled UTI LE TOM OR A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Adapted eipreaslv for thin theatre. liy MERCER MORRIS, ESQ.. And which Mil* Koi ne i* obliged, by her contract with the author, to place before the public on or \>elore Chriatinaa night. The pi pcm will be presented with NEW SCENERY by MR. .1. M. ROBERTS On the same occasion will be produced a new burlesque, fn one act, called ROBINSON CRUSOE, Adapted by C. YOUNG, ESQ., And which will lie presented with NEW AND SPLENDID SCENERY AMD GRAND MECHANICAL EFFECTS, IIY MlNAltD LEWIS. Doom open at ?)?; commence at 7 WINTER 0 ARI>EN. this (saturdayi evening, MR AND M US. WILLIAMS Will present fi r tbe lust time THREE OF 'I'll m It MOST CHARMING PIECES. 1. The beat, til ul national drama ot IRELAND AS IT WAS. IlnBHi'd Put Mr. Barney Williams Jody Mrs. Barney WlUl?U?a 2. Ihe new burlcaque of 1IIE MAGIC JOKE. rrince Dotoroao M m. Barney WllUama 3. To conclude with th?? laughable fa:'?H of 1KISII ASSURANCE AND YANKEE MODESTY. B ARNl'M'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. THE WH ALB STILL LIVES, TIIK WHALE STILL LIVES, THE WHALE STILL LIVES. THE WIIAI.E STILL LIVES, THE WHALE STILL LIVES, THE WHALE STILL LIVES, and In dally dcllgtiliiij: thousand* of all ages, by the grjee and grandeur of his movement*. SWIMMING ABOUT HIS LA UUE TANK, as If in bl< own native scan TO-DAY (SAT! RDAY) December 7, 1861, being the usual family holiday, LADIES, CHILDREN AND SCHOOLS will And it a good opportunity to SEE THE GREAT LIVING WHALE, and witness the performance, fur the laat lime, of that *u pert) (lritinti, THE ANGEL OF MIDNIGHT, which is produced at 3 o'clock in the altoruoon, and fit 7>J In the evening. At the name iline lhe> will see THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, from the river Nile, In Eeypt. TIIK 'Mil EDUCATED WHITE RATS, THIKTT LIVING MONSTER SNAKES, . THE MAMMOTH GKIZSSLY BEAR SAMSON. THE NINE LARGE SPECKLED BROOK TROUT, AQUA RIA, HAPPY FAMILY, SEAL, AC, AC. Adnibndnn to nil SScents; chlldri n under ten 15 cents. BOWERY THEATRE. STICICNEY'S GREAT NATIONAL CIRCUS. LITTLE BO-l'EEP THIS AFTERNOON. In order to a 'iiininodiite Ihe crowd of juvenile* who are anxious to nee theaill.ctcil " Oi l Woman that lived In a Shoe" Willi Iter numerous young f&nilly ; and for the convenience of children of larger growth who i!e!lght In the reminiscences of ?' M'>i her Hunch," but who prefer bringing th.dr small folk* to the --how In the day lime, the pantomimic nursoiy legend ol " Little Bo-Peep" will tie performed UiK afternoon. Alter to day It will le laid aside for a short 1 1 m? to make r om fur other novelties forthcoming. The equestrian etui acroha:ic performances will be also glren both afternoon and evening a* usual. ^CADXNY OK ML' j\. Under i ho management of Messrs. FOX A IJKOARD. Owlu^ to t lie unavoidable delay which has ntleixlncl ihe al terations requisite in tho parquet of tho Academy, and which were absolute nucessil i ? -m lo enable WILLIAM I1ANLON to make HIS FIRST APPEARANCE IN IIIS L'MUVALUJIJ ACT or 7. A M I'l r,I, V ERORT ATION, Meur?. FOX A L1NGARD have, ([realty to their rcj^ct, Deen Compelled to postpone the FIRST NIC1IT OK TTIETR REASON UNTIL THURSDAY, Due. 12, ltttil, limounee that I L LI AM IIANLON will appear io a performance to which lie gives the above name, % A M I'l LL AE ROSTATI ON, and which is literally unequalled by any exhlliltlon which has hitherto been given, and may Fairly be asserted to be BEYOND RIVALKY. BOTH IN TIIK BOLD n'ESS OK ITS CONCEITION V?n tiik ITNEXAMf'lJiD OARING OK ITS EXECUTION, malting a legitimate claim t > Hie appellation of the MOST MARVELLOUS KEAT which has ever been nerffli nied BEFORE THE PUBLIC. Previous to this wonderful act will be presented the beanlil >il RAVEL PANTOMIME, LES (JUAT11E AMANS. And the perfornian e will terminate witli a Grand Spcctacu lar Pantomime, entitled L'OfHlE; Or, LE PETIT JEAN. In the production 01 which no expense will be spared, every sci nc, Drcs. , l'ro| citv and Appointment being ENTIRELY NEW. The characters In Ihe Pantomimes will l.e sustained by the O. L. FOX TROUPE OK PANTOMIMISTS. A ORAND ORCHESTRA 1 1 ks been selected lor tho present series of perlornianees, from the orchestras of the Academy of Music mid Philhar monic Society. Conductor. . .' CHARLES KOITITZ rOl'PF.AH PRICKS Of ATllllSSIOV. Paroiii t and I?re.<s Circle .BOccnfs WHERE SECURED SEATS MAY BE OBTAINED WITHOUT ANY EXTRA C1IAKOE. Arnplililie.'ti'e 28 cents The b",v tifllro will h ? open on Monday and '-neb succeeding <lay from 10 A. M. till 4 I'.. M. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE*. A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN. WITH SMALL CAPITAL and a ' 1 1'St raie European connectl' II. desire" i partner ship tilth a respectable shlpbroket aud general commission nietrlia:1!. AflatpJs A. v., FlefaM oflii DISSOLUTION.? THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO I ore tutting belwoen .Tmob Adlel utol Eman'iel Etner u o s been dissolved ny mutual consent. JACOB ADLER. DrCKMBKR 8, 1861. EMANUEL EXNER. Tlie In, ?i nets a'. 1MB Spring si reel Is vluscd; that at 3.17 Bow erylsrmitlimed by JACOB ADLER. "PARTNER WANTED? WITH $5,000 TO $10,0tO, IV AN J extremely desirablo, pleasant and largely paying bitsl i, ess; will b< ar the closest Invest igatlon: a more than ordi r.ary 'lunce lo H' t iii a no id concern. References un doubted. POUTHWlCk h WOOD, S2 Nas-ou stree-. HyiAMTBP? A PARTNER WITH A CAPITAL OF $28 TT toSStl.UUO, to ontcr into u business giving onlek returns and lars'- ptorits, withuiit ri-a, a? ihe party wt(l have >ntlre CO til lil ? f his capital. Address i >., box 2,93# Post olUcc. ?A PARTNER WANTED, WITH $20" WHO ?Pa' " "? undeistaii Is *.h?- liquor and seflar business, by a that will DirniSh an equal amount. Address J. J. Adiiioa, Herald on c?. <ii 11)0 ?WANTED, Tu INVEST FROM $3U0 TO *ViO *Jp ' i " "" " ? in somo safe and !uci -Uive busfni where tlie owner's time and experience can be made avallabl". None rea'ly respectable parties need answer, giviu,' reil name and ti e nature of Ihe business, and where an Interview ean Ims had. R piven and required Address J. H tie. i bid iifa, tor two das a. <?> tHft -BILLIARD8- WANTED, A PARTNER, flUU. Willi fiOBi $Hli) !n |6 XI cash, to open a new I.i llnnl Silicon on Broadway, with live tables; sui* rfor locution aud rent to correspond wit# tie Hire*. References e? cbangeil. A Idri oa II, G., box 20H Herald Olllie. ernn ?PARTNER WANTED, IN A FIRST CLASS ?IpOvv/.. oillce b isiiie?e, eanicd on without any r ink what er er, and will )iayahout $8,000 annually. Apply al M2 Broad way, room 4, up stair*. outwi -A PARTNE* .WANTBD, WITH THIS JJlOU" I. amount, i-ash, in a highly itupectable cath buai tier?. without rm's or competition, (nut will pay (MX) per month. Kor particulura apply to ISAAC A. BIGGS, No 73 Naxtau atrei t. 5l KAA ? I'ARTNEB WANTED," Wlllf $!>*? CASH, ?J! I .O'/U. I'l II permanent caah busliieaa where over ?6 (W0 p?r year may be made, as can be phown atanln'er view. Adilresn, with real name, M. P., bos 1W Herald olfice. AQ /\/W\ ?A PARTNER WOULD Be"tAjTIn 7n AN established Inisloesa, aur<; and proauible, now ? Jhvti g o?er yearly, and can l e enlarged. ?This is an ricellenl op<-nin,:? light, pleasant, no rink whatever. Ff>r full partK u lam, addiens Busineu, Herald oXce, for one week. FURN1TUKK. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE for $74, In ah .-olorn. of wananicd maniifatture, alst solid chmun t t'haml'er Suits, p aln and ornamental, at I!. K. KAHKIKOTON S, 80S Canal street, op. , site Wooslcc Estatill'heoin 1S44. I ENAMELLED CHAMBER SUITS OF KUP.NITUKK, IN 11 all colors and styles, at whul'isale and retail, at$^atid \ji_\v?tde, also, M.?ttreniies and Palliahscs. WARREN WARD, 277 CatnU street, four doors east cf Bronilway. lAURNITURE.-CASH PAID TOE SECOND HAND Furniture, Mirrors and Carpets. Country calls alin. d-d to. Address FurnUuie fitore. ISO lludfon stri ei. A ,''jod assortmeut of second hand furnltmc ou Luno at Uie abme store, cheap, for ca?h. 1MRST CLASS ENAMELLED FI'RNITURE? PLAIN ' dccot ated aud gralnail ; s> ltd walnut an 1 oak Seu. M..t tre>?. ?. Spring Red, A' Suits, fron> $25 upwards. ,1 W. FISHER k CO., Manufacture tu, 650 Broadway, Vctweeu Bleetkcr aud Jtyait ?uevtf . m?ib,t buil^lug. \AT A L LACK'S. _ , ..v "~'?-$$#mis^?iar<> ?~i " """"tf.wSB!' ""'" MAGIC UARRIA.UE. IU" MAUIO MARRIAGE - ""*?? NEW KOlNERV, NEW MU8IO, NEW DRESSES, The Mi loll laket place In Oenoa an d 7lel n 1 1 y , 1 3? " "" '** Wcw scenery, painted exprvoHl) by Mr. Ittiici vvooil. ACT I HALL Or RECEPTION IN THE TOWN MANSION OK THE MARCHIONESS DE VOLTBRRA. T TTMrt'w >Nl> ENTRANCE TO THE CHA tmn's^niVViVksea' Wnn v"';w 0rTHB M0, N' TUB CII ARGB or .Ml'RDEK. J{ THE RED SALOON IN Til K CHATEAU, OVERLOOK vr [ram. .n.l't0 THE GARDENS. \ K ? K1HH . ? r<AI K ' I1KVALIER CELLINI. M R RV v vnr JSi ?? M * L HR1 DI. M F1 nvri ?? fOUNT FaIETTT. mi; PAjeeLiB a?. .fOMCOLO. V US DOKV HKLMONTE HWS morant :: /i"n; ^{"''"WNESS. .ry;rprfc?ec!u^l^i;KJ^^r^^;r<i,u7a on# ?* . . , , IIE S NOT A-MIbS, inas'ur )Rt5rB0Ufc Mi s rroilvmiiu "(Landlady of tUe "Swuti." formerly l"lkrlte"' -"""Wag ibSssrSsi-ii-ii- xl \TRW BOWERY THEATRE. XI Sole Proprietors. ..M-ssrii. O. L. To* wid J. W. LIiimhI. Saturday. Dec, 7, 1861, POSITITkLT THB LAST MtlNT Or rilK E.stfAGKMMVT Of MR. K. EDDY MH7R GLORIOUS PIECES. The historical driuna of _ ? LA TOUR SM NEsLb. BuridM ? ? ? ? Mr. E. E?W/. Tti? SroU;?N< drama of ? , , rv. TIIE LADY MIK lake. Roderick Dhu Mr E Eddr FittJames Mr. U. 1'. fiomfeoft. Th?- romlc fare* of THE SIAMESE TWINS. Dentil* O'CHfb Mr. E. Eddy. Simon Slow Mr. OTli. Pot. And i In- niiiianilo drama of THB MANIAC LOVER. B RVA.NT8' MINSTRELS. w?'' bill ill's U?H,.17? bro^prny, above Grand street. MONDAV Drr. Jiind every mght during tlie week. TIIE ULACKSMI'rtrN .It'BrLER, omau 'a Bights, Clog Reel, African Polka. S. ('. CAMI'ltELI., Die ill-tmgui.hed baritone, ?ulle, Fowlei , Gould and Hilton tn new Hones, choruses, Ac. W HO'S NEK*. MAYOR! __ _ Epli. Horn. E. II. Florence, Dan Bryant. I'.NES AT I'lULON'S Rph. Horn and Dan Bryaat Cham iicol ? I'lunuitinu Koallval Suvne. Door* open ;it 0)4; curlnln rises at 7>e o cluck. Tli-kcU 24 ir DOLBY'S MINSTRELS (LATE OF NTBLO'S SA. loon), Sluyvesant Hall. tt-'/U Broadway, oppo-dte Bond ANOTIIEK 1 NKOUALLED l'UOOUAMJJE. TtlE OREAT STARS OF THE PROFESSION, FOX, AUUNOTON, (JRIKHN AND HEED. Oriflln, Mf'vlllo, Oray una Paine, the popular vo a. qn?r lotli*; McNallv, Hooley, A?he and Smlize, the talrnlrd Ilium in* hl.ili-m, Ac. THE NEW A('T8? RtOflINO A Pl'RPHASB? IfNION AD DRESS? BAKU \KY ALLEN?SALLY COME Ur? THREE PAlIlIES-jTIIK DILAPIDATED MUSICIANS ? CH ALLENOE ? ESsENd? OF QL1) VI KOI N NY. Monrtn* cvpnlng, Dec. 9, flrm appearance "I H?llin lio# ard. Hie double voiced ?lii?er-, ihf ?rcati-*t llviun prima rtfnm* Hud Ic-niale impe^ouiitur, aud Mr. J. 0. Rervea, the very tif.t tenor vocallm In the minstrel profession. Honrs o|?n al6>ii to commence at 1%. Ttck"ts'i5 cents. CADEMY OK MUSIC. ORAND MILITARY CONCERT, For tlie Benefit < f the Rand of the TWENTY-SECOND REOIMENT N. Y. S. M.. K. U UEL.USMULLER, Lender, o.v PATURDAY BVENINO, 7iU December, 1361. The following Arllsls have, in the klndeat maimer, volun teered tlielr valuable services ?? MLLE. JOHANNA VOLLANDT, From the Leipzig Conservatoire, Her Urn appearance In New fork. MR R OOLDBECK, The favorite Pianist. MR. J. U. THOMAS, The eminent Cumpuwr. Mil. S. C. CAMPBELL, The celebrated Baritone. MH. CAUL HERGMANK, Oondttotnr 11 f the Philharmonic Concert*. Meinri. DIET/,, SAUL, GEWALT and DAUHCH. Concert commences ut <i o'clock !?. M. Tickets of admission fifty cents each, May l?e obtained at the principal Hotels and Music stores &u<t nt ih? dm<r. NO RECURVED HEATS. The grand Piano used hon been klnrtlv fnrnitbed by Messrs. STEIN WAY A SON. PAIIT I. I. Grand Overlnre, "Martha" Flotonr FULL MILITARY BAND. 3. Trio Concej mull', for Cornet-n-Pi*ton ami Trom bone*. . Tilled# MESSRS. DIKTZ, SAUL snd DAUSCII. 3. Lied, "Ueberall Du" Lauliner MR. J. K. THOMAS, with Corno OblitiHlo by PR. GEWALT. 4. Koinaii/a, Ye Merry Birds (lumber! MLLE. JOHANNA VOLLANDT. 6. Twenty-second regiment March Gucc i MILITARY BAND. 6. Concerto, Op. 2D Mendelssohn R. OOLDBECK. 7. Grand Chorus, from Tannhauser Wagner MILITARY BAND. PART II. 1. Gems from "Un Ballo In Mawhera" ..Verdi MILITARY BAND. 2. Lied, "Waldrogleln" Procb MLLE JOHANNA VOLLANDT. 3. Quarletto from Rigoletto .' Verdi CORNBT BAND. 4. La Danse des Dryadea Gold berk R. GOLDBECK. 8. Green Seal Galop Luraby* ORCHESTRA. 6. Aria, "Let All Obey." fruin the Opera "Enchantress." s d Campbell. 7. Grand March de Saere Meyerbeer MILITARY BAND. Orchestra Conductor C. IIERUMANM M Hilary Band V. B. HELMSMULLEK CANTRR11URY MUSIC HALL, ASB BROADWAV. AN 1 ERBl RY Ml SIC HALL, Ml BROADWAY. THIS DAY (SATURDAY), GRAND MATINEE, grand matinee, ORAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, GRAND M ATI NEK, GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, GRAND M ATI NEK, GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, T11IS DAY AT TWO O'CLOCK, THIS DAD AT TWO O'CLOCK, When the magnificent PANTOMIME or THE MAGIC LAUREL, MAGIC LAUREL, MAGIC LAUREL, MAGIC LAUREL, w til be performed with all !t? original splendor. Ainu will sppsar, the celebrated CLIFFORD .SISTERS, CLIFFORD SISTERS, CLIFFORD SISTERS, CLIFFORD SJSTEftS In somu . f tiiefr (inest nolo* and duets. MLLE. ADELAIDE PRICK, MLLE. ADELAIDE PRICE, tllA celebrated dAtiaetisc, In new dances, nnd TIIK WHOLE STRENGTH OF THE COMPANY. FOX A CURRAN, Proprietors. Broadway music hall. und 4*8 BROADWAY. 483*0.1484 GRAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE GRAND MATINEE This Afternoon, at hall-past i ? u o'clock, for LADIES AND CHILDREN, LADIES AND CHILDREN. LADIES AND CHILDREN, LADIES AND CHILDREN On which occasion the Psnrnmlmeof THE FIEND OF TIIK BURNING LAKE, THE FIEND OF THE BURNING LAKE, TIIE FIEND OF THE BURNING LAKE, wiih nil Its magnificent accnerv. (jori<eoii? costumes and wonderful mechanical effects, will be ctven THE CARLO TROUPE, THE CARLO TROUFB, THE CAHI/t TROUPE. THE 'XARLO TROUPE! THE BROADWAY MINSTRELS, THE BROADWAY MINSTRELS, BILLY BIRCH, BEN. COTTON, .1.A.IIERMAN. JOHN MULLIGAN. M. AI ffSLEY SOOTT, A. J. LEAVITT. J. PIERRE, Master GEO. GERMAUBB. MISS ERNESTINE Dk FA1BER, MLLE. KATAR1NE, LIZZIE SCHl'LTKE. HIE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, THE GREAT BALLET TROUPE, In new Dunces, Ballets, Groupings, Tableaux, Ac., Ac. D> ors open at one o'clock. R W. BUTLER. Sole Lessee. Mon". L.i THOIMC, S' ?ge *fans?er. AN COLLANS AND BILLY DWYER WILL BE AT the Ivy Grten every Saturday evening during lha wmlcr. __ _____ fie NOVELTY CONCERT UALL. CIS t?10. BROADWAY. JOliNN V O'MEL 1.1 HIS fJIIHAT HOT CORN ACT. Admission 10c? iits, Including refhol.meut tl.k'' t. I) PALACE GARDEN MUSIC HALL. 'I h" above | -?n)l*"slo let. Apply at the proprietor's of gee, t,ii Fourteenth sireet. Unceasing wondbks. At tin. Parisian Cabinet of Wonders and Anatomy, 463 Bioadwav, ncv door to Ba l, Bluck A Co., New York. Just added to this large, superb and world famed collection, ? perfect f reak ol nature a monster child with two beads, four legs and three urn.s In conjunction with this interesting mj;iit tiieie are wonders uf an unsurpassable and thrilling nature. Al out is seen 1,70) parta of the human body. The itisiit.ition has been pronounced by the many thousands who crowd to It daily to have a truly moral tendency. Lectures daily on Interesting, s-lentlfle and p?thi?l<ylcal subjects. Open for gentlemen only frc m 10 A. M. tllftt) P. M. Admitaton J6 i.enls. CHURCH'S NIAGARA TILL 01IR1STMA8-M8 BROaD way, ncit doot below TiBany's. rnHE GREAT Dl'SSELDOKF GALLERY OF PAINT J. tll?S. On Exhibition over 180 Works of Art. Palntinfj, Mc.i|ti.rp. Ac., at the New Institute of Art.'-? Broadway Day and Evening. Admission 25 <imtt. / T R AND SOIREE DANSANTE TONIGHT VJT AT MADAME SAUVAGEAU'S ACADEMY, ?? Broadway, corner ol lloitst n *'%*'? . Commero ng at H o'clock. AUn)i?w?>?i 60 era if, T>HIL1IARM0NIC SOCIETY OF NEW' VORK. I TrtT\TIKTll SEASON, RjcI-p-. The public, rehearsal (number Ave) will taae P'*c? >"?' IR VING HALL, on Saturday, Dc 7, at 3), 6 clock r. M. Ex tra tl, kets 00 cents each H^rr^rBR,^|| El M. Seerc.qry. UAKRY PEARSONSarmoiiy ,,ireet betwet n Houston and BIceeker. v \ ii itiiu'lc M' eiit. *o tight (Satnrday). Real 1 Bncllsh Tnpe and Cowhecl Supper, Chops, StC?V\ Welili Riicttlts? the b stluNewVork. Supper, .Hvnheib^rcs.^^^

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