Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1861 Page 3
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nOVHLiU, KCOJT?, &?., WASTED. IjlUBNlBIIBD HOUSE W tNTRD.?ANY PARTY ABO Icm intra,and kUI log i<? ?? ?>? their houaa la aarefui uuu.i , al u nom: ...l r?-n?. can hear of it Kent.' iimn end \t "w, withouteh I |r>... wno would -?ciiiiy it, by nddje?a. inr ? ,*m)iv, New v.. it l'"ft oil" e, atii'ifi* term?. Mm .!A*r r \: ops n.wtNO from ?i.w win ui ut new t 1. !h n- o.i hand, and willing to dUu"ae u. i alaluli v. Ill 11, et tvit:i a t.tjh cu?touier l?y kiltie more, or audre i. g rim*. X). C. nruy, No. W Centre ?tryut. * f I FKETS WANITP.?T\l ENTY PEROISSION I.OOK Jrl Mual.eW, fur il I.In .i Iitn;"? i Si ml l.e lit p ml . tlon. Artdreea, Willi teriUK per u uth, i). S. K., >'X 1136 I'ost O'lcc. ?JICO^'S WA.VTI D-TMKEE ' II KOL'K IX I RNIf IED Jl H iiiui",J. it me II, or, e.itu ' r 1 r linim -v, >>k. by u ?..nil), .|ii e: .tiully, wi'lili. am.' ov walk ' lr.ul? .y undNirii. 'ir.ei U nt nt I., >. .fed $1.' a i- Oiitb. Ke'> ? reQy.'i ewhanxed. A'l> I'ru J, tie of Dr. F., l'dt NlnlU street, aiming location, Ac. UOOWS WAMEO-A LADY AND GENTLEMAN want two or tlir.'.' R.ioiua, furuDhed, tvlfl. kltohen, fa* ,ind b i!i, either I:t New Y rk, Riooklyn or Ji ra?yGlty, ?r wo"M hire a neal, furnlahed tl-.n' e, lh? o? tier to lake the mil in boaitl, in dt iKtui la hoimelteepiua. Add; *a lli'uier, ?raid oflca _______ Set H Mine nmc wanted?oojwistih? of O tp", SI III and fit Ilk: ittnal l-ti r'. new an I perfect, for wl.l. h e.t.ih w.ll be paid, 11' cL, ap. A* drew Furs, Herald ?flee, for three day* SMALL HOUSE IM ooor? OIDUVAI! ED?Nt a good nr.i.'iiboihi.tid , uol n re i! an from thirty t fortv minute* front Bnalnav and r "reel Wdl p ehaae furniture at rljbi price, l i lt !? a g ml . l an -e for a party I" -ell who me ti t. lining . >u?keeping. AH. -m >1, tTb., Herald ettee. ?fpilE NEW YOIMC IIKRAI.D ?WAVTI'Q, A Fl I.E FROM A the let of November, I860, to April Uth, idOl, Inultuive. A idree* box 1,107 low. i Po?' oil oe. Tvtanti:d-tiie lower part of y hoi e, with t? all miiderii Impr yen e to oo art of lirn or tlx room . AddresaJ. P., Herald office, WANTED?TO HIRE, FROM THE 1ST OF NEXT April, a p'aee .,>? the upper end o: Neiv York I-land or lrt'ter p-irt of Vi'i mi. !..? t< i on ity.un til. ilie . . IliO llu.lxno Hirer Railroad, Person* liavinv ? plaee to l"t . io id. ralo rent tvill pl. a.' .iilrtrc ?, with particulars, W. t' Auatos., box ?iure? olsiee, N. Y. TITAN'TCID? \ OOOO SECOND HANDED set OF TT Kur?, either mult or -.tbh, mantilla oi i.oak, nudl pud mjff . nt a low price, to at it l ie il -a. A ldreaa A. B , Herald ollh e. TITANTRD TO PUR< HAFK?THE " ?'K OF A COI N ? r try more, fore. >h in. rlly dry K I" pn-lerre.: i, to put With another siik k th, ? iiisvriiier a o i n off. The xpe k Bi ixt he at prbvH In unit .' " Ilmek, and . no nit frem fli.UUd to $8,IK*I. Addires A. 11., Ho. tld ollice. WANTED?BY A HHNTI EMAN WD WIFii/VDl V intly), three R <vna. In a q"lel, reapectaldw houae With wal. rami la. on (,.e mime lino, K< 11 no; fo exceed $6 m ?7ie. i i'Ii. Ail 're.sH Andrew Wiiitt, II^ra'.d ollice. W'ANTKD-A r'TIT OF FURNI8UFO ROOMH, WITH . . evei'vtiling 'C initite for .'.ouiw vei Mner will have n?> l.lnij But*. Prion must he mud <irc m M ating teruio, locuu^n, Ae., lluuEeUeepcr, bu* 1,402 oOlce. itc A?r .'.ouiioki i ?o tha; li ad tig to buy, for;? rainily of ?hn r per >?!? rave; ciiob naid ?'v> ry w? ok. A I IIOI SKS, UUOSlS, AC.. TO l.vVV. ""s FURNISH*.,') HOUSE TO LKT.?A NEAT Til KICK stori i lith ?t<i< |i House, plainly but comlortal'lj ur alxhi'il, will lie rented low to a reaimiiatul* party. Ilouso l* to v, oi"iu .iinl ileMrei l",cun!?iuslue muil rn impr> vemenls md Ih id perfect ord-r. Apply ?l 15t> East Twenty-third ? hat weenSee idwlToiroiwmh A HOUSE IN HOUSTON RYKKLT, ONK liUKlK wc ? from ilro iriwsy.?It Is four SPirlex, lirirli 2'n'ii riot'25x106; f?c' . in e uiiplete order, ucwlv palmed n ul pa pared; linages. water, .vc. It will he leaned I n a tinu ol nil* ton responsible i arty on leiy te.'iow. Apply tot ill AK. E. mills M Cedar street. Genteel apartments to let?in seventeenth street, only two blocks from Union square, a ' a.united for housekeeping, with gae, bath, Ac,; Rooms on first or se cond ttoor to suit. Rent moderate. J. R. WlLCoX, 185 Fifth avenue,corner of Twenty -third at. Handsome furnished floor to let-to a sniail 1 niliI.v; mi]ipli. d with every neee-ai'}'and conve nience for housekeeping, hath, gal, Ar. 1 all mod. ru i II) prove Merits; rent $'8 or $'2d a m.intli; alan a front l'a> or, tl re quire I, on tii si iluor. Apply In Second avenvo, hrat Uouao ba'.vv ftfi eth reel, House to let-thk desirable three htorv bruit House. '220 Thompson street, will be let low to a pood tenant. Apoly to JU1IN OULYElt, 251 Thomp son street. House to let-on claremont avenue Brooklyn; l.ausomely finished, in perfect order ?ewty Pointed; rent low in a good (eoani. Apoly to JOHN COULD, building Brooklyn F lint Ulasa I'ouip my, it Staid Str?et, Brooklyn. House to let?on clermont avenue, ukook Ivn, hnndsnuieiy ilnhJiert, in perfect order and newly josln'ed: rent low to a goal tenant. Apply to JOHN COULD, llr .ok)) I1 Glass Couipauy '? bun ting, 11 Slate atreei, Brooklyn. House to let-no. 201 east nine?renth street, conv. nient for one or two families. Also 15 Btovveaant street, rntitiilent for boarders. Also 309 St. kla k spluo1. an E.tgli b|Ba--eui"nt. Aipy to A. J. FOL EDM, l.w First avenue, corner of Elghtu street. Hotel on FIFTH avenue tu let- fronting on Oentrai Psrk, nnposite the skn ay |Kind. from now till May neat, or lurone or ionic years; rent very low. Ap|!y to l:A. RltiG.t, "I Nassau street. OFFICE To L1CT?AN I) KNOW I Ub.NgilEI); rent low, in a. v B. oa'W.i , oornor T veiuy-uotoirvot; best location for a salesroom i r any liu-meae purpose. SALOON AND APARTMENTS TO I ET?77 liREF.N wfch avenue. The saloon can be oa.M for a store or totalling; rent $IS. Four Romns on s< ootid i.-or, and Bed room on third lloi r, rent $15. Water and through' u . SF.WINO MACHINES TO LET?WHEELER A W1L aon's at $-1 a mouth. Ail tirst class, and in perfect order. M. R. OLARK V V Warren street, N Y., and coSSaekett street, Brooklyn. TO LKT?ROOMS BlIFTABI.E FOE THE MANUKAC _ tum of clollilii*, or other bnslu -s purrs - s. For o ir Denials, aptly oil the premheg of 11P.USLT- A SILLIMaN, Nos. 3, 0 and 7 Rowcry, corner of Di'. ision street. Tfl LET?UNKUUNISUF.D, TO A GENTEEL FAMILY on w e mn?t moderate te us, the best part of an elegant House, wi ll all d< siral.le conveniences, kit lieu, bath room, ~ s, Ac. App.y ?t No. 259 IVist Twcuty-third street, bctw on ventb and fcightli at emits, J'he lies' r Terences required. ?v'e r> LET?CENT! I'L APAKf dKNTS AT 106 AND 125 East Twenlv-i'itthth street, 3 and 5 Rooms, with gs >. only $10 we*. U: Jni SASii nl 118 Third avenue, ni $7; 3 at lOiiVJ Fast Twenty* ighlh SI r< et; ? thers desirable. J. R. WILCOX, t8j Fifth avenue, corner of Twenty-third st. TO LET?T11KFE FI/OORS OF A DOUSE IN SEVEN ueth street, between Tnlrd and Fourth a venues, to gether or separate; Croton warn rand g o in 1 he Lous. . Itconi maiirtna line view oi the my, central Park and surrounding country. Apply to JOHN CALLOuHAN, 8c enly-sec.ond street and Tnlia avenue. Also a handsome Kc-tdencn on Third avcmie and Seventy-second street, to let, with 8 or 10 Lots. Apply as shove. mo LET-TIIE WHOLE OR PAP.T OF A THREE STORY A ho I basement Ho tse, with all the modern improve ?nonle.furnl.-died or unfurnished. Apply at No. 9 Ludlow place, West Houston strret. rLKT-A BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE HOUSE. NO. 128 Grand street, Jersey City, live minutes' walk from the ferry, containing en moms and large cellar, with all the Modern tmprovementa, BU'li as gas, hot and owl water, bath, A:-.; rent $25 per month. Apply to WM. CLARKE, Money broker, Ci) Chatham street, corner of l.hatibers. * TO LKT?THE STORE NO. 88 WARREN STREET, nearly opp.osit 'be Hudson River Railroad dejiot; would be a deslrchle P? mbin for a n ataurani. Apply to V. C. HEWbON, 195 Broadway. LET-AT A VERT LOW RATE-A FIRST CLASS four story and b isemeut brown sloue House of "lxlein jmonva. 5.1 F.ast Tivenn elyhlli vticet. Can lie seen at any faour. Inquire or D. W. C. J U'DAII, 1P1 Pearl street, from 12 10 2 P. M. fJtO rlJiASE-FOR A TERM OF YEARS, THE HOTEL, Shed*, Barn, Shooting Gallery and all necessary out bolldlngs, with a'loui three seres - r ground, formerly i ? u, Med by Peter 11. D-idye, one mile this aid' of Bergen Point on tbe plank road, six miles from Jersey City. For purlieu brra apply on the premises, or to WEST A R1TTEU, 5.10 Greenwich street, or to l'ETEK II. DODUK, McUoinb's Dam, Harlem. - FTRBITPRE. ~ A BEUJ'OOM suit OF ENAMELLED FI RNITURB for $::4. In all colors, of wanatited mannfa lure; ant ?Olid chestnut Chamber Suils, plain and ornament-it, at II. F, HARRINGTON'S, SC8 Canal street, opposite Wooidct Ks abll. liedlu 1058. , 1 LARGE ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEHOLD FURNI, JK. ture at private sal".?Roeeivooil Pianolo: le. scve n nc a. e fully guaranteed, cost $5011, for $250, in'ludin_ stool and ?over; Parlor Sin's, cost $800. for $140; Eug'res, Centie T-'bios. Mirrors, Curtains, Bureaus, steads. VVesiia'ands, Bedding, China, Sllvervr irc, Ac., will be sold at a gnat ?arrniic. Inquire ?t No. 7l> West Twenty-slvth street, near Sixtli avenue. Furniture bought.?all kinds of household t urntture bought lor cash, and a good price given, 579 Third avenue, near ililrty.fuurth street. Pleem-call or address Furniture, as above. N. B ? A good assortment uf ?ecuiel hand Furniture for Bale. Furniture wanted?new or food second baud. In exchange lor desirable Reai L^ule iu this city, att fair value. Address Altihin, Herald olbce. PLIMP"!ON'S IMPROVED PARLOR BEDSTEADS AND other Hint class furniture for mile, wholesale and retail. Alan furniture by monthly payments, at 115 feuth street,for Merly National Academy ol Dostgu. MATRIMONIAL. A BACHELOR. AGF.D IW YEARS. WHO IN EARLY Illit was disappointed In lore, and la disposed to lor-et trie past, desires an uequAiulnU'.e with some good, lion land true hearted woman, with a i lew to matrimony. Address Alfred Dlnsmorv, box 12, Herald office. A YOUNO FRENCH GENTLEMAN, AGED 25, OF jfV Rood family, deriri'S an Aniernau wife, to return with bim t (France; one who I - good and loving; money not cun B.dered. Address, stating circumstances uud enclosing Uke WCSS, Ernest, box <0 Herald olljce. ? 4 LADY (WJDOW) OF FINE, PREPOSSESSINO . pearapoe, position ABdreMpedability, would like to M^oond with a bachelor oi widower ol smple inesna, nm v mder lif ty years of age, with a view to matrimony, dr-sa Racba d. station D. TkON\t ALL RPEAK AT ONCE.-A WORTHY YOUNO JL/ (American) thus Heraida hi? wish to become ac Quaintci with a oiode*vt, trutfiful and comely young l&dv. with a view' to matrimony. Addresa Will W., box 1117 Heraid eaice. Matrimony made basy-with instkuctii forcourilng. In order to win the aifectlous of the o attest, 162 pages, illustiuted. Sent lxist paid'oi -eceii to cents. tJ. G. HAMMOND A CO., l?> Naaaliu rim! The subscriber l.? DESIROUS of correspond inc With a lady of all en." lonate disposition, with a view to ?n IdOmate an; iluianoe; ta ust hart .o d teeth, and he of Ana form. Money no object, Address Honor, box IU Herald A A ai'sical. r AM MijJlMl KN r 8RVBN OCTAVB H08F.W00D i'l i? >rte for ?Hc at a sacrifice, el?K*Olly carved b'ga aud can**, louml <*'. nn>. tell in?n put?, overiirung bans, in lald with pe?rl, liaea ibi . ughool with nUawood, road? to order fur present owner hy <*!ty tnasers, fully eoarunteed for thrno year?, been in use l< t seven in<> -iha, cunt 5500 and will lie ??ia IOI t!M, Inrl In, guttt an.l < over A'?o anrl.'K*lU Mtortmcnt . f I)t * ti( Boom Furniture, PUntlni;., _Mirrnri. Viurn utut 11 onzei, I ?? Ui .n half Mt. lu^uire ai 7U Went T? Ml7'(txi l> atreei, w nr SWih nvenue. _____ LADV OF FIRCT RATE MCKICAL ABILITY. HAV a ?. ing HtuUU'd un<: r the moat em uent in .stem m Europe, would wt h a e v i r finishing in till* city or Brook lyn. Term?$ luermouh; oral her redd? nee, term? mode raw. Add reaa A. ^ II' fultl olllc*', FAMILY DESIRING ONE OF THE BERT SEVEN octave I'imioibrles cv? < trade can hnve it cheap for ash. It t* a ? V} atroug ca. , of very line (Intab, and made O} a well k?O A M i' l; make . Three d'-mring a good Piano Will get It by addressing J, M., box i'<6 Herald oiike. A GREAT BARGAIN?AN ELEGANT CARVED ROSE wood Pianoforte, with modem iniprovn c t, * ven octave, ?-? ij? ,??arl k h. sc'cv": d by a prof***' r ? the owner1? use, for u-le til b as than half the rum. ? ? apj'-d tor immediately. aim> aome v? ry ivb Parlor Furniture. Apply at the real.lew- e 2U Fourteenth street, near Ki.rhtb av. 4 RARE CI! VNCE.-tlto-M UINIFICEN'T 7 OCTAVE a.V Piiiimfo'* r b' u ltiftiUy warred ease leg*. kct., Iron fri me, overstrun ; b.tB.s, v, . known city inunnia infer, short time used, to. t ?; with handsome*Music Stool. Apply t the residence t the advertiser, 2M Third sir?6*. i GBNTL1 MAN WISHES to take lessons on \ lb'1 m< 1- ?v n at Ms resldenee in th^ eumny. 4 y<mug 1 pre ii Addis-^ M. E. L,, ho* 2??6 Hera t ofb MBfc VRviAlNR TO OaSH PVR< 'HASBRO- TWO MAONI ii eat 7l.i octave r sewood Pianofu et, beautifully c rved rune,J leg , A<\; tiniibed back name * fismt; iron fraun , ovci Strang ha**. endld tone and tnieh; guaran tied lor live yeat; Rei>r? ;.c*? to 1,6 C name MCDONALD k 0t> <58Bowery. DON j SELL YOUR OLD PIAMOB.-DWE THEM altcn d ai il r? *-tor? ' ' ',ual to, or U-tU r than when oe ?, by bo appHcatlon ? f D ipga' PhI??iI String Clamp: e*p< use n o!ei.?l< . Re it. v it1* pi no? can be ire n and parti ulara o (aim t at our tvurcro .rni, W Vourtb aireeL one door eaat fis.m ilrcHdway, uBIQQfl 4 TOOKBR, AgenU, ML. .1. nrscOMHK'R PIANO WAREKOOMR, No. 140 ? Nin.u. j ? et, b twiM'ii Hfiadway uud Fourth avenue. A buauttfui aiaortment of Fleyel French upright I'tauos for talc or to let. T>LANOFOKTES AT WAR PRICES.?WE ARK NOW .1 eelllm, ? ur Piannf.rieH at creatly ic l'teod nrlce? for si?. Puttie* w Whin:; to obtain a firm claia Pianoforte at war r:?t'*H are Inv i*-'4 to call. LKIIITE & BRADBURVR, 421 Broome street, N. V. FAVVOHTi S wanted.? cash will he PAID fer aei. ral *r b is-uie mahogany Pianofortes, for begmners t ? If , * Also, tweuti nev? i? Pianofort 'K f??r rule or in b t v.'iy cl: p. Apply at 2U0 Oraud itreet, ucar Mott Itree *. PIANOFORTE FOR 8AIE ?A FINE ROSEWOOD Planof fie, V )<?. eriu? * < baa ? legant serpentine cane. Freud a<-tl ? in?nliMi??e. large *lidini. de?K, title cover, sool, Ac.; will be ? o'd for $1?1U. Apply Immediately at 127 Twenty-firm Htre? t, near Th'rd avenue. TBS HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND NELODRON8, an i A leva u dm (Iriana, are the finot instrument? lur parlors ami cnur?. ? ? n iv in us . A hrye assoi tment can i?e hi ?mi at the il- .v \va!? m)o??ih. 4t<l Broadv ?y, between tiiand and ilreoine strei s, w. i?h will be aold it extr? inely low price?. Piano? and ICoiodion? from sundry znaker?, new and aeeotid hand, to !? t, and rent allow d if purchased aa i*eragreement. M nthiy t ayment? n i ' ived for the name. Sheet Music, Mu?ic it and all kinds <-f music meichan dtee, at war prices. A pianist in attendance will try u? w music. IWSTRUC nos. Academy of bookkeeping, penmanship and Arithmetic, Uillf H l uuvvay. l or ill teen years in success Ji) 1 op- ration. Thor? ^'h praeiieal initrueiioti imparted day and evening, upon r? dui en terms. Writing Department con ducted by W. HOOUIaAND, for uiunv years with Oold sunlit. W. J. RENVILLE. AN AOCOMPI TSIiED GERMAN LADY, OF MANY yearn' <xperien? e, desire? a few more private pupils, or an e n o uuieni for a u \v hours uatly in u amlly or acuool, to teaoh tho Kngliph branches, t??;;etiier with U rman, Fmoch a .u music. Address A. B., cau of Mr? Burh, 192 Htanton street. A LADY PROFESSIONAL WILL RECEIVE PUPILS In Elocution, D atnatic Instruction and Parlor Readings. Addrri? E. O., Union square Po?t otflce. A SPANISH LADY, A NATIVE OF MADRID, 6PE\K ing French and En&iish tlueuUc, would like to insft u< t iu tho above lAngunge?. Al?o will let some Room?, with or without Board. Address Mi-?. J. L. C,. Union aquaro Post onioe. CARD.?A LADY, WHO SPEAKS GERMAN, FRENCH and English, wishes a situation to teach in a school or family; shenas been teacher in a college. Address L. L., box I2A Herald A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS VISITING GO vrnet-.s in a ia.nily residing in the city ; is qualified to teach English and mucie; or would teach music at her own rea.d' nw. AU'li '-ms Mrs. F., Herald office. A Acard.-ooldhmith s commercial institute* . No. IVift ISroudway, Moffat's Huliding.?Terms ot scholar" sit p $31' t'-r a thorough practical course oi Bo.?kk? eping? Mercantile remnauship and Arithmetic. Cheap Writing Classes ?-r private h-sgon? daily, for adults, ladies or gent?e men, at the Institute, Broadway, or at the Acadomy, N??. 6 Fourth avenue, below Kighih street. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH^ A LADY OF EXPERIENCE IN TEACHING DESIRES a Bitua on in ?widower's family; would take, the whole char*-of children, and instruct them in i he English b anehe?, French and the rudiment? of drawing and music. Address Governess, station E. Bl.SI SUSTAINED BOARDING SEMINARY IN TUB Sinte. 5110 per year. Prick building" for ladies and gentlemen. Aidt-ni teacher? m ail department?. Winter term, Dec. 5. Addle*? Rev. Ju fDli K. King, Fort Edward institute, N. Y., on the Saratoga and Whitfhall Railroad. Daguerreotypists wishing to give instruc tfons in the art of taking dacuerieotyja'H, photograph?, Ac., w 'II please uddrea?, stating term?, place of bilMQeK? ami (1 ue rcqi ircd.for learning, A. L. 15. Curtis*, general Post office, N. Y. T/mENCir?A HIGHLY EDUCATED PARISIAN, I" speaking the English and German latigiuig s. wishes u Cow pupils declrou# of ie.iruing 10 S|.,*.ik Fr-mh ti unit !>. T rrn? moderate. Address ,1. Barrier, 30 East Houston st. tmrnvcnoir in the higher branches of 1 Fiend,, hy CHARLES MIEI., laic profcrsor of French at Hai vard Unlvei *fty and Professor Aussstz's school. The exercises consist of classics oil ACnday* and Thursdays, dramatic readings on Tuesdays ami lectures on French literature on Fridays, fit 12 o'ehs-k. Social soirees on Thurs day* at 8 o'clock; twelve carJA *0 Apply at 259 Wont Twen ty-th-rd street. INSTRUCTION WANTED-A GENTLEM AN' WISHES to p!s'-e hit ?on. ? lad of sixteen years of sge, hut very hark win il in bis studies, undn tlic charge of some strict dis ciplinarian, who has hot few pupils and resides in the country. Address, ctating full particular* a* to location number of pupils, terms, Ac., hot 3,87-1 New York Post office MARSH'S COUNTING ROOMS FOR PRACTICE AND IN ST P. 1 CfiON IN BOOKKEEPING AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS. Irvlna Building., D96 Broadway, Circulars, with terms, on application. WANTED-A I KNTLF.M \N TO GI 1'. ' HE Al'VER. ft tisei private lcsohs in the Latin aim (.-? -man langua ge. Address, stating terms, which must : > <<--sonable, A. B. C., Williamsburg Post office. 9 IPBGliUi NOTXCBS. TPAIU FOR THE BENEFIT OF ST. ANN'S FREE F Church for Deaf Mines tit D- d wort) 's Rooms, No. S04 Broadway, Day and evening, lrom the 18th to thc24lhof December, 1861. B FINAJKlIUi. OUNTY MONEY AND ARREARS OF PAY TO DIR. ?arg' <1 soldier; re now bet n;.' f romptly coliect'.d by JOHN B. Ml RISAY. Army and Nsvy Banker, 39 Nassau street, opposite the Poet office. tlONTU M TORS' BILLS ! Against the War and Nary department* purchnsed by JOHN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Bank' re, 39 Nassau street, opposite the Post Office. XTOTICE.?HOLDERS OF MILWAUKEE CITY BONDS J.N i ?-tied to the Milwaukee and Mississippi K dltond Oou. patty m.iy exchange tb- smne tor Second Preferred Stock of the Milwaukee and Prairie dn Chict) Railway Company by applying to W. SCHALL A CO., 68and tSUEvrhsttgc phiee. nun MONEY OF CKITED STATES ship BROOK* L lyn.?Blank forms received from Washington are no w ready for signature to collect the money. JOIIN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Banker, 3i> Nassau st set, opposite Post office. IJARTIF.S HAVING CLAIMS AGAINST ANY DEPART m< ut of the United States or State government, 11 her adjusted or otherwise, or such as may lie in process of lluui datton, may receive cash for su-h as shad be approved, by ad dressing L. L., box 2,748 Post office. TYrANTI'D?ONE HUNDRED SHARES OF N1 V YORK If and N' w Haven Railroad Stuck. Addrese box 3,721 Post offi- e, New York city, Qf'O riwt TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, vUii.OvU on pro in -live real estate in thlseity.?Ample s 1 urnv and a good hond.-man r- iptlred. Apply to Jull N F. CONREY, in the office of the People's Fire Imuran-e C- m pany, 06 Wall street. iDQfk OfWl TO LOAN, ON BOND AND MORTGAGE ?DO'/,"" ' realrMi -- In h ? c tv or Bru 'klvr, in sums of $1.0A), $! ?I. $-?.it'0 $3,(01, $4 hot), fo.oou," $6,(M0and $7,On. Also Jkf'.iSXI'?! Inve-1 in u. chasing Moruugc*. Apply to A. .SERGEANT 15 Wall sired. I-OAN OFFICES. T NO 9 CHAMBERS STREET?MONEY TO LOAN TO . any antmtut on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., by the well known and old established ISA AC, Broker and Commission Merrhsnt, No. !l Chambers street. N. B.?No business tiausacted on Saturdav. A A T 77 BLEECKER STREET-MONEY LIBERALLY advanced to any amount on dlamends, watclie.-, jewel ry, pianos, segars, dry goods, Ac. N. B.?Pawnbrokers' th kctainsiigM, H. NKWION, u Biccckerstreet, upstairs. AT J. n. HARBINGER'S, COMMISSION BROKER ? This old established office advances the highest sumt on, or buys for cash, diamonds, set or unset; watches, pearl", plate, furs, merchandise, optical Instruments, Ac. No. 212 Bruadway, room 13, up stairs. A T 66 NASS/Tu*-STREFT!?A. HOMOMaTn. DIAMOND J\. broker, makes lllicral advances on Diamonds, Watches, ,Je? elry, Ac., or buys them at full value, at his private office, 64 Nassau street, room No. 2, up stairs. Busluess oonlilen ttal. T 111 GRAND STREET, THREE*"DOORS WEsToF L Broadwray?Money seiry. Piste, Dry Got icripoon, or bought a auctioueei and broker. L~ Jacobs', 43 cedar htreet? advances made . on Watches, Diamonds. Hilver Plate andother personal l'ri periy In ?oms to suit, or bought Tor cash and a boeral price p.-1-t. Business suictly confidential. Branch, No. 407 Broadway IBF.RAL ADVANCE* MADE ON DIAMONDS, Wall b?s, Plate Slid Jewelry, or bought fe,r -rash at the highest price. Pen- ns lining old Gold or Silver to ??li can not do uetter than call on L0DIS ANRICH. 723 Broadway, con ruin To advance," BY henry iiym in, 4t? tpaUiUU" Broadway, room No. 5, on Watches. Dia monds and merchandise of every description, from Jljsnd upwards. Merchants In want of BMMJ WlLv 4* well ty CAlt *\*Wl ?onfld?Btm At 111 uaa.ui ointLi, iiuu.e, 1>UUK8 WEST OF Broadway?Money a-ivanccd on Watches, Diamonds, Jeweiry. Plate, Dry Goods and personal property of every di acriptu n, or bought and sold, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, DJfYGOOLM. A BOLD STROKE ? NO. 379 BROADWAY. CORNER o Whit.' -.Ireet. A bio kaded Imparl --'a 5t? * <>t LADIES' AMD OEMS' LINEN UAMBR'C U.VNDKEP rillKKH AND MKN'H FURNISHING (IOODB la now offered to ?Uc public at retail at pri.."< never !>? fore heur I of in thit li'.o. ami. ft Is hoped. n? er will t<? again. $30,000 worth ol Linen H;indkerehle''?, embracing cv ry variety of plain, he tu sh -bed and emluol lered, for to u, women and ? ioldrt n, from three cent* to three dollar? each EUjmut Embroidered li.m tkerchiefa at* which will a*ton:*h ail. NECK TIES. An immense ftto<-k, from 3 to fiO cent? each?-nothing over N) cents. Gents' Scarf?, in new and elegm t design*, fruu 13 coots '?? $1?juat oUn-lldrd the usual pin . McULELLAS SCARPS (entirely new), an endless vui -'v. at 7.'?1 enls ea It; aul.l by all ratal!..ra at fl N). GLOVES?All kinds., fr<m 13 1? SO noma. Fine Haver Gloves at 00 teiila?aam#a? <10 sold regularly at 51. GENTS' LINEN COLLARS. A.iMQ dnzon of the l?**t turee and fu"latest styles, at $1 lit) per dozen, or ton e,.,iw o.trls?warranted in be the ? ? aa *r< aold everywhere ui (2 * $S. Iloae ry, Skills, l.'d .-r KhHaand Dranera Travelling Shlrta at all preea, that will convince buyers that we ha- id earuesl. Open eveiiluga. Everything marked In plain tigures. IMPORTER'S STOCK AT SET AIL. EI.EOANT FANCY ARTICLES. A GREAT ASSORTMENT IS NOW OPENING AT M9 BROADWAY. WORK BOXES, FANS, HEAD ORNAMENTS, PERFUMERY IN GREAT VARIETY, JMOOODS. STATIONERY, Ad., 8UITABLE FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. \ T I8AACK8'.?JUST KECE1VBD FROM AUCTION, , bla.-k Silke, black \ eh ia bluek Beaver Cl.nli ai d all kilida of Mllllneiy and Diii.a Honda. O. W IKAVCUS, 71 Fiaiiklin niv, i, three dnorawealor Broad any. QLOAK VELVETS. LYONS BLACK SILK VELVETS, Of our own Importation. Made eipretaiy forourietull leade at a reduction of fully twenty per cent below regular prices. ARNOLD,"constable A CO., Cm n.,1 street, eoruei Mercer. ruaimm* CAimwa, FLOOR OILCLOTHS^ DKUOOET, Ac., BOUGHT AT A BANKRUPT SALE. Eng'leh Velvet Carjiet, fl . e. i yard; English It. u'Cla Car. pot, M cents |ier yurd; line T .e Civ, 7f. een'a p r \ aid; Hue All WooK'arp 'ta. 80. nta pe, yi?M. end C.i| ... -a een a per yard; 4,000 yarda very tlilek Oil. loth Remnants, from one in twenty yard,, at COATKrf', 311 ei . ?, above Spring. Ijiorb, furs-i am-s nr rou want y< . | > m nlt.'re.i ami r.>| . rod oarefully and prompt t ill i in , lei s, take tin ,n tn the cn'y mantifu. tot No. 327 K ghtb av. nue, between Twenty tit lb u a,*.? tub atree.a. Remember. Upataira a ulee ua ladies' mil eliildren * fancy Fore, cheap. FIN (TREAT BARGAINS IN CLOAK SI J FRENCH REAVER CLOAKS, HEAVY ESQUIMAUX BEAVI R CLOAKS, MOSCOW BEAV1H CLOAKS AM) tVRAI'I'MtS, Elegant lyons velvet cloaks tWItli u .1 Ouipure lue Capes), LIO.NKIvIN Pbl Sli CLOAKS, Ac., Ac. All now styles, ui retail, at reduced prices, K. K. MILLS A CO., No, 413 Broad a ay, o. ar Canal street. TrBLVET CLOAKS. V V ELVET CLOAKS. VELVKT CLOAKS. A large asenrtiuent, a Utile out of the present fnvhiou, t hall price, real bantu,u,>. J. J. BENSON, 311 Canal dr.. i. Qin pubs. no, OIU. VTSK, MINK. ERMINE. ERMINE. A good aaanrtmei t ut tin*. Furs, at la-aaouable prices. J. J. It EN tO V. Curneruf Caunl, upp .te Mercer. COPARTHBBNHIP NOTlt'F.k. N'OTII K.-A YOUNG M AN HAVING FROM TEN THOU sand in 1 fry thousand dtdlers ciuih capital, .1' vie to eontic t bimsel. with soitb . ell established mcrcuutlle, com. nussi. u or maniiLiciurii.K .nuso in New Yepk. Ssln!ue[,rv r. lereii. cs required and given. Address bos 1,97a N w Y..rk Post olllee. m I>AHTNEB WANTKD.-A LAR(iE AND LKADINO UK i?!l hu :sf? o i Broadway, to guod Maudmg, ?fstntlish^d vhw f'uriy jiart of th 8 y? ar, ami enjoying a first clans and re liable putrou.igo, will take another partner miu the concern. He mum b<* a gciitJ- nmo of careful biiffiuesH habit", cufmr<lv o! discharging a purtion of the counting room dutic,??, mid of tupfriniending ilmmc of th? clerks. Hi* btiftificNH iiinurv in .M he. without hlctnlsh, un?l his tUMtiai stimding uniin p?u.'n il. >{e inuHt contribute $10,000 to $23,0*:D to IJto capi tal oi fhcconccru, cIUk ; in cash or m good? iu tfiu saint- line. Ad<ir' R? A. H. C. D. A Co., station D. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $6,0?) To $l),00f>, IN A pieawant, wtl) es'abJisiicd ftnd very profitable buaJoes*; will bear the closest investigation, and i* un nntisually go??.i chance to get In a safe, luerative concern. The best ol info, re nee given and required. 80UTIIWICK A WOOD. ft'J Rnsiau street. rpo WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.?THTR Ifi TO CBRTI JL fy, that tho copartnership heretofore existing between James 11. DtitVaud Thomas \Y. Kentlng, under the name i.nd tirm o! D itf A Keating, maohiniHtH, formerly of New York c iy, but later of P.nehogue, JLong iffan t. Is thi* day, by mu teal consent, dtfisolvrd. JAMES 15. 1>U1-'K. Sh'o. d tiiis 4th day of Dec., 1861. THOS. W KKATlNil. The h iriness in future will be carried "it a1 the satne place, Patcho;puc, Long Isand, hy J. B. Dl. l*U". WANTED- K IWKTNEU, WITH $s(v> T,) $l <N?o r \ u. f T in a paying and most reaped able busim in, i on noted in making kerosene oil ai?fl other ttuft* for papei hwplng mrtnufftciuret s, now vrbh orders on hand. I'< r ( sr tlctilniMin I an interview address, v ith real tiarne S., Ilc rald oilicc, for three th.ys. OO .-TA WILL PI RCH ABB A PARTJ B 1 8 !K1 ER1 fc?1 in " >*tor c located in the best Imfrineh** place in i he city. A sure living?the piosrie/.t for a fortune big. Apply at once at the butter, cheese ami egg . tow, 1.5) Sullivan si.r> t. $OnA TO $5nO.-WANTBI>, THE HIGHV KIND OP A Ov M I man with the above amsuut, in take an interest in an established lmRln<-nn; tho inanufact if! of an article In general use, and s il.l by all grocers A rnan familiar with the spice business, and acqusiii ed with <t?li!?n ? II Una llii* a rate chance. Adilmv bog -I Brooklyn P it offie?. ? I -A YOUNG MAN, WITH THE ABOVE V lUV, amount, is desirous of forming a pattm rvblp with unrne reape utile retail grocery bouse I hat la already (?tita' l died; or with a man who understands the bttaineaa Iietiently, with the same amount, as equal partner. Nope >at rsspi stable parties need apply. Rcfi iiuices irrjBlrc' id exchanged. A idiC8* with real name an I v acre an inter view (an lie had, T. J. I)., hox Hid Herald t flee. ? KAfi TO $1,000 WANTED?FOE AN INTEREST IN M.'VI s ca vii."hoc business In 'hivcllv. Stock on band In $21100, aud well sclented. Also for ?ah-', n Hotter in Forty eighth street. and one in Btooklvn. Will exi I ?ng.\ Apply to P. C. ANTHONY, 34>'t I'tnc street, from 11 to :} o'clo; k. Q-IlWk CASH aFiTaCTIYB PARTNER W ANTED?IN tj uvU it light, genteel and veryprofitahlexifflrebusiness, lully established and carried on without rbk; will be aasocl ated with un unexceptional and responsible party. Broadway, Ixix ICS Herald oilier. -A PARTNKB WANTED IN rHhi MAN1'KVC lure ol an arli< ie whiolt control a the n hole nntr k' t und ia needed hy every person. This offer* extra ttidooe meam to a man of the right stamp. Ai rly to J. CLIFT A CO, 8H Canal atreet, ?dnn ?A MAGNIFICENT CHANCB IS MOW 69 ?UOul/t to a party of respectability. with Hie above aiiiouiit, (o Be ore an Interest in a en ah business, without rl-k or competition, that will nay handsomely. Apply to INAAG A. BIGGS. 73 Nassau m eet. ft) AAA ?WANTED, A PARTNER* WITHTO hffsWtVrl" ". $2.(WO in i;ah, In a first ' lass Grocery, now doing a splendid irade. None but nun or Btrlet Integrity and capital need answer. Address P. B., Station (J Broadway. ? MILITARY. ALL MEMBERS OK THE CONBTITUTION OBEYS Metropolitan Home Guard, and otic r ludepeudi nt or ganlzntlon*, do Iron* of joining a new eomm:B-i->ne.I mil,Ma cotnpunv. aie requested to meet at the J effort, on Market drill rooms, tiiin evening, at 8 oMock. $500. IlEWAUDS. ?O HEWARD WILL BE PAID AT 8! WEST TWENTY ?W second street for the return of a stray black mid tan Dug, having a little white bp it upon the Ideas' and pointed r, r-; nnBweri* to the name of hacV. Q E BEW.VRD.?LOST, ON BROADWAY, NEAR Till P. ?pt J leenth Bti-eet, about dark, on the evening of the. llhh Inst , a small Itallnn Un yho inii, fawn rolor mark, rt; wh te spots on the left side oi the neck, al n all of the pawn and the end of the tail Moped with White; bad on a scarlet worsted tollnr. vi'h email onus bells. The above reward will he paid for tie return of the dog to tho office of the St. Nicholas Hotel. $r F.EWARD.-LO.-tT. ON FRIDAY, DEO. A, IN THE ') viiduity of Washington Market, a black and white Dor, aaswert'ig to the name of Sport. The above reward will be raid, and no Questions asked, to the And r. hy applying ut2(i Washington Market, of Frederick lie mbaeh. ?C REWARD?LOST, ON TUESDAY MORNING, DK 0; >.} cember IV, a small black and tan hint: had on when hist a brass i ollar nn.l a bell. Whoever will return her to 26 C larlton street, will receive the above reward and the Uianlta Of the owner. ?1 A REWARD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY, DEP. 7, BE ?I>J I / t ween Qnaramlne landing, Ntaten Island, am J f'lf penth street, New York, a ladles' gold Watch, white face and i '.U mlnu'O and hour hands, made byLeco 'reet Frant Is. Paris, N". 111,191 Tin ring or handle was broken. The above reward wdll lie paid to the finder on delivery ?f the watch to Livcrmere, Clews A Mason, N" 45 Wall street. ?O/t REWARD.-LOHT OR STOLEN, IN PASSING ?JIZi'J from Chambers street, N. Y., to Peterson, N. J., vie New York and Erie Ratlread, a Pocltethuok, containing $22 in tills; also two cli?. ks, one made by Waydell A Co. on M.irket Ban' tor $259 S3, and one made by A. T. llriggson Mechanics' and Traders' Bank for $82 a", both payable to the oruer of the undersigned, and not endorsed. All persons are cautioned against negotiating the same, payment having been slopped. The abo?e reward will be paid on returning ihe above to tn? undersigned, or to Meair*. Waydell A Co.. 2o Dover Ftreet, or to A. T. Briggs. corner of Kutger and Cherry streets. \V M. L. Tllu.M AS, Port .lervls, N. Y. ?Q- REWARD?WILL BE PAID FOR THE RETURN ijljO iii ihe office iff toe St. Nicholas Hotel, of a stun drawn coh red I.a.ici. Greyhound; had on scarlet cellar, with brats bclis, $rn reward.?lost, on Saturday night.dec. tlU 7, In golrg from New Hiven depot through Fourih avenue to Fonrteento street, a Indj'e Eat Box, marked Jir?. Wm. Clark The abmo reward will be paid 1 y returning the earne tc. New Haven depot, Fourth avenue and Twenty eeventh street. ?inn REWARD-THE ABOVE liKWAP.D WILL BE ij)-lvv" paid tor the recovery of Uic body of WUbam W, bteveiia, list from on board of the ship "wi gn. on the 20th day of November, si 9 o'clock A. M., off the point ol Sandy Hook. He wbb aUiuit five l'eei six InchrB In height, ha.t brown h"ir, whlikrrs und mustache, and had on heavy rad flannel shirt, checked p in in and heavy nea beam. For further parttculara inquire at the ofRoaof Messrs, Blurgts A Clear man, no Wall street, New York. boarding and dodging. "t T 73 WEsT FOURTEENTH PTI EET BETWEEN A Flnhar i s-lith i. ciiiii h, ljanlaoiuel) fnrnl?lii"d It. ihk. v -ih B?* I oon.<- udh> iid'1 ami ihlislHo T?;?ta"?io n> Room* io) gentlemen. Ail modem linijrovouioiiii* rerenct hevcL nged. _ - A T HA F.tfiT TH STREET, HEAD OF LAFAYETTE i X p --.' ? Furii .hro Rooms In r< nt lo .ingli- gi ull.-m. 11 or V"' '? niJ tii. fr wive*, w uh or wuUnnt Board. Frl.-c to ? ! ill.-limns; s, u-i looatU.ii, ?o?r tlo- totula. exchanged.

AT WEST FOl'IITEENTII STRIP OI-'NTLEMBN a' '1 their a i i?s, >r .single g? n>leineiu uni l?t* aeeoimno. --.sti'u with |i!<-ii?,.iiH Rooms v.itli |t.,ui,l. T. , !L. mo Jr rule; reli-ty-n-o* n* iia p|v.,rr 4( ft0vi *k. A .Ki;w ''I-KASANT BOOMS TO U.- .T, WITH BOARD, J\ t'? single ^4 v?;en or eoui! men *mi tWn wlvi h, m th? (?rut 'las* house v,. u W? ?? Xluth .itrc i, near Fittb avenue. Pi rial Board g;v< n if doslv I, A OBNTi.HMAN ?..ND WIF8 OK TWO MINGLE .a \ gentU'h.Lti can bo a ommodated wilh Board mix] ? lc. rai ' . furnished K.-o -m.i the j riv* e hoti*eN>. 1'.' Eleventh suvet, between Pnivt ratty place anu Broadway. Reference mi.iiro.i, D.ruier ;<t fi A PARLoR AND 3'.DUOOM ON SECOND FLOOR' am] a.Jam* ftmt Rohm on fourth lb or. to lot. with f >aid, .a Nu, 3.<-, \\ est Ninth etiecL hot woe u tVxth aud Sev enth aveuue*. 4 HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR ON *L iw '(.I floor, with tw i-low'W. to let, with Bon id; the houee modern, location eligible; si pleitaant home realised; terms mod. rate. ,v|ej rc , hanged. Apply at 23 Grove street, between Hudson and ?>? e?-ker. 4 PT.K VSAVf, WF.I.T, FURNISHED SITTING ROOM, j\ with a hmull R? \i ? -in h ?! ,D:nlin*, on the j. Hond llo.v , to let toa single ?<'iitl<'u??iU of qui ? t habits, in a small private family, with hmkUat (only) ir require I. Apply at 41 Eutd Thirteen *h ttreet, corner vi Fnivenuly place. 4 rigtSlOT ROOM MAV HE OBTAINED. WITH a\ lb-aid, fm v>no or two angle g. tUteiueri, at 115 Went Fourteenth street. \PARt.OR ON Pill r rl.OOU >VKI.L ri RNIHIIEl), and three fuio Rooh)> on third floor, lo Je* with Board; alt have i ;lh? idoseis, vattr, ?? <?t, \-r. I... au-.n good; term a low. Oilnier at ? o'eloek. t '.tU at 21 Sevo. U avenue, I C tweeti T\v? Itlfi ,iu?I Thit'u'iiiHli MtreetM. VLARt.E SECOND PTORV FRONT I'.OOM VCTIf cl. -< ?; hoi .(nd eohi ii cr, pantry, i aiiit. otn, and 1. >ard fur a ^ otiemaii and v i , lor $1 a week. Aim?. hnrk Ir.wnii on Hrr.ont! i.our, i.nt R .oi i i third, with ?aitie eonve* niencer, eneh o?- J7, u' 13?? Tiaat Thirty -lifth atreet, near Third avt nue. A8ITIT OF FI'RN: HLD ROOMS TO LKT-WHTI Board, to,.-e her or ' "p .r ite, on the wee n,| fj? <>i, t<? ,*en tlnmeuai Itbelr wlrea oi l i le gentleiu n; bol and * dd wftt?t% y i.(e\, in ? aeh r?*? rti houae lirst glnsH and i" a de mi'Hble io'vitlou; al*n. .m- .)*? two alngle Rooins t< r pt rr.le. tn't Ap-'ly at N >. 21' or ?? n avenue, one do,.; from Seven leenMi alveet. t I'A v LSAVXHl rilBlR PRR81 - > BO RD v a V plat - to ,o hum- H- pitig widi to iiud ti ' ainily to take tholr r? " Sv.ii a*- i.. ?v.: < i* o meetin s g.od s-e n ty am! the ?? ki ave-.tiint." ple-iM? a?M ? h ho\ 3,145 Poat o/llee, or?.U! '201 W'r ( a-i nty-titird ntv* "t. t FHf NT UOOM AND BEDRooM TO LET -WITH B . r?i f ir t v.i i x.oi-t, .u Abo. .. B oinwth Uiri i' i??' pantries, and an l otUiiii~lind Room. $7. r'amily sin ill. Imuso h ? els * nnd n.eighbtiiiiood une*?ep lionahie. Apply at 277 'A ?'t*t Twenty secon*1 street, two ?ioora tveai oi Ninth ar? nor. i GB i ri EE t.N and v. II ! ?. TWO SINGLE GEN /V tleiii. ii mi oPtaln a p.h mini tiuit of Rooms ou tile see ond lloor. 1 in ; on riy fu u.-1?. 1; ilm house is n.steluss. /.pply .it l0-< Ninth aire i, we * sole, helw- eu Bi-adway ami I'uiver :t . pia-'e. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH CL(?>KT, TO l?-t, to siiigl- venU moo, t a umitienian and wife, with or wlihom Board, i h .a y. noohil U'rtti; . ttse hai? bath, ras, A , ami n-'htly k , rms moderate. Apply at 12?'Filth street, tiesr ?$? i nci.-v. ii'.e, location convenient to Hlagea nird cars. A FEE DE ii: ? LE R< ? x ' 4MB ^ !> 8MALI to let to g?nt>imn., i c:* ia i i" a < n, 320Founh street, u> a Broadway. AT NO. 3d i AST TWI'MilHi STREET, A FEW duo'?from Broadway, a uoiiticman ami wife or two single Dtlenien .-an o; t in u pl?U!-.anl Room, vv iiIj Board, ?t a v? ry mod i itc piie?*. A sin.-.?In y .ninman may obluin a BitiR!I front Utx>mut$i. Houao first?* NEATLY FURNISHED Kt'OM, WITH FULL OR pat' il Board, in u private 'a, tfv.can be|ohtaliied at a yery m ueracpi. e iiy rtpply ia^ <il V4 '.Vest Tlurieeuth street, 4 FEW TOCNG GB! rLEMEN OR GENTLEMAN AND it. wife ?un < hfiin . , ib...n not Board tn a first ? in-s bouse, near FiH i uvi n n a- 'i helot. Fourteenth street. Ad dr? An C. H.. l o 3,443 1 -t'-IT on. A A NEATLY Fl'HMSIlEO KOOM TO KENT?WITH or v. itlioui Ku.r i. . :. |>rI...!<> futi.ily. Apply ol 73 A...iiy ?lrwt. i ii inn ly RKsm i'aiiu: n.i \ti: oekmas fmnily, wll'. .'?i Ii.I'Iito. o-ciipyliii; h llrfcl ola?? Iioiih.., wf.'ii.l la' o rlo.i ? ..nt.- of n- ntly furiilai.--l Kootoa, i.'i.h loll or partial H-art! --r, .vatr mi > , Bngli-b hii-1 Freu.-li ?r ajH-ki 11. Apply al 4 i. -*i Ml. ? r ?ir.?i, uoai Br.aolway. \ WIDOW I-ADY, WTUIOIT FAMILY, CAN A?'COM J\ ii.oilal.i l.-ol , -otli oi.-in ii i 1. .l'i Willi i "itamly i-ivnlali.-.I R .-ina," with Rami ?"..r li.-l?*a ool- , t.-rma$7io $.0 Hi .-k o. .ilvin<<i; L<?.t/?s num. n: n-l.-hhoyltooU un .-A.i pti IU.I.U-. A. d.-et? I... b-i* 1H llrralA olnc". i LADY DK8IRE9 TO L8T i FEW BI.KHANTLY lorniahi. o ..i.tiir?I?h?4 H-mtnc, in auIU or >h; arale, w III "r ft- ?r*l, to faiiolii's, ?I0. 1-1 ,v iill-m- n or la .ii- . M f-vlrrinrly inodorato l'l ic:. Aj p y at 63Wrat Kll" t ..ii-ii .trert. % T NO. 54 EAST SIXrEKISTH STREET, near union j V MquHjr???Rooms to Lt, wi h Bo., rd, cuiuectod or single. \TTIIR LA ROE FfKKT ('I.ASH DOUBLE lUtVtiH 127 Hlceck.t r mi rut, weKof and net-r Broadway, is a really first'-la 01 Loiiily BoirLxK Hon* ', u bh K. noin utifciirprt m I in i!/.#i aucl comfort, in suits or hlngic; ;m?? chcsp< si place in thi'Uty for H??> style ami',ui>!H i hat mo*: red. AFLRNIBIIED ROOM, WITH HOARD, EDITABLE for ? g< nth-man an.I wife, or two single <4mb-mcn, at No, 37 Went Twcixlv-eighth Mi???*!, immi- Jlic;idvv;iy. Dinner at ?i* o'clock. House first claim. Family small. Keferoncea exchanged. 4 FRENCH FAMILY WILL LET A PARLOR AND i\ Bedroom in second story. and two R uon* in third story, large atid Nrnall. with firrtrhins 11. aid. Apply at iO West Thirteenth struet, n? ar Fifth avenue. 1> OA ED?AT NO. 31 STUYVKNANT HTREET, NEAR } the Biblo ll"?H'. Ki^mm fin iiinhcd or untarnished, with pantries uni ail the modern Improvement*, for single gentle-en or g?,nth-man and wife Rnotna to one from #4 i t $0 per aerk, for two from $8 to $J0, Including fire and ga*. T> O AR D.?1 REE DIRECTION A GIVEN TO DESIRABLE .1 > H-nrd ftig jda '?*, Iroiu %'i to $12 per week. Honso b ??!?!? ?st v.anting resectable hoarders rail Ice. p f articular* at the Bond Bureau of .flLNKS A CO., 3.15 Broadway, for $1 j>? month or $3 per annum; Board -a gentle man and v itt?; \ n d sever ? l Hingl? gentlemen, nan he lit miinodatcd with verr deal ruble A pa ft on nt s and go d Board, in a fir-1. class hx-utton, b r.univintf r.t d V * .t Twenty-w-wnGi street, a few d'>or? from Hi' a Iwsy Board ?a gentleman and wipe or two hen. ? lemrn f-Ati I a\e H- ar l. v.itii a small front Knotn, in clud n?' qua, V nil led and cold water, A?\, at No. IM East ,$ix te-*r t'.i Htre< f, near 111'lon square. T.mot for two person per weoiv, inffholmg t.a and tin*. Dinner at six o'clock. IIOARD?A FEW SMALL FURNISHED ROOMS TO > h t, with or without Hoard, in ?* small, qnh t family. In quire a.t No. 9 Amity sire t, a few doors went of Broadway. Boarding-a gentlem\n and lady can be a> eornmodated wirh :? Room. on fh ? first floor of bonne No. 12 Ni vln ?tre< t. Brooklyn. Mm , a single gentle man. in an nppei Room. Referend a required. Apply on the premises. BOARDfNO.-TlYO CIE.N CLE MEN < AS BE ACCOM MO dated wHh h large Room. Also a Parlor and Bedroom for u gentleman and wife. Keferem-ea required. Terms moderate. Dinner at. 6. Apply at 46 Wrecker street. Boarding.?gknti emfn and their mit or single gentlemen can be u- -vimrnodated with goo i Ho wd, on ntoderaP terms, at JOG Ninth aircf, near Broadway; din ner itt 6 o'clock. A large Room on second floor to let to agent lie matt and his wile. References exchanged. Boarding.?a highly respectable southern family, occupying the large f?i*t class house47 West Tweniy-ninth street, near Broadway, will a 'onmmodaie a low parties with Board. Reference required and given. Board wanted?bv a lady and gentleman (Board lor the 1 id) only), not higher up than Thirtieth ftrret, nor lower than Fourteenth street. Address F. M, Union square Post office. Board in Brooklyn.?a large handsomely furnished Room on second tlo ., suitable i?r a 1,? ?? man and w ife or Mingle gentlemen, ?tho ? small Rooni, ?\ ith in tiiinut' h of 1 iie A'.'antic ferry. Refert noes exchanged. Apply at ltA) Pacific street. Board in Brooklyn.?one large room on second floor, suitable for a gentleman and wife; also one on third floor, for two gentl iien, convenient to WuR str?-e.i and South terries, with all the comforts of a sociable home, at 87 State street. Dinner at six o'clock. Terms rea sonable Board in Brooklyn.?two gentlemen can obtain go 1 Board In a private family from the country; alhthe coiotor.M of a homo guaranteed Locution pleasant and convenient to ferries. A rare opportunity. Apply at 170 Adams street. Board in Brooklyn?i? clinton street?a 1 r?w t P trior with Bedroom attached; also Rooms for single ce id b'iien, all of which wtii bo rented a? alow i>ric?*. Dinne r at a:x o'clock. Board in Brooklyn.?a lady can have a neatly furnished B ? room, in .1 pleasant locality; two in family. Terms reasonable. Teacher preferred. Re Prunes 8 required. Add re its L. S., Brooklyn Post office. Board in Brooklyn.?a large rack room on second hour, ami a *n sll Room on top floor, in u house, with all modern Improvements, h> rent on very reasonable terms. Apply at 23H Henry street. Board in Brooklyn ?a room to let, suitable for a family or two single gentlemen. Apply at 07 Mmry st! et, five minutes of Wall or Fult n ferry. Board in Brooklyn-one pleasant front Room, furnished or unfurnished; also two hall Rooms, In the house of a small family; hath in the house. Apply at 77 Clinton street, one door from LWiiqaton. Terms mode rate. Board in Brooklyn?a gentleman and ura wife can he accommodated with a pleasant bait of front Rooms on ?>eroad 3<xir, in a comloruble private house in A del phi street; no other boarders; the house is first clans and near Fulton avenue cars. Location very desirable. Address box 4,210 Post oflh 0, N. Y. Board in Brooklyn a strictly private fa in ily, owning and occupying a tirst els as brick house, containing all the mo tern improvements, will let to a gen tleman and-wife a second story front Room and alcove Bed room ; cars pass very near the hougf? to sll the ferri<-a; terms, Including'ire and gas, $10 per week. No. 157 Doan street, between Hoyt and B<wd. BoariTIn Tirooklyn.?two handsomely fur. nisi ed suits of Rooms, on second floor, with large clos"ts; also oi.?- or two single Rooms, may he had, with >;? a v, in a modern house, desirably located, at 100 Clinton ?'r?-cu corner of State. B_ OAHD UN HK JKLYN UKKJ11TS?WITH lAHOK, pK.H.nt R01 r r>: g-ni >m*n *nrt wife, or .Ingli1 K^ntl. men: alio room ?n Of1 or floor. Locationflealrablo, between Wall and Fuli..n fem'ra. Terma moderate. Reference ex ebanfed. Apply ?t M WllWw . .reet. BOABDIHQ AMI* LOtHNHO IIBOOKLYN HFfOirm?A ZiARGE, PLEASANT 1) Hooiii to let, w ih Bnuril, for a gentleman and wii ?; also a good room for a .nngle r ntloman. II ? -?<' larp e, with bath, A?,, contiguous to fertleH. A New England family, W''h few boarders. Terms m derato. IH Willow street, TBURNISHED ROOMS Al' /'I BttOtP A t 7, BF W'EN V'lchth an ' Ninth streets ? of U<">mjs nu t - dn Rooms, on tv m:hI i!o r, m let to ?v ntlemeu, ?epar?U?dy or to g-ther; ho? tiiu all the modern improvements, and in a pleasant location.' Ft RNI8T1BD ROOMS.?A PRIVATE FAMILY Willi let to single & mlemon, beyether or separate, thv&y Rooms on n boor, two < run r'm . with oIomHh and water. Terms, whit Arc, Ran Ac , $3 ?.?- without $J for ea- h room Appiy for one \w< k at lid Oh arte a sLuet, coruer ol lludbou, over the drug store. TjlURNIHHED ROOMS To LET?VLi.ARANTLY MT1T. r ated, n ? small private ? ?m'l\ wharr th re are n< ? ?hll dren or hoarders. Terms modi rate. App v at 47 Weal Thir teenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. 1J4URK1 'ill' ROOMS I ITH BOARD, IK A BROWN Ktono house, ldi Ninth * n ot, between Filth and b'UtU armies. (^ENTLVMRK OR A FAMILY DESIRING A COMFORT X aole home, with a French family, can obtain handsome accommodations on no UorK,o terms; house contains all the luo lern improvement*. Apply at 35 West Washington place NO. 96 WEST ELEVENTH STREET. BETWEEN BROAD way and University j 1 ?< ? linn Nome Soft of Rooms to let to a party of single jentbunen; also one or two Mtuqla Hxomv, with or without Boatd, where the comforts of a homo may '? reap/.ml. VTO 4" BOND STREET ?TO LET, WITH OR WITH is mil Hun id. an eh*, .ant Far! n, with extension; also Hue R "oum on second and third door*. Terms very moderate VTO. HO TIlOMt'MON RTIl'-'FT.?FURNISH Kl> ItOuMS J.V to let, to titlcn e \ ami t km ? wive* and single pintle men; rent $1 per week and npw.irdK, ?<> respectable persons only Nutie othei s need apply ,vt J 30 Thompson street, be tween Prince and Houston. ONE OR rwo HI.FAS A N'T ROOMS MAY RE PRO cured, with full or partial Board, at 103 Ea t Fourteenth street, near Second aeemte. ROOMS NEATLY FURNISHED, in \ PRIVATE FA < mllv, suitable fur a gentleman and his wife; a Wo .t few slnci 1 geh'lenien can b?? a- coiunto ai ed; piiriiul Hoard, If re ? p iled IIoiimi haw ?H the modern improvements. Apply at 2s Wed Houston street. lit PKCTARLE ARTISANS OR OTHERS BEBRI* I 11 Hoard at $3 ftp to $1 per u eek, enough to eat aiul h <iis fiu t on guaranteed, call al 283 Elizabeth sticel, four doors from HI ocker, where nice ruoms ami a really comfortable home will he found. |? i!? THIS ro GENTLE WEN OR FAMI1 ' I A' ;? .n cable hoi u at .N5 West Twenty-iglitli str"i i; Ho ltd $4 per o eel.; well ad i out fur couifo. ? tnd respeetabilllv ; ? he k p'irlor and tea r*?ou?, with | lai;*;alsoa hall bedroom; ram ^5 per we-k: flin; locality, nearSUth avenue, 55 West T vctuj -eighth streot. fflO LB -WITH BOARD, Td A GENTLEMAN wh i wile or single eiiilemuit, ill a houst wliii <11 the modern ltu| r veni' iits, a lui'i l?" I'm large front Parlor on the ? st lloor, fur $10; also i b < k Ro on and Bedroom, with p intrfes, for $s. Apply in 111 Twenty L'h street, liotwceo Seventh and Eighth aven Dinner at six. rno LET II xNDNOVKLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH .1 partial or wiihont Hoard, in a private Enro| an family; house tin i all the moilern Imp' oveinenU. References ex - charged. Call at 110 We* t Thirteenth street. rno LET? A SINGLE ROOM, OR sf'ITS' Of .'OOVS, I for .single yeotleinen, or gentleinei. and their wl i s; p n tial Hoard i' j-eipdred. To thoae in want of a good home, in Atiutet. genteel neighborhood, th's is a good chance. In<piiro at 83 East Twentv-etghth street, N. Y. rpO LET?A NEATLY Fl'RNfSMED HALL BEDROOM, I with use of sitting room, with or without Hoard, at 305 Third avenue. rilO LET?ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, SEFARATKl Y J or together, with or without Hoard, In a very de>! aid * location: bi?h . Ac., on same Hour; '''en o e*j evehangcl. Call at 23 West Twentv-MM'ond street, n ar Fifth avenue. TO LKT?A WELL KURNISIIFD ROOM. FOR ORF OR ?>r two single gcnflemcn iti tin pj lvat? house I'd! Allen street. rpO LET?TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, TWO HAND .1 sorm ly furnished suits of Rooms, with or without par tial Board.'fn a private family, who ?r? rot itiguinLpe, and where all the eoinforts of a home can be obtained: alt the modern impn'Kunents; lm atfon unstirpit^cd. Apply at 38 East Twenty-fifth fctree.t, near Lexington avenue. rpo LET WITH BOARD?A LARGE PARLOR AND AN I. extension Room, mi Ruble for h pent -iM-tii .nid wife: prior $15 |? i \\r k. Halt Ifrdrnuin < $ I fttul $ ? Dinner nt 6 o'clock. K?'t>r",i.?f* cxelmngoct. 100 V.nnt Four!* ?mth street. TO LET?WELL FURNISHED ROOMS IN A BROWN fttoiia hr?t4i>, &i Bo?tcry Ninffl" ?n<l in suits. to .i-com motlnte tniuUic*; aNo similar rooms nt 014 Broa-lway, second story. Inquire on liie premise*. Pit e In *<-? ordunt'o with the times, TO LET?FURNISHED ROOMS. TO a GENTLEMAN h id wife, or single gentlemen with partial Board if r ? quired; house with modern impmvemen'N. Apply at 171 West Twenty-sixth sir- ??*, near Eighth avenue. i WANTED?A COMFORTABLE APARTMENT IN OR war Fifth avenue; the mum mns !??? airy and ele gantly furnished. Addn hm C. IV, box |&5 IT*; aid ojlloe. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN DESIRES A SMALL, \v? il furnished Room, with paifiul B -.'nLm a private family in the lielithb'vhool of T? n'h street. Addr. - q hiat int- tmm;*, D., box 2,207 P"11 ofllc*. WANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN, A NIOl '/?* FUR. nls'ied Room, with lledr.ton preferred, t ''r tk fast or full hoitrd, dinner at *lx o'clock. In a re*.p*?ctK? le fa mil; , occupy inn a fir^t class house up town, wh r. rJl the comforts nt'* a home can ' e had. R? fcrenrr* c? and re. quired. Addrem, with full particular*, thrm-n, ho* ) 17 IIrraid ofiice. T1TANTED?BY A VOf NO GENTLEMAN, A WELL rf furniah'd Room, e-R'i u ?d clnneu, fire. gn<> and ?>ri vlh'ge of hath room. In aju'v.i'e familv; t'Tum uu> eat'-; from six to ten doi'ara per mouth. Address K. <3., II i*?ld office. WANTED?BY TWO ' ' ' GENTLEMEN, A M? 1 lv furnish* i-'-ioti., wipi klii*:. fir - pi , ;??? i r?r vi liu:e of b?i' it . ooui >etw ' o K? ' \nd Tw'-uty-fli V rtrects. Private family pi-fe.rr t. A trir s, statin,- j ar': tdars and terms, winch ur'-i!. m? '.crate, K. R. J 24'.' Front h rect. ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN A FURNISHED Room, . the west side of Bi i.ulwny ? 'd o, F s ??'et. I'r?, i ? hiding tir<\ about per week. Ad J reus K P., Herald oiilce. [Z F.A>T THIRTY-FIRST STREET.?TO LET. WITll ?/ Botrd, the front Rooms on wce-md Hour; dsn singl?; Rooms in fhc private hro-t n stone house a' the above num. Iter, sttitab"* for one large or two snail families Keltic required. Dinner at six. <f?Q TO $10 PER MONTH.-A LARGE P0RNIS HMD qpO Root' or two gentlemen, gas Iwlwted . house, .i.-r.e front; pie., a t lo-don, private family. Apd; m ITS:. Luke s plat ? , Lcroy street* betwe en Beciiord 'incDon, dentist. W 18 RV.E-T ELEVENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY. handsome'} furnished rooms, with or wthmit partial Board. House all the modern Impro/f menis. HAMMOND STREET. CORNER OF WAVRRLEY phi'??.? A huit uf K >oms to let, in a private f unlly. no east twknty.eiuiith street.?nickly fur O nislied brick Room on second floor to l?u, w fh t. irl, t.. two single gentlemen at ? a-ii, or to one. y t $1 f>i. Fine i f gl.horhoDd, and half a block of carp ami ?'a_es; referc A" a ewlaritfed. OPT EAST TWELFTH STREET?LADIES AND OKN O*) tlemen ?>drliiu Board for the winter, will tlnd ? ? I Room uiiid accunmou til on k at the above, d- drable hoo-e and location, being a lew doors west of Broadw,,/. UcU't n-? ? ex? hanged. AI TENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE ?A TZX few jdi-.M.nt Ronuis, with Board, su laide fer gentlemen and t heir wives or af.iirie pent (cm en. The houre contains all the moilern improv i.imU, also aback i'urlor mid K\ '.cn*>iou. Dinner m 6 o'clock. .in CLINTON PLACE, NEAR THE BKEVO ?HT TrO H use.?To lei, t .vo l irge Rooms on the ond Hour, fro it ami, with pan Dies between; will bo l*t together or i.eparately. r ~ EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.-TO LET, ?)?) with Board two laige K mnia, e?mmui?leri ing, w th lnrge j untried, ;?!-? -, a suit of U?hmis on fit-s* lb or; burst el.i-s: private table if desired. Terms low; references. 7fl V A RICK STREET?ST. dOUS PARK, BELoW I \I Canal street, to let ?!"'Hp, a ?;uit of fui nlslied R a.-tus, rerond st-r.v, ir nt togr-thnr or 1 ! iratd for a fain lv. arid a Bedroom for a single Keiiilctnan; gas and privilege, in kitchen. Inquire for on'1, wees. nQ EAST FOURTEENTH STREET NEAR BROAD if/ way and I .ion sqn . -T o large R r-; -, containing clowts, gas. Ac., i>- v.- vuo .u \ o, siitqb? R??o:im. Tcrma ' moderate; diuneratsix o'ci It- fi-r< t? **h ? ichanged. (17 ST. MARK'S PLA? I BOARD AT id A i>l PER ' fl i week can he tibiaincd h tingle /ctitiemen. org* itle. tji? n and tb'dr wives, the. . t Ueo,. h and good Board. ! Ilour.e contains modern Impi - e*uc,nF?. (JO CUBKKK 8TRKET, AH.jVE AI.S'IOX ! '/?I Hou-e.?Elegantly furtii-* ' si.ila of Rooms, with gas, 1 Croton vater an ' ?*very e nv? nier for nm-'Afi '-ing cum j nornlcally; paiiicularly subert for suiall, regpectabb; families. Kent Ion. MAGI>OUOAL STR1 : 1 Rl HMOND HOUSE IS 110 Z Hon ol siiigie getitlem a, or -mall I'sinilie* tired of boa ding. Parties rfesfrotm of lo<o-t>K( ciung ran find erery eonvenbmeo at the above establishment. IXC. PRINCE STREET-ST CLAIR HOi BE.?ELK 1'! K?nilyf nimi' d ILsuna, with Lonrooms atlaoacd with a 1 the convenience ; for housekeeping complete, ineiud inggaaand Cro'on water, to let to respectable families or single gentUujen. 17c; BI.KK- KKiTIoiIkKT, 8lk BLOCICrt WKST OF I l> Broadv.?New hu<im\ wlih .11 tlo modern Im. pri vemrnt*. Hle.1 atl! Ron ?in;, Willi rxrellent Hoard, frr.m $3 to $.'? per week; %? frenititofi; dinner.112*; anii 6. 9(|Q W KHT TVVfcNI V I IIIKU STKEKT, ONK DOOR from K' lentli ?'? im??A ?n i of liandn"ini ly Inr nl.h.d Room", xron't ? >rjr front, to l. i. wltli Hoard; Iionaw tie a all the modern imjirotemer.ia, finely located, uud the board firat elaea. Drier. In . nl tie* time. Q1 A KI.M STREET?JACKSON HOt'gR.ZthITmosT ? LI/ comior a ..y aiiJ otivenlehtly funilai' d Ay^i (menu, In thoclty. tom-et tb? wanta of aniait fain.Ilea, wiilie,?ry re'iulahu furulinre, clean liueu, looking range and uLenrua. C?. and Oroton w .iter. J 4 7 FIFTIf "XVKjTuiT KORTV SECOND HTIiKKT ? TT I Dealrable Room",, with attached lbeaafng P ima, to rant, to aentlemen, wltli full or parllat Board. Part. . will find herdall the quiet attwnlioiia of a home, upon reu goiiahl" teroia Ileal ut reference* required. L DA.NCINO ACADEMIKS. DODWORTH'S DANCINO ACA08MIS8, No. 204 Klfth arenue, cor. Twenty-antb ?!., New Tork. No. 137 Montague atrret, Brooklyn. CIiAb^'ES?Toeadayaand Fminyaln Brooklyn. CLASSliS?Wednridajaai.d Saiuid*. - In New Tork. Clreulara for term*. Ae , may be bad at either Hcadetny, FERRKRO'8 DANCINO ACADP.MY, M WERT FOUR, tee nth atreeL?Cla.aea Wedneeday* and ftitoniaya and Mondava and Tburadav*. Ouarler ^ommeneea from the day of entry. Ernnlnj e naa for gentlemen Wedneadaya and Tbtiralay. Private ci vsaea and aohoola attended. Madame sauvageau-s dancinu academy, 009 ISroadvray, co-ierof Hon ton etreet.ta no* open for pnpU*. l.eajon, every oav from S to 5 o'clock, and every evening from 7 to 10. All the la?hlonahle danre* U ight In twelve leaeoni. Grand rcuulona every Tueeday end Saturday evening. PERSONAL.. A '?<" r* I>N WTLL BE Al' THE CORTLANflT KTHKRT JiJ' u'1 lTliuriMl?jr) uftainoon, ut'io'cloi I( P M pi* ? iv. \\ tM tu hi -? yon b?' ore he leaves the cliy. W.m iV.'Vtm ' lio1 IM!|,|nI >ou yesterday. Don't iafl to *o '.here * B IT IMi'QgMIHr.B TO HBE YOI7 IV PRIVITB, f i .1 i.!' ' to Ir.vo for hum*. I am *? iln thai i? job in i.'ii up for you. Out .11 th. l.fltieuc** von can l<> worY I w*n ?*nr much gratl i?wt at M?n Ing you ook s ? well. I (iiii not uioj?to m-? your brother, at I lino no tfmo BOY-DAN. B.T, ?BEND TO TIHi I CO''BE FOB A LETTE.- THIS lornlDtf, and li no? !1 T , A mnit. ? t. "17 VOLE BLUE'?AT TWO O'CLOCK TUIH AFTER J i mi' a. P. W\ -YOUR HTTI NOTE RECEIVED. WOULD 1 ? io j-fi* >im ersmisll/. Will >o i <a'lon no ? The ? of au h Intcrvi' W Mhall 06 strictly and lion a Ably caull nr.. tu I in every particular. I\ . n it rioN wanted?or im, mahy rubsbu* iil'o o! Elizabeth Russell, her daughter, by Jo* n h Run. a".I Company F, Pi; lymlghtli regiment N. Y. B V., Port Ho, a' S. 0. TP VIU LIUERio M H SOMNA, WHO ARRIVED I last B?id"inbti ' ' fit'.tt'? r F Hon from Havre, should b?- n New York, ho i ronucMtfrt m til on Mr P. C 1 allow 17 lit adw.iy, for tu formation regarding ula family In M idrla. INI 0 RM A TJO N WANTED?OF THOMAS WYCIT, L sTR ?< h ? Twentieth legtrnent, In Mm British snv e. who arr'v* d 1 New Y"t n 18.VJ, l?y l.i* lister, Ha rah Wych, of C< . k, I?. land. Ad 10 Mr. Gibto< w, 29 East f.venty-hfth street N. v. It' \ N NOT UP AT THE IMLL T'LNJUUT. 1LEASE will" mo again, atatlou wheie a an hoc you. CANADA. IF HANNAH AN' ERSON, OP COLD SPRINGS, PUT" I 111 county, N Y . 11 s< i u h?r nun b? r and pla? 0 of her lUC* ?IL It side .CP tOt' fiUP H > 11?I' MtllffOTl I) P'l ' OlIlCOj N. Y , ail * < * will hp. - -?ofttfth'ng to advantage. The last I lac the wan heard 1 >u whn Favai u*h. JULIA?i XAl 1' I) AH UBUaL. J. ? BAND FORD, r GUISE?1 HAVE NOT SI/LPT A WINK SINCE I LAST J n iw you. Mv hear'ran n v r ? ha k?' ???wm a you. I hope t ml yom ^vvi .. . irt <\ i n r io. lt? faUhlul. and aU may yet he right. W ito mo soon. PUSS. T fN|?A I .VMLL 1101 O THONL' DOCUMENTS IJ sabject to tin* der ol I. A. h- What .1 all I do vriih flieni. if posT-thle, ]?'t ntA km v itoin d it- v.. a t leave 'or the Nut h aoon. gIIAKLIK . Mu. wm k di m'ktat of f.lmrka, oemes Mia ho u ha nm- K to ' *h I* 1 "Mnuh Mbrcan, by the J* v. Mr. Vt'ii.fjfunu . t. or the 'Al < f |>c< oinl>er, or on Any oth- rdab- v. ouul anj car by the He aid of Dee. ft. 'Hf?l WHY BRANCH.-RY CALLING AT TlfrJ OEN 1*1 list utlke. No. M )->u will bud xotiietli ng to your ad vantage. Nellie-who suv *ii/10 gentleman go mdino from > ?'tid m e ic on Huutbiv. Pteaee AODti a uote, Ntutlng w lien and w 1 .? " .11 Intcrvi w can he had, 10 Chiti. (Tippinan. station l>, Mlhle llmme. It \v li be attended to. v^TKV MIX iKKS, AT' ENTltiN. TF PETER L. AN THONY, .lamcM Kavanarh >n I W lan Dug-an, Atevcdnie*. eiu* ploye< I In MTiv !M'?, h. VV'lliaui Mi'noj , 40 Ho-Mb hi re.-1. In 1 ifdtiig kirk lv \ K '-o .n, will cull mt or mm 1 th* Ir pro* sent addicts to .lime; H Choite, No. 2 llun ?vci ??r",t, New York city, they w.ll lie of somi'tbing to their advantage. rpiff', L\DY WALKING UP FIFTH AVENUE. NE VE 1 Tw. n* . evemh street, culy on Tnewdwy evening I.tat. and w li w.;n a^ked ''if h?- had dropped her liaodk-'rciilei?'" which wum slc>wu to licr. and who replied, "Not that lam nw.iie of, ' will oblige tl e friend hv Heui'dng her addreMA to A K. A , hov H.T New Yoik Pout otlice. I NONA A LETT EI* FUR YOU AT STATI<?N C. M. M. W O/'TH STREET.-AVI L THE YOUNG I.ADY WHO, Jj\r abdUt 1 o'clock n 'luenday. rode uptn 1 ^litli av<ne car, got out ?t TwiM'.ty.eivth Atreet, and went through to Uie diUk'giM'i In Fourth a ei.ue, and who wan ruliie<)iiratly joined by the fOnt-enuin \ ao followed her pleiM* say wlicri a note can reach her? Ad.Jroa S. F. M., b. x 152 Po?t ofllce. MlhCELLANEOUS. ALL THOSE AFFLICTED WITH RHEUM ATISM, NKU* ralgia. and d ??,??. .>t thin kindred, will tfnd perm a* nent relief ti\ w-eaili:.' MKTTAM ?V CO. S Galvano-E'eciro Metalllo InsolcA. Sold at all rcafiecfcible drug and sho# stores. Hkun rs, conductors, <nr and sta^'e drivers will Dud them mvulnable, n tl ? > keen the feet warm and dry tu the coldest weather, om<; ? 429 Broadway. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BIRDS.?THESE THOU* sund CNnuues. Mo king Bird*, Talking Parrot*, and a vailety of Blr (a too nuniwrm h to incruioii. The taig t la the city. Cages of evei y description DAYib V EX i EN. .109 Broadwa7. A NOTORIOUS FACT.?YOU CAN BUY POULTRY, J\ fresh and cured Meats from 8 rents to 10 cents, pi End new Cheaoe from 7 (vnfs to 9 cents, at the Chelsea toaikrl, 110 Ninth uv? r>ue, sml et kA'tand West EighteenUi street, between Tenth uii i Eleventh avenues. /TONITDI NTIAL LETTER WRITING AND AMANU t J en-is, copy in/, Ac., by Mr*. EVELINE MORRIS, at her private rooms, N .. 085 Broadway, second lloor. Otlice hours from 10 A. M. till 1 P. M S. N.?Legal documcnU copied promptly and ptinctually. Dried fruits, preserves, pi ki ks and dry groceriev.?Havlug a One 110 e and more room thru I re.i.uire, C wmtd I ke a smail 'jinnitity to sell n cornmLsloit. Reliatile reference given for prompt r? irul. Address bOS 2)2 Herald ?dbce. rtANCY GOODS. TOYS, , . , p OLASS, PORCELAIN, AC. TUB SIXTY FIRST ANNUAL DISPLAY OP IIOMDAY PRESENTS AT ItlNKICH S, (I,H(- Werrkneiitrl H.) N?. 15U Hix-adway, Up .nlr*. Is now ready for tint hupe, Uou "( u'- <' . .>.1, en Tulip* An "any--an . rt i,|XSctfu I) audeiled. HOLIDAY PRB8BNTB - LADIES TKAV1 Ll.fNG AND iui a Ale e for pi' enU. JOHN .< M IN VUH, Trunk Manufacturer and Importer, 86 Hr'ii ny.'j, .i.trner of Wall utrtff, ttri<i 7oO Broad* ay. i??r *t,e,t. Horsi keepers. book iiEiin.?thk price list "1:a M FsTpA.. W.SS04 IAT10N, c will aci'iMi ? II ill.- Kill || Kit 1,1' next .U-urduy'B Herald. See M.n.1 sav?- uioncy. 1 x FAVl'.M 1 VkEN FOR ADOl'lION AND LADIES r cli-tfo, ?l*?; four IH..UI li-.ll Iiilkii'u now; lor ?J'-jwlon, ? !l <?.Infanta' Nursery, at Maibtine PA11.4ALLE b, Mo. e nlt t el. - ? M M -I. Yt.D 9 CF.ltKHRATED UNION CHOCOLATE. UNION CHOCOLATE Fi'R T IB ARMY, put op In email cake*, each aulb ??"' for rat.on. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, ?!'! AMOW BROADWAY. Ai* M All,LARD'S FAMILY CHOCOLATE. from IB cent* to $! p r poim I. V,\i ranted pure ami equal t" ?u> import ed, and oosttng one-hull the price. MACHINERY?SMALL ENGINES. PL MPS, MODELS. Sewing M-iehiiioe Hl...fili?? ?'.ilD-y lU^era, Mid ktt Mud* .! Af.? hlner> ntiiile ?oil n-l-uirt d hy w "" 4. room -6 N'-w Haven Kullioad dupo', Centre and Franklin. hI.-<u Im, J em1" rarfh. rvt JiGOLD AND SILLER JEWELRY, CALIFORNIA ( )(inM Cof>?. M'-d.t. , U rn. o >'D, Pearl aiidot; precmue ,',n^l ?? - haiha.i. hi reel. Fill" Geld an5 R- lied Silver . nl-alnr; ??.?? S"l 1 ?d <?' wcRml and aaayed. ' a' D.tlLN API). *? ayer and Ri-llfe'r, 30't Ch itham at. TYAWN BROKERS' TICKETS i ckciivskd OK CLOTH P insaudDl.uiiouds. or the an,a- purabe-wd i iv A I x-K" 1 I "I 0??r und W CoaUi, Pantaand Vjflfj on h*iml f-ir the c >-t of mak.'nx. hi 418 liroomo -treat, a few ,J" J/rom Broadway. (J. LEV IE. fommlsaton Mrehent l>?E.-BNT8FOi; THE HOLIDAYS I 1-iY.-'. FANCY FOODS, Ae., Ol EN FOR INSPECTION AT ALBERT A CO . 691 BROADWAY. A laiir" it'll .elitted and wtirar Ive st- c<, which Know oP'ere.l to'the pubis at extremely low prleeu, A |.or>l.-n ?'( lb' I! "d-are . ?u-ien-I u.I.? a large Parle h-\e v, hiaaii.imatoH. lie nuhc entire importation he ft,re the clone ?f the hol ilaya it embrace* the following Br " 10E:1TOERF ORNAMENTS. FANS, BRONZES. GLOVE BoXES, inkstands, i?I I ^OS tl'.RD CASKS. fM'FHA GLASSES, JI.VVIlLli ij thS, "i KFHOXES, Ae., A*. We Import all our Bomla and theforo dety dm petition In regard to [H'lce*. -?joyal Havana loitery -extraordinary. OFFICIAL DRAWING OF NOV 30, IBM. ten. I JV' t I'ritrn II 1 9S.G.. 10 0 8,y;lltl>?d WV Hfil2... .81> S' li-yiyft stm -hi n us. it* ftKPltttfl. HOOOO Ifldft ..IWO aull'M , Nti it.of... M> ,.W4 I.K.0 1LB4. ? 10 0 i< <ai ;--p>7U . >-00 II4.M1. ...Oil a.,,]| 1761 .. urt 14616 .. .BOO I o|:.j8,?! ..*?, U'i!'8...l0b0 a viiKr.,16 .. stki I4B60...10UO luudt .?UWi?4Jbi....B?? 11170. . 800 16134... .WC I ISM... ? o" 16176. ...litlO 11618 tOA' l' .1636 . 8ntlll6?4)... WAI liOII....Bnoii63S0 .10011 1UW ne? . ? 'III'2... e??. SSS7....MM nur Ml 0.7 . .SO FAiaci... .WJII lJ393..1WtKI snw'.. mlo 81Z. lino il.'B. . OA 15648. ...BtO SI. 1.. . 100.1 KJA5.. MXI I2W?... >0) 15661... ?jfl 5ISI 10,4 "iJS si, >:fil .8,J0| 15666...100(1 5?,.', .16**1 8596 . 1' 0> ,H.TH . &JU 15671... .800 m,. t/,M . MtOpJtia... .801)11.>789... .BOG Ht' .??! i?M . .1 *m| JY/J...10i? I5S40. ..1008 wrj' .,*1 iw* 81*. 1.-M, ,.>4X1 15857... 1000 6643...i'00 H:isl. l"?ll|JS-?l?800 li019?601 Ml* .11**1 NOW... -,'t PpwS... .BU0|l8I70. ...BOO 5648 s,") I P171... CO. JBA) .. .8*)|lt?19 .. .80u .V0,t. .. ut?! 9138.. .>,?! 12686 . lofl 16 06.. .10.* A-,?. r 231 . 322 $l??M . .K"?0 363 . MM' 461 8 *i 471 . a) frl-i. 756. ; .SSij 78S 832. . ,H*? 842. . HJ H 878. . >'(>. 1036 A 1113. 1126. 12-21 .. .w 1243 as .' io o gi H*| '.IIS8 ...aoi'llft* I'**' 10416....800 2*73 '?0 lh9 . .?W 9178. . .BOH 12961... WM.f ?4*W.. WO ?H77 ::'M? 01411... .800 95.2 .. jlTKC.. ?-XJO aeiH tj,,i *:,)[ sy, -.?> /I... 840 : V-.1600.18819....890 ?n* 814) 6207 .84W 9915.'...8t4,[l-d ' 8*1 16x64. ...,-0Q Jjw""8ir>j 6220 ...BOO 9928 ..lbOtjUTeo HkA*X) IC85?... .800 3137 . ^ .WWI ' 1 APPUO.vl.dATTON n,y.? I V,... IVifH.I.V ... Pr.1t' l,V-i.-. Pr??-i> |V->?. PrC/Ka ft'? < tiTo MT9 ?'? ? ?'X* I- '-I- ? ? 6;"l 6:H- -JH ill M 0? *?? .5 !*)....??, 16.1:?....6LO1 524', .. ?*} S3:::WwS..: i#aoi....ow| w?| ^Prize* racked and Information furnished by v t 1 rne?c? uy"L(JK M (.q HuBken>, 10 Wall y- T> rf^rnrOTON PIPE (THE '^rNT APPLlM'OR) I J can now IK! aupplled to t"C irada "fft 2i?y aaoarrleC th#? most '-onvi?o?t?n J p ? in ' * ||IC|, t.,im?vo *? &n? ?11 the *e t pm ket, and yet will ho ;, ? _ ^ ( (-|l ou)jri ^hcre ordinary Pipe. Huhho inr beeu ^ ^ ai,forg Kline oi It found a n.ual rapid vote ,1, the i-'j' (] ,.r(cc ;i,... a iwop'w itu'fn neUlni; 1010 io do*. P"' .,uar, u, ill i>** ?cnt to any ad! p ekaae, on -a h: h *21nl"-\iaI.,.,v the leveutor, at 151 OaniJ draaa ou receipt ol ?1 ao cupx'ns thaaBorean? itreet, ?. Y. N. B "V,' o.uc, a U hcAut me doitn of the pr miUltig a atibwq"* a' ,,0'K0' t aitlcle kratla. ?? ' 1 ? ?.-^rHTY MANUFACTURE RE OF BT4 TODD a RXFFEKTY. En tnr, ttl,a Boiler*; alao Flat tl"*?i Mw hiiiery. Millw. Jul Work an I Cnntncd Hi mp hi ' Hfchmeri mervhaut*. D- pet and iwreK* H Ky&"^w*ork7 WtlUtl

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