Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1861 Page 5
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wednesday, Dec. 18?6 P. M. Mr. Chase arrived in town this morning, and the banks have been in session all day and in confer ence with him. It is always a matter of extreme difficulty to ascertain the proceedings of bauk meetings, the bankers seeming to consider the press their natural enemy, except when they wish to use the newspapers. We believe, however, (hat a resolution was passed agreeing to take hu)f the amount due the banks by the Secretary for re mburseraents in Treasury notes, and that some other matters of detail were debated. The general subject of the future policy of the banks with the government was laid over till to-morrow, when the banks meet again at ten A. M. We have reason to believe that Mr. Chase's plan of finance has not been thoroughly apprehended by the people or by the banks. It has been gene rally supposed that it involved the withdrawal from circulation of the paper currency now afloat This, as wo understand it, is not intended. Mr Chase simply proposes to add to the present volume of paper currency as much more as the war may cost, the new paper to he issued by the banks on the deposit of United States sixes. Such an issue would rest upon the double security of the banks themselves and the credit of the United States government, and would thus possess a solidity greater than could be obtained by any other method. It is trno that such an issue of paper?to the ?mounts required for the prosecution of the war would cause an inflation of a very formidable char acter. But an inflation, from causes which we have mentioned more than once, is inevitable under any system of fluance; the money required for the war cannot be borrowed by the usual methods fast enough for the requirements of the Trea sury. The only point which it is possible to bc enre, in view of a reaction, is to see that the new currency which must be issued for the pur poses of the war shall be as sound us possible; and this maximum of security Mr. Chase considers will be attained by combining the security of the banks themselves with that of the general government. It will at once occur to the render tlmt the diffi culty in this system will prove to be the redemp tion of the notes. If the associated Winks, for in stance, should by sonic process obtain a hundred millions of dollars, purchase Uuitcd States six per cents with them, aud issue $100,000,000 of bank notes thereupon, how could these notes be re deemed in coin under a system of specie payments? In the event of a refusal by the banks to co-ope Tate in the adoption of this system, we have reason to believe that Mr. Chase will rely, for the present, upon his demand notes. Of these he has $30-,000,000 ?till on hand; and, in case of necessity, Congress will undoubtedly authorize a further issue. These will continue, as heretofore, to be redeemable in coin on presentation at the Sub-Treasuries so long ?s there is any coin left to redeem them. The resolutions passed at the bank meeting yes terday, though excellent in spirit and generally Judicious, failed to improve matters to-day. Pub lie confidence seemed even weaker than yester day ; foreign exchange rose % per cent, and large amounts could not be obtained even at the ad vance. The money market, which has been gradu ally growing easier for some months, took a sud den torn the other way, and call loans could not bs obtained at seven per eent. It seems that the banks have called in all their loans, and refuse a loan on call until the present imbroglio is brought to a close. The news from England had, of course, com o thing to do with the increased distrust. Hut it is due to troth to say that many of the bankers themselves make no secret of their dissatisfaction at the passage of the resolutions printed in this morning's Herald, and recall, with mortification, the passage of very similar resolutions just before the suspension in 1857. Stocks fell off heavily this morning, partly on the foreign news, and partly on the bank resolu tions, wwich were regarded as foreshadowing a possible conflict between the banks and the foreign bankers on tho one hand, and between the govern ment and the banks on the other. At one time a perfect stampede prevailed. New YoTk Central fall 1%; Erie,2%; preferred, 3; Michigan Cen tral, 4; Pacific Mail, 2%; Read'ig, 2; guaranteed, 1; Panama, 3%; Illinois Central, 2; Toledo, 2%; Bock Island, 2; Qnincy, 2%. Governments were lower, without largo transactions. State stocks were pretty steady. After tho board it transpired that Mr. Chase had expressed the opinion that the trouble with Great Britain was susceptible *' a pacific solution, and that his negotiations with the banks were progressing satisfactorily. On the strength of this the market improved, and ral lied % a 1 per cent at the afternoon board, Stocks closed steady, the following being the lest quotations:?United States fi's, registered, 1881, 87 a88; do.<Vs, coupon, 1881,90 a90%; do.5's, 1874, 79 a 80; Indiana 5's,77 a 79; Virginia 6's, 46 a 48; Tennessee 6's, 40 a 40%; North Carolina C's, 66 a 58; Missouri C's, 35% a 36; Pacific Mail Steam ship Company, 78% a 79; New York Central Rail road, 75% a 75%; Erie Railway, 2.1% a 23%; do preferred, 43% a 44; Hudson River Railroad, 33% a 34; Harlem Railroad, 10% a 10%; do. preferred, 25 a 25%; Reading Railroad, 31 a 31%; Michigan Central Railroad,41 a 41%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad, 16% a 1C%; do. guar anteed, 36% a 37; Panama Railroad, 105% a 106%; Illinois C'-ntral Railroad, 56% a 56%; Galena and Chicago Railroad, ex div., 62 a 62%; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, 28 a 28%; Chicago and Rock Island Railroad, 44% a 44%; Chicago, Burlington and Quiney Railroad, 49% a 50%; Delaware, Lacka. wima and V.*estcrn Railroad, 75: Milwaukee and Prairie du Cliien Railroad, 17 a 17%; Illinois Cen tral bonds, 7's, 86 a 86. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? Receipts $923,636 V2 ?For crgtoms 82,000 00 Payments, Including redeemed 6pcr cf. notes 806 370 84 Balance 4,972,663 86 The government lias called for another instal ment of ten per eent, $3,500,000, from the banks, on the last loan (funded stock). The exchanges at the Rank Clearing House this morning were $21,366,470 24, and the balances $1,661,791 70, The directors of the Minnesota Mining Company have declared a Bemi-annual dividend of three dol lars per share, making eight dollars per share, or sixteen per cent from the net earnings of the year 1860, payable on the 6th of January. The transfer books will be closed on the 28th inst., and remain closed until after the payment of the dividend. The probable net earnings of the company for 1860 i were estimated in their last report (part of the product being then unsold) at about $210,000; but, in consequence of the fall in prices soon after, the actual profits realized fell a little short of $200,009, out of which $100,000 were paid out to the stockholder last July, and $60,000 more de clared in the above dividend. It appears, there fore, that, the directors have prudently reserved a larger surplus than usual, to keep themselves Btvong in the present unsettled stato of national and commercial affairs. The Mechanics' Bank has ,declared a semi-annual dividend of three and a half per cent, payable January 2; tho Hamilton Fire Insurance Company, a dividend of four per cent, payable on the first Monday in January, Stock fixchange, IVkdsxsuav, Pec. 18,1861. $J0n0P8fi'8,'81,rcg 87jf 1(H) sha Erie RR.. bio 24\( 6000 U 8 6's. 74,cou. 80 60 Erie RK prof.... 40 tOOO ill Canal reg bill 79 .40 (to b30 45J4 8'01 111 coa lids,'70. 80 100 do 45 7000 'lean 6 s, '90.. 40JJ 25 do" . . 44'< aeeeo do b30 40 175 do.'.'.'...... 44)2 HMO do 40 60 Ilud Hiv RR.. biSO M 1060 N O 6 a, 68 60 do 3344 1000 6's... 37 M 225 do y:v 110-40 do s3 37 J* 300 Harlem RR in 7000 California 7's.. So 310 Harlem RRi'iror' <>X 5500 HudRivRKletro 1031* loo Rending RR " 1000 HudHlrSdmbds 78 126 Clev* Pitta RR. . 13 BOOOHarlemlstmbda W6)4 10 Clev, ColA CtnRR 100 1000 Mich H s f tide. 77 60 Mich Cen HK 43 600 111 On Rlt bds. 87 60 do 42*4 2000 do 88 20 do 41)4 5 ehs Rk of America 1G0 100 do b30 41 60 Canton Company. 9)4 616 do 41 60 I'ao M ISS Co.. btlO 81 60 do s3 41)4 8 do 80)4 60 do 41)4 210 do 80 40 Mich BANIRR IT 100 73X 100 Mich 8AXI gt atk 38?4 1110 do 79 J4 100 do 30), 60 do bio 80 60 ruomna KR 106*4 100Little Miami RH. 80 60 do 106 200 N Y Con KR. .blO 7f>*4 600 IllCen KR scrip.. 50 60 do ?10 76)4 100 Galena A Oil Kit. ?h 875 <lo 76)4 60 d" tlS'4 1060 do 75*4 20 do 68V, 200 do 830 76)4 100 do 8H' kl4 do 78 100 do b80 68)4 ?0O do slO 76 Si 760 Clev A Toledo RR 28 i 60 do 816 75H 60 do 830 28'4 50 do bio 781, 600 do 2S'4 '60 do 76 ?4 200 do 28 160 Frio RR 26)4 160CW.A RcclcIiRR. 46) 100 do b30 26)4 160 do.... 40>4 100 do 25 J, 100 do. 46)4 212 do 26 160 do 464 2?0 do 24)4 60 CM. Bur A Q RR. 61 800 do 24 ?4 10 Mi'. A I' duCRR.. 16'4 760 do 830 24 *4 1 21 MllfcPduClstpre 76) 100 do 830 24'4 160 do 75 686 do 24)4 1 do 74)4 second board. $20001" 8 6'a,'74,cou. 70 26 slm Rod Riv RR. 34 11000 Missouri fl's... 38)4 100 liarI0111UU...>30 10)4 1000 do 36)4 76 Harlem RRpfd... 26 2000 do 80 20 do 25*4 6000 Hud Riv RRlm. 103 23 Reading RR 30)4 60 tills Pacific Mail .S3 79 126 Chic A K 1 RR... 46 350 do 78)4 260 do 44)4 1(8) do s30 78)4 200 do 44)4 10 do 78*4 60 MichOullK.. blO. 41)4 226 do 78)4 200 do 41)4 fiOVYCentralRR. ,p16 75 250 do b30 41)4 60 do s30 7 5 60 do *30 41)4 460 do 75*4 10 Mich So & N 1 RR lti>, 60 do Bio 76'4 lf'O Mich So A N I gst 36)4 t25 do 76'4 25 Panama RR..b30 107 300 File RK 23)4 100 ll.luoia Cen RR sc 58 150 do 24 100 do ?10 68 100 do l>30 24 30 (Teve A Tol RR.. 28 260 do 23)4 300 do 28 )i 60 do b30 24)4 600 do 28)4 100 Hud Riv RR 83)4 60 MilA PduChienRR 17 CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. WKDNBtDAY, l!CC. 18?6 P. M. Astnw.?Tho market wan llrmcr for pots, with small tules it $6 66.'4 a $5 62)4. 1'oarlB were steady at (o 62)4. RKiunmuKBM.?Flour?The market was less active ami buoyant, and prices for most grades were 5c. per bbl. lower. The Bales embraced about 8,000 a9,0o0bbls., closing within the following ruugo of prices:? Superfine State (6 30 a 6 46 Kxtra to fancy State 6 66 a 6 90 Superfine Western 6 30 a 6 45 Common to choice extra Western 6 70 a 8 60 Canadian 6 05 a 8 60 Southern mixed to good superilue 6 70 a 8 20 Fxtru do 0 30 a 7 20 Good to choice family do 7 20 a 8 00 Rye flour. 3 16 a 4 40 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 3 10 a 3 30 ?Canadian flour was dull and easier, whilo the sales em braced about 800 bbls., closing within the range of tho above prices. Southern was heavy and lower; the sales embraced about 900 bbls., within the range of the above quotations. Rye flour was flrmer, ami hi good demand within tho range of our quotations, while the gales em braced about 160 bbls., at $3 75 a $4 40. Corn meal wns in moderate demand at our figures. Puckwheat flour was quiet at $1 76 a $2 per 100 lbs., tho latter for choice. Wheat was heavy and less active, while the market fell off from 1 to 2 cents per bushel, attributable in some do greo to an advance in the rates of freiglil and difficulty in selling bills of exchange. The sales embraced about 126.000 bushels, at $1 60 for choice Michigan, (1 47 for white Ohio, $1 42 Tor amber do., $1 38 a $1 41 for red Western; $1 32 a$l 36 for amber Iowa and very handsome Green Hay. $1 29 a $1 31 for MUwaukee club, and at $1 23 a $1 27 for Chicago sjo trig. Barley was In fair demand. Sules of 8,200 bushel" were made at 70c. a 77c. for Canadian and at 77c. for State. Corn was less active, and fell off from lc. a 2c. per bushel. Tho sales embraced about 112.000 bushels, chiefly in store, at 68c. for Eastern mixed. 66c. a 67c. for shipping, and C7c. for yellow mainly. Oats were heavy and lower at 43c. for Western and Canadian and 43)tc. a 44c. for State. Comes?Sales of 1,600 baj.n Rio, not of best quality, were muilc at 18)sc., and 100 a 200 bags government Java at 24c. Cotton.?The market was more active, with sales of 2.200 bales, closing at 3kc. for middliug uplands, and at 40c. for good middling do. The stock was too much re duced to be influenced by any reports of the Liverpool market. Freights.?Rales woro decidedly Armor, and room for English ports restricted. To Liverpool 2(1,000 bushe'n of grain wero engaged, mostly wheat, ut ftit., in bulk, and9){d. in bags, and at the close lod. was asked, and 40,000 bushels of corn at 7^d. a 8!kd., the latter figure lor the article In ships' im** and by r.,i?,i?n vessel; 160 boxes bucou at 30s., and 600 bbls. Hour at Us. 7}fd. To Loudon 23,000 bushels whoatat 8>?d. a 9d. In bulk and bags, closing with higher rates demanded, lod. being asked, and 6,600bbis. flour by foretgu vessel at .'Is. a 4s. To Glasgow 1,000 bbls. flour woro taken at 2s. 9d. A full foreign vessel was taken to load for Liverpool with wheat at 0<l. AToreign brig was taken up for Cork and a mar ket at ll%d. for wheat in bulk, and a Norwegian bark was taken up for London to load with Hour at 9d. For Havre 18c. was paid for wheat and 70c. for flour. Hay.?The market was steady, with sales for sblpmont at 70c. a 76c., and at 8Cc. a 86e. for export. Hemp.?The political troubles liavo imparted more firmness to the market. The last sales of llauila wero made at 7c., 8 months. Jute was also firmer and in bet ter demand. Iron was hold with more firmness, while salos wero making to a fair extent of Scotch pig at prices runglng from $21 ex ship, n $22 a $23 from yard, and of No. 1 American at $18 50, all cash, usual delivery. Lkai>.?The foreign news caused an advance, and sales of foreign to arrive were made at 7c., and of Galena at 7*0. Umk was firm ; sales of some 600 a <100 bbls. w ere re ported at 66c. for Common and at $1 for lump. Naval Stores?Tlio' market was unlet, uudwehave only to Dofico a sale of 50 bbls. turpentine at $1 40 a $146. K'.wn was quiet and nominal at $5 76 a $6 87\'. On*.?City linseed wa? firm, with sales this week of 20.000 gallons at 81c. n 82c., and 16,000 do., for delivery in 00 uays, at 82>?c. a S4e,, cash. Provisions.?I'ork?The market was more activo and firm. The sales embraced 1,000 bbls. a) $12 37)4 a$12 75 for mess, $13 a $14 for prime mess, the latter for rather extra quality, and of prime ut $8 60 a $!>. Beef was less active, while prioes were flirn, with sales of 2C0 bbls. at $11 60 a $12 for plain mess, and at $13 60 a $14 for extra do. Dressed hogs were firmer, with sales at 45,'c. a 4%c. Bacon was steady, with sales ol' 750 boxes at 6)Jc. a 7>gc. for Western, and at 7c. a 8c. for city. Bard opened dull and closed tlrm/and %c. higher, with gales of 750 bbls. at 8lie. a 9 Vc. Butter and chceso wore In fair demand at unchanged prices. Riot.?Sales of 2,000 bags Java wero made at [>%c. a <i%r. and 50 casks Carolina at 7c. a 1\c. tfec.AKH.?Tho market vfas steady with sales of about 300 hhds. and 66 boxes. Saltpetre.?Since the Europa's news this article has advanced 7c. per lb. For the last week it sold at 11c. This week soles have been made as high os 18c. per lb., and soma held ai 20c. Nitrate of soda has also advanced 2c. to 3c. a 4c. per lb. WHJsmtY was more active, with sales of 1,000 bbls. at 20 t*c. a20),c. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. ConnrxoTON?Johnson.?on Wednesday, December 18. by the Rev. Dr. Houghton,GiLnr.RT S. Coiidinutom to Sarah 13.. daughter of Win. Johnson, Esq., of England. Matdbwbox?Kent.?On Monday, December 16, at the residence of tho bride's father, by the Kcv. Iir. E. H. Chapin, Pars Hatiibwson to Mary M., daughter of Gabriel Kent, all cf this city. Ron?Kktchak.?In Patchoguo, L. I., on Monday, Do comber 16. at tho Congregational church, by the Rev. Charles S. Hoover, Mr. Jisu hP.ok to Miss Martha C., darghter of the late James Kctcham,all of tho above place. 1'aylor?Crosswxtl.?On Tuesday,December 17, by the Rev. J. B. Clark. Sami Et H. Taylor,of Albany, to Mrs. LrzzmG'roswei.i , of Catskiil. Greene county, N. V. Walkkk?Patchbll.?On Tuesday, Teccinber 17, by the Rev. Joseph Sanderson, at the house of the bride's mother, Mr. Jen* H. Walker to Miss A .wig Patch ell, both of this city. Died. Carpenter.?On Tuesday, Decembsr 17, Phebe C. n. Carpenteh, wil'o of Robert Carpenter, of disease of the lungs. R datives and friends are invited to attend tho funeral, on sixib day (Friday) at oleven o'clot k, at Friends meet ing house, at Purchase. Carrla?cs will be in attendance at Rye Station to meet the seven o'clock train from New York. CoxNEn.?Patrick Conner, native of county Mead, parish of Kenny Gad. Ireland, aged 24 years and 9 months. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) noon, at twelve o'clock, from the comer 01 Urecn and Pranklm Ktreois, Green Point, L. I. ' Brooklyn,on Wednesday,December 18, Jbnn:b Durham,daughter or Robert c. and Eliza A. thu masto. aged 11 months and nine days. The relatives at d friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon at twoo clock, from 149 Concord street. Rochester pai>et s please copy. ^('omv.i^fbv.?tin Tuesday,December 17,aftera long Ill ness, Catubrinr Commi kev. aged 28 yeais. Tlio friend- and relatives are respectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, this (Thursday'? afternoon at one o'clock, from No. 8 Jackson street. Connolly.?On Tuesday, December 17,Kate Eij.inor the beloved child of Christopher and Maria Connolly aged' 9 months and 12 (lays. ' The friends of tho family are respectfully invited to at tend tho funeral, this (Thursday) afternion,at two o'clock, from the residence or her parents, 638 Second avenue, between Thirty-third and Thirty fourth streets Davin.?On Tuesday, December 17, Mary, the beloved' wife of John I'.win, after a lingering sickness, which sho bore with Christian fortitude, aged 34 years. The funeral will take place at her late residence, corner of Fourth and Garden streets, Hoboken, this Tnursday. at twelve o'clock. Thenro to the Roman Catholic church on Maple street, where a soh ran high mass will bo offered for the repose of her soul. Iler remn.ns will be Interred at Bergen, N. J. l'OSCri?" - OnTuesday morning, December J7, at eight o'clock, Henry Dorain, aged Si years, 4 months and 12 days. The relative* end friend* of the family, alio the German Grocers'Society,are respectfully Invited lo attend the fun ral, from Ii:b lato residence', No. 100 Broad Htreet, corner of Pear', t h g (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock t tuioi'H.?Ou Tuoeday, Dec.tuber 17,Tuomam It. Gil MO I K. The relative!- and frionda of the family are respectiti'ly Invited to attend the f nvrul, from the risidenecof h? sister. Mm. Benj roin B 11. 301 Canal street, this (Th rs t ay) nflerroon, at two o'c ock, without furlb. r invita tii u. Hie remains will be taken to Greenwood lor inter ment. Hannah.?In Poughkeepeie. on Tuesday evening, Do cam her 17, in elie ;tt)th year of her ago, Zilcha Mi eh, wife ol' Georgo Hannah. The i datives and friends of the family are Invitod to attend the luneral, ftom the Presbyterian church, in 1 o gbkeepsie, cti Friday afte noon, at two o'clock. Johns n.?( n Wednesday, Deoembcr 18, of c oup, Wil liam John.,, n, ag d 0 yeara and 9 nioiiti a. The l rlends and acquaintances cf Peter and Julia John son i re respectfully invited to attcuu the funeral, which will tak'1 place on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock, from their res.deuce. No. V Union place,Brooklyn. Jakus.?At Tremoiit, Westchester county, on Wednes day, Docoinher 18, Ksheivw, youngest child of Wm. and Eunice B. J: rvl*, in tho 8d year of her age. Ti e funeral w ill take place, from tho residence of her parents, on Friday afternoon. at one o'clcck. Kkkcav?On Tuesday morning, December 17, James Km;an, infant sou of Hugh and Ellen Keeguu, agod 2 m milksand 9 days. Tho fYtendR ol the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursla.v) ufteruoon, at two o'c'Ock, fioin ihc residence of hi? father, No. 108 halt Twenty secondstreet. Kimuali Brooklyn,on Wednesday, December 18, of Hcarlet fi ver, Carrie May, only child of Lumaii W. and Ellen M. Kimball, aged 2 years,7 months aud 7 days. The relumes and frioi <ls of the family arc invited to attend her luneral, on Friday afternoon, at half-past ono o'clock, frtm No. 71 Plneapp e street. Lniuu.?i n Tuesday, December 17, Catherine Van Giim.n, wife of Dctlcf l.lenuu. aud daughter of the late Uendnck Booruem. Tho friends of the family are Invited to attend tho hiuoial, this (Thursday) afternoon, ut one o'clock, from Grace cliuieh, Jersey City. Lyons,?On Tuesday, December IT, Michael Lyons aged 20 y< am and 6 mouths, from tho effects of a fall from a scaffold. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited lo at tend th>- funeral from tils brother's residence, No. 114 avenue D,ai Iwo o'clock. Matiikk?On Tuesday morning, December 17, after a short Illness, of svar et fever, Ella Maria, only child of Joseph W. aud tho late Maria Augusta Mather, agod 4 years, 2 months and 18 days. The relatives and friends are invited to attend tho funeral, at tit. George's church, Stuyvcsant square, tbig (Thursday) morning, at eleven o'clock, without further notice. Mcli vain.?On Wednesday, December 18, Josephine, youngest daughter of Joseph and Itosa Mcllvain, aged 2 years and 8 months. Fuiioral from No. 220 First avenue, this (Thursday) afternoon, ut one o'clock. Makct n.?In Jersey City, N. J., on Tuesday, December 17, Fiim it Van lb hen, wife of lawrence Marslon, and daughter of the late George aud Jane Hawkins, aged 34 years, 9 months and 1 day. Tke relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, 242 York street, Jersey City. Buffalo (N. Y.) papers please copy. Roeckel.?Suddenly, at Foster's Meadow, L, I., on Tuesday, December 17, Makuarit, wlfo of Joseph S. Konskel, aged 33 years, 0 mouths and 20days Sin'1-air.?hi Brooklyn,on Tuesday, December 17, Ann E., wifo of N. B. Sinclair, aged 34 years. The frlonds of the family aro respectfully invited to at tend tho funeral, from her lata residence, Ninth street, hear Fifth avenue, Brooklyn, this (Ihursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Siuw.?On Tuesday, December 17, John L. Siiaw, of disease of the throat, aged 33 years. The relatives and frieuds are respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, from the residence of his mother, Mrs. T. W. Rowttea, lCi'-ld street, t'armausyille, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Scully.?On Tuesday, December 17, Eiiward Scully, aged 40 years and C months. Tho remains will be taken from No. 304 Greenwich Street, tills day (Thursday). at 12 o'clock M. His friends and relatives are respectfully Invited to attend the runeral. Slur*,?On Wedmsday morning, December 18, Mary" Francm, yxjngest daughter of Philetus and Susau E. Smith, in tho 13th year of her age. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully Invitod to attend tho funeral, from the residence of lrer fallier, 269Seventh street, on Friday afternoon, at one o'clock. Sawans?On Monday, December 16, James Martin, aged IS months; and on Tuesday,December 17, EiiZABinii Mar caret, ageu 3 years and 7 months, only children of James and Elizabeth Sawaus. Townsenu ?On Wednesday,December 18, nftcr a se vere illness, Rev. B. 0. Townse.mi, in the 42d year of his age. The funeral service* will take plac from the residence of h s brother, 23 Grove street, on Friday afternoon, at one o'clock. All relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attond. Taylor.?On Wednesday, December 18, Mr. Robert Tavior, aged 80 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tli? funeral, from the residence of his son, 614 Hudson street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at one O'clock. Van BokKfa.KN.?On Tuesday, November 5, at San I'muciaco, Oil., Clonal A., fun ot the late A. H. Van Bokkelen, rged 3D years and 10 months. The i(datives and friends of tlio family, also those of his lather-in law, Dr. John, and of his brother-in-law, Dr. David B. MiDer, are respectfully invited to attend tlio funeral, from 127 East Ninetconth street, this Thursday at twelve o'clock. Vkntkn ? In this city, on Sunday, December 1, of dis ease of the heart, Mart F. Vkntpk, wife of David Vonton, in lierkSth year. Waddex.?Ou Monday, December 18, Wm. SomiARCK Waddki.l, son of Win. Coventry 11. WaddtJ), in th? 17th year of his age. The remains were interred in tho family vault, Trinity church yard. fWooni.KV.?Drowned,on Sunday, December 1. off Wall's land, Captain T. J. Woodley, aged 26 years and 4 months. Dearest husband, thou hast left me, Hero thy loss 1 deeply feel; But, 'tis Cod that hath bereft me, He can all my sorrows hoal. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invite t to attend the funeral, on Sunday aftoinoon, at three o'clock, at Bull's Ferry church, N. J. Woodcock.? On Wednesday, December 18, at Bedford, Word hosier county, Hakriki E., youngest daughter of Wm. I'. and Mary A. Woodcock, aged 20 years and 1 day. The relatives and fi iends of the lumily are respectfully invited toattend iliofuueial,on Friday morning, at eleven o'clock, from 138 Lexington avenue, without further invi tation. SHIPPING NEWS. Movements off Ocean Steamers. FROM EUROPE. A'rt m re. itapfi DaU. for City of New York. Liverpool I>cc 4. New York Australasian Liverpool Dee 7...New York St Andrew Glasgow ? Dee 7 ..New York Arago Southampton Dec 11...New York Ed In burg Liverpool Dee II...New York Nova Scoilan Liverpool Dec 12 Quebec Niagara Liverpool Dee 14 l<o?|nn llammnnia.. Southampton Die 18. ..New York Aria Liverpool. Dec John Hell Glasgow Dec FOR EUROPE. Congress Now York Dec 18 Antwerp Africa New York Deo 18... Liverpool Anglo-Saxon.... Portland Dc 21 ...Liverpool Kangaroo New York Dec 21... Liverpool Ilansa .New York Dec 21 Bremen Euiopa Boston Dec 26... Liverpool NovaScotlan .Portland Dec 28...Liverpool City of New York...New York ? Dec 28... Liverpool Teiitonia New York Dee 28 . Iluintmrg fit Andrew New York Jan 7. . . Glasgow FOR CALIFORNIA. Champion New York Dec 21. ..Asplnwall North Star New York Inn 1... Aspinwall Northern Light New York ..Jan 11. ..Aspinwnll KINGSTON, JA., HA VANA, MAPAKZAS AND NASSAU,N. P. Curator?From New York for Kingston, Jn, on the ZOih day of each month. 1 he Oleator leaves for New York on the 6lh of each month, and iv ill he due here about the 15lh. Coi.DksiA AND Marion?No staled days are yet fixed for the departure of the Columbia and Marlon for Ilnvana, but they will mi! about every ten days, touching at Key West out ward and homeward. Karrak?From New York for Havnnavla Nassau, NP, on the arrival of every alternate tliinaril "tcainer ntN'i iv York. Matansas?From New York for Mntanzason the 8th day of rnvh month. From Mntanzason the 22d, due at New York on the 28th. SPECIAL NOTICE. AVUllmnml package*intruded for Die New York Herai.d chctilet It Kexltel. ALMANAC FOR PXW TORE?Tills DAT. SDN RISER 7 ?!> I NOOK 'ORES eve 7 02 SUN SETS 4 35 1 II10U W.ITKR. morn 9 41 Port off Sew York, December IB, 1801. CLEARED. Ship Kate Hooper, Johns a, Han Francisco?Wells A Ema nuel. Ship Metropolis, Kenny, Liverpool?n fiaiiitler A Weirom. Slop Elizabeth Hamilton, Huruing, Havre?Fuu< h, Melncke A Wen t. fillip Wandering Jew, Smart, Havre?Boyd A Hineken. Ship Majestic, Neweomb, M.irseliles?Nesmitli A Son?. Bark Martha s Vlneyurri, W>aver, Glasgow?T Dunham. Bark Francesca Marin (for), , fork?Holmbne A Co, Bark Brlibh Tar (Br). Hunter, Cork?Jack-on A Nelll, Ra K Grace (Br), Ralpli. Belfast?Gr nnell, Minium A Co. Hnrk Holland. White. Bt J ago?J Thompson. Bug 11 Dohiiig (Br), Mooring, Cork for oruers?Jackson A K? ill. Brig Vcrtnnno (Hal), , Qneenstowr?Ho'rnboe A Co. Brig Mar a, Morgan, Para and a market?E L Corning. Brig Grace Worthlngton (Br), Stevens, Belize, llou?K Al exandre A Son. Brig Anna (Br), Morrow, Barbados?Smith, Jones A Co. Brig K;ug Brothers (Br), Laraway, Poriau Prince?K Mar ray, Jr. Brig L M Arnold (Br), Atkinson, StJugo?P I Nevlut A Son. Brig Phantom (Br), Hartery, fit Johns, NF?G F Heller, fi, hr fieptlinus (Br). Cuvanagh, Granada? tddleton A Co. Sehr Miranda, Ward, May ague ?Pawaon Douglas A Co. Sehr RUC (Br), Hamilton, Ja me'.?D R Dcwolf. fielirEmeiloe(Br). Copeland, Dlgbr?B F Small, fi, lir D B Warner, Alden, Por Royal, SC?McCready, Moll A Co. Selir Minnehaha. Young, Bultl lore?J W McKce. BohrB N Fox, Pin?, Baltlmoni-L Kenny. fiehr.M Henry, Nash, Portsmo h?W B Brown A Co. Kchr Keelson, Groves. Boston S t) PlUsbury. Bel.r Isabella, Knnllilln, Bosto ?Dayton A Co. S-hr CI a I, nge, Wright, Boat Vaster. Sehr Brandywlne, Wheeler, F 1 River?J Hcnd. filo, p Pent sail, Hnid/kom, fin ' ""I? Matter. Sloop Nellin D, Sludnms, Morrlstown. Sloou Sophia, Kesa, Bridgeport?H S Raekett. filoop Vurera, Williams, Norwich?II 8RackeM. Ntramer Beverly, Pierce, Philadelphia. ARRIVED. Steamship (Mentor (Br). Lord, Kingston. Ju. Dee ft, with Did He and passengers, to Walden A Booth. Hlup Henry liarbeck, True, Calcutta, Aug 12, Bam! Urals 16th. with saltpetre Ac. to llarbcck A Co. Has been 10 (lavs on the coast, with heavy NK sales ami calms. Oct 10. lat .14 90 H, Ion 16 27 E. s c, '.adzed ship Southern Eagle, of Boston, from Ksngoun for Falmouth. 66 days out; 4th Inst, lat 27 61, Ion 66 51, spol^u Br brig B Smith, from Bermuda for Turks Islands. Ship Emily A llall (of Portland), West, London. Nov 19, in ballast, to master. Nov 29, lat 4t), Ion 4(f, spoke ship Inez, 45 data lu nee for Havre. Ship Shnk pere ( Brem), Fechter, Bremen, 60 days, in bal last, to 0 Lultng. Put 111 tor repairs. Ship Robert Cushrnau <o( Bath), Otis, fit Vincent. CVI, 22 days n ballast, to Nesmlth A Sons. Bmk Jam- Douil (Br, of i'lctou, NS), Paige, Gloucester, 34 <fn\s, In ballast, to master. Hat k Tiberias (Br, of Sunderland), Newman, Sunderland, 60 da\?, with com, to order. Hark St Bernhard (Brem), Deft fen. Havre, 31 days, in bal last. to C Luliug. Nov 24, lat 46. ion 20 25, spoke ship Euro pa, of and from Bremen for New York. Buik Melody (Br, of Guernsey), latino, Rio Janeiro* 63 days, with coffee, to Ayuar A Co. 14th Inst, off llatteias, passed a tleet of 5 US gunboats bound S. Bat k Fleet wing (Br, of St Johns, NK), Tucker, Ceros, Bra zil. Nov 17, w ith coffee, to Green A Curry. Bark Osprey (of Salem). Nash. Santos, Nov 4, in ballast, lo Moore A Henry. Nov 21 )at 10 66 S, Ion 33 43. was boarded by (^aIPl DUver, of bark Couraut, from Montevideo for New Bark Reindeer (of New Haven), Wellington, Barbados, Dec 1, w ith sugar, to II Trowbridge's Sons. Bark Garibaldi (of Boston), Bended, Halifax, 6 days, with fish, to mtstcr. Brig Emanuel (Nor), Ostrum, London, 54 days, In ballast, to Ib linboe A Co. ltrlg Jason (llano), Deenkor, Rio Janeiro, 60 days, with cotlee, to order. Brig Robert Mow** (of New lfaven), Hotchki?*, Demnrara, 21 days, In ballast, to 1! Trowbridge's Sons, of New Haven. Had heavy N and NE gales the past 14 da vs. 16th Inst, lat 37 37, Ion 72 50, saw bark Ploretta, steer* ng SB. B'lij Milwaukee, Browu, Neuvitus. Nov 29, wltli sugar Ac. to Miller A ' 'ouybton. 7th Inst, off Charleston Bar, spoke V8 ab reKhinAjenrictt*. on a cruise. Brf/j m*i (Br), Cne< soman, Charlottctown, PET, II days, with potatoes, to master. Brig Christ in na (Br), May, Charlottctown, PEL 7 day with oats, to J W Trumbull. Brig Ocean Hp ray. Btubbs, Key West, in ballast, to R P Buck A Co, (Arrived I6tb.) Bohr May, Smith, Messina, Oct 12, passed Gibraltar 27th, with fruit, to l.swrenee, Giles A Co. Bohr Sarah B Sterrett (Br, of Yarmouth, N8), Rterrctt. Dry Harbor, Ja, JOdsya, with pimento, to Henry, Dc Cordova A Co. laf in^t, lat 32 34, Ion S3 67, passed brig M Matthew son, bound N. ? Hchr Thrasher (Br. of Windsor, NR), Hunter, Savanna-la Mar, Nov 21 with wood, to 11 ?S A O A Dewolf. H. hr Gen Cropper. Conklln, Accomac, Va, 2 days. Hchr J llolines, Holmes. Baltimore, 4 days. Hchr Maria June, H'mkins, Baltimore, 4 days. Bohr Era French, Loveland, Baltimore, 6 da ye. Behr E Hamilton, Lynch, Maryland, 3 days. hchr N B T Thompson, Couovcr, Philadelphia for Provi dence. Behr Joseph, Ireland, Great Egg Harbor. Behr A A E B iker, Bmlth, Great Egg Harbor. Behr Harriet Baker, Webber, Eli/abethport, and sailed for Portland. Behr Cherub, Bailey, Elizabeth port, and sailed for Boston. B hr Samuel Small, Brown, Elizabethport, and sailed for Boston. Behr Genoa. Rohbina, Eli/ahcthport, and bailed for Boston. Behr Ella, Marston, Rockland, 4 days. Behr Lu?*y White, llix, Rockland, 4 days. Behr N Baker. Kelley, Dentils, 4 days. Hchr Plymouth Roek, Burr, Bohton, 3 day a. Behr M Fillmore. Chase. Boston, 3 days. Behr Augusta, Kelley. New Bedford, 3 days. Behr Ann S Salter, Fish, Warohum for Ni wurk.

Behr Nlantie. Barber, Taunton, 2 days. NchrC It Pickery, Babbitt, Taunton for Philadelphia. BchrOnrust, Baker, New Haven, 2 days. fii itr W Gray. Wilcox, Portland, Gt, 2 days. RclirC 1> Ha,lock, Imdgklnsou, Brookhavcu. BIoop Pointer. Fowler, Providence. Bteatner F W Brtiue, Foster, Baltimore. Bteamer Alice. Macon. Baltimore. Bteatner Elizabeth. Fowler, Baltimore. Bteamer Sarah. Jones. Philadelphia. Bteatner Hla? k Diamond. Allen. Philadelphia^ Bteamer Middlesex, Trout, Philadelphia. Steamer Petrel, Young, Providence. BELOW. Ship Free Trade, from London?By steam tug Townley. One ship, one bark and one brig, unknown. SAILED. 17th? Steamship Columbia, Havana; shins J L Hale, Ban Francisco; Thornton. Liverpool; Orpheus (Brem), Antwerp; Br harks Charlotte, Falmouth; Margaret, Gloucester; Colum bine, and Englishman, Queenstown; Gullletii, London; Gold en Eagle, Cork; Prus hark Heros, do; brigs Gezusters (Swe), Amsterdam; Lucy Hey wood, Cadiz; Albert (Br), Guada loupe; Charles, Gotiaivos; Spartan (Br), MatAnzos; ? Peters, Remedlos; aehrs Kate Field, Constantinople; Golden Fleece, Savanna la Mm ; Hound (Br), Bermuda; W H Clear* (Br), Nassau, N P. Wind at suunset W8W, Jliiccllanfoai. Smr Isa Kcsski.i., before reported ashore at Brlgantine B< a li, lias been hove off. and lira 10 itilicn olT shore with a Hand light. A steamtng has been sent to tow her tip to thla city. Ship N'KwauKTrose, of the "Rathole Squadron," whleh sailed from Boston 12th Inst, arrived at Owl's Head 17lh In distress, and with salts blown away, S'bipZincara. Nrwbrgln, left Hong Kong Kept 12 for Bhang" ha!, nud at noon of the same day had a light breeze from the northward, with fine weather; at 3 I'M got struck by a heavy squall, splitting fore and mi/en topgallant Sails and main sails; at 1 I'M Increasing gale, double reefed the topsaile, furled the jib and ernasjark, l'edro Banco bearing east, sis miles; at 5 I'M barometer fulling rapidly, and the wind eltU Increasing, with heavy rainy squalls, when in lbe act of close reeling the touealla all three topsails and the foresail blew to pieces, also the Inner Jih; 6 PM bent another main I opr. all, und hove the ship to under a close reefed main topsail, head ing to the BE; at 8 I'M blowing a tremendous heavy gale with a very heavy tea running,barometer 29 62; st 10 PM the wind shitted suddenlv to the SE, ship laboring and straining ' avily; at midnight shipped a very heavy sea. which carried awa^r starboai d quarter boat and shifted the cargo, causing the ship to heave about live stteuks of alhtto siarboatd;a! davlVht lem? In sight, about two miles distant, wore shift and n#Epe sntl tn order to gel the ship otT a moderate, with thick fi gand ftlng In shore bt rain, w Ind SHE, and finding the ship drifting in shore bore up for Hong Kong to repair U ?msges; hrnt a great quantity of r mining t Ig-'ing during the gale. The IS arrived at llong Kong Sept 14, and remained there Oct 14, Bark ItovKR, at Hong Kong from Shsnghae, experienced * vety heavy typhoon on the 8th September, o(T the Saddle Isla nds, in which site sprung liowsprit and mfzeii mast. She was lying on her beam ends for four hours, lost ail bulwarks on the starboard side, and sprung a leak; WHS compolled to unship one of the pumps, ami pal it down the lore batch, the limbers being choked. During the height of the typhoon lite lowesi barometer was 29 07. Bark Villatranca, lfill, at Boston from Palermo, reports 6lh Inst, la12s 29, Ion 69, saw the wreck of a s hr with main mast gone, full of water and abandoned; painted black wilh yellow str/pes. BRIG Arrest irk Avkrt, from Boston for Martinique with box shocks, went aahuic at 2 AM 4th I tint on Nicholas Shoal Reef, about 20 miles \V oI Hagua, and bilged. Buig May Qukkn?'The hull of the wre. ked hrtgMay Queen' lying ashore on Ssbleoi Nantucket, was sold at auction on Monday week for f42. The cargo remaining In her wan said for $9. S ci IR El Do ii a no, Hopkins, of Provinectown, from .Vevv York tor Boston, got ashore on Wood End, Cape Cod, In the heavy blow of 16th Inst, hut came oil' next day aud probably put lulu Provinectown Ai.RXANDRIA, E, Nov.27 (by telegraph)?The ship Boston, of Boston, from Hussein for China with grain, was totally wrecked on Agovndu Reef Sept 9, [The above is probably ah citoi , as the ship Huston, Jenkins, was at Bassein Sept 20, to Commence loading In a day or two and sail the latter p il l of Octo er.) OrvRRsgr. Nov 30?American achr Marshall, Nelson, front New York for Havre with wheat and Hour, Is stranded W of t Ins Is,and, and Is under water. IIoitiivad. Nov 28?The Hamilton Orny, Young, from Liv erpool lor New York, lias pot in here wilh sags split. 1'LVMIIDTB, Nov#?The Fanny Fern, front Moiilnvin for Falmouth, which put Into Table Bay Oct 6 with dum ,ge, sold about ?lt 00 of cargo to cover repairs. Soctii am pt on, Nov 29?Put back, the Congress (a), from Hevre for New York, 9 days; bore up leaky and with boilers out of order. Launched?At Hart-swell, 14th Inst, from the yard of Nor ton Stover, a superior double-decked achr of about 220 tons, named the Ida F Wheeler, owned In Harpswellan l Port land, and to be commanded by Capt Robert Dyer, The I K W reflects greatcredit upon the master builder, Mr Arthur Wood side. Notice to Mariner*! Will ok ore rOVKIIITHK. Trinity Housr, London. Nov 23.1861. Notice Is hereby given thut a Or en Buoy marked with the word "WrecK" bus been placed 15 lath,,me to the SK of a Bug sunk off (,'ovebithe. The Buoy lies In llt? lathomslow water spring tides, with the follow ing marks and compass bearings:? 80111 hwold Church W hv 8, southerly. Covehllhe Church NWJ.W, Kosslmrland Church N by IV. By order. P. H. BERTllON, Secretary. WRKCK NiTAB THR KLACKTAIL SI'IT, MA PL IN SAND. Trinity House. London. Nov 2t>, 1861. Noilce Is hereby given that a tlreen Buoy nturkcd with the word "Wreck" has keen laid 10 i'atnoms 8 of a Vessel sunk on ihe edge of the Mapltn Sand. The Buoy lies in 7 fathoms at low water spring tides, with the following compass hearings:? Blacktsil Spit Buoy E In NkN, distant l.1* cable's length. BE Mite Beseon N by WJjVt. Nil?Til'' two lower mastheads of the wreck show above water at 1c w water, and the tonmasts at high water. By order, P. II. BERTHON, Secretary. Whalemen, Arr ?t St Helena Sent 9, hark Washington, Baheock, SH? took provisions and aid again; 10th, Mattapolseti, tiifford, WP?took ?n 90 bid sp wit off the port, and sld. Art- ut An ter Scpt26, J 11 Duvall, Trlbble, of Province toivn, on a entire. The llrsl oUlftS^fMr Fisher) of bnrk Hlcphania, WUhen ll, r lit Jar Aug 23. lilt 3-1 55 S. Ion 135 67 E, vvitii 2:5 reports her _ sp 375 wit?200 clnce li Bring Mongnnni K|ioken?Nov 14, hit 1720 S. Ion .'id2(J, bark Mary, Thompson (late Woodward), from ?Pcriiambueo, on a cruise. Spoken, ike. Ship Polynesia. Morse, hence Aug 30 for San Francisco, Oct II, lat 1*4 8, ion 29, oh p J lei 17, 1 .., lot 7 S, Ion 31 50. hip l/erald of the Morning, from San Francisco Oct 21 for London, Oct 30, Int 21 35, Ion 118 40. Ship 11slab a. from S.ui Francisco Oct 21 for Liverpool, Oct 30. lat 21 35, Ion 118 49. HlilpHighlander, Sherman, from Calcutta for London, Sept 29, lat 27 t-, Ion 52 E. Ship Trtmouiilaln, Field, from Calcutta for England, Oft 30. lat ION, Ion 25 \V. S iip Emm x, from Rangoon for Falmouth, Oct 25, lat 41 49, ion 30 30. SlupH aflower, Tny'or, from (IrrenocK Sept 7 for Hong Kong, t'et 13.1 t6N, urn 24 W. Pb |i Isabella Jones, tront Havre for NYork, Nov 24. lat 47. Ion 19. Foreign Porta, Anrwxtir, Nov 28?Sid Usenet, Bradford, NYork. Arr at Slushin 20th, Ashbnrtnn, Bradish; C A StamW, B nttrr; R It , Iti-on, I. ng; Centurion, Zerega; Henry, Wil son, anil Sir Robt Peel, I, rrabe", NYork. Ai fxani'Ria, K, Nov 12?Air N Stetson, Phlnney, Cardiff. In p it 17th, Wareda'e, Corning, lor England, Idg; It 'll ng Waie, Cohins and N Stetson, I'lonney, for Falmouth. E. do; Fori st Belle, rcrcival, ami liannah Secnr, Brooks, for Mar s' tiles, do. A1. no a K\Y, CC.H, Sept 22? Arr Art I'nion, Tilbctts, Boa ton (and Shi Oct 1 or Calcutta). Amoy, 81 nt 26?Ait ba.k Kate Hastings, Kingman, New eh>' nng. 813 Hept 27, the Miletus, Mi Donald, NYork. Bristol, Nov 2 '?Art- John Henry, Carver, Odessa via Fal " ' ~ "IJ'.hn.r? m-'Utb; Si Helena, Springer,, NB S;d from the Pill 2Stb, Senator, Harden, Coqulmbo IIkl?ast. Nov 27?8.d A Manderson, Thompson, Tt'OOt. Brouwkkshavkn, Nov 27?Ai r Roland, Wl nke, HaMmore. Rki ukhhahn. Nov 25?Sld Ocean, Klopper, Ba'liinu. e, D H Wntjin, Ilatjer, and Atlantic, Fehlhuvu, NYnik. BoRestUX. Nov 23? Sld John Howe, K-lton, Call'ornia; 2611. s V. i'lke, Lovell, NYork; 78;it, Southerner, Chandler, do; Golden Gate Thornton, and Frcv.ut l?s, do. In port28th, 11 P Russell, Lewis, for NYork. RlRrcLONA. Nov S3?Sld Conqueror, Bomelle, Gibraltar; 25th, E Svhuitx, Howard, do. Batavia, Sept 23?Arr Wild Rover, Crow ell, Melbourne In Port OKI 13, hark rk lomela, Kiln s, t, r Sonvahay.i, to load for Persian llu'f i.nd back lor 25,1*00 florins. Bangkok, Hept 25?In port ship H net t, Crocker, for Hong Kong. Sld 17ih, -nips Robin Moon. Taylor, Hong Kong; 20lh. Mary Wlinlri.igc, Crcsscy, Uo, 22d, bark Ho,iter, Rowe, do; 2ith, ship Norseman, Peterson ' or II >skell), do. BakbaI'OS, Dec 1?ln pint brig M tt hi e, lit,lings, hence, seeking freight; si hr TrOjan, for 84 Tbomaad days. OARnirr. Nov 27?Arr Missouri, Calhoun# OlouflMl^r. Kid 2htb, Clara L Preble, Maxwell, Hi i*miJ Ue L anJo; Jenny Linl, 1 hit <!>? ?>, Oi'itoa. Ch nkntk, Nov 20?Bid I on bard, Harding, Melbourne. Ct tr?, N?".- 2f?Bid r'arali F hu. Hun ball, Messina. Cossi ANTiNori-K, Nov 16?Arr l> B Beston, Renter, Venire (an?i sld for Habit*); Andrew Patera. Well*, NYork. Coiomiu), Ori 17?At i Mo: '1, Npooiif r, Bombay (and pro ceeded for Calcutta); 30 h, Martha, Lane, Calcutta. Calcutta, Oct 17?8Id ship< Ell/a. Kemmcriing, MaurRlue f&i dffrom Bangor 21st); |Uu (not0th), Stephen Clover, Mal bon, Bom-ou. Went to Kea from Buugor Oct 17, ahlp< Jane D Cooper, How m d, Maultnuitt; 1.3th, San tee, I'uikci, Colombo: 20t ti. Ct hh 11 II, Hmall. do; Polar S a?, Wanton, Knugoon: 21wt, Haired* Bros, Peterson, Hussein: Nut onal Eagle, Mathews, Colo in bo; Jacob llorton, Merrill, London. Okal. Nov27?AitTopeka, Church,* London fr?r NYork; Tangier, Hall, tqulque lor London (mid proceeded). Paused do 29tli Askburton, 11 radish, (rota NYork for Ant werp; Cleaner, Rogers, do lor i oudoii. Orm in. Nov 20?Arr Ocean \\ tve, Wlnslow, NYork; 29th, Mary, Whiting, and Acacia, Pinkhani, do. Dkmuuka. Nov 26? In port barks California, llathorn, di g, Princeton, (or NYork. h'g. ifw " y 11 aki'Oh, J.i, Nov 27?In port brig Saginaw, for NYork 10 days. Falmouth, Nov 27?Arr Cora Plum. NYork; 29th, Jenny Jdlid, Mvller, do, bamoaet, M'Koitj, and Alice Ball, Adorns, o tor Havre. Foot now, Oct 12?In port ships Harriot A* Jessie, Peslton, forShangbae; Mermaid, fleudder, for do. Shi Oct 1, ship Magnolia, Hunt. Hhanghae. Glasgow, Nov 28? Arr Wild Horse, Campbell, Eaatport; W LJIur.otighs, ?f. kford, NYork; Ilimiet Bpaidin.r, K ok er, do. Bid 27th, Peter Chi t n. Iirngdon, San Fi. n ln ?; 28th, Or hiiht, Devereur, Lisbon; Kobonu, Martin, NYork; Leeaburg, Had, MaUn/as. Ghkkkock. Nov 27- Arr \V L Burroughs, Bickford, NYork. Put buck to the Koadw 86th, John Keir, Sweetssr, for Mou terldeo; ChailcH HpruiiU . Pike, for Vuleiu in. Grimsby, Nov 28?Bid K 11 Tucker, Clark, NYork. Gibraltar, Nov 22-Arr Powhaibin, Bucklin, Marseilles for Ronton. John 8 Cotton, Orowell, Malaga for Tavira. G?nOA, Nov 2.T?Arr Bernard, llutibard, I'rson. In port 16th. alt if * Mary Storer, Muthes, front Shields, unc; bark Charles ffeddle, Crosby, from Ola vow do. Hull, Nov 29? Arr Traveller, Hluttconrd, Loitdon. Kavuk. Nov 27?Arr Uncle Tobey, Ba< on Ni-w York; 28th, laidoga, Evulds; (leu Cobo, Hacked, and Wursata. Pe k lo. lilt ? he roads 27lb, Clara Morse, Merrill, and Caroline NcHntith, Cousins, from NYork. 8!?l 27th, Belle of the Ocean, Heed; N Boynton, Miller, and El za A Klla, Morae, New York: Tempest, Whitney, do. Cld 27th, Carol us Mugnm*, Axhlev, NYork. In Cherbourg Roads 27th, Charles Davenport, Kelloy; Cin ehinatuM, Doane, and Star, Thomas, all from Nov York lor Havre. Hamburg, Nov 27?Arr James Cray, Plunimcr, Manna nillu. Hong Kong, Rcpt 20?Arr bark Cossack, dray, M o no (and aid Oct 2 lor Poochuw); 26th, barks Kremlin, Johnson, Shanghai (see Whampou); W H Chandler, ?, Hwutow (ami sld Oct 9 fordo). Sid Sent 21, ships White H wallow, Kllery, Whainpoa; 2i?th, Andes, Armstrong, Slianghui; Oct 9, Chal lenge, Thorndyke, Whampou. In port Oct 14, skips Arab, Bellamy, from Fooehow, arr .. - - Wk'ei " * " 6th, lor East Coast; B^er'a. Ilowlund (rom Saigon, arr Bept 16, disg; Christopher Ha l, Freeiitan, for NYork; Dictator, Philips; Forruna. Ilattsntt, and Maty Whitridg -, Crispy, for San Frau< lseo; Emma, Shermttu, tor Macao; SurntiHe, itan lett, for Shaoghai; Zingum, Newbogen, for do, naving sld Keptldund put back l4ih (s? ? Mem); Bt Louis, Jack, s itnl Kussaii, Wine hell, and Malay. Wilcnutb, disg; Catherine, Foster; Don Qui note, N?>tt; Marion tlruss, uni Norsonion. Peterson, unc; Flylt.g Cloud, Windsor, for sale, in if ht ? r charter; Santiago, Jenkins, repg; harks llomiua, C.?r wright, from Japan, arr Sept 26, tor Kut ?;awa; Phliip iJelaie-ye, Terry, from Whainpoa, arr Oct li, lor Shanghai; Hover, Walsh, from and tor Shanghai, arr Sept 13; C L Bevnn, Pe dcrsen, for Nagasaki; Bertha, Talpey, dlsg; llomer, Howe, uuc; brigj Marshall,?, una. Havana, Dec 7?Cld brig Union State, Ft?*well. NYork; li bra James Join *, Karlciort, Tabasco; iKh, Prince of Wales (Br), NYor' ; Ann Klizabeth, Mutau/.as Hai.ikai, Doc7?Arrsehr Klizabeth Ann, llurke, Phlladel phlu. Cld thb. brig Annie (Seldt rt, Cochran, NYork (aid and returned 11th on aeo I of iteod wind); 1 lth, scbth liitrmoity, McCollock, do; 12th, 11 rill sit Crown, lleniity, do; 13lh. Clif ton, Noma, do; 14th, Frank, Newell, Baltimore. Jvk-ky, Nov 26?Rid Laura Gertrude, Campbell, NYork. l.ivKiiroor, Nov 28? Arr R B Buiner, Westcotl, Eaatport; 29tli. Emily Augusta. Sirh klaml, Philadelphia; New World, Martin, and Chy of N vv York (ct, Petrie, NYork. Sl?l 2.'W (not lMth), )? lying Eagle, Walden, Boston f 28th, M Nottehohni, Lamb; Cham ctlor, Spencer, and J 8 IK*wolf, Bratishaw, NYork: 29th, Dautawtis (*). do. Cld 27th. Behastian Cabot, Watts, NYork; 29th, E Austin, Garrh k, Jo; Linda, Bschen, Marsrillca. Ent out 26th, 8 Curling, Gilchrist, for NYork and Ctllao (ent 2iat for NYork only); 29th, Resolute, Freeman, NYork; Escort, Whitman, do. Adv .'10th, Niagara (?), for Boston Dec 4: Wavcrley, Bon* ner, for do 1st; K Owen, Alexander, for do 6th; Highland Chief, Harstow, fordo with despatch; City of Washington (h), for NYork 4th; Wyoming, Burton, for Philadelphia 12tli; New Brunswick. Vfekers, for do with despatch; John Clark, Letournau, for Baltimore 20th. London. Nov28?Arr Florence Nightingale. Holmes, New York; chas U Lunt, Moore, Calcutta; 29th, Coronet, Ilatn den. NYork. Old 29 lb, Oanilola, Hopkins, Newport and Lisbon. Arr atUrAvesend28th, Enoch Train, Nlckcr boll, NYork. Bid 30lh, FrankBnult, Morse,NYork. Uauiii, Nov 25?l'nt in, Thai alts, Otla, from Glasgow for Melbourne I.o.mion okiihy, Nov 27?Arr Trajan, Rahhage, NYork. Lwhick, Nov 27-Bld Boa, Mackay, NYork. I^oiiohk, Nov 17? Arr Lisbon, Cnrtta, NederCallx; 20th, Spa: k the Ocean. Kinney, Ucnoa. >l?LI " " "' roup, Nov 28?Arr Loehlnvar, Cole, Dantrlc. Mrssims, Nov 17?Arr Mira W llolt, Dodge, Newport, E. MaHHki'.LKa, Nov 26 -Ajt Nsmesug, Rogers, Alexandria, E; Parthian, Miller, NYnOfc. Hid 25th, W D Bewail, Small, NYork; 26ih, Howland, Fulton, and Dunkirk, Jobuaou, Meg aton; 27th. C D Kerwin, Merwin, Falmouth, K. Mki.ra, Nov 19?Arr Lamplighter, Payne, NYork. Bid 10th fsnnxs. Oct 21?ftld ilelleapont, Kennard, Amherst;241b, Templar, Marilo, Cal< utin. Macao. Septal?Arr bark llidlnnder, Ward, Bangkok (an aid Oct 1 for llalavla. Manna, Odd?No Ajii veaacl In port. Nr wpoKT, Nov 29?Arr Royulatou, Robinson, (Jiirrueha. Nxwcxstik, Nov 26?Km out Transit, Dnvia, Carthage us; James W Webster, Blake, for Constantinople. OrORTO, Nov 19?Kid Catch Me, llartzcll, New York. Portsmouth, Nov 2J?Arr Amazon, Hovcjr, London for NYork. Pxi.krmo, Nov 21?Bid Mary Miller, Pattereon, Qlrgentt. 1'i.naivo, Oct 21?In pol l alilp Troy_. Kugtraton, lain up. Bid Bept 20, H mulct Applcton, Osgood, NYork. ClOE' SHOW*, Nov 27?Arr Amnvoti, Bmsiioii, rnnwiei. phla; Crested Wave, Do'ison, NYork; 28Ui, Ella Virginia, ke, Baltlmoro; A inu, Kimball, NYork. Rottekiixm, Nov 27?In port Henrjr, Olilcrlch, for NYork, ready., Nov 29?In port Brilliant, Colhurn, for Barcelo na, rsrdy; Roan, Mine, tor NYork. Idg. SoNoaKi.a.vD, Nov 23? Sid Burgomelsotr Kiraten, KliStcn, New York. Kmtrsa, Nov 12?Arr Neapolitan, Bnrdelt. Roatnn. SaMAitaNo, Sept It?Arr KaslWIiidliin. Lecrsw, Singapore. Stvarow, Sept 26?Arr ehlp Iteaoliite, McGllveiy, New chwvng. BiiAHaiiAR, Oct 5?In port ahfpn Argonaut, Moore, from Ronton tla Singapore, arr Sent29, disg: Tuilg' Bbaw, Ab bott. for Newchwnng curly; J O Humphrey, Burtnoiator, for Ilong Kong do; Levanter, Brown, for do and Whamioa do; lleaver, Binttb; Hotapur, Johnson; Joe Peubody, Whit ney; Kalhay, Stoddard, and Turlur, ltaichcn, disg; burke Flrelly, Martin, for Nagasaki Oct 3; Templeinan, spencer, for do early; Rival, Rouse, for Port Townacnd do; I-roller, Webster, dfag; Wavelet, llaety, do; brigs Nankin, Crosey, for Tientsin early; Ida M lto:er-, Mm "house, nnc. SiHuarORE, 21?In Dortships 8 II Talbot, Burgess, from Bala via. arr Sept 28, for Bangkok to load for Ilong Kong; HoriiPO, Baaactt,Irani do, arrSlltli, for Mauritius, do; M r cury. Hubbard, from Cardlir, arr Oct 1. for MamJtlua, Idg. Bld'uct 17. ship Energy Kelley, Kong. Santos. Nov 4?In pflrt bark Mary A Elizabeth, Dunbar, for NYork; only Am veeeel. St VwcrKT. CV, Nov 25?In port ship Bhatemuc, of IJow " iiliain, from Newport, E, for NYork 25 day*. Thikst*. Nov24?Arr H I) Spearing, Hope: , Ardrorean. - ? - - ? ? ? wr ~ WuxMrox, Oct 14?In port ship* While Swallow . Ellcrv, from Hong Kong, ai r Sept 26, for San Franclaco; White Fal con, Windsor, laid up; bark Kremlin, from Hong Koug, air Sept 30, In dock. [Per Steamship Juha, at Portukd?Tri.rorap/iic. I Arr fr< m from NYork Nov 25. Solitarlo, at tllbraltar; 28tli, I'm .k Hi ilicit, end Daniel, at Liebon; 29ih. Tltaniii, at do; 80th, Presto, at Bremerliaven; Conquest, In the BcheMt; Co lombo, at Marseilles; Charles Ward, All." ball. Cinclnnatne, America, ( baa Davenport,. Star, Wm Lord, Jr, l'rtnce of Wales, and Grand Frederick, at do; Dec2, Cct'ce, Ohio, and M It Ludwlg, at Havre; 3d, C A Stamler, and Centurion, at do; 1st, Hlr Kobt Peel, Ashburton, it Robliiaon, and Auriimc, at Antwerp; Angostura, at Bordeaux; Polnaet, at Jers-y; .Ma .tntr, at Bristol Pill; HolyroOd, and Arthur Child, at do; 2d, (ileancr, andC B Haieltinc, at do: 4th, Ann - It cl - mi nd, and Ellen Foster, at Heat: 847Dr isartli. In kingroari; Bcotsman, and Helicon, In the Clyde; l?t, Mentor, Phtlo. nd Missouri, ai do; 2d, Denmark, at Falmouth; 3d, J caste Rny nas, a do; 4th, Invincible, and KcDcrl Center, at llverponl. Arr from Philadelphia Nov 29, Ellen, at Trieste; D-? I, John Lctlie, at Liverpool; Nairn, at Qneenatown; 2d, S J Aiken,at Kinsele. Shi lor NYork Dec 2, Cami lla, snd E'lzabeth, from D ni; 3d, J II Elliott, Resolute, and Constellation,, Amazon, Irani Falmouth. (The l.atest via Londonderry.) Arr from NYork. Potasa, at Bristol: Bclvldere, and Elec tra, at Qiioenslown; Danville, at Bordeaux; Fanny Palmer, at Uuyonne; Cora, at Dublin. American Porta. BOSTON, Dec 17?Br sn amshlp, Anderson, Llver at 4 PM; ship John pool, v a i.iuecnslown and Halifax, arr ui> at 4 P M ; ship -It lin LDintmu k, Garwood, NYork; hark Vlllafranea, Hill, Paler mo; brig* Oclestina, Flckett, Ellzabetliport; Einily, Smith, Fondonl; sclir* John II Allen, Kctcbiim; J V Wellington, Clilpmati, and Georpe Byron, Lowell, Philadelphia; Francis Now'on, Liidluni; Castillau, B'latty; Lamarllne, Grant; Orion, limit, and Vnndalla. Kinail, Bllzabethoort; Tde grapluul bark lon e, from Matan/a?; schr Hanover, from Ml rngiiiiic. Signal for a hark. Cld bark William II Sluil.b r, Marks, Loando, Africa; lines Mllo (Br), Koogere, and Loch Ltimond, Hhnte, Clen'.uegoa; Ambrose Light, Mr. am. delphla; schr Susan,, NYork. Sid, wind NW, lurk Island City; bark Franklin stuited, and anchored In Light house Channel. lSlh?Arclhy tel) shlpUndaunted,NYork; harksSurinam, Surinam; Wyman, do; John CI,'pin, Luanda; Roht P i,m II, hence for Fa.val, put hack leaking; brigs Orlando, Port an Prince; Rockingham, Mlragoane; Eagle, Kt Mur'lna; II ti Berrv. Ccfe; sebrs llanov. r and Fearh as, Mirngi ane. BOOTHBAY, Dee 13?Arr bark Harriet, Brown, Ilelfart for Jliitan as; brigs N Blowers, Blowers. B ingor for Po.l Royal; J W Wooilruir, Koblnson, St John NB for Philadelphia. HATH, Dec 16?Sid ? br Hannibal, Wrntwortk, Nastau, NP. BELFAST, Dec 8?Arr schrO W Olover, Glover. NYork. BRISTOL, Dec 14?Arr sloop Blackstone, Allen, NYork for Provident e. Sid si op Pointer, Nichols, NYork. 17th?Arr sloop Harvest, Corwlit, Providence for NYork. DIOHTON, Dec 16? Arrschr It S Dean, Cook, E l/abeth poi t. KASTPORT, Dec 4?Arc schr Amy Wo??ter, W.ns'er, P'il latielphla (and cid lor Hi John, NH). Clil 9th, ship Tare, Ja meson ffrom Si John, NB), Liverpool. ELLSWORTH, Superior, Moore, NYork. Old 7th, brig Bstiie, Hooper, Matunzns. FALL ItIV Kit, He ? 17? Arr A lir Tin s Borden, Wr'ghting tou. Philadelphia. Sbl sehrs Richard Borden, Arnold, and Cornelia, Mackey, Elizabethport. NEW BltBFORD. Die 10?Bid aehrWm II Howe, Harris, Phi adelphla. Cid 17lh, hark (late shin) Omega (of Sydney NSW, late of Fairhaven), Grueber, Melhourne. NEWPORT, Dee 10?Arr schrs Benjamin S Wright, Brotvn, anil Leading Breeze, Freeman, H uron InrTan I-r Bound, Vs; Wm 11 Howe, Harris, N Bedford fur 1 i liia ; S Nelson Hail, Paddock, Ellznoelhport fur Suunu-set. Returned, on account of h ad wind, sehra Frances; Coombs, from Cohaaset Narrows fur Baltimore; Mar.v b'hueh. er Crosby, from Jia. i port fur Philadelphia; Anion, Sn ail. from Purtainonth.NH, fordo: p,,'''t' r (ami a I a,.lied ngiiin 17th 1 Sid 17tli, sclir Plymouth Rock, Burr, from Bos ton fur N5'ork. NEW LONDON. Dec 10?Arr brig Eugene A Ree.l, Crane, Turks 0land for Hartford; ecbr C.iarles Cart " larroll. Pratt, Phi ladfiphia. PlflLADELPHIA, Dee. 17?Arr brlr Miry Mean", Wilson, NYo' k ; schrs R P King,, and Fly, Chessman, NYork; J S Igtne, Seward, NHuven; H A Weeka Godfrey; Eagl-, Newell; Monteveu, Kalklnl urg, NYork; Win L< per. K .tdn - ' ~ r a r p.East Greenwich; Excelsior, Riley; ft II Hhantmn, Maria; Lewis Mnlford, Doyle, B' aton; Jus House, Snrugne, Baltimore: Ino, Providence; M.iry Ella, Talpuy, Portsmouth. Cld bark Observer (Br), K. liarn, Brl asi. Me; brig J D ck, Thomi'Son, Havana; sehrs P M Whcatun, Whcaion. Frt Monroe; Ann 8 Cannon, No well, Matani Geo L G een, Cobb, Boston; Charter Oak, Saunders, Knl m; Transport, Tultoii, Nltaveu: Curlluig na, Kelly, NBedford; Mary, Rogers, Bridgepoii; TPLerued, Frainbe-, NBedford; 51 a:y, Rugers, Bridgepoit; TPLerued, Frainbcs, Groat Egg llarlxir; Mary Ella, T.itpev, Newport; M D Craumer, Craiimer, Boston; W Loper, Robinson, SarHar. her; II A Weeks, Godfrey, Norwalk; Ei.le N w It, ?nd Moot, veu, Fa'.k nmirg, NYurk; Ino Crowd!, Provid nee. bid a. ip /- ted, MtG .n.utle, lemdoudfrrv. PORTLAND, Dee 16?Arr steamer Chesapeake, Crowoll, NYork. Arr 14lh, brig It8 Ilasstll, Haosell, Cardenas. Cld 10ta, Pr hoilomi, Glasgow. FOR sMoin H, Dec 16? Ait sehr Peni, Thomdike NYoik; tetb, Kossnlh, Ln.-, do. PHOVINCKToWN, Dee 17?In port brig Emms from Phl lade.i bin for It" ton. and six sclira. PROVIDENCE, Dee 17?Arr steamers Pelican, Raker and Tetrcl, Young, NYork; eehr Ucorge Hoffman, Jones Phila . mB, nimuiiFnn; r^pfdHf, u?m t c, and uiau* in. li'itUuin. NYork, tloopik llarveit, Cumm, ami Mary Hriwli, iofing,<|o. 17?8'd ?ohr Hannah M JohnKon, Wells. NYork. ' SA N FRANCISCO, Nov 17 (not U??Sid ships David Creek ett, Purgore, NYot'k; U>IUi, L-eklc. linn]/ Knnp; 19th (not flat). Oyrhn , IngerMili. Kaai indies. Old 19th, ship Oracle, Wood, hiiliiHM Lrus (Gull ol 1 shanntejpec) Deo 10? Arr (by toll ahlp Christopher Mitchell, Harlow, Nll'dford. Shi alilp Winged Racer, 0 inimtugs, Liverpool liav Iny repaired). TAUNTON, Deo 17?Arr schr Roanoke, Paull, Elisabeth' port. WOOD'S Tior.n, Dec 18, 19."0 I'M?Paired by, atesmablp Conatltiition, from Ship I- and Tor Bo-ton. WVKKI.N, Deo 17?Sol achr Maine Law, Amabury, Pblla dolphin. HPKCIAL. NOTICK8. (AAIKOFTHK MEMORIAL CHURCH BENEVOLENT p Soclvty, in aid ?i too oiinr. b hud poor: open every day and criming this week, December Itih to 2-to, lo the Sunday Shnol room, Wuvorley place, corner ol Hammond street. Coma and buy. Roman catholic orphan asylum.?the annuat . exhibition of ibo Roman ( a boh.- orphan lu Prince street, will take pUee thia day (Thursday), eommeao inc i.t one o'clock. Every friend of me (u'titnlion ia rerpect fully luviled to be present. No carda oi admission are re (pitied. M. J. O DONNELL, Secretary. Masonic.?a special communication op munn l.od.e 100, F. and A. M , will be hoMen at I elr rootne, SI Dlvlahm street, tbla I't uradav), A M.,at 11 oTloes,to pay the 'ait tribute of rerpect to the remains of tmr late de ceased 1 ruber, Francis I.Moilugb. The fraternity in gone rul 1* respectfully invited to attend. C. II. YAIXALEB, Master. .1 (1. Abb*, 8-rotary. Notice.?this is to caution any pehson or persons from neniuiatlng a eertain Promissory Note, made by .1. .V U. Cowpurthualte, payable to the order or Joseph Sealob, anil cod iraed try s.oii Joseph Sea it'll, at three months, timed Nov. I.t, Idtil, lor the tutu or $126, as said note hua bean lort. C1J1USTIAN LOOZ, 115 and 117 West Nineteenth at. 1)1 TNAM I.ODGB NO. .?t, P. AND A. THE MKM bcra ore hereby auiumoned to bo tin ?eut at the i.eit ro? ularcommunication of tl.e Lodge,on t rt.Iay, December 2d, at halp-paat seven P.M., when Mm annual election of ofllcera for the dialling year vvl 1 take place. Reritoupe, See. A. R. PHILLIPS, w. m. Q RATING?AT LAKE LINCOLN, HE KG EN IIILL, TWO O miles from Jersey City ferry. Kscur-ion Ickota from and to Jersey City, 20 cents; children under 15 years, 19 nia. Eaeuralon tickets from and to Neiv York, 25c nta; children under 1.5 yeara, IS eents. Ap'dy to JAMES K. HKLDEIt, Bergen Hilt Railroad, aljiHiitiig the Jersey City ferry, and to CLERK, 111 KKE A H AKE It, H Maiden tone, N. It., where every variety of Skatia .a t bo procured. N. II ?When the akatliitt n good a w olio dag will be displayed on the rear of each cat, and a toil hall belated at AS Maiden lane, N. Y. Useful articles for the holidays. PLATED COFFEE URNS, PLATKI) i E V SETS, PLATED LIQUOR STANDS, PLATED SAI.VEItS 8P00NS, FORKS AND TAHLK CUTLERY. IIIKAM YOUNO, 20 John street. LECTURES. HAM, OP T1IK CHURCH OP T1IR REDRMPTION. The second lecture, by remies', touch hii War, This evening, at 8 ?? as above, By the Rev. TRESHAM ORKUO, D. D. Admission S5 cent* 1BOTURE AT MADISON AVENUE PRESBYTERIAN J church, corner ot Madison avenue and Twenty-ninth street, Thursdvy, December 19, at 7?J o'clock, 1'. If., by Ucv. II. W. Pearson, I). L). Subject?"Jederson at Montloello." Single admission 2.', cents. Rev. w. h. mii.hurn WILL deliver a lecture i at Irving Hall, mi Friday evening, Deo. 20, 1.-61, ut 8 o'clock. Subject?'S. K. Prentiss, the Thunderer of tho Southwest." Tickcta25OtinUi for h,,1c at the door on tho evening of the lecture. Ml I, I, INK it V , OiC. BARGAINS THIS WEEK.?VBJtiVBT BONNETS, NEW styles. Mink For Bonnets at $15, worth $30; Black Velvet Bon nets at $7 and $8, worth $10. Holiday Gifts, Children's Hats, Velvet Turbine. L. BIN NS' Millinery. 581 Broadway, 581 oiipositc Metropolitan Hotel. CHILDREN'S NEW STYLES FOR THE HOLIDAYS? Beaver and Felt Hats and Tttrhan* for girls, boys aiul infant*, of all the different shape* and sizes. Velvet and Pur Band Turban*. Skating and Dress Cape, novel, pluiunt and graceful In style, f?r bovs. girl* or Infanta. Sold at BANtA'K, corner of Canal and Woo.ter streets. URS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS.?LADIES, NOW 18 the time to purchase Fur* a' reduced price*. Ladies' _ ?,. -- V _. j , CoHur F , , ? Mink, Sable. Ermine and Squirrel Pur Collars, Pur Hooda and Clove-, Capri, Half Capes, Vlctorlnes, Mulls anil Cuff*, In Mink and Sable, and In all the. v.u icttcs ot fashionable fur* for ladies, misses and children, all at reduced prlcre. B ANTA'K Fur store, corner Cansl and Wooater streets. LIOU THE HOLIDAYS, r Mine. R. HARRIS A RON, 729 Broadway, have Just re' eived a beautiful assortment of Flowers, Head dresses, Ac., Ac. (Sift BLACK VELVET BONNETS, WORTH $10; $15 ?j5j_VJ Velvet Bonnets, worth $15, not worth $30, and every other eob.c uf velvet to be found. The entire slock will he ?old at the lowest ensh prie s, to make room tor spring trn por.aliens. MUS. WM. KIMMONH.C37 Broadway. HOTELS. XTAI'OLEON HOTEL, Jy HOBOKBS. Furnished Bedrooms si $2 a week. Restaurant In the hotel. OLD STAR HOTEL.?JOB BROOKS (ALL THE WAY from Manchester) begs to remind the Herald reporter that In visiting the 'pot houses' to ascertain the Enplfsn feel ing respecting the Mason and Sude.I niinir, lie tailed to call at the Old Niar Hotel, in Broome erect, two door* west cf Broadway. Mr. Brooks' house I* not a "pot house," and for that reason ii was, perhaps, not noticed. The proprietor has been Informed lhat in case of war Lord Lyon* wll guarantee the safety and neutrality of the Old Bur Hotel, 441 B.ooine street. JOE BROOKS, all the way Irom Man4 chesler. WAR PRICES.?SMIT1ISONIAN HOUSE, BROADWAY, corner of llooston street.?Hotel a c invuio aliens on tho European plan. Prices greatly reduced for desirable single and I ainily Rooms ; steam heated and In flrat rate or der throughout. Meals to order. Joints, 10 ami 15 o-'Uts; Chop Steaks, Ae., 15 and 2t)eeuts; Poultry and Oatne, 25and 30 cents; other thing* in proportion. Call and see. Perma nent B urd. $6 60 to $7 per week. A large family suit of Room* lor $15 per week. H. E. ME v.D, Proprietor. FURNITURE. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE fur $24, in ait color*, of war anted inann a ttue; aliw solid chestnut Chamber Suits, pant and i rnainentat, at II. F. FAKRINGTON'B, 308 Caual street, opposite Wooster EHtabihdicdln 1843. All kinds of furniture, extension and Fancy Ta les, Bedding, Ac., b ? O'.v auction p Ices, war ranle I an I de.ivere I tree. Please call at O. W. . NEDEN S, 2 3 Bowery, between Stanton and Houston Streets. You will save money. Note the number. ABURNIIAM'R FURNITURE EXPRESS AND PACK ? tug avtabltshnient, 113 West Eleventh street, between Fifth ami Birth avenues. Household Furniture boxed and shipped to all pans id' the world. Covered wagons for re moving furniture of families. Furniture stored. ALARQE ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEHOLD IPURNI lure, at private sale, rosewood seven octave Pianoforte I nilv guaiatnced; cost $5011, for $260, ln< lading S'.ool and Cover; Psrlor Suits; cost $300. wdl be . old for$14J; Etcgere*, Centre Tables, Mirrors, Cut tafn*, Be,;si uds, Bur- aus, Wash slands, H' uding. Ornament* ami Silo rworc. \\ ill lit.' sold at Sreut sacrifice. Ire, aire at 70 West Twenty -sixth street, near iub avenue. /VARRET WANTED?CONTAINING PROM THIRTY TO forty yards. Any person having enc!> to dispose of, at a low (Inure, may address Cash, station C, giving l ull descrip tion utid lowest price. Also, one marble top centre and one snnili extension Dinin; Table. III. RNITURE.-CA8H PAID FOR SECOND HAND Furniture, .Mirrors and t arpets. Country eallaattended to. Address Furniture Store, 550 Hudson street. A good a-.-'Ori u.ent of second hand Furniture on hand at the above store, cheap, for cash. Furniture bought.?all kinds of household Furniture bought for rush, aud a good price g ven, at 419 Third avenue, near Thirty.fourth street. 1'h ase cull or address Furniture, us at ove. N. B.?A good assortment of second band Furniture for sale. INURNITURE WANTED?ANY PERSON HAVING A 1 suit of rosewood Parlor Furniture, green or green and gold, and wishing to dispose of itchvap,can do so by address ing < lash, Hera d olUce, stating terms and where'it can be For bale?two extension tables, 12 cane Chairs, one Dinner Set and some first cl .** old Painting*, 4 Engravings and Sundries. Apply ut 106 HI ecker street. In bas> mcnt. Mr. JOHNSON. SPORTING. A LA1K1K ASSORTMENT Of' HIRDH.?THREE TIIOU sand Canaries, Mocking Birds, Talking Parrots, and a variety of It r Is n o numerous to mention. The largest lu the etty t ages ot every description. J k DAVID V KNTEN, 309 Broadway. /"If!A3. RBTCHE A BROTHER OFFER FOR SALE A UJ large VMI I.'ty of Fancy and Bulging Birds, froui ultf.icut par.* of tho world. Abo. a i.n- lot of Pheasant*, Bwaus, bucks and otlu r fancy lowls. 61 Chalhum street. T/hiK SAI.E-A SPLENDID Vol NO WATUII DOO r I owen 111 and rearte**, halt Russian Bloodhound and hair Newioi.n find. A responsible per*uu can u*e blur ou trial. Apply at 196 East taixteeuth at.est. BILLIARDS. Alaroe stock of nEw and second^hand. Bhnard Tables, With Pnelan's Combination Cushions for sale at prices to suit the lime*. PH ELAN * CULLENDER, C3 to 69 Crosby ut., N. V. Wanted to buv-a billiard tablb noi larger than 10 by R :e*l. Must be In cxrellctu condi 1) n, for w hied n liberal wl,i be paid. Address bot 791 New York F' st olllcc. xatbiiioIiialT A GENTLEMAN OF UNDOUBTED RESPECTABIUTI wishing to marry, seek* au Introduction In a lady pes seeing wealth, social position and lov, able <|tialttic*. P? routs or Irlends at* luvued to correspond wlih Basse!.* station A Post ofllee. MATRIMONY.-PERSONS OF EITHER SEX WISH Ing lo acquire the art oi psvchologio fam uiatloD, bllngthetn ' - ' marry, can T. Williams I delphlo. XfATRIMONY MADE EASY-WITH INSTRUCTIONS J.V1 for courting, in order to trio tho a.TiH*tion*.of t.i* uppo sitf fl' y ' ||W tvktlua ill; s* I'Mtcel. N<*Iil JMlfit pftiu Oil rfCClpl Of 25cents.' '*C C.11 AMMoND A CO., 130 Nu-s* . street. T4H> I-ATK FOR CLASSI PI( ATIOR . *llf ANTFI) AN OYSTKRMAN. HE MLST UNDER \V RUtadVookfug urtieri, oae cun C?rvt prcf?ir?d. Oil ? ' No. 1 Pur* r??w. in the mloou. ing to acquire the un oi ptvchol gic fatcinntiOD, '*na them to win th? aTectionn of any on? tiiffy wmn lc v, can do no by nncloAiiig .t utamp dlrociei tlliami 4 Co., publishers, bo* i.300 Pos'. office, Phil*

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