Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 17, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 17, 1861 Page 7
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~ ? rveroy from the day of our crossing the bound ary lino. Meanwhile, in view of the po slide rupture prlth Great BrltHln. let t'ongress abolish our treaties vvttfc Canada, from which slie bus beoa deriving such great cnniuiwial advantages, and let us isolate oursdve-, from the province without delay. Incknim.vRT Films Soi.. it. -There aeenia to bo nooie doubt whether or not the great fire a' Charleston was incendiary or accidental, and if the foriicr, whether the slave* or the poor yv biles wore the incendiaries. AVe think it jprobabl ? that the poor whites, who are mostly Irish, have taken this method of revenging theuiHolvc. upon the ouirugeous despotism ot ^eflT Davis irishmen ure -oldoin slow to re Bent a wrong or careful wliul menus ihey take ."to avenge it. If the Charleston lire was inceu Idiw; we may expect to see all of the principal Mouthem cities in Haines within two months. ?Those things propagate themselves. (loom vnu Co.vntAHAMts.?Cur policy in wegard U> cotton and conirsluuids is beginning ho tell. General Sherman seems to undciatand the whole subject thoroughly and practically. We has now about three t housand negroes at ?ad near Beaufort picking cotton for tnuispor (Utlou North. Let bis example he indtated by ?II our gen?T?1s. and let 'our gciteruU, and uoj ?ur (kmgressinen, look after the inevitable ne ||ro until this war is over. . ?. , 11, . . . ..... V " Thk or Cosohkss. tt is juried folly for Congress to be wasting its energies and its ?peccluM upon the slavery question. Leave the ?laves to be disposed of by generals like Sher man. The integrity of the Union is assailed front-Mm Smith and from across the sea. The finances of the country need io lie arranged. Attend to these subjects, gentlemen, and leave ?Sambo to himself and Greeley. Talk about the negro produced this war; talk about the negro ?rill neve)-end it. _ Koouks and Rah? u>, A . i km>.?If there are ?ny rogues and rascals in this city not yet gone to the wars they should prepare to join the lob by at Albany after the first of .(unitary. They trill find fine pickings there in railroad and ?tbm jobs, Greeley is to be chief of the lobby, and with Raymond as Speaker, ihe rogues ami rascals will rule the roasi. There is money to be made, sure. ? Thk OominuLkltvrk or' Wkvukli. Phillips.- - In the lecture vvhieh Wendell Phillips is to de liver in ibis city nex1 Thursday evening it is understood that he intend" to piteli into the American government, ami praise that of Kng l^nd, in relation to the Tren: business. Between the abobiionists at home ami the aristocrats ?broad there Las always been h conspiracy to diegra.e this country. Bkovovvav CoveKiiT Sai.oons.?'That sstanlc trio, the World, Thntaand 7W7eo)? ?the World ? the Flesh md the Devil?ha- fallen to puffing {prodigiously, philosophically and piously those well know n institutions, the Broadway eoneert saloon*. THKIW KNT FIGHT IN WfXlEttN VIRGINIA. ( is, liec. 10, JS01 A dtajMkdi fi'Otn Phllippi suy* that our fore-' ;?t the b it tle of Aiteghany camp numbered one thousand eight hundred They enme in night ot the enemy drawn up hi Una of hiUto in front of then iiitreuchiuen(st_charfeJ upon tbmn wd drove them back. A hot di e was kepi up during (ha afternoon on both sides, and several hrll VMt aliiu'ge'4 vera niMdn by our num. (Jonaral Mtiroy withdrew Ms for. ??> hi nightfall, intend Ing to renew the attack in the morning. Ihiriog the night, hovtiuer. the rebels sib-titly tofl (hair camp, burn *ng everything t>my could not imp with (liein. Our ioa.i is twenty killed unit thirls wounded, wliila the rebel loos ? -. ?? hundred and flf'y killed, including a flatd ?fflcer tfaew By Una action the front of tjencrdi Itcyuolds iu ciaar*^ Of the enemy, there being no orgattt/i d i ebal force wi'hin forty miles of our advanced post. A detachment soht out from Philippi on Saturday ro mtrned la<( night with ten rebel gntri'ls?. including the notorious .lake If urn. .BKPOKlP,l> ENGAGEMENT BETWEEN THE HUMTRH AND THE JIIOQUOI8. -s-'fl- Bin moan, Dec. Id, 1H61. Tlie imviK ttynaa has arrived here, She reports speak wg tbo f'-ncl sb brig Mary Morton, which reported thai ihoSumiei md Iroqiioishad tout i severe engagement. Md that oue of them, she did not know -sDii? )>. b id put nto Martiniyiia to repelr damages. MOVEMENTS OF TROOV8 IN GEN. BUTIiER'H DIVISION ?FORT WARREN PRISONERS GOING TO FORTRESS JIMNltOE, ETC. . ,v V .MS Bo- ,*OS, Off.. 16, Igrtt. An agent of the steamship Kiihou i- here in connection wHhCaplun Walton, negotiating *ith Oeiierel ButW to traiv<|?or< the Maine Twelfth tegimont In tho Knlton to it? destination Tha barlt Inland City is uni te .1 to leave to morrow, conveying t wo hundred and forty fort Warren prisoner, aetbOrtre ? Monroe, where they i itt await an exchange. Arrival of the Chiai>i|>>nn front .t?|?i? n Mil. tha a'Jtamshlp Chatnpton. Ctijeui'i Wdson, from kepin ' ?rail, December 7, arrived In it unit t we I re o'clock 1?M Might, lu'iiiKini; the malts, passoni; th out specie. Dee. 14. 'at. 31.30, long, "s die wirs chased t?y ,i ihreo mas'-d propeller, vijiui i r .. o. On the loretn.i ( ?he carried three large sky pai'-. ? aire stay-ad iind yib: Appeared to have a round Rteni: flic ?mote# stack, bet ? ?mm gba mam n d in Irian mast?, hail1 ? targe boat? painted ?arbibt to the davits, imidsldps; to'atl appnu ?wee, an \ newly ??suited: the bottom jAinle.l ?rery bright -ed After an Until b r.litir.e, she hoisted ihe Knglish d'g. ??" ? hieh we tis>k uu cHiie. rhn fot'o 'og ia the specie list .'( t tin ? hampluii : VOU IfPlAW.ll.U tiarlWfehi X Harri- J* i-ion A Mono/, ,f;,s>i aoo ... . .01 -iin I'reoinav A to 807 Xegrali.". Irani 406 t-irnut ft Brh 4C0 jWolts, Kargo A Co... ?,?38 Orh r. mio glolgate m I loll man ... 3S Total... $4>8l VRO.S SIS K.l?' SI II.. Obari Vnri ts .. . $16,000 l,nw; lcc IJiliw .V l'n$U,3l (I r t . Nayfo 10,000 a. *.. ltftchi o.oiai , fc. ft f. K Ttlton . 3,600 \V. : ?ctigiiinn X (V, I:; mm C. H.Onghili f?clicl!c ft Bro SPi Jim witt, Kitue A Co. 30,200 ,i. t. llftyward, uf Mropolltan Maftk.. 66,016 Ho-ton i.iKK) Richard 1'itr'ek .... 4?.otnl tm. "scliange Hunk tiA.oOO 9. Hetlei K ttroa . .. !>,WH) a - t'.c-cnliaumkf o lg.tmn Ifcoaoo, land kOo.. Duncan SbermanftCo vg.oot im HetUi \ t? 11.500 llciisiuh.Hastinga ft jpi. T. Ment*ll A Bar ? ? T.itm i Imr 20,116 '/. l insters ft Kro.i. i.ftno . B. N'-vion ft Co.. Ifl.teto l .ngene Kally ft Co.. 7si I Strauss,ltros.ftCu 48,t?!ts Ki oik Biker ;n,sj <fet?iadlut tiros... 03.000 Weil,.fargoftc.t? ..238noo IS. O. l'arkur !z Son.. 6,300 11. O. Hawtay rt.OOn fir. F Weld ft Co.... 5rtoo join, ug? ft Brewvter T1.000 fir. T. Coleman ft Co. 12 400 ftrcun Si" Crancisoo ?#?" tKl tYisrn t ,i>'owa!i . $070.' hun-grrival af Colonel Mulligan. Oolone' Mmligaii, wlm wa- *tpeeled io anise ?si flight, tint ii ?( make bis i?p|H;a' ??'??? in our utty. IT ? wii! mrobabty irrira this morning "n ncri Wudnewtuy bight Mi u (? lecture iu aid ut tli". li'tsh rein f .itd the jieroor Iies ogton will no dotib tTeive that lioftorsbt - rnrapttmi ' Inch he deaerv. s as n Mi.i int ind .,ut>t,?i. ) Naw Volt* HaiutOftio Au t r. ?Wfe are gladt'> ??i*'t fthut thie !v\!et.r give t iejr t u atmuul |?e?f.?r[iniut:c >f ?he Mn.M-'ta i uu Christinas nigiit n Irving Hall. Misrli. braiaerd, Mme. ttnepe,, m ,T. TlimniA D. f Jlgk-v will wtslaiu vho fbereavill 1w v ( (nrehftai re Cut of Rai.mtoim on t C en.?'Cue ?t ?-.? rr. - ii ? Bfty of Hat'itnore, hence fur I.' ?erfsxd. Will tie di e ?. KAfM Hat s on Wednesday. Derpm. iics for Knrope ran bt pBatthrocgh theageooy oi l rgeSt >kar, Va<i li.Mi. iirt SfNW, New , irk, up to Tuesday m o otg THE MAS0N-8LIDELL ATFAIB. Tint Excitement 1 Throughout tlio Country. The Impression in ton ami Kl*euliere. The Kfl'eri Anions (he '*01(1 ('wintry men" in (he Metropolis. What Zs Thought of the Snglish Views in Canada, ? Ac, Ac., Ac THK PKKI.INU IN WAHHlNiJTON WAMHIVOTOH. |)ac 1(1, IH#1 I.'lure 1.1 luliuitoly |.ss excitement hero in oouac<pienofl o( the Knglpdi new* by the Kuropa than tb?ro uproars to Is: evorywhere also. The officers of the govarpmont are quitecomposed, and exhibit no evideucos of the ;>ani<i (lurry that iwavails to Wall street So lar from perceiving in Hie extract* from th? Kngli.-h preen auythlog'o cans, | ?pprehcniton, they are uuly astonished that tbo usually sagacious T'li-inem community of Now York should ?o e,s:!y become cxi let over tho mere xp-Huilaticoa of l.nghsh jom nut* as l<4the purpi-oa of thu British govern? uient, when It in not only improbable, hut alinoel im possible, thai those purpose* could liuve been ho early mail" public, ami especially in the opposite,, papera. It Is still leas probable thai the contents of Janpatrhos ? minister should hogivcuto the press in advance of their transmission to their destination It is doubtless true that ? meetiug of the British t'ebiuat was held, ami that three of liio in in latere who were absent were summoned, ami availed themselves of a l?oi'ial tisiii to attend the oounrft. .Such even's arena' uncommon eveu in this country, whore Cabinet meet nigs ate held t wice a week, and Cabinet ministers frequently (ravel in a special train to attend them. 'I Is unquestionably true ths! a s|ieci?l bearer of despalches to Lord Lyons has been sent to the failed Stales; bill this is not by any means a startling fact Hardly asleenicr lias smled from New York or late that did not carry out a speinal I.earer of despatches I n sotne one of our own s abroad, and neither Wal' si reel, in New York, nor the cotton (actors of 1 Iverpool and louden, were thrown into convulsion* hy the event 'I here is no doubl that the I'tiglish people are quite in oignant at the boldimss of an American naval officer in hoarding an Knglish v -ic-cl and liking 'rom her whit (lie laws of all civilized tie ruts admit I j he oontraband of war. They were expected to bo indignant The r pride lias been humbled Thcv have hitherto made inarittino lew and to tonal law far the whole voildlo ?uit themselves, and have, attain and ng.iin, jiistillod m tlicir own naval .illlru procisely what was done ty Captain Wilkes It is not wonderful that they should wince and growl when thu cup tboy !niv? pressed i.i I'lurs'in* ,? (if so nlcd to llioir owty. 'flicy don't- inquire about tin, law* limy liavefheoiaelv <a made or sanctioned, 'fboy ilou't reason upmlh.. instant, but cavon will ci inc with lime and leflnclion, ami even tlm excited l'lnglisb masses will see thai :n hoardmg the Trent and taking from her persons that were, in tho esti mation of inlornulional law, uioro oontraband of war than powder and shot attempt ad to bo carried into an enemy's porl*. Captain Wi'.kia did much l -SSItnn li'had s right to do. In the nloautinll? the Lugii-h Journal* are catering to the public opin: ii of the hour, but the government nets more deliberately and imis* inquire into l ho law .ind tlio facts !>eloro it takes any definite position. Itospatcbos will of course he -em lo lord l.yons, and lord Lyons wil' have a conference with Mr. .Seward, but it is not |sx-sib!e that tlieso instrucl ions can lie or the blood aud thunder ? WU-- WPXCTtfTsV-Trt fH 'Wr v rtarr cum.icier indicate^ by the extracts from lbs f.nglieh papers brought by the hinropt. There must be , connnencenteut of negotiations before auy ultimatuni can he reached. Our own go,eminent officers have no aportdien&'ionH thai the result of these negotiations will b* a hostile collision. They are ;ier fectly serene .n tfieir confidence that tbey will be alito ifi convince even !he itriti-h lion thai, the soi/me of Mason niul -Udell war, juslialde by the laws of nations which CresI Britain has herself established, and that tli? panic < i.-ateil hy the recent Knglish news bus mi more iounda lion Hum a teiii|>e-?t in a tnapnl. The President has received uo official infer motion from I'ugluid relative to Hie Mum and Slidell nflbii The Cahiiiet ha H been in v - ion for sev eral boot ?lo-vlaj , during which time our difficulty wilii Kuglsul dis cii.seo with great ??almnetiH and Ormncs . Wh oever the Jem amUfrom fiaglund m iy he -end (be 1 n;l;<ii n,.*?. ps|s*r bluster is not taken ,- my true aid a1 :ou of the iiileut ion ot thnl government?our government .have re solved that Mason and alidel! aboil .never be given ip This may h? relied upon as a fixud fact. The Brazilian .Minister gave a dinner Una ei <A.iH,g, at which <pf.t? a ttumbei of the liplnuisiic corps .ere pre sent. (if course, the e.xciliug topic of the day. the su: /ure of Slidell and Mafcoii, was iliacueseu, but ,u a uon cotnnuUal way. Tho Imprc.siou wan that iroyi md vonid make a demand for Urn rcf ase of th'robots seized, but that a Istigtby correspondence would soiile the moM.-r w ithoiii ? war T1-1K NhWK t\ CANAltA. Haiix, Iter. 14, <S6I. Vh i i'.uvjjHOo j.-w .-i grout 'xoit'uii1 it in ' h: 1 -y j >r J l ino: but th" >v? that VjiglaudV jMtnaodi'fnr Ma-on nnil ?-? 1 i-,ir*U <? >tiM n'?i be listened 1.0 -u moment. Tb? aobnr seennd tli iniht 1* that our go ' ! vuruaiotit ebonld be Hrui but conciliatory but the a' ? i > ;'? give up1 In- i!'>maiiv4mo6r< '<1 light.then nght. i. \IOeTKK*'., I'ee 16, 1 SHI riie n-*>> irw? Kughui'i t>j the I'iropa ami City t?, 1 ft' U ugtvin (routes nuT'-li o\? tein'iiit. There a si r ;ig ] Uric-h feeling llaro'din n tln? province. 'fimono, IV. 14, iHtfi flic Knglish lit-** intense excitement, md Mm ? linn nftlin bone* .pivernment is strong';, appro' *d THK WW'T IN TUK PMTMt SIATM, fnil.AJJM.l'UiA. i'uii.MiKl.PHiA, Jive. 14, 1S81. i IV' money .'?i 11 "i ? ii?, of I Ilia city, .ty.ti? Hie foreign re** o?n-"l ? fcver'-di u>? I '.-cited stork Duarl -11? ?l-y, with * downward teudenc.', parliouiurly in 'ancles.'' !!<??'!ing declined ono per cent. The ">ct ? t ?dy.-.e:- of .???*:'M il Ice sympathize- Willi this downward ? innviuenl, but, In ibe absence of transaction... prlcaa ere mtiiciy nomiuul. Tbe best bide for fitite i"an-t are on# j>or >.*nl below Sal'trduy'f- urines. In monetary circles Wier- '> mu-h dieters', ami i-?pitMb?isar<? holding off until lb'i blunter ?n<i| excitement subsides. The general bo i--ffc. 4i.n the English pre>* exaggerates fiio jiolicy or liiU go'/priiniolif. anil thet ilio dlfOonlty it one tliat can iw -d by diplomacy. ,'tui affair win, bowerer, doubt , li' " hav0 the go'd oir-ct of arousing our oilljonn to a ?-Ui>n of onr wraknas- in the defences of this locality, : id sottbiig Mm <1.-pule ui present touting botwecn tbo - at Department and tho Stat" government re-;pert>ng t ,e to tslty ot their immediate improvement. There was bnt lit lU irovoncnt in cotton 10 day, and ???' ire unchanged. There was some little excitement | a' lb- t 0111 Exchange Hi-eedatuflli are geuoralty nu I noanged. i liu reaolnt ion if *!r ya l iinhgrtsm in t.lio Hoiiho to day Ik (1i?]ireo ?ted ?* mt attempt 4e foroo r"S fills whkdl IIib Stale Depot tmoat nmy be ablet* Avert HAI.TIMOKK lUinvoitc, llPC. It), ISllI. 'Hi i of ih.i Knglisb nown in Itallimoro has boon to (mil forth a warm Union sympathy with ilit) |>oelliOii of the I'reauhait, whilst the rebels are rejoicing ?t the pros pool of the Mid of Knglind to ovortlirorj III# Uulon. Noai ly all Hi# 11*lull iu Baltimore ti.ivo boon rcbelil, but (hoy aru now rallying for tliti Union against Kngland iMTrsnuKil. l'lTTHMttMO, I'm , Doo 10, tSOI. 11m Knglndi new# wan reooived bore willi general an touialuiii'iit and profound indignation at Urn loiio of the KngliHh praas and the allogod policy of llio British gov orumotit. Theieh, ouo sentiment. only here, Ilia! tin; honor of our country mint bo ins interned, and no cihi cession made to British lilimUir IjOI'IHV llil.K liomsvnia, Ky., Dec 10, 1061 Tbe Knglish now# wan received, on lb# whole, with Iu din'monoe. It had a slightly unfavorableolTi<cl on the to' barcoaaUw. Thonn with noonanion proclivitiee are rather platoil, in the hope that Kugbuid will aMHint In opening the Houtheru porta, while tlie Unionists either dliicredlled the uewa or believed tliat the neat atoanier would hIiow an PH.sontial 11100100111100 of the prnaenl attitude of Kuglaud. Tho UaloniHtn believe that our govern ment will do nothing but what la Htriclly right, aud repu (bate submission to anything wroug, whatever nmy be the consequence* CINCINNATI. CmuNNAvt, rteo. Ill, 1361 Tlie Knglmh news produced a profound aeuHatlou 111 Commercial und Onancial oirciea, and tbe improHNloa aeeina general that there la danger of a war with (treat Britain. But wliilHt all admit that if Captatu Wilkes dnl wrong in tbe Trent affair, duo apolugy should bo made; but if right, no humiliating concession* ought to he enter ( lined fur a moment to Kngland or any otlier Bower Tlie now* greatly unsettled (bo market* and |>roduoed a temporary cessation of busmen*, so that there was but pttle dona in any department ILMVKI.ANII. Ulevm.ani>, Ohio, Dec. 16,1361 Hie now* from Kngland Ins j?roduced a decided sensa. tion iu thlHaoclion. 11i> general sentiment!* that our government luuat maintain He right* and dignity rogard less of Kngilsh hlustar DITBOIT. Dktroit, lliob , Doe. 16, 1361 Tlie Kuro|>enn news create* a deep feeling, and the probabilities of a war with Kngliuid are freely discussed. There 16 a general desire for our government to place it self right ae Regards the law, whan it will be austamed at every siicrillco. (HICAUD. Uhioaoo, Dec 16, 1361. The uewsfroiii Kngland by Ibo Kuropa create* a pro found sensation iu polllioal rtrcleu. It is not credited that her Majesty '* govormuent ha* dolernuued to demand the relesne of tlio rohel oinissarie*. Mason and Sltdell. If, however, such lie tbe case, the feeling seems to be that the government shall be suHtainod Iu lis efforts to sustaiu the nalinual honor and national integrity. Tim TWbeiee and Timrt will suggoKl the propriety uf sub milling the questions of arbitration to hnine unjwrtiV neutral lMwer Bl'KlrAI.O. Hu-vaco, Dec 16,1361 Tlio I'jigln-li newsryceive.1 here l*nt night causeil con snierable cTclteinanl on tbe street The prevailing opinion Is that we have nothing to fear front * war with Kngland Tiie Krptr>u -ays?"But >ve e[wak from and for a point jerribly oiposed to tbe horror* of war Wo enlr-ateur government to sacrifice not one jot of tU diguily si tin* period of trial Whatever aacriflee inay be (Hiowu up ui u* all will be Iwrns more pattern iy than the niortiltca' tionef uitional itiHgiace.*' KNGLWI! FKKLING IN THK MBTROPOUH. MOTTO " T1IK llOllnK OP I.OKD8," "1DKI10H3K OK i!OHMONf>," "THOOIK1CK," " TUK BI'tll.K," 'THE STAR," "1UH RAINBOW,'' THK KNUI.HH IHMMt , UOUSK, KT( ., FTC. As the aetion of England iu the Mason and Slidell case can the Bit absorbing topic of ditCUMloa throughout tb? ity yesterday, it a as natural to suppoas that ilia r-aKi ?h l>0t houses," or places or roeort, whore greo discus ion of political, international and general diplo natiC subjects are always on the tapis, would ifford a reporter or the IlHUi o an ample Ocld to Online itn tlio feelings of our ' Anglo American ' population ui egard to (be important aland taken l>y Hie English go arnmant in reference to our nnbappy family quarrel. *? daspaiolnxl a roporinr to visit those place* ibovo namod, with instruct lou* to give a faithful lieture of whatever would coma under bis notioe. t may he scarcely credible, but nevertheless it is i foot, that the experience of your reporter through* ait the whole of Ins visitation has been that tin i.nghsh olomcnt in our e.ty lute asautnod what uuy l>Q(pah-."ji ^mjapiMj^iatNAtby^u i eferenca i ? t he inuHai inane, and tnat they are very inuob dssinohuet! o " veb'fiitlf themselves1' in conned ion there* itb The one of tneling among them seems to be subdued, entru sting, calm and -anti I'nion." Although many of them, 'or u number of years, have lived under the ample folds jf the gtorions Stars and Stripes, yet " tliey do ml MMn to 1k> citizen* of the groat republic, nit are ratlier on the other side of the Allan, ic, ready to hark monarchy against democracy and cipular taws. Below \vc givo a sketch of what our re ?rt?r saw m bra peregrins1 inaa, and we sha'l commence nth " J HK HOt1 SB OK LORHt,'' rhidi is situated In Houston street, and though (tearing inch u profoundly "noble name" It is nevertheless sup n.smt to aooonnnodate tlio demo racy as well us tlie iriatowacy of America. Here, porterhouse sl?akH, bojis, A ' aro dished up, and ''translaeed John Hull" Ir nks his si" with a gusto imparted to him ly tli'* freedom of a gre#1 republic, and tuimiiidfiil if th?' fact thai "The House of Commons" Is to1 very far distant, wliere the 'plebeians of society" nay indulge id eipially aa good fare as "the Moum: of sirdf.' But, to Frenchify the natter, we miul .ai i'impo<i, the House of Cords jostcrdsj presented a sther IngubriO'is appearance, and tlio, lutrteudor must lave found a sad dctlctt in his receipts fan few of its vented visitants were to 'je aoen underrica'li its /lospita tig, roof, aid cyu those low were very silent Innking their ale n solemnity and wiili hn I it i to (Iterance between tli" gle** and Hie tip." living sqionrne4 awhile among the : I?rds," your ?e|sirtor stopped down nto tli* "Commons," annaig vhom d might raMotusOjr be supposed a rather froe dis uishkmi on the point ??' issue would he indulged u; bul in. the r.anio .?toli.l mimeatviig, aonioolcu'encc seem d To icrvade them us that of the "House of l/irls," and mining beyond a hall o*pressed ;dca(tvith aspirated h'.i) ?mild be gleaned from them. Ilio only thing ot interest i thn prom "dings of his place throughout 'tm d iy ?n an an'ras'iid discus-ion be I ween a isriy if live over Ave mugs of iln, in reference xi tlin eiieuhrtion sod influence of the Nsw Vokk Usurp. four of the party contended the' the Html o a as read h) ninety-nine out of every bundled, while the vmaimi] oti'* strenuously opposed tins awrtifm, and ifieyth-y ill hud do'-hedseveral mugs of ale, the loo* !inr d -nir' o ? "THK OfFICH." in HetMlon street, presented a ? er.v " unfli ii" ap|>e?rj) , ! Two ift)i,? stovtr |ilr,? jMnvo, witli Amanda k dtleof boiling water, ready to make hot wblikey s, i; the ?n'y cip in's of the p ace ?'UIK Riai.K." fill >i rii tic .isuie of this place "Bounds'" well, yat it iUd not appear to ho ?'sound oo the goose qvioatloO." A few geiitlnmnn with mustaches md tightly fitting shirt >llar i Touched .tround a '-'half uiimeted etoco," silent, >?it a tli a -.vary -y on r.ory St range e wlio entered "TBR UTAH," in I tapenard street,owned 'if u man named Trclmtd (from l.ngland), was also rather shady on tbu "Anglo Amorf ? in" question, those who visited there throughout the day coot erring in a v> vste style, with thoir wealhci oyes ojien, f"r r"a' lie wr >og party might hear the con vexation * "Tin. HA1HBOW" hail a free and ea..; Ian' overling, but it was not too liigli by colored by poliliov The majority of (be Englishmen present seemed to "take things easy," in imitation of the good old soDg. a vtsi from which wc quota below:? So let 'he wide world wag as it will 'II he free and easy still ? Krco and easy, free and easy, ? I'll be free and oaRy still. And so ran the feeling throughout the great city of New \ork yesterday. Not an !? ngiislnnan oxprcssed an open opinion in your reporter's hearing, although it might bo exsiiy seen that t! ey would do ao if llioy darod. Trnssrs.?Blttrsh A Co.'a Radical Cnw Trows* Shoulder Rraces and Dr. Wadaworth's UtwrineKlo vslor?ii suyierlor ai tide No. 2 Veacy street, Astor tfoose, opposite tl.oohun h Trusses, Elsttir Stocking',, Snspenaoi-y Bandore*, Shod 1c Rrscca. D a 'tl/f>VKK A TBORN'fc, No, 4 Ann street, under B?rmin<> the TERRIFIC FIRI AT CHARIlSTCrj. Alciont Total Destruction of fl? Buiiiieso i'orlSau ! ol Charloaton ? Tea Millions of Property De stroyed Mnp 0f the Doomed City, 6b owing the Bnrnod Dii?trict?Terrible Couitanutku Aidpng fcbe People, Atr., Ac. TbfConard eUuuuelup Africa, Captain Hliaui<xi, will ! la.'vvethiH porl u? morrow afternoon, for LlforiKiol The oniis for Kurope will clnuo m Um oily at half pool otaron o'olook to-morrow morning TbO KukOCXAM KiNTIOM OW 111* llNKAJJ. will conUiu full ?I1(1 Iho parllcmlara of the Tern He Conflagration at Charietuon, h C.,on tbo tub and Uih InaW., l?jr wb.cb llar.ka, Bstsla, Ch^rchw, Theatrea, Hloroa.Halootw, Warn bouaoa.faunou and Hhall Factories and Dwelling lieuse amounting in value to Ton or Klftoen Million* ol IXHIarn, worn laid In ruing, illualratorf with a Map or tlia City, allowing Mia iturnad Ihalnot, and a of Mia Names of tliA SwO oi'Aro, an far na It liaa boon pnaalhla lo ascertain thorn, it will alao coot sin tt variety of internal ing niattor i waived by mail au-l (olograph during f.ha previous wwlr and up to IIia hour of (Mi Mi cat ion Htaipuon low, Hon A Co , No 47 laidgale Rill, Wmdou, Kughuid, will rflooivo edver l inemen la AnlmrrlpHouA or tlia Hkxai i?. Single cotdSH, in wrapiMTK, alg ceof*. DfSWlagl or niurruy, (?,tiir <A Co. a Kentucky ami Miaaouri .Jui'e I a. tier lee HasTiioav Kktra Ci am, 647?Deerinlan- 10, IAN. 16, 74, 12, 13, 4b. 1, ft'., (!, 24, II, 4, 6ft. or SSSMOM. Ci AW. <W6-!? 14. IVd Ok 43, 53, 2 S3, 16, 02, 60. 21, S?, 44. 36, 153 bf tars art.l frrr of charge by addressing rltlirr to MHKKAV, KDMV A CO., C'oringtyn, Ky? or Hi ImiuIs, Mo OITOcIn I Drawing, ofllir Dclawar* Htmir ?4?olUiririt. Rkraa Ci.Aan >u?lte,<?n<i<er 16, 166* 63, 13,62, 16, 7, fill, ??:?. 8, 5, 24, 70 15, lib IS 6X ...* lt6--l>eoe...i?.r 16, M#l. 17. 25, 12, I, 27, 64, 45, SO, 02. '20. 7'2, 13, Aft. Circular, anil by AddreMtag * .1 As MOKKIH A Wk, WiimmgiAii, Delaware. Prl*f< ChhImhI In nil fiKualfwetf Ia<?* " gt*on .I08KPIJ HA'CKH. Broker, 19 w?n street, ti|??Uiw, N V Hoynt Havnian Loltri y..Prlm and laformaUon furnished by TAVf.Oit A CO., lfi Wnll Icopaa'a llnla.?Winter Htyl,, ,,r I arnnii oihfirL.l?*' "* "3W IV"llv fnr '"'bTA'lli.A and aatr ... tsai llEllvn, manufacturer, lia Nassau sirac' Wkltr'a Holiday Drrsa* and bkttipr H Tup* ai-c fmpcr'or to *???> In flip ci*y K < 216 Hroru! w*Ji St. l'Aur? church. The Holiday IIhI.-Knik'i Kuh af Ilia LTiCli*! ."Ssb'i'hmAnt, 211 Broadway, cornoi of fullou "ircAt, I, iti ai ooinr nraiarrvrd, aoMial ll will be iiAcrmarv |?? K i"? " ''CAign port basing a new and alvlnb Hat for llichoh'lay rim, to Ir trr limb onlfr wlllmut d.ilay Hals fitflritllemuti, im, for cluldmn, and f.uio' K'.ra f.i .ncrv vanrly ,..r l,e ladleaarc tbc prrarnl altraroons ?i gNilX'H. M Half Frier. COATH, OVBROtMTH, Can tm, fmit. the atuckol Hirer bruk ?? wiin csalc houar ' V 06 i Al KVANiC, Am. ^ Kiiilou attwet, brtween Mold and CI.ITa!, WJ Broadway, la (lir only Ivmika'ii , ' y,"rh AHal moral Hnotaran be bad for 9*. Iliat Will gitprrfari a.aijal. -(loo Moliilay Flinti.prit|tha.?'I'va rn? y-tour I i?'f UfC| ?.?k mi I or $1 Sh 'li'itk |i <m > mII ft.|. m l eu \ i v X'urk (irthfry, JtM J;?<??*.Iwly M,f ",li * ?Poalaar Htaaup. ??iii(?ti 7 a.*.. C? ,(M?mlH4 Naaaa.a?.s%.',-o.,m-N w. Uaruarn la 1'r.Mluring tfar dloil Attrac '? ?? Wo. Alllw aod r'aya at tl.r nr.- ? ,,,.1 j. quAnc -th? plaor w orowdod with viai'ara Alftro A Folhritiua, Oralrru In Teas ,a,,,i Hn? Urneortea, A. M.,, I da.', Broadway, luncin.n of SUth aw aoc, bear Thlily foortli attvrl Pint, old .la. . Coffiv and d!"'!J|^5rTr"" *' N B?H"? ?' "" **r4"s*., Vrhlaoo Hannch, l.otn <?? a?d Cl.ARK, nMlilng .11 uiH'kAt, T'i?l'4?p htrfCt Hide ?>>?? ttiU mskrkc A Purr Tobarro.-l fllou Hunk Tohaf (M?fiooUwin'.t i'mc YWlow Rank T ?!?/?<? ?'% Ini putitlcft, tor *wi!p by nil IoImi .ri *>.d Ht'gHV dcftlern, mr.-lrv, w holemiIp by K, GOODWfK A HKUIIU' R Isudli-s Hmullilftl?PhAloii & san*? "Son* While Ortcntaii Ui?nmM Imp.v ^ h tlf il jr-mi*! f??* ?'(?#?? tint to the cuiiplfiloH upo.'k he ili at .tpfilkvill ni. ftol.t *?y ell d' UgijUtutn the Ooltc l an'l Afiicrwn. , ? -v X,Xf5:t.! . Jlut< h?-li>r'?i IInIr llyf^The Htril ifi the MorM: harml r#Ifabl'? .nml lfi?tnii.#mcotin. HoM *t??J or? pllcd ?f BATUI?Kf.<tR'? Wt/? Ki^tory, 16 Bond Hirer* CrlittKloro'i Hair Dyp, it ml Ti?u-? p?*??, the In tht* world, wholrjuUft iod r?*i|?ll, mn-l llt+tiys

piiva.riy rpptird. No. C Aktoi Ilourt. Ihir? Hair l)|r, 50 i'mtn, lllm k or br<iwi?; l?rAi in :?*<? l>*?pi?' N ? 1 Bmrcloy ?*i -i?r o?7i WH t by *U ilCMftgU'n. OinuHfttl <'oinyil(iiion.?li6lrtl'.ti l,Vi|?tii| Pen l n BI(K?m of Voiith !i?h no i -pia' ! ?r prrnrrvinc rmd beoiO'iytnu ? >*'? eompleti -n ??n1 nkin Ml 'Ir'.njjititN, o?? l Bro?i 6 vs its B?rry'? TriruphrrouM it tli- Hmf wnd ir?i?eRt nrUri?? ( ?r drc prc,Hcr?'liig orf1 re?ti?nn cl? nrllri.* / ii d'f-aAlng, lK*A*itifyl*ie, r?iriir?, iinng *rr hair jsodie*, <ry i* Sold l?v OourniidU Pourtrr MuMllr I jrirootii Hair from low forrhridn, upppr lipn .?.? htiy pari A the hotly, >\?i >A'itriV CJoort'id'* OH#??iloI ''rroiii JtOfitid. Hnuji* \.ily Wlii'r, Medlctt'rtl Sut|t, hi IhooJU dc|?4M, 67 Wnlkoa scfert. Mollowuy'ii Ointment and Pilli u-re m certain cure for all woundn r h h>mI ulcer*. Ouiy if?? *ti^H per box or pol tuuulu, Aiilhmii .mil Dynpcpnlu Cdird by I>K. TOBlAb ? tflfbiMlf ) l*uUuou? ?]#<?> Hy '?p, Wl'.fn'.H *?6 t ,,,i land? at" o< Married. Hi Kit*?Hi rah ?I hi hiiuda^, HooomOar IS, I' J V.VHI' !?? ,? e (?> Mi s', daughter Hugh Hitrm, of Tyrone ormiily, Ireland. <*i:ivy?Fiai.o.?IB i'biladolphia, <ni (V^Jik'^Iuji, lie timber |,?t tho We?t Kprtien stroet dmrrli. by (he Rev. \Y. (*. Brood. t'-nt tied by I" Vf. K. Merit, K'-v ,1m. H. Crank, Of Fii/.'belli, N. ,1., (oILtTlW., 0 Mlgbter of Mid :.!(?< luivio's iii, of Philad iiphii. OlANKTA?TOlK*lt.?A'. Hail,Iir.II, Island "I Ht. JXtmillgO, OB Monday, Jnnt 16, bvtho !*?? .?. I'. VuudervoHt, Captain .lore K 1 >:? Omnium, of lire Mug oner corps of tire Spunig'j \rniy, to kro'twic, (laughter of William I. jTinUo*, of thin city. I'kiiiom ? Ban". it,?Jn itrouklyn, on Tlitiritday, Tie in'. 'i 12, tint retndoneo of the bride's father, by the l av .1 MoO llol. i-M, ? iptaln Tuuodori <j 1'kaisoii*, Of Kaomdiutnt,, Mati'O, 'o MM K ouiku.a J'. Haikixr, dtuiihtw of A . II i(i ??r, of tbo formi i pluto. TO'.' -H.mtw . - en HuoJiiy, DeOBtnlrer ii tho i ,'nir Iiof tfjc ..J? ? toi trial,Ity Mio I!o\ . Air. Cook, I.ieulmiAitt. Himairr lU' i ait K'ata , of lire 1 n 'ed Slut*< Navy, to Minn I OPWA IlAKr.Wltn S.h 'in Svitti - u ?? ? unfofci,f i-iu.-oii Monday,Decora, tic i i, h" tire(other of th?icde Mr Wst.ti.iM it k*itw to Mb* t.-iiiRifM., laogbfar ofKc .lohn uiith. Died, Im'.kioio ?It V i'Iivllle, on Honday, Decern Irer IS., of dlptberla! croup, '? injar S , boo of JamcR and Ilolen A ok oruoi i in If ? &iit v Tlrei'uncrul ill 'Alt- ? wj irotti Ens Ktghty-fodrtli Mroet, Corner of avenue A, thvi ('fuONdsy^ nuirBlhg, at eleven o'clock fhe remtiOB will Ire taken toUmeneood t oinetery for mlerrnont IW'if?In Hr m'c i , >n Sunday, iKtcetrtbor l i, Kl'TTI i 1,, i* ifa of Noel 4 Hciar, and only daughter of Mr Strep aril Mount, v <1 li j an., 'ftp* relatives and friends of tire faioily .*i*e reujreetfutly Invited 'o-alttnid lire fuuwal, thin (Tuesday) adetnoin, at Uir<tn t 'lwk, from (IhrUI church, Clinton atraat, S Itro titl> it. Jl'.ttatti. ?tIn HuntfRy morning, t"i'Ont'>e> 16, ffnun, "i ihttlf the lato Ceorge Hurnet, lit lire 60th y rer of Irei ?*0. lire relatives Mid friends ol ? Ire family .ire respect, fully invited! all Mi l the funeral, from tbn roafdooca ot horaoo in law, Jotin Moi'irUiy, No SSflltrRPiunt avoir >, !lro>il;lyit,*tllii (_T,ioiUAy) aflornoon, at lialf-psK> mre o'clock IIrkwi h?At StOOfcbrldfcO, Mm. , no MotnJay, Uo ccinber 16, Mm. Kan ? 1 itanwire, wifool Rav. Jo?iah Ilrawor, and daughter of ft ty. !tr. !? icld, agcl r,4 yjar Bhyan.?On Monday,Doccniboi 1(1. Hintiir t,, wilttil Fredorick H. B. ltryau, of tliiac.iy I'UBoralfrom 106 Kiuit KourtBOMthatrOBt,o>i Wadnaaili*y aftoruoon, it. two o'clock Cankt.?OnHumlay,Dscoinber 15, I'u/ak:ui .i , vriltt of William I'alloy, and laughter of 'I'll untl olid Mar>;oi?i Jackaoti, agud 26 year# Tin' relatives and frisndR of the family i-a rfH|*'ctl'iillj iiivii'-d UiMiood th? funeral, from liar lata rrsaloiK -. 121 V, tot IKorty-aaoond atraat, llilt Tuamlay at kwelv* o'clock Tho i amain i will !>?'' oken to ';>? unw' ail ' icnar tcry far lutcrmoni 0\i."KK?y.?Rudlidlly,at fork- :l!e, on ;Hnud%y,Doctuii l>#r 15, TbtkrCai i RKv,uardenor, In tlm^c*? yevofhin age. Kunoral this (1 .re*, lay) afternoon, at r,no o'clock, front tho .c-Hidonco of his lato ouipl iyor, As Eighty fourth Btr. ot, hetw ou avounca A and It ?On Kfit.rdsy, 1 >6r.?mbor,t4, Rohana f, wifo of Francis tlallsn, oged 6i> y?,-j. Tho funeral will Hutu pi wo f yt,lu ^|8r lato rosnlanca, No 880 Eighth avenue, this (T?? l?y) a! tat noon,at hall pai,t one o'clock War remans win he inlorrad iu o?l very Osmelory CAMni.iui ?Uoparlcd '^ait li'o, on Monday, Dar.ombar 16, Rkb.t I'AiTKivtiiN rAHmwi, d.\ug'it?ir of Hamuel M mu Mm Ilie Klir.nlMib (acrtia (VMiiU'T, a.:ort " your*, It innmliH mul 4 tlnyi ttw frlcnils .ml r Mat IV* of tho la.nily. ?lld ?r h** uncle, Johu M 1>?U? ?1>U,? o M% iuv?i?'?liui>n Mm fuiicr*!, hIUm reoldouo* of Urn latter Mo <0 Went i'Uirty III'til struct. on WoilncmlAy at t wIviW'clo. k M . fur ther not toe poi.H. --Ou Holiday, loocinber 1(V, Wuf'U it On.*, of dis??b>o of tlio brsui, u*,*i ,TA y.***>'> 5 months and 11 rtnya I lid IriemU ol' llip family and thceu id his biollioi ?lames, jtlso ihn offkvin Hurt innnilHir* of l??gine Cmnpan/ No M ?nl I nglno Company No. 40, wo respectfully in vtiod to .itloud tho fjiioirul, from Inn lain inslrtAuoo, 596 Second avium*, corner of Thirty a.mli#ir?''.l ?(>/? Kuurtay, Heciuabcr 10, Win mm iiknkv Hiu'Ihniiai k, son of Krod'Th k ami .lulu Chippendale, 8 yearn .mil 0 mouths. Com ?On Monday, I'ocothbei 16,of ci*nt?*'ion of the livor Miw. Conns, Ilio 'niliiv od wifo if K. ll.Cobfu, na livo of Athlon*, county W tHlmoatli, IrtUflil, Nf'.nrt 45 yMi't. Hi* friend* id tb* family ir? raspuuUklly invited ti at tiinil !b? funeral, from lior lain rcaidmuvv 104 Kasl Rroa l way, ou Wednesday aftm noon, at Olio o'wx.k. Cm.i4M On Monday, Dnrombor Id, altar a loot; -Oil juihhi) UliiAin, abioli lio born with Cliridtian foiti|.tnli> John ,1 Cni.ijtN.agod V9 yaars and ft months. l'lie rolal i ovs and friend* of the family ai a respectfully luvilnd to allaud the funeral. on WtnliiMMdiy afloruaun, at one o'clo. k, rioiu the residence of III* falliar, Michael (Jul leu, 51 Ho. hiniel street, willioul further invitation l'lia remains will lie convoyed to Calvary Cemetery . Oaniiar.? Ou oamlay, Inn-ember 15, al ll*' rinidotioaof Mr. J one; ib Curtiu. PKT*it Cavihry , a uatlvo of 1/em baron, munly Ma.ilb, I inland, at|?d M years. I 'I'll* relslives .uitl friends arn i eapectfully invited to nttouil the I i.neral, from llis.omoi ul kltlty I Irird el root and avenue A , thin (l'unaday) eflame nt, at ouo O'clock, without further in\ Italion. The remainn will betaken Ui ' Calvary Cemetery for inlerreeul. , ' Newark and Paiersoii impern please copy llNKn.AH.?Ou Monday, December I6,aft?i a caih ?uj severeillnnao, Mart, aged 44 ynam 'CD. retail. vh and friend* of I lie faintly, also l Uowtnf li?r Wrmllur in low, Morgan DroolMi, ?ro rcspontfiiHy re qiteiloit to Attend thu fnoeral, on Worth end ay inorniiqc, at b;ili |itt.'d nine o'clock, atst. I'atriuk'w oatlicdral, wbnie it Holcuiu Uiyh iouks of requiem will be ollnrod for hor HOUl. I'aviw . At lii'lntol,It. I , Mrs. Mini* hhviw, relnil of j l"lill 1'evie, in thu HNIh year of tier age Tna funuiAt sorvmua will lie hold al Hie rcaiduneeof h*ir ,?oa, iNwiel R. Iievoe, No. 57 MacrtiHigal atroet, Oil* (Tueaday l afloruoon, at Oun o'clock. Krieuda mid rola ti\?s arn invited to attend. I Mux rt ?lii Itrooklyu, on funda.v oveuing, Heoemlie* 15,after a loug illueaa,CoNsrANtiNa IIomkuiv, In (he .VIlb your of hta nge. ? > Tim Irion da of llm family are reajHicUuhy mv I ted In at tend the IiiihthI, from hia lale re?hlcuo6, Itl7 York slreel, tfruiklyii, 1li?:4 ) liftAriKNiii,at iwo **#?.?Oil Hiiudny # )kio6nilM*r Ift, all or ill IIIVN, A. 1' |'.K/>M INN. Tlf?frkiiM^ ol' ili(\ luintly, and tlm m?* tibent ol Iba Auiai tvnv Vtiaiciil I*AociMy, a4i<t alao th?? i??^n?lM*rM <?f ? I?? .lohatHutt' i Order, ure Invited t?> altond iln? r'.rwral, I'rwn hm 1'ito roiidriira, 1.1'/alMdh lliin (Tims flay) aft'jr????on nt I woo'clin k, v*i'ho?it furlluT mvibif i hi* tHMdix ?j#n Sunday, Decambftr 1T?, al ihroa o'cloak. | J" M., I kmuin, .i^rtd r? yPar.~4 and 11 tiiontli.*, Hon -?f I'Urlolc and Mary Anno I oiilou.of Tullovr, exility <'?rl >w, Ireland. i Tha f'ui M .ll will l.?ko |?In?^4 lhi.4 (riuSiUy > alloruoiffi, .it tMiMt'olitckpfrnni tho nf?rnor f>r OrfMiw i-'li 'itifl'<-l??riu?ti ?t roelik C.II M4N - On .SAturd iy, DcavmlMr 14, Aiunm, trdooftlm !ataSaf?in?l Oilman,of thiHoily, n^nd^^yuara and In itumlliii. Thu frifMida and rn'ftti\v<Hit>r I lio immly aro ? f ully uivili'd Ic uIIoikI Hie lunoral, from Oie re^iUoueo oi hoc nun, VVillM?m (i luian, No. 'Jrd# WmI Thirly ^Hirlh alrool, (hia (Tn?v,?1ay ) afloriiotiii, al ui?o o'elonk. ilairr ?<Hi.Sunday morning, jh*oonihar 15, linwAim >* H%?rra.?r> cf l**?orRo '4 and Surnh A Hart, ?i(o(l 4 ycwira, I month and I 0a> .4. Tha ralaiiyr-* and I'ri'MidA ara raH|M*cMully invite i to nt loud U.e fuuorai, Iron* the iCHidmifM of his fallinr, I nl* ton avouwo, ?%;^liili -.wt lr??m (I uunu avenut , 'but (I'nos'dji) ( ttnntiiti^, ?l hnlf paal iiiiion'clock. Him ro nifiiim will ia!ikonloKyo,Knw Voik iln.v ikii. ?In Hr?a?l;ly u, on M??aday , lav-arill>?r 10, )Ikn r.V t< ll<>W4Kf>, H?fTI Ol I^Uii'ifloi, Hid A?hni|iM M. lfuward, iii the 44tU your of h h ago. 'I lia j aio? ?vo^ Hid fnMida of I)i6 luimfy are reHfHwMhlly Mi^Hod l?? ill Mid 'ho I', ft oin left lat'? r?w??Um m-, 'JdOlhuin mrofn.oii Wodmwi't.n allrriMon, Mt >no ovdork \**i Asr> On Monday. Dmemlnir It), 1 iiouah Ikki.ino, a (i#|lf;i of iwriali .chrnail, county I?Oi?gf<?rd, !rcland, ?V't yoars. 'Ilio fi n'trdi mid rolxi va.a ol thn ia?uiJy, and a?..<> 11m? momlxM'K ol I ht? Slmu'i'fCk /lui'wolcnt SxiMtl y ??f ilrodk lyn, ore rCKjM" traUy Invll -d to '.Uand 11m frmar^l, 0 >in Iih ' >i<? ref?i *00' ", (fid 't'illar? ilrfMtlityn,oir Wod lu vlrty aCrorn'Kiti, |auil I wo.o'ckadc. J,KI)i?v. Ott vl.ottd^)', iVroliiliMI' l?i. Maid \WK J.KO.ii , d ii.tjh'*r of Jaioea muI \m?a f.Mddy, mI ye?ia, II iiMinllili and id dovn The ro'nt iv'"f nod li ioinls of ilio fannly ore ?s'ipoolfn'ly hi. Wod to atta^d t)u' funeral, from the \ Ion ??| hur juronU, Iff i'.irk Mlroat, thin dny fT'? 'Hday ) .?' Iwofvo o'rt? cU. lrfM?K'i?5. 4k? hominy moruiug, flecoinbar 15, n'tor a ah??rf tir. hih ruMi'lf.iiCe, 74^ Second avenue,corner ol Ihirly ttiiif.ii nli'H<*l, Mamihkw a native*of> the juiuli (H li> h*rl, i ou?U.v, Ireland, in the 4<Kh v oar liN auje. tlin ft iends at?d ai^iuainUincHM^ind thoMiol hit brothom ?a aw, Mk haol<ial\iu, Whllaii) Murpliy and Mai l in ;>l?eu, ? l/o tJu>MD of bw oO'.LiiiiH, Micbftel Macbau, I'eter I* . ? ?Culm htooiiii, An*., ko., are lO-.jn'MffuIl) invited to if lend iha .''in rkJ, tU s (i'oe?Mftiy) aftertiooii,at I -.vo o'clock Hin jairairiH will ho takan fo<.'a 1 vary Oamcter v for lotei-rnrmi4;. Mchi^an paper a fileaao ropy. M' lliojfj - nt Alaxaiidria, Ifi4.,t?n 'r)iuJ >d.v/, Dc ooih.M 1*^, 1'hANrjs .1 Mi lUihii, daptmn ol" (lompjny Ji, Thirty .??*\'jn'h re^'iMOiit N. Y. S. V.,ai<a?t "2H vuita, ( monkh i ..oi 1 :u day*. Him nnnaiiiH u'o .**4lliih ' fuenday) mornfoij, N' ?. f>d Jrtot l e;tre?! Kurthir |?artlculni '? t ? inorro\4^ Noi vt? ?-On Mmiday, December Id,'100aam mm in, m tlr* 7?|Ji yuar of )a> d'iio frlenda of ?!?? family are iUNfMailttdly irmted w .il 'MOfi'tJiafiinofal, Hum fTneaday ialiornoou, il two o'clock, iron the ???aidvoce 01 f?4s h?m, sylvaM?er I . Nolan, 7d'i *o h*r Hfl ?'Cf . thtu.v.?lln Monday, IMt^emher 1H, anar 11 r + /e>it? aiui pviirif<it dhuiMi, {lAimatNIl KjKf.LV, iiged fiuff:*, danfi^ih'r of llw lah^ Pair ink Ultdly, pari.ah fiertiye, o mty Mealh. Ireland Tko 1 i Ji'n ln of i I iithIv ui 0 reaprohii)ly inviiod (o at triNl ttw I imer'il,'?? WH(lncridAy afmn?om? nt one oVI fk, from llm resident*'* ?f her tiroiher, Joaepli Psleliy t H!i Ted Thir'y-lhir I - SrJ-.f.. (u Hc.aiklyii, '?? Sunday. Pn" ?.mhnu' 15, f ii aim .srai?K,' Idv ?t daughter of and Maria HiMa. i?csi 4 v 'Mr* and d mmilW. like rolaiivea .itnl fr?rn.lH ol Wie faniii^ nc roHUtvif iily I'lvited 10 attOml (hu funeral, tbi^ (T'le^hi/) avternoou, at. 1??H ' wo o'.;)ork\ at <Jatoa avttnae, fourth h'fci>a Iroir* l-'ranklift avi*naor'i?orUi eahtbtdo. Sum 11?hi \Vnabiugton, on Saturdiy, Dec^nihvr H, ma f. Maifti, tfhthi in the ?ervire of the I ? nit Ad ffo/enmnMit, 01 Ilio V37t!? vr^r o| hie Uflje. Mh rem tinj will arrive hi^bin mty Ihitday (Tn ^d^y), wlieu i.hny will i mined lately be r.oii to New .I?ra??y , for Inl^tiweot. SK'! ?On Hiuiday, DeM^iuher IC?, alter >% ebmi ??] nevnre illiiwiw, John ll S. SRhtiiah, m the lHih year ?i liM.fcqe, tlio old<K-l grai of Saiouol H and Amel.a Skinner, in.I nephew ?r John K. Skinner <uid V. 1 Wilaon. Tim rclaDvea and frlni'la .if *h?? family, ru*d alv? io jiti Imt- of lb* i'oinpuny 01 tT?* Ivrelftb i-ogitnenl from P?tchog?jo, N. Y S. M., are foapct'lfolly :i?vjte?I fo alteml Ilie tiMii ?>(?, Tuiii lliereanlroice of liia lather, 114 Son Mi ;?'ulftliVtrv'o corner oil- iiili, Wilbam- burg, on Wivlmto ,iai' afternoon, at half/w?e? one o'cloelc, wltheo* furl her afternoon, - - ?/111 bf inferred it?CI)rpreSu. Jldl* Oni .der., . * , Palchogu.* |K4IMM M jiIo ito C0,xV .riiiiJKUI.4* *?. ? -fhi ifjuday Utoi111 14, l)e.?jo.nb!?r Id, ai>tof a hhort h'lt auvofenllfieiw, Tiiok M' e\ ,S' nic.*.!./? ay, Die holovod :n>fj 4if Jolt: 1 and Mali id'' I1! y'ii|n?rlaijd, aged 7 nioi.llw i.rl twohh liiy.a. J. *11;irk Merald, KcoMujid, arid Qmrbcr., (' !?!., papera fi.ewHocopy. Si'kimiknson T.i ftro<?kJyn, on SdTiday, fHRteaiOor lf?, 1 nwAPio M , only. *ou of .latiior> M. and Julia A Siepheo uon, nged I, iluoci bd utid Jl days. Tin* I'urornl borvicw will take place ,?r iii&- r*v>nh"jnr ol Irs pai' Tifa. N'? 85*Adelpbi .afreet, ou Wodnrnday. inori)* (en o cforlc Illrt remain . v.lll he biken l > Sial.ei*. ? 1 ?hind for interucni. WoPviN. -- On lloriday, Dlfcmllor 1i?, lh.iny >. v.\ 1 aged yiM.' The frieudi* and relal ?vcs w<? 1 oviad lu aU'M < *v?, on Weilnnsdiiy nltortiooo, at i *vr? o'rlo 'k. from tlio rc?iden ?* of bj^ aon,1'liird .11 ??n',e. Trit>Rw?On Sunday momirig, Uor.?:mh r aft"?* mv mc ui I illuesH, JayiT'. imr..*:, dawyliter .h' the lute .ioliU Turuei, ? Armagh, Jrei:md, aged 'JQ year*. Tholrusi-U ol the fawl'y are rokpHotfnl'y niv .iml 1 ?ul? fend ilio funeral, frooa lierlil- r? .iden e, No hT Weftt 'ihirleenlh fttroot ,thm f T'icvl/i* ViU'?err??a.ij, at oonrw'cnxrii. Tlio r.Mii.e it. *1) Im* t ilion to (b *on vond for iiitorn. ail W.i? ? \t v ?(hi bund ay , iHioemhar 1-V,* Wallack, ?fted /eara and Ml dwn, a nahvo of HaMtAA, Nova Seo) ia, of conanmp'eion. /It.i friend . and 1 nations aro roa|x;Llfuliy maitad to at 1*?*h1 ?ho funeral, w hie late regidenon, No 60 West \Y*-.'nijgU>0 plane, lb.a (T'.esday ) aJtarn^UMj, at three o . H'k remain* will lx* intaried t>. (frnnT*d femotnr.y If<4ton and likMax fMpma pleaho-copy AN olMn ' >* U)aV"p R E-K nt>s s-irAja.i; rout (7|,l> V*H VOl'Nfl, VIKilS ANI> AT H V>W< ?HO"< jjtr; KK rblTKJ?. WAKF AT ?ASHKOKI> ?, TABU! I tXKH* AT RVSHKOKIP*. KIRK -r.T.-l AMI I'l' NUKJ'.: A f UAXHM>?0 S3. TKATK AYH JMI HOOK !* ITS, AT HATHKORIj-^ KOOKINO ?or.SK?, KI.UICWM AT ?AK-tr<akW?, 8KATR8, SKATF.H, RKATRH At HAHRT /oKJ?'* Home ixitr tnmr Ml ""'J ?*<? Ihw A /WiufH'-, UwiMSAi*-"-. K6WAKUU. U\'"URI>'t. KutwieiiH ttrk/. rtan? ,n,| rheape-i' [In' 11 i''nriv?W?i| W?'"*tjr The CoO|H" Iniiltu'tf, Of UikA (l ,l?|l |[' II.|iill t v UUCIIMtM iRW* "J" l1***' . . From Third i ? i ourtli fcTCtiua, Ai... BA'I. FAST VPRI'.HT IJNK MuPKS GOVERNMENT UfcNf'Vl,:il ? In VTh., in ??.V vl? wilt1 nut cli'angtug cm or breMcltm li' ii A *;>? ' 'Al ,iiie??enger ?i>nt ? 1th ??ch train. Vre ijr n'l-fi'"' * thedetml 1tl thi-1 Via" rM PoUri'vl en N' * Icr . . pt?:'Nu. 1! Nurlli ri l'ok SPECIAL 00NT1'JVOTH APPLY 1i> rlo? Vork ofllc;. t> Rroidwsy Wn'rinf' ti olD:e, n ATenue. A I? HOPE, 'yf ihf Hope E?|ir?M Oo., 8oJi. AKHIiTj KEFOitT <>>? THE <1kEAT It A PE C wilii the argument o'.touunel, and the OU4RQK OF THIS JUDGE ji.U the eenU'i. e e,r iho pmjn,;r, Willi a likened! of the BEAUTIFUL MISS JO HEY. i'liii'.iilieil ar. pamphlet form, and now ready. Prl: i al'4 fentk 1 or .Me el Ml new, depelK jnecwM.\iroor s. ^NNIIAIi OI'KIIInT flMt KANOV (JflODS Ana OlIRIHTMAH TOVH AT 44 MAIDKN I.4NK We olfeV for Mil* tbi* toeaou III* largM ?Miitimtnl of PA NOV OK>01)8 ANO TOV?..v(.i ImiMirtf.ll.f T We Imve BAHATKId. V! TAKI.RH, ,\IVOLI BOARDS, T CIIKEA, DOMINOES, SOLITAIRE I<OTO, OIUBHAaPL IW.XI.R ULOCiU*. WITH PICTURES. ^ I'UXZI.K HLOOKfl, WITH HAI'fc HU11.DTNO Bl<0 VKH. WITH WINDOWS AND DOORS; (i \ MRS, (IAMBS, (lAMRfl, ? OIIKsVs, WITH 1 RON TOOLS; OIIBffl V, WITH HI RHI. TOOLE: BATTLES A. >?? HBLKAOI/RBD OUTKS, ouns. kwi "DM. bimtoi^, ninriis, And .ill ? Arllllery of War SWISS TOWN 14, KRRNOIf ril.l.Ail. ? HJiOMiNWTBD PALACES, KLOWRR OAltDKNH. ? i _ MKNAOKltlrtrt, *o NOAH'R A?KH. ?A ltTir AM. CREATION WAX DOLLS, I.AKOB AH I.I KB DOLLS WITH NATtWA* MVHM AND HAIR, IXM.I.S WITIt N ATI) KB I. H AVIUM AK8H AlHl IjIM. 1)01 4.8 TIWT f.A 1*041 nof.MI rWAT cur IKIU.S ffiUT HA V W4-MA DOLIJt dVmT #IAY PA, PA Anil All Hi htgmnpm that Mil- combined ?k.n amtiluWualrr or inr wholemoWd em tmiwy Ti ,i*Unft our U will mnpitoylil, the mn.4 am.i tolnttoa, we aaaurr our lrlend.. and pOntoalhal w khetl toaMta onr power to make a Merrle Cl.i4>-l*,,i?<mid A Happy KAl Jfe.r I'HTEIl TICKS.. Importer* of French, ) .' and tyetanaji rlW A AH)., 1 .Tygflal. anil (A ?8 AW RPVS. !???. *. v: nancy aoohn 41 Maiden A IH.I* SANTA 01.AII8 J\ Ann Tin.' (IOI.UKN TEA KKKTI.H Huy oir the fid aid,- of Broadway Buy on the cheap ..Id.' of Bruadwear Hoy your Toy*, Toy*, Toy*. Toy*. 'Poyn. Buy your Skal**, Skate*, Nkaic*, .'.HMn, Hkapm Buy your Doll*, buy your Playihii.c# Buy your Tool Cheat*, buy you; Sufllcr.*, Buy your Lamb* tlinl rry b.< * l.a ?, tl.y your Dog* thai lau'k bow-wow, Buy yuur Fancy (loud* nod Notion*. Buy ,vuur childteii * Chair* and Shake-( hair*. Buy your Kaey Chair* and Kewlii* duty.*, Buy your tlohby, llubby. Hobby florae*; Buy yuur children prellV Caiman**. B*'y your Ku. .lUI.Ing Hood* oi *14 Mud*. A' ll.e H a Hidden Tra Kettle, III* Hidden Ten Kettle, -.Uu <f lb.' III; I Jul,Ion Tea Kottln. Alil'.X. I>11.AT AH 7lW ltr..*.l.\ay, above Fourth atreeT AI.KX DKI.M Alt, 7UH Broadway, above Konrlli ?tror? K.aal aide. Rant *l.l<* Ka*l aide Real aide. ATTItAOTtVT HOLIDAY OOllDS TN (IKK.AT VARIRT* ? ILVKK ani> ri ?i an Tk4 *KT*, UKN*. . i.pio* arAnn*. ?ui?*A CI OrKs, ?*:.?.*, MAMTkl. on.AAMUN l* Utl.T MourtTMl* rAHOF AOKTHIAM (Soon*. rAKIAN KTATI.1KT, WONEM, ri.AIH Ann ohn yarNTAi. ixnnKit uut rK > hmkvicaa, I'ksTKI. AM. Oil rilNTinu*. niHH'lll*, a...I t v tnt A t* ir.uu'llt of oilier Arllclr*. auilablu fnr 11(11.IHAV I'RK.HENTS. all of which will !#?? ? 'Id ul BKDHCKD I'ltlORS K V UAIIOMWOUT A 0<>. All.I m UROADWAV, corner of Broviuei AT KVRItDKMVH ?WKDDINU CARDS ~TIIKSR ORf.B brated eucritvcd Card* wild only at .104 Broadway, ow ner ?t Duu It eel. AT $4 60?DOHBI.I' BOLE W ATPll TROHK BOOTH? four (ItltV-riuil kiml*?at JONKH', 10 and lit Ann alrocl AT WM F.VRRDH.L'H SDNS-WI'.liniNtl AND VIHIT * in;; Caul*. A Cnr.tCwe with each |iark. 104 rnltna sir,-el. Ksiabllab. il !KI,r. JgALLOU'8 ^ pi \ bi't?rt,vrvw VYVV YVVV j,,|.'H<>,I?T|4>I'pKI VY V V VVVV HUH HMH IT i'F YV VY ,\HH HH* KK i>y VY VY HfiH I'K h VV VY H Hti DTK YY Y HHH I'WK KK K YY YV ? MB 8HK PK 1'P fV VY HH* HHH HUB 1* KVP V Y V Y V \ HHfi: WW VYYYVV IIAI.LOII'S I'ATRNT IWl'ROTKD KKKNCH VOKK MlfTMNL Kat.'iilr.l Notembe. I Idfid. A NEW StVLK (IK 8111 (IT, WAltltANTRD TO Kl^ W.ule (-. ni.'Aame, ol $10, $ld, $il. Ac . 4o.. per dorea No order lak ui for leu* timu half a .1../,... ahirla. Wlud"K?le trade annulled on lh? uaual lerma ItA i .1,1111 HKOTHMl.-L C*?. PHI Broadway, New VoA. BKllMiRWATBlt PAINT?TESTED T'.LRVKN TEARS, v ?ier :md fire proof, aili.a and Iron. Inde.truetihle. De pot 74 Maiden lane W W. BRTT8, Qoueral A*unt (KlI'.NS, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAILS, KNLAKORD J IimiiH, and all dla.**r? ol the fee' cured, without pata or mconvmilenoe to ibe iNtlC'iii, by Dr. StACHAKIR, 7^ llroul > ay Refe,? to the iil.yal. lam and k,iik?oo* of thla city. (THRISTMAS AND NKW TEAK'S (IIKTH?HOI Wf / Ih* hnlldayalt?MEADE BUOTIIRKH, Kholoarapha, A.-., iu Broidwa. Ill" Carte* da Vtalle The llartea de V .d'i rNe ? rear'K alia Splendid Album*. Splendid < Kiel urea, tin! I early, ho a* to (i v.- ua lime to e*i*inb? your oi-der* i? la only too wreka lo (ihrletmaa Donolde. thy. TjlURNTTHRK -I BOVCK WILL SKI.L AT URTAllw " a' III* iclory warfiroom*. <M and OH Kaat ll<, ,aion *i -eel, Kurnllnru of eny deweri(.lioo, at pilwo un pii eajetitedly low. Here.-al au'.t* ot roaewOOd Karlor Kuret lure, flutabea in broretel, will be aoldatcad Anyartlrde made to order. CI AS STOVES, OAS STOVES, HAS STOVES y| Warm your loom, by tiia new palenl fi?* Store. No dirt, no ,,',r. no <*?*! U> ,*iti, eronnintuwl. clean. Ikert abb- NEW VOKK 'IAS STOVE WORKS, 414 Broadway, below Oaual a< H1CNKV If LEEDS A CO., AUCTIONEERS. J I.N I'KIDAY. I)KC in AT II O'CLOCK, A1 i't NASSAU STREET, OH Worn*, Brand!**, Heeaia, Ac , the balanenol Uib yb?cli of in old iinnorllnit an I jobbing lion** (now inaolrent), tale la* .he Southern (rede. Alao, hoiiu- very . uolre privale rtloeka Sale per unplorv to eloen the bo*lna*a of flnn lo Jan. 1. full parUeolara Thturaday, Ol.lltAV KBRHRNT8 AT WHOLESALE ('KICKS NO r*l MCHItAV STREET, NEW VORK. If'teuili Oliuiifc V <*hln% 'Vt% mul I)nn??i ivU. Hrr>M/.f? Swtii!*lU**, Cllfx-kn find Ciri Tr%y?. 1'iii i in Vhm?*s, Ac . Ac, OI?wiv*?re n> ureal variety Um-i ? ! a ad ornjirneri'AJ Terr A (Jolti and IjA/a Weree. Omniwuf t><- Mid ollior Vf u?c Knnnr Artictee and Tjyi, IMPOPTKII ANII I'dK hAIjK AT LOW PRKOBB BT (H.ftMAN TKOHT A OO.. 50 Murray alreet. ii MO I .A Mol AN l> OTHKB 1'AMfIV (lOOIM VHK hl?rj KfltflT ANNUM* MIHIM.AV I IK THK ABOVB. AT HINRICII 8 (Da'" Werckinelalrr'H) No I ,0Broadway. up aliira, I* row rea I * I or the Inapeollon of till mil a.cia 404 the public generally Ari burly cmll 1? rcapr.ctrulljr aollclled. KI.MH.lNfJ WOOI>?WfcI.f. SBAHONBI),AtKI.l VBRBDy 91 IK)* hundred hundloa, alao, l.y i|i<*'oc, 16c Order* promptly delivered. IRWIN * lUSKlN*, (W Kohlaeen at,mot, f \vn An jry from r-irnri '.I Waab I ngloikelreet, N. T ObAMBft BOB 8A&B. -OHOiOM* nkw ori.RaN* I?m*ch; ruv own importation TUOMAB B AONBVf( .Hi iJrernwir.b aid BO Murray Hi.Bel IJOWSUINU "METAUJO ItOCOF."' KOR flWARDA, ar.rhbarda, mimk-U, camp end kitchen .lUvnalli. War aalu wholmale at (lie I'.It* I'.c.ihh., 7d 'Vartoo I ?auc pii. RF cor;NAG hha.ndv WWtAJ4K3 \'ARIO*IS VlNTA(;?n AN1> OHOhOK duality, Hhiptwit by tti i V INK (IIU)ttKKH <: )MI'AN V Bottled B> l>.<na., cvl for ?il? n. theoriginal raokagea, bonded /iiyir, :iy JOHN U.-40KN. 65 Jtcavar ?lr??t._ ? fcAIN / ' A. OAlfBr WAIdo'N CHHIMMMj* HTOBY, UKA' TIKIir.UV. IU.UM'I'RAVHB. IN THIS IVbKK'S l,KIM?K NOW HKAJ?y ONO'H BATBNT ABUT TKMNK AN1>,KOMTABUk leinad combined, corner of Warren at. ami Broadway. R* unto t!> Bel 1 T? '!>'? 1)8 T'ASTO?fN WOOD AND DRMUOUNN \ JOOJI XMTNCAH A SUNS, huioti aquare. i?HoWNB A NICHOlS M ?*?i?si KKH-kTORM Jl IJ Neeaao alreet.? Large ?a'? of Iloji*ehi4d FurnUura. Thnradajf and Fitdv. 1') aud ZU, each day at 10H o cloek. At 'he private > (science 17 ayfl* plate, ail H.e Knrnlt'tre c?ntalr>?d In 'bo aalu Urn'*?., nunoal, ,ic al H-' la, itedding, Briia*e!a and Oaapata, Jllrpn a. ?u r. ani, Bedaleada, Waalia'andt. folle! throckory, IIU?i CA) ? ;?? ?, OHctotli, roaeanod parlor KnrMtorB in pViab and aau?. aatin damaak Ourtatna, re'*w.>ood Pianoforte, Oai wut"re?. Dining Boom Knrnllotv. Pr ickery, U'oei-. rr? Table ibi'e.y, N .ivoa Refrigerator*, Kitchen Furniture, Ac rail partlcuiara l>. to-morrow"* ailrertteeinenl By crdc- ?.t the uiortcagr ? Dt NllAM'K~"t NION T'OrVs Of SHORT HAND FSB jior!?ra.~(lenU. m..n 01' education instructed tor II ? atiovc eorp* by JSr Dunham In Yo"v : man triable* ?u e cr the b.-*' paying j.rt.fcaaion 10 lh!a '?o'jnli'y will Oa? t'jc a' Hctmu'c cel.loin, if ever, met ' Addreaa I bo aoarapbic lt.attuiln, elation ??, New t 'i"k I OHT?A TAN~rRBWBJ? Hl>HT '?"O* *1 KABT Li Twenty fn. rth ?'.!*?? \ tare- ? " ,nJ T*'' ,or fecorcry. tVATlHKk A.tD .'KWICIRV. Diamond jbwrmm ai a .vifin ? a kkw_pm airatile Artlrlen ? f olfrrc. lor laimcdiaU ealc. OTiee hooram") from 9 tiU IDA M ,nd 3-1.1 )? K M. H?,h ?ald for DlatnonJa ^ Hroadwa, S"rARK rThS.-W AK'IANTRD SOI.lit OOLD AND C0 r?l 61 raeli, 01 five for 66 Sprctn' altenlloa given to r. oairlii* flic watch,?*, Krench an'l F,r P_n,b OI.K'kH, htualcal Hoith Aceordeona, Ac. Sent tor, rwhored and drlivnrrdt? any part Of the cl.y, t.y .?xperientHK', workmen fiatta'aetlOB van anted at tbla eHUoltaioenb * ?"? II ;.?', WMch.uiA'J ^lf> liudaon .treel. New *or%.

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