Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. 'HOLE NO. 9221. NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. "TTt"^ r*" r - 1 ?-?u ?. j \J> L i 4 :.. . . ] 1 j * 5 Politic; .:n? find tho Slavery Question. Pcsitfcn of t':o aaS "Ms AdvLivs. Question of an Cxcluui^e of Vria. Heport of th5 Secretary of t^e treasury, , &.c., &c., Ac. M Wa. irvnTov, Doe. 8, 1861. H'OUTICIANS A VP THTC HI,AV.:iiV Ql lihTluN' ? TBI I itiijx of Tun Pin:aiujiNt and ois 1 :*R'ts munlcatlon wi lx Cabinet members, and leading men in the y- uulrt iiutl llwifc , in s: owvince every 10 :s unbia sed tli t the view hold on the slavery u by tbe bulk or sincere Union men hero, i ? near itlc 1 with tli it which has be u ?>? ably put f. rward c il jmnt of the Her li>, Wherever there is unre I oxprssinn oi Oj inlon, regardless of r >i"tlnr ftp. and pro-slavery and aui -slaver; ant,tl. sub ho nigger is out usido, for future consideration, as very Finaliest practical importance at the present What it may laterbooome, circumstances and tho m.uts ' f tho ?..r will determine; but none ought ) perceive that the ipse dixit of politicians, doma and fanatics will not materially afibct the tesuo. Hi 'out, lis prlncl] al advisers, and patriotic indi g< nerally, c< nnocted with the government, have ?thought, one anxiety, namely, tho restoration as as may be of tho Integrity of the Union, and pprcssion of tho unholy rebellion which is coa tho country. Expediency, and the actum of Iders themselves wiil deci le, as events progress. , and m wh it manner, the bl ink race is to be istrumeniai in accomplishing Ibis purpose. To m or to arm them Is discucsed by no oue.oxi epiing the m si ultra parti- ana ol tho Garrison schpol of [i, from any other point >fview than tho general the nation. To unchain negroij, and put wea their hands as the equals in race of federal boI o adopt any policy whatever for tholr exclusive or to further abolition projects, enters ilto tho a of none of tho gentlemen, (this lias reference to Secretary Cameron, Colo irane, and others who have boon pointed at as ing from the extremely moderate views of the nt,) who havo been inco rrect y represented as to disturb causelessly tho relations between and clave. y all pat ties agreeing, then, that abolition proper d, Impracticable, and equivalent to the adoption ihern antl-constit itional programme, as ropre i as the sccossiou theories of tho South, tha.dil i existing among sincere aiul unaffectedly loyal in- . ? 'a that have giveu rlso to si ck widespread mis ||:S t tat ion, sink into comparative! insignificance. Ex ml the semi-fatuous little clique of Sumner ites, of Hovejoy is, after all, the most disinterested iiery , those who put forward tlio proposition that if' r rebels may bo employed in any and every way K > awl tho purposes of the war and. crush ou? ? - do so Just as ^hey Would advocate tho uso ot Jf-:''. nd oxen for tlie name eu<i. They disavow n .ger procllvitios, as a ui tivvi tor resorting to the ? )f blacks, but roj,a d it a5. taC'ins stent with till ' I of the s ave being properly that ho cannot be .. f -a all other property. A vur'' able member or tin remarked las' ev<"l i g ? " To yoa C..I1 | i tbollti'Uist b '0.iu: e 1 had rawer ??' ? i n nigger stvage* ki led than rno whltn lie put jackasses, ' niggers an-! cotton in ?V le same categorj . Tut proe amatiiii oi <3 ;uorai to lLo free of New Ui leans, calling u *n ' enrol themselves in opposition to Hriti-b lu ll Ml the numbei e.-s iusiaicusof their eir.pioy li * tho war of the Revolution, ilglniug side b> side .fit) lots from VI. giuia, ?outh Carolina and :.:a sa *ps, are often cit d, as proving that the qucction is f : of principle but of expediency. .. e other W>d, the same rgument is employed by Blononts of ne.;ro arming, in ro.iU'ii iting a ro= ? t to t 'asure, as calculated to make the i'eboUion mo. o aed; the hostility of t ? o ith to the North m re md implacable, and tending to pr. |..i:g ra h than ' i the war. They ackn.ivb -e the abstract taxes employing every means that is expedient to brin " le Southern States to their allegiance; but they that nothing would be moro inexpedient, impolitic, icidal than for government so to trample under e prejudices of millions of people, and enrage oyond the possibility of reconciliation, as would I case If tlulr slaves were armed against them. le outrages, thoy say, would inevitably be com r. by tho blacks, which would revolt tho Union sen that largely prevails in the South, and destroy one ^ strongost grounds of hope for the fut.iro paciilca tho country. There Is no parallel, thoy allege, J >n a civil war, aud a conflict betweon two indepon 1 aliens. Howover embittored th.i former may be ? time, the dissevered parts are destined to bo re But how is such a reunion conceivable, if wan* * [,raga and barbarous accessories, arc superadded to ' linary hoirors of such a struggle. "Lot th^re bo !,ng," said a Cabinet momber, yesterday, "over sinner that repenteth." "Tho name of the prodigal mst not bo mentioned," lie continued, "but with f and disgust, so long as he remains embedded - hi3 husks with tho swine; but let us have fatted calf ready to kill for him when cturns in rags and contrition to tho house i father." This school of politicians would ?r justice with mercy, and they object to the p >licy ng further than the Presl lent and Congress have ly done, respecting slavo property, because thoy it would enhance Iho diflicuitios of our national po I' ro is still a third anti-abolition < chool of politician , I lsbington, which includes in its numbers sotno veiy nen. They -bieU*?s that niggers ought to be got rid ogetlicr; that they are the of coufusion and rd and will continue so as long as they remain in ountry; that slavery is Jright enough, but ruinous the highest point of view of political and agricultu iconon^, even for tho cotton States. They that wholes ile colonization schemes should couraged by Congress, and the entire black popuia )f the United States tiansfei red to Central America, bat tho theory promulgated by Jeff-ison, jiml so defended by Madison, that the adaptation of the ne aco to tropical climates should bo mido serviceable ldicg this country of an incubus, and rendering the ?us which white men ci mot advantageously inhabit, ?ct to the ruie of thj Ame:ican government. Noiio ,ls school are abolitionists, or have any sympathy , the anti-slavery faction so called. Us head is the ident himself, who entertains the opinion that tlio jual difficulty does not radiate from the principle of ory, but from that of incompatibility of race. That Southern States, especially the border States, aro led for the use of tho whites, while the blacks aio out .s?e there wholly ; that the nou-slaveholiling popula of tne Sooth are subjected to an improper competi of labor witll blacks, which it is indispensable s'uou.d .rought to an cn-l; that free aud bond negroes should hke sent out of the fnitod States in order that the cos i an roco here may Attain its highest develop Vstion of an EXCHANGE of prisoners with N TI1K KEUEi'1? ,e subject 6i exchange of prisoners is seriously occu ,g tho attention t* the government. The conation in -h 0Ur brave, federJ officers, many , of them an? ^t irrlble. In one Southed fortress, wbero several prf rs are packed together iu rnoni ? 1,10 nrdi?? ,-anisot nature can only bo fttu^ed t0 by recou"? ,rEe op?n tubs, plsce I in tho C( tho ck'?0 n^rl la snd theso aro emptied of their "ontonts >ut once v only -four l.oursl The food supplied is , l,ty imufficent in quantity, and want, ? an 1 death threaten to sweep away by hundre 'a v..' uit soldiers whoso cn'y crlmo h-.-t b en da votion to ihrir country. They tiro, In lnrjjo rum Ik>>* ?>f ;?? l o *, i-f eVthes, and, If n it. i e'i.>v .,| v. ill suffer .. .i t i y I'rom llio niency of tbo comb"? J r ii I ? ?; r tv .n t u ???? . -b ?! fc'.< m t j 'V ioiqipo ;ly I' nit ii i?f.- : '.nip ., he. I, for j tl .'lr offerees, if r. si'e. tho i *.-!? i!, t: c't, I i ? v e> I b i :. |.ii< ?!???:>, : i !. i.i t.v t y h :.i : u y hut ? f j nsti< ? ii i;ra',.it!;i.lo. No '.?? f i>: Irci; 1 wi'l b> In v?.ivo i, u d ?? i. e<r d. e i ly uud a;ipiUiu;;i;. -n among our e Idlers will bo removed. FRTRi'AX COl'RT I'.IC'R AM I T.: ""7 mi,], DESERTED in -i'liti KhilELS. Pi* ' ts :-i i cvt r 'n tan.. til Wiulsworth's bi iga to Friday returned i - ay. . icy rojiort that Flint i!;i| r. l ?' " !'?( IX C it li ? hi i: 'ill '???ly ii- tdbythe reb. : j : els. '1'hcy i a ? ??! throiv'n and l???y? nil Hi ? \ ;|. la^o of Fairfax before tliey met tho pickets of tho em my. prAv;;j!i-;NT of a n: ?? ;teh frojt mn itsrn.s. I'll 1'i i lay nifht in nir< iiitl, .-'em Sh roof Miry la' 'jWbo has b" h alr.i'O f? vii>'..ljer lii-t a m-nibv r "f <" i ;i t:i i!\ Anil rev' . bid M.-. y'a :: I I' ry, m v.- t one.l a sh rt jo u;i < hivm nun :e crook, ofi'icto 1 his os. from the V:rr:.<>:i Ic, ?'nl ero*> d w In ? t-mall Ii. .t t/i ili- ' y' '.>? : t; ;, where hi w .s till n in charge by our | ;??: t,i end a: I. wartfa brot gl.t to On ere. I II k er. lie guys tho i ? ? e's ? u the other iddo f y that thoy liuvo t.vei>:y-!h the rand'men on lli; Lower l'otorano, under Hui.iun, and uro anticipating an ?Ma'-'? Irom tho Hotilla and tho Union fore s on tho Maryland File. Ha also stales that tho r.diol steamer ( .'?-ort;o I'nge was ?n Thursday pi>:ht re moved frrm Quant iro e,r< ek and is now lyin,' In 'hoi a" w imsle creek for greater sUVty. IIo thie'.is, as sl?o is usele.s to thrni at pr . sv i:L, they in! ud to take tho guns from on boord ' t' her for so t vice on land. FIRING (?' A RTr '> : lim ON TitE POTOMAC. About inidniylii ou Uaturdny throe sh .ts were fired from the rebel bat:erl ;s n l iilpplnjr I'olnt at n steamor 1 ;i slug up tbo river, but neither of tliem hither. Hie n ino of tho steamoi w..>i not ascertained by our pickets. TIT'. REPORT OK T*:': SE<'HETARY OF THE T1.1V\3UBY. Tho r .|iortof tit ? .-\c ctary . f tho Treasury has receiv ed tho finisUing touches, and will go in to fen gresu to morrow. Arrangements have ben made for its immedi ate pros ntation to tho public. Ii will bo by far the mo t interesting of all tho depui tmont reports. EVEUYTUtNO Q'.'IKT ALt>KO THE UNION LINES. In nil i dry nutters tl. no is nothlnjj to relate. There has been to day an abs >lulo calm inro ghout the wholo line of tile Army of the Potomac. NEWS EXPUCTHD F1MM FORT PXCUKNS AND PORT ROYAL. Tlie Navy Department has roceivod no news from tho Fo .111. Tho arrival of the Connecticut at New York w itli the latest reliable iute!!;: :;co from Fo: I Pii kens and Port Royal is hourly expected. Till-: CONSOLIDATION OF RSTIMENTS. Th" proposes consolidation of regiments the companies of which have been hitherto scattered Jius occasioned a consid lable movement of detached forces in various di rection?, and the transfer of f aces from ono division to another. Captain T. II. Baiting's battery of artillery bus boon trensierred from General iS!' ne's co! inn lo o: General Hooker, and tho cavalry companies which were ou (fity l:i sipiadron'' here and' tl.o.e u:o being ga thered together at tho p lints where _ the majority of tho regiments to which they bolong are posted. TUE proposed STATISTICAL bureau. Tlv proposed stubvi bureau te intended to embrace All facia gathered by the cc!:si:s, tlio commerce ami na vigation, 'tonnage and loan divisic us c.l thj Treasury, Hie coimncrcljl roiit is received <at (ha .Stat" Department Irom our Consuls aliiom , suoli facts us cau be produced regarding our coasting, river, canal r.nd rnl.way triitlio, and (bo operations ol tlicba'lcs, Insurance and imiuufac tai (ng companies, the whole lo bo condensed Into a com pendlum of facts annually, in order to show at a glanct the agricultural, industrial and fliiancial condition of lua country and tho progress mado in o tib branch every year. The portlon'of tlio Pi evident'* M.csafe referring t > thU subject will be coi'fldod to a*e' (Joint committee of Uv iru.a il-o Hooso and threj AKIiH i. Of CONTR \UANP8 IK CAMP. Thirty-one c nt . s hive uir ? 1 1 re Thny n' women tii.: o n "? < )?> ..h ' verf'oia J[at:.i I Point by (V;|. < ah a <1. i 1, < ree nt !<.?? nim ? Till! In UjUUmbo lUg OV! ; I ,vitt) ? >11. fit k! emiT yo.i its laborers ?% ?. 'n.i i./m ? ...i by their mast rs, and i , ? ... stitut > condition wuen Oifcovorcd by o,r tr.>. - AI!MV. It in undorr'ood thai I. i ? e uianvcs in fr tn i hiltde 1 1 ia, (??> .. i. oiuueto Ripley, ' h n iry and Eros, josterJav r>t . v ? :? | t.> 1 1 o ' r ??- 1 ! <3- nt to a poll' t Co ? ? < . ? mo. , >? the Twor.ty-bisd Ponrsy vai.l.n<> >. ?? >-et.era\ ' ip. Ih t city is ly repre.- ?? tb. ' of tv Poi c. 'ih t.i url Mart i'ti lu try Colonel Kc a >?ill meet to mo ri -v. Tuo different cavalry regiments on the south si ;u Oi the l'otomac aro, of their own accord, erecting shelters to protect their hoi ses from tho inlluence of tho weather. CONFERENCE WITH INDIAN TRIBT'S AT LEAVENWORTH. Tha Indian Bureau has received information that Cone ralll.nter, by its direction, was boldiiig a council at Leavenworth, with influential representatives of tho Southern Indian tribes, including th( Be from tho Creeks, Cherokees and Choctaw? , in relation to inn disturbance occasioned by tho 'present rebellion. Tho instructions sent thither by tho Commissioner of Indian Affairs c>ni tompliin their return to their own people, with strong aes'iraccca of the friendship of tho United States govern ment. senator trumbull's speech. Tho following paragraph was unintentionally omitted in t'io t ansmi. sio of the recent fi[ eech cf Senator Trom. bull:? Wi'hont any special at of Con .-Tress, I pros no o-'o <iu stions that ? u ' ry commanders, in tho pr. secu t.on of t o war iu In., .r.cotiouai y district*, may, for tho time being, seizo and m i;;o use of tho propurty o:' tho rebels and their tiuves, but on tho restoration of peuco tho r'ght of tlio owi.e ? would reviv o. Hence, if we would havo iu iU?i tn .! y of action .m ng tlio comman It rs of our arm! s, mid foifeit forever tlio property or lcbols an 1 their c.aims to the service of fellow men, it must bo done by ac t of Congress. WITHHOLDING PEN-IONS FROM DISLOYAL PERSONS. The Ponsion OlHcd l as withhold tho payment Of pen sions to a number of persons on sufficient ovldoi c of their disloyalty. It appears that Fomo show a willlngnt ?<s to take tl:e prescribed oath of allogianco and loyalty Tor tho purpose of obtairii g money from tho government, b t who al'toi wards cither join the rebels or otherwise glvo them aid and comfort. Ab a largo number of thj pensions are oaid alter tho 1st of October (ho re turns thus far received do not afford sufficient data from which to jnd^o as to tho o.\tont of tho defettion. Tho widow of Comtnodoro Thomas Ap. Catesby Jones is among those who removed into Jeiftlom, and thus lost the bouellts of her pension. LETTER FROM A UNION PRISONEK. Capt. Todd, if tho Lincoln cavalry, who, with a few his company , was taken prisoner in tho neighborhood Of I ohii k Church, about (hioa weeks ago, while on a recon. nobs.'.uce, his written a letter, w'.i.'h was received here yesterday, stating that none of those who were with him at that t mo were injured , aud that thoy arc all uow im. prisoned in Richmond. THE CAUCUSES OF SATURDAY NIOHT. The caucuses held last night wero slimiy attended and adjourned to Monday night without doing anything, ex cept to appoint cominittoes to call the postponed meet ings. SERENADES TO DI'TINOflSUED PERSONS. List night serenades were in order. In addition to tbo one to Governor Morgan, previously mentioned, similar camp'.iments wore paid to Governor Morton, of Indiana, and tho venernblo John J. Crittenden, of Kentucky. The conservative sentiments uttered In response by both thete gentlemen were loudly applauded, and evidently touched the key note of popular sj mpathy. FIRING FROM A REBEL BATTERY. The rebel battery located a short d stance above Ma thias Toini threw a shell into the camp of the Fourteenth Massachusetts regiment on Krii'ay. Failing to explode it did no injury. . N/ TIIE 1SRP0RT OF THE VA* VYCK COMMITTEE. ' iflj. House Committee tn examine into government con t acts to which i'r. Van Wyck is chairman, will report in part s"ir.i> ?lim8 lllle wcck- " ,s R,l,t thllt ,ar8? slim9 of money have ill. c"dy 1 01,1 Bttved t? |Ovarv?nent through iheir Inycst'ga;." nB' * Arrival of tha A (rica witu 'fwo Tay 3 Later News. yT 1 " ' "v r*r? tt- ? - y f* * Impoil C; ::-3o:i oi Hi;' ! zxr CHccrs cf the Ei:s!it!i Crown on Cid IL 'it to fv/i'tis mas Like Mason ail Siidell* Tlio Ar?.?0, witli Gen. Ccott, Safe in Ziii^IaiiJ. lEaritims R'^fe c.vA roi:tr. lily. TJic Rebel Steam?r Kas'ivillo at ' Southampton, Eis^IanU. Particulars of the Capture and Burning of the Ship Ilarvcy Birch. Captain Fcgram, of* t!io Rebel *'nvy, Received as u Comuissioiied Ol'linr. Protest of the Comm.miler of the Slarvcy Birch. Movement of the ExjiecHtion nry Force to Mexico. Clio American Qaestioa as a 3 ?p.r liamont.iry anil C;;Liaet Question. PROrOSlTIOSS OF ITALY TO THE TOPE, &c., &c., &c. The Canard mail stlam-;hip Africa, Curtain Sfesnnon, whloh left Liverpool at eleven A. if. on tho 23d, and Quo nstown on tha 24vh u'.tim ?, arrived here :t' half-past nine A.M. yesterday (. u.: 'ay), fringing iw< ? \ ?%r3 and ?8,050 In 9. The news by tltc j1 f . < a is two * ? ' . ?>- .'Imu tiltt I biought by (hi Noi'ib America. tup. it u!,.^u.i pi..)- j lished In the TL.i: iwtw '"aturjuy 1. ,1 .. Tliw u.aii.s ui the A.a 1: 41. rwvi u'.t from Portland ye^u Jay morning. Our advices trwn i ?? j ' u b> rcesa 0 t'.' an Important I oliuro-.tCH-. - ! Tbrt l.o:i 'on *' n : ?/):? (?v>uln-;) of NSvembOT ! ?'? cwtf: i v ? I-1 j ?> : 1 V z ' I The -1 11 - 1. ii ??<vi yn k >j' ?? ariv.r.d ? ? ? ' 117 j? .? ,o<S tor IT . . I 12 rot ? ??*?(,! iv ?j?. . to . f '' '< " O n I ? U ? ' .. jl.'O, h- ? . l! e i'V<: il I * 1 C .!? ? ; ii iv.uri, 01 i> T. V . V t . t ??S4(S at rest the sbaard i nmo, i of <h?a$t'-;?ar j " " ' 1 ' '? '?1 v n ? ? to -I, i.y tlierel .... '' 11 " ie of J i . h. t' an t Mn.>?n , "l ::d when tho Africa Balled. The 'v oi iK would not arrive tliero from >"ow York, wuhth >,rst reports of the fact, for about two days a: tor tho departure of the Africa, a3 sho was spoken about two days out from the Rr It isl? Judge Goodrich, Secretory of tho Legation of tho United Stales at Brussels, and special hearer or despatches, came out in tho Africa, having loft London <>u tho night of tho 23d of November, reaching the >t am r at Q ioei.stown. The IJvorpool Time ? of tho 23 1 ?:!?.. Fays : Mr. Adams, tho American Minister, h:is he n on a visit to the Right Hod. th Speaker, at ltia seat In Nott.:i h uu shire. It is ment ionet! in tln> Miucbestcr GwirJSan that through out the c ttoa districts tho jplnnors a e ? .one -ally making cyperinu'ntB v. iili India cotton, an i that t! o opinions ex prusei of tho aro variour, but that if li evident iliat, l.y a slight u; to ration in tho machinery, this cott 11 may l.e ma !e to cutor, in varioui propo ti< na, into mu h lii hor numbers than has b.tharto boen supposeA likely. Prince Napoleon, v.ho whs to have gone to Loud 11 to sup 1 intend tho arr.-.ii^nments for the French part of tho Viiivxraal Exhibition, l:^s pofcti.oncJ his <lo,>a; turo from Paris for a few ddyri. Tho Paris Motrin st it< t> th it tho I'mperor has rocelvcd a letter by which his ! xcclloncy Con Jo^o 'oa niirn ''o .or, notifies his election to tho Presidency of tho republic of Chile. The f r.eral of tho late King of Portugal took placo on the lflth at Lisbon. There wu a grand proce?3lon, includ ing 10,000 froop-i. Uerpatches fr in Calcutta to October 31 stato that 1! ore was a largo di mand !or yarns and goods on speculation, iiiid that prices wo: :) hi lie ?. FrolgUts active and ad v:i!:ci! j. Horg Kong (> ; a ches are to tho 10th of Oct j. b. r. Tea was Si mor. St. k slightly lower. Tho irnpjit markets woro di: from tho pressure of largo stocks. Sterling exchange 4s. fi,'.,d. Iho Glasgi w ar: ivod at Queenstown early on the mo.n ing of tho 2Ud ultln o, and at Liverpool 011 the 23d. 'iho Anglo-Saxon r ached Lond< nderrj on tho afternoon of the 2'- l ultimo, vv Ith the news of tins loss ul tho North Briton on Para ;uct Island on the 6th ult. THE MASON AMD SLIDELL AFFAIR. Tl?c Case St tt It'll in Ailvniicc? Import ant Opinion of the haw Oflitcrs of tlie Crown- C'ap t. Wilkes Act Sustained* [From the ?dinb.irg Scotsman, Nov. 21.] A strange ycl true atoiy? showing how neur this coun try has been, and peibai s is, to a rupture with the Uni ted States, or at least how very well disposed our Ameri can friends aro to bring about such an event ? rcarhes ui to-doyfnm tourcc* to le thoroughly relied on. Tlu 1 atek lefore last our ffnei rm tit nceived irtformation that a L'niled Slate* war ileaher htul brought up "n South amj Uiti water, ostensit ly for thepurpote of r-Jllting, but un der circitmtianctl warranting the turpicion that the had tome other object in new. Subsequently various circum star.ces, including he conversation of some of her crow who had come ashore, led to the discovery of the fact that her real object was the trizure (f the Weti India mail tttamer th' ti due. The United States cruiser bad been despatched in pursuit of the Nashville, tho vessel conveying tho Confederate delegates sent to this coun tiy, which ha I eluded tho blcckado. The dolegates suc ceeded in reaching C'uha, and there got thenutlw conveyed ym 1,0'ird one of the British mail iteameri. Their move ments became known to tho commander of the pursuing vessel, who took the remarkable step of running straight over to the Brl'. lab coast, with the intention of way ray ing tho mail sie imcr, a;id making captur of her a., a neutral vetrtl, carrying, in (h"UVjatcs and their credcn jfal*, " contraband of uar." Upon tho a -omitlon nf tlnv > 1i in? tho foetK- ati a*, s .11 ii i: , :t witi oa ily to bo!: ved, nut u-i 'u ami 1 ??? > <?? cl n nvi.IiomI i.i'iuirj -,ul ???? - 1 ? 1 ? ? . atl hi ? Hi llri'i h war dtamtr Phaeton MKilcrdcm] to mkt tte J mo icon, , ? t'i ]> ' t ?<>:.{ h>y ai;i i.." *f icn ?:)') il.- II i A c, . ; 1 - ["'? ?!, l!'.'' Ante ? t ?? in, ? r ? lUnot : l?.- lio8.>ita!iti.s in'tvT a pt"ii.iy voyago, re in i: ?<! In |i<?rt for ? mo iltiyn, an I 'Hon, |> 1 1 i ?? to : :? v. . .'"j. by .i ? i * 1 V ' "ti tli lit l, ? f ?? ? a to mrti nt i 1. '' t. Tin ? tm ? <?" ? t? i.. .t l.'.i) ! ' <? M -i'ul tho V'iju,,o in' io m t p'oitmcr, \vl vl> i1: rlvo I two d y bo no In .' time, untl ? : i i, i h ?? p rl ????'?). >'i. p i,t l.or ?!?. t 1 ' io .1 , a tliea t. U r! .o lii'.wr n > u.- i. .o".'i, ? and t'uo Am ". I.:.m Ml 1.- 1. r. i i wlilih tli. la" .mi n< ' a. i i. i' . e i! i.i ; i (i \i?.s, to the ji. i.'i." */ l If . ,\ti, i ? ? i -f.r ? ?.r laiLor, ho lir !. .i.i \l ai. U o of ill matter. At tlio time It wis apcortahx'd to be Ik v: <i. '??? if Hi ' i-w ffcrs of the t'i t<>t 'A , ac i rihrj It the i ?{n ' ' a of Ik' taw, at /. ifc.un ?t firm* tl i.iiM, the retcli-m ?/ /.'? i" t> th ? A io n 1 1 .'.' , arc, , '?oi ?. . /; t\ . ? mi..-'!! A., j ft.' il fair Iff: I t iru: I f tU Am .*;t n i.:-.- (he tit ?( .'<?! tu / tilt, - >t lit /fri.'i.M ti"' . .? . ?/" i! C" ii Act;" (< ? ni'iaf Ji If to ???? ? tt? j <?.'?; "inn-!jr r >tyaf , ?? .?? . '</? ? i".i? ..Lai. , tu / .? A ... ?/' i/i. ... .' , ! - 1 ;A i . i Tl.o Vv.ii .-.l t-'tnt.'H ,?! on.',- : as no# d tied - bo? 1: K-.j. < ? f d to beci i.r , i 'l' tl 1 i: h coar.t , :or pur. t itni'ur t > tin r? w ;tlt b:i [lit to .inpion. It i aim ?!, boil.' ary lo i int o t Clio w nloit ciTV'O tiivt a ss an I < hiik i of Itio <? >3 um!> rst ol to 1 . beeu ? 1 In t*-ts uml n- lr.. * sinuiar i- m by t..o Pntlo.l s atos rovi.'1'i mor.t. 'tlint gfivci'iiiiv-nt i ontiiYI to do all In power to p"ovc:it ? : em i.r In r a .; own ? ad tho ports i f tUo O-n fd " .to. , but t 1 thwo not In!f ^ arded, m d conn: ?c:'o s to .'? i' sit w .t 1 o. arovlii" <? mmlt'tioa to seizo i British mm Ht.iau o wlti. h liatl tnlt n i n boa I at a I r.i i 'i port two Aniorlci'n IiaT :it jjei s an t tlioir porttoatitoa s, i.t a.' net ? any t J o un 'o. stoi d and not easy to bo on ir d. It t d cit m a do Biro not ?> nu:ch to iirovo. t the movoineuiK of A .o. Ic*. "rnboti" as to insult and provolw th^ govi-rumcat a:id lMOp;c of this ouui.try. THE NASIIVIU.'E 7K E ."GLAND. IJe$ Entrance Inlo flic l*oit of Poulliamp tim? I'll? liitniiiii; of Oil: Nli|i lliirve;' Hii li? Tinudiitg anil Ijinerut ion ol' thr Union I'il.toiU" ? {'a'pii: in l:r^riim K\ lii't is 'usCcmiulnKlnu I'i'uui alriV. Ua? i ? ot'C?i]).ain \clno\i, ol' ; lie Ilurvcy KUtIi?TIiu llclu-t ''(imiu s loncr Peyton uml His Vi'lfu I.umieU fn in tlic Mawli v 1 1 1 1- VI (tutioiis < I (lie HritUI. OIHwim nt II ' in u:: )? ? <ccno? en Koitid t!iv Uclitl VciiKl? . luylisli Opinion of Maritime KcprUati ami ifcr Ncutrul kir. 111.; NASHVIM.K AT KOUTi: A.MPTpN ? Gil MAT KXCITK M. NT CONVVRNINO Illill AitlUVAI. IN TUB I'OKT? TUB rVlVATJB:n UlUO A3 AN AMUKIC'AK "BEI.LlUllil'iNV." [Southniiip:. 11 (: i.v. Ul) cnrrospomtancot f l.on ton Time* (in at r.v i- nicnt li:n boo i iaoat' d here by the irrn i' in ii' r wolo . thw la iiin.s ?f a *t i i.e: --of- war It in iug the dug of the Con; ici r.o SI it-,n of America. anil wliii-h ? niti'j ml) do, k, wit -ro alio now lit -i snug v bet tlio.t i i the otiU:.' tiiliil l in'u. Stio emtio up tho rivwr nlxiut ?igl.t o'clo?i*, ami a e.icred i ff Hie mo ith of th" it -liiii,' )i Hie C tn.elora.e llaj; lly ug ;it tho pc-k and a -ut ai li o main. "t > * n :il'lcr\\ari:.i a nunihor < [" men werolandot from fcur in the led u,wbo omol to bo tlnctew of a late \?if. it itrsi Until ? lil|i, I '.t ? lib ilarvey^h, which h ni hi- u e ,pt i. >'d biirue I m I'uesday moiling n-ar a ,<??(/ Ihcikmi. /.

?j -? .i\.irt"i' ..i i. e. ti.m was ?;? Tlu.i i ho Na-'hvll'o be i. o !? v.i . mrcluwd tor UioOnr?ltr4M :? :vy,an.l u I 1 .!.?! t- -|- Il l d'-li. Sim is commanded It ' ('.?' ?('II I >'? II . '| oh'tS! HU'? 'I'din.ite ?H Co- * being Ki-it IJov iti. nt K.u:ii:li r?y ' SeceLd 1, . ? t <*i:unt IV. uult, mi I .i.e u.i- .i crov. of tlflity men, all whites, in ttly Kng; kIi a... I> -!>? ctniM ?..t*i> two long twelYo-poundtr I. lift: v:. 'i!. .11. li,-.- N'aj ivt ! H fr.iu Charleston, last from ."orimuli. : i i id ... pxiat ... It will bo remembered iht.iil.i- ship rrn tho bloek.ido in Ifiailenoti hi, bor, ?*oaai t .,".'. , j oVock at nl :ht, tiwarus the end of October, r two federal cruistsia, bat, exhibit! g m .ht3,ri? i i' ?rior.' ill r a aril isc<ped UuiiOtiied. ttufltann il ? eoa andihe t/.n.i ?r? ith-t ?i: ? ; ii' t with .t:rj i U'..\ii'ju .wi pAiUnm t.^ ? . -/ : i.i -'n. ,1 i,.%, ? It: il -Hi!' PAIVT* . I t : ? I .11 17:1 I tllO m t h., , . . t:i. - a, il .? ... II. I..; iv u . t-. , it. nst, ..I.;, ? o m ?( a.i il.,, ^ u-g. [ . tlt.-i.; I ? In- , If! s ? ; ? tal ,1 lu ..H. 11. Il 'I ? rt?, in. . (I ill'.-. .5 th -I ? ? -.0 t-i, ill flu *n, ba ?I" ? 't " I i Hi" I'll nut ? . . o-. If i boa . : I ii in I . ;. T i .' , it.', i.i 1 1 . .uin N' In n ?h u i . iu, i , ? I >? . !i ii. ilc m i i in the Caj lal t ol tlic X:islivillo i ? ai! l .o i t- w tn K 't their i ca 1y lis ro :i m |Kt: oi bio, and f.o nil hoar 1 tlio Naslvvil!o, nn Ihoy iutoado 1 Ui ('( Ftroy the Ihirvcy liircli. Tin y woroallowi.' I an ho.n or an hour mid a hull for this j.urji* ? ?, mi l pot part of tl n r tlnuKSOit. Tlomcn from tlio st"ainer t .' k mist. i| III* p ovWions, Willi tin; slilp a clirouoiii"'"r, bar. m .or, a .d' some of tho t:h i ts, po: iniltin^ ' a;, tain Nelnu.i lu., .u:i bi-s own i:liroui metrr, but ho hm Inst $1 'MO or ^l.'iOO worth of personal efliicts, books, rha, Is, Ktj. Tlr y thou set lire ,o tho uliip, loro nnd al t, apparenti/ in tho tint k house.', ? tho ves.n l was rhhii in 11 'i:n a from stem to stern. Tho th no ma-ts were soon lo un uvtr tho .?i 'e, un l the hull wub still burning when tin sicum ir left h r. Harvey I'irch was a line full rigsjed ship of 1,487 tnr.n, Ainerlr.ui measi'.reinoiit, uu I ci .^t u!:out $1. O^oo i:i her eont'lruction. tin ha l a t .t il of twenty nine souls on boa-(l, in :hv! i. g M ?. lily lonbui g (a >,on of her owner), who wa- a | as hi ii. or, Captain Koliwi, two male", t vo bo itswains, tojk, stcwar.l, t arpenter nnd tweniy Bt-ninen. Tho men w.j.o put in irons on board tho etenn or (with the o .cop lion o tho captain ami mate, who were treated with jj. pol.ti lurs), nnd kej,! nr j,ri. i:.r. s i.mll tho arrtvttl > f tho vi : s ol here thi< m ,nii. ;, when tlry w?ro mm) d.:>. ely luni'oii i'i tho dc*: if, and r-lat HI. .- with a l, ? [,o. r,i.. i al otiects bo - .uu in; t" thoro. it i.< -tal I thai bo iurc they nvh'o put in ? '..s i!io Conf -derat oath wae ten ii'-, o 1 1 1 the in -ii , wb -h they t-?n,". i to 1 1 :c, h i 'a;, .itn A- 'sr? I Ill'MtliOth Unul wire ?/ the fact, although it mwj I.e corral. ,,.i; (Hl.W ' f -| tin VI I '. rrnrtlED ? R T,IS r.VTED ST.tTI.'. Iniiir. .'i ..u-Iy on land n : C 1 1 1 in N- wait ? . on i a.t l"ii' i, the Aiiri ii- tu iXngol nl t! I" j, or , who his cat 9 ?! 'i.e crew lo be to nporarity boarded at loo Sail r i" . it i9,aji i ma'earrangi tu fits for th -m t I, ? f rwai*ded li i.:;; :o ;V- v Y'.'t iti til. ! sUame . wiii.,h Kiiila !i nee i :i Wt.'day i:e.\t. (?:i; I itlon I. an :i i.- - out liitiip 1.' u, r ni" rii nitation v. Mr. .\d i. ns, tho Am m Mi'ii r l.iid n.i u i maiio lLat gouti-.tnau .icq tinted with ail the facts of t.,o C.'rU'j' '? capt/in rrr vktscf o? iim .act.i v. Oa leaving too Kaslivilia ( a; tain 1' lol i Cft tain NtV-'-Il that li" h )))? il they w iuKI hot j-ui t bai' friei d.--, I' r what I'.ad boon d-r.u was a f lmp e oi" i-otu'.i.ill n on tho | ?<< rtli.i.n Kta;iM for In v.'i'li'. t th ir terril uii'-, h.iiniu^ thoir houta Ili treating Ihsir w m n a.ui tt--jb:ig I heir i.e^r and t'i -y wet o Uottnd to rcLjIi .to on t'w propj. ty ol t li N-ti lh in every way limy cou .. llirsi.-.l. -.ii 111 I till: n IIV 7I.K u,. ?; ,i;l Al.illl A rv AIIKJ.T. ;?l, " .1 twelve o'cli-fk I ho Xaylivi! o si ainod into ?l> ck, v.lit) o, s m -ill i* nod above,. ?ho , t w lit. . a id ? o:i afior sl-.e v> I) -i th n( ii'tiln fatty, lLo Adni.r.illy t edu tecd nt of mnil paokots t.t this port, wool on toard ind had an into, vi wi.ii tli ? captain. ANOTHUt IVOK ADD ADDITIONAL FABTIOnLABB. [.~ niliamptou (N v. 21)'' no. p n iem oi fl/.ndt.n Nowa.] Tho grtate'-t excilernort pr. \aiit;d hoie this i ornin ? by tho arrival in the iver i f ai-i^owur stiamer with tho C nfed'-iato ling < f Am": ica fy.n.t at tho peak and a |? u n nt at tho inapt. She proved in ho the Coiiicdo.ato nt N ehvilio, which rati tho bloeka le at Charleston on tho 20th October. Sh i bio j;iit iho i:.o,v (Iwonty iiino lu n ii in 1 1 . : i J o, tie American s-aip Harvey llircii, and iaii-1 e i thjiii in the Uocks at ten o'clock this nioruing, with all tUoir eilectH. Cai lain Nel en rt-.te-? that Cnp.mander i'errnm In foi int-d Inni tint ha hold no commit- .-ion from II, o Confe derate government if America as a war steamer (or I tie. h ? 1 martpio) ; that himself and his two mates were treated exceedingly well whilst on board tho steamer, bjt thai the crew were all placid in lions immediately on their getting on board. lie further states iliat tho N'aslivillo shipped her crew In Charleston, and that tliey aro composed chiefly of K g!:sh and Irish Inrts; that tl ey were thijjm under fatsr prUcnxt, and fared to I ign otlur artiiU? alien tmbonrd. lie also says that Co-umaudcr l'egram ondeavere.l to compel h iii; so If jiiid liis crew to take the oath of alle gian e to, an! sweir not to take up against tho touihern States. At half past twelve o'clock tho Vafhvlllo ar rive I off the entrance to the docks, and at one o'clock 1*. M. was moored alongside the north jet ty, which wan llleraliy besieged with spectators. HAlllSO DO W.N Tnu IH:0X PLAO. The following is the reifirt of Gunman er P gram: ? on the morning of Nor -mber 19 at eight o'clock, si^htod tho packet ship ilu v?-y Birch, ol'New YorkiimmoJiaieiy b ire down u,?in her, and when near enough nailed her, having unlimbeiod guns and cleared decks for action. Then spoke the vi-s-el nnd orden-d the captain to haul down his colois and bring his papers on b,ard. Starr anil Slrif?s immnliati. ywrnt doicn slowly, and Captain Nelson and his t row came on board tho Nashville. Captain Po grani then informo I Mm ho demanded an unci nditl nial surrender, but all private effects w u.d b > respected. The crow were then br-uight on b wird, and, with the exce,i,i.m of Captain Nelson, his two mutes and a passe go -, place i In irons. The captain and mates wore allowed t.iritiin | their revolvers, bet wore put upon p i ole. A lew pre visions were tlii n bro > ht on b . ri, and the Hart y Birch committed to tlnmes. 1J .'lore iheNa-livilla left h r, t'\" I . roo himmx ? i'i' to f .1 I, and lli < o ? i t> v ol W IP a ! ill t I >? l.'.Ilf K. <? i; .r. aii ? km ??. i i'v m n Ti"'. n'.ri n ah. t i o r.i n ! ii' -t in ilv '.mi n. 'i : hi tin' slit" uti 1 li g it i-rt hnr tl >i wt i\ ' I ' ' I: ?' . II.' '..VI' I ? H I ? ?> ? : ' I v.'il I' !? ? ? I 'l ON i ' hvll!o lii ii ? l : ? in ih ' ** Hi si; tl. ' X Mi v.l! ? o o Ii ? IV ? ' ? , .... i : .1 . ? t. S I.r h ! 11 1,1 . .. Ill Pu - in v I ! r > .. . i'n!r.r I'll (hi r.i n mi tli 1 _ i i < ? : '? i I. in lb " ? m. <? r T U r , ' i. n:; i ? >h 'to U i i ? < w .it ti t. ii . . ? i, I v s r. ? ? t l ..t i "d t Ii ? ' ' ' ' t I y I I, .1 ? I .; " I' ll r i.? ? i. ! ? , i ,! t! i y a i .i ! arrlvu ? ???c bj t..o V> I ..o ! aiui'l r. ' I , ' 0 I : I il i l i 'J '.hi p;> i '. I i v m i'i ? .. mH ' h'n ?? : o'?> 'h . Iti tlin ."?'out ri a my i o ? i.uu !? i Ii,.' t'i. ? "ii I i! I'. ! ;' I IV i . . . . 1 . C 1 1 ? . W I n. l..? it . n y H '? to 1 >o i .n i 1* ? i 'out I i i' ii rt. i I 1 1' l ? ng Ii 1 1, is mi tho ??: : i .*nt lit . . ii ? ? i , iu iiO I i i ;? l!o.,..o ,..r I a .d J ... i >.i v.' Ii vi'li v:i ti';>i n U.I il. i I A Mini.! - IN lOt Tit !, : N. A t '"tl i'S t io i i '.ill .'?ml r IV OI' ill Iill'vry It'' w ? Ubtreti , tli ? o, iwr > i: .li i ;m'o. li'ti i' ni tli' I'll ?? I -l! ? rt .'"? '? i C"i rill'., I.: tli ? C W ?? Km t ? Hi li - .ii s' i in . i'h? ;nn> ' oi t tnvM! .10 1 i li p u'ki't ii, a. in. i ;mi' im.r u llm Na'i,. .'i|i ? ,i.i i v il ti lie il-N'A, t * ti. ?'; ? to it" ? H I i i I ? , li o ilo.' i . iiiii.i :i if i..o w i tin) ?!??? . i u IIH'U . 'Il: II'.. (?.'.' "I till K.l . I V 1 1 1 l toll . IM it'll to I.i?l' d' ' . .1 a! i-oivO'-l ?' tl ' 1 : 1 1 J-.r "I'I II".. '11. Il'j i I'll I"! o?riiiiii: ,i. .. wotu c t.tini'allj p.i. ii g be.wu.iti tin' i V I J ; 1 n ;! ll'it i! i. H in !S nth >111,1. OU it 1 I o:i. 1., ? C.iiUd -tits f o ul) Con. til a1 i on;. it" u ??' t I will. 1. tr t- ii ni''. I' !?. s..i , '.I trovoat. a' t> sii'io, ti ? N (?livll.oir 1 M..j;any u ut.. on. 'in i. uiy uriuoil . Hi l .in. T a". n'.tl exit: ?;?? T'lii A'ii(;o, a \.. l arttio'l i de al mail ul am t, Is ' ml. ly "X,n m:o ; a .i ll t'.ii t II. u 'N op the na avium ntou chx!:u'>ton ueu n .it .nai's to.; ;; . t. \ i?. [i r in ilai i. 'ti'.ou'i' uivii, N ? nibcr 2.1.] t:ii. . i' o K.I n i:i>{ aocM.ii t . I' tbo vuy.'^o of tlio Nat'lv. ii. i iroiii t V ? xpre s ? iti u ;'. .i ' t tos : toitnio .w! .is'.ivH'o ('i' t'iln"o a n, U: i i .i. .? sii; '. tli i'.;ii o iWiii, ni ii.; I oi , tl' ' . ,1 1. ' V ill I lllll* I., u Wh -ti Mi ?' .lot u .ill.'.' \v. tlikk ii. I c'i u y btlt .IU . .H s.l > ' c.'i .- . III.' I> i ? t hi iv o tli# .? ? :i ? ti;i, ami tli.i m on rm.i b gii! y, lin tn i; uji nl'tl i. to tli ? ;. t .v.i il, dblnul uii". i four rmlos, twu i . notn 0 til ll."l'n'a "i ' S |U ul Hi. ? > 1! til ! IJliltO I Xt It. S I . .i ll fri; a'o S.n(i oluin u iv I .oj.i i , ili.i n I, or a | ? ivnr ? ii jii'i'i i ii' .1. 'liio Null ilia, b iiik 'i tin lm.i, nl o:n llio in .on, w h to t f ? "ii i y tli. .ii. B'l.t t 0 i o .." '.in! . nl |4l on/ n rtiiea- to.'ly v. I:i ?; n ;.l v 'ry Ii -.ivy mm*, but m;vlo the ii;issat{9 to Bo; m;nla in III ; i- ilaj anil ,i liall'. On a ni i.n at '."'in i : h V ci r. 'a jitot nn lxkinl, vih i l/'l ifirt' llCifllU, .ix II. ' t f.:l il Ci/OM^ lit ' "J h r I, ii, .t, i . I f u., h" <??' ? *>? OiMiyi '.<? t: Tbo uoxt day Capla:n ' iv am, lo-i lioini; nu'l-fl I, ? 1/ tan .1 i s. c 1 1 1 1 i ,rnui tho ?l cky.'.rd, who i. k tin N'asiivillo pa o'y ro ad mto fct. ijisu.go s, ai. nhit.i placo tlio i CfFi'l coa il. During tli"ir stay at Dcrni dtt theriimtiarult ? and rffl m v,Te tri t at wih fie gr . t h >.*/?? ititjl rtllrf ? ii: iiua , in A 1 thai ' i . ' nd ' h ? m. ft'' liiijh n una// unci nnuy t'it i'med ??<!, o n' evry J'l Hi :/ fiir g liing shiet, c/U/.i, < Hi in bt ih in:.*.iiait ; A fo v .r.y- ! ir ui to tli ? arnviiiat Itormadaof tlw N Hli vlllu tno United Hi'-h utoaaur Caiaoctli 'il bad i u.le.. lit. t ? I* a I i n' tli" |in.|i "i uf ai.u t iioiu ? i UtoNiii'li 1 1 1 !n lia 1 Ijooii than, tin bat a ciuvv ol' 410 lien, witb fix g it., moim'.oil. N'ot lio.ii int? anytli.ui' i? ibo Bti onio t'lo.v w ro in BO'ircli of, i'n"y again proC-ivdcd to ava, w iioiit Mtnting tl? ti' i'i."!! r.atinn. Tho Kaslivillo ualle 1 a jaia IVom Konnuda on th" fitb lust., and from llio next day until tli" l7lh slio oxpoi lncod a ia c f.i.on nl n don ;Voin it 1 i oiuiu of i lie com kuw. Xi.tlmiK ol IntnroHt far li T t. :iri.-pii'. <J ; ; 1 1 i 1 t ; ? ti wli?'n sli. d ? i nyod ill" I'nlt 1 flat -a sliip Hart' ?u. Tin o.ll : i s on li. ni 1 tbj N <.->11 Villa i ay iiut mto m M i.i tli.i N w York paporif that tn nt iti;d.n of ... ii lo o .'.orthCaro ina bav g.ino in ii '. 8worn all v, . jiuil.q Unlto i "tat - s fr vor.. in. Lt k t;ca tbo onpturo n at Ha tcriuj t'j 'i h i t / uritim ii ?? i /i ? j '/.i ii A ft > wrttk'-i* im.i;: -n'.h M.aii hit r, < ?? iiiw. irph inj fntrr lights /.!' :Ut ?. i ri. ii'in rf n ?srl? ?, I ,.i , t-i.nn he o Uh,oul their nii/.tbtr d^its n t : /i nit red. 1".| t ilatloran. it.stoad of bclug a f n i'ii 1 o or i tl>n,OHic r.-ft'i-t' d bj li'lnlt. .?:aio.. .? i in si n.ily ol iit;iit ; batiks, mi I ia .mi i.i ou I -liUlti U. THE 0\<">KII Of THE QAUVIA H/uUU. I. r m ' .? I. ? l?u H?i ?' . v. .. Ola) ri; i. a:. <alj*:o, i.iridhly I.i . 'fi..:n. h Ot'icetly I B'-- I il Uulbi'e ot ill J pr H .'ill uutb. ;lU, is ! (In; l-o i'W ?? < >i tli-i !> iri.t ship, -.-1 o . l u , rkf !;? . ?i I to In1 u nun i 8tr. DK Sm'.Ii tu l udeii .ie? PROSPECTS OF THE Khftl.M VI -<OU .'ItAaU'ION. The captain mutes the .Sas'iv, I ....a :, . i . n f? ' ba\ e her iot> dick taken < 11' ana i ? b j Ji i a u .. ' nfinar; but haw fur Uiu inevion u.l ?, /out I e villi !k Itjal t nl inlcrruxti rial be iriu ?.j ,/?? t t I*: ran. Tha u rival or Hie V?# ci, i. cuiu."tauces, and li;r lauding p. in n-rs of w- , .. i arc cal oil, Is looked upon liy many portons .is an in... lionof ihnQuceit's proclamation ol neiitrii.ity. i of f ilituiant arulcitnuturciU nan ha :. h ? a-.i. oi.i c ?f.ingihc inuttypoini.- inc.. I ret ? nth.: ??e?/i<wi, a:i?i san ,:y mesMi,' s liave patse , up and dawn the telegraphic wires ' do. i g'.lio.l y in relation to the subject. It is stated that sbo ias senna spare iflice.s on b aril i fur thi, h bui.di.g or p eparing In l-ngiand tor t. o Con fete. aie navy. 'n.,. Si h villa is a sifter ship to the federal steamer .anus Ad gar, which put in hero for a lew days a io.'t tiiglu ?n.ce. Some live or six y> a s a^o she was lotii|io i a ily ciia tered i'or ihi? tn il i ervice butveen Hare Soull.ainpto.i and Now Y..k, and ma .e a low voyages oath w.iy with tho mui k. The padd;o wh el et. amor Pacific, lately belonging to ll?-* Ualwoy Colli, aay , whi h lias been iy.i ? i.i out di cks f r me months, aud ins just be n s ,.,! , "is now lilting ' i i.. the a.icks, it i.i said, !? r a v y. - to tuo Wem in i.i, n. hat a strong im, m s. ion pieva.U th it she u bought i) .iio . oiiicdei'uto . lati s. Wo umio Bland that tlio enpt ; t o of the Harvey Birch to It j ;acc in 70 fathoms < 1' v. .? : or. CAl'i AIM I i: ,-KAM DISPLAYS HiS COMMISSION, [.-'out.i : t- ii ( -- > . 'JI ; 1 c-p i. t J.otKloti i i iiieM. | Mi 1 o:i Pogrom lliul ua it y .louioa IJie ^taieiiicut o. 1. 0[l.lill N il'tll.ll In: iiv.'i!.. II" CODI.'UlMSI II fl'nlllfi.o Com i I o - 1 ? t or mo. <.a, and inii I'l.rn.ghud umw,. . tho l o ving copy ol' li.s comui -ioii under tlio Coulo io i.'i ? rem:- - 2'." I' . itlfnt t>f t/.c C.tnfrr'rrc't. St 'tci i nf Atnti /ra to .il/ trho ! ttH t.rr thr.t: i>. '.it", ure< ltnii:?\inaw y, tliut r po - ! -p.. t. ui irum Hi: ? inn di'iicu la ii. - punTotism, v 1 . ? , . iv mill, ilitcmi lio en H. I'.ki.i a, I do i.ji. on ..i i a I.i u t uant in ui" Hun "I ill - il .-t i . t, i.ii.i. a< mcli .roni she lUta day of Jam- A Ivjl. Ilc.n ui ifio.e, air i in, y a -d til. Igetitly to ill^cli r.;1* th" ilntyoi i.i im-hjh t b., indiig anil |/t r i,riuli ({ ..11 ni.ii n'T i f tlun?s t:, ?..?n.r<# i,?. 1 ii 1 1 ? r ij.litr.' ...1 ollieem and irli.M .h aiidi-r Lis cn .;,i iuud to .e oh nt to i,l , ,:??!? ,m j,.e i : aat. And lie ? to . bo rv, .nid fo low ?iu l. o d mi.n.l o.'< to ? i lolu la..'; lo l.llio be s. a,, ri ceil .... ? r tlio ? at.nn 1 Hit lent oi ii e ?... n 1 t Si,.i . : .n i',. ,i, . . , . ( , . , r ui' i-h a , ,n rr linn, ae- ,,r 1,J0 tu tae run ua i him'I p.inn ol war. U.vtn under iny in a, m ti,? , I . ,a Id i i: oud, tul? .Uia a. y ur bept. uiuor, in i!i ? r i oi.rLoi' i, ? IMil. Jlil-'fiiiSON I IS. liy ill Pi?ldent. 8. R. Malloiv, ?. i-a.uiy.f o.\uvy. APrKAll VKCE OK THE NASI1VII.LE IN mill'. [Sou tli nip ou (SuY. zl) coi'i. Bpo. ceutoof the . . icijOEter UjjMiiitili.] 'lie Kashvil'.o is lying ' tho e'isiera si o' tha duck, lie . i i ears to havu moi witli 10 I we a her a.jd, ia c!CF.--iug :h.s l).'ii.kai e, having u> a;hed groi i.d, \> ui Into ti,u graving dock to buexanr. ed. ii.eoiewof iho llarv. y :iirch lougo . in tho Niil ..a' 1'liey nr.; liig iy ? xaat'Oiated, ..ud vi w vengeui.cj against .iio I and C OW Oi iho .N , sliv ui ? if lii y ean gel at thotu. ilie Na hvllle is ji epa. i, g to e me Into dock icr ialt.ii g, havii.go vp ri nteu vory had weather fclnco runn ii.g mo bioo;uile at Charles. on. A ew yo, ux olhee, s may be oc casionally seen s.r. t lug on deck, otherwise al is q iot. THE TOWN POLICE OK SOUTHAMPTON PLACED ON DOCK DUTY. [South imjlon (Nov. 22; uorrcspondenco of the Loi.d m l'luics.] Nothing whatever Ins i ublicly transpire i tu-day con co ning thU vessel. She still lies ut lier berth in ilio dock, but no movement has been nwide to s :ppiy her with coals or stores, or to e.Tect A b dy of the t<j?u police was bis. night placd on mily In tlio oocks ia cauo of any breach of the p.-ai o occurring between the nioa belonging to iho Nashville and tho crew of tho bii.ut ship llarvey Birch , bat their services havo not ho-ti cu.,ed into ro<|U)sition. TUB DEPARTURE OF MASON AND SLIDELL AN NOUXC'XD. [Southampton (Nov. 21; ci rrn-pondence of tbe London Star. J Colonel Peyton says that Messrs. Mason and Slidell, the Southern Commissioners, I. i t < harioston on I lie 12ni Oc tober, in tho sieamer Th odtne, (iL-sing ihroagl. the blockading squadron at night. Their sal a arm al w ,s re portod at Cardenas, Cubi, before the N'ashvil e lert Charleston on tlio Urtth ultiui- , and they are exj.ei ti-d to arrive hero by the West India steamer La Plata, due on tho 20th iust. WHAT THE REBELS REQUIRED OF CAPTAIN NELSON AND HIS CREW. Captain Nelson stated that Commander Pcgram tn deavored to coin|iol himself an I crew to tako tho . ath ol allegiance, and uot to uke up arms against the Southern Sta es. I hs is denied by C .mmauder IVgiam and oille is. who stale that the only document that Ca lain N sau and odleers were requested to Sign was one ol waioh the v.. lowing is ? copy ? CosrkuuitATK Statu Stiuh ii Nasiivii.le, i At si:a, Nov. 19, l.iiil. i We, the undersigned, officers and pas*, n^i rs on board Cue t: ?? i .- i. . i M r i 1 1 V. ? 1 1 u Hi ? .| i > ii i: "? , . i . 'i o sbor* . f l Ul.S * i'a n 1 op rue uakvb* Elt;C![, : ? ?? ! ? ?' -atin W. II. N?, - ? i. tint i if v of Nnv/ Vo-Ir, In A i ? i . ' i flu t , .! i >'o.iiU ? ? - tlly . .? ? ii u I r:i. It'll ii ?>, " ,y ' . ? it in!-".- as i v , i . I'Jl i4- Y. i.l m. i ii on- Yi : k, lii rim rnnty II ' i Ii Ii mill I' Hi ? |t ,i: of c, !?'' .i i' ?, \\ '< ic i i,. i iny of '? ? i ? *i- .. y ?>"<).. ib I .-iv.-.j -it I ii ft,> b J i> ?? i ?? i iy ' '. ,i an ' i - 1' .? oil 1 i ..i i. .i i r< i' i ? fi., i r > ' k un ' ' 1 lily ? I" N ? . ? ? : tl.i- nvis i ? w . 1. 1', l ?, nl U i .. m i ? .1 : t<> i hi ? up, ?-??. i" l ll-.? I tH M ii. <; i snl III' . . r T , t ti* ? ' Ii i : 1"! , Uio b . -ii. ? i. ' . , n i 'i . : w. , a i.. V) : !?!.;; >r I. ' i v y lii oil, V. - < I Hi* , .. 'II cllil' il l ii. moil ves * i 1 Ii .i .it 1 1 ,? . i ii. t : o i i - I < ? a* ? i" in i.. ti.u <li : -ii ?" a | .of* 1 l> I .!? I , n ""I I . i* I ill WI.I I'll' I\tj'!'l 1 b ' I'd 111 y I' ? ???;. i . " I ? ' ici } ii. e- i ? i i ? i 1 .'?( Un) ? . i," i.i ? i i ii ' i ill.) i uite 1 . i.i' n ii i ? . t tli.a .in k ". . t t 1 i ? ? k . ?? v i ( ? ? ??!. I'lin o.i'" . i rum* \\ i ..... I then ri' rn i! (ihi mill' l',l,', i r your **? 'ii 'i.i 1 i urn oil l) ? . < I , ' which I lil.Jo rum 1 I'd I.i . ' I . l:i/ ill. II in will III'. nil:' . I iv inj? i u ii lit tiio Mnunw l tt.ic introduce I by tba i in I.i... i, I., ii i: i ii) aiit.ini.', ii ( ii tain I I';. "I, ? 0 HI III I r I'l'.VO -IlitlS ? I.' i' Nit v I. , ft '.vboin 1 i i ni.iil ui; tho i'.i|wnt ?'l III . Hill ' (' . *111111 ,i>>. io sbi IV lh.1t. I w ft ii ill' t ml . i .1 ii . i',r itn i -oJc tin B'llp'l p s. ii ii i'il..i > . ii h.i I b<>; > laii',' ti ti'.t . i..!.i in* ih i'Ii 'Mu i ii ..'i tui '.i|>r nor of wu.- by ii tit) .i ih 0 nfalo ui lEtetM. ls? than toM me I ?ii i '.nil .i il i,i> > hip ii. I I ^iii oid re. I t? Huii'l 111 0 A I 11 Ii t <1 ti' S'.r . ;I'T 118 Hl-icivly .1'- P<1 - i j.o. I i (.. ir.. slup, ii. ii a'., i nco in. . a p U..H .it I 'iiH 10 r,li i o i 1 . immo ii ik-.ii illy civch 1' mil tha i i 1. ,.ry up, ml x.iUi .'?? 1 1 iii won ii"t i', ? en to I'm.. ? u.i i' in V I'l rw t ) uet our i 1 I o -? 1 h i. of I r i . iii - ;; iii limit ii in, wild other olToert, . ? li :i, iio sbip null t i k ciuirj'") of b>r, an. I o I' ll . wore i r . i ? i of t'.'-b .ii s,.vc., uu : in ceiiso M ..i .hi ibi' fn li i : un t y, I'iirs ttiid bait i woro t ?..?:< out i n I i .ii mi boo.ii ILu a .? ira?r? a ue ? c. : j i. w..8 ?< tatl tluu illtki oil, i.-u, eoMbw , .i .1 ... kOoiUUboituloub ardUMMwuaar. wbkhwafl u . i M!i 1 1 1 |??cn ?>. <,mpiirh"<1, ih"? c- 'W Jet ? . . t .< l . I.I I t .11.., It l.l i 'toil ii . u k a* tug ' '"I "ll U,J i,to b s ''' '!w II . il.o t)ni,i. . IV a:i'|.nig <u t> ???Iitf t .? J,;i. , r\y j .?v .t ' ill ll c vcy I! ibwi in ll.uu s, > . n I., i .. t ?? i- 1 ' ? " 1 ?' ?? 1 ""'p V ( ..It, Willi- I v?iw? B'V nu ll, bu the pin/, |.i?rtor . I,-!, ll til It- Oil M In coniniim ea I g. were cast . V ? a. ? !>lu now* sai'ij "N >W. a# H )? ?!? .IV K|..o i, ? Jinn/' Of wrds U? tuat ' II' I'tjilliif ??? . ., I i;|( i| ut In.t B ull, h t wit ii>ut aneaiently lull. in:.*, i. ii) Hii''c t ill w. i? put on an o.i^Wrly , i i . , t rt oj ihe tki)> h oi:ty teen i rseioutlj / ut trt i u : I, wi. u my "im was HUinmo.iOii t? thu e?p Imuhi'' ii, hi 1 t oi'o b y.i ii, at tlu) i eipiest. of the cap. i it <i. ii'h lur i bin. in it wo wo Id ni.t tukc up urns a . .. i Ii i.i wlil. i.i their ' Bb having sato lliat l. null. oiin-osBbo. I iuvo o .r liberty on board when w inn if;:.?il it. /km J . r-,w ir.'jf tvW tk-tf an aa!k taud Uutut't J us "mii! o> a.euparm he t'onf dcral* S a < .. , i' .".it 4? ii rua'd, hut Y was iibera'ea without i.i'i/ uti/i Oet'll 1|V. II. *1 lie aloawer steamed up tho l-lng nsu . U miiel, a. arrivon at t-o ahauipUii. at about eight A. ft!. < u tlio ?lHt m si not, ? i i eau.o to ai.clior iu ilio . i vt .in t*<raiu tU.-u tolil ni > tint I ami my crc*r were a i bo u , ami iiii.^iit go ou Kli .ro, but lio refused to ,ii t rt ? ii Bimiv.wjd I tti'.i.efi'i-o wnpl?.jre4a hio mtug at my <?wu x i.ntc, niul mnOu.k my cr w In Hnulhamptoa il i'. m b.'l woon itiiiQ unit t"ii A. M., ami they wero i ken tlmi i o of by tbo United Mates Consul llwro. lie. eato uy while en board the steamer, in conversa tions n .ill lie." ullieera, I wn* told lltitwlie wun not tilted .ml. r. ? .. \ : ? . of war, Pile w:is ou ii spo ril mission ? i, i .It . , '(in uavul i.ll.curr-vrere :u command of bor. ? a to' . by .? i Of tlie ci'cw that the crew originally si da tui.a ut t'li.i n.So'.tJi Carolina, to go to l,.',e.n).. .i t il'iit JiJioto ?iit.|ii[{ til') oflicorB we o all , ii( . \ ii c-\v iirlii' eh ?'<)?? b o ? lit on b'uird, wJiicti the.' or mi nrxsllf toRijuby Wiieita of force. I u. 'i.i.:" niu. me t iuultlic c.ow was coiuii^sedof Engiiia i n.' ! on. meter una ^-emeter belonging to the Ilarvoy Uij., v'.'a i . I'egram, who refctCB to do V | ' | .. , ' .l,.r'.i- i i . ii ??VI# a ship fix yeur? l.l i , .. u "t "? ",1 ' ? 11 IU ' *' Bight ot ?iV 1. 1> !??? ? i- ? d :?ue orer Um . liui ..i t" tbo wuuji V ? ?.-.?>? W. 1 '? v . ii 'I '.. ni .11 h' cone il.ito .| Ii i ulte.l ui ? 8 ml". ...on iii>- ^ : i.e.V o N'.s Pit* i l'.'l. 6TArK.1k.VT 6; nm* aTE^A;.!', fct/'O.VD MATK Oi' I il : UAltVr i B! Hu 1; . pr nm il.o r/n> ?ton . o a.d, :<ov. 22 ] Tim foiloa .. , ? .1 in 'i.t wart UU'en lij ill-.- .ju ? a ' i (n. i.i o.,.liaui. u.u fioin iU mute 01 tl.e h ir 0.. T .? > a' luoi'iiU.g, at n U" A. M. , ab ml fu ly ir.. aoil .... , , ? ft- i.e. N 11 . . v ; ii tamo .'.in tBi ta Har v 1 j , . |ti,n Neli)i.i.,ii"n. iliir , In b 1. 1.4: . ?I..N w i.rk lie order t in 10 bai.I our ilfti/ w.,i..o I tni ?. uit'rt color, an 1 iu Inc. 11 : ?j,,. 1 ?;?. t on li aid, a., run ainc nut itt ii. 11 .it. lie ibeii lOtui'lied !? bin billpft'.i'1 t. i^v I .in* ? t ,'1 1 1 idli or ol' lb Bill,., or . r ? tell tiiO or w ... , 111 II lliiugB all : brl' B lb in- I l:n? ,.BV (l, . 11 y), with u. i wiptlon o. 1 .e oiiiceif, U . wud to or. a 4 thoir 1 !t ft?. a Xi.? U*o ci\w lull tboir sli.p aiiawent on boitid 1 lie Nxsuvi.Ij. 'Ihe l.i i.tei.ani 01 u.e Nashville, with li b ci' jw, went on board tbo U.irvoy Uncb, and sot ' "ha! 1 'i.t-i six P. M.? I biiw ilie mafts go over tbc side. The '< icbvilie tbeu |i . ce dud to rioultiainpton to !und Ibo cc-; a the Harvey Blrcl^ omc?. WHAT TUK SEAMEN OK THE 11AKVEY BIBCH THINK OF THE REBEL OKKiCKKN. rSoutbampton (Nov. 21, avonliu,) oorrespoDdence o l/indon llerald.] . F.voiylliing appears very ip let on bi.ard evnto liif ci ew do not bJww ..t all, bi t now and then an oil. o r i.i 1 wo may b - seen pacing the noJc. Ti.ey do not np ,, however, tJ bo at I i-e.iiiid aro yory reserved, II ue larlv u 1 11 ih s all' l -, Ble uid thoy l>e q ieBtliraed. ii.j vfi e'.'i t ari-t ' Willi '.wo lilted Cuuiion.but they are ?in 1 laiido to no. 0..8 ou shore. Too ? 'vvo ihell irv y I'i eh avo domici'o ! at the 1- I V .I.Viii ! 0,1.. 041:0 I ho tl' . k ?. Til. y ato 111 a lr-{hly ex c ... ; ,. t v .w vo'ij? anco iig.'iusl tho ollico s and tlt'e X.tBhvil.e. toan. g that a collision mlgM , V ,| ... ' 1.' ml niiiel result, the Vayor, fredo, idt 1 or , , u '( si. tii el ft lint, b til lb boo: gh jh? l.u to I, ?' doc-.-? II I. iHg Hie infill, in Cilia with the , ? "'.l' C? ' i.en.O I. 'Il.o o.etv Of III' b.liut Snip do* Ji '? I." ibo oilioors of tho Naflhrlli# as youugan 1 ino.\|)Orl. I mvi. mill t.ieir disg. H' i.s bay on 1 o\p. m ion at being lilt ? 1,1 ?. cu a set Of .'b als oi b OS," us they doBCrlbo . .... 1'., tho tl 0 exprefrtioii ol o 0 ol ti.oiil, lio rtaid. ? ' i: I, . it i. d.iz'iiof 1 shad hoeu looso, wo wo 1 . 11 ivo'cowt.ido t the vvli'iieoi the lot over ihe slum, u , 1 1, i; |m told of the cnptaln < f the Nashville, who, , H , n ' ,1 |.. tho /.me. icau ua\ y lor lli.rty .; ' ' :. ' ,, UK 1: 111" >ee ill i.b f. m relating tbo .. o' tl e t'.ii' to u i! 1 . 1 1 1 i ai . o lli tin ton ho ob ? : I II lit II ? ie':t b iistid to I. a! tho c ipiam and oliiier? I ' cry alteiiii' 11 an.. k ?d... ? th .i he Invited tl, m V li, his own table, 1.11 1 behaved with true h sp.taiity ... '* .intir v -b 1. ' tail he, "my mortiUcalion was t a v 1,1 11 i ?. 111 ib m < a el eve to lb... lliey dm notac t 0.V.0 1 e my kia ! c. b by eve,, itpre. aim. Uicir Uiai.kH. m,\ ";?' S(,K . III-. LEADING l'?ateOS AU KA C0KGKRKI9. ai ill rr 1 nam mil , eyf n am. lady lof? Pv ttiaii, to . tin- t.1 ' id ?> ) mo 1 1 g by expiOMirain, for tll . ?i piacli.g tb in-, ivvu iu coiuinuUicalion with MC.muiia ay'c.- Pogram returns here to morrow. Colonel 1 'ovioi'i" mai'dei'i naino w .s I.izzy Wushe'ijlon , and she i.i h 1 aiest surv.viag relative ol tbo groat i.o.ioral "'r''l'eyton (who arrived iu the Nashville) and Cuiaiu V g an. have boll, icit lor London. ia,.uln Lord Ku'se l. tbe^creia ) o. Hiale for Ailairs. NEWSPAPEtl OflXIOSS. DOTH BELLitlEHEN ia EMIT U? THAI MNU OF AMERICA}* VVAIt SHIM IN ENGLISH WATERS. [From the London ilni.-s, Nov. 22. J Tho battles oi llie <1 isrupted latot, of Am ji lea art l\t+ rSSEbs Wit-,'. Ihe cart fall I a, 1 Adger, United Slaiea ^othnrrt reinembcrtluUbo ?a lUo Wth of war s eamer. hade' although Tor obvloiit Novomr^r. H was know..^ ^ ^ w iiub li" P^1UCn"a? merchant ves"'. which A*T? w !r of a friendly Power, and, r^'dri ig repair, ^ ?as, IMW i renchor KUMian ship in similar ueeessiiy , rctitted ? k riw w on the 12th of N 'vom bor sh? wont away# Vhme ,ho ii gone of co irile nonoiiy Wnows. We have to wish her a good voyime, and to rejoico tha. vte (laif hd'l an opportunity '/ duiu j an act courtesy to a invnt, was almost a sister ship to Ui. -.t _w a ^ (li l. ri,ut

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