Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 14, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 14, 1861 Page 1
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nn IT E IN E W Y O R K T'S E RATI) WHOLE NO. 922G. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE IATE riGHT AT FOET PICKERS Tae Official Report of Colonel Harvey Brown. oiteirating Letter of an Officer of tlie Niagara. Gallant Conduct of Our Soldiers and Sailors. fBcIeucy of Sailing Vessels lor ' Blockading Purposes. | j amis' Gnns Declared Useless and the Parrot Gun Recommended, Ac., Ac., Ac. HKxnqriRras Dxi'iimiENT ok Florida, ( Fort I'll kens, Nov. ilfi, 1881. / ? 0'Eni.t. That Fort Pidwna lias been bilouglirtd by ?the ro >els for tho last nine months, and that it was dally ?UwMteMffi wMh tlia fate of Sumter, is a (Ikt notorious to ?the *holts world. 8:uce its occupancy by Lieutenant I dinner tho rebels have been surrounding it with bat ? >?f?, ana duly mining ihorn with tho hcaviist and most efficient ffcids knowu to our servir ? gi ns stolon from tho t'ni od Spies? mi 1 they considered tlii.- fort as virtually |.ia.'ir owu, its occupancy being only ,i question of iimo. I have lien in commute! .s,tn ? tho loth ot ?April, and during the whole of ih.u time ltheii force has averaged, so far as I can 11 aid frian eight tote;, i ns. * tbi i ui ba< of , . IpoMl: :i :n wlnib I luve thus 1) on plu. i! : i, ? -n leicutly try iug, and I have at three siparatc times intend led to iron myself from it by opening my bat teries on ?(him,but iupertoot ofarctmutancM,over which I lad no control, ha. unexpectedly in each inalnncc prevented. 1 w?r? it thin state on tin morning of the nth of sictt ber, wh n the enemy, fifteen hundrod strong, attack - J?d hy surprise a portion of my command on an intensely |dark night. They wero dcfeateil and driven from'thc ts'and with great lose by loss than two hundred regulars nid fifty VI binteers?all the efficient force 1 liad disposal le lor the purpose. An ins lit so gross to th" ting of m.v ontitry could no- by me lie passed unuoticed, nd I designed immediately to take appropriate A'tie? of it; hut, as 1 said before, circumstances ovo which Iliad no control prevettcd. I RmkethflM ?rofktory remarks to explain why 1 have now open* d my hiattTies on tho ensmi, when,fifam the smartnessof my forces, about one sixth oi his, tbi teen hundred to sight ?housand, 1 have m t tho means of producing any decisive rsrolta, and us evidi n of my having accomplished what I designed?the punishing tho perpetrators of an Insult on my country's ling llavir.g invited Flag Officer McK'-an 11 co-oporate with me in at tack ing Die rebels, and to which lie gave a ready ^ind cordial as?eut.T, on the morning of the 22d. opened my batteries on the enemy, to which, hi tho course of ?half an hour, he responded frotn liis numerous forts and |bau?:- es extending from the Navy Yard to Fort ?McITae, a distance of about four miles, tho whole ?nearly equidistant frint this fort, and on which I line he liar twolur.s?McHaeand Birrauoar?and fourteen Ijeparate hattorieg, containing one to four gun Imany o them boing tot -inch columbia isand some twelve fttid ibi ton inch tea coast mortars, the di lance varying i'rim t wo thousand ono HMNtto two thtmrtiffitFtilnn ?bundled yards from thin fort. At the sutoe time of my jo ening. Flag UAhy r Mckonn. in tlle Niagara, andttptaiu |Ri:ison, In tho Iticl raoiul, took posit! .n as near to Fort ?MeRao as tho depth of water would permit, but which I'infi.rtenately wn ; not sufficiently deep m give fu!) Sflfect llo their powerful battevios. They, however, kept, up a KtpiriUJ lire on tits fort and adjacent batteries during the | whole day. Sly fire was Incessant from the time of open jjiog untii it was too dark to see, at tho rate of A shot Jtor ?*b gun every lil'tovn or twenty minutes, the |Jre of the enemy helm? somewhat slow. r. liy noon Hie Ijurs of Fort McRuo wtro all silenced but one, and tl ?tours before suns t this fort and the adjoining Kitto.-y iMMdllm 1 directed the guns ,.f battert ? I ??ncrcii aril Totlcn principally on tho batteriesadjacent J.o ti e Navy Yard, th?so of Battory Scott to Fort Mcllao I md the lighthouse I a'.tories, and th. c of tho fort to all. J IVn reduced very perceptibly the lire of Earran. ??, Pl|. irely silenced that in the Navy Yard, and in one or't w fths other batteries iho elBciency of ocr Urc ut tin i lose of the day. not boing tho least impaired. The next morning I a a, op -nod about the same hour, he navy unfortunately,swing to a redu. tion in the dom h ?f water, caused by a clango of wind, tint b?iug able <? tet so near as yesterday, consequently the u [ anoo was to.) great to he effectual. My fire Ihl. ? tay was Fys rapid, nml I think more efficient, than tin. i I/f yesterday. Fort Medio, so effectually silence 1 >. . orday,dtd not fire again to day. We silenced entirely mo or two guns, and had ono of ours disabled hy a shot omini; through tho embrasure. About throe o"(f!ocl: lire was communicated to on<: of ho bouses in W .rriugton, and shortly afterwards t . l ho | '.lunch steeple, the chur li end tho whole village hoing mined'a.oly in rear of some ol" tin rebel batteries, thoy apparently having place?] them purposely direet'y in rent of ilio largest ant most valunble buildings. The i-o rapidly communented 10 other buildings u!o:k, tb treet until probab.y two thuils of it was oon.-unvil. tml about the sumo time tiro was discovered Reuiug from the back part of the Navy Yardi irubub'.y in Woloott, a village to the north and tnmediately adjoining the yard, as Warnugton do.-R ?n the west. Pi i illy" it penetrated to tn -yard. and .v t continued to bum briglilly all night I concluded thai dtber in it or la Woloott many buildings wore destroy id. Very heavy damage was also done to the building if the yard bv the avalanche of shot, shell and splinters howercd unceasingly on them for .two days, aud leing nearly fireproof, being built of brick and covered vith slate, 1 could not succeed in tiring them, my bnt hot nor shells not having any power of igniting.them. The steamer Time, which was at the wharf at the tune, vas abandoned on the first day ami exposed to our tire, ihicb probably entirely disabled her. The tiro wrs-ag* -u ontinuedtill dark, and with mortars occasionally until wo o'clock'he next morning, wh.-n the combat tea i d. This fort, at its conclusion, though it in ecciv-d a great many shot and shell is, in every re poet,save tho disabling of one gun carriage and the p.* f service o" six men, as cffci 'Ut as it was at the coitr lenrement of thr combat, but the ends I proposed in omnumcing having been attained, except one, wluci- I nd to bo impracticable with my present means, I do net ecm It advisable further to continue it unless the eueut-y hink it proper to d*1 so, wheel shall Beet h.tu wrji tacrlty. The attacl on "B.'ly WilfOR camp, Site attempted ttacl* on n r batteries, and tin. Insult to oiw glorious flar ave teen fully and fearfully avenged. 1 have uo means r know ng the loss of tho oneniy, ami have no dispose on to guess at It. The firing on .his batteries was very nat y, well directed ax>1 continuous for tec days out mid hardly tail of having important results. Our loss woutd have been heavy but for the foresight Ml, with groat labor, caused us to erect tlabcra'. i of protection, and which saved many lives 1 lost us private Jcilled. one scargent, one .corpora!, nod four j (privates) wcvnded, otly one severely. My officers, non-comtnlsalsM.l officers and pricn'"? sre iwerytliing I could desire. Titty ope aud ail poi lUty.with the greatest ebeeifnincs-' >u 1 it: |e racW able and efficient mam-r. I am much indelxc<J Major Arnold,my executive officer, roc h ? valuable -.jstanci*?bis whole conduct w?? admirahie; and Cap ? tea Allen. Ctaalfln, Bluet, Rubartaon, Ilildt anil Ptiryca. lid MenteoutU KcFarlaad, Lansd.n, ' lo?jna ttipley, K . w*m, Fenniee'-n,? Otey and Tayl r,merit mj n urn I !ncominme i>* ?4o covin ess at d ebh-r-xtiou wiiii irh lihey perforated. without one exception, their dui?. ler a b avy aud iwilliuoim shower of shot, s>>w-?*w nn lln'crs foe two tiwxosslro days. Tic.tenant Ttwl.. h.anee ofikrr, lud full supplies of ail rred ftch'g which WU-IT IB, hut i at lip Iu :<J his departm 'o; ??* conduoted with system and officii m y, Mayor Viiwrr, Stir,eon Campbell and iMtstant curgon Sutherland, in their resinn live duties, Ufc'e n?t their high rcpntstmns Captains Rob h soif, I urye* aud tUuut, and lumitiuatits Pennington uid Secley respect ivey commanded biuteries Lincoln, Scott Totti n siud Tumor"!!, end 11 "m ill buttery ?t Span h Purl, and the other offic ri.'button...- in Uie fun with di. tin gtllsbud ability. Captains Uohies and Bailey's i miipiniics were with the ballon.*. at. Lincoln and ('sine:cm. an I did thtlr duty falthiutly and efficiently. The eta ponies ot Captain* llenberor and Duffy, of the Sixth regiment New Yoiit Volunteers were mere ,ve!> on duty at the furl, and tendered cheerfully Important assistance to me. The regular companies engaged at the batteries, all of whom performed tliojr duty ottlo entlv os to preelurte ray un k u. a distiuctiou, are Com pan ion A, K and 1,. First Artiller\ C, II and K. Second*Artlllcry. and C and K, Third infantrv and Companies C and I, Sixth regiment New York Volunteer? In . 'using 1 tender t > Flag Otth er UcKeuu and Captain Kilisoti, of lite Navy, and to their otDcers and crows my boat thanks for their utile co-operation which would have had i he happiest remits but. for tbo unfortunate fact that great draft of water prevented their sufficiently near appro.a h to the work* of the rob. Is. I am, General. very respeetfhlly, yourobedient servant, IJARVRY BROWN, Colonsl Commanding. Mri '. Gen. k. Thomas, Adjiitaut General, UnitedStates Army Wathinpion 1> C. 11 lot nut aktkhs l)Ki*umn\r on FuaiOA, [ Fonr PicitUKe, Nov. 25, IS' 1. > Geskkal?The bombardment of the 22d and 2nd has e'.ioPrd some lactr that are of importance, and I notice them that we may in future benefit liy them. Ftrti?That with the most efficient gun : of the largest calibre and served in the best maimer, no serious injury can be dono to stone or brick walls, or to guns iu sand batteries, or to troops serving them, unless probubly by rill vlguns. If properly protected, at a distance of from two thousand to three thousand yards. ,S<yi,a<i?That shell; and hot shot are not to be depended on for firing oven wooden buildings, unices having in them incendiary composition^ Third?.That piece? of port fire are nearly useless as such iucciidlary composition. Ibuiih?That brick btiihiiugs covered with slate e uiuot be fired by eilher hot shot or shells at the distance named, unless by accident, unless the shell? haveroek lire?. I'tj'Ui?That the trouble and cxpenso incurred in pro. iH-thig foi ls by sand bag traverses, &? ., is far more than repaid by the aa\ iug of the lives of the defenders. fHMh?That no dcpendenco is to be placed on James' rifle projectiles, either as it respects accuracy or range. If T hud had guiiH to ho depended on I could have silence ! the most of the enemy's sand batteries and the guns iu liar uncus. Art* ul!i?That ships with their present armament cauuot for an hour contend against rilled guns, and that if our navy is not at ouec supplied liberally with good rilled guns it will be very likoly to be disgraced. Eighth?That on service hero, and 1 believe (he remark applies w itti equal force to every river nnd harbor in the Gulf, a gunboat drawing six loot water and well armed witli good rifled guti?? can do more and better service than a forty gun ship, or than such ship? as the Niagara aud Richmond. Xinlh?That sail vessel? are utterly useless in enforcing ? blockade. i'rnth?That 1'arrc.U's rifled gtms arc efficient, aud that ' forts should be immediately supplied with them and with a full supply of ammunition. I would strongly ur,,e that a dozen of Parroli's thirty pounders, or, if to bo had, of larger calibre, be sent to this post, with a good supply of ammunition, a- early as ! possible. I bad one which 1 found to be excellent. but j when i.ho navy met w ith such a mishap in lho Misii sippi I was compelled to let Flag Officer McKcan have it an ! j one of my twelve pounder l'.irrolt guns to pui on one of ! hi- s hips to save tlicm from being driven out of the | w; ton by a litt o .steamer having a rifled gun ou hoard. I mi. General, very respectfully, your obedient scr | vant, HAKVEY BROWN, Colonel Commanding. I Brigadier General f.., Assistant Adjutant Gene [ 'al. United States Army, Washington, I). C. I Iiiterr?tiug Letter from an OiTlrer of the I nited Stati n Strum Frigate Mngara. in addition to the accounts from our own corresnon dculs, that have already appeared in the IJubami, wo find tlm following interesting letter, w hich we give to our rem lots:? ] [From the Provident; Evening Pm>, Dae, u,} (in Wednesday. the 2?itb. u became pretty generally kn .v. ' among us tlm:Hie Flag ti!!i< er bud made up liis mind tu commence the bombardment <f Pc u.-acola, pro | vidiag tnatOok Brown was ready,and a-wo know iiiat ; the Colonel only waited lor lio- ilur.'s action, wo felt i pretty certain that the bull would he opened at once I > need not tell you that all hands were up to "con' .-rt pitch, and as caper to commence IS' you at (ho North I lia vj been aii'iiotii io have i s; aud although w c felt sure I i'.. : o,nic formidable murkc I batteries would disclose | themselves, we w re ready to find out where they were, [ and try lii" efl o't el our eleven Inch guud ii iilcti'iu;., I thmu. TITE OBJEl.l'Or THE AiTAl K. The object v.08 t destroy ttie Nu.y Yard, so as to put a stop to their use of t property and tools in building ant more extensive mouns of ii< tinn e, ami to b .'.te <town some of their fort Ideation-. Ordc ? were given to our eng tie;* to plate 1 ags II!',oil \r it It coal, around ttuch portions of the machinery a v. reexprsed to shot, and nearly all the work w c doit ? which 1* ne ces?ry to -'prepara (hip far action.'' Early on the noth ing of the l2"i.t, t ha F'?g Officer weni on shore to confer with f'.oionel B own in regard to preliminaries. At twelve o'i lock he returned, '-'nil thoo we rc< eived order.- to com plete till nei epary arrangements'. Order.* were lies pat ell til to lie* I!,< iuntaidand Moutgout. ry .Hien in port,giving If 111 directions how 1 , mi'. au-J the v.ord whs passed that-wo should move in at daylight, t?o a to cngige Fori Mi-Bite, ihe water tmttury and Uio ...m l h i!lory. in trout of MeRuo, all three of which could lit iug their gun* to boar upon eh he" Fori l'ickcns or the shipp'nj . We could form no idea o" the strength of these place*. Put it ne highly impoi tr HI iliu! wi should draw their Pre as they eiiliindrd the pu.npi I gunc i>: I i 'Ueu . it had been arrang id that us soon as the rt camels came down from I'e.VMo o'a O tin' Navy Vr.rd the fort was to open lira npi 11 tlietn a , is to sink them if possible, and cut oil all menu .of bringing down reinforcements from the town, ..nil the tirst gun from li e fort v.a. to be Uiotiigtiai tor us to move in at.d open lire. Orders m ee passed to have r'uttlcient food for the day cooked before "iglit o'clock in t be nunthug. and at a lute hour we tn*ti".l in t dream of terrible battles and hair breadth * -rapes. OI'KMNH OF THE ENOAOFMENT. By sunrise on the morning of I he 1Ht\ we were all ready, (lur boats had toon liolstod onl and moored alongside, phot and shell pot up and steam all reacy to niov e !u at short notice. The usual morning piayer vv.mntl'iired up, 'hi chilblain imploring n blessing iiimn the . vents of the day. after which tin* Flag officer addressed ufew words to the men In his usual clour, quirk, e<mio-to the point man iter, lie urged upon them "? strict obedience to all 1 orders, coolness, judgment and precision in firing.Tlx* ?ui-vvcr was three hearty iliici-. About half past nine we could see the strainers coining down to the,Navy Y; d. little sus|ax;tiiig that tin ir doom was sealed. In a Mir;, short 1 ime tis y were fast to tbo dock and at Ju*t t wo li e minutes of ton o'clock we saw a moke issue frmn I Fort I ii-keti: , and beard the hooniiug of l,ho gun. A cheat ' burst forth from our men, and if ever a ship's micbor came up lively it v as ours then. In order to brinr our guns' within range, it was ueceRsary for u s to run into very . boal water, and con equeutly it rnj ired liie utmost, en .;ion in working th ? ship. Even with a perfectly smooth so i tliorc wou.d be only twenty inch' s o, water under our keel, ami II' it should begin to blow, or a heavy swell set in. It was necessary torus to bate tbo ship n such it |iosi;!.ior that wo could easily > nn into 1 " (jrr wjiri'. Whiie working our way 111 the iti<.hmo>nl ? nine up i-.di r our Ft "re, and as she draw less water than we do, the C ratnoii .re orde.oil her to go in aud op ri us soon as she wan within range. Sin passel by u .look a isisitjon nearer to the land, and opened fire. Me.uitinie. tiio water basttory and Fort McRae were doing their bast to frighten us,bv throwing shot that f?il about a mile short. We kept on sloadiiy until we thought that we were within range, aud then came to anchor I UK ACTION. Out first shii* was from tb" eighty four pound rifle, and il told with very, good effect. Tho next was, from an a4 even incli gun, but it fell short. A few more ware tired. but with much the sjane icvnJt. Keeling licit wo veto too far o(l a b ait wm lent out in charge of tho Blaster, 1st order to sound,and haa-tng fe ttid thai wo < o?id get 11. somewhat doner without the water shoaling much more, wo L.vup am hor anil ran in about one ? {??iirtli of a nillw further, in; usg tho time tii.l our bout was on'. ; oiUi.lltig. iv'vi riil of loi ir ? huts came very n?.ir if . t. ji f'oi itumkuy none Int. Wu now again opened lire fr'.vu one broa l>;<l?c tna.ftnd tin* time to some purpose m ?>'.! e vry cho. told, -.mi there must Lave hero a rear fill Mat taring of piece, as our shell exploded over their bums I jo not think 'bore wiisever any (argot practice kt the navy that-ran ehftw Niich a t rcord of <v! Uvoabots (1.0 re in is were constantly throwing shot ai us, and ! to t-c oitlvr mere t-erg the cliarce o( p' wd ror c.-e geti.ii/ more e.c 1 ilk" '1 ?: their -hot graduftily oatno neatci. tiiough it wan not nUil Uto m ih ? afternoon that ?o wrio; truck. Hv twelve o'clos ?< '? t'i the Kichmond ucl Niugor.i. tepdl.'er with rtvr g'.ma bearinr irnm Fort ! ?ir-lia us 11 ud ratter,v s * i, wCCS .1.1 p .iyinc into 1-ori sic Rei.tgjdlts e rrouic'ii 1'talterief. We a, et arp d > nc shell -very three ml.Wtee, and 1 ti-.e Bajirmond had nr r- g 'tis, though fduaI ei, en 1 n ore than our I'umber o. guns, were b dog * eyed from s into l!i~a, ll.erc iwere noocl two rhe''p eii'.h m iinl'' C'Dg iircd at this pr.ipt. About (,Vo7 ^7 ",7T,'HV- | wta!.:h d print n'TZ' *'T haviT a.boJ" * 'I"!' Itllu, i WhlrhVlH-'v lilwt VU>' '?1 IV Willi "V. i . .1. . Mr. :l '"'C ,',RI U..., r.rt'fl'1 iio, Which : I "lT'r Ill" Kidmen.:, wrv c 7, *h"rr- <* ? W'l'll.i.iiuiit i '* "'l. mnl Iia.I i| v ho'-n well directed , o"o'.-i''l u,' ?? "? Dl damage Oiiivcixi took "..0 1 huwovor, and i regret ic-o./i that this k.lln,. i.tie man mnl w iumlcit. ph,... . ... , . "l r ,V.w-'-,,,?>,?? n? hbhli n r 1>H n t?? i/' ,low *'rM,K,|?' to iwvir upi.ii tile ? n.iiM ..I V. i ll "" il (l"' """ h veouli.m, o cln -l,A, ? a'0l W"r0 ?" '"'???it'll " ' About live j O I 1CJ4.U >1IH liiiUU'd Oljt. , A HUM.l. TAKKH KHB'T. frame ImVl. ,'n n." .fr"!V 01 oul' K"lm t.? a 111" tori i,i.? hilr r<M itiucli t?r I lie time alter ih!k ,7 111?< iou-l of smoke, ni it , f r"!" -hoi away, L i o lv , ti'ein l.or.v came down by lb" rum cuoHP.pi, inly .1 wii? laiao l again. ,"J"4 HKBKI.K PIRI5 HKAVflSK MBTAf.. dropped im0??h w'7 ?Me "1r1lW01hh,,u lumoeilover uaana 1' i'7 . ;"'d hy ilie oote which llioi wig taS metal nn " ,'Im "uy l,M ?nmcd" somo Heavier in. tal upon nr. I wo or throe of our kbi.? were rmMf .li , "l7 wh,'"tl' ??? '?'""ko was seen to lasur 7^ ! ? i :s lo m"si' wo r""ini"'l the com nil ment wiih minio-t. They sue oe,led in olanlini two ?m?ph|h n0Ur i ' m,k"'K ri?"M,r IIictv IioIch linUlipsel I g 'hinge IU one ol the lioutonaiit'H rooms. Ily six .t^EJ"" ,av;' the gim.lnrnt that mrt'ah'ir 7" 7 "'k' a I toy el ?,? * r. ami lor one hour 7 horn inv r "b "7" "tU" ol her walla had,i"m rl"'nW' W* could hardly believe that w? had mtone^ hem m?noon, but thmight ihat ih. v must lu'flt WOr 1,1 Pr<lP*r?Dff Kom#> larjfi'i "un for n.?r b* ... CBA9Rl> HIRING, dark" lo77 7" *l pttSt Uv< ' 11 havmti Become too K 7 . "Ul whole number of tholl ?rod was one hundred au.l eighty; of tile e, forty three wore " 7! Z'n fc t'i ~fD ,ex7d,7' SOD1?timea u; e l in breach, i ^ J ^ liich struck us pro\ ml to be i'ri.i/i an ote"t inch colunjbla.1 At aix o'clock w. col u|..tuohor and tniinicd out to a ?a!cr unchorago, and th n all lm ula hemu to fluUout that tliey wert eery tired itnU timig v w1 li 'Sr'i'Ti !'k Wi",' lewder. oui noeinlH ollcl with mnoke and head* m arly splitting ifom ,,-h noise we were glad enough to go below and lake a little roeI aa well a8 to try ,ho effeitn of a Utile s^pot . Our men have done nobly , too e h cannot be em' u. their 7 m' the reb.'1 shots would come near uh thev would grumble out a how| derisiou, arm wh.ue7'.ehot . rL',turn " seemed as though every man of thai 'md h'il bob"? I 7"" would abut h,s teeth in defiance lv i " k<?o fr|* fx?? 7- "t?k? that you coward ly KKuiiks. The mom of our crew ore old imm ol .car : men, and were considered a "picked i row n it,,. tune the ship was commissioned to go to Japan and at aiTon?. 7"?7 W"re r" n,5' kindof 7c fo mate vef'I'm ,U 1h iheso men how to HheOI. .H at Rite them lmth u gun and the uun will beat tm ? d ue, so badly .hat he will be vcy ghol to 7eS1gu After w? bad become well ougaged in ihe light hardly thought of or had tima to look at Tort iVkou* thice m a w-liilo I would cast a lhai way, aud'i I werete'Tii ""?'?ircle of batteries mound her in?- i " "I1 a constant explosion of shell oyer le r j loyal walls: while from out her sides thnro came ?meadv ' ! 7 "hd I could see thai the shot ! , had already made two good Uolc j . \h ,.ae, and rickens had knocked a ho!" thai a horse ! and cart might enter In. anorse I . , WARH1N0T0K ON F1HI, A letter dated Novembe | ..UWtf.,, . ' jr ,'",,"'? ' th* 7k,|( is f'luminat.?l hv ,he luiru trig of the town of Warrington and the Navy' Yard ihe loriqar has been burning since two 1". M., but ihe loiter ban Just 'alten lire. The sight is gPand, VublS.uc ?v Ihu g V(,? choose to call ,1, only we are too I ire.I to look r iil"' a,n<i h Alter las have just ceased Brim shell t'^day?' ,4r***1 ?vr one ihouaau.l ehoi ami ... . A RAW STORM. Ad barua were on deck this morning as soon mi u wao ! light, nnd in the best of spirits, notwivlistandini the I tJumge m the lempemture. Ih.rmg the night ther e eame ?t x *torn11- fid the wind shifted from the southwest u> the corlhwcst, and now oven-oats arc v.uit comt, ruble to us who hnve lived so long m th- the W'lml blew .(lille fresh, and as it was oil'share wo f*red that it wouW blow Urn water gouward. 7 7 ?, lav / "" t0 K" Of y osier day. Hoata were rent m to sound, and we found wo water m derCuK' U'a Vj""" <V?UW ?"Jy ,en 'uvho* ?* trfned m try it e *''1 W"s verj lr"""h' H< ,, UKBKI. r.KIJKS. About sunrisa we saw A largo body of tusu leave Kort r.o ?h ;7 t',"n1r',.lhs Navv ?nd ?.? eonjeetured Horn the looks Of the batteries that tfiev were u . reliir' it t!7 77? 'k' nik'ht' WUrt" 1.7, os7: .7 ?m7r re|*",<"1 lh:,t b" 000 M see anew 1 II I. ry 111 the woods, nnd I hut Ingher einl.enl mentK hid been thrown op in front of the others. N'KW H CITKRIKS. o',doL ;7 ' 7 .u K"1"1 W!,rta break-ia l, and ,.t nine tt clock no went to prayers. At halt past nine riant 1 w ero nuc.e to fort Pickens, and at tee w? weighed an' chor ami sle iTned ,n nearly to our position. n,e Rjeh Vr'hot t'oi- 7(7 ',h'; flaK ???'=?? ?"?' think A. soonl,b ? ??'?? ?P soon us wc anproached, th ? new hatiorv in thewoori dis. Iosed it-ell and although it burst ehell'very near us. I tf . s. i-ji'iui-iv noiir up, ) " 7. "?*?'?! Jm.ld. flie Other atterv iu the sl^ssp . ? " .nil ni I" Tv llilf I utc: I-mm ten, and liro.l the Art go;. ,t n oo-.rie- to I el 0 en. At this lime all the butteries v. . re ji work. . . .. belw '???? forty and Ufty g'm- plavngmtoForf thXr.? V ^.T^wpfc^.ina-ksd batten, had di.-a o.ed themselves all nlons the beueh. SLOW ITRt.VC. I Iter I -mi wa" very slow ow-g to o?r inabillt. I. I |<" htlmni.exe. P' With the rifled guij. Tlie wind, which wa> <|mte strong war dirt ctly against os and very nmoh V? I''" 'h- of Udc?rwer? i fron, aim..ii miwu to seventeen p-muds, and still " r'l! n ,lover of Fncir shells d ole near en.i, gli ior earmfort. flie i -,u t vi 'II1 i *#11 I IIP ;r "tu1 .7 h,tv? l!,k"n q??? cooiiy to. ??'?"IV". - 141*111.! LOf-l'V TO. he,re, in his mldrcn tn.s neirti. 11)^, t,bwn h ? tin] n ?t wain 90 n anv ]on;-?- 1 01. to ue oil d" k -?iu he. Uli. watch go teiuw and dlecji, an., he ready to re.jex e the other when wanted.'' t'f<OFBR Itl AIti KKH. ?trefelu " '?* a;1 ug 'he Inirl.i deck I saw ,nk,iy ot ih. in :k e''.Bl;i' 11,11 'l few play imj gairniu.ij :.nd il,., Mndiiig- tin. all oir'ihoN foil u'lim'-ei 'u"' ,ior;" half l>?-t. two,ami moved in 7, , '''? ;Harrtlv lia.l w? drop.?d it b. fore n hot went whiz Mig in between our sin,ike niper and dronned ,n the water half a mile the other-ide of,:s,' JmmeZb' lj thore ccmo another and then aei, . and while-thov 7!7 Hn,i fagl ? A roturn-aTlIe , on, ! A "?> use;' on- shot .? VXwt Th, I J-JJ-WM-w M. ........k.iiv.S , HOUR I'OWDEIt. 1 . , r ur?" ?'< p-'Wder were in. used to twenti 7',7 r' l's !wJ7 llK"s ,l"' r<?"k,r -noeaed tlrnln,':. t f that did us no good we weiohed an. !,.,. ? ? ...... ,r, cam we wemtied anchor nnd ?i,x d i I r 7'"n *""r Wl ""ived out a lor, - ,|\ a- , toe Stmts of tjjis paw gun came dire, tly over our ouartor. it . oul.l have benn iio other thun a t?. i.? i. ' ior. I, ,0,11,1 Have hem, po other than a trbdo, h coh.mbiad or else one of the rifled 120-pounders said to jiavc liceti brought over by the Ik-rmnda. (??? ol ??r men ,,v he could bear If say ?ascWh*rrih cecwh "?a? m It landed ,? the water. Had onoof ths thro gb "* 11 W0'UuJ lM,v< U"ra" lui t"nroucIi and v. OUT OF KAXGV. 7. 7 '!,7JnK ,lle ><???<? conflagration. If the . > "< . nu ? uli, .igrai ion. ir fhe mud changes and wo can get in, wc shal; live then, an opportunity to try gur.f again on Mouday. We have bred about -oyeiity t.vo , holis to-cay. No one hat- been hurt ?taiiv h ' tu.rnp:1 "7n ,l"! lon' And managed to par - : tmily di-Mciiht a leii-inti, gun, wounding ,..x men.ot o of " f-'Ally mjured. Soother ea .,tallies. iSZZ rear soon r-nionrted. t'oi. Hrowu says he shall noTonen .,berne'7 7:r VrV.,"7.I|f" "i"'" SO that altogeilier kg. y ,hc s .bbmh will mdei d b, a em'- oTrrsT b,u 1 ? 1 sou i,,'V" ,'l'"7 ;in', r,,hor 26( ?During Heturdav ! ' ' 1 1 ";'v ' "-hi" we could -en the ...amp firee ot two ,,r I throe hurts , n-aorc, who art doubtles. engaged in c"et I uig b.tter 1,,; our t.cptmn, but 1 do not think it ls I Htrpx.',l't'h''" - ,rf ? 'j'hoy Icxvij I I n nii! I01 "dealton* ,?! the bcaoli, and , on 1 ,?.7' ?r wo *"ch' whl1"- ?t the come .Til, fri *r? d V w?0**- To silence such itft* -vrs u 1 Jif ce..?.ir\ in Ij.i a fihip lor oacJj on^, .uid ion then I doubt i! it could be accomplished it re ?pin es a binding party and u force sutheomt to take pot >ep>n*n it tlie whole plac ; '"f 1'iuftmond rccotved a serious damage in the action ' h ue eiy' i'? Uk lbJ' il m' 11 wa* uot considered to h. much, l'hot struck lier just about the water line j .?iid peimiiated_ the side, landing in ens or the purser's ' 7V .k'j. .? 1 yKil,,KKm<''1 Ittfefen of wuter :,Tt-;Z-w'XW? eft in operation ?u. lantly. Ir v\d, bo r. '"tssary to send her to Key 4. , , ? ? '/ pic/ju ner 10 j\ev West,. I', she gees to-day l hasten to send you this iedet ?ii nop. s ,t may reach you at an early date . . j "??*, can vol 'V UillO. 1 ic- K ion whether t'clonel Brown will uitemrd to d,, iHiicii more w*? >?,.? ,iir. t.i . ? > rr . ?- ... "'"ttireuijn IU u He oaaelfucb-d ,ns purpose?that of dcatrov ing the w nter quarters o' the rebels, and although th'v _ u cei led m putting out the iua <n the Navy Yard, ho I hfleKhow:, tbotn that u will be a \ery unaafo operation j tooomnion ework there agilo. as ho cat, and will rot tire i ? 11 ag un, if they make tho attempt. I Ak r<ani.0'^rhappened at Kort Mcstens this moruhig. Ak KW of U,e turn were removing the ??fu'OB" and

I r' m,t" rhe"? ?'At fell lumda "ho ,Ke',i'. 7;- ' 0,t'' rpark of lire In m the oh ire I ?med ,n remortv the niHe.acued one of tbe sho."g to ?plo.1e, A,l.'utc tv.. m nand wiinding two 'I'lir Kuropa Off Cap*1 Kart, lint lot ! Hnur<tt'<r. j sr. <S". F.j, ]><v. j:j, 1801. J 1h" ' Mai.isbip F'iropa, from Liverpool, Vorember 80, ! via Qwr town Pvt-mUt'i" 1, pa-ftl Crj.o Kaev, about twu j tni!?? off, ai\,Vl pant eleven o't'lock 111 la forenoon. The i son w'as verj . and alihiHiifb tho newbrnit ?f the oclr. i' I I'r? Us ?i a i ted lor her. fbt was ' unh'e le;.<??. ! mo'v th in hali liiiie from tho Cn|>' Ttio Meaner wadil j not ?-flfi-i' nearer ,? a'"' her new? itv" not obtaioa-t. Jltc ' Enr ? j b ' :??? % at Rattlbs as Sttts4sy mntaf. MOVEMENTS CF PRIVATEERS. TUK EK<' \ I'K OF INK Si. MX ILK. now it win honk, anp wnv ir wan a;.i.owkp. j fill- brill Thom.ui W. llovi-kinl. I 'sptu'n Ip.wl md, from Wo towlw > 11 *i. T.'cui'tf Vi" -mber -J7. arrived n this 1 )ki". no Thorn lay muht. c'aptain How I ami <tuies that the contain of the I raited Walvft gunboat lro<| ,ois is entrel.v and itlotjo t? bluim- fur tho escape ?>f the Smntcr ' from I'orl Koval, Martinique. flic captain | of tho gunboat muii a man ou chore at l'urt P.oyal, with i signal lights, and yyve liiiu instructions to signnliAe to Uim Urn movement* r the Suuilt r; and 011 tin' night of i the tf'fd of November -ornalw wre made hy the man on f ahoro that th<* v. '< u ?*, ing tlio liarbor, hut no notice wa liken of it by tile captain of the Iroquois. (lis first lieutenant tried to persuade fiiin to give <hn,a\ 1 which they could ??a?t!v have don. as ti e Pointer drew ' one ft ot more water tin lm-quom did. hut ho would not h'ar to it, eaytu,; it would be very unpleasant for ' him to capture liar, aa he and Captain tannics bad br> u Schoolmate*, and had sailed together, and Captain Scnuuee lud been Ids superior officer, an I another reasor. was he did no want to break the neutrality laws. The movement* ol' 'the S'ttn ter were seen from the J, ' if th" Iroquois, lie (the Sumter) taking a southerly course, when the captain of the Iroquois gave orders to pro coed to,-'I Thom:e . not making the b nat cfliirt to captute Cue privateer after taring hiwn lying oil the rsirt several daysfor tlurt sole pnritoae. mi the-* fa.-tn becoming known atht. Thomas the greats , ind'guailoti prevailed among the Aiuerloans m pori ami alt c hart friendly to the I nited Statu:.. The brig T. WBow.iod la low lying at per S3 Fast, river. \Di?nu)NAi. ptr.Ticrr.Mic. THE StPONtl KSC len OK THK SCWI klt - fcXi ITPMKNT IN MAHTlHlQUk ANII ST. 1HOMA8. The brig Thomas >. Rowland, commanded tiy Captain 1 V. uvlan.I. arrived at Una port on Thursday e.ening last from St. Thomas, whither slo) had goue from Martinique, 1 ereiich West Indies. tine of our reporters yctdenlay , waited on the captain to make further inquiries concern | ing the rccont escape of the privateer Sumter from j under tlio very gnus of tli" United Sieif s gunboat Iro qttois. Captain Row and made a detailed statement, in substance very mueli hkthe report published above, j He saitl lie had got his information frotn the lirst lieu , tenant of tlio Iroquois, and as lie was so frank aud unreserved In all he hud said lie (the on plain) had no reason for rosei viug any of the particulars from the pr<- ss and public, 'l'lie greale-t excitement prevailed ot Martinique from day to ?la\ while, it was expected that a collision would take place between the rival vessels; for the pr|valeer was so clo.ely corusred that it was looked upoti aa next to certain (hat she would lure been captured. The officers of the Iroquois ferae I very anaiona for the caidure; but while in port the captain of the federal vessel wBut on shore to the American Consul, and made a requisition f"r a supply of coal art other effects which could not be I obtained at Martinique, and without which he J.-.U if | would b? impossible for him succestiully to wetch and i follow the Kuiiilec. the Consul under the apparent ue | casaity of the case, at once chartered a schooner aud despatched her to St. Thomas to get the supply of coal anil other things required, w.ill grdeis to return with na te. The acb'xmor accordingly started, aud reached gi. Thomas safely, and. by tlio exerti n of the American < onrnl there, was soon tlttr.i up with everything needed. While pr?pering to start on her return voyage the 1 rd ted Stati* steamer Hacotah arrived ot St. Thomas frotn the Host. Indies, and tbo Consul at once ordered her to take tlie schoouor in tow, and to proceed to Martinique without delay, soae lo save time. The eaptain of the 1'seotsh w.ib also Kid lo co operate in ayery way i?os> l tde with the commander .of Ibe Ji spioie so aa to secure tlie capture of the Sumter under all circumstances. But, to the surprise of the I'acoUh, on her anii a! at Rift flora!. ike Sumter had al ready escaped, having k.-ov-b-d in leaving the port about forty eight hours iici'ore her ai rival. While the Sumter wa. lying in tlie harbor of Port Hoyul the Iro* quoir frequently sii iinicd around her. bantering tho offi . i rs aiid ore* snd asking thorn to come onteide of the hai '.or and settle their boast in a square light. The crew <d the privateer always kept remarkably quiet , scarcely ovoi replying ?o the launls ol the men on hoard tlio Union vcgrel. Then, was one thing remarked on board of the privateer,end thai was thai the crew were always busy sharpen ? g cutiass'i* and swords?evidently making pre paration for a vigorous defence of their vesael. The mtliorllies did not r" tuio relisli the action of tho Iro qoois in criliaing around the privateer and otherwise moving about lb" 1 ar'" r tinder steam, for eventually tho captain recei.ed an enler lo the effect hemiiHt either drop anchor and remain qua t, ti> "thor vessels, or else jo out ol the harbor .or a icagn" and remain tin re. The feeling ol' the poop e of Martinique?"i pceiallv th? negrotv at Pert Riyal?was d c.idedlv in lavor of the f u .tcT ktales officers. Whenever tlieb.- went on hliore the poopic fol.qwrd iheiu v*'ith cheorn HDd ir*. tire:-- one of friendship. The s-.e nioairts. on the ntrary. were held in anything but respect. I On hIr.'.t their officers were th" object of continual curih | sity, and some of th- lower orders u -od to ieer Ihcm be . ausi they would not lake up tho challenge ol the Iroquois to go out and fight. Th" on!let of the harbor of Port Royal Is very narrow not more than about TOO foet. Outside or this point tlio Iroquois cruised about for several days, walling to catch the privateer as noon us lie should attempt to escapa. The opinion of every one who know* auything about the position of the harbor] wa that so long as tbc federal vesi-e' continued to !.<> o!fili? port it would be altogether inn oksiblc f?r her to lip out w ithout being taken. A airead; sta'fl tn the captain's report. a watch had been -ent on shorn at Port Royal from I he Iroquois, pro vide : with bine rockets, which were to bo let offas soon as the Sumter slipped her anohor and began to move from the harbor. The Iroquois was at this i itne outside of tbo lnirh -r, at a narrow point indicated tiut the si: nals from the shore were plsiuly visible irotu hor deck. The lirst rockci was plainly ? uto but .--t, v. h o the captain or dered the vpsrcI to head oft to the, fcoutli. After they bad gone some distance, the first lieutenant went to tho captain and aeked if it would not he better to Stand in near the mouth of the harbor, as the Sumter would be compelled to mova ,n that ilireetion to go to sea. Th" captain urged that be did not wish to break tho neutrality I lUR, and added that the captain or the Sumter was an old schoolfellow, with whom lie did not wish to come into cnnt'ict. lie thru shaped her .-outs ? to tlie northward loo far to intercept the Sumter on her way out. By the time that he .-ame to tho mmttb of ibn harbor agnin the Sum tcr was nowhere to be seen. The Iroquois did not at tempt any pursuit, but sailed direct for St. Th -mes, wiih o- t meeting the liacotah and schooner on the way. The plen of the captain he did not purmie for want of coal is generally doubted both at Thomas and Martinique. The captain of tho Rowland iias-d it said that he had coal enough to have followed h"r two hundred miles, and yot have forty or fifty tons t" spare. H' li.b-s, the Sumter could not sail over nine railed an hour, as her screw war damaged, whilo the Iroquois would sal! fifteen k note with ease. Thf was the general topic of conversation among the crew when they went on shore. One of the qei-.nien went to the American Consul and told h.m that he had soiled lor twenty years under the American fli.g. and during that time he had never got drunk- b it ho was bo disgusted at. tbo way the Sumter wax allowed to csiapo that he was goit.g on ft regular spree. >'one of I the bc anion or officers on board the Iroquois saw when i the Sumter got out of the harbor, a. their v.?T was loo far north. As soon us the fact became wed known that tlie Suuiter had escaped, the I nco'ah and I the Iroqnols were rent in pursuit. It is supposed gho i will tow make fur a northern Knglisli t?irt. j Cut tain Hon land kmi glit ft letter directed to Secretary 1 Seward from ft Tliomas. which he ftuppn?es to be re I luting to the escape cf tho r' THE PR1VATEBRS STILL M' WORK Tin: CMITKK 8I1IF >;HKV FKATHKU CJ!A?F1> in tpk NOIU'U ATHj ANTIC? I'lU'TlKNT aXI) 0 A 1.1.ANT HE nwct OK HSR OOVMlSn The ship 4!roy I-Mllicr, Capf am p, ,S, Mayo, wlilc'i ar rhrdat this port or. tU? StU rout., from Urittsb lu tu, re p rrtr an excising mm! int?-r?..wog occufreisoH nrlc-h be fi-l lifr on Iiai' vi'j :igi> Tina ? is n > i .an th* a'pear anci* i f a very mirpic mus . raff, mippnstxl to heaprixa- j (or ofl' the Windward fefan'ls.uod tlmdisoumlitureol tbe | laticr by !hn prudant fore >iglit and daterm.naliou of [ Cnplaifk U tyo J .v.^'a'c, hp.iR a ware that privateers iEfcsied ;bo | * l,ars X? r<"?? fVtlfaiit'r, prepared for any emeigoncy li i viin; India. pkuikod ij\ oi* liis water t mki ?n ?f in make a nulij pkrti'orin, cl'-fatcd above lm bill Mikf. Onthi- In! iiidim ti'?l two long tvi m* tMniu.ii';i, ?no pom ng 01or ih" .larboard, aud the other ovar tho ?ii hoard ri'i? of L;.i ship. lie ihiif allowed ai ou> e a re "K<'t.ih.K armauieut, havings ? .rwl * . l??r t.-?e in which li? work it. In ad 'ittun io tins lm was w.-; sup |)ll?0 Willi Mll.lll anus Hud b'a/llillg illll'l ill'lit*. Uu s u;<?l show thai in nil tbi lie was not ovn- provl ''??'it. I ? CiifUli Mayo rv mi that on tho _V hof No vember when iu latitude no dcgreei lini'ib, and lougl lude IM west, ha il,bi oveivil a i aspic lo if. l.xtkinis v< -el nil '* quarter, wlilcli romuiucd iu sight nutil tin' moru in" '|' 2Ttb, when, at about olgliPo'clock, another ? hip liovv iu sight also on his U ? quarter, but soon tioru away fci the vc.-scl which hud beau m UU cPuipuny tor ih< pvt two day# ; after running before the wind for I i ! an liour, the second, or strange ship, again huulod .vied anil started alter the (Jrey Feather, and eon. ' lined iIn chase lor four hours ami a half, or nutil oue I'. M. when she bail got within about two miles of her the Grey Feather buins ho deeply laden that her speed wua not equal to tlwl ol the ship. At this tunc Captain Mayo devilled it prudeut to prepare to nioet an enemy, and determined to defend hi# vr-eel to the last. With this objif.t hi view lie loaded and sbottod liis two Ion# twelve pounder#, and made clear for action. At this time the suspicious vessel being about one and a half miles dls taut .1 aptain Mayo In is tod his ensign In the usual manner, In order to at tract the stringer's attention. To tins the ship did not reply. Captain Mayo then bore away and broostit the stranger in range, and tired a shot across her bows. This had the ed'oot of causing her to hoist the American (lug, alter which she haulvtl sharp on tin wind, and disappeared iu a short lime. I he spirited ami succor ful esample of Captain Mayo and Mi'" rg I,. II. Simpson A* Sons, the owners of the tlrey Feather,are worthy the attention of and might he pro* ftablj imitated by all other owaera and manor# of sea going vessels in these troublesome times. Tho tlrey Feather had a valuable cars ?on board, ami is her-elt a very line vsrl. having on her outward voyngo inado the run to Molbo u-no iu eighty-two days, 'lhe vessel and cargo would no doubt have been a welcome prize to a privateer. THE IV A V If. BROOKLYN NAVY YARD. At the Brooklyn Navy Yard the Chippewa went into commission yesterday, with the following list of offi cers Lieutenant t'vnmanAinp?Andrew ltrysnn. iv atmant,?H. < herardi. Assistant Surge n?Isio.s /an Zeu. A&ing Ani tant /'ai/master?(?. a Robertson. A< ''lip Mast-n?V. A. Rapp. W . H. DeWoir. A'1 lie/ Matter's Mutes?W \Y. Colfax, S. I. Dade II C Wadd. 11.J. M.Crocker. nv' J'oi t .Irtish ntHrtjuiieeu?Robert B. Illue, W Mucgiave H. P. Gregory. '* ' Tlic Conker City will go into commission to day, w ith the following officers:? Pouiihand'T?Jus. Madison Kratloy. bind)mint?8. Livingston Brimse'. Acting Masters?Oliver S. Brock, Yolford Durham. Mora, tio 8. Iflanchard. Gunner?Wm. 11. Hamilton. t'huf hlngineer?.Geo. W Karrar. S'.t.mi Assistant biujin'er?lohu I. Pe.tte. Third Ass.rtanl Rhpi'iiccr#-l'eter It ibiusctj, Thomas Ma ter, John Trnnunt. Act lie/ .Waster s Mah*~I.indley H. Livingston, David IT. Daniel, (,'has. A. Crawford. The United States bark Arthur, J. W. h'.tlredge, Lieute nant Commanding, left the N'avy Yurd at eight, o'clock A. M , and iiroceeded to hor anchorage off Ellis'Island, iu tho North river, whore she will receive her powdsr and itn tiiediaiely proceed to #ea. The following is a correct list of her officers:? /.u ntenant Canmamling?.1. W. Kittredge. Matter a,ui Keteutir, Orifo?W. ??. I,undt. Aituu, Matters?K. T. Jones, W. IT. Melnthew. .? *"'</ Assistant /?upmasftr -Marcus li. Osbonie. A<1. ufj AtriManl Su njeun?O. D. Hoot. Matters Hates?^w. Barker, T. N.Myers, J.C. Cou KlAQt. Tlie officers of the Swedish frigate Novkoptng, Com maud. I .idlerspari e, visited tho yard yesterday, and were received with all the honors,a salute being Ihed. und the commander of tho yard,Commodore Paulding,showed the visitors all fhe curiosities. OUR NAVAL CORBKSPONDENCE. I'siuimnu, Due. 0, istU. The Culted States schomer Kittatinuy went into com mission to-duy IJcr armament consists of four long thirty two pouuders. She will cruise in the Gulf. She is a new vessel, lately purchased by government, and hide fair to b'i vory fast. The following is a list of her offi cers:? Ae ht/t Lieuteuant?J. C. Wel.'h. Aetinij Majten?W. II. Stoddard, C. W. Gneison. Aetiwj Moles Mattif.on, Fiedk. O. Grady. I.nke H Chase and George Riley . Surgeon?M. II. Henry ? Acting Assistant Paymaster? ??Clark. The Ktoumcr Mystic., L:o .tenant conunaudiDg Arnold, s i.i prtxroii to sea in a day or two. 8be i? bavinir pome repaid uonc to her matluKery. PORTSMOUTH NAVY YARD. 1 he CDited State# corvette Portsmouth, at tho Ports mouth Navy Yard, lias received orders to proceed South with sealed orders. She has an entirely new armament, const/ding of gixtecu eight-inch columbiada, and one fifty ponnd<-r rifled Pnrrot gun mounted on a pivot. The Port.-mouth sails with sealed orders, has a full cotuple luent of men and marines, and, it ig said, is bound on sonic iutpoi tani service, lne joliowiug is a list of her officers:? * Comaumder? cainiif! Swartwout. Pu s' /.ientrnant?R. C. Johnsinn. First J.iti tenan V'/nnnatuiim/ .tai/ines?-Wm H )?i*'c Arti,,,) /.ienttiuin(t?H. A. Ward, N. G. Mitch"; V R ichmoiu' Sailiiiu Matf'r?I'. O. Davecjiort. Surg e,,, -.1. S. Duugsui. Atsi.itue Surge,n~A. M. Wells. Assistant Payma ter?Caspar sehonck. Miitshif men?Waller Abbott. Main. Mate: i;. Fitiith,T. B. Gannon H. Jones Hisitstaiin- I'. K. < liaslu. Ountur?T. t a.-sidy. Sailmaker?H. .1. Ilaydeo. I 'd/y/r/i.'-a1?T. Fbatiuon. Movement* of Menrr*! Srntt In Rnrojiri I iTramuut- >1 from tliv Coir rier <iu Havre, Nov. a3.J ihe late Ijeuiounut (ioiiei I oi the 1 nltcd States Army, j il.v brave General Sc i I , arrived in our city yesterday I y the Klonmer Arogo. and proceeded to th" Hotel do I'K'i- j ro|>e. Previous In Ilia leaving New York the fortunac: conqueror of Mexico w as the objoct of the most iJait'o ng ' d isi inot .01: the Chanilier of < ommcro of New Yor* I passed roMrlntii ns, In which they joined with tdm entire nation in esteem for tin gr< mi Virginia: ii,. ... Wo oh moved with pleasure thr.t t;i- Ann ri-';oi .y-'ai-i*- ii iw in oar harbor improvised on board t!m ore a kind of tri umphal urch, d ? ';o<l with fin;" b ii >ro General soott. To-day. ai half-psst nine o'clock in the in onto- the Bitme captain* assembled in the court ol thu Hotel do i'Europo, and, pp ceded f>j Captain Line -,. <>mmandr r of the trai..'Atlantic r'eamer Arayo.Vrnt urtn in arm into the aptutuioDta Of the Wrave et? ran of the fei oral arm). Each su'i'-csivcly pressed his baud with emotion. A littlo while after Hit* General undressed iiicm, as fol lows ? M> kind friends and dcai fellow countrymen?I thank you profoundly lor this demon-irntion." .My heart is de ply touched. T am always hatipy to find myself among my feliow cituoii* ol the t inted State?, but tbo circiiu.sianre unlet which tin? iif.t lake ; piaco mokes mo dotlbly happy lam proud to receive yottr wishes mafoi' go land, thousands ot mile, from our common country liny among all, your profits-i-m; and I take thl* op portuoi.y, which you have offered inej to assure y<m of my entire devotion to the ca.scof ?y door cugntfy. 1 am convinced that 'he-.- are your feeling? Ou'h more, my friends. I.t, met tank you very siticeicly for thi spon taoeeiispi mf of year friendship lor au old soldier of our glnrlot - Ame.ica May tiotl hi -as yoti all F trewoH r.iv friends, lie .oucial, who haacume to Ha. re with bis daughter, j his see in law, and little ,.ratidM>n, left by the eleven o'clock train f?r i'.iris. whore he win be met by his wife, who atays at the Hotel de Kivli. In toii&oquon-e of the arrival ot General Scott, and the new* ol f. e late :t icct'if th* led.-rai licet, Iho American I vessel: in port hols', d their national comrs. [From the Journal dullavr . "l the llftih Novemher.J The landing,, f 'i*ner*l Win: eld Fc tl was ?ne occas on yesiepbiy <?! a wi tn ? vat on. unprovlacd by the oil mere of tlio ft ;t?d .Stales in rclwu t ve-stils now in our port. Their rep-aietl h riulw weremiugled with a pood many i , ; i ,, us. who thus rendered homage-to the person of t.i . i.lctuudarol that 1 a. e ol cmli/.iliun which ? , . o jr. Hi ? v -w us in tie-Hid World. I lie t.ei eral. In lnudn n I d m,p i.-s under an Immense canopy ( lie 1 oi (iuiou <'olofs each end "f which was j hehi aloft by i!i" hands of nunti rous American oiiicers | ,\ not Iter tr. mph d a- rh of th.: same kiui? awaited th \ tjCtici I at the close of the entrance to the pi< r : Jnyiu? shouts and eothi#inst'' hntah? futlov.ed Gem. I seoit jcto ilia Hotel do 1'Europc. which wa? on th - ? r< i ' J sfoi :: curved w th A .rrlcoB llac-- int- ? wt ven ? ith i ?i * | : French i i aui r ? American captains were engaged ; dct :g the ay 1 avttt.' ueir re-; rot'. ,no b.uvegeiio , ra!, who receive I tbem very ?*: dm y v:'.m ?? ).*) v ? ? : i l'? l nit-id Stale* in the 1 barter w? *:.?o d cor .cert t;. hn. . ol thu arrival ot General MOtt, colli fill g. hy a la, *b mce, with tho I nev.?ci thusuccea- so brch aj- , i.ij tgurttcit the nat u! e.rj 'jcitMui cf tbo Nor li IMPORTANT FROM HALIFAX. KnmorH About lite Ribtl CominUiiontri Iirrrhtnriilge aud Hunter. Haukaic, ilea. 13, ihci. It lias Iip.t strongly reported hero to day that lletin Breckinridge sud Hunter uppltlod for passago by tho Canada. but were refused, in coitnsqueitoe of a tale graphic d.spat, ii from Sicretury Cautoron, warning the agents of the Ouuard lino agaiuet convoy lug rebel. Mr. t iiuardoniph it il'y contradicts the report. FOREIGN VESSELS OF WAR IN OIK HARBOR Arrival of tin- Kwrdiili War KrigM* korrlioping. THE OBJECT OF IIEll CVI.LtNO AT NEW YORK tlER Ft'TI'KK MOVEMENTS TO PROTECT HWKDIHH ISI'I RRSTS IN I HE SOUTHERN WATEHtS, ETC., KTl . It is not of'eu that our friends of Sweden nuil Norway, iti thu northwest of Europe, pay ua a visit lu the shape of a war friyale; but whou the matter if inquired into, full satisfaction is given on both aides, and tlio mutual under standing und friendly relation* which now exist between ihn two oouutrieg nro tlie mure strongly comeated by such national intercourse. When wo take into con alder at ion the distance and climate of tin so northern Europeau regions, \vlu re flclds of ice eover their seas and lakes r'ne.i months 11' the year, and the fai t ol ilieit pay ing us a visit in tho midat of our domestic troubles, w# r innot but nreord to them a hearty welcome, and receive thorn with that spirit of national aiuity which should ever eltar tcterize two powerful nations. The Swedish war frigate Norrkoptng, Comma udor Ad lei spnrre, at rived in our wnturs on Thursday afternoon, nrul anchored ofl'tbo Battery. She sailed from Pljrnto .th, England, and was flfty sevon days in rear lung N nv York. This arose from repeated delays she had to make coast wire. Thn following is a perfect list of her officers? fa//a in? A. lie r s pur re. dajtain l.i iitmaiit,?Frcr?. I'muiir I.imtmanU?HJolmstlerna, Peyton, Pause, Laugerhetm. Sfitmd Li'utiiinnU?l.undgren, Guather, AnnersteiU, Krykholm, IVallenstrand, Krcsensliertia. Sodermark, I.bulback, Ijoiherg. Freanat. First Surgton?Bes 1; ow. Srennd Sargnm?llasti cut. l'nruT?Berggvixt. Chaplain?Gewamtes. Tho Xorrkopiug is a flneiy built w ar sailing vessel, mea s iring aboui J GO feet in length aud thirty six feet over all. Slio mounts thirty two guns (thirty pounders twenty two on the gun dock, and ten on the upper or main d ck. She is very commodious aud comfortable in all her compartment. The Norrkopitig has 340 soldiers on board, which in elude the officers, but not tho crew. Those men are all if Swedish and Norwegian deseont. the two nation* being under the Swedish monarch, b it each hav ing tho privilege vested in It of selecting Its own Legislative Assembly. This does not, at the >umo time, debar those who are inclined to outer the army and uayy from all the privileges attached to these public sen it a helng conferred on the men of either eountrj. tin making Inquiry into the circumstances of her v sit, we dis. covered that only una or two on board riioke English and our reporter ir indebted to Midshipman TTyalmar Y. I,. Ekwurzel for his kindness in giving him full iuforma. lion respe ting her. Tho officers arn friendly and obllginc, cotufteons and well disposed.ready to give any and every intelligent * about their ship to those who may require it and under stand them. Tlie.v complain much of the m courtetms treat ment of the batteries in tho river In not ndkh> wledging their salute, and praise highly the French war vcssols at Quarani lue for doing so. Tho Swedish and Norwegian Consul of th * city paid theirigate a visit, yesterday, aud wits resit I with a snluto of seven gnus. The complaint was made to him respecting the batter !?s. After being in conversation with the commander of the Norrkopitig for come time, tho Consul invited the commander to p.i- i vi. it t<. out Navy Yar.l, where they were very warmly and courteous ly received. Commander Adlorsparre s|K>k" In very ltigb terms of the efficiency of our defensive armament ug.< an invading foe. The Swedish v. ar frigate is now on u tour of protect ion for the ?wedif<b vcxbcIh In Southern w.iters, having left England purposely for that specific duty. \ ft or stopping here a short time she will renew her cru> Soutbw.v tf. Arrival of the British (?ttnlionl. l.nn<lriil|. TBS UNTRUTH OF HKK BEING FIKKD INTO U1 A LNI I KO STATES GUNBOAT?1IER BUSINESS UKi:K J'KOM BEK MrI)A - IIEK OPKII ERS AND CREW, ETC, The report tlirit the Landrail, Coixnnaiiiler J. II Mar' tin, flvo guns, war Qred at by the San Juu into, ???alto aether without foundation. The Landrail i-a w:.r pro toller Ijiglish gunboat, and, when leaviiu thoi efot Florida, fall in company on her par-aim v. itli tho San Jaucinto. .-he arrived at thin port ye.- eid.iyat twelve o'clock.', and. on making Inquiry on regar. r the alleged Insult to the British flap, it ban beu:i asm i laineil fr? in her ownofficTS that no ueh insult waslnten it. The Landrail was bound for New York, and In eoniing'ahmgsido wl'h the Nan Jacinto, and being in full sail at the lone, reeop ni/ed the shot from the latter. It b.i? be i disc vered that tho United States w ar vessel only llr< I a blank shot. This was ami'ably agreed upon that It wa nothing be vond that, and both ftartios seem satisfied that wan no "insult,' as it ij called, to tho British (lap. The 1 andrail nut hat ing her pennant flap flying at the time, the officers themselves confers that it wo the right of tho ??a Jaolrfo to do what she did, more espc e'aily in tho pre t exciting times in which we live, hi d ?ococ-i'lcraiiou f the war In will; L thcStab ttreongag ?!. Previous t.> tie Knglirh gunboat Landrail arriving at this port she sin shed her jiMxxim, owing 1 i lii" heav y weather she bad to encounter. Phor.irrn lie guns, no ad, potinder and the others 1(J pounders each. Her jili bot in s being rapidly tnt in order, and site will ho r dy to ta? orders from New York in |u few days, tc where she tsdwiined to carry them. She-'oiled from Bermuda under orders, and now i in II ? 1 i'1 r. She hoi' tigs te (lie North Amor can and West lud; i station (British JfhTy)... She is . smart ca going p? ijieller, and measures 146 feet long and twenty eight few beam. Her compartments aro well arranged and bar officer* and men, Including the crew, numbei sixty. The following !? a list of her officer ? OoiHMdJtdtt'?.1 ii Martin. / ut .uiiif?-H. H. 1 I olliser. .Vaster- -J. He-hard . Surgton?I. H. Kamn. /'ajriMtt'rs?K. 1.. I'ab h. Engineer in Chargr.?\* Sw in. Mid.'hij>man? A. tli??rrl'oli. tfruler's Aaiitant?K. I l'almer. The Landrail', officers ore i, nd obliging aud friendly, and are :n no way incl.rx d to k-1 p any thing back respect) ing their ship or them: elves while in the b o bor of Now York. Tlx Fort at Sanity Hook, New Vork Harbor, The fort at thia place was commenced revnily, by the ct nsiruetion of b biding? required in the prosecution of operations, and by grading and planking roads leading from tiie wbaif to the ; if of tho fort The works dur lug the last few months iinvo progressed v. illr great ra pidity, arid it is n ov m comliti on to mount a large num. bar of una. It uoiumands the channel of the entrance to tho lower boy, and the ontire anchorage around. A hostile fleet approaching New York harboi by the Xar rows, would first have to encounter the Are oi ihebatte rye.' -andy Hook, some ol the guns of which, with a s ighl elevation, mot,by recent c.qiorimoms, a hundred pound shot a distance of two mites beforo -hiking the watc. Alter passing this po nt the fleet will come vrlth iii the range of titty ,?f the guua of Fort Richmond and Fort Hamilton In the fir. t stage of :t* pro p er-, aacl as it advances the number ot guns Incre is.-s, i-r til tho fleet will receive t it- fro of two hundred nod fifteen guns, should it ] a th.M wi.botit being disab.ob, Im. to encounter the butteries of Govornors Island and Fori Wood on lkdlOc a i-inlid. The lialt i more and Ohio V a. it road. (From tin? Wheidiug \ ir,i"-mj lnt iligei, -or, Iiec. 11. i It U gratifying to announce that the wbrk of erecting bridges and repair ing tho damages to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad done by lb" Couiederate forces sincotne co'.nricc clie nt of hostilities is prog c siug whh Zealand cuerry, and even thus far a vast amount Of labor has been performed, whilst the work Is still progressing. The enemy,during iho spring,getfiro to and destroyed tv.o sutieuntial wooden Ori 'g- k, one of which | assoil ver the little Carnpon,twenty two m le> ea-i fCumber land. Over this stream a new brid e has b"eu flnisbed one hundred and tb rtj -'ue feat in length, and supported bv ,Lrcp.. abutmen ? ihe other oiio ? troycd f-'tsvcd over Great fa-apou 'on miles west ot lfai rk, and was two hundred and sixty live feet in leegth. fhis is in course of reconstruction, is of two *pan-, And will short it be flinched,