Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 14, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 14, 1861 Page 2
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THE MONSTER IRON-CLAD BATTERY. A Formidable War !Hochln??The Great Steven* llattrrv at llobokt n?A Snrvhirt Drarriptlon of It* II nil, KukIiic*, Boilers, machinery and Armament?A Commit ter!*lliiK II* Atlup uhility to Prevent War Purposes, 4s<\, tin-. In yesterday 's Hsuau) we gave u Bnoclnct description of a novol steam battery now being eonstructol and nearly ttulshod nl Rortlentown, New Jersey, by Edwin A. ftteveuB, Esq., of Hoboken, its Inventor. When finished it will be presented to the I7ni?n government, through 6ecretary ("base, as a freo-w ill offering of its noblo donor. If a new projiose to give a synoptical description of the groat Stevons battery, Invented by the sumo party, and which, for a number of years, has been secretly construct ing ?t llohoicen. A history of this wonderful machine would no doubt bo acceptable to iho readers of the Hkkam> and the public In genoral; but for want of sufficient and exact data w? can give only that served by memory. It Is this:?About twenty yoars ago Robert L. Stevens and Edwin A Stoveus. I sqs., of this city, Invented and pro. jeclod what tboy thought an indispenxable much me for the prelection of Now York harbor. As goon as their plans wore completed tbev submit ted them to the proper federal authorities at Washington. The subject was respectfully en. lertatned, and referred to a government board then or ganir.od with reference to coast and harbor defoucea. Ths board was composed of Commodores Stewart and Perry, of the navy, and Colonels Toil-n and I'erry, of the army. It is presumed the reiiort of these gentlemen was highly favorahlo to tha Inventors of the tnacbino in question, as In 1S42, the year following, Messr.. Stevens consummated a contract, with the governmint for the immediate construction of their immense battery. The contract was a provi sional one, based upon the following farts, viz:?At that time tho steam frigates Missouri nnd Mississippi had been bmlUfor the United States Navy; but, as they were con structed without any stated sum being appropriated for their payment, their actual cost was not known until loug artor they had entered active service. In this state of affairo the government agreed with Messrs. Stovone for the latter to build the battery. provided its entire cost Would not exceed one half as much as the aggregate cost of building tho two vessels before mentioned. On theso tortns the contract was consummated. The Mis sissippi and the M ssouri cost over one million of dollars? a fact not ascertained until Messrs. Stevens had com tnenced tho construction of their battery. From the date of the contract for tins machine even tip to tho pro Bent time a veil of myslery hits boou drawn over tho origin, character, size and nppearanco of it. Som people insisted thnt the whole thing was a myth, or fu^ contract with tho government; others Insisted that waa a hexagonal platform, or batten, on tho plan of tlia mammoth derricks ?if this day; other" imagined that it was a large square tank, a battering rain, and so on, to an indeliiilto number of shapes. The gecrosy attached to tho plan and construction was highly necessary for tho pro tection of this government against the inroads and encroachments of foreign Powers. Now, when the tnyslory is UDveiled, we soo an immense war machine, combining all the beautiful lines, symmetry nnd s- -oil o' a North river steamboat, the strength of the best c n. strucled ship afloat, and a war vessel probably out rivalling the modern Iron-clad frigate, of t tie navies of Europe, and revealing the facts that in this v? nine ail tho important improvements in iron and xnachinery, which are now styled modern and ascribed to European inventors, but which In fict were made by two of our own townsmen twouty years ago, but from mutiveg of h >nor to their country, and tho contract wp'U tho federal government, have been until now withheld from tho goveinm-ut. Theso Inventions combine high steam, the screw pt opol lei , hollow and lino lines fore and aft, the Iron hull, the box or tubular bridge framing, the link motion or steam reverse gear and inclined armor. The improvements ad vane id at that early day, and not yet adoptod in the heal practice, are the two screws for rapid turning, the water armor for action, the abihty to rise rapidiy to tho surface, the use of heavy ordnance, the unlimited ltori zoiital Ur?all of the highest practical va is in the present cr In 1S43 tho a. j-I .:' >n which the vecs>| is eoa structod (at Hobnkcn) was commoner , but , u account of a change in Iho federal administration, thu interpos ing ofQolal interference, the construe'.! ,u of thu battery w as not begun until 1S61. Within tw n'.y months ? ?! tlia. time tho completion of the ship prop r ? .n ai rapluihod. The original sum furnished by tu> p.-ii-ueut was $.>00,000, in addition thereto Mrs - s. levoi have ex pended $200,000 of their own privai. funds. The cuter prise, however, was stopped by the .v.tlli of K-? ' ? rt L. Ste vens and for want of further appropria r-n-i. Five h ind'e l I thousand dollars and from four to six m inihs tinu< are ' now asked by Mr. K.dwln A. Stovens to compleio and set rraily for ge. vice t1 is formidable war mm bine, and lie 1 promises and g' u an r 'S to tho government that ihe ship shall combine the ,u..owing prlncipl s, viz ? PRINCIPLES OF THE BATTERY. First?Protection of tbu entire ohip proper at I its con tents by water. The vsssol, while hiving a minimum draught of seventeen tout, may t>> sunk in action to twenty two feet. Second?The incltnod armament. Third?(Treat gpood. Fourth?Turning with facility on her centre by the po cutter nctli n of hor propellers. Filth?Adaptation of draught to circura stance by means of rising and sinking. Sixth?Perfect protection to (ho crow from hostile s lot, except the eight Bring the gens. Seventh?By arranging the g ins to Are ui any pruc tion, (weeping thu whole horizon. Eighth?.Superiority of m:i"s over modern Eiroptati (ron-clad vessels, viz.?White the Ironclad vos-re la Gloirn, of the French navy, and the W rrior, o; the British navy, prosont porpen llcular bi,)wnk< to direct thotfrom nn enemy, the Stevens battivy ?t every point presents an angulaled one. Ninth?Training the gnns nndor shut p oof pr l clton, and loading the gens liy rammers co itrollud by ah- i:n. Cbngress at its last sessio i, in vi w of the imp inatico of this great invontion to present etii en os, appointed a committee, consisting ni Commodore r-iringli:, m. Com modore lnmann,Captain Horn in and I'hiof i.i.ginoor Stoi mus, of thu navy, and Frof. Henry, of WasUingtou, to ex amine more fully the merits of this battery, and to re port progress at the earliest day. These gentlemen hare uearty completed their investigations, and tt is presumed It will bo favorable to the immediate completion of the battery. Wo will now give a brief description of tbo battery ? THK Hl'LL. It is 420 feet long over all. Its bottom ts flat, like the North river sleamnrs. The water lines ere hollow fore and art. The straiu Is about the sum as those having a.i extraordinarily tine run. The bow hollows in at the lower leek about oaefoot in fifty; the pmriortlnn of the length to the benm is about eight to one Hi# deck lilies of tho how perfectly hollow. The b ittom plates are of iror. one inoh thick, tape-tng toward tin- top to one lialf in- U, ami are overlapped or clinker built (original wuib Mr. Ste vens) In tho style now ad pml u modern iron slops. The ribs or franc s are < ; ? r cu d of two fi by 3ff inclius heavy angle iron, ivm ? t together lengthwtso by throe and a half inch tlaii.p s. I'ho battery or ship has tyro decks, one fourtoeu 'out high from tho bottom of tho bold and the other twenty-ona lest. The latter, or main deck, is of wood, covered with iron plates lice, y emeigli (as determined by a sories of experiments by Messrs. Stevens) to resist the force of any modern shells r other cniBHiloe l iat may fall on it from the false dek .ih >vr. T e main deck is supported by ihe sides of the ship and by trusses made of boiler plated in ute in hollow t citus and |s?t?. Over tho digitus, which ae nmU.-l t the deck is supported by tho engine framre, and it: ti.e foro and aft parts of the chip by cnsi buH-hc, 'Hit coal comiiartmvnts are bdkwltie low or deck nL o tlie storage room. Th hull re-omlb ? in'u gi au-il features | that of u large iron screw, dh *,,r y ha-p I'ars. 'I'Gb KNtllNK.-. 1 The engine department b n a kUe r.ddleoi the ehlpsnd rubs back fifty-two ieet ".leu motion screw engines i iur i>n en. ti . ???? a r);ei*o screw shafts are eight loot ?| nr i < e i. 'ireot ILrscip. nnd diverge towards the Fteru wtn io !> ? a. .. twet.iy two feet apart. Koch shall I- 'Simpered c. t. vl' i coupled together, seventeen in li ii Han t- ??.< ?.,j hundred nnd eighty-lour If. t -(.ng Tl-4 ei,v mef.-nn** are,in efTbct, eiglit arches, 11 a- n,: n ? ? ?(??? Mp.f.m the bottom and from sMe ? *> <? 1i .rly tip ti (In ?; vtn dock. Tho frames are t ?? ib rs > b , ? slate, g'i'h as iisod in the Vkt< ? - Ed i rp iru.i. hi ; S'./rd to (lie b'It m e VI * .ve htU deck. Each net oi .ot >u >.i i s oiiim'^ of lour cylinilsri and (wo t u ?<. .1 below lb* Shaft, next thai. J f ?<? ? i ?*. * fat ing each other, sm ? >. in tli* centre of tho vessel?one under the upper end the other under tho lower dock-thus uflording means for a" envy scc.M to nil P?rts of those vast machines. The cylinder of each of tho eight ei<glnea Ss forty-live inch s in dumeter and Uie stroko of piston forty-two inches. A remarkable lout ore of the engines Is, that all the priori pdl Journal boxes, including Ibo crank pin ends of tho connecting rods, are hollow, aud furnished with induc tion and i otnru piped, which keep a continual stream o. water rut ning through ihom, rendering it impossible for them to heat. Tho steam pressure to bo carried, to attain | from eighty to one hundred revolutions of tho propellers, | will be about s.xly pounds, at the noinlual horsepower i of 8,600. THK B01LF.RB. Tlie boiler room or compartment is located about 120 fent from tho bow of tho vessel, aud extends back 100 j toot to about the centre of the ship. The boilers are tea la number, five on each side, separated by a central lire room or passage. Fitch boiler Is about 14 feet high, and 11 by 14 feet in length; they have each two furnaces In the low r part, the upper part being tilled with hundreds of two and a quarter inch roturu (lues ton feet long. The ag gregate heating surrncc yT all is ubopl 28,000 square feet. It is not nocessary to use all Ihe boilers except to attain a maximum speed. A railroad runs from the coal bunkers fore and aft to the tire room, by which to obtain coal for use. Two large fans?the engines to drive which are on the upper deck?occupy a position forward of the rows of boilers, which serve to drivo a current of lrosh air Into i the Are room, and also to accolerato tho draft under the furnaces. *H1 8CWSW PKOrM.LF.lH. Tho size of the propellers has not yot been determined upon. The principle, however, of having two of lh"m on war vesicle is an invontion and suggestion entirely ori ginal with Mr. Stevens. The great featuro of this princl pie is their ability to turn the ship round on its own cen tre, as if on a ilxed pivot. This Idea has boon fully ex | cmpltflcd by experiment on other steamers constructed and owned by Mr. Stoveus, and cannot bo too highly esti mated. THK AKMOll AND ARMAMRNT. The armament of the vessel is to comprise guns of the largest calibre, capable of throwing shot of from lour hundred and twenty five to six hundred pounds each. The guns uro worked on nearly fixed pivots, auildshipa, niuo fo t nbovo the surface of the water, and the highest part of the armed portion, or any part of the ship, ox i cept the chimney (telescopic), is hut five and a halt feet | above the surface of tho sea. Thus the angle of tlic mailed j sizu is very flat, being only two to one, while the top purt of the mailed part Is entirely fiat. The whole of tho arm r shuts down over the ve-cl like covers, and consists of a battery beginning 1<>8 led tor ward <>l the centre. ' From the point below water, where ttie si .es ol the ship proper b gin to run up vertically, tho armor sta- is and runs up. ne'lining outwardly to about the surface <>l ?>> water, and leaving a V shaped space between the armor ami the ,-i les of tho ship proper some three feet Mink, which is filled with solid ouk. From this corner the ar mor inciiuos inward at an angle of one rise, to two hori ?/ontal, joining the upper dock. Tho inclined pai is ol armor are inches thick. Tho deck is covered with iron plates thick enough to keep olt hells. Foltd shot would s'riko it at such a very acute angle us to glance on. The out cat ring s aro ve y heavy iu isscs ol iron, let into and h i in nine.) by circu ar duple.s Ions in the.plutod d*?ck Tlit v are I) 'fvy mi ti? resist any known projec tile-at t.-ie shortest range. Fach carriage or turntable has a sh .ft tm.-Huig down to the main deck, where it is trained mane uvredbv machinery and ranged to any degree by means or 'indexes operated by the gunners After fi.h.g the discharged gun is depr.-sse with its muzzle to a sma.l sholprooi hood in tiie dick and fitted to the slui]>c of tho muzzle or the gun wh.-: ? it is swabbed and reloaded by a piston It takes flfieen minutes lo loud lb- I tod man ti'te n inch gun . aud a- a part of the armament for this battery h to i'oiiaist of two or more of tlietn. it Is im-lKtod by Mr. -ttv. n* ib i be can load them by machinery at lea-I one ? iit two inm'eF. Tlie only ni-ii not absolutely shielded I com I'm I'icnif s shot are those who ami and tire the guns. The recoil of the guns Is absorbed by rubber (ductal I -hiu ' tbe tru: nlons of the piece, i xpenuieuts lui shown this pUn U beleHible armor statu s on the twenty one feet (ti ck and ex tern s to tho twenty eight bust line, in the mid II ? portion of the ship. Oil Ihe level of the lop of the armor, lore aril aft and at th" sides of il. extends a light twenty eight feet deck the ivlmlo length and breadth of the ship. Above litis are flying bulwurks, to turn down iu act Ion, aud hei w f at all points, except under the armor, ore ample quarters for the crew of the vessel. The 'h p can ho sunk, by means of reservoirs In tho interior if the vessel, so as to entire y obs tare the hull ol tlM ship, while nothing remains visible to tho enctny hut tho .irea of an eight gun battery; and. again, these reservoirs can b> emptied by means of steam the snip rise t > the surface in a comparatively short time Ihe stood of the vessel, It is atlogod, can bo brought up to twenty miles per hour, and downward as circumstances may require. Originally the bat lory wx? built for harbor deletion alone; but its immense xtieuglh ami buoyancy will permit It to go on auy (.art ,ii the eo.g-t who e .is services may be required. It lias capacity torstercig 1,000 tons of coal, enough for from three to four ?la's consumption ... So thai <? ir rea li ra may form at lovt a superficial idea iu this great war rinchuic, we will give the loltowlng table of com, aris >n between it and the (treat US'-tern. ,)? co rse th:-flattery is intended wholly for wai pur poses; b i ce the comparison is not given for contrast as to tbo similar merits of the ship ? .'Iron* I lattery Great his,mi. I.eugt h over al' 420 feet. ' ?80 ivei. Brea 'th of beam over all. f>3 fee'. 8-f lest. Breadth of lieam, exclu sive "f armor. 48 feet. pepth from m.uii deck. . 21 ieet o in. Depth to upi>er or gun , Jeck ;; 28 feet. 80 feet. Minimum draft of water.. l; f"''f Fruit in lighting trim ... 22 feet 8 in. 30 feot. Tonnage e tiOOtons. 18,796 tons. Weight of shil>, engines a.,,i 2.281 tons. 12,000 tons. We.glit or armor 1,800 tous. Weight o( guns ami car 190 tons. ? Weight of coal (entire ca y 1,000 tons. ? Immersion (with stoies) u. i: 11> .c wnter *1 feet 6 in. without wuter .. Area of Initn'-rssd mid suction at 21 feet urafl.. 810 feel Number of boilers... 10 10 "Vial 'lie re- It or tho investigation of tho committeo will be we cannot yet divine. We have no doubt, how ever, that iiiis achievement of American skill will re ceive us due hhare of consideration. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Fkiday, Dec. 13?C P. M. Foreign exchange was held at 109% by most of the leading bunkers to-day, and parties who were obliged to remit had to pay this rate. Wc dnubt, however, whether ?5,000 in all were sold above 100%. There is no demand for bills from the tsnde. !!? uce, notwithstanding the scarcity of mercantile Mils, ar 1 consequently the unwillingness of the hankers to draw, the advance in bills may almost be considered merely nominal. The indications nr< thai we may count on an export average for the winter of a million and a half to a million and three-quarters per week, exclusive of cotton. This will supply all the hills required by the importers, provided Congress will raise tlio duties on foreign silks, luces, ribbons and other aiticlcs of luxury which can be dispensed with. Mom while, if the pre si nt upward tendency of the market continues, a- it pr mixes to do, a small specie shipment may be made on Wednesday next, it is as well that the tluiig should he done, as people will then see how groundless the present dread of specie ship- ! nient* is. There is no change in money, and very little doing in paper, 7'he heavy lender,-, still expect to get G for ? all loans, but active borrowers can oh tain II they want at 6. The brokers allow 3 on t, npi rary deposits. The market for money gene rally is rendered dull by the pending suspense in regard to the financial policy of the government. The stork market opened with sonic strength this morning, but showed a tendency to advance so rapiJly that tin hears, for the sake of their con tracts, were forced to put out some options in or der t j keep prices down. Subsequently a dull W'ing { revallcd, und lower prices were accepted (?or many h ad.og stocks, the market closing weak. ? 'onip ?ring *!je closing prices of the day with those of yrstei lay, "we note in advance of 1 In Tcnnes % Hi M.ssonris, % in Pacific Mail, % in Pa nama, /J in gu lantced, and % in Michigan Cen rul, and a decline of 1% in Virginias, % in New York Outfit, */t in Krie, % lr trie preferred, Ja m llhiois Central, % (n Galena, % in Toledo, ' arw % .n flock U'and. The following were the prices #f the day:- -United States fl's, i ri-gi--! i/ed, 1-->1, a ??: do. 6's, coupon, l*sl, J a 03: do. IPs, l;'7i, S28,' a 83; Virginia G's, ' ?fVH t-%; Ten-ics..,. ?'i, 4t a %; Mimouri 6's, I ??>'? a T;: I'actle Mail, S??4 a %: New y, t. Cen ! I tral, 7i ? 7ft; f ie .11% a %; do. preferred, 53 I a %: Hudson Rhfii, 37% llar'em, %% a%: ' ti.. preierri d, 29% <i %? r,eu dug, It 1 1 . Michigan 1 ii rid, <J3 ? f'i t.ig n Sontlttt i no J North- j I ' Co. g< ' -sot- ? a *;< I 1 1 ' ? Panama, 114% a 115; niinoia Central, 60% a %: Oahna and Chicago. 70% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 33%a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 50% ?Chicago, Burlington and Quiucy, 5s% a6'V?: Milwaukee and Frairio du Chleu, l!i a 20. The subject of a bank suspension of specie pay ments is engaging very considerable attention in financial circles It is evident that if the govern ment pays the troops and contractors in paper not redeemable till after the war it will become unsafe lor the banks to continue to pay specie. The emission of irredeemable paper is invariably fob owed by hoarding, and hoarding is quite as sure to be latal to banks us a foreign drain. There is but one proteci on against the one as against the other, namely, a general suspension of specie pay ments. The question arises, when should su. h a suspension take place? Should it be effected w hen the banks are in the plenitude of thoir strength, and before the public Lave begun to take the alarm at the increase of paper money, or should it he deferred till the issue of war paper has begun to produce its effects, and people have weakened the banks by withdrawals of coin? If the ultimate result be inevitable, there can be no difficulty in deciding which of the two courses is the wiser. One point must be borne in mind by the public. A temporary suspension of speoie payments involves no neces sary danger or injury. It may be injurious if, as is the case in the rebel States, it proves the occasion of the issue of large amounts of irredeemable paper, representing no real value, and compara tively certain to prove ultimately worthless. And it may prove injurious in our dealings with foreign States if the balance of trade turns against us. Hut the experience of 1857 is there to prove that, under sound management, banks raay^uspend and business go on, a d specie payments be resumed after a period without causing a single disaster or even any real inconvenience. If, for instance, our associated banks, in view of the nncertairi ties of the future and the probabilities of large issuos of government paper, should decide to suspend with their forty-two millions of coin in their vaults, and the whole country at least one hundred millions richer than it ever was before, what evil consequences would ensue? There is no reason to suppose that specie would rise to a premium, or that there would bo any difficulty in obtaining it for legitimate purposes. Trade would go on as usual; the government would issue its paper, for the due redemption of which the whole resources of the country would be pledged; and by-and-l.y, when pence was restored, or was rendered so cer tain that no further apprehensions of hoarding were entertained, the hanks would resume, as they did after the suspension of 1857, without con traction and without causing any emliivrnssmeut t<> the mercantile community. The suspension wonld have answered its purpose by protecting the bank reneivo from an obvtous danger; and neither the banks nor the public would be any tlio worse. It might i ifme an nidation for a time; but it is not absolutely necessary that this should be followed by disasters, except to a few rash specu lators. ^ The decline of 17 per cent in Pacific Mail in tho course of less than three Weeks?from par, divi- 1 dend on, to 88?-has been one of tho most curious ! features of our stock market. It has generally been supposed that I'acifi# declined because its ships were so peculiarly exposed to danger in the event of war with England. It turns out, how ever, that there was a much better reason for the ' decline. A company is understood to huve been ' formed here some time since for the reopening of the Nicaragua route under reliable auspices. With in a few days the steamer John Hart, Captain Griffin, is said to have^been despatched to Nicara gua to ply on the lake, and negotiations are now pending with an English company, which is to place a line of first class steamers on the Pacific to run between San Juan del Sur. San Francisco, and probably British Columbia. It is the expectation of the friends of the new enterprise that the route will be opened before the spring. In this event the value of Pacific Mail Htock would become pure ly speculative, and it is easy to understand the re ft ut decline. As usual, the parties behind tho curtain have been taking care of themselves. We understand that the last steamer from Ha vana brought over thirty Mexican gentlemen, each provided with a commission from the Mexican government authorising him to fit out a privateer to prey upon the commerce of Great Britain, France and Spain. However grossly the go vernment of Great Britain is violating the spirit of its treaties with na by shelter ing the pirate steamer Nashville, and denying to the captain of the Harvey Birch the poor privi lege of reclaiming the property stolen from him by the pirate Pegram. it is not prohuble that these Mexican agents will find countenance here. The business of the Sub-Treasury to-day was as follows:? ^r^Voms. ? ?on account of loan 50 4M 00 I aynieiits (including redewnod 0 p. c. notes) 2,292*915 4u ttA,ancc 7.002,034 02 Tim exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $15,684,882 27, ami the balances #1,307,446 55. The Brooklyn Fire Insurance Company has de clared its usual semi-annual dividend of ten per cent , payable January 2, carrying the remainder of the earnings for the six months three and three quarters per cent to the surplus fuud. The Provi dence and Worcester Railroad has declared a semi annual dividend of four per cent. T!.. statements of the banks of the three-princi pal cities of the Union for tho last week compare with tho previous one, and the corresponding time of 1860, as follows:? Tstant. Sfn'r. Cimtta'n. New Ynrk, l>c 7.#159.793,5158 133,618.787 42.31S.SUI S 5?>,7:<l) Huston, I><-'-. 9 66 16?. 153 27,755,(107 8.457.22* <>,.,218.6 I'hila phla, Dec. S. 81,160,W2 22 Wl, <*16 7,266,'JI2 2.2-.7.4K Total $257,123,608 184,367,H2U 042.780 17 .'55 845 Last week 2. .0,787,836 187.IU7.743 56,663,147 16 ' <3,687 Last year 217,172,oOi 114,834..NJ2 25,652,137 13,so2,ii-.>o In relation to money and exchange mattera at Chicago, the Chicago Tribune of Wednesday re marks:-? Tho money market Is quiet, and business generally is moving along without anything worthy of sp, cial note from day to diy. II any thing, exchange is rather more abu t ' the lntlinna t ranches have sold freely to customers and other bunkers at >4 premium,and we hear that soiuo of he other banks havo sold rouud lots at the same figure. The ruling price, however, at most of the banlt6 ho? been The general buying price is <4; but some of the bunks were unwilling to pay above 1-5. Gold i? t.5t active. Buying alt ut >4 a <4, selling ft a y a 1 per >.or>t premium for small lots. We saw to day $.',,000 of Tike's Teak gold in the hands of our former lei low citizen, J. If. Stansell, Ksq., who hits just returned from the mountains, llo Is to send it to Philadelphia In a day or two for coinage. Tho amount is only one third of Mr. Stansell realized In four months hist summer. The Cincinnati Gazette of the ?amc day says:? Capital is,abundant, the demand for loans moderate, and giant paper has a troe currency at 10 a l'J per cent, tue ihsI !o tho prevailing llgiire for llie general run or se ct-! table names. Hankers are not diS|a>sod to douny tiling be tiw those rates, but prime paper has been ne gotiated outside >1 H 11 V per cent. Money has never been so plenty <>r ( heap in this ntai kel, iu lie, entber, as it is now; and yet it is next to useless for any ono to upjtly for loans who cannot oiler undoubted names. Capitalist* also aim 10 confine tln-lr operations to short busino-s pa per. The desire is to have the cush return every Rixly days This is about as far in the fuiere aa the confidence ?f financial men extends "t present. At Milwaukee, on Tuesday, exchange was firm at one per cent at the banks, and IJ4 a 1 y% outside. Slock Kxrbsnge. Kumar, nee. 13.1861. flOCOO DSfl's,'81,c?u !<2J4 80 .,h3 Prie KR...S60 31% ISoOO III COU D ??*, 70 82 300 do 31 % 5000 Virginia fl'*.. 48 76 IIIleRR. prf 63!, 40bO '<> sll) 4* 100 do ,T3V, 10000 Mf1 16'- . *1"*' I'M) do 53?* hUQO 'ii bIW 4' 60 do b6<1 io,'., iiOt/0 -10. ... 11 60 do h30 MW, 5'g ?) d> 10 41 100 Hud RlvvrRB.. 31% .',(?0 <' il ferula 7 ' v' f,0 do 37 fc limn do. ?>. '< inoiliri niR't prf s60 |, i o ? 1 tied Ton KB. 4U-, 6U0 III' ?n i'.U b.h- ? do 4b', 2000 Ilao\8t,!UH bs 3, |-4i do ...MO 40\ lcsiiS flanovoi Bl> o-> 200 Mich NAN lad RR is<i ii'ac F"'- * ? " M . Mienolk M p stli . 3s loo T'a.HW to fit do 88 90 Panama KR 1MX 50 do h.10 88 60 do (30 114 Vf 176 do 88J< 60 do 114\ 60 do bHO 88)4 (00 DlOen RRscp.s3Q 60)4 l'^O do 88.? 200 do 6)1)4 M) do (16 88 45 Clov, Col fc C KR. 101 100 do 88X 100 flal *Chl KR ... 71 100Canton Co 10t< 20 Clev ttTol KR... 33)4 370 NY Ion Hi! 78)4 625 do 33)4 10 do. 1-30 78 loO Chi & Kk 1 KR... 60)4 350 do 78>4 f.0 do b30 61 100 d'i I'4 78<4 1<!0 do s30 60?4 60 do b7 78 100 do 60'J 100 do (15 7x>4 25 do b30 61,'4 60 do 8.10 78'( I'D do b60 61l4 100 Erla RK 1)60 32 Si 160 do 51 100 do 32>2 60 Cht, IJur k Qy RR 68)4 100 do 32 8 Mil & 1' du C 2dp 00 SECOND BOAllI). $4000 D8 6'(,'74.oou x3 60 shs llml Rlv RR . 3714 700 California 7'B.. 82 118) Harlem KK. ..blO 1174 4060 81 % 100 do 11X 10 lift DcIfcHudCeOo 8214 100 Con KK. 49 136 Pacific Mail SSCo 87J4 100 do slO 41) 100 N Y ton KK..M5 78>4 60 Harlem RRpref.. 29l4 100 do 010 78 lOOt.'lov.V PilMbgRR 14*4 IPO do 78 200 balnea k Olio KK 70,'1 200 do (30 7774 800 I'lov At Toledo RR 33'4 100 Erie R.l 3I\ 860 Chic \ Kk 1(1 KR. 60)4 s5o do 31)4 6 Mil & I'radoC RR 19 60 Erie Ri< pi of 53 <4 60 Md&PrduC2dpr 60 60 do 6314 CITY COMMKRCIAIi REPORT. Friday, Dec. 13?6 P. M. ASH*.?The market was steady, with sales of 25 bbls., closing at $5 6C)?'c. for pots and at (5 50for pearla. KaaAiarrcrrE.?Hour?Tbe market waa less active and buoyant, and closed about 5c. lower for common (hip ping brands of .State and Woe am; the galea embraced about (15,000 bbls., eloslug within tbe following range of prices:? Superfine State (5 40 n 5 59 Extra ;o fancy State 5 06 a 5 85 Superfine Wos'ern 6 40 a 6 60 Commou to choice extra Western 6 70 a 8 75 Canadian 5 65 a ft 80 Southern mixed to good (upurkuo 6 76 a 0 25 Extra do 6 30 a 7 26 tiood to choice family do 7 25 a 8 (>o Ryoflow 3 15 a 4 -'0 Corn meal. Jersey and Urandytviue 3 00 a 3 30 ?Canadian Hour was boavy, while tho sales ombrao-d about 1,200 hlils. at tho above quotations. Southern Hour

was Hi ni t and in good request, with Ha'.es of 1,000 bins., closing within the range of the above figures Kye Hour was Urm ut quotations, with sab s of 240 bbls. Corn in ni was to fair demand and steady at our ligores, with sales of 230 bbls. Wheat?The market was less active, and ut the cioso prices were rather easier. Prime ."-hip ping lots of amber and re.i wero unchanged. The sains IimiUhI up about 75.060 bushols at (1 40 a $1 48 fur white Ohio, Indiana and Michigan; (1 38 a |1 40 for rol Western, $1 31 for Canada club, $1 31)4 * 32 for amber I"wa and Wisconsin, nnd (I 29 a $1 31 for Milwaukee cl b. Cm 11 wns Hrm for gisid shipping lots of mixed. The s ib's embraced 60,000 a 60.000 bushels, at 00).;<?. a 67e, for tho eastward, and 67c. a67)4C. a 68c., the latter figure fur lotsinstoro Barley was quiet, with small sales at 72c. a 83c. Kye was quiet and sales limited at unchanged prices. Outs were firmer, ami closed at 44c. a 45c. for Western and Canadian uud 45c. n 4f>)4e. for State. CoKtTCK.?Tho market was active aud Hriiior, with sales of 12,000 liogs Rio at 17)4c a ll)',,c Comix was again active and bi-hnr. The sales were between 2,500 a 3,000 hales. The market opened at 33J4os a 34" lor uiiddliug upmti ls, but before the close i-'t the afternoon a sale id 65 bales was made at 36c.. Willi lit tie to be had under that figure. Prices closed withlti tho range of 34c a 38c., with a sale of strict middling at 36o. Kkkichts were quiet, with homo less ottering. To Liverpool 12,000 bushels or wheat wore engaged ul 73fd. in hag?, and 1,000 itbls. of Hour at is. 10',d. with .-nine bacon at yesterday's rules. To l.oudou wheat waa ut 9d. asked, in hulk, and (lour at 2s. 7).,<!. a2< yd asked, With sotr.e eln e-oat uncliaiigod 1etc. . To liav' 0 gome win- o w is taken ni 18c. and flour tit 70-. Ilii ?Tie market wis ste?H with a g d define I, cl ietty uii g >v rum 'i taocour.,at 7u. lor shipment tit f | 76c. sis ;'oi cily US '. )ln>*-. ? 1 be receipts this weok h ive b"ii quite fiber amountmg t<>21,000hides. Tn< market bis been 111 r aclivo, and sal-. t? a cn-uie aide extent have Veil i.mle. II-filers ire firm in their v < w-, and will not su mil to in* gi it r n esaiou. So es are: 4 31 SO dry Ru-tnm 1 res. 210 24 lbs., p'lV It", 2.0OO du. do., 20 lbs ,22c , 6 months; 2 830 drv Mutant", o, 22 lb , inc., 6 nnuitU I 1(8) dry KorloCaiiellii, 22 lb-.. If. , 0 months 720' Titnpiro, 21IV., 18c., 0 months 780 dry New Orion's. 20 lbs., priva'e; 4.860 city l gli'.or, liO'u 70 IV , 6'?c a 7c., -a-b: 2,600country do., OS a 70 lbs., 0)4e. ,'c., cash; 060 Washington do., 8tt 1m , 7 toe . oash l.suiim.?The inaikrt fi.r hemlock was very quiet d'Ti."g timforcgiart o! the week, but towirds Die c.ose there were l alhar mora buyers, who operated cautiously. l'i ices have undergone to quotable change, l ie receipts are liberal, as tanners ore. eu ling their st ? W3 to mar let before the close of river nnvtgat inn. Navaj Storma?Spirits turpentine easier. A small salu of 50 bbls. wu.- made at $1 25, and about 1,600 a 2,000 bins, common V"- - were sold at $5 87)4 a (0. i'K "VtMoss ! rk -The tnorki t iv >s steady, with sales o! 800 a POO bbls. at -12 50 a (12 75 tor old and new mesa, aud (3 25 a $3 or prime, $13 a $13 25 for Western India mess, and (la 50 a (14 for choice qualities. Beef was firm and in good demand, with sales of 600 bbls. at (11 50 a (12 for plain mess and (12 60 a (13 for extia do. Sales of 800 a 1)00 tierces India mess were made at (23 a $25. Dressed lings wo n r log at 4)sc. a 4)4c. Bacon was in good demand, with sates of 2.200 boxes at 6Jic. a 7 %\C. for Western, and at 0v,'c. a Sc. for city, part dol vnrabl ? next month. Uird was heavy: sales of 1,400 packages wero nimte ut 8)40. a 0 '4c. Butter aud cheese were lii in for good to prime qualities. Si oars wero steady, while sales were light, nnd con fined to about 250 hh .? within the rango of 7 >40. a 8)41-., and 228 boxes at 8>Je. Toiiaixx}.?Willi decreasing stocks and a fair demand, prices continue well maintained. The sales embraced 32!) iilo s. Kentucky at 10c. a 16c , and 134 cases seed loal ut a 12.V-. W101.?.-ales for the week embrace about 130,000 flceoo and 50,000 lbs. pulled,at 46c. a 50c. for ttie for nier, and 46c. a 47i. f r the latter; 650 hales California on private terms. Ot' fo oign the market has been a little more active, although tlieie is but lutlo dune of a specu lative character. Tho sales embrace 150 bales 8'ray n 1, at about ISc.; 70 do. Devonshire, 25c., ami 3 000 do. w.v-hed Africa, 32c. Doueraliy S|leaking there h is been more doing. Whiskey.?TV market closed firmer, with sales of 300 bbls. ut 20l?r. a 20'4.\ SHIPPING NEWS. ALMAtUC TOR NKW TOllK?THIS PUT. Stilt Rises 7 l?| moor skis morn 4 52 MVlf skw 4 St1 Hi OH wuti-.k mui n 5 51 Port of New YorK, December 13, 1801. CLEAR Kb. Steamship City of Baltimore (Br), Jeffrey, Qurenstoxvn and Liverpool?J no 0 bale. Steamship Havana ( Ham), Meier, Hamburg?Kunhaidt A Co. Hhlp Adrla'ir, Moore, London?K K Morgan A Wiley. Ship Kelt' la, S'el?on. L> n Ion?,1 W Elwell A Co. Ship Harriet, Bassett, Bristol?CC Duncan A Co. Ship Eleanor. Wllion, Glasgow?Edmlaton Itros. Bark booao illaml. Meyer, Ho I?Ktmhurdt A Co. Bare Columbine, Jay, CorK?Ralli A Co. Bark Charlotte of'Derby (Brj, Kkffmrd?on, Queenstown? T Richardson, Bark Parnassus, Borers, Londonderry?A T.eary. ltaik I.v i, Doric, St Thomas?Muitland, t'hrlp* ,% Co. Ittirk Maryland, rotter. Port an Prince?Becker A Oraevea. Hark Eveuing S'ar, Manaileld, New llaven.?H Under WOOll. Hr'g Marl tan k Luing, Queenstown?Richardson ,% Co. Brig (Ic/.uaiera (.for i, vlsaer, Anrsterdani?Kunch, Metncko A Wendt. Htlg Panola, , Rio Janeiro?Rogers A Rich. Hng Santiago, Elsenbrook, Port uii Plan?C S A H G Schmidt. Brig Ada. Ore.nough, Jacrnel?D K Dewolf. Brig \irtamla Jon , , Havana?Ttujlllo A Russell. Brig Tyro. Holmes, Hallux?J F W.iltney A Co Brig Flying Dutchman, M.vcra, B iltlinore?J W McKee, 8 hr A W McLellan, JIcLane, Laguayra?H J A C A De wolf. Sehr TJina, O'Brien, St Ixltts?B K Small. Schr Empire. Wall. Bermuda?Mlddleton A Co. Sehr Sw m. Vincent, Halifax?Thus Whitman. Schr Sir 0 Campbell, Vtg is, llnl fax?Brett. Son A Co. Schr Vivid, Burgess. Wol.'ville?D K Dewolf. Sehr John N Genin, Saffnrd, Port Pickens?McCready, Molt A Co. Sehr M P Benton, Conwall, Indian River?A C Havens. Schr E S Downing, Thorn. Wa hington?I. Kenny. Schr 1 Hlnokley, LeavHt, Baltimore?Master Schr Benj Browning, Lanf'afr, Baltimore?Van Brunt A Slaght. Scht Washington, Smith, Philadelphia?' W M Kee. S-hr Elate, Pace ml re, Philadelphia?J W McKee. 8 hr Excelsior, Rite., Philadelphia. 8 hr Jonas Sparks. -, Philadelphia. Schr Lamartinc, (liirnev, Waieham?Master. Scltr.l Raiding, Coleman, Fall River?Master. Sehr A Rot'rs. Wlghtman. Providence?Master. Schr M Powell, Fenton, New Haven?M Hnggs A Co. 8loop G W Baldwin, Crowell, Dennis?Master. Sloop Vienna. Davis, B-ookhaven?Master. Steamer Sarah. Jones. Phlll-delph*. Steamer Altda, Robinson. Philadelphia. ARRIVED. H B M gunboat Landrail. i u nitnin ler Martin, Bermuda. 5 days. Mounts 5 guns, and has a crew of 60 men. Steamship Chesapeake, Crowell, Portland, with mdsn, to H B Crinnwell A Co. Ship North America (of Rostotrt, Collier, Liverpool, SO days, with sail, to order. 7th Inat, lat 42. ion 62 20, passed ship Julia Lawrence. Snip Amioaphere, Lunt, Liverpool, Nov 7, In ballaat, to J A M i law. ShlpTheodor Knoop (Br, of Llver;ioiil), Wright, Liverpool, 80days, with (alt, to order. Had very heavy weather, h at an l split sails. Ship Quickstep, Wad?, London, N-.v 1, In ballast, to Thos Dunham, Nov lk lat 48 46. Ion 7 50 moke BrshipShaks pcarc. tor London. The Q had strong W gal, s nearly all the passage. Ship Belmont (Br. of St John. NBt, Grant, Naplea, 61 days, In hallait, to R Irvtu. Ship B Vyinar. Sawyer, Buenos A vre?, Oct 17, In ballast, to Walsh. Carver A C iase. Bark Ool James Boo t 'Br. of Pietou). S.nclalr, London, 38 dava. In ballast, to order 7tb lost 1st 4.1, Ion 6030, saw brig J M- odv. Vlokery, hence for Ex- w, K. Bark Euphrates (Br, of Sea b in), Par ons, Cr k have a. 53 dava. in bailaat, to Thos RteharJaon. Had very hi iw w and SW galea, an i has been Ju days W of the Banks; split anils, Ac. Ba !i N/welden (Nor), Peder?on. rick, 41 days, in hal Inst, to rutieh, M incke A Wenat N IV 24, lut 45, Ion 47. spot c shir Naitghlotl, lor Hart Bark Oldenburg (Olden), Wragge Belfast, 36 daya In laid, t? R igt r Bros. Batk Hern s (Ncr), Vo'barh, 11a re >4 days, la ballast to F'.iuc'., M in xe 4 Wendt. Bar's Stanislaus <B' Paulsen Antwerp, 4G-lays, In ba! Inst, ut Ol der Had vc y htavy wcathe from the Banks Bark Adjuster, En - alone x'i 'ays. In b?.!?it to 1 .ut h, Metni -?*.'( M . , it tt Hype Ion, Otbi n B rlailus, y? daya, In ballast >oT TD I i "au heavy N weather; w .? three times blown across ti Quit Ridoru, l.ark S-inrnv ' > f London), M'dler. Philadelphia V ,'t., for C -? 2'. U.t 2.6, ten 72, had a rale from nw to N> it In which w as hove on the h.-om rod* and shifted carco. t*lo-i <h ? pumps becoming ihuk- i *<?- this p -,t to pepa't I'tie -srgo consists ot 2'sHjbnis -if t'-r?,,.< J; issi vtn'o-l of ibeat BrigWtt f-H Nor), Chrtstopturwu, H - c' pn. in ballast, to Holmboa A Co. Had heavy W and KW galea moat of tbr Prtr Will o' the Wlap (Br, of I*nn?iih?rg. N8>, Hunt, Ma- 1 aft. O ; 21, pa?>*<i the R.ick 13d (and b. ut all theway thro ), 1 w ll wool At, to Gomez, Wallia A Co; venae! to MeCallA Krtth. Nov 10, on the ti edge of the Gulf Stream, had a ter- i rlllc aqtiaM inwn NNW which I - ??? 4 hours, doling which the brig wan bote down and v \ h'i ig moveable washed from the deck; * n< then bud .ojl.vara and calmr. having been tl il:? v* N of H er.ia. B'U 1 u', 180 miles S of Sandy Hook, ?|M?ke bri T A vVat*M>n. from Cuba lor New York, and wai kindly u ipplb d with proration*. Hi tg Plot tat Bri, Brough, Kio Janeiro, 82 dnya, with cof. fee, to order Ha l N to sW ??)??* the #n?lre parent ? 6th inat, iat J'.) 32, Ion 61, a; >ke Br brig St (hit' a-me, ot Haihurst, 5H ''ft' ?from Lonilou ? r Salem 7t >, Iat 4o, Ion dft *?, apoka *Mn Mercury, 4 day* hence for lJavie, The F aimed last night. hug Veteran fBr, of Liverpool, MS), Drew, R'o Janeiro, 83 d y-, with cotl'ee, to oiilcr. Hud very heavy W winds in tl e Gulf. B .g Kranort*eo (l?a!>, Caroportano, Angostura, 42 dart, with hide# and A paaiengT*, to \ytnar A Co, !tth inut, lat 30, Ion 70, :-poke kehr Ca'ftlna, of New Hrl-h 1. Hrlf Time/Br, of .\!a?ti*ttrt. NH), M."Do?gall Barbados, Nov 21, StT Oman25th, In ballast, to J F Whitney. Hih lost, off Cape Hatteras spoke cm F- tnar dina a'l well. S hr Cordelia (3 masts). Horn, Dunkirk, Nov I, the Luurd KUi, In ha (last, to Thoa I) in ham. Schr Kate \V- n (o' New Haven), O^nton. De narara, N'-v 24 with ?-:K?r, to Napier. Wexford A Bank n. Sohr Jonei h flrh'e (It ) Jnck*>n, I'ortan T'ln^e. Nov 23, widi cotton A'- to ft Mnr av, Jr. 5?h ln>t, lat 332 . Ion 7M)3, spoke US gunboat Wt isahicl&nn, 48 hour* from the Delaware; 8lh. lat 3d 15, Ion 73 40, pasted a I'S gunboat, bark-rigged. Btei'rlnR SW. Kchr Mary Porter (of Perth Amhoy), Freethey, Turk* Ishmda. 15 day*, with salt, to 01 an Keen. Srbr N!n*h of June <I*r, of Hall ax), McFaehron, Char lottemwn, PK1. Odava. with orts, to 0 H Trumbull. Sehr Albert ( Br. of Bear ltiver. NS), L- ngl. y, Oornwallla, 10 da.a, with poutoea, to H de A Dunee. S hr Ida L Howard, Jones, Elizabethpnrt, and nailed for Boston. SchrGipsey, ?. BHrabethnort. and sailed for Boston. 8chr Garland. Norton. Elixabethnort. and sailed for Bo-ton. Sehr Henry Remaen, llart, Klixabethport. and sailed for Fawtneket. Schr Wm Kallahan, Tlbbetts, Elisabeth port, an ? < tailed for Bridgeport. Schr Stranger, Anthony, Elizabeth port, and tailed for Fort L'-r. Srhr St Elmo, Man waring, New London. Sloop W 8 Mount, Field, Elizabeth pott, and sailed for Pro vidence. Sloop A darn a, Ford ha in, Elizabeth nort, and sailed for Black Rfwk. Steamer J R Thompson. Chance. Baltimore. Steamer Marina, Criwby. Baltimore. Steamer Oct antra (U S transport), McLaughlin, Locust Point, in ballast. steamer New York (US transport), ITunter, Locust Point, In bft' a^t. Steamer Novelty Shaw. Philadelphia. Si earner P-irel, Young. Provid-mce. Steamer Falcon, Jonea, Providence. BAILED. Sbipa Queen of t' e Ku t. Panama; Oneida (Br), and Bretmm (Rrem), Liverpool: G B Lamar, and A merle n Con gr-ss, Loudon; Owego, Bristol; LS tuthard, Glaagow Ports mouth, and Quosne1, Havre, barka Indiana (Br), Glaacow; Kttni>y Kirchnor (Olden), Antwerp; Golden Rule, AHjmownll; LHur? Unas, C irdimaa; Br brigH Brill, Plymouth: Helena, G adalo itie; schrs Althea, Ha.ana; C II Molier, Maianzas; P Blake (Br), StJugo. Wtad during the day SW. wis nir ? ? Vl "ril V h ?i r "'"V fr"m Cardiff, ?XZZZSSSA'Z'XSr. for repairs; was n port 17 day., ^nd .'.tr'i'l''''',',M"r>,, vl'1''" with heavy wt'iiihfr. ' t-ttpe /JWn 15 days Hr Hauk Champion, he^or* rnpnr'pd Athor* o? r*-. ffigfilK .?8n"w sr *"*? l?do are still in her. ?iid will ilkel} "raved 69 tlh<ls ma v*or I>, . rr| ,Li, V !, , * ,,ol,??,,on- ;rof? ????? _ 1 ii* In Utolre^; hail decks :?>/?? .fVKBttfcMs^ c , ? Spoken. Ac, ,or Ma,,rt"- <??? _ ^(>r( i;* n Ports. PlCR* 1TDA, D"C .r? Air ,? 1.7 I) i> II vty , bri: m PnnKuin, NYork; iixrrM??' io' NYork- Sld *ih< Dk^h\hV'K W^^in i or NV?"'t' 1Uh: ?"?' ""'?"??? Nko :k 4 ,la>i.* tori i ark Priureton, Swley, for for ItointSwJ?0' 17-10 P0"' ? * Tauner. P.ty, to load MsVlhiVeVz.f^o'iV8 ^h u??1, Ulm'kl?t Bombay; 26th, Hood Taylor Liik,,k si In . i "?"'?? l>e tutor, ?wCSLlT:.. i?Vi ' wansea; 4th, Mary V\ hJ'riiiu..t Cn nhv Ban*.ok t ?'i Ti Vey' fl'^W01*?; Bau/l ?k.NOl,<'mai,> ? W?i"; bHht Hoiner?Ri>wF* N-ckeK^^K?^7sil,1Kj,!;;" j/1 \t!lnilu: ?** n?l < E >?!?, York; IfHtk. !????! Sh??.l'V-o.hiut M,:7h <orJ",i,?? Wy,a"1' SHH^^-lr"Sa?S son. IteU",Is,,?, Bo?,s. alld k.,',, ?* ^ ??. 2|MrSBa^AHT, V-S ?" vei.Kk <Br).and PolHoi.'aod r" rop'sdh''in. "77o,iaUe!: N*1*1 Mar'V n>7',!i.Vfo'rNYor 'll'e/r" ti V'''l ? (?> ), jostarr. H?i.r,.-tl? .*. ,1ku e. .Bag; Tunes KkMKD108, Iter 1?In j ort hriir Mp ??? 11 11.., . ton, nrr Nov 21 t?*.i .. ? i-?i !I ? ' 1r(,m Bos S!i;;: z-?ru-,ru" ""???"?k^* law^SmuiUeMrtdi^^i.'t.s Ho-spVirr'f'.'' N*-'l!,,.lIkii '?"!'? ??r. j H <r V';v!'V ; ;0w: ?'???: rer. Nasasikl; 14th, Wa.?le-er, Kerns N !? ,"? ?'"??? How si*, frooi how; NuTitwiu t'rosi) ,i ,? \i *" : Bi?al, fiirdid'; 26:.i, Kruiti- >\ IbHi J u L' *> Vwhy, Liverpool; K aha}-, St, ,,i ,rd N V .V"'"''! - ii' (? " 1 ? B,'l('h"r, san t'rauidsro; A'J.V.'fVsf' fo-tl^a^' " aver, hmith, do; ArgonaiiLht \1 .,,r,. r , ,i i' lu"k''"'; ?,.r.h^s;i ?fw?.f,8hcrroftn' and. South, Ka.r.gaw'a Mar or i V l/[ 1 'i'l , 1^ Ivoog; 1,41,, J,?p..;)ai w Ko'.g ll"n nTson, Hanssnk; Melltu Hi nut n iiu.V.e L1 ia.1.1, Ih.dfrev .VaaVaaki. Idib eol ? J ^V/'^ koiia; Istti, T !?? Honker, Cooper Ct".",' ,; . , \a ''C ?tewrinrong; Kale Howe, I'.urioji C ,,,? ' . -.1 " i '"'? Ciarlt. New Yuik; .Mnh WV.iier,V . '1 '1 Oretuda. Ivellv, N n Oct 'o ,. CrlT '? St Thomas, !sov .v-Arr priirM,teui.y Und Wit-' !.||ln Af*4^ AHpi.f t; < KUi (Br), Bo ron; (oi ? i> I k 1 /T-? ? yoeen, Wayne, NYork; 12:1,, s ,? i,,.,. ,,, 'yy k 1-th. hark iMchole* Cut win, ChaHe, Z^U, tuT& In |i ?rt Nov IS (hack 'fate), a *'iim r 1 rv o it t .f i t> mt-r, irom NYork lor Hto Janeiro* sil.VuhJv?' Rel "?IK nters; harks 1> ? Wil.? Cae^l. 1 roi, ^V' Wlsor';era; "????*" Vine. . Hayd, n^'iorHt phin."KS l3LAND8' N"v 27"In P"rt bri? ? from Phll.del ?1A27th'lor Port^fu S"ff",k- Bouon {.nd BOSTON Deel^-Trrs'C,ao.P?ptV ? Charles .V Jane, e V!a' I1!,\F nS* Kenalngton, Maker. 1'hil. 1.1,1,1a; nark* S M?,v r.^r' Bander; i.rlir Chathaio , ., u from th, R ai's'*'!L h;,' k I'T' pion, IjAconin, and th * * Rat Holo So a .otl ?? ?Jr ,* / i,am; ntPnn^'cidafenelg^o^ Do" ?hi); Br )mrk A: in k\ . n., ut i4'1, B^men rand;'Pr,,whl,'''ira.r:v HVlli '\J " yat'h brl? rsluietio, J.'.nea, H:o ^e?r'^^n /.^k V ,';r ?SI'i S3?^5B'~?.-s?;; ?r'ts;?? t< n. N8: Union (tormerlv Hovcrih ?,? v' .' h "uf Stella .Wan. (Br), Hall flad/a,1' Br)? VoUl,?' ^ a; N bath, Dec u-cid sehr Hannibal, Wentworth, Smmh, BRISTOL, Dec 12?Arr sloops Tliomaa Hull flnii w , for I'rovldeuee, with losa or jih; I'n ?." jf" *} r'rk fur Mork. Sld brliiCrot .n ii.,: ' rovhl, n, Bowen, Bmthenon, NYork. ' ' '' shop Wni l| phhu'''' l"i'H'od^Bh;iade[] NEW BEDPORD. I?eC H_krrw.iir ? . man, NYork. SIu ut a. i rs M,m i. r o i Eodinan, Bow i'o' kj Ch.iimeey St John Do h"".diriH ',ro"' ^ are ^NKWBllRlVoRr. Dee ll-^^'lVj. NEW LONDON. Dee 11?Arr hrle I ,e,. , .. bndfe, Me, lor NYork; . hr W H ^??.^^MJ,* beHi?wj. f .r Hou',7,t,c[?"J)hy"r^Ja?,el.!?d' ny?"' K"7a rioops Kr?*d Bn.nn.C^iT.awu^ri^iion u u'm f?p doi for no (and nil mm.1 luhj n' Hawkiim, Bristol SiysJ'^^tTraii'fe^late^Teie^^pn' V'Z'r ' f?r F,a'' T,,rrr Newcoinb, Knth S \ woodL D pi, i "'""irin. K ?(,.e B win K....J A istiu , T , 7,, r' iK '' Kr?n"'?. Ed. ^rw' "*** "u ham Tree .,n:'it..:, ? Msr Toii^^l- K?\V''bh- ',,"-'itnK. p oi^ia7' an?l Ever Ti-Hn i*otLs>r i ?' '* 'l^pbia; ISUfSsom " v"' n" ?mtrnam?Tb'c iscrD.^r" 1?^ '?.- a* vine?'?f)wi). ' H?venj Hio (iraade, Paine, Pro f?r?an?: "Mjo Hhd i'T PJ,1,a"'Phl? si Die Bi 'nltwater "**'? Elch, iront do lor Botaoo, srs i:HoT' ^^ 7-''-^M brlg P R Our;I*. Turk , .",!? '? v..f'^~*rr steamer S.doen, .Tones, New 1 I a t4 r'a? barn, Upplnrott, Philadelphia: Anna M NYork * . Kf'.ahelhporl: S. lenre, dla" llnm i (ja-L.|. -.,M,,r' Niaholss N'tfork. K^do^io^^Won^r^ ,a-Ur tork flra,Uan<S- Wend. ? AVv rMvVin',v*TTS,,:,.hr'K C'Aamse. Afrles. k?Vib',.uft ' "uc U-eArr* hr fanny Mois, OsrKt Kr:. ohnson, Chase, BOARDING AWP LOPfljDra. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO RENT?WITH OS without Board, In a private faintly. Apply it Mo. 71 Amity street. AP ARTMEET8.?AN ELEOANT SUIT OF ROOMS OS it)i* Oral Hour to lot, with private tsble, at <4 Fifth an nul- ; alao, a Room for a gentleman, with breakfast If n t|tiM AN EASTERN FAMILY HAVE A VERY \8ANT out of Room* on the seond floor Iroi ? with Uuard; the house la nrw and newly furnU' ut alao one 11*11 Room fur a gentleman. Plraw at Nu. M Macdougal street. A highly respectable hti.Arg oerman lauilty, occupying a Ural class house, will let a ault of neatly furnished Rooms, together or separate, with fuli or lArtial Board or private table. French nd English spoken. Apply at 48 Eaat Bleecker street, neur Broadway. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR ON aecond Hour, with two closets, to let, with Buaru: thi liouae modern, locution eligible; a pleaaant home rrnlued; terma moderate; reference* exchanged. Apply at 23 (iron atreet, between Hudson and Bleccker. Alary and okvtleman or quiet lady can have a front or t ack Room, with Board for lady, at 91 and )7, or without Hoard, at S3 and $4. All modem improve menta. Apply at 218 Ureeuu street, between Amity and Fourth. Board-a large front room mat be had, vrtlti Board, where but few boardere are taken. Tb# house ia pleasantly situated and convenient to the Broadway Ma?'* and Fourth avenue cars. Call at 404 Fourth atreet. BCARD-FURNISHED ROOMS, 8UITARI.B FOB A gentleman uud wife or one or two atngle gent'emen. with or without Board, in the house of a small private family. In <1 utre at 38 Lexington avenue. BOAKD.?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE. OB TWO or three single griiil.-rnen, can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms, with Board, in a private family. CaU at 31 West 27th St., a few doors from Broedway. Board.?a nsatlt furnished front room ?nd Ha l Be iroom to let, with Board; house convenient nnd In order; location desirable; charges low. Inquire at 3d Market street, between Henry and Madison streets. BOARD.-A FAMILY AND ONE OB TWO STOOLS gentlemen, wishing a quiet and genteel residence, ear. uhisln well furnished Apartments, with Board, at 61 Clinton place, two doors east of Fifth avenue. Refereuoes given Mid required. Board.? a parlor and one or two sleeping Rooms, with excellent table (private, tf desired), ran he had for the winter, on reasonable terms, in a house where but few boerdcrs are tuken. Apply at 24 East Twenty llrst street. Board wanted-by two youno men, in south Brooklyn. Address, for two ils/s, M. II. R , Nix M Cortland St., N. Y., stating terms and u< eommodstions. i Board in brooklyn.-two handsomely fu*. iilitiied suits of Rooms, on second Door, with largp closets; also one or two single Rooms, may lie had. with Hoard, In a modern house, desirably located, at 108 Clinton street, corner of Stale. Board in Brooklyn?ia CIPWOM street?a front Parlor, with Bedroom attached; also Rooms for single gentlemen, all of which will be rented at a low price. Dinner at a X o'clock. ft T>OARD IX BROOKLYN.?A ROOM TO LET, SUITABLE I> tor a family or two Mkiele gftntlrmcn. Apply at 67 Henry street, tive minutes of Wall or Fult u ferry. OART> IX BROOKLYN ?A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE 1 ?nd two or th. ef? gentlemen can lind g<?od Board and pleasant Ito nie, on second and third floors, with all the com mit?. < f a home, on reaLonable terms, convenient to ferries, dinner at 6 o'clock, at <S7 State atreet. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.-A GENTLEMAN and wife can ilnd an elegant Room, with rood Board, in a private family, by calling soon in Eftiott place, corner of Hanson place; near the cars; house with a oay window. References exchanged. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Board in Brooklyn?within five minuter* walk of Fiflrou and Wall street feriva, a farce and pleasant front Parlor and Bedroom, on the second flu. nicely furnished; also, h large room, on the third floor; house eontai us modern impr- vement . Apply at 130 Henry street, between Pferrepont and <'iark g reets. Board in br'?oklyn.-?a large, handsomely Furnished Room, on second lioor. Also one aiurls Room. h:u? all the moilerii improvetn. n's and is with* in live miuuteV waftc of South nnd Wall street terries. Terms reasonable. No. 233 Henry street, fourth door from Amity street. Board in Brooklyn,?a few single gentle. n?en, or families, can find hai.d.Nwire.y furnished Roomf on Jirst and eeeond floor*. with Board, at 2* J State mn-et. Every eonvetiien c, including t,?s and bain, l'leasatii loca tion. Termr low Board in Brooklyn?one pleasant front Room, furnished <t unt' d; also two hall Rooms, in (he house of a MTiaii family ; bath in the house. Apply at 77 Clinton street, one door from Livingston. Terms mode rate. Board on Brooklyn heights?for a gentle* man nnd wife or two single gentlemen; back parlor on second Hoor, with large closet; lias turuace heat, gas, Ac., with line view of East river- within three minutes o; Fulton and eight of Wall street ferry. Apply at No. 5 Poplar street, YjlURKISHBD BOOMS FOE GENTLEMEN; HATH F gn- and pantries; I or $1 25 and $2 per week, v i 26 Domi oleic -treet. Hotel lodgings.?clean, comfortable rtn gle Rooms, from $1 23 to St 5(1 per week, or 25 cents per night, at the Union Hotel. 166 Prince street, corner of i'hompson. Meals at mU hours. Open oil night. Irving house, twelfth street, new york.-a f?w very desirai le Su th o R ior.?? to !?t. with or without lion id, to families, for toe \vint<r. Also a to Ktnclo Kuiims for gentlemen, ?. i * > W vKHBY, ONE on TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN VERY DE hi ruble Ho inn, with H-ird. in h first clns?. Four. , >t 148 Went Twenty-fourth street. Term* $i and $f> per week. Rooms wanted?ox the west side of town, not above Eleventh street, nor below B ?-cs -ker; three or four furnished R nms. Term* riot, to ex c<;.l $6 per w?ek Address B. C. A. L , station D. As; or place () LET?A SINGLE ROOM, OR SUITS OF ROOMS, -i for single getiitemen. or gentlemen ano then* wires; par tiul Hoard if required. To those in want of a .;ood home, in a quiet, genteel nrtghborhonu, this is a good chance. Inquire at S5 East Twenty-eighth street,, N. Y. T TO LKT?WELL FUPNiSJIKD ROOMS IN A BROWN stone ltou?", 3:1 Bowery, single and in suits, to accom modate families; also similar rooms at 614 Broadway, second story. Inquire on the premises. Price in accordance with the times. mo LET?FURNISHED ROOMS. TO A GENTLEMAN 1 and wife, or single gentlemen, with partial Board if re quired; house with modern improvements. Apply at 171 West Twenty-sixth street, near Eighth avenue. rpWO OR THREE FAMILIES CAN BE ACCOMMODAT L ed, on very moderate term ?. ml the Ashland House, 306 Fourth avenue, above Twenty-third street. A few single Rooms for gentlemen at $1 to $4 per week. A good Room ami a good Breakfast lor $2 50 per week. Full Board $4 to 63. rnWOOR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN BOARD 1 und the comforts of a home in a strictlv private family, where no n'her boarders are taken, at ify Kant Fl.'tcenth street, nearly apposite Htuyvesant park. The bouse Ik first class, with bath, gas, Ac. Reference exchanged. TWO HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BEDROOMS, WITH Bailor adjoining, to let, together o, separate, in a private family, the house having hII the mod- rn i nprov?. tnents; break'ast if required, at 43 Twelfth street, U?twcea Fifth and Sixth avenues. "VIrANTED?A PLF.ABANT ROOM, WITH BOARD, IN A TT desirable lo ulity, by a single gen?l man; ladles so it tv of a Irgh order is essential to the advertise) *s happiness. Old ni d'i und passe widows need not applv. Address Fres lidigitan ur. Herald office, Mating terms und locality. WANTED?A PLEASANT, WELL FURNISHED ROOM, vviib fire and gas, for a single gentleman, with full or partial B at- ; location must be between Eighth and Twea tv-fourtJj h r -ets, and Third nnd Sixth avenues. Unexcep tionable referen ts given and required. Address, stating price, II. J. R.. Herald office. TXTANTED?BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN. A Room, ? 7 with breakfast And tea,or breakfast only, from Monday evening until Saturday evening oi e.ich we-'k. Aduiess, staling terms, Ac., which must be moderate, E. X., Herald oflice. WANTED?APARTMERT8 OX THE SECOND FLOOR, consisting of Parlor, Bedroom and Dressing Room, with first cla-n private Hoar 1 for a gentleman nnd It ti wife; loeation between Third and Sixth avenuev aho Ei.hili and below Twenty-third streets. Address b >x bd 1'ost o:lice. "VrOUNG LADIES 0AN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH X Board, in a private family, At 112 Hudson street, be tween Franklin and North Moore. i; fmni';- prtt a ie. T re f . 63 50. Apply fu 1 in; bakery, r.fh and Twentieth ??* Oft GREENE STREET?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET ? * / to gentleman only; R mm* ?? 75 . to $3 per week; a Is# Single R 'omsand Rooms tor hou.i -kcej ;rig, at No. I M oi-oe, corner of ('atharine street. 0 r? EAST TWELFTH STREET.-L4DIES AND CiEN tlamen desiring Board for the winter, will find good Rooms and accommodations At the above desirable bou*e and location, being a tew doors west of Broadway Rtieience* exchanged. n TENTH STREET, NEAR ITFTIf AVENUE.?A f-w pleasant Rooms, with Hoard, Miiuibla fof gen d rm?n and their wives or single g* uiit-men. The houaa coutaiiHt all the modern improvements, hIao aback l'arior aud Extension. Dinner at 6 o'clock. XQ NINTH STREET.?BOARD AND ROOMS TO LKT, TTU on second And third Hoots, furnished or unfumlsl.ed; house modern; well locat-d and terms reasonable. Reier cnces exchanged; dinner at six o'clock. Eooma in m uoi siugle. Please call and see ro?>ma. A. B. PIKE. QO GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING?ALSTON fvO House.?Elegantly furnished of Ro'?ms, with ga^ Croton water and every convenience for hou-?ek ,? pt ag ^c<v nonth^slly; particularly suited for small, respectable lamutea, Ren flow. 07 ST. MARK'S PI.AOE.-l;OAKR AT SS A *4 I'KR t/ I week r*n be obtained ?: ? ?? en or n*. men And their wives. l'le*--.iiii Roou.s ffld (food nmrd. II ii? i ontiiins modern Improi en.eut*. - HA BLEEOKER STREET, WEST OP AND NPiB l^JLU Br wtlw.v?Ple?M.ntly fnruielipd Ronm.tolet, ? Si or without l!?*rd. single ?r In Mil *; r.n ?!? served in room* II de.lred. Tr*n?ient boarders aeeomnio.l.ted. l.iweuoa pi' iissnt nnd central. _ 1 I O MACDOUOAL STREET.?Klcn WOND RO'JBB It _IX!' now opetieii *s a private :ami y li vtel. tor the rec p t nn of ?ln,lr gentlemen, or smell fiinillies tired 0! ixei-iiInK r?tiles desirous of housekeeping 1 su tind every a' the above establishment. 11)1 NINTH STREET -TO I.ET, A NUMBER Of elegunt sud newly Itirultbsd Room*oi Ko>m?i?n4 MeilriHims st srhed, srlih everyeo ivenieiyee act vefj eisotv able. Those wishing good scconimodutioDs plaase util sud 15B 2 PRINCE STREET.?ST. CLAIR HOOBB?RLE ~ ...J..._ e norveniencM for hntisekeeping eom^lete, inelud gflnily fnrnl-: ed Rai ns, with ite-lri ssnd Cin'on iv.ter, to let to re.-iemuble families of j sin vie gentlemen. ' Oin ELM STREET-JACKSON HO'"HE.?THE MOSt I tLt 11" voin'or:*'i y ? ml convenlen'ly furnished AvsrtmenU I i merit, to me-I thr tvsn.s nf sn.V! M in line, with every ? |t?iVie formture, - l- .n liu? n, cooking ten i. to I 'casus i auil Croton tv*t?".

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