Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1861 Page 3
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Ac-, would suit the public temper, and prove gene, rally beneficial. The following table shows the course of thfc stork market during the past week and month:? JVoe. 18. .Vue 23. JVor. 30. D'r 7. IMc. 14. Missouri C's 44 4342 40 ? Now York Central. HI 7H'4 7b'J 18',' _ Kraduig 34;,' 34 V 34 ^ .14',' ? IfirX' ; 30 S0>* 81 'i 31V ? MnLiguu L'4nlr?l. 4.>'? 40 4S4>? South, guaranti ed. 40 V 37 38 37 V ? Illinois < eutiol.... A4 00 0000_ Ualetis 73V 71 71 70 , _ Rock Island 57J4 84V 83 v 83 _ Toledo 3T'f 34 33^ 32V ? Panama 110 ]]3v 112 112 ? Hudson River.... 40V 37 38 37V ? Pacific Mail 97 V 90 V M b0)? ? The fluctuations in the stock market tor the past fortnight have been extremely slight. The atti tude of operators has been one of suspense?wait ing to see how government was going to raise money for the war, and how England was going to receive the intelligence of the Trent aflair. It was expected that the report of the Secretary of the Treasury would solve the former problem; but the Secretary threw upon Congress the responsibility of providing ways and means, and his report con sequently exercised no effect whatever opon the maiket. The news per Hansa, which had been measurably anticipated, caused a slight though general advance; but people generally seem to be waiting for further advices. The public mind secius quite prepared for a ge neral suspension of specie payment*, and there is no sign of panic or alarm anywhere. Many persons still cling to the notion that Congress can devise some means of obtaining money without resorting to the policy which has been invariably adopted by na tions engaged in expeuBivo wars. It would be very agreeable to see these hopes realized. It would be a great thing for onr financial future if wc could carry on the war to the complete suppression of the rebellion without disturbing the ordinary rela tions of currency. But, to a calm observer, this seems as impossible a9 to vanquish the rebels with out calling a large army into the field and taking pains to drill it according to the rules of war. We must, in finance as 111 strategy, submit to the laws of nature, and tread the beaten path. No nation, whatever its financial standing bas ever been able to raise the enormous sums required in great wars rapidly enough, by the ordinary process of loans, to satisfy the wants of its government. It is not reasonable to expect that we can form an exception to the rule. Mr. Chase has thus far done better than any foreign finance minister ever did. He has raised over $200,000,000 in five months by loans, at a reasona ble rate of interest. But, in order to do this, he has obliged the banks of the three leading loyal cities to sink their entire capital in government loans, so that they cannot now lend any more mo ney to government, unless they dishonestly lend the money of their depositors, which does not belong to them. The public have relieved the banks of about *48,000,000 of 7.30 Treasury notes, and have besides absorbed nearly *20,000 000 of demand notes. They would subscribe liberally still, in the event of a victoryof a decisive character; but in the absence of victories of this kind it is not likely that, under any circnmstances, their subscriptions to govern ment loans would exceed two millions a week less than one-third the wants of government. As to the reform in the currency proposed by Mr. Chase, it commands the approval of everybody who is not interested in country bonks; but it is obvious at a glancs that its operation under the most favorable circumstances will be so gradual and so slow that it cannot serve the purpose of a financial expedient in the present pressing emer gency. It seems, therefore, that we have reached the point which has usually been met much earlier by nations engaged in expensive wars; in other words, that we cannot borrow, except at somc-cx travagant rate of interest, the large sums now im" perativcly needed rapidly enough to subserve the necessities of government. If this be so, Cou gress can only pursue ono course, which is to authorize Mr. Chase to pay contractors, soldiers sailors and other creditors of government in paper which shaH not be redeemable or converti ble till after the war. The country is rich enough and confident enough to absorb any amount of this paper, even if it reached the sum specified by Mr. Chase as the utmost that would be required to carry on the war till July, 1863; and there is no reason why it should fall to anything below a mere fate of discount. That it would cause the banks to suspend specie payments, as a precaution ary measure to prevent hoarding, is admitted on all sides. The only question which now calls for debate?admitting the position of government to be what we have stated?is when our banks should take the step of suspending specie payments. Many of our bank mana gers feel a natural scruple at doing so, when the necessity for the measure is neither immediate nor obvious to the masses. But it simply resolves itself into a question whether the banks shall sus pend while they are strong, or whether they shall wait till they are forced into suspension. It is transparent that when government begins to pour out irredeemable paper money people will begin to draw gold from the banks for the purpose of hoarding, if they can do so. And experience warns us that it is much more difficult to get spe cie out of boards than it is to prevent the begin ning of hoarding. If the banks wait, and allow their timid scruples to prevent the adoption of a 1 bold war policy at once, they will probably go through a rapid process of depletion, and be forced to suspend with twenty millions of gold on hand, when they might have suspended with forty. Whether their depositors will gain anything . by this course of events it is easy to decide. If our J associated banks had a recognized head, or were under one general management, the features of I the case would have been realized long ago, and there would be no !? -dtnncy now in adopting the only policy which can be safely pursued, due re gard beiug had to the separate interests of depo sitors, bank stockholders, the government and the public at large. The earnings of the Erie Railroad for the month of November. 1861,wore $734 ^55 EaminfS November, 1860 554^532 25 -JgjMM*..; 1180.293 85 CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Saickday, Doc. 14?6 P. M. Atm*.".?The market wm steady, with small sales of pots at $6 56Jg,andof pearls at $5 50. The stock com prised 254 I bis, pots .ind (>12 <lo. pearls?total, 8C6 bbls. Pi-Fjirwrra.?Flour?The demand was moderate, and common grades were easier to purchase at yesterday's quotations. Extra brands were comparatively quiet and Somewhat irregular, though without quotable change in prbes. The sales embraced about 15,000 bbls., within j the following quotations ? Superfine State $5 30 a 5 50 Extra to fancy Slate 5 65 a 5 85 Superfine Western 6 30 a 560 Common to choice extra Western 5 70 a 0 60 Canadian 5 66 a 6 60 Sou the rn mixed to good superfine........ 6 75 a 626 Extra do 6 30 a 7 25 Good to choice family do 6 30 a 7 25 Bye flour 3 15 a 4 50 Corn meal, Jersey und Brandy wine 3 00 a 3 30 ?Canadian flour was dull and heavy, especially the lower qualities. The sales footed up about 800 a 900 bbls., i closing within the ubove range oi prices. Southern flour was steady and in lair request. The sales embraced ebent 1,100 bbls., within the range of the above prince. Kye llour wag unchanged, and steady at our figures, with subs of 200 bids. < ,.ru meal was firm at quotations, with sales of 150 bbls. Wheat was firm at yesterday's prices,while sales were to a fair extent, chiefly for export. The transactions footed op ah >ut 98,000 bushels, at $! 31 for C annua club, $ I 37 a $1 40 for red Western. $1 31 for timber Iowa, fl 29 a $1 30)^ for Milwaukee club,fl 25 a $1 28 for Chicago spring. 1'rimo white was scarce and Ann. Com was firm and in good demand, with sales of 76 000 bushels at ?7c. for tlio eastward, and 67. n 68c for sbipmug lots of Eastern mixed, and at GSc. a 68>$c. in store. Byo was Arm, with sales or 4,500 bushels, at 85c. for Jorsev. Barley was firm, while the sales embraced U ,200 bushels at 72><C. a 80c. for ordinary to good ftale. rials were active, and prices Arm at 43>?e. a 45e. for Ca nada end Western, aud ul 45c. a 45>?c. fur SlAtc. Com*.?Tlie market continued Ihm, with sales of 1,000 bars of Rio at p. t., and 150 do. Inguayra at 21c. CoiTW.?Tb? AiStrtyt WW again fUm?r, \vU* the Hies embraced about 1,300 a 1,500 bale*, cloning at 36^ ? ??? lor middlinguplands As usual, tbe sales were bclwi eu spinners and simulators. ,..???,i xo Frkmuth ? Rates were steady and W1 Liverpool some 13,000 bushels of ""J?*' ,, io*4d gaged at 7JUd. in ahipB' bags, 1,000 bb.s. Uour at 1 ? j ? 1,700 bushels P?u? at T^c., in 'hUBf at ti? vessel; 400 bbls. pork at 4a., ^ ttejcaa bt?r T" I/mdon ft.OCO b.ialiels whea.atVrJko t*r foreign' inn t,Ma main ut 'la and too tons oil cake, per loreigu TOOla^ew 500 bbla. flour at 2s. #d- To Havre'. 13,000 buahela wheat at 18c., in Blupi>er>> bigs, ^^erV toUmitcd detattdand pneeawero asss4J? <S'.tarsxtf ????? S;f? M1 .<? male .1 *>??? 25. N?.2.t JIi; $7 23. Box b^irltiK wore dull: sales of Ea^tport pickled hi rriug weru reported at $2 C2V FariT?Raisins were m fair demand at steady prices. New crop layers were sellb g at >1 40 a $3 45, an I b"iu n ilo at 25,old layers at $2 06, and 50 bbls. currants were sold on private terms. Hay. Receipts of North river were to a fair extent. Under the uilluence of a government demand llie market was firmer, with sales of 200 a 300 bales at 70c. u 76c. for shipping, and 80c. a 86c. for city use Hwar.?The last sale of Manila comprised 1,000 bales at 7c., 6 and 8 months. IIofS.?The market continued firm for new, with a si racy demand from brewers, with small rales of choice or ex |sirt. The sales witlnn two or three days hxve em braced about 500 bales, including good to choice lots at 17c. a 23c., with small sales of lhtKl's grew ill at 14c. a 17c. The choice new crop was scan o and lirm. Ikdioo.?The extreme prices demanded by holders checked sales. A small.lot of Bengal was sold at 22 50, six months. . , . Iaojv. There was a speculative inquiry far Scotch pig at low prices, and with some sales, from yard, at $20 a $20 50, rash. English refluod bars were ut $53. Ikan wus less buoyant in price. The last sales of mo ment comprised 1,600 pigs if Galena at $6 65, with small lots foreign ut $6 37>{ a $8 60. 1jme was quiet and llrm, while supplies were limited. Molasses.?The sales urab. ? ed 130 Heroes and 800 bbls. Cuba muscovado at p. t. By auction, 130 hnds. Porto Rico wore sold at 34^C. a 37 Xc., and 30 hbds. Cuba at 17c. a 28c., cash. Naval Slows.?Sales of 750 bbls. common win were made at $5 87, 1,000 do. at $6, 100 do No. 1 at $7 75, and 100 No. 2 at $0 60. The public sale of spirits turpen t uie. under orders of tbe court, captured in prize vessels, was bald as follows ?500 bbls. brought m by the Night iugale, sold ut $1 31 a $ 1 34, and tbo cargo of th# 11. C Brooks,consistiugof 017 bbls.,at$1 31 a$l 37 K 0;ijs. Crude sperm was uvtivo at the eastward, with full sales at $1 28, and crude whale was in good request, with sales at 47c. a 48c Refiuod winter was also in go al request at full pi ices. City lrnseod was Arm, with sales in jobbing lots at 81c. a 82c. Other sorls were without change of moment. , 1'hovisioss l'urk?There was more doing, chietlyfor future delivery. The sales embraced uboul 2.600 bbto., including mess at $12 26 a $12 76, prime at $8 25 a $9, and prime mess at $13 a $14. Beef was llrm arid m good demand, with sales of 400 bbls. at $11 50 a $12 for repacked mess, and at $13 a $14 mr extra* Bacon was iu tiood demand, with saloh of 700 boxes at 6)*c. a 7 V for Western, and at 0)<c. a 8c. for city, includiug 200 boxes long clear at 7 l?c., and long rib at 7c. Dressed hogs were dull at 4tkC a4MC. l.aril was heavy, with salts of 200 a 300 bbls. reported at 8}<e. a ?\c. ,thc latter figure for choice. Beef hams were steady at $16 60. Hales of 250 tierces prime mess beef at $20, and India mess ai $22 50. Butter and cheese were steady at 16c a 22c for State, the latter figure for prime quality, and cheese was at 7c. a 8c. for good to ctioioe State Kick.?Sales 200 bags East India at p. t. Spicxs.?Sales 150 bags pepper at 13c. Seeds.?Clover was steady, with sales at TVc Timothy was quiet and unchanged, and isssia was firm at 29o. a 30c. Linseed during the week has been In active request, with fnw sales, both here and in Boston. of Calcutta, at $2 26, including a cargo iu the latter city at $1 30. ? , Saltpstrk ?The market has materially advanced, Mies of crude have been active in Boston at 11c.. and reilued sold as high as 16c. . , Sugars were more active while prices were unchanged. The sales embraced 1,036 hbds. Cuba muscovado within the range of 7&c. a including a small lot English Islands at T/ic., 50 hhde. wolftdo at 4c., and 607 boxes, loo at7 Vc. and the rcmaiadcr at p. t. Tallow was study, with sales at 9,'?c. a 9J?c. Butchers' Association was held at 10c. Txas were (Inn, with a tendency to higher prices. The extreme views of holders tended to check Hales. Both green and black were firmer, with small sales at full ^'tin'wm steady. with fair sales at unchanged prices. Whiskey?The market was active and firmer, and sales footed up 1,500 bbls at 20)4C. a 20>40., with prime bar rels at 21c. ? ~ ' DKBTMWStT. ? A'" BEAUTIFUL AND SUBSTANTIAL SET OF TEETH, on pure silver, ealy $8: on line cold andMulallna, $26, warranted equal to any work in Now York. Single ieelh, tl Teeth Idled and extracted without the leaat pain. Supe rior bene idling only 50 rents. Office 158 Sixth avenue, be tween Tenth and fcWuth ?t^R*! Artificial bunk filltno for decayed Teeth.?Aching teeth and mere sheila can be tilled and preserved I'V the discoverer?JAN. PEARSON, M. D.,859 Broadway, Weal side,lone door ?*v Seventeenth street. N. B.?Beware of trashy iralutions ol < be?p operators. Artificial ?gimotype" teeth ?beaut;ful newly touented style,extraordinary prices. Silverai tsif teeth $8; rubber, $10; amber, $10; gold. $20; vulcanite, $20 Filling teeth, $1, gold. National Dental Gallcrv, Sixth ave uue, comer Twenty second s re I. WMWded. Beautiful tooth colored enamel for fill ing Decayed Teeth without pain, 50 rents (warranted). Dr. LUTHER, Dentist, removed lo 104 East Twenty-second s:t eel. National dental gallery, sixth avenue rorner nf Twenty-second stri ct.?Largest and innst n ulete manufacturer or beautiful patent Oumotrpe Teeth. Extra OJdiaary prices;?Silver Sets $8, Rubber $10, Oolil $'J>, Vulcanite $20. Twenty years established. First class dentist ry guaranteed. Five premiums awarded Dr. MAjNSON, dentist. WINKS AND LK4UOR8. At the seventh avenue distillery, 319 and 321 Seventh avenue, between Thirtieth and Tblrly-hrsl streets, New York, you can get the largest amount of the liquor for the least money. Call and be sailsJed N B. Liquors for Bale in bond. _ l_ ? For th*e noLMDAYH. Reliable goods at low pricea, vl?.:? Osborn s A Cliilllngs worth's Wines, imported in bottles; ten varieties of Sheriles, old Madeiras and Biaudtes, Uocks, ClareU, <'UampMn-s, English and Holland OiD, damulca and St. Cro x R?m. Scotch and Irish Whiskey, Imporled four and a hall years since; very fine old Bourbon, imported Aics and Porter, line Teas, In quantities to suit. _ _ H. B. KIRK, Wine Merchant, 68 Fulton street HOLIDAY PIIESENTS. OLID AY PRESENTS AT COPT TO MANUFACTURE u Manufacltiiing Jeweller's Stock of fine Jetve ry will he sold at enft to manufacture, at retail, during the holidayr. Every article warranted as represented. Apply at niv olllcc, W7 Broadway. JAMES MANt; ft feSTEft, Manufacturer of Jewelry. H CLOTHING. At the OLD STAND, 1S4 SEVENTH avenue, eze K1F.L8 guarantee* to nay the following prices for ladle*' and gentlemen's cast oil Wearing Apparel:?From $8to $26 for Silk Dresses, from $5 to $20 for Coats, I rom $1 50 to $5 for Pants; also Carpels, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac. Anoleby Scat punctually nil. tided to by E., 134 Seventh avenue, .adieu attended to by Mrs. E. At the californian and western agency Store the highest price can be obtained for cast olT Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. For Silk Dresses, from 90 to $34; Tor Coats, from $2 to $18; for Pants, fiom $1 50 to $0. A note addressed H. Harris, 353 Bowery, opposite Great Jones street, will be punctually attended to. Ladies at tended hy Mrs. Hauls. A DEMAND -$12,000 WORTn OF CAST OFF CLOTH, ing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry wanted, for which the most value can be obtained hy railing on or addressing E. 11., 79 Sixth avenue, near Waverlry place. Ladles attend ed by Mrs. E. II. Please remember and try 7'J Sixth avenue. A.SIIOKT ADVERTISER.-! PAY FIFTY PER CENT more than any other dealer for east oil West ing A pi ami, Kin n'turc, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac., by calling on or addressing A. DUCA8, No. 218 Seventh avenue, between Twenty-fourth and Tu ciity-hfth slia-ls. Will be punctually attended to. Ladles atlended by Mrs. D. A LL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.?FIFTY PER CENT J\. more than any other dealer will pay is guaranteed to be paid for Silk and Woollen Dresses. Coats, Pants, Ac., wanted for the holidays, Please cull on or address by post, LEVENSTYN, 2U3 Seventh avenue. Ladies atlended by Mrs. L. Attention?ladies and gentlemen, if you w.vh lo eel I he full value lor your east ufl Clothing, Car pels, Furniture and Jewelry, the be?t you can do is to ea 1 or send ant te to F. HARRIS, 156 Seventh avenue; there you may be convince ! you will be dealt with satisfactory. For silk Dresses liotn $8 to fit), for Coals from $8 to $2(1, for Pants from $6 to $8. Please do not 0 rgetttie number?156 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-first street. Lndles uttenned by Mrs. Harris. A GREAT DEMAND FUR CLOTHING-LADIBB AND gentlemen having any east oir Clothing. Fi rntlure, Cat ? pets, Ac,, will receive the'highest price bycaUtngnn orad dre-s ng C Mtsh, 3H2 Seventh avenue, botwo n Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth streets. Ladies uttetiucU by M s. Mlah. Abetter chance than ever for ladies and gentlemen to Obtain the highest price f i the a Cast Oil' Clothing. I gusrsntee to pay the following | re'i s ?For Silk Dressi s, from $10 to $40 ; from $5 to $70 for Ci uts, (mm $2 to $7 for l'ants. Also Carpels. Furniture and Jewelry. Please call OH or address J. AMI ALT. 152 Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenly-lirst streets. a tend ed by Mrs. Anhait. GREAT RATTLE FOUGHT AT PORT ROYAL.?THE victory is gained. Ladiis and gentlemen, it has been victorious In being pronounced by many that H. MIN'JZ, 1*7 Sixth avenue, hi.s been pay n,;a higher p. b e than ant oiher dealer In the city for east off clothing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, and still means to continue so if y u ?ill favor bim with a note or call, lie \v ill uot btttnbu ? th. community by offering $ 111 for silk dresses, J?i foi a-? and $7 for runts, as u done by others, but agrees to pay the full vuiiie for each article In . ash. Ladies attemled by Mrs. M s r/ 137 Sixth avenue, ueaf Tenth street. GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING.?LADIES AND _ gentlemen having any east off Clothing, Furniture. Car pi is and Jewelry, will receive the highest price by calling on or addressing A. HARRIS, 588 Thud avenue. Ladles at tended by Mrs. Harris. , V SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY?LADIES AND GEN J\ tinmen of New Yot k, Brooklyn and vl'lollies ran pro cure the highest taslt price lor their east olf Clothing, l'urnl ture./arprts, Ac., by addressing Mrs. J. GOLDSTEIN, l$S Seventh avenue. Gentlemen atlended by Mr. Goldstein. T THE NEW STAND, 2!>3 THIRD AVENUE, LADIES and yen scan secura the lull value for their ens' off A" A A ^ Clothing, bv calling on or ad lressintr_C. Jamb avenue, between Tv intv-thlrd a Ladies attended by Miss F. Jacobs i TENTLEME.VS NEW AND 't, VjT purvltused lor the. Western inarkdlf .? value will be paid, without hagltngor te. Vftil ill the store, or addresg Thus. D, Cpuroy, ti - , \T &VOTIOII. jY M B 4 CO., AUCTIONEERS. M AUNIF'Ii'ENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND WORKS OF ART. AO. AT PUBLIC AUCTION, ON MONDAY, DEO 10, ?..w I"'"!" r'JT of ik gciitlcu an U-kViug ths ity, Anh? elegant residence of SAMUEL "LARK, Esq., NO IS WEST SIXTEEN I'll BTREKT, ?2 "J*? FiubsndSuthav- .sale commencing m lloiloek. SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, ROSEWOOD AND BLACK WALNUT SUITS, BRO.N/.t AND ORMOLU CHANDELIERS _ . ELVET MEDALLluN CARPETS, SEVRES AND DRESDEN CHINA ORN VMENl'K, PIKH AND MANTEL MIRRORS, BROCADE AND LACE CURTAINS, AII , ARTISTIC BRONZB STATUARY, OIL PAINTINGS BY EMINENT ARTISTS, OAK Ul'KFKT. EXTENSION TABLE, BOOKCASE, ETEOERES, i EN Tit E TABLE, . CHINA, til. VSS AND SILVER WAKE, SHEFFIELD TABLE CUTLERY, TABLE LINEN, ROSEWOOD CHAMBER FURNITt RE, Louts XIV. style. 1 bo auctioneers would <all tb<- puitnular siteutiuu ut hi* friends and (ho public to thia sate, (be catalogue comprising The largest and i n heel assortment of Household Furniture. Ac., offi'red at auction (hi* season. Tbc furiiUuro was alt made (o order acvon m Dil i ago, aud is of the best desci ip ((? n. Sale pen mptorv, w ihoul regard to the weal I er. Drawing Rooms?Superb Medallion VolvotCarpyta, Moaalc Ruga, twro fullrtita solid roaowood, covered w .iMdue and fold uud given and gold t locatei, ol rit ileal description, VI/. 'ete-a-tele. Solas, Arm Chairs, Oval Bin It Chairs. Reception Chair* made by Wa le, rosewood Secretaire, Bookcase. Eta gores, sluluiuy uiarlde lops, mirror doois and tun Lady's Work Table, M int-1 Mirrors, 8i\72, do. Plem, HOxIVA; Em broidered lane Curtains, neewood Centre and Couaoie Tallies; Em olgnurcs, Cabinets, two inuleli Palming*, Hectics in HwiUci land, by Cole; Assumption of the V lit In, a correct lopy from original painting in Louvre gallery, Parte; Dub h Interior by KeteUell; wene In Amsterdam, original, Main d bv tbe artists; Fruit Piece, Winter Seoi.e iiiiilrenell Line Engravings; elegant Mantel Set, Artistic: Artistic Broiues, representing the Crusaders; Joan of Are, Charles II., Frank lin, Night and Morning, Ormolu clock, runs une month: Pai I an Marble Statuary, Flower Boy and Girl, Madonna, Family Oroupe, Sevres and Dresden China, Ornaments, Brontes, Ormolu Chandeliers and Candelabra* MAGNIFICENT? OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, round corners, richly carved legs and case, made to order by Broiu.auy makers, cost $600; rosewood Canterbury, Slopl and velvet Cover, Music Books, Ac.; black walnut Waah alauda and Chairs to match, Oilcloth, Man Carpets, sever Rods, rosewood DreaMng Bureaus, lied, leads, Wiishatainta. Commodes, Warttrobea, Shoving Stands. Toilet 'Table*, Ainoire-a-glace, pure Hair Mnltiesaes, Frem h wool Blankets, linen Sheet*, Counterpanes, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, o\al Mirrors, gold band Shades, china Toilet Seta. Book stands, King's Patent KecliMng Chans, Lounge*, M< Draw'* Sofa Bedstead#, Rockers, Chali s. Dining room?Solid carve t oak Ridelkwrd, Extension Table, full French China Dinner and Ten Sets, urstal and engraved glass Decauters, Gol Ins, Champagnes, Wines, farnlt's, Fruit Stands, Pari in marble Puneh Bow ls, Silver Plated Ware, Casters, lee Pitchers. Din ner ami Tea Service, S ilvers Nnpkln Rings. Spoons, Forks, Coffee Ui n, Sheltield Table Cutlery, Arm Chairs, solid Stiver Ware. Also all the Furniture of the servants' apni (men's. Also the Basement and Kitchen Furniture. A competent S'rson will be on blind lo pack, eai t or ship goods, if desired. . B ? Strangers wishing to attend the Hale ran lake the F'ilth and Sixth avenue stages at Hie Astur House, St. Nicholas and Metropolitan Hotels, leaving at Sixteenth street, which will bring Ibem willrln a few doors of the house. ABSIONEE'SSALE OF SUPERB FIRST CLASH FURNITURE, MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE AND RICH PARLOR ORNAMENTS, Sale positive arid peremptory. This (Monday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock precisely, the beautiful Psrior, Chamber, Dining Room and Library Fur niture, in the dwelllngbouse, IhZ West Twenty i rst slieet, between Seventh and Klghtn avenues, all ui which is new, having been rec ntly made, and loinprss everything adapted to a tashlouable, elegantly furnished residence, the whole to he peremptorily sold lor cash, consisting of English Velvet and Tapestry Carpets, elegant rosewood Parlor Furni ture, ea suite, compristag three full Suits, richly carved, all of which are covered m rich silk broealel and of the best description; rosewood Centre and Pier Tables, Turkish Chans, In blue and gold satin and moquet; Damask ami Laee Curtains, Mantel and Pier Mirrors, Gold and lavudsrape Shades, two rosewood Etegeiea, slyle Louts XIV ; rich Sevres and Dresden Mantel X ases, trtistic Ac. ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, MUSIC CABINET, STOOL AND COVER COST ?430; marble top Bureaus, richly curved Bedsteads, fifteen llalr Mattresses. Tetc-a-Teies, Chamber Suits in i O'Cwood, Br n/.v Clock, marble top Wasl stands. Lounges, French and Spring seat Chairs, Rockers, Divans, Ottomans, Oval Mirrors, su perb Beds and Bedding, oak Extension Table, tw o Sofa Bed steads, rich French and Hohemt in China, rich Tea Sets, Sil verware, Spoons, Forks, Casters. lie Pitchers, Urn. Tea Sor vic ', ruby and cry stal Cut titans of every description, oak marble top Buffet, oak Chairs, superb Desk, Oilcloth, rich Chandeliers, marble Hall Stands, Ac. (kitalogues ut house Bute positive, rain or shine. N. B.?Parites from a distance are assured that every arth etc in tbe bouse wilt be told strictly without rcterve, and there will be positively no pvat| ouement. Purchasers iau have their goods carted, packed or shipped by reliable pant .-, who will be in attendant e for tltst pin pose. RUSSELL W. WEHTCOTT, Auctioneer. AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY-HOUSE. HO tel keepers and the trade.?E. ROTH, Auctioneer, will sell (Ms rlny (Monday), December If, at eleven o'i !o< k precisely, the beautiful Household Furniture of a live sb ry dwipu g house, #5 East Twenty seventh rtreet, near the New Haven Railroad depot, consisting of ELEGANT ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, STOOL AND COVER, COST $S7S; handsome rosewood Parlor Furniture, in suns, covered In the rlc it st French satin brocatel, green reps and haircloth; Turkish Chairs and Lounges, rusevvuo! Centre and Pier Tables, Etegere, with mirror back and doors; Mirrors, Vuses, Curtains, Chairs, Paintings, black waluut Librar, Bookcase, Buffet, Extension Table, Sofas, rosewood anil mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash*' amis, Hair and 8priug Mattresai'i, Feather Beds, Bolsters, Pillows, Blankets, Roeki rs, Sofa Beds, Brussels, Tapestry and Ingrain Car pels; Oilcloths, Stoves, Chandeliers, Ac. Sale positive. House lo let; rent very tow. A. Auction notice?the entire contents ok Cainu 1I? 1 arc now removed to the hciond story rwno &V'i Headway, ever William Taylor's ladies' saloon. Sale w. 1 commerce ou Thursday, Deccuibet 19, and - olil willuut reserve, for cash only, under the direct,o i of the assignee. The stock consists <>l Dinner, Breakfast, Toilet and Tea So, Mantel Ornaments, Elated Ware, Cutlery, Japanned Tea Trays, a large ip'antuy of Urnuilc Ware, Class, tl<-h Bohe mian, cut, crystal and moulded, selected lor family iim> hy the former proprietor, C 0. Leigh. The goods ar ? now ready for domination. iVM. TAYLOR, Assignee. H H. s-'sixas, Auctioneer. Nkw Yobk, Dec. 12, Mil. Catalogues ran tie procured on the morning of sale. Auction sale?seasonable ready made Clothing. y.Stki pieces mid to pay advances, without re serve. A. M. CRISTALAR. Auctioneer, Z) Bowery, will sell this day, IGlh Inst., at U% o'clock, a large assortment of English and French Cloth and Casslmere Sack, frock mid Btislncss Coals; Pilot, Beaver, Kelt ami Peleisliani Over coats; Casdmere. tine Dneskln and Satinet Pants; Silk, Satin, Valencia, Velvet, PIndl and Gassiincrc Vests; a large lot of Tailoring and furnishing floods, ic , Ac, Albert h. nicolay, auctionkp r. REliULAR KALE of STOCKS AND BONDS. ALBERT II. NICOLAY WILL SELL THIS DAY (Monday), Dtc. 10, At \'2% o'clock, at the M ERC H A N TS' EXCH A NOB. A good variety of CITY INSURANCE AND HANK STOCKS BONDS and other SECURITIES, suitable lor investments., for full particulars ace World, Commercia) Advertlsi r a d Kvi nlng Post. Catalogues run he ntiudned .,t the nlhc .52 William street NEAT REGULAR SALE on Thursday, Dec. 19, at the Merchants' Exelienve. Auction notice.?crockery, class, china and fancy Ooods By J. S. II. BAKTt ETT, Auction eer. Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 10 o'clock, at 281 Pearl street, ft cl.oii c slock ol White Granite, Ac., in lots to suit city and country dealers, for cash. Auction- notice.?second hand furniture, ISO, Carpets, 289, Stoves, 269, Crockery, Ac., 259. A lit tle of everything^ 259, Irom a pin to a >, can tic found at C. KENNEDY'S, 259 Bowery. Bargain hunters, now is your time. Auction notice-stoves.-the whole stock in 216 Water street will he sold at auction, without re srvc, on Tues lay, Dec. 17, a'. II A. M. A line assortment of large Store Stoves In this lot. All goods so d to lie taken away immediate,y after the sale. M. MEUWIN, AUCTION'EE 11. By BANGS, MKfUVIN A CO., Irving Buildings, 694 and 596 Broadway. Monday evening, Dee. 16, at 6K o'clock, PRIVATE LIBRARY of searec and valuable Books in Ilie t iry. Biography, Travels, Bibliography, the Drama, Poetry, Belles I.eilrea and Miscellaneous Literature, Including many rare and interesting volumes. Also, n variety ol expensively illnspale I works of Costume, Scenery, Ac. Catalogues are ready. Auction sale of china, fancy ware, ac ? HENRY 0. EVANS Will sell. In lots to suit the trsde, on Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 1U)? o'clock, at 8ft Maiden lane, goods suitable for the holidays, consisting of White Granite Punch Bowls, Soup Bowls, Plates, Dinner. Tea and To.let Sets, Parian V ises, French China Vases, Motto Teas and CoHes, Toy Too Sets and Jewelry Boxes, Wineglasses, Goblets, Tumblers, Fruit Bowls, Ac., Ac. Sale positive and iio re serve Browne a nicholb, auctioneers, will sell on Monday, Dec. 16, at I o'clock, in front of salesrooms 26 Nassau street, a very hue sorrel Ilor-c, 1ft bauds, 8 years old, sound, kind and gentle; very stylish and prompt driver, and an excellent saddle horse. ALSO, A second hand Gotlwin top Wagon and Harness, all in good order. To he sold without reserve, as the owner leaves for Havana next day. Browne a nichols, auctioneers, wednes dsy, Dec. 18, at 1014 o'clock, at the salesroom 35 Nassa u atrcet, iii]S-rb importation of Carrara Mnrbles and Alabaster Goods, rich Bohemian Glassware, from the Royal man ufac tory, at Prague; rich Bllver Plated Uoods, Parian Ware. B.-: que and Decorated China, Bronzes, Clocks, fine 1'alnuiigs, articles ol Virtu for the holiday presents, Japan Goods. Ac. Signer L. Topi, of Florence, Italy, ie.q ei tfuily announces the above sale. It will be peremptory. Full particulars iu time. Daniel a. mathewb, auctioneer?sales rooms 79 Nassau street, bt tween Fulmi. and John sis. SUPERB l'AKIS FANCY GOODS, BRONZES, CLOCKS. PARIAN AND B18UUE FIGURES, ELEGANT CHINA VASES, RICH GLASSWARE, AC., SUITABLE FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Daniel a. Mathews will sen at audit i otiTuesday, Dccembt r 17, at o'clock, at his salesrooms, 79 Nassau street, a very large and elegant assortment of rich Fancy Goods, comprising splendid bronze Statuettes an I Groups, elegant Frem h China Va-cs, Colognes, Fancy Figures, Card Receivers, Workboxt h. Pans Fans. K tUeulex, Pan,in and Bisque Figures, fine Mantel Clocks. rich Glass Ware, Alumel Si. nils, S-gar Stands, Portable Dc-ks, Cfn ssuieit, Papier Mat he. Goods, Ac., all of very recent importation, and adap - ed for holiday pros 'tits ogttt a and goods ready ior ex' amiuatljn early on morning ol .-ale. Dutch bulbs at auction.?10,00 hyacinths, llt,5UU Tulips, Crocus, Narcissus. Jonquilts. Lilhi s, ac., now open and for sale by P, MURRAY, 18J Pearl -trcet. 13DWARD SCHENCK, AUCTIONEER. !i ABSOLUTE SALE OK ELEGANT FURNITUEB A I THE W \ HE ROOMS OF ALBERT K1 N'/.E, By EDWARD SCHENCK, on Wednesday, ism m-t., at I) o'clock, at the wareroou s65l Broadway, all ol the elegant sleek, consisting In part of rosewood Parlor Suits, do lite acres Centre Tables, lie Iroom Suits, black walnut Pa.'.or 81, !?, 111 reps; black walnut B droom Suits, Buffets and Ex 14 ution Tables, Ida k walnut Bookcases, Library and Dining Ilis m - . black walnut Hall furniture. Easy Chairs, L ung's t rapcati and Fancy Chairs, Ac. The Furniture Is now on exhibition, and ihe attention ?>( those 111 want of Due Pump ure Is n 1 peeUully called to this sale, a . the Furniture Is of the very buesi qiiaiiiy and will positively he sold w ith out reserve. E ~II.~ LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER?CASH SALE OF . to ids at .notion, lor the benefit of whom it may con cern, by order ol Ely A Co.-E 11, LUDLOW A CO. will null, at pul lie au lion, on Thursday, D -e. 19, 1861, at 11 o'clock A. St., a 18 New street, a large iuautily of Brandy, W oe. Rum, Gin and'Champagt , I un ma brands and vintages; also, a lot of Hockhelmerb'-rf n d-Inhnnuo bergsr; Wlc#in cares; also, a lot of genuine C. '. no, liso, a quaulity ol fast Imt a Paic Ale, In hogsh' il bottles. All the ob wh' .goods are In the United F^itsa bonaed warehouse, a pari of jwvhleh are suhjert io del mute; also, a lotofFagark, skates, [?Catawba B aony, Hops, Madder, Onhilll, ofvarious colors, Salsoda, ami a lotot about 10,800 Heed Poles. The above goods will be sold for cash, in 1 us to suit. Catalogues may bo had in the Oflii e nf ELY A CO., 51 New street. Also, at tbo olflce ol E. H. LV'DLVW A.CO , No, J 1'lqe su??t, SALRN AT AUCTION* Edward icilBNt k, auctioneer. HherffTaNata of ? l*rt?? lot OF SITIi.IH DIAMOND JEWELRY hold watciikh, By EDM ARD SOHENCK, <in TiumUur, the 17th m?t ,at 10'i A*. il"' . ?al?*nioii)?, 153 ami 137 Broadway. N. R.?A ili'iioiH (>| J5 inn < ent tvlll b? jHi?ttlv?'ly r?<]ti? i**?l ot every purcliMrr at tne t rre <?f nule, the bttlatiee nf the pmchttai o he puul wtihln tbu nr*i day, ellbci in bankable niuuey or by ueruiied cheek. none otheSfriM-ttlwd. The K'a>-le will he nil erhlblliiui at the Milerrootna oij Monday Ul Lej noon.

tlir loth mat. 1jH)R NALK AT AUCTION-ON TUESDAY MORN1NO, K-hmsl, ai 11", ii'cni k, the Ruiurra of the Jim. i nil Him no, Thirty .1 on rth aircet and Broadway, ronsiMiiig id i lie fiJiowuiK arilclei?Bar, lb <r I'limpx, He auterH. Ulaaeea Hot* Ilea, Looting til.i?>.. Cluck, Chair,. Walnut Tablea, one large Extension Table, tVtun a, Ac. Also a large lot ot Beer M?K?- A. KLOCK. GEOKOK Cm |{ AUCTIONEER. ELEGANT HOI KlIOl li FURNITURE, hko.nzl and marble clocks, PARIAN AND BRONZE FIGURES, SUI'ERB MUSICAL BOXES, ACi'OKOKONK, PAiNliNt.s, I'ANTE 1.8, ENGRAVINGS, AG. On Tm >? lay (to morrow),D<c. 17 at lUo'eloek. atMtlraroom Hi UroHuwuy, an ?? l^^ant stock ol Parim*, Chamb* i , Dining Room, I.ibrars ami Fnrult ore, % n suit* nnd in s iiaiuto parcels. Eiegen h, Secrruir ex,Bullets Armmna clue, Want robes, On ire and Fancy Tablex, ExtiiHiuu Tube . At , noth ing an elegant stock, to be positiw ly hold. Partu u&raat sale. GBORHE COOK, Al l TlONEER ?AOUORPEONH ?ON TuHHilay, at 12 o clw? k. at sUuv 141 lii oadw av ?n invoice ol fine Ae?o re. eons, of twenty ditft rem kinds am) m/cs, pu,ta ble tor lit** trade ami others. / 2BORGE COOK, AUcTloNELil.-MUsiUAL BOXES.? VT At 12o'clock on Tuesday, at salesroom ill Broadway, a large invoho ot tine Musical Bon s, from lour to twMvo tutu n. lor account of whom it muy concern; also * vergi u pcib marble and bronzi; Clucks and Pointings, elegant Pus tills Engravings, Ac. Henry h. ijbeds, auctioneer.?henry it. LEKD8 A CO., will wtlai unction, on Monday, Dec. 10, at 12 o'clock, ju front ol our suIcmo tn. No. 23 Na**au struct, VALUABLE BLOOD IJOR8E8. The celebrated Prim* m Clntiide, Iron gray Maic, five yean old, 16 hum: * high, out of (Variolic on 1 KMieiigti; a . y stylish, fast trolling mare h rwbnli Mr. Mounoi refused at one of hix sales $bUG for her. Monte Crisio, brown tie.ding, f ouled May 7, 1850, by Exe cutor out uf the thoroughbred mate Kate Cole: whole pedi gree will b* given at the *ale. Fr-.m stork of Mt Monr ot. Charley the Draper, a line, well trainoU Huddl.i II. iw; u fine Jcaper, and \ve!l , rokrij to double and single lun ne <?; ?*v n years old, out cd ihoYoughbted J u kxi.n. AU??, one fine Kngimh Siddlcaml Bridie. The whole ?>? the uln ve are ouly sold on ac o nit of the owner leaving lbe eifv. One d'?ublc-Ni a id Wa'on and pole, with shfung top, scat extra, built byJoo li Lau rence to onh i. anil but little ?.m?<f, cost over $3b0. One set set of Double ineifium Hart.cks, firsf el..hs bra? h mounted, used three tunes, made by Wood Gibson; ? st ddoo. One ol Double HIeigh Harness, made to order by combe, and com $100. One t*ef of Single lfat ue* One superior Lady's Side Saddle, by GO son; ???* l $70. One Lady's Biding Bridle. Gent's Saddle and Bridle. One pair of Gibson's best Blankets Three elegant Foot Blankets, two English hawthorn Whips. Henry d miner, auctioneer-salesroom 37 Nassau opposite the I <>Kt . MINE.! .* SOMERVI LI.F wi.i sell at auction, Tm -d i>, 1 ? c <i !*,at 10t^ o'clock, at iho cabinet warehouse o lane's F I'.Hi ? r, huccessiij to William Palmer, 7U Ka^l Bioa iwat, n?.*# M.uki t street. The eniire htofik of Cabinet Fur),?la.? all of n'.ah tvns madaeipresrviy tor custom trade, will l? ??? . wo .??ut io serve to i'Iom* the business, eons Niiuig <?f, in i r; ? to lows, vl/ ?Rosewood Suits, In muslin, ro?ea?m u Ktt g. r? s. rnw woo l an/1 maljogani Bookcases, <? ak and Id > .bun Kv tension 'Tables, ion wood anil mahogany Ouln Taides, Bu reaus, Wasbsfaiids am! Chairs, King s psieiil Chaus. He<! ?leads. Mush Ria kn, Rockers,, Cribs, Ac., A* The atteution of parties desiring first class furniture is part ten larly called to ihis sole, as every atUclc la ol tne iwstvvoik and latest sty le., and will piwitlM ly be sold without ie? rve. t HENLY B. HBRTri, JR AUCTIONEER EXECUTOR S S M.K OF AN ENTIRE HOUSE OF I UitNITURE, On Tuesday, December 17. ;?i !? v, ? , < |..c a, u t'.?e sucMiootns. N?? Pine Mtreei,eonsivting m Velvet, Brussels and In grain CarpetM, Oilcloth, iv he wood, lunho::-ai y and walnut Bedsteads; Waslotiiuds, Bureaus, Centre Tables, E'egeres, BulTeU, Bidc!a>aids, mabrf any Chairs So'ns, Lounges, jo?-e wood Parloi Suits. In broeatcl; Isr.e F? j fi- r p.eds, Be??< ing, Il/iir Mnttif* ? , *? Cur tains. Mirror?, J'a n mvs China, < Pass ware, Plated Ware, &e. Also the ii.ha a< .issurfinrnt ol Kitcheit Kuioil!.re, with wb ? h lie a./)/; will onmeme. Terms cosh. ( a alogoc-> at sale. Henry ii. leeds, auctioneer ?hheriff s Safe.?HENRY 1! I.RFJDH A < ?? v\?;lf *-??!! at auction on Monday Dec. It?, at II o'clock, at the s.ik?srooin. 21 Nassau street, by ord/ r of the Hher fl, Hie u a Hic/ nt Ifo toi lcal Painting of "The Rescue ul Filv.a, ' by B ginu- K< ss? Byoider. JOHN KELLV, Hlteiilf. B. Kkilley, Deputy. Also, to close a io?ii tcape, several beautiful framed En gravings, representing Hur.pinial subje? ts. JMOR7 ARTY. AUCTIONEER?Wi I L FELL TlilH DAY, ? at 173 t'l?..tbu-ii Mqua e, at 10^ o clo? k, S< ..s Lounges, Bureaus, Chair*, fabhs, Bcdsf'-ads, Feather Bids, Bb.nkets, OH Pssntings, Ijonking (]las>cs, C'ncks, ('. tlery, Jewelry, t'lotbjDg, and a vaiiety ul Dry and Fnricy <;<>??ls. JV. Pl'Ni'AN. AUUTIONEEH.-THE AHS'IHNEK ? says sell si wlmt they brio .?.1. 1 DUNCAN A CO. will sell this day, to the Li?.r!<,fct bidder, at I'l Nassau street, at 11 o'lloek, a fir'st cl .>?? stock of St. v. v nt.d Ranges, lj&dies1 Gait* i>, it) bariels LtiUncut?u;; Ol , Oillcu Fncmturc, Oil Paintings, Wax Ff 'ore-. Sir. J!'. TRAVEL, AUCTIGNEKR- OFFICE !??CHATHAM . street, will Mill, on Tuesday, IVtli imt .at lu'.^ o'eloeV, at Pj7 East Eleventh street, near avcum: B, bin Counters, Beer Pumps, Kegs. Bar Flxt irex, Benb Tea Cans Ice Box, large slass Case, sugar Bins, Flour, Sugar, Teas, starch, Caudles S ap, Fplc-es, IAqunrs, Ae. Mortgage sale of drugs, chemicals, Surgical Ir.Ktrnn eu'.s, Pi ri'mm i v. A? (CHAMBERS A FA!lit 1IILD will M il on Dec 23, 1.S6J, ftl 1J A M . at No. 218 Pear! street, a lm;;e i|ii tulilv < f Drugs, Chemicals, Dye Studs, Surgical IiiMrumc nts. Puiritj*, Oris, A/*. A.'so, rerfnrnrrv, Fancy Goods, Ac. Abo, (MJUn Furniture, Deaks, I run Safe. Jk>\ Also, Store* Kivturert SheiV/ng, Glass f/'Aies, Sfnlcs, Ac., Ah", it ?(r;aiit?iy of Household Furniture. Pianoforte, Ib - kn, ,le.. Ac JOHN II. WILSON. Attorney foi Mortgagee. "PAWNBROKERS SALE THIS DAY ?JOHN MOKTI .L MORE, 15 East Biouuway. un ucr of t.ath iin? stie?u, will soil, ??t 10 o'c'ocfc. H' i'.ts '< f Women'* ' f ? Hug, S Iks ? and D labie*. and other Dresses. H ???Ih sndSiioea, Quilt Blankets, Beds auii i'iiiuws I'iuk, K iii;s ami Earrings, and other articles too numerous to rneiitrou. P (iANLEY, fTT D.' nmn stre? f Pawnbroker h ha IE->w <\ higc.'tns will hell on Tuesday, Dwcemb,*! 17, at 10)? orlock. ai N?\ C>A) Ninth avenue, near Fur!\-tc- end street, alar^eas oriti cr.tot i ilnthinq, Si.k Dr? ?m , Chink*. Sh.iw K (taut*. i'uulH, v? hih Quilts, Bo.lM Ac*. By order of G. Hiding. Pawnbrokers bale-w. n ?v,\vis. Auc tioneer, will sell, on Tuesday novt, nt R\'j ??'< !*?<?!*, l\)b Bowerv, up stairs, a laiq"Ba,fc0,!,1i?-ir of Wan !.? Jewelry, Guna, Pistol* and Mush-.-il luslruiiuut-, AR\ mdej of W. A K MMl .sON. RP. WATMOUCH, 68 CEDAR STREET, OPPGJHTE ? Post oilier, would advise all person*, whethei in the army, navy, oi in their private dwelling*, if they desiio go?ul health, to call and gel a ! ottle of Dr. Miliar Bell's KliXiP If !,an been used in the Brit nh army for over tw > hundred jeans. R. B. WATMOUHIL 68 Cedf.r street, Sole A ;ent for the I nited States. OIJERJFFS BALE-BOOTS AND SHOES O CHAMBERS A FATRCHILD, At (H'H NF.ERS, Will M'JJ, a) tbeJr x.iieMroi.jD, il.'i Nassau street, m Monday, December 16, at 11 oV,? c's, a quantity of Bo is, Kbeen and Brognns, fur men and L< \ B wear. JOHN KELLY. Sheriff. Q A J. BO0AET, AUCTTONBBRB.?MONDAY, DEO. 16, at 11 o'clock, at No. 15 Jauie* slrp, mortgage sale, c f Barroom Furniture and Fixtures. Counter, Looking Glass, Tables. Chairn, Decanter*, Tumblers, Beer Pump, Engrav ing*, Keg*. Demiw hns, Liquor*. Ac. LOUIS H. VULTfL Attorney for Mortgagee. SA J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEERS.?TUESDAY, DEC. ? 17, at 10)4 o'clock, at No. 35 Orchard street, sen tee I Household Furniture, mahogany Sofas, Lounge*. Parlor, and Easy Chair*, Brussels Uaipets, marble fop Cen tre Tables. Dining Table, Chairs Dressing Huro.nis, Wash stands, mahogany French and Cottage Bedsteads, Hair Mat tresses, Feather l?e<is, Kitchen Furniture, Ae. ?A J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEERS.?WEDNESDAY, ? Dec. 18, at 10)4 uV oek, at the auction room, No. 1 North *> illlain street, Household Furniture, Brussels and Ingrain Carpet*. Oilcloth, .Sofas, Lounges. Tables, Chairs, Bureaus, Wfishstnnt'.s, Bedsteads, Beds and Bedding. Kitchen Furni Q HERMAN. AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL, ON MON t5* day, lotli inst., at 10*4 o'clock, at 100 Will,am street, the balance of a Wholesale Lijuor 8tore, consisting of /me bran dies. dm. Whiskey, Port Wine, Ale, Porter, also a large lot of Oi., enes, Flour, Ac. By order of E. Houghton, Mort gagee. SHERMAN. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, ON MON ? day, at 10)4 o'clock, at 190 William street, 230 barrels e*. tra Family Flour, different brands. This sale is well worthy the attention of dealers, Ac. By order of G. Cavalo. rpHOM AF VeTtCH. AUCTIONMKR OFFICE 27?BROAD J vav ? Public administrator's fair, ui Jewelry, Il.u.d Organ, Clothing, Theatrical Wardrobe, a large lot of valuable Mtisie, Ac., belonging to the late John Jones, deceased, r.n Tuesday, December 17. 1861. at 10 o'clock A M., at MG Pearl street. H P. RUSSELL, Public AdtninlstratO". ?Uf M. m7 HOLLINGSHEAdTa\\ Tlf)SEEiL-LARt".E v? and peremptory sde of Boots, Shots Rrogans and Rubbers at auction, on Tuesday, Dec. 17. at R )4 o'clock, nt the : re r f J. T. Whitehonsn, 25 Cortlandt stre* t. This safe wtil constat in part of prime grain Calf and Thi^k Boots. frr*n from manufacturer*, and well adapte d to the city and cocntrv trade, to which we would invite the attention o*l buy ers. Catalogues on morn.nq of sale. ~\\f M. M'TtTK k57~AI CTI ON K EK?WILL SELL, THIS H day, at - o'clock, at 451 Canal street, all the genteel Furniture, Ac., of a large hoiiM*. pier and Mantel Mirrors, Book Cases, Paintmgs, rich Tapestry, Three-ply and e ther tV.rpe?s. Hull and B.\-'ment O :-lotlis, P r!or So t*, ma hogany French and Cottage B dsteads; Hair anil other Mat tresses: Feather Beds and * arbl" top Di-esring Bu re.ius, Washstand.-, feo"?s, Seja lb- ?- R eking Ea^y and other t'hairs; To.i? t China. (Jiaes, "?;lvt., a ,d other Ware; Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture. *\Y M? WITTERS! AUCTiGNiiKH - IIJ NKY I'AhMi K ff will.?eil at liie New York Taimr&iiis, Sixth uvcj.ue, corner of Thirty-ninth street, at 11 o'ek k, Horses without reserve. Also Wagons, Harness,? Blankets, Robes, W BIt,l.IARUN. Alxroe stock OF NEW AND SKCONO hand Biliiai 1 TiiUlfff, with i'ltciair, Coiubiuul.ou Cumu.uus, for ulc at ori'-e* to suit the tlniet. t'HKI.AN A COI.I.ENDEK. 63 to 69 Oro?by ?t? N. Y. QALOON.?FOB SALE CHEAP, A PAIR OF SHUFFLE k J Board*, complete, wltabie for a Mdoon. Apply at iho Now llouto, 203 Eighth avenue. LTANTEO-A second hand marble or slate bad Billiard Tattle, size 10*5 feet or emaller. Addreaa, slating where table can be seen J. W. W., box 1,971 Foet o.11ce. LECTIFRE9. PROF. JOHN W. S. HOWS'COURSE OF READINGS trnm Shak'ivr.-, "The Poet, and lienor ' .the I'e-ker In.tltnte, Brooklyn, will commence o Mnu t veil ing, Dcoember 16. Adml'ntion 2.". cent - QIX LECTURES, BEARING ON \\ AT. \ II I? HY RE h> q-ieal, he delivered bv the celebr.i ? v. Uregg. D. D , of London attn Otiblln, in tiie lluiluf the Jle demption, oppoeite tlie Academy of Mnate, h?,t Fourteenth irtvol, to commence on to-morrow ci ne ' v veiling, 17th In.t , at 6 o'clock. Adimsei'n 23 rem* each - tnre. Pro gramuies and tlckrta for the course .'be had at the Astor House and at the principal bookstore?. Uoi particulars sco progrumme. nOAIIDINO AND LODOIIIO*^^ \ f S WK-T FOURTEENTH 8TUIT, BBTWKBN A Firth and sixth uviinii' H, large band* mely furuiahcd Willi Bedroom* ou *?oond ami third floor*,jujw ?jj ? gle Booms for gentlemen. All modern improvement*, i*e Terences exchanged. ? _ A HANDSOME SUIT AND TWO SINGLE ROOMS TO dispose of, hi the llr*t claw hous?\ N<?. IN Second ave nue, cot n??r it Severn h street; dinner at fcix o'elu-'k. Cull at house or address bos 3,3^3 Now York 1'ont ofllcc. _ AT THE LAKOK F1KBT CLASS DOFHMS HOt'SK 127 lllcui'ker street, west of and near Broadway, a really liriii clan* family Boarding House, with R hih.k moonuM-aed in sir.e aikI comfort, in s nt* ?>t single: the ? heap *l place 1,1 the oily for the sty ie and quality of wi ? * on red AT U5 EIGHTH STREET, HEAD OK LAFAYETTE J\ pia<? ? Furnished Rooms to rctil t?> single gontlemi 11 or gentlemen and their wive*, w?th or w ithont Board, l'rl a to mut the times; good location, neur the hole!a. References exchanged. A PARLOR AN1> TWO BEDROOMS ON THE THIRD JK. tloer, also a pleasant Trout P. rlor on the acvoad floor, to h i, with llonrd, at IRS KaO Fourteenth ? . eel. near l iiiuu square. One or two Mull Rooms, with close la, suitable it genlh im n. _____ A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A THIRD STORY J\ Room, southern exposure, with closets, grate a,V'1..v'1"' tou gen tie 11 an, with Iirouklwat it desired. tax'ution 48 wen Be ven tee nth street, between Filth and Sixth av? u ues AT I4U W F.i.T SIXTEENTH STREET ?PLEASANT 01111h oi Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, on second lloor; also with Board tor gentlemen and their wives or bin g!e gentloiio n. Beat of references given and required. ATTENTION IB CALLED TO THO8K LIVING IN hotel* and hoarding houses ?There in an establishment opened at 110 Maetiougal street, the moms being hi d out in bulla and f'utnshcd with everything nocesbary tor house keeping, in order that a tamily uiny have a complete home, and lite at an inconceivably tow rate. AS FIT OK THREE ROOMS TO LET?WITH OH without Board, to a party ot gentlemen or a small family, also Kootua on third lloor. Ap,?iy at 20 West Ele venth street, near Broadway. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET ONE OR TWO Rooms, handsomely furmsbed, in gentlemen who re abi? to pay .1 lair price for superior aeconiroodnib'ii*. BreakfhM if desired. Apply at 60 W cat Tweutleth street, be tween Filth ami Sixth avenues. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FROST PARLOR OS second lloor, with two closet*, in h t, with Board: the house modem, location eligible; a pleasant mime nuiii/.cu, term* moderate, referencesexchange d. Apply at 16 Urov? street, bet w et n Hudson and Bleecker. AT 130 MADISON AVENUE.?A GENTLEMAN AND wile seeking a home in a nrst cuts* priva'e house, t .in find a Suit ot Rooms on second Hot r, with Hoard, u* above ;? also a Room lor a single gentleman. Hi st references given and required. ? \ LADY WISHES board FOR SATURDAY AND JV A French house preferred. Addirss E. b., Mtat.on F. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE t>R <>NE OR TWO SIN A gle gentlemen can obtaiu a pleotuAiit front Room aini Bedroom on the second tloor, also on the lernis mode mi?, ami family private. Reference* given and required. Fall at lot) East Eighteenth street. A WIDOW LADY LIVING ALONE WOULD LET, ON i * ti lannublt' u-rniH. nwt-ly fiirniklit-il Know*, 10 l;i..??? m ui'iillriu.'U, with "i williout Uo.4r.l. H<,u<,- ??oiiujin* all ln> mod?rn improvements, gas, bath, ?tc. Apj lyat ok w?mi 1 01 1. 11 street, one bli 1 k from Broadway. A 1K1VATE KAMll.Y WOULD I.1KK TO A.TOMMO n Uiili-u tamily Willi lUte Hihuii. ami laioil Houra, Willi all Ihc cotuforU of liome, in #?*?! .im <? for -nma it' ml luriillnri' noil rar|*U; lu'UMS Ural U..i ? i " wb'I Twri.H Oiinl .trPi-i. R?lereme?txchanstil. Ai'.'Iu-.* Mi i.nai i, on linn E. A GENTLEMAN AM- HIS Will', O.VV VYING I I11M cla.-a Imiiw, will lot a ault ?( . amlamm-lv U.iW" r I Riviiilf, inai'lh. nr Hi ti.iraln, with Inl nr V-rllal H aril, - i iiriiatf lalils Kr-i-ll.h, Fr< in h anil Grrnmn .? af-ken. A| ply at 4S lUiK, Bl.ocltfi- nit-el, nrar Hn-n I way. A 81'IT OK VARLORS ON FIRST FLOOR?WITH I'Rl J\ van lahli-mils, nr wilhoul Hoaril; ala - n|-|a 1 U mna, -_i yiilh'in ii, wiihuiit Hnaril, tn lei on very am miiih, at -i FoarUi - lr< - it, mm LafaysU* plMtt 4 T M SEVENTH AVENUE. THIRD UoU- E AI'.oVK A F Iiuieeiitti *ti<--l. -A large anil haul'" i ?? > 1 tiunl Rmilii on WH-oinl floor, to let, WHh Bnaul Inahalyai gentle man or sing' gentlemen. Rcfennces exclisugcd. A SUIT OF FU KNIS1IED ROOMS, WITH I- Ui.L HOAR D. A to lot l. a launly, or ain^le ginUrman, In a tin t'la?" ti- n-cj a If n a Room. Apply at 20 WafU.utlon plan-, 11 ar Btoidwny. A WIDOW LADY OF IIIGI1 KF.SVKOTARM.JTY, H A\? in*. ? largo four M?r> l.rown fluin- Uou?c, t-leKaiitly lui ? A.. 1 n Thirl" - .glitli ftre. I, n.-.r Uioi.hv.-iv ami Sioli men dcHiring suiHjuur aemminodations. 1 ile??tc ta ?le il dc blind. Address E. B.,iiatloD 0. 1 N ENGL1SI1 FAMI1 V AT 153 WEST FOURTEKNTH A abort will let tu two or Ihiw ynuim imu A pari up u * ,7,,,, Haaiill'i ?3 W i-iu-h. alio, a wpmrc K-oni, iuthlln.ii J fui ono 8.5, <-r W 3d f"i'two. Oa?, |.ai,lrie?, t rolou haaina, haihf.ic HiCtthfait at 7; dlnwr at 8. , IGMVATE FAMILY WILL LET A FRONT TARLOIt A ami Unliooio mljnlr.hi.-, han.lkOinfly jiirnlslicil, on rcrmal floor, ai 4H Sr<-,,n t a --nm-, w nil K'i* ami lira. _ _ ~A WH'El.Y FURNISHED FRONT AND BACK ROOM. A. wnh Hall Briiroorn. to h't. tosentU-inen, without bonro, or l<i a jjriulririau ami win: l'nr hou-1 Ib-i-p n;l tin- ''' a ' 1? tain* all U>(- uiudern Unviovemenlf; v.-nua ri-asotiahh rel.. ranofc*exchanged. Apply <' UflWavot ej pi*** I A T NO S3XAST TWENTIETH STUF.ET, A FEW DOORS A f.oinBroalway.a ami wila "Mmmii, m ai nllrn on "?li oUtaiii a p'raainl Room, with B.mril, at a li. flrravr pli. )'? A RCUlUmian may oUUilli alioul Room at ?I pti wick. Ilotiyc flrotthii 1 BUTT or ROOKS TO LET-ON THB SSGORD | A llool, with Hoar I, rilhi-r tu u.l-or lu-ta ab ly. Hoiiho Uoiaton and BIm tlwr lAOARD-WlTI! EXUELLENT AND CONVENIENT IT to. a: *? Macdousal nrar the park; family final;, hoinw Coutuiua modern la. prove menu, Ac. Teriuk moderate. iao\rd-A Yt-UNt; LADY OF PREPOSSE88ING AV IT p'l.uinu- won hi HO , la-ly ana ? in t Hoant Or only) hanilfOU.iTy famuhul Eo-iiif. AJiIu-mi M H. cuiinn F, Third avenue. ? r>OARD ?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE OR TWO B si irl' MUtlrimn ran oliliin with pln.f nt Rno.n. l. a private family ; H.c hmm. ....1 | r J^Ei.? ,7, Vav.-nan ami an rxrell. iitft'-.e ? i I hr .applied. A| ? ply al 147 Ei. hLroth fieri CARD ?A FAMILY HAUND KORE a*Hir>iiVar'n't? rI f-.'tn ,y im itamor-i 'hj^ M.d aueu.hle hy cars it ml stages. A,>| ly at LI West 1 Aitu> nn t. B HOARD.?AN ELEGANT THIRD STORY FRONT ROOM D and 14,-di.ioii, aim. hr Mm hr-v. ,yl l-> - I J'"81^ - l l vincMlnn rl.u.i, HmyvesKiU park, also a s.ii.ui J?wmi .in a nitiRla Reul'.rman; h- tac lirf - t:mfa bfu,^" 6 and En ia:h table. Krlrrmrra Bin n and rerpiired. Boarding - at no :'?v> koi>e-' iieiyieen third and Fout'ih-irrrla, a lew griitii m nmi .ndlcs em he auoramodabdw .. u. II or |?roal above. 1MW very moderate. Reference requirra. I no objection. .. BOARD1NG.-A GEN'IU:"AN AND WIFE AND FIN gh* gentlemen can ?>n u .u v? ry desmth.c Looms, neady furnished, In the house of a r?*vatefft.nily. '' his is a ?? o I opp>rluntiy to secure a qui' ? ami comioftable home; loitliie . w Hi tor at a modci at? \ . .'<? Apply at 15G East Twenty.tLird street, wo*f of Sec or.'I aver. tut. Boarding.?381 greens ich stri et:a pewoek tJ'mieu run bow r?/in mod/i ted vvjiJj goo J i}>>urd ot Mrh. TAYLOR v . frmi $3p?r wt k. BOARDING*?LAD1E8 AND GENTLEMEN DESIRING Botird tor the Winter, will Jmd pbuaatit lurnhhel Hooms. w ith excellent. table, at 172 Rhv.ker street; tornrn reasonable. Also, a tm<* tinfiirniHlied front F trJor/tnd Rooms for single gent'emen, at low prices; house ail n o [cm improvements. Board wanted?with a good sirhd, well furnished Rami, for a lady, and child two years old ; terms, including i re and gas, not to exceed $6 per week. Only those having good a<; omrnoda; wr.s for piiec MpeeiLcd need reply. Address Aunt, Herald office. Board in bboqklyn.?a prtv he family : iv. ing a delightful Room, on the lii?: ' ?!?, would ren: it t > a gentleman and ittdy or two single gentle.urn, Apply at No. 2ftf> D eg raw htre? t, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.-a la imp;, handsomely furnished Km n? en second floor, suitable lor a p.-ntle. man and wife or single gentlemen, hlso ;> n.ftll R om, vvjibin five minutes'walk of the Atlantic street lerry. Heici. i.< s exchanged. Apply at 1U0 Pacific sirt"t Board on BROOKLYN HEIGHTS?FOR A GENTLE" man and wife, or two single gentlemen; back pail >r on second floor, with large closet; has furnace heat, pi", A1., With line View of East river; within three minutes o! Kitl'mu and eight of Wall street ferry. Apply u So ft Poplar sin-ei. Brooklyn heights, overlooking the b y a ? Two or three desnuble Rooms, witn Board, muy he prr ? cured by applying at lib Columbia sire . ;, between Fulton and Wail street ferries. Board on Brooklyn heights-pleasant front Rionis. neatly furnished, with full or pivhil Boar.;; sduatico deliglit,'til.and only Live mm .ica' wain from F ii"4? and Wall street ferries. Brooklyn heights.-rooms for single gpn t;einen,at N .6 Witiow street; a few minut'V wu.k to the IVr.ies; lull accommodation* for five; dinner ,.t d o'clock; terms model Hie; one Room for two gentlemen. IIIIOOKLYN HEIGHTS.?A LARGE. PLEASANT D Ro?-in to let, w :h Board, lor a gent!-man and wife; also a good room for a singe gentleman. House large, w;t.. h.c.h, A ;., contiguous to ten!'*. A New England farn..y, with lew boarder*. Terms moderate. 51 Willow street. Board in Williamsburg?wanted, by a lady who i>< ?tru iu u Qaiet family, where she eoul \ have the comforts of a home; a widow without ch.Id - would he preferred. Terms moderate. Aduress L. M.S , He raid office, for two days. CCOUNTRY BOARD AT YONKERS.?A J.AR<?E OR J ?hih.I family can be handsomely accommodated loribo winter with fine Rooms and good board, at a very reasonable price For further particulars inquire ?t Si'i 11 dsoirstreer, New York, or of ACK.EK, EDGAlt A CO., Yonkcrs depot. Itefert need exchanged. UF.E BOARDING.?ANY RESPECTABLE YOUNG lady willing to assist with the housework n a small F L family a part of 5<>r time tn compensation for a K'?J homo ran apply to Mra. ROBINSON, 10/ WeklTwenty-fourthstreet. Ciood refoieno# retinlrrd. rrtURNIP'tTED ROOM?WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD r wuatnt, in a t.rntrcl hoO.e snd location; a liberal rent ivlll br nai'l l?r the Same, if taken itirnrprntmr or joiner work and materia I any Uewrlption. Ail dross Builder, for three da,a, II. rai l < ilico. FURNISHED I i ii ?MS?AT lit ?OtUBI.S PRICES, TO | In, ami ->i i" v week, ,li.< - for gemlomivu un I wife; also oult 'I Ui-nnv ?;1114 ,,I- dni ami B;? k Parlor, 1 it Brora .11 a'>? I ,a 'ry, tn a | -ivato h Oil's, with ujj ihoioolri 11 iinpr vein.nt- In, r-mNo. tfst*i n ?t 1 TTIT/KNI.SIIED BOOM AND BEDROOM TO i.IiT?TO A ' r Udy and xonitcinan or In ? unall funiK ; cooking ot,?!? ? 1!. ami all convemrncc. lor hou.-keopi,-g utiuehtd Apply I i"? ibi-ve Uaja to i?7 Cauftl street, aest Uuitsva. Rr BOARDING AND I.PDGING. "LMJRN1SHKD rooms, with board, in a brows iflenuM."4 H Ninth stre-t, between Iflith and Sixth (rKh? i,K.?filiN ,HOABW*<i II' TOWS AND I'AVINa Whitest rr. i" l"""'?--?nv?<?Uli..i.?wMl wild*. N?. 80 Whi 0 stin t, one d?or east m Hmndwuy, a good table plea, tat.; r ?, and everything a?n?tr Ilka honje L ipurrd ' *7 ' week' r#* Hotel 1-'>'k>|S''--,;'-kan{"omvoetable sinoi,r K I win 81 -.?(< 81 fl(| a we a* or 25 uenta a niaht ut the Union Hotel, 106 I'rmni sit ret, cwim-r oi Thompson" A'i ornmmlation lor over i!60 persons, Meals at all hours! Open all night. IRVING HOUSE, TWELFTH STREET, NEW YORK.?A* f, iv very*eslrnb|e Suit* o Koiuuh to let, with i,r witl out Houid, to families, for the winter. Also a few stnulu Kooma forfenUemen. OEO. W. ve; ky. fYNE ill: TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN VERY DB \ r sirable Boom*, with Board, in a lirst class IliiilK, at 141} West Twenty-fourth >(?-??? i. Tsrnn 81 and $) per week. RCO.M4 To LIT?WITH BOARD, FURNISHED tilt uul urnlshud, in u family >ir single gentlenif n; tiic in a tlon ll the finest In the city; the limine Is lar;.o, with all this modern Inipri . menu. Price to suit the times. Reference* exchanged. <0 Washington square, weal side. 1OOM8 TO LET?W11II ROAltD. ONE LABOR ROOM. . lor a genFeman and wife or two single gentlemen, at ifUtt llleerker street. Two young ladies can be commoduled. Teruia iiuhIi rale, rjnVOOIt THREE UENTI EMKN CAN OBTAIN IIOARI1 I and the i inn,'ni ls cf u asm.' in a strlefly private family, where no other hoarders are liken, at li3East FitteeniH street, nearly ?!?/ oslte St nyvesant park. The house Is lirst i'l e>, with hath, gas, Ae. Iteferenee exchanged. rnw o NH liLT FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD. I for gentlemen and wives; also two tingle Rooms foe! gentlemen, In a central locality and genteel neighborhood, where (here ure h o few iH.nrtfers; gas and butb, reiasonnbtt* pi Ives. At 37 Eu*i Eleventh utreet. ntwo handsomely furnished bedrooms,with I i ajlnr atjuiu iig, to let, together or separate, in a private family, the In.u-e having all the inudern improve ments; hi entrust If repaired, at 4.3 Twelfth street, between filth and Sixth avauues. fDO LET?A SINGLE ROOM, OR REITS OF ROOMS, 1 for single gentlemen, or gentlemen and the rwlvus; par lisl Board It inquired. To Hies in want of a end home, in a.pitel genteel neighborhood, this is a good chance, lnunlris at 86 East Twenty- eighth striei, N. Y. rno LET?WITH BOARD, VERY LOW, UNFURNISHED J. Rooms, on arcoin! and th| nl lloors; local Inn convenient. Apply nl WANTED?A PART HERTS ON THE SECOND FLOOR, consisting of I'arlor, Bedroom and Dressing Room, with first class prtvali Hoard mra genilemun and ho wife; loeatlun hi lweep Third and S.x'li avenues, above Eighth un? I dow Twenty-third si reels. Address b i* 63 l'ost nfiioe. WANTED-BOARD, Foil A LADY, WITH A WIDOW, where there urn no other boarders. Location must bo agreeable. Address K. 8. V.. ho* PUi llcrald office. th(A PER WEEK FOR A PRETTILY FURNISHED ?P?? R' ion, with full Board, to a genu, man ami wile. In % hrst class house, with model i improvements. No. Did West Twenty-sixth street, near E ghth avenue. Parlies would dt> tied to call r EAST SIXT7IENT11 STREET.?NEWLY AND HAND. *7 souo'ly furnished Rooms to let, in suits or single, la ?ad or third ?: ry, losiu; ? gentlemen or families without children. OfT EAST TWEL'TH STREET.?LADIES AND GEI8 ? ft I lien,, nd> irio; Hoard for the winter, wlil end gomt Rooms unit an n mo lot ions at the above desirable house auit locution, being a lew duure w est of Broadway. Reference* exchanged. "jr.If PRINCE STREET?8T. ULA1R HOUSE.?KLB I UU oautly furnished Koouie, with Bedroome attached with all i(in runt euiei < ea for housekeeping eiunplete, Iticlud ID; gas and Ft o ou water, to let to respectable lainilies or single gentle uten. 17li HDBK'KBK STREET, SIX BLOCKS WEST OP J I t) Hi- adway.? \ netv houie, with all modern improve ments. I'leasaiit R' onia, with excellent Boar I. from $.1 n> S5 per week. Breakfast from six to eight; dinner at half i isi twelve slid *.*. OlAIUI STREET?JACKStiN HOUSE?THE MOST oiltl coin fori ably i ml conveniently furnished Apartmenta In the city to met the wants of small families, with every requisite lurnttuir, clean linen, cooking range and utensils. gar and Oroton water. FINANCIAL. 4 DJCBTMKNT OF CLAIMS ON THE GOVERNMENT. ('l.iiin- against every department at Washington adjust ml promptly in person by our resident ngent there. HON. HORATIO KING Lute Postmaster General of the United Stales, To whom (hums m e forwarded dally from the oJteB of JOHN 1) Ml ltK VY, Aimy anil Navv Banker, ,1# Nassau street, opposite tile Post office.' pONTRACTORS BILLS \J Avutust the War and Navy Departments purchased by JOHN B. Ml'Kit AY, Army and Navy Banker, 39 Nassau street,opposite the Poslofflce. T A1KST MORTGAGE J EPPERSON VILLE RAILROAD 1" Bonds?Onion of the .letlrrsoiivills Railroad Company, JelTrrsonvllle, lutl, December 7. 1861.?The holders of thesw bonds are hereby notified ihatthis eompnny will redeem, on the hist day of January neat, at the olllee of the United States Trust Company. New York ' the lowest bid l>c low | ar, n part ot l's First Mortgage Bonds, agreeable to tho provisions of a contrai l pertaining thereto, hearing dais April 14, 1889. Offers tor the salo of said bonds should n? addressed under seal to Hu> United States Trust Company sf iresald, end endorsed. "Offers of the First Mortgage Bona i , bunds) of the Je.fleiHoayllle Rnllruiid to the Sinking Fund." which offers, or bids, will be received until noon or the 1st day of January aforesaid. J. if. M. CAMPBELL, Sce'y and Treasurer. IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, NO. 'MS WARREN street. Iuteie-u allowed at the rale of 6 per rent on sums I rotn $ I to $300. and ft per cent, on sums oyer that Amount. Opun daily from 10 A. M. to 2 I'. M. Also on Mouduy, Thursday and Saturday evenings 1rum 4 to 7 I'. M. JOHN CASTREE, President. WILLIAM M. PUL1.IS, i v, 1 SYLVAN US 8. WARO,! V,0# ''Csidcnts. funnil L. Bttrros, Secretary. NEW YORK AND ERIE RAILKOAl) FOURTH MORT gagc.?Holders of Trustees' Certificates for Fourtli Mortgage Coupons In arrrar are notllled that on and afier the 16th Inft. payment will be made ai the ofllee ol the Re < ver, at the foot of J).moo street, of the Coupons ol April and October, ISftO, for which <ertf Urates have bsen Iseueil (with Interest from May 1,18(1, to Doe. lft, 18G1) out of th? baton e In the Trustees' hands from assessments, ?nd out of the net eunilng? of the nad applicable to that, under the order of the Supreme Court, December 13, 1801. DUDLEY 8. GREGORY, j Tru.,?. J. C. BANCROFT DAVIS. ) 'mute's. Parties having claims against any depart meat o| the United States or State government, either adjusted or otherwise, or such as may be tn process of tlqui datiun, may receive cash for such as -hull be approved, by ad dressing L. L., boi 2,748 Post office. Notice.?holders of Milwaukee city bond? issued to the Milwaukee and Missis-ipp. 11 nlroad Coin-' pany may exchange the same for Second Preferred Stock of the Mihvaukie and Prairie ilu Chlen Railway Company by applying to W. SC1IALL .it CO., 58 and 60 Exchange plage. d>l f\A/k -WANTED. THIS AMOUNT BY ONE OF ?]PA?UUU? the lwlrs ot an estate, who, by a provision In tne will of a party long since deceased cannot quite vet nb tilu the Inheritance. A bonus of $30J will be given for lh? loan lor three years, and Interest and expenses paid beside*. Address E. O. W., box 154 lD rald ofllee. dfi 1 nnn wanted-on bond and mortgage; ?JPi .VJVIVJ on four Central Park 1,< ts, near Fifth avenue, lie;ween Eighty-fourth and Eighty-tilth streets. Address box 220 Yoikvlbe Post ofllee. LOAN OFFICES. T 77 BLEECKER STREET-MONEY LIBERALLY u'lvjyii'-rd to any atnouni on dlumomls, watches, jewel iv. pianos, segars, dry goods, Ac. N. B.?Pawnbrokers' tickets bought. II. NEWTON, 77 Bleecker street, upstairs. T J. H. BARRINOER'S, COMMISSION BROKER ? This old established office advances the highest Sums on, or leiyh for cash, diamonds, set or unset; watches, pearls, plate, furs, merchandise, optical instruments, Ac. No. 214 Broadway, room 13. up aluirs. A A AT 6ti NASSAU STREET.?A. HONIOMAN. DIAMOND broker, makes lihcial advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., or buys them at full value, at his private ofllee, 66 Nassau sticet, room No. 2, up stairs. Busluess confiden tial. A T A. R. THOMPSON S, 102 NASSAU STREET. COR ncrol Ann sir- ct, room No. 2, second floor.?Advsncea ii Walchi s. Diamonds, Jewelry, Sliver Ware, Segara. Dry Geo s and all kinds of incrchamilsc, or will buyout. Sa'.ev nt ended to in all i ai is of the city or Brooklyn. AMOS R. THOMPSON, Auctioneer. AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET.?MONEY TO LOAM to any amount on Diamonds, Wutehcs, Je welry, Ac., by the will known and ohl established ISAAC, Broker and Commission merchant, No 9 Chambers street. N. B.?N ; uslness transacted on Saturday. 4 1 JACOBS, ? t EDAR STREET.?ADVANCES MADB _J? on Watches, Diamonds, Silver Plate and other personal I'p.perty in s .ms to suit, or bought for cash and a liberal price pa id. Bonlness strictly confidential. Branch, No. 40/ Broadw .y. T IliERAL ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS; J j Wrtehes Plate ami Jewelry, or bought for rash at tb? highest M'iec Persons having ohj Gold or Silver to sell can not do bluer than call on LOUIS AN RICH. 723 Broadway, ?OA nun to ADVANCE, BY HENRY HYMAN, 4*1 1 ?U" ' Broadway, room No. 3, on Watches, Dia - and merchandise of every description, from $10 and upwards. Merchants m want of money will do well tocall. Business strictly confidential. I t HMTIRE. ? BEDROOM -I'IT OK ENAMELLED FURNITUR8 ;\ i r$.'4 'null eo or*, of wan Anted manma tare; alms i jidr (-mat Cha n'.t - as, p ain and ornamental, at H . f'ARKINGTON'S, 363 Canal street, opposite Wooster* E- ab I,he .in 1343. i large assortment of household furni A tore at i r. si- ? Ho ewuod 7 oetave Pianoforte, fully guaranteed, ros' $'<?) will b- sold for $250. including .3 ot/l and Cover; 1'uihij Suits, cast $ MI, will b- sold for $140; rets Centre Ta Mirrors, Onrtaius, Bedsteads, Be? tea is, Waal ? au H Bedding, Ornaments and Silverware, Wi.l b" sold at a gi .1 lcrnice. lu ;uire at 70 West Twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue. I3URN1 TURlC?CASH l'AID~ FOR SECONp~ HAN? 1 FurnttuM, Mirrors and Carpets. Country calls atteinl-d to. Address Furniture Store, ftfiO Hudson at rest. A good assortment of s< cund hand.Furniture on hand at the above store, cheap, for cash. FURNITURB BOUGHT.?ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD Furniture bought for cash, and a good price g.ven. at 47'J Thlnt avenue, near Thirty-fourth street. Pksy call or address Furniture, as above. N. B.?A good assortment ot second hand Furniture (or sale. HAIL. ROADS Hudson river railroad -trains iok albany. Trov, the North and West, Pave Chambers street at? aud 11 A M , and 3 15, ft an I 1" 13 I' M. VEW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD J>i For Albany. Troy. North and We-t. W.nt<-r arrnngem nt, commenting Monday, Nov. 4, l.C\, For Albany?10 3d A.M., E*pre?s Main rain, from iweaty sixtli mi-eot depot. For all local truitif ?'? Time Table. JOHN DURCUiU* A??UfcutRtifefiRt?odent.

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