Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1861 Page 3
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PERSON A J,. 'iTlxdy who has lost ii ,..h m kbanp, and who \ la unalde lo provide for B and children, offers to ive to any lady of reapeotab ?fity who w.tdiea 10 adopt a male illd. her intuit bov, a?<tjd ^ix weeks. lie la an uncommonly ne. DeaaLlul child. A^iply to Mrs. Riley, 88 East Forty huh street, New York. AM: IT TO EIaVE DI8APPQ NT1 D TO TBI ' B \ day. an<t wid be unnh .? to call to-day (Mondav) either, 'ould you u?ui n?ak?? it convenient to nn? t meat 12 o'clock )-day ntth* corner of Wall and Nassau atre t when T will iniain. If you euuu. t !o th a pUas? ad n -s ah before, ap ointmg a pla,-e of meeting other than the house. FRANK TKAVER*. j tfATTIB 8., OF W. A T , N. J. -I AM VERY ANXIOl R i 11 to hear Iro-a you. Write to tin last address I tfave vou L ; i you iv-cive-' it. n not direct as before. D. T.W, [ K MK BK ADEKY, WHO WAS EIGHT YEARS AGO IN ?'!??pK.y of IV. easor Autiersou, but Ht preaont in the aintiiiK business in B ?? ?k!yn, will call upon the gentleman ? n? in the front panoroi 30 Irving place he will hear oi Something to hla advantage. ( fF THE LADY WHO WITHDREW A I. 'TTER FOR ? I Anionio irom the Union ? lost office will return it ho will oblige particularly, .?s he i* most anxious for it. ? ORMATION WAX1 1 U >HN MA< BHAKB >? I native oi Ire! ?mi, parish of Atniaclone, near Banbridtfo, 'ounty I)<-wn. \\ a< la t, heard from at New Orlean#, in 1H47. .ny information of him, dead or alive, will be thankf ully re. ? etyed by hia bibter, Mary Mac Shane, box 431, Cincinnati, NFORMATION WANTED ? OF JAMES CASEY, OF . Crommon, pariah of liU'-ar^an. county of Kerry; been in lis count ry nine year*. A y utonnatlon of him will be lauklullv re? eiveu by his * ??< r Catherine, at No, 11 C rroll f rent, South Brooklyn. Win n last In aid from waa in Wl.H go n sin. Western | apera please copy. i f RS. McK.. SECOND AVENUE AND TWKNTY FECOND tl at; ee*.~i want to nee \ uu to day (Mond y) mo*t panic i ? irly. Call surely. Mra. T , Second avenue and Thirty ui street. >OBEUT GEEADOW? THE FRIENDS OF MR. ROBERT V tib-adow. formerly of Hull, England, an! al'i .erward.s of ew Yoi k cir . m.d who waa last lien rd of by them in the lonth of July, 1853, will be greatly obliged by any informa i>u relative to the tun - and i la e at which he may have ?en sub: t <p cn'ly . ? cu ? <>i if d id, na to t! e time and pla- e * his death ??r Ijurif! i. C 'iifnunicatlons to be addressed to r E S. Wilson, soliti'.or, H' 11, Eug'nnd, or to Mr. Win. /II son, cure ol ]*\J. Hun'ington, Jv-<p, New York. A- ILL THE L 1DY i HAT RODB I P IN A FOURTH avenue car on Suudav afternoon, and In the cor- | er, dressed In a black silk <!r< s?, broche, Fliawl, wlah to l i ke the acquaint niice of a genii .n n who aat in the oppo ; te corner, nnd who ?ot out :at Fourteenth a tree tf She can 1 dress George, Herald ollice. T ILL Til LADY MIAT CAI LED ON I; ) VRDTIIE f V bout two wet ks ago this (Monoav) afternoou, call again i drop a line to Robert, care of Herald olllce, appointing an rSTANTKI, ? V \Ol NO AND RESPECTABI.E AMEIU t T can Ui y ? iali.-s to ndop' a young child, ? i ts " , l.,;. n?j, . |.. Hinilv. Bo>t? rt'ionmoe glv.-u und rt mired. Cal from II A. M. to 3 P. M., for three dayg. at Ifudmon atnet, third tloor. LOST AM) POl'ND. taol'ND? ON A Fl'LTOS FhRltY M' "AT, A I'AI'KR I .7 panel, containing a Pur. The owner am have it by grovin : property. Call in Warren street, third doorirm [ion I street, II i <?kl>n. F. P. DOItAN. 06T A 8ILVBB WATCH. NBAB THE CORN BE OF f * _i Fiftieth street and Fourth avenue. The Under will bu berally rewarded, and no question1) asked, by leaving it iih J. S. Bornel, 77 Cedar street, room 18. 08T BBWABD OF TBM DOLLAR8-ON SATUBDAT J afternoon, a silver lever Wat' h, with nlack ribbon attached, \ nr.veen l'< rtv-second street, Now York; and Cl.-issrn avenue, * ro'ltlyn, either in a Broadway stage, or in Broadway, near ? rooine street, or Seventh avenue singe, Fulton ferry boat, r Fulton avenue car. Any person returning the same t? ? LEX. SIMPSON, 73 Fulton street, N. Y., shall receive the bove reward. ? 08T. ? ON SATURDAY, IN GOING FROM 73 WEST -J Twentv-seventh street to the corner of Twenty-eighth ,reet and Sixth avenue, a middle aged woman, with dark air and dark eyes; h' ighl, about live feet; had on a red lawl, black hood and plaid dress; had a small basket when \st seen ; is near slchted, simple and childish; answers to ien:ime oi Anna Williams. Any information concerning the bove will be thankfully* received by her sister. ANN JONES, J West Twenty-seventh street. Jk/ IUU Hit 1'EKWON WHO FOUND. AT TIIE WINTER f T Garden theatre, on Friday evening last, a ; reen morocco ocketbook, containing $65 in money and sundry notes and apers only of use to the owner, return the notes, Ac., to Es 31, box 109 Smithsoniun, 690 Broadway! ~ RE W A ? D9. " ^ESVARD.?LOflT, ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON, DEO. X 5, from No. 8 Washington place, corner of Mercer street, black and ten Terrier D -g. A suitable reward will be paid > the person returning him. U PROPOSALS. ? ? SEALED fROfpSALS JJJS KECEIVEDjVT t^iis I 5 ollice uiilll 12 o'clock ju., ou tliu 1.1.1 u.<y 01 u.'oeui u'T1, t <61, for supplying the troops at tin follow ing depots, viz., ?i r such as may be continued : ? New York city, Albany, Boon . Ille, Buffalo, Cherry Valley, Cortland, Geiieseo, llanco k, f Roy, Maloce, Lyons, Oswego, PlatisburK, Potsdam, It. - ie*ter, Ssckeits Harbor, Syracuse, Troy, Koine, Uuadilla, lmlra, with rations In kind (raw rations,' from and after ic 20th day of Dece mber, 1861. The rations to consist of the following articles, to wit: ? (yec-fourtb* of a pound of pork or bacon, or one and one- I mrtn pound 6r fresh or salt beef; twenty- two ounces ?f r?ud or Dour, or one pound of hard bread, or one ami one nirth pound of corn meol ; and at tlie rate, to *rery one ' uudrea rations, of eight quarts of beans or pea* am) ten oundsofrlce or hominy; ten pounds of pws QoflW, or , Ight noun. Is of roasted an 1 ground colfee, or one and a !ia:f jundH of tea; Ufteen pounds of sugar; four quarts of Mili ar; one pound of spty'tu candles, or one an 1 one. fourth iound of adamantine candles, or one aud o;jg-half pound .f tallow candles: four pounds of soap an 4 tv. o quarts of salt. In addition to the foregoing, twice per week, one gallon of . notables per one hundred rations, and thrice per week an sane of potatoes, at the rate of one pound per man. When Wans, peas, rice, hominy or potatoes oaunot he Is. nuil In tho proportions glvsn abOOVt, Ifi equivalent In \ alue .. ihull be Issued In come other proper food. ! Desiccated potatoes, or deslccat 'd mixed vegetables, at I 'i rat per one hundred rations of one hundred mid fifty oun k* of the former, or one hundred ounces of the latter, may be substituted for be&hs, peas, rice, homtqy or frash potatoes, when these Articles cafinot be issued ; or they may bo issued ?t the foregoing rate twice per week, in lieu of beans or p 'as, .?br in lieu of rice or hominy, upon the requisition of the officer commanding the depot. Fresh beef may be Issued as often as the commanding offi cer of the depot may require it, when practicable, in place of salt meat. Every article specified as forming part of the ration to be Of the best quality. . Two good and reliable sureties required, in the sum of Gve thousand dollars each, at New York, Albany and Elmlra, and two In the sum of two thousand dollars each, at all the other depots, to Insure the faithful fulfilment of control. Sureties' names, with place of residence, must be mentioned in pro *><The*underslgned, to whom proposals must be addressed, * reserves the right of rejecting all bids deemed unseasonable. GEO. W. WALLACE, Captain First infantry United States Army, Assistant Commissary Subsistence, ?me* or the Assistant Cokhissabt Sumistkkck,, N. Y-, Nov. 30, 1811. RAILROADS. Hudson river railroad ? trains for albany, Troy, the North and West, have Chambers street at 7 and 11 A. M , yid S 15, 6 and 10:15 1'. M. NEW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albany, Troy, North and West. Winter arrangement, commencing Monday, Nov. 4, 1861. For Albany? 10.30 A. M? Express Mail Train, from Twenty slith street depot. For all local tra ns see Time Table. JOHN BUBCHILL. Assistant Superintendent. WINKS AND LlttVOKS. Bourbon WHIBKET.? a prime lot of old hoi r. bon for sale In lots to suit families, at $1 mi l $1 50 ]vr gallon, or 30 cents a bottle; also old Irish and Scotch malt Whiskeys, at (2 60 per gallon, or SO cents a bottle. Call and examine it, at 14 Ann street, or 37 Canal s ir -et. l'ETER McQUADE. STKAMBOATS. Morning line to PEBKSKILL.? the aurora leaves Jay street pier dally (including Sundays) f..r Peekbklll, at 8 A. M., landing at West Tenth am I flilrtli tli streets, \ unkers, Hastings. Dobb's Kerry, Tartyt .w n, Sing Sing, HaTerstraw, Grassy Point and Verplank's Point. ASTROLOGY. ASTONISHING.? MADAME MOBBOW, SEVENTH daughter, has a gl! t of foresight; tells how soon and often you will murry, and all you wish to know, even your very thoughts, or no pay; luckycharms free: her equal is not to be found ; her magic image is now in full operation. 184 Ludlow street, below Houston. Price 26 cents. Gentle men not admitted. A BONA FIDE ASTROLOGIST.? MADAME WILSON tells the object of your visit, gives magic charms and good luck for life, free of charge; tells all events of life, past, present anil future; consu.tatlima on business, sickness, marriage, courtship, travelling, 4c. She is the most won derful astrologist of the age. ulve her a call; you w ill not regret it. 189 Allen street, six doors from Stanton : name on the door. Charge for ladles aud gentlemen 50 cents. Be ware of imposition. I A VOI8IN, DESCENDANT OF ASTROLOGIST TO NA 1 poko i the Great, will tell of friends at the war, love, business, aud all attuirs of life, with a truth! ulncss that ?tart li s one, at I>7 Laurens street. Fee 26 ce. its, gentlemen 50 rents. Also, confidential letters written. Madame ray, 2co seventh avenue, near twen. ty-seventh street, surprises all who visit her. The sick, troubled and unlucky should test her powers. She tells your Very iJjO'-S-X lucky numbers, losses. Lidies, 25 cents; gen tlemen,^ Wceflts. ? MBS. ALEXIS, MEDICAL AND BUSINESS vii.UR voyunt, while in the tiance state goes to any part of the world, and describes pel sons aud places correctly ; ?l*o describes and prescribes tor diseases. No. 176 Varlck street, near Charltou. B.? WHO HAS NOT HEARD OF THE CELEBRA . ted Mme. PRKWSTEB, who has been consulted by thousands in this and other cities with entire satis, action! She feels confident that she has no equal. She tells inS name of future wile or husband, and that of her visiter, if vou wish truth give her ft call, at 188 East Thirteenth street, between First and Second avenues. The greatest wonder in the world is the | youug and aecon?nli?ihod Madame RON, lrom vbocan liv eousulted* with the strictest confidence on all ?flairs of lift* ; restore* drunken und unfaithful husbands; has a secret to make you beloved by your heart's Ideal, and bring* together those lone separated. Ladies 2jcuaU. Resi dence DO Third avenue, above Twelfth street. 1\'I1<> WOULD NOT 00 WHERE KORTI NE IS?? UO >? ye. see Mias WELLINUTON, the great English Pro phetess, the best of all, and cannot be excelled. fan lie con sulted, personally or by letter, on all affair* of Hie, concern ing law suits, Journeys, absent friends, love, courtship, mar riage, health, wealth, and whocan reclaim drilken and un faithful husbands. Miss W. Is the only pci sou in this city who has the genuine Roman and Arabian talisman (or love, cood luck and all business aH'uiis, and are git-iraniee* f"r life. Delay not to conVult this liatiuallv rilled and beautiful young lady. Lucky numbers given. Illghlv respectable c tv relerenoe. Can be seen at her residence, l6l SlJth avenue, opposite Eighth street. AZ SULLIVAN STREET? MRS. ROEDER GIVES TT?J true and wonderful Information on all airairs through lire, and gives lucky nun-bers for the lotteries. She is tun only true seer and palmist itilhiscly Remember her resi dence, 4A Sullivan . ti c< t, 1' ,-oom-\ 1P.K BOWERY, NEAR HROOME STREET?MADAME WIDOER. I'lalrvoysnt and Billed Spanish lady i t. yells the mysleriea of futurity, love, mart lage, nl>sent friends, ?icknesa; prescribes medicines for all diseases; tells lucky aumbers, property lost or tlolen. Ac. MUSICAL. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PUnoforte for sale at a ?acriflc?, elegantly carved tegs and case, round corners, full iron plate, overstrung bass, in laid with pearl, lined throughout with as tin wood, tirade to order for present ??wner *?y city makers, fully guaranteed for three yearn, been in use but seven months, cost $500 and will be Bold for $:?50, including Stool and Cover. Also an slegant assortment of Drawing Boo in Furniture, Paintings, Mirrors. Vase* and Bron/e?, less than half cost. Inquire at 70 West Twenty-si* th street, near Sixth uveuue. A LADY OF FIR T RATE MUSICAL ABILITY, HAV j. V in# studied unci r the most eminent masters in Europe, would wish a few m r ? linlshing pupils in tliia city or Br?'?'k lyn. Terina $5 p r month ; or at mr residence, terms mode rate. Address A. Y. Z., Herald oAice. A RARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE. fA SEVEN OCTAVE j\. ro ? wood Piano, with carved leg*, super or quality of t die; no reasonable offer refused, as the owner is lea\ lug lor E roi e. A | ply nt It.Ki He tcr street, between the hours of tf r* e ..I1-! mix P M. 4 BAUi >AIN? PltlC^ $115? HANDSOME ROSEWOOD J\ uev? n octave Pianoforte, go d an new, and modern im provements, sp'endid tone, Ac., French urand action, bc*t city maker*. AUo, tw>? 7'4 octaves, concert grauds, at half price. A only at 368 Bowery. JOHN McDoNALD, Receiver. A LADY IN WANT OF MON MY, OWNING A FIVE Jy i?i.iO l s ven octave rosewood i'ianofore, cost, four months $:w), will dispose of the same for $140 cash. Apply an- i el* veu o'clock at 1-3 Greene street. A BAR JAIN ? A BEAUTIFUL TONED SEVEN OC A tave u>st wood Piatt"; has a full (patent) iron plate ovi-r Mrunu bass, pearl keys and elegantly ? arved base ami le : is but tin-re months in usr; will be sold for a little n.>- c t n half its value. Call at b7 North Sixth street, near Third, Williamsburg. /"I HICK K KING PIANOFORTE FOR SALE IMMEDIATE \J ly. ? A line l'iatndorte, Chiekerlm s make, for $100; ele gant s i pent ue c .sr. iuiisl rd back fame a* trull t, large slid iiiK desk, h n-rn h action; cover, smol, Ae., Ac. Apply at 127 Twenty-first street, near Third avenue. IlORElUN MUSIC ONLY 2 CENTS A PAGE.? HO hum'.-ug. 7 C o lt-0 per cent t-ave S in buying your music from us. All m ? on i.;> id or pro ured witlilu the shortest notice. About a nilli n of works self published* Profit by the oc. anion bet ore it i* t ? > late. M imc > eat for inspection to institutes. p. A. WUN DERM AN N, ?il8 Broadway. rsv ITAR AND SINGING.? NAPOLEON E GOULD, I T Solo G 'ttarist, MS Fourth a. -untie, enables his pupils in a few h-Nsons to aocoiinanv *? o e.sand play effectively. Just p* i > libh -tl for /uitar. ? Fit th .v P< nd. "Deal w ith Me Kindly," arranged "Southern Retreat and Dirge." / 1 HEAT WANT OF IMMEDIATE CASH ALONE IN vT dnees u.e to offer v 1 i \ ? -ale "lie of the most splen did Planus e i made iti New York, find is a p rl'ect par lor gem; co?t $4r>0. If I <an raise $195 it shall go. Call eat 1) at 4$ High street, Brooklyn. "INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO AND VOCAL MUSIC.? 1 Mr. ?l. U. MAGRAT1I, orga: ist "t Sidney place church, Brooklyn, attends p jpils in New York and Brooklyn. Ad dress or apply t til west Baltic sircet, between Clinton and it- nry, J ookl> n. IIGHTE * BRADBURY?S NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNG J Bass Patent Insulated Full Frame Grand and Square Piauof >i .? h, 4J1 Broome street. What eve rybody says must be tr lie; '"'cry body says they are the best, therefore they must be the bei t. MR. GUSTAYUS GEARY'S rBRM8 FOR TEACHING Singing and the Pianoforte can be ascertained at his r. ? d"ii< r, 65 East Twelfth street, near Bro.idwuy. \JU. R. GONSALES, BARITONE VOCALIST, OB ifl. ganlst, Ac., and Mrs. G., Pianist. ? Terms for teaching singing, cultivation of the voice. And pianoforte, may be ascertained at their residence, 127 East Twenty-first street. Schools and cIasj es attended to. Mr. G. is open for oratorio and concert engagements. ML. J. DE8CQMBE'S PIANO WARER00M8, No. 10 ? Ninth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. A beautiful assortment of Pleyei French upright Pianos for sale or to let. kTEW MUSIC ?THOMAS BAKER'S NEW WALTZ, \ THE LAURA KEENH WALTZ. For piano, price 35c. The most beautiful ami popular waltz of the season. HORACE WATERS. 481 Broadway and all music sellers. PANOS, MELODEONS, WATCHES. DIAMONDS, Jewelry. Paintings, Cutlery, Books, Paper, a French Organ, a small Steam Engine, At*.. lor sale cheap. Ca*h advance* on pianos, watches, diamonds, fi.ruituie an. I mer chandise generally. 1. F. JONES, No. 52 Ann street, second tloor. S TOD ART PIANOS, GRAND, SQUARE AND UPRIGHT. A full assortment of these unrivalled lm-trutmnts for sale at the lowest prices, l?y the manufacturers, at tjieir ware roonis .Y*> I?nm iway, oppo.-iti? the St. Nicholas U>j i 1. QIONOB lii 101 IMMA. HAVING BBTUENBD TO O town, lil resum 1 hi* Sin;: 'n.j Lessons hs nstial. fall at or address 47 Wi'K Twenty-sixth street, betmcn Broadway anil Skill uvenue. Slgt.or Lulgl Damn refers, with permis sion, to Mr. L. B. Woodruff, No. 10 Wei>t Tweuty-ninth street, New York. WANTED? A BAND OP SIX MUSICIANS, FOR throe days In the week, afternoon and evening per ''?rmsuS'j Address, with t< rms for each iluy, X. Y. Z., Herald _ . It^ANTE?? FfRSTf L VSSRf'SE VOOD PIANOFORTE, V\ ?? l.e paid i >r II! board, in a iijf.t i-lass bouse; c veiythlijf I. ?v , -.nt Mje 'i!'1? ? nd rcsputablc, linjuife ol 1 , BUv T ?r?f J-'Ouuion ilai1. - W ? IF YOU WISH ME TO OO I WILL DO SO, ? either before or after the lSih; If before . 1 will ar r.iin:e quietly for that day. Everything will bo attended to. M. K. is wlfn me yet; business dull. Mo. approve* or my gi'iiig. It vou do, come as near as possible. Direct V'im'> to mother only. Yours, MRs, M. INSTRUCTION. AT $11? BOOKKEEPING, WRITING. ARITHMETIC. Mr. P ..VINE'S experiment of (jiving tiireo months, 78 lessons i aeh, in Penmanahip and Arithmetic, or Bookkeep ing, pssons unlimited, for $10, and bin admiral le plan of ul lowi tig each student separata instruction, indneeii hundreds to nttend at 62 Bowery, New York, and '?63 Fulton sti eel, Biooklvn. A T *10, BOOKKEEPINO, AC.? MR. DOLBEAR, C09 j\. Broadway, kt*epa the largest Conimerelai I nsi 1 1 u te in New York, and prepares pupils priietlaelly for business. Terms reduced troin $24 to $10 fur applicants who secure seats before Wcdncality evening. Writing, $9. Two seals vac int. _ Academy of bookkeeping, penmanship and Arithmetic, K2 Broadway, for 'fifteen yeara In success itil op ration. Thorough practical instruction imparted day and ei enliig, upon reduced terms. W riing Department con ducted by w. C. HOOGLAND, for munv yearn with Gold smith. Vt. J. REN VILLI '.. Best sustained boarding seminary in the State. |110 per year. Brick buildings for ladles and gentlemen. Ablest teachers in all departments. Winter term, Dec. S. Address Kev. Joseph K. King, Fort Edward Institute, N. Y., On the Saratoga and WhitehaURailroad. OLDRMITH'8 COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE, NO. 3.15 Broadway, Moffat's Building? Will open this day (Mon day), 9th, for reception of students. Terms fur scholarship thirty dollars, lor a thorough course of practical instruction, double entry bookkeeping, mercantile penmanship and arithmetic. Private instruction, day and evening, to adults, ladies or gentlemen, at the Academy, No. 6 Fourth avenue, below Eighth stieet. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. Teacher wanted ? a young lady, competent to aci as principal of a school for girls and young ladlt s. Locution pleas in t and |s?llion permanent and desirable. Address Institute, bo* ftfO Bridgeport. Please stale name, a;e, qualifications and references. THE SPANISH LANGUAGE IS TAUGHT PRIVATELY, or in classes, ut prices to stilt the times. Apply to Pro fessor UtiRRIN, fioui to 11% A. M., at Clinton Hall, p lAt.e, "" ------- ~ - G 1 Ibrary floor, room No. 7. A DAMING ACADEMIES. DODWORTH'S DANCING ACADEMIES, No. 204 Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-alith St., New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. CLASSES ? Tuesday* find Fridays iu Brooklyn. CLASSES? Wednesdays aud Saturdays in New York. Circulars for terms, Ac., may be had at either academy. Brooke s dancing academy, mi broome st. All the fashionable dames in one course of ice.oii*. L \i>IES meet Tuesdays *ud Fridays, 3 to !i P. M. GENTLEMEN, Tuesdays and Fridays, 7J{ to IDW P. M. CHILDREN, Wednesday* and Saturdays, 3 to 6 P. M. Ladies pritnai:y classes instructed bv Mrs. Bro ikes. SOIREE EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. T> ALLET MASTER.? DUMARS DANCING AND SKAT JJ lug Academy, 2<!7 Bowery.? Dancing lessons, $1 and $2 per month, every night, l'rlvute Icysons, 50 cents. For stage dunces, every morning, $.'! per month. Saturdays, Soiree. Dancing tacgiit fki.e ok expense, hy the most experienced bnllet master in the world. ? Minis. Ronzaul will instruct a limited number of young ladies for slag* dancing and the bal C'., by applying at the Mclodeon, 519 Broadway, after 11 A. M. S age dredges lound free i f all e\p ine. The abm e Is a great < luinco for any young lady wishing to adopt the stage for u living. FEBRBBO'S DANCING ACADEMY. f9 WEST FOUR tecuth street ?Classes Wednesday* and Saturdays, and Mondays and Thursdays. Quarter commences from t'he day of entry. Evening cliui < for gentlemen Mondays and Thurs day s. Private classes and schools attended. FURKlTfRE. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FiRMTt'RB f(,rS.i. tn all colors, of wart anted manufacture; alst solid chestnut Chamber Suits, p am and ornamental, at H. F. FARHINGTON'8, 368 Canal street, opposite Wooster. Esiabllshedln 184:1. A LI, KINDS OF FURNITURE, LOOKING GLASSES, Bedding, Ac., below auction prices, warranted and de livered free. Please call at G. W. SNEDENS. 26ii Bowery, be Iwe n Stanton and llouslon street. You will save money. Note the nnmlier. . w > - ? IrilJRNITURE.? CASH PAID FOR SECOND HAND ' Furniture, Mirrors and Carpets. Country calls attended to. Address Furniture Store, 550 Hudson street. A good assortment of second hand furniture om hand at the above store, cheap, for caBh. TT'URiflTURE, CARPETS, BOOKS, AC., BOUGHT FOB J? ready money, at 123 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. IiH RNITURE.? A FAMILY, DESIROUS OF HOUSE ' keeping, would purchase from $100 to $L030 worth of Furniture, oomprislng everything requisite for the same? Parlor, Chamber and Kitchen. Parties having tne aime, cheap for cash, will apply to or address S. T., ri oui No. 3, 599 Broadway. 1TOB SALE-FROM $300 TO $400 WORTH OF Fl'RNI D ture, Carpets, Kitchen Utensils, Ae., all new within a vear, the property of a small family declining housekeeping; will be sold for less than half their value. This Is a rare ehancc for a small family to conraence housekeeping. For partkmhj* aiimwi R- K Y., boi 125Hersld office. Enamelled chamber si its of furniture, in all colors and styles, at wholesale and retail, at $25 and upwards ; also, Mattresses and Palliasses. WARREN WARD, 2i7 Canal street, four doors east of Broadway. First class" enamelled itrnitire-plain decorated and grained; solid walnut and oak Sets, Mat tresses. Spring Bed, Ac. Suits, from $25 upwards. J. W. FISHER .t CO., Manufacturers, 650 Broadway, between Bleeckerand Bond streets, marble building. nLM i'iovs IMPROVED FABLOB bedsteads and J utlxir t.rst class furniture for sale, wholesale and retail. Also t urnlture by monthly payments, at 145 Tenth street, for mcr'y National Academy ot Design. ?yor CAN P.UY ALL KINDS OF FUBNITUBK, M AT .1 tres es, Bedding, Ac., cheaper tban at any other place, at G.W. SNl.DEN'S, *'>3 Bowi ry, between Stanton and IIous ton streets. Please call, yu will iavo money. Nolo the i in. tuber Extcnaiou Tables cheap. DRY GOODS. At kinzet'8 CHEAl* EMBROIDKKY AND RIBBON STOKE, 221 ami 223 Eighth avenue, Closing out of the entire stock of the two stores, also of the wholesale department at retail. The stores have been closed for the purpose <>t arranging and marking down the stock. GOODS Ml'ST BE HOl.O. Collar", all styles, closing at Hi'., 6c., 12"., 25c., 37c. Collars, In r ii li lace, al tic., 12c., 25c,, 31c. S-'ls, Collara and Sleeves, 18c., 23c., 37c., We. Fine Ruffled Yoke Sets, l*c. Ladles' Hemstitch I.iren Handkerchiefs, 12e., lSe. Ladies' I'laiu Linen Handkerchiefs, 4c., 6c., 8<-. , 10c. Fine colored bordered Handkerchiefs, Sc., tic., 8c. Ladles' splendid Lace Handkorehlels, 60c., 76c. Shetland Wool Veils, 12c. 811k I, ico Veils, bla k and colors, Be., 12c., 18c., 25c. Rich French Pusln r Lace Km hen, 12c., l*c. S.tmi) Ladles' Breakfast Caps, closing at I2^c. 6,000 Ladie?' t "i*| ^ , with Valenciennes Lace, 25c, Mauds and Flouuclngs, closing out, 6c., 12c., 18c , 2 V". 6 ' MUST HE SOLD. MUST BE SUI.D. Shirt Bosoms, Ac., Sc., 6c., 8c. 10c. Neck Ties, 10c., 12c., 18c. Needlework and Lace Goods In all qualities, clearing very low. KINZEY'S 221 and 22.1 Eighth avenue. KINZEY'S, 221 and 223 Eighth avenue. Large Stock of Feathers, Flowers, Bonnets, Velvets anu "rTbBoK's CLOSINO Ol'T W. ON TIIE DOLLAR. Triinmln.' Kibbuns, 1'., 2c.. 3c., 4c., 5c. Bonnet Ribbons, 6" , 6' . 8c., 10c , 13c. Bonnet Ribbons, 16., 18c., 20c ., 25c. ?i??? S.tlllO I'iei es rloli eo or, d Slik S eivris, 18o. for the piece. \ civet Trimmings all colors, 2c.. 3"., 6"., 8c. Bonnet Silks and Velvets, 56*'., 75c. per yard. Feathers, closing out, 6c. ; 12c., ISO., 20c. French Flowers, 3c., 6c. , #??., 12c I.ot Lining Silk-, clearing, 18c. per yard. Hair Nets, 6c.. 10c? 18c. Blch 0 'I'd and Chenille Nets, 2.V. 250 Felt Bloomers, clearing at U0. 8,000 Straw Bonnets, 12c. and $1. 7 5 :<? pieces Linen L u o and Edgings, 12c. the piece. HOSE, 6c twlr. llAi.l' 1IOSE, 4o. GLOVES, 4c. pa r. HOSE 6c. natr. HALF-HOSE, Sc. GLOVF.S, 8c. pa r. IIOSE 7c pair. HALF-HOSE, 6c. ULONhS. 0c pair. HOSR! 8c. pair. H LF-HOSK, 8o. GLOVES , 8c. pair. HOSE, 9c. pair. IIAI.F-IIOSE, 9c. OLO\ ES, 10c. pair. Gent's W ool Hall -Hose, lie., 15 ?? 18c. Ladles' K o e.l Wool 1 1 OS.', 12>fr\ Ladles' Merino and Fleeced Hose, 12)<o. Children's Woollen ITos . 4c., t> 3'. ORE AT CLKARl NO SATE. GREAT CLEARING SALE. Best $1 Kid Olovcs. . losing at 60c. Best Kids, Lad e.' and Cents', ?! ijlitly soiled, closing at 37c. Alexander's 811k t.l >ves, ktd make, plush linen, 60c. lfn.' Cloth Gloves, ktd make, 25c. til tits','es' and Misses' Lined Silk Gloves, 18c. Ladles' tl until t tllov, s, large variety, 12 , 13c., 18c., 25c. Lad es' Olovcs ? over 82, 01)0 pairs? closing. V , 10c., 12c. tiREAT CLEARING SALE COM MEN" E-i tiREAT CLEARING SALE COMMENCE.: Ill A. .\1 MONDAY MORNING. 10 A. M MONDAY MORNING. Fancy Good? and Yankee Notions dosing out cheap. Very best solid headpiiis, three lents a paper. Very brat Gold eyed Needles, three cents a paper. Very best spool cottons, three cents a spool. Skirt Braids, 2c. ; Cross Cotton, 2". ; Rm'oer Combs, 3c. I. ncn Tapes, 1c. : 2 Spools Cotton, 1 ? ; Twilled Tapes, ?2c. Best Hooks and Eyes, 2?. ; Sewing Silks, 9c. per uo/.cn. Rubber Cloak Buttons, tic. ; Hone \ Soap, 2c. English llalr Pins, 2c. u box; Portinnnnales, 6". With lots of other Knleknacks, Tassel Cords, Bags, Per fumery, Pomades, Kan v Boxes, Tovs, Ac. GOODS Ml ST BE SOLD. GOODS Ml'ST BE SOLD. Woollen Goods. Hoo, Is, Nubias, Sleeves, laggings, Mills, Scarfs, with over $it),(X)0 worth contained In the building, all to be closed Out The stores will open on Monday morning, 10 A. M., when this great clearing sale will colum n e. WM. KINZEY S, WM. KIN/.EY S. 221 and 22! EIGHTH AVENUE, B.itween Twenty-ill st and Twenty-second streets. A LARGE ADDITIONAL LOT OF ONE SHILLING WOOLLEN PRESS GOODS From Auetion, Worth two shillings Very good and popular FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, And also all tlie prevailing fabrics ot Winter Dr?ss Goods equally cheap. < G HOOK, 108 and II I Sixth avenue. Buf C UNTING FOR SAI.E-AT NAYLOR A CO.'S, 90 and 101 John street. 1LOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS. PARIS AND NEW YORK WINTER FASHIONS. FRENCH BEAVER CLOTH CLOAKS HEAVY ESyiUMAUX lii.A\ lilt CLOAKS, CASTOR BEAVER CLOAKS, LION SKIN CLOAKS, PROMENADE CLOAKS. ' ?T LADIES' CLOAKS, MISSES' CLOAKS, CHILDREN S CLOAKS, CLOAKS. CLOAKS, CLOAKS, At $5, at fti, al $7, a' ?s, at S.I, a: *10, at $12. CLOAKS AT ALL PRICES. Al W. K. PEYTON'S EXCELSIOR CLOAK HOl'SK, 274 Bowir.v, nearllouMi n "licet. CHARLOTTE O. SMITH solicits the nlteriilon oi the ladles of New York to her exclusive and . legant st> les of Paris CLOAKS, MANTLES, BASQI'KB, AC., comprising a full varlrty of all the latest and most select no vcltics, with a large assortment of very choke garments manufactured expressly for city tr. de. 1,142 Broadway, one door above Twenty-sixth street. qloaks. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. Have now ready A VERY SUPERIOR STOCK OK CLOAKS, Of all kind*, suitable for the ?cawin. Among them many no velties, and ail a t moderate prlc.-c. CANAL STREET, corner of Mercer. QLOAK VELVETS. LYONS' BLACK SILK VELVETS, Of our own Importation. Made eipres?!y for our retail trade at a reduction of fully twenty per cent below regular prices. ARNOLD.ToNSTABLE A CO., Canal ?treet, corner Mer er. CARPETINOS, FLOOR OILCLOTHS, DKUOOETS, AC. at l'iw prices, for cash. Engl ah Tapestry Bru self, 75c. per yard EiikIIMi Velvet, $1 per yard. Tapestry Ingrain, ?6c. per yard. Ail Wool Ingrain. SO ?. per yard. For sale in quantities to suit purcl>isfFs bv -X. JOURNEAY, Jr., 373 Broadway. 0LOAKS AND MANTILLAS. The United States Cloak arid Mantilla Store, 3iH and 305 Canal street, are constantly receiving new additions of the latest and mo.-t tashloiiaid- styles of 1 1 jaks and inantlllaa in every at popular i liccs. <JEO. CAKEY, Proprietor. W. B. McKe.vzie, Superintendent. JJUESS GOOIjS FOB HOLIDAY PRESENTS. A very large assortment ot low priced and medium FASHIONABLE DKESS UOODS, Suitable for presents, purchased at auction, and retailed MCCH BELOW USUAL PRICES. LORD * TAYLOR, 4<'I to 487 Broadway. SSVi to '2i?l tlrand slieet. 47 and 4'.' Caibarin ? Ktrret. JfUSIIIONABLK FURNISHING GOODS. ELEGANT DRESS SHIRTS, Made to order as required. THREE PLY LINEN COLLARS, New styles now ready. SHAKER FLANNEL SHIRTS, Warranted n< t to (brink, DRAWERS AND UNDERSHIRTS, Silk, woo! and merino. GAUNTLETS AND GLOVES, For army use. ROBES DE CHAMBRE, new patterns and styles, CARDIGAN JACKET^ self and fancy color'', UNION RIDING BELT8, for equestrians, GYMNASTIC GOODS, approved styles. GAITERS, cloth and velvet. KNITTED WOOL GAITERS, For Ladles and Misses. HOODS AND SONTAUS, Fashionable Colors. RINOWOOD GLOVES, W;. lie and Colored. NEGLIGE SHIRTS, For Army Use. RUsfiNDBRS, SHAWLS, Ad., Ac., Ac. A lasg* and elegant variety of the above good*, many of them manufactured on the premises, and not to be bad else where, may be found, at popular price*, at UNION ADAMS', No. 637 Broadway. TTOLIDAY PRE8ENTS. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., WILL OFFER ON MONDAY, DEC. 9, A beautiful assortment of Dress Goods, suitable for Presents, consisting of ENGLISH PRINTS, FRENCH PRINTS, DE LAINES, PRINTED CASHMERES, FIGURED REPS, FIGURED OTTOMANS, AC., AC. For the convenience of customers the?e goods have been eut Into dress lengths, and a separate counter has been ap propriated for the sale, at greatly reduced prices. CANAL bTREET, corner of Mercer, F DRY GOODS. ROM AUCTION.

A largo lot OF KQUAKE AND LONU BROCHE SHAWLS. Selling at priori below the ooitof Importation. ALSO CLOTHS, BEAVER'S. LION'S SKIN AND SEAL SKIN CLOTHS for Cloaks, very cheap. Also thu new style* of LADIES' CLOAKS, the cheapest in the rlty, At lOBand 110 Sixth avenue. C. O. HOOK. Great bargains in cloaks! FRENCH BEAVER CLOAKS. HEAVY ESQUIMAUX BEAVER CLOAKS, MOSCOW BEAVEK CLOAKS AND WRAPPERS , ELEOANT LYONS VELVET CLOAKS (\\ III) real (lulpure La. e Cai , ?). LION8KIN 1'LL'SII CLOAKS, &t\, io. All new styles, at retail, at reduced prices ? E S. M 1 LLH .t CO., No. 413 Broadway, near Canal street. H IUGI.NS, OF 120 SIXTH AVENUE, WILL OPEN ON Two CAflot* of Lyons' hf-i" n**,: ?lh' VET ?l $1 per yard; at i2 78 bytae*.'] "ilk' B0NN" VEL I 'if above Jot u tii . i pic* o. * on'rili^ 'n lh" w#rkct' ttl IS cuts, or #i'jj i,,';'!io^!?Uo"uut 1' rami's we arc offering JJOLIDAY PRESENTS t R II. MACY, W1M1 AVExTk. 2 I door hi ' ! l h St. \v J ???... h ">'KNIN?1 MONDAY. |?K U,V lla I M fj vlj ' r i" K KANVV ?JOO|)S ADAP1ED for t k in i Mi >' 'v il l i' I4 s,hl"s !???oU Hi" rii-h In dd. lllal BEKUKEUA.S1) 1 W' l? ' ul K STOCK Will al*.i opftn from CASH AUCTIONS of Inn! wppk ,"?> BALMORAL SKIRTS full win l, v."v low ' 1 0 1 LADIES una MISSUS' WHliE MERINO SKIRTS, very low. r" K1.?.?0."1. f'.T.<,llr HOLIDAY OOODS, we arc clnitns Ki"nuVi(i ui Vi 1 ' K!T. Mmnnkts BH.KS KKKN.M? fr L<>>> itl ilKAll-IUti.ssKS l.ACJ coii'K E.V1 BKOlDKKl KS, W Ml I'll vJO* >1)S, M'vDi*' i' t' I \'I)DK Ll NEW, IIOSIKuV, ULO\ lis, ,u.? ,.i very linv p'ie... R. II MACY. J^ICII LACES FOR T1IK HOLIDAYS. Collars, SoU, Handkerchiefs, Burhes, UorlhM, Scuils, Shawls, Ac., Ac., ;.i .1 1 percent BELOW COST OK IMPORTATION. Very desirable styles, and suitable for Holiday Present*. LOUD ft TAYLOR, 4fll to 4fi7 Broa '.way. 2:<> lo Ubl llr Hid street. 47 ,iiid 4'J I- ,11 11 ? I .. street. jhcii Paris' "dkess silks. SnitnMc for Carriage, Promenade. E '<n!iigiind Dinner Dicsbcs. Several lots just received. ALSO, LOW PiUCED SILKS, Fashionable slyles, from anetion; a full assortment. LOUD A 1'AYLOR, 4fil to 4'!' B ladway. 2M lo J' l Uinnd str< et. 47 and 4'J Catharine sireel. 1) GAL LACES AND LACE COODS. i RECEIVED BY SiLAMKR FULTON. AltNOLD, CON.VIWBLE A CO., WILL OFFER ON MONDAY, DEC. 9, A BEAUTIFUL ASSOBT.dENT OF LACE OOODS. In eon >i?i|Mon< o or the crcm depression in the European tnarkcis these got d I have In- >? puiviiuscd much under re?ii iar price-, and will be o.irr I proportionally cheap, consist ini; of Collars, SETS, II AX DKF. Kl 1 IIE I'S, 1IAK1.I>', COIFFl'llftS, LACES, AC.. IN Poi NT WPLIOUE. POINT D A1ENCON, AND POINT A I. AldUILLE. CANAL STlUiKT, corner of Mercer street. KICII LACES. FLOUNCES, SETS CAPES AND HAND 1:< re . e.s. n.-iv and choice p Cci uh; el", ant Pal is fancy sei-, in Lace, Musiin, I, ..en and .Inc. ii"i; a line ns.-nrtu'.cnt of Ki.i| n Corsi'is. All ill" above coeds are of the llist clas-, and well suited tur lioli.i ,v p . ? -m m. Vi iri.i augikr. SHI F?m ,r h i t, iie.iv Uroauway. gUAVS LS A1 REDU( ED PBN ? A very largo and deair.ible assortment of V AS H 10 N A B LK WIN TE R SII AW LS, Including all iho latest atylo* at retail, nt f;r 'r\t!y reduced pric^n. LOUI) A TAYLOR, 461 to 467 Broadway. 2T? lo "61 Grand Mini 47 and 4'J r .finriue street. TJNI1ED STATES REGULATION SILK AMI bunting "regimental stands or color*. LODGE AND SOCIETY BANNER-. Trimmings, Mountings, Ac., Ornaim nt I I ' a i . t; ti i n Silk, 1IOJER A- I It UIAM, 07 Dunne sireet, artists and mnnnfactitrert. ZEPHYR WORSTED, gOLDTERS YARN, 760. |.t r pound; Army Socks :s < > ; nue Flnlnj 75.'.; Hoop Skirts, Otic. ; English Hosiery, cheap Fancy Hoods t'?r holiday presents, at ELQEL'S, 88J mil .'.-2 Broadway, uear Niniueiitli aim I. N il.? Alexandre's Gloves. <C^n fWMl -KANKRII'T stock. WU.UUU. Tii.s stock consl-ts of HOSIERY. a loves. y.s'DKw Garments. lil '.H. i.NS. FLOWERS, RUCHES and BONNETS. L!NhN OOODS. CAMBRICS, Mt SI, INS, TABf.E CLO 1'IIS, Ac. BALMORAL ii it *1 HOOP SKIRTS, CI IRSETS, .to. A I.I. KINDS THREADS. RCTf'' i\S uud Yankee Notions. EMBRiJlDLIilES AND LACC GO'DS. ClIM.iiAiN .1 BRfKtKS, 4t'S Si xth avenue, cornet of Twenty-eighth street. IIOISS.S, ROOMS, &C'., WANTED. IpURNISlIED HOUSE WANTED? Colt A GENTLE ' ni..n. I, is v.ll> and t -V i) daughter.'. Address Wcsici li s ter, ??..* lii ll< ral I o'uie. inURNlSIIED HOUSE WANTED. -ANY FAMILY 1; wishing to leave tlielr house In pond, careful hands, at a nominal it lit, can hi nr of a gentleman ami wile, without childien. by addressing box r>,U06 1'ost office, New Y< r , Ha ting terms SILLIARD8. A LARGE STOCK OK NEW Milliard Tabli ??. with Ptieliiu'i lor sate at prices to kiiii f. ? ilmi s. I'll ELAN & COLLENDER, 88 to 89 Crosby street, N. Y. rriHE ONLY PLACE WHERE YOU CAN PLAY ML 1 li^r is I" r 1'iti nts per c; me, on llr-t class tables, is at SPENVEK s, No. 1?B rot o i street, near the Herald offlee. Wiin s, Llju r and Segues art oi the b< st ipialliy. St.uip's Tables. to A L.. /?10AL- PURE RED ASH (PEACH ORCHARD), GENU \J inc Le!:i_h Mil ' Locust Mount .In; u ? >, Liverpn il Oi tei anil Eiijtll li House C. n.. I. o; iau imp .r: .Cons? sill at 1 v.. ts' BUM prices. HENRY REEVE. Corner C.iiial and Centre, and c ?rner ,l..i,e ; n t West s s. \ N IMPORTANT WOi.K.-A < '? t'l DIJ FOR THE MAR _/Y rl. d, i r those oonti nip a'.liiji It. The affilfted, dobllitated or i Isi used uliould not in n lu o n .p: r :.y ti i.lineul till Ifiey have iiifoi med t!ie:ii?elvi s of Hie iruCi.iii! found in Dr. LA II MONT s Paris, Loinh n : rul K< .i Y?:k Medical Ad' i-ei and Marriiice liun'.e fSUtli edition). M.ub'd for $1 by RICH ARDSON, No. I Vesey stf't, and ROI S A TOUSEY, 121 Nassau street. The Doctor ell r- 4 all aurli affections, ree 'lit or oi loui: standing, expeditiously and privately, as for years past, al 047 Broadway, up stalls, Horn |i A. M. t ? . ti 1*. M. A PERFECT CURE IS GUARANTEED. A RADICAL cure Is al .vaj s I .l'ectt 1 by Dr. WARD, 12 L-iight street, wlio cure, besides, in hill toe usual lime and at hal: iho charges. C1HARLES JOHNSTON, M. D., OBSTETRIC PHY8I J clan and Surgeon, treats all diseases oi women and children; special Irregularities and all obstructions remov ed li. I spei ,iy tellef gua:niit- ed in every i-.ise. C :ti lie i on suited at Ills private rooms, 4S East T a el th stree', live, doo.s west ot Broadwuy. At home lrom 19A. to 11 P. M. DR. WARD IB TREATING ALL DISEASES ok PE males wlih| in) ar ilel d in. ess. Sumethinj lorevery lady, hlg great Ben factor. Office 12 Lalght street. DIt. COOI'ER, no. I I DUANE STRI ET, MAY BE CON suited on all diseases of a certain nature. Twenty, eight years exclusively devoted to the~e complaint* enable blm to warrant u cure in all eases The victims of misplaced confidence in medical pretenders can call, with a certainly of being radically cured, or no pay. Dit. RALPH'S OFFICES. l.'S'J CROSBY STREET, COR ni l of Houston. Hours, II to 2 and ti till P. M. DR R. COBBE TT, MEMBER OF THE NEW YORK University (M* dical College) and Collage of Surgeons, L indon, can lie consulted with the most honorable confidence on sjm" lal dH'Sises, al his olliee, No. 20 Centre street, neor Ciiamlwrs. N. B.? See Dr. C.'s diplomas lq his office. Pri vate eutran'e at No. 0 City Hulipla e. Sunday from II AM,|? 12^^ Health restored? time and money saved by consult ng Dr. POWERS, wl.h Dr. Ward, 12 Lafgtat street. Speedy and |iermaucut cuics aro warranted without hltidr.iiice to business. M- RS. eTmONROE, ELECTRICIAN ? LADIE?cAN OB taln good Board and Medical Attendance at 26 Watts et, next door to Varick. EW MEDICAL BOOK.? DR. BOSTWICK'8 WORK ON the Sexual System, Nervous Debility, Youthlul Indis cretion, with hints before nnd aftsr marrlsge, Ac , is befBTc us, snd we do not hnrttate to say, it w ill be hailed bf the pro fessim, as well as by the public, as the mOfll TFuttiful and usoful ivork of the kind ever published, yuackery Is heto eiposed and the truth told. It should be. in every family, and In the hands of evelT Voting man snd woman In the land. From the Boston' Me.iioa. and SurglriU Journal. Mitlleil by Richardson, No. 1 Yesey street; Godfrey's. s.;l % :,j Eallt f,VI.|flh the practice of me dicine and surgery. BroV.way, and by Dr. B., at his oll;co, ; 5 East Twelfth Street? tlrlce $1? where he will continue PERSONAL.? DR. PHELPS, ELECTRO-IIOMfEO path, has removed to 124 Ninth sircet, Just west of Broauway, where he will continue to cure female and chronic complaints generally without injurious medicines. 8;?clal attention paid to ihe medical uses 01 .electricity, without shocks. Test examinations and Consultations day or evening. PROFE6SDR RESTELL. 162 CHAMBERS STREET. CAN be consulted, as usual, Or by letter to box 2.349. Boston offlee, No. 8 Harrison avenue. Tin: ELEVENTH HOUKI-IT IS~ NOT TOO LA'I E] Read the beautifully illustrated book "Human Frailty.'' Price J5 cents. Boll by Dr. BARROW, l!M Bb-eeker street, four doors from Macriougal. New York. Sent free every, where. Also, bv WELLS A CO., lis Franklin street, N. Y., and of i, WORTU1NGTON, 206 Fultou street, Brooklyn. TUB WABU A COT, LOUNGE, CHAIR AND MATTRESS, ALL IN oue plec?: tlzs, when folded, four by an lnehf? and two feet long; Army Trunk*, Camp Cneste, Camp Stools, Ac. OURLEY A BRADY, 411 Broad way. 1 TI KNTION' 831) K K< i 1 M 10 NT N Y S. V-TIM K i)F *t\. you who were left behind will report at 17 Centre street to-day, a' 10 A. M.. for the purpose oi being forwarded to your regiment ou the afternoon train. .1 Mchosoi * HI, First Heme nant V LIEUTENANT WANTED? ONE WHO HAS MONKY or men. Any one who can pro luce either may obtain a commission in a company now numbering seventy-live men. Address Captain J. C. K., llorald ollice. ClAVALItY SECOND LIEUTENANT WANTED? AN J ollicer controlling at least forty men will bo assured the ! above position. The regiment will po*itively go. A* any party with the men can ie N'l'isfied, state parti< ulars, where and win n, to have time. A idrcss immediately Liet.'enant X., Herald office. / 1AMERONIAN HIOHLINDE&S ? TUB SEVENTY \J eighth C.mieron KlUe Highlander*.?' Three dollar* bounty \n ill be paid to stout hearted, able men, on being mustered Into my companv. Warm barracks and abundant provision* provided immediately on enrolment. Recruiting ollice 515 Broadway, basement. J AMI'S C. ROBERTSON, Captain. N. B.? The family supplied with certilkatu of reliei on the recruit reaching camp. /CAVALRY, CAVALRY.? COLONEL SWAIN'S LAST * J regiment accepted, l'ay In this regiment $1" per month; everything found, bounty, quarter* in Quarantine buildings, S. I. Rations and uniforms n?.w ready. Capt. BENNETT, 100 Broadway, up stairp. Lieut. LAMBERT, Fourth street and First avenue, an 1 173 8e< ond avt n te, /COMMISSIONS WANTED? BY V GENTLEMAN WHO \J will*hortly -ail for V lparaiso, Chile, with the object of introducing articles of genuine merit to theSmth Ameri can trade. Address W. U. Sinclair, No. 8 West Washington pi: ?, New York. 1 \0S AND BANNEKS.-I1. BOESE (MNTINU . TO 1 paint Flog a d Banner* at his roon m 14*? East Thirtieth Mri't'i. I'ortr.iUtf, coats o f arms and tjoUl ( ru uneutal vv.>i ' A i o, panoruini. and decorative pailtiiiiigs executed in the highest style ol art. HEADQUARTERS SEVENTYEUIHTH HE' J I M 12 NT No. I ( 1 1 lit < n i 1 :? 11, \> t- >f place. ? Sev ni> -t . .h- h i i ment, Can erou Rifle IlUhlandeis. ? R">| -cubic yorn.' in n are invited to ??nHnt. Tins iv;.iment, now rceruliing for their chieftan. tho Secretary <>f War, will not l?o corisulidat d. A bonus will be paid to ? aeli recruit by S, M. Elliott, Cok-tiel commanding; \V. M r > 'Icy, Adjutant. A. C. CASTLE, Major! recruiting office 240 Fourth st. N. H. ? Ofliccra uiaitaehed, with eompin'es or parts < f companies, arc invited to join this, the Sucoud regiment of the i ' i blind Brigade. UEAVY m;tili.KRY.-\ FEW RECRUITS WANTED ? 1 ?r th ? First regiment NVvv York llcMvy ArHler.v, lor garrison duty only. Men will be uniformed, sut>*iste<l and nut into (juai ioi h immediately. Apply at Recruiting Oitices 112 Chr> ?(] ? and 170 Chatham street. 1 >A RK BARRACKS?BRIO. OEN. II AH It YS ROCKET .1 Battalion, N V. 8 V,? W*e, tho undersl ned, ?i i compos 114 th" above initiation, respectfully tender "iir p i !? li -thank* to M< SietKon A Co., proprietors of th* Astor llouhc, New \ork ci v, t?-r the prnrrutu hospitalities be mowed on us upon arrival in this eitv ?? Tl "?<. Wm. L .m, Ma jor Ooininamilog ; Alfred Ram-out. Henry W. D?? !???-, Samuel K i'teuger, dr., Company A; .1. E. Lee, (Jeorge Orahmn, Let,, tei C"dv, t'oiiipi ti y it: C. C. T. Keith, \etlin- Adjutant. PENSIONS, li'd NTY MONEY, LAND WARRANTS X and i'ay c.?ii be u tamed promptly by ruling > n GEO. WOODMAN, 83 Hue street recruits w i n h i ? IV Thlrtv i?e bodied men wanted, to join the THIRD REGIMENT EXCELSIOR BRIGADE, Colonel, Ni;i.son Tayi.ou. Tbis regiment, now one of the l est at the s- at of war, needs a tew inure men to complete the number re ,uired% Recruits will he sub 1: t?-.i und put into quarters imme diately, an I s"iit on l<> Waaliin} ton twice a week. l'iiy ? omniences on signing the roll. Men are. uniformed as soon as uiusK red. l-'oi :y rents cx.ra pay p r d ?y will bo allowed each man when working at mechanical business, AMI $1(0 bounty given on brin ; honorably discharge 1. Aiiplv at the recruiting tent, in the .Park, or to Lieutenant l'ENXOCK, U)> Broadway. RECRUITING OFFICERS? ACCOUNTS FOR SUB s st ? ' nre, Xr., made up, ?ertitied and c .shed by JOHN I'. Mt'RRAi, Army and Navy Banker, No. ,'V.I Nassau street, opposite the IVist oflloe. (Jl'TLER'S SToKEiS.? PRESERVED MEATS, O litl'JTS, YEfJKTA HLKH, OAME. OYSTEKS, II SI I, SAt <!ES, PICKLES, JAM - JELLIES and PRESERVES, SOLI I J; Ff ED and CONDENSED MILK, 1 HEiWl Kb COFFEE, 1 OCOA, BRANDY FRUITH, Ac. Warranted to keep in any climate. For sale low by A. KEMP * DAY, 116 WaUstr. it, N. Y. OOLlMiEN REGULATION BLADES, FOR LINE OFFI O ??!?!> h\vor? -i; al.-o complete Swordw and Sabres, lor Civ.V.i-y ai til < r\ lor sde at, manufacturer*' prices. nV.M. E. HSCHEIt, 7-i William street. rpo SITIERS-A FCLL ASSORTMENT OP AUMY X. Sail tv J* ?i? t Drawers, S< cI;h, Clovea un<l <1 it d.eta, es. t'fclal'y .daptvd lor the rst* ol the army; alwn Silk Po kit II i U (?t variou.4 hI/.ch, for Hale b\ BAILEY & SOUTHARD, 27 Park place. "1IT ANTED? FOR THE UNITED STATES N WAX* ?BR ' ' vi , f?0 young men bet ween the a^cs of 21 and 2."?, to ?lop ns landsmen. Apply at 87 West at., corner of Albuuy, lip ftri ra. "\\r A NTED-? 1 M M EDI ATELY, FIFTEEN ABLE-BODIED IT iio n for a regiment nearly lull, for which $100 will be pu id . Addles II. ,\. I)., box L'Jl Herald office. 1 rTH IlECJ f ME NT NEW YORK STATE VOLUNTEERS, Co on-l.J 1 n M-Leod Murphy.?' Thlf regiment, hi vim; been mil d into the 1* lilted States *ervh e a* an engineer corj ?<, j e th" . er\ i 'es of 2)0 teamsters for their ; on to. hi trio, to he ngtlarly mint red into the serviee lor ? lire - ve os. un'ttg hooner (lis h urged. Pay $-0 5'J per ni? n*?i. j ti "t:8 an I clothing. An honorable ?1ls( ha iv.e ertl tle? eai'h . n to a hotint v c?t $ltiO. For further tai u'a s. upp:> to <?.>;. i. v c PErtKY 01- Capt. W. A. KETCHUM, 83 Spring sheet or 4u> 'iraml *ti#ct. Oil Hit ? VV ANTED, BY a VOUXO GENTLEMAN, THE v ' P it ion of Hint or Jv -ond Lieutenant in a void infi ntrv regiment, now forming for War. The above n;:m will be ?<iven asaborus, by a c onpeteni oarty. A? 11. II., I ox li:? Herald offlee. 8ALE9 OF KEAL ESTATE. A COTTAGE FOR $1,600 OS WASHINGTON AVENUE, Monisaula. I Liween Seventh and Eighth street*, with good large garden; alto, a small neat Cot'a<e and lot, on Fiirdhain road. $6il0. G. W. DITCH ETT, the Westchester Ian i once. b.-mn at ? ne building, comer of Chatham and Chambers Street, w uiij lloor. VASV ME'i'HODOF J'HOCrRING A HOMESTEAD ? FJ ffiOOand ten* ears to nay the balance in for all kind* and all classes oi Brl? k and Frame Build lugs, with all the improv* mentt in. Inquire of JOHN TURNER, at thejmint store. Eight.v.*i\?h street, m ar Third avenue; of HENRY J. ARMSTRONG, X Sti Eighty-fourth street, between Fourth and I'M Ith avenue#; or at the building# corner of Enchty *? cond street and Second avenue. or more of Furniture taken in ha g ?. 1*1*1. c from $3,000 to $5,0.10. Houses to let. Rent $2 ? to $4*0. All the above In the best streets of Y ?rkvlllc, from S vi nty-eighth to Eighty-sixth streets. tlAHMS. COl'NTRY SEATS AND RESIDENCES ~OF a!l varieties, qualities, ?i/.eH and prleen, convenient to the city by r?iiiro>iqs and steamboat'*, for sale and exchange on tiie iuou liberal t ?-i in s. Also several Western Faimsand 1^. nds SOUTflWICK A; WOOD, 82 Nassau street. TilOR b ALE? OR WOULD BE EXCHANGED FOR A I1 Farm, within 10) t. lies of the elty, or for vacant Lot*, a t':.: . " *tory Bahement briek House, No. JJfil West Thirty lii i street. Al-o, i he Houses and Lots No. H27 Tenth ave rt Ve. Apply at 327 Tenth avenue, to the owner. LV)H SALE-TWo FARMS," ONE OF FORTY ACRES I j M'i ?>? o 'th'vtv a ?:rtv, < n Staten island, fronting on 1'r'1 ? Kay. with n h i : i a mile of tl.e Eltingville depot of Hi" '.i ? i? inland ila.iroad. and but one hour from Wall i ? tie t. Th ? l,t!; ? is a'l til a 1 . a- <i free I rom salt meadows. Th ? f.rouu'1 i- bi *'i, e? run aniing a line view of the bay, Sandy lion!; find the New Jersey ?bore. Uns irpi a-ed fa. eilitics for vai'ntinp, tinning a:id *< a bathing. Th ? nearm ss t to the < it/, "he ?;*.!) o; 1 ??uliiy, with frequent e nnmt. location hv railroad. make the#* ]?*..<? - nnv dt-siiuble i cable nees. A ; > i ? ? v t>MO.\lhR M.iRiAN, No. 2 Fin stjvet. IjVIU S i? THE Fi x 12 'I WO STORY AND ATTIC II I! a n- 1 Lot No. iir.'i Last Rroadway; In !? basement and ? iW-cellar, w:'!? a r< ir extension < outaining lour room*}, 'i hoi, -e |.,4' ii'i the modern improvement*, range, hot and I < id water, bathroom, water closets, gas, Ac., Ac. ; in liret i i. teordcr. Will be sold cheap. Inquire on the premises. Ti^OR SALE? A LOT 21.10x95 FEET, ON THE NORTH J' side oi Tenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, tngetiu r with a two s:ory Brick House, In good repair ; price low, and terms easy. Apply to CHAS. E. MILLS, 34 Cedar street. ITIOR SALE? A Very desirable- leasehold L Property, on East Broadway, near Market street.? A four story Brick House, 2SxC5, 'well rented. Terms easv. \Vill be sold at a bargain. Apply to CHARLES E. MILLS, 17'OR S ALE?l? HI C K ( OTTAG E AND GARDEN," WITH ' " either six or eight lots; situated on the high grade of ; Carlton avenue, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. Same d.r- . lance fn in the Merchants' E*chunge, as Firth avenue :.nd i Eighteenth street, or as Colon square. New York, but enjoy ing pi r< rair, better soil, equal access by cars to business 1 a i Mess than one fifth the price. Termt easy* I n mil re of R, ({HAVES, No. 1 Cei< tic street, New York, or at 321 Carlton. I av enue, Brook 1) n. Til OR EXCIIANGE-A THREE STORY BRICK STORE, X" In full size lot, in Greenwich street, now paying ten p' r <e will exchange for improved property up town, lor Biookh n property, or a country seat. CLAlwK A GODDARD, Xo. 85 Cedar street, American Exchange Bank Building. fPO HEN T PAYERS? A NEW TWO STORY HOUSE J and lull lot ean be bought for $ 1, 000, without interest; payments as follows? $160 cash, and $10 per month for seven vears; deed given on recelutof purchase money. Apply at the office of I>. E. DANIELS, corncr of Fifth avenue "and Foiirtc* itli street. Brooklyn, A A ACRES *20 MILES FROM NEW YORK? HANDY T*.U lor persons doing business in the city ; to and fro ten limes a day; buildings all new; neat house, barn, graiuery and other outbuildings; plenty of fruit; near depot, church, schools, stores, Ac.; good neighborhood. Inquire, to-dav, from 10 till 2 o'clock, of C. A. LEYERIDUE, IS Liberty street. COPAKTKKHSHIP NOTICES. A MAN WANTED? AS EQl'AL PARTNER, WITH $4,0)0 ciinitul, in n very pleaaant eaah buaineiw; a monopoly from wliii li L. n bn realized annually. No ug.-nts or humbug* noticed. Inquire at 632 Broadway, up atuiia, room 4. \\r ANTED? A MAN WITH $300. AS EQUAL PARTNER TT in h ii old eatabliahed Family ProvtHion Store in one of the bent loi atlona in the city. A good chance will lie given; ilailv tiadc now $.'Cl; relerencea glreu and required. Apply a. S4"' Bnalway, r?oni 43. 2?-| r/\ -A PARTNER WANTED. TO HAVE FILL ?l?iv. fhuge of one of the best paying Oyster and lMnWiig Si.oont down town, on a good business tlmnmgh faie. the owner having a dally altuation. Apply to T. OAFF NEV A CO., 170 Clmtuam atreet. CfcOfMl -A PARTNER WANTED, IN A NEW PATENT, worth $2,000 for thin city alone; an equal Intercut ami m cnrity for the money will be given. Call iukI invasti K ite early at the office of L. D. Caae & Co., 84 Broadway, Inventory ?Qnn ~A PARTNER WANTED, WITH THIS 1 JJpOU'/. amount, caah, In a highly reapeouble ca*h bu*l 1 ni'W. without ri?k or competition, tnat will nay $500 per I month. For parllctrtara apply to ISAAC A. BIUUS, No. 73 NaaMtit atreet. <U() n/va ?A PARTNER WOULD BE TAKEN IN AN if ?i.v' lu. established tillable**, aure and profitable, now II paving over $3,000 yearly, and ean be enlarged. Tills la an excellent opening? light. pleasant, no nak whatever. For full particular*, addrena Btnlness, Herald office, tor one week. Til? turf. ? CJ-KO M I'ATCIIKN tt I I.I, STAND FOR MAREH AT I.? r, Hy^euian barm, Kln^abridfie, until February, l* 02, ai $iUU lUc acaaou. W M WA ( .TE R M I RE, Washington Drove Yard, N. Y. UOR8EI, <AUKl\<ls, &C. Business w n<; l 01 every ?ylk con ?tantly on hand.-- Every arti.-l.. ?t Imiv warranted to be hs represent* <!. On- \\ tgon w ih platform a: rugs anl pole. suitable tor any Imaltc ^ aim. .. two C arpenter * Wagons. but littlrt until; will ! e *.,l?t cheap. STEWART'S Wa u Fnetory, Fifty thud stive', betwecu Bioadway and Eighth avenue. / 1 \ RRIAGES FOR SALE CHEAi ? ONB GOOD V ' second hand Coach, onh twelve mouth* in ii?c by a pri vate t :?nily, to he sold for $2"' cnst mm ?.?. ond hand C M p ?. lor - n. ortW'i hors< 8, will be a >l.l lor whatever it w, I i In s the owner U roing to Europe. Apply at Brad ley "a hi. i ? . ... West Sixteenth ativet. noit SAI E? A FIKST CLASS CLOSE QUARTER V Coio h, itulll by Wood Brothers; 1> t little used. Also, oiip square Wagon, two open Barouches, and a six Km . iw.iy ; ai! I ? u? od oi?J?'i ; and tw<> no ?? Phae'ons, suita ble lor do.-;, im uno. All wiil ho s..'.l vory low. N. B. ? Re 1 airing ??i nil kinds done In tin* I < -t po.-v.lblu manner, and at price* to & uit the time*. y. YOUNGS, N ?. 7 EiNt Twentieth street. T^OR HALE? EIGHTY F1 ' K SJEIGHS, 150 LIGHT I Carriage , all styh s and k ;ud tt --v Horses and Ponies, 100 a b Be Hai ? < - < nd bind w gies and Ui kaways, at Noa. ?. II) and 12 Nevins street, and 181 Full >.ii j.?fimo and N??. t) Flatbmm avenue, Brooklyn. IT'OR S.VI E? A PAIR OF BAY MARI S, NEARLY ltf JP I'M < a. h; will be - 1 I 'o lit-r or .Mjjiaraif ly. Apply it RYERSON .v BROWN rt, I uivcrsity place, corner of Thirii v uth t. liH>R SALE? A FAIR OF BAY MARES, 15 HANDS 1 high, well broke to saddi ? > r h , r ? ?s, and will trot insidrt i.r t*?r. 4 1 ? > En Se v. ntecnth am eu at tho l/OR SAM. A BRIGHT BAY 1IORSK, 1V? HANDS P hi* h, ? ? ? n y? a ) old, 1 1 ? can I ^tyllNh drivf , warranted hi c . ? ? ry r |>t a H i ? 1 ? marked in o-.o l?-n 1 roin s i at ? 1 i ? * ; wi;l ' ravol twel\ ?? milfN pfr hour, an . 1h a good ?a i?ilo h? l'rl- '? Apply at !$ ChryMit* treet. . 'I E:-.D WANTED.? THE ADVKR' i I r Elt DESIRES TO k* punl ; t h . - or c.nih, a RotKl road llor^o. tliat fan tn<t , that fan tr??t In rai d o7l Addreaa. stating all particutarn, IV, box \4' AN l i I) V NKW OU SKCOND HAND TIIUCK. THAT ' V" y !* Ur,?' ' -1 Apply t, tin Car man, at l.t I iai ri>? u * t. I V AN'i hV -PI RCHASER FOR A SF, ONI) HAND ' ' "I' " V" I"'!"1" "I' VViu. Tin ker, I'en.tvlvanlu avenur, W a.sln.., u.ri, I), c. FOR SALB. 4 RARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE, ONE OF THE BEST ; \ l/'O-or S iv i in ihe Third ? ard. with Oy ti t and D uin< S i loon in the bjiKCaifnt. T|. !i >.nolv li o?.| up. Will bo n 'M M'luiaii' y or t"^ftl:etv . Mn:n i ?? * old in thr^o da\s. Imptire ou the preml'-e;., 27" Or 'fuwioli street. Rea son for Df-lllnff. UlTCIIER'S SHOP FOR HALE? VERY CHEAP AND in"- 1 liberal t"i iiin, on a proiulnent eorner of a pi iuflpal a< f nu?* ; flrwt el i> n < iiHtoin ; t ??? ? ! . Iixt ir. ?, lco boxea, horso and wa ? n, j? 1 1 lull and oomph te. an ! tlolitf* a larxo, inoiK'y makin l u ?n? in. . THWiCK A WOOD, 82 N a -flail street. 1 \RtT0 STORE FOR SALE? LONG ESTABLISHED AND I > loin, a !air biihlne ; will nohl lor half lta \alue, an the o win i cannot attend to it. Call at 2 >1 Monroe utroet, LlOR 1.A1. J. THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF 1 alirsi ch'.-s RrHtautiif.t and < )> ^t?-r S;:lo ?n, 363 Ilu an Ntreet, < o it i Kin?. A| [ily tor one week, l/lull SALE? AN OYhlElt MARKET LEASE AND FIX V iuivn; a K- od 1' if a! Ion lor siippivim; I'ami'ie-i. Apj !,. ?.ri t e pre ' 1 i *-<?-? . !?!-#? Broad we; , or t No. 5 East Twenty-Becond , n irtlieas. corner of Broidwa}*. r/IOR S VLE.? A WHOLESALE AND RETAIT, GROCERY P and Provihlo.i Store, eft ihilsie-d overfllteeu y.-ar-; h ft R'edoti one id" the be.* t uorn r? in thoeity; dolnKaeash trado of twelve humlivd doih. i-k pf/ \\ e k , a j:ood eham e fo; a bu ui lnv y. man to make money; reasoiiH for selling, the owner has other biiNine.'Hto attend to whifh requires Iiin whole atten tion. Apply at 4.'VJ Greenwich street, corner of Vestry. VjIORSALE? HE VERY DE IBA1 LB B BFRESHM I N P i1 Saloon ai d Now s Depot at James slip terrv. Tiilsstau-l it fiords tie be t pu.viuu inv. stnnMit in th? ?? Jty to a person giving It their pcifionat attention. Yf rv suitable f(?r a lady or elderly gentleman. Apply boon to SEAMAN, Hunter'* Point. IjlOR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FIRST das* Si'ga r Store, with san.ple rooni atu.o! ed, at low rent and a tood lease. By good at'enthm this luiti be made one of the a to res In the city, as it is in a good location. To a cash eu tomer a Rood bargain Is olfered. Inquire In the store, ^16 I'ro.nlway, near TwelSth strc t. 1J10B SALE? A PLIMPTO> 8BCRBTABY BB DSTEAP, 1? new style. Apply at VI I'ast Thirtieth stre< t. "1^ OR SALE? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND BUSINESS I? of a Fancy G" ids uii 1 lloglery S ?>r??, o'.vr seven y ar? t bli d.' d, and situated in a prominent If ine * locality, with an execll nt run of t -mUy custom. Will be sold only tor cash; required. Address Vincent, 11- raid olllce. XpOR SALE? A CORNER LIQUOR STORE, WITH FIX I? turcs and L? a e; one .-f the beat stands in the Seven t. i-mti Wi i ho s- l i cheap, as the owner has other l.ustm s to utteil l t ?. Apply on liir }>rvmt???, JO.j U.vauu? B, corner of Twelfth street. liAOK KAL.E~RAKF.HY, '.12 HAMILTON AVENUE A1 doing a K' "d business. tpply un the preml* ?i1*, where reasons can bo learned for seWing. XpOR SALE.? A FIRST class eoiKIS LIQUOR I store, en Eighth avenue, with a lar, ge ba-e:ucnt attached Th ? lixiurm of mid atoio being of tho neatest quality and i-tyle. Those, together wltli right of lease, will be sold r u moderate I (Tins by applying nt 433 Eighth avenue. IilOB SALE,? $1? WILL BOY THK FIXTURES, GOOD will and consignments of n wholesale pro lin e ronimla si n bun 11 good location, ami consignment* arriving dal ly. Present proprietor hav ing army business to attend to. Addrc s if. A. (i., box 170 II. raid office. FOK SAI.E? A FIRST CLASS RESTAI RANT AND DIM lug Saloon, well established and neatly tilted up; abo, a Restaurant and Oyster Saloon, on one ot the best corner? donn town, Good place fora German. Apply at lift John *'. Full HALE? ONE <>F 1'HB HKKT ALE AND 1UI.LTARD H-ilo'in^ or rcitauranta In the city ; the tin ei -i, u d having two. will (Mipoie of either. Inquire at 25 Chambers aircct, ol .1 ami-is (I. coi-'FEY. Lnm SALK-AN INTKItKhT IN A VERY PROFITABLE r c?ah inanitfaetnrlng business, that will pay l.rgcly;an article ot iniiiiisic merit. Cash capital required $1,200. Call ami nutl?fy you: self. General Agency, 6.'} Nassau street. IlOlt SALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED WHOLESALE and re'nil Confectionery, with Working ute.u-ilH com plete, including the largest assortment of Drop Machine* In the city. Una nes? in a prosperous coudltlnn, as can hi shown, and satisfactory reaaons given lor belling out. Apply al 2.1 avenue D. flOR pale cheap for cash? stock, fixtures anil Quo I Will of the Toy. StAt'onery and Periodical Kioro 2.11 Sixth avenue, one door ubovc Fifteenth street; rent mode rat", and a rare opportunity, considering the proximity of tue holiday*. Apply on the premises. fjlOR SALE ? ONE OF THE BEST CONCERT ROOMS 1 on Broadway, near one of the principal theatres, now doing a first cli-Si business; a long lenae. Good reference given. Renin for selling, tlie owner leave) for the aeat of war as antler. Addles* b 'X 120 Herald office. IJIOR BALE? A FIRST CLASS GROCERY STORE UP * town on lite: ol tlio best avenues, and a very desirablo location. Store large, at a reasonable rent for a term of years; satlfuctory reason lor telling. Address Grocer, sta lion F, prepaid. * ~ ? IjlOR SALE Oil LEASE ? THE BUILDINGS KNOWN A8 ' t'.ie Washington Machine Works, Flrat avenue, between Twenty-third i. nd Twenty-fourth streets, New York. Tho preml-e ".main four in urn about 112 by SO feet, ami two I-' huh > SO by 4<) leet, with ample cellars und basements. Tho steam no' lie ( lit ty horse power) and boilers ui e In iir*t rnto i I'd "f, v li shafting and belting throughout the building*. Th - p l" cv Ik well worthy of ni tl-:e for a manufacturing liiosiee,-:-. Apply oo the ni l nilsea. or to J. J. EAGLE ION, 26 CHIT street, New York. KOCERY FOR SAL!-:-' IN LIBERAL TERMS. (IN A. \X principal corner and avenue; la fitted up, choice stock; well oatahll -bed; f ivnablo leas- j doing a good business and ollcreil clu ,.p, having other engagements. SOUTilWICK A WOOD, H2 Nassau sireet. (GROCERY FOR SALE? ONE OF THE BEST STANDS IN T Brooklyn? Choice and well scle-lcd stock ? ^nsli trade. Terms to a real purchaser mad" -atlsfaetory. lu'pilroof J. 'ILLS. 217 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, between 11 and 4 Hotel and dining saloon for sale-one of the best In the city of Newurk, N.J. Inquire on lha pictnlscs, 2< 4 Market Kre-t, tn-ar the depot. IIOCiiR STORE DOWN TOWN FOR SAI.E? SITUATED J in the \ 1 inlty of City Hall, Ilroaiiway, Nafsati and Ann streets; best location In the i lly, und doing a good paying btiflni-; ice son for selling, the owner la going outof the City, l-.i t i .o-. apply to W.M. Ml HOTT, Nij. 4 East Broad way, oi 'il.Mi ci s C. M. P., Restaurant for sale-one of the best and ii.u.-t . avorably located, on a bualneas thoroughfare, liumlMiinely litt' il up nml fully furnished; favorable h aae; doing a large, brst class business and a great chance to tuako money. U lie red cheap, on liberal term*. SOUTHWK K A WOOD, K2 Nassau atreet. S' TEAM TRIP HAMMERS.-WATT'S PATENT HELVE Steam Trip llaminers for sale, or rights to counties In tho balaucc of tin* State not already disjiosed of. Theae hammers are adapted to heavy or light forge work in railroad or other m idline shops, and for the manufacture of bloom Iron or a'l el One can bu seeu at work in tho new smith aliou In the Brooklyn Navv Yard, l or particulars apply to TIIOS. A. BROWN, No. 17 South street ? ]) ?Would negotiate for good city or near byprnperty, with any party wishing the i ntiro right to balance or State. ~ FIWAWCIAL. ? TTENTION.? PAY, BOUNTY MONEY AND PENSIONS A obtained for soldier., .ailor, an- 1 their ^".ooagpg. cation, In person or otherwise, to EN 08 k HASKELL, 37 Park r room 10, New York. r CONTRACTORS; BILLS C10NTR ACTORS' Bil.I.S / Agalmt the War and Navy department! purchased br JOHN B MURRAY, Army and Navy BankTr., a? Nassau slret t, 'opposite the Post OOlcc. NEW YORK AND NEW HAVEN RAILROAD OOM pany, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty-aeventh atreet.?' Treasurer office, Nov. SO, 1MI.? ' The Interest due on the bondaof thia company, Dec. I, 1801, will be paid on pr? acntation of the coupons atthlaofllcn or at the Bank of Uia Republic. W. BEMENT. Treasurer. OFFICE OF TRUSTEES OF THE ASSENTING CRE dltoraof the La Crosie . n l M Iwa iken iiatlroad Compa ny, No. 2J William atreet.? Hol ler* of Land Grant and of Second Mortgage Eastern Dhhion Bond', not d")H>s.ted with till' Ti l itees.mnder the ogreene nt of Octobers, 1381, befnro the 21s' of December, 1S01, ate hereby iiotil el that they will b ? n | nred to pay, In cash, an axaessment on all bonds pre sented '.o us. for the benefit of tha' Hgreement after that date, for the p trrov of paying expenses incurred by delay atd litigation. By order of the Tru?teea. N. A. CoWDREY, Fa.-reUry. THE CLEVELAND AND PITTSBURG RAILROAD Company an; prepait J to pay tho in crcfit now due ori I all thHr mort<agn l)on<l?. The coupons may be I the oflk?* of the company, in Cleveland, or at V> William street, N??w Y??rk, to H. C. KINOSLBV. riT" Ann TO LOAN ON BONDS AND MORT S7 O.UUU gage, on pr. dtKtlve real cilate In this city, I and ample e curlty und a good bondsman to JOHN F. COMtEY, In the office of Ihe People s Fire I? | aurauue Company, No. (k? Wall street.

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