Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1861 Page 2
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ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. THE MAILS OF THE AHGLO-SAXOfl. Feeling in Ireland on the Subject of a War with the United States. MfiNERAR SCOTT, IN PARIS. WAR BISKS ON VESSELS TO NEW VCRK, &c., &c., &c. rite mails of I be Anglc-Saxon mailed tit's oily from Portland ycterday morning. Our European til us are dnlod lb Dublin on the2t?thof November, 'lbn paper. are ono day later than those re ceived by lite Haiiea, uud contain some vety interesting matter, although tbo news has been anticipated by the telegraphic advices of tbe F.uropa and the City of Wttsh Ingtou Our Petri. Correspondence. Paws, Nov. 90, Art-vol of thwral Boott?MesHng with His Wife?Hit Do mestic Affairs?Dr. J. Marion Sims, <?r. Flx-Lieuteiiai t t.oneral Scott arrived Iv re from Havre, which port he reached is the Arago on Sunday morning. Yesterday afternoon at Mr o'clock ho wan met at the railroad atati'u by Mr. Bigeb'W, tin lulled States Cou ?ul, and by the Secretary and AB 'lMunl Secretary of Le gation, Mo pis. Pennington and Dayton. 1 should not ?appose it would have required uny very qr> ?t relaxation root hlx i euoi dignity Tor the Minlatui to have I) en pro sent iu pel pott to pie t- tlio war-worn old veteran to whom our country owes so much, and whomout country men aud their rep; esentatlvM abroad should delight to honor. But Mr. Dayton was not present Tito Conor;.' baa taken r< own nt Iho Westminster Hotel, in tlio Buo do la Pais, where, upi u his arrival, ho was met by Mr-. 8<'<>tt, who U .k t ot Fteon him bef re tn five or si . years. nerul Scott and his wife, finding thai their t> tmiei s and modej of thot.pkt wore not of an etc. aide character '?agreed to difrigroo," and concluded that iu they could not litvo each otli r together, they would lovo each other apart . Mi el o.'that time Mrs. Boott has been residing in Euro;*, and has always manifested int. nse it br st in her husband's movements and welfare. At the I'nio" brot k ast given last summer it the Hotel da Louvre, uud at w Inch acme of our newly.ftedged Mlhi ters nituieinch " Mugginses" of themselvos, Mia. So ,tt wasproMnt,umi whenever an allusion was mane to thu General alio iteemod to be <' jnply affected, at I once abed tears. Latterly she has manifested a greater interest th never, in her husband'B career, and for two or three week, site was bo no; votu) and excited that lev..' found neceHsary to koep from her all the papers containing had new. Now, upon tlio General's an i1. nl in ".'ti.-t, she wishes to greet him, forgetting all f bat'ie pact. And it is not 'm. probable inter all tho circnrastautv ' that the venerable pair may oonotudc to finish U. re mainder of life's down hill journey together. Quito a demons (rati in was rnedo by the Arnei lean -Lip captains upon tl'e General's arrival in Havre. Two triumphal arches were erected, under which the (loners! peesed, and as much was exhibited and us much rtelsr made ?? w i? cousialcnt with the quiet ideas of tho French police. To-day ine Uenora' is resting quietly at his hotel, and. to morrow or next da) will receive In- Am ri ;an friends. After reiuait f ig hero a fow we. Its for mediv. t ed>; e nnd treatment, ho will proceed to tbe Sooth of Fiance, prob ably to Pou or Dunnes, where ho will spend the winter. Ha eu.Ktyed the trip icross very much, never missed a meal, and i ays ho fuels better now than ho has for a year post. J>r. J. M trloit Sims, of .Yew Yotk. hn< created no little excitement in the medical world here by l if performance of several surgical operation* fur v ? .1, ? vaginal fistula by a preooBS of bis own. His last ope. at ion, which has proved a porfeot success, was upon a young oouhtcp. of one of tbe nlghest families of France, and who hod hceu entirely given up by her phyglclahs. With ail the fame he is acquiring here, h-'Wover, ltr. Situs is un unfortunate mau He camo to Europe without a pan.;>ort. Coming through Ft gland, and now desiring to reiurn to the t nited Stales, he is troubled by the fact that he mup' procure a [tuaspon in order to do so, while he nw tak. rhe oath of ?Uegiawce to tho government. This he is endeavoring to avoid,on the ploa that, should he do it, it would lead to the confiscation of certain property if which he is the owned in one of tho Southern States. He wauls to .-crve bollt Ood ai,d mammon, and, with this view , has, 1 learn, made an application to the Department of St it.- at Wash ington for a special passport, ho agreeing n.-t to take up aims agauiit the government durns thts war. It is ma probable that the government wilt depnrt in hi* ease from its usual cour-e. The French I'oet Oifice authorities have given nolle that, as many lette.s intended tor the Southern Slates are dropped in ben-, addressed to tho care of tho Kreu. h Legn tl'tn at Washington, or of the French C'oti'ul tienoral at. New York, such letters will not he Rent, during the sus pension of mail communication with the Southern Statu. 'I'hi1 Mitfton-Nlirit'll Altuti* in lnTitiiil. t'rpt.IC OPINION ON T1IK BOAKIU.Uli OK TDK THKNT. I I-'icm tlteOuhlln I-'rcemau'a .louriml (democratic organ) Not. "J->-] * * w t e Huoh are tho facts of tins most Important vase, which raises one ?f the serious questions between the governments of hligiaud und America which lias :i wince tho year 1K12, when the right of search produced hostilities. On the arrival of the Trent the Admiralty agont left ?l cue" foi London to report the transaction to tho Admiralty. Tho news in a few minutes spread nror England, wid, ns may be supposed, produced mingled feel ings of amusement, excitement and indignation. A great meeting was at o.ico hold in sober Liverpool to conehl- r the matter and a unanimous resolution was adopted, call tag on tho government to assert the dignity of the natl Ml flag Home ol the tory Ixmdon erening journals repeat tin sarao ,leui .ml; and it is said?but we question lie autlieiitloity of the statement?that a Cabinet council was immediately convened to consider the propriety of giving M Adams, the American Mb. -ter, his passports. Before such a decided step is lak- n, th'o g vcrnmont, we may be a .. o, will act untM that caution w hich is demanded by such cx' rnordltm.y circumstance.1' The London Stock Exchange became ssmeivhat depressed on tho receiptor the intcHlgt nee. a result which di ex not surprise us when we roflecl on the consequentof tniiiindorKtirodiug be tween the two co .nti ies which might ultinuileiy load to hoc.ltliti ?. The question involved in this act in, after all, '*!' of inter notional him, whhh juridj will ham d tide The frank avowal of the Oommi piooers of the character in which they embarked op board tin- British bottom, and of tho purpose for which they sought the protecting shield of the British hag, mirnso.' the m piiry within o trry rmatl eom) n*?. They were Am a i ioan cltisctM, and had luft their own shores ac the ac credited agents o'l a " provisional government" which lias levied war against the government of the United States. The Cotrnmsslonare were, iu fact,engaged in an overt act of war"*tigatnst the government id tho United States, against which 'hey hud revolted when pursuing the misi ion oti wht'.h they wore despatched by the" pro- 1 visional goverun em " of the revolted Slates. Do. > the in tematuAutl code recqpnfce th riohl 'f fadier tofoewnrrl to the recti it suhjnt, of o government a: inf. iinimu nition, money, commisrnriat, or " other dolt, undhl the protertvn if a friendly fept Wo believe all Jui i?t.? wib a lmlt no fri-nittyf ig.toi mo"-, ho c fnl ihe nation to nhi< h it I. 'Jong if, ruvht ht/allp nrote. t from .?oritnre either the "ar?'' or other 'comfort. inter.'! ft In I r to the re *itted mhj'Xt* of afri-mHy trOet,nrn:,d. ?? the paiti I vhn, Uin., tol'Jr if of th 0 J. # n lift > ah ? ? engaged in ran "eying st'ch aids. The position of the acere dltei agentx tarry ng despatches, or journeying on to moot anil u.-e despatches forwarded by t lie government of the rovollcl .-Utea for (ho purpo." -f protnotlug and forwardc g Die views of the rival government tut up by them, in Dot vmy different from that of men carry Icgurai*, orm ney, or olber aids to the revohec^, tgocta. lhoad tniaalons of th commissioners place all the fa, t> t>c yond dispute and the question to be determined it? 1- the Itriliih ring 'fthr oej J'lth 'lie ynt V.* ol jn 'routing the revolted ti e, I' if a friii'l!;i fio't ?ntg.i^nJ in jim credited tiuc ?ii fo .vloomt tint rtc"lt t [Kt m the Cork Constitution (extreme Tory and Orsi s? organ) tNov. 2^-1 A free (ing does not ever free goods?a neutral bolh.vt doet not m-iiea n'Mealcargo. This is the lew-n we loain from the outrage, for en outrat' we tblnk it m si he pro flounced, o' the Amet cun m?n of v. it n t i? Brfli h mail steamer. Hud there beet, h Quern's ship at haxi'i a,> cue would rogiet iia J him s ink the ma.sis'.or ea doi-ply ah "ho Nashville t nk the llarvojr Uruli. 1 ul'ua mar Itmc la v tie v?ty ditto rent from what we w, "poise It, t lie &. i .lAciu to had eo runic right-to stop the V. sn'and take ?c | be paassng -rr. ihau hsr corttnuinder *u.' U' "liter ;U 1 ?-s ABd set tirs to the shlppiny'- T*!" qncation i.-\ wWit it, to bo done ? iioinolnlng ?iv;t I one and vtiat ? it to b?i The insolet e of the team a' guv w- amnjt, baa pro Medsd Vjoiar. rorbosraiu fs go si,and shuoM be car ried V> the utmoet extent of reasonable CBdnrutue, bit If deed* "f this kind *?. to he b >rne with thnro is no sehrrtty for lsrttt?nsh p?.?r Bnttsh nropviiy.fnr.jnee the oonfti'once lb the ab.biy .n t ice ".tu c'i.-e >?{ the P r tieh gOTOmmervie protect tlmu: itg-,n-,tA. .-o , ,> l th'j?r1\e Mf*wey it Anib- i u. g.m. At p., atfi 'car. ,< ship tho'Id bote meohloti t 'its house, b-u ,'. th i* to bo broke* tma by toy lndVurcet 'h?t cLo" t ir torc^pt her, wbrro If 0. i v nrjly or th? tavtotubliif ? e *nn -vcet to booot of t Oovernn stii hi , rhowti Vjl K-m ? W. fir Oa thn moot pet .em could d ?i-.d^f3rtU?r lol .ed, Dion eppours to hive ts?- '*fc b.? w? h .i,pi Wi t w *.d?r if IhO prsclt Would ruif, in mite th. twou'u IjKve it no li,t-?r IP tbetr power , be otthci . || r? ' of >1, tud U it wo^ld e wprl t' nu to tts rt t nurse w'neh would contribute m 'ter'elly to shri , -hi b ?s.u ? m Le wi " Nor :h n:,d S uih." TheiKo e.i.,. w ? ?y ooldtn oiriri war, h i if uarU fare d uym / m he e ^nitilih'y un'J nol be thnrs. Tke War Fever Cooli Down a Iilttlo In Kntlaail?llnitutlvn About th? Onbinot Council In lronilon. [K otu tlio Lublin Krreman, Nov. 20.] 'Die Ami" lean question c Miuues to agitato oommorctal circles. Tho Chamber of Commerce (I>< blln) yesterday wa-crowded during the greater pa, t of the day by our llrsl merchant*, who e.igei ly web hod the arrival of each hucccmIvo despatch iu anxious expectancy ol s. mo fur llior inteUigence, or Homo more decisive opinion with reforenco to the legu'lty or Illegality of ihe conduct of the coinniaiulor and oltiiom of the. .liicmlo. Our la'est despatches, however, indicate that the drat outburst of Indignation having hud vent, the inv?u?ni nice* of rath vrccedimj.- are briny ralrulahul and u calm t t' tie. is briny assumed, The Cabinet Council which tea* to hare been held, (tccimling to none <f <uir London Mlmpraivr, yesterday, will I a h/hi today, and Ministers arc said to havo referred the question to tho lew idl ers. John Hull will Dot like, while hi* dander is up, to retor a mutter directing lh> hon<>r ol his old and, w e niiiHt add, noble (lug, which he *o justly ven itttcs, to n iruid hum'lawyer, which, he Im uginee, ought to he settled by Armstrong and Whitwonh But, alter all, war is a very costly enjoyment; and thoi gb Ijineftjliiro may ho \ cry anxious to <rt more cotton, tlr rr i it fii i at whirls rem that mtiele might be purrh i rd bmbaity. Notwithstanding tbo inveterate propensities of ltrother ,tonatban to "bounce'' aud "swagger," and the Instinctive impulse lntiouul men feel to gives-eh "bouncers" n cooling, we still expect to tee. this '/tcifjtm t itled by the"goo*eqi'dl"?not by gunpowder, OPINION OF 'i UK liKITIMl NJilFOtt NKKS, The Iioudoti Shijiping thuet'e ol the 2Hlh of November (ev- mi.g) says the case of the royal mail at minor Trent tic. hoin rcfe it id to th low office re of tbo crown. On the decision of those learned gentlemen the government will, it is understood, ail w Itli promptitude. T'ho nacelle sa\... within the past year we were on tlio eve of a colli si n w ilti the United Stales because our cruisers searrlic.i i ?rlain Anicrlcun Hhips at Sagna In (.rami 111 search of African n at oh. The diltluulty was only got over by the utnli al abandonment of the right of search a noped of morcbaht ships of either country. The tlmetle reminds (lie toderul government thai it is pursuing a course full of danger, Hud hopes that moderate counsels will prevent ft collision with this (Knglund) country. WAR Kings MX VKSSJilS KIIOM KXOI.ANP TO NKtV VOlt*. [Klein the Dublin Kre man, Nov. 2d.J At Lloyd's, Liverpool, yesterday, iu consequence of the news by the la I'latu, war risks of hvi guineas were de manded on VC.iMlls from New Yolk Tim Strumer He rm mlu at Havre. Till' KNOMSH I I,.10 ISt.n TO COVKK liflt COTTON CAIUJO. [from NaligraniV Messenger, Nov. 2d.] Tlio steamer IJcrmtnls, w hich forced the blockade of Sav.nnah with tw ? tho.i-atid bale.'of cotton on board, bound for Liverpool, entered the port of Havre Urn day before yesterday, under Ihe Keqlith day. It Is not y t decided whether the cargo is to tie Hold ni. Havre or not, th. captain awaiting orders from Knglund. The Bermu da, according to tlin Kew York Journals, entered Savon pah wHh a e -rg-. of mi initlons of war in spite of tbo fede ral i red. rs. The capiain is a rroo'.e ol Louisiana, and of I roneU sxlruetiou. Arc (ling to advices brought by this Hteum.r, mlii r vi vIs have saie'y arrived In South i rti porta with war hi ore.- and Inl tided to fore Hie b.oi '., ide with cargoes of cotton. The Corn uinl Cotton (larslimu. | CAN' I'.NOT.AM) I.IVK tt'irilOItT ttl'R IIKKAPSTbl 13? jl roiji the Mounter (l.-tneriekj News, Ve,, 20.| The n.agnltude of the opt l utioi.e in the com (foreign) trade in Linierli k may be judged hem the c-innate that the purchases of one of our In- il Hi ins amount to half a million sterling a year. One hundred t-ns of corn are ground in 111- mills of the firm each day, i-qutn itt i ah.e to L" .000 or ?h.000 a week, l-'rom eighty to one hundred Ships loaded with corn arrived to tbo Arm at this port this year, besides Ihe quantities of grain constantly bought iu our local markets. In one month of this year the tirm imported 20,000 quarters of Indian corn, value about JClltt.OOP. Tti <ivti'her last tin- its;-octal iotof thu"p>'ixini! l" in amounted to r- 000, te-dee the la eye sag]lie* or native / tWtiic bought in the Limerick markets, j KKPI'WtllASK Ol MUTISM MA M I ACTt RMS IN IN PI A roit knuland. i It ? stud in lbs London Times at I he 2Jth ultimo (eve I i.irig) that nearly the whole of the specie shipped by the recent mails to India hoe heou for the purpc.-o of buying U|> part of the excessive stocks ol Munch--ter goods in that country on L'uglish account. NEWS FROM NEW GRANADA. Oar t'nnnuiu CorrcajjoiiUr net. ?. 1'ajvaim, l)ec. 6, iw>f. The i? JJofrJ.i?faint (h- KtpnMun ,f theAn/tlritho), Di-j.rahi'it,r,t?f Guerrilla I f i'l in the Cold hijiions?Advance of Gorernor \irtu .IjWfwf Anting,ia-CrMti* of Arbolmhi t /?.,//,,?? _ **fi?racnd "or r?f iryfH f" ""i"-?-l?. oe tftMeG^meo, ? W'J'N't.a/ ffimfc c/< //,. M?;Holn,<t A'irnwAW writs, <t \ Hy the Solent, from Cwlha^^w? have neeiyea ml vi i'ufirom Bogota to Uio 15t)i ultimo, and tj10 r<)r. i luor platv to ibo 3d Inm. Hy ,i?. Anne, from Ummaveu tuc< ?nd Tumiico, lute intelligence bus reached.,. from I llio Stale of Caeca. learn that? sh. ri time since there were s I t?rl,',tice? lu il,e capita?.* aocoui.t ?, the iv-Ulanc or [ the clergy toll,# mortmain law :1ml after the oxiiuM,,,, | of Archbishop Jlerran every tljjnt sul-eWnl. Jatfer. K'icri illapartis.-, were named, composed c-h<oAv of refu i-eett end prisoners on parole, who pillaged several vil lug.* in the ,1, ,*rtmc,,l| of li.pH.p.lri,, Tluve outrages were instigated hy u f.iEe r..|w, reaching ,|wm tro.u JtogolHlUtt benorul Impc*, folonel Isolde Coda ami \ letoria had returned to that city after a ,ii?a-tror? ,te j lout, and tut Arbolmla had reached Neira vv,Th Ave thor-mtd men but ihi mdWiu r,:th.,lh( f, Coops gent at Brat front IHg.ita lutd been defeated will ho quietly stilled l.y Hm ndequsie force now sent, cnr igouiont llio reactionary leader-:,pri- ,t_? is k(i|oa i eiicr?ir?n?l, In tbo Stated Sat,(under, still |H,I,| ?ut II. Us been driven to tte highlands of , though other report- am rife, ?, kl,ow ilm the forces Gutierrez bad not y,d movd f.otn l'i..,leur,ia ami Bucaramimza. The. were waning there for l?av> ? loth lug to uuilertuk. tlieu*c?nt to the cold region. A cotuml*-inner Iron, Canal had arrived in Bogota to propo.-, again terms of pence lam afraid il,?t nothing but an unconditional surrender * ill nave hire rho upholders of the ??restoration'1 have not vet been driven from Antioquia, hut their foothold U every day less sure. Ji> ? pasange which has been found between the rivers Cam* and S'ecbi a steamboat connection lias been made between the States of Magdalena (Vdivar Antioquto and Cue., and General N.olo hau introduced nieu and mrOrttl into Antioqulaby the wuv of /mic-yi, .he for. es under liini mar. lied directly to Med-jm ?hl S.n'i'afM,y Thefts' ?a^^5JRXir^^KX'? for?4 ? 10 SUU !? in the hand, of M-rouenc ?- r^canami- j ? I'TZ^1' "?*" of <?????. watt not t.-vken hy V>.- ' ^jtv^sTs^szsrswi T/jm prkouw *re iuoK'v <!?aii t ih n ii.tai\J rn as deserters who are tC"? U his power agnin Abt :t forty lir.i aire.ol iV. . - t0 h.TihaifTh,<1 r r'" f' "',:,ry b*'i '? 'I'^bw A?bo led.i had sht i ttv-'nty in a sirsto .... iri.,.i..i., , ah fold, 'iro saio to he hetwefc 100 ? '' ??^ sr. bcaut'",;,y - ^ount^'C1^ Colon.! l'a.ran was s..;d to he r. Sonibre- n ne.. ii,?? Mentiu-H. Uueiiaventura was held by some !. ... Srai^ofhe^'T^ "-'"civ bWbtVnJt. ThHinSf, ra't Chf n"' ,wi">s " " m< f the i barambti :' u ^" ?!?' UVvtl wp 10 l'HVJilIH m"t? th'* tT*?W f f if / with Captain Call.. j>?tet.v.t. J? 'wV' tli'-V 1" out ? 'Hiero Is little doubt tbn'^Turnnimwid n.'it h t'otcu 11l? foreign residents .? if Cauca ?i?'..jt'a' ^hi'vth,-)!'hh hcte froru V a, .? .. \t " *""" ,!l" rtalos ol Boll. tie .r ?' ' ," Tm'vVlo" 'i!"'1-?''? eeded u. Soore.s, whe h vv: - ij B, tlJPy ?,?;$*"*j, ??! ???/? Iltanee i., f,,h ,f v).,. ?\. .h. .. *. . . '. Without Wtl ?* (.o.n .. j , | . ,, ... * ' ? ?' o ?..i au i it is oh.:, ..n t,. remain t,v l.Uy ,u ,,,ijmus- ! either wpj .. ' '' * - " cm, nana , of the h't.ites ?f ttol.vur ar.dVL.t'if'v Z""rr f sen( word i<\ yy, ,,-M.? ,. . ,' L , '? ?I Ue.vs. havtf to J's'iuma, to do ,ul, !**' Hogotn cept the treaty. ?; tis,..,^,v , ?t v. ? will lord met. tc foro? "?W, 'f" ? ?- 9 ?dd '? ??t.dftPt.nvj, luu k far, ,.iy H.-,k nicUihoUrtf' '1 *u ? tu&l ihc t.aine ..f tt.r , un;ci,c a. ? Jn. T ! f '.m N'aw (Jrap tda to Cnl. t,d m 8ho VHoa Jl**! Cnard.a-Mr.rilto cu reutioii *' t"'b? fho Mlobdo,,do,!-, A. A. Barton, of Kci.tuoVr ??i, I'Mtad "tiiter Oorn.ilI. Jdr iKu et o a, o Sir. & ssas-.c1 a- ni lr<?.eoprcr.Rtai,iCO?j;"^*.! ><?*? i"rAnV*y w*Hkl,i'v*'?*1,11 niwr l^ Jhirjm f" *''? attest ,.f diV' ?wu; vi" " I. a-..; . f'W!iw Vljultl prevent Cenerai i n Uir fr.m mJtug the , . ?uir am U the Ta ll.! I a'-'e : le.ttthA eoy, . , , , ' ' ?*? ?' '? Vo-, r vr. ef rtn ?}? Vrt. v\ , .V <fc "i'1 "" ? rt nh ; .-'J the federal power In tho Plato, and represents It Just the same in- tno United Blutce District Att ttorney repre sents tbe federal power with you. Conaoquuuliy. tlie pretest whs a nut tonal protest. General Herran did not ti terfero in the matter?at leant not in a public manner. If ho did anything, it waa only to advise privately with the Governor. Tho nrroKt and exile of Archbishop Herran by General Mosqi era cause- a good deal of feeling here, and is lil.i ly to lead to considerable troub'e thriv ghaut tho country Of course I lie Archbishop ivaa very violent in his opiaiel tlou to the mortmain, by which the religious societies, t c., uro thrown upon the mercy of and are at the charity of the government; hut it is not likely that his pri si j iiride w.w the sole cause of his opposite n. Many <>f Mosijucra'a per.coal and piditical tr lendstlunk the mortmain decree a had 0110. Ily it tho go vernmeut takes possession of and sell" at public auction at least ton million dollars worth of pro perty! This property is to bo kept iu the hands of tho government, aa guardian of tiio reiigiona r.ommui.itiea, and they are to rocoivo during the personal lifetime of die members a decent maintenance, the capital to go to the government at tint death of the present holders. N> w. argue many of ilio frie. da and all the enemies of Monqucru, if you pin < ton millions in the hands of u military cbliHt-uili, or even In the hands of a civic chief, the temptation to spend or squander It is too great lor almost uey one to overcome. And there will not tie lacking in an unsettled nod unquiet country pVnty of excuse# fer selling rid of tho ca-h In a very short period. President Juarez, in Mexico, cnoflseated two ii ndrod mllli' lis worlh of church property , uud what 1 is the Mexloangovornmerit to-day to bIioiv for itf Nothing. AuO it would be a mile thing to calculate that In twelve months from this lime the whole twelve mil liouii.i' the church property seized by Moequera will c.o into tl,e bauds of military oil leers aud hangors on aliout Itogota, and the country wilinui ho a dollar bi Hot oil i r it. A re hi'i'hop llorrao Will probably go to Kurope in the end, and perhaps die there in mile, as did his predeci -iser. 1 Hend you mi account of the opening of a new up am boat route from Magdalene l iver into the Stale of .ABllo qula, which bids fair to increase trade v ery hirm 1 iu Hint now utmost unupprouchable hut rich district, jhe ("Mowing is tho account ? We have to nnuotince to tho people of Colombia that, with th" fcrne# at lmr service aud under tho prol.ctlgn of hor glorious i a me, an important exploration ha- been made. The steamer Santa Maria, in three days and four hours, 1ms made the voyage from Mompoe, on tlie Magitnlnna, to /arogossa, iu Autioquia, under .7iran F.'intn'h, Of Barr.inquilla, an captain, and Win.(Ira hum, North Auiericau, and JohnDuucan,of |tHrrani|Ullla, u engtaceis. <?i the XOth i f November ut seven in the mortiii g, left Mompisi, going dotvn the ilugiialcna to th" month <n the Tucaloa, from tlienco up tho river (aura, and anchored at nigl't in Mugaugue, On tho illh, at night,arrived at N'echi. On the lath,ieavile; the river Caui a on thought end entering the Kechi on lb <? left, we i imc to a place i ailed Ititjjre, wlioro there are two or three; mid! bouse.. On the luth, at ten in the muroitig. arrived at y.irngimsa We were two days get I log l> ick to Mornpos. ii, is i ,-juddered a great I at, its noon 'supposed ilioso riv re i" 1>" navigable i'or anything carrying freight, all Of wlie li went on mules, and in some pans of 'lie road on men - I k ?, over a route occupying eotnet itnon a couple oi weeks. AVo li no no news of local interest. 'Tlie 2St't 01 Novem her?om bid 'jteodonre day?was not celebrated a- usual, mi account of the political changes that have lately ovcui red.'I tie tlov i in r. however, enl rtnincd the ottin rsof tho Am i leau navy, the i onsuis, clergy and other digiiitanos ui liis ? wn hot so. Tin llai" hip or this elation?the lascasier- ex ye.ted tolORve iir San l'raneisco in a tew dnvg. Th# iiuited Stale steam corvett VVyumiug h. a goto tot'allao. 'l lai hioop-i rwa C.tnr.e is in port. The United Stales brig Italnbridge i . at AaptnwaH William#, the American, who murdered Captain Otis en tho t'anai a 11 '.dr.,ad t rain two years ago. will bo shot in a few day .? llo V from i'cunaylvanla. TKIKtJrtAPaiC t-'Ktm PANAMA. Abviswau., lieu. 7?I'd M. The victory of General Milre.of Buenos Ay re. over Vrquiza, of tiio Argentine Conkderatlou, is cmplele. Mitre occupies Hosnrio. He took two thousand th o hun dred prisoiu ih, who Im\ c joined bis forces, twenty eight cannon, live thou;and horses, a-c. Talis from Monduza aru to Hovomber 2, and from Cliile (o November is. Tlie ropubiir is tranquil. Busi ness is improving, 'tho British ship Anne Titedrn, Sharp was |o?t near Cold in. The crow is saved. The French ship Res-mirce wn- lost on tho Chile coast. Mrs tot ami twenty men lost. Tlie government of Holli ia excuses the hue massacroat J. irpa/ie mid is pur Mjig others charged With conspiracy. G nerid lorn ondex, ii is said, ins ties ted tho massacre uud is now plotting to be President. i>i.tif from Poru m o to November 28. lAie Klectoral Collego meets iu January to decide w ho is to be Presi dent. N ii U 'lTii n id said to he^elei ted. |)r. f.'orpaucho ha* gone to Washington a? Perm Ian Minister, 1.Ml I'M' PER HTKAMSHIP CHAMPION*. I'a.vAMt, Dec. ti?io P. M. The steamship Uncle .-am, from Han Francisco, No vi tub or 21, ui rived In re at six o'clock this evi niug. She hat- one hundred ind seventy ilvo passengers, Ave offlcora and cmc hundred and eighty troops from Han Francisco, and nii.o officers and tlireu hundred and nine troops from Han Diego She wa dutatuod at lite latter port twenty ? thri e bom Hli" h.i i,j, board ft ,200,027 from Hati Fran. Cisco, f'ifiS..'tOC from Afanctnil'a, and $12,463 from A'a pulos. Left at MauzaiiUlu United States steamer Xarragimset, and off fa | <? Lucas t'tilled Ftates stoamwr F.iranac. THE ELEVENTH (TLXWTlfl T REGIMENT. An Ivnl anil Di'iiarlnrr i?f tlir t'.leventl> ConiKi'lii ul Me^liuon!?Uevepttoii nml Breakfast ail llii' A?tor llnu'r-^intrlin of Unv. Bm kitii()in in, Hcv. Henry Ward Uirrlirr, (general IVrlmnrr. lion. J. K> \\ <iAillirlilf(r mill Olhi in?A H ar nilli Kiip,Iiiml tin' Sulijei I nt' Hot Drliute? ! Wluit our I'.inlnriit Men Think ?f thr I Thitalriinl Kiiromiii r?(rn at Kiithrt iliimii ami Strom; Tu'Wiiij;--ltere)>Cinu to (?ov. l<in-kinkIihin hi (In- Kit'lli Ave j itur Hotel. dir. ! CVnuecticut. vr-tei'iliiv flit another regiment the Kit* I vrOlU Yuluntocri ?-fully mired and equipped, through j our city at wide to th" ??;<i of war. The regiment ninn tiers over nine hundred, ami is composed of a fine rlass of num. recruited from various portion8 of t'je ?'i?teof Con necticut. They nro armed with Sharp'* rifie and the Springfield musket sud -rem fitted for the arduous * urn puign life on wh t' they are ?lx>uk lo enter. They arrived in thie eity nt pier No. 1 North river ft run Hartford at about eighto'l loei: vc.-tcrduv movn)iij?. when they ?< ri marched up Broadway to the Park Biirraekr, whoro re frenhmeute wnti' provided for the men. while the officers were eneriadieo at tho Astor House Governor lluek ,i>gl';i;n,of Concoct .cut, iurtri master Bunco and Adjtt tan! General Wilt! tun*. of the same state, o.une along with the troooa <uid neroprerent.H the lueakfan After tho regiment had been put in proper condition at the /'ark Barrack*, the officr*. headed l>y the *on* of Connceticut au*l prseedud by Tkxivr >rth> bund oimehoi to the Astor House, white a mmptuOU" rcpu ' awaited them the large banquet room ot the hotel ww filled to repletion liy a iU.-! u;r.isli(;it company yf the pons and dangbterr 'fOoaU'C'Icot,the latter, in parti" far. borne quite a fiat taring specimen o. tie iu-aofy ol that State Tho r ,iie Md? . pproptuslely ilue-emicd, the nations' color* hell ,* .ye ? with flr.v "fT* An.- -i p those who *n> tiewt. to tec..kf.ot were ilia fol'owiiipv?.Governor Hv k right.u., 1'i.v. th > Ward IT "In, tic . rihe IVVst lU'in: f>k r anil iVubam*.,?"*rt?'rfroigter Bunco, of Con noetirul. P. T rarnuiu It- v. Br Thnmpis n and others. Charles Gould, tG'-| . presided on the ci'cr.sion ami as .coil ; s iuaiicehiid hem d"i.e to ti e pood thing* proi d od, proceeded to open the apeccldxig portion <d tho pro gramir.i ' ? nnectlcut. pooj-'eworo ur or.h r'y rsoe am; did win A was necessary io 1>? ?'.< re ?? the appointed thro. e ted "OtigratuUdiouN to ov-luins*. and *.l? re to U>e-r "Tku,('.?. There n:. not ruuob ? me, *. that lie Hbo.i' J a?k ibr -ponkcrs to he We! in t/.'oil re. nliirVr nud tc tel' w! nt. thny all ivi.i lid Ic hour ami no th t g Cbe (laughter. > lie would return thanks to a | di.ctlr.guuhod perron wh< wm? rinrrni upon that diva j rioc?Governor Bi.ekmghan'. . f ?'ottm-.tlct.t?far h.s tender tare for the volunteer* el th.v H'Vv (Juvcrln r BW'Sinown liar* *ri?, . aim . n id .<1 ?p- J nhwss.pnwsediut t t>r ?; tv .ti,;?*s>.? a* .. ! Mn.l.'u tsis-vv.i 5X" aypI>>C'ii;r?iiso : ocnkot oi?T mil 1 damply aflt-. ted tiy this ot rdtiU reteptmn, to rturh "j that t I iwivsnet larmwigc to ecpr ????? lib ftat iiuoots of my heart j th-ji ah ui?ii loii'l'i senk jipa, vs of nn,? t sr.u hoi.or. ami vsr on* the .tin-,?.<.?*? f ..m oAr.or ? lire*,b life. ja h? w ill oyer remember with interest sud iovsthe le me of Lib youth, i A ppfausc T, I know by your loottn red those p ltdie mseiloslutii CO tho! Jou ?re .,(t itio iort and daughters of my good "id twir.e?v font ? elk ut.aod :sei the dei;ivtt ibtete?,t io 11>8 pi"ser1 eoudtlioii of 0'ir rooiitry. 1 Co'im-.etu u< may ?e?oe op sl-"wviy to iiu- worir ol k-ipprcs* u>k the rehetliou lull tnero srs no hem's atoicn neat truer With Iks prlrwlph'S of dfU s.wl n hgtuct bherty 1 tpan l'","* of '.In'" amis .,ad -t?of ilivi jtVale. (A|i i r>l?vne.} wiion the first end wti* rudo ui?>n CioeerUcut ! fur the uie. lSieij j, t. ore regt j iirrlfcrtff,tboruugtii} srnitd.wnisqiiippid, I thrrr (TheGovernor Rsre weu'. on to g v. u irugiii I enid mils'. ?rf thn mJ'.tary hrsoiy Cnrti>?ctT"Ut j rit'i e stio;io?n.ent cd the \iM~enl ml-eiV.-io, and tLsn mail in vert.; Whin ih? yasTtokr ?ut C-ianoctKuthad 1 hilt 3,000 Wk-Ii e:-rolled in :h* -njatiir miUllS Bwvtee. f Bhohiw wait 10 tier urnr-<? to t2io yres'tit eleven rsgi tnei tx. betuiefceno l-attory or artt'lery, -n;o of eavslry, one Ukttnlh-h cf >pf uitty and four t sitorWe ofmrairy, mid now unptiiutng two if cmnoeucut wan nut t!-sr| to thi' I it it tJie 'line ?? well -irviisj and prepartd a* t,nv Pi II ? baner < Aiip'h <*: i if titers ,r sitything of J.v tin' [wi Instnry of my wtiiili I nui proud -t .y not *>'\ t'.w [n*t history of my Fi.tlS, lu.t nl?' tins preAfht. fArt kose I Cwpactlcut ih rut all n liOf prwer n pi*v?r?? idio iep grtty of Ihs I'r.eni. an 11 '1m nut bfJUiln In i ,y th*t wtm, tho tiislary ?f ihe present retiellion in wnttcti tho lcu-ihttion t,f fonnt-etteul wiil comtsre fsvursl ly with that of tuijr nth r Mate,s' A tar of thr first pingnlti,#iSxro'*!d ran par# with thst "l t'ie te*vr t?s>-*.i'"' by >? . U tt Is *urroi)fl<ted. m .'pplnuse.T Tho Governor then cot.eluded by sgair. o* pressing hie thaJiVft for l%o ry >u|i<m terjet d him. nui alore for hSDP*?lf but Tor the iufle Coinrtiostsesltli v/(iii.t* he reprosented, sod rejtnni?4 b ? sum amid loud sp pls AS. General Wbtmokb, being oitUod upou, next spots. He regretted that hi* voloe had departod (for he spoke in quitea huaky munuor): wliero It wan now he knew not, hut he treated it had gone to the war. flAughter.) Alter some appropriate remarks lie concluded by giving estttoewt:?Connecticut?her name, hi r fame, her Bone and her daughters. The mam being done Justice to Colonel Kiituciit kr, of Ho Eleventh, being next mtro_ Oured, wild:?lam not a 1 ubllo speaker. l/oat customed a* 1 hiii to apeak In Dublin I will take th.s opportu nity of returning tiiatike for tho prearut BUter lalnment and cordial reception. We go forth n* manufacturer* and agriculturalists, leaving 0 n houio.i to nerve our country. I wilUvsk you to judgo us by or r acta and not by our words (Applause.) Mr. Goold, having alluded to MaaHachusoUs. Colonel Tlowi.,Qi .n u riiiioter General of that State iu tliis city, uiado an appropriate and eloquent speech. llou. J. K, WoODIUtlwm, state Collator, from Vermont, uoxt addrep- ed the company. HU remarks wore

with tumultuous npnlauno, particularly when he aiiud d to Kng'uiid. He Hald ?1 oxpevtad, air, lhat our t.'.ve: nor would V.e pre aunt m?on this oi can I on and rear-pod for our n"Me little State, end 1 know that iiothing but im-icra tlvod.tyhaa taken him homo. IHiuhtloe-, ytnt him air, and if ho, it is nee'less for mo to speak in his praise. lie Is a trim tyjio of Now England ohaaetar, ami wlieu I ruy that (In my judgment) 1 give h in the Mr he ? compliment thai can t o be. Uiwe-1. The sent imout, sir, to Vei mont, and heieg to the manor bom, 1 am aluayapri ud toh miik In Imr behalf,Mid in doing ?o.Hir,l am reflect mg iionor upon the good old Stale of Oouneoticut, w two l?ftOI>lO. MS iflft pCH't HtiyB.? . f/>vo their limd bncww? H utheir ovni, And scorn to u?ll a'??ht othe Teaxo \* hy For you know, Bit, that the Now Hampshire grant waa nettled bv Connecticut stock?and the bravo "Id klban Allen oat lie from l.itc.UOolil?who, with bis liutdy niium m,lie is assorted their rlghu againtii the crown and Go v. rnor Trjon, and taught Hie iben sa.. y Anrkors, bythe jmliei.e s apptl alien of the twlggs of tti" wilderness. Unit the Green HnuntaUi Hoy a were in earnest. But, Bir,ai wis proper inom. nt, in the spirit of true prtriotihin, kwal dif Acuities were Ignored , and when the first gun of tin. Be vol lion rovnrberal. dagainat the banks i Oonooru river we tlnd the Green Mountain Boys canvassing and matur ing ajil.'U for the. catituro oT Tti*>ndt*roga,and wc 1 tin old hero, With his eighty-tUoo mountaineers, I in tho grey if the m i ning, through tho wicket gato to thequarters of Is. Replace, aid hoar thoBummonsto surrender m ihc iiante of tho Great .Mho ah and the Oon I inonai Cm gre #?an authority not then v?. y well ret eg rii/c.l in a llrit shcatup. A little further on. air,tu_flod the Green Mi>uiit..u hot? rallying around the ntandard or the hisve t.eneral Wrong?anoilie.' h ro frou. < onm-eh cut? and rushing top -tlHburg to meoturid the cn?!iiy. dud, a.r. when this godless rebellion was forced unuii tia thou-and own came down fr -m the 1.ills, end are new nth'' front line of the army ?d ilia IVtoiiw. You ma- have seen y< '.orrtay, sir, hr regiment oi ca vulrv -she first cave!ry re.'ineutt from New tng i n jo h:, inniciils from me are need | Vs tie v .poke lor theinpelv, ?*. .sir, this raboIU"ii tvo i in cns'i, hut, hi tho providence of (hid. we may have a v ir ?ilh K-jg Ami?eir mother, with acnmriui, huiguugo, n roinmon religion, (.ml wo might -my a romm"n do-tmy. The senl .ment of Yerno lit. sir, la t hlc?If we h.vv e vio atcd tat-rn tioiiai law in sowing the traitnis Mn. ? andhlsilaU w, would make every ln<n<-cable uineiul II wo am right wo woohl preserve our nati-mo honor .?( everv hazard. If war Is the illro ma essiigr let 11 cernc; ?nd when (he fir-i bugle note reverberates among the green hills twen ty in i .and mountaineers will ru .h l?.-i!i,r r-.vo? do or die for their c.'-tturv. For the Herd Unto, sir, we will I icu li Fealand that lmr lion's r-ur U But ,:.nd I s-elt'." ???rover the que-tInn thut Ids paw he- nl..r:U saad iv ve> re-1 upon alt inch of North Americaii .-oil. At IU<' ("(itu'UihUwi of Mr. Wooilbrid^' s bjkh'i uj Cencral WarmoKK ro e, and eiillnujlsslicalTy calhsl lor lli'ce . lmci> for the last sentitnmit. The re.piest whs uc ,, il si to wilh the wildi Bl demon-tralions of outlmsiasin, ovcrytHUHOiiintlior rising, und the hand plavmg j tho "StarHpungled Banner." j Mr PAviiiCouommiik, member of A 'mbly troin this city . follow ed in a tolling and able simcch. Hcv. IIpmiv Warp Ubm ior, being alluded I" by the i t. nort arose, and proceeded to address llio com pniiv lb, c uild net hiv. , as lm frienj the Coloum had remarked, that he we .. sjicc. h maker. Spoooh malimg, on the cnnlrary. was 11? bu.-int-.-s. He wa - not. ?, |sumo man ou the other sldo, as hi li?d been Ire quentlv acruHOd of. Ihe la. ! Hi... lm Blood in lluit renin v.-uj to greet liieomparsble t alrs t, K'saulh. He was horn in No v Kngltmd, and ongondcred from lus ancestors the true spirit. He no doubt ow? dull that he was in I oi-es-.,r.n ol from being tinni in Hohuecllout.but tie loved ihe lu.ion more than h s naliro^lute. Much iwi Now Kjp laud hud been lueernd at -he had produced many heroes the world nor duo cause which was uow ..giUitlBg the r .untrv wivj dear o tho heart of New Knglaud. Thai Mid'- did no. wi?i to spin wood, but when the choice l.i c .mo iiupeialivo to viuiU l>lo??d O" spill cor? moh'-c,pfu? . anl ? i.l i>.(v a. '(! im? s.y She luid not Iheshghlcst anine-,tv or grudpn ngainal Smith Carolii.a or G ?>.gia, and he would say thai, uhen the pn adit leri iblo eontest was over, the lb si hit ter words in relation to the same would corno from III. lips of Southern m m in Congrass. New Hi gland htid sworn l>y Han who livolh former, that liberty should rule on this continent from sea to sc . J,,i from ihe Ink. s to the Gulf, (loud npplaic.c.) The British Imn had become a cut, and endeavored to steal i march upon us. He would respond to Iblf. Pu t, and tdl his hearers what to do with lum il ibM.on ,. mod. There used to bo u lead statin, down In Btvudway or George the Thlid of I'nglai.d. In the days of the revolu tion Governor Woltmi c iused this slatuo 1" h" taken down anil being brought to lalclilield. was 111 vied mlo bullets, which vv. ie afterwards put into Hie snma. lis ot Iho Mi ' *? Atnorif .'ii! l'H? rtv, wh \'i\ l.'r. lnn? hna nc womM wvrv Tli- nation wh* yn\?nr and -i.'onc and the iicnple were yet as the rUiug sun, with ?hB?f;y itlore thcni. It- did not h a, a conlhc with j.., gimiil- die was old. and our own land was in the vigor j olrym.lln Btil ho love.I Knglnnd. I M P rkkGohwiv, oftb' l ?? t?f don t. | Mr. Bhkciuk- Well. I love Knglaud. .Mr Godwin?I hatfhnr. I Cheer*. I I y. lh iniKB- Well the dill'eroine. is 1 am u ( hriatiau I nnd \are not. (A| i Her people tied the .-suno 1 iitea-'as v o had. Wi spiting I ruin the same stock, thy ! we.roour kindred, and Ihe binod vvl.loh flowed iu flte ' -acred veins of Georgo Wasblngton had c-me trom her. i i V -Uiul had given Milton and Oliver Cromwell. II. (Mr. i Be. . tier) did not intend to lnnc alluded t- this (."pv at I such lengih were it not mi'li e tact or his hav ii.r been i tap'ted in the side by bv friend of !,h" ii'-.tumt Tim re-' rotid gentleman to -de no further le'cretinc to I ng Und . audiotwludt'l with a few appropriate .void-, to the I othoer-and soldiers "f the k Icvcnlh. ! Short sp-cchu Wd 'to.c'e by l?rk Go uill. l-aq. Co!.. ; net Bliss and WiHlutn K. Fowler, whin the c-omfmiiy dis i iH'rsofl. i #< ^ 1 Ihc regie- tit being drewh up iu line a stand o. color.a | wa. j ii pi-iou'ed to tliem, the prejentatioii BiHtech he ! jo, nt.i chvtliellev. Br Thompvou. ,\t loui o i u.tU in the a'tcruciin the regiment was got i it in lmn-cloiig order, and proceeded to the foot of Canal ! firol where thev tnil'.'-ke.l . l? board of a s'eamheut i tor via a oh ? ttic V'wve.nth will be attai bed to General ' Bur," .lie's dive Ion. Ihe following 1.- u full 1,-1 "f ihc I'lhiets el thciegimcni ? / t' 'ff oh(t staff OJfkws. Colonel F; H. C. Kinabhmy. l,ieut..-nii< Colonel Charles MatOiewaoB Grlllln A. Sledman Adjulunl , QuarU-rnia ter H. W. Richmond. Sill peon - - v.s, ieUnd Sin-peon .Charles Rogers Chaplain Ocorgo Soule. Sergeant Major K. P. Maltha warn. yiiarterma-ii l Sergeant . '? Cuvis. Commissar v Serge*' t Joseph Sumner. Ih-epital Steward lames A. HigoUiw. Brum Major (nines 1'. Ruder i Qfct.rt. hif.iain rir* r.i'u'' Seec.-I'I W'Utfl .l.l', A?O.M So'llhuiayd A ' Helley ChArt03 H. Wldtt. ji 'i' ,i, .Tohnaon." Wjt. Ffiu toii .1. IJ. Couvcrsc. C?Win. Me.vgllng. A. Dehrl. b P. Behlaohfer. D?R K I.e. 1 It. Hoaiopl. It. r. Ma rah all. E?J. H. Dew-til. .1. M. I'lepmi H. C. Bannum. K?Mm. I la pp. J. KIM CP_\i iu. II. do. .1. Horde * V' ^ H?A. C. Hi.(ii< v J. II. Jiorri- Geo. W. Maiiier. j_p. (I,..' j. 1'. C. Cuiuinlttg* W. II. Saeketi. K? ti.C >.Bavidson..'. A. Sldpinaii. 1\ in. A. Royce, ?m" v.i 1 kptios or govfrnor bickinguam at juk K1PTII AYVNTE JlOTKt. The <? of tho sour ai d daughters of Conu-ciieut, resi Oat,( ,? New York. crowded tho main receiving saloon of the l'c'ih Avenue Hot'! 'est night.*' the reception 01 Gov >1 r.or K k 1 gh.un There ?va> decidediy a da. id tag array of beauty pretuit. speak mg of the :eu i, r**ei. ntsd Connecticnl iu.-y he aeected of prodii' iu- bogus iminieys and bogus hems, ye' she cannot, la (he slightest ilia-- i r,b'; uccji-cdi f twoducinghoguf women Coventor BtKk md mn was on lu.tut. and cordially res- , d ah Hiogf wli'j tjire Ictroducxl to huo. At nine (>?. ioe.k ihecoiiipiii y wrro n saleii w.l'ua sue.n Mom aupper, a1 whinh wen pmnt ?d the tnvitwl The r'?'tn was tlt'.fi cleared of im f iinture .aid * jii.e band Iwicg .1 utiemUncc, the putr.ios ct ih< , , P.,,; p..,' V! of vvhirlltta III id Ike rns/'t' of 'be w.illz and c. iiottisch whoin rll'a:i vva^ j under tbadlreetlou of tta ?fl bu1 W?i S. ti Almy ; lji ,',1 tor itia^ I er i?oi:ci 111 for ' onncvtlicut in tli.s i-tv. a.t.l ndiecis the IiI^Imbi emitter; Hum genfbman's g.-sl taste | and mat tfiami ut. ( , fF, Whit comb. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. 11 Dtc. IT- ii1'. M A bank meeting war held 'o-day at Uw Amcrian Exchange J>uuk. Mr. Jvhu A. Strveim in tbe 'lair. Mr. Mwp Taylor tuovod ? lie followkitt ro?olutloTM?, wnMi. after dobtt?<. w. n d< .l.tred to ' ave )m :i fCMiPd uaafioootifly: t>rw. tlif iiuMIc ton.''. :<> I fn itn lutj lu rr^an) U lli?> i P*i ?:.?i c?ti'-sc to 0' pur- .??<! by tVe batik* ?i it U'y whnji tun ts.'.to ? pr< ir.mme darino .'.'tt vf I'.* t .Hi*u-r it i f it |vtytn?nu *t><1 1tN*rtiuf. an ? ina.ui't?n ntn ib? condition of lb* ilpMk id lb?" w Ulttry }*? r?$i-t;rd in tl.f 1- tlmt w* no*' txvil c'.blity iBlU'f Ji* f.r bu'huu rooro lima wo bol.l a jfAT rigo, i>r ivhJc) * fair proportion i? it lit* bank' ; *l\?-rw*r tor WEJOTlf ><t cr<uti? *ru' provision* bate so <br !>.??>? ?;f lorraor y-v.* (nut. uutkriittMari' .[w ib- virw ?f th?' cut 'on oTOf>, ?* r n*yvru, far iuwoiI y or ii?W?tkw.f?nd f.ibretoMbo i>rni?n-;f?irn?r.-tgi>?i?otu?no to warrant t oorid-i ? i 'n.MfWi 't off-oili bi t wiuotkR, fit* po!.iliti| d fibre* oa mi6 llritain will ;irob*tilj *???? Mi b? cap?tia></f ? 'Ilp'-imatfr. Mvitition r|;rvu|h tbo u/dinajy tlu>i.ncbi, or bv arbitration, and f<v?n? on tn? Score we i>r<n!?*ivi grtu. <!iib*.?ini Wli?r?a?, tbare to aoibirg!.) t)io yor|fi<s> of rfie loan* lo th* ec .i-rmMOt to vmj?? unoaalnrt*, ami Uk- entiro ?r r-ot-r 'fir upon tljdm front lliir ^tv?a ym. f ideratynpartotwbtclila lob# r.iio ;?irtiy!_*i?i uot?? <-? ad &1 IWW.flOO. fWovVJoil tba 9*cr?'?ry in J,!* dr^ife t hlVofoi' will cons all tit r# \*t*b??, which a** l<? cxp?c< <-tl Ci< in Ittm ft mv jxofiwn < f iaimd an) policy, ia soil as from his i*orlls*i>u<? . . wtauiy.r, IMOjitOlorfW of ?U tV F rn-,Jia*rfillOflB. !t i r.oi tuly ^AnrkbuiibK. bai Woriaj jri^onti , to rcfU"?r tl?.i tt(d??bv'ia? "f d'iioili^a, ink-n tl.-?r i !??!!?> ?u i uvriaffobv Sa;l r^tlilog-l<? yj'ontijo want or public con flic nr.# or front nathnal coaddoratb u, rendering It impossible to comply with all ongagomenlv, can ever Justify such refusal; tb"reloro, Uesolved . That tlio Now York baokH, with assurance* from i epr i?i-nuuive? or banks lu Boato-i and I 'biUdolphi a of their co-opm niton, see no reason, lust lb-MIon or neces aitjr lor a suspension of specie paytn nits ui.lcr llieexist. liitf state ol tie ir relations with the bunks of this country, tho l uilcil Suites government un1 Euri )?; rc ylrig, there fore, conlliteiilly <m the harmonious action of the govern-' went, on th" contin cil eoufltieuc* of their depositors, and on the patriotism of tho peoj?l i, they will mulw'aiD specie payments. The above resolutions are gratifying as far as they go. Every one would like to aee the bunks continue to pay specie tin oughout the war. The clause referring to the drafts of the Secietnry of the Treasury is unfortunate.' This Is-probably flue to the haste with whioh tho resolutions were drafted. Mr. Chase will, wo fear, consult tho public interest llrst And the convenience of the New York banks afterward. While the meetiug was being held telegraphic messages were rapidly passing between the meeting and Washington; what their purport was we did not hoar. The drain of specie from tho bunks continues. It is estimated that over a milium was cither withdrawn or converted into a special deposit t< ? lay. Some of tho banks refuse to le eivo special deposits. The following is a comparative statement of the exports, exclusive of specie, at tho ; urt of New York for the week ending December 17 and since January 1:- ^ ^ m] For the week $2,112,SOt Previously reported. 83,670,8.41 M.BsB 12. 127,92.,-28 Since January 1..486,892,M6 08,247,681 131,64*,?23 Included in the above are $2,000,(100 worth of food -grain and provisions?sent to Great Itritnin to feed the British people. The fact that so much is needed constitutes an argument of some strength against the plausibility of the warlike reports which Had cur rency in the British journals. We cannot feed and light the English at one and the en mo time, and in all probability, on calm reflection, tiiey will prefer that we should continue to do the former. The lurge export reported above ought to supply enough exchange for the wants of the importers; 1 yet bills ruled to-day ?t 110% a 111. At the i opening of business everybody asked 110%; to wards midday some leading houses a?ked 111; ' later again the Bank of (ioranuTce oTered tosnp I ply the demand at 110%. Wo do not hear of much ' business being done at any rate. The Cuna. ?' stcatru r in delayed by order of Lord Lyons, and consequently the mail will not close till to-morrow or Thursday. No one seems to know bow much specie she will take. None of the foreign bankers cure about sett ing the example of Bp-wic shipments at the present time. As, however, there is a fair profit on shipping gold against bills at 110%, it cannot be expected that specie shipments can be long delayed. Stocks were uniformly better this morning; tho public seem to have recovered from the panic into which they v/erc thrown by the news fiom Europ ? yesterday. An opinion prevail i on the Stock Ex change that the bluster uud fury of tin British press do not amount to anything; it is remarked that the Timea and other London papers have been for years lu the habit of vilifying the Emperor Na poleon, and that no one in authority, either in France or in England, has ever taken any notice of them. The stocks which improved the most to-day ! were those which fell upmost yesterday on receipt ol the news-Facitlc Mail, Erie, Central, Galena, Panama, &o. After the lii-t board the market fell olT % a % per cent, lu the afternoon the decline was recovered, and stocks oloscd steady, the following being the last quotations:? United States G's, registered, 1881,87% p. 88; do. Va,eoopon, 1881,*9ij do.6% 1*71, sir, o 82%: Indiana 5's. 77 a 79: Virginia G's, 4G% n 47%; Tennessee li's, 10% a 41; North Ourolina-fi's, .17 ? 79; Missouri fi's, 38 tv 3b%; Pacific Mail Steamship, *2% a 82;',; Nt-w York Central, 7C% a 76%; Erie, 24% 2C%; do. prtferred. 18 ? a 4s%; Hudson ltivcv, 35 a 36%; llarlem, 11 a 11; do. preferred, 2ti% it 2<i%; Beading, 32% a 33; Michigan Central, 4.7 a-i.?%: Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana. 17% a 17%; do. guaranteed, 37% ? 37%: Panama, 108% a 109; Illinois Central, 78af,8%; Galena and Chicago, 09% a 70%': Cleve lan i and Toledo, a 50%; Chli ? to and Bock Island. 48 a 48%; Chicago, Burlington urn! Quincy, 73% a.54%; Delaware, Laekawnna- and Western, 77: Milwaukee and Prairie du Cbiun, 17 a 18; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, Sf,% a s7%': Delaware and ll(tds"ii Canal, 81% a s2%; Pennsylvania Coal. 78 n 80. It is of the highc-t importance that Congress should lose no time in coming to gome understand ing with regard to tho financial policy of the go vernment. In thirty days the public treasury w:P be exhausted, and no scheme has even been pro posed for its replenishment. In Wall street it is a foregone conclusion that Mr. Chase w ill be com pelled to issne paper money, not redeemable til] after the war. Home persons,however, who claim to be in ihc secrets of Influential politicians,object to this method, and seem to iutiiuato that money can be obtained for the prosecution of flic war without resorting to the expedient invariably pur sued by nations involved in wars as extensive as the one now raging. If there tie any truth in these intimations, it is of the highest importance tliftt the facts should bc_ dBulged. If Mr. Cha-e, or the Committee of Wave and Means, have any scheme by which money canTe borrowed without a suspension of specie puyrneutj, they arc commit ting a gross injustice to the mercantile and limin clal community by keeping it a secret. Business lie re and elsewhere is seriously disturbed by the coiillicting rumors which are current; no one knows at what moment wc may be doing business exclu sively on a paper basis. Among sound minded and patriotic people there is i?o difference Of opinion on the subject: everyone agrees thst it would bo eminently desirable to bring the war to a close without suspending specie payments, if it con be done; but nt the same time every on<. sees that, ii this cannot be accomplished, the sooner the Leak*; Suspend the bettor it will be for thou, for their depositors, and for the public at large. It is not generally thought that o suspentiou by our banks would l?e productive of any serious evils. But it i9 i Vidont that the present state ot suspense cannot lu-t much longer without leading to very grave difficulties. Business throughout, the country i-e paralyzed because Congress devotes its time to idle schemes tor the emancipation of slaves whom our armies cannot )jo--ibly roaeh a' present, and In frivolous personal matters. If Mr. Tliaddeus Sieve ns di sires to vindicate his selection for the responsible po-t of Chairman of the Conunittci of ways and Means, the public expect that tic. wiit Jet i us know without deUy where he is going to gel the money tor the prosecution ?>i the war. J lie ba?mea8 of reapury wa? as follows to-day: T'itat receipts ... (314,0m Tt ?for c ist>>iris. 39,000 oo Payments, including rod'd 6^ per cent notes l,2?>- 839 <3 /l?la?nf 4,W1.8P8 67 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing Houk this morning were $10,110,188 10, and the balance*' $1,800,029 71. The Bank of New "Vork lies declared ? eeir.i Hnn?iH! dividend of three per cent, payable Janu ary J. 'Jhe PouulyJvanJo HUte 'Jfreaetiror bag given to the public Wn ruinuai statement, of receipts ami exp"!iditure? for >he fiscal jeer coding on the ,10th Nbvombct,'1M1. The aggregate receipt? foot up $0,*13,536 against $1,359,812 of the previousyew being an increase Of $2,583,913. In the receipts for tho last frcnl year, however, is Uk'ixW $3,087,1.50 of military loans, Its?$600,000 rctnrtfd by the general government,. The balance in the Tvfuav., y at the and of the year i. , howovei, $J ,651 ,6 <15, against toil,'36 at tho end > f the previ ous year. That 1?, the State h~? inctcueed its fuedei1 doU $3,087,160^ and La? an excess in, the Tttiiiarj' over the previous yet.r of $870,173. Stock BxcHonge. Tcc-i-xV, Nor. 17,1801. \ 810000 U 8 6's, 1867 . 88 100 sha En* RR...,. 90 V? 2000 111 Canal bs.'OO 79 ^ 200 do M0 20V 6000 Tonne's,'90 . tOtT 00 do 9000 do 40 V 650 do 20 V 1000 Misso'.rl 0*.. 38,% 60 Erie RR pfd. .bll> 48 0(00 1 ft ifnrnia 7'?. 80 150 d-> 4$ 1000 UudKiKUlHt m 104 100 Ilarletn Rlt 10V 1000 do 104 V 225 do U 4000 MICBpo Inwfcb 00 vj 16 Clev fc Pitti RK.. 13 V 1000 (.'.B4QRR 8p cb 01<4 T Clev ,Ool & On HR 100 1000 Ml Fo? f bda.. 77 100 Mich Central HR. 44 V 2000 Chi ii N IV Bfb 81 100 do 44V 6000 Ce A Tolsf b 77% 60 do blO 48 6shsAm KiHanlc.. 80 loo do 4A 6 Pol A Hud t'a Co. 82 160 Mich ? & N lod RR 17V 100 Hudson fllror HR 85 V 200 do hrtO 13 :!?? 5? 200 Mich HAN Ind ? ? 87 V 60 do 1.30 86 60 do s30 87 V 29 d" 38 105 Panama RR Ill) 10 Par, M III ,SS Co.. 82 6 do 109 V do 82 V 676 III O ut iut scrip*. 68 V 15 do 83 6 do 69 SONY CrD 1U1 . alO 70% 00 Gal A Chi RH.... 89V i 150 do 70V 09 do . GOV 216 70% 60 do 610 70 1"0 *10 70?; 220 do 70 U> 880 7B)? 80 do b30 TOV 1(><) do blO 70% 760 ('leva A Toi KR.. 80V 600 do 7H% 126 do SON 200 do 810 7874 lOOCbiicRlRK.biO 48 20 do 1.80 77 25 do 48V ?'"0 do b30 77 250 do opg 48 V 636 Erie KR..., 27 100 do ?30 4#V ?'>0 do MO 27 60 do MO 48V 100 do 11'O 27 V 76 Mil k P du C RH. 17 100 do b30 27 ? ? BKCOND llOAitl*. >2000 I) s 6'S, '81, C. 91V 210 -lis Kris RR prof. 48V a000., 1,0 12 60 flarum Kit 10V 1000 U H 6 ?, "81, rg. 88 200 do 11 12C00MIS.V uri 6's.. . 38 V 400 Oler A TollUt.biiO 30 V 1 10000 do 1.30 38 V 660 do 30 V 6900 do. 88V 100 111 Central Rlt s. 58 29000 U- 38 60 Mich Central KR. 46 6000 Virginia O'o... 47 16 do 46V lOOO F RP3',d m b,'83 83 250 do 46 V t'. 100 HI Con Kit 87 10 M So A S Ittd Kit 17 V 2000 nod Rtv 3d ii. b 77 69 do 17 V 200 alia Pan Mail RHOo 82V 60 do n'ft 100 ilo IdSO 8'% 144 M.SoA N I g at*. 37V 100 N Y Ccu Hit., h 15 78?? 200 do 87 2 60 do 830 70V 600Clev A Pill* RR., 13 V 1(0 do H10 78* tOO do 14 100 do 830 70V 50 Panama ltl{ 108 V 100 do 73V 25 do 108 25 do 70% 100 Chi A Rlt 1 RK.sOO 48 130 Erie Rlt 20% 60 do 48 V 10 <to 28% CITY CUAIMUUCJAL UKI'OKT. Tvh-uay, l?oc. 17?6 V M AsuKS.--The murkst \va? steady, With small miltlS It $5 hit't for poU and ut $!i M) for pearly. BJtxxiwmvs.?Tlour?Thfl market fur SU'e aud Western shipping brands w? rather firmer, though vrlllioui iiutiRu of moment in prices. Tho higher grail oh won# quiet and irregular. 7hi sales footed tip about 26,000 bbls., closing vwllnn tho follow tug range of prices:? S porflne State $5 ;t0 a 1 AO 1st a i.; fancy state ft 70 ? r> oo Siqicrtln' Weston 6 89 a A 50 '' to choice extra Western 5 75 a 0 10 Canadian 5 76 a fl 00 v'ottthi-rti mixed to good superfine 5 75 a f. 25 Kxlru do 0 110 a 7 25 Good to choice family do tl 80 a 7 26 Kv- floor " Sift a 4 50 Com meal, Jersey and llrandywine 1. oo a 3 80 ?Cai-.idi.ia flour was in souio better request, and prion* were rather firmer for sotno griulert. The sales embraced about I BOO bbl.1., closing within the range Of the above prioei-. Southern Hour was In steady request, wilb salo* of 1,900 bids, within llio above range of quotations. Rye flour was steady and In fair d nnnd at our figures, with "ales of 27" bbls. at $3 15 a $1 40. Corn mini was rather firmer, with suile? of 100 bids. Marsh's caloric, 850 from store, 100 <??. Jersey do., and some prime lots of Brandy witio within the rauge of otir quotations. Wheat was firmer, with increased sales, and at close lc. perl, shel litgher, ospe dally for god shipping hits. The Aa as footed U|I 111 unit 200,0t)<l bushels, at ft! 47 ?$1 40 for wtiiin Olvo and Indiana. $1 50 for prime while Miohigan, $1 42 n el 4? for amber Western. Including K -Mucky do. at the latter price: ftl 38 a$1 42 for red Western, $1 33a ftl 34>i for amber Iowa, J,1 31 a ftl 83 for M 1 waul oclu'i,$l 30a51 31 for Northwestern club, $1 2ft u |l 80 for Racine spring, and ft I 'goaftl 29 for ( hle.age spring, C-rli?The ruirkut w.m heavy and pric.-s rather easier, with sa'en of about 30,000 b .slielg at tiT^c. a f 8,i. fir shipping lots of Western mixed, and 70c. for Western yellow. Kyo and barloy w. re steady and In fair douinnd. at unci ung"il prices. * 'kits were nrtn, with moderate safes of Wisterii sud Canadian ut 44c. n 46c., und State at 46c. u 4f? >?<?. Conkk.?The market was firm, while sales ware unim portant. Ccrrro*.?Tito market was firm, while sales, in small lots, chiefly to spinners, footed up about tioo baies, closing nt 37e. a 39c. fui Middling uplands, uud 400. for good mid dling do. Krcighip.?T> I,iver|ioo! atioc! 45.000 Inwhels of wheat wore engaged at 7?fd. a 3 I. in bn k und r ap's bags, ami 3(1,boo do. do. it) foreign vesseU at 83. in bulk ; 600 boxes bacon at 3<R, 000 boxes choose at 3fis., 2,600 bbls. flow .at 2-. (Id., Rial by steamer 2,0(1'I boxes bacon at 80s.. 4.000 firkins butter ut 60s., end 2,000 boxes cheese at 90s. To London, in foreign bottoms, 200 Ih-vok lmcon w: ro on gaged at 8ii'., 200 soni oil cake a! 80s., 600 lib s. t*>rk at 4s., 6(8) tierc-s i f boef at 7s . and 500 bids, (lour at 2s. Od. a 3s. To Glasgow 1,1200 bids, (lour wore engaged at 2s. 7' id., 60 hints. t allow at 80s. To Havre .Tl.oott bushels of wheat at 18c., in shipper's hunt, and 2,000 bbln. Hour at 70c. A British brig of 12,000 btisho's wheat was taken for (M S8d orders, ut lid., in Iw k. A brig was taken hence to Leghorn and hack from Mcily on private tortus. Hay.?The market was steady,>dtb a good demand, while sabs were (made for shipment at "0c. a 75c.. and ut 80c. n 85c. for city use, Molavsk- wiu firm und sales limited. Kxvar. Pt. ei>'.?Spirits lurpenli.ic was firm, with hwt sales of btiunent, to arrive from llalllnx it ft! and on tho spot at *1 45 a f I 60 in casks and bb.e. Rosin was quiet at ft.'i 87 'y a ftrt. I.itiroed was held nt 80c n 88c., incnsksnml bbl*. Crude whale and sperm wi re firm, w ith moderate sn'es. Piioxi-i NS.?I'ork?Tliero wus in ire activity in tho market, while prices wore su tannd. Tho sales em - braced about 1,100 a 1,200 bhls. at ?)2 37a ftl2 76 for mess, iii.d at $13 a $11 for citv prime mom. and at $8 177" $'?' for prime. TVcf continued quite firm, witii choice qtudlttM moro In demand. The sales em braced about 800 i1 bis. at ftil 60 n *12 for jdaiu m ss. und $13 AO a ftI4 for extra. India mass was firm and in good demand. Ilacon was In good ropiest, with sales on the spot and for future delivery. Sales of ulxml 1.4iK1 boxes wei# made at fi.'jC. for Western Cumberland cut, 7}a'c. for long and short ribbed, and 7..*''. for triiiins. lard w?n heavy, and s.iRw of 700 bbis. were mads at Sc. ? 9c. But ter and cheese were steady. and prices uuclieiigod. ^ ? Jft5ja,wJi*!r*qj 1 jfwTmgepeppe f tvfWlna'c, it 13c A 13i,' .. and 600 maf* ca?sla at 30e. ? Scuaks were steady. The Bile embraced 1.100 hiidx., itx lnding 137 bhda. Porto Rico sold by auction, at 8o, a 8f,c.. unit Cubs muscovados, at 7 ijC. a Hiyo. Thoacco.?The foreign news lies stopped transui tioua. Prices, howe\ cr, are firm. Ssi -s, 130 buds. Kentucky,nt ll 'fc. a 15e.; 104 cam's seed le.vf, 7J$C. a 14c Whiskcy.?Sales of 400 bbU. at 20S,'c., sina'.l ??los of prime harrela were made at ?0,??'c. Hoes.?The marfcet was less active and buoyant. The foreign news was regarded us somewhat less favorable fur holders. Prime wore scarce ami sale modernP , at 19c. a 23c. tier lb. Old grow tin were quiet und nominal. The everts of the week liave I'een as follows :?To Ion don 407 bales, to f.iverpool 95 bales, to Havre 12 bale*; tol 11 for Hie week, 514 b. !cs; previously reported, 17,540 bales. i\,mi aim? Jan. ] (18,057 bales. If EV. AR1)?. KE\VA(ti>-$l .-I,().8T. ON MONDAY MORNING |J? 81*le n'li -treei, between FP'th an-t rfeveiiih avennes, a Pork and Sine-age \ceonnt Uooi,. The End. r by returning tie a.ime t" Va'iTitliie Vluks, 87 bevi lit!. av. 'ii e, ei to Jiihir T. Moni-, cor ii rofTwoUth sdve: :tn l Hui.u.riiy pjaeo, wi;) receive tfiu ahov. nward. Q?) REWARD - LOST, YE8TERI1 ?' V, A .-MAM. HLAPK V"? and (si llog, having on a loath'r. i.,i, wlm the nm. ?.r s nanitf there, .. Tl,- above mvard uidli pUd fur hia re turn In N 6 t\ est Nim '-enth-atrect, at lit" suable, t?v doom frora t' f .ii avenue. <&? BEVifiDr-LOST, ix ONION park, a c')f,i> ?T*} head.M el'ony (fane. By leaving ii hi He l"m,ier? Hotel the olicve rowurd wilt he paid i y J. T. \.?n if . or. toli RBWJJU) LOST IN BROADWAY, ON TtiEttDAf V<-' evening, an Hatimsie Book i l u. e. ep' to lbs owner- Th'-above reward wi1 he ] Mi-1 ? r finv ir,B it w. ft Hak r .* Kuiitb, 1(2 Caalie n e.t. ti'lfv KEWAItn.-r.'lST, ON MONDAY RYTN1NO. OJ'" coiiig frmu A t itruadwi.y iiirou;,h ? u> Amity sin.-*, a browi. rmjrr.tec.- p.ntii.ouuate, voui Mufna eards ot th" owner at d $.14 .n bl '17 ? above, .-sward vTC. t " paid -II . ? t.ehig ,. it ;.t ItXvi.ll> Itn ? - Ql A REWARD.- -.TEA ft!) e'ROM NO. 4 EAST iTll It A 111 ly-l fth s'r <8 vt"i sej e?<.'>U3, a-? ut ttu o'eior L, a Ma k and fan King Ctmrlo* Ppa,;!1!. np h whir,* mack j*? bis hr-.-a.vt. reu ,iU4 t'iack Ci>3sr, viol j.nxw-i - ??? ti : n.iu ? ot " Doh:' Tie fiadyr wfil reoetva J5i iMMitmnl .:ih re ing him to No. ? Jiefl Tl iriy-fil'.U rtrect, arid no queMmwa asked. ij i A KEWitUD?NOTH-'J; TO PAWNBROKER*' AND ?SVlvl se.i.ond band iltal )*? Siotea. Deveaibec 18 r~--rv .' ? prcmt.-i> of I'll- ? ?' "crib r ? purple Bayiolav'f5!)k D.t?? w lih heavy Cord an I tasael ' r.iou.i.i Ifcs if- ,'e will he paid to nay pttni g?? i s Inf-iDeuttaa Woi relr;- t.? drew tali be round. VP. tIROWEli, 2.1} i-'ourlj avuioM, rngnr- of Ninets. nth vttier. Oi'iK RBWAKa-liOST. IN LAI',Hi RTSBST ON \S rdie ids*, Oie ISUi Illai., ..?k, Kue.nn. a iv.jif n.kiu Lever W. 'th in<l (Rtain, n-: inv b,*.'??, Oha'.w-ji .1-bus,, A'lwnt. rnaMr. 1'r." at)"ve re?-met will te paat fertberetdi'i or tl? same ai ,Vu (ir-icivmoh -tree-, and mi ?p.agi nnsiube-l and i4ic nv-ut-r jrupp.d, li; K A ItLWARD WJ1.J. BE on BN TO ANY PI RBON Soo who wilt give xuiWientlqiiiiinution -yf ifce ob- ro abanUirf a Buy tt:oe, rukeq in nr. -no ?i?bk- el 1'. J Nodtwou 4n U.e aiorun g of N->?xtr.fter I, ifit, . e'weemiw lie ? if 3 sod 4 o'clock. The af."ve gum v II I-" pale rn th? owner'* gelllssppjiw-sctwi o* (he IT'.re, and all prraana ?c" le eby vai-utd asairwt harboring er puntaeiiig keg. 5l??oi vn scut tginiJ* fiaudaof Jerrtaii.. H-ggiu", Drpnijr ii?*.tC, 14 A.ourv avrect, Ura-'-k'yn, wko wdl v*1 .'??? *e.u.e. aai t Ixijr Ciate 6 16S b'gti, 8 V'tarr oia. b-? 8 Ihaiu , u?r. a- I ,'egg. Willi ? so al sirs "'xrnS her for-' -vi- ?Q'. ? var > u ra rtssr bin I I" abaci aaq way fm? bar aak.e in her hur.x jotrit, en the front of Utrkbia txm*. _ ___ A,-, A KBWARD .flEL ,P>'P Vl'.'v,'tfAKc C?o,a' $iv'1 f rf at a rr'.1'. T .- lb?gold ? at, 'b x.!. Hi s, N' I..12. fhe - ..d Watch ?? to ? whVI ? ;i. b e at tbo Je tej i'\* Rail: s.1 to-put, aN-ol ! a'Ctck Y. ?J Ty tjove lev* M u? I ell,onto. Wan 'h m < of ? reward ' ?!!_ rcifd ?i llwvvlaaoi ih ?->???; No q-as n mi?4 Tb-> rr kr<l Hi:I ** ' ,t, .1 > ?4ai(i i?r UforD'rt ^ ts i.tcif w;4j] i^,a u? U? r ?u/ti J ui Ui?w

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