Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1861 Page 3
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SPECIAL NOTICES.^ VAIR OK THK MEMORIAL CHURCH BENEVOLENT _F Solely, in ?l<i o! the tiiur. h uU'l puori opeu every .nj Ajul cTtnln, lliL week, December lftlh to JId. Ui Ibe BunUiijr ?Cb'Nil room, Wwveiiey place, corner ui llnuituond .treat. Com* auJ buy. TADIF.S' FAIR.?TUB LADIES OF THE T1IIKTY? J fmiith ntia*ei Reformed Dutch church, near E ghth eve ?tie (Hue Mr. Slrykm'?), will hold a Fair for ihe aale of ?aa-lul and fancy arllo .??, on the 17th. l*h, Ittth ami 20th of 1>. rernbar, in ;he i asnm-ui 01 the ohurch, commencing at 12 M ea"h day, and c uliiiiiiog through the evening. Masonic.?the members of henry clay L?<t*e No. 277 K. and A. M. arc hereby aummoncd to at tend lh> regular iiw ctior, al the bulge room, tug Uraud ?tree! tlur Wedncaalay) evening, Dor. IS, at 7J. o clock, to ?ieciollkera ior the enaulng year. My order o! WILLIAM Cl-IiCO, W. M W. J. Joint*, Secretary. Masonic ?the members of Lebanon lodge. No. l'.tl. F. A. M., are hereby nolllled that the annual e ? Hon ot offlcera for the eo.uln, v ar will lakejilac- ou Wediiw-day evi nlug, Heceuioei lb, al oehaik. Punctual attendance la requeued. J. J. ROCKWI".L, Secretary. MASONTC.-TIIE MEMBERS OF 81LENTIA LODGE N?. 19S, of F and A. M arc hrrtb, notiiied tt at ttie Annual Ele'-t:on of oil. -era will tie hel l at ihelr Kootuv, cor ner of avenue C And Fourth atrect, on Friday evening, Dee. Sd, at 7tj o'< look F M. M.-libera In arreara are requeated to pay iht; r due* in the nt a . nine, or -now cao*,e wlfyth 'ir vuiuea should not to ai .eaen fr un ih? roll By xrderof BENJAMIN F. RHODES, VV Muster. Ok", nut, clary. Masonic notice.?1the officers and mkmuehs of llobuket, ietdge No. 35, alao tho M .sonic fraternity, are respectfully invited to uie t at the Lodge Room, Oiltl Fe,h>wa Hall, llaiiokeu, thla (W aitethooi, at 3 o'llv.k. to atieud the luueral of Brother Johu II. Ferkina. By order of E. BOOTS, W. M. B. N. Citing, Secretary. iVTOTICE -Tll.'S 18 TO CAUTION ANY PERSON OR Av (Afsnn* I om negotiating a uurialu I'ronil.-aory Noie, inad. oyj. a E. Cowperthwaile, uayable to the ur<f*r of Joseph Sealcb, and endoracd by Vtid Jo-euh Scutch, a. three Mouth*. dated Nov. 15, lMtfl, for the lutn of >126, as nuM note I baa been but CHRIST/AN I,OOZ, IIS and U7 We*' Ninelrenth at. Pi'R?( HAL, f A WARRANT OF ARREST Wll L BE SERVED UPON J\. tbladv who, on Sat'trday bus , about 4 'iVm -k F. M.. ? a?l wWu bmow C;? sir^i, plcurd up ir ?m the lloor o* .w 1 Fourth aveuuc bt o*fe, Inu packet of money .n gold and bll * a amounting to $5i>, unless withm tin". ?ia\s she res tuns i..e ? same to J. A. KcA&c.y, kt Barnum's Museum. } I^ILARA?I WROTE YOCJ LAST WKFK. IP THE LET | \J U j i.i not received ctl] fqr It .it your earliest wn * liest c?inv? aience. I have not yot beard from you, although common civility would seein to demand xoune cxpUnail* INPORlfATION W ANTED?ASTO THE WHEREABOUTS of Henry Muhoii: when iaet lieai'ti of \vhs> on tue Tnnldnd rt\or, CaJifornla, )n JMWor 18'3. Any lnf??rs' ?tloa in r*id j to it t ui will be thkultfuliy recei>cd. <.n;lf<?rnU nape is p e.we j ?TOpy. T. II. M \riUN, Albany, N. Y. ? INFORMATION WANTED?OF JAMES HARROLT). ! Ji agftd foriy-ljvo llv<i feet eight inches lu height, light cojnplexlon; whs drecced In milk-try uniform, He .m I He oil Life Guard, Thirty-eigl lb ro:hm?nt N. Y. S. V. lie came on here with lii<t t uytuin. and on Tu?'??iay, JO )i in>iant, be blurted to Kan' New York alone, with iuiui'urtiouit t > ? rx'.-f a U r, H.ii'e v. liii ', ' . ';<? lets UOl been heard of. Any inforrtiiHlou of hftm will oo thankfully received by lm ariiw and family, who reaido in Wyckolf btrect, near fiuah wick avenue, Brooklyn. INFORMATION WANTSIM>F MR. rHOMAi DRY. OF En,;liUi(i, who came to Ameii .i in ls.?4, and waaatone Mfflst with Frost A Atkinson, Fori Fi ire, NVnr T.-rr I lo ry. Any Hif< ruiatloii will be thankful.y received ?>y U. Law iwnee. to VViiiiaui Hirert, New York. INFORMATION WANTBIM9 ALU ANOBR, OR i'a.i'ick Alexander, Grabi>m a lad about fourteen year* of Hg*-, atom built, wish blue e>* s and lair hair, vtio leu hit boma about three mouius ago, and hus not h ;tc been lw as I from. He in supposed to have joined a T", im -nl foe the war, probably eonnrciing blniMlf with tho Intuu or drum c< rp-*. Am an additional maik for identification It maybe noticed ihaionc or uvo uf htn t'ront upt>er it-eih projeet lwyond tbo [ oiuera. If (his nineiH hi? own eye ne la ? aenenth requeBied ; locouiDiutticate immediately wun liia aunt, und*ielj? ve h?*r f and hi? wiaier^a anxiety concerning his condkfon. Any ui^ whocani'ssriimh uny Information iv?p"C<iug htm wiil c ?u!er i great I'uTor upon a difttreaked Mister and odier r ladvcH by doing ho. Add re ? Mrs. Graham, earv box y5SN.wYoik Fust obice. IF THE TALLER OK THE TWO YOl'NG LADIES WHO tu n d out of Br-mdway yecterday (Tunamiyj ino:n.iig, 4110V, sj\!o"k, down Howard *drerf, end f?o#pn?'d ?t '!tr j: - - gn phor a in Ms n , w II s nun it i ite #ilk Awonio, DttioB quare FottolUce, sue will confer a lav or. Jl - WOULD LTKK to 01 R vor AT TOR BAMB ? ferr> on Th'irsuay cveniug, t 7 o'clock. G. a. OVISE?YOFR LETTER, Jt'HT ARRIVED, CON J \ mod lib i ? * ' ? ?* I eroie in my lasi. Li laincd uio xpested news. Expect >aio the ovenieg I OUAKLIb. I OU.?-IF THE LADY WHO WORE TI1F. BI.ACK JU velvet i'IohJi uud purple i:k dr. m, and vvit ri i.ig iver to S. T.. anil who atintveie to the nam" ?f "L ? , ' vlshe) to break olf front her friendship, ttrr ivn ? ? o bj uutwerlitg I'um F. H? Union ?pu?ru Fust Ohice, ? u I ri. ley next. ?TR. S. KKl.HK HIO, CIVIL ENGINEER, FROM NA IY1 pice, i? ri-niiested nttcuununlcu.e wiiit If. L. KoLTU k SONS, ?& Wt'llain ?i reel. LET ME AT TWO O'CLOCK IV M., W'EDN >OAY. 1'ROViDKNcE. M A | INN IE.,?THERE ifl A LKT'i'EH VOR YOL AT TH AT IfA i'osfofliee where you requekictl inc t?le.i\e any iu n sj nf calf on 8 foryoe. AI tK \ AM) K R. rO M ADOPTED is a RESPECT 1) 1. A : U f family axclunively, a superior sua e > i iid, four \ enr. oi , >f Aroeri -an pm euUgc. Apply mr two ?*ays ui 57b 15 Oad rfty, New Yorj|, top Sioor. IlilE GENTl I,MAN WHO ASKED A L.\DV ffjK S number of' house, in Beaver >, ? n S .lnrduy uorning, 11th iuHtunt, ul hlif-past eleven o'c!o..k, would bo it ;i?. ti io in.ik' lw neqi; tiniauc-e. A?idrct$s i*>. IViin ^ton, nix \2) llcrald cilics\ irfnT laiTy wno' itEriTikii:ro Tj~\7 vn ud^ TTvo L a letter for her at t'.u Union square Fust oiY ?*, d Ircus. d Jish Woodbury. I1KE l.Al'V WHO WAS AT THU ACADEMY OF Ml -IC 1 on Thursday evening ia^t, who ban black hair and dack i, dreHhcd In dark, and won; smull mink c.j-e and nufl', bla -k velvet bonnnt, trliiisned with r *d velvet. 11 ne vould like to ina\e the avqnainiance. of the gtnuleinan who lottccd her afl ihe evcnin-i, a. e can do ho by addressing )lar<-uce, Broadway F at lirM rToDDIR LAN LEAHN SGM KTI? INSfMilS If ad? antfoge Vo,-h^ndinsf Ins a irJrs'-H to B. U. U.. !?iv k!7 lerald oillce, N. Y. T. IS. Y.'right >r any j iscn tl at knows uo address<>t said Oddie. will coaler a favor by b-.ndiug n o (ho above addrt fcB. riflLL MRS. M ARY JANE R?D, OF ViTlEhN rolsT. If call at No. AIG street, where sh?cal>. d> I i laVl leiween 4 and 6 o'-'loek, on F.. S y She wdl nn!? t A, S. who e.ii tell her something that will do her good.RCa.l at Ave ?'clurk. I,OS'iT AMI FOi ND. k WARRANT OP YKllRST WILL HR SKRVKD Ut'O.V fV the la y who,?u Saturday latu, about 4 oYl?> k P. M., .ud when below Canal struct, picked up from ;h< ,.oor of a 'ourth avenue tige the pa 'Wage of ?? no y, In go d an ? bills, imoimiing to $o(\ mib-as within three du>? she reM.oren the ot n y to J. A. Bessey, a? liurntim ? Muslmhi. Dog lost ?on si vd.vy afternoon, hetwfkx 1:5 Hu l 1 o'clock, a hp.a I Scon h tern r, w ih io >? )>.u.f?n (ray hair, answers to the name 01 Fun?.!?, b't\ve? u W bin,* on ViJUtjre and IloboKcit, Hudson eoumy, N. ?J. Wi.-wcr vHl return the * u\q to Witiiaei Duiiot, 51 Wh hiugton trcet, Hoboken, N. .1,, will be ba!?dfK>ut''ly rewnruei. tjlOUND-TN A SIXTH AVEMROVNiniS, ON ATIR 1 day mornti , a Por?motm ???>. T >e owner can I calling et 4I-S ?tn ir. and <i? mci! on,? iim cor. lent?. | ADY S WAT- H AND CHAIN LOST?IV FIFTH IJ avenue, b \v Thirteenth -in I 'IV f.ry-ox'h m Monday alTnru m?ti. The ili.d-r w 1 be a iKal-ly ? cwarded m returning the game io No. AS William -1 e t. I" OST?ON SUNDAY EVENING, \ BLACK THREAD "J Fun Veil, io Fifth iw ?!!?, , between T?venty-thn I una Thirty fourth *><? A a ;i Vile reward \vi:l"i?Qjp. n to my ou?- who wi.i return it U?5J Eaiu Thirty-tour h stret. a i) ST.?IF THE PERSON Will) FOUND A OA UK MO I J r?> > pork* i boo . vuh v.>U of tdh? (coti:ainii> ? u\e,. of Jnited H ' s D -mud and l/ir'on Buna i.:-, una wbi n the uiv. rt:s r !o.?t on M ay night) null return i* a LtS 'Abcny Mtrrct. Itp ? ti'M. in' wl 1 be .suL.t'Uy revrnr.e ' b 'ho iwncr, who can ?il uilurd to lose It. W. T. J 08T?A BLACK AND T\N TERRIER SLLf, WtTH A 1 J ptrit.g ai'ouuo h r ne .v, on Tn ^d y nv. rg. Who iver will return Hm K.ime u 28 E uit IV inj-Jou.ih h:r?'"t irlll lie liundKorm'ly r- war ;.'<U f OHT?ON THE lSTH INST., FdOM THE LONG DlM'K, 5 J Jersey Ci'.v, k livr cimoi ?* ? l'omt r \> ??n?ov. i.m io i? name of FliOt. VN h ? v r ?-.ill umi.u .,.ud ib.g '<1.8 ieado s'recf, N Y., or t<i '151 Sctttb Tn r-i htrict, Jcr . y Cry, will be 11V.rally rewarded. r OST?ON Tl K -DAY Mv)RNlNOt 17TU J.\BT., A li blaea seth'i-!>??? v.h'"o?,h. -? . a lont., I'r nt foot :t white ?u?oi. A IF* al n .vard will be paid on r?-tui u* tig bun to 83 drill st ? ?'t. r OST-A < HKYM CoLOHKD GOVT, WITH A -MALL 1J ptcco ? : k ;t'the toj) ot'ull? oi nri ? n> .; rrd-? ?. ft. ? V'b inst. iro n V. Foley' <;io cry, 7Wa b.n^i ?> .%tr?et, i -iw? e?> Hammond and Uatrk. A urge reward shlticnuld 0 h.vr carry. r OoT-DN THE DAY A PTE FN /ON. NEAR AKTOR I.J pla> e s.nur n ftvnnu ^ ? >u .!-ot f o t? nu >i tne ciovi tny nlnli r gime ?t. Ncv York >Ut ? Mi.nia i .ie.l t>\ Coloi el i*. ' 'C. Tne Under will no re.vaiVi d by oi ln>? on E . a ar*l D. W ? s.'ord. Coonrr In^ihtue. 1 OST OR mlslaid-twexty $:<) ?-hakf-s of THE J ! oCv of the I. V II,j Bttt )i tno <10 o. N. .v Y.-rk, June i, le 'l, Nv?. tjtift, nun nng in the tune u. the noba? ri or. Any tvi ) ' ii din;., C.v ume jtnl returning thoin u> hln? wjJl te lijerahy r^w it-u.-d for tus irounle. KOnKKl W. HIUGS. M s'audam street, New Yora. OTOLEN?ON THE NIGHT OF TDK Kill INSTANT, A O lourw ? " n.-?fcp .. n nitinln lour w .eel toveied wagon^ black ty, brown bony and ling, with tt??! uauin o N. Y M proprietor, t ainted ou tlie Bide, Atitbody ^Iv.uglu orm.uhii mm to the ab ?ve, Wei '??? Miuaoly rewarded, by api yii y to J. Dunn, 4M Greenwit n fet. RESTAl'UAXTS. OYSTFHS.- RECEIVED vff LIHBV'S, J39 FULTON Mir ?* i tine lot of i?o< kiiwaya. Shrew?binyn und i> n<5 Ruin b, which are b?ina fattened lor my custom rt?. 1 ii^ 6dW r a U, hp-w s and lYii ? in town. N. B.?Oy ?ters npeu td without cracking. Yesterday spenoeh wad ai.m.tied to prao vi B ir. Aiiy r)it*nia who niav honor h n wlih th.-lf blivM inoy rfsrt -iwure . their uki will mcnt.( ir .1. h nilim. lll!li?itl?, lAciii*; A.e,3t< n.h.|Wiu ?,i. luu a -a Bei;?i?jmporn d; Kn*.j Lunrh, niiJache.p Luouli I3J K11U. tr'l. Sh irj> , Table*. SPORTING. A LAROK tSSOKT.VENT OF lilltD.^.-THUKE THOU sbiiiI Cunnrn n, ,Mo.:k.uf Taikin,. y',,rru,^ Ml) . r.rlct) of Bir.l* too Bi.umrin,* 1.1 h.Lhuon. Tli* Luc st iu ibc tny. Cuge* of every le.criiilton J).t v ill \ E.NTEN", Broftdwuy. /IllAS. RKiOHE A BROTHER OFFER FOR BAl.F A IV J*r,? varn ty 01 Fun.-. *n.t B:ra*. iron. Ji.l-rrtu lp*r n 1)1 I e WO]: 1. A'?n , 1,1 1(] l*ti inents, bwau* yn. i?11 t ot 1 1' fancy f' t\ .4. M t!Lnij).iti, ree1. woit sue-a very handsome smahl bj.ack r ?U4 Tan filul, inr c imnn >* w.ichi, m < 1. tv.rtneij 0 n 1*1 / , f<h. Cut. in- yd a Icr 1*0 Jaj? at ?<tl ddU.tait 'rent nbbfc, ruun Ho, % DBY GOODS. j^T ISAACKS. _ ju&r rb-eivkd raoM auction. bt.a' k mantilla velvets. BLACK HtuNNhT VELVETS. BllKS. BLACK And a kooi aaaurimeut of Millinery and DreaeGnodA U. W. ISAACKS, 71 Franklin street, three door* from Broadway A T MRS. OAYNOR'S?HOLIDAY GIFTS, HANDSOME J\ e,i nbrolllcred Cornets from gj 00 to $3 00; Hal'i Skirts, four y arde wide, all oolora, from fiioMJO; llo-p Skiru and Cor?ei?, 1 .te aty lea, In ?udle?a varltuiea, from $1 up, A comparison of our goods and pi L ea solicited, f 4J Broadway. near Cnlon i^un. ^MKRIOAN, INDIAN, JAPAN I? vR, CHINESE, MA; uilla and East IntllA Oo d>. In every variety, uew and cUeap aa any in the city, wholesale uml retAll, n\J Hrradu 'y. FOUNTAIN A CO. QLOAKS BOLD AT COST. Our sales of fashionable Cloaks of every kind at greatly re . duted urine., will continue. UNTIL AFTER TUB HOLIDAYS. A small lot of rich Embroidered Velvet C'.oiks manufac tured in Parts, will be sold at hail the coat of luipoi ullon. SPECIAL NOTICE. Cloak materia la of erfry description. Persona furnishing the materials, and wishing to employ our operatives, can have them made up In (he most approved maimer, at precise ly the coat of wanulacinro. LORD A TAYLOR, 461 to 4*7 Broadway. iU to US l Onind street, 47 and 49 Cat..urine street. CLOAKS FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Wu h vu n din e.d the prl rs oi our FINE BEAVER AND VELVET CLOAKS, and oiler them at low prices tor Oh rial mas pres. nts. H S. MILLS a CO., 419 Broadway, near Canal street. D HESS GOODS FOR HOLIDAY PBBSKNTS. Pl'T UP IN DRESS "PATTERNS.?ALSO. LOW PRICED DRF.SH HOODS, in cheat Variety. LORD A TAYLOR, Nny 461 to 4 .7 BROADWAY. Nils. 2S6 to del GRAND Site RET, Nos. 47 and 49 CATHARINE STREET. G BEAT REDUCTION IN PRICES BLACK SULK CLOAK VELVETS, A large stock till ren,.lining lu'idall of our Importa tion), manufactured EXPRESSLY FOB uTu RETAIL TRADE, roLU TWKMk FkH t'KM V.IUJSlt at UULAK FRIt'aS. The reduction la real, and the uaaurtment utost complete. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO.. Canal strut, corner of Mercer. (AOLD WINDOW SHADES, T WHITE HOLLAND DO. BI FF DO, DO. WINDOW Sl'ADE FIXTURES, New Styles, at KELTY S, 35# Broadway. JUST RECEIVED FROM AUC HON?BARGAINS IN black Silk, bl f Sitke, Bru. hr Loin; Shatvla, bi..< a and bn>u n Braver Clu ha. Worsted Dr-ee Goods, Ae., all nf which will be sold luurh neiow thu regular iirloe. by VV.M. MATHEWS, M Ca t. .i n -air-.-t. Lace curtains. NOTTINGHAM DO. ALL CURTAIN MATERIALS, At vciy low prices, at KELT V'H, 759 Brordtvtty. pARIS KID GLOVES AT 62?< CENTS. 500 Dozen LADIES' PARIS KID GLOVES, RETAILED AT 02). CENTS PER PAIR. LORD A TAYLOR, No*. 461 to 167 Broadway, IS ? oil r hi roi.imcM iiriwn very desirable BLACK, Hit'tWN ANH GRAY Seal Skin. Lion Skin ..nil Flush Cloaks. V. 8. Ml 1X8 t CO , 413 lL".'*tiw?y, nuur Uuual iii. pl. niCH SILKS AND DBKS3 GOODS. An fmni? u*e -irei ltinont or RtCII DRESS GOODS AND FASHIONABLE J'ARJ.3 DRESS SILKS, AT RETAIL-MUCH BELOW USUAL PRICES. LORD A TAY1.0R, No*, 161 to 467 Broad,?,ay. No*. '.'.55 lo261 Grand treet. No*. 47 and 4J L.ihariu* street. RII M ACT SELLS LADIES' DOLLAR KID GLOVES, ? i !! i ? -r* ant' sl/eg, fur '&<?. (by mut|, 59,.), at AH ana 2Hi 1 11 n,'i'iiup, two door.bill v Fniuleouih street. No cuu nocllon with *i' other store In th up/. gHAWLS AT REDUCED PRICES A VERY LARGE AND lit HRABLE 4KR0RTMRNT FASHIONABLE WINTER SHAWLS, mcLVPi\ : ALL THE LATEST sfVLBS, AT RETAIL, AT GREAT lA REDUCED PRICES. LOUD A T VYLGR, N'os. 11 lo 4<i7 HHOA DWAV, An*. iitttoZCI llKANl) STREET. K.i*. it .10:1411 CATHARINE h'i'rfKET. BROADWAY. PRESENTS FOR ALL SEASONS. The men' agreeable favoi * Tor ladies a.e rill KLR S BRIDAL SETS AND VEILS, , Comtreneine 4t $.4. Flowers for din oruih c purpotr s 12 cent* per humT. IXOTIllVL. I RARE UN CE?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I , V w ?; a ' .toil .1 O f 01 ilhhiK, Carpet* Mm Cur niuro for t'nj W<s:i:ru WAiti 1 priini.ue to ? tj ihe hindest prlee lor then, III Celling I'll ?r Hddre. - in,; '?!. ELLIS, 'J3 Si venth avi'" '? Between s'.n enib and Serertcenlh ? rcet*. L olios attended ny Mr* El li. * T THE C ALIFORM AN AND WESTERN AGENCY Jt Sore the highest \ r ??? e*n he etna mat for dulling, C.i'pili, Jewel v, FurS.ill U.ww, fr.i'ns*J tnf.P'i, tor Co"*, Li)' f2'i 718 for Pants, fio.n $l 50 to fll A i n i' iitMi f d 11 Harrl i, 353 Bonn ry. nppo.tlh Or at J. .in (iri'Pt, wi ' be p. lie.'.ally aiteuted lo. iaulleH at tended by Mr* Hani*. A DEMAND.?$i2,100 IVORIH OF CAST OFF CLOTll. ltv, Carpet* Furn.turi' id Jewcliy treated, for will 'a vaiut: imi be olitalo o l>y culling on oraJTren-imt E. II., tf> Siuii are one, near VVaverli y p. r. I..oil", attend ?i'by Afi* i.', 11. pitauo remtml erand tgy 7*Sixthavenue. t LL LAML'S AND GENTLEMEN.?FIFTY I Ell CENT A inoi'i: tnnn aiiy ol ,or it ,?i uiil pay is guaranteed to Unpaid lor Silk rod Wo .11 o lune-i i Coa'", Pan's 4c, w iiiluil l .1 !l o null-Java. i'l o' ??all on or uild.'t sa '-J ]i -l, LEVKN8TYN, 2U3 o'vcntli avenue 1 adl"* at'enued by M:?. L. ? TTKNTJON.?LADlbS AND GENTLE a'EN, IF YOV J\ wiili lo ct the lull value for ydttr cant oS Cjt.uhlm:, c - r p. ... re :i mi Jem In.Uio Bicl J ? -an m) la to ca 1 or .. .? ... .a in !?'. Hal HIS. Idtl Se.'tUh uvonur; hero you may bo oonvlni:'! i jnu uiil he d, Alt Willi inii'i C'orj I'orallK Du nn'-,'join ysi.i$.#A for i ",ii* tri m *41 i fin Caul* from $ii Pi g < I'll- in -.a ii t fi r> t tin' number- ii)0 s ?*. nr.'1! ', near 1 alrnci. Liotsi'S nt.enncb by Mr*. H irrlA 4 OR I JV .in'inen i.uv n*on> ? i? ' ' Clo ,ir.. i urn .urn. Car* pi,.. .. n I r>'.i 1 ?: inn .1.' I'i'i u Jo:, on ... . '? Siio-wpjC. All b, 8'j2 Seventh ai i-ii ?!'?, bi'tw.''n Twimty-u u and Thin.'" I: n'* Luoioi, ttehum. Mm MUh. 4 BETTER C'ir tNl 12 TH IN EVER fOP. L.AIHE- \N*l> A t,i*?t.'i n.eii lo j laili Uw 1 lii'.cr I ? f ? .innrCon nil' i .'ii | g ,? ?! p . t " 'ol,. ni ... I I': .a ?ForSilk D if ds in- $10 to $1); I in tdtnJ'.O Cn.ais, rot -S3 to ?7 fo' fai l. ' , C'n.rj'" F r i'i'-L c I ..?? "y. 1*e " I, ? .1 \MlALi', 1.'- .1 ..nil avi in, be* wi ? ?: I Mii:.1" lian.l J i' iil}'-fir t strcrin. Lad."- a lend ed by Mr*. -AnLaJl. HIT AT PORT ROYAI -.HE >? 0 ? geioli men, 11 h ? n m? In leun ? tironorjiced By i .anj ' a. H, MINI'Z M7 bit lb at ? hoe, h * M<m p.ij nu a bigln r p. in* than any tuber dealer m the ? ty no east ? il Clou 1 Carpete, !'? inltoro and ley, u' ill mi inn lo nun lie ? *-o il yi-'l *i'l .' iron Mm *fl u a no'r in-, nl' He 111 n ?. am u , ? ? y by jili ,i" $i'J r .,1k e e-.-i--.l2U (? cenu an #7 far |*:i(?, mi. . no by ol!>.u hi'nyrei-Hito ray ibe full value I'm a h ?>' In;.-, I... ? a-tended Ii. Mi>. MINTS, IS"Si All ? I, neai Pet: > t GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING ?I.ADIT'n AND A . .I'll . a. .11 any . I..i Chilli 1' . no .1 C ir I" a I ' '? * r. nil! lelve he Mghe.-i pre 0 by filling an ir ul.i ? ,ii A. 11 A HUD 5Sd land avenue. I.adlo* aU teti ,cd bv A.m. liar ?.*. t f I 1EMI2L fcOLO STAN13. U4 SEVENTH AVI N. 12? - V The I., ?? ' i ?: s , he | a .1 fur t- , - an i p. a. n. ras'o) Wivii lug API ::I I, Furnilu:' J 1* ry, A ?. lo t' )n " )? . t ally ate- led to By .' . 1*4 s "oh. ? e, I i'l'"" N mueeiob alia Tv.entie'b *.i ''a I ?!. ? an -nd I to B. M. K. ,yx THE NEW STAND, 223 THIRD, AVENUE, LADIES JY and .en scan .ecure t; e mil valim for tb. ,r niM of t: othlne by e..u',,n ? n er .1 r. nrp C. ,1a ob?. tKl Third ? nnu , en T* n ?tlnrd and Twenty.foutb itrcet* Ladies aU.ndeil By Mm* b\ Jacob*. I SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY.?LADIES AND OK.V J\ tlenien of New Y" r. Broo'.lvn nn-' rleihlileoe*n pro rnn he 1 tg est cash pricu lor tkelir Cast ufl" Clcthinu, F irui. tine Carpet*, Ac., by a. ' ? Mra ,1. GOLDS! l-llN, l'J8 ! r' nth ayciiua, Gendcnien attended b; Mr. Lo diB In. \ o ii sat quantity ot OA r ?iff clothing, jp Fur nit are, c. r e'? and Jew By wanted, to ? ppiy it * Weelern mar.e . 1 pnv as fttllowst?1-mm $12 n f tn liiira.llt J . -e-i, lr >m $10 p. $2?) "r "?t?: H'nm $2io$i fir panta. Call on ''r add.em \. LUCAS, 71" Sennit i an mi", all uruera pnuetnnl.y aitrnded t . tat a-, ruled n> Mr*. D. CAENTLEMEN'S Vl'iV AM> 1.121 1' OFF CL THING X unr.h *. d o i W mi aid t, lor which th? full r.iiuK will be !'*iL vr> ' . :<? or reeking l ' imp an;. Call at the e'.on . or ad :i? * .. . 1 . Co ir y, 41 Get treat. WINKS IM) IdllUORN, 4 T THE sE' KNT/1 AVENUE 'J.STiLi.EHt. 319 AND j!\. 321 ,4 -v. i.' . avenue, te'lwieii Pbtri eth and Thirty-fimi , re-i*, N w V. k, ymi i?ngi t the l?rce*t ainoiiti of th" heat ll-on.r r the lr.-*t "n niey. Call end bo eill- ied. N B ? I h.uor* fm * de il Uor.d. W>f. UUi.HLb A SON, 6 PUNCHEONS OF WISE K CI f.rnSATI'.D IR! Malt?' hi..,*-; 21 n*?r rrn f. In 1 in 11 .o years, for cheep Apply i ' r andnn* W. WARNER, No. ttSuit street, near Lie Bow?ry. c THB TURF. UNION t'OUR.?E, X,. I.?THOTTlNO?ON WKONCKDAY, December 1.x, hi J o'clo.-*, ? matri] lor ftU>, mil ? ? *.?, beat thr.-e Id Uve. W WU.'Un wmu L>. n> L . ly Tim 11 .-lc b' 1*1,0n, H. Woodi ilT miwh br. n Rom I Itouyh i.i bar Di'?. To ootutf off rnia or ililD". Aomi ? on 60 route. SIlAlf 4 WHITE, Proprietor*. . HOlliSKS, C\RIU.ViJl>, Jit'. "QREWSTEK A CO., Of DKOurfK RTREKT, JJ Otter their j*"iuhr -lelee of Ruml YV u on- iml C?rrli?|f''i fur Dklv, Dt time r irr < Hmoiue i.a.1 ?. TXXEIK ONLY PLACE OP RL'SINES . CVlRRUOKS FOR >> YLE CHEAP?ONE OOOD SEOOND f UaiuI Coach only a vhurt liru? In te?e by privet.* uiai), h .111 hv Hrewhter; also ohm light shifting top Buu '.y Wagon, only three months iri use, built by wood Brother*. to l?#i icota for whatever they will bring, a* the owner la going to Europe. Apply i.i Bradley a b table, W\Vi'?i Sixteenth at root. KM ra 90S BALB ?OZTT KADI, AND BUT L1TTLB ) worn. BRKWsTF.R k CO corner ot Broome and M It ttre< -? Courts FO I 8ALB?A NUMBER Of *BBY DE31B\ ble H' onTid hiitoi Coupe* may be bought te.n-onublv at WOOD DRUTHERS' sate wooui, jyii UrOadvv.ty, where an in spection in invited. InOB SAI.K -a (PRTP ITS) 0UBffAXN QVAKTSR GAB 1 ilage, bull.ule need, with Hartie**, blanket*, Ac. Apply at Pcitona stable*, Twemj Ont street, near Broadway. Also an elegant Boa ton Duals?, at same place. FOR BALE?a splendid black house, fifteen hand* high, long tail, *1* year* old, warranted .sound and without blemish, lima inside ot three innate*, and la well adapted for a saddle horse; a'ao a Wug^w, airoa-i new, aud Hai utfHg. Can he seen from 7 to 12 A. M., at 200 East Ninth ?tract, firh ate stable. Foil miK-a yiNB BOAD MARE, BLACK HAWK and Men-rnger stock, bay, 6 year* old, 1ft1.4 hand* high, long tail; ran trot lu 2:47, and U responsibly vvaminted scud and kind, fr?'? from any tricks or vices, and in a *h o family horse;she mat about $*?0 lafct June, hut will 1ms no d at some pries or other this *eek. Addict* X. Y. Z , box 110 Herald ofllce. 11*01 SALE-A BBA1 Tim LADY'S 8ADDLB HOR88; ' blood bay , long t ill and mane, neven ,> car* o.d, 1ft hands S inches high, perfectly gentle, Kound aud kind, Lota and ranter*, goes In *lnde or double barne-*; eUu, a lute dag tail hay Horse, lft>? Hand* lilgh, 9 yearn old, sound and kind in all hnrni'ss, and a beautiful saddle horse; has been rode by a tady and is of gr t endurance; a Do, beautiful 'a lies' aud g- nilotnen h saddles aud bridles, intluulng one ii^ht set of Wagon Hart) s*; also a new in of Fart !Lirnr>?, a fit to bisl in > Hloigh, Mi t one of the bnest But? h< r Carts lu the tity; all made loonier' Imp tiro in iha carriage houie, lu the rear oi 6? West Tivt-m,. ec?;ud street, until sold. TCI 0 R 8 i 1.8 - (J8BSB HOBBBB* OKB 88 W BITE, 17 V hands d;.h; would tmtte.h ''nrriiige or triu-k, or cart man; the <" l??ir in a pony bull* horse, would aud butchers, bak. t'hor jj.v -rs, ui i a; uj ,in?u. the other is a nl- e sa?! Ho itony, all ' I whbdi viill be -.o'd at a bargain. To l>u ecen at 77 1'narl street. lit OR HALE?A BAY llniiFE; ABOUT Id HANDS III Oil, I youiigatid rent'e, and -mod under the ad 11 ; an eMeb lent family ot ort;c'r? hor a*. Apply io William Austin, NVest Fourteenth street, near Tenth uremic. l^OU SALE?A MAKE; A HOLT II HANDS Iiruil L bro it, a .d us? e? the suddio only; Is a gentle beautiful animal, and bus been lid I n p. n Ipally by a Ja Jy. Address Is.* ?J. ^y post olUcr. IIH>8 8ALB OR BXCBANOB?FOE A i on PRICED 1 Hoi c.bntiu 1 ,flm young Stallon, t8Kh i '? - ;h; warranted ii: e-o ry i'>"< t, aud to travel 12 mil- s p?-r hour. Also a superior Cart Hoi a* fur sab*, l'nce$.4J. Apple at 123 atreet, near the B ?wery. HOB8B8 WANTED EYERAL 8CPBB10B 8ADDL8 ]1?;rses. by Mr. DISB1H?\V, Vi' ' aver ir, c ur ?>f Thirty ninth rit!< ? t, who has reop< ne<! tlxu Kiditig A -ndemy. l'rlvaie horii s kepi by I lie mor.ti hi $'J", including '!? ; us; of Urn Hug. SULKV.-WAKTBO, \ BOAD BULKT, EX WOOD repair; ?n?:s< !.?<: at a low prh'>?, as the eanb willbepu' t. Addr fc* for ttvo days, Ntatang prlc-*. Ae., Koadster, lie?al<i mli e. SLL1UH3 FOH HALE.?A KINK LOT OF NEW Klbh'hH for uel<\ Six s- at. Pony and single CuttPrn. all of t'te rtUltima d no. Also siotnc v.?ry (inn Do-nj )'h o'l-ns u**'.v HtyUi and ot my otxn mane.f i ure, will be tadtl eh cap. F. YOUNtiS, Carriage h;.J RleigH M.tnnfactur.T, N . 7K < t 2'Hh street. QLKfOIIS.- STIVRKS A SMITH, M ANUF.VTUREBB, 8l> O KMridge Hireot, mvi'e. tuo uneul.oLt of pnivhasui'M to theh-lo'iv etyle <?; thitters, ? -p fally adapted for road and p it h driving'; also to 'heir thm assortmeiit of ilk seat Family Bl? ? t \\ INTI I -v HOBBE FROM PII TEEN T ? 81.1 N EN ff haiicls high. I >utin tin: to seven yearn ? ld, periceily sound and geut.e. A Jupp ??l gray or t"?u -U Ap piv at I2.d Niiitlh ' e?, ftoru H to Id A. M , and iron A to b F. >L TIIK WAK. V SECOND I, IK I IKS VST WANTED?IN A COMPANY uuinii 'iiiij( within tdteen of tbe maximum number. Attv grndrmcri I rin '1!IR ;lii* nuirdier )'t mire, ur who Inn !<j?> 1,'n.ij to pay lot o mi iad of thai, miiii' m-, will receive ir? iiilifi1'' oj'ii'iiiiimxnt. Addrri,# * '<l - W. If Auawrtb, ??it it, Herald 01 iit>. VCOT, LOUNGE, CH \JH AND M.ATTKE.SK, AI<T. IN ............. A OM p: #C whetf I llde J. four by tlx Infill! 1 11111# I# 11! '???! fi'Oi i'vir; Army T nil!', C .mp Che-tie i'.i;v |> St. i A . < * I I.CKV A HRlDY, 412 Kroii Iway gK8T ENGLISH MS HEX OK BNHKI.D RIFLES FOB #al? ul NAVI.Ot X CiIPS 20 John s.reet. yavalky, cavalry?colonel hwain's last verythingfpirid, bounty, (piaider* p. ?j<inreni?u hull ! if. I. Ktiim.naml onJi o' iiii now i'?I i. WM. vv. HENNKIT. I'll droit 1'vay, ?p Lieut. I.AMBKHl, Fourth atreet lend Firm avenue, ami 1173 Srdor.'l a. rnuc. (lt)M PORTABLE W INT EN Ql A HTElIS WANTED F'lR J ui> uc, p'.pu regiment, now idling up: Nerv Je.'wy pre ferred. A id.esitOiiMrle'rimi-ler, Hnuld <?Ui<:??, -duili .-a.1 the p.n-.leuiar*, ax to lo-iuion, term# unit it'iimn jilitP n-', ami where ami alien ilm |ir"*iuwa can b ' seen. I/Nl'ANLS PEitDCS, i'IHi. CUNFOKT.?TUL HEAD l J ||11XT< ul ilm .ib 'M- riv mer t hit.'" been > ?rior.-i, n No. 6i W ' or .-in if. Sow York, win :e ibo n-w ai".j>L'J ui.H'orm can In- reel! daily. jjtlKTII KKOIVKNT NEW VOIfK STATE VOLCNITKdA /o.; to-M -* .11 a'fnpi forty aiof bo-lied Men, to Ml in un do#or. r-!? proi .otP <i tn b.-ii oi.n a . 1 iCt : ragi m ni... In. in M < vary i uliif. iii i. ?)' a .oip-r'oi ? " ?i of m Ti tn join ihl# p in kken Mm a i> 'rmanent a 1 o of in a ii Sin : lUi ! pd Ui th" regiment, tn lit ni m t i o. sra not) poaltlon of on officer.#0 alt ?? n t it -???ui am Piled ir.m tlm riui'u, and the i--. tin. . : i- n r.v d on F? .Iph.I llt'l Pallia ir-, In I ton II ail' .! I'd I "V atniPli. a.. One It i li'p'l dolUr# boiiiuy will '?? p..Id loia.di man at ti"' i natl n o. Ida tm m of rn . dw-n ; >. I ft) It. ma ot land. H .'.'iiim.ip at on.'P Dir.. -? I with ration#, qsorter# end clctl u.. Apply ot the haadauarter#', No i ts ."ai, henrt-.-ri tin- limit- ' Mo i . t. >1 -in! I ? ek P. M. ?'Al f. Oi.LVKL.t.NI) WIMALOW , K- r itllinr Oil. rr. MLAI 18, MANN 1.118 |t AND BEDIMEST\L COLORS. HO.IKIl .t l.HAIFAM V mifiii tuifx. No. 07 Dome lon-Pt, Ni-v Yolk DEI2P. MONEY OP TIJK P.NiTKD 8T ATMS BHIPs PAN I .In mo a a-t tliiiiaiol. :ion is now |>aui daiiy to iiIIpp: a and simitii'i, mi ? t'u" to.i'.'hru i?f.'ivei' Iioih Wa.t' oigtnu, at the oflice ot _ . JOHN tl. MI Kit AY, Armv an i N'art Banki r, .N i. ,.y "t. u!Jt,ln i g thp Navy At ' t?'. p.-im uffO'iu. ti* the 151 a/kij n urr #wi ?>? lug ma I- tip. 1 )ECU' XT. KEPKl'lTH- FOR COMPANY A. IT. S. EN JV ? id'v i, i r ? ii'o! tiif'-p-l yiinK m ?? v ml It' (ill ni tlrtiiu i .pan , no-.v -VilloiiPtl in Vi itahtngld'; pay Inn $.bi ntf y i in wllb thf n?ual allownm p c f fioth li.i iiim, . .mi'in,??)'. .1 HUPftdaiiff, and a bomuy of $li?l #t t!m ? .) I..'dm f prill- n. id. In i 'Ira #t N... V iwling ?Mli. tair-l litior, liMck i iw on s k. M. UU'1 3 *M. IV. P.t'PAMMII.'., I', d. E" Ctrpp, It or lilting ll'.cr. 1 try. MEN" A-, RAND.-WAN 1 P.D, TWO IHl THRIVE JT i'. . , p ? ,p Bind| tn gootlperforator#feoo I a Api 1 1 in - -.ty to Ed. Ma .abaa, I'mb r, til Brooinp si. i pt, c-r o r.i E: -o. fl't-'N'i- Til NTS, TF.NT8. ?.-i'I'LllP S CAN ' KT iliKlU J to i tn , !V- .Iripcror IIF.NRY TOHIAS, 2X. It , ? ,.i i i t, third Boor, then front eny other Arm wine . ,?y Plagi ,o #11 aftpn ou h- i'd, ami fcr note ?t gicvtly ro dnced pilt-ea. rill) ftl'TLKHS.?tVELLlNii'N PATENT COMPKtd-SED a? Pha Ige a: tong the aoidit?. p.-lo Mennf'tc irrr. fid Tiro- n>" stivci, P'ga oi the Ooldei Eb-pliaiit. \\,' AN'TEP TWT1JTY AP.l.K Bolt I D HKcpt'IT ; TO VV 1 u ... . .fty-ntutli C.d 'I TI 1 UP ' HI P f .' .' " It ft A o-pi . Kl "I.' lip II P'1", N". pt C I. 1 ..Plljll'1 N' C.K D di I'l P'S ' J. IOACIII.M.SEN. I.I Ip. C. I. F- 'b N. Y. 8. V., 11. ruiting udlnpr. Xl'A'T'E. -1 K<"( HVENTY 10 TiUPTYKlVa RE \> nil- lor, I I Top ul am. at P p n ai of wir. Id UI Uii.1. ??r i III"!! to dot.- ? o i >r l.y i.d'lr. "itiag II. S.. box lit ID r.dd IsT I:Ei II '? i ? Mid" VirilK CIIA.--KC . I DON. Mil - COCHItAN, ( OLONM.. ?v in n '. v> a- in- p?. I ? . l'.r.oi;,.. .1 -U I .rill IP ' 'ill till ? ay of 'mi .vpi. a; lit) ? m ' y it' ' }i*7 ' > - i * ?'.i i.i 11 i (iif ' ill "f WO' . 1 ' ? cioiriPi' ?; i ,r-t u'rmie t nd hi >i n ?'met. I, ni. D. \\. LEK, lio'TiilwiigOlu'-rr. (Mil ili'OI VENT ' IEAI It,' I AI' T K ti S. ?H ATTEllV ,) Lhrtit Artlik y. commanded bj Oantufn Morrtron, u.ii.I..g twaiiiy rn*i>p('in)>..' ?t.I liodird r rd'p. . oi In t rippi'.itm-n ntn - i . . (i -I. ipi.ny. i ?. 11-1 i i'npl'1'i, ti to mil 1 riopd the tuna. w dip Ninth. ! Ii M Pit,' .?* i br. Ci o n r. , at". :o "tig I'.iti'Phvh. P !? :ntt iit'ftty buap ab'ta nltR*. I 'V. dp" lit- - f a O! Mil" Bio ? t w Ti ? serve their poiintry. AUo two hug;,-,# wanted, to .J, rl i.n w|!:h.-jf II. App'v *t C.P A-II1.P ? ? > !???" , f Tflrb-P! it - r l a id ' i' ' rally- |-lfc N. P.--. ? ' ,. u p. ? oil.: if mp'nbtra on i-i hauru.?o uidlotiu-and lt.y 1 .da i.attPi y la eplrd and in MISCEiiTaANEOt S. 4 NEW XYAStlllN'y V.Vc'IfNE?'THE I'l -T IN T'IF. JV world. A ,0 family . la'ui ? ran h-dtn e w. n. by philil, ti ml t!i ? 'otlii-'t wnmg inn m ' ? diifb 'lot .ale ?f SM 8. f.n-1 av mm, I.piw-pii I id T'hlncp'dh atrcti#. Otttt haigain# to thou.' l.ou lir?t. UOtsE KEEI'Ef.P'. LOOK IIERE.?THE PRXOF. LI8T | ami !"? l. n'/ th" depot#"I hp ami h'l ' b n or '11 drpnt# "I 1 " aMILY piOEl H St l*t l.Y ASSOCIATION tvHIap: on iho 8lh I'ugeof uex. 8'. ui'lnyv Uciii.d. See MARHI.R HAIITSU.?SSKAT BAROAfHB l.v I . ipit. ?A lfigp rtw k on I'UII'I, and a great rpdut: i.m in I nruv# lor any kind ord-red Ihl# m . 'b. Call ot A KI.AHEKS inarb.n yard, 113 E'lalElBbti piuh ftr. t t, w. -t "f Third avenue. Mantels put up in any place in the eountr,. POST OFFICE BOX WANTED.?ANY PUITY .-on# M nellinc their Hot. t the R rmral I'opi oiilt e, ay bnd # p initiator by ndti t #.t'g A. b. C , 82 Navsen stipct, mimi 41. O Ii. ;V I NO M TO I.F.T?WIIF.EtJSR * Wile i s, at a iiiii . ii. All eiB#A me In and In per ip I order. M. K. t La 11K, 38 W arret' street, N " Yen k, and 3.13 8*' kl tl skiei'C, Urn kl; n. rroDD i U>n k RAFFEHTY, MANbt'YOT' KElts OF 8'PA it I'm whin b nelm # -cd Boilmf: sl-o F H"t." .'id '1 !lin tlAcli.nnr.v; MP,l.v t We"! undt.? p" ki JHaehiitf ry rr. t-dnni'- f) hp! i THa'-buiery ir- p hip'- f) pot "i i storeNo. 13 Try Mro-t, New York. Worfce rtrftWIM, > ?^yASTRO-TWO SECOND IIAND PEKKH.AKD ,4* 11o-i pi.f'-. Addrrno, listing terme, 8. F. W , t.o? f,18i) HOI'XEN, ROOM*, diC.. TO I1KT1 0 LOB HOUSE TO LET-IN THE IMMEDIATE VlCIIfl

ty of the Biooklyn A.iidemy of MubIc, n..vv loung opened for dramatic peri orman .'B , unrivalled looatl n for geiorul with magnUleeut barroom and convenient parloa foi dining cud supper punlci. An unusually pr.Mltab'e op portunity U present*1 in re-| actable and re ?! inilhle punt"* Apply to WILLIAM M tCIxEY, real eaute a,;eut, g.'t Fulton avenue, ltriHikh n. /TOTTAUE To LET?AT ELIZABETH, N. .1., IN EX \J reliant orU. tlinw minute f ?k from the dei ?itti a food garden ?? . ,|, rent gt.V; ., ? ? n line e I .1 y The Furniture. Is nearly new, wtlt b ? sol<i !o. Ai p v to t? B. \V lU'flLEsRY, K al Estate Agtut, ? I Lload street, Kllrsheth, n| p so the depot, Fiuknisued not se in lrooklyn to i,et-to a email mipe'table private funiliy nil May n xt; house 72 Honry, utivcL K vuiw t..j nti.iv ou th?* corner, or a line a.t.iri aved to W. 8. Kal.m, bo*8,5A> New York I* *1 other, wiU receive prompt attention. fitt RMNHKD HOUSE TO I.KT TILL 1ST MAY? THIS EE JL at- ; ?, En-wish baooiuent, with all modern imp nv. menta, fully furni.-hed. Inelu ting tine *e\ en oelav ? r.m- .ood piano, at $i*) P' r month; or the rent tvl 1 h? ui .en In Hoaui of it family m a lulu. Inquire at luti East Fortieth ?.met, Oral door ran of Lestagton avettqe. 1T1RKO STORE TO LET -AND FIXTURES FOR 8AI E, 1? on a leading avenue in the Seventeenth waid; ha?:i fro it fane of tiny feet an-i stables for tw oiva horaeo. Kent only 110. A very line oppoj lunliv lo g i lulu the biiblneaa Inmine ou the ] rt mtiiea, Uj and 148 avenue A. Floors to let?in an bnuusii basement House, con'a ti ng all die modern improvements, to small famine*. Hen moderate, tnqe.ra at 104 Woat Twenty huh atreel, between Sixth and Seven.n avciiueH. House to lf.t-at Bedford, Brooklyn, threb inllcsfrom the erry, near Fuliou aveune ctrj; < even rooina, gam turg ear.ten, right lota foil of fruit li e a. t o r U linnae, matung. heoery, woah house, Ae,; real (,Vl. Ad dress A. B., 00 Maiden lane. Room to let-in rouse eudbov strmi One Hootu and Bedroom, juu painted and (tapered, $i; <W; oin $3, en $f, on- |) so per m unit, In advance. Ap ply to IV M. LOVE Ll,, 4tf Hudsou dr. el, SHOE ROOMS TO LET-WITH STElM POWER, AT Vm. H4, SO and 88 Jane atreel, between Ore union and Wushugtn. Apply to tho engineer. TO LET-STORE AND DRY CELL AR AT 3d* FRONT atreel. Imp. re,, i Mr. Dodge, 0])], the bl it aauiilh ?hop. TO LET?A GENTLEM AN AND WIFE, OCC UPYING A modern built hoi uptown, would let a good poi tlon tif It lo a toapeetuhle family. Location v. ' y desirable. K (it very tow. Apply ul P.'SII W eat Twenty /girth btrout, ueir Ninth avenue. TO LET-A STABLE. FIRST CLASS, IN THE ALLEY rear of 11 VYaniuu .t'.n square. Apply at if Wavericy plaee b fore tvve y ? M. IIO LET?OEM EE I APARTMENTS, FROM fbTOflONI; lire Ko mi al UNI E?ft Twenty tub iireet; three Rooms at Iff >t? Em-l Yvv. "ty eighth atreet; three Uoonaalu cottage 115 Kan: Twenty-fligh h atreet. Three Re ana at 148 'I bud avenue, and ae era! at 38 Dow mug Ntreot. J. It WILCOX, 18J Fifth avenue, corner Of Twenty-third a reet. TO LET? FIRST CLASS 1- URN1SMKD OR UNFUKNJBH e! Nut.-?'r, lit U'i.'.eeiuianabe In . '; out l-'i.i'h to Fi. .leib aire, ta and Bern el to Eigaia tv no."-, ttenta B eor.nns to the timea. Ari> pita uduri bb 1'LKl i KMUUf, 8tl<l Uroaaway. TO LET?THE BPACIOt S STORE 58 AVKNl'E C., BE tween Fvueih ih ! Hit . a laeta. A, ply u JOILN AT TRUDGE A SON, tiifl Feurili ktrwt, from 8 O'clorlt A. M. till 1 1'. M. rPO LET TWO DEKIHjABLB l OTTAfiK MOl SEN, IN I South itr-e.klyn, BituaP d on ,t line of tin a and wp in e i intnutea' ride of the wry. Car# from Fulton, Wall, South at. I Hamilton ferries p?s? i . ar the Iiouh b, KenlAIMIp r annum. Api ly to H. At UollHs, :td Maiden lunn riTO LET?A FLOOR, AT Is WEST TENTH STREET, 1 corner of WavtiPy pl.i f,.iiin ,u.i, ot m\ rooina, with all the modern Improvement*. In a ipoilorl neipnborbeo.j, COUVeutent to CHI'S end niage.a. Iuq'uro at 'i*j Sixth aVeuue, norner of Elgtiteeulh KfrCet. 110 LET?A THREE STORY HOI EE, Al No. M W EST Tenth bi? eel, corner of Wave) ley plane, with all ilic modern'mproveineiuxp In e g . nel nel bb" hood; eonte uicat to vara and smg. ?' l tmre next dom 03 Weal Tenth B'reet, or6JW'e-' Kg ueen U at I "At, bclv en Fifth and Sixth arm uea. rro let on lease -no. s i nion .-<ji abb. apply J t. KOWI EU, Ti flue Bti'f t. fro LEASE FOR All. Ill i RKSTAI RANT, AC , THE X hve. atory Binl.i.ap No. 03 WiUiani liretn , wnnd base iietit iiixL'4, with twenfy-to e omi,., w he h can h ? BUb tllvoted to malt.' I orty to lir v room JOil.s S. KJ'.PSO, 02 Vt illiaot atreet. O Hi. NT TILL RUB 1ST OF MAY A oKNTKLLY FUR nltlied Uouae in Y (inter ?>, tor f 130 'ii-h. f t;' Iioum- is ,i.' r, 'Hi'the depot. Inquire <d S. DINUBE, No. 8 T no oreknf wKizr.r, ahoyr fn>Ris<i? it^ms ? /?J llouM*.?].!- canil.t t'uinfci.eil ? --Ml* K?? n.?, H'j;h .is, Ciuion water An i *\vry 1 tn. ii?*e ! >p h ? mj?lu>; t-co fioml Uly; particularly n r i iv, mail, n?sp< ciablc 'amiliuf. Rent luw F?ANilAL. 4 PM'?TMJ<.NI OF CLAIMS OS THE GOVEKNMENT A Claims ii.a.?. ;i even departm nt a Wa?htiiKt"n adjust ed promo 'y in pet on b*v "?;> J" hi m - ij' there, IKiN. HORATIO KINO. Late Doi -it <! ore ml nf rh l ubvl RmS-n, To whom r'alne are forward* it o.tilv t rom the oilieo ol JO IIS It Ml KKAV. An y ai I N.vv . Bank' l\ ili) Na.vsan steed, "pposite the I'oet oilloa. (IOKTR\? Ti >R - Bl LL J \ , ii: ; in W.h a ni Navy Dona. tmeuU j/UK'i/' c<l by .JOHN LJ MI RKAY, A'tin and Navy lUrk r, ?it) Niuniau au-t I, uppo.-ite 'he Cost. oUJce. IMKST MORTGAGE J1L I FRSONVCLLR RAILROAD JL H ? Oliii e of he J.-HV: .uniilv R .111 .el *'<? np t iiy^ lnd , Dee"trifoer 7 IStff.?'Id e hohi1 ??* ..i th- <? K?n ? ? at ebMi . > '.atlfe J'id* rr,,i.[.:my tvi'ln 11 <? ! t A May of January n"x'> m tb?? oll'iv >t tin* ! States T ? m1. C-iinj a >y, NT,,?\ fork ?it;., a- the lowest h.ii be i ?\v f b<\ a part o! I i First Mortta/.e B<>u N, loeeablc t" the jif.n . m >f a contra, t peitainiig I hereto, hearing data ril I J, IS-V O.'i'i rr :/ir ??' -"if l ends diunM ho & htro.sMt under muI to J he Unped Mtu|r? Tr ?t <-<?rni"?oy r>i' ? ?t* r! cvior - <1. ?()?' ? t of the Pi si Mor'gftK'' H >ao lor l>. tide) of tao J"'Vers? avil'e UaiUoiul o tno Sinking i n >. a ? i, or hid*, 'i o ? ? received ui uooq th- W. da. ' J.': . afore .1:0. J. II M. CAMPBELL, fi#v*y And Treasurer. J EYING MAVING8 JNr-ril ilOX, NO. 9b W.vIUUJN I- - !??*? a!' -tvpil :\t the rate of f, ,.*r <?? nt on sums iron. $1 t" $ *50, and & jier -em or. m;" i over tint amount. Open d.?.... ? -m I'.1 M to 2 \ M '.! o <1* Monday, Tht?i>-day ftfuf 8it.or hiy eveionus t> m ( "> 7 I'. NT. JO 'N ' "A -TREE, Pro ant. W1IXT tM M. in I.*, / . ? ? >g, . t. KYI VANl'S H. W MO) 5 ' VtNnicdfiTi.T L. R".tr'?w, S< "oury. xToricr.-ffoLHKRS ?ip tm/vVAi kkh oity ?ond.4 IN ?'?>'..1 to the 'I-ikee art i >1 in, r .-i K'h ? i l?'o.?i p.'toy may ei- han^' ?h ? -.ame f:>r Seoond H.ef*! -i Siork of the Mil'.v.uiice." nit') I'rai'ie ?!?; i'hl? n ltailv,n\ ?'o ., any hy app'y 'o W. Kt UAL'i A CO., ixh an I li) K li.n,; pi nee. WANTED ON A TMP.EK 8T?)KY l-'KAME ?!? I v" H 0-I..1 It sola, in \N ill.iii . Ti.uv, VM Ith$2o0?, o \ i'i --oil vei cheap. Please add. i*rh imiie'diaU-ly, h. ii., li raid (W\A -WANTED. V OENiU.VTAN WM'ir * l#\ to art in i ? . n'chi^ Tjo'iho in "Wall n?r? ? t. For \ a <.i u<)ifh in.pitro, between i.u of J. E. II .UJXKTT, co oiP' Uorat' <St 1 IUW) "WANTED, THIS AMOl'NT HY ONE OF tjp !.?* M f l_r , tiu heirti'a nn tte, who, by a pi . sion r\ t ; 0-111 o. n p .rtylon?? ire ?h r-nsed eann?t,-juite yet .??) tain the inherimo' e. A h>i'tio>i wlinie giv-.-a i'-.r the lean for .. ar , and itd" ? . ni;.l "ipo'kea [a i Ada mB. O. w., box 1 -I II ft!. Aflk ? a* LOAN?OV fptvo AND MORTOAGK, J'/U n Xenv V rk ri'y leipr.?v i d oio; y only, iv "th v? !e mt $IO,o<W. I'rineip.'iiN only .malt ndth. Nonim ?>I() ()(]() T(> LE:vn AND M0^ro \nE, iv ? i N w V'ok. N" Im'oK'i i/.e ilwir^ed or all awed- jl HANL)< 'lii'H ROHliNftON, a say a A Ti.ey'a law oilier, Ml Wan ar ei. ~ Z TO LOAN ON BOND AND MOHTtiAOE, )? )?' M I* I - n produ. tlvr ??' .1 eHt.ite in thwciiy. ?Ample gi - uritv and ii ^o" i WndMmn*- r- ? iirod. Aiiply to JOII ? F. CONE)''V, u ti' H in*i 1' a I in ii-s'inuo 0 m* I a ay, 00 Wall *t; ?? I. &L'(\ (\(\(\ tn low-on bond vnd moktoace, ' ''' ,tl ' 1 * f ,v' ' 'i fnvi-d Property ii t.lih.? ty or E.' o-Jy.i, j , 'i.ii'ti i.i? i'/Mil' 'ii e . >) V. I.. r. .'t ill" j lii Hio.d. '.iv. LOAN IM KICKS. v; j. ir hakuin?.e :rf, ? o.m>iu?>io j\ Tl. ?*<,)<}< 1 o'.l ' jamof h, or unMSt; waUhe.a, p-ai,-. i i.e.* . .r-, i i't ,.n >??, ofjih.. I J?iK!i unv'um, Ae. Ho. $Vs Broadway, room ? up Ktuna. 4 T NO. 0 ( llAiiBKVtH STRBRT. MONEY TO LOAN A .i y am ? it on Diamou , Watch ? ,w.di,, Ac . ny ;? # )t (??.'\vn and old ? .?????.{ ISAAC, Hi A .? ^ d ( m mi r u-ih?, N 'J m.- >' ? ?N. ih?N nsii ?>?< rar euotcn "ii Saturd ? % A T 77 J'f.F.'' I Kit STflia.'T-ltoXF.y LAB/'RALLY A a tvaiKra to -ni* 'iiriunii' en dhia.oin a, vv ie ?. ?>. jew- i. r-, p:.ct 'H, e .iii . ?i .< ??. N. B.?t*awnbrek? ;V tieitii hwu^o', J I. NEWiON, ?i D'c? vi Ktrect, up .stair* ATJJI or. AND ??TKEET THR. M DOoR ; V/?.-:sr ? jV. Bro v I ?%?:?>- M ie> , o \Y 4 'j. , Jj au.0-1 Jewelly P ate, Dr.. Ooo'gii el p .. n, , ?p. ri^ ? . very ?P .st ir *il, o U" .hta.iUfeO -1. Ip Jv Si^t'U A. Ja> KbON, auc lonoiv ,?n { Lr 1 ' r. A T ?/.; NASNAU STREET.-- A, IIO' fiOf AN. 'DidMONO J\ hrolic1, m.i--d ?* al oiivarr e? .? D. ,n !?-, V\ amm , .1. \ *?lry, .v.*.. or buy* th< m at lull vr m, ?? . private oiTa e, ?XI Nassau street, rooru No. 2, up naii s. Business c-iDUden* t'ai. AT OS BROOME STREET, REAR BE D AY.? i\ LitHjrai ttslvfcaccH m ?de i> <? ad mad* Clotting, Oe'ths, iiid t erm ? v. .????. d v ?. . B. -? . ti K ' | i ? 1. - i T IBLRAL AOVANCFS MADE ON DtAMOMiS, I j \\ ..tches, Futfi iw Jew iry, .1 h. eat f??r A , -l |Th e. i' lsenw ;,,i OokJ I S v y to h' 1 \'0 i- . not i.o t> '. 'T ih i'? i l oil LOl'iS ANKi'.Jl. 7-i lvioau y, | &<)l\ III III 0) ADVAXv R, BY HENRY HYdAN. 489 OJU.UUU B. ? A.iv,,*\ .i N,i. i \' *. Dt i m-ndMf'f; . itt^r i;?.n ) sC rd every de erip' -n, from fid and ? p.\ .rls Mf n hai ?n n ai t of mon . w J .. well to cat!. Buf.u' ??"Aric** con ii'Ion t A. U ATCHES AAD JRAVELRY. T viAMOSD JEW El ID AT ASA dl.-D I .?A Hi'.V IR I " e I .. 1- av*m ? ? ? H .-?-'i for I.ui,!- - t?? *a . <} ? > h??? r.- or,'..? .i n & tlh lit A. v . and 2 till 3 I' M. C sti ?.n in IKui etie- M lies lu I ? n. i \\\ i Li Bit, . B oker, 512 B;> a!w y. Oi' SKK INS.?WARBANTEJ) SOLID GOI.D AND CO. W> al, $1-.e h,-ir .He f ?. S>. ca. a.p pi ? . l ? r j i-ii iii, lit.e \v..t?.n?'s, Kr< r.^.i i.n . En^dsli Cl'-ew , M m -ti Bn>?-*?, A < o i ?'.?*, Jei. Sent fur, repa? e and ? i n ? m? h:\ pan. oi the ittj, v ? *}e i f need workmen, Sa . ae'.lon warnn.ed at tui?. bll" e? nt. W.M, 11. >? -RRISON, Wutrhnti.Jfer, Und?m liriHii, Nh.. Vork. s\l,K,s OF IIRAI. KHTATB. * small ? IBM w INTEB-BY A PUVWCIAM. W4H1 A ill one or 'v nre' d '? "f <h" city, In ? yv m one or *w(? n- its <? vm. ?- . borlioi l era regular i metier. The place meat ' ? n?? rule order, ulth k > d buildings u d plenty of frul", ?o About !Wucree will I).' eultl h lit. I Ik'-mi bating * u|.,o,. f . ? . ,|e, ,v|, 1 would lilti" '?) I ? II for our your, "Hi tl ? p., vitHci of ii'stnu, mat eddic-* lor one work lb -Ici-ii, )l > Isoti ? ,t 4 .? i'oei o.Uce, e ating particular location, tu?n prii**, A",. A<. A COTTAOE BRICK HOUSE, IN BROOKLVN, WANT A .,.1 ?.\ln,t I>|> dehwlu* I. ?!! goo.l I.r.n-r, uneke.-p'u.nabl* nclgbboiluio.l and miiial. an n>? modern ?? t ? una . urn ground; price not to en , ed tl.tMtb vvbl b wllbepeMli tt .li. Addieaa tor twodaje M., box?'.? uo r?id oil) i>. __ Avery kink residence hii sake ok ex . fbange.?Siieati'd <u < beautiful v'ilage, net depo < ? boot,and clu r At ; gr oin i.-. Iiandeuiuely In d onl on ? arc i: -,I alxindttltee of . bo -?t fruit, mi'ubliery, ehadc tree*, and all Itt the very boa orde| K ilTllWl H .1 WUUD, K3 Na.wto etrret. A OOTT.VOR N'FAK THE CITY AT A KA<'RH I? I With ail in:ri' of andc" t'i l it*'?Sli ;vivV?*rrA*p : ? . t' fit , V-*.; In. a nu uiM'tJOMll* aI, ?o Mo f <? an In. i>. W. PIT'TittTT. brown n'one tmlUtiiiK corner ol Phuinaiu anil CnaoHHT trvr tu, acooud door. bl.VUM VOR KALE FOB 11AI.F ITS VALI K - 11?"' will pun-haHf n nno Psroi <>j' about 100 a< **'*?, 73 unU'T col,Ivatliin, iho i?wInne* in h# iiapt* f. Thu? In oio* iintry for ii ^cTliiR pur;? Is in* o >iy will paiviinno h una V lv,\Uuii, iho balance bi'*i turniH in lho count*/ .*? .. v??r* r? *-- . :'i inlleh from ralh. .nl ?utl< n, Si;m eirarobotu I u "<> 1,' p hn,Huge ami 30mile* from N.-w Vorkcit), l arm h >u?c nomutua kin lien, pallor and three be irooina, wlui mm. .ry and ml k Uo u.ti Inln^i new ovco, out li ..m m cm t.itnhif haro. -table, .or . ??.. d, hav limme iv?. on .mine mi l corn ? .it., Ii. ii bo.ue- uad ^.oy; well ahadeil with Ireea; two orchard* an?.t struvvborrv i ut h, with trditiot nil Wln*ta in iln ft Icnou; vVHllwati'ii l.'uuiag-jodapnng wellucai ib? hou.wt ; tar.- trom .m l t-? New Y??rk 2.i< oufi by ?iri??iiboat, by ruilvort't 60 otm< h; uiuat be Mold on a cuuntiu Ibeowiw-r inw to Kovope in the spring. Two Horn* m and nil kindjor Kir.n J?tiJ P iiu iitH will bo hoM rb? <??. lu julre ol W1 CORK IE, JUi) Spr ll? a?rw?t, N? w York. Farms vou s\le oh kx4'1tan<?r?<ink of n aciee,, bain. A-., $4 ?*??. and me of M acre#, Hooee. ti uha, Ac to I' .lumloaw.unly, N. Y , ?. 6 0, boih f.-e,. #i,d e'eur . I > > hH> o ,ier I arm . 10 ev. I.?tv;e A. SKRCKANT, la Wall street. rtoR KAI.K?NK VB KINGSTON, ANH LYIXU Af.UNO T the ,hr?ev Ballroii I an eieeitent tar.n ol tort nine forty-i ?? .micro iltivoloo. le.nalml-r In ?c.."l. laiinh.riaole dwelling and ouibmldti.,: . a """l?';' e.,?I ? fml?. good water, Ac. Prl ? *1,kA $ ?? *? ei.oi e irn". a ""' wao-i, ? ? - main ,.n in r en :. n " <>r vein ? S".. a iind larml g iiiene.l. or ail"'? lminireof J. It. t tN 1'EL.T, tn-..v K'dgo sidnol II" e. Klngeron, New Jersey. I soil SUB?THE TWO ItROWN 8TONK K.NOMSH I hur.1,.. nt Houeee. IIM un l l94!;Kiwl 'f.venlleib itr. t, conialttir -? "II mo.I. r i m,|..ovem tits. Apol.v to Til OS MAt'K\Rt,.\N. 1 SO Ten I h, near tlitrd Htciiiie. TTtim BAI.F.?THAT DESIRABLE )'ARM KORMKKLY r nelonlong III Peter Dm vi a (now ,teoe .?e I), Minnie, one mile weal m ill. \ .liege of 11 iitp-icad, 1.. I ain) about four t* cm * t'ioui the Hi . ^Un i>av#?ni?*nts. S.ild rarm rcti mmh of one'Hl u n * ti('>> land, under u ?ute ol't u A iiioi . i\n?i *1 v j 1 ?' f. << K v*. t'i Id nd. 1 ?' MJ,,V hou-f l :trti U"vrl, wa^"0 hgu?c;*nd other buiMtogH Editable for I'ai'tlt n ?n:n?i v I ?t: ? nil iu t ^ "1 order. App y to N V\ I t KS K a 7 i Full on klmd, hrooWiyu, i*. I.,oi ol H. in 11. r.A ? 1 ib? prsmi p. IaAOH SALK-FORTY ACRE FARM on liONO ISLAND. n , 1. |,IN h 1 r. i 1 I it Moil 0 ? count). P.'tiu > I vain .. wl.l rxH an h?r.i low i>n- ? tl imuiu* N? ?v York, 0mi put in a mi,*) tiitiu v. U < t \ ?t: .? t>r cmi" wanted 1 ur laud or lots in Ct* ? '?g'f. Appiy At 12 r*' h r?*n, y.I.'H.IO A. HASTINGS TAOR HA1V. ?OH TO EXC1IANOK FOR flonn M! K P g.imv, 1 , . .11 a r. a.n i vbi ? price. ? *|'o ?i d<t H ,r? and Farm, if dtn-lrvd, uH h* Ubing vitiate; li? disii in tl: 11 wf, tin ? lui;'- 'ovoaul i??dh * oyryUil 'ji for a ooroi'ortabitt l>u*in*homo. Will lurniab homn ,.b if rcpiirtul. I?\A?; A. BIHUN. i3Na -au ?iw lAOIl ALE t-HKAF?THIRTY-NINE MILKS ON LONtJ r I n a-mail bore ' rout I' art ? l t- *< . n. .'?? u tin tlo hc.u'iv; bouse two *tory, ccod barn, nnd 1 l n -vv , 10.1 v , n , the ' ? ??: fx""-st<jaiu-'m.i(. po. t ".)? - . s booh, cl. ircbeH, A T- una. a-;. (t. BLAKE. H Ultembere at. F NOR SALE, IN rONNFUTICI r-A OOOH FARM, ah nit eight mile# limn N ??? Hum.; Ilo . Urn, ,.5 , .-I ferilie lan.1, Slin k, I t ? .????! tarmma .he?nsi.a. well ." bile.I n?lgbb n lioo he' b ;. a ore?, . bin.'he . n . : , . .... ,< i .aid well .1 wa'.r at Iheilo.r. I > ??> J it,. ' oi rea-oi.nblo t-rin . Ko for b-r tnioru.a u.idI i.iiiirc ot O. 11. t ')Of, 2'.? street, coruer ot bta. Now York. ?711)K KALE OR EM'HANOr: FOB COUNTRY l>tt C ITY H I?r.,; -f ...I U '1',: r>l I"). .Ilia'. ..rn dVilil.ay o. Va lory: t..?m?er wil. Englu;. U-.tb r, S. u frr-H. .v.-, tin ' -r par.I' ll ?i a ; j .y oil the I"e'u.M'< ami 74 W> ??' Tw ?mts-httf. sire. ..riot. 1 . I VMi HI'.LL, l^< Broad way, room No. 7, . V,1<)lt K4LK OR to I.KT?lltr. inetr..? on.,n ? r 101 ', bub ain-p nrown mi lion-" t>7 W !l 1 Hirret. >'"?l 8ix;l>u mine, wiib gas hvime mod- mm V ,,t- < .ml '., e. Ur< l"-r mou '- At'f/ ?? ?? " Hit E.HCity 11 .11. id si.icy. ^ )?'<) l'RIv.'MMI-S. K'?B MALE, AT A ?A0BI 1 n, ?, and I ? ..'let t- .rv res in. a yal .. ..<? I. >vi i '>??? , , - -a, ,i I, . y: one h.nir hy mill, ad tl i. i ' ? ?"|K I,':-.' Im,.- .'..abil.b.'l, loe.a'l. . of mm , It? 11 1, , v. ??? h iv' '1 i.i* ,.10'imlH of Hoiin* a''.r?*H turn!*)!, " '*4'oj???i u i\ 1 , , i Pilnl'i Ol imi'f- .. ?? ' --'1 ? ' tnirtil ! .*a tie. ra miliary jU.o i; ...p> j ??g fare ..iter- I Teru.e acconim..T?'.tng. Ao.ire . t ? <1 , IVo Herabl ollb e. TAlo,R:i"eV.m:V;)mM;me-.?.-'n.>dc.n In. w \'\ I ody 'Vfii ->i K.?-V i v if ? 4 tor ? "a ? ^' ''7*' j(i, t , .( Fitv 11 ? *1' 'v . ?1 j 1 2bi) ivcr> .n 'or r.?ur??-vd. a ac bjx 32 i'o?t ?dU< * , lArrjtow n, -ri'.D- 10 l.XCII ANlii: 1 ItlVfOLAR ' MKR'-JI VN \VAdi."':o.Vt ?> ?? 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C5 M.VlDKN LVC CORNER or WILLIAM STREET. \\'? ar lptr -in thi.t U.i VM'n ?ball not f?vl -h? pr? -ui i* t'.?' ? m* . *, ? :i i ? ib? *i' 1 1 i;i- Jin'l com?,'Ji .o , - ol Nhk> !'? A r UK I All in" la* 111 o n\osi^l\ ol i)? VI iilM M\1NT Kl^ UNABLE PUD.'E^. <'AJ#L EAIii.Y to ' 1 ihr ro* t. an 1 fx-lect yot.r ^ ods b?'l re the ))ifti.i'Rt tl.i ? + ??? i w KAAj'UK<?Eli \ .SUMS', tmporlxrx, NO. G5 MAIOKN LAN a Lurner ol Wtllbm hUH'?:t. MY CfflLD K DELI .Hr~Nl Wr.Ll/S PATENTSPFJ L IV; H?mk, $! li-piiil ) tIiirt.v > o ab 'I ? lo ,? jv'.ujo Mji.';, \ in# }-o>,k ?n ? ? r a I<t: ' :ll .? iim r i? ? live for oiiMUri i?; the b hi of bo bi.?> at the prlnvp*1 t?o ?ko?. ?' at \vh ?l< fial" and retail by T. C. BRUWNELL, -6 IlowarU iVroot, N. Y. "* PALE. L" n OF CHOICE WINK!* AND LIQUORS Jf) foi ,h ox '? - who .mend na ivi,,g ? h? I. 1 belt r rail on L M N/.LItT 1/7 Hrnnd ?tix t, im .i On u'r *r ? ? iiilr1 M I)t!l - c< i.'a ni ./( twft.vw bottli-anf Wit! ? r. i 1. .m< :"i ? ?'b'UiV' iciii kin< i-, pixa e ' in a t, . t i ,n\- ' w,i l a* transj <?]'atnni, l'??r t a low price v> <; ? do..a P B.-A iin ?? na^iTlnic-iU of SVi:? 8 .in.I I ? ' ,.;v ] Jy on buod, in brnd or In ?tore, of dlr -' titn !>? nation. ^ O- CENTS. 25 CENTS. 25 CENTS. ?t) CHRISTMAS IS COMING. GREAT RL'Ml FOR BOOKS ?r NO 677 BROADWAY, C<ni*4'd bv t I" GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. f ull early, bcTnre the *<m* iv er oded, and 5 >ur x m.-> n?r ohri * ? i"!'? lb- nnnn n >? ?tm*k'd* SPLKN LILLY ILU STKATLD B-nuvS, j * . ? i - . v1 \i ALBUMS, ?ru? ?'iGLAPu m, p lvyl ts, roET.v STAND ? ID KICIKlnD, A*'., AO. Also, ? dollar nook* SLliLINO toK I VKMY I1VH CENTS. C ill a .h% 1 ?rly pa t of .ay tn avoid tl?n crowd, and you u.,.Ww u IhAL r ?? "*< iA u. G. tV 1 J fC 1 f ER, N??. 677 11 roa ! da \. aiibuvior li? l>. W. K?an- A Co. WR SALE. A tVi'e onh'.noysVbk i ^fUdOffS^ &&&&& formutiun Inquire m thr milooi, u '":r For in A JSf'.KK'*, ik'.M . v nrly Km h,.??,,,? w?|| r.ui,hi ' h,W worl" "J and Iuv.uhI i> ku.-wi, miiU with up- .1|u- ...' "?>u? *?" I*. ,,. Will, the *1,1 of ill..," now in i',.,-c., ; \2T* ,\]>T * ? dsiL of the biuine** In m w ?k ? lime. Cai i Vi. 5 ii l imirn Ana-Inn |>?riy, ivilh .... .rn ami. "ra,lft V 1"' ?'1'? ? U??<< n ?n<l without rl?n a,I N V'lwi-iii,'?* ?" wnniuiul. u A II., Uu. 3i384 A f',Kvr ?;t-ASS OROCEHY STORE, SFLENDIDLO Jl ' -II "II,-I.-II-K ? lU'At rla.a huaiuua*ami xplnniidly Bll -I up; U 'l it*. w?Kofi, ; wit complew; rea?D for nelling. WIU he k.O.j cheap lu, ounll. ISA IC A, fliuos, 75 Nauhu rtre?L A ,:'K| chance?for sale chrap, a nwrNii ;'; ;!' r.x' 'U'l'Hru m ihi- M",?.;i IW avenue tin. I'-dglug aeimriuioni umru lh*o pay* ihe roul* OliTt'llI'.K'S SHOP FOIl KALE? HITTER, L'HEE-'B ' ' o-ii" -f U-." tu -I rami, ill iho E nlull aveuoo, for l'Mrf ' ,P| 9-l,K KijUIU avenue, batweon i i.irti" i i,;liih uuij Tinny nlnih air-mix. DRUO STORE fob SALE IN A GOOD NKfUHIiOR bond, lung Hstiihiin, ed an,j tjoiovr ? inir busir . #s. To a imyei. I.m , i |K? i coin in m ini; tuiHineM tbla i? u c-njd open. 1'1 ' ?" " r-, L' un", VV A . huilun E. I IRI'IJ SToRK FOB s .i e-wkli. fitted up, ooon ?*,,,,* ,M1*? 'Ul,4f ?*?t.i",ialn"i tm? .h.iiiiu loi a niivciiLiu ?III I ? sold low on uoc-uinl ol uthor buameM. Anuly At KJK Seventh avenue, umu 21th aire. L ' ])r';:'st:?rk for sale in biiooklyn-locatbd 1 IwirhuiKi una 1I1..11U * lulr Uuhi Fr lit, Urtilikly 11 * BUST, It Fult-iu ?ti, . i, ooruer ul FUS "r!:K;^ KI,WT UI^SS I'ONFECTIOSERY AND j, .it in uii'.'u lii'rlV in-l'^ h-ih ->r - hy ?i" truiiui",,, (rune, am ? ,, Vernal r.illi -Kil (!,,p?i. utl.-r* unii-iiHlly ctr-u.g In-lu ,111-ulA. Tu vrnf.'n^i'i of I.T. m'*'7'" 'kl"-< 1 <"??.'h<"-.iiipleuloon \? ill Hit > O! ail t'Xrf'Httllt ?. r.,? 0V??n ail. urf*M?M.trtl Aimlv In y ^\r * >'? ' ^ airrai, or Ue./orr J v- . vim t- ,1 m$401\, u, (4, nua POR SALE?THE OI,|) ESTABLISHED OYSTER AND I Diinkiug Niil, 0 1 | | anil !?.? 1.IICCI, corner of II ul' - 11. now -l uiip 1 ^(in-1 c.,?h iru-|.>. The r-'iimn tor ?"ll Ihr-cu yi* n>K '? "" Uy "PYlfing on iho pyoil??? for EK>* BALS?THB STOCK AND SI v ri/[ii,.s of an U l lelii 'l .m i u-ll 1,11, il up Hi) ,?r Mtn,., on one ul inr p inclpul iiveniieM, ilulng * ?oo(l binluri-u. ft) v reut Muni ; " l,wJ 'h- "wner IH I ,nlti? the city. Applj lu I OAH-NKV ,t 1,1) , 1,111 buih-iin air el. I^AOJI HA LE-TO fJROl ERY'MKN AND EBT ItERS-A A c-iriicr S 'ov on Eight 1 iiven-i ?. nunr nMi-p 0 1 uu ,t llrul rl -? inrnl inuri. , en uliliv;.cil oiur it ii yr?r?; a u'uod loca 1 on lor-1 cr-Hi-ry to en "i. t wlti tin- mi at buMm-**: the at or 1% 11'y I- ei rterp Aj -ly ul T21 El, l.t , utenuv.coi'liDi hi fu'Ttiy neve nth >troi"i, ' SM.E-A la hoe pair of NAS'O C1AKT8RKS, t lor nig tlruM 1 Imi'iut -I in III Eli- op i|, with tiii-"? i.'iti ? iilln. a . in--, mill b-io-'-t 01 tlir pii n. nt w?r, miii?I-.c f .1 -alii ||-11 Apply lu ItANGH, Nli'.IIWIN A CO., aiictioi - 14 BroMl?rn?. T^Olt SALE?AN OLD E8TAHLIB.1KD SE-MR STORK in ih?% I'diiitit aii ium, with a run of cuHtotswrx. '' '?* to? lit mi;, liutjk i-iiiiii and Iwnr rooma hjj alaiiH, ?U0. "1 t t/*1 V? ?,!Ul ?l ,oaviniJ lh* Oiautry liniVHre wi fcHm SALK-A LAHtJK URO?'KKY O.V COif UT 8TKBKT, I I'ruoR!yr?, * II.. t? r ami Cheaao 8ii>ra on Nixiii ax*nu?, a 'ii? uiwn, \vv> 1 ? ihvu inwu, and vri .ohm ?'jii'lw ol b? dih dn; two ? r il ??.???? . haiK's i<? ins ???-t ax par n in, j" ? V ItiCilAK.JtiUN A <?0., b2 aiiU 8-1 Nu^n.hi Rlp'et. XflOR s 11.8 i HE i BARB. STOCK and niTOgH I or Iho 14'|iior ? i*, toinur #/#' U/itmnorjd and VVnal atr o'iM. Ai piyfii) ?!,#? inninlso# imme i Lit# Jy. LYOK StLR-THE HOOD WILL WITH STOCK ANT) I risture of'in old r-Htabl hhau bur room and general din ??; ?n ! <?.i etrr ?.i ?.11, in a bumim-a lo? at on, d 't.rlh" 1.1,-. t-yhfi a \.wol uoid vory cb? .iptou ?aab h , - , r: 1 r a oi t .?and r-bfap rent. Aj>;dy to J. ?lt* l'iumb<;i-H HI reel, from 12 lo 4 o oiock. l^O K ^'At.K-i OK 15 A lu K 1 I'M VALUK, THE MRSTi.'OR. I if r lui(,unr 8'o('f, -. . a I* Lmim uvt??mi', v,? fl ?' la.di?ln?d. V''a}'' 1 ? 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No. 33>< Oi vi-1 ? s " ?- Was dune am m t ul bdh.n??n". loi- Uio )mu nine* t* 1 ?i v ar.- ih'ut.i of Hie pro,v- lor'? w ie ilie, r? a.- >u tor k??II In - pt(, id up, 4.r'unit 1. r .1 1 ei. .?n . nvi i>m? v. th Iho v; .-1 > " lixt'iren v. lit >h? no.d aepa aie fr* m furni t'iJ'e, )j til J JVO. A ply Uli iho picm?tMJH. H. W. HRN8A Jih. pATENT t-olt fcAl.E-OV A VERY VALUABI.E IN J. v ji iun *.1 ati iut 'ie nee<ied in everyrlmap, rcufjoiiut ai .iiul very Inei id vr, ul' will sell n |Hiriion oy J-t.i ?i o. my or lli^c'.1 :n p'1 u rt.v, \V<* '.<? rit laud ami mevetiau* ni"*1. HOt'TflWlCKc it VVt>t>I>, ti'3 NaMMau nireet. |>r>TU ItVNT H)'l ^'AL 75.- A 0KI5\T HA P.O. VIN ON It um tu -1 lib i I I* in.-; lmle m* ? ; money required, 1 u^iinii '.vnil * fiiab she , hundsoinely n.ieu p una tuliy in. -i- 11 '*?!, in'i a I..;v inH. ? Iumb bu^iuesn, and j^reut el anc6 to make inone *,?M! THWICK A WOOD, P2 Nttwmi Street I RfNTFKK. -Ffllt St IK, ONE WASHINGTON 8 V I i"'r <'?> ?! iian i l'ri'Hs, and one L.thortruphlc ih'ared V; ?? u'.if '? !.?(-? .in, in gju I woikiii;; or.i. r. Appty ?u?J4 i-4'? it. 1 e< !, '.'p it 1 f?*. Td Hi; .SOLD-? IIEAP Foil OA80, A WELZ, KITTED 1 *?|" ? !? :- o i ?: y, wI'll ? Hiaui .die- a id In a o ;nl^h noir.oud. l'i- ul., ut living ruom and hiw runt; nu st be add mi a - ul uf k. ? I'o4o?>fon iumieduilef*. 362 Ac id f t? 't d, i e iiceii 1) .ii<i and iioyi, nrookiyu. AI r ATE -&FAJ ' S 18 AND 10 B08EE ^ > ivmuii Ji'i-Iu,'.-.s, now f?i|pl>tng two ? I 1 -'"h Umi or m jU-a -'iy, Inoutio b*'i or Mpiramiy, l/4'lOire I, NvvY .ro Mi.MAN 1 avenue, Hruokiy a. M'O MA'i II M \Nl'J A(TUKERS.?FOR SALE, A PA I t ' i i-i v . . 11 il?" man a u in 01 friction M i . A'i exj 1 I.'tn-.r. no " tru co>t Invuived, 1111 I neom n. e t oy ili?* hii'ltf.1*' um , rul.'M. Apply to L W *iEK? 1.E..L, j d iilug* , i2i N iMuiu fiireel. C; I RA ?A M\:ini'AOTI'.iINO nnsiNKriS -OOOD -.lie: .1)1 I .|1V?T ?: maud, _'d > p 1 - Diploid. s h , ' and 111,! .rut ro* ti?.!, v.lven. S d lut irry reanor-H 1- - .lug. kali bei.v 1 h) and 0 oVlot'k, tu me has*:ment, at Ida 1*4' * Mi :v t, !i*-;ir ft fan v.m. (JO|W| WILL hi ART A MONEY MAKING Bl/g? NESg. ? 'I ? > ? M f f*' ? 11' ? "'i'}, -Ul If it IT f. OMj;.! (f *i ?j t?' 'd.i wild, tin? 1 usim mis .'h; innn and j ipcetable, An l/'lici day fur 11,'rutull ill I. ai the bar oi tiie Fiftli V\ u > ?i ll utei. Ml I.I.I \ KKi , AC. 4 t,l. fills WKKK, Till. KXTIRK Sl'O' K 01' Kf.A'IK ,\ \.H mi e ; #<??? n, wu.wi, itinb, m.,7. blue, II nt oi.? , purple, in . i, an l ewi| ilbrtrj-ol r In iVhti, ? t.ii iwc t cash i ri i", it Mid. W>t. 8.MMONB', II..7 Bi'oatl IKUAINH THIS WEEK-VELVET BONNETS, NEW BA?? >1 i. i t.i- HonneU at $lj, tvorita pS'J; Black Velvet Bon. a ti? 5" til'' \t r,a Il.i.iuay Gull Jreii'a Hit*, V. Ivm Tnrbin*. Ii B1N.MJ' M.lllnery, 5S1 Uroiulivny, &S1 opp vile M Iropo'tan Hotel. 1/M US, VT IIS - I, Mil! ?', 1" VOIJ WANT V it'll FURff I ii ri 'I .mil j i i i oufuly ami p.oniptl,., t? pr.ic t nl iin ien,'?.etni'in to the my tmuim ,, tory on town, >g ..7 K';;i i ,?v. ii e. I) t if u I'moily d.vili ami Twi uiy h. . n en d. K nieuiin r. I'p ? t?ir* a nice .i**n; tmeni of livjleb' nno liiMtt n n iao > r'i Ih, cl.e.ip. FJ.viiiAN. C ; i us, 11 r- tioii.a. i. you v v.nt yours t a. ri-tl o .'?>.i ? i Mr'11.1.1 .uid prompt./ i'.' pi-ai'tlikl r. r l' r I'*- in l. th'ma. ut'soi. ry. i., liplilh .muue, lb -,v . ii T.vmi'j vi 'ii .inot i'wi n,y ?? vioiili s n et*. Kiom in tie ,ii > .. .. A nice v orliuetit of iiuuii.' ami '.'lilldri ti'u fuuey F ira In lie eoi.t obeap. UN it IAN. TiVIlSI Fl'RF I H R81 r WHOLESALE and retail. THE EMPIRE CITY Ft'R C'JMi'ANY ?K&TABl.lallhi' 1619, Nor. 2?S B w ry, 271 Or. n street, 7T1 B'.'.htN .trenne, Ot'Vr ill lr .it-'ii > . i I ' pntiiic a Ini e uut I'llenUI'l *** *??? to "t t ? LADIES MInSES ANO CIIIEMUEN S FAX ( V PI its, ? I n oil ?ivnni II eeturc, enU*i?tliiK " ' ilnv Set ? Mink, Kiicb ami Stone Alar ml, Si m do . pilir,', Ac', iii I i i m, Cein'k, Clonks, Vlc.uilti"-, *it:ln aiio CuiM, lit n, a cli? in *? a. Im, tl-iti nf HI" tjt'i Holies, gentli men's >? r p. t'o.'iiraftti'l (lion ? all ni prti'CH 11 vo't tno uines, at HARRIS V KI'SS.i K S. ??'l I I o 'i necrin... ?M Uunil uro, r, 221 K"w*rT' , , J", B.?i ir? ilyuifoiJ, nan and cba?p, ai the wry no )'??, . 1,1 OR THE HOLIDAYS , I ,m ? It IP\ It,US A SON. , *"Ji .. It j ,t ?? .t ? b .n.Wui a-wrrtmepi of i l".*i rs, Ural ti.6Si.fe, V-, V**.

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